Hot, Naughty Nurse

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will feel as if they’ve been exploited for the sake of an individuals goals.

Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, or personal desires, is the only thing that really matters.

HOT, NAUGHTY NURSE is a story about a nurse who will do anything to satisfy her sexual desires even if it means taking advantage of her patients, be they young or old. Although many people will consider this woman to be perverted because of her personal goal, they cannot argue with the happiness she gives to many of her patients and achieves for herself.

A startling story that provides insight into the happiness, that can be gained from what society considers perverted.


“Who’d know, except for us?” He said, leering at his nurse. Dr. Marvin McPhearson made no effort to disguise his lust for the trim, sexy woman. She was a bit too old for him but he could put his principles aside.

Sure, she was over thirty, but it wasn’t by much. Not more than a year or two and Nancy Martin looked as fit and lovely as any woman of twenty-five. He knew. He got a hard-on every time he looked at her.

Even the crisp, stark white outfit couldn’t detract from Nancy’s beauty. The glossy brown hair was pulled back in a cunning matter. Her red, red lips pouting at him made the man hard just thinking what it would be like having them pressed against his own lips. He bet she could kiss like a real bitch.

And to have those lips sucking his cock would be heaven.

“No, Dr. McPhearson, that’s not part of my job. I’m a professional nurse, certainly not some hooker. Like you seem to think.”

“I never said I’d pay you for it, baby. I figured the lay would do you a world of good. Chicks tell me I’ve got the biggest prick in town. Want to see it?”

“No, thank you,” she said primly. “But I imagine that all those chicks are right about one thing.”

“What’s that, baby?”

“You’re probably the biggest prick in town.”

He turned a beet red and snarled, “You’re fired. I don’t have to take such insults from a wise-ass nurse.”

She smiled sweetly and said, “Sorry, but you didn’t hire me. Dr. Preston did. I work for him. You’re just an annoyance for me around here.”

“I’m responsible for half the work load in this office. I’m a better doctor than Preston is. What the hell do you see in him that you don’t in me?” The man was still a fiery red in his anger.

“He’s not the biggest prick in town,” she said. “Your next patient, Dr. McPhearson.” Opening the door, she waved in a middle-aged man and cut the doctor off before he could say anything more to her.

She felt a flush of triumph. She hated the man’s guts and wouldn’t mind seeing him run over by a freight train, yet she had to put up with him. He was right when he said he was a partner in this practice. Nancy didn’t understand exactly how it was set up, but Marvin McPhearson and Daniel Preston split the considerable fees right down the middle.

The woman smoothed imaginary wrinkles from her starched white dress and went to Dr. Preston’s office. If it wasn’t for him, she would have left a long time, ago. But she loved him as much as she hated the other doctor.

Pausing before, the mirror, she patted her brown hair into place and made sure the faint red lip gloss she used was all right. She couldn’t wear make up while on duty, but it didn’t bother her. Not with her looks. The woman would have turned heads even if she wore a brown paper sack over her head.

Firm tits shoved against her white dress until it looked as if the fabric might rip. She liked wearing the dress unbuttoned a couple buttons down to reveal her substantial mounds of titflesh. But she always covered up when she had to deal with Dr. McPhearson. The man was like some rutting animal. All he ever thought of was fucking.

She’d rather fuck a pig.

Hands smoothed over her flaring ass again, making certain seams were straight and that she looked perfect for Dr. Preston. Him, she would do anything for. He was almost a God to her.

He and his cock, that is. He wasn’t the best hung man in the world. Dr. McPhearson might be right about having the biggest prick around. But Dr. Preston was an expert cocksman. He used what he had to the best of his ability. That was very, very good.

“Dr. Preston, do you have a moment?” she asked.

He looked up and smiled. His teeth were a smooth white. He was young, just out of the hospital and residency, and still fit as an athlete.

“Sure, Miss Martin. Come in.”

As soon as she closed the door, both of them changed. They didn’t have to put on a show for any patient who might overhear. They could be themselves. Their passionate, normal selves.

She went around the desk and kissed him full on the lips. For a moment, their lips crushed hard, then she let hers drift a little apart. This was all the encouragement he needed. She felt his rough, wet, pink tongue come surging into her mouth.

Tongues tangling, they began stroking and caressing. She felt her tits crushing hard against his chest. Buried under the starched material and her bra, her nipples hardened with lust. All their best fucking sessions started like this. She entered, polite and distant. He answered as a doctor would to any professional nurse. Then, with the door closed they let their passions run wild. She let him push her tongue back into her mouth. There, she started stroking and caressing the man’s tongue with her own. Salivas mixed and she felt her head begin to spin. His taste was almost more than she could stand. She’d never found a liquor that could make her drunker than his sweet mouth.

And his hands! They were exploring her lush body, probing all the right spots. She felt her crotch beginning to water. It happened every time she came in and, closed the door. She just couldn’t help feeling this way about the man. He was so strong, so handsome, and he knew all the right things to do to her.

He reduced her to a quivering blob of desire. She broke off, panting. “God, Dan, I need you so! I’m addicted to that strong body of yours.”

“That’s all you want from me? Just my bed?”

“Do you really want any more from me than my body?”

He smiled. “Not really. You’re beautiful and you know it. And you always make me sound like some sex-starved beast out to rape the pants off you.”

“You are.”

“Sure I am. And you’re no better. You’re after a good fucking the same as I am.” He began lifting her skirt. They both heard the crinkly noise as his hands, began searching out more interesting places under her skirt. She wiggled closer so be wouldn’t have to reach quite so far before he got up to her snatch.

“Hmmm, wet, huh? I have to prescribe for this condition. And I think you’d better get something to plug up that leaky twat right away.”

“What do you recommend?”

“Cock. Mine, of course.”

They kissed again as he slipped his fingers under the elastic band of her panties. She wiggled her ass and helped him get the useless panties off. The cool air surging up under her skirt made her cunt feel all cold and wet. She didn’t like that. And she knew there was only one way she could make it feel better.

She gripped his hands and moved them up under her skirt until both his palms were pressing hard into her crotch. One hand ended up over her pussy mound, stroking her fleecy pubic hair. The other sent tremors earthquaking through her body. He was moving slickly over her well-oiled cunt lips. The juices leaking from her excited twat were making her crotch even wetter than it had been.

“A definite leak that should be plugged. But I can’t stand here like the little Dutch boy and his finger in the dike.”

“I’m no dyke!” she flared.

“Yes, my dear. I know that. Just a lousy comparison. Why don’t you bend over my desk. Check the paperwork out or something.”

He spun round her, hands pressing her down over his desk. She bent at the waist and felt her tits crushing hard against the oak top. Panting he knew it the instant he pulled her dress up. The cool air from the air conditioner made her shiver a bit.

The feel of his hands helped form the gooseflesh matting her perfect skin, too. She was anticipating the feel of his cock poking into her from behind. His prick would erase the hungry sensation deep inside her. It always did.

And after a session with Dr. McPhearson, she needed this hard-driving cock worse than ever.

“It’s so great working for you,” she told him. “I like this so much more than letting that slimy Dr. McPhearson paw me.”

“What’s wrong with Marv? He and I went through med school together. He’s a with it dude. A real stud, if the stories I’ve heard are true. Give him a try. You might like his prick better than my tiny one.”

“Tiny?” she snorted. “It’s about average. Maybe six inches. But it isn’t the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. And you use your cock like a real expert! Now quit talking and show me how good you are with that damned thing!”

“Damned thing, huh? Some way to talk about this!”

He jammed his hips forward. She had a little warning. The roughness of his trousers brushed her naked ass just before the cock parted her pussy lips. The first surge up her cunt nearly made her pass out. His cock was long and dry. It hadn’t yet been dipped in her fuck fluids.

She shuddered, her entire body trembling with the suddenness of his cock’s fucking up her cunt. Her frothy juices gushed out and around the prick, soaking into it, making it slippery and ready for another thrust up her pussy.

“Again, do it again! Give it to me hard!”

“Greedy bitch,” he muttered. His voice was no longer as steady as it had been. He found his prick entirely surrounded by softly yielding, suffocatingly hot cunt. And the juices leaking out and around his cock were boiling. He wondered if the cunt juices oozing all over his balls would burn them off. This chick was as hot as any he’d ever found.

And she fucked like a Goddamn rabbit. She just couldn’t get enough cock to please her.

And that was just fine with him. He’d give her all he could, as often as he could. For a cunt this tight and hot, he’d definitely make an appointment for her.

“Don’t just stand there, do something! Fuck me good! I want to feel that prick of yours moving inside me. My poor little cunt’s crying out from hunger! Feed my pussy lots of your cock!”

She let out a low moan as he pulled back. The vacuum created inside her twat made her want to faint. It felt as if he were pulling her guts out through her cunt hole. And the emptiness!

She realized then how much she needed his cock inside her. Only the large knobby head of his prick remained inside her pussy lips. She tensed a little and let her cunt lips squeeze down on his prick. She let them give him an obscene kiss. Enough to entice him back up her cunt.

It worked. He fucked more slowly into her this time. She let the electric tingles volt along her spine. She raised her body off the desk a little as the pressure inside her mounted. Squeezing down with her cunt muscles, she managed to grip firmly all along his cock.

He gulped. That was good enough to keep her going. She could make out all the contours of his buried prick. The thick head pulsed wildly in her cunt. She could even feel the thick blue vein on top of his prick pulsing out its wild message of lust.

Then he was retreating. She tried to stop him. Her stomach muscles tightened up. He groaned and she knew how he must feel like he was being crushed to death in a super-hot vise. But she wasn’t going to let him escape. She needed his prick too badly.

Without it, she’d go crazy from sexual hunger.

“Give it to me good! I want to feel it throbbing inside me. Don’t pull it out yet! Leave it where I can feel it, where it can gives me all the, ummm, ooooooh!”

The man wasn’t going to listen to her any more. He couldn’t stand the sexual strain. His cock felt like it was going to blow apart at any instant. His balls were swelling up and felt like huge melons dangling in his hairy little bag.

His entire body screamed out for release. And the only way he could get it was to fuck the hell out of this willing, totally wanton nurse. His hands gripped firmly at her hips, pulling her back into his groin every time he fucked forward.

He thought how lucky he was to find a hot one like Nancy. She was insatiable when it came to sex. She couldn’t get enough. He didn’t know if she was a nymphomaniac or not. It didn’t matter to him as long as she let him bury his prick balls deep up her clutching hot twat whenever he wanted.

Which was often, very often.

“Keep going, you bastard! I’m burning up inside. Stoke me with that cock!”

He twisted his hips a little as he fucked into her softly yielding pink cunt hole this time. Her pussy lips spread and licked wetly along his entire cock as he pushed into her. The corkscrewing motion he used fucking her made sure that both his cock and her pussy were completely soaked with her juices. The squishy feeling as he fucked hard up her passed into his balls and threatened to rob him of his iron control.

That was what she liked about him. His control. He could fuck all night long if he had to. If he wanted to. True, he wasn’t hung like an elephant but he didn’t have to be. He knew how to pleasure a woman. And how to get the biggest sexual kicks for himself, at the same time.

She felt his prick jump and lurch inside her pussy. The soft, damp folds of her cunt stretched a little and tightened around his cock until he felt like he was a permanent part of her cunt.

A strong pull backward left nothing but aching desire inside tier. She gasped again as he drove hard and fast up her cunt.

“I need your cock! Give it to me hard! I want you to fuck me as hard as you can damnit! Ummm, yes! That’s it! Oooooooh, aaaaaaa!”

Her entire world split apart. All that mattered to her was his prick driving into her wanton cunt. She shoved her ass back toward his crotch to make sure his prick was fucking her as deep as it possibly could.

She let the man’s prick drill and twist, dive and fuck her until she was pushed over the brink of orgasm again. Her come wasn’t as big as she’d had in the past, but she knew she was a little tense this time. Worrying about that prick of a partner Dan had made her a little edgy.

But there was no denying that this quickie had given her the sexual release she needed.

Limply, Nancy collapsed forward onto the desk.

She looked back over shoulder at the doctor. He was sweating, straining, as he drove furiously into her cunt. His desire was evident to her.

She said, “Why not let me give that poor little prick of yours all the attention it wants? All that it deserves. Let me suck you off.”

He didn’t hesitate to let her take his prick and begin giving him the best blow-job he’d gotten.

It was only fair. He’d made her come. A nurse should be able to tend to a man’s physical needs.


“Ready for your checkup, Jimmy?” Nancy asked the young boy sitting nervously on the examining table. She had to lick her lips before speaking to him. There was something about the sandy-haired boy that appealed to her in a completely kinky way.

He was fifteen, but appeared to be closer to twelve. He was sickly and thin, young and innocent. She hated to admit it to herself but she felt both sympathy and attraction for the boy.

Trying to get her feelings all sorted out wasn’t easy for her. She knew the boy wasn’t responsible for his physical condition. He was a bit on the scrawny side but getting better! The sickness he’d had made a big dent in his normal development.

And it was this that made the nurse get all twitchy and wet in the crotch thinking about him. She was positive the boy was a virgin. And he looked enough like her younger brother to be one of the family.

Nancy had denied it to herself for years, but she had a big thing for her brother. The boy had died when he was twenty and she regretted not knowing him better. Somehow, she had the feeling that she could make up for that lost opportunity by getting to know Jimmy better.

The only problem was that he was a patient and she was the nurse. It was not a professional thing to get involved with a patient. Especially when that patient was half her age.

“I don’t want any checkup, Miss Martin.”

“Call me Nancy. And why not? Your last couple have been just great. You’ll be out there playing ball and dating girls before you know it.”

She couldn’t help but notice him blush when she mentioned girls. It only made her the more interested in the youth. She didn’t want to embarrass him, yet she was driven on by her own inner needs.

“Don’t you like girls, Jimmy?”

“Oh, sure, Nancy. Sure! But, well, it’s just that I never know what to say to them. And I have been sick and all.”

“You shouldn’t let your illness stop you from meeting people. And a boy your age can’t hardly do anything better than go out with girls.”

He looked down at the floor, clearly embarrassed. She smiled at him and went about readying the instruments for Dr. McPhearson. No matter what she thought about the man personally, he had done wonders with the boy. Every diagnosis had been exactly right and the changes in the boy’s health had been nothing less than miraculous.

That still didn’t make her like the man.

The examination was over in a few seconds.

Dr. McPhearson came in, took the boy’s temperature and blood pressure and curtly said, “See you next week, Jimmy. I have an emergency case to tend to at the hospital, Miss Martin. Complete Jimmy’s record for me. The usual stuff.”

With that, he was gone.

“Boy, I’m glad it wasn’t so bad this time. Last time I thought he was going to kill me with all the needles he stuck in my arm.”

“Don’t you like needles, Jimmy?”

“Hate ’em,” he confided in her. “See how he bruised my arm with the one shot?” He bared the upper arm for the woman to see. “And the other shots really bruised me good.”

“And where are those, Jimmy?” she said, knowing full well that the doctor had given them in the boy’s rear end.

He blushed again.

“Now, Jimmy. Show them to me. I’m a nurse. You won’t embarrass me.”

“No,” he said, “but I’ll embarrass me!”

She laughed and patted him on the arms. “Come on, now, I don’t have all day. Let me see the place where the doctor gave you the shots. We wouldn’t want them to become infected, would we?”

The boy reluctantly dropped his pants. The sight of his cock, all young and innocent and small, made the nurse’s breast throb with desire. She couldn’t control her emotions. He was too naive of anything sexual for her to take advantage of. Yet, it was that very innocence that made her desire him in the first place.

She ran her hand over the ugly greenish-blue bruises. McPhearson had really socked it to the boy. Nancy knew the injections had been necessary, but still to mar such a perfect ass like this seemed to be a crime.

She couldn’t help herself. She knelt down and kissed the boy’s rear end.

“Wh-what are you doing that for?” he stuttered. “I just wanted to kiss away the hurt and make it better. It’s not what you’d call normal medical practice but it did make it feel better, didn’t it?”


“Turn around. I’d like to, uh, examine the rest of you.”

The boy gulped and paled visibly. “You mean you want to look at my-my thing?”

“Your cock,” she said firmly. “I am going to examine your cock. Or prick. You mustn’t be afraid of words, Jimmy. This is all perfectly natural.”

She took the thumb-sized prick in her hand and gently squeezed. He moaned softly, more in anticipation than anything else. That tiny hint on his part that he was getting some pleasure out of her examination made her all the more intent on really showing him what the world was all about.

“Has a girl ever held you like this, Jimmy?”

“N-never. I-I didn’t think anyone ever would.”

“Do you jerk off? You know, stroke up and down your cock like this and get all hard before shooting out your jism?”

He groaned louder this time. His cock began stirring in her hand. She could feel the blood beginning to hammer hard into his prick. It was a short time before his prick was stiff with desire.

“I shouldn’t do things like that. Beating off, I mean. It’s bad.”

“Bad? NO! It’s not bad, Jimmy. Not if you enjoy it. And I can see you are normal. At least, you appear normal. Have you ever had anyone check to see if your cum is okay?”

“N-no. How do you do that?”

“It’s a very personal examination. I want you to tell me everything you’re feeling while I examine you. It’s important if I’m going to learn if you have a normal cock and balls.”

“Okay,” he said bravely. She could hear his teeth grinding together. He was struggling to keep from blasting out his fiery tide of jizz into her hand. She stroked up and down his now rigid prick and felt the soft skin turning hard with excited blood.

She looked at his cock for a moment, then, mouth watering, she couldn’t hold back any longer. She had to have that cock in her mouth where she could taste it. The hunk of meat almost leaped into her mouth. She felt the warmth of his prick pressing down into her tongue when she started sucking.

“God, it feels like you’re pulling my guts out through the end of my, of my cock!” he blurted.

She loved the taste of his prick. It was musky with male scent. He might have been young and his cock wasn’t full grown, but he was giving her a big turn-on. He reminded her so much of her brother, the brother she’d never really gotten to know very well.

This was her way of doing a good deed and satisfying her own carnal desires. She knew the boy had never had a girl sucking on his prick before. And if she could give him this little pleasure, why not? After all he had been through, he deserved a little enjoyment.

And his innocence, the joy of showing him how his body could respond if good things were done to it, made her glow inside. The warmth in her crotch spread like wildfire throughout her loins. In a flash, she was leaking out her frothy hot love juices. Her cunt had become too super hot to contain her fuck fluids for very much longer.

She moaned softly when she felt the thin stream of her fuck juices begin to run down the inside of her leg. The woman’s panties were quickly soaked with her oils. When she rubbed her legs together, her stockings would soak up a little more of her inner juices. But most of all, she loved the feeling of her legs tightening up her cunt.

She loved that almost as much as the taste of the boy’s prick. Giving it the full treatment, she sucked until her cheeks went hollow. Then she rolled her tongue around the very end of his prick. She diddled with it until the long rod of prick was pulsing hard, as hard as any man’s prick ever had inside her steamy hot mouth.

“It feels like you’re gonna pull it out by the roots. My cock’s gonna come loose and go shooting down your throat!”

She released his prick for a moment and told him, “It’ll go shooting soon, Jimmy. Just try to hold it back as long as you can.”

“I’ll try, N-Nancy. It’s so hard! I can feel my balls tumbling around something fierce right now. It makes me want to really beat off. But your mouth is a million times better than my fist!”

“I’m sure it is, Jimmy. It’s meant to be. I’m going to suck and kiss all over your prick. Tell me the way you feel inside. And try to keep your come back as long as you can.”

She began gobbling the boy’s cock like she was starved for fresh meat. The tiny prick had grown to almost five inches long. It was far from being a real man’s prick, but that wasn’t what she was enjoying.

There was a feeling of power in this oral lovemaking with the boy. She controlled him as long as his cock was in her mouth. She was telling him everything she wanted to do. He obeyed quickly, feeling the pleasures of mouth love for the very first time.

But there was a certain bit of animal instinct involved, too. His hips began jerking and driving his cock toward her mouth. He was trying to face-fuck her and he didn’t realize what he was doing.

“I’m burning up inside. My guts are churning like crazy, Nancy. And my balls! I can’t stand it much longer. They’re so tiiiight!”

She moved and kissed her way to the base of his prick. Dangling there was the tiny sac containing his nuts. She sucked the entire hairy little bag into her in mouth. Pressing her tongue against the rippling flesh told her just how close the boy was to coming. She could feel his balls boiling and lurching inside.

She pushed his balls from her mouth using only the pink tip of her rough, wet tongue. That gave him a moment of alarm. He almost lost control and shot his wad. But he managed to recover well.

Gulping hard, he told her, “I can’t hang on much longer! I’m going out of my head wanting to… come!”

The words didn’t satisfy the nurse. She wanted to hear more from his innocent lips. He had to tell her exactly what he wanted before she would be satisfied.

“What is it you really want, Jimmy? Tell me. Tell me all of it!”

“I want my cock in your mouth! I love the way you suck cock!”

“You want to face-fuck me, don’t you? Just let your hips work on their own and see what happens.”

“Y-yes, Nancy! I want to fuck that mouth of yours with my cock. I want to come in your mouth!”

He seemed shocked at what he’d just said. It wasn’t what a nice boy said to his nurse. Yet she wasn’t scolding him for the dirty words. If anything, she was goading him on. Her lips formed a tight little hole to drive his cock into.

The softness of her lips and the agile twirling of her tongue all around the sensitive tip of his cock robbed him of any shame. All he could think of was fucking her face. He let his hips move on their own. And in the wink of an eye, he was driving his cock hard and deep into her mouth.

The rubbery tip of his prick bounced off the roof of her mouth. She used her tongue to roughly cradle his cock as it entered, but he couldn’t go very far down her throat. She didn’t care. She could give him more than he could handle using just her tongue and sucking like hell.

“I-I feel it boiling up in me! My jism is ooooooh!”

And then the white stream of his gooey hot jism spurted into her mouth. She sucked and took every drop of the succulent cum. She worked her tongue all over the end of his fountaining prick until there wasn’t any more jizz left in his balls.

His prick went limp faster than she would have imagined. Looking up, the nurse saw the white, strained look on the boy’s face. She had exhausted him faster than most studs would have been. But the boy had been sick for a long time. And this was his first experience with getting a blow-job.

She licked the last trace of his cum off her lips and said, “You did fine, Jimmy. Everything seems normal. You’re going to be quite a hit with the girls.”

“You think so? Really?”

“Yes, really. Now, Jimmy, I have to check in with Dr. Preston for some more work. I’ll see you again next week.”

“C-could we do this again? To make sure nothing’s gone wrong with my cock?”

“If you promise not to tell anyone, Jimmy, next time we’ll have a little lesson in anatomy.”

She watched the young boy skip out of the examining room. He was so frail and innocent and she was still so Goddamned horny!


The boy had just left when Nancy felt all weak inside. She had let the boy give her false hope and now she was paying the price. Sure, his jizz had been a tasty treat for her. But she was feeling all hollow and achy in her cunt.

She needed something more than the promise of a fifteen-year-old boy’s prick to keep her from going mad from lust. She’d lit her own inner fires and now she was going to have to take care of stoking them.

Nancy boldly walked into Dr. Dan Preston’s office. The man was sitting behind his big oak desk, looking over a manila folder of records. When he saw her, he smiled.

He knew what the look on her face meant. He’d seen it too many times before to ignore it, too. As if he wanted to.

“Go on and close the door, Miss Martin.” As the door clicked and locked behind Nancy, he said, “Now come over here you sex-starved bitch and tell me all about it.”

“Oh, Dan, I’m driving myself out of my head.” She stroked hard over her crotch to show him exactly what, it was that made her come so close to the edge. He got the message right away.

Coming around the desk, he unzipped his fly. His cock slipped out, limp as a worm. The fleshy red snake, of cock looked better to the woman than anything else had that day. She knew what reward she would get if she managed to get it hard and long and throbbingly alive.

She’d get that cock driven all the way up her cunt!

“Come on and show me just how desperate you are,” he said.

She went down on him. The flaccid cock was a challenge to her. She wanted to see it tall and strong and virile. She wanted it to come totally alive in her mouth.

She lifted it gently and began kissing the soft skin. As her lips touched it, she could feel the currents of lust running through it. The prick was slowly jerking to a full erection. The sight of the cock hardening drove her on to even, more attention to it.

Kissing and licking, she worked up and down the virile length of prick until it was standing at full erection. The purple knob of the cockhead was a magnet to her lips. The throbbing prick pulled her lips to it for a long, deep kiss. She sucked in the very tip of his prick and began to use her tongue as well as suck.

This was worlds better than Jimmy’s immature cock!

This was a man’s prick. This was what she was meant to stuff in her mouth, to lavish her erotic attentions on!

“Hmmm, that’s damn good. I love the way your mouth seems to fit so nicely all around my prick,” he told her. “You’re just about the best cocksucker I ever found.”

“Umgph!” was all she could answer. She refused to take her mouth off that hunk of prick. It was hardening into a steely bar of fucking tool. And the sooner she got his need pushed to the breaking point, the sooner she’d have this fine, virile cock fucking her cunt hole hard and fast.

Fingers laced through her hair and began guiding her head in just the rhythm he desired. She let him push her head into his groin. Nose burrowing into his thick, curly bush, she rooted around until she was able to get the entire cock into her mouth.

The man’s cock was so damned tasty she could barely stand it. She wanted to gnaw and tongue and kiss and lick and suck on his prick until the man blasted out his fiery load of jizz into her mouth.

She wanted that with all her heart, yet there was more she wanted. He couldn’t lose his erection. If she got his rocks off simply by sucking on him, there wouldn’t be any of this delicious boner left to stuff all the way up her juicy, hot, clinging cunt. It was a dilemma she had to solve and fast.

Did she want him to come in her mouth? The creamy jism was a taste treat she hated to pass up. But the hollowness in her cunt made her half a woman. She had to have his prick plugging her juicy twat, fucking her, making her come totally alive. That was the only way she could really live.


And she needed cock up her cunt for that. Already the insides of her soft thighs were drenched with her fuck fluids. That leak had to be plugged. The best way she knew of doing that was with the cock she was so avidly sucking on.

As she started to stand up and demand that he really pull out the stops and fuck the hell out of her, a knock sounded at the door.

They looked guiltily at each other. Dan put his finger to his lips cautioning her to silence, then called out, “Who is it!”

“Me, Dan,” came Dr. McPhearson’s voice. “I had one last patient I forgot all about. Would you see him for me?”

“Sure, Marv. Anything you want. Be there in a second.”

“Damn,” said Nancy. She knew what this meant. She wasn’t going to get any more of the man’s delicious prick. Not in her mouth, not up her cunt like she had been dreaming of.

“Back to work, doll,” he told her. “Got to make our daily bread so we can keep this nice little cock sucking arrangement going.”

She reluctantly stood, then helped him fold his still erect cock back into his pants. In spite of agreeing with him about the patient coming fast, she hated to quit. She was just getting hot. And to stop now was sheer torture for the sexy woman.

But she was a nurse and duty called.

The patient didn’t require all that much attention. She looked him over and decided it might be interesting with him under different circumstances, if Dan wasn’t around, if she was really desperate for a lay.

But Dan was around.

But not for long. She heard his voice coming from the phone in the office while she was still with the patient, “Sure, I’d be glad to come over and give you a hand with the surgery. Be there in twenty minutes.”

He came back into the examining room and his eyes met Nancy’s for a brief moment. They both knew what he was going to say. “Sorry, Miss Martin. We will have to continue our discussion later. Surgery duty over at the hospital. Please finish up with Mr. King.”

Nancy turned back to the patient and looked at him with new eyes. No longer was he a maybe in her book. He was going to be her sexual salvation. Dan running out on her like this wasn’t unusual. That was simply one of the demands put on a doctor. She didn’t like it but there was nothing she could do about it.

Except find some other release, for her rampaging emotions. Like this guy. He wasn’t unattractive to her. And from the way he uncomfortably shifted his weight on the table, he seemed to be finding her increasingly desirable and trying not to show it.

The bulge at his crotch gave him away. Nancy could spot an erection a mile away.

“Just a few more things to check out, Mr. King,” she said briskly. Her hand brushed lightly over his bulging erection. The man shivered a little. “Not cold, are you?”

“Uh, no. Just the opposite. Damned hot, in fact.” The sweat was beginning to bead his forehead. He made a quick swipe at it to hide his nervousness from her. It was a wasted motion.

“Hmmm, you aren’t ill, are you, Mr. King? Perhaps I should examine you a little more?”

Her hands were busy in all sorts of places. One hand pressed against his forehead. The other was busy working on his fly. The metallic hiss of the man’s zipper seemed to break him out of the reverie he’d fallen into. If she could have read his mind, she would have been treated to an elaborate erotic fantasy of the man actually fucking this sexy nurse.

She had every intention of turning that daydream into reality. Her cunt was aching horribly now. She was in burning need of something long and hard and hot to be stuffed up her snatch. And only cock would do.

A cock like the one she held in her fist.

“You do seem a little feverish,” she told him. Her hand stroked up and down the man’s length with urgency. She could feel the hammering pulse in the big blue vein on the top of his prick. And the way his cock bounced around told her of the man’s desires.

“Perhaps I can put this somewhere to cool off.”

“Cool off, hell! I want to stuff it where it’s going to be warm!” he blurted out to the nurse. She only smiled.

Her free hand slipped under her skirt and began dragging down her panties. The white cotton panties slipped down her slender legs and she quickly kicked them aside. She used her hand to capture the man’s and pull it up under her dress.

“There,” she told him. “There is a nice place for your lovely cock to go. Don’t you think this is a good prescription?”

“I think it’s the best I ever got in a doctor’s office!”

She shivered as his hand worked across her snatch. He was toying with the bristly fleece all around her cunt. He pulled gently at her cunt lips, then stuffed his middle finger all the way up her twat. The sudden intrusion sent a bolt of sexual electricity blasting up the nurse’s back.

She moaned and pressed her cunt down around the man impaling finger. It felt too good to be true. But it was so small, that fucking finger. She had to have something thicker, longer, harder.

Like cock.

Her lips crushed down on his. The force of it carried the man down onto the table. On his back, he struggled under the woman’s weight. Then she was straddling his waist, the rigid cock thrusting upward toward her gaping cunt.

“Just relax and let me get us hot. Really hot!” she told him.

“I am already. Can’t you feel my cock? It’s about ready to bust!”

She could feel every single pulsing throb of his prick. She scooted her body up a little on his and lowered her hips. The acorn-tipped cock prodded into her well-greased pussy lips. For a long moment, she held that position. Then she simply relaxed and let the cock come rushing up into her cunt.

Gasping, with the sudden penetration of her twat, the nurse knew this was what she so desperately needed. The cock rested inside her pussy, stretching her and forming a plug around which her hot juices leaked.

“God, I never thought you’d be this tight,” the man moaned. “You’re gonna crush me flatter than a pancake!”

She didn’t answer. She didn’t trust herself to words. Not at that moment. She simply let the waves of desire blast through her. The impaling spike of cock was the center of her world. It was the reason she lived. It was all she wanted out of life.

Or almost all. This was the start. Next would be the fucking. That was really what she was after. The cock simply resting inside her frothy, hot, streaming cunt was good. But it wasn’t enough. Not now.

She gave a little twitch to her ass causing the cock to twist around in her cunt, then she began lifting off the prick. The pillar of hard cock slowly eased from her softly gripping cunt. The muscles were clutching with a mindless ferocity all their own.

“God in Heaven!” the man gasped. “You’re pulling me apart!”

“And you’re making a big vacuum inside me. It’s all twisty and churny in me. It’s driving me mad!”

She raised her body upward until only the thick head of the man’s cock was still inside her pussy lips. Rocking back and forth caused the prick to gently massage all around her snatch. The tip of his quivering shaft of cock slipped out of her cunt hole and began to shiver against her cunt lips.

It was as if she had pressed a hot vibrator against her snatch. She gulped as she realized how in need of fucking she was. The session with her young patient had gotten her hot. But it hadn’t been enough. The boy’s prick simply wasn’t up to the fucking she so desperately searched for.

The one hope she’d had was Dan but he’d gone and left her. The way his huge prick had rested in her mouth was a big promise never kept. She knew how good he was. If he’d fucked her, it would have satisfied all the little prickly jabs of desire in her cunt.

But he was across town. That only increased her carnal desires. She was deprived. And without the tender, loving sex she needed, it was just possible she might do something outrageous.

But luckily this lovely cock had gone up for her. She had done a lot to make sure the patient desired her. She could have been accused of seducing the man. But he wasn’t complaining. All she heard from his lips were soft moans of his own carnal needs.

He had as much need to get his rocks off as she did.

She simply relaxed and dropped around the up-thrusting pillar of cock. It was like a rocket blasting up into her guts. The friction burned along her tender pussy walls. The soft velvet flesh of her cunt flesh glowed from the friction of cock against pussy.

And it spread.

Like liquid fire, it spread all through her belly. In a few seconds, she knew she was lost in a paradise of her lewd desires. She shouldn’t be seducing her patients. But she couldn’t stop. Her body cried out for a good fucking. It no longer mattered to her how she got it.

Seducing a fifteen-year-old or getting her kicks from one of the doctors or simply picking a stud at random, it all came to the same thing for her. She was hot, she needed to get laid.

So simple.

Her body worked up the man’s prick again, leaving behind a cunt-juice-soaked spire. Her tits were rising and falling from the strain. She felt her tits expanding with aroused blood. They were filling up like over inflated balloons. She waited for them to explode.

The way her nipples throbbed so painfully made her want to rip off her bra and fling it aside. The damned thing was a nuisance she could do without. But if she took the time to get it off, she would neglect her horny little cunt. She couldn’t do that.

She had to stuff that prick into her cunt as fast and hard as she could. Her outrageous desires demanded it.

“Goddamn,” the man said, “I can’t stand it! My balls are going to blow apart! I can feel the come building up inside.”

“Hang in there. Let me, ummm, oh, such a biiiig cock! Let me fuck myself some more. So nice, so damned nice having that prick in me!”

Her hips flew like mad. She lifted and lowered herself on his cock until her guts were blazing with desire. As she dropped down letting the cock fuck deep into her cunt, she began grinding her crotch obscenely into the man’s. Their bushes mingled and she could fee the wet pubic hair dragging all over her clit.

Tiny jolts of electricity zinged into her body. Rocking back and forth gave her clit even more stimulation. She was no longer able to concentrate on anything but her own body.

Her clit felt like it was ten times its normal size. The tiny spire of tissue was throbbing with life. The fucking had made it grow and grow. And the cunt juices drenching her crotch had liberally coated it until it was a slippery little nubbin.

When the man reached under her skirt and began fingering her cunt, she knew her come wasn’t far off. The wanton nurse started fucking herself even faster on the man’s prick. With the stimulation on her clitoris from his finger, she felt her body filling up with sexual tension.

As the cock hammered down into the depths of her steamy cunt, she couldn’t hold her emotions in check any longer. She came. The thick waves of orgasm covered her totally. All she could remember was the intense delight and the man’s cock drilling hard into her soft pussy.

Having the man pinned under her gave her a feeling of freedom that she usually didn’t get. She let her hips rock and twist and thrash around all they wanted.

It drove his prick even deeper up her cunt. The squishy sounds reaching her ears spurred her on to even greater effort. The feelings rocketing into her body were tremendous. She didn’t think she could hold all the intense emotion locked up inside her much longer.

The man felt the same way. He moaned, “Dammit, I just can’t keep going on much longer. My balls are on fire! I’m going to come any second now. I ohh, aaaaieeeee!”

She felt his prick snap inside her juicy, clutching cunt. The cock grew in size, then erupted with a violence she hadn’t believed possible. The soft velvety walls of her cunt were completely drenched with the man’s white-hot jism.

She began fucking herself with a new desperation. She had to get the most of his fucking before the man went limp on her. The cock drove deep into her body, stuffing far up into her pussy. The friction along the walls of her twat burned brightly. The heat flowed into her and spread rapidly until she was certain of her own satisfaction.

She came.

The cyclone of delight whirling through her took her breath away. All she could feel was the convulsive clutching of her cunt around the man’s cock. Her flesh clamped firmly on his prick and squeezed until she thought she’d rip his prick out by the roots.

But she loved every second of it. Her cunt was satiated. It had all the cock it could hold. She was burning up from the fucking. Her entire crotch had come alive.


“I’m so glad you’re back, Dan,” Nancy told the handsome doctor. “I thought I’d go crazy with lust waiting for you.”

“Bull shit. Anyone can control their emotions better than that. But I must say, I’m flattered.” He gave her ass a tiny pinch that sent tremors all the way up her spine.

She didn’t know how to tell the doctor that she wasn’t able to keep her lust in check. Just seeing him walk into the room sent her cunt into convulsions of delight. The wetness was already dampening her panties again. And when he pinched her butt, she almost came.

He didn’t think any chick could get that worked up over sex. He was totally wrong. She could, she did.

“So flatter me with a little attention. How about it, big boy?” She rubbed her palm over his crotch. Underneath, his cock stirred and hardened. Encouraged by this, she began to pull down his zipper.

He grabbed her wrist and stopped her. “Not now, Nancy. Another patient is in the waiting room. Or have you forgotten we’re here to tend to the sick, not to fuck our brains out.”

“But fucking is so much more fun!”

“Maybe,” he said, giving her a mock glare. “But I took an oath to heal the infirm. What I do afterwards, though, wasn’t mentioned.” He gave her ass another little pinch and told her, “Let’s get this out of the way and then we can mess around a little.”

She obediently followed him out of his office. Sometimes Dan was such a bore. Always harping on duty. But then he wasn’t out of med school all that long and still had the shiny coating of duty to wear off. After a few years of imagined diseases and runny noses, he’d come running to her for a little sexual release. And the fun she could show him!

She almost came when she thought of them together, fucking with all the strength in their bodies, making it all night long. Her cunt ran over again, a dribble of her cunt juices working their way down the inside of her leg to soak her white stocking.

Before going into the examining room with Dr. Preston, she had to mop up some of the more obvious signs of her arousal.

“Miss Martin, this is Mrs. Wilson. She’s expecting her first in a few months. About six, isn’t it?”

“You tell me, Doctor,” the woman said.

“I’ll do just that. Up on the examining table.”

Nancy watched as Dan got the pregnant woman onto the table and positioned her feet in the stirrups. A tiny thrill went through her, one she couldn’t really figure out. She wondered what it would be like to be tied down on that table and having Dan poking around in her cunt.

She edged closer to him and slipped her, hand into his front pocket. Working across his crotch, she managed to find his prick. It was small and limp when she took it between her thumb and forefinger.

It didn’t stay that way long.

“Uh, fine, Mrs. Wilson. Let me move around a little and see — um!”

Nancy tightened her grip on his cock. It was stiffening nicely in his pants. She wondered what the woman would, say or think if she saw the erection. Would she be pleased or outraged?

Nancy was afraid it might be outrage, but she couldn’t control herself. Something made her continue stroking up and down the length of Dr. Preston’s cock until the man was mumbling in confusion. He couldn’t say anything for fear of making a slight slip. It wouldn’t do to have a patient know that he was getting all hot and bothered over a simple thing like a pussy inspection.

Nancy liked the power she held over the man. And she helped him through the exam as fast as she could.

By the time Mrs. Wilson left, Nancy was sure she suspected something. But it didn’t matter. She and Dan were alone. And horny.

“Dammit, Nancy, don’t ever do anything like that again!” the man raged.

“Why not? Didn’t you like it?” She moved closer, her hand pressing into his trousers again. He started to swat her hand away, then stopped.

He laughed, then pulled her close to him. “Yes, dammit, I do mind. But it won’t do me any good, will it? Not with a sex-hungry bitch like you. Can’t you ever get enough prick shoved up that tight little cunt of yours?”

“Not when it’s yours!”

“Liar, but I love you for it!”

He kissed her, the kiss deepening when she opened her lips enough to let his agile pink tongue into her mouth. He gently stroked the sides of her rough tongue with his, then darted back into his own mouth. She followed.

And he trapped her tongue with his teeth. Just the tip was caught but he teased it unmercifully with his own. Soon, they were both gasping and wrestling passionately.

Somehow, they ended up on the examining table where Mrs. Wilson had lain lust a short while before. And the doctor was almost ripping off the nurse’s skirt in his eagerness to expose her snatch.

“Gotta find it. Got to!”

She said nothing as his body worked about over her head. She found his zipper and quickly worked it down with a metallic hiss. His red cock jerked out into the cool air of the office.

She thought it was a shame, to let that purple-tipped prick stay out in the cold too long. Popping it into her mouth, she got a long, low moan from the man.

“Ummm, damn, but that feels good! Suck on me good, Nancy darling. And let me figure out how the hell to get into your pussy. Then I’ll show you how good I am at eating pussy!”

She lifted her hips off the table to allow the man to yank her cotton panties off her hips. He ripped them getting the panties off her legs but she couldn’t have cared less. She had his quivering prick in her mouth. And his hot breath gusting through her bush promised more exciting things to come between her legs.

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed. “Such a pretty bush. I never could get enough of it. So fleecy and curly. And the cunt is already coming out to see what’s happening. Should I show it?”

“Do, oh yes, do!” she cried, taking her mouth off his cock for a moment. She wiggled her hips a little to give him a better shot at her cunt. They were firmly locked up in the classic sixty-nine position, she lying flat on her back. By arching her belly upwards a little, she wantonly exposed her snatch to his oral attentions.

Immediately, she felt his rough, wet pink tongue licking along her gash. The fuck fluids from deep inside her came gushing out. She wiggled a little more to let him know how much she loved the feel of his tongue working down her sex lips and to her horny cunt mouth.

He licked all around her snatch before stopping at the entrance to her cunt hole. Sucking in one of the sex lips, he licked off all the fuck fluids making it slippery.

“Ummm, oh, tongue fuck me! I want to feel your tongue moving inside me, damn you. Ooooooh!”

His tongue shoved hard between her pussy lips. And when he raced up into her cunt, the rough tongue gave her a sudden spike of sheer pleasure that could never be duplicated. His tongue rolled around, savoring her tasty juices, then started stroking the velvety walls of her cunt.

She suppressed a shudder. Her belly was churning with lust. The tiny fires of her desire were slowly blossoming into full blown forest fires. No one could eat pussy the way this doctor could.

No one!

Her mind was dazed from the ripples of joy washing up from her cunt. The tingles were too good to miss, but she wanted to give the man something in return for his tongue.

The prick hanging just inches from her ruby lips was the way to give him the pleasure right back. She reached up and gripped his cock again. She guided it to her mouth but didn’t immediately stuff it into her face.

Instead, she lightly kissed the acorn-tip. The tremor that shook his prick told her this was exciting to the man. She kept it up. All along the sides of his prick, she kissed and lightly licked. Soon, his prick was gleaming from her saliva.

Only when she was sure that she hadn’t missed a single square inch of his cock-flesh did she move to the hairy bag containing his balls. Her tongue curled around the sac and pulled it toward her mouth.

As she sucked it into her mouth, she heard him groan loudly. She was really getting to him sucking and licking and kissing all around his balls. Now that she had him trapped in her mouth, she could give him at least as much joy as she was getting from his mouth.

The balls inside the little sac were tumbling and lurching hard. She batted them around a little until the entire bag began to contract. When it was reduced to a hard, tight sphere dangling under his jerking prick, she knew he’d had enough of that.

She could stimulate him more doing other things.

Like sucking hard on the end of his cock.

She’d show him exactly how expert she was at giving head. The blow-job she’d give him would make him come running whenever she snapped her fingers again.

“God, Nancy, I can’t stand that much more! You’re robbing me of all my control. Dammit, you make me feel like a teenager getting his first piece of tail. I’m gonna cream all over your face!”

“Shut up and tongue fuck me! Let me worry about wasting your precious jism.”

She gasped when his tongue shot back up her cunt. It rubbed all over the walls of her cunt, seeking out the softest spots, the juiciest places, before driving hard into her guts. He was trying to reach as far into her seething hot cunt as if he was using his prick.

He couldn’t make it. But neither of them cared. Just trying got them hot for each other.

She was having a hard time concentrating on giving him a really good blow-job. The feelings echoing up from her cunt were making it more and more difficult for her to do anything but lie back and moan in pleasure.

Her hips were bucking up off the table now in an attempt to get that fucking tongue all the way up into her cunt. She wiggled her hips and let the rough, pink, darting tongue work all over her crotch.

One second, he was far up her cunt fucking back and forth like he was using a cock. The next, he was stroking along the rigid flaps of her pussy lips, licking up all the oozing juices. When he sucked in one of her cunt lips and began gnawing, she lost control.

She came. The entire world crashed in around her, then slowly reformed. The cock was still resting between her lips. She let her tongue roll round the end until he started jamming it hard into her face.

She didn’t want him face-fucking her yet. She wanted more out of his mouth before that happened. Mustn’t distract him too much with her cock-sucking ways. That was the only goal she had to make certain, his mouth never left her cunt.

He was sucking and licking his way up her sex slit to her clit. Once he found the little nubbin, he was a real bulldog. He didn’t let go. The way his tongue worked around the base of her clit would have been enough to get her off.

But he didn’t stop just racing around the bottom of the spire. He slowly spiraled around until he got to the very tip of her clit. And there, he sucked it into his mouth. His lips massaged and soothed while his tongue and teeth worked miracles.

She came again.

This time, she couldn’t control herself. She sucked as hard as she could on his prick. There was no subtlety, no finesse. Just flat out hard sucking that made the man go weak in the knees.

His prick began rocking back and forth in her mouth. Then, as his control weakened, the strokes into her face grew stronger. Before she knew what to expect, he was face fucking her with all the strength locked up in his hips.

Nothing less than full release would satisfy the man now that he’d felt the promised mouth. She sucked him in until her cheeks went hollow under the strain.

Not content with this, she used her tongue just about the same way he was doing at her cunt. She tried to stuff her pink tipped tongue all the way down the long shaft of his cock. Finding the tiny slit at the end, she wormed her tongue around and around.

She knew she couldn’t get her tongue down the inside of his cock. It didn’t matter. Trying was getting them both hotter and hotter. That was the name of this cock-sucking, cunt-licking game: pleasure!

His hips were driving his cock deep into her face now. She ran her tongue under the cleft of his prick and that was like a trigger to the man’s come.

A white fountain of his jism blasted down into her mouth. She sucked and licked until she’d gotten every single last drop he could give. And even then, she wasn’t satisfied. Her tongue rubbed and worked on his prick until the entire fucking tool went completely limp in her mouth.

She sighed and let it fall free of her lips. That had been tasty, damned tasty. There were few things in the world she liked better than the taste of a man’s cum.

But she was still uptight. Her guts were under tremendous sexual tension. In spite of coming two or three times. She was in the crazy, blurry world of sexual fulfillment. She needed more.

“Keep licking,” she told him. “Get me off good!”

“Ummmm, yeah. Sure thing,” he said. There was a lewd slurping noise as he continued licking and sucking up her cunt juices.

She could feel his tongue all over her clit, pressing the tiny spire down, then letting it pop back up. When he worked across her slippery cunt lips, she thought she would come again.

She didn’t. Not even when he drove his tongue hard into her cunt did she come.

But when he found her asshole, she let out a shriek that could be heard all over the building. This was the master’s touch she needed. As his tongue stabbed down into her tightly held anus, she came.

Afterwards, feeling sexually drained, the told the man, “That was the best ever. I didn’t think tongue fucking could be that much fun.”

He grinned, then zipped up his trousers.

“Enough of the coffee break. Better get back to work.”

She watched him leave, wondering if he’d be ready to fuck again soon. She knew she would be.


“Oh, Dan, I love the feel of your hands all over me,” Nancy moaned. She pressed her snatch into the palm of his hand. He squeezed gently and sent thrills all through her.

“You’re such a Goddamn hot bitch,” he said. “Just can’t get enough cock, can you? You’re going to wear me out. Even worse, you’re going to wear me down. That six inch prick of mine is going to be down to five inches before I know it.”

She smiled and began stroking her hands all over his crotch. There was little chance she could ever wear him out like that. Though she was certainly trying to do it. He felt so damned good when he was fucking her hard and fast, the friction burning them both up with desire.

“Let’s screw again. You’re getting me all hot to trot, Dan, I want to feel you fucking me.”

He shook his head. “This is the middle of the day. Everything makes you horny. Doesn’t anything ever turn you off? For a while, at least?”

“Not that I’ve found. And you certainly don’t turn me off. You turn me on in a big way.” Her hand found his cock and began stroking up and down it. The prick jerked a little in her grasp, then she began giving it her full attention.

She wanted nothing but the best fucking her. If she could make him so hard he had to fuck her, they’d both enjoy it a lot more.

The sudden knock on the door startled her. A gruff voice said, “Patients are waiting, Miss Martin.”

She cursed under her breath. Damn that Dr. McPhearson! Just when she was persuading Dan to fuck her again.

He pried her hands loose from his cock. He said, “Better go tend to the patients. There’ll be time afterwards.”

He was so literal-minded she wondered how he ever got his kicks. She could, see him turning into an old fogy totally drowning himself in work.

That would be a waste. And she didn’t want to lose that lovely prick of his. It felt too good fucking her.

“Okay, boss man. You’re a real slave driver, but I’ll do it.”

She went out after adjusting her skirt and found Dr. McPhearson talking to Jimmy, the young boy she’d started on the road to a normal sex life the previous week. The boy was glowing, obviously looking forward to this session with Dr. McPhearson and her.

The examination was brief and to the point. Dr. McPhearson had another patient waiting and couldn’t spend too much time on the boy. He was getting over the lengthy illness very well and would soon be on his own.

“I’ll take care of the rest of Jimmy’s shots, Dr. McPhearson,” Nancy said briskly. When she wanted, she was the cold, soulless robot that her job demanded. It didn’t fit her but it was a job. She’d live.

After the doctor left, Jimmy whispered, “What kind of shots? More like the last time?”

He was so eager she couldn’t help but smile at him. He wanted all the head he could get from her, that much was apparent. But she wasn’t in the mood to suck him off again. His cock simply didn’t satisfy her like Dan’s did.

But there were other things she could show him.

Lots of things.

“Jimmy, do you like my tits?” She thrust her shoulders back so her tits were thrust out against her blouse.

“Uh, sure!” the boy stuttered, unsure of himself.

“Go on and fondle them. Feel them all you want.”

“Uh, it’s okay?”

“Sure Jimmy. Here, give me your hand.” She took his small hand and placed it over her huge tit. Pressing down, she made certain his hand was directly over her boob. With her other hand, she began unbuttoning her blouse. In a few seconds, it was unfastened all the way to the waist.

“Go on, Jimmy, run your hands around inside my blouse. It’s open. And my poor little titties are wanting to be felt.”

She purred like a kitten when the boy hesitantly reached in and slipped his fingers under her bra. The snaky fingers felt good against her flesh. As he stroked back and forth, she was gradually becoming more excited.

The innocent, young boy’s touch was driving her to the point of no return. Hex passions were soaring and she could feel her cunt beginning to water. In a short while, it’d be overflowing and dribbling down her legs.

Why couldn’t she be like other women and keep a firm control on herself?

Then she no longer cared. The boy was fumbling for the snaps on her bra. He wasn’t having much success. Nancy almost laughed at him, then remembered the problems Dan always had with her bra.

“Here, let me help you Jimmy.” In a twinkling, she had released the snaps. Her bra slipped forward on the twin cones of her tits and let the boy’s groping fingers find all the warm, willing tit flesh they could handle.

“Do you like them, Jimmy? Enough to want to suck on my little titties?”


“Then pull off my bra. Here, let me get my blouse off, first.” She shrugged her shoulders out of her dress and let it dangle down at her waist. Before she knew it, she was naked from the waist up.

The boy sucked in his breath at the sight of her naked boobs.

“Go on and suck them. And kiss them. And fondle them all you want. It makes me feel good, very good.”

She enjoyed the way the boy was so unsure of himself. She was guiding him in this. She was the one in control. Just his innocence made her hot for him. She wanted to take his cock all the way up her cunt and let him fuck her. But that wouldn’t be all that great. He’d probably come too soon. His control still wasn’t too good.

This was all new and wondrously different to him. She’d just have to be content with him fondling her boobs.

Or would she?

“Take the nipples and roll them around, Jimmy.”

She gasped when he clenched one of her rock-hard nipples and began playing with it. “Gee, it feels like a marble. I’m real good playing with marbles!”

He showed her how good he was. He tweaked and squeezed her nipple until it was throbbing with excited blood. Her entire tit felt like it had an extra gallon of blood pumped into it. Every time her heart beat, she could feel it shaking her entire jug.

When he put his puckered lips to her nipple, she almost came. The light touch was electric. As he kissed and began sucking, he also gained more and more confidence in what he was doing.

Soon, he was gobbling up her tits like he’d been doing it for years. His lips closed on her nipple and pulled it into his mouth. Once there, he gave it a tongue lashing that set her heart beating even faster.

Every time she sucked in air, it felt like napalm burning her lungs. Her throat was sandpapered and raw from the way she was breathing. And it was all on account of this fifteen-year-old boy. He was eating her tits like they were mountains of ice cream.

First he’d lick up the slopes until he came to the ruddy brown circle of her areola. His tongue looped and circled around until he teased the nipple entirely erect. His lips clamped firmly on the pointy red finger of her nipple and sucked it into his mouth.

Then he gave it all the attention she could stand. His teeth gently nipped at her flesh. His tongue laved the nipple and stimulated it even more. But it was the sucking that made her feel as if he was going to pull her guts out through that nipple. He was a human vacuum cleaner hooked onto her tit.

“You’re doing real good, Jimmy. Ummmm, ooooh! Real good!”

“Am I? You’re just not saying that to make me happy?”

“No, Jimmy, no! You’re making me feel good. But let me down on the table. There’s so much more we can do. And I want you to do it all.”

She lay down on the table, the mounds of her tits jiggling sensuously. She gripped the base of each tit and pushed upwards so that the nipples would stand up hard and red.

“Are you erect, Jimmy? Do you have a hard-on?”

“You mean my cock? Uh, yeah,” he said, as if ashamed of himself.

“Good! Climb up and straddle my waist. I’m going to let you fuck my tits.”

“Huh? I never heard of that before.”

“There are lots of things you haven’t heard of, Jimmy. And I want to show you all of them.”


He climbed up and straddled her waist. He opened his fly and let his five inch prick slide out. He was erect. She could see the boy’s cock jumping around with delight. It wouldn’t be long before he was shooting out his jism. She’d have to hurry if she wanted the most out of his tit-fucking.

“Put your hands like this. Right, Jimmy, on hand on each of my tits. Umnnn, that feels good… Now press then together. Rub the nipples together if you can. That’s the way. Now, just shove your cock between my tits.”

He edged forward, unsure exactly of what was expected. His cock prodded into the fat slope of her, marble-white titflesh. The saliva drenched cones drew his prick like a magnet draws iron. Soon, his prick was shoving hard had the tiny crevice remaining between her huge tits.

“That’s it, Jimmy. That’s the way. Fuck my little tits with all your might!”

She shuddered when he managed to drive his hard prick through the tight passage between her boobs. The purpled head of his cock barely showed against the snowy white of her titflesh. But he had managed to get all the way through that hot, sultry tunnel of her boobs.

“Wow, it’s so tight! Your tits are gripping my cock like fingers! And your tits are hot! I feel like I’m completely surrounded by melted butter!”

He let his hips move backwards. His prick vanished from her sight but she could still feel it. It went back until only the thick head was left touching her soft flesh.

“Fuck faster, harder, Jimmy! Harder and as far through as you can!”

He did. His young hips worked like a pile driver. The prick wasn’t long, but he made up for the lack of length with youthful enthusiasm. He was avidly fucking her tits.

The friction between his cock and her boobs wasn’t too great at first. The boy’s saliva still lubricated the snowy slopes. Then, after he had fucked back and forth a few times, the spit was all gone. He’d burned it off with the friction between his pulsing, hard prick and her softly yielding jugs.

She felt the warmth spreading into her chest. Her breathing became heavier, more strained. She could hardly take a breath with his weight crushing down on her. But most of all, she was thrilled with the feel of his hands on her tits, squeezing her nipples.

That and the boy’s cock gave her tremendous joy. The bliss she felt was something she wouldn’t have believed possible when she first saw the teenager. He was too naive to ever really get off on fucking her tits.

She’d actually thought that. Now she knew he would do anything she told him. Whether he believed this was part of his cure or not didn’t matter any more. He was feeding that insatiable lust that gnawed away at her guts.

“That’s it, Jimmy. That’s what I want! Fuck my tits!”

“N-Nancy! Ummmm, I-I can’t keep it inside much longer. My balls are going to pop any second. Tell me how I can keep my jizz back!”

She could barely hear the boy. The woman’s pulse was pounding like the ocean’s surf in her ears. She was too busy enjoying the feel of his young body moving against her belly, pressing down on her boobs, warming her with his firm, lusty prick.

It all got to her.

She sucked in her breath, held it, then shrieked as her body convulsed with a climax. It was almost unexpected. She hadn’t realized the sexual tensions in her gut were so powerful. Biting her lip helped hold back any more outcries on her part.

It wouldn’t, do to have Dr. McPhearson come in and find her with the boy so eagerly fucking her tits. She’d never be able to explain.

“Keep going, Jimmy. Keep it up. I need you. Don’t quit on me now! Just concentrate on my tits!”

He gritted his teeth and continued fucking hard between her tits. The nurse’s body was thrashing around like it had gone wild. The boy felt as if he’d mounted a horse and was riding for his life.

But the burning in his balls convinced him to keep going. The joy he felt flooding his fifteen-year-old body was so new, so different, he couldn’t stop now. Not until he got his rocks off.

The tits under his hands were trembling. He squeezed and they expanded. He could tell every time the nurse’s heart beat. The nipples would strongly pulse under his fingers. And the smooth flesh was feeling hotter and hotter as he fucked between her tits.

His cock vanished between the mountains of titflesh only to poke through on the other side. He couldn’t get too far through but he didn’t have to. He found himself getting dizzy. His control was slipping.

All that mattered to him now was firing out the hot cum locked up in his balls.

He came, his prick spurting out gush after fierce gush of his jism. He splattered the jizz all over the woman’s face. For a moment, the boy thought he’d done something wrong. Then he saw the happy look on the nurse’s face.

She liked it!

After that, he was far happier. He let his cock finally dribble out the last of his come, then he fell back against her knees, exhausted.

She carefully wiped off his jizz from her chest and face, then smiled at him. “You did very good, Jimmy. You’re learning faster than I would have thought possible.”

“You think so, Nancy? C-can I come back next week?”

“Certainly, Jimmy. Now, let me get my dress all straightened up. It wouldn’t do to let other patients see me like this. Nurses are supposed to be neat, you know.”

The boy watched her put her bra back on, licking his lips as her luscious tits vanished from his sight.

“Go on, Jimmy. I’ll see you next week.”

“I can hardly wait, Nancy! Wow!”


He heard the shriek and wondered what was wrong. Dr. McPhearson couldn’t imagine Jimmy letting out such a high-pitched sound even if the nurse had driven the needle all the way to the bone.

He got rid of one of his more annoying patients who never really had anything wrong with her, then went to the examination room. He started to shove in, but heard the noises from within.

Only one activity could produce such sounds.

Nancy Martin was fucking the fifteen-year-old boy.

The doctor opened the door a crack and looked inside. Sure enough, she was lying on the table, naked to the waist. The boy was straddling her and driving his cock between her huge mounds of tit.

He started to stop this illicit activity, then decided to watch a while. Damn, but that nurse was a hot bitch!

He felt his cock hardening in his pants. The sight of those pearly white mountains of titflesh capped with the cherry red nipples did things to him. He wished he was the one inside fucking away at her softly yielding boobs. To bury his pecker in between those tits would be paradise!

Stroking across the bulge in his pants only made his cock harder. He tried to hold down his emotions but the sight inside the room was too much for him to deny. The little fingers of her nipples pointed redly at the ceiling. They seemed to beckon him to come in and join the tit-fucking.

But he couldn’t. Not while the boy was in there.

Damn! Why did she let a fifteen-year-old kid do that and then turn around and tell him to go fuck himself? The doctor couldn’t understand that nurse. She was hot to fuck but she wouldn’t fuck him.

There was no understanding women. Not that he wanted to understand Nancy. All he really wanted to do was fuck her.

The sight of her tits bouncing wound decided for him. He’d wait and then things would be different. Vastly different. She wouldn’t treat him like he had the plague any longer. And she’d get a full dose of his cock. He’d bury his prick balls deep up her cunt and she’d like it.

That would convince her. Hell, he had to be better than a fifteen-year-old kid.

Jimmy gasped as he started shooting his jism out. From Dr. McPhearson’s angle, it appeared that the woman’s tits were erupting with a white fountain of gooey jizz. He almost laughed. He bit it back at the last moment, though. It wouldn’t do to have them see, him.

Not yet.

Jimmy quickly dressed and passed by the doctor, now sitting at a desk and appearing to be reading a report. But the instant the boy was gone from the office, the doctor was into the examining room.

Closing the door behind him, he had to laugh.

Nancy looked up, startled. She seemed to realize that Dr. McPhearson had seen more than she would have liked. The expression on her face was one of confusion and horror. Would he fire her for fucking the boy?

“So, you decided on a little extra therapy for the kid, huh?”

“You saw, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I saw the whole thing.”

“Why didn’t you stop it? Did you get your rocks off watching? Ha! A Peeping Tom as well as the biggest prick in town. Some combination.”

“You’re in no position to comment on minor things like that. Not when you have just done enough stuff to get you sent up for a dozen years. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor is probably the smallest charge they’d nail you with. If I decided to testify.”

He walked over to her and gently stroked along the line of her jaw. She flinched and tried to move away from him. The examining table prevented her from escaping.

“I don’t have to tell anyone what I saw. If you and I can be more friendly. You’re a pretty woman. I like that. And I could like it a hell of a lot more. Do you follow what I mean?”

“You slimy son of a bitch. You’re blackmailing me! You…”

“You’re right. So? Am I any worse than a child raper? Or would it only be counted as molestation? I’m not up on legal stuff. But I am up in other areas.” He ran the zipper of his pants down to let his prick leap out, eager as a racehorse in the starting gate.

“What do you want from me?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Just hop back up on the table. I’ve got an hour or so to kill. And fucking you seems like the best way of spending the time.”


He grabbed her by the upper arms and physically lifted her onto the table. “Don’t argue or you’ll be in jail so fast your head will spin. It’s not like you still had your cherry, for Christ’s sake. Hell, you put out for Dan all the time. Don’t think I don’t know it. I see you coming out of his office, hair all messed up and your uniform wrinkled. And the look on your face! It’s positively obscene! So get up on that table, baby, and spread ’em for me!”

He shoved her down. She struggled but it did no good. He was too strong. His weight crushed down on her, pinning her to the hard table. Hands groped all over her body, obscenely hunting out what she had denied him for so long.

The buttons on her dress flew all over the room as he ripped her blouse open. She felt his lips wetly kissing her throat and working down her soft skin toward her tits. She didn’t want him licking her boobs. She didn’t want anything to do with him at all.

“Stop it! Stop or I’ll scream!”

“Scream and you’ll regret it,” he coldly said. “I’m going to knock off a piece of ass whether you like it or… not.”

She went cold inside. What could she do? Screaming was out of the question. The doctor could come up with a dozen different stories. He could say that he caught her naked like this after she’d fucked the boy. He was only trying to keep her from running out.

The threat of exposure for what she’d done with Jimmy robbed her of her strength for a moment. And he succeeded in getting her bra off. She was naked to the waist again, just as she had been with the boy. But this time it wouldn’t be fun and games.

The doctor meant business. And there was no telling what his perverted desires would demand.

“No, I won’t do it!”

“You sure as hell will, you stupid bitch! I’m gonna fuck the living hell out of you. And you’ll beg me for more when I’m done. They all do. And you’re no different!”

She tried kicking him. That didn’t work. He only grabbed her ankle and held it. He pulled off her shoe and tossed it aside. Then he pulled up the stirrups used for the cunt inspections. Nancy had never enjoyed the feeling of being spread apart, her feet imprisoned in those metal stirrups, while a gynecologist examined her cunt.

To have this beast do it would be humiliating!

Her left foot was firmly fastened down in the stirrup. She concentrated on kicking the doctor with her right. That played into the man’s hands. He deftly trapped her other foot and tied it down. She was spread wide now, unable to move well.

“Quit fighting it. I’m going to stuff my cock into your tight little cunt until I’ve had enough. You might as well lay back and relax and enjoy it.”

She spit at him. He slapped her hard enough to rattle her teeth. When the world came back into focus, he’d peeled her like a banana. Her cunt was widely exposed and he had succeeded in tying her wrists together over her head. She wasn’t going anywhere. Not until he released her.

“That’s right. You’re entirely at my mercy. And I’m going to fuck you. God, what a tasty-looking cunt! It’s already slobbering out its lust for my long prick!”

The man was right. The woman couldn’t control her own body. No matter that she was being defiled, humiliated, degraded. There was something about being tied up that turned her on in a big way. Her cunt was already beginning to bubble out its inner oils. She was hot and steamy inside and the boiling fuck fluids were running out and onto the table.

“Don’t do this to me!”

“Why the fuck not? I can barely keep from creaming all over myself just looking at that gooey cunt of yours. Hot, God!”

She cringed when he shoved his hand over her snatch. A finger shot out and into her cunt. She should have enjoyed this. She didn’t.

“Damned if your cunt isn’t tight around my finger. My Goddamn fucking finger!”

He began wiggling his finger inside her twat. She felt it sliding all over her well-juiced pussy walls. He spread out each and every fold of her twat, then began working his finger back and forth in a mock fucking.

In spite of herself, she felt the ages old sexual tension building up inside her body. She wanted him. She wanted his cock fucking her. No matter that he had tied her up, no matter that he would be raping her. She wanted his cock!

She wanted it badly!

“Please, ooooh, stick it in! Go on and do it!”

“So you’re changing your mind now, are you? I figured you would when you got the picture. Can’t refuse a big cock, huh?”

He knelt on the table between her legs. Taking hold of his prick, he wiggled it for her to see. The ugly red cock was stiffening even more. It was like a thick steel rod. And the plum tip was pulsing with lust. She shuddered thinking how that would feel fucking all the way up her cunt.

The circulation in her hands was cut off by the tight strands of adhesive tape he’d used to tie her. The tiny needles jabbing into her skin made her feel cold, alone. And having her legs pulled up and apart like they were to expose her cunt to his obscene advances was almost too much to bear.

Yet she thought it was kind of kinky being tied up like this. Why couldn’t it have been Dan instead of this beast?

“Lick your lips, baby. That tells me you really want a taste of my cock.”

In spite of herself, she licked her lips. And it wasn’t a quick swipe, either. It was a slow, sensuous trip around her ruby red lips with just the pointy tip of her tongue.

She gasped as his weight collapsed on top of her. She couldn’t escape him to take the pressure off her hip joints. The man snuggled close to her, then clamped his lips on her tits. He began noisily sucking and licking all over her snowy white tits.

The cones of titflesh shivered and danced around like blobs of jello on a plate. He started at the base of one and slowly spiraled up until he came to the cherry red nipple, on top. Sucking it into his mouth, he rolled it around like a small marble.

She felt the tremors stabbing down deep into her chest. The man was setting her hot and she didn’t want him to fuck her. Still, her body betrayed her. The air she was breathing felt like it was superheated. It seared her lungs. Her tits heaved up and down.

This made the man think she wanted to be fucked. He worked his hips in under her bare ass and then touched the head of his cock to her pussy lips. She shivered again and it wasn’t from the cold.

“Like it, don’t you? You want my cock so bad you can’t put it into words. I’m, gonna be good and give it to you all at once. Here it comes!”

He heaved forward. His cock raced up her tight, juicy cunt. It spread her velvety folds of cunt flesh apart as it speared deep into her belly. She gasped and almost fainted. She thought it was only in the historical romances where the heroine fainted from being fucked. She knew how wrong that was.

The doctor’s sudden entry up her tight cunt had almost made her pass out. But in spite of the humiliation of being tied up and then fucked, his cock felt good inside her cunt.

She tried to deny it and couldn’t. That prick was warming her guts. It made her feel good. It was thick and hot and dancing around with lust. Lust for her. She couldn’t forget that. The man was hot for her. And that prick was huge.

She hadn’t thought it would fit up her cunt. It did. She expanded to take every single inch of it. Not only was the man long, he was thick. The girth of his cock was enough to make her think someone had shoved their entire fist up her cunt.

He was hung. There was no denying that. And she should have gotten one hell of a charge out of being fucked by him. Still, she hated him. No matter how large his prick, she hated the man behind it.

“Really something, isn’t it?” he said. “You’ve had a taste of it. Now I’ll really give it to you!”

He pulled out of her cunt with an obscene squishing noise. She sucked in her breath and held it. The vacuum formed as he pulled out of her juicy cunt was almost more than she could bear.

When he left only the thick nosecone of his prick inside her, she knew he was tensing up for another push up her cunt. He entered her like a runaway freight train. The force with which he smashed into her crotch took her breath away.

The flames of her desire spread throughout her belly. She was ablaze with lust. She wanted more of that prick. It was tormenting her. No matter he had tied her up. That made it kinky, different, more exciting.

She wanted his prick.

“Fuck me, ooooh, it’s so biiig!”

“You like it, don’t you, you stupid cunt! I’ll give it to you but good!”

He began fucking her with long, hard, deep strokes. She felt the flesh up and down her cunt begin to sear with the friction of the fucking. The impact of their bodies grinding together jarred her teeth. As he moved his crotch against hers, she let the syrupy warmth of the fucking flow over her brain.

Dazed, confused, she let the fucking carry her away to a better world. She was getting all the cock she could take. It was filling her cunt to overflowing. The way she felt was the same as when any other man fucked her.

What was so bad about this?

She couldn’t remember. All she knew was that she was being pulled apart by his thick prick. He was trying to rip her apart all the way to the chin with each stroke and she loved it!

She wanted more!

The smacking noise of their fucking filled the room. She began to moan, to utter incoherent words. The pressures built up inside her. The prick was drilling hard all the way up her juicy cunt.

Then she came. The entire room seemed to spin around her. She tried to gab the sides of the table and brace herself. Her bound hands prevented it. She tried to kick and squirm and thrash around on the table. The way her legs were tied up kept her from doing it.


He looked down at her bound form, licking his lips in anticipation. The doctor was like a kid on Christmas morning. He didn’t know what to do next. The luscious package was spread out before him. He could do anything he wanted.

What would it be?

He ran his hands over her quivering body. The feel of her reacting so strongly to him made him laugh out loud.

“What’s the matter, you little cock teaser? Don’t you like it now that I’m the one calling the shots?”

“You’re a real bastard,” she said. “It doesn’t take much for me to hate you.”

He laughed harshly. “You should talk. Who was it that seduced that poor little boy? Jimmy’s been sick. He’s not responsible for his actions. And when a nurse tells him it’s all part of a medical exam, he’ll believe her.”

“You don’t know what went on.”

“I can guess. You made love to a fifteen-year-old boy to satisfy your own horny lusts. You seduced him. He’s a minor. He doesn’t know what’s good for him and what’s not.”

“Are you any better? Blackmailing me into this?”

“Blackmail? I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is a little conference on, shall we say, new techniques using surgical probes? How do you like my probe?”

He clutched his prick and shook it at her. In spite of her predicament, the nurse had to swallow hard. The sight of his long prick with the thick, swollen head made her weak inside. When he had been fucking her with his cock, she’d hated him and enjoyed the feelings ripping through her body.

She didn’t understand how that could happen. She loved cock, especially long and hard and fucking her. She certainly didn’t like Marvin McPhearson or the way he’d tied her up.

Or did she? Inside, she felt little tremors of excitement at the thought of being so dependent on the man. Hands tied up with the adhesive tape and then looped into the chrome of the examining table was bad, but having her legs pulled up into the stirrups made it even worse.

But she was excited by it. And when he’d begun fucking her, she had really gotten a large charge out of it. The fucking had been pretty common. Nothing she hadn’t gotten and better from Dan. It was the fact she was helpless that made it so thrilling to her.

She liked being tied up, then fucked.

“No jury in the world would convict me after you raped me like you did.”

“Rape? I’m a doctor and I didn’t see any evidence of rape. Better let me stuff my probe in again and check.”

He climbed back onto the table between her legs and then scooted forward. This time, she was ready for him. And, in spite of her hatred for the man, she was hornier than ever. Her wrists and legs being tied up the way they were made it all happen to her.

The nurse’s cunt began to gush out its fuck fluids.

“See? A rape victim doesn’t get all hot and frothy for the rapist. Unless she really wants cock and lots of it. Like you do.”

She groaned when he fucked hard into her clutching, seething hot cunt. The speed with which he fucked her threatened to burn her up. Her belly was heaving up and down every time he shoved his prick all the way up her cunt. She could feel his balls slapping wetly against her ass. His every stroke pulled her skin taut and stimulated her clit. The sledgehammer blows into her cunt made her aware she was going to come at any second. Never had she gotten so close to orgasm as fast as he was pushing her. It find to be the bindings on her hands and ankles. The feeling of dependency on this man’s whim excited her, as kinky as that was.

“You like this, don’t you? Don’t you!”

“Yes, damn you, yes! Now fuck me hard! I want you reaming out my cunt good!”

“I’ll bet you do.”

With that, he pulled out of her cunt with a wet, sloppy plopping noise. She felt as if she’d just lost her best friend. Her cunt was hollow and aching for cock.

“Wh-why did you do that?”

“You were enjoying it too much. I have to admit that you have a really tight cunt. If I didn’t know you spread those lovely legs for anything wearing pants, I’d have thought you were a virgin. Yeah, with all the action this wet hole it should be loose and floppy.”

He stuffed three fingers up her cunt. She came.

“Such a short fuse on your emotions,” he said in a cold voice. “I wonder what it’s like fucking your sweet little ass.”

She felt the gooseflesh popping up on her skin as he stroked over her ass. He squeezed a little pulling an inch of skin up, then pinched. She squealed as the pain shot into her butt.

“Nice, firm flesh. And snowy white. I wonder how it would feel having those thick slabs of ass meat surrounding my prick as I butt fucked you?”

His words made her weak inside. He was going to rape her ass! She wanted to scream, to cry out. The words seemed to die in her throat. She didn’t want him doing this to her. Yet, being tied up as she was made her into a weakling. She was a coward. The simple act of binding her hands had robbed her of any courage she might have.

“You don’t have anything to say about me reaming out your ass? I would have thought you’d be screaming and crying that it was horrible, that I’d burn in hell for even thinking about corn holing you.”

“You pervert!” she hissed.

“That’s more like it. I want some spirit showing as I ram my cock all the way up your ass.”

He untied her feet from the stirrups. For a moment, she thought she was going to be freed. The sensation was as fleeting as her actual freedom. He deftly flipped her face down on the hard table and grabbed her ankle again. Her hands were twisted into uncomfortable positions.

Then she knew pain.

He retied her ankles in the stirrups. She had to support most of her weight on her tits. With her hands tied the way they were, she couldn’t get them under her body and take any of the pressure off her body. And her entire weight crushed down on her naked boobs.

She felt her nipples dragging painfully across the leather top of the table. The nurse was sure that this would rip the tiny nubbins completely off her boobs.

“Stop it,” she pleaded. “It hurts! My legs! My breasts! The pain is killing me!”

“I think you’ll feel better after I slip something long and hot into your little ass. Like my cock.”

He stood on the table, then crouched down over her ass. His hands stroked, along the lines of her buttocks, then carefully separated the tensed asscheeks. Fingers dipping into the humid, crack between her cheeks, he began exploring the canyon.

She felt his grip tighten on her buttocks. When his fingers worked their way down to the bottom of her crack, she thought she’d pass out from the torture. Every bone in her body hurt. Not ached, hurt. She knew her hands would fall off. They were cold and, numb from the circulation being cut off for so long. But this was the least of her agony. Her knees were locked in an unnatural position. Her legs were elevated above her head and she was being shoved face down into the table.

His probing fingers into her asshole made her cringe, to cry. She felt the salty tracks on her cheeks. Sobbing did no good. She couldn’t even wipe away the tears. She was his prisoner. He could torment her any way he wanted.

It was obvious be was going to.

“So, my little child-molesting nurse, you don’t like my examination of your lovely ass? What is it you don’t like? This? You don’t like my finger poking up your asshole?”

She groaned loudly as his finger drove like a railroad spike up her ass. It wasn’t lubricated. It hurt as he twisted it into her bowels. If he’d shoved a burning piece of wood into her guts, she couldn’t have been more in pain.

“Stop, please! I’ll do anything you want, just please stop it!”

“You don’t understand, do you? You’ll do anything I want now. You no longer have anything to bargain with. Wiggle-Ass Nurse, you’re at the end of your prick-tease days, believe me. My prick’s going to be doing the teasing from now on!”

He shoved his finger all the way up to the last knuckle, then began wiggling it inside her rectum.

“You do know how to clutch a man’s finger. I wonder how you are with a real man’s cock up your fuming hot ass?”


He did.

She felt his cock spreading her asscheeks and delving down to the bottom of her sweaty crack. The light touch of his plum-tipped cock against her asshole sent earthquakes rumbling through her guts. When he leaned forward and drove his prick down into the tightly held anal muscle, she almost passed out.

The pressure of his fucking was sent throughout her body. The action at her ass caused her face to be brutally ground into the hard top of the examining table. A puddle of sweat formed beside her cheek. She was certain she couldn’t last much longer.

When the cock finally managed to spread apart the tight ring of sphincter muscle, she blacked out for a second. The pain of his entry up her asshole was almost too much to bear. When she came to her senses, she felt his huge prick hotly expanding the small tunnel of her rectum.

“God, you’re hotter than I thought,” he mumbled.

She swallowed hard and tried to visualize his cock coming out of her mouth. He was going to fuck her all the way into her guts. There wasn’t a hint of human decency left in this man. He was going to degrade and humiliate her to the best of his ability.

She guessed he was an expert at humiliating nurses, too.

“Lemme move around a little more, just a bit! God! So hot! So fuckin’ tight!”

He began corkscrewing around in her ass. She felt the motion as much as if he’d been drilling into her with a huge drill bit. Her flesh burned with the friction. Her inner tissues were being twisted and torn by the motion.

She wanted to die.

But that would be the easy way out. That might even please this butt-fucking maniac who’d tied her up. She had to hang in there, to prove to him that she could take whatever he dished out.

“Is that the b-best you can d-do?” she stuttered.

“You want more? I’m just getting started.”

She bit her lower lip as he really began working on her snatch and asshole. A finger drove hard into her tight pussy. With a cock up her back and that damnable finger wiggling in her cunt, she was almost driven out of her mind.

The cock she might have been able to tolerate. It was ripping her apart, torturing her, making her lose her self-respect. But she could have withstood all that through her hatred of the man. But the finger was making her body betray her.

As he slowly stroked back and forth in a mock-fucking, she felt her cunt beginning to water. She was actually responding to that slimy bastard!

“Feel your fuck fluids coming out to greet me?” he taunted her. “I think that’s a mighty nice thing for you to do, getting all juicy for me.”

He grabbed her bush and began squeezing down hard. She felt her pussy fur beginning to come out under his harsh treatment. But she was getting more and more aroused by everything he was doing to her.

She couldn’t explain it. Her body would get turned on regardless of the abuse and she hated herself for it. But there was no denying that her body was responding to his brutal manhandling.

She felt the shivers of delight jabbing into her cunt. Her tiny cunt was erect and quivering in anticipation of even more brutal treatment. And her asshole had actually stretched enough to take the full girth of his prick.

She wanted more! He gave it to her.

He had been moving his prick back and forth in gentle movements before this moment. He seemed to sense that she wasn’t in enough pain from what he was doing to her. The nurse’s knee had to be about ready to snap. The way he’d tied her wrists insured that she had no feeling whatsoever in them. He had her trussed up like a pig for the spit.

But his own needs were building. The hot, clinging flesh of her asshole tried to rob him of his control. He felt as if he’d fucked into a surgeon’s glove filled with lava.

Fucking, slowly at first, then with greater speed and power, he found her body actually responding to him. She liked his butt fucking! He began to really bugger her good.

His cock reamed her out. The friction up and down her shit chute gave him problems trying to control himself. He didn’t want to get off too soon. There was too much to enjoy in this hot bitch’s ass!

“It feels like you’re ripping me out by the roots. Damn, but I never realized you were this tight up the ass!”

“I hate you! I hate you!” she said.

But her body was telling her something different. She loved what he was doing to her. The confusion dazed her. She couldn’t keep it all sorted out in her head. She shouldn’t be enjoying him tying her down and then buggering her.

She was.

Her pulse was racing and her tortured tits were puffed up with excited blood. She was responding as if she were being treated to the best fucking ever.

“God! Your asshole! It feels like a noose around my prick!”

She got the idea then of getting the man’s rocks off as fast as she could. If she could get him to spew out his jism, he might leave her alone. She could take all the time she needed then to get this horrible confusion straight in her head.

Tightening her ass helped. He groaned as he felt the thick slabs of her soft ass crushing down on him. She managed to squeeze down extra-tight on his buried cock. The tight ring of muscle was like a guillotine by the time she finished.

But the tensing had its effect on her, too. She was getting hotter and hotter for his prick. She wanted it reaming her out. She had to have it fucking hard and deep up her asshole. Without it, she would surely go mad from unreleased desires building up inside her.

“Fuck me harder, damn you, harder and deeeeeper!”

“You do like it. I knew it! You stupid cunt! You’re all alike. You say you don’t want a man’s prick, then you turn around and beg for it when you get a good taste. Taste my cock, deep!”

He drove his hips forward with brutal strength. He slipped easily into her ass and immediately felt her muscles squeezing down on him. His cock was dancing and pulsing with his need. By reaching as far into her juicy twat as he could with his finger, he could stroke over his cockhead. Her inner tissues were all that separated the cock from his finger.

Somehow, that membrane added to his arousal. He had to get off in a big way. And he was going to give the nurse the hottest enema she’d ever dreamed of.

She gasped when he began pulling his prick back out of her steamy hot ass. The momentary diddling from her cunt to her asshole had been a surprise. It tickled and itched at the same time. But she had enjoyed it almost as much as the thick, lurching prick.

That was the source of her joy. It was dancing with lust, lust for her! She wanted to feel it fucking her as hard as possible. Nothing less than the total release of orgasm was going to satisfy her now.

She had the pain in her wrists and shoulders and legs, true. But this gave her an excellent comparison to the pleasure being built up in her asshole. And whenever the man ran his finger over her clit, a new surge of bliss passed through her.

Pleasure and pain merged into one glorious experience. She needed more of it. Lots more, before she could get off.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meee!”

He did. His hips shot down into her greedy asshole with renewed strength. The friction burned away at her guts until she wasn’t able to withstand it any longer. The orgasm seized her and shook her like a terrier with a rat. Her entire world shattered, only to come back together slowly.

The doctor dropped off the table, his cock still fully erect. She looked at him, having trouble focusing her lust-glazed eyes. It didn’t seem possible that he hadn’t come.

Yet he was standing there, his shit covered cock still firm and straight. She sighed and felt the sweat beginning to dry on her face and body. Not for the first time, she wished she’d never seen Marvin McPhearson. The way he stood, prick dancing around in front of his groin, told her more pain and degradation was in store for her.

She was right.


“Wh-what are you going to do to me now?” the nurse asked. She was barely able to stand the pain shuddering through her. The way she was tied up made her feel the full weight of her body on her knees. No matter how she turned or twisted, she couldn’t escape the agonizing pain.

“Whatever I want, of course. You’re mine to do with as I see fit. After all, you’re the one who was fooling around with an underage kid. Christ, just think of the scandal! I can see the headlines now.”

“You’re doing all this to me because you enjoy it.”

“Naturally, I enjoy it. I wouldn’t do it otherwise. And I suspect you enjoy getting that lily white ass of yours fucked, too. Didn’t you? Didn’t you, damn it!”

He landed a hand across her ass. The resounding smack echoed in the small room. The nurse felt every single one of his fingers raising an ugly red welt on her behind. But in spite of the pain it gave her, it also made her feel a bit hornier than before.

She couldn’t understand what Dr. McPhearson was doing to her head. He was playing mind games that she was unable to figure out. She was responding to him in spite of hating his guts. If he burned in hell forever, it wouldn’t be long enough to satisfy her hatred.

Yet being trussed up like a Christmas goose sent thrills of delight into her guts. She felt her heart quickening just thinking about how helpless she was. It was as if she needed to be tied and abused.

That made her a masochist. She actually got off on this in a big way. The degradation and utter humiliation that went along with it were added bonuses for her. They gave her a feeling of total dependency on this man.

It made her into a complete woman.

She almost cried when she realized what her body told her about her sexual preferences. Getting roped and tied down gave her a bigger share of enjoyment than any other way she’d ever fucked.

She loved it!

It was too much to bear. She begged Dr. McPhearson, “Let me go. You’ve had your kicks. Don’t leave me tied up like this.”

He stroked his hands all over her body, she felt herself beginning to respond to his caresses and it horrified her. She might go on being his prisoner forever! If he could get her hot and horny just by touching her, there was no end to what he could force her to do.

“I like that skin of yours. No scars, no imperfections. Hell, you don’t even have any moles worth mentioning. Except, maybe, for this one on your left tit.”

His fingernail outlined it. She felt the hardness of his nail and cringed away. She didn’t want him even touching her. She was scared of the way she might react.

“You actually like this, don’t you?”

“No!” she denied loudly.

“Hell if you don’t! I never saw anything like it. Tie her up to punish her for fucking a kid and she enjoys it! Fuck her and she wants more. Give her all the cock she can take up her asshole and still she’s hornier than a bitch in heat.”

“It’s not like that at all. You don’t know!”

He didn’t know how it was inside her head. She didn’t know, herself. Everything was so confused! If only he would leave her alone and give her the time, to work it all out.

She didn’t think he was going to do that.

“I don’t like the way you’re all the time looking down into the table. I can think of better places for that pretty mouth of yours. Like around my prick. Would you like to suck on my cock?”

She gasped. His prick was still hard as a steel spike, but it was covered with her own skit. In places it seemed to have caked. To suck on that would be disgusting!

He read her expression easily. Smiling an evil smile, he said, “I think I want to get my rocks off with you sucking on my cock. Think about it. You will get the chance to taste my cum. And other things!”

He laughed as he untied her legs and dropped her prone on the examining table. His hands ran under her hips as he hoisted her up and off the table. There was no move to release her hands from the adhesive used to bind her to the end of the table. She was still as much a prisoner as before.

On her knees, she found her face was level with his crotch and the huge boner strutting around. She loved cock, normally. Sucking on a man’s prick was the next best thing to getting it shoved fast and deep up her cunt. But to actually put this shitty prick into her mouth!

It made her sick thinking about it.

But what could she do? The man had a real hold over her. She could be sent up for years and years if he decided to testify against her for what she’d done with Jimmy. The boy had been eager for her mouth, her tits. But, the courts wouldn’t think about that. All they’d be interested in was the fact she’d gotten him hard, had sucked him off, had involved jail bait in tit-fucking.

She was having a difficult time deciding which would be worse. Letting Dr. McPhearson go on and testify against her and not knuckling under to his blackmail or sucking his shit-caked prick.

“Go on, bitch. Suck on my cock,” he told her. “And be quick about it. I don’t have all day, you know. I want to feel that mouth of yours now!”

She hesitated. The cock or prison? His hands lacing through her brown hair pulled her head to his groin. Then she finally decided. The cock was the lesser of two evils.

But she would find some way of getting even with Dr. McPhearson. Maybe not today or even tomorrow, but one day she’d even the score with this blackmailer.

Her lips seemed to ripple at the thought of sucking on his prick. He laughed at her, then pulled her head down even farther so that her lips were pressed against the inside of his thigh. He used her hair to clean off his prick before letting her head up.

“Now suck on it, damn you!”

Having all that shit wiped off on her hair was disgusting, defiling in the extreme. It made her hate him more than if she’d gone ahead and licked it off his prick. At least his cock wasn’t quite as horrifying to her as before. She could see the way the big blue vein on the top of his cock jerked with his pulse. The tiny veins on the sides of his steely, reddish prick were all standing out in bold relief. This was more like it.

She closed her eyes and plunged down on his prick. The purpled head vanished between her lips and the rest of the cock slowly followed it into her mouth. She licked and sucked and twisted her head. Getting all traces of the shit removed was her first task.

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t good. And she hated every second of it. The degradation was almost too much for her to bear. But she kept going until she tasted the familiar, tangy, musky maleness of his prick.

Her tongue began working overtime. She cradled his entire cock with her tongue. Slurping and licking, she ate inch by slow inch of the cock all the way back down to the man’s balls. She had his entire prick buried down her throat.

Twisting her head around stimulated his prick immensely. The man moaned and said something she didn’t understand. The pressure of his hands on the back of her head told her he was getting off on this in a big way. He was responding to her blowjob.

At least, she thought, he was forgetting all about humiliating her. It would be hard to do anything more to her than he’d already done. Tying her up and raping her and butt fucking her and then wiping the shit in her lustrous hair, no, he couldn’t degrade her much more than he’d done.

She pulled back and let the cock slowly slip from her lips. But all the while it was retreating from her hot, wet, clinging mouth she sucked. She sucked as hard as she could. Her cheek went hollow under the vacuum she was exerting on the man’s prick.

“I feel like you’re pulling my insides out through the end of my cock,” he almost sobbed out. “It’s great!”

She licked and kissed wetly all over the sides of his cock. She lightly nipped at the flesh until it was a fierce red. Then she soothed the skin with her wet lips, kissing and caressing.

The shaft of his prick flared out into the bag holding his balls. She lightly touched the hairy sac with the tip of her tongue. The man jumped as if she’d touched him with an electric cattle prod.

“I almost came then. God, it feels good! Keep your mouth moving all over my balls!”

She did. Her lips kissed and her tongue pressed firmly into the man’s balls. Inside the bag, she could feel his balls. She sucked in his balls and held them tightly inside her mouth.

With her lips around his balls, she totally controlled him. For one insane moment, she had visions of biting his balls off. It rapidly passed. She would have her revenge one day, in her own way. She couldn’t do what she’d been thinking to any man, no matter how terrible he was to her.

She shoved the balls out of her mouth using her rough, wet tongue. The touch she used made the man shiver in anticipation. She could sense his excitement mounting. His cock was jutting upward at a steeper angle. And the way it was shaking, it looked as if it would shoot out its creamy jizz at any instant.

If it did, she wanted to have her mouth pressed tightly onto the tip. She wanted something out of this degrading sex act. If she was going to be forced to give head to the man, she wanted the full taste of his jizz all to herself.

She wanted it all.

It would be small enough payment for all he’d done to her.

“Suck on the end of my cock, again. I want to feel that mouth of yours fastened on the tip of my prick again!”

She didn’t answer him with words. Her actions were enough to tell him she was doing what he wanted. She kissed his balls one last time and worked her way down the length of his prick, biting, kissing, licking. She didn’t miss a single square inch of his cock.

By the time she was back at the end of his cock, the entire prick gleamed wetly with her saliva. It was a shining shaft of delight for her. It was a man’s cock.

That thought firmly in her head, she clamped her mouth hard to the man’s glans. The hooded lump of his cockhead slipped easily into her mouth and she began giving it the full oral treatment. She tried to shove her tongue into the tiny slit at the end of his prick. It wasn’t possible but it gave them both an incredible surge of lust and desire when she tried.

Tongue rolling around the man’s cock, she knew he was approaching the limits of his iron control. She could feel his cock expanding with excited blood pumping into his boner harder and harder. Her licking made his cock so stiff, she knew it had to be painful to the man.

If he didn’t get off, he’d get a real set of blue balls.

She toyed with the idea of stopping, of not carrying through with the blow-job. Again, her own wanton desires betrayed her. She wanted to taste his come. She had to get him off to do that.

“I’m real close to the edge,” he said. “Damn close. Oooooh, that suckin’ mouth of yours is driving me crazy!”

His hips shot forward, stuffing his prick into her face. He was out of control now. He couldn’t stop himself from face-fucking her.

She didn’t care. She loved it. The feel of his prick sailing into her mouth, past her soft lips, across her tongue, all of it was super for her. She kept up a steady, intense suction on the tip of his prick so that he would not slip free from her mouth.

Her tongue was pressed into the end of his cock when she felt the pin-prick hole expanding. His climax wasn’t far behind.

But again he robbed her, humiliated her. He jerked his cock from her mouth before the first tide of fiery jism erupted.

He came in her face. The white cum mixed with the shit already there into a smelly, hideous slime. It began dribbling across her forehead and down her cheeks.

She felt her own tears adding to the flood on her face. She hated the man. She was sorry she hadn’t taken the opportunity and bitten his balls off. But that was water under the bridge. She’d had her chance and missed it. But there would be other times.

“God, it feels good after being up all this time. You’ve got a real hot mouth. Almost as hot as your asshole and cunt.”

He cut the adhesive tape binding her wrists, then commented, “I really should dock your pay for being out of uniform. And so unsanitary, too. That hair is a mess. Best shape up, Miss Martin.”

She was so angry, words wouldn’t come. The nurse watched him leave the examining room, singing a tuneless song.


Rubbing her wrists produced tiny needles jabbing into her flesh as the circulation slowly returned. Nancy looked around and found her discarded uniform. It was almost in tatters. Dr McPhearson hadn’t been gentle when he tore it off her. The buttons were all around the floor and the remnants of the uniform certainly weren’t up to office wear.

The patients would certainly wonder what was going on if she tried to wear what the doctor had left behind for her.

She clutched the rags to her body and hastily left through the back door so no one would see her. Nancy didn’t have the nerve to face Dr. Preston with what had happened. She knew Dan and Dr. McPhearson were old friends. Dan might not believe his good buddy had done this to her.

And if he did believe it, he might think she’d provoked the man.

Also, she needed some time to think. The nurse had trouble with the simple fact that she’d actually enjoyed the horrible things he’d done to her. Just being tied naked to the examining table had been a turn on for her. She couldn’t fully understand what the big thrill was for her.

She shook her head, disarrayed hair flying in a thousand directions to make a brown halo around her head. She ran a hand through her once lustrous hair and found it partially caked and matted with her own shit and the doctor’s drying cum.

That she didn’t dig at all. But being tied up before he’d made her beg for his cock, that had been fun!

Luckily, she had a spare uniform in the car. It was dirty and had been destined for the laundry, but better to show up in a dirty outfit than one in which all the buttons had been torn off.

She looked down and saw her tits brazenly thrusting out through the ripped material. Smiling a little, she wondered how many of the patients would suddenly develop new ills just to make another appointment. She could be one hell of a drawing card for the two doctors, as if they really needed the business.

Looking around assured her no one was in the area. In the backseat of her small foreign car, she changed uniforms. For a while, she felt like a teenager again. Getting dressed in the back seat of her car was like fucking at a drive-in movie hard to do gracefully.

Still, she managed to change and went back into the office. The thought of facing Dr. McPhearson wasn’t a nice one. Her mind worked on things she could do to him to get even. Biting his cock off would have been a nasty thing to do, but it wasn’t quite the punishment she wanted to give him.

For the defilement he’d dished out to her, he surely deserved something special.

“That’s all for the day, Marv. Why don’t you buzz off and let me finish up around here? Won’t take me too long,” Dan was telling his partner. Nancy hesitated until she heard the raping doctor leave.

Then she went into Dan’s office and confronted him. She had to find out why she felt the way she did.

He looked up, saying, “God, you look a fright. It doesn’t took as if you’ve changed uniforms in a month. And you looked so fresh this morning. What happened?”

“Dr. McPhearson’s left for the day, hasn’t he, Dan?”

“Yeah. He’s got surgery early in the morning. What’s that got to do with anything?”

She decided to put her cards on the table and tell him at least tell him part of it.

“So then he raped me. He tied me down to the examining table with adhesive tape and then he raped me.”

“Just like that?”

“No, Dan, not just like that. He raped me up the cunt, then screwed me up the asshole and finished off making me suck him off. I tried to get some of the shit and jism out of my hair. That’s what makes it look so tacky at the moment.”

“I can’t believe it, Nancy. Really. I’ve known Marv for a long time and he doesn’t have to get his kicks doing things like this. Hell, I’ve seen him go into a party and home in on the foxiest chick there. And she really dug it, too. He’s a handsome man.”

“Yes,” she reluctantly admitted. “And I enjoyed part of what he did to me.”

“What? Come off it, you couldn’t have. Not if he raped you.”

“I enjoyed the part about being tied up and feeling so damned helpless. I couldn’t escape him. I couldn’t move! And I loved the way it made me come alive. My cunt was all watery and…”

“And you’re afraid this is something evil, huh?”

“Something like that.” She perched her ass on the edge of his desk, but for the first time, she couldn’t look him in the eyes. For some reason, this conversation was embarrassing to her. She had to admit she enjoyed the humiliation dished out to her by Dr. McPhearson.

“It’s not too unusual. Really, Nancy. As long as nobody’s hurt by your little fantasy, why worry about it?”

“I shouldn’t have enjoyed it.”

“The fucking or the part about getting tied up!”

“Both. Neither. I don’t know.”

“Okay, let me explain a little about fantasy. We all have them. I have some dandies of my own. I enjoy the thought of maybe fucking a lovely French actress. And the thought of tying her up and then fucking her makes it even bigger a turn on for me. I don’t know why and it doesn’t matter. It’s all the way my head’s wired up.”

“So if I like being tied up, that’s normal?”

“Sure. Simply because no one can define what’s normal and what isn’t. I say, as long as you’re not hurting anyone or forcing them to do something they aren’t into, great! Do it!”

She thought about that for a moment. She had been forced to submit to Dr. McPhearson. She knew that was wrong but if she gained a little insight into herself because of the experience, it might be worth it in the long run.

“I’ll tell you another of my pet fantasies. I love the idea of a woman dancing, in dim light, slowly taking off her clothes until she is wearing nothing but a garter belt and her stockings. Then I fuck her.”

He looked at her as if he was expecting something to happen. She thought he was afraid she’d laugh at him. Then she knew what he wanted. He wanted her to turn down the lights, slowly strip and then let him fuck her.

The thought of getting Dan hot by a strip tease appealed to her. She enjoyed her body, enjoyed moving to display it. With a single fluid movement, she went over to the light switch and flicked off the overhead lights. All that remained was the doctor’s desk light, which filled the room with a pale light.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

He settled back in his chair and nodded. She saw his hand reach down toward his crotch. She figured he was busy fumbling out his prick to begin beating off.

But she wouldn’t let him get that far. She didn’t want to waste a single precious drop of his pearly, hot jism. She wanted him to finish off his fantasy and actually fuck her. Then she was dressed only in her garter belt and stockings, cunt widely exposed to his lusty prick.

She made a slow turn for him so he could see her from every angle. Arms held even with her shoulders, she displayed her flaring ass and thrusting tits for his lustful gaze. Then she lifted one leg and straightened it in his direction.

Placing her heel on his desk, she gave him a clear view all the way up to her crotch. He could see the white haze of her stocking, the white cotton panties covering her bush, the blush of her skin so close to her cunt.

Spinning away, she began unbuttoning her blouse. One button came free, then another and another. She danced away and found the switch for the office radio. She turned the radio on and let the soft music fill the air while she slipped first one shoulder, then another free of her uniform.

“You’re turning me on,” he said in a low voice. It was getting husky with sex. He was anticipating the time she would be naked enough to allow him to fuck the hell out of her.

She was thinking about that, too. It took a lot of effort to keep from ripping off the uniform and standing boldly naked in front of the man, daring him to fuck her. She wanted to make this slow, sensual, a huge turn on for him.

She wanted his cock to be at the breaking point when he fucked hard and deep into her already juicy pussy. Nothing less would do for her. To have to suck him hard or wait for him to get an erection would take the edge off her own blazing desires.

She wanted cock and it had to be steely and long and as hard as it could possibly be.

She gracefully unhooked her bra snaps in the back and let the elastic bands snap forward. With her shoulders hunched, she was able to hold the cups over her tits for a moment longer than the man had thought she could.

He came half out of his seat. She saw his long, red iron-hard boner. This was his fantasy but the sight of that cock all ready to fuck made it hers, too. She decided she liked getting her man hot and bothered like this. It certainly made her cunt water and begin to dribble out its juices down the inside of her tender thigh.

“God, so pretty! I can see the shadows all over your lovely tits. I wish I could play with them, too. The way they jiggle and bounce around!”

“Want to play with my poor little titties? Come closer, closer!”

She moved like a snake. Wiggling closer and closer, she was almost within the man’s reach. But when he tried to grab her boobs, he found she was a fraction of an inch too far away. She laughed and jumped up and down, causing her jugs to sway provocatively.

“Soon, very soon now,” she told him. “It’ll all be yours. My lips and mouth and tits and ass and cunt!”

She gave a huge wiggle and the uniform dropped away. She stood almost naked in front of the man. All she had on was her panties and the garter belt and stockings.

Stripping off the panties proved to be a problem for her. She found that they were already completely drenched with her fuck fluids. She was so eager to get naked for her man’s cock, she almost flung them to the floor.

But she didn’t. She made it slow, teasing, tormenting in the extreme to the man watching her strip. It paid big dividends. The look on the doctor’s face as her bush slowly came into sight was worth a dozen fuckings by some inept bozo’s prick. The sexual tensions building in her cunt were reaching levels so high, she felt the lightest touch might set her off.

“Christ, oh, Christ!” he said over and over. “Such a beautiful pussy! I want to stuff my cock all the way up it and fuck like hell!”

“What’s stopping you, big boy?”

She held out her hands as she lightly danced backwards, hips swaying, tits flopping around. The light from the desk lamp played all over the metal snaps on her garter belt. Light rays reflected and danced with the moving nurse.

She was everything he could have wanted in a woman. She was beckoning him to come into her arms. Her tits were firm and wantonly naked. The garter belt holding up her stockings outlined her bush so that the man had no trouble at all seeing exactly where he wanted to stuff his prick.

He was around the desk in a flash. Nothing mattered to him now more than taking the strip teasing nurse up on her invitation. If her cunt needed a prick crammed into it, he knew exactly where to find such a prick.

It was jutting hard and needful from his groin.

“Don’t run away,” he begged. “Stand still!”

“Dance with me!”

He caught her up and, pulled her savagely to his body. He felt her rock-hard nipples poking into his body. This told him exactly how aroused she’d gotten. When she laughed, she made certain her pointy, pink tongue slowly circled her ruby red lips afterward.

Jamming her hips into his pelvis told him all the rest. She was as horny as he was. She wanted to be fucked. Her cunt was longing for his cock. And he’d give it to her!

As her legs opened slightly, he bent his knees, then straightened. His cock shot upward, right on target. He smashed the head of his prick directly into her snatch. The juices began oozing out and down his cock. The tickly sensation made him even hotter for her.

She was ready. Her cunt’s dribbling out its love juices told him. The way her pointy nipples dug into his chest told him. The nurse’s half closed eyes told him. Everything told him she was ready to get fucked.

He stiffened his legs a little more and fucked deep up into her pussy. She sagged limply against him as he drove all the way up into her cunt. The soft, wet, clinging folds of her cunt surrounded him. For a second, he thought he’d fucked into a vise and that vise had been shoved into a blast furnace.

Never had he felt his nurse’s cunt this hot and tight.

It was the strip tease she’d done. He was sure it had had its effect on her as well as on him.

He had to bite his lower lip to keep from coming then and there. The way her cunt walls crushed down all around his prick threatened to rob him of his normal steely control. He couldn’t blast off his load like a teenager, no matter how eager he was.

Enjoying her tight pussy even more than he had already was the only thought in his lust dazed mind…

His hips began working slowly. Ha didn’t fuck her hard and fast. Instead, he used a slow, rhythmic motion. As he pulled out, he felt a tremendous vacuum forming inside her snatch. She lifted one stocking-clad leg and worked it around his waist.

This sight made him weak in the knees. But ha had to support both their weights. He couldn’t simply collapse to the floor and fuck her there. He had to do it standing up. She was a famous stripper and this was the only way she would do it.

He looked down where his cock was just barely parting the pinkly scalloped inner pussy lips. They were hard with excited blood and bulging out of her cunt mouth. The mere sight of those fiery red flaps of sex-flesh aroused him even more.

The way her cunt lips so lewdly kissed his prick was nice, but he got a trifle harder looking at the white stockings on her legs and the garter belt holding them up. He was fucking into her pussy and it was outlined by the white elastic. No artist had ever painted a more beautiful portrait.

He arched his back and thrust his prick back into the seething hot cunt. She immediately tried to crush him again with her hot, wanton pussy walls. He could feel the soft folds inside the fuck-tunnel stretching to take his prick. It pulled tight all around him and then squeezed down with a vitality all its own.

“So hot! You’re burning me off to a nubbin!”

“And you’re ripping me apart all the way to the chin! Shove it in deep, darling! Fuck me with that lovely prick until I can’t take any more!”

His hands roamed over her back until he could find the proper places to grip her, support her, pull her lush body into his. Then he began twisting from side to side.

With his cock already pressing hard against her pussy walls, he gave her an added thrill. His bucking, jerking cock stretched her in new and different directions.

She moaned loudly and then buried her face in the hollow of his neck. The sensations assaulting her body were too intense for her to bear up under for long. She could feel the familiar sexual tension building up inside her cunt.

Every time his cock drove hard and hot into her, the friction of its fucking made her just a little bit more aroused. The way he was twitching his hips around stirred his hard, throbbing cock inside her like a spoon in a mixing bowl.

She began kissing and licking along the line of his jaw. She went back to the hollow under his ear. Her tongue flashed out. Hotly, she whispered in his ear, “I love the feel of your cock in me. Fuck me harder!”

She tensed her leg wrapped around his waist to show him exactly what she wanted. This action pulled him a bit closer, drove his cock a fraction of an inch farther up her fuming hot cunt.

“Yes, yes, whatever you want!” he said, his voice almost too faint for her to understand.

As she rammed her tongue into his ear, he duplicated the effort with his cock going into her twat. She took the soft earlobe between her lips and lightly sucked on it. The simple action almost drove him mad, with lust for her.

She could feel it in the way his virile cock began to really lurch in her cunt. Tensing her cunt muscles momentarily held his prick motionless inside her. Then he was pulling out, her oily fuck fluids preventing her from entirely imprisoning his prick in her pussy.

“You wanted it, you’re going to get it. Hard!” He locked his knees again. His prick shot up into her belly like a rocket blasting off into orbit.

She gasped, then tried to hold dawn the tides of passion smashing through her. She couldn’t deny the come that was claiming her. The man’s cock was too powerful, too big a turn on for her.

She came.

Rocking back and forth, tried to corkscrew it all the way, up into her throat. She couldn’t be entirely satisfied until he fucked her until she smoked from the friction of his cock against her cunt. The lewd squishing noise of his fucking filled the room.

Somehow, this prolonged her come. The obscene smacking noise made her even hotter, even hornier.

“Again! Make me come again!” she begged.

The leg around his waist tightened. He pulled her body so close to his that her tits mashed flat. Only the throbbing, hard pebbles of her nipples seemed to protrude. His mouth met hers in a deep, punishing kiss. Lips bruised lips in the intensity of that kiss.

And his hips were relentless. He pistoned back and forth in her tight, hot pussy until they were both shoved to the brink of climax.

She gasped, her body clutched in the fist of another come. When the nurse’s cunt convulsively clamped down on the cock inside, he lost control.

Everything worked to rob him of his jizz. Her lips on his, the tongue driving into his mouth with urgent need. The nipples pulsing hard against his chest told him how hot she was for him. And most of all, the way his trapped cock was being crushed flat by the juicy cunt stole his control away.

He began spurting out gob after fiery gob of his jizz. He whitewashed the woman’s cunt completely. He had never felt more milked dry in his life.

The nurse’s leg slipped from around his waist. There was no longer any need for her to hold him close. His prick had shriveled and hung limp and empty between his legs.

She kissed him one last time, then told him, “That was a hell of a lot of fun. It made me feel sexy stripping for you.”

He smiled at her. “See what I mean about how fantasies don’t hurt anyone?”


Nancy stared at the paperwork in front of her, not really seeing it. Her mind was on the strange transformation that was taking place inside her. She couldn’t really understand what it all meant.

Before Dr. McPhearson had tied her up and forced her to do all those horrid things, she was a naturally horny woman. She loved cock, couldn’t get enough of it.

Afterwards, though, things changed in ways she was having troubles coming to grips with. She still liked cock and lots of it, but now it wasn’t the same. The old zing to fucking had gone. It was replaced with a burning desire to be tied up, then fucked.

That was perverted. She shouldn’t enjoy being trussed up and then balled. The simple fact of the matter was that she did. And it was making life hell for her.

She shuffled through some of the bills, filing them at random. She could find them and get everything in its proper place later. Right now, she just wanted to turn all that had happened over and over in her head.

The feelings deep inside her when she thought of being roped and made completely helpless to a man’s desires set off her cunt. It began to water and soak her panties. In the old days, before she’d virtually been raped, only the thought of a good screwing caused this reaction.

Now her fantasy had to include being bound and made to beg for the man’s prick.

“Miss Martin, will you see Mr. Scott?”

She looked up, startled. She didn’t even know if it was Dan or Dr. McPhearson who’d spoken to her. She hastily put down the folder she was fondling and went into the examining room.

Just going into this room sent cold shivers up and down her spine. This was the table on which she’d been tied. Tied with adhesive tape and stripped naked. Exposed and raped up the cunt and asshole. And then made to lick off the man’s cock.

She shuddered again at the thought. As evil as it was, it was also one which turned her on in a perverse way. She wanted more of it.

“What’s the matter? Air conditioning too high for you?” the man sitting on the table asked. He was naked to the waist, obviously waiting for his examination.

“I guess,” Nancy said. “Will the doctor be in soon to examine you?”

“Nope. Just finished. Said you were supposed to finish up on the bookkeeping. You know, write down that I’m still alive.”

She looked at the man’s muscular, hairy chest, the firm muscles and the distinct mound at his crotch. Not for one second did she want to deny this mountain of muscle and sex-appeal wasn’t alive. Just from the way his cock was pulsing in his pants. She yearned to go over to him and unzip his fly and take that prick into her hand and jerk the man off.

To feel his quivering, lusty prick! Her mouth as well as her want began to water. And, creeping in with her other lewd thoughts, was the vision of the man tying her hands behind her back, ripping her clothes off, then fucking heir while she was totally at his mercy.

“You’re sort of pale. Are you feeling okay?” the man asked. “Here. You sit down for a minute. Want me to get the doctor?”

“No! No, it’s nothing. I-I just, saw something which made me a little uptight, that’s all.”

He stood in front of her, his presence overwhelming. She wondered what it would be like, getting fucked by this man. His cock had to be huge if it went with his general physique. She wouldn’t mind giving him an examination!

He seemed to read her mind. Without saying a word, he ran down his zipper and let his prick flip out into the cool air.

“You like what you see? You want to check it out for me?”

The tip of her tongue traced a long, slow path around her lips. Her breath was coming faster and her tits rose and fell rapidly now.

“I like what I see a lot!”

“So why don’t you suck on it? I think we’d both enjoy that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, sure.” Her voice was anything but enthusiastic. She couldn’t explain the way she felt. Sure, she wanted to give head to this stud. His cock was huge. But there was something inside holding her back. She might enjoy it, but it wouldn’t be the carefree enjoyment she used to get out of giving a guy a blowjob.

Something was lacking. And she knew exactly what it was.

“Would you tie me up first? You know, take some tape or your belt and then make me suck you off?”

He looked at her, then slowly smiled. His teeth appeared through the thin lips as he said, “It’d be a pleasure. Will we be disturbed? I’d hate like hell to have the doc come in on us.”

“It’s okay. Just turn the little sign on the door to ‘Do Not Disturb’ and they won’t bother us. Office rules, master.”

He smiled even more broadly as he fixed the sign insuring their privacy. Turning back to her, he said, “I don’t think I want a bitch like you sucking on my cock. You sure deserve to be fucked like a bitch in heat, though. On your hands and knees, slut!”

“NO! I won’t do such a horrible thing! And you can’t make me do it, either.”

Her voice said one thing, her body another. A thrill of delight surged into her cunt when he told her what he was going to do to her. She wanted him fucking her like that. And she wanted it with her hands bound, to be completely helpless!

Helpless and fucked by this masterful man was all that mattered to the nurse now.

“Slut! How dare you deny me my pleasure!” He made a grab for her and missed. She’d stepped back just far enough for him to miss. But not so far that he couldn’t reach her the second time he tried.

“Got you!” he panted, his eyes shining as brightly as hers. “And this time you’ll pay for spurning me like you did.”

He began stripping the uniform off her. She struggled a little but not too much. She didn’t want him ripping her clothing off. She had to replace one uniform already this week. Two would wreck her budget entirely. She wanted to enjoy this to the utmost without having to worry about the consequences.

She hastily stepped out of the uniform as it crinkled and rustled down her body to the floor. She stood proudly, defiantly, before the man, clad only in her bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. His cock gave a large, shuddery twitch and looked as if it would start turning cartwheels at any second.

He obviously enjoyed what he saw.

His hands moved across the smooth plain of her belly, the flesh flowing under his fingers like silk.

“Damn, so pretty! But you’re going to be punished. You have to be. You didn’t want my cock. You didn’t beg me for it. Beg, slut, beg for my cock and I may not punish you.”


His fingers dug into her soft, yielding flesh with cruel intent. She gasped. But she knew he was going to do everything to her she so desperately wanted. This was a real man, a man to whom she could be a real woman.

“So, you still deny my lusts!” He ripped her panties off with one brutal motion.

She cringed as the pain shot into her waist. He hadn’t bothered to slip the elastic band down over her ass. Simply ripping the cloth away left a red welt around her body. But the pain honed her nerves and got her entire body ready for the fucking to come.

It made her completely aware of every nerve in her cunt, in her pussy lips, in her already throbbing clit. She was more alive now than she could ever remember being in the past.

To be fucked while she was tied up, that was a big turn on!

His hands pushed her to her knees. Already, the cunt juices oozing down her inner thigh tickled and stimulated her. With her face just inches from the man’s prick, she knew what she had to do. She reached put greedily and grabbed his cock.

Before she could stuff it into her face, he coldly informed her: “No! You had your chance. You turned me down. You’ll have to really beg for my lovely prick now if you want it. Beg, cunt, beg!”

She looked up into the man’s gleaming eyes. He was almost smiling almost. He didn’t ruin the mood by actually getting out of character. She could believe he meant every word. And it excited her all the more.

“Please, master, please! I want it! I want to suck on your cock. It’s so huge! I want to feel it between my lips, cracking my jaws! God, it’s big!”

She licked out and ran her tongue along the underside of his prick. For a moment, she thought he was going to give in and let her suck him off. Then he took a quick step backward and deprived her of his prick.

“I said you’d have to beg. Really beg, dammit! That wasn’t good enough!”

He grabbed her and spun her around. The weight of his body bore her to the floor. She was on hands and knees now, his bulk pressing into her back. She thought he meant to ride her like a horse.

That wasn’t the way her cunt wanted to be ridden. She wanted a long, hot prick drilling deep up her pussy, fucking the very hell out of her.

The nurse wasn’t disappointed in the man. He wasn’t simply sitting and doing nothing. He’d gabbed a roll of gauze and yanked off a long piece. As she opened her mouth to complain, he gagged her.

She bit down hard on the gauze and found all she could do was mumble around it. He’d finally tied it behind her head. She could reach back and undo it. Gagging slightly, that was what she tried to do.

And immediately found her wrist captured by his meaty hand. Her other wrist was scooped up and bent at a cruel angle behind her back. She had to support her entire weight on the side of her face. If she hadn’t done that, her face would have been ground into the floor.

The loops of gauze effectively bound her hands behind her back. With her knees under her, this shoved her ass far up into the air. For a long heartbeat, she hoped the man would fuck her up the ass. To have that monstrous prick of his ramming into her asshole, surging all the way up into her guts, would be sheer torture.

And she’d love every second of it.

“So you’re not begging me any more, huh?” he said. “I think I’ll have to punish you.”

In the kneeling position, she couldn’t move. Her knees were pressed down under her weight. Her tits were shoved against her legs. In a way, she was getting turned on by rubbing her nipples across her legs. But the pressure on her belly was almost too much to bear.

She grunted, trying to make him aware of her needs. He only laughed at her. She realized then how completely she was at his mercy. He had only to command and she would have to do. If she didn’t do exactly what he wanted as fast as he desired?

A shiver raced up her spine at the thought. She was a prisoner. A sex prisoner. And he was going to do whatever he wanted to her.

If he wanted to fuck her up the ass, he could. He could butt-fuck her until she collapsed and there was nothing she could do about it. With the gauze gag in her mouth, she couldn’t even cry out in rage.

Or if he was really mad at her, he could beat, her. There was still his wide leather belt hanging in the loops of his trousers. If he pulled that out and began laying it across her snowy white ass, he could raise welts that would take weeks and weeks to go away. He would leave her bruised and aching.

And helpless.

Her mind kept coming back to her position on the floor, how she was bound and gagged and unable to prevent the man from doing anything he wanted to her.

She loved it. The uncertainty, the masterfulness of the man. He was in command. There was no question in her mind about that. He was the dominant one, she the submissive one.

Her cunt began to flow like a river. She was hot for him to do something anything to her.

“So you like this little charade, do you? You wanton whore! You open up for anything with a cock, don’t you? I’ll bet you fuck dogs. How’s it feel to have a slimy dog’s prick shoved up here?”

He jammed two fingers all the way up her cunt. The sudden intrusion made her come close to passing out. She hadn’t realized how keyed up she was.

“Or maybe you’re one of those farm girls? Do you let pigs fuck you or do you go for the bigger animals. Maybe a donkey or a horse. Fucked by a horse, by God! That’s disgusting.”

She was quivering in anticipation now. She was having trouble breathing all bent over as she was. But it was exciting. She could feel her cunt beginning to chum. It needed attention, it needed it badly. And the only cure for her inner needs was cock. Lots of cock, driven hard and fast, fucking her brains out.

And she needed it now!

But with the gag in her mouth, she couldn’t tell the man. All she could do was wiggle her ass at him and hope he responded.

“Look at it wiggling around. Isn’t that a sight? Completely wanton. I talk about having animals fuck her and she gets hot for cock. Damned if I shouldn’t just leave you.”

She felt a moment’s panic. He couldn’t do that! She needed him!

The terror communicated to the man. He laughed at her. “So you decided a man’s prick was the thing for you, after all? Okay. I’ll let you have a taste of my cock. I’ll show you what a real man is like!”

He dropped to his knees behind her. Hands reached between her legs and spread her legs wide. Her cunt was exposed to his gaze. Never had she felt more vulnerable. Whatever he wanted, she had to do.

There could be no turning back from this once it started. Not with her hands tied up the way they were. And she couldn’t talk him out of fucking her. The gag in her mouth was too firm.

She groaned as he drove his cock directly into her twat. There was no probing, no tentative explorations. He was a man. He knew exactly where a prick belonged and stuck it there. His cock was all the way up her cunt.

And she came.

The long, wracking shudder rippled through her body. She hadn’t realized how close to coming she’d been. The entry of the prick into her pussy had released all the pent up emotions in her belly.

She’d felt the purpled, acorn-huge head of his cock smash past her delicate pussy lips, then rocket all the way up her cunt. He stretched out the softly yielding folds of her pussy and strained them to the breaking point.

He wasn’t big, he was BIG!

And she felt him moving inside her cunt. She tried to squeeze down on his cock and found she couldn’t do it. He had her pulled to the limits of her body’s endurance.

He began fucking back and forth with short, quick strokes. These were designed to push her over the edge of climax again. And they did. The friction from his fucking burned at her guts like a forest fire. The sleeping embers of her lust had flared and blazed wildly when he drove his hard spike of prick back all the way up into her cunt.

The juices dribbled out around the plug of his prick. She was gasping, trying to breath around the gag. Sweat poured from her face. She couldn’t reach out and wipe it away. Her bound hands kept her from doing that. But she had to admit being bound and gagged was worth the fucking she was receiving.

His cock was a living thing inside her twat. It pulsed and danced and pressed firmly against her inner tissues. She could feel his balls wetly slapping against her bush. Every time he fucked hard into her twat, his nuts would touch her clit.

The tiny spire of her clitoris was being given one hell of a lot of stimulation. The prickly hairs of his nut-sac sent thrills of joy into her body.

She began shoving her hips backwards to get more of his cock into her cunt. This was about the only way she could show how much she was getting off on his fucking. Tied and gagged as she was, she could not tell him or reach under her body and caress his balls.

She was helpless and being fucked hard and deep, loving every second of it!

“Ummmm, God, you’re tight. Never thought you could crush down on me like that. Know I’m big around but you’re so damned small!”

The tightness of her cunt hole didn’t stop the man from slamming fast into it. His prick was burning up with friction. The pressure she was exerting on him was fantastic. He felt as if he’d be crushed to death at any instant. But he kept going. He had to fuck her for all he was worth. He’d never found such a beautiful, willing and completely wanton woman, before.

He gasped with pleasure as he corkscrewed his cock into her pussy. Who’d have thought a routine medical exam would turn into one of the best lays he’d ever found?

“Coming, I’m coming! Can’t hold back any more. Oh, shiiit! It’s so fuckin’ gooooooood!”

His cock ruptured and pumped out spurt after hot spurt of his jism. She was already on fire from his fucking. When the man’s jizz blasted into her greedy, clutching cunt, it sent her soaring back into orbit. Her orgasm this time was even larger than before.

It blew the top of her head off. When she finally managed to come back to her senses, the man was already limp.

Her cunt felt neglected.

He was saying, “Never got off like that before. Like you drained me in one giant rush. Wow, that fucking was something else!”

He carefully cut the gauze bindings on her wrists and took out the gag. She was glad to be able to breath normally again. He handed her the discarded uniform and said, “Sorry about your, uh, panties. I’ll be glad to pay you for them.”

Nancy smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I think I’ve gotten pay enough in the last few minutes. It was super!”

And it had been, too.

Then why did she still feel so Goddamn horny?


Nancy felt a little uneasy about getting back into her uniform. The crinkly starched material rubbed seductively against her ass. The woman’s panties had been entirely destroyed when the man had ripped them off. The painful reminder of the red welt around her waist testified how powerful had been her undressing.

She self-consciously smoothed the skirt over the flare of her, behind. She tried to tell herself that only she knew she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her garter belt seemed to be woven from flames. It burned into her flesh telling her all over again that this was it she had on no other covering for her hungry little snatch.

“Miss Martin?” called Dan. “Tend to the patient in the therapy room. He is supposed to be getting twenty minutes on the vibrating table for a back problem. Seems he’s a little frightened we might turn it on and leave him there.”

“You want me to hold his hand?”

“Something like that. Just reassure him he’s not being abandoned. Damned weird the way these people think we’re out to maim them.” Dan sighed and called the next patient, a dried up prune of a woman.

Nancy was glad she didn’t have to deal with her. A man was far better. Or was it? She knew that she’d just begun to really get off on the fucking when the man had come. She felt cheated.

There was no real reason she should. She’d gotten off a couple times. And the mere fact of being tied up as she had been sent kinky thrills through her lush body.

But another man offered her the promise of more cock. So what if he had a back problem? She’d make sure he had more than that. Lots more.

If he was willing, that is. If he wasn’t willing to fuck her, she’d have to see what could be done about making him horny. Like she was.

The nurse went into the therapy room and closed the door. On a hard padded bench was a man stretched out. A band passed under his chin and his ankles were securely fastened. A gentle motion stretched his spine by pulling on the band under his chin. All the while the lengthening process was working, the table gently shook.

“Well, how are you today?” She could barely keep the quiver of lust from her voice. Just seeing the man tied down the way he was, helpless, made her all weak and watery inside. She felt as if her knees had turned to rubber.

She wished it was her tied down on that table!

“I feel like a ham all wrapped up and waiting to be cooked. This damn bench is shaking my guts loose. And the, um, the pulling on my spine is about to kill me.”

“It won’t kill you,” she assured him. “Let me see how your muscles are responding.”

Her strong, agile fingers stroked over the man’s body. He had on one of the silly dressing gowns that always flopped open in the back. It came only to mid-thigh on him. And the bulge under the gown was enticing to the horny nurse.

“Everything feels just fine,” she cooed.

“Yeah,” he said uncomfortably. As her fingers began working up his leg toward his crotch, he asked, “Do you have to check there?”

“Certainly,” she said in her most prim manner. “I don’t want you injured anywhere.”

He gulped as her fingers closed on his prick. It jerked once and was erect. This was the damnedest therapy he’d ever received. And the best!

“My, you’ve got a large lump. Let me check it out more closely.” She lifted the man’s examination gown and saw his balls. They were nestled in the middle of his curly bush. The long, red rod of his prick was pointing directly at the ceiling. His lust was unmistakable.

“My, my, this is extraordinary!” she exclaimed. Her fingers curled around his prick and began working up and down. The skin wrinkled and flowed like satin as she began beating him off.

“D-do you h-have to do that?”

“Would you like something else?” She leaned over enough so that her skirt hiked up to expose her naked ass.

“Damn straight! I’d love to.” His voice trailed off. But she knew what he wanted. It was the same thing she was so desperate for.

A good fucking.

For the first time, she was glad she didn’t have on any panties. She was stripped and ready for immediate action. While she wouldn’t get her wish and be tied up, having the man pinned under her, unable to escape, was almost as good.

She straddled his waist, feeling her snatch pull taut. She had to keep her legs on each side of the table. It was almost painful but she would endure anything to get that plum-tipped prick shoved all the way up her cunt.

She gasped when she lowered her body onto his cock. The blunt end poked once against her excited pussy lips, then the entire cock slipped smoothly all the way up into her cunt. There was a liquid squishing noise as his cock pushed out a flood of her cunt juices, then a heavenly bliss spread throughout hex entire body.

Cock quivered lightly inside her again. And in the position she was forced to assume, her cunt was tightened as far as was humanly possible.

The man grunted, “I never felt a cunt so fuckin’ small, never! But I can’t move my hips! How the hell am I going to really fuck you if I can’t move my hips?”

His voice was strained from the chin-strap. And his feet were securely fastened at the other end of the table. All he could do was lie there and go along for the ride.

Nancy gasped a little when she felt his prick shivering deep inside her. It was dancing not only from lust but from, the vibrations from the table. The subtle motions were making his prick feel just like a vibrator in her cunt.

The thought of a real cock-vibrator made her smile. This was just the thing. But the vibrations were too little to count for much. She reached out and switched the machine to high.

The immediate change in her cunt was a joy. His cock began shivering as if he’d left it out in the snow.

“God, I can’t take much of this! You’re too damn hot and tight. And it feels like I’m being bounced all to hell!”

She sighed and began lifting her hips upward. She didn’t want the cock to leave her cunt but she also wanted the best, fucking possible. There was no way she could get both. She would just have to hurry.

Hips poised directly above the man’s now slippery cock, she twisted back and forth a couple times. It felt as if he was driving a red hot spike into her delicate cunt lips. Her cunt lips lewdly kissed the tip of his prick, then reached out to suck in more of his cock.

She simply relaxed and let gravity do all the work. Her body hurtled down around the impaling spike of his prick. One instant her cunt was hungry and empty. The next, it was filled with hot, hard cock.

“I never felt so helpless before,” the man said. “But you’re doing a fine job. God, I’m burning up inside. You’re making my balls feel like they were filled with gasoline and then lit.”

She was feeling the same way in her belly. The liquid warmth from the friction of his cock against her pussy walls was spreading like melted butter. It flowed and caressed her entire crotch. When her clit snapped erect, she knew it was demanding attention.

Reaching down, she began fingering herself. The diddling made the fucking into something vastly more exciting. The cock moving slowly up and down in her cunt was nice. It set her pulse racing, her tits heaving with the thrill of a hard prick buried so deep in her.

But it was the trigger of her clit that was the real thrill for her. The nurse couldn’t keep her finger off that tiny nubbin where so many of her nerve endings were. She stroked around the base of her clitoris, made sure it was drenched with her cunt juices, then caressed the sides of the slippery little button.

The lightning bolts smashing into her body were a combination of prick and cunt working on her. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming out her pleasure. This was the hardest part about fucking patients. She didn’t dare let anyone overhear what was going on.

She had, once, and it got her into worlds of trouble.

But all that was far distant from the pleasures of the flesh she was enjoying with this man. His cock was so stiff it made her shudder every time it rammed into her soft cunt. The gentle folds of her pussy were spread as he fucked far up into her belly. She ground her bush against his and was rewarded with a tiny moan.

She was turning the man on as much as she already was. She just hoped his control was good. She didn’t want him to spend his jism too soon. She was greedy and wanted a long, hard fucking.

“How are you doing?” she asked in a sex-husky voice. Her, eyes were slightly glazed with tile lust she felt hammering away inside her.

He looked up at her. The way her tits poked against her stark, white uniform, made him lick his lips. He wanted to pop those lovely boobs into his mouth and suck. They too far away. He couldn’t get his mouth up there because of the damned chin-strap holding his head down.

Even lightly touching her jugs did no good. She had on a bra. Her tits might be seductively bouncing around but he was at a loss. He couldn’t get as much thrill out of them as he wanted.

Still, he couldn’t complain. His cock was being repeatedly jammed into the God damnedest tightest cunt he’d ever fucked. He knew it was the way her legs were so painfully wide-spread. He could see the skin pulled taut all across her belly.

Even her clit was standing out in bold relief. Its tiny sheath of protective skin was pulled away from it.

The most exciting sight he had was of his cock vanishing between the obscenely split lips of her cunt hole. The pink, scalloped pussy lips spread apart as if to kiss his prick. Then his cock was devoured whole.

The fuming hot cunt threatened to burn him off. But he didn’t care. This was the best fuck he’d ever had, bar none!

“D-doin’ just fine! The table shaking like that gives me a jittery feel. My cock against your pussy is unreal. Never felt anything like that before. Now I know how a plastic vibrator feels.”

“Like it?”

“Shit, what a question. I love it!”

The nurse was busy fucking herself faster and faster on the man’s up thrusting prick. Her need was growing by leaps and bounds. The demon of lust unleashed in her guts was spreading throughout her body. She had to stop it. She had to fuck until it went away.

Her hands pressed firmly down on the man’s belly. She felt the muscles flow and pulse tinder her fingers. The thick slab was heaving like the deck of a ship at sea. She tried to get the same rhythm into her fucking. She failed.

Her hips refused to let her move that slowly. She had to fuck that cock into her cunt deeper, harder, faster every time. Tossing her head from side to side sent cascades of her lustrous brown hair flying. She couldn’t control herself any longer.

Her hips moved like pistons. She took his cock deeper, ever deeper into her seething cunt. Then she exploded. Her come was so intense it took her a couple minutes to even partially recover from it. The entire world had begun spinning. The center of her universe was the prick inside her convulsing twat.

“Y-you damned near flattened me. I never felt a pussy clamp down that hard before. You made of steel or something?”

The sweat on the man’s forehead was beginning to puddle and run. He tried swiping it off. It came back too fast. His entire bowels were on fire. The vibrating worked its magic on his prick, on his body. His balls were jiggling around until he was acutely uncomfortable.

If it wasn’t hard enough to keep from coming while the woman fucked herself so avidly on his cock, it was damn near impossible to keep his control with the vibrations creeping into his balls. The hairy sac containing his nuts was jiggled and jostled around. The lead-heavy load of jism locked inside was coming to a boil. He felt like a pressure cooker with only one safety valve. It wouldn’t be but a matter of seconds before he spewed out his fiery hot cum from the end of his fuck stick.

“Faster,” he gasped out. “Fuck faster. I can’t hang in there much longer!”

Her hips obeyed. She could only distantly hear the man’s pleas. The blood sounded like the surf in her ears. Her breath was gusting in and out with painful intensity. Sandpaper coated her throat.

And the quivering hot cock was fucking her.

She let the vibrations soothe her and the deep thrusting cock stimulate her. She was getting the best of both worlds. Relaxing, stimulating, she was able to work her cunt all over the prick.

The tensions were building up inside her again. Rather than trying to deny herself the pleasure of another orgasm, she simply abandoned herself to the oceanic waves of orgasm.

While her body was shaking through the ultimate human pleasure, she felt her cunt filling with steamy hot jism. The strong convulsions of her cunt walls around the man’s hidden prick had robbed him of his come. He was fountaining out gout after seething gout of his jism.

Somehow, the idea that he was pumping all that jizz into her cunt set off a final climax in the nurse.

She bit her tongue so tardy it began to bleed. But she hardly noticed. The pleasure sweeping strongly throughout her body erased such minor things entirely.

Panting, sweaty, she looked down at the man and said, “I never felt anything like it before. The way your prick was turned into both a fuck stick and a vibrator really got me off fast.”

“You’re tellin’ me?” he said. “I’m going to come back here for this therapy every damn week. I used to hate to see the doctor, but no more!”

Nancy turned off the vibrating machine and stretched her cramped legs. Her cunt was stiff and sore from the phenomenal fucking she’d just given herself. But no matter how sore she was, it had been worth it.

By the time Dan poked his head into the room, everything was orderly and on the up and up.

“It wasn’t so bad was it, the table, I mean?”

“Hell, Doc, I’ll take treatment like this whenever you offer!”

Dan looked at Nancy, then back at the patient. Shaking his head, guessing what had happened, he left.

Nancy simply sighed and rubbed her crotch.


Nancy was still flushed and glowing from the fucking she’d gotten from the man on the therapy table. She wondered why she hadn’t thought of that before. Her entire cunt was still tingly from the way his cock would vibrate as it fucked forcefully into her. And he hadn’t been that small, either. He’d been hung well enough to make it worth her while.

“Miss Martin,” came the oily voice she had come to know and hate. “I want a word with you. In private.”

“Yes, Dr. McPhearson.”

He took her to an alcove and said: “I know what you did in there. I think it is positively disgusting.”

“Why? Because I enjoyed it?”

He smiled but there was no humor in his eyes. She shuddered at the man’s evilness. Never had she found herself hating anyone more than she did this doctor.

“Maybe. Or it might be because I considered him to be poaching on my private game preserve.”

“I’m not yours.”

“Oh? We’ll see about that. Do you think the papers will spell your name right when I tell them you’ve been fucking around with a fifteen-year-old boy? That kind of news seems to really sell the papers these days. Who knows, if you’re arrested and taken in and booked for child molestation, you might even make the six o’clock news. I doubt if you’d rate national coverage, unless I really told them everything about what you’ve been doing here.”

“I get the picture, Dr. McPhearson. So?”

“So there’s a special patient I think I want to introduce you to. A nice guy. Hardly comes in but when he does I like to please him. You follow what I’m telling you?”

“You want me to let him fuck me.”

“You put it so crudely, Miss Martin!”

“But accurately.”

“Yes,” he sneered. “That’s right. Most accurately, in fact. I want you to go in there and let him do whatever tickles his fancy.”

“Very well. But you know that I…”

“You hate me. Of course! Now do it!” he snapped.

Nancy went into the examining room and almost backed out in horror. Sitting on the table was the biggest, most brutal-looking stud she’d ever seen. He was massive. His shoulders were half again as large as most men’s. And if the bulge in his pants was any indication, the size of his shoulders carried over to other places.

He was hung like a Goddamn elephant!

“Hey, don’t let me run you off,” he said. The lust in his voice communicated itself to the nurse. She couldn’t let this brute fuck her.

“I-I don’t know quite what to say,” she stammered.

“Then don’t say nuthin’. Just let old Ben here show you a real good time.”

He unzipped his pants and showed her how he was going to have a real good time. His prick was even larger than she’d thought it would be. The man’s cock was only half erect and yet it was a good ten inches long. Erect, it would be close to a foot.

She couldn’t let that fuck her! It would rip her apart. If he lost his control and fucked her too hard, it would ram all the way through her body and come sailing out her mouth!

“Like it, huh? It’s a big’n. Bigger’n most studs.”

“Are you paying Dr. McPhearson for this?”

“Sho’. And I kin see I’m gettin’ my money’s worth, too. Damn, but you’re a fine piece of tail. A real foxy bitch!”

“That’s prostitution. Don’t you know you could be arrested for that?”

“I’ll take my chances. For you, I’d take a hell of a lotta chances!”

His huge hands closed on her upper arms. She felt like a rag doll in his grasp. He was too big, too powerful for her to fight off. And what would be the use? Dr. McPhearson would just turn her in to the police.

But this cock! It would rip her apart if the man drove that fuck stick into her. She couldn’t take a cock up her cunt that was too big for her to even reach around with her hand.

She grasped when thick fingers found her cunt. The huge finger driving all the way up into her twat was almost as big as some of the cocks she’d taken there. As the calloused finger drove up and down inside her, she began to feel her sluggish response.

“See? You’re likin’ this. You’re likin’ it a whole bunch!”

Her body was betraying her again. She was responding to the man’s coarse advances. He lifted her skirt up and let out a low whistle of surprise.

“God, that snatch is pretty! Never saw one so pretty. And you’re not wearing no panties. I like that. Shows you’re ready for my good buddy here.”

He jabbed his hips forward and sent the sword-like prick arrowing for her twat. She tried to step away and found herself pinned against the wall. She wasn’t going anywhere. Back to the wall, strong hands on her arms, cock pressing into her pussy lips, she was as imprisoned as any woman ever could be.

“I like the feel of that hot meat. I do.”

She closed her eyes and tried to think of more pleasant things. The images failed to come. All she could think of was the thick, long, powerful cock slowly edging into her cunt.

She didn’t want him to fuck her. But she had to be realistic. There was no way she could stop him. Better to let him have his way with her than get mad. He was so big and strong, he could do anything he wanted.

“Tight, baby, you’re tight! All around the head of my cock! Never felt a bush this tight, no sir!”

She tried to brush the perspiration running down her face away. This was only the glans of his prick? It felt as if he’d stuffed in a telephone pole! What would it be like when he really got to fucking her? She didn’t want to find out, but knew she would, soon.

“Please stop this. I-I don’t want you to screw me!”

“That’s what all the chicks say. But you really want some of my meat, don’t you. Admit it! You want all the cock that can get stuffed up your juicy little cunt.”

“No, no, no!”

“I know you chicks. You say one thing and mean another. You’re really beggin’ me, ain’t you?”

He gave a little wiggle to his hips and two inches of prick scooted up into her cunt. She thought she was going to pass out from the pain. Never had she felt like this, even when she’d had her cherry popped.

“So tiiiight, man. So fuckin’ tight! The doc gave me a good’n this time, for sure!”

Then the world exploded in pain and delight around her. He rammed his cock all the way up her cunt. He literally lifted her off the floor so powerful was his fucking.

She felt the prick surging up her pussy like a rocket shooting up into her guts. Stretched and pulled in all directions, she knew agonizing pain. She was impaled on his prick and unable to escape, even if she wanted to.

For, with all the pain she experienced, there was a good measure of delight oozing into her belly. The warmth of the friction of cock against cunt spread more slowly than the pain. But it spread like molten lead. It filled her insides. She soon forgot all about the pain of having that huge cock rammed into her cunt.

The bliss covering her like a blanket was the result of her normal bodily functions. She enjoyed having a cock inside her twat. That was the only way she could ever be happy. And this was a cock, all right. The biggest, stiffest, cock ever!

“You like it, don’t you?”

“L-love it!”

“Thought you would. All you chicks like it. Now get ready for some real lovin’ done by a real man!”

She screamed as his prick left her cunt. The suction formed behind the retreating prick was so huge it felt as if her guts were being sucked out. And she was left with an incredible hollowness between her legs. While the prick was inside her, she was warmed by it, content to let it rest and soothe her nerves.

Out of her twat, it was driving her wild with lust. She had to get it back. There was no release for her burning desires without it.

“Fuck me again! Put it back in as fast as you can! I, ohhhh, I know what I said before was wrong. I neeeeeed it!”

He laughed. His cock parted her pink pussy lips again, hesitating in the mouth of her cunt for just a second, then went racing up into her cunt like a runaway freight train.

She might have blacked out for a second. The nurse wasn’t certain. The suddenness of his cock shoving into her cunt again had taken her by surprise. But she was content again. The cock was where it belonged.

How could she have ever feared that long, hard cock? Sure, it was big. Bigger than any she’d ever seen before. But so what? Her cunt was stretchy enough, spongy enough, to take any sized prick.

No man was too big for her. She could stake them all and lovin’ every sexy second, every inch, of the fucking.

She threw her arms around the man’s neck to support herself. The cock drilling into her cunt could easily support her weight but she wanted a little mobility. She’d show this bastard how to really fuck. It wasn’t just driving a huge cock up a tight pussy, it was lots more. And he’d know it before she was finished with him.

Twisting from side to side, she tried to tear the prick from the man’s groin. Her cunt was gripping impossibly tight all along his cock. She could feel a little slipping inside her twat, but this only added to her excitement and his problems.

He was going to have a hundred-twenty pounds of sex-crazed nurse all over him in a few seconds!

“God, I feel like I’m being twisted apart inside,” he grunted. “Your cunt’s working on me real good.”

“And it gets better,” she assured him. And she wanted to make it that way.

Tensing and relaxing her muscles, she was able to massage his prick all the way from the thick root at the pussy lips to the blunt nose of his glans far up into her womb. He was poking into the softly padded neck of her cervix. She used superb muscle control to ripple up and down him until the man was really feeling her cunt.

“What you doin’ to me? My balls are going to pop!”

The nurse was beginning to enjoy this Dr. McPhearson thought she was going to end up degraded, humiliated again if he forced her to fuck a greasy stud. She’d show him. She’d have her revenge on him. She’d enjoy every Goddamn fucking inch of this huge cock!

Through lust-glazed eyes, she saw Dr. McPhearson standing in the doorway, hand covering his prick. She knew he must be jerking off as he watched her letting this dude fuck her. She’d give that son of a bitch a show that would make his jizz splatter all over the ceiling.

She twisted sideways so the peeping doctor could get a good view of her cunt lips. The sight of the thick prick being lewdly kissed and licked by the pussy lips would be nice.

When she spread herself all around that thick, meaty cock, she leaned backwards. This caused the cock to smash up into her cunt at a new and excitingly different angle. She felt her clit poking out and standing at attention.

In comparison to the man’s huge cock, it was tiny. It might not even be visible. She reached down and gripped the slippery little nubbin between her thumb and forefinger. Stroking up and down it sent chills racing into her cunt.

There the shivery feeling collided and mixed with the warmth of the fucking. And when her slit began to pulse, she knew she couldn’t hold back any longer.

She came.

Her cunt smashed down brutally on the buried prick. He had to feel as if he’d been trapped in a mineshaft and the world collapsed on him.

But she didn’t care if he came or not. She was enjoying the orgasm seizing her so tight. Every muscle in her body locked, rigid, unyielding. Then, it was over.

But her climax had only stirred fresh life in the man’s balls. She let the cock escape her twat for a moment. When it came rushing back into her pussy, she was lifted off the floor again. She enjoyed standing and fucking for a change. And this was certainly the way to do it.

What could this greasy brute do if he could get really good leverage when he fucked her? She shuddered, thinking about the joy he could shoot into her body.

“Almost made me come,” he told her. “But I’m too good. I’m gonna make you really get off on my prick before I come.”

“Braggart,” she told him. “Bet you I get you off first.”

He began to really fuck her. His shiny, filthy fuck stick, all coated with her cunt juices, was like a machine piston. He split her pussy lips and drove hard into her. She might have been taking a steel rod into her cunt.

But no steel rod had ever been so hot, so big and firm and cunt-filling. She gasped but kept her cunt muscles working on that huge cock. She gave her full attention to it. Squeezing, relaxing, twisting and rocking, she made certain he wasn’t entering or leaving her cunt without a hell of a lot of stimulation most men never receive.

Her cunt literally clung to his rigid cock. She twisted the flesh around and around before releasing it, then wetly kissed the blunt tip of his cock with her obscenely pouting pussy lips.

His breath was gusting in her face. The sweat beading his forehead told her the strain he was under. She let the friction warm her guts. Her cunt was flowing with heavy inner oils now. He slipped in and out of her pussy until they were both lost in a wonderland of fucking.

When she felt his steamy hot jism smashing into her cunt, she knew she’d won their little bet. Her cunt hungrily sucked up all his cum and milked that huge pillar of cock dry.

Her cunt was still rhythmically squeezing his prick when it went flaccid and slipped from her twat.

“Damn, lady, you got the suckingest cunt I ever felt around my old prick. How you do it?”

“Lots of practice with lots of big boys like you.” She tenderly stroked his prick, then tucked it back into his pants and zipped the fly.

The man left the office and Nancy looked around for Dr. McPhearson. All she found was a thick pool of drying jism on the floor. He’d gotten his rocks off watching them, then split.


The next few weeks were hell for Nancy, both for what Dr. McPhearson was forcing her to do and for the waiting and scheming she was doing. The plan wasn’t perfect. She could see ways that Dr. McPhearson could wiggle out of the carefully planned evidence she was building up against him, but it would do to get him out of her hair.

She closed the books and looked up to see a man, conservatively dressed, holding a badge out for her inspection.

“How can I help you, Mr. Hilton?” She knew why the man was here and how she could help out.

She’d called the Feds and gotten them hot and bothered over illicit drug trafficking. That was why special agent Hilton had been sent over.

“I’d like to look at the records on the office use of narcotics.”

She showed the man into a small closet-like room where they kept the records he wanted.

“Feel free to ask me for any help.”

“I doubt if this will take long,” he told her.

And it didn’t. In less than an hour he was closing his notebook and exiting.

“Anything else, Mr. Hilton?”

“Where’s Dr. McPhearson’s car?”

“Parked around in back. The blue Cadillac.”

The man nodded and left, only to come back in a few minutes carrying a small cloth bag. Nancy didn’t have to ask what was in it. She knew. She had planted the drugs in Dr. McPhearson’s car before she’d called the drug enforcement office.

“Don’t expect Dr. McPhearson back this afternoon,” Mr. Hilton told her. “I think he’s got a lot of explaining to do.”

“You mean…”

“I mean he has systematically been stealing narcotics and other controlled substances from the office, apparently for his own use.”

From the back, another agent came out, Marvin McPhearson struggling in an arm lock.

“I don’t know how this has happened. Honest!” Then his eyes fastened on Nancy and he knew. The tiny smile dancing at the corners of her lips told him better than any amount of words could. She’d gotten her revenge on him in the worst way possible.

He was ruined as a doctor. The state medical board would revoke his license to practice and he might even serve time. She’d ruined him.

He shouted, “Her! She’s the one who framed me! She fucks fifteen-year-old boys! And she’ll suck the cock of any man who comes into the office! She’s a Goddamn nympho and it threatened to expose her! She framed me. God dammit, take your hands off me! She’s the one you want!”

Mr. Hilton shook his head and said to Nancy, “They usually spout off like that. Don’t worry about it, Miss. We won’t repeat any of that filth.”

And with that, the agents were gone and Dr. Marvin McPhearson with them.

Nancy was on cloud nine. This was perfect! She’d gotten rid of that blackmailing son of a bitch. He wouldn’t be able to force her to do any of the awful things he had been, not ever again!

She went in to Dan’s office to give him the news. She had to be tactful about it. Dan and McPhearson were friends.

“Dan? I need to talk with you for a few minutes.”

The grim look on the man’s face told her the agent who had arrested McPhearson had already spoken to the man.

“About Marv? I know. God, how could I have been so wrong about that mother fucker? Stealing dope like that! He’s the last one in the world I would have suspected of being a dope dealer.”

“Don’t take it so bad, Dan. You made a mistake taking him in as a partner. There are other, reputable doctors who’d jump at the chance of coming into this practice with you.”

He looked up at her, and smiled a little. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Maybe I can help you forget all this,” she suggested. One of her buttons had mysteriously come undone. A second one followed as her tits pressed firmly against the stiffly starched uniform. The man could see the white swell of her ample tit beginning to strain against the thin black fabric of her lacy bra.

“I doubt you could take my mind off it.”

“Sure, I can!”

“Bitch! Argue with me, will you!”

He surged around the desk so fast, he was a blur in the nurse’s vision. He threw her to the soft, deep-pile rug and ripped open her blouse. The buttons went spinning crazily all over the room. With another jerk, he had her bra in his hand, looking at the fragileness of it.

“Slut! How dare you suggest I fuck you!”

“But, but, master! I beg you!” She was breathing hard now. This was better than she’d expected. He was giving her the sex she wanted, sure. She could see the big bulge of his cock straining against his pants. But he was also giving her the extra thrill of being forced into a subservient role.

If she was lucky, he might even tie her up!

“You make me sick. All the time, sex, sex, sex! You’re a fuck-addict. And I’ll show you how to cure an addiction like that!”

“How? With that lovely, big cock of yours!” she suggested.

“This?” he said, pulling his prick out and holding it in his hand. “You mean you want this? Hell, it’s only yours when I want to give it to you and not a Goddamn instant before!”

He jerked her uniform totally off her, leaving her clad only in panties, garter belt and stockings. She lifted her hips off the floor and hastily wiggled out of her cotton panties while the man was shucking his useless pants. She didn’t want anything getting in the way when he drove into her soft, wet, hot cunt with that ugly red fuck stick.

“Those stockings!” he bellowed. “I hate them!” His fingernails scraped her legs as he ripped the one on her slim left leg off. He yanked it down over the smooth, firm flesh of her thigh and across the tapering calf. Then he looked at it, smiling a little.

With a movement faster than she could follow, he had her rolled over, onto her back and had snared her wrists. He tied her hands together with her very own stocking. And while she was face down on the rug, fumbling hands grabbed her ankles and lifted her off the ground.

Bound as she was, she had to turn her head to one side. She couldn’t see what was happening, not very well. But she could feel. He was pressing her weight down onto her tits. She could feel them pulsing, throbbing, begging to be sucked and fondled.

That wasn’t going to happen. Not the way she was tied up. And he was moving between the vee of her legs. Holding her like an upside-down wheelbarrow, he moved toward her crotch.

She felt her pulse race. He was going to fuck her in this position! Never had she felt more helpless, more dependent on a man. He could literally do anything he wanted to her and she would be unable to protest.

As his cock drove into her cunt, she gasped. Somehow, being tied with her stocking as she was made it all the more thrilling to her. The cock wasn’t merely a hot, throbbingly virile cock. It was as if every man in the world was having a chance at fucking her. All that joy was rolled up into the prick surging up into her cunt now.

He bounced her up and down using his hips. Then he rocked her to and fro as if lifting a wheelbarrow. She was powerless to escape. The man’s prick filled her steamy hot, juicy cunt to overflowing. Her hands were tied and he was driving her face-down into the floor. She couldn’t even kick out and try to escape. His hands held her legs too firmly.

“How can you do this to me?” she sobbed, tears of joy running down her face. She had to protest.

She had to play the game. Only in that way could the nurse get the full benefit of this fucking.

“I do what I wish. Silence, you dumb cunt!”

He grunted harshly and his cock began sailing deeper into her twat. She had never been fucked this way before. His cock was stroking across virtually untried cunt walls. He was burning her up with friction of his cock against nerve endings she hadn’t believed to exist.

It was the best fucking she’d ever gotten.

Her body began to quiver as the sexual tensions in her belly grew. She felt as if she would explode from the pent up desires. Every time he fucked into her cunt, he twisted and turned and made her come even more alive.

It was a huge orgasm. It made her feel more like a complete woman than anything ever had before.

As she came down from her fuck-high, she knew he was going to send her blasting off into orbit again. His cock was relentless. He was pistoning into her cunt with the force of a machine.

He hesitated a little at the end of every stroke, his cock bouncing and hammering as it lay buried all the way up her twat. She could squeeze down and feel the contours of it. The thick, broad head was pulsing with life. The sides of the meaty shaft were lined with veins, all throbbing to a song of lust. Lust for her, and only her!

She gasped as his balls wetly slapped against her. Her crotch was drenched with her fuck fluids. Her cunt was oozing out more of the thick oils than she really needed to lubricate her pussy walls.

As he pulled out of her, she sobbed and cried and begged. He had to stay in her! Without that long, hot cock to fill her, she’d go insane!

When only the purpled head of his prick spread her pinkly scalloped inner pussy lips, he said, “Ready for the real fucking now, bitch? You’re going to smoke, I’m going to fuck you so fast and hard!”

She never knew if her flesh slid smoke or not. He gave her one come after another. She went off like a machine gun firing. Her senses reeled and she wasn’t able to focus her eyes. They were too glazed with her lust from the fucking she was receiving.

The hot fountain of his jizz spurting into her cunt set her off again. She knew he was slamming hard and fast into her crotch. His cock was burrowing deep into her softly yielding pussy as he fucked her.

Then it was all over. She felt his cock going flaccid inside her twat. It was an odd feeling. That steely hard cock slowly lost its rigidity. The limp prick slithered out of her cunt amid a flow of her cunt juice and his jism.

“That good enough?” he asked, dropping her knees to the carpet.

She rolled over onto her side and looked at him, love in her eyes. He knew what she wanted, what she needed. Not just fucking any more. She’d gone beyond that. She needed to know a man cared for her, was able to be a man to her.

Only a real MAN could pleasure her now.

Dan was showing he was that man by tying her up and then fucking her with so much power, so much skill. Her cunt ached where he had split her apart with his cock. She was aware of the dull throb from deep inside. He had built up so much friction with his fucking, she didn’t know if the dancing fires of lust would ever completely die out again.

“No, that’s not all I want,” she said.

Carefully, with great difficulty since her hands were still firmly bound with her stocking, she managed to get to her knees. Edging forward, she came face-into-crotch to the man. His dangling prick was inches from her mouth.

“Would my master want me to suck on his prick?”

Her voice was so eager, the doctor couldn’t turn her down.

“Suck!” he commanded.

She sucked. The taste of his jism and her own cunt juice was heady. She licked and kissed and sucked until he had another hard-on.

And then he fucked her again, this time tying her ankles to the legs of a chair to make certain her cunt was always widely exposed.

She lost count of the times she came. As she bent over the chair, hands tied behind her back and her legs securely fastened to the chair, Nancy knew that she’d never leave Dan. He was what she’d been searching for and never finding.

He was a man who was bound to succeed in this world. And she loved him for it.

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