His Wife Does It Daily

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on the stage and performs with the girl in front of his friends. The woman who, after a few too many drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The couple who, while appearing to be staid members of the establishment, secretly joins the neighborhood mate-swappers.

Jill Durand is one of these outwardly normal and quite proper people. But within her lies a love of depravity that even she at first refuses to recognize, a love of depravity that eventually forces her to act.

HIS WIFE DOES IT DAILY — the story of a young woman haunted by the perversity seething within her. A story about one of the many problems facing our modern society.


The sun was just beginning to dip beneath the horizon of the far side of Lake Lanier as Tony Durand drove slowly down their steep driveway and into the garage. The commute out from Atlanta was a bitch, but being able to enjoy the beauty and privacy of their secluded lakeside home made it all worthwhile.

“Hi, baby,” he called out to Jill who was lounging on the screened-in patio deck. “I’m home!”

Jill stretched slowly, her long legs and sensuous body enhanced by the skimpy black bikini panties and bra she was wearing. Getting up, she walked into the living room and stood with her legs spread, waiting for Tony to notice her.

“When you’re through gawking at the mail, I’ve got something else to show you,” she said flirtingly.

Tony looked up at his beautiful blonde wife, and once again was stunned by her intense sensuality. She wore her hair long and straight, almost to the top of her ass, and as he watched, she casually rolled her head, flipping her hair back off her firm tits and over her shoulders.

“Well… how do you like it?” she asked, delighted to see the first twitch of an erection in her husband’s pants.

“If you’re talking about your buddy, I don’t just like it, I love it, as you well know, you gorgeous cunt, you,” Tony answered, walking toward her slowly.

“I’m talking about my new underwear,” Jill said, laughing. “I bought these panties and this bra today, and loved them so much I decided to just leave them on until you got home. Oh Tony, it is so beautiful here, and I love you so much, and you make me so happy!”

“I love you, too, baby, and as I recall, you said if I bought this place for you, there was nothing you wouldn’t do for me, right?”

“Well… I think I did say something like that. Why?”

“Because it’s Friday night, and we’re having a few guys from work over with their wives,” Tony said, hugging his lush wife’s body against his own. “I hope you don’t mind. I tried calling you, but you didn’t answer.”

“I was probably in the yard, sunning myself, so I’d look beautiful for you, baby. Anyway, you know I don’t care if we have somebody over. As long as you let me have some of this first,” Jill said, unzipping Tony’s pants and taking out his semi-hard cock.

Jill moaned, inhaling his musky male odor and slowly opened her mouth and let her tongue and lips glide lightly over the soft underskin of the thick cock-shaft.

“Oh baby,” she moaned, “I love to suck you when you’re sweaty like this. I’ve been playing with myself all day, and I’m so fucking hot I know what I want for dinner. I could make a meal from just eating your cum.”

Jill moaned, jacking off his cock as she sucked it eagerly, trying to bring Tony to a rapid climax.

“Ohhh, baby,” Tony moaned, feeling the rush of his orgasm rising up from his balls, building and building, until finally he relaxed, letting it go, loving the feeling as his cum rushed out of his cock into his wife’s mouth as she continued to play with his cock, licking every drop, loving his cock with her tongue and lips.

“Hhhmmmm, that’s tasty, baby,” Jill said sexily, licking her lips, looking directly into Tony’s eyes as she swallowed deliberately, making sure he saw what she was doing. “I love the taste of a man’s cum. It’s… heavy, almost bittersweet. I just can’t seem to ever get enough of it. I wish I had more!”

“You’re the greatest, baby! No one in the world sucks cock and loves it as much as you, and I can’t wait to show you off to the people who are coming over tonight. You just might get your wish, you perverted little slut!” Tony held her face in his hands, kissing her gently on the tip of the nose.

“Who is coming over?” Jill asked suggestively. “Anyone fun?”

“Oh yeah,” Tony answered, “for example, Jim and Linda, and I told you what they’ve been doing lately. The rest I don’t think you know, but you sure will after tonight. Really know them, I mean.”

“What do you mean, really know them, Tony?” Jill asked, following her husband into the master bedroom.

“I mean, a bunch of us guys have been sort of talking about how sexy our wives are and everything, and we thought it might be a good idea to all get together some night for a good time. I told them we have a pool and hot tub, and suggested they come here for a swim and whatever. So they’re coming tonight, around eight o’clock, okay?” Tony got ready to jump into the shower. Sucking in his stomach, he said, “Not bad for an old fart of thirty-eight, huh, babe?”

Mimicking her husband, hardened nipples sticking out against the thin black bra, Jill said, “Not bad for an old broad of twenty-seven, either, wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, baby, you are the greatest. I love you. Be out in a moment.” Tony stepped into the shower.

“Okay, honey, see you in a minute.”

The first to arrive that evening were Ken and Jan. Ken was in his late twenties, his wife, Jan, considerably younger. A real knockout, she looked to be no more than a kid, and she appeared to be very shy.

“Hey, Tony, this is really a neat place. Meet my wife, Jan. And I guess this Penthouse Pet must be Jill, right?” Ken said, grinning as he took in Jill’s shapely body.

Jill was wearing a thin yellow tube top, riding very low on her tits, and the circles surrounding her big nipples were clearly visible. Her skintight jeans enhanced her youthful body. She had been told more that once that she should be in the pages of Penthouse or Playboy, and tonight it was easy to see why.

“I wouldn’t talk, buddy,” Tony said, staring at Jan. “This bride of yours is a ten plus.”

Tony watched her face turn red. The noise of two more cars arriving diverted everyone’s attention from Jan, and Tony went to greet the last guests.

Jim and Linda and Al and Kathy entered, completing the group for the evening. Tony passed out drinks to everyone, and in a little while the conversation began to loosen up.

After the second round of drinks, Tony said, “Okay, who’s for a swim?”

“That sounds delightful,” Jim’s sexy wife Linda said, “but I’ve got a problem. I forgot my bathing suit. Would anybody be too terribly offended if I swam in my panties and bra?”

“Are you kidding?” Tony said. “Please, be our guest!”

“Okay with you, hon?” Linda said to Jim, beginning to unbutton her blouse.

“Baby… I’m shocked,” Jim said kiddingly. “Actually, I’m as proud of your body as you are, so please… share it with our friends here, and show these assholes what they’re missing!”

Linda removed her clothes until she was standing in nothing more than a light beige bra and matching pair of transparent bikini panties. In the harsh light of the room, it was evident she was a brunette. Ringlets of dark, brunette pussy-curls crept out beyond each side of her panties, and her entire cunt could easily be seen through the thin material.

Beneath her sheer bra, her large nipples were also clearly visible, and as everyone watched, she slowly reached down and adjusted her panties so that some of her cunt-hair was exposed around the sides of the thin beige material.

Shaking slightly, in the silence of the room, she moaned quietly, and slowly rubbed the crotch of her silky panties across the wet opening of her cunt. Linda had an earthy, sensuous quality about her that never failed to attract men, and she was certainly attracting them now.

“Well, I’d say that certainly break the ice,” Kathy said. “Hope you guys don’t mind if I go in that way, too. I brought my suit, but what the hell…”

“Right on, baby,” Al said, beaming proudly as his wife began to also strip. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Kathy pulled her tee shirt up over her head, exposing her thinly covered tits, and quickly slipped out of her jeans. She was also a brunette. She stood, breathing deeply, next to her husband.

“Now those are what I call fine swim suits, don’t you think, guys? Looks like it’s your turn, babe,” Ken said to his young wife.

Everyone looked at Jan. She was the most beautiful in the group, but also the youngest and shyest, and her face was beet red.

“Oh, Kenny,” Jan mumbled. “I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.”

“Bullshit, Jan,” Ken said angrily. “When are you gonna grow up? We’re all friends here. Now take your clothes off like Linda and Jan, and let’s get into the pool.”

“Hey, Ken, it’s okay if she doesn’t want to,” Tony said. “Maybe she’d rather just watch.”

Ken glared at his wife, and she said meekly, “No, it’s okay. I’ll do it. As long as Kenny doesn’t care.”

Jan looked at her husband again, and slowly began to unbutton her blouse, revealing an incredible body. Like Jill, Jan was also a blonde, but with a younger, thinner waistline, and enormous tits. Unbuttoning the last button, she slowly pulled her blouse out of the waist of her jeans, trembling slightly, and let the blouse fall slowly to the floor beside her.

Her body was breathtakingly beautiful. Her underwire bra was a push-up model, and was almost totally see-through pale yellow lace, trimmed with white ribbons around the edges. Through the thin material, everyone could clearly see everything, and Jan’s face was now beet red.

Blushing, she lowered her jeans to reveal a pair of string bikini panties that were no more than two small pieces of transparent material held together by ribbons on each hip. And although they were transparent, no pubic hair was visible. Instead, it was obvious that Jan or someone had shaved all the hair off her cunt.

The puffy, wet lips of her pussy and her wet clit were showcased in the tiny, thin panties, and it was also obvious that, although very shy, Jan was also very excited. A dark stain was forming in the center of her puffy cunt-lips, which grew larger as she stood quietly in the light, letting everyone look at her almost nude form. The fragrance of her excitement was also evident as the tension in the room continued to grow.

“Spread your legs, honey,” Ken said, his hard cock poking straight out against the crotch of his jeans, as his eyes sparkled with the excitement of everyone seeing his beautiful young wife almost nude, following his commands. “Let them see your haircut.”

Slowly, with a little whimper, Jan did as she was told, and spread her legs wider, pulling the thin material deeper into her pussy, revealing the edges of her puffy cunt-lips glistening with her slippery juices as they poked out around the sides of her panties.

“Well hell,” Jill said, pulling off her tube top. “If she can go in like that, I might as well not even bother with a suit.”

Throwing her top on the sofa, Jill squeezed her bare tits, and stretched, sucking in her tummy as she slowly began to remove her tight jeans.

“Holy shit!” Ken moaned in admiration. “Oh man,” Al exclaimed. “Please… don’t stop now!”

Jill stared at Al as she rolled her jeans down off her legs, lifting first one foot out of them, then the other. She stood in her brief bikini panties in front of everyone, and no one spoke, as slowly, Jill began to roll the tiny panties down over her hips, revealing a brownish blonde line of cunt-hair that gradually formed the shape of a trim triangle.

As soon as she was totally nude, she turned and ran toward the pool, shouting, “Are you guys going to get undressed and join us in the pool, or just stand there staring? Come on in, the water’s fine.”

“Jill’s right,” Kathy said. “Come on. Last one in is a party popper.”

She turned and ran to the pool, diving in, followed quickly by the other girls, and in minutes all the men had stripped to their underwear and were also in the pool.

Sitting on Tony’s knee in the shallow end of the pool, Jill said, “Gee, baby, I hope we didn’t shock your friends too much.”

“It doesn’t sound, that way,” Tony said, feeling Jill’s tits as she stroked his hardening cock.

Shrieks of excitement filled the cooling night air as couples swam to each other, and wet bodies collided, accidentally at first, and then on purpose.

After a few more minutes of noisy frolicking, Jill said, “Okay everybody, it’s hot-tub time. Come on.”

Jill walked to the edge of the large hot tub next to the pool, where everyone joined her, laughing and giggling. Linda’s tits had fallen out of her bra and were hanging over the edge of the wet fabric. Jan looked totally nude, as though a skin of pale yellow had been painted over her tits and bare pussy. Only Kathy still remained relatively dressed.

Staring at the almost totally nude men and women standing next to her, Jill said, “Now we only have one rule here, so listen up. In our hot tub, not even underwear is allowed, so get out of those wet clothes, and come on in.”

Jill stepped into the hot tub, and watched, as one by one, all except Jan took off their remaining clothes, and gently tiptoed into the bubbling water of the hot tub.

“Kenny, honey,” Jan said hesitating, watching the rest of the group as they slid under the water. “Oh honey, you know how I get.”

“It’s okay, Jan. I don’t mind. It’s okay. Go ahead. Ready, baby. Do it.”

“Oh, Kenny…” Jan said, her eyes half closed, glazed with excitement as she started to unhook her bra.

“What the hell’s she talking about?” Jim said.

“Well, you guys don’t know it, but when she gets going, she can’t stop. Sex, I mean. She acts like a fucking nymphomaniac, and she’ll do anything anybody tells her. That’s how I met her. I was at a party at this guy’s house, and she was there, and somehow somebody got her hot, and she stripped and fucked about seven or eight guys before I took her home, right baby?”

Jan had taken the skimpy suit off, and was slowly stepping into the pool as Ken said, “Jim, go ahead, feel her up. One touch and she’ll fuck you so fast your cock won’t even know it had it.”

“Don’t mind if I do, partner,” Jim said, reaching over to pull Jan against his body.

Jan began to moan, rubbing her hairless cunt against Jim’s cock, kissing him, licking his face all over, flattening her tits against chest as she groped for his hard cock under the water. “Oh fuck me, fuck me, please!” Jill cried, gradually working his stiff prick inside her cunt.

“Oh, man, her pussy’s hotter than butter on a bowl of popcorn!” Jim moaned, pushing his cock deep inside the young girl’s cunt, fucking her roughly.

Tony reached for Linda, as Ken started fucking Kathy.

“Sit here, Al,” Jill said, pushing him onto the top step of the tub. “I’m going to suck you til you cum and cum and cum!”

She slowly slid her lips down the hot cockshaft, feeling the chlorine combined with the first drops of salty pre-cum seeping out the end of his cock. Slowly working her finger up inside his asshole, Jill felt the hard cock twitch several times, and heard his deep moan as his cum shot out into her mouth. Sucking gently, playing with herself with one hand as she fucked Al’s asshole with the other, she continued to trap the hot prick in her mouth until it finally quit spurting. Kathy slid over next to them, and was sitting on the edge of the pool, her legs spread, allowing Jim to suck her cunt as she watched her husband receiving the blowjob from Jill. Moaning loudly, she climaxed at the same instant as Al did, and the two of them kissed deeply, while around them the sounds and sighs of sexual fulfillment blended with the bubbling of the jacuzzi, urging them all to new heights of frenzied, uncontrollable sexuality.


“I think it’s time we took this party inside,” Jill said, wiping same of the excess cum off her chin. “Let’s go to our bedroom and, ah, see what comes up.”

Laughing, the group followed her into the house and into the sizeable master bedroom. “Okay,” Jill said. “Ken says that Jan here will do anything once she gets hot enough, isn’t that right?”

Jill looked directly into Jan’s eyes, and noticed the color filling the young girl’s cheeks. She touched Jan’s face lightly, stroking it. As everyone watched, Jill’s fingertips traced a path gently down over Jan’s lips to her chin, and then down to her erect nipples, rolling them around with her fingers, teasing her, getting her hot again.

“Ooohhhh, that feels… oh, Kenny, ohhh, make her stop,” Jan moaned, unable to move away from the insistent probing of Jill’s fingers as they made their way even lower, down across her flat, hard belly, to the tip of the opening of her hairless cunt, and finally across the wet, protruding clit. Jan wailed, obviously excited again.

“Do you like that, little one?” Jill asked, moving closer, so the two women’s tits rubbed together as she continued to masturbate the hot young girl.

“Oh God, I love it, Jill,” Jan said. “But it’s not right, it…”

Jill interrupted her protests by covering Jan’s mouth with her own, French kissing her deeply, finger-fucking her more rapidly now, her two fingers sliding in and out of the girl’s wet pussy with ease as the others looked on in anticipation of what Jill would do next.

“Come with me,” Jill said, leading Jan to the bed, forcing her to lie down with her head toward the foot of the bed, spread-eagled, nude, wet, and shivering from excitement.

Jill straddled Jan’s face, in a sixty-nine position, wiping her wet cunt over the girl’s checks, sliding it around until she found Jan’s soft lips, where she stopped.

Jan was so hot she immediately stuck her tongue as far up inside Jill’s pussy as it would go, fucking the older woman with it, lapping up her juices, nibbling on her clit. Through the haze of red-hot heat, Jan heard Jill begging someone to fuck her, and looking up, she saw a hard, thick cock begin to slide into Jill’s cunt. Not knowing or caring whose cock it was, Jan worked her tongue up to where she could lick the balls of the guy now fucking Jill.

“Oh you little cunt, you,” Jill said, looking behind her to see who was fucking her.

It was Jim, as she suspected, and his long, hard, experienced strokes were bringing her to a rapid climax. Turning around, Jill leaned down and buried her face in Jan’s cunt, hearing her childlike cries of unleashed passion, muffled by Jill’s pussy as she rubbed it roughly down over Jan’s mouth. Jim was fucking Jill faster and faster now, and she knew he was approaching orgasm.

“Wait!” she screamed, pulling away from him, rolling over so she was lying with her face next to Jan’s. “Come on us, come on our faces, please!”

Jill begged, masturbating furiously, hugging Jan, kissing her, licking the salty taste from Jim’s balls as he jerked-off above them.

“Baby, would you like more?” Tony asked, joining Jim, stroking his erect cock directly above the two women.

“You bastard, I’d love it if every one of you guys shot all over us. You would, too, wouldn’t you, little one?” Jill asked Jan, leaning over to lick the sweat from, her face.

Jan’s eyes were clouded over with lust, and she was babbling incoherently, mumbling over and over again. “Anything, anything, do anything, do it, do anything…” Jim’s cock began to erupt, slowly at first, a small gob of cum oozing out the end, dropping onto Jill’s forehead. Then a bigger spurt shot out, hitting her on the lips and mouth, and Jill went wild, licking her lips, raising her mouth to catch the rest. At the same time, her husband, Tony, also began to cum. Leaning forward, he held the tip of his cock just above Jan’s mouth letting the sperm shoot out onto her lips and into her open mouth.

“Oh God, that’s wonderful!” Jill moaned, lapping at the hot cum shooting out of Jim’s cock, catching it, rolling it around in her mouth, until he was finished.

Turning to watch her husband as he continued coating Jan’s face with his ejaculating jism, Jill looked at Tony for a moment. Each of them sensed the overwhelming excitement in the other, and as Tony squeezed the last few drops out of his cock onto Jan’s face, he said, “Baby, I love you so fucking much. You’re beautiful.”

Jill raised up on the bed, resting on her elbow as she watched the last sticky strand of cum break and fall onto Jan, and through lust-filled eyes, said, “I love you, too, Tony. For letting me do this.”

She slowly leaned down and began licking and sucking the still-hot cum off Jan’s face, gathering it in her mouth, waiting until she had collected all of it.

Her mouth full, she mumbled to the hot, twitching young girl, “Look what I have for you, baby. Open wide.”

Jan’s eyes barely opened, and she saw Jill begin to let the cum slowly drizzle out from between her lips into Jan’s mouth. As the first drops of the hot juice hit her on the lips, Jan opened her mouth as wide as possible, and stuck out her tongue as a target for Jill’s perverse game. Bending lower, Jill again kissed the open mouth of the beautiful, sweating young girl, both of them now fingering each other’s cunt, moaning loudly.

“Geez, Linda, if cum tastes that good, let’s try some ourselves,” Kathy said, getting down on her knees so she could suck Ken’s erect cock as he watched the spectacle.

“I think you’ve got the right idea, baby,” Linda said, positioning herself to begin blowing Al. “I’ll race you to see which one can make her guy come first.”

The next few minutes were filled with the noises of sucking and slurping lips, as Ken and Al allowed the women to use them in their contest. Eventually Ken came first, followed quickly by Al.

Kathy shouted, “I won, I won! But, ah, what did I win?”

“Anything you want, Kathy,” Linda said in a deep, sexy voice. “Anything you want.”

“What I want, I don’t think you’ll give me,” she said, beginning to slowly masturbate, looking at the shiny droplets of cum glistening on Linda’s face.

“Why, kitten? What do you want? I said you could have anything you wanted, and I meant it.”

“Go ahead, Kath,” Al told his wife. “You know you keep talking about it, but have never had the nerve to try it. Well, you’ll never get a better chance than right now.”

“What? Tell me?” Linda coaxed, continuing to watch as Kathy slid two fingers deep inside herself, fucking herself faster and faster, becoming more and more aroused each second.

“What I want, Linda, what Al is talking about, is, well, I’ve never had another woman touch me. Sexually, I mean, and I’ve always been curious about what it would feel like, and…”

Linda had crawled over to where Kathy was sitting against the bed, and interrupted her, saying, “Baby, just lie back and enjoy this.”

Getting down between Kathy’s sweaty thighs, Linda forced them as wide apart as she could get them, and slowly began to lick her way up into the hot crotch of her friend, eating it, licking gently at first, then pulling the pussy-lips apart, eating faster and pushing her tongue deeper inside Kathy’s fragrant cunt.

“Oh damn you taste good,” she moaned, “so salty, and you’re so juicy! I love it, love it!”

With a strangled moan, Kathy exploded into a trembling orgasm, squeezing her tits, her head flopping back and forth on her shoulders, her body twitching, as the pleasure continued to build. Linda kept it up, fucking Kathy with her tongue now, bringing her quickly to another, even bigger orgasm than the one before. And then, under the increasingly deeper probes from Linda’s tongue, Kathy was racked by the most intense orgasm she had ever known. She screamed at the top of her voice, and as she felt the world slipping away from her, her mind began to fog over, and she slipped into a luxuriously blissful sleep.


The noise of birds chirping gradually intruded into the dream Jill was having, causing enough confusion in her mind to wake her. Stretching slowly, Jill reached over to touch Tony, and found that he was already up and out of bed. The smell of hot coffee and the noise from eggs and bacon frying in the kitchen were the final incentives she needed to throw the covers back and get out of bed.

Jill walked into the kitchen nude, her long straight hair a mess, still caked with sperm from the orgy of the night before. She approached Tony, and pressed her body into his bare back, hugging him from behind.

“Oh baby,” he said, turning around to hold her as he kissed her lovingly. “That feels sooo nice.”

“But do you still love me, Tony?” Jill asked timidly. “I was such a slut last night. Do you care, baby? I’m sorry. I just got so fucking hot. Please don’t be mad at me. I couldn’t stand it if you were mad at me,” she begged, kissing his neck and shoulders, pressing her tits into his chest.

“Mad? Jill are you crazy? I loved what you did last night. All of us did. And we want to do it again and again, remember? Jill, baby, I did things, too, you know. I fucked other women, and let them suck my cock. Do you care about that?”

“Tony, darling, you know I don’t. I think we both should fuck or suck whomever we want, whenever we want. Just don’t ever leave me, okay, ’cause no other man would ever understand my needs like you do.”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ve got the world’s best little swinging cock-sucker for a wife, and I have no intentions of ever getting rid of her.”

“Good. Now I’m going to go shower, and you figure out what you want to do today.”

As they were finishing breakfast, it started to rain. Jill and Tony dressed casually, trying to decide how to spend the rest of the day.

“You know what I’d like to do, baby?” Tony asked.

“Probably. But tell me anyway, honey. I’ll do whatever you want. With anybody or anything, and I mean it. Make it nasty, okay? Something really sexy!” Jill answered, pinching her nipples through the thin pink tank top.

“Well… I was just wondering how you’d like to go to a dirty movie with me. Maybe we could get some ideas for you to try out. And maybe if you were real nice, I’d let you fuck somebody at the movie. How would you like that if I let you fuck a stranger in a porno movie house, or suck him off.”

“You bastard, Tony, you know that makes me hot. In fact, just thinking about it makes me want to go right now,” Jill answered, squeezing her tits harder.

“Let’s go, then,” Tony said, heading for the car, a smiling Jill following him.

On the way into Atlanta, Jill lifted her skirt and played with herself, letting Tony sniff her fingers, wet with the juice from her cunt. “You little cock-teaser. Now I am going to make you jack-off somebody, or maybe even suck them. I’m glad you wore a blouse that unbuttons, so I can show you off better.”

“Yes, master,” Jill teased as they pulled into the parking lot. “Whatever my big, handsome master wants, little Jill will do.”

They crossed the street, and went inside the theater. It was very dark, and they had to wait standing just inside the door until their eyes grew accustomed to it. Jill could hear a man next to them breathing real hard, and it sounded like he might be jacking-off. On the screen, a hard looking blonde was letting two guys come on her face, rubbing it around with their cocks, and Jill’s cunt immediately began getting wet with desire, wishing she were the woman in the scene in front of her.

Slowly, they went several rows down the aisle, and moved into the center seats. Jill went in first, moving over to sit next to a lone man, her heart beating a hundred miles an hour, remembering what Tony said he might let her do. God, just the thought of fucking a stranger in a porno movie set her pussy on fire.

As soon as she sat down next to him, the man straightened up, turning partially away from her, and he slowly took his hand out of the inside of his pants. Good, he’s playing with it. He’ll be hard, Jill said to herself. She leaned back, spreading her legs, letting her short skirt climb up her thighs.

The humidity in the theater from the damp day was making Jill feel sticky, and she could feel little droplets of sweat running down over her tits and stomach. Her full tits pushed against the thin material of her tank top, and her nipples were hardening from the sights and sounds on the screen, and from some of the men behind her who were obviously rubbing their cocks.

“Oh how I love this, baby.” Jill whispered to Tony. “I love the whole, nasty, dirty, perverted scene — the atmosphere of this dingy theater, the smell of it, and the things I think we’re going to do here. It’s making me so hot, I feel like I’ve pissed my panties.”

Jill jumped slightly as Tony put his hand on her thighs. Slowly, he moved it toward her crotch, pulling her skirt higher and higher, until he was touching her wet panties.

“Ohhhh, Tony,” Jill moaned, and the man next to her turned to look at her. She leaned her head back as Tony rubbed her, and slowly let her head fall toward the man next to her until it was resting on his shoulder. Then she looked up at him, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m so fucking hot right now I could explode.”

“Hmmmphhh,” the man said, and reached back into his pants again.

“You’re playing with your cock, aren’t you?” Jill breathed as Tony rubbed her clit openly.

“Ummmhhhmmm,” the guy moaned, looking at her tits and legs, watching as Tony rubbed her pussy. Jill was holding her skirt up to her waist now, above the top of her panties, and the guy could see everything she had.

“Is it hard?” Jill asked in a low voice, feeling her tits.

“Oh, yeahhh,” the guy answered blissfully. “Does it feel good to play with your cock while a woman you don’t know is sitting next to you getting her pussy rubbed?”

“Oh God yes, lady! It feels incredible! You are making me so hot I don’t think I can sit here much longer without touching you myself or coming in my pants.”

“Take it out for me,” Jill commanded. “If you do, maybe I’ll help you.”

“Oh God, yeahhh,” the guy moaned, and unzipped his jeans, reached in, and pulled out a huge cock, letting it swing back and forth. “Tony, look at that,” Jill said as her husband began pulling down her bikini panties.

Lifting up off the seat, Jill helped him, and in a second Tony had her panties in his hand, sniffing them.

“Look at this, fella,” Jill said, spreading her legs apart, pulling her cunt-lips wide open.

“Oh my God you’re beautiful! You’re fantastic!” He started to jack-off again.

“Would you like me to blow you?” Jill asked.

“Of course I would. But doesn’t that guy you came with care?” he asked, wondering what was up.

“He likes to watch,” Jill moaned, sliding down onto the sticky floor. “He’s my husband.”

Her mouth engulfed the man’s cock, sucking it in deeply.

“Oh shitttt!” the man moaned, a little too loudly, and the guy in the next row turned around to see what was going on. Jill’s head bobbed up and down, and the man Jill was sucking knew they were being watched, but didn’t care about anything, except the wonderful feeling this woman’s mouth was creating for him. “On God, lady, that’s beautiful, that’s that’s fantastic, but I’m gonna cum!” Jill looked up at him, slowly pulling his cock out of her mouth, licking the underside of it, rubbing it over her face.

“I want you to cum,” she breathed, jacking him off slowly. “I want you to cum all over my face, so it runs down my cheeks into my mouth. That way I can lick it, like a sucker, and eat your juice slower.”

“Ohhhhh I can’t stand it… here I come, take it, take it!” the guy moaned, and his cock started shooting big gobs of cum on Jill’s face. One spurt went across her forehead into her hair. She opened her mouth, and let it shoot onto her tongue, then pulled the prick onto her lips, and milked spurt after spurt of it out onto her face and tongue, until the guy almost passed out from pleasure. The man in the next row was staring at them intensely, not believing what be was seeing. He was the only one around them, as it was still too early for the afternoon crowd.

The guy Jill blew hurriedly zipped up when she finished, and almost ran out of the theater. Jill got up off the floor and sat back in her seat, kissing Tony deeply. “Oh God, Tony, that made me so fucking hot I came three times while I was sucking his cock. Oh, baby, that was so good, so good! I loved it!”

“Me too, you sexy slut. And remember what I promised you?”

“What?” Jill asked, excited.

“I promised you that if you were good, I might let you fuck someone at the movie. Well, do you still want to? Because if you do, I think our friend there staring at you would sure be interested,” Tony said, motioning to the guy in the next row who was still watching Jill.

“Ohhhh, Tony, I love you so much, baby! Can I, can I really? You don’t care Tony?”

“I want you to, Jill. Don’t you get it yet? It turns me on to see my wife used sexually by other men. I love it, love it! So invite him back here, and fuck him!”

Jill turned to the man, looked around and saw no one else paying attention to them, and said, “Come here, if you want some of this!”

She slowly raised her tank top until her bare tits were bouncing loosely. The guy was sitting next to her in a second, feeling her tits, pinching the nipples.

“My husband wants to watch you fuck me,” she said in a sexy voice. “If you want me, put your cock in me, and just fuck the juice out of me, okay?”

“Hhhm oh yeah! Oh yeah!” the man said, and instantly his cock was out of his pants and he was leaning over Jill in the seat, trying to get his cock into her pussy.

“Here, let me help,” Jill said, reaching down to slide his big cock into her. “Oh, that feels good. Oh, Tony, baby, kiss me while this guy fucks me, come on, baby, kiss me! Oh, Tony, his cock it so hard, he must have been playing with it all day, Tony, it’s so hard, and it feels like hot iron in my pussy.”

“Enjoy it, baby, you slut, you beautiful fucking wet-sucking slut. You are the hottest bitch in the world!”

“Ohhhh, God yesss, Tony, yessss! I am a slut. I know it, and love being one! Oh fuck me, you bastard, give me your big cock, fuck me, fuck me!” Jill screwed as the guy came in her cunt, lunging into her deeply with thrust after thrust, until both of them almost passed out from the pleasure of it.

Finally the guy got off her, and Jill sat back in the seat, her tits sweating and her pussy reeking from the fucking she had just received. A few more men were looking around now, wondering who the broad was that was making so much noise.

Tony said, “Let’s go, baby, I want to eat you when we get home.”

“Oh, yeah, I’d love that, Tony. Come on.” She got up to start out of the theater, giggling at the gasps coming from the men in the theater.

They walked into the lobby, and a couple of guys were just coming into the theater. One of them whistled, and Jill grinned at him. The other one said, “Jesus Christ, it looks like she’s got cum all over her face!”

“I have,” Jill answered, standing there, letting them look at her.

She turned and whispered something to Tony, and he grinned and said, “Sure, baby, if you want to, but where?”

Jill looked at the two men. “Would you guys like to get into something really kinky?”

Instantly they nodded. “Sure, you bet.”

Jill headed toward the men’s room, the men following her. They all went in and locked the door, and Jill kissed the first man deeply, plunging her tongue into his mouth. The strong smell of men’s urine permeated the air, turning her on even more. They started playing with her tits, and she took off her skirt and tank top.

Standing nude in front of them, she said, “What ever you want to do to me, you can. Just use me any way you guys want. I love anything. Do you understand what I’m saying, guys… anything!”

“Get on the, floor,” the second guy said. “Unless a little piss on your back bothers you.”

Jill shuddered from excitement, and lay down on the damp floor. It smelled like it hadn’t been mopped in a month, and something inside her snapped. She began fingering her cunt, plunging her fingers inside to get them wet from the cum of the guy who, had just fucked her, licking them dry, over and over again. “Well don’t just stand there jacking-off, make me do something. What else do you want?”

“Just this, baby,” the first guy said, and he lay on top of her, plunging his hard cock into her, ramming it into her. The other man and Tony were both jacking-off furiously, and the second man got down on one knee and pushed his cock into Jill’s mouth, pulling her face over toward him. As he did, Jill felt the wetness on the floor, cold on her check, the smell jolting her.

I’m laying in a puddle of piss, in the men’s room of a porno movie theater, letting a stranger fuck me while I suck his friend’s cock with my husband watching me. And I love it. She sucked gently, letting the guy fuck her mouth as his friend slid his cock in and out of her cunt. Quickly they were both cumming, shooting spurts of jism into her pussy and mouth. The guy she was sucking pulled out and giggled sadistically as his juice shot all over her face and into her hair while the other guy buried his prick into her until he finally stopped spurting.

“Thanks a lot, lady, you were great!” the first guy said.

“You can say that again,” his buddy said, zipping up his pants and leaving.

As the men walked away, Tony and Jill started laughing, and Jill got up, her ass and legs and face wet from the floor.

“Tony, before we leave, I want to do something I’ve always wanted to try,” Jill said, standing in front of the urinal.

“Anything, baby, anything you want,” Tony answered, watching as Jill started to pee, her I flow shooting into the porcelain on the wall.

“Ooohhh, that feels great, so kinky,” she moaned, watching Tony still jacking-off. “Oh, Tony, I’m out of control, baby, I want to do more, I need more sex, some more kinky perversions.”

She turned away from the wall as she continued to pee.

“Cum on me,” she said, lying down on the floor again, the last little bit of her pee running down her legs. “Do it, Tony, give it to me! Fuck my face!”

Tony’s cock swelled, and with a moan, he exploded cum all over her tits and stomach and face and pussy as Jill lay masturbating on the wet floor, every once in a while licking her fingers, moaning, and then continuing her masturbation again until she erupted into another intense orgasm.

Tony finished cumming, and looked at his sexy wife, all wet and sticky and breathing hard. “Jill, I love you, baby. I really do.”

He helped her up off the floor, and kissed her slimy lips gently. Jill put on her skirt and pulled her top over her wet body, her nipples showing through clearly as they walked out of the men’s room and theater to their car. Passers-by stared at the beautiful woman, her wet tank top accentuating the fullness of her beautiful tits, her face caked with sperm, and wondered who she was and why she had let someone do that to her.


The sky was gray and dreary as Jill stretched, and got out of bed. Tony had left for work, and Jill was just wondering what to do next, when the phone rang. It was Susie, Jill’s next-door neighbor and new friend, wanting her to come over for coffee and conversation.

“Love to,” Jill answered. “Be there in a jiffy.”

Susie was interesting. About the same age as Jill, she and her husband seemed to be a little strange, but Jill liked both of them, and their kids, Rick and Kim. Rick was a senior in the local high school, and Kim was a sophomore, but what a sophomore.

She had a better body than Jill, and although she seemed to be innocent enough on first meeting, she seemed to stare at Jill a lot, especially at Jill’s tits and crotch, almost in a sexual way. On the way aver to the house next door, Jill wondered if Susie knew about the party she and Tony had held that weekend. While the houses were quite far apart, they had made a lot of noise Friday night, and it was possible they could have been seen.

Jill rang the doorbell, and it opened almost at once.

“Hi, Jill, come on in,” Susie said, standing there in baby-doll pajamas. “Hope you don’t mind, but it was such a shitty day I just decided not to bother getting dressed.”

“No, ft’s fine,” Jul answered, noticing as the two of them walked into the kitchen, how easily Susie’s tits could be seen through the thin material.

They each had a cup of coffee, and as usual, the conversation eventually turned to sex, something Jill noticed before when talking to Susie.

“Oh I don’t know, Jill,” Susie said, stretching her arms above her head, exposing her bare tummy. “Sometimes I think Ricky should be getting laid at his age, but then I think about the fact that he’s my baby boy and I get jealous. You should see the way some of these girls dress when they come to go swimming. I can’t imagine how any young boy today could resist them, with their cute little tits and asses waving around almost nude in front of my son and husband, falling out of their bikinis half the time. I know it sure makes Ron horny. One afternoon of watching Rick and his friends, and Ron wants to fuck all night.”

Susie squeezed her crotch.

“Oh, I get so hot sometimes, Jill, that even at my age I occasionally have to do something about it myself, you know what I mean?”

Staring at Jill directly, Susie continued to casually rub her crotch.

“Do you think a thirty-year-old is too old to play with herself, Jill? Do you still masturbate?”

“Of course, Susie, don’t be silly. Everybody plays with them selves. And why not? What harm is there in getting yourself off? It’s your body, you should be able to do what you want with it.”

Little beads of perspiration lined Susie’s lips as she asked in a soft voice, “Does the fact that I’m rubbing myself right now in front of you bother you, Jill?”

“No,” Jill answered. “As a matter of fact, it’s starting to turn me on. You’re a very sexy woman, Susie, and you’ve got a great body. Would it bother you if I joined you?”

Jill reached down inside her jeans, into her panties, to feel her damp pussy.

Susie trembled slightly, reached out her hand for Jill’s. “Come with me. I knew you were as sexual as Ron and I. I want to show you something.”

Hand in hand, the two women went upstairs into the master bedroom, and then into one of the closets, at the back of which, behind several rows of Ron’s suits, was another door, with a combination lock on it. Grinning at Jill’s bewilderment, Susie quickly unlocked the small door, and told Jill to go in, and up the stairs.

A dark passageway opened to a narrow stairway, up to what must have been the attic at one time. Jill walked up the stairway, and entered the room, immediately stunned by what she saw. It was decorated like a dungeon, with a big, bare king-sized mattress in the middle of the room on the floor. Iron rings were attached to the walls, and chains hung down from them with handcuffs on the ends, and there were matching rings on the floor as well.

Whips and leather masks were hanging from hooks on the wall, over a table on which an incredible assortment of dildoes, vibrators, and artificial cocks were displayed. Surrounding the mattress on the floor, were more rings, two at each end, also with locking handcuffs attached to them. The mattress was filthy from what looked like semen and other stains, and a toilet stool and seats were built into the floor in the middle of the room next to the mattress. Mirrors were on the ceiling and walls, as well as four video cameras. Four old, vinyl recliners wine placed around the room, two on either side of the toilet stool, and two on the other side of the mattress.

“Well, darling,” Susie breathed deeply into Jill’s ear, “how do you like our hideaway playroom?”

“I… I don’t know what to say,” Jill said, feeling Susie pressing into her back, her hands reaching around in front to cup her tits.

“Do you want to play a little?” Susie said, licking the lobe of Jill’s ear, then inserting the tip of her tongue inside, driving Jill wild.

“Yessss!” Jill hissed, spinning around, deeply tonguing Susie’s open mouth. The women licked each other’s lips, and kissed for several minutes. Jill quickly took off her clothes, watching as Susie stripped out of her pajamas. “What do you want to do next?”

“Something nasty, Jill darling,” Susie moaned. “I like it when people do nasty things to me,” she continued, laying down on the mattress. “Very nasty things. Do you understand, Jill? I’m not normal. Ron taught me to enjoy a different kind of sex. I like… pain, Jill, and I like it when I’m made to do things people shouldn’t do. Will you think up something nasty to do to me, Jill? Please? To hurt me, or to… I don’t know, just use me. For anything, okay, Jill?”

Grinning, Jill began snapping the handcuffs on Susie’s outstretched arms and legs. “With me, you might have gotten into something more deviate than you bargained for, Susie.”

Jill looked down on the nude, captive woman. Kneeling down, squeezing Susie’s tits gently at first, Jill then pinched her nipples, harder and harder.

“Do you like that, slut?” Jill asked, watching Susie lift off the bed, trying to get away from Jill’s probing hands.

“Oh God, oh yes, hurt me like — ahhh, oh that hurts, like that, pinch them as hard as you can!” Susie screamed at the top of her voice.

“Do Rick and Kim know about this room?” Jill asked, reaching down to stroke Susie’s clit, inserting two fingers into the twitching woman’s hot pussy.

“I don’t know, I don’t think they’ve been up here, but they found the door, ’cause they asked us about it,” Susie moaned, crying out with passion.

“Have you fucked them, Susie? Your kids?” Jill asked, getting up off the floor, walking over to the table full of dildoes.

“No,” Susie answered meekly, watching Jill as she selected a ten-inch black, veined cock with elastic straps attached to it.

“Do you plan to introduce them to your private sex lives, Susie?” Jill asked, strapping on the dildo.

“I don’t know… we haven’t yet, but sometimes I think I’d like to. I think the kids are both as hot as Ron and me, and as oversexed and perverted as we are.”

Jill slid up between Susie’s outstretched legs, inserting the end of the black dildo into Susie’s pussy.

“Oh God that feels good!” Susie moaned. Jill slapped Susie’s face as she rammed the dildo as deeply into Susie’s cunt as she could. Susie screamed, trying to back away from the huge cock as Jill fucked her roughly with it.

“I asked you a question, bitch, and you didn’t answer me! Why do you say you think your kids are as oversexed as you and Ron?”

“Because, they do things together they shouldn’t,” Susie moaned, her head flopping back and forth on the mattress as Jill continued to fuck her, slowly now.

“Like what?” Jill asked, pinching Susie’s nipples again as she fucked her roughly.

“They… they go around in front each other in their underwear, and sometimes they… oh God, that feels wonderful, Jill, ohhhh… ah… sometimes I’ve seen them smell each other’s underwear while they masturbate!” Susie moaned, exploding into an intense orgasm.

“You’ve seen your children masturbating?” Jill asked, withdrawing the big cock, and taking it off.

“Yes,” Susie hissed. “I love to watch them. At first, they did it by themselves, but last week they did it together, to each other. I know it’s only a matter of time before they fuck.”

Rubbing her wet cunt as she straddled Susie’s face, Jill said, “Eat me! Pretend I’m Kimmy, sitting on your face, Susie. Suck it!”

Susie stuck out her tongue, and it felt like a hot poker on Jill’s clit as Jill rubbed her pussy back and forth across Susie’s mouth.

Leaning forward, Jill barely managed reach one of the whips hanging from the wall and jerked it down off its hook. Raising up, she turned around and sat back down on Susie’s face again, this time feeling the woman’s tongue sliding up into the crack of her ass. Gently at first, Jill whipped Susie across the tits and stomach, just hard enough so it would sting, not hurt the hot woman.

“You’re doing a good job, Susie. You must want to eat your daughter’s pussy. You do, don’t you, you little slut?” Feeling Susie’s tongue ram deeper into her asshole, Jill hit her again, this time across her thighs.

Again Susie’s tongue shot up into Jill’s ass. “You want to suck your son’s cock, too, don’t you, Susie? Admit it, you bitch,” Jill moaned passionately.

Reaching down, Jill began playing with herself as she developed a pattern of whipping Susie, gradually going faster and faster, in time with her approaching orgasm. Just before she exploded with pleasure, Jill hit Susie as hard as she could cross the tits, stomach and thighs, each stroke drawing little thin lines of blood, each time feeling Susie cry out in pain and pleasure as she licked Jill’s ass and pussy as fast as she could. The intensity of her orgasm forced Jill to collapse across the hot, sweating, bleeding body of her friend, and Susie continued to lick and suck her gently, as Jill floated gradually into a deep, blissful sleep.


“Mrs. Durand! Mom! What’s going on here?”

Jill awoke with a start, and looked up to see Rick and Kim standing at the entrance to the stairway of the attic dungeon.

“Rick! Kim! When did you two get home?” Jill asked, getting off Susie’s still-captive body.

“Mom! What did she do to you?” Kim yelled, noticing the traces of blood smeared across the whip wounds on her mother’s nude body.

“You bitch!” Rick screamed, grabbing Jill roughly by the shoulders, shaking her violently, his face red with rage.

“Rick, stop it! She loved it! She begged me do to it. Ask her yourself.”

Rick stopped instantly, as though he had beat, punched in the stomach.

Looking down at the red-faced nude woman, Jill said, “Tell him, Susie. Tell him what you like, what you want him to do to you, and what you want from Kim. Go for it, Susie. Make it happen, for all of us. I bet they’d love it as much as we would.”

“What’s she talking about, Mom,” Rick amid, looking at the two nude women differently now, an erection starting to cause his young cock to push against the side of his tight jeans.

“Oh, Ricky, baby,” Susie said softly. “I didn’t want you to find out this way, honey. But now that you have, it’s true, what Jill said. I think you ye always known how much your mother loves sex, haven’t you?”

“Well, gee… yeah, sure, I guess so. You and Dad have never tried to keep very quiet at night, and it’s pretty obvious you have a good time with each other in bed.”

“More than a good time, Rick. We love sex. And not just ordinary sex. Different things, things that excite us beyond our wildest dreams. Oh baby, I’m sorry, but your mother is one of those women who just can’t seem to say no. To anything. I know you probably can’t understand, and I don’t know how to explain it to you.”

“But she can show you, Rick,” Jill said, standing proudly naked in front of the boy, enticing him, seducing him, her long legs spread, her hand on her hip, tits extended straight out in front of her, pointing at him. “You want to know what’s going on here, Rick? Well I’ll tell you.”

Jill walked slowly toward Rick, staring at his cock, watching it turn to iron trying to break through the sturdy denim fabric.

“I’ve been sitting on your mother’s face so she could suck my pussy, Rick. And do you know what? She’s very good at it.” Turning to Kim, Jill said, “I told her to pretend I was you, Kimmy, and every time I did, I felt her tongue go into me deeper.”

“Ohhh, you make me so hot, Mrs. Durand,” Kim groaned, her nipples hardened against the thin tee shirt she was wearing.

“Me too,” Rick said, adjusting big cock so it could curl up the side of his legs. The huge cock formed a bulge all the way up to and underneath his belt, and Jill knew she had to have it.

“Rick… Kim…” Jill said slowly, looking at each of them in turn. “I think you’d like to be doing more here than just watching, isn’t that true? Wouldn’t you like to fuck somebody, Rick? I know you’d like him to fuck you, wouldn’t you Kim? I’m right, aren’t I? You’ve already played with his cock. Now you’d like to suck it, and to feel it sliding up inside your pussy, wouldn’t you? Admit it.”

“How… how did you know about us?” Kim asked, startled.

“Kim, shut up!” Rick commanded instantly. “It’s okay, Rick,” Jill said, putting her arm around his waist, pressing her bare tits into his chest. “Your mom saw you and told me.”

She slowly moved her hand over his hard cock through the cloth of his jeans, feeling it twitch each time she rubbed it up and down.

“You saw us, Mom?” Rick asked. “You saw Kim and me?”

“Yes, baby. The last time your dad went out of town. I almost came in and joined you, and it made me so fucking hot I masturbated all night after you went to bed. And I want you to know something. It’s okay. Really. Anything you want to do in this house is okay, Ricky.”

“Like this, Rick,” Jill said, kneeling before the young man, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his fly. “Just like this.”

“Oh, Mrs. Durand, oh my God, that feels nice,” he said as Jill’s wet lips encircled the head of his cock, her tongue darting out, licking over the opening in the end of it, tasting droplets of salty pre-cum, flipping the cock with her tongue one moment, licking slowly the next, her thumb rubbing the big vein on the underside as his cock continued to grow even bigger.

“Ohhh, I want to do that, too?” Kim cried out, ripping the tee shirt off over the top of her head, quickly pulling off her jeans and her bra and panties.

“Kneel down here, Rick, on the floor next to your mother,” Jill said, leading him by the cock over to where Susie still lay, shackled and panting with excitement.

Susie’s eyes glazed and fluttered as she stared at her son’s huge thick cock, watching it coming closer and closer to her face and mouth.

“That’s right. Now you, Kim. Lay down across your mother’s tin, like this, that’s right, with your face next to hers.” Satisfied that she had them arranged the way she wanted, Jill said, “Now suck your brother’s cock to get it nice and wet, and then put it into your mother’s mouth, Kim.”

“Aaahhhh!” Rick moaned, feeling his sister’s mouth sliding over his hot cock. “Oh, Sis, that feels wonderful! I’m so hot I think I’m gonna explode!”

“Let him, Kim,” Jill said, masturbating furiously now, watching the players in her depraved production, her eyes half closed, crazed with lust. “When you feel the first spurt shoot out, take his cock out, and make him cum all over your mom’s face!”

Jill shook violently, selecting a long, double-ended dildo from the table, sliding it up inside her cunt. Walking behind Kim, she leaned over the beautiful young nude body of the girl, and positioned the dildo at the opening of the girl’s pussy.

“Here comes paradise, sweetheart,” Jill said, slowly sliding the artificial cock into the girl’s wet cunt, feeling her pressing back against it, driving the end inside Kim deeper and deeper.

“Oooohhh God that… feels sooo fucking good!” Kim moaned, watching as her brother began to explode in orgasm.

“Oh, Sis, here it comes, here it comes!” Rick shouted, pushing his hips against his sister’s face.

Jill watched as Rick’s balls contracted and twitched, watched as Kim opened her lips to let a mouthful of cum slither out onto her mother’s face, watched as Rick’s cock continued to shoot gob after gob of glistening juice onto Susie’s mouth and waiting tongue.

Rick moaned with every spurt, jerking his hips forward, cumming and cumming until Jill thought every drop of fluid in his body must have come out through the end of his prick. Kim sucked the softening cock back into her mouth again, until gradually, Rick stopped twitching and shaking, and his cock grew softer, finally slipping out of his sister’s wet mouth.

Kim was playing with herself now, delirious from the fucking she was getting from Jill, and obviously still very hot.

“Lick it, Kim! Lick it off your mother’s face! Eat it, all of it,” Jill said in a throaty, dirty voice, as she rammed the dildo roughly into the girl’s cunt. “Taste it, and push it into your mother’s mouth with your tongue!”

Jill watched as the young girl did as she was told, and when she was sure she was ready to cum, Jill fucked her as fast as she could, fucking herself at the same time, feeling the approach of another fantastic orgasm. Pulling out quickly, Jill positioned herself behind Kim’s ass, and began licking her cunt and asshole.

“Aaahhh!” Kim screamed, jumping as though she had been branded. She flopped into the air, and over onto her back, grabbing Jill fiercely by the hair, yanking her head as hard as she could into her pussy. “Oh yes, suck me, suck me, eat me, eat my cunt, my fucking wet hot cunt!”

Kim screamed, wrapping her legs around Jill’s head, pushing her pussy into Jill’s face so hard her pelvis hit Jill like a fist. Jill had to grab onto the girl’s ass to keep from being bucked off the bouncing cunt, and her face slid all around the juicy opening, the girl’s wiry pussy-hair burning Jill’s face as Kim continued to twitch and press as hard as she could against Jill’s determined, probing tongue.

Jill could see Rick’s cock hardening again as he began to play with himself, the lust blazing in his eyes, watching his sister being tongue fucked by their beautiful, sexy next-door neighbor.

As soon as his young cock was sticking straight out again, Jill forcefully pulled herself away from Kim, ignoring the young girl’s screams telling her to not stop. Jill threw Kim to the floor, staring at Rick’s cock as the young girl lay trembling, three of her fingers buried inside her pussy, rubbing and fucking herself as fast as she could, her head flopping wildly from side to side, her body twitching.

“Fuck her, Rick, right now! Do it! Bury your cock in your sister’s pussy!”

“Oh yes Ricky, do it, do it, do it!” Kim screamed, looking up, watching as her brother approached, his cock jerking without being touched, juice oozing from the tip.

Bending over his young sister, Rick reached down and gently stroked her tits, their fullness quivering like jelly at his touch. Kim lay on the floor, crying now from excitement, the tears streaming down her cheeks, her fingers tearing at her pussy, both hands rubbing as hard as she could, waiting for the approaching cock. Rick positioned the tip of his cock at the opening of her wet cunt-slit.

“Open it for me, Kimmy, pull your pussy apart so I can slide my cock into you,” Rick said. Kim screamed again, spreading her cunt as wide open as possible, lifting her ass up off of the floor, into her brother’s cock, forcing the cock-head inside her. “Fuck me you bastard, Rick! Fuck me, fuck me, Rick. Do it to me, now… harddd!”

“That’s it, Rick, fuck her, fuck the shit out of her!” Jill screamed, leaning over to kiss Kim’s panting mouth.

Kim groaned, frenching Jill deeply as Susie begged to be freed. Jill backed off Kim’s mouth, and the girl screamed as loudly as she could, animalistic sounds, eerie sounds, like a cat.

“Enough, you bastard!” Jill screamed, grabbing Rick by the hair, pulling him roughly off Kim.

“Nooo, I’m not through yet! I was just ready to cum!”

“I know, Ricky, but it’s your mother’s turn, and then me,” Jill said, pushing him over onto Susie’s hot, sweating body.

As Rick crawled into position over his mother, Jill embraced Kim from behind, feeling the girl’s tits and pussy, stroking her, tonguing her ear, keeping her simmering for more action as they watched the depraved incestual scene before them.

Rick squeezed Susie’s tits roughly, and in a singe thrust, buried his huge nine-inch prick inside his mother.

Susie screamed, pumping her cunt up off the mattress into her son as fast as she could, driving his cock into her deeper and deeper, her orgasm approaching so fast she felt like someone had ignited a fire in her pussy. “Oh God, it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful! Fuck me, Ricky. Fuck me!”

“Yeeesss!” Rick screamed, emptying his load deep inside his mother’s cunt, pounding into her, raping her, spurting into her all the hot juice his young cock could create. Rick continued to move in a fucking motion, even after they both had climaxed, and his cock had slipped out of the sloppy wet pussy, leaving a little trail of sperm running down her thighs, adding one more puddle of cum to the dirty mattress.

Kim was still burning with passion, her eyes blazing as her body twitched and jerked with every stroke of Jill’s fingers.

“Do you want to do something else, Kimmy?” Jill whispered into her ear, licking it, inserting her tongue inside it, feeling the girl’s body shuddering against her own.

“Yesss!” Kim hissed. “Tell me! Anything! What? What can I do?”

“Lay on your mother, with your pussy over her face, and eat her cunt. Go on, do it. Taste your brother’s cum-juice, Kim. Enjoy it. And get him hard for me,” Jill said in a sadistic husky voice, watching as the girl instantly obeyed.

Lying down with her head on Rick’s thigh, Jill said, “Watch them, Rick. Your sister is going to suck your cum out of your mother’s pussy. See how her tongue is working its way into your mother’s cunt, Rick? Look, see how the juice from your mother’s cunt mixed with your cum is getting your sister’s face all gooey, Rick?”

Jill could see the effect her words and the women’s actions were having on the young stud, as once again his cock started to harden.

“That’s a good boy, Rick,” Jill said, reaching over to hold his stiffening cock. “That’s real nice. Get it hard for me. If you do, I’ll let you put it in my ass, Rick. Would you like that, Rick? Would you like to fuck me in the ass?”

“Oh yeah!” Rick moaned, feeling Jill’s tongue on his prick again as she licked the wet cock, tasting and smelling the juice from Kim and Susie on it, her own excitement building again. Rick moaned as his cock continued to harden, until it was again ready for fucking.

“Now, Rick, fuck my ass now!” Jill said, positioning herself in front of him on her elbows and knees, her face between Susie’s legs, almost touching Susie’s pussy where Kim was still lapping eagerly. “Slide it in me, Rick. Fuck me in the ass!”

With a hard lunge forward, Rick buried his cock inside Jill’s asshole, feeling the tightness there, feeling how much harder the edges of Jill’s asshole were than the sides of his mother’s and sister’s cunts, enjoying the feeling, especially when Jill tensed the muscles of her ass, like hands gabbing his cock, forcing him to fuck her harder.

Jill moaned over and over, the odor from Susie’s pussy stimulating her sexually even further, driving her deeper and deeper toward the edge of insanity.

“I’m gonna cum again!” Rick screamed, pounding into Jill, ramming his cock into her asshole as hard as he could, knocking her into Susie and Kim as he shot his wet load into Jill’s ass, his cock pumping by itself now, squirting into her, spurt after spurt, until gradually it stopped, softened and slid out.

“Now do me, Kimmy!” Jill moaned in a nasty voice, rolling Kim over onto her back. “Now suck your brother’s cum out of me, little baby!”

Jill squatted over the girl’s open mouth, facing the girl’s pussy, watching as she played with herself. Jill knelt down until her ass was almost touching Kim’s face, and again began to masturbate, slowly, watching as Rick’s cum began to slither down onto Kim’s lips and mouth, watching the girl twitch as the first strand of cum hit her face, hearing her sharp hiss as she masturbated harder, lifting her head up off of the floor to cover Jill’s wet asshole with her eager mouth.

With a sigh, Jill sat down gently, letting Kim explore her asshole, feeling the tongue as it wormed its way deep inside her ass, feeling her sucking the juice Rick had put there, watching as again the girl erupted in orgasm, her young hands flying over and inside her pussy, her body twitching off the floor as she continued to eat Jill while she brought herself and Jill to orgasm for the last time.

Together they lay, hugging one another, their nude, wet, sweating bodies reeking of sex, fully satisfied, their minds drifting, floating dreamily on a sexual high that each of them knew would not likely ever be reached again. Until next time!


“You mean to tell me Rick fucked all three of you? Even his mother?” Tony said in disbelief.

“That’s right, baby. He’s got quite a cock, too. You should see it. But I think you’d be a lot more interested in his sister. She’s incredible, Tony.”

“You don’t have to tell me how she’s built,” Tony interrupted. “I get a hard-on every time I see that girl. Now I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll probably cum the next time I see her! Jesus, what a fox!”

“And as hot as any woman I’ve ever known, Tony. She and her mother will both do anything. All I had to do was tell them what I wanted, and they did it. Really. They’re like little sex slaves. They want to be made to do nasty things, darling. Just like your wife!”

“When can we join them?” Tony asked, rubbing his cock eagerly.

“As a matter of fact, Kim is coming over to spend the night tonight. I hope you don’t mind?” Jill said casually. “Susie wanted to spend the night alone with Rick while Ron is out of town. I told her Kim could stay with us, okay?”

“You little vixen. Of course it’s okay. When’s she coming?” Tony was obviously excited.

“Why, darling, I do believe your cock is getting hard.” Jill laughed. “I expect her any minute. She said she wanted to shower and put on some thing sexy for you. She wants to fuck you, honey. And I want to watch!”

Jill stroked her pussy, watching as Tony’s cock began to harden noticeably.

“Oh, baby, you’re the greatest wife any guy could ever have, you know that?”

“And you, my darling, are the greatest husband. How many guys would get turned on by their wife telling them they’d just been fucked by someone else? No, my pet, I think I am the lucky one. Why don’t you call Jim and Linda and see if they’d like to come out for a little partying tonight?”

“Great idea,” Tony said, “I’ll do it right now.”

Jill was just finishing up in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. It was Kim. “Hi, Mrs. Durand. Does Mr. Durand know I’m coming? Is it okay?”

“Kim, come in. Of course it’s okay. He was delighted, and so am I. You are in for a fun evening, baby.”

Kim was wearing a very thin, pale yellow tank top, with a pair of baby blue satin jogging shorts, cut very high up the sides. I can’t wait for Tony to see this, Jill thought, admiring the full, lush body of the teenager.

“Jill, was that the doorbell?” Tony said, walking into the room. “Oh wow! Hi, Kim. How are you?”

Tony was once again impressed with the stark sensuality of the young girl. Her tits were unnaturally large for a teenager, and she had the freshness and youthful tan of a typical Miss America contestant, with shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, and full red lips. This body was built for fucking, Tony thought, as he looked at the girl from head to toe. She’s incredible!

“It’s nice to see you again, Mr. Durand,” Kim said shyly, her eyes dropping sensually, slowly moving down to his crotch.

“Honey, were you able to get Jim and Linda?” Jill asked.

“Well, yes and no. I talked to Linda, but I forgot, Jim is out of town until Friday. However, Linda was very interested in coming out, but her kid sister and her boyfriend are visiting her tonight, and she wondered if we would mind if she brought them along. I said no, as long as she knew what we had in mind, which of course, she does. Okay with you?”

“You stud, you!” Jill laughed. “Of course it’s okay. You don’t mind, do you Kim? If we have a couple of other playmates over?”

“Oh. Yeah sure — I mean, no… I don’t care,” Kim said, disappointment written all over her face.

“I think you’ll still have a good time, Kim,” Jill said, putting her arm around Kim’s shoulder. “I promise, you’ll be the first one to get to fuck my husband.”

“Oh, Mrs. Durand!” Kim said, her face coloring instantly.

“Won’t she, darling?” Jill said.

“Wild horses couldn’t stop that from happening, Kim. I promise,” Tony said, walking over to the red-faced girl. “In fact, I’d like to do it right now.”

“Ohhhh God, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Kim said, moaning, pressing her tits into Tony as he put his hands on her shoulders. “I just want to play with myself or fuck all the time. My mom thinks Ricky and I just play with each other, but I’ve been sucking his cock for ages. And God, I love it. Mr. Durand, I’ll do anything you want. Anything.”

Leaning over, Tony kissed Kim softly, feeling her quiver with excitement. “Let’s have some champagne fast, to celebrate our newfound fun, okay?”

“Darling, that sounds wonderful,” Jill said, laughing at Kim’s frustration. “You go get it, and Kim and I will plan our strategy for seducing Linda’s sister and her boyfriend.”

As they were finishing their first glass of bubbly, the doorbell rang again, and it was Linda, her sister Ronnie, and a guy named Chet, Ronnie’s boyfriend.

“Hi, you guys,” Linda said, walking into the livingroom. As usual, she looked terrific, and was wearing a string bikini, with an open cotton shirt over it, her black hair partially hiding the big hoop gold earrings in her ears.

“Tony, Jill, I’d like you to meet my kid sister, Ronnie, and her friend, Chet,” Linda said as the young couple followed her into the house.

Ronnie had jet-black hair, like her sister, but with deep blue eyes, and what appeared to be a great body. She was wearing a loose, preppy pink cotton dress with a belt around the waist and pink ribbons in her twin pony tails. Chet was dressed as conservatively as Ronnie, in khaki’s, a pink Polo shirt, and loafers.

“This might not be as easy as we thought, baby,” Tony whispered to Jill, watching the preppy-looking kids as they stared at Kim.

“Bullshit,” Jill whispered. “Trust me. Ronnie is hot, believe me.” Putting her arm on Kim’s shoulder, Jill said aloud, “And Linda, this is Kim, our next-door neighbor’s daughter. She’s spending the night with us.”

“Really. How fun,” Linda said, appraising the young girl, staring directly at her, watching her turn away, blushing. “How old are you, my dear?”

“Eighteen,” Kim said softly, aware that the older woman was staring at her seductively.

“Why you’re three years younger than Ronnie, but you look almost the same age. You’re very mature for your age, aren’t you?”

Linda teased, staring at Kim’s nipples.

“I… I guess so,” Kim said timidly, embarrassed to be the center of attention.

“Isn’t she darling, Ronnie?” Linda said, noticing her sister’s interest in the beautiful young girl.

“What… oh, yes. Yes, she is, isn’t she, Chet. Very pretty,” Ronnie answered, continuing to stare at Kim, noticing how far the girl’s nipples protruded out from her tits against the thin tank top.


“What… oh, thank you, Mr. Durand,” Ronnie said, taking the glass of champagne handed to her.

“Are you okay, dear?” Jill said, feeling Ronnie’s forehead. “You seem to be a little feverish. It’s so hot today. How about a swim?”

Jill slowly stripped off her clothes to reveal a thin, light beige one-piece leotard.

“Oh, no, thank you, Mrs. Durand,” Ronnie said, blushing. “I… that is, we, didn’t bring suits with us to Linda’s house, but you all go ahead. We can sit by the pool. Isn’t that right, Chet?”

“Oh, sure pumpkin. Whatever you say,” Chet answered meekly.

“Well, let’s go then,” Tony said, leading every one out to the pool. On the way, in a low voice he said to Linda, “Hey, babe, your sister is a good-looking woman, and I think she might even have a great body, but it’s hard to tell. She’s really conservative, huh? And where’d she get the wimp?”

“She’s always liked the non-macho preppy types. She can control them, and she likes that. And she’s always been conservative. There’s something there, but I’m just not sure what. I’m pretty sure she masturbates, because sometimes I think I can hear her when she stays over, but…”

“Well, we’ll see tonight.”

“Just take it easy on her, okay? I know she needs a good fuck, but I don’t want to hurt her, you know what I mean.”

“Sure, Linda, don’t worry. We’ll break her in real gentle.”

“Oh, Chet, look,” Ronnie said, gazing at the pool and hot tub. “Isn’t this divine? Oh, Mrs. Durand, your pool and hot tub are just too much.”

“Thank you, Ronnie,” Jill said. “We like it. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to join us for a dip?”

“Oh, I truly would love to, Mrs. Durand, but, well, we just don’t have our suits, and I guess we’ll simply have to pass this time. It surely is hot, though, and that water does look so nice.”

“Well I’m not passing,” Linda said, stripping off her shirt and heading for the diving board and diving in.

As Linda came up from under water, one of her tits fell out of her small bikini top, and she stood there brushing her hair back out of her eyes.

“Linda!” Ronnie screamed. “You’re exposed! For God’s sake, cover up!”

Looking down innocently, Linda casually cupped the full tit and inserted it back into the wet, skimpy bikini, the slinky material barely covering half of her tit, making her even more erotic-looking than before.

“Sorry,” she teased, grinning at her sister’s embarrassment and the boyfriend’s obvious erection. “Why, Chester, as Mae West used to say, is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

Glaring at her sister, Ronnie said, “Lin, please! And you don’t have to look at her like that, Chet!”

“I… I’m sorry, pumpkin,” he mumbled, his face red, leaning forward slightly to try to hide his hard cock which seemed to extend down well past the crotch of his baggy pants.

“How about it, Kimmy?” Tony said as Jill dove gracefully into the pool. “Let’s join ’em.”

Stripping off his shirt and pants, Tony went to the board dressed only in a pair of men’s yellow bikini underpants, bounced twice, and dove in.

“Oh shit, that feels so great!” he exclaimed, breaking the surface of the water near Jill and Linda.

“It’s like heaven, Ronnie. You guys should come in,” Jill added. “Come on, Kim.”

“I… I don’t have my suit either, Mrs. Durand,” Kim said meekly.

“So what. Swim in that,” Jill said, encouragingly. “They’ll dry.”

“Well… okay,” Kim said, stepping to the board. With the setting sun behind her, as she raised her hands above her head in preparation for her dive, both Ronnie and Chet could see perfectly the outline of her full tits.

“She’s… ah… really pretty, huh, pumpkin?” Chet said, his voice cracking as he tried to speak.

“She sure is,” Ronnie said, watching as Kim dove into the water, gliding silently to the end of the pool where the others were standing.

Kim came up out of the water, and her tits were totally exposed, as were Jill’s. On each of the sensuous female bodies, the thin, wet material of their clothing emphasized the fullness of their tits. It stretched and stuck to them, little wrinkles calling attention to their size, and water droplets falling from their faces, running down into their open necklines, over wet expanses of shining flesh, sliding down to large, clearly visible nipples.

“Sure you wouldn’t like to join us, Ronnie?” Jill said again. “You seem to be built about like me. Come on, I’ll loan you one of my suits.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t leave Chet the only one not having fun,” Ronnie said halfheartedly.

“Nonsense. If I know anything about college boys, he’s probably wearing a pair of those big old boxer shorts with all the plaid on them, aren’t you, Chet?”

“Ah — well, gee, yes, ma’am, I am, but how’d you know that?”

“Auntie Jill sees all and knows all, Chet!” Jill smiled. “And Auntie Jill suggests you simply take off those khaki’s and that little Polo shirt of yours, and go in in your shafts.”

“Oh, Chet!” Ronnie said. “Go ahead! They must cover you down to your knees, for God’s sake. No one will see anything, Chester.”

“Ah, well, okay Ronnie, whatever you say, but you will have to turn around until I get into the pool.”

Laughing, Linda said, “Okay, Chet. We won’t look, I promise.”

“And you, young lady, come with me,” Jill said to Ronnie, taking her by the hand, leading her to the bedroom.


“Gee, this is awful nice of you, Mrs. Durand,” Ronnie said, noticing the patch of blonde fuzz hanging down outside of Jill’s leotard.

“Believe me, Ronnie,” Jill said, staring directly into Ronnie’s eyes seductively, “the pleasure is all mine.”

In the bedroom, Jill said, “Now let’s see. Take off your dress, Ronnie, so I can get a better idea of which suit to lend you.”

“Oh that’s okay, Mrs. Durand,” an embarrassed Ronnie muttered, her cheeks coloring instantly. “Any old thing will do. I’ll just take it in the bathroom and change.”

“Nonsense, Ronnie,” Jill said, a slight smile crossing her lips. “It’s just us girls here, right. Nothing to be bashful about, now is there? Go on, now. Take off your dress.”

Biting her lip, feeling the heat building in her pussy, Ronnie turned her back to Jill, undid the belt at the waist, and reached behind her to begin to unzip her dress.

“Here, Ronnie, let me help you with that.” Jill breathed in the girl’s ear, her hands covering Ronnie.

For a full moment, neither of them did anything. Finally, with a sigh, Ronnie let go of the zipper, and felt Jill slowly pulling it down her back, all the way to the bottom. Then she felt Jill’s cold hands on her shoulders, slowly sliding the dress over them, too slowly.

Ronnie felt the dress fall to the floor, felt Jill’s hot breath on the backs of her legs as Jill bent down to pick it up, felt Jill’s cold cheek brush against the back of her thigh.

“Step out of it, Ronnie,” Jill said, breathing in the smell from Ronnie’s pussy. “That’s right. Oh Ronnie, you have such pretty underwear. And you have a very beautiful body. Here, turn around, let me look at you. Oh my. You certainly have a nice body, don’t you? Now let’s see,” she said, looking through her drawer for a certain bathing suit. “How about this! Try this on, but first, get out of that nice underwear. We wouldn’t want to get all that lovely lace all wet, would we?”

Shaking, Ronnie reached behind her back, her full tits half spilling out of the front of her bra as Jill approached her slowly, this time reaching around the trembling young girl from the front, her arms encircling Ronnie, touching her sides, as Jill’s tits barely rubbed against Ronnie’s.

“Let me help you again, Ronnie,” Jill said, her face inches from Ronnie’s as she slowly unhooked the girl’s bra, staring deeply into Ronnie’s eyes, seeing the passion there, knowing again that she had been right about the girl’s sexual interest in women. With a silent smile, Jill removed the bra, pulled it away from Ronnie’s sweating tits, and threw it on the bed. Not backing away, Jill said in a deep, breathy voice, “Can you do your panties by yourself, Ronnie, or would you like me to help with them, too?”

“No… I… I can… manage,” she answered, reaching down, sliding them over her hips, rolling them past the thick patch of dark black pubic hair, past the wet opening, to her knees.

“That’s right, Ronnie,” Jill said, watching, staring at the girl’s magnificent nudity. “You are a lovely thing, aren’t you?”

Jill softly stroked Ronnie’s cheek with the back of her hand, watching as Ronnie closed her eyes, feeling the quickness in her breathing, inhaling deeply the musky odor from the girl’s cunt.

“Here, put this on, and let’s go join the others,” Jill said, watching as Ronnie wiggled into the skimpy suit. Consisting of three white triangles, and some string, it barely covered any part of Ronnie’s voluptuous body, and she looked even sexier in it than she had naked.

“Oh, Mrs. Durand, this isn’t big enough. I can’t go out there like this,” she protested.

“Nonsense,” Jill said. “You look extraordinary. You should be proud of a body like that, Ronnie. Really. God has given you a beautiful body, and you should let people see it, appreciate it.”

Rejoining the others, Jill said, “Well, everyone, how does she look?”

Silently, Ronnie stood in front of the group, feeling their eyes burning into her, embarrassed beyond belief, humiliated, wanting to die, until she could stand it no longer. She ran to the edge of the pool and dove in, a racer’s dive, and swam back and forth for as long as she could, wanting her lungs to burst, wanting to swim so long no one would be there when she surfaced.

Finally, she had to breathe, and she came up out of the water, not knowing where, and found herself next to Kim. The young girl’s stark sensuality was overpowering, and she wanted her so badly her limbs ached…

“You’re beautiful,” Kim said, simply, water dripping off her, innocent but seductive face, her eyes telling Ronnie everything.

Then she felt Kim’s thighs touching her own under the water, felt the girl’s hand on her waist, saw the lust in Kim’s eyes, and knew she was powerless to stop this girl from doing whatever she wished. It was all she could do to keep from screaming out her passion as. Ronnie felt Kim’s fingers on her hard belly, felt them flatten out, rubbing her, lower and lower, to the top of the flimsy bikini bottom, reaching tower and lower, until they were going in under the suit, scratching pubic hair, gliding lower, softly, until finally they dipped into the soft wet valley of Ronnie’s cunt, probing, sliding lower still, entering her, fucking her, first with one finger, then with two fingers, and Ronnie broke.

“Oh God yesssssss!” she screamed, startling the others as Kim engulfed her, pressing her tits into her, kissing her open mouth. The women were on each other like tigresses, tearing at each other’s clothing, ripping material, breaking strings, anything to get at the hot flesh.

“What the hell is going on?” Linda said, amused at Chet’s complete lack of composure. The boy began babbling like an idiot, stuttering, stammering, and all the while growing one of the biggest erections Linda had ever seen. “Why, Chet, you little devil! No wonder my sister is hot for you. Your cock is as big as a horse’s!”

“What’s she doing — what — I… oh my God, oh my God, oh geez they’re beautiful, oh geez, oh, oh, ohhhh…” he screamed as Linda reached down to encircle his stiff cock-rod with both hands, leading him to the edge of the pool.

“Would you people look at this!” She laughed as Jill and Tony swam over to the edge of the pool, where Chet was now sitting. “Can you believe this cock?”

“Ohhh my God!” Chet moaned, watching Kim and Ronnie kissing and feeling each others tits, their legs entwined, rubbing against one another, feeling Linda’s buttery lips sliding over the tip of his monster cock.

“Can anyone have some of that, or you keeping it in the family?” Jill asked, cupping the boy’s balls eagerly, leaning forward so Linda could slide it into her mouth. She moaned, her mouth filled with his cock as she watched Tony taking out his prick.

Walking through the water where Kim and Ronnie were still devouring each other, Tony said, “Excuse me, Kimmy, but I have something for you. You come, too, Ronnie, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Leading the girls to a couch, at the side of the pool, he placed Ronnie on her back with her head toward him, and had Kim lie across her, in a sixty-nine position, with her pussy over Ronnie’s face.

“Now relax and enjoy yourselves, girls,” he said, slowly inserting his cock into Kim’s wet pussy.

“Aaaaahhhhhh yes!” she screamed, riding on Ronnie’s mouth, feeling Tony’s cock filling her, pumping into her, as she buried her face in Ronnie’s cunt, eating her in rhythm with Tony’s fucking.

Ronnie could see what was happening above her, feeling Tony’s balls as they slid across her forehead and nose, knowing he would probably come in Kim’s cunt directly above her face, but she didn’t care, nothing mattered anymore, except the feeling of this wanton young girl’s lips on her pussy, and her juice in Ronnie’s mouth.

“Jill, will you look at that?” Linda said, watching her sister sucking Kim’s cunt feverishly, oblivious to Tony’s wet balls sliding aver her face. “The little minx is so into that young pussy she could turn out to be a lez. I think we better do something about that, don’t you?”

“Hhhmmmmm, whatever you say, darling,” Jill said, running her fingers over Chet’s long cock and balls. “This cock is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen! Do you know you have a really big cock, Chet?”

“Let’s see if he knows how to use it,” Linda said. “Come on, I think it’s time my sister found out what it’s like to get fucked!”


“Mind if we join you?” Linda asked Tony, leading Chet to the other end of the lounge chair on which Kim and Ronnie were lying. “I’ve got something here for my sister.”

“Help yourself. Here, let’s change things a little Kim, get off Ronnie,” Tony said, pulling his cock out of the young blonde, startling the two girls.

“Huh… what?” Kim said, sitting up to see what had happened to Tony.

“Get up. We’re going to try something new.” Doing as she was told, Kim slid off Ronnie, puffing herself away from the clutching girl’s grasp.

“Nooooo, don’t go, please!” Ronnie begged as Kim pulled away from her.

“It’s okay, baby,” Linda said, holding Ronnie in her arms. “It’s okay, really, we’ve got something even better for you, baby, trust me.”

“Lin… do you hate me? I can’t help it, Lin, I can’t. I think I’m… I don’t know… over sexed or something, but I love to make it with other girls, and I know it’s not normal, and…”

“Sshhhh, honey, don’t get all worked up. That’s bullshit, Ronnie,” Linda said, petting her sister’s face gently, lovingly, hugging her to her chest. “How can bringing pleasure to yourself and others by engaging in any kind of activity, sexual or otherwise, be a bad thing, when people derive pleasure from it? Does that make sense?”

“I… I guess so. It sounds right. But nobody believes that, do they? At least none of our friends feel that way.”

“Most people don’t feel that way. So what. Honey, if you enjoy it, do it. But try everything, baby.”

“Oh, Linda, I don’t think I could let a guy fuck me. I just couldn’t do it.”

“Why not? Ronnie, it’s fantastic. Just the feeling of opening yourself to a long, thick, hot cock, letting it slide slowly into the depths of your body, your soul, is incredible. It’s so… so totally wonderful you just have to try it!”

“Well… maybe I will… someday,” Ronnie said, still-wanting to continue with Kim, “but right now I feel frustrated, and unsatisfied. I was so close to cumming when you stopped us.”

“Lie back on the cushion, honey. I will not be satisfied until you’ve tried a cock,” Linda said, forcing her sister to lie down, silently signaling for the others to help.

“Linda no! I don’t want to get fucked. Please,” she said, squirming, trying to get away as Linda tightened her grip on the girl’s wrists.

“If I didn’t think this was for your own good, baby, I wouldn’t force you, but damn it, no sister of mine is going to go through life as a virgin! Just this once you’re going to get fucked, first by Tony, then by Chet!” she said sternly as Jill and Kim each took one of Ronnie’s legs and spread them apart on either side of the lounge chair.

Whimpering, Ronnie tried to raise up to see what was happening, but Linda leaned over and kissed her tenderly, saying, “Relax, baby, just relax. Go with the flow. Ride it, ride it like a big wave, let it carry you, honey, go with it and float on it, and when you feel it building, help it along, and let the feeling thunder through your young body, crashing you to the kind of orgasm only a cock can bring.”

Linda motioned for Tony to go ahead, and he lay down on top of Ronnie, feeling her tits tenderly, slowly stroking the nipples, his fingers gently tracing circles round and around, the outside of her taut nipples as Linda again bent over to kiss her sister. Their lips touched, and slowly parted, as Linda’s tongue darted out to explore her sister’s mouth, her hands joining Tony’s on Ronnie’s tits. Slowly Tony positioned his cock at the entrance of Ronnie’s pussy, as both Kim and Jill leaned over to lick her pulsating clit, swollen now, extended, puffy, and wet.

Tony slid his hand back and forth over his cock, grinning as he heard Ronnie groan as the tip of his prick made contact with her cunt. He moved the head of his hard cock-shaft around and around, in a swirling motion, just inside the entrance to her pussy, feeling the beginnings of her response, watching as she began to slowly lift her hips off the chair to meet him. Grinning at Jill and Kim, he gently inserted the end of his cock deeper, farther inside the girl’s cunt, feeling her movements pawing stronger now, wanting him, rising up higher and higher to meet him.

“Linda, let her up. Let her ride it,” he said, pumping deeply into her once, drawing a hissing gasp, and then withdrawing quickly, teasing her.

He withdrew from her, and lay looking at her watching his cock, as it stood straight up, twitching, waiting for her, wanting her to slide down over it.

Slowly the others led Ronnie to his cock, helped her lift her legs over the chair, and positioned her over the waiting prick, sliding the tip into her gently, letting her pussy spread over it slowly, at her own pace, until with a savage wild-animal cry, she plunged her body down onto the huge prick, ramming it into herself, forcing it to burst past the tender membranes of her virginity, feeling its fullness, fucking it faster and faster, harder and harder, until the tidal wave of pleasure her sister had described to her began to come at her, so quickly she almost wasn’t ready for it. With a scream that could be heard all over the, lake, as the volcano erupted inside her pussy, Ronnie screamed, “I’m cumming!”

“Wow!” Everyone turned to look at Chet. The boy stood beside the others, and tears were streaming down his face. “I thought she was my girl!”

“Chet,” Linda said, “come here, darling. Now stop crying. She is your girl, and when she sees what you’ve got here between your legs, she’ll be yours forever, if you use it on her, Chet. But you’ve got to learn to fuck. Do you understand that? Do you?”

“No!” he sobbed. “All I understand is that she must not love me if she’d get that happy with someone else.”

“Chet, do you think if you got that happy with another person that you’d still love Ronnie?”

“Sure, but I wouldn’t — get that happy I mean.”

“Chester, my boy, you are about to enter paradise. Sit here, in this chair, over here. That’s right,” Linda instructed. “Put your legs up over each arm, like that, over these cushions. That’s right. Now trust us, okay, and just enjoy yourself like Ronnie did.”

Motioning for Jill and Kim to join her, Linda began licking Chet’s cock, working her way down to his balls, allowing Jill to slide her lips over the head of his prick. Kim crawled under Linda and began licking his ass, working her way up to his asshole, probing his dark opening, pushing into it with her tongue.

“Does that feel good, Chet?” Linda asked, feeling the cock stiffening under their treatment.

“Oh yeah, it feels great,” he said, the excitement mounting in him. “I’ve never felt anything like that before!”

They continued sucking him until he was rock-hard, about to cum, when Linda said, “Now, Chet, get down here, on the ground, on these cushions, yes, like that. Lie on your back, and hold your cock up in the air. We’re going to conduct an experiment with you, okay?”

Slowly sinking down onto his cock, Linda moaned with pleasure. “Oh Chet, you have got a nice cock, haven’t you?”

Never in his wildest dreams would he ever have imagined fucking Ronnie’s sexy sister, yet here she was, actually doing it. Fucking him, right in front of Ronnie. And she was watching now.

“Oh I hate to do this, but… next!” Linda said, lifting off Chet’s prick, watching Jill slowly let the huge cock fill pussy.

“Oh shit, Linda, the kid’s hung like a horse, he really is! Tony, this is fantastic.” Jill moaned, riding up and down quickly, masturbating, laughing at the look on the kid’s face, sensing when he was about to cum, then stopping, getting up off him so he couldn’t fuck anymore.

“Oh please don’t stop, please!” Chet begged as Jill got off.

“This time you can cum, Chet,” Linda said.

“Since Ronnie got off with Tony, you can cum in Kim. Would you like that?”

Chet looked at the beautiful teenager, saw her standing beside him, nude, rubbing her pussy, her hair tangled from the pool, her nipples hard and pointing out from her big tits. Nothing he had ever fantasized could come close to this beautiful young vixen, and she was actually going to fuck him.

He knew he must be dreaming, but when he looked over at Ronnie, he saw her walking over to him, and he could tell this was real, and she wasn’t even mad at him. She was smiling. Jill and Linda were continuing to play with his cock, licking it every now and then, as Ronnie walked up to Kim and said, “I don’t know why, but I think I really love this little schmuck, so fuck him good, okay? I want him to feel what it’s like to cum in a cunt as beautiful as yours, and when he’s through, I want to taste it. I may have learned to appreciate cock tonight, but I’ll always still love pussy.”

Grinning, Kim looked at Chet and saw how much he wanted her, how his eyes pleaded with her to fuck him, and as Ronnie helped guide the thick long cock into her, she moaned with pleasure, sinking down onto it halfway, feeling completely filled.

“Oh my God, it’s fantastic!” Kim moaned, looking down, realizing how much more she still had to go before it was all inside her. “I can’t believe it! It’s huge! I love it!”

She screamed, fucking madly, kissing him, licking his face, pounding down onto the long thick prick, driving her pussy deeper and deeper onto it, feeling it as it battered its way into her tight pussy.

“I want all of it, do you hear me?” she screamed, the pain searing her brain as she continued to pump down onto it. Something hot began running down her legs, and she looked to see blood seeping down from her pussy as she continued banging harder and harder onto the cock, tearing herself apart with it, fucking and fucking through the pain, oblivious to it, wanting only to be more and more filled by the hot prick.

“I… I think I’m gonna cum,” Chet shouted, lifting up into Kim, feeling his cock expanding to an enormous size, bigger than it had ever felt before, watching as the incredibly beautiful girl above him rolled her eyes back to the top of her head from the pleasure of the fucking he was giving her. Spurt after spurt shot up into her, and he bucked off the ground with each thrust, exploding into her, watching with pleasure through eyes he could barely keep open with this beautiful creature on top of him.

Finally Kim passed out, and collapsed on his chest, her beautiful sweating tits sliding over him, her ass feeling like buttery baby fat in his hands as he pulled her down, deeper and deeper onto his cock, reveling in the pleasure as the last few spurts of cum erupted from his prick into Kim’s pussy.

Totally spent, Chet watched as Ronnie gently lifted the groggy Kim off of his cock, so her cunt was now on Chet’s chest, open and dripping, the whitish-colored goo caking her pussy-hair against the inside tops of her legs.

“Isn’t she lovely, darling,” Ronnie said, laying her head on Chet’s chest, inches away from Kim’s open cunt. “Smell her, Chet, smell how… how hot she must be. Oh, Chet, darling, I want to share her with you, I want you to help me eat her. Like this!”

Ronnie opened her mouth, licking her way up Kim’s legs to her soaking pussy.

“Oh God, Chet, she taste so good with you in her, your juice,” she moaned, burying her face in Kim’s slimy cunt, eating her, sucking her, bringing her back to life.

Kim babbled, incoherent, a slave of her passion, wanting more and more, knowing she could never get enough, but willing to die trying.

“I love that, please don’t stop!” she begged, turning around to see who was eating her, her tits sliding over Chet’s balls.

“Suck him, Kim, suck Chet’s cock for me! Get it big again, like it was when he fucked you. I want to feel it inside me like you did! Was it wonderful? You looked like you enjoyed him so much.” Turning to Chet, she kissed him passionately, the slime from Kim’s pussy coated on her lips, stinging Chet’s nose with it’s fragrance. “I’m so proud of you, darling. But now it’s my turn, okay. I want you to eat Kim when you fuck me, okay. Please, baby, get hard again, for me this time, please, Chet?”

Instantly Chet could feel his cock hardening again. Kim’s mouth on his cock was working. His cock was getting hard again, and he couldn’t believe the beautiful teenager would actually suck his cock, but she was, she was doing it, and it felt wonderful.

“Ronnie… I think he’s ready for you,” Kim said shyly, grinning, remembering how full Chet had made her feel when he was fucking her. “And Ronnie… he’s fantastic. When he came in me, I thought I would die from the pleasure of it. Come on, get on him! You’re not going to believe what it feels like!”

As she lowered herself onto Chet’s stiff cock-rod, Ronnie asked Kim to sit on his face and kiss her. “Go on, Kim, make him eat it, his cum, right out of your cunt. Oh yeahhhbhh, like… like that oh my God, he’s so big and hot!” Lowering herself all the way down to Chet, Ronnie fucked as fast as she could, filling herself with his cock, watching as Kim watched her, smiling as Kim nodded her head in encouragement, grinning proudly, while her lips drew closer and closer until they were meshed, with Ronnie’s, glued there, where they could feel her breath trying to escape as her orgasm approached, then overtook her, then shook her body with violent spasms of ecstasy.

Ronnie started to fall, and Kim caught her, pulling her into her arms, feeling Chet’s tongue pushing up into her as his cock pushed into Ronnie, feeling exactly the moment of his orgasm, when he had pushed his tongue into her mushy pussy-hole as far as it would go, leaving it there until his eruptions subsided.

Gradually he withdrew from her cunt, letting the juice from it drain out onto his face, not caring, drifting, dozing off to another dream, knowing no one would ever match the experiences he had lived tonight.


“Darling,” Jill said, stretching her arms and legs out as far as she could in their big king-sized bed, “why do you think we are like we are? So interested in sex, I mean? We both seem to thrive on it so. Why do you think that is?”

“I don’t really know, baby, and I also don’t give a shit,” Tony answered. “We like what we’re doing, it’s fun, it turns us both on, and it doesn’t matter to me why. All I know is, as I’ve told you before, I’m the luckiest guy alive. I’ve got a beautiful wife who will do anything I want. What more is there? What more could anyone want? Fucking is what it’s all about, and we get all of that we want, thanks to you, babe. A woman like you… you help us get anyone we want, and I love it as much as you, probably more.”

“Oh Tony, I love it, too, baby!” Jill said, leaning over to kiss her husband, rubbing his cock gently. “Let’s do something really outrageous today, okay? Something wildly nasty. I’ve been lying here playing with myself waiting for you to wake up, and I’m so hot I’m soaking. And horny, baby, really horny, but for something nasty, Tony.”

“Like what, baby?” Tony said, his cock hardening as he listened to his gorgeous wife.

“I don’t know yet,” Jill said, thinking about it. “All I know is whatever it is, I want it to be a mind-blower. I want my body to hiss with excitement, uncontrollable excitement, like when I was lying on the floor of the men’s room in the john at that porno movie theater. Remember, Tony? Oh God, I was hot that day, like I’m starting to get now.”

“Would you like a repeat of that scene?” Tony asked.

“Maybe. But we’ve done that. I want to top it, to go further, and further. I want something really depraved, baby. Let’s get dressed and go for a drive, and see what we can find, okay, baby?” Jill said, getting out of bed.

“Sounds good to me, honey. Whatever you want. Just dress the part, okay? I love it when you show your body to people.”

Jill went to the dirty-clothes hamper, and pulled out a pair of nylon string bikini panties, bright red ones, with black lace trim, and little hearts sewn in the lace along the top edge and around the sides. They were stained in the crotch, and as she brought them to her nose, breathing deeply, the aroma of piss and cunt juice jolted her senses.

“Oh shit, these are rank smelling!” She grinned, her tongue sneaking out to quickly lick the dark spot in the center. “Perfect for today,” she said, pulling the dirty panties on over her hips, working them into her wet cunt, rubbing them around.

“Oh, baby, you are some slut,” Tony said, watching as she selected one of Tony’s sleeveless undershirts, one of the loose, thin white ones. It was much too big for her, and her tits were easily seen through the openings in the side and top.

“How does this look?” Jill said, making sure her tits could be seen from all angles. “These should go good with this top, don’t you think?”

She selected a pair of thin, loose, white cotton jersey jogging shorts. Her red bikini panties could clearly be seen through the white material, which was cut very high on the sides, with wide leg openings, so that when she sat down, the crotch of her panties would be exposed.

“It looks good enough to eat, you little cockteaser,” Tony said, rubbing his hard cock. “Oh baby, I gotta either cum or take a leak, and I want to save my cum for later.”

“I do, too,” Jill said. “I keep thinking about that toilet stool in Susie’s room next door, and what it’s for, and somehow I think it’s got to be there for sexual reasons, and I’ve been wondering what.”

Watching as her husband stood there peeing, Jill walked over next to him, and replaced his hand with hers, aiming his cock, directing the stream where she wanted.

“Baby, what the hell are you doing?” Tony asked, startled.

“I… I’m not sure,” Jill said, stating at his cock, letting her hand slip down over the end, feeling the hot pee as it burned her fingers. “Tony, it’s so hot!”

She watched as his cock continued to pee, starting to get hard at the same time. Rubbing her fingers around the end of it was causing him to spray all over as Jill slowly lowered herself to her knees, looking at the dark, purple-headed shaft, feeling the last of his piss running over her fingers as the flow finally stopped. Slowly she moved her head forward, her eyes focused on the few remaining golden droplets clinging to the tip of his cock.

“Oh God, Tony, it looks like fine cognac,” Jill said, sticking her tongue out as far as she could. Carefully she brought the cock to her mouth, and gently laid it on her tongue, immediately tasting the salty drops of pee, sucking his prick gently, licking his juice, feeling his cock hardening again, knowing that in seconds the taste of piss would be joined by the taste of cum.

“Wait, baby,” Jill said, getting off the floor, sitting on the toilet. “Now, do it now!”

She guided his cock back into her mouth while she sat masturbating on the toilet.

“Oh, baby, you beautiful fucking slut, that feels great, just great!”

“I want you to cumin my mouth while I pee in my panties, Tony,” Jill said, rubbing herself faster and faster now, feeling Tony’s hand masturbating his cock into her mouth, hearing him moaning the approach of his orgasm. “Now, Tony, look, watch me!”

Jill spread her legs wide apart as she began peeing through her panties and shorts. The hot urine burned her thighs as Tony exploded in her mouth, watching her through crazed eyes, jerking his hips into her face, fucking her face, pumping into her, spurt after spurt of his hot cum shooting out into her waiting mouth. Jill screamed, her satisfaction overwhelming her, her fingers pressing deeply inside her soaking shorts and panties.

“Oh, baby, you look so naughty, sitting there eating my cock, peeing your panties like that. What a fucking cunt you are, Jill. What a nasty slut! I love it, baby! You’re too much!”

Wiping her lips with Tony’s cock as it slipped from her mouth, Jill said, “I love it, too, baby. It… it feels so… so funny to pee with my clothes on. It’s… it’s great. So relaxing, to know that I could just… just let go, breaking every rule. It feels wonderful. And when I tasted you, the last couple of drops, I thought I was going to die from the feeling it created, knowing what I was tasting.” Jill hugged Tony, kissing him tenderly. “I’m sorry, baby, but I have to do these things. And what I did, Tony, I… I think I want more. Next time, I think I want to taste more. I want a golden shower, Tony. I do. I want to lay in the tub and have you stand over me, and I want a golden shower, from your cock, baby. From your cock. I want you to pee on me, all over me, on my cunt and belly and tits, and even on my face, I want to feel that hot piss even on my face, my darling. What do you think of your slutty wife now?” Jill said, breathing deeply, excited beyond belief by what she was telling her husband.

“Baby, I love it. You know I’ll do anything to you, you want, and more. If you want me to pee on you, I’ll do it, baby, gladly, anytime, anywhere.”

“Ohhhhh, Tony,” Jill said, hugging and kissing him, licking his neck, pressing her tits into him. “I think I’ve got the greatest husband in the world. Now let’s go fuck somebody before I die!”

“You’re going like that? All wet?” Tony asked in amazement.

“You’re damn right I am. I want to buy a new pair of jogging shoes, and I want to see the look on the salesperson’s face when I lift my leg to try them on!” She laughed, heading for the car, Tony right behind her.

They drove down to one of the big shopping malls just outside Atlanta, and parked the car.

“Are you really going to do this, Jill?” Tony asked. “Your whole crotch and pussy are sopping wet, and you can see the crack up the back of your ass.”

“Oh, baby, do you care? I really want to show myself off to everybody like this. Is it okay? I can’t explain why, honey. I just want to do it. I love it, especially when I know people are thinking of me as a slut.”

“Jill, I told you a long time ago, anything you want to do is okay with me. I think I’ll tag along by myself, though, so nobody knows we’re together. You might get more moves put on you that way.”

“Okay, honey. But if I pick up somebody, Tony, I’m going to fuck them.”

“Well naturally. I didn’t expect you to turn down a hard cock, not as hot as you are today. Let’s go!”

Tony followed Jill, letting her walk about ten yards in front of him, noticing the way everyone turned to look at first her tits, swinging loosely in his thin undershirt, and then her wet shorts and panties. As men walked by, Tony overheard men talking.

“Did you see that broad? Her tits were practically falling out of that shirt, and she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her shorts were all wet and look… you can see her red bikini underwear right through the shorts. And she’s so fucking beautiful. Man, I don’t believe what I’m seeing here.”

Tony knew it wouldn’t be long before Jill was fucking somebody’s hot cock, or maybe a group of cocks.

Jill entered the mall, and went immediately to one of the sporting goods stores selling jogging shoes. As she stood looking at some of the shoes on display, a handsome clerk approached her, grinning eagerly. “Excuse me, ma’am, can I be of service?”

“Oh, hello there,” Jill said, turning so he could see the swelling of her tit as she exaggerated her breathing, sucking in her stomach, tightening the material across her chest, her hard nipples showing her excitement.

“Well, yes,” Jill said, looking at the boy’s crotch, “yes, I think you can service me just the way I need it. I’d like to try on a pair of these,” she said, holding up a pair of Nike shoes. “But I’m not sure of my size. Could you, alt measure me please?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, sitting in front of her on a low stool.

Noticing him gazing at her crotch, Jill spread her legs as wide apart as she could, making sure the wet material of her panties pulled deeply into her cunt, allowing the young man to see her exposed pussy and pubic hair sticking out from both sides, still wet and matted against her slippery thighs.

“How big do you think I am?” Jill said, watching the boy’s face turn crimson red as he removed the shoe from her right foot.

He put the shoe on the floor, and as he did, Jill moved her toes against his cock, feeling it twitch under her teasing.

As the boy squirmed, Jill said quietly, “Is that your cock?”

“Oh, lady,” he moaned. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me in my life. Yeah it’s my cock, and you’re making it harder than a rock!”

“Would you like to put it here?” Jill asked, reaching down to pull her shorts and panties out of the way, exposing her nude cunt, pulling it open, showing him how wet she was.

“Oh yeah!” he moaned again, and Jill felt his prick grow larger.

“You can,” she said pleasantly. “Fuck me, I mean. Or if you prefer, I’ll blow you. You can cum in my pussy, or in my mouth, whichever you prefer. Or even in my ass, if you like it that way. See that man over there?” Jill asked, motioning toward Tony. “He’s my husband, and he likes to watch me get it on with other guys. And he won’t touch you, I promise. He just likes to watch, and sometimes help a little. Are you interested?”

“Am I interested? Are you crazy? Who wouldn’t be? Of course I’m interested,” the boy said, breathing deeply, sweat coating his lips and forehead.

“Do you have a back room where we can go?” Jill asked, rubbing his cock constantly with her toes.

“Well, yeah, sure, I guess so. But what if somebody, comes back there and sees us?”

“So what?” Jill said, grinning.

“You don’t care?”

“Why should I care? There’s nothing wrong with fucking. Is there?” she asked impishly.

“Oh lady, I don’t believe you. Come with me,” he said, getting up, heading for an opening with a cloth hanging down as a kind of door.

Following him, Jill signaled for Tony to join them, and the three of them went to the back of the store, between some shelves, to an open area, filled with empty shoe boxes.

“Oh, this will do just fine,” Jill said, sliding her shorts down over her hips. “Do you want me to leave my panties on, or take them off?”

“Oh shit, you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, much less ever fooled around with. Are you sure you don’t care, mister?” the boy asked Tony.

“Be my guest, son,” he said. “She’s too hot for just me to handle.”

“Here, let me help you,” Jill said, dropping to her knees in front of the boy, unbuckling his belt and pants, pulling them down to his ankles. His cock was as hard as a rock, sticking straight out, pointing up a little, and where the end of it was pressing against his underwear it was all wet and slippery.

“Oh, that looks so nice!” Jill moaned, covering the wet cloth with her mouth, licking the tip of his prick, tasting the salty pre-cum.

“Oh God,” the boy moaned as Jill quickly jerked his underwear off and pulled him down on top of her.

“Fuck me! Now!” she commanded, guiding his prick into her cunt, feeling the hot shaft diving into the center of her. “Oh, Tony, you should feel how hot it is!”

She moaned, riding with the boy’s excitement as he drove his cock into her, pounding her to the floor, again and again.

“Oh no, I’m cumming already!” the boy moaned, as his cock exploded its load inside Jill’s cunt.

“It’s okay,” Jill whispered. “Enjoy it! Enjoy me! I’ll suck it for you and get it hard again, so cum as hard as you want, oh yeah, oh yeahhhhh, baby, my young little fucker. It feels wonderful!”

“Ricky!” a girl’s voice behind them shouted. “What in hell are you doing in here?”

“Oh shit, Lorraine! I… I couldn’t help it! This crazy broad made me so hot, and insisted I fuck her, and I couldn’t help it,” the boy said, puffing away from Jill, dressing quickly as the stunned girl looked down at Jill.

Jill judged the girl to be in her late teens, a gorgeous brunette, very prim, wearing a tailored gray suit and frilly blouse, buttoned to her neck. Very conservative, but Jill could tell the girl was getting turned-on from what she was witnessing. Her eyes hungered for Rick’s cock, and for Jill, staring first at Jill’s tits, then at Rick’s cock, staring at it as it twitched, licking her lips unknowingly as his cock dripped cum from the tip. Then the girl’s eyes darted back to Jill’s wet cunt.

And then she changed, as though snapping out of a trance. “You get out of this store and don’t you ever come back! You are fired! Do you hear me, Rick? Fired! I don’t ever want to see you near this store again? Is that clear?”

“Rick, wait, don’t go!” Jill said, getting up from the floor. “Look, he’s right. It was my fault,” she said, approaching the stern-looking young woman. “I did seduce him. You can’t blame him for wanting this, can you?”

Jill took the woman’s hand and put it on her hot, wet cunt.

The girl pulled her hand back as though she were burned. “How… how dare you!”

“How dare you,” Jill said, putting her arm around the girl’s waist, pressing her tits into the girl’s. “What’s your name?”

“Lorraine. Lorraine Jenkins, not that its any business of yours. Who are you, and what makes you think you can just come in here and do something like this? We’re decent people here, Miss. Miss whoever you are! And we don’t like trash like you in our establishment.”

“Bullshit,” Jill said, moving slightly, pressing her tits into Lorraine’s again. “You want me as badly as he did. Maybe more. And you can have me, too. I do everything, Lorraine!”

Jill kissed the girl’s neck, licking her, gently biting her earlobe.

“Stop that… please!” Lorraine said unconvincingly, her eyes fluttering closed.

“Why? You know you love it,” Jill said, reaching inside the girl’s jacket to squeeze her tits.

“Ohhh my God! No, please no! Not here, not in front of him!” Lorraine said, nodding toward Rick.

“Why not? Are you afraid to let go, Lorraine? Afraid to have a good time with me?” Jill asked, continuing to squeeze her tits, pinching the nipples through Lorraine’s thin bra.

“I… I’ve never… never done anything in front of another person before, especially one who know so well, who works for me. I just couldn’t!”

“Bullshit again, Lorraine,” Jill teased, unbuttoning her jacket, removing it to reveal a firm pair of tits, with nipples so long and hard they looked ready to poke through both her blouse and bra. “It’s playtime, Lorraine. Rick, go lock the door. Close up. We’re going to have a little party in here.”

Jill turned and kissed Lorraine on the lips. Lorraine breathed a deep sigh, as though finally surrendering to whatever Jill wanted, and began smiling. NOW that the decision to go along was finalized for her, she wanted to enjoy it, everything, anything, whatever this crazy gorgeous sexy broad wanted. For once in her life, Lorraine was prepared to turn it all loose, to satisfy her dormant lust for sex, anyway it came to her.

Facing Jill, she stared deeply into her eyes, and as a low growl started deep in her throat, Lorraine reached up and ripped the thin blouse off, tearing it to shreds, jerking it free from her body. Quickly she stepped out of her skirt, and stood proudly in front of Jill and Tony, wearing only her thin conservative bra, panties and pantyhose.

“Go ahead,” she challenged them, “use me. Any way you want.”

Rick returned just in time to hear Lorraine’s plea, and again felt his cock stiffening. For months he had stolen glances at her full, lush body, and for months he had tried to get her to notice him, but nothing had worked. Now was his chance, and he wanted to fuck her so badly his balls ached from the thought.

“Suck this,” Jill said, sitting down on a stool, spreading her legs wide, letting Rick’s cum drizzle out, down over her thighs. “It’s Rick’s cum, Lorraine. From when he fucked me a few minutes ago, so it should still be nice and warm for you. Come on. Come and get it. You know you want it, you’re licking your lips. Come on, suck it, eat his cum out of my pussy.”

Jill moaned as Lorraine threw herself between her outstretched legs, burying her face against the hot flesh of Jill’s cunt and thighs.

The intensity of Lorraine’s lust consumed her, driving her on, making her do things she never would have dreamed she was capable of doing. Savagely she inserted her middle finger up into Jill’s asshole, and her thumb into Jill’s pussy, fucking her roughly as she ate her, sucking her cunt as hard as she could, trying to swallow it, to devour Jill with her raging desire.

Lorraine felt her pantyhose being ripped open, followed by a hot cock sliding into her pussy. Pressing back into the prick, she licked Jill faster, in rhythm with the cock as it fucked in and out of her cunt. Her passion was out of control, burning her, the heat of it engulfing her brain, and she felt a hot mist, like steam, searing her mind, consuming her, turning her into a wet, wild, fucking, sucking robot.

In the back of her mind, Lorraine heard Jill screaming her climax, heard Rick moaning as he shot cum into her pussy, felt him withdraw, felt another cock pressing against the tight circle of her asshole, pressed back against it, helping it, urging it into her ass. Rubbing her face from side-to-side, wallowing in Jill’s cunt, Lorraine exploded in orgasm as the hard cock buried inside her ass, balls slapping her pussy as it fucked her roughly. Instantly, as soon as her first orgasm had subsided, another one began, like waves on a surfing beach, one coming after the other, building higher and higher.

Rick and Tony took turns with her, fucking her ass, her cunt, and eventually her mouth. Each came three times, once in each of her body’s lush openings.

Jill sat playing with herself, watching, enthralled by the quick conversion of a woman who apparently until now had been so clearly conservative, almost prudish. It was wonderful to see. Lorraine’s face and neck were coated with sperm, and her hair had fallen down over her shoulders, out of the prim bun in which it had been pinned before the fucking started. And Jill knew the woman Lorraine had been was gone. Forever. Replaced by this animal, this wet cunt, filled and covered with the cum from six male ejaculations and begging for more.

Jill crawled over to Lorraine’s body, licking the sweat from her rising and falling tits, licking upward to Lorraine’s ruby lips, tasting the cum from her husband and Rick, feeling the heat from Lorraine’s burning flesh, laughing inside, giddy over Lorraine’s conversion.

Squeezing Lorraine’s tits softly, Jill said, “Did you like it, baby?”

“Oh… oh yes,” Lorraine sighed, “and I’m… I’m still on fire! My cunt is so sore I can hardly touch it, but I can’t stop, I can’t help it! I’m still hot, Jill, I still need something… something more!”

“Do you trust me, darling?” Jill said, the idea of what she had planned burning her brain, causing her pussy to tremble with excitement.

“Oh yes, of course,” Lorraine said, kissing Kim openly. “I’ll do whatever you want, and you can do anything you want to me.”

“Do you have a bathroom here, Lorraine?” Jill asked, winking at Tony.

“Sure. Right there,” she answered, pointing to a door off the back wall of the room they were in.

“Come with me,” Jill said, leading her byte hand. “All of you.”

The room was, small, with a sink and a toilet seat, and not much more. Jill stood on the toilet seat, and then climbed up and sat on top of the water tank behind it, her back against the cold wall.

“Now straddle the seat, and eat me, Lorraine,” Jill said, thrilled at what she was going to do, watching as Lorraine followed her instructions, closing her eyes as Lorraine’s mouth dipped down into Jill’s hot pussy.

“Ohhh yeah, like that!” Jill said, opening her eyes, instructing Tony and Rick to stand next to Lorraine, on either side of her. “Oh Lorraine, baby, this is for you, my darling! You wanted more, begged for it, and here it isssssss!”

Jill hissed, letting go, releasing her golden flow, slowly at first, feeling Lorraine jump back as she tried to comprehend what was happening, looking at the wet pussy as the pee began to stream out of it faster and faster, hitting her in the face.

“Oh baby, don’t stop eating me, please!” Jill begged, pulling Lorraine’s face back against her cunt.

Lorraine screamed, her face drowning now in the golden water from Jill’s pussy. She screamed again, rolling her head around, letting the flow wash over her, anointing her.

“I’m baptizing you, baby!” Jill moaned, raisins her cunt, spraying her water over Lorraine’s head and face. “But I need help. Tony, Rick, please! Help me? Please?”

Jill moaned again, taking hold of their cocks, directing them at Lorraine’s face.

“DO it! Pin on her, please! You cm see she wants it, don’t you baby, tell them, tell them to pee on you!” Jill said, aiming the cocks directly at Lorraine’s face, feeling them partially hardening again, even after all the orgasms they had managed today, and she knew they would help her.

Tony was first, starting with a trickle, then a gushing of pin, watching sadistically as it drenched Lorraine’s face and body. Then Rick began, his eyes slits now, almost closed, fighting to keep them open, to see this, to record it in his brain’s computer forever. He knew this was something that would provide him with years of masturbatory pleasure, that this was a once-in-a-lifetime event, a chance happening into which he had stumbled, and he released a strangled groan as his pee splashed out, joining Jill’s and Tony’s, covering Lorraine with the burning salty liquid.

Lorraine began to shake, uncontrollably, her teeth chattering, as the most intense, explosive orgasm of her life hit her like a tidal wave, blasting into her, scalding her. She was casting off her old lifelike a snake shedding skin, as wave after wave of incredible pleasure slammed into her, taking her breath away, hammering her, finally, into a blissful, never-shattering sexual coma.

“Jesus Christ,” Tony said.

“Is… is she okay?” Rick said, worried. “I’m sure she’s fine,” Jill said, stroking Lorraine’s wet face lovingly. “But she’ll never be the same. Take her home, will you Rick? If anyone asks about the stare or her, tell them she fainted, and you thought it best to help her home. We’ll call you again, I promise. Okay?”

“Oh yeah, and thanks you guys, really. This was the most incredible day of my life. I’ll never forget it… or you.”

“Our pleasure, Rick,” Jill said, “our pleasure indeed!”


“Well, baby, yesterday was quite a day,” Tony said.

They were sitting on their screened-in porch, finishing a second cup of breakfast coffee, and watching some of the early morning water skiers cutting across Lake Lanier. The sun was already shining brightly, and the Georgia heat was building.

“You were almost as hot yesterday as the weather is going to be today. The paper says it’s going to hit ninety-five degrees by mid-day.”

“And I love it. As far as I’m concerned,” Jill said, stretching, “the hotter the better. I like everything hot, especially the weather. I love it when I sweat, when my panties stick to my crotch and inside my ass. It’s like little fingers rubbing me everywhere: my clit, my asshole, my nipples. Hmmmm, God it feels so good!”

“You are the hottest cunt in the world, Jill, do you know that?”

“And are you complaining?” she asked, squeezing her bare tits, rubbing them for him.

“You know I don’t. As I’ve told you, no man could have a more perfect wife, at least for my life style. So what do you want to do today? Just lay out here, or go somewhere?”

“What about a cruise down the river? We haven’t done that in a long time.”

“Sounds good to me. Do you want to go with anybody?”

“No, let’s go alone. I heard this week that they’re letting the college kids skinny-dip again at the jumping rock. What a kick. Maybe we can find some playmates.”

“Well what are we waiting for — let’s go.”

Tony tied their raft to the roof of his car, and within an hour they were floating down the Chattahoochee River, along with several hundred other people. Sunday on the Hootch was always busy, only today, due to the hot and sunny weather; the river was even more packed than usual.

Jill always enjoyed these leisurely rafting trips. The river was seldom over four feet deep, and the current was so slow in most places the boaters had to paddle to keep moving. The crowd was young and fun loving, and most rafts had coolers full of beer either inside the boats or being towed alongside in a separate, smaller boat. The girls wore skimpy bikinis, and Jill’s was one of the sexiest on the river. It was tan, with gaping holes everywhere, allowing her nipples and much of her pussy to be seen.

Leaning back onto the side of the big pink, rubber raft as Tony paddled them slowly down river, Jill lifted her long legs and poured suntan oil all over them, rubbing in the oil, from her toes to her pussy.

A raft full of six guys in their late teens and early twenties came by, checking her out, whistling and hooting at Tony and Jill happily.

“Oooooweeee, lookit that, Bobby. Ain’t she somethin’,” one of the boys hollered out. “Oh, lady, don’t do that to us! Yer driving us crazy, ma’am.”

“Oh yeah!” Jill yelled back. “Well what’s this do to you!”

Sliding her oily hands up her flat stomach to her tits, she continued upward, pushing the top of her bikini off, up over her tits, flashing the boys, laughing at their reaction to her exhibitionism.

“Oh shit, I love it!” another boy yelled. “Well why don’t you come on over and help me rub this in, then,” Jill said, pouring the entire bottle over her tits, letting it run down her body in hot, greasy waves.

“Hey, mister, does she mean it? Do you care?” one of the kids said, his cock hardening as he watched Jill rubbing her bare tits with the oil.

“Be our pleasure, son. Come on over and help yourself.”

The boys paddled alongside Tony and Jill’s boat, and tied the two rafts together.

“Now why don’t you guys all climb in here, and help cool off my hot little wife,” Tony said as Jill slid to the bottom of the boat.

“Come on, you guys, I want some action. Who’s going to give it to me first?” Jill said, untying the strings at the side of her bikini bottoms. “All that hard young cock is making me so horny I think I’m gonna cum just from looking at it!”

Jill rubbed her pussy with the oil, spreading her legs, grinning as the boys’ cocks got harder.

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’m gonna fuck the shit out of her,” the oldest boy in the group said, getting into the bottom of the boat with Jill, kissing her deeply, squeezing her tits roughly.

“Feel my cunt, it’s on fire,” Jill said, pulling the boy’s brief swimsuit down to his knees, feeling his hot cock against her belly.

“Holy shit, I fucking do not believe this,” one of the others said, watching as his friend slid his cock inside Jill. “Hell, Bobby, we’re right out here in the open, man. What if the cops see us?”

“I’ll be done by the time they can stop me, man, and this cunt is one hot lady. You guys are crazy assholes if you don’t bang her too,” he said, pumping into her as fast as he could. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum already!” he moaned, driving his ass into Jill’s pussy, feeling the raft bouncing around as he shot his load deeply inside her. “Oh man, that was wonderful,” he said, quickly withdrawing from Jill’s cunt, his cock still twitching as he pulled his suit on again.

“Well?” Jill said, continuing to rub herself, feeling the goo from the first boy squishing around in her pussy. “Isn’t anybody else going to fuck me? Or would you guys like a blow-job instead?”

“Oh shit, I gotta get some of that too, Bobby,” one of the boys said, sliding down on top of her like his friend had, quickly driving his cock into the wet hole beneath him, feeling the greasy tits sliding around under his hands as they fucked.

“Well I’ll take one of them blow-jobs,” another said.

“Why don’t you guys all make a circle around my head,” Jill said, “and I’ll take turns sucking your cocks while your friend here keeps fucking me.”

Tony continued paddling the boats slowly downriver, keeping away from other rafts, trying not to call too much attention to what they were doing. Smiling at him from the bottom of the boat, Jill opened her mouth wide as she felt one of the boys begin to cum. Her eyes staring deeply into Tony’s, she jerked as a wad of sperm hit her face, and aimed the cock directly into her open mouth for the next shot. A second spurt of cum shot onto her tongue, and then another, and another.

The second boy was cumming now, also, and he was joined by the third. Their cum slithered across her lips and face, into her waiting mouth, down her neck and onto her tits, feeling hot and sticky, tasting salty, making her thirsty. She felt the boy who had been fucking her cum wing now also, and the cocks she had been sucking were still dangling over her lips as she alternated between licking and sucking each of them, squeezing them, milking out every last drop of cum.

“My turn,” the last boy in the group said, looking down at her as he played with his prick.

Jill looked at him, her eyes almost popping out of her head. The kid was around nineteen years old, a fairly skinny blond, not particularly good looking, but with the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life. She remembered earlier that he was the only one in their boat who had been wearing a boxer-style swimsuit. NOW she could see why. The kid’s prick must have been twelve inches long, and so big around, and thick, she thought he looked like a horse she’d seen at a county fair once.

“Oh, darlin’, be my guest,” Jill moaned, reaching up for him, pulling him down on top of her, wiping away some of the cum from her face so she could kiss him.

“I want ya to suck me a little first, so it gets hard enough to fuck you with,” he said, straddling Jill’s face. “Usually I have to feed it in a little at a time, but if I get it hard enough, I can just go ahead and fuck like anybody else!”

Running her fingers up underneath him, Jill began playing with the boy’s asshole, rubbing some of the oil and cum from her body into it, finally inserting her middle finger up inside the boy’s ass.

“Oh lady, what are you doing to me!” he said, his cock hardening immediately, sticking straight out, pointing slightly upward. “Oh sit, I ain’t never been this hard before!”

“Fuck her, boss, give it to her!” one of his friends said. “Yeah, drive that big cock inside her so deep it comes out her mouth!”

“I think I just will,” he said, slowly lowering his body onto Jill’s, his twitching cock bumping her clit as he began to slide it forward into her gooey pussy.

“Oh my God,” Jill moaned, her head jerking back and forth in the bottom of the boat as the huge cock began to stretch and fill her wet cavity. Like a giant caterpillar, it sneaked its way inside her pussy, crawling along, stretching the walls of her cunt, going deeper and deeper, past the point where most cocks reached, past the point where Chet’s cock had gone, and still the inhuman prick continued to penetrate deeper into her, hitting things inside her she didn’t even know were there.

“Oh, shit, you’re hot, lady,” the boy said. “I like this!”

“Ohhhhh yeah,” Jill moaned, spreading her legs as wide apart as she could, lifting her ass up off the bottom of the raft to help him get even deeper inside her.

She felt a tearing sensation at the sides of her pussy, and a blinding pain hit her for a moment. She knew he had probably split her open there, but still she urged him on, begging him to fuck her, pulling him into her, until finally the thick ramrod cock was fully buried inside her cunt.

“Don’t move,” she said urgently, “don’t move, you bastard! I want to feel it all in me like this, for as long as I can take it. Just lay still, and let my cunt-muscles fuck you. Let me milk that prick with my pussy!”

She flexed the walls of her pussy, using every trick she had ever learned in all her years of fucking.

“Oh, lady, how do you do that?” the boy moaned, feeling her cunt jacking him off inside her. “It… it feels like little ridges of flesh are crawling all over my prick, fucking me, but you’re not even moving your ass.”

“Do you like it, cowboy?” Jill said, flexing her pussy faster and faster, feeling his cock getting even bigger now, ready to explode inside her.

“Oh yeah, I love it, love it!” he moaned, laying his face don onto her tits, squeezing them as she fucked him.

“Cum in me, baby, empty that firehose inside my juicy cunt. Put my fire out, oh my God!” she screamed, feeling his cock suddenly burst forward inside her, spurting hot juice against the back of her pussy, the cum, with nowhere else to go, running out of her, down over her legs, covering her with it.

“Oh, lady,” the breathless boy said, feeling his cock finally beginning to soften inside her. “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life. Usually no girl even lets me get near her with my cock, and I normally only get jacked-off. You’re fantastic, ma’am, truly the answer to all my dreams, and beautiful, too.”

“Well you, my hung young man, are not so bad yourself,” Jill said, as he quickly pulled his boxer shorts up again. “In fact, all of you guys are a blast. My name’s Jill Durand, and this is my husband, Tony, and if any of you ever want to come out to our place at Lake Lanier, and bring along some fun girls, we can party all you want. We’ve got a hot tub, a pool, and lots of cunt in our neighborhood. We’re in the book — just give us a call, okay?”

“You betcha, ma’am. And thanks for a great time,” the guy said, thanking Tony and Jill, as they climbed back into their boat. “We just might do that sometime.”

As they paddled away, Jill looked at Tony lovingly as she got dressed again, his cock sticking out against his swimsuit so hard it looked like a steel pole. “Now it’s your turn, baby, but I’ve got something special in mind for you first. We’re almost at the jumping rock. How’d you like to see your wife strip in front of all these boats and dive in naked?”

“Fantastic,” Tony said, as they rounded the bend in the river just before the tie-up point.

Around two hundred rafts were tied up there, and hooting and hollering echoed across the river as bathers on top of the jumping rock took turns diving in. Some of the more daring girls took their tops off to the delight of the crowd, and occasionally a girl would moon everyone before going in. Jill couldn’t wait for her turn. Tony paddled into an opening among the boats, and beached their raft, tying it to a tree near the water. Everyone was drinking beer, and the mood was relaxed and sexual.

“Wish me luck, darling,” Jill said, stepping into the water, wading out toward the jumping rock until the water got deep, where she began to swim across the liver.

Quickly she reached the other side, and began the rock climb to the top, where a group of drunk guys were constantly encouraging the girls who dared go up on top to strip for the crowd. Tony watched as Jill reached the back edge of the flail platform of rock that jutted out at that spot, above the bend in the river where the current dug deep enough in the bottom to make jumping in fairly safe.

Jill walked out onto the platform and the crowd immediately began to whistle and shout at her as she stepped close to the edge, her long legs spread proudly, her golden hair hanging loosely down over her shoulders. Staring at Tony across the river, Jill slowly reached behind her to untie her top. The chants grew louder now, as the string came undone, and Jill pulled the top ova her head. Screams of appreciation greeted her, as she threw the top into the river below.

As Jill cupped her tits, the crowd went wild, screaming and whistling like they’d never seen a nude girl before. Jill reached down to her bikini panties and began slowly rolling them down over her pussy. The crowd was screaming louder than ever now, as she stepped out of the wet suit, swinging it over her head, her tits bouncing and jiggling, driving the crowd into a frenzy.

Unable to control himself any longer, one of the boys on the ledge took his suit off — and came up behind Jill. He wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tits as he pressed his stiff cock against Jill’s ass. She threw her suit into the river and turned around. Kissing the boy deeply, she sank to her knees and began sucking his cock as everyone on the river screamed in appreciation.

Standing again, Jill wrapped her legs around the boy, fucking him in front of everyone. The boy began to stumble toward the edge, as Jill continued to bang into him, driving him closer and closer to the edge, until they were falling, still linked together, toward the water below.

They hit the water and Jill felt the boy’s orgasm exploding inside her. She felt his cock continuing to spurt into her as they sank to the bottom, hitting gently. Kicking upward, Jill pulled the two of them toward the surface, and they broke up through the water to the thunderous applause of the crowd. Someone rowed over to her and gave her, her suit back, and let her hang on as they towed her to the other side. Walking nude out of the water to where Tony sat watching, Jill stepped into the raft and pulled on her suit.

“Did you mind?” she asked, as the crowd still applauded her performance, lewd comments mingled with shouts of admiration.

“Of course not, darlin’,” Tony said, as the wail of a police-boat siren grew louder. “But I think it’s time we maybe left, don’t you?”

Pushing off from shore, Tony and several other rafts began drifting down stream to the spot where everyone got out, away from, the jumping rock and the police.

“Oh, baby, that was unbelievable! The crowd noise, the incredible feeling of standing up there nude, letting that asshole feel my tits, and fuck my mouth, in front of everyone. Oh shit, Tony, I’m still so hot I could fuck an army, but more than anyone in the world right now, I want you, baby. Can we? At least let me blow you.”

“Who could refuse an offer like that?” Tony moaned as Jill crawled between his legs, pulling big his cock out from under his suit.

With people in the next rafts watching, Jill sucked the head of Tony’s prick, licking it gently, feeling it grow, until from the tone of his moans she knew he was ready to explode. Quickly she jacked him off, as spurt after spurt of hot cum landed on her face and in her hair.

“Oh, baby, that’s so hot!” she moaned, wiping the cum over her face with his cock, licking the juice off it lovingly, listening to the people in the boats next to them as they watched this beautiful slut swallowing cum from Tony’s cock as they slowly, peacefully drifted down the river.

“You know, baby,” Jill said, masturbating slowly, still licking his cock. “If I had died in that fall off the ledge, I would have died knowing we both bad lived exciting, wonderfully sexy lives. I would have died knowing that I had lived with the best husband in the world, and that I had pleased you in every way you ever asked. It felt good to me, Tony, knowing that, as we sank under the water, still fucking. It made me feel good, real good. But you know what else? I’m sure glad I came up again.”

“Baby,” Tony said, stroking her face gently, rubbing his cum over her cheeks, admiring the stark sensuality of his incredibly beautiful wife, “so am I!”

The sun was beginning to go down as they pulled the raft into shore, wading the last few yards in the cold water. Jill’s tits were barely covered by her bikini, and when they reached shore, she noticed that Tony was staring at her again.

“What is it, baby?” Jill asked, putting her arms around him, pressing her body against him.

“I love you, Jill. I love you so much I ache. For a moment there, when you were under water and didn’t come up right away, I felt real panic. I was scared shitless, and then I saw you, and you were walking toward us, nude, with every eye on the river staring at you, and you were walking to me, baby to me! God, I was proud, proud of my beautiful, sexy, slutty wife. Don’t ever leave me, babe. I’ll do anything for you, and let you do anything. Just don’t ever leave me, okay?”

“Tony, baby,” Jill said, kissing him deeply, pressing her body into him, “I won’t ever leave you, I promise. You let me do everything I want, you let me fuck whoever I want, and suck whoever I want. Why would a woman as crazy over sex as me ever walk away from a loving husband who lets her do things like that?”

As they walked back to the car carrying their raft above their heads, Kim’s bikini top slipped down off her tits again, and everyone they passed stopped to stare at this gorgeous, sexy woman, walking proudly, almost topless, in full view of everyone. Her cunt began heating up again, and Jill noticed a small crowd starting to follow her. At first, mast of them pretended not to stare, but as their excitement overcame their shyness, some of the younger guys started making remarks to her about her great body.

They reached the car, and one of the older teenagers said, “Here let me help ya with that heavy raft, ma’am.”

Jill stepped back. “Thank you. When you’re finished, I have a reward for you.”

Standing beside the car, with her tits still exposed, Jill watched the boy’s cock harden in his swim trunks, grinning about how good she knew it was going to taste when be finished.

“There, ma’am,” the boy said, “that oughta do it.”

“And this ought to do you,” Jill said. She knelt down in front of the boy and quickly jerked his trunks down over his knees, laughing at the stunned look on his face.

“Lady, what the hell are you doing?” he asked, trying to pull his suit back up to cover himself.

“You don’t want a blow-job?” Jill said, smiling devilishly.

“Well, shit, sure I do, but not out here in front of everybody.”

“Would in the car be okay?” she asked. “It’s your last chance.”

“Well, shit. Can’t we meet somewhere, I mean, shit, there’s tons of people walking around here, ya know.”

“I… do… not… give a fuck!” Jill said, reaching behind her neck to untie her suit, taking the top off quickly. “I don’t care who sees me when I’m fucking or sucking. I lave it, I’m proud of how I look, and what I do, including this!”

Jill stepped out of her bikini bottoms to stand nude in front of the crowd of people, rubbing her cunt slowly.

“So if you want your cock sucked, get in the car with me. If you don’t, we’re leaving.”

“Well, shit, what about him?” the boy asked, gesturing toward Tony.

“He likes to watch,” Jill said, getting into the back seat of their car. “So what are you going to do, my little chicken? Turn me down, or get in here with me and fuck my face?”

The boy’s face was beet red, as the crowd urged him to take her up on her offer.

“Aw, shit just gotta get me some of that,” the boy aid, climbing into the back seat, dosing the door behind him.

Jill pulled him down against her hot, bare skin, and wrapped her nude legs around his waist.

“Would you rather just fuck?” she asked, feeling his cock pressing against her belly.

“Oh, wow!” the kid said, feeling Jill’s fingers working his prick out of his suit. He moaned as Jill expertly worked the rock-hard prick into her pussy, fucking him quickly as the crowd outside applauded loudly.

“Now you get on the bottom,” she said, roll jug him over under her, so the crowd could see her lush body as she sat up over the boy, sitting on his cock, facing him.

Looking at the men outside the window watching her as she fucked this stranger and played with her tits and nipples, Jill thought she would die from excitement.

All too soon, the boy started the familiar pattern of moaning the start of his orgasm, and with the first spurt, Jill lay back with her shoulders against the back of the front seat, masturbating furiously, as the boy finished cuming in her cunt.

“Oh, Tony, baby, I want to do another one, can I?” Jill asked, really starting to get into this scene now.

“As many as you want before the cops see us, baby,” Tony replied. “I’ll let you know if I see any.”

His cock was in his hands as he slowly jacked off watching him vixen wife doing her thing.

One by one, Jill proceeded to fuck eight more men before Tony thought he saw a police car coming that way. The party broke up quickly, and they drove off with Jill flashing her tits at her crowd of well-satisfied lovers.

“What can we ever do next, baby?” she said to Tony as they pulled onto Cumberland Parkway.

“We’re just getting started, baby!” He smiled. “The best is yet to come!”


“Jill, what turns you on more than anything else?” Tony asked, looking at his sexy wife as she finished toweling off after her late-afternoon shower.

“Geez, honey, almost everything turns me on, as you know. That’s a hard question to answer. I love golden showers, and I love getting it on with a group of guys, especially when they cum all over me. I don’t know, babe. I guess whatever I can do that’s nasty. I love nasty sex. I love the feeling of slimy juices coating my body, and the smell of a man’s ass and balls when he’s been sweating. Why? Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering what we should do tonight that would be a real turn-on for you, that’s all. No special reason,” Tony said, grinning mischievously. “Wear something slinky and sexy, okay, and I’ll take you out to dinner. Something dressy, like that thin white cock-tease dress you designed, the one with the big cut-out openings. And no bra tonight, I want your tits to stick out and your cunt to show, okay? We’re gonna play some kinky games. I think you’ll like them.”

“Oh, Tony, you’re making my pussy start to drip already. Where are we going?”

“Just get dressed. You’ll see,” he said, watching as Jill pulled on a pair of dark-brown silk bikini panties, with matching garter belt and nylons.

Smiling, she slipped the dress down over her bare tits, smoothing out the wrinkles over her flat stomach, accentuating her firm tits and belly. The dress was shorter than most, and had high slits up each side to the top of Jill’s nylons, which were exposed when she walked. The top was very open on the sides and in front, so that from the side, most of her bare tits were visible. From the top, all but her nipples could be seen as her full tits jiggled gently in the loose dress. Jill had also designed the openings so that when she leaned forward, her tits would fall out over the top.

“Okay?” she asked, knowing she looked great.

“Perfect. Now let’s go.”

They drove to one of the new high-rise downtown Atlanta hotels, parked the car, and took the elevator to the top-floor revolving restaurant. While waiting for the host to seat them, every guy in the place stared at Jill. It was dark inside, but Jill stood beneath a ceiling spotlight. The shadows from her nipples were highlighted, and the dark panties she was wearing under the sheer dress showed, and as the elevator behind her opened and closed, light shone through her thin dress, letting everyone in the place see that she was wearing only a pair of panties.

“You’re getting plenty of attention, baby. But just wait until later!” Tony grinned, slipping his hand inside her dress to cup her tit from behind her back.

“Oh, baby,” Jill said quietly, “my cunt is on fire already. Make me do something nasty, okay, Tony?”

“You’ll see, sexy, and you’re gonna love it.” Finally they were seated side by side, in one of the elevated leather booths on the inside of the restaurant, overlooking the other tables nearer the windows. The lights of the city below were just starting to come on, sparkling like little fireflies, and as darkness settled in on them, the lighting in the restaurant again highlighted Jill’s nipples and dark areolas through the thin dress.

Every waiter in the place came by at least once to stare at Jill’s tits, and they swung loosely in the thin dress. During the serving of their drinks, Jill reached for her drink and the narrow strap over her shoulder slid off down over her arm, and the front right side of her dress fell away, completely exposing her right tit.

“Cheers,” she said to the stunned waiter as she casually pulled the strap back in place, barely covering herself. Jill was pleased to notice how quickly the waiter got an erection, while serving Tony, but still watching her.

“You’re very handsome,” Jill said, “and I like your cock.”

“We’ll order now,” Tony said to the young waiter.

After the waiter left, Jill said, “Did you see the size of his erection? He’s a hunk.”

“You always have liked ’em young, with good bodies, baby. Who knows, maybe he likes to eat steak tartar. At least I bet he will tonight, when he sees what you’re gonna do with it.”

“What are you talking about?” Jill asked, instantly feeling her body begin to tremble from excitement.

“You’ll see, baby. Just do everything I tell you, and you’re gonna have a ball tonight.”

Their dinners arrived. Ribeye steak for Tony and raw ground beef and egg for Jill.

“Jesus, Tony!” Jill said, grimacing. “This shit looks like meatloaf before it’s put in the oven.”

“That’s right, darling. Which is why you’re gonna put in your oven. Right here, right now, tonight! Pull your dress up to your waist.”

“Here?” Jill asked. “You got it. Real casual, so you don’t attract too much attention. Yet. That’s right, baby. Oooh, yeah, that’s beautiful, really beautiful! Now reach up and carefully scoop that steak and egg onto your hand.”

Doing as she was told, Jill said, “Oh, Tony, that feels so squishy and cold and greasy.”

When she had it pushed all onto her hand, Tony said, “Now carefully move it down to your pussy, raise your panties, and push it all over your clit and into your cunt.”

Looking directly into Tony’s eyes, Jill lifted the front of her panties and turned her hand slowly upside down, letting the raw egg run down onto her cunt. Shaking, she cupped her pussy with her hand filled with the remainder of the greasy dinner, squeezing her fingers over her cunt, sliding two of them inside her wet pussy.

“Oh, Tony, that feels wonderful,” she aid, through sifted eyes, clearly beginning to masturbate with the cold mixture of raw meat and egg.

“Don’t stop, babe,” Tony said, “let’s blow this guy away.”

Turning, he signaled for a waiter. Jill hesitated only for an instant, and then began masturbating even more intensely than before, spreading her legs, feeling the gooey meat as it squished all over her cunt.

“Yes sir,” the waiter said, trying hard not to stare at Jill. It was the same waiter as before, and his trousers had a small wet stain where his cock had leaked from the erection Jill had caused earlier.

“My wife had an accident,” Tony said. “As you can see, she spilled her dinner plate, and was wondering if you could bring her a towel or something to wipe up the mess. Also, bring her a steak. I guess she’s lost her taste for steak tartare for this evening.”

The shocked waiter leaned over the table slightly to see what Tony meant, and was greeted with the sexiest sight he had ever seen in his life. Jill’s dress was above her cunt, and her fingers were sliding in and out of her cunt through the meat and sticky egg yolk, which was all over her pussy and stomach and thighs.

“Sorry,” Jill said in a little girl’s teasing voice. “I spilled it. But it feels real good. Here, see for yourself!” She pretended to accidentally drop a spoon on the floor at her side. “Can you get that for me please?”

As the waiter bent down to retrieve the spoon, Jill pulled his head into her cunt. The waiter immediately tried to pull away, but Jill held him tightly with her arms and legs, wiping the messy cunt over his mouth, feeling his lips brushing across her extended wet clit. She knew instantly the moment he stopped trying to resist, and felt a tentative dart of his tongue across her pussy-lips, then another, as she lifted up off the seat to press her pussy against him. Then, with a loud moan, the waiter grabbed the cheeks of Jill’s ass and pulled her hard against his mouth, licking her roughly, fucking her with his tongue.

“Oh God, that’s wonderful!” Jill moaned, feeling her first orgasm exploding through her body. “I love it, baby, I love it!” She looked down at the waiter. “Where can we go? I have to fuck! Right now?”

The waiter, still stunned by what had happened, looked up at Jill as she slipped her fingers between his mouth and her clit, masturbating again, waiting for his reply.

“What… what did you say, ma’am?” he asked.

“I said, where can we go to fuck? I have to have your cock. Right now. You have to fuck me, don’t you understand? I can’t wait for it. Afterward I’ll do anything you want, but you have to give me your prick, right now. Or do you want to fuck me right here?”

“Here? Are you crazy, lady? I’ll lose my job. My boss is as horny as I am, but he wouldn’t put up with a stunt like that.” Wiping his face with a towel, the waiter said, “Come with me.”

As Jill and Tony followed him back to the kitchen, other patrons of the restaurant couldn’t take their eyes off Jill. The crotch of her dress was a mess, completely stained with the raw ground beef and egg, and the mixture was running down her legs. Grinning, Jill cupped her hand over her pussy, openly fondling herself, trembling with excitement to be so brazenly displaying her excitement to them all.

Loudly, she said, “Oh, Tony, I can’t wait to fuck and suck this guy.”

A man near Jill coughed and choked instantly, while his wife said, “I don’t believe that woman said that.”

Still giggling as they entered the kitchen, Jill was secretly thrilled by her performance, and couldn’t wait to continue it with the waiter.

“Holy shit, Frank, what you got there?” one of the chefs said, looking at Jill.

In the harsh light of the kitchen, her tits were even more clearly visible than in the restaurant, and the wetness of the meat made her cunt stand out under her dress.

“I got the hottest cunt I’ve ever met in my life, that’s what. She fucking had me go down on her right out there in the restaurant. The crazy broad dumped a whole steak dinner in her pussy, and was jerking off with it when she called me over to help her clean up. Then she drops a spoon on the floor, tells me to pick it up for her, and while I’m down there, pulls my fucking face right against her pussy, and starts rubbing it all over me. Jesus, Angelo, I think I came already in my pants, and now she wants me to fuck her.”

There were six chefs in the kitchen, and the oldest one, a mustached man of around fifty-five said, “Is that true, lady? You wanna fuck us?”

Looking at the six men and the waiter, Jill trembled again, and said, “Maybe this will convince you.”

Slowly, she began to edge her dress up on her legs, higher and higher, over her knees, slowly moving it up her body until her pussy came into view. Her bikini panties were dripping with the remains of her unfinished dinner, and meat was oozing out around the edges. She continued to lift her dress up her body, until her tits were freed, continuing the erotic strip until the dress was completely over her head.

Looking at the men around her, Jill let the dress fall to the floor at her feet, and with one hand scooped up some of the meat from her panties and rubbed it over her bare tits, letting it fall down her body. With her other hand, she again started masturbating, looking at the growing erection of the eight men in the room, Tony included.

“I don’t know what else I can do to prove to you studs that I want some cock, other than to tell you that I do, and right now! And just so you understand what I mean, you can fuck me anywhere you want: in my pussy, my mouth, or my ass, and you can cum all over my face and tits and in my hair or on my feet or anywhere. I love it all!”

“Didn’t I tell you guys she was hot or what?” the waiter said, unzipping his pants, pulling on his swelling cock. “I say we take turns with her all night, okay, Angelo?”

Looking at Jill as she got up onto one of the long counters and lay down, the man said, “If I go first, I say fine. The lady wants cock we’ll give it to her. All night, starting with this.”

Slowly the man approached Jill, unbuckling his trousers. Standing next to her, he reached beside her, took a large butcher’s knife from a rack, and slid it carefully under Jill’s panties. With a grin he jerked back quickly, and the panties fell away, exposing Jill’s quivering pussy. Dropping his pants, he climbed onto the counter, and held his stiff cock to the opening of Jill’s wet cunt.

“Oh yeah!” Jill moaned as Angelo rubbed the head of his cock through the greasy meat across Jill’s clit. “Oh, baby, fuck me, please fuck me!”

With a quick thrust, Angelo buried his prick inside Jill’s cunt, fucking her roughly, pounding her against the hard countertop. With each thrust, he slammed into her harder, until she was bouncing up and down, banging against the hard surface as Angelo fucked her faster and faster, rougher and rougher.

Quickly, he yelled, “Mama mia, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

“Oh, yeah, baby!” Jill moaned. “Give me that hot load of sweet juice, that’s… uhhh… oh yeah, like that, just like that!”

Angelo’s body twitched violently once, twice, three times, and with the fourth, he buried his cock as deep as he could inside Jill, letting his body relax completely, falling onto her as the last few drops of cum slithered from his cock.

“Hey, Angelo, don’t be so greedy,” one of the others said. “There’s still five more of us to go, you know!”

“And I want all of you!” Jill screamed.

Angelo pulled out of her, dragging his dripping cock along her leg, leaving a trail of sperm glistening down to her knee.

“Doesn’t anybody want a blow-job while I fuck somebody else?” Jill teased, licking her lips seductively.

“I could go for that,” a young man said, approaching Jill’s face with his erect cock sticking straight out from his unzipped fly.

“Me, too,” another man said, approaching from the other side. “Wanna take turns lady?”

“Oh, yeah!” Jill moaned as the first cock slipped into her mouth. The man on the other side of her was masturbating his cock against the side of her cheek as a third man climbed up onto the counter to plunge into her gooey cunt.

“Uhhhh!” Jill moaned as the man fucked her with long, slow strokes.

Eagerly, Jill jerked off the guy she was sucking, wanting to taste him as quickly as possible so she could turn her attention to the other guy standing next to her. “Oh jeez, I think I’m cumming already!” the guy she was sucking groaned.

Jill fondled his balls gently, and could feel the build-up of his approaching orgasm. Taking the cock from her mouth at the last minute, she let the head of his prick rest softly on the tip of her tongue, and slowly continued masturbating him.

“Oh, lady, here… it… comes!” he moaned as a gigantic burst of sperm shot into Jill’s mouth, followed by another blast that shot across Jill’s open mouth to land on her cheek and nose. Then another, and another, and another flooded her face and mouth, until finally his cock stopped spurting cum and lay twitching slowly, a steady stream of juice slowly running out of it onto her tongue.

Closing her eyes to half-slits, Jill slowly swallowed the mouthful of sperm.

“Oh, lady, you’re the greatest!” the guy said. Immediately, the man standing on her other side said, “Hey, don’t forget me!”

Turning her head, Jill grinned. “It looks to me like you’re doing fine by yourself. Why don’t you just finish it off here?”

Again opening her mouth and extending her tongue, Jill raised up off the countertop to position herself so she could catch this load, too.

With a moan of unbelieving ecstasy, the man jerked-off as fast as he could, tightening his ass as the sperm flew from his cock into Jill’s mouth.

“Oh, lady, yeah, that’s so fucking beautiful to see! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

The cum from his cock was streaming steadily down Jill’s throat as she continued to swallow it without closing her mouth.

From on top of her, Jill heard another series of groans, as that man now exploded inside her pussy, banging into her roughly, his cum filling her already-wet opening with even more sperm. Looking over at her husband, Jill was pleased to see him sitting in a corner, slowly playing with his cock, grinning proudly, waiting to see what his sexy wife would do next.

Looking at the waiter who was still standing to the side, slowly stroking himself, Jill said, “Since this was your idea, how’d you like to fuck me a little differently? Like in my ass? You have to get it greasy for me first though, okay?”

“Oh, lady, you got it,” the waiter said as Jill rolled over onto her hands and knees.

“Grease my asshole with some lard or something,” Jill said, looking back over her shoulder at the waiter.

“Here, man, let me help,” one of the cooks said, scooping up a handful of Crisco, rubbing it over Jill’s asshole, pushing his fingers inside. “Maybe she’d like to get really greasy and slippery all over,” another said, dumping a bottle of oil over her head and body, rubbing it over her back and underneath over, her tits.

“Oh, you guys, that feels wonderful,” Jill said, as the drooling waiter quickly took off his pants and mounted her from behind.

“Here it comes, slut, you asked for it!” he said, plunging into her asshole quickly, fucking her as hard as he could.

“Oh yes, yes, hurt me with your cock, you fucker, do it to me, rape my asshole, fuck me in the ass with your big cock!” Jill screamed as loudly as she could, hoping the patrons in the restaurant could hear her as she climaxed immediately. Still the waiter kept fucking her, steadily, as though he were using her asshole with which to masturbate.

“I can go all night like this, slut, and maybe I will,” he said, steadily keeping up the pace, reaming her asshole like a jack-hammer, pounding in and out and in and out continually.

Jill lay down on her belly in a more comfortable position as the waiter continued his nonstop reaming of her ass. She closed her eyes, and let the feelings of what was happening to her float over her mind, thrilled with the evening, loving so many men wooing her, fucking her, wanting her. She felt something wet hit her cheeks, and looking up saw that another of the men had jacked-off into her face and in her hair. Grinning, she stuck out her tongue and lapped up the sperm that had run down across her cheeks onto the table beside her face.

“I know,” one of the cooks said. “Let’s slime her all over.”

Giggling sadistically, he dipped into a bowl of cold potato soup, and dumped it over Jill’s face and hair.

“Hey, watch this!” another said, and dumped the remainder from a pot of thick brown gravy over her ass as the waiter continued fucking her. Jill could feel it running down over his plunging cock, and into her pussy-hair.

“Wait!” she screamed, quickly puffing away from the waiter. “I want it on my tits!”

Rolling over, Jill lifted her legs over the waiter’s shoulders, and pulled his cock back into her asshole.

“Now you keep fucking my ass while these guys make me greasy all over,” she moaned, rubbing her clit.

One of the cooks dumped spaghetti over her, while another poured tomato sauce onto her tits. Someone added more oil, and another poured chocolate syrup over her. Jill was twitching wildly now, and rubbing the garbage all over her body, and she felt the waiter pumping harder into her ass, knowing he was finally close to cumming. Tightening the muscles of her ass, Jill milked the am out of the waiter’s cock as he exploded inside her dark rear passageway.

“Oh, God, I love it!” Jill moaned, feeling the cum pumping into her asshole. “It feels like an enema, Tony, his cum feels like I’m getting an enema, and it’s so nasty! Oh yeah, fella, shoot that hot cum up inside my asshole!”

Jill’s orgasm hit her with such force she faded quickly into a restful, satisfied sleep, loving the thought that even as she slept they would be using her, fucking her and cumming on her for the rest of the night.


“Oh, Tony, last night was so incredibly nasty, I can’t believe it all happened. You know I’m still dripping cum out of my asshole? Can you believe that? What a night.”

“Baby, you are the world’s greatest slut, and I really mean that as a compliment.”

“I couldn’t believe how you had them shower me off, you bastard! Laying me in the sink like that, and telling them to hose me down. What a prick you are sometimes!” Jill laughed.

“Well. You loved it, so don’t make such a big deal out of it, alright?”

“You are fucking right I loved it, baby, every last drop! I’d like to do it again, too. It is so bad, and you know how much I love to be bad.”

“Yeah, but I’m glad we’re changing our scene for a while. You’ve been having all the fun. I can’t wait for Kim to bring me some more young cunt tonight!”

“As long as I get to eat their pussies after you’ve fucked them, darling, you can have all the cunt you want. Listen, I think I hear them coming now.”

“Mrs. Durand, I’m so glad you called me,” Kim said, as she and three of her girlfriends entered the Durands’ home. “My girlfriends and I were having a pajama party tonight, and it’s so hot and sticky and everything, we were thrilled when you said we could come over and go swimming in your pool and hot tub.”

“Our pleasure, dear,” Jill said, appraising the group of young girls. “Now why don’t you introduce us to your friends, Kim?”

“Sure. Mr. and Mrs. Durand, first, this is Cindy,” she said.

Cindy was a short, dark-haired girl with a very tiny waist, small breasts, and beautiful hips.

“And this is Lori,” she said, holding up the hand of a gorgeous, tall well-built blonde, and then taking the hand of the last girl, said, “and this is Lori. As you can see, they’re identical twins.”

“And the most gorgeous set of twins I’ve ever seen, too! Wouldn’t you agree, darling?” Jill asked Tony, knowing he would agree.

“I certainly would. Now what can I get you girls to help you cool off? You’re all old enough to drink, aren’t you? Anybody here under eighteen?”

“Well…” Cindy said, “I don’t drink Mr. Durand. My folks don’t either. At least I don’t think they do. They’re real strict and conservative. I better not.”

“Aw come on, Cindy, I told the Durands you guys were going to be a lot of fun,” Kim said.

“How about a little champagne, Cindy?” Tony said. “That’s not really drinking. In fact, in Europe, kids are drinking this stuff out of their baby bottles.”

“Well… okay,” Cindy said, taking a sip out of the glass Tony handed her. Cindy held it in her mouth for a moment, and swallowed, saying, “It… it does taste kinda good. I guess it’s okay. I’ll drink it. It tastes real tingly. Real good!”

“How about the same for you girls?” Tony asked. “Okay?”

“You bet,” Kim said. “I love it. Try it, Lori, it’s great. You, too, Lori.”

“We shouldn’t drink it either,” Lori said, “but I guess as long as Cindy can, we can too, right Sis?”

“I guess so,” Lori said, “but don’t you dare tell Pa. You know how bad he’d whip us if he ever found out we were drinking.”

“Oh, come now, girls,” Jill said. “I can’t believe your father would actually spank someone your age. Would he? In this day and age?”

“Oh yes he would, Mrs. Durand,” Lori said quickly. “Lori’s right. He says anyone who spares the rod, spoils the child, doesn’t he, Sis?”

“Yeah. He spanks us all the time sometimes, he even…” the girl said, hesitating, looking down at the floor as her face turned crimson.

“Sometimes he even what, Lori?” Jill said quietly. “Don’t be ashamed. You can tell us. What does he do to you?”

“Well…” she began, looking at her sister, who was gulping her cocktail. “Sometimes he even makes us take our clothes off and lay across his lap so he can whip our bare behinds.”

“I don’t believe it,” Jill said, coaxing them on. “Really? Is that true, Lori?”

“Yes ma’am!” The girl blushed as Tony refilled their glasses again.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Jill said.

“Sure, but to tell the truth, we kinda like it.” Taking another big drink from her champagne, she giggled, and said, “It’s exciting to feel his thing when it gets hard under us.”

“Yeah. We even take turns trying to see who can get him to squirt first,” Lori said, joining her sister in howls of laughter. “It feels so funny when he wets himself. Like a squirt gun going off in his pants, and he gets all red in the face, and tells us to go take cold showers, and then he runs to his bedroom and does stuff to Mama to make her yell like anything.”

“Do you know what your parents are doing when they go to their bedroom?” Jill asked, beginning to rub her pussy openly.

“Not really, Mrs. Durand,” Lori said. “All we know is that it sure sounds like they’re having fun.”

“They are, girls. They’re fucking. How about you, Cindy?” Jill asked. “Have you ever seen or heard your folks fucking?”

“My gosh, no, Mrs. Durand,” Cindy said, blushing deeply.

“Would you like to see a couple fucking, Cindy?” Jill asked.

“Well… gee… I… I guess so,” the girl said, sweating heavily under the armpits of her red tee, shirt.

“I think we can mange that. I have an idea. Why don’t you and Kim show them what fucking is, Tony darling, and then we can all join in? Afterward, if you have any questions, we’ll try to answer them. But girls, this is just between us, okay? Nobody tells anyone what happens here tonight. Is it a deal?”

The group all immediately answered yes, and Jill said, “Well, Tony. You said you wanted some young cunt again, and we can all see from your cock that you meant it, right, Kim? Go get [missing text].”

“Oh, Mrs. Durand, I can’t wait to have your husband’s big cock in me again,” Kim said, breathing deeply as she stood and took her clothes off.

“You can’t wait!” Tony laughed. “Look at this!”

He slid his trunks down off of his legs, as his thick cock sprang out at the girls, drawing ooh’s and aah’s from everyone.

“Didn’t I tell you girls he had a big cock?” Kim giggled, dropping to her knees in front of it. “He loves this. Watch!”

Kim slithered her tongue all over his balls and cock, spitting on it, letting the juice run down the length of it, swallowing his cock over and over, getting him even harder.

“Now, Kimmy, open up,” Tony said, as Kim dropped to the floor, spreading her legs as wide apart as she could, raising them above her head. With one deep plunge, Tony buried his cock inside the young girls tight pussy, pounding her against the floor.

“Oh God, that feels good!” Kim screamed, bouncing up off the floor to meet each thrust. “You all have to fuck him! It’s wonderful!”

“Well I sure want to,” Lori said, ripping off her clothes, lying down beside Kim.

“Me, too, you bitch! Me first!” her sister Lori said, pulling at Tony.

“How about you, Cindy? Would you like a man’s cock in your cunt?” Jill asked.

“Oh God yes, Mrs. Durand! I’ve wanted to get fucked for months now, but never had a chance.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Take your clothes off, and lay down beside the other girls.”

Doing as she was told, Cindy stripped quickly, revealing an unbelievable set of tits, small waist, and tight ass.

“Please, Mr. Durand. Fuck me, too! Please!” she begged, rubbing her wet cunt invitingly.

“Be back shortly, Kim,” Tony said. “Don’t go away.”

Withdrawing his cock from the sexy teenager, he moved over the first girl in line to his left, Lori, and slid his cock into her sopping pussy, fucking rapidly.

“Cum, Lori. I have lots of other pussy waiting for this thing, and it won’t last forever.”

“Oh, Mr. Durand,” Lori moaned, rubbing her clit furiously. “I am. I’m cumming already!” She masturbated herself to a quick orgasm.

“Next!” Tony moved over Lori. “See if you can cum as fast as your sister, baby,” he said, pounding into the girl’s dripping cunt.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, like that, just a little longer!” Lori screamed, exploding with pleasure, as Tony pulled out to position himself over Cindy.

“For you, baby, I have a special treat. Suck it first. Taste the pussy-juice from your girlfriends.”

“Oh it’s great!” Cindy moaned, fingering her cunt roughly. “But I want it in my cunt now, please?”

“Then take it!” Tony said, puffing out of hers mouth, hammering deeply into her pussy.

“Oh God, ohhh!” Cindy screamed as she felt herself pop apart deep inside her pussy. “Oh yeah, it feels so good, so wonderful!”

“Keep rubbing yourself!” Tony shouted, fucking faster. “I’m going to cum in your mouth now, okay? And I want you to eat it.”

“Anything, Mr. Durand, anything.”

“Why don’t the rest of you girls help him?” Jill said, moving them so they formed a circle, their bodies extending out from the center where their faces all lay next to one another.

Standing over the four young beauties, Jill slowly jacked-off her husband, playing with her pussy at the same time.

“Cum on them, Tony, all over their fresh young faces. Let them taste you, my darling, and let them see why I love to suck cock so much. Cum, baby, now!” Jill said, beginning the long slide ever the top to her own orgasm, like a roller coaster on the biggest hill.

“Oh baby, yeah!” Tony moaned as his cock burst, exploding his thick, white cum all over the girls’ faces, fighting to keep his eyes from closing, wanting to burn this image into his brain forever. Like little birds in a nest, each girl stuck out her tongue, fighting for the juice, lapping at it, swallowing it, each one licking it off the faces of the other girls. As Tony fell to his knees over them, each girl lifted up off the floor to lick him everywhere, sucking and fucking him with their lips and tongues.

“Oh baby, this is the greatest!” Tony moaned, completely happy.

“That’s what you think, honey!” Jill grinned, kissing her husband deeply. “We’re just getting started. If you think this is great, wait until you see what I’ve got planned for us next week!”

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