THREE’S COMPANY: … All Cats Are Gray

Jack fumbled with his packages, juggling them from arm to arm as he searched
for his key. He’d put it away just a few minutes ago, when he’d left the
apartment. Now where was it? Ah, there it was, in his jacket. He tugged, but
the key ring was snagged on something. He pulled again. Oh, great, now his
hand was caught, too. He reached over with his other hand — and remembered,
just a split second too late, that he was juggling four packages his roommate
Chrissy had wanted him to mail and a bag with two skirts his other roommate,
Janet, had given him to drop off at the cleaner’s. The whole pile fell to the
floor and the bag with the skirts flew open, sending them flying down the
stairs. Jack turned just in time to see a bright red skirt land right on the
face of Mr. Furley, their landlord.

Furley, a skinny, wheezy-voiced old man, flung the skirt away and looked up.
When he saw Jack, his face contorted even more. “Can’t you keep your laundry
out of other people’s faces?” he demanded. Jack started to reply, then caught
himself. “Well, it’s tougher when you have to keep two separate supplies,” he
lisped. Jack and his roommates needed each other to afford the apartment, but
Furley wouldn’t allow men and women to room together. To keep up appearances,
Jack pretended to be gay, at least when Furley was around. He skipped down the
stairs and retrieved the skirt, shaking his behind in Furley’s face, which
grew redder by the second. Furley stood there a minute, then turned around and
walked away, mumbling to himself.

Jack gather up all his packages — remembering to get his key out first — and
walked back to the apartment door. He was mumbling a little, too. He’d walked
all the way to his car and even driven a few blocks before he’d remembered
that the whole purpose of the trip in the first place was to get some gas, and
he’d forgotten his wallet. Then he had to take the packages up because the
passenger door’s lock was broken and he knew Janet would kill him if someone
stole her skirts and, well, the day just wasn’t going well.

As he was thinking all that, he fit the key in the lock and pushed open the
door. He put the packages down on a nearby table and was about to call out to
Janet when he heard her shouting from the bedroom: “No, no, no! Don’t …”

Jack didn’t wait to hear any more. He ran across the room and launched himself
full-tilt at the bedroom door. Unfortunately it had already been slightly ajar
and his momentum carried him through the door, across the bedroom and right
onto the bed — on top of a very naked Janet, who was sitting on top of a guy
whose pants were down around his ankles. The memory of Janet’s shout still
strong, Jack quickly bounced up and pushed her aside. He grabbed the other
man, yanking him off the bed. Jack stepped back and reared back to punch when
he looked up … and kept looking up … Geez, this guy was huge. He was
easily six inches taller than Jack, and he had muscles where Jack didn’t even
have skin. Jack pulled back, and spoke. “You…” he stopped; his voice had
come out as more of a squeak. He took a breath, and this time he spoke in a
deep voice that he hoped sounded more macho. “You better get out, mister. And
stay out!”

The guy was steaming mad. He didn’t look like he had any intention of leaving.
He took a step toward Jack, measuring his first punch … and fell flat on his
face, his legs tangled up in his pants. After a few seconds, the guy came to,
and saw Jack standing over him. “Yeah, ” Jack said, “and there’s more where
that came from, if you don’t get out of here right now!” The other man shook
himself, grabbed up his pants, and stumbled out with Jack right behind him,
watching to make sure the guy left the apartment. Then Jack locked the door —
and put on the deadbolt, too, just to make sure.

“Jack!” He jumped, startled, and turned around. Oh, it was only Janet.

But, it was Janet like he’d never seen her before. Absolutely stark naked,
except for a pair of stiletto-heeled black pumps. His eyes moved up from the
pumps, up a fantastic pair of legs, to the swell of her hips, a thick, bushy
black patch of hair (he paused a bit there), then up past a firm, smooth
stomach to a set of cassaba-melon-sized tits, round ones with big brown
circles and nipples as thick as pencils. And up to her face, framed in a halo
of curly black hair, a curving chin, pouty full lips … Lips that were saying
something. What was it? Jack shook himself and listened.

“… do you think you get off storming in on me? Or is that how you DO get
off?” Her tits bounced as she spoke, and Jack was getting hypnotized watching
her nipples go up and down. Then she crossed her hands across her chest,
breaking the spell. He looked up at her face again. Her lips were drawn thin.

“Well,” she said. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I, uh, I, uh, gee, Janet, you really have a great pair of — I mean — he,
that guy, he was, wasn’t he?”

“He was what?”

“Raping you. Wasn’t he?”

“Raping me? You idiot! He wasn’t raping me! Didn’t you happen to notice I was
totally nude? I…”

“Well, sure, Janet,” Jack broke in. “I can see — could see, that you’re
naked. I noticed that, yeah.”

“Well, then why in the heck would you think I was getting raped? That guy was
my date! He was the best hunk I’ve had in months — or he would have been, if
you’d given me a chance to have him! What kind of rapist gets invited into my
bedroom? What kind of rapist has me fold all my clothes up neatly and put them
on the dresser? What kind of rapist has me on top?”

“But, Janet, I heard you!”

“You heard me? What did you hear?”

“I heard you saying ‘no, no, don’t!'”

“I was saying ‘no, don’t cum,’ Jack. The guy was gonna cum and I wasn’t done
yet. That’s the problem with younger guys: they’re strong but they’re too damn

Jack blushed. “I’m sorry, Janet,” he stammered out. “I didn’t — you were —
uh, I gotta go.”

Janet reached out and grabbed his arm. “Not so fast,” she said, tugging him
toward the bedroom. “That stud got me good and horny, and I’m not gonna spend
another morning frigging myself if I don’t have to. Come on.”

Jack was stunned. Ever since he and the girls had been together he’d waited
for a moment like this, but he’d always figured he’d be the aggressive one. He
didn’t know quite what to do.

But that was OK, because Janet seemed to know. She pulled Jack over to the bed
and quickly stripped off his pullover shirt, then undid his belt and zipper
and slipped his pants down, pulling his briefs down with them. His cock sprung
free and wiggled in front of her face, rock hard and sticking straight out.
She eyed it for a second, but then said “Oh, no, I’m not gonna make this
mistake again.”

Damn, Jack thought, we’re not gonna do it after all. But Janet wasn’t
quitting; she just reached down and tugged on his pants. “Come on,” she said,
“step out of them. I’m not gonna have you get knocked out just when I need
you.” She tossed aside the slacks and yanked off his shoes and socks. “Ah, now
where was I?”

Jack stared down in amazement as she pursed her lips and slipped them over his
swollen cockhead. She was really squeezing; it was like an incredibly tight
pussy. The girl he thought was frigid was an expert cocksucker. Slowly she
bobbed her head back and forth, each time taking a little bit more of his
eight inches down her throat. Her hands were clenching his butt, pushing him
into her face. He felt his cock hit the back of her throat; he’d never felt
anything so good. Every time she pulled back, she kept her lips squeezed tight
around his shaft, then slowly pulled back a bit more and let the head pop out
before plunging back down on it.

He reached down and grabbed a tit in each hand. He’d never thought of Janet as
particularly well-endowed, but these were more than a handful each. And just
the right feel, too, he thought, firm but not hard. He rubbed the nipples
between his thumbs and forefingers, feeling the warmth of her body.

Janet kept sucking his cock, stopping every now and then to lick up and down
the bottom of the shaft and take one of his balls into her mouth. When Jack
began to groan, she picked up the tempo. With her right hand she encircled the
base of his shaft and began stroking the shaft while her lips moved back and
forth on the head and her tongue flicked at the very tip. Jack didn’t want to
stop but he couldn’t hold back any more. With a loud, primal shout he let
loose a flood of cum, boiling out of his balls. Janet swallowed the first load
and then pulled back, letting the rest of the cum splatter all over her face
and tits.

Just looking down at her cum-smeared face was enough to get Jack hard again,
but Janet saw the look in his face and shook her head. A little bead of gooey
spunk on the tip of her nose flew off.

“Not so fast, buddy,” she said. “We’ve got other things to do.”

She slid back on the bed, her tits flattening out as they slid to the sides.
She looked at Jack between her twin mountains and pointed a finger at her
pussy. “Eat at the Y, Jack,” she ordered.

Jack was happy to oblige. He began kissing the insides of her thighs, soft
butterfly kisses up and down until goosebumps rose all over her. Then he began
to gently caress her whole crotch, running his hands back and forth while he
licked her smooth, taut belly. As her knees rose up to trap him, he pushed
forward, nuzzling her tits like they were ice cream. He licked each one from
base to nipple in a spiral, then took the whole aureole into his mouth and
sucked while his tongue flicked back and forth. Janet pushed him back down. “I
said eat me, dammit,” she hissed.

Jack plunged his tongue into her all at once. Her back arched up. “Yeah! Yeah,
that’s it! Stick that tongue in me!” He licked and sucked away, each hand
grabbing one of her butt cheeks to press her closer to him. She swayed back
and forth, grabbing a pillow and yanking it over her head to smother her
screams. Jack snuck one hand back to her asshole and slipped a finger in just
as he shoved his tongue all the way into her cunt. Janet threw the pillow
across the room and let out a bellow. “Yeah, baby! Yeah! I’m gonna cum! I’m
gonna… I’m… Aieeeeee!” Jack held on tightly as her ass shook with waves of
grinding contractions before she finally shuddered to a stop.

Before she could catch her breath, he leaped forward and shoved his cock into
her red, swollen pussy. He fucked her like a piston, slamming in and out, her
pussy fluids flying out with every jab. She started to protest, but he covered
her mouth with his. With one arm holding him up, he used the other hand to
maul her tits, smearing her sweat over them. They began to bounce up and down,
flying off the bed before he’d impale her to it with a downward thrust. He
broke their kiss to let out a loud shout of passion, his cries mixing with
Janet’s breathless urgings. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oooh, I want it all!
Deeper! Deeper!”

Finally Jack could hold back no longer. He shot his wad deep into her cunt and
collapsed atop her. She humped back frantically, still moments from orgasm. At
last she pushed him off and jammed three fingers into her pussy, in and out
until she shook all over and fell back.

After that day, Jack’s relationship with Janet changed in marvelous ways.
Before, he had always been the pursuer, trying to steal a kiss. Now, she was
at least as aggressive, and it wasn’t kisses she was after. They fucked in
every room of the apartment, on every piece of furniture. Whenever they were
watching TV together and their roommate, Chrissy, went to the bathroom, Jack
would dive over to jam a couple of fingers into Janet’s pussy while she
whipped out his cock and bent down to suck on it. Jack asked Janet once
whether she thought they should let Chrissy in on their lovemaking — it was
her apartment, too, after all, didn’t she have a right to know what was going
on? “Who, Chrissy ‘Pure as the driven’ Snow? No way,” Janet said. “A
minister’s daughter? She’d have a shit fit.” When Jack was making dinner,
Janet would volunteer to help, going into the kitchen and jacking him off
underneath his apron while he stirred and chopped. He almost lost a couple of
fingers that way, once.

They fucked missionary style, with Janet on top, on a chair, doggie style,
standing up in the shower, they did 69s, they even tried swinging from the
light in the bedroom but it was no chandelier and Janet almost burned her

The only thing they didn’t do, despite all of Jack’s begging, was up the ass.
Janet refused to let Jack put his cock anywhere near her butthole. In fact,
she was still a little peeved about the way he’d snuck a finger in there the
first time he sucked her. Although she still let him do that from time to
time, she said she drew the line at cocks.

Jack figured he could live with that, as long as he could stick his cock
anywhere else he wanted, just about anytime. He was so hot for Janet that he
got a hard-on just looking at her. She didn’t help matters by rubbing up
against him whenever Chrissy wasn’t looking. A couple of times Chrissy looked
at Jack funny when he curled up into a ball on the couch to hide the tentpole
in his trousers, but mostly she seemed oblivious to what was going on.

Then came one night in late August. Some friends of theirs in the apartment
building next door had invited Jack and the girls over for a pool party. Janet
and Chrissy had already changed into almost identical white bikinis. The only
difference was that Chrissy’s small top barely contained her huge tits; they
looked ready to pop free at any second. Janet, although she was the smaller of
the two, had a bigger top that seemed to make her tits disappear. Jack knew
better, of course.

Watching the girls walk around the apartment almost naked, their butts
wiggling as they gathered up stuff for the party, gave Jack his usual hard-on
— even harder to conceal than usual, given his skimpy Speedo suit. He walked
around with a bag of potato chips clutched in front of him, trying to avoid
Chrissy’s gaze. Life with the two women was great anytime, but now — he snuck
another peek at Chrissy’s long legs, her curvy body, those tits, that long
mane of blond hair. And Janet — just looking at her dark curls bouncing made
him think of the sight of her squatting on his cock, bouncing up and down like
a kid on a trampoline.

He caught a look in her eye and knew she was thinking about the same kind of
thing. It wasn’t hard to figure out; she was almost always thinking about that
kind of thing. Jack suggested that Chrissy go on ahead to the party while he
and Janet whipped up something else for a snack.

“What, Jack?” Chrissy wanted to know. “We’ve already got a whole picnic basket
full. Here, give me those chips.”

“No!” he flipped them out of her reach. “We have to make… uh … What were
we gonna make, Janet?”

Janet looked at him sharply. “Uh, we were gonna make…”

“Pizza,” Jack shot out.

“Tacos,” Janet shouted at the same instant.

“That’s right, tacos,” Jack quickly added.

“Yeah, pizza,” Janet said as well.

Chrissy looked at them blankly.

“Uh, we’re gonna make pizza tacos,” Jack said. “With pepperoni.”

“Oh, OK,” Chrissy said. “But no anchovies, huh?”

As soon as she was gone, Jack grabbed Janet and they locked in a deep kiss.
“Wait,” she said, breaking away. “We have to get something cooking.”

“I’m cooking, baby,” Jack cooed. “With gas.”

“No, Jack, come on. Let’s just put something in the oven so we don’t show up
at the party empty-handed. We can think up an explanation for Chrissy about
why we didn’t bring ‘pizza tacos’ later.”

Grumbling, Jack went into the kitchen. After some frantic slamming of doors
and banging of drawers, he found enough stuff to put together a simple
casserole. He threw everything into the oven and set it for 30 minutes at 350
degrees. “That ought to be enough time,” he said to himself. “And I ought to
get hotter than that.”

He rushed back to the living room and leaped onto the couch where Janet was
sitting. Their tongues met in a passionate kiss and he began to slip a hand
down her bikini bottom when the lights went out. “Wow, Jack,” Janet said. “I
knew you could kiss, but now you’ve blinded me!” Jack got up abruptly. “Hey,
where are you going?” she wailed. “I was only kidding. Come on. We don’t need
lights. What we’re gonna do, we can do just as well in the dark. I think you
know how to find your way around my pussy by now.”

“Yeah, but my casserole will be a disaster,” Jack said. His desire to be a
chef sometimes came out at the oddest moments. “Look, I think I can save this
thing if I take the croutons and the onions out until the power comes back.
And see if you can find a flashlight or something. Those damn croutons are
small. Try the bedroom — I think I saw one in there the last time I was
cleaning. It must be around somewhere.”

Almost as soon as he swung into the kitchen, the front door opened and Janet
saw a familiar silhouette. “Chrissy! What are you doing back here?”

“It’s a little chilly around the pool,” Chrissy explained. “I thought I’d pick
up a shawl. Hey, why are the lights out in here?”

“The power went out, Chrissy. Come on, help me find a flashlight. Jack said
there might be one in our bedroom.”

“Can’t we look in the living room first?”

“Why, Chrissy? I’m sure we didn’t leave one here.”

“No, but the light’s better here — I can leave the door open, see?”

Janet stared at her roommate, silhouetted in the bright glow of the hall
light. “Chrissy,” she said slowly, “the light’s still on in the hallway.”

“Well, duh, of course it is. If the light wasn’t on, you couldn’t see to walk
around out there at night. Gee, and they say I’m dumb.”

“But, Chrissy, if the light’s still on out there — it must just be one of the
fuses again. Darn that cheap old Mr. Furley. Look, I’ll go down to the
basement and see if that’s what it is. I might still need that flashlight, so
you go look. In the bedroom, Chrissy.”

Janet left to check on the fuse box and Chrissy disappeared into the bedroom
just as Jack was coming out of the kitchen, a lighted candle in his hand. “I
took care of it, Janet,” he called out softly. “Janet? Janet?” He looked
around the room, scaring himself once when he saw his own flickering
reflection in a mirror. Then he noticed the bedroom door ajar and remembered
about the flashlight.

As he walked into the bedroom, he looked around but couldn’t see Janet there,
either. He was about to call out when he felt something touch his foot. He
looked down. Sticking out from underneath Janet’s bed were a beautiful set of
legs that led up to a white bikini bottom. Jack didn’t have to think twice. He
puffed out the candle (murmuring something about burning at both ends) and put
it down.

Wiggling out of his Speedo, he dropped to his knees and pulled the bikini
bottom off. He took a leg in each hand and pulled back just enough to put his
cock at the entrance to the puckered hole between two perfectly round butt
cheeks. He yanked open the top drawer of Janet’s nightstand and pulled out the
jar of Vaseline he knew she kept there, slathering some over his stiff cock
and then using a finger to spread some over the asshole and inside.

Slowly, he began to ease his prick head into the target. It was a very tight
squeeze, and the way the butt was wriggling around didn’t help. He spanked it
several times. “Calm down, dammit,” he said. “I’ve wanted this for too long
and I’m gonna get it. Christ, you’ve given me everything else.” Grasping her
hips, he pushed harder. The tight ring gave way and he began to slide inside.
Finally he was all the way in, and he began to move his hips back and forth.
He heard some muffled moaning from under the bed, but he wasn’t going to stop
now. In and out, he took long strokes. He reached around underneath and shoved
a finger into her twat, too, twiddling her clit. He was just about building up
steam for an orgasm when the room was suddenly flooded with light.

“Jack!” Janet was in the doorway, staring down at him. Jack stared back at
her, then down at the ass impaled on his cock, then back at her. With a twist,
the girl under the bed slipped off his dick and he fell back against the other
bed. He suddenly realized the body beginning to slip out from under the bed
was longer than he’d thought.

“Chrissy!” Jack stared as she emerged from the bed. It was a tight squeeze,
and as she popped loose her bikini top was pulled off. She jumped to her feet
and turned to face him, her tits swaying.

“Jack!” Chrissy stared at him, his rigid cock still standing straight up in
his lap.

He looked at her more closely. He’d never seen Chrissy’s tits before, not
really. She had huge aureoles, three inches across and a rich cocoa brown. And
her nipples stood out like antennae, perched on top of firm tits that didn’t
sag a bit despite their size. Jack’s jaw dropped open.

They posed like that for a few seconds before Janet broke the spell.

“Oh, go on and fuck her, Jack. You’ve already had her ass, you might as well
take her cunt.”

Before Chrissy quite knew what was happening, Janet pushed her back onto the
bed and, ripping off her own bikini, straddled her roommate’s face, shoving
her twat into Chrissy’s mouth and jiggling her hips to urge her roommate into
action. Jack placed his cock at the entrance to Chrissy’s pussy, still not
quite sure this was all happening. Slowly, he began to slip it inside her, but
after just a couple of inches he could go no further. “Janet, she’s a virgin,”
Jack cried out.

“Not any more,” Janet shouted, leaning over to take hold of Jack’s ass and
slam him into Chrissy’s cunt. Underneath her, Chrissy opened her mouth to
scream, but that only allowed Janet to wiggle her pussy lips against Chrissy’s
tongue. Meanwhile, Jack was beginning to grind away at the other end,
developing a steady rhythm with his jackhammer cock while he squeezed and
rubbed Chrissy’s breasts. In no time at all, he felt Chrissy moving in
response, her hips keeping time with his pumping. Chrissy’s hands closed
around Janet’s tits and she massaged them while she licked and sucked away at
the pussy in her face.

Jack was the first to cum, shooting a heavy load into Chrissy and still
spurting when he pulled out seconds later. As soon as his cock was out, Janet
leaned over and buried her face in Chrissy’s crotch, licking off Jack’s cum
before sucking away at the sodden cunt. Jack fell back against the other bed
again, gazing in dumbstruck amazement at his two roommates locked in a
passionate 69. They went on like that for several minutes before both women
shuddered and rocked and humped in a orgasmic frenzy that went on and on.

Later on, after they’d all hit the showers, where Chrissy had sucked Jack’s
cock and Janet had finally given him her ass, the three roommates sat on the
couch in the living room nibbling at Jack’s casserole, which had survived the
blown fuse quite nicely.

“I guess living together will be a lot more fun from now on,” Jack said.

“Yeah, no more secrets,” Janet said.

“Uh, I’ve got a question, you guys,” Chrissy broke in. “Do you think it would
be all right if, you know, sometime, we did this again?”

Jack and Janet glanced at each other and broke out laughing. “Of course,
Chrissy,” Janet said. “What did you think we were going to do?”

“Well, I just didn’t want to get in the way,” the blonde answered. “You know,
like they say, ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd.'”

“Don’t worry, Chrissy,” Jack said through his laughter. “In this case, I think
three’s company too.”