A good wife gives in to her sexual longings

I am a mature married woman and although I have been tempted many times, I have never cheated before. It’s easier to be good now that I have gotten older, but I still get some interesting offers. I am a tall brunette with green eyes and a curvy figure. I fantasize about sex all the time. I have not had a crush in forever, but there is this guy I can not stop thinking about who manages the hardware store up at the lake.

Ben is just a good ole country boy. He is good looking, but not classically handsome. He has a beefy build, dark curly hair, and he is several inches shorter than me. He is friendly, charming, and he looks to be in his mid to late 30s: somewhat younger than me. When he turns on his 1000 watt smile, I get a little weak in the knees. The first couple of times I saw him I was fine, but taken aback by how much he turned me on. Over time it got to where I would blush bright red like a schoolgirl when he smiled at me. I was always polite and never flirted, but I swear he knew I had the hots for him. Ultimately it got so bad I could not even look him in the eye when I had business there.

So anyway, we had recently ordered 70 bags of Sakrete from his store, and they were to be delivered early one morning last week. I was surprised to see that it was Ben backing the flatbed truck down my driveway. In all the years they have delivered things to us, Ben has never been the delivery guy. We said hi and I showed him where I wanted the bags stacked. We kept talking as he stood up on the flatbed to break the pallets, and he basically positioned his crotch about two feet in front of my face. I have never been much of a package checker, but I couldn’t help but stare at the bulge in his jeans. Of course he was smiling down at me and my face was on fire.

I watched from the kitchen window as Ben unloaded the 50 pound bags. He was strong and moved them around like they weighed nothing. He had a sexy physique and great ass. It was really turning me on to watch him work. As he finished stacking the last of the Sakrete, I decided to take him a Gatorade. He was wet with sweat and asked if I minded if he took his shirt off. I shook my head no as he slowly peeled his wet t-shirt over his head, revealing a lightly-furred, deeply-muscled torso with a delicious, dark, happy-trail diving into his button-fly jeans…. It looked like he was getting erect.

My mouth watered as he sauntered over to take the Gatorade. Ben posed and flexed, slowly running his fingers through his damp, dark, and curly hair, letting me admire his muscled physique. His other hand reached out to take the drink, leaving a trail of sparks where he grazed my hand. By then my hard nipples were poking holes through my bra and thin t-shirt. I could feel myself starting to get wet. He was staring at my huge tits and I was drinking in every inch of his sexy, sweaty body. His right arm was sleeved with intricate ink that looked military. I inhaled his manly scent of sweat, musk, and his personal aroma. He stepped closer and got all up in my face. I was no longer aware of any difference in our heights. I was staring at his lips when he licked them suggestively and asked, ”So, Miss Niki. What time is your husband due back?”

I whispered: “Not before this evening.” It was about 8 am then and he was looking at me askantly.

I knew this was the moment of truth. Pointing to the door I boldly asked,” would you like to borrow my shower?” Ben smiled and without a word went into the house kicking his boots off while undoing his jeans. I stood frozen in the kitchen for a moment watching him and wondering if I was making a huge mistake. He hollered for me to come on! from the master bathroom, and I locked the back door. We have a clear glass walk-in shower, and as I made my way to him he was already naked and turning on the water. He was magnificent! Ben had thick, powerful-looking legs and a nice round ass. He had lots of dark body hair that was clinging to him under the shower. His cock was above average, maybe 6 inches long and thick with a large mushroom head. It was darker than his body; he was circumcised, and manscaped. I could not wait to taste him. He was stroking his hard cock while watching me shimmy off my shorts, then pull off my t-shirt, bra, and panties. I could not believe I was gonna do this!! I had never cheated before.

I stood there naked before him for a moment as his eyes devoured me. Ben flashed his sexy smile and extended his hand. I did not hesitate and let him pull me into the shower. His hard wet body felt so fucking good against mine! I scrubbed my hard nipples back and forth across his hairy chest and felt my pussy clench as he kissed me deeply. His hands were everywhere: squeezing and kneading my thick ass, tugging my erect nipples, rubbing my arms and body, then teasing between my legs. He kissed me passionately. Then Ben slid his hard-on in between my thighs, sawing it back and forth against my slippery pussy. His clever cock found its way between my lips and I arched my back until it was rubbing my hard little nub as it glided to and fro. After a few minutes of his attention I was on fire! I sucked on his tongue and pushed him back against the shower wall.

Ben moaned as I began to stroke his cock and started sliding down his body to my knees. I looked up into his eyes as I began to lick and tease his glans and piss hole. I weighed his balls and gave them some licks and sucks before returning to his cock. His precum tasted so good! I hummed as I sucked his bulbous head into my mouth, licking and sucking him greedily. His hands caressed my face and swept my hair back as he began guiding my face back and forth on his cock. I stretched my jaw open wide, covering my teeth with my wet lips as he pulled my mouth over his cock, then I sucked hard and worked him with my tongue as he withdrew all but his head. He pushed ever deeper into my mouth with each thrust.

He started going faster and his grip on the back of my head strengthened. I placed my hands on his thighs and let him fuck my mouth. I wretched a few times as he slammed into the back of my throat. He stopped and held me tight as he slowly started easing his cock down my throat.

“Let me do this, Niki. Pleaseee….”

Tears streamed from my eyes as I opened my mouth and throat, gaging as he edged further into me. It made that great squeaking sound as he fucked my throat. He gripped my head hard and ground my face into his pelvis. I swallowed and swallowed, milking him with my throat muscles while he moaned, “ You look fuckin sexy with my cock in your pretty mouth…Fucking take that cock! Suck me. Suck that hard cock….. Ooooooo FUCK!”

I thought he would cum, but after a minute or so I started hitting his thighs with my fists. I needed some air! He made me wait a little bit before finally releasing me. I was coughing and recovering when Ben asked, “Do I need a condom?”

I kind of blanked and said, “I wanna finish sucking you off.”

“Not this time. I’m going to fuck you. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. So are you gonna make me wear a condom?”

Hell, all I could think was that I could not get pregnant. I had not planned this encounter and in the heat of passion gave no real thought to safe sex, only how good his cock was gonna feel inside me.

I looked up at him as seductively as I could and said,“Fuck me bareback.”

He growled while pulling me up, then he lifted me against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I guided his cock to my entrance and he plunged into my hungry pussy, fully sheathing his manhood in one stroke. We both moaned at the tight fit and I gripped him hard. Ben had me pinned against the wall while he adjusted his hold, placing his powerful arms under each of my thighs and spreading me wide. I held on to his shoulders as he began slowly sliding back and forth a little just reveling in the sensation. We maintained lusty eye contact as he began to thrust hard on his in strokes, battering my cervix, then easing all but his fat head slowly back out again. It really jacked me up to be spread and so vulnerable.

I was positioned up higher than him, so I offered him one of my breasts while he was fucking me. He sucked hard on my nipple, licking and lightly biting it. I arched my back, shoving my breast towards his mouth. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm as he hammered away at my wet pussy. I began to buck and tremble as I started to cum. He let go of my breast and buried his cock deep inside me watching my face as my contractions erupted around his hardon of steel. I moaned loudly as my orgasm sent shock waves through my body.

I was shaky and panting as Ben stood me back up, then bent me over in front of him. I grabbed the soap dish with one hand, arched my back and spread my long legs. My pussy was still pulsing and contracting as he guided his cock back to his target. He coated the head with my juices then rubbed it all over my clit, lips, and anus. Ben was driving me wild. I shouted his name when he finally sunk his cock inside me. He lightly fingered my asshole and smacked my ass a few times while he stood there impaled in me from behind. He grabbed my hips and wasted no time plundering my tender inner sanctum. I rubbed my overly sensitive clit and knew it would not take me long to cum again. His fat head hit my g spot with every backstroke. I pulled at my nipples and pushed back to meet his thrusts. I could feel the bruises his hands were starting to leave on my hips as he pistoned his cock in and almost out of me, but I did not care. Our sex started making wet sucking sounds as he sped up and really started filling me deeply. I edged closer to my release and started milking his cock with my tight snatch.

The closer I got to cummig, I started yelling: “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Take me! Pound my pussy… Yes! Oh! Fuck me Ben!!” The wet slapping and sucking noises filled the bathroom as he wore my ass out!

He roared and I could feel him fixing to shoot. His balls were slapping my clit as I squirted and started cumming like a faucet! I held my breath and beared down on his cock with a pussy death grip as I came in wet bursts of spray. He was hollering something unintelligible as he shot several hot wads of cum deep into my tight married pussy. My pussy held him like a vice and contacted hard around his freshly spent cock.

“God Damn Girl! Fuckkkkkkk!”

My legs were shaking like crazy and going out from under me, but he held me up as his still hard cock slid out of me with a wet popping sound. We were both panting. My pussy was throbbing and a warm tingly feeling spread across my body. Mmmm I felt delicious and naughtily wiggled my ass against him. He smacked it hard.

“Fuck!!! Woman, where the hell have you been? Damn! that was some good shit!”

I just started laughing as he let us both slide slowly down to the floor under the cold spray of water. We looked at each other and smiled.

“Niki, I have to go back to work, but we are not finished here. I wanna see you again. I wanna see a lot more of you.”

I admitted, “Ben, but I do not think I can walk.” We both laughed.