Neighbors Do It Better

Tina Rogers lay naked in bed, listening to the rain hit the roof. It was almost nine, and her husband Ed still wasn’t home from work. That didn’t surprise her. On a night like this, Ed would probably be kept late. But Tina wished like hell that he was in another occupation.

As a plumber, Ed would be out right now dealing with flooded basements and clogged drain pipes. Tina wished he was home dealing with her. Her plumbing was really neglected.

She almost moaned aloud with need as she thought of her handsome husband.

She and Ed had been married almost five years, but the magic hadn’t gone out of their marriages. They were as hot for each other as the day they met. The only problem was Ed’s job. Now that he’d gone into business for himself, he never seemed to have any time off.

Sure, he was making good money so that someday soon they could buy their dream house and have a family, but in the meantime Tina was going out of her mind with sexual frustration. She needed a lot more loving than Ed was able to give her.

Poor Ed, it wasn’t his fault. He was as horny as she was, but it seemed like he was always being called away on an emergency jab, or else he was just too damned tired to make love. No matter what the reason, it was really starting to get to Tina.

Like tonight, for instance. She was freshly bathed, all made up, with a dab of Ed’s favorite perfume behind each ear, and she was horny enough to scream. She was young, beautiful, and lusty, every man’s dream. Yet she found herself in bed alone. No, things just weren’t right.

The beautiful brunette housewife kit the scaring heat in her slit and whimpered with frustration. What she needed more than anything in the world was her husband’s big hard cock cramming her starved little cunt. But she wasn’t likely to get it, not soon. Ed would come dragging home late, dog tired, too pooped to get it on.

“So what’s the answer?” Tina wondered aloud.

She couldn’t ask Ed to find another job. He’d trained long and hard to open his own plumbing business. She sure didn’t want a divorce. Ed was the only man she’d ever loved. And she didn’t believe in cheating. So that left her with only one thing to do about her sexual starvation.

It was kid stuff, and she was both ashamed and tired of doing it, but she had no choice. She kicked back the covers and started running her hands over her sleek hot body, making love to herself.

She cupped her ripe throbbing tits and squeezed and molded them. She used her thumbs to tease her nipples into stiffness. Pushing her tits upward, she was able to reach them with her tongue, and she lathered both stiff nipples with her hot saliva.

All the while she pretended Ed was making love to her. She imagined it was his hands exploring her tingling swollen breasts, his tongue hot and wet on her nipples. She pretended it was his hand sliding between her thighs and sensuously caressing the wet fever-hot flesh of her pussy.

“God, yes, honey!” she moaned.

When she’d first started making love to herself this way, she’d felt ridiculous, but as her need grew, she got used to it. After all, what else could she do except give up sex completely? Oh, Ed would give her a quick fuck every few weeks, but that wasn’t enough. She wanted long, frequent sessions like they used to have when they were first married.

Now she lay in bed alone, running a stiff finger over the seething moist folds of her slit, giving herself a low-grade buzz of pleasure. Pretty soon she’d get on to the serious stuff, but there was no hurry, not the big rush there was with Ed.

She creamed all over her fingers, doubling her hot pleasure. After so many lonely nights and so much practice masturbating, Tina knew just how to get herself off best. She liked to string out the pleasure, making her sessions as long as possible.

Now her kneading fingers brought her right to the edge of climax, then slowed. She rolled her clit gently between her fingers, hovering right at the brink of coming yet not going over the edge. It was sweet agony. She ached to climax, yet she didn’t want the fun to stop.

“Unnnnhhhh, God, unnhhh!” she moaned.

There were many ways to bring herself to orgasm, but there was one she liked more than the others. She decided to come that way now. She bunched three fingers together and jammed them into her famished little cunt. They were just the thickness of her husband’s cock though not as long.

“Ohhhhh, shit, yesss!” she groaned.

She stuffed herself with her bunched fingers, pushing as deep as she could into her seething wet box. She could almost believe Ed was thrusting his big hard cock into her. That was the sensation she craved most of all, and she had a pretty good imitation going with her fingers. She began working them up and down in her juicy cunt.

“Oooooh, yessss, oooooh!” she squealed.

She knew it wouldn’t take her long to get off this way. She could come at any second. But again she felt like prolonging the pleasure, enjoying the delicious sensations as long as she could. She finger-fucked herself slowly and deeply, gurgling with delight. Very gradually she rose towards an orgasm she needed desperately.

She hovered at the brink again, gorging herself on the throbs of pleasure she was getting with each thrust of her fingers. It would be easy to make herself come, yet it was so delicious to prolong the fun. She stroked her cunt gently, deeply, and she drenched her fingers with thick sizzling cream.

Suddenly the front door slammed and Ed called out, “Honey, I’m home!”

“Oh, shit!” Tina gasped.

Blushing hotly, she whipped her cream soaked fingers out of her cunt and dashed to the bathroom to wash them off. She’d be mortified if Ed caught her masturbating like some horny teenager. She was a married woman, and she should act like one.

When she came out of the bathroom, Ed was just taking off his clothes. She couldn’t help ogling his muscular hairy-chested body. He had a fantastic build. She’d been right on the verge of orgasm when he walked in, and her lust was at fever pitch. She wanted to throw him on the bed and fuck his brains out.

But first she had to act like a good little wife. “Did you get any dinner, honey?” she asked with concern.

“Yeah, I grabbed a hamburger on the way home,” Ed said, stepping out of his shorts. “Jesus, what a night. Every basement in town must have flooded.”

“Poor baby!” Tina crooned. “Lie down and I’ll rub your back!”

“That’d be great,” Ed said, crashing face down on the bed.

Tina knelt beside him and started massaging his tired muscles. He hadn’t even noticed that she was naked, but that didn’t surprise her. It had been a long time since he’d paid attention to what she was or wasn’t wearing. The man was just worn out with work. But not quite as worn out as Tina had thought.

He suddenly rolled over, leered at her, and pulled her on top of him.

“You know what I was thinking on the way home?” he said. “I’ve got the sexiest wife in the world, and I don’t take advantage of it.”

Tina’s heart hammered. Was he finally going to make decent love to her?

“Take advantage right now,” she said, her voice husky with need.

“Just what I had in mind.” Ed grinned. He ran his big hands down her back and over her ass, cupping the hot little globes. He squeezed her nice ass, slipped his hands lower, and drew her thighs wide apart. Now she felt his stiff cock poking between her legs. He pressed the hard cock against her burning wet cunt, letting her ride it.

“Gee,” she said, “I’d almost forgotten what a cock is like.”

“I can imagine!” Ed sighed. “But let me try to refresh your memory!”

He sawed his steel-hard prick back and forth between her legs, driving her wild with excitement. She wanted that thick column of meat inside her, cramming her cunt full. She creamed and whimpered and writhed with longing. Her spurting cunt juices soaked Ed’s lazily jerking prick. He snorted with lust and squeezed her ass.

“Fuck me, Ed!” she moaned at last, unable to wait a second longer. “Stick that big thing into me, honey! I need it so bad!”

“Jesus, so do I!” Ed groaned.

He drew back, gave a hard shove, and impaled her about an inch on the thick head of his cock. He pushed again, and this time his massive hard-on stuffed her cunt. She took it with hoarse groans of ecstasy. She couldn’t even recall the last decent love-making she and Ed had had. She only knew she was starved for loving.

“Unnnnhhh, honey, yessss!” she sobbed. “Give me every inch of it!”

Clutching her churning ass, Ed pushed into her right to his balls. He began to fuck her in deep lunges, and she responded by arching her body and taking his fat cock as deep as she could get it. She creamed uncontrollably, soaking his belly and balls. She felt crazy with lust.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!” she babbled.

Ed groaned and snorted and fucked into her faster and faster. She could tell that he was just as starved for decent sex as she was. He shuddered with pleasure each time he pushed deep into her squirting, sizzling cunt. She knew he wouldn’t last long at this rate, and she didn’t try to delay her climax. She wanted to come just as Ed did. That was always a hot thrill for them both.

“Unnnnhhh, honey, harder!” she moaned. “Get us both there!”

Ed dug his fingers into her writhing little ass and fucked into her harder, rocking her body with the impact. She didn’t mind that. She loved it when he got a little rough with her. She just gurgled and creamed and fucked right back at him, pumping her hips lustily.

“Oooooh, baby, that’s it!” she wailed. “We’re gonna come so good!”

“I sure know I am!” Ed groaned.

Tina didn’t think anybody could be hornier than she was, but possibly Ed was even more hard-up. At least she had time to masturbate, but his schedule was so busy, he might not even be able to afford that relief. Well, she just hoped he got off fantastically tonight. Maybe he’d remember how great it could be between them.

Maybe he’d started coming home earlier and spending more time with her. Tina would have loved that, but she didn’t expect it. Ed was intent on making his plumbing business a big success, and everything else took a back seat to that, even his marriage. Tina knew she’d better enjoy this rare treat, actually being in bed with her husband, taking his jack hammering cock.

He was fucking her with all his force now, and she knew he was just about to shoot his load. She was ready for him. Rubbing her swollen clit frantically against his pistoning prick, she let the red-hot friction take her over the edge into a body-wracking orgasm.

“Unnnnhhh, baby, I’m comingggg!” she howled. “Oooooh, fuck — whaaahhhhh!”

As she’d expected, her climax triggered Ed’s.

“Take my load, baby, awwwwww!” he roared.

“Yes, yesssss, cream meeee!” she wailed.

As they came, she could hear the phone ringing.

Ed groaned and reached for it.

“Yeah?” he said breathlessly, “yeah, okay, I’ll be right there.” He hung up, looked at her. “Clogged toilet.”

Tina didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed like her love life was always being interrupted by some damned plumbing emergency. She couldn’t count the number of times Ed had raced off to take care of somebody else’s plumbing, neglecting hers.

“Okay, honey, I understand!” she sighed.

But did she really? As she watched Ed dress, she wondered if he really had to be such a workaholic. Couldn’t he spend a little more time at home? She knew she couldn’t take this loneliness and sexual frustration much longer. This was no marriage, at least not the kind of marriage she wanted.

“Later, honey,” Ed said, dashing out the door.

Tina wandered back to bed, seething with stored-up lust. That one orgasm had only left her hungry for more. She felt ready to explode with pent-up frustration. What on earth was she going to do? She loved her husband, but he was driving her crazy.

One thing was for certain. If she didn’t get more loving, she was going to do something desperate.


A week passed, and Tina and Ed didn’t get it on again.

He was either exhausted from work or running out to take care of some plumbing emergency. By the time Friday rolled around, Tina was fed up.

“Honey,” she said to Ed over breakfast, “could we go out tomorrow night? Have a nice romantic dinner? I hardly see you any more.”

Ed actually blushed.

“Baby, I wasn’t going to tell you his till the last minute, because I knew you’d be mad,” he said, “but I’m gonna be gone all weekend. I’m going to an equipment convention. I might be able to pick up some good ideas.”

Tina could have screamed. The weekends were the only time they had together any more. But she knew how seriously Ed took his work and that there was no use arguing with him. Once again, his career seemed more important to him than his marriage.

“Okay, Ed,” she said. “Whatever you want.”

He left for work, and Tina brooded. She felt horny all the time these days. She could never get her mind off sex. She couldn’t face a whole lifetime of sexual frustration, but she didn’t want to leave her husband. In spite of everything, she was still crazy about him. So what was the solution to her problem?

There seemed to be only one answer, and that was a very discreet love affair. If she could find a man who didn’t want to get involved and would take care of her in bed, that would release her tensions and make her able to endure her sexless marriage.

As a mattes of fact, she thought she knew the perfect man for the job.

Tina showered and dressed in tight blue jeans and a clinging sweater that showed off her high riding firm tits. She wrapped up some cookies she’d just baked and walked over to visit her neighbor, Jeff Conrad.

Jeff was the only bachelor in the neighborhood. He worked odd shifts as a salesman, and she knew he was home right now because his little sports car was in the driveway. Jeff was very handsome, a blond giant with a terrific body, and he was just about Tina’s age.

She had to admit that she’d had a secret letch for Jeff for quite some time. She never would have dreamed of doing anything about it if Ed had been making love to her, but now Jeff seemed like everything she needed. She walked around to his back door and knocked.

When Jeff answered, he was wearing a short robe and was obviously just out of the shower. He gave Tina a big smile, and she felt suddenly hot for him. Yes, this could work out very nice if she could get Jeff to agree to her charms.

“Hey, it’s my beautiful neighbor,” Jeff said. “Come on in, Tina. What’s up?”

“Oh, I just got to feeling sorry for a poor lonely bachelor,” Tina said. “I brought you same cookies.”

“Thanks, Tina!” Jeff exclaimed, clearly pleased. “I sure get tired of eating everything out of the microwave. That’s very nice of you. How can I return the favor?”

Funny you should ask, Tina thought.

“Well, Jeff, that’s what I came to talk to you about,” she said. “This is kind of hard to put into words, but I hope you have time to listen.”

“Sure,” he said. “I don’t have to be to work till this afternoon. I’ll get us some coffee.”

While he poured the coffee, Tina wondered how to state her strange proposal. She decided to just come right out with it. Jeff was a grownup, and he’d had plenty of experiences with women. He could handle it. She sat down next to him at the kitchen table, cleared her throat, and started in.

“I have a problem,” she said. “A very big problem. Ed’s very devoted to his work. In the evenings he’s either too tired to get it on, or he’s rushing off on some emergency call. We hardly ever make love any more.”

“Bummer,” Jeff said sympathetically. “But how can I help? Want me to have a talk with Ed?”

That was the last thing in the world Tina wanted.

“Oh, no,” she said. “I want you to take his place. You see, Jeff, I need a lover. I don’t want to leave Ed. I love him. But I’m climbing the walls, I’m so horny. I think the ideal solution would be for me to have a man on the side. Very discreetly of course.”

Jeff’s manner changed. He’d been friendly but careful. Now his eyes swept over Tina’s curvy sleek body, and she could see a sudden glow of lust. She almost gurgled with desire. The guy was turned onto her, all right. He wanted her.

“You want a lover?” he said softly. “And you chose me?”

“That’s right,” Tina said.

“I’m wry flattered, Tina,” he said. “Maybe I can help.”

He reached out, grasped her sweater, and drew it off over her head. He did it so quickly and neatly, she wasn’t prepared. He stared at her orange-size tits in her lacy see-through bra, and she quivered with excitement. This guy didn’t waste any time. She liked that a lot.

“You’re so pretty, Tina,” he said. “I can’t imagine Ed neglecting you. But that’s his loss and my gain.”

He popped the front catch of her bra, and the delicate cups snapped apart. He cupped her bare tits and fondled them gently but sensuously. Tina suddenly creamed right through her panties. She was starved for a man’s touch. She felt so horny, she couldn’t speak.

Jeff eased his thumbs over her small pink nipples and rubbed the soft cones into stiff nubs. His touch was expert. Obviously he’d had plenty of experience. Tina liked that, too. If she was going to take the risk of cheating, she wanted maximum rewards, and she knew she’d get them from Jeff.

He leaned down and started licking her sensitive engorged nipples. She gave a helpless gurgle of lust and creamed again, soaking through her jeans. She didn’t love this man, hardly knew him, but she needed sex so badly. She was ready to let him do whatever he wanted with her.

“Do you like this, Tina?” he asked.

“Yes, Jeff,” she said, “I love it.”

He unzipped her jeans and slid a hand insidc. He kept going till his hand was in her panties. He felt the scaring cream-soaked flesh of her cunt, and as he caressed and explored the swollen folds, she creamed again, soaking his fingers.

“You weren’t kidding,” he said. “You really are horny. We’d better go to my bedroom.”

Tina followed him as fast as she could. Now that she’d taken the big step and propositioned him, she couldn’t wait to get into bed with him. She tried to shut all thought of Ed out of her mind. Then Jeff turned to face her, and she snottcd with laughter.

She couldn’t help it, he looked so funny. His cock was hard, and it was sticking out the front of his robe. He looked down at it and started laughing, too. Then he drew her close to him and put her hand on his prick.

“As you see, Tina, your idea turned me on,” he chuckled.

“I’m glad,” she said. “I didn’t know if you’d be interested.”

“Are you kidding?” he said. “I’ve wanted into your pants since the day we met. Come on.”

He led her over to the bed and quickly removed the rest of her clothes. While she lay there naked, he took off his robe. He had a magnificent body, powerfully muscled, his chest deeply matted with blond hairs. Tina growled deep in her throat as she ogled him.

He stretched out beside her and said, “Since we’ve decided to do this, let’s not spoil it by hurrying. I like to take my time.”

Tina just nodded, content to let him lead the way. He was far more experienced than she was. Ed was the only guy she’d ever fucked. Thinking of that, she felt a little guilty, then brushed the thought away. It was Ed’s fault that she was in bed with another man.

Jeff slipped his hand between her thighs and began playing with her pussy again, gently but excitingly stroking the swollen wet flesh. She wrapped her fingers around his prick and pumped it. It was rock-hard, hot and throbbing. Sticky juice began to leak from his pins hole, wetting her fingers.

“What do you like to do in bed, Tina?” he asked.

“Everything,” she laughed. “Ed and I used to do everything, before he got so wrapped up in his job.”

“Like to suck cock?” Jeff asked bluntly.

Tina nodded. In fact she drooled at the thought. One of her favorite things had been going down on her husband, but he never seemed to have time for that any more. A quick fuck was all she ever got from Ed these days. But Jeff had given her a message, and she acted on it.

She slid down and started licking his cock. He gave a convulsive shiver and a low groan. It was nice to be making love to a man that responded, who appreciated what she was doing. Jeff obviously didn’t have his mind on his job.

“That’s nice, baby,” he said hoarsely.

Jim lathered his thick hard cock with her hot spit. She didn’t miss an inch of it. She worked her way down to the base, tonguing fast, then back again to the creaming head. She lapped up his delicious salty cream as fast as she could get it, rolling it around in her mouth and savoring it.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm!” she gurgled.

She kept licking till she’d cleaned his cock head, but she was hungry for more cream. She drilled the pointed tip of her tongue into his piss hole and reamed it out. By then Jeff was snorting with excitement. He ran his fingers through her hair and got a gentle grip.

“Suck it!” he gasped.

Tina was more than ready to give him what he wanted. She slid her moist lips around his fat cock head. She ran her mouth over his throbbing boner, taking in as much as she could. Drawing in her cheeks, she began to suck. Jeff gave another lusty shudder.

“Christ, yeah, that’s great!” he panted.

Tina knew she was a good cocksucker. Ed had told her so many times. In fact he’d trained her. Now she was using those skills on another man, and she could see that Ed’s training had been excellent. Jeff soon shot out of control and started fucking her mouth.

“Ohhhhh, yeah!” he groaned. “I was horny when I woke up! This is just what I needed!”

He pistoned his huge cock over her wet tongue, feeding her a steady supply of tasty cream. Famished for the stuff, she sucked faster and faster. Jeff gripped her hair harder, groaned hoarsely, and suddenly flooded her mouth with boiling jism.

“Eat it, baby — unnnggghhh!” he groaned.

“Uuumnnnm!” Tina gasped.

She was gulping blast after blast of his delicious come. How long had it been since she’d done this with Ed? She couldn’t even remember. She only knew that it had been far too long. She sucked ravenously till Jeff flopped back with a happy sigh.

“Terrific,” he said breathlessly. “That was a fantastic blow-job, honey. Now I’ll give you your reward.”

He rolled her over onto her back and arranged her with her knees bent and wide open. He crawled between her hot thighs, and she whimpered with excitement as his moist breath tickled her gash. Then she felt his big hot tongue raking her delicate engorged pussy.

“Ooooo, God, yessss!” she hissed.

She adored having her pussy eaten, and Jeff was superb at it. His wet tongue snaked into every steamy fold of her slit. He used his tongue tip stiffly to tease her clit. He darted it in and out of her drooling fur-fringed cunt mouth.

“Unnnnhhh, Jeff, I love it!” she sobbed. “Don’t stop, I love it!”

Tina was going out of her mind with pleasure. She clawed the bed and wept, and she drenched Jeff’s face with hot spurts of cunt juice. It had been months since Ed had done this to her. No wonder it was ecstasy now. She just wished the incredible sensations would go on for hours.

Then Jeff crammed his whole tongue into her cunt. She wailed with delight, arching her body to take the wet meat as deep as she could get it. He cupped her hot little ass and held it up off the bed so he could thrust to her womb. He began tongue-fucking her hard and fast.

“Ahhhh, shit, yesss!” she howled. “Do it to me, Jeff, make me come!”

Not that Jeff needed any coaching. The guy was a fantastic pussy freak. He eagerly pistoned his stiff tongue in and out of her squirting cunt, driving her wild with excitement. Again she wanted the pleasure to last for hours, but she was so horny that she couldn’t keep from coming soon.

She felt the pleasure building in her cunt, building till she was sobbing and shaking with it. She had so much pent-up lust, and now Jeff was releasing it. No wonder she couldn’t hold off the gigantic orgasm that suddenly blasted her body.

“Unnnnhhh, God — whaaahhhh!” she screamed.

She was coming harder than she had in months; Jeff expertly tongue-fucked her through the long intense climax, and she almost fainted with pleasure. Now she realized just how sex-starved she was. She was even more desperate for it than she’d dreamed.

“God, Jeff, that was wonderful,” she sighed as he finally drew his dripping tongue from her cunt. “I needed that so bad.”

“I could tell,” he said. “You need me, Tina. You got yourself a deal. And now look what I’ve got for you.”

He rose to his knees and displayed a brand new hard-on. Tina couldn’t have been more delighted. She’d hardly finished coming, but already she was hot for more of Jeff’s loving.


Tina reached out and stroked Jeff’s cock. It was so great to be able to take her time making love. She ran her hot little hand up his cock and down again, and he snorted with excitement. His hot eyes devoured her gorgeous naked body.

“Ed’s gotta be crazy,” he said with a grin. “I’d rather not talk about Ed,” she sighed. “You still love him, don’t you?” Jeff asked, ignoring her remark.

Tina just nodded and gave his cock a suggestive squeeze. That got his mind on other subjects. Hot juice began to leak from his piss hole, and she smeared the sticky cream up and down his blue-veined shaft. His prick was long, thick and hard, just what she needed. She could hardly wait to take it.

Jeff rolled her over onto her back, but she managed to keep her grip on his cock. He began to stroke her slick steaming cunt while she played with his cock. Soon they were both flushed and panting, and she was creaming all over his hand. Her hips pumped in a helpless fucking motion.

Jeff leered down at her and said, “Lady, you wanta fuck?”

Tina leered right back at him.

“Yes!” she hissed. “Oh, yessss!”

He slid on top of her, and she felt his stiff cock pushing hard against her tender swollen clit. She shot out of control jerking her hips frantically, trying to impale herself on his cock. She couldn’t wait a second longer. But her wriggling just spoiled his cum.

“Easy,” he said.

Tina forced herself to lie still. It wasn’t easy, because her whole body wanted to writhe with lust. Jeff slid the fat head of his cock down to the moist little pit of her cunt mouth, then popped it into her, going in about an inch. Tina groaned and soaked his cock head with sizzling cream.

“God, yes, Jeff, stick it in me!” she whimpered. “I need it so bad!”

Jeff took a deep breath and started sliding his prick into her. He took his time, shivering with each inch of penetration, savoring every second. Tina wished he’d go faster. She was starved for cock. She was creaming uncontrollably.

“Uhhhhh, yesssss!” she sobbed. “Give me all of it, baby, every inch!”

She lay there shivering and moaning till he finally touched bottom. She drenched his meat with scalding pussy cream as he crammed her completely. She loved feeling his thick boner throbbing against every inch of her starved little cunt. That was the sensation she craved every moment of the day.

“You got it all now,” Jeff said breathlessly. “Feel better?”

“Mmmmm-hmmmm!” she purred. “But I’ll feel even better if you give me a good hard fuck!”

“Coming right up,” he said.

He slid his hands under her and cupped her hot little ass. He began sawing his big hard cock in and out of her twat, giving her long delicious rushes of pleasure. Tina was in ecstasy. It was fantastic to fuck a man who wasn’t in a hurry. She savored each long, sensuous stroke of his throbbing prick.

“Ohhhhh, yessss, Jeff!” she moaned. “Fuck me forever, honey, don’t stop!”

Jeff seemed just the opposite of her husband when it came to fucking. He wasn’t in a big hurry. On the contrary, he seemed to want to go on all day. And of course, that suited Tina just fine. She had months of sexual starvation to make up for. She clawed his broad shoulders, nibbled his neck, and moaned with delight.

Each time he pushed into her, she creamed helplessly. The molten liquid drenched his cock and overflowed her stuffed cunt, gushing down her ass crack and puddling on the bed beneath her. She hadn’t creamed that much since she was a teenager, seething with hormones.

She could remember creaming like that for Ed when they first met. They hadn’t even fucked yet, but she was so turned onto the guy that she creamed her panties just thinking about him. Too bad she had to be doing it for another man now.

Jeff began to fuck her faster, and she loved that, too. Her helplessly jerking hips kept the pace, and she fucked back at him. She slammed her hips upward to take his downward thrusts, wanting his cock as deep as she could get it. All her inhibitions were gone as she responded to his expert fucking.

“Unnnnhhh, Jeff, you’re doing it to me so good!” she gurgled. “Ohhhh, shit, yeah, don’t ever stop fucking me!”

Jeff was usually cool in bed, very much in control of himself and his partner, but Tina’s wild excitement and desperate horniness were getting to him. It had been a long time since he’d fucked a woman as responsive as she was. He snorted with excitement and fucked into her taster and harder.

“Unnnhhh, yessss!” she wailed. “Really give it to me, baby, fuck me crazy!”

Jeff’s big hard body battered her, their bellies slapping loudly together. She shuddered with the impact of his lusty movements. But she loved it. She loved being fucked by a guy whose mind was totally on her and the pleasure they were sharing. It had been so long since Ed had fucked her that way.

Either he was half-asleep with exhaustion or he was worrying about his job, and he’d get their love-making over with as fast as he could. He enjoyed it, but he didn’t have the time to spend on it. Tina resented that. She figured she deserved more attention. Well, now she was getting it, but from another man.

She gurgled and moaned with ecstasy as Jeff fucked her steadily faster and harder. She kept her body arched, taking his cock deep. He helped her do it, clutching her ass and holding it up off the bed so he could fuck to her womb. His stiff cock sawed furiously over her clit, giving her intense pleasure.

“Ooooooh, shit, honey!” she sobbed. “It’s so fuckin’ good!”

She never wanted the wonderful sensations to end, but she was very close to coming. She felt herself rocketing to climax, the pleasure building in her cunt and clit till she felt ready to explode. Her eyes rolled, then closed tight, and she bared her teeth in a lusty grimace.

“Oh, shit, Jeff, I’m gonna come!” she gasped.

He made damned sure she did. He drew back, then thrust forward hard, sliding his throbbing stiff cock right across her clit. The fiery fricdon on her engorged joy button set her off. She felt her body suddenly wracked by a powerful searing orgasm.

“Unnnnhhh, yesss — whaaahhhh!” she screamed. “Unnnhhh, God, oooah!”

She convulsed violently, her cunt going into hard spasms around Jeff’s deeply buried cock. He gave a hoarse growl, then started fucking into her with lightning speed. She felt the sizzling flood of his jism filling her womb and overflowing her convulsing cunt. The searing flood made her come even harder.

“Oooooh, fuck, ooooh!” she sobbed.

“Unnnnhhh — aaaggghhh!” Jeff roared.

They fucked furiously at each other till they were both drained. Then he collapsed on top of her, his throbbing prick still deeply buried in her soaked pussy hole. Tina ground her clit against his prick, milking out the last delicious sensations of orgasm. It was a minute before she could catch her breath.

“Thanks, Jeff!” she sighed. “I feel so much better! That was a terrific fuck!”

“You sound like you’re getting ready to leave,” he said.

“Well, shouldn’t I?” Tina asked in surprise. “I mean, you must be tired.”

“What you’re trying to say is, you think I’ve shot my wad.” Jeff chuckled. “Well, I got news for you, baby. When I fuck, I don’t do a halfway job of it. I don’t quit till the lady’s totally satisfied. I bet you’d like to do it again. Am I right?”

He sure was. Tina had hardly finished twitching from her powerful orgasm, and already she was wishing they could fuck again. But the only experience she had was with Ed, and he would have been snoring by now. It was hard to believe she’d found a man who wanted to do it twice in a row. She looked up at Jeff with wonder.

“Jeff, I’d love to fuck you again,” she said.

“I hope you’re serious.”

“Does this feel serious?” he asked with a grin.

He started sawing his cock inside her, slowly and deeply. His meat was swelling grossly, cramming her cunt. She gurgled with excitement and started her heavy helpless creaming again. She dug her nails into his shoulders and sizzled with lust.

“Yes, yes, do it!” she panted.

“Sure, baby, but not like this,” he said. “I like variety.”

He pulled out and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Tina quickly pushed her fine little ass up in the air. She loved fucking in new and different ways, but Ed was too tired these days to experiment. She welcomed the chance.

She felt Jeff’s hot hands closing firmly around her hips, then the engorged head of his cock spreading her moist cunt lips. He started pushing into her, slowly as before. She whimpered with delight and creamed steadily as he thrust to her fiery depths.

“Ohhhh, God, yessss!” she hissed.

He fucked her slowly at first. He seemed to like starting out that way, savoring the tightness of her cunt and its velvety walls and boiling cream. Tina clawed at the bedspread and enjoyed hell out of his leisurely fucking. She knew he’d speed up later. She could afford to be patient.

“Mmmm, I could take hours of that!” she sighed.

“We’ll find a time when we can do it for hours,” Jeff said. “I love doing it with you, Tina. You’re the hottest lady I’ve fucked in a long time.”

Tina had visions of dozens of girls clawing at his door, begging him to make love to them. Luckily she wasn’t jealous. She wasn’t in love with Jeff. She just hoped he didn’t exhaust himself with all those other women. She wanted him to save plenty of energy and lust just for her.

As she suspected, he started speeding up when her lusty excitement got to him. She was jerking her hips faster, craving harder action, and he took the hint. Now she had to brace her hands against the headboard as he fucked her hard in doggy fashion. But she wasn’t complaining.

She loved his rough fucking.

“Ummhhhh, yes, fuck it to me, Jeff!” she moaned. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

Jeff snorted and fucked into her even faster, making her slim body shudder with the impact. She could hear his flat belly slapping her ass, and she could feel his rock-hard cock scraping the clinging walls of her cunt and driving to her womb.

It was the long hard fuck she’d been craving for months. She could even remember the last time Ed had fucked her like this. It was on his last vacation. They’d gone to a motel at the beach, and he’d fucked her all night, like he was making up for lost time. Tina had loved it.

Now she knew he’d fucked her like that because he wasn’t going to get much in the future. He must have known how busy he was going to be, how little time and energy he’d have for making love. But he’d gone ahead and started his own business, knowing it would spoil their sex life.

She felt angry at Ed, but she pushed those thoughts from her mind. This was no time to be thinking about her husband and her marriage. She wanted to savor every second of the expert fucking Jeff was giving her. She tuned out all other thoughts and just concentrated on the searing pleasure she was feeling.

Jeff was fucking her very hard now, hammering his cock into her with lusty force. Her body rocked with the impact, and his pounding prick forced out her thick cream. The molten juice ran down her thighs. She braced herself hard against the headboard and wailed with ecstasy.

“Ohhhhh, shit, Jeff, it’s so good!” she cried. “Keep doing it hard, I love it!”

She didn’t think it could get any better, but then he reached around her and started rubbing her clit with a stiff finger. The double stimulation of her cunt and clit brought her quickly to the brink of orgasm. She gasped, moaned, and exploded.

“Oooooh, you’re doing it, I’m comingggg!” she howled.

Jeff massaged her clit and hammered her cunt as she came, and she almost blacked out with the intense pleasure. This man really knew how to get a woman off. She’d made a wonderful choice for a lover. She writhed and bucked her way through a long delicious climax. Then she felt the first sizzling rush of Jeff’s come.

“Take it, baby, unnnnhhh!” he groaned.

“Ooooh, yes, cream meeeee!” Tina wailed. Jeff hammered his load into her, and then they collapsed, fucked out for the moment. It was almost time for him to leave for work, so Tina reluctantly got dressed. She felt like she could have fucked him all day if she’d only had the chance.

“Thanks again, Jeff,” she said. “See you soon?”

“How about tomorrow at the same time?” he grinned.

“I’ll be here,” she said eagerly.

Tina wandered home in a daze, taking the alley so no neighbors would see her. She reached her house and found herself trying to walk through the hedge instead of using the gate. She laughed. She felt sexually satisfied for the first time in months. She didn’t regret her cheating one bit.


Tina was glad she’d gotten her needs taken care of by another man, because when Ed got borne he was exhausted. He hardly talked during dinner, then collapsed in his recliner in front of the TV. No way was this man interested in making love.

The next morning Ed left at the crack of dawn to attend the equipment convention. That left Tina totally free for the next two days. She had a good idea of how she wanted to use her time.

She just hoped Jeff would be available. They had a date that morning for sure.

Tina showered and put on perfume, then dressed in a skimpy sunsuit and brushed out her long golden-brown hair. Satisfied that she looked very sexy, she sneaked down the alley and into Jeff’s back yard. She hurried to the kitchen door and raised her hand to knock.

Jeff opened the door before she could touch it. He leered at bet and said, “Hi, gorgeous, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Jeff, you maniac!” Tina gasped.

He was standing there stark naked with a huge hard-on. They were just lucky none of the neighbors happened to be looking. He snorted with laughter as Tina blushed, pushed him into the house, and shut the door. She leaned against the door and stared at him, then broke into laughter, too. Jeff was a nut, but she liked him. “You must have been thinking about me,” she grinned, eyeing his stiffly wagging cock.

“Since the moment I woke up,” he said. “Come on, let’s go to the bedroom.”

Tina didn’t act modest about it. They both knew why she was here. She followed him to the bedroom, and then she practically tore off her clothes. Jeff lounged, on the bed, his big thick cock standing straight up and drooling. Thin eyed his magnificent prick and creamed helplessly.

“I still say Ed is nuts,” Jeff remarked as he studied her beautiful body.

“And I still say I don’t wanta talk with him,” Tina shot back.

“Maybe we should, honey,” Jeff said, turning serious for a moment. “I mean, Ed’s a great guy. He’s my friend. We don’t wanta do anything to hurt him. So you oughta be real sure you wanta do this.”

“I’m sure,” Tina said, jumping onto the bed and moving into his arms. “I love Ed. I don’t want to hurt him, either. But if he won’t make love to me, what am I supposed to do, become a nun?”

“I guess you’re right,” Jeff said, stroking her hot silky body. “And believe me, I’m delighted to help you out. But we have to be very sure that nobody finds out about us.”

“Absolutely,” Tina agreed. “Now can we forget all that stuff and get it on?”

“Fine with me!” Jeff grinned.

He kissed her, running his hot tongue into her mouth, and she melted with lust. She felt him all over, loving his hard, hairy male body. She grasped his stiff throbbing cock and pumped it, while he slid his hand between her legs and played with her seething wet cunt.

It was the kind of leisurely love-making she needed so badly, the kind she and Ed used to have before he got so wrapped up in his job. She and Jeff took their time, playing with each other and arousing each other to seething lust. His cock drooled all over her fingers, and she soaked his hand with her spurting cunt juice.

“God, I’m ready!” she moaned at last. “I’m so ready I could scream!”

“I can take a hint!” Jeff chuckled.

He rolled her over onto her belly and slid on top of her. This was a new one for Tina, and she gurgled in lusty anticipation. Jeff was holding her down with the full weight of his body, but she didn’t feel crushed, just wildly eager. She felt his rock-hard boner sliding between her asscheeks.

His stiff cock pushed deeper, lodging in the wet mouth of her cunt. She wriggled and moaned. He started pushing into her, slowly and deliciously, and she creamed a molten river of juice. He kept pushing till his cock butted up against her womb.

“Ohhhh, yessss!” she moaned.

“You sure you wanta do this?” Jeff asked. “I mean, we could watch TV or go for a walk.”

“Jeff, you fool, fuck me!” Tina gurgled.

“Okay, just wanted to be sure,” he teased. He slid his hands under her and cupped her full hot tits, squeezing and molding them as he fucked her. He fucked slowly and deeply, taking his time as he’d done before. Tina usually liked quick hard fucking, but she was ready for a change of pace. Hell, anything Jeff wanted to do was fine with her, as long as she got off.

Besides, she knew he’d soon speed up. She just lay there gurgling with contentment as he slowly probed and crammed her hungry little box. She creamed steadily, and soon there was a sticky puddle beneath her. She sensed she’d finally found a man who could satisfy her stored-up needs.

“Mmmmm, Jeff, that’s so good!” she sighed. “I could fuck you all day!”

“I’d like to do that,” he said, his voice rough with excitement, “but unfortunately I have to work. We’ll just make the best of the time we’ve got.”

Tina knew she could count on him to keep that promise. Soon he began fucking her faster, and she worked her hips to his rhythm, jerking her ass up and taking his stiff cock to her molten depths. He kept squeezing her tits as he fucked her, adding to her arousal.

Then one hand left her tits and slid down her belly and between her thighs. He grasped her engorged clit between his fingers and started kneading it. Tina had never had such total stimulation. Her cunt, tits and clit were all being excited at the same time.

If she hadn’t been so needy, so insanely horny, she might have held out longer. But she was famished for fucking, and in no time at all she was hovering on the brink of climax. Jeff thrust his huge hard cock to her womb, and she exploded with pent-up pleasure. Her slim body rocked and writhed violently.

“Unnnnhhh, you did it — unnnhhhh!” she gasped. “Ummhhh, yesss — whaaahhh!”

As her hot little cunt squeezed and sucked at his prick, she expected him to come along with her. Instead he just went on stimulating her, fucking hard into her spasming cunt, squeezing her tits, rubbing her clit. It made her come harder than she had in years.

“Ooooooh, God, Jeff, ooooooh!” she howled.

She must have come for a full minute. Then she went limp, panting and gasping. Any normal woman would have been more than satisfied after a climax like that. But Tina wanted more. She’d been frustrated for so long that now she was a glutton for sex. And somehow Jeff knew that.

He slid back into a kneeling position and drew her up into a crouch. He went on fucking her in the doggy style, hardly missing a beat. He wasn’t playing with her tits or clit now, but that didn’t lessen her enjoyment. Fucking was what she craved most, and he was giving her a giant helping of it.

“Unnnhhhh, yeah, don’t stop!” she gurgled, clawing at the bed. “Fuck me forever!”

Jeff pistoned his steel-stiff prick into her, making her slim body shake. She clawed the bed to stay upright as he fucked into her steadily harder and faster. Now he was heading for high gear, and she could hardly wait to take his roughest action.

“Yeah, fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!” she whined.

Jeff pounded it to her, getting rougher by the second, and she closed her eyes and waited for him to hammer her over the edge into another body-shattering orgasm. Molten cream poured thickly from her stuffed cunt and gushed down her thighs. Soon she was teetering at the brink of climax.

“Unnnnhh — Jeff, gonna come!” she gurgled.

“Wait!” he panted.

He pulled his cock out of her, to her surprise and disappointment. She was only a second away from coming, and suddenly her cunt was empty. She whirled around to stare at him. He was off the bed, standing up and grinning at her. Tina was furious.

“Jeff Conrad, what in hell did you do that for?” she demanded. “I was just gonna come.”

“I thought of a more interesting way for you to get off,” he said calmly. “Come here.”

Tina wanted to chew him out, but she knew he was her only hope for relief. She slid off the bed, and he took her hand and led her across the room to face the big mirror over the dresser. He stood behind her, leering at their reflection. Tina wriggled impatiently.

“Well?” she snapped.

“Watch this,” he grinned.

He slipped his arms around her waist, then shoved his big hard cock between her legs. Tina could see it all happening in the mirror. She watched wide-eyed as his thick blue-veined prick spread her pink cunt lips and moved deep into her smoking cunt.

“Ohhhhh, God!” she moaned.

She needed that cock. Her eyes rolled, and she could hardly see for a second as he pushed to her womb. He started fucking her in slow sensuous strokes, and she focused on the mirror again. She was watching herself being fucked. That was definitely a first. Jeff leered at her in the mirror.

“Well?” he said. “What do you think?”

“You’re a sex maniac!” she panted. “Unnnnhhh, don’t stop!”

She felt self-conscious at first, and she blushed as she watched their reflections. Jeff’s thick cock was moving up and down in her cunt, forcing out thick cream which dripped down her legs. She watched her own lust-contorted face and gently wobbling tits. Gradually her shyness gave way to sizzling enjoyment.

“Mmmmm, mmmm, yessss!” she moaned. “I thought you’d get off on this,” he grinned. She wasn’t sure she was getting off on watching herself, but she sure loved his fucking. She would have done it in front of a thousand mirrors if he’d wanted her to. She didn’t care how she got it, just as long as her stored-up lust was satisfied.

But as Jeff fucked into her faster and faster, she had to admit there was something wickedly arousing about watching it happen. Her pretty face twisted into a horny grimace, and she creamed steadily as his thick hard cock hammered in her famished pussy. Once more she was on her way to a huge hot orgasm.

“Oooooh, yeah, fuck it to meeee!” she moaned.

Jeff pulled another one of her surprises, reaching around her and grasping her clit between his thumb and index finger. He kneaded the supersensitive button, doubling her pleasure. Now there was no way she could keep from coming even if she’d wanted to.

“Ohhhh, shit, honey, I can’t take much more,” she whimpered.

And she didn’t take much more. Jeff went into high gear, fucking her so hard that she shook all over. Dizzily she watched her wildly wobbling tits and the thick river of cream that poured from her cunt. She watched Jeff’s massive boner pistoning with lightning speed in her twat. Then the climax bit her like a freight train.

“Ohhhh, shit, I’m comingggg!” she screamed.

She couldn’t see her reflection now. She was blinded with pleasure as Jeff fucked her hard through a delicious long orgasm. The guy was a genius. He could make her come in any way he wanted to, and he could give her such intense orgasms that she almost fainted.

“Oooooh, fuck — unnnhhhh!” she sobbed.

By the time she finished coming, she could hardly stand up. Jeff was supporting her, his arms around her waist. To her astonishment, his cock was still stiff as steel. He lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the bed, setting her down on her back.

Her ass was just at the edge of the bed. Jeff hoisted her long shapely legs and draped them over his powerful shoulders. Her soaked steaming slit was wide open. He crammed his huge stone-hard cock into her, pushing to her womb in one lusty thrust. Tina threw back her head and wailed with ecstasy.

“Yes, mother fucker, fuck me again!” she cried.

Jeff seemed to have endless energy for fucking, and that was wonderful for the sex-starved young housewife. She’d hardly finished coming, but she was frantic for more. He didn’t fuck her slowly this time. He pounded it to her, shaking her body, and he snorted with lust. She knew he’d get off with her this time.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!” she sobbed.

If this marathon fuck didn’t cool her lust far awhile, she was in big trouble. Her horny little cunt was almost sore from the long fucking he’d given her. But she took his hammering cock eagerly, clawing the bed and creaming in thick hot floods. Before she realized it, she was on the verge of coming.

Jeff was right there with her, panting on the brink of climax. He rocketed out of control, fucking into her like crazy, and they went over the edge together, howling with pleasure. He sizzled her sucking womb full of boiling jism, and she took it with screams of bliss.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, Jeff, ohhhh!” she wailed, her body wracked with delicious spasms.

“Take my load, baby — aaaggghhh!” Jeff roared.

Tina lost track of how long they came. Jeff kept shooting his load into her till she thought he’d spurted ten gallons of it. Finally he sizzled the last drop into her womb, then collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath. That was when they heard somebody pounding at the back door.

“Jeff?” a woman called. “Jeff, are you in there?”

“Oops,” Jeff said. “We better hide you, Tina. You don’t wanta get caught here.”

“Right,” Tina said frantically. “Where?”

“In the closet!” Jeff panted, leading her quickly across the room.


So Tina found herself standing naked in her neighbor’s closet. It was a roomy walk-in closet, but she hoped she wouldn’t have to stay there long. She waited for Jeff to get rid of the unwanted caller.

Soon she heard voices in the bedroom, Jeff’s voice and that of a woman. The female voice somehow sounded familiar. Tina’s curiosity got the better of her, and she cased the closet door open just a crack and peered out. She almost gasped aloud.

The woman was her best friend, Gloria Davis. “Oh, Jeff, honey, I’m so glad I caught you home,” Gloria said. “I couldn’t get away all week. I’m so horny, I could scream.”

Jeff grinned and said, “Well, I guess I better do something about that.”

But Gloria was already taking charge. She dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly. His pants dropped. She impatiently tugged down his shorts and grasped his cock. Her glistening pink tongue shot out, and she began licking his meat. She acted like she was starved for it.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm!” she moaned.

Tina’s mind reeled. She knew Jeff had other women, but she’d never have guessed that Gloria was one of them. She’d thought Gloria was happily married. True, her husband Dick was a workaholic like Ed, and Gloria often complained that he wasn’t home often enough. But Tina never suspected her of cheating.

Now she watched in shock as the slim redhead licked Jeff’s cock into hardness. Gloria’s hot little tongue was all over the place, racing up and down Jeff’s long blue-veined cock. She coated the whole thing with her hot spit.

Jeff wasn’t saying any thing, just grinning from ear to ear. As Gloria greedily licked his cock, his nostrils flared as he snorted with lust. He seemed to have forgotten that he’d stashed another woman in his closet. Gloria had his full attention.

As his meat swelled and stiffened, she licked even faster. Soon she was running her tongue over a rock-hard pillar of engorged flesh. Thick gobs of cream oozed up in his piss hole, and she gobbled the salty liquid with hungry gurgling sounds. By now Jeff was red-faced with excitement.

Tina wondered what to do. She’d never intended to spy on her friend’s most intimate and secret affairs. But there was no escape from that closet, not unless she wanted Gloria to know her secrets, too. She just had to stay there and watch or else turn away.

She wasn’t about to turn away. In some kinky way she was getting turned on, and she was very curious to know how Gloria made love. She just couldn’t help it, she had to watch. She kept spying as Gloria licked her lips to make them slick, then slid them down around Jeff’s huge hard prick.

“Awwwww, yeah!” Jeff groaned.

Gloria was moving her hot mouth down his prick, taking in every inch of it. She kept going till his big hairy balls rubbed her chin. Pulling in her cheeks sharply, she began to suck. It was a wet, obscene sound. Jeff shuddered with excitement.

“Oh, yeah, baby, I could use one of your fantastic blow-jobs!” he groaned.

“Mmmmm-hmmmm!” Gloria moaned.

She sucked loudly and greedily on his cock, and Jeff went rubber-kneed with pleasure. He had to brace his hands on her shoulders. Gloria was giving him a superb blow-job, sucking up his hot cream as she worked it out of his piss hole. Watching her, Tina caught herself drooling.

She didn’t feel jealous of Gloria. She’d never expected to keep Jeff to herself. She wasn’t even angry with Jeff for getting it on with another woman while she watched. She just felt an insane excitement from spying on this very intimate scene. Maybe she was some kind of sex fiend.

Whatever the reason, she just couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t take her eyes off Gloria as she noisily sucked Jeff’s cock. Tina felt hot liquid seeping from her cunt and trickling down her inner thighs. She just wished she had a cock to suck, too.

“Jesus, baby, that’s great!” Jeff groaned.

He swayed unsteadily and got a harder grip on Gloria’s shoulders. His eyes rolled, and he began to breathe loudly and harshly. Gloria sucked even harder and faster on his throbbing prick, perhaps sensing that she was close to her goal, a whole mouthful of his delicious salty come.

Tina caught herself panting and drooling as she watched. She wished she could trade places with Gloria and be sucking up that tasty cream. On the other hand, she loved spying, too. She’d never done anything so kinky and crazy before. By now she was creaming a steady hot flood and sizzling with lust.

“Unnnhhh, shit, gonna come!” Jeff gasped. Gloria went into high gear, sucking like crazy on his nearly-exploding prick. Tina could hear the lewd wet slurping noises, and they just inflamed her. She rubbed her thighs together, trying to get a buzz of pleasure. She was fully tempted to play with herself.

She didn’t think she could take the risk, though. She got pretty noisy during her masturbation sessions, and she didn’t want to risk being discovered by Gloria. That would be so embarrassing. She’d just have to wait till Gloria left and then beg Jeff to take care of her.

Gloria’s head was bobbing furiously, her long curly red hair flying. Her throat muscles bobbed as she gulped the tasty hot cream from Jeff’s oozing piss hole. Jeff dug his fingers into her shoulders, stiffened, then shuddered violently. He shot out of control and began fucking her mouth hard.

“Eat it, baby — aaaaggggghhhh!” he yelled, jetting his load down her throat.

“Mmmmm-uuummmmm!” Gloria moaned.

She gulped his load hungrily as he hammered it into her greedy mouth. Jeff kept humping at her mouth till his cock was drained, then staggered backwards and collapsed onto the bed, panting and flushed. Gloria licked her lips to get the last of his come.

“Mmmmmm, that was fun!” she gurgled. “I hope you enjoyed it, Jeff!”

“I sure the fuck did,” he sighed.

“Good.” She smiled. “But that was just for openers.”

She stripped quickly, dropping her clothes carelessly on the floor. Tina thought what a beautiful body her friend had, fashion-model slim yet curved in all the right places. Gloria’s apple-size tits rode high and firm. They wobbled only slightly as she walked to the bed to join Jeff.

She knelt by his hips and bent down low, stuffing his drained cock back into her mouth. She gave him more of her loud lusty sucking, and soon he was snorting with excitement. Tina was amazed at his recuperative powers. Sure enough the guy was getting another hard-on, his swelling cock spreading Gloria’s sucking lips wider and wider.

Gloria sucked till his cock was hard as granite, then released the spit-soaked column of meat and watched it stand at attention. Her eyes were hot and lusty, her breathing hard. She stared at his cock a moment longer, then threw a leg over him and straddled him.

“I think I’m being raped!” Jeff croaked.

“Now, honey, you’ll just have to forgive me for being so aggressive today!” Gloria purred. “But it’s been a week since we got it on! I’m just going out of my mind!”

“Didn’t Dick make love to you this week at all?” Jeff asked.

“Ate you kidding?” Gloria replied with a bitter laugh. “He made it with his calculator and his computer, but not with me. The guy’s in love with his job. He doesn’t have time for a wife.”

Tina nodded. She sure knew how that was. She couldn’t blame Gloria one bit for seeking sexual relief with the neighborhood bachelor. Dick sounded exactly like Ed, married to his job, leaving his pretty wife sexually starved and restless.

“Wow, I can’t understand these married guys,” Jeff said. “They’ve got beautiful women to come home to, and they just neglect them.”

“Well, we can discuss that another time, honey,” Gloria said, impatiently rubbing her wet cunt over the massive head of his stiff standing cock. “Right now I’m gonna go crazy if we don’t fuck.”

“Oh, yeah, right,” Jeff said.

He reached up and grasped her tiny waist, then began easing his wrist-thick cock into her hungry hot cunt. Gloria’s head bled back, and her eyes rolled. She moaned and gurgled with ecstasy as he thrust to her womb and crammed her needy cunt.

“Ohhhhh, unnnhhhhh, yesssss!” she cried. Tina creamed so hard, the molten liquid ran all the way down her legs. She sure wished she was in Gloria’s place, taking that massive hard cock. But all she could do was stand helplessly in the closet and watch as her best friend fucked their secretly shared lover.

Gloria was sitting on Jeff’s balls, moaning. Jeff caught his breath and began fucking her in his usual slow sensuous way. She whimpered with delight, and molten cream poured from her cunt, soaking his balls and her thighs. She was creaming uncontrollably.

Tina knew all about that. It was happening to her, too. She stood there and spied and got dizzy with lust. Maybe she was a female Peeping Tom, but she was sure getting off on this. Watching other people fuck was almost as exciting as doing it. Again she felt an urgent need to play with herself.

She figured she could keep quiet if she tried. She slid her index finger down over her throbbing clit and started rubbing the supersensitive button. It felt so damned good, and she was wild with need. She just had to get off or go crazy with frustration.

“Mmmmmm, unnnhhhh, honey, you fuck so good!” Gloria moaned. “Fuck me as long as you can! I need it so bad!”

Tina reddened. She’d used those very words to Jeff just a few minutes ago. Jeff was fucking one horny wife after another. It was a good thing they had him in the neighborhood. What would she and Gloria have done without Jeff Conrad and his tireless cock?

Gradually he fucked Gloria faster, making her bounce up and down his pistoning cock. Her cute small tits wobbled hard now. Thick cream continued to pour from her reamed twat and soak his balls. Tina watched and rubbed her silt in perfect time to his fucking.

“Oooooh God, yesssss!” Gloria squealed. “Fuck me good and hard!”

Tina was drenching her whole hand with her spurting juices. She pistoned her index finger over her wildly throbbing joy button and gave herself a steady buzz of pleasure. She reminded herself to keep perfectly quiet when she came. She’d be mortified if Gloria caught her.

It was so hard to keep quiet, though. She wanted to whimper and moan and gurgle like she always did when she masturbated. So many nights when Ed had been called out on a plumbing emergency, she’d ease her frustrations by having a fantastic beat-off session. She didn’t have to be quiet then.

But that was in the privacy of her own bedroom, and now she was in Jeff’s closet, watching him fuck her best friend. She wasn’t invited to this party, and she mustn’t do anything to spoil it for Gloria. She knew exactly how horny the woman must be, how badly she needed the hard fast fucking Jeff was giving her.

He moved into high gear, fucking her so hard that she seemed to be riding a bucking horn.

She bounced up and down, groaning, her pretty face almost as red as her hair. Her eyes rolled helplessly, then closed tight as Jeff hammered her to the brink of the orgasm she needed so much.

“Oooooh, fuck, shit, oooooh!” she babbled shrilly.

Jeff was grinning again. No wonder. He seemed to be able to get any woman he wanted, and all of them were so grateful. Why should a guy like him ever get married, when every wife in the neighborhood wanted into his bed? This was one happy bachelor.

Now he did one of his little tricks for Gloria. Still fucking her hard and fast, he reached out and grasped her clit between his fingers. He began kneading the little nub expertly. Gloria screamed with pleasure and soaked his fingers with scalding cream.

“Ohhhh, Jeff, honey, that’s great!” she groaned. “Yeah, keep doing it, make me come!”

That was no problem for Jeff. He kept hammering his steel-hard cock in her squirting cunt and rolling her swollen clit between his fingers, as if he’d done it a thousand times. Maybe he had. Tina watched breathlessly, rubbing her clit like crazy.

She was right on the verge of coming, and again she warned herself not to make a sound. But as the powerful orgasm exploded in her joy button, she just couldn’t help herself. She felt a hoarse wail of ecstasy rising from her throat.

“Ohhhhhh, God, unnnnhhhhhh!” she gasped.

But she was lucky. At the very same second, Gloria started coming and drowned her out with a blissful wail.

“Ohhhhh, Jeff, you did it, whaaahhhh!” the levelly redhead howled.

Jeff fucked her hard through her body wracking climax, and then she sank down on top of him, panting for breath. Suddenly someone began pounding at the back door. Gloria leaped off the impalement of his still-stiff cock and turned pale.

“Oh, God, Jeff, I have to hide somewhere!” she cried. “I can’t let anybody find me here!”


Turn made a note to tell Jeff that his schedule was too heavy. He was getting absent-minded. That was the only explanation she had for what happened next. She couldn’t believe it, but Jeff was steering Gloria right for the closet.

“In here,” he said. “I’ll hide your clothes.” Tina couldn’t believe it. Jeff had forgotten all about her and was pushing yet another secret lover into the closet where she was hiding. She barely had time to scoot back out of the way as Gloria shot inside. They collided, and Gloria gasped.

“Ssssshhhhh!” Tina whispered, putting her finger to her lips.

She squeezed around Gloria and peered out the slightly open closet door. Jeff was kicking Gloria’s clothes under the bed, where he’d already hidden Tina’s things. He threw on his short robe and dashed away to answer the door. Tina began to snicker helplessly.

“Tina!” Gloria exclaimed. “What are you doing in Jeff’s closet?”

“The same thing you are, honey!” Tina laughed.

Gloria blushed hard. “You mean you’re having an affair with him, too?”

“That’s right,” Tina said. “I’ve got the same problem with Ed that you have with Dick. He’s in love with his job. I finally decided to have an affair.”

“Oh, God, you saw everything I did with Jeff!” Gloria moaned.

Tina gave her a quick hug and said, “Hey, it’s okay. We’re both doing it, right? We understand each other’s reasons. Everything’s cool.”

“Oh, my God!” Gloria gasped. They both peered out into the bedroom and saw Jeff returning to the room with a gorgeous tall blonde. They recognized her as their new neighbor, Chrissy Smith. Chrissy was in her early thirties, magnificently built, with big thrusting tits and golden hair that fell almost to her waist. Jeff was practically drooling is he looked at her.

“Oh, Jeff, I’m so glad you were home!” the pretty blonde sighed. “I’m so mad at Roy I could shit!”

“And what did Roy do this time?” Jeff chuckled.

“The same thing he always does,” Chrissy said angrily. “He accepted another road trip. He’ll be gone a whole week. Honestly, sometimes — I don’t think he cares about me at all.”

That was hard to believe. Chrissy was at absolute knockout. Jeff’s cock was poking obscenely from his short robe, drooling and bucking, as he studied the statuesque golden haired housewife. Obviously he wasn’t thinking about the other two pretty mistresses he had stashed in the closet.

“He promised he wouldn’t take any more road trips,” Chrissy went on, pouting. “He said he’d be home more often now that we’ve got our new house. We agreed it’s time to start a family. But how can I have a baby when he isn’t even here to fuck me?”

She started to cry, and Jeff led her over to the bed and put his arm around her.

“There, there,” he crooned, “I’ll help you all I can, Chrissy. What can I do to make you feel better?”

“The same thing you did last time,” Chrissy said.

Jeff looked disappointed.

“You still don’t wanta go all the way?” he asked.

Chrissy looked shocked.

“Oh, no, Jeff, I couldn’t do that,” she said. “I’m a married woman.”

“Right,” Jeff grumbled.

Naturally Tina and Gloria were intrigued. They peered out the slit of the door, Tina standing and Gloria kneeling. Chrissy quickly removed all her clothes, revealing her fantastic young body. Jeff groaned again, then shed his robe. His big prick was wagging stiffly.

“Chrissy,” he said hoarsely, “it’d be even more fun if we fucked.”

“Jeff, don’t bring it up again!” Chrissy snapped. “Do you want me to leave?”

“Oh, no, no,” Jeff said quickly. “Come on, we’ll do it exactly the way you liked it.”

He fell backwards onto the bed, and Chrissy gurgled with excitement. She eyed his stiff standing cock, then backed up over him. She crouched above him with her mouth right over his rigid prick. Her cute moist cunt was an inch from his face.

“Oh, yeah let’s do it!” she panted.

Before Jeff could respond, she stuck out her tongue and began licking up the globs of hot salty cream that oozed from his piss hole. Jeff shivered with pleasure. He stuck out his tongue and began raking it up and down her pretty pink pussy, lapping up her tangy cream. Chrissy shuddered with bliss.

“Ooooooh, yeah, I love that, Jeff!” she squealed.

As they noisily ate each other, Tina and Gloria exchanged amused glances.

“The guy’s incredible,” Tina whispered. “This is his third woman in an hour.”

“Unless there was somebody here before you,” Gloria whispered back. “But I agree, he’s fantastic. He oughta get some kind of award for taking care of neglected wives.”

Tina saw that Gloria felt the same way she did. She wasn’t jealous about Jeff’s other women, and she was getting off on spying as he and Chrissy made out. Obviously Tina and her friend weren’t going to fight over their handsome bachelor lover. They’d remain good friends, and they’d share him.

The only problem Tina could see was to keep Jeff from fucking himself to death. He was doing what Chrissy wanted, but from the way he was eyeing her tempting little cunt mouth, there was no doubt that he’d keep after her till they’d gone all the way.

“Ooooooh, Jeff, you do that so good!”

Chrissy squealed. “I wish you could give Roy lessons!”

“I’d rather not,” Jeff mumbled.

Chrissy didn’t hear him. She was busy running her hot wet tongue all over his stiffly standing cock and gobbling up his delicious salty cream. He raked his tongue op and down her steaming pussy and ate up her tangy juices. They made obscene slurping noises, clearly heard from the closet.

“God, this is turning me on like mad!” Gloria whispered.

“It turned me on, too,” Tina replied. “In fact I had to beat off.”

Gloria giggled softly. They went on watching in total fascination as Jeff and Chrissy did sixty-nine. Jeff was so good at it, and Chrissy had a natural talent. They couldn’t get enough of each other’s cream. Tina was creaming, too, and she suspected Gloria was having the same experience.

“Hey, baby, how about sucking it?” Jeff asked hoarsely.

“Mmmmm, love to!” Chrissy gurgled.

She licked her lips to make them slippery, then plunged then down around his rigid fat cock. Jeff groaned and shuddered with pleasure as she encased his meat in her wet velvety mouth. She drew in her cheeks and began sucking his meat noisily.

“Oh, shit, yeah!” he groaned.

He lay there for a minute just enjoying her greedy hot sucking. But when she began wiggling her ass impatiently, he returned the favor. She gasped as he suddenly crammed his whole tongue into her cunt. He shoved it into her as far as he could, then began pistoning it up and down in her juicy box.

“Mmmmm, unnnnhhhh!” she moaned.

“Jesus, I wish that was me!” Gloria sighed. “I wish he had three tongues!” Tina moaned. Both women were shivering with horniness as, they watched Jeff’s expert performance. He used his big thick tongue like a cock, hammering it in and out of Chrissy’s spurting box, making her moan and writhe. He gobbled her musky juices as fast as he could scoop them from her squirting cunt.

Tina wanted to beat off again, but she couldn’t do it standing right next to Gloria. She wasn’t that liberated. She’d just have to wait till she got home. Jeff wouldn’t be able to help her out today. The guy was going to be totally exhausted after his session with Chrissy.

He was hammering his wet tongue faster and faster into Chrissy’s dripping cunt, and she was keeping pace with him as she sucked his cock. Her long blonde hair was flying, her head bobbing furiously. She raked her wet lips up and down his rock-hard boner, suctioning the hot cream from his piss hole and gobbling it.

Jeff was red-faced with lust, but he managed to hold off his climax. He was very good at that. He had to be, with so many women to take care of. He pistoned his thick tongue as deep as he could into Chrissy’s molten pussy hole, till she raised her head and howled.

“Ohhhhhh, Jeff, shit, I’m gonna come!” she cried.

Instantly Jeff pulled his tongue out of her cunt. She whimpered with disappointment, and Tina couldn’t blame her. Jeff had left her right on the brink of the orgasm she needed so badly. Chrissy turned her head and looked at him desperately.

“Jeff, don’t stop,” she begged. “I was just gonna come. I gotta come or I’d go nuts.”

“I know that, honey,” Jeff said with a wicked smile. “I’ll be glad to get you off as much as you want. But not this way.”

“What do you mean?” she demanded.

“I mean I wanta fuck you, Chrissy,” he said firmly. “I’m tired of fooling around.”

“Jeff, how many times do I have to tell you?” Chrissy said angrily. “I don’t believe in adultery. I won’t fuck anybody but my husband.”

“Chrissy, that’s a load of crap,” Jeff said. “You let me suck you off, get you off with my tongue, and you suck me off. That’s adultery, too, you know. So why draw the line at fucking?”

Chrissy paused to think it over.

“Well, I don’t agree,” she said.

“Fine,” Jeff said, sliding out from under her. “Go find another boyfriend. If I can’t fuck you, I don’t wanta continue this relationship.”

Chrissy looked like she was going to cry. That wasn’t surprising. Jeff had worked her to a fever pitch of need with his expert tongue, and now he was telling her to go away unsatisfied. She whimpered with frustration as he sat at the side of the bed and reached for his robe.

“I better shower and get ready for work,” he said.

“Wait, Jeff,” Chrissy said. “I have to get off. I just have to. You can fuck me.”

Jeff grinned broadly.

“Hey, now you’re talking,” he said. “You won’t regret this, honey. I’m gonna give you a fantastic fuck.”

“I bet he will, too!” Tina whispered. “Yeah, lucky Chrissy!” Gloria sighed. That was when Tina noticed that her friend was playing with herself. As she leaned down to whisper to Gloria, she saw that the horny redhead had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her slit. Gloria realized she’d been caught, but she just grinned.

“I’ve gotta do something,” she said. “I’m so horny I could die.”

“Well, you’re doing just the right thing,” Tina said quickly. “I’m gonna do it, too.”

She was grateful to Gloria for being so open about it. She didn’t hesitate to slide a stiff finger between her thighs and start massaging her soaked clit. They both watched intently as Jeff arranged Chrissy on her hands and knees. He knelt behind her and grinned like a maniac.

“Yeah, you won’t regret this,” he said. “I know I sure as hell won’t.”

Then he socked the fat head of his prick into her moist cunt mouth and pushed deep into her. Chrissy shuddered and moaned and dug her nails into the bed as he pushed to her womb. Her eyes rolled, and her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace.

“Ohhhhh, shit, yesssss!” she moaned.

There were no more protests from Chrissy. She just knelt there and gurgled and squealed with pleasure as Jeff gave her the steady hard fucking she so obviously needed. Why she’d held out in the first place was a mystery to the spying housewives. She needed what her husband wasn’t giving her.

Tina rubbed her clit furiously as she watched, and so did Gloria. They were old friends and didn’t feel shy now about masturbating in front of each other. They didn’t have a choice anyhow. They were horny out of their minds, and they wouldn’t leave that closet.

They masturbated like crazy as they watched Jeff fucking Chrissy doggy style. The big-titted blonde clawed the bed and moaned louder and louder as she took Jeff’s pile-driving cock. Her eyes rolled and then dosed tight. She whimpered on the very brink of coming.

“Ooooooh, shit, oooooooh!” she suddenly wailed. “You’re doing it, Jeff, I’m cominggg!”

“Awwwwwww, fuck — awwwwwwww!” Jeff bellowed, boiling his load into her.

Tina and Gloria both grabbed the chance to get off without being heard. They sawed their fingers stiffly over their clits and came hard, their moans drowned out by Chrissy’s wails and Jeff’s groans. At last Jeff sighed and pulled his dripping cock out of Chrissy’s soaked cunt.

“I hate to fuck and run, honey,” he said, “but I gotta leave right now. I’ll be late as it is.”

As he quickly dressed, Chrissy lounged on the bed catching her breath, and Gloria and Tina looked at each other. They were grinning wickedly.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Tina whispered.

“I’m pretty sure I am,” Gloria replied. “You think Chrissy will go along with it?”

“What choice does she, have?” Tina answered. “Come on, let’s do it.”


Chrissy almost fainted when two naked women burst out of Jeff’s closet. They were grinning wickedly, and she recognized them as her neighbors Tina and Gloria.

“What in heaven’s name?” she exclaimed.

“II bet you’re surprised to see us, Chrissy,” Tina laughed. “We were surprised to see you, too. I don’t think Jeff intended to get us all together like this.”

“You see, Chrissy,” Gloria said, “he’s been making it with all of us. Tina got here first, and when I came, he hid her in the closet. Then when you arrived, he pushed me in there, too.”

“I guess he forgot I was already in there.” Tina giggled.

Chrissy listened to all of this open-mouthed, then burst into laughter.

“If it were anybody but Jeff, I wouldn’t believe you,” she said. “But actually, it figures. Now what do we do?”

“We’ve got an idea we’d like you to consider,” Tina said.

“Go ahead, lay it on me,” Chrissy grinned.

“We’re gonna give Jeff a little surprise,” Gloria said. “Tomorrow morning, let’s all show up at the same time.”

After they’d explained the rest of their plan, Chrissy laughingly agreed to join them. The next morning they gathered at Tina’s place. Ed and Roy were out of town, and Dick was glued to the TV set, watching a football game. The coast was clear for the naughty housewives. Around eleven they went over to Jeff’s.

He answered the door yawning, wearing only his robe. He blinked, then gawked, when he saw all three of his neighborhood mistresses standing on his back porch. Then he very slowly turned red all over. The women could hardly keep from laughing.

“Good morning, Jeff,” Tina said. “It seems like we all decided to visit you at once. How about offering us some coffee?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, sure,” Jeff said, blushing like crazy. “Come on in.”

The women exchanged wicked grins behind his back. It was going to be very interesting to see how he handled this awkward situation. While he made coffee, they trooped into the living room and waited. Jeff arrived with a tray.

“Well, this must be my lucky day,” he said, forcing a smile. “Three beautiful women coming to see me, wow.”

“Got anybody stashed in the bedroom closet, Jeff?” Tina asked sweetly.

Jeff almost dropped the tray. He was so embarrassed, he couldn’t think of anything to say. Now it was all coming back to him, the way he’d pushed Gloria into the closet, forgetting that he’d already hidden Tina there. He just sheepishly passed out the coffee.

“Isn’t Jeff cute when he’s sleepy?” Chrissy purred.

“He sure is,” Gloria said. “But he’s even cuter without his clothes.”

She took a grab at the belt of Jeff’s robe and succeeded in untying it. His robe dropped open, and all three women ogled his fine muscular body. Then Tina jumped up and stripped the robe off him, leaving him naked.

“Mmmmmm, what a nice build!” she cooed. “Gosh, just looking at him makes me horny!” Gloria moaned.

“I’d love to get it on with him!” Chrissy smiled. “How about it, Jeff, honey? Feel like making out?”

“Okay, ladies,” Jeff sighed. “I get the picture. You all found out about each other, and now I’m gonna pay. What can I say? I like all of you. I’m hot for all of you. What was I supposed to do?”

“Honey, you did just what we wanted you to,” Tina said. “You didn’t do anything wrong, except maybe you overloaded your schedule.”

“We didn’t come to scold you, Jeff,” Gloria said. “We came to have fun.”

“We wanta see just how many women you can handle, lover,” Chrissy said.

Jeff began to grin.

“Hey, you really mean that?” he said eagerly. “Because I think I can handle all three of you at once.”

“This we have to see!” Tina cried. “Come on, let’s go to the bedroom!”

As he led the way to his king-size bed, Jeff felt both excited and nervous. He’d always been a success with women, but he’d never been in a situation like this before. He’d never taken on more than one lover at a time. This was going to be his biggest challenge.

In the bedroom the women stripped as fast as they could, then stretched out in a row on his bed. Jeff eyed them, and his cock suddenly shot into rigid life. The women gurgled with excitement as they watched it swell and stiffen. Jeff took a deep breath, then slid onto the bed.

“Who’s first?” Tina asked.

“Me, me.” Gloria begged.

“I’m the horniest,” Chrissy said.

“You are not,” Tina said.

“You couldn’t be,” Gloria said.

“Ladies, please,” Jeff said, raising his hands for attention. “I’ll take care of all of you at the same time, just like I promised.”

They laughed, and then Tina said, “Okay, hot-shot; go for it. We’ll believe it when we see it.”

Jeff shot into action, quickly arranging each woman with her knees bent and her legs wide open. Three moist gorgeous pussies met his hot eyes. He dropped into a crouch and nosed between Chrissy’s legs. His tongue shot out, and she gasped and moaned.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, honey, lick meeeee!” she cried.

Tina and Gloria watched with fast-mounting lust as Jeff raked his big wet tongue over Chrissy’s tangy-tasting silt. The big-titted blonde writhed and groaned with pleasure as he tongued her moist sensitive parts. He kept at it till she was clawing the bed, then raised his cream-smeared face.

“I’ll get right back to you,” he said.

Then he dived for Gloria’s gash. She wailed with delight as his expert tongue contacted the creamy swollen flesh. Jeff made obscene slurping and sucking sounds as he drove her to a fever pitch of excitement. Then he moved on to Tina.

“Ohhhhh, God, yesssss!” Tina gasped.

Jeff’s knowing tongue slid into the steamy hot folds of her pussy, tickling and exploring. He teased her throbbing clit with the tip of his tongue, poked briefly into her creaming cunt, then probed her puckered shitter. It all happened very fast, but it left her breathless with pleasure.

She lay there panting and writhing as he moved back to eat Chrissy’s pussy again. He kept darting from one woman to the next, lashing hot tangy silts, driving his partners wild. His face was soaked with all their cream. Tina just wondered how long he could keep up the frantic pace.

Each time he got to her, he made her more aroused. He didn’t seem to miss an inch of her greedy gash, even though he was hurrying. He tickled and teased her shitter, cunt and clit with the stiff tip of his tongue, and he gobbled up the musky juice that squirted from her cunt. Then he moved on to the next woman.

“Jesus!” Gloria groaned. “He’s fantastic!”

“He sure as hell is!” Tina panted.

“Oooooh, shit, oooooh!” squealed Chrissy, who was getting Jeff’s attention now.

The next time he got to Tina, he crammed his whole tongue into her cunt. She wailed with delight and arched her body to take the wet slab of meat as deep as she could get it. He tonguefucked her hard and fast, making her sob with ecstasy.

“Unnnnhhhh, I love it!” she moaned. “Deeper, Jeff, make me come!”

But Jeff didn’t have time to get her off. The other women were getting impatient and needy. That was the one flaw in his plan. His technique was perfect, but he had too many partners wanting it. He had to leave Tina unsatisfied as he rushed back to Chrissy.

“Ooooooh, God, yesssss!” Chrissy wailed as he crammed her cunt full of throbbing hot tongue.

Gloria and Tina watched enviously and lustily as he pistoned his big red tongue in and out of Chrissy’s hotly squirting box. The big blonde girl screwed her face into a horny grimace and clawed frantically at the bed as she rocketed towards climax. But just as she was about to come, Jeff pulling out and turned to Gloria.

“Unnnnhhh, yesssss!” Gloria groaned.

“Oh shit!” Chrissy whimpered.

Tina watched with amusement as Jeff tried frantically to satisfy all three of his partners. She had to give the guy credit for trying. He worked as fast and expertly as he could, but always he had two writhing women waiting. If he didn’t get them off soon, he was going to have a riot on his hands.

“Oh, hurry, Jeff, honey!” Tina moaned. “I need to come so bad!”

But Tina was next on his rounds. She gurgled with ecstasy as he sank his thick tongue into her soaked cunt and fucked her with it. Once again she sailed helplessly towards orgasm. But when she was right on the verge of coming, he pulled out and rushed back to Chrissy.

“This is getting to be damned frustrating!” Tina moaned.

“Tell me about it,” Gloria sighed.

They watched as Jeff hammered his thick tongue in Chrissy’s dripping pussy hole. She arched her body till her ass left the bed, taking his pistoning tongue to her fiery depths. She was panting hard, whimpering, and she seemed ready to explode into orgasm at any second.

“Ooooooh, shit, just a little more!” she whimpered.

“Be right back!” Jeff gasped, turning to Gloria.

“Unnnnhhhh, God, yes!” Gloria howled. She bared her teeth in a snarl of pleasure as he tongue-fucked her hard and deep. Like Chrissy, she raised her body to take his tongue deep, and she sobbed on the very edge of climax. But Jeff pulled out too soon and turned to Tina.

“Wait a second, Jeff,” Tina said breathlessly. “This just isn’t working out. You’re doing your best, but there’s too many of us.”

“So what do I do?” Jeff panted.

“Just stick with each one of us till you get us off,” Tina suggested. “Is that okay with you girls?”

“Jesus, yes!” Gloria groaned.

“I’d love that,” Chrissy sighed. “I’m just going out of my mind.”

“Okay, I got it,” Jeff said. “You’ll have to pardon me, ladies, but I never did this before.”

“We forgive you,” Tina said. “Now move.” He moved, all right, shoving his face between her wide-open thighs and cramming his big wet tongue as deep as he could into her fever-hot cunt. She wailed with bliss and soaked his face with a huge flood of sticky cream. He hammered his tongue in her cunt, making her writhe with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, that’s it!” she cried. “Do it to me hard, honey, make me come!”

“Oh, God,” Gloria said hoarsely, “I can’t wait.”

Out of the corner of her eye Tina saw her best friend start to play with herself. Gloria rubbed her index finger stiffly over her swollen clit, giving herself hot shocks of pleasure. In seconds her pistoning finger was dripping with her molten cream.

“Gloria, you’re outrageous!” Chrissy gasped.

“Try it, you’ll like it!” Gloria panted.

“Well, you might be right,” Chrissy said.

She started playing with herself, too, imitating what Gloria did. It was clear that she didn’t make a habit of masturbating, because she was clumsy at it. But it didn’t take her long to learn.

Soon she was racing her finger smoothly and swiftly over her clit and gurgling with pleasure.

“Mmmmmm, hey, all right!” she cried.

Jeff hardly noticed what the other women were doing. He was pounding his tongue as hard as he could in Tina’s gushing twat. He soon got results. She let the hot friction carry her over the edge into a body-smashing orgasm. She bucked and writhed and howled.

“Ohhhhhh, shit, you did it, ohhhhhhh!” she cried.

Jeff immediately whipped his dripping tongue out of her cunt and dashed for Chrissy. By now the tall blonde had masturbated herself into panting readiness, and she came almost the second he crammed his tongue into her. Her luscious body convulsed violently.

“Unnnnhhhh, fuck — whaaahhhhhhh!” she screamed.

Again Jeff was on the move, dashing from Chrissy to Gloria. Gloria was within a split second of getting herself off with her pistoning index finger, but she jerked it out of the way as Jeff thrust his face between her thighs. He drove his hot slick tongue almost to her womb.

“Ohhhhhh, shit — unnnnnggggghhhbh!” she wailed.

She was coming just as fast as Chrissy. Primed and ready after playing with herself, she exploded into orgasm with the first hard deep thrust of Jeff’s tongue. She bucked and rocked, her ripe tits wobbling like crazy. Molten cream gushed from her spasming cunt and drenched Jeff’s face.

“Ohhhhh, shit, that was great!” she groaned. “Yeah, let’s give Jeff a big hand,” Tina laughed.

Jeff rose to his knees and grinned as the women applauded. Then he noticed that they were all swing hungrily at his engorged and drooling cock.

“That was fun, Jeff,” Tina said, grinning, “but now let’s get serious.”


“Oh, now, wait a second,” Jeff said. “Wait just a second. I’ve only got one cock.”

“We couldn’t help noticing that, honey,” Gloria purred, “but we’re sure you know how to use it.”

“Yeah, Jeff, you can get us all off,” Chrissy said. “After all, you did it yesterday.”

“She’s right, Jeff,” Tina said with a merciless grin. “You already proved you can do it.”

“But that was different,” Jeff protested.

“That was one after the other. Now you’re asking me to fuck all of you at once. That’s just not possible.”

“Oh, we’re sure you’ll figure out what to do,” Gloria said.

They were being pretty hard on him, but they figured he deserved it. It hadn’t exactly been polite of him to hide two mistresses in the same closet, then leave them alone with a third. Jeff needed a little lesson in juggling his lovers. He needed to learn a lot more about timing.

“Oh, Jesus,” he sighed. “Most guys would kill to have my problem. Just let me think for a second, will you?”

“No more than a second,” Tina teased.

She glanced at her friends and saw that they were just as horny as she was. Jeff’s expert tongue-fucking had just whetted their appetites for his cock. All three women were eagerly waiting to fuck him, while poor Jeff tried to figure out how to do it…

“Well,” he said finally, “there’s only one way, and that’s to take you one at a time.”

“Congratulations, honey,” Chrissy said dryly. “We knew you were more than just a pretty face.”

Jeff ignored the taunt and jumped on her. Chrissy wasn’t expecting such a sudden attack, and she gasped as he wriggled between her nice long legs and began pounding his hugely engorged cock against her slick tender pussy. But she quickly recovered from her surprise.

“Oooooh, yeah, Jeff, fuck me!” she cried. Jeff managed to hit the target, and his wrist thick cock slammed to her wet steaming depths. She arched her body to take it, then wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them there. She and Jeff started fucking at each other like maniacs.

“Ooooooh, shit, ooooooh!” she howled.

“Ahhhhh, Jesus, yeah!” Jeff groaned.

“Hmmmm, looks like we just have to wait our turn!” Gloria sighed.

“I just hope he lasts till he gets to me,” Tina said.

Just for insurance, she started playing with herself, stroking her index finger slowly and sensuously over her tender clit. Gloria immediately began doing the same thing. They kept up a steady buzz of pleasure in their pussies as they watched Jeff fuck Chrissy.

He wasn’t taking his time like he usually did. He seemed frantic to get the woman off before he came himself. And no wonder — he had two more impatient ladies waiting for his big hard cock. Jeff fucked Chrissy like a pile driver, practically knocking the breath out of her.

Chrissy wasn’t complaining, though. Her eyes screwed shut, her teeth bared in a snarl of pleasure, she was gurgling and moaning as she took his deep-driving prick. She clawed his shoulders and creamed a molten flood of cunt juice.

“Unnnnhhhh, shit, yessss!” she moaned. “Fuck my brains out, Jeff, I love it!”

“Oh, God!” Gloria moaned. “I can’t take much more of this!”

She pistoned her finger faster over her squirting clit, shivering with excitement. Her hot horny eyes were locked on Jeff’s jack hammering cock as it flashed in and out of Chrissy’s wet cunt. Her finger kept pace with his prick, jerking furiously.

Tina found herself copying Jeff’s hard rhythm, too. She just wished she had his fat cock inside her. It would feel so much more satisfying than her finger. But she had to be content with what she had. She slid the finger into her cunt.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah!” she gurgled.

Gloria turned to see what was making her friend so excited. She saw Tina slide one finger, then two, into her drooling little cunt. Tina was shamelessly finger-fucking herself as she watched Jeff and Chrissy. She was fantasizing that he was fucking her instead.

“Good idea!” Gloria cried.

She stuffed two fingers into her cunt and pumped them fast and hard. It was a good imitation of a cock, but it could be better. She managed to wedge a third finger into her drenched cunt, and that was perfect. She fingerfucked herself blissfully.

“Unnnnhhh, Tina, try this!” she panted. “This is perfect!”

Tina looked over and saw Gloria stretching her cunt almost to bursting with three pistoning fingers. It looked obscene but exciting. She tried it, too, jamming a third finger into her hotly aroused box. Gloria was right, it was the same thickness as a real-Jive cock.

“Ohhhhh, shit, yes!” Tina gasped.

Jeff was intent on getting Chrissy off, but he couldn’t help hearing the squeals and moans of the other women. He glanced over and saw them finger-fucking themselves frantically while they watched him. It was so kinky and exciting, he damned near shot his load.

Somehow he managed to hold out. He went into high gear, fucking Chrissy with all the speed and force he could command. The big blonde arched her body sharply to take his thundering cock as deep as she could. She rubbed her swollen joy button against his jerking shaft.

“Unnnnhhhh, unnnnhhhh — Jeff, gonna come!” she gasped.

“Jesus, I hope so!” Jeff panted.

He’d never wanted to come more in his life. This outrageous scene was driving him wild with horniness. He’d had lots of women in his life, but he’d never taken on a whole group of them. It was like some incredible jack-off fantasy come true.

While he fucked a gorgeous big-titted blonde, a lovely brunette and pretty redhead were finger-fucking themselves, lusty out of their minds as they waited for him to fuck them. It was a situation he could have handled in his fantasies, but the reality wasn’t so easy.

He wanted to blast ten gallons of jizz into Chrissy’s greedily squeezing cunt. But he had to save that hard-on for Gloria and then Tina. He gritted his teeth and went on fucking Chrissy as hard as he could. She suddenly stiffened, groaned, and then rocked violently beneath him.

“Ooooooh, honey, I’m cominggggg!” she wailed. “Ooooooh, shit! Uunnnhhhhhhh.”

“One down, two to go,” Jeff muttered hoarsely to himself.

He pulled his soaked cock out of Chrissy’s burning cunt and turned to Gloria. Hot-eyed with lust, she gave him a wicked grin, whipped her cream-soaked fingers out of her cunt, and rolled over onto her hands and knees. She poked her cute little ass up in the air.

“Do it to me this way, Jeff,” she invited.

“Oh, yeah!” Jeff growled.

His lust boiled up again as he grasped her slim hips and ogled the tiny pink opening of her fur-fringed box. He punched the swollen head of his prick into that inviting hole, then shoved in as deep as he could. He groaned as he encased his meat in searing velvety flesh. Gloria sobbed with pleasure and creamed a huge sizzling flood of juice.

“Unnnnhhhh, God, fuck me with that big thing!” she moaned. “I need it so bad!”

“So do I,” Tina put in, “so don’t get him off, Gloria.”

“I’ll try!” Gloria gurgled. “I mean I’ll try not to! I mean, oh, shit, never mind!”

Tina laughed, knowing her friend was having too much fun to think straight. But she really prayed that Jeff would hold out and fuck her, too. She’d feel pretty damned frustrated if he didn’t. She kept finger-fucking herself as she watched them.

“Unnnnhhhh, unnnnhhhh, yesssss!” Gloria panted.

Jeff wasn’t being slow with her, either. He was pounding his cock into her like there was no tomorrow, making her slim body shake violently with the impact. But Gloria loved his roughness. She clawed the bed to stay upright, and thick pearly cream gushed from her cunt and down her thighs.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeeee,” she wailed.

“Oh, wow,” Chrissy sighed. “This is so wild. I just came, and now I’m getting horny again watching them.”

“Don’t tell Jeff that!” Tina laughed. “He’ll get discouraged and give up!”

She could see that Jeff was almost at the end of his tether. He’d started out so confidently, sure that he could satisfy all three women. Now he was aching to come, and he still had two women to get off. He’d met his match in the three horny housewives.

“Boy, what if our husbands walked in right now?” Chrissy giggled. “Wouldn’t they just shit?”

Tina grinned, thinking about it. Yes, their husbands would have quite a shock if they walked in on this kinky little scene. The wives would have to explain to them what happens when you leave a normal, healthy young female unsatisfied.

But Tina hoped she’d never have to have that talk with Ed. She didn’t want him ever to find out about her affair with Jeff. She wanted to keep her marriage going, even if her beloved husband didn’t have the time and energy to make love to her. Jeff was her safety valve.

Right now her safety valve seemed about to blow. Jeff was red-faced and gasping as he fucked into Gloria as fast and hard as he could, desperately trying to get her off. He was doing his best, but greedy Gloria was holding off her climax, savoring the fun.

“Unnnnhhhh, honey, I love it,” she gurgled. “I just love it. Fuck me forever!”

“Hey, Gloria, I’m waiting, you know,” Tina said.

“Hmmmm?” Gloria moaned. “Oh, yes, all right!”

Tina was getting more impatient by the second. Somebody had to be last with Jeff, but she wished it wasn’t her. She worked her three bunched fingers deeper and harder into her achingly horny cunt, trying to ease the boiling need inside her.

“Tina!” Chrissy exclaimed. “What in hell are you doing?”

So Chrissy had finally noticed? Tina laughed and said, “I’m masturbating, honey. I’m too horny to just sit here and watch. Mmmmm, it feels so good!”

Chrissy seemed both shocked and tempted. She’d copied Gloria when she rubbed her clit, and now she couldn’t resist trying out Tina’s method. She timidly slid a finger into her cunt, then shivered with pleasure. Tina was right, this felt very nice. Chrissy began finger-fucking herself with growing excitement.

“Oh, hey, this is great!” she gurgled.

“You never played with yourself before?” Tina asked in astonishment.

“No!” Chrissy panted. “My mother told me I’d go to hell if I did!”

“Does this look like hell?” Tina laughed.

Chrissy answered her with a giggle, but they were both distracted when Gloria gave a loud house groan and began to come. They watched enviously while the beautiful redhead bucked and writhed around the fat hard skewer of Jeff’s thundering cock.

“Unnnnhhh, shit, fuck — whaaahhhh!” she howled.

“Oh, Christ!” Jeff groaned.

It had taken every last ounce of his will power not to come when Gloria did. He ached to shoot his load, but he had a reputation to keep up. He was the neighborhood stud, and he didn’t want to lose that title to another man. He could do the job, he told himself. He just needed a minute to rest.

He tumbled back onto the bed, gasping, but Tina didn’t give him even a second to recuperate. She was mounting him as he landed. She straddled him and wiggled around till she’d caught the engorged head of his cock between her slick hot pussylips. With a happy groan she slid down his prick.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, Jeff, fuck meeee!” she cried. Jeff felt like a fucking machine. He grasped Tina’s tiny waist and started pumping his cock in her sizzling slick cunt, hoping she’d get off before he did. Her greedy cunt sucked and squeezed at his meat. His balls felt ready to burst.

“Ohhhh, fuck it to me hard, honey!” Tina moaned. “Fuck as hard as you can!”

Jeff didn’t have much choice, he was so frantic to come. He growled lustily and fucked her into her like a maniac. She squealed with delight and fucked right back at him, jerking her hips to his hard rhythm. He felt a spasm in his balls.

“Awwww, shit, awwwww, I’m comingggg,” he yelled.

“Ohhhhh, God, yesssss, ohhhhhhh!” Tina wailed.

She’d already finger-fucked herself right to the brink of orgasm, so it was no problem for her to get off as fast as Jeff. They rocked and bucked together in a long violent mutual orgasm. Chrissy and Gloria watched, fingerfucking themselves like crazy. Then they began to come, too.

“Oooooh, shit, oooooh!” Chrissy screamed. “Unnnnnhh, God — unnnngggghhhh!” Gloria moaned.

Jeff simply collapsed as he jetted the last of his come into Tina’s greedily sucking womb. As she rolled off him, he gasped for breath. He’d never felt so totally fucked out in his life. He’d kept his promise to his three lovers, and it had taken everything he had.

“Ladies,” he said hoarsely, “this has been just incredible. But I think from now on I better take you one at a time.”

They all laughed, and then Tina said soothingly, “Okay, Jeff, you got it. I guess we’ll just have to draw straws.”


The three women actually did draw straws to decide who’d get to see Jeff next. It seemed like the only fair way to do it. Tina thought it was more than fair, because she won.

Monday morning she waited till she saw Jeff open his drapes, then hurried over to his house. Maybe she should have waited a little longer, to give him a chance to wake up and have breakfast, but she just couldn’t. She was too horny for him.

As Tina eagerly slipped into the alley and headed for Jeff’s place, she didn’t know that her husband was watching her.

Ed was due back from his trip that morning, but he’d told Tina he was going straight to the office and wouldn’t see her till dinnertime. That was what he’d really meant to do, but over the weekend he changed his mind.

Ed got to thinking about his marriage while he was away at the convention. He knew Tina was pretty unhappy with their sex life and that she needed more attention from him. He didn’t want to lose her. He concluded that he’d just better work a little less hard and see more of his beautiful wife.

He knew he’d better start right away, too. Tina had been very angry when he announced he was going to be away for the whole weekend, the only time they had together. If he didn’t shape up soon, she might ask for a divorce.

So when he drove home, he went to the house, not the office. He’d just parked in the garage when he saw Tina slip out the back door and head down the alley. Ed was puzzled by that. Where was she going, and why was she using the alley?

He followed her, being careful that she didn’t see him. She walked into the back yard of one of their neighbors, Jeff Conrad. She knocked at the back door, and Jeff answered quickly. Ed almost gasped when he saw that Jeff was totally naked.

That didn’t seem to bother Tina. She stood on tiptoe to give Jeff a kiss on the mouth, and then they went inside. Ed turned red with anger and jealousy. He marched right up to the door, ready to fight his rival. But by the time he got there, he’d simmered down a little.

He decided it might be wise just to sneak into the house and see what was going on. He wanted to know exactly what Tina and Jeff were up to before he confronted them. He eased the door open silently and slipped into the kitchen. Then he followed the sound of voices.

The voices were coming from the bedroom, and the door was open just a crack. Ed peered in and saw Tina and Jeff kissing again. As they kissed, Jeff was removing Tina’s clothes and dropping them on the floor. Finally the two of them came up for air.

“I think you’re glad to see me, Jeff!” Tina giggled.

“You better believe I am!” Jeff grinned. “I woke up with a hard-on — thinking about you!”

“Are you sure it was just me?” she laughed. Jeff didn’t say anything, just peeled off the rest of her clothes. Ed was furious, but he was also thinking how gorgeous his wife was, her body sleek and firm and high-titted. He’d been a fool not to pay more attention to her. Now it looked like he was losing her to their bachelor neighbor.

Jeff led Tina over to the bed, and they crashed onto it, kissing and pawing each other. They seemed pretty familiar with each other, and Ed guessed that they’d been carrying on for some time. He wanted to march in there and break it up, yet at the same time he couldn’t really blame Tina for what she was doing.

So many nights she’d wanted to make love, and Ed had refused, saying he was too tired. Or he’d give her a quick fuck and let it go at that, knowing she loved long sensuous sessions of sex. Tina was probably going crazy with need, and that had driven her, to cheat.

So as angry as he felt, Ed felt guilty, too. It was plainly his fault that his pretty young wife was in bed with another guy. He stood there undecided about what to do, while Tina and Jeff worked each other to a fever pitch of lust.

Tina grabbed Jeff’s cock and started pumping it. Ed shivered lustily, recalling how good she was at all kinds of cock play. Jeff sure seemed to like what she was doing. He snorted with excitement, and his prick mushroomed into a thick hard column of meat.

He slid his hand between Tina’s thighs and expertly fingered her pussy. He teased the moist mouth of her cunt, then sawed a finger stiffly over her clit. In no time at all his finger was glistening with her hot sticky cunt cream. Tina whimpered with desire and pumped his cock harder.

“Mmmmm, Jeff, I can’t get enough of you!” she sighed. “You’ve saved my sanity!”

Ed reddened, because he knew just what she was talking about. She’d always needed plenty of loving, but lately he hadn’t given it to her. Her stored-up lust had driven her to seek another lover. Obviously Jeff had been doing a pretty good job of substituting for Ed.

“Since you’re so grateful,” Jeff chuckled. “How about going down on me?”

“I’ve got a better idea,” Tina replied with a naughty grin. “Why don’t we go down on each other? I loved what I saw you doing the other day with Chrissy.”

Chrissy? Ed was startled to hear the name of their new neighbor, another young married woman. Apparently Jeff was servicing more than one lonely, horny wife. Tina seemed to know about it, had even watched, and she wasn’t upset. What kind of kinky affair had she gotten herself into?

As Ed tried to puzzle it out, Jeff rolled onto his back, his massive hard-on standing up and drooling. Tina crouched and backed over him, bringing her cute pink cunt right up to his flushed face. His rigidly standing cock nudged her lips.

“Mmmmmm, yesssss!” she breathed.

Her glistening tongue shot out, and she began licking up the salty crew that dribbled from Jeff’s piss hole. Ed almost growled with lust as he watched her. He knew she was a glutton for cock juice. Now she lapped up Jeff’s cream like it was nectar.

Jeff returned the favor, sticking out his tongue and raking it up and down her hot creamy slit. Tina moaned hoarsely and fed him a big burst of tangy juice. Jeff knew just what to do with her horny, tasty pussy. He whipped it with his tongue and gobbled her juices.

“Ooooooh, Jeff, yessss!” she gurgled. “I love that!”

Ed knew exactly how much she loved it and how long it had been since he’d done it for her. He could have kicked himself. If he’d just given his lovely wife an extra hour or two of his time each week, she wouldn’t be cheating on him now. He just couldn’t blame her for what she was doing.

He watched her race her greedy little tongue around and around the swollen purple head of Jeff’s prick, licking up every drop of his oozing crew. He listened to her squeal and gurgle as Jeff tongued her cunt. She’d told Ed often enough that she was horny and lonely, but he’d ignored her. He knew he deserved everything he was getting now.

“Mnmmmm, uuummmmm, I just love going down on you, honey!” Tina sighed.

“I’m having a pretty good time myself,” Jeff chuckled. “But isn’t Ed supposed to get home today?”

“I won’t see him till dinnertime,” Tina said sadly. “He’s going straight to the office. Like I told you, he’s more interested in his work than in me.”

“He’s a damned fool,” Jeff said.

Tell me bout it, buddy, Ed thought.

Jeff had hit the nail on the head. And Ed had heard Tina’s complaint over and over. Now he knew he couldn’t just barge into that bedroom and demand his wife back. He was the one who’d forced her into this. He could either just stand there and watch, or go home.

He decided to watch. In a way it was agony to see his wife making it with another guy, but it was also a weird kind of turn-on. Ed found himself getting more and more aroused as he watched. His balls swelled, and his cock stiffened, sharply tenting his pants.

He watched Tina’s greedy pink tongue lashing all over Jeff’s sensitive cockhead, and he remembered the times she’d done that to him. It was enough to make his prick buck and drool.

He watched Jeff tonguing her creamy gash, and he could almost tasting the exciting tangy inject. He sizzled with lust for her.

“Oh, God, Jeff, I need to come!” Tina whimpered.

“You got it!” Jeff panted. “How about sucking my cock while I do it?”

“Mmnmmm, yeah!” she gurgled.

She licked her lips till they were slippery, then drove them hard down around Jeff’s stiff boner. Jeff flushed and groaned as she encased every inch of his meat in her steamy little mouth. She caved in her checks and began sucking noisily.

“Shit, yeah, you do that so good!” Jeff groaned.

You bet she does, Ed thought. I taught her. He’d taught her everything there was to do in bed. Up to now he was the only guy she’d ever made it with. It was strange yet somehow exciting to see her put her lessons to work on their neighbor. Her head bobbed, her long dark hair flying, as she hungrily sucked Jeff’s cock.

Then Jeff made his big tongue rigid and crammed it into her cunt. He pushed in right to the root, and Tina shuddered with pleasure and gave a hoarse muffled moan. Jeff tonguefucked her hard and deep, just the way she liked it best. No wonder Tina was hot for the guy. He was giving her everything she craved, everything her husband had stopped doing for her.

Ed watched with a mixture of sadness and hot lust as his pretty wife did sixty-nine with their handsome bachelor neighbor. His cock was hugely swollen by now, and he had a powerful urge to jack off. He wondered if he could get away with it.

Sure he could, if he stayed quiet. He unzipped his pants and fished out his engorged hot prick. He fisted it and began pumping slowly, sensuously. He wanted to come just as Tina did. That was as close as he could get to making love with her right now.

Tina seemed to be in no hurry. She was writhing and moaning around the slippery skewer of Jeff’s cock, glutting herself on the wild pleasure of being tongue-fucked. She was sucking ravenously on Jeff’s creaming cock, gulping his cream as fast as she could suction it from his piss hole.

Jeff was as big a glutton as Tina. He was taking his time, holding off his climax, as he enjoyed her hot loud sucking. He tongued deep into her smoldering cunt and sucked up her tangy cream. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. Ed watched with lust-glazed eyes and pumped his cock faster.

He recalled all the times he and Tina had eaten each other like that. Before he got so wrapped up in his job, they’d spend hours in bed, eating each other into lusty exhaustion. He could almost feel and taste the velvety wet inside of his wife’s luscious cunt, and he could feel her greedy lips around his cock.

Thinking about it, he damned near shot his load. But he managed to hold out, wanting to jet his come against the door just as Tina climaxed. She couldn’t be far away from it now. She was moaning and writhing steadily.

Then Jeff whipped his dripping tongue out of her smoking pussy hole and gasped, “Baby, I wanta fuck you!”

Tina raided her head and said hoarsely, “Oh, yeah, Jeff, do it!”

Ed felt another burst of anger and jealousy as Jeff got to his knees behind Tina. But those feelings changed to insane lust as he watched the guy slain his enormous hard cock into Tina’s juicy little cunt. She took the fierce lunge with a wail of ecstasy, and molten thick cream boiled from her box and down her legs.

“Unnnnnhhhhh, shit, yesssss!” she wailed. “Fuck meeeee!”

Again Ed almost shot his load. He pumped his cock feverishly, as Jeff fucked Tina. He watched Jeff’s thick blue-veined boner slamming in and out of Tina’s squirting cunt and watched her claw the bed, her lovely tits shaking and swaying.

“Oooooh, shit, yes, do it as hard as you can!” she wailed. “Fuck my brains out!”

Just come home, baby, and I’ll do that for you, Ed thought.

It wasn’t going to happen, of course. No way in the world was Tina going to quit now. Her eyes rolled, then closed tight as Jeff fucked her to the brink of the orgasm she needed so badly. She whimpered and, moaned and clawed hard at the bed.

Jeff’s flat belly smacked her ass loudly, and his thick cock made an obscene sucking noise as it reamed out her boiling juices. Jeff was snorting and growling, and he was red-faced with lust as he hammered both of them towards climax. Just a second later Tina screamed and began to come.

“Unnnnhhhh, you’re doing it to meeeee!” she howled. “I’m cominggg — whaaahhhhh!”

Ed gave his cock one final hard jerk and jetted his load against the door. He managed not to make a sound, but he could hear Jeff roaring as he came, too. By the time Ed recovered, Jeff and Tina were rolling apart, and she was reaching for her clothes.

“I hate to go,” she sighed. “But I know you’re expecting Gloria.”

Gloria? Another neighborhood wife, and Tina’s best friend. Ed was more puzzled than ever. But right now he didn’t have time to stand there and puzzle it out. He had to get home before Tina did. He quickly made for the back door.


Tina walked home humming happily to herself. She wished her session with Jeff could have lasted longer, but he had given her a damned good fuck, and she felt satisfied for now. She strolled into her kitchen, then gasped when she saw her husband sitting there.

“Ed honey!” she cried, blushing furiously. “What are you doing here? I thought you said you were going straight to the office!”

“I changed my mind,” Ed said. “I got to thinking over the weekend, Tina, and I realized I’d better listen to you. I know our marriage is in trouble.”

Tina tried to calm herself. She tried to forget that her body was still tingling from another man’s loving. This was no time to get rattled. She pulled out a chair and sat down next to Ed. She tried to make her voice calm as she spoke.

“You’re right, Ed,” she said, “this marriage is in big trouble. I’m just not getting enough sex. It’s driving me crazy. Is there anything we can do about that?”

“There sure is!” Ed growled, pulling her off her chair and into his lap.

Tina sure wasn’t expecting that. She was even more surprised when he kissed her lustily, shoving his tongue into her mouth. With one hand he squeezed her firm little ass, and with the other he snaked inside her blouse and fondled her tits. Tina blazed with lust.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm!” she moaned.

When they finally paused to catch their breath, Ed leered at her and said, “I’d like to continue this in the bedroom.”

Without waiting for an answer, he scooped her up in his arms and started down the hall with her. Suddenly Tina grew angry. She was sure it was going to be another of his quick fucks, and then he’d be off to work, leaving her aching for more loving.

Even though Ed neglected her most of the time, he did get horny now and then. And when he did, he wanted to get his rocks off fast. He’d probably just stolen half an hour from work to do that. Tina didn’t appreciate it one bit. As he laid her down on the bed, she glared at him.

“Now just a minute, buster!” she hissed. “If you’re gonna fuck and run, forget it. I’ve had enough of that. If it can’t be the way it used to be between us, I’m just not interested.”

“Tina,” Ed said hoarsely, “I promise you, I’m not gonna fuck and run. Or fuck and snore. Never again. I’ve learned my lesson.”

Tina wanted to believe that so much. She decided to give him a chance to prove it. She let him take her clothes off. She lay there naked on the bed as he quickly stripped. One thing was for sure, she was still incredibly turned on by his powerful hairy body.

She ogled his hard-muscled arms and legs and his huge stiffening cock. She felt scalding juice squirting from her cunt. Jeff’s brief loving hadn’t begun to ease her hot pent-up lust. She needed a lot more, and she hoped her husband would give it to her.

Suddenly she thought how strange it was. Now it was Jeff who could only give her quick, hasty loving, and it was Ed who promised to take his time. Maybe things would work out after all. She gurgled with desire as Ed joined her on the bed.

He took her hand and placed it on his cock.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten what to do with this,” he said. “I know I haven’t given you much chance lately.”

“Don’t worry,” Tina said. “I haven’t forgotten.”

She proved it by fisting his meat and pumping it sensuously. Ed snorted with excitement, and his cock went totally engorged in her expertly working fingers. Tina whimpered with lust as she felt his prick harden and throb. She’d always loved getting him hard.

While she played with his cock, he pushed her thighs open and slid one stiff finger over her clit.

He rubbed the pulsating little nub, and Tina drenched his finger, with a big rush of scalding cream. Her pussy was scorching hot, and he knew she wanted him badly.

It was just like old times, except for one thing. His wife’s hot little cunt was still sizzling from the hard probing of another man’s cock. Ed knew they had to talk about that and get it out of the way, otherwise they’d be living a lie.

As Tina continued to cream all over his teasing finger, he said, “What’s the matter, honey? Didn’t Jeff give you enough?”

Tina froze. She turned pale, then beet-red. “Oh, God, Ed?” she gasped. “How did you know?”

“I got home just as you were leaving for his place,” Ed said. “I followed you and sneaked into his house. I saw everything you did, Tina.”

Tina wished she could just sink through the bed and disappear, she felt so ashamed.

“Ed, can you ever forgive me?” she asked. “Can you ever forgive me?” he said. “It’s my fault you went with another guy. So let’s just forget the whole thing now, okay?”

“Of course, darling,” Tina said gratefully.

“I’ll never do it again, as long as you take good care of me.”

“That’s just what I intend to do right now,” Ed said, rolling her onto her back.

He slid on top of her, and she opened her legs as wide as she could, dying for his cock. He wedged the hard thick head into her juicing cunt mouth, then shoved hard into her, butting her womb. Tina sobbed with ecstasy and clawed at his powerful shoulders.

“Unnnnhhh, honey, yessss!” she sobbed. “Fuck me good! Fuck me forever!”

But Ed wasn’t his usual hurried self. He started fucking her very slowly, taking his time and savoring each thrust. More than anything else, that told Tina that he’d changed. He wanted their loving to be as hot and wonderful as it used to be. She writhed around the throbbing skewer of his prick, delighted.

“Ooooooh, honey, you’re fucking me so good!” she gurgled. “I love it, Ed!”

Ed knew she wasn’t just saying that to make him feel good. Her cunt was hot as fire and it was soaking his slowly-pistoning cock with a steady flood of sizzling cream. She was writhing and whimpering the way she used to do when they had a good long fuck.

He had his wife back, and things could be as good as they used to be, maybe even better. Ed had some pretty wicked urges after seeing her fuck Jeff. He thought they might make things even more exciting.

“I watched Jeff stick his cock in you,” he said hoarsely. “I watched him fuck you. It really turned me on.”

“What?” Tina gasped. Had her nice respectable husband turned into some kind of pervert?

“Yeah!” Ed growled. “It got me really hot! I saw how you loved it when he fucked you! You did love it, didn’t you, Tina?”

She was going to deny it, but he started fucking her faster and harder, driving her wild with pleasure. She was so lusty, she couldn’t think straight. She jerked her hips to his rhythm, fucking back at him in crazy excitement. He speeded up some more, and she sobbed with delight.

“Come on, Tina!” he panted. “Tell me. You loved it when Jeff fucked you, didn’t you?”

“Yesssss!” she wailed. She couldn’t he to him now. “I was so horny, honey! It felt so good!”

Ed wasn’t doing all this to shame her. He was recalling his spying experience, remembering how crazily aroused he’d gotten watching her with Jeff. He thought about that now as he fucked into her harder and harder. Tina went wild, jerking her hips frantically and wailing.

“Oooooh, Ed, oooooh, make me come!” she cried. “I’m going crazy, honey, I have to get off!”

“I think I can arrange that,” he chuckled. He whipped his massive cock out of her, slid down her body, and jammed his face between her legs. He locked his wet lips around her wildly throbbing clit and began to suck the little button hard and fast. Tina screamed with ecstasy and drenched his face with scalding pussy juice.

“Ooooooh, shit, Ed, suck meeeeeee!” she bowled.

It was her very favorite way to get off, and he knew it. He kept sucking hard and loudly on her bursting clit, and she sobbed with pleasure and clawed frantically at the bed. A second later she was coming right in his face, her cream drenching him.

“Ohhhhh, God, ohhhhh — whaaahhhhhh!” she wailed.

She came so hard, she almost blacked out. Only Ed knew how to get her off that hard. He hadn’t forgotten, even though it had been months since he’d gone down on her. She bucked and howled and sobbed for a full minute before going limp. Ed rose to his knees and leered at her.

“Now tell me about Gloria and Chrissy,” he said.

Tina turned scarlet. Ed sure had learned a lot from spying on her and Jeff. He seemed to get insanely aroused hearing about it, too. That was pretty kinky, but she’d do whatever turned him on. In fact she was beginning to like his wicked little game.

She told him about the day Jeff had bidden her in the closet, how she’d been joined by Gloria, and how they’d burst out to surprise Chrissy. Ed’s cock bucked and drooled as he listened. He sure didn’t act jealous. In fact he was grinning.

“So the next day we gave Jeff a little surprise!” Tina giggled. “We all showed up at the same time!”

“Poor bastard!” Ed laughed. “How’d he handle that?”

Tina went on to describe how Jeff had tried to make love to all three women at the same time. Ed was chuckling as he listened, but he was getting incredibly horny, too. As she finished telling her incredible story, he slipped back onto her, straddling her and resting his ass just over her swollen tits. He trailed his juicing cock head over her lips.

“Now you’ve got me really hot!” he growled. “I want you to suck me off!”

Tina could hardly wait. It had been so long since he’d let her do that for him. She stuck out her tongue and licked up all the cream from his dripping cock head. Then she fastened her lips around the purple knob of flesh and sucked hard.

“Unnnnhhh, Jesus, yeah!” Ed roared.

He watched with lust-glazed eyes, as his beautiful wife sucked his whole cock into her hot steamy mouth. Her lips were stretched hugely, her mouth crammed, but that never slowed Tina down. She started sucking noisily and greedily on his prick, gulping his cream.

“Mmmmmm, uuummmmm,” she moaned.

“Christ, yeah, suck it!” Ed gasped.

Tina adored having her mouth stuffed with her husband’s throbbing tasty prick. She couldn’t control herself. She sucked faster and faster on his meat, drawing the delicious cream from his piss hole. Ed was so worked up that he couldn’t control himself either.

He gave a lusty bellow and started fucking her mouth. Tina hadn’t forgotten how he liked to come best. She opened her throat and let him fuck right into it. It was a trick he’d taught her. Ed yelled hoarsely, and his cock exploded into her throat.

“Eat it — unnnnhhhh — aaaagggghhhh!” he roared.

“Mmmmmm, unnnnhhhh!” Tina moaned. She let him flood her throat and mouth with his thick boiling jism, holding it and savoring it as long as she could. When her cheeks were almost bursting with it, she gulped down the delicious salty flood of cream. Ed leaned forward, keeping his drained dick in her mouth.

“Suck it some more,” he said. “Get me hard.”

Tina was delighted to do that. This was the incredibly horny husband she remembered, the guy who was never content with just one orgasm. She sucked hard and loudly on his cock, and soon it was swelling in her mouth and forcing her lips wide apart.

“Yeah, that’s good!” Ed panted. “Now roll over!”

He got off her, and Tina quickly obeyed, rolling onto her hands and knees. Ed knelt behind her and shoved his iron-hard cock into her juice slick pussy hole. She wailed with excitement and dug her nails into the bed. She could never get enough of her husband’s massive cock, not in a million years.

“Unnnnhhhh, honey, yessss!” she sobbed. “Fuck me good! Fuck me crazy!”

“I bet you think we’ve done everything there is to do in bed!” Ed panted. “But here’s a surprise for you.”

He yanked his stiff cock out of her cunt and started easing it up her ass. Tina gasped. She was surprised, all right. This was the one thing they’d never tried. It felt wickedly exciting as Ed slowly but steadily crammed her hot little shitter with his throbbing prick.

“Ooooooh, fuck, ooooooh, yesssss!” Tina howled. “Fuck my ass, baby, I love it!”

Ed snorted with lust and thrust into her steaming shitter as deep as he could go. He fucked her ass slowly, deeply and sensuously. Tina felt the same violent pleasure she got from her cunt. She felt herself rocketing towards a gigantic come.

“Faster!” she whimpered. “Ohhhhh, shit, yesssss!”

Ed was pretty sure she wasn’t thinking about Jeff now. He’d won his wife back, and he didn’t intend to let her stray again. He’d keep her so well-satisfied in bed that she’d never look at another man. Now he ass-fucked her hard into another climax, and she threw back her head and howled in ecstasy.

“Ummmmhhhhh, Ed — whaaahhhhhh!” she wailed. “Come in my ass, baby, cream mew!”

“Awwwwww, fuck — awwww!” Ed roared, boiling his load into her spasming asshole.

A moment later he sighed and said, “Now I really have to go to work. You gonna stay away from Jeff while I’m gone?”

“Jeff who?” Tina gurgled.

Of course she hadn’t really forgotten her lover, but she didn’t need him any more. She was going to have her hands full satisfying her horny husband — and that was just how she wanted it.