Tasting the Exotic!

Sometime after we reached puberty, my sister and I engaged in incestual
contacts not so much out of curiousity, but in search of sexual release. We
were competitive and proud, so when one of us was trying to get the other
“interested”, we didn’t use romance or seduction. We often suggested a
role-game, such as playing “doctor”, or “runway model”, or “Playboy
photographer”. My favorite was the latter, and since I actually owned some
decent camera equipment, it made the scenario all the more real.

There was one particular day when dad was fishing and mom was working.
Patty and I were in our mid-teens and eager to be home by ourselves. We were
playing cards when I suggested a wager. If she lost, we played “photographer”
and she would be the “model”. If I had lost the game, she wanted me to clean
her room, but the fact that she agreed to my wager suggested she was probably
horny and wanted to play that game, too. We played Rummy, first to 500 wins.
It was a good game in that it was short, as I wanted to get into my role as
camera-stud. I won by a whopping margin and my enthusiasm was obvious. With
the parents being gone for a while, we were not limited by time, or
discretion, or location, so I hurried up from the floor, and ran to my room to
get my camera bag. I introduced myself as being from Playboy magazine. I
presented an imaginary contract that detailed her equally imaginary pay and
our responsibilities as photographer and model. She was to pose in any manner
I requested, and she insisted that I was not allowed to touch her “privates”
(yeah, right). I then lead her into the family room and told her to get
comfortable. She sat on the sofa as I connected the flash and lens to the
camera body. She didn’t want actual pictures to be taken, and after I proved
the camera was without film, we began our “shoot”. I started with a couple
pictures of her sitting where she was, then asked her to stand and remove her

She stood and slowly unbuttoned her blouse as the strobe flashed at her.
She eventually removed the blouse and modeled her newest bra. She was not
large breasted at this point in her life, but a bra was indicated. My
helmet-wearing soldier quickly rose to attention. I told her to relax, have
fun, and get into the role. I turned on some music and suggested that she
could strip while dancing. Patty coyly danced to the music for about a minute,
turned her back to me, reached around herself, and unclasped her bra. Patty
then twirled around and faced me. She held the garment in place while she
danced, then slowly slid it down her chest and exposed the upper part of her
nipples. She would quickly and completely expose her breasts to the beat of
the music while the flash illuminated the room. She really seemed to be
getting into the role and was obviously having a good time. I positioned
myself around her, commenting on how sexy and beautiful she was, and how I
thought she could be a model for “real”. She continued to dance and flash her
titties, then to my relief, threw her bra across the room. The soldier was at
complete attention, and Patty noticed it. It seemed to motivate her, and she
did a little shake that wiggled her breasts.

Typically with this scenario, I needed to remind her to remove clothing.
She was either shy, or she thought that what we were doing was wrong, or
perhaps she just wasn’t horny enough to independently initiate anything. But
this time was different, and perhaps it is why this incident was so memorable.
Without any verbal prompting by me, her hands slowly dropped down her stomach
to the button on her jeans. My camera followed the action. She unbuttoned her
blue jeans, and wiggling her hips, pulled down the zipper. When her dance
turned her back to me, her jeans made a slow trip down her small adolescent
hips. She slowly danced out of them, and was wearing only her panties. She
continued to sway with the music, and with the panties still on, lowered her
ass into the corner of the couch. (She may have been hornier than usual, but
there was still a degree of shyness left.) I placed her right arm on the
sofa-back, and her left arm on the end-table to her left, and by doing so,
opened her bare chest to my camera’s eye. I moved-in and took a few close-ups
of her breasts, and watched as the nipples become pointy.

I took pictures of her upper body, her legs, and closing in on her lap, I
asked her to remove her panties. She smiled, grabbed the waist band, and
teasingly slid it down to her knees. She brought her right foot up along her
left leg, pulled it in through the panty, and pushed it off, then kicked it
across the room. This display of sexuality was not typical of Patty, and at
this point I knew we were in for an interesting afternoon. I continued
shooting and again told her of her beauty and natural talents. Needing a
better shot, I asked her to reposition herself so that she was squarely facing
me. She should have been feeling vulnerable…naked, in a bright room, in
front of the intruding photographer …but she was enjoying it all, and was
presenting herself as a sexy, confident woman. I asked her to spread her legs,
and slowly, but not shyly, she opened herself to my camera. As she did, all
the natural lines led the lens to the patch of peach-fuzz growing in the
corner formed by her inner thighs. I zoomed-in to her pink flesh and got as
close as the lens would allow. Her clitoris seemed huge, but I still needed a
more revealing shot. She was always a cheerleader and able to do the splits
quite well, and when I asked her to spread her legs farther, she generously
provided me the visual treat of her beautiful, mysterious, feminine folds.

At this point, I was more a photographer for Hustler, as there were some
serious beaver-shots being taken. I told her to touch herself, and she
reached down and slowly began masterbating to the music. This was making me
incredibly hot, and I wanted a piece of the action. I explained to her, that
for the subtle, artistic touch, the clitoris and adjacent areas should be wet
and glistening, and asked if I could have the pleasure of making them such.
Obviously incredibly stimulated, she forgot about the condition she placed in
the contract, and gave permission without delay. I licked my finger and rubbed
her bud while observing it all through the camera. I continued with this for a
short time, then pulled the camera from in front of my face, and watched the
scene unfolding in front of my own eyes. Patty’s hips were begining to gyrate
to the music as she was being masturbated. She sighed, and tipping her head
back, she closed her eyes. I saw this as a cue to bring my face in closer to
her pussy. She sensed my proximity, probably by the warmth of my breathe, and
with both hands, parted her labia. I interpreted this as an invitation, and
reached in with my tongue and licked her clit. She gasped at the contact, and
I began to lap at her vulva.

After a few minutes of this, my neck was begining to hurt, as we were
still on the sofa, so I asked my subject to move to our parent’s bed. Probably
uncomfortable as well, she quickly swung her leg over my head and ran into
that room next door. I followed her, bringing with me the camera equipment,
though I could just have easily left it behind. I found her waiting for me on
the bed, laying on her stomach. Oh how I loved looking at her butt. I took a
few close shots of her little ass, then placed a couple of pillows under her
hips. This raised her butt into the air and I again requested that she spread
her legs and play with herself, a request to which she seemed happy to oblige.
The position allowed me an unobstructed view of her vagina, and to a lesser
degree, her anus. The shutter clicked rapidly as her hips again started to

I soon gave up on the role-playing game and placed the camera on a
dresser next to the bed. I positioned myself between her legs and replaced her
hand with mine, and returned to rubbing semi-circles on her bundle of nerves.
I brought my face in for a closer look. She was, in fact, wet and glistening,
with her pink folds calling out for attention. I leaned forward and smelled
her. She had showered earlier, but there was still a faint, though undeniable
scent to her. It was almost intoxicating. The pheromones were powerful and
effective. I reached in and put my tongue into her cunt. She moaned with the
shallow, but warm penetration. After a few insertions, my tongue moved north,
to that sensitive area between her holes, and my thumb took its place within
her vagina. By now, her hip movements were causing the bed to squeek, and she
breathed in unison with those squeeks. My nose lay immediately adjacent to her
anus, and not smelling anything unpleasant, I had my first taste of anilingus.
The wrinlkled muscles of her sphincter flexed as my tongue darted around her
rectum. With my left hand, I parted her buns and probed her ass hole with my
tongue. It was a tight fit, as was my thumb, now pumping her vagina as my
forefingers rubbed her clitoris. She was moaning as if she was in pain, and I
loved it. I was a pleasuring machine, hands and mouth working in unison to
bring my sister to a sexual frenzy.

By now, a wet spot had soaked through to my jeans, and my erection wanted
to participate in the feast in front of me. Patty was moaning and writhing in
ecstasy, and I was jealous. I pulled my face out of her pleasure-zone, and
with that, she wimpered and sighed a deep breath. I felt such power over my
younger sibling. She was wanting, badly, and I had what she wanted. I fumbled
out of my clothes, and released my throbbing prick. I climbed to the front of
the bed and planted my erection in front of her face. I was not being
presumptuous. We were beyond games. I had been pleasuring her in a very
kinky manner and there was no doubt she could not resist to do the same to me.
She raised her head from between her crossed forearms and found my dick
bobbing up and down, staring at her. She smiled an almost EVIL smile. I had
never seen her like that before. She was horny, sexy, and a little scary…I
had created a monster. She uncrossed her arms, and with her elbows still on
the bed, reached out with both hands and grabbed my sack of marbles. She moved
to within an inch of my twitching organ and opened her mouth. It was another
invitation, this time to fuck her mouth, an act which I had dreamed about my
entire pubescent life. I scooted myself close enough so that her lower teeth
touched the underside of the fireman’s hat. She smiled, lowered her head, and
engulfed my dick in her mouth.

To the best of my knowledge, this was the first time she had performed
fellatio, but it seemed to me that she knew exactly what she was doing, though
this was the first time I had received fellatio. It felt better than I ever
imagined! Initially, she ran her lips and tongue all around the sensitive
head, and then she started to suck, and slowly brought me deep into her mouth.
She gagged as my erection went into her throat. I didn’t want her to puke, so
I instictively pulled out, though she chased after me with her tongue and
pulled me back to her by my balls. I generously put my prick back in her
mouth, then placed my hands behind the back of her head, and guided it forward
and back. Saliva ran down my shaft and onto my balls as I pumped her mouth.
There was the occasional contact with her teeth, but at this point, there was
a fine line between pain and pleasure. She moaned as she did before, though
now obviously a bit more “muffled”. I was reaching a plateau, but didn’t want
to be a “party-pooper” by cumming, so I pulled myself out of her mouth, and
directed her to roll over.

We were now positionally, and sexually, ready for mutual oral sex. I
layed on top of her and buried my face into the beautiful vee formed by her
spread legs. She seemed to have difficulty manuevering her mouth around my
dick, so I experimented and rolled our intertwined bodies over. She pulled her
knees up and was now squating over my face. This was the most incredible
position ever discovered! I had an AWESOME view, and an access to her that I
never thought possible. I was able lick her clit, her vagina, and her ass
hole, all while she was sucking on me! With saliva as a lubricant, I slowly
inserted my index finger into her ass hole. In response, she licked her
finger and pushed it into mine. This extra stimulation was about all I could
handle, and was soon on the brink of an orgasm. I continued the digital
stimulation and began to feverishly tongue-fuck her. By tilting my head back,
I was able to touch my chin to her clit, and with that, she began “humping”
on it.

Here we were, brother and sister, our naked bodies intertwined on our
parent’s bed, with fingers in each other’s anus, and mouths around each
other’s genitals. She started to gasp and I could feel her sphincter tighten
with the onset of her orgasm, and I lost all staying power. My muscles
tensed, and I began an incredible ejaculation. The volume of semen had
probably suprised my sister, as she was unable to swallow it all. The concept
of her drinking my fluid was very erotic, and I wished there was a counterpart
of hers that I could consume. After about a dozen squirts into her mouth, the
pace slowed, and our respective genitals soon reached a phase of

We continued to tease each other for a bit by biting and sucking, but the
sensitivity was almost painful, so we released each other and layed together,
exhausted. We had been as kinky as could be, and I was as emotionally close to
my sister as I have ever been. I told her how much I loved her and thanked her
for letting me cum in her mouth. She returned the thanks, and commented that
she, too, enjoyed it.

I have yet to experienced a more intense encounter as was experienced
that day with Patty. I fantasize about it frequently, and sometimes modify the
fantasy to include doing that with her as adults. Hmmm….