Two Moms, Too Wild

A mother’s desire for her son is a subject as old as the world of literature, and its theme, incest, can be traced in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Lot’s scheme to repopulate a supposedly desolate earth by sleeping with his daughters. The subject has been probed by Sophocles, and Freud defined the problem of incest. Eugene O’Neill, a great playwright, encompassed the theme in one of his most important works.

An incestuous desire is normal, healthy, and to be expected, but should this need on the part of a woman to physically possess her son remain unchecked, the possible catastrophe which might follow could be of such dimension that none involved will recover.

TWO MOMS, TOO WILD is the story of incestuous relationships between two mothers and their sons. It is a work of fiction, but who can say what seeds of fact it might hold?


“Hi, Mom! I’m home,” shouted Jimmy Noran. The slender blonde kid walked in to the house to greet his mother, grinning as his big cock throbbed in his jeans.

Sondra Noran sat on the living room couch. She was still a knockout at thirty-five, with a youthful, wide-eyed face framed by blonde hair styled in a pageboy cut. Her slim body was lithe and slim, and this afternoon she was dressed to show off in a tube top and skin-tight hot pants that showed all of her luscious legs and molded the tight cheeks of her ass.

Sondra had made the shorts herself. Her income as a seamstress supplemented the divorce settlement. She always dressed sexy when Jimmy was due home from school. She always wanted her son to be ready for a good, hard fuck.

“Oh, Jimmy,” Sondra said breathlessly. Her pussy started creaming. “Look at that hard-on you’re toting around. Come to Momma, honey. You need some relief.”

Jimmy stepped up to the couch, looking hornily down at his mother. Sondra sat up on the cushions and undid his belt with busy fingers, tugging down his zipper and impatiently pulling the pants down to his ankles. Long ago Jimmy had stopped wearing underwear. There was his big beautiful cock.

His prick was inordinately large for a child his age, rising in a thick root out of his cock fur and wrinkled ball sac. The shaft of his prick was thick and swollen, supporting a bulbous prick-knob that had already begun to leak cum.

More important, his prick was as hard as bone. Sondra sighed as she fisted his aching hard-on, feeling fuck juices flooding through her pussy as she felt how stiff his cock felt. There was nothing like a teenager for getting hard-on after hard-on, all day and night long.

“Fuck, it hurts, Mom,” Jimmy whispered, wincing with pleasure as his mother palmed his cock. “I’ve been thinking about your juicy cunt all day.”

“You’ll get my pussy, darling. Don’t worry,” Sondra breathed wantonly. “But Momma needs a good suck first!”

She moved her palm over his crimson prick head, smearing his cock with the thick, leaking cum juices. Sondra glided her fist to the root of his cock and squeezed hard, holding his prick in position. She groaned with cocksucking hunger as she dropped her head, sucking his boner down her buttery throat.

Sondra’s shameless hunger for pricksucking was what had prompted her to seduce her own son in the first place. The first time had been over six months ago, just after the divorce. Jimmy had come to the breakfast table in just his gym shorts, and one glimpse of his thick manly cock peeking through the hem had done Sondra in on the spot.

She had deliberated for a couple of days, but she had always been a deeply horny woman, and she’d never been able to resist tasting a prick. A few days later, her boy had awakened to find his mother in bed with him, reaching for his cock.

He hadn’t been at all unhappy about it. They had been sucking and fucking their brains out ever since.

“Suck hard, Mommy!” Jimmy groaned. He pushed his fingers into her short blonde hair, grimacing as the sensations built painfully in his overloaded balls. “Unngghh! Fuck, it’s stiff today! Suck hard, Mommy! Suck the cum out of my fucking cock!”

Sondra stretched her mouth wide as she kept slurping his prick in, engulfing his delicious tasting cock until the prick-knob gagged her. Hornily, the mother clasped her lips around the center of her boy’s blue-veined cock. She shut her eyes, thinking of nothing but the prick in her mouth, and puckered her cheeks as she began to suck.

I love the taste of a stiff prick, Sondra thought hornily. The cocksucking action made more jizz leak out of the tip. Lasciviously, she ran her tongue around the oozing piss hole, catching up every drop. Sondra bobbed her head as she commenced the blow job. Soon the living room filled with the gooey, slurpy sounds of a fantastic blow job as she continued to suck.

“Ahhh, God!” Jimmy’s legs were trembling. His mother sucked his prick so hard that he had trouble remaining on his feet. “Oh, Christ, that’s good! All day long, Mom, it’s been stiff all day in class! I had to walk out of the fucking geography period like a hunchback, just to keep everybody from seeing what I had in my pants!”

Sondra suppressed a giggle, slurping louder as she concentrated on the cock jammed down her throat. His prick was starting to throb now, the thick cock-knob pulsing on the roof of her mouth. Sondra puckered her cheeks until golf balls could have fit into the indentations, sucking her son’s prick as hard as she could.

Up and down her head bobbed, wetly fucking her face with his gigantic cock. Sometimes Sondra liked to make a blow job last as long as possible, but this afternoon she was very anxious to drink his cum. It had been a whole half-day since the morning, the last time she’d sucked him off.

Her right fist started moving on the base of his prick, pumping his cock shaft. Sondra jacked on his cock in a fury, milking and tugging its meaty thickness between her lips.

Jimmy groaned and fucked forward, nearly choking her as he tried to ram another hal finch of his prick between her lips. Sondra moved her left hand between his shaking thighs and pulled lightly on his ball bag, knowing one of the best ways to make her child hot.

“I’m gonna shoot, Mom!” Jimmy gasped excitedly. “Oh fuck, oh shit, suck my dick! Ahhh fuck, ahhh cocksucker! Cuuummmmiiinnnggg!”

His massive cock grew even bigger and stiffer in her mouth, twitching and pulsing obscenely tip and down. Sondra gurgled and beat his meat as hard as she could. A fountain of cum started flowing, bursting out of his balls and racing up his aching cock shaft, blowing in a geyser down her throat.

She had loved to give her husband nightly blow jobs during the years of her marriage, but no cum on earth was as sweet as her son’s. Jizz shot and spurted out of his prick bead in great, creamy blobs, splattering onto the roof of her mouth and spraying in jets across her tongue.

Sondra’s cocksucking noises became very loud and wet as she started swallowing at the same time, nursing every ounce of spunk out of her boy’s bursting prick. Jimmy gasped and moaned, pulling her hair, shaking helplessly as orgasmic spasms racked his loins. But Sondra didn’t stop sucking his prick until long after the cum was over, continuing to lick and suck hungrily at her teenager’s magnificent prick.

“Oh, Mom,” Jimmy panted, pulling away from her. “That was the best head yet!”

Sondra stared at the wet, reddened cock quivering before her face. His prick was still steel-stiff, and she knew that Jimmy would keep his boner, that if he wanted to he could cum three times in a night.

Wiggling her horny ass on the couch, Sondra grabbed her top and swiftly peeled it from her body, tossing it to the floor. Her son’s cock started throbbing again as he ogled her small cherry-capped tits.

Sondra wiggled out of her hot pants, struggling briefly to separate the soaked crotch from her dripping cunt. Her pussy was wet and hairy, covered with fleecy light-brown fur.

Sondra turned sideways on the couch, dropping one foot on the floor and swinging the other over the back of the couch. She looked at her son as she anxiously fingerfucked her throbbing cunt.

“Climb aboard now, Jimmy,” she murmured. “It’s time to fuck your mother.”

Jimmy quickly drawled onto the couch, moving up between his mother’s thighs on his knees until his big prick pulsed over her sleek stomach. Sondra reached down impatiently and directed the slippery cock head to her pussy opening. She whimpered with pleasure as she felt his meaty prick fucking into her cunt.

“Unngghh! Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me!” Feverishly she started humping, thrusting her gurgling pussy onto the stabbing impalement of his cock. “Fuck it deep, Jimmy! All the way up my pussy!”

Jimmy supported the weight of his torso on out-stretched hands, so he could watch his mom’s pretty face contort as he fed her his prick. Inch by inch he fucked his swollen prick shaft inside her, groaning as her very tight and slippery fuck hole gripped and clasped around its length. Fucking his mother was better than jacking off. Nothing felt better than her glove tight cunt.

“Oh, Jimmy, it feels so deep today!” Sondra tossed her head wildly from side to side, squealing and gasping as his cock filled up her pussy. “Fuck me deep, darling! Fuck me deep!”

Jimmy groaned and fell on top of her, crushing her tits under his chest as he fucked every inch of his cock into her curly haired pussy. Sondra grunted and tossed her slim legs around his waist, scissoring her ankles together. Then she started to hump her ass like a bitch in heat, humping and pounding her itching pussy onto his cock.

“Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me, fuck me!”

Jimmy pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the knob of his hard-on parted her velvety pussy folds. He fucked his cock even deeper inside her, making her jerk her ass convulsively off the couch.

Then the eager teenager fell into a slow, hard, brutal rhythm, working his ass furiously between his mom’s clutching thighs, gasping as he fucked his big rock-hard prick deeper and deeper into her buttery cunt.

“I’m gonna cum, you fucker!” Sondra groaned and clawed his ass cheeks. Her tongue rolled out obscenely as she pistoned her burning ass, desperately meeting every thrust. “Fuck me, fuck meeee! Fuck your mother’s ass off! Unngghh! Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy! I can feel it! You’re making Mommy cuuummm!”

Orgasms erupted uncontrollably in her belly, knotting her stomach and pussy in spine wrenching contractions, shooting fuck oils down over her boy’s fucking prick. Jimmy felt the spasmodic pressures of his mother’s cumming cunt around his cock. The second load of jism was ready to explode, and he let go.

Jizz geysered heavily up her pussy, spraying against the innermost walls of her cunt. Sondra’s cum was intensified as she felt her son’s cock jerking and squirting inside her. Hornily she flexed down around his prick, greedily milking every drop of seed out of his balls.

“Oh, Mom,” Jimmy panted on her shoulder. “I’m ready to fuck you all over again!”

Sondra sighed and eased him off of her. “Unh unh, lover. Mommy’s got a fitting appointment in a few minutes. Betty Williams is coming by for a new brassiere.”

“Shit,” Jimmy moaned. He got off the couch and pulled his pants up over his dripping cock. “I wanted to fuck you some more.”

“This one’s worth it, Jimmy!” A lewd gleam came into Sondra’s eyes. “I met her a couple of days ago. God, you ought to see the tits on her! They’re huge! No wonder she needs new bras.”

Jimmy lifted his eyebrow. “Yeah?”

“Yeah! Maybe I’ll get lucky today!”

Sondra sighed as she thought back to her last lesbian love. It had been a long time. Too long.


Betty Williams was thirty-seven, with a teenage son and a husband three months in the grave. She had thick brown hair, a soft rounded face and what was sometimes referred to as a womanly figure. Betty had long ago guessed that “womanly” meant wide hips and big tits.

Her hips weren’t all that wide, and her ass wasn’t that big — it was just the right size, her late husband had said, and she’d often seen men ogling her twin ass globes as they wiggled firmly under a tight dress. But her tits were definitely enormous.

She had always had big tits, ever since she’d reached puberty. By the time she stretched a Double-D-cup bra, she’d heard enough “Betty Boobs” jokes to last a lifetime. She could usually fit into a 39DD with room to spare, but when she was depressed she gained weight, and the weight always went straight to her tits.

She had been depressed for three months, for an obvious reason. She had lost her husband, and she was starved for a good fuck. There was no point in denying the inevitable, and Betty had resigned herself to buying a few custom-made bras. It was funny that the weight didn’t show anywhere else on her curvy body. Only her tits.

Betty had met Sondra a few days before, and it hadn’t taken long for them to work out an appointment. As she approached the Noran house she wasn’t prepared to find her new seamstress in a tube top and hot pants, and she certainly wasn’t prepared for her vocabulary.

“Jesus,” Sondra whispered. “They’re huge!”

Betty blushed crimson as she stood naked before Sondra, her tits heaving and jiggling as she breathed. Sondra shook her head in awe as she approached Betty. Sondra stood behind Betty and held the measuring tape around her tits.

“God, I don’t think I’ve ever had a woman come in here with jugs like yours. They’re so firm, too!”

“Please… please don’t talk like that,” Betty said awkwardly. Even the suggestion of sex made her pussy slit get damp.

“Now, now, don’t be bashful! I’ll bet you must have guys drooling over you all the time with a set of knockers like this!”

Betty giggled in spite of herself at the lewd compliment. Sondra dropped the tape and stood in front of Betty, staring openly. The nipples were a deep crimson in color and as large as a baby’s palm, encircling very large, rubbery tips.

“You’ve got big nipples too,” Sondra commented, and boldly pinched one, rolling it between her fingers.

“Don’t do that!” Betty squealed.

But the nipple immediately grew an inch long. “Shit, don’t act like a prude,” Sondra said softly. “Look at how stiff it’s getting. How long’s it been since your husband died?”

“What a thing to ask me!”

“Come on,” Sondra said. She stepped closer, still pinching the tingling nipple. “Tell me.”

“Three months,” Betty gulped.

By now the thick aroma of two hot pussies filled the living room. “Honey, you don’t need a bra,” Sondra murmured, “half as bad as you need a cum!”

Sondra pushed Betty backwards to the couch, and Betty found herself too helplessly horny to resist. Her mammoth tits jiggled as she sprawled across the cushions. Sondra quickly peeled off her tube top, displaying her own small firm tits. She knelt anxiously on the floor in front of the couch.

“Put your legs over my shoulders,” she demanded.

An embarrassed but horny Betty did as she asked. Sondra began to kiss and lick her way up Betty’s shapely, milk-white thighs, inhaling the aroma of hot pussy as she drew closer. Betty shuddered as the seamstress’ hands glided up her nakedness, digging into the spongy flesh of her huge tits.

“Suck rue,” Betty panted.

She spread her legs very wide, thrusting her rounded ass off the couch to shove her pussy toward her new friend’s face. Sondra giggled as she buried her face in Betty’s pussy.

Betty’s cunt was delicious, the best-tasting pussy Sondra had ever tasted. Sondra thought immediately of how much her son would enjoy fucking this huge-titted lovely. She continued to knead and squeeze Betty’s tits as she ground her face on Betty’s pussy bush, smearing her cheeks with Betty’s oozing fuck juices.

“Suck me, suck me!” Betty began to toss her head from side to side, making her tits jiggle under Sondra’s hands. “My cunt’s all hot! Oh God, I haven’t cum in months with someone else! I play with my pussy all the time! Please, Sondra, make me cum!”

Sondra fucked her tongue between the curly haired pussy lips, sliding it up the bright pink interior of Betty’s juicy cunt. Sondra made soft, kissing sounds as she tenderly began to tongue the fuck juices out of Betty’s pussy, occasionally fucking her tongue onto Betty’s engorged clit.

“Ahhh, God!” Betty started humping her ass like a bitch in heat, frantically fucking her pussy all over Sondra’s face. “So good, so fucking good! Unngghh! I need it! Keep sucking me off!”

Sondra pulled on Betty’s stiff nipples for a moment, then moved her hands between Betty’s legs. The horny mother was shaking all over, and Sondra knew how badly Betty needed to cum.

Stiffening two fingers, Sondra fucked them into Betty’s pussy. Betty groaned as her pussy walls contracted around them, sucking them like they were a tiny cock. Sondra licked all around her puffy pussy opening as she began to fuck the fingers rapidly in and out of Betty’s spread-open pussy, banging her knuckles on the outer folds of Betty’s cunt.

“Unh unh unh unh…” Grunting and panting, Betty writhed and humped off the couch. “Suck my clit!” she demanded suddenly. “Suck it, oh pleeease!”

Sondra curled her tongue around the pink glistening bud projecting out of the top of Betty’s pussy like a tiny finger. Sondra took the clit between her lips and sucked, contracting her cheeks. Betty whined and humped her cunt mound violently onto Sondra’s face. Sondra pushed her free hand between Betty’s quivering ass cheeks, and rubbed her finger onto Betty’s shit ring.

“Unngghh!” Betty was startled. “No! What’re you…”

Before Betty could protest, Sondra straightened her finger and rubbed the mother’s pink, hairless asshole. Betty gasped with delight and worked her ass even faster. Fuck oils had trickled down from Betty’s pussy into the crack of her ass. It was easy for Sondra to fuck her finger deep inside Betty’s asshole.

“Ungghhh!” Betty bit her lips and twisted her head madly from side to side. “Cumming! Suck my pussy! Put your fingers in, ahhhh, fuck! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Betty’s whole body exploded, her asshole and pussy contracting in unison, sucking tightly around Sondra’s fingers. Sondra nibbled on Betty’s tingling, twitching clit to intensify the cum spasms, fucking her fingers steadily through the grips of Betty’s cunt and ass.

Overwhelmed, Betty let her ass fall slowly back to the couch. Sondra sat up and pulled her fingers from Betty’s body quickly she stripped off her shorts and climbed onto the couch. Grabbing Betty’s head, Sondra planted her feet on the cushions and ground her aching cunt against Betty’s lips.

“Suck it, bitch,” she said. “Come on, you know you want to! Doesn’t my pussy taste nice and juicy? Suck the juice out of my fucking cunt!”

Betty nearly gagged as Sondra ground her hairy pussy roughly onto her mouth. But the smell was fantastic, and Betty felt fresh fuck juice streaming into her cunt as she inhaled the aroma of a tender, juicy pussy.

Automatically Betty’s hands slid up, clenching the backs of Sondra’s small, tight ass cheeks. Shamelessly Betty started sliding her tongue up and down Sondra’s pussy furrow, lapping and sucking the juices out of Sondra’s creamy cunt.

“Ahhh, good!” Sondra gyrated her ass as she stood on the couch, fucking her cunt frantically onto Betty’s lips. “Suck it good, Betty!” Sondra’s small tits jiggled as she pushed her pussy down, positioning Betty’s tongue on her clit. “Lick my clit!”

Betty licked, hornier than she ever thought another woman’s pussy would make her. More fuck juices bubbled out of Sondra’s pussy as Betty sucked, and her own cunt grew hot and clammy at the taste. Betty pushed her fingers up Sondra’s pussy without having to be told, delighting in the tightness of the cunt muscles that immediately gripped them.

“Ahhhh, fuck!” Sondra pulled Betty’s thick brown hair. “Jack it off, bitch! Put another finger in!”

Betty shoved three fingers up her throbbing pussy and fucked them rapidly in and out. Then she remembered what Sondra had done that had made her cum so violently. A little shyly, Betty moved her free hand between the bucking ass cheeks and ground a finger onto Sondra’s asshole.

Sondra’s tightly muscled ass ring gave way, and Betty fucked her finger all the way in. Her ass muscles sucked around even tighter than her pussy folds milked Betty’s fingers. Betty jacked Sondra off with both hands, slobbering over Sondra’s hot pussy.

“Suck my clit!” Sondra gasped. She knew she was moaning very loudly, loud enough for her son to hear every groan from upstairs. “I’m gonna cum! Oh shit, lick me, suck me, gonna cum!”

Betty sucked her clit hard, dragging her teeth across the tip. She pumped her fingers into Sondra’s cunt and asshole as hard as she could.

Sondra shuddered and jerked, whimpering as the fuck spasms erupted deep inside her belly.

“I’m cumming! Unh unh unh, lick my pussy, eat out my cunt! Ahhhh Christ, cuuummmmiiinnnggg!”

Sondra came for nearly a half-minute straight, groaning and sighing as her pussy and asshole throbbed around Betty’s fingers. Creamy cunt juices spilled into Betty’s mouth. Betty dipped her tongue back into Sondra’s pussy to noisily clean it all up. She almost felt disappointed when Sondra pulled away. Betty wanted to suck her new friend some more.

“Tomorrow,” Sondra panted. “Come back tomorrow, same time. Maybe we’ll get around to the fitting next time!”

Betty gulped and nodded her head.


Betty didn’t know what to do. She sat in her kitchen a few hours later, gulping down her third gin and tonic as she considered what had taken place with Sondra Noran.

It was impossible to believe she’d given in to such a wanton craving for sex. Now that the heat of lust was behind her, she felt horribly ashamed for how much she had enjoyed sucking Sondra’s cunt. Her conscience told her to skip the appointment tomorrow, but she knew she would be there early. By tomorrow the wet need would again be burning uncontrollably through her cunt.

Her pussy was burning right now. Sighing, the big-titted mother slid to the edge of the kitchen chair and lifted her dress, rubbing her pussy through her panties. She would have jacked off on the spot if her son hadn’t suddenly returned from school.

“Hi, Mom!” Noticing nothing amiss, Dwight entered the kitchen and headed immediately for the refrigerator. “How’s everything?”

“All right,” Betty replied distractedly, sitting up and smoothing out her dress.

Dwight took a carton of milk out of the fridge and took several thirsty gulps. His back was turned to her and, to her complete consternation, Betty found herself staring hard at his lean, muscular ass through his gym shorts.

Dwight was a fine specimen of a boy, tall and muscular, a star running back at school. Since his father’s death, Betty had had to suppress several sexual thoughts about him. She had brushed off her incestuous cravings as a byproduct of grief, reasoning that she wouldn’t have such unnatural desires once she found another man to satisfy her cunt.

But the desires resurfaced suddenly now, and they were much stronger than usual. Dwight turned back to her, and Betty’s gaze was drawn helplessly to his crotch. She groaned involuntarily as she saw the unmistakable outline of his prick.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” Dwight glanced at the ice melting in her highball glass.

“N-nothing,” Betty stammered. “How was… how was your football practice, Dwight?”

Dwight shrugged and returned the milk to the refrigerator. “Christ, am I beat,” he said wearily. “The coach gave us nothing but sprints, and then Perez screwed up on some of the drills and we had to do even more. I don’t know what his idea is of a football philosophy, but I’m getting sick of it. I haven’t been this tired in months.”

“Well, you better go to bed, honey,” Betty said automatically.

“Think I will.” Dwight yawned and headed out of the kitchen. “Maybe a nap. I don’t know. Might not wake up till tomorrow. God, am I tired. See you.”

Dwight went off to his bedroom on the other side of the living room, next door to her own. Betty heard the creaking as he collapsed on his mattress, and only a minute later the air was punctuated by a sharp snore.

Betty shook her head and rose from the chair. Walking unsteadily because of the liquor, she headed for her teenager’s room. That was just like a kid, she thought peevishly. She couldn’t let him sleep with all his clothes on.

Betty wasn’t even thinking about sex as she entered his bedroom. Dwight was already fast asleep on his back. Betty took his t-shirt and pulled it off his shoulders without making him stir. An involuntary tremor pumped through her pussy as she studied his lean, muscular torso and the patch of curly hair between his nipples.

Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, Betty thought.

Shaking off the doubt, she untied his sneakers and pulled them off with his socks. Dwight breathed more quietly through his nose now, dead to the world. Without thinking, Betty grasped the elastic band of his shorts. She would strip him to his jock strap and then cover him with a blanket.

She pulled off the trunks and started to get up, then looked at his crotch and gasped. Her son wasn’t wearing any jock strap. There was his big thick cock, resting in a long tube of prick flesh on his leg.

His balls were big and wrinkled, and thick fur curled across his lower stomach, disappearing between his legs. Betty stared helplessly again at his prick. Even though soft, it was obvious that he had the biggest cock she had ever seen.

Oh, God, she thought frantically. Oh, fuck, oh fuck…

Betty started breathing hard, feeling her nipples stiffening through her bra and her dress, feeling fuck juices seeping into her panty crotch. Get out of here, she told herself.

But she didn’t move. Betty’s hand shook as, kneeling beside the bed, she slid her hand slowly up her teen’s hairy thigh and delicately cupped his cock.

His prick felt heavy and thick. Betty bit her lip and squeezed. Instantly his massive cock started to swell and twitch, stiffening as Dwight slept. Betty breathed harder and stroked his cock. Within seconds, he had an enormous throbbing hard-on which pulsed fiercely over his stomach as she withdrew her hand.

Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck! Betty thought. Get out, get out! I’m going out of my mind!

Betty’s pussy burned and itched and juiced as she stared at her son’s prick. His cock was at least nine inches long and as thick around as her wrist, capped by a bulbous knob with a narrow piss slit. Dwight slept heavily, but his huge prick pulsed over his stomach. Suddenly the horny mother was overcome with the urge to feel his cock spurting prick juice down her throat.

Blushing with fear and shame, Betty leaned across the bed until her mouth was over his shiny-skinned cock-knob. She took a long look at his sleeping face. Then she wrapped her hand around the base of his prick to hold his cock in position, and then she lowered her lips to his prick.

She kissed his cock head lovingly, delighting in her first taste of prick in three months. Her son’s cock tasted even better than her late husband’s. Betty lovingly started licking his cock from knob to root, sliding the flat of her tongue up the thick vein seaming the underside of his cock.

Dwight smiled in his sleep, and his huge hard-on oozed a thick drop of pre-cum. Betty had to taste it. She pressed her lips onto the tip of his meat and sucked the little drop of jism in. The rich saltiness made her lose all control over herself. She had to suck her son’s big hard prick.

Opening her mouth wide, Betty engulfed his cock head and slid her lips slowly down the beating hardness of his prick shaft. His prick was so massive that she had to struggle to get it all between her lips. She nearly choked with a third of his cock down her throat. She stopped there, panting through her nose, savoring the taste of his rock-hard prick.

I’m giving my kid a blow job, she thought frantically. The obscenity of it all was overwhelming. She couldn’t believe what she was doing even as she did it. Jesus, I’m sucking my own kid’s prick!

Betty puckered her cheeks, sharply increasing the suctioning pressure around his prick. Dwight groaned and arched up his hips in his sleep. Betty shut her eyes and feverishly started sucking, slurping contentedly on the top third of his jutting cock.

Quickly she fell into a trance of delirious pleasure, as she often had when giving her late husband head. She forgot that Dwight was sleeping, that he was an unknowing partner in her first act of incestuous sex. All Betty thought about was the big prick inside her mouth, how good her son’s cock tasted and how lusciously his prick throbbed, how much she couldn’t wait to drink his cum.

Her hand moved on the base of his prick, squeezing and milking. Betty moved her fist in a corkscrewing motion, and that made Dwight’s hard-on grow even more erect on her tongue. Her cheeks flushed as she sucked his prick harder and harder, hearing her own smacking, slurping noises come out of her stretched lips.

“Mmmm,” Dwight moaned.

Betty opened her eyes to glance at him, but he was still sound asleep. She shut her eyes again and thought of nothing but the taste and hardness in her mouth.

Her pussy was a dripping mess, and she had to fingerfuck. Anxiously, the horny mother pushed her left hand under her dress, roughly pulling her panties down far enough to fuck a finger up her hairy cunt.

“Ummphh,” she moaned, the sound muffled around his cock.

She gagged again as she forced herself to accommodate another inch of his prick. She had to fight back the wild craving to take all of her son’s hard-on down her throat.

His cock was getting stiffer now, and more fuck fluid oozed out of the piss hole. Betty fucked her finger roughly in and out of her pussy, taking out the slippery digit long enough to wriggle it on her clit before fucking it back into her cunt.

She was going to cum the moment he did, she realized as she continued lovingly with the blow job. Her hand tightened around the base of his prick, and she began to jack on his cock feverishly at the same time, tenderly tugging and pulling his cock between her lips.

“Ahhhh,” sighed her sleeping son.

Now the nine-inch shaft of cock meat was throbbing so violently that the prick-knob banged onto the roof of her mouth. Betty fucked her finger in and out of her pussy while pistoning her fist up and down his giant cock.

Cum, cum, she thought deliriously. Cum for Mommy… shoot your hot cum right down Mommy’s fucking throat.

His cock throbbed harder than ever, and then it exploded. A lewd smile spread across the sleeping teen’s face as his huge prick blasted a whole load of jism into his mother’s mouth. Betty had never taken such a massive load of jizz in her life.

Endlessly his cum shots and squirted and gushed, lashing out of his twitching cock-knob in long, sappy ribbons of spunk. Jism sprayed her mouth and oozed across her tongue. Betty came violently, fucking her finger into her pussy, as she reveled in the taste of cock cream.

She started swallowing, her lips tight around his pounding prickshaft, slurping and gulping down his shooting jism. Dwight writhed in his sleep, but his eyes remained closed. Betty didn’t stop sucking and swallowing until she had drained the last drops of fuck cream out of her boy’s prick.

She took his huge cock out of her mouth and lovingly licked and kissed his prick, waiting for its hardness to go down. A minute passed, then another. Betty sat back on her heels as she realized that her teenager’s cock was going to stay as hard as a rock, dripping over his stomach.

“Oh, God,” Betty whispered. “My cunt’s so fucking hot.”

The voice of caution told her to get out of the bedroom at once, that what she had just gotten away with could never be thought of or attempted again. Betty climbed unsteadily to her feet, but she didn’t head for the door. Instead she began to take off her dress.

She felt entranced by the sight of the prick shaft that still twitched and pulsed. Betty thought of nothing but cock as she kicked off her shoes and tossed her dress on the floor, naked except for her bra and panties.

The cups of her lacy white bra strained to hold in her enormous tits, and the crimson color and stiffness showed clearly. Reaching behind her, the horny mother undid the clasp and let her bra flutter to the floor. Her huge tits heaved and jiggled as she skinned off her panties which her fingerfucking had left bunched awkwardly around her thighs.

Her rounded, naked ass cheeks jiggled as she climbed onto the bed and straddled her sleeping son. What am I doing, Betty thought over and over again, even as she planted her knees firmly onto the mattress to either side of his hips.

Reaching down, Betty grasped his cock and pulled his prick shaft up. She shuddered with intense pleasure as she pressed his cock-knob onto her pussy, rubbing up and down the hairy furrow, finally centering his prick between her dripping pussy lips. Betty took a deep breath and hunched her ass down. A long groan parted her lips as she felt the meaty inches of her child’s prick penetrating the oily depths of her cunt.

Oh, fuck, it’s big! It’s the biggest fucking prick! Betty thought.

Betty wanted to lean forward and hold his shoulders, but she knew that would wake him up for sure. Instead she sat up straight, her huge tits standing out proudly as she savored the first cock she had, had inside her in three months.

Hornily she started wiggling and humping her ass, making his stiff cock fuck slowly into her pussy. She gasped as she felt her pink pussy walls spreading, taking his cock. I’m fucking my son, she thought dizzily. Oh God, fucking my son!

His prick was so huge that it was hard to get his cock all the way in with one thrust. Betty panted and kept working her ass down, staring at him, whimpering as his cock penetrated untouched depths of her pussy.

Finally his prick was all the way inside, all nine inches throbbing and burning inside her aching cunt. Betty shuddered as she ground on top of him, making the tip of his prick move in the depths of her pussy.

“So good,” she groaned softly, her face contorted with pleasure. “So fucking goooood!”

Slowly she pulled up, lowering her head to watch his greasy cock shaft reappear from the matted black curls fringing her pussy. Betty’s huge tits jiggled as she took his prick back into her pussy. Then she started a hard, steady humping motion, shuddering every time his huge cock fucked into her cunt.

Dwight writhed in his sleep, his eyes shut as he twisted his head slightly from side to side. Betty could feel his cock stiffening even more inside her, and she hoped he wouldn’t shoot off again before she had the chance to cum all over his cock.

Her pussy sucked and pulsed like her cunt had a mind of its own, contracting around his meaty length of prick meat. Her clit was very hard, and the naked mother pushed her fingers through her bush to rub her clit. She caught the little nubbin under her finger and jacked off hard, wincing, whipping her ass up and down faster and faster above her boy’s cock.

Her pussy had never been so wet and itchy before. She could feel fuck cream literally oozing out of her, and her dripping pussy slurped noisily as her cunt clung to her son’s prick. Harder and harder Betty fucked him, and she heard the mattress creaking as she fucked her pussy on his prick.

Dwight began rocking in his sleep, smiling again as he fucked his cock up to meet the churning motions of her ass. “Cumming,” Betty panted. “Fuck me, Son… fuck me, fuck me…!”

She rubbed her clitty as hard as she could, shoving her ass down hard, taking every inch of his cock up her cunt. Betty came violently, the first orgasm she’d had on a man’s prick in months. She shuddered and rubbed her clit through every spasm, feeling every contraction shiver around her boy’s prick.

Dwight heaved off the bed, and his huge cock spurted inside her. He never opened his eyes, only smiled dreamily as prick juice unloaded deep inside her buttery cunt. Betty felt the spurts pelting against her pussy walls. She lowered her head in time to watch the goo dribble out of her hairy pussy around his prick, running down her naked thighs in a stream.

“Fuck,” Betty whispered. She unseated herself and climbed off the bed. Distractedly she grabbed her dress and wiped off her son’s legs and cock as best she could, so he wouldn’t wake up and smell his mother’s pussy juice on his prick.

Betty left the bedroom after throwing a blanket over his naked form, gathering her clothes and shoes up in a bundle. She was breathing hard, and her pussy still ached with a dull sexual need. She couldn’t believe that she had actually fucked her own son.


“Juice up my asshole, Jimmy,” Sondra said.

She rested on the bed with two pillows bunched under her hips, her ass cheeks jiggling as she awaited the special kind of fucking she craved. Her naked son knelt beside her, his big prick quivering stiffly as he looked forward to fucking between her smooth rounded cheeks.

Reaching behind her, Sondra grasped her ass globes and spread them wide apart, showing her puckered asshole to her boy. Jimmy squeezed out a thick hunk of KY jelly onto his fingers. Sondra sighed as he pasted it all over her tight little asshole, darting his finger into the rubbery ass ring.

“Unngghh!” Sondra humped her pussy off the pillows, shoving her asshole greedily onto his probing digit. “Now juice up your big dick, Jimmy!” she squealed. “Mommy wants to feel your boner fucking into her butt!”

Squeezing out more of the KY, Jimmy covered his cock from crown to base with the thick jelly. Sondra looked at him impatiently over her shoulder. Jimmy mounted his mother as he clutched his wet cock in his fist, aiming his wet prick-knob at the rubbery ring of her shit tunnel.

“Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole,” Sondra pleaded, holding her ass cheeks wide. “Oh, Jimmy, it’s gonna feel good in me! Oh, Jimmy… fuck, Jimmy… ahhhh…”

He fucked his cock into her asshole, looking down to watch her little ass ring spread open around his invading cock. Holding onto her hips, Jimmy twisted his hips to force his prick inside her.

Sondra took her hands from her ass and bit down on her wrist. Eagerly she started humping, bouncing her pussy off the pillows, thrusting her burning asshole onto the satisfying stiffness of Jimmy’s cock.

It had been a long time since their last ass-fucking… at least three days, which was a long time for her. Sondra was very, very glad that her son didn’t share her ex-husband’s aversion to ass-fucking. Sometimes she needed to get fucked between her ass cheeks even more than in her hairy cunt.

“Oooh, push it in deeper, Jimmy!” Sondra squealed. She humped faster, biting her wrist, wincing and grimacing as inch after inch of her son’s hard-on fucked into her ass. “It’s stretching my asshole! Unhhh God, right up the chute… deeper, lover! All the way up Mommy’s tight butt!”

Her asshole was very tight, and Jimmy felt every contraction of her ass muscles, sucking and clasping uncontrollably around his hard cock. He took a deep breath and fucked his prick all the way inside her. In a moment, his cock was buried to his balls in his mother’s asshole, throbbing violently inside her ass guts.

“Unngghhh!” Sondra shamelessly pushed her hand under her belly, panting with satisfaction as she fucked a finger deep inside her aching cunt. “Gonna cum, Jimmy! Unn fuck Mommy’s asshole. Fuck it fast, fuck it hard, make Mommy cum!”

Jimmy pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the crown of his hard-on parted his mother’s asshole. Slowly he fucked the full length of his prick back into her ass. Then he started fucking her asshole, slow and hard, fucking his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust.

“Unngghhh! Fuck, fuck!” Sondra was wildly excited, her tongue rolling out of the corner of her mouth as she eagerly fucked her fingers in and out of her frothing cunt. “Faster, Jimmy, faster! Nice and hard, that’s the way! Oh shit, I love getting my asshole fucked! My asshole’s burning, Jimmy! It’s burning all over your big fucking dick!”

No longer worried about hurting her, Jimmy clutched her slim hips and reamed out his mother’s ass has hard as he could. The mattress creaked, and the bed frame skittered on the floor as he fucked his prick into her asshole, sighing as her ass muscles continually milked around his cock.

“Gonna cum, gonna cum!” Sondra’s voice was very loud as she fucked her fingers into her pussy, catching her swollen clit under her thumb. “Jimmy, Mommy’s cumming now! Don’t cum, I’m going to suck you off! Unh, unhhhh! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her asshole contracted like a vise, clasping and squeezing the fucking shaft of her boy’s prick. Jimmy fucked his mother still harder through the violent spasms of her orgasm. He grimaced as he held his load inside his balls, though he desperately wanted to spray her bowels with jism. He always did whatever his mother asked.

“Unhhhh!” Sondra shivered and writhed as the last spasms pleasured her sweating nakedness. “Oh, lover… ahhhhh!”

She fell slack on the pillows, and Jimmy knew it was time to pull his boner out of her asshole. He watched her pink asshole drag around his cock shaft as he withdrew slowly from her shitty asshole. Sondra sighed and turned onto her back on the bed, smiling up at his rock-hard prick.

“You want to get sucked off now, don’t you, Jimmy?” she asked playfully.

Jimmy gulped and nodded his head as his mother lewdly jacked and toyed with his aching cock. Leaning over, Sondra daintily kissed her son’s prick, licking up the jelly and shit juices from his burning prick.

“Get on top of Mommy, lover,” she purred, pushing the pillows behind her head. “Fuck my face!”

Jimmy straddled her chest, sitting on her tits. Sondra giggled at him as he took her ears and aimed his cock at her mouth. Sondra parted her lips, submitting eagerly as she sucked his hard-on slowly down her throat.

After lots and lots of practice, she had learned how to take every inch of his cock in this position. Sondra let her throat go slack as he fucked his prick slowly in, until she felt his cock hairs brushing her lips.

Jimmy pulled back, and he paused as his mother nursed contentedly on the crown of his cock. He pulled her hair and excitedly began to fuck her face fast and hard, feeling her salivas licked lips cling juicily to his shitty cock.

Sondra gurgled, shutting her eyes as her kid’s big prick fucked in and out of her mouth. Already her pussy ached with fresh desire as he fucked her face, but she was too busy holding onto his ass cheeks to finger-fuck at the time.

“Ah, Mommy!” Jimmy clung to her, fucking his prick all the way down her throat. “I’m gonna cum, Mommy! It feels so good!”

Sondra had intended to let him shoot off down her throat because she desperately wanted to suck up all the fuck juices in his balls. But suddenly the longing in her cunt became painfully intense.

She pushed her son’s hips, and Jimmy immediately withdrew his prick from her lips. By now his cock had gotten even more painfully stiff. Shoving the pillows aside, Sondra squirmed down the bed and wiggled her ass into position for a good hard fuck.

“Fuck my cunt, Son,” she panted.

Jimmy quickly crawled between her thighs, looking pained as the big load of prick juice throbbed and burned in his balls. He pressed his thick cock-knob between his mother’s sucking pussy folds, and in one thrust fucked every inch of his stiff cock shaft into her sopping pussy.

“Unnggghh!” Grunting loudly, Sondra immediately threw her arms and legs around his lean young body. “Fuck me, Jimmy!” she cried. She started humping her ass off the bed in a fever, gasping and groaning as she fucked her buttery pussy onto his prick. “Make Mommy cum again! Fuck me, fuck me!”

Jimmy spread his knees between her sweating thighs, changing the angle at which his big prick fucked into the depths of her pussy. He started fucking his tight-assed mother as hard as he could.

Sondra loved it when he really rammed his hard cock into her. She had always loved getting fucked hard, and one of her biggest complaints about her ex-husband was his ridiculous idea of being gentle with her.

Jimmy was such an eager teenage stud that he always fucked her just as hard as she could handle. Soon the violent thrusting made Sondra’s pussy itch and tingle all over again, and the hammering length of his prick chafed her clit with every stroke.

“Faster, faster!” cried Sondra, pulling down on his ass. “Fuck your mother, Jimmy! Unngghhh! Mommy’s so hot! Unhhhhh! Mommy’s gotta cummm!”

Jimmy fucked his rock-hard cock in and out of her hairy sucking pussy, banging against the opening of her womb with every bone-jarring thrust. Suddenly he felt a load of cum churning deep inside his balls. “I’m making it,” he panted, looking down at his mother in a daze. “Oh, fuck, I’m popping my rocks!”

“I’m cumming, Jimmy! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Sondra orgasmed violently, as if she’d never cum that evening at all. The spasms pumped madly through her cunt, and even her asshole throbbed and puckered as her son continued to slam his prick furiously between her legs.

Jimmy fucked her wildly, and the cum exploded out of his balls in mid-thrust. Torrents of prick juice pumped out of his cock, spurting and spraying into the innermost depths of Sondra’s pussy. Sondra felt the heavy load rushing into her like water our of a ruptured dam.

She automatically flexed her drained pussy around his prick helping him shoot out every drop. But her son didn’t need the coaxing. The frothing white spunk ran out of her cockstuffed cunt, puddling under her humping ass on the bed.

“Jimmy, what did you think of that woman I got it on with today?” Sondra asked a few minutes later, as she toyed idly with her son’s softened cock.

Jimmy grinned lewdly. “Jesus, she really had a big pair of tits!”

Sondra giggled. “She’s coming over again tomorrow. We were so busy sucking pussies that we never got around to fitting her for a bra.” Sondra paused. “You’d like to suck on those big tits of hers too, wouldn’t you, Jimmy? Arid fuck her juicy cunt?”

Jimmy nodded his head eagerly.

“Well, I have a plan,” Sondra said. She was about to tell him about it when his cock started growing between her fingers, and she stopped talking to again suck his prick hungrily into her mouth.


The door to Sondra’s house was open when Betty arrived for her fitting the next day. Betty hesitated, then entered the housel Sondra was naked on the living room couch, groaning as she fucked a long flesh-colored dildo in and out of her cunt.

“Jesus,” Betty whispered.

“Leave it open,” Sondra commanded. She wiggled her ass on the couch cushions, spreading her legs wide. “Nobody’s going to see. Come over here.”

Betty had intended to tell her that they couldn’t have sex again, that she felt too guilty about it, but all prudish thoughts vanished at the sight of the woman’s fleecy-haired pussy. Betty crossed the room slowly, her huge tits heaving under her blouse. Sondra snapped her fingers, and Betty obediently knelt on the floor in front of a window.

“Help me do it,” Sondra mewled, taking her hand off the dildo stem.

Betty looked over her shoulder, but thick bushes in front of the window obscured the view from the street. Sondra was right, no one would see them. Sighing, Betty ran her hands up Sondra’s thighs, feeling her own cunt growing damp under her slacks as she savored the feel of Sondra’s soft, milk-white flesh.

“I said help me do it!”

Betty took hold of the base of the dildo. It was a very thick one with a switch built into the bottom. Betty groaned as she started fucking the dildo in and out of Sondra’s wet, clinging pussy, watching the woman’s juicy cunt lips clinging to the shaft of the fake cock.

“Unngghhh!” Sondra let her tongue roll out of her mouth as she humped her ass, thrusting her pussy onto the plastic prick to meet Betty’s strokes. “Oh, Christ, that’s good! I’ve been so fucking horny all day long!”

Betty felt herself getting very horny. She had never used a dildo before, though she had often thought of buying one. The expression of delirious pleasure on Sondra’s face made her wonder how it would feel to have such a big thick cock fucking her cunt. It could never get soft, she thought dizzily. It would be hard and ready whenever she wanted to fuck.

“Faster,” Sondra demanded.

Betty tightened her grip around the long, fat dildo and increased the speed with which she fucked Sondra’s cunt. Sondra had a very tight, narrow cunt hole. Betty could see the way the dildo pushed Sondra slippery pussy lips wide open with every hand thrust. Helplessly excited, she dropped her head and shamelessly started licking Sondra’s thighs as she fucked the dildo in and out of Sondra’s cunt.

“Anhhh!” Sondra clawed Betty’s brown maned head. “Fuck the switch! Now, do it now!”

Betty fucked the control at the bottom, and immediately the whole dildo started to quiver and pulsate in her hand and deep inside Sondra’s pussy. Sondra made a strangled, whimpering sound. She held Betty’s head tightly as she furiously started fucking herself, wiggling and humping her ass up to meet the plastic cock.

“Move it in me! All the way, all the way! Oh, fuck, I can’t stand it!” Sondra grimaced as she moved her hand down and started rubbing her clit at the same time. “Ahhhhh, it’s fantastic!”

Betty wanted to slip her hand into her slacks and fingerfuck, but she knew Sondra would get angry at her. It was amazing to her that she was already so ready to submit to someone she had only known one day, and a woman.

Betty grabbed the dildo with both hands and fucked it into Sondra’s itching, burning cunt hole as fast as she could.

Sondra shuddered and jerked her naked ass high off the couch. “Fuck, fuck,” Sondra gasped, as she came violently.

Betty felt the contractions of Sondra’s pussy muscles working convulsively around the fake fuck stick.

Panting hard, the blonde mother slowly let her ass cheeks drift back to the couch. Betty slid the cock out of Sondra. Betty stared at Sondra’s gasping, slippery pussy, and, with a wanton whimper, buried her head between Sondra’s slim thighs.

“Shit!” Sondra laughed.

Betty eagerly started sucking Sondra’s cunt, slurping as she moved her tongue rapidly up and down the woman’s just-fucked pussy.

“Uh-uh, honey,” Sondra said, pushing Betty away. “Now it’s your turn. Take off those fucking pants!”

Betty tried to keep sucking Sondra’s pussy, but Sondra pushed her away harder. Betty rose to her feet. She faced the naked blonde as she unbuttoned her blouse, shrugging it off her shoulders to reveal the reason she’d come to a seamstress in the first place. Her enormous tits puffed out of the frilly pink bra she had worn that day, the stiff nipples protruding through the fabric.

“Where’d you get that thing?” Sondra asked.

“All the others were in the wash.”

Sondra chuckled and stretched as Betty undid the clasp and let the pink bra fall to the floor. Betty’s tits felt even more swollen than usual, and her huge crimson nipples were tautly erect. Betty kicked off her shoes and skinned the slacks down her shapely legs. She was embarrassed by the way her filmy panty crotch stuck to the hairy thatch of her cunt.

“Get on the couch,” said Sondra, moving over.

Betty did as she was told. Sondra grabbed the panties and shredded them roughly from her hips, leaving her as naked as she was. Sondra pushed Betty back and suddenly grasped Betty’s enormous tits in both hands.

“First I get a little suck,” she purred.

Betty groaned as she watched Sondra cup one football-sized tit and direct the rubbery stiff nipple to her mouth. Sondra made a slurping sound as she sucked it in, chewing greedily on the nip. Sondra shocked Betty by sucking her big tit as hard as any man ever had, puckering her cheeks as she pulled shamelessly on the milky-flesh of the mammoth tit.

Whenever Betty’s tits were sucked, the sensations went right to her cunt. Betty cupped the back of Sondra’s head and whipped her ass torridly off the couch, pushing her hand between her own smooth legs, rubbing her fingers all over her own puffy-lipped cunt.

Sondra let Betty’s tit jiggle out of her mouth and bent over to wrap her lips around the other nipple, sucking just as violently as before. Betty whimpered and started fucking her fingers in and out of her own steaming pussy. Sondra chuckled and slid to her knees on the floor.

“Uh-uh, honey,” she mewled. “My friend here gets to do the work this afternoon!”

Now that the dildo was in the open, Betty saw how big it really was. It reminded her of her son’s hard-on. Holding the dildo by the base, Sondra smiled as she rubbed the flesh colored tip up and down the hairy furrow of Betty’s cunt.

“Push it in,” Betty pleaded softly.

Sondra fucked the dildo up Betty’s pussy hole. Betty winced and pushed her hand between her legs to hold her pussy lips wide open, wiggling her ass to help the fake cock go in.

The dildo stretched her pussy tunnel completely, just as Dwight’s cock had done the day before. Betty gasped and started humping her ass, her huge tits quivering as she fucked her cunt onto the plastic prick.

“You get off on that, don’t you, Betty?” Sondra asked knowingly.

“Y-y-yes, oh fuck!” Betty whispered. “Harder, Sondra, fuck me with it! Unhhh, I’m so juicy! Fuck it up my juicy cunt!”

Sondra laughed and threw the switch controlling the vibration. Suddenly Betty’s pussy was tingling and burning with an intense pleasure unlike any she had ever experienced. The dildo seemed to be a creature of its own being, penetrating the inner folds of Betty’s pussy, throbbing against her, womb.

“I can’t stand that!” Betty groaned and made a vague effort to push the flaked Sondra away, twisting and writhing as the dildo did its work deep inside her pussy. “Oh fuck, oh fucking Goddamn! Unhhh! Please, Sondra! Ahhhhhh!”

Sondra smiled cruelly and started fucking the vibrating dildo in and out of Betty’s pussy hole as hard as she could. Betty gave herself up to the sensations. She held Sondra’s arm, clutching her wrist tightly as she thrust her ass high and hard off the couch. Suddenly Betty was cumming violently, feeling her pussy contracting and convulsing around the wildly tingling prick.

“Unngghhh! Oh, Sondra! Faster, faster! Unhhh, fuck, oh shit! Cuuummiiinnggg!”

Betty’s cunt creamed heavily, releasing all the pent-up lust of the day. Sondra fucked the dildo wildly in and out of Betty’s pussy as she orgasmed, pausing to hold the dildo all the way inside Betty’s drooling pussy.

Exhausted, Betty let her feet fall back to the floor, and Sondra took the dildo out completely with a wet, popping sound. She buried her head between Betty’s legs and tenderly licked the fuck juices from the reddened folds of Betty’s pussy, making Betty horny all over again before Sondra finally pulled her mouth off of Betty’s cunt.

“You know,” Sondra purred. “You are paying me to be a seamstress!”

For such an insatiably horny woman, Sondra was surprisingly good at her work. Betty knew she was going to be pleasantly surprised by the finished product which, amazingly, Sondra promised would be ready only a few days later.

The fitting took half an hour. Betty was getting ready to leave when Sondra suddenly suggested that she could do wonders for her son Dwight’s clothes as well. “It’s cheaper than off the rack sometimes,” she said seriously. “Here, let me show you what I mean. Jimmy! Come down here! I want to show you off to a customer!”

Betty felt her heart thudding as she heard footfalls on the stairs. “Do you mean to tell me he’s been upstairs all this time?”

Sondra waved her hand reassuringly. “Don’t worry about it. The walls are thick. He didn’t hear a thing.”

Jimmy a very handsome kid, skipped down the stairs with a big smile and nothing on except a pair of jeans. The first thing Betty noticed was the size of his cock.

It was obvious, very obvious, that Jimmy Noran had a huge hard-on. Betty just stared at his prick helplessly as Jimmy said hello and turned in front of her, ostensibly to show off the jeans.

“You can see the fit,” Sondra said. “I could whip up something like that for you for, oh, twenty-five bucks.”

“I’ll remember to send Dwight over,” Betty murmured distractedly.

Jimmy was facing her again, still smiling innocently. His expression was completely normal, but there was no denying the size of the long, fat cock pushing down his leg, under his pants. God, he’s got a big one for such a teen, Betty thought, and she felt her pussy creaming like melting butter. Dizzily she wondered if Sondra ever had such obscene thoughts about her son.

“I’ll see you in two days,” Sondra said. “Same time, okay?”

Sondra held open the front door for her, and Betty left, smoothing her slacks over her ass as she walked down the flagstone pathway.

The sight of Jimmy’s huge cock had set her cunt to burning all over again, and once more she thought of her own child, who had a still bigger prick.

Betty was in such a hurry to get to her car that she didn’t notice Sondra and Jimmy chuckling at her as they shut the door.


“Do you think she’s horny for me, Mom?” Jimmy asked as soon as Betty had left.

Sondra laughed. “Christ, she was ready to fall down and beg for your cock like a dog! Didn’t you see the way she was staring at your crotch? She’s so horny for dick, it’s a wonder she hasn’t started fucking her own kid yet!”

Licking her lips, Sondra looked down and stared openly at her boy’s bulging jeans. His cock had grown much larger from staring at Betty Williams’ tits, and his prick shaft seemed to stretch a third of the way down to his knee.

“Oh, Jimmy, take off your pants,” Sondra whispered huskily as she immediately began to strip off her own clothes. “Fuck my asshole, Son! Dry fuck it this time, right here on the floor!”

Jimmy stepped out of his jeans, and his big cock loomed up like a shaft of iron pipe. Soon naked, Sondra fell to the hallway floor on her hands and knees, ready to fuck like a bitch. She dropped her shoulders low and looked eagerly back at her teen’s throbbing prick.

“Hurry, Jimmy! Hurry!”

Holding his cock in hand, Jimmy fucked violently into her pussy, nearly making her black out as she was so suddenly overwhelmed with the thickness of his cock. But that was only to juice his prick up a little, even though his mother had asked to be dry-fucked.

Jimmy pulled out of her hairy pussy as soon as his hard-on was coated with a good film of pussy cream. He pushed his horny mother flat onto her belly and mounted her swiftly, spreading her ass cheeks with his hands as he aimed his cock head at the tightly muscled entrance of her shit tunnel.

“Unhh, Jimmy, do it to me!” Sondra squealed. “Unh, Jimmy, I love you! Mommy’s so horny! Unh, Jimmy, unhhh!”

She clawed the carpet and gasped as she felt his long, meaty cock pole fucking into her asshole, spreading her ass guts around the steely, invading prick shaft; Jimmy had such a stiff cock, and sometimes Sondra felt it was better to get dry-fucked like this. It increased the friction as he fucked his big prick between her ass cheeks.

“Deeper, Jimmy!” Sondra pushed his hands away so she could spread her ass globes wider with her own pressing fingers. “Mommy’s horny, Mommy’s always so fucking horny! I said fuck my asshole! Fuck it as deep as you can go!”

Jimmy hunched on top of her, digging his hands into her waist. Brutally he fucked into her burning asshole, feeling her rubbery ass muscles gripping uncontrollably around his cock.

Without any jelly, his mother had the tightest asshole he would ever fuck in his life. Jimmy had to twist and wiggle his hips to get all of his cock inside her ass. All the time, he could feel the constant rubbery pressure of her puckered asshole ring, clasping and sucking around his steely prick.

“Jimmy, it’s going in!” Sondra banged her open hand on the floor, wincing with both pain and intense pleasure as he slammed the root of his cock between her ass checks. “Jimmy, ahhh, fuck!”

He collapsed on top of her, fucking every inch of his boner into the forbidden heat of her ass. For a long time he remained without moving, letting her narrow shit channel stretch to accommodate the thickness of his cock. Then Jimmy again started to move on top of his naked mother, fucking his boner slowly through her clutching ass muscles.

“Unngghh! Do it, Jimmy!” Panting hard, Sondra pushed her hand under her stomach. Her cunt was dripping wet, oozing a heavy flow of pussy juice between her thighs. Sondra whimpered as she started to finger-fuck, shamelessly pleasuring her pussy with her hand as her son eagerly fucked his stiff cock between her ass cheeks.

“Faster, Jimmy! Fuck me now, fuck your mother!”

Jimmy could feel her asshole gradually loosening up more, and it was easier to fuck his aching cock through her puckered asshole ring. He dug his fingers into her sides and started reaming out her asshole much faster, panting as he fucked his swollen boner in and out of her throbbing ass ring.

“That’s good! Just like that, Jimmy!” Sondra bit her lip and fucked her fingers furiously through her hairy pussy slit. “You’re giving my asshole a good cum! Think of Mrs. Williams while you fuck my asshole, Son! Of how much you want to suck on those big, fat tits!”

He remembered; the image of Betty’s huge knockers filled Jimmy’s mind, and he quickly started nailing his cock into his mother’s asshole as hard as he could. Her hips thudded on the floor as he fucked into her, forcing her hand higher between her legs, her fingers deeper up her cunt.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Sondra shouted. “Keep fucking my asshole, Son! Fuck Mommy, fuck me harder! Unhhhh… ahhh, fuck, cummmmmm!”

Her pussy and asshole spasmed at the same time, pumping cunt juice onto her fingers as her slit channel contracted tightly around her teen’s fucking cock. Sondra rocked tirelessly off the floor, whipping her ass cheeks up to meet the relentless strokes of her son’s thick cock. Jimmy kept fucking her hard and fast. He forced the cum to stay in his balls, because he wanted his mother to give him a blow job. He had to feel her expert mouth sucking all the cream out of his aching prick.

“Okay, Jimmy,” Sondra moaned. “That’s enough. Mommy’s asshole can’t take anymore.”

Jimmy pulled his stone-hard cock out of her asshole, and Sondra turned onto her side for a look. His prick was as stiff as she’d ever seen, covered with an obscene mixture of her shit and milky cum which dribbled uncontrollably down his cock shaft.

“Oh, Jimmy!” Sitting up, Sondra lewdly palmed bios throbbing cock. “You want more of this big prick for you, don’t you?”

Jimmy nodded. Sondra pushed him onto his back, making him stretch out so that his massive, bloated prick throbbed over his stomach. His prick was as hard as an iron bar. Sondra crouched on her knees by his hips and swiftly swooped down to take his aching hard on between her lips.

She sucked deeply, delighting in the taste of his cock meat. Sondra shut her eyes and started to bob her head to tease him, lightly fucking his spongy cock-knob against the back of her throat. Then she wrapped her lips in a tight circle around his big prick and started sucking as hard as she could.

Wet slurping sounds bubbled out of her mouth, filling the hallway with the unmistakable noises of a good, I juicy cocksucking. Jimmy winced as the pressure built in his balls. He grabbed his mother’s head and worked his ass furiously off the floor, fucking his cock deeper into her mouth.

The cock cream was really leaking out of his balls now, and Sondra hungrily swirled her tongue around the shiny-skinned tip to catch every drop, darting her tongue into his piss slit. She flared her nostrils for air so she could breathe around the fat cock shaft clogging her throat.

“Suck it, Mommy!” Jimmy whined, pulling her hair. “Oh, fuck, my balls feel like lead. I’m really going to shoot this time!”

That promise was enough to make the naked mother suck still harder. She nearly choked herself in her eagerness to swallow all of his cock, hearing her cocksucking sounds grow louder as she drew him closer to his cum.

Jimmy took her hand and put it on the root of his prick. Sondra got the message. She started beating her boy’s meat hard and fast, whipping her fist in a blur up and down the cum-slippery shaft of his aching prick.

“Harder!” Jimmy winced and twisted his head back and forth, unable to stand the maddening pleasure of his mother’s feverish pricksucking. “Squeeze my balls, play with them! Ahhh, Christ, it’s gonna really blow this time!”

Sondra’s cheeks flushed crimson as she sucked the delicious hard-on as hard as she could. Her left hand kneaded his ball sag, gently encouraging him to shoot his load. She tightened her right hand around his cock as she savagely pumped.

“Ahhh, Momma!”

The kid’s cum shot up his swollen cock shaft to spray out of the tip of his prick. The first blast hit the back of Sondra’s mouth, splattering onto her tongue. She nearly came on the spot as she reveled in the taste of her son’s cock milk. Sondra sucked and jacked his prick tirelessly as she busily gulped down all of the shooting spunk.

She loved the taste of his jism. She hated to miss a single drop, but this afternoon there was more of his wad than she could handle.

Jism bubbled out of her mouth around his pulsing cock shaft, dripping down her chin like slimy snail trails.

“Oh, Son!” Sondra took his cock out of her mouth and licked his prick adoringly. “What a big load you just gave your mother!”

“Can I fuck Mrs. Williams soon?” Jimmy asked eagerly.

Sondra giggled at his never-ending horniness. “Of course you can!”


“Rub a little lower, Mom,” Dwight said with a wince. “Christ, when am I ever going to learn?”

“You should be more careful in practice, honey,” Betty said, kneading the thick muscles running in columns along his spine. “One of these days you’re really going to hurt yourself.”

“Yeah, I guess. But this is just a little sprain ah, darn, is that sore!”

Dwight lay on his stomach on his bed, his cheek on the pillow and just a brief towel covering his naked body. Betty sat on the mattress beside him, rubbing his thick muscles.

He had come home limping, and it had been only natural for her to ask what was wrong. It had been right, not her, who had suggested the rubdown.

And she wished he hadn’t. All Betty had on was a bathrobe that tied around the waist with a terrycloth sash. Her huge naked tits jiggled freely under it, and she could feel fuck juices in her hairy cunt.

She knew now that she should have refused her teen’s innocent request for a massage. It was too dangerous to tempt herself with the sight of his naked body. But the deed had been done, and now Betty helplessly felt her lust worsening as her fingers moved on his flesh.

“What’d you do today?” Dwight asked casually.

“I… I went to see that seamstress,” Betty murmured distractedly.

“Sondra Noran?” Dwight grinned. “Man, she’s really a fox! What a pair of legs!”

Betty giggled nervously. “Please don’t talk that way in front of your mother, darling.”

Suddenly Dwight rolled over, and Betty gasped as the towel almost slid from his hips.

He yawned and stretched his arms overhead.

“Could you get my chest too, Mom? That damn linebacker really nailed me a good one. I ache all over.”

Betty hesitated, then dropped her hands to his chest. Thick, wiry hairs curled between his small male nipples, and she felt her cunt throbbing as she ran her fingers through his hair. Involuntarily she glanced down at the towel, and was shocked to see something big and thick growing under it, pushing up from his leg.

“That feels good, Mom.”

“I’ll bet it does.”

“You’re really great for doing this. I’ll bet most moms don’t take care of their kids anywhere near as good as you.”

“Why, thank you, darling!”

Betty automatically leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. But when she sat up again and continued the massage, her son’s eyes were no longer on her face.

Instead they were trained about a foot lower. Betty felt her cheeks blushing as she glanced down at herself. The robe had opened, and her deep white cleavage was provocatively exposed to her son.

“Whoops!” Laughing nervously, the stacked mother tugged the halves of her robe together. “I guess I ought to start wearing more…”

Then her words trailed off as she noticed her son’s crotch. Dwight looked embarrassed. The mere glimpse of her spongy tit flesh had given him a gigantic hard-on, standing obscenely through the towel, turning the towel into an unmistakable tent.

“I’m sorry,” Dwight whispered.

“No, don’t be sorry… nothing wrong it’s just normal!” Betty found herself giggling childishly, losing all control over her secret longings. “You can’t help it, you’re just human…”

The words trailed off again. Betty’s soft sigh was the only sound in the bedroom as she looked shamefully back at the towel. Her boy’s prick had gotten even stiffer. His cock looked like an iron pipe under the cloth, and she could see the way his prick was throbbing, pulsing obscenely with cum and blood.

Betty put her hands on his chest again, but didn’t stay there. Instead, her hands moved down as if they had a will of their own. The next thing she knew, she had, pulled the towel from Dwight’s naked body.

There was her boy’s huge prick, the same hard-on she had so lovingly sucked and fucked the night before. His cock twitched over his muscled stomach, seamed by a huge, bloated vein running up the underside of his prick.

His cock-knob was the size of a small apple, crimson and shiny, with a milky drop of precum smeared on the tip. Betty felt her pussy flooding. Her child had such a magnificent cock…

“Oh, Son.”

Abandoning her conscience, the horny mother hungrily wrapped her hand around Dwight’s aching cock. Dwight just looked at her. Betty shuddered as she started beating his meat fast and hard, whipping her fist furiously up and down his nine-inch prick.

“It’s all stiff and swollen, Dwight,” she hissed. “This is where you need a good rub down! Not just your back!”

His cock throbbed hotly in her hand, and, with every pumping stroke, she coaxed another drop of pre-cum out of his tingling prick-knob. Dwight sighed gnd smiled with shameless pleasure. He started to move his ass off the bed, fucking his prick through his mother’s fingers.

“Harder, Mom! That feels really good!”

“Oh, Son, it feels good to me too!” Betty purred. “I’m… I’m jacking your cock off, Son! Oh God, your dick feels so fucking big in my fist!”

Her hand pumped in a blur as she jerked his cock as fast as possible. Betty’s mouth was full of saliva, her lust demanding that she begin sucking his cock. Groaning loudly, she dropped her head and sucked the first several inches of his drooling prick between her lips.

His cock tasted fantastic, the same luscious taste she had savored the day before. Betty flared her nostrils for air and clasped her lips in a tight circle around his hard prick. She puckered her cheeks and sucked his prick violently, bobbing her head need fully over his crotch.

“Oh, Momma!” Dwight curled his finger into her thick brown hair, arching his hips off the bed. “That’s so good, Mom! Oh Jesus, suck on my dick! Suck all the cum out! Ah, good!”

Betty bucked her head harder up and down, wantonly fucking her face with her teenager’s rock-hard cock. It felt good to suck his cock in and out of her buttery throat, to choke herself on the swollen stalk of his prick meat. She almost wanted to punish herself for the craven intensity of her prick-sucking lust.

His cock kept on swelling, stretching her lips wide. Salty jizz seeped freely up from his balls, and she swirled her tongue around his bulbous prick-knob to slurp up every drop. Now that he was awake and knew what she was doing, now that she had given in completely to her desires, Betty desperately wanted to give him the best cock-sucking of his life.

Her fist tightened around the wrist-thick root of his hard-on, feeling his cock pulse warmly. Betty started jacking his prick furiously, still sucking and slobbering furiously on his cock head. The sounds of her blow job became very loud, filling the bedroom with the wet music of giving head.

“Gonna shoot!” Dwight panted. He pulled her hair, wincing and grinding his ass off the sheets. “Oh fuck, you give good head! Harder, Mom, harder! Oh Jesus, any fucking second!”

Betty sucked his huge prick as hard as she could. Her cheeks flushed brightly and her eyes were tightly closed. She was thinking of nothing but the delicious-tasting cock flesh crammed down her throat. Her pussy ached and juiced, and she would have shoved her hand between her legs to finger-fuck if she hadn’t been so busy with her son’s nine-inch prick. Cum, she thought frantically, yes, cum for your mother, right down Mommy’s throat.

“Aw, Mom!”

Dwight pushed his ass high off the bed, choking his mother as he fucked another inch of his cock between her wide-stretched lips. The load of cum flooded up from his balls. It was the biggest wad of jism the big-titted widow had ever sucked down in her life.

Great creamy gobs of the jism lashed the inside of her mouth, shooting onto the roof of her mouth, spraying across her tongue. Dwight grimaced and shook in ecstasy under his cocksucking mom, unable to control himself as the fountain of spunk poured torrentially out of his prick.

Betty couldn’t possibly swallow it all. She tried very hard, slurping and gulping as she sucked feverishly. But the last spurts of jism oozed in a white stream out of her mouth around his erupting cock, dripping down her chin obscenely onto her huge tits.

“Oh, Son!” Reluctantly taking his prick out of her mouth, Betty continued to jack on his cock, lewdly licking the stray drops of cum from her mouth. “That was beautiful! Keep it stiff for mother, darling! I’ve hardly begun with this huge, gorgeous cock!”

Dwight’s big prick stayed as hard as bone in her pumping fist. Betty stood up and released his cock, watching his prick throb wildly over his stomach. She shrugged off her bathrobe, showing her nakedness to her son.

“Oh, Christ,” Dwight whispered.

Her mammoth tits hung down nearly to her navel, the biggest, softest, firmest his Dwight had ever seen. The nipples were enormous and deep red in color, and the rubbery nips were swollen nearly an inch long because of Betty’s obscene desire for her boy’s cock.

Her waist was slender for her build, with a girlishly rounded belly bulge. Strong, shapely thighs tapered into a full rounded ass, and her thatch of dark brown hair was very thick between her legs.

“Do you want to suck me too, darling?” Betty panted. She crawled, onto the bed beside him, wiggling her ass onto the mattress. “Come, darling! Mommy’s so horny! Do whatever you want to me!”

Dwight turned onto his side, burying his face in the fragrant valley between her huge, spongy lit mounds. He opened his mouth to suck in one fat tit cap, and made Betty gasp as he chewed it hungrily, puckering his cheeks as he sucked her nipple like a nursing baby.

“Unngghh!” Betty winced with pleasure as she held the back of his head, shoving her hand between her creamy thighs to feverishly finger-fuck her dripping cunt. “That’s good, Son! Suck Mommy’s big titty! Dwight, you’re making me hot!”

Dwight held her enormous tit with both hands, greedily sucking and pulling and chewing on the distended tip. He moved to her other tit, squeezing and milking. He sucked her fat crimson nipple even harder, sending waves of desire shooting from Betty’s his straight into her burning cunt.

“Suck my pussy, Son!” Betty panted, pushing his head down. “Can’t stand it anymore! Oh please, lover, suck my dripping cunt!”

Dwight slid down her lush voluptuous body, planting wet kisses onto her belly as he moved to sprawl between her thighs. He pushed her willing legs wide apart, and Betty helped him by lifting her knees high toward her shoulders. Dwight sighed as he buried his head between her spread-eagled legs, grinding his mouth onto her pussy, smearing his cheeks with her sticky fuck juices.

“Unh, unh, unhhhh!” Betty clawed the back of his head, encouraging her teenage son to begin the cuntsucking. “Eat my pussy, lick my pussy!” she pleaded helplessly. “I’m so horny, Dwight! Ahhhh, Mommy needs to get sucked!”

Dwight fucked his tongue between the puffy, pink lips of her hairy cunt, gliding his tongue into the bright pinkness of her inner pussy. Betty groaned and started humping, fucking her cunt frantically against his mouth. Dwight started eating out her cunt like a horny animal, slurping shamelessly as he kissed and sucked and licked her creaming cunt.

“Faster, faster!” Betty cried, pulling his hair. “I’m so horny! Please, Dwight, do it good to me! I need a good cum!”

Pussy nectar flowed heavily from the depths of her swollen cunt, and Dwight’s cock throbbed between the mattress and his stomach as he inhaled the aroma of her juicing cunt. His hands moved up and down her thighs, squeezing and stroking them. Then he started to play around the lips of her pussy. Betty shuddered as he fucked a finger into her sticky pussy, and she felt her cunt muscles contract need fully. The big-titted mother humped her ass in a fever, grinding and thrusting her aching pussy onto his hand and face.

“Lick my clit!” she gasped. “Lick it, lover, lick it good! Mommy needs to cum so fucking much!”

Dwight wrapped his lips around her swollen pink clit. He sucked hard, rubbing his tongue on the sensitive tip, chewing very lightly with his teeth. Betty realized dazedly that some lucky girl had taught her football star son how to be a fantastic pussy-sucker. Hot waves of pleasure trembled through her cunt as he licked her pussy.

“Gonna cum, gonna cum!” She held his head tightly, her enormous tits dancing and quivering on her chest as she frantically whipped her ass off the sheets. “Keep sucking, lover! Oh fuck, put your fingers up my pussy!”

Dwight fucked a second finger into her steaming, clutching pussy hole, grinding his knuckles on the puffy lips of her cunt. Betty felt her tight little asshole puckering and contracting as the desire built to a crescendo inside her.

“I’m cumming!” she cried. “Lick my clit, Dwight! Unhhhh! My cunt’s throbbing, it’s throbbing on your mother! Unh unh unh oh fuck unh shit ahhhhhhhhh!” Her lips spread shamelessly into the happy moan. “Cumming! Fuck! Abhhhhhhh!”

The slippery, pink lips of her pussy hole throbbed on her son’s mouth as musky cunt nectar drooled out of the depths of her pussy. Betty came violently, again and again, clutching the back of her teenager’s head, grinding her hairy pussy relentlessly onto his fingers and tongue. Her well-hung teen continued to eat out her cunt after the spasms had subsided, greedily licking the fuck oil from the pouting folds of her cunt.

“That’s enough sucking,” Betty panted, pushing him away. “Mommy can’t take anymore!”

Dwight sat up on his knees, looking eagerly at her huge-titted body. Betty stared hypnotically at his cock. His huge prick shaft loomed up as hard as bone, as steely stiff as if he had never cum at all. Luridly, his spongy cock-knob twitched and jerked up and down, seeping fresh pre-cum up from his balls.

“Oh, Son, it’s making me horny again,” Betty whined deliriously. “I guess you’d better fuck me now. I want to feel your cock in my pussy so much!”

Dwight crawled into position between her milk-white thighs, his huge hard-on pulsing rhythmically over her stomach. Gripping the base, Dwight angled his cock down and pressed the mushroom-shaped prick head between his mother’s gushing pussy folds. Then he started to fuck into her, and Betty cried out with pleasure as she began her second fuck with her boy’s big prick.

She lifted her head to look down eagerly, staring between the valley of her enormous tits, watching his blue-veined cock shaft disappear into the hairy bush fringing her pussy. Instantly she could feel his prick inside her, penetrating the innermost recesses of her pussy. Her cunt walls stretched wide to admit the giant cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Betty panted. She dropped her head again and grimaced as she started humping, grinding and thrusting her burning fuck hole onto his cock. “Fuck me fast, Dwight, fuck me hard! Unngghhh! It’s stretching my pussy! It’s filling my cunt up so good! Fuck meee!”

Dwight leaned forward on outstretched arms, supporting his weight so he could watch his mom’s face contort and her tits jiggle as he fed her his prick. He twisted his ass to fuck his cock all the way inside her, sighing as her velvety cunt wails clutched hungrily around his prick. For a long moment he just kept his cock all the way inside her, letting his prick soak in the juices flowing out of his mother’s cunt.

“Oh, God!” Betty’s moan was very loud as she lifted her legs higher, suddenly wrapping them tightly around Dwight’s waist. “Start fucking, Dwight!” She jerked her ass steadily off the bed, making the frame shitter on the floor as she fucked her throbbing pussy onto his cock. “Fuck me, fuck my cunt! In and out… that’s right… ooooh!”

Dwight pulled out slowly, feeling her pussy walls drag around his receding cock shaft until only the bean-shaped tip parted her pussy slit. Just as slowly, he fucked every inch of his boner back into her cunt.

Her pussy was very tight and juicy, as sweet as any teenage cunt he had ever fucked. Dwight groaned and let his weight fall, crushing her enormous, stiff-nippled tits under his chest. He held onto her humping ass cheeks as he started to fuck in a hard, fast rhythm, fucking his rock-hard cock shaft into her seeping cunt.

“Unhhhh! Yes, Son! You’re fucking me now!” Betty threw her arms around his shoulders, clawing the back she’d been massaging only minutes before. “Oh Christ, you’re a good fucker! In and out… that’s the way… nice and deep! Unhhhh! I can feel it on my clit! What a good, hard fuck!” Dwight intensified the speed of his fucking, bucking his ass cheeks eagerly between her sweating, shivering legs. Her dripping cunt made wet sounds as her pussy walls clung to his pistoning boner, sucking and clasping it deep inside her cunt. I’m cumming already, Betty thought helplessly. Oh God, he’s got such a Goddamn big one… I can feel it! It’s throbbing in me, I can feel my pussy throbbing too!

“Harder, harder!” Betty cried, almost shouting. Her pussy contracted violently, clasping wetly around the fucking shaft of his prick meat. “Fuck your mother, Son! Faster, faster, fuck my cunt as hard as you can!”

Dwight did as she asked, panting against her shoulder as he fucked his cock brutally in and out of her dripping pussy. Betty felt heat spreading through her belly, making her clit tingle and itch as it was chafed by every thrust of his cock.

“I’m cuuuummmiiinnnggggg!”

She had a long, satisfying cum, shuddering in drawn-out spasms through every naked inch of her body. Betty’s fat nipples grew as hard as eraser tips, pressing onto her boy’s chest. Her pussy undulated in delicious spasms around his cock, clutching his prick inside her, making her cum again and again.

“Ah, Mom!”

Dwight fucked his prick all the way inside her, his bloated balls slapping against the crack of her heaving ass. His cum load blew up from his ball sac, shooting and spraying deep inside her throbbing cunt.

It was as big a load as her ex-husband had ever shot, in her, even though her son had already cum once in her mouth. Betty smiled as she felt the thick goo squirting into the depths of her pussy, filling her cunt and oozing back out.

Then Dwight pulled his prick out of her, and suddenly Betty’s conscience returned with a vengeance, as she understood the full magnitude of what she’d done.

“Oh, God!”

Dwight looked at her curiously as she hopped off the bed, her enormous tits swinging lusciously as she reached for her bathrobe. Betty put it on as quickly as she could, blushing with intense shame as she looked down at her son.

“What’s wrong?” Dwight asked simply.

“What do you think is wrong?” Betty asked helplessly. “Dwight, do you realize what we just did? What kind of act you committed with your own mother? My God, what’s come over me? What kind of woman am I turning into?”

“Never again!” Betty cried. “God, I’m so ashamed of myself!” She walked out of the bedroom. “Never, never…”

Dwight shook his head.


Betty was a nervous wreck by the time she showed up at the Noran house to pick up her bras two days later. Dwight did not seem to understand what an unforgivable sin she’d committed in fucking him.

Instead, he’d been after her constantly, surprising her when she stepped naked out of the shower, coming up behind her in the kitchen to squeeze her huge tits while she tried to make supper.

It had been a miracle that Betty had been able to control herself and not give in to her lust. She had resorted to long bouts of finger-fucking, spending her mornings in bed whipping her pussy into a lather while Dwight was safe at school. Several times she had been tempted to call Sondra for some cunt sucking.

Betty’s cunt was wet now in anticipation as she knocked on the front door. She was surprised when Sondra didn’t answer it. Instead, Jimmy did, dressed only in a pair of cut-offs, as if he had just came from the beach.

“Hi, Mrs. Williams,” Jimmy said. “Come on in.”

Betty stepped into the living room. “I came to pick up my… my things,” she said softly. “Where’s your mother?”

Jimmy looked apologetic. “She’s gone for the day. I hate to tell you this, Mrs. Williams, but your bras aren’t ready yet. Mom screwed up on one of the measurements. I don’t know why. She must have had something else on her mind.”

Betty felt herself blushing. “Well, we’re all human. I’ll just come back…”

“No, that’s okay,” Jimmy interrupted quickly. “Mom told me to do it! See, she’s been training me for a couple of years now! I’ll just take the fittings and your things will be ready in two more days, maximum.”

Betty felt herself blushing more deeply. “Well, Jimmy, I don’t know.”

“I hope you don’t mind, Mrs. Williams,” Jimmy said innocently. “See, my mom’s going to be booked pretty solid if we don’t do it this way. Your bras might not be ready for another month. Don’t worry about anything. I’ll do a good job. Just take off your blouse and I’ll have it all done in a jiffy.”

Betty stood and stared at him, breathing rapidly. But Jimmy looked completely innocent, and, besides, she didn’t like the way the straps of the bra she now had on cut into her shoulders. Slowly she began unbuttoning her blouse.

“All right,” she sighed. “We’ll do it your way.”

Jimmy went to another room to get the measuring tape and several yards of different fabric. Betty had the bra off by the time he returned. She was naked from her waist up, and her huge tits heaved and jiggled with every breath she took. Betty knew she had to be an interesting sight to a young boy.

“You have to take off your pants too, Mrs. Williams.”

“What… whatever for?”

“Well, it sounds pretty complicated if you’re not into tailoring. See, the measurement around your chest has to be proportionate with not only the girth of the waist, but the length and diameter.”

“All right, all right.” Betty self-consciously stepped out of her shoes and pulled down her slacks. Suddenly she remembered she didn’t have on any panties, but it was too late to stop now. A second later she was naked in front of the youthful teenager, her pussy mound thick and dark between her legs.

“Great! Now we can get started!”

Jimmy knelt on the floor in front of her. He directed Betty to spread her feet slightly, then wrapped the tape around her calf, her knee and her thigh. Betty wondered again what this could possibly have to do with fitting her for a bra size. Sondra had mentioned nothing of the kind. Maybe these were some kind of special measurements, just the things Sondra had forgotten to do.

Then Betty realized that she was getting very, very horny. Jimmy’s hands felt good on her legs, and his touch seemed to linger. Betty shot a quick glance at his cut-offs, and was shocked and aroused violently to see an unmistakable hard-on stretching down the inside of his leg.

“A little wider, Mrs. Williams.”

Betty spread her feet wider on the floor. Jimmy wrapped the tape around her leg just under her hairy cunt. Suddenly his stiffening cock head popped out of the inseam of his cut-offs, and Betty groaned at the sight of his swollen, bulbous prick-knob.

“You know something, Mrs. Williams?” Jimmy asked suddenly.

“Wh-wh-what?” Betty asked. She blushed fiercely as she felt her pussy lips throbbing rhythmically, knowing that the pulsations had to be visible to the boy.

“We ought to fit you for some new panties too.”


“‘Cause you’re sure going to go through a lot of them with a pussy as wet as this!” Betty gasped at his words and stared down at the innocent, blonde-haired youth. Jimmy grinned back at her, but he no longer looked so innocent. He stiffened a finger and, dropping the tape, glided his finger up and down the furrow of her wet cunt.

“Oh, Jimmy! Stop that!”

“You don’t want me to stop, Mrs. Williams.”

Jimmy pushed his finger slowly inside her creaming fuck tunnel. Betty grimaced as she immediately felt her cunt muscles contracting, sucking on his finger as if it were a tiny cock. Involuntarily she thrust her furry pussy onto his hand.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jimmy chuckled as he fucked his finger rapidly in and out of her aching, itching cunt. “God, you’re wet! I’ll bet you were practically cumming in your panties all day long!”

There was a long silence, the only sound in the living room being the wet, slushy sound of Betty’s pussy hole sucking his fucking finger. The stacked mother took a deep breath, blushing with shame as she realized that she was again going to yield to the intense cravings of her lust.

“Suck my pussy, Jimmy,” she said.

Jimmy smiled happily and slid his hands up the backs of her thighs, digging his fingers lustfully into the ball-bearing globes of her ass. Betty shuddered and spread her feet wider on the floor. The little stud buried his head between her legs, gluing his mouth to her throbbing pussy.

“Yes, suck it, Jimmy!” Betty gasped. Giving in completely, she held the back of his head and rocked her hips, fucking her drooling cunt all over his face. “Suck it good and give me a good cum!”

“Your pussy tastes fantastic, Mrs. Williams! Jesus, you’re really dripping! I’m amazed you didn’t start cumming before I finished with the measuring tape!”

Jimmy pushed out his tongue, gliding it up the fur-fringed furrow between her milk-white thighs. Betty squealed and pumped her hips faster. Jimmy clawed her ass cheeks and licked her cunt hungrily, fucking his tongue deep inside her pussy, busily licking up her oozing fuck juices.

“Yes, Jimmy, yessss!” Betty grimaced and pulled his hair as a maddening lust built inside her. Her asshole was too; puckering and contracting as he fucked his tongue into her cunt. “Lick it, lover, lick my snatch!”

Jimmy moved his hands from her frantically humping ass and glided them up her inner thighs. He peeled open her pussy lips, exposing the bright pinkness of her inner cunt. Expertly the young teen slurped up her pussy oils, making Betty grasp as he curled his tongue around the underside of her cunt.

“Suck me there, Jimmy! Right there, right on my clit!”

Jimmy pressed his tongue on her clit. Betty bucked as if she had been shot, her huge tits quivering as she fucked and pounded her cunt all over his face. Sondra’s son wrapped his lips tightly around the protruding little bud. He sucked intently, puckering his cheeks as he slid his tongue all around her clit like a slippery eel.

“Unhhhh! Oh shit, oh fuck, Jimmy!” Betty cried, her voice rising. “Put your fingers in my pussy! You’re making my hot pussy cum!”

Jimmy fucked three fingers deep inside her aching cunt, overwhelming her with the sudden thickness of his probing fingers. He finger fucked her cunt hard and fast, banging his knuckles on the outer lips of her swollen cunt. Betty shuddered as she felt her cum mounting deep inside her, thrilling to the tingling waves flowing through her cunt.

“I’m cumming now, Jimmy!” she gasped. “Oh fuck, oh God, cuuummiinnnggggg!”

The long, sweet contractions penetrated the depths of her cunt, making her slippery pussy sheath contract around the boy’s fingers, making her clit twitch obscenely between his lips. Betty came helplessly, releasing the desires she had repressed for the past two days. Her pussy throbbed out musky juices into Jimmy’s mouth.

Sighing happily, Jimmy slurped his tongue through her pussy trough to lap up the juice. Then he looked up at her. Betty saw a big hard-on sticking out of his shorts. Jimmy’s cock wasn’t as big as the mammoth cock her son toted around, but his prick was much larger than average, obscenely oversized for such a young kid.

“You want to fuck me now, don’t you, Jimmy?” Betty asked softly.

Jimmy smiled shamelessly and nodded his head. Betty fell to the floor with him. Impulsively she got on her hands and knees, her huge tits swinging over the carpet. She dropped her shoulders and wiggled her ass, looking at the young stud expectantly from over her shoulder. His stiff cock would go in deeper if he fucked her from behind.

“Go ahead, Jimmy,” she whispered. “My pussy’s all juicy for you!”

Jimmy stood up long enough to shed his shorts, revealing a rock-hard boner that should have belonged to a full-grown man twice his size. The big prick quivered as he fell his knees behind her upturned ass, glancing from her asshole to the puffy, furry slit of her slippery pussy.

Holding his cock in hand, Jimmy hunched over her naked body and pushed the bloated prick into her throbbing cunt.

Betty dropped her head to the floor, biting her wrist as the pleasures of fucking overwhelmed her with passion. There was nothing like the first thrust, she thought giddily as Jimmy’s cock fucked into her pussy like a knife cleaving through butter. There was nothing like the way a prick felt going into her pussy for the very first time.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Forgetting everything except the rhythmic pulsations in her pussy, Betty clawed the carpet and giddily fucked her cunt onto his cock. “Fuck me deep, Jimmy! Unh unh unh, fuck me all the way up my juicy cunt!”

Jimmy slid his hands up her naked body, making the big-fitted woman gasp as he dug his fingers into her huge stiff-nipple tits. He pulled on them like a pair of spongy handles as he worked his ass behind her, fucking more of his cock inside her with every thrust.

Then his prick was buried in her cunt, fucked in to the balls in her syrupy, sucking pussy. Jimmy gave her a chance to get used to being fucked by all of his cock. Tenderly he squeezed and kneaded her tits as his prick throbbed inside her pussy, oozing pre-cum in the inner most reaches of her horny cunt.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Betty’s voice was very loud, and for a giddy moment she wondered what Sondra would think if she came home unexpectedly. But that didn’t matter now. It didn’t matter that they were fucking right on the living room floor, that Sondra’s son had his prick buried inside her. All that mattered was her hungry cunt.

“Fuck me, Jimmy!” Betty humped much faster, undulating her ass, grinding her pussy onto the base of his cock. “Fuck my brains out! I’m so horny! My pussy wants your big fucking dick!”

Jimmy pulled out of her greasy cunt tunnel, teasing her by twitching just the knob of his cock inside her pouting pussy slit. Just as Betty was going to start screaming, he again fucked his cock all the way inside her cunt.

Then Jimmy clutched her enormous tits and started to ream out her pussy with a slow, driving rhythm, fucking his cock through the clasping wetness of her cunt. Betty was in ecstasy. She grimaced and reddened as she bucked to meet every thrust, lifting her ass high, desperate to get more of his prick inside her cunt.

“Deeper, Jimmy! Harder, fuck harder! Oh shit, I’m so Goddamn wet! I’m gonna cum all over you! Shoot your cum in my pussy, Jimmy! Straight up my fucking cunt!”

“It’s cumming up,” Jimmy whispered breathlessly. His big cock throbbed stiffer inside her fuck channel. “Oh shit, I’m really going to shoot it today, Mrs. Williams! Your pussy’s milking it all out of me!”

The eager young boy fucked her as hard as he could, making her knees bang on the floor as he fucked his hard-on into her pussy. Betty shrieked her pleasure, meeting his strokes. Then she was cumming, cumming uncontrollably, her asshole contracting and her pussy oozing fuck cream onto his prick.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she shouted. “Fuck my ass off! Unh! Unnhhhhh! Unngghhhhh!”

Jimmy fucked his prick even faster through her cumming pussy, making her orgams as intense as possible. Then, in mid-stroke, he blew his balls.

White jism flooded up from his balls, spewing and spurting deep inside Betty’s cunt. Betty gasped as she felt jism spouting into her, splashing deep inside her pussy, filling her cunt.

Shamelessly, she flexed her cunt muscles around his gushing cock pole, milking out every drop of his spunk.

I love to fuck, Betty thought, and she realized that at least now she had a young stud she could fuck on a regular basis.

Anyone to take her mind off of her well hung son.


Betty stayed in bed the next morning, not even getting up to make her son breakfast. Instead she just finger-fucked herself to one cum after another until almost one in the afternoon, her huge tits quivering as she ground her ass cheeks off the mattress, fucking her fingers in and out of her cunt.

She was insatiably horny, almost out of her mind with lust. At last she had another prick to think about beside her kid’s. At two in the afternoon Betty realized there was no controlling herself. She dressed hurriedly and ran to her car, accelerating out of the driveway.

She felt like a child molester, sitting in the station wagon and watching the kids from the school file onto the street. Betty honked the moment she saw Jimmy Noran, his cock bulge showing plainly in his tailored slacks as he walked away from the school.

Betty couldn’t take the chance of their being discovered by Dwight, though he had a long football practice. Fifteen minutes later, Betty and Jimmy were in a rented motel room on the other side of town.

“Work out, Mrs. Williams!” Jimmy said happily. “Jesus, you’re the horniest cocksucker I’ve ever met in my life!”

The slim young boy lay on his back, buck naked, his boyish muscles illuminated by the golden light filtering through the drawn shades. Sprawled on her belly across his thighs, Betty gurgled as she shamelessly bobbed her head over his crotch, wetly fucking her face with his big prick.

“Save a little, Mrs. Williams!” Jimmy winced as he curled his fingers in her thick hair. “Christ, you suck cock hard! Ohhh! You’re gonna make me shoot so hard I won’t have any jism left in my nuts!”

That was the least of Betty’s worries. Her tits and pussy and asshole ached with pleasure as she fucked her head rhythmically over his lap, sucking his boner deeper down her throat every time. She loved sucking a cock, and few pricks tasted as good as this kid’s. She loved the way his meaty cock felt throbbing hotly in her mouth.

Betty spat his prick out briefly, giggling as she saw the way her saliva now smeared his cock almost two-thirds of the way down his prick shaft, her spit mingled with the white smear of his own drooling cum. Lovingly she licked the goo from his prick, leaving his cock clean and shining. Then she sucked his boner back down her throat.

“Goddamn!” Jimmy breathed huskily.

Betty’s cheeks flushed as she sucked his prick as violently as possible, slurping and tugging with her lips greedily. Her wet palm moved skillfully around the base, squeezing and kneading. His cock grew even stiffer, and she caught another oozing drop of prick juice on her tongue.

“Gonna shoot it!” Jimmy gasped. He worked his ass excitedly, making Betty choke as he fucked another inch of his prick between her sucking lips. “Suck it, suck the cum out! Ahhh, Christ, any second! Any fucking second!”

Betty panted through her nose as she sucked his cock as hard as she could. Up and down her head bobbed, and the slurping, smacking noises of the blow job filled the motel room. Jimmy grimaced and writhed, making the mattress squeak. Betty pushed her free hand between his thighs to play with his balls.

His balls felt very full and heavy, and she knew he was going to shoot lots of hot spunk down her throat. Betty dug her fingers into his wrinkled ball sac, twisting and bobbing the twin globes on her fingertips. Jimmy groaned as his cock tingled in preparation for a very hard cum.

“It’s cumming, Mrs. Williams! Ahhhhh!” Cum rushed up from his hot balls, making his swollen cock shaft twitch and pulse and spurt long ribbons of cock cream between Betty’s sucking lips. Betty mewled as the cum rushed across her tongue, and she sucked his prick harder than ever, swallowing at the same time.

I love to suck big cocks, she thought feverishly, the salty jism filling her mouth. I love to drink hot cum.

“That’s enough! Don’t have anymore!” Jimmy panted, pushing her away. “Can’t take anymore head!”

Betty pulled her mouth reluctantly from his cock and smiled up at him hornily, continuing to squeeze and milk the root of his prick. His cock stayed steel-hard in her hand.

Jimmy stared lustfully at her huge titties as she rose, and Betty realized immediately that he was already ready to fuck her. Giggling, she got onto her hands arid knees again, looking at him impatiently over her shoulder.

“Don’t just lie there, Jimmy!” she squealed. “Put your cock in my pussy while it’s still good and stiff!”

Jimmy chuckled and got behind her, again sliding his hands up her waist and clenching her pendulous tits. Betty moaned in ecstasy as she felt his big cock fucking into her, spreading her puffy pussy hole around the invading thickness of his prick.

“Unhh, Jimmy! I just love getting fucked!” Betty wanted to make the fuck as good as possible, to thrust her pussy onto his cock until she made him shoot off again and felt a second torrent of jism squirting up her cunt. She was so unbearably horny.

Her pussy throbbed violently as he fucked his prick into her, fucking his cock into her tight pussy. Betty could feel how swollen her clit was, arid she couldn’t help pushing her hand through her cunt curls and titillating her clit with her fingers.

I’m going to cum, she thought, as she started humping hungrily, bouncing her knees on the mattress and fucking her creamy pussy on Jimmy’s big prick. Oh, shit, I can’t stand it, she thought. I’m gonna cum already, all over this big, fucking cock.

“Deeper, Jimmy!” Betty clawed the sheets, twisting her ass to help him fuck all of his hard-on inside her. “That’s right, so good! Slam it all the way up my pussy, Jimmy! I really need to get fucked!”

Jimmy moved his hips, grinding the very root of his cock into Betty Williams’ hairy pussy slit, feeling the length of his prick pulsing deep inside her cunt. He pulled lewdly on her tits, catching her stiff, rubbery nipples between his fingers to tweak them. Then he started a hard, fast rhythm, fucking his bloated cock in and out of Betty’s cunt.

“Yes, fuck me, Jimmy, fuck me!” Betty was already close to the edge, her pussy spasming and contracting as her fuck cream squished around his cock. “Gonna cum, gonna cum! Faster now… harder… so fucking good!”

Jimmy fucked her as hard as he could, fucking his big cock powerfully into her tender pussy tunnel. Betty came suddenly and violently, humping all over the bed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Awwww, Jimmy! My pussy loves you, it loves your fucking cock. Cuuummmiiinnnggggg!”

She moaned and dropped, her cheek to the sheets, motionless now, letting him fuck her as hard as he wanted as she savored the aftermath of her orgasm. In and out the stiff cock fucked, gliding sweetly between the clinging walls of her cunt hole. Suddenly the voluptuous widow realized where she wanted to feel the teenager’s cock fucking her next.

Betty pulled away from him, crushing her huge tits as she fell flat on the bed.

Jimmy winced as his cock throbbed in the open.

“Fuck my asshole, Jimmy.”

Betty grabbed her full, firm ass cheeks and spread them wide apart. Jimmy sighed at the sight. Her asshole was pink and sharply puckered and throbbed in and out with desire before his eyes.

“Fuck my asshole, Jimmy!” Betty repeated, turning her head to look at him need fully. “Don’t worry about hurting me. It’s been a long time since I got my asshole fucked!”

Pushing his hand to the root of his cock to hold his prick in position, Jimmy mounted her and aimed his prick head at the muscled entrance to her shit tunnel.

Betty squealed as she felt his bulbous cockknob pushing against her asshole, spreading her ass ring. Then his prick was going into her ass, inch after swollen inch fucking lusciously up her shitter.

“Fuck, fuck! Fuck my asshole!” Betty banged her hand on the bed, wincing with both pain and pleasure as her asshole was spread forcibly to accommodate his cock. “It’s such a big fucker, Jimmy! Love your big fucking dick!”

Her asshole was very tight, much tighter than her cunt. With the first several inches of his cock up her asshole, Jimmy could feel the rubbery walls of her ass squeezing and gripping convulsively around his cock.

He moaned and kept fucking his thick cock into her, lowering his head to watch his prick disappear into her stretched pink asshole ring. Betty grunted and thrust her hand back under her belly, fucking two fingers up her cunt.

“Fuck it deep, Jimmy!” she cried. Betty started to finger-fuck her pussy as hard as she could, fucking her fingers into her sticky cunt slit, rolling her clit under her thumb. “Unh, God, I can feel it throbbing in me! You’ve got such a huge fucking prick!”

Jimmy pushed down hard, fucking the last inches of his cock into the clenching rubbery grip of Betty’s asshole. He rested on top of her without moving, feeling the pressure of her ass walls suck and contract exquisitely around his cock meat.

By now, the pain had vanished, and all Betty felt was intense pleasure as her asshole thrilled to the presence of his prick. Her pussy was burning, and her clit was very hard under her thumb. Gonna cum again, Betty thought wildly, as she fucked her aching asshole back onto his prick.

Jimmy pulled out slowly, holding onto her hips, feeling her ass walls dragging obscenely around his cock. He paused with just the tip of his cock inside her, then fucked back into her ass. Then he started reaming out Betty’s asshole with a hard, steady rhythm, fucking his prick deeper into her shit hole with every stroke.

“Faster!” Betty cried.

Her squeals of pleasure were nearly loud enough to be heard through the motel room walls, but she was too captured by her naked lust to notice. Eagerly she met the young stud’s thrusts, feeling her asshole opening wider around his fucking prick.

Jimmy fucked her tender asshole as hard as possible, wincing as his ball bag slapped against her dripping pussy. Cum was churning in his balls, and he knew that any second his jizz would be gushing into Betty’s tight shitter. But she beat him to it, crying out like a horny animal as an orgasm exploded in her.

“Cumming, my asshole’s cumming!” Her tongue rolled out of the corner of her mouth as she feverishly finger-fucked her pussy, her asshole sucking and throbbing around Jimmy’s cock. “Fuck it, fuck the shit out of it! Unhhh! Oh, Jimmy! Cummmmmmmm!”

Her pussy and asshole burned in unison as she orgasmed, and her sucking asshole throbbed like a heart around Jimmy’s cock. Jimmy sighed and fucked his thick prick deep inside her asshole. Sticky cum spurted deep into her hungry asshole.

Betty moaned as she felt his balls pumping out their molten load in her asshole. It was just as big a cum as the first one, and she felt every drop of the teenager’s jism squirting into her, filling her asshole.

Cum bubbled out of her puckered ass ring around his still-thrusting hard-on, running down her ass crack onto her hairy cunt. Betty groaned and kept on humping, hoping that Jimmy could keep his cock big and hard for another wild fuck.

She felt incredibly satisfied, but not satisfied enough. Deep down inside, Betty knew that eyen this pussy-licking, asshole-fucking kid couldn’t take the place of her own incredible son.


“Oh, Dwight! Dwight Williams!” Dwight looked up from the sidewalk at the sound of the unexpected voice, moving his hip to shove his hard-on down out of sight. All day at school, and most of the time for the past several days, he had had a huge hard-on from thinking about his mother’s big tits and juicy cunt.

Waving at him from the open window of a small house was a pretty blonde woman.

Dwight recognized her quickly and walked up the path to her door. It was Sondra Noran, the seamstress. What did she want from him?

What Sondra wanted was Dwight Williams’ big prick.

She had stood by the window for the past half hour, anticipating that he’d walk past her house on the way home from school. The more Sondra had thought about it, the more she wanted to fuck the well-hung teenager. She had discussed it with Jimmy, and her son had agreed to be out of the house until dinner.

The best thing about being a seamstress, Sondra thought, giggling mischievously as she held the door open for him, was that the measuring tape always gave her the perfect means for seduction.

“What’s up?” Dwight said, entering the house. He smiled at Sondra, then glanced down quickly as he saw what she was wearing. Sondra suppressed another giggle as his eyes scanned her slim, lithe body. She was dressed in her favorite tube top and hot pants.

“It’s time for your fitting,” Sondra said simply.


“You know me, don’t you? I’m Sondra, your mom’s seamstress.”

Dwight just looked at her. “Yeah?”

“Well, didn’t your mother tell you?” Sondra put her hands on her hips, pretending impatience. “She told me that she’d be interesting in having some tailored jeans made for you!”

Dwight squinted at her. “She didn’t mention anything like that to me. But it sounds great. These Goddamn store-bought pants are always too tight around my thighs. That’s the trouble with being in football. You have to lift weights and stuff.”

“I understand.” Sondra took Dwight’s hand and led him toward the couch. “Now let me just get my trusty measuring tape out.”

Dwight stood sheepishly as she knelt in front of him, coming to eye level with his bulging crotch. God, this kid is really lugging around a basket, Sondra thought happily. She took quick appraisal of the thick tube of cock meat thrusting down the inside of his leg.

“Tell me how to stand,” Dwight said awkwardly. “I’ve never been measured before, except for football.”

“You’re doing just fine.”

Sondra wrapped the measuring tape around his calf, which was very large and muscular, then his ankle, and then his knee. She glanced frequently at his cock bulge as she moved upward, waiting for his prick to grow.

She didn’t have to wait long. Sondra took extra time with the measuring tape around his upper leg. Dwight looked uncomfortable as his big prick stretched farther down the inside of his pants leg, obviously getting very stiff.

“I can see what side you dress on,” Sondra observed humorously.

“Uh, sorry about that. I’m not really used to, you know, chicks touching me there.”

“That’s a little hard to believe, Dwight. A big, handsome stud like you. I’d think they’d be lined up at your doorstep just, for the chance to get into your pants.”

The wantonness of this remark had its desired effect. Dwight soon sported an enormous hard-on, which was throbbing obscenely as if his cock would break out of his jeans.

“Now, I don’t see how I can get my measuring tape around this big thing!” Sondra teasingly flicked her fingernail on his outlined cock head.

Dwight groaned and said nothing. Sondra knew she had him completely under her spell. She always moved fast when she was this hot to fuck.

Dropping the measuring tape, she pulled down his zipper and undid his belt. Dwight just gaped at her as she tugged his jeans down to his ankles, then let her lift his feet so she could push the jeans across the rug.

He wasn’t we underwear. His was one of the biggest pricks Sondra had ever seen in her life, even larger than her son’s oversized cock. His nine-inch long prick rose straight out of his ball bag, quivering parallel to the floor.

His cock was as thick as her wrist, crowned with a big juicy-looking prick-knob.

“Jesus, what a hard-on,” the blonde-haired mother purred.

Sondra wrapped both hands around the teen’s straining cock, expertly squeezing and milking his cock.

“Oh, Jesus,” Dwight sighed, and he put his hands eagerly on her shoulders. Sondra lewdly beat his meat with the same grip she might use on a baseball bat, hungrily tugging and stroking his iron-hard prick.

“Does that feel good, Dwight? I’ll bet you like getting your dick played with, huh?”

Dwight just moaned and dug his fingers into her bare shoulders. Sondra felt her nipples stiffen under her tube top. She stared straight at his crimson, puffy cock head, and saw the thick drop of milky juice about to drip from the piss hole.

She couldn’t waste that luscious-looking drop. Flicking out her tongue, Sondra licked all around the crown, slurping in the juice. She pressed her lips on the head of his boner for a long, lascivious kiss. Then she parted her ripe lips and let his fat cock fuck down her throat.

In and in his prick went, until Sondra had to stop when she was about to choke on the length and thickness of his prick. His big prick-knob pushed past her tonsils. She felt wonderful having a mouthful of cock meat.

Sondra knew her pussy needed attending to, but she loved sucking cock so much that her cunt would just have to wait. She clasped her lips in a tight circle around the veined shaft of Dwight’s prick, puckering her cheeks sharply. She started to suck his big prick wetly and very hard, swirling her full tongue teasingly around the juicy tip.

“Unh, Christ!” Dwight held her blonde maned head in both hands, grimacing as his cock grew longer and fatter in Sondra’s sucking mouth. “Work out, honey!” He looked down at her, fascinated by the spectacle of her pretty face with a mouthful of cock meat. “Jesus, you’re a good cock sucker!”

For the first time, Sondra wondered if Betty was helping herself to this huge rock-hard cock. It wouldn’t have surprised her. She was beginning to think she knew more about, the big-titted brunette’s cravings than Betty knew herself. Her suspicion was that Betty felt guilty about her constant need for sex, but would still yield when confronted with a nice fat cock.

Like Betty yielded so easily with Jimmy. Sondra loved hearing the stories Jimmy told about how horny Betty was, how she had gone down on him again and again in the motel room. Well, now she was returning the favor. She was going to give Dwight a blow job he would remember for a long, long time.

Sondra tightened her fist around the root of his cock, squeezing hard. She started a hard, bucking motion of her head, fucking his prick against the roof of her mouth. Dwight gasped and pulled her short blonde hair, trying to fuck his prick deeper down her throat. Sondra gurgled as she went on sucking, fucking her face fast with his cock, moving her head in a blur.

“Unhh! You’re gonna make me cum!” Dwight grimaced his cock swelled between her fingers. “Work out on it! Oh fuck, make it spurt!”

Sondra intended to do just that. Cock sucking sounds filled the room as she greedily tongued and kissed and sucked his aching prick, chewing her lips along his cock shaft. Her hand moved on the base. She jacked his wrist-thick prick frantically, milking and tugging his cock into her mouth.

“Any second!” Dwight cried. “It’s really going to shoot!”

His cock was as hard as bone now, and Sondra knew only seconds remained until he would shoot great gobs of prick juice down her throat. She thrust her free hand between his tight ass cheeks, pushing her finger into his asshole. Dwight grunted as she shoved her finger suddenly up his ass, wiggling her finger hard, sucking and beating his meat as hard as she could at the same time.

“Ahhh, yes!”

Dwight’s cock grew even bigger in her mouth, as a cock could grow when about to shoot. Then his jizz exploded.

Cum sprayed in a stream out of his wide open piss slit, lashing the inside of Sondra’s mouth with a torrent. Hornily, Sondra started swallowing, not wanting to release the teenager’s prick until she had milked out all of his load.

She sucked his big prick violently while his cock spurted, jacking fiercely on his thick prick shaft at the same time. Dwight held her head with both hands, moaning as the jism continued to shoot up from his balls. Jizz foamed out of Sondra’s cock sucking mouth around his prick, running in a long milky stream down her chin.

“Oooh, lover!” Sondra took the giant cock out of her mouth and continued to jack adoringly. “You really popped your rocks, didn’t you?”

Dwight groaned and slumped forward, exhausted by the huge orgasm. Sondra knew the very best way to rejuvenate him. She spread out on the floor and pulled off her tube top, showing him her pert tits. A pair of bite-sized titties had to be a nice change of pace after his mother’s huge tits.

Sondra slithered out of her hot pants, leaving herself completely naked. Dwight opened his eyes. The blonde divorcee giggled and spread her slim legs down, showing him the pouting lips of her very wet cunt.

“Dwight, it’s about time to return the favor, don’t you think?”

Dwight caught her hint and hurriedly stripped off the rest of his clothes. His body was lean and muscular, and Sondra could feel the fuck heat throbbing between her legs.

Sprawling on his stomach, the teenager spread her legs even wider and started kissing and licking the insides of her thighs, moving closer to her cunt. Sondra squealed and bit her lip as he pulled on her puffy pussy folds with his lips. Then he was grinding his face all over her aching cunt, smearing his cheeks with her fuck juices.

“Suck it, Dwight,” Sondra commanded, pushing her hand behind his head. “Suck my pussy good, so it’ll be even juicier when you fuck me!”

Dwight pushed his tongue into her steaming cunt, parting the tight lips around it. He made slurping sounds as he licked greedily up and down her pussy, pausing to tease the underside of her clit. God, Sondra thought, someone had really taught the boy how to eat a cunt out, and thought again of Dwight’s big-titted mother.

Dwight thrust his hands under her lithe hips, cupping heir ass cheeks. He slurped and sucked and kissed madly away at her pussy, fucking her clit with every stroke of his tongue.

“That’s a good pussysucker!” Sondra hissed. She humped her ass in a lewd rhythm, fucking her creaming cunt onto his lips. “Eat it out, lover, clean it all up! Get it all nice and wet for when you shove in that big fat dick!”

She was already humping her ass so frantically that he couldn’t hold her in position. Dwight pulled one hand away, using it to fuck two fingers up her pussy tunnel. Sondra groaned as the fingers speared into her buttery pussy, and humped her cunt eagerly onto his knuckles.

“That’s right, finger fuck me! Now suck my clit, Dwight! Suck on my fucking clit!”

Her clit was pink and swollen and glistening, protruding from the upper folds of her pussy. Dwight sucked her clit into his mouth, chewing his lips lightly on the ultra-sensitive tip.

Sondra whined and humped faster, grimacing and twisting her head from side to side on the floor. “Eat me out!” she cried. “Ooohhh, I love it, loooove it! I’m cumming now! Awww, fuck, cuuummmmiiinnnngggggg!”

Her pussy throbbed exquisitely in orgasm, her clit tingling in Dwight’s mouth and her slippery cunt walls contracting around his fingers. Dwight slurped on her clit and continued to fuck his fingers expertly in and out of the gurgling hole. Sondra finally pushed him away, horny for his prick.

His cock had grown as hard as stone again, and Sondra looked at his prick hungrily. Dwight rose into position to fuck her, his nine inch hard-on throbbing over her stomach. “My pussy’s all juicy, Dwight, now that you’ve sucked it,” she mewled huskily. “That gigantic cock of yours will go right in!”

Sondra reached down, grasped his cock shaft and directed the smoking prick-knob to her hairy pussy opening. She rubbed his cock slowly up and down her pussy slit, teasing her still-aching cunt. Then she took her hand away as she centered his prick between her cunt lips.

“Fuck me now!” She wiggled her ass and lifted her slim legs high, opening her cunt completely for the invasion of his cock. “Fuck me deep, honey! Fuck it really deep!”

Dwight felt his cock head twitching in her pussy slit, and he fucked another inch in. Sondra’s pussy spread to admit it, clasping and sucking. Sighing, the naked teenager spread his knees to change the angle at which his huge cock speared into her fuck tunnel. Then he started humping and thrusting, fucking his oversized cock into the depths of her pussy.

Sondra shut her eyes and sighed in ecstasy as her pussy was overwhelmed with the magnificent size of the kid’s cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist and started humping all over again, fucking her creaming cunt onto his cock.

“Fuck my pussy… fuck it, fuck it!” Sondra chanted, working her ass off the floor. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and raked his muscular back, undulating her ass to meet the thrusts of his prick. “It’s going deep, Dwight! Unhhh… oh shit… there it is… all the way in!” She wiggled her ass hard, making the base push into her clinging cunt. “Ahhhhh!”

Dwight lay on her sweating belly, his nine inch fuck pole throbbing and oozing jism all the way up her cunt. He pulled out slowly, then fucked his prick in for another stroke. Slowly the muscular teen fell into a steady rhythm, fucking his bloated prick in and out of the woman’s cunt.

He was a hard fucker, too! Sondra winced as his cock fucked into her, the prick-knob banging onto her womb opening with every thrust. She felt her pussy burning intensely, her clit chafed lusciously by every thrust of his prick.

“Oooooh, you big fucker!” Sondra gritted her teeth and humped her ass savagely, determined to fuck him back just as hard as he was screwing her. “Work out, fucker! Fuck my juicy cunt!”

Dwight fucked her still harder, using all his energy to ream out her tight hairy cunt. Sondra felt her cum starting deep inside her belly, stiffening her nipples, making her cunt churn and suck and clasp around his prick. She felt Dwight’s cock growing longer, and knew he was about to cum too.

“Faster, faster, fuck me!” Sondra chanted.

“I’m cumming, fucker! Unh unhunh, fuck it! Awww God, I’m cummmiiinnnggggg!”

Her pussy contracted so tightly it was almost painful, sucking and clasping hungrily around Dwight’s fucking prick. Dwight gasped and stopped trying to hold back the pent-up wad of prick juice. It flooded out of his balls in a torrent, making his big prick jerk and twitch inside her pussy as he sprayed jism into her cunt.

“Fuck, fuck!” Sondra tightened her thighs around his waist, humping harder than ever as he poured the milky spunk into her pussy. Cum kept on squirting, until Dwight gasped and fell slack on top of her. Sondra gave him a horny kiss, biting his tongue.

“Damn, you’re a good fuck,” she whispered. “How’d you like to come over and give me some of that big cock a lot more often?”

Dwight gulped and nodded quickly. His mother was the one he wanted to fuck most of all, but she wasn’t giving him any pussy, and Sondra was a fantastic fuck.


“Aw, Goddamn it, I need this,” Betty groaned. “Ahhh, Goddamn.”

Betty stood naked in the shower stall, the warm water cascading down her enormous tits as she hungrily fucked a finger in and out of her brown-haired cunt. She’d taken to finger-fucking anyplace in the house, so strong was her need for sex.

Jimmy hadn’t fucked her in a couple of days his mom wanted him home, for some reason and her desire for her own son’s huge prick was getting out of control. Betty thought about Dwight’s prick constantly, when she woke up in the morning and when she went to bed at night. She could always imagine his cock spurting, the meaty trunk throbbing as his prick gushed out a long stream of cum.


Betty shivered as she came on her finger, feeling her pussy muscles suck tightly. She stood hunched over under the spray for a moment longer, breathing hard. Then she sighed and turned off the faucets.

Guess it’s time to go to bed, she thought, time for another sleepless, horny night.

Betty stepped onto the throw rug on the tiled bathroom floor and reached for a towel. She was busy drying her lush curves when the bathroom door suddenly flew open.

There was her Dwight, naked. The first thing Betty’s eyes focused on was his gigantic prick.

“What… what do you think you’re doing in here?” Betty asked nervously.

“You know what I want, Mom,” Dwight said softly. “I just can’t wait for it anymore.”

“Dwight, you know it’s… it’s sinful!” Betty held the towel across her huge tits. “I… I want it too, but it’s so wrong of us. Don’t you know it’s a sin to fuck your own mom?”

“I don’t care if it’s a sin anymore.”

Dwight stepped up to her, and Betty nearly swooned as she felt his swollen cock head twitch on her inner thigh. Suddenly she felt herself losing all resistance to him, and she did nothing as he pulled the towel away, baring the luscious tits he loved so much.

“Oh, Mom. I’ve been wanting to fuck you again for days.”

Dwight put both hands on her huge tits, squeezing and kneading them. Betty shivered with desire as she stood with her back to the shower stall. Soon she felt her fat crimson nipples popping up stiff between his fingers. She groaned as she succumbed to her desires, reaching down and grasping his stiff cock.

“Oh, Dwight…”

Betty pumped his mammoth cock with both hands, feeling pre-cum leaking out onto her fingers. Dwight cupped one huge tit and dropped his mouth to the fat, goose bumped nipple. He sucked in her big nipple, pulling on it with his lips. Betty shuddered and squeezed his cock harder, and a thrill of pleasure coursed quickly into her hairy cunt.

“Fuck me, Son,” she moaned. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Momma, I want to taste your pussy first.” Dwight pushed her back until her legs touched the toilet, and she sat down automatically on the white plastic seat. Betty looked on helplessly as her son pulled her ass to the edge, spreading her thighs wide and swinging her calves over his shoulders. She leaned against the back of the toilet as he buried his head between her milk-white legs.

“Suck me, darling,” she murmured, curling her fingers need fully into his hair. “Suck Mommy’s juicy cunt!”

Dwight started slurping hungrily away at her pussy, thrusting his tongue deeply between the hair-matted folds. Betty whimpered and ground heir ass off the plastic seat, fucking her cunt all aver his face.

Her pussy felt wetter than ever before in her life. She had finally given in completely to her incestuous cravings, to the secret longing to suck and fuck her teen’s enormous prick. Now that she’d succumbed this time, there would be no going back again.

And she didn’t want to go back. Betty held his head tightly, smiling lovingly as she watched her athletic son eating out her fur-fringed cunt. Her pussy was burning, the pouting cunt lips pulsating lightly on his tongue. Nothing in the world was better than sucking and fucking and cumming, all day and night long.

Dwight slid his tongue around the puffy outer folds of his mom’s pussy, lapping up the fuck oils as they oozed out of the depths of her cunt. He fucked two fingers deep inside her pussy channel, making Betty groan and shiver as her cunt walls sucked automatically around them.

Dwight started finger-fucking her cunt into a lather, banging his knuckles onto her cunt opening as he fucked his fingers in and out of her pussy. Betty whimpered girlishly and reached down to hold her pussy wide open. Her stiffened clit was pink and pulsing, glistening in its need to be sucked.

“Lick it for me, darling,” Betty whispered huskily. “Right there, on my clit!”

Dwight took his mother’s swollen nubbin between his lips. He sucked hard, making Betty gasp and buck as if she’d been shot, rhythmically fucking her pussy all over his face.

Her cunt tunnel was throbbing uncontrollably now, steadily contracting around the fingers deep inside her drooling pussy. Dwight fucked a third finger into her aching pussy hole, puckering his cheeks as he sucked on the engorged clit.

“Cumming, darling!” Betty pulled his hair and grimaced obscenely as she humped her ass frantically off the plastic seat. “Suck me, suck meeeee! Unnnngghhh! My cunt’s so hot! It’s cuuummmiiinnnngggg!”

She was delirious as the spasms pounded through her loins, making her pussy gush and her asshole throb need fully, in search of a finger or a big hard cock. Dwight kept on sucking her fragrant, cumming cunt, lovingly cleaning up the juice from her flowering cunt lips. Finally Betty pushed him away, staring down at his cock.

His prick had grown as hard as bone from him sucking her pussy, standing up so stiffly that his fat cock-knob twitched before his stomach. Betty knew that it was time again for her horny son to fuck her, for her to feel that massive fuck pole jack hammering in her cunt.

“F-follow me, darling,” Betty stammered.

She rose and went out of the bathroom, huge tits jiggling and bouncing lasciviously. Dwight followed her, his big prick throbbing against her ass cheeks. He impatiently reached around to mold her tits.

Betty went straight to her bedroom, thinking of nothing but the hot need burning deep inside her pussy. She fell onto her back on the double mattress, spreading her legs wide, looking up at her son expectantly.

“Fuck me now, Dwight!” The big-titted mother made her enormous tits quiver as she wiggled her ass into a comfortable positon on the bedspread. “Don’t make me wait, lover. My pussy’s all hot and juicy from your sucking. Please, just shove that big prick of yours right up my cunt!”

Dwight climbed onto the bed, his huge cock twitching obscenely before him. He crawled into position, pressing his hands onto the bed to either side of her shoulders, so he could stare down at her face and tits while he fucked his mother’s cunt.

Betty reached down and grasped her child’s nine-inch cock. She pulled the puffy crown to her pussy, sighing very loudly as she rubbed his prick up and down the velvety opening of her cunt.

Then his cock was securely inside her, fucking into the depths of her buttery pussy. Dwight spread his knees on the bed between her thighs, changing the angle at which his meaty prick would fuck into her cunt. He watched his mom’s huge tits quiver as he started feeding the meat into her, fucking inch after inch of his hard-on into the slippery channel of her cunt slit.

“Unghh! Sonny! Unngggghhh!” Betty squealed and grimaced, looking down between her shaking tits to watch his wrist-thick cock shaft disappearing into her hairy pussy. “It’s so big inside me, Son! Oh God, what a huge fucking prick!”

Dwight didn’t answer. He was too busy fucking his cock inside her. Inch after inch of his fat prick penetrated her slick, hairy cunt lips, and he could feel his cock growing stiffer with every thrust. Finally he banged his hips down hard, stuffing all of his cock into the clasping grip of his mother’s cunt.

Betty started humping immediately, crying out with pleasure as she felt all nine inches of his cock meat throbbing inside her pussy.

“Fuck me, Son!” she whimpered, banging her rounded ass cheeks eagerly off the mattress. “My cunt’s burning, you’re going to give it another cum! Ahhh, fuck my ass off, Dwight! Fuck your mother’s juicy cunt!”

Dwight started fucking heavily, groaning every time her pussy walls sucked exquisitely around his cock. His cock seemed to be growing constantly, swelling stiffer than his prick had ever been in his life. Betty’s wet cunt channel worked reflexively around his cock, squeezing and gripping every time he fucked his prick into her pussy.

“Tight pussy, Momma,” he groaned.

He watched her enormous tits shake like jello as he fucked into her, the nipples as hard as little rocks. The sight was obscenely exciting. Dwight let his weight fall on top of her, pushing up one football-sized tit and sucking on the huge nipple as he fucked feverishly into her cunt.

“Oooohhh!” Betty held his head eagerly, sighing as he sucked on the nipple and made it grow. Steadily his blood-swollen cock fucked in and out of her pussy, banging onto her womb opening with every stroke.

What a big fucking hard-on he’s got, Betty thought deliriously. Oh, fuck, I love fucking my beautiful son!

Suddenly Dwight stopped sucking her tit, sliding his hands down her waist to squeeze her humping ass cheeks. He concentrated on fucking her. Betty was amazed by the intensity of her boy’s fucking as he worked his hips madly between her thighs, fucking his huge, cum oozing hard-on in and out of her cunt.

“Oh, Dwight! Dwight! You’re fucking my pussy so hard! It’s making me cum!”

Betty wrapped her thighs tightly around his waist, throwing her arms around his shoulders. She panted obscenely as she whipped up her ass to meet his thrusts, grinding her steaming pussy onto the root of his cock.

Dwight kept on fucking her pussy as hard as he could, fucking his prick in and out of her drooling cunt slit. Suddenly the stacked mother felt the intense pressure of her orgasm welling up inside her. The next thing she knew she was cumming, cumming uncontrollably all over his fucking prick.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” She clawed his ass cheeks, feverishly twisting her head from side to side. “I’m cumming, lover! Unh unh, fuck your mother! Fuck Mommy’s pussy! Mommy’s gotta cuuuummmm!”

Her slippery pink cunt walls spasmed sharply, sucking wetly around the fucking hardness of her teenager’s cock. Dwight let his prick juice erupt.

Cum flooded up from his balls and out of his cock head in a creamy torrent, spurting and spraying against the innermost walls of his mother’s throbbing cunt.

“Son, oh, Son!” Betty kept whipping her ass off the mattress, almost fainting as her exquisite climax continued to pump through her loins. Dwight’s huge prick was still squirting spunk inside her pussy, and she hornily flexed her cunt walls around his cock, helping him shoot out every milky drop.

She’d finally fucked him willingly. There would be no turning back. Betty Williams loved fucking her teenage son.


Betty stood at the kitchen sink early the next morning, whistling as she slipped the frying pan into the soapy water. A steaming plate of ham and eggs waited for her boy on the kitchen table. He would be down for his breakfast any minute.

Betty wore a frilly white apron that she often wore when cooking. The apron had never been intended to be sexually exciting, but it was when it was worn with nothing else but a pair of slippers.

It tied around her waist, and her back was completely exposed. Betty hoped that the first thing her son would look at when he entered would be the creamy-white globes of her ass. The sides of her huge tits were exposed too, and her nipples, poked obscenely through the top. Betty couldn’t wait to lift up the dainty flap of the apron, to show her hairy cunt to her son.

“Jesus, Mom,” Dwight murmured behind her. “You look good enough to eat!”

Betty turned to him. Her son was dressed for school in a t-shirt and blue jeans, but a huge boner was already pressing down the inside of his pants leg as he ogled his mom’s stacked figure.

Betty smiled back at him happily, feeling lewd desire coursing through her loins. All night long they had fucked, covering the sheets with their sweat and fuck juices as Dwight had torridly fucked his cock again and again into her hairy pussy.

Betty had never before felt so satisfied, but, as she looked at the stiff cock bulging through his jeans, she felt her pussy creaming for more fucking. She had sucked the cum out of Dwight’s balls many, many times the night before, but a good night’s sleep had undoubtedly filled his balls with more juice. Her pussy throbbed as she imagined the fresh load spouting out of his prick.

“Eat your breakfast, honey,” Betty murmured. “You don’t want to be late for school.”

Dwight grinned and embraced her, wrapping his arms around her naked back and fondling her shivering ass cheeks. He gave his titted mother a long, horny kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, grinding his pelvis onto her fuck mound.

Betty thought she would cum on the spot. Dwight forced himself to separate from her. He took his seat at the breakfast table, picking up his knife and fork and digging into the plate of ham and eggs.

“Oh, Son.” Betty shook her head. “You make my pussy so fucking hot!”

Impulsively, Betty got on her hands and knees and crawled under the kitchen table. Dwight chuckled as he felt his mother’s hands sliding up his pants, lewdly squeezing and clutching his straining prick.

Betty knew she should leave Dwight alone so he could go to school, but she was too horny to help herself. Eagerly she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, tugging them down to his knees.

There throbbing under the table, was the huge cock she loved so much. His prick was as hard as bone, completely recovered from the torrid fucking of the night before. Betty moved forward on her knees and wrapped both hands tightly around the swollen stalk of her son’s prick. Lasciviously, she started licking and kissing his cock head, pressing her tongue on the cum hole to slurp up the oozing drops of pre-cum.

“Unnggghhh!” Dwight groaned as he ate, squirming his ass on the hard-backed chair. “Suck it, Mom! Give me some good head!”

Opening her mouth wide, still gripping his boner with both hands, Betty thrust the knob of his cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips tightly around his prick just under the cock-knob, swirling her tongue feverishly around the shiny-skinned crown. She puckered her cheeks as she started sucking on her boy’s big hard prick, bobbing her head lightly over his crotch.

“Ahhh, Christ!” Dwight swallowed a big piece of ham and put one hand under the table, curling his fingers into his mom’s thick brown hair. “Suck it good, Mom! Jesus, I can’t walk around all day with a big hard-on like this in my pants!”

His huge cock was throbbing in her hands, pulsing rhythmically as a fresh load of prick juice built up in his balls. Betty bobbed her head harder, fucking the back of her mouth with his iron-hard prick.

Cum juice was bubbling freely out of his piss hole, and Betty knew her kid was really going to spurt lots of the white stuff down her throat when he came. Repeatedly she swirled her tongue around the cock-knob, licking the frothing fuck juice.

Her loud prick sucking noises filled the kitchen as she greedily slurped and smacked on his magnificent cock. She took one hand from his hard-on, sliding it between his legs to cup his hairy balls. Her right fist started a hard pumping rhythm up and down his cock shaft, jacking him off into her mouth.

Dwight realized he was about to cum just as he swallowed the last bite of his breakfast. “Suck it, Mom!” he groaned, shoving both hands under the table to hold her head in position. “Gonna pop my fucking rocks now! Oh, shit, I can feel it! Suck… suck… suck ahhh!”

His cock exploded, throbbing wildly between her lips as the torrent of jism rushed up the pulsing stalk. The first blast of cream flooded straight down Betty’s throat, shooting across her tongue. It was followed by thick, gooey ribbons of fresh hot cum.

Betty slurped and swallowed, sucking feverishly on her son’s gushing prick. There was nothing that tasted better to her than her teenager’s cock juice, and she was glad that she’d skipped breakfast, so she could have an empty, hungry stomach for his jism.

Cum kept on shooting up from his balls, and she kept on swallowing, her cocksucking sounds filling the kitchen as she greedily sucked her boy’s cock dry. Finally Betty took his prick out of her mouth. His cock was still as hard as iron, and she realized how badly she wanted him to fuck her.

“Son, please.” Betty sprawled on her back on the tiled kitchen floor, her enormous tits jiggling out of the apron top as she spread her soft thighs wide. She lifted the dainty flap, showing him her wide-open cunt hole. “Fuck me before you go to school today!”

Dwight groaned and got on his knees between her legs, with his jeans still bunched around his ankles. He held his prick in his fist and rubbed his cock head up and down her furry pussy opening. Then he pushed his prick head securely inside her and, spreading his knees, started fucking his big cock into his mother’s cunt.

“Unngghh! Unngghhh!” Excited, Betty lifted her legs as high as she could, until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, opening her pussy passage completely for the stabbing invasion of her son’s mammoth prick. “Fuck me, darling! Fuck your mother, fuck Mommy’s cunt!”

His mother’s pussy was very tight and wet, and Dwight twisted his ass to get his oversized cock inside. Immediately he started fucking her pussy very hard and fast, his chest crushing her huge wits. He slid his hands down her waist, digging his fingers into the sides of her squirming ass cheeks. He fucked his mother’s hairy pussy with long, driving strokes of his blood swollen cock.

“Gonna cum, gonna cum!” Betty shouted. “Fuck me harder, oooh, lover! Mommy’s gonna have a big cum!”

Dwight kept fucking his prick in and out of her cunt slit, driving his cock-knob up to her womb with every thrust. Betty threw her soft, white thighs around his waist. She panted as she heaved her nimble ass to meet his fuck rhythm, hungrily grinding her pussy onto the throbbing root of his cock.

“Squeeze my ass harder! Unhhh! Fuck the shit out of me!” Betty pleaded. She raked his muscular back through his shirt, clawing his muscular ass cheeks in a desperate attempt to get more of his cock inside her. “Fuck your mother, honey! Mommy’s gonna have a super big cum!”

Dwight fucked into her gushing pussy as hard as he could, already feeling a second load of jism churning in his balls. Betty stiffened all over as the cum mounted deep inside her belly.

“I’m cummming!” she cried suddenly. “Fuck me, fuck me! Awww, I’m cuuummiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy spasmed into orgasm, sucking and contracting uncontrollably around the thickness of her teenager’s prick. Betty felt herself swept into a tide of lust, her whole body shaking helplessly under Dwight as he continued to fuck his bone-hard cock onto her cumming cunt.

“Oh, Momma!”

Dwight collapsed between her legs, and his second load of cum rushed up from his balls. Betty squealed with satisfaction as spunk fountained into her pussy, spurting deep inside her buttery cunt. Hornily she clutched her child, continuing to thrust and grind her pussy onto his cock. She didn’t relax until he finally slipped his dripping cock out of her pussy hole.

“I gotta get to school now,” Dwight panted.

Betty gulped and nodded her head. “Just come home soon, darling. Mommy needs lots more of that lovely cock!”

Dwight nodded, pulling up his pants and heading for the door. In spite of his happiness, he felt a little worried. How was his cock going to handle fucking Sondra Noran too?


“Faster, Dwight!” Sondra pleaded. She had her thighs wrapped tightly around his waist, whipping her ass eagerly off the couch. “Fuck my hot pussy, honey! Unnnggghhh, Jesus! You’ve got such a huge dick!”

Dwight panted as he worked between her thighs, fucking his cock into the gushing depths of her cunt. But Sondra noticed that the youth wasn’t fucking her quite as hard as he usually did. There seemed to be a heaviness to his rhythm, as he fucked his long, swollen cock shaft between her clasping pussy lips.

But that wasn’t going to hold back her orgasm. Sondra could already feel her climax building deep inside her, spreading lusciously through her cunt. She twisted her arms around the young stud’s shoulders, grabbing his humping ass cheeks and pulling them between her legs.

“Harder, faster, fuck my pussy!” she cried, her voice rising as her lust mounted. “I’m going to cum, Dwight! Fuck me, fuck meeeeee!”

Dwight fucked her harder, feeling the wetness of her pussy cream squishing around the shaft of his fucking cock. His balls slapped her ass crack, and he knew he was about to shoot.

“Unnggghhh!” Sondra held him tightly, groaning as her pussy pulsed around his prick. “Unh, haaaaaaaarder! I’m cumming, lover! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her pussy erupted in a long, delicious orgasm, sweetly contracting again and again around the teenage kid’s cock. Her slippery cunt clasped every inch of his prick, holding his fucking cock shaft deep inside her. Dwight sighed and dropped his ass between her legs.


He came inside her, grunting against her shoulder, fucking into her cunt. But it was not the usual flooding Sondra had come to expect from such a huge prick and such a big pair of balls. Instead only a few milky drops pumped into her pussy tunnel, and Dwight’s big prick quickly began to soften inside her.

Sondra giggled and let him pull out from between her legs. She was very satisfied by the fucking he had just given her, but she knew the reason he hadn’t spurted much juice.

“Dwight,” she said suddenly. “You’re fucking your mother, aren’t you?”

Dwight blushed fiercely. “Wh-what?” he stammered. “Christ, what a thing to say! Jesus, I’ve never heard anything like that in my life!”

Sondra laughed at him. “Now, don’t lie to me, Dwight,” she murmured, reaching down to fondle his half-swollen, rubbery prick. “I can tell, you know. Tell me the truth. You’ve been sucking on those huge tits of Betty’s quite a bit, haven’t you?”

Dwight gulped and looked away. “Yeah,” he said quietly. “Yeah.”

Sondra laughed louder. “Don’t feel bad, darling! Didn’t you know I’ve gotten it on with your mother too? You’re not the only one who likes her tits!”

Dwight looked at her in amazement, and Sondra felt his cock pulsing with fresh blood in her hand.

“And you know something else, lover,” she purred wantonly. “Betty isn’t the only mom around who likes fucking her kid.”

“I… I don’t believe you.”

“Oh?” Sondra turned her head and looked at the stairs. “Jimmy!” she shouted. “Come on down here! I need to get fucked!”

Dwight looked at her in amazement. “I thought you said he wasn’t home!”

Sondra chuckled. “I never said that, lover. You just assumed it. Jimmy’s been waiting upstairs all the time! He loves fucking my pussy after you’re through!”

Jimmy rushed down the stairs, as naked as on the day he was born. His big stiff prick quivered before him, and he looked straight at his mother’s gooey cunt.

Dazedly Dwight got off the couch and stood beside her. Jimmy didn’t even look at him. Instead he sprawled on his stomach on the cushions and immediately buried his head between his mother’s creamy legs.

“Suck it, Son,” Sondra whispered, cupping the back of his head.

Jimmy pushed his hands under her slim hips, cupping her tight, rounded ass cheeks. He rubbed his face all over her gooey pussy, then thrust his tongue deep inside his mother’s pussy slit. Dwight could hear him lapping eagerly away at his mother, moving his tongue ma blur up and down her frothing cunt hole.

“See?” Sondra glanced at Dwight, then whimpered as her son licked around her clit. “Oh, suck me there, Son!” She pushed her hand down and peeled her pussy petals open, making her swollen clit pop out of its fleshy hood. “I’m so horny! Suck Mommy’s fucking clit!”

Jimmy sucked, pulling her clit between his lips. He pulled one hand out from her ass and fucked two fingers inside her steaming, slippery pussy hole. He started finger-fucking his mother’s pussy as he sucked hard on her clit, nipping the tip with his teeth.

“Unh! Unnggghhh!” Sondra suddenly whipped her ass high off the couch, grinding her hairy cunt onto her son’s mouth. “Cumming, Son! Mommy’s cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her pussy spasmed on his mouth, her clit tingling and twitching wildly. Jimmy eagerly continued to suck and finger fuck her pussy until the spasms had completely subsided. Then he swiftly moved into position between her thighs, his big prick throbbing over her belly as he prepared to fuck her gooey cunt.

“Yes, lover!” Sondra seemed to have forgotten that Dwight was even there. She reached down and clutched her boy’s cock pole, directing the swollen tip to her pussy opening. “Ahhh, fuck me… fuck your mother!”

Jimmy pushed his cock head into her pouting pussy. Dwight watched the big, thick cock shaft disappear into her cunt, and Jimmy groaned with pleasure as his mother’s tight cunt channel enveloped his big cock.

Dwight was unable to see her pussy as Sondra suddenly lifted her legs up and wrapped her thighs around her son’s waist. She started humping fast and hard, fucking her creaming pussy onto his prick.

“Fuck me, fuck your mother!” she shouted, her voice rising obscenely. “Fuck my ass off, Jimmy! Mommy needs a good, hard fuck!”

Jimmy eagerly started fucking between her clasping legs, groaning against her shoulder as he fucked his big hard-on in and out of her syrupy cunt. Dwight dazedly watched Jimmy’s ass move, then looked down at his own cock.

His cock had gotten stiff again, harder than before he had fucked her that afternoon. The huge nine-inch prick stuck straight out of his prick fur, bloated to bursting.

Dwight didn’t hesitate. He knelt on the couch beside Sondra’s shoulders and slid his hands into her blonde hair, holding her head up. Sondra turned toward him and smiled as she saw the big prick now quivering in front of her face. She opened her mouth in invitation, and Dwight fucked his cock between her lips.

“Suck it,” Dwight whispered.

Sondra wrapped her lips tightly around the straining shaft of his cock meat, waggling her tongue around the shiny-skinned tip. Jimmy was fucking violently into her pussy, and she continued to whip her ass cheeks off the couch to meet his thrusts. It was fantastic for her to have two big hard cocks in her at the same time.

Dwight pulled her hair and worked his ass lightly, fucking his prick down her buttery throat. Sondra puckered her cheeks and felt them flush as she sucked Dwight’s massive cock as hard as she could.

Jimmy slid his hands down his mother’s slim waist, fucking his cock into her hairy cunt slit as fast as possible. Sondra felt his big prick stiffening inside her, and knew her boy was about to shoot a huge load of cock milk into her cunt. She twined her ankles tightly around his humping back and humped harder, encouraging him to fuck her as hard as he could.

Dwight’s prick was delicious, and she knew how much the fuck scene was exciting him. His cock was much stiffer than before fucking her cunt. Lifting one arm, she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and felt how hotly his prick throbbed on her palm. Sondra energetically jacked on his huge prick, milking and tugging the length of his cock down her throat.

“Gonna shoot, Mommy!” Jimmy panted. “Oh, fuck, I’m really gonna explode this time!”

Sondra knew her son wasn’t exaggerating. She contracted her cunt muscles, waiting hornily for the onslaught of his fuck cream. Dwight’s cock head pulsed on the roof of her mouth. She sucked greedily, chewing her lips up Dwight’s fuck pole, darting her tongue into his cum slit.

“Ahhh, Momma!”

Jimmy collapsed between her sweating thighs, fucking his prick to the balls in her churning pussy tunnel. His cum juice shot, gushing and streaming into her buttery cunt. Sondra felt the size of his load in her pussy. Jimmy had been saving up the wad all day long at school.

Sondra grunted, the sound muffled around the big prick between her lips. She came suddenly all over Jimmy’s cock, her cunt muscles contracting in orgasm. That made even more spunk shoot up from her son’s big balls.

Jism geysered and sprayed deep inside her pussy, covering her slippery cunt walls with milky cream. Jimmy kept fucking torridly into the goo, never wanting to take his cock out of her pussy. Finally he fell slack on top of her. Now Sondra could concentrate her attentions on Dwight Williams’ fat cock.

She sucked his prick as hard as she could, slurping and smacking loudly on his cock head. Her fist raced up and down the iron hard prick shaft, tugging and stroking. Dwight sighed and fucked forward, newly choking her as he fucked his cock down her throat.

“Ahhh, fuck!”

This time his cock was very large and thick. His huge cock trembled and throbbed as jizz pumped out in long ribbons down Sondra’s throat.

Sondra sucked the spurting hard-on hungrily, sliding the shooting fuck cream around her mouth. She kept on jerking and sucking on his wonderful cock, swallowing at the same time. Finally the cum was over, and Sondra felt utterly satisfied as she savored the bellyful of the teenager’s cum.

A few minutes later, they were talking about how to get big-titled Betty in on the fuck action the next day.


“Fuck me, Son, fuck me!” Betty panted, grimacing with desire. “Oh God, your mother needs to get fucked!”

For the second day in a row, they had been too horny to make it to the bedroom after Dwight returned from school. Shamelessly, mother and son were fucking on the living room floor. Betty was on her hands and knees, naked, her stiff-nipple tits dangling pendulous over the rug.

Dwight hunched over her, grunting as he fucked his enormous hard-on in and out of her hairy cunt.

“Haaaarder!” Betty pushed her hand under her undulating belly, digging her fingers through her pussy curls and rubbing her swollen clit as her son fucked into her pussy. “Harder, need to cum!” She whipped up her ass like a bitch in heat, groaning every time her boy’s cock fucked to the hilt in her buttery fuck tunnel.

Dwight fucked her savagely, fucking his cock into her pussy as fast as he could. “You’re so tight, Mom!” he sighed. “I swear, your pussy gets tighter every time I fuck you!”

“That’s because I love your cock!” Betty shouted. Her mammoth tits swayed over the floor, swollen with lust. Her knees banged on the floor as she fucked her horny son, whipping her drooling fuck tunnel up to meet every bone-jarring stroke of his cock.

Her pussy was swimming with fuck oils, and she could feel how wetly her cunt muscles contracted around his thick prick. Betty clawed the carpet and dropped her shoulders, her stiff nipples grazing the rug. She lifted her ass higher, desperate to feel another inch of his huge cock fucking into her pussy.

“Keep fucking me, lover!” she cried. “Mommy’s cumming, Mommy’s cumming! Aahhh! Squeeze my titties, honey! Play with my tits!”

Dwight reached down, pulling, up her enormous tits and locking his hands tightly around them. He squeezed and kneaded his mother’s spongy tits, sighing as he fucked his hard-on in and out of her slippery cunt. Betty felt the heat worsening, spreading from her cunt into her asshole as her whole body prepared to explode with incestuous lust.

“Fuck, fuck, fucking!” she panted obscenely, fucking as fast as she could. “I’m cumming now, honey! Oooooh, Mommy’s cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her hairy cunt slit contracted sharply, sucking her boy’s prick deep into her belly. Betty came over and over again, whimpering as the tides of passion made her sticky cunt flood with hot fuck juice. Dwight kept his fat prick rock-hard inside her, fucking furiously, the jarring strokes guiding her through the peaks of her orgasm.

“Ooooh, fuck!” Betty gasped.

Sweating and panting, she pulled away from him, unable to take any more pounding in her pussy. Betty sighed with pleasure as she rested flat on her belly on the living room rug, her huge tits squashed on the floor. She could hear her son breathing hard behind her, and knew without looking that his prick was painfully stiff, twitching and throbbing and seeping jism onto the rug.

Reaching back, Betty dug her hands into her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart.

Dwight groaned at the sight of his mother’s pink puckered ass ring.

“San, fuck my asshole,” Betty pleaded. “Dump your load right up Mommy’s ass!”

Dwight mounted her again, squeezing the base of his cock as he aimed the drooling tip straight at his mom’s throbbing asshole. Betty shivered as she felt his prick pressing onto her shitter, stretching her puckered asshole wide. Automatically, she pushed her hand under her belly as she felt his prick fucking into her, spreading her rubbery ass walls to the bursting point.

“Fuck me, Son, fuck my asshole!” Betty started humping immediately, slipping a finger into her creaming pussy as she banged her ass globes eagerly onto her son’s hips. “I’m so horny! Oh God, I can never stop fucking you! Cram it up my shitter, darling! Make your horny mother cum!”

Dwight felt the strong pressure other tender shit tunnel milking and grasping around his cock. He pushed his huge prick slowly between the ass globes, burying inch after inch into the tightness of his main’s ass tunnel.

Betty grimaced with mingled pain and intense pleasure, her asshole spreading wider and wider to admit his cock. Her ass cheeks jiggled as she humped steadily harder, desperate to feel all of his cock between the halves of her ass.

“Fuck me, honey! Fuck, fuuuuck!”

Dwight groaned and fucked his huge cock pole to the hilt in her throbbing asshole. He remained motionless on top of her for several seconds, letting her narrow ass tunnel loosen to accommodate the wrist-thick width of his cock.

Then he started fucking his mother’s asshole, brutally fucking his prick deeper and harder into her shitter with every thrust. Betty whimpered as she finger fucked her pussy, fucking her fingers into her cunt slit and rolling her clit under her thumb. Gonna cum again, she thought frantically, all over my son’s big fucking prick!

“Well, well!” a voice said from the door. “Betty, is this your idea of giving your son an after-school treat?”

Betty looked up, her eyes wide with astonishment. There stood Sondra and Jimmy, grinning down happily at the humping couple. The front door was ajar behind them, and Jimmy kicked it shut casually with his foot.

“What… what are you doing here?” Betty shrieked. “Oh my God, get out of my house!”

“Mom, I knew they were coming,” Dwight said softly.

Betty tried to look at him over her shoulder, but his huge dick was jammed so far up her asshole that she could only move to fuck against him.

“I fucked Sondra,” Dwight went on, “and I know you fucked Jimmy too. We’re all going to fuck together, Mom. See what’s sticking out of Jimmy’s pants right now? He’s going to shove it up your pussy while I fuck you in the butt!”

“Then it’ll be my turn,” Sondra added.

Both of them swiftly ripped off their clothes, and they were all naked a half minute later. Betty looked up dazedly at Sondra’s hairy cunt triangle and at young Jimmy’s rock-hard prick. The next thing Betty knew, her son was rolling her over, with his cock still buried inside her asshole. Her pussy was now wide open for Jimmy’s big prick.

“No,” Betty said. “This is… it’s awful! No, don’t fuck me, Jimmy! Noooo…”

Jimmy chuckled and knelt between her legs. He rubbed his swollen cock head up her pussy furrow, then fucked all the way into her cunt with one thrust.

Betty was completely overwhelmed as, for the first time in her life, she was fucked by two big pricks at the same time. Jimmy’s prick rammed into her cunt like a knife cleaving through butter, and she felt her pussy stretching unbelievably, and the two cocks nearly rubbing against each other through the thin membranes separating her twin fuck channels.

“Fuck her, guys,” Sondra said, standing over them and running her fingers lightly over her pussy.

Then Dwight turned them over again. Betty was so shaken by the sensations coursing through her nakedness that she hardly knew what was going on. The next thing she knew, Jimmy was under her, his cock throbbing deep inside her pussy. And her horny son was on top of the pile, his huge prick crammed to the balls inside her stretched shit tunnel.

“Oh, fuck, what’s happening to me!” Betty cried dizzily. “Unnnhhhhh! Can’t stop it! Unnggghhh!”

“Fuck her pussy, Jimmy,” Sondra whispered.

Jimmy started moving his ass off the floor under the two of them, eagerly fucking his bone-hard cock in and out of the big-titted widow’s pussy. Betty felt every thrust jarring into her, stretching her cunt slit wide. Her fuck hole was very wet and swollen, and it nursed uncontrollably around the teen’s thick tock.

“Ahhh, yes!” Dwight sighed.

He started fucking his mother’s asshole again, reaming out her shiner with long, powerful strokes of his bloated prick. Then the two young studs were fucking the helpless mother in rhythmic unison, sighing as their cocks soaked inside her, fucking her faster and deeper with every stroke.

“Mmmm, that must feel good!” Sondra squealed. She fucked her fingers in and out of her naked pussy as she stood above theta, eagerly watching the torrid sandwich on the floor. “Come on, Jimmy, fuck her pussy! Think of how good it’s going to feel when you shoot out all your hot cum!”

Jimmy intensified the speed of his fucking, jack hammering his long cock in and out of Betty’s pussy. Betty felt Dwight’s prick throbbing deep inside her asshole. Pre-cum oozed heavily out of his swollen cock-knob.

Suddenly she felt herself completely overwhelmed with the pleasure of being fucked with two cocks at the same time.

So big, Betty thought wantonly.

Jimmy’s cock stretched her pussy.

I love getting fucked, Betty thought as she began moving wildly between them, thrusting her fuck hole onto the base of Jimmy’s tool, lifting her rounded ass cheeks for more of her son’s cock. Oh, shit, I love it! I love getting fucked by their cocks!

“Fuck meeeee!” Betty shouted. Her tongue rolled obscenely out of the corner of her mouth as she bucked her hips like a horny animal, grinding and thrusting tirelessly between them. “Fuck the shit out of me, Son, fuck my asshole! Jimmy, fuck that big dick of yours right up my cunt!”

“Ahhh, Christ,” Sondra hissed, spreading her feet on the floor and fucking her fingers into her pussy.

Dwight and Jimmy fucked Betty as hard as they could, grunting as their cum loads filled their balls. Betty felt the lust seething through her nakedness. Her nipples were painfully stiff, pressing onto Jimmy’s chest.

I’m cumming, she thought wildly. Oh fuck it, gonna cum!

“Harder, harder!” Her face reddened brightly as she kept on humping, mad for the feel of their fucking cocks. “I’m making it, boys! Unhhh! Unggghhh! Oh shit, oh fuuuck! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

It was one of the most violent orgasms Betty had ever had in her life. The spine-tingling spasms pumped through her loins in a blur, making her asshole suck and contract around her son’s cock, making her pussy spew fuck oils all over Jimmy’s prick.

Again and again she came, nearly blacking out with the obscene pleasure shooting through her asshole and cunt. When she came too, both of them were still fucking wildly inside of her, hammering their stiff, long boners into her asshole and cunt.

“Unh, unh,” Sondra whispered. “I’m not going to let you have two cums, honey, not till I get one too. Get off of her, guys! Now it’s my turn!”

Jimmy pulled his burning cock out of his mother’s smoking asshole, his prick rigid and throbbing as he turned to face the horny blonde. Betty rolled off of Jimmy, exhausted from her hard cum. Jimmy’s big prick was slippery with fuck oils, as he looked expectantly at his mother’s cunt.

“Oh, shit,” Sondra whispered. “This is really going to be good!”

Sondra dropped to her hands and knees beside Dwight, who was sprawled on the floor. Betty watched in amazement as the wanton blonde sucked Dwight’s cock clean, taking almost all nine inches into her mouth as her lips chewed the shit off his rock-hard prick.

When Sondra finally took his stiff nine-inch cock out of her mouth, Dwight’s meat was clean and shining with saliva. Sondra pushed his shoulders down and straddled him, planting her knees on the floor to either side of his hips. Reaching between her slim legs, she took hold of his cock pole and directed his spongy prick-knob to her cunt opening. She sighed with pleasure as she rubbed his cock up and down her furry pussy opening.

“Fuck my pussy, lover!”

Dwight pushed his ass high off the floor, fucking his fat cock deep into her buttery fuck slit.

Sondra whimpered and wiggled her ass, helping him to shove all of his big cock inside her. She rubbed her clit with her finger as she slowly impaled herself all the way on Dwight’s upstanding prick, finally sighing as the very root of it stretched her pouting cunt lips.

“Now it’s your turn, Jimmy,” Sondra squealed, looking at her son over her shoulder.

Jimmy’s cock was coated with a fine sheen of Betty’s pussy juices. Hurriedly he mounted his mother, pushing her down so that her small tits pressed onto Dwight’s chest.

Dwight’s huge cock kept throbbing deep inside her hairy cunt slit. Jimmy grabbed her taut ass cheeks and spread them wide apart, exposing her pink, puckered shitter. He coated his cock head with a finger dab of saliva and then aimed the bulbous tip at her ass ring.

“Jesus,” Betty whispered. Sprawled beside them on the floor, she anxiously rubbed her huge tits as she watched the fuck scene transpiring beside her. Then she shoved both hands between her legs, sticking her fingers into her pussy, whipping her ass hornily off the floor as she anxiously began to finger-fuck her cunt.

Jimmy pushed his boner slowly into his mother’s tight asshole, feeling the pressure of Dwight’s thick cock through the sheer wall of flesh separating the two fuck tunnels. In and in his cock pushed, and he felt the rubbery pressure of her asshole sucking greedily. Holding onto her hips, Jimmy groaned with pleasure as he fucked his prick into her asshole.

“Fuck me, boys, fuck me!” Sondra impatiently started humping, grinding her pussy onto the root of Dwight’s cock as she lifted her blushing ass cheeks for more of her son’s prick meat. “Fuck my pussy, lover!” She paused to peck quick, horny kisses all over Dwight’s face. “Jimmy, fuck my asshole! Fuck it deep, don’t worry about hurting me! Just ram your boner up my horny sore butt!”

Jimmy groaned and pushed heavily on top of the pile, fucking his rock-hard cock to the hilt in his mother’s tender asshole. For a moment the two boys didn’t move, savoring the pressure of the wet cunt and asshole sucking around their pricks.

“Fuck her,” Betty panted. She felt the weight of her huge tits wiggling on her chest as she pumped her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. “Go ahead, Dwight, fuck her! Fuck her cunt hard, like you fuck me!”

Dwight started moving his ass off the floor, fucking his stone-hard prick into the blonde’s pussy. Her pink cunt walls clasped greedily around his cock, and Dwight winced as he felt the jism clotting his balls. He’d fucked his mother’s cunt and asshole, and he still hadn’t cum yet. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold back his load.

“Fuck her, Jimmy,” Betty panted, finger-fucking her gurgling cunt. “Fuck her good!”

Jimmy pulled slowly out of his mother’s asshole, until only the crown of his cock parted her asshole. Heavily he speared his fat cock into her ass again. He ground the root of his hard-on into her asshole, spreading her tight ass ring farther. His stiff cock leaked cum juice deep inside her ass.

“Awww, fuck me!” Sondra started humping violently, gasping as she tried to fuck both Dwight’s cock and Jimmy’s spearing prick at the same time. “Fuck my pussy, Dwight! Oh, Son, nail that hard-on up Mommy’s ass! Fuck me, lovers, fuck me good!”

Dwight started a hard rhythm, savagely fucking his aching cock into the clinging sheath of Sondra’s tight pussy. Jimmy pushed deep into his mother’s rubbery asshole, meeting Dwight’s rhythm. Then they were both fucking in unison, fucking their cocks into her sweating, naked body with all the fury of incestuous lust.

Betty bounced her ass cheeks excitedly off the floor, fucking three fingers in and out of her frothing cunt as hard as she could. Her clit was very swollen, and she knew she was going to cum just from watching the sandwich.

“Fuck her, fuck her,” Betty panted, staring at her son’s ass as he fucked his cock into her pussy.

Dwight fucked Sondra wildly, shaking his head from side to side as cum boiled inside his balls. Her cunt was clasping and sucking, and his cock had totally stiffened inside her cunt. He moaned, wanting to speed up their cum.

Jimmy gasped as his mother’s tender shitter sucked juicily around his prick. He started to fuck his mother’s asshole as hard as he could, banging his hips on her ass cheeks as he fucked his rigid hard-on in and out of her puckered shitter.

“Cumming, Mom,” Jimmy panted, as the rod throbbed inside her. “I’m gonna shoot!”

“Keep, fucking me!” Sondra was delirious with pleasure, overwhelmed by the ecstasy of having such large pricks fucked up her cunt and asshole at the same time. “Fuck me, I’m cumming too! Unnggghh! Oh, fuck, shiittt! Fuck me now, fuck me! I’m cuummiinngg!”

Jimmy’s huge cock erupted in his mother’s asshole as he felt the wet contractions of her ass muscles around his cock meat. Then, suddenly, his hot jism was spurting and spraying uncontrollably into the depths of her ass. Sondra squealed as she felt his jizz boiling up in her asshole, flooding out her puckered ass ring and around his cock.

A smile spread across Dwight’s handsome face as his balls exploded. A torrent of jism squirted into her pussy, like water out of a broken darn. Sondra whimpered as she felt his milky turn flooding inside her. His cock sprayed the inner walls of her pussy with hot, salty jism.

“Fuck, fuck!” Sondra panted. She flexed her cunt and asshole around their gushing cocks, feeling their loads running out of her, puddling on the floor beneath her pumping ass.

“Ahhhhhh!” Betty sighed as she came all over her fingers. She could hardly wait for her turn next.


“Man, it’s good to share dinner like this,” Dwight said, seated at Sondra’s big dining room table.

“Yeah,” Jimmy said, sitting across from him. “We save a lot of money this way.”

“And your mom’s a good cock sucker.”

The two of them were the only ones seated at the table. The reason for that was because Sondra and Betty were both kneeling under it, naked, taking turns with Dwight’s huge cock.

“This is how I suck a prick,” Sondra commented lewdly.

She opened her mouth wide and sucked on Dwight’s rock-hard boner as far as she could. Betty looked on in amazement as Sondra managed to engulf almost two-thirds of the nine-inch cock. Sondra wrapped her lips around his prick shaft. She sucked hungrily… her cheeks puckering sharply.

Dwight groaned and dropped his knife and fork. He had been having a hard time concentrating on dinner anyhow. He was naked too, as was Jimmy. He cupped Sondra’s head and worked his ass slowly off the chair, fucking his massive boner down her throat.

“Jesus,” Betty said admiringly. “You really work out on it!”

Sondra gave Dwight’s fat cock a prolonged, juicy suck, puckering her cheeks even more tightly as she dragged her lips down the meaty length of Dwight’s cock. Then she took the saliva-slicked cock out of her mouth and passed Dwight’s prick to his mother.

“It’s your turn, honey.”

Betty moved on her knees under the table, confronting her teenager’s iron-hard cock. His prick-knob was all red and swollen, and she hoped she’d be the one to drink her son’s cum.

She knew Sondra had just given his prick an incredible sucking, and she wanted to do just as well. Betty flared her nostrils for air and sucked her son’s fat cock deep down her throat, choking herself as she took in a full half of his cock meat.

“Suck it, Mom!” Dwight cried excitedly.

Betty sucked the huge prick as hard as she could, puckering her cheeks as sharply as Sondra had. Sondra watched hungrily, licking her lips. Betty felt her cheeks flushing brightly as she mouthed her boy’s huge cock. Cock sucking noises filled the dining room as Betty bobbed her head greedily over his crotch.

“Jesus,” Sondra sighed, pushing her hand between her legs and thrusting a finger inside her cunt. “I love to watch you sucking his cock!”

Betty sucked still harder, wanting to outdo Sondra as she tightened her full lips around the blue-veined stiffness of her boy’s prick.

Longer and stiffer Dwight’s prick grew, and she knew he would soon spurt hot cups of jism into her stomach. Betty feverishly jacked on the blood-gorged cock shaft, milking and tugging his prick between her lips. Cum was already bubbling out of the piss hole, and she slithered her tongue around the puffy head to slurp it up.

“Play with my balls!” Dwight demanded.

Betty cupped her son’s heavy balls, pulling on them gently. Hot jism sprayed all over the inside of her mouth, shooting across her tongue and streaming down her throat. Betty made contented slurping noises as she sucked out every salty drop, refusing to release his prick until she had cleaned up the last traces of fuck cream from the knob of her son’s prick.

“Now it’s Jimmy’s turn,” Sondra whispered. “You get to start first this time, honey!”

Betty moved on her knees to the second boy, her huge tits jiggling, the nipples as swollen as rubbery little pebbles. Jimmy’s cock was very long and stiff, his prick-knob almost touching the bottom of the table as his cock quivered up between his legs.

Betty pushed the rigid prick shaft down so she could get his cock into her mouth. She made a greedy gurgling noise as she slurped in the thickness of his cock, feeling his prick head brush past her tonsils as she engulfed a full half of his aching cock.

“Suck it good,” Jimmy pleaded. He dropped his silverware on his plate and thrust both hands behind Betty’s head. Dwight grinned at him as he worked his ass off the chair, fucking his wet prick between her lips.

Betty sucked his cock violently, starved for prick meat even though her son had just fountained so much down her throat. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of Jimmy’s prick and furiously stroked and tugged his cock. The cock sucking sounds she made were loud as she swirled her tongue around his prick.

“Gonna cum!” Jimmy cried. “Gonna fucking shoot it down your throat!”

“Not down your throat, he isn’t!” Sondra giggled to Betty.

She pushed Betty away from Jimmy’s boner, immediately swooping down and sucking every inch of his cock down her throat. Sondra’s nose brushed his prick hairs as she feverishly sucked on all of his cock.

“Ooooh, Jesus!” Jimmy’s face contorted as he fucked his ass off the chair. “Suck it, Mommy! Suck on my big fucking dick!”

Sondra shoved a finger between his writhing ass cheeks, knowing that a finger up his ass would help him shoot out the cum. Jimmy sighed as she burrowed the finger all the way up his tight shitty asshole. Her other hand cupped his ball bag, tenderly squeezing the hairy sac.

Sondra pistoned her face up and down her son’s big prick, fucking his cock in and out of her throat. Jimmy gasped and shoved his cock between her lips. His cock cream spurted, just the right after-dinner treat his mother wanted. The delicious spurts of spunk poured out of his spongy cock-knob, spraying and gushing down her buttery throat.

Sondra sucked his shooting prick contentedly, her cocksucking noises becoming loud and wet as she swallowed at the same time. Betty watched in awe as a white stream of jism ran out of the corner of Sondra’s mouth, dribbling onto her tits.

It made Betty so horny to watch. Betty felt very, very glad that she had given in to her incestuous urgings, that she had fucked her son and made it with Sondra and Jimmy too. She turned back to Dwight now, moaning with happiness as she again took his cock between her lips.

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