Vaginal and oral sex acts

It was now with irony that I recalled what had inspired that evening. John
and I had begun the evening at a BBQ thrown by my husband’s company. I wore
a short denim skirt and a sleeveless denim top. The outfit pulled in the
looks like a magnet. I got so horny that I insisted that John take me home
and fuck my brains out. I was more worked up than I had ever been in my
life. My nasty behavior that night inspired my husband to fuck me over and
over for three and a half hours. He filled my pussy up so thoroughly that
the spermacide that I had used was overwhelmed. Two weeks later I found out
that I was prego.

It was no use. I just couldn’t get my mind off sex. I finally decided to
slip out the door and go home before things got out of hand. I headed
straight for the door and just as I reached it I heard the moans of a woman
obviously having sex. I froze. Despite my convictions to leave, I found
myself walking back to the waiting room. All twelve men were staring holes
through the TV. I walked around to get a look at the screen and my eyes
almost popped out of my head. A naked white woman was straddling a black
man who was pumping a rather large cock into her pussy. As this was going
on, she sucked on another large cock, this one white. I felt my pussy start
to drip. Suddenly a third man moved up behind the woman a put his cock into
her ass. She now had three cocks buried in her body.

I moved closer to the screen to get a better look. I could now feel the
eyes shift from the TV to me as I moved into the room. The action on the TV
was hot. These three men were pounding the shit out of this petite white
woman. The man getting sucked started howling and pumped a thick load into
the woman’s mouth. She swallowed most of it, however, some of it dripped on
the sofa. After she had licked him clean, she scooped up the drops on the
leather sofa with her fingers and licked them clean.

The third man was now showing signs of climax as he furiously pumped the
girl’s ass. She was groaning loudly, now that her mouth was free of cock.
This didn’t last long as man number three yanked out of her ass and walked
over to her face. Without hesitation, she swallowed the soiled cock in time
to take another load of goo. She finished by licking him clean. I had never
seen a display like that. Sucking on a cock that had been buried in her
ass. It seemed gross to me. Finally, the first stud grunted and thrust his
cock deep into the woman and unloaded. She looked as though she were
receiving an electrical shock.

After a few minutes, her orgasm subsided. She slid off the thick black
shaft now spent of its load. It plopped out of her and fell on the man’s
belly followed by globs of sperm. The liquid leaked out of the woman for a
few moments and pooled on the man’s stomach. She got off the sofa and knelt
down next to the man. She proceeded to lick his cock clean and finished by
lapping the substantial pool of cum off his stomach. She smiled into the
camera and said, “Cum tastes so good.”

I was brought back to reality by the groans of the assembled men. I could
tell that the actress’s nastiness had turned them on. Most of the men were
still looking at the TV. Some, however, were watching me for my reaction. I
realized at that moment the heat on my face. I knew I was probably red from
the blood pounding through my body. I suddenly realized that something was
touching my waist. I looked down to see a pair of black hands gently hold-
ing me at the waist. I looked around to see the owner’s face as he said,
“Are you all right, mam?” He quickly added, “You looked a little unsteady,

I found myself leaning into the man slightly and realized that I had almost
keeled over. If not for the fact that the black man was sitting there on a
bar stool, I would have fallen flat on my back. I thanked him for catching
my fall. Funny, I hadn’t noticed him when I entered the room. I suddenly
became aware of something else, a huge lump pressing into the crack of my
ass. I wondered how long I had been leaning against the man. As I started
to pull away, the man said, “Stay here as long as you want, mam.” His smile
and gentle manor were comforting. Before I could decide what to do, the TV
sound caught my attention.

I looked at the screen and saw a different woman getting pounded by a cock
in her pussy and another in her ass. She was screaming with pleasure. I
momentarily forgot about the man behind me until I noticed that he was
slowly grinding his bulge into my ass. I knew I should move away but I
couldn’t. I loved the feeling of that big cock rubbing against me. As I
watched the woman on TV, I found myself pushing my ass back against the
thrusting black man. This had to stop. We were getting carried away. The
rest of the guys were watching our act with increasing interest. It was
making me hotter than hot.

I looked around to get a look at the monster teasing my bottom. The man was
wearing loose fitting trousers and the bulge was damn near taking up all
the slack. As I turned slightly to get a look at the man’s hidden tent
pole, he slowly worked his zipper down. My heart started pounding and my
chest began heaving. The man looked at me with a devious smile as he held
his zipper. His unspoken question was, “Should I take it out?” I kept
staring at his hand, unable to say anything. I didn’t know what to do. I
couldn’t think straight. I knew that I should stop this act and get away,
but something held me in place. The man took my silence as permission to

Soon, I found myself looking at the largest cock that I had ever seen. I
stared in awe at the beast. The man began rubbing his cock against the
slick material of my dress. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the large
piece of flesh rubbing against me. I wanted to touch it but I couldn’t
bring myself to make such a bold move. Things were heating up on the TV,
too. I turned back in time to see the woman having a thunderous orgasm on
the two cocks fucking her. I found myself meeting the man’s thrusts as his
cock rubbed against me.

The action on the TV continued at a hot pace. The theme of the movie seemed
to be action with one woman and several men. The significance was not lost
on me. I alternated my attention between the TV and the rock-hard cock
rubbing against me. It must have been a foot long. I also noticed that most
of the other men had their cocks out and the sight almost made me faint. I
noticed another thing,as well. The black man rubbing me had moved his hands
up my waist and was teasing the underside of my breasts. He seemed
reluctant to cup them fully. I guessed that he was afraid that I might move
away. The fact is I wanted him to squeeze my tits more than anything.

Slowly the black man eased his big hands around my tits and began to gently
squeeze. I closed my eyes and took in the sensations of the hands on my
tits and the cock rubbing my ass. I was in heaven. Suddenly, he removed his
hands and I was crushed. I wanted those hands back on my tits, but he had
another idea. My attention was drawn to the hem of my dress which had
ridden up. His hands were now pulling on the hem, raising it slowly up my
leg. Out of reflex I put my hands to the front of my dress to keep my pussy
from being revealed. He continued raising my hem in the back until I felt
the smooth skin of his cock on my bottom. He then pulled the hem back down,
trapping his hard cock inside my dress.

The rubbing began again. His hands returned to my tits. Every eye in the
room was trained on me. The crack of my ass was getting slick from the
man’s pre-cum. I still couldn’t move away. I realized that moving away was
the last thing I wanted to do. His stokes against my ass were getting
longer. I felt another sticky wetness on my leg and I knew it was from me.
My body knew what was happening yet my brain was in neutral. My body was
making preparations and my brain was only now realizing, “The man is going
to fuck me.”

At that very moment I felt the man’s cock stretching the opening of my
pussy. As he slowly impaled me, I came, flooding his cock with my juices.
Slowly he began to pump. I began to ride up and down on his black fuck
stick. I was surprised that it fit. Then again, I was very wet. I felt his
hands massage my breasts. I heard another man say, “Look at that, she’s
really fucking him.” Another said, “I can’t believe that she’s letting him
do that, with a bun in her oven.”

After my second orgasm the man said, “Let’s go sit on the couch.” I was
disappointed when he pulled his cock out of me and I was eager to put it
back where it belonged. The man sat on the couch and I quickly straddled
him. Again he stretched my cock hungry pussy as I settled down on his pole.
As I bottomed out, I leaned down to kiss the man whose cock was embedded in
my pussy. I realized that the man was very ugly. The man’s face was badly
scared from acne and a couple of cuts probably received in a knife fight.
He was the type of man that would scare me under normal circumstances, but
now I just wanted him to fuck me hard.

We were now drawing a crowd. The long anticipation was over. I had crossed
a threshold. It was no longer a matter of whether I should be here with all
these men. I no longer needed to worry about cheating on my husband. It was
now a fact. I was so hot that I decided to completely let go. I invited the
other men to join in. Quickly, a second man began to rub my tits as I pump-
ed the black cock. The men avoided my belly at first. Later they stroked it
A third man spit into his hand and used the lubricant to grease up my ass.
He then pushed his cock into my asshole and began matching my strokes on
cock number 1. I’ve never felt so full. I had a third orgasm that must have
lasted for 20 seconds. When I finally opened my eyes, I notice the second
man standing on the couch offering me his cock. I swallowed it immediately
and began sucking hard.

I realized now that this fuck session was a live performance of what had
happened on TV. I was being thoroughly fucked by three well-hung men. My
orgasms were almost continuous. As in the TV version, the man in my mouth
shot his load first.I’m proud to say that I didn’t miss a drop of his load.
True to form the man in my ass started bucking and moaning. I wondered if
he would feed me his cock like on TV.

Man number three answered my silent query by pulling out and moving to
where man number two had stood a moment before. He wanted me to put my
mouth on his cock that had just been buried in my ass. At that moment I
wasn’t sure what to do. I looked at the big tool and noted the remnants of
its journey into my bowels. Without thinking,I put my mouth over the thing.
He pumped several strings of sperm down my throat and into my belly. I had
to agree with the woman on TV. I liked the taste of cum. I also detected a
musky taste. In my heightened state of lust, I paid no attention to the
origin of the stuff. I simply licked off all that remained on the man’s

The black man fucking my pussy was now ready to cum. He buried his cock
into me and blew out his load. I could feel the pressure of the surge. It
caused me to orgasm again. When he was done, I got off allowing the load to
drip out just like on TV. I knelt down and cleaned the man’s cock and
licked up the cum from his belly. When finished, I stood up and asked,
“Whose next?”

Several men moved forward at once. I held up my hands and said, “I can’t do
you all at once.” I pointed to the three closest guys and had the first sit
down on the couch. I decided it was time to remove my dress. Man number 2
new what to do when I raised my arms. In one smooth move he grabbed the hem
of my dress and raised it over my head. I blushed at the “Oohs” and “Ahhs”
coming from the crowd of men. I was glad to see that the man on the couch
had a nice large hard-on. I gave a couple of strokes to the cocks of the
other two chosen studs. They responded nicely.

With three more hard cocks ready for my body, I proceeded to straddle the
man on the couch. In no time he was pounding me pretty hard. It was great.
I motioned for the other two to assume their positions. Soon, I was filled
up with cock again. The guy in my pussy added to the already mind blowing
stimulation by sucking on my nipples. I though that I might black out with
the intense sensations. Through my fog I heard the man under me saying
something. I removed the cock from my mouth and croaked, “Did you say some-
thing?” He repeated, “You taste great.”

I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. Suddenly, I noticed that
the mans face had streaks of a milky liquid on it. Finally, it dawned on my
sex overloaded mind that I was lactating all over the man sucking my
breasts. His sucking and my super hot body must have triggered the
response. Immediately, I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.
While climaxing I demanded, “Suck my tits!” The man quickly did as he was
told. I went back to sucking on the cock in front of me.

The sight of me feeding the man my milk must have been too much for the man
in my mouth. I gave me a feeding of my own. I lapped up his milk enthusias-
tically. He stepped off the sofa and another man took his place. This went
on and on as the guys filled me with their cum and then were replaced by
another. I had numerous orgasms as my body was pounded. I should say that
they fucked me good and hard, but they never got too rough. They were mind-
ful of the baby that was growing in my womb.

After taking on all twelve men at least twice, I began to get tired. I
suspect that some of the men wanted to fuck me again, but I was worn out. I
thanked them for the wonderful time and got dressed. I did relent and gave
each man a squirt of milk and kiss before I left. I drove home knowing that
my sexual needs had be filled. I was almost sure that I would not require
another cock until my husband returned home. Now I had to figure out what
to tell him. I knew that what happened tonight would not be my last gang-
bang. I was hooked!