Naughty teens 1.

It was a typical after school day in the Tanner house. All the
adults were in their rooms doing their own thing. The house was
completely empty. Stephanie was the first to come through the front
door. She came in wearing cute little white dress with black
polkadots, red knee high socks, and black sandals. She threw her
books on the table, kicked off her sandals, and put them up on the
table. The bottoms of her socks were worn with dirt. She just sat
there and waited for the usual after school day. Every day, after she
came home from school, DJ would walk in the door a few minutes later
and sit down with her and tell her a different story about the
pressures of High School, and the do’s and don’ts with boys and that
sort of thing. Only today was different, and wasn’t really what
Stephanie had expected. Today DJ had a much different story to tell

As usual, DJ came through the front door a few minutes after she
did. Flaunting a pair of nice tight blue jeans that really showed her
figure very nicely, and a pink button up blouse, she strolled up to
the table, sat her books down next to Stephanies and sat down next to
her. By this time, Stephanie had the TV on and was watching cartoons.
DJ grabbed the remote as she always did and shut the TV off and
turned to face Stephanie, sitting sideways crossing her legs on the
couch leaning her back against the arm. Stephanie turned and looked
at her, and turned to face her. Not crossing her legs, cause she was
taught to act like a proper lady by her dad. She crossed her legs
like a true feminin woman, and turned slightly to the right and faced
her sister DJ, who by this time was kicking her tennishoes onto the

“So, what do you have for me today wise sister? Anymore do’s and
don’ts with boys?”, Stephanie asked her as she got comfortable,
staring into her sister’s eyes.

“Actually I have something different to tell you. It’s a
wonderful story about an experience I had today at lunch break.”, DJ
told her, getting ready for a story.

“Okay.”, Stephanie said waiting for her sister to spit it out.

“Remember how I told you a while back that I was doing some
experiment with relationships?”, DJ asked her.

“Yeah.”, Stephanie said.

“Well, today I started doing that again. Only this time…..”,
DJ paused for a moment. “This time, I had an experience with another

“WHAT?”, Stephanie asked surprised at what DJ had just told her.

“Yep. And you know what? I loved it.”, DJ said.

Stephanie couldn’t believe what her sister was telling her. For
the longest time, she had fantasized about seing her sister with
another woman. She got tired of peaking in on her while she was with
boys. They were so borring to her. And now her sister was sitting
there across from her telling her about an experience with another
woman. “This is great!”, she thought to herself as she cleared her
mind and waited for DJ to tell the rest of her story. But DJ just sat
there for a moment looking at her.

“Well, go on, tell me about it.”, Stephanie encouraged her.

“Actually….”, DJ got quiet for a second. “It’s better if I
show you, because it’s really hard to explain in words.”

Stephanie suddenly got a knot in her throat. What was her sister
going to show her? But at the same time, she was a little arroused.
Because a lot of her fantasies about her sister being with another
woman, were about her sister being with her too. Her thoughts were
suddenly iterrupted by DJ sitting up and scooting closer to her.
Stephanie just froze, not knowing what to do next, but kept staring
at DJ and watched her as she put her right hand between her knees, and
put her left arm around her and started pulling her closer. As
Stephanie scooted closer to her sister, her dress started riding up
her thighs. With her legs further apart now, DJ started to tease her
by moving her hand slowly up the soft skin of the inside of her right
leg. Stephanie moaned slightly and put her right arm around her
sister’s neck. Once the two were close enough together, DJ took
Stephanie’s left hand and placed it on her breasts and held it there.
When she finally let go of it, she was surprised to see that it
didn’t fall, but her own kid sister was now squeezing her breasts.
They were so big and soft. DJ finally pushed her hand all the way up
the inside of Stephanie’s right leg and rested it upon the front of
her panties and began to rub until she felt a very wet spot and
giggled slightly and said, “My, aren’t we the wet one.”

Stephanie didn’t say a word. She just continued to squeeze her
sister’s breasts, and began moving closer and closer to her with each
stroak of her breasts, until finally, Stephanie was no straddling DJ’s
lap, facing her. DJ put her feet up on the coffee table in front of
the couch, and told Stephanie to lay down on her legs. When she did
so, DJ took her feet and placed them on her chest. As the right one
was softly rubbing against her left breast, DJ took Stephanie’s left
foot and brought her face closer to it. She caressed her sister’s
foot with both hands as she placed it right in front of her nose,
pressed it against her face, and took in a deap breath, smelling her
sister’s beautiful foot sweat. It smelled sweet to her.

DJ held out her hands and Stephanie took hold of them, and DJ
pulled her so close to her, Stephanie might as well have been fucking
her right then and there. Because she had pulled her so close, that
their pussies were litterally touching through their clothing. DJ
told Stephanie to turn around and straddle her lap so that her back
was facing her, and she did. As soon as she sat down on DJ’s lap
again, she screamed as she felt DJ’s arms immediately carressing her
body. They were rubbing all over her, from her neck, to her chest,
until they finally rested on her thighs. Stephanie leaned back against
her sister and took her hands and placed them on her croch area and
said, “Play with me sister. Play with me please.”

DJ put her right index finger in between Stephanie’s panties and
pulled them out, then slid her left hand down inside. When her
fingers found the wetness, she began slowly rubbing her clit. When
she heard her sister moaning and breathing heavy, she began kissing
her neck passionately as she began pushing her finger in and out of
her sister’s pussy. As she began going faster, her sister’s moans got
softer, but her breathing was much harder, until finally, she
collapsed, and DJ felt her juices squirting all over her finger.

DJ pulled her finger out of her sister’s pussy and stuck it in
her mouth and tasted her juices. She smacked her lips and began
licking them in approval. Stephanie, exhausted as she had ever been
in her entire life before, climbed off of her sister and layed across
the couch, with her head in DJ’s lap.

“Did you like that baby?”, DJ asked in a soft sexy voice.

“Oh yeah! We have to do this again sometime.”, Stephanie managed
to say as she closed her eyes.

“Oh you can count on it.”, she heard DJ say, and then she dozed
off to a deep relaxing sleep.