Waylaid Maid

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In WAYLAID MAID, Claudia Makie finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her boss, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources a strength of character she never realized she had.

Claudia suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


“B-but I’m sorry, I can’t pay you.” Claudia Makie sat and sobbed helplessly in front of Tom Grainer. He’d been so nice to her when she came to buy the car. He’d taken her around and shown her all the models. That was probably why she’d taken one that was a bit more than she could afford. But that wasn’t the real problem.

Tom sat behind his desk. His strong handsome face with its cropped beard was suddenly flushed with anger. “This is the third fucking payment you’ve missed!”

“I-I know, I’m sorry.”

Claudia wept. She saw him get up and stared out over his shop floor. Tom was no ordinary car salesman. He owned the biggest and most successful dealership in the city. He was on the Chamber of Commerce and big things were rumored far his future.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he snapped, his back to her. “You’re a fucking teacher, you make good money!”

“I-I don’t know,” she sniveled, “the money just seems to go, you know.” But she did know exactly where the money had gone and that was part of her shame.

It was those big louts of boys who laughed and talked behind her back in class. She had only just started teaching and it was misery already. Day after day, facing those knowing looks, those sniggers about her breasts, she knew what they were saying. To escape her hatred and despair, she had bought the car and spent two insane months chasing around the singles bars of town, looking to get laid.

And get laid she had, Claudia was a stunning beauty, that was part of her problem. Wide-set brown eyes, straight nose, high cheekbones and a pair of luscious red lips that were always open just enough to show the hint of her white front teeth. And her face was framed by silky shoulder-length brunette hair that seemed to fall exactly the right way whatever she did.

So Claudia had picked up a man within a half-hour of walking into any of the bars. She had laid nearly fifty men in those two months and her indifference to sex had grown with each encounter. After a while that had turned to disgust and hatred of herself for doing anything so cheap. But still she went back, hoping that it might be all right. It wasn’t. It never was. Claudia didn’t know why she found sex so appalling, but the last Friday night she had really freaked out and thrown some poor man out of her apartment, only just allowing him time to collect his clothes. He had had to put them on in the hall to her apartment.

So she was here; broke, and horrified at her entire life.

“Well,” Tom said, turning from the window, “what are we going to do about it?”

He flicked a handle and the venetian blind dropped down, cutting them off from the men on the shop floor.

Claudia knew what he was hinting. She had even dressed for that, in a short skirt and a blouse cut almost to the tops of her tits. She looked up at the powerful man standing over her arid shuddered. Suddenly she couldn’t do it. All she had to do was fuck him. That would pay for this month’s installment on the car. Why not? She had fucked enough in the last month.

“I-I must keep that car,” she sobbed, “I need it for work.”

“You’re a beautiful enough girl,” said Tom slowly, “you can think of something.”

His hand strayed out and he ran his finger inside the top of her blouse, drawing it slightly away from her tits. Claudia shuddered. She was sure he could see the top of her tiny uplift bra. “What do you think you’re worth to me?”

“I-I don’t know,” Claudia sobbed, burying her face in her hands again.

“Now come on,” he said and there was a steel note in his voice. “That’s what you came prepared to offer, so why fuck around now?”

His finger moved back across the top of her blouse, teasing her.

Claudia shuddered, but he was right. That was what she had come prepared to offer. She might as well, it was only a fuck.

“W-whatever you say,” she said, “but I must keep that car, I really must.”

“Well, come on then,” he said and his presence rippled over Claudia until she was weak at the knees. “We’ll do it once and I’ll decide what you’re worth. Then you can pay off the whole car or just some installments.”

“All right,” Claudia said grudgingly. She got up and reached for the zipper to her skin. She slid it down and got ready to drop it to the floor. “Christ,” he said and his voice mocked her.

“You’re as sexy as a wet mound of jello. Come here and put that back on.” He leaned against his desk. “No time for that anyway,” he said, as Claudia pulled her dress back up. “Come here!”

In a horrible dream Claudia walked up to him. He towered over her, both in stature and in the calm self-confidence he exuded.

“Kneel!” he ordered.

Oh God, Claudia thought. Suddenly she knew what he wanted. She knelt, her face inches from his crotch.

“Now open my pants and suck me off,” he commanded.

That did it. Claudia had refused to do that with any of the men who fucked her. She would never take a man’s cock in her mouth, never, it was disgusting. She leapt back to her feet.

“No, no!” she screamed. “I won’t, I won’t!” She stood trembling.

“I see,” he said, and there was a nasty note in his voice. “Sit down!” He walked back around his desk. “We have a problem.” He leaned back in his chair, lighting a long thin cigar. “You want the car, but you can’t pay for it.”

“I-I don’t know,” Claudia muttered.

“There may be a solution,” Tom said. He let that sink in until the sobbing woman had quieted and sat looking at him. “I have weekend parties. Small groups, business entertaining, that sort of thing. I need help for them, serving, dishes and other things. We might cut a deal on that. If you’re interested.”

Claudia thought about it. Serving people, doing dishes, what a horrible way to pass a weekend. But it was better than losing the car. A taxi to school every day would cost far more. If only she could get out of teaching, everything would be all right.

“Well,” she said timidly. “W-when would this be?”

“This weekend. Friday night to Sunday night. You stay the whole time.” He tapped ash into the ashtray.

Claudia wanted to burst into more tears. “All right then.”

“Please, don’t sound so enthusiastic.” He looked at her closely for a while. “I think it will work out. Here’s the address. Be there by six o’clock Friday.”

Claudia was in a turmoil the rest of the week. It was ghastly enough that she had to put up with the wretched boys in her English class, but she would also be working the whole weekend. That depressed her enough, but she couldn’t go back to the bars, that was even worse. Every time she looked at it, life got more unbearable.

She was at the depths of her depression as she got into the car Friday night and drove to the big house on the outskirts of town. The house was in its own grounds and she realized just how wealthy Tom must be. She parked around the back of the house where there were two other cars. As she went up the steps, she noticed that both of the other cars were from Tom’s garage.

A slim blonde woman came to the door. “Hi, you Claudia?”

“Yes.” Claudia wished she were dead.

“I’m Heidi, Tom’s wife,” said the woman. Heidi was beautiful with her blonde hair, wide mouth and hard, pale fawn eyes, but made of steel, Claudia thought. She was dressed in a tight black leather skirt with high black boots that went under the hem of the skirt and had to stop somewhere on her thighs. Above that, she wore a tight black blouse that was open to show the link in her bra between high-thrusting tits, and a black leather jacket. The whole outfit disturbed Claudia a lot.

She led Claudia to a small room off the kitchen. There were two other girls in there.

“They’ve got a costume for you in there,” said Heidi. “Get dressed fast, we start in a half an hour.”

She swept out and Claudia was left facing the two girls. They both looked very tasty to Claudia. One of them was a sexy little dyed blonde with a mouth that pouted shamelessly. Claudia had a feeling she’d seen her in one of the bars once. The other one, by contrast, was dark. In fact her hair was jet-black like her eyes and eyebrows. The contrast with the creamy white of her flesh was almost violent. She, like the blonde, was pretty and sensual in a sluttish sort of way. Claudia’s heart dropped, knowing that she would be working with the two of them all weekend.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. If Claudia had to wear the costumes they were wearing, she would die of shame. They were sort of French maid’s uniforms, but the stockings were tight mesh. The hems of the black dresses were only just below the tops of the stockings. The necklines were so low they nearly showed the girls’ nipples and the little white caps on their heads made them look even sexier. The little white aprons were also too small to serve any purpose but to tease. But the six-inch spike heels were the final blow to Claudia. They would be difficult enough to walk in, and they stretched the girls’ calves and thighs to show their legs to the best advantage.

“Hi,” said the blonde, “so you’re the one who won’t…”

The dark one dug her in the ribs and they giggled.

“Never mind,” said the blonde, “we have all weekend. I’m Trixie and this is Mona.”

“Hi,” said Claudia. There were tears in her eyes.

“You done this before?” Mona asked.

Claudia could only shake her head.

“Couldn’t pay for the car?” Trixie teased. Claudia nodded and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Never mind,” said Mona, “it’s great when you get used to it. We paid off our cars ages ago.”

They both giggled and dug each other in the ribs again.

“Hey,” said Trixie, “we gotta get you dressed. Come here.”

They took Claudia through into another room and Claudia realized that she really would have to wear the same disgusting uniform Trixie and Mona had on. But there was nothing for it. She had come too far to turn back. And anyway, one more weekend in her apartment with nothing to do and she would kill herself.

Claudia put her overnight bag on the floor in the corner. It was a dark room, with lots of clothes racks. Her uniform was over the table in the center of the room, she could see that. She waited for the girls to leave, but they didn’t.

“You a teacher?” Trixie asked.

“Yes,” said Claudia. “Er… do I change in there?” She pointed through to a bathroom on the far side of the dressing room.

“What’s up, fucking prude?” Mona giggled. “All girls together.” She winked at Trixie.

Somehow Claudia didn’t care any more. She slid her dress off and put it on a hanger. It shook her a bit when she had to take her own bra off to put on the quarter-cup bra of the uniform. She was sure the two girls were eyeing her tits, but that was stupid. The tiny black slip covered her ass and at least enabled her to take her panties off without showing them anything more. She had trouble with the stockings and suspender belt. She’d never worn anything like them before. Finally came the spike heels.

She stood, wobbling a bit, in front of the mirror. She hated herself. She looked disgusting. Like some whore. For a second or so she wondered if it were worth just taking it off and walking out, but she had committed herself and there was nothing else for her to do…

“Better practice in those heels a bit,” Trixie said.

Then next door a bell rang.

“Oh, fuck,” Trixie said. She got up and tossed a piece of gum into the ashtray. “Time. Just do as we do. It’s easy till after dinner.”

Claudia had no idea what that meant. She followed the two girls down a corridor and into a dimly lit room. There was a large table in the middle and several doors that led out into other room Claudia could only just see. She was taken into a smaller room to find the dinner sitting on hot plates in a mobile catering platform.

There was the sound of voices, and Claudia peeped out to see six people sitting down at the table. There was Tom, Heidi at the other end, and the other four were men.

“Let’s go,” Trixie said. She gave Claudia a tray of appetizers and Claudia followed her.

There didn’t seem anything surprising about the dinner. The group chatted about business. One of them greeted Trixie who smiled at him as she slipped one of his plates onto the table.

The only strange incident left Claudia wondering exactly what was going on. As Trixie took the cream far dessert to the man who had greeted her, she appeared to slip, and a drop of cream splashed onto the front of the man’s pants.

“Ooooh, I’m sorry, Luther,” she crooned. “Look, how careless of me.”

Then, to Claudia’s utter amazement, she deliberately tilted the cream, and more of it dribbled down the front of his pants. Luther looked up at her without moving.

“Ooooh, what a bad girl I am,” Trixie cooed, her blonde hair tossing as she stared at him.

“I’ll have to make that all better after dinner.”

She played with the hem of her uniform, and it slid up, revealing the white flesh of her thighs for an instant.

“Indeed,” he said. “My wife’s getting very upset about all these stains on my pants.”

“Yes, Luther,” said Trixie and walked back to the kitchen.

Claudia couldn’t believe what she had seen. The sexuality was blatant. Perhaps that’s how the girls kept the jobs — they fucked the guests at night. Well, that might be fine for them, but not for Claudia. She hadn’t been hired for that, and the thought of any more cocks in her soft pussy made her sick.

After dinner, as the guests were finishing the coffee, the three girls were called back in. Claudia stood in the middle of them, feeling desperately humiliated.

“Trixie,” Tom said reprovingly. “That was very bad, spilling the cream like that, whatever we do, you go on doing it, don’t you?”

“Yes, Tom,” Trixie said. She was breathing heavily, her tits thrusting up at the front of her uniform. Her hands ware on the fronts of her legs and they moved restlessly, drawing the hem of her dress up and down over her thighs.

“But Luther has said that the usual punishment will be sufficient for now,” Tom said.

“Ohhh, yes, Luther, thank you, Luther,” Trixie gasped. She breathed even harder, and her hands dug into her dress, twisting her stockings as they dragged over her thighs.

Claudia felt her head swimming. Whatever was going on?

With a grin, Heidi got up and walked over to a closet in the wall. She opened it and took out a thin cane. It was about four feet long and so thin it trembled in her hand as she brought it back to the table. Trixie gasped as she saw it, and Claudia saw her lick her tongue over her lips as she stared at the thin line of wood.

Claudia risked a glance around the room. The men were all tense, waiting. One of them actually trembled with excitement. The atmosphere in the room got hotter and rank with sexuality.

Heidi went to the wall and dimmed the lights, except for one that shone on Luther in his chair. He sat there, a wide grin on his face.

“Get Luther ready,” said Heidi. She stood several feet from the chair, tapping the cane in the palm of her left hand. She too was breathing heavily and her eyes were fixed on Trixie as the blonde went to the chair.

Trixie worked a handle in the side of the chair and it reclined, leaning Luther back.

Suddenly Claudia saw the massive bulge in the front of his pants. There was, no more doubt about it. This was a sex session. She reeled with horror.

Very slowly Trixie slid her hands over the front of her uniform and undid the top button. “More, Luther?”

“Yes,” he whispered, and the bulge in his pants rose.

Trixie spread her legs as she worked her fingers over the next button of her uniform. It came open, and the clasp of Trixie’s bra was revealed, just showing over her tiny black slip. “More?”

Luther nodded.

“Oooooh, you beast,” Trixie moaned, but her legs shook with excitement as she undipped the next button and the next until her uniform was open to the waist. “I suppose I have to take it off.”

“You bet,” said Luther, and his voice was husky with lust.

Slowly Trixie peeled the sides of her uniform down and slid it down her arms until it dropped to the floor.

“I suppose you have to see my tits,” she whispered.

Luther nodded, and his chest heaved with lust.

Trixie unclipped her bra, sliding the cups open until her tits were showing. Then, making sure that all the men around the table could see what she was doing, she slipped the slip strap down her arms, but held the slip close to her body, teasing them all. Then she peeled the straps of the bra off. She tossed the bra to the floor and slid the straps of the slip back up her arms.

She stood in front of him in just the slip, stockings and her heels. Her tits were hardly even disguised by the slip. The top of it was nothing but lace that caressed her luscious flesh, revealing the tight buds of her nipples. She cooed at Luther and her tits thrust up, half out of the top of the slip. Her hands worked the hem of the slip up over her thighs as she spread her legs, showing all the men her tight black panties. “That’s enough, slut!” Heidi snapped. “Now get on with it!”

“Oh yessss!” Trixie gasped.

Claudia’s eyes widened in utter horror. She saw Trixie take a step forward. Then Trixie spread her legs, standing on either side of Luther’s legs. She crooned with lust as she spread her thighs farther and bent at the waist, her tight ass cheeks sticking up in the air. Finally, her hands went to the zipper of Luther’s pants and she pulled it down. Her fingers damp with the cream still soaking the front of his pants, she reached inside.

Claudia almost passed out. With a murmur of joy, Trixie pulled Luther’s cock out. It was a big, thick hard cock, jumping in her hands. With one hand she reached back and slid the hem of her slipup, over the top of her asscheeks and up to her waist. Her tiny black panties outlined the curves of her flesh, and the man who had been trembling before gave out a gasp of lust.

“Is that right for you, Luther?” Trixie whispered, her voice carrying perfectly in the electric silence of the room.

Slowly Heidi took the cane and laid it across Trixie’s ass. Trixie jumped a little and trembled, her lips open and gasping, her hands around Luther’s cock.

“Now remember, you don’t do anything to that cock before the sixth stroke,” Heidi said, a hard note in her voice.

“Yes, Heidi,” Trixie said, her voice rasping with lust. She took her hands off Luther’s hard cock and put them on the sides of the chair.

The cane went up in the air and held there. It was too much for Claudia. With a scream of terror, she ran for the door.


The door was locked. Claudia struggled with it in futile panic. Behind her she heard a footstep, and an iron grip took her shoulder.

“Silly girl,” Tom said. “Don’t you think we thought of this?” He spun the sobbing teacher around to face him. “You’ll be amazed at the things you’re doing by the end of this weekend.”

He dragged her back to the table.

“Whip the bitch!” Trixie yelled. She still stood over Luther’s stiff prick, breathing heavily. Her hands were on her hips as she looked at Claudia. “Fuck it,” Trixie screeched, “she really fucked me up.”

“Calm down,” Tom said and Trixie did as she was told, at once. Tom grabbed Claudia’s arm and twisted it, pushing her toward the table. “I want to make sure you get a good view of all this, young lady, so you understand what’s coming to you.”

“Let me go, you brute!” Claudia screamed.

She was pushed to the table edge, and, with all the men staring at her, shoved over it.

“Stop it!” Claudia yelped. Her dress was up over her ass and she was sure they could see her panties.

But it was no use. More hands grabbed her and one of the men hauled her up onto the table.

There she saw something that made her heart stop. There was a rope with two leather bindings on the end of it. Claudia hadn’t seen it before, but then, she hadn’t looked up. The rope ran into a hole in the ceiling and came down one wall, where Heidi casually held it, waiting.

“No,” Claudia screamed, “you’re not, no!” Ruthlessly Tom propelled her to the rope. He held her with one hand and seized her wrist in his iron grip. Claudia screamed and yelled, but he lifted her arm until he could get her hand through the leather binding at the end of the rope.

“No!” Claudia shrieked, but Tom heaved the binding tight on her wrist and she was helpless.

After that he took no time at all getting her other arm up and lashing it into the other binding. Heidi gave a heave on the rope and it went up, almost dragging Claudia off her feet. She gave another deep scream of tenor and hung there by her arms. Her feet just touched the table top, but most of her weight was on her arms.

Tom laughed and turned to his audience.

“This young lady,” he said with a grin, “couldn’t pay her car installments. This weekend she may pay for the entire car.”

There was a roar of laughter. Claudia swung on the rope. Apart from anything else, her raised arms had pulled everything up, including her uniform hemline. It was now above her stocking tops and the men could look up to her pussy and ass any time they liked.

“You beast,” she moaned.

“Now you’ve got a choice,” Tom said quietly in her ear. “If you scream, I’ll have you gagged, I can’t stand bitches who scream for no reason. Later on, you’ll have reason to scream and then it’ll be fine. Got that?”

Claudia just looked at him and gurgled in terror. She knew now what he was talking about. She was going to be beaten. The thought sent utter horror surging through her. Her eyes glazed with fear and she almost fainted.

The men all laughed and one of them stood up and slid Claudia’s dress up her ass until her panties were in view.

“Hey,” he said, “that’s nice, that’s real nice.”

“Hey, come on, let’s see her pussy,” another of them called.

“And her tits!” Luther roared from his semi-reclined position.

“Come on,” Tom said. “I told you, wait. A little bit of patience never hurt anybody.”

“My cock hurts,” said another of the men, and they all laughed again.

Claudia started screaming the place down. Rolling on the ropes, she screeched her lungs out until Tom was there, thrusting a rolled-up napkin into her mouth. She gasped with more terror, but that wasn’t the end of it. He took a leather restraint and strapped that around her lower face, keeping the gag in place and making it difficult for Claudia to breathe, since the top of it ran just under her nose.

“Stupid bitch,” Tom said. He jumped off the table. “That should do it.”

Claudia swung slowly around on the rope, unable to stop herself with the perilous grip her high heels had in the table cloth. It was a nightmare. Her arms already strained to their limits, she could hardly breathe, and her legs strained to take some of her weight.

“Now,” Tom said, are we ready?

Heidi was back in her old position, stroking the cane through her fingers. With a great sigh of lust, Trixie bent once more and slid her slip up over her ass, letting them all see the tight black panties that outlined the curves of her shapely ass. She took Luther’s cock, stroked it gently and then let it fail, leaning on her hands on either side of his body. He leaned back and ran his hands over Trixie’s thrusting tits while she moaned and trembled.

Heidi carefully ran the thin cane over Trixie’s ass. The nympho maid gasped and her whole ass shook with the expectation of what was to come.

“Remember,” Heidi said softly, “not until the sixth stroke.”

“Yes, Heidi.”

The cane rose in the air, and Claudia’s horrified eyes followed every movement of it. It hovered there while the room grew tense with expectation, and then it lashed down.

“Aaagghhhh!” Trixie shrieked as it cut a thin line across her ass. Her body jumped and she gasped, her mouth drooling.

The cane cut another thin red line across Trixie’s ass.

“Two,” Heidi said.

Trixie shrieked, her body thrusting up and jerking. Luther kept his hands running over her tits and she gasped, her eyes fixed on him. The thin cane slashed Trixie’s suffering ass cheeks.

Her scream echoed as the cane swung up and lashed her mercilessly again.

“Four,” counted Heidi as she let the cane bounce from the encounter with Trixie’s ass until it was in striking position again. It cut down and Trixie’s whole body trembled as she screamed with the fifth deep red welt in her ass.

Heidi held the cane up in the air before the sixth stroke. Trixie’s body shook as her mouth moaned and drooled over Luther’s cock.

“Bitch!” she screamed. “Come on, I want his cock!” Her ass swung and heaved as she stared at the huge cock waiting for her mouth.

Suddenly Heidi let her have it. The sound of the wood on Trixie’s ass flesh made Claudia sick as she hung on the table.

“Six!” yelled Heidi and, with a moan of pure lust, Trixie sank her mouth over the throbbing shaft of Luther’s cock.

With her ass a lined mass of welts, her lips went around his swollen cock-head and her fingers slid over his shaft. Then, as the cane whistled in again, she sank the cock into her mouth until her lips were around the base and her throat muscles heaved and expanded with the effort of her sucking.

Claudia shook from head to toe. She couldn’t believe what she saw. The cane cut into Trixie’s ass in merciless strokes as the horny little blonde ran her mouth up and down the hard shaft of Luther’s cock. Trixie’s screams bubbled out from around his iron-hard cock-flesh as the cane whipped her with slowly increasing fury.

Heidi’s eyes were glazed as she whipped the little maid. Her hand ran down the front of her leather skirt and shamelessly slid it up until it was clear of her boot tops and her shining leather panties were in view. With a moan, she worked her hand down the front of them and caressed her steaming pussy as she lashed Trixie’s hot ass.

Claudia could feel the stirring men all around the table. Most of them were quiet, but one, a small, wiry guy, with brown hair, was going crazy in his seat.

“Jesus!” he yelled. “Fuck, I gotta have it! I gotta!”

For Claudia the horror deepened. Until now, Mona, the little dark maid had just been standing, watching, her hands roving restlessly over the front of her uniform. Now she walked over to the man and grinned at him, her fingers tracing a line across his chest.

“Need it bad, Petey?” she crooned. “Need it real bad?”

“Shiiitttt!” he gasped, looking as if he were going to explode.

Mona smiled and lifted her uniform dress to show her long legs and the tight black panties all the maids wore. “Need it bad enough to take my panties off and fuck me if I bend over the table? See, I’m already wet, I need it bad.”

“Fuuucckkk!” Peter yelled. He sprang out of his chair, his cock almost bursting out of his pants.

With a grin, Mona leaned over the table, her face not far from Claudia’s feet. Claudia looked down at her with horror as the dark-haired maid worked her dress up over her ass and waited for Peter.

His chest heaving, his breath coming in deep panting gasps, Peter leaned in and grabbed the top of Mona’s panties. In one movement he dragged them down her legs, almost pulling her stockings off as well. With a murmur of passion, Mona stepped out of her panties and spread her legs for him, her fingers playing with her hot wet pussy.

“Right up there,” she gasped. “Stick it right up my cunt.”

Peter gave a harsh moan of lust and grabbed for his zipper, heaving it down and pulling his cock out. He rammed his cock into Mona in one go.

“Ohhh yeahhh!” she moaned. “Oh fuck the shit outta me, come on.”

Her tight little ass shoved back at him as he yelled and rammed his prick into her again, his hips slapping against her ass with each thrust.

Over the chair, Trixie’s ass was now one sea of crimson flesh. The cane lashed her continuously as Heidi leaned back, her fingers playing shamelessly with her pussy. Trixie’s screams had sunk to a low, continuous moan as her mouth worked up and down on Luther’s cock and her hips jerked back for the cane, her ass rising to meet each blow, trembling as the thin wood beat another line of agony into it.

Her eyes misty with horrified tears, Claudia gripped the restraints on her wrists and wondered if there were any she could get out of there. Everybody else was so engrossed in the beating Trixie was getting, she might be able to get off the table and try another door. Bat the restraints were as strong as ever and she gasped for breath as the gag filled her mouth and the leather binding seemed to tighten around her face.

“Aaagghhhhh!” Trixie screamed suddenly. Her mouth was around the throbbing lead of Luther’s cock while her finger trembled over the shaft. Her whole body shook as she lunged for the next blow. “I’m coming, ohhhhh shit, I’m coming, whip me, Heidi, whip me!”

Her scream became muffled as she rammed her mouth back down the length of Luther’s cock-shaft again. But there was no doubt, even to Claudia, that she was indeed having an orgasm.

The little blonde maid, her hair tossing violently as she came, lunged and tossed around, screaming for more as her mouth rammed up and down the whole eight inches of Luther’s cock. Her begging got louder and more insistent as she held her lips at Luther’s cock-head, her saliva dribbling down his prick while her ass thrust up, demanding the whipping harder and faster. Her tongue swirled around the hard cock until she sank Luther’s throbbing prick deep into her throat with a moan of total abandon.

Claudia watched in horror. Trixie’s body gyrated as her mouth pounded up and down on Luther’s cock, her throat muscles opening and closing to take him. The little whore was coming just by being whipped. It was impossible, nobody could be that depraved. But Trixie’s screams and helpless demands for more were clear enough evidence, and her trembling body shook with passion at every beat, of the cane.

Suddenly Luther grabbed Trixie’s blonde hair and rammed his cock up into her mouth.

“Take it, whore, take it!” he bellowed. “I’m coming, you beautiful slut, I’m coming!”

His body arched on the chair and his cock pistoned in and out of Trixie’s willing mouth.

But they weren’t the only ones coming. At Claudia’s helpless feet both Mona and Peter were yelling and moaning as his cock rammed in and out of her hot pussy with faster and harder strokes.

“Shhiittt!” he roared. “You’ve got the tightest little cunt in the world.”

His hand gripped Mona’s small high tits, caressing them through her uniform. She, in turn, heaved her ass back at him, sucking his cock as deep into her hot wet cunt as she could.

“Ohhhh, ram it up me!” she screamed. “Ram it right up me.” Her face pressed into the table top as she came, her eyes blurred and full of lust. She pushed back, straining to get more and more of his demanding prick in her cunt.

“Aaagghhh, yesss!” Luther yelled. His back arched off the chair as his cum boiled down his cock-shaft and shot out into Trixie’s willing mouth.

Trixie’s body trembled as cum gushed into her mouth in great thick ropes. Gobs of it overflowed her lips as she screamed incoherently, her ass still reaching for the cane. Her wicked little tongue licked up the spreading pools of white fuck-juice as she rammed her mouth back down on the spurting cock-rod, and Luther’s roars of satisfaction echoed from the ceiling.

“Take it, ohhhh, fuck, take it!” he yelled as his cock shot more hot jizz.

His grip on Trixie’s hair tightened as he rammed her head down on his cock and her throat opened willingly to take it. Even then, white drops of his spunk ran out of her sucking mouth and she rammed farther down to lick them up from his cock-hair.

Heidi’s fingers blurred over her pussy as she lashed Trixie’s ass to a crescendo of lust. As the hot little blonde maid gave a series of final screams of lust, Heidi whipped her ass with six or seven strokes, her fingers digging deep into her pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Heidi screamed as she climaxed, her legs trembling, her chest heaving with lust. She gave Trixie a final stroke of the cane and lowered her arm, gasping with pleasure.

As for Trixie, she lunged down to the base of Luther’s spurting cock, then pulled back up, licking all the way, until her tongue just flicked over his still-oozing cock-head. She moaned with satisfaction, her body shaking with the power of her come. Her eyes closed, she sank his still-hard prick into her throat one more time and then fell to her knees, her mouth clinging to his cock.

Claudia saw Trixie’s ass, deeply lined with the marks of the cane and wondered again what kind of horror she had been dragged into.

But Peter was coming too, his cock spurting cum as he rammed it into Mona’s soft wet pussy. He leaned down, his fingers tightening on her tits as he yelled. “Oooooh, right up you! Ohhhh, tell me you love it, come on, bitch!”

“Ooohhh, yesss, I love it!” Mona moaned as she came again and again. Gobs of Peter’s fuck-juice squeezed out of her cunt and ran down her thighs to wet her stocking tops, but she didn’t seem to care. “Ooohhh, give me all of it, all of it, ohhh yessss! All of it!”

With a final scream of passion, she lunged back and then collapsed across the table, her cunt twitching, cum still running down her legs as Peter’s cock softened and he fell back into his chair.

With a smile of satisfaction, Mona moved off the table and knelt at his feet. Her dark hair bobbed as she took his rapidly softening cock and ran her lips over it.

“Please, Petey,” she gasped, “may I clean your cock off?”

He just gasped and the little black-haired maid licked at the cum still clinging to his cockshaft. When that had gone, she stayed there, sucking gently on his cock-head until it stirred again and he gave the first moan of a new lust.

Tom stood up and climbed onto the table. He came up to the struggling, terrified Claudia and took the leather gag away from her mouth and then pulled the napkin out.

“Now,” he said, “it’s time for you, my dear.”

Claudia sobbed and clung to the rape. What horrors would she have to face?


“Clear the table off, girls,” Tom said. He ran his hands over Claudia’s tits through the satiny material of her uniform, and she wriggled, pulling back in disgust.

“Stop that!” she yelled. “Let me down!”

He smiled nastily at her as Trixie and Mona began taking the plates and other things off the wide table top.

“Tonight’s your night, honey,” he said. He came closer to her and ran his hand down the side of her uniform until he reached the hem. “You’re gonna get it all, baby, first of all, I’m gonna get that blow job I didn’t get the other day.”

“No, never!” Claudia yelled defiantly. To her horror his hand moved up her thigh, taking the hem of the dress with it. The dress was short enough anyway and now her stocking tops were visible, and he was taking it higher.

He smiled as his hand moved over her skin. “I hope this silliness doesn’t go any farther. Punishment can get so boring sometimes.”

His hand slowly drifted on up, still taking Claudia’s dress with it. Now her ass with the tight, semi-transparent panties was showing. At that she snapped.

“Stop it!” she screamed. Before she knew what she was doing, she spat in Tom’s face and her leg jerked up to hit him in the balls.

He was far too fast for her. The spittle landed on his cheek, but he had twisted out of the way and grabbed her knee before she knew what was happening.

“You stupid slut!” He held Claudia’s knee and slowly lifted it, putting ever greater pressure on her other leg and her arms.

“Stop it, let me go!” It was hopeless. He lifted Claudia’s leg until she was almost hanging from her arms and her left leg was braced hard into the table cloth to keep her balance.

Claudia shuddered with tenor as Tom’s strong face looked closely into her.

“Now we take the high road,” he said, almost whispering to her. “I’ve obviously got to break you first. That will be fun, won’t it?”

Around her, the two other girls cleared up the table as Tom held her leg and twisted it out, spreading her thighs. With his eyes boring into her, he slid his hand so very slowly up her inner thigh, feeling it tremble as her other leg tried to take her weight.

“Stop it!” Claudia whispered, almost pleading, but his hand went on up, above her stocking tops, caressing the soft white flesh of her inner thigh. The other men gathered around watching, their faces horrible in the expectation of the punishment Claudia was going to get.

Tom’s hand reached the tight curve of her panties. He made no attempt to get inside, just slid his fingers over the tight material, while Claudia jerked and pulled in horror. His fingers played with her pussy through the panties and Claudia moaned. She was going to be raped, she knew it.

“How does that feel?” Tom whispered to her as his fingers probed deeper, sliding into the crack of her ass.

“Ohhhh.” Claudia shuddered in despair. He lifted her leg higher until the men below could see her suffering these obscene caresses.

“Do you know what I’m going to do with you?” Tom asked.

His fingers ran back, over her pussy-lips and Claudia shook from head to toe with desperation.

“I said, do you know what I’m going to do with you?” he whispered.

“N-no,” Claudia sobbed, tears only just under the surface.

“That’s just as well.” Tom laughed.

Without warning, he dropped her leg and Claudia was left there on the table top, still bound, her arms in the air, helpless to them all. She stared at them, but there was no pity anywhere. All around her, the horrible faces gathered to watch her humiliation.

Then Claudia’s horror grew worse. She saw two bindings being pulled out on either side of her. They were bolted into the sides of the table and she stared at them with almost full recognition of what they were for.

“No!” she screamed as the two girls grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs out toward the bindings.

It was utter horror for the bound teacher. Her legs strained painfully as her feet, still in the six-inch spike heels, were pulled apart until the girls could slip the bindings over her ankles. Claudia screamed and yelled desperately, but there was nothing she could do. Her legs had been pulled so far apart that extra strain came on her arms, and the insides of her thighs stretched agonizingly. She hung there helplessly. Tears welled up and she started sobbing as the men walked around, admiring the muscles of her legs and the soft white of her flesh.

“Fuck me,” one of them announced, “this is a real good one, Tom, real good one.”

“What else?” Tom said easily. He leapt back up onto the table and advanced on Claudia. “Any of you wanna use the girls, go ahead. This is personal, but it will be great fun to watch.”

He reached down and Heidi handed him three whips.

Claudia shrieked in horror. “W-what are you doing?”

“Having fun, ain’t you?” he asked. He dropped two of the whips and kept the cane as he came up to her. “Now, honey, how about we take some of these clothes off you?”

“No, leave me alone!” Claudia screamed. “W-what are you doing?”

With the greatest deliberation, Tom slid the dress up Claudia’s thighs until her ass was exposed in nothing but the tight panties. He held her dress there and the cane went up, hovering over her tight ass cheeks.

“W-what, no!” Claudia whispered in utter terror.

She tried to crane her neck to see what was happening, but before she could see anything there was a slight swish and absolute agony burst across her ass. Tom had lashed the cane across her tight ass cheeks, exploding pain through her flesh. Claudia screamed as she twisted on the ropes, straining her legs helplessly to try and get them together again.

“Now, don’t you think it would be a great idea to take some of our clothes off?” Tom asked.

Claudia, her eyes basting with tears, looked for Heidi. Surely his wife wouldn’t allow him to do these things. Heidi leaned back against the wall watching, but that wasn’t all. One of the men, the one who had been visibly trembling with lust, was on his knees, his mouth sucking furiously at the sultry blonde’s pussy. Heidi’s leather panties lay on the ground near her, her leather skirt was up around her waist and she spread her thighs wider, riding the man’s face like a trainer riding a horse.

“That’s nice, Marcus,” she murmured, “that’s so nice I might give you one of the girls later.”

Marcus gasped as his mouth hungrily sucked at the woman’s cunt.

Claudia turned away, sick to her stomach. “Leave me alone,” she pleaded, “please, leave me alone!”

The dress went back up over her ass and the cane lashed in again, beating another thin red line of agony into Claudia’s ass. Her scream beat off the walls and her body heaved in desperate agony on the ropes.

“Now, don’t you think it…”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Claudia screamed as the pain echoed over her body. Anything to avoid that cane again.

“Say, please, please, please, Tom, take my clothes off,” he taunted.

Claudia stared at him, her tears running down her lovely face.

“Please, please, please, Tom, take my clothes off,” she whispered.

“Certainly, you little whore. Look at that, hardly knows me and pleading with me to take her clothes off.”

The men below roared with laughter. All the men were staring at her, apart from Marcus. He was still rooting away in Heidi’s cunt. She stood astride him, her booted legs slowly moving with her rising lust.

Heidi smiled at her husband. “Having fun, my dear?”

He grinned and turned to Claudia. “Just one problem. You seem to be all tied up, I can’t take your clothes off.”

Claudia shuddered with new fear. She had no idea what he meant, but it sounded threatening.

“I’ll have to tear them off, won’t I?” he whispered.

“Yes,” Claudia said, her voice trembling uncontrollably, “whatever you say.”

He didn’t say a word, but his strong hands went up to the neck of her uniform. For a moment he held it and then he started to tear. His hands were incredibly strong and the material parted, slowly, but surely with each heave of his powerful muscles.

Claudia shook with strange emotions as she hung there in the grip of this brute. The dress tore, exposing the tiny slip underneath and her bra. On it went. He heaved the apron off and tossed it to the floor, then went back, ripping the dress until it reached her waist.

Tom tore the uniform farther, down to the line of Claudia’s pussy. It hung in tatters from her shoulders as he reached down and ripped the thin material the last few inches to the hem. Claudia sobbed, her eyes closed as he reached up and took the part of the dress that still held up over her arms.

She screamed as much in surprise as pain as he ripped the material and tore one arm of the dress off, tossing her body around on the ropes as he did it. She tensed for the other one, and his hands ripped the final support of her uniform away in a few great heaves. The tattered dress fell, but Tom caught it, a light of triumph in his eyes.

Claudia hung on the ropes, reduced to her slip and bra and the little white cap on her head. The stockings and spike heels added a terrible allure to her shapely legs, and the horrible spread of her thighs could be seen more clearly now since the tiny slip hardly even reached her pussy.

“Look at this!” Tom roared, thrusting the dress in Claudia’s face. “I give you a perfectly good dress and you ruin it. What kind of a whore are you?”

“B-but you…” Claudia sobbed and then realized that she was in the hands of a merciless sadist.

“You get punished for that,” Tom said and reached for the horrible whip on the table top.

“No! No! No!” Claudia shrieked. “You ripped it off, it wasn’t my fault, you beast, you sadist, you pervert! You’re a pervert!”

“Ah, at last you understand.”

They all roared with laughter as Tom stood in front of Claudia and ran the whip down the front of her body. She shuddered and shrieked with horror.

“Fuck, I can’t stand this any more,” said one of the men. He was big and going bald which seemed to give him an air of even greater menace. His muscles rippled as he grabbed Trixie. “Over the table, cunt! I’m gonna fuck you.”

“Oh sure, lover,” Trixie crooned. She swung in and rubbed her hot body against his, the silk of her slip sliding all over his body. With a grin she stepped back and bent forward over the table, easing the slip over her ass where Claudia could still see the marks of the cane. Trixie purred as she looked up at the terrified teacher on the ropes. “See what good girls get? They get fucked by all these big strong men. All night, aaahhhh, yessss Tim, that’s so nice.”

She thrust back against him as he rammed his great thick hunk of fuckmeat into her wet and willing pussy. Tim grunted as his cock slid in to the hilt. He leaned over the table, forcing Trixie’s thighs into the wood as he started a long, slow fuck. She pressed into the hard surface, her legs spread, her pussy throbbing.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, take it!” Tim gasped. His cock pulled almost out of Trixie’s cunt, then rammed in again. She screamed with lust, and the two of them lunged together like animals, fucking their brains out.

“Screw you!” Luther yelled. “We’ll take this one!”

Mona shrieked with delight as she was picked up and pushed onto her back on the table. Her short dress was pushed up over her thighs and Peter opened the neck of it and ran his hands over the dark-haired nympho’s swelling tits.

“I’ll take your mouth, this time, whore!”

Mona didn’t mind; in fact, she gasped with joy as two cocks assaulted her. Luther worked his thick prick over the sopping wet entrance to her cunt while both men pulled her unresisting body to the corner of the table where they could fuck her. She gurgled as Peter’s long hard cock thrust into her throat, and then her body heaved with delight as Luther rammed his cock deep into the hot pit of her cunt. She lay on the table, her head over the edge, her dark hair falling half way to the floor. Her legs were up, and Peter held them as her frantic jerks of lust revealed more and more of her legs and tits. Her hand worked back and held Peter’s balls, caressing them as his cock moved slowly in and out of her mouth.

“See?” Tom whispered into Claudia’s ear. “That could be you, think about it, getting all that fun.”

Claudia felt sick. She sobbed and struggled on the ropes, but it was useless. Her legs strained in growing agony and the tendons on the insides of her thighs felt as if they were being pulled to breaking point. Suddenly her eyes opened in horror. She saw what he was going to do.

Tom stepped back. He was facing her, the whip in his hand. It swung slightly. Then it lashed down, sweeping through the air, swinging up to lash right between Claudia’s spread legs.

“Aahgghhhh! Oh, God!” Claudia screamed as the whip lashed into her wide-spread pussy.

The agony churned out of her clit and erupted all over her body. Her body jerked as she saw Tom lash the whip toward her again. The whip landed and the full weight of the knots beat into her bound flesh. Her shrieks of agony rang around the room, increasing the fury of the fucking from the others.

The whip lashed in, the knots beating marks of deeper red into the spreading, crimson stain over her pussy and upper thighs. With slow, burning rage, Tom beat her, lashing the whip with dreadful precision, the tips of the knotted tails always lashing over her throbbing cuntmound. Screaming and begging for mercy, Claudia jerked on the ropes, her legs trembling, her tits heaving as she panted in growing agony. The tiny slip she wore didn’t stop the whip at all and hardly disguised the growing red marks on her flesh. Her panties were no protection either. The knots of the whip beat over her pussy-lips.

“Stop, oh God, stop!” Claudia wailed, her voice cracking with the pain and humiliation she was forced to endure. “Please, please, let me go! Please stop! Tom please stop!”

Below her, Tim and Trixie were bucking against the table with faster strokes as they started to come. It was disgusting and depraved, they were obviously getting off on the whipping Claudia suffered.

“Ohhhh, look at that, honey,” Trixie purred as she watched Claudia gyrating on the ropes. “Look at that whore jump.”

Her hand went back, under her body and between her legs, caressing Tim’s thick, hard cockshaft and hairy balls as they slammed in and out of her hot wet cunt. She gave a long low moan of delight and fell back on the, table while her hips lunged up for more of his prick.

“Come on, Tom, whip the little cunt!” Tim roared. “I wanna hear her scream as I shoot, come on!”

His cock pistoned in and out of Trixie’s throbbing pussy, swelling and throbbing as the cum boiled around in his balls, getting ready to shoot out.

At the far end of the table Mona and Peter seemed to be in a world of their own. Mona gave slobbering gasps as Peter’s cock slid slowly in and out of her hot willing mouth. Her legs trembled with each thrust of the double fuck she was getting. She worked one hand over Peter’s stiff prick as it invaded her mouth, caressing the heaving cock-shaft. Her other hand was down on her clit, rolling over the hard bud while Luther’s long thick cock spread her pussy-walls.

Claudia’s arms shook as she clutched the bonds for something to take away the worst of the pain. Her pussy and inner thighs were a crimson mass of agony, and it got worse with each lash of the merciless whip. The knots beat sharp points of pain all over her body. Tom knew exactly how tp whip it to get the maximum screams from his victim.

Through tear-filled eyes, Claudia saw that there was an enormous bulge in the front of his pants and this made her shudder with added despair. She was going to have to take that enormous cock in her mouth; she knew he would whip her until she gave in. The thought made her scream louder and give herself up to the most total despair.

Suddenly Tim roared like a bull in heat and rammed his cock right into Trixie’s spuming cunt.

“Yeahhhhh!” he yelled. “I’m shooting, ohhh my God, I’m coming!” His hips slapped into Trixie’s ass as his cock started to unload its throbbing load of thick goo. “Whip her, Tom, whip her!”

“Yeah, come on, Tom, give her the works!” Trixie screamed. “I need it for my come, aaahhhh yessss!”

Her fingernails scratched the polished surface of the table, and she gave a long low scream of release as the streams of jizz shot high into her hot cunt.

“Do it, Tom!” Heidi yelled. She grabbed Marcus’ head and squelched her hot pussy over his face, screaming with delight as she came, her pussy-juices flowing into his wide-open mouth. “Lick it all up, wimp!”

Marcus moaned, but his mouth stayed on his mistress’ cunt while she used him as she wanted, her cunt smearing all over his mouth and face.

Tom did what they all wanted. As they all yelled and screamed in climax, he lashed the whip harder and faster into Claudia’s pussy.

Claudia knew she was going to pass out. The agony from her whipped pussy grew and pulsed to the point where she lost all sense of time or anything else. Her whole body throbbed as she saw Tim’s spurting cock slam into Trixie’s cunt. Gobs of his cum oozed down Trixie’s thighs and into her stocking tops while she screamed with delight and came in long sobbing pulses on the table top.

“Yeahhhh!” Tim roared and dropped over the blonde’s still slowly heaving body. He propped himself on his hands and moaned with satisfaction.

“That’s it!” Heidi yelled as she gave the last of her heaves and fell back against the wall. “Not bad, baby,” she said softly, caressing Marcus’ hair, “not bad at all.”

“Thank you, mistress,” he gasped.

Tom gave Claudia a last hard lash of the whip, and she screamed and fell down on the ropes, hanging there, her body a helpless mass of pain and degradation. Behind her, the other three were still fucking. Tom came up to Claudia.

“That’s how we punish stupid little whores,” he said pleasantly. “Now, let’s have a look at your tits.”

Claudia had hardly any more energy left, but she still shuddered as he took the neck of her slip and tore it with great deliberation until the cups of her bra were revealed, still covering her swelling tit-mounds.

“Look at that,” Tom said with disgust in his voice. “Now she tears the fucking slip!”

Claudia screamed and passed out.


Claudia stirred slightly and opened her eyes. She ached all over from the beatings. Her hand strayed down to her poor suffering pussy and rubbed it to soothe the pain. Her other hand went out to the edge of the table. So she was still on it, but they had at least taken the bonds off her ankles and wrists. Then she realized that the table was wobbling, and she opened her eyes wider, allowing her to see exactly where she was.

They had laid her only a foot or so away from the pulsating mass of Mona, Luther and Peter. All three of them were coming, yelling and howling as they thrashed on the table top. Mona’s little white cap had come off, her dress was up around her waist and open so that her thrusting tits were exposed.

Her moans of lust burst out from around the thick hunk of Peter’s cock that rammed in and out of her willing mouth. Her long black hair tossed as she arched her back to get more of his cock in her throat and allow even deeper penetration of Luther’s cock in her wet cunt. Her hands strayed over Peter’s thighs and balls as he came to a climax, his cock jumping in Mona’s mouth like a piston.

“Ohhh, yeah! I’m coming, ohhh, taste it, whore, taste it!”

His hips jerked and thick gobs of cum shot out of his piss-slit, right into Mona’s wide-open mouth. She screamed with lust, her mouth widening up for more, and he gave it to her, ramming his throbbing, spurting prick back into her throat.

“God, what a cunt!” Luther bellowed as his cock swelled in Mona’s pussy. He leaned down, pushing her dress even higher up her body. Luther grabbed her tits, squeezing tightly as his balls pumped out the first of his cum.

Claudia pulled back in horror, and then the cane lashed her exposed ass.

“Aaahhhh!” She shot up to see Heidi standing there.

Heidi now had Marcus on a collar and chain and he knelt on all fours, grinning and licking at his mistress’ thighs. His long thin cock stood out from his loins like a pole. His cock bobbed as his tongue flicked gently over Heidi’s soft white flesh.

“Share some of that cum with Mona!” snapped Heidi, lashing the cane across Claudia’s suffering ass cheeks again.

Claudia shrieked and pulled away, almost falling off the table. “No! What do you think I am?”

“Do it!” Heidi snapped, whipping Claudia again, the cane landing across the tops of her creamy white thighs.

Just behind her, the others were reaching their orgasms. Mona climaxed, moaning for more and more of Peter’s cum as it gushed into her mouth. Luther squeezed and twisted her nipples and her body jumped with lust. Peter held her ankles, opening her legs wider, allowing Luther’s cock to slam even deeper into her throbbing cunt.

Claudia, desperate with horror, watched as Luther leaned back, bellowing with lust. His cock jumped and jizz splattered out into Mona’s cunt, sending another burst of orgasm through the depraved little nympho. Roaring with release, Luther shot his load in great streams of cum until it squeezed out of Mona’s pussy, running into her dark cunt-hair and over her thighs.

“Lick that up!” Heidi snapped and whipped Claudia’s ass.

“No, no, no!” Claudia screamed, crouching on the table top. “Not that, it’s disgusting, not that!”

“Your last chance, whore!” The cane lashed over Claudia’s thighs.

“Aaahhhh!” Peter sighed as his cock shot the last of his load. He ran his oozing cock-head over Mona’s lips and cheeks, and she purred with delight, licking at the white gobs still slowly forming, her fingers playing with his slowly subsiding cock-shaft.

Luther gave his last spurt of ejaculation and fell forward, bracing himself over Mona’s trembling body. “Hey, this chick’s the greatest, hey, Peter?”

“Yeahhhh!” watched Mona still licking at his cock-head. “Much more of this and I’ll bust a gut.”

“You say that every fucking time,” Luther said with a grin. “You ain’t busted yet.”

They both laughed and pulled their cocks out of Mona’s wet, warm holes. She rolled over and attempted to pull her dress back over her tits.

“Oooooh,” she murmured, “look what those naughty men did to me. Heidi will be angry with me for this.”

She sat up and pouted at Heidi, running her finger over her wet lips.

Heidi smiled at her. “We’ll see how you behave the rest of the night!”

“Yes, Heidi,” Mona said compliantly. She got off the table and smoothed her rumpled dress down a bit.

“Now,” Heidi said, “we have to deal with this whore. She’s going to regret her misbehavior.”

“Don’t you dare!” Claudia yelled. She tried to stand up, but Heidi lashed the cane out and Claudia collapsed.

“Kneel!” Heidi yelled, the cane lashing out again, catching Claudia across the ass.

“Get away!” Claudia screamed, rolling for the edge of the table.

She screamed as Heidi leaned in and grabbed her effortlessly, swinging her back over the smooth surface. The cane lashed across Claudia’s tits, only partly covered by the flimsy material of her slip. Claudia’s screech of agony rang from the walls, but the cane landed again across her helpless tit-mounds, and she rolled into the middle of the table, clutching herself tight.

“Kneel up, like a dog!” Heidi ordered and whipped another line of agony over Claudia’s tight ass-cheeks. “Do it, or you’ll be back on that rope again!”

Sobbing with shame and agony, Claudia knelt on all fours on the table top. The top of her slip hung down from her tits and the hem only just covered the top of her red and whipped ass. At least she still had her panties on, that was something.

“Turn around,” Heidi snapped.

Claudia obeyed, tears running down her cheeks, her chest heaving with sobs. She was now facing down the table and all of them were waiting, even Mona and the two men. All the men were now naked, except for Tom.

He was dressed in a robe. He stood right in the middle of the other end of the table. His hands played softly over Mona and Trixie’s hair as they bent down, softly licking at his cockhead. The very sight of that drew a gasp of horror from Claudia. Tom’s massive hard cock was almost too thick for either of the girls to get in their mouths. Their hands played over the ironhard flesh and it looked to Claudia as if, rammed into their throats, it would reach right into their stomachs. The thing was a horror to look at.

“Crawl!” Heidi snapped and lashed Claudia’s ass to make her point.

“Yaaa!” Claudia screamed and twisted, but she could see the hanging rope out of the corner of her eye and that was more than enough to make her obey.

She started to crawl down the table top toward that massive cock and the two maids who sucked it so softly. The cane lashed her ass again and another deep red welt burned into her flesh. She screamed, but kept going. On and on she crawled, sobbing with humiliation, the cane lashing her ass every few moves, until she was only a foot or so from Tom and the two girls.

He grinned at her and tapped the girls’ heads. “Thank you. Now go and make sure everybody enjoys watching this.”

Trixie and Mona giggled and went to the three other men, waiting to enjoy Claudia’s next degrading performance. They then knelt and played with the men’s cocks, slowly urging them back up to full performance. Luther, Tim and Peter lay, half reclining in the chairs, watching.

“Now,” Tom said. “That blow job you should have given me the other day. Now’s your chance.”

“No!” Claudia hissed. She wouldn’t degrade herself that far.

“One last chance,” Tom said softly. He reached out and ran his fingers through Claudia’s luscious dark hair. “It’ll be very painful if you don’t.”

“You beast,” Claudia sobbed. “I can’t do that, I can’t, I can’t!”

“Shit!” Tom snapped. “Okay, you asked for it.”

Claudia screamed and tried to roll, off the table, but Tom and Heidi were far too fast for her.

“Get me that collar!” Heidi snapped as she and Tom held the writhing Claudia.

“Yes, mistress,” Marcus replied and rushed off, still on all fours. He got to the closet and crawled back with a thick leather collar and chain.

“No!” Claudia shrieked but she was overpowered.

Tom twisted her arms behind her back while Heidi put the collar around her neck and tightened it until it was uncomfortable, but Claudia could still breathe.

Heidi took the chain and pulled it.

“Stop it!” Claudia screamed, twisting her head to see the three men lying there, being caressed by Trixie and Mona.

Their cocks were hard again, or as good as hard. Claudia shuddered and burst into tears. Heidi twisted the chain around the table, and Claudia was lashed there, her head helplessly pulled over the edge, her arms behind her back.

As Claudia screamed and pleaded for help, Tom and Heidi forced her arms under her body and out along her legs until they could lash her wrists to her ankles.

“Ohhhh!” Claudia screamed in mounting horror.

She was now forced to kneel, her ass sticking up helplessly, waving in the air as she struggled with the collar binding her neck to the edge of the table. As a final insult, they took a thin wooden rod and pushed it behind her knees, lashing it firmly into place with Claudia’s knees forced as wide as they would go.

Claudia knelt on the table. With her neck held as it was, her wrists lashed to her ankles and the stick holding her knees open, she could hardly move at all. But she could move enough for her ass to wave delightfully for the onlookers.

Tom stood in front of the quivering teacher. His cock was as rampant as ever and the massive swollen cock-head was only inches from Claudia’s lips.

“We’ve had enough of you fucking about. Heidi is going to ship your ass until I’ve shot all this load of cum in your mouth. And, if you don’t get it right the first time, we’ll do it until you do get it right. So the sooner you drop this Little Miss Pristine shit the sooner your ass will feel a lot better.”

“Suck my pussy!” Heidi ordered.

“Yes, mistress,” Marcus gurgled. He knelt up obediently and held Heidi’s thighs as he dived back into her curly cunt-hair and the soft lips of her pussy. He slobbered with lust as he licked over Heidi’s clit, his mouth sucking at the hard bud.

“That’s a good boy,” Heidi said softly.

Claudia felt the touch of the cane across her tightly stretched ass cheeks. She moaned in horror. Her slip was up around her waist and there was nothing to protect her but the panties.

There was that dreadful swish and the sharp slap as the cane bit into Claudia’s ass.

“Ooooohhhh God!” Claudia screamed. The agony was worse than anything she had experienced before. Her whole body shuddered and the collar twisted hard around her struggling neck. The cane whipped another crimson line across her flesh and her shriek of agony echoed from the ceiling. Things became blurred for Claudia.

Tom’s cock bobbed at her lips, and she thought she would throw up. Tom held his cock there, the faint smell of his masculinity rising into Claudia’s nostrils. The cane lashed her ass and her low moaning scream rose and fell with the searing agony. The cock pushed to her lips and she didn’t try to get away. Claudia was does to doing anything to escape this agony.

“Lick it!” Tom said.

Claudia hesitated.

“That’s all the help you get, whore,” Tom snarled. “Now, beg me for it.”

“No, no, help me!” Claudia screamed, her body jerking on the table, her ass one mass of agony. “No, no, I can’t, I… aaagghhhh! I can’t, I, aaaagghhhh! Ohhhhh God.”

The dreadful cane beat more thin lines of red into her ass.

“You want it, whore?” Tom demanded, shoving his rampant prick to Claudia’s mouth again.

“Yes yes! Let me suck it!” Claudia screamed. Slowly Tom slid his huge purplish cock-head over Claudia’s soft red lips. With a moan of resignation and horror she parted her lips, and the first cock ever passed into Claudia’s virgin mouth.

She almost gagged on the massive round cock-head. It filled her mouth, made her open her jaws wide to take it. Even as the beginning of the cock-shaft thrust between her lips, the tip of his cock-head was at the entrance to her throat. Claudia sobbed, her body heaving as Heidi whipped her ass with long powerful strokes.

“Now suck it!” Tom ordered. He held Claudia by the hair, thrusting her face lower and deeper onto his rampant cock. Claudia tried her best. She sucked at the prick, and let her tongue move over the massive cockhead. Her screams were now muffled in the thick meat invading her mouth, but her body still trembled as much as ever, and the agony rose higher as Heidi started to come with Marcus sucking her pussy.

“Yeaahhhhh!” Heidi screamed.

Her arms lashed harder and faster on Claudia’s suffering ass while the dark-haired teacher sucked at Tom’s cock for all she was worth. His cock was going to spout that disgusting cum, but at least that would mean the end of her suffering. Her head started ramming down as the agony of each stroke of the cane erupted over her. Tom’s hands suddenly gripped in her hair, his hips thrusting up for more.

“Jeeesusss!” he gasped. “She’s got it, fuck me, she’s got it! Suck it, bitch, suck it!”

What happened to Claudia then shocked her even more than the horrors she had to endure. Her mouth started pumping on Tom’s cock, driven by the endless lashing of the cane across her crimson ass cheeks. The cock ramming into her mouth began to swell and throb, and she knew Tom was close to coming. She sobbed with shame, but her head rammed harder and Tom’s cock sank an inch into her throat, diving a little deeper with each lash of the cane.

Suddenly the agony erupting from her ass changed. It was as powerful, but the waves were softer, blending into each other, sending sparks of something Claudia had never felt in her life before raging through her. Her ass was thrusting up wantonly for the cane as it lashed down. Her screams became guttural, bursting out from around Tom’s heaving cock. Her hands ripped her stockings as the raging pain surged into the most depraved lust Claudia had ever known. Shame and passion burst over and into each other, and the unholy lash of the cane built them higher with each stroke.

Tom had grabbed her hair even harder and his cock filled her mouth with its demanding maleness as it rammed into her throat. The stroke of the cane drove a raging fire through her guts until she was screaming for a release she didn’t know how to get. Each time the pain got worse, she got closer to the release.

“Yeahhhhhh!” Tom roared. “Here it comes, all for you, whore, all for you!”

The cock erupted in her mouth. Cum burst out, filling Claudia’s cheeks and throat. Her mouth rammed down on the spurting prick, and Heidi gave her a series of terrible final whippings with the cane. At the first one, the climax burst in Claudia. To her wonder and horror, vast spouts of cum filled her mouth as her orgasm burst through her body.

She thrashed on the table, sending it rocking with each heaving, wracking orgasm. Her mouth rammed down on the throbbing cock as more and more goo poured out of it and down her throat. Her mouth rammed down and she swallowed the cum effortlessly, sliding her lips to the base of the monstrous prick. There she held it while the final burst of her come erupted and sank away as the cane gave its final cut to her ass.

Tom moaned and his hands gripped Claudia’s hair as her throat spasmed around his cock, sucking the last of his jizz out. He let go, panting with satisfaction, and Claudia’s mouth slowly worked back up his still hard cock-shaft. Claudia didn’t know what had happened. Her mouth was still full of Tom’s cock and the faint taste of cum was on his flesh, but she realized that she hadn’t really known what it was like. It had all poured down her throat without her really knowing it.

And she had come. She had climaxed like a banshee while a cane lashed her ass and a man raped her.

The wonderful satisfaction retreated and the agony in her ass took over again. Claudia sobbed helplessly, feeling the rips in the stockings where her frantic hands had torn them. How had she let that happen to her? She couldn’t let herself be as depraved as this bunch of perverts. It hadn’t really happened, she assured herself. That was it. It was just that the pain had driven her crazy. She wept, wondering what they would do to her next.


She didn’t have long to wonder. There was. Heidi, standing in front of her, with Marcus. He panted at her heels, more and more like a dog.

“Well,” Heidi said, running her hand over. Claudia’s shoulders. “You sure had a good time with that one, didn’t you?”

“Stop it, let me go,” Claudia sobbed.

“Stupid slut!” Heidi grinned. Her hands ran down Claudia’s back until they strayed over her whipped ass. “Now we’re gonna teach you something else!”

“Aaahhhh!” Claudia moaned as Heidi’s fingers pinched her, starting the pain ringing through her flesh again. Her hips twitched as Heidi’s fingernails scraped her crimson ass flesh. She lumped and heaved, pulling against the bonds that held her as tightly as ever. “Stop it!”

Over in their comfortable chairs, the three men leaned back watching. The two skittish little maids were now gently sucking their cocks in turn, keeping them hard and ready.

“Now, my good little dog, would you like to get some relief?” Heidi asked Marcus as he panted at her feet.

“Oh, yes, mistress, yes!” he gasped.

“Very well. You may stand up.”

Claudia shook with terrible fear. She was sure he was going to fuck her. Or maybe she would be made to suck his cock too.

Heidi reached down and ran her fingers over Marcus’ trembling cock-rod. “You be a good little dog for your mistress.”

He gasped and moaned with lust.

Heidi turned around and, very slowly, bent over. She still wore her white blouse, although she had taken her black jacket off. The tight blouse outlined her tits magnificently. As she bent, the short leather skirt rode up her ass, showing her bare ass cheeks.

Heidi slid her skirt up until it clung around her slim waist. She spread her legs and smiled at Marcus.

“Now, be a good dog!”

Marcus gasped. He grabbed his cock and started rubbing it violently, his eyes glued to Heidi’s shapely ass, the curves of her thighs below that and the boots that clung to her legs like a second skin.

“Ooohhh, mistress,” he moaned. “I’ll be good, I will.”

His hips heaved and tossed and his cock throbbed and grew as his hand jerked up and down the stiff prick. He gave a low moan, his cock thrust out and suddenly hot gobs of cum spat out, all aver Heidi’s ass.

Still cramped up on the table, Claudia stared in horror. Marcus’ cock shot more and more of the hot white goo, and he knew exactly where Heidi wanted it. Almost all of it hit the top of her ass and ran down, deep in the crack, over Heidi’s tight little ring of ass muscles and into the top of the crinkled asshole itself. Some of it went farther, running into Heidi’s pussy and over her clit.

“Just the last bit on the sides!” she ordered. With a deep moan Marcus let his last shots of jizz shoot over Heidi’s ass cheeks, spreading it on both sides. He stood there, jerking the last oozings out, moaning with satisfaction.

“Make her lick it clean!” Heidi ordered.

The cock was shoved at Claudia’s mouth. She shuddered, but she felt the light touch of the cane on her ass. She licked the cock-head, felt it stir and heave as she cleaned the last of the sticky cum off it.

“Now clean my ass off,” Heidi said. She stepped back in her high-heeled boots and her ass was suddenly inches from Claudia’s nose.

“What?” Claudia gasped.

“Lick my ass clean!” Heidi ordered.

“I-I can’t,” Claudia sobbed. “I can’t, please, aaaagghhhhh!”

She jerked on the table, her ass ringing with agony as the cane lashed across it.

Tom leaned in on her. “Now, lick Heidi’s ass clean! Your ass is hot enough.”

He ran the cane across Claudia’s ass cheeks and she shuddered. She saw the gobs of cum slowly running in the crack of Heidi’s ass, all over her shit hole and down into her pussy.

“Please, please, don’t make me do that! Aaaagghhhh! Oh, God, stop!”

“Lick it clean!”

The cane lashed Claudia’s ass again and she knew she had to give in. It was the most desperate, horrible of humiliations. With a sob she licked her tongue out furtively and licked a gob of the cum from Heidi’s ass cheek.

“That’s it,” Heidi said. “Now do it properly, or I’ll have Tom whip you again.”

Tears poured down Claudia’s face as she leaned forward and licked at the other side of Heidi’s ass. She knew they were all watching her, and that made it worse.

Heidi’s flesh was warm and the soft wafting perfume she used washed over Claudia’s nose. It sent a strange pang of passion through the bound teacher, but she fought it down. She licked at Heidi’s ass, cleaning off the last drops of cum that Marcus had shot. Soon there was nothing for it. She had to lick into the crack of Heidi’s ass or get whipped again.

Claudia shuddered. Her whole body ached from the bonds that held her crouched on the table, and her ass still stung with the agony it had been forced to endure. She leaned and licked at the top of Heidi’s ass crack, tasting the salty cum.

“Ooooohhhh, yes!” Heidi purred. “Do it for me, come on!”

Her ass circled, thrusting up at Claudia’s face.

Claudia moaned, closed her eyes and did the best she could. She licked the cum up, sliding her tongue down the crack of Heidi’s ass, terrified of the moment she knew was coming.

Heidi ordered her all the way, making her go deeper as she cleaned up the cum. Heidi leaned farther down and pulled her ass cheeks apart, so that the tight ring of ass muscles was right in front of Claudia’s horrified eyes. “Lick it!”

Claudia sobbed, but she gave in. Her tongue flicked over the tight entrance to Heidi’s asshole, and she felt it twitch with pleasure. She licked again, tasting the cum, terrified that she might taste something more. There might be shit there.

Heidi’s ass circled and she pulled her ass cheeks even farther apart.

“Ohhhh yes,” she purred, “lick me, lick me good, come on, lick right in there, I think some cum got deeper, come on, deeper! Whip her, Tom!”

Claudia tried to do as she was told. The cane lashed her ass and she screamed. She licked deeper, feeling the muscles of Heidi’s ass open until she could actually get her tongue into the blonde’s asshole. She sobbed and wept as Heidi made her stay there, licking her tongue into her ass until Heidi started rolling and heaving with a rising orgasm.

“Ohhh yessss!” Heidi moaned. “Just like that, go on, lick me!”

Claudia’s horror crested as Heidi’s ass muscles closed around her tongue and the tall sadistic blonde leapt as she came, moaning with delight while Claudia kept her tongue running in and out of the hot, earthy shit hole.

“Oooooh, that was nice! Now, finish the rest. Down, into my pussy!”

Anything was better than licking Heidi’s ass. Claudia was almost grateful as Heidi bent farther, until her face was right between her spread legs and her pussy thrust up at Claudia’s mouth.

Claudia licked at the cum, sucking it into her mouth, the sticky, salty taste almost acceptable now. Her tongue flicked into Heidi’s pussy hole and the blonde moaned with new arousal.

“Suck my clit!”

Claudia was in a nightmare. Her tongue slid farther, licking and caressing at Heidi’s hot clit bud, taking the last of the cum that had oozed down there and swallowing it. But that wasn’t good enough for Heidi.

“Suck my clit between your teeth, right in! Come on, bitch, Tom’s still got that cane!”

Claudia shook with shame. She sucked the trembling flesh of Heidi’s clit into her mouth, let her tongue run over the hard bud as it heaved and jerked.

“Bite it!” Heidi ordered. “Bite and lick it!” The house of horrors got worse every moment. Claudia gave a shriek of agony as Tom whipped her ass for no reason that she knew. Desperately she bit down on Heidi’s clit.

“Bite me!” Heidi screamed. She reached up and grabbed handfuls of Claudia’s dark hair, ramming the helpless teacher’s face harder into her pussy. “Whip her!”

The cane landed with that sickening slap and Claudia went out of her mind. As the agony soared, she bit down on Heidi’s clit as hard as she could, hearing the hot blonde yell with lust.

“Do it, do it!” Heidi shrieked. “Bite me, whip her, whip her?”

Her pussy spasmed with lust as she came, yelling and screaming for more, her legs trembling in their tight boots, her body heaving with climax.

Claudia bit and chewed at Heidi’s clit, determined to take revenge for the pain she was suffering. But everything she did got another shriek of lust from Heidi who tore at Claudia’s hair. Her pussy throbbed with lust, pouring juice into Claudia’s mouth.

Heidi screamed and fell to the floor, grabbing for her pussy, rubbing the sore, chewed flesh as she rolled on her back.

“Good job you learn, whore! Two more strokes, Tom!” she ordered, her fingers rubbing her clit with increasing passion.

“No, no — aaagghghhh!” Claudia screamed as the cane cut her suffering flesh again. To her horror she saw that Heidi was coming again, lying on her back on the floor, her legs up, her skirt around her waist, her fingers flying over her pussy.

“Yes, ohhhh that’s nice,” Heidi purred as the second of the strokes lashed Claudia’s ass and the blonde came again, her fingers slowing on her clit. “Now anybody can have her!”

Claudia couldn’t believe that she had to suffer more that night. She watched in rising panic as the three men got up, ignoring the pleas of Trixie and Mona for another fuck.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” Luther said, a nasty tone in his voice.

“You’ve been waiting? I wanted this from the moment I came in,” gasped Tim.

“If you two go first, then I get to tear her panties off,” Peter said.

“Ohhh no,” Claudia moaned, but the depravity spread around her.

“Come here,” Tom said, and the two girls got up off the floor and went over to where he and Heidi stood with Marcus beside them.

“Mona, get my slave hard again,” Heidi said. “I ain’t sucking that wimp,” Mona said with great contempt.

She stood, hands on hips, her dark hair tossing defiantly. Her bra was gone, but she still wore the maid’s uniform. There were cum stains on the front and the apron was almost torn off. Her stockings were stained and torn too, but she still had her spike heels on. Her dress was open to the waist, revealing her firm, thrusting tits.

“Get down and let him stick his cock into any hole he wants,” Heidi snapped.

“Fuck off!” Mona snapped.

“Hold up, guys, watch this,” said Heidi.

Claudia shivered as she felt Peter’s hands running into the top of her panties, but he didn’t tear at them, just caressed her sore ass gently.

Tom picked Mona up effortlessly and threw her across his shoulder. She shrieked, but Claudia was sure there was some unholy delight in her voice. Tom took her to the large soft armchair and threw her across it. Her head hung low over the one side, and Marcus was there instantly at his mistress’ command.

“Hold her arms!” Heidi snapped.

Marcus took Mona’s arms as she yelled and screamed, kicking her legs up, her short dress riding up to her waist. He pulled her wrists down until she was held tight, and his cock was close to her protesting mouth. Trixie grabbed Mona’s ankles and held them, so that the dark girl was helpless, wriggling and screaming at them all.

Heidi walked toward the heaving group on the chair. In her hand was a very thin rod. It was made of some kind of hard rubber, for it trembled and bounced in her hand. She stood over Mona as the maid writhed over the chair.

“Fuck off!” Mona screamed. “I ain’t suckin’ that fuckin’ wimp!”

Heidi just smiled and pulled the top of Mona’s uniform apart until the young maid’s tits were fully bared, heaving up as the thin rod ran across them, teasing Mona’s nipples.

“You will do as I say! When you are ready, you can take Marcus’ cock in, you know what to do.”

“Fuck off!”

What happened next made Claudia sick with fear. The thin rod came up and then lashed down, bursting across Mona’s nipples. The dark maid screamed in pain, her body heaving across the chair.

“Fuck off!” she shrieked. “Fuck — aaaggghhhh!”

Her body writhed and another line of agony erupted over her tits.

As the thin rod lashed Mona’s tits, Claudia felt Peter’s hands reaching into her panties. She moaned, turned her head, but he was already heaving at the thin material. With a small rip it parted across the side, and Peter pulled at the remains until the panties lay in ribbons on the table.

“Fuuuccckkk! What an ass! I’ll come back later for that.” He climbed off the table. “It’s all yours boys!”

He went over to the chair where Mona lay screaming in endless wails of pain.

“Suck him!” Heidi yelled as she lashed the thin rubber across Mona’s nipples. The little dark-haired maid writhed across the chair, her tits a lined mass of agony.

Marcus thrust his cock at Mona’s mouth. His prick was fully hard now, and got harder as he watched the dreadful punishment Mona was getting.

“Fuck off!” Mona yelled. She closed her teeth and spat at Marcus’ cock as it heaved at her mouth. “I ain’t — aaagghhh! Sucking you, wimp!”

By now Claudia had her own worries. Tim stood at her head, his cock at her lips. “Get on with it!”

Claudia shook with terror, but she opened her mouth and let him slide his huge prick between her lovely lips. It filled her mouth with its thick hot hardness and she moaned. She was helpless, she would have to take another load of cum in her mouth soon.

Luther was on his knees behind her helpless ass, his hand running over her flesh. She trembled, gurgling on Tim’s cock as Luther’s fingers probed into her pussy.

“Heeeyyyy!” Luther grinned. “The little cunt sure did come, she’s pouring it out!”

Tim chuckled as he rammed his cock higher into Claudia’s mouth. “Yeah, I knew she was like that.”

Claudia sobbed as she struggled helplessly in her bonds. It wasn’t enough that they whipped her and tied her up, the humiliation was almost worse. Then she jerked and struggled even harder. Luther had his cock in his hand and was running it over her clit. She moaned, her ass heaving, her voice bubbling from around Tim’s thick prick.

Very slowly Luther worked his cock into Claudia’s cunt, thrusting it into the tight passage. The bulbous cock-head spread the walls, stretching Claudia’s pussy until she moaned. Claudia was horrified at herself. The feel of that one cock in her pussy was giving her more deep, pussy-throbbing pleasure than all the other fucks she had had combined. She hated herself for that, tried to fight it. But the cock continued its invasion, working inch by inch into Claudia’s pussy until Luther’s balls slapped into her thighs.

Claudia gave a deep guttural moan of lust. She wept at the feelings sparking out of her pussy-walls. Luther drew his cock back, held it with the head just inside her cunt while Claudia moaned and heaved on the table, top. Then he rammed his cock in again, grinning as the helpless teacher fought the passion threatening to overwhelm her.

“Suck him!” Heidi shrieked in fury as she lashed Mona’s heaving tits.

“Fuck off!” Mona yelled, her breath coming in gasps as she struggled against Marcus’ grip on her arms. His cock struck out, bobbing up and down while sweat poured off his face.

Tom stood nearby, watching it all with a grin.

He folded his arms and waited.

Suddenly, with a shriek of lust, Mona heaved across the chair and started coming. Her mouth opened and she lunged up, swallowing Marcus’ cock to the balls in one go. He was so startled he let go of her wrists. Instead of pulling back, she grabbed his ass and rammed his cock even harder into her throat. Her muscles convulsed around the long thin cock-shaft as she heaved up, her tits bouncing under the lash of the rubber rod, her hands digging deep into Marcus’ ass.

“Ohhhh no!” he yelled. “No, please, let me go, please!” His cock was going out of control, thrusting into Mona’s hot, wet mouth. “Tell her to let me go, mistress! Tell her to let me go!”

Heidi didn’t say a thing. She lashed Mona’s tits with rising fury, the thin rubber rod bouncing off the flesh and lunging up into the air with each stroke.

Marcus screamed, and Mona’s groans of lust bubbled as his cum shot out into her throat. He gasped, his hips beating at Mona’s face as she screamed, taking his hot ropes of jizz into her throat. She let him pull back a bit, until his cockhead was at her lips, still pouring out own.

Then Mona gave a last scream of lust and dropped across the chair. Trixie let go of her legs and Heidi stopped whipping her.

“Naughty little dog, weren’t you?” Mona crooned as she licked the last of the cum away from Marcus’ cock-head as it oozed out. “Bad dog, bad for your mistress, weren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, mistress,” he said, “I didn’t mean to disobey, I really didn’t.”

He tried to pull his cock out of Mona’s mouth, but she wouldn’t let him.

Tom looked at his wife. “You really must train your slaves better. I can’t wait any longer, come here, Trixie.”

The little nympho blonde wriggled to her feet and went over to him. She slid the hem of her slip up, posing for him. “How do you want it?”

He sat on the sofa, his massive prick sticking out of his robe. Trixie pulled the robe open, and held the thick hard cock-shaft in her hands. Then she slid onto his lap, wriggling up until she could get the head of his cock to her pussy.

“All the way in?” she asked, gasping.

“All the way in!”

With a long, bubbling moan of lust, Trixie worked his cock into her pussy, clutching herself close to him, her tits rubbing across his chest as she took the huge cock into her cunt. When she had it all the way in, she groaned and rode him softly.

“I bet you want to watch what Marcus gets,” she whispered.

“Yeah!” He grinned. “So don’t bring me off yet.”

“Just tell me when!” She slowly eased her cunt up on his cock, then sank down, letting him feel every inch of her throbbing hot pussy.

Claudia had her own problems. She closed her eyes as she sucked Tim’s cock, feeling it invading her throat. Her pussy spasmed as Luther rammed his cock back up her heaving fuck channel. She was close to breaking down and sobbing. That most dreadful thing was happening again. She was going to come.


Claudia gasped on Tim’s thick cock as it rammed deeper into her throat. The very feel of the thick cock-head sent spasms of horrible lust surging through her. Her tits trembled and heaved as the fleshy cock-shaft thrust up and down, raping her mouth.

But that was nothing compared with the sensations erupting from her pussy as Luther’s cock heaved over her trembling cunt-lining. The raping thrust of his cock rolled up and down her pussy-walls as he slammed in and out. The rasping of his cock was making her tremble from head to toe. Her hands pulled at the bonds frantically, but the surging wave of climax built no matter what she did.

Her moans echoed around Tim’s cock as she heaved frantically on the table, feeling the control slipping away from her. If she came with this depraved rape, she would be shamed forever.

“Ohhhh, shoot my load!” Tim gasped as he grabbed Claudia’s hair and rammed his cock into her mouth until her lips were in his cockhair. “I gotta shoot in this hole, I just gotta.” His hips thrust up, his cock-head swelled and quivered in expectation. “Suck my cock, baby! Suck it good or you’ll be in real trouble!”

Claudia hardly heard him. Her pussy was spasming round Luther’s cock every time he fucked her, and she knew he would feel it. Shame surged over her and her face blushed almost as red as her whipped ass. Then it came, the moment she had dreaded.

“Heyyyy!” Luther roared. “The little cunt’s coming again! Fuck me, she’s coming! Take that, whore!” His cock speeded up as he leaned harder on Claudia’s bent legs, his loins slapping into her painful ass cheeks. “Come on whore, scream with it!”

The huge piston of his prick slammed into her pussy and Claudia couldn’t stop herself. The life of the climax was taking her over, burning through the last shreds of her resistance. Her mouth sank deeper and harder onto Tim’s cock until he was yelling with excitement, his cock throbbing and swelling with the approaching release.

“Jeeezz,” said Peter, leaning on the table, watching. “She’s hot as hell, the little whore!” He reached under Claudia’s throbbing body and ran his hands over her heaving tits. “Fuck, she’s somethin’ else!”

Claudia could feel them all watching her. Her throat spasmed, her bubbling, guttural screams of lust rang around the room. Her mouth sucked at the huge cock invading her throat, her tongue swirling around the flesh until Tim gave a yell and sank his hands deeper into her hair.

“Ohhhh, shit, I’m coming!” he yelled. “Ooohhhh, yeahhh!”

Despite the bonds holding her so tight, Claudia’s body tossed on the table top, her mouth and throat sucking at Tim’s cock as the cum shot along the cock-shaft and poured out into her mouth. Yelling at the top of his voice, Tim held Claudia’s head deep on his spurting cock-rod as his hips rammed up into the teacher’s throat.

“Ooohhh fuck, you wanna feel her? Ooohhh fuck, this is great!” He forced Claudia’s mouth on his cock to the root, but he needn’t have bothered.

Claudia was out of her mind. The hot cum pouring into her mouth had set the erupting spasms of orgasm off like a rocket. The white salty goo poured over her tongue, and she swallowed as more of it gushed out, filling her mouth.

Then Luther came. His fingers dug into Claudia’s ass as his cock swelled and throbbed in her hot fuck-hole.

“Yaaaaa!” He yelled as his own stream of cum shot high into Claudia’s spasming cunt.

That was too much for Claudia. She sucked and licked at the cum pouring out of Tim’s cock. Her body throbbed as cum dripped down the heaving length of Tim’s cock-rod and out of her open mouth. She caught some of it with her tongue, ramming the prick deeper into her throat so that she could lick the white drops out of his cock-hair. Her ass lunged back at Luther as his cock blurred in her hot pussy, shooting the cum that mashed into her spuming cuntwalls and oozed out, running slowly down her thighs.

“Uuurrgggg!” Claudia moaned as the driving shots of fuck-juice slowed in her throat and Tim loosened his grip on her hair, letting his cock soften slowly in her mouth. She didn’t even try to push it out. While her mind rolled in helpless surges of subsiding lust, she licked and sucked at the cock-head, taking the last of the cum as it oozed out of Tim’s piss-slit.

Luther sighed as his prick slowly stopped shooting cum. He moaned, ramming his still hard prick into Claudia’s cunt, feeling her tremble from head to toe as the hard cock slid over her pussy-walls. He slapped Claudia’s ass as he slowly eased his cock out, and Claudia gave a low scream of mingled pain and lust.

“Shit!” Luther gasped. “That was some fuck!”

Tim pulled away too and Claudia was left, crouched on the table, cum running over her inner thighs and dripping off her chin. Worse than that, she could see them all now. To her utter humiliation, Mona and Heidi were standing close, applauding, grinning at her. At their feet knelt Marcus, frantically rubbing his cock, trying to get it hard again.

“Now you’re learning, my dear,” Heidi said. She walked up to Claudia and ran her hand over Claudia’s face. “Wasn’t that better than any fuck you’ve ever had?”

Of course it was, but Claudia wasn’t going to admit it. She burst into tears and let her head rest on the table top, sobbing her heart out.

“Well now,” Heidi crooned. “As far as I know, the rest of the men want to fuck you, but you can watch what we do to this naughty little dog here. It will be a good lesson to you in doing what you’re told.”

“Ohhh, no mistress, no!” Marcus gasped, his hand beating his cock frantically. “I’ll get it up for you, I will!”

“You certainly will!” Heidi snapped. “Now, get up on that thing yourself or take the consequences.”

Marcus turned, shuddering. Heidi was pointing at a horizontal bar standing in the center of the room on strong metal supports. Claudia realized that they must have wheeled it in while she was being so vilely raped. There were restraints all over the bar and its supports, and Marcus was pale as he crawled off towards it. His cock was limp, swinging under his belly as he crouched there, whimpering.

“Get up!” Heidi snapped. Her arm flashed out and the leather of a thin whip cut Marcus’ ass.

“Aaahhhh!” he moaned. “Please, mistress, please!”

“Get up!” Heidi snarled. “Your training is getting very slack! Up!”

Her arm swung again, lashing another thin line of pain across his ass.

Marcus shrieked with pain and slowly stood, grabbing at the metal supports to hold himself. Very slowly he put his arms up, and Mona lashed his wrists into the leather thongs hanging from the bar. Marcus hung his head in shame, but Claudia saw, to her amazement, that his cock started getting hard as Mona tightened the straps around his wrists.

Mona left him hanging there and swarmed back to the floor. She took Marcus’ feet, pulled them out and lashed them to the supports until he hung there, his legs wide apart, his arms stretched by the straps. He moaned, but his cock was almost fully hard again.

“Now, I’m gonna have me some fun,” Mona said with a giggle as she stood in front of the helpless man. She stripped off the remains of her uniform and the slip underneath, standing naked now, apart from her stained and torn stockings and the spike heels. She walked up to Marcus and took his cock in her hands. “Naughty little dog. We’re gonna teach you now to come in my mouth. I deserve it, don’t I?”

“Oh yes, Miss,” Marcus said pathetically.

Claudia supposed she should have been sorry for him, but she wasn’t. Anyway, she had another problem of her own. Peter ran his hands over her ass, caressing her whipped and bruised flesh.

“Won’t it be great to fuck while we watch?” he purred.

“Y-yes,” Claudia sobbed, knowing what the penalty would be for saying no.

“Only thing is, I’m gonna fuck your ass, won’t that be great?”

For a moment Claudia was sure she’d heard him wrong. Then the true horror of it hit her.

“No!” she screamed. “No, you can’t do that! It’s… it’s perverted! It’s horrible, no!” She struggled, but he just grinned.

“Ohhhh good,” he whispered in her ear. “I hoped you weren’t just going to give in.”

“Oh no, I mean, you can, please, fuck my pussy, anything, my pussy, yes, come on!” Claudia sobbed.

“But I like fucking ass,” he said. He slapped Claudia’s ass cheeks again, and the poor bound teacher screamed with pain. Peter went to the closet and Claudia shook with the new suddenly rising terror.

“Which one do you want to look at?” Trixie whispered into Tom’s ear as she slowly lifted her cunt up the length of his cock and slid it down again. Her hot pussy-walls tightened around his cock-shaft, and she moaned, heaving with the onrush of lust.

“Both,” Tom said. He laughed and reached up to Trixie’s tits, caressing the twin mounds while the little nymph blonde wriggled and heaved in delight on his cock.

“Oooooh!” she moaned. “I’m coming again! Ohhh, what a naughty girl I am, what a naughty girl!”

Her pussy spasmed around his massive cockshaft, her pussy speeding up until she rocked and heaved on his cock with frantic screams of lust. Tom squeezed her nipples, harder and harder as the blonde came, her head thrown back, her tits thrusting at his hands, her cuntwalls erupting, spasming around his cock. Slowly her cunt slowed and she moaned, letting her fingers caress her clit as the last waves of lust rolled over her.

“I think you should suck my cock now, you little whore,” he said. “And bring yourself off as much as you want, I love to watch you do that.”

“Ooohhh, yes, Tom, yes!” Trixie gasped.

Slowly she eased her cunt up his cock until his cock-head was just inside her hungry cunt. Without warning she rammed down again, taking it all in her pussy and gasping with lust. She eased up again and this time let the hard cockrod slip out of her hungry pussy. She dropped to the floor and knelt, holding his cock, slick with her pussy-juices. Moaning with satisfaction, she licked at the cock-shaft, cleaning her fuck-juices off until his prick, shone with her saliva. Then she leaned in and captured the cock-head, sucking on the massive round ball while Tom leaned back and watched the pain and humiliation being dealt out around the room.

Marcus was the first to scream. Mona held his cock, stroking it in her skillful hands while Heidi lined up behind him, the whip in her hand. It had a short handle and a long plaited tail. Marcus craned his neck to look and whimpered as the thin tail swung upward, twirled around his mistress’ head and swung in, lashing across his ass.

“Aaagahhhh!” he yelled, his hips thrusting forward, heaving his cock between Mona’s hands as she played with him.

“Couple more like that, Heidi, and he’ll be hard,” Mona said.

Heidi was more than ready to oblige. The whip cracked through the air and Marcus screamed in pain, his ass reddening under the terrible whip. His cock thrust between Mona’s fingers and she slid one hand down, squeezing his balls.

“Not bad,” she said, “give him another one.”

“No, no, aaghhh!” Marcus yelped as the whip cut his ass again.

Over in their comfortable chairs, Tim turned to Luther. “Why that fucking wimp comes here I don’t know. He always ends up in some mess like this.”

“Fucker loves it,” Luther said.

They grinned and Luther got up to get a beer for them bath.

“Okay!” Mona yelled, “That’s it!”

The whip stopped for a moment and Mona took a small leather restrainer from the base of the apparatus. Marcus saw, it and trembled.

Mona slipped one of the leather bonds around Marcus’ cock and slid it to the base, playing with him all the way, keeping him hard. Marcus moaned, gazing helplessly down at his cock. Mona took the other two thinner bonds and slid them around Marcus’ balls. Then she tightened them.

“Aaagghhh!” Marcus roared as his cock and balls were squeezed until he hung there gasping, his helpless cock standing up for the rapacious demands of the two women.

With a giggle of delight, Mona drew close to him. With his legs spread wide and her spiked heels, she could just get her cunt over his cock. She held it there and then rammed her pussy down on his prick, getting a yell of pain from the bound man. She wriggled her ass down until his helpless cock was right in as she wanted. She raised her hands, gripping his arms, gyrating her hips, painfully wrenching his bound cock.

“Let him have it!” she yelled.

The whip cut in, Marcus yelled in pain, his hips heaving up, fucking his cock deeper into Mona’s cunt.

“Ooooh, that’s so nice, Heidi,” she cooed, “do it again!”

The lash of the whip and the yells and screams from Marcus rang from the ceiling, but Claudia had more than enough to deal with. Peter came back, holding a pair of terrible-looking things. They had small jaws and a screw between the arms of the jaws that could tighten them. She shuddered, wondering what depraved purpose they would be put to.

“I don’t have time to fuck around,” he said, “just let me know when you really want me to fuck your ass.”

“Oh no, no, no!” Claudia gasped.

She looked over at where Tom lay on the sofa, his cock slowly moving in and out of Trixie’s mouth. Trixie’s knees were spread, and her hungry fingers played over the swollen bud of her clit and ran into her hot, demanding cunt. Claudia sobbed at the depravity of it all. She dropped her head as Tom grinned at her.

“Me next,” he said.

Peter grabbed Claudia’s hair and pulled her head up until he could look in her eyes.

“Here, Luther,” he yelled, “hold this cunt’s head back, will ya.”

“Sure,” Luther said easily. He rolled out of his chair and suddenly Claudia’s neck was bent hard back against the bonds that held her to the table. Her eyes stared out into the room and the force of Luther’s arm even pulled her tits off the table top. That was what Peter wanted.

Claudia screamed as she felt him reach in and take one of her swelling tits. She felt the touch of the tiny jaws of the clamps running over her nipples and thought she would be sick with horror. Peter’s fingers pulled at her tight little nipples and they hardened.

The jaws of the clamp slid over Claudia’s nipple.

“Ooohhh, no,” she moaned, “don’t do that, please, no!”

Peter turned the screw and the jaws tightened until the clamp hung on Claudia’s nipple without support.

“Ooohhh,” Claudia moaned. The pain wasn’t so great, but the pull of the dreadful steel jaws frightened her more than anything else.

But the pain was coming.

Slowly Peter tightened the jaws, twisting the screw half a turn at a time. The jaws bit into her nipples, the pain rushed all over her body and she screamed.

“Oooohh, stop, please, stop!” she begged. Peter left that clamp and moved to Claudia’s other tit. Now that she knew what was coming, her screams were even more desperate than before, but nothing stopped him.

The jaws of the clamp caressed her tit and then slowly closed as Peter worked her nipple out of the protection of her areola. Claudia begged and moaned, but the clamp jaws tightened and the other clamp still swung from Claudia’s tit.

“Aaahhh!” Claudia screamed. “Yes, you can fuck my ass, yes, if you want!”

“You hear somethin’?” Peter asked.

“Nah, nothin,” Luther said with a chuckle. “Didn’t think so,” Peter said as he tightened the looser of the two clamps.

“Aaahhhh! Please, fuck my ass!” Claudia screamed, as agony erupted out of her nipple, driving her crazy with pain.

“What ya say?” asked Peter as he tightened the other clamp.

“Aaaggghhhh! Ohhh God, help me!” Claudia screamed as she felt as if her nipples would be crushed flat. Her head tossed in Luther’s iron grip. “Please, fuck my ass, Peter, please, fuck my ass, please!”

“Now,” he said, “what did you say?”

Luther let go of Claudia’s hair and she dropped back to the table top, but the horrible clamps wouldn’t come off. They bit into her flesh with a scaring agony that rolled over her body in endless waves of pain.

“Ooohhh, please, Peter fuck my ass!” she pleaded, sobbing with the shame.

“Oh,” he said, “Okay, why didn’t you say so?” He grabbed Claudia’s head and forced his cock into her mouth. “Feel that! That’s gonna be right in your ass in a moment.”

Claudia sobbed helplessly as the hard cock filled her mouth. She rammed her head down on it, and that helped with the pain a bit. But the worst was still to come.

Peter pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked around, climbing onto the table.

“Peter!” Claudia screamed, “the clamps, you said you’d…”

“Didn’t say a thing,” he said, “you got them, baby, until I shoot my load up your ass.”

Claudia shuddered, screaming and struggling on the table top. In front of her, Mona was climaxing in endless heaves of lust on Marcus’ cock while he yelled and moaned in pain and Heidi kept up the relentless ass-whipping. Luther and Tim lay back, watching and enjoying the display. Over on the sofa, Tom still lay back with Trixie’s soft mouth around his cock. He smiled at Claudia and she almost passed out with the horror. Nobody was going to save her from anything.


Mona screamed as her dark hair tossed and she heaved up and down on Marcus’ bound prick. “Ohhh whip the shit outa him, Heidi, come on!”

She slid her legs up to Marcus’ chest and hung there, her pussy spuming around his helpless cock. The whip cut into Marcus’ ass and he screamed with pain. His hairy ass cheeks were already a mass of red lines and each expert cut of Heidi’s whip drove them a deeper crimson.

His cock jumped higher into Mona’s cunt while she crooned and moaned with lust, her pussy flaming with desire.

“Come on, whore!” Heidi snapped as she lashed her slave dog again. I wanna turn.

“Ohhhh, I can’t stop coming Heidi, I can’t stop coming!” Mona closed her eyes and rammed her cunt even harder around Marcus’ bound cock, screaming with delight.

“Hey, Luther,” Heidi yelled, “your cock’s hard enough, come and fuck this whore’s ass, that should do it!”

Luther lined up behind Mona’s heaving ass and the dark little nympho yelled with renewed lust.

“You think I’m a whore, you fucker!” she screamed. “Then fuck me like a whore, come on, you bastard, come on!”

Grinning all over his face, Luther slid his cock to the tight entrance of Mona’s ass and slowly pushed. Mona gave a deep guttural scream of lust and jerked her ass down, trying to get more of the stiff prick in her ass. Luther reached up and grabbed the metal rods of the apparatus, holding his cock ready for Mona.

“Come on, whore,” he said, “get on my cock!”

Claudia watched in horror. The dark maid was sliding her hungry ass down on Luther’s thick hunk of meat, sucking it into her depraved body.

But Claudia hardly saw what was going on. The pain in her tits had grown worse and throbbed through her body in hot waves of agony. She rubbed her nipples on the tabletop, trying to pull the clamps off, but the searing contact with the smooth wood only made the pain worse. Then Peter ran his hands over her ass cheeks and Claudia moaned with the knowledge of what was coming.

“Ready for my cock?” he asked. Claudia sobbed.

Peter slapped Claudia’s ass hard. “I said, ready for my cock?”

“Y-yes! Yes!”

“Beg for it, whore,” Peter said, slapping Claudia’s ass again. The power of his hand shook her flesh.

“Ohhhh, no, no!” Claudia sobbed.

“Fuck, bitch,” Peter roared, “if I have to use the whip, I’ll beat the shit outa you! Now beg for it!”

To make his point, he spanked Claudia’s ass again, so hard her whole body shook on the table. It was too much for the helpless teacher. Even getting her ass fucked would be better than this.

“All right, please, please fuck my ass!” she moaned. “Please!”

“Better,” Peter said. His hands went away for a moment and Claudia shuddered again. Suddenly she felt a squirt of some cream on her ass. It cooled her flesh and she almost gasped with the relief. Peter’s hands came back, caressing the cream into her whipped flesh slowly and softly. “You like that?”

Claudia sobbed. How could she admit that she liked anything in this depraved place? “Y-yes, yes.”

His finger reached the tight ring of her asshole. She gasped as he slid one into her tight brown asshole. It slid on the cream easily and Claudia shook as Peter finger fucked her ass, sliding his finger right in and out again. The feeling wasn’t too bad, but Claudia was terrified of what that massive cock of his would do when it got up there.

As if to make her worst fears come true, Peter slid another finger in, working the two of them over her sensitive ass-walls.

Claudia moaned, feeling her ass twitch and heave under his touch. He kept it up, sliding his fingers around, until Claudia was sobbing and moaning on the table top, her body trembling to his touch.

“Okay,” Peter said. “I think that’ll do.”

He pulled his fingers out and Claudia wept, her tears running off of the edge of the table and dropping to the carpet. The most intense humiliation of her life was about to happen.

She gasped as she felt the touch of Peter’s hard cock-head at her ass entrance. She grew tense, her shitter muscles tightening to stop the invasion.

It was hopeless. With a grunt of lust Peter pushed and his bulbous cock-head pushed into Claudia’s ass.

“Aagghhh! Oh God!” Claudia groaned, her body shaking as the massive cock-head filled her shitter, shoving her walls apart until she was sure they would burst.

“Don’t worry, bitch,” Peter said with a grin. “Stuff even bigger than my cock comes out of this hole.”

He laughed as Claudia sobbed in shame. Peter gave another grunt and pushed farther, sliding his massive prick in several inches on the cream that lined Claudia’s ass-walls.

“Aaagghhh! That hurts!”

Brutally Peter reached down and tweaked the clamp on Claudia’s right nipple. “As much as that?”

“Aaghhh! Oh God, no!”

“Well keep your fucking mouth shut!” He took his cock and rammed it into Claudia’s ass until his balls slapped into her red pulped ass. “Better still, tell me how much you love it, come on, whore!”

Claudia screamed. Pain soared all over her body, but she knew better than to disobey.

“Ohhh yes. I love it. I love you fucking my ass, ohhhh, yessss!”

“You bitch!” Peter roared. He pulled his cock out of her ass and slapped it again, getting a scream from Claudia as she heaved on the table top.

Claudia screamed and sobbed in horror as Peter rammed his cock straight back up her ass. He reached down and took the two clamps, brutally pulling Claudia’s tits out and twisting them as her nipples exploded with pain.

“Now ain’t that just great, whore!” he roared as his thick cock slammed into her ass.

But Claudia was out of it, her head spinning with the agony while sudden sharp pangs of passion shot out of her ass and tits. In a cloud of the most depraved sensations, she clung to the table top while her ass was raped and her tits erupted in endless agony.

“Up your ass, baby!” Luther yelled. His cock heaved up into Mona’s hot shit hole as the little nympho screamed and heaved at the delicious double fuck she was getting.

“Yeahhh! Fuck me, ohhh fuck me!” Mona screeched. Her pussy and ass writhed as the two cocks slammed into her. Behind Marcus, Heidi kept up the relentless whipping as Marcus shuddered and moaned at each stroke. Mona felt his cock straining and swelling in her cunt as it tried to shoot and couldn’t. As one particularly vicious stroke beat into Marcus’ ass and his cock slammed up, Mona crested in a series of wracking orgasms.

“Save it for me, Luther!” Heidi yelled as she beat her slave, and his moans of pain got louder.

The whip slashing into his ass and the hot little cunt sliding over his cock were driving him into the most desperate heaving desire. And yet he knew he had a long way to go before he could release it all.

“Hurry up, whore!” Luther yelled as he rammed higher into Mona’s ass. “I don’t wanna come up your ass, come on.”

Mona didn’t hear it. In endless shrieking yells of lust, her twin holes spasmed for one last time around the cocks and she fell back, still holding onto Marcus’ arms as her climaxes ebbed.

“Ooooh, that was nice!”

Luther slid his cock out of her ass and she fell back, off Marcus’ cock and onto the floor. Marcus’ cock bounced playfully and he gave another yell of pain. His helpless cock-flesh was in a terrible state, red and swollen, throbbing painfully with the engorged blood.

Heidi stopped whipping him and walked around his still-twitching body. She prodded Mona as the little maid lay on the carpet, moaning with satisfaction.

“Who told you to take it easy?” Heidi snapped. “Get up and clean off Luther’s cock. I don’t want your shit up my ass. Then get around and whip this sucker.”

“Yes, Heidi,” Mona sighed. She swung up to her knees and reached for Luther’s cock. It was slick with her ass-juices, but she didn’t hesitate. She opened her pouting, red lips and slid it into her mouth, licking all the way down while Luther grunted with lust and his hips heaved uncontrollably. Inch by inch Mona slid her mouth back up, cleaning the hard flesh until she licked round the purplish cock-head.

Heidi looked at the long cock-shaft, clean and shining with Mona’s saliva. “Okay,” she said. “Now get up and whip Marcus until I come.”

“Yes, Heidi.” Mona got up and took the whip. Pouting still she walked to the drinks tray and took a long swig of wine, cleaning her mouth out. Then she came back, tossing the whip casually.

Marcus looked over his shoulder, but he had more to worry about. Finally Heidi was stripping off the rest of her clothes, revealing her luscious body. First she peeled off the blouse, showing the tight white bra underneath. Marcus’ eyes bugged out as he watched and his mouth drooled at the swelling mounds of Heidi’s tits.

“Want to lick them?” Heidi teased as she undid the clasp of her frilly bra.

“Y-yes, mistress!”

Heidi stepped up to him, sliding the cups of her bra apart, showing her twin soft mounds with their light areolas and tight little nipples. She stood in her high heels and Marcus craned his neck down to get his lips on her tits. He just made it, his tongue rasped over Heidi’s hot nipple.

She moaned with pleasure. “You’re being a good little dog again. It’s just such a pity that you fuck up every time.”

“Yes, mistress!”

“That’s enough,” Heidi said, easing herself away from him. She tossed the bra to the floor and slid her short black skirt off, revealing the rest of her long slim legs. Without another word she moved in, climbing up onto his painful cock, sliding her hot pussy down his bound prick with a long moan of satisfaction. When she had him in to the hilt, she leaned back and grinned at him.

“Now you be a good little dog! Come on, Luther, let me have it!”

Luther moved up behind Heidi, shoving his cock to the entrance of her ass. As the hot blonde groaned in delight, he forced his cock up, past the tight muscles, right into Heidi’s shitter.

She screamed with the hot desire of the double fuck. Her ass and pussy spasmed with delight as she rode them both.

With a diabolical grin, Mona pulled her arm back and lashed the whip into Marcus’ already beaten ass. He screamed and his cock heaved in his mistress’ pussy, giving her the delight she wanted.

“Hey, Tim,” Tom yelled. He still lay with Trixie’s hot mouth around his cock, sucking softly at the hard cock-flesh. “You wanna whip this cunt’s ass a bit and then fuck her, she does a lot better with some stimulation.”

Tim’s cock was back, up and hard. He got up and went to the closet, reaching in and picking a whip out. The threads were long and knotted. Trixie glanced over at him and gave a low moan of lust. She lifted her ass and waved it in his face as he stood behind her.

“Whip me, fucker! Come on, then fuck me! Pick a hole! Come on!” Her mouth sank right down on Tom’s cock as she waited for the beat of the whip.

Tim couldn’t help it. He took his cock in his left hand as he raised the whip. It swung through the air and lashed across Trixie’s ass, getting a deep gurgling scream of lust from her as she rammed Tom’s cock right into her throat. The whip swished through the air again and Trixie’s ass exploded with red lines and deeper crimson marks. Her body leapt and she forced the huge hunk of cock-meat deeper into her throat.

On the table Claudia struggled with the agony and the desire surging all over her body. Dimly she realized that the pain centered on her tits was driving the desire higher. It rushed across her stomach and down into her ass where it mingled with the driving cock slamming over her ass walls. If this went on, she would come again and shame herself worse than ever before. Just the idea of coming while a man raped her ass and pulled at clamps that crushed her nipples was so disgusting she could hardly even imagine it.

“Oooohhhh, this cunt’s got a great ass!” Peter yelled. He pulled at the nipple clamps and Claudia screamed, her ass jumping back at him. “Come on, bitch, fuck me or I’ll tear them off! Come on, whore, you can’t fool me, you’re coming!”

The surging emotions crashed over Claudia, bursting through her fragile defenses until she screamed and bayed like a wild animal, her hips bucking, her tits heaving. The agony mixed with the lust surging out of her ass until she didn’t know the difference. All she knew was that she was coming, helplessly coming.

“Aaaaggghh!” she screamed, sobbing with lust. She shoved her tits into Peter’s hands, dragging the damps across his palms to get more pain. She screamed as Peter’s cock swelled to double its size and the cum erupted out of his balls.

They weren’t the only ones coming. Tim lashed Trixie in a frenzy as she gurgled and rammed Tom’s cock tight down her throat. Her ass was red and lined as it waved for more, thrusting up as the whip tails lashed across it. Her body shook in huge wracking climaxes, her mouth sank over Tom’s cock until he groaned with lust and held her blonde hair, his cock-head trembling deep in her throat.

“Fuuucckkk! Can’t stand it!” Tim gasped. He dropped the whip and grabbed Trixie’s ass cheeks, ramming his red-hot cock deep into her spasming cunt. She gave another scream of lust and buried her mouth back over Tom’s cock, sucking at it with all her might.

As Tim’s cock blurred in and out of her pussy, Trixie climaxed and gurgled with delight. Her mouth filled with spurts of Tom’s cum. Pumping her mouth up and down as she came, she swallowed huge gobs of the hot white goo as more ropes of it filled her cheeks. Her screams of delight bubbled around Tom’s cockshaft as dribbles of cum ran down it and she licked them up, swallowing the hot salty goo.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah!” Tim yelled.

He held Trixie’s ass as his prick shot cum, pouring out into Trixie’s heaving cunt until the blonde was jumping and thrusting at him out of control. She stayed licking and sucking Tom’s cock as her climaxes crested and burst all over her. Her pussy spasmed and clutched at Tim’s cock as it shot its load of hot jizz high in her cunt.

Claudia screamed as the first jet of Peter’s fuck-juice erupted into her ass. The sticky hot goo mashed into her ass-walls and his cock slid over it as it rammed back in. Claudia’s ass throbbed and clutched at the cock as she came. Shamelessly she rasped her nipples over the table, feeling the delicious pain spreading out, sending her higher into soaring realms of orgasm. Dimly Claudia heard Heidi screaming.

“Whip him, yeahhhh!” Heidi yelled. “I’m coming, come on, shoot up my ass, Luther, shoot up my ass!”

Her body heaved as Mona whipped Marcus’ ass forcing him to ram his cock into his demanding mistress’ cunt.

“You got it!” Luther yelled. “I only just held out anyway. Take it, cunt, come on, take it!”

His hips heaved up, holding Heidi off her feet as he came, his cock pouring out cum into her hot ass. Heidi screamed as she felt the two cocks surging through her twin passages. Her body gyrated, her holes sucked at the two cocks, demanding the last they could give.

Marcus screamed helplessly as Mona lashed his ass in a series of final, swinging blows that drove him into agonies of frustrated desire and pain. His cock was so hard it was close to exploding.

Finally Heidi hung there, moaning in satisfaction with Luther still clinging to her, his hands on her tits and his cock softened in her ass. Trixie gurgled on Tom’s prick as it finally lost some of its hardness in her mouth and. Tim’s cock still oozed the last of his cum into her cunt.

On the table Claudia moaned as Peter slowly unscrewed the clamps and pulled his cock out of her shitter. She could feel some of his cum running over the crack of her ass and down into her pussy. Slowly the pain of the bonds and her nipples and ass came back to her. She lay crouched, weeping in shame. But she wasn’t finished yet.

“Take her down!” Heidi snapped. “Mona carry on and Trixie hold her. We’ll give you guys something to watch for a last shot tonight.”

Claudia moaned and wept as the bonds were taken off and circulation returned to her feet and hands. She didn’t have much time to cry over that though. She was picked up by Tom and Luther and carried over to where Marcus screamed and rolled on the bar while Mona lashed his ass with hard, severe strokes. There she was forced brutally to her knees and Trixie grabbed her hair, puffing her head back. Claudia stared in horror. Now that she knew these people, she understood what they were going to do.

Her face was only inches from Marcus’ heaving cock. She was held as Heidi took hold of Marcus’ swollen and sore prick, working her fingers over the helpless cock-shaft. She took the leather strap hanging from the binding around his cock and balls and teased it.

“Would you like me to take this off?” she asked.

“Yes, yes please, mistress, yes please!” Marcus shrieked. His body heaved under the whip, his ass twitched and jumped and his helpless cock throbbed in agony at the skillful touch of Heidi’s fingers.

“Maybe, maybe,” Heidi crooned. “You promise to be a good little dog, lick my pussy until I tell you to stop?”

Her fingers continued their slow stroking of his cock, driving him out of his mind with frustrated lust.

“Oh yes, mistress, yes!” His cock jumped while the men gathered around, laughed and drank their beer as they watched.

“Maybe. My ass needs licking out too.” She ran her fingernails down his cock-shaft.

“Yes, mistress, let me do it, please, mistress!” Marcus grabbled.

“Okay then!” She pulled at the leather cord and it pulled away, taking the bindings with it.

Marcus’ cock jumped free with Heidi’s hands still caressing it. Instantly streams of hot cum shot out of his piss-slit, rocketing through the air, pouring over Claudia’s face, drenching her mouth and cheeks. She couldn’t scream or it would all run into her mouth, so she just had to stay there while the cum shot out of Marcus’ cock. Finally, he lay on the ropes moaning, his cock softening.

Claudia burst into more tears as the cum ran over her eyes, down her cheeks and over her chin, to drop onto her tits and tummy. It was a dreadful degradation, made worse by the continuing pain as the blood returned to her hands and feet.

“Okay,” Tom said. “Now you can take her to bed, girls. Just make sure she’s well fucked in.”


Claudia woke up. She twisted in the bed, her mind clawing back to some horror she remembered. Her ass hurt, and her tits, particularly the nipples. She rubbed them as she sat up in the bed.

It was a small room, with a large bed, that was about all. And dressing table. Heavy curtains covered the window.

There was something encrusted on her face. She rubbed at it and bits of dried cum flaked away. That was when the full horror came back to Claudia. She moaned and burst into tears. Dimly she remembered the night before, after Marcus shot all over her face, the two maids had dragged her to the room where they flung her across the bed. They made her take the remains of her stockings off and left. Claudia had been so worn out she just fell on the pillow and cried herself to sleep in less than a minute.

But now she was awake. Perhaps there would be a way out of here. She rolled off the bed, trying to be as quiet as she could. She had no idea what time it was, but, if it was early enough, they might all be asleep. How she would escape, naked as she was, was something she didn’t think about.

She crept to the window and had her hopes dashed. It was very well barred. Still, there was the door. She rushed over and tried it, but it was locked. She wrestled with it a bit, but gave up. She wasn’t strong enough to break it down and, if she had been, the noise would have had them all up at once.

She went back to the bed and fell onto it, sobbing again. Her tears wet the remains of Marcus’ cum on her cheeks and she rubbed at it frantically, trying to get it all off. But it was hopeless, there was even some in her hair.

And then there was the pain in her tits and ass. Claudia shuddered as she remembered the pain of the nipple clamps. She rubbed her tits and that soothed her, so she continued doing it.

The soft warmth of her caresses on her own tits made her feel warm and secure. She slowly played with her nipples, feeling them get hard and sensitive to her fingers. As she caressed herself, her pussy became aroused, itching, her juices flowing at the feeling surging out from her tits.

Claudia would never have dreamed of masturbating before she found the horrors of this house, but the pull of her clit was very insistent. Besides she had been whipped down there, it would soothe that too.

Slowly her fingers ran down her fiat tummy, over the cum encrusted mound of her pussy until she found the damp lips of her pussy.

Claudia gasped at the feel as she parted her pussy-lips and stroked her clit bud. Sparks of lust surged out, making her moan with pleasure. She knew it was wrong, but it felt so good, particularly as it covered the lingering pain of the night before. Gently she rubbed her cunt, all the time stroking her nipples. She closed her eyes, luxuriating in the desire rising through her body.

She didn’t hear the door open. She just lay there, playing with her body, enjoying the slow rise of her passions.

Until there was a loud crack and the most horrible agony burst out of the tit she wasn’t caressing.

With a shriek of pain, Claudia rolled on the bed, her eyes flashing open. There stood Trixie and Mona, grinning at her. They were dressed in fresh uniforms and Trixie carried a short handled whip, the thin tail of which had just cut a red line of pain across Claudia’s tit-flesh.

“W-what are you doing?” Claudia said, curled up at the head of the bed, her hands over her tits.

“That is forbidden in this house!” Trixie snapped. “Masturbating without permission.”

“I-I wasn’t, honest, I…”

“Don’t give me that, whore!” Trixie snapped, strolling around the bed, the whip curled in her hand. “We stood and watched you.” She stood over Claudia, enjoying the teacher’s desperate fear. “But, we may let you off easy. Bring yourself off, go on, so we can watch.”

“N-no, no please,” Claudia stammered. “I wasn’t doing that, honest, I wasn’t.”

“Stupid bitch! Do it, or face the consequences!”

Claudia knew what was coming. She shuddered at the pain and realized how much she had already surrendered to their perverted desires. She would rather masturbate in front of them than take more of the whip. With a sob of surrender, she slid her hand down her tummy and began stroking her pussy again. It didn’t do a thing for her. Oppressed by the two women standing watching, she didn’t get excited at all.

“Stupid whore,” Mona said, her dark hair tossing over her shoulders. “Now come on, or we’ll give you something to really remember!”

Claudia realized she would have to fake an orgasm. She wondered how to do it, but it seemed easy enough. Her fingers speeded up on her clit. She stretched her legs and moaned. Arching her back, she gave some more moans and fell back across the bed, gasping.

“Not bad, whore,” Trixie snapped, “but we wanted a come, not a shitty performance. That does it!”

Claudia gasped as Trixie pulled her dress up and slid her panties off, stepping out of them in one movement. The hard blonde then stepped onto the bed and stood over Claudia while the frightened teacher shook and crawled farther away.

“Lay on your back, whore!”

The whip lashed in, catching Claudia across the thighs. Claudia screamed, twisted to get away. Mona turned and threw it in again, cutting another red line into the flesh of Claudia’s already whipped ass.

“Aaagghhhh! Stop it, stop it!” Claudia shrieked as she rolled and took another blow of the whip right across her tits and chest. “Lay on your back!”

With a shudder Claudia did as she was told. She stared up Trixie’s legs as the blonde straddled her face. Claudia could see the mound of Trixie’s pussy as the maid laughed at her.

“Now,” Trixie said, “you think we’re fooled by that kinda shit? You suck my cunt, whore, while Mona gives your ass what it deserves. And you bring yourself off, or you’ll really get it!”

“Ohhhh no!” Claudia sobbed, but already Trixie was squatting down, spreading her thighs around Claudia’s face. Trixie eased her skirt up and pushed her hot cunt onto Claudia’s horrified face.


Claudia’s nose was already deep in the crack of Trixie’s ass, so she couldn’t see what was going on, but she was shaking with fear. With Trixie’s ass on her face, she licked over Trixie’s pussy and felt the blonde give a small shiver of excitement.

“Come on, whore, you can do better than that! Now get your legs up.”

Claudia wriggled, trying to push Trixie off and wished she hadn’t. With no warning the whip lashed across her tits and her scream of pain bubbled out of Trixie’s cunt as the blonde shoved her pussy harder into Claudia’s face.

“Get your fuckin’ legs up, whore!” Trixie yelled.

Her sobs muffled by Trixie’s pussy and ass, Claudia did as she was told, lifting her legs until Trixie grabbed her ankles and forced them down and wide open. Trixie leaned forward so that she could force her pussy harder into Claudia’s mouth.

“Now get your hands on your cunt, whore!” she said.

Claudia was beyond fighting. She reached down and worked her fingers over the bud of her clit. She felt Trixie lean harder on her ankles, forcing her legs wider open as well. Her ass was now sticking right up and Claudia tensed in the horrible expectation of the pain to come.

“Whip her, Mona!”

The thin whip beat a line of agony across Claudia’s stretched ass cheeks, the plaited leather cutting into her flesh. Claudia screamed, heaved up on the bed, but Trixie held her far too tightly to allow her to get away. The whip lashed in again and Claudia’s whole body gyrated and twisted as the agony surged over her.

“You suck me, whore, ’cause we don’t stop until you do!” Trixie snarled.

Claudia felt the whip cut her ass flesh again. The pain burst all over her, but Mona knew exactly what she was doing and the horrible tail didn’t touch Claudia’s fingers at all as they rubbed frantically at her pussy. In a nightmare Claudia sucked Trixie’s hot cunt-lips into her mouth and licked all over the wet flesh, feeling Trixie spasm.

“Suck it right in, whore!” Trixie yelled. “Suck my pussy right in, come on, tongue fuck me, bitch, tongue fuck me.”

Claudia slid her tongue past the tight entrance and up into the hot wet pit. Trixie’s pussy-juices flowed down, spreading over Claudia’s face and into her hair. Sobbing and wishing she were dead, Claudia sucked harder at the pussy-flesh invading her mouth, sliding her tongue in and out of the steaming pussy.

But strange things were happening to Claudia. Even as her body shook with the force of the whip lashing her ass, her fingers were driving hard spikes of lust from her clit. Claudia was desperately ashamed, but she couldn’t help it. She felt Trixie lunge down on her face, screaming with delight as she came, and that only made it worse.

Claudia’s legs tightened, she felt the surge of desire running out of her clit and all over her stretched body. But then something even worse happened.

The lash of the whip wasn’t driving such terrible agony into her any more. The pain was still there, but it echoed out in soft waves that mingled with the lust and then took it over. The beat of the leather on her ass was driving Claudia to a climax of such force she struggled as hard as she could to stop it. But nothing worked. Mona seemed to know exactly what was happening and the pace of her beating increased, the leather tail of the whip beating hard fast tattoos of red into Claudia’s ass.

“Yaahhhhh! Bite me!” Trixie roared.

Her pussy rammed down on Claudia’s mouth and her thighs spread so that more of her hot pussy-flesh ran over the teacher’s helpless face.

Claudia had no idea what she was doing. She didn’t realize that her teeth were sawing away at Trixie’s clit while her tongue flashed in and out of Trixie’s pussy and she sucked at the trembling, heaving flesh as hard as she could. All the poor suffering teacher knew was that the climax building in her body was greater than anything she’d known before and got higher with each lash of the whip, each flick of her fingers over her twitching cunt. Her hands dug into her pussy, her fingers rammed in and out of her hole while she screamed into Trixie’s hot cunt.

“The whore’s coming!” Trixie yelled. “The whore’s coming!”

Claudia’s body went berserk as she wept and screamed with lust and shame. Her legs trembled, her ass heaved up for the whip while Trixie slid her pussy in a final series of sweeps around Claudia’s face as her own climax crested.

Suddenly, just as she was cresting to the last pinnacle of her climax, somebody grabbed Claudia’s wrists and pulled her hands away from her cunt. At the same moment Trixie eased up off her face.

The shock almost drove Claudia out of her mind. She needed to work her pussy to make her come.

In place of her hands, the whip cracked into her pussy, landing right across her spanning clit. It landed again, in hard circles of power that drove Claudia completely out of her mind.

She yelled as her pussy jerked and heaved. Drops of juice fell from Trixie’s cunt on her face, but she didn’t notice.

“Aaahhhhh! Bastards!” Claudia screamed. With each lash of the whip her climax lurched higher.

“You’re coming whore, tell us you’re coming!” Trixie yelled.

“Naaaahhhhh! Naaaahhhhh!” Claudia screeched, her body wracked with comes.

With a series of deep hard lashes the whip cut her clit as Claudia reached that final crest and crashed over, screaming like a banshee. She screamed as Trixie let go of her legs and slid off the bed. The whip lashed one final deep line of pain into her clit and Claudia rolled, screaming, rubbing her pussy as she came down.

She turned onto her back and wriggled up to the top of the bed, rubbing her cunt as the waves of the orgasm faded. Suddenly she shrieked with shame and fury. There, watching, were Heidi and Tom. He stood in the doorway, his arms folded while Heidi was by the bed. She was the one who had taken Claudia’s hands away from her clit.

“Well, well, well,” Tom said with a grin. “You seem to be adjusting just fine. Was that a good come?”

“Fuck off!” Claudia screamed, covering her tits and crouching on the bed.

He laughed easily. “Never mind, we’ll correct that later. Look after her for the rest of the day and no more whipping. If she gives you a hard time, you can have your revenge tonight, got that?”

“Yes,” Trixie said, “thanks Tom.”

He smiled and he and Heidi left.

The rest of the day was not so bad for Claudia. She had to suck Mona off after lunch, but that was the only sexual degradation she had to suffer. She was kept clear of everybody, fed in her room and taken to the bathroom when she had to go.

However, after dinner she knew something was going on. Trixie and Mona came back into her room, dressed for some reason as schoolgirls, with tight blouses and short skirts, bobby socks and high heels. They took her out, made her shower and do her hair. Then they took her down to the costume room and dressed her. Claudia asked what was going on, but they didn’t say.

First they made her put on a tiny matching pair of white bra and panties. These were followed by white stockings and black high heeled shoes. Then came the white blouse that fitted tightly over her tits and was unbuttoned almost to the waist, showing the clasp of the bra. Then they made her put on a black skirt that was so short it showed the stocking tops and so tight it showed the outline of her panties. Finally they handed her an academic gown and mortarboard cap.

Claudia looked at it and gaped. “What’s this?”

“Put it on,” Trixie said.

When she had got the flowing gown on and the cap, Claudia got one look at herself in the mirror. She gasped and wondered how she could ever look so depraved and sexual. The gown showed the black skirt and the bulge of her tits under the blouse, while the high heels showed her lovely legs to the best advantage. She looked at the two maids and wondered what perverted performance they were supposed to put on, all of them dressed for school.

“Come on,” Trixie said.

Claudia didn’t protest, she knew what would happen if she did. They took her to a back room that Claudia was sure was one of the rooms that led into the main one where she had been so cruelly tortured the night before. But the door was closed and she had to stand there, waiting. Her nerves were at the breaking point. She couldn’t understand what this charade was about. Dressing her up as a fantasy teacher. It was a humiliation as bad as any she had suffered.

The door opened and Heidi came m. She was dressed almost as severely as the night before, with a black pants suit and white blouse. She looked Claudia over carefully.

“Good,” she said. “In there you two.”

The two maids left. Claudia and Heidi were left alone.

“Well,” Heidi said, “have you learned your lesson?”

“What is this?” Claudia demanded, torn between fury and fear.

Heidi paraded to the table and picked up one of the thin canes she was so fond of using. Claudia tensed, ready to fight the blonde bitch who had caused her so much pain. But that wasn’t what Heidi had in mind. She propped herself against the table and looked at Claudia.

“You mad about what happened last night?” Claudia stared at her, breathing heavily.

“Come on,” Heidi said, “are you…”

“Yes!” Claudia hissed.

“Good!” Heidi pushed herself off the table and came over to Claudia, tapping the cane in her hand. “Because I’m going to give you the chance at revenge. All you have to do is go out there. It’ll be dark with one spotlight on a desk. You walk up to that desk and slap this down on it and demand, in your best teacher fashion, what is going on. The lights will come up and then you can get your revenge on the friends we have for you there.”

“But what…”

“No more questions. Yes, we will be watching and enjoying, but you’ll have the cane, it’s up to you what you do with it.” She smiled nastily. “Revenge!”

“But who…”

“No more questions. Do you want to take it or not?”

Claudia’s head spun. She got it now. It had to be Trixie and Mona. Claudia had wondered so much why they had been dressed as schoolgirls. Now that would be revenge. Her heart pounded, of course she would do it. Just the idea of caning those two in front of an audience drove Claudia crazy with lust.

“Yesss!” she purred. “I’ll do it.”

“Good,” Heidi said smoothly. She led Claudia to the door and handed her the cane.

“You see the spotlight?”

“Yes,” Claudia said breathlessly.

“Off you go.”

With her heart beating so fast she thought it would burst, Claudia walked toward the spotlight. It shone on the big wooden desk. She reached it and took a deep breath. She was going to whip the shit out of those two whores. She lifted the cane and slapped it across the desk. The sound rang out like a pistol shot.

“And just what is going on here?” Claudia demanded.

More lights came on and Claudia choked. She didn’t understand. The extra lights shone on three rows of chairs laid out as if for a classroom. Beyond that was darkness with slight movements. Claudia didn’t need to be told that the audience was out there.

But that wasn’t what made her gasp. It wasn’t Trixie and Mona in the seats, but the three young boys who had always given her the most trouble in school. There was Brad, the tall lanky one with a perpetual sneer on his face. There was Jack, the biggest, fattest slob in the school and Perry, the leader of them all.

“Hi, Teach.” Perry grinned.

“What are you doing?” Claudia gasped and slapped the cane across the desk again.

“Well, we heard you were a great fuck after school, Teach,” Perry said, swinging to his feet.

He tried to affect the calm assurance of Tom or Luther, but his eagerness showed as clearly as the bulge in his jeans.

“You what?” Claudia realized she had been tricked. “Get over this desk! I’ll cane you for that remark.”

“Oh, no, Teach,” Perry said as he walked up to the desk. “You got it all wrong, you’re the one going over the desk, and we’re the ones gonna fuck you.”

Claudia lashed out at him with the cane, catching him across the face. He yelped and grabbed it, tearing it out of her hand.

“You’re gonna regret that, Teach!”


“Get away from me!” Claudia yelled, swinging around on Perry. But he had already grabbed her and his grip was almost as strong as Tom’s. Claudia shrieked, her fury rising to fever pitch. She’d been tricked, they’d pay for that. She struggled, but Perry had her by the arms. That thrust her tits out and she stared in horror as Jack, the fat slob that he was, got out of his seat and came closer. “Get him away from me!”

“Now, come on, Teach!” Perry said in her ear. “You like a good time, don’t ya?”

“Stop it!” Claudia raged.

“Come on, Teach, how about Jack here getting a feel of those tits huh?”

“No!” Claudia yelled, but it was hopeless.

Jack stood in front of her, slobbering with lust. His cock pushed out the front of his jeans like an iron rod and his fat hands were already hovering over the tight material of her blouse.

“Go on, Jack,” Perry said.

“Heh, heh,” Jack gasped. His eyes watered as he touched the front of Claudia’s blouse.

“Get off me!” Claudia screamed, but Jack got bolder.

“Ohhh shit,” he moaned and his hands roved over Claudia’s blouse, feeling her thrusting tits under the stretched material.

Claudia shrank from the touch. It wasn’t just that he was her pupil, it was more his fat, dirty fingers running over her tits, squeezing while his blubbery body heaved with lust.

“Oooohhh, fuck,” he gasped, “what a pair of tits.”

“Well, get ’em out,” Perry said, keeping his grip on Claudia’s elbows, puffing her arms back even tighter.

Jack’s hands went to the neck of her blouse and gripped it. His fingers trembled, but he pulled and the neck of the blouse pulled out until the button below her tits popped. Jack panted. He reached down and pulled the material farther, straining the next button until it broke off too. “Ooooooh, fuck!”

“Well, get that bra off,” Perry said impatiently.

“Stop it!” Claudia screamed, struggling for all she was worth. The thought of Jack’s hands on her tits was enough to make her throw up. She kicked back at Perry, but he avoided her easily.

Jack’s slobbery hands reached in and took hold of Claudia’s bra. His eyes glazed as he felt her tits through the lacy material. His panting got harder and faster as he pulled one cup away and partially freed one of Claudia’s tits.

“Oooohhhh shit!” he gasped, his fingers pinching and squeezing Claudia’s tit-flesh.

“Get him off me!” Claudia begged, swinging as hard as she could in Perry’s grasp. He just held her tighter and bent her back for Jack’s disgusting attentions.

Jack pulled at the bra, but the clasp held. He panted, sweat running down his face as he pulled at the little lacy bra again. It was almost comical as he panted and gasped, pulling at Claudia’s bra cups. Finally, with a wheezing pant he gave an extra pull and the clasp broke, letting Claudia’s tits break free.

“Oooooh, Jeeezzzuss!” Jack panted, staring at Claudia’s thrusting tits. “Ooohhh, Perry, make her suck my cock, come on, I gotta have it!”

His hands ran over Claudia’s tits and she screamed at the touch. “Get him off me!”

“Sure, Jack,” Perry said, “blow job it is, get your cock out.”

“No!” Claudia screamed. Nothing in the world would make her suck Jack’s disgusting cock. She struggled as Perry bent her forward, gritting her teeth, determined to hold out.

“Oooohhhh, fuuucckk!” Jack gasped. His fingers fumbled with his zipper and he pulled it down, hauling out his painfully hard cock.

His cock was just like him, fat and short, and Claudia was even more determined that she wasn’t going to suck it.

“Ooohhh, come here, Teach,” Jack said, holding his cock, stroking it. “I’m gonna ram this right up your — aaaahhhhh!”

He moaned, his hand jerked on his cock and a stream of cum jetted out, splashing all over Claudia’s tits and chest. He gasped as he shot his load helplessly over Claudia. His eyes closed and he moaned in despair, holding his cock until the last dribbles oozed out and down his cockshaft, wetting his hand.

“Just ya usual, Jack,” Perry said without any sympathy. “Still, maybe you can get it up again, we got two shots if we want it.”

“Aaahhhhh!” Jack gasped and struggled back, falling into a chair, his cock still in his hand.

“Fucking jerk!” Perry said contemptuously into Claudia’s car. “Oh well, now you and me gotta talk, Teach.”

“You shit!” Claudia yelled as he pushed her down across the desk.

She struggled, but her hands were still held behind her back and she could hardly move. Craning up her head, she saw Brad get up and come to the desk. He threw her mortar board to the floor and grabbed her hair, holding her head to the hard wooden surface. With each desperate wriggle she gave, some of Jack’s cum smeared off Claudia’s tits and over the desk top.

Perry held her ankle. She knew what was coming. In front of the audience there beyond the lights, she was going to be whipped and raped again. She moaned and screamed, but Perry had her legs wide open now. Her short dress rode up over her thighs as he grabbed for the bindings and tried to put them on. Once again his inexperience told, but in the end he managed to wrap the leather bindings around Claudia’s shapely ankle and lash it to the leg of the desk.

“You bastard, you little shit!” Claudia screamed. She arced up, twisting to get at him, but Brad pulled her higher by the hair and ran his hands over her tits.

“Fuckin’ great!” he said. “Here, Jack, come and wipe your fuckin’ jizz off Teach’s tits.”

Jack shuffled in looking utterly ashamed of himself. His cock hung limp out of his pants as he reached in and wiped at his cum with a dirty handkerchief. Claudia screamed at him, but he obeyed Brad and wiped at her skin until all his jism was gone. Then Brad made him wipe up the stuff on the desk top. Finally Jack went back to the seat and stared at the humiliation Claudia suffered.

“Now, Teach,” Perry said, “you’re gonna give out.”

“You beast!” Claudia screamed. Brad held her down on the desk top as he unzipped his jeans. He pulled his cock out and pushed it inches from Claudia’s mouth.

“Guess what, Teach?” He grinned. “And I ain’t gonna shoot my load like blubber guts here.”

Claudia felt Perry sliding her short tight black skirt up over her ass, exposing her panties and her suspender straps holding up the white stockings. He tossed the gown out of the way and pushed the skirt right up to her waist and stood back to admire the view.

“Hey, Jack,” he called, “come here and take a look at this, this’ll get your cock hard again.”

Slowly Jack got out of his chair and walked around the desk until he could stare at Claudia’s tight ass cheeks.

“Now, ain’t that somethin’?”

“Yeahhh!” Jack muttered and stroked his cock.

“Now, Teach,” Perry said. “You just tell me when you wanna get fucked and I’ll do it for you, ain’t that so nice of me?”

Perry smirked. He appeared by Brad’s side. “Just show you what you’ll be getting,” he said and pulled his cock out.

He must have thought it would impress Claudia, but after Tom’s massive hunk of meat it was just another cock. She didn’t say anything, fearful of pushing him to some extraordinary rage.

“Okay, Teach,” Perry said, “this is for hitting me, you omit.”

He swaggered around behind Claudia and she tensed. Suddenly she realized she was far more angry than afraid. It took someone like Tom to drive her into terror and the terrible explosions of lust that came from that. She waited, keeping her teeth closed as Brad slid his stiff prick across her lips, chuckling all the time.

“You wait, Teach,” he said.

Claudia heard the swish of the cane and the smack as it beat into her ass. She jumped, but Perry didn’t know how to wield it and the pain was minor, nothing like the agony that Heidi could drag from a single stroke.

“Come on, Teach,” Perry yelled, “let’s hear you beg for it.”

He lashed the helpless woman again, the cane slashing across her ass, beating fresh red lines into her skin.

Claudia moaned and her head dropped to the desk top. The pain mounted, but it was still nothing to what she had expected. At this rate she would never give in, that would show them. She could hear Perry panting as he whipped her.

“Come on, whore,” he yelled, “come on you bag of shit, come on!” His arm slashed out and the cane bit into Claudia’s ass. She jumped on the desk and moaned, gasping a bit.

But Claudia knew she could take it. Perry couldn’t make her beg. She grit her teeth and looked up at Brad, still holding her hair and stroking his cock.

“Gimme a blow job, Teach,” he snarled. He jerked her head around, but Claudia could even take that easily. She looked at his cock and there was already some pre-cum oozing over the cockhead. So much for his boast to Jack.

“Give in, you cunt!” Perry yelled. He lashed Claudia, but got no more than low moans from the helpless teacher. His breath was getting more ragged as he caned Claudia and his hand helplessly played with his cock as he watched the deep red lines spreading over her ass.

Claudia’s problem was utterly different from what the boys thought it was. The cane was stirring those deep passions in her again. Each lash sent quivers of desire spreading over her ass cheeks and out over her body. She moaned, desperate to hide that, particularly from them. Rigidly she held her ass still.

“Shit, you cunt, you fuckin’ cunt!” Perry roared. “Give in, you cunt!” Frantically he lashed Claudia’s ass, but she held still, her ass cheeks trembling at each blow.

“Suck me, bitch!” Brad hissed, pulling Claudia up by her hair.

Claudia grinned viciously up at him. “Try again when you’re a man. I’ll never suck your cock, you little jerk.”

“Bitch!” Brad yelled. “I’ll teach you, I’ll teach you!”

His hand blurred on his cock and Claudia closed her eyes. She knew he was going to shoot soon and have to settle with shooting all over her face.

Perry bellowed. He threw the cane aside and grabbed Claudia’s panties, ripping at them, tearing the flimsy material to shreds in his haste. “I’m gonna fuck you, whore! Gonna fuck you, fuck you, hear that?”

“Thought you were going to make me beg?” Claudia screamed in reckless challenge. “You’re jerks, all of you, jerks!”

The boys were too far gone to make her suffer for that.

With a deep groan of lust, Perry ran his cock at Claudia’s pussy, pushing hard, but very inexpertly at her cunt.

“Take it, you fuckin’ whore!” he yelled as the round head of his cock penetrated just inside Claudia’s cunt. He grunted and pushed, forcing his prick deeper into Claudia’s pussy.

After the lust that the cane had awakened in her, Claudia’s cunt was damp, ready enough to take a cock. His cock slid in, rasping over her walls and driving more hard arrows of lust over Claudia’s body. She moaned, but the boys thought it was pain. In any event, Brad was over the top.

He pulled Claudia’s head up as his cock jumped and heaved in his hand.

“You cunt, you cunt!” he yelled as white goo leaped out of his piss slit and all over Claudia’s face. His hand jerked up and down on his cockshaft as he came, yelling the whole time as the thick rapes of fuck-juice shot out.

Claudia held her eyes closed and moaned as the sticky cum mashed into her face. A lot of it ran over her lips, but she didn’t lick it up, just let it slide down to her chin and drop onto the desk. More of it stuck across her eyes and ran slowly down over her cheeks.

“You bitch!” Brad gasped.

He pulled at it for a few more moments, ramming the softening cock-rod at Claudia’s mouth which stayed firmly shut. Brad let go of her hair and walked off.

Perry leaned down across Claudia’s back and she felt his cock going berserk in her pussy. He was yelling frantically as his hips jerked, slapping into her sore ass cheeks at every thrust.

“Fuuuccckkkk!” he yelled. “Fuck, this whore’s got a great cunt!”

Claudia felt her pussy-walls trembling at the cock ramming in and out of them. She was almost afraid that Perry would feel it and know she was aroused. Not that he could satisfy her, she thought. It would take somebody like Tom to do that. She shuddered with shame. What was she thinking about?

But she didn’t have to worry about getting aroused under Perry’s fucking.

He yelled and his cock burst out, shooting cum high in Claudia’s cunt.

“Take that!” he screamed as he shot. It was too much for Claudia.

“Call that a fuck!” she yelled over her shoulder. “Why don’t you try it again, you might get more than a couple of strokes in! You little jerk!”

Perry yelled as his cock gave its last spurts of cum. “I’ll get you for that, cunt! I’ll get you, get you.”

“Hey, let me fuck her, I got hard again!” Jack shouted, pushing Perry aside. “Fuck, she’ll remember this one.”

He shoved his short fat cock into Claudia’s cunt and she winced with pain. It had to be the most inept fuck she’d had, and she’d had a great many.

“Oooohhh, come on, whore, tell me how good it is!” Jack yelled as he rammed his prick harder and faster into Claudia’s cunt. “Ooohh, yeahhhh, I can fuck, eh, can’t I?”

“Anybody can fuck, you stupid little shit!” Claudia screamed, no longer caring what happened to her. “Now try and hold out for more than a fuckin’ minute. Come on, you little shit bag, show me what a man you are.”

Deliberately Claudia played with him, clasping her cunt-muscles around his cock as it rammed in and out. She could feel Jack’s cock jerking already as it built up to come, so she rubbed his humiliation in harder.

“Come on, you little jerk off!” she screamed. “You can do it, it’s your second shoot, come on!”

But Jack was panting too hard. His cock jumped and heaved and he moaned as he fell forward. Cum dribbled out of his cock, squirting into Claudia’s cunt, oozing out and down her thighs. She heaved her ass back at him, almost squashing his cock, out of her cunt.

“Fuck, you little scumbag!” she yelled. “You couldn’t satisfy a woman in a thousand fuckin’ years.”

Claudia was so angry. To be humiliated by such a bunch of jerks.

“I’ll fix your ass, you whore.” Perry advanced on Claudia, the cane in his hands.

“Okay, boys, that’s all,” Tom said, climbing onto the stage. He took the cane from Perry. “Have a good time?”

“Yes,” Perry mumbled.

“I shot twice, I won.” Jack laughed. “Get the fuck out of here,” Brad snarled. “See you Monday, Teach, gonna tell them all about you.”

Claudia stared at them. That hadn’t occurred to her. She would have to face those boys next week. Slowly they shuffled off into the darkness.

“Well,” Tom said, “I underestimated you. You’re tougher than I thought.” He grinned at the still-bound teacher. “You sure won that one!”


“Untie her,” Tom said. He stood waiting as Trixie and Mona came over and undid the bonds on Claudia’s ankles. Trixie was already down to her stockings and shoes, but Mona still had her skirt on, and her blouse, although that, like the night before, was open and her bra was gone. They both stood smirking as Claudia stood up and reached to her ankles, rubbing them to get the circulation back.

“Lie on the desk on your back,” Tom said softly.

Claudia shook with fear, but she had no thought of disobeying him. She turned, slid onto the desk until she looked up into his eyes. Just his presence turned her insides to jelly. And it wasn’t only fear, she could feel her pussy running with juice. She wanted to reach up and take his cock in her hands so badly. But it was just that massive bulge in his pants and she could only stare at it longingly.

“Look at that,” Tom said. “All covered with cum. Clean her up you two.”

“Oh that’s fuckin’ right,” Mona said, “she gets all…”

“Clean her up or I’ll tie you down over this and let her do what she likes to you.”

Claudia felt her breath catching. Just the thought of whipping Mona sent her dizzy with lust. But, somehow it wasn’t real. It was only real that she should be tied up and whipped and raped and made to suck cocks and cunts and all those disgusting things. Claudia stopped. Her pussy was pouring fuck-juice and it was all she could do to stop herself reaching down and rubbing her frantically pulsing clit.

“Shit!” Mona said, but she knelt down between Claudia’s thighs and lifted them, spreading the teacher’s legs wide. “Always licking fucking cunt.” Her soft tongue caressed the inside of Claudia’s thigh and the spark of lust shot out, making Claudia moan and twist on the table. “Shit!” snapped Mona, “the little cunt’s coming too, fuck, why do I get them?”

“Get your ass up, I’ve had enough!” Tom snapped.

With an exaggerated snigger, Mona slowly thrust her ass up, spreading her legs, swaying as she slipped her skirt up over her taut ass cheeks.

“What ya gonna do mister big one?” she sneered. “Whip my hot ass?”

“You got that right,” Tom said and the thin cane lashed across Mona’s tight ass cheeks.

Mona moaned and her ass shook with the most depraved lust.

“Ooooo, motherfucker, you’re a fucking — aaahhhhh! Ooooohhhh!” Her hot mouth closed over Claudia’s cunt, sucking the wet flesh between her teeth and flashing her tongue over the throbbing clit bud as her teeth sawed at the hard flesh.

Claudia shrieked with delight. She grabbed Mona’s head, ramming it onto her pussy, heaving up off the desk, her cunt exploding with lust. “Yeahhhh, do it, bitch, do it, bite me!”

Mona went crazy over Claudia’s cunt as she bit down cross the pulsing clit bud, licking and sucking as the cane lashed her ass.

“Oh look,” Trixie said, leaning over her. “You’ve got cum all over your tits.”

She leaned down and licked at the gobs of jizz still running their sticky way down Claudia’s tit flesh.

“Ohhhh, like that?” Trixie asked as her tongue swirled around Claudia’s nipples, driving the teacher even crazier with lust.

Claudia shrieked. She came in great shuddering heaves, her pussy thrashing around in Mona’s hot grip as the dark maid screwed and came herself under Tom’s skillful caning.

Tom lashed Mona’s ass until the whole of it was one crimson mass. Mona’s mouth chewed at Claudia’s clit, her tongue dug deep into the hot pit of Claudia’s pussy as she screamed, her voice bubbling out of Claudia’s swimming cuntflesh. Her ass jerked and twitched, thrusting up as the cane came down, bouncing as the thin wood beat into her flesh.

Claudia took one of her hands off Mona’s head and slid it up and over Trixie’s soft thighs as the blonde moaned and sucked her nipples.

“Oooohhh yesss, ohhhh!” Trixie gasped, her tongue swirling around Claudia’s tits. She spread her legs, trembling as Claudia slid her hand into the curls of her pussy. They were wet with cum, but Claudia didn’t worry any more. Gladly she caressed the cum, spreading it into Trixie’s cunt, holding Trixie’s clit between her thumb and fingers, rubbing it, driving the blonde into higher ecstasy. Trixie’s mouth sucked at Claudia’s tits, her tongue went wild and she came.

“Aaggghhhhh!” Claudia screamed in a final, thrashing come.

She fell across the desk, pulling her legs back, caressing her clit as Mona let go and fell to the floor, rubbing her own whipped ass. Trixie worked her mouth up over Claudia’s tits, to her throat and the two of them kissed, their tongues intertwining while Trixie’s hand still ran over Claudia’s heaving tit-mounds.

The two maids went away and Claudia was left there, gasping. She wanted to rearrange her clothing, to push her skirt down over her ass and pull her bra at least straight. But she couldn’t manage it and Tom was standing over her again. In his hand was a small whip with thin, knotted tails.

“That was very good,” he said, “you’re learning.”

She burst into tears, lay on the desk, gasping as she looked at the whip in Tom’s hand. She could just feel how that would lash her tits, biting into her nipples, making them swell and harden, driving lust all over her body. She licked her lips, her eyes never leaving the swinging tails.

“Have you learned?” Tom asked softly.

Claudia didn’t know if there were anybody else in the room. It was utterly quiet. There seemed to be just the two of them as her last defenses crumbled.

“Y-yes,” she gasped, “yes, I’ve learned.”

“You learned fast,” Tom said, the whip still swinging in his hand. He brought it up, stroked the tails softly over Claudia’s tits. “You should have seen how long it took Mona to learn.”

Claudia’s breath came in a long gasping sob as she felt the knots of the whip sliding over her tits, still damp from the licking and sucking Trixie had given them. One of them caught on her erect nipple for a second, dragged off as the whip pulled across, sending a spark of desperate passion all over Claudia.

“You’re a depraved little whore, aren’t you?” The whip caressed Claudia’s other tit, stroking across the hard nipples.

Claudia was going out of her mind. Her body trembled, the forces of another series of climaxes building in her. She sighed, her head spinning.

“I said, you’re a depraved little whore, aren’t you?” The whip was still stroking back and forth across Claudia’s tits. His voice was as soft, but Claudia could feel the extra note of steel in it. Still the tails of the cat slowly ran over her thrusting tits.

Claudia moaned, her whole body twisting on the table. She couldn’t speak, the pressures were too high. Her struggles had thrown the edges of her rippled blouse back over part of her tits. In the most degraded of admissions, she reached up and eased the blouse away from her tits, thrusting them up for him as she gasped and moaned.

“Now one thing you must learn, my little girl,” Tom said in his soft, steel voice, “is to confess, it’s good for you, stops any silly ideas you might get later. That it wasn’t really you, that you were misled, or something. Now, tell me what a depraved little whore you are!”

“Oooohhhh!” Claudia moaned. She ran her fingers down, into her cunt, spreading her thighs, ramming her high heels into the edge of the desk, thrusting her hips up, her pussy open for him as she played with herself.

“Tell me!”

Gently Tom took one of her tits, held it, squeezing the nipple up until it stood out like a tight button. Then, incredibly accurately, he lashed the whip across it. The knots all landed within an inch of the nipple, most of them beating right into it and into the soft areola around it.

That broke Claudia. She screamed and came, her cunt throbbing with lust. Her fingers dug deeper, rubbing her clit frantically as she gasped and stared up at him.

“Ohhh, please, let me suck your cock! Whip me while I suck your cock, I’m a depraved whore, Tom, honest, I’ll do anything, anything you want, anything for you. Ohhhhh God whip my tits again, please, Tom, whip my tits!” She babbled and gasped, her hands rubbing her pussy as she tried to keep the come rolling over her. She needed to be whipped so badly, just to keep it going.

“Take my cock out then, if you want it.”

Slobbering with lust, Claudia let go of her pussy and reached up for the zipper of Tom’s pants. Somehow she pulled it down and reached inside, moaning with lust as she felt the long, thick pole of cock-flesh. Almost brutally she hauled it out, her mouth dribbling at the hardness that was about to go right down her throat.

The whip still caressed her tits, driving her into gasping, moaning surges of desire.

“Oooohhh, whip me, Tom, promise you’ll whip me!”

“If you’re a good little girl!” Claudia felt his cock jump in her hands as he said it. He wanted to whip her as badly as she wanted it. Just the thought made her come again.

She took his cock and held it to her lips, licking her tongue out over the massive, swollen cock-head. She felt his hand holding her clit, squeezing the nipple up again. She moaned, screamed with delight as the cat landed, then screamed in rising climax as Tom whipped her clit with a series of hard, sharp blows. In a delirium of lust she slid her mouth around the rock-hard cock-pole, sucking at Tom’s cockhead as it heaved and trembled in her mouth.

Tom’s hand shifted to her other tit, holding that as he whipped her other nipple, making it stand out with the rain of blows lashing it.

The two of them fell into a rhythm of lust, the whip lashing Claudia’s nipples to the pace of her soft cock-sucking. Her groans and gasps of lust became more and more muffled as she pulled the cock in harder. The thick cock-head reached the entrance to her throat and she let it in, her muscles opening without a struggle, constantly spasming around it as she soared into a world of desire where all she did was come to the hard lash of the whip and the heave of the cock in her throat.

Tom gasped and thrust his cock deeper. In a long, slow stroke his prick buried itself in Claudia’s mouth. Her throat swelled as the head slid deeper, her mouth sucked the hard prick until her lips caressed the curly hair at the base of his monstrous cock. Tom held it there, easing it in and out a few inches at a time as he whipped Claudia’s tits. Now the whip swept across her heaving tit-mounds as she thrust up, lashing each tit in turn, slashing across the flesh, biting deep red marks into her skin.

Claudia’s body spasmed and tossed on the desk. Her mouth held Tom’s cock, sucking at it as endless wracking comes burst over her, driving her into hysterics of passion. Deep guttural groans burst out of her throat, her heels dug into the desk as she heaved her pussy higher, begging Tom for the whip.

He gave it to her, reaching higher, lashing the whip right between her spread thighs. As the knots crashed into her clit. Claudia went berserk. Her throat opened, her screams of lust burst out even past Tom’s massive cock, her pussy exploded, lifting higher and faster as the whip slashed her cunt-flesh.

“Fuuuckkkk!” he gasped. “How the fuck will I keep you in line, bitch?” His arm lashed Claudia’s cunt in a fury as the jism burst out of his balls and started down his cock-shaft. “God, you’re somethin’ else. I’m coming, shit, I’m coming!”

As the first jet of Tom’s cum hit the back of her throat, Claudia crested, crashing over the top of her orgasm, sucking at the hard cockmeat as the delicious cum filled her mouth. Deliberately she let it back up, refusing to swallow any of the precious fluid until she absolutely had to. The sticky, salty goo filled her mouth, dribbling out over her lips as she sucked, her climax rolling down the back of the wave to the deepest satisfaction she had ever known. The whip lashed her pussy lightly now, easing her down as the last ropes of Tom’s thick cum shot into her mouth. She finally swallowed, taking it all down, licking at the gobs left on his cock until it was clean.

“Fuck me, baby, you’re unbelievable!” Tom gasped, leaning down over her.

“Ooohhh, don’t take it away! Don’t take it away, let me suck you again! At least until you’re hard again!”

Tom chuckled. “Okay, but don’t take it too deep, I’ve got a proposition for you.”

Claudia sighed. “What sort of proposition? For a depraved little whore like me.” She held Tom’s cock, which had softened a bit, and swirled her tongue around the cock-head. Instantly it trembled and stirred again. She moaned, reveling in her new-found power.

“Do you like teaching?” he asked.

“Hate it,” Claudia sighed, “but what else can I do?”

“You can work for me,” Tom said and Claudia stopped sucking the cock for an instant she was so surprised.

“As a maid?” she gasped. “I thought [missing text].”

“Oh no, you’re far too good for that…”

Claudia gave a giggle of satisfaction and ran her soft lips over his cock-head again.

“I have some big accounts coming up, fleet accounts, I need someone to take them over, someone who can sell.”

“But, but I can’t sell?”

“You, sweetheart, could sell refrigerators to Eskimos. And suppose some of them were difficult, needed some little extra we could offer them that nobody else could, like a weekend here, with you? And your maids who can help you?”

Claudia swallowed the whole of Tom’s cock. She mowed with lust as it hardened to its full length. Slowly she let it slide back out until she was licking just around the cock-head again. “Ohhhh God, it sounds too good to be true, you really want me?”

“Purely a business transaction,” Tom said with a grin.

“No deal, I get as much of your cock as I want,” Claudia said. She was delirious with pleasure.

“If you insist. But you’ll have to convince my wife, you know how jealous she is. But I’m sure you can handle her.”

“Oohhhh yessss!” Claudia moaned. “I’m sure I can. But these men, the accounts we’ll have to get, I bet they’ll be real brutes, I bet they’ll tie me up and whip me, then fuck me any way they want, shoot their cum all over me, rape me — aaahhhhh!”

She came again, her mouth sucking helplessly on Tom’s cock.

“Ohhh, these guys are real brutes, but you’ll have Trixie and Mona to help, and they’li do anything you say. You may have to discipline them, but you’ll know how to do that.”

“Ooohhh yesss, oh yesss, when do I start?” Claudia gasped, another helpless orgasm building up inside her.

“Monday, and you can have any car you want in the lot. We have to make sure our Main Representatives look good, don’t we?”

“Ooohhh, thank you, it sounds wonderful!” gasped Claudia. She ran Tom’s cock into her throat again.

“You earned it. Hi, dear.”

Standing over Claudia was Heidi. She was almost naked, down to stockings and heels. “So, this is what you do, you little whore.”

“Ohhh, yes, sorry, Heidi,” Claudia gasped wickedly. “You’ve found me sucking your husband’s cock, and he came in my mouth just now, that’s very wicked of me, isn’t it?”

She shamelessly licked Tom’s cock-head as she grinned up at the tall blonde.

“You joining us?” Heidi asked.

“Oh yes, yes, I am!”

“Well, you’d better get used to one thing. If you wanna fuck my husband, you fuck me too, got that?”

“Ohhh yes, Heidi, yes.”

“Off that desk!”

Claudia wriggled off, panting with lust. For a moment she kept a hold on Tom’s cock, but then she let go for long enough to drop the gown, her skirt, blouse and bra to the floor. That felt so good. She wasn’t a teacher any more.

Effortlessly Heidi swung onto the desk and lay on her back, spreading her thighs. “Now suck me like you sucked him!”

“Ohhh, please fuck me at the same time!” Claudia begged Tom, sliding her leg up his, her hands playing with his cock.

“Bitch!” He grinned. “Sure you can take it?”

“Ohhh try me!”

She bent down, slid her tits over the hard desk top until she was between Heidi’s shapely thighs. Softly she kissed the white flesh and Heidi gave a low moan of satisfaction. Inch by inch Claudia kissed her way over Heidi’s inner thighs until she reached the blonde curly fuzz of Heidi’s pussy. With a soft moan of lust she licked the pussy-lips, feeling them open while Heidi spread her thighs wider, her ass heaving for more.

As Claudia settled her mouth over the hot flesh of Heidi’s pussy, she felt the touch of Tom’s cock at her pussy entrance. Inch by inch it slid in, spreading her cunt in delicious waves of soft lust. She sucked Heidi’s cunt-lips, feeling the hard bud of Heidi’s clit in her mouth. This was heaven. And it was going to go on, for as long as she wanted. It was almost too much.

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