Kidnapped And Raped

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In KIDNAPPED AND RAPED, Judeth finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Judeth suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


“You’re gonna suck my cock whether you like it or not, you little cunt!” The handsome young boy snarled as he held his prick in front of the girl’s ruby lips. “Hold her legs down, Sammy,” he exhorted his friend. “If this bitch is gonna give me a good blow-job, she can’t be moving around like that. Grab her ankles and hold her tight.”

“Okay, Eddie,” the other boy replied as he gripped her ankles and pressed them into the sand.

Eddie was straddling the girl’s tear-stained face, gripping both of her wrists in one big, strong hand, and slapping the helpless, nude teenage girl with his other hand. The slapping sounds were hardly audible, smothered by the windy breeze which blew in over the ocean. And the girl’s cries of fear and anguish could not be heard by anyone.

“Noooo! I won’t suck your cock, you bastard,” she cursed loudly as she writhed about in the sand. “I don’t give a damn what you bastards do to me. I refuse to suck your ugly prick!”

All of a sudden, Eddie’s eyes glazed over. A strange, wicked expression came over his handsome face and, gripping her chin roughly, he glared into the girl’s eyes. She tensed up and shuddered with fear as she looked into his menacing young face. He looked as if he had gone insane!

“Listen, here, you filthy little slut,” he rasped crudely. “You think you can come to Crystal Point and flaunt your tight ass and your pointed tits in front of me and Sammy, huh?”

“B-but, I didn’t mean to…”

“Shut up,” he said coldly as his strong fingers grasped her chin tighter, causing her jaw to ache. “Now, you listen, and you listen good, you fucking cunt! Sammy and me — we don’t take no shit from any loose cunts around here. You’ve been just asking to get raped. You got no right to sashay around in a skimpy little bikini in front of all the guys like you do. You fucking stupid cunt! So, me and Sammy are gonna teach you a lesson. I’m gonna rape your face, you little tease! Understand? I’m gonna fuck your mouth, bitch!”

With that, he rammed his thick, hard prick into her mouth and began to jerk his hips about, slowly at first, as he brutally facefucked the pretty young teenage girl.

She struggled in a vain attempt to free herself from their grip. But, it was simply impossible. She was nowhere near strong enough to fight the two muscular boys. She felt helpless. Being forced to suck Eddie’s rock-hard cock was the most humiliating and disgusting thing that she had ever experienced. It was so degrading!

“Hold her still, damnit,” Eddie shouted to his friend. “Hold her still while I face-fuck the little vixen. Fucking bitch!” he snorted as he plunged his lengthy prick deep into her sucking mouth. “Yeah, that’s a good little cocksucker. Give me a real good blow-job, you prick teasing cunt. Suck my prick real good, and maybe I’ll let you go, you bitch!” He snorted obscenely as his prick sluiced in and out of her mouth.

The girl’s mouth was filled to overflowing as she sucked his turgid, hard prick. His cockknob bobbed about inside of her mouth and plunged roughly into her throat. She hated Eddie, and she hated his friend, Sammy, too. Hated them both with a passion for degrading her and sexually assaulting her like this. For an instant, she almost lost all control in a futile attempt to vent her rage on the boy whose prick filled her mouth. She started to bite his cock!

“You stupid little cunt,” Eddie screamed as he felt her teeth pressing down on his hard cock-shaft. He stopped face-fucking the girl, but kept his prick firmly embedded in her mouth. Shaking his head and baring his teeth, he warned her, “If you bite my cock, I’ll kill you, you little slut! I swear, I’ll kill you. But first, I’ll make you the sorriest little tramp that ever set foot on this beach.”

“Sammy,” he shouted to his friend. “If she starts to bite my cock again, I want you to stuff her cunt full of sand.”

“Okay.” Sammy obediently replied.

The girl looked up at Eddie and shook with fear. She could tell that he meant business. Her mind flashed on the thought of having her pussy stuffed with sand. How could anyone even think of such a horrid, disgusting thing? she wondered. But, looking into her young tormentor’s cold, gray eyes, she knew that Eddie was capable of doing damned near anything. He was mean and evil.

She immediately decided that she would have to cooperate with the boy. She had no choice but to obey his lewd command and suck his prick. She was in his power, and she had to play by his rules — at least for now.

She nodded her head slightly to show that she was willing to cooperate and give him a good blow-job. Tears streamed down her face. Deep down inside she felt intense shame, anger and hatred. But, she did what she had to do. She began to take his prick deep into her mouth, and her tongue lashed the underside of his lengthy cockshaft.

“Hey,” Eddie enthused as he began to face fuck her once more, “that’s much better, bitch! You are a good little cocksucker! Yeah, do it, chick. Suck on my cock. Suck my prick real nice, and maybe I’ll let you go.”

She felt his prick grow inside of her mouth. It seemed as though every time she sucked his prick deep into her mouth, his cock grew another inch. And his cock-shaft was throbbing as it bounced about in her mouth. He began to make long powerful cock-thrusts, pulling his prick far out of her sucking lips until only his bulbous prick-tip remained in her mouth. Then, he would groan obscenely and plunge his prick hard into her wet mouth.

“How’s she doing, Eddie?” his friend asked anxiously. “Is she sucking your cock the right way now? Huh?”

“Yeah, the little bitch is getting the hang of it, that’s for sure. Goddamn, this… feels… great,” he exclaimed breathlessly.

The girl could hardly believe her ears. Eddie was a crude bastard, she thought. But, his friend Sammy seemed almost like a half-wit. This whole sordid scene didn’t seem real to her. Her mind was totally confused. She had come to Crystal Point to have fun, not to be raped by two crazy, horny boys! She wondered how in the world she had ever let this happen.

When she had first arrived at Crystal Point two days ago, she had met them and gone swimming in the ocean with them. At that time, they had behaved like perfect gentlemen. But, she recalled, her Aunt Mary had warned her about Eddie and Sammy. Her aunt had said that they were “not very nice boys”. Oh, she thought, if only she had listened to her aunt’s advice.

“Hey, what the fuck’s the matter with you, bitch?” Eddie rasped as he began to hump her face faster and harder, pounding his rock-hard prick into her wet, sucking mouth. “What, are you daydreaming or something? Keep your mind on sucking my cock, you little cunt.”

The girl quickly slipped back into the dreadful reality of the present. It was not pleasant to be brutally face-fucked by a crude boy like Eddie. But, at the moment, there was nothing that she could do except suck his cock as it slithered in and out of her mouth.

“Unnnggghhh! Ohhh, yeah, go for it, bitch!” Eddie groaned and hissed as he rammed his prick inside her mouth. The girl was thoroughly disgusted with him. He was so crude, and the way in which he spoke to her was repulsive.

All of a sudden, she felt the boy’s body stiffen. He plunged forward a final time, so hard that his balls slapped against her chin.

“I… I-I’m cumming! Aaggghhh!” he shouted as his cock-shaft throbbed and his balls tightened. A tiny drop of pre-cum dripped into the girl’s mouth. It tasted slick and salty. Then, his prick felt as though it exploded in her mouth as a thick wad of slippery, hot jism spurted out of the boy’s cock-slit and washed down her throat.

God! she thought. How disgusting! Eddie was cumming in her mouth! Her tears were flowing freely now as the cold and brutal reality of having her mouth ravaged by this crude boy hit her hard. She had never dreamed that such a horrible thing could happen to her!

After all, she was Judeth Brathmeyer, the daughter of millionaire businessman Bratton Brathmeyer. All of her life, Judeth had been pampered and treated like a little princess. She was in fact, a spoiled brat, and she not only knew it, but also reveled in the fact.

So how in the world did she ever manage to become involved with these two crude boys — teenage rapists like Eddie and Sammy? She searched her mind for the answer to this disturbing question, but she could make no sense of it all.

“Nnnnggghhh. Ummm. Suck it all down, you little whore,” Eddie commanded. “Swallow all of my cum down your throat, bitch! Swallow it, or you’ll be sorry!”

Judeth Brathmeyer was determined that she would not submit to his lewd and evil command. She had sucked his cock and enough was enough! She hated Eddie.

“Unngghh,” he grunted one final time. Then his muscles relaxed, but he kept his softening cock embedded in her mouth. “I said for you to swallow my cum, you asshole,” he hissed.

Turning to face his friend, he instructed coldly, “If she doesn’t start swallowing my cum in ten seconds, I want you to stuff a whole handful of sand up her little cunt, Sammy. Okay?”

“Okay,” came Sammy’s obedient response. He reached down and scooped up a big handful of sand.

Judeth quickly nodded her head and began to slurp the boy’s sticky wad of jism down her throat. As she swallowed the cum, she felt it coat the inside or her throat. His cum was thick and creamy. Although she was repelled at being forced to drink his cum, she knew that she had to do it. The last thing that she wanted was to have her virgin pussy stuffed full of sand.

“Yeah, mat’s a good little bitch,” the boy chortled loudly. “Drink all of my sweet tasting jizz down your throat.”

She gulped and gulped, swallowing the boy’s cum.

“You did a fine job, cunt,” Eddie said tauntingly. “Yeah, you give a nice blow-job,” he added as he pulled his prick out of her mouth. Then, he grabbed his drooling cock with his hand and squeezed his cock-tip. A final drop of cum formed on the end of his prick. He peered at the helpless young girl and, with a lewd look on his face, he rubbed the cum-drop right in her eye. Laughing, he stood up and stared at her.

“Boy, you really are a sight for sore eyes,” he quipped. “Look at her, Sammy.”

Judeth was utterly abased. The cum-drop was rapidly drying on her eyelid, which she blinked to keep it from dosing.

Sammy did not respond to his friend. His eyes were transfixed by the exciting sight of the girl’s furry cunt. Judeth was a beautiful girl, there was no doubt about it. She was well developed — very well developed. Her tits were big and firm and tipped with ripe, taut nipples that were always hard.

Judeth was very proud of her tits. In fact, she loved to show them off. Often, she would wear a sweater with no bra underneath. Or, when she was on the beach, she liked to wear loose-fitting T-shirts or — even better — skimpy bikinis which displayed her firm, upthrust tits to gawking male admirers.

When she strolled about the little beach town of Crystal Point, wearing skimpy, revealing outfits, she never failed to draw stares. She also had a cute ass — firm and tight and lovely to look at. And then, there was her hair. Long, flowing blonde hair, with just a hint of curl.

But, at the moment, Sammy was staring at Judeth’s blonde pussy-hair. She glanced down at the boy and was shocked to discover that he had pulled his swim trunks off while his friend was face-fucking her. She saw that Sammy had a raging hard-on, and he was practically drooling as he stared at her cunt.

“Hey, Sammy!” Eddie exclaimed as he sat down in the sand. “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” he asked jokingly as he pointed at the boy’s cock.

“I want to fuck her, Eddie,” the boy said matter-of factly. His eyes were glazed over with lust and anxious anticipation.

“Noooo!” Judeth cried. “Nooo! You can’t fuck me! I-I’m a virgin,” she stammered, in a voice filled with fear and horror. She wanted to stand up and firm, but her body would not move. Her muscles seemed to be frozen. She was in a state of semi-shock.

Turning to Eddie, she pleaded, “Please, don’t let him fuck my virgin pussy.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because it would be rape. I’ll tell on you if you let him fuck me. I will! I’ll tell the cops and they’ll lock both of you up for good. I swear, I’ll tell on you if you let him fuck me!” Judeth spoke with obvious conviction. She meant every word that she said.

“Okay, okay. Don’t fuck her, Sammy,” he instructed his friend.

“Oh, thank heavens,” she gasped.

But, just as Judeth began to feel relief, Eddie spoke again.

“Don’t fuck the little bitch,” Eddie said casually. “Suck her cunt, instead.”

“Wh-what?” Judeth asked with disbelief.

Had she heard correctly?

“Yeah, go ahead, Sammy. Suck her cunt. Give the little bitch a thrill.” Eddie reached down and plucked a pack of cigarettes out of his shorts, which lay in the sand. He stuck a cigarette in his mouth and lit it.

Judeth stared in bewilderment at the brash bay. He must be sick — a real pervert, she thought as she watched him take a long pull on his cigarette.

Sammy leaned forward and, gripping Judeth’s creamy thighs tightly in his hands, began to kiss her pussy-mound. Judeth jerked backward to get away from his lewd caresses, but the boy held on to her thighs and kept his lips pressed against her cunt.

“Mmmmm,” Eddie murmured. “Nice lunch, huh, Sammy?”

Sammy was not about to answer. He began to work his way around Judeth’s pink outer cunt-lips, swirling his long tongue around the luscious folds of her moistening cunt. As he flicked quickly across Judeth’s hidden clit, she flinched and hunched her hips uncontrollably. A wave of hitherto unknown passion and lust welled up in her tight, virgin pussy.

“Hey, the little bitch is getting hot,” Eddie said enthusiastically. “Yeah, she digs getting her cunt sucked! Go for it Sammy! Suck the little slut’s virgin pussy! Ha! Ha! Sweet eighteen and never been sucked!”

“Fuck off,” Judeth blurted out. “I-I… not getting hot!”

She gasped and stared down at Sammy, whose face was literally buried between her smooth young thighs. The boy was lapping and licking her cunt with obvious enjoyment. His tongue slithered between the juicy folds of her tight cunt and licked inside her pussychannel.

Judeth began to perspire freely, and she thrashed about on the sand whenever the boy’s tongue snaked over her sensitive clit. She realized that Sammy knew exactly what he was doing. She wondered how a boy her own age could become adept at such a depraved act as cunt-sucking. To Judeth, having her pussy sucked seemed like a bizarre and wicked sexual act. But, she had to admit that the boy’s long tongue felt terrific as it snaked into her cunt and across her tender clit. No matter what, though, she decided that she would not let on that it felt good to have her pussy sucked.

“She likes it, Sammy. Dive into that little cunt, my man,” Eddie said as he goaded his friend on. “Yeah, look at the little bitch. She’s hot as a fucking hornet. Damn!”

“Shut up, you filthy bastard,” she snapped. The look on Eddie’s face changed from one of delight to one of anger. “You’ll be sorry, you Goddamned cunt,” he rasped as he got to his feet and sprinted away.

Judeth heard Sammy making noises as he continued to suck pussy. He garbled something incoherent and gasped, then returned to the task of eating her cunt. She knew that he was really enjoying sucking her pussy. And, Judeth took perverse pleasure in the fact. She had always thought that sucking a girl’s pussy was a shameful act that no man would ever do, but perhaps she was wrong. She hunched her hips, slowly hugging his face between her creamy thighs. Her body began to tremble and quake as, once again, his tongue flicked across her erect clit-nubbin, causing her face to flush with sexual excitement.

“Oh God,” she moaned, no longer able to contain her emotions.

As her thighs pressed against his ears, he gripped her cunt-lips between his teeth and deftly pulled her clit out of its cunt-sheath. His wet tongue slipped along the folds of her outstretched pussy-lips and came to rest on the tip of her clit.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped, overwhelmed by the incredible, electrifying sensations that coursed through her cunt. The cunt-sucking boy stretched her clit to the maximum, then released his oral grip, and her clit fell back into place inside her juicy pussy.

She jerked about violently, but Sammy’s mouth somehow stayed glued to her cunt. He covered her cunt-lips and her clit with wet, sucking kisses. She pressed her ass into the sand and looked into his eyes. They were bulging and streaked with red lines. He looked as though lie were going mad!

For a brief instant, she wondered how she had managed to get involved in such a lurid situation. But, at this moment, she really did not care. She was caught in a crazy quilt of strange yearnings, and she could do nothing but submit to the boy’s sucking mouth.

His tongue poked out and slithered back into her cunt — deep into her cunt. Again, her pussy throbbed and a delicious feeling overtook her as his tongue slipped into her cunt and flicked quickly, but deftly, across her sensitive clit.

Judeth was lost — lost in a mirage of erotic excitement, riding high upon a wave of ceaseless passion. Her long blonde tresses flew about her pretty, sweat-dampened face as she writhed about in the sand, thrilling to the sensuous wet kisses that Sammy so eagerly lavished on her clit. She closed her eyes tightly and listened carefully to the lewd sucking and slurping noises that the boy made as he lapped her cunt and sucked her erect clit. She swooned in ecstatic rapture, gasping for air. Her cunt felt like it was on fire.

All of a sudden a delicious, though perverse thrill swept through hex cunt and sent a tremendous rushing sensation to her brain. She became delirious as her orgasm blossomed, chilling her to the very core, and sending her on a quick journey of lust and passion.

“Aaiiieee!” she wailed, jerking her hips forward to meet the boy’s sucking lips. She ground her cunt into his mouth in an effort to prolong the erotic sensations which filled her cunt. For the first time in her life, she experienced a climax. It was wonderful!

Eddie had returned. In his fist he carried a long piece of kelp that was shaped like a whip. He stood over her, watching her as she climaxed. Observing her intently he waited for her to open her eyes.

Judeth purred and sighed happily as her orgasm ran its course. Stretching out her lovely white arms, she licked her lips and slowly opened her eyes.

“Take this, you stupid cunt!” Eddie whined the slick brown piece of kelp above his head and brought it down hard on her exposed titflesh.

The kelp whip flailed her tender young tits.

“Don’t, please! Stop!” she shrieked.

But Eddie was in a fierce mood. He had a sinister look on his face. His glazed eyes and clenched, teeth made him look almost possessed.

The boy kept thrashing her with the improvised whip. Every time the tong piece of seaweed struck her, she felt a surge of unbelievable pain rush through her pain wracked body.

Through tear-blurred eyes, she looked up at the bay and pleaded with him to stop. “Please, Eddie, I didn’t do anything. Let me go!”

But, Eddie kept beating her relentlessly.

Judeth summoned up all of her strength and rose to her knees, and when Eddie drew the kelp back to strike her again, she tried to evade the blows. She screamed in agony as the whip thrashed her again and again.

Eddie smiled lasciviously and laughed callously at her agonized screams of pain as she dragged her naked tortured body through the sand, scraping her knees. Finally, he threw down the piece of kelp. Grabbing her by her hair, he maneuvered her body until she lay spread-eagled beneath him.

“You shut up, bitch!” he snarled. “I’m gonna fuck you now, whether you like it or not.” He let go of her hair and stared menacingly at her as she lay, sprawled out and helpless, crying and shaking her head in fright and despair.

“No, please… don’t you care that I’m a virgin?” she shrieked.

“This is how much I care,” he said coldly as he thrust his hard prick into her cunt.

“Unngghh!” she gasped as Eddie’s raging hard-on wormed past her pussy-lips and burrowed into her hot wet cunt. His prick sliced into her twat, robbing hot of her precious virginity. Her cunt was so tight that Eddie’s prick felt like it was tearing her in two. “It hurts! You’re killing me!” she wailed.

“That’s too fucking bad,” he hissed crudely, “because I’m not gonna stop screwing you until I shoot my rocks off, bitch. And I don’t give a stilt what the hell happens to you.”

He bucked and jerked in an effort to fill her cunt to the brim with his rock-hard prick.

Judeth felt his cock-knob throbbing against her untouched cherry and, as the tender piece of skin stretched to accommodate Eddie’s lengthy prick, she felt lancing pains deep in her cunt.

“It hurts!” slip shouted.

But he paid her no mind. He rammed his cock hard and fast into her hot, tight cunt and she felt her cherry rip open. The pain was so intense that she could not even scream. Her muscles tensed and she shuddered, but Eddie did not stop fucking her for a second.

“Yeah, you little prick-teaser,” he taunted.

“I just rook your fucking cherry, bitch!” Grasping her asscheeks, he lurched forward, impaling her on his cock.

She could feel his prick ramming and pounding into her cunt, reaming her pussywalls, and forcing her cunt-lips inward. He pulled her asscheeks up to meet his hard cockthrusts.

Judeth gulped hard and steeled her nerves. The pain of being fucked for the first time was excruciating. Moreover, she was filled with self-loathing at being raped by such a crude, disgusting boy as Eddie. How could this be happening to her? How would she be able to live with herself after being raped by the boy?

His cock pulsed inside of her cunt, and, since her pussy-muscles were tensed, it fit tightly in bet pussy. Eddie pounded away, driving his cock deep into her gripping, juicy hot cunt. It felt like her cunt was sucking his prick into its damp depths.

Judeth looked into Eddie’s face. He was sweating profusely. He panted loudly each time he ground his hips forward, pumping his lengthy prick into her seething cunt. She was too frightened to complain, and she knew that it wouldn’t do any good anyway. She bit her lip and tried to endure the scaring pain that came from her pussy.

Eddie began to speed up the pace of his fucking. He thrashed about on top of the helpless girl, ramming and pounding his hard cock deep into her cunt. Then, he swallowed hard and every muscle in his firm young body tightened. He gurgled, made a hissing sound and thrust forward a final time.

“Unngghh!” he groaned. His glazed eyes rolled about in their sockets as he stiffened and shot a heavy load of cum into Judeth’s cunt.

Judeth whimpered and prayed that the ordeal was over. But, the boy plunged forward again, and another wad of cum spurted out of his cock-slit and washed her tight pussy.

He sighed and relaxed, letting his weight rest on her body. Judeth was disgusted and angry. She wept and lay still, waiting for Eddie to get up.

“Well, now. How was that for a first fuck?” he whispered as he rolled off of the raped girl. “What did you think of your first fuck, bitch?”

Judeth kept the truth to herself. It had been horrible and disgusting. But she feared that he might hurt her again, so she kept quiet.

“Well, I guess you’re just too happy for words,” Eddie quipped as he rose and put on his swim trunks. He laughed long and hard as he stared down at Judeth. “That should teach you, slut! You don’t go around Crystal Point getting all of the guys hot and horny for your little cunt! We don’t stand for prick-teasers around here.”

With that, Eddie and Sammy strolled away, chuckling and joking and shooting nasty glances at her as they departed.

Judeth lay in the sand for a long time. She cried hysterically and cursed herself for having been foolish enough to have trusted two boys like Eddie and Sammy.

She wondered what she should do next. Should she report the rape to the police? No, she was too ashamed and embarrassed to do that. Besides, there were no witnesses, except for Sammy. And Sammy would surely lie about what had happened. She simply had to get back at Eddie for making her suck his cock, for beating her and torturing her and — worst of all — for fucking her. Eddie had taken her virginity in a most brutal and disgusting way. She would never forget it. There must be some way to get back at him. She would have to think about it.

It was getting cold, so Judeth picked herself up, put her brief bikini back on, pulled herself together and headed back to her Aunt Mary’s safe, comfortable beach cottage.


Judeth spent the next two days in the house. She was afraid to venture outside so soon after having been raped. She was terribly ashamed. She did not see how she could show her face in Crystal Point after what had happened. So she moped around the house, watching television and listening to records, trying to keep busy in hopes that the terrible memory of the rape would soon fade from her mind.

Aunt Mary became worried and asked what was wrong. Judeth told her aunt that she was bored.

“Well, dear,” Aunt Mary said, “why don’t you take the car and go for a drive? It’s a beautiful day today.”

“Okay,” Judeth said. She went to her room and got dressed. She wore a skimpy halter top, a pair of tight-fitting jeans, sandals and a wide-brimmed straw hat. She picked up the keys to the MG. Midget. She walked past the tennis court and the swimming pool, and strolled into the garage.

She smiled as she stepped forward and opened the car door, and wondered why she hadn’t thought of taking a drive before. She had just passed heir driver’s test two months ago, so the thrill of driving had not yet worn off. It would be nice, she thought, to drive out to the dunes.

As she slipped into the driver’s seat, she vaguely sensed that someone was watching her from a distance. But, she shrugged it off and started the engine, smiling as the motor began to purr. Judeth really loved driving, especially when she had a cute little sports car to zip around in. At home, she was not allowed to drive very often. Her father did not really approve. But out here at the beach, she had access to her Aunt Mary’s car whenever she wanted it.

She reflected on how nice her Aunt Mary was to her. Aunt Mary was a widow. Her husband had died in a boating accident two years ago. The papers had caused quite a stir at the time because Judeth’s father, who was with the man at the time, had managed to miraculously escape injury when the boat capsized. Nasty allegations of foul play were leveled at Judeth’s father. There were rumors that the men had been partners in some venture, and the previous to the strange sinking boat incident, they had had a falling out.

Her father and her Aunt Mary had quarreled, but the matter was dropped. Soon thereafter, Aunt Mary moved into the spacious Crystal Point cottage.

The engine roared to life as she stepped on the gas pedal and zoomed out of the garage. Before long, Judeth was zipping down the highway, driving the vehicle through tight turns as she headed toward the dunes. Her spirits picked up as she drove along at a fast clip, watching the comfortable beach homes recede as she approached the bare, undeveloped area known simply as “the dunes”. Someday, this beautiful bare land filled with rolling sandy hillocks would disappear. Developers would buy up the land and build condominiums, motels, supermarkets and hot dog stands. But, for now, the dunes were free of congestion and Judeth momentarily forgot her troubles.

The road narrowed to two lanes so she let up on the gas and slowed down. Up ahead, on the side of the road, a bulldozer blocked one lane and part of the other. In order to drive safely past, she would be forced to slow down almost to a stop. No matter. It was a pretty day and she was in no hurry to get anywhere.

She shifted down through the gears into first, applying the brakes until she was traveling at a scant five miles an hour.

Then, Judeth was shocked to see a big blue van pull out from behind the bulldozer and block her way. Fortunately, she was traveling slow enough to brake and pull over into the sand to avoid a collision. She waited for the river of the van to back out of the way, but, instead, two men jumped out of the back and ran quickly toward her.

“Hey!” she shouted in a confused tone. “What’s going on here, anyway?”

A big, muscular man wearing a faded green leisure suit stepped forward and, without a word, opened her car door. He reached inside and pulled her out.

“I said what’s going on?” she repeated in a startled voice.

“Shut up, Judeth!” the other man said. He grasped her wrists and held them tightly behind her back.

She felt a thick rope being tied around her wrists. Then she was led quickly to the van and thrown roughly onto the carpeted floor in the back. The two men stepped in after her, slamming the doors shut. The driver hit the accelerator, burning rubber as they sped off.

Judeth stared wide-eyed at the two men.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Just call me Bob,” said the man in the leisure suit. “This is Johnny. Max is our driver.”

“All right, Bob and Johnny,” Judeth said flippantly. “Suppose you guys tell me what’s happening.”

“Okay, sweetheart,” the man called Bob replied. He spoke in a heavy Boston accent. “Put simply, Judeth Brathmeyer, you have just been kidnapped by three very dangerous and unscrupulous men. If you are a lucky little girl, your father will ball you out of this mess with a million in cool, green cash. If not… well, we’ll worry about that if and when the time comes. Okay?”

“No,” she replied indignantly. “It’s not okay! You can’t do this to me!”

“We seem to be doing astonishingly well up to this point, my dear girl,” Bob said with a chortle.

The big man named Johnny stared at Judeth with cold, dark eyes. Judeth glanced at him and chills ran up and down her spine.

“She’s pretty, Bob,” the big man said as he reached a clammy hand out and ripped her halter top off. “I wanna fuck her.”

“What-what?” Judeth stammered.

“You heard me, cunt!” the big man snorted. Turning to address his partner, he said, “What do you think, Bob? Can I fuck her now? I don’t feel like waiting.”

“Sure, go ahead and fuck the snotty little bitch. Maybe she’ll take us more seriously and cut that high-and-mighty act of hers. I’ll ride up front with Max. Fuck her real good now,” Bob said as he stepped forward to sit with the driver.

Judeth squirmed about on the carpeted floor of the van. She shook her head in disbelief, her eyes open wide. She stared at the man — watched him strip off his shirt, pull off his shoes, step out of his trousers — watched him stroke his cock, and run his thick, hairy gnarled fingers along his cock-shaft. She shook with fear and cowered in the corner of the moving van, wondering what — if anything — she could do to stop the big, hairy man from raping her.

“Aw, come on now, baby-cakes,” the man said. “Don’t give Johnny a hard time. Johnny don’t like babes to give him a hard time,” he said threateningly as he stroked his lengthy prick and moved forward slowly.

“No, please don’t… please don’t,” she pleaded as tears filled her eyes and ran down her flushed cheeks. “I… I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I… my God!” she gasped as she glanced at his swollen prick. His prick was menacing. Thick blue veins lined the surface of his cock, and his cock-knob was crimson red. Next to this manes, Eddie’s cock was like a shrimp!

“Yeah, my prick is kinda big,” the man said, almost apologetically. “But, you’ll get used to it, kid. Believe me, you’ll love the feel of it,” he quipped. He broke up laughing. But, an instant later, his face became contorted and hard-looking. His rough features were sharp and angular.

He looked strangely handsome, in an odd sort of way. Under other circumstances, Judeth might even have found Johnny attractive. If central casting were to order up the biggest, hairiest, toughest, strongest, most menacing-looking character on the lot, this guy would be it. She was stunned at the size of his prick. She had never dreamed that pricks came so big!

“Hey… hey now, little darlin’,” he said in a calm voice that was deceptively pleasant. “Don’t be scared. I’ll be nice.”

“You will?” she inquired flatly.

“Sure, sweet-cheeks. Hell, I’ll even let you get the feel of my big cock before I fuck you. Here, go ahead and touch it,” he said.

Judeth cringed in the corner. She wasn’t about to touch his mammoth prick. Besides, she realized, her hands were tied behind her back. She couldn’t touch his prick even if she wanted to.

“Oh, I see,” the man said mockingly. “Your hands are all tied up at the moment.” He shrugged resignedly. “Well, then. I guess if you can’t touch my prick, you can at least taste it. Yeah, sure. You can taste my cock.” He grabbed her by the neck and pushed her face down until her lips were scant inches from the tip of his blue-veined prick.

“No, please don’t make me do this,” she whimpered. She was wasting her time, but she didn’t know what else to say. In the back of her mind, she thought that maybe the big man would take pity on her and leave her be.

No such luck.

His strong hands pinched the flesh on her bare shoulders, then he gripped one of her nipples and squeezed it until she cried out in anguish.

“Don’t hurt me. Whatever you do, please don’t hurt me,” she said.

He loosened his grip at once. “Darlin’, the last thing I want to do is hurt you. After all, sweet-cheeks, if I mess you up too badly, you won’t be worth too much to your old man. But, hear me, and hear me straight. You can’t go pissing me off, you understand? Because I can get real nasty if I get pissed off. Okay?”

“Okay, I understand,” she whimpered.

“Now, suppose you just suck my cock. Right now!” he demanded loudly. “Yeah, baby. Suck Johnny’s big prick, sweet-cheeks. Show Johnny that you don’t want to piss him off.” He pressed down on her shoulders and arched his back so that his cock-knob pressed against her moist lips.

Judeth felt sick to her stomach. But she knew that she had to obey Johnny’s vile command. She stuck her tongue out and tenderly licked the tip of his big, hard cock. His balls dangled freely beneath his prick. The sight of such huge balls frightened Judeth. But she did what she had to do. She was in this man’s power — unable to do anything but obey him. Her tongue flicked over his bulbous cock-knob and he stiffened immediately.

“Ummm, that’s nice. That feels real nice. I haven’t had a good blow-job in a long time, babe,” he said. “Suppose you suck my cock real nice now. Just wrap your ruby-red lips around my prick and suck away, okay?”

Judeth made a muffled sound of acknowledgement and kept sucking the man’s big prick which was buried deep in her mouth. He began to face-fuck her rapidly, pumping his hard cock deep into her mouth with swift, powerful motions. When he lunged forward, her lips parted to receive his hard cock-thrust and her mouth filled to overflowing with the big man’s huge hard-on. His cock-knob bounced off the back of her throat and slipped away again, only to be slurped between her lips and back into her mouth and throat.

“Oh, yeah. You give a million-dollar blowjob, cunt,” he gasped. He jerked about wildly as he rammed his mammoth cock into her mouth. His big balls contracted into a tight sac of flesh as she sucked his prick. “Yeah, that’s a real nice blow-job.” He gasped and plunged forward, ramming his massive cock-stand into her sucking mouth. “Goddamn! Wouldn’t your old man just love to see you now, giving Big Johnny a terrific blow-job? Holy shit!”

She gagged, and almost got sick, but she managed to pull herself together and continued to suck Big Johnny’s prick. He bucked and pumped and twisted about as he crammed her mouth full of his hard cock, gasping and panting as lie brutally raped her pretty face.

Then, with a sudden lurching movement, Big Johnny stiffened, tightened every muscle in his body, and came.

“Aaaggghhh! Oh, yeah! Unnggghhh!” he panted hoarsely as he shot his load of jism into her sucking mouth.

His prick twitched and throbbed inside her mouth as the man came. A huge glob of cum spurted out of his piss-slit and shot with terrific force into her mouth, streaming down her throat.

She gagged and started to cough, but he placed his thick meaty hands on her shoulders and tugged her forward, shouting, “Suck it all down, you little smart-ass cunt. You think you’re such a hot little cunt, don’t you? Well, right now you’re gonna eat my cum, suck it all down your throat, milk my prick until it’s dry. Milk it, honey-cunt. Milk my cock!”

Stifling her cries and trying not to gag on the man’s big prick as it spewed cum-juice into her mouth, Judeth obeyed the man’s crude command. She began to milk his prick, sucking hard on his cock-knob to extract all of his sticky, creamy jism. The cum-juice filled her mouth and drooled out the corners of her lips as she frantically tried to swallow all of the man’s huge load of jizz. She felt terribly degraded, utterly abased, as she sucked his prick dry.

Big Johnny let his cock pop free of her sucking lips, and he sat back on his ass, groaning with sexual satisfaction.

Judeth glared at the crude man. Her face was covered with huge tears, and her mouth felt sticky from the man’s cum. Jizz drooled out of her mouth obscenely.

“That was good. Real good. That was one nice million-dollar cock-sucking, babe,” the man said. He chuckled, stretched and lay back on the floor of the van, then took a deep breath, sighed and began to snore. He was fast asleep.

Judeth cringed in the corner, wondering what would happen next.

When the van finally slowed to a stop, it was dark. Judeth heard animal sounds and the chirping of crickets. She was somewhere in the country, but where? They had been driving for three or four hours at least.

Big Johnny had awakened, but he hadn’t bothered her since he had forced her to suck his cock. He just sat at the other end of the van, chuckling and talking to himself.

Bob moved into the back of the van, smiled at Judeth, and spoke. “Okay, Judeth,” he said. “We’re going inside. Let me warn you. There is no way to escape. Don’t even try. You’d just be wasting your time. The place is guarded by dogs, so, even if you managed to get out of the house, you wouldn’t get far. And they’re trained to kill. They’d chew you to bits. We’ll just wait it out here, and when your father comes across with a million in cash, we’ll let you go. Okay?”

“Yes,” she replied weakly.

Turning to Big Johnny, Bob said, “You stay outside and keep watch.” Then, Bob told the driver to ditch the van, and Bob led Judeth out of the van and toward the dark house.

From the outside, the big wooden house looked deserted, but inside, the place was clean, warm, freshly painted a bright blue and furnished with nice, comfortable chairs and couches. The interior of the place reminded her a little of her Aunt Mary’s beach cottage at Crystal Point. The style was similar. Reproductions of French paintings and prints and Spanish bullfighting lithographs lined the walls, just as they did at her Aunt Mary’s house at the beach. She reflected on the coincidence, but quickly let the matter drop.

Bob led the frightened girl into a back room, where two people sat on a large couch, watching the news and smoking nervously.

“Hey Marvin, here’s the girl,” Bob said loudly, catching the couple by surprise.

Quickly, the man spun around, pulled a revolver out of his belt and aimed it at Bob.

“Hold it!” Bob screamed in fright. “It’s me, damnit! It’s me!”

“You dumb son of a bitch!” the man screamed. “What the hell’s the matter with you, anyway? Sneaking up on us like that. Shit, man! I could’ve blown you and the girl away!”

“Whew,” Bob gasped. He sighed in relief and apologized. “I guess I wasn’t thinking, Marvin. Goddamn! I’m glad you didn’t shoot. Shit!”

Marvin stood up and stepped forward, appraising the girl with cold, amber eyes. “Well, well. So this is little Miss Judeth Brathmeyer, our ticket to health and wealth in the Bahamas. Give us a smile, sweetheart,” he said, addressing Judeth.

Judeth smirked and gave the man a cold stare. “How long will I have to stay in this dump?” she blurted out.

“Now, now, Judeth,” Marvin said condescendingly. “That’s no way to treat your hosts, is it?”

“Shove it,” she replied brashly.

“Well, boys,” came the woman’s icy voice. “It sounds like the little rich bitch doesn’t appreciate our taking her in. Perhaps I should teach her some manners. What do you say, Marvin?”

“Just hold on now, Margaret. I don’t want you fucking around with the merchandise just yet. I’m going to have a word with Bob while we chain her up downstairs. Be right back,” Marvin said as he took his leave of Margaret.

Marvin led Judeth and Bob down a long, winding staircase that opened into a large basement room. When Marvin turned on the lights, Judeth was stunned to see that the room was decorated like a medieval torture chamber. The walls were lined with thick wooden racks, custom-built to hold a vast assortment of whips, chains, paddles, leather hoods, gags and birch sticks.

“Good Lord in heaven! What in the world is all this stuff?” Judeth gasped in astonishment. “This place is from another world.”

“Yes, my little Miss Brathmeyer,” Marvin replied matter-of-factly. He spoke in a haughty manner, and with a great deal of pride. “Feast your little eyes, my lovely. What you are looking at is one of the world’s most extensive collections of torture devices. I’m a connoisseur. I suppose one might call it a strange vice to collect such bizarre instruments of torture, but I am quite fond of my collection. Isn’t this a lovely cat-o’-nine-tails?” he queried Judeth as he plucked a wicked black whip with nine strands of thick leather off the rack.

“Y-yes, it is something, all right,” Judeth said in mock appreciation as she stood before the strange man. “I bet that thing really could hurt a person, huh?”

“Oh, yes indeed, Miss Brathmeyer. Yes, indeed. This little beauty sure can sting. Would you like to feel its bite, darling?” he asked with a sly grin.

“N-no sir,” she answered quickly. “No thank you.”

He laughed and replaced the wicked leather whip, saying, “I’m sure you wouldn’t like it, Judeth.” Then licking his lips and leering at her, he added, “Same women do, you know.”

“I wouldn’t know,” she said, shaking her head.

“Well, let’s hope for your sake that you never find out what it’s like to be whipped with the cat, or with any of my fine assortment of whips, thongs, and paddles. Let’s hope that your father, the great, wealthy Mr. Bratton Brathmeyer sees fit to ball you out of this mess. And soon. It’ll cast him a cool million dollars, and not a penny less, to ransom your ass out of here.”

“He’ll pay it,” Judeth said. “He loves me. My father loves me and I know he’ll give you the money.”

“Well, little Judeth,” the man said threateningly, “for your sake, let’s hope so.” Then, he stepped over to a heavy wooden table and, with Bob’s help, he pushed the table into the center of the room. Next, he gestured for Judeth to step forward. She did so and stared in awe. The thick wooden table was equipped with heavy steel pegs which protruded from each corner. Attached to the pegs were thick leather cuffs which, she realized at once, were intended to hold the victim strapped to the table. Judeth flinched and stepped back bumping into Bob.

“Hold her while I strip off her clothes,” the man instructed his cohort.

“With pleasure,” Bob answered as he held her tightly in his firm grasp. “Say, Marvin, after we get her all squared away down here, do you think that I could…?”

“Sure, no problem, Bob,” Marvin replied brusquely. “Hell, you’ve done a damned good job. A nice, clean professional job. You can have her for a while. Don’t mess her up too badly though. Fuck her if you want to, or make her suck your cock, but don’t beat her up. We want this little kitten to look nice in case we need to take any pictures to convince her old man that he should cough up some of his money.”

Judeth was stunned! She stared at the two men in disbelief. It was only then that she realized how dangerous these people could be. They were serious — dead serious! She thought of her father. Surely, he would meet their demands. Surely, her father would pay to have her freed. And her father could afford a million dollars. He was a millionaire many times over. She knew that. But, how long would it take? And, suppose her father was not even in the country? He often took long trips to Europe… and why would they need pictures of her? She was too confused to understand what was going on. She decided to try to cozy up to the man who was obviously the ring-leader, the man named Marvin. Perhaps, if she won him over, ingratiated herself with him and got him to like her, perhaps then things would go easier on her.

She did not resist when Marvin pulled off her clothes. Standing before him, in a vain attempt to hide her nakedness, she spoke. “Your… your n-name is M-Marvin, right?” she muttered.

“Yes, darling. So it is. You can call me Marvin if it suits you. It’s not my real name, but that’s what I go by.”

“W-well, Marvin,” she continued. “Have you contacted my father yet? Have you heard from him?”

“Well, no,” he said abruptly. “Margaret is trying to reach him right now. It scans that he is out of town. We did manage to speak to your Aunt Mary, however, and she promised to relay our message, that is, our demands.”

“Thank God!” Judeth gasped in relief. “Then, something’s being done.”

“Yes, my dear girl,” Marvin replied with a cool grin. “Something’s being done.”

Marvin and Bob lifted the naked girl to the table and bound her ankles and wrists to the pegs. She didn’t struggle. There was no sense in fighting them. They were stronger, and she was terribly frightened. All that she could do was wait, and hope for the best.

As Marvin prepared to leave, he turned to Bob. “Do whatever you want to her, but don’t damage the merchandise too much. Okay?”

“Sure,” Bob replied as he quickly began to strip off his leisure suit.

When Marvin reached the passageway, he spun on his heels, pointed his finger at the anxious and eager man and said, “Bob, don’t hurt the girl. That’s not a threat, my man. That’s a sincere warning.” Then, Marvin cocked his head, stood silently and appeared to be in deep thought for a moment. Almost as an afterthought, he added, “By the way, keep your filthy cock out of her asshole. You can fuck her in the mouth or in the cunt, but leave her asshole alone. That’s to be saved for me. Understand?”

“Sure, boss. I understand,” Bob answered as he stepped out of his trousers.

Marvin disappeared through the passageway, and Judeth heard his footsteps as he walked upstairs. She was left alone with Bob. She looked at him tentatively. He seemed to go about preparing to fuck her with great ease, but in a meticulous manner. He folded up his clothes carefully and placed them on a chair in the corner. And, he whistled all the while.

Judeth was perplexed at the man’s strange behavior.

But, when he turned and faced her, she quickly came to her senses. Bob was a man — a full-grown man, with a man-sized prick. The lecherous look in his eyes frightened her.

He stepped forward and took in her luscious young body. “Nice tits,” he muttered as he reached clown and gripped her ripe tits in his hands. He rubbed her tits anti pinched her nipples. Them he bent down and sucked one of her nipples.

“Mmmm,” he murmured as he sucked her taut nipple into his mouth. “Nice tits, darling,” he said as he leaned over and took her other nipple between his lips. He bit down hard, causing a painful sensation in her firm tits. The pain coursed through her veins and she winced. Looking up at the man, she wept and inquired, “What are you going to do to me?”

Somewhat taken aback, he replied in a cold, flat voice. “Well, now, honey, I really don’t know. You sure are a nice little cunt. Nice tits,” he said as he stroked her firm, upthrust tits and tweaked her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. “Nice, tight little belly,” he continued as his hand traveled down her ripe young flesh and rubbed her stomach. “Nice tight, little cunt,” he said as his hand moved down to her cunt and rubbed the pubic hair that covered her pussy.

“Yeah, baby,” he whispered in a husky voice. “Nice fucking cunt.” Then, as she struggled in vain against the bonds that restrained her on the heavy wooden table, he plunged his thumb into her twat. He stared into her eyes as he rubbed her clit-nubbin with his thumb.

“D-don’t do that,” she pleaded as she looked up at him, tears filling her eyes. “P-please don’t do that to me,” she whimpered. But, even as she said it, she knew that she was wasting her words. Bob was horny. He would have his way with her. He would finger-fuck her — or worse — if he wanted to, and there was nothing that she could do to stop him.

His thumb rammed into her cunt, and he whispered in her ear. “You want it, don’t you? You want me to turn you on and fuck your tight young cunt. Admit it, you little rich bitch. You’ve never met a man like me. A stud! I’ll fix your fucking wagon, darling. I’ll fuck the living shit out of you before you can count to ten.”

Judeth couldn’t believe her own ears. This man was a vile, crude lunatic. Did he really believe that she wanted him to fuck her? He must be crazy!

“No, Bob,” she stammered. “Please don’t fuck me. I don’t think I’m ready for a man like you. Please… just leave me be. I beg of you.”

“Ha! Ha! That’s what they all say when I get my hands on them. Women are afraid of me. That’s it!” he exclaimed. “Women don’t know what to make of me. I don’t look much like a stud, but I am. You just have to get to know me, Judeth. That’s all. Just get to know me, and may… maybe I can help you out of this mess.”

Bob was breathing heavily now. He panted and gasped like a runner who had just finished a marathon. He kept ramming his thumb into her cunt, rubbing his thumb inside of her cuntal sheath. Thumb-fucking Judeth!

She hated to admit it, but the wild man was turning her on in a big way. His thumb seemed to touch just the right spot in her cunt. Every time he shoved his thumb into her tight pussy, it pressed down on her sensitive clit, causing her to shake and writhe about on the table.

Her clit was tingling out of control. She began to sweat and jerk her hips to meet his thumb as it penetrated her wet cunt. Pussy-juice leaked out of her cunt and streamed in thin rivulets down her creamy thighs. When he stuck his thumb into her cunt, she could hear a faint sloshing noise as her cunt sucked his thumb deep into her pussy. She wasn’t doing it on purpose. It just happened. She had no control over her clenching cunt-muscles, which seemed to have a mind of their own as they sucked his thumb deep into her seething cunt.

“Ohhh,” she gasped as, unconsciously, she began to move her pelvis, humping and jerking upward to meet his thumb as it rammed deeply into her hot, tight curt.

“All right!” Bob exclaimed as he pulled his thumb from her cunt. He held his cunt-juice drenched thumb high in the air and smiled lewdly. “Look, at that, bitch! My thumb is literally covered with your precious young pussy-nectar. Goddamn! Ain’t that a sight for sore eyes.”

In a grand gesture, he lowered his hand to his mouth and slurped her cunt-juice off of his thumb. “Yeah, your pussy-juice tastes sweet,” he said as he plunged his thumb and two fingers deep into her cunt. His digits moved about in her slippery twat, pressing against her tender, sensitive clit and pussy-walls, which tightened and clenched around his fingers.

Judeth had no control over her body or her emotions. Her cunt was ready for sex. She was hot and horny, there was no denying it. She sighed as she stared at Bob, who held his wet fingers aloft admiringly.

“Here, Judeth,” he instructed. “Taste your cunt-juice. You’ll love it.” Her tongue swirled around his slippery fingers and lapped up the precious pussy-nectar. She licked at his fingers as though it were her last meal. And, she discovered, her cunt-nectar tasted good. There was a pungent odor, and it was a little bit sweet.

“Ohhh, yeah!” she gasped as her tongue raked across his fingers, licking off the sticky juice from her twat.

“You are a hot little cunt!” Bob exclaimed as he climbed onto the table and started to mount her. “You are one hot fucking vixen, bitch!”

Suddenly, Judeth felt her body shudder. She realized that this was no game. This man — Bob — was going to fuck her cunt. As the reality of the terrible situation dawned on her, she shook with fear and anger. “Nooo!” she shrieked. “Don’t you dare!”

Bob slapped her hard and she writhed in pain beneath his blows. “Fuck you, you rich bitch!” he rasped. “What the fuck’s the matter with vow anyway? Do you think you’re too good for me or something?” He stopped slapping her and stared into her crying eyes. “Well, what the fuck’s your problem, bitch?” he demanded.

Steeling her nerves, Judeth gave him an honest answer. “Yes, I am too fucking good for the likes of you, you crude bastard!” she blurted. “You are a nasty son of a bitch! An evil and crude man. You’re damned right I’m too good for you. I was brought up to be a decent lady, and you’re treating me like a no good tramp. I won’t stand for it. I just won’t stand for a slimy son of a bitch like you fucking me!” She writhed about in the bonds which held her fast to the table. Her ankles and wrists chafed at the straps which held them. The struggle was useless. There was no way to escape. She was helpless and at this crude man’s mercy. Finally, when all of her energy was spent, she collapsed on the table, resigned to her fate. The man would rape her. She knew that. But, at least she had struggled, damnit! She had tried to resist.

“Are you finished now?” the man asked, a lewd, self-assured smile on his face. He was angry, and she knew it. She had lost her self-control. She had rudely insulted the man. It was too late for apologies. He would take her. He would rape her and fuck her brutally. She expected no less.

“Y-yes, I’m finished,” she said weakly. “Do whatever the hell you want with me. I won’t struggle any longer. It’s no use. I’m tired.”

Without commenting, he grabbed his prick in his hand and guided it toward her cunt. Lewdly, he rubbed his cock-knob in a circular motion around her cunt-lips, parting the swollen red flaps of sensitive skin that formed the sensuous entrance to her tight pussy. Then, without hesitation, he thrust forward, impaling her cunt on his stiff cock. He grunted and moaned as he began to fuck her cunt, ramming his prick hard and deep into her tight twat.

“Unnnggghhh!” he gasped. “So, you think you’re too good for me?” he taunted. “Well, fuck you, you little rich bitch! Fuck you!”

He seemed like a man possessed. He drove forward with quick powerful cock-thrusts, ramming his prick home into her pussy. Shoving his cock balls-deep into the cavern of her hot cunt. He jerked about on top of her, driving, thrusting, ramming his prick into her cuntal depths.

Judeth jerked about beneath the man as he raped her tight pussy. She gasped for breath and moaned in agony and fright. This man was crude and vulgar, and she hated him. But, try as she might, there was no way that she could stop him from fucking her cunt. Every time she moved, the leather straps which held her wrists and ankles in place chafed and bit into her tender skin. She writhed and flailed about beneath his hard cock-thrusts, hoping only that he would cum soon.

“Yeah, you little rich bitch piece of ass! Take it, cunt! Take all of my cock in your hot pussy, you fancy-ass slut.” He screamed in her ear as he slammed his heavy body forward, impaling her on his raging prick.

“Y-you are disgusting!” she rasped in revulsion and anger. “I hate you! I hate you!”

“Maybe you hate me, rich bitch! But I’m sure you’ll love my cock. Ain’t that right? Huh?” he demanded.

Judeth choked back her tears, pursed her lips, and spat in the man’s sweaty face. Her spit landed above his eye and dribbled down his contorted face.

“You stupid cunt!” he shouted angrily. “You stupid, fucking rich bitch cunt! Now, you’re really gonna get it!”

Quickly, he pulled his prick out of her cunt, grabbed her roughly by her firm asscheeks, spreading her assflesh wide to expose her tender asshole. He stared at her asshole, eyes wide open and filled with passion, mouth clenched tightly, his face contorted with lust and carnal desire.

Judeth looked into his menacing eyes. She realized at once that he was staring lustfully at her tight virgin asshole. A wave of intense fear flushed through her bowels and rushed into her befuddled brain as the grim reality of the situation hit her like a fist. The crude man was planning to fuck her tight asshole. Good God! she thought. How could anyone even dream of doing such a horrid, wicked, evil, debauched thing to her? How could this man fuck her in her asshole? The thought was absolutely disgusting! Revolting!

Then, she remembered that Marvin had warned Bob not to “mess her up too badly,” and, more specifically, not to “fuck her asshole.” When Marvin had said it, she hadn’t thought much about it. Somehow, it hadn’t made a lot of sense. She had never even heard of anyone getting fucked in the asshole. Judeth knew that she did not know everything there was to know about sex. But, she had never even heard of ass-fucking before. The very thought of having a hard cock buried in her asshole made Judeth sick to her stomach. Did men really do such awful things to women? she wondered.

Her question was soon answered.

“Well, my pretty rich bitch!” he snorted. “Let’s see how tight your little asshole is, huh?” He stuck his finger into her asshole, penetrating the tight sphincter muscles that ringed the entrance to her butt-hole.

She flinched and tightened every muscle in her body. “Nooo!” she shrieked. “Leave my asshole alone, you bastard!”

“Hey now, little rich bitch. That’s no way to act. Hell, I’m sure you’ve never been fucked in the ass before. You’re in for a real treat,” he gloated as he pushed his finger deep inside her bung-hole.

His finger wormed its way into her forbidden nether-hole, and Judeth shook with rage and disgust. How could he do such a revolting thing? How could he violate her asshole in such a lewd and obscene manner? The man must be insane!

“You’re ready!” he shouted gleefully, “Your asshole is nice and tight, and ready for my cock. I’m gonna give your asshole a fucking you’ll never forget, bitch!”

He pulled his finger from her asshole and pulled her ass high in the air to receive his prick. His fingers kneaded her ass-flesh.

Sliding forward on the table, he squatted and moved slowly in on her.

She tried to prepare herself mentally for the attack on her tender asshole. Clenching her sphincter muscles as tightly as possible, she would attempt to resist the man. She would do everything in her power to keep him from fucking her asshole. He would not rape her virgin bung-hole without a struggle. She tried to jerk her hips to ward him off, but he was too powerful. His firm grip on her ripe asscheeks tightened and it began to hurt.

Grimacing, he spoke to her in a flat, cold voice, devoid of passion or sympathy. “I’m gonna fuck your asshole, bitch! There ain’t nothin’ in the world that can stop me now. I want to ass-fuck you, and I’m gonna ass-fuck you. You’re all tied up, bitch. You ain’t goin’ nowhere. But my cock is going somewhere — right into your little asshole!”

He plunged forward, piercing her asshole with his bulbous cock-knob. Then, he reared back and prepared to force his prick into her asshole with a single, powerful cock-thrust.

She clenched her teeth, tightened her assmuscles against the expected onslaught of his hard cock, and shrieked loudly.

Suddenly, the man collapsed. He fell forward, dropping onto her naked body. He lay on top of her, his face nuzzled into her firm, upthrust tits. She twitched beneath him, but he did not move. His naked body pressed down upon hers. He felt like a dead weight.

“Wh-what’s the matter?” she said, perplexed. “What’s going on?”

“He’s dead, Judeth. I shot him. I told him not to rape your ass. I warned him. But, he refused to listen to me. I heard everything. Margaret and I were listening upstairs.”

Judeth turned and saw Marvin standing in the doorway, a smoking revolver clenched in his fist. His face showed no remorse, no anger. He smiled with satisfaction, reminding her of a wild west sheriff who, had just killed a notorious outlaw — smug and self-righteous. Pleased with himself. Marvin had saved her from a fate worse than death — saved her from being raped in her asshole!


Marvin dragged the dead man out of the room and quickly returned. He looked at the wretched young girl with an evil glint in his eye.

“Thank you so much, Marvin,” Judeth said.

He did not reply, but began to undress. Judeth watched him fearfully. What was he planning to do? she wondered.

“I’m glad he didn’t get to fuck your little asshole,” Marvin said flatly. “I plan to do that myself.”

Judeth stared at him with disbelief as he climbed onto the table and spread her asscheeks. He mounted her quickly, before she even had time to reflect on what was happening.

“My God! You can’t do that! You can’t!” Judeth shrieked. She felt Marvin spreading her bare asscheeks apart and massaging his prick into full hardness, rubbing his cock-knob against her asshole. “Please! Let me go!”

“Not a chance in the world, Miss Judeth Brathmeyer,” the man rasped. “I saved your little asshole from Bob’s cock, and as my reward, I’m gonna ass-fuck you instead!”

He pried her asscheeks apart with his strong fingers. She wept in despair and struggled against her bonds, but the straps dug into her tender young flesh, causing her to wince in unbearable pain. In desperation, she pleaded with him not to fuck her asshole.

“Please, Marvin! Please fuck my cunt instead! I want your cock in my cunt! Fuck my cunt!” she exhorted loudly. She felt as though she were willing to submit to practically anything to avoid getting ass-fucked. The very thought of getting raped in her tight asshole caused her to retch violently. She fought back the urge to throw up.

“Hmmmm,” Marvin sighed as he peered at her asshole. “My, what a nice, tight little asshole!”

His prick-tip was swollen and hot now. She could feel it growing hard as he lewdly rubbed his cock-knob against the tight opening to her ass-channel. It seemed impossible that he could actually stick his thick, hard cock into her tight asshole. But, there was no doubt about it now. Marvin would not be satisfied until he had raped her asshole.

“Get ready, sweet-ass, because my prick is just about ready to rape your asshole,” he said threateningly as he began to force his rock-hard prick between her asscheeks.

“Nooo! I won’t let you do it!” she screamed as she tensed her ass-muscles and tried to jerk herself free of his gripping fingers. No way. He was too strong, and there was very little that she could do. The evil leather straps held her fast and restricted her movements.

He grunted and thrust his hips forward. At the same time, he pulled her asscheeks high up in the air and stretched her ass-flesh apart, exposing her puckered opening. “Unnnggghhh!” he panted loudly, and his cock-knob entered her tight and tender asshole.

Her ass-muscles instinctively tightened, but it was too late. Marvin’s raging hard prick was already penetrating her asshole. In his first hard cock-thrust, he had managed to shove his prick past the ring of sinewy sphincter muscles that protected her asshole.

“Aaaiiieee!” she shrieked in agonizing pain. For an instant, she felt as though she would die of pain and shock! His prick felt like a lightning bolt as it sluiced into her asshole. She closed her eyes and saw stars shooting like fireworks. Gritting her teeth, she felt his prick slip backward, until his cock-knob almost dropped out of her asshole. But, she knew that he was not about to stop ass-fucking her. She held her breath and prepared to receive the brutal onslaught of his raging prick in her tight asshole.

“Aaaggghhh!” he snorted loudly. Once again, he rammed his body forward with a swift, powerful jerking motion, impaling her asshole on his diamond-hard cock.

“Aaaiiieee!” she shrieked again. She wanted to protest, but the pain and shock of being raped in her asshole left her shocked and unable to speak. There was nothing that she could do to ward off his brutal, throbbing cock as it pounded deep into her asshole, stretching her ass-muscles to the maximum. It was so degrading and humiliating! She felt sick and wished that she could crawl out of her tortured and ravished skin.

“Goddamn, Judeth! Your asshole is so nice and tight!” he enthused. “Ummm! I love it! Nothing like a nice virgin asshole for a great suck! Yeah!”

Judeth realized that the tighter she clenched her ass-muscles the more his cock seemed to hurt. So, using all of her energy, she tried to consciously relax in hopes that the intense pain in her asshole would subside. His prick ground deeper and deeper into her ass-channel. His raging cock throbbed and pounded inside the constricting channel of her asshole as he flounced about, brutally pumping his thick, hard cock-shaft in and out of her tight, ravished asshole. But, somehow, by loosening the grip of her ass on his raging prick, the pain did diminish.

She had to concentrate all of her strength and energy on the seemingly simple task of relaxing her ass-muscles, but it was a far-from simple chore to relax her body when her mind was so filled with fear and horror and shock at being so terribly abused — at being raped in her asshole! But, somehow, she managed to relax her ass-muscles, and the pain subsided, and gradually disappeared. She stopped shrieking in agony and began to moan and pant.

“Hey there, Judeth, that’s the spirit,” Marvin commented in a husky voice. “You’re getting into it now. Just think, sweetheart, my cock is stuffed deep into your tight young asshole. Isn’t that an exciting thought?”

It was a disgusting thought. But, nevertheless, Marvin’s prick was beginning to feel rather good as his cock-shaft stroked in and out of her hot asshole. Instinctively, Judeth began to buck beneath the man’s pounding cock-thrusts. She jerked her hips forward and upward to meet his raging hard-on as it slammed relentlessly into her asshole, sluicing along her tight and tender ass-channel. A heady mixture of pain, shock and… and pleasure overtook her. It was hard to believe, but it was undeniably true. She was getting turned on in a big way. She was enjoying the way that Marvin raped her asshole.

The thought stunned her at first, and she tried desperately to fight against the compelling desire to hunch her hips, tighten her asshole and fuck the man’s prick with all of her might. She grunted and groaned. Then, she could no longer control herself. She gave in to her lewd carnal sensations and bucked her hips upward to meet his cock-thrusts. Once she gave in to her perverse desires, she began to whine and moan, not in pain, but in ecstasy!

“Oh, damn, Marvin,” she sighed huskily. “Your cock feels fantastic in my… in my asshole.” There, she had said it. She had actually admitted that she enjoyed getting assfucked. What in the world had come over her? she wondered. How could she have allowed herself to tell her cruel captor that she enjoyed having his prick impaled in her tight asshole?

But, Judeth shrugged off her misgivings and kept fucking the man’s hard cock. This was not the time to reflect on the perverse and lewd nature of getting fucked in the asshole. She would do that later. Now was the time to get into the ass-fucking.

“All right!” Marvin exclaimed loudly. “I knew you’d learn to love it. Most women do, you know. Tell me again, Judeth. How does it feel to have my cock rammed deep into your asshole?”

“It feels fantastic. It’s a strange feeling, but fantastic! Good God!” she gasped. “I love it!”

“That’s a good girl,” Marvin replied as he pounded his mighty prick hard and fast into her hot asshole.

They bucked and writhed, panted and groaned, sighed and moaned in their illicit embrace. It was perverse and humiliating to be treated so rudely and brutally, Judeth thought. Why, she was bound to the table, her wrists and ankles strapped down. Marvin had kidnapped her and was holding her captive in this strange house.

He was a strange and evil man, and he had scared the daylights out of her. But, no matter how much she feared and hated Marvin, she had to admit that his big, hard cock felt wonderful in her hot asshole.

His prick was slicing far into her asshole. So far that she could feel his cock-knob pressing deep inside her trembling guts. Her tight sphincter muscles clasped down tightly on his throbbing prick, squeezing his turgid cockflesh. Her asshole seemed to stretch with every cock-thrust. She whined and groaned in ecstasy as thrills of lust and passion struck her repeatedly. For a brief instant, she wondered whether she had gone mad with perverse pleasure at having her asshole raped so brutally. But, she quickly shook off her worries. She felt an orgasm welling up in her cunt, and nothing else mattered anymore. Her cunt was aching. Her clit throbbed with the onset of a powerful, all-consuming orgasm.

“Ohhh! Ohhh, God! Don’t stop!” she pleaded anxiously. Her face was covered with perspiration. Her beautiful blonde hair flailed about her shoulders as she shook and jerked back to receive his powerful cock-thrusts.

“Yeah, baby. Keep on fucking. You’re getting there, Judeth,” he exhorted.

The leather straps bit into her wrists and ankles, but somehow, the pain that she felt on her chafed skin only served to heighten the thrill. It almost seemed that she became more excited when her bonds dug cruelly into her tender flesh, rubbing her skin raw.

“Hang on now, Judeth,” Marvin said. “I-I’m about to cum! Aaaggghh! Unnnggghhh! Yeah, hot damn!” His balls constricted as they prepared to rush cum-juice through Marvin’s cock-shaft and out his prick-slit. Then, with a final thrust, his mighty prick let loose its load of jizz. His cock spasmed inside her and spewed slippery cum into Judeth’s asshole, washing her bowels with its powerful force.

Judeth used all of her strength to clamp her asshole clown tightly on his throbbing, raging cock as it spit thick globs of jizz into her bowels. She grunted obscenely and, in a flash, her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She almost passed out when the sensation of her fabulous climax flashed through her loins. Never had she felt such an ecstatic sensation.

“Aaahhh!” she moaned as she came. “God almighty! I’m cumming! It — it’s fantastic!”

A trickle of cum dripped out of her asshole and she shuddered in delight as she felt it streaming down her sweaty thighs. She experienced a perverse thrill at the thought of Marvin’s prick drooling inside of her hot asshole.

Marvin grunted obscenely and slipped his cock out of her asshole. His prick wormed its way out of her ass, shrinking quickly as his cock-knob throbbed a final time, spewing out what little cum was left in his cock. He sighed and slid off of the girl.

“Hey, now. That was nice,” Marvin said coldly. “Yeah, Judeth. You’ve got an asshole that was made for fucking.”

Judeth did not know how to respond to Marvin’s crude compliment. She felt weak and tired from the powerful fucking that she had received in her asshole. And, when she had a moment to think, she experienced a deep feeling of self-loathing, and a profound lack of self-respect. How could she have responded so willingly and eagerly to Marvin’s brutal raping of her asshole? What had come over her? she wondered. She was perplexed at her lewd, and perverse behavior. She turned to look at Marvin and her heart missed a beat as she found herself staring into the evil eyes of Marvin’s girlfriend, Margaret.

Margaret’s eyes were narrow slits and her lips were pursed in anger. She stood above the helplessly bound naked girl, glowering at her coldly. Her long dark hair was parted in the middle and flowed down her bare shoulders. She wore a black patent leather brassiere and matching panties which fastened over her cunt. Her legs were swathed in sheer black nylon stockings. Her feet were shod in high boots of soft black suede with stiletto heels. In her hand, she held a menacing riding crop.

“Well, well,” Margaret said cruelly. “That was a very interesting performance, Judeth. Very interesting, indeed. It seems that you just fucked Marvin. Or rather, Marvin fucked you, right up your little asshole. What do you have to say for yourself, sweet-puss?”

“I… I don’t have… anything to say,” Judeth replied haltingly.

“Judeth, dearest,” the woman said with mock sympathy. “I just asked you a question. I expect an answer. In fact, I demand an answer.”

She stood tail and erect, looking haughty, crud and sadistic in her bizarre brief leather outfit. Her patent leather costume glistened in the harsh light. Margaret appeared to be a personification of evil, and Judeth stared wide-eyed into the woman’s unblinking eyes. The woman appeared to possess not one iota of compassion. She stood above Judeth, leering at the helpless girl, tapping the tip of her riding crop on the edge of the table, right next to Judeth’s ear.

“I must warn you, little Miss Judeth Brathmeyer, I am not in the habit of waiting for people to respond to my questions. And, I have no intention of starting now. Answer me, you slut. What the fuck do you think you’re doing messing around with my man? Explain your shameful behavior at once or you’ll taste my whip!” she hissed threateningly. She lifted her leg and cruelly ground her boot-heel into the tender flesh of Judeth’s arm.

Judeth winced as a sharp pain coursed through her body. “Please, you’re hurting me,” she pleaded with tear-filled eyes.

“You’re damned right I’m hurting you, bitch!” Margaret replied, “and I’m gonna hurt you a hell of a lot more before this night is over!” With that menacing declaration, the woman raised the riding crop high into the air and brought it down on Judeth’s exposed titflesh. The whip whistled through the air and landed with a crack.

“Owww!” Judeth shrieked as the whip slashed down on her tit. An excruciating pain lanced through her tits. But the evil woman paid no heed to Judeth’s cries of anguish and fright. The wicked leather riding crop fell again and again, raking across the helpless girl’s tender tit-flesh. “What is the matter with you?” she screamed. “I didn’t do anything wrong! If you were watching what happened, then you know that it wasn’t my fault. What can I do anyway? Good God! I’m tied down and naked. I couldn’t stop Marvin even if I wanted to.”

The moment that she finished speaking, Judeth knew that she had made a mistake. She was trying to reason with the wicked woman, but she had erred in her choice of words. And, from the incensed look on the evil woman’s face, Judeth knew that she would pay dearly for her mistake.

“So, you admit that you didn’t want to stop Marvin from raping your asshole!” Margaret hissed. The whip fell rapidly, lashing Judeth’s tits and nipples and causing her to writhe about. At the same time, Margaret pressed her spiked heel down harder on the girl’s arm. The pain that wracked her body was so intense that Judeth thought she would pass out.

“Nooo!” Judeth wailed. “Don’t whip me any more! Please don’t whip me! I can’t stand the pain! It hurts so bad!”

The sinister woman glowered at her and slapped the girl hard across the cheek. “Shut the fuck up, you little rich bitch! You assfucked slut! Don’t you understand? You are in our power. There is no one here to save you, dearest. Not until your father decides to pay the ransom that we demand. Until then, you belong to us. I plan to use you as my personal plaything until we free you. I’ll use you and abuse you all I want. Look at me closely, Miss Brathmeyer. Am I beautiful?”

“Y-yes,” Judeth answered quickly. She decided to humor the diabolical sadist. Perhaps if she flattered the woman, she would go easier on her. “Yes, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Honest.” Perhaps she was exaggerating a bit, but what she said was basically true. The evil dark-haired woman was indeed striking.

“And, what kind of person do you think I am? Do you think I’m nice and kind?” the woman asked with an evil glint in her eye.

Judeth did not know how to answer the question. Should she tell the truth? Should she say that Margaret was the most sadistic, evil person that Judeth had ever met in her life? That was the truth, but Judeth decided that it would not be wise to answer with the truth. Instead, she said, “Yes, I think you are the nicest woman in the world.”

The woman’s features momentarily softened. “And kind? Do you think I’m kind too?”

“Yes, I think you’re very, kind,” Judeth replied.

“Bullshit!” the woman hissed. “You’re a lying fucking whore, and you’ll pay for your lies. I’m not nice and I’m not kind. I’m a mean, nasty bitch. And, right now, I’m furious at you for fucking Marvin.”

The woman flailed Judeth’s tits with the riding crop. Then, she stepped briskly to the end of the table and shoved the butt-end of the whip into Judeth’s pussy. The evil leather whip handle drove deep into the girl’s cunt and the woman began to pump it back and forth. She cackled maniacally as she bore down on the girl’s cunt with the lengthy whip handle.

“God! Don’t do that! Please, take that filthy whip out of my pussy!” Judeth screamed.

But Margaret paid her no mind. She rammed the whip handle hard and fast into the helpless girl’s seething cunt.

Judeth’s tight pussy began to respond to the fucking whip handle. Her cunt seeped pussy nectar and her pussy-lips turned crimson as the leather prong sluiced in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Margaret cackled loudly. “Look at this little slut, Marvin. Her cunt’s dripping with pussy-juice. She’s a hot little whore, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, hot damn!” Marvin replied as he stepped forward. “But, right now, I think I’d like her to give me a good old-fashioned blowjob. What do you think about that, cocksucker?”

Before Judeth had a chance to answer Marvin’s crude question, he straddled her face and started rubbing his prick in her contorted mouth, pressing his hardening cock-knob against her ruby lips. He groaned as his cock quickly began to grow.

“Unnnggghhh,” Marvin sighed. “Let’s see if your mouth is as hot and nice as your asshole and your cunt, bitch. Yeah, I think I’ll fuck your pouty little mouth while Margaret reams your cunt with her whip. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

She tried to speak, but when she opened her mouth to protest, Marvin shoved his thick prick between her lips.

“Suck my cock, you fucking rich bitch!” he commanded angrily. “Suck my prick until I cum in your mouth. Yeah!”

Judeth had no choice but to obey the man’s lewd instructions. Her body was wracked with pain, and there was no way that she could escape the evil pair. She was bound to the table hand and foot. Her cunt pulsated uncontrollably as Margaret rammed the whip handle into her seething cuntal depths, sluicing the leather riding crop in and out of her pussy with rapid-fire motions.

“Ha! The little bitch is getting hot and horny now. But, I want her to move more,” Margaret said as she reached down and gripped Judeth’s pussy-lips with her long, painted fingernails. She pinched Judeth’s tender cunt-lips, digging her lengthy fingernails deep into the helpless girl’s cunt-flesh. She twisted the girl’s outer cunt-lips in her fingernails, causing Judeth to jerk about spasmodically on the table, her cunt-lips burning with pain, her pussy crammed full of the leather riding crop, and her mouth filled to overflowing with Marvin’s rock-hard cock!

This perverse, depraved, debauched scene of sexual revelry struck Judeth as mad and insane! She gurgled as Marvin’s mighty prick rammed into her throat, cutting off her air.

Would she be able to live through this madness? Would she ever be able to forget the sordid memories of this evil pair raping her mouth and cunt and asshole? Would she ever be able to face herself again? She was too frightened to dwell on the ugly reality.

Instead, she began to feel a fierce tingling sensation in her throbbing clit. She gasped for air when Marvin pulled his prick back in preparation for another powerful cock-thrust into her mouth and, just as he plunged forward, ramming his prick deep into her gurgling throat, her pussy filled with wicked desire.

She suddenly realized that Margaret had gripped her erect clit-nubbin and was frigging her clit with her fingernails. The woman’s sharp nails scraped along Judeth’s erect clit.

At the same time, the woman pumped the whip handle into Judeth’s juicy hot cunt.

The wicked combination of being forced to suck Marvin’s raging cock, having her clit stroked by Margaret’s fingernails and having her cunt rammed full of the whip handle was driving Judeth wild with heated passion.

“Fuck you, you little cunt!” Margaret rasped. “You filthy, rich slut! All of the money in the world can’t save your little fucking ass now, you bitch!”

“Yeah, sweet-lips,” Marvin chimed in lewdly. “Keep lapping and sucking my cock, you whore. Pig! Cocksucker! Ass-lick! Slut! Yeah, you’ve got a nice set of lips, perfect for sucking my big cock!”

Judeth felt as though she were going mad! Margaret and Marvin were abusing her in the most vicious manner possible. Moreover, they were saying awful, obscene things to her, exhorting her to work hard to please them, to satisfy their cruel, sadistic demands. They were raping her cunt and her mouth, working her over to satiate their wicked, inexplicable sexual appetites.

They were crude and wicked and perverted. She knew that. She understood it as best she could. What she didn’t understand were her own lascivious cravings for more! She wanted it! She craved more sexual abuse! It made no sense, but it was true. She found that she was writhing about, not in an effort to escape the brutal assault, but in a concerted attempt to experience more pleasure. Passionate, lustful pleasure.

“Look at the little rich bitch, Marvin,” Margaret hissed coldly. “She’s digging it! She loves it, the fucking bitch. Cunt! Whore!”

“Yeah, she’s sucking down my cock real nice. Unnnggghhh! Aaaggghhh!” he gasped as he face-fucked the helpless naked girl. “Keep sucking my prick, wench. I’m gonna shoot a big load of cum down your throat soon, and you’d better swallow every single drop. You understand?”

Judeth was too busy sucking Marvin’s big cock to stop and answer him. So, she nodded her head in agreement as she continued slurping his rock-hard prick down her throat. His bulbous cock-knob bounced around inside of her throat, stabbing and bobbing and probing about inside her aching jaws.

She forgot everything else and concentrated on giving Marvin a blow-job. Her tongue flicked beneath his bulbous cock-knob, which throbbed in response to her wet caress. Then, she pursed her lips and, pressing her tongue underneath his prick, she sucked his cockknob deep into the roof of her mouth. He tensed, pumped forward and moaned.

“Goddamn! The little slut is going crazy with my cock! Fuck! What a great little cocksucking whore!” he gasped. “Unnggghhh! Aaaggghhh! Ummnppphhh! I… I think I’m about to… cum!”

At that very moment, his hot, salty load of jizz spurted out of his cock in a mighty torrent, washing down her throat, and coating the inside of her mouth with slippery cum. She swallowed his load of cum, slurping and drinking the man’s slimy jizz, sucking his cum down her throat and into her stomach. His jizz tasted creamy and salty, and she lapped it down eagerly. She milked his cock-knob until it was spent and dry.

But Marvin was not yet finished with her. He bent down and sucked her tit. At first, it felt delicious and sent a chilling sensation rushing to her head. But, then, Marvin gripped her sensitive nipple in his teeth and bit down.

“Owww!” Judeth screeched as the pain lanced through her tender young tits. “Don’t bite my nipple! Please!”

“Shut up, you filthy slut! I’ll do whatever the fuck I feel like doing to you!” he snarled as he bent down and bit her other nipple.

Meanwhile, Margaret kept pumping the whip handle into Judeth’s tight cunt. Pussyjuice streamed down her creamy thighs and she moaned in erotic delight as the whip handle sliced deep into her seething hot cunt.

“How do you like it, rich bitch? Being fucked by a whip? Feels good, doesn’t it?” Margaret taunted.

“I… I d-don’t… know,” she muttered weakly. And then her orgasm hit her, flooding her body with delicious feelings of passion gone wild. She writhed about, impaled on the hard leather whip handle, jerking and bucking in ecstasy.

Margaret cursed and rammed the whip deep into her steaming cunt. She bucked once, twice, three times in quick succession. Then she came again. It didn’t seem possible, but it was happening. She closed her eyes tight and savored the hot, wet feeling that spread through her cunt and sent chills to her brain.

It was more than she could take, and she passed out.


Judeth was rudely awakened by Marvin about three hours later. He walked briskly into the brightly lit room where she was held captive and removed her shackles.

“Get up, Judeth,” he instructed her in a voice as cold as ice. “You’re going upstairs with me.”

“Does that mean you’re going to release me?” she asked with anxious anticipation. “Did my father pay you of f?”

“No, Goddamnit!” came Marvin’s terse reply. “Your fucking asshole of a father didn’t pay the ransom yet. He wants some proof that we’re holding you. So, we’re gonna give your old man some proof.”

Judeth did not like the tone of Marvin’s voice. He sounded angry and disturbed. Something had gone wrong with the transactions. Marvin was definitely upset and out of sorts. He walked before her, his eyes staring straight ahead as they stepped briskly up the long, winding stairway that led to the main living area. Judeth had to hurry to keep up.

Marvin stepped into the living room and Judeth followed closely behind in front of the television sat the evil dark-haired woman. Next to her sat a well-dressed man, smoking a big cigar.

Marvin pushed the naked girl to the floor. She fell hard, landing on her elbows at the foot of the couch.

“What’s going on?” she asked timidly. “Please, tell me.”

“Shut up, cunt,” said the well-dressed stranger.

“Yeah, Goddamn it!” Margaret added. “Shut up and watch the tube. The news is on, and we’re waiting for your old man to speak, the bastard.” Margaret lifted her legs and placed her booted feet on Judeth’s bare back, digging her wicked high heels into the girl’s tender flesh. “You can be my footstool while we watch the news, you slut,” the woman hissed cruelly as she sat back in comfort on the couch.

Judeth stifled a cry and hunched her bare shoulders so that she could hold up the woman’s feet. She felt totally degraded. Imagine! she thought. Serving as a footstool for such a crude, evil woman. The thought was repulsive to Judeth, and she tried to put it out of her mind as she crouched on her knees and turned her head to peer at the television screen.

Before long, the anchorman began to speak.

“It has now been established that the daughter of famous multi-millionaire businessman Bratton Brathmeyer has been kidnapped. Young Judeth Brathmeyer was abducted late Wednesday afternoon in a daring kidnap, in which she was taken from her car at the resort beach of Crystal Point. She has not been heard from since that time. However, the girl’s alleged kidnappers did send a message to the Brathmeyer home on Long Island, demanding one million dollars in ransom for Judeth’s safe return. At the present time, Mr. Brathmeyer refuses to cooperate with the FBI, and will not speak to reporters. Nevertheless, the wealthy businessman did make a statement, in which he pleads for his daughter’s return.”

Judeth gasped as she watched the television screen. It all seemed so strange and horrible. It seemed as though she were living a nightmare.

“Keep your eyes glued to the television, dearie,” Margaret said coldly. She emphasized her instructions by digging her sharp heels into Judeth’s shoulders.

Judeth shuddered and flinched in pain as she felt the evil woman’s heels digging into her tender shoulders. But the girl managed to stifle her tears and kept her eyes on the television screen. Her father suddenly appeared on television. Judeth could not restrain herself. “Daddy, oh, Daddy,” she cried as she watched him step forward and speak into the microphone.

“Shut the fuck up, you stupid asshole,” Marvin said.

“Yeah, shut up,” said the well dressed stranger. Then, the man turned to Margaret and spoke. “Listen, Margaret, if you can’t keep the little rich bitch quiet, I will. Okay?”

“You got it,” Margaret quickly replied. Her tone was one of absolute obedience, and Judeth realized at once that, if Margaret was so eager to please the stranger, the man was obviously a big shot. She decided then and there that, no matter what, she would do nothing to offend or anger the well-dressed man.

“I’ll be quiet,” Judeth said in a soft whisper. “I promise.”

Margaret lifted her foot from Judeth’s shoulders and thrust her leg forward, placing her palm on the back of Judeth’s head and rubbing the poor, helpless girl’s mouth over her boot. The evil woman leaned forward and whispered into the girl’s ear. “You can keep quiet by licking my boot, you dumb cunt. Lick it.” Margaret spoke with menacing authority, and Judeth, utterly abased, wholly degraded, stuck out her tongue and lapped at the cruel woman’s boot. Out of the corner of her eye, she continued to watch the television screen. Margaret sighed and sat back on the couch, satisfied that the wretched girl was busy licking her boot.

Mr. Bratton Brathmeyer spoke on national television, pleading for his daughter’s life.

“Please let my daughter live. I am willing to pay the million dollars, if I can only be assured that she is alive. I have been contacted by people who claim to hold my daughter. But, I must know for sure. That is why I am speaking on television tonight — to ask the kidnappers if they will send me some sign, some further message, so that I will know that my dear daughter Judeth is alive and well. And, I beg of you, whoever you are, please don’t hurt Judeth. Please, don’t hurt her. I low my daughter. I couldn’t stand to see her hurt.”

Then, the renowned millionaire broke down and wept.

Judeth watched in rapt attention. Never before had she seen her father cry. He had always been such a stem father. So strong and brave. But here he was, crying openly on national television. She sobbed in grief.

“Turn off the television,” instructed the well-dressed man. “I want to take a good look at our precious little girl, Miss Judeth Brathmeyer. Yeah, I’d like to see what makes her worth a million bucks to her pansy-ass old man. I hate to see men cry.”

Marvin quickly stood, walked to the television and turned it off.

“Let her up, Margaret,” the stranger said coldly. “And, Marvin, turn on some lights in this place. I want to see what a million-dollar girl looks like.”

A moment later, Judeth was on her feet, standing in the middle of the room. Scared out of her wits, she faced the well-dressed stranger who seemed to hold her life in his hands.

“Well, now,” the man said approvingly as he eyed her naked young body. “Miss Judeth Brathmeyer. You are a sharp-looking little cunt. Yeah, nice tits, nice ass, and I bet you’ve got a tight little cunt too, don’t you?”

“I don’t know,” she replied weakly.

“Ha! Ha!” he laughed. “That’s real funny, Judeth. Say, maybe I should fuck you. Then I could tell you whether your cunt’s tight or not. What do you think of that suggestion, bitch?”

“I don’t like it, Mr…”

“Mr. Carver. Bruce Carver is my name. But my nickname is Sage. So you call me Sage, okay?”

“Okay, Sage,” Judeth answered compliantly.

Sage circled the terrified girl, moving slowly around her, leering at her exposed flesh. He stepped forward and ran his palm over her tits, kneading her ripe tit-flesh and pulling lightly on her tender nipples until they became hard and pointed. Judeth shuddered beneath his lewd touch, but she stayed still. She was frightened out of her mind by this strange, well-dressed man named Sage. She figured that Sage was the brains of the kidnapping caper. He was obviously the most powerful man of the group, and from the looks of him, he appeared to be tied up with organized crime. One thing was certain: Sage was no lightweight. He was a deadly serious man, and she was not about to make him angry.

“Yeah, Judeth. You’re well put together, girl.”

“I suppose I am,” she said. In some strange way, she felt flattered by his complimentary remark. But, the way that he looked at her sent chills running up and down her spine. He began to run his fingers down her belly. Then, without warning, he slipped his middle finger into her tight pussy. She shivered, but she stood completely still as he pushed his finger deep into her cunt.

“Yeah, you do have a nice tight little twat, Judeth,” he said coolly. He began to wiggle his finger back and forth inside of her cunt. Then, he slipped his thumb into her pussy and twiddled her sensitive clit.

“Ohhh, Sage, what are you doing?” she asked as small beads of sweat began to form on her forehead.

“I’m checking you out, darling,” he replied in an icy tone. “Your cunt is getting nice and juicy. Did you know that, Judeth?”

“Y-yes, I guess it is getting kinda slippery.”

Suddenly, an evil look came over Sage’s hand same face. He sneered cruelly and roughly pulled his wet finger out of her cunt. He lifted his finger to her lips and spoke. “Lick your slimy cunt-juice off my finger, you fucking slut.”

Judeth’s tongue slipped out of her mouth and she licked her pussy-juice off of the man’s middle finger. It was a cruel thing to make her do, she thought. But, although she felt humiliated, she decided that she would have to do what the titan ordered. Sage was nobody to fool around with. He looked like he had a very short temper — a dangerous temper that could become violent at any moment if his authority were questioned.

“How does your cunt-juice taste, Judeth?” he asked.

“It… it tastes all right,” she replied weakly.

“Good,” he said with finality as he pulled his finger from her mouth. “Now, get the fuck down on your knees, bitch. You’ve got a job to do.” She fell to her knees as he pushed her roughly to the floor.

“W-what do you want from me?” she inquired with a pout.

“Shut up and follow my instructions, bitch!” he shouted angrily. “I’m in no mood to put up with any shit from you, so just do exactly what I tell you. Now, unzip my pants, slut.”

Judeth winced when she heard the man’s cruel command. Good God! she thought. What did this evil bastard want from her, anyway? With trembling hands, she reached up and unzipped his pants. As she busily undid his fly, she noticed a huge bulge in his trousers.

“That’s a good girl,” he said softly. “Now, take my prick out of my pants.”

She hesitated a moment too long and he smacked her hard on her head.

“Take my cock out, Judeth!” he demanded.

Judeth flinched and tried to fight back the pain in her aching head. When Sage smacked her, it hurt like hell. He wasn’t in the habit of pulling punches, she thought. She hastened to tug his prick out before the man decided to smack her again. Reaching inside of his pants, she gripped his cock-knob and tugged it out. His lengthy prick flopped out in front of her startled eyes and she gasped with disbelief. Sage had the biggest prick she had ever seen! His cock baked like it was damned near a foot long and as thick as the handle of a baseball bat!

“Good Lord!” she gasped. “Your prick… it’s so…”

“Big,” he said calmly. Then he chuckled. “Yeah, I got a cock the size of a fucking bull. Pretty nice, ain’t it?”

“Yeah,” she said. Judeth wasn’t lying or trying to butter the man up. She was being completely honest. His cock really was as big as a bull’s prick. She stared in awe at his giant dick.

“I’m glad to see that you can appreciate my big prick, Judeth,” he said. “But, right now I want you to suck it.”

“What?” she said, dumbfounded.

But, before she could get out another word, Sage crammed his prick into her mouth. His bulbous cock-knob slid between her lips and was followed by about five inches of his lengthy cock. His dick filled her mouth to overflowing.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded loudly.

She shook her head violently and tried desperately to spit his prick out of her mouth, but it was useless. He simply moved forward, grabbed her neck and pulled her head forward. He held her firmly and she could not escape his tight grip. Then he grunted and began to pump his hips back and forth, brutally face-fucking her with his mammoth prick.

“Unnggghhh! Yeah! Ummm!” he moaned as he thrust forward, ramming his diamond hard cock into her sucking lips. “Yeah, suck my dick, you little slut. Suck my prick real nice.”

The man’s thick turgid cock was buried deeply in Judeth’s sucking mouth. His prick pumped in and out of her wet lips as she sucked his lengthy cock-shaft, gasping and moaning as his prick-knob pounded away in her throat. In the background, she could hear Margaret and Marvin cheering her on in the vile task of sucking the man’s cock.

“Come on, Judeth,” Marvin exhorted the helpless girl. “Suck that big cock. Sage don’t take shit from nobody, girl, so make sure you take his big prick deep into your mouth, bitch.”

“Yeah, you little slut,” Margaret chimed in. “Suck Sage off, cunt. Suck his cock until he shoots in your mouth. Get her, Sage. Fuck that pouty little million-dollar mouth of hers. Let her know that it doesn’t make a damned bit of difference how rich she is now. Right now, the little whore has to suck your cock.”

Judeth was appalled by their lewd comments. She kept sucking Sage’s prick, but she hated being forced to do it. Besides, as Sage slid his swollen hot prick in and out of her lips, his cock kept growing in size. Damn! she thought. His prick was already enormous — long and thick. But, the more she sucked, the bigger his prick grew. She didn’t think that it was possible for a man to possess such a huge cock.

Sage pressed his palms against the sides of her face, gripped her ears and pulled her upward so that he could stare right into her tear filled eyes. He looked at her through evil eyes that showed no mercy. She shuddered and slurped his prick deep into her throat.

“I’m fucking your mouth, bitch,” he muttered. “Goddamn! Your little mouth is nice and hot. It feels like a tight young cunt. Now suck my cock harder, Judeth. Suck my prick hard and fast or I’ll tear your fucking ears off and send them to your old man.”

Judeth was repulsed at the man’s threatening statement. Would he really do such a grotesque thing? she wondered. She certainly didn’t want to take a chance on finding out, so she hunched over and sucked his prick harder and faster in an effort to please Sage. She simply had to please him — to fulfill his depraved carnal desires. Her ears were killing her and her mouth was beginning to ache. About six inches of his raging, bloated prick were crammed into her sucking mouth. His cockknob bobbed and bounced about inside her mouth, pounding against her tonsils. Her tongue flicked over his lengthy cock-shaft, working feverishly to make him cum.

“Yeah, that’s nice,” he commented happily as he pressed his prick deeper into her sucking mouth. “You’re doing just fine, Judeth. Just keep sucking my prick, you filthy little cunt.”

She fought back tears and sucked his prick as hard as possible. Her lips and mouth were becoming sore and her tonsils were inflamed from being pounded by his turgid cock-knob. Her stomach felt queasy, and she wondered if she would be able to continue sucking his cock much longer. It was painful and dreadfully humiliating to be face-fucked by the depraved man, but she had to continue sucking his cock. Her life depended on it.

Sage grunted and groaned with sexual delight as he brutally raped Judeth’s mouth. “Unnggghhh! Ohhh, yeah! You give a great blow-job, you little cocksucking slut. It won’t take… me long… now, bitch. Just keep sucking my prick. Yeah!”

He began to buck and jerk, slamming his rock-hard prick deep into her throat and he pulled her forward to meet his cock-thrust. Her head began to hurt, and her befuddled brain was filled with a myriad of conflicting thoughts. She despised Sage for raping her mouth so cruelly. She was completely degraded by the horrid experience.

But, at the same time, she felt her cunt quivering as she sucked his cock. It seemed as though her self-control was slipping. She didn’t understand it, but she was somehow getting turned on by being dominated and forced to humiliate herself by sucking the man’s big cock. Moreover, it seemed that the bizarre experience of sucking his prick with Margaret and Marvin watching the wicked scene was also a bit of a turn-on.

Yes, there was no doubt about it. Her needy cunt itched and demanded sexual gratification.

She wanted Sage to ram his mammoth prick into her seething pussy and fuck her to a wild and fantastic orgasm. She wasn’t even sure if her cunt could take his giant cock. His prick was so enormous that it didn’t seem possible. His cock was liable to damage her cunt badly if it entered her tight young cunt. But, at this point, she really didn’t seem to care.

Judeth put all of her energy into sucking the man’s prick. She gagged and choked now and then on his mighty cock-stand, but that didn’t stop her from slurping his prick down. His bulbous cock-knob grew larger and slammed relentlessly against her tonsils. But, the pain subsided and she kept sucking his cock.

Suddenly, Sage wailed and pressed forward, plunging his turgid cock-shaft to the hilt in her sucking mouth. He shuddered and came.

“Aaaggghhh! Goddamn, son of a fucking bitch!” he rasped as his lips jerked forward, his big balls tightened, and a scalding rush of white-hot jism shot through his hot prick and spurted into the back of her throat, coating her aching tonsils with thick, slippery cum.

She hastened to suck his jism down her throat and into her stomach. Swallowing madly, she was able to suck most of his cum down, but Sage kept shooting streams of salty jism into her mouth. His prick throbbed and shook inside her mouth as it spewed cum into her mouth. She swallowed another load of his cum and sucked hard to drink down the rest of the jism from his spurting cock-slit. Soon, her mouth was coated with his salty cum and jism began to bubble and form froth around the sides of her lips. Cum dripped down her face, drying quickly into a sticky, damp mixture on her chin.

Sage moaned long and low, and, summoning the last of his strength, he released yet another spurt of cum into her slurping mouth. “Ummmppphhh!” he gasped. “Suck all of my cum down your throat, Judeth! Yeah! Goddamn! What a terrific little cocksucker!” Sage pumped the last of his cum into Judeth’s face and stepped back. His softening prick slipped out of her mouth.

Judeth was overcome with desire — the overwhelming desire to satisfy her passion-filled cunt. Her twat felt like it was on fire. Her clit tingled and throbbed with life. She wanted Sage to fuck her with his big cock. “Fuck me, Sage! Fuck my cunt! I need your cock now!” she bellowed.

“Goddamn! What the fuck’s the matter with you, bitch?” came his bewildered reply. “Shit, my cock’s not up to it right now. You just sucked all the cum out of my prick, you little fucking vixen. Hell, I thought you didn’t like sucking my cock. But, I guess I was wrong. Hell, look at her. She’s as hot as a Goddamned hornet.”

“Yeah,” Marvin interjected. “I’ll take care of the little cunt. She’s got hot pants. She wants to be fucked, and I’m ready to do it.” He pulled down his trousers and knelt beside the pleading girl. Swiftly grabbing her hand, he placed it on his limp prick. “Jack me off, slut. Rub my cock until it’s nice and hard. Then, I’ll give you the fucking of your life.”

That was not what Judeth wanted. Marvin had already raped her asshole, and she hated him for it. She definitely didn’t want to fuck him.

“Nooo!” she wailed. “I don’t want Marvin to fuck me! I want Sage! I hate Marvin!”

“Why, you little fucking slut,” Marvin hissed as he grabbed, a thick hank of her beautiful long blonde hair. He turned her head around and looked into her pretty, blue eyes. His face was contorted with anger, and he leered at her wickedly. She could tell that he was pissed off that she didn’t want to fuck him.

He was plenty pissed off. It showed in his eyes. He cruelly twisted her hair around his thick, damp fingers as he shouted his lewd commands at her? “Jack off my cock, you whore! Jack my prick off and get my cock nice and hard, or I’ll beat the living shit out of you, bitch! I mean business, do you hear?”

“Y-yes, I hear you!” she cried out. Her scalp ached with pain as he twisted her hair. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” She reached down and gripped his flaccid prick between her fingers and his big cock immediately came to life in her hand. His prick bobbed upward at her touch and blood rushed into his lengthy cock-shaft, raising thick, blue-veined lines on his protruding cock. With swift, jerking movements, Judeth moved her thin fingers up and down his prick. Marvin’s cock grew an inch every time she stroked his huge cock-stand.

“Ahh, yeah,” he groaned in a throaty voice. “That’s much better, Judeth, my little cunt. Get a nice, tight grip on my prick and jerk it in your little fist, bitch.”

Judeth hastened to obey Marvin’s lewd demands. Gripping his growing cock in her tight fist, she jacked his lengthy prick up and down forcefully. His meaty cock bobbed and weaved in her grasp. His prick seemed to have a life of its own by the way it responded to her lewd jerking motions. His bulbous cockknob turned bright red and swelled to huge proportions.

The frightened girl stared in awe and amazement at the sight of Marvin’s rapidly growing cock-stand. His giant prick scared her and, at first, repulsed her. But, there was no way to fight the crude man. His tight grip on her hair really hurt and she knew that he was capable of punishing her much worse if she failed to please him.

All of a sudden, Judeth felt a hard blow in the small of her back. She writhed in pain and shrieked loudly. Turning around, she saw that it was Margaret. The evil, dark-haired harridan stood over her, leering at the helpless girl and kicking her in the back, kicking her and digging the pointed tips of her boots into Judeth’s tender flesh.

“How do you like that, you little slut? I bet you never got such treatment at home! Yeah! You get to jerk off Marvin’s lovely cock and you’re lucky enough to get the tip of my boot in your back!” Margaret cackled maniacally and kicked Judeth again, this time in her ripe asscheeks. The pain was horrible, and Judeth was not at all sure how long she could endure the torment and humiliation meted out by Marvin and his sadistic girlfriend, Margaret.

Judeth shrieked and wailed in protest and pleaded with the sadistic couple. “Please, don’t kick me! I beg of you! Please, I’m doing what Marvin said! I’m jerking his prick off!”

But, all of her tearful pleas amounted to nothing as Margaret kept pounding her asscheeks with her pointed boot tips.

Suddenly, Marvin thrust the terrified and battered girl down on the floor. She fell with a loud thumping noise and her head spun. She was dizzy from the fall, and felt like throwing up, but she stifled her sick feeling. In a brief moment, Marvin was on top of Judeth, sucking her tit between his thin lips and rubbing his raging-hard prick around her sensitive clit.

“I’m gonna fuck you good and proper, you uppity little cunt!” he shouted. “Yeah, Judeth. I’m gonna rape your cunt and see if you like that as much. You really got off on having your tight asshole fucked. So now you will be properly rewarded. I’ll stick my prick in your hot little cunt and see if you like that too.”

With that, Marvin pressed his hips forward and his hard prick slid between her pussy-lips and burrowed deep into her tight pussy. He bit her nipple and she let out a loud bellow of agonized pain. Then, Marvin began to hump his prick in and out of her cunt, sluicing his prick back and forth along her tight pussychannel.

The evil, dark-haired woman knelt down beside Judeth’s writhing body and stared long and hard into the poor girl’s wet, tortured eyes. “Don’t get too carried away, Judeth,” Margaret hissed through her teeth, causing tiny droplets of spit to spray on Judeth’s upturned face.

Disgusted and repelled, the girl quickly turned her head to avoid the woman’s spit. But, instantly, Margaret reached down and gripped the girl’s jaw between her long fingers. Digging her lacquered fingernails into Judeth’s cheeks, she pressed down hard, her nails biting cruelly and viciously into the girl’s face.

“Owwww, don’t…”

Before Judeth had a chance to finish her weak protest, Margaret bent forward and spit right into her mouth. Judeth was stunned with shame and humiliation. This was absolutely disgusting! she thought. The crude, dark-haired witch had actually had the audacity to spit in her open mouth.

“Swallow it, bitchy! Swallow my spit or I’ll make you wish you’d never been born, you worthless cunt!” Margaret hissed.

Utterly abased, painfully degraded, Judeth obeyed. She forced herself to gulp down the woman’s glob of spit.

“Ha! Ha!” Margaret cackled as she watched with great fascination. She reached down and began pinching Judeth’s ripe, upthrust nipples, her dangerously long and sharp fingernails digging into her sensitive little buds. Judeth could no longer speak up to protest. She was out of her mind with fear and intense pain. Then, her mind turned to Marvin, who kept pounding his rock-hard prick into her tight pussy. She had almost forgotten that Marvin was fucking her cunt. But, when she heard the man panting and groaning, and when she felt his cock ramming into her cunt, she remembered all too suddenly the dismal truth — Marvin was raping her young pussy. Judeth was helpless to protest.

His prick was crammed to the hilt in her pussy. She could feel his swollen cock-knob penetrating the inner depths of her cunt, and it felt as though it were about to break through to her stomach. How could a man’s cock grow to such incredible proportions? she wondered.

Staring up at the evil Margaret as the woman tortured her young, taut nipples, Judeth turned her head in dismay and tried to blot the painful sensations from her befuddled brain. She concentrated on the fucking that her cunt was receiving from Marvin’s raging cock. In that way, at least for the time being, Judeth could forget the horrid lancing pain in her tortured nipple.

“Yeah!” Marvin enthused. “Your cunt’s almost as tight as your fucking asshole, bitch! I love it! Nice young cunt, ripe and ready for fucking.” He grunted and jerked his hips forward, impaling her cunt on his raging cock. Fucking her hard and fast! Fucking her forcefully!

“Ohhh,” Judeth moaned instinctively as his mighty prick sluiced along her seething pussychannel and pounded deep into her cunt. Marvin’s raging cock began to send electric chills up her spine. She writhed beneath his cock-thrusts, savoring the delicious fucking. Her resistance broke down, and she gave in completely to his raping assault on her tight pussy. Cunt-juice streamed down her sleek thighs, and her pussy felt like it was on fire.

She wondered how it was possible to actually enjoy being brutally raped, but it made no difference now. All that mattered was that Marvin was fucking her with rapier-like cockthrusts that set her pussy on fire and made her want more of his prick. She moaned and hunched her back in a concerted effort to derive the most intense sexual gratification possible from fucking.

His cock filled her cunt to the brim, and pussy-nectar, boiled in her hot cunt. She writhed and bucked uncontrollably as Marvin’s prick pounded deep into her cunt. His prick felt so wonderful and fulfilling.

Her cunt was burning with lewd desire to be fucked. Fucked long and hard by Marvin’s raging prick! Fucked to a wondrous climax! All that mattered now was Marvin’s diamond hard cock which slammed relentlessly up and into her boiling cunt!

“Aaaggghhh!” she wailed as wave upon wave of mind-bending chills shot through her rapidly throbbing cunt. Her body was racked with overwhelming sensations of lust and carnal abandon as Marvin fucked her with his rapier-like cock. She hated Marvin for raping her so brutally and ruthlessly, but she craved his hard cock with unbridled passion and desire. “Ohhh, oh my God! It’s… it’s… oh Marvin. Don’t stop fucking me,” she cried out breathlessly. She could hardly believe her words, but she could not control her lascivious behavior. She loved Marvin’s cock, and she wanted to keep right on fucking the man.

“It… won’t… be… long… now,” Marvin moaned as he pumped his cock faster and harder into her seething hot cunt.

Judeth needed to cum, needed to reach fabulous orgasm! She tensed her pussymuscles and milked his raging cock. It didn’t seem possible, but when her cunt-muscles clenched his hard prick, his cock seemed to grow even larger. Using all of her strength, she clamped her cunt down hard along his turgid cock-shaft. Her pussy felt like it was impaled by a long, hard pole. And it was!

Suddenly, her orgasm rocked her hard. She gasped and shrieked loudly. “Aaaiiieee! Aaaiiieee!” She came, her climax hitting her like a baseball bat. Never had she cum so hard before. Whimpering like a wounded animal on a cold night, she shivered and shook as she came and Marvin’s prick relentlessly slammed into her boiling cunt.

Pussy-juice poured out of her cunt and streamed down her thighs, forming obscene sticky rivulets on her creamy flesh. She perspired freely and her mouth contorted and she writhed about in Marvin’s lustful, fucking embrace.

A warm, wonderful glow of sexy, passionate release spread through her cunt, wiping away all of the pain and degradation that she had previously experienced. This was life! This was living! This was what it was all about!

“Unnggghhh! Unngghhh!” Marvin grunted. His muscular body stiffened. He continued fucking her cunt for a brief instant, ramming his cock into her pussy as his balls constricted and sent a thick wad of jism streaming through his raging cock.

A heavy load of cum spurted out of his cock-slit and shot up her tight, hot cunt. Judeth jerked her hips forward to meet his final, all-enveloping cock-thrust.

She clenched her teeth, closed her eyes tightly and savored the mellow feeling that came over her as his jism washed through her cunt, splashing against her tight cunt-walls and filling her with the sticky fluid that came from his balls and spurting cock. Her mind was in a daze and she luxuriated in the passionate, sexual release that she experienced.

Then, she heard the rasping voice of Margaret.

“You stupid little cunt! You worthless piece of fucking shit! You came, and so did Marvin! You Goddamned little whore! Pig! I’ll make you wish you were dead for doing that, you dumb asshole!” Margaret hissed viciously. She slapped Judeth’s cheeks and raked her sharp fingernails across the helpless girl’s tits as she screamed curses and threats at the wretched, raped teenager. “Now, it’s my turn, bitch!”

“Nooo!” Judeth wailed in a terror-stricken voice. Her shrill cry filled the room and caused both Marvin and Sage to stand and move in to halt Margaret. They grabbed the evil woman’s hands and stopped her from slapping Judeth.

“Now, now, Margaret,” Sage chided. “I don’t want you messing with this little girl. Damnit! Don’t you realize that the little bitch is worth a million bucks to us? We can’t have you working her over so bad that her father gets really pissed off and decides to spend another million bucks just to track us down. That just wouldn’t be cool, baby. Besides, she’s got to look good for her pictures. Ain’t that right, Marvin?”

“Yep, we gotta take some pictures of the little slut to send to her daddy. He wants some proof that we’ve got her, and we aim to give him the proof.”

Marvin smiled lewdly and pulled Margaret to her feet. “Go get the camera, darling, and meet us downstairs in the dungeon. We’ll give the old man something to think about. Maybe a coupla good shots of his little, helpless daughter getting her ass whipped with a nice cat-o-nine-tails.”

Judeth shook with fear at the man’s words. “You… you wouldn’t,” she said weakly.

“You bet your sweet ass he would,” Margaret hissed. Then, the dark-haired harpy pursed her lips and spat right into Judeth’s face. “And I’d just love to whip you too, you fucking little slut!” With that, the cruel woman spun on her high heels and strode haughtily out of the room to fetch the camera.

Judeth broke down in tears. She heard the woman chuckling in the distance, chuckling and cackling with sadistic glee. She wiped the spit from her cheek and stared at Marvin and Sage with pleading eyes. From the cold looks that they gave her, she knew that she could expect no mercy from the nasty pair. They hoisted her up by her arms and led her down the stairway to the dreaded dungeon.


Judeth’s hands were tied together around a long pole which hung horizontally from the ceiling of the dungeon. Then, the pole was lifted by ropes until only her toes touched the cold, concrete floor. The muscles in her thighs and calves twitched convulsively as she exerted all of her strength to stay on her toes. If she collapsed, she would be left to hang helplessly from the pole, and her wrists would be torn and cut by the biting ropes which bound them together.

“My, my. What a pathetic sight to see,” Marvin quipped as he stepped back to survey his handiwork.

“Yes, indeed, my friend. She’s all trussed up, that’s for sure. Our little kidnapped darling is a true sight for sore eyes. Damn!” Sage exclaimed excitedly. “We should get some real good pictures of the little bitch.”

Judeth struggled to maintain her balance and stay on her toes. She perspired, and beads of sweat formed on her tits, her ass and her face. “Please, can’t… can’t you just take pictures of me without torturing me in the process? What is the point of it, anyway?”

Sage stepped forward, pawed her ripe tits with his big hand and answered, “Why, that wouldn’t be persuasive enough, my dear Miss Judeth Brathmeyer. You see, we want your daddy to know that you’re really in trouble. We don’t want him wasting any time.”

“Or calling in the FBI,” Marvin added coolly.

“Yeah, we figure your old man will see the light and quite fooling around once he sees the photographs we’re gonna take of you.”

Just then, Margaret appeared, carrying a Polaroid camera under her arm. “It’s all loaded with film and ready to go. Now, suppose one of you fellas takes the pictures so I can whip the little slut. Okay?”

“Shut up, Margaret,” Sage remarked harshly. “You take the Goddamned pictures. Marvin and I will make sure that the girl is posed properly.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Marvin said cheerfully as he strolled slowly past Judeth and plucked the wicked cat-o-nine-tails from the wall. He fondled the whip with his long fingers, stroking the black leather handle lovingly. “This is my favorite whip, Judeth. I’m sure you’ll like it.” He laughed, moved forward and slashed her with the evil whip.

“Owww!” she shrieked as the narrow leather strands slashed across her exposed tits. The whip stung her flesh and caused her face to flush in pain and anger. Again, Marvin lashed her tits with the cat-o’-nine-tails, and again she cried out in an agonized, tortured scream. “Owww! Good God! Stop it! Please. Y-you’re… going to… tear my… tits to ribbons!”

“Get a picture of her when the whip lands on her tits,” Sage instructed Margaret, whose fixed stare was on Judeth’s tortured tits.

“Okay,” the evil woman replied gleefully. “Hey, this is kinda fun. I’ll get a close-up of the slut as she gets her tits whipped. Go to it Marvin,” she said as she moved close and positioned herself beside the helpless, whipped girl.

Marvin leaned back and the whip whistled through the air, causing Judeth to flinch as the evil leather straps came down on her exposed tit-flesh.

“Owww! Nooo! I can’t… can’t take it anymore. I swear, I’ll die if you keep beating me like that!”

“Tough shit, you little rich bitch! Suffer, baby!” Margaret rasped. She clicked the shutter of the camera and snapped the picture of Judeth being whipped by the cat-o’-nine-tails.

Marvin whipped her repeatedly and Judeth soon grew tired — too tired to stand on her toes. Her legs collapsed from the strain and she dangled from the ropes that bound her wrists like a fish from a hook. She swayed above the floor, totally helpless and at the mercy of her cruel captors. A dozen times, the whip fell on her tits, causing Judeth untold pain and torment.

“Please! No more! I beg of you! Don’t whip me anymore!” she cried. But her anguished wails only served to inspire Marvin in his brutal task. The man seemed to truly relish whipping her. And, as she swung around by her wrists, dangling from the ceiling like a ragdoll, she caught sight of Marvin’s prick.

Judeth gasped upon seeing that Marvin’s cock was growing again. His prick was blue veined and hard, and it looked fierce and menacing. Marvin’s naked body was covered with sweat, some of which flew off of his chest as he flailed her ripe tits with the nasty cat-o-nine-tails.

“Goddamn!” he snorted. “I’m getting awfully fucking tired. Shit! Did you get enough pictures, Margaret?”

“No,” came Margaret’s terse reply. “Let’s get some more shots of the little cunt. The fucking whore. Let’s get some real nasty pictures of her being tortured and degraded. That’ll loosen her rich daddy’s pocketbook. What do you think, Sage?”

“Okay. It sounds like a damned good idea to me, Margaret.” With that, Sage reached out and grabbed the cat-o-nine-tails from Marvin’s hand. He held the wicked instrument directly in front of Judeth’s weeping eyes and stroked the long, black leather whip-handle. “How do you like this whip, Judeth? It’s in the same shape as a long, hard cock. It is somewhat bigger though. Bigger and harder and thicker and longer. Wouldn’t you say so, bitch?” The evil tone in his voice was startling.

Judeth swallowed hard and choked out her reply. “Please, Sage. Don’t torture me anymore. Haven’t I suffered enough? Why must you hurt me?”

“No, you haven’t suffered enough,” Sage replied frankly. His face looked hard, cold and terrifyingly mean. Sage was a cruel man who knew not the meaning of mercy.

He reached forward and spun Judeth around so that she faced the wicked, dark-haired woman, who stood in position to take another snapshot of the helpless, raped and tortured girl. Margaret smiled and laughed loudly. “Smile, Miss Judeth Brathmeyer. Look right into the camera and smile at your father, bitch!” the evil woman hissed.

“Smile!” Marvin screamed.

“Smile!” Sage shouted.

All three of her captors began to scream at her in unison. “Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile!” The deafening shouts were frightening beyond belief. Judeth clenched her teeth and closed her eyes so that she would not be forced to look at their faces, but they kept screaming at her. “Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile!”

She felt like she was going insane. She had reached the end of her resistance and could take no more abuse. At any second, she would go off her rocker and crack up completely. She knew it!

“Now!” Sage yelled as he parted her pink pussy-lips with his fingers. He shoved the whip into Judeth’s juicy cunt.

“Aaiiieee! Owww! Good good! Nooo!” Judeth wailed. She felt the whip press deep into her cunt, reaming her cunt-walls with the black leather handle. The leather felt rough as it raked into her tight cunt. How could anyone do such a sick and disgusting thing to her? she wondered. For an instant, she felt as though she would soon pass out from the pain and degradation. She would have preferred to die right then and there.

Margaret stood directly in front of her as she hung from the ceiling, her wrists sore and chafed from the ropes which bound her in her helpless position. The woman kept snapping pictures of her and laughed loudly as she did so. Judeth had endured plenty of pain, torture and degradation, but this was absolutely the worst yet! She was too weak and exhausted from the whipping to protest. Words failed her. And the pain in her cunt was so intense that all she could do was moan in agony.

Sage was eagerly ramming the whip into her pussy, shoving the big, crude implement deep into her tortured cunt. The whip-handle filled her pussy and reamed her cunt-channel, causing her to wince in pain and writhe about in her dangling position above the floor. When Sage pulled the whip back until it almost slid out of her cunt, Judeth heard a lewd sucking noise coming from her clenching pussy.

They were all laughing at her, laughing at the sounds that her cunt made as the whip sluiced in and out of her sucking pussy.

“Goddamn! What a hot and horny little cunt!” Marvin exclaimed jubilantly. “Look at the bitch! I bet that whip feels real nice stuck up your tight twat, Judeth. Holy shit, you look lovely, just like a million-dollar cunt!”

“Yeah, you are a first-class little whore, aren’t you?” Margaret chimed in as she stepped forward and snapped another picture of the helpless, tortured girl who hung from the ceiling with a whip reaming, out her cunt.

Marvin stepped forward with a heavy oak paddle clutched in his meaty fist. The paddle was menacing and Judeth shrieked when she caught sight of it.

“Nooo! Don’t hit, me with…”

“Fuck off, you slut!” Marvin shouted as he swung the paddle, striking her bare asscheeks.

The pain shot through her body and rocked her hard. Her tender ass felt like it was burning up. She dangled from the ceiling and swung back and forth above the cold, concrete floor. When she swung back, Marvin was poised and ready with the paddle cocked to smack her ass again.

“Whack!” This time the paddle struck her ass harder, with the force of a pile-driver. Her ass burned with horrible, gut-wrenching pain as the paddle struck her naked asscheeks. She looked down and saw that Sage had released his grip on the wicked cat-o’-nine-tails. But he had left the long whip handle buried deeply in her cunt. The whip dangling between her legs was a strange and obscene sight.

She choked and her stomach turned at the grotesque whip which stuck out of her clenching cunt. It looked so wicked and depraved and it felt so terribly uncomfortable, buried in her tight pussy.

As she swung through the air, suspended by her bound wrists, her entire body was racked with unbearable pain. The tails of the whip licked at her legs.

“Whack”. The dreaded paddle struck her again, as she swung back into Sage’s range of fire. Her ass was burning up from the paddling that stung her naked ass-flesh.

Then, as she swung away from the evil paddle, Judeth opened her eyes just long enough to see Margaret, who stood poised to strike, a long, thin dog-whip clutched in her fist. Judeth twisted her tortured body in an attempt to evade the lashing blow from the dog-whip, but she was too late.

“Snaaap!” The dog-whip lashed her exposed tits, causing the wretched, kidnapped and tortured girl to flinch and writhe about, kicking the air with her bare feet. She struggled in her dangling position, but there was no escaping the brutal, terrifying onslaught of the three sadists. They were determined to whip and paddle and torture her to their hearts’ content.

Now they were spinning her around. Fast, then faster she spun from her bound wrists. As she twirled helplessly above the floor, her flesh was stung repeatedly by the relentless lashes that she received on all sides. All three of her tormentors were now armed with the nasty, cutting dog-whips. And they lost no opportunity to flail her naked flesh whenever her contorted body spun them. They shouted crude obscenities at her as they struck her exposed tit and ass flesh with the biting dog whips.

“Aaaiiieee!” she wailed. The pain was simply too terrible to bear! She couldn’t hold on any longer! Judeth gasped and passed out.

Judeth was rudely awakened by Margaret, who nastily kicked the girl in the ass and barked, “Well, now. I guess Sage and Marvin have just about had all the fucking they want out of your ass and cunt, bitch. They’re gone for now. Both of them are upstairs, talking to your Aunt Mary and…”

“What?” Judeth said with a start and a look of incredulous confusion. “What about my Aunt Mary? You mean to tell me she’s here? Why? Is she in on the kidnapping?” The confused girl began to put the pieces of the puzzle together. She remembered that, when she had first been brought to this house, she had noticed that the furnishings and art work were very similar to those in her aunt’s home on Crystal Point.

Then, she remembered her Aunt Mary persuading her to take a drive out to the dunes. Judeth also knew that her Aunt Mary and her father did not get along very well since the accident with her father’s boat that had killed her aunt’s husband. The newspapers had been full of insinuations that her father had committed some act of foul play. There was even talk of murder.

After her uncle’s death, Aunt Mary had fought to gain control of her dead husband’s stocks and property, but it turned out that he had deeded everything to Judeth’s wealthy father. It didn’t make sense. She recalled that her Aunt Mary had been very bitter, and she had been given the beach home at Crystal Point. Rumor had it that Aunt Mary had been bought off.

Could it be that her Aunt Mary had set up the kidnapping to get back at Judeth’s father and to extort money from the multimillionaire? Judeth’s mind flooded with dreadful thoughts.

The evil dark-haired woman looked extremely troubled. “You conniving little bitch!” she rasped. “You’re too fucking smart for your own good, slut!” Margaret kicked Judeth in the ass again and Judeth rolled over to escape the wicked woman’s sharp boot tip.

As she turned, wincing in pain on the floor, she realized that her captors had cut her down from her dangling position. She was sprawled out on the cold, concrete floor. Her entire body ached and her wrists were rubbed raw from the ropes that had bound her tightly. Her cunt and asshole hurt from being crammed full of the mens cocks and the ugly whip.

Judeth felt terrible and looked worse. Her hair was a tangled mess. A lewd mixture of sticky cunt-juice and slippery cum streamed out of her ravaged cunt. She rose to her hands and knees and struggled to escape Margaret’s fierce kicks to her tender ass-flesh.

“Take that, you fucking whore!” Margaret hissed as she planted a vicious kick firmly into Judeth’s sore ass. “Now you know too much. You know that your Aunt Mary is in on this caper, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know it, and when I get out of this stinking hell-hole, I’m gonna tell the police everything. They’ll catch you — all of you. They’ll send you to jail for the rest of your lives. That’s just where you belong — in jail. Forever!”

Judeth was in a fury, shouting at Margaret from her sprawled-out position on the cold, concrete floor. Judeth had reached the end of her rope. She was stunned to know that her kindly Aunt Mary was involved in the plot to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. How could her very own aunt do such a wicked vile thing? It seemed so awful. She had loved and trusted Aunt Mary.

Margaret kicked her again, imbedding the pointed tip of her boot into Judeth’s aching ass-flesh. “You dumb cunt! You’re more stupid than I thought you were. Now, I guess we won’t be able to let you remain alive. Not after you made such vicious threats. We can’t have you calling the police on us and exposing your aunt’s role in the plot, now can we, darling?”

“Nooo! Please! I take it back! I won’t tell anyone anything, I swear to you!” Judeth was really frightened now. She realized that it was very foolish of her to threaten Margaret the way she had.

She had already seen Marvin kill Bob when he had tried to rape her asshole. Moreover, Sage and Marvin were cruel and sadistic men. They had tortured and raped Judeth’s cunt and asshole, and they had forced her to suck their hard cocks. They would not tolerate any threats made by Judeth. She was completely in their power. She was so very frightened!

In a weak voice, she addressed Margaret, who stood over her, preparing to kick her ass again. “Please, Margaret,” she said. “I beg of you. Please don’t tell Sage and Marvin that I know about Aunt Mary’s role in my kidnapping. They’ll kill me. I just know they will. I want to live! I swear I won’t say a word to anyone.”

An evil glint appeared in Margaret’s cold eyes. She knelt down beside the pleading young girl and leered at her wickedly. Her attitude was haughty and cocky. Margaret knew that the deck was stacked now, and she held all of the aces. “I’d like to believe you, cunt. But, I’m not sure I can trust you. I do know that if I told Marvin and Sage what YOU know, your life isn’t worth a fucking nickel.”

“Nooo!” Judeth wailed in fright. “I promise you. I won’t tell anyone about Aunt Mary or you or anyone. I just want to be free. That’s all I care about. Honest.”

“Well, now,” Margaret drawled with a self-assured grin on her face. “It looks like I’ve got you right by your little ass, isn’t that right, bitch?” The dark-haired woman leaned forward and smacked Judeth across her face. “Yeah, I’m holding all of the aces right now, cunt. So you’d be real wise to obey me. Do you get the drift, Judeth?”

“Yes — yes, I… understand… I think,” the frightened girl stammered. Judeth was really terrified now. If Margaret decided to tell Sage and Marvin what she knew, Judeth’s life would not be worth a plug nickel. The only thing that she could do was try to humor the evil woman. She had no choice but to obey the woman’s cruel commands. If Margaret turned on her, she would surely be killed. “I’ll do whatever you tell me to do… I promise. Honest.”

Margaret pushed Judeth to the floor, shoving the girl backward until her head fell on the concrete. She lay sprawled out on the basement floor, facing upward.

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?” she whimpered. Her face was wet from crying and her body shook with fright. “I-I don’t understand.”

As Margaret straddled the girl’s upturned face, she unsnapped the crotch of her patent leather panties, exposing her juicy cunt. Her pussy was fringed with dark hair. The woman’s glistening pussy-lips were flame-red and seething hot.

Judeth stared at the woman’s cunt. The only pussy that she had ever seen before was her own. In comparison with her tight young pussy, Margaret’s cunt looked quite different. The woman had long, curly dark-brown hair around her cunt, and her cunt-lips looked thick and swollen and were shaded a crimson red color.

Judeth could easily tell that Margaret was hot and horny. Her cunt was juicy and wet with cunt-nectar. The girl stared with disbelief into Margaret’s lust-filled eyes. The woman’s eyes showed no remorse or shame. Margaret leered at her and put her knees down on either side of the girl’s face, positioning herself carefully.

“Listen good, sweet-puss, because I want you to get this straight. You’re gonna suck my cunt. Do you understand, bitch? You’re going to suck my cock until I cum all over your sweet young face. You got it?”

“I-I can’t… do that. That’s so… unnatural and perverted. It’s repulsive, and no matter what you do to me, I just can’t do that,” Judeth said.

“You’ll do it, bitch!” Margaret snorted lewdly. She moved her hips forward until her cunt-lips were only a few inches from Judeth’s mouth. “You’ll eat me out. You’ll lick my clit and suck my cunt until I cum. If you refuse to eat my pussy, I’ll tell the guys what you said, then you’ll be real sorry. I have you in my power, and you know it, you slut. Now, I’m not gonna tell you again. I want you to suck my cunt. Right now!”

Margaret pressed her weight down on Judeth’s face and her moist cunt-lips brushed across Judeth’s ripe lips.

Judeth knew that the evil woman controlled her destiny. The thought of being forced to suck and lick the woman’s cunt was revolting, but she knew that, in order to stay alive, she would simply have to obey the crude command. She felt sick to her stomach, but she stuck her tongue out and licked Margaret’s swollen cunt-lips.

The evil woman gasped with pleasure. The woman’s cunt emitted a sweet heavy odor. Her cunt didn’t smell bad. In fact, her pussy smelled kind of nice. It was an odor that was new to Judeth. She didn’t mind that at all. What she did mind was licking Margaret’s swollen cuntlips. Eating the woman’s cunt was horribly degrading — and extremely perverse.

To make matters worse, Margaret kept mouthing crude obscenities, exhorting the abused girl to get on with the cunt-sucking.

“Yeah! Lick my pussy, you little slit-sucker! Lap my clit! Ummmppphhh! Aaaggghhh! That’s not bad at all, bitch! Take my clit between, your lips and suck on it real nice now!”

Judeth took in a deep breath of air and hastened to obey Margaret’s lewd command.

She gripped the woman’s erect clit between her lips and sucked the clit-nubbin into her hot, wet mouth. With her tongue, she slowly licked the very tip of Margaret’s sensitive clit.

The beautiful, brutal woman moaned and hunched down, pressing her wet, cunt-juice slicked pussy-lips down tightly over the helpless cunt-sucking girl’s upturned face. Then, without warning, the woman began to rock back and forth on her knees, moving her swollen pussy-lips over the girl’s sucking and licking mouth, using her face in a most disgusting and grotesque manner. All the while, the sexy, dark-haired woman kept moaning with sexual delight and rasping crude obscenities into her ears.

“Mmmmm. Yeah! That’s a good little slit sucking slut. Goddamn! You really do suck my clit nice, you bitch. You fucking horny million-dollar slit-sucking cunt. Lap my clit! Lick my cunt and lick it good or I’ll make you feel sorry you were ever born!”

Judeth was already beginning to feel sorry that she was ever born. The woman’s cunt-lips rubbed lewdly over her mouth, leaving slippery cunt-juice dripping down the sides of her face. Margaret’s cunt was getting very wet, and when pussy-juice streamed out of her twat, it coated the girl’s mouth and lips with the sweet-smelling cunt-nectar.

Judeth’s tongue lashed at the woman’s wet cunt-lips, brushing across her sensitive pussy and causing her to writhe about and hunch down further to intensify the delicious sensations which coursed through her hot cunt.

“Stick your tongue deep into my cunt,” Margaret commanded. “I want your tongue licking way into my cunt. Fuck me with your tongue, Judeth. Worship my cunt with your mouth. Yeah! Mmmmm.”

Judeth quickly slipped her tongue deep into Margaret’s cunt, licking the insides of her pussy-hole, reaming out the woman’s cuntchannel, delighting her with mind-bending sensations of sexual joy. Margaret jerked forward and grabbed the girl’s head in her hands. Pressing down on Judeth’s head, the woman pulled her face into her pussy and rubbed her wet cunt-lips across the girl’s open mouth, wiping her cunt-juice all over the girl’s jaw.

Judeth slipped her tongue in and out of Margaret’s cunt in quick lapping motions which made the woman groan in ecstasy and jerk about violently, rubbing her hot cunt roughly across the girl’s licking tongue.

“Yeah, that’s a good silt-sucker, Judeth,” she hissed obscenely. “You make a real good pussy-lapper. How does it feel to be my personal cunt-licking slave? You should be honored to be granted the privilege of sucking my cunt, you filthy slut.”

Judeth winced at the woman’s crude words. Imagine, she thought, the woman actually thinks that it is a rare honor to suck her cunt! Margaret sure was a demented, depraved woman. Licking Margaret’s cunt was definitely no fun. It was revolting, and she couldn’t stand doing it!

Margaret gasped and jerked her pussy about, rubbing her cunt-lips over the girl’s upturned face. Judeth worked her tongue in long strokes all around the woman’s erect clit, occasionally slipping her tongue inside of Margaret’s cunt-hole and slithering it around the insides of her seething hot pussy-walls.

She would have loved to bite the woman’s clit and make her scream with pain, but she knew that to do such a thing would be a serious mistake.

She just kept on licking and lapping the woman’s cunt, sucking her clit hard and long.

“Mmmm,” Margaret moaned. “Aaaggghhh! I’m getting nice and hot now. Mmmmm. Yeah. Suck my cunt, Judeth. Suck my juicy twat! Eat my tasty cunt all up, you filthy little rich bitch. Worship my pussy, slave!”

Cunt-juice trickled out of Margaret’s pussy and drained directly into Judeth’s open mouth. Her lips were saturated with cunt-juice and pussy-nectar dripped out of the corners of her mouth and dried on her cheeks. She nibbled Margaret’s clit, gently and carefully pulling her white teeth along the woman’s erect clit-nubbin, stretching it out away from its cuntal sheath.

Then, she released the woman’s clit and let it snap back into its swollen cuntal sheath. She sucked and licked and lapped and nibbled, making obscene sucking noises as she worked to please her captor.

Margaret yanked the girl forward, pressing her hot cunt down hard on the sucking lips, ramming her clit into the girl’s mouth. Margaret was groaning and grunting with obscene passion. She screamed lewd curses. “Suck my cunt! Lap my clit! Eat my cunt!”

Her pussy rammed forward, striking the girl’s mouth hard and brutally jarring her teeth. But, Judeth steeled her nerves and kept right on sucking and licking the evil woman’s cunt. “Make me cum, slut! Suck me to an orgasm!” she shrieked as her climax neared. Her pussy-lips and clit began to throb and shudder.

Judeth realized that the woman was ready to cum, so she rammed her tongue deep into Margaret’s cunt. Her tongue sluiced in and out of Margaret’s glistening pussy, licking, lapping and sucking rapidly, trying desperately to please the wanton bitch who was using her mouth so rudely.

Judeth’s facial skin was chafed and sore from being rubbed raw by Margaret’s curly cunt-hair. The sticky cunt-juice that dried on her cheeks felt like an obscene mask. Margaret kept twisting and turning, rubbing her pussy on the girl’s raw face. The pain was agonizing, but she kept working to make Margaret cum — sucking and licking the woman’s cunt. She concentrated her efforts on Margaret’s sensitive clit, which was swollen and throbbed uncontrollably inside of Judeth’s sucking mouth.

“Keep sucking!” Margaret gasped breathlessly. “I-I’m… aaaggghhh! I’m cumming!” The brutal woman raked her cunt across the girl’s upturned face, rubbing her cunt-hair in her mouth, grinding her pussy into the girl’s sucking lips. Pussy-juice oozed from her cunt, and ran down the Judeth’s face, drenching her flesh with pussy-nectar.

Judeth was frightened out of her wits. She was caught in a nightmare of sexual depravity, and she could do nothing but obey the woman’s lewd demands. She could only continue sucking Margaret’s cunt until the woman was finished with her mouth.

It was crude and foul to be forced to suck Margaret’s cunt. It was difficult to believe that she was actually sucking a woman’s cunt. She had never expected to be placed in such a revolting situation. But, it was true. And, as much as she hated doing it, she kept up the frantic pace of cum-sucking in an effort to bring Margaret to a climax.

It didn’t take long. Soon, Margaret accelerated her lewd, pumping movements. She was gasping loudly and grinding her cunt rapidly across Judeth’s sucking mouth.

“Mmmppphhh! Aaahhh!” Margaret wailed. The depraved dark-haired witch suddenly stopped jerking her cunt over Judeth’s face. She shuddered, her legs twitched convulsively, and she came. “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned huskily as her muscles relaxed and she became enveloped in an all-consuming passionate orgasm. The woman’s body went limp and she sat right down on Judeth’s face, resting all of her weight on the helpless girl’s mouth.

The woman’s weight was crushing her, and she felt as though she would soon pass out. But, at that moment, Margaret stood up and walked, quickly and purposefully, to the far corner of the room. She returned a few seconds later, carrying a pair of steel handcuffs.

Judeth gasped and tried to crawl away as the woman approached, but she wasn’t quick enough. The handcuffs clinked shut over her wrists. Then, without speaking, Margaret motioned the girl to crawl into the corner.

Judeth was too scared to protest. She made her way — on hands and knees — across the room.

Margaret lifted the girl by her bound wrists and slipped the chain of the handcuffs over a peg that protruded from the wall. Then, Margaret took a bull-whip from a wooden case and stepped forward. She leered into Judeth’s eyes and spat into the girl’s face. The woman’s spit drooled down her cheek obscenely.

Judeth couldn’t believe what was happening. She had done nothing wrong. She didn’t deserve to be tortured anymore.

“Now, slut,” Margaret hissed. “I think it would be nice to punish you with this big bullwhip. What do you, think about that?”

“B-but, why? I did what, you told me. Didn’t I satisfy you?” she asked timidly. Tears were streaming from her eyes. Her face was a wreck, covered with dried cunt-juice and spit. When Judeth looked at the dreaded bull-whip, she almost fainted. The whip was about eight feet long, and the long, thick leather looked cruel and menacing. “Why, do you want to whip me? Why?”

Margaret sneered, spat into the helpless bound girl’s face again, and spoke coldly. “I’m gonna whip you because I feel like whipping you. Isn’t that a good enough reason, rich bitch?”

“I don’t understand. I did what you wanted. I sucked your cunt and you came. Isn’t that enough?”

Her reply was short and terse. “No, sucking my cunt is not enough. I enjoyed it, and you’re right. I did cum. You did a real good job sucking my pussy. But, now I feel like whipping you. You’re a rich little snob, and you should be punished. You’ve lived a life of leisure — up to now. But, that’s all over. I like whipping helpless little teenage girls. Now, if you can fund me another helpless bitch to torture with my whip, then I’ll leave you alone. But,” she said as she glanced about the room, “there don’t seem to be any substitutes handy around here. So, I guess I’ll just have to use you as my whipping-girl for now.”

“Nooo! Please, you can’t!”

“Can’t I? Watch me, bitch!” Margaret stepped back, unfurled the lengthy whip, cocked her arm and let loose. The whip cut through the air, making a sharp, whistling sound.

The ugly bull-whip lashed across Judeth’s ripe young tits. She moaned in pain as the whip sent horrible slicing sensations through her body. She shuddered and writhed about helplessly in her bonds. There was no way that she could escape the biting whip which was so expertly wielded by her dark-haired tormentor. The whip fell on her tender tit-flesh again.

Judeth struggled hopelessly, turning this way and that in a vain attempt to escape the biting lash. It was no use. Margaret could whip her as hard and as long as she wanted. There was no escaping the cruel bull — whip.

Searing pain rushed through her entire body and she jerked about in her bonds. The handcuffs rubbed at the tender flesh on her wrists, chafing them raw.

She became resigned to her fate, and was prepared to die at the merciless hands of this sadistic woman. Unconsciousness overtook her suddenly, and she slumped against the concrete wall.


A sharp slap caused Judeth to awaken from her unconscious state. She shook her head to clear her dazed mind and stared into the angry face of her Aunt Mary. Judeth was visibly shocked at seeing her aunt, who glowered at her as she took a long pull on a cigarette.

“Wake up, Judeth,” Aunt Mary hissed as she smacked her piteous niece across the cheek. “Wake up and look at me, you little brat. Look at your Aunt Mary one last time before you die, you little rich bitch!”

Judeth stared at her aunt. It was difficult to accept the truth — that her aunt was a participant in this wicked kidnapping. But, now Judeth was certain she managed to pull herself together. “Why?” she asked incredulously. “Why are you a part of this, Aunt Mary?”

Her aunt’s nostrils flared and she spit out her terse reply. “I hate your father, Judeth. That’s why I set up this whole kidnapping scheme. That’s why you were taken from your car and brought here. I’ve owned this house for years, without anyone knowing. No doubt you noticed that the furniture and paintings are similar to those in my Crystal Point home?”

“Y-yes, I noticed, but at first I didn’t make any connection,” Judeth stammered.

Pointing her finger at Judeth, Aunt Mary’s expression turned cold as she said angrily, “Your father killed my husband. They were business partners, and your father eliminated my husband so that he could take total control of their business. I was left, without a Goddamned penny of my own. So your father, the world-renowned Bratton Brathmeyer, out of the goodness of his heart, gave me the house on Crystal Point. I guess he figured I’d be content with that. I’ve been planning revenge for a long time, and when you came to stay at my home, I decided to have you kidnapped and held for ransom. So, my charming niece, that is how I am involved. And that is why you are being held by my friends.”

“But what… what will you do with me now?” Judeth asked cautiously. Her heart was racing and sweat poured down her face and dripped onto her naked tits.

“I’m going to have you eliminated, just the way your father eliminated my husband,” she answered coolly.

“You mean, you’re gonna kill me?”

“I’m not going to kill you, darling. What do you take me for, anyway?” Turning, she pointed toward Margaret. “Margaret is the one who spilled the beans about my role in your kidnapping. So, she has been assigned the job of killing you. Most likely, she will whip you to death. That’s okay with me. Your father has agreed to pay the ransom. He saw some very interesting photographs of you, dear. Sage and Marvin are out picking up the money right now. Take care of her, Margaret,” she said coldly, as she turned and left the room.

Margaret stepped forward with the dread whip in her fist. “This will be fun, Judeth. I’ve never whipped anyone to death before.” She stepped forward and lashed the helpless girl with the whip. Judeth flinched and crawled across the concrete floor, trying to escape the blows.

“Step! Please! The pain… it… it’s terrible!” Judeth shrieked as Margaret trained blows across her tits, ass and back. Her strength was quickly diminishing as she writhed about on the floor, the whip biting into her naked flesh. Judeth knew that she would not last long. She simply had to try to fight back.

“Take that, you filthy little, rich bitch!” Margaret rasped as she whipped her young captive. “I love whipping you, bitch! It’s a shame I’m going to kill you, because I’d love to whip your ass every day for the rest of my life. Too bad you’re about to die under my lash!”

Judeth summoned up the last ounce of strength that remained in her tortured body. She planted her feet wide apart, pressing her soles to the concrete floor to get the maximum momentum and stability. She knew that she would only get one chance. If she blew it, she would never get another. The whip was lashing out fast and hard, raking across her tits and ass. Her strength and will to fight were dissipated with every stroke of the whip on her tortured body.

Steeling her nerves, she took a deep breath, and timed the next whip-stroke. As the lash came across her tits, she reached out and grabbed at the strip of leather. She gripped it tightly and, with all of her might, she pulled.

It worked! Margaret was taken completely by surprise. Still gripping the whip-handle, she was thrown forward with terrific force, crashing to the floor. Judeth was on top of the women at once, pummeling the evil bitch with her fists. She aimed blows about Margaret’s face, hitting her in the jaw and forehead. Judeth felt the adrenaline flowing in her veins as she beat the woman who had caused her so much pain and degradation. She fought like a caged lion, scratching and mauling the wicked woman.

Margaret rolled over and over, trying to escape Judeth’s wrath, but Judeth was all over her, pummeling her relentlessly and brutally with her fists, pulling her hair, pinching her flesh. She rolled Margaret over and, taking careful aim, she planted a pounding blow right on the woman’s chin, knocking her out cold.

Out of breath from the furious battle, she looked around anxiously. Her Aunt Mary was still upstairs and hadn’t heard a thing. Thank God! she thought as she took a rope from the wall and started up the steps.

Reaching the top of the stairs, she heard her Aunt Mary talking to two boys at the door.

She listened carefully.

“You boys get away from here. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t even know anyone named Judeth Brathmeyer. You boys get lost before I call the police.”

“Fuck you, lady. We know who you are. You’re Judeth’s aunt. You live out at Crystal Point, and Judeth was staying with you. She’s our friend, so we decided to help find her. We saw the news. We know that she’s been kidnapped. And, more than likely, you have her held captive right in this house. Now, let us in. Right now!”

Judeth instantly recognized the voice. It was Eddie! After Eddie had raped her on the beach, Judeth had never expected to be happy again. But, she was happy now. Really happy!

Judeth quickly sneaked up behind her Aunt Mary and, placing her arm around the woman’s neck, she pulled her swiftly to the floor. Aunt Mary hit the floor with a loud thump. Judeth held her tightly around the neck and squeezed hard, cutting off her air. She looked up at Eddie, who stood in the doorway, completely stunned.

“Well, damnit! Help me!” Judeth said.

“Okay!” Eddie responded anxiously. “Grab her Sammy. Hold her tight.”

Sammy stepped out from behind Eddie and threw his weight on the top of the older woman, holding her down on the floor. Judeth shook her head and threw the rope to Sammy, saying, “Tie my Aunt Mary up nice and tight. We gotta deliver her to the cops.”

“God! That was really close. I can’t thank you enough for saving me. Jesus, I thought I was a goner,” she gasped.

“We’ve got to get the hell out of here before Sage and Marvin get back.”

“Who the hell are Sage and Marvin?” Sammy asked curiously.

“I’ll tell you later. Tie my Aunt Mary up real tight and let’s get going.”

Moments later, the trio was barreling down the highway, heading for Crystal Point. Aunt Mary was bound securely in the back seat.

“Damn!” Eddie said. “You really look scared. Here, have a drink,” he added as he pulled a bottle of Ripple out from under the car seat. Judeth took a big swig of the wine and sighed deeply.

“You guys are really amazing,” Judeth gushed. “My knights in shining armor.”

“We do our best,” Eddie replied proudly. “We heard about you getting kidnapped on the news, so we decided to try and find you. We staked out your aunt’s place and, today, when she went driving off real fast, we followed her. She led us right to you.”

“Yeah,” Sammy chimed in. “We figured maybe your father might give us a reward if we found you. Hell, the kidnappers were asking for a million bucks.”

“Shut up!” Eddie snorted angrily. “Don’t pay any attention to him, Judeth.”

“Oh, well… that’s okay, I guess,” Judeth responded timidly. She wept quietly.

“Hey, what’s the matter now. You’re okay. Safe and sound. Right?” Eddie said.

“Yeah, I guess so, but… well, I thought you were concerned about me. I thought maybe you liked me.”

“I like you plenty, Judeth,” Eddie said warmly as he put his foot down on the brake and pulled the car over to the side of the road. “Come with me, and I’ll show you how much I like you.”

Eddie took her by the hand and led her up to the dunes. They lay down on the sand and Eddie stripped off his clothes. Judeth reached down and grabbed his prick, which was growing quickly. Eddie gently stroked her tits and sucked on her nipple, which soon became taut and erect.

“Oh, Eddie,” she cooed. “Your cock is so lovely. Your prick is getting so nice and hard.”

Judeth gasped and lowered her head. “First, let me get your cock harder.” Taking his cock into her wet mouth, she flicked her tongue along the base of his prick-shaft and tickled his cock with loving kisses. He moaned in ecstasy and arched his hips, sliding his prick deep into her mouth.

“Ohhhh, it feels so good when you suck my cock. Damn! It feels so great!” he enthused as he ground his hips in a slow circular motion to increase the wonderful feelings that welled up from his sensitive cock.

Judeth was getting turned on in a big way as she sucked Eddie’s cock. He soon developed a raging hard-on, and she lapped at the underside of his cock-knob and slurped hard on his cock-shaft.

Her cunt began to seep pussy-juice as she sucked his hard prick deep into her mouth. It felt indescribably wonderful to be sucking Eddie’s cock. She felt all warm and comfortable inside and, for the first time in her life, she really enjoyed sucking a man’s prick. His salty-tasting cock was absolutely delicious, and she sucked his prick-tip hard and fast. His dick grew to monstrous proportions in her sucking mouth. She eagerly lapped his lengthy cock-shaft, tickling the super-sensitive spot just beneath his cock-knob with her hot wet tongue.

“Ohhh, God! That feels so good. So fucking good, Judeth. I swear! I love it,” Eddie said enthusiastically as he jerked his hips forward to receive the maximum pleasure from Judeth’s sucking lips. His prick was raging with need and he wanted to fuck her. He was glad that he had risked his neck to save Judeth. He groaned and grunted passionately as she sucked his raging, hard cock.

When Judeth heard Eddie say that he loved her, her pussy began to burn with lustful desire. No man had ever loved her like this before. Eddie was saying such lovely things to her. It was wonderful.

Her cunt felt like a volcano that was about ready to erupt. Cunt-juice boiled and churned in her twat and dripped out of her pussy in an obscene trickle that ran down her creamy, white thighs. She was ecstatic, thrilled to the marrow with delicious carnal sensations. Her cunt was on fire now. She wanted Eddie’s cock thrusting inside of her pussy-channel, fucking her hard and fast.

Slipping her lips slowly and lewdly off of his raging prick, she looked up at Eddie and spoke tenderly. “Please fuck me, Eddie. Please. I need your cock inside of my cunt. I want to fuck you, Eddie. I love you and I want you to fuck me.”

“Ml right, Judeth. I’d love to fuck you. Right now,” he said gleefully as he moved his body down in the sand and gripped his prick in his hand. He slipped his cock-knob between her juicy pussy-lips and rubbed his cock around the entrance to her hot cunt.

Judeth swooned in ecstasy and ground her hips in the sand, trying to meet his initial cock thrust with a thrusting motion that would entrap his prick in her seething cuntal depths. She really wanted to fuck now. She wanted his prick buried deep in her pussy.

That was where Eddie’s dick belonged, she thought. Right in her cunt. Buried to the hilt — balls-deep — in her seething, hot pussy. Ramming hard and fast into her pussychannel, searing into her tight cunt. She realized that she truly loved her hero, and she wanted his cock more than anything in the whole world.

“Fuck me, Eddie!” she gasped shamelessly. “Fuck my pussy now! Please fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast, Eddie. I love you and I want your cock! Now!”

Eddie hastened to oblige. He cocked his hips, tightened his hip muscles, and plunged forward, filling Judeth’s cunt with his thick, turgid cock. He rammed his dick deep into her cunt with his first mighty cock-thrust, reaming out her pussy-channel with his cock-shaft. She swooned, gasped and cooed, “Yeah, Eddie. Do it! Fuck me hard and fast! Please fill my cunt with your wonderful cock, Eddie! Fuck me!”

Eddie’s prick impaled her hot cunt, filling up her pussy with his rock-hard prick-shaft. He grunted and began to fuck her rhythmically, ramming and pounding his prick into her seething cunt. His prick sluiced in and out of her curt, causing her to jerk about beneath his cock-thrusts, writhing about in blissful expectation as she neared an all-consuming orgasm.

“Unnggghhh! Aaaggghhh!” he panted and groaned as she bucked, thrusting her hips forward in swift motions to meet his fucking strokes. She ground her pelvis into his mighty cock, swiveling her deep, tight cunt on his hard prick as he fucked her hard and fast. Fucked her with all of his strength.

“Yeah! I love it, Eddie,” she gasped. “I love your nice hard cock. Your wonderful cock! Your marvelous, fucking cock! Keep fucking me, Eddie! It’s… wonderful. I swear, I… love you, Eddie!”

Judeth was amazed at how fantastic it felt to be fucked long and hard by Eddie. He was a master cocksman, she thought as she hunched her back and shook her head back and forth in the glow of a powerful and tremendous fucking. His prick was all that mattered to Judeth at the moment. His big, hard fucking prick.

She clamped her cunt-muscles down tightly over his prick. He was gasping for air and grunting lewdly as he fucked her cunt, but Judeth found that his obscene noises only served to turn her on even more. She could feel his cock-knob throbbing and bouncing against her slippery cunt-walls. Pussy-juice teamed down her thighs and lubricated her tight young cunt as he fucked her hard and fast.

“Unnggghhh!” she groaned. “It… it feels… so… unh… Goddamned nice to have… you fucking me! Yeah! I-I’m gonna cum any… minute now!”

“Just keep fucking, Judeth,” Eddie instructed. “I’ll make you cum, baby.”

“I’m… I’m cuming now!” she wailed as her orgasm hit her hard. Judeth shuddered, her muscles tightened and she clamped her cunt clown on his turgid cock as she shook in the throes of orgasm. “Aaiiieeee! Oh, my God! Aaaggghhh!” she screamed.

She clawed at Eddie’s back and pulled his chest to her tits. She clenched her teeth and gasped blissfully, her entire body shaking uncontrollably. Judeth had experienced orgasms before, but never had she enjoyed a climax so thoroughly. This was simply to good to be true!

Right after Judeth came, Eddie abruptly pulled his prick out of her steaming cunt.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Judeth asked confusedly. She didn’t understand why he would decide to pull his prick out of her pussy when he hadn’t even cum yet. “What’s wrong, Eddie? Aren’t you going to cum?”

Eddie smiled broadly at the girl, and said, “I’m gonna cum. That’s for sure, baby. But, I want to cum in your asshole. I want you to feel my cock reaming out your asshole. I fucked you in the asshole once before, but you really didn’t enjoy it too much then, did you?”

“I loathed it,” Judeth responded. “I couldn’t stand getting fucked in my asshole then. But, well… maybe I’d… like it now.”

“All right, then,” Eddie said, his voice trembling in anxious anticipation. “Roll over on your stomach and get ready, because I’m gonna fuck your sweet asshole, darling.” He spoke passionately, hoarsely.

Judeth knew from the tone of his husky voice that Eddie was just dying to fuck her in the asshole. She became very excited at the thought of Eddie’s cock reaming out her asschannel. She was hot and horny.

She rolled over in the sand and stuck her ripe, young asscheeks up high in the air. Wiggling her ass in front of Eddie’s wider open, sex-glazed eyes, she beckoned him to ram his prick into her tight, puckered asshole.

“Go ahead, Eddie. Fuck my asshole. I’m ready. I can take it. Believe me. I’m just dying to have you stick your prick into my asshole. You can fuck my asshole until you cum. Honest. I don’t mind, in fact, I want you to.”

“Are you sure, Judeth,” Eddie said incredulously. “It might hurt, you know?”

“I know. But I don’t care. Honest, Eddie. Fuck my asshole. I want you too. Please.”

Eddie didn’t need any more prodding. He grabbed his rock-hard prick in his fist and guided it toward Judeth’s tight, puckered asshole. She winced and her sphincter muscles instinctively tightened when his cock-head pressed against her. But, she still managed to hunch her hips upward, beckoning him to plunge his mighty cock-stand into her asshole. She concentrated on loosening her ass-muscles so that his prick could penetrate her tight, constricted asshole.

Suddenly, Eddie lurched forward, impaling Judeth’s hot asshole on his lengthy, throbbing prick.

“Ohhh, yeah. It hurts a little, but go ahead and fuck me in the ass. I want it, Eddie,” she cooed sweetly.

“All right. Here we go!” Eddie said loudly and enthusiastically as be ground his hips forward slowly. Judeth was pleased that he was being careful not to hurt her more than was necessary with his mammoth cock-knob which probed its way into her nether-hole. She worked hard at reining her sphincter muscles to assure easy access to her tight asshole.

It didn’t take long for the boy to increase the pace of his gyrations. He was very caught-up in ass-fucking Judeth. He whispered in her ear, “Oh, Judeth. Your little asshole feels so good around my prick. Are you sure I’m not hurting you?”

“No,” she replied. But it did hurt. Her asshole was being stretched by Eddie’s probing cock. She could feel his thick, bulbous cockknob reaming out her asshole, slipped further and further into her hot ass. “Fuck my asshole, Eddie. Fuck me hard!”

Eddie responded eagerly to her exhortation. He quickened the pace of his ass-fucking motions, ramming his prick deeper and deeper into her hot and ready asshole. His cock slithered along her cunt-walls, rubbing along her sensitive pussy-channel. She shook and wriggled her ass against his penetrating cock.

“It feels great, Eddie!” she shrieked. “I love it! Fuck my tight asshole. Fuck me!”

“Unnnggghhh! Ummmppphhh!” he grunted and gasped loudly as he flung his upper torso forward. Hands outstretched, digging into the warm sand, he threw all of his weight upward, shoving his rock-hard cock to the hilt in her steaming asshole.

Judeth was really getting into the ass fucking now. Soon, the pain in her stretched asshole lessened and, eventually, died away completely as she became enraptured by the wonderful feelings that broke like waves all over her sweating body. Her cunt-juices began to churn and boil in her hot pussy. Pussy-juice leaked out of her cunt and sloshed about the base of the boy’s cock as he reamed out her tight asshole, fucking her ass with all of his might, ramming and pounding his prick into her seething asshole.

The young girl was lost in a crazy-quilt of passion and unbridled lust. She felt completely fulfilled and joyously happy to be offering her asshole to Eddie. She could tell that he was getting off in a big way.

She could feel another orgasm coming on. It didn’t seem possible, but her pussy was really churning out cunt-juice, and her clit was spuming out of control. She knew that she would soon cum.

“Ohhhh! Aaahhh! Your cock… your cock! It… it feels so good inside of my asshole. Eddie! Your… cock feels wonderful. Ohhh, my God! Fuck my asshole, Eddie! Fuck my asshole!”

Eddie grunted in reply and whispered sexily, “I love you, Judeth. I never thought that I could love a girl, but I really love you, baby.”

Eddie fucked her hard and fast, reaming out her asshole with his throbbing, pounding cock-shaft.

“Aaaiiieee!” Judeth wailed as a mighty orgasm rocked her body and sent her soaring on a wave of wondrous passion. “Ummmppphhh! Aaaggghhh! Ohhhhh, Eddie,” she snorted as her climax shook her and started her legs spasming and quivering.

Fucking Eddie was beautiful, she thought. It didn’t matter whether she fucked him with her cunt or her asshole. Either way was delicious and fulfilling. She clenched her teeth and concentrated on contracting all of the muscles in her body, especially the muscles in her tight asshole.

She dug her fingers into the sand and clawed at the ground, preparing herself to receive his final cock-thrust in her steaming asshole. Steeling herself, she used all of her strength to clamp her asshole around his reaming prick.

Eddie gasped and plunged forward, impaling Judeth’s clasping asshole on his throbbing cock. “Good God! I’m cumming!” he snorted as his balls tightened and his cockknob twitched. His hips hunched and his rapier-like cock wedged its way into the depths of her steaming, asshole. Then, he stiffened and released his load of jism into her tight asshole. His prick-tip exploded and let loose a seemingly endless stream of thick, salty cum.

Judeth wailed and gasped as an intense spasm shook the girl’s cunt as yet another orgasm swept through her lust-filled body. She writhed about in the sand, bucking and clawing at the sand. She felt like firecrackers were going off in her brain as she wriggled her ass back and upward to meet Eddie’s spurting cock. Cum filled her asshole and washed back, drooling obscenely out of her puckered asshole.

He put his palms on her shoulders and, pushing down, he pulled back and slipped his slippery cock out of her well-fucked asshole. He sighed and rolled over on his back in the sand.

Judeth came to her senses and spun around on the sand. She looked at Eddie. He was stretched out on his back, his prick oozing cum. On his face was the biggest, happiest smile that Judeth had ever seen. Her eyes fell on his dripping prick. Lovingly, she bent down and planted a soft, tender kiss on the tip of his cock. Her tongue swirled around his cock-slit and she lewdly licked what was left of his jism off of his cock-knob.

“I really love you Eddie,” she cooed as she nuzzled her chin in his strong, bronzed shoulder. “That was beautiful, really, darling. I loved it!”

“Yeah, I loved it too, Judeth,” Eddie said breathlessly. He took a deep breath and filled his lungs with air. “Listen, we’ve got plenty of time to fuck later. Damn, I’d like to fuck you again right now, Judeth.” Then, his face took on a more serious look. “Right now, we’ve got unfinished business to attend to.”

“Yeah, we’d better get back to the car and take Aunt Mary to the police. Once I tell the police what I know, they’ll capture the kidnappers easily,” Judeth said with a smile.

Eddie stood up, pulled his trousers on and motioned for Judeth to take his hand. Together they strolled to the car.

When they stepped into the front seat, they turned and saw Aunt Mary, still tied up on the back seat. She was making gurgling noises, and Sammy was busily face-fucking the woman.

“She gives a real good blow-job, your Aunt Mary does,” Sammy quipped as he jerked his hips forward, ramming his hard prick into the helpless woman’s mouth. “But don’t let us bother you. Drive on.” He laughed loudly and snorted at the sucking Aunt Mary, “Suck my cock, you bitch. Once you’re put in jail, you’ll never get a chance to suck cock again. So get it while you can.” He winked at Eddie and Judeth as the car pulled away.

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