We went to a swingers club

Up until now, my wife and I have confined our sexual activities to our
bedroom, or maybe the backseat of a rented car (see our story called
“Unplanned Sex” for that adventure). But we took the boldest step that one
could take. We went to a swingers club.

We managed to find one that was near where we lived, and was not going to
pressure us into doing anything we didn’t want to do just yet. The only
rule was that actual intercourse was not allowed at the club. If you wanted
to screw, you had to take it someplace else. This was just a place where
consenting adults could meet and figure out if the wanted to swing with
each other, or where couples could enhance their sex lives. Either way, we
were eager to check out the dance that they were having that night. As an
added attraction, they had a strip contest.

As a prelude to the activities, I shaved my wife’s pussy into a slightly
different design. Instead of the line that she usually had above her twat,
I shaved her hairs into a triangle. Already my wife was getting wet. From
there, she put on a pair of lacy French cut panties and a tight and short
body hugging dress with no bra. This was to make sure that her nipples
stuck out for all to see. I however was dressed in a more conservative
outfit that looked liked it belonged in a Dockers advertisement.

Upon arriving at the top secret location of the dance, we saw a crowd of
people in their thirties, forties, and fifties. Most of whom were dressed
like we were, although some women were dressed in very revealing outfits.
As we looked around, some couples were dancing, some were milling about or
nursing drinks, while others were engaged in some light petting. The sights
were having a positive effect on me and I am sure it was having the same
effect on my wife.

As the night went on, we chatted with some couples. Some of them were there
just to have fun with each other, while others were serious swingers who
were looking for their next big thrill. That’s when the strip contest
started. There were both male and female contestants in the contest along
with a few couple acts. I tried to get my wife to join in and show off her
stripping talents, but she declined.

My favorite act was a woman who could not have been more than thirty who
had the most perfectly shaved pussy I had seen. It was better than anything
that I have done on my wife and much better than anything I had seen in a
porn movie. She put a lot of energy into her act, and it didn’t seem that
it was practiced or just the same sort of act that guys would see in a
strip bar. But as I mentioned before, her pussy was shaved so cleanly, that
I suggested to my wife that we get shaving tips from her. The least
favorite act was this rather tall, leggy blonde woman who had surgically
enhanced breasts. Sorry, but fake boobs don’t do anything for me or my
wife. Besides that, her act looked like it came from the strip bar down the
street. The eventual winners were a couple who had the woman strip and
grind while the man sat and fondled himself. Very interesting if I may say

After the strip show, they turned the lights down low and started a series
of slow songs. My wife and I ventured onto the dance floor and held each
other close. As we looked around, we noticed that not only had some of the
women had changed into rather revealing lingerie, but the couples were now
doing various sexual acts. One couple behind us had the man sucking on his
woman’s ample breasts. Another couple had the woman masturbating the man. A
group of women off to the left were licking and sucking each other’s
nipples in a chain. All of this activity was turning my wife and I on, and
it gave me the bravery to lift up my wife’s dress and start to fondle her
ass for all to see. This attracted a lot of attention from viewers on the
dance floor and off. I further enhanced their pleasure by pulling my wife’s
panties so that they slid between her ass cheeks and the lips of her pussy.
I was then able to tug gently on her panties to excite her further. My wife
would later say the she lost count of the number of climaxes she had.

The DJ then called for a ladies only dance, which required us to step off
the floor for the time being. We then watched as at least a dozen women
formed pairs or threesomes and proceeded to fondle, lick and suck each
other. There was no question that they were both putting on a show, and
trying to excite each other at the same time. It sure excited us!

When that was over, they turned the lights down so that it was almost pitch
black. Note that I say almost, as there was just enough light to see what
was going on. My wife and I returned to the dance floor and again I fondled
her ass cheeks, and this time her breasts. She in turn, fondled my
extremely stiff cock through my pants, but never worked up the courage to
pull it out and stroke it like some of the other guests had been doing. We
were both pointing out various pairs, threesomes, or foursomes performing
various sexual activities on each other. Something that caught our eye was
the stripper with the fake boobs eating out a woman in plain view of
everybody while a man fondled the breasts of the lucky woman who was
receiving the excellent tongue work. Also catching our eye was a foursome
of two men and two women who were masturbating each other. By the end of
the night, we were as horny as virgins. We raced home and ended up fucking
each others brains out in the “spoons” position. My wife was unbelievably
wet and I was so hard that it hurt. I didn’t last long and ended up
shooting a massive load cum into my wife that almost immediately started to
drip out of her hole. We fell asleep in that position, totally exhausted
and satiated.

The next morning, we discussed what we experienced the night before, and
how far we wanted to go at the club. I should mention that I was stroking a
rather large erection, and my wife was fingering her wet twat. We came to
the conclusion that while we don’t want to actually swing to the point of
swapping partners, we would like to watch another couple have sex and be
watched while we have sex. Also, my wife would like to experiment with some
of the bi-sexual activity that she saw the night before, as well as having
a threesome with another woman. In the meantime, we’ll be frequent visitors
to the club.