Wild Easy Family

In many cases today’s family is seen as a business and or social arrangement between people rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the nuclear family; and the use of others for thrill-seeking — and often deviant purposes — as an end in itself instead of as a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

WILD EASY FAMILY is the story of one middle-class family, outwardly normal, that discovers an eagerness to satisfy lustful cravings. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.


“Good night, all, I’m going to bed,” teenaged Julie Shelton said to her parents and brother as she rose from the couch where she had been watching the evening’s television programs.

“You’re going to bed awfully early!” Carly Shelton said warmly as she returned her daughter’s goodnight kiss.

“Yeah, I know,” Julie said with a smile, moving toward her father.

“So, what’s up? You’re not feeling sick or anything, are you?” Ralph asked as his little girl pressed her soft lips against his mouth. The man shifted uncomfortably on the couch, trying to deny the surge of desire that swept through his loins.

“Oh, no, nothing like that,” Julie said with a slight smile as she kissed her brother, Tom, on the cheek. The young boy had his eyes riveted to the television screen and was only barely aware of the soft sisterly kiss.

“Good night, Sis,” he mumbled absently.

“I’m just tired, that’s all,” Julie lied over her shoulder as she left the living room and headed for her bedroom.

As the young girl closed her door behind her, she smiled again, thinking just how lucky she was to have such a warm, loving family. She could not remember one day when she had not felt totally loved by her parents and her brother. She had several friends who came from broken homes and Julie could see the stress and suffering in their eyes.

The young girl quickly undressed and slipped nakedly into bed, eager to get on with the real reason she had gone to bed so early. She was not at all tired, as she had told her family. But, she was very, very horny. Still a virgin, Julie had been experiencing a deep ache in her pussy lately, an ache she knew she had to relieve.

Lately, Julie had been lying awake nights thinking about the relentless ache in her cunt.

She had been afraid that if she started to jerk herself off, she would not be able to stop. She was afraid that she would become obsessed with sex.

She felt sick and tired of being horny all time with no release while everyone around her was fucking and fingerfucking.

Even her own parents still acted like newlyweds, the way they were always reaching out and touching each other. Even after all these years, her mom and dad seemed unable to keep their hands off each other.

Julie was determined to touch her own little pussy until she finally found out what an orgasm felt like. She had read several books on the subject, and she knew that most young girls brought themselves off. She knew that there was nothing wrong with getting herself off. Even though she had never done that before, she figured that she would have no problem if she just followed her natural desires and instincts.

As she sprawled there nakedly on her bed the thought about getting up to lock her door, something she rarely did. But she didn’t want to even a minute away from the finger fucking she so desperately needed.

Forgetting all about her unlocked door, she began to caress her body, feeling the blood pumping down into her loins. She tossed her long, blonde hair away from her face.

She moved both of her hands to her, medium sized tits. They were firm and round and rested high on her chest. Then she moved her hands down her narrow waist and slender hips and long legs, concentrating on stroking the insides of her quivering thighs.

She moaned softly.

She moved her hands back up to her tits, lightly stroking her nipples. She gasped, feeling herself growing hornier than she ever had been before in her life.

Julie arched her fingers at the knuckles so that her long, sharp fingernails would not get in the way as she continued to stroke her stiffening nips.

Her nipples grew hard and stiff as she touched them again and again. Her pussymeat was becoming completely engorged with her hot blood.

The young girl felt her pussyjuice oozing out from her virgin fuckhole. The thick cunt sauce dribbled out of the base of her pussy, rolled over the little patch of flesh above her asshole, trickled over her asshole, and then dripped down onto the bedclothes.

“Ahhh,” she sighed, loving the way her nipples felt as they throbbed and grew against her fingertips.

She arched her fingers even more sharply and took each of her nips between her thumb and forefingers. She rolled the stiff nipples back and forth, finding it harder and harder to keep her ass still on the rumpled bed.

She found that she was now rocking back and forth rhythmically, shifting her weight from one asscheek to the other.

Julie opened her thighs. She could feel her folds of pussy flesh opening at the same time. And she could feel her clit sheath being pushed upward by her enlarged clit.

She spread her legs wide apart and bent her knees.

She began to pinch her nipples. She pinched herself lightly at first, then harder.

“Oh, yes!” she gasped, thrilling to the lewd sensations of pain and pleasure that swept through her.

Her lovely face contorted with the bliss she felt as, once again, she pinched her nipples. She closed her eyes, moaning softly as she felt her body breaking out in a hot sexual sweat. Her face and tits were flushed and she was breathing harder than ever.

The young girl was moaning and groaning loudly now, each moan louder and higher in pitch than the one just before.

Jesus, she thought with another groan, if I’m this horny just from touching my tits, what will I feel like when I touch my pussy?

The young virgin pulled on her nipples until the flesh all around them was stretched taut and both of her tits looked more pointed than usual.

She released her grip on both of her throbbing nips at the same time, letting them snap back into position. She placed her hands over her tits, spreading her slender fingers apart so she could clutch her tit-flesh completely.

She moaned, feeling her hard nipples throbbing against the centers of her palms.

She pressed her fingertips hard against her flesh, making it pucker a bit. She wriggled sensuously, thinking how good she was making herself feel. Now, she began to move both of her tits at the same time in slow, lazy circles.

Feeling more and more juice flood into her cunt, Julie pushed her tits up further on her chest so that they rested higher than usual.

She pushed her tits together so that they were flattened at the sides and the valley between them was long and deep. The teenaged girl could feel the ache in her pussy growing stronger with each passing second, and she knew that she would not be able to tease herself much longer. Her little hard clit was demanding attention by now and it throbbed feverishly.

She released her grip on her tits and began to stroke herself down the front of her naked body with the tips of her long, sharp fingernails.

Julie caressed her flat belly, tracing a circle around her belly button with the tip of her right forefinger. Then she dipped her finger right into her navel. “Oh!” she gasped, surprised by the rush of heat to her loins.

The virgin’s horniness grew in leaps and bounds as she writhed frantically on the bed. Sensing that the longer she delayed her orgasm, the more exciting it would be, Julie didn’t let herself touch her little cunt yet.

Instead, she stroked the insides of her thighs with her fingertips, scratching herself lightly all the way from her bent knees to the beginning of her crotch.

She whimpered with desire, and realized that her saliva was drooling out of the corners of her slack mouth. She bounced up and down on the bed, the bedsprings creaking in protest as she repeatedly stroked up and down her inner thighs.

Julie lifted her feet from the bed and drew back her knees. She pulled her knees up toward her chest, still keeping them far apart, pointing her toes up toward the ceiling.

The weight of her body shifted to the small of her back, her asscheeks rolled upward, and her ass was exposed.

She glanced around the room, thinking that it still looked like a little girl’s room. But she didn’t feel like a little girl anymore. She felt as if she were turning into a woman. She felt as if the sexual animal within her was being unleashed for the very first time, but she knew for sure that it would not be the last.

Her asshole tingled and she felt a yearning deep in her bowels, a yearning she recognized as the need for penetration. She knew this feeling well because it was the same exciting sensations she had been feeling lately deep in her cunt.

She had never thought about what it would feel like to have a cock inside her shit-chute before, but now she found herself not only thinking about it, but wanting it desperately!

The young girl just knew that she would be one of those women who loved getting fucked in all three of her fuck-holes.

She stroked down the backs of her thighs all the way down to the cheeks of her ass. She rubbed her twin mounds of ass-flesh lightly and then she massaged the firm meaty cheeks.

With a sharp intake of breath, she began to pull her asscheeks apart and she continued pulling them until they could go no farther. Holding her asscheeks apart with her left hand, the virgin began to rub the crack of her ass with the middle finger of her right hand.

“Oh!” she yelped when she touched her throbbing asshole. She was surprised by just how great it felt and she rubbed her little virgin bunghole for long moments.

The crack of the teenager’s ass was all wet and slippery from the thick fuck juices that were dripping from her cunt. She lowered her feet back to the bed and sighed, knowing that she could not tease herself anymore, or she would go stark-raving mad.

It was time to touch her little cunt. She held her breath while she placed the tip of her right forefinger on the little patch of flesh between her asshole and the base of her swollen pussy. Then she let her breath out as she began to stroke lightly up and down her outer cuntlips.

She liked the feel of her almost-bald pussy under her fingertips. Her downy pussy fur covered less than one-third of her cunt. And her asshole and crack were just as bald. The lack of hair in Julie’s cunt and ass made her seem a lot younger than she really was.

The young girl was so caught up in what she was doing that she no longer heard the sound of the television or her family’s voices from the living room. In fact, she was completely unaware when the television was turned off and the voices stopped as her parents and brother went off to bed.

Moaning and groaning loudly, Julie stroked up and down the outer lips of her horny little cunt. She touched her cuntmeat all around her trembling clit without yet making direct contact with the stiff little nub. She would save that forbidden pleasure for last.

She had never touched herself like this before, and she wanted to explore all of her cunt, before letting her fingers touch the spot she thought of as magical… before giving herself her very first longed-for orgasm.

Now, she moved her fingers further inward, rubbing the wet inner pussylips which surrounded her unused fuckhole. They were swollen and pulsed against her touch.

“Ohhhh, this is soooo good,” she moaned, opening and closing her knees very rapidly, as if trying to fan the flame in her crotch.

Her clit felt as if it were ready to explode now. She pressed her fingertip between her inner cuntlips, toward the mouth of her virgin cunthole. She tentatively pushed her finger deeper into her cunt, but she didn’t get very far. Her fingertip soon struck the thin membrane that blocked the path to her inner fuckhole. The young girl whimpered, knowing exactly what it was. It was her precious little cherry.

She could smell the scent of her aroused pussy wafting up toward her nose from between her parted thighs, and at that instant, Julie discovered that she loved the smell of her own dripping pussy. She smelled her own nostrils like an animal in heat, and the musky aroma aroused her all the more.

“God, I can’t wait any longer I have to touch my clit!” she cried.

She pressed the tip of her quivering finger against the sheath of her clit, pulling it upward, away from the bulging nub of clit-flesh. Now, her little reddened clit was exposed and vulnerable to her lewd caress.

“Shiiiit!” she cried, feeling lightning bolts of erotic pleasure coursing through her loins.

She rolled the fiery little bulb in a slow circle, biting painfully into her lower lip.

Her cunt sauce began to flow even more thickly and hotly as she stroked the clit up and down with her thumb and forefinger, jerking it off more and more as her passion grew. Her mouth fell open and her eyes closed tightly. All of her muscles stiffened and she began to tremble violently all over.

“Yesss!” she screamed, not even thinking that her yell of sexual pleasure could be heard throughout the house.

The girl’s ecstasy spread quickly through every single nerve-ending of her body as she came powerfully.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! I’m coming!” she cried.

Julie was shocked. Until that moment, in spite of all the talk she had heard from her friends about orgasms, she had not believed that such powerfully ecstatic sensations were possible. She felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. Jesus! she thought. If fingerfucking myself feels this good, what must it feel like to get fucked and to have an orgasm caused by a great big fat juicy cock!

The young girl continued to rub her little clit up and down as she continued to come. Her entire body writhed and twisted on the pussy juice soaked bedclothes as she cried out her delirious sexual joy again and again.

“Ohhhh, commmiiinnnggg!” she screeched. She thrashed her head from side to side wildly, pressing hard against her clit. Her fingers were now wet and slippery and, still, her pussyjuice continued to flow.

She lost all sense of time and place, only vaguely aware of her surroundings.

After long moments, Julie felt her orgasm ending. While she had been coming, she had arched her back and lifted her asscheeks well up from the bed. Now, as her orgasm ebbed away, she collapsed back down onto the bed, shuddering slightly.

Her fingers were still in her twitching pussy. She felt her muscles beginning to relax as she melted into the warmth of her afterglow.

She breathed more evenly now and she felt her heartbeat slowing down to its normal rate. The hot sweat which covered her body began to cool.

Julie pulled her sticky fingers from her cunt and raised them to her face. She stared at the pussyjuice that soaked her fingers for a few minutes. She brought her hand closer to her face, holding her pussy-smelling fingers under her nose. Her nostrils flared as she sniffed.

The youngster was unaware that her father had been spying on her through the keyhole in her bedroom door ever since she had first begun to come. He was now slowly turning the doorknob and opening the door slightly so he could peer around the corner of the door at his sexy little girl.

Ralph watched his daughter, feeling his cock growing bigger and harder, as Julie stuck her wet fingers into her mouth and she began to suck them clean. She rolled her tongue over them at the same time that she sucked. Ralph’s prick grew still harder.

Julie gasped and looked up in shock as her father suddenly threw the door fully open, his large muscular frame filling the doorway.

“D-Daddy,” she stammered nervously, feeling all of the blood draining out of her face.

Her father had caught her in the act. This was something the young virgin had not counted on. And she had never felt so frightened in her entire life.

“You little slut! You fucking little whore!” Ralph thundered, feeling overwhelmed by the lust that raged through his veins… lust for his own little girl.

He charged across the room and slapped the young girl hard across the face three times in rapid succession. He wasn’t angry as much as he was shocked and scared… by his own excited reaction to his naked daughter.

“No, Daddy,” Julie whimpered, failing back onto the bed and beginning to cry.

Her little ass stuck up in the air and the man smacked down hard with the palm of his right hand.

“Yeeeooowww!” Julie yelled in protest, feeling humiliated to be caught this way by her own father.

“Admit it, Julie! You fucked your little pussy with your hand, didn’t you? Don’t try to deny it because I saw you! I stood right there outside the door and watched you through the keyhole while you made yourself come with your own hand!” the man bellowed, his face beet-red with emotion.

“Y-yes, I admit it, Daddy,” Julie admitted tearfully. “I did what you said… I made myself come with my hand. I rubbed my little clit until I came.”

“Jesus, Julie!” Ralph groaned, realizing that his daughter’s words had aroused him savagely. “You acted like a slut, Julie! So, Daddy is going to treat you like a slut!”

Julie gasped. She had never seen an expression like the one she now saw on her daddy’s face. It looked as if he were possessed by something more powerful than both of them. She could see a combination of auger and lust in his burning eyes, and she felt her little pussy beginning to drool out another load of fuck juice.

The young virgin glanced down and saw a huge bulge in the crotch of her daddy’s pajamas.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” she gasped again.


“I’m gonna teach you a thing or two, you little whore! I’m gonna show you the way a slut like you deserves to be treated! I’m your daddy and it’s up to me to take you in hand!” Ralph roared.

“Please don’t do this to me, Daddy,” the young virgin tearfully begged. She sat up on the bed and hugged her knees to her chest, trying vainly to hide her nakedness from, her father. She had never seen her father in a mood like this and she didn’t know what to make of it. But even as she begged for her father not to rape her, even as flutters of fear stirred deep in her belly, she felt a hot tingling sensation deep in her cunt.

“You’ll do as I say or I’ll beat the shit out of you!” Ralph growled.

Sobbing, Julie realized that she had no choice but to go along with whatever her father wanted to do to her. He was so big and strong, and his anger and lust made him seem even larger and more powerful to the trembling teenager. She knew she was no match for his savage strength. Besides, there was still that hot feeling way up in her virgin fuckhole.

Ralph stripped his pajamas off in a matter of seconds. He moved a little farther away from his daughter’s bed, liking the idea of making her come to him.

“Come over here, slut, and kneel before me! I’m gonna teach you how to be a real whore. The first thing you need to learn is how to use that sexy little mouth of yours to give a man’s cock pleasure,” Ralph said, his voice thick with fuck-lust for his lovely virginal daughter.

Trembling with fear and another emotion the girl tried hard to fight against, Julie slipped from her bed and moved across the room until she was standing directly in front of her daddy. As much as she tried to tell herself she would hate sucking her own daddy off, the teenager could not take her eyes away from his big hard cock which sprang up against his taut, muscled belly.

“Kneel, slut!” Ralph commanded, putting his big meaty hand on the top of his daughter’s head and pushing down, forcing her to kneel before him.

Quivering all over, Julie knelt on the floor before her fathers her eyes still riveted to his huge, thick prick. The teenager had always thought of her daddy as one of the most handsome men she had ever seen, certainly a lot better looking than any of her friends’ fathers.

But now, as she knelt there before him, staring at his prick which was visibly throbbing in front of her widened eyes, she had to admit to herself that she had also always found him very sexy and desirable.

The man was very tall and powerfully built. Unlike Julie and Carly, Ralph and Tom had dark hair which fell in thick waves an their heads.

Julie remembered now how she used to dream about marrying her daddy. Now, with his big prick looking so tasty and juicy, just waiting to be sucked, the teenager was forced to admit to herself that she was feeling hornier than ever before. With her mouth literally watering, she was forced to admit to herself that she wanted to suck her daddy’s cock.

“Do it, Julie! Show your daddy what a good little cock-sucking slut you are!” Ralph demanded.

Not giving herself even a second to question her incestuous desires, the young girl lowered her head and began to tongue-kiss the insides of her daddy’s heavily muscled thighs.

She could smell the scent of his aroused prick in her flaring nostrils as she kissed and licked her way up his thighs, heading straight for his loaded balls.

Julie flicked her wet tongue back and forth across her daddy’s wrinkled sac.

“You’ve never done this before, have you?” Ralph asked thickly.

“No, Daddy, this is my first time,” the girl responded, her voice quavering.

“Good. Then your first time is with your daddy. That’s the way it should be,” Ralph husked.

Julie moaned softly and began to lick her daddy’s balls eagerly. She licked her swollen balls with the flat part of her tongue, lapping them hungrily with long strokes.

The horny teenager bobbed her daddy’s right ball up and down on the tip of her tongue. She didn’t stop licking his dangling balls until they were both soaking wet with the saliva that dripped from her open mouth.

“Suck my balls, slut!” Ralph demanded.

Mewing like a kitten searching for milk, Julie wrapped her soft lips around the man’s right nut and began to suck it.

“Unnhhhh, yessss!” Ralph growled, beginning to move his hips. He had to rock back and forth with his daughter’s head and shoulders to keep her mouth where he wanted it. Where they both wanted it.

“Ummmm,” Julie moaned around her daddy’s churning ball. She was getting hornier and hornier by the second. She could feel her hot aroused blood rushing rapidly toward her cunt. Her little virginal pussy was swelling quickly. Her fuck juices were flowing again.

Julie had to admit to herself that she was glad this was happening to her. She was glad that her daddy had caught her finger-fucking herself. She knew that he was going to fuck her. He was going to rip her tight cherry right out of her cunt and she was glad about that too.

She moved to her daddy’s left ball and sucked gently, making the man groan out loudly as he continued to rock back and forth as he struggled not to come too soon. He was determined to save his cum for his little girl’s cherry cunt.

Julie hollowed her cheeks inward, sucking her father’s balls for long moments. She sucked and licked his balls at the same time. Then Ralph pulled away from her and she knew it was his way of telling her that it was time to suck his cock.

The man’s prick was nine inches long and very, very thick. Its head was bulging and throbbing visibly. It was deep purple in color. The little cum-slit at the tip of the big cock was opening and closing rapidly.

Ralph’s lust had pinned the tip of his cock to his belly. Julie flicked her tongue at the underside of the thick cockshaft. She made her tongue as pointed as possible and began to flick the tip of her tongue across the spot where her father’s sac and cock-stem joined.

She began to lick that area back-and-forth lightly and quickly. She could see that there were blue veins protruding from the stalk, and she swallowed hard, thinking how tasty and exciting those veins looked.

The horny youngster slowly licked her way toward the head of her father’s prick. She let her tongue linger on the fleshy patch just below the broad cockhead. She then ran the tip of her tongue up the groove in the underside of his prick head, all the way to the tip.

“You sexy little whore!” Ralph growled as he grabbed the base of his cock in his right fist. He squeezed so tightly for a second that the head of his cock turned a deeper shade of purple and his knuckles turned absolutely white. He moved the head of his prick down from his belly so that his horny daughter would have no trouble getting at it with her hungry mouth.

Julie rolled her tongue over the head of her daddy’s prick. The skin that stretched over the tip of his prick felt erotically smooth to the girl’s aroused tastebuds.

Now, the man’s prickhead was thoroughly soaked with the girl’s warm saliva.

Ralph placed his hands on top of her head. He pushed his fingers through her thick golden hair, pressing against her scalp. He pushed his fingers on down to the nape of her neck, hurting her with the pressure of his demanding fingers.

Julie could feel fresh tears welling up in her eyes in response to the pain but she didn’t care. She was rapidly learning that pain was an important part of the sexual experience and that it only increased her excitement and pleasure.

The man moved his hands so that his palms were over the girl’s cheeks and ears. He pinned her ears back against her head so she could hardly hear at all. He held onto her head tightly, and Julie realized that he was strong enough to crush it if he so desired.

The way Ralph was holding his daughter’s head, she could no longer move her face from side to side. And she was unable to pull back with either her head or shoulders. She could only move forward, but that was okay with her and her daddy for that was the only direction they were interested in.

“Suck it, slut!” Ralph bellowed. “And no teeth! I’ll kill you, I swear it, if you bite!”

The girls nostrils flared as she turned on even more to the idea of sucking her own daddy’s cock until he came down her throat. She made little snorting sounds as she panted heavily. Her little tits were bobbing up and down air her chest with her frenzied breathing.

She could feel her aroused cuntjuice drooling right out of her cunt and rolling thickly and hotly down the insides of her thighs.

Julie opened her mouth wide. She knew that she would have to stretch her mouth open just as wide as possible if she hoped to get all of her daddy’s thick cock inside.

“Take it, you bitch!” Ralph growled as he rammed his cockhead into his daughter’s wide-open mouth.

Julie eagerly wrapped her lips around the ring of flesh at the base of his cockhead. She could feel the corners of her mouth being stretched back by the thickness of the man’s purple cockhead.

She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across his cum-slit as she began to suck. She hollowed her cheeks inward once again, making erotic, wet sounds with her hot, sucking mouth.

Ralph groaned with pleasure as he tensed the muscles in his ass and pressed the cheeks together as tightly as he could.

“Good, slut! Now… take the rest of it… right down your throat!” he hollered.

Julie gasped. But, before she had a chance to even think about what her father wanted, he pushed the thick head of his prick right down into her throat. His cock felt hot.

She began to gag at once and more tears filled her eyes. Her throat felt as if it were on fire. She wished he would stop pushing his cock into her throat, and she wondered how in the world anyone could ever enjoy this bizarre act.

She could tell that her daddy had no intention of stopping as each and every inch of his turgid cockmeat was rammed clear down her throat.

Julie groaned with pain and managed to move her knees back on the floor, straightening her neck as best she could. She found that this position made it more comfortable.

“Take it all, slut!” he said again.

As he continued to push his cock down her throat, Julie’s lips crept up the shaft of his cock toward the base. His balls were getting closer to her lowered chin. The tip of her nose was getting closer to his thick patch of prick hairs. Soon, she knew, her nose would be buried in that dark forest.

She found herself automatically contracting the muscles of her throat about her daddy’s cock. She knew she was doing something very right when he moaned with loud pleasure.

“Yeah, baby, yeah, that’s it!” he cried. It felt to him as if his little girl were sucking the entire length of his prick at the same time.

He made loud animalistic sounds deep in his throat as his daughter deep-throated him with a skill and eagerness that both surprised and pleased him.

Now that the lewd deep-throating was well under way, Julie took back every negative thought she had had about sucking cock. She was thoroughly enjoying herself. Now she had no problem at all in understanding what was so exciting about the act.

Her nipples were stiff and throbbing. Her pussy was a swamp of fuck juices. Her breathing grew more labored, and she had to pant fast and furiously around the thickness of the man’s prick. The youngster tightened her throat muscles about the pulsing prick.

“Uhhhhhh, yeah, yeah, you got it, baby, you got it real good!” Ralph grunted.

The man’s entire cock was buried down his daughter’s throat now, and he began to fuck her face.

“Unnnhhh, ummmm,” Julie moaned in response, enjoying the lewd way her daddy was fucking the full length of his cock in and out of her mouth and all the way down her throat.

She could hardly wait until he came. She longed to taste his cum. She just knew that it would taste delicious, and she was determined to swallow each and every drop.

She began to rock back and forth with her head as her daddy loosened his grip on her face and neck. She began to push forward with her face to meet each ramming thrust of his throat seeking cock.

“Goddamnit! You’re such a sexy little slut!” Ralph groaned, his face turning red.

She could feel her father’s cock growing larger and thicker and harder against the tensed walls of her throat. She knew that he was about to reward her with a jolt of his fuck cream.

Suddenly, she realized that if he shot his wad down her throat, his spunk would miss her tongue, and she wouldn’t get a chance to appreciate the flavor of his jizz.

As if reading his daughter’s mind, Ralph pulled back with his hips so that only his cockhead was inside the grip of the girl’s clasping lips.

Julie gurgled, longing to cry out to her father to hurry up and dump his load into her mouth. But she could not speak. Her mouth was too full of hard cock meat. She would just have to be patient.

She tightened the grip of her lips about the base of the man’s cockhead.

Ralph tensed and his entire body began to tremble. Then, suddenly, before Julie even realized what was happening, her mouth was filled to the brim with her daddy’s sticky cum.

“Commiiiiinnnggg!” he howled.

Julie was ecstatic. Her daddy’s cum tasted just as good as she had known it would. She was surprised but pleased to discover that there was much more of the tangy stuff than she had expected.

She puffed out her cheeks and began to swallow quickly as hard as she could. She tried vainly to keep all of the thick fuck sauce inside her mouth. It tasted hot and rich to her. As she swallowed her father’s cum, she also came.

“Ummmffff,” she moaned as she continued to swallow her daddy’s spunk and her pussy exploded with its own orgasm.

It felt both exciting and soothing to her at the same time. Her daddy’s cum was the most delicious meal she had ever had in her life.

Julie’s attempt to keep all of the cum inside her mouth was in vain. She could feel cum oozing from the stretched corners of her mouth. Her daddy’s white hot jism rolled down onto her chin and began to cool. Some of it dripped off her chin and splashed wetly onto the floor between her father’s spread legs.

She felt a surge of love for her father.

Her little pussy was still spasming in orgasm and she sucked the man’s prick harder and harder as her climax continued. Her fuck juices had long ago overflowed from her tiny cunt. Fuck juice continued to rain down her legs, forming a pool of cunt sauce on the carpet between her knees.

Long moments later, Ralph pulled his cockhead out of his little girl’s mouth, gripping the base of his prick in his right fist. He took his hand from her head.

A couple of drops of cum oozed out of his cum-slit and Julie gave a little cry of pleasure as she licked them away. She could see that the entire head of her daddy’s prick was covered with a thin film of cum. She used the flat part of her tongue to lick it all away, moaning as she swallowed the tasty spunk.

“That was good, slut, very, very good. But it was only the beginning of your punishment,” Ralph said as he grinned down at his kneeling daughter.

Julie shivered with fear and excitement.


Ralph pulled his daughter to her feet and lifted her easily into the air, as if she was light as a feather. Then, he threw her on the bed. He dug his fingers into the flesh of her arms and she squealed. Then grabbed his little girl’s arms and yanked them up toward the head of her bed, as if to tie them to the bedposts.

“You’ll leave your arms up just like this if you know what’s good for you!” Ralph ordered.

“Are… are you gonna tie me to the bed?” Julie asked fearfully.

“No! If I tied you, you’d have no choice. You wouldn’t be able to move so you’d have to let me fuck you,” Ralph said, grinning wickedly at his daughter.

“Yeah, I know, but isn’t that what you want?” Julie asked in confusion.

“No! That isn’t what I want at all!” Ralph said emphatically. “I want you to lie there and let me fuck you, not because you’re tied up and have no choice, but because you want to!”

“Oh!” Julie gasped, suddenly understanding what her father wanted.

“So, you keep your arms up there just as if they’re tied to the bed, but both you and I know that you can bolt anytime you want, right?”

“Y-yes, Daddy,” Julie responded meekly. “But you won’t try to get away, will you?” Ralph asked huskily, his eyes sweeping over his daughter’s lush, naked body.

“No, Daddy,” the girl said softly. “And why won’t you try to get away?” he urged.

“Because I’ll pretend that I’m tied to the bed, just the way you want me to do,” Julie said.

“Right. But why else?” Ralph asked.

“Well,” Julie said, her mind reaching for the reason her daddy obviously wanted to hear, “because if I try to get away from you, you’ll slap me silly!”

“You’re right. But that’s not the reason I wanted to hear. Admit it, you little slut! You won’t try to get away because, deep down, you want me to fuck you! Say it!” Ralph demanded.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” Julie whimpered helplessly. “I’m so scared and I know it’s wrong but you’re right… I do want you to fuck me! I want you to pop my cherry!”

“You lousy little whore! I knew it was true! I knew that you wanted your own daddy to fuck you! You’ve probably always wanted it! That makes you even more of a slut than I’d realized and I know now that I have to punish you even more severely than I’d intended, Julie.”

“Omigod, Daddy, what… what are you going to do?” Julie asked, her throat going dry with fear.

“You just wait and you’ll see!” Ralph said menacingly as he moved to the foot of his daughter’s bed. He grabbed both of her trim ankles at the same time.

Julie sobbed hard with renewed fear, realizing that her daddy had tricked her into admitting that she wanted him to fuck her. She could tell by the way the man was breathing that he wanted to hurt her as much as he wanted to fuck her.

The young girl tried to remind herself that any pain her father might give her would probably thrill her as much as the pleasure, but it was hard to convince herself of that fact. She didn’t even know what kind of punishment the man had in mind.

Ralph forced his daughter’s legs far apart. Julie could feel her asscheeks and pussylips parting. He pointed her feet toward the bedposts at the foot of her bed, just as her hands were positioned at the bedposts at the head of the bed, making the youngster feel as if she were bound hand and foot. But not a single piece of rope touched the girl. Instead, it was her daddy’s strong-minded will that bound her helplessly to her bed, powerlessly awaiting her father’s desires.

Even though the girl was technically free to move, she knew that she didn’t dare. She knew that if she tried to move or get away, her father would beat the shit out other. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine that her hands and feet were truly bound with rope to the bedposts, as if she could move nothing but her head.

Her elbows and knees were locked in the straight position with no slack whatever. She felt that she couldn’t even squirm.

“Good,” Ralph said, looking down at his daughter with satisfaction. “Don’t you dare move a muscle. I’ll be right back.”

Ralph hurried to his bedroom. Glad to see that Carly was still sleeping soundly, he grabbed one of his leather belts. Returning to his little girl’s bedroom, he was pleased to see that she had not moved an inch. He folded the belt in half and held it at the buckle end in his right fist.

“You’re a bad girl, Julie. You’re a slut and you need a good whipping! And it’s up to your daddy to give it to you!” he said with a cruel laugh.

He slapped the belt against his cupped left palm, making a sound so sharp that Julie couldn’t help but wince. She whimpered with fear, knowing that the leather strap was going to make that same sound when it came down on her helpless little body.

“Nooo, Daddy,” she whined.

“Shut up, slut!” Ralph replied as he raised his right arm over his head.


“Yeeeooowww!” she yelled as the pain rippled up and down her ass.


“Aieeee!” she shrieked, knowing that ugly red welts were going to form on her ass.


“Ohhhhhhhh!” she cried as, this time, her daddy brought the leather strap down across the backs of her knees where the pain was even sharper.


As the man continued to whip his daughter, and as she continued to cry out her pain, she realized that her nerve-endings were becoming numb and that the sharpest part of the pain was fading.


The pain was turning rapidly into a dull ache, an ache that blended with the ache of desire she felt in her virginal cunt.


The girl’s cries of pain grew softer, turning into half-moans as her father kept whipping her. In no time at all, Julie’s yells had turned into groans of pleasure.

“You little slut! I knew you’d love it!” Ralph laughed. He had known that his little girl was going to enjoy her punishment just as much as he enjoyed dishing it out.

He tossed the belt aside. He flipped Julie over onto her whipped ass. She winced when she felt her sore asscheeks pressing against the bedclothes. But she didn’t struggle against her father. She didn’t want to struggle. She was so horny now that all she could think about was how badly she wanted to be fucked.

Ralph groaned as he lay down on top of his daughter. Julie whimpered excitedly as she realized just how the man’s cock had grown. Whipping had turned him on, just as it had turned her on.

“Oh, Daddy,” she cooed as she felt his hard-on pressing against the inside of her left thigh.

And, still, the man’s prick grew larger and thicker and harder. Julie could tell that fresh hot blood was pumping into the head and shaft of his big cock with each and every beat of his racing heart.

Julie trembled as she felt her daddy’s body heat. His breaths were hot and moist on her cheek and it made her shiver.

Ralph lifted his crotch from his daughter’s and used his strong arms to pull her thighs even farther apart than they had been before. Then he moved his cock toward her.

The tip of the man’s prick touched against the girl’s pussylips.

“Ohhh,” she whimpered, thinking how good it felt. It was the very first time her little cunt had ever been touched by a man’s cock, and she knew that he would never forget it.

She was still a little scared about what her first fuck would feel like and how much it would hurt, but she felt deeply horny.

Ralph slowly slid the tip of his prick up and down the entire length of Julie’s pussy slash, massaging her clit several times.

“Mmmmm, ahhh, that’s good, Daddy,” Julie sighed.

He moved the head of his cock downward to the mouth of her virgin fuckhole. His prick was now poised at the base of her pussy, between her inner cuntlips, ready to burst into her fuckhole and tear her cherry right out of her.

“God, Daddy, are you gonna fuck me now?” Julie asked breathlessly.

“You got it, baby!” he grunted. He tensed all the muscles in his body and took a deep breath as he began to press down.

At the same time, Julie began to lift her hips, as if to meet her daddy’s cock. She could feel the mouth of her fuckhole opening farther than she had thought possible.

“Ohhh, Daddy, it feels sooo good! I’ve never felt anything like it!” she cried.

“You think this feels good? Hell, baby, you ain’t felt nothing yet! Just you wait until I pop your sweet little cherry for you!” the man said in a half-groan.

Ralph pushed a bit more and the girl moaned as she felt the head of his cock pushing into the deeper pink folds of her virgin pussy. Finally, she felt his prick pushing slightly against her cherry. “This is it, baby… brace yourself,” Ralph groaned.

“Do it, Daddy, fuck meee!” she wailed.

Ralph grinned as he stabbed downward with the lower half of his muscular body as hard as he could.

“Yeeeooowww! Yessss!” Julie screamed as she felt her cherry ripping apart.

She smiled with pleasure when she realized she was no longer a virgin. Her cherry was gone forever. Her daddy had made her a woman, and she knew that she would always be grateful to him for that.

Ralph paused for a second, realizing that he had never felt such a thrill as exciting as the one he had just experienced in popping his own little girl’s cherry. He moved again, pushing deeper into the girl’s tight cunt.

She moaned with excitement. With each bit of penetration, she felt a new and different sensation, each one more thrilling than the one just before it.

“Does it hurt, baby?” he asked huskily.

“Yes! It hurts like hell and I love it!” she screeched.

Ralph laughed triumphantly.

As her daddy fucked the full length of his cock in and out of her horny cunt, Julie trembled beneath him. This was the most thrilling moment of her life.

She could feel the head of the man’s cock banging up hard against the very back wall of her cunt. She began to writhe almost violently on the bed.

She thrashed her head wildly from side to side, feeling as if she would literally die if the pleasure grew any more intense. Each time her daddy fucked into her, she raised her whipped ass from the bed and plunged her crotch up to meet him.

Ralph fucked his daughter as hard and fast as he possibly could. Each plunge into her pussy was met with an upward slap of the girl’s loins.

Julie felt as if she should be ashamed of herself, but she wasn’t. She felt as if she should not be enjoying this rape as much as she was, but she couldn’t help herself. It was as if she had been barn for this moment, and there was no way she could feel ashamed or guilty about it.

She knew that she could trust her father. After all she had the most loving family in the world, and her daddy loved her deeply. If he thought it was all right to fuck her, as he obviously did, then Julie knew that there was nothing to worry about.

Julie could feel her desire growing in leaps and bounds, and soon her pleasure peaked. She knew that she was about to come, and that her orgasm would be different and more exciting than the one she had given herself with her own hand.

As her cunt exploded with erotic pleasure, she gripped her daddy’s cock with the inner muscles of her cunt.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I’m coming,” she whined as she felt her clit being massaged by the shaft of the man’s prick.

She could hardly believe her own words. She felt as if she had lost all control over her own mind and body and senses, but she didn’t care. She loved the sensation.

Ralph was sweating profusely now. He was working hard giving his little girl’s pussy everything he had, moving his ass up and down, slapping his sweaty loins against hers.

Julie could feel her pussylips being pulled and pushed by her daddy’s prick. She could feel him repeatedly fucking the full length of his cock in and out of her tightly clenching pussy.

“Unnhhh, ohhhh, God, baby, you’ve got the hottest, tightest snatch I’ve ever fucked!” he groaned, making his little girl smile.

Julie sensed that her father was going to be shooting his come into her very soon, and she could hardly wait. She just knew that that would be the ultimate sexual thrill.

She felt his cock growing thicker inside her, stretching her already-taut cuntmeat even more. As she felt him fucking her even deeper, she raised her knees.

She squeezed the sides of his lean hips with the insides of her thighs. Suddenly Ralph tensed and fucked the entire length of his prick into her and held there. He arched his back and smiled down at his daughter.

“Yeas, Daddy, do it! Come inside me now!” she screamed as she felt his cock convulsing inside her.

They came together.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Ralph yelled as his thick cum shot from the tip of his prick.

“Yesssss!” she yelled a she felt her daddy’s jism splashing against the walls of her cunt.

Her pussy exploded with pleasure and torrents of pussyjuice shot from her fucked-out cunthole as her powerful orgasm tore through her. She was right. This orgasm, given to her by her daddy’s, cock, was far more exciting than the one she had given herself with her hand.

Julie squeezed her daddy’s orgasming cock with the sides of her inner pussy, wanting to suck each and every drop of jism out of his balls.

More and more jism shot into the girl’s trembling pussy, overflowed and began to pour thickly down the insides of her thighs and finally soaked the bedclothes below.

“Now, lick me clean, slut!” the man demanded as he pulled his still-hard prick out of his little girl’s pussy.

Julie gasped with surprise. But she recovered quickly. With a squeal of joy, she got onto her hands and knees and moved her face very close to her daddy’s bushy crotch.

She licked her lips as she stared at her own thick pussy sauce which completely coated her daddy’s prick.

She licked the base of her daddy’s cock and then licked the rest of the big prick until it was all clean and shining with her saliva.

His cock was all clean now but she didn’t want to stop. She reached up and pulled her long blonde hair over her shoulders so that it spilled down her back between her shoulder blades. She pulled a few strands of hair out of her face and stuck out her tongue again.

With a little moan, she began to lick her daddy’s balls, not stopping until they, too, were soaked with her saliva. Then she sucked the man’s balls as she stared at his full-fledged hard-on.

“Turn around,” he demanded huskily.

“What are you gonna do, Daddy?” she asked breathlessly.

“I’ve fucked your mouth. And I’ve fucked your cunt. That just leaves your asshole,” he said thickly.


“Oh, God, Daddy! Did I hear you right? Did you just say that you’re gonna fuck my asshole?” Julie asked in disbelief, trying to ignore the tingling sensation she felt up her virginal asshole.

By now, the young girl knew better than to say no to her father. But she couldn’t help herself. The very idea of his huge, thick cock forcing its way into her tiny asshole filled the teenager with a fear that all, but overwhelmed her.

“Jesus, Daddy, no! I-I mean, I’ve never been fucked in my ass before,” she maid, her voice quavering.

“So what? You were never fucked in your stupid little cunt before either, but you didn’t complain my when I popped your cherry for you,” Ralph said, his voice filled with pride.

“But… but… that was d-different,” Julie said, her fear growing as she began to see that there was no way she was going to be able to talk her daddy out of fucking her ass, no matter how much it would hurt her.

“How is it different, slut?” Ralph demanded scornfully.

Julie trembled, realizing she was making her daddy angry. But it couldn’t be helped.

“It’s… it’s just that my asshole is so tiny, Daddy. And your cock’s so huge! It probably won’t even fit in there,” she said.

“Don’t worry about that, bitch! I’ll make it fit!” Ralph said with a cruel-sounding laugh.

“But don’t you see? That’s what I’m afraid of!” the girl cried. “You’ll tear my little ass all up with that huge cock of yours!”

“Tough! This is supposed to be your punishment anyway, so frankly, slut, I don’t even care how much it hurts you? Besides, you’re such a little whore that you’re probably gonna end up loving it and begging me for more!” Ralph snarled. “Now, do as I say or I’ll make you sorry! Turn over onto your fucking belly!”

Whimpering with fear, the hapless teenager turned over so she was lying on her belly.

“Good! Now spread those fucking legs!” Ralph ordered.

Slowly, Julie moved her knees as far apart as she could get them. Again, she felt her pussylips and asscheeks parting. In spite of her fear, she felt an exciting burning sensation deep in her shit-chute, and she knew that it was the feeling of desire she was experiencing. She could feel the itch of sexual longing deep inside her bowels. The itch and burning was so deep that she knew only her daddy’s massive prick could relieve the itch.

She arched her back and a curve formed at the small of her back, sloping upward to the rounded globes of her ass.

“God, but you’re cock-bait!” Ralph grunted, staring down at his daughter’s lush ass as he fingered his rock-hard cock, which was stiff and throbbing with renewed lust.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” Julie whined as she felt her daddy’s meaty hands stroking the cheeks of her whipped ass.

“You sexy slut! I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget,” Ralph spat as he pulled the girl’s asscheeks apart. He spat a wad of saliva onto the fingertips of his right hand.

“Oh, God, God, God,” Julie cooed, feeling tremendously excited.

Using various kinds of pressure, the man pressed against different areas inside his daughter’s bowels. He began to work his finger back and forth, slowly and deliberately and skillfully fucking the teenager.

“Unnhhh, that feels sooo good, Daddy,” she cried.

“Sounds like you’ve changed your tune, you little bitch!” Ralph said, laughing triumphantly. “Admit it, Julie. You want your daddy to fuck your ass, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, it’s true! I do want you to fuck my ass! No one’s ever done that to me before and I want you to be the first! Your finger feels great up my ass, Daddy, but it’s not enough! I need more! Your finger isn’t long enough! It isn’t thick enough! My horny little ass needs your big thick cock! I know that that’s the only thing that can satisfy this feeling deep in my ass!” she yelled.

“I knew you’d come through, baby. You’re just like all the other young chicks I’ve fucked! You all complain that it’ll hurt and that you don’t want it! But then you turn on and beg me for it!” Ralph snarled.

He pulled his finger out of his daughter’s ass and sniffed at it, enjoying the scent.

While Julie waited impatiently for her daddy to fuck her cherry asshole, Ralph smeared saliva all over his cock. He was very eager to bugger his daughter’s ass and he didn’t want her dry asshole to stop him.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” he ordered.

Obediently, Julie scrambled to obey him. She looked under her body, past her dangling tits, to see what he was doing. She watched him smearing more and more saliva all over the purple, throbbing head of his cock and she swallowed hard, knowing that in a matter of seconds, that broad, beautiful cocktip would be ramming its way up her ass.

She only hoped that her asshole would turn out to be as elastic as her cunthole had been. She knew that her virgin asshole was about to be opened farther than it ever had been before. She knew that her daddy’s cockhead was much thicker than anything that had ever slipped in or out of her asshole before.

The man hauled his little girl’s trembling asscheeks apart as far as he could with his left hand. With his right hand, he made a fist around the base of his hard-on.

He squeezed his prick a couple of times, just to make sure his massive cock was as hard as possible. He used his hand to guide the tip of his cock forward.

“Ooooh, Daddy, I can’t wait.” Julie purred as she felt her father’s pulsating cockhead pushing into the track between her asscheeks.

He ran the tip of his cock slowly up and down the crack of the girl’s ass, all the way from the top of the cleavage to the base of her little drooling pussy.

Julie’s tits looked larger than usual when she was on her hands and knees. She could feel her nipples throbbing at the tips of her tits, still as hard and stiff as ever. She was breathing harder now, almost panting. And she began to shiver all over, as if extremely cold. She was anything but cold. She was feeling hotter than she ever had felt before, and so horny that she was sure she would lose her mind if her daddy didn’t hurry up and bugger her ass.

When the head of his prick was poised directly on the mouth of his daughter’s asshole, Ralph paused.

Julie heard him take a deep breath, fill his lungs with air. She whimpered softly, knowing that this was it. Her loving daddy was about to rip her ass-cherry right out of her.

Ralph tensed his ass, moving the lower part of his body so the shaft of his cock was at just the right angle for a deep penetration of his little girl’s ass.

Waiting expectantly, Julie tried desperately to relax the ring of ass-muscles she knew her daddy’s prick would have to push through to get into her bowels.

“Aieeeee!” Julie screamed. The pain in her ass was incredible, even more intense than she had anticipated. She screamed out again and again as the red hot agony shot up her spine and radiated out to all parts of her young body.

Fresh tears welled up in her eyes.

“Take it easy. The pain will go away,” Ralph said soothingly thinking that his daughter’s screams were in protest of his cock’s violation of her virginal ass.

But they weren’t. The pain was mind blowing all right, but Julie wouldn’t think of protesting. Just as she had predicted, she didn’t mind the pain at all. It just gave her a savage sort of thrill as she waited for the pleasure to kick in.

Ralph pushed his prick into his daughter’s ass as hard as he could but it was slow going, for her asshole was tight and snug.

“Go for it, Daddy, fuck my ass!” Julie cried hoarsely, surprising her father.

She moaned with excitement, feeling the man’s prick entering her ass a fraction of an inch at a time. She felt as if her ass would rip right open as the unbelievably thick prick pushed into her. Her asshole was stretched to full capacity, and there were still many more inches of cockmeat to fuck into her.

The tip of Ralph’s cock cleated the girl’s ring of ass-muscles and pushed into the softer tissues of her bowels.

Julie trembled with desire as she realized that her daddy’s prick was going to stroke her in places so deep inside her body that nothing else had ever touched her there.

He pulled his prick out almost all the way. He didn’t stop pulling out until just the tip of his prick was inside her. He paused. Then he fucked forward again.

“Yessss!” Julie hissed between clenched teeth as her father fucked the full length of his massive prick into her ass with one mighty lunge.

Ralph began to fuck his little girl’s asshole expertly, using the entire length of his cock with each stroke.

“Ohhh, Daddy, it feels sooo fuckin’ good!” Julie exclaimed.

Julie was so excited that she felt as if she could come any minute. But she held back, not wanting to let herself go. She was determined to comet at the same time as her father, knowing that they would both get off even more that way.

“Jesus, but your asshole is tight! So fuckin’ tight! I love fucking it!” Ralph grunted, beginning to fuck harder.

Julie answered her daddy with a pleasure filled moan which shot straight to the man’s balls.

The teenager experimentally tightened the grip of her ass-muscles around her daddy’s prick, hugging him tightly inside her. When he groaned with ecstasy, she smiled, knowing that she had somehow stumbled on the right move to make.

Julie felt her whole being stretched out from the crack between her asscheeks each and every time her daddy drew back with his teased hips.

Ralph began to ass-fuck his daughter even harder now, desperate to come.

“Yessss, that’s right, Daddy! Fuck me harder! Harder, Daddy, harder! It feels sooo fuckin’ good, I can hardly stand it! Fuck my hot little ass, Daddy! Make me come! Oh, God, I’ll die if you don’t shoot your wad up my ass soon! Then I can come.” Julie cried.

His daughter’s words aroused him savagely. Ralph threw everything he had into his cock thrusts, feeling the girl’s ass-walls pulsing against his prick each time he shoved into her.

He was thrilled by her desire to come at the same time as he did. He quickened his assfucking pace, determined to give the girl her wish. It was what he wanted too.

Ralph’s cock thickened even more inside Julie’s shit-chute. She groaned with pleasure and excitement, realizing that he was about to come. She sensed that her daddy just needed one more to make him come, and she knew just what would do it. Taking a deep breath, she let herself go and she came.

“Commmiiiinnnggg, Daddy!” she screamed knowing somehow that the thrill of feeling his daughter coming beneath him would take her daddy over the edge.

She was right.

“I’m coming too, you hot little slut!” Ralph bellowed as he arched his back and pressed his bushy crotch against the cheeks of the girl’s ass as hard as possible.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” Julie gasped as she felt her welted asscheeks being flattened out against her father’s loins and the fronts of his muscular thighs.

The man shot his load of hot cum into the teenager’s asshole. The tight little asshole gripped the spasming cock at the very hilt. His balls rested against the mouth of her fuckhole.

“Yessss, yessss, yessss, this is fantastic!” Julie cried.

Both father and daughter continued to come. “Shiiiiiiit!” she gasped seconds later as the peak of her orgasm struck her with full force. She realized that she had her answer at long last. It was possible to come from stimulation of her asshole, for that was where she felt the thrust of her climax. Both her asshole and pussy were spasming violently now and she knew she had never felt this good in her life.

Just then there was a startled gasp from the doorway.

Both Ralph and Julie twisted their heads around to see Carly standing there, her hand pressing against her mouth, her eyes filled with shock and anger.


“Mom!” Julie cried, her face flushing with embarrassment. She stared at her mother. Her daddy’s prick was still buried to the hilt up the teenagers asshole.

“Carly! My God!” Ralph exclaimed as he desperately began to pull his soft cock out of his daughter’s asshole.

“I can’t believe this! How could you… both of you… how could you actually fuck together? That’s depraved! And how could you hurt me this way?” Carly cried, beginning to cry.

“Oh, God, Mom,” Julie whimpered, falling onto her back on her bed and puffing up the covers to hide her nakedness.

Up to that moment, the youngster had not felt ashamed of her desires for her father. But now she felt dirty and guilty, and she could no longer meet her mother’s eyes.

All the time she and her father had been fucking each other, the girl had not given any thought to what would happen if her mother found out about it. Now, looking at her mother standing there in the doorway, her shoulders shaking with the force of her sobs, Julie knew that what she had been done had been very wrong and that she would never be able to undo what had been done.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she mumbled.

“I should think so!” Carly spat, tier eyes flashing with anger and disgust as she glared at her daughter.

Then the woman turned her gaze to Ralph who was standing there nakedly before her, his cock now limp. He had his hands on his hips. Although he appeared to be concerned about his wife, Julie had the distinct impression that he didn’t feel ashamed for having fucked his daughter, as if there were nothing wrong with what they had done.

“Carly, take it easy,” he murmured, reaching out as if to take the woman into his powerful arms.

“You pervert!” Carly snarled, taking a step back from him.

“Look,” Ralph said, sighing deeply as if exasperated with his wife for her extreme reaction, “I know you’re feeling jealous and hurt, but it’s all so unnecessary. Come on, Carly, you’ve always been so fucking uptight, such a prude. If you’d just lighten up and join Julie and me, you’d change your tune. Come on, baby, take my word for it, incest is the greatest!”

“You disgusting sex fiend,” Carly said, moving back as the man reached out to her again. “I can’t believe what you just said. Do you really mean it, Ralph? Do you really mean what you say — when you tell me that there’s nothing wrong with incest?”

Julie held her breath. She had never heard her mother speak in that almost-monotonous voice before. It was as if the woman were saying more than what her words conveyed, and the teenager had a sudden ominous sense of impending doom.

“Yes, Carly, I do mean it,” Ralph said with no hesitation whatever. “I just popped our little girl’s cherry and, believe me, it was the greatest thrill of my life! And, Julie wasn’t complaining any either! She wanted it! So where’s the harm? We love each other, Julie and I, and now we’ve just added a new, deeper dimension to that love. How can you possibly object to that?”

“That’s right, Mom I loved it when Daddy fucked me! I sucked him off and then he popped my cherry and he buggered my ass! It was great, Mom, there’s nothing to be upset about!”

The young girl shrank back in her bed, realizing that she had gone too far with her words. She saw the withering stare her mother fixed on her. Carly glared at her daughter in such a way that Julie was sure her mother hated her now and she felt a pang in her heart, wondering if she could ever win her mother’s love back again.

“Shut up, you little whore! This is strictly between your father and myself,” Carly said evenly, still using that ominously calm tone that alarmed Julie even more than if her mother had screamed her anger and jealousy.

“Come on, baby, lighten up. You can’t tell me that you’ve never once thought about how great it would be to fuck our son, Tom,” Ralph said with a knowing grin.

“That does it!” Carly napped, moving forward again and slapping her husband hard across his handsome face.

“Mom!” Julie cried, cowering beneath the covers.

“I thought we had a good marriage, Ralph, but I can see now that I’ve never really known you,” Carly said softly, her eyes filling with fresh tears.

“We do have a good marriage, baby, so don’t blow it,” Ralph said.

“Me blow it? Me?” Carly spat angrily. “I’m not the one who’s been fucking our own child! No, Ralph, make no mistake about it, you are the one who has ruined this marriage… and this family. For tonight, you can sleep on the couch in the living room, or sleep in here with your daughter, if you want. Fuck her again for all I care! First thing tomorrow morning, I want you packed up and out of this house! I’ll be filing for divorce, Ralph, and I never want to see you again!”

“Mom!” Julie sobbed in a strangled cry as her mother whirled about and left the room. When the door to the master bedroom slammed shut, the entire house shook with its force.

Ralph did sleep with his daughter that night. The two of them talked for several hours before finally falling into a restless troubled sleep.

As they talked, Julie cried off and on, hugging her father tightly against her, thinking that she could not bare to let him go. He was the only security she had now. She begged him not to leave the house but he made it clear that he had no choice.

Ralph did his best, to comfort his little girl, in spite of the pain he himself was feeling. He had never thought his wife would go as far as to actually talk divorce. But he believed deep down that, as much of a prude as Carly was, she would eventually come around.

“I don’t know what it will take to make her see the light, honey,” Ralph said softly, embracing his daughter and thinking how much be loved her… and his entire family, “but I’m convinced that something will happen to turn her thinking around.”

“Oh, God, Daddy, I hope so. I can’t see the idea of having the family split up this way. We’ve always been so happy,” the girl responded.

“I know, honey, I know,” Ralph murmured, hoping his wife would eventually welcome him back into their home. He had always been a family man, more than the other men he knew, and he wondered how he would ever get along without the love of his wife and kids.

Carly had not changed her mind by the next morning and Ralph was forced to pack up and get out of the house. He took a room in a nearby motel and called to leave the phone number with Julie, asking her to be sure that her mother knew she could contact him anytime she wanted.

“Daddy, can I come to see you in the motel?” Julie asked as she struggled not to break down and cry.

“No, honey, I don’t think that would be a very good idea,” Ralph responded.

“But why?” Julie asked desperately.

“Honey, look. Your mother’s furious with both of us. Okay, she’s already kicked me out of the house. I don’t want her to kick you out, too. So, as long as you’re living there with her you’d better keep a low profile. If she found out that you’d visited me here at the motel, I don’t know what she would do to you! But I don’t think you’d better take that chance!”

“O-okay, Daddy, I understand,” Julie said quaveringly. “But I’ll miss you so much!”

Ralph assured his daughter that he loved her and that he would miss her very much, too, and then they hung up. Julie cried for a solid hour, afraid that she might never see her daddy again.

For almost a week, the Shelton household was filled with an unbearable tension that nothing seemed capable of breaking. Julie kept to herself as much as possible, although her brother, Tom, seemed to hold nothing against her. In fact, he looked at her with a new respect and interest these days.

Whenever Julie happened to find herself in the same room with her mother, the older woman completely ignored her daughter and when forced to tell her something, she talked through Tom.

Julie was completely miserable. Over and over again she mentally kicked herself for breaking up their happy home. The young girl laid all the blame squarely on herself.

One day, when the sun was burning hot and bright high in the sky above, Julie donned her bikini and went out to the backyard swimming pool to work off sonic of the tension that weighed so heavily on her young shoulders.

“Hi, Sis!” Tom called from the side of the pool where he sat dangling his hairy, muscular legs in the cool blue water.

“Oh, hi,” Julie mumbled, surprised to see her brother.

“Relax, honey, Mom’s gone shopping, so it’s just you and me,” Tom said with a grin.

Julie tried to return his smile, but her face felt frozen and stiff.

“Hey, come on, Sis, lighten up. You’re taking this thing entirely too hard!” Tom said.

“How can you say that?” Julie asked, walking around the pool to join her brother.

Something about the way the young boy looked in his tight bikini briefs made butterflies flutter around inside the girl’s tummy. She could feel her heart pounding. And she felt that familiar ache mounting in her pussy.

“What do you mean?” Tom asked, his eyes raking over his sister’s sexy young body, his gaze focusing on her tits and pussy which were only slightly concealed by her skimpy bikini.

“Huh? What?” Julie asked, flushing as she realized that she had lost the thread of their conversation. She was too busy staring at the bulge in her brother’s crotch. The bulge seemed to be getting larger by the second.

Julie could feel her cunt folds swelling rapidly and she felt her little clit growing hard and stiff. Her pussyjuices were flowing now. With a jolt, she realized that she wanted her brother. She wanted him to fuck her.

“Sis,” Tom said softly, his eyes on hers now. He was breathing hard and, still, the bulge in his crotch grew larger and harder.

Julie’s lips parted and she ran the tip of her pink tongue lightly back and forth across her sensuous mouth.

Tom rose and slipped his large, masculine handy around his sister’s narrow waist. He moved his hands to her back, the palms of his hands flat against the small of her back.

“Ohhhh, Tom,” Julie moaned, surprised by the lust she felt so suddenly for her own brother. But her daddy wasn’t around to take care of the ache in her pussy.

She felt her nipples getting hard and stiff, burning and tingling. Her nipples needed to be sucked. They ached and it felt to the youngster as if her tits were swelling.

The insides of her thighs were tingling, too, and she could feel that they were flushed with the heat of her passion. As the brother and sister embraced, she could feel her breaths growing shorter and closer together. Her heart was pounding faster than before.

Tom pulled his sister up against him and his face moved slowly toward hers. Julie gasped as she felt his hot breath on her lower lip.

“Ohhhh, Tom,” she sighed as she pressed her lips against his and the boy and the girl touched the tips of their tongues together.

Julie shivered violently and she reached up and held the good-looking boy by the back of his neck. She twined her fingers together.

She squeezed his neck as they began to roll their tongues together. The youngsters explored the insides of each other’s mouth thoroughly with a swiftly rising lust.

By the time their forbidden kiss ended, both brother and sister were panting heavily.

“Take your bikini off, Sis,” Tom husked, so turned on that he felt he could come on the spat.

“Okay, sure,” Julie said with a tremulous little smile, “but only if you take your briefs off. I want to see your big cock, Tom! I can tell you’re really well hung!”

Tom grinned with pride as he shucked his briefs off, revealing a prick even bigger than his father’s, a good ten inches and as thick as Julie’s wrist.

Julie gasped when she saw it and her pussy burned uncontrollably. With her eyes gazing deeply into her brother’s, she stripped her bikini off, proudly revealing her naked body to him.

Tom grinned, obviously pleased with the way his sister looked naked.

“Lie down,” he demanded hoarsely, trying to keep his desire in check.

“Here?” Julie asked, looking around her at the gassy area next to the pool.

“Yeah. Right here,” Tom said, his eyes burning into hers.

She lay down on her back on the cool, springy grass and her brother lowered himself to the ground, kneeling next to her. He lowered his face and began to kiss lightly up and down the side of the girl’s neck, using both his tongue and his sharp teeth.

“Mmmm, good,” she sighed.

Tom flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth across her dangling ear-lobe, making Julie break out in goosebumps. Then, the young boy explored the inside of her ear with his bold tongue.

“Oh Tom!” Julie cried, shivering all over hard.

She had her legs stretched out in front of her with her knees and ankles close together. She could feel her pussy and tits throbbing violently.

She felt her brother’s hot mouth on the front of her neck as he kissed his way down to her tits. He kissed and sucked on her left tit, making the young girl writhe feverishly on the lawn. Over and over again, the boy sucked, licked and nibbled on his sister’s left tit, leaving lewd, wet trails of saliva all over the pulsing mound of tit-flesh.

“You’re so handsome and sexy, Tom,” Julie murmured, “and I love what you’re doing to my tit!”

The horny young girl trembled all over as she felt her nip growing stiffer and larger against her brother’s aroused tastebuds.

Tom sucked his sister’s tit lightly and gently at first. Then Julie saw his cheeks hollowing as he began to suck harder. His sucking mouth tugged hard at the girl’s nip and then he began to bite it, making Julie cry out with a mingled sensation of pain and pleasure.

“Yessssss!” she gasped breathlessly. “That’s soooo good!”

Tom pulled on the stiff nipple with his sharp teeth. Then he released it and moved on to the other tit, the one he had been neglecting.

“Yes, Tom, yes, suck my right tit! Lick it! Bite it!” Julie cried out demandingly.

And he did. Repeating the same skillful motions he had made with her left tit, the boy licked, sucked and nibbled on this soft yet firm mound of tit-flesh until it, too, was all slick with his saliva. And until its nipple protruded over an inch from the tip of the tit.

Tom lifted his head and stared into his sister’s lust glazed eyes.

“I’ve always been hot for you, Sis. Always,” he murmured, and then he placed both of his strong hands over both of the girl’s tits at the same time and he began to knead and stroke the twin mounds.

He squeezed his sister’s tits harder and harder.

“Ouch! That hurts!” she yelped.

“Want me to stop?” Tom asked with a grin, already knowing her answer.

“Don’t you dare!” Julie said and they both laughed.

For a few more moments, the young boy massaged and squeezed his sister’s tits while she writhed with ecstasy beneath his incestuous touch.

“Now, I’m gonna look at your pussy. I’ve always wanted to see what your pussy really looks like… inside. I love the way it’s almost completely hairless!” Tom said huskily as he moved down to Julie’s feet.

He pushed her legs apart and she whimpered with excitement. She saw Tom running his tongue back and forth across his lips and the turn-on sight made her pussyjuice flow even more thickly.

She felt her cuntjuice drooling right out of her pussy and beginning to run down her trembling thighs. She knew that her brother saw her cunt sauce running out of her cunt, and that knowledge aroused the girl beyond belief. She didn’t feel one bit embarrassed or self-conscious the way she would have thought. Instead, she felt only very, very horny.

Tom lowered his face and began to kiss his sister’s feet. He kissed all of her toes, and then he sucked each one of them long and hard.

“Oh, God, Tommy, I can’t believe what you’re doing to me! It feels sooo fucking good!” she whined.

Now, the young boy began to kiss her legs, then her calves, and her thighs. He surprised the girl by biting into the flesh on the inside of her right thigh and she squealed with excitement.

Tom moved between his sister’s legs, pushing her thighs farther apart. He used both hands to open her cuntlips as far as possible — and then he rammed his tongue into her fuckhole.

Tom’s head spun as he tasted his sister’s pussyjuice for the first time. It flowed hotly and thickly into his wide-open mouth and he drank it all down as he thrust the full length of his tongue in and out of the girl’s snapping cunthole.

“Yes, Tom, yes! Eat my pussy! Yes, tonguefuck it, you horny bastard! I love it! Ohhh, Jesus Christ, you’re gonna make me come in a minute!” Julie hollered at the top of her lungs, her entire body humping forward to capture even more of the boy’s tongue up her cunt.

Over and over again, the boy fucked his tongue in and out of her fuckhole, feeling her pussy muscles closing around his tongue. His cock was rock-hard now, about ready to explode. He knew that if he didn’t fuck his sister. Soon, he would waste his cum by spilling it out all over the ground.

Anxious to make her come fast, he withdrew his tongue from her tiny pussy hole and used his tongue to lash at her clit which pulsed frenziedly against his hard, wet tongue.

“Jeeeesus!” Julie yelped, knowing that she was about to come.

Now, Tom wrapped his soft lips about the base of the fiery little clit and sucked for all he was worth.

Tom sucked and licked the girl’s clit until her orgasm ended. Then, he raised his juice-smeared face and smiled up at her.

“What do you want me to do now, Sis?” he asked needlessly.

“Take me, Tommy! Fuck the holy shit out of me!” Julie begged.

“You got it, babe. But I wanna fuck you dog style. So get up on your hands and knees and I’ll fuck your horny little pussy from behind,” Tom husked as he rose to his own knees.

In seconds, Julie was positioned in the classic dog-fuck position with her randy brother kneeling behind her, fingering his stiff hard-on.

“God, I can’t believe it! Your cock’s sooo big, Tommy! Even bigger than Daddy’s!” Julie cried, looking over her shoulder at the boy’s mammoth-sized prick.

“Yeah? Glad to hear it,” Tom laughed as he stroked the girl’s quivering asscheeks with one hand. With the other, he gripped the base of his cock, guiding it forward toward her gaping pussyhole.

Julie moaned, wanting her brother’s cock inside her so badly that she could taste it.

“Fuck me, please, for God’s sake, hurry and fuck me!” she pleaded tearfully.

She felt Tom running the tip of his cock up and down her pussy very slowly, deliberately teasing her to the point of near-madness. Filially, he stopped, his cockhead poised at the mouth of her trembling little fuckhole.

He began to push forward and Julie felt her inner cuntlips stretching open to take his cock.

“Oh, yes, Tommy, fuck me,” she whimpered, feeling helpless against the incestuous desires that overwhelmed her.

Suddenly, Tom grunted and he stabbed, forward with full force, impaling his sister’s gaping pussyhole on the full length of his massive prick.

“Aiieeee! Yessss! That’s what I need to feel!” Julie cried, thrilling to the lewd sensation of having her little pussy completely stuffed with hat, hard cockmeat.

Tom wrapped his strong arms around the front of his sister’s body, cupping her tits in both hands and pressing them together obscenely.

“Oh, yessss, unnnhhh, fuck me like a dog, fuck me, fuck me,” Julie babbled, loving the way her nipples throbbed against the boy’s hands.

More and more pussyjuice rolled down the insides of her thighs as she knelt there on the lawn next to the swimming pool with her own brother’s cock impaling her cunt.

She could smell the scent of their combined lust in her flared nostrils, and she heard the sound of the boy’s cock sloshing through her thick juices as it fucked into her cunthole.

She pushed back at him with her ass and the head of Tom’s prick smacked up against the very back wall of her little cunt. Her agonized pussy flesh was forced to stretch in every possible direction to take the full length in. But she did manage to take it all, every single solid inch of meat. She felt stuffed to the brim with prick. And she loved it.

“Ohhhh, God, Tommy, I love it!” she cried as she felt her brother’s cockhead throbbing deep up inside her belly.

Moving his hips from side to side and then back and forth, Tom fucked his sister slowly at first. But, as she began to thrust her ass back hard and fast against him, he was forced to fuck her faster to keep up with her frenzied movements.

The friction of Tom’s huge prick against the walls of Julie’s pussy created a powerful heat. The young girl moaned over and over, realizing that she had never felt so turned on before in her life.

“Ohhhhh, shit, I’m ready to come, baby! Are you ready?” Tom asked, panting harshly.

“Yessss! I’m commmiiinnnggg!” Julie cried as sharp convulsions tore through her pussy and she came hard and fast.

“Meeee toooo!” Tom chorused as brother and sister came together.

When Julie felt her brother’s thick, hot cum flooding her cock-stuffed pussy, she came again.


“Oh, Tommy, I feel so ashamed! What we did was wrong.” Julie sobbed as she and her brother embraced there on the lawn after their torrid fucking session.

“What are you talking about? There’s nothing wrong with what we did! We just expressed our love and made each other feel good. What could be wrong with that?” Tom asked as he pulled slightly back from his sister and used his fingertips to gently wipe her tears away from her flushed cheeks.

Julie felt confused by her brother’s words. They seemed to make so much sense. But she knew better. She had been there.

“But it has to be wrong! Incest just has to be wrong!” she insisted, her voice rising almost hysterically.

“Why, Sis? Where’d you get this crazy idea of yours that there’s one fucking thing wrong with sexual love between members of a family?” Tom asked softly with a slight frown.

“Don’t you see? We used to be a really happy, loving family, right?” she asked, looking intently into her brother’s eyes.

“Right. So?” Tom asked with a shrug of his muscular shoulders.

“And I hadn’t ever fucked anyone in the family either. But as soon as I did, as soon as I fucked with Daddy, everything came apart! Now, Daddy isn’t even living with us anymore, and Mommy hates me and, oh God, Tommy, everything is just horrible around here and it’s all my fault!” Julie said, sobbing hard now.

“Hey, hey!” Tom said, patting his sister’s back to soothe her as he embraced her tightly once again. “You’re right about one thing. Everything’s really fucked around here. And it’s a real fuck to have Dad living in some motel instead of here where he belongs. But you’re wrong about it being your fault, Sis! It’s not your fault at all, and there isn’t one Goddamned thing wrong with incest. What you and Dad did was completely normal, just like you and me fucking each other was right and natural.”

“But, if it isn’t my fault that the family broke up, then whose fault is it,” Julie asked, feeling slightly swayed by her brother’s persuasive words and tone of voice, but still unconvinced that she was not to blame for the breakup of their happy home.

“Mom,” Tom said flatly.

“Mom? How is it her fault? She’s the injured one!” Julie said, not understanding her brother’s point at all.

“Bullshit.” Tom spat as he released his sister and rose from the lawn. He moved to the side of the swimming pool and lowered himself until he was sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water.

Brother and sister were silent for a few moments while Tom tried to collect his thoughts and Julie struggled to stop crying.

“Look, Sis,” Tom said finally, “Mom’s great and I love her a lot. You know that. But let’s face it. She’s always been too uptight for her own good. When you and I were little kids we used to call her a prude, and she hasn’t changed one bit. If she can’t accept incest as being the natural expression of love that it is, then that’s her problem. It’s her fault that everyone’s so miserable. Don’t worry, Sis, I’m pretty sure that she won’t be able to hold out for long.”

“What do you mean?” Julie asked, sniffing away the last of her tears.

“She and Dad love each other too much! You know that! They’re still like newlyweds even after all these years! She’s miserable without him and I just think that eventually she’ll forgive him and let him move back home,” Tom said.

“Oh, Tommy, how I hope you’re right!” Julie cried.

Her father had told her the very same thing. She still felt guilty and ashamed, as if the whole thing were her fault. Even though her brother’s words might be true, her mother continued to act as if she hated her. As long as the older woman blamed Julie for the breakup of the family, the teenager would continue to blame herself. It was that simple and that tragic.

“Anyway, I’ve got a plan to hurry things along,” Tom said with a grin.

“What plan? What do you have in mind?” Julie asked eagerly.

“Never mind. Let’s just say that I think I’ve got a way of convincing Mom how wrong she is,” Tom said, feeling his cock harden again.

“What is it? Tell me!” Julie laughed, feeling better now.

“Never mind. I don’t want to get your hopes up. And something else is up… my cock! Now get your body over here and suck me off!” Tom ordered.

With a little squeal of excitement, Julie ran over to her brother. She eased herself into the pool. While the cool water played over her naked body, she moved between his splayed legs and gripped his huge hard-on with both hands.

“Go on, Sis, suck my cock until I come inside your mouth!” Tom growled, putting his hands on the sides of his sister’s head and forcing her forward.

“Oh, yes, Tom, I want to suck your cock! And I can’t wait to taste your cum pouring down my throat!” the girl cried eagerly.

Opening her mouth as wide as possible, Julie pushed her face onto her brother’s cock and locked her lips on the pulsing ring at the base.

“Unnnhhh,” Tom groaned.

Julie loved the way his cockhead pulsated in sync with her racing heartbeat. She lashed her tongue against the little cum-slit and moaned with pleasure as she tasted the delicious little drop of precum that rolled out over her tongue.

The horny young girl made a fist about the base of she boy’s prick with her right hand. His cock was so thick that her fingers could not possibly make it all the way around the pulsing prickshaft.

With her other have Julie gently squeezed her brother’s balls. All the while, she treaded water with both feet so as not to drown while sucking him off!

More and more hot aroused blood pumped into the boy’s cockhead until it felt to him as if his prick would explode if even one more drop of blood surged in.

As Julie sucked the head of her brother’s prick, she pushed her face down harder and took his cock into her throat a little at a time, keeping her lips curled over her teeth so she would not bite the head of her brother’s cock accidentally. The young girl had learned a lot from her daddy.

She squeezed his balls a little harder, making him groan with incestuous desire. She continued to suck his hard cock, all the while tugging more and more of the long, thick prickshaft into her mouth and down her throat.

“Jesus! You’re deep-throating me! Feels great, Sis! Keep it up! Get my whole cock down your throat if you can!” Tom groaned, still clutching the sides of the girl’s head. But he was not forcing her. He was not fucking her face. He was merely guiding her movements as she continued to suck him off expertly.

As she sucked the boy’s prick, Julie squeezed and pumped with her tight fist.

“God, but you’re good! Keep it up, babe, keep sticking me hard until I come down your throat!” Tom grunted, moaning and groaning and panting heavily now.

“Ummnunffff,” Julie moaned around the thickness of the throbbing cock in her mouth. Her little pussy was quivering with renewed desire now, and more fuck juice ran down her legs, mingling with the pool water that swirled about her as she continued to kick her feet in a desperate attempt to stay afloat.

“Suck it baby, yeah, suck it hard! Harder, you bitch! Oh, God, Julie, suck the cum right out of my fucking balls!” Tom howled, throwing his head back and clenching his teeth together tightly.

Julie felt a great surge of pride at the knowledge that she was able to give her brother so much pleasure with her mouth.

She knew that she had made her father feel really good with her mouth, too. And with her cunt. And with her ass. The young girl felt as if she had been made for fucking, and she could think of no greater thrill than using her natural born skills to give pleasure to her daddy and brother.

But there was still that nagging sense of guilt at the back of her mind, and she just knew that, in spite of her brother’s attempts to persuade her otherwise, incest must be wrong. Even though she loved fucking her brother and father and even though it felt like the most natural thing in the world to the youngster, she must be a terrible sinner, she told herself.

Now, she put all such thoughts out of her mind, allowing herself to think only of the thrills she felt as she sucked more and more of Tom’s cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“Unnnhhh, you hot cock-sucking little slut! Suck me hard, you whore! Suck me until I come!” Tom grunted.

Julie’s tits bobbed on the surface of the water, her nipples long and pointy, as she deep throated her brother. She tightened the walls of her throat against the sides of his pulsing prick. She felt another surge of pride when Tom groaned in response.

“Yeah, that’s it, you sexy cock-sucker!” he grunted, gripping the sides of the girl’s head tighter. He knew that he would come soon.

The young girl sucked harder and harder, and squeezed Tom’s huge prick all the tighter with her throat muscles, wanting to make him come so she could swallow all of his spunk.

Her smooth cheeks were hollowed from the sucking vacuum she so skillfully created in her mouth.

The boy threw his head back and howled in pleasure. The veins on the sides of his neck stood out in bold relief. He clenched his teeth even more tightly as he prepared to shoot his wad down his sister’s throat.

Julie felt the boy’s cock lurching crazily and wildly against the walls of her throat and mouth, and she knew that the moment was at hand. She wanted to cry out to him, to beg him to let go, to shoot his wad down her throat, but she was too busy sucking. All she could do was to suck him just as hard as possible and hope that he would not keep her waiting much longer.

Just then, the boy’s balls erupted and the molten cum began to flow. The girl’s mouth was flooded with the sticky stuff, and she moaned with pleasure, thinking again how much she loved to eat cum.

She swallowed hard and fast, trying desperately to keep up with the pumping jolts of jism that relentlessly poured into her cock stretched mouth.

Wads of the delicious cream shot from Tom’s prick, poured into his sister’s overflowing mouth and slid slickly down her throat, warming her belly with a full, satisfying feeling.

Although Julie valiantly tried to swallow each and every drop of the tasty spunk, it was impossible. There was just too much of the thick goo, and it began to dribble out from the corners of her mouth.

Some of the warm cum ran down her chin and splashed down onto the girl’s heaving tits before mingling with the pool water.

Julie was surprised to discover that her brother’s jism tasted different than her daddy’s. They both tasted delicious to the young girl and they both had that same creamy, rich texture, but they tasted slightly different from each other.

“Keep sucking, bitch, keep sucking!” Tom cried, still shooting wads of thick cum down her throat.

As she continued to suck her brother off, she felt her little pussy spasm uncontrollably. She came, her girl-cum seeping from her cunt into the water of the pool.


The tension in the Shelton household continued, and things were especially icy and uncomfortable between Carly and her daughter, Julie.

Tom knew that things would not continue this way much longer. If his mother wouldn’t see the light on her own, it was up to him to help her realize the error of her ways, he told himself.

About a week after his exciting suck and fuck session with his sister, Tom knew the time had come. It was perfect. He and his mother were home alone.

Julie had been spending more and more time away from home lately. This particular evening, she was at her best friend’s house where she would be staying overnight.

At dinner with his mother, Tom deliberately put on an act of being depressed. He ate little and said nothing until she spoke to him, and then he responded to the beautiful woman with monosyllabic answers.

It wasn’t like him. Knowing his mother as well as he did, Tom knew that she would be worried about him. Her worry and concern played a most important part in his plan.

“What’s wrong, Tom? You’re so quiet. You just don’t seem like yourself,” Carly finally asked her son as he refused dessert and began to rise from the table, as if to leave.

“It’s nothing, Mom,” he said with his eyes cast downward. Really, he thought to himself, I should get an Academy Award for this.

“But you act so, I don’t know, depressed,” Carly said with motherly concern.

Tom felt like laughing. Depressed? Far from it! If anything, he felt excited about what was about to happen, but he had to hide his excitement from her or everything would be ruined.

“I’m all right, but I am tired. I think I’ll go to my room and read for a while and then I’ll go to bed,” he said heavily, as if carrying the weight of the world on his young shoulders. He moved away from his mother.

Carly stared after her son, wondering what was wrong with him. She rose and began to clear the table, rinsing the dishes off in the sink. She was about to wash the dishes when she paused, still thinking about Tom and the odd way he was acting. Something about his last words to her bothered her greatly, and then she realized what it was.

He had said he intended to read for a while and then go to bed. But, in fact, the boy rarely read, and Carly had never known him to go to bed so early.

I’d best go upstairs and check on him, she thought, leaving the dishes as she headed out of the kitchen toward the boy’s bedroom.

Carly had never known her son to act so moodily. It was clear to her that something was troubling him. As his mother, it was her responsibility to find out what it was and help him if she could. Carly had always taken great pride in being a good mother.

As she approached her boy’s door, she heard sound of heavy breathing. Alarmed, she pushed the door open and walked into his room without knocking.

The woman stopped dead in her tracks and let out a startled gasp.

“Oh, Tommy!” she cried in surprise, her eyes going wide.

Tom was lying naked on his bed, and his hand was pumping up and down his stiff cock.

As soon as he saw his mother, Tom’s hand stopped moving, and he rolled over on the bed to hide his nakedness from her. Again, he grinned since she could not see his face.

“I-I didn’t mean to invade your privacy,” Carly stammered, confused by the rush of feelings that swept through her at the sight of her boy’s naked body and huge hard-on. She was shocked by the size of his prick which was even longer than his father’s.

Carly started to leave the boy’s room as he remained silent, facing away from her toward the wall, but then she squared her shoulders, telling herself that a good mother would stay and talk this out.

As she moved closer to the bed and to her son, she felt a twinge in her clit, but she refused to let herself think about that. She sat down on the side of the bed and put her arm across her son’s shoulders.

“I know you’re troubled about something, Tommy, dear. Does what you were, uh, doing have anything to do with what’s been bothering you?” she asked him, trying to make her voice as gentle and unaccusing as possible.

“Yes,” Tom said weakly.

“Are you upset because you think that it’s wrong to do, uh, what you were doing?” she asked.

“No! I know that there’s nothing wrong with jerking myself off!” Tom said emphatically.

Carly gasped at her son’s words.

“What bothers me,” Tom continued, “is what I was thinking about while I was jerking off.”

“Oh, you mean sexual fantasies. Well, I wouldn’t worry too much about that, dear…”

“That’s not what I mean, Mom. It’s who I was thinking about that bothers me,” Tom said mysteriously.

“Oh. Well, why don’t you tell me about it?” Carly asked, her voice trembling. “Was it some young girl at school?”

“No, that wouldn’t bother me at all! I was thinking of a guy.” Tom lied. In truth, the horny youngster had been thinking about his beautiful, sexy mother but he couldn’t tell her that or the uptight woman would run screaming from his room.

Carly gasped again. This seemed to be her night for surprises. She forced herself to sound calm as she spoke.

“Well, Tom, I know that sometimes a boy your age can have a crush on a friend…”

“That’s not it, Mom. You still don’t understand. I’m not talking about a friend my age,” Tom said, thinking that his mother was responding so letter-perfect to his words that it was as though he had handed her a script of how their conversation should go and she had, memorized every word.

“Who-who is this guy?” she asked haltingly.

“One of my teachers,” Tom told her.

“Oh, Tommy,” she said, beginning to relax for the first time since she had entered her son’s room. “That’s nothing to worry about. Your teacher is an authority figure and you look up to him and there’s nothing wrong…”

“No, Mom, it isn’t like that at all! It’s much more than a dumb crush!” the boy said.

“Tommy… what-what are you trying to tell me?” Carly asked breathlessly.

“Something happened between this teacher and myself,” Tom said, wishing he could see the expression on his mother’s face. But it was important to keep his face turned away from her… for now at least.

“Good God, Tommy! Are you telling me that this man. This pervert forced you to…”

“No, Mom, you still don’t get it! I’m the one who tried to seduce him,” Tom said evenly.

Of course, the boy was lying through his pearly white teeth. Tom had never made it with another male, and he had never wanted to. The very idea made him sick to his stomach.

“What?” Carly shrieked.

“I really had my work cut out for me to talk him into it, Mom. I knew he wanted me just like I wanted him. But, at first, he was afraid that he’d get canned if we got caught. But I just started talking pretty and pretty soon he forgot all about his fears. The first few times, we even did it in his classroom,” Tom said.

“The first few times?” Carly yelled, hardly able to believe her own ears.

“Sure, we’ve made it together lots of times, Mom. That’s what’s been bothering me. I hate the idea of being gay, but I know that I must be or I wouldn’t get off on making it with my teacher so much,” the boy said.

Carly sat there in stunned silence for a few minutes, her mind racing as it frantically tried to take in everything she had just heard. “Maybe you’ve got me so confused, I just don’t know what you’re saying. Have you ever, uh, made it with a girl?” she asked.

“No, and I don’t want to! The very idea of a pussy leaves me cold,” Tom lied, feeling half sick at the very idea of being a pervert, yet knowing it was for a good cause.

“Well,” Carly hemmed, at a loss for words. This problem was far beyond anything she had expected to hear from her young son. “Maybe someday you’ll meet the right girl and fall in love with her and…”

“Yuk! No way!”

“Try not to jump to conclusion, dear,” Carly soothed, her motherly instincts taking over once again. “After all, you say you’ve never done it with a girl before.”

“Right. And I have no intention of making it with a girl. It just doesn’t appeal to me, Mom. That’s how I know I’m gay. And I won’t want to be! I feel like such a weirdo! A queer! A pervert! I want to be normal and I know I can’t be!”

A forbidden thought burst into Carly’s mind. It was too perverse, too sick. But, as she sat there with her troubled son, the thought persisted. Ralph had been gone for a while now, and Carly wasn’t used to going so long without fucking, for she and her husband had enjoyed a very active sex life together until that fateful night.

Yes, it had been a long time between fucks for Carly. Too long. And, if she hadn’t already been painfully aware of that disquieting fact, her burning pussy would have let her know.

Her cunt was burning and itching furiously. She knew she needed a good fuck. She also knew that her dear son was in real trouble. It was up to her, as his mother, to take matters into her own hands and help him, if it were at all possible to rescue him.

Carly was absolutely certain that the young man was not gay. She had raised two normal kids, and Tom was far to masculine and powerful in appearance to ever be mistaken for being gay. She knew that Tom could not possibly be gay, in spite of his little fling. If said fling had ever really taken place. She could hardly tell from his words.

Yes, Carly knew that her son was completely normal. But he didn’t seem to know that, and that was the real problem. He would always think of himself as abnormal unless someone helped him. And if his own loving mother could not help him, then who could? And who had a greater responsibility to him than his own mother?

Carly moved her hand slowly down the boy’s naked back. She hesitated at the base of his spine for a second, and then she brought her hand over his firm, rounded asscheeks, enjoying the way they felt.

The woman slipped her hand beneath the boy’s midsection and touched his hard cock with the tips of her fingers. She pressed his prick gently, and the throbbing response of the big cock turned her on even more.

“Please turn over, darling,” she said, surprised by the husky quality in her voice.

“I can see that you want to help, Mother, but believe it, it’s hopeless,” Tom said, trying to keep the lust out of his voice.

“Now, darling, I am your mother, and there are times when I know what’s best for you. Please just do what I tell you to,” she said.

Tommy let out an exaggerated sigh and turned over. His hard cock jutted up from his groin and then flopped onto his flat tummy. It gave a little responsive jerk as his mother gazed hotly at it.

“You’re so big,” she husked, “like your father. I think your dick is even longer than his and just as thick.”

Tom was tempted to tell his mother that he knew for a fact that his cock was indeed longer than his father’s, for Julie had told him so and who should know better? But he restrained himself. Things were going too well to fuck them up now.

“Yeah, my teacher, well, he really liked my big cock, too, turned him on I guess,” the boy lied, wanting to egg the woman on.

Carly took a deep breath, trying to steady her nerves. She was surprised by the jolt of jealousy she felt.

“Yes, well… I want you to know that girls — and women — like big cocks too, and they especially like cocks that are nice and thick the way yours is,” she said.

She moved her hand to her son’s cock and ran her palm over the long, thick prick. Then she wrapped as much of her hand as possible around the cockshaft just below the rim of the flared prickhead.

She tightened her grip and her pussy drooled sake felt the throbbing and pulsing of the boy’s blood as it coursed through the swollen veins in the cockshaft. She felt more and more fuck juice seep into her clit as she turned on royally. She hadn’t felt this horny in years. She moved her legs against each other and her cuntlips pressed against each other. They felt slick and slippery as they moved hotly together.

She brought her other hand to the boy’s balls and cupped them. As she held the wrinkled sac, the fleshy globes shrank up against the base of the cockshaft.

“Looks to me like your cock likes what I’m doing to it,” she said throatily.

“It’s not my cock, Mom, it’s what I’m thinking about that’s turning me on,” Tom said.

“What are you thinking, dear?” Carly asked with a smile, hoping that her son was thinking about her.

“I’m thinking about that teacher and his big cock,” Tom said, watching his mother closely for her reaction.

“Please try to forget about him for now, Tommy, and let me help you,” Carly said with a sigh.

“Nothing against you, Mom, I know you’re trying really hard to help me and I do appreciate it but I think I need more help than you’re giving me,” Tom said.

Carly thought for a moment. Her son was absolutely right, she finally told herself. This was an extreme case. And drastic measures were needed. It was evidently up to her to convince him he was a real man. It would take more than a hand job to do that.

She bent her head to his crotch and gripped the base of his big cock with one hand. Then she put her mouth over the head of her son’s stiff prick and ran her tongue all over the smoothly stretched skin.

She made a tight seal with her lips on the cockshaft and increased the suction of her mouth. Then the woman moved down the trembling prickshaft. When half was buried in her mouth, she felt the head of the big cock bumping against the back of her mouth. She moved back up to the prickhead and swiveled her mouth.

She made another downward stroke on the boy’s big prick and then returned to the head of his cock and bobbed rapidly back and forth. She felt the cock grow even harder against her lips as she sucked.

Carly pressed her hand more firmly against Tom’s balk and the boy arched his hips up toward her. As she worked her mouth up and down on his cock, the flow of juices in her cunt increased. She was feeling hotter and wetter by the second, and her own desires made her suck him faster and harder.

“Unnhh,” Tom moaned, rolling his head back on the bed and closing his eyes.

“You’re doing real good, Mom, but it’s no use.”

Carly was stung by the boy’s words. She slipped his cock out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Son. I was doing the best I could. Maybe… maybe, you should tell me how to do it the way you like best,” she said earnestly, eager to do whatever was necessary to help her son. And she was just as eager to do anything that might relieve the relentless burning deep in her little cunt.

“Well… okay, I guess I could do that,” Tom said slowly. “First, Mom, try to make it as soft as you can when you suck my prick. When you sucked me hard, it didn’t feel as good to me as when you did it real soft and gentle, like a tease.”

“Oh. Do you mean like this?” Carly asked as she bent her head to her son’s cock once again.

She put her mouth over the cockhead and, keeping only the lightest touch of her lips, started moving her head up and down. She licked the big thick cock, going faster with each stroke.

“Yeah, Mom, that’s the right touch all right but now you’re starting to go too fast. That take it slow and easy so that every stroke feels just a tiny bit better than the one just before it,” Tom instructed.

A part of Carly resented her young son giving her instructions on how to suck cock when she had been sucking Ralph’s for years. But she was eager to please her son, and herself in the process. She held back any angry retorts that, sprang to her mind, and concentrated instead on sucking Tom’s prick just the way he liked.

She slowed down now and Tom again arched his hips, fucking his prick into her mouth. She worked her way up and down his prick with her mouth, and she could feel the turgid prick growing harder inside her mouth.

“Is that the right way?” she asked, slipping his cock out of her mouth.

“Yeah, Mom, that’s it. And one other thing… it feels really good if you get my prick all wet with your spit. Then, make a kind of ring with your thumb and forefinger. Don’t press too hard with your fingers, but just let them follow your mouth,” Tom said.

“Oh, okay,” Carly said with a smile. “And every once in a while, pull your mouth away from my prick and wrap your hand around the head and moved it around, but not too much,” Tom said.

“And not so much so that the saliva dries out, right?” Carly asked.

“Right. You got it!” Tom said and they both laughed.

Carly eagerly moved her mouth back to the boy’s cockhead, licking all around and over. Then she licked up and down the full length of his cock, wetting his prick thoroughly with her saliva, just the way he had instructed her.

When the entire prick was wet and shiny, she made a ring with her thumb and index finger. She couldn’t possibly get them all the way around the thick cockshaft. She moved her hand so that her fingers covered all of the underside and part of the rest of the cock.

As she moved her mouth up the prickshaft, she followed with her fingers, which moved easily on the spit-slickened cock. When she reached the prickhead with her hungry mouth, she moved her face almost all the way off so her fingers could graze over the sensitive pleasure strand.

“Aaaarghhh,” Tom groaned, trying to keep his desire in check. He tried to keep up the act of feeling nonchalant about the whole thing. In truth, though, having his own mother suck him off was the greatest thrill of his young life.

Carly’s mouth moved down the quivering cockshaft again, and then back. This time, she took her mouth all the way off his prick and wrapped her hand around the slick, bulbous cock-knob. She rotated her hand, back, and forth.

She looked at her son when she sent her hand back to the base of his cock.

“You’re a quick learner, Mom. That was pretty good,” Tom said. He didn’t want to tell her that he had almost come on the spot.

“Good. I-I enjoyed it, too, Son,” Carly admitted shyly.

“What do you know about the underside of a guy’s cock?” Tom asked her now.

“Well, I know that it’s very sensitive,” Carly said.

“Have you ever used your tongue on that part of Dad’s cock?” the boy asked eagerly.

“Sure. Your father loved that,” Carly responded, feeling a pang of sadness.

“I love it too, Mom!”

Carly moved her head back to her son’s cock and bobbed up and down on his cockhead for a few seconds. Then she moved her mouth around to the underside of Tom’s prick and flicked her tongue across as fast and hard as she possibly could.

“Unnnhhh,” Tom groaned.

Feeling pleased and very proud of her cock licking abilities, Carly continued to lash the underside of the boy’s cock with her tongue. She felt the hard rod of his prick beginning to tremble violently.

“Awwwww, shiiiit, nooo!” Tom cried, sitting up and puffing his prick away from his mother’s mouth. As quickly as he could, he put hi fingers against the underside of his prick and his thumb on the topside of his cockhead. Then he pressed them together, his face wearing a strained expression.

He released the pressure and then pinched his cock again, harder this time. He repeated the move, harder still. Finally, he took his hand away from his prick and let out a long sigh. He breathed deeply and looked at his mother who was watching him with a stunned expression on her beautiful face.

“Whew! That was a close one!” the boy breathed.

“I’m amazed that you know how to do that,” Carly said, her voice filled with admiration.

Carly’s nostrils flared.

“But, son,” she said now, trying to keep her voice calm and even, “you didn’t have to stop yourself from coming. You could have come!”

The woman felt cheated. She had been hoping for a big mouthful of her son’s cum.

“Thanks, Mom. It’s not that I didn’t think it would be okay with you,” the boy said. “It’s just that the idea of coming inside a woman’s mouth really turned me off.”

Actually the youngster had been dying to unload his cum inside his mother’s sexy mouth.

But he was afraid he would not be able to continue to fool her if he had done that. She would have seen how excited and turned on he was as he came inside her mouth and she would have known he was just acting. Then she would not have let him fuck her.

If that happened, she would go right back to her prudish ways, the family would still be spilt apart by her upright ways, and all of Tom’s efforts would have been in vain.

No, he told himself now, I can’t possibly let my mom see just how much I’m getting off on all this shit until I get her to let me fuck her. But it’s gotta be her idea. That’s the only way she’ll go for it, just like she thinks that this little blowjob was her idea, when it was really mine.

“Okay, Mom, you can go back to sucking my cock now, if you want,” the boy said. “Doesn’t matter to me.”


Carly could see that her son still was not acting as a normal boy should. For the first time since entering his room, she felt a pang of concern that perhaps he was right after all.

No way! she thought fervently. No son of mine is going to be some Goddamned queer. He just can’t!

With that thought, she lowered her head once more and began sucking on her son’s cock. This time, she brought her other hand to his balls and pulled them slightly away from his body.

The dutiful mother hollowed her cheeks inward and sucked hard on the boy’s throbbing cockhead. She swirled her tongue around and around the pulsing prickhead, savoring the feel of the smooth flesh against her tongue. She started licking and sucking faster and faster.

Then, she moved down to coat his prickshaft with more of her saliva. As she came up, she followed her mouth with her thumb and index finger in a ring, just the way her boy had taught her. She moved off the cockhead briefly, rotating her closed hand.

She bobbed her head quickly at the top of Tom’s cock, and then she put her lips to the underside and moved downward, flicking her tongue as she went.

When she got to the base of the throbbing prickshaft, she held the boy’s loaded balls in her hand and ran her wet tongue over them. The feel of the wrinkled skin against her tongue was such a thrill for her that her pussy seeped more and more fuck juice.

Carly opened her mouth as wide as she could and put Tom’s entire sac into her mouth. She closed her lips around the base of the sac and felt his balls come together. She pulled her head back to stretch the skin. Then she moved Tom’s balls around in her mouth with her tongue. She was a little surprised by what a nice feeling it was to haven her own son’s balls inside her mouth.

Tom writhed on the bed beneath his mother’s sucking, licking mouth, trying to keep his moans and groans of pleasure to a minimum so as not to betray his true feelings.

When the woman had pulled the skin of her son’s sac as tight as she could, she opened her mouth and let Tom’s balls pop out. As soon as they did, she moved back to the top of his prick and bobbed. When she felt his cock getting harder and thicker, she let his prick slip from her mouth.

Vowing to prove to both her son and to herself that he was a real man, Carly stood up beside the bed and stripped all of her clothes off.

“Do you like my body, Son?” she asked when she was as naked as he was.

“Sure, Mom, I’ve always thought you were beautiful. You have a very nice body,” the boy responded, hoping his mother would not notice his lust-thickened voice.

“Good. That’s a start,” Carly said with a sigh.

She moved onto her son’s bed and stretched out beside him. Tom made no move to touch her but he didn’t move away from her either.

“Son, I know the idea probably turns you off but I want you to touch my tits,” she said.

Tom hid his grin from her as he turned to face her and put his fingers on one nipple. He ran the tip of his index finger around the base of the thing and then he squeezed her hip between his thumb and forefinger. The nip was stiff, and he could see from the expression on her face that she loved the way he was touching her. He was glad that her eyes were closed so she could not see the lust-twisted expression on his own face.

Now, he reached his other hand to her other nipple. He squeezed both of the stiff nubs, and then pulled them.

“Yesssss,” she moaned.

Her son’s lewd touch sent ripples of incestuous pleasure through the woman’s body. And each new surge of sensations made her cunt hotter and wetter as her juice continued to flow.

“You know, Mom, men like to have their nipples squeezed too,” Tom said.

“Yes, I know,” Carly said with a smile as she reached out and pinched her son’s nipples, pulling them. She noticed that his cock made a little jerk when she did that.

Tom continued to squeeze and pinch his mother’s tits until her nipples were stretched out, much longer than they usually were. Then he released her tits, letting her nips snap back.

“Oh, Tommy, I only hope you’re enjoying this half as much as I am,” Carly sighed.

More than twice as much, the boy thought. “Why don’t you try sucking on one of my nipples?” she asked reathlessly.

Without replying for fear of think his true feelings away, Tom moved down in the bed and broke the contact of her fingers with his own nipples. Then, as soon as his head was poised over the woman’s tit, he took the long, stiff nip into his hot, wet mouth.

He ran his tongue around the firm nipple, and then he whipped back and forth over the tip.

Carly felt a heady burst of sensation in her loins as her son licked her nipple. She knew that she was extra excited because he was ha own little boy.

Tom began to suck on his mother’s nipple. Carly brought her hand up and ran her palm over the nape of his neck.

“This reminds me of when you were a baby,” she purred.

That thrilling period of her life flooded back into her mind. It was as clear to her as if it had all happened the week before. She felt, in Tom’s sucking mouth, the same kind of pleasure she had felt when he sucked her tit for the milk he needed.

It was an exciting feeling she had thought was lost to her forever, but now it was happening again. She let herself wallow in the forbidden delight.

She remembered the way he had gone after her nipples after he had grown a little older. He had become aggressive in his search for the nipples he needed so much. He would paw at her tits through her clothes when he was hungry, and as soon as she would unbutton her blouse and take her tit out, he would hold it in his hands and sink his mouth over the nipple, sucking forcefully.

And the woman remembered times when her tit had gone dry and her little, boy would beat at it with his small, balled-up fists. He would suck even harder then and when he received no milk for his efforts, he would hit her again, and finally he would take his mouth off of her nipple and start to cry.

Carly groaned as she realized that she was now feeling that some pleasure that the boy’s tiny mouth had given her so long ago. She had denied those exciting feelings at the time. She remembered the way her pussy would start to get wet. Then the tingling would start.

When the burning sensation in her cunt would get to the point when she could stand it no longer, she would hitch up her skirt and slip her hand beneath the waistband of her panties. She would feel an explosion of ecstasy as her fingers made contact with her horny clit. Almost as soon as she would start to stroke the fiery bulb, she would find herself in the throes of a heady orgasm.

Yes, it all flooded back to her now as the youngster sucked at her nipple. She grew more and more aroused and her pussy grew wetter and hotter with each of Tom’s sucks.

Unaware of the lewd thoughts flooding his mother’s mind, Tom moved his mouth to her other nipple and began to suck. He could see that his sucking was giving her enormous pleasure. She writhed frantically beneath his mouth. As he sucked the one nipple, he moved his fingers to the saliva-wettened nip he had just left and he began to stroke.

“Oh, God, yes, Tommy, yes!” Carly cried, holding his head against her tit.

She had never thought she would ever actually be lying there in her son’s bed, urging him to suck her tits. Yet, here she was, and, for a brief moment, she wondered why she had never done this before with her good-looking son.

Them all thought faded as intense pleasure filled sensations tore through her body, blocking out everything else.

Long moments later, the boy took his mouth off of his mother’s tits and Carly let out a little soft moan of disappointment.

“Well, Mom, I finished sucking your tits,” the boy said, as if announcing that he had just mowed the lawn for her. “What do you want me to do to you next?”

“What do you think you would like to do, Son?” Carly asked, hardly able to get the words past the knot of desire in her parched throat. “Gee, I don’t know. Let me think for a minute,” Tom said.

He knew exactly what he wanted. “Oh, I know what might be kind of interesting,” he said a minute or later.

“What is it, Son?” Carly asked, hoping against hope that her son, would want to fuck her now.

“I think I might like to look at your cunt, Mom. I’ve never really seen one before,” Tom lied, trying to appear only slightly interested in the idea.

Carly sighed disappointedly. It looked as if she would have to wait for her son to fuck her. Or maybe he would not want to do that at all.

“Sure, Tommy, go ahead,” Carly said thickly, spreading her legs wide for her son as he moved down the bed and scooted between her creamy thighs.

Tom ran the tips of his fingers through her patch of pussy fur and lightly up and down her cunt slit.

“You can touch me harder than that, Son. You won’t hurt me?” Carly said, already thrusting her crotch up in search of his probing fingers.

Tom had to remind himself to act as if he had never even seen a pussy before, let alone fucked one. He slowly pulled his mother’s cuntlips apart, as if unsure of what he would find inside. He stared hungrily at the moist pink meat within.

Tom grinned as he pulled his mother’s swollen cuntlips farther apart, moving his head closer to her. He swallowed hard as he stared at all the fuck juice that was flowing around inside the woman’s pussy. Yeah, she was good and hot alright!

“First… there’s my clit,” Carly said in a voice that was strangled and strange-sounding to her own ears.

“Yeah, I’ve heard about that, Mom. That’s the part that makes you feel really turned on, right?” Tom asked, trying to sound as pussy ignorant as possible.

“Y-Yes, that’s right dear,” Carly said, hoping that she wouldn’t come right then and there.

Feeling her own son’s hands spreading her wet pussy lips apart wide he studied her cunt was a thrill far more intense that anything she had ever experienced until then.

“I don’t see it, Mom,” Tom said.

“Wh-what, dear?” Carly asked dazedly.

“Your clit! I can’t see your clit! Where is it?” Tom asked, thoroughly enjoying his little game.

“Oh. Well… you see the part that looks sort of like an upside down ‘V’ at the top there?” Carly asked urgently.

“Yeah, Mom, I can see that,” Tom said, feeling like laughing.

He had, after all, been looking at tits for several years now. In fact, he had done a lot more than just look at them. He had stroked them and sucked them to orgasm more times than he could count. But his mother didn’t know that, and it was important that she not find out now.

“Okay,” Carly said breathlessly, “well, just part that thing a little more and you’ll find the clit just beneath it. It’s a small, pink little thing.”

Tom parted his mother’s cuntlips wider and saw her clit. The sight of the sexy little nub took his breath away, and it made his cock grow harder.

“Yeah, I see it,” he said softly.

“You can touch it if you want, Son,” Carly said, feeling like yelling at him to touch it or she would go mad.

Tom quickly moved his forefinger and pressed it against his mother’s clit which felt hot and hard beneath his touch. He moved his finger in a little.

“Oh, God, Tommy!” Carly moaned.

“Sorry, Mom, did I do something wrong?” Tom asked as he forced himself to pull his finger away from the woman’s clit. What he felt like doing was attacking that little nub with his finger, his mouth, and his cock.

“No, no, it’s just that a woman’s clit is so very sensitive, and you made me feel very good when you touched me,” Carly explained through clenched teeth.

“What are the other parts of your pussy, Mom?” Tom asked, turning his gaze back to the pink meat spread out so openly for his eyes.

Carly stalled, trying desperately to regain the composure lost the instant she entered her son’s room and saw him jerking himself off. “Right there in the center or a little below it is my fuckhole.”

Tom gazed excitedly at his mother’s cunthole. He had to wonder if her pussy could take his huge cock. He knew she could, and he also knew that it would be fun to feel those tiny pussy walls squeezing against the sides of his turgid prick.

“It’s awfully tiny, Mom,” he husked.

Carly was too overwhelmed by her own fuck lust to notice the desire that thickened her son’s voice.

“Go ahead, Son, stick your finger into it… explore it.” Carly said, choking.

Tom grinned, glad that his mother couldn’t see his face. He pushed his forefinger into the tight fuck hole. The more he pushed into her, the wetter her cunt grew with her juices. He wiggled his finger around a bit when all the way in.

“Don’t be so timid, darling… go on… push against the skies… feel all over my fuckhole!” Carly cried, surprised by the demanding note in her voice.

Tom eagerly obeyed his mother’s wishes, noting the way she moaned and groaned with incestuous pleasure as he explored her cunthole thoroughly with his finger.

“Can a big cock fit inside this little hole, Mom?” he asked with another grin.

“Oh, yes, darling… even a cock as big as yours could fit. You see, a girl’s cunt expands to accommodate any size cock,” Carly said, hoping that the boy would take the lewd hint.

“Thanks for showing me your cunt, Mom,” Tom said, barely able to restrain his lust as he moved back up next to his mother.

Carly reached out and put her hand on her son’s hard cock. She moaned as she felt it swelling beneath her hand. As she continued to stroke the boy’s cock, she took Tom’s right hand in her own and moved it to her pussy-slit. She pressed his index finger into the top of her slit and brought it to her clit.

Tom swirled his finger around inside his mother’s cunt and more and more juice poured from the woman’s fuckhole, completely drenching the boy’s finger.

The youngster pressed his finger against his mother’s hard clit and then he stroked the trembling nub with the tip of his finger. Each movement gave the woman another surge of incestuous ecstasy.

“Ohhhhh, Tommy, I can’t wait any longer. I need you to fuck me!” she wailed.


“Are you sure, Mom? Are you sure that I should fuck you now?” Tom asked, barely able to restrain himself from raping the sexy woman right then and there.

“God, yes! Don’t you want to?” Carly asked in a voice that, shook with sexual need.

“Well, yeah, I guess so, but like I told you, I don’t know if I can do it or not!” Tom said, trying to sound troubled.

“Now’s the time to find out! For God’s sake, Son, I need to feel your huge cock inside me! Please fuck me!” Carly whimpered.

“Okay. Mom, but you’ll have to tell me what to do,” the teenager said, playing his part to the hilt.

“First, just get on your knees… between my legs,” she urged, thinking that she would go stark raving mad if the boy didn’t shove his huge cock up her horny cunt soon.

Tom did what his mother said.

“Now,” Carly said, already breathing hard, “lean over me and rest your weight on your elbows or forearms and keep your ass high up in the air.”

Tom leaned over his mother and rested his muscular weight on his forearms. His hips were raised high over her tummy. Carly wedged her hand between her and her son. She held his cock at the base.

“Now… lower yourself… I’ll guide your cock to the right place… so don’t worry about that,” Carly said.

Tom lowered his hips until the tip of his prick made contact with his mother’s cunt mound. Carly centered the boy’s prick on her pussy-slit. She couldn’t wait to feel his throbbing cock inside her.

“Lower… lower yourself some more, Son,” she husked.

Tom lowered himself a bit more and his cock parted the woman’s cuntlips. He let out an involuntary groan of pleasure but his mother didn’t seem to notice. She poised his cock at the entrance to her tight fuckhole.

The teenager dropped down some more and the end of his prick finally went inside Carly’s warm, wet cunthole. She let out a long, deep sigh.

Tom grunted as he let his hips fall still more. The entire head of his prick was inside her cunt. Carly released her grip on the boy’s prick and withdrew her hand.

“Now… push your cock all the way inside me, Tommy,” she told him, her voice throaty with desire.

Tom slowly let his hips sink until his cock was buried fully inside his mother’s slippery cunt. He held there for a long teasing moment, then wiggled his hips around to get even more inside her cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, Tommy, your dick’s soooo big… even bigger than your father’s… it’s filling my cunt all up… no room left…”

“Oohhhhh, God, it feels sooo fucking good!” she cried.

The woman had never had such a long, thick cock inside her pussy before, and she thrilled to the exciting sensation, the fact that it was her own son’s prick just added to her thrill.

As the boy held his prick deep inside her, Carly wrapped her long legs around his hips. Her move changed the angle of the cock inside her, making its topside press more firmly against her clit.

“Oh, God, yessss!” she groaned. “Your cock feels really good in there, Son! I want you to really fuck me hard! Let’s prove to ourselves right now that you’re a man! Fuck your mommy, Tommy, fuck me hard! I want you to really pound that huge prick in and out of my cunt!”

Tom pulled his prick halfway out of her cunt, then thrust back in to the hilt.

“Yeegaaawwwddd!” she shrilled when she felt the broad head of her son’s cock strike up against the far back wall of her cunt.

Tom withdrew until only the head of his prick was still inside. Then he gave a strong shove and fucked back into her, groaning with excitement when he felt her tightening pussy muscles about the sides of the huge slab of cock meat.

“Ohhhhh, God, yesss,” Carly moaned, “that’s the way to do it! You’re doing it fine, Son! Really fuck me hard! Yeah, just like that! Pound it in there, Son!”

Tom fucked his mother with a series of rhythmic in-and-out movements. As he continued to fuck the horny woman, her cunt became more and more slippery, and his prick moved easily in and out of her in spite of her attempts at keep him inside her with her squeezing cunt muscles.

“My tits, Tommy, my tits! Touch them! Squeeze them! For God’s sake, my tits are aching so badly I can hardly stand it!” she cried.

Tom reached out and placed both of his hands on his mother’s big tits. He squeezed the twin tit mounds, digging his fingertips hard into her firm tit-flesh. After kneading the mounds for a few minutes, he began to pinch the stiff nips.

“Yessss, yesss, yesss, that’s it! Just like that! Ohhhh, shit, yesss, Tommy, squeeze my tits! Just like you used to do when you were a baby! Keep fucking me, darling, fuck your mother until she comes!” she pleaded, Tom groaned as he felt his mother’s long, stiff nips pulsing hard against the centers of his palms. He wrapped his thumbs and forefingers around the twin peaks and squeezed them as hard, as he dared.

“Yeeeooowww! I love it!” Carly screamed, shoving her cunt upwards to meet each downward thrust of her son’s prick.

Tom began to fuck his mother harder and faster and deeper, sinking the full length of his massive cock into her narrow, tight cunthole with each plunge.

The young boy screwed the horny woman with one heavy stroke after the other. Each stroke was a little faster and harder than the one just before. And deeper.

“Ohhhh, God,” Carly whimpered hoarsely, tossing her head wildly back and forth on her son’s pillow. “Oh, God, God, God, God, God! Yesssss, keep fucking me until I come!”

As she cried for her son to keep fucking ha, Carly sounded to her own ears just like a whore. That was exactly what she felt like a wanton whore. There was a chord deep inside her that responded to that image. In spite of the prudish image she projected to others, Carly knew that she felt completely at home with the idea of acting whorishly.

Each thrust of her son’s savagely fucking cock sent new and more intense thrills through her.

The incestuous sensations were growing stronger and stronger, each new wave of them more ecstatic than the last.

“Am I fucking you good, Mom?” Tom asked, panting hard, as he waited for the answer he already knew.

“Good? No! You’re fucking me beautifully! I’ve never been fucked so good before in my life, Son! Your cock is marvelous! It’s so big and hard and you’re fucking it so deeply inside me! Oh, God, you’re fucking me so great, darling, just keep doing it like that!”

Carly had to wonder how much her son enjoyed what he was doing. After all, she told herself, just because he’s making me feel so good doesn’t necessarily mean that it feels that good to him. And, if he really is gay, he could be just going through the motions.

But she was too involved with her own forbidden pleasure to ask him how he felt. Besides, she didn’t want to risk turning him off. Then, he might stop fucking her. And she knew that she would not be able to bear that.

“More! Harder! Deeper! More!” she shrieked hysterically, having lost all control.

Tom gazed down at his mother as he continued to fuck her, thrilled by the way her facial features were contorted with fuck-lust. He closed his eyes, his own face twisted with the intense desire that surged through his loins. His face was flushed a deep red, and his breathing was panting out in heavy gasps.

Over and over again, the teenager fucked his mother, pummeling her helpless little cunt with his tree-trunk-of-a-cock. Each time he thrust his hips downward, there was a loud, wet slap as their sweating bellies met, and the sound echoed through the room, arousing them both all the more.

Carly’s bushy golden cunt hairs mingled with her son’s dark prick hairs each time he plunged into her. She reached up and wound her arms about his neck, pulling him deeper into her with her arms and legs, her feet digging into the mounds of his tensed asscheeks.

“Ohhhhh, it feels sooo good, Tommy,” she whimpered.

Each time his mother cried out her pleasure, another surge of excitement raced though his prick. Tom felt like responding, like yelling out his own feelings, telling his mother how good it felt to be fucking her little cunthole, and how the idea of making it with his own mother was just about the greatest thrill of his life.

But he restrained himself. If he were silent, she night think he was still somewhat uncertain. Knowing that the woman might need that excuse to keep on fucking him, Tom wisely remained quiet.

As the speed and force of Tom’s cock-lunges increased, Carly thrust up with her crotch, meeting his turgid prick with her bushy cunt mound.

The woman moved against her son’s prick as he fucked into her. She groaned with pleasure as she felt the huge cock going even deeper inside her, stretching her pussy walls even more.

Each thrust of the boy’s prick was sending his mother closer and closer to the edge. She felt as if she were hovering over a huge canyon and she knew that when she finally fell into it, she would have the orgasm she needed so badly. It would be her first incestuous cum and she was already hoping that it would not be her last.

She began to feel as if she were floating and she lost all sense of time and place. Her body felt almost numb, all sensation being centered in her cock-stuffed pussy.

Finally, as her son continued to fuck her with the full length of his mighty prick, all of Carly’s sensations merged and mounted inside her. Her pleasure grew in intensity and depth and she felt as if her pussy were about to explode.

Her long-awaited orgasm exploded deep in her cunt and she saw bright flashes of light behind her closed eyelids as she began to come.

“C-c-commmiiinnnggg,” she gasped.

Tom grinned down at his beautiful mother as she came. He could feel her little pussy spasming orgasmically about his prick and he groaned loudly as he felt his own climax approaching. The way his mother’s pussy muscles were tugging hard at his cock now, it felt to the teenager as if she were trying to tear his prick right off by its root.

Spasm after spasm shot through Carly’s cunt. Her entire body shuddered in response to her first incestuous orgasm.

“Aiiiieee!” she shrieked as the peak of her climax struck her with full force.

Gallons of hot, thick fuckjuice gushed from the woman’s ravaged cunthole and drenched her son’s pounding prick before dribbling down her thighs and wetting the bedclothes below.

While his mother came, Tom continued to fuck into her with a speed and depth that was almost savage. Cock-blow after cock-blow, his prick rammed into her slick, narrow pussy hole, each hard drive going deeper than the one just before.

Just as Carly’s climax began to subside, she came again. It took her with a force that shook her to the core, tossing her body back and forth on the bed, and the woman began to understand just what it was she had been missing.

As soon as that orgasm began to ebb, another one crashed through her body. The climax roared through her, setting off every nerve ending in her body.

“Ohhhh, yessss!” she cried loudly, realizing that she had never before had so many orgasms in a row.

Almost before that orgasm finished coursing through her trembling body, Carly felt another one shooting through her. And this one was even better than the others. The sheer incestuous pleasure was almost too intense for her to bear, and her brain reeled as it claimed her in its heady grip.

Tom was using every ounce of his tell-control to prevent himself from coming. It was important to his plan that he fuck his mother half out of her mind, and that he give her as many orgasms as he possibly could before allowing himself to come.

He continued to ram into her to the hilt. Each cock-thrust kept the woman at a high peak of ecstasy. Her orgasms came faster and harder as her son made one heavy plunge after another.

“Ohhhh, gawwwwdddd,” she moaned.

Her climaxes merged together and swelled inside her. She felt as if she were being carded away to a far place, maybe to another planet where all that existed were cocks… big, hard cocks all waiting to pleasure her pussy.

The only thing that was real to the orgasming woman at that point was the huge cock that relentlessly pounded into her, and the never ending series of orgasms it was giving her.

Tom reached down again and reached for his mother’s tits. He loved the way they jiggled and danced on her chest as her body shook with the force of her orgasms. He squeezed and rubbed the big mounds of firm tit-flesh. Then, he squeezed both of the nipples as hard as he could.

“Yeeeooowwww!” Carly yelled.

The young boy fucked the full length of his prick into his mother’s seething cunt as yet another orgasm took possession of her.

Finally, knowing that he could hold back no longer, that he had to come now, Tom sank his prick to the hilt inside Carly’s pussy and he held it there…

“Ohhhh, yessss, Tommy, come! Come, Son, come inside your mother! Fill my whole cunt with your thick, hot cum!” she babbled, knowing that the boy was about to shoot his wad inside her.

She felt his lean hips jerking against hers. Then she felt a rush of hot cum shooting into her pussy.

“Yessss, that’s it, Son, that’s it! Shoot! Shoot it all! I want it all!” she gasped.

“Take it all, Mom, take all of my cum!” Tom cried, unable to keep quiet any longer.

Carly came again as she felt the exciting sensation of her own son’s cum gushing into her twitching pussy.

Wad after wad of thick, gooey jism exploded into the woman’s cunt as the boy continued to come. The thick fuck sauce splashed against her cuntwalls in waves of warm whiteness.

“More! More!” she screamed, hardly recognizing her own voice, it was so strangled with lust.

More and more cum shot into the woman’s cunt until the spunk overflowed and began to run lewdly down her trembling thighs.

As Tom’s orgasm ended and his prick began to soften, Carly came a final time.

Tom lay panting on top of his mother. Both mother and son were covered with a fine sheen of sexual sweat. The boy’s prick was still inside her but had softened. Slowly, he pulled his cock out of her.

Carly moaned softly as she stared at her son’s cock and saw that it was glistening from the mingling of her fuck juices with his sticky jism.

The youngster flopped onto his back and lay quietly beside his mother. Both of them struggled to catch their breaths. He didn’t look at her as he lay there, but he could tell that she was gazing at him. He kept, his own eyes fixed on the ceiling above.

As Carly lay there looking at her handsome son, the full impact of what she had just done struck her. And her entire body trembled with the enormity of the act she had just shared with her teenaged son.

She wondered what her friends and neighbors would think if they knew that she had just seduced her own son. She took a deep sigh, thinking how depraved she was.

Somehow, it didn’t bother her. Feeling depraved and whorish only turned heron. Then she thought about her husband and she knew without a doubt that the man would be glad if he knew that his uptight wife had just fucked their son.

She giggled like a teenager. When Tom glanced over at her, Carly knew that she could never feel sorry for what she had just shared with her dear son. She had taken a young boy who was so sure that he was abnormal and she had turned him into a man.

Thanks to her, her young boy now knew that he was a real man, she thought, feeling proud of herself. Now, at least, he knew how to give pleasure to a woman and how to receive it from her. He knew that he was capable of fucking pussy just like any other normal boy. She knew that she no longer had to ask him if he had enjoyed fucking his mother.

Carly remembered the way he had cried out as he had shot his wad into her. If he had been simply going through the motions, he would not have had so much cum to give her.

“You were very, very good, Son. I hope you realize now that you’re really a man,” Carly said warmly, reaching over and lightly stroking his bare chest.

“Was I really good, Mom?” Tom asked with a smile.

“Oh, yes, Son, you’re a wonderful lover! And I could tell that you enjoyed it, too,” she said shyly.

“Oh, yeah, Mom, I did! You’re the greatest! Thanks for letting me fuck you, Mom! I loved doing it and now I don’t have to worry about being gay any more,” Tom said. He knew that he could never let his mother find out that everything he had said to her about being gay was just an act. And he could never let her find out that her little pussy was not the first one to experience his fucking skills.

“Are you sure, Tommy? Are you really convinced now that you’ve got nothing to worry about? I did do the right thing, didn’t I?” she asked, still feeling the tiniest bit of doubt nagging at her.

“God, yes, Mom, are you kidding? Letting me fuck you was exactly the right thing to do! It felt so good having my cock inside your pussy, Mom, so good that now I know I can’t possibly be gay!” Tom said, embracing the woman.

Carly turned to face her son, returning his warm embrace. “And you’ll forget all about that teacher of yours?”

“What teacher?” Tom asked with a grin and they both laughed.

As the mother and son hugged each other tightly, every last trace of doubt left Carly’s mind and she knew that she had done the right thing in fucking her son. It had been right for him. And it most certainly had been right for her. For the first time, she really understood what had driven Ralph into their daughter’s bed that fateful night.

“Mom?” Tom asked.

“Hmmm?” she responded lazily.

“What we just did… it was incest, you know,” the boy said, watching her closely.

“Yes, Son, I know,” she said dreamily.

“Incest. Just like it was incest when Dad and Julie fucked,” the boy said.

“What are you getting at?” Carly asked, more alert now.

“You don’t see anything wrong with incest now, do you?” Tom asked urgently.

“After what we just did together?” Carly laughed drily. “No, of course, I don’t see anything wrong with incest. Not anymore.”

“And you don’t blame Julie anymore?” Tom asked.

Carly thought for a minute. She had blamed her daughter. She had almost hated her in her jealousy. But now that Carly had fucked her own son, now that she had discovered just how beautiful incest was, there was no way she could continue to bear this hateful grudge against her own daughter.

“No, I don’t blame her at all anymore,” Carly responded sincerely.

“Good,” Tom said, letting out a long sigh. “I can blame only myself, Son, for if I hadn’t come off like such a prude when I caught your father and sister in bed together, he would still be living at home and my relationship with Julie would not have become the cold, distant thing that it is now,” Carly said, fully realizing the truth for the first time since she had kicked her husband out of his home.

“Yeah, and if you hadn’t been so uptight, we all coulda been in bed together by now!” Tom said.

He was relieved when his mother laughed along with him and poked him playfully in his ribs.

“I’m really glad you understand it all now, Mom. You’ve come a long way. But you’ve gotta got to Julie and tell her all this, too,” the boy said earnestly.

“Julie?” the woman echoed, already beginning to stroke her son’s hardening prick again.

“Yeah, Mom, it’s real important. Julie’s been eating herself up alive with guilt ever since that night. You’ve gotta talk to her and tell her it wasn’t her fault, Mom,” Tom said, trying to keep his mind on his words instead of on the hand that was working his prick into another full-fledged erection.

“I will, Son, I promise. I know that I have to talk to Julie. I’ll do it the first thing tomorrow. But for now…”

“Yeah, Mom?” Tom asked with a grin; knowing what his mother wanted now, for it was exactly what he wanted too.

“I want you to fuck me again!” she cried.

The youngster threw his full weight on top of her naked body and fucked his stiff prick up her cunthole.


Tom left the house early the following morning, telling his mother that that would give her an opportunity to talk to Julie alone with no interruptions. The young boy only hoped that, upon his return, he would find that his mother and sister had made peace with each other.

Carly was in the kitchen when her daughter returned home from her friend’s house. The older woman went out into the living room to greet the young girl and to tell her that she wanted to talk to her.

“Julie, I…” Carly began, but Julie walked right past her and moved quickly toward her bedroom.

Carly looked after her daughter, not really able to blame the young girl. After all, she told herself, she had been ignoring Julie completely of late so she could not very well expect that now the teenaged girl would be very receptive to her mother’s sudden change of heart.

She doesn’t really even know yet how much I’ve changed, Carly thought. It’s up to me to tell her.

Carly gasped when she reached the doorway to her daughter’s bedroom. The teenaged girl was sitting on the edge of her bed, sobbing hard. The older woman’s heart felt as if it would break as she saw the tears flowing down Julie’s face.

“Oh, Julie! What’s wrong?” she asked warmly as she moved toward the girl’s bed. Carly sat down next to Julie and put her arms around the weeping girl.

Julie was shocked by her mother’s behavior. At first, she began to pull away. But it felt so good to be embraced by her mother once again, and she felt so miserable that she did not need to be held and so she remained within the circle of her mother’s soft comforting arms as her small body heaved with the force of her sobs.

“Try to calm down, dear. Tell me what has you so upset. You just came from Linda’s house. Does it have anything to do with her?” Carly asked.

“In a way,” the teenager choked out between sobs.

“Did you two have a fight?” Carly asked with concern.

“Oh, no, it’s nothing like that,” Julie said, struggling to stop crying. “It’s just that well, you may not understand this, but Linda and her parents and sisters are all so close, just the way we used to be.”

“Yes, dear, I know. Why has that upset you?” Carly asked, feeling a pang of guilt at her daughter’s words.

“I was just so jealous! I couldn’t stand to see all that… that… closeness and love when we’ve all been so unhappy here in our own home,” Julie said, beginning to cry again as her mother’s arms tightened about her.

“Oh, Julie, darling, you’re wrong when you say that I don’t understand. Since last night, I understand everything a lot better than I did before,” Carly said softly, feeling a twinge in her pussy as she remembered how good it had felt, and what a liberating experience it had been, to fuck with her son.

“I-I don’t understand, Mother,” Julie said, hiccuping a couple of times as her sobs subsided.

“Of course, you don’t, dear. I haven’t really explained anything yet. Now dry your tears and I’ll tell you all about it,” Carly said, still embracing the girl.

“Okay,” Julie said, wondering, what could have happened to make her mother so warm and loving again.

“First of all, I want you to realize that the unhappiness we have all felt lately is not your fault,” Carly began.

“How can you say that?” Julie cried, looking at her mother incredulously. “You found me in bed with Daddy and that’s why you threw him out of the house.”

“Yes, Julie, but your father was right when he called me a prude. If I hadn’t been so uptight and so afraid of my own feelings, I could have accepted the beautiful love which you and your daddy shared that night, and we would all still be a happy, loving family,” Carly said, giving her daughter a little hug. “So, you see, darling, all the misery we’ve been feeling around here is entirely my fault, not yours at all.”

For a few minutes, mother and daughter sat there in silence while the teenager tried to take in all of this startling information. She wanted to believe her mother. She wanted and needed to believe that she had absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, but it wasn’t that easy. She had suffered far too much lately to be able to do a hundred-and-eighty degree turn and suddenly feel okay again.

“What did you mean when you said you were afraid of your own feelings?” the girl asked finally, remembering everything her mother had said in her impassioned speech.

Carly took a deep breath to steady her nerves. This would be the hardest part.

“Well, darling, I guess I’ve always been sexually attracted to your brother but I tried to deny those feelings, not realizing that they were natural and good, just like the feelings you and your daddy have for each other,” Carly began.

“You’re kidding! Are you telling me that you’ve always felt hot and horny for Tom’s cock?” Julie asked, hardly able to believe her own ears.

“Yes, Julie, that’s exactly what I’m telling you,” Carly said, becoming aware that she felt that, familiar burning sensation in her clit and that her pussy was growing warm and wet as she continued to hold the girl against her tit. “And, last night, Tom and I finally shared something very beautiful. That was my turning point for me, Julie. That’s when I finally realized…”

“My God, Mom! What are you saying?” Julie interrupted.

“Yes, dear, it’s true. Your brother and I fucked each other last night and it was wonderful! That’s why I’m so changed today and that’s what made me see the light,” Carly said as she felt more juice seeping into her cunt.

“I’m sorry, Mom, but I just don’t believe you,” Julie said softly and sadly.

Carly gasped in dismay. It had never occurred to her that her daughter might not believe her. As she had rehearsed this little scene earlier, it had all seemed so simple to her. She had thought that all she would have to do was to tell Julie the truth about what had happened the night before, and that everything would be fine between mother and daughter from that point on.

How could I have been so naive? The older woman asked herself now. Human nature is never that simple.

“Do you think I’m lying to you, Julie?” Carly asked in a stricken voice.

“In a way, I guess, Mother,” Julie responded, knowing that she had to be honest about her feelings, however painful it was for both of them.

“Now why would I do that?” Carly asked softly.

“Well, I can understand why you’d do that, Mother. After all, you are my mother and you’re probably starting to feel bad about how unhappy I’ve been. So I guess you’d be willing to tell me whatever you think I need to hear to make me happy again. But it won’t work, Mother, I’m sorry,” Julie said, looking away from her mother now.

“Oh, Julie,” Carly sighed, feeling like crying herself now. Her mind raced as she frantically searched for a way to reach her little girl.

“Thanks for coming in to see how I was, Mom, and thanks for trying to make me feel better. But, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll take a nap now,” Julie said, beginning to move out of her mother’s arms.

“Wait, Julie! What would it take to convince you that I’ve been telling you the truth?” Carly asked, suddenly inspired by an idea that made her little cunt feel even hotter and wetter as she tightened ha arms about her daughter, not letting her move away.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Julie responded, thinking hard for a minute or two. “But… well, I’m sorry to have to put it this way, but I think the only thing that could make me believe you one hundred percent is if I had seen you making it with Tom with my own eyes!”

“I see,” Carly said, not surprised. “So, you’re telling me that you’d believe that I’ve finally accepted and embraced the idea of incest if you had seen me in the act of incest, is that right?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Julie said with a shrug of her small shoulders, not really seeing the point of all this.

“In that case, darling, be prepared to become a believer,” Carly said with a grin.

“What are you talking about? Are you planning to make it with Tom and have me watch?” Julie asked in disbelief.

“No, darling, not that,” Carly said with a soft laugh, “but I do plan to let you see me in the act of incest so that you can believe me once and for all.”

“I don’t forget it! If you’re gonna do something that would be incest, and if you’re not gonna do it with Tommy, then the only other person you could make it with would be… omigod, Mother!” the girl cried, choking on her words as the full impact of her mother’s intentions struck her with full force.

“That’s right, darling… the only other person I can make it with so you can see me in the act of incest is you,” Carly said softly, turning on incredibly as she thought about making it with her beautiful daughter.

The older woman rubbed her thighs together, making her cuntlips stroke each other as she grew more and more aroused.

“I-I don’t know what to say,” Julie stammered, her face pale as she struggled to get used to this new side of her mother.

“You don’t have to say anything, darling. Just take your clothes off and let me prove myself to you. Come on, Julie, don’t turn me down on this. You don’t want to blow what may be our only chance to become a happy family again,” Carly said persuasively. She rose from her daughter’s bed and stripped off all her clothes, revealing her beautiful naked body to her daughter’s startled gaze.

Her mother’s words made sense to the youngster. There was no way in the world Julie wanted to pass up the chance to have her loving family back together again.

The teenager began to strip all her own clothes off. She kept her eyes on her mother’s naked body. She had to admit to herself that she wanted to make it with the lovely woman. Perhaps she always had.

“Your tits are beautiful, darling.” Carly said with a little catch in her voice as she stared at the girl’s tits. Carly felt her own long, reddish nipples already stiffening with incestuous desire.

“Thanks, Mom, so are yours. I only wish my tits were as big as yours are!” Julie said, all but drooling as she gazed at her mother’s huge tits.

“Don’t worry, dear. You’re still a growing girl and, at your age, my tits were even smaller than yours,” Carly said.

“Really?” Julie asked.

“Yes, dear, really. And, besides, your tits are just the right size for a wet, horny mouth,” Carly said.

They both laughed, Julie blushing with excitement.

Mother and daughter sank onto the bed. Carly put her thumb and forefinger on one of the girl’s nipples, squeezing.

“Does this feel good?” Carly asked huskily.

“Oh, yes, Mom!”

Carly moved her other hand to Julie’s other tit and squeezed that nipple as well. Then she placed both of her hands on her daughter’s tits and squeezed and kneaded the firm tit-flesh.

“Unnhhhh, Mom, you’re turning me on so much!” Julie cried as she felt her pussy moistening with fuck juices.

After several more minutes of fondling her little girl’s tits, Carly moved her hands down to Julie’s pussy. She parted the outer lips of the juicy little cunt and held them open with the fingers of one hand while she used the index finger of her other hand to stroke the girl’s quivering clit which felt hot and wet beneath her probing finger.

“Oh God!” Julie gasped, throwing her head back and surrendering herself completely to the savage, incestuous pleasure her mother was giving her.

As Carly continued to rub her little girl’s clit, she moved her face to Julie’s chest and sucked one of her nipples into her hot, wet mouth.

“Yessss! Suck my tits, Mom! Rub my clit! Make me come!” the teenager gasped.

Carly moved her mouth to her daughter’s other tit and she sucked that nipple into her mouth, sucking on it hard, pleased when she felt it hardening inside her mouth.

At the same time, the older woman took her finger away from Julie’s little clit and rammed it inside the youngster’s fuckhole.

“God! Oh, God, Mom, the things you’re doing to me! You’re making me so fucking horny! Finger-fuck my cunt, Mom! Do it hard! Make me come!”

While Carly continued to fuck her daughter’s cunthole with her finger, she used her thumb to stroke the girl’s clit again, all the while sucking on the teenagers bursting tits, moving rapidly from one to the other, making the red nipples grow harder and stiffer with each incestuous suck.

“Put your legs over the side of the bed darling.” Carly said, panting hard as she finally took her mouth off of Julie’s tits and slipped her hand but of the girl’s pussy.

“Sure, Mom!” the girl cried eagerly as she obediently let her legs hang over the side of the bed.

Carly slipped down to the floor, kneeling between her legs. The older woman spread her daughter’s legs farther apart, rubbing Julie’s clit once again.

“Oh, Mom, are you gonna do what I think you are?” Julie asked.

“That depends on what you’re thinking,” Carly responded in a teasing tone.

“Are you gonna eat me out?” Julie asked. “You got it, darling!” Carly cried, feeling her own little pussy pouring out thick fuck juice.

Julie let out a moan and rolled her back and forth on her shoulders as hot, lewd sensations ripped through her. Each fuck of her mother’s finger on her sensitive clit sent new surges of erotic pleasure through her.

Finally, Carly moved her head closer to Julie’s pussy-slit. She took her finger away from the girl’s clit and brought her mouth to the base of the teenager’s silt. She stuck out her tongue, parting the bloated, juicy cuntlips with it. Then she slowly moved to the top of the narrow pussy-silt, keeping her tongue between the puffy lips.

The older woman pushed her tongue in more firmly and ran it around in a circle inside her daughter’s cunt.

“Yessss!” Julie yelped, staring down at the exciting sight of her mother poking her tongue into her young pussy.

As her mother’s tongue passed over her clit again, the sudden burst of excitement made Julie hotter and hornier than she had ever felt before.

Carly swirled her tongue around and around, each obscene pass grazing the girl’s clit.

Long moments later, she pressed hard against the firm little tit, holding it there, pressing harder and harder.

“Omigod! Omigod!” Julie gasped. Her face and tits flushed, and she trembled all over as she felt the exquisite thrill of her mother’s tongue pressing hard against her stiff clit.

Now, Carly began to lash at the little clit with her tongue. At the same time, she slipped one hand down to her own cunt and she began to rub her own clit.

As the woman moved her tongue faster on her daughter’s clit, she moved her finger faster on her own. Savage incestuous sensations shook Carly to the core as she licked her little girl’s clit. Her breathing became labored, and her hand quickly became drenched with her hot fuck juices.

When Julie’s hips started to move and her crotch began to hump up against Carly’s mouth, the older woman took her tongue away from the teenager’s clit. She looked up at the youngster, pleased by the expression of raw fuck-lust she saw stamped on Julie’s face.

“Now get ready for the thrill of your life. I’m going, to fuck your cunthole with my tongue, Julie!” Carly said, hardly able to speak she was so aroused.

“Yes! Do it, Mom! That’s just what I need! Fuck that hard tongue of yours right up my hole!” Julie cried, reaching down and gripping my mother’s face and shoving it harder against her flowing cunt.

Once again, Carly brought her finger to the girl’s tit, rubbing it just as hard as she could while she pushed her tongue into the girl’s aching cunthole.

Julie’s cunt muscles closed immediately about her mother’s tongue and more juice gushed out, flooding into Carly’s mouth. The older woman eagerly swallowed her little girl’s tasty juices as she began to fuck her tongue in and out of the clenching hole.

With Julie’s hands still gripping the sides of her head, Carly pressed her face even harder into the girl’s cunt, rolling her tongue around inside the tight little hole. The sweet taste of the teenager’s fuck juices made Carly’s head spin, and she groaned loudly, the sound muffled by the hot cuntmeat pressed so tightly against her mouth.

Carly pulled her tongue back into her mouth and sucked on it, savoring every drop of her daughter’s cuntjuice. Then she thrust her tongue back up Julie’s cunthole just as far as it would go.

“Jesus, God!” Julie shrieked. “That’s incredible! Don’t, stop, Mom, don’t ever stop!”

The girl’s ass was bouncing up and down on the bed now and Carly reached up with her free hand and gripped Julie’s hip, trying to hold her still so she could finish tongue fucking her to orgasm.

Faster and deeper, Carly plunged her tongue in and out of the teenager’s fuckhole, moving her finger even faster on Julie’s clit. At the same time, she continued to rub her own clit.

Julie arched her back and thrust her cunt into her mother’s face, gasping for breath.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out over and over. It was dear that the youngster was about to come. Carly felt her own orgasm building as she continued to tongue-fuck the wild girl and rub her clit as well as her own; her tongue and fingers moving faster and faster.

Carly brought herself right to the edge of orgasm, and then she deliberately began to rub her own clit slower, not wanting to come until her daughter did.

“Ohhhh, Mom, that feels soooo fucking good,” Julie wailed.

Each new burst of pleasure in her cunt was even more exciting than the last.

“Shiiiit! Commmmiiinnggg!” Julie cried seconds later, as a powerful orgasm hit. Every nerve in her body was on fire and the room seemed to spin about her. Buckets of hot fuck juice flowed from her fuckhole, gushing into her mother’s mouth.

Carly’s own orgasm began as she hungrily swallowed every drop of her daughter’s orgasmic fuck juices. The older woman’s climax grew in intensity. She felt Julie’s cunt muscles grip her fucking tongue so hard she was sure the girl intended to tear it out by its root.

As mother and daughter came together, Carly continued to thrust her tongue in and out of Julie’s cunthole, at the same time stroking the girl’s clit hard and fast, even as she rubbed her own spasming clit.

Their cunts spasmed and shuddered violently. Their bodies were a mass of shakes and jerks as their orgasms held them in a grip that thrilled them to the core.

A long time later, their orgasms subsided and Carly pulled her mouth and hand away from Julie’s cunt. She took her other hand away from her own still-twitching pussy and rose from the floor.

The two females speechlessly clung to each other as they panted hard, struggling to get enough air into their parched lungs.

“God, Mom, that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever… I never thought you would be capable of doing something like that,” Julie gasped.

“You said you’d believe that I’ve really changed if you saw me in the act of incest, darling. Well, now, you’ve not only seen it, you’ve felt it!” Carly said with a little laugh, embracing her daughter tightly.

“Oh, Mom, yes! Now I really do believe you! I’m so sorry that I ever doubted you,” Julie said, feeling closer to her mother than ever before.

“That’s okay, darling. I’m the one who needs to apologize. I’m very sorry for being such a prude to begin with and putting you through so much unhappiness,” Carly said.

“Don’t worry about it, Mom,” Julie said with a happy grin. “That’s all behind us. Now that you and I are close again, everything will be all right.”

“I know, darling. Isn’t it wonderful? But there’s just one more thing we need to make it all perfect, even more perfect than it was before,” Carly said, grinning too now.

“What’s that, Mom?” Julie asked dreamily. “Your daddy! Why don’t you call him right now and tell him that all is forgiven and to get his ass over here.”

“And to join us in bed?” Julie asked excitedly, already springing up from the bed and heading for her phone.

“Right! And to join us in bed! And your brother will be home soon and he can join us, too, in a real old-fashioned family orgy!” Carly said, laughing Carly, feeling freer and happier than she had in a long time.

Later, much later, after all four family members had fucked and sucked themselves into a stupor, Tom felt pangs of guilt, and not for the first time. Sure, his little ploy with his mother had brought them all together, but he still felt guilty. He had been vague enough and contradictory enough to leave her confused about just what was happening in his life, but he really wanted more than that. He wanted to wipe the slate clean. He wanted to leave his mother with no doubts about him at all.

“Mom,” he said, “there’s something I want to tell you, that you should know about what I told you earlier.”

“What, Tom?”

“It’s just that I tricked you about… well, I’ve never done…”

“I know,” she said. “I always knew.”

And she sucked his cock into his mouth.

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