Wild Hot Mother

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

WILD HOT MOTHER — a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


“This apartment’s much too large now that my husband’s gone,” Martha Blumfeldt told the young widow. “I suppose that’s why you sold your house?”

Ann nodded. “Yes. I tried to keep it up but every year it got a little harder. And with everything so expensive now…”

“I know,” the old woman agreed. “I need the extra money the rent will bring in just to live as comfortably as I did a few years ago.”

Bob, Ann’s young son, felt himself grow horny as he looked from his mother to Mrs. Blumfeldt, then back to his mother again. Both women had incredibly huge tits, and he felt his face grow hot as he gazed at their tits. Jeez, what a tit-lover’s dream this apartment was going to be!

In the three years since his father’s death, Bob Foster had grown two inches and had discovered what a lot of fun rubbing his prick was. He rubbed it a lot, and most of the time his adolescent mind would go wild imagining his mother naked in the shower, her enormous, jiggling tits dripping sudsy water — and that’s where his imagination ended. He’d never seen a cunt, not really. A couple of times some friends would sneak a page torn from some dirty magazine into school, and pass it around, but none of the pictures had shown a pussy close up. All Bob had ever seen was a bit of fuzz which was supposed to be pubic hair. What was under that hair remained a mystery.

“I think we’re going to like it here,” he heard his mother say, and he knew he had found a new home.

It was no wonder the boy dreamed about his mom while jerking off. Ann Foster was, without a doubt, a stunning woman. Her face was framed by a mass of long, chestnut-brown hair. Her eyes were very large and widely set, and nearly as dark as her hair, giving her a wide-eyed, surprised look of innocence that contrasted sharply with her extremely voluptuous body. Not many boys were lucky enough to have a mother who not only looked like a sex Goddess, but was also built like one.

Ann was five feet, four inches tall and weighed just a fraction over one hundred and five pounds. The way those pounds were distributed would have turned Dolly Parton green with envy, as her husband used to say before they went to bed. His insurance had left Ann comfortable, if not wealthy, and even provided for Bob’s future. But life still seemed, except for her son, almost purposeless. Ann knew she was lonely, but she didn’t know exactly what to do about it. And that was when her drinking began to increase.

She also began confiding in Martha more and more as the months passed. Living with another woman in such a large place had, surprisingly, presented no problems at all. There were two bathrooms, and more than, enough closets, and enough rooms for privacy. The kitchen was the only room the two women shred, and they often alternated the daily cooking and shopping. There were even neighborhood children for Bob to play with.

Martha Blumfeldt was forty-one, a widow for the past six years. There hadn’t been one night in all those years that she hadn’t missed the passionate nights she had once enjoyed. And now, knowing that Ann was sleep and not far away, made every night more of a torment. She had told herself not to fantasize about the voluptuous young widow, but she couldn’t help herself. Did Ann play with her big tits and pussy, or did she control her lust? The older woman’s mind was filled with thoughts of introducing Ann to the joys of lesbian sex, of sixty-nining and titty-sucking while rubbing cunts.

One night Martha heard Ann shut the bathroom door, and the thought of seeing the young widow naked made the older woman’s erect nipples stretch out and scratch hotly against her big bra. She quietly stole to the door through the darkened hallway and bent her face to the keyhole.

Instead of seeing Ann stripping to take a bath or shower, she saw her friend sitting on the toilet, her legs spread wide. Her dress was pulled up past her plump white thighs, exposing an unusually plump and quite hairy cuntal mound.

Martha was entranced by Ann’s large lipped, glistening pink pussy. The young widow’s eyes were closed and her hands were massaging the soft flesh of her lower belly, her fingertips just touching the hair. The movement of her hands made her pouting pussylips open and close slightly. From time to time her clit popped into view. Martha’s breath caught in her throat at first sight of it. Ann’s clit was oversized, about as big as an unshelled peanut, and Ann caught it between her thumb and first two fingers and began stroking it as though it were a tiny cock.

“Ahhhhh-h-h-h-h,” Ann groaned, spreading her shapely legs even wider. The lush, flattened cheeks of her ass pooched out under her cunthole. The watching older woman saw Ann’s belly and thighs trembling with the pleasure coursing through her body.

Martha’s cunt was burning furiously as she watched the young mother play with her pussy. Ann’s other hand was slowly running two finger into her open, dripping pussy as her fat, loose pussylips hung and shook around them. Then Ann shoved the fingers deep inside, wiggling them. Her eyes squinted and her hips parted slackly as her face contorted with ecstasy.

“Agh! Ahhh-h-h-h! Ahhh-h-h-h!” Ann gasped, her hips and ass lifting and dropping on the toilet seat as she jerked her cunt up at her fingers. Finally, her fingers slipped free and she slumped, whimpering out her final bit of solitary pleasure. Her swollen pussylips were a bright, dark red, and her clit hung out as if begging for more stimulation. Martha was dying to suck Ann’s clit and give it a good tongue-whipping.

The older woman returned to her room ten minutes later and finger-fucked herself until, exhausted, she fell into a very deep sleep.

The next few days were difficult for Martha, she knew what a lovely, suckable pussy Ann had. She found herself remembering her bisexual college days to the near exclusion of thoughts of her late husband’s fucking.

Until, one day, her eyes wandered to a photograph of Bob and she realized Bob’s slender body resembled her husband’s in his youth.

Meanwhile, Ann was also experiencing the pangs of conscience that many lonely women felt guilt about masturbating and guilt over the unmotherly thoughts she experienced from time to time when she noticed her young son’s body. More than once her cheeks had burned when she was wondering if he knew what his cock was for yet, and whether he had a lot of hair around the base of his cock. Once, she caught herself imagining him standing naked before her, an enormous hard-on in his fist.

And then one morning she woke up earlier than usual. She was about to fall asleep again when she heard a faint, but somehow familiar sound which aroused her curiosity. Slipping into her robe, she poked her head out the doorway and listened. There it was again! It was almost like a fucking sound. And it was coming from her bathroom, not Martha’s.

Ann slipped down the hall and saw a light shining through the keyhole. The sounds were louder now. The young widow bent to look, knowing in advance what it was she would see.

Even with prior knowledge, she gasped. Bob was sitting on the toilet, and he had both fists wrapped around what had to be an eight-inch cock!

Ann went into shock as she watched her son use two hands to pump the cum from his balls.

Ohmigod! she thought, looking at the husky girth of his cockshaft. What a pussy-splitter! And the head of his cock flared out like a mushroom, an extremely fat mushroom! It was dusky with trapped blood, almost purplish in color, and it was dripping a thin stream of pre-cum.

Ann felt her cunt begin to drip as she watched her young son playing with his oversized prick. Her large nipples grew long and hot and hard. And very itchy. Before she realized it, she was plucking at them through her gown.

She knew she should turn away, give him the privacy that she wished for herself, but she just couldn’t do it. His cock was bigger than his father’s! She wanted to reach between her legs and play with her big, burning clit, but she knew she’d never be able to control the volume of her cries of pleasure. All she could do was pluck at her distended nipples and lick her full lips, and feel ashamed that her own son could arouse her like this.

Then Ann saw Bob straighten his legs out as far as he could, straining them until the muscles bulged. His fists were a white blur over the pink and red of his cock, and his hips were jerking as they hunched in a quick rhythm that matched his pumping arms.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh-h-h-h…” Bob groaned.

His white jism erupted in a long stream from the swollen red head of his cock.

It flew at least three feet in the air, arcing to land on his knees, then his thighs and, finally, dribbling over his knuckles and down his big balls.

Ann discovered that she was biting her lip. She stared at the enormous load of cum Bob had just dumped on his legs. God, what would it feel like, having that much hot cum pumped into her throbbing cunt?

The horny mother clamped a hand over her aching pussy and squeezed hard. Hot cunt juice soaked through the material of her gown to dampen her fingers, and she sucked in her breath as Bob stood up. She thought at first that he was about to open the door. She panicked, but he merely reached for some toilet paper and began wiping the cum that was now running down his legs.

“Ohhh, Bob, baby,” Ann whispered as her son’s long, thick cock swayed and slapped wetly against his thigh as he moved. His prick was still fat, swollen with blood, and it was still dripping, and it looked lovely. It was the loveliest prick she’d ever seen.

That was the way her day started — with an itch in her cunt that she couldn’t scratch until nighttime, and the memory of her son’s huge cock burned indelibly in her tormented mind.

Breakfast was torture, for Bob wore only his pajama bottoms, and Ann found herself looking for the heavy movement of his dangling cock as he walked. When he turned away, she watched the flexing of his lean ass.

She was thankful when, a little later, he went outside to play with some friends.

Bob made friends easily, and it hadn’t taken him long to fit in with the gang of kids that hung around the corner theater. Most of the boys were his own age or a year younger, so they were just as horny as he was. Usually, the main topic of conversation was what girl in the neighborhood had the biggest tits, which had the bounciest ass, and which one would give a hand job.

Thinking about some girl playing with his prick really turned Bob on, but he didn’t think he’d be lucky enough to get jerked off any time soon. But it was nice to dream about, and he bragged about the girls he’d known in his home town who had pumped the cum from his balls and let him play with their tits and pussies. He was lying, of course, but the other kids couldn’t be sure of that, and it made interesting listening.

“A girl ever suck it?” one boy asked.

“Naw, but one of these days.” Bob knew when to quit lying. No one could ever believe a story about that, no matter how good he told it.

“C’mon, let’s watch a movie,” one of the acknowledged leaders said, and they all trooped to the theater, keeping their eyes peeled for some sexy looking chick.

Bob bought some popcorn and separated himself from the others. When he saw a cute girl, he followed her and sat down beside her.

It was dark enough to make him feel safe, and no one was sitting on the other side of him, so he slowly unzipped his pants and, using the big popcorn container to mask what he was doing, slowly pulled out his fat, half-hard cock.

His heart was racing, and his face felt hot, but he was horny as hell and willing to risk a scream. The girl was really nice-looking, and her this stuck out just enough to fill his hands. If he was lucky, maybe she’d play with him a bit, even though she didn’t look as slutty as most the girls in the neighborhood. But he could, if she did scream, zip up before the lights came on and run to somewhere else in the theater.

“Hi,” he said, turning to look at her.

The girl ignored him, except for leaning slightly away.

Bob blushed and he was glad it was too dark for anyone to see. He grabbed his cock and started pumping with his left hand. His right held the popcorn container on his upper thigh, keeping his fat cock hidden. Studying her budding tits, he worked the cum out of his balls. When he knew he couldn’t hold back any longer, he tilted the popcorn container and, at the same time, he forced the head of his cock down. His jism jumped into the box, coating the piled-up popcorn and trickling down through it to the bottom. He squirted five more times, moving the box a little each time to make sure his cum was all over the popcorn. Then he shoved his prick in his pants, zipped up one-handed; then stood up to leave.

“I’m sorry I bothered you,” he said. “Here, let me give you my popcorn to make it up to you.” And he set the container on his seat and walked away.

Bob looked back when he reached the end of the aisle, and bit his lip to keep from laughing when he saw the girl look at the popcorn, hesitate, and then reach for it. He knew she’d mistake his warm cum for melted butter — until she bit into it.

“Come on,” he whispered, “dig in.”

Now she had the container on her lap, and she was bringing a fistful of popcorn to her mouth. Bob watched gleefully as she stuffed her face, and then he laughed out loud as she choked and sprayed cum-coated popcorn all over the people in the seats in front of her.

Bob wasn’t dumb. He knew when it was time to leave. But before he was out of the theater, he heard the girl’s high-pitched shrieks. So — she’d finally realized what it was she’d stuck in her mouth. He grinned. Jeez, he couldn’t wait to tell the gang about this!

It wasn’t until suppertime that Bob returned to the apartment. Sitting at the dining room table, he tried to keep his eyes from wandering too often to Mrs. Blumfeldt’s heavy, round tits. Jeez, he was going crazy the way Mrs. Blumfeldt’s creamy tits swelled the top of her half unbuttoned blouse!

Every time she reached for something, those twin white tit-mounds shook like jello!

And his mother! She was dressed different than usual, in a scoop-necked knit top that looked like it was painted on, and a short, tight skirt. That’s when he got the idea. Maybe if he dropped something, like his spoon…

“Oops! Oh, darn!” he said, then bent down and crawled under the table. “It’s gotta be here somewhere,” he mumbled loudly while his eyes bored into the shadowy area under Mrs. Blumfeldt’s hiked-up skirt.

He moved as close as he dared, then stared at the fat crotch of her panties. There was a slight bulge, a long one, in the center of the thin material, and Bob just knew it was her pussylips!

Afraid to stay under too long, he was about to return to his chair when he saw his mother’s legs move apart. Almost shaking with nervousness and guilt, he scrambled so close that he had to hold his breath for fear she’d feel it against one knee. His mouth went dry as he saw the clumps of dark curls bursting from the elastic sides of his mother’s taut panty crotch. Jeez, she had a lot of hair! Her panties looked even bulgier than Mrs. Blumfeldt’s, but he couldn’t see anything through them that might be pussylips. Shit!

“Bob? Can’t you find it?”

When the boy heard his mother, he quickly got to his feet and sat back down. He knew he’d been out of sight much too long, but neither woman said anything. Both women were lost in their own thoughts.

Ann was still thinking about the size of her son’s cock, and the amount of thick, sticky cum his balls held. Martha was toying with the idea of having both mother and son in bed with her. It wasn’t a serious thought, just a pleasurable one. But she knew a boy Bob’s age could cum and get hard almost immediately, especially with some help. And she did miss having a big stiff prick, stretching her snapping cunt.

Bob chewed his food, but he wasn’t tasting it. He was staring at his plate, but all he could see before him was a pair of thin panties with lots of curly hair bristling around the edges. Jon, he just had to get a girlfriend soon! He just had to!

After washing and drying the dishes, the two women sat together on the couch and watched TV. Bob sat an the arm of the couch beside his landlady and, from time to time, he looked down at their exposed cleavages.

Once, Mrs. Blumfeldt looked up and caught his eyes, but he wasn’t sure if she realized what he’d been doing. After that, he was more careful. But the memory of their gigantic tits lingered a long time.

Unfortunately, his bedtime was earlier than his mother’s or Mrs. Blumfeldt’s, so he had no more chances to peck that night.


Bob felt a little guilty about peeking at his mother’s panty-covered cunt and, once he was in bed, he tried to steer his mind back to Mrs. Blumfeldt’s obvious charms. Of course, the more he tried not to think about his mother’s gigantic tits and hairy pussy, the more those delectable, forbidden delights, entered his dreams. He finally fell asleep amid visions of big, soft tits surrounding his face.

That night there were three horny people dreaming about having a bed partner as soon as possible.

The next day Ann left right after lunch to do the week’s grocery shopping. Martha added her shopping list to Ann’s, so Bob knew his mother wouldn’t be back right away. He watched ha shapely ass quiver as she left, then wondered what to do next. He felt too horny to hang out with the guys or sit through a movie.

Martha had hurried to her room after Ann left. She was horny too, and she planned to finger her clit in the bathroom while pretending to shower. She stripped, revealing her huge tits in a lacy black half-bra that left the upper circles of her areolas exposed. The cups were hardly able to contain her melon-shaped tits. Her tight bikini panties only partially covered the hairy V of her crotch and completely exposed the creamy roundness of her heavy ass.

“Ah,” she said, staring at herself in the mirror, “if that boy could see me now.”

A black garter belt at her hips held her sheer black stockings at the tops of her plump white thighs, and completed her outfit. She grabbed a flimsy nightie draped over a chair.

Thinking Bob was still in the living room, she opened the door. She’d planned to hurry into the bathroom, but her gasp of surprise mingled with the boy’s when he saw her.

“Oops!” he said as she took a step back and held the nightie in front of her. He can probably see right through it, she thought, but it’s better than nothing.

“Uh, I was going for a shower,” she explained as she finally got the nightie around her. She was holding it together at the waist, but it was open at the top, and Bob could see the deep cleavage of her quivery tits and what looked like a hint of goose-pimpled areola. He gulped.

“Did you want something?” she finally asked.

“Uh, Mom said one of your drawers was stuck,” he mumbled.

“Oh! Damn, I forgot,” Martha said. “It’s this one.”

Bob watched as she turned and bent to tug at the dresser drawer. Her big round ass was clearly naked under the gauze-like nightie as it pushed out the flimsy material. Pushed out everywhere, he noticed, except the deep crack of her ass, where it had been caught. He felt like rushing over and grabbing double handfuls of those big, soft asscheeks.

“I’ll get it.” Bob said. As she stepped aside, he grabbed the drawer and pulled it out easily.

“Oh, my!” Martha exclaimed. “You’re strong, aren’t you?”

“Aw, well…” Bob grinned, then blushed a deeper red as the older woman bent and rummaged through the drawer. Her creamy, shivering tits hung down and nearly fell out of her black bra, and the cleft between them looked deeper than ever.

“Oh, here’s what I’ve been looking for,” she said, pulling out one of her regular bras.

Bob’s eyes widened at the size of the bra cups. Jeez, her tits were as big as his head!

“Well, I guess I’ll get that shower, now,” Martha said.

Bob followed her out and watched the heavy cheeks of her ass wobble and roll sexily under the robe.

Martha’s face was also flushed, but Bob hadn’t noticed. She knew the boy had seen a lot more than he should have, and she was positive that he was studying the cheeks of her ass as she walked away. But there hadn’t been much she could do. Shit, having him look at her like that had made her hornier than ever!

Now that he had seen Mrs. Blumfeldt in those sexy panties and bra, Bob’s cock felt hotter and harder than ever. Knowing that she was going to be completely naked behind that door in a matter of seconds didn’t help. He hesitated when he saw her close the door. He wanted to sneak up and peek through the keyhole but, if she opened it again for some reason, he’d have no excuse for being there. He decided to wait until he was sure she was undressed.

Martha took off her nightie and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. When she saw how much of her tit-flesh was bulging above the half-bra, and how all of her asscheeks were visible, she delighted in her accidental exhibitionism.

She couldn’t resist touching the exposed edges of her areolas. Her cunt throbbed and her nipples tingled. To hell with a shower, she wasn’t going to get her hair wet. At least, not the hair on her head! She felt her clit stiffening as she sat on the toilet. She was facing the door as she spread her legs apart and tugged the crotch of her panties to one side. The hairy lips of her cunt and part of her asscrack came into view.

“Ohhh-h-h-h,” she sighed, gently fingering around the sensitive rim of her hot cunt. Then she rubbed her juicy cuntlips, stirring them around her protruding clit. Little whimpering sounds filled the bathroom.

Shit! She’d forgotten to turn on the water. Martha hated to interrupt her finger-fucking, but Bob might get suspicious if he didn’t hear water running. Besides, the noise would help muffle her moans and groans. With the water running in the tub, she sat back down and began where she’d left off-stroking and plucking her pink pussy folds and sighing with pleasure.

Bob was trembling with excitement as he crept toward the bathroom door. Now that the water was running, he felt safe. He knelt and peered through the keyhole, and nearly fell over backwards.

Mrs. Blumfeldt was playing with her pussy! He strained to see more, and his cock slid down his pantleg. Jeez, he was finally seeing it! A real cunt! A red, wet, thick-lipped pussy surrounded by thick, dark curls. He’d never seen anything so exciting.

As the horny older woman rubbed her cunt, her huge tits jumped and quivered in their brief cups. The vast amount of tit-flesh trembling above the black material of her bra fascinated the boy almost as much as her exposed cunt. But his eyes kept returning to her hairy cunt and the red pussylips that she was stirring so enthusiastically.

Until now, Bob hadn’t really believed that women played with themselves as vigorously and excitedly as boys did. Wow! He couldn’t help wondering if his mother rubbed her cunt like that, too. The thought made his cock lurch in his pants. He remembered how much hairier his mother’s cunt had looked when he’d pecked under the table, and he tried to imagine her like this, playing with her bare pussy while he watched.

“Oh, Jeez!” he muttered, watching wide eyed as Mrs. Blumfeldt shoved two fingers into her pussy. She threw her head back and groaned, and Bob saw the pudgy pink folds surrounding her knuckles turn a deeper shade of pink. Her ass was jogging up and down as her fingers worked like pistons.

In his excitement Bob pressed too close to the keyhole and the door swung open with a loud squeaking of old hinges. Horrified, the boy grabbed for the doorknob, but it was too late.

“Bob!” Martha screamed, jumping up and pulling her fingers out of her slippery cunt. They were gripping with shiny juice. Her panties snapped back into place and became even more transparent as they soaked up her pussyjuice.

“I-I…” Bob stammered, his face growing pale as the blood drained from it.

“So,” Martha cried angrily. “So! You like to peek into bathrooms, do you? Wait till your mother hears, about this!”

“Don’t tell her!” Bob pleaded. Tears formed in his eyes. “Please! She’ll kill me! Please, I won’t do it again!”

“Well — no! You’ve got to be punished! You’ve been a very bad boy!”

Martha broke off and a disbelieving expression replaced her anger. The boy’s prick was still at least half-hard despite his fear, and it was halfway down his thigh, down his tight pantleg! And it was so huge.

Martha’s lust, already near the boiling point when Bob had so suddenly interrupted her fantasy, came to life again.

“You’ve got to be punished, but… I suppose I don’t have to tell Ann this time. But you’ve got to be punished. How do you think I felt when you stumbled in like that? You embarrassed me terribly, Bob. Now, what kind of punishment do you think you deserve?”

“Uhhh, I-I don’t know,” the boy said weakly.

Terrified as he was he couldn’t help staring at Mrs. Blumfeldt’s body. Her creamy tits shook as she moved her arms for emphasis, plump, milky thighs, crossed by garter straps leading to her black stockings, framed her nearly transparent panty crotch. Bob knew what that tiny bit of black nylon was concealing so poorly, and he’d never forget, no matter how severe the punishment.

“Since you embarrassed me by watching something very personal, very private, it’s only fair for me to embarrass you in the same way,” Mrs. Blumfeldt said sternly. “I’m going to make you take down your pants and play with yourself in front of me, Bob. And I’m going to watch while you do it!”

Jerk off in front of her! Bob’s eyes grew big. He couldn’t do that! “But-but I…”

“It’s either that, or I tell your mother what a dirty little boy you are, and let her punish you!” Martha threatened. “Now, follow me. I want to have a comfortable seat while you put on your nasty little show.”

The older woman purposely left her robe off, knowing that as she walked down the hall she was giving him an exciting view of her full, fleshy asscheeks. The round, white cheeks of her ass rolled with her swinging hips. Her black bikini panties concealed nothing but her cunt, and now that they were soaked with juice, they hardly concealed them. But the black band of her bra across the naked, creamy skin of her back made a startling and exciting contrast to the boy.

But, although he stared at the luscious view, his fear and distress at being caught had combined with nervousness about his punishment. The effect was a limp cock. Not that he cared. He couldn’t imagine jerking off in front of someone!

Martha led the boy to her room and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Stand in front of me!” she ordered, parting her knees to give him room. “Now, drop your pants.”

She was dying to see his giant cock, but Bob just stood there, trembling. His eyes were wide and frightened.

“Do you want me to do it for you?” she asked, reaching for his belt buckle.

When he didn’t answer, Martha reached out with shaky fingers and unbuckled and unzipped his pants. She tugged on them until they fell around his ankles. By now, her pussy was so wet that her saturated panties couldn’t absorb any more of the scented fluid, and the sight of his shorts bulging with his flaccid cock and balls didn’t help. Her big tits heaved with excited anticipation, for she could see Bob’s dusky, wet-tipped cock-knob poking from the leg band of his shorts. The faint scent of his masculinity, the musky scent of his balls wafted to her dilating nostrils, and her mouth watered. She licked her full lips.

“Now,” she said, somewhat huskily, “I’m not going to take down your shorts for you, Bob. Exposing yourself is part of your punishment. I’m going to count to tint, and if you haven’t pushed your shorts down by the time I reach three, I’m going to tell Ann everything!”

The boy’s face was no longer white, but a deep pink, and his lips trembled as she began counting. “Two” reached his ears like the sound of doom, and “three” was a death knell muffled by the roar of his own blood in his ears.

“I-I’ll do it!” he said quickly, then slid his thumbs slowly into the waistband of his shorts.

He pushed them down slowly, but seemed to gain courage as he did so. As his thick cockroot and dark hair appeared, he suddenly yanked them down to his knees.

Martha sucked in air. Bob’s was the biggest cock, even half-hard, that she’d ever seen. His prick was long and thick, and curved limply over his big, round, nearly hairless balls. The widely flaring mushroom-like knob was a dark pink, and it was smeared with precum. A fresh drop appeared as she stared, sliding down, forming a long, silvery string before it bit his shorts. Martha looked up and saw a strained expression on his flushed face. He was still frightened, but she intended to turn that fear into uncontrollable lust.

“Now take it in your hand and show me how you play with it,” she said.

But Bob was too frightened and embarrassed to do more than stand there, staring down at the milky tops of her soft-looking tits. Martha sighed with feigned exasperation. Much as she enjoyed looking a this hefty cock, she wanted to see it stiff and hard.

“Here,” she said. “I’ll have to get you started, I suppose.”

And she took his hands in hers and placed them around his cock. She pressed against the backs of his hands, making him squeeze his cock between his sweaty palms.

“Now grab that cock and start jerking off!” she ordered loudly, startling him.

Bob’s fingers curled around his hanging prick and, frightened as he was, the heat of his cock against his palm and the eyes of the older woman on his naked prick made it start to tingle and swell. He dropped his left hand and let it hang as he increased the tempo of his strokes.

“Grab your balls, Bob,” Martha said as she saw his huge cock lengthen and thicken.

Some clear, sparkling pre-cum flew off his cockhead and splattered on the tops of her tits.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Martha moaned, looking down at her heaving tits.

Bob gasped.

“Ohhh, look what you’ve done!” she exclaimed, watching the boy’s pre-cum made slow trails across the surface of her tits.

Bob pumped his prick for at least five minutes while the older woman watched. Although his cock lengthened and thickened, it never did become as stiff and as hard as she wanted it. Martha was dying of frustration. She wanted to see that big cock standing out stiff and hard in front of Bob’s belly. She knew that it was his nervousness and embarrassment outweighing his horniness that kept him from getting a real hard-on.

“Listen, Bob,” she said, “I don’t have all day. Do you want me to help you get a hard-on? I guess since you’ve already seen me playing with myself, it won’t matter too much if I take out my tits, will it?”

Bob’s eyes bulged as his landlady tugged down her flimsy half-bra and popped out her enormous tits. They jiggled and flopped ponderously before him, finally settling down to slowly sway back and forth. Her big, hard nipples were fiercely extended, poking boldly out from her pale pink, goose-pimpled areolas.

“Oh, wow!” Bob breathed reverently. He’d never seen such gigantic tits, not even in dirty magazines.

“Will you promise to get hard if I let you touch them?” Martha asked, lifting one massive tit upward toward his face. Her fingers sank deep into the soft, white flesh.

Bob licked his lips, hardly daring to believe that this beautiful, big-tittied older woman was really offering to let him stay with see gorgeous tits. He reached out with both hands, eager to squeeze and knead Mrs. Blumfeldt’s big naked tits.

“Uh-uh,” she warned, leaning away from him. “Keep one hand on your cock, Bob. You’ve got to get hard and shoot before your mother comes back.”

Bob quickly resumed playing with his prick with his right hand while his left, hesitantly and slowly, touched the older woman’s heaving tits. He brushed his palm across both big tits, making them jiggle sexily, and then he grew bolder and grabbed the end of one. Her stiff, hot nipple scraped across the sensitive skin of his sweaty palm as his fingers dug into her spongy tit-flesh, and he heard her moan. The feel of her soft tit and the sound of her enjoyment stiffened his cock immediately.

“Oh, Bob!” she groaned, staring at the giant cock in the boy’s fist. His prick was beautiful, and she wanted to jerk it for him, to smother it with kisses and then suck it into her mouth and taste his cum.

Bob increased the speed of his pumping fist as he squeezed Mrs. Blumfeldt’s fat tit. The heat and softness, of her naked tit-flesh was driving him out of his mind, and he knew he’d be blasting his cum all over her tits in a matter of seconds.

When more clear pre-cum was knocked off his knob and splashed on her wobbling tits, she lifted the one he wasn’t feeling and stuck out her tongue. She licked up the little drop of cum as he stared in disbelief at the lewd sight. His hips began to hunch along with the pumping of his fist as he felt his balls begin to tighten.

“Are you cumming?” Mrs. Blumfeldt asked anxiously when she saw him tense.

“Y-yes!” Bob groaned loudly, squeezing his straining cock tight in his sliding fist. His cockhead was swollen, dark with trapped blood, and Martha licked her lips hungrily. The nipple of the tit he was squeezing felt like it was ready to burst it was so swollen and tight. She knew her tit was digging into his palm, and she realized with a pang how many years it had been since she’d been touched with such youthful eagerness.

“Agh! It’s squirting!” Bob cried, spewing out his hot, thick jism into Mrs. Blumfeldt’s face.

“Mmmph! Blub-b-b!” the woman choked as the enormous amount of sticky cum took her by surprise. But then she recovered and quickly swallowed the next torrent of creamy white cum. The freshness of that boyish jism thrilled her as she felt it slide down her throat.

“Ahhhh! Ahhh! Uhhh!” Bob grunted as his throbbing prick continued to pump the contents of his balls into her wide-open mouth.

He couldn’t believe it. He’d never expected Mrs. Blumfeldt to eat his cum. The sight was so dirty, so exciting, that he came as he never had before, and soon his hot cum was running from the corners of her overflowing mouth and running down her chin.

“Jeez,” he whispered at the sight of his cum hanging from the older woman’s chin and falling onto her massive, shaking tits. Thick strings rolled off her wobbling tits.

Martha shivered happily as the hot cum raised goose-pimples on her tits. The boy’s fat prick was still drooling thick globs of jism, and she leaned forward and hung her tongue out to catch them. In a matter of minutes Bob’s cock showed not a trace of cum.

“There,” she said, smiling. “That feels better, doesn’t it?” Bob nodded. “And you won’t peek at me any more, will you?”

“Uh, no,” he said, looking down at her soft tit still held by his left hand. “But, uh, do you mean…”

“Don’t be silly, Bob,” she said gently. She wrapped her arms around his lean ass and pulled him tightly against her. His hanging cock nestled in the warmth between her huge tits. “No woman who’s seen your cock and tasted your cum could stop after one look and one taste. We’re going to do this as often as possible, but don’t do anything to make Ann suspicious.”


That evening Ann was alert to Bob’s movements, and she was able to watch him jerking off again. He seemed to pump his cock with even more energy than usual, but the horny mother attributed it to teenage horniness. But Bob was reliving his exciting experience with Mrs. Blumfeldt. He could still feel the sponginess if her big tit in his left hand, and he could still see his jism landing on her pretty face. For the first time, he didn’t think of his mother while he jerked off.

Watching, Ann was reminded of how her younger brother, Bob, used to masturbate, and her clit itched and her nipples hardened. She felt guiltier than ever, but she knew she’d be at the bathroom or bedroom door every day from now on, watching Bob pump the cum from his plump balls. She was hooked, and she didn’t have the will to resist.

The next morning Bob went out to play with his friends. Martha was still in her room, and Ann sat in the living room watching television. An early morning talk show was on, and the guest was Dr. Damon Yung, founder of the Institute of Human Sexuality. Ann was fascinated. Everything he said sounded so reasonable! She hadn’t thought about her childish experiences with her brother for years, until Bob’s masturbation had reminded her, and now she was even more upset and confused. And then, the phone number of the show was flashed on the screen, and the host was inviting viewers to call in with their questions.

Before she lost her nerve, Ann dialed the number and, after being placed on hold for about five minutes, found herself speaking to the doctor. When she confessed that she’d been watching her son when he masturbated, the doctor asked if she had been considerin having sex with the boy, or merely indulging in a long-term voyeuristic tendency. Embarrassed and shocked, Ann hung up.

“I’m sorry that the caller had hung up,” Dr. Yung said. “My impression is that she is worried about incestuous thoughts that arise from seeing her son’s genitals. If you are still listening, please do not overly concern yourself. There are occasions in which incest can be beneficial I know this shocks many of, you, but research does not support the theory that incest is always harmful. Recent research being done shows that mother-son incest works out much better, is more beneficial, that father daughter incest. With mother-son incest, it is more of an educative process, and the mother is not limiting her son to her own sexual needs, but is teaching the son. When you follow up these cases, most of them report satisfaction with it, pleasure with it, and a positive factor in their lives.”

The talk-show host interrupted, acting shocked, but no more shocked than Ann. Her mind numb, she turned off the set. Her next move was to the liquor bottle. She had to soothe her nerves. God, how her cunt ached, how her clit burned and throbbed! And her big nipples were so sore and itchy!

And, as the doctor’s words echoed again and again through her mind, visions of Bob’s fat, cum-spewing cock tormented her.

How could she even think of such a thing? Even the work was ugly. Yet that doctor was an expert and he knew what was talking about! And he’d said that incest as often beneficial, especially between a mother and son! Bob certainly wasn’t a child, not with a cock the size of his!

Oh, God, if only she’d never seen him that first time! If only he hadn’t been playing with that huge cock, she wouldn’t be so horny now. She took another drink. Now, she nearly creamed her panties just from thinking about Bob’s hefty prick. Even her tits felt heavier and tighter-skinned than usual, and her nipples ached to be sucked.

“Oh, Bob,” she groaned. She wished she could see her son’s cock right now.

That was when Martha stepped into the room wearing nothing but a lacy white slip over her bra and panties.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

It was a warm day, but Ann hadn’t thought it was warm enough for just underthings and a slip. She couldn’t help noticing her friend’s tits. Although smaller than her own, they were still larger than average, and they jounced heavily in Martha’s flimsy bra.

“No… no,” Ann mumbled. “I’m glad for the company.” She lifted her glass. “I hate drinking alone.”

Both widows shared a new bottle and then, some time later, the older woman complimented Ann’s figure.

“What are your measurements?” Martha finally asked, staring at Ann’s enormous tits.

Ann was wearing a heavy bra and a dress, but when her landlady fixed her eyes on her big tits, she suddenly felt very naked and knew she was blushing.

She knew she should be used to flattery, but she was still embarrassed by her generous curves.

“Forty Double D,” she murmured, still blushing.

“I don’t believe it!” Martha exclaimed. “Your breasts are not that much larger than mine. What about your waist and hips?”

“Thirty and thirty-eight,” Ann said. “That seems right. But not the size of your breasts. You must be mistaken.”

The two women then had a friendly, slightly drunken and mildly humorous argument about the comparative sizes of their tits. After another drink Martha stood up and announced she was going for a tape measure.

“I’ll settle this once and for all!” she said.

Ann protested weakly, but the older woman’s forceful personality would brook no opposition.

“Come on,” Martha said, returning with the tape and peeling her slip over her head. “Get undressed.”

Ann looked at her friend’s half-naked body and knew she shouldn’t have allowed things to go this far. The horniness that had built in her from watching Bob’s huge cock spewing its hot, fresh cum all over his legs had never left. Now, he felt an unnatural fascination as Martha unhooked her bra. Why was he so eager to see another woman’s tits.

The older widow’s enormous tits plunged down as her bra was unfastened. The two melon-shaped tits swayed heavily, all pink and white, moving liquidly across Martha’s chest. Ann felt her cheeks burn as those big tits hung and swung when her friend bent to pick up the fallen bra.

Martha held out the tape. “Go ahead. Measure me.”

Ann looked at her landlady’s big white tits. She was surprised to see that Martha had such pale-pink, spreading areolas. Those areolas remained soft-looking and unwrinkled while their dark red nipples hardened and lengthened.

Ann smiled weakly, took the tape and measured Martha’s chest cage just below her tits, then checked the cup size of the bra.

“That’s right,” Ann said. “You’re a thirty-seven D-cup. I don’t know why you argued. It’s obvious just from looking that I’m larger than you.”

“I still have not measured you,” Martha said firmly, taking the tape from Ann.

Ann reluctantly and somewhat unsteadily removed her dress and stood nervously in a solid white bra that couldn’t quite contain her mammoth tits. Her pink panties swelled with the great mass of springy curls showing like a dark shadow through the thin material, and Martha’s eyes wandered from her friend’s extremely hairy cunt to the exposed, milky white swells of her untanned tits.

“Shall I get the hooks for you?” she asked, moving behind the young widow.

“Ooohhh!” Ann gasped as he felt Martha’s panty-clad pussy mound pressing into the softness of her plump asscheeks. She shivered nervously. “P-please don’t get so close,” she stammered as she felt fingers working on the fastenings of her bra.

Then the bra was undone, and Ann’s face turned a bright red as her enormous naked tits flopped from the cups, heavy and jutting and slightly pendulous. They wobbled, white and fat with swollen red nipples. She heard the woman behind her suck in her breath.

“My God,” Martha murmured.

Ann realized that Martha was peering excitedly over her shoulder at her mammoth tits as they swung and rolled with their newfound freedom.

“You’re really very lucky,” Martha said hoarsely. “To have remained so, so firm and uh, what is the word. Taut? Yes, taut. I’ve never seen breasts as nice as yours.”

Ann thanked her nervously, uncomfortably aware that Martha’s soft, warm tit-flesh was spread across her back, with the stiff nipples digging hotly into her skin. And then she found herself in the strange position of looking down at her enormous tits and seeing someone else’s hands near them. She could hardly believe it when those hands dropped the tape and cupped her sensitive tits. “Oh! Oh! My God!” Ann gasped, squirming.

But Martha had a good grip on Ann’s soft, warm tits, and she squeezed them gently.

Ann gasped again as she felt her landlady’s lips pressing warm, wet kisses on her neck and cheeks and ears, and then she realized that her nipples were stiff and itchy, straining hotly into Martha’s palms.

“How long has it been since someone touched these lovely tits?” Martha asked softly, shaking the massive tits held captive by her hands. The untanned flesh vibrated like white jello. “So soft, darling. See? See how my fingers sink into them?”

Ann might have struggled more if she hadn’t been so woozy, and if her body wasn’t so starved for love. She’d needed to masturbate ever since peeking at Bob, and she was so hot that Martha’s hands felt good on her tingling, tight-skinned tits. She hadn’t been fucked in more than three years, and since Frank’s death she had steered away from every opportunity to have an affair. She knew men were attracted to her because of the size of her tits, and because they were sure that widows were eager to hop into bed.

Ever since she’d first woke, she’d been hit by nothing but lust-inciting scenes. Bob’s unbelievably big cock squirting cum. Martha’s big, flopping tits. Not this. She was appalled by the perverted urges that set her cunt on fire. The liquor in her blood and the itching need of her cunt as Martha played with her heavy, hanging tits were getting to her. Her own body was betraying her!

“Uhhh, nuhhh,” the hot, helpless mother moaned as her hot-skinned tits were so tenderly fondled. She stood there, swaying slightly, leaning back against her friend’s fleshy belly and watching Martha’s hands working at her breasts. She was aroused inspite of her fear of discovery and the shame she felt.

Martha’s fingers were centered around Ann’s big nipples, now, pulling at them, stretching them, rolling them around and squeezing them. They had become huge from the teasing, huge and very dark, and Ann was breathing heavily and doing her best not to squeal with pleasure.

Then Ann realized that only one hand was on her huge tits, and that the other was gliding over the slight curve of her belly, heading for her panties! She sucked in her breath as Martha’s fingers tugged at their waistband, dragging them over her wide hips and ass until they hung from her full upper thighs. Martha was going through with it! She was reaching for her naked, hairy pussy!

Ann tried to move, but found that her body wouldn’t obey. It was as if she were paralyzed. All she could do was watch helplessly. She knew her cunt was already wet, and that made it worse. Oh, God, she was moving so slowly! If Martha was going to touch her, why didn’t she just do it instead of teasing her like this! And then, the paralysis was gone, and Ann found herself spreading her legs, offering her thickly-haired, large-lipped cunt to her friend’s slowly approaching fingers. Hurry! Hurry! the horny mother mentally urged, while at the same time dreading the reality of their touch.

“You want it, don’t you dear?” Martha smiled gently.

“Ohhhh, no-o-o-o-o!” Ann wailed as Martha’s fingers combed through the thick, moss-like growth of dark curls and settled on her plump, smooth pussylips. “No-o-o-o!”

But as her landlady’s fingers stroked inside her burning, soaking pussylips, she made no attempt to pull away. Instead, she moaned and her thighs parted just a bit, allowing the fingers a little more room. Oh, God, she mentally screamed, it feels so good! So good! I want her to touch me! And she felt her eyes fill with tears of mingled shame and pleasure as Martha’s fingers moved in her fiery cunt.

“Eeeeee!” Ann squealed and shook as Martha’s thumb and first finger took hold of her long clit. The older woman held the young widow’s hot, oily clit for a long moment, enjoying Ann’s sighs and moans of helpless joy. Then she grabbed both gigantic tits again, drawing Ann against her. She licked her ear.

“Let me love you Ann,” she whispered urgently. “I need you. It’s been so long, darling, so long!”

Ann was shaking from the passion running through her body. Her skin felt hot and itchy, especially her tits, and she closed her eyes and leaned even more against Martha’s soft tits. When her friend asked once more if she wanted her, Ann could only nod and whisper a weak, “Yes.”

“Ohhhh, thank God!” Martha whispered with relief. “You have no idea how scared I was, darling. I don’t know what I’d have done if you’d rejected me. I can’t even imagine living here without you and Bob!”

Ann shuddered with delight as Martha’s fingers rubbed up and down the hot, wet furrow of her throbbing cunt. She gasped and knew her face was a bright red as two fingers began worming their way into her slippery pussyhole.

“Ahhhh, yes-s-s-s-,” Ann groaned as she sagged limply against Martha’s fleshy body. Her ass squirmed against her friend’s pantyclad crotch as she hunched for more of Martha’s fingers.

Soon, a soft, rhythmic slurping and smacking reached their ears. Ann was creaming all over Martha’s stroking fingers, and her writ was expanding and contracting, about to explode with sheer ecstasy.

Martha rested her chin on Ann’s shoulder, watching the young widow’s creamy tits. She saw her wrist below a thick mass of dark curls, and he smiled happily.

“I’m going to make you cum, aren’t I?” Martha asked, working her fingers faster.

“Oh, yes, yes! Make me cum! Make me cum!” Ann whimpered, bending her knees to take Martha’s fingers deeper into her hot, dribbling cunthole. She could hardly believe that she was saying such things! She felt so hot, so lewd. But her cunt was demanding more and more. Her clit felt so swollen, and everytime it was nudged by Martha’s flexing wrist, she thought she’d die!

And then the fingers were gone! Ann’s eyes widened with horror. Martha couldn’t stop now! Not now! She had to cum, she just had to!

“Ahhh, no-o… what are you doing?” Ann gasped as the older woman stepped away.

“Nothing,” Martha said, taking her hand. “Sit down on the couch.”

Ann sat down, her big tits bouncing heavily, and watched as Martha skinned down, her panties.

Martha stood naked in front of the young widow for a moment, then knelt and began kissing her way down Ann’s trembling body. She began with Ann’s huge, slightly pendulous tits, sliding her hands under them and lifting them, sinking her fingers into their spongy softness.

“Ummmmmm,” Martha moaned, pressing her cheek against one giant tit. “You have beautiful tits. I just love them.” And she jiggled the two milky tits up and down, making Ann’s big nipples erect.

“Do me, do me,” Ann groaned, trying to grab Martha’s hand and return it to her a aching, throbbing pussy.

“Be patient,” Martha whispered into one trembling tit. “If you hold off it’ll be even better. For both of us. Trust me.”

Then Martha shoved her face between Ann’s tits, burrowing into the warmth and softness while her hands clutched the big round end of each tit. Ann’s hot, swollen nipples erected in the older woman’s palms.

“Ohhhhhh!” Ann’s hands were on the back of Martha’s head, clutching her tightly while she rolled her tits against Martha’s face. Her nipples slid back and forth across Martha’s lips until Ann, moaning with desire, steered one to the woman’s eager mouth. Martha sucked greedily on Ann’s hard nipple, and her nose and chin sank into the softness of the giant tit.

Ann’s hands slid from Martha’s head, stroking past her neck and back, then to her sides. Finally, they went under the kneeling woman’s arms and squeezed her heavy, hanging tits. Ann had never before considering touching another woman’s tits, but as she kneaded and tugged at Martha’s soft, dangling tits, all thoughts of right and wrong disappeared. Only pleasure was left. The hot moistness of Martha’s mouth around her swollen nipple sent chills down to her aching cunt; making her whimper continually.

Martha sensed the change in her friend, and she nursed strongly on Ann’s erect nipple. The tugging and tweaking of her own nipples by Ann’s fingers soon had her moaning and shaking as she sucked, causing her to speed up the activities.

Ann’s nipples felt cold after Martha’s mouth left them, but she soon forgot about the coldness when her friend’s lips kissed warmly past her quivering belly and began browsing at the thick, mossy cunt curls.

“Open your legs,” Martha said softly, and Ann immediately, eagerly, spread her thighs as wide as she could. She knew what was coming, and she lifted her ass off the cushion as Martha’s head descended.

“Oh, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Kiss my cunt! Lick it, make me cum-m-m-m-m-m! Please make me cum-m-m-m-m!”


Martha’s face was level with Ann’s wet, hairy offering. She looked at the pink gash in the center of all that dark hair. It was completely open, the large pussylips quivering, dripping with gleaming cuntjuice. Even Ann’s plump white inner thighs glistened with a fine sheen of slippery-sticky, scented pussyjuice.

“I’m going to make you cum better than you’ve ever cum before,” Martha whispered as she stared at the mouth-watering sight of the young mother’s splayed pussy.

“Ohhh-h-h-h, yes! Yes!” Ann gasped, squirming anxiously. “Don’t talk, do it! Do it!”

But Martha merely smiled and teasingly moved her lips closer until Ann could feel the hot air of the older woman’s breath against her gaping cunt.

“Oh, what a big, hot-looking clit you’ve got!” Martha whispered excitedly. “I just know you’re going to love my tongue on it. And my lips around it, sucking it. But first I’ll lick those nice thick cuntlips. Do you think I should nibble them a bit, too? I will, if you want me to.”

“Ohhh, please!” Ann moaned, her blood racing like liquid fire in her cunt and tits and nipples and clit.

Ann was reeling, her cunthole tingling and swelling as juice trickled from it. She was ready to grab her friend’s head and shove it up her cunt like a cock — she was so hot!

“Please,” she moaned again. “Don’t tease me, make me cum!”

Martha’s hands slid up Ann’s thighs, nearing the hot pussy.

“You’re so hairy,” Martha murmured, combing her fingers through the thick growth of curls. She rubbed her palm over the bulging mound above the pink slit. Her breathing grew heavy as she gently thrust a finger between the parted, swollen lips.

Ann looked down at the woman kneeling between her lets. Martha lifted her gaze upwards, staring into Ann’s eyes as the fingered her cunt. Ann whimpered and watched, her heart pounding as the finger was removed and Martha’s palms slid under the cheeks of her ass. She held her breath as Martha’s face lowered; then Ann sobbed with ecstasy as the older woman took one fat, heavy pussy lip in her mouth and tugged on it, biting gently.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!” Ann groaned, her mind swirling as her pulsing pussyhole tightened and rippled.

Martha lifted and pulled the other pussy lip away from the bright pink, drooling gash. Ann’s simmering cunt now pouted sexily. Her big, swollen clit quivered at the top of her creaming cunthole, looking to Martha’s excited mind like an erect, miniature cock.

“Shall I suck your clit, darling?” she whispered, her breath warming Ann’s clit and making it tense with anticipation. “Shall I suck it and tickle it with my tongue until you cum?”

Without waiting for a reply, she snaked her tongue out and swabbed the swollen clit.

“Ahhhhhh-h-h-h! Ahhh-h-h-h-h!” Ann cried. Then Martha’s tongue went down her slick gash and cased into her gushing pussyhole, tasting the tangy goodness of aroused cunt Martha loved the hot juice flowing over her tongue, and she wiggled it deeper.

Ann felt the strong thrust of her friend’s tongue in her pussy. She went wild, bouncing on the couch and making her heavy tits flop. Her cunt was pounding, working up and down in Martha’s mouth. Ann wailed and sobbed with pleasure.

Martha dug into Ann’s asscheeks, keeping a good grip as the young widow writhed with ecstasy. Her fingers went deep into Ann’s asscrack, and one touched the hot, moist pucker of her wrinkled asshole. The sensitive little ring felt soft to the touch, and Martha scratched at it gently, digging a fingertip inside to torment the nerve-rich lining.

Ann howled and bucked, rolling her head from side to side as her hips went wild trying to escape the insistent finger digging into her asshole. Martha slurped her tongue back up to Ann’s straining clit. She sucked it into her mouth and nibbled lightly at its root while her tongue licked up and down and around.

“Ohhhh, yes!” Ann cried. “Suck harder! Faster!”

Every nerve in Ann’s cunt was on fire, and even her asshole was throbbing and clenching as Martha’s mouth and tongue took control of her clit. She’d never felt anything so good before. No man could suck a clit as good as a woman!

“Awwww-w-w-w! Cumming-g-g-g!” Ann cried, hunching wildly as an orgasm erupted in her cunt? “Awww-w-w-w!”

The young widow’s climax was so intense that she couldn’t stand it! She sobbed her way through to the end, trembling violently, then slumped on the couch where Martha climbed up beside her.

“It was good, wasn’t it?” she said happily smothering Ann’s face with kisses while she played with the young widow’s soft, heavy tits.

Ann could hardly believe how good it had bee. She’d had her cunt licked before, of course, but never with so much knowledge and enthusiasm. She’d had a lesbian experience, and had found it was every bit as good as climaxing with a man! Her cunt still throbbed with the goodness of her cum.

Martha’s hips and thighs and big tits were touching Ann as she sat beside her.

“You did like it,” Martha stated, stroking Ann’s quivering tits. “It wasn’t just the liquor that made you love it. You need me, just as I need you. We don’t have anyone else, now and it doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? It’ll be our little secret. And I’ll never get you pregnant, either.”

Martha kept on like that, her voice soft but insistent, while Ann half-listened, her eyes returning again and again to the older woman’s hairy cunt. After a while, Ann responded to the stroking palms. She turned, allowing Martha to kiss her pouting lips. Ann tensed at the first electric contact, but Martha placed a hand behind her head, her moist lips closed on Ann’s, her tongue darting.

Ann moaned and surrendered, responding hotly, scalding her own slick tongue into Martha’s mouth. Ann trembled, moaned again, then threw her arms around the older woman, mashing their big tits together until a huge amount of tit-flesh bulged out between their bodies. Ann was reeling again with the fire building in her. She loved this woman!

“Ohhh, yes,” Martha sighed when they broke their deep kiss. “Now me, darling, please. I’m burning up. Do it to me! Make me cum!”

Ann awkwardly — but eagerly — began stroking and kissing Martha’s neck and tits. It didn’t take her long to become an expert. After all, she had only to do what she liked having done to her. She thrilled when Martha moaned and squirmed at having her big nipples sucked. Ann sucked them hard, reveling in the new experience, the new tastes and textures she felt on her lips and tongue. She switched juicily and noisily from tit to tit, massaging the older woman’s big, loose tits with obvious enthusiasm.

“Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm!” Martha whimpered as Ann’s lips went from her nipples to the wide under slopes of her tits, and then down to her white, quivering belly. She opened her thighs wide, giving Ann a preview of her hot cunt.

Ann slid off the couch and went on her knees before her friend. She was shaking with excitement as she studied Martha’s wide lipped, deep cunt. Martha’s pussy was wet and red, covered with short, curly hairs that let the skin show through, and the soft, sleek-looking pink lips in the center of that hair were opening up.

“It-it’s beautiful!” Ann whispered huskily.

The steamy odor of Martha’s hot, sopping cunt filled Ann’s nostrils.

Hesitantly, Ann brought one hand to Martha’s offered cunt. She knew what her own felt like, of course, but this was another woman’s! Slowly, the opened her hand, her thumb on one side of Martha’s cunt, her fingers on the other. And, just as slowly, she closed the fingers and thumb on that soft, fuzzy warmth, squeezing the plump, juicy cuntlips together, mashing them, rolling them, and making Martha shudder and whimper and mewl with intense pleasure.

“Kiss it, kiss it,” Martha moaned, hunching her squeezed-together cunt at Ann’s flushed, bright-eyed face.

Ann felt daring and lewd, and with those emotions there was also a sense of power. She was making Martha shiver and whine and beg.

Taking her hand away, Ann inched her face nearer to the woman’s gaping cuntlips, feeling the intense heat radiating from the center of that pink pussyhole.

“I-I don’t really know how to do this,” Ann whispered, licking her lips. She lifted her eyes to Martha’s strained, anxious face. “But I’m going to try my best!”

Then Ann jammed her mouth against Martha’s cunt, hungrily but inexpertly rubbing her lips and extended tongue against her pulpy, wet pussy folds, sucking and licking enthusiastically.

“Ahhh! Ahhhh! You’ve got it!” Martha moaned, yowling and flopping on the couch. “Keep your tongue moving there! Ah! That’s it! Ahhhh! Quicker! Yes-s-s-s! Now harder! Harder!”

Ann’s hungry lips closed on Martha’s pussylips as she thrust her tongue into the center of all that tasty flesh. Her teeth ground gently together.

“Yahhh-h-h-h! Wah-h-h-h!” Martha howled, her big tits quivering while Ann munched her cunt.

Ann felt the woman’s hard clit under her tongue, and she lapped at its base again and again. Without realizing it, her hands had cupped Martha’s asscheeks, lifting her cunt higher as Martha draped her legs over Ann’s shoulders.

“Ann! Ann!” she cried as the young widow’s curling fingers squeezed the tender flesh of her asscheeks.

Then Martha gasped as Ann gave her wet cunt a long, slow, hard lick from her hot, drooling hole to her clit.

“Awwww-w-www, more! More!” Martha cried, overwhelmed by the maddening sensations.

Ann slithered her tongue through the older woman’s gushing cunt, wriggling it into every tasty, tangy crevice and scooping up enormous amounts of pussyjuice. From time to time her nose bumped Martha’s hard clit. Now Ann’s clit was fully aroused and straining outward from the top of her cunt.

“Aw-w-w-w, Gawd-d-d-d-d!” Martha bawled at the top of her lungs. “I’m cumming! Don’t stop, I’m cumming!”

Ann sucked in the entire mass of Martha’s plump pussylips and closed her mouth round the soft, hot flesh and quivering clit. She ran her tongue through the wet, silky heat of Martha’s creaming cunt, sucking and licking with great force. Martha howled, bucked, clamped her thighs tightly against Ann, and then she collapsed, sobbing loudly as her orgasm crested.

A few minutes later the older woman regained her senses, Ann was still on her knees, her cheek resting against the soft mound of wet cunthair. Martha smiled with contentment. She could hardly believe her luck at finding a woman to share her apartment, a woman who took to eating pussy like an old pro. She reached down and stroked Ann’s long hair and found some of it damp with pussyjuice.

“Come up here with me,” she said softly.

“I-I need more,” Ann said, half-ashamed to admit that she still wasn’t satisfied.

“Would you like to act the part of a man this time?” Martha asked. “Here, let me get on the floor, this carpet’s soft enough.” She opened her legs to let Ann sink between them. “Now, let’s rub pussies. It’ll be great if we can touch clits!”

Ann rested her elbows on either side of Martha’s arms. Her big, dangling tits half rested on the warm cushions of the older woman’s huge tits. She lowered her hips as Martha’s knees parted and raised. Ann felt the wet sleekness of her cunt press against another woman’s pussy for the first time. She squealed.

“It’s great, isn’t it?” Martha enthused. “Wait, I’ll reach down and hold my cuntlips apart with one hand. There, now rub against me — ahhhh-h-h-h!”

Both horny women groaned as their big, hot clits poked together and slipped wetly around. Martha wrapped her arms around Ann’s back and began wriggling her hips and hunching her ass as she panted and moaned. Ann shoved forward and retreated, moving much as her husband used to move, causing their clits to slither over one another.

Soon, both were panting and gasping and hunching as they came hard, grinding their wet, hairy cunts together fast enough for the friction to be almost painful.

Later they licked each other clean before dressing. Martha studied Ann’s every move, enjoying the way her friend’s ass shifted as she walked, enjoying the heavy bounce of her slightly pendulous tits in their bra cups, and enjoying the way Ann would looks her and smile.

“You’ve got dimples, dear,” she said softly Ann’s smite widened. “Here,” she asked, pointing to her face, “or here,” and she aimed a finger at her ass.

“You know what I meant. Oh, I wish we could have a bed all to ourselves tonight! It’s going to be awful sleeping in the same house and not sleeping together.”

“Well,” Ann said, trying to keep her smile, “we ought to be used to sleeping alone by now.”

Martha nodded. “And Bob would think it strange, to say the least, if we began sleeping together.”

Ann’s smile faded completely. “Oh, Jeez! Bob! Martha, do you know why I’ve been so horny lately? I’ve been watching Bob jerking off. I’ve been watching my own son! Then I started drinking again, to forget. Oh, Martha, when I saw his cock, how big it is I just froze. I-I haven’t even seen a cock in three years, and never one as big as his! F-for a while when I look, I forget he’s my son. All I can see is his big, hard cock!”

By this time Ann was sniffing and wiping tears from her eyes while Martha comforted her. But Martha’s mind was on Bob. She couldn’t blame Ann for getting hot from a sight like that. After all Bob had an unbelievably big cock. The older woman’s thoughts centered on how great it would be to have both Bob and Ann in bed with her at the same time. She had both of them willing to fuck and eat her separately; now all she had to do was figure out some way to overcome Ann’s inhibitions about her son.

Martha’s comforting led to a more general fondling of Ann’s body. Eventually, Martha slipped her fingers under the young widow’s panties and fingered her clit until she came. By that time Bob was on his way up the steps for lunch, and Ann quickly tried to compose herself. Martha grinned and stuck a wet finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

“Mmmm, very tasty,” she whispered. Ann’s face turned a bright pink.

At lunch that day, Bob tried the dropped spoon bit again. He worried a little that he might be pushing his luck, but since Ann was using his momentary disappearance to reach across and give Martha’s tit a loving squeeze, his fear was for nothing.

Martha sighed and spread her thighs, giving the boy a real treat, although not as great as the one she’d given him the day before. When Bob didn’t reappear immediately, Ann pushed her finger into the top of Martha’s blouse and under the bra until she caught a big nipple.

“Uhhh-h-h-h,” Martha gasped, trying to stifle the moan, then, she moved her hand to Ann’s tits.

Ann sighed. She might have wondered about the length of time it was liking her son to locate his spoon if she hadn’t been passing the time playing with Martha’s swollen nipple.

Under the table, Bob realized that he could do more than just look. Mrs. Blumfeldt had given him the go-ahead for lots more! He slowly slid his hand between her thighs, until his finger tips were lightly touching the damp heat of her stuffed panties. Martha jumped a bit at the electric contact of youthful fingers against her over stimulated clit. Ann attributed the move to her own fingers on the older woman’s sensitive nipple, and she quickly removed her hand. Bob, afraid that his mother might be getting suspicious, came out from under the table and resumed his lunch.

All three had flushed faces, but no one seemed to notice. All were busy at their plates.

Bob didn’t leave the apartment for the rest of the day. He was hoping to catch Mrs. Blumfeldt alone again, but when he did, his mother would suddenly appear. It was very frustrating to the young boy. He had to content himself with squeezing Mrs. Blumfeldt’s tit when his mother’s back was turned or stroking her fleshy asscheeks. The older woman spent a very nerve-wracking afternoon trying to keep Ann from seeing what was happening. Yet her body was burning with the need to feel Bob’s hefty cock spreading her cuntlips.

Once, when his mother was at the sink, Bob came up behind Mrs. Blumfeldt and slipped his hands under her dress and into her panties. He grabbed a good double-handful of warm asscheeks and dug his fingers briefly in before releasing her and stepping back. Martha’s eyes went big and wide and she looked at Ann.

When his mother didn’t turn around, Bob reached under her dress again and tugged her panties down to her upper thighs. Martha tried to do her best, without speaking, to discourage him, but a sex-starved teenager wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to cool off. Bob was too excited by the brief feel of her ass to wait until they were alone. Besides, fooling around right under his mother’s nose was a real turn-on.

Slowly, he knelt and, shoving his head under Mrs. Blumfeldt’s dress, he kissed her warm cheeks. He ran his tongue across her ass, wishing he could see more, and then he quickly stood up. Since his mother’s attention was still occupied by the dishes, he lifted the older woman’s dress in the back and slipped his hand around her hip until his fingers were sinking into damp cunt curls. Martha squirmed free just as Ann turned.

It went that way all day. When Bob wasn’t pawing her, Ann copped a sneaky feel of Martha. By the time supper was over and an uncomfortable three hours were spent talking and watching TV, Martha was a quivering mass of wet-pantied horniness. She was more than happy when Bob’s bedtime arrived, but she did manage to whisper to him that she would visit him later that night, after his mother was asleep.

She looked at Ann. The sexy young widow had hardly waited for her son to leave before sliding her ass closer to Martha’s on the couch.

“Are you as horny as I am?” Ann asked, cupping one of Martha’s heavy tits.

“Aren’t you worried that Bob might get up?”

“Not him,” Ann said. “God, my cunt’s on fire!”

“Listen, why don’t we finger-fuck each other without getting undressed? Just sit here, looking innocent, with our hands under our skirts?”


“Lift up,” Ann said, kneeling in front of the older woman. “Let me pull your panties down.”

Martha lifted her ass, and Ann grabbed the panties and drew them from her friend’s shapely legs. Martha parted her thighs.

“I guess just one little, quick kiss won’t hurt,” Martha murmured, and placed her hands on the back of Ann’s head.

“Mmmmmm,” Ann sighed, pressing her lips and nose into the scented heat of Martha’s cunt.

“Ahhhh-h-h-h-h!” Martha groaned, lilting up and grinding her soaked cunt into Ann’s face.

Ann lapped a little, then forced herself to stop. “I-I think this is going to be too noisy,” she said, pulling her panties down and sitting next to her friend. “I love eating your delicious pussy, dear, but I forgot how much you love it. It’s hard to keep quiet, isn’t it?”

“Ohh, Ann! My cunt’s really aching now. You shouldn’t have started something you can’t finish.”

“Oh, we’ll finish!” Ann said eagerly. “Just like you said, we’ll finger-fuck each other.”

“But what about our moans? I try, but I just can’t keep quiet when I cum.”

“We’ll kiss, dear, that’s all. We’ll kiss while we’re cumming and moan into each other’s mouths. Or would you prefer muffling your moans with my big tits?”

Ten minutes later, when both women were on the verge of cumming, they glued their open, panting mouths together and heaved and hunched and wriggled their asses is almost complete silence. It was so good that they began again in a few minutes, this time exposing their big white tits as they grew confident that Bob wouldn’t surprise them.

Martha latched onto one of Ann’s thrusting tits, loving the warmth and softness. She squeezed the spongy tit and steered a big nipple into her hot mouth. Ann moaned and reached for Martha’s heavy tits. She stared hungrily at the woman’s exposed cunt. It was beautiful. A beautiful, glowing pink, sparkling with pussyjuice. She trailed her fingers over the cuntlips, and Martha groaned and hunched. Her clit was a dark pink and big, but she couldn’t begin to compete with Ann’s oversized clit.

“Oooooh, it’s so beautiful!” Ann sighed, circling the straining clit.

“Umm! Umm!” Martha grunted. “Touch it, rub it, dear. If I can’t feel your tongue, at least play with it!”

Martha’s melon-shaped tits wobbled as Ann’s free hand moved from one tit to the other. Her full, pursed lips sucked one fat nipple until it almost hurt, and then she switched to the other. And the fingers of her other hand were in the pouting, drooling mouth of her friend’s hot cunt, stirring the plump pussylips and petting Martha’s bulging clit.

She caught the clit and pulled gently. Martha gasped and flopped frantically. Ann’s huge white tits slapped together, making the young mother hotter than ever. Half-insane with lust, she grabbed the soft, fleshy cheeks of Martha’s creamy ass and dragged them apart, then bent to examine what she had exposed.

“Ohhh, it’s beautiful,” Ann breathed in a low voice as her eyes focused on the older woman’s puckered, rose colored asshole. The tiny asshole was coated with jism.

Ann loved the way her friend was responding to her stabbing tongue. She released one asscheek in order to reach up and take hold of her clit. Martha bucked and clenched her teeth to keep back the loud groan she could feel building up. Grabbing her own big tit, she shoved it up to her face and stuffed the swollen nipple and as much of the spreading areola as she could into her mouth, muffling her joy with her tit.

Ann knew exactly when Martha’s orgasm struck. The woman let out a long, muffled moan and her asshole clenched around her invading tongue. Ann pulled her tongue free and licked her asscrack furiously while her fingers tugged on Martha’s clit.

Martha’s spasming cunt opened and closed rhythmically, drooling hot juice down her asscrack which was licked up by Ann’s hungry tongue. She came over and over, her ecstasy muffled by her huge tit.

Ann heard the liquid lapping and smacking of her tongue in her friend’s asscrack, and as she swallowed, it drove her crazy.

“Ummmm,” Ann sighed, resting her face on Martha’s up-turned ass. She let her fingers fall away from the older woman’s tormented clit.

Martha shuddered a few more times, then sagged limply and let her big tits fall from her lips. Her pale pink areola was surrounded by teeth marks, and was even more crinkled than before.

“Ahhh!” Ann grunted against her tit as Martha’s tongue-tip pierced the center of her shitter. She shuddered and mewled as the older woman’s tongue stabbed deeply, again and again, delving deep into her asshole.

Martha’s tongue slipped inside, laying the silken, sensitive inner membranes. In a matter of seconds Ann was cuming, grunting and moaning into her own tit. Again and again she climaxed as Martha drilled her stiffened tongue into the hot center of her ass. The blazing inferno of her cunt mingled with the fiery frictioning of her shitter until she was writhing and clawing the couch.

Later, her sweaty body was cuddled by the older woman. Ann still trembled. She kissed Martha lovingly, swirling her tongue in her friend’s hot mouth while rubbing their tits together.

“Listen,” Martha said, gently pulling away, but continuing to stroke Ann’s enormous tits. “We’d better get to bed. It’s late, and I can’t take much more of this.”

“I’ll be dreaming about you tonight.” Ann said as she ran her tongue around one of Martha’s tits. “I can hardly wait for tomorrow to come.”

In his bed, Bob waited and waited for Mrs. Blumfeldt to arrive. He grew more and more impatient, stroking his cock from time to time. He wasn’t going to jerk off, but he wanted to have a hard-on when she came in. Despite the fact that the older woman was expected momentarily, his mind kept wandering back to his mother’s huge tits and hairy cunt. He was half-asleep, dreaming of her big, swinging tits and plump ass when Mrs. Blumfeldt opened his door and tip-toed in.

He was wide awake almost instantly, sitting up in bed and feasting his eyes on her loosely swaying tits beneath the thin material of her nightie. Putting a finger to her lips, she closed the door and pushed a throw rug against the crack before switching on his light.

Her still-juicy cunt itched and throbbed when she saw the tall tent that his hard-on made under the covers. She could feel her cunt lips bloat and peel apart, and she knew that the heady smell of her aroused cunt would soon reach his nostrils.

“Would you like me to get in with you?” she whispered, bending over him.

Her enormous tits flowed over the low cut top of the nightie, and Bob saw those pendulous tits slap together and then wobble. He stretched out his arms and grabbed her big, spongy asscheeks, pulling her closer until her swinging tits were right in front of his face.

“Ahhh,” Martha groaned as he covered one fat nippled with his mouth.

She felt her face heat up as the boy’s tongue flogged her stiff nipple and his fingers dug into her deep asscrack.

“Oh, easy,” she breathed when he bit down a bit too hard. “Go slow, let me get this nightie off!”

Reluctantly, Bob released her.

“Aw, Jeez,” he gasped when she pulled the nightie off and stood before him naked. Her enormous tits wobbled sexily, their dark tips stiffly extended. And, from the dark, wet curls between her plump thighs poked the bright pink center of her cunt. Her fat pussylips were pouting, and he licked his lips and thought about kissing them.

Then Mrs. Blumfeldt turned slowly and presented him with the gorgeous sight of her wide, plump-cheeked ass.

“Take a good look,” Martha whispered hoarsely, feeling her clit poke out itchily as she exposed both her lower holes to the big-cocked kid.

Bob almost choked at the sight of Mrs. Blumfeldt’s puckered asshole and red, gaping cunt. Her pussylips hung out below her ass, heavy and wet, and between her parted thighs, he could see her pendulous tits swaying.

“Don’t move! Don’t move!” he begged, throwing off the covers and jumping from the bed.

Martha knew what the boy wanted and felt a thrill course through her. This was going to be a hard, fast, eager fuck, she knew, the kind only a frenzied teenager could give. She rested her palms on her knees and jutted her ass out a bit more.

Bob’s legs were trembling as he quickly stood behind the bent-over woman. Even his fingers shook as he ran them through her wet curls and felt up her cunt. Her pussy was even hotter and wetter than it looked, and he couldn’t wait any longer. Groaning, he steered his long, fat, bulbous-headed prick into the gaping red cunthole under Mrs. Blumfeldt’s quivering ass.

“Ahhhhh, yes-s-s-s!” she hissed. “Shove it in! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Bob was so anxious to finally shove his cock into a pussy and start fucking that he never even thought about taking it easy. He pushed his fat cock into her cunthole with a fierce lunge.

“Aghh!” Martha gasped as she felt the narrow passage of her cunt being forced open.

The mouth of her cunt resisted him momentarily, then gave way and he sank into her all the way. The hot length of hard cockflesh digging into her belly made her shiver with lust. Her cunt grasped the boy’s prick and began sucking on it as he pumped in and out. She could feel the lips of her hungry cunt rolling in and out with his every thrust.

“Ah Jeez,” he groaned, loaning over her back as his hips pumped furiously.

His balls ached, they were so full. He’d never felt anything like the fantastic heat of her rippling, sucking cunt. The warmth and wetness of her rhythmic clutching was getting to him, as were the say sounds of his belly smacking the wide chicks of her fleshy ass.

Mrs. Blumfeldt’s beautifully heavy tits were pendulously swinging but occasionally slapping together noisily. Her nipples stuck out, tingling, but she couldn’t take her hands from her knees or she’d fall over.

“My tits!” she cried in a loud whisper. “Rub my tits, Bob!”

She knew her gasps of pleasure were dangerously loud. But she was too caught up in Bob’s wonderful fucking to care. Her fleshy tits slapped up almost into her face as the horny kid slammed into her juicy cunt with noisy smacks. Occasionally she heard her sloppy cunt gurgle.

Bob felt Mrs. Blumfeldt’s ass lift up to meet his hammering thrusts and he fucked faster and faster. He bounced his belly on the sweaty moons of her upturned ass with adolescent glee while his hands clutched at her tits.

“Do you like fucking dog-style, Bob?”

“Is that what you call this?” he panted.

“That’s right, just like a dog, from behind. I’m going to show you lots of different positions! You’ll be fucking every way but hanging from the ceiling by the time we’re through!”

Bob’s plunging prick was making her cunt hole run with juice, and most of it was sliding down her inner thighs. Martha felt her cunt tunnel tightening, her clit swelling. Her nipples were blazing lumps of tormented flesh. Even her belly was fluttering. This was one of the best fucks she’d ever had.

“I’m going to cum soon!” she gasped. “Grab my clit! Rub it!”

Bob felt the ache in his nuts building. His swollen cock-knob burned, and he knew he was about to shoot.

“Me too!” he cried forgetting to whisper. He reached down until he found the hot, oily spike of her clit.

“Ohh!” Martha choked as he pinched her clit. Bob pinched harder and bounced his belly faster, and slit felt his cockshaft swelling.

“Here it comes!” Bob cried, jabbing his prick faster in her clutching, juicing pussy.

Martha groaned as the boy’s cock shot off in her cunt. His fingers continued to pinch her straining clit, and as she felt the hot, heavy wads of cum splattering in her rippling pussy, her cunt flashed off. She bucked and hunched her quivering ass at his erupting cock as a series of mind-blowing spasms roared through her crotch.

“Aghhhh, Jeez!” Bob groaned as his jerking, spewing cock was milked by her orgasming cunt. He could feel the heat of their mingled juices surrounding his prick. It slid down her thighs in a never-ending stream until Martha mooned and rubbed her hand up and down, catching it.

“God!” she groaned, collapsing on the bed. Her cum-streaked asscheeks quivered sexily. Bob’s cock hung above them, wet and limp. A small drop of cum drooled front his knob and hung in the air, stretching don, thinner and thinner, until it landed in her asscrack.

Martha felt Bob place his palms on the plump cheeks of her ass. He ran them up and down, using his own cum to oil her twat flesh. His fingers combed through her wet cunt hair, probed her cunt, and then plucked at her tingling pussylips.

“Ohhhh, God, Bob,” she sighed, squirming. “Haven’t you had enough for a while?”

“I’ll never get enough of this!” Bob whispered, watching her asscheeks tremble as he fingered her hot, dripping cunt. He located the soft, limp bud of her clit and rolled it around in her juices, and Martha buried her face in a pillow and wailed.

Her muffled cry was music to Bob’s ears. As he fingered her clit, she wriggled her hips and her ass shook wildly. Those round, heavy mounds were like a magnet to the boy, and he kneaded and squeezed them, then drew they away from each other and bent his head.

“Awww-w-w-w-w!” Martha sobbed as she felt the boy’s hot, wet tongue slide through her asscrack and lave her hot, tingling asshole. Her slitter puckered. She gasped. “Tonguefuck me, stick it all the way in!”

Bob pressed his face into Mrs. Blumfeldt’s ass and wriggled his tongue in the soft, wet pucker of her wrinkled shit lips. She went crazy, moaning as the boy’s breath gusted in her asscrack and his tonguetip slid into her trembling asshole. She lifted her ass higher, begging for more of his ass-fucking tongue.

“Mmmmmmmm!” he moaned. Her tight, pink asshole was a real turn-on! And her shitter was growing more and more slippery as he dug in.

Martha was in heaven. She felt her asshole grip his tongue as he moved it back and forth, and then she came hard, muffling her ecstasy with the pillow. He brought her off three more times, twice with his cock, and again with his tongue.


The next morning Bob’s cock grew hard at the breakfast table as he watched his mother’s big, fleshy asscheeks quiver and shake as she busied herself at the sink. She was wearing slacks, but they were thin and tight enough for her asscrack to be clearly visible. When she turned around, the plump mound of her pussy stared him in the face, and the slacks were even indented where her cunt slit was! He felt his face burn.

Ann didn’t notice her son’s face grow pink. She was too busy trying to sneak peeks into the partially open fly of his pajama bottoms. She stood behind him, then looked over his shoulder into his lap, hoping to catch a glimpse of his thick shaft. She saw some hair, and what might have been cockflesh.

Ever since listening to Dr. Yung, she’d been more worried and even fearful. What she was thinking about Bob frightened her. Oh, why couldn’t she be satisfied with Martha’s expert licking and sucking? Did she really miss a cock that much? The answer, unfortunately, was yes. She was honest enough to admit it to herself. But why did it have to be her son’s cock that was so available to her? And why did it have to be such a gorgeous cock?

She was desperately horny for her boy’s big prick, but she was ashamed of that lewd desire. It seemed the only solution was to spend more time with Martha. Maybe she could wear out the itch in her cunt with her friend’s helpful tongue and fingers.

For the next few days Bob continued to suck and fuck Martha, never suspecting that the wetness on her cunt was partially due to his mother’s tonguing. But he still tried to peek at his mother as much as possible.

He knew enough now to realize most of what they were describing was right out of their imaginations. He’d touched, tasted and fucked the real thing, and now he had a hard time keeping quiet when one of the older boys was bragging.

When he walked in one afternoon, he saw his mother and Mrs. Blumfeldt sitting across from each other at the table. And Mrs. Blumfeldt didn’t look happy.

“What’s up?” he said, looking at his mother.

“I’ve just heard from Bob,” she said. “Mary left him, ran off with her fitness instructor. He’s really hit hard. You know, they were married for fifteen years!”

“Gee, that’s too bad.”

“He sold his home, and bought a place in the country about eighty miles from here, near Maxfield,” Ann said. “And he wants us to come and stay with him for a while.”

Bob’s stomach went cold. Leave here? Leave Mrs. Blumfeldt!

“Ah, Jeez,” he said, “do we have to? I’d rather stay here. All my friends are here.”

“Bob, he’s my brother, and he needs me. I’m not happy about leaving here, either, but it’ll only be for a little while. Martha isn’t going to rent our rooms to anyone else.”

“Of course not,” Martha said. “Not only that, Bob, but when your mother talked to your uncle, she asked him to invite me, too!”

“Ohmigod!” Ann gasped when she saw the older woman pull out a thick, curved banana at least nine or ten inches long.

“I don’t have a dildo,” Martha said, “but I think this’ll do the trick. Don’t worry, I cut off the hard end, it won’t hurt.”

Ann’s eyes were wide as she watched the banana approach her wide-spread cunt. Martha smeared it with cunt juice first, then fingered open Ann’s cunthole and inserted the tapered end of the yellow fruit.

“Huhhh, huhhh-h-h-h,” Ann panted as the thickness of the banana spread her cunt.

Martha had a good view of her friend’s hairy, big-lipped cunt slowly swallowing the banana. Before the banana was halfway in, Ann began to squirm. Her clit was standing at attention, dark and throbbing. Her eyes were squeezed tight and her fingers were clawing the cushions.

“Feels like a big cock, doesn’t it?” Martha grinned, easing the rest of the banana inside. She twisted it slightly then jiggled it up and down. “I’m going to start fucking you now. Hunch at it, fuck back, just imagine it’s some big guy on top of you.”

Ann, to her shame, was already imagining that. Before the banana had penetrated her cunt more than three inches, the face she saw behind her tightly closed eyes was her son’s. She couldn’t help it. Bob’s cock was so big, just like the banana, and now that Martha was moving the big fruit out, then shoving it in; the sensation of being fucked was even more realistic!

Martha fucked the banana hard and fast as Ann’s ass lifted and fell. Soon, Ann was squirming and hunching and throwing herself against the banana as if it were a cock.

“Oh, give it to me!” she groaned. “Fuck it, fuck it hard!”

“You like my cock?” Martha asked in a husky voice, twisting the banana from side to side as she pumped.

“I love it? Fuck me, make me cum!”

Ann’s fleshy ass shook as she humped the banana, and her tits slapped together and jiggled wildly. The juice-smeared flesh of her plump upper thighs quivered sexily as they strained to spread even wider apart.

Finally, Martha couldn’t take the sexy sight any longer. She lowered her head and gobbled in Ann’s fat clit. Ann started to howl, then shoved her own tit into her mouth to stifle her joy. The sweet torment of Martha’s nibbling lips and lashing tongue against her stiff clit mingled with the pounding that her cunt was taking from the huge banana.

“Ohhhh, ummmmmm,” Martha groaned around Ann’s clit. Her free hand slid under Ann’s shaking ass and squeezed one soft, warm cheek.

She felt Martha’s tongue slide lower, moving against the wiggly lips surrounding her banana-stuffed hole, and she grunted again.

Martha was enjoying her fucking and tonguing of the younger woman. She knew Ann would cum, soon, and she fingered Ann’s asscrack until she located the winking ring of her asshole. It was wet and pouting, and she stroked it a bit.

Ann whimpered, working her cunt on the length of the fat banana, sliding up and down on it as it fucked her. She liked the feel of Martha’s fingertip against her asshole. Her asshole was nice and wet, and the finger slid around easily. Then she bit down on her nipple as Martha’s finger pushed through the tight ring with one shove.

“Umphh!” she gasped as her asshole clamped down on Martha’s finger. She felt Martha twist and turn the finger in her hot, clinging asshole. Soon, the pink ring was fucking in and rolling out soft and easy. Her breath quickened and her cunt grabbed at the banana.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” Martha sighed, munching harder on Ann’s clit. She felt the drag of cunt muscles on the banana on the outstroke, and her finger felt the pulsing of Ann’s asshole.

Faster and faster Martha fucked Ann with the banana. Faster and faster she pumped her long finger into her friend’s hot, gripping asshole. She sucked harder on Ann’s clit, drawing in her cheeks as she bobbed her head, while Ann grunted and squealed into her tit.

“Ahhh! Ohhhh! Yes-s-s!” Ann gasped as her tit flopped from her mouth. She was cumming! She shuddered with joy as her stuffed cunt spasmed again and again, milking the banana. Her asshole bit down on Martha’s deeply imbedded finger, trying to suck it deeper. She gave one last cry and slumped limply on the couch.

Martha slowly withdrew bath her finger and the banana. She licked her lips as she saw Ann’s gaping cunthole. The cuntlips were dripping with juice. It looked deep, and she peered into the sparkling cunthole. The hair around it was matted with juice, the insides of Ann’s plump thighs were coated with it. Even the cheeks of her ass were wet. She looked beautiful.

Martha swiftly discarded her dress, then practically tore off her sopping panties and too-tight bra. Her big tits flopped out heavily, her nipples dark and spiked. Lovingly, she helped Ann to her feet until they stood facing each other. Then they embraced, mashing their tits together, their hot tongues searing into each other’s mouth. Martha’s fingers gently clawed Ann’s back.

The two women swayed, kissing, grinding their dripping cunts together as they stood.

“Aww-w-w-w,” Martha sighed when she felt cool air hit the exposed ring of her asshole.

Ann pushed a finger into the asscrack to find the tiny pucker, then she gently wiggled a finger inside as Martha writhed and whimpered. Their cunts ground harder together.

“Let’s eat each other,” Martha panted. “I want to feel your mouth on me!”

Slowly, still twirling tongues and fondling each other, the two hot-assed women sank to the floor. In a matter of minutes they were end to end in a sixty nine position.

The taste of Martha’s cunt drove Ann wild, and she thrust every inch of her tongue into the hole. Withdrawing it, she tasted her friend’s hot juices, savoring them. Then she licked down to Martha’s tight asshole.

“Ummmm, ummmmm, ummmm,” Martha moaned into Ann’s cunt, wriggling her ass.

Ann’s tongue, working around Martha’s ass, was shooting waves of intense pleasure right to her clit.

Ann desperately tried to keep the thought of Bob’s cock from intruding on her sex-fest with Martha, but the harder she tried, the more miserably she failed. It wasn’t Martha’s tongue she felt in her ass and cunt — it was her son’s! She groaned and threw herself into even more feverish lesbian activity, hoping to lose herself by drowning in orgasms.

Martha had never felt happier. The way Ann was going at her, she thought, would make the young mother’s jaws ache. But she appreciated the wonderful scrubbing of Ann’s tongue against her hot, throbbing clit and pulsing asshole. She lapped Ann faster, greedily sucking up her tasty juices, digging and rooting for more, and in a few seconds both women were grunting into each other’s cunt as they gasped and groaned through a series of strong orgasms.

Martha felt almost dead as she rolled away from Ann. She saw her friend sprawl limply on the floor, legs apart, arms widespread. Her huge tits sagged to the side, her big nipples soft and goose-pimply. What great tits! she thought, really tremendous! Jeez, if Bob ever got a peek at them.

Just then, Ann opened her eyes. “What were you thinking?”

“I was admiring your tits, dear, and thinking what Bob’s face would look like if he ever saw them.”

“Ohhh, Martha,” Ann wailed. “Don’t say things like that! You know I’ve been trying to get my mind off him. God, even when we were eating each other, I imagined it was his tongue in my cunt. Why, I even thought the banana was his cock!”

“Well,” Martha smiled wryly “that doesn’t flatter me too much, does it? I thought I was the reason you were cumming like a firecracker!”

“Oh, you were! You were! It’s just that Bob’s an obsession with me. I keep seeing that big cock of his everywhere I go. You know how I’ve been watching him jerk off almost every day. God, you have no idea what a cock he’s got.”

“Uh, would you mind if I did?” Martha asked.

Ann looked at her strangely.

“I mean, would you mind if I watched him jerk off, too?”

Ann hesitated. “I don’t know. It’s bad enough that I’m spying on him but to bring an audience along… it just doesn’t seem right. I know, that’s a foolish statement considering my own actions. Maybe it’s not logical, but it’s the way I feel.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Martha said. “I promise not to spy on Bob. Besides, it’s more fun to be in the game than to be a spectator.”

The two women kissed each other good night and went to their rooms.

Martha wiped her pussy, asscrack and thighs, then slipped down the hall to Bob’s room. The boy was silting on the edge of the bed waiting for her. She pulled open her robe and stood before him naked, smiling as his thick prick rose in anticipation.

Taking his cock in her hand, Martha helped him to stand, then wrapped her arms around him and held him tight as they kissed. His cock was trapped in the warmth of her plump thighs, just below her cunt. His hands were spread on the spongy clink of her us massaging them briskly.

“Let’s do something different,” she suggested, blowing into his ear.

“Like what?”

“You get on your back and let me sit on you. You know, I’ll ride your cock.”

“Oh, yeah!” Bob grinned, stretching out on the bed. “Hop on!”

Martha eyed the young boy’s towering cock. The bulbous cock-knob was swollen and dark and already dripping pre-cum. It really looked delicious, and she couldn’t resist sucking it a bit before she climbed on.

Bob groaned as her full lips slid down the girth of his pulsing prick. She rubbed his balls as she sucked, and the taste of his cock thrilled her.

“B-be careful,” he warned. “I might shoot off before you can sit on it.”

“I wouldn’t mind, knowing how fast you can got it up again,” Martha said, “but right now I feel like having some hot cum pumped in my cunt, not my mouth.”

She went down on his cock again, drooling hot saliva over it, then she ran a finger into the crack of his ass.

Bob jumped when she scratched at his asshole.

The hot cock-knob brushed her pouting pussylips as she squirmed until it was centered, then she dropped her ass.

“Ahhhhh-h-h-h-h!” she groaned, impaling herself on his cock until his balls were squashed by her ass.

“Ahhhhh!” Bob gasped.

“Let me do all the work,” she panted, lifting up slowly.

As she rode his cock, lifting and dropping, Bob reached up and grabbed her huge, swinging tits. He played with them, rolling them against each other and pinching her nipples while her fuck pace increased. Soon, she was fucking him furiously, her tits flapping noisily against her chest until he grabbed them again to keep the noise down.

“Uhhh, gonna cum soon!” he grunted.

“Me, too,” Martha groaned.

The sweaty slapping sounds of warm flesh meeting warm flesh increased their passion. Martha’s asscheeks were shaking and quivering like firm jello, and just when she felt his big cock start to jerk, she dropped down and held her ass still. Then she reached back, under him, and quickly shoved a finger up his asshole.

“Gahhh-h-h-h-h!” Bob groaned, pouring a torrent of hot cum into her milking cunt. His sphincter clamped on her digging finger as he came, increasing his pleasure.

“Oh, yes!” Martha groaned, shoving her cunt down on his spurting cock.

She could feel every surge of his fat prick throbbed in her tightening pussy, and she loved it. After letting his now-limp cock soak in the beat of their mingled juices she slowly worked herself off him.

“Ohhh, shit,” she muttered as his cum drooled from her gaping cunt. Most of it landed on Bob’s belly. He looked up at her.

“Lunch time,” he said. “Come and get it.” Martha smiled, went to her knees and bent over him. He smiled as she lapped furiously at the warm jism dotting his stomach.


Two days later Ann and Bob pulled up in front of Bob’s country home.

Bob missed Mrs. Blumfeldt already, but sitting next to his mother during the long ride hadn’t been too difficult a chore. Every time she hit a bump in the road, her tits bounced, and Bob was having a hard time hiding his stiff prick. He thought bout sliding his hand under her skirt and running a finger in her hairy cunt. He could just about feel her pussy clamping down on his wriggling finger. What would she do? Jump and scream and slap him? Or maybe — just maybe — she’d coo and spread her long legs and beg for more!

Bob liked that dream, but knew he’d never be lucky enough for it to come true. He had used up his life’s worth of luck when he’d started fucking Mrs. Blumfeldt. He knew no other kid his age was lucky enough to fuck such a well-built, hot-assed woman.

But he’d gone without pussy since last night, and he was beginning to get desperate for a fuck or suck. Jeez, his balls were hot and heavy, and having his mother so near to him wasn’t cooling him off. He hoped Mrs. Blumfeldt wouldn’t take too long in arriving.

“Grab the suitcases, Bob,” Ann said, breaking into her son’s daydream.

“Huh? Oh? Yeah.”

Before he could get out of the car, his uncle was running down the sidewalk. Ann jumped out and ran to meet him. Watching, Bob felt a twinge of envy that his uncle was lucky enough to get a big hug and kiss from her. He’d never been lucky enough to feel her mammoth tits squashed against his chest!

“Jeez, Ann!” Bob exclaimed. “It’s good to see you!”

“How are you?” Ann asked, still holding him.

“Oh, I guess I’ll get over it,” he laughed. “Sleeping alone is the worst part of it. You kinda get used to having someone next to you after so many years.”

“I know,” Ann said. “I felt the same way. Not just the lack of sex, but being alone.”

“Hey,” Bob joked, “lack of sex ain’t easy, either!”

They both lapsed into a brief silence, slightly uncomfortable since the remark had brought back childhood memories that both had tried to forget.

Bob ran up with two suitcases. “Hi, Uncle Bob!”

“Hey, how’s my name sake?” Bob asked, grabbing the suitcases from his nephew.

“Pretty good,” Bob said. “Hey, I saw a stream and a lake around the corner, there. Are they clean enough for swimming and fishing?”

“You bet,” Bob said. “You’re gonna have some fun while you’re here, I’ll make sure of that.”

Bob led the way into his house. Shit, he thought, how could I have forgotten how huge Ann’s tits are? When she’d hugged him, those tremendous tits had nearly burned holes in his chest, and he had worried about getting a hard-on.

Ann followed him as he led them to her bedroom.

“You’ve got the best view in the house,” he told her setting the suitcases down.

“You always were considerate,” Ann replied.

Next, Bob took his nephew down the hall.

“Here you are,” he said. “Second best in the house; right next to the bathroom. I’m afraid this is an old house, and the walls are pretty thin, so you’ll probably be able to hear if someone even brushes their teeth.”

Bob looked the room over. It had an old fashioned appeal, and it reminded him of his grandmother’s place.

“Thanks, Uncle Bob,” he said.

“Guess I’ll let you two get settled in,” Bob said, “besides, I’ve got to get dinner started.”

Bob knew his mother would be changing her clothes after the long drive, and he wondered if he’d be able to peek through the keyhole without his uncle catching him. Shit, his cock was dying for relief, and it looked as if jerking off was his only option.

He looked down the hall. No one was in sight. At the other end of the house, he heard dishes rattle, so he felt safe in tiptoeing to his mother’s door. He held his breath as he knelt, and then he got a real shock. She was facing the door and unbuttoning her blouse.

“Wow,” Bob breathed reverently as the swells of her tits emerged. He’d always known his mother’s mammoth tits were larger than Mrs. Blumfeldt’s, but the reality was mind blowing! Then she peeled the blouse off and stood in her tight bra. Then she unsnapped it.

The watching boy nearly came in his shorts when he saw his mother’s enormous tits. They were heavy and slightly pendulous, but they still jutted out firmly. When she cupped those fat tits, Bob almost died. She massaged them lovingly, paying particular attention to her swollen red nipples. Bob saw how her spread fingers dimpled the soft, white flesh, and he dreamed of some day sinking his fingers into those beautiful, quivering his.

“Ohhhh,” Ann sighed, lowering her face and lifting one tit high. Her head moved from side to side as she ran her tongue back and forth across her stiff, straining nipple.

Bob’s cock was harder than ever now, and it was all he could do to resist taking it out and jerking off right there in the hall. But his fear of being caught by his uncle was too great.

Tiring of just licking her tingling tit-tip, Ann sucked in the hot lump of sensitive tit-flesh. Her lips and tongue felt nice, but they could never replace Martha’s mouth. Her other hand slid down to her dampening panties and under the waistband.

Bob saw the stretched nylon moving as his mother wiggled her fingers, and he licked his dry lips. He could just imagine how she was fingerfucking. Probably just like he played with Mrs. Blumfeldt’s cunt, he thought, rubbing his cock through his pants.

Ann’s free tit wobbled wildly as she sucked her nipple and played with her cunt. She was slowly bringing her cunt to a boil, then she decided that since she’d already gone this far, she might as well rub her clit and have a good climax.

The pressure in Bob’s balls and thumping prick was almost unbearable. His mother was sexier than Mrs. Blumfeldt! He saw her eyes glaze and then squint, and then her mouth fell open and she started to moan. He saw her eyes drop, the end wet and distended, and then she was shaking furiously as her orgasm struck. She looked beautiful, and Bob fond himself wondering how it would feel to fuck his own mother.

“Motherfucker,” he whispered. He’d always sort of hated the word before, but now he knew that he wouldn’t mind being one.

He watched as his mother grabbed some tissues from her purse and then tugged the front of her panties down a bit. He saw a thick clump of dark hair before her hand and the tissues obscured the view. He smiled a bit, recalling how Mrs. Blumfeldt loved having his tongue clean her pussy up. He sure would like to get his tongue in his mother’s cunt!

Just then he heard footsteps. He hurried back to his room. It was his uncle, calling them for dinner.

Bob stopped at his sister’s door.

“Hey, Ann,” he said, “you decent?”

“Not really,” Bob heard his mother answer. “Just a minute.” The boy imagined her trying to shove her fat tits into her bra, and he knew that would be a time and fun-consuming chore.

“Maybe I should come in and help you,” Bob joked. “Remember how I used to tease you when we were kids?”

“Yes, but we’re not kids, now,” Ann said.

“I’ve noticed,” Bob said. “Jeez, Sis, with a body like yours, why haven’t you gotten married again! I know men who’d die for a date with you!”

“Thanks, but meeting nice guys gets harder every year. Oh, damn!” she exclaimed.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, this damn hook, I can’t get it.”

“Here, let me help you,” Bob said, opening the door.

“Oh, Bob! You shouldn’t be in here!” Ann protested, turning her back to hide her huge tits from him. Her tits were in the cups, but she hadn’t been able to manage to get the hooks in back to come together.

“Aw, shit, I’m your brother, Ann. I used to run in when you were in the tub, remember? Now, let me see what’s wrong, here.”

Bob looked over his sister’s shoulder while he slowly worked on the hooks of her bra. He could see a good portion of her tits. The material of the bra cups was even thin enough for him to see how large her nipples were. The sight was so exciting that his cock got hard.

He looked down. She was wearing panties, and her wide, plump asscheeks really filled the nylon. He remembered seeing her naked ass and the forbidden things they’d done with other because they’d both been horny and curious kids.

[missing text] each other for a couple of years, until Ann had decided to stop it. As she grew older, she realized how wrong it was, and her feelings of guilt wouldn’t let her continue.

But now, she was so horny, so lonely, so confused about her feelings for Bob, that she was tempted to give her brother relief.

“I told you, Bob, we’re not kids any more.”

“Well,” he sighed, “you can’t blame a guy for trying. I haven’t been near a woman in more than four months, since before you know-who left, and I’m hornier than a fifteen-year-old in a strip joint.”

“I-I do feel sorry for you, Bob,” Ann said gently, turning around and gutting her arms around him.

Her soft, bra-covered tits squashed against his chest as he held her, and then she felt his hands slide down her bare back and under her panties. She groaned as his big, strong hands held her asscheeks, then she pushed him away.

“That’s not fair,” she said in a low voice. “I get horny, too, you know.”

Bob took a deep shuddering breath, stared at her jutting tits, then at the bulge of her bush under her panties. He stepped back.

“Sorry,” he said. “I just couldn’t help it, it was what you might call an automatic response.”

“Yeah,” Ann smiled, “just like that lump in your pants. Now, what about lunch?”

“I’ll get it on the table,” he said as he left.

Bob hadn’t been able to hear anything after his uncle went into his mother’s room, and he’d been afraid to peek through the keyhole, but he sure was envious. He’d never been allowed in his mother’s room while she was dressing.

Lunch was a more cheerful affair than he’d expected. His mother and uncle told a lot of stories about, their childhood that made them laugh. Most of the stories even brought a smile to Bob’s lips. If Mrs. Blumfeldt had been present, everything would have been perfect, for his balls still felt hot and heavy from unspilled cum.

After lunch Bob took them on a walking tour, showing hem where the stream broadened into his own private, tree-shielded swimming hole. He pointed to a bill half a mile away.

“See that?” he asked. “On the other side of that hill are my nearest neighbors, the Van Horns. Very snobbish, with a fenced-in place. Even guard dogs, so don’t get too close.”

“Why don’t we go swimming, since we’re here?” Bob asked, not only anxious to get in the cool water but more than eager to see his mother in her swimsuit.

“Oh, I didn’t bring anything to swim in,” Ann said. “It never occurred to me.”

“I could loan you my trunks,” Bob suggested with a little laugh.

“Very funny. Is there a place nearby I could buy a decent suit?”

“Not nearby, no. About forty-five minutes drive each way. It’s not worth it, today. You can get it tomorrow morning, if you want. But Bob and I can go skinny-dipping if you go back to the house. What about it, Bob, ever go skinny-dipping?”

“No, but I don’t mind,” the boy said.

“Ok,” Ann said. “I’ll leave. And I’ll start supper, Bob. No offense, but after lunch I know you aren’t cut out to he a chef.”

“Fine with me,” Bob said. “But I didn’t ask you out here to cook, you know.”

“I know. Now get on with your swimming, I’m leaving.”

But Ann didn’t go far. She hid behind some bushes and watched as her brother and son stripped. Her heart was beating faster and faster as they both pulled their shorts off, showing her their asses.

Then her brother turned, giving her a profile view of his long, curved cock hanging over his large balls. It was longer than Bob’s, soft, but Ann knew how big her boy’s was when it got hard. Then Bob turned, and Ann saw once again the magnificent sight of her son’s wrist-thick, fat-headed prick. It never failed to awe and excite her, hard or soft. It just seemed to radiate power.

“Looks like you’re a man, Bob,” Bob said when he saw his nephew’s cock. “Some girl’s gonna scream like hell when she sees that coming at her.”

Bob grinned. He wasn’t used to having a man around, or having his cock complimented. “You’ve got a big one, too,” he said. “Yeah, but it’s not doing me much good, is it? My wife runs off and all my friends are married. I’ll tell you, kid, the only woman you can trust are mothers and sisters. At least, most of the time. Marrying someone just doesn’t make them family, and someday they’ll shit on you.”

Ann was surprised to find her brother so bitter. He’d obviously hidden the depths of his feelings from her, and she felt a new sympathy for him. Abruptly, her mind traveled back to when she used to jerk him off. She remembered the happy, almost stupid look on his face as her squeezing fingers milked the cum from his cock as he stood before the toilet. But they were adults, now, not kids, and it just wasn’t right!

She watched as her handsome son and her brother dove into the clear pool, then she stood up and slowly walked back to Bob’s house. Her every step seemed to slide her fat, sticky pussy lips together. Her cunt fell hot and itchy, as it always did before she fingered herself or before Martha went down on her. Now that her, brother and son were in the pool, she could play with herself and not have to worry about making a lot of noise.

Ann jerked off twice before starting supper. She even walked naked through the house, her heavy, fat tits swinging and jiggling and the lump cheeks of her ass shivering sexily. She fell sexier than ever, even after cumming twice, and she knew it was because she was now sexually awakened.

By the time Bob and his uncle returned, Ann was dressed and the table was set. She was glad to see that Bob was enjoying himself.

When supper was over, they watched TV, but talked so much that they didn’t hear the programs. Just before Bob went to bed, Martha called to tell them she’d arrive tomorrow afternoon.

“You must really like her,” Bob said to Ann.

“She’s my best friend,” Ann replied, hoping she wasn’t blushing.

“Mine, too,” Bob said.

“Well, in that case, I’ll do my best to like her, too,” Bob said. “Who knows, maybe she’ll be the woman I’m waiting for.”

Both Bob and Ann looked startled.

Bob laughed. “Hey, what’s the matter? I was only joking. You two look like there’s something wrong with me!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Bob,” Ann said. “The idea of you and Martha just took me by surprise. I just never thought of you two as a couple, you know? She, uh, doesn’t seem your type.”

“Looks like I’m left high and dry, again,” Bob said, smiling.


Ann and Bob sat together a long time after Bob went to bed. Finally, Ann decided it was time to call it a day.

“Guess I’ll get a bath before bed,” she said, standing and stretching.

Bob eyed her thrusting tits. “Well, don’t make too much noise. Bob’s room is tight next to the bathroom, and these walls are pretty thin.”

In ten minutes Ann was sitting in the tub, enjoying the hot water surrounding her body. Suddenly, Bob opened the door and stepped in, and she gasped. He was stark naked, and his cock was standing out stiff and throbbing in front of him.

“B-Bob, no!” she cried.

“Shhh! Don’t wake Bob!” he whispered, walking over to the tub.

Ann couldn’t take her eyes off her brother’s hard cock as it twitched above her. She sank lower in the water, trying to hide her tits and cunt.

“Please, Bob,” she whispered, “this isn’t right! My God, what if Bob got up and saw you!”

“He’s asleep,” Bob answered. “Please, Ann, I’m so horny I can’t stand it! You know how much fun we used to have, and it didn’t hurt either one of us.”

He put a foot into the tub, and Ann trembled.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed in a loud whisper.

“Getting in with you, that’s all.” He settled down, facing her, his cock jutting above the surface of the water. “Come on, let’s just play like we used to, Sis.”

Bob’s legs went behind his sister’s back as he sat in the tub, and he pulled her toward him. She resisted at first, and tried to cover her big tits, but he wouldn’t let her. She couldn’t he groaning when he finally managed to grab one nipple between fingers and thumb and tug on it.

“That’s it,” he whispered, “just like old times.” His cock was bobbing up and down in the water, and Ann hardly resisted when he took her hand and guided her fingers to it. She was afraid to touch her brother’s cock, afraid of how much she would want it once she did. But her fingertips finally made contact, and then he wrapped her fingers around its stiff length.

“Jerk me off, Ann, please! Jeez, you don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been with a woman!”

Ann moaned from the inner conflict between lust and the desire to resist such forbidden pleasures. But the pulsing of Bob’s hot cock in her fist brought back a host of memories. She’d only held two cocks in her life, her brother’s and her husband’s, and flow that she was hanging onto Bob’s once more, she couldn’t find the strength to release it.

“That’s it,” Bob moaned as she began pumping.

In a matter of seconds she had both fists wrapped around his cock as she stared at the flared head.

As his sister worked the loose skin of his cockshaft up and down, he continued to pull at her large nipple, entranced by the way her enormous tit jiggled. His other hand slid between her submerged thighs until his fingers encountered her thick cunt bush.

Ann jumped. Her cunt throbbed. Her clit felt hotter than the steaming bath water. Then his finger found her soft slit and poked through the puffy lips.

“Ahhhh, Bob!” she gasped. “Oh, yes! Up there, rub it. Oh, easy, easy.”

Bob stroked his sister’s cunt gently and lovingly. Shit, she was a hell of a lot prettier than his ex-wife, and had a figure a movie starlet would kill for, besides. He released her tit and wrapped one arm around her, pulling her face to his. Ann closed her eyes and moaned as his tongue slipped between her lips. A chill shot up and down her spine, and she pressed her lips harder against his.

She maintained her double-handed grip on Bob’s cock while they kissed passionately. Her cunt felt like it was on fire as she greedily sucked her brother’s tongue. Her king-sized tits were hot and heavy, and as he pushed one finger inside her cunt, she writhed in the tub, splashing water over the side.

She broke their kiss. “Put more in,” she panted, pounding his cock harder.

Bob shoved two more fingers inside her hot cunt. He felt her pussy squeeze them, and her whole body shook. Her enormous, wet tits swung wildly.

By now the bathroom was as steamy as hell from the hot water and their passion.

“Wait, wait,” she begged. “I don’t want to cum this way. Wait. Let me get you off, first!”

Bob just sat there, not moving, while his sister grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up her hands. Then she fisted his cock again. Tight. She stared at his big cock as she ran her fists up and down its twitching length.

“Oh, God, Bob,” she sighed. “It wasn’t like this when we were kids!”

He grinned. “Bigger now, huh? You should’ve hoard what’s-her-name scream when I put it to her the first time.”

Ann continued to watch her brother’s cock as she slowly pumped on it. The way his cock was jumping, she knew he was going to cum soon. Then his body went rigid, and a thick, creamy white cum-wad jumped out and landed on her forearm. She couldn’t help smiling as his cock continued to jerk in her fists, spewing one hot glob of cum after another onto her arms and into the bathwater.

“My God, Bob,” she whispered. “It’s like a firehose!”

She thought it would never end. He just squirted and squirted and squirted. She could hear many of the cum-wads hit the water. Plop, plop. Plop.

Finally, Bob’s cock was just oozing water-like streams of cum over her knuckles. Her brother was leaning back in the tub, breathing heavily, a weak smile on his face. It reminded her of years ago. She loved seeing him like this.

“Oh, Jeez, Ann,” Bob said. “That was the best handjob I ever had.”

“Want me to wash it off?” Ann asked.

“Yeah, go ahead. But it’ll get hard again! Do you mind? I mean, I haven’t brought you off, yet.”

“That’s all right. I don’t want to do it in the tub. I make too much noise. We’ll do it in my room, ok?”

“Sure, Sis. Jeez, I can’t wait to see you cum. I used to love staring at your face, then your pussy, then your face again as you came.”

“Well, I like watching you when your cock shoots off, too.”

All the while they were talking, Ann was cupping water and dumping it on her brother’s cock. Then she cupped his cock between her palms and rolled it like a piece of dough. Bob groaned and Ann felt his cock begin to swell and lengthen. It wasn’t hard, but it was getting hotter as fresh blood bloated it.

“Uh, Ann,” Bob said, “I hope you don’t mind my asking, but do you think you could, uh, suck on it a bit? If you don’t want to, it’s all right.”

Ann looked at her brother’s thick cock. They’d never done that as kids, but she’d often sucked her husband. The idea didn’t repulse her, but she felt a little strange about doing it to her own brother.

“If you don’t want me to, I won’t cum in your mouth,” Bob said when he saw her hesitate. “I’ll just get me hard faster, and shit, you know how good it feels!”

“Let’s get out of the tub,” she whispered.

“Let me dry you,” Bob said, grabbing a towel. He held the towel in both hands while cupping her huge, soft tits. Ann shuddered as he lifted her tits and surrounded them with the soft material. He kneaded them through the towel, then took it away and held one tit while he ran his tongue across her fat nipple.

“It’s not going to get dry that way,” Ann sighed as he surrounded her stiff, throbbing nipple with his mouth.

“Mmmm, I know,” Bob said. “God, you’ve got tremendous tits. It takes two hands just to hold one the way it deserves to be held.”

“The rest of me’s still wet,” she reminded him.

“Well,” he said, “since you want to save your pussy for the bedroom, I guess I’ll have to start with your ass.”

He went around behind her, taking time to study her ass. He stroked each cheek with the towel, then ran the towel between them and sawed it slowly back and forth.

“Ohhh,” Ann sighed as the friction heated up her asshole.

Then the towel was gone, and Bob was kneeling behind her, cupping those soft asscheeks with his strong hands while he slipped his tongue into the tight crack and licked up.

“Oh, Bob, no,” Ann protested, squirming. But when his tongue was on her wrinkled asshole, she succumbed to the forbidden pleasure and shoved her ass back at him.

Bob lapped his sister’s asshole for a long time, then he pulled away.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” he asked.

Ann nodded, somewhat ashamed.

Bob stood and showed her his cock. It was fat and hard. “See what a taste of your ass does to me?”

Ann looked at the throbbing prick. Then she looked her brother in the face. “If… if you still want me to suck it, I will,” she whispered. “But not here. In my room.”

“What are we waiting for?” Bob asked excitedly, wrapping an arm around Ann’s waist.

Ann slipped on her robe, and Bob put on his shorts, then they peered into the hall to make sure it was safe. Quickly, they tiptoed to her room.

Ann immediately threw off her robe and watched her brother peel off his shorts. His cock was only a bit softer, and she led him to the bed and made him stretch out on it.

“You know I haven’t had a chance to really examine your cock since we were kids,” she said. “I think that’s what I’ll do first.”

Bob smiled happily and watched his fat titted sister crawl between his legs and pick up his prick with her soft fingers. She held it before her lowered face, and he felt her breath against his cock and balls. She handled his prick lovingly, moving it around and checking out the veins and the flare of the knob. She even used her thumbs to pull open his piss-slit.

Bob wanted her to start pumping or sucking, because her light touch and bright eyes were driving him wild. Ann must have sensed his feelings, for she began to pepper his shaft with soft, wet kisses, pressing her full lips all over the rigid cock, even pouting and massaging the knob with them.

“Oh, lea,” Bob groaned. “Suck it, Ann, suck it. I can’t take much more!”

“I haven’t cum, yet,” she reminded him teasingly.

“Oh, yeah sorry. Here, lay down and I’ll finger you.”

“That isn’t what I had in mind,” Ann said softly. “Since I’m going to suck you, couldn’t you return the favor?”

“You mean… shit, yes! I’d love to eat your pussy! Let’s do it at the same time, sixty-nine!”

In a matter of seconds they were rooting their faces into each other’s crotch. Bob was wild for the taste of his sister’s clit, and he thrust his tongue deeply into her hot cunthole. He grabbed her asscheeks, spreading them apart, admiring the crack and the red wrinkle of her asshole.

He licked Ann’s asshole. His tongue went into it, and she jumped. Then he went back to her pussy hole and clit. Ann was quick to admit that her brother was an expert cunt-lapper. His tongue swirled around the base, of her clit, making it buzz with pleasure.

Bob pulled away momentarily. “You’re delicious!” he gasped, licking his lips. He shoved his face into her cunt again and licked through the drooling, gaping gash of her pussy.

Ann mumbled around his hard cock. It was a great feeling to have her mouth filled with her brother’s tasty cock while he ate her cunt, and Ann gently nibbled the flare of his knob to show him how much she loved it. When he moaned, she filled her mouth with his cock and began chewing. The sound of her slurping reached his ears, and he began eating her noisily to show his appreciation. Ann whimpered and her ass lowered a bit.

“Mmmmmmm,” Bob moaned, shoving his tongue up her cunthole. Then he sucked in her cuntlips and a lot of hair. Ann groaned and shook her ass. Bob then sucked in the hot lump of her clit.

When he started nibbling on her clit, Ann went crazy over his cock. She fucked her mouth over his prick violently, grabbed his nuts in a tight grip, and then dug a finger into his asshole.

“Agh!” Bob jumped as Ann’s finger pushed into his tight asshole, and he started fucking her face with greater force. He gobbled her cuntlips and clit and held them in his mouth while his tongue lashed cuntmeat.

Ann couldn’t take much more, and her body was soon shuddering through a delicious orgasm. Her teeth scraped his cock as she came, and she mumbled around the thick shaft.

“Mmmmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” she moaned, sucking his cock hungrily. She wanted nothing more than to taste and swallow her brother’s hot, thick, fresh cum!

“Ahhhh, yes,” Bob grunted into her cunt. “Cumming!”

His cock stiffened in her mouth, then started to twitch. The cock-knob expanded and, almost immediately, a jet of boiling, sticky cum squirted against the back of her throat.

“Umm! Blug-g-g! Mump-h-h!” Ann gasped and choked and then started swallowing as one spurt after another slid down her constricting throat. He was filling her mouth with thick cum, and she loved it, continuing to suck and bob her head as his balls gushed out more jism.

Finally, she lifted up, sliding her mouth off his cock and looked down at it. It was shiny and slippery-looking, and as she watched, another glob of cum burst from his piss-slit and splashed against her lips. She savored the hot, gooey cum-wad as her brother’s cock continued to jerk and squirt its hot load against her face. She could feel the fresh jism running down her cheeks and chin, and she smiled contentedly.

Now that Bob had drooled out the last of his load, he renewed his attack on his sister’s tasty ant. He burrowed his lips and tongue into her wet pussy, sucking and licking her foaming hale with as much enthusiasm as before. Her fresh, hot juice ran over his lips and chin and puddled on the bed, but he didn’t care.

“Ohhhh, ummmmm-m-m-m,” Ann crooned as her brother massaged her ass while he sucked and licked. Her clit was on fire again, and his tongue was batting it back and forth steadily, building her up to another terrific cum.

He sucked on her thick, protruding clit. He lapped it with his tongue. He nibbled gently on it, and Ann began to mewl and shake. When he shoved a finger into the wet crack of her ass, and stroked her asshole, she shoved back at him, silently begging for more, and he pushed his finger all the way into her asshole.

“Wuhh!” Ann grunted, feeling her asshole clamp down as his finger twisted in the humid depths of her ass.

She felt her orgasm begin. Her cunt spasmed and contracted, squeezing out a river of fragrant juice. Her asshole tightened. Her asscheeks shook wildly above his face, and his wide eyes admired the lovely sight. He loved watching his sister cum.

“Ahhhhh, Jeez, Bob,” Ann sighed minutes later as he slowly, gently, slid his finger from her asshole. “That was wonderful, darling.”

“You sucked me off great, too,” Bob said tiredly. “I thought my balls were blasting off!”

Ann licked her lips and tasted his cum again. The sexy taste was making her horny again, as was the nearness of his strong body. They were facing each other now, and Bob used the sheet to wipe his sister’s face. He put an arm around her and played with her heavy tits. Ten minutes later his cock was hard again, poking against her belly as she stroked his thick shaft.

“Ann?” he said hesitantly, rubbing his cock against her cunthair.

Her fingers released his cock, and he moved over her, sucking in one big nipple.

“Mmmm,” Ann sighed as one of his hands went down and under her, grabbing one soft asscheek. “Oh, Bob, that’s nice.”

Now he was hovering above her, his prick throbbing against the top of her cunt. He could feel the softness of her wet cunt curls and the heat of her cunt against his cock-knob.

His fingers gently squeezed her ass, and his lips went from one hard nipple to the other, and he could tell that she was getting hotter and hotter. He was hoping to get her hot enough to fuck her.

“Ohhhhh, ummmm,” Ann moaned, turning her head from side to side as his fingers followed her asscrack and wiggled inside.

She was sopping wet, and he lowered his body, slowly pushing his prick past the hairs to her cuntlips. The knob slid over his clit, making her gasp, and then he felt the hot, wet opening of her hole.

“No, no,” Ann mumbled weakly as he pushed his cock-knob into the tight heat of her pussy. But even as she protested, she was lifting her hips to help him slide inside.

“Ahhh,” he sighed when the entire length of his hefty cock was soaking in hex hot, gripping depths.

“Oh, God, Bob,” Ann groaned. “This is wrong, you shouldn’t, but-but it feels so good! Oh, go on, fuck me. You’re already in, so fuck me! Fuck me good!”

Bob lifted his ass and slid all but the head of his cock from his sister’s milking cunt. She shivered and moaned. He thrust back in, harder and faster.

“Oh, God, that’s great!” Ann gasped at the first stroke.

Bob fucked his now-willing sister with crazed passion, smashing their bellies together with sweaty smacks. His heavy balls slapped the bottom of her ass.

Ann’s mammoth tits shook and rolled wildly until Bob’s chest came down to flatten them. He ran both hands down to her shaking ass, gripping and lifting it, pulling it to his fucking cock.

Ann gasped and sobbed from the terrific fuck. Her fingers clawed at his ass, digging the nails in as he lifted and dropped. The wet, smacking sounds of his fat cock stirring her foamy cuntjuices was a sound she hadn’t heard in far too long a time.

“Uhhh, uhhh, ohhhh, uhh,” Ann chanted as her brother’s big cock slid back and forth in her gripping cunt. She released his ass and pulled his face down to hers, driving her tongue into his mouth.

Then he was cumming. Ann heard him grunt. Then he stiffened, and she felt her cunt fill with hot cum. Again and again the spurts hit her depths, triggering her own orgasm.

Bob collapsed and rested on top of his sister. His softening cock was still in her hot cunt. They continued to kiss, less from passion than from love, and soon Bob felt his prick get hard again. He fucked her for a second time, sliding smoothly and more gently in her open cunt until her pussy began to close on him and his jism began to boil in his balls. This time he pulled out before shooting, and clambered up her body until he was spurting big, hot wads against her tits and lips.

Later, he climbed off her and Ann got up and dressed.

“That was wonderful,” she whispered, kissing him. “Just what I needed. And, I think just what you needed, too, Bob.”

“Yeah,” he grinned. “I feel a hell of a lot better. But we’re gonna have a hard time getting together with both your friend and Bob here.”

“We’ll manage,” Ann said.


When Bob saw a car pull up in front of his place, he was sure it was. Ann’s friend, Martha. But when he saw the statuesque, fat titted woman emerge carrying a small suitcase, he felt his balls jump.

“Hello,” he called, hurrying down the walk. “You must be Mrs. Blumfeldt. I’m Bob, Ann’s brother.”

“Oh, hello. It’s so nice at you to invite me, we mustn’t be formal. Call me Martha.”

“Ok, Martha. Hope you don’t mind my saying so, but Ann never mentioned what a beautiful friend she had.”

Martha looked at him and felt a little tremor in her stomach.

“I think we are going to be very good friends, Bob,” she said.

Just then, Bob and Ann ran out to meet her. Bob was faster, and he greeted her with a big hug. The feel of her soft tits spreading softly across his chest made his cock stiffen.

“Why, Bob,” Martha exclaimed, “you haven’t been away that long.”

She went to kiss his cheek and the boy seemingly accidentally, turned his face and met her lips with his. Martha saw the surprised expression on Bob’s face and she pulled back with a little laugh.

“Ann!” she exclaimed, throwing her arms wide to hug her.

Ann’s tits mashed into Martha’s, and both Bob and his nephew were thinking the same thing: how nice it would be to have their hands and faces between all that tit-flesh.

That afternoon everyone was nervous about the approaching night.

Ann was afraid that Martha would learn about Bob, and afraid Bob would learn about Martha.

Bob was worried about whether or not he was going to get fucked, and Martha was worried about how she could keep everyone from meeting at her bedroom door.

After supper, Martha helped Ann with dishes, and when she brought up the subject of bedtime, she was both surprised and relieved when Ann said they had to stay away from each other, that it was just too dangerous with her brother and son around.

But when Ann was near Bob, later, she smiled and nodded, giving him the ok to visit her room. Ann didn’t intend to give up her relationship with Martha, but she’d been without a cock for so long that she wanted to make the best of what time she and Bob had together. Cunt-sucking and mashing clits together was great, but it just couldn’t replace a stiff prick. Not even Martha’s fat banana could compete with her brother’s hot, hard cock.

Bedtime finally arrived.

Bob had been in bed for two hours, anxiously awaiting Martha’s visit, when he heard everyone say good-night. He sighed with relief. His cock was so hard and his balls so full that he thought he could cum just from looking at the older woman.

Martha was in the bathroom, wearing a sheer, short nightie when Bob deliberately walked past the door, which was partly open. He loved his sister and loved fucking her, but he couldn’t resist checking out Martha’s fabulous body.

“Everything ok?” he asked in a whisper, pushing the door open all the way.

Martha turned around, her huge tits, clearly visible through the nightie, swung loosely with her movement. Bob’s eyes fastened on them.

Martha smiled. “Everything’s fine. Do you like what you see?”

“Uh, yes,” Bob said, taken off guard.

“So do I,” Martha whispered, reaching out, and rubbing his crotch with her palm. “But I don’t want to start anything with Ann and Bob around. You understand, don’t you?”

“Sure, sure. You’re right. God, you’re beautiful! And what a body!”

“Well, I guess I could give you a quick sample,” Martha said huskily, lifting her huge tits over the top of the nightgown. They hung out fat and white, the nipples stiff, and Bob was about to reach for them when she lifted the hem of the nightie and showed him her bushy cunt. Her bright pink pussy lips were pouting wetly.

“Oh, shit,” he choked, falling to his knees and shoving his face into her crotch. His hands were filled with the hot, soft cheeks of her ass.

Martha let him feast on her pussy for a long minute, until her leg began to tremble, then she pushed him away. “We’ll have time another day,” she said. “Now, wipe your chin and go to bed.”

Bob watched her dry her cunt with toilet tissue, and then be wiped his face. When she’d left, he realized that Ann might smell Martha’s cunt on his face, so he washed it, then put on some aftershave to be safe. His cock was harder than ever, and he knew he was going to fuck Ann silly.

Martha smiled as she headed quietly for Bob’s room.

Bob grabbed her as soon as she opened his door. She allowed him to squeeze her tits and ass and rub her cunt before leading him to the bed, and then she climbed onto it and spread her legs.

“I want you to eat me, first,” she whispered, hooking her fingers in her fat, pink pussylips and pulling them wide apart. Her wet pussy gaped enticingly, and Bob shoved his face in without an argument. His tongue shot out, curling into her hot, drooling hole, and his hands palmed the lush mounds of her asscheeks. Then he began licking, chewing and sucking.

“Ahhhh, God!” Martha groaned, pushing her nightie down and shoving a nipple into her mouth.

Bob’s eyes watched over the mound of hair in front of him, taking in the lewd spectacle of the older woman sucking her tit while the free one wobbled all over the place.

Martha was squirming under his talented, youthful enthusiasm. No one ate pussy better than an eager boy, she thought. And she could train Bob just right. He’d start out with a big advantage in life, knowing how to eat pussy and how to fuck.

Bob was moaning as he sucked happily. He was moving his face all over her cunt, lapping up enormous amounts of hot, slippery pussyjuice. His tongue hit her throbbing clit, and his mouth sucked it in and his teeth fastened lightly onto its root.

Martha lifted her cunt up into the boy’s face. Her hips churned as he tormented her sensitive clit. Her ass shook in his hands, and she started to cum. She thrashed and arched her back as her clit exploded and the spasms rippled all the way to her asshole. Finally, she subsided and Bob crawled up over her, his face red and wet. His long, stiff, fat cock hung over her as he moved up to her tits and gobbled one into his mouth.

“Ohhh, Bob!” she gasped, “that was a real good cum! You made me blast off right up to my ears!”

The boy felt a surge of pride at making this fat-titted woman whimper like a baby, and he lowered his cock to her cunt. She grabbed it and steered it to the hole.

“Go ahead,” she whispered. “Push. Shove it in hard. I want a real fast fuck. Let me feel you cum!”

Once again, Bob felt the exquisite sensation of wet heat and tightness surrounding his, throbbing prick. He plunged his fat cock into her all at once, making her gasp and spread her legs even wider. When he began jumping, she wrapped her legs around his waist and hunched her ass up at him. His balls hit the quaking cheeks of her ass with loud, wet smacks.

Since he was holding himself up on his elbows, Bob had a good view of Mrs. Blumfeldt’s enormous tits rolling with her hunching movements. He loved watching them. Big tits were beautiful, he thought, and abruptly his mother’s tits came to mind.

With the image of his mother’s body firing his imagination, the boy began fucking harder and faster, grinding his cock into the softness of her narrow cunt. He was fucking her hard, making her whimper and mewl. Her cunt juice splattered out from her stuffed cunt, rolling down her asscheeks and wetting his balls.

“Ahhhh, God, that’s good!” Martha groaned, hunching up to meet his every thrust.

Bob was thrusting from side to side now, reaming out her tight cunthole, fucking every last inch of it and scraping its rippling sides. Martha’s eyes rolled back until the whites showed. Her lips drew back from her teeth, and her ass shook as she started to cum Bob quickly dropped his mouth over hers to muffle her scream of joy.

His balls jumped and he slammed into her faster.

“Uhhhh, uhhhh, huh-h-h-h, aghhhh!” he grunted, spurting what seemed like a month’s supply of hot cum into her milking cunt.

Martha sagged under him, her legs dropped from around his waist, and her head fell back. She was fucked out for the moment.

In Ann’s room, Bob was in the process of bringing his sister to a boil. She was kneeling, shoving her ass at his face as he spread her cheeks and ran his hot tongue across her wrinkled asshole. The few curls surrounding that red pucker were matted with his saliva, and Ann was begging for more. Her clit was pushed out and burning like a coal, waiting for his tongue to touch it. But he kept his long busy tongue at the pouting pink ring of her smooth-skinned, quivering asshole.

Her straining clit couldn’t take any more, and she reached a hand back and stroked it herself.

“Ahhh, ahhh!” she gasped, shaking as her orgasm rumbled its way through her belly and bowels.

Bob watched his sister shake as she came from a combination of asshole tickling and clit-rubbing. She was beautiful, and he was going to fuck her.

“Oh, Bob,” she groaned in a low whisper. “where did you ever learn to lick an asshole like that?”

“You’re the first, sister, dear,” he whispered. “Yours is the only asshole I’ve ever felt like eating. I love yours, but I don’t think there are many others I could love.”

“I saw you staring at Martha’s tits, you know. What about her? Could you eat her ass?”

“Hey, do I detect a note of jealousy? Come on, I just met the lady. Sure, I look at tits. What guy doesn’t? Didn’t you notice Bob? He sure has a thing for her tits, and that’s fine. That means he’s a normal kid.”

“I know, I know,” Ann said wearily. “I’m sorry, Bob, that wasn’t a nice thing to ask. In fact, it’s not right for me to expect you not to think about other women. I can’t be the lifetime partner you want, and if you and Martha, uh, hit it off, well, you couldn’t do better than her.”

Bob leaned over her back and kissed her neck.

“How’d we get so serious?” he asked. His stiff cock slapped against her ass. “Want to fuck this way?”

“Love it!” Ann said, squirming her bass back at his hot cock.

Bob saw his sister’s cunt sticking out from under her upturned ass. Her large pussylips protruded like the pink lips of a hungry mouth. He got in position behind her and poked his cock-knob against the center of her pussy. Then he rammed it into her with one quick thrust.

“Wawwww!” Ann gasped as her cuntlips were pushed in a bit by his quick fucking. The itchy, burning heat of her cunt was being scratched just right. Her tits flopped wildly as her body rocked with his fucking. His belly slapped her ass, making it quiver and blush as if it had been lightly spanked. His pistoning prick was plowing her wet cunt, making slurping, squishy sounds. He was bringing her closer and closer to cuming.

She felt her cunt clamping down on her brother’s cock. Her clit was swollen, vibrating from the fucking, and as he fucked her fester and faster, the friction ignited into a raging inferno. She lived only for the moment, the moment a hard cock was jammed deep into her cunt.

Bob saw what was coming, and he clamped a hand over her mouth muffling her scream. His other hand dug into her asscrack, located her whole, and he shoved a finger inside. He pumped the finger in and out fast, helping her cum.

Ann bounced her ass back frantically, and then she felt his cock swell and shoot gobs of hot jism into her quaking depths. The soothing heat of that sticky cum helped make her orgasm even stronger.

In Bob’s room Martha had recovered, and she was as horny as before. Bob’s cock was throbbing in her warm mouth, and his bands were on the top of her head, guiding her rhythmic nodding. She was sucking hard, causing her cheeks to cave in, and her tongue was drilling into his piss slit and swabbing the ridge of his knob. She was driving him crazy with her mouth and tongue, and the boy loved every second of it.

He could feel her huge tits squashed against his upper thighs as she stretched out to suck him, and he could see the plump cheeks of hers quivering. But best of all he liked watching her full lips sliding up and down the shiny length of his thick prick.

From time to time, when her lower lip reached the root of his cock, her chin banged his balls. Bob couldn’t understand how Mrs. Blumfeldt could get all of his big cock down her throat without choking, but he sure wasn’t going to make her stop so he could ask her. He held her head tightly, bouncing it up and down the throbbing length of his quivering cock.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Martha groaned loudly as she lifted up, then swirled her tongue around his leaking piss-slit and tasted his precum. She liked the salty, musky taste, but most of all she loved his thick jism.

“Here it comes!” he gasped in a whisper.

And just then his thumping cock unleashed a torrent of boiling cum against the roof of Martha’s mouth. The cum ran back down and collected in her mouth. More and more squirts filled her throat, and she swallowed most of them. Her tongue was covered with the salty, musty taste of his thick jism.

“Ummm, ummm,” she mumbled, swallowing hard to keep from choking.

His cock just kept jumping and squirting. Finally she pulled it from her lips and let his jizz splash against her mouth and nose. Heavy white streamers hung from her cheeks, nose and chin, dripping slowly to his curly crotch hairs.

“Wow!” Bob breathed excitedly. “That was great. Do you like my cum on your face?”

Martha lifted her cum-streaked face and looked at him with a smile on her fill lips.

“I like it better in my mouth or cunt,” she whispered lewdly, “but it’s exciting to feel it hit my face, too. Besides, I was getting tired of swallowing.”

Bob watched her clean her face with her fingers, and then lick the fingers. She crawled up his body, dragging her big tits across his crotch, belly, chest and finally held them over his face where they swayed heavily.

Bob reached up and grabbed them. Then he held them away from each other and pushed his face between them. Martha smiled and enjoyed the feeling of his sweaty face against the inner curves of her tits. Then he held them in his palms and pushed them against his cheeks, smothering his face with her tits.

“Get your cock hard again,” she whispered. “I want to sit on it and feel you stretching my cunt again!”

Ann left Bob to go to the bathroom and, as she passed Bob’s door, she noticed his light was still on. Horny devil, she thought, believing him to be jerking off. She had to piss too badly to peek, but on her way back she would.

But once she was in the bathroom, the horny mother heard some strange noises. Like bedsprings creaking. Jon, he can’t be going at it that hard, can he? she wondered. He’ll hurt himself if he’s pounding his cock like that. Her piss hissed into the toilet, then she wiped herself. She went out and bent at her boy’s keyhole.

“Ohmigod!” she gasped, shock and anger rising in her.

Martha was on top of Bob, riding his thick cock hard and fast. The side view Ann had of the bed clearly showed the older woman’s huge tits flopping and the cheeks of her big ass quaking as she impaled herself time and again.

But then Ann heard the sweaty smacks of their fucking and their muffled groans and grunts. And she saw her son’s fat cock, shiny wet with her friend’s cunt juices, and her own cunt started to water. Her breath came faster as she watched Bob’s cock driving up into Martha’s cunt as the woman sank down, and she couldn’t help imagining what it would feel like to run in and jump on that beautiful prick. She couldn’t blame Bob. It was like her brother had said, he was just acting like a normal kid. When a cunt’s offered to a horny boy, he doesn’t refuse it.

But how could Martha do such a thing?

Then the ridiculousness of that question hit her. She was doing the same thing by fucking her brother. She could have been with Martha, but she had turned her away. Poor Martha, she had probably been so horny that she couldn’t resist that big cock. And, she thought, I’m the one who told her about it in the first place!

She watched the lewd sight of her son’s fat, husky cock ramming into her girlfriend’s sucking cunt until they’d both cum, and Bob’s cum rolled from Martha’s gaping cunt down the boy’s still upright prick. All that thick, white cum drove Ann mad. She ran down the hall to her room and launched herself at her brother.


The next morning Ann went for a walk with Martha. The older woman wondered why Ann was so quiet and thoughtful, and after they were out of sight of the house, Ann came out with it.

“Martha, I-I saw you and Bob last night!” she blurted.

“Oh, God!” Martha groaned. “Oh, Ann, I’m sorry! I never meant to hurt you…”

“No, listen. Let me talk. I’ve got a confession to make, too. I wouldn’t tell anyone else, but I know I can trust you to keep even a secret this big.”

“Well, what is it?” Martha asked when Ann hesitated for a long time.

“Well, when I saw you last night, I-I was angry, and then I was jealous, too.”

“But I still love, you!” Martha said. “Believe me!”

“I do,” Ann said quietly. “That’s not what I meant. I was jealous that it was you that Bob was fucking. I saw that big cock of his, and you were jumping all over it, and it made me want to run in and join you!”

“Maybe you should have.”

“N-no, don’t say things like that. I’m already mixed up enough. You see, the secret, the secret is that I’ve been fucking Bob. My own brother!”

“Bob? Oh, Ann!” Martha had thought she couldn’t be shocked, but she was. Not so much that Ann was letting her own brother fuck her, but that Bob had come on so strong to her when Ann was available.

“That’s why my being angry at you for sort of cheating on me is so ridiculous. I was doing the same thing. But, Martha, I couldn’t help it! He-he was so down, so lonely, and so horny. He came into the bathroom, naked, while I was in the tub, and he just got in with me. At first, we just masturbated each other, and I was stupid enough to think we could keep it at that!”

“What are you going to do, let Debby keep fucking me, keep fucking Bob yourself, and try to keep it a secret from everybody?”

“Oh, God, I don’t know,” Ann sighed.

“Well, if you trust me, I think I’ve got a solution that will make everyone very happy,” Martha said. “Just wait until tonight, and do what I say. All right?”

Ann nodded.

Bob had watched the two women leave, and he rubbed his cock through his pants. He was hornier than ever. Making it with his sister hadn’t cooled off his hot balls one bit. And the taste he’d had of Martha’s hot cunt made him eager for more. But how to do it without Ann and Bob finding out? He wondered what the older woman’s cunt would feel like around his cock. I’ll bet she’s real tight, he mused. Probably hasn’t been fucked in a long time.

Ann and Martha returned, and after a quick lunch the four of them went swimming. Luckily, Martha had an extra swimsuit for Ann to wear. Bob’s eyes bugged out when he saw his mother’s big tits fighting to escape the too small top of the bathing suit.

After about fifteen minutes they rested on the grassy shore, and Bob sat in front of his mother so he could get a better look at her massive tits.

Ann was resting on her mach, her, palms cupping her chin, and her huge tits billowed out over the top of her suit.

Martha saw Bob’s mouth all but hang open and drool as he stared into the deep cleavage of his mother’s tits. She nudged Bob.

Bob looked where she nodded, and he smiled wryly. “Can’t blame him, can you?” he said. “Ann’s got a nice pair of tits.”

“Nicer than mine?” Martha asked in a whisper.

“Well, uh,” Bob muttered, “I didn’t really get a long enough look, last night. Not long enough to be able to judge.”

“Well, then,” Martha said, turning her back to Ann and Bob, “have another look.” And she deftly popped out her huge tits and let them swing heavily before his eyes.

“Jeez!” Bob gasped, glancing over her shoulder at his sister and nephew.

Martha pulled her top back up. “Got you hot, huh?” she asked, glancing at his crotch. “How about a peek?”

“Shit, I feel like a dumb-ass kid, again,” Bob said, but he went ahead and quickly pulled his cock out over the top of his trunks and let her look.

“Nice,” she said. “Give me a taste, later?”

“Jeez, when? Where?”

“How about now, in the pool?”

“But what about Ann and Bob?”

“They won’t see us. Come on!”

Once they were in the water, Martha went to the deeper, shadowed part and lifted her tits out again. Since the water reached her chin, Bob could only dimly see her tits, but he filled his hands with them. Her nipples were stiff from the cool water, and rubbery to his touch, and he took a deep breath, ducked his head under, and sucked one into his mouth. He came up gasping for air, but quite happy.

“Now let’s see how hard your cock is,” Martha said, reaching into his trunks.

She smiled when she felt the length and thickness of his cock. It felt hotter than normal because the water was so cool, and she squeezed it and jerked it up and down, then sank beneath the surface.

Bob stood straddle-legged in the deep water, hoping his face wasn’t showing what he kit. Martha’s lips were sliding over the flared knob of his cock, then his shaft. Her lips finally reached his curly hairs before making the return journey. She, too, came up gasping with a smile on her face.

“I don’t want to suck you off, now,” she said. “For one thing I’d probably drown from the combination of the water and your cum. For another, I want to save it for later, when we can both really enjoy it.”

Both Bob and his uncle had stiff pricks that were difficult to hide as they walked back to the house. Martha and Ann exchanged glances and tried to keep from smiling and giggling. Ann had seen her son examining her half-exposed tits, and she’d loved it. And the stiff cock she’d given him made her proud.

The evening dragged by slowly for everyone. Bob went to bed early, hoping Mrs. Blumfeldt sad his mother and uncle would soon follow. They did.

Martha went to Ann’s room as soon as she could and got her even hotter than normal by sucking her stiff nipples and rolling her juicy clit.

“Follow me,” she said, leading Ann to Bob’s door. “Now, stay here while I go in. I’m going to put a blindfold on him so you can come in and watch.”

Martha had no intention of fucking Bob that night, but she couldn’t let Ann know that. Not yet, anyway. She opened the door and walked in, holding a long handkerchief in front of her.

“What’s that for?” Bob asked.

“A blindfold,” she said. “With this on, you can imagine anything you like while I’m fucking you. Even your mother. I saw you admiring her tits this afternoon.”

Bob didn’t protest when she placed the blindfold over his eyes.

“And I won’t say a word,” she added. “That way my voice won’t distract you from your dream.” Then Martha hurried to the door and whispered, “Come in. Quick.”

When Ann saw her son lying naked on the bed with his hard, fat cock throbbing above his balls, she felt her mouth go dry. Even her nipples seemed to grow longer and harder.

“Where are you?” Bob asked. “My cock’s awful lonely.”

“Here I am,” Martha said, grabbing Ann’s hand and pulling her to the bed. “I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” she whispered in Ann’s ear. “You keep him occupied till I get back.” And she pushed Ann’s hand down to her son’s thumping prick.

“Ah, yeah,” Bob sighed. “Grab it.”

Ann’s hand seemed to have a life of its own.

She watched it reach out and curl around her bay’s cock and tug on it, then begin to pound it eagerly. His prick was so big that her fingers and thumb wouldn’t meet!

Ann was lost. Her hand flew up and down her son’s hard cock while her eyes caressed it. His heat and pulsing strength brought the build-up of her incestuous passion rushing from her subconscious mind. She groaned, feeling a deep relief wash over her. She knew now what she needed and wanted, and it was hers to have.

Bob was groaning, his adolescent body hunching up to meet her gripping fist. She jumped up, tore off her robe and jumped on top of him, guiding his cock into her hot, gaping cunt.

Still dreaming behind his blindfold, Bob groaned. Ann was thrilled, realizing that he wanted this to happen just as much as she did.

Martha hadn’t left, but had knelt at the keyhole after leaving Ann with her son. She licked her lips and smiled when Ann began pumping the boy’s cock, but when Ann jumped on it and began bouncing, the older woman was really thrilled. It was more exciting than she could have imagined to watch a boy fuck his own mother, even if he didn’t know it. She hurried to Bob’s room.

Throwing off her nightie and bursting in on him, tits flopping and arms spread wide, really took Bob by surprise. But he recovered quickly enough to jump off the bed to meet her. And his cock preceded him by at least seven or eight inches.

“What about Ann?” he whispered as he threw his arms around her and grabbed her soft ass.

“Ann sent me in her place,” she said, then giggled at his look of surprise. “Yes, I know all about you two. And I think it’s sweet. Sharing’s all right with you, isn’t it?” she asked, grinding her wet, hairy crotch against his hard-on.

“Jeez, it sure is!” he exclaimed.

“I want you to fuck me right here!” Martha said, turning her back to him.

Bob watched as she bent over and grabbed her ankles with her hands. Her wide ass spread wide, exposing both of her holes to his hot stare. Her cunt was red and juicy and gaping, and he could even see her clit poking out. He didn’t wait. He walked up to her and shoved his fat cock into her boiling cunt.

“Ahhhhh,” she sighed, and he reached around and cupped her dangling tits, hefting them and marveling at their incredible weight and softness.

Then, holding her like that, he began fucking, making her asscheeks shake. He hunched his ass wildly, driving his stiff cock into her bubbling cunt. Martha was squealing and shaking and doing her best to push her upthrust ass back at him as he fucked her cunt.

Shaking, trembling, she came, her cunt tightening and rippling around his prick. Then, though it took every ounce of her will power, she pulled away from him before he could cum.

“Wha-what are you doing?” he gasped as she opened the door and beckoned to him.

Her inner thighs were shiny from a coating of her cunt juices, and her bright pink pussylips hung open and wet through her dark hair.

“Ann’s waiting for you,” she said. “And now you’re hot enough to fuck her the way she wants, without worrying about an audience!”

Grabbing his aching cock, Bob followed her down the hall to Bob’s room.

“She’s in there,” Martha said, “and if your brains are as big as your cock, you’ll just join in the fun without moralizing.”

Bob pushed open the door and saw his sister riding her son’s cock. To say he was a little surprised and upset wouldn’t be far off the mark, but his still hard, aching cock was doing most of the thinking for him, luckily. Watching his nephew fucking the hole he’d hoped to occupy, Bob found his attention drawn to the pink pouty asshole winking between his sister’s working asscheeks. It was wet and wrinkled and beautiful, and his cock ached to fuck it.

He walked to the bed. Ann still didn’t realize he was there, and then he saw that Bob was blindfolded. His sister’s tits were flopping heavily while Bob’s hands grabbed at them, and her nipples were sticking out longer than he’d ever seen them. He couldn’t wait any longer. He climbed on the bed behind her and began fondling her ass.

“Huh! Ohmigod!” Ann gasped.

Bob felt the bed sag. He heard Ann’s voice, and he ripped off the blindfold.

“Mom!” he cried. His own, mother was naked, on top of him! His cock — his cock was in her cunt!

“Keep fucking, Bob,” Bob said over his sister’s shoulder as he rubbed her fleshy ass. He edged closer, and lodged his cockhead between her asscheeks.

“W-what are you doing?” Ann gasped when she felt her brother’s hot cockhead nudge her wrinkled shitter.

“I’m gonna assfuck you, sister dear,” Bob said, “while Bob fucks your cunt. You’re going to cum like you’ve never cum before!”

“Noooo! Oh, no-o-o-o-o!” Ann wailed as Bob’s cock, pushed her asshole inward. “Ahhhh! Ahhh-h-h-h!”

Ann bawled as her tight, well-greased asshole gave way to her brother’s prick. The hot knob of his cock pushed through the tight hole, and she clamped his prick automatically.

“Ahhh, yeah,” he groaned. “Hot ass! Tight ass!”

He shoved the entire length of his fat cock into Ann’s asshole, and her shitter puckered around his shaft every inch of the way. He groaned with pleasure as her steamy depths milked him. Then he backed out, slowly, and watched her pink wring pooch out as if to follow his cock.

“Ahhh-h-h-h, God!” Ann wailed. “Stop! Nuhhh-h-h-h!”

Bob felt his uncle’s cock burrowing into the tight tunnel next to the one he was resting in, and then he felt his mother’s cunt clamp down on him. She was tightening up from the two cocks in her holes!

Ann’s asshole felt inflamed. Her bare, sweaty asscheeks were shaking wildly from her brother’s wild fucking. But as he continued to ram his cock in and out the pain subsided. Soon, she became accustomed to the strange distended feeling in her ass, and when Bob began to hunch up into her cunt once more, nudging her clit, she began to relax and enjoy it.

“Ah, Jeez, Ann, what a great asshole.” Bob enthused. “We should have done this long ago!”

He fucked her ass faster, grabbing her shoulders and making her sat up straight for a while, then shoving her down until her face was resting next to her son’s and her ass jutted high. This made her whole open more and let him sink every last inch of his cock inside with each thrust. He slammed into her ass with long, looping, twisting strokes, reaming out her brown depths, scraping her bowels, while she wailed and shook and came again and again.

Bob continued to assfuck his sister. He loved watching his oily-looking cock sliding back and forth in her ass. And the stiffness of his nephew’s cock against the thin membrane separating them doubled his thrill.

Ann babbled and moaned and shook, then began to buck up and down as she felt the tight frictioning of her twin holes start all over again. Having two throbbing pricks inside of her was almost too much pleasure for one person. Her fat tits were dancing around, tugging at her chest even as her son sucked one hard nipple and pinched the other.

The odd thought that maybe they could keep this up forever ran through her mind, but even as she thought it, her over loaded nerve endings told her she was going to cum again in a matter of seconds.

“Oh, fuck my asshole! Fuck it hard!” she cried. “I’m gonna cum! Bob! Fuck my cunt, ram it in! Fuck me hard and make me cum-m-m-m!”

Bob grabbed his sister’s waist and shoved his cock back and forth with blurring speed in her wet, open asshole. The liquid, sloshing sounds of his cock filling and emptying her asshole and the tightness of her sphincter was drawing out his jism. He, too, was about to cum!

“Me, too!” he gasped. “Let’s get off together!”

“Mmmmm! Mom!” Bob cried. “I’m gonna shoot?”

Ann bawled and bucked up and down as her organ struck. Her cock-stuffed holes tightened and milked their hefty pricks, and her eyes went glassy and her jaw dropped. Bob rammed his sister’s sucking asshole even harder as his cock convulsed. The thick wads of boiling jism sprayed her bowels, lubricating his plunging prick and making it slurp noisily.

“Awwwww-w-w-w!” Ann screamed as she felt her brother’s big, hot balls rubbing her distended whole. He was all the way in her asshole, dumping his scalding cum into her belly!

And then Bob’s cock bunt.

“Ahhh, Jeez, I’m cumming-g-g-g!” the boy shouted, humping up at his mother’s hot, sloppy cunthole.

Ann went wild. A double cum, and from her own son and brother! It was too much, feeling two cocks pumping hot cum into her at the same time. The rapid jack-hammering of Bob’s cock in her stretched asshole, the way he was filling and emptying her welcoming shitter, was making her drool. Her tit, flopped and wobbled and her asscheeks shook. Even her tormented clit was bobbing around as it was tugged in to different directions from the action of their cocks.

Bob’s jism burst in her cunthole. It puddled in her depths, then ran down to coat his cock and exit her hole. Ann smelled its freshness and heat, and the odor mingled with that of her well-fucked asshole.

“Oh, yes!” she gasped. “Fuck me!”

Then Ann shuddered into another orgasm.

Martha, who had been watching from the doorway, couldn’t take any more. She ran in, huge tits jiggling, and sat on the edge of the bed and watched Bob’s cock fucking in and out of Ann’s stretched pink ring. Bob saw her and grinned. He grabbed his sister’s soft, fleshy asscheeks and pried them far apart, then slowly withdrew his prick. His cock slipped slowly out, red and shiny with her juices and his cum, and Martha licked her lips. Then Bob’s fat knob caught on the inside of Ann’s asshole. That soft, muscular bundle of nerves puckered out, clinging to him, and Ann groaned. Then his cockhead snapped out, exiting with a loud, wet slurp, and Ann felt her asshole gaping lewdly for everyone to see.

“Ohhhh-h-h-h,” she moaned as cool air drifted into her sore, distended asshole.

Martha stared at Ann’s cum-filled asshole, then bent over. Bob stared, too, unable to believe what he was seeing. Martha’s tongue dug into his sister’s open asshole and she was eating his cum!

“Ahhh, God!” Ann gasped, wriggling her ass.

Bob’s cock began to shrink, and soon it fell out of her pouting cunt. More of his cum slid out and dripped onto his holly.

Ann shivered through yet another big cum, but before her mind blanked out, she heard Martha mumble something into the gaping gorge of her ass.

It sounded like “the family that lays together, stays together”. Ann slumped on her son’s body with a happy smile on her sweaty face. Her lifelong fear of incest was over, and never again would she have to suppress her sexual desires and fantasies. Her family had found the ultimate happiness.

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