Zach continues turning Jill into his personal cum dumpster

Three days passed and no police came for me, and when I saw Ashley, it didn’t seem like she knew anything. Just as I suspected, Jill didn’t have it in her to tell anyone about what I had done, either because she was ashamed or because she loved it, probably both. But after the third day, I decided it was time to stop by and pay her a visit.

I arrived at her house in the mid-morning, when Ashley was still there. Like before, I didn’t bother knocking, but I hollered when I stepped inside. “Ashley?”

“In here!” Her voice came from the kitchen, and at the same time, I heard a dish break. “Mom, are you ok?”

“Y-yes, dear, I’m fine. It just slipped out of my hand.”

Hearing Jill’s voice gave me a hard-on, the fact that she had broken a plate when hearing my own telling me that the iron was still hot and it was time to strike. I came into the kitchen, where Ashley was sitting at the dinner table in her waitress uniform with a stack of pancakes in front of her. Jill was at the stove in a pair of tight jeans and a tank top, standing with her back to me and trying to hide her trembling.

“Hey, what’s up?” Ashley asked.

“I wanted to see if you were up for a movie.”

“You should have called, you wouldn’t have had to drive. You know I have the lunch shift at the diner today. I told you before, remember? I got to leave in half an hour.”

“Oh yeah, I guess I forgot,” I replied, waiting for Jill to look over to me.

“Luckily my mom was in a good mood and offered to make me some pancakes. Want some?”

“I would love some. Jill, you don’t mind, do you?”

Jill had to turn to me or else her daughter would get suspicious. Putting on a brave face, she looked over to me. “Sure, I’d be happy to!”

I flashed her a grin, one that Ashley didn’t see, one that broadcasted what I really hungered for. Seeing that look in my eye, knowing what I wanted to do, Jill turned her attention back to the stove and began mixing up more batter, trying to keep calm so that Ashley wouldn’t sense anything while she prepared food for the man that had raped her. I watched her while she worked, her tight denims making her ass pop. The pancakes were made in ten minutes and Jill handed me the plate without making eye contact.

For a while, I sat with Ashley and ate this second breakfast, talking with her about the usual subjects while Jill cleaned up in the kitchen. Ashley soon finished and left for work, leaving Jill and me alone. At first I didn’t do anything, I simply continued eating while Jill tried to distract herself with dirty dishes. The kitchen was silent, save for the scratching of my knife and fork on my plate and clinking of dishes in the sink. I could tell the silence was getting to Jill, that she could feel my eyes on her. What was I going to do to her? What was I waiting for? These questions were driving her wild, and against her will, her body was preparing itself. All I had to do was watch my timing and the suspense would do a lot of the work for me.

Finally I stood up and strode over to her with intentionally slow footfalls, watching Jill tighten up as I approached. Finally I grabbed her ass and pressed myself against her. “Your cooking is as good as ever, now how about I prepare something to stuff into YOUR mouth?”

“Zach, what happened before was a mistake and we can’t ever do it again?”

“It wasn’t a mistake. I took you like a dirty whore and you loved it, begging me to rape you harder. You know, the day after we had sex, Ashley and I had a little bit of fun. I wonder if she could taste you on my cock, the way she was slobbering all over it. Her mouth felt just like yours.”

Jill tried to push me away. “I said no!”

“Haven’t you learned yet? You don’t get to say no to me.”

I grabbed the front of her jeans and unfastened them, then wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her from the stove and to the middle of the kitchen floor.

“No! NO!” she screamed as I yanked off her pants, revealing her pink thong.

I forced her to the floor and kept her on her stomach with me on top of her, letting me undress. I then flipped her over and ripped off her tank top like wrapping paper. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, her melon-sized tits bouncing freely. Momentarily letting her go, I stood up and retrieved a bottle of cooking oil from beside the stove. Pinning Jill on her back, I held her wrists together so that she couldn’t fight me off and poured the oil onto her chest. I rubbed it into her skin with my free hand, loving the feel of her breasts slipping in my grip.

“Nothing like a pair of big oiled titties,” I said with a chuckle.

Jill glared at me with fear and anger. “Fuck you,” she hissed.

“Oh no, I’m going to fuck YOU.”

My sadistic side getting the better of me, I squeezed one of her tits with a hard grip, making Jill cry out in pain. From there, I began smacking them, each time making her yelp as I whipped the mountains of soft flesh. The sound of flesh on flesh and her cries, the sensation of her beautiful breasts against my palm and fingers, and the sight of the forming welts turned me on beyond words. It was like they were stress balls, begging for abuse.

I shifted my position her, keeping her arms pinned beneath me but with my hands free. Having the perfect opportunity, I held her oiled breasts together and slid my cock between them, me shuddering in euphoria and Jill in revulsion. Even bustier than Ashley, I knew that Jill would give the best tit-fucks imaginable. I moved back and forth, rubbing her breasts against the shaft while Jill tried to keep her face away from the tip. Against my planning, I had a premature orgasm from the excitement. I didn’t lose much, mainly precum, and it sprayed across Jill’s tearful face while I maintained my erection.

I soon moved on, retaining my hold on her wrists with one hand and sending the other down south. She writhed beneath me, but I held her still. Grabbing her thong, I pulled it up, wedging it between the plump lips of her cunt. Again she cried out as I pulled harder and harder, using the narrow fabric like floss and pulling it against her erect clitoris. Again I let go of her, letting her try to push me off with her free hands as I pulled off her thong. Grabbing her again, I rolled her onto her back and bound her wrists with her underwear, having learned online how to use them as makeshift handcuffs.

With her incapacitated, I was finally able to pull off my own clothes, though they were already sticky from the cooking oil. Like before, I had Jill over my lap, her ass in the air. First I poured oil on her, giving her rear end a sexy shine, then I took my time spanking her, bruising her tan milf ass like I had done with her breasts. My hand slid right off her ass each time, her soft flesh jiggling from the strike. My fingers slick with oil, I worked them in her pussy, relishing the sounds of her voice. Regardless of her anger, her body was again relapsing in its desire for sexual contact. With just my fingers, I had her moaning in bliss, the volume rising and falling with the speed of my hand.

She came after only a minute, much sooner than I expected to. Maybe after fucking her the other day, her body was now on a hair trigger. Her moans echoed through the house, her whole body in spasms as waves of pleasure rolled through her while my hand was soaked in a spray of her juices. Not giving her any rest, I grabbed her legs and pulled them up, putting her in the same position as the other day with her head and the back of her neck pressed to the floor, her bound arms underneath her, and her ass in the air. This time, I was behind her, kneeling and holding her up with my arms around her stomach. Her virgin asshole was inches from my face, glistening from the cooking oil and just waiting to be used.

“Zach, what are you doing?”

Instead of answering, I grave a broad lick of her anus, making her shudder in bliss. The cooking oil didn’t taste very good, but all I really cared about was the physical sensation of running my tongue around her brown eye. I had already done it before, when she was passed out on the lawn, but I was enjoying it even more since she was awake to experience it. I penetrated her with my tongue, flicking around her insides while I sucked on her asshole with my lips. All the while, I worked her clit with my right hand, trying to coax another orgasm from her. I was able to push her over the threshold again, but I was able to make her moan like an opera singer.

After a few minutes, I retrieved the bottle of cooking oil and stuck the nozzle in her raised asshole like the jug of a water bottle. I squeezed bottle, making Jill gag as I pumped her ass full of oil like an enema. A full liter was pumped into her rectal cavity.

“How about we play a little game?” I suggested.

Without letting go of her or letting her fall over, I reached into one of the drawers above my head and grabbed a wine stopper. Jill shuddered as I inserted it into her ass as a makeshift butt plug.

“You’re going to suck me off like a good whore, and if you can make me cum without that oil spilling out of you, I’ll leave right now. Which of us can last longer?”

Jill stared at me in disbelief. “You promise you’ll leave?”

“I won’t even bother getting dressed. I’ll just grab my clothes and walk right out that door.”

Jill didn’t answer, but since this was rape, I didn’t care about what she had to say. I set her against the fridge, still upside-down like a weirdly drawn 2, her ass pointed straight up. I rubbed my cock against her face, just like after I skull-fucked her the last time. She resisted at first, remembering how I choked her with it until she vomited, but she soon gave in and began blowing me, though it was hard to do in the position we were in. Seconds passed, and before the first minute was finished, I could tell that Jill was struggling with all her might to keep the oil from spilling out of her. Even while upside-down, the pressure inside was painful and her body was trying to push it out. All the while, I was maintaining my composure, easily able to hold back my reserves in the face of this half-assed blowjob. Deciding to speed up the process, I started working my fingers in her pussy, make her give a shrill whine. Were she to speak, she would say I was cheating. But again, this was rape, so I wasn’t really under any obligation to play fair.

I used the stimulation to ruin her focus, and after less than a minute, the wine stopper shot out of her ass and a geyser of cooking oil sprayed up. I moved out of the way, letting it pour down on Jill. She cried as the thick fluid splashed her tits and face, knowing where it had just been. To her it might as well have been my semen. Standing over her, I inserted my fingers into her asshole, now loose and slick. I stirred them around, making her whimper and cry in humiliation.

“Oh, such a shame, now I get to rape your asshole for as long as I want.”

“No, please! Anything but that!” she begged.

“I told you before, you don’t get to say no to me.”

Grabbing her arm, I pulled her to her feet and then bent her over the sink. She continued begging for mercy, but I just spread her legs, and in a single shove, I forced my manhood into her asshole. She screamed when I violated her, having never before been sodomized by more than my fingers. I had mounted her like a dog, and with all the cooking oil in her ass, I was able to slide in and out effortlessly. This was my first time as well, none of my past girlfriends never being brave enough to try ass play. The sensation of Jill’s anus around my cock was indescribable, both physically and psychology. The fact that I was sodomizing this beautiful mature woman was like winning a trophy, with her unwillingness only sweetening the moment.

She cried as I slammed myself against her over and over again, punishing her asshole without mercy, unable to resist me as I turned her body into a sex toy. Her rear end clapped against my lap over and over, the sound music to my ears. But soon after I started, a familiar change took over Jill. She would look back at me, licking her lips with a lustful glare. After only a minute, her cries of pain were replaced with calls for me to fuck her harder and faster. I had reawaken the vixen from last time.

“You like that, don’t you? You like getting ass raped? Take my cock like a good whore!” I growled, reaching around and smacking her tits.

“Yes, I love getting raped! Fuck my slutty asshole harder! Cum in my ass!”

“Imagine if Ashley were to hear you say that. Your daughter coming in here, seeing her mother beg her rapist to turn her into a cum dumpster.”

She didn’t respond, but her asshole tightened around me. So it seems I had struck a nerve… I changed positions, pulling her down with me to the floor, removing my cock from her ass just long enough to turn her towards me. We were both on our sides, her body curled up with me continuing to thrust into her, her asshole forming a perfect seal around my cock. I stared into her eyes as I sodomized her, seeing the ravenous joy of being fucked like a dirty slut.

“Now do you get it? See how much fun it is getting fucked?” I panted, never stopping my movements.

“Oh god, I think I’m addicted to your cock…” she groaned.

“Just like Ashley. How does it feel knowing that the same man who routinely takes your daughter like a whore is now violating you? Does it turn you on?”

Shocking me, she took control, using her body weight to roll me onto my back so that she was on top, even with her hands still bound. Now riding me, she leaned over and slipped her tongue between my lips. Lifting her up, I began bucking my hips, shooting myself straight up into her asshole with her rear end jiggling magnificently. I wished with all my heart I could see us from behind, watch my manhood stretch her anus wide while her cheeks bounced and jiggled. I fucked her like a jackhammer, gripping her ass while she moved and spanking her, all while she and I made out.

“I always wondered why you were so ok with me and Ashley having sex while you were in the house. You had to have heard us, she moans and talks dirty just as loudly as you do. You had to have heard your daughter begging to be fucked, of her whines as she came over and over again.”

Again she tightened up on me, telling me that I was getting closer.

“Did it turn you on, hearing her getting violated? Hearing her beg for it? Maybe you were jealous. Maybe you wished I would do the same to you. Maybe you wished you were the one getting fucked and filled with cum.”

After a minute, she sat up, letting me watch her tits bounce as she rode me. The grin on her face was more depraved than Ashley’s, loving the feeling of bobbing on my cock, as if I had become the sex toy and she was using me to sodomize herself. But I could tell from the look in her eyes that I was getting closer. She changed again after a minute, finding the floor unsuitable for her to properly ride me like this. Instead, she turned her back to me and put her feet up on my knees, maybe so that we couldn’t make eye contact anymore. Now in my favorite position, I held her up and once again started bucking my hips, pumping her asshole like a piston while she moaned.

“Yes! Oh god, it feels so good!” she screamed.

Again I wished I could watch from another angle, wanting to see her jiggling oiled tits, her glistening slit, and her ass being pummeled by my cock.

“Or maybe it was because you liked the idea of your daughter getting fucked. You wanted to watch your little girl get penetrated, get mounted.” I suddenly stopped, a savage grin on my face. “Maybe you wanted to fuck her, to turn your daughter into your personal fuck doll!”

“Please don’t stop! I’m so close!”

“Admit it! Admit you want to fuck Ashley!”

“Please let me cum! I want to cum with your cock in my ass!”

“Admit you’re attracted to your daughter!”

“Ok, I admit it! I loved listening to Ashley get fucked! I want to fuck my daughter! So fuck me like you fuck her!”

That was all I needed. I returned to my maximum speed, ramming her from below so fast that my balls actually hurt from the movement.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Jill screamed the words over and over again, and from her slit, a wave of clear liquid sprayed freely. I never stopped moving, instead using her orgasm as a chance to fuck her even harder and drive her wild.

She soon calmed down, but I was getting tired from this position. I needed to be back on top. I grabbed her bound wrists and pulled her to the side, using the momentum to get us both up onto her knees. Now back in the doggy-style position, I was able to resume humping her while sparing my stomach muscles. I pulled on the thong around her wrists, using them to slam her down onto my cock after each retraction.

“Damn, I never knew you were such an anal whore.”

“Oh god, it feels so good! Fuck me, Zach! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me like you fuck my daughter!”

To be fair, I hadn’t yet taken Ashley’s backdoor virginity, but I did as told, hammering Jill with all my strength, again filling the house with the sounds of her oiled ass clapping against my lap, mixed with her euphoric moans. But I still felt I could get deeper. Without picking her up or pulling out, I got to my feet, bending Jill over farther until her face was to the floor. Now standing, I was able to put all of my weight into my thrusts, driving straight down into her. Jill continued to moan, drunk with sexual euphoria. She had orgasm after orgasm, spraying the floor over and over while I butt-fucked her without reprieve, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Shit, I’m about to cum!” I grunted.

“Pour it all in my ass! Fill my asshole with your cum!” she begged.

She didn’t need to ask twice, as with a shudder, I pumped everything I had into her rectum, a deluge of my seed. I pulled out of her, my manhood deflating and my lungs feeling like they were on fire. Just like before, Jill was now silent, remaining with her face to the floor and her ass in the air, now with frothy semen trickling from her bruised anus.

“Oh god, what is wrong with me? I can’t believe I admitted that,” she groaned.

“What first made you horny for your daughter? Her firm bouncing tits, her tight round ass, her soft luscious pussy, or the fact that it’s such a naughty taboo?” I asked, too intrigued to leave it alone.

“I don’t know. Whenever I would listen to you two, I would get so turned on. I would imagine you were fucking me instead of her. I kept fantasizing about it, and soon, my daughter would be there, just watching me get fucked. Each time I thought about it, it would just deeper and deeper. Soon I would dream about you taking turns with us, and then I even began to imagine Ashley and I kissing and licking each other’s bodies as you used us like whores.”

Hearing her talk was putting me back in the mood. It seemed my ultimate fantasy of a mother-daughter threesome might not be so impossible after all, and staring at her ass and pussy, sticky with cooking oil and semen, was returning my hard-on. Revitalized, I grabbed Jill’s bound wrists and pulled her to her feet.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she asked as I pulled her upstairs.

I led her into Ashley’s room and threw her on the bed, still warm and smelling like her. With my cock now fully erect, I grabbed a pair of Ashley’s dirty underwear and jammed it in Jill’s mouth as a gag. Then, I took her from behind and violated her pussy. My energy returned, I fucked her like an animal, turning her womanhood into a receptacle for my desires. As I rode her, she looked back at me, grinning with her daughter’s panties in her mouth, telling me that she was enjoying this even more than I was.