See Mom Suck

A young boy without a release for his raging sexual drive, and his mother, a widow, driven to the extremes of lust, are the subjects of this novel. Under the circumstances, we can understand how these individuals are driven into each other’s arms. Our society forbids sexual union between a mother and son, but sometimes it seems to be the most likely way for both to find satisfaction.

As you read this account of passions unleashed, try to put yourself into the characters’ roles and then see if you can find fault. Although they sink deeper and deeper into wanton behavior, they, at least, get a taste of all those pleasures that so many of us miss.

So, what is normal? What are the rules we should live by? Is conformity to the average the goal, or should we seek our pleasures in extremes?

In SEE MOM SUCK, each reader must decide for himself what is the right path. So, take a trip into the nether world of sexuality, and find out what goes on behind the drawn shutters of our neighbors’ lives.

Ryan was afraid to breathe. He had his eyes against the peephole, and he was afraid she’d hear his breathing or the pounding of his heart. His mother was on the other side of the wall, and she was beginning to undress. He’d been waiting almost an hour for her to come up to her bedroom. Now it was starting, and he was going nuts with excitement.

It wasn’t the first time. He’d made the peephole about a month ago and he’d been able to see her naked a dozen times. But each time the excitement was as intense as the first time. His mother had become his obsession. He’d always had fantasies about her, but ever since he started watching her through the peephole he’d been thinking about nothing else.

She had her blouse off now. Her name was Jennifer and she was a beautiful woman in her prime. She kept her dark hair cut short in a boyish style that revealed the elegance of her face and neck. She had a trim athletic body with solid tits. The soft white bra she now wore was filled to capacity, the lace strained and sheer enough to show the shadows of her nipples.

Ryan knew all about her bras. The soft filmy bras and the more substantial bras she sometimes wore with certain clothes. Size thirty-six with a C cup. He wanted the bra off now. He wanted her tits swinging, hanging, and the light brown nipples visible. He never failed to be excited by her tits. He was young and he’d had girls, but he’d never had a girl with tits as beautiful as his mother’s.

As she usually did, she removed the bra before undressing any farther. Unhooking the back, pulling the shoulder straps down, then peeling the cups away. Her tits were suddenly free, spilling out, jiggling as she moved to drop the bra into a drawer. Ryan thought her nipples were perfect. The areole weren’t that large, but the points were as thick as a finger and long enough so that her nipples always looked stiff. He had daydreams about sucking them. They made his mouth water, and now as he watched her tits bobbing around, he pulled his cock out of his open fly and began stroking it.

Stripped to the waist as she was, his mother puttered around at her dresser awhile. She still wore the rest of her street clothes, a narrow skirt, nylons and heels. Ryan tried to calm himself as he waited for the rest of the show. Sometimes he thought his heart would explode, blast a hole right through the wall and he’d fall inside her bedroom at her feet.

Finally she started undressing again, unzipping her skirt, pulling and pushing it down over her ass and thighs and ultimately stepping out of it. Her ass was glorious, bulging in her dark brown pantyhose now, not too large, but round and firm and as mouth-watering as her tits. The split, the crack of her ass, looked deep and wonderful and Ryan wanted to bury himself in it.

He told himself he would gladly die suffocated by her ass. He would give his left arm to sniff the crack and his right arm to lick it.

Christ, you’re crazy, he thought. You’ll go bonkers and get taken away in a wagon. He told himself he didn’t care one way or the other as long as he had some time to enjoy her ass and those gorgeous legs.

Finally she turned to face him and he could see her dark bush of cunt-hair pressed flat by her sheer pantyhose. Her pussy. So far he hadn’t seen more than this. He hadn’t seen the slit itself yet, neither the lips nor anything between. He had a magazine with a picture of a woman who resembled his mother, and in the photo the woman had her legs wide open to show all of her hairy cunt. Ryan treasured the photo because he imagined his mother’s cunt was like that, full-lipped, hairy all the way down the slit, with a prominent clit and a slightly gaping cunthole. None of the girls he knew had cunts like that.

He continued stroking his cock, but slowly and carefully in order to avoid shooting off. He was afraid to come while he was in the closet with his eye at the peephole. He was afraid he’d make a noise and his mother would hear him. He was terrified she’d find out about his spying on her. She could be such a bitch sometimes when she was angry. They had a good relationship, but she never took any crap from him. She was too independent. She had divorced his father when Ryan was a baby and all these years she’d managed things herself. She and Ryan fought sometimes, but no matter what happened Ryan always adored her.

And he dreamed about her. Night dreams and daydreams. He dreamed about touching her and fucking her. He didn’t want to think about fucking her now because it would make him come.

He watched her as she sat on the end of the bed to peel off her pantyhose. He was looking at her from the side, and he couldn’t see between her legs. She always sat there. If only she’d sit on this side of the bed, she’d be facing him and he might see something. God, he loved her legs. She had long athletic legs.

She played lots of tennis and she was almost as good as he was. What he wanted at the moment was to get down there between her legs and suck her pussy-gash. He did it to his girlfriends sometimes and it always tuned him on. He was certain it would blow his mind if he ever did it to a woman like his mother. Sometimes he would spend an hour staring at that photo of the woman who looked like his mother and imagine himself sucking her hairy cunt.

Now his mother was naked, and she walked into the bathroom with a slight wiggle of her lovely ass. In a moment, Ryan heard her turn on the shower.

She had a date later with Paul Simpson, her current boyfriend. Paul was a businessman about forty, and he and Ryan’s mother had been dating about a year. Ryan hated Paul. First, because he and Paul didn’t get along that well, and second, because he knew that Paul was fucking his mother and he couldn’t stand the idea of it.

He knew they were fucking because sometimes they did it in her bedroom and he could hear them. He also knew they were fucking because his mother had more or less admitted it once when she and Ryan were talking about her love life and how difficult it was to be a woman without a man. She didn’t need a man for support.

She owned and managed a small travel agency and the business was successful. She said what she needed was companionship. And then she came right out and said she was also a healthy woman and she also needed men for sex.

“I don’t want you to be jealous,” she said. “It’s been just the two of us all these years and I don’t want you to be jealous if I have dater with men. You’re old enough now to understand about men and women.”

Yes, he was old enough. He stayed in the closet, waiting for her to come out of the shower, and then when she came out wrapped in a large towel, he pressed his eye to the peephole again and watched her get dressed for the date she had with Paul Simpson.

She put on black tonight, a black lace bra and black panties and then sheer black pantyhose and high-heeled black sandals. Then she spent twenty minutes seated in front of her vanity mirror doing her makeup.

Ryan thought about fucking her and then he thought about Paul Simpson fucking her. They did it in her bedroom sometimes when they came home late and she thought Ryan was asleep. Ryan had spent many a night going crazy with his ear pressed against the wall listening to them and trying to imagine what was going on. Since he’d made the peephole, they hadn’t done it in her bedroom. Every time she went out with Paul Simpson, Ryan prayed they would come back to the house and fuck in her room. Tonight would be the same and he knew he’d be praying for the next three or four hours.

Finally she had her makeup completed and she was ready to finish dressing. Ryan loved watching her walk around in her underwear. She had such a gorgeous ass. He couldn’t bear thinking of Paul Simpson’s hands on her ass. Or any other man’s hands. He couldn’t stand it. He tried not to think about it, but the image of some guy’s hands on her ass drove him crazy.

His cock, was like an iron bar now. He had to be careful touching it. He curled his fingers around the base and rhythmically squeezed his cock-shaft. He had a big cock and he was proud of it. The girls at the high school all compared notes on the boys and Ryan knew he was near the top of the list. He could get his cock out to eight inches when it was really hard, and even when it was soft he had almost four inches of swinging prick for a girl to play with. One girl had told him his cock was longer when it was soft than some of the cocks she’d seen when they were hard.

His mother was finished dressing now. Ten minutes later she called out to Ryan and told him that she was leaving. “I won’t be home before midnight. So please don’t worry about me!”

He said goodbye to her through his bedroom door. His cock was still hard and there was no way he could come out. He waited until he heard the front door slam shut, and then he quickly pulled his jeans off and he lay down on his bed with a groan.

Now he was naked from the waist down and he could handle his cock and balls without fear of shooting his load and making noise. He wished he had a girl with him to suck him off. They all did it. Some of them pretended not to like it that much, but they all did it. Some of them would take his cum in their mouths and swallow it and some of them wouldn’t. He liked to watch them suck and then he liked it best when they swallowed his jism at the end.

He was a jock and popular with the girls and these days he never had any trouble getting at least a blowjob when he dated a girl. They would suck off his big cock while he finger-fucked their pussies. Sometimes a girl was aggressive enough to get him to go down on her before she sucked his cock, but usually they were passive and they let him call the shots as long as he didn’t force them to do anything they didn’t want to do.

Oh the hell with them, he thought. He couldn’t understand teenaged girls one way or the other. They giggled about cocks but they didn’t really care about fucking that much. What really turned him on was an older woman, some of the teachers in school and women like his mother. Especially women like his mother.

He stroked his cock with his hand as he thought about her. The way her nipples stuck out. The way her ass looked when she walked around in her bedroom.

The dark bush of cunthair between her thighs. Sometimes she walked around outside her bedroom in her underwear. He always tried to be cool about it. She would see him in his jockey shorts and he would see her in her bra and panties. It wasn’t that much of a big, deal because he saw more of her in a bikini when the weather was warm.

It turned him on when she looked at him in his jockey shorts. He would never stay undressed too long because he was afraid he’d get a hard-on and be embarrassed. But she did look at him, at the bulge in his crotch, and one time he thought he caught a slight smile of approval.

She was such a sexy bitch with her firm body and long legs and bright eyes. None of his friends had a mother to compare with his. He thought of her tits again. He imagined himself sucking her nipples and then sliding down to suck her pussy. He imagined what it would be like to bury his nose and mouth in that hot gash between her legs.

And then he would fuck it. He pictured himself on top of her, his cock pushing against her cunt and then sliding inside. The hot flesh of her cunt grabbing at his cock.

God, how he hated Paul Simpson. He hated all her boyfriends. He couldn’t stand the idea of anyone else fucking her. He just couldn’t stand it.

A cry came out of Ryan’s throat as his balls erupted. The jism spurted out of his cock, wad after wad jetting into the air and then falling on his belly. His eyes closed, his mouth open, he continued pumping his prick until his balls were empty.


Four hours later Ryan was at the peephole again. His prayers had been answered. For the first time in more than a month, his mother and Paul Simpson were in his mother’s bedroom after a date. And for the first time since he’d secretly made the peephole, Ryan was able to watch them together. He could see everything and he could hear everything and he was certain this would be the most wonderful night of his life.

The lights had been dimmed in his mother’s room. The two of them lay on her bed kissing. They were still fully dressed. Jennifer had her arms around Paul’s neck and her lips pressed against his. Now they slowly broke apart and they each left the bed and started undressing.

“Please try motto make any noise,” Jennifer said softly.

Paul grinned at her as he peeled his shirt off. “Don’t worry, the kid’s asleep. It’s nearly one o’clock.”

Jennifer had her blouse off now. When she unhooked her bra, Paul came over to her and took her tits in his hands. He lifted her tits and rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. “That girl at the club doesn’t have anything half as nice as these.”

“She’s got more.”

Paul chuckled and lowered his head to take a nipple between his lips. He sucked her tit a few moments, and then he moved to the other one and did the same. When he pulled his mouth away, both nipples were glistening with his saliva. “Come on, let’s get naked.”

They finished stripping. Behind the wall, Ryan’s heart pounded like a pile-driver. He could see Paul’s cock now and he hated Paul even more. The guy was hung. Big balls and a big prick. Ryan clenched his teeth as his mother walked over to Paul and took his balls in her hand. “Horny, baby?”

“What do you think?”

“I think this big prick is going to do nice things for me.”

She held his balls in her left hand and took hold of his cock with her right hand. She curled her fingers around his cock and pumped it a few times. Paul pulled at one of her nipples. “Why don’t you marry me?”

Jennifer chuckled. “Because I’m happy the way I am.”

After that she went down on him. Ryan muffled a groan as he watched his mother drop to her knees to suck Paul’s cock. She still held his nuts. She pulled at his ball-bag now as she sucked on his cock-knob.

“Suck it, angel. That’s just what I need.” Paul slowly pumped his hips, fucking her mouth as he fondled her head with his hands.

Finally Jennifer pulled away and rose to her feet. Now his cock showed the wetness of her saliva. She grabbed his big balls again and pulled him to the bed. “Let’s put this where it belongs.”

Once on the bed, she stretched out on her back and opened her legs. Her body was at an angle, and for the first time ever Ryan had a clear view of his mother’s cunt. His heart pounded in his chest as he feasted his eyes on every detail.

It was very much as he’d dreamed about it, just like that photo he had. A dark cunt, thick-lipped and hairy, the hair curling all the way down into the crack of her ass. She pulled her knees up and opened her thighs as Paul approached the bed, and for a moment Ryan had a clear glimpse of the dark pucker of her asshole.

Then Paul was over her, mounting her, leaning down to suck her tits. They whispered together and suddenly they rolled over and Jennifer was on top. She had her back to Ryan and his pulse raced as he gazed at her ass. He saw her fingers between her thighs. She was fitting Paul’s cock into the mouth of her cunt. The next moment both people on the bed groaned as Jennifer’s cunt slid over Paul’s big cock. Jennifer adjusted her legs, shifted her body a bit and started fucking him.

Ryan went crazy with lust. He could see everything, her round ass, her asshole, the way her cunt-hole was stretched by Paul’s big cock, the juice pouring out of her pussy to drench his cock-shaft and balls. Ryan thought she looked so beautiful fucking that cock. She had such a beautiful body. He watched as she reached back to fondle Paul’s balls.

She was leaning over his face now and he had one of her tits in his mouth. His hands were on Jennifer’s ass, his fingers digging into the flesh of her ass-cheeks. Ryan’s cock jumped in his hand as he watched one of Paul’s fingers push at Jennifer’s asshole. The finger went in. Ryan thought she would push Paul’s hand away, but she didn’t. Paul kept his middle finger hooked deep inside Jennifer’s ass as she fucked her cunt on his cock.

I ought to kill him, Ryan thought. Somehow the way Paul’s finger invaded his mother’s asshole was worse than anything else. Ryan’s hatred for Paul Simpson was greater than ever.

Then Jennifer stopped fucking Paul and she rolled over to be on her back again. Her legs wide open, she pulled her knees back to her tits and rocked her legs. “Fuck my pussy!”

Paul laughed as be climbed between her legs. “You want it, huh?”

“Yes, I want it! Get it in there and fuck it!” He pulled her legs over his shoulders and fondled her ass. Then he worked the knob of his cock inside her cunt-hole and lurched forward to bury his prick in her body. Jennifer moaned and gripped his arms as he started fuckins her.

Ryan watched it, his fist pumping his cock, his breathing ragged. He imagined himself in there with her, squeezing her ass while he fucked that hairy cunt. He was surprised now that he could watch what was going on in there and still keep his sanity. His mother was something different for him now. She was no longer the holy of holies. He’d seen everything she had down there, her asshole, her cunt, the works. Now he was watching a man fuck her and he was learning something new about her, something surprising.

Ryan realized his mother was more earthy than he’d believed. He’d always thought of her as so elegant and composed, so completely in control of herself. But here she was fucking like a wild slut, her ass churning as she begged her boyfriend to fuck her cunt harder.

Paul rammed her repeatedly, pulling out and ramming in again, his swinging balls slapping against her ass. Then he made a croaking sound as he started coming and Jennifer grabbed his ass and humped her cunt at his cock to get himself off. Grunting and groaning together, they ground out the last of the climax until finally it was finished and Paul slumped on top of her.

Ryan was in a daze. He was on the edge of coming himself, but he held it back. He pulled his hand away from his cock and left it dangling. He was mesmerized by the scene in the next room. Watching them fuck had completely wiped him out. The experience was both less and more than he’d expected. The ice had been broken now. He’d watched his mother fuck. And watched a man empty his balls into his mother’s cunt.

After a while, Paul rolled off Jennifer and she left the bed and went into the john. Ryan remained at the peephole, glued there as he waited for whatever might happen. Soon his mother was out of the bathroom again. She had a towel in her hand and when she returned to the bed she began wiping Paul’s cock and balls. Then she leaned over and started kissing his cock.

Ryan was expectant again. He had an idea they would fuck one more time. He kept his eye at the peephole and watched as Paul playfully pinched his mother’s ass. Jennifer mumbled something as she licked Paul’s cock with the flat of her tongue. Ryan was amazed at how lusty she was. She was a woman who went after what she liked and she obviously liked cock.

Paul soon had a decent hard-on again. Jennifer hung over him, her mouth on his knob, her hands fondling his cock-shaft and balls. She worked on his prick to get it as stiff as possible. She seemed drunk with sex. The continued lust she showed amazed Ryan and excited him to a fever pitch.

Then the people on the bed were moving again, Jennifer climbing over Paul, straddling him, facing his feet with her ass over his face. She lowered her crotch, settled her cunt on his mouth and leaned forward to suck his cock again.

Ryan watched them suck each other. He had his cock in his hand again. He watched his mother’s mouth move up and down on Paul’s cock-shaft. He could see the way her lips were stretched. He could see how she went all the way down until her nose touched Paul’s cock-bush. She was deep-throating him. Ryan shuddered with excitement as he watched it. He imagined her throat closing over the knob of Paul’s cock. Each time she pulled up, Ryan could see the gobs of saliva streaming over Paul’s cock-shaft.

And down at the other end she had Paul’s tongue in her cunt. She kept her ass moving gently, squirming her pussy on his face. Ryan wanted to be right there, his face under his mother’s pussy, his mouth stuffed with her cuntflesh. He’d sucked a few girls like that and he knew what it was like. All that hot meat on your face and the juice dripping on your nose.

Then the sucking was finished and they rolled over again. Jennifer was once more on her back, her legs raised high and spread wide as she waited for Paul. He was on her in a moment, mounting her, his cock sliding inside her gaping cunt-hole. The bed shook as they started fucking again.

This time Paul pushed Jennifer’s knees all the way back to each side of her head. Her body was now folded in half, her crotch turned up and completely available as Paul fucked her cunt. He fucked his cock in and out with long slow strokes. Jennifer reached underneath to play with his dangling nuts. She grabbed his ball-bag and pulled at it. Paul grunted and slipped his hand under his balls to find Jennifer’s asshole. Jennifer squirmed her ass even more as his fingers slipped inside her shitter.

Ryan was on the way now, coming around the stretch to the biggest orgasm of his life. He prayed they wouldn’t hear anything, that he wouldn’t fall down and make a racket. He could hardly breathe any more in the stuffy closet. All he cared about was the peephole in the wall, the spectacle in his mother’s bedroom. He drew it out. He slowed down the pumping of his hand. He wanted to finish with them. Then suddenly Paul was fucking like a demon as he started coming and Ryan let himself go.

Did Jennifer come too? Ryan wasn’t sure. He couldn’t see her face. Then the jism shot out of his cock like a blast out of a firehose and he thought the top of his head was gone. Wad after wad splattered against the side of the closet as he pumped his prick.

Oh, fucking Christ, he thought. What a lovely bitch she is.

Jennifer had always found it strange to think of herself as the mother of a teenaged son. The years seemed to have flown by and now Ryan was almost a man. Almost. Not there yet, but moving fast. And he had eyes for her, too. She could see the way he looked at her when she was the least bit undressed in the house. For a long time she’d been thinking that maybe he was hooked on her. She’d heard about that happening to boys sometimes. They were turned on by their mothers, tangled up by daydreams and fantasies. Was Ryan like that? The way he looked at her these days made her think maybe he was.

One day she was in his room, putting away some of his clothes that had arrived from the cleaners, when she noticed the large cardboard box on the floor of the closet. The box had always been there and she’d never paid any attention to it. In the past she’d guessed that Ryan kept his old football equipment in the box. He had so much of that stuff lying around in all the closets and under the bed.

But now the top part of the box was open enough so that she could see inside. She was curious. She looked more closely. What she found was not football equipment but magazines. They were mostly sports magazines. She looked at a few of them and tossed them back in the box. Ryan didn’t care about much else beside sports.

Or did he? What about women? What about all those girls who were calling him all the time? What about the way he looked at her? She shouldn’t pry, she thought. But she had to see. She wanted to know more about this teenaged boy-man she had in the house. She noticed the smaller cardboard box beside the larger one, and now she reached down and opened the smaller box and she found what she’d thought she’d find. Ryan’s collection of sex magazines.

She’d known about them for some time. She’d seen the first one nearly three years before and then one or two others since then. She always knew he had them. She knew every normal boy looked at sex magazines. He was growing up and he had a right to know all about sex. She’d looked at magazines like these herself on occasion. Now she idly picked up the top magazine and looked at the girl on the cover. A pretty blonde with a nice smile. Inside the magazine she’d be showing everything she had. Did Ryan like blondes? Jennifer noticed a paper clip attached to one of the pages. She opened the magazine to where the paper clip was attached and she felt a sudden fluttering in her belly.

Below the paper clip was a full-page photo of a woman. Not a blonde, but a brunette. And a woman with a startling resemblance to Jennifer herself. The resemblance was uncanny. They could easily be sisters, or even twins, for that matter. The woman in the photo could pass as Jennifer’s twin.

And there the woman was, naked except for a garter belt and nylons, seated in an easy chair, one leg raised to plant her foot on the cushion, the other leg pulled to the side to show the camera the basics: cunt-bush and cunt and asshole and ass, everything out in the open to be looked at and admired.

Jennifer’s belly fluttered again as she realized the woman’s pussy might be hers, too. Their cunts were physically similar, the same abundance of dark hair, the same long gash between two thick lips. Jennifer had looked at her pussy often enough with a mirror to know what it looked like. The woman’s clit was clearly visible and Jennifer saw that even there the resemblance was maintained.

Maybe it’s me, she thought. Maybe she had two lives. No, the woman was someone else; but it didn’t matter. Jennifer understood the significance of the paper clip. She understood why Ryan had bothered to mark this particular page. Ryan was as aware as Jennifer was that the woman in the photo strongly resembled his mother.

She knew something about boys his age. With or without girls, they jerked off all the time. Jennifer imagined Ryan holding the magazine in one hand while he pumped his cock with, the other hand. She imagined him jerking off while he looked at a picture that showed everything she had.

She shook her mind free of it and put the magazine back in the box. She told herself she couldn’t blame him. He had a right to look at pictures of naked women, and if he found a picture of a woman that looked like his mother, she couldn’t blame him for looking at it and being turned on by it. She pushed the hangers that held his clothes, and then suddenly she saw something that made her heart stop.

It was a hole. A small hole in the closet wall, the wall that separated Ryan’s room from her own. She looked more closely at the hole. She could see what it was. She put her eye against the hole and she could see clearly into her own room. She could see her bed and almost all of the room, even the entrance to her bathroom.

Oh shit, Jennifer thought. She pulled back from the closet and sat down on the edge of Ryan’s bed. She supposed on the other side of the wall the hole was near some furniture and difficult to notice. A peephole. Ryan had been spying on her.

And not to learn military secrets. To see her naked and God knew what else. She did things in her bedroom. Sometimes she masturbated and sometimes she slept with a man in there. She liked some light in the room when she had sex. If Ryan had been watching her through that peephole for some time, he’d most certainly seen her with a man. Just a few days ago she’d brought Paul into her bedroom after a date and they’d fucked up a storm on the bed.

You poor little bunny, she thought. Your own son has been watching you all the time.

First she felt anger. She felt herself trembling with anger as she sat there on Ryan’s bed.

Then the anger gave way to dismay. How awful it was. It was so embarrassing. How could she face him again? How could she look at his eyes when now she knew what he’d seen?

Then she thought of the photo of the woman in the magazine, the woman who resembled her so remarkably. And she thought of the way Ryan had been looking at her these days. Days and months. Such a hot look. She couldn’t sit down without his eyes on her legs. She had to keep her robe tightly belted to avoid his eyes staring down her neckline. But through that peephole he’d seen everything. He’d seen her naked, he’d seen her fingers in her pussy when she masturbated, he’d seen Paul fucking her.

Ryan, I hate you.

No, she didn’t hate him, it turned her on. She sat there and trembled again when she analyzed what it did to her. It turned her on. After the anger and dismay, now she found the idea of it exciting. Ryan spying on her, watching her while she did things. She found it incredibly exciting.

Oh dear God, she thought.

She said nothing to Ryan. That same evening, the next time they were together, she mentioned nothing about what she’d seen in his room. She tried to act as ordinary as possible. She told herself it wouldn’t do any good to confront him. He hadn’t committed a crime, and anyway she had no idea how to handle it.

But she couldn’t get the peephole out of her mind. After they finished dinner together, she told him she was going up to have a bath. “I’ll just relax in the tub awhile. If anyone calls, tell them I’ll call them tomorrow.”

Upstairs, she drew the bath, undressed in the bathroom and climbed into the tub. She knew something was building in her and she wanted to sit quietly in the bathtub and think about it. Thank God he couldn’t see her in the bathroom. She expected he was already in the closet, his eye at the peephole as he waited for her to come out.

The excitement returned. What this whole thing meant was that there was something definitely sexual between them now. Her discovery of the peephole had made that clear. What was also clear was that she found his sexual interest in her exciting. The idea that Ryan had gone through so much trouble to look at her turned her on. Oh boy, did it turn her on.

She touched her pussy as she lay there in the tub. She closed her eyes and leaned back as she slowly rubbed her clit. She still had the excitement from earlier in the afternoon, and now everything came to a boil and she quickly had an orgasm. She moaned softly, stifling the sound because she was afraid he might hear her. She thought of how she often masturbated on the bed with the lights on.

She liked to do it sometimes when she was reading in bed. She always did it in the dark if she still felt tense when it was time to sleep. She tried to remember the last time she had done it on the bed with the lights on. A long time ago, actually. She hadn’t had time to read at night in a long time, and maybe Ryan had never seen it.

Maybe he’d never seen her masturbate. She hoped he hadn’t. She told herself that wasn’t anything a boy should see.

But he’d certainly seen her fucking Paul just a few nights ago. She can’t hide from that, she thought. He’d certainly seen her with Paul.

She imagined Ryan watching them. She tried to remember what she and Paul had done that night. Then she told herself what difference did it make, it was always the same. Sucking and fucking. She and Paul did what a man and woman did together in a bedroom. Only the woman usually didn’t have her teenaged son watching them.

And now she knew about, it and the idea of it filled her with excitement.

Would every woman be like that? Would they be as excited as she was? She didn’t think so. She told herself it was awful. You’re an awful mother, she thought. It was awful to be turned on by what Ryan had done. And by what he was doing right now. She knew he was inside that closet waiting for her. His eye at the peephole. She knew he was waiting for her to show herself naked and she also knew she would do just that. She would come out of the bathroom and show him everything he wanted to see. A shudder ran through her and then she shuddered again as she slipped three fingers inside her cunthole to fuck her pussy with her hand. I can’t help it, she thought. It’s not my fault and I can’t help it.

When she finally walked out of the bathroom, she’d regained her composure. Her body wrapped in a large towel, she sat down at her dressing table. She was calm now. The river had been crossed. If the boy hungered to see her that much, she would show herself to him. He was her own son, her own flesh and blood, and she would show him everything.

She knew he was watching her. A slight sound on the other side of the wall between their rooms confirmed it. Ryan was in the closet with his eye at the peephole.

She let the towel drop. She sat in front of the vanity mirror naked to the waist. She felt a rush in her belly as she looked at herself in the mirror. She wondered what Ryan thought of her body. Did he like her tits? Lifting a bottle of skin lotion, she squeezed some of it onto her palm and started creaming her tits with her hand.

The most amazing thing was the excitement she felt. The most thrilling thing was that it was Ryan who was looking at her. She played with her tits deliberately, held one up while she rubbed lotion into the nipple, then dropped it and lifted the other tit to do the same. She cupped both tits with her hands and lifted them from underneath as she watched herself in the mirror.

She knew he wasn’t a virgin. Ryan had seen and touched girls before. Maybe not women, but certainly girls. They joked together about it sometimes. His hot dates. He was popular with girls. He had his own car and he had all the girls he wanted.

She thought of him with one of those teenaged girls that were always after him. They came to the house sometimes. Last year had been a good year for Ryan on the football team. He was such a nice kid. The attention embarrassed him and the girls loved him for it.

Or more likely they loved him for what he had between his legs. Jennifer had noticed. She couldn’t help noticing what was there when he walked around the house in his jockey shorts with his cock and balls clearly outlined by the cotton. The package. He was hung. Sometimes she wanted to grab it, close her hand over that big bulge and squeeze. He had big nuts and a big thick cock and her pussy quivered as she thought about how everything would look when he was naked.

She was hot now. She could feel it in her tits. She pulled the towel free of her body and tossed it onto a nearby chair. Then she rose up and planted one foot on the bench in front of her dressing table. She squeezed more lotion out of the bottle and started creaming her legs. She was almost facing him directly and she knew he could see her cunt.

Her throbbing pussy. The inside was fluttering again. She was so hot now. She could feel the pounding of her heart. She felt his eyes on her. She creamed the insides of her thighs and briefly touched her cunt-lips. She wanted to open it for him, but she didn’t dare. Not yet. Maybe later she would do it, but now now.

She tried to picture him in the closet. Was he jerking off? Did he have his cock in his hand as he watched her? She bit her lower lip as she thought of him pumping that lovely big prick he had. She wanted to look at him. She knew where the peephole was and she wanted to look directly at it. But of course she didn’t, she was too afraid. Come on, she thought, don’t go crazy or he’ll guess that you know.

She adored big cocks. She liked looking at them and holding them and sucking them and fucking them. Any woman who preferred an ordinary cock to a big cock was crazy. She wondered how much Ryan actually had. She could tell he was big by the bulge in his shorts, but she could only guess at what his cock was like when it was hard. It seemed so ridiculous that her own son was almost a grown man with a big throbbing cock.

She still thought of herself as a young woman. Young she was, but she had a son, with all the equipment. Her mouth watered as she thought about what he had. He was circumcised. She hadn’t thought much about it when it was done all those years ago but now she was glad. The knob of a cock was usually fatter when the dick was circumcised. And the fat ones were a delight to suck. She loved sucking a fat juicy cock.

She liked the power she had over a man when she sucked him, but she also liked the feet of a cock in her mouth. Did Ryan get blown by his girlfriends? Yes, of course he did, the kids all sucked and fucked just as they had when she was Ryan’s age. All those cocks she had milked and sucked in high school. She’d had a dozen boyfriends and she guessed the last two years in high school she had swallowed a dozen gallons of jism.

She was through doing her legs and thighs now. She tried not to think about Ryan. She poured some lotion onto her fingers and she stood in front of the mirror and boldy caressed her pussy. Let him look. It turned her on. There was nothing more exciting than jerking off for a man and now she was doing it for her son. Let him see how hot she was. She moved her legs apart, slipped the tips of three fingers inside her cunt-hole and used her thumb to rub her clit.

She did it that way awhile, standing, watching herself in the mirror as she jerked off, and then she moved away from the dressing table and stretched out on the bed. Her cunt was aflame now and she had to finish it. She hoped Ryan would come with her. She was giving him a show that would drive most men crazy and she hoped it drove Ryan crazy also.

Her knees raised, her legs wide open, she covered her eyes with her arm and fingerfucked her cunt with her right hand. Fingers inside and her thumb on her clit, her hand rapidly jerking back and forth.

She wanted to fuck him. Yes, she did. Now finally she admitted to herself that she was dying to fuck Ryan. Now the idea was conscious and she could deal with it and accept it. She wanted to suck his cock and then have it in her cunt and fuck him.

My own son, she thought. Oh dear God, she was coming. The juice poured out of her cunt, her fingers making slurping noises as they fucked her pussy. She hoped he was coming, too. She hoped he was shooting off. She cried out as she thought of his jism spurting out of his big cock.

Then it was over and the desperation set in with a heavy thud in her stomach. She groaned, pulled the sheet over her body and turned her back to the peephole.


During the next few days, Jennifer thought about nothing except Ryan and what she had done. At odd moments she found it difficult to believe that she had actually revealed herself to him like that. When they spoke to each other in the morning or at dinner, the talk was ordinary and she could see nothing new in his eyes. Had he really watched her? She knew he had. That was the one certainty. Ryan had been at the peephole and he had watched everything.

She thought about fucking him now. She had fantasies, about Ryan and about other teenaged boys. What would it be like to fuck a boy that age? Was she brave enough? She told herself she had to be brave, she had to find out. Maybe if she found out, the obsession would go away and she’d have some peace.

But where would she find anyone like that? She staffed looking at boys Ryan’s age. She began considering possibilities. She knew that some women would rather fuck boys then men. There had to be a way to get to know a boy that age.

One day she was in a local supermarket after work and she saw the boy she wanted. He stood at the end of the checkout counter packing groceries for the people that came through. Jennifer flirted with him while the girl at the register rang up her groceries. Jennifer learned the boy’s name was Mario and she was pleased at the ease with which he flirted back. He was no dummy.

He was solidly built and his sexy eyes told her he’d had experience with women. When the packing was finished, she asked if he could take the stuff out to the car for her. He smiled and said that was his job, the muscles in his brawny arms flexing as he loaded the bags into a cart.

After that it was easy. When she had him out at the car, she flirted with him again, told him now strong he looked and complimented his physique. When he said he did lots of exercise, Jennifer smiled. “Do you swim?”

The boy nodded. “Sure I swim.”

“I like to swim in the afternoon at the Breakers Motel. Why don’t you came down there and join me?”

He looked her up and down and smiled quietly. “Okay, you’ve got a date. I’ll be out of here in an hour.”

So there it was. She had a rendezvous with a boy. She drove straight home from the supermarket, unloaded the groceries, then climbed back into the car and drove out to the motel. She rented a room, changed into her swimsuit and went out to enjoy the pool. Fifteen minutes later Mario arrived to join her and they stood waist deep in the water as they faced each other.

“I hope they don’t throw me out of here,” he said.

Jennifer laughed. “We’ll just tell, them you belong to me.”

“Okay, you tell them that.”

“And what now?”

He shrugged. “Whatever you want.”

“Do you really want to swim?”

“We can do whatever you want.”

“What I’d like is to go to the room. Maybe we can do that instead of swimming.”

She was turned on by his body. He looked adorable in those brief swim trunks. Big shoulders, a gorgeous chest, and that wonderful bulge in his crotch. She was dying to see him naked. He looked like he might be brown all over. This was nothing like Paul Simpson. This boy had an animal-like quality that made her quiver.

Once they were inside the room, the bantering was finished. She moved to him and kissed him, pressing her body against his. He was taller than she was and she could feel the hard bulge of his cock and balls against her belly. When he put his hands on her ass, she looked up at him. “I bet you get propositioned all the time at that supermarket.”

“I like to fuck.”

“I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“I like to fuck mothers.”

She moved against him, then pulled back a bit to drop her hand down to his crotch. She closed her fingers around the outline of his cock. His prick was hard and it felt huge. “And this is what you do it with.”

“That’s right.”

“Let me see it. Get your trunks off.”

He peeled his trunks off and in a moment he was standing there naked in front of her. He was beautifully hung, his dark thick cock pointing up at her, rising from a pair of balls the size of large plums. She ran her hand over his nuts, felt their weight with her fingers.

“Show me your tits,” he said.

She stroked his cock and smiled. “Take the top off.”

He pulled at the knot that held her top in place and then it was off and her tits were free. He filled his hands with her tits, lifting them as he pinched her nipples.

She was dying to get his cock-knob in her mouth. She pulled him toward the bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed and fondled his cock and balls while he stood in front of her then she closed her mouth over his cock-head, squeezed his nuts with her hand and started sucking.

He was no novice. He knew what to do with a woman. He started fucking her mouth, sliding his cock in and out, pushing his knob at her throat each time he went in. She played with his balls, twisting the sac, puffing at his big nuts as he fucked her face. He groaned and fondled her head. “I’m going off!”

She held his cock in her mouth and nodded.

She kept her hand closed around his balls as he shot off, and she quivered as she felt his nuts jumping against her fingers. The jism came out copious and thick, shooting over her tongue in a series of hot jets as he pumped against her face. “Oh yeah, suck it, baby! Suck the juice out of me!”

She did just that. She sucked it all out, rolled it around her mouth and swallowed it down. When he was finished, she was hotter than ever, and now she wanted some attention from him. “Pull my suit off and eat me.”

He went to work on her, peeling the bottom part of her swimsuit off and then diving down to suck her pussy. She groaned and raised her legs high in the air. She craned her neck to look at his dark head between her thighs. A boy named Mario. She knew nothing about him. She had the taste of his jism in her mouth and now the feel of his tongue in her pussy. He knew how to suck. She shuddered with delight as his tongue whipped her clit. Now me, she thought. She was so hot and ready for it. When the orgasm arrived, she waved her legs in the air and pulled his face hard against her wet cunt.

After that he wanted to fuck. He was hard again. He was like a strong young animal now, mounting her, driving his cock into the depths of her cunt and then fucking like a bull. She loved it. She held his ass and bounced with him on the bed. When she pulled his head down and kissed him, he grunted against her mouth as he rammed her. A dozen more strokes and they were both coming, her cunt clutching at his thick cock as he shot off inside her.

Later she lay in his arms and kissed his nipples. “Can you go again?”

He snickered at her. “What do you think?”

“I think you’re going to wipe me out!”

For nearly a week, Jennifer’s mind was in a tangle of uncertainties. She knew she had to do something about Ryan, but she had no idea what it was. Then one day they were in the living room together after dinner and she started questioning him about his girlfriends. She knew some of them, and the names of the girls she hadn’t met were familiar to her. But this time she questioned Ryan more closely about sex. “You mustn’t get a girl pregnant. That’s the most important thing to know.”

“Oh Mom!”

“Well, it’s true.”

“I’m always careful. Anyway, all the girls are on the pill.”

“You can’t always depend on them. You’ve got to take precautions. Either that or don’t do anything risky.” She looked at him and smiled. “Sometimes what’s not risky is more fun.”

He blushed. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“You’re blushing.”

“And you’re teasing me.”

His eyes were on her tits. She was wearing a silk blouse over a light-weight bra and she knew he could clearly see the shape of her tits.

She thought of Mario. She hadn’t been near a man since that lovely time with Mario at the motel. Paul was out of town on business and she had no idea when he’d be back. And anyway her interest in Paul wasn’t that great any more. Not after Mario. Not since that night she’d shown herself to Ryan. She thought of the peephole again. She was always thinking of the peephole and Ryan watching her.

You want to fuck him, she thought. Yes, she did. It was silly to deny what was already in her mind. She wanted to fuck Ryan more than anything else in the world.

She went to the kitchen to make some coffee and discovered the can was empty. She called out to Ryan to come in and bring a can from one of the upper shelves where the coffee was stored. He stood beside her as he reached up to get the coffee, and when she glanced at the front of his pants, she saw that he had a huge hard-on.

He had on thin pants and the size of his cock was clearly visible. She made a sound of wonderment in her throat. “Oh.”

When he brought the coffee can down, he glanced at her and he saw what she was looking at. He groaned and turned his back to her.

Jennifer chuckled. “Don’t be silly, you shouldn’t be embarrassed by that.”

“It’s because of what we were talking about before.”

“It doesn’t matter why. The point is I don’t mind. Come on, be brave and turn around.”

He muttered something and turned to face her again. She looked down and smiled at the way his hard cock tented the front of his pants. “You’re not wearing underwear.”

“Sometimes I don’t. Anyway, how can you tell?”

“It wouldn’t stand up like that if you were wearing underwear. Not as big as that. That’s one big tool.”

“You’re teasing me again.”

“All right, I won’t tease.” Then she suddenly blurted: “Let me see it.”


“I said let me see it. I saw plenty of it when you were a baby, didn’t I?”

“That was different.”

“Let me see it.”

He finally clenched his teeth and did what she wanted. He unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. She was amazed at how simple it was to suddenly have his cock naked under her eyes. All she had to do was ask and his cock was there.

Oh boy was it there! He was huge. She’d only guessed at the size of him before. Now she had his cock sticking out of his pants and she could see how big he really was. She raised her eyes to his face and smiled. “Well, it’s not so small any more, is it?”

“I feel funny doing this.”

She looked down at his cock again. His knob was swollen, dark-red in color and as big as any she’d seen. “It’s beautiful.”

She could tell how turned on he was, how thrilled he was that she was looking at it. And so was she. He had such a magnificent cock. She couldn’t see all of it because the base of his cock-shaft and his balls were still inside his pants. But what she saw was enough to make her quiver at the size of his prick. Thick, thick, thick! She did love them thick, and here was her son’s cock, so thick and lovely it made her pussy cry.

She touched him, first her fingertips on his cock-shaft and then her thumb running over the velvety surface of his cock-head. He made a noise in his throat, his head bent, his eyes on her hand as she explored him.

“It’s a beautiful cock,” she said. “I know you think it’s crazy that we’re doing this, but there’s really nothing wrong with it. If you want me to stop, we’ll stop.”

“I don’t want you to stop!”

She chuckled softly. “I can tell you didn’t. God, you’re so hard! Come on, get your pants down so I can see everything!”

She held his prick as he unbuckled his belt, and then she helped him get his pants down to his ankles.

No underwear. Just that hard cock above a pair of massive balls and his lovely muscular ass. He was the most gorgeous male specimen she had ever seen. Her own son.

She curled her fingers under his balls. “How big is it?”

“I guess eight inches.”

“I think it’s more than that. We’ll measure it sometime.”


She laughed. “You’re not feeling so funny any more, are you? You like this, don’t you?”

“Don’t tease me!”

She held his balls in one hand and slowly jacked his cock-shaft with the other. When a gob of juice oozed out of his piss-hole, she rubbed it over his knob with her thumb. “What do you do when you get like this? I mean when you’re alone.”

He shuddered. “You know what I do.”

“All right, I’ll do it for you. I’ll make you come!”

“Christ, Mom.”

She laughed and moved to his side, leaning forward slightly as she started jerking him off. Now she had one hand on his cock and the other hand fondling his ass.

“On the floor,” she said. “It’ll he easier to clean up if it goes on the floor.”

It didn’t take long. They both watched his cock as he started coming. His jism foamed out at first, white and thick as it dribbled on her hand, and then gobs of it spurting, his spunk flying out, each wad arcing in the air before it landed on the kitchen floor.

His cock burned in her hand as she continued pumping it. She loved the thickness of it beneath her fingers, the throbbing feel of his cock-meat.


“I can come again.”

A thrill ran through Jennifer and she laughed. “Are you sure?”

His voice was strained. “Keep doing it, I can come again!”

She started over again, amazed at how his cock was still hard and pulsing in her hand. She could hardly get her fingers around the thickness of his cock-shaft. She changed her grip at intervals. It was always more difficult to bring off a circumcised cock. What a delight it was to grip his cock and pump it and feel him throbbing in her hand.

He groaned. Yes, he would come again. She was amazed that he could make it twice like that, but maybe they could do it at his age. He was young and healthy and he had such big nuts. She wanted to watch him shoot again. She was always excited by a shooting cock. She kept her hand on his ass, thrilling at the feel of his muscles flexing again and again.

“You’re almost there.”

He groaned. “Yeah!”

“Come on, baby, shoot it! Let’s get it all out!”

She pushed her middle finger between his asscheeks and touched his asshole. As if a button had been pressed, he cried out and started coming again.

This time there was no foam, nothing more than three spurts of jism that came out without much force and fell at his feet. But it was more than any man she knew could do and she loved it.

She milked his cock, squeezing his cock-shaft and then his cock-head, squeezing the last gob of jism out of his piss-hole.

“Was it nice?”

“What do you think?”

“I think it was very nice. For me too. I liked doing it.”

“Look at the mess on the floor.”

“I wonder who’s going to clean it up.” He made a face as he shuffled to the sink to get a sponge. “That means…”

She sat down and watched him wipe the floor. She was so hot now. He had his back to her and she gazed with rapture at his hard little ass and the way his balls hung down between his asscheeks. He was so beautiful, it made her heart pound.

When he was finished cleaning his jism off the floor, she told him to leave her alone. “I’ve got to think,” she said. “I don’t know what we’ve started here and I’ve got to think about it.”

They avoided each other for three days. They both knew nothing would be the same any more. Their lives had taken a sudden turn into the unknown.

Sometimes Jennifer was frightened when she taught about it. What would happen now? Was it possible Ryan would come to hate her? Then the fright would pass and she would recapture the excitement. She told herself there was nothing wrong in what she had done. He was old enough. They’d always had a close relationship and now it was even closer.

Finally one evening they were talking again. After dinner they sat in the living room and discussed what had happened. Ryan seemed nervous, but he listened to her as she talked.

She told him there was nothing wrong in what they had done together. There was nothing wrong about masturbation and nothing wrong about a mother and son doing things together.

“Too many people in this country are afraid of sex,” she said. “Don’t you think so?”

“I guess you’re right.”

“You don’t think jerking off is wrong, do you?”

“Hell no!”

She teased him. “I bet you do it a lot. All boys do. And girls, too.”

He squirmed on the sofa. “I do it sometimes.”

“And so do I. I love doing it! Does that bother you?”

He locked at her. “It just feels funny talking about it like this.”

“Well, it shouldn’t. You do it and I do it and everyone does it and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t talk about it. Maybe we ought to do it together and then you won’t be so uptight about it!”

He rolled his eyes. “Do you mean that?”

“Yes, I mean it. We can do it now, if you want. Go upstairs and undress and come back down here in your robe. I’ll come down in about ten minutes and we’ll do it together.”

He walked away in a daze, and soon after he left she went upstairs to her own room. She puttered around in her bedroom until she heard him go downstairs again. She stripped her clothes off and put on a robe. Well, now you’ve done it, she thought. Now they were starting something again and this time it would be more involved. She quivered with excitement as she thought about what she intended doing with him. She was certain now that sooner or later they would fuck. But not now. Not tonight. Tonight it would be something else.

He was already in the living room when she went downstairs again. He was wearing a blue terrycloth robe, the one she’d bought him for his last birthday. He sat on the sofa sipping a Coke and looking at her with uncertainty in his eyes.

Jennifer smiled at him. “Don’t be so nervous.”

He shifted his body on the sofa. “I can’t help it.”

She went to the bar, mixed herself a drink and then returned to sit down in an easy chair opposite him. She crossed her legs, sipped her drink and gazed at him. “What are you thinking about?”

“You can guess.”

“Tell me!”

“I’m thinking about you and what we’re going to do.”

“I’d like to talk to you about something. You’re going to be upset at first, but after you calm down it’ll be all right.”

She told him that she knew about the peephole, that she knew he’d been spying on her. His expression went blank and then his face turned pale. She told him she didn’t mind about the peephole and the spying. She said that in the beginning she’d been angry, but then after a while she decided she didn’t mind. She said after a while the idea of it turned her on. “You’ve got to understand that I don’t mind it any more.”

His breathing was heavy. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I wouldn’t say if I wasn’t sure. Okay?”

He nodded. “Okay.”

She smiled. “Did you watch me and Paul?”

“Just once!”

“The last time he was here.”

“That’s right.”

He explained how he’d made the peephole only six weeks ago. She quivered as she thought of him watching Paul fuck her on the bed that night. “And what else?”

“What else?”

“What else did you watch? Did you watch me the other night when I jerked off?”


Jennifer drank some more. She felt like getting drunk. “So now we don’t have to hide from each other, do we?” She pulled her robe away from her legs and opened her thighs. “Can you see?”

His voice had a crack in it. “Yeah!”

“Tell me what you see.”

“I see your pussy.”

“Now it’s your turn to show me something.” He opened his robe to expose his cock and balls. His cock rose almost to his belly button and looked enormous. She hadn’t see it from this angle before and she thought it looked bigger than ever.

She teased him about bow hard his cock was. She moved her thighs even farther apart to show him more of her cunt. She was almost feverish now. On the outside she maintained her composure, but inside she was seething with excitement.

She told herself what a delight it would be to have him fuck her, to feel that hard prick sliding in and out of her fuckhole. “What did you think when you saw me and Paul together?”

Ryan made a sound in his throat. “It turned me on.”

“Would you like to fuck me?”

“You know I would.”

“Maybe we’ll do that, but not today. I’ve got to think about that. Let’s just watch each other get off today. Okay?”

He nodded. Sure, okay, she thought with amusement. She could see the heat in his eyes. He was in heaven. She was sitting there with her legs wide open and her cunt almost under his nose. His mother’s cunt. He’d watched Paul fuck her cunt. He’d watched her jerk off. She ought to grab his face and shove it at her pussy just to get even.

She dropped a hand down to her pussy and touched herself. Just lightly at first, her fingertips trailing over her cunt-lips. Ryan’s eyes never left her hand. His cock twitched as he watched her.

She discovered something about herself. She enjoyed teasing him. She enjoyed turning him on. She enjoyed showing him her cunt.

Slowly, using only the fingers of one hand, the other hand resting on her thigh, she pried her cunt-lips open to show him the inside of her pussy.

He gazed at it. He seemed mesmerized by her cunt. She wondered if he’d ever gone down on a girl.

“I love your cock,” she said. “Put your hand around it. Don’t be afraid to hold it. We’re supposed to do this together, remember?”

He took hold of his cock, curled his fingers around his cock-shaft down at the base. A good four inches of cock still showed above his fist. He was so big. She remembered the feel of it the other day when she had jerked him off.

She started masturbating now, slowly at first, her fingers dancing along her clit and up and down between her clit and cunt-hole. She urged him to do the same, quivering with pleasure as he began slowly stroking his cock with his fist. “No rush. There’s no reason to rush it. Have you ever done this with a girl?”

He shook his head and she smiled. Of course he hadn’t. He always had the girls jerk him off. She remembered all the cocks she’d brought off when she was in high school.

He was into it now. His cock was big and swollen, and as he pumped it with his hand, she could see the clear juice dribbling out of his piss-hole, a drop of it hanging there and catching the light of the lamp. She had an urge to go to him and lick it off. Instead she slipped two fingers inside her cunt-hole and used the other hand to pull the hood of her cunt back. With the knob of her clit exposed, she used the thumb of the hand in her cunt to massage the shaft. “Can you see my clit?”

“Mom, let me eat you!”

She smiled at him. “No, not now. Let’s just do this now. Does my pussy turn you on?”

“I like all the hair.”

“Don’t come yet. Slow down and make sure you don’t come yet.”

He groaned and did what she wanted. He stopped pumping a moment, his fist squeezing his cock-shaft. His cock-head was swollen into an enormous red mushroom.

Finally she couldn’t stand it any more. She left her chair and went to him, kneeling at his feet, her fingers curling under his big balls to hold them. Ryan hissed and started pumping his prick again, but she pushed his hand away and took hold of his cock herself.

She thought of how many times she had done this, two hands on a man, one hand holding his balls while the other hand held his cock. Now the man was her own son, and hung like a horse. His balls were so huge. His cock-knob looked so delicious she couldn’t resist it any more. Leaning forward, she started licking the tip of his prick to get the juice streaming out of his piss-hole.

Ryan’s mind was in a whirl. This was his mother down there. He watched her tongue as it lapped over his cock-knob. Her pink tongue. She still had the robe on and he couldn’t see much of her body now. He remembered what her cunt looked like, the inside, the way she had showed it to him. The color inside her pussy was the same pink as the pink of her tongue. He thought how remarkable that was.

Then he told himself he was an idiot, it wasn’t the first pussy he’d seen. They were all pink, more or less. A blonde girl was more pink than a brunette, but they were all basically pink. But of course this was his mother and when she had opened her cunt like that, the pink had been startling, the pink and the hole at the bottom of her gash. The hole from which he’d come. Eighteen years ago he’d squeezed his head out of that hole and started yelling at the world.

She capped his prick now, her lips sliding over his cock-head. He found himself strangely calm, watching her with a degree of detachment, watching her mouth as she began blowing him. When his girlfriends did it, they were always looking up at him to see if they were doing it right, or giggling in the middle of it, or stopping to complain that he was too big to suck and to ask why he didn’t just fuck them instead.

His mother did none of these things. She kept her mouth filled with his cock and feasted on it. She never let go of his balls. She gripped his ball-bag, twisting it and puffing it gently as she sucked her mouth up and down the top half of his prick. Saliva drooled out of her mouth, poured over his cock-shaft and over his balls and onto the hand that held his balls.

She was fucking him with her mouth, losing herself in the fucking, in the movement of her lips up and down his cock-shaft. For the first time he realized that she loved it as much as he did, maybe even more, and that a woman could love sucking enough to get a frenzied pleasure out of it. No girl had ever sucked his cock with such abandon.

Then she started something else totally new to him. She began taking more and more of his cock-shaft in her mouth, plunging down each time to conquer another fraction of an inch, another inch and another, until at last more of his cock disappeared in her mouth than he thought possible. And then he felt a constriction around his cock-head and he knew he was in her throat. She held him there a moment, choking on him, clutching his cock-knob with her throat muscles, until finally she pulled back with a slurping sound to the tip of his prick, sucked at the tip and then plunged down to repeat the whole thing all over again.

It couldn’t last. The way she fucked his cock with her mouth, he couldn’t hold back even if he wanted to. Now a gun held to his head couldn’t stop him from coming. He warned her. He told her he was on his way. She continued mouth-fucking him, pumping his prick with her lips, her hand twisting his balls, her mouth moving up and down, and then he grunted as he started shooting and the jism poured out of him and into her face.

He watched it. He watched her face, her mouth. At the end she used her fingers to jack his cock, pumping up and down, milking his prick. He watched her swallow his jism. He saw the shudder run through her body and he realized she’d had an orgasm. With a groan of bliss, he grabbed her head and gave her the final spurt of his prick.

“You don’t have a good reason,” he said. They were in the kitchen. Jennifer was standing near the refrigerator and Ryan was behind her, pressed against her, his arms around her waist and his hands on her tits. She had just arrived from the office. He wanted to fuck her and she had turned him down. They hadn’t done it yet and he was dying for it. Now she revealed her uncertainty. “I don’t know if we should.”

“But why not?”

“I just don’t know.”

He pressed more firmly against her, his cock pushing at her ass, his hands squeezing her tits. She still had her clothes on, but the way he held her she might as well have been naked. His cock stabbed at the crack of her ass through her thin summer dress. “Come on, Mom!”

“The other day you weren’t so sure of yourself.”

“Well, now I am.” He was more obsessed with her than ever now. Ryan’s cock twitched as he felt the springiness of her tits in his hands. He wanted her naked. He wanted to kiss and fondle her body. He wanted her mouth on his cock again. Above all, he wanted to fuck her.

Jennifer turned in his arms and faced him. “We’ve got to be careful. I don’t want you telling anyone about what we’re doing.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

“All right, let’s go upstairs.”

She knew they would do it sooner or later. They both wanted it and she thought about it as much as he did. Yesterday had been lovely, but she had to fuck him. And of course Ryan was so eager for it, how could she deny it to him?

In the bedroom she moved into his arms and kissed him. She could feel his cock pushing at her belly. She took his hands in her own and brought them up to her tits. “Undress.”

His fingers worked at the buttons that ran down the front other dress to her waist. She was amused at how hasty he was. She wouldn’t help him. She stood there without moving and watched as he peeled her dress away. At the end she leaned on his shoulder, stepped out of the dress, took it from him and carried it to the closet to hang it up.

Now she wore nothing but a sheer bra and sheer pantyhose and high-heeled sandals. Ryan couldn’t keep his hands off her. He came behind her and grabbed her tits as she adjusted the dress on the hanger. “You’re beautiful, Mom!”

“Do you love me?”

“You know I do!”

She laughed softly. “You’re just hot for my body. Anyway, move back. You’ve got to get the rest of my clothes off.”

First her shoes. She made him get down on his knees to unbuckle her sandals. He slipped her shoes off one after the other. He kissed her feet and then her nylon-clad calves. Then, he raised his face and kissed the nylon that covered her belly and cunt-bush. She brought his hands to the top of her pantyhose and told him to get them down.

“Carefully,” she said. “Don’t make any runs.”

He peeled her pantyhose down her thighs and off her legs and feet. She laughed and ruffled his hair when he started kissing her cunt-bush again. “Come on, stay away from there! You don’t have all my clothes off?”

He rose up. He went behind her to unhook her bra, then he came around to face her and peel it away from her tits. They both looked down as her tits were exposed. Ryan made a gruff sound and cupped his hands over her tits.

“You like them, don’t you?” Jennifer said.

“I like everything.”

“Tell me!”

“I like your tits and your ass and your cunt!” She laughed and stroked his face.

“Now it’s your turn. You’ve got something between your legs I want to see. A lady likes to look, too. Come on, you can get your clothes off yourself.”

She stood back, one hand idly fondling her tits as she watched him undress. He quickly stripped his clothes off. When he was naked, she went to him and closed her hand around his hard cock. “This gun looks loaded.”

“I’ve been walking about with a hard-on all day!”

She fondled his cock and then his balls, bouncing his ball-bag with her fingers. His nuts looked so swollen. He was like a young stallion, a stallion’s cock and a stallion’s balls and a stallion’s impatience. She wanted the edge off him. If he fucked her now, he wouldn’t last long enough to do her any good. She made him get on the bed and stretch out on his back. She climbed between his legs, knelt there and crouched over him and took his cock in her mouth.

He groaned as she started sucking his cockhead. She used just her mouth at first, both hands playing with his big balls. Then she moved one hand to his cock-shaft, curled her fingers around it and staffed pumping his prick while she sucked his knob.

He made a noise, and she pulled her mouth away and looked up at his face. “Don’t hold back! I want you to come in my mouth. After that you can fuck me.”

Then her lips were on his knob again, her fist pumping his thick prick. She could feel the juice leaking out of his piss-hole. She sucked at it, working her lips over his cock-head, pulling at the spongy plum with her mouth and even her teeth. Ryan groaned, turned his head to the side and suddenly started shooting his jism in her mouth. She kept her lips at the tip of his cock as she jerked him off.

His spunk came out thick and ropey and a delicious thrill went through her as she swallowed everything. She stopped milking him before he was finished. She pulled back to watch the last of his load ooze out of his pisshole.

“That’s better,” she said. “Just stay there while I get a towel.”

She was amazed at how much control she had. She wasn’t like that with her lovers, at least not with most of them. With Ryan it was different. He was young and inexperienced and she was the one who controlled what they did. She was discovering how much she liked it that way. He had such a marvelous body and a gorgeous cock, but what she liked most of all was that he did what she wanted.

When she came back with the towel, she wiped the jism off his belly and thighs and leaned over to kiss his mouth. “Still want to fuck?”

“You promised!”

“Make yourself hard again, I want to watch you do it. You can use some lotion, if you want.”

She brought the bottle of lotion and they both chuckled as she squeezed out some of it onto his cock. She knew he had a bottle of lotion in his room and she told him she knew he used it when he jerked off.

“Same brand,” she teased.

He started playing with his cock. She sat beside him and watched it. She found it exciting mostly because his cock was so big it was thrilling to see it grow into another erection.

When his prick was up there again, she pushed his hand away. She tickled his balls and then the underside of his cock-shaft until his prick twitched and throbbed as it became even stiffer. She found it awesome. A cock was always a wondrous thing, but this one was so big and thick it was a thrill to look at it.

She climbed over him, straddled his body and mounted him. Crouching over his belly, she used her hand to get the knob, of his cock in her cunt-hole. Ryan groaned first, and then she groaned also as her cunt came down to swallow his swollen cock.

She rode his cock, pulling her cunt out to his knob and then pushing down again to take his thick prick deep inside her body. The stretching of her cunt-mouth by his cock-shaft was heavenly. Each time she had all of his cock in her cunt, she could feel his knob pushing at her insides.

Ryan grabbed her tits as she leaned over him. At last they were fucking. It was even better than he’d imagined, better than anything he’d ever had with a girl. Her cunt was so hot and wet around his cock. And she had no trouble taking his big prick. No complaints. He could see how much she liked it. He loved her so much. He would do anything for her. Anything she wanted. All he cared about now was to keep fucking her forever.

Jennifer reached behind her ass to grab his balls. She held his nuts as she continued rocking up and down on his cock. With a big prick like this she was free to move around without losing him. She churned her pussy on his huge cock, her fingers leaving his balls to run over his cock-shaft and the stretching of her cuntmouth by its thickness.

Big is big, she thought. It seemed so strange that the biggest cock she’d ever had would belong to her own son. It was such bliss to have him inside her. She giggled to herself as she realized she was probably completely ruined now for any other man. How could she be satisfied with an ordinary prick after having this one stuff her pussy?

She looked down at his face and smiled. “Well, you got what you wanted, didn’t you? Are you happy?”

“Crazy happy. It’s fantastic.”

“We’ll finish the other way. I want you on top of me when we finish.” Ryan groaned as she pulled her cunt off his cock. She rolled over on her back, raised her knees and opened her thighs. “Come on, get on top of me and stick it in again!”

She opened her cunt with her fingers as he hurried to get between her legs. Lifting her feet, she draped her legs over his shoulders and told him to get his prick in her cunt.

He looked down as he fisted his cock-shaft. She watched his cock-knob go in, and then the next moment he grunted and pushed forward to feed his cock to her pussy.

“Oh Christ,” he said.


“Perfect, Mom! It’s perfect!”

“Fuck me, honey! Just let yourself go and fuck me the way you want!”

His hips pumped and churned as he began pile-driving his cock in and out of her cunt. He kept his weight supported by his hands and the lower part of his body, bouncing up and down as he fucked her upturned crotch. She loved it like this, hard fucking, the man bucking like a wild animal as he speared her again and again.

She grabbed his ass, clutched his ass-cheeks with her hands, pushing and pulling him, urging him to fuck harder, as hard as he could. He was grunting now, his breathing ragged, his head bent, gazed down at where his cock entered her pussy. Each time he slammed foward she could feel his balls up against her cunt. She loved it. This was the kind of fucking she loved, hard and fast and furious.

She had no interest in adult men any more, not when she could have a young fucking machine like Ryan. He made Paul seem like a worn-out old man. Ryan had a bigger cock and more energy and he would always be available.

“Christ, I’m going to come, Mom!”

“Go on baby shoot it into me! Shoot it into my pussy!”

Ryan groaned again as he looked down at her. She looked so beautiful. Fucking her was heaven. He felt so right with her, as if this was the cunt his cock belonged in, this hairy meaty cunt that gripped and sucked on his prick as he plunged it in and out. He could feel the uproar in his balls, his jism seething, pressing to get out, and then suddenly the crisis came and he started shooting.

He never stopped pumping. He blasted wad after wad of jism inside her cunt, his cock and balls slamming against her crotch, his hips pumping with a steady rhythm as he emptied his nuts.

Jennifer came also, the force of his fucking pushing her over the top, her mouth wide open as a long moan came out of her throat.


And so the affair began. Mother and son. Jennifer had had affairs before, but nothing like this. Not only was he young enough to give her all the sex she needed, but there was the added thrill of breaking a taboo.

She was in a state of constant excitement, thinking about him all the time, all day long. Outwardly she remained calm and in control of things, but inside, the furnace was lit and flaming hot. She delighted in being with him and she delighted in thinking about him when they were separated.

As the days passed, they became more and more accustomed to things, more and more comfortable with their great secret, their new relationship. But the sexual firestorm never let up. In the evening Jennifer would return home from the office and Ryan would be waiting for her. They would play before dinner.

He liked to do things for her. He would help her undress, get her bath ready, make her a drink when she wanted it. He was extremely affectionate, fondling and kissing her whenever he had the chance. She loved the attention. She hadn’t lived with a man since her divorce from his father, and now she was enjoying it again.

When they were together in the house in the evening or on weekends, they usually remained naked. Jennifer liked the new sense of freedom she had. She’d always enjoyed being naked in her room and now she had the run of the house and she loved it. She so enjoyed looking at Ryan’s body, his muscles, his ass, the swinging cock-meat between his legs, that lovely thick cock dangling over his pendulous balls.

And of course he couldn’t get enough of looking at her body, and that turned her on too. The looking and the touching. He was always at her, especially her tits. He was still a little shy about her cunt and never did much with her ass except squeeze her ass-cheeks sometimes when he kissed her or fucked her. She was amused because he had so much to learn. And I’m the one to teach him everything, she thought.

One evening they showered together and far the first time she slipped a finger all the way inside his asshole. She had touched the outside before, but she’d never gone all the way in. She’d been washing his cock and balls, one hand under his balls to get at his asshole, and now with her finger in his ass his cock slowly started to rise.

“Well, look at that,” she teased. “I guess you like it. That feels good, doesn’t it? Why don’t you do it to me, too?”

And so for the first time he slipped his finger inside her asshole. They laughed together under the shower, their bodies pressed together as they fingered each other’s asshole. Jennifer had thought about taking him in her ass, but she wasn’t sure he was ready for that yet. Or maybe it was she who wasn’t ready. He had such a huge cock, she was a little afraid of taking it in her backdoor. She did like to get fucked in the ass once in a while. If the men knew how to do it, having her shitter reamed out could be delicious. Some day she’d have to find out whether Ryan’s cock was too big to take in her ass.

After the shower, they toweled each other dry, and then she sat on the toilet seat and sucked his cock. She liked to do it at least once a day. He was always eager for it when they hadn’t been together since the previous evening.

She liked sucking him off first to calm him down a little. The fucking was always better afterward. He had such a rich supply of jism, and as the days passed she found herself getting addicted to it.

Now as she sucked his cock, she once again snaked her fingers into his ass-crack and found his asshole. He groaned as she slipped her middle finger inside his shitter. She had never done it like this, reamed his shit-hole while she sucked his cock. She massaged the walls of his shit-tube as she mouth-fucked his prick.

Before long he was making noises in his throat and telling her he’d be coming soon. She pulled the load out of his balls, her finger rubbing his prostate, her mouth sucking on his fat cock-knob as he spurted so hard the jism came out almost like piss. A shudder of pleasure went through her as she swallowed his gluey spunk. Then she wiped her mouth and smiled up at him. “You can’t say you didn’t like that.”

“You’re the best, Mom? I love you more than anything in the world?”

“And I love you too, honey.”

She chuckled as she tapped his drooping prick with a finger. His cock was like a faucet. All she had to do was press the right button and the jism poured out. In an hour his cock would be up again in her; she’d be unable to bend it down. Then she’d have his lovely prick ramming away at her cunt to put her in heaven.

When Paul Simpson returned to town, Jennifer put him off. She told him she wasn’t feeling well. Then a few days later he called again and this time she deliberately picked a fight with him to get him off her back. She had no interest in Paul anymore; Ryan was all she needed.

But still, there were so many things she and Ryan hadn’t yet done together. Nearly two whole weeks passed before he ever went down on her. He had talked about doing it in the beginning, but somehow they never got around to it. Then one evening they were lying on the bed, fondling and kissing each other, and once again he said he wanted to do it.

This time Jennifer didn’t put him off.

“I’m not refusing,” she said with a smile. “But if you do it, stay down there long enough to make it good for me.”

He knelt between her legs and she pulled her knees back to her tits to expose her pussy. She could seethe heat in his eyes as he gazed down at her cunt. “Nice?”

“Open it!” he said.

She pulled her cunt-lips apart with her fingers to show him her clit and cunt-hole. Of course, it was the hole that fascinated him, not her clit. She thought how crazy it was that women were made that way. She told herself the clit ought to be in the hole, not sticking out in left field like it was.

He leaned his face close to her pussy and teased her cunt-lips with his forefinger. He was becoming more aggressive these days, more confident of himself. He tickled the mouth of her cunt-hole and then his wet forefinger moved down to tickle her asshole.

“I thought you wanted to eat me,” she said. Ryan snickered at her. “I will, I will! You said you liked my finger in your ass!”

His forefinger slipped inside her shitter turned and twisted as she groaned with pleasure.

“Suck my pussy!”

“Can I fuck your ass sometime?”

She groaned again. “I don’t know. Maybe. But right now suck my pussy!”

He kept his finger in her ass as he went down on her. She hadn’t expected much, but now she realized how good a lover be was. He knew how to lick a cunt. And that finger in her ass drove her wild. Before long he added his middle finger to his forefinger and she went wild with the pleasure of it. “Suck it, baby, suck my pussy!”

“Am I doing it right?”

“Move closer to my clit. Yes, that’s right! Just there! Keep licking it up and down like that!”

She continued telling him what she wanted. She held his head, pushed his face around to get his tongue first in one spot and then another. And all the while his two fingers churned inside her asshole. It occurred to her she hadn’t been sucked out so well in a long time. What a lovely surprise. How wonderful it was that he was just as good at sucking as he was at fucking.

She came quickly, puffing his face against her cunt and then closing her thighs around his ears. He never removed his fingers from her asshole. He kept chewing on her clit and frigging her asshole as the spasms rippled through her belly.

Later on he wanted to suck her cunt again, but she told him they ought to try it at the same time: “You can get on top of me and we’ll do it together.”

He was eager as he climbed over her and straddled her body. She usually liked sixty-nine better when she was on top, but she had something special in mind and it would be easier this way.

In a moment he had his mouth on her cunt and his cock and balls hanging over her face. She sucked his cock-knob awhile, relishing the spongy feel of it in her mouth and the salty taste. She was careful to keep her fist around his cockshaft so he wouldn’t choke her. Then she left his cock and moved to his balls. With his nuts hanging down like they were, it was easy to suck them one after the other inside her mouth. She worked on his balls until they were wet and swollen in her mouth, and then she pulled his ass down and moved her lips to his asshole.

He groaned against her cunt as he felt her tongue tickling his bung. He had such a sweet little asshole. She’d been thinking about doing this since the beginning. She hardly ever did it to the men she knew, but somehow with Ryan it was different. She sucked and licked his asshole just on the outside first, and then she slipped her tongue inside and worked it around.

It was obvious he liked her tongue in his ass. His cock became very hard and finally she moved her mouth back to his cock-head and she began pumping his prick with her fingers. He sucked harder at her clit and before long they were both coming, Jennifer first, spasming against his face, and then Ryan, shooting his jism into her open mouth while she milked his prick with her hand.

“Oh Christ, I love it,” Ryan said as he rolled away.

Jennifer savored his jism and wondered what would happen to them.

On the wide screen a man and a woman had their lips fused in a kiss. Then they broke the kiss and the actress on the screen said something silly. Jennifer chuckled as she leaned her head back on the car seat.

“This is boring,” she said to Ryan.

They were at a drive-in movie. The picture was stupid, all right, but it was still good to get out of the house together.

“We don’t need to stay,” Ryan said.

“We’ll give it mother ten minutes.” She slipped her hand into his lap and felt the bulge of his cock. He had a raging hard-on. “Mmmmm, you’ve got something else on your mind. This can’t be from the movie.”

She unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. She played with it, tickling his cock-head and then the underside and then finally closing her fist around it and slowly pumping it. Ryan begged her to blow him, but she put him off. She said she was afraid people might see it. “We can’t take a chance.”

“Hell, Mom, the kids around us are all doing it!”

“I’m still afraid.” She brought his balls out, carefully hanging them over his open zipper. “Do you come here with your girlfriends?”

“Not any more, don’t. Now I’ve got you.”

“Now I’m your best girl.”

“That’s right!”

He leaned toward her and kissed her. He started fondling her tits, squeezing each globe and pinching her nipples. Then his hand dropped between her legs. His fingers crawled beneath her skirt and along the insides of her thighs to find the bulge of her cunt-mound through her panties. She moaned against his mouth. She loved necking like this in a car, in the dark with hundreds of people around them in other, cars.

Sire spread her legs apart to give his hand room. She groaned as he dropped his face down to her belly, his head pushing against her thighs. Then his hand was at the hem of her skirt, pulling it back to expose her thighs and belly. He wanted to get his face between her legs. She yielded. Now she thought no more about the people around them. She was too hot. She turned and leaned back against the door on her side. She opened her thighs wide as Ryan pushed his face between her legs to get his mouth on her panty-covered crotch.

He nuzzled her, pressing his face against her cunt-mound. He chewed her cunt through the nylon of her panties. She knew her pussy was sopping. Ryan didn’t seem to care. He nibbled and chewed as if to suck her cunt-juice through the nylon. Then he pulled the panties aside to get at her bare pussy-gash. She hissed as she squirmed under his mouth. “Suck it, honey! Stick your tongue in there!”

Now she wished they were at home. They needed more room to do this right. She ought to have agreed to leave the drive-in when he suggested it.

She finally pushed him away. She put him off again when he wanted her to take his cock in her mouth and blow him. “Wait until we get home! I promise I’ll suck you off when we get home!”

A few minutes later they had their clothes adjusted and Ryan started the car and drove out of the lot and onto the highway. “I’d like to suck your cunt for a year!”

Jennifer quivered. “I wouldn’t mind that.” She reached into his lap and grabbed his cock through his pants. She held it like that, rubbing and squeezing his prick all the way home.

They were both in a frenzy when they were finally inside the house. She kept her promise about blowing him. She immediately brought his cock out and went down on her knees to give him head. She licked his big prick up and down his cock-shaft and around his cock-head. She wagged her tongue at his piss-hole, making a game out of licking up the juice oozing out of his slit.

“Open your mouth,” Ryan said. He pumped his cock at her face until she took his cock-knob inside her mouth. He looked down at her, watching the way she sucked his prick. He loved watching her when she sucked him off. She looked so beautiful with her mouth stretched wide and her red lips sliding back and forth along his cock-shaft. She was always so hungry for his cock. He could feel her tongue buzzing over his knob and along the underside of his cock-shaft.

He could feel the pressure building. He warned her he was about to come and she quickly pulled back until she had only his cock-knob in her mouth, her lips curled over the rim. She used her hand on his cock-shaft, pumping his prick with long firm strokes of her fist. He grunted as he suddenly started shooting his load, the jism pouring out of him, spurting over her tongue and sliding down her throat as she quickly swallowed each wad.

When he was finished, Jennifer rose up and licked her lips. She smiled at him. “You had a lot.”

“You always say that.”

“Well, it’s true. You always have a lot and I love it!”


“You don’t know, silly. You don’t know anything about women.”

“But I’m getting there!”

“Yes, I guess you are.”

They moved into each other’s arms and kissed. His cock was still hanging out of his fly, half-hard, still thick and swollen. She took hold of it as she kissed him. She loved holding his prick in her hand.

Ryan broke the kiss and moved his face down to her tits. He nuzzled her tits, playing with her, biting her nipples through her blouse and bra. Jennifer giggled, dropped his cock and opened her blouse. The bra had the hook in front. She unhooked the bra and pulled it aside to expose her tits. “Here, suck!”

He gobbled her tits, sucking her nipples one after the other, nibbling and chewing on them while she held her tits in her hands.

“I want to fuck you!” he said.

She made him let go of her tits and they walked upstairs together. She was amazed at how good the lovemaking was. They were still so intense with each other, still in a frenzy when they had sex together. Maybe it was the incest, the taboo, the idea that they were doing something forbidden.

They started undressing in her bedroom. Ryan still used his own room for sleeping, but they always fucked in her bed. She stripped away her blouse and bra and skirt. Ryan whistled when he saw her red lace garter belt.

Jennifer smiled. “Like it?”

“You bet!”

“Would you like me to keep the stockings on?”

“Oh yeah!”

Jennifer giggled. “I’m too old to be a centerfold girl.”

“You’re not too old for me!”

She teased him by turning her back to him as she pulled her panties down. She knew how luscious her ass looked framed by the red garter belt and the garter straps and the tops of her nylons. Ryan immediately came behind her to kiss her neck and fondle her ass-cheeks with his hands.

She pressed back against him. “Are you going to give me a good fuck?”

“You drive me crazy Mom!”

“It’s the garter belt and stockings that drive you crazy. You like underwear, don’t you, honey?”

“I like it when it’s yours!”

She could feel his cock poking against her ass. That huge fat prick. She could feel the itching in her pussy, the hunger to have his thick cock stretching her cunt.

They went to the bed. Ryan climbed on, but instead of doing the same, Jennifer raised one leg and planted her foot on the edge of the mattress. “Suck me first, lover!”

He twisted around to get his head and shoulders between her legs.

Supporting himself on his elbows, he turned his face up to press his mouth against her cunt. She made a sound of pleasure as his tongue pushed between her cuntlips and inside her cunt-hole. He was hanging off the bed his mouth against her twat, his nose against her asshole. She chuckled softly as she closed her thighs around his face. Eat the custard, she thought. What a lovely stud he was, that hard young body and gorgeous cock waiting for her. She watched his prick twitching on his belly as he ate her pussy.

Finally she got on the bed, flat on her back with her knees raised and her fingers opening her cunt to his eyes. Ryan crouched between her legs and gazed at her pussy as she fingered herself. She pulled the hood of her cunt back, held it back with one finger while she rubbed the shaft of her clit with another finger.

It seemed so strange that no one had ever been as intimate with her cunt as her own son. They were so free with each other. When she told him to frig his prick while she played with her pussy, he smiled and roes to his knees and began pumping his cock with his fist.

After that he fucked her. He came between her legs and slid his big cock inside her cunthole. Her cunt was drenched with juice and she took him easily.

She was used to the size of him now. She couldn’t imagine having a smaller cock in there. She was certain a smaller prick would feel like a finger to her now. She had eight inches of solid prick in her cunt and she wanted nothing less.

She pulled her knees back, draped her nylon-covered legs over his shoulders and turned her crotch up to get the full thrusting when he fucked her. “Come on, baby, fuck it in there, give it to me hard! You like doing it, don’t you? Tell me you like it!”

“I love it, Mom!”

“It’s good, isn’t it? Oh, these lovely balls!” She grabbed his nuts, pulled at them as he pounded her cunt. A dozen more strokes and he shot off, grunting as he flooded her fuckhole with his jism.

She left him on the bed soon after that. She went downstairs, made herself a drink and found a can of beer for Ryan in the refrigerator. She carried the beer and the drink upstairs. She felt like such a sexpot wearing nothing but a garter belt and nylons in the house.

Ryan kissed her when she handed him the beer. She sipped her drink and then put it down on the night-table. After climbing onto the bed, she nuzzled his balls and started licking his prick. “Let’s sec what we can do with this!”

She had plans for him tonight. She’d been thinking about taking his cock up her ass. She was still a little uncertain about it. He was so big. But she wanted it. She thought maybe she ought to try it. If he was careful, she could certainly take a few inches and maybe more than that. She quivered as she thought about it. She liked getting fucked in the ass. If it was done right, it could be heavenly.

She worked on his cock now, sucking his cock-knob, holding his balls with one hand and jacking his prick with the other. She could taste her cunt-juice on his cock, a mix of cunt-juice and jism warmed over in her mouth. She found his asshole with a fingertip and rubbed it on the outside. Then she sucked on the finger to get saliva on it and slipped it inside his ass. He groaned as the finger went in. She sucked the fat knob of his cock as her finger moved slowly in and out of his tight asshole.

When his cock was hard, she pulled away from him and positioned herself on her knees with her head down. “How about doing it from behind? Would you like that?”

“I sure would,” Ryan said. He stared at her ass, his heart pounding. They’d never done it this way. He did it to one girl he knew all the time, but this was his mother. He moved around behind her and gazed at her ass and cunt. She was so hairy down there and her cunt was so fat. He marveled at the way her pussy pushed out between the tops of her thighs.

And above that was her asshole, the brown puckered hole, dark brown and mysterious, winking at him now as he looked at it. He was dying to fuck her in the ass. That would be the ultimate fuck. Fucking his own mother in the ass.

He put his hands on her ass. She had such a gorgeous ass, and with the garter belt and nylons on, it was more exciting than ever. He touched her cunt, stroked and pinched her fat cunt-lips and then pushed his fingers between the lips to find her clit. Her clit was hard and big and he knew that meant she was hot for him. She had a hot clit and a hot cunt-hole. He touched her cunt-hole, ran his finger around the outside and then pushed the finger inside to stretch it a little.

She groaned and wiggled her ass as he stroked his finger in and out of her cunt. He liked it when she groaned, when she showed how hot she was. He pulled the finger out now and spread her open with both hands, puffing her cunt-lips apart to expose her cunt-hole and the trench leading down to her stiff clit.

Jennifer shuddered. “What are you doing?”

“I’m looking at your cunt.”

“Come on, fuck me, honey! Don’t tease me any more!”

Ryan chuckled as he brought his cock-knob to her cunt and pushed it in. He loved fucking her this way. He could watch it go in, watch the spreading of her cunt-mouth as his prick worked inside her fuckhole, her flesh pushed apart, his cock-head and then his cock-shaft sliding inside her fuckhole.

He palmed her ass-cheeks. He decided this was the most exciting way to fuck her, to have her kneeling with her ass in the air. Her luscious white ass. Her cunt speared by his cock and above the hairy bulge of her pussy, the winking brown eye of her asshole.

He loved her in the garter belt and nylons. She did look like something out of a centerfold. She was just like that, a hot-looking bitch with great legs and a fantastic ass and cunt so hot and tight it seemed to suck on his cock when he fucked her.

He touched her asshole. He did it sometimes when he fucked her the other way, but it was never like this. Now he could see it and he could see what he was doing. He rubbed her asshole with the ball of his thumb, around and around the puckered ring. He kept his cock moving in and out, slowly fucking her cunt as he toyed with her shitter. He was thrilled to touch her like this, to have such intimacy with her body. He pushed just the tip of his thumb inside her asshole and worked the digit with a circular motion.

Finally he pulled his cock out of her cunt. He wanted to suck her. He wanted to eat her pussy from behind. It was something he hadn’t ever done and he yearned to do it now.

Jennifer was puzzled to find herself with an empty cunt, but then she felt Ryan’s face against her ass and a thrill went through her. She moved her legs, wider apart and settled her shoulders more comfortably. Men were men. They liked to get their faces back there, the older ones especially. She was lucky that Ryan seemed to have a liking for it at such a young age. She wiggled her ass to encourage him. “Go on, honey, don’t be bashful? I’m going to love whatever you do!”

She quivered with amused pleasure as she felt him sniffing at her pussy. Go on, smell it, she thought, smell my cunt. He could smell her ass too, if he wanted. He could smell it and lick it and suck it. She made a muffled sound as she felt his tongue between her cunt-lips. Then she felt his tongue dragging up to the crack of her ass, running around her asshole, fluttering over her bung and then returning to the wet trench of her cunt.

He repeated the maneuver again and again, his tongue probing her cunt, moving up to lick her asshole, and then dropping down to probe her cunt again. And with each swipe of his tongue he left more saliva in the crack of her ass and the gash of her pussy. Before long she was so hot the cunt-juice flowed out in a steady stream to add to the spit-bath.

Finally she told him to stop. She said she wanted to suck him also. She made him get on his back and she straddled him facing his feet. She went down on his cock at the same time as she lowered her ass to his face.

They had done this before, sucked each other off one on top of the other, sometimes Ryan on top and sometimes, like now, Jennifer on top of Ryan. She licked and sucked his cock and balls while he speared his tongue in and out of her cunt and whipped it over her clit.

Then she decided she wanted something different. A new spice to be added to the meal. She pulled his knees toward her to make his ass more available. When his tight little asshole came into view, she moved down on it to give it a tongue-bath. She licked the puckered ring, licking and tickling with just light touches of the tip of her tongue.

Ryan went crazy when he felt her tongue tickling his asshole. He pulled at her hips to get her ass down more firmly on his face. He found her asshole with his lips and boldly nibbled at the rim. Then he stiffened his tongue and Jennifer groaned against his ass as his tongue pushed inside her shit-hole.

She did the same to him. For the first time in her life she stuck her tongue up a man’s ass. Her own son’s ass. Ryan’s lovely little asshole. She had to stretch her neck to do it because of the position she was in. And all the time she could feel his tongue in her shitter, the wet feel of it, his tongue slithering in and out of her ass like a snake. She pulled back, lifted the front of her body to sit more firmly on his face. Yes, this was the way she liked it. Sitting on his face with his tongue up her ass. She started grinding the meat of her cunt on his chin, rocking her ass as he tongue-fucked her asshole.

I love it, she thought. It was like having a slave. Now whenever she was in the mood, she would get him to get under her ass like this. She could tell he adored it. She could tell he loved eating her ass and tongue-fucking her asshole. He was as good as any man she’d ever had. No, he was better. He was definitely the best. Oh, most definitely.

“Would you like to fuck my ass, honey?” His tongue stopped moving. She heard what sounded like a groan as she raised her ass off his face.

“Do you mean it?” he said.

Jennifer chuckled. “Yes, I mean it! There’s a jar of Vaseline in the bathroom. Why don’t you get it and bring it back here?”

And so the affair moved into something else. Anal sex. He hurried to the bathroom and hurried back with the Vaseline. She let him grease her asshole first. They both giggled as he worked the Vaseline inside her shitter and spread it around. Then she did his cock. She teased him by doing it slowly. She carefully spread the Vaseline over the length of his cock and then over his swollen cock-knob.

His balls were hard, like a pair of hard plums drawn up tight under his cock. A thrill went through her as she stroked his huge prick with her fingertips. “You’ve got to go slowly at first. Otherwise you’ll hurt me and I won’t let you do it again. With a big cock like this, it’s got to be done very slowly.”

He promised her held be careful. He said he would do it any way she wanted. He was so hot and excited at the idea of fucking her ass, he could hardly control himself.

Finally she was on her knees again, head and shoulders down on the mattress, her knees wide apart and her ass curving up to present the puckered greased hole between her ass-cheeks.

Ryan’s heart pounded with excitement. He clenched his teeth as he brought his cock-head to the dark ring of her asshole. It looked impossible. How could he possibly get that huge knob in that tiny hole? He was afraid he’d rip her apart. Or at least hurt her bad enough so that she’d never want to do it again.

But the urge to fuck her ass was too strong to resist. His cockhead touched her asshole. He pressed. He pushed.

“Easy, honey!”

“I’m doing it slowly, Mom!”

“Just take it easy! Just a little bit at a time!” He pushed again. The tip of his prick against her asshole. Inside just a fraction of an inch. Her asshole slowly opened as he continued pushing. More of his cock-head pressed in, then half the knob, three-quarters, then the rim of his cock-head suddenly popped inside her asshole and a deep groan came out of her throat.

He stopped moving.

She made him hold it there, just his cock-head inside her shitter. He wanted to cry out, to shout. He had his cock in her ass. He was fucking her ass. Just his knob in there, but he was fucking her ass.

Then she said it was all right to move again and he gave her another inch. Once more he stopped and rested. Now she had almost three inches of his cock in her ass. He gazed down at his prick, mesmerized by the sight of his cockshaft sticking out of her ass. Her asshole was stretched into a dark round mouth sucking on his prick.

Then finally she told him to move again. Slowly. Slowly. This time she didn’t stop him. She let him go all the way. Down to the hilt. All of his cock up her ass, until his balls pressed against her cunt-lips and his cock-shaft was no longer visible.

“Hold it there, darling! God, you’re so big!” He was so huge. But the initial pain hadn’t been as bad as she’d feared. Maybe it was because she was so hot for it. She could feel her asshole relaxing all the way now. There was hardly any discomfort now, just the pressure of it, the glorious feeling of having her asshole stretched wide and her shit-tube stuffed with his hot prick.

“Now, honey! Go on, fuck me! Do it slowly, but keep moving!”

She was in heaven. She would train him. Before long he’d be fucking her ass like an expert lover. She’d have his wonderful cock fucking her ass any time she wanted it. Fucking her ass, stretching her asshole, packing her shit. She giggled to herself at the crudeness of her thoughts. Well, that’s what it was. His cock was in there so big and hard, she could feel it in her throat.

He started making noises, snorting and grunting, his cock continually sliding in and out of her wide-open ass. She didn’t expect him to last. Not the first time. She quickly found her clit and began rubbing it to get off before he did.

Then he was coming, the jism spurting out of his cock like hot lava, jetting in her shit-tube, his balls slapping against her cunt as he made thrusting movements in her ass. She brought herself off at the same time, her cunt spasming, her asshole contracting around his cock, squeezing his cock, sucking on it even as he continued dumping his load.

They slept together that night, and the next morning he was at her again. He wanted to fuck her ass all over again. She was still a little sore, but she was just as hot for it as he was. This time she showed him how to do it the other way. She lay on her back, pulled her knees all the way up to her tits and showed him he could get his cock in her ass by getting on top of her. He was amazed because he hadn’t known it could be done this way. He had so much to learn.

Then the telephone rang. He still had his cock in her ass. She picked the phone up and brought it to her ear.

Of all people, it was Ashley Tyler. Her friend Ashley Tyler was in town from Denver. Could Jennifer possibly put her up awhile? Jennifer said she’d be delighted. She hadn’t seen Ashley in such a long time. Five years?

“You sound like you’re doing exercise or something,” Ashley said.

Jennifer chuckled, her hips squirming a bit as Ryan continued fucking her ass. “Well, I suppose it’s something like that…”

Ashley Tyler was a lanky blonde with short hair and a firm athletic body. She and Jennifer had been roommates at college and they had continued their friendship over the years. Jennifer was always a little in awe of Ashley. The blonde was so competent, so wise in the ways of the world.

“I’m bushed,” Ashley said. Her luggage had been brought in from the taxi and now she sat in the living room sipping Coke out of a can. She wore shorts and a thin cotton tee-shirt that showed the points of her small tits. She was restless, always moving her body, crossing and uncrossing her long legs. She smiled as she told Jennifer how good she looked.

“And you too,” Ashley said to Ryan. “The last time I was here, you were a baby. I think you were twelve. Well, you’re not twelve any more, are you?”

They brought Ashley’s things into the spare bedroom.

“You’re a doll for putting me up,” Ashley said to Jennifer. Ashley began unpacking, and within a few minutes her clothes were hanging on every available support in her room. The bedroom had an adjoining bathroom that would be used only by Ashley, and before long the bathroom was also cluttered with Ashley’s things.

As she always had, Jennifer marveled at Ashley. The blonde dominated everything around her. She lived in a state of high excitement, all day long and every day in the week.

“I’m going to Europe soon,” Ashley said. “I’ve got to get away again, got to get far away.”

Jennifer had no idea what it was that Ashley had to get away from. The blonde talked breathlessly, her body constantly moving as she distributed her things around her new living quarters.

Jennifer was happy to have Ashley in the house. There was nothing as comforting as a good friend. They’d always had such tremendous rapport. And more than just on one level. The friendship had turned physical more than once. First in college in the room they shared, and then later on occasions when they saw each other. Jennifer had the memories, hot memories of Ashley making love to her. The memories were nice, oh so nice. Ashley had been the only woman to ever get that close to Jennifer. And now the memories were back.

Ashley was amused at how much Ryan had grown. They had a light lunch, all three of them, sandwiches and beer. Ashley’s eyes kept returning to Ryan. Amused eyes. Ryan seemed to enjoy the attention. He didn’t say much. He seemed as awed by Ashley as Jennifer was Jennifer wondered if Ryan liked Ashley, really liked her. She hoped he did. Then she thought, yes, he does like her. Ashley was so stunning. How could he not like her? Ashley smiled at Jennifer. “Well, you’ve got a man in the house now.”

Jennifer, of course, was on edge about what had been going on between her and Ryan. Suppose Ashley found out? Jennifer was terrified that Ashley would discover her secret, her affair with her own son. She resolved not to go near Ryan as long as Ashley was visiting them.

But apart from the problem with Ryan, it was so marvelous to have Ashley with her. Jennifer had never had many close friends, and those she had, she cherished. She loved Ashley’s energy. The blonde’s excitement about life was contagious.

The first moment that Jennifer had alone with Ryan, she told him they would have to cool it while Ashley was their guest.

“We can’t take a chance,” Jennifer said. Ryan understood. They kissed each other. She felt his cock pressing against her belly and she suddenly wanted him. She was tempted to suck him off, just a quick blowjob, just a few minutes with that wonderful cock in her mouth. But she controlled herself. It was really too dangerous and she let the moment pass.

Ryan did seem to like Ashley. After a few days, Jennifer was convinced of it. She suspected Ryan was even getting a crush on Ashley. Jennifer saw the way the boy looked at the blonde. Ashley was usually in shorts and a tee-shirt, but she always managed to look seductive. During the day, Ashley wasn’t in the house much. Jennifer had her job and Ashley had a number of acquaintances in town that kept her busy.

Jennifer wondered what Ryan actually thought about Ashley. Did the blonde, turn him on? Did he jerk off sometimes thinking about Ashley? Once again, Jennifer was tempted to do something with him, to fuck him, but she held herself back. She couldn’t risk it. No matter how much she needed it, she couldn’t risk it.

She thought about Ashley all day long in the office. The times they’d had together. The times in bed. Ashley was always the aggressor. Jennifer was aggressive and always dominant with other people, but with Ashley she was somehow always something else. Maybe that was why she adored Ashley. The blonde knew how to get to her and not many people did.

Jennifer had vivid memories of the last time. It was five years ago but it seemed like last week. Ashley was so strikingly beautiful in the nude. Those darling little tits. Her small girlish ass. She had blonde hair on her pussy, but only a narrow patch that hardly hid her slit. And the way she made love. Jennifer quivered as she remembered Ashley’s mouth. She remembered coming like crazy under Ashley’s hungry mouth. She wouldn’t mind it again. Ashley was exquisite and Jennifer told herself she wouldn’t mind having her blonde friend make love to her again.

One evening when Ashley had been in the house about a week, the two women had a long talk. Ryan was out with his friends and not expected home until past midnight. This was the first time Ashley and Jennifer had the entire evening to themselves.

Ashley talked about herself as they drank white wine. As usual, she was as frank as anyone could be about the details of her life. Jennifer sipped the wine and adored Ashley more than ever. Her eyes kept returning again and again to the shape of Ashley’s tits revealed by her tee-shirt. Ashley never wore a bra and there was always something to look at.

Then Ashley started talking about her sex life. Before long she revealed to Jennifer that she now considered herself a confirmed bisexual. She made it with both men and women, according to her mood. She said she was turned on so easily, there always seemed to be someone pulling her into bed. These days women more than men.

“I guess I’ve come out,” Ashley said. In the past she’d hidden her occasional involvements with women. Now she accepted women lovers as an important part of her emotional life.

Jennifer listened and she began to be troubled. She did not think of herself as a lesbian. Ashley turned her on, but that didn’t mean she was like Ashley. Men were still more exciting for her.

But Ashley was something else. Completely delicious. Jennifer had an urge to uncover Ashley’s little tits and chomp on her nipples. If she had any real interest in women, it was only because Ashley was so beautiful. Jennifer wanted to see Ashley’s nipples again. But she held herself back. With Ashley she was always so passive.

Ashley left the living room a moment to get another bottle of wine out of the refrigerator. When the blonde returned, she had the wine, all right, but she had also removed her tee-shirt.

Ashley was now stripped to the waist, wearing only her shorts, her pink-nippled tits bobbing as she walked. “You don’t mind, do you? I’m more comfortable like this.”

Jennifer’s wish had been granted. Ashley’s tits were bare and Jennifer was more excited than ever. “I don’t mind.”

“I don’t have much to look at, anyway.”

“You know I like them.”

Ashley smiled. “Yes, I remember that.”

They continued drinking and talking. They finished the second bottle of wine and Jennifer was feeling it. Now she gazed openly at Ashley’s tits. She knew Ashley had done it deliberately, uncovered her tits to exclite her. And of course it worked. Ashley always knew exactly what she was doing.

They talked about their college days, and then about the times they had seen each other after that. Jennifer couldn’t keep her eyes off Ashley’s tits and Ashley was completely aware of it. “My tits are bothering you.”

“No, they’re not!”

“You’re more beautiful now than five years ago. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw you.”

Jennifer sipped her wine and avoided Ashley’s eyes. “Tell me about the women.”

Ashley chuckled softly. “You really want to know?”


So Ashley began talking about the women she had known during the past five years. Jennifer had been curious, but now that Ashley was talking she hardly paid any attention. She was too distracted as she watched Ashley idly fingering her nipples while she talked.

Ashley finally understood and she stopped talking about her affairs. “What time is he coming home?”

“After midnight.”

“I always think of you when we’re apart.” They were drawn together, slowly moving toward each other until their lips touched. They kissed. A gentle kiss, their lips warm and relaxed. Jennifer felt it was so perfect. Then Ashley kissed her again and this time the kiss was more substantial, more exciting. Ashley’s fingers moved over the front of Jennifer’s tank top, lightly stroking her tits.

“You’ve still got everything on and I’m half-naked.”

“I guess so.”

“You’re afraid of me, aren’t you? Darling, I don’t want you to be afraid of me.”

And Ashley kissed her again, her hands moving over Jennifer’s tits, her fingers more insistent in their caresses.

“How about a back rub?” Ashley said. “We had that once and you liked it.”

Jennifer quivered. “All right.”

Jennifer thought Ashley would tell her to get her tank top and bra off, but Ashley was too smart for that. Ashley knew how to tease, how to draw things out until she had you trembling. The blonde did nothing about the back rub. She kissed Jennifer again, her hands molding Jennifer’s tits more firmly than before. Jennifer found the excitement almost too much to bear.

She could feel her nipples stiff under Ashley’s teasing fingers.

Then Ashley pulled at Jennifer’s hands and brought them to her bare little tits. “Touch me! You like my tits so much, why don’t you touch them?”

Jennifer groaned against Ashley’s mouth as she cupped Ashley’s tits and fingered her nipples. Ashley’s tits were small but her nipples weren’t small at all. Jennifer shuddered, aware of the wetness in her pussy, her lips working against Ashley’s mouth, her mouth open to Ashley’s tongue.

Then Ashley pulled back, leaned back against the sofa as Jennifer continued fondling her tits. “I like your hands.”

Jennifer tickled Ashley’s stiff nipples. “You always know how to get me off.”

Jennifer remembered that last night five years before, their farewell night. It was a night of intense lovemaking, twelve year old Ryan sleeping peacefully in his room while the two women drove themselves crazy on Jennifer’s bed. Ashley had been like a dream, endlessly sucking at Jennifer’s cunt as Jennifer came again and again.

Jennifer had lost count of how many orgasms she’d had that night. She remembered writhing on the bed in Ashley’s arms, Ashley sucking her off and then the two of them sucking each other at the same time. With Ashley it was something special. No one had ever sucked her like that. No one had ever turned her on so much using her mouth. She wanted it again. She wanted Ashley’s mouth on her cunt, Ashley’s tongue inside, fucking her cunt and stroking her clit.

Ashley finally pulled at Jennifer’s tank top to get it off.

“I need to look at you.” The top came off, and then Jennifer’s bra. Her full tits spilled free as Ashley pulled the bra away. Ashley smiled at the fullness of Jennifer’s tits. “You’ve gained some weight.”

“Not very much.”

“Enough to make them bigger. Yes, I like it! I like them like this!” She laughed softly, lightly pinching Jennifer’s nipples but not touching them otherwise. Ashley teased Jennifer by not touching her. The blonde sipped her wine and gazed at Jennifer’s tits. “Tell me you want me to fuck you!”

“Oh Ashley!”

“Go on, tell me!”

“I want you to fuck me!”


“With your tongue and your fingers.”

Ashley pushed at one of Jennifer’s stiff nipples with a fingertip. “You’re hot.”

“Why don’t you get another bottle of wine? Get some more wine so I can watch those gorgeous tits bounce around.”

Jennifer brought the wine. Ashley’s eyes made her self-conscious. “I don’t think I can drink any more,” Jennifer said.

Ashley nodded. “Never mind the wine. Come over here, and kiss me some more.”

They were in each other’s arms again on the sofa, fondling each other’s tits as their tongues tangled. Jennifer loved the smoothness of Ashley’s skin. So different than a man’s skin. Tonight she wanted a woman’s skin to touch.

Ashley pulled back, teased Jennifer’s nipples, lifted her tits in her hands and looked down at them with admiring eyes. Jennifer loved being adored. She fondled Ashley’s tits again, gently turning her nipples.

“What about that back rub you promised me?” Jennifer said.

Ashley chuckled and made Jennifer lie on her belly on the sofa. Soon Jennifer felt Ashley’s hands on her shoulders, rubbing, massaging, working at her muscles. Jennifer closed her eyes and quivered with excitement. She loved the feel of Ashley’s feminine hands on her body. It was different than being touched by a man. Different but just as exciting.

They started talking again. Ashley questioned Jennifer about her love life, and Jennifer told Ashley about Paul Simpson.

“We don’t see that much of each other any more,” Jennifer said. “Maybe it’s over.”

Ashley continued rubbing Jennifer’s back. The blonde’s hands gradually moved lower and lower. Finally Ashley made Jennifer raise her hips so Ashley could get her pants unzipped. Jennifer’s shorts came down to her ankles and then her panties quickly followed. Then Jennifer quivered as she felt Ashley’s hands stroking her ass, kneading her ass-cheeks. I love it, Jennifer thought. I love it so much. She wondered if she ought to be frightened about how much she loved it.

Ashley finished undressing Jennifer. The shorts and panties were pulled off Jennifer’s feet and tossed away. Jennifer was naked now, stretched out on the sofa on her belly. Ashley leaned over her and kissed her neck. Jennifer shivered at the feel of Ashley’s warm lips. She could feel Ashley’s tits pressing against her back. She wondered what Ryan would say if he ever found them together like this. She wondered what he knew about women making love, to women. I’m not a lesbian, Jennifer thought. She liked cock too much to be a lesbian. And so did Ashley. Ashley said she liked men almost as much as she liked women.

Ashley’s hands were now on Jennifer’s ass again. The blonde massaged Jennifer’s asscheeks, squeezing and rolling the globes, chuckling at the way Jennifer reacted. “You love it, angel! You love having your ass mauled!”

Jennifer moaned. Yes, she did love it. She loved Ashley’s hands on her body. She giggled as Ashley’s fingers tickled her ass-crack. Then the fingers moved down to her pussy, tickling her cunt-lips from the rear. Jennifer thought that was so sexy, to be touched like that by Ashley from the rear.

“You’re teasing me,” Jennifer said. She gasped suddenly as Ashley touched her asshole. Ashley laughed, tickled the rim of Jennifer’s asshole a moment and then leaned over to kiss each ass-cheek. “I’m crazy about your ass! Now turn over and let’s do the other side!”

Jennifer turned over. Ashley’s face moved down to hers and they kissed again. Then Ashley pulled away to kiss Jennifer’s tits. The kissing quickly became sucking. The blonde sucked at the swollen tips of Jennifer’s tits. Jennifer moaned as she felt Ashley’s teeth on her nipples. The blonde kept her mouth on Jennifer’s tits as she slid her hand between Jennifer’s thighs. Jennifer opened her legs and the next moment Ashley’s fingers were stroking her cunt.

“You’re dripping,” Ashley said with a chuckle. “You’re dripping like a faucet!”

Ashley finally went down on her. She kissed Jennifer’s belly, tickled her navel with, her tongue, and then moved down to Jennifer’s cunt-bush. Jennifer raised her knees and opened her thighs. She was dying for it now. She wanted Ashley’s mouth on her cunt. But again Ashley teased her. The blonde sniffed at her pussy first, rubbing her nose up and down over Jennifer’s cunt-lips without using her tongue. Jennifer groaned in protest until Ashley finally started using her tongue.

The licking was like magic to Jennifer. She kept her legs wide open, her neck craned as she looked down at Ashley’s blond head. A shudder ran through her each time Ashley’s tongue tickled her clit. Then Ashley’s tongue was inside Jennifer’s pussy, the blonde’s tongue pushing between her cunt-lips to get at her cunthole. Jennifer kept looking down to watch it.

Ashley looked so hungry as she sucked her cunt. Jennifer was always excited when the person giving her head looked hungry. Ashley had such a marvelous tongue. The hot tongue of a woman who liked women. Jennifer pulled her knees all the way back, completely exposing her cunt to Ashley’s hungry mouth. The blonde now had her face buried in Jennifer’s cunt, her face continually moving, her mouth rubbing and sucking at Jennifer’s cunt-flesh.

Then Ashley pulled her face away a moment and smiled up at Jennifer. “You’re so hairy.”

Jennifer blushed. “Does it turn you off?”

“Don’t be silly. I love it!” And once again Ashley’s face was lost in Jennifer’s cunt.

The blonde sucked and nibbled Jennifer’s clit. Jennifer was moaning constantly now, her breath coming in gasps. She could feel how wet she was down there. She could feel the wetness on the insides of her thighs. Her cunt was gushing, the juice pouring out on Ashley’s face. Jennifer trembled with a crazy excitement as she thought of her cunt-juice on Ashley’s face.

She was on the way now. The climax was building, her cunt rolling toward an orgasm as Ashley continued sucking her. She rocked her knees, her thighs pressing against Ashley’s shoulders. She reached down with both hands to grab Ashley’s head.

“Make me come!” Jennifer cried. “Please make me come!”

Ashley’s tongue and lips worked steadily in Jennifer’s cunt. Jennifer pumped her crotch at Ashley’s face, moaning as she started climbing. “Oh God yes! Oh yes!”

Then finally she went over, the orgasm bursting in her cunt, spasm after spasm ripping through her pussy as Ashley hunched down to suck her clit directly. Jennifer fucked her gushing cunt at Ashley’s face, her brain whirling as she heard Ashley slurping at her fountain. She heaved her ass one final time before she collapsed limply into the sofa.

Ashley sat up. The blonde wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “I always did like the way you taste.”

Jennifer groaned and opened her eyes. “Take your clothes off?”

“Anything in mind?”

“What do you think?”

Ashley smiled as she rose up. “I’m soaked. Are you sure you want to?”

Jennifer slid a hand down between her thighs to touch her own cunt. Her pussy was swollen and wet, her clit still hard. She wanted to make love to Ashley. Making love to another woman was like making love to yourself. She remembered how good it had been last time. And her clit was still so hard! Ashley was atm wearing her shorts. She stood there watching Jennifer play with her pussy and Jennifer blushed. “Am I really so hairy?”

Ashley nodded. “You bet you are, and I love hairy pussies!”

Then the blonde unzipped her shorts, pushed her shorts and panties down her thighs and legs and off her feet. When she straightened up again, Jennifer gasped. Ashley had shaved her pussy. Her cunt-mound was completely bald.

Ashley laughed at Jennifer’s surprise. “There was hardly any hair there, anyway.”

“I like it.”

“Stand up and kiss me.”

Jennifer rose from the sofa and in a moment they were naked against each other, belly against belly and tit against tit. They each reached around to fondle the other’s asscheeks.

“I’m crazy about you,” Ashley said. Jennifer moaned and kissed her lips.

They folded their arms around each other. Then Jennifer moved her face down to Ashley’s little tits. Her pink-nippled girlish tits. Jennifer sucked one pink nipple between her lips, working her mouth on the delicious little fruit.

She loved to suck. She loved doing things with her mouth when she made love. She sucked Ashley’s tits while Ashley stroked her head and neck. Jennifer’s excitement was intense. She gently bit Ashley’s nipples, and Ashley moaned in response. Jennifer dropped her hands down to Ashley’s firm little ass and Ashley moaned again.

“Stick your finger in my cunt,” Ashley said.

A quiver of delight ran through Jennifer as she ran her fingertips over Ashley’s bald cuntmound. Ashley moved her legs apart and in a moment Jennifer’s fingers were probing between Ashley’s cunt-lips. The blonde’s pussy was sopping. Jennifer pushed one finger inside Ashley’s cunt-hole. The hole was loose and wet and it was obvious that one finger wasn’t enough. Jennifer added another finger. She stroked her forefinger and middle finger in and out of Ashley’s drenched cunt-hole, fingerfucking the blonde while she sucked her tits.

Ashley groaned. “Fuck me off!”

Jennifer straightened up. “I want to suck you.”

“Then do it!”

Ashley sat on the sofa, her knees raised, her thighs wide open. Jennifer knelt at the blonde’s feet and moved in to get her mouth on Ashley’s bald cunt.

Ashley fondled Jennifer’s head. “That’s good. That’s lovely.”

Jennifer, sucked up Ashley’s cunt-juice. She imagined she had the taste of honey in her mouth. The sweet taste of Ashley’s cunt. Ashley was so wet. Ashley’s excitement was a turn-on for Jennifer. Again and again her tongue scooped up the cream oozing from Ashley’s bald cunt.

Finally Ashley shuddered.

“Oh God, I’m coming!” She held Jennifer’s head as though frightened that Jennifer would stop. The cunt-cream poured out. Jennifer rubbed her nose back and forth over Ashley’s clit as she sucked up the flood of juice. Then she took all of Ashley’s cunt in her mouth and sucked the wet cunt-meat. Ashley trembled through another orgasm, her head back on the sofa, sounds of pleasure coming out of her throat. “Don’t stop. Keep sucking me. I’m coming again!”

They went up to Jennifer’s bedroom after that. They lay naked on the bed, fondling each other and talking. Jennifer felt a quiet bliss. She felt so good with Ashley. She felt so secure as Ashley stroked her.

“I knew it would be as good as it was last time,” Ashley said. She giggled as Jennifer turned and started sucking her tits again. “I wish I had big tits.”

“I like you the way you are,” Jennifer said. “You’re just saying that. If I had big tits, you’d like them even, more.”

Jennifer nibbled on one of Ashley’s tender nipples. She thought about Ryan. She wondered what Ashley would think if she knew. Did she dare tell Ashley about Ryan? Would Ashley understand?

Jennifer looked at Ashley. “Would you ever get married?”

“I don’t know. I need a man sometimes.”

Ashley chuckled. “And so do I.”

“Oh Ashley!”

“What is it? What’s the matter?”

“It’s about Ryan.”

“Ryan? What’s the matter with Ryan? He’s not doing drugs, is he?” Jennifer laughed.

“It’s not that.”

“Then what?”

“We’re having an affair.”

Ashley was silent a moment: “Oh wow! What does that mean?”

“He fucks me. We fuck! We’re having an affair and we fuck all the time!”

Ashley giggled. “I don’t believe it.”

“It’s true,” Jennifer said.

“That’s marvelous.”

“I thought you’d be shocked.”

“Well, I am shocked. I always thought you were so conservative.”

“It just happened.”

Ashley chuckled. “Everything just happens. In any case, it’s lovely. I love it, I love it!”

Jennifer felt much better about it now. Ashley approved. Jennifer had expected Ashley to be horrified, but instead Ashley approved. Jennifer felt closer to Ashley than ever before. The two women kissed. They stroked each other. Now Jennifer wished Ashley would remain with her forever. It was wonderful to have a real friend, someone who understood you.

“Why don’t you move here?” Jennifer said.

“I’m thinking of it.”

Ashley questioned Jennifer about Ryan and their affair. “Tell me about him.”

Jennifer said she was worried about the effect on him. Was it bad for him? She didn’t know much about those things, Ashley reassured her. The blonde said it was good for him. It would make him more secure with women. She said she was delighted by the whole idea of it. “He’s a hunk.”

Jennifer felt herself blushing. “He’s only young.” Pressed for details and Jennifer finally began to talk. She said Ryan was a wonderful lover.

Ashley smiled. “I bet he’s hung.”


Ashley made Jennifer talk about Ryan’s talents. His cock. His vigor. They talked about the advantages of a young stud.

“It must be fun,” Ashley said.

Jennifer nodded. “I always come like crazy.” They turned each other on as they talked about Ryan. Ashley told Jennifer about an affair she’d once had with a teenaged boy. “His cock was hard all the time. He just didn’t go down at all.”

Jennifer thought about Ryan’s cock as Ashley stroked her clit. Then Ashley shifted on the bed, moved her head down to Jennifer’s belly. Jennifer groaned as she felt Ashley’s warm breath on her pussy. She opened her legs and Ashley moved in and began eating her. Yes, Jennifer thought. She did love this. There was nothing more exciting than Ashley’s mouth. She suddenly said: “Why don’t you watch us. There’s a way to do it without Ryan knowing.”

Ashley looked up at Jennifer. “Oh boy!”

“Would you like to?”

“I’d love it!”

Ashley giggled, moved up on the bed and kissed Jennifer’s mouth. The blonde’s fingers pushed inside Jennifer’s cunt and then another finger slipped inside Jennifer’s whole. Jennifer groaned and squirmed her hips. “Oh God!”

“Come for me. I want you to come!” Jennifer shuddered as Ashley finger fucked her cunt and ass at the same time. It wasn’t long before the spasms came. Ashley laughed and kissed Jennifer as she fucked her fingers in and out. “You said I can watch without him knowing it.”

Jennifer explained about the peephole in Ryan’s room. She told Ashley how she had discovered that Ryan had been spying on her. Ashley was amused. “He wanted to see you. I don’t blame him for that. I’d want to see you myself. And now I’ll see both of you. We can do it tomorrow. Is that all right?”

“Now what I want is this.” And then Ashley was making love to Jennifer again, kissing and sucking her tits before moving down to her pussy.

Jennifer trembled with excitement. Ashley turned her on so much. She opened her thighs wide as Ashley moved down. The blonde chuckled as she kissed Jennifer’s belly. Then her mouth pressed against Jennifer’s pussy, her tongue licking up and down as she gathered Jennifer’s cunt-juice. She teased Jennifer by not applying any pressure with her tongue. Ashley’s pink tongue fluttered up and down over Jennifer’s silt like a butterfly.

Jennifer groaned and pulled her knees all the way back to her tits. She held her thighs beck with her hinds, held them back and wide apart as Ashley gobbled her box. Ashley licked all pound Jennifer’s pussy and down to the puckering of Jennifer’s asshole. Jennifer moaned as she felt the blonde’s tongue tickling her asshole. Ashley chuckled and looked up. “You’re a hot bitch!”

Jennifer quivered and waved her legs in the air. “Suck me! Suck my pussy!”

Ashley’s thumb worked inside Jennifer’s cunt-hole. She nibbled at Jennifer’s clit as she fucked her thumb in and out of Jennifer’s cunt. Then Ashley’s middle finger slipped inside Jennifer’s asshole. Now she had Jennifer’s cunt and ass gripped like a bowling ball. She churned her hand around, fucking Jennifer’s two holes at the same time, pulling and pushing in her cunt and ass as Jennifer cried out, and then closing her lips over Jennifer’s clit and sucking hard as Jennifer came.


The next day was Sunday, and Jennifer set about putting their plan into action. Ashley left the house early in the afternoon in order to get Jennifer and Ryan alone. Jennifer made her move in the kitchen, slipping her arms around Ryan and kissing him. “I’m glad we’re alone.”

Ryan kissed her back. “You said we should stay away from each other.”

“Well, I changed my mind. Ashley said she’d be gone all afternoon, so why don’t we take advantage of it? If you want to, that is.”

Ryan chuckled. “You know better than that.”

“Miss me?”

“You’re damn right!”

He put his hands on her tits. Jennifer remained passive while he fondled her. She smiled at him as he unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. She wore no bra. He lifted her tits in his hands and started sucking her nipples. She felt around his crotch for his cock, squeezed his prick through his pants and pulled at the tab of his zipper. In a moment she had his cock out of his fly, her fingers working over his fat cock-head as he filled his mouth with one of her tits.

“Let me have a taste of this,” she said. She pulled her tit out of his mouth and dropped down to her knees. She quivered with excitement at having his cock again. His big prick. She sniffed at his cock, turned on by the male smell. His knob was dripping juice at the tip, a pearl of clear juice hanging at the slit in his cock-head. She carefully brought his balls out of his fly.

She wanted everything hanging out, all his fuckmeat. She wasn’t thinking of Ashley now. All she cared about now was Ryan and his cock and balls. She sniffed at his balls, holding his thick cock up to get it out of the way. Then she started lapping his ball-bag, fluttering her tongue over his hairy nuts while her fingers slowly pulled at his hot, prick.

She wanted him hot. He was like a stallion when he was hot. She wanted Ashley to see what he was like. Ashley would return to the house secretly and slip into Ryan’s room to use the peephole in the closet, Jennifer wanted Ashley to see everything.

“Let’s go up to my room,” Jennifer said. She sucked one of his nuts inside her mouth and rolled her tongue over it. Finally she dropped it out and rose up. “Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

Mother and son wafted together out of the kitchen. Jennifer was stripped to the waist, her bare tits swinging as she walked. Ryan had his cock and balls hanging out of his fly. She thought he looked so sexy. She took hold of his cock and pulled at it to tease him. Ryan laughed and put his hand on her ass as they climbed the stairs to her bedroom.

Inside her room, she closed the door and turned the radio on. She found some loud music. The idea was to mask the sound of Ashley coming home and getting into his room. When she had the sound level the way she wanted it, she moved to Ryan to get him undressed.

She questioned him as she helped him undress. Had he really missed her? Did he jerk off a lot because they hadn’t been together? She thought of all that good jism going to waste as she slipped his shoes off. Then she pulled his jeans and shorts off his legs and he was naked.

She made him stand there while she made love to his body. She kissed his balls, lifting the sac with her fingers while she trailed her lips over it and then up to his throbbing cock. She kissed the tip of his cock and then moved up over his belly to his chest. She bit his nipples, one after the other, her hands gripping his ass and squeezing his ass-cheeks. God, how she loved his young body! Standing pressed against him, she rubbed her tits over his hard chest and shivered with excitement.

Finally she finished undressing herself. Ryan watched her. He held his fist closed around his cock as he watched her tits swinging with her movements. Her nipples were stiff, like dark turrets thrusting out of the brown silver-dollar sized areoles. His cock was so hard, like an iron bar in his hand. He hadn’t been near her since Ashley’s arrival and he was dying to fuck her again.

Jennifer teased him, keeping her panties on as she moved around the room to put her clothes away. She could feel his hot eyes on her body, on her tits and ass. Finally she slipped the panties off and turned to face him. She ruffled her fingers through her cunt-bush. “I missed you.”

They were at each other in a moment, his arms around Jennifer as they kissed. She delighted in the feel of his cock and balls pressed against her belly. She took hold of him one hand cupping his balls and the other hand gripping his hard cock. She did love his cock. She did like cock more than pussy.

I’m not a lesbian, she thought. Ryan’s cock was what she wanted most. She thought about Ashley. The blonde was probably in Ryan’s room by now, inside the room and inside the closet and peeping at them through the hole in the wall. Jennifer quivered with excitement. Her fingers tickled under Ryan’s balls. She opened her legs as he pushed his fingers inside her cunt.

They’re not the same, Jennifer thought with a shudder of pleasure. Men and women were different as lovers. She giggled as Ryan’s finger touched her asshole.

Then they were on the bed. She was certain Ashley was watching them now. So far the plan was perfect. She made Ryan stretch out on the bed and she straddled him. Supporting herself with her hands, she hung her tits over his face and swung them back and forth. Ryan quickly grabbed her tits and started sucking them.

Perfect, Jennifer thought. It was just perfect. She realized now how much it turned her on to have Ashley watch this. Ryan sucking her tits. The two of them naked on her bed. Everything that would fellow.

She controlled him. She was more excited than she’d been in a long time, but she still liked to stay in control. When she’d had enough of his mouth on her tits, she pulled away, shifted forward to have him work on her pussy. He was such a doll. He loved sucking her cunt. She settled down on his face, squirming around until she had his hose pushing against her clit and his tongue deep inside her cunt-hole.

Ryan knew how she liked it. He fucked his tongue in and out of her cunt-hole. She kept moving, rocking her pussy against his face, her cunt-juice streaming out on his cheeks. When she and Ashley were together, it was always Ashley who was on top, always Ashley with her cunt pushing down on Jennifer’s face. Now it was the other way around. Ryan had told her he liked to suck her cunt with her on top.

She liked it, too. She liked moving around when he did it. She kept rocking her pussy, fucking his face with her cunt, getting her clit massaged by his nose, until finally she was there and she had to move faster and harder, rubbing herself on her son’s hungry mouth.

Afterward she kept him on edge, kept his cock hard while she talked to him about Ashley. “Do you really like her?”

He said he did. She got him to admit that he found Ashley sexy, that the blonde turned him on. Jennifer slowly stroked his cock while they talked. She wasn’t certain what she wanted from him. She found it exciting to talk to him about Ashley while Ashley was secretly watching and listening. She told Ryan that Ashley was a sexpot. She said Ashley loved to fuck. She didn’t tell him about Ashley’s women. She talked about Ashley’s body. She was amused at how interested Ryan seemed when she told him she often saw Ashley without clothes.

“Her tits aren’t big,” Jennifer said. “She has adorable little tits and a perfect body.” Jennifer could tell that it made Ryan hot to hear about Ashley.

It wasn’t long before he was after her again, kissing his way down from her tits to her belly and then into her cunt-bush. She pulled her knees back and opened her thighs to make her crotch accessible. Ryan moved in and started eating her again, his tongue working up and down as he licked her from clit to asshole and back again. “You want to fuck Ashley,” Jennifer said.

He made a pretense of denying it, but she could tell she was right. She imagined him and Ashley together. She wouldn’t mind at all. The idea was definitely exciting. How she’d love to see him fuck Ashley. She’d love to share him with Ashley. And share Ashley with Ryan. She wondered what he would think if he ever saw her and Ashley together. Would he be shocked? His tongue was so good in her cunt. She made him stop. She didn’t want to get off again. Not this way.

She went down on him again, straddled him in reverse this time, her head toward his feet, her tits hanging over his belly and her face over his cock and balls. She settled her cunt down on his face and took his swollen cock-knob in her mouth. It was so good. She loved sucking, him like this, filling her mouth with his hard prick while he reamed out her pussy with his tongue.

She pumped her mouth up and down on his cock. His big prick. Her saliva ran out of her mouth and down his cock-shaft to drench his balls. She stopped sucking his cock to make love to his balls. Then she lifted his ball-bag, pressed her head all the way down to get her tongue on his asshole. She rimmed his little brownie, her tongue working around and around and then lapping up and down in his hairy asscrack.

Finally she moved off his body. Positioning herself on her hands and knees, she looked over her shoulder at Ryan and smiled. “You can suck some more if you want to.”

It was something they did often and she wanted Ashley to see it. It excited Jennifer to have Ashley watch Ryan in action like this. He was such a good lover. She wanted Ashley to be jealous. How many women were as lucky as she was? Ryan quickly moved behind her and started kissing her ass and fondling her asscheeks. Jennifer hunched down, lowered her shoulders and head to the mattress and moved her knees apart to get comfortable. In a moment, the boy’s tongue was in her pussy-trench, probing inside the way she had taught him. She kept her head down and slowly wagged her ass from side to side as he tongue-fucked her cunt-hole.

She loved getting sucked from the rear. After having it this way, getting it the other way was so boring sometimes. This way she could move. She could fuck back and move from side to side. She moaned softly as Ryan’s tongue fluttered inside her cunt-hole. A man was always more aggressive than a woman in sucking a cunt.

She looked underneath her body and she could see his cock and balls dangling between his legs. Her ass was wet with his saliva. He had his tongue in her cunt-hole, deep inside, and his nose pressed against her asshole. She loved it. Her own son sucking her out. His face pressed against her ass. It was so marvelous. She tolled her ass around. The excitement of his face against her ass was so great it made her tremble. She wondered what Ashley was thinking as she watched it. Was Ashley masturbating?

Now Jennifer groaned as Ryan’s tongue moved up to her asshole. She’d been hoping he would do it. She never liked to ask him. She always felt awkward when she asked him to lick her asshole. It wasn’t something you ought to ask for. She mewled with pleasure as he licked her bung. Then his tongue went inside. He knew how mach she liked that. He liked it when she did it to him. They both liked it.

But Ryan always did more than she did. He had his lips plastered against her asshole now and he was sucking her vigorously. Ashley hardly ever did it to her. She did it often enough to Ashley, but the blonde rarely returned the favor. Jennifer knew why. Ashley liked to dominate in a sexual relationship. She sucked ass when she felt like it, not when she thought the other person wanted it.

Ryan’s tongue moved back to Jennifer’s cunt. He fucked her cunt-hole in and out with his long tongue. He was such a good lover. Her asshole was empty now, wet and loose after the hard sucking. She wanted his cock in both holes. She told herself a man ought to have two cocks, one for each hole. The mothers in the world would be completely satisfied at all times and everyone would be better off for it.

What did Ashley think? The question intrigued Jennifer as she tried to keep herself reined enough to fully enjoy Ryan’s mouth. It was so thrilling to have Ashley watch her with Ryan. Mother and son. The breaking of the incest taboo. Was she crazy to have told Ashley? The hell with that, it was such fun to have Ashley watching them. Life was too short. Ryan’s mouth was too good. He was always so hungry when he ate her out. She rolled her ass against his face.

She wanted fucking now. She told him it was time to fuck. “Come on, baby, fuck me! I can’t wait any more!”

He came up for air. He wanted what she wanted. He was dying to fuck her. His cock felt like it was about to explode. Sometimes he lost himself in her cunt and ass, licking and sucking and tongue-fucking one hole after the other until it made him dizzy he got so hot. She had such a hairy pussy, the hair growing past her cunt and some of it even if her ass-crack. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he positioned himself behind her.

He pushed the knob against her cunt-hole, watched it go in, the stretching of her cuntmouth, the fat lips spreading. She groaned as he pushed forward. She always made a noise when he first went in. She said it was the best part, getting her cunt-mouth stretched by his big cock. Then he slowly gave her the length of his prick, pushing forward with his hands on her hips and his cock sliding in like a thick piston.

Jennifer wagged her ass, churning her cunt around his cock. His prick was so hard and thick. She moaned as he began fucking. His cock moved smoothly in and out of her sopping pussy. She was used to him now. When they’d first started fucking, the size of his cock had still been a surprise each time. Now she was used tout. She didn’t think she could live without it. Never mind Ashley. It wasn’t Ashley she needed, it was Ryan’s cock.

He began fucking her with more vigor. A ramming fuck from behind. He was so strong once he got going. He made Paul Simpson seem like nothing. Ryan fucked her deep and hard. He kept his hands on her hips, squeezing her flesh, sometimes grabbing her ass. She could feel his balls swinging against her clit at the end of each stroke.

She moaned as she rolled along in the fuck. She thought of Ashley again. I bet she loves watching it, Jennifer though. Sure, why not? It was exciting to watch people fuck. Reaching back down, Jennifer grabbed hold of Ryan’s balls. But then suddenly he pulled out of her cunt and she had to release his nuts. “What’s the matter?”

“I wanna fuck your ass.”

He went to get some lotion from her dresser. She remained as she was, kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air. When he came back to her, she wiggled her ass at him and told him to hurry. She was so hot. She mewled as he squirted some lotion on her asshole. Then his finger was inside her ass, working the lotion around to lubricate her. She loved it. She loved when he played with her asshole. His finger came but and a moment later she felt his cockknob pushing at her asshole. She pushed out, opened her asshole to his cock. Come on, she thought. Come inside, honey. Inside Mommy’s ass.

She groaned as his knob popped in. She concentrated on keeping her ass relaxed. She had to stay relaxed in order not to be hurt by his big cock. Reaching underneath her body, she found her cunt and pulled at her clit, with her fingers. She rubbed her it as Ryan fucked her ass.

Ryan clenched his teeth with excitement as he looked down. He loved fucking her ass. He was never tired of it. He watched his cock sliding in and out. Her asshole was wide open his cockshaft stretching the dark ring into a gaping round hole. Craning his neck to the side, he gazed at the hang of her tits. He chuckled whew he saw where she had her hand. “How is it, Mom?”

“It’s good, baby! It’s marvelous! You can go a little faster now!”

He had streaks of her shit on his cock flow. His mother’s shit. He didn’t mind it. It made the fucking more exciting. Leaning over her back, he grabbed her tits in his hands and squeezed them as he rammed his cock up her shitter.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened. Ryan heard it first and he turned to look. He couldn’t believe what he saw. He still had his cock in his mother’s ass, but he stopped moving. He froze with his cock up his mother’s shitter.

Ashley was standing there smiling at him. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t utter a word. His mouth wouldn’t move. He closed his eyes as he felt his mother’s asshole clamp down around his cock-shaft.

Now Jennifer turned to look. She had heard the door opening, but it took a moment before she realized what it was. Now she looked. She saw Ashley. Their eyes met. A long groan came out of Jennifer’s throat and she suddenly came.

Ryan was in a state of shock. His cock was still in his mother’s ass. He said nothing. His eyes moved back and forth between his mother and Ashley. He caught the look between the two women. Then he stopped looking at his mother and he fixed his eyes on Ashley as she began to strip her clothes off.

“You’re not having a party without me,” Ashley said.

Ryan watched her. She was soon naked, her slender body uncovered, her shaved pussy right there in front of him. Jennifer moved forward and Ryan’s cock popped out of her ass. Jennifer turned to grab hold of his swinging prick and Ryan groaned. “Jesus Christ.”

“Take it easy, honey,” Jennifer said. “Ashley knew all about us before this. I told her myself and she doesn’t think it’s wrong.”

“That’s right,” Ashley said. “I think it’s marvelous!”

Ryan saw the look of happiness on his mother’s face. His mother was happy that Ashley was joining them. He didn’t understand it, but he could see she was happy.

The two women calmed the boy down. Ashley came onto the bed as Jennifer soothed him. “You said you like her,” Jennifer said to Ryan.

Ashley’s eyes were on his cock. Jennifer went to the bathroom and came back with a wet cloth to wash his prick. His cock, after all, had been inside her ass. She washed his cock and balls until they were pink and clean. He hadn’t come off yet. He was still hard, his balls full.

Ashley touched his cock. At first she did no more than move her fingertips up and down the length of his cockshaft.

“Lord, what a prick,” Ashley said. Ryan remained still, his heart pounding. Then Ashley leaned over and started licking his cock. She hefted his balls in one hand to feel theft weight. She licked up and down his cock-shaft and then around his cock-head. Finally she opened her mouth wide and took his cock-knob between her lips.

Ryan groaned as he watched her. Ashley had such a sexy mouth. He watched her lips stretch around his fat knob and then his cock-shaft.

Her body was just as his mother had described it. Small tit, a hard little ass. And, that shaved pussy. She looked so young, it was hard to believe she was his mother’s age.

Ryan’s excitement was intense. He touched Ashley, ran his hand over her neck and then over her short blonde hair. He was conscious of his mother’s eyes on them as Ashley sucked his cock. He reached down to cup one of Ashley’s little tits. Then he moved his hand along her back and over her ass.

Ashley’s mouth came off his cock. “My God, what a cock!”

She moved her body closer to Ryan. His hand dipped behind her ass and came up underneath to fondle her cunt. Her bald pussy. Ashley groaned and took his cock deep inside her mouth. Ryan watched her. He could feel her throat grab at his knob. She seemed to be going wild over his cock.

Before long he was flat on his back, the two women hovering over him. Jennifer joined Ashley in sucking his cock. Ryan, craned his neck and watched them. Two women, two mouths, his mother and her best friend. His mother’s tits hung down like cantaloupes, while Ashley’s little tits jerked back and faith like a pair of apples. Ashley sucked his cock-knob while his mother sucked his balls. Ryan groaned as he ran a hand over each head. He groaned again as his mother twisted his balls in her hand. He heaved his ass, fucking his cock in and out of Ashley’s wide-open mouth.

Then he went crazy as Jennifer started plaiting with his asshole. She worked a finger inside his shifter, screwing the finger around as Ashley continued sucking his prick. Ashley pulled her mouth off his knob and giggled when she saw what Jennifer was doing. His cock was like iron, rearing up swollen and red and throbbing. Ashley licked and sucked his cock-knob again, fucking him with her mouth now, her lips moving up and down with a steady rhythm.

Jennifer continued reaming his asshole out with her finger as Ashley sucked him off. In a moment he started shooting, his jism spurting into Ashley’s mouth. She kept her mouth on his cock-head, taking his load nit spurted out of his piss-hole. She swallowed all of it, then squeezed his cock-head with her fingers to get out the last few drops.

“Like a milkshake,” she said. “He comes like a vanilla milkshake.”

They continued sucking and playing with his cock as he lay there. His cock never went all the way down. He was still half-hard, his prick like a fat sausage in their hands. Jennifer still had her finger in his ass. She worked it more slowly now, pulling and twisting his balls with one hand while she worked the finger of the other hand inside his ass. Before long his cock was hard again, Ashley cooing over it as she sucked it. The blonde seemed starved for cock, her mouth gluttonous. She pushed Jennifer’s hand away and sucked his balls. Then she pulled back and told him to turn over.

“On your hands and knees!” Ashley said. He had to turn his back to them and get on his hands and knees. He felt Ashley’s hands on his ass. She fondled his ass-cheeks, chuckling about something with Jennifer. Then he felt his balls being pulled back between his thighs. Ashley started sucking his nuts like that, from behind, licking and sucking each egg while his mother watched it. The blonde worked on his nuts awhile, and then she dropped them and moved her mouth up to his ass-crack. He shivered when he felt her tongue. She licked up and down in his ass-crack before focusing on his asshole. She tickled his asshole with her tongue, then stiffened her tongue and pushed it inside. He groaned as she rimmed him.

Jennifer watched it. She was so hot, she could feel the pounding of her heart in her chest. She moved behind Ashley, fondled Ashley’s ass and then bent down to Ashley’s asshole. They made a chain. Jennifer and Ashley and Ryan.

Ryan went nuts at the feel of Ashley’s tongue in his ass. His mother did it to him sometimes, but she wasn’t half as good as Ashley. He shuddered with pleasure at the feel of Ashley’s wet tongue snaking in and out of his asshole. What a knockout she was. A hot blonde with a shaved pussy. It was still hard to believe she was actually there on the same bed with him and his mother. His cock was so hard, hanging down like a heavy club, waiting to get into something. Finally he pulled his ass away from Ashley’s mouth. The two women moved apart and Jennifer shifted over to grab Ryan’s cock. She sucked his knob, lifted his balls in her hand. Then she told Ashley it was time to fuck.

“He needs to fuck,” Jennifer said. “I’d like to watch him fuck you!”

Ashley said she wanted to watch Jennifer and Ryan, but finally she yielded. She palmed Ryan’s prick, slowly pumping it with her hand.

“I’ve never had a cock this big.” Her fingers curled under his balls, lifting them to feel their weight. “He’s hung like a horse.”

Jennifer chuckled. “You’re not afraid, are you? You told me about that kid you fucked.”

“No, I’m not afraid. But that kid didn’t have what Ryan has.”

Finally Ashley bent over with her ass in the air. Ryan moved behind her, his eyes on her cunt-lips protruding at the junction of her thighs and ass. He could see her slit and above that her pink asshole. She was so different from his mother. No hair. Blonde and pink.

Jennifer was thinking about that also. Ashley’s coloring. The blonde’s ass and cunt turned Jennifer on, Jennifer reached underneath to hold one of Ashley’s tits. She told Ryan to go on and fuck her.

Ryan fondled Ashley’s round little ass. Ashley giggled and wiggled her hips. He fingered her slit, prying her cunt-lips apart to expose the pink meat of her pussy. The sight of her cunt and asshole made him hot as blazes. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. And his mother was right there pulling at one of Ashley’s tits. Jennifer looked at him. “What’s the matter, honey?”

“She’s so beautiful!”

Jennifer smiled. “You can eat her if you want. I think Ashley would like that.”

The boy went down on Ashley’s ass. He pushed his tongue between her cunt-lips, found her cunt-hole and drilled his tongue deep inside. Ashley groaned. Ryan licked and sucked the blonde’s wet cunt-meat. His nose rubbed against her pink asshole.

“He’s good,” Ashley said.

“You bet he’s good!” Jennifer held Ryan’s balls. She watched his mouth working on Ashley’s bald cunt. She watched as he pulled his tongue out of Ashley’s cunt-hole and moved his mouth up to her ass-crack. Jennifer shuddered with delight as she watched him rim Ashley’s pink little asshole. “Suck her ass, baby!”

Jennifer knew what he liked. She encouraged him. She watched his mouth as he screwed his tongue inside Ashley’s ass. Ashley was moaning now, rocking her hips from side to side as Ryan worked on her shitter.

“I’m dying,” Ashley said.

Jennifer giggled. It was fun to see Ashley so excited. And Ryan. The boy’s eyes were so hot with lust. Jennifer held his balls with one hand and used the other hand to rub her pussy. She pulled and twisted Ryan’s nuts as he sucked Ashley’s ass.

Finally Ryan wanted to fuck. He had to get his cock in Ashley. He straightened up behind her, fisted his cock and brought his cock-head to push against her cunt-hole. Ashley groaned as he went in. Jennifer watched it. She continued holding his balls as he drove the full length of his cock inside Ashley’s cunt-channel. She watched Ashley’s cunt-hole stretching around his thick cock-shaft. Ashley groaned again.

“God, he’s big!” Jennifer laughed, pulled at Ryan’s balls as she told him to fuck Ashley. Ryan was in heaven as he started pumping.

The boy fucked Ashley’s cunt slowly and deeply. He’d already come once and Jennifer knew he could last awhile now. She reached over to the night-table and grabbed the bottle of lotion. Smiling at Ryan, she squeezed some lotion out on Ashley’s asshole. The blonde moaned as Jennifer fingered her asshole to work the lotion inside.

“Not there!” Ashley said.

Jennifer laughed. “Oh yes, right there!”

“I don’t want him in my ass, he’s too big!”

“Don’t be silly, I take it all the time! You saw it just a while ago.”

Ashley finally agreed. Ryan pulled his cock out of her curd and brought his knob to the pink ring of her asshole. Jennifer helped him get in. She pushed at his knob with her fingers to work it inside Ashley’s shit-hole. Ashley groaned but she took it. Her asshole opened to take his swollen cock.

“Go on,” Jennifer said to him. “Get it all in and fuck her!”

She took hold of his nuts again, squeezing them gently as he slowly pushed his big prick inside Ashley’s ass. The blonde mewled and moaned and it was obvious that she loved it.

“Oh God, fuck me?” Ashley said.

Ryan didn’t hear much any more. He had his face turned up to the ceiling, his eyes closed, his breath coming in gasps. Ashley’s asshole was delicious. He moved his cock slowly in and out, his mind in a whirl as he focused on the feel of the blonde’s asshole sucking on his cock.

He finally came. He blasted his load right up Ashley’s ass, and a moment later the blonde herself had an orgasm. Jennifer held Ryan’s nuts as he pumped out his jism in her friend’s shitter. I love it, Jennifer thought.

And Ashley loved it, too. She changed her mind about traveling again. She settled down to be close to Jennifer and Ryan. They became like one family. People were always talking about how attractive they were, the blonde and the brunette and the teenaged boy. They thought the boy always looked so happy.

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