The Youngest Aunt

Behind the outward serenity and closed doors of middle-class suburban homes, we find people tormented by the same problems that have afflicted men and women throughout the ages.

While Americans are leading “the good life”, enjoying material comforts unheard of in other countries, people may still find themselves in an emotional turmoil, reinforced by the increasing alienation of our life-style.

Prissy Ford is a typical suburban teenager. She is surrounded by material comforts, yet she is restless. Fortunately for her, her family is not the ordinary kind of family. They are not afraid to love her, and love her they do.

THE YOUNGEST AUNT is a novel about the problems that may confront any teen when she makes the fateful decision to ignore society’s prohibitions.


Prissy Ford, her mother Jill and her sister, Darcy, were at the county fair with Bobby Madison, Prissy’s cousin.

Prissy was a teenager, with long, sandy blonde hair which she had in bangs on her forehead, parted in the middle and pulled into a ponytail in the back. She had a sweet, angelic face. She had sparkling, blue eyes, and her body was a teenaged marvel. She had rich, juicy hips, a dream ass — tight, round and high and her tiny waist curved into lush hips in sweeping curves. Her tits were firm and the size of baseballs.

She wore a white sundress and brown sandals. Her er sister, Darcy, had darker brown hair, and a lush shape, particularly in her round ass and her hips. She had nice, round tits.

Bobby was on leave from the Navy and wore his white sailor uniform. He had stopped to see his aunt and cousins for a few days before, he had to check back in at the Norfolk, Virginia shipyard.

Jill Ford and her husband, Jim, lived in southern Virginia, so it was on Bobby’s way, and his mother had instructed him to visit his relatives.

Jill was a buxom lady, stacked in all the right places — generous curves at the hips, an expansive ass that had a very sexy spread when she sat down, and huge tits. She had dark-brown hair and though no one ever said it to her, Bobby had always thought she looked like Raquel Welch. He also thought she had a body as fabulous as the star’s unique figure.

Bobby was in his second hitch in the Navy. He was tall, lean and very fit, with a flat belly and muscular arms. He looked great in his sailor whites, so tight on his taut, hard body.

He had curly, brown hair that he had cut short into a crew cut, and his square face gave him that all-American look. It had been three years since he’d visited his relatives and he was impressed how the two girls had budded into little teen beauties, especially Prissy, who looked as though she could win the Miss American Teen contest.

Jim Ford was at work that day. It was toward the end of the summer, and as the fair was outside of town at the fairgrounds, Jill suggested they all spend the day there.

When they arrived, Jill wanted to see the arts-and-craft displays and she took Darcy with her. Bobby and Prissy headed for the rides and the glitter of the midway.

As they walked together, Bobby was very aware of Prissy’s lush, body under her thin, white sundress. She had on pink lipgloss and her cheeks were burnished with a wine-red rouge. She was a stunning darling, and even though she was his cousin, he thought briefly about fucking her, then dismissed the thought.

They played a dart game first, and Bobby watched Prissy bend over the counter and cum the darts at the balloons. Her gorgeous, ass pushed against the tight sundress, and he could see her perfect, round curves.

His cock thumped.

When they finished the dart game, he took her hand, and they walked down the midway, bought some cotton candy, and Bobby watched Prissy’s sweet, tongue lick at the sugar goo. His cock got harder and pushed out of his tight, sailor uniform.

She’s really something, he thought… really a hot, piece.

Then they went to the rides. Prissy wanted to go on the loop-to-loop. They stood in line, bought their tickets and went up to the man who was seating everyone in the little red cars.

The carnival man opened the door to the car, and Prissy sat down, then Bobby slipped in beside her. The man locked the bar across them, and they sat waiting for the ride to begin.

“Oh, I just love the loop-to-loop!” Prissy squealed as they swept high in a circular arc, then swooshed down, around and back up again. Prissy’s stomach fell out. She yelped, “Wheeee!”

Suddenly, before she knew what had happened, Bobby had slipped beneath the seat bar and was on his hands and knees on the floor of the car. Down there, no one could see him.

“Bobby!” Prissy squealed. “Whatcha doin’ down there?”

He put his hands on her knees and spread her legs wide, then he lifted the hem of her little white dress, peeled it back up onto her stomach to reveal a delicious pair of little pink panties.

He thumbed the elastic top of the nylon panties and stripped them down Prissy’s thighs. He pulled them out from under her ass, took them down her legs, and yanked them off.

“Bobby! What… don’t… Bobby!” Prissy protested, but the ride had her swirling with the looping and arching of their car, and when Bobby mashed his face into her fuzzy, exquisite cunt, she nearly fainted from the sheer joy of his wet lips and flapping tongue.

Bobby sucked her pussy as the ride looped up and down.

“Oh, wheeeee, wheeee, wheeewwwww!” Prissy yelled.

Up, around, down, up, around, down, the loop-to-loop swirled, and up, around, down, up around, down, Bobby’s tongue twirled. Pretty Prissy looked down and saw his wagging, pink tongue slap into the sandy fuzz-curls surrounding her delicious pussy.

She had never had sex before. She had masturbated a few times, and she had delighted to the sensation when she came. Cunt-lapping was something new — forbidden, dark, bright, thrilling. That Bobby was eating her on the loop ride intensified the simmering slices of satisfaction that were shimmering through Prissy’s fabulously fine body.

She felt lightheaded almost faint, but it was a delectable sensation… a sensation of sugar sweet ecstasy she would never forget. She watched Bobby on the floor of the car licking her cunt, her legs spread wide, her round, ass on the edge of the dirty, red leather seat.

“Ooooohhhwhhhoooo, shit!” she bellowed, as the ride sailed in its arc. She squealed in radiant raptures, in pure delight.

“Mmmmmm, Goddamn!” Bobby muttered, his tongue flapping like a hungry dog now, slicking her cunt-slit, greasing up and down in hot lickety-splits.

“Eeeeek! Oh! Whoooo, sssshhhhheeee!” Prissy screamed. “Phewwwwhooooo!”

Bobby sucked her pussy into his mouth, his lips wide open. He chewed, nibbling her delicate, tasty pussy.

“Ah, nooooo, yikes! Oh! Whewwweeeee!” Prissy sobbed in screeching pleasure. “Oh, shit, Bobby!”

She couldn’t help her screams of delight as the car arched and whooshed downward, then swirled back up high in the sky. Bobby had her now. He could feel her body stiffen. She thrust her lithe hips off the seat, pushed her cunt against his face and came.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeee!” she whooped. “Oh, wowwweeeeeeeeee! Ah, ah, uh, uh, uh! Whoooshhhhhhhheeee! Eceek! Ah, ah, ha, Bobbbbeeeeeeee!”

She twisted, squirmed, shuddered violently on the seat as the red car twirled up and down and around. Bobby’s tongue swirled madly at her pussy.

She slumped back in the seat, panting, her body heaving up and down. Bobby got up, stuck her pink panties in his pocket and pulled her dress down. He put his sailor cap on his curly, brown hair, and sat down beside Prissy.

The ride came to a slow stop, and the man was letting people out of their little red cars.

They pulled up to him. He unhooked the bar.

Prissy was so weak she couldn’t move.

“Guess the ride was too much for her,” Bobby said, smiling. He picked up his sweet, cousin, got a hold on her, and carried her away.

Back on the midway, Bobby found a bench at a hamburger stand and sat down. He bought her a Coke, and held her with his arm around the waist.

“Oh, Bobby Madison,” she whispered, “what did you do to me up there on that ride?”

“I sucked you off!” he whispered.

“Bobby! God, Bobby, that wasn’t normal!”

“You liked it, I could tell.”

She just smiled and sipped her Coke.

“You liked it didn’t you?” Bobby asked. “It was really wild, Bobby? I never felt anything like that before.”

“What do you wanna do next, cousin?”

Bobby asked. “Wanna go in the Tunnel of Love?”

“I’ve never been in one, Bobby. It’s dark, isn’t it?”

“Yes, people neck in there. Wanna neck?”

“Bobby! Stop it!” Prissy snapped. “You’re my cousin.”

They got up and walked down the midway, looking for Darcy, who was off somewhere with Prissy’s mother. They passed the House of Horrors.

Prissy said, “Let’s go in and be scared, Bobby.”

Bobby bought two tickets, and they went through the yellow and red door, into the darkness. Immediately, a skeleton came rattling at them.

“Ecceek!” Prissy screamed, and flew into Bobby’s arms. He pulled her to the side of the hallway, holding her tight. He felt the press of her incredible, juicy body, her lush, curves, the roundness of her beautiful, tits.

He slid his arms around her and plunged his hands around the rippling wonder of her luxurious ass. His cock leaped. His hands fondled and probed the rich curve of her ass, so perfectly formed, so tight and firm.

Bobby tilted her chin and kissed her hotly. Their lips mashed in smacking joy. His hands fanned her teenaged ass, his fingers pinching and rolling. Prissy felt his cock hard against her, another new excitement for the darling girl.

Bobby shoved his hand up under Prissy’s dress, feeling her smooth thighs. He pushed his hand between her legs.

“Bobby, you stop that! You’ve got my panties. You give ’em back right now. What would my mother say if she catches me without my panties on?”

He rubbed her pussy, his fingers scratching her soft cunt-fur.

“Stop, Bobby, you know you shouldn’t do that! Now give me my panties!” Prissy huffed.

Bobby took her panties out of his pocket.

“I’ll put them on for you,” he said, and dipped to his knee in front of her. “Just hold your dress up for me.”

“Oh, Bobby, what…”

But he’d lifted her foot and had slipped one leg of the panties on her, then the other. He pulled her thin, pink panties up her calves, up over her knees, then he craned in and plastered his lips to her juicy, pussy.

“Now, Bobby, don’t!” Prissy snapped. “You stop that!”

“I’m putting your panties on,” Bobby mumbled between sucks and licks.

He sucked her cunt, chewing on her delicious pussy tenderly, lovingly. Then he sent his lewd tongue lapping, swirling up and down her precious cunt-slit, licking her juicy cunt-lips. His hands sneaked behind her and he clutched her beautiful ass.

He nibbled, chewed, licked, and his fingers pressed into the cheeks of her ass. He was good. He knew how to eat cunt, and he was giving Prissy a first-class show.

“Now stop, Bobby! You know you shouldn’t… oooohhhhh, Bobby don’t… oh, oh, stop, stop, Bobby!”

But he wasn’t going to stop. He was lapping at her sweet cunt, and Prissy was lost in the divine sensation his tongue was giving her.

Two teenaged girls walked in the door and walked right beside them, but Bobby still didn’t stop. The girls stood in amazement, watching Prissy stand there with her skirt held up, and there was the sailor on his knees chewing at her pussy.

“Wow!” one of the girls said.

“Jeez!” the other whispered. “Look at that, huh?”

Prissy was embarrassed, but she was so overwhelmed by Bobby’s expert tongue, what he was doing to her, that all she could do was stare back at the two girls who watched the amazing sight.

“Bobby don’t!” she sobbed. “Please stop! Whewffffff!”

The girls watched while Bobby licked her pussy. Prissy was lost. She didn’t know what she should do, so she made some obligatory noises of protest.

“Don’t, don’t now, Bobby. Please! You shouldn’t do that to me! Ohhhh, wow!”

Her heart fluttered. She felt the tingle of a climax slip on her. The tickle spread through her, making her little, luscious body shiver.

She stiffened, then bent over at the waist. She let her dress fall. She grabbed back at the wall for support, and Bobby kept chewing and licking, his head bobbing her skirt.

Prissy shuddered with joy. She loved the sensation vibrating her body. She didn’t even care that the two girls were watching every second. It was dark, and ail their prying eyes could see was that a lovely girl was getting her pussy sucked. Prissy was loving it.

The girls scooted away when Bobby bobbed up from under Prissy’s skirt. Prissy pulled her dress up and adjusted her pink panties.

“You shouldn’t do that to me, Bobby, you know that,” she whispered.

He took her hand and placed her palm on the flap of his Navy whites, and she felt a hard cock for the first time. She gasped loudly and quickly jerked her hand away.

“You stop that, Bobby!”

His crotch was all wet. His cock had been dripping in his uniform, and his cock was throbbing to get out. He pulled Prissy to him, humping so the head of his cock was pushed against her cunt through their clothes.

He turned her around and pushed her against the wall and began humping in and out, sliding his hard prick against her wet pussy.

“We’ll just dry-fuck a little,” he whispered. “Stop now, Bobby, please,” Prissy said, the big head of Bobby’s cock rubbing in and out against her pussy. She’d never felt anything like it before. She was weak with excitement. Bobby was humping her faster and faster, then she felt him stiffen.

“Ahhhh!” he gasped. “Oh, ahhhh.”

He creamed his uniform, squirted outa load in his shorts as he dry-fucked his beautiful, cousin in the House of Horrors at the fair.

Prissy’s pussy was all wet in her pink panties. She kept thinking about how Bobby’s hard-on rubbed her crotch, bow he humped in and out at her, slicking his big cock-head back and forth against her cunt.

They went on through the House of Horrors and came out the other door. They walked down the steps and back into the flow of the crowd on the midway. It was only three in the afternoon. They had all day and all evening left at the fair, Prissy thought. She looked up at her handsome, sailor cousin. He had his sailor’s cap tilted cockily on his head.


“I wonder where your mom and Darcy are?” Bobby asked.

“Mom gets real hot for arts-and-craft shows,” Prissy said.

“Oh, yeah?” Bobby smiled. “I guess they’ll find us. Wanna go on some more rides, Prissy?”


“Maybe we could go over to the 4-H barns and set some displays,” Bobby said.

“I’ve never done that. Doesn’t sound like much fun.”

Bobby took her hand and led them through the crowds, off to one side, past the Freak Show, past the tilt-a-whirl, and along a path to the big, display barn.

“Golly, Bobby, there’s nothin’ in here but cows.”

“Yeah, the prize winners. Look, see? There’s a blue ribbon pinned on that stall.”

“It smells in here,” Prissy said.

“Come over here,” Bobby said. He led her to a corner of the barn near some hay. “I wanna show you somethin’, Prissy.”

He began unbuttoning his flap, opened it up, and slid his sailor pants down his thighs. He had a pair of Navy-issue white shorts on. They were all gummy and sticky. His cock was starting to rise in his shorts… thumping upward, curving against the shorts. He reached down, stripped the shorts down and his cock snapped up and smashed against his belly.

His prick was huge, handsome, and hard as marble. Prissy gasped. Her mouth dropped open. She sucked in her breath. His cock wobbled and throbbed. His cock stuck out a full nine inches.

“Bobby!” Prissy hissed. “You stop undressing!”

Her gaze was glued to his prick. She’d never seen a hard cock before and she was fascinated.

Bobby’s hard-on was so beautiful, his skin so white and smooth, his big cock-head was a shiny red and glistened with cum.

He took his prick in his hand and began to jerk slowly, pulling his cock-skin back and forth, letting his bulging prick-head point at Prissy.

“Bobby, what are you doin’? You’re playin’ with yourself!” Prissy huffed.

“This is what I wanted to show you,” he said. Her beautiful, face, her glowing, pink lips, red cheeks, luscious lips, her sky-blue eyes, her whole loveliness was etched with excitement as she watched Bobby jack slowly on his huge prick.

“Whew! Wow!” Prissy whispered, watching his hand.

“You like the way my cock looks, Prissy?”

“You shouldn’t be doin’ that, Bobby. It’s not normal.”

“It’s very normal, cousin dear.”

“You’re masturbating, aren’t you, Bobby?”

“Uh-huh. To you.”

“Ewwww, don’t, Bobby!”

But her eyes stared at Bobby’s thick prick, his stroking hand. He picked up the beat just a little, jacked faster, and a wad of jizz squirted out of his cock-head and flew into the hay.

“What’s that stuff shootin’ out, Bobby?”

“My cum, my cream.”

“You shouldn’t do that, Bobby!”

His cock was spitting, and his fizz was foaming. He got cum on his hand and lubricated his cock-stalk, jacking faster. His hand-job sounded exciting to Prissy, a sweet slurp, slurp, slurp, a juicy clicking, like someone chewing gum loud and fast.

She watched Bobby jerk his cock, and she was all hot between her legs, down in her wet, pink panties. She knew that was wrong though, and she always had been a good girl. But there was something so thrilling about what her cousin was doing.

“Wanna feel my prick?” Bobby asked.

“No!” she snapped.

“Here,” he said. He reached out, took her hand and placed it on his cock-stalk. “Go ahead, just feel it.”

“Well, okay, but just for a second,” Prissy said. Her fingers wrapped around Bobby’s prick in an underhanded grip.

She’d been excited before, but now, with his hot cock-stalk firmly in her hand. She was going crazy. The way it felt, the juicy squirt of his big hard-on, the throb that she could feel against her fingers — it all had her steaming.

She jerked in and out three times, then let Bobby’s cock go. His prick wobbled and spewed a chunk of cum out that splashed on Prissy’s sundress.

“Oh, Bobby!” she whispered.

He grabbed her, took her in his arms. His naked cock slapped up between them, pressing against her belly. He kissed her wildly. Their tongues met. Their lips sucked at each other’s. Bobby got the hem of her dress up around her waist somehow and she stood with his prick pulsing on her pink panties.

Bobby stuck his hand in her pants, digging down deeply. He felt the slushy goodness of her juices, felt the wet, butter-soft silt of her cunt. He thrust a finger in her pussy-hole.

“Oh, Bobby, it’s wrong!” she cried.

He took her hand and placed it on his cock again. His prick was so thick in her grip. His cock throbbed furiously. She couldn’t keep a good grip, because his cock was so slick with cum that her hand kept slipping off.

“I wanna fuck you, Prissy!” Bobby whispered hotly.

“Oh, Bobby, no! You can’t! I’m your cousin. No, oh, Bobby. Take your hand out of my panties, please.”

“I’m finger-fuckin’ your pussy, Prissy!”

“Bobby, don’t do that… don’t finger-fuck… oh, oh, jeez, Bobby!”

His finger slicked beautifully in and out of her tight, cunt, and his hand pushed out her panties at the crotch. She clutched tightly on his cock, felt the hot throb. She looked down, saw his big prick in her hand, and trembled.

Bobby had his sailor cap still on. His face was frozen in a mask of desire for his beautiful, cousin. His hand worked magic, in her panties, his finger slicing in and out of her juicy cunt.

He started to take her panties down. He got them around her thighs, but she protested and moved back a couple feet. He persisted, knelt down, and took her pink panties down to her ankles. He held up each foot, and took them off.

He pulled her skirt up around her waist. He had her pinned to the wall of the barn, in the corner of an empty stall. He moved in on her. His cock was in his hand. He manipulated his huge hard-on, pushing his cock-head against Prissy’s pussy.

“I’m gonna fuck you!” he whispered.

“Don’t you date, Bobby! Take that big thing away from me!”

But he had wedged his big cock into her pussy, his cock-head slipping right in between her pussy-lips.

“Ooooof, ohhh, stop that!” She panted, looking gorgeous leaning against the wall, her dress up. Bobby pushed into her, his cock like a lead pipe between them. She had her feet flat on the floor, her legs set apart.

Bobby’s knees were bent, his ass humping slowly. He was tenderly pushing the tip of his prick at her cunt, slipping, wedging his cockhead into her pussy.

Prissy was overwhelmed with emotion and erotic desire. She felt faint. The sight of Bobby’s huge prick lodged in her pussy, the feel of his burning cock-head between her cunt-lips, was too much for the darling lovely to stand.

She trembled, shook and shuddered. Bobby fucked her slowly, still giving her just the tip of his prick-head, rubbing, friction-fucking. The sensation to Prissy was so sensational, so miraculous, she began to climax violently. Her body quaked.

Bobby picked up speed, but didn’t push into the sweet girl’s cunt any farther. He didn’t want to hurt her or frighten her. He just wanted to thrill her.

Prissy felt the rumble and ripple of that ecstatic satisfaction simmer through her. She loved the glorious moment of orgasm. She huffed, puffed, then began sliding down the side of the barn, weak, still shuddering. Her face was wrinkled in pleasure, her eyes closed.

Bobby’s cock slipped out, and he quickly grabbed her around the waist before she fell down. He stuck his finger in her cunt and finished off her sleek, splendid climax.

“Oh, uh, uh, oh… whuff, whuff,” Prissy moaned.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, honey?” Bobby whispered in her ear, his finger doing a slick jerk in Prissy’s pussy, bringing her home through a multiple orgasm.

Prissy finally opened her eyes and saw Bobby yanking on his huge prick, his hand jerking in and out, his thumb extended, his cock-head foaming with bubbles of jizz.

“Oh, Bobby, you’re so damn naughty!” she whispered.

But her eyes stared at him. She thrilled to the way he jerked his prick, the way his cock squirted white goo.

Bobby let her slip from his arms, and Prissy fell weakly to her knees in front of him. She continued watching his hand, his foaming, fizzing prick. Bobby kept pumping his cock until he stiffened, gasped loudly and shot a load of cream that splashed into her sweet, darling face.

“Bobby! Bad, bad, naughty, Bobby,” she wheezed.

The cum flowed, splashed in thick chunks onto Prissy’s lovely face, onto her cheeks, her red lips, her forehead. A big hunk of cum caught on her forehead inter bangs and hung there like a scab.

“It’s squirtin’ all over, Bobby!” she whispered.

But he was so engrossed in his cum, all he could do was keep pumping and jerking wildly, faster and faster. His cock sprayed Prissy, showering her with his erotic load.

Finally, Bobby knelt down with her in the soft hay piled on the floor. His cock was spent. He lay her back. Then he knelt between her legs bent over and rubbed his face to her cunt.

“You gonna do that again to me?” she cried. “Gonna suck your cunt, cousin dear,” he said.

“Suck my cunt? Oh, Bobby!”

She lay back in the hay and let him eat her pussy, enjoying the loud slurping, the licking, the lapping. She spread her legs wide for him, thrust her ass off the hay and ground her cunt up against his gaping mouth.

Bobby came up on her, kissed up along her belly, then he kissed her on her lips, mashing his face into her cum-soaked face. The two of them rolled wildly in the hay.

“Bobby, I’ve never felt like this before,” Prissy whispered, feeling his half-hard, sticky slick cock lolling against her flat belly.

“I’m gonna show you all kinds of new things, Prissy,” Bobby whispered, running his fingers through the silky fuzz surrounding her cunt. “I’m gonna make you feel better in so many ways than you’ve ever felt!”

“But don’t you dare ever fuck me, Bobby,” she whimpered, her voice trembling.


Jill and Darcy were playing bingo on the midway when Prissy and Bobby found them. The four of them walked to the car and went home.

Bobby was feeling quite satisfied with his day at the fair, and he and Prissy rode in the back seat. He had all he could do from grabbing her and taking her panties clown right then and there. She was such an alluring darling, but he sighed deeply and quelled his emotion.

They watched some television, then everyone went to bed. Bobby thought about going to Prissy’s room in the middle of the night, but then thought better of it. He heard Jim come home late, turn on the television and bang around in the kitchen.

The next morning, Jim was up early, and Bobby heard him tell Jill he had to go on a business trip, to apologize to Bobby that he wouldn’t be around. Jim gave instructions to Jill about some incoming phone calls he was expecting.

Bobby got up about an hour later, and went to the bathroom down the hall. The upstairs floor was composed of four bedrooms. Each daughter had a small room at the end of the hall with their own bathroom, then there was Bobby’s guest room, another bathroom, then the master bedroom.

Bobby stood at the bathroom sink, peering into the mirror as he shaved with an electric razor. He had a white, terrycloth towel wrapped around his middle.

He was thinking how happy he was that he had stopped to see Uncle Jim and Aunt Jill, how delighted he was that he had pleasured Prissy. He wondered about Darcy, lift plump ass, her over-ripe tits, her sweet, round face.

His cock thumped under the towel and bulged out in a hint of erection. It was at that moment that sin, her face radiating, her movie-star beauty sparkling, her lush, mature body vibrating under a pink robe, walked into the bathroom.

“Oh, excuse me, Bobby! I didn’t know you were in here,” Jill said.

She was combing her hair, the brush gliding in smooth laps at her dark-brown hair… She stopped combing when she saw Bobby’s taut, hard, military body wrapped only in a flimsy towel. Jill also noticed how his cock lifted the towel out at his crotch.

Bobby finished shaving, clicked the razor off, then turned to face his beautiful aunt. Their gaze met. His cock thumped. The towel lifted. He saw the crevice, the plunging V of her robe, the bulge of her huge tits against the terrycloth.

His cock kept rising until it pushed so hard at the towel that the slip knot at the side came undone. The towel came loose and floated to the floor, leaving Bobby nude before Aunt Jill.

She stared in wide-eyed fascination and amazement as his cock kept rising, lifting proudly into a hot, hard, simmering erection. Jill’s gaze did not leave his blossoming cock. She stared in rapt surprise at the length, the thickness, the hardness of her nephew’s enormous prick.

“My God, Bobby!” she whispered.

He let her look, let her see his marvelous cock. Jill seemed to tremble and shake a tiny bit at his lifting cock, watching his thick cock-stalk until Bobby had a full hard-on.

Bobby moved toward her, his cock wobbling like a wild branch in a whipping wind. Jill caught his hard-on in her hand as he came close to her. She locked her fingers around his cockstalk in an overhanded grip.

“Mmmmmphhhh,” she mumbled, “good grief, Bobby!”

He took her in his arms, kissed her passionately, their eager lips sucking, their hot tongues slapping. His hands fanned out over her fabulous ass, feeling the roundness of her asscheeks, through the terrycloth.

Her hand squeezed down on his prick. She looked up into his eyes at the end of their hot kiss. “Bobby, this is an amazing erection,” she commented.

“For you, Aunt Jill,” he whispered, his voice trembling with emotion, passion.

His hands came up to her marvelous tits, and he spread the robe, opening it down the middle to reveal his aunt in her darling white panties and white bra.

“You’re beautiful,” said Bobby.

“Mmmmmffff, I don’t know about this,” she whimpered, squishing his cock in her hand even tighter, almost as if she had a fuck-vise on it.

Bobby brought his hands up to her bulging white bra, soft nylon cups, shiny straps. Her tits were like big bowls of gelatin squashed together by the pull of the bra.

She wore a sweet pair of white nylon panties that fit her luscious, mature, supple hips like a tight love-glove. Bobby kissed her again and sent his hand between her legs, his fingers rubbing lightly on the crotch of Jill’s panties, tickling the thick rich carpet of cunt curls pressing against the nylon, making a soft muffin where her panties tightly tugged into a V.

His tongue leaped into her mouth. She kept a tight grip on his cock, rubbing the drooling cockhead on her slick, creamy thigh. They broke the kiss, gasping, and Bobby reached up with his free hand, as he kept rubbing Jill’s pussy, and took her tits out over the top of the bra, setting them up there like huge balloons.

“Jesus,” he murmured, then ducked his head down and began slithering his tongue all over the immense expanse of tit offered to him by gorgeous Jill.

She was shaking, trembling, hot as a blowtorch. “Oh, God, Bobby,” she moaned lightly.

He brought his hand up and dipped it deep into Jill’s white undies, slid his fingers through that thick, brown thicket, fucking a finger into her pussy.

“Oooof, whooo, huhhh!” Jill huffed. “Oh, huh, uh, uh… whewffffff!”

Bobby’s cock spit a gob of cream. His jism splashed on Jill’s panties. His hand was at work inside, a slow herky-jerky finger-fuck.

“God, I’ve always wanted to suck on these big things,” Bobby panted hotly, his tongue slashing, looping, curling over the nipples of her tits.

“Lucky you, huh Bobby?” Jill whispered.

“Oh, yeah, yeah,” he huffed.

Her hand danced slowly, in and out, in and out, on Bobby’s burning, hard prick. Bobby opened his mouth wide, sucked one, then the other of her tits.

His hand knuckled out her panties at the crotch as his finger kept fucking in and out of her wet, jizzy pussy.

Bobby kissed over her tits, her bra, her belly, slid his hand out of her panties, knelt before Jill and rained tiny kisses all over the front of her panties. He reached up and tugged them down, slowly.

“May I take your panties down, Aunt Jill?”

“Looks like you already have, Bobby.”

Indeed. He had the pants on Jill’s thighs now, exposing the lush garden of thick brown pussy hair between her legs. He stared at it, kissed her thighs, licked wildly at the creamy goodness, then muffed his face into her pussy and kissed her cunt.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I was little,” he gasped.

“Oh, God, Bobby… let’s see, would have been in my twenties.”

He licked up-down the cunt slit. “Would you have let me?”

“I don’t know… oh, hell yes, if I’d known… I… oh, Bobby, God, I don’t know. I’m your aunt, after all.”

His mouth sucked at her cunt, sucked all the soft pussy meat into his mouth, then he chewed it deliciously.

“Bobby, jeezuzzzz!” Jill moaned.

She leaned back against the sink and rolled her hips in lewd circles at Bobby’s gaping mouth, his licking, slicking tongue. Her chin was tucked in, and she looked down, excited by her nephew’s voracious pussy appetite.

He finally got her panties down on her ankles as he eagerly ate her cunt. Jill stepped out of them. Bobby stood up. His cock slapped against his belly and wobbled. He bent his knees and humped down so his prick leveled out at her pussy. Jill reached for his hard-on, clutched the cockstalk, brought the burning prickhead to her pussy and plugged him in.

“Whoo, wow!” Bobby panted.

“You’re such a naughty boy, Bobby,” Jill whispered, her words like sweet honey.

“I’m fuckin’ you, Aunt Jill,” he sobbed, his voice trembling, his cock fucking slowly in and out of her sucking pussy, his ass pumping ever so meticulously, his balls swinging.

Jill liked the feel, the thick spread or his huge cock in her cunt. She couldn’t remember a prick being this hard in her before this moment. She looked down and watched Bobby fuck in and out of her. She set her legs apart, her high heels, black and shiny, firmly on the bathroom tiles, and began a slow circular screwing with her hips, pushing and humping to meet his thrusting prick.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, Aunt Jill,” Bobby moaned. “I used to jack off to you all the time. I used to love when you’d visit us, so I could see you.”

“My, my, you were a naughty boy, weren’t you, Bobby? Shame on you… jackin’ off to me all the time.”

His cock was sliding beautifully in and out of Jill’s pussy, and she was thrilled with the hard fucking, the immense cock stuffing her cunt.

Both of them were peering down, watching the glide, the intriguing slick flow of his thick cockstalk as he fucked in and out, his knees still bent, his balls swinging to and fro. A sweet slushing sound, a syrupy sucking filled the bathroom.

“Yeah, once I jacked off in your panties. I went to the guest room when everybody left one night, and I found a pair of yellow panties you had worn in your suitcase. I sat down on the bed and beat off in them.”

Jill smiled. “Bobby, you were really a wicked kid, weren’t you?”


“And now look what you’re doin’ to me.”

“God yes, I’m fuckin’ you, Aunt Jill,” he huffed hotly.

“And you’re sooooo hard, Bobby!”

She slowly ground her hips around and around, lewd corkscrewing, fucking into the plunge and drive of Bobby’s fuck-strokes, fucking back at him salaciously, a sweet, sexy smile toying at the corners of her mouth.

“Wow, you got a body, Aunt Jill,” Bobby said, putting his hands on her hips, looking into her movie-star face, her thick lips, the red, fresh lipstick. She wound her arms around his neck. Then he brought his hands up to her tits and held them, bobbling them loosely on his palms.

His cock fucked harder now into Jill’s itching pussy, and soon he was fucking her with eight inches of prick.

A sensation of sweet satisfaction rippled through Jill. This was the best fucking she had in years, maybe ever. Bobby’s prick was so incredibly rigid, hot, thick, slicking in and out of her cunt. Oh, how she loved it, how it excited her, pleased her.

He played with her tits, fucked his prick, and Jill kept time with the bump and grind of her hips. It was a grand fuck, an award-winning fuck in the bathroom, both nephew and aunt caught in the exciting flow of erotic love, pure pleasure, divine delight.

Bobby was trembling badly. His whole body shuddered, he was so hot. Jill was shaking, too. They were drowning in the rolling waves of ecstasy.

“Fuck it, Bobby, go on fuck like that,” Jill whispered.

He pushed and gave her all ten inches.

“Ooooh, fuuhhhh, offf!” Jill gurgled.

Now he gave her big, long, slurping fuckstrokes, his hard cock sliding and slicking in and out of Jill’s fabulous pussy.

His knees were still bent, and Jill was still fucking back at Bobby. He continued to hold, jiggle, fondle her huge tits. He looked into her brown eyes. Their stare was magnetic. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes, and then Jill felt the hot, roaring flush of cock cream that spurt out of Bobby’s prick and flooded her pussy.

He was fucking her with short, hard rabbit jabs now, and she felt the simmer of her climax start slowly, then consume her entire body in rapturous delight.

“Oh, God, Bobby!” she yelped. “Oh, wow! Shit! Oh, oh, uh, uh, whoooooffffff!”

“Aunt Jill! Aunt Jill!” Bobby cried, his cock pouring cum into bet sucking cunt like hot lava.

“Fuck, Bobby, fuck!” Jill gulped. His cock happily hammered her pussy. Bobby squirted gobs of cream as he jabbed her with those hot fuck-strokes, quick, fast, hot, slick.

He had his hands on her hips, holding on. Jill felt the incredible bulge, the bloat of his prick in her pussy.

She climaxed violently, the shudder shaking through her like rough wind. “Ahhhh, oh, ahhhh, whew!” she babbled.

Then they were standing still, trembling in each other’s arms, clinging, holding on, their breathing coming in rapid gulps, hot rasps. They panted as their bodies stopped trembling.

Bobby’s cock was still in Jill’s pussy. She felt it wilting slowly. “My, my, Bobby,” she cooed. “You really did fuck your Aunt Jill, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he panted. “It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

“Better than beatin’ off to me all the time, huh, Bobby?”

“Oh boy, yeah… but I love to whack off to you, fantasize so many things with you.”

“Like what?”

“Like how you would suck my cock,” he said sheepishly.

“You think about that a lot?”


“Lucky you, huh, Bobby?”

She slipped back and his cock sucked out of her pussy. Jill reached down and clipped her fingers around the gooey, slick cockshaft.

“You’d think of me sucking your prick, and then you’d jack off?”

“Yes,” he huffed.

Jill felt his cock thump in her grip. She squeezed. “What would I do?”

“You’d be kneeling in front of me, really suckin’ on it.”

Jill kissed down his flat, military tummy, her tongue licking, slashing around, licking down as she ducked over. Then she knelt down on both knees in front of Bobby, her hand pumping slowly on his hardening prick.

“That’d be somethin’ wouldn’t it, me kneeling in front of you, really suckin’ on it, huh?”

His cock got bigger in her grip. She pumped with one hand while her other hand jiggled his balls. His prick throbbed into a stiff hard-on.

“It’d be pretty naughty for your aunt to do that, Bobby… to be suckin’ on your prick, your big prick, Bobby.”

“It’d be fantastic!” he said hotly.

“You’d be a pretty lucky guy to have your Aunt Jill suck your prick, Bobby.”

“Oh, Jesus!” he panted.

Her lips touched the big red head of his huge cock. She kissed the tip with sucking lips, her tongue lolling around in a swirl.

“Oh, ohhhhh, fuck!” Bobby gasped.

Jill kissed all over the head of his bulging hard-on, licking, kissing, her red, lipsticked lips soft, gooey, electric, and Bobby moaned in hot, deep delight.

“You’d be pretty lucky if your Aunt Jill sucked your cock, Bobby,” Jill whispered.

“Darn right, I would,” he gasped.

Her tongue licked down along one side of his tremendous hard-on, then she licked back up, swished her tongue across the tip, and slicked down the other side of his cock to his balls. She flapped and lapped at his huge balls, tickling, titillating Bobby into tremors of pleasure.

His cock wobbled, thrummed, throbbed as she licked, her hands free, simply letting her tongue glide over the boy’s wobbling, thumping prick.

“How big is this thing, Bobby?” Jill finally whispered, unable to keep her intrigue with his big prick contained.

“Ten inches.”

“Whew!” Jill gasped.

Then she reached back into a drawer next to the sink. She withdrew a tape measure, a yellow-and-black tape, and she pulled it along the side, then on top of his prick, measuring his fucker.

“Shit, Bobby, it’s more than ten inches!”

“It is?”

“It’s right at eleven, honey.”

She dropped the tape and clutched both hands around his wild freak-cock, kissed the cockhead again and sucked his prick into her mouth, taking him flush back into her throat opening, then bobbing in and out, her pretty head dipping, her lush lips locked on his throbbing prick.

“Oh, oh, Aunt Jill… I’ve thought about this so many times while I beat off to you.”

She sucked sweetly on his huge prick, her lips gliding in and out, her tongue swerving around. She held his cock with one hand now at the base of the stalk, while she held her hand under the big balls and cupped them.

“Damn, Aunt Jill!” Bobby cried.

Now she was really dipping in and out, her face a mask of passion, her lips plunging around the hard cockstalk, and she sucked, sucked, sucked… her head bobbing like a chicken.

Bobby threw his head back in pure delight, wrinkling his forehead, a smile of satisfaction playing on his lips.

Jill really had a good blow-job going on her little, handsome nephew. His cock was so large that she ravished it, sucked, bit, licked, slobbered in hot licks and sweet sucks.

“God, I’m so lucky!” Bobby yelped.

“Mmmmmm, mmmm,” Jill agreed, her month bulging with cock, her cheeks puffed out as if she were blowing a bubble.

She could feel his cock get harder and could not imagine a prick so big, so hard. She sucked in loud slurps now, and she knew she had Bobby on the edge. She slid off his cock quickly, grabbed it and pumped wildly, jacked her hand in a flashing, blazing blur.

Bobby came. He erupted. Gobs of jism flew from the tip of his prick and splattered on Jill’s tits. Big splashes of warm cockcream splattered onto the beautiful woman. She pumped, jerked, hiked her hand in a hot hand-job, making Bobby stiff as a board, his cock pouring a gushing stream of steaming cum at her. A hunk splashed on the tip of her nose, another gob splattered on her cheek, dribbling slowly to the corner of her mouth. All the time, her hand strummed beautifully midway on Bobby’s prick, jacking him, the top of his cock wiggling, wobbling, bulging, and spitting gooey jizz in hot spurts.

“Aunt Jill!” Bobby sobbed. “Oh, damn that’s good… you do that so good.”

“Cream off, Bobby!” she hissed back at him. “Cream off!”

She loved the feel of his super-hard prick in her hand — the hardness, the slick cockstalk, the shooting prickhead. She ogled the explosion of cock cream that hosed her. She watched her hand move faster and faster, stiffening Bobby’s body even more, making him moan like a wild animal.

“Ahhhhhh!” he cried.

“I’m doin’ it, Bobby… I’m beatin’ you off — all the way off, and you’re shootin’ like fire hose.”

“My, my, Bobby — you are a naughty one.”

“Can we, though?”

“We’ll see.”

“Know what else I’ve always wanted to do?” he asked.

She was intrigued by all the fantasies he created around her, flattered and excited by it.

“What, Bobby?”

“This,” he said, dipping down to his knees and turning her sideways in the mirror, kneeling behind her. His hands fanned out over the marvelous expanse of her fabulous plush ass.

“I’ve always wanted to lick your ass, kiss your ass, Aunt Jill.”

“Oooo, whew, Bobby — that’s really naughty!”

“I’ve dreamed of doing it.”

And his tongue was suddenly slapping at the cheeks of Jill’s ass, and he licked in long tongue strokes all over the firm, round hillocks.

Then he ran his tongue up and down, slicked and licked up and down the crack of her ass, slithering his tongue like a wild snake.

“Bobbbbbby!” Jill groaned excitedly.

“Mmmm,” Bobby mumbled, testifying to the tastiness of Jill’s big, round ass.

He twirled his tongue wildly now, shoving it up her asshole.

“Whewwww, sheezzz!” Jill hissed.

Bobby licked the rim, then twiddled his hot tongue at Jill’s sweet assbud.

She shivered with delight. “Oh, wow, right up my shithole!” she gasped. “Feels good.”

“Mmmmmm, good,” Bobby murmured.

“Oh, you bad boy!”

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, good.”

Then Jill cooed hotly at him. “Fuck my asshole with your nasty tongue, Bobby.”

His tongue and mouth made loud shushing noises as he filled Jill’s ass crack with hot spit, then tickled at her asshole again.

Jill watched in the mirror the way Bobby had her gorgeous ass cheeks spread, how his face was mashed into the chubby roundness, how his head twisted. His nose nuzzled the crack of her an.

“Rim me, Bobby. Rim my asshole, give me a rim-job, it’s what you always wanted to do… what you dreamed of… what you jacked off to, just what’re doin’ now.”

“Mmmmmmm, mmmm,” he moaned, slapping her asshole loudly with his wobbling tongue.

Jill stood nude except for her black high heels and her bra, which was overflowing with her huge tits. She bent over, put her hands on her knees and began a lewd roll-show, her ass undulating in slow circles.

Jill peered at her gorgeous face in the mirror, her thick red lips, her wonderful tits, she looked back and watched her nephew eat out her asshole.

She stuck her hand between her legs and began a slow roll on her clit, finger-fucking herself while Bobby pleasured her with his tongue. It felt good. She rolled her ass back at Bobby. He licked frantically up and down the crack, wiggling his tongue wildly at her shithole. Jill fucked her pussy with her fingers, all bent over, looking marvelous.

Bobby stood up. His cock was hard again, and it banged against Jill’s spit-soaked ass. He bent at the knees, humped down, and shoved his huge prick between Jill’s thighs. She watched in the mirror, saw the cockhead slide out from between her legs, the big bulging prickhead. She caught it in her palm, bent the tip back and rubbed her pussylips with Bobby’s brick-hard cock.

She bent over a more, spread her legs wide, reached up, one hand still on her knee, grabbed his prick, then inserted the cockhead in her cunt.

They watched in the mirror as Bobby gurgled his passion in a low moan, then started a slow fuck-stroke, slicking, sliding, sawing his prick between Jill’s thighs from behind, shoving several hard inches of cock in and out of her pussy.

They were both hot again, breathing heavily.

Bobby’s cock made clicking noises, like someone chewing gum, as it fucked in and out of Jill’s pussy.

“You do like to fuck, don’t you, Bobby?” Jill whispered.

“Yes, with you, Aunt Jill… with you!”

“You are somethin’ else, Bobby… you are a bad boy.”

“Could we just stay here and fuck all day, Aunt Jill?”

“You are crazy, aren’t you, Bobby? No we can t.”

“Then tonight, late, can I fuck you?” Their eyes met in the mirror, a magnetic connection. Bobby’s cock fucked in and out of her cunt, and Jill felt good.

“I wanna fuck you again tonight,” Bobby huffed, putting his hands on Jill’s swinging ass, holding her hips, fucking into her faster and faster.

“You come to my room after everyone’s gone to sleep, Bobby. We’ll go in the closet and you can fuck me.”

Bobby came.

Jill felt the splashing cum-load. She fucked back as he humped like an animal behind her. She fucked faster and faster, grinding down on his cock, taking as much as she could get.

The sweet thrill of sex-satisfaction swept her body in a flood of radiant pleasure.


That evening, Janet Miller and her two children arrived. Janet was Jill’s sister. Janet had dark-brown hair like her sister, and she was a shorter. She was stacked like a new deck of cards, tight and slick.

She ware a Navy-blue skirt that wrapped around her supple hips, gloved her ass beautifully — a nice round, succulent-looking ass. She had on a white sweater and, like her sister, she had a generous set of ills that pushed pointedly against the sweater. She had round eyes, big brownies, an oval face, and again like her sister, was a very stunning lady.

Her daughter April had sandy-blonde hair, a darling face, almost adult, but so smooth, the skin tight, the structure magnificent. Her body was firm, compact, set on a thin but luscious frame. She was just under five feet, and she wore a pair of tight yellow shorts and a black tank top. She had on white tennis shoes.

The tank top was tight and her cute tits pushed it out, set high, looking like lemons.

Ronnie was growing thin and tall, had a crew cut and a square jaw. He had sandy hair and freckles.

Janet and Jill left for their shopping trip, and Bobby, Prissy, and the visiting cousins, April and Ronnie, watched television for a while. Bobby cooked TV dinners, and when it turned dark outside April suggested they play flashlight tag.

“Someone’s it, then they take the flashlight and try to find you hiding. And they have to flash it on you… and then that one’s it.”

April had been wiggling her fine ass all day in front of Bobby. She was an incredible show-off. Bobby watched in amazement at the way she carried herself, things she did… a regular prick-teaser.

Poor, sweet Darcy, Prissy’s sister, was picked to be it, and she agreed.

“You’re gonna play aren’tcha, Bobby?” April asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.”

April was such a smashing nymphette. She put her hands on her hips and said: “Aw, come an, Bobby.”

All the others agreed he should play, too. So he did. The lights were turned off. Then April had to wait in the kitchen while everyone hid. When the lights blackened, Bobby felt someone take his hand. He was pulled upstairs.

“Hide with me, Bobby,” April whispered. “We can hide together.”

They crept upstairs, down the hall, into Bobby’s guest room, and hid themselves in a big closet. They sat down beside each other in the dark. Then Bobby found a small light, almost like a night light.

April clutched his hand. She snuggled in close. Bobby put his arm around her, his hand coming down in front, brushing her firm tits.

April looked down and saw the cock-bulge in his jeans. She glanced up into his eyes, her blue eyes sparkling, mischievous.

Bobby kissed her fresh pink lips, a sweet, juicy, candy-kiss. His tongue rolled slowly over April’s lips, and he nibbled on her lower lip. He felt her tremble. He pushed her back and lay beside her as they continued kissing, and then he couldn’t restrain himself… he dipped his hand down between April’s legs, felt her smooth, thighs, and clutched her cunt, rubbed at her crotch through her tight yellow shorts. Her pussy felt like a hard plum down there, and he ran his fingers into the shorts, rubbing at her pussy.

He pulled her close to him in their kiss, and his huge prick throbbed against her belly. He moved his hand around behind her and caressed her stunning ass. His cock throbbed, beat and pulsated with excitement.

Bobby slid his hand under her shorts, got a button loose on the side and took them down. He pulled them over her knees and took them off. April wore a sweet pair of tight white panties, thin nylon. Bobby stuck his hand into the panties and felt her pussy, the warm soft goodness of her cunt.

“What’cha doin’ to me, Bobby?” April whispered salaciously.

“Playin’,” Bobby whispered, his voice trembling his body on fire, his stomach fluttering.

“You probably shouldn’t play with your cousin like this, huh?” April cooed.

“I’ll show you my prick if you wanna see it, April. I’ll show you, if you’ll let me see your pussy.”

“Okay, yeah, yeah,” April puffed. “Let me see it!”

Bobby stood up and took down his pants. He wore Jockey shorts, and he took them down. His cock slapped back at his belly with a thump. He sat down next to April. Her bright blue eyes were wide, and a surprised look masked her face. Her mouth formed a wide O.

The darling stared at Bobby’s ten-inch prick. She kept looking, marveling at the thickness, the length, the beautiful big red cockhead. She gave his balls a good look also, saw them pillowed against the hardwood floor of the closet.

“Now you,” Bobby said. “Lemme see your cunt!”

April stood up and took her white panties down to her ankles, then stood on display for Bobby. Her pussy was covered with a fabulous blonde fuzz. Her legs were fantastic, her hips genuinely a work of art, her tiny waist flaring up to the tight black top.

“Take the top off, too,” Bobby said.

She pulled it up over her head, then threw it to the floor. She wore no bra. Her tits were delights. She was radiant, standing nude in the closet except for her white tennis shoes.

Her pretty face was glowing. She looked at Bobby’s prick, then to his eyes, watching how he devoured her with his fuck-hot stare.

“Now turn ail the way around,” Bobby said. April turned and let him look at her ass. He sucked in his breath with admiration.

“You been swingin’ your ass around, showing it off all day, haven’t you?” he whispered.

Bobby had his cock in his hand now, pumping very slowly, almost lewdly. April watched in rapt fascination.

“What’cha doin’, Bobby?”

“Playin’ with my prick.”


“I wanna kiss yours. I’ll let you kiss mine,” Bobby said.

“Yeah, you wanna?”

He got up on his knees and crawled to her. He slipped his hands behind her and fanned them over her lowly ass. Then he ducked in and plastered a hot, wet, slobbering, juicy kiss on April’s cunt.

He sucked as he kissed, and it was a feeling April had never experienced before. She loved it. Bobby kept the kiss hot and sloppy, then licked slowly into her cuntlips, up and down her slick, tight cunt slit.

“Now let me kiss yours,” April panted hotly.

Bobby sat back down. April sat beside him. She bent over and puckered her sweet lips and pecked at the tip of his cock. She kissed ever so lightly, just brushing her lips on the cockhead. Bobby gasped loudly and grabbed his stiff prick at the base and held so it could stick straight up for April.

She kissed all over his gooey pricktip, her lips parted, the pink gloss glistening as it mixed with the seepage of jizz from Bobby’s piss slit.

“It’s real big, Bobby,” April whispered.

“On hard for you, April.”

She kissed his prick again. She looked into his eyes. She dipped and kissed again. Her lips slid over the cockhead until she had the big bulb in her mouth, her lips sealed around it, her cheeks all puffed up.

“That’s right. Suck on my cock, April,” Bobby groaned.

She sucked slowly, methodically. Bobby loved watching her do him, how her ponytails wobbled, her lips like plungers. She lifted off his cock finally and caught her breath.

“Now you dome again,” she said.

She lay back, and Bobby got between her legs, spread them flat against the floor, then cocked them at the knees. He bent over and licked along her thighs, up over the smoothness until his tongue was wagging on her cunt.

“Ahhhh, ohhhh,” April sobbed.

He sucked her cunt and tickled her clit with his wild tongue, and April lay beneath him, squirming with eager emotion. Without trying to, she was bumping and bouncing her ass around on the floor, pushing her pussy to Bobby’s hungry mouth.

He slid his hands under her ass, lifted it up off the floor, and chomped like a wild man on the girl’s sweet, delicious pussy. He licked, nibbled, sucked, tickled. April was up on her elbows above him now, her chin tucked against her collarbone as she peered down at Bobby.

April felt wonderful sensations sizzle her body, felt a deep thrill and excitement she had never known. She was fascinated by watching Bobby kiss and suck her pussy… and she loved how Bobby made her feel.

Then she came.

He got a lip-lock on her clit and flittered her into a paroxysm of absolute pleasure. A ripple of delight spread through her like a soft electric buzz. She stiffened like a board, humped her hips up at Bobby, and he sucked her into oblivion.

She fell back on the floor, then got up slowly. Bobby sat back down.

“Now you do it to me,” he said.

“Kiss and suck?”


She bent over and pressed her lips to his cockhead again. Then she sealed her lips around his pricktip and sucked. She clutched the cockstalk in one hand and held his hard-on as her head bobbed up and down.

“Oh, April,” Bobby panted. “You make me feel damn good.”

She looked at him, glancing up as she sucked. She bobbed faster, her hand pulling and pushing on his prick at the same time.

“Yeah kiss and suck my prick, cousin!” Bobby gasped.

He came wildly, his prick spitting out a cumload into April’s mouth that gagged her, made her back off his cock, still pumping on it, cum goozing from her mouth, over her lips, her chin. And she kept her eyes glued to his erupting cock, watching Bobby fizz and shoot his wad.

“Bobby… you’re doin’ it, huh? Shootin’?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he panted in ecstasy. His cock spit, spurt, and April watched in admiration and fascination, gobs of cock cream clinging to her sweet mouth and chin. Her hand kept thumping up and down on Bobby’s massive prick, really giving him a slick hand-job.

“All in free!” came Darcy’s voice from the kitchen.

“We have to go in,” April said.

“Huh… okay, yeah, yeah,” Bobby panted.

“Gee, Bobby, that was nice,” April said. “Would you kiss and suck on me again sometime?”

“Damn right, suck and kiss your cunt.”

“My cunt, yeah, again, huh?”

“You bet.”

Bobby had his hankie out, wiping the cum from his cock. They got up and crept to the kitchen.

“Ronnie is it,” Darcy said. “I tagged him with the flashlight.”

“Okay, then we’ll all go hide again,” Prissy said.

She looked darling in a tight pair of red shorts and white T-shirt and white tennis shoes. Her hair was done in a long ponytail. Her sweet tits pushed deliciously at her shirt, and her ass was a ravishing sight in the hot tight shorts.

The lights went out. Bobby grabbed Prissy’s hand and led her down the hall. He pulled her into the bathroom.

“He’ll find us in here,” Prissy said. She took Bobby’s hand and led him back through the house to the kitchen. “In here, there’s a pantry. He doesn’t even know it’s here, right off the side of this hall near the kitchen?”

She led Bobby into the pantry. He turned on an overhead bulb. Prissy locked the door.

“See, you can even lock the door. He’ll never tag us here.”

“I wanna show you somethin’,” Bobby said.

“Yeah, what this time?”

“I wanna play with your butt.”

“No, Bobby.”

He had her pressed to him, his hand fanning her miraculous ass. “I wanna feel it,” he whispered.

“Don’t do that, Bobby.”

He squeezed, cupped, caressed the cheeks of her ass, and he kissed her cherry-tasting lips, his tongue gliding into her mouth.

She broke the kiss as he fingered up her ass through the shorts.

“Now, stop!” she snapped.

“I wanna take your shorts down and see your butt.”

“I’ll take you to the mall and buy you anything you want.”

“You will?”



“Just to see my butt?”


“Okay then,” she said.

She unbuttoned her shorts at the side and slid them down to her knees, but they fell down around her ankles in a red ruffle. She stood in the white T-shirt and a pretty pair of yellow panties of thin nylon.

The panties fit her so tight and snug, pulling high on her ass.

She turned sideways so Bobby could see her that way, then turned and let him look at her as she stood with her back to him. He eyed her magnificent ass, the absolutely perfect curves, the tightness.

“You’ve got the best ass,” he whispered.

“Yeah? Well, you were sure lookin’ at April’s butt in the kitchen,” Prissy said.

She started to pull up her shorts, bending over, pulling at them.

“Don’t! Let me see your butt with your panties down, too,” Bobby said.

“You didn’t say that.”

“Come on,” Bobby pleaded. “I said I’d buy you anything.”

“Okay then — for a minute,” Prissy said, tugging her pants down on her thigh, showing off her fabulous ass.

Bobby gasped. He fell to his knees and began raining kisses all over her smooth, firm ass cheeks.

“Bobby, stop that,” she protested.

But he was into it, and he had his hands on her ass, clutching the tight cheeks, spreading them, and before Prissy could argue, his tongue was wagging wildly up and down her tight ass crack, up and down, lapping, slicking, slapping, wiggling, licking.

“Uh, uh, ah, Bobbbeeee, don’t… come on, please donnnnohhhhhh!”

His tongue licked up and down the crack of her divine ass, really sending a wild sensation through Prissy, turning her on and thrilling her with new vibrations of lust.

Prissy reached out with both hands and grasped a shelf that was filled with various canned goods, all those cans staring her in the face, the smell of flour in the pantry, that hot tongue licking the crack of her virgin ass.

Bobby was so excited just giving her gorgeous ass a rim-job he got another hard-on, and his prick was still sticky with the cum that April had sucked out of it.

His tongue slicked up and down the juicy crack of her ass. He licked and lapped, his tongue hooking out, wide, long, pink and wet.

“You, oh… you shouldn’t be doin’ that, Bobby Madison!”

“Oh, but I am, and you like it, too,” he panted hotly.

“You do such dirty things!”

“Mmmmm, mmmm, yummy,” he mumbled.

“Oh, stop that!”

Then his tongue was twirling at her whole. “Oh… oh, ahhhh,” Prissy moaned with delight.

His tongue swirled at the rim of her ass, wiggled like a wild feather. She clutched the shelf for balance. She was weak with excitement.

Bobby kept up the hot tongue-action on her asshole, really swirling and twirling. He clutched at her ass cheeks, spread them out wide, made wild tongue-fucking love to her asshole.

“You’ve got the best ass goin’,” Bobby gulped. “I love your butt, Prissy.”

“Your lickin’ my butthole… oh, Bobby!” she chirped.

He reached around her with one hand and hooked a finger into her pussy and began fingerfucking her while he ate her asshole.

She panted and gasped with joy at the hot finger and the slobbering tongue that were giving her so much pleasure, and Bobby was hot, too. His cock was bulging in his jeans in delight at Prissy’s Goddess teen ass.

He could feel her on the edge of climax. He shoved his tongue viciously up her asshole, fucked his finger in and out of her cunt, and undid his jeans.

Bobby spun her around suddenly. Prissy banged back against the shelves. She reached out and got her balance. Bobby stood up. She gasped at his massive prick wobbling at her. Bobby bent his knees, put his feet solidly apart, grasped his prick and rubbed the tip into her fuzzy pussy.

“No, I told you — no fucking,” she said.

But his cockhead had slipped in her juicy, wet cunt, and he had penetrated a couple of inches. He shoved harder and gave her more cock.

“Ufff. Ah!” Prissy grunted. She looked down and watched saw how his cock was connected to her slippery pussy. She shuddered with satisfaction.

Bobby began a slow fuck-stroke, giving her a full four inches. She was able to take his cock without any trouble. His cock was rigid and hard like a pipe. It fucked in and out easily.

“Bobby, don’t. It’s dirty,” Prissy huffed.

“It’s beautiful. Fuckin’ is beautiful,” he answered, swinging, rocking back and forth, sawing his giant prick at her sweet cunt.

Prissy reached out and put her arms around his neck, held on, tucked her chin in and looked down at the fucking action.

“You mustn’t do it!” she cried.

But he was. His cock was thick and lugged in and out, plugging the teen angel’s tight cunt. Prissy’s chin was still tucked in, her head down, watching the slide of his prick fucking her pussy. Four big inches in her, and the rest like a pipe between them. Bobby’s cock was slick and wet with her cunt juice.

“You know darn well you shouldn’t be doin’ this to me, Bobby,” Prissy whispered.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” Bobby huffed confidently.

Prissy reached down and jerked his cock out of her cunt. Her hand kept humming on his prickstalk. Bobby slid his finger in her cunt. She jacked furiously on his prick.

“I said no fuckin’,” she gasped.

“Oh, Prissy, I love you, damnit,” Bobby said.

Prissy’s hand was sweet and tight on his cockstalk, and she jerked in and out with an overhand grip. Bobby slugged two fingers into her slurping pussy. They jerked each other there in the pantry, and Bobby knew he was experiencing a rapturous wonder that he probably would remember the rest of his life. A solid satisfaction sizzled his entire body. He felt Prissy stiffen.

“Prissy, honey!” he yelped.

His cock erupted. A thick wad of cum shot out and splashed against Prissy’s belly. She looked beautiful there with her panties and shorts down on her ankles, her hand pumping on Bobby’s hard prick.

“Oh, Bobby, here it comes,” she sighed. “I’m gonna feel it!”

They shuddered together. Bobby’s hard cock kept shooting his cream on her belly, and Prissy kept jacking on his cum-spurting cock.

“I love you,” he panted.

Prissy slumped back against the shelves. “You’re squirtin’ all over me, Bobby. You shouldn’t do that.”

“But I love you.”

“Oh, God, Bobby,” she sobbed. Bobby fingered her cunt wildly as she came, and she fell forward into his arms. His big cock slapped up against her tummy and kept spurting cum.

He kissed her sweet lips.

“I liked it when you licked my butthole,” Prissy whispered.

“I’ll do it again,” he said.

But a voice yelled: “All in free.”


Janet and Jill did not return early, and Bobby figured they must have gone to a movie. So he put the kids to bed, Ronnie in his room, April with Prissy, and Darcy alone in her room. He went downstairs and watched TV, then went upstairs and took a shower.

Bobby relaxed under the warm spray, got out, toweled down, and decided to go to Jill’s bedroom. He opened a drawer, found her panties, and drew out a pair of pink ones that he fancied masturbating in.

Suddenly a stack of Polaroid pictures caught his eye. “My God,” he whispered.

It was Jill sucking on his uncle’s prick, her mouth bloated, cheeks all puffed out, almost as if she were choking on the hard fucker.

He took the picture from the top of the stack, hoping Jill wouldn’t miss it, then he looked at the rest… Jill fucking, Jill sucking on her knees giving his uncle a blow-job. He trembled all over.

“I wonder who took these — maybe they had a timer,” he whispered, fingering the photos, his cock rising rapidly under the towel that was knotted around his waist.

He reached down and massaged his cock as he looked at Aunt Jill’s bulging cheeks, her cock-stuffed lips.

“Shit,” he whispered. He put the pictures back in place, but kept the one of Jill sucking, walked back toward his room, back to where Ronnie was sleeping. He tiptoed in and put the picture under his own pillow.

A door slammed downstairs. Bobby crept back out of the room and stood at the top of the stairs, a protector of the cousins. But it was only his Aunt Jill and Aunt Janet returning from a day shopping, dinner and drinks.

He could see they were a bit tipsy. They saw the handsome man standing at the top of the stairs. Janet smiled sexily, and Jill beckoned with one finger.

“Come on down, Bobby,” Jill said.

Bobby took the stairs carefully, eyeing his two lovely aunts. Jill looked ravishing in a tight, short, wine-red skirt, black blouse, black high heels, sheer hose. The skirt was wrapped around her supple hips and ass like a tight candy wrapper. Janet looked equally stunning dressed in a green skirt, yellow blouse, white heels and dark hose.

He walked into the living room where the two sisters stood, both regal and beautiful.

“Hello, Bobby,” Jill said, a smile tugging at her lips.

“Hi, Aunt Jill.”

His cock was half hard under the towel. Janet eyed the bulge.

“What were you doing upstairs?” Jill asked. “Just finished taking a shower,” Bobby answered.

Bobby eyed the gorgeous sisters, their plush bodies, their huge tits, those flaring hips, the tight skirts, things of erotic nature… their red lips, green eyes. His cock thumped to a full hard-on.

“He’s a cute sailor, isn’t he, Janet?” Jill wed.

“Mmmmm, mmm,” Janet speed.

Jill west to Bobby and untied the towel. It floated to the carpet, and Bobby’s giant prick snapped back and slapped his belly.

“Jesus, wow!” Janet gasped.

“Huge, isn’t it?” Jill said.

“Oh, my God… my God,” Janet said with a lewd smile.

Bobby stood nude before his aunts. His thick ten-inch prick was handsome, smooth, like a polished hunk of ivory. The big cock-head bulged, red, round, tantalizing.

Jill grabbed his cock, held the stalk, squeezed, pumped in and out. “Feels good. Feels hot,” she whispered.

“Let me,” Janet said.

She moved in and took Bobby’s prick from Jill and inspected the length, the thickness, the hard throbbing that she felt as she wrapped her red fingernails around the prickstalk. She squeezed on his prick, and Bobby looked at her in the eyes with delighted passion.

“He told me he’d been jackin’ off to me since he was little,” Jill said. “Naughty boy, huh, Janet?”

“Oh, yeah, naughty, naughty. Ever beat off to me, Bobby?” Janet asked.

“Yes,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Mmmmm, nice,” Janet whispered.

She ducked down and kissed the tip of his prick. Bobby gasped with joy. Her thick lips were open as if she were French-kissing, and she pecked, kissed, and swirled her tongue on his cockhead. He put his hands on his waist, and she sucked his prick into her mouth, her lips scaling around the cockstalk in a red circle.

“Oh, whew… whuffff, Aunt Janet,” he moaned delightedly.

She was on one knee, her skirt hiked up on a cocked knee, up on her thigh. Her lips sucked like a plunger. Her bobbing head excited Bobby.

“That looks good, Janet,” Jill whispered.

She leaned in and planted a hot kiss on Bobby’s lips, snaking her tongue into his mouth, probing, darting. She reached behind him and cupped his tight sailor’s ass, drew a finger slowly up and down the furry ass crack.

Janet continued her slow, methodic cocksucking. Bobby felt a sweet, sinking feeling, having his two beautiful aunts do him like this.

Jill broke her kiss. “Come on, let’s fuck him,” she said hotly.

Janet stood up. The gorgeous sisters eyed his glistening cockhead. Bobby took Janet in his arms and kissed her savagely, his hands fanning on her marvelous ass, feeling the soft curves, the panda under her tight skirt.

Upstairs, standing in the dark at the railing, Prissy was watching the hot action in the living room below. She wore a pale-blue pair of pajama bottoms and a pink T-shirt. Her pussy itched as she watched her mom and Janet and Bobby engaged in hot sexual activity. She was suddenly, surprised to find Ronnie beside her.

“What’s happening?” he whispered.

“Well, just look. They’re gonna fuck.”

“Ooooo!” Ronnie huffed, sucking in a whisp of air.

His prick leaped to a hard-on. He put his arm around Prissy’s waist, felt her teen queen hips. She looked over and saw the spike in his shorts.

“Take your shorts down and play with it,” she said.

Ronnie whipped the shorts down and grabbed a hard, five-inch prick, and he began to stroke it. Prissy stuck her hand in her pajamas, wiggled them down so they fell on her ankles, and then she fucked a hot finger into her pussy.

Downstairs, Bobby had hiked up Janet’s skirt. He dipped to his knees and tugged at her panties. He took them down and pulled them off. Janet took off her blouse. She stood resplendent in a pair of white panties, white bra, and a black merry widow with garter straps that were tight and taut to her nylons. Her big tits bulged in the bra.

He stood up and kissed her again, reaching into her bra and cupping her tits. He pulled her tits out and set them up over the bra. Then he knelt down and slid Janet’s skirt up.

“Can I take your panties down, too, Aunt Jill?”

“You bet you can, honey.”

He did. And she stripped to a pair of pink panties, pink shiny bra, and she still wore a white garter belt and nylons. Bath women had big bushy, brown-haired pussies. Bobby didn’t know what to do next, so he fell to his knees and muffed his face into Janet’s cunt, licked, tongued, sloshed and slurped.

“Yeah, baby,” she murmured, “suck on my cunt.”

“Come on, let’s fuck,” Jill urged.

Prissy said: “Look, you get behind me,” and Ronnie did so.

“You stick your peter up my butt,” she whispered.

He aimed at her ass crack and pushed his cock into the slit, found her asshole, shaved, pushed the prickhead into her ass.

“Oooo, Prissy!”

“Shhhh, not so loud. Just play it in and out of my butt.”

Prissy bent over, hands on the banister, her ass arched out. Ronnie stood behind her, rocking on his heels, fucking her asshole. He peered over her shoulder to the action down in the living room. Prissy wagged her ass and watched below also.

Down in the living room, Bobby had taken Janet into his arms and was kissing her. His huge prick smashed against her belly and his hands clutched her ass.

They broke the kiss. Jill grabbed Bobby and pulled him down on the floor. Janet got down on her knees with them.

“Who’s gonna fuck him first?” Janet said.

“Who you wanna fuck, Bobby?” Jill asked.

“Both of you.”

“Who first?”

But Janet had already spread herself out on the carpet, her legs spread. She looked exotic, ripe in her lingerie, her big tits out over the bra. Bobby was over her. She grabbed his prick and pulled him down, plugging the massive cock into her cunt.

“Ah, wow!” Janet gulped.

“Whew, shit,” Jill whispered.

Bobby started fucking up and down. His cock rammed in and out of Janet’s pussy. She wound her arms around his neck, pulled his head down, and kissed him hotly. Her legs arched up and she hooked them around him.

She humped her hot hips off the floor, fucking her pussy onto his cock. Bobby’s ass humped up and down. His balls slapped at her soft ass with hard thuds.

Upstairs, Prissy stared at the fucking, loving the small prick pleasuring her asshole. She wound her ass in circles, and Ronnie fucked in and out. He reached under her and clutched her tits.

“Oh, Prissy,” he whispered.

“Shhhh, just screw my butt.”

Bobby was hot and hard in Janet. She took all his drilling cock, the slow, long strokes, the hard cock filling her unit, plugging her up. She loved this fuck, and she panted, gulped, moaned, as she wiggled wildly below him.

Jill was on her knees over them, her finger in her pussy.

Prissy fingered her pussy in time with the way her mother was jerking her cunt.

Ronnie rocked and fucked into Prissy’s wonderfully tight ass, and he was breathless.

Janet yelped: “Shit, fuck me with that big prick, sailor!”

“Yeah, fuck her, Bobby!” Jill urged.

“Whew, yeah, yeah, I’m fuckin’ you, Aunt Janet! Really fuckin’ you!”

“Keep doin’ it, Bobby!”

He did, fucking faster now, harder, and his balls banged incessantly against her ass. She bucked and bounced up to meet him, fucking back onto his plunging prick.

“I love this!” Janet shouted.

So did Bobby. He was ramming her good, up down, hard, fast, fast, fast — and they looked good, Bobby nude, pumping up and down like a jackhammer, and Janet in her black merry widow, her tits over the top of the bra, her nyloned legs hooked around him, her ass thumping and bouncing in perfect rhythm with Bobby’s.

Jill knelt over them in her white garter-belt, pink bra, and the straps of the belt were tight and creasing on her thighs. She fucked her finger in and out of her pussy.

Upstairs, Prissy put her elbows on the banister, and Ronnie kept fucking her asshole. She loved the plugging feel of his prick up her ass, and she pleasured her pussy with her own finger, twiddling, tickling her clit.

Ronnie said: “I never done nothin’ like this before, Prissy.”

“Shhh, just do it and watch them.”

Downstairs, Janet yelped: “Fuck me, Bobby baby!”

“Oh, God, Aunt Janet,” Bobby huffed.

His cock fucked in and out, slurping with slick slushy noises. Janet wrapped her legs around him tighter. Jill stuck a finger into Bobby’s asshole.

Prissy felt Bobby spurt a hot load of cum up her ass.

She had to control her urge to yell with pleasure. Bobby trembled behind her, shook wildly as he banged home his hard prick. Prissy picked up the beat and fucked her finger faster and suddenly stiffened in ultimate climax.

She grabbed the stair rail and held on with one hand as she lingered her pussy.

Janet kept fucking up to Bobby, rolling her hips, grinding her ass in sweet circles. Bobby hammered on top of her. Their bodies slapped together, sounding like sweet music.

Janet screwed her finger into Bobby’s asshole as he fucked Janet. His cock bulged in her pussy. She felt the thick hardness, throb and squirt a load of cum into her cunt. She bucked wildly under him, fucking furiously, her legs wrapped tightly around him.

“I’m fuckin’ off!” she cried. “I’m cumming!”

Her head twisted on the floor. Her face wrinkled up in lines of pleasure. Bobby fucked harder. His cock squirted more jizz.

“Aunt Janet!” he panted. “Oh, jeez, jeez, jeeezzzzz!”

“I’m gettin’ it, too!” Jill cried.

Prissy was still cumming upstairs. She felt Ronnie pull his prick out of her ass. He stumbled backwards. She fell to her knees, trembling.

“Oh, how I love watching them fuck that way,” she whispered softly, slowly stroking her juicing cunt.

Downstairs, the three fuckers were silent. Bobby lay in a heap on top of Janet, who was heaving, panting, trembling below him. Hot Jill took her finger out of Bobby’s asshole. He fucked up and down one last time, and then Jill pulled him off Janet, rolled him over on his back. His cock was still spurting, still hard. She straddled him, her knees on the carpet. She grabbed his cum-gushing prick and plugged it in her cunt and lurched back and forth, up and down, in and out, fucking him slowly, keeping his prick hard.

She looked fabulous in her lingerie, her nylons so tight to the garter straps. She fucked faster, rocking, humping.

“Oh, Bobby, you have such a big prick,” she said.

“Fuck him, Jill,” Janet said, turning on her side to watch.

Jill was rising and failing on him, up and down in a sweet fucking motion, her hips humming. Bobby put his feet on the floor and began humping his ass up and down, fucking his big prick into her cunt.

“Whew, shit!” Jill gulped.

“Looks good,” Janet whispered.

And Prissy, sticking her finger into her cunt again, twiddling her clit repeated it… “Yeah, looks good,” she said.


Janet let her kids stay at Jill’s, and she left after the fuck-session the three of them had enjoyed on the floor. She had trembled as she dressed slowly, then drove home, all the time thinking of Bobby’s massive, hard prick.

Prissy went back to her room. So did Ronnie. Bobby walked upstairs with Jill. She decided to take a shower and go to bed.

“I’m tired and I’m satisfied after that big prick, Bobby,” Jill said.

“Can we fuck tomorrow, Aunt Jill?” Bobby asked quickly.

“Depends on whether the kids are around or not. We’ll see. Maybe we could sneak into the closet and fuck off a quick hot one, huh?”

“Yeah,” Bobby panted.

He went to his room, but he couldn’t sleep. Ronnie had fallen off to dreamland, but Bobby lay there restless, thinking of his gorgeous, stacked aunts, thinking about that sweet, sexy April, and darling Prissy. And what about Darcy? He hadn’t even touched her. She always seemed to be in a world of her own.

He took the picture of Aunt Jill from under his pillow, turned on the night light and looked at the beautiful woman sucking her husband’s prick.

Bobby was so hot. He got up and crept down the hall to where April and Prissy were sleeping. He tiptoed into the room and looked down on April’s sweet freckled face. The moon shone through the window and seemed to make her face glow. She slept with the sheets peeled back. All she wore was a thin pair of white nylon panties. Her tits were naked, hard, little, round, firm. Tempting.

Bobby bent over and kissed her belly, then tongued her belly button.

April woke up. She looked down and saw Bobby. She gasped loudly, but knew enough not to wake Prissy.

“Come with me,” Bobby said.

April got out of bed and silently left the room with Bobby. She slipped on a T-shirt before she left, and they walked out into the hallway. Bobby pulled the darling girl against him and kissed her mouth hotly. His hands cupped behind the sweetheart, and he caressed her beautiful ass.

His cock was stiff against the girl. She felt excited, light-headed. Her heart thumped. She trembled against Bobby.

“Come on, in the bathroom down the hall,” Bobby said.

The bathroom was still steamy from Jill’s shower. They went inside and Bobby locked the door. He kissed April again, then he took down his shorts and showed her his big cock.

“It’s all stiff and big again, isn’t it, Bobby?” April whispered.


He shoved his hand down into her panties and fingered her fuzzy cunt. She gasped as he slid a finger into her pussy slit.

She reached down and clasped her tiny hand onto Bobby’s immense prick. She sighed. They stood like this for a sweet moment in time, playing with each other, and then Bobby walked her to the toilet.

He sat down on the toilet seat. His big cock stuck up like a huge, peeled banana.

He took April’s panties down. She stood in front of him nude except for her pink T-shirt. Her blonde bangs were matted on her forehead. Her cheeks were flushed red. Her lips were open in awe at Bobby’s cock.

Bobby muffed his face into her darling cunt. He munched sloppily on her sweet, tasty pussy.

April groaned in pleasure and pushed her pussy to Bobby’s hungry mouth.

He clutched her ass, wiggling his tongue on her honey-sweet pussy, eating, chewing, licking, driving the child wild with passion and emotion.

Then he pulled her down so she sat on top of him. She sat on his thighs, looking down into Bobby’s face. He grabbed his cock… and rubbed the cockhead on April’s belly.

“Wanna fuck?” he whispered.

“I never fucked before, Bobby.”

“Just stand up over me, yeah, like that. Then slide down a little, yes, just like that darling, so your cunt is pushed on the tip of my prick. Oh, yeah, April, like that. Then I’ll push up. Mmmmm, whewwwww… and look! See my prick is in your pussy!”

“Oh, jeez!” April gasped, looking down to see Bobby plugged into her cunt.

Bobby put his hands behind the girl and clutched her ass. Pretty April was standing astride Bobby, her hands on his shoulders, her legs wide over and her feet on the floor as his towering cock pushed at her cute cunt.

“It’s sooo long, Bobby,” she whispered.

“Feel it in your cunt?”

“Yeah, Bobby, I can feel your peter in my cunt.”

Bobby smiled at her use of the word peter. It excited him. He humped up off the toilet and speared his cock into her cunt another two inches…


“Feels good, doesn’t it, April?”

“Yes, Bobby.”

“I’m gonna fuck you now,” he whispered.

“Oh, Bobby, jeez… feels so good like this!” April cried.

Bobby fucked up and down into her pussy, his cock sliding in nicely as April’s cunt juiced and made her slit creamy and slick. She moved her ass in and out slowly, salaciously. Her mouth hung open as she looked down and saw the slide of Bobby’s horse-prick in and out of her cunt.

He clutched her ass tighter. She held onto his shoulders. Now they were fucking nicely. Bobby had four inches in April’s pussy. She felt the thick prickstalk, the hard slide, as he fucked into her cunt. She liked the hardness, the throbbing of his cock in her pussy.

“Now just roll your hips around for me,” Bobby said, and he put his hands on her hips and moved them, showing April what he wanted her to do. “Yeah, like that, fuck down on my prick like that, April.”

God, what a beautiful girl, Bobby thought as he looked up into April’s lovely, face. Her blue eyes were sparkling with passion, her mouth open, lips all wet.

He fucked deeper into her cunt.

“Ahhhhuuuuufffff!” April yelped. “Oh, Bobby, you’re fuckin’ way into my pussy!”

“Uh-huh. Isn’t it fabulous, fuckin’ like this, April?”

“Oh, yes, yes!”

“You say: ‘Fuck me, cousin, fuck my hot cunt, you bastard!’ Say that to me, April,” Bobby urged.

“Fuck me, cousin. Fuck my hot cunt, you bastard!” April panted.

“I am fuckin’ you, April, you sweet cock-teaser, wigglin’ your ass around all the time.”

“I like to wiggle my ass around and have men look at it,” April gasped.

“I know you do, you cock-teaser. You got a nice ass to look at, too.”

“I know I do,” April sobbed, rolling her hips wildly, grinding down on Bobby’s hard, long prick, swirling her ass around in slow circles that delighted her cousin.

He pumped up and down slowly, his balls slapping against the edge of the toilet seat. His cock fucked into April’s pussy even deeper, and now he had six full, thick inches in her cunt.

She was weak, faint with delight and ecstasy. She fucked at his cock, reached down with one hand and fingered the sticky prick stalk as it sawed up and down.

“You’re the best fuck in the world, aren’t you, April?” Bobby whispered.

“I’ll bet I am,” April said.

Now they were into their fucking with heated intensity, fucking and screwing on the toilet, locked in the bathroom, in the silent house — two cousin-lovers enjoying the blissful moment of cock and cunt together.

Bobby knew he was going to blast out his cum-load, and he started bouncing wildly on the toilet, holding April by the hips, keeping his balance. She was jiggling, shaking over him, her hands on his shoulders again, her fingernails biting into his skin.

Bobby’s cock erupted. A stream of hot cock cream gushed up into April’s cunt.

“I’m cumin’, April!” he cried.

“You’re squirtin’ in me, Bobby!” April yelled.

Then she felt the twinge of delight, the tickle of satisfaction, the jiggle of pleasure singe her body, grip her, take her entire being to a heaveniy plateau of ecstasy. She shuddered, shook, and got lost in the wild fucking.

Bobby spiked her good, fucking his prick up into her pussy. And as he fucked, his cock kept spraying cum into the girl.

She finally crumpled on top of him. His cock slipped out of her cunt and wobbled against her belly. She sat on his thighs now. Bobby fell back on the toilet, puffing, huffing.

April grasped his dribbling, cock, started pumping the stalk furiously. “Like that, Bobby?” she cooed.

“Yeah, you’re jackin’ me.”

“I’m jackin’?”

“Yeah, jackin’ me off, that’s what you’re doing when you pump your hand up and down on my prick like that, beatin’ me off.”

April grabbed his cock with both hands and pulled and pushed on the jizz-spitting hard-on. She stood up, bent over, and really gave Bobby a hand-job, jerking him wildly.

“April, April,” he whined.

“You do like it, don’t you, bastard?”

“Yes, yes! Pump me, beat my meat for me!”

She stroked his fucker with teenage eagerness. Faster, faster, faster, she pumped until she felt his cock expand in her hands, saw the prickhead bloat and splash out a hot stream of cum that shot high into the air, splattering all over her belly, her tits, her arms and hands.

“It’s shootin’, Bobby!” April panted.

“Oooooohhhh, baby doll!” Bobby moaned in pure ecstasy.

She pumped wildly now as his cock shot off load after load of hot cum that spurted out in big gobs from the head of his huge prick.

Finally, Bobby fell back on the toilet again, spent, satisfied. April’s hands dripped with cock cream. She stood against the shower door. Bobby got up. He went to her. He pinched her pussy with his fingers, then turned her around so her beautiful ass was exposed to him.

He shoved his tongue up and down her sweet asscrack. He licked and slobbered up and down between the curvy ass cheeks.

“Bobby!” she gasped.

“Mmmmmm, delicious,” Bobby mumbled.

“Bobby! My butt! You’re lickin’ my butt. Ohhhhhh, Bobby!”

He licked expertly, then swirled his tongue at her tight asshole.

“Oh, oh, oh!” she gasped.

He twiddled there at her ass-bud and gave April a thrill she had never experienced before. She felt so good she wanted to cry.

“Bobby, it tickles so nice!” she yelped.

He slapped his tongue at her ass, then he fucked it up her asshole.

April put her hands on the shower glass and stood bent over at the waist, offering her gorgeous ass to Bobby’s wild, dirty, obscene tongue.

He reached around her and hooked a finger into her cunt and diddled April while he gave her a wild rim-job. She was racked with passion, with delight, with pure pleasure. She rotated her golden ass, and Bobby clutched at one ass cheek while he kept his other hand at work fucking his finger into her cunt.

“God, Bobby. You’re lickin’ my shitter!” she cried.

“Mmmm, mmmmm!” he mumbled.

His tongue slapped wildly up and down the crack of her sweet ass, then he would send it fucking into her asshole.

“Eeek, Bobby!” April cried in delight.

Finally he turned her around and muffled his face into her sweet pussy, sucking a mouthful and nibbling on the delicate pastry.

“Bobby, you’re a wild licker,” April murmured.

Indeed, and he was really licking April’s slushy cunt. And she loved the feel it gave her, the wild tingle that shivered through her.

Bobby took her down. They lay on the bathroom floor. He mounted her. Her youthful body hummed beneath him. He pressed down. His huge prick slapped at her thighs. He grabbed the stalk and shoved his prickhead at her juicy pussy hole. He hit it and fucked in. She spread her legs wide. He kissed her on her tasty lips. He stuck his tongue in her mouth. His cock fucked deeper into her pussy. His ass humped up and down. April threw her arms around his neck as they continued kissing.

April spread wide and let him fuck her. His balls slapped up against her little ass with sweet thumps.

“Promise me, April, that you’ll always let me fuck you… no matter if you get married, whatever… I can always come over and fuck you in the bathroom like this,” Bobby panted hotly.

“Always, Bobby. You can always fuck me,” she sobbed, wiggling her ass up off the floor, thrusting her legs around Bobby, hooking him in a horseshoe.

“You love to fuck, huh, April?”

“Yeah, Bobby, I love to fuck.”

“You love my prick?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Tell me you’ll always love my prick.”

“I will, Bobby. I will. I’ll always love your prick.”

His ass pumped and his cock fucked in and out of April’s slippery pussy. His balls banged furiously at her ass. They fucked like they would never fuck again.

“Always, always we can fuck and you’ll love my prick,” Bobby panted.

“Yeah, you up on me like this, Bobby… your ass bouncing like that, your big nuts beatin’ on my butt.”

They slipped around on the scatter rug on the floor, and they fucked madly, his ass thumping, his prick pounding April’s pussy until his fucker ignited in the friction and fired a huge gob of cock cream into, her cunt.

“Bobbbbby, Bobby!” she yelled. “You’re creamin’ off again!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

She felt the sizzle of her own climax, held on for the ride, bucked up and down on the floor and fucked back at Bobby. They caught the edge together… the fleeting, fabulous moment of sheer ecstasy.


The next morning when Bobby and Ronnie wake up, their Aunt Jill was seated on the edge of the bed. She was breathtaking, dressed in a black merry widow with tight red button snaps down the front. It hugged her torso and accentuated her curves. She had on a black bra that overflowed with her huge tits. She wore a very tight pair of black nylons, gartered to the merry widow’s long black straps, and then topped all this attire off with a pair of sweet pink panties that were shaded beautifully at the crotch by her rich carpet of cunt curls underneath.

“Good morning, boys,” she whispered.

She pulled the sheet back. Bobby wore only a brief pair of white Jockey shorts, and Ronnie was nude except for a T-shirt. His cock paid immediate attention to his aunt in her lingerie. It rose slowly at first, then thumped to a rigid hard-on. Bobby’s Jockey shorts started to bloat.

“My, my, what’s happening?” Jill cooed… “You look really great, Aunt Jill,” Bobby whispered.

“Great enough to jack off to, I’ll bet.”

“You bet,” Bobby said, stripping down his shorts. His big ten-incher throbbed to a frightening hard-on. He slipped his shorts off and lay back nude.

“Bobby jacks off to me all the time, Ronnie. He has for years. How ’bout you? You ever jack off to your Aunt Jill?” she said, fanning her hand all around his hard prick, tickling his balls, but never grabbing the cockstalk, just brushing the throbber with her fingers.

“Yeah, sure… oh, yeah. I have, I have, Aunt Jill. I do it all the time and think of you,” Ronnie said.

“That’s good, darling.”

She tickled his balls again. She reached over and tickled Bobby’s balls with her other hand. The boys lay on the bed, enjoying her sweet teasing action.

“Lemme see you boys jack off to me,” Jill said, and she stood up beside the bed. “Look at me and play with your prick.”

The boys both grabbed their cocks and began jerking on the hard prickstalks. Jill watched and slowly rolled her hips, toying with the top of her panties.

“Wanna see my pussy?” she cooed. “Wanna see me pull my panties down and show you my cunt?”

“Yeah, yeahhhh,” Bobby moaned.

Ronnie nodded his head eagerly.

She peeled the panties down on her gorgeous thighs, just above the nylon tops and revealed her big brawn bushy cunt. She did a slow bump-and-grind, rolling her hips salaciously as the joy boys pumped their pricks in delighted appreciation.

Jill was fascinated with their jacking off, the slick blur of their hands as they jerked on their stiff fuckers. She looked at both boys’ faces, saw the wrinkles of passion creasing their foreheads, their complete attraction to her, their fabulous intensity… their deep passion for her.

She did a sexy, dirty, obscene bump-and-grind, so slow… rolling her hips, swirling her ass. Then she began thrusting her cunt at them.

Bobby jerked his stiff prick. Ronnie thumped his hard-on with a sweet satisfaction.

“You look good jackin’ off to me, you guys,” Jill said. “I like watchin’ you do that. I wanna see you go faster… beat off raster. Yeah… like that! Whew, Bobby, that’s the way, real hard, pound it, honey, pound it for me. Come on, Ronnie, that’s the boy, really go to it, go like sixty, Ronnie!”

“Oh, Aunt Jill!” Bobby blurted.

“Ammmmm, mmmm,” Ronnie mumbled.

“Go on, you sweethearts, jack off to your aunt. It looks real hot. I like it. Faster. I wanna see you go as fast as you can now. I wanna see you really jerk those cocks.”

They really jerked. Jill watched the boys whack off, jerk furiously on their pricks. She loved the sight of them beating their meat. She tingled all over. She rolled her panties sexily on her thighs, then she cupped her tits and set them on top of her black bra. She looked fabulous in her black merry widow, black bra… pink panties, nylons, garter straps.

She turned around and put her hands on her knees, bent over, gave them a good look at her sweet ass, rolled it in semi-circles, corkscrewing it one way, then the other. All the time she could hear the slick jerk of their hands on their cocks. The slurpy cummy, click of their gooking cock cream.

She looked back over her sexy shoulder and smiled at the boys. “I wanna see you shoot off.”

“I wanna shoot off to you,” Bobby panted.

“Me too,” said Ronnie.

“Well, on with it, pump faster. Oh, God yes, Bobby… like that,” she said, seeing his hand whump up and down like a hot, slick piston. “Oh, wow, that’s wild, Bobby!”

“Here I cum, Aunt Janet,” Bobby cried.

“Do it, jack off for me, pump your pricks, let me see you squirt cum… oh shit, there you go, Bobby… oh, God! Wow! Fuck, you’re doin’ it. Ah, whew! Shit! Yeah, jack on it, pump your prick. Off, get off, Bobby… like that, baby!”

Bobby’s cock was spurting gobs of cum high in the air. Jill rolled her naked ass and watched, then turned around, stuck her finger in her pussy and diddled her pussy as she watched Bobby’s huge orgasm.

Ronnie came.

“Look, oh shit. You’re cummin’, Ronnie! Oh, darling sweet boy… that’s it. Shoot off to your Aunt Jill!”

Her hand was rubbing all over her pussy and her finger fucked into her slick slit with a clicking noise.

She took her panties all the way off in one flourish, then was suddenly up over Ronnie on the bed, straddling him, her knees on either side.

She swatted his jerking hand from his cum squirting prick, grabbed the thumping cock stalk and fucked his erupting prick up into her cunt.

“Ah, yeah,” she whimpered, looking down into the boy’s face. She was turned on by the look of ecstasy she saw etched there.

Jill began bucking in and out on his cuming cock. “Fuck up to me, Ronnie. Hump off the bed!” she cried.

He thrust his thin, hips up off the bed and fucked his hard prick up into her pussy.

“Ah, yeah, yeah, baby,” she whispered. “Fuck up to your Aunt Jill.”

Bobby reached over with his cum-soaked hands and lifted her huge tits out of her bra and caressed them, creaming them with his thick cum. His big prick bent as it softened, dripping big strings of jizz in long curls.

“Keep cummin’, Ronnie, stay hard, baby,” Jill panted. She rocked in and out on the boy, put her hands on his shoulders and screwed her ass around and around, down and down, grinding, screwing, fucking.

Bobby leaned over and began sucking her tits. He slid his cummy hand around to her ass and creamed her ass crack. He diddled there with his finger, tickling Jill’s shitter.

She fucked wildly on her nephew. “God, that’s a hard cock you got in me, Ronnie,” she gasped.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Ronnie panted, lost in complete ecstasy.

Jill was on all fours now, over Ronnie, screwing her hips in sexy circles, bumping in and out, grinding on Ronnie’s incredibly hard teen cock.

Bobby got behind her. He reached around with one hand and squeezed on her big tits, then muffled his face into her gorgeous ass, licking, kissing the supple ass cheeks, then doing a wild, wet slick slither up and down her ass crack with his wild tongue. He licked up and down, up and down.

“Oh, my, my, my,” Jill panted. “This is wonderful!”

Bobby fucked his tongue up her asshole, rimmed her bud, swirled his tongue like an egg-beater at her sweet shitter.

“Ah, ooooof, jeez!” Jill gulped.

Bobby spiked up off the bed, humping and pumping, fucking his cock up into Jill.

Bobby got on his knees behind his aunt and grabbed his huge prick in his hand. He guided the enlarged prickhead at her dream ass. He lodged it in the ass crack. He slicked the tip up and down the furry valley. He rubbed the juicy prick top right at her asshole and pushed.

“Ooooo, shit!” Jill cried. “Up my ass, Bobby! Is that what you want? Wanna fuck my asshole? Oh, you naughty, naughty, wild boy. Ahhh, wow! You guys are fuckin’ me good!” Indeed they were. Bobby was plowing his thick prick into her asshole, while Ronnie bounced up and down under her, spearing her cunt with his iron hard prick.

“I love this!” Jill shouted.

She was looking good in her lingerie, on all fours, taking two cocks, filling her morning with joy, pleasure, and ecstasy unbounded.

Jill felt the thrill of the cocks as they exploded in her. The hot shot of cock cream up her ass was like a sweet, warm flood of juice. The blast of teen cream from Ronnie splashed into her pussy. She vibrated with their cum and climaxed with them, her body shuddering, tingling all over with the sensations of orgasm, the thrill of fucking.

Jill, Bobby, and Ronnie dressed and went to the kitchen. They were waiting for the girls, who had gone to the mall. At noon, Janet showed up to pick up April and Ronnie. Ronnie had gone to the mall to find the girls.

“Well, I have to go get my hair done,” Jill said. “Why don’t you two drive over to the mall and pick up the kids? Bobby, you can come back here with Prissy and Darcy.”

“Okay,” Janet agreed.

She got in her Ford LTD with Bobby. They drove two blocks, and she reached over, drew her hand along his thigh and clamped it to his crotch.

“I wanna see that big prick again,” Janet whispered, rubbing her hand around. “Take it out.”

Bobby unzipped his fly and withdrew his cock. It began to thump and stiffen.

“Oh, God… look, it’s rising, it’s getting big. Oh, wow, Bobby, it’s magnificent. It’s beautiful, darling.” She reached over and clasped her hand around the cockstalk about midway down, and she squeezed. “Feels good. Feels jizzy, like it’s full of hot cream, Bobby.”

Her hand danced on his huge prick, pumping his erection as she drove. Bobby slid down on the seat and unbuckled his jeans, slid them down under him, down around his thighs with his shorts. He sat trembling, his massive prick wobbling. His heart thumped, and he writhed hotly. He looked over at his beautiful aunt, in some ways prettier than his Aunt Jill.

Janet wore a cream-colored blouse that buttoned down the front and was lush, delicious looking where her big thirty-six-inch tits pushed out the buttons.

She wore a Navy-blue skirt that skipped high on her nyloned thighs. Her high heels were a beige, the heels four inches long. Her skirt wrinkled up around her supple hips, and her ass spread beautifully on the car seat.

Her eyes met Bobby’s. He saw her luscious red lips, her brown eyes. She reached over and curled her fingers around the middle of Bobby’s hard prick. She squeezed and watched the top half of the big cock bulge. She could feel the pulsing throb against the palm of her hand.

She drove with one hand and began a slow jerk on Bobby’s prick with her other hand.

She looked at his cock. “It’s incredible, Bobby. I haven’t been able to think of anything else. I wanna fuck it.”

Bobby reached over and gently touched her tits. His cock thumped with excitement.

“Bobby, we gotta stop and fuck, honey,” she whispered.

“Yeah, let’s stop and fuck, Aunt Janet.”

Bobby’s prick throbbed in Janet’s grip. She thrilled to the beating pulse. The stalk of his prick was solid, rigid. Janet tightened her grip. She looked down.

A splash of cum spit from the bright-red cockhead.

“Oh, jeez.” Janet gasped. She trembled with excitement. “Oh, God, stick your hand up my dress and feel my cunt, Bobby… hurry!”

She kept a grip on his hard cock, kept the car moving, steering with one hand, looking for a place where they could fuck. Bobby slid over on the seat, closer to his lovely aunt. She reached down and pulled her skirt high on her nylons so she could spread her legs, still keeping one foot on the gas.

Bobby slid his hand between her nyloned thighs and framed it into her panties, which were already sticky and wet. Bobby rubbed her cunt through the thin pink nylon panties.

“Yes, whewwww, that feels good,” Janet gasped, sliding down a bit in the seat. She turned the car slowly off on a side street.

Bobby tickled her bushy pussy though the panties, and she pumped slowly again on his prick, making sure she didn’t pull the trigger and make him cum before she could get the big juicy prick in her itching pussy.

“I’m so damn hot,” Janet whispered. “We gotta fuck.”

She pulled the LTD into an alley, drove down the narrow lane that looked secluded by bushes on both sides. It was a residential area, and she looked about to see if anyone was around.

The spot where she stopped seemed to be a good one. She braked the car, took a deep breath, took her hand off Bobby’s cock, and said: “On the fender, let’s go out and do it on the fender.”

They both got out hurriedly. Janet leaned back on the fender, hiked her skirt, and slid her panties off. She pulled her skirt up around her waist, spread her legs, keeping her feet solidly on the pound.

Her brown-haired pussy looked scrumptious.

Bobby eyed it hungrily. His pants slipped to his ankles. His cock stood out like a pipe.

“Give it to me,” Janet whispered. “Fuck me with that handsome joystick.”

Bobby bent his knees, humped down, and pumped. His cock, slid through Janet’s loose grip and plunged into her pussy.

“Ah, ahhhhh, whewwwww! Oh, that feels good in there, Bobby. So big. So hard. Plugging me full. Ewwwww, jeez!”

Bobby looked down and watched as his cock fucked in and out of Janet’s cunt. They were fucking on the fender of the car, Janet’s precious ass plastered against the metal, grinding, rolling, screwing her hips at Bobby’s sliding prick.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” she whispered.

“Yeah, Aunt. Janet… beautiful.”

“Oh, Bobby, honey… fuck me!”

He humped in and out, rocked back and forth, fucking his huge super-cock in and out of Janet’s pussy. She fucked back at him, and they were in exquisite ecstasy on the fender of the car.

“Yeah, goooood! This is good, Bobby, fuckin’ here in the alley,” Janet whispered. “I love your big prick, darling.”

She put her arms around his neck, fucked a slow grind and threw her head back with delight.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a man staring at her and Bobby from a second-story window of a house overlooking the alley. He was rubbing his crotch.

Janet smiled and nodded to him, as if giving him permission to take his prick out and jack off.

The man took his pants down and grabbed his cock. He stood in the window and began jerking on his hard prick with wild, furious chops.

This thrilled Janet, having Bobby fuck her on the fender, having a man just a few yards away jacking off to her. “Oh, God, I love this, Bobby,” she murmured hotly.

“I love you!” Bobby cried.

“Oh, good, Bobby. I want you to love me. Love me and fuck me.”

“I wanna fuck you all the time,” he babbled. “I’d like you to, baby. Maybe we can work something out so we can fuck a lot.”

Bobby was pile-driving his cock into her cunt now. The man in the window was flogging his prick in an orgiastic frenzy. Janet screwed her hips at the boy’s fucking cock. The big hardon felt so good to her, the way his fucking cockshaft tickled her cunt, the way his thick prick filled her up, plugged her pussy full.

“Shit!” she yelped.

“I’m gonna cum!” Bobby sobbed.

Janet watched the man jack off. She whispered so that he could see her lips move, and she whispered slowly: “Jack off to me.”

Then she moved one hand behind Bobby, up and down, her fingers curled, thumb extended, pumping the air, telling the man to jack off.

And all the time she fucked Bobby wildly, taking all his ten-inch prick in and out of her pussy until she felt his prick bulge and spray a huge cum-load into her pussy.

Janet bumped her ass wildly at Bobby’s hot rabbit-fucking, her ass thumping against the fender of the car with sweet thuds. The tickle of ecstasy twitched through her. She watched the man in the window pound his prick. She saw him cum, watched the spray of jizz splatter the window.

“Aunt Janet!” Bobby cried. “Oh, oh…”

“I know… oh, I know. Feels so good, Bobby! Come on, fuck me, baby. Fuck me! Nail my pussy to this fender! Screw me, darling.”

Then she twittered through a glorious orgasm, wildly fucking Bobby’s spewing prick, watching the man cum on the window and mouthing at him. “Cum, cum, cum, cum, cum!”

Bobby fucked like a wild man. His cock squished in and out as he flooded Janet’s cunt with his sticky, hot cum-load. She shuddered into another climax, then threw her head back and closed her eyes, feeling as if she were in paradise.


Janet and Bobby picked the kids up at the mall, then Janet dropped Prissy, Darcy and Bobby off at Jill’s — then she took Ronnie and April home.

Jill was still out, and Prissy announced she was going down to Pizza Hut and meet a friend. Darcy went to her bedroom, and Bobby flipped on the television and watched an NFL football game.

At the half, he went upstairs and took a good long piss. He left the bathroom, and just before he started down the stairs, he thought he heard a cry from Darcy’s room.

He investigated.

The door opened slowly to his push. Then he saw Darcy. The darling sweetheart lay naked, except for a pair of white knee socks. Her youthful plumpness was a thrilling sight. Her sweet face, the red lips, the bang on her forehead, the ponytail on her pillow, her mouth open, wrinkles of ecstasy lining her face.

And she had a huge dildo in her pussy.

It was as big and thick as Bobby’s prick, and Darcy had almost all of it in her cunt. Her eyes were closed, her head back on the pillow, her mouth lewdly open, a whimper, a choked cry of delight escaping between her trembling lips, lips like sweet watermelon slices, juicy, red.

She was a fabulous sight, her supple hips moving around, her hand fucking the dildo up and down in her pussy. Her tits were hard, round, much bigger than those of most girls her age.

Bobby’s cock thumped to a quick hard-on. He rubbed on the cock-bulge in his jeans as he watched the girl on the bed. Darcy lay with her legs open, knees cocked.

Bobby undressed quietly. When he was nude, he crept to the bed. His cock slapped back and forth, wobbled, spit a spritz of cum that landed on the pillow near Darcy’s face.

He sat down on the bed.

She opened her eyes. “Ah!” she gasped. “Bobby!”

“Feel good, Darcy?”

He bent over and kissed her lips in a hot, wet, slobbering kiss. A sweet kiss. Darcy had never been kissed, and she melted.

Bobby reached down and moved her hand away from the dildo. He fisted the stalk and began fucking it in and out of Darcy’s pussy.

“Boy, you can take it all, can’t you?” he whispered.

“Oh, Bobby,” she whimpered.

“Bet you’ve practiced a lot, huh?”

“Sure… oh, sure,” she gulped.

“That’s why you’re never around,” Bobby said. “You’ve been up here in your room fucking dildos, haven’t you, Darcy?”

“Yes,” Darcy whispered shyly.

“You sweet darling, I wish I’d have known,” Bobby said, and he kissed her again, his lips wet, open, his tongue slicking into the candy-sweetness of Darcy’s bubbly mouth.

His hand fucked the big dildo in and out of Darcy’s pussy. He broke their wild kiss, licked his tongue down and swiped at her precious titty nipples. Then he sucked her tits. She moaned with joy. All the time, he kept fucking her with the dildo.

Darcy was overwhelmed with sweet emotion. She felt as though she’d had a drink of some intoxicating elixir. Bobby pulled the dildo out of her cunt.

“Ooooo!” she huffed.

“How would you like to fuck this?” Bobby said, standing up, his hard cock sticking out.

Darcy gaped at his enormous prick. She sucked in a gasp of air.

“Here,” he said, taking her hand and placing it on his prick.

“Oh!” she gasped. Her tiny fingers were wrapped tightly on the stiff cock stalk. “Bobby, it’s real!”

“You bet,” he said. “Wanna play with it — before I fuck you?”

“Oh, yeah,” she gulped quickly, and she sat up on the bed and swung her knee-sock-clad legs over the side of the bed.

She reached out and caressed her hands all over his giant fucker, inspecting every massive inch, running her fingertips over the creamy, gooey pricktip. She jiggled his huge balls in the palm of her hand. Bobby’s prick squirted, splashed a gob of cum that caught Darcy on her shoulder. She looked at the cream, then back to the big cock.

“It’s shootin’ stuff out, Bobby,” she whimpered with delight.

“Squirtin’, Darcy — squirtin’ because it’s so hot to fuck you.”

“May I kiss it, Bobby?” Darcy whispered.

“Yeah, please, Darcy, kiss my cock. Kiss it, sweet cousin.”

Darcy ducked her head in and planted an adoring kiss right on the tip of Bobby’s cock, the cum sticking on her lips. She ran her tongue over her upper lip and licked away the tasty goo.

Then she grasped his prick with both hands and squeezed, played with his hard fucker, her eyes wide in amazement, her mouth hanging open as she watched the big red cockhead spill gobs of cum on the rug, on her belly, her tits.

“I love it,” she whispered.

“Tell me then, tell me you love my dick, Darcy.”

“I love your dick, Bobby.”

Bobby couldn’t stand the excitement. He pushed her back on the bed and mounted her. She spread her legs. He guided his prick to her cunt, pushed the bulging cockhead into the softness, the gooey paradise, then he pushed into her a full seven inches. And he began a slow pump, fucking his prick like a well-oiled piston in and out of his darling cousin’s tight pussy.

“Oh, Bobby,” she gasped. “That feels so different, so… so hot, so hot in there, like it’s burnin’… on fire or somethin’.”

“You bet it’s on fire… and I’m fuckin’ you, Darcy. Tell me I’m fuckin’ you.”

“You’re fuckin’ me, Bobby,” Darcy panted. His prick certainly was fucking her. The big thick slab slicked in and out, up and down, as Bobby pumped and humped on the girl. His big balls swatted her wonderful ass.

She had her legs open, cocked, her stockinged feet flat on the bed, knees cocked. She looked up into Bobby’s intense eyes. Her gaze was glazed. Her face perspired. Her forehead under the bangs of her hair was creased with passion, and her mouth hung open.

She looked down, tucked in her chin, took a look at Bobby’s horse-prick fucking there between her legs. “Ahhhh, whoofffewwwww, Bobby,” she babbled in a whimpering whisper.

“You ever been fucked by a real prick before, Darcy?” Bobby asked.

“Huh-uh, no.”

“How long you been fucking yourself with those giant dildos?”

“Last year,” she gasped. “I started last year.”


“I was at the mall. A man came up to me and said he had a present for me. He handed me a box and walked away. I opened it and there was a dildo in the box with a hundred dollars. And a note. The note said: ‘Fuck yourself tonight at nine with this, and I’ll be thinking of you.'” Darcy was panting. “And then it said: ‘You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.'”

Bobby bucked up and down, faster now, his cock fucking in and out of Darcy’s pussy. She squirmed under him, screwed her hips as she had when she’d fucked dildos.

There was a slick, juicy sound as Bobby’s prick plunged in and out of Darcy’s cunt. This was joined in counterpoint by the sweet thud of his balls against Darcy’s plump, as.

“You are pretty, Darcy,” Bobby panted. “He was right, you are the prettiest, you are a sweet, pretty darling. Did you fuck the dildo at nine?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“And I’ll bet he was jackin’ off to you, too.”

“Oh, God, yeah, I’ll bet he was,” Darcy gulped.

“You naughty cousin,” he puffed. “You’re so dirty-sweet.”

“Oh, Bobby, am I?”


“Where do you keep all your dildos?” he asked.

“In my closet.”

His cock was ramming her cunt now. He was pumping fast. She fucked back at him. They looked good on the bed, fucking each other.

Bobby slid a hand under her ass and buttonholed her asshole with his index finger.

He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. They fucked and kissed. The room was filled with the sound of their juicy lovemaking.

“You like fuckin’ a real prick?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah, yeah, it feels so great, Bobby.”

“Tell me.”

“Feels good when you fuck me with your real prick, Bobby!” she cried.

He was fucking Darcy really good now, his hard sailor ass pumping and his prick plunging into the sweet thing. His big balls banged unmercifully on her ass. She bumped up and down under him. The bed shook and trembled with their hot fucking.

Bobby kissed her, their tongues slapping together. His cock filled her pussy with hard thickness. She liked the feel of his colossal cock in her cunt.

He fingered her asshole faster, fucked her faster, humped wildly on her, fucking all of his monster prick into the girl.

“Oh, shit!” Bobby cried.

“Bobby, Bobby! I’m gonna feel good, like I do with my dildo! Here it comes, Bobby!”

“Cum, cum with me, Darcy!” he yipped, banging up and down on her like a jackhammer.

She stiffened below him. His prick exploded.

A load of cum poured into Darcy’s pussy. She moaned in joy. A ripple of simmering satisfaction slithered through her. She fucked up to him and held her hips still, and Bobby gave her a good hard drilling with short fuck-strokes as he came. His cock spilled a river of jizz into Darcy. Cum seeped from her cunt and trickled down her creamy thighs.

“Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck me with that big dick!” Darcy cried.

“Darcy, you pretty doll,” Bobby panted.

“I love this feeling,” she whimpered.

And they shuddered together in sweet ecstasy, cumming, cumming, cumming.

Bobby finally collapsed on top of her, heaving, huffing. She relaxed and fell back on the bed. He pulled out of her cunt slowly, and they lay side by side in silence for a few moments.

Bobby finally rolled over and pressed his body against Darcy. He wound his arms around her and kissed her tasty lips. His prick began to rise again, as if being pumped up with air.

Darcy felt his hard-on against her belly. A sweet thrill simmered through her. Bobby kissed her tits, ran his hand up and down on her thighs, tickled his fingers softly into and around the sandy peach fuzz between her legs.

She reached between them and clasped her hand around Bobby’s stiff fucker.

“Suck my prick for me, Darcy,” he whispered.

“Gee, Bobby — should I?”

“Yeah. Ever done that before?”

“No, but I sucked on my dildos.”

“Come on, Darcy, suck me… suck my prick.”

She got up on her knees beside him, then she bent over and pressed her lips to the big beet red tip of his cock. She kissed softly, then her lips opened and she slicked them around the massive cockhead and sucked it into her mouth.

She held his prick at the base with one hand. She tickled Bobby’s balls with her other hand. Her cheeks were sucked in.

“Oh, baby doll,” Bobby moaned.

He looked down, watched her cute lips sealed on his cock, saw her bob her head up and down, saw her squeeze on his prick with her hand, felt the jiggle of his balls in her other hand.

She was an adorable sight, sucking, slobbering all over Bobby’s massive horse-prick. She slid her lips up and off his prick, then licked all over the cockhead, licked along the thick prickshaft, then down into the fuzzy hair and over his balls.

“You naughty girl,” Bobby muttered. “You prick-licker.”

“Ahhhhhh, ooooooo, mmmmm,” Darcy mumbled, her tongue making long, sloppy strokes up and down his cockstalk.

Bobby grabbed his cock and began jerking on it, pumping the big prickhead on Darcy’s wiggling tongue. She opened her mouth wide, flapped her tongue, and Bobby jacked his prick, thumped his prickhead into her lips, her wagging tongue, the warmth of her spit.

Then he came.

A gusher of cock cream jetted into Darcy’s mouth, all over her lips and chin. She licked wildly at the constant stream of jism. Bobby jacked furiously on his cock. The cum shot out in big milky blobs.

“Oh, Darcy!” he yelled.

She squeezed his balls and nibbled at his cockhead, licked, kissed, and the cum kept spurting all over her pretty face.

“You’re so pretty,” Bobby moaned hotly. Glug, glug, glug — the sound of cum on Darcy’s lips, a sweet sloshing sound.


Bobby left Darcy’s room, and Darcy went down the street to meet a girlfriend for a Coke. Prissy returned from the Pizza Hut. Bobby was in the living room watching ESPN.

“I’m gonna go upstairs and put on my Madonna clothes I bought at the mall,” Prissy said. “Wanna see ’em? You have to pay me for them. You said you’d buy me something, remember?”

“Yes,” Bobby answered.

“Well, I’ll go put ’em on, and then give you the bill. I’m dying to try everything on.”

Prissy returned about twenty minutes later. The darling girl was stunning. Her long sandy-blonde hair was bobbed in double ponytails that hooked up and came down at the sides of her head. She wore a dark-blue skirt that was very short and tight. Under this, she wore dark nylons that were hooked to a shiny white merry widow. She wore a red sweater that was open, unbuttoned so the top of the merry widow was clearly and sexily visible. She had on black high heels.

“This is the same outfit Madonna wore in a concert I saw,” Prissy said proudly.

Her lips were cherry red. She had on red rouge. She was darling. Bobby sat with his cock thumping to a big hard-on. He stared at her loveliness, her charming body.

“You look fantastic, Prissy,” he said.

“Here’s the check for this outfit. You owe me forty-six dollars,” Prissy said.

“Sure, I’m happy to pay for it,” he said.

“Well, you said you’d pay if I’d let you see my butt, and I did let you see it — even more than see it,” she teased.

Bobby knew he loved the tart. He loved Jill. He loved Darcy, he loved April, and he loved Janet, but he especially loved Prissy. His cock was incredibly hard now. He stood up. The big spike pushed out his jeans.

He went over to Prissy and stood near her. “Why don’t you pull your skirt up and let me see?” he whispered.

“No… you always want me to do something dirty,” Prissy huffed. She eyed his huge hard-on.

“Come on, just let me see, huh?”

“I’ll buy you somethin’ else if you will.”

“Well… I suppose I could let you see,” Prissy said.

She slowly slid the skirt up with her hands at her sides, pulling, up, higher, over the tops of her nylons, over the bottom of the merry widow. She had on a sweet pair of pink panties that poached out around the crotch.

Prissy was absolutely adorable, and a sexy pout was on her pretty lips. She held the skirt up and Bobby looked at her panties. He moved in quickly and took her in his arms and kissed her.

Her lips tasted like Juicy Fruit gum. His hand slid down and he cupped her ass. She pulled away.

“Bobby, you always wanna fool around,” she scolded. He pressed against her. His huge prick throbbed on her belly. Prissy felt a tinge of excitement shoot through her. She rolled her body slowly against his big cock-bulge.

Bobby’s hands went to her luxurious ass again. They kissed, and this time it was a long, hot, wet kiss. Prissy trembled in his strong arms. Bobby slid a hand between them and cupped his hand to her pantied pussy. He rubbed her there softly, itching, scratching, fingering.

“Oh, God, Prissy,” he gasped. “You’re so hot.”

He dipped his hand inside her pink panties.

“Bobby, now don’t play in my panties,” Prissy argued. “You’re always doin’ things to me.”

“You like it,” he huffed, his fingers on her fuzzy pussy. He slicked a finger up and down her tight cunt slit. It was wet, and he flicked his finger into her pussy.

“Now stop it,” she whispered.

“I can’t, Prissy. I love you.”

He jiggled his finger in her cunt.

“Bobby, you’re gonna ruin my new panties, make ’em all sticky.”

He took her hand and put it on his hard-on through his jeans. She rubbed her fingers up and down the prickstalk as it bent out against the crotch of his pants.

“I wanna take your panties down,” he whispered.

“No… then you’d try to fuck me again.”

“I’ll pay you if you let me,” he gasped hotly.

“How much?” Prissy purred.

“I’ll give you fifty dollars.”

He was quick to fall to his knees in front of her. She held her blue skirt up, bunched at her waist. Bobby stuck his thumbs in her panties and peeled them slowly over her hips, took them down her nyloned thighs, down her legs, and she lifted one high heel then the other as he took them completely off. Her fuzzy, sandy-haired pussy stared him in the face.

“Ooooo, Prissy, your cunt looks delicious,” Bobby said, and he stuck his tongue into the soft muffin.

“You didn’t say you wanted to lick it,” Prissy said, feeling the delight of his tongue on her cunt, feeling the shivers of joy that rippled through her.

He kissed her pussy, sucked, licked on it for a full minute as Prissy stood above him and watched. Then he stood up. He took off jeans and shorts and stood naked except for a T-shirt. His huge prick wobbled and throbbed.

He lifted Prissy’s baseball-sized tits out over the top of the merry widow. He kissed and licked at her juicy suckies. His hands went behind her and he caressed her naked, round ass.

She trembled with pleasure. He shuddered with joy. He unbuttoned the skirt and it fell to the floor. He lifted her sweater off. She stood in the white merry widow, the nylons, the heels, a beautiful picture of teen beauty.

He pulled her to him and kissed her. His prick slapped up against her merry widow, and his hands clutched at her ass. Prissy reached between them and grabbed his stiff cock.

“Darling, Prissy,” he muttered as he took her down on the floor with him.

She lay back, her legs wide. Her eyes were on his cock as he hovered over her. He came down slowly, listing his prick in one hand, guiding the tip to her pussy. He pushed the cockhead into the soft muff.

“Bobby!” she gasped. “You gonna try and fuck me again?”


“Oh, jeez… jeez, Bobby. Okay… okay then, if you wanna fuck me so bad… and if you pay me fifty dollars,” she whispered.

He humped his ass and fucked his cock in and out of Prissy. She squirmed under him, spread her legs wider and cocked them up at the knees. He slid a hand under her beautiful ass, cupped it back there, slid one finger up her asshole and started fucking her in the ass with it.

His big balls smacked her ass. His prick fucked slowly in and out, in and out. Prissy felt the shaft of his hard prick fill her pussy. She liked the feel of the hard prick inside her. She moved her hips up and down, her ass bouncing up off the thick carpet.

He pumped harder on her. She wound her arms around his neck and pumped back. They were fucking on the floor, and they looked good. Two cousins, deeply in love, fucking off their intense passion.

“I love you,” he whispered. “I love fuckin’ you.”

“Oh, Bobby, you know you shouldn’t fuck my cunt like this. You know it’s wrong. It’s so naughty, Bobby.”

She fucked harder. Her head wiggled on the carpet. Her pussy sucked on his thick prick. Bobby pumped up and down like a jackhammer. His balls were making a melodious smacking sound as they banged at Prissy’s fine ass. Prissy was light-headed, lost in the joy of this wonderful fuck, the tickling feeling that tippled through her.

“Oh, Bobby,” she sighed loudly. “You’re fuckin’ my cunt!”

His ass humped and pumped. Prissy banged her hips against him. They were slapping at each other. His prick bulged and shot off. A thick gush of cream squirted into Prissy’s pussy just as the thrilling tingle of climax zinged through her.

“Say fuck for me,” Bobby whispered. “Say it while we cum.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Prissy babbled, lost in the wondrous feeling of her orgasm. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me you nasty man!”

“Ah, ah, ooohhh,” Bobby huffed as his cock poured more jizz into Prissy’s trembling cunt.

She floated out into the realm of pleasure that locked her in a shimmering shudder beneath him, cumming so violently, so beautifully, she thought she might faint.

Bobby pumped harder, quick rabbit-jabs of his huge prick, still spurting jizz in her cunt. Finally, Prissy fell back on the rug, spent, huffing, puffing for breath. Bobby collapsed on top of her, and they lay there entwined in each other’s arms and legs.

“I love you, Prissy,” he whispered.

“Oh, yeah, I love you, too, Bobby,” she sighed.


Prissy went up to her room and Bobby dressed. Jill still wasn’t home from shopping. After the television news, Bobby went upstairs and asked her if she’d like to go to the mall and see a movie.

They walked to a mall nearby, bought tickets and went inside. Prissy had dressed in a short white skirt and a black tank-top. She wore sandals, and her hair in a ponytail. Bobby had on his jeans, T-shirt, and a light-blue jacket.

They took two seats in the balcony, then Bobby went down and got a big box of popcorn. He came back with Cokes and the corn, sat down, and put the tub of corn on his lap, and they ate it and sipped their Cokes.

There was a man in his late twenties sitting next to Prissy, on the other side. Bobby finished the popcorn and managed to work the bottom of the tub loose, took it off, and then unzipped his fly and took out his hard cock. It stuck up into the empty cardboard box.

Prissy reached over to get some popcorn and felt his massive prick.

“Eceek!” she shrieked.

Her hand found his thick prick all hard and throbbing in the empty popcorn box. She inspected it with her fingers as if trying to make sure Bobby actually had his cock hard in the tub. She tickled up and down the prickshaft.

“You’re so nasty,” she whispered to him, turning to his ear. “You shouldn’t do that in the movie.”

But he had. Prissy withdrew her hand. He grabbed it and put it back in the popcorn box. She played up and down his cock, tickling, scratching the long cockstalk with her fingernails, touching him lightly, teasing his throbbing hardness.

“Oh, Prissy,” he breathed hotly.

She slid down in her seat and her skirt skipped up high on her thighs. The man next to her looked over and stared at her beautiful legs.

Her hand clutched at Bobby’s prick. He pulled her over and kissed her salty, juicy lips. A sweet popcorn kiss. He felt her tits. She pulled away.

“No, not here,” she whispered.

Then she looked at the man next to her. He looked like an all-American quarterback — crew cut, very athletic. She saw the passion on his face. She smiled.

“Let’s go fuck somewhere,” Bobby whispered in her ear.

Prissy ran her hand over the other man’s leg. She slid it up his thigh and found what she knew would be there. His cock was hard as brick.

“Oh, you tease,” Bobby whispered as he thrust his hand up under her skirt and rubbed her cunt through her tight panties.

Prissy squeezed the man’s cock, her fingers pressing into the rock-hardness, then she moved her hand away from it.

“Okay,” she whispered, “let’s fuck somewhere… but you’ll have to pay me something, okay?”

“Yes,” he panted.

They got up to get out. Bobby led the way, past the man, out to the aisle. Prissy followed, but stopped in front of the man as she moved by, their legs touching. The man trembled, and Prissy moved out into the aisle with Bobby.

“Here’s twenty-five dollars,” Bobby said, pressing some crumpled bills into Prissy’s hand.

She put them in her purse.

He led her to the men’s room. “Not here,” Prissy said, pulling away.

He grabbed her hand and dragged her into the man’s bathroom. He took her to a toilet stall, put a dime in the lock and let himself in, with her in tow.

He pulled her to him, and kissed her wildly, sliding his hand up under her skirt, dipping deep into her panties. Prissy clutched at his crotch, running her hands all over his curling hard-on. “Bobby, Bobby!” she gasped. “Not here in the toilet!”

“Yeah, here… no one will come in, not during the movie… if they do, we’ll be quiet until they leave.”

He was suddenly on her, pushing her against the side of the toilet stall. He took her panties down. She held her skirt up high and showed him her cunt. He stuck his hand down there and rubbed her pussy.

Prissy had never been more excited in her life… getting money to play with Bobby, the close confines of the locked stall, Bobby’s fingers tickling her teenage cunt.

Now she knew what was really important in life… to enjoy the erotic pleasures of sex at all times.

Her hand squeezed on the cock-bulge in his tight jeans. She wanted to feel his huge fucker. She unzipped his fly and curled her fingers inside. His cock was too big to pull out. She unbuttoned his jeans. They split open. She found the fly in his shorts, inserted her hand into the cummy-soaked silt, grabbed his prick, and pulled the huge hard-on out.

She slid her fingers up and down the thick cockstalk, tickling his prick like he was tickling her cunt.

“Oh, Bobby,” she whimpered.

“I like my hand in your panties,” he panted. His knuckles bulged out the crotch of her pink undies. His fingers jerked and jiggled. His finger fucked in and out of her frizzing cunt.

“You’re so darn dirty, Bobby… doin’ this in the toilet with me. Oh, God!” Prissy gasped, a thrilling tingle sizzling her entire being, ripping through her like a shivering stream of hot pleasure.

“Jesus, I love you,” Bobby whispered.

“God, Bobby, really? You’re not lyin’?”

“I love you, damnit!” he huffed, his finger fucking faster and faster in and out of her sweet pussy.

“Are you gonna fuck me in here, Bobby?”

“That’s what I paid for.”

He pulled away from her and sat down on the toilet seat. His prick stuck up like a billyclub. Prissy stared at him. He slid his shorts down with his jeans around his ankles.

“Come over here,” be said.

She moved so she stood in front of him. He lifted her skirt and slowly peeled her panties down on her thighs. He craned in and kissed her pussy mound, then sucked on her cunt. His hands slid behind her and he clutched at her magnificent ass.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm,” he mumbled.

Prissy rolled her hips and pushed her pussy into his face.

He took her panties down lower, slid them over her knees to her ankles, and she stepped out of them. Bobby undid her skirt at the side and it too fell down onto her ankles. She moved out of it and stood before him in the black tank top and her mid-heel sandals.

He licked greedily at her pussy. His tongue fucked out with sizzling slap shots at bet sweet cunt. Prissy was lost in the wonderful ecstasy of his licking love.

Then they heard a knock on the toilet door.

“All right, let me in.”

“Huh… Who?” Bobby asked, “Me, the one sitting next to you. Let me in, or I’ll go tell the manager.”

Of course, Bobby had no alternative. “Open the door, Prissy,” he whispered.

She did so, and the handsome older man appeared, a sly smile on his face. “You got me all hot back there in the movie,” he said, unzipping his fly. He reached inside and pulled out a huge prick.

He looked older in the light, maybe in his early thirties. “I’ll just join in, okay?” he said.

Bobby had stood up. His cock was hard, and the man’s prick, long and thin, stuck out stiff and rigid. The man unbuckled his slacks and took down his shorts with, them, let them crumple around his ankles.

“Oh, God!” Prissy blurted.

Both men stood against the side of the toilet with Prissy in front of them. She reached out with each hand and clapped a prick in each. She was excited by the feel of the hard pricks in her tiny hands.

She pumped on their cocks. Both of the men looked at her longingly. She peered up into their eyes. The passion there thrilled her, and the look of intensity on their faces told her she was in control of them. She felt a new power, a woman-power that she knew would be useful in the years to come.

“God, you’re good-lookin’,” the man said.

Prissy smiled at him.

Bobby sat down on the toilet again. “Get on me, Prissy,” he said.

She backed up to him and sat down, her back to him. His cock stuck up between her legs. She grasped the cockstalk and humped up. She screwed her ass down slowly and took Bobby’s massive prick into her sucking pussy. She took half of the hard prick then began fucking on the cockstalk, sliding up and down and rolling her ass.

The older man moved in front of her. He spread his feet apart and humped down so his cock was at face level with Prissy. She knew what he wanted. She reached out, clapped her hand on his hard cock and brought the prickhead to her mouth. She kissed him on the pricktip.

Bobby humped up off the toilet and plunged his prick deep up into Prissy’s hot pussy. She licked her lips over the older man’s prick as she felt the surge of Bobby’s huge hard-on slide upward into her cunt.

She sucked the man’s prick into her mouth. It’s such a long one, she thought, and she brought her hand up and squeezed the cockstalk as she sat on Bobby’s prick.

“God, that looks good,” the man huffed. “You’re a real, hot, good-lookin’ cock-sucker, sweetheart.”

Prissy thrilled to his fuck poetry, and she sucked voraciously to reward him for his adoration. Her darling lips slid lewdly in and out on his hard prick.

Bobby thrust off the toilet, up-down, his ass banging on the black toilet seat, his cock fucking up into her cunt really thrilling her.

She was adorable, sitting on Bobby’s cock, wiggling her tight ass, able to take all his monster cock now. And as she did so, she bobbed in and out on the older man’s prick. She squeezed his cockstalk, the long cock, and sucked wildly now, and she felt his cock bulge in her hand, felt the prickhead bloat in her mouth, then he came.

A splash of hot cum flooded her mouth.

“Oooooogh!” she mumbled, sliding backward.

Her lips came off his prick, the spurting prickhead blasting gobs of cum that splattered all over her gorgeous face. She jacked wildly on his prick as he came.

Then Bobby came. He humped high and hard off the toilet seat, fucked his prick into her cunt and made Prissy come with the men.

She felt as though she were on a bucking horse, Bobby bouncing her, pumping her up and down, and she kept thumping the older man’s spewing cock, watching the cream spurt from the cockhead, splash on her camisole, her neck, her cheek. A shower of hot jizz squirted from the big thin prick.

She pumped wildly on the cum-spurting cock and rocked up and down, back and forth bending Bobby’s prick in her pussy as he came.

Prissy shook with delight, with pure pleasure there in the bathroom. Bobby had hold of her ponytail now, rocking her back and forth on his spitting prick by pulling her hair.

The older man stumbled backwards against the toilet door. He stood there huffing for breath, his big cock wilting. He put it away, looking longingly at Prissy.

“God, so good lookin’… so juicy,” he said, and he unlocked the door and slipped away.

Prissy slumped on Bobby. “God, Bobby,” she said, “I just sucked that man’s dick. Did you know that?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Now you’re the one who’s naughty, aren’t you?”

“Am I?” she cooed. “You’re the one got me in this toilet, Bobby Madison. You’re the one who’s always wantin’ to get in my pants.”

She lifted off his prick and turned around, then stood in front of Bobby. She put her hands on her hips. Her face dripped thick cum.

Bobby’s cock was still hard, all creamy and gooey. He sat on the shiny, black toilet seat and looked up at his darling cousin.

“I wanna get in your panties all the time ’cause I love you, Prissy,” he whispered, taking his prick in his hand and slowly jacking off.

Prissy started rolling her hips, pushing her pretty pussy out at Bobby. “Now I suppose you wanna jack yourself off to me, huh?” she teased.

“That’s what you like — I’ll bet you like men jackin’ off to you all the time, don’t you?”

“That’s what you say,” Prissy whispered, moving closer to Bobby.

He pumped on his prick and she watched intently, then got down on her knees so she could get closer to his thumping hand, his blurred jack-stroke.

“Go on, Bobby, let me see you beat off,” she purred.

He pumped faster. “You like it, don’t you — tell me.”

“Yeah, I like you beatin’ off. I like men beatin’ off to me all the time. I wanna have ’em jerk off to me,” Prissy babbled, her eyes wide in amazement as she watched Bobby stroke his hard, massive prick.

The cream had caked on his thumb and forefinger. Big bubbles of juice formed on his cockhead. His balls hung over the edge of the toilet seat.

Prissy tickled his balls. “Jerk yourself,” she whispered. “God, that looks good, your hand beatin’ like that, Bobby.”

He humped off the toilet seat, and his body stiffened. He whacked wildly on his hard prick. It exploded. Gobs of cum flew from the bulging prickhead.

“God, that’s naughty, Bobby… you’re shootin’, squirtin’ jizz all over me.”

Cum spurted from his cock and splattered onto Prissy’s face. She moved in closer, her mouth inches from the spurting cum. Her lips were open wide. Cum jetted into her mouth, sprinkled her chin, her hair, her forehead.

She stuck her hand between her legs and fucked a finger in her pussy and came with Bobby.

“Jerk it, Bobby… faster… faster beat it like sixty,” Prissy whispered lovingly.


It was the day before Bobby had to report back to duty at his base. Jill had okayed the kids’ request that Bobby take them to the county fair that was closing at the fairgrounds.

Janet brought April and Ronnie over so they could go to the fair with Bobby, Darcy and Prissy.

The house was buzzing with activity as everyone readied for the fair. Janet and Jill had planned to go shopping and spend the day and evening out.

Prissy was still upstairs deciding what she wanted to wear. She noticed April had on the tightest pair of jeans. They looked like she’d got into them wet and let them dry on her body.

“The slut,” Prissy whispered to herself as she looked in the mirror, posing, admiring her luscious body.

She finally decided on her Madonna outfit. She had purchased several combinations, and now she chose a white merry widow, garters, nylons, mid-high heels that were brilliant red. She slipped into a pair of glove-tight white panties.

Over this sexy attire she pulled on a short, tight dark-blue skirt, and a lovely pink sweater that buttoned up the middle, and she certainly buttoned it, because she didn’t want her mom raising hell with her.

She appraised herself in the mirror. She was gorgeous. She realized she had a beautiful face, and now she was very aware of her ripening body as it bulged against the tight sweater, the tight skirt.

She left her room, and as she prepared to go down the stairs, she heard voices from Bobby’s room. She tiptoed to the door, bent down and looked in the keyhole. Her Aunt Janet was pressed against Bobby.

“You gotta fuck me before you leave, Bobby,” Prissy heard Janet say.

“I know… but I don’t know where or when,” Bobby said.

“Well, if we can’t fuck once more, I’ll fly to your Navy base to see you, okay?”

“Sure,” Bobby said.

“Well, we better get to it, get downstairs before someone gets suspicious,” Janet said, her hand sliding down. She grabbed his cock through his slacks, massaged the hard erection.

Prissy got up and went downstairs. Soon, Janet appeared, then flabby came down a few minutes later.

“You look rather tartish,” Prissy’s mother said.

“It’s my Madonna outfit, Mother,” Prissy said.

The kids got in Jill’s station wagon and Bobby started the drive to the fair. Prissy managed to wiggle in and sit beside Bobby. Darcy and April sat in the back, Ronnie on the right front.

At the fair, they wandered the midway. Prissy suggested she and Bobby ride the loop-the-loop. He readily agreed to this suggestion, and they got in a car and waited for the swirling loop. Just as the machine began to twirl the cars, Bobby got down on his hands and knees in the nose of the car.

He ran his hands slowly up and down Prissy’s pretty, nyloned legs. She slid down on the leather seat. She slid her skirt up high on her thighs and spread her legs wide.

Bobby kissed above her nylon tops, his tongue dripping spit on the creamy smoothness. “You dirty, naughty guy,” Prissy whined, spreading her legs wider.

The loop started to go up and whirl down. “Oh, God!” Prissy cried. “Oh, wow!”

Bobby kissed and licked his tongue into her panties. His tongue flapped at her crotch. He thumbed the top of the panties, tugged them down her fine legs, and got them off her. She spread wide. The machine looped their car in a wide arc. Prissy’s stomach looped with it. Bobby mashed his tongue into her cunt.

“Oh, Goddamn you, Bobby Madison. Goddamn you!” she shouted, her ponytail flagging in the breeze.

He chomped her delicious pussy. He sucked the soft cunt folds into his mouth and chewed, nibbled, sent tingling pleasure tickling through Prissy.

“Just go ahead, Bobby… crunch my cunt! That’s what you like, isn’t it?” she screamed over the clank and clang of the ride. “You dirty cunt-licker!”

She was a darling, and Bobby had never seen her so damn hot. He munched on her cunt muffin, licked, sucked, nibbled, and slid his hands under her magnificent, tight ass.

She lifted off the seat, rolled her lithe hips, pushed her pussy into his greedy face. He lifted her ass, dined, snacked, feasted on her cunt.

“Oh, wooooo, whooop, yeoooowwwww!” Prissy yelled, the car lifting up and whooshing back down. “Oooooo, shhhhhiiiitttttt!”

The sweetheart was hotter than a firecracker, high over the midway in the car, all spread out, her cousin down on his knees gobbling her pussy. She loved it.

“Ahhhhh, whhhheeewwwww, ah!” she yelped. “Suck my pussy, sailor!”

The dirty talk enraged Bobby. He’d never heard his pretty cousin talk like this. It really excited him, and he flapped his tongue like a thirsty dog at Prissy’s sweet cunt.

“Oh, Jesus Christ… this is unbelievable!” Prissy shouted. And a ripple of pleasure flooded her body. She had never felt so good, twirling in the air while her cousin ate at her pussy.

Bobby cupped her ass, lifted it higher and nuzzled his nose right into her cunt, chewed, licked, and caught her clit.

“Oh, oh, shit!” Prissy moaned, sliding down farther in the seat.

As she swirled in the car, Prissy knew she would miss her cousin, Bobby. He had shown her so many pleasures, delicious thrills, had given her money, had said he loved her.

She bumped her cunt in his face, swirled her hips with the twirl of the spinning car. Bobby mashed his mouth to her tasty pussy.

He had her ass cupped in his hands, lifting it almost above the sides of the car, swinging back and forth on his knees with the whirl of the car, but he kept his mouth fastened to the pussy delight.

“Dirty, dirty, dirty!” Prissy screamed. “Ohhhh, wheeeee!” she squealed as the car looped down and she came.

“Oh, Bobby! Bobby Madison! Cunt-licker!” she yipped.

Finally, the ride came to a stop. Bobby picked up Prissy’s pretty white panties and stuffed them in his back pocket, slid back up into the seat. She pulled down her skirt, and they came to a stop. She sat, still trembling, and Bobby helped her from the car.

They walked the midway looking for the other kids, and found them throwing darts. They stopped, and as Bobby stood there, Prissy took his hand and held it.

April walked up. “Well, did you all have fun on the ride. I know what you were doin’ up there.”

“Yeah, well, what were we doin’ then?” Prissy said.

“Bobby was lickin’ your Snickers bar,” April said.

“Oh, yeah?” Prissy teased.

“Yeah,” April whispered, so Ronnie and Darcy couldn’t hear them. “And if he doesn’t lick my Snickers too, I’ll tell your mother.”

“Oh, God, she would too, Bobby. She’d tell. I know April.”

“Darn right I will,” April said. “Come on, Bobby… let’s go behind the tents.”

Bobby looked at Prissy. She nodded to go ahead and take April back there.

“Don’t be too long,” she whispered to Bobby, “and don’t do it to her too good.”

He winked at her and left with April. They went behind the booths and tents into the darkness of the grass and weeds. They found a place right behind a hamburger booth. April stopped. Bobby fell to his knees.

She had on jeans that scrunched up into her crotch and outlined her cunt. He licked his tongue over her jeans at the V. He trembled as his hands went behind her ass.

Suddenly Prissy was with them. “I told Darcy and Ronnie we’d be right back,” she said. “I wanna watch.”

Bobby licked at April’s jeans. “Oh, Prissy, look what he’s doin’, he’s chewin’ on my jeans down there.”

“Uh-huh, I see what he’s doin’,” Prissy said. Bobby clamped his fingers tightly to Prissy’s ass, feeling the fabulous curves, fingering, caressing. He unbuttoned her jeans and peeled them down around her knees. April had on a pair of yellow panties. Bobby kissed her panties, licking at the crotch.

“Oh, wow!” April breathed hotly.

“Bobby, you are sooooo lewd,” Prissy whispered.

Bobby took April’s jeans down around her ankles and she stepped out of them, stood in white tennis shoes, white T-shirt, and her yellow panties in a roll on her knees. Bobby tugged them off and stuck them in his pocket.

The clank and clang of the carnival rides, the smell of mustard and cotton candy from the midway, the hum of the crowd, lights from the ferris wheel at the end of the midway… the sounds of the fair filled the night.

Behind the tent games, in the darkness, Bobby sucked on April’s cute pussy as Prissy watched. The smell of onions from the hamburger stand mingled with the other smells of the night, filling Prissy with a new freedom, a new feeling about herself. She loved sex, and she was grateful to her cousin Bobby for showing her so much.

“Oh, wow,” April gulped again. “Oh, wow… wow… wow!”

Bobby clutched her tight, hard ass, his fingers pinching, probing. April felt his tongue twirling in and out and up and down her cunt slit.

“This is what he was doin’ to you up on the ride, Prissy,” April panted.

“Uh, huh, he was. He was really suckin’ me up there,” Prissy answered. Her pussy itched. It seemed to her she could just cum all the time, just get that feeling all the damn time.

She stuck her hand up under her skirt. She remembered then that Bobby had taken her panties and kept them. She slipped a finger into her pussy and diddled herself. She watched intently as Bobby licked and sucked on April’s cunt.

The sight of them in the glow of the midway, the way Bobby’s head was bobbing around, and the way April stood with her arms on her hips, pushing her pussy into his face… it thrilled Prissy.

“Feel good, April?” she whispered, standing right beside them, watching them feel the heat of their love.

“Oh, yeah. Wow!”

“Make her feel that feeling, Bobby,” Prissy hissed.

She could hear his chomping, sucking, the spitty sound of his tongue-fucking.

“Now! Here it comes!” April yelped.

“Oh, yeah?” Prissy called, feeling the first tingle of climax.

The three of them went back to the midway and found Ronnie and Darcy. “Let’s go back to the house. No one will be there, and we can have some fun,” Prissy suggested.

Everyone agreed, and Bobby drove them all back to Jill’s. Then went inside.

“Should, we all take off our clothes and play?” April asked.

“Sure, let’s do,” Prissy smiled.

“The boys first,” April said.

Bobby and Ronnie stripped until they stood before their three darling cousins naked, their cocks hard, Bobby’s so huge and throbbing.

“Bobby’s cock is so big, isn’t it?” April whispered in amazement.

Prissy went over to Bobby. She clasped her sweet hand around his thick prickstick. She loved the feel of his hardness throbbing against her fingers, her palm.

Darcy came over and got her hand on Bobby’s prick too, and then April did the same. Poor Ronnie stood all alone as the girls placed their hands all over Bobby’s prick, teasing, tickling, squeezing, rubbing the enormous hard-on.

Ronnie clutched his cock and began jacking on his prick.

“Who gets to play with Bobby?” April asked. Prissy let go of Bobby’s prick. She slapped Ronnie’s pumping hand away, and took hold of his prick. She overhanded his cock, slicking her hand in and out. She set her feet apart, pulled her skirt up with one hand and rubbed the boy’s pricktip against the soft curls of her pussy.

She plugged the head of his prick into her pussy. They stood there connected, and Bobby watched them. April and Darcy were now kissing Bobby’s prick, licking, slobbering up and down the cockstalk.

Prissy rolled her hips, pushed her pussy at Ronnie, got all of his prick in her pussy. She let her skirt drop and put her arms around Ronnie’s neck. Her skirt hid the action that went on between them.

Bobby lay down on the carpet. “Sit on my face, April,” he said. He wanted her fine ass on his mouth. “And, Darcy, you sit on my prick.”

Bobby lay on his back. April took her jeans off, and since Bobby still had her panties, she was ready to sit on his face and did so. He slicked his tongue all over her ass. He manipulated her so he could suck both her asshole and her pussy.

Darcy squatted over Bobby’s prick as though she were preparing to take a piss. She fisted the big cock, big as her dildos, screwed her ass around and took the huge hard-on into her cunt.

“Ah, shit!” Darcy moaned.

Prissy watched the beautiful sight as she fucked Ronnie standing up, humping her ass at his incredibly hard teenage prick, feeling the hot friction.

“God, I’m sitting on Bobby’s face,” April said. “Shit!” And then she ground down on his gaping mouth. “Oh, shit!”

“Mmmmmmfff, mfffff,” Bobby gurgled, eating her ass wildly.

Darcy was completely nude and she looked good fucking on the big cock. And April in just her shirt, was beautiful as she sat on Bobby’s face. Darcy’s face was filled with passion as she fucked Bobby’s immense prick.

“Oh, shit, this feels good!” April yelled.

“Yeah, yeah!” Darcy panted.

“Oh, God, fuckin’ totally too much,” Prissy huffed.

She felt the tingle of satisfaction tickle her body and she came. Ronnie pumped wildly at her and his prick exploded in her pussy and showered her with a huge load of cum.

Darcy fucked harder, screwing down on Bobby’s rigid prick until she felt it bloat and spit out a load of thick, hot cock cream that jetted up into her cunt… so much it began to seep out on her thighs. She came wildly with him, shuddering with delight.

April worked her ass around and around on Bobby’s face. She got her pussy in his mouth, and he started chewing on it as his cock filled April’s pussy with his jizzy spunk.

April felt the thrill. “I’m feelin’ it again!” she cried.

And Prissy, shuddering with joy, screamed: “I’m fuckin’ my cousin!”


The kids fucked and sucked in a beautiful cousin-love affair until late into the night, until they were worn out, satisfied, glowing with the thrill of their passion.

When the kids went to bed, Bobby took a long warm shower and turned in, himself. He fell asleep immediately. It was in the early down, around five a.m. when Jill came to his room. The older aunt, her body exquisite in a shiny white merry widow, her big tits cupped and pressed together so they looked like balloons full of water, her pussy packed into a pair of thin yellow panties, the merry widow strapped with garters into her dark nylons. She wore white high heels.

She turned his light on, came to the bed, pulled the sheet back and found Bobby nude, his cock soft. She lifted the vulnerable prick, jiggling the cockstalk in her palm. Her lips were glossy with red lipstick. She had been in her room thinking about his big cock, so she got up and dressed sexily, then came to his room to fuck him.

She had enjoyed Bobby’s visit so much, and he had fucked her so good, made her feel so good, made her feel like a woman again, and since this was his last day, she wanted to enjoy his big fucker one more time.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her supple, lush ass spreading beautifully, her waist tugged in by the tight merry widow, her generous, lovely curves bulging all over. Her brown hair was parted on one side, and long in the back.

His prick was hard as rock in Jill’s hand. She held it tightly at the base, squeezing, looking at the enormous, thick cockstalk.

“Aunt Jill,” Bobby whispered. His eyes scanned her lovely beauty, her exquisite curves.

She leaned over and swiped her tongue over the top of his prick, licking, swirling the tip of her tongue on the tip of his hard prick.

“Mmmmm, Aunt Jill, that feels good,” Bobby whispered.

“Wanna get in my panties, Bobby?” she cooed.

“Oh, yeah, Aunt Jill… yeah.”

Her lips scaled down over his prick, the red lipstick smearing on his cockstalk. She sucked the huge hard-on, and she liked the feel of the rigid fuck-throbber in her mouth.

Bobby felt as though he’d stuck his prick in hot butter. “Oh, jeez, Aunt Jill,” he breathed hotly, “I love it when you suck my cock like that.”

Jill slid her lips up and off his prick. She stood up. “My panties, Bobby. You said you wanted to get in my panties.”

“Yeah, let me get in there,” he said, swinging to the edge of the bed, getting up, taking his gorgeous aunt in his arms and kissing her.

Bobby’s massive prick thumped against her merry widow. He kissed her hotly, and his hands roamed over the exquisite expanse of her excellent ass. He felt her smooth ass cheeks through the panties.

Then he dipped into her yellow panties, his hand digging down into her crotch, fingers entwined in the thick coils of cunt hair down there.

“You’re in my panties, Bobby,” Jill whispered.

“Uh, yeah. Ohhhhh.”

“You’re feelin’ my pussy.”

“God, yes!”

She reached between them and grabbed his prick. She loved the simmering stiffness of his hard-on. Her fingers circled the thick cockstalk, and she pushed and pulled on the thick skin.

Bobby inserted a finger in her pussy and pumped furiously, giving his aunt a good fingerfucking. Jill liked his hot finger in her cunt, and she squeezed harder on Bobby’s prick.

They stood in marvelous passion, she looking so fine in her yellow panties, heels, hose, the merry widow… Bobby naked, his body sleek.

“Wanna fuck me, Bobby?” Jill purred.

“Damn right.”

“Better take my panties down then,” she whispered.

Bobby knelt in front of her and peeled the panties down over her luscious thighs, took them down to her high heels, and Jill lifted a foot, then the other and stepped out of them.

“You get on the bed and lie down, and I’ll get on top of you,” she said.

Bobby lay back on the bed, his cock sticking up like a gear shift. Jill crawled on the bed, straddled over him on all fours. Bobby got her tits in his hands and felt the supple roundness of the huge suckies as they hung over the top of the merry widow.

Jill reached down and fisted his fucker. She brought the pricktip to her cunt. She inserted the round cockhead inside her pussy.

“Oh,” Bobby gulped.

“Yeah,” Jill agreed.

She fucked a slow stroke, her ass grinding in wicked circles, round and round. His thick prick slid up into her pussy as she fucked down on the cockstalk.

“Way up in there, Bobby,” she cooed. He humped his ass off the bed, fucking his cock up into her cunt. Jill ground down on his hard-on, taking him to new glorious heights of pleasure. She herself loved the thick, throbbing prick plugging her pussy.

“Don’t you love to fuck, Bobby?”

“Yes, Aunt Jill. I love fuckin’ you.”

She leaned down and kissed her nephew, gave him a slobbering French kiss, her tongue swiping his lips, twirling into his mouth. Her hips kept rotating on his prick.

“This is really fuckin’,” Jill said, breaking the kiss. “Me up here screwin’ you like this.”

“Aunt Jill, Aunt Jill,” Bobby sobbed, lost in the magic of her beautiful fucking.

He humped wildly off the bed, fucked up to her, and Jill screwed her hips around and around, in and out, fucking down on his rigid cock, giving him pleasure he had never thought possible.

He still had her big hot tits in his hands, and he squeezed the precious melons, fondled them. Jill fucked faster now, harder on his prick.

They picked up the beat, together, in time, and fucked on top of the bed in glorious splendor. Jill felt the tingle of sweet orgasm simmer through her. She was cumming, and she loved the warm satisfaction that spread through her body.

She fucked and bounced wildly on his prick. Bobby humped up and speared his prick into her cunt until he shot his cum-load up into her pussy. Jill felt the splash of hot cock cream.

“Ah, fuck!” she cried.

“Aunt Jill… Aunt Jill!” Bobby gasped. “I’m shootin’ my load.”

“Do it, shoot your milk, baby… fuck me!”

“Ah, ahhhhh, shiiiittttt!” Bobby cried.

“Ah, uh, uh… ohhhhh, Bobby,” his aunt blabbered.

She finally collapsed on top of him. She lay there for a moment, then said: “I hate to see you leave, Bobby. I’ll miss fuckin’ you.”

“Oh, I don’t want to go, Aunt Jill… I’d like to go AWOL, stay here and fuck you forever.”

“Well, I can come over to your base once in a while, and maybe we can meet on weekends if I can get free… we haven’t fucked for the last time, I’ll tell you that,” she said. “Oh, good, good,” Bobby panted.

She lifted off him, got up and stood beside the bed. “Now I want you to jerk off to me, Bobby, I wanna watch… I like to see you beat off.”

He grabbed his creamy cock, now soft, took the cockshaft in his hand and began playing, caressing himself. Jill watched with wide eyes. His cock began to harden.

Jill spread her legs, pushed out her hips and rolled them, bumping her cunt at Bobby. “I’ll do sexy things and make you hot,” she said.

“I love you, Aunt Jill,” Bobby gulped.

“I know you do… so jack off to me, now. Like that, yeah! Whew, that looks good. I love seeing a man play with his prick, looks so damn good. Yeah, thump it like that, Bobby.”

He beat wildly on his stiff prick, his hand a jerking blur. His balls jiggled between his legs.

“Jeeez, that’s the way, honey… jerk off to me, jerk off to your aunt.”

“I am. I am.”

His hand whacked faster, and a slick click filled the room, like someone chewing gum, and Jill thrilled to the way he jacked off. She stuck a finger in her cunt and began a slow diddle, making her pussy feel tingly and hot.

“I wanna see you shoot off… go on and milk it, Bobby. Be a good boy and milk it for Jill.”

“Ah, ah, whooo, whoooffff,” he panted.

Then he came, and the jism spiraled out of his cock and spit high in the air, splashed back on his belly, his chest. His body stiffened, he humped off the bed, pounding his prick furiously.

“Oh, God yes… shoot it… milk it! I love to see you cum!” Jill babbled.

Then Jill got the feeling. A lovely climax shuddered her whole body as she stood over the bed and watched her handsome nephew pump on his prick, watched him shoot a thick cum-load all over the place.

“Yeah, beautiful,” Jill whispered. “Seein’ you jack off is fabulous.”

They both climaxed, and Jill left the room, readied to meet the day.

Bobby lay on the bed thinking of his beautiful aunt, thinking of his beautiful cousin Prissy, thinking of Darcy, Janet, April… oh, how he loved them all.

Just then Prissy walked out of the closet. She wore pink panties and a pink bra and had on a pair of pink high heels.

“Been fuckin’ my mom, huh, gettin’ it on with her again, huh?”

“Prissy! What are you doin in here?”

“I was watchin’ you fuck Mom from the closet.”

“You’re a naughty girl.”

“Uh-uh, you’re the naughty one… you and Mom. Boy, you two really fucked, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Well, I’m never gonna let you fuck me ever again,” Prissy said, and started to huff out of the room.

Bobby jumped off the bed and caught her. He pulled her to him, felt her divine teenage body, pressed his cock against her belly. He tried to kiss her, but she moved her face away from his gaping lips.

“No,” she huffed.

“Please,” he pleaded.

“No, you can’t have her and me both.”

Bobby knew at that moment that it was Prissy he loved. “I love you,” he whispered.

“Oh, yeah?”

His hand slid over her tight ass. “Yeah, I love you. I love your ass, your pussy, your tits, everything. I don’t want anyone but you, Prissy.”

“Promise you won’t fuck with Mom anymore, with April, Darcy… anyone?”

“I promise.”

“Promise you’ll go steady with me?”

“Oh, yeah… damn right. I’d love that.” His hand was in her pink panties and he was feeling her sweet pussy. She got a hold of his prick, and they kissed.

“You just gonna fuck me, no one else?” Prissy said, breaking their kiss.

“Only you.”

He dipped to his knees and peeled her panties down on her thighs. He kissed her cunt. His tongue slapped at her delicious pussy like he was a hungry dog.

“Oh, phew!” Prissy breathed hotly.

She rolled her hips and pushed her cunt in his face. He licked and bit, nibbling her pussy. Prissy looked down, watched Bobby gobbling at her crotch.

“Shit, Bobby, you’re hungry, huh?” she purred.

He answered by sucking all her pussy into his mouth, nibbling and biting on the hairy pie. Prissy loved it. She felt wonderful. She wanted his cock.

Bobby got up off the floor. He pulled Prissy to the bed. He took her down and lay beside her. He kissed her and slipped her panties down, then he took her bra off. They were both naked now, except for Prissy’s pink high heels.

Bobby mounted her. He stuck his prick into her crotch. Prissy felt his thick cock fuck into her cunt. She spread her legs wide to take him.

Her lips were moist, open, and she looked up into his face, saw the glaze in his eyes. “Besides,” she said, “I’m better than my mom, aren’t I?”

“Oh, yes, Prissy, you’re the best there is.”

She wrapped her legs around his humping body. Bobby’s ass pumped up and down and he fucked his cock deep into her sucking pussy.

He slid a hand under her ass and buttoned her asshole with a finger. She reached around and did the same to him, diddling her finger in and out of his thumping ass.

“Fuckin’ me only,” she whispered. “Goin’ steady.”

“Yes,” Bobby panted.

“Just remember, you fuck anyone, touch anyone, and you lose me,” Prissy gulped.

She was bouncing off the bed, up and down, meeting Bobby’s hot fuck-stroke, bumping to him, fucking him so good Bobby thought he might faint.

“Oh, Prissy,” he moaned.

“Fuck me faster, Bobby.”

He did, his ass humped and pumped like a drill-machine. Prissy wrapped her legs tighter around him, fucked back at him like a real professional.

Such a delightful, sexy, beautiful girl, and she fucked her sailor cousin better than he thought anyone could possibly fuck him, and this just after Jill had taken him to uncharted fucking territory.

Yes, he knew Prissy was the one for him. He knew he loved her.

“I love you!” he cried.

His cock started to shower her pussy. He had enough cum left to give Prissy a good spraying.

“I love you too, Bobby.”

Hump, pump, slap, clap, their bodies banged together. Prissy was shaken by the quick climax that gripped her, took control of her.

“Oh, Goddamn, Bobby… Goddamn you!” the darling yelped.

“Marry me, Prissy!” Bobby panted. The racing climax had Prissy in heaven. Did she heat him right?

“Marry you?”

“Marry me and fuck me forever!”

“Oh, Bobby, you fucker? You dirty fucker!” she babbled, lost in her orgasm, a feeling that simply had her on fire. She fucked furiously, her fine body bouncing under him.

“Marry me!” he puffed, his prick still spraying her pussy with cum.

“You’re my cousin,” she said finally, slumping back on the bed, spent, satisfied, glowing from her incredible cum.

“Who cares?”

“Oh, jeez, Bobby! Yes, I’ll marry you!”

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