A Mother Enslaved

One need only tune in the television set during prime time on any evening of the week to witness a seemingly endless barrage of violence in the form of “entertainment”. Whether it be cops pursuing robbers, or cowboys gunning down Indians, the pattern is invariably the same. The fact that no one is really hurt, at least physically, is also common to them all.

But real violence does exist, and real people, good and bad, are maimed and killed in the streets and homes of America. There are criminals in our midst, people who would steal or rape or kill at the slightest provocation, people who have no respect whatsoever for human life.

Lydia Framington and her daughter are the victims of such people. Innocent of any crime against man, they nevertheless find themselves tortured and faced with disfigurement and death because they have stumbled into the private territory of criminals who place no value on life.

A MOTHER ENSLAVED — is the shocking story of ordeal. An ordeal that any of us might face one day.


Lydia Framington was a good woman. She had never, ever let a man touch her except her husband. And after Greig had died, she had been very, very careful not to put herself in any situation where she might succumb to sex. Why she had started having these feelings of wanting to be dominated Lydia didn’t know.

But now she lay here roped to the headboard of the bed, the line looped around her wrists and cinched so hard her fingers were starting to turn bluish white. She tried twisting her wrists a little and winced in pain, her full lips turning down slightly at the edges.

At least, she thought, he had left on her bra and panties. There was some bit of modesty left to her. She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the slightly sexy rub of her cunt-lips against one another while her ass-cheeks slid over the bare mattress.

It had all been so strange, so bizarre. That ad in the paper, her voice cracking when she answered it, the man’s cruel laugh as she entered his home clutching her purse as if her life were contained in it. And now… and now she was half-naked, her arms stretched high behind her head, her wrists bound to the wooden turrets of his bed. Lydia’s eyes scanned the area as she lay there and waited for the man to come back.

That was the worst thing, she thought, feeling her nipples starting to thicken under her bra cups. The waiting was making her pulse race while her stomach flip-flopped and knotted in cramps of tension. This was the first time she had ever been with a strange man, and doing this sort of thing. Ropes! Bondage! Discipline! Humiliation! The words echoed through her mind, making that strange warm tingle in her cunt worse than ever!

Oh, how that burning itch was making the velvety surfaces of her pussy twitch when they slipped against each other! This was the worst it had been ever? Just lying here, thinking of that strange tall, dark-haired man smirking down at her made her shamefully close to climax! He had ordered her here, had commanded her to take off her white blouse and dark-blue skirt, then had bound her this way.

There would be more, he assured her before disappearing through the darkened doorway and leaving her alone with her rattling thoughts. Lydia cringed. She had told her daughter Shari such lies about tonight. Would the girl suspect her mother had something going on the side? After all her lectures on morality and on good girls, wasn’t she a hypocrite, lying as she was now, waiting for this man to rape her… or do something worse?

Footsteps! Lydia tensed, her fingers curling and the nails biting into her sweaty palms. She heard the floorboards creaking under his weight as he approached the bedroom. More than ever the woman could feel her nylon panties pressing against her wet cunt, the silken material feeling shocking good against the swollen, sensitive cunt-meat. God, what a whore she was becoming!

“Good. You’re not like some of the others who try getting away,” he said, wiping one hairy paw over his full lips.

Lydia spotted a can of beer in one hand, the gold sides slightly crushed in by his full fingers. He had changed from his Levi’s to a strange outfit, one the woman found oddly exciting as well as terrifying. Max, as he called himself, had pulled an a pair of tight-fitting chaps, the black leather compressing his muscular flesh while letting the bulge between his legs protrude from the opening between his legs.

He had taken off his white cotton t-shirt. Lydia could see all too well his hairy chest, his full, hard, rounded muscles and the line of hair that went, from between his nipples down to his… his crotch! Oh, the thought of it made her cunt pulse with rising heat! He was going to rape her, fuck her here on this mattress with her hands roped behind her. She moaned through her clenched teeth, rubbing her cuntlips against each other again, and feeling the electricity from her clit seeping into her cuntmeat! It was horribly delicious!

“What… what are you going to do to me?” she finally asked.

Max threw back his head and laughed, dropping one hand down to his crotch and rubbing his cock through his Levi’s.

“You read the ad. You answered it. You guess,” he said threateningly.

Again Lydia moaned, twisting her body against the mattress as he approached the side of her bed. He was silent, his eyes drinking her in… her flat stomach, her full white thighs, her tits, now large and red-tipped — now flattened out, her long blonde hair fanned out behind her.

Oh, he was touching her! Lydia closed her eyes and let out a breathy moan, her flesh puckering into goosepimples. She felt the backs of his fingers brushing over her flesh, up to her nipples, then down to her bellybutton before making tiny circles to her cunt. Oh, oh, oh! He was barely touching the curly tops of her blonde pussy-hairs!

That teasing sensation made her cunt-muscles contract in pulsing sensations. Lydia jerked her ass-cheeks off the mattress, silently begging for more touching. If only he would stick a finger in her. Yes, yes, she wanted fucking, needed fucking! It had been too long since she had had something in her cunt other than her own nervous fingers trying to take the edge off the awful feeling of loneliness. If only…


Max had curled his fingers around her pussy hairs, twisting them around, then tearing a fistful of them from her cunt-mound. The woman shrieked, her eyelids fluttering while her legs shot apart, then folded protectively over one another. It felt as if someone had dropped a handful of coals into her pussy. The woman screamed again as Max shoved his hand under her crotch, sticking his forefinger into her pussy while pushing his thumb into her asshole.

He was finger-fucking her in both openings, shoving and pushing while grunting into her face. Lydia screamed again, the hot, spicy pain in her ass adding to the throbbing sensations sparking from her clit. She drummed her legs against the squeaking mattress, her head snapping from side to side while the blonde hairs splashed over her reddened face.

“Hot and wet, man, that’s the way a woman should be,” he muttered, pushing aside her panties even more to get a better hold of her cunt.

Lydia jerked her legs back, her knees snapping together and trapping his hand between her thighs. She rolled her ass up, her tits jiggling against one another as the pain still shot through her body. Again and again the woman pulled at her arms, her wrists chafing against the brown rope cutting into her skin.

He was thrusting his fingers in and out now, pushing forward, then pulling back, bracing the rest of his hand against the narrow band of sensitive flesh separating her asshole from her cunt. Lydia grunted with each push, her back rubbing against the mattress while the big man continued fucking her with his hand.

Max pulled out, raising his hand to his nose and smelling his greasy fingers.

“Yeahhh, good hot pussy. That’s what it smells like,” he said, pushing his fingers up against the woman’s nose.

Lydia could smell herself! A woman in rut! That’s what she was. She could smell the odor, the smell of a hot, juicy cunt eager for more. Max reached down, unbuckling his belt, taking it by one end and sliding it from the black loops of his trousers.

He held the buckled end, looping the broad belt, then snapping the halves together. The sound reminded Lydia of a pistol shot. Reaching down with both hands, Max slid his fingers under her hips, rolling her onto her belly, her arms twisting painfully around one another. She buried her face between her crossed arms, feeling terribly vulnerable, so naked. Then there was the sensation of those fingers again sliding under her bra strap, pulling up — once, then twice, then hard a third time until the band snapped.

Her panties were next, the sheer nylon tugged down until it snugged around her hipbones, leaving her ass-cheeks completely exposed. She could hear Max’s increasingly heavy breathing as he stared at her stripped body, snapping the belt rhythmically against itself.

“Gonna warm up that ass. I don’t think it really needs it,” Max said with a chuckle, his thin lips curling up under his black beard, “but we’ll make sure you’re good and ready.”

For what? What was he talking about? Lydia began to wonder if this game hadn’t gone far enough. She had endured this cruel fingerfucking and his biting sarcasm. Wasn’t it time to get on with fucking and…


The hissing sound of the leather interrupted all thought. For a while Lydia couldn’t believe he was going to whip her this way. It was torture, she thought! Besides, the ad had said nothing specific about pain! Bondage, discipline, not… not this!


She screamed, her legs flying apart, her head jerking up while her cheeks reddened. The black leather had bitten cruelly into her ass-cheek, leaving a long ugly red mark against her white flesh. Lydia pulled her head up, blinking away a tear and staring at the big man now standing above her. He held both ends of the belt, snapping them against one another, leering at her.

“Please, no, no… don’t do this to me!” she sobbed, shaking her head. Several stray strands of her blonde hair clung to her cheeks.

“Just what you need. Most of you cunts wag that ass around too much for a man. You need discipline, and that’s what you’ll get here.”

“No, don’t… don’t…”

He was a vulture over her. Then Max swung the belt over her, the thick black leather sizzling through the air, hissing once more just before it burned into her ass-cheeks. The force of the blow made the bed shake while Lydia jerked her head back, tearing her mouth open and letting out a hellish scream. He was going to flay the skin from her bones, she thought! This had gone too far.

“No! No! Stop it! I didn’t know what I was doing!” she rattled, the spit half-choking her as she pleaded with the big man behind her. “I won’t say anything. Just untie me and let me go!”

Her mind was reeling around and around. She had gone too far, put herself into this position without knowing fully what would happen to her. Surely he would kill her. There were people like that out in the world. Why in God’s name hadn’t she thought this out more carefully?

“Sure, sure, I’ll let you go… when I’m good and damned ready to!”


Lydia tried to roll back onto her ass, but the belt arched down again, the tip curling around her inner thigh and biting into the flesh just inches from her clit. The resulting burn made her clit spasm, the round, red tip sparking once again and forcing her cunt-muscles to spasm and itch. Again the belt hissed through the air, slicing between her ass-cheeks and cutting into the sweaty narrow crack.

Lydia beat her fists against the filthy pillow under her, feeling her asshole yanked out of shape from the force of that blow. She squirmed and whimpered as the belt thrashed down again and again over her quivering ass-cheeks, reddening the full flesh. Purple meaty welts rose from her skin. Lydia tried desperately not to cry. Crying would do no good, she felt, especially where this madman was concerned. It would, she thought, incite him to do more to her.

She chewed on her pouty lower lip, letting out a long sigh of relief when the beating seemed to slow down. Perhaps he was growing tired. Perhaps her pleas finally made some inroad to his sense of decency.


Again! This time the belt slammed down around her ankles, nearly crushing the tiny bones. He whipped her soles, sending sparks shooting up her legs into her cunt. Already the searing agony had spread deliciously into her cunt, adding to the excitement rioting in her pussy. Her cunt vibrated with each blow, the tiny gland pulsating and throbbing. Lydia curled her fingers again, jerking her body up toward the headboard as if she were trying to get rid of the pain attacking her body.

Once more the belt came down over her asscheeks, up again, then down between her jutting shoulderblades. He was whipping her back now, crushing the leather against her spine, making the woman sob and scream. Lydia chewed the lumpy pillow under her, hiding her lust-contorted face in the material while she kept he ass-cheeks tense. Now they were opening and closing rhythmically, matching the blows from Max’s black leather belt. When he slowed the attack a second time, the woman found herself raising her ass from the bed.

“I thought, you’d be a woman who wanted more,” he said with a chuckle, bringing the cold brass buckle down to her asshole and pushing it up against the wrinkled gray flesh. “I saw that in your fuckin’ eyes the second you walked in. Yeah, that’s a good piece of meat, I said to myself.”

“No, no, not true… not true,” Lydia stammered.

“True, all right,” he hissed, clenching his teeth and bringing the whip down after having circled it around his head. It crashed down against her asshole once again, bruising the smooth flesh just inside her shitter. Lydia thought she would pass out from the pain. The woman jerked her knees out, her body rocking wildly from side to side, making the headboard clatter against the wall in front of her.

“Nice ass, real nice ass,” Max said, smoothing his fingers over the whip-scarred cab.

He was kneading it, pinching it up into tiny balls until Lydia squawked in protest. In a moment she could hear his zipper opening. Jerking her head around, she shook the burning tears from her eyes and looked at the eight-inch fat headed cock staring right back at her!

Oh God, not only was it long, it was thick as well… way thicker than her late husband’s had been! He was behind her now. She could feel the bed sagging from his weight, could feel his rough hands sliding up her thighs, pinching her flesh. She reddened at the thought of this man taking such liberties with her and felt her cunt grow hot and tight at the idea.

He had tossed the belt down to the floor and was more interested now in probing around in her asshole, sticking one finger in up to the second joint and making the woman shout out in pain. When she felt his tongue against her shitter licking it while the digit still fucked her, Lydia nearly died! And when she felt his hands pushing up against her thighs, forcing her up onto her knees like a dog getting ready for a bitch-fuck, the woman could only think of that fat-headed cock and what it was going to do to her!

She felt the warm juice ooze from her cuntslit, trickling down her thighs, wetting the mattress under her. Lydia closed her eyes, feeling the cool air of the room blowing softly against her hot, sweating cuntlips, hi a second she felt something terribly hard and cold against her right cheek. Lydia looked, seeing only a long square object that was black in color. There was a clicking sound, then the feel of something colder whipping against her flesh. Although her vision was blurred, the woman could easily tell now that Max had opened a switchblade and was pressing it against her face!

Was he going to scar her with it? Was he going to stab her to death? All sorts of wild thoughts rattled about her head as Lydia cringed there on the bed, her full, reddened ass high in the air. That wet, sticky line of her cunt-crack felt more vulnerable than ever. Yes, yes, she was completely naked, exposed to this man. Lydia closed her eyes again in shame and terror, her chin wavering with fear as Max pulled back and began sliding the tip of the knife down between her shoulderblades.

Lydia let out a soft groan, shrinking her head between her shoulders and pulling at the ropes holding her wrists to the headboard. She felt the sharp cold sensation of the blade against her flesh. It left a narrow white line, barely cutting into the top layer of skin. The woman felt her flesh rowing taut around her budding nipples while she shivered at the possibilities of what could happen to her.

Max was humming an old country-and-western song, moving the tip of the knife now around her shoulderblade, then dragging it down the center of her spine over the bumps until he was at the upper curves of her ass-cheeks. Lydia wanted to cry, wanted to scream out her horror. But she was afraid to make the slightest move. He would hurt her, pierce her flesh, she thought, if she more than quivered slightly under the touch.

“Oh, oh!”

He was down her ass-crack now, twisting the knife around so the cutting edges of the knife were against her ass-cheeks. She felt the cool smooth polished steel rubbing up against her ass-cheeks, finally touching her asshole. Lydia screwed her face into a terrible mask of concentration, humping her ass from side to side, then tucking it under in a vain attempt to run away from the taunting knife. Max laughed again, his breathing becoming more and more labored. For a moment Lydia felt the knife pull away from her.

She let out a low breath of relief, her body sagging toward the mattress. She drew in her elbows protectively, daring to turn her head around to see what Max was up to next. Suddenly she felt a shocking chill right at the center of her pussy! The woman jumped, her eyes starting from her head while her knees tucked under another inch.

He was pressing the flat of the blade against her wet cunt-slit, rocking it from her clit down to the bottom junction of her cunt-lips. Lydia gasped, feeling her cunt-muscles cinch down tight against the offending cold knife. No! No! That was the wrong thing to do, she thought to herself, feeling her cunt-lips cutting themselves against the blade. But the closing action was beyond her control. She bit her lower lip, tasting blood as the razor-sharp edges cut into the woman’s pussy-lips.

“Man, that’s hot,” he breathed, rocking the knife back and forth. “When a woman’s pussy does somethin’ like that, she’s hot. How long’s it been since a guy’s fucked you, bitch?”

She would give him no answer. He didn’t need one from her. He had it right there in the way her body was reacting to his cruelty. He was moving the point of the thing up to her clit now, rubbing the sharp edge against the tiny beating organ until the woman thought she would faint from pleasure. Pleasure? Yes, yes, that was the right word. All the pain, all the fear was working odd things in her body, making her feel wanted, desired, hated and loved all at the same time! And how she enjoyed that feeling! As much as Lydia wanted to run from the blade, she wanted to feel the knife-sharp edges pierce her clit even more.

Lydia lowered her head, pressing her forehead against the pillow under her. She felt a pulse leap through her throat while her nipples slipped over the mattress top. She arched her back, stretching her spine while pushing her ass against the big man behind her. The continued touch and chill of the steel against her cunt sent streamers of incredible hot delight blasting through her cunt. Slowly, Lydia became very conscious of the tiny slits on the edges of her cunt-lips. The stinging of her cunt-juice burning into them made her heat all the more intense. Lydia found a hotter, more concentrated lust flowing from her crotch, making all her muscles throb in time with the beating of her stiffened clit.

“No, no, this isn’t right… it just isn’t!” Lydia moaned into the pillow.

“Anything’s right… with me, bitch!” Max corrected, pushing the knife even harder against her cunt and making Lydia both glad and sorry she had answered that ad in the swinger’s newspaper.


Lydia swung her head from side to side, her long hair sweeping over her arms. The ropes were cutting cruelly into her wrist flesh, the wounds stinging from the sweat burning into them. Still it was nothing compared to the sensation of the knife’s tip rubbing up now against her clit.

She could feel it slicing teasingly into the slick red folds, pricking them, then cutting into them. The hot, searing agony was inseparable from the electric thrill of the direct contact. The woman thought she would have a heart attack from the flow of lust busting through her!

“Like it? Like havin’ your ass pricked this way, slut? That’s what you’ve been hopin’ for all along, right baby?”

She would never admit to something like that ever… not to him, certainly. But in her heart of hearts Lydia knew he was right. She felt him dragging the sharpened tip of the blade back now, stinging a groove down to her thigh, then bringing it back to her clit. The buzzing, spinning flashes from her clit grew worse and worse! Lydia bit her lip again until it bled, trying to regain come sort of control of herself while her ass-cheeks flexed and clenched uncontrollably.

Sweat rolled down from under her arms, gathering around her knees while her tits swayed sexily back and forth, the nipples brushing up against the mattress top. Lydia’s elbows bent out while she bounced her ass up against the invading knife. Oh, oh, if only she could control herself better! But as the aid blade warmed against her cunt-meat, the only thing the woman could think of was cock-meat — inches and inches of cock-meat just behind her, that fat head ready to explode with jizz while Max toyed with her pussy!

Max moved the blade again, pressing the flat end of it against her shifter and rocking it down until the sharpened ends cut into her asshole. Lydia snapped her head up, feeling a spasm rattle through her cunt while air escaped from her overheated cunt.

“So, you like it that way, huh? You’re even fartin’ because you can’t stand it,” Max laughed.

Lydia was shaming herself, she knew. Turning partially around, she could see Max stroking himself, greasing down that long meaty prick with the jizz oozing from his piss-slit. She licked her dry lips, feeling her throat tighten even more as she dragged in another raspy breath of air. Oh yes, yes, she would have given anything to have him fuck her… fuck her just the way that knife was toying and fucking her! She wanted to have that animal jam his cock into her hungry cunt. The slick, itchy tissues were aching for his touch for that rub of his cock-meat. She could almost feel her cunt stretching itchily around that fat prick jerking behind her.

He was poking the blade against the rim of her whole. Lydia gasped at the touch, jerking her ass back. The itchy stabs forced the slick ring of her shitter inward. He was breaking the wrinkled skin. For an instant the woman closed her eyes and groaned, letting herself imagine how it would feel having his cock up her ass!

Max was panting heavily now, still jacking off. His fist moved like a piston over his prick, the dark-blue veins throbbing and standing out against his cock-skin. He was poking the tip of the knife into her puffy cunt-lips, sliding the weapon then into her ass-cheeks. Lydia thought she would die feeling so good, so shamed, bound and yet free. The woman shook her head, rolling her hips from side to side, arching and thrusting her lush ass-cheeks back at him.

“Yeah, that’s it, move that ass!” Max whispered, backhanding her ass-cheeks with his fist, then bringing the knife back against her ass-cheeks.

Lydia felt her cunt and shitter blaze with stinging pain and lust. Her clit burned and itched while her sphincters continued to snap shut on thin air. Her body was glistening with perspiration while Max moved up closer behind her, reaching down toward the floor with his free hand.

What was around her throat? She reared back while her eyes popped from her head. That belt! Oh God in heaven, Max had picked up the belt from the floor and slipped it over her throat, pulling back on both ends as if it were a set of reins! The knife fell to the floor with a clatter while his cock jabbed blindly at her cunt-lips and asshole. He was choking her, pulling back harder, sliding the smooth black leather like a saw back and forth over her windpipe as if he wanted to cut through to her neck bone!

Lydia cried out, her nostrils flaring and burning as she fought for oxygen. Wildly the woman pulled at the ropes still holding her wrists to the headboard, her movements forcing the line to cut even deeper through her flesh. The rolling sweat burned into her wounds, adding to the lust flowing through her crotch while she jerked and pulled like a madwoman.

Lydia was making strangled gurgling sounds, her tongue wagging out and swelling while her face flushed bright red. She thought surely she would die! This man was going to strangle her while he fucked her.

“Bitch pig!”

He tightened his grip, his knuckles whitening while his fingers curled around the stretched belt leather. Lydia felt her windpipe completely closing, blocking any air going to her lungs while his cock-head pushed through her puffy outer cunt-lips and dug deep into her juicy cunt. He was fucking her while killing her, driving his prick into her body while tightening the leather grip about her throat! Again the woman tore wildly against the ropes holding her captive to the headboard.

As she rolled her hips back, Lydia finally felt the belt loosening its grip around her windpipe. Lydia broke into a fit of coughing and gagging, saliva foaming from her mouth and dribbling down her throat and chin as Max pushed in all the way. Barely regaining her breath, the woman shivered still, feeling as if the skin of her cunt were being ripped away by his cock.

It had been a long, long time since she had felt a cock deep inside her. And Max was going in deep, pushing that hunk of cock-meat all the way in until his balls pillowed up against her asscheeks. Lydia bore down to ease the entry. Her cunt-walls hurt as if she were a virgin, snugging up against the invading prick. Oh, how that long, thick cock slipped into her, making her pussy shiver with the rest of her body. The heavy, fear-driven flow of her cunt-juice made Lydia’s cunt slippery and eager for the invading cock.

He pulled out halfway, his fingers holding around her hipbones. Sliding his hands up and under, Max searched for her tits, finding them quickly and kneading the soft pendulous titmounds cruelly while rocking his hips from side to side. Lydia felt an aching heat explode in both her tits, matching the searing warmth blasting through her fucked cunt-hole.

How she loathed the man fucking her. And yet at the same time how much she wanted him. The dog-like position she was in made her feel degraded and yet at the same time more excited than she had ever been. The worst part of what was happening was from her own body. She was reveling in her own filthy, loving what Max was doing to her while all the time she verbally protested. She found she enjoyed the pain and the insult of this vile penetration.

Lydia hunched back against him even harder. The whole length of his fat cock was in her cunthole now, stretching the membranes up into her belly. She felt the cock-head rummage around in her like a small animal, swirling and driving around in her. Again, she protested in vain while Max laughed at her. It was impossible to stop the rapid building of her lust while her cunt muscles tightened around that driving cock.

“Yeah, keep tellin’ me you don’t want it while you bounce that ass up and down!”

He was twisting her nipples now, crushing them under his jagged thumbnails like berries while the woman screamed out her pain. Every ounce of her tits throbbed with pain while that prick rammed hard and cruelly into her pussy. Toward the end, Max threw himself completely on her like a mounting dog, biting into her neck until he broke the flesh. She screamed, throwing her head back, feeling the riot of lightning-like sparks blast through her cunt-hole. She tried raising herself, the constant swiveling of her ass continuing. She had to have that wonderful release right now! There couldn’t be any delay.

Lydia had to cum, and cum hard. Thoughts of her home, her daughter, her reputation evaporated while Max’s fingernails clawed at her sensitive flubs. The combination of the ungodly stretching in her cunt-hole and the gouging, tearing pain around her nipples… made her, mind blanch. All she wanted was to have those tense, hot feelings increase in her until the pain and the swelling and the spinning knot of tension in her belly swept over her.

“Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck!” Lydia cried, dazed with her own lust.

This was what she had been praying for, what she had secretly been hoping for when she had nervously come up the sagging steps of Max’s house. And it was happening, happening with a terrible vengeance. The throbbing ache in her heavy tits needed more. She forced the hard tipped globes against his hands, feeling the scratching agony in her nipples burn like the fire that rushed through all her nerves. Crazed with hatred and lust, she tried to grind the big man’s cock off his crotch. Even the soft firmness of her ass tensed, the crack grabbing at his cock-hairs.

It was a struggle on the broad bed, the frame under the mattress squeaking and groaning with their double weight. Max’s pile driving thrusts knocked her forward until her forehead beat against the headboard. How she tried to hold off, to wait until she went mad with desire. The blast furnace of freezing heat grew and grew, threatening her sanity if she tried to withhold her desire any more. She could hear the soft slurping sound of Max’s prick tunneling through her body, knocking her nearly to the floor with its force. Her cunt felt itchy and hard, nearly as hard as the hunk of muscle trenching out her cunt.

Lydia ground her teeth, feeling no energy far growing or gasping now. All her will focused in her cunt, pinpointing around the pistoning rod of cock in her body. The woman sensed Max getting ready to shoot. She thought in one mad moment that she could snap his cock in half when the thick jizz shot out. She clamped down tight, her teeth almost shattering under the tension.


He slapped the back of her head with one hand, giving his prick a furious, savage jab. She felt his cock-head banging against her womb. She felt the blunt point bounce against her cuntwalls, then explode as a blast of cum hosed against her pussy. Lydia gasped, feeling the gush of hot spunk spattering through her, burning into her cunt-walls like, acid. She cried out, blowing out the breath she’d held all the this time.

Her cunt-walls crashed in, holding onto the shooting cock. The first jolt of her cum shattered the woman completely. Her asshole spasmed while her belly tightened and turned aver. Her hips swiveled back and forth. In another moment Lydia heard someone screaming and realized it was her. Again Max’s front teeth broke the skin in her neck while another blast of his cum shot down deep in her belly.

Lydia choked an her own spit. She could feel the power of her cum rip outward from her cunt. She could feel it in her tits, her fingers, her toes. After each shivering explosion there was an echo, a numbness that disappeared with a flash as the next spasm shot through. Lydia sobbed, knowing that the jabbing, gut-spraying cock-shaft was attached to this animal behind her.

How her pussy had betrayed her, milking more and more cum from the big man’s swinging balls instead of taking that cock away. She let out another sigh, clawing at the mattress then finally sinking down, her ass still high in the air, her ass-cheeks gripped by Max’s big fingers. When she finally came to her senses, she felt his cock dragging from her cunt-hole, gobs of cooling white jizz dribbling from her stretched pussy.

“Yeah, real nice, nice…”

He was unsteady, bracing himself against her body while sliding from the bed. She heard him pulling up his trousers, sliding the belt through the loops, then finally zipping the jeans shut. It all had been more, far more than she could have hoped for. For the first time in nearly five years Lydia felt a peace settle over her. She pulled weakly at the ropes, then fell back against the mattress, stretching her long, shapely legs behind her. Fucked, beaten, nearly choked, then fucked again. It was sick, she knew, but the bondage Max had put her through had done such wonderful things to her! She would never, never be the same again!

Two miles away Shari Framington was taking advantage of her mother’s absence.

“So, your Uncle Max is… interesting?” Shari asked, licking her lips. She had heard doing this made a woman more sexy, something she desperately wanted right now in front of Bobby.

“Yeah, real interesting. You’d like him,” the tall high school fullback said, narrowing his eyes and studying Shari closely.

They were both in an upstairs room directly over a garage Bobby’s uncle Max rented and had refurbished… for what, Shari didn’t know nor did she care. This was the first might she had had out without her mother nosing around. Lydia hadn’t said when she would be back, but hinted it would be very, very late.

Shari knew it was forward, but she had called Bobby as soon as her mother had rushed from the house. He had intimated he would like to see her. Shari knew what was on his mind and shivered for it. Bad girls did that sort of thing — at least her mother had told her that. But how desperately she wanted to be a bad girl now. It would only be for one night, and that night would be spent with a guy she had creamed her panties over nearly every day when she saw him in class.

“Maybe. Maybe I could meet him some day, later,” Shari said, sitting down on the edge of a small bed. The room was simply furnished — two chain, a table, some shelves with metal boxes pushed back on them, the bed and a cloak rack near the door.

“Yeah, later. But that’s not why we’re here, is it?”

Shari lowered her eyes, peering under her long blonde lashes while feeling the hairs standing up on the back of her neck. She had purposely worn something provocative — her red halter, her white shorts snugged up against her crotch. She could feel the silken material sliding up into her pussy-crack and gasped at the delicious strange feeling. Bobby was doing this to her… Bobby and the strange, sexy way he made her feel with his knowing eyes. And now he was coming up to her, breathing heavily, raising both hands and catching her, head with his fingers. She thought the move was a little rough. But maybe that’s the way beautiful love affairs started. She was so dumb about things like that.


He smothered her words with a kiss, his tongue sliding between her lips and pushing down her throat. He was getting awfully rough! She felt his hands grabbing her round the back, moving down until they stopped at her firm, taut ass. The way he was kneading her asscheeks, bunching up the material into her asscrack frightened Shari. She drew her hands up, pressing the flats of her palms against his chest and pushing for all her might. Still that tongue stayed in her mouth, wriggling around, plunging down into her throat until the teen thought she would pass out.

“Bobby… no! You’re… you’re getting so rough!”

That sharp laugh. The way he was peering down at her, his eyes boring into her. Her nostrils flared while she tried squirming away from him. Snarling, the big athlete pushed her roughly down onto the bed, not giving her a chance to catch her breath while he slipped over her and pinned her to the mattress. There were unzipping sounds, then the feel of something terribly hot and hard gouging against her crotch. He was going to rape her. Shari’s mind went blank with ten or, her heart beating so hard against her ribcage while she felt his knees spreading hers so wide apart.


“Shut up!”

He struck her, bringing his knuckles hard down across her chin and slapping her half-senseless. Coming to, she flailed at his back with her small fists, driving her heels against the backs of his legs. His cock had found that shallow spot where she new her cunt-mouth lay hidden behind that thin membrane. No. No. Things had gone too far! Her breath came in fast little, animal pants as she wrenched her face away from his and tried pushing herself once again to the side of the small bed.

It was useless. He had her pinned to the bed helpless. She couldn’t get her hands down to hurt him, to make him stop trying to hurt her. A sob choked the girl. Bobby was pushing his fingers through her hair now, pulling at it, making her squeal while he gouged his prick against her crushed cunt-lips. Something was going to happen now — something so awful the girl didn’t want to think about it. Why, oh why had she left the safety of her home?


Shari had been spared the rape — or at least, so she thought when Bobby backed off and slid from the bed. But then the girl discovered he had something far more devious in mind. He told her to strip, standing there, rocking back and forth on his heels impatiently. She just couldn’t do it and sat there beating at him, her mouth torn open in a shrill scream while he ripped the halter from her tits, then began tearing the shorts down her thighs.

Muttering a curse, the young athlete let Shari shriek and hit him until she scratched his face with her nails. With a shout, Bobby brought his hand down hard against the side of her head, knocking her senseless to the bed.

What happened then Shari could only remember parts of. He had her over his shoulder, tossing a blanket of some kind over her and carrying her from the tiny room, down the back stairs, then into the double garage. It was when he dropped her heavily like a sack on a wooden table that the girl opened her eyes, blinking them clear.

It was difficult for her to see anything clearly at first. There was only one light Bobby had flicked on, and it burned over the side door to the right. There were frightening-looking objects looming in the darkness near her. And all around were shelves and cabinets. A strange odor of leather and gasoline permeated the air as Shari hugged her body with her arms, feeling the chill of the air.

Bobby was rattling around behind her, pulling something from one of those cabinets. In a moment Shari felt something smooth and cool against her snide. She wanted to say something, to move, but decided that playing dead would be her beat ploy for the moment. And she felt the cuff cinch tightly around her ankle, then another wrap around her left, the girl still remained quiet.

“Now, we’ll get the other one and we’ll be set,” Bobby said to himself.

He was pulling her arms out, attaching two more cuffs to her ankles, then moving to one side and pulling her arms back until her shoulders and tits rose from the table. Shari groaned, looking around at Bobby, wanting to wriggle free of his grip. But she remembered the slap, the shocking pain of his fist against her face and the hammering blow that knocked her out. He would do it again, hurting her more than ever.

She didn’t struggle, letting him pull her back, back until her fingers were touching her ankles. There was some fumbling. Then Shari realized with a shock what he was doing. There were small hooks on the cuffs, hooks he now fastened to the ankle restraints, binding her hands to her feet, stretching her spine back in a great curve. Shari gasped, feeling the pulling sensation painfully against her throat. Her belly stretched while her thighs knotted and cramped from the awkward position.

“Bobby please, no more, no… no more,” she stammered, blinking away the tears.

But there was more. Obviously pleased at her discomfort, the young man pulled an old wooden chair to the side of the workbench, standing on the rickety furniture and fumbling with something high overhead. Shari wanted to see what he was doing, but couldn’t raise her head without causing pain in her spine. There were clanking sounds, then a steady scraping of something being lowered. Again Shari twisted her head and saw two giant iron rings suspended from the ceiling by two large lengths of chain.

Quickly Bobby separated the rings, moving one to her right ankle and wrist and slipping two lengths of brown leather around the chain and the iron ring, fixing the assembly tightly together. He did the same to the other ring, stepping from the chair and moving into the darkness.

Shari heard squeaking sounds, then immediately felt the tension increase around her arms and thighs. The rings were moving up toward the ceiling! They were taking her with it, pulling her body up from the table by her bound ankles and wrists. In a moment she felt her knees bending. Her belly stretched, her tits jutting from her chest while Shari bent her head, feeling the sweep of her blonde hair against her back.

The pain was awful! The girl thought her bones would snap in two. There was a popping sensation in her shoulders while her arms muscles knotted terribly! She felt her body swaying gently from side to side, each movement increasing the aches in her shoulders and thighs.

“Nice, real nice,” Bobby whispered, running his fingers along her tits until they brushed up against her nipples.

Shari could only think of the pain, of the stretching agony that throbbed through her bones and head. She could hardly breathe! Never, never had she felt anything like this before in her life! And there she was, the cuffs cutting into her wrists and ankles while the overhead chain suspended her body above the workbench, puffing at all her tendons and joints! It was all the teen could do to keep from screaming.

“Not shoutin’ down the walls yet are you? That’s real nice, Shari. I don’t like hearing all that screamin’. Makes me nervous,” Bobby said, cupping her face in his hands, then pressing his fingertips against her forehead so hard she thought he was going to crush her skull.

“No, please, lemme go! I… I don’t want this!” she sobbed.

Bobby threw back his head and laughed, letting go of her head.

“Sure you don’t. At least, at first. But bet this is gonna change!” he said, wagging a warning finger in her face.

Never! Never would she feel comfortable doing this kind of thing. He was sick. Bobby was some kind of maniac who enjoyed hurting people. Shari had read about men like that, men who enjoyed beating women, making them perform horrible things then raping them as a reward! Was Bobby one of those men? Dear God, was his uncle one too?

He was swinging her from side to side, laughing as her body pulled painfully against the rusty rings suspending her over the bench. Her tendons ridged against her thighs while the cords stood out against her throat. Shari let out a hoarse cry, feeling the tiny bones in her wrists cracking against the restraints. She thought her spine would surely snap in half from this harsh, unnatural position while Bobby continued to play with her.

Bobby stood back, rubbing his cock through his Levi’s, then reached back and pulled out a small silver lighter. Perspiration dotted the girl’s forehead as he approached her once more, flipping open the top and spinning the small black wheel. An orange-red flame exploded from the small lighter, the fire flickering in the draft as the young athlete brought it closer to Shari’s face.

The girl reared back her head, her eyes rounding, her scalp crinkling with terror as she felt the warming flame more and more against her face. Was he going to burn her alive strung up this way? Her heart beat wildly as the fire neared her nose, singeing the tiny hairs in her nostrils. His lips curled into a horrid smile, one that made Shari both sick and terrified. The fire was moving away from her eyes, thank God.

But now he was moving it from side to side over the base of her throat. Shari groaned, twisting her ankles against the restraints while she felt her belly sagging downward toward the bench. Sweat drenched her body now, dripping from under her arms while her nipples stood out thick and red, itching from her tits. What was happening to her? Why were they getting so hard? Shari screwed up her eyes, trying to find the answer while she concentrated as well on the moving fire.

Without a warning, he brought the tip of the flame to within one inch of her nipple. Shari sucked in a shuddering breath and held it until her eyes swam. This made her tits stand out even more. She was very still, not darting to move as Bobby brought the fire even closer to her turgid nub.

Perspiration streaked her flushed cheeks while an odd tight throbbing began deep in her cunt. That flame was starting to burn her nipple. It was starting to hurt, to throb, as if someone had ripped it from her tit. But deep down inside, the girl was feeling something else. She was feeling that odd kind of excitement she had feared. Shari shivered, her eyes looking down at the flickering flame now nearly touching her nipple. Bobby’s smile increased into a hellish grin.

He had done it! He had brought the flame right up against her nipple, letting it burn into her itchy nub. She shrieked the shrieks of the damned, her head jerking from side to side, her body swaying against the restraints. The added moves increased the pulling agony of the bond against her wrists and ankles. Bobby kept the fire there for only a moment, moving it now to the other nipple and burning that. Again the teen shrieked, her head snapping up and down while her tits jiggled against one another. Bobby quickly flipped the cover over the flame, snuffing it while he struck the young blonde with the back of his hand.

“I’m tired of you yellin’. It’s not gonna do you any good,” he explained, shoving the lighter back in his pocket. “You saw when you came here. There’s nothin’ ’round here… ‘cept a few illegals squatting in the house down there, and they ain’t gonna call nobody around here to save you!”

Shari sagged in the bonds, relieved that at least for a while the pain was gone from her nipples. She whimpered, hanging her head down, letting the long blonde hair curtain her face. It was a nightmare. Things like this just didn’t happen… and yet there it was, going on right in front of her face, and there was nothing in the world she could do about it!

When Shari opened her mouth again to beg him to stop hurting her, Bobby signaled her to keep quiet, moving back into the shadows and returning with a black-colored rubber wedge. This he shoved deep into her mouth, fixing it by wrapping an old filthy handkerchief tightly around her head, pressing it against her lips.

Shari nearly vomited at the awful taste of the thing pushed down against her tonsils. She would have surely vomited under ordinary circumstances. But, the teen knew she would strangle on her own puke. Satisfied the girl would make no further sounds, Bobby moved more slowly, stepping behind her, gathering up more toys before returning to her. Shari blinked her eyes dear, seeing him holding what appeared to be a weird assortment of earrings. There were large screws at the ends of these things. Bending down, Bobby took one and slipped his right hand up against her cunt.

Shari blushed furiously. She had hoped they would have had some romantic love affair where he would gently overcome her modesty, undress her and make passionate love. But now he was fingering her pussy without regard to her feelings, fumbling with one cunt-lip, then trapping the lip in the screw while tightening the top. Shari winced, scrunching up her face as she felt the pulling sensation.

“Now, for the other.”

She felt the heavy ring brush up against her other cunt-lip, the screw tightening, the sides pinching her cuntlips, then tugging down as Bobby slid out from under her. Shari looked at the handsome young boy, searching his face for some sign of kindness, of mercy. There was none. There was only the frightening picture of a man triumphant, about to crush her under his boot. And when he opened a third ring, bringing the opened end up against her sore nipple, Shari bit down on the wedge, her scream stopping in her throat. The pain was even more acute up here than on her pussy as Bobby lightened the clamp more and more, crushing the dark red injured nub.

The second clamp hurt nearly as much as the first against her nipple, the cold steel cutting cruelly into her flesh. She curled her icy fingers, creasing her palms with her nails as she wondered what he would do to her next. It wasn’t long before Shari saw the results, watching as Bobby brought back with him a long black leather riding crop. He was pushing the butt of the handle up against her chin, raising her head, making her look at him. Her neck muscles hurt while her thighs throbbed and ached more than ever.

“Man, you don’t know how many nights I jerked off thinkin’ about you like this,” he whispered, rubbing the crop against her cheek, leaving red marks against her flesh. “I thought about you a lot bein’ like this and blew out my mind. Now here you are! I ain’t gonna let you go for a long, long time.”

Shari felt her heart sinking in despair. She moaned through the gag, pleading with her eyes, begging him silently not to hurt her. Nothing would work, she knew. He was trailing the tip of the crop along her body, touching her nipples, her tits, her thighs, then moving behind her and rubbing the cool black leather up and down over her ass-cheeks. The thing was gone suddenly. Shari tensed, her heart beating so hard she thought it would surely crash through her ribcage. Bobby wasn’t going to let her go… at least, not now. He was planning something, waiting for something. Then the hissing, whistling sound of leather cutting through the air told the girl just what was about to happen.

Shari thought her mind would shatter as the knotted leather thongs chewed into her asscheeks. Bobby brought his arm back once more, swinging the crop over his head, then slicing it across her ass-cheeks once again. Shari shrieked a second time, tears starting from her eyes while her nostrils flared in pain and terror. Her ass was burning. Shari jerked in her bonds, the chains rattling overhead while the wrist ad snide cuffs cut cruelly into her flesh. Her spine cracked while her neck nearly snapped in two from the wild movements she made. No. No. He would stop. He wouldn’t go on, not while seeing her twist and writhe in such agony!

A third blow sliced into her sweaty ass-crack, cuffing the tender flesh while biting into the sensitive wrinkled shit-hole. Sparks shot up into her bowels, making her stomach tense, then turn over sickeningly. Again Shari could feel the sour bile rising in her throat and used all her will to force it back down again. Her body swayed slowly, her shoulders shaking while her tits danced against one another, the rings pulling them from her tits. Bobby was more careful with the fourth blow, slicing the thongs past her asshole and bringing them down between her cunt-lips. One knotted piece whipped across the top of her clit, sending the girl into agony.

Sparks showered into her cunt, her tiny muscles spasming itchily and painfully while the thong dragged through her cunt, slipping away down against the bench at last. Shari closed her eyes, feeling her mind freeze as she heard the leather thongs whistle through the thickening air once again. It came down against her cunt once more, bruising the interior of her pussy.

Again it snapped back, crashing down into her pussy and burning into her cunt like a poker! The pulling of the screws on her cunt-lips intensified the horrid pain even more while her ass-cheeks clenched and unclenched automatically. Bobby kept on beating the riding crop against her body, leaving long red marks on her sides and ass-cheeks until the young girl was nearly numb from the blows.

Sensing this, he stopped, regaining his breath while he listened to Shari’s muffled moans. The girl was chewing down hard on the gag, thanking God she had at least that to take out her pain and shame on. Fires of a terrible hell burned through Shari as she hung there, her body drooping against the restraints. Bobby moved around to her, holding the crop so tightly his knuckles whitened from the grip. Perspiration dripped down his face, making him look that much more evil, more hellish in the reflecting yellowish overhead light.

“Yeah, that’s it, Shari, beg with those eyes! I wanna see you beg with those fuckin’ eyes!” he shouted, his voice hurting her ears.

When she moved her face away from his, the athlete flew into a rage, bringing the crop down against her nipples. Shari jerked her head up, screaming through the wedge, certain he had tore her nipples from her tits. The pain was mind-shattering, burning through her tits, then crushing up into her skull! Singeing fires raged through her tits as again and again Bobby brought the leather thongs down over the distended tips. Her body squirmed and strained against the bonds while more screams choked behind the awful gag.

Once more Bobby realized Shari had reached her limit. Cursing, he threw the crop down to the floor with a laud clatter, moving up to her and gathering her tits in both hands. He kneaded them softly, puffing at the rings, laughing as the girl moaned softly through her gag.

“You think this was bad, eh? It’s just the start. My uncle Max taught me a lotta shit. He was in the war and had all kinds of neat stuff on interrogating prisoners. He says I’m more like him every day!” Bobby sneered, pulling at her rings, then moving back.

Who was this awful Uncle Max? What had he done to Bobby? Shari instinctively grew to hate this unseen man, this man in the shadows who was responsible for all her pain. Still, she prayed to God she would never meet the savage who had engineered both this house of horror and the young man to run it!


“This is real interesting. I never tried this fucker before, though Uncle Max told me it’s real good on cunts like you. Makes ’em realize who’s boss,” Bobby said, unraveling black wires that tangled out from behind a large gray box.

Shari watched, regaining her breath and trying to come to terms with the burning sensation growing more and more intense around her bound wrists and ankles. Her shoulders ached more and more while her thighs and belly muscles cramped horribly. Her face whitened, dots of cold sweat beading her forehead while a pulse leaped through her throat.

He had a generator, a small, portable power generator that he had wheeled from the shadows as she hung there helplessly. Shari saw him checking the clamps, then move about to look at the connections at the back of the generator. Satisfied, Bobby pulled one of the coiled black wires straight, holding the tiny rusty clamp at one end and opening its mouth. Moving up to her, Bobby grinned, attaching the clamp to her tit clamp, then doing the same to the other with another wire. The added weight pulled at her nipple even more, making the teen groan through her gag.

“That thing in your mouth’s gonna keep you from bitin’ your tongue. That’s good, ’cause you can never tell what a cunt’s gonna do when she’s wired. That’s what my uncle Max always says.”

Uncle Max again! How she hated this unknown man! And how he loomed over her life, shaping it, directing it as she was completely in Bobby’s power. He was back under her body again, slipping two more clamps around the rings tugging her cunt-lips open, then threading a wire into her shitter. This was the final humiliation. Shari groaned, closing her eyes in shame and blushing furiously. A man, a man she had never known well before, was slipping this awful thing up her ass! It was almost more than she could stand, the mortification making her feel faint.

But Shari soon overcame her queasiness when she saw Bobby stroll back to the generator and flip on the switch. Immediately she heard a steady hum come from the machine, saw the needles through the scratched plastic cover pulse regularly up and down. Bobby checked the wires once more, then leaned down against the machine and let one hand drop over the knob. He was doing this slowly, watching her eyes round and widen, her pupils open more and more as his fingers tightened around the control knob.

She knew what was going to happen. She would feel electricity shooting into her body in a second. He would control the amount, watching her bob up and down like a puppet while the voltage scared through her flesh. She thought about all those stories of men being electrocuted in the prison chair.

Bobby had been careful to keep the wires on her tits from crossing, minimizing the chance of Shari having a heart attack. Still she felt the warm, pulsing sensation of the current surging through her nipples and into her tits. The girl bit down into the rubber wedge, feeling the surface give way under her teeth. Oh, this was far more pleasing, she thought, than the awful beating she had received from the crop! The rings pulling on her cunt-lips came alive, teasing her cunt like prickly feathers, making the lips swell up against the clamps while juice bubbled from her crack, wetting down the wires.

It was all too good to be true! Shari shamed herself again, sighing into the gag, feeling her pussy itch horribly now while her clit began to bud, rising up from the surrounding moist cuntmeat and throbbing in time to the pulsing electricity. She let her head sag down, her throat growing nearly as tight as her chest while more and more current surged through her young body.

“Nice, ain’t it? That’s just a taste of what’s to come,” Bobby said, noticing the girl’s delight in what was happening.

Shutting her eyes, Shari thought about blocking Bobby and his awful uncle Max from her mind. If she didn’t see them, they didn’t exist.

She would concentrate on that delicious feeling growing more and more concentrated between her white, shivering thighs. There wasn’t the agonizing puffing ache in her shoulders and thighs — at least, she didn’t notice it nearly as much. Now there was only that fuzzy, warm, ticklish sensation pulsing between her legs. Shari looked at the big stud when she opened her eyes, cracking them just a and peering through her long lashes. He was laughing at her, his fingers twisting the knob a little.

It was a shocking surprise! The fuzzy, kissing sensation around her cunt, her asshole, her nipples had been replaced by a biting feeling, one that took her breath away. Shari sucked in a lungful of air from around the gag, feeling her lungs burn while her skin prickled alive with pain. The wire in her asshole pulled like a fucking finger, making her sphincters contract, then relax, a small fart nearly dislodging the offending wire.

It was all the teen could do to keep her mind, feeling the current burning through her body. Her pulse quickened her heart beating faster and faster while the clamps warmed horribly against her nipples and cunt-lips. That faint pulse was growing more and more intense, she thought, digging into her nipples, her cunt, her shitter. Shari jerked, her body twitching painfully on the overhead restraints. Her spine was starting to ache more while her shoulders pulled out of shape. The jolt was raising more gooseflesh, making the teen tense, waiting for what surely was to come.

More. She saw Bobby staring at her with interest, his lips curling again in that hideous grin, the smile of a sadist watching his victim twist on the wires! The teen screamed out again, feeling the current blast through her body while her cunt grew hotter and itchier with each passing second. Bobby had increased the current once again, watching as Shari’s body jerked up several inches and shuddered against the restraints in reaction.

The girl bit down hard on the rubber wedge, her muscles throbbing with the tension while a ringing sound began in her head. Her nipples were swollen up against the clamps, throbbing and pulsing while her clit beat an odd rhythm with the raging current. The muscles in her thighs and belly knotted achingly while her cuntlips felt rubbed raw.

The wire in her asshole was sparking as well. Oh God in heaven, it was like being fucked both in the clit and shitter while her nipples were being sliced again by that horrid riding crop! Shari was jerking her head around, moaning through the gag while more cunt-oil oozed over her pussy-mound, wetting down the frazzled cunt-hairs. She was weak and dizzy, unable to fight back the sensations overwhelming her now like a crashing tidal wave!

Bobby turned the switch up a little higher. Shari let out another cry, this one more plaintive and sharp than the earlier one. It felt as if he were cutting her nipples off with a knife while the bruising sensation between her legs drew more shrieks of agony from the young blonde teen. Shari could have fainted, but the buzzing pain refused to let her collapse. Her asshole recoiled, the muscles relaxing, clenching, then relaxing once more while her body swayed from side to side on the chains. With another twist of the knob, Bobby sent Shari into a hell of sparking agony.

She lost control of herself, pin spraying from her cunt-hole and spattering on the bench while her clit throbbed, then swelled. Never had she felt the hot, raging throbs of climax so intensely as now. She twisted and screamed, her body jerking up and down while Bobby cranked the dial a point higher. It was too much to believe! Her choked cries grew more and more strangled while her lips turned purple around the gagging wedge.

The pain was enormous inside her. It was as if some awful beast were clawing at her, tearing at the girl’s organs while another orgasm exploded between her legs. She shuddered and jerked, her mind spinning around and around while more current burned into her body. Shari thought she could smell burning flesh. Oh God in heaven, was she going to die this way?

He turned the power on nearly all the way. Shari’s face was a blur, her body a writhing snake on the restraining chains. No. No. This would kill her. She would surely die like this! Her nipples were tearing from her tits while her cunt sucked in air and snapped shut again and again like a clam. More fans exploded front her shitter as the muscles in Shari’s body twitched and knotted without control.

Bobby couldn’t stand this any longer, his prick about to tear open the front of his Levi’s. With one sweeping hand movement, he shut down the machine, stretching one arm up to her mouth and tearing the gag from her lips.

A pent-up shout escaped from her as she spat out spit and blood. Sobbing and shrieking, the girl could still feel the electricity surging through her body, biting into all her sensitive areas. Without a word, Bobby lowered her to the bench, unhitching her ankle cuffs from her wrists, then pulling the rings free of her body. Shari still shivered against the wood, her body shaking as if the electricity were still coursing through her muscles.

“Gonna fuck you now, bitch!”

Through the roar in her head Shari could barely make out what he had said. Fuck? She threw back her head and laughed hysterically, her shrills cries bouncing off the walls of this hellish torture chamber. That would be the least of her problems now as she lay on the table, her breath coming in pumping gasps.

He had pulled off his black leather boots and opened his Levi’s again, pushing them to his ankles then onto the floor. Climbing onto the table, Bobby reached down between her thighs with his thumb and dug his fingers into her asscheeks. Gasping at the touch, Shari rolled her hips up, feeling the thumb squirm into her tight, wet cunt. She felt the pain, no worse, she thought, than the crop or the electricity that had tortured her body. Bobby pushed in a little more, resting against her raised knees, his eyes focused on hers like a preying wolf.

Shari’s face reddened and wrinkled. His thumbnails had found the thin membrane that still remained in spite of the beating and electricity. Now he was pushing his finger into her cunthole, tearing at the little wall. Bobby leaned forward again, pushing in his thumb. Shari cried out, throwing her head back and beating her legs against the wooden table. She felt the thin membrane stretching, stretching more than before, then finally tearing from the pressure.

She screamed, flashing lights exploding in front of her eyes, jerking up from the table. Bobby slapped her back down, twisting his thumb around and around.

“Man, you really were a virgin!” he said, pulling his thumb out and looking at the pink froth staining it. “Well, fuck, that’s just gonna make it easier to fuck you when I go in!”

“Nooooo… oh God, God…”

She screamed and shouted, her body jerking and convulsing in a maddening attempt to wrench herself away from the fingers now probing her cunt. Her ass slid back and forth, the splinters tearing into her flesh, ripping the skin while Bobby forced in yet another finger. She let out a gasp, her belly swelling while her tits slapped against one another.

“Shut up, or I’ll stuff that gag back in your fuckin’ mouth. You want that, bitch?”

Shari shook her head back and forth, feeling her throat tighten. No. No more gags, no more restraints. She would put up with anything. But no more cuffs and whips.

“Good. You might enjoy this, just like you dug the electricity,” Bobby murmured, rolling her over onto her belly and tugging her asscheeks apart.

He was probing her pussy now with his thumbs, rubbing them back and forth and setting her cunt on fire. Shari turned her head, pressing one cheek against the table top. The cold air coursed over her naked cunt, making the tiny muscles shiver. Her mind reeled with fear and the excitement that she was going to be fucked, really fucked for the first time in her life. Slowly, very slowly, she felt her sodden cunt-lips spreading apart once more. The fleshy, hair-lined lips of her sopping pussy were wide open now, ready for Bobby’s massive cock.

“Oh yeahhh,” he said, feeling the heat of her cunt wash over her fingers. He probed down deep, bending his head forward and sniffing at the pulsing hole. She could feel his tongue tracing the puffy outline of her outer cunt-lips, flicking into her cunt-slot, touching the sensitive trigger-hairs that made her cunt-walls buckle in from the heat.

“Don’t… don’t… oh no, don’t touch me like that!”

But she was lying through her clenched teeth. Now Shari wanted the feeling, the sensation of that fat cock she had spotted earlier. Closing her eyes, she felt his fingers curling around her hipbones, holding her tight while he slipped up into her. Yes, there it was! There was that fat cock-head that had blindly stabbed against her flattened cunt-lips upstairs. Now she was beaten into submission, sobbing and trembling like a bitch dog in heat while Bobby was mounting her from the back.

He was gripping a fistful of hair with one hand, pulling back, jerking her face off the rack while still holding her tight around the waist. It was too much to stand! She cried out, her throat dry and hoarse while she felt her inner cunt-lips being forced apart. Bobby shoved forward, his cock bending at the middle while her rubber-like cunt-rim puckered inward from the force. She moaned, her pussy-lips finally giving way as the mass of cock-muscle began puling its way into her. Her legs trembled, her knees sliding apart as slowly, agonizingly, Bobby’s thick-veined cock sank into her sappy cunt-hole. Shari’s ass quivered, the sphincter going into spasm while her thighs ridged again. She was exhausted before, but now felt a fresh breath of life blow over her. The girl felt her cunt sheath snug up tight against the invading cock. The muscles suddenly cramped, the ache blasting through her mind. Shari cried out, swatting back with both hands. But Bobby kept his cock in her, now buried halfway.

He swatted her ass-cheeks now with both hands, pinching her flesh, trying to make her relax. Again her muscles cramped tight, making her shriek. She felt as if Bobby were tearing her down the middle. The giant cock-pole pushed down again, his hands slapping her again and again until finally the spasm passed. Shari groaned, unable to believe that horse-like cock was in her. Yes, yes, it was all the way in her now, lifting her from the table. It was almost impossible for her to believe she would survive something like this.

He was pulling out drawing his cock-meat from her cunt, watching and laughing as the girl twitched like a speared fish out of water. Shari wondered if it were possible to be fucked to death. That huge blood-bloated cock-knob was making her think that it was so. How his cock filled her tight, frothy cunt! She opened her mouth as if that would somehow ease the tension in her pussy. Shari writhed helplessly under the big stud, agonizing to the pressure of the hot, searing pain of his fuck. She flexed her muscles tightly together in an attempt to force out that raping prick. But the pressure of Bobby’s prick won in the end.

“Ohhhhhh God, God, God!” Shari cried, sweat streaming down her face.

This was far worse, far more painful than anything her friends had told her about fucking. She had to lie there and accept the brutal attack on her cunt. To resist was futile, inviting more pain, more slapping. And now she felt his hands sliding under her belly, reaching for her nipples, tugging at the rings still stretching her flubs. He pulled at them, squeezed her tits then tore at the nipples until she shrieked in pain.

“Goddamn, Shari! You’re… uhhhh… one helluva tight, hot fuck! Man, I was right about you!” Bobby groaned, slapping her ass cheeks once more.

What was horrible, what was degrading for the teen was that now she admitted the pleasure she was feeling to herself. She was groaning with delight now, working her ass up and down while Bobby slapped her ass and worked her asscheeks together. He was fucking hard now, his sweat spattering against her back while his crotch slapped wetly against her ass-cheeks.

He pounded his cock faster and faster, the thick-muscled cock burning like a branding iron through her cunt. Yes, yes, he was going to cum, going to fire his load into her pussy. What was worse was that Shari was going to cum right along with him. The tugging, pulling delight reeling through her was going to explode once more, triggering a mind-blowing set of sensations that would surely knock her senseless.

Bobby gasped, the white-hot jizz jetting into her sucking cunt, bubbling out of her filled cunthole. Shari felt the spattering sensation and screamed back, the throbbing sensation in her cunt exploding into those itchy aches of climax.

Her yowling blended in with his, her cunt clutching his cock as more and more of the spunk shot into her fuck-hole. Shari fell back against the table, her ass still high in the air, her nipples throbbingly sore while Bobby slowed his fucking movements. Fucked! Fucked for the first time in her life!


Lydia stood hesitantly by the phone, her fingers poised to dial the police. What Max, that awful man had done to her still burned in her mind. She thought of the torture, of his spitting mouth as he laughed at her, then ravaged her body shamelessly.

No. She couldn’t do it. With a sigh of defeat, she returned the receiver into the cradle, putting both hands to her mouth and pressing her fingertips hard against her lips. He had wanted to see her tonight. Three long days had passed since her ordeal. He had phoned her moments ago, having taken her phone number from her purse. Lydia had heady jumped from her skin when she heard that panting voice, her cunt growing moist and warm while her tits, seemed to swell in her bra.

No. No. She couldn’t be feeling things like this, especially not after what she had endured! But as he talked softly, telling her what he was going to do to her, Lydia felt her knees grow weak while that electric spark rippled up and down her thighs, drawing juice from her cunthole that dampened her nylon panties. She had agreed in the end, her resolve had failed.

“Oh, hi, Mom!”

Shari walked in through the front door, hugging her school books to her tits. Lydia looked at her daughter, feeling that same uneasiness that had been haunting her these past three days. Something had happened to Shari, something awful. She could feel it. The spring was gone from her step, and she stared moodily at the wall during dinner when she didn’t realize her mother was studying her.

“More homework?” Lydia asked, looking for some in, some clue that would let her into her daughter’s mind. They had been so close before. What had gone wrong?

“No. Well, kind of. I’m going over to Kathy Beddingfield’s to study for the American history exam, if that’s okay,” Shari said listlessly, tugging at her blonde hair absently.

“Oh, yes, of course,” Lydia said, her heart skipping a beat. It was as if Shari knew her mother was going to be roped and raped tonight and wanting it badly!

She had to watch herself. If Shari even guessed what she was doing… the thought made her blush to the roots of her hair. She would never, ever be able to look at her daughter again! Lydia calmed, herself, smoothing her palms over her slacks and smiled weakly.

“Just make sure you’re home before ten,” Lydia cautioned, moving to the kitchen to pull out the dinner dishes.

“You going somewhere?”

Lydia felt her fingers ice. She nearly dropped a dinner plate, searching for some excuse, some reason not to be home that evening. As she placed the plates carefully on the table, she saw Shari staring at her, studying her.

“Oh, just with Mrs. Dennis… shopping at the mall. We won’t be gone long,” Lydia said, lying through her teeth.

She began making dinner, feeling horribly guilty, and yet feeling at the same time the heat in her cunt bubbling, making her pussy seep creamy juice right there in front of her daughter. Her crotch was soaked already, rubbing sexily against her cunt-lips, drawing sparks from her clit with each slick touch. As horrid as it was, Lydia knew she had to see Max, had to have him treat her in that wretched way. It was as important to her as life itself. And, unknown to her, Shari too had a date; a meeting with Bobby.

Dinner went quickly, and as calmly as she could, Lydia left the house and drove the distance to Max’s. He had sounded so cocky, so assured that she would come crawling to him. Parking in front of the big home, Lydia clung to the wheel for a moment, hesitating, wondering if she should drive right on back. He could do nothing to her. If he tried, she could deny everything flatly and call the police. But something moved her from the car, across the street and up the stairs to the front door. Max had been waiting for her. He was standing there now, his massive body filling the doorway, filling her with dread and excitement.

“I knew you’d come… and right on time,” he said, laying both hands on her shoulder and pulling Lydia in.

The woman felt the warmth of his palms through her thin cotton dress as she stumbled over the doorstep and entered the living room.

“You’ll go downstairs. The bedroom’s too good for you,” he said, shoving her roughly between the shoulders.

Lydia balked, turning around while clutching her purse to her tits. She started to open her mouth when she realized Max had doubled his fist and cocked it back. It was too late for the woman to duck as his knuckles flew through the darkness, ramming hard into her belly and knocking the wind from her lungs. Lydia let out a scream, doubling over and clutching her stomach while her knees buckled from under her.

Sinking to the ragged blue carpeting, the woman fought to regain her breath putting one hand out in front of her for balance while fishing lights exploded behind her eyes. Max was on top of her man instant, gathering her hair in his fingers and pulling up. She screamed again, feeling the strands tearing from her scalp as she stammered and fought to stand.

“Get up, lazy slut! Bitches like you just wanna stay on their backs to get fucked! Too damned lazy to walk around!”

“No! Oh, please…”

“My nephew’s gonna bring a friend here in a while. The more the merrier, I say.”

He slapped her with the back of one hand, knocking Lydia back to the floor. She pushed herself up, wiping her mouth with her trembling fingers and noticing he had drawn blood from her lower lip. She started crawling away. Max stomped on her ankles with his heavy boots, drawing a shriek from her.

“You don’t have to be bashful. You’ll know what to do when the time’s right.”

“No… I can’t… not in front of another person… please!” she begged.

Max had gripped her around her wrist, dragging her through the living room, down the small corridor, into the kitchen. Twice Lydia tried rising to her feet. But Max only twisted her arm a little more, sending a shock of agony racing up through her bones into her brain. In the end she found it futile to fight him. She would simply have to endure once more… endure and enjoy, she thought with a small grin as he kicked open a door on the other side of a refrigerator and drew her to her feet.

“Down there.”

Lydia pushed the hair from her eyes, noticing three buttons on her blouse had torn off, leaving her bra completely exposed. She began stepping down the rickety stairs, holding onto the wooden handrail tightly. It was dark. He hadn’t switched on the light. She could smell the fetid dampness against her face. It already made her clothes stick uncomfortably to her flesh. She had descended three stairs when once more Lydia felt his hands against the small of her back.

Max laughed sharply, then pushed hard with one hand while bringing the other fist down savagely on her hand sliding down the railing. Lydia screamed, finding herself airborne, pitching headlong into the darkness. Her feet left the steps while her shoulders banged hard against the wail. She fell to her knees, cracking them severely against the edge of one step while tumbling down into the basement. Her legs were kicked out, wheeling overhead while her arms thrashed wildly from side to side, smacking against the stairs, the wall, the handrail.

Over and over she fell downward, her slacks tearing in the tumble while her head struck the handrail supports. It seemed like an eternity, her entire world pitch black while her body bounced painfully against the steps. In a moment Lydia crashed against the concrete, her foot wedging painfully against the bottom stair while her leg doubled under her ass-cheeks. Her head cracked hard against the cement floor, knocking her senseless as she let out one final cry of pain and defiance.

Stars exploded again and again in her head as she remained in the darkness for what seemed like hours. Visions of Max fucking her, of Max roping her and beating her senseless while she lay there helplessly rutting filled her head. Lydia thought she came at least once in her daze as she floated in the dream world of pain and delight. When she awoke, the woman found herself in complete darkness. At first Lydia was afraid to move. She was in some small confined space.

When she tried moving her arms, she felt her knuckles brushing up against something very firm — wood, she thought, keeping her hands pressed against her naked thighs. Yes, naked, naked like the rest of her! Lydia realized with a blush that Max had stripped her and placed her in this… this place!

Blinking rapidly, she started to move a bit and discovered it was nearly impossible. She was trapped, placed in this box where she couldn’t move. Panic began to settle over her, making her heart beat wildly as Lydia rolled her eyes about, searching for something, anything to fix her vision on. There! Right in front of her! Lydia thought she could make out two small dots of light shining in. Lydia held her breath, curling her fingers, digging the nails into her thighs as she moved her head forward, squinting her eyes to see if she could peer through the openings.

There was shuffling outside the box! Lydia let out a long sigh, terrified to make one move. If Max still thought she was unconscious, perhaps she would have one or two more moments of peace before he worked on her.

What was that? Lydia jerked, feeling a flash of fear shoot through her like an electric shock. Something very sharp had bitten into her asscheek — or so it seemed. Dots of perspiration beaded her forehead as she waited, her bowels rumbling with the tension as she curled her bare toes against the splintery bottom of the coffin.

Another sound! Lydia thought she could detect a humming, a steady purring outside her coffin. But just what was it? The woman moved her head slightly to one side, able to press her ear against the wood. There! She could hear it better! Max was moving about, rattling something, then making that thing hum more loudly. No doubt it was something to hurt her more with, something that would cause more pain. She began to breathe more quickly, exhausting the oxygen in the small compartment. Lydia’s face reddened as her nostrils fired. She would surely suffocate herself if she didn’t conserve her air more carefully.

Again! There was that sharp pain, this time in her ankles. There were tiny holes all over in the wood she discovered, openings not only for air but for things Max was obviously sticking in against her. She whimpered, her eyes searching around as best she could, looking at the holes, wondering where he would strike next.

A faint scraping sound near her brought the woman around. She could see something very dark, very thin slipping through the hole in front of her. It was heading right toward her throat! Lydia swallowed hard, pressing her skull against the back of the coffin while sweat washed over her face. There was something else as well, a slight bluish glow to the needle. Oh God, that humming, that scraping sound! The thing in front of her was electrified! It slid closer, stopped for a moment, then moved on until it was an inch from her windpipe. A spark leaped from the tip to her throat, burning the flesh and making Lydia shriek in agony.

She beat her fists against the sides of the coffin until her knuckles bled, snapping her head from side to side as the current touched her windpipe. She could feel her hair standing on end, bristling out from her scalp while her flesh burned in the voltage. Max laughed, twisting the needle forward, pressing the pointy tip up against her throat.

Lydia shrieked again, her eyes popping from her head as her body jerked and banged against the sides of the coffin, threatening to upend it. Her bones throbbed with the electricity while her joints ached. He was electrocuting her while threatening to push the needle through to the back of her neck.

It was gone! Lydia relaxed, a fart escaping from her asshole while her body sagged with relief. She coughed, shaking her head, feeling as if she had just escaped from the jaws of death. What he had done to her was hideous.

Never, ever had she been so pained, so horrified in her life! Standing there now, Lydia waited far his next torment. It came sooner than she wanted, two needles scraping in at the level of her tits.

Lydia could see them inching forward, aiming directly at her nipples. Thank God, she thought, there was no bluish glow… at least, yet. They advanced, pausing a moment, then pushing forward once more until she could feel the tiny puncture wounds. In that instant she struck her shoulders against the wood, whimpering like a kicked kitten, trying to draw her hands to her tits.

But the coffin prevented all but the most minute of movements. The tips touched her nipples harder, her nubs stiffening against the cold sharpness. She could feel her tits swelling with her clit, her knees rubbing against one another as she sobbed and wished she could sink from the onslaught. But her knees touched the front of the case, preventing her retreat.

Max left the needles there, twisting them a little, letting them cut into the throbbing flesh while her clit beat out a wild rhythm of delight. He was inserting more needles now, two pricking her belly and making her suck in her stomach with a hissing breath. Oh God, there was another, this one pricking her asshole. He shot another into her ass-cheek, pushing it in, pulling it then shoving it in deeper until he threatened, to break flesh. Lydia screamed, jerking forward and impaling her nipples more firmly on the needles up front. It was awful! Trapped in the suffocating darkness, there was nothing she could do but shriek and use up the precious oxygen in the coffin.

Lydia beat the sides of the case with her tiny fists as two needles advanced against her cunt. She felt them pricking her swollen cunt-lips, moving on, slipping into her cunt-hole. Lydia held her breath, widening her knees as much as possible as the cold steel pricked its way deeper into her pussy. A third slid in, the sharp tip aimed directly for her clit. She felt the direct contact and sighed, snapping her head back as the sharp end pricked her tiny clit. It was almost more than she could have hoped for.

And now Max was pushing the other two needles forward, the tips puncturing her cuntlips while the third lanced into her clit. Lydia yammered like a scalded cat, her mind reeling with what was happening to her. The searing, dizzying agony racing through her body was more than she could stand. And her clit was rioting, exploding again and again, sending delicious signals to her brain while the woman continued to beat savagely against the sides of the tiny coffin. The twisting of the needles stopped, leaving Lydia there on her high.

Suddenly she remembered the first needle, the one that had slipped in with the bluish glow and had threatened to pierce her throat. Were they all connected in that vile way? The thought raced through her mind as her ears pricked and picked up the humming sound still filling the room. Lydia was about to scream out, to beg him to stop when she felt the first of the buzzing sensations around her nipples. Yes, yes, there was that bluish glow, now coming from some of the needles. She felt the stinging around her nipples, a stinging that made them stand out even more.

She twisted around, jerking her ass back, feeling the needles behind her threatening to pierce her asshole. Perspiration washed over her flesh, making the conductivity of her skin that much more intense and increasing the flow of current through her body.

“No, ahhh… nooooo!”

It was growing fiercer, the pain lancing into her more savagely as the current increased. All the needles were sparking now, piercing her body, sending cutting voltage ripping through her flesh and rocketing into her brain. Lydia shrieked and shrieked, beating her fist, her head, her knees against the coffin while the needles bit savagely through her cunt and asshole. She couldn’t believe anything could be this wonderful, this awful! The current ripped again and again, making her dance obscenely in the tiny box while Max laughed and sneered outside.

As her climax exploded, the woman humped her belly forward, feeling the needles rake her cunt and ass even more. She could feel her flesh quiver under the onslaught as the needles scratched and poked against her. Yes, yes, she wanted it all — the pain, the pleasure, even Max’s sneering laughter outside the coffin. It mixed together, making her feel as if she were floating on air.

And now she was cumming, climaxing hard, her cunt snapping shut on thin air while her clit beat out a wild rhythm against the electrified needle pricking it. Oh God in heaven, nothing had ever made her feel this hot before! She sobbed, sagging against the wooden barrier in front of her, so hot she thought she would burn up without the help of the surging current.

And then it was gone. One by one the needles disappeared from the tiny holes, leaving Lydia completely alone. She was about to call out when the front of the box opened. Max caught her. He held her against the front of the case as she drank in the cool, clean air.


Shari couldn’t believe she had been this stupid. Bobby had told her he wanted to apologize for the night before. It was something that had come over him — maybe too much drinking, maybe something he needed some help with to overcome. It had sounded so sincere, and he was tailing her that right in the school, right in the cafeteria with all the other kids looking on.

Shari was almost disappointed by his confession, half-hoping he would have been that crazy rapist who had fucked her so savagely the night before. But… but still something inside her stirred, something that wanted to forgive him and help him. When her mother had announced her own shopping spree at the mall this evening, Shari had breathed a sigh of relief. She would have all the time to talk to Bobby, to start a good, open relationship with him that would blossom into, well, who knew what?

That had been a false dream. He had used it simply to lure her back into his den. They had walked from his house, hand-in-hand, not paying attention to much. Shari was so lost in his gentle words she didn’t realize they were heading back to that dreaded garage. It was only when they stopped that she realized where they were. But that time it was too late. Bobby’s fingers were gripping her wrists, twisting them savagely and bringing her to the pound. It was happening all over again, she thought as he dragged her toward the garage, her mouth torn open with agony. It was happening all over again, and there was little she could do about it. What a stupid, foolish girl she had been!

And now she was naked, spread-eagled over the floor. He had roped her wrists to two iron supports in the hated garage, her arms stretched back behind her head. Leather thong, crossed over her bare ankles, digging into her flesh. The restraints had been pulled taut, making her body a stretch, quivering at least two feet above the cement.

Shari twisted her head from side to side, rolling her eyes back to check the leather chafing her wrists. Her nipples and clit were beating lightly while her asscheeks opened and closed instinctively. He had mastered her completely, forcing her into the garage in spite of her screams, knocking her down, then tearing off her clothes. It had seemed so complete. There was nothing she could do but obey. There was no one around.

And now… and now the room was filled with a hellish yellow glow, the light of a lantern burning to her right. Bobby was fiddling with the small key at the base, making the fire thin and bright. The reflected light accented his high cheekbones and inset eyes, making the young athlete look like something risen straight from hell.

Shari groaned, feeling her elbows and shoulders aching dreadfully from the stretching tension. What was worse was that flame, that lantern that was so close to her. Bobby was going to use it. There was no doubt of that. But how? He made some comments to her, words that made her shiver. Still, he had said nothing specific.

“That’s all right,” he said, satisfied with the setting. “You don’t have to talk to make me feel wanted,” he went on, smoothing his fingers over her tits. “I’m really surprised you were that stupid, buying all that crap about me being sorry. But you probably would’ve come around if I told you the truth. It was just a game, and you went for it.”

“No, no, I wouldn’t have. Never!”

Bobby knew better, however, taking the lantern and moving it toward her. Shari heard the scraping sounds and looked down as her body shuddered. Bobby was rubbing one finger over her cunt, teasing her, exciting her while threatening her with that awful lantern. He was sticking his index finger into her pussy, rubbing it back and forth against the snug cunt-sheath. He had stripped the last of her modesty from her. Now he was dragging her soul through the gutter, fingering her, fucking her with that awful digit while laughing at her dilemma.

Shari’s tits and belly rose and fell rapidly while her nipples swelled and became hard. The sight of her arousal made Bobby more excited. He twisted his finger in her pussy, drawing up more juice, feeling the heat increase with each passing second.

“You’re a good little slut… a good fuck. Before I’m finished with you you’ll be like my little dog… barking around, just waiting for me to call you, right?”


Shari wanted to beg him to loosen the ties around her wrists and ankles, to let her go. But she knew it was futile. Bobby sat there beside her, fingering her, his eyes on her furred cunt slot. Her thighs were rippling with tension and excitement. He smelled her cunt, the odor of an aroused woman. Bobby grinned, pulling his finger out and bringing it up to his nose.

“Hot pussy. That’s a real hot pussy!” he sighed, licking it, then pushing it into Shari’s mouth and forcing her to suck. The taste was far from unpleasant — rather bleachy, slightly salty. She blushed to think that she was licking up her own juice but took some refuge in the thought that he was forcing her to do it.

Bobby moved back to the lantern, lifting the cover of the lamp and turning the key. The flame lengthened, turning a bright orange. The tip flickered in the dark air, moved by a draft blowing in under the door. Once again Shari focused her eyes on the fire, her flesh prickling with excitement.

“You like the heat, eh? Thought you would.” Bobby moved, the lantern, careful so as not to spill the kerosene. She could smell the pungent aroma of the burning gas.

“No, don’t… don’t burn me,” she whispered, afraid to give him ideas.

Bobby moved the fire under her ass-cheeks, turning the flame up even higher. He was going to brand her ass! He was going to burn her alive, keeping her trussed up in this awful way. She arched her spine, trying wildly to jerk her ass up from the licking flame. Oh, oh, oh! It wasn’t bad now, the fire touching her flesh teasingly, seeming more like a warm feather than a flame. But it would soon burn awfully!

Shari ground her teeth, her cheeks shivering while her mouth was drawn into a tight scar. She looked up at the ceiling, her face a mask of terrible concentration. Oh God, God, it was awful. And now… and now he was turning the key a little more, bringing the fire up until it began reddening her flesh. It was warming her without raising blisters. It was just what that fiend wanted.

Again Shari screamed, writhing and twisting against the leather thongs, groaning to keep her above the floor. The flame flickered back and forth, scalding her flesh, brushing over her shivering white ass-cheeks. Her cries became strangled gurgles as the pain gradually ebbed, replaced with a dry warmth. Shari screamed again, feeling all sorts of feelings race about her reeling brain.

“Ohhhh, no, don’t… oh don’t!”

Shari twisted against the leather again, jerking like a wild woman as the flame moved down now to her shifter. She puckered the tiny hole, rolling her hips up, trying to keep her asshole away from the fire. How her clit tingled while her cunt started to shiver, the juice oozing from her puffy lips and wetting down her thighs. The bubbling froth wasn’t missed by Bobby who twisted the key of the lamp a little farther, watching as the girl’s lithe body shivered against the restraints.

The blonde teen felt her bowels tighten and surge while she twitched up, her spine arching tensely. Every tendon strained against her flesh, her muscles knotting and bulging while Shari felt her forehead throb. Her body wanted him to touch her tits, her asshole, her cunt. That awful fire was doing more than tormenting her. It was making her rut as well as shriek, twisting around and around, jerking up and down like a puppet. She bit her lower lip to keep from shouting out her need. She wanted Bobby, and yet was ashamed to call out for him while she lay there stretched like an animal about to be speared.


Shari turned her head, afraid he would see the truth in her glazing eyes. Twisting and jerking her hips shamelessly with the abandon of a nympho, the young girl fought down scream after scream. Yes, oh yes, it was so good, so awfully good to have that fire in her, scorching her flesh, licking up her asshole like a flat, warm tongue. Closing her eyes, Shari thought of that, her mind racing as quickly as her heart.

Bobby sat and watched, his cock getting harder, thicker, pressing up against the front of his Levi’s. Shari rolled her head back and thought she could see that hard-muscled cock cradled in his crotch. She licked her dry lips, remembering how it had felt sliding into her, pushing apart her itchy cunt-walls, impaling her as if he had thrown a spear through her belly. She wanted that feeling again. And the fire tormenting her ass made her want him all that much more!

Shari stiffened as he twisted the key up a utile more. Bobby stood up, unbuckling his belt, pushing down his jeans until they puddled around his ankles. Yes, there it was! Oh God in heaven, his cock was so hard, so thick, so long! It would have easily passed through her body, she thought, her eyes widening while a sharp pulse shot through her pussy. Stepping between her widely stretched legs, Bobby reached down, jerking her cunt-lips apart. Shari groaned, the flame raking over her tensed plump asscheeks. It felt like the playful slap of a lover about to go on to more serious things. Shari wept as Bobby let her go, stepping back to admire her humiliation.

“Please, no, no!”

But Shari would have died a thousand deaths if he had let her go now. She was too far along the road to stop. The thongs bit deliciously into her wrists now, the sliding cool leather biting so wonderfully into her flesh, drawing painful shocks from her nerve endings and sending them right into her cunt. Even the stretched sensation around her shoulder, her elbows, her knees added to the delight racing through her pussy.

Bobby moved the lamp a little, sending the flame rushing up into her shitter. Shari shrieked, her eyes starting from her head while her tongue wagged back and forth against her upper up. A spray of spittle shot through the air above her face while her thighs ridged even more. It felt as if the fires of hell raced through her bowels, burning right into her belly. It was more than she could stand and felt the velvety blackness of unconsciousness starting to veil her mind.

Reaching down, Bobby gripped her hips, swinging her back and forth over the flame like a hammock. As her ass passed over the flame, a trail of blistering red cut across her ass. He kept swinging her, the motion adding tension to her cut wrists and ankles while the fire scorched more of her flesh. The aroma of burning hair and flesh filled the room. Shari thought she would vomit. Only the increased agony and pleasure kept her from retching.

“No, no, leave me alone!” Shari cried, her ass throbbing and burning.

Bobby held her steady over the flame, his hands prying her cunt-lips apart once more. He kept staring at her, feeling the fire against the backs of his fingers as he shoved three into her cunt, his strong grip holding her ass over the fire. He twisted and gutted her pussy with his fingers, watching as Shari jerked and twisted her hips up to meet him.

Shari writhed more frantically as the flame seemed to burn deeper into her ass. The overload of sensations began to make her dizzier than ever, the awesome power of the heat shocked her body. Her entire body strained as the fire bit more savagely into her ass-cheeks. A thought shot through her mind, one that made her shiver. She needed that flame now, wanted it in her pussy singeing her clit, burning it to a cinder. Once the idea was held, Shari couldn’t rid herself of it. It hung there, taunting her, making her grunt for more pain, for that fire to burn right through her cunt.

Bobby saw that glazed, fixed expression and knew instinctively what was going through her mind. The young stud held her firmly over the fire, letting the flame burn first up into her asshole, then flicker back and blacken some of her cunt-curls. Shari went wild. Her body shuddered and twitched on the rapes, bouncing up and down while the fire burned into her cunthole. She thought she would surely die from these sensations. She could feel the flame scorching her flesh, burning relentlessly while her clit swelled to the bursting point.

Bobby couldn’t take the temptation any more. Bending down, he squatted a little. He gripped her hips, digging his fingers into her flesh. She could feel his cock-head pushing up against her cunt-lips, the fat thing pressing deeper and deeper. Not again! Oh God, not again! The girl sighed, then gagged as she felt the thing pushing ahead, stretching her until she arched her spine and tugged at the ropes burning into her wrists and ankles.

She could feel the tightly packed muscles making room for the huge cock while her ass clenched with the tension. Head thrown back, every muscle in her body taut, Shari wiggled her hips. As the fat cock inched forward, Bobby held her firmly over the fire, making sure the flame would scorch her ass-cheeks. The sensation from his cock and the flame were combining in a horrible, wonderful way. Her cuntwalls collapsed, cinching up against the fucking cock while her clit snapped against that hard-muscled thing.

No! No! It was going to happen again! She was going to cum while this maniac was hurting her! Shari felt the gland swelling more and more, fearing the tiny thing would burst. And just when her passion threatened to split her cunt, her orgasm exploded. The girl thought her mind had fallen to pieces as she came and came and came. Bobby growled something through his clenched teeth, taking raspy shallow breaths as he rammed his cock up to the fat, hairy base.

Shari could only reply in hoarse growls, biting her lip, then opening her mouth and screaming out her satisfaction. It was just what the young man wanted to see. And while the fire flicked over her ass-cheeks, adding pain to the pleasure raking over her clit. Shari shrieked that much louder. Her lust climbed higher and higher until she felt she would never relieve the terrible pressure tearing at her clit. He pounded hard into her, his fingers kneading her flesh painfully into tiny black-and-blue balls, his nuts swinging fitfully up against her ass-cheeks.

Shari whipped her head from side to side, feeling the cock and the fire biting her flesh, prodding her clit. More of it seemed to force itself through her pussy, tearing at her clit. Another spasm rushed through her cunt as the girl yelped and threw her head back. She retched from the overwhelming thrust of her climax, jerking her hips rapidly as she tried to keep up with the assault.

“Uhhhhh… huhhhh!”

“Take it, baby, take it and ride with it!” he shouted, backhanding the teen with one hand while keeping his jerking cock-meat buried all the way in the girl’s pussy.

Shari could feel it jerking inside her like a tiny animal. Shari jerked her hips rapidly up and down, letting out lusty little grunts while her eyes rolled back into her head. Her hair swept over the floor as her tits slapped wetly against one another. It was mind-rattling! She felt the firs burning up into her bowels now while Bobby sent showers of white-hot jizz spattering into her pussy. Her brain was overloaded with sensations rushing up and down her spine! More! More!

Shari greedily took in the spattering cock, wanting more feeling, more sensation rushing through her until it killed her with pleasure. Laughing and choking alternately, the ravaged teen bounced against her ropes, taking in the last of Bobby’s cum before he finished pumping his cock-meat. With a curse, the young stud moved his foot against the lantern, pushing it several inches away from Shari and away from her sagging ass. The girl sighed with a mixture of relief and disappointment.


It was over! Shari felt him withdrawing, the jizz dribbling over her ass-cheeks as he pulled his softening cock-meat from her pussy.

“That’s a good fuck, baby. You’re real fine, real fine.”

Shari turned her head from him, feeling the usual shame and guilt she now associated with fucking this way. Still, there was another part of her that wanted more of this… more pain, more bondage, more of the sensations that had burned through her veins and made her pulse throb. She was frightened of herself and what she and Bobby would do together. But her curiosity and her desire for pleasure burned through it all.

Bobby was untying her wrists first, tugging at the ropes, then sliding them against her flesh. First one, then the other hand slipped free, her torso slamming hard against the cement floor while her legs remained bound and stretched up and apart. Bobby had pulled up his pants, zipping his cock behind the material while backing away and fiddling with her ankle restraints.

“You enjoy looking at my cock?” Bobby asked, letting her legs fall to the floor. He had watched her staring at his crotch, gazing at the bulge pressing against the faded jean material.

“I… uhhh…”

“Cock-happy. Prick-crazy. Man, you’re nothin’ but a fuckin’ nympho!” he said.

“No! That’s not true!” Shari shot back. To prove his point, Bobby reached down and curled his fingers around her hair, jerking her head close up against his boot. Shari felt her lip cracking and tasted blood. With another jerk, he pulled her mouth up against his fly, rubbing her face up and down, tearing the strands of hair from her scalp. And, against her will, Shari found herself slowly pushing her tongue out and licking the rough jean material until it began to soak with her own spit.


Lydia swallowed hard, flexing her arms and legs as much as she could to keep the circulation going. Max had outdone himself. At first the woman thought he was going to fuck her. He had felt her cunt with hungry fingers, the tips digging into her swollen pussy-meat while he bugged her hard to his body. But then he simply pulled her along to the middle of the cellar, letting her lie there while he lowered a bar.

Then it had begun — the roping once more, the binding until her ankles were stretched apart, leather thongs slipped around them and tightened around the ends of the overhead bar. Lydia protested, feeling the weight of her body increase against her shoulderblades. After securing her ankles, Max pulled the bar up higher until her head swept back and forth inches above the floor. That was when he pulled her arms back, securing them with line to two eye hooks on the floor.

Again he wound the ratchet around and around, pulling the bar up higher and stretching her body until Lydia thought her flesh would pull apart. The woman let out a loud sigh, her bones throbbing with pain as he tightened the tension, then fixed the ratchet.

“So, you enjoyed the box, did you?”

Lydia blinked, looking at Max from her upside-down position. She was feeling faint, the effects of the blood rushing to her head. She strained her wrists against the floor, her fingers brushing up over the concrete while her ankles bobbed against the crossbar. When Lydia moved a little, her tits rolled up against her chin, the red flubs thickening. She could feel her bowels rumbling. She waited with the excited anticipation of a child eager for Christmas morning. It was the wrong feeling, she knew. Max would surely put her through the paces, and they were exactly what she needed!

“Maybe something here,” he said, raising one foot and brushing the tip of his filthy boot against her mouth, “would be in order. I like to hear you scream, but sometimes listening to that noise annoys me.”

He came back with something in his hand that made the woman shiver. It was a bit and bridle. Kneeling down, Max slipped the leather strap between her lips, puffing back until Lydia thought he would tear her flesh. The rest of the device — the broad straps around her head and against her ears, the top portion pushing into her skull, snugged up as if she were made for the bridle.

Lydia wiggled her tongue, swallowing hard as she felt spit gathering up in a pool at the back of her throat. It was hard to keep from drowning in her own saliva as she hung there, trussed upside down, the bridle pressing back the corners of her mouth. Soon Lydia could taste the strange flavor of leather washing over her mouth as she tried to protest what he was doing to her. But any speech was impossible. Lydia squirmed as best she could, chewing down on the leather like a frightened more, her hair sweeping over the cracked floor beneath.

“Too bad. You don’t look too comfortable,” he said with a laugh, producing two steel clamps at least two inches long, their heads attached to one another by a steel chain.

At first Lydia thought they were two large safety pins and balked, shrieking through the leather pressing up against her tongue. Then the woman realized they were clamps, opened with some effort by pressing at the head. She watched as Max did just that, bringing down first one, then the other to her nipples and letting the cold steel press with crushing pressure against her reddening nubs.


The weight of the connecting chain pulled her tits farther down toward the floor, distending the woman’s nipples and making her wince with agony. Max was down there with her, playing gently with the clamps, then becoming rougher as his excitement grew. Lydia remembered he hadn’t cum during the last session and had to be wildly aroused by now. She thought of his cock and groaned, twisting her hips around while the clamps and chain pulled painfully at her stretched nipples. Swallowing hard again, the woman felt a lump of fear choke her throat as she thought of Max and what he was going to do to her.

“Your tits sag this way. Maybe I can fix that for you,” he said with a sharp laugh, pulling at the chain and stretching her nipples and tits out from her body.

Lydia cried out through the gag, spittle frothing from around her lips and wetting down the bridle and bit as shocks of pain exploded from her nipples. Again and again she begged him to let go. Ohhh, how those dreadful damps hurt her tit tips, biting into them.

“It’s good to scream it out, bitch. That makes it all that easier for you,” Max conceded, pulling the chain out a little farther, the nipples stretched thin. Then with a laugh he let go, her tits slapping up against her body. Lydia let out a long sigh, feeling so dizzy she thought she would faint again.

“There. That’s better, right? Too bad. We have to upset you some more!”

Max was pushing down his Levi’s to his knees, holding his cock loosely with one hand while rubbing his balls with the others. Lydia thought he was going to fuck her in this odd position and felt her glands start to work all over again. Her cunt warmed, the cunt-lips starting to swell with blood while her clit stiffened and pushed up from the surrounding moist pink flesh.

Lydia licked her lips and grew very, very still. She could almost feel that thick cock-head pressing up against her cunt, pushing the tender flesh apart then finally burying itself in her cunt. Yes, yes, that thought made her mind spin about like a top while the room grew silent. Lydia felt her body tense like that of a cat, every nerve stretched and waiting for the fucking touch of his cock-head in her pussy.


What was happening? Lydia opened her eyes with shock, staring wide-eyed at the man squatting over her. He was bending his knees slightly, a wicked grin curling up the corners of his thick lips. A slight twitch deformed his sensuous mouth as Max rolled his thumb and forefinger over the fat cock-head. At first Lydia had no idea what was going on. She thought he was going to fuck her and she had readied herself for that intrusion.

Her cunt was growing so very warm and wet while her nipples poked up against the steel clamps still pinching them. Then something dreadful happened, something the woman never would have thought possible for one human to do to another. She felt hot drops of something spatter against her taut belly, making the flesh quiver with the touch. Shaking her head, Lydia stared up and saw several drops of clear fluid oozing from Max’s piss-slit. Oh God, it wasn’t fizz at all!

He was working one thumb under his balls, teasing his sensitive flesh while bending his knees even farther. He was pissing on her! He was standing over her face, laughing at the woman while getting ready to unload his bladder!

Lydia sucked in a breath, her body shivering with disgust as she could feel the sour bile using in her throat. The urine began as a small twisted stream, starting and stopping, spattering over her flesh. Lydia twisted her wrists against the chains, her thighs ridging as Max managed to get control of her movements and send a steady yellowish stream cascading over her body. It was a foul, filthy waterfall, making the woman feel as if she were the scum of the earth. Her hips jerked, feeling the warm liquid as it sprayed from his cock-head and coated her flesh with the slimy piss.

“Oh God, no!”

Lydia could feel the piss rushing down her belly now, gathering briefly under her chin before dividing and rushing on either side of her neck. Again the woman fought down the desire to vomit, knowing she would choke. She shut her eyes, biting her full lips to keep from crying out with frustration, disgust and hatred. The thin, hot spray stung her nipples now, sucking down between her shuddering tits, then moving back to the stiff, red tips. The touch of the sour-smelling liquid added to the pinching sensation of the clamps biting down cruelly.

Lydia cried out again, her rage increasing as Max’s piss stream dwindled once more to a pathetic dribble. He flicked the final droplets from his cock-head, the liquid spattering just above her eye. Lydia groaned, grinding her teeth. When she felt a few more drops strike her chin, the woman gagged, choking and coughing while her face flushed a deeper red and tears sprang to her eyes.

“You don’t like this very much, do you?” Lydia couldn’t look at him. If she did at this point, she would surely have screamed down the walls. That would have done her no good, and might incite him to do something even more sickening. Better to remain quiet, she thought to herself. Max pursed his lips, nodding his head as if he could understand her strategy. With a sardonic laugh, he turned and walked to the wall, unhitching the ratchet and holding the wooden handle with both hands. His muscles bulged as he pulled the thing down, raising the overhead crossbar a few more inches.

Lydia broke her code of silence, shrieking as she felt her body stretching more and more. Something in her shoulder popped while her joints ached and throbbed from the terrible pulling pressure. For a moment Lydia thought Max would rip her body in two. She could feel the flesh under her arms stretching more and more while her belly grew taut. Max let out another grunt, twisting the ratchet until it was on the other side of the small wooden wheel. Overhead Lydia could hear the ominous sounds of the pulley groaning under the pressure.

She screamed again, jerking her head from side to side. She was a mindless creature, a living thing that was living now only for pain. She thrashed as much as she could, whipping her body against the chains holding her upside down and prisoner. Max pulled down the ratchet again, the ropes cutting brutally into her wrists and ankles as Lydia gurgled against the bridle bit stretching open her mouth. Her throat was raw from the cries while more and more spit gathered at the back of her mouth.

“Good. Very good,” he said, locking the ratchet again and strolling over to a metal sink. Lydia’s cries ebbed to occasional moans as she heard him turn on the water. He was drinking, refilling his bladder, getting ready to piss on her again. Her face was a mask of terrible pain as Max took his fourth glass, tossing the plastic tumbler back into the basin.

“Now, we’ll try again. Whew! You smell like a fuckin’ sewer!”

Lydia knew that all too well! Her nose wrinkled at the dreadful, sour smell of the piss. She wanted to run from the awful odor that wafted around her. How that piss rose like a stink from the cement around her. This was something she wasn’t prepared for at all. Her reaction was one of horror and disgust. And what did he expect from her? How was she supposed to react to please him and diminish the pain he would obviously inflict on her?

Max moved back, his fat cock bobbing with each move he made. Covering his mouth, the big stud let out a watery belch, looking down at her. Lydia stared up at him, looking at his balls. She’d seen balls that tight before. It meant that he was hot, ready to cum. This might be a brief interlude after all.

“Now, let’s take that mouth right now. You can’t close it,” he said, nudging the side of her skull with one boot. “That’s the reason for the bit. Won’t have to do much but cum and shoot!”


Squirming, feeling her body aching under the stretching of the ropes and leather, Lydia wailed while she scratched her shattered fingernails against the concrete under her. She twisted there on the ropes, waiting for Max to do his filthiest.

He was positioned again, his legs apart, spread on either side of her shoulders. A pulse leaped through her throat while her chest tightened more and more. Her tits were rolled back, the nipples touching her chin while the heavy chain still pulled and distended the rigid tips. Lydia was gasping, her nostrils wide and quivering while her rounded eyes focused on that fat cock-head. Any moment, she knew, would send another shower of his piss down onto her body.

This time, he would cum at her mouth, and there was nothing she could do about it. How sore her shoulders, and arms were! How her body ached from that dreadful pulling! And still she could feel her cunt grow warmer, her clit starting to rise farther up from her cunt-flesh. God in heaven! Was there nothing in the world that couldn’t arouse her?

She choked, swallowed, then choked again. Lydia knew it was a sick, sick lust churning in her gut. She could feel her belly tightening, her stomach turning aver arid over while the big man bent his knees once more and started rubbing his balls again. Heat spread behind her eyes, burning through her skull. The wire washed down her belly and into her cunt, making the soppy cunt-lips swell and itch maddeningly. Her clit curled from the heat, aching with the strain of another orgasm. Oh God, God, to think she was feeling this while all that dreadful man was doing was going to piss on her as if she were a toilet.

“Uhhh… uhhhhhh!”

Lydia let out terrible grunts of disgust. It had started again, the dreadful oily warm piss spattering down over her navel. Max moved quickly, not wanting to waste one drop of his urine. She felt the stream slide down her belly, strike her chin, then wash right into her mouth. The woman gagged, feeling the piss swirl around her tongue, splash against her tonsils, then crash into the back of her throat. Lydia was terrified to scream, fearing she would drown in this sea of urine splashing over her teeth. She managed to remain quiet, feeling the piss spray into her mouth then splash out, wetting down her flushed cheeks, her chin, her tits.

“Yeah, nice, real nice!” Max whispered, his eyes round and glazed with arousal.

It was all he could do to keep from getting too hard as the twisted yellow stream grew stronger and thicker, spraying like a garden hose into her mouth. Lydia closed her eyes, her lashes wet with piss, her nostrils drinking in the putrid odor of his urine. The pulling of the ropes, the chafing bite of the leather around her wrists didn’t compare to the awful sensation of having Max piss into her mouth.

Just when he went dry, Max reached down with both hands, peeling back her cunt-lips with his thumbs, rubbing the red, throbbing slick surfaces of her pussy with his jagged nails. That harsh, cutting touch was enough to set her going. Lydia screamed, her eyes rolling back into her head while she spat out the last of the vile piss. Her harsh, hoarse cries filled the small room.

Lydia came, her clit throbbing against Max’s caressing fingers. She felt her entire being explode, her pussy-walls crashing in as the man finger-fucked her and watched the woman rut in that awkward position. Only when the final throbs ebbed to nothing did she drift back to reality, the smell of the stained floor around her making her gag and cough in disgust.

“That’s the problem with this kinda sex,” Max said, pulling up his pants and tucking his thick, still-hard cock-meat behind the material. “It’s fuckin’ messy, smells like shit.”

He decreased the tension of the restraints on her legs and wrists, propping her feet against his chest while unwrapping the thongs holding her ankles to the overhead beam. Lowering her body to the floor, Max then pulled the restraints from her ankle, kicking her over onto her belly and forcing her face into the pool of drying piss staining the concrete. Lydia groaned, trying to jerk her mouth away from the foul-smelling pool. Reaching down, Max gripping the bridle, pulling it until she thought he would tear the corners of her mouth open with the thick leather.

“It’s fuckin’ dirty, so you’re gonna clean it up the best way you can. If that’s lickin’ it dry, then that’s what you’re gonna do!” he shouted, holding her by the bridle and pushing her face back into the filthy mess.

Lydia had no choice. Crouched there on all fours, held by the bit and bridle, she stuck out her tongue and began licking the piss and dirt up from the filthy basement floor.

“And if you throw up on me, bitch’ll clean that up too. Understand?”

Lydia grunted, nodding her head up and down, then went back to licking her tongue over the floor.


Shari could barely see through the tiny slits of the leather hood. Bobby had bound her thoroughly, cinching her wrists together with thin line. The leather anklets binding her ankles to one another remained firmly secured. The girl groaned as he wrapped the thin white sheet around her naked body, hauling her from the garage to his car, then throwing her in like a sack onto the rear.

“You’ll like my uncle a lot,” he said, laughing as he slid behind the wheel and started the car.

The final disgrace had been that tight-fitting hood slipped over her head just before he pulled her from the garage. The leather stretched like a second skin over her face, pressing hard against her nose and high cheekbones. Bobby had some trouble slipping the hood over her nose and adjusting the tiny slits so they fit right under her nostrils. For a while Shari found herself suffocating, the black leather blocking her airways.

She groaned and twisted, falling against the door behind her while Bobby cursed and fought with the unyielding material. She drew in ragged breaths, feeling the leather suck into her nostrils and keep oxygen from reaching her burning lungs. Just when the teen thought she would faint, the young stud moved the hood over her nostrils, adjusting it so she could breathe easily and see ahead of her.

Now Shari lay on her belly, the sheet rubbing down from her body exposing her naked asscheeks. Bobby was whistling a tune, watching her reflection in the rear-view mirror as her ass came into view. Reaching between the front bucket seats, he whacked her naked ass hard, laughing when Shari let out a shriek of fright and pain.

“Nicest ass in town. And that’s sayin’ a lot, considerin’ all the hot tail waggin’ around out there!”

The car swerved, the movements exciting Shari in an odd way. She concentrated on the rubbing of her cunt against the cool plastic seat bottom, feeling the slick rub of her cunt-lips against the material. If she could, she would reach right in now and touch herself, jerk herself off right in front of Bobby. Moving her knees apart just a little, she found she could spread her cunt-lips apart. The spongy fat labes rubbed against a ridge in the seat bottom.

Ohhhh, how her cunt and thighs were wet, tingling with excitement and anticipation. The leather hood pressing against her face added to that lust as well. She pushed her clit gently against that ridge, feeling it rub against the plastic. Closing her eyes, drinking in the smell of the leather, Shari thought of all the horror Bobby had put her through. She thought of the bondage, of the cuffs and restraints keeping her prisoner now. That idea sent her panting harder, moving her hips up and down.

The white sheet fell off completely from her movements, puddling on the floor while Bobby turned the car sharply. She was jerking her hips now, rolling them at times like a boat in a storm, rubbing herself against that seat. Just as Bobby came to a halt and turned off the engine, Shari came. The orgasm spurted, her clit tingling and sparking gently while the girl rolled and rubbed her cunt over the seat. She was doing this right in front of her tormentor, and he had no idea what was going on.

The girl groaned into the leather hood, biting down on the material while roll alter roll of spastic delight rushed through her pussy. She could feel the door opening behind her, feel the rush of cool air against her body. Bobby was gathering up the material, throwing the sheet back over her body while taking her by the knees and pulling her out. How delicious the scraping sensation was of her nipples against the rough car seat.

“Okay, baby, out you go… uhhh!”

Shari rolled to the ground, tangling her legs in the sheet as she spilled over and over. Bobby kicked the car door shut, wiping his forehead with the back of one hand. Shari lay on her back, the sheet once again having slipped from her body, now revealing her pendulous tits and her firm thighs. Shari was going to dare to say something when she heard a deeper voice greet them from behind.

“So, you brought the girl. Fine-lookin’ bitch, Bobby! You’ve been doin’ well, just what your old uncle told you!”

There was the sound of footsteps approaching. Shari tried sitting up, feeling the strain against her back. She felt a knee striking her sharply in the jaw for that effort, the blow knocking her back down against the ground.

“Got spirit too… just like the cunt I’ve got downstairs. We ought to pair ’em up, just like I told you over the phone. Should be real interestin’, this duo.”

“She was fuckin’ herself in the car, Uncle Max,” Bobby said with a leer, nudging her cunt with the tip of his boot. Shari winced at the touch, flushing beet red at the words. So, he had seen her pumping her thighs against the seat! “Man, she was so hot I thought she was gonna blow the fuckin’ gas tank!”

Max stroked his chin, looking down thoughtfully at the naked girl. He bent over, tugging the sheet completely away from her. A cool breeze lifted Shari’s long blonde hair from her shoulders, bringing goosepimples all over her flesh. The girl peered up at the big man through the slits in her hood. He had the same hard, cruel look Bobby had when the boy was aroused. There was no doubt they were cut from the same cloth.

“Let’s have some fun… out here. Nobody’s round to interfere,” Max said, moving his hands down to her ankles and releasing the cuffs binding them.

In a flash Shari was scurrying away like an animal, her hands still bound tightly behind her back. She tried scrambling to her feet, fell hard on her knees against the rough ground, then tried rising again. Her tits slapped together and jerked out as the girl struggled over the uneven dirt, her flesh tearing over the stones and gravel jutting up from the pound. Shari squealed, slipping to one side, feeling her feet giving way as she tried to steer herself away from the men behind her. It was her first chance at getting away, given to her on a whim by her tormentors.

She heard them encouraging her as she slid and slipped farther away. Hope surged through the girl as her feet padded over the ground. She couldn’t see well because of the hood but was sure she was heading toward freedom. Her senses told her that as she raced over the yard toward the sounds of barking dogs. Surely there would be someone there who, would take care of her. They would see her condition and take pity on her, protecting her until — Shari felt the ground shoot out from under her. Suddenly the teen felt she was airborne, her legs flailing around while she bent forward and tried to tear her wrists from the line holding them against her lower back. She was falling, tumbling head over heels through the dark night air. All the terrors she had ever felt surged through the screaming girl as she dropped, finally landing on her hips and shoulders with a crash.

Shari lay there stunned as if someone had struck her with a truck. She knew she should run from the men now pursuing her. She knew they would drag her back and do terrible things to her. But the girl just couldn’t get the energy in her to run. Moments later Shari heard both men sliding down the embankment, laughing at her. Bobby was the first to get to her, jerking her head back and stuffing dirt up her asshole. He laughed, watching her body jerk while pieces of gravel ground into her bowels.

“Nice, nice soft body,” Max said. “She’s wet, musky, in heat.”

They were both squatting down in front of her, holding her down by her thighs and shoulders. Pulses of excitement leaped through her while her nipples still stood out firm and hard. Shari tried to tell herself it was the cold making her feel this way. But she knew being caught, being threatened by these men had a definite effect on her.

She was unable to mumble through the hood, feeling something cold up against her nipple. Looking down, Shari saw Max holding a switchblade knife, pressing the tip against her erect nub. She dug her heels against the soft pound, scooting her ass back, feeling the dirt wedging up into her ass-crack and into her shiner. The men laughed at her reaction while Max cut the tip of the knife up against her nipple.


But Max knew better. He brought the knife down to her cunt, pressing the cold sharp steel up against her cunt-lips, then bringing the point up to her clit. Bobby was about to object, then closed his mouth, seeing how Shari’s chest was heaving up and down in passion. Yes, the girl was enjoying this against her will. Shari admitted this finally to herself, feeling her cunt boiling down there.

The men’s stench and hatred intensified her emotions. She could tell they had hard cocks, wanting to rape her brutally. Max would be more cruel than his nephew, perhaps. Something popped in Shari’s mind at that thought, making her rock her hips suggestively while the teen still made crawling movements away from Bobby and his uncle.

“There, by the ash tree. Let’s rope her over there,” Bobby suggested.

“We can’t fuck her like that.”

“Not unless we fuck her in the ass.”

Shari’s curiosity was aroused. They flung her against the tall white ash tree in front of her. Max was binding her wrists to the tree, looping the rope around the trunk while Bobby kicked her ass forward. She felt the rough bark scratching against her inner thighs, poking up against her cunt. It was a feeling shockingly good, embarrassingly exciting. She couldn’t help what happened to her next, feeling an overwhelming desire to shame herself in front of these men. Shari bent her knees slightly, opening wide enough to get her clit against the rough bark.

“Look, she’s fucking the tree!”

“Make her behave, Uncle Max.”

“I think we’ll have to punish her good for what she’s doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if that bitch I’ve got down there’s related to this little snit,” Max said.

Shari heard the hiss of leather against cloth behind her. She knew Max was going to beat her. She could see in her mind’s eye the broad belt arching above her head, snapping in teak, then coming down against her back.


Shari’s body jerked, her head snapping back while her spine arched. The leather belt smacked dryly against her back, the crashed down once more between her shoulderblades. Again and again Max whipped the leather into her, smacking her ass-cheeks, curling the belt around her thighs until her flesh was red with the beating. A final blow sharply against her ass-cheeks lifted the teen bodily from the ground and shoved her hard against the firm ash.

She opened her crotch more, forcing her hips into the tree. Something — a shred of bark perhaps — entered her cunt-hole, piercing the sensitive flesh. Shari manipulated the muscles until the intrusion was lodged against her clit. She relaxed her thighs and let the next blow ripped her ass, working her body up against the sharp edge.

Again Shari threw her head back after the next blow slammed across both cheeks. Her head was thrown back at a severe angle while she sucked in air with a groan. She couldn’t stand this pounding much more. They were making her rut right there in front of her, forcing her to think only of fucking. Yes, yes, she had to have something in her cunt, something more than the tiny abusive thing creasing into her clit. The feelings inside her were ripping the teen apart, making her grunt for the wild fuck she needed.

“Get her into the house. She’s hot enough to set this damned tree on tire and bring the fuckin’ fire department out! We’ll give the little cunt somethin’ to moan about!”

“Man, she’s all wet in there… wet and hot, just like a cunt’s supposed to be,” Bobby said, working his fingers into her cunthole and making Shari yelp with the touch.

“In the house!” Max insisted, clapping his nephew firmly on the shoulders. “We’ll take better care of her in there.”

Reluctantly Bobby dragged Shari from the tree, her legs leaving two small trenches in the soft dirt behind her. She was too terrified, too excited to say a word. She felt the backs of her legs banging up the steps. Through the slits in the hood Shari could make out shadowy pieces of furniture. From the dampness coming up from below, Shari knew there was a cellar nearby.

“Don!” Max barked, forcing her to her knees, then pushing the teen forward.

Shari lost her balance once again, tumbling headlong into space. She screamed, her legs tangling up with one another as she rolled painfully down the steps. Somehow she managed to keep from rolling all the way down to the cellar floor, wedging her legs against one of the banisters supports. Max cursed, thudding down the steps, then kicking her hard. Shari let out a sharp cry, her body jerking from the force of the blow. Struggling forward, the teen managed to swing her legs around and scoot down the steps on her ass.

“She’s a smart one,” Max said, admiring the girl’s spunk.

The men pursued her, grabbing Shari around the waist and holding her.

“Take the bitch over there… right by the overhead bar. I’ve got an idea.”

Shari twisted against Bobby’s grip while Max lowered the crossbar Lydia had been hung from, bringing it down to Shari’s shoulder level. Quickly he took her hand, pressing it against one edge and binding it to the wood with several loops of line. The girl threw back her head and let out a wail, feeling the rope cutting into her badly chafed wrists. Bondage! There was no way she could escape it!

Someone was pulling her other arm out, cinching more line around the aching flesh and binding it to the wooden bar. There! They had her where they wanted her! She was stretched crucifixion style, her arms out while her legs remained unbound. There were squeaking sounds. Then Shari felt the crossbar rising, pulling her arms up. The crossbar was relentless, tugging her up until her legs began to swing back and forth. In a moment Max had the girl hanging from the ceiling, her legs kicking back and forth.

Shari let her head drop forward, feeling the weight of her body pulling painfully against her arms and shoulders. Her tits slapped together once more as the girl peered through the tiny eyeslits, perspiration making the leather slide over her flushed face. Fighting down the groans, Shari waited, her heart beating wildly once more as she thought of the many things Max and Bobby could do to her now.

Just as the ticklish fire rushing up and down her inner thighs grew unbearable, Shari caught the sound of something very heavy scraping over the floor. She turned her head and saw a large stand with a pole jutting up from the center of the heavy metal disc at the bottom. What made Shari’s pulse quicken was what was mounted at the tip. It was a long thick cock — at least, something formed to look like a man’s cock. Only this cock was a metallic color, the fat head catching the yellowish overhead light and gleaming evilly.

Max was pushing it directly between her legs until the tip was within inches of her cunt. Shari inched her legs away from it, kicking her feet from side to side. Instantly the girl knew what the men were going to do to her! She would be raped, alright, but raped by that dreadful metal thing!

The more she tried to escape the dildo below her, the more exhausted she became. Max finished centering the instrument, then walked over to the wall while Bobby stood in front of the girl and watched, his thick-muscled arms crossed over one another. Shari blushed, thankful forte hood hiding her shame. She could feel the overhead bar shaking as Max released the brake on the ratchet, lowering her slowly.

In a moment Shari felt the cold iron against her pouty cuntlips. It was flattening them back under the pressure, squeezing in, pressing the slick, achey walls apart while Shari kicked her legs from side to side and felt herself being fucked by that long, thick dildo. And as her cuntwalls cramped and cinched tight around the penetrating cock, the girl realized that more would come.


When Max finally fixed the ratchet again, Shari was standing on tip-toe, feeling her belly swelling to the bursting point with that awful dildo up in her cunt. She could have lowered herself a little more to ease the aching in her arches. But the thought of having those cold, metallic inches in her cunt sickened the teen.

Max and Bobby backed away, looking at the situation. Shari moaned, trying to stand up a little higher to climb off the dreadful dildo nudging her cunt. But it was in too deep, the rounded head pressing all the way into her cunt. She was standing there, impaled by the dildo, blushing with awful shame as the two men laughed at her.

“If I was her, I’d sure consider myself lucky,” Bobby said. “Must be nice sittin’ on something that big and hard that’s not gonna get soft in a while.”

“She’s going to start jumpin’ up and down on that thing in a while… you just watch. I haven’t seen a bitch yet that hasn’t. And this one’s gonna love sittin’ on that cock. In fact,” Max said, disappearing from Shari’s view, “I’m gonna give her somethin’ real nice to add to her fun.”

Shari pulled at her arms, feeling rage at the words the men hurled at her. She twisted her body, letting her head fall back as she felt the cold iron slowly grow moist and warm from her cunt. In a moment she managed to stand without hurting herself. She guessed things had adjusted inside her, stretching to accommodate that dreadful dildo. And in a moment, Shari was shamed to realize that the men did know what they were talking about.

She started to feel good, too good, she thought, for that sort of thing inside her. Every time she moved there was a response. She couldn’t move much, but then again it didn’t take much for her nerves to twitch and spark. She felt wickedly mortified, her arm muscles spanning while a pulse leaped through her throat. She could hear more scraping sounds behind her.

Bobby had left, going to help his uncle with something. Let them go. She would entertain herself well here. The hood once again bid her smile as she twisted her hips, her nipples blushing and sticking straight out from her tits as her thighs ridged with excitement. For a moment Shari wondered if they would leave her like this, hanging by her arms, swinging like a hung man while she fucked herself again and again with the dildo ramming up deep inside her.

The teen felt lonely, then brushed that feeling aside as she began to rise on her toes, then descend again, pushing the dildo up through her cunt and nudging her womb with the rounded tip. Juice began to froth around her thinly stretched cunt-lips, frothing around her hairs and wetting down her thighs.

Shari liked that feeling. Max was right. She wouldn’t have to worry about that cock growing soft. It would always stay hard and thick, no matter what happened. That thought made her mind spin around and around as she rose and fell, rose and fell with increasing speed. The girl’s tits began to jiggle more frantically while her breath became raspy pants. She gasped and twisted, feeling her body become cold and sweaty as her eyes glazed aver.

She was cumming having a climax right there in front of the men as she bounced up and down on the dildo. And then… and then right, in the middle of her second series of spasms something odd happened. She felt a freezing buzzing sensation, one that held her orgasm at its highest peak and forced her body to jerk forward.

Electricity! Again she was being electrocuted! But this time it was from the inside! Max had attached the dildo to his generator and was sending voltage up through the stem of the stand, the current bursting from the dildo and frying her cunt.

“Aghhh… oooooh!”

Shari’s body swung from side to side, her legs kicking out like those of a frog’s. She threw her head back, screaming as loudly as she could while the electricity sparked into her cunt and burned her clit. She felt the pain, the ache of the contractions of her cunt as the electricity threw her tightened muscles into a fit of spasms. The girl’s body whirled around against the overhead bonds as Max controlled the generator behind her. Somewhere in the distance Shari thought she could hear another woman screaming in sympathy.

-Shari felt the electricity scratching into her cunt, pricking all the nerves until she thought she would go mad from the sensation. She thought she could pick up the stand with her pussy. The muscles were taut against the dildo, squeezing the hot iron as much as possible while they spasmed under the onslaught of the electricity. She snapped her body back, her legs kicking out in front of her while the dildo fucked down and deep.

“I’ll get the other broad. She’s gotta see this!” Max said with a leer, switching up the current another notch and watching as Shari bounced and jerked crazily against the overhead rod.

In a moment the girl felt her cunt convulse in another high-powered climax, her muscles clutching at the sparking cock and holding it for dear life. At first Shari couldn’t hear the screams in front of her. Then something in the tone of that voice caught her attention. God in heaven! It was her mother!

“Shari! Oh my God, it’s you! Let my daughter go!” she screamed.

Max and Bobby cried out in surprise, not believing the woman at first. But her violent protestations and cries convinced them.

“Fuck! This couldn’t happen if I planned it! You’ve been fuckin’ the old lady’s daughter. Now ain’t that a kick,” he said, slapping his knees and laughing while Shari screamed in pain, her legs kicking out.

Lydia thought she would kill the men as they held her tight. She was watching her hooded daughter fucking herself on that fat cock, the steel disappearing and reappearing alternately from under the speared-open cunt. It was obvious Shari was enjoying herself, her body bent back now while she let out gurgling groans of unspeakable pleasure.

When Max let go of Lydia’s arm and moved to the generator, the alder woman realized fully what was going on. She broke away from Bobby and rushed up to him, scratching her nails over his face, then flipping the dial down to zero. Immediately Shari sagged to the floor, her groans becoming lower while her cunt opened against the fucking dildo.

“Let her go! Do what you want to me, but let her go!”

Stunned at first by the woman’s outburst, Max knocked her from the generator, switching the dial to high and watching as Shari came to life like a puppet. Her legs and arms kicked and flailed. Lydia covered her cars with both hands, her shrieks matching those of her daughter’s as she watched helplessly. The men were turning on the current more and more, enjoying the mother’s screams of horror.

“Please… oh God, she’s my daughter, she’s… she’s the only thing good in my life!” Lydia cried, not believing that it was Shari jerking and bouncing up and down against the same overhead beam she had been roped to.

“That’s enough!” Max said, shutting down the machine with a sweep of his hand.

Shari slumped again, her body weight pulling her arms down against the overhead her. Shari hung her head down, afraid to lift it and meet her mother’s eyes. Somehow they were both in this. The thought terrified the teen. What on earth was her mother doing with these men… here?

“You can watch, baby. You’ll find your old lady’s got some real fire in her,” Max said, chucking her under the chin and forcing Shari to raise her head.

The girl looked ahead, watching as Bobby groped her mother, forcing Lydia down to the floor. The woman bit, scratched and clawed, screaming terrible things to the men as she writhed under her daughter’s gaze. Shari wanted to call out, but found the leather pressing against her lips acting now as a gag.

Max checked Shari’s ropes, then strolled in front of her and knocked her feet up. Quickly he pulled her cunt off the tall dildo, kicking it to its side and motioning to his nephew to turn the machine off. Shari was twitching still on the ropes, her head snapping back and forth while her legs scissored against the thin air. Max let her go for the moment and dropped his paw-like hands on Lydia’s shoulders, pushing her forward, gripping her tightly so she couldn’t move.

“Your daughter’s having trouble, especially now with the dildo gone from her. You can help her out… real nice now, Mom, by eating her out!”

“No! You’re sick… you’re… you’re…”

But Lydia couldn’t fight the incredible force and will bending her to the floor. Max was pushing her forward, forcing her to her knees and dropping her in front of her writhing, bouncing daughter. Shari was too far gone at this point to know what was happening before her.

Lydia still couldn’t believe the man was telling her to do this! She let out a groan as he hit her on the back of the skull, then pushed her face forward. Her mouth was wide open, even with Shari’s gaping red cunt-gash. She could see the slick cunt-meat, the juice frothing around the edges of her daughter’s hole. Oh yes, yes! There was no doubt Shari was highly aroused. Lydia could see the thumb-like clit sticking straight out from the surrounding moist pink flesh, jerking at times with the delight obviously racing through her mind.

Again Max bit her, this time pushing her face forward. There was nothing the mother could do. Lydia covered her face, her eyes staring at the reddened pussy-gash. A heavy dripping of colorless froth continued to seep from the hot cunt. Taking a deep breath, Lydia sank her face into the creaming hole, feeling the heat singe her cheeks. Her tongue stabbed straight in, filling the blistering cunt. She heard her daughter squealing above her; felt the beating of the teen’s legs as Shari acknowledged the delicious sensation of having something in her pussy once more.


Blasts of overpowering sensation shot through the teen repeatedly as her mother writhed and pushed her tongue all the way into her cunt. And Lydia wasn’t content just to suck. Turned on by her daughter’s cries and the hot, pungent smell of that convulsing cunt, the woman reached up and pushed two fingers into Shari’s pussy.

That was all the young teen needed to cum again. She felt climax roar through her, taking her breath away while her clit throbbed and beat an exotic rhythm against Lydia’s wriggling tongue. Ohhh, how good it was feeling that mouth sucking on her pussy, that tongue moving hungrily back and forth, slurping up her flowing hot juices as she came and came and came!

The harsh tugging of her arms against the bar added to her delight. The fucking of the dildo, the biting electricity, her mother’s mouth all combined to make this the best cum ever! Shari laughed hysterically, throwing back her head while rolling her hips up and burying her mother’s face in her hot cunt.

The strain was becoming too much for Shari. There was a dull fuzziness settling into her brain, becoming darker and darker while all she could think of was the sharp delicious aches throbbing through her cunt. She gasped, barely able to breathe as another series of delightful spasms rocked through her pussy. She was riding her mother’s face, jerking up and down with delight and squealing at the biting, sparking jolts racing through her body. Ohhhh, she wished this would never, ever end!


“So. Like mother, like daughter. A whole damned family of perverts, like this one,” Max said with a laugh, motioning to Bobby. “It’s luck that’s drawn us together. Just plain, dumb luck. It’s real good this way.”

Lydia stared with hated, squirming against the black latex suit Max had fitted over her naked body. As the final degradation, he had pissed into the thing, wetting the rubber with his urine before he and Bobby had fitted the squirming woman with it. She now felt the slick sliding of the piss-slicked latex against her flesh.

How she wanted to peel the thing from her body and run from this horrid place! All thou ads, all those forbidden climaxes she had had with Max paled, it seemed, now that she was under the gaze of her daughter. Lydia felt guilty as if she had pushed Shari into this dark world even though she knew in her heart of hearts she had nothing at all to do with it.

As she lay stretched on the long table, her arms roped to the sides, she squirmed, feeling the pins gurgling against her flesh. Turning her head, Lydia saw Shari bent over in that obscene way, her wrists roped to her ankles. A long two-by-four acted as a spacer, keeping her legs spread far apart. Bobby was worming one finger into the girl’s whole, making the teen’s face redden. Max had long since pulled the hood from her face, wanting to see Shari’s expression while his nephew finger-fucked the girl in the ass.

“Don’t… don’t do this to me!” Shari cried, stealing nervous glances at her bound mother.

How hideous the woman looked bound that way, her body encased in that tight-fitting rubber suit. And they had pissed into it! Yeah! Shari thought she could almost smell the excitement as she remained bent in this horrid position, enduring the fucking fingers up her shitter.

“Let’s make sure the old lady remembers us, though I don’t think she’s gonna forget soon,” Bobby said, sliding in two more fingers and twisting them around until Shari squeaked like a stuck pig. The girl staggered forward, the board chafing her legs while her arms tugged futilely at the ropes.

“Sure. The poker. Almost forgot about that one,” Max said, reaching down and pulling the lower half of the latex still down until a good portion of Lydia’s right thigh showed. “Whew! Sure smells with all that piss cookin’ up in that rubber!”

Lydia arched her spine, rubbing her shoulderblades against the workbench as she twisted her wrists against the restraints. He pulled the suit down until her cunt was completely exposed. Jerking her head up, Lydia saw Bobby holding her daughter by the hips, his body bent over the teen’s while his hips were jerking forward spasmodically.

He was fucking Shari in the ass! She could see from the reddened expression on her daughter’s face that the young stud was trying to ride her down into the floor. Lydia wanted to scream out her indignation. Then the woman realized she had her own problems to worry about. Max was going to finish up on her, and finish in style.

There was a burner in front of her where the generator had been, a high flame heating the black bowl inches above it. There, hanging from one side, was the handle of what Lydia took to be the branding hon or poker they had been talking about earlier. They were going to leave their mark on her no matter what happened from here on. She twisted up, her body taut, stretched against the wood while Max turned up the flame and watched his nephew ass-fucking the teen.

Shari had caught glimpses of her mother being readied for the branding and wanted to call out to her. But now she had feelings of her own to endure. The fingers probing her asshole had been bad enough. She felt the hot, spicy sensation of a digit worming its way up her bowels, a feeling that made her clit twitter as if set afire. But then Bobby had gripped her in this obscene way, holding her tightly by the hipbones while pushing his cock-head deep into her.

Shari squawked, her ass tearing in half while the pain radiated down her thighs and made her muscles spasm. She would have collapsed to the floor if it hadn’t been for the board between her ankles and Bobby’s fingers propping her up. He was fucking down and deep, clawing at her, splitting her in two until she felt her belly turn over in a sickening spasm of aches. Only her mother’s screams from across the room pulled her attention from her violated ass. Max was stirring the poker around the coals, heating the tip as best he could with the fire while staring at the helpless woman writhing in her bonds.

Watching Shari getting fucked in the ass had sickened Lydia. But now her own plight came into focus. The branding iron was heated now. Max was showing more and more pleasure at the sight of the reddening tip. Brandishing the iron, Max jerked it from the bawl. Lydia felt her nipples rise up once more against the piss stained rubber suit while her cunt churned at what was about to happen to her.

“You’ll get this up your belly, if I’ve got something to say about it!”

Lydia felt chilled all over. They were going to brand her like a mindless cow in the fields! She wanted to flee, to escape this horror, to take her fucked daughter and rush from the door.

Again she tried tearing her wrists and ankles free and found she could do nothing. Her eyes focused on the red tip Max now held just over the bowl. She shivered again, her flesh feeling cold and clammy, then growing hot and dry. This would be another rape, but one of a different kind.

The men had fucked her mindless more than once. But this would be the ultimate violation — there, in front of her raped daughter she would be revealed as what she truly was! Again she squirmed as Max brought the poker over to her, dangling it above her cunt, dropping it until the heat curled into her humid cunt-hole like a licking tongue.

“No… oh don’t… not that… save… that… please… please, don’t do it to me!” Lydia stammered. She would have sacrificed her daughter at this point to keep the big man from dropping the poker on her fuckhole.

But Max had other plans. He touched the tip to the muscle directly below her clit. Lydia screamed, her body arching high above the table, her clit filled to the bursting point while her legs tried to draw together. It was cold and hot at the same time, the sensation remaining even after Max had withdrawn the branding iron. It was more than she could stand. Her screams shrilled more loudly while her daughter cried out in sympathy with her tortured mother.

Lydia wanted to tear the binding rubber suit from her as she writhed and whimpered. The burning sensation was gone now, replaced by a throbbing one. She twisted and grunted, turning her head and seeing Bobby hammering her daughter’s ravaged ass without mercy. Shari was yammering now, her muscles bulging against her damp flesh. The cries were growing more and more hoarse and guttural while Bobby was crooning to her, his fingers slapping against her ravaged ass-cheeks.

“Your daughter seems to be enjoying having her ass filled. That’s good. That’s almost the way you enjoy this,” Max said, holding the poker up to Lydia’s face for emphasis.

The woman winced, jerking her face away from the offending thing. Max tossed the poker back into the bowl, heated it, then brought it out once more, holding it level with her tits. She could feel the searing heat through the tight fitting rubber. Her nipples curled against the inferno and the rubber suit began to warm and melt.

Slowly he brought the red-colored head down, down until it was only one inch above her exposed thigh. Lydia’s head shook as if she were having a fit, her saliva gathering up at the back of her throat as her nostrils flared. No. No. God in heaven, no!


Max dropped the burning tip at a point midway between her knee and thigh, singeing the flesh, sending a cloud of smoke into the air. Lydia shrieked, feeling her skin melting under the relentless attack. She could smell her own burning flesh. Her shrieks grew more strident, her throat aching from the strain while her nerves exploded with the wild sensations tearing through her body.

He kept the poker pressed against her flesh, drawing it up to her cunt. Lydia continued to scream, feeling as if he had poured burning gasoline all over her flesh. She jerked and convulsed, straining against the bonds, making the heavy wooden table jerk under her while every square inch of her body ached with agony.

He was drawing the thing to her cunt, watching as the blonde hairs singed black under the head. Just when Lydia thought he was going to drive the overheated rod into her pussy, he pulled it out, twisting it around and jamming the handle into her cunt.

Max left her like that, watching as her pussymuscles worked like small jaws, sucking in the heavy rod, working at it as if it were a cock. The woman screamed again and again, feeling a rush of biting orgasms flush through. At the same time, Shari joined her mother’s shrieks, grunting and screaming while Bobby dumped his load of spunk into her ass. He kept her head down, beating her ass with his opened fists while working his hips from side to side.

Shari could feel the warm squirts of jizz splashing into her body, slicking her asshole down. She blushed and groaned, a bubble of air bursting from her pussy and nearly dislodging the young stud from her cunt. The thought of how his cock had rodded her nude her climax again. And there in front of her lay her mother, panting heavily now, her body scarred forever by that cruel poker that now bobbed up and down like some obscene pole sticking straight out of her cunt.

“Man, oh man, you’re sure learning fast, Bobby!” Max said, knocking the branding iron from Lydia’s cunt and watching it clatter to the basement floor. He kicked the poker to the side, pursing his lips and folding his fingers over one another. “But that’s enough for these two. Don’t wanna wear them out. That’s the first rule, buddy, about this shit. Don’t work ’em too hard — like plow horses, if you know what I mean. There will be other times… good ones, with this team!”

“A mom/daughter team,” Bobby said under his breath, slowly pulling out from Shari’s tight ass while stroking her whip-striped ass-cheeks. “Yeah, it’s gonna be real good!”

Lydia heard his words. Again? Would she have the courage to resist him? To resist the feelings still surging in her in spite of her daughter’s presence? She squirmed, her thigh still throbbing from the pain of being branded. But that mark that would stay with her the rest of her life wasn’t the most indelible mark of what she’d done. That was in her mind, in her brain.

Yes, she and Shari would be back. Their lives had changed completely. Was it for the better or worse? That, Lydia knew, only time would tell. All she knew was, it would be different. And chat, not to her surprise, made her smile.

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