Nuns In Chains

Sister Bernice awoke gasping, her pillow drenched with sweat, the sheet under her churning ass slimy with the juices that were bubbling out of her spasm-wracked cunt. She shimmied her thighs together and moaned feverishly in the electrically charged atmosphere of her convent bedroom as the lightning flashed again and again outside and the thunder roared like a demon. But thank God for the thunder, she thought.

Thank God the thunder was drowning out her pained groans. At least tonight none of the other sisters would hear her in her shameful misery.

As the lightning slapped her again with its hellish blue light, as the thunder rattled the rain-battered windowpanes, Sister Bernice arched up one last time, her eyes rolling back from the intensity of her spasm. “Oh, God, oh, my.”

She fell back at last, the autumn dampness, chilling her, and she groped in the darkness alongside her bed for the bedsheets and her nightgown. Unable to find the gown — she might have hurled it across the room during her sleeping fit — she drew the sheets up over her nakedness and sighed.

She was still panting. It was as if she’d been wrestling with a demon. She felt drained, exhausted. She wondered how much longer she could withstand these nightmares before she ended up in an asylum.

There was a flicker of lightning, a low rumbling of thunder. Except for the rain, the storm had passed. In the quieting night, Sister Bernice listened to the hiss of the rain in the convent garden outside. She sighed again, her heartbeat normalizing. Maybe she could still get a little sleep in what remained of the night. The last thing she needed for tomorrow’s interview with Sister Francine with bags under her eyes.

She turned onto her left side and folded her pillow under her cheek. Her heavy tits fell to the side, one pillowed atop the other. She scowled to herself. What kind of tits were these for a nun? What kind of overgrown tits were these for a petite young woman? All her big tits had caused her was trouble. Maybe if she hadn’t grown such fat tits as an adolescent her entire life would be different today, her brother might not have gone to jail and she might not have entered the sisterhood.

Go to sleep, she told herself. Go to sleep and don’t start thinking about it. Hadn’t she thought about it much too much over the last three years? She’d relived that terrible night so many times that she could remember every lurid detail of it, could see and hear, could smell and taste and feel everything. In her nightmares, in her daydreams, she relived that night over and over, exactly as it had happened. And at the climax of each nightmare, of each daydream, she would experience an orgasm, an orgasm of nearly the same shameful intensity as the one she’d felt on that terrible night three years ago when she’d been robbed so brutally of her virginity.

Go to sleep, she told herself. Don’t think about it another second. Sleep. Just sleep.

Make your mind a blank screen.

She clenched her teeth and clamped shut her eyes and fought the images that sought to fill her head. She would sleep. She would! She had to! But the image of her brother’s leering face bled through the blank screen in her mind, appearing before her as it had appeared out of the hallway darkness on that evening three years ago. The face still looked young… and yet so wicked. Golden hair framed that tanned face, blue eyes shined from it. The teen’s square white teeth flashed, dazzling her. She looked up from her school work, squirmed uneasily in her chair, felt her brother’s eyes on her tits, and cursed herself for not wearing a bra under her T-shirt. Without taking his gaze off her, the teen kicked shut her bedroom door with a bare foot. She could see his hard-on throbbing through the faded denim of his jeans, which were all he was wearing.

“What do you want?” she asked foolishly. “I’m studying.” She wished to God Mom wasn’t at work. They were alone in the house.

Her brother squeezed his huge fucker through his tight jeans. His throbbing prick bulge resembled a billy club clown his pants leg. “Let me see your tits naked.”

Bernice flushed, heat washing through her face. “Are you out of your mind? Leave me alone, will you? If you get out of here now, I won’t tell Mom.”

The teen smirked. “Who cares about Mom? I can handle her.”

“Ronny!” She used the same tone of voice Mom would have used.

The teen licked his lips. “Same way I’m gonna handle you.”

He unsnapped his jeans, and Bernice felt panic. She groped instinctively for the letter opener on her desk. This couldn’t be happening. But the letter opener was real as her fingers closed around it, and her brother’s cock was real as it sprang up out of his lowering jeans. Her heart beat hammered so loud in her head that she thought she was having a stroke.

Her brother kicked off his jeans and stood naked before her sun-browned torso, white legs, grubby tanned feet. His prick resembled an arm as it throbbed at a forty-five-degree angle to his tight, skinny loins. He was well muscled for his age, an undefeated wrestler on the freshman wrestling team, but he was shorter and lighter than she was, so there was a ghost of a chance that she could handle him, just the ghost of a chance.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to, though, unless she kicked him in the balls, unless she stabbed him half to death with the letter opener. She couldn’t do that, and yet she had to. It was her only chance.

She raised the letter opener. “Get out of here. You’re disgusting!” She tried to keep her gaze off his throbbing fucker.

“Bitch!” he said, not even flinching as she raised the letter opener higher. A pearl of clear fucklube appeared at the tip of his menacing prickshaft. “Take off your shirt, bitch. Let me look at them big juicy tits.”

Bernice began to tremble. She felt so weak, she could hardly hold onto the letter opener. Her brother wasn’t playing games anymore.

“Ronny,” she said softly, trying to smile. “Be reasonable. Let’s talk this over, okay?”

The teen twanged his cock with the tip of his finger, inspected the sticky gob of fucklube he’d rubbed off, sniffed it, then rubbed it on his leg. His balls twisted in their brown sac. He sneered at her. “Take off your shirt.”

Bernice fought the impulse to bawl. He wasn’t even paying any attention to the letter opener as a threat. He was beyond listening to reason. He’d attempted to assault her a dozen times over the last few months, but she’d always managed to either threaten him off or reason with him. Tonight, she knew, neither would work. She had to try, though.

She got up out of her chair, stepped out around the desk to face him, the letter opener held before her at her midriff. “I’ll use this if I have to. Now get out of here.”

For just a moment, the teen appeared hesitant, intimidated. Then his prick flexed and he grabbed it, his sinewy brown hand fisting it slowly, firmly. His pisshole opened up and more fucklube leaked out, trickling down over his knuckles.

“I’m gonna shove this up your cunt, bitch. Maybe I’m even gonna ram it up your shithole.”

Bernice caught her breath. He deserved to die for saying things like that, deserved to burn forever in hell.

She lunged forward, jerking the letter opener toward him. For just a moment she felt the perverse desire to stab his bulging ball-sac, to let the air out of his balls.

Ronny didn’t move except to let go of his prick. “Watch it,” he said coolly in his half changed voice.

Bernice was panting, her heart hammering. “Then get out of here! Just get out!”

He sneered again. “Cock-sucking bitch!”

She wanted to kill him. She lunged again, driving the sharp point of the letter opener into her brother’s abdomen. At the moment of contact, she realized what she was doing and held back just enough to avoid skewering him. Ronny gasped, jerked back and stared down in apparent disbelief at the small puncture wound in one of the rectangular segments of his muscled belly from which trickled a small flow of crimson blood. His chest heaved.

He looked up at her, his eyes wide. “You stabbed me.” His voice trembled.

“I’m sorry. Oh, I’m sorry!” Bernice dropped the letter opener onto the red shag carpet.

“You tried to kill me!”

“I didn’t mean it.” Bernice felt weaker than ever now. She could hardly stand up.

“You… you…”

Ronny flung himself at her.

Bernice grunted, the wind knocked out of her. As she hit the floor, she banged her head hard enough to leave her stunned and dizzy. She lay there helplessly as Ronny tore off her clothes, first her shirt, then her jeans. She recovered enough to resist him as he ripped at her panties, but it was futile. The panting teenager jerked her panties off over her feet and sat on his heels before her, his chest heaving, his prick wagging.

“Please, Ronny,” she whimpered. “Please?” She was sweating, but the cool dry air of the room chilled her. She had never felt so naked, so helpless. She couldn’t move to defend herself. It was as if she’d been hypnotized or drugged.

The teen sniffed her panties, rubbed their moist crotch against his lips and all over his face. His blue eyes appeared to glaze over. “Fuck,” he moaned. “Oh, Jesus Christ, fuck!”

“Please, Ronny? Please?”

He looked at her as if he’d suddenly discovered her lying there. “Sure,” he said.

And Bernice felt a surge of relief. He was going to let her go. Sure, he’d said. Sure.

The teen threw himself on her. He was hot and brutally hard, his smooth skin slippery with sweat and blood. His prick felt like a steel club between their bellies. It rubbed at her, throbbing, leaking fucklube. The teen’s hot mouth closed over her lips, his tongue filling her throat, his sharp teeth gnawing her lips, his breath smothering in the scent of apples.

Oh, God, she prayed. Please help me.

The teen lifted off her, started to get up. Bernice had never felt such a sense of relief. She began to sit up… but her brother was on her again, this time sitting on her tits, this time slamming his cockshaft back and forth across her face. Fucklube got in her eye and she winced, her eye burning and tearing. The teen rammed his prick against her clenched mouth.

“Suck it!” he growled. “Open up!”

She had no choice but to unclench her teeth. She had no doubt that his steel-hard cockshaft would have knocked them out otherwise. As her brother’s enormous slab of fuckmeat filled her mouth and throat, her jaws almost dislocated and she nearly vomited. His big prick gagged her, churning against her tonsils. And the smell of it, the taste of it — salty, sweaty, musky — nauseated her.

“Oh, fuck!” the teen muttered. “Suck it!” He humped, pumping his fucker in and out of her spit-leaking mouth, stretching her lips like rubber bands, choking her to death.

Bernice knew she was going to black out. Her brother would choke her to death and would then leave her there, naked and degraded, to rot.

The teen’s prick unplugged her throat. Air rushed into her lungs and revived her. Her brother was mercifully climbing off her. The ordeal was over. She relaxed, her tits rising and falling, a faint smile taking hold of her lips.

“Oh, wow!” the teen moaned, and then he was on her again, this time more brutally than before. “Spread ’em! Open up!” He squirmed between her thighs, forcing them apart with his knees, ramming his bone-hard fucker against her exposed crotch again and again.

“Nooooo!” Bernice whined. “God, nooo!”

She writhed, clawing at his muscular shoulders, kicking at the backs of his legs with her heels.

He snapped at her tits, chewed on them, dug his fingers, into them. His mouth fastened to her left tit mound and his teeth nearly ripped off her nipple.

Bernice screamed. It was as if her nipple were being sliced with hot knives. Her cunt contracted repeatedly, and she felt cuntjuice like molten lava leaking from between her cock-rammed pussylips.

“Pleeeeease!” she wailed, clutching at the hard muscles of her brother’s arms. “Oh, God!”

Her brother’s prickhead twisted against her cunt, separated her greased pussylips, then lodged in the entrance of her cunthole. She’d never felt such a stretch. Nothing larger than her finger had ever been inserted between her virgin pussylips. She swore she could feel her cunt meat tearing.

“Ronny! Oh. God, no! No, please!”

Clawing and biting at her tits, slobbering warm spit all over them, the lust-mad youth slammed his fucker up her cunt. There was the feel of something snapping, of something ripping. Bernice felt fire explode in her cunt, felt fire consume her entire body. She arched up, toenails and fingernails tearing blindly at her brother. As she threw her head back, letting out a whine of agony, she exposed her throat to her brother’s teeth, then she slipped into unconsciousness.

She didn’t know how long she’d remained blacked out, but it probably wasn’t long, because when she came to, her brother was still rutting at her, was still gnawing on her neck and tits as he fucked, fucked, fucked his raging cock in and out of her body.

Her cunt had been torn, her cherry snapped. She was slimy with hot juice between her legs, and the juice was more than sex-lubricant from her cunt and from her brother’s cock. There was also blood, the blood of her maidenhood, of her irrevocably lost virginity.

“Feel it?” her brother muttered. “Feel it? Mmmmm, feels so fucking good! Oh, fuck! Oh, shit!” He writhed on top of her, his incredibly smooth and slippery young body undulating, his arm sized fucker and sliding effortlessly in and out of her.

She could hear squishing noises coming from her cunt as her brother fucked it, and she thought of a toilet being unplugged by a plunger. She was a toilet now, her purity, her precious virginity polluted and destroyed forever. She was no better now than a whore… and she was beginning to feel like a whore, was beginning to respond spontaneously like a fucked nymphomaniac. She couldn’t help it. Her loins humped up and down, meeting the vicious thrusts of her brother’s cock. She arched her back, arched her neck, jerked her ass up and down, clawed passionately with her fingernails and toenails driving, driving, driving her sizzling crotch up to suck her brother’s cock into her cunt.

“Uh!” she grunted. “Oh, God!” She panted like a woman in labor, twisted her blonde head against the crimson carpeting, whined as her brother gnawed her vein-bulging neck. Her tits felt swollen and tight, her nipples hard as spikes as she rubbed them madly against her brother’s square-muscled chest.

“What a bitch!” Ronny hissed. “Ahhhhh, ahhhh, feels so good, ooooh!” His blue eyes rolled drunkenly. Sweat dripped from his flushed face, from his nose. His blond hair fell girlishly along his cheeks.

His cock knifed in and out of her, all eight rock-hard inches of it. Despite the searing, raw pain in her pussy, Bernice could feel every vein and bump on the teen’s cock as it slipped relentlessly between her cuntlips and between the clutching walls of her fuckhole. The bumps and veins, his fat cockhead, stimulated the most sensitive crevices of her fuckmeat, sent electric shivers through her cunt and deep into her loins. She could hardly bear the intense sensation. She chewed her lips felt her eyes turning back into her skull.

Ronny plunged, whacking their bellies together, cracking their hipbones, fucking the blood and fuck-juices out of her wide-open cunt. She arched up so high that the muscles of her lower back almost cramped.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, ahhhhh!” She couldn’t stand it, hated it, hated herself for responding this way… but she couldn’t help herself. Her body was reacting. It was almost reflexive. She was fucking, fucking hard and savagely. She kicked and clawed at her brother’s skinny ass, hugged his loins to her crotch, sucked his cock with her cunt, ached for more cock, ached for a deeper fuck. She’d lost her mind.

“Fuck me!” she muttered between clenched teeth. “Grind me! Deeper, deeper! Oh, baaaby!”

“Bitch whore!” Ronny snarled. “I’m gonna blow your guts out!”

“Do it! Oh, do it!” She contracted her cunt again and again around. Ronny’s plunging cock, milking it, skinning it, trying to make his prickhead shoot off. “Come,” she gasped. “Shoot it!”

Ronny’s eyes rolled back and nearly sank into his skull. His face flushed purple. He shuddered in her arms, his naked body as hot as grilled steak. “Uhhhh, ohhhh!” His cock flexed inside her cunt, shivered fiercely. His molten cum exploded up her pussy, and she shrieked with excitement.

“Shoot it, Ronny, oh, God, shoot it!” She kneaded his bouncing little ass with her toes, caressed his lower back with her hands, jerked under him as each spurt of his teenaged cum dashed against the seething walls of her pussyhole. She felt so ecstatic that she wanted to die… and then her cunt exploded, and she thought she was going to. She screamed as the spasms ripped through her pussy.

The sensations came in waves, overwhelmed her with their intensity. Her cuntmeat almost cramped as he fuckhole shuddered and clutched. The nerves of her loins felt as if they were being tortured with electrically charged drills. She felt pulsating tingles in her fingers and toes, in her tits and lips. A fire consumed her pussy and waves of heat washed through her entire body. She screamed again and again shocked by the intensity of her feelings.

“Goddamn!” her brother grunted, firing wads of hot fuck-cream into her body. “Holy fucking shit!” He squirmed in her anus, his cock jumping inside her, his loins humping frantically. “Ohhhh, fuck!”

Bernice clung to him… fucking, fucking, fucking… coming endlessly, dying with the feeling of it all.

Sister Bernice gnawed on the pillows, her body contorted into a ball as she lay on her side in the darkness of the convent bedroom and crushed the shameful spasms out of her cunt with two clutching hands. She groaned loudly, but her voice was absorbed in the pillow. As her orgasm subsided, she realized that she had thrust three fingers up into her crotch, and she slipped them out, cursing herself, praying that God would forgive her, praying that God would know that none of this was really her fault.

The daydreams were as beyond control as the nightmares. What could she do about them? She surely couldn’t go on like this. Which was precisely why she had to impress Sister Francine at the interview. She had to be accepted by Sister Francine. She had to leave the security of the convent here for the uncertain life at St. Michael’s Reformatory.

Her brother was there. After three long years, her brother was still there. And she had to see him, had to face him, had to speak to him, had to forgive him. But Sister Francine must never know, must never find out. Inmates at St. Michael’s were allowed no visitors. St. Michael’s was an experiment in the penal system, a juvenile prison for teens, a prison administered and staffed entirely by nuns. No inmate had ever escaped from St. Michael’s, no inmate had ever earned an early parole. And the state, which subsidized this penal experiment — at a cost of only ten percent of what it took to run the ordinary juvenile teens’ detention institution — was very satisfied. Sister Francine, the mother superior, head warden, or whatever one called her, had free rein over the prison and over the lives of the teens. And Sister Bernice had to impress her, had to get into St. Michael’s.


Sister Eve enjoyed whipping naked bays when they got erections during the whipping. And then she thrashed them but good, sometimes tearing little strips of flesh off their bleeding backs with expert flicks of the leather strap. The teens would scream like girls then, and hot juice would bubble out of Sister Eve’s young cunt, and she would tremble with such excitement that she could hardly stand up.

Sister Francine, looking on as supervisor or coach, would smirk vaguely, her usually severe red face softening just enough to let Sister Eve know that she was doing well, and Sister Eve would scourge the hanging youth with renewed strength, causing him to black out. That would end the fun, because one couldn’t very well torture an unconscious teen. They would cut him down then and throw him back onto the piss-smelling straw of his stone-floored cell. The naked teens in adjacent cells, hugging their bony knees and trying to warm themselves against the damp drafts, would cower and remain silent, not daring to even turn an eye the wrong way lest Sister Francine single them out for the next whipping.

“Filthy beast,” Sister Francine said now, gazing with a disgusted frown at the naked youth hanging unconscious from the rough wooden beams of the stone chamber. “Smells like a goat, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, Sister.” Sister Eve wrinkled her nose to show the older nun that she agreed completely.

“Cut the pig down.”

“Yes, Sister.” Sister Eve pulled the hunting knife from the leather sheath attached to her belt. She had to step up on a shaky wooden stool in order to cut the teen down. They hung the teens high because their bodies always stretched during the hanging, and letting their filthy toes touch, the floor wouldn’t do. It was extra exciting to see a teen swaying freely in the air while he was being thrashed.

The ropes broke before she had cut all the way through them, and the teen collapsed onto the straw-padded floor, knocking his head on the stool as he hit. He groaned, his eyes opening slightly. Sister Francine placed the raised sole of her black shoe on the teen’s swollen brown ballsac and twisted her foot. The teen arched up, gasping, his eyes wide open. Sister Francine removed her foot and the teen slumped back, eyes closing as he apparently slipped back into a faint.

Sister Francine’s face remained expressionless. “Such a weak sex, and so utterly worthless. I don’t see why God ever made them. Drag him back to his cell. Here, I’ll help you.” She grabbed a handful of the youth’s shaggy brown hair while Sister Eve grabbed him by one arm, and they dragged him out into the dim stone passageway that led back to the cell-blocks.

“Hope to God I don’t catch lice,” Sister Francine muttered.

They returned to Sister Francine’s office on the ground floor of St. Michael’s Reformatory. Sister Eve was glad to get out of the basement where the cells were… even thought she intended to sneak back down there for some quick fun once the old bat left for the airport. She couldn’t understand why every last teen hadn’t died of pneumonia, down there without heat, naked and half starved. They were all so skinny, all bone and muscle, not a trace of fat on them. It was a wonder their cocks hadn’t shriveled up and fallen off. But if anything, their cocks appeared to become larger as their bodies became leaner. Sister Eve closed her eyes and thought of their cocks as Sister Francine’s hot wet tongue twisted inside her cunt.

“Mmm!” she sighed, wiggling her ass, rubbing her crotch in Sister Francine’s face.

Sister Francine slipped her tongue out and sat back on her heels. Her red face was slimy with Eve’s pussyjuice. “Behave now, darling. We can’t have pussycream, delicious as it is, staining my habit now, can we? The taxi will be here in a few minutes. I don’t have time to change.”

“I’ll try to stay still, Sister. It’s just that you’re so good at it, I can hardly control myself.”

Sister Francine’s face softened, almost smiled. “Well, try.”

“Yes, Sister.” Eve braced herself, leaning her bare ass against the big wooden desk, spreading her legs a little wider. If it weren’t for this damned black skirt she was holding up above her waist, she’d be able to brace her hands on the desk.

Sister Francine spread Eve’s cuntlips with her thumbs and licked between them. The starched visor of the mother superior’s black veil filed against Eve’s tender belly skin. This was so awkward, Eve though, trying to make it with their habits on.

“Oh, that’s good,” Eve said, urging the mother superior on. “Oh, yes, lick it like that! Mmm!”

Sister Francine breathed heavily through her nose as she slurped at Eve’s dripping pussy. She got her lips between Eve’s cuntlips and sucked, at the same time driving her tongue in deep.

Eve felt hot tingles swarm through her crotch like fire-ants. As the sensations spread through her asshole, she couldn’t help but to start humping at Sister Francine’s face again. The older nun growled, sucking, slurping, gnawing. Eve felt electrical tingles all the way down to her toes, which were wiggling inside her black nun’s shoes.

“Oh, I’m coming!” Eve gasped. “Oh, Sister, oooh!” She rubbed her ass against the edge of the desktop, looked down at the red faced nun eating her out, twisted her head and moaned with pleasure. Her cunt contracted spastically. She felt like collapsing and rolling herself, into a ball.

A buzz resounded through the high ceiling office and Eve’s heart jumped. She almost cursed at the interruption of her pleasure, but caught herself in time. Sister Francine would not tolerate swearing.

“Oh, keep sucking!” Sister Eve moaned, still shivering with spasms. “Please, Sister… oh, my!”

Sister Francine sucked powerfully, causing Sister Eve’s eyes to become glassy, then pushed Eve away and staggered to her feet. “Sorry, my dear, but I must be off.”

The older nun moved behind her desk, opened a drawer, and pulled out a white handkerchief, which she used to wipe the cunt-slime off her cheeks and lips. One of Eve’s black pussy hairs still dung to the mother superiors chin, but Eve didn’t mention it.

Sister Francine pulled her black cape off the hanger in the corner of the room and wrapped it around her shoulders. She began to fasten the snaps. “Well, this is it. I shall be back tomorrow evening. I trust you can handle things, my dear.”

“You can count on me, Sister.” Sister Eve straightened her dropped skirt and stood up straight.

“I know I can, darling. Now remember, nobody, absolutely nobody is to know I’ve gone. I don’t care who calls, even the governor. If anybody wants to talk to me, I’m indisposed and cannot by any means be disturbed until tomorrow evening, that is.”

“Yes, Sister.”

“The only other person who knows I’m going is Sister Raphael down by the gate. Absolutely none of the other nuns are to know. You’re in charge. Maintain absolute discipline. None of the inmates are to be released from their cells while I’m away… for any reason. Is that clear?”

“Absolutely, Sister.”

Sister Francine lifted her black traveling bag from the desk. “Don’t I get a goodbye kiss?”

“Why of course, Sister.” Sister Eve quickly delivered a juicy kiss to the older nun’s lips. Their tongues met and Sister Eve felt a tingle in her crotch despite her loathing at kissing the mother superior.

“I’m off,” Sister Francine said, and Sister Eve rushed to the door to open it for her superior.

They strode down the back hallway, their heels clomping on the hardwood floor, and Sister Eve pushed open the back door to show the mother superior out.

The headlights of the idling taxi beamed through the darkness and pouring rain. Sister Eve ran to the rear door of the taxi and flung it open. Sister Francine slid in with remarkable agility. The mother superior wasn’t quite as old as Sister Eve sometimes viewed her, in her middle thirties, that was all.

“Should have thought to bring an umbrella,” Sister Francine mumbled.

“I’ll fetch one, Sister.”

“Nonsense. Get back inside before you catch yourself a death of cold. See you tomorrow evening. And remember what I’ve instructed.”

“Yes, Sister.” Sister Eve slammed shut the taxi door and ran back to the hallway. She stood in the doorway until the glowing taillights of the taxi had paused down the drive at the front gate, then had disappeared into the wretched wet night.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, and Sister Eve slammed shut the back door and locked it. She laughed out loud as she half skipped down the poorly lit hallway. For the next 24 hours this hell-hole was all hers… and she was going to make the most of it. By the time she reached Sister Francine’s private stairway to the lower dungeons, her pussy was throbbing and warm juice was trickling down between her legs.

Cock, she thought. When was the last time she’d tasted cock? Not for a year, not since she’d made the mistake of her life and had volunteered fort duty at this prison. Prison was the perfect word for this place, because it was a prison not only for the studs down in the dungeons but for the nuns as well. She’d volunteered for duty here because she’d been bored to death with life in the convent, and because the idea of guarding fifty or so incorrigible teenage males had excited her. What a mistake she’d made! Here it was, going on a year since she’d arrived, and the closest she’d gotten to any stud was when she delivered the whippings. Sure, she got to see a lot of prick, but she’d never gotten near to touching one. Well, tonight that would change.

She entered the nearest cellblock by Sister Francine’s private door and immediately pressed the intercom button above the light switch to the right as she entered. “Report.”

“Sister Marie on duty, cellblock H, Sister. Everything quiet.”

“Fine. You may go to your room until midnight, darling. I shall watch over things here.”

“Yes, Sister. Thank you.”

Sister Eve sighed with relief. She’d never tried the voice imitation on anyone else, had only practiced it alone in her room. It sounded good to her, but there’d been no way of knowing how it would sound to someone else. Well, apparently it sounded authentic.

The intercom hissed. “Sister Francine? Mother?”

Sister Eve punched the button, her heart fluttering. “Yes, Sister Marie.”

“Might I bring you down a pot of tea? You sound as if you’re getting a touch of cold.”

“Thank you, Sister, but no. I’m quite all right. Report back at your station at midnight, not before.”

“Yes, Sister.”

Sister Eve waited a full minute before she was satisfied that Sister Marie had left her post outside the cellblock H entrance and had gone up to her room. Then she began to undress, starting with her shoes.

Curious faces peered out at her from behind the bars of the half-dozen cells of cellblock H. The teens, each in his separate cage, resembled a bunch of zoo animals or wild men. The teens all had hair that had been let grow wild like weeds. Every six months or so they were shorn like sheep, but in between times their hair grew thick and unruly. And they stank like animals, lying all day and night in the straw that padded the stone floors of their cells, pissing and shitting into buckets which were collected but once a day, washing and drinking from another small bucket. Each teen was dragged out of his cell and hosed down every two weeks, allowing a lot of fifth to build up between hosings. This cellblock, like the other seven cellblocks at St. Michael’s, smelled like a barn, smelled of piss and shit and sweat. Sister Eve always had to hold her nose at first when she entered the cellblock, but after a short time she would get used to the smell, and then she would begin to like it, to thrive on it. The raunchy smell of young male excited her to no end.

The teens had all crawled to the front of their cells and were pressing their faces between the bars. Sister Eve hung her veil from a peg in the stone wall and turned toward them, sucking in her gut and thrusting forward her tits. Her nipples tingled, hot spikes in the dank air. Despite the heat raging through her naked body, she shivered in the drafty cold.

The teens gawked at her. As she looked down the row of cells she saw six sets of huge, monkeylike eyes reflecting the dim orange light of the cellblock. It was as if they’d never seen a nude girl before. The teen down at the far end grunted, and Eve was stunned to see white spurts of his jism shoot between the bars of his cell and land with audible splats on the stone floor of the narrow corridor. Fascinated, she moved over to watch him at close range. He was beating off, grunting, shivering, his glazed eyes combing her nude body. She lifted her foot and stroked the head of his spasming, cock with her big toe. Hot, sticky jism pelted her shin and instep and she squealed with excitement.

“Lick it off,” she ordered the panting teen. “Damn you, clean off my foot.” As the trembling teen lapped at her foot like a puppy, she rubbed her hands in the hot jizz that was trickling down her inner thighs and mused about how good it felt to cum again. She felt free again. It had been so long. She felt like screaming and shouting. She had to keep things relatively quiet, though, lest they hear her in cellblock G.

She moved over to the gawking, masturbating youth in the next cell. “What’s the matter, shithead? Never seen tits before? Bet you’d like to suck on ’em, wouldn’t you?” She jiggled her tits, squatted down and let them quiver just inches from the teen’s straining tongue. She smirked. Goddamn if he wasn’t going to rip the skin off his cheeks trying to shove his head between the bars! She caught some cunt cream and smeared it on his face, then shoved her tit into his mouth.

The teen sucked twice and exploded, his hot cum splatting all over his belly. She fell back, laughing, watching the teen grip a cell bar to keep from toppling over in his spastic frenzy. He shot a profuse load, some of it hitting her legs.

Horny monkey, she thought. Stupid little shit. She was enjoying this. These studs were hot, hotter than any of the studs she’d made it with in high school. Couldn’t blame them, though. Some of these fuckers had gone years without seeing anything more of a woman than her hands and face.

The teen in the next cell was standing up, a cocky smirk on his face, his hands gripping the bars next to his shoulders, his loins pressed to the front of his cage, his crowbar cock thrust out into the corridor. Sister Eve gazed up at him, watching his cock throb, watching it flick off gobs of fucklube. His balls were the size of golf balls and straining to burst from his brown sac. His huge balls twisted and turned as if alive.

What a gorgeous hunk of teenaged meat! And what a devil, what a barbarian! In the old days they would have made him a God, would have put him on a pedestal and worshipped him. Beautiful golden hair, like the rays of the sun, bushed around his head. He wasn’t tall, just average in height, but he appeared tall, and strong as a young bull.

Sister Eve shivered. Lord, what she wouldn’t give to couple with that fierce eyed Goliath! That arm-thick prick of his had to be at least eight inches long, maybe nine. She wished she had a ruler. A rush of sensation flooded her tightening cunt and she squeezed her legs together again and again. Christ, she was horny! She really ought to jerk off before she did something foolish… like trying to fuck that slab of prickmeat through the bars.

The teen shoved his foot through the bars and stroked her own foot. Such a large, filthy foot. Such a muscular calf, fine golden hairs gracing the smooth skin. The teen flexed his cock, and her gazed moved up, glued to his throbbing fucker. She felt all hot and rubbery, felt as if she were wilting, melting. Hot pussycream oozed from between her cuntlips and she shimmied her legs together, working her tightly swollen cuntlips against each other.

“I love you,” the teen whispered.

Sister Eve laughed sharply, although she felt quite weak. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I wanna fuck you.”

“That I believe. What’s your name, pig?”

“Seven-seven-five-three-one-R, Sister.”

“I can see that from the tag around your neck, ding dong. I mean your baptismal name, or have you forgotten it?”

“Ronny,” the teen said, showing perfect white teeth. He flexed his cock again. “Why don’t you back up to the cell and rub against my fuck rod?”

“Foolish guy!”

“Afraid, Sister?”

“Of what? All I’ve gotta do is press that intercom button and every guard in the building will be down here in thirty seconds.”

“So fuck me, then. I know you wanna do it. I’ll be good. Just sink your pretty cunt down on my prick. I ain’t fucked in so long.”

And neither have I, Sister Eve thought. She watched his big cock flex again, and she knew she was going to do it. What could it hurt? She’d intended to come down here and give a few blowiobs, taste a little fuck-cream, jerk off a lot, tease the teens until they crawled the walls. But she hadn’t intended to fuck; that would be too dangerous. She’d have to turn her back on a stud to accomplish the feat. And yet, she’d really known from the moment she’d conceived of her plan that she was going to fuck, that she was going to take the chance, deep in her mind she’d known it.

“One wrong move and you’ll get a thrashing that’ll rip every scrap of skin off your mangy body, and don’t you forget it.”

“Yes, Sister.” The teen’s cock danced, fucklube dripping from his pricktip, its veins bulging along his cockshaft like blue snakes.

Sister Eve got up slowly, turned her back on the teen, and bent forward. Arching her back, turning her ass up high, she looked over her left shoulder as she backed up toward the teen’s waiting cock. There was an excruciating stillness in the cellblock. All the teens seemed to be holding their breaths. She was aware only of the sounds of hands jerking up and down leaking pricks as the on looking teens masturbated shamelessly. She reached back and grasped what she could of the teen’s huge prick in her left hand. It was so thick and slippery that she had a hard time holding onto it. Cock-veins tickled her palm. She felt the vibrating strength of his prick and felt weak in the knees. She swallowed, pressing her upturned cunt against his dripping cockhead. Both she and the teen groaned.

“Fuck yourself on it,” the teen panted. “Quick!”

“Move back a little,” she said, and as the teen obeyed her, she pressed her throbbing ass against the cold steel bars. The teen thrust his cock against her wet crotch, spreading her cuntlips with his enormous prickhead. She gasped from the stretch. This was a huge cock! “Shove it in. Oh, God!”

His big cock stuffed her cunt. She shivered from head to toe, feeling the pressure of the teen’s entry even up in her chest. As the teen’s cock began to move in and out of her, she could hardly stand up. She was melting, her entire body pulsating with heat and fuck sensation.

“Oh, my God, yesss!” she moaned. “Do it, angel! Give it to me!” She rotated her ass, churning her cunt on the teen’s cock as he slipped its vein rippling length out of her. She heard whimpering, looked to her right, saw ropes of white cum hurling out of one of the cells. The thick jizz splatted on the stone floor, glistening in fat puddles. Eve’s mouth watered. She could smell cum in the air now. The potent alkaline scent of it was beginning to overwhelm even the smells of sweat and piss. She drooled, her tits bouncing, her ass bucking as she fucked his big slippery cock. She wouldn’t be long in coming, that was for certain.

The teen’s prick popped out of her and she groaned, staggered. “Shove it back in, shithead!”

“This is no good,” the teen said. “I wanna feel you — all of you. I wanna rub against your tits and your skin. I wanna wrap myself around you, fuck you good, feel you all naked and hot in my arms.”

Sister Eve wheeled around. “That’s impossible. Now shove it back in and get yourself off.”

The teen sat down on his straw bed, lazily jacking on his shiny cock, spreading his legs and gazing up at her with a seductive expression. He leaned back on one elbow, all the muscles of his lean body tense as he worked on his cock. “Come on in, Sister, and lay with me. We’ll fuck like a couple of wildcats, rub all that, naked skin against each other, feel real good.”

Sister Eve felt the impulse to bawl with frustration. “But I can’t. Now get back up here and fuck me!”

“Can’t,” the teen said, giving her a pout, and he looked so harmless and vulnerable suddenly that Sister Eve felt a surge of confidence.

What the hell, she thought. She could handle him. He was too weak from lack of food to pose much of a threat. And after so much time being locked up, after so many beatings, he was probably as tame as a kitten. The threat of what would happen to him if he made a wrong move would surely ensure that he’d behave. Besides, she was in charge of this place for now.

She moved a few steps to where her clothes were hanging and removed her key ring and hunting knife from her belt. She clutched the hunting knife tightly as she opened the cell door. The teen watched her passively, a stunned look on his face as if he couldn’t believe this was actually happening. She entered the cell, leaving the key in the door and the door slightly ajar.

“One wrong move and I’ll cut off your balls,” she said, brandishing the knife.

“Yes, Sister.” The teen sat up.

“Lie back down, I’ll be the one on top. And remember, one false move and you’ve had it.”

She sat on the teen’s cock, straddling his loins. As she sank down on the arm-like monster with its fist-sized prickhead, her eyes rolled back and her toes curled under. This was surely the largest cock she’d ever fucked, and she wished she had a mirror now so she could watch the big thing move in and out of her body. The teen lay back passively, squirming a little as she rode him, his blue eyes rolled back, his blond head twisting from side to side on the yellow straw.

He was muscular and sexy even lying down, his chest squared and defined, his small nipples brown and erect, his rectangular abdominal segments undulating as he writhed and thrust. His hands moved up slowly, and once Eve was certain that he wasn’t up to something, she let him play with her tits. He tweaked her nipples with rough thumbs, causing her cunt to contract and leak juices. He massaged her heavy tits, then pinched her nipples. When she didn’t object, he began to stretch and twist her nipples roughly. Hot thrills shot from Sister Eve’s tits to her cunt. She gasped, riding faster.

“Come down on me, Sister. Let me feel all of you.”

Eve pressed the tip of the knife to the teen’s throat, nearly slicing open the skin where an artery pulsed. “Just remember, I’ll use this if I have to.”

“You won’t have to,” the teen said with a warm chuckle. His hands moved down her flanks and stroked her lower back.

She eased herself down on him, lying on him full-length, feeling the hardness of his male body under her. She smelled his sweat more strongly now, and the male aroma made her slightly dizzy. She was bathing herself in maleness. It was fantastic. It had been so long. God, why had she ever entered the sisterhood?

The teen’s ass bounced. His cock knifed in and out of her cunt. She was leaking pussyjuice on his balls. She squirmed on top of him, rubbing her tits against him madly, licking and biting his neck, his square jaw. Their mouths met and his fat tongue wriggled in her throat.

She licked his tongue, sucked on it, swallowed his apple-tasting spit and drooled her own into his mouth. They were melting into each other, becoming one flesh.

The teen’s muscular arms wrapped around her, his hands massaging up and down her smooth back as she writhed. She wiggled her ass, contracted her cunt, fucked the big cock that was fucking her.

“Mmmmm, fuck me!” she moaned. “Fuck me! Oh, yes!”

The teen fucked harder, his ass bucking. If he hadn’t been bear-hugging her, she would have been thrown off him. Suddenly she was aware of hot fluid pelting her ass. The teen in the adjacent cell was grunting, was shooting his load through the wall of bars that separated the two cells. The sticky jism leaked down into her asscrack and greased her twitching asspucker. Ronny’s fingers spread the jism on her ass. One of his fingers rubbed up and down her asscleft, greased itself in jism, and slipped up her shithole.

Eve gasped, burning tingles filling her asshole. As the teen’s cock plunged in and out of her cunt, his finger fucked her asshole. She couldn’t believe the feeling, had forgotten that anything could feel so good.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Oh, God, yes! Do it faster! Make me come! I wanna come!”

She was bouncing on top of the teen, her body slippery with sweat. Their hipbones cracked together. She gnawed the teen’s handsome jaw, rammed her tongue into his ear, bit him all over the cheeks and neck, kissed him fiercely. The aromas of male sweat and cuntjuice and balls and jism drove her out of her mind, drugged her. She plunged her nose into the teen’s armpit, sucking and biting at the deliciously raunchy flesh and hair. She was glad the teens were only hosed down every few weeks, was glad they were never given soap. She couldn’t get enough of the male smell. She was getting absolutely drunk on it.

The teen clawed at her back, twisted his finger savagely in her shithole, rammed and screwed his bone-hard fucker in her cunt. Her insides sizzled, her pussy-walls undulating, her pussyhole a bubbling caldron of heat and fuck-juices. In and out, in and out, in and out. His fucker was relentless, so strong, so hard, so hot. Her cunt became tighter and tighter. The sensations became so intense that she wanted to scream. A gurgling whine bubbled out of her throat.

“Ready for my cream?” the teen grunted.

“Yes, God, yes!”

“Here it comes, baby, here it…” His words became a series of grunts and moans. He shuddered under her, his prick flexing and contracting inside her. “Oh, Christ!” Boiling jism gushed out of his cock and flooded her pussyhole. The vibrations from his spurting fuckrod entered her pussymeat and set off her own orgasm. As the teen’s second round of cum exploded into her fuckhole, Eve’s toes curled under and she whined with agonized pleasure.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, I’m coming, yes, I’m coming, uh, oh!” She was breathing so hard that her lungs ached her cunt felt as if firecrackers were going off inside it. Each time an explosion of hot jizz-wads hurtled into her pussy, her cuntmeat responded with a series of spastic contractions. She felt hot knives shooting through her crotch and down her legs. She jerked on top of the spurting stud, feeling more alive than she’d felt in years. Every cell of her body was turgid and vibrating. She moaned and gibbered with abandon, wanting these feelings to never end, to never end.

Suddenly she was on a carousel, the world spinning around her. And then the itchy straw was prickling against her back and the rockhard body of the animal she was fucking was on top of her, his cock still throbbing inside her. She wrapped her legs around his ass, spurring him to fuck her more… but he stared with hatred into her eyes and pressed the razor-like edge of the hunting knife to her throat.

“Make a wrong move and I’ll cut off your head,” he whispered.


Sister Francine sat behind the desk in the mother superior’s office at St. Jude’s Convent. She rubbed her eyes, wishing she had time for at least a short nap, but she knew she had to get back to St. Michael’s by this evening. She didn’t dare leave Sister Eve in charge for more than twenty-four hours. As faithful as the dark-eyed darling was, she was just a young girl and she was incapable of handling any breakdown of discipline.

Sister Francine prayed that there would be no delays in her flight back this afternoon. Due to last night’s storm, she’d spent six hours grounded at the airport. She’d almost canceled, her flight, but after a fifty-mile taxi ride from St. Michael’s to the airport, that would have been a disgraceful waste of state funds, and maintaining her independence of power over the reformatory depended largely upon keeping costs to the absolute minimum.

Thunder rumbled outside and the timbers of St. Jude’s vibrated, and Sister Francine said a silent prayer that the weather would not interfere with her flight back today. Such miserable weather lately, storms for days on end covering the entire state.

The dark-stained oak door of the office opened and Sister Roberta, the mother superior, entered, followed by a petite, girlish nun who looked as if she might fall over in a dead faint at any second.

Oh, my, yes! Sister Francine thought, and she’d already made up her mind. The young nun was gorgeous. Her cunt would undoubtedly taste like honey. Sister Francine squeezed her legs together, wondering how she was going to keep her hands off the new recruit until they got back, to St. Michael’s.

“Sister Francine, this is Sister Bernice,” Sister Roberta said. “I’ll leave the two of you alone now.”

“Thank you, Sister,” said Sister Francine, waiting until the mother superior had left the office before telling Sister Bernice to be seated on the other side of the desk.

“Don’t be nervous, my dear.” Sister Francine smiled self-consciously and Sister Bernice blushed, smiling back timidly.

Oh, you luscious, ripe little beauty, Sister Francine thought. Let me eat you out now. She imagined the young nun’s blue eyes rolling back in ecstasy as she trembled with orgasm.

“You realize, Sister Bernice, that life at St. Michael’s will be slightly less comfortable than what you’ve become accustomed to here.”

“Yes, Sister, I’m prepared for that.”

“Good. Very good. And you realize that absolute, unswerving obedience is essential in the operation of a prison. You’ll be called upon to do things you might find unpleasant, but you must do them. You’ll soon grow accustomed, however. I’ve never had a nun under my charge who didn’t quickly adapt.”

Sister Bernice shifted nervously. “Yes, Sister.”

A good blowjob would relax you, my dear, Sister Francine thought, smiling slightly.

“Discipline is a word you’ll come to venerate. And commitment. You are prepared to commit yourself for a minimum of two years, aren’t you darling?”

The girl hesitated. “Why, yes, Sister, of course.”

“Fine. Are your bags packed and ready to go?”

Sister Bernice appeared stunned. “Uh, yes, Sister.”

“Very good. We shall be leaving shortly. I will send for you when I’m ready.”

The young nun sat immobile in her chair, gazing dumbly at Sister Francine.

“Is there something you want to say, my dear?”

“Don’t you want to ask me any questions, Sister?”

Sister Francine forced another smile. “I’ve already asked them, darling. And you’ve answered them quite satisfactorily.”

The taxi carved its way through the blackness and deluge, its headlights reflected by the zillions of fat raindrops that pummeled the deserted road ahead. The relentless beating of the windshield wipers matched the uneasy throbbing of Sister Bernice’s heart as she stared ahead past the young cabbie in the front seat and tried to keep from gasping as Sister Francine’s finger twisted inside her cunt.

This can’t be happening, she thought. Here she was sitting in the back seat of the humming taxi, on her way to a prison in the middle of the woods fifty miles from the nearest city. And sitting at her right the mother superior was fingerfucking her, had been doing so for the last fifteen minutes.

Sister Francine took hold of Sister Bernice’s right hand and she guided it up under her raised black skirt. Sister Francine’s cunt felt like a hot, wet, furry animal and Sister Bernice felt faint with shock. What shocked her almost as much as what the mother superior was forcing her to do was the fact that the alder nun wasn’t wearing panties or anything else under her black habit. She was completely naked underneath it. Sister Francine took Sister Bernice’s middle finger and placed the tip of it between her throbbing cuntlips. She wiggled her own finger in Sister Bernice’s cunt, and Sister Bernice knew enough to take the hint. She slipped her finger up the mother superior’s cunt to the hilt.

Both she and Sister Francine stared straight ahead, their arms moving slowly as they fingerfucked each other in the darkness of the back seat. Prom time, to time, Sister Bernice caught sight of the cabbie’s eyes in the rearview mirror. She wondered if he was aware of what was happening in the back seat of his taxi — two nuns jerking fingers in and out of each other’s crotches. The heater hummed in the front of the cab, blowing in fresh warm air and keeping the windows free of condensation, but despite the fresh incoming air, the taxi was beginning to fill with the aroma of steaming cunt.

Sister Francine slipped her finger out of Sister Bernice’s cunt and she quickly slipped the dripping finger into her mouth, sucking off the cuntjuices. Sister Bernice glanced at her with disbelief and revulsion. Sister Francine smiled vaguely in the near-darkness and took Sister Bernice’s hand. She nodded slightly, and Sister Bernice got the message. Sister Bernice pulled her finger out of the older nun’s cunt and tasted the woman’s pussyjuice — tart, acidic, slightly sweet.

Lord, what am I doing? Sister Bernice asked herself as she swallowed the another superior’s pussycream. What have I done? She knew that this was just the beginning. When they got to the prison, she would be expected to get down on her knees and to eat out the older nun. She’d heard rumors of lesbianism in the sisterhood, but until now she’d always dismissed them as just that — rumors. Well, maybe she could learn to tolerate it. Maybe doing a little cunt-sucking was worth the opportunity to see her brother again, to forgive him for what he’d done to her, and to ask his forgiveness for testifying against him and having him sent to prison. Surely what he’d done wasn’t worth five years… especially since she’d enjoyed it toward the end. It nagged at her continually that she actually had taken pleasure in the rape once it had gotten underway. Her guilt and embarrassment had been overwhelming when her mother had discovered her whining and bleeding and defiled under her grunting brother. She’d had no choice but to scream rape and to have her brother put away. But her guilt at having incarcerated her brother was worse than any guilt she’d felt as a result of the rape, and even entering the sisterhood and pledging her life to God had done nothing to ease it. She needed her brother’s forgiveness.

Sister Bernice was aware that her finger was back inside Sister Francine’s cunt and that Sister Francine’s finger was back inside her own cunt. They fingerfucked in unison, to the same rhythm, matching the rhythmic thudding of the windshield wipers. Their fingers made soft, squishing sounds in their juicy cunts, and Sister Bernice flushed hot with embarrassment, grateful for the darkness, grateful that the young cabbie couldn’t see the color in her cheeks.

They finger fucked faster, twice as fast as the windshield wipers were flying. Their fingers slid in deeper, twisting, probing the sensitive pussy flesh. Sister Bernice’s hard clit wriggled between her swollen cuntlips. She felt like squeezing her legs together. The filing of the older nun’s finger inside her cunt was making her grimace with pained pleasure.

Faster their fingers plunged, deeper, harder. Sister Francine was panting audibly, and Sister Bernice became aware of her own breath coming heavily from her nostrils and between her parted lips. Sister Bernice rubbed her ass against the seat, squirmed and began to hump gently against the mother superior’s jerking hand. She saw the cabbie’s glaring eyes in the rear-view mirror, but she didn’t care, didn’t care if he knew or what he thought. All that mattered in the world was that she climax.

Sister Francine gasped softly, shivered. Her hand vibrated against Sister Bernice’s spread pussylips and her finger quivered inside her. Sister Bernice twisted her finger almost savagely inside the older woman’s clutching pussyhole. Sister Francine’s cunt walls shuddered, vibrated and sucked hard. Hot juice ran into Sister Bernice’s hand.

She’s coming, Sister Bernice told herself. She ground her hand between the mother superior’s sizzling pussylips, and felt the sucking cuntmeat, felt the slippery fuck juice. The vibrations of the older nun’s orgasm passed in waves through Sister Bernice’s arm and entered her own body. As the vibrations flowed into her cunt, they joined with the vibrations that shot from Sister Francine’s pumping finger and caused her own cunt to spark and explode with spasms.

She grunted, letting go, jerking her ass and grinding her naked crotch against Sister Francine’s groping hand. The tingling orgasmic sensations flooded her loins, and they streamed in waves through her arms and legs.

“Ahhhh!” Sister Bernice sighed softly. “Ohhhh!”

The cabbie caught himself just in time, cut the wheel sharply to the left, and steered the taxi back off the gravel shoulder and onto the asphalt. His heart slipped out of his throat, where it had jumped momentarily, and hammered in his chest. Christ! Almost got us all killed, he thought. It would have served the two cunts right, though, distracting him that way. Christ, if he hadn’t seen it and heard it with his own eyes and ears, he never would have believed it — two nuns fingerfucking each other in the back seat of his taxi, two lezzies. Jesus Christ! He was going to have some hot stories to tell back in town… not that any of the guys would believe him. Jesus Christ!

The cabbie’s prick throbbed in his jeans, felt as if it were being strangulated. Glancing quickly in the rear-view mirror to make sure the nuns weren’t watching him — they were both looking sideways now, each out her own window — he unzipped his jeans slowly and eased his ramrod fucker out into the air. It was sweaty, hot, leaking fucklube. His balls felt as if they were going to burst. Keeping one hand on the wheel, he started to jack off with his other hand, moving his foreskin up and down over his glowing prickhead. Damn he was hot! He could smell his prick. Smelled like sex. If it weren’t for the reeking stench of cunt in the cab, the nuns would be able to smell his cock in the back seat.

So what, though, he thought. They’d probably get off on knowing he was jerking off up here. Dirty bitches!

His fingers worked the foreskin rapidly over his mist prickhead. The veins on his cock bulged, his cockshaft vibrating with the excitement and pleasure shooting through it. Damn if he wasn’t a stud! He ought to pull over and take care of those juicy cunts in the back seat right now, ram his horny cock up their crotches and fuck their guts out. He could fuck their little assholes, too. Then he’d shove his shit smelling fucker down their throats and choke them half to death before he blasted his boiling load down their gullets. Man, that would feel so fucking good.

He had to grip the wheel with all his strength to keep the taxi on the rain-blasted road. His vision blurred and he chewed his lips as the jism spurted out of him, some of the hot stuff hitting his chin, the rest of it sticking in white strands to his denim jacket. He gripped his cock with his entire hand now, crushing the itchy heat out of it, milking the cum out of it as fast as he could.

Keep it on the road, he kept telling himself throughout his orgasm. Watch where you’re going, damn it!

A half hour later the cabbie pulled up in front of the steel-barred gate at the bottom of the drive that led up to St. Michael’s Reformatory. As lightning flashed, he could see the castle-like outline of the two-story, red-brick building in the distance. Turrets, like huge erect cocks, projected from the building on both sides. As soon as he delivered the nuns up there, he was going to get the fuck out of this place, maybe find a roadside bar somewhere — although he’d seen none along the way up here — and warm himself up with a few drinks.

As the taxi stood idling in the relentless downpour, as they sat waiting for the gatekeeper to leave the small brick guardhouse and let them in, the cabbie pitied the poor studs who were imprisoned in that House of Usher up above. St. Michael’s had gained a reputation around the state as the Alcatraz of teens schools. Never an escape. And a few of the inmates who had finally been released had complained of torture and inhuman conditions. Nobody listened to them though, because the place was run by nuns, and nobody would believe nuns were capable of such atrocities as the former inmates had described. But one look at the prison was enough to convince the cabbie that there was some truth to the stories. And those nuns he had in the back seat now weren’t any saints, either.

A slim, agile-moving nun ran from the door of the gatehouse and stood behind the bars of the gate, shielding her eyes from the headlights as she unlocked it. From what features he could see, the cabbie guessed that the nun was quite young, younger than any nun he’d seen before. The older nun in the back seat of the taxi rolled down her window and poked her head out into the rain.

“I have returned, Sister Raphael,” the older nun shouted. “Open up quickly and return to your post before you’re drenched. The taxi will be coming back directly, so you may leave the gate open until it departs.”

The nun at the gate waved and allowed them to pass through.


Roscoe ran back to the gatehouse, his dirty bare feet slapping on the rain-sizzling asphalt of the drive, his hard prick wagging underneath the skirt of the nun’s habit he was wearing. He stood a few moments outside the gatehouse, watching the tail-lights of the taxi as it approached the prison up at the end of the drive. It would be easy to get out of here now, he thought. He would flag down the taxi on its way back through the gate and get a ride at least back to the city.

But what would that accomplish? Where would he go? Certainly not back to the foster home. Shit, that place was as bad as the prison here. Besides, like Ronny said, his place wasn’t a prison anymore. Now the teens were in control, the teens were running things. And with the way this place operated — no visitors, no inspections — the teens could probably keep control of the place for the next five years without anybody getting wise to the fact. Food and supply deliveries and garbage pickups were all they had to worry about, and there were enough teens around who could easily pass for nuns, once they threw on a black habit, that they could without a doubt fool any deliverymen or garbage men who came around. And besides, if he left this place now, he’d miss out on all the fun, all the vengeful satisfaction. Every last one of those bitch nuns was going to pay a thousand times over for all the beatings, for all the starvation, for all the degradation the toys had been forced to suffer. In fact, he’d been right in the middle of taking care of one of them when the taxi had arrived. Fuck running away. He had better things to do.

Sister Raphael’s big juicy ass was the first sight that met his gaze as he flung open the door of the gatehouse and stepped in out of the rain. She was stark naked, on her hands and knees, squat wooden stool under her belly, ropes wrapped around the seat of the stool and around her back to secure her middle tightly to the stool. Her big tits hung off the edge of the stool dangling like overripe honeydew melons. Her furry cunt muff was matted and sopping wet, a big dark muff with bright red meat between her hairy pussylips. A grayish, sticky fluid dripped incessantly out of her battered pussyhole, some of it leaking down her inner thighs, some of it dripping directly onto the cobblestone floor. She had some dark hairs around her glistening asshole, and that turned Roscoe on to no end. She was a hairy bitch — hairy cuntmuff, hairy asshole, hairy legs, hair under her anus, for Christsake. The hair on her head had been clipped short, though, shorter than his own hair, much shorter. These nuns were all like that, Roscoe had been surprised to discover. They didn’t shave their legs or armpits, but kept their heads shorn like new recruits in the army.

“How ya doin’, Sister?” Roscoe lifted his foot and twisted his big toe into her cunt.

The nun grunted and her cunt sucked at his toe like a hot mouth. Pleasant thrills flowed through Roscoe’s leg and up into his loins. His balls tightened and his prick flexed underneath the black skirt.

Christ, she was hot inside! And all full of jism. That’s what happened when fifty teens who hadn’t fucked in a long time — some of them not for years — got hold of ten or so helpless nuns who had been the teens’ masters and tormentors. Those fifty ramrod cocks just wouldn’t be satisfied. It might be a week before any of their pricks stopped standing up and throbbing, stopped aching and fucking. Sister Raphael hadn’t even been up to the house yet for her good time. She’d been tied up down there in the gatehouse since about midnight last night, sacrificing her hot crotch to the teens who were taking turns standing watch down there. Roscoe had only been fucking her a few minutes when the taxi had arrived and he’d been interrupted. He hadn’t even had the chance yet to pop a load into her, to add his jism to the countless loads of jism that had already been pumped into her. Well, it was about time he got on with it, about time he warmed up his cock and drained off some of the cum that was swelling his balls.

He popped his toe out of her cunt, admiring the way it dripped and glistened with jism. The toenail was long and dirty, and he knew it had scratched her pussy inside. He walked around to the front of her and rubbed his slimed toe up and down her cheek, putting a few claw marks in her skin. He jabbed her lips, forcing her to turn her head up.

“Bet you’re hungry, Sister. Have some toe. It’s got some tasty sauce on it.” He rammed his toe into her mouth. “Suck it, bitch. Eat off the jizz, then lick the dirt out from under the toenail.” He twisted his toe in her mouth, clawing her tongue.

She sucked his toe in silence, her face expressionless, drugged-looking. She’d been fucked into a near coma.

Pretty face, Roscoe thought, masturbating his cock through the black shirt. All these nuns around here were extra-pretty, extra-sexy. And they were all young, anywhere from eighteen to twenty-five, not much older than he was. The only older nun was Sister Francine, the warden.

Roscoe smiled, toe-fucking Sister Raphael’s mouth. He half-wished he were up in the prison right now. About now Sister Francine was being stripped. Too bad he was missing that. He envied the first guy would rape her tight cunt. What a pleasure it would be to stick her and listen to her squeal. Her cunthole was probably like greased leather inside, supertight, the way her mouth looked.

He yanked his toe out of Sister Raphael’s mouth, cutting her lower lip with his toenail in the process. The sight of the blood beginning to trickle from the cut excited him, and he squatted in front other, hiking up his skirt, ramming his aching fucker against her lips.

“Eat it, you bitch! This is for that time you tanned my ass with a razor strap.” He stuffed his cock down her throat, choking her. Grabbing her by the ears, he fucked her face, grinding his hairy groin against her nose, delighting in the sight of his ivory cock slicing in and out of her over stretched mouth.

Her lips were stretched thin, the toenail cut he’d given her stretched wide and bleeding more heavily. His cock was painted now with spit and blood as it moved in and out, kind of a pink, candy color. He fucked her harder, jolting her skull, causing the stool to slide a few inches on the cobblestones. She was whimpering, her face purple, straining. Her tongue began to flick at the underside of his prick, stimulating his pleasure-strand. He knew what she was up to. She wanted to bring him off as quickly as possible so he’d let her rest. Well, to hell with that! He ripped his cock out of her throat, then flogged her with it, slamming his big hard piece of prickmeat back and forth across her face.

“Dirty bitch cocksucker! You sucked cock before, ain’tcha? Or else how would you know about that magic spot under a guy’s prickhead? Bitch nun cocksucker! Pretend you’re all holy and pure and everything, but you know all about sucking prick, don’tcha?”

He stood up and circled around behind her. “I’m gonna screw your pig fuckhole, sow. You’re gonna love it, gonna squeal like an old sow in the pigpen.”

Roscoe hitched up his skirt again, tempted to rip the Goddamn thing off. It was a Goddamn nuisance. But that taxi would be passing back through the gate, and although he’d left it open so the cabbie could drive right through, there was just the chance that the guy would stop to jaw a little, and he’d have to be ready just in case, dressed and ready to speak in a high-pitched voice. He shoved the front of the lifted skirt under his belt to hold it up, then got down on his knees behind the nun’s big sexy ass.

Pretty, real pretty! He fingered her asspucker, then leaned over and sniffed it. The smell of shit and sweat and jism turned him on, made his fucker throb. Feeling a perverse urge, he planted his lips over the nun’s shithole and smooched it. It twitched in response. He couldn’t help himself. He shoved his tongue up it, at the same time masturbating himself.

He tasted muskiness and jism. Christ, she’d been fucked up the shitter, buggered! He pulled his tongue out, spit and slapped her ass.

“You filthy bitch! Every one of your holes’ve been used, ain’t they? And I bet you loved it. Buggered! Jesus Christ!”

He thrust a few fingers up her dripping pussyhole, felt the raw, liver-like meat inside, pulled his fingers out and smeared the cuntjuice and jism on her ass. Then he rammed his cock up her fuckhole and began to fuck her with all the agility and energy he possessed. He got up on his feet, half-squatting as he fucked her. Standing rather than kneeling allowed him to fuck her harder, allowed him to look down on her from higher up and to watch his huge fucker slicing in and out of her juicy crotch.

Juicy was the word. She was a boiling caldron of fuck-slime and jism inside. Jism gushed out over his ballooning balls as he fucked her. Jism dripped off the shaft of his slicing prick. His cock made a plooshing, squishing sound inside, her, like a toilet plunger. Jesus, this was fun! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck — just as hard and fast as he wanted to. He ground into her deeper and harder, rubbed his belly against her big round ass and moaned with the pleasure he felt in his lower abdomen, in his prick, under his balls. He looked down at her gorgeous ass and saw her hairy asshole was throbbing and half-open as he fucked her pussy.

“Fuck this,” he muttered. “Let me in that other hole.” Roscoe popped his prick out of her cunt and he rammed it, dripping and quivering, against her asspucker. He watched with delight as his prickhead stretched open her pucker and disappeared up her shitter.

Sister Raphael snapped her head back, arched up, lifting the stool her middle was bound to a few millimeters from the floor.

“Stop!” she gasped. “Oh, please stop! Oh, God, help me!”

Her whimpering thrilled him. Leaning on her ass, one dirty brown hand on each of her white asscheeks, he tried to rip her ass-globes away from each other as he buried his steelhard cock up her shithole. His prick was engulfed, the base of his cockshaft gripped by her tight ass rings. Her asshole walls were hot and slippery with jism, and they clutched his cock tighter than her cunt had. He could feel an artery pulsing in her asshole. He pulled out until just the head of his prick remained inside her, then fucked back in.

“Ahhhh!” It felt so good. Those bristly little hairs that ringed her shit pucker added an extra thrill to his fucking.

Sister Raphael squirmed, panting rapidly, the muscles alongside her spine standing out like columns as she arched back, her head twisting madly. “Oh, please don’t, please don’t! I just can’t stand that! I just can’t! You’re killing me! Oh, Lord help me!”

Roscoe giggled, slapped the nun’s upturned ass and pistoned his cock in her clutching shithole. “That’s it, you smelly sow, move it!” He slapped her ass viciously as he buggered it. Then he began to pinch her creamy skinned ass-globes, to rip at the smooth skin with his fingernails. “Man, this feels so fucking good! I never felt so good in my life. Move it, you sow! Squeal, you bugger hole!” He pinched her ass violently, causing instant purple bruises.

Sister Raphael shrieked, wailed and twisted from side to side. The ropes that were wrapped around her waist cut into her lower back and sides. She jerked, gasping, causing the heavy wooden stool to which she was bound to knock on the cobblestone floor.

Roscoe was in heaven. Ever since he’d been a teen, he’d had secret fantasies of fucking a girl or a woman as hard and viciously as he was able, and now he was doing it. Ram, ram, ram, ram, ram! Christ, it felt good! His prick skin was aching from, the friction. He was fucking them both raw.

The nun screamed, jerked her hand up and began to gnaw at her fist. Roscoe laughed, fucking her harder. His lungs ached, they were heaving so hard. Christ, he might have a fucking heart attack if he didn’t watch out. He laughed again at the thought of it. What a way to go!

“Ahhh!” he bellowed. “Ah, oh, wowww!” His voice had never sounded deeper to him, had never sounded louder and more powerful. He bellowed again, imagining himself to be a bull.

And then he came. Without warning, the jism poured out of his cock like lava out of an erupting volcano. His lower back and asscheeks went into shuddering spasms. His prick felt as if it were splitting down the middle. His jism gushed up the asshole of the squealing nun. He shot with such force that his balls were nearly sucked up into his abdominal cavity.

“Awww, ohhhh, fuck!” he shivered all over, heat roaring through his body. His prick seemed to be permanently anchored in the body of the nun. She jerked each time he shot into her, and he felt the fuck-sensations all the way down to his floor-clutching toes. “Ohhhhh, Goddamn, ahhhhhh!”

He bellowed and shot, bellowed and fucked, bellowed and reamed out the ravaged shithole of Sister Raphael. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled outside, and Roscoe felt strong.


St. Michael’s Reformatory was a chilling sight, looming like an insane asylum up there against the lightning-washed sky. As the taxi pulled up close to the rear of the building, Sister Bernice knew she had made a mistake in coming here. This place was wicked, evil. For all she knew she might not even be able to get close to her brother. One of the things Sister Francine had repeated during the flight was that fraternization between the nuns and the inmates was absolutely prohibited.

Sister Francine paid the cabbie, accepting six cents in change. The cabbie said, “Thanks a lot,” and squealed off into the lightning filled, rain-drenched night.

“Scum,” Sister Francine said, drawing a key ring out of her handbag as the rain poured down on them. A dim overhead light barely provided enough illumination to find the keyhole in the large, windowless door. “Scum. Disrespectful scum. That cabbie is just like all the rest of the male gender. That’ll be the day, when I tip scum!” She rammed the key into the keyhole, then twisted it violently until the bolt finally gave way. “Came in, darling. Welcome to your new home.”

They stepped into a nearly dark hallway, and Sister Bernice was stunned to see a naked young woman standing at the far end of it. A ghost, she thought. What else could it be?

Sister Francine paused, after a few seconds shouting down the hallway in a bewildered tone of voice. “Sister Eve, what on earth?”

The naked girl hung her head and folded her hands over her pussy mound, as if trying to hide her nakedness.

Sister Francine glanced at Sister Bernice, a foolish look on her face. “Please shut the door Sister, and follow me.”

As they tromped down the hallway toward the naked girl, a hand and arm suddenly shot out the doorway she was standing next to and yanked her out of sight. The girl let out an anguished wail.

“My God!” Sister Francine whispered. “What in heaven?” She charged toward the side doorway through which the girl had disappeared, and the moment she reached it, several hands grabbed her and dragged her into the room.

Sister Bernice didn’t have time to even consider a response to the situation, because suddenly she, herself, was being dragged into the room, her veil ripped off her head by a herd of stark-naked teens. She was too stunned to make any sound, but Sister Francine was making up for her silence by screeching like a banshee as the teens ripped the clothes off her, also.

“Hey, we got a brand new one here. A blonde one. Oooh, and nice big tits.” The shouting teen wrapped his burning mouth around Sister Bernice’s left nipple and he sucked like a starving calf.

Sister Bernice gasped, her cunt contracting. She would have squeezed her legs together, but they were being hauled apart. A finger twisted up into her cunt. Another finger screwed up her asshole. She moaned, writhing as another teen began to chew on her other nipple.

“Hey, wait a minute with that one,” shouted a voice that Sister Bernice recognized immediately, even though it was much deeper than the last time she’d heard it.

And he looked up to see Ronny standing on top of a large oak desk, his right foot resting on Sister Francine’s head, his huge prick jutting up out of his muscular loins like the tusk of an Indian rhinoceros. Sister Francine was stripped naked, sprawled face-down on the desk, her arms and legs stretched out by a half-dozen muscular teens.

“What do ya mean, wait? This baby’s ripe. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of this bitch.”

“You’ll get your turn,” Ronny said. “Later. Tie her up now. Let her watch the old witch get hers first.”

“Fuck that!” The teen fingerfucking her pulled his finger out and rammed his cock between her legs.

Ronny leaped off the desk, his prick smacking up against his belly as he landed on the bare wooden floor. He grabbed the teen’s left arm and twisted it up behind the teen’s back. “I’ll bust it right off if you don’t get your hands off that bitch.”

The teen grimaced and backed away from Sister Bernice. “All right, all right!” the teen gasped. “Lay off, will ya?”

“Who’s boss around this place?” Ronny applied pressure to the teen’s twisted arm.

“You are! You are, for Christsake! Damn it, let go!”

“All right.” Ronny released him. “Next time you don’t follow orders, I break your arm.”

The teen slinked away, grimacing and rubbing his left elbow.

“Tie her up and bring her in the dining room,” Ronny said. “She can watch old sow face get it.” He hardly glanced at Bernice.

They bound her hands behind her with rough twine, then bound her legs together, wrapping twine around and around them from her ankles to her upper thighs. Two teens carried her on top of their shoulders as if she were a plank. In a fairly large room with plaster walls and a bare wooden floor, they sat her up against one wall alongside of eight or nine other young women, all of them naked and bound, all of them bruised and haggard looking. A teen gripped the short brown hair of one of the women and forced her to turn her face up as he jerked off into her open mouth. Halfway through his orgasm, he rammed his cock down her throat, gagging her as he fired the rest of his cum down her gullet. Sister Bernice watched in silent shock. This was all so unreal. She was totally unprepared for this.

Two teens dragged in Sister Francine, gripping her under her arms and pulling her along the floor. Hex wrists and ankles had been bound, and her dragging heels squeaked ca the varnished wood. She wasn’t fighting anymore. Her mouth and eyes were clamped shut, and her face as expressionless. Sister Bernice was surprised to see that the mother superior had red hair sad very large, freckled tits. She appeared much shorter and smaller now, her habit ripped off her, all of her body exposed.

The fifty or so teens who were milling restlessly around the room began to mutter among themselves as Sister Francine was brought in.

“Welcome back, Francine fuckhead!” one of the teens yelled, and there was scattered laughter.

“Look at them tits!” another teen shouted. “We could slice ’em up and feed the whole place with fried tit.”

“I’d rather eat ’em raw.”

More laughter.

Ronny followed along behind Sister Francine, then ordered the two teens who were dragging her to throw her up on the long wooden table at the center of the room and untie her. He glanced over toward Sister Bernice, grinned wickedly, and flexed his rampant cock at her.

It was as if none of the last three years shad happened. It was as if that night on which he’d raped her three years ago was still going on. Ronny had grown a good six-inches taller, his cock had become even larger, longer and thicker, and he’d developed an extremely lean and muscular body, but his face hadn’t changed much. He still displayed that mean, arrogant smirk, that infuriating pride and aloofness. If he’d changed at all, it was in the way of becoming even more wicked. And he seemed totally unsurprised to see Bernice here. It was as if he’d been waiting for her patiently for three years, as if he had known without a doubt that she would show up here… to take her punishment, to resume suffering the abuse and degradation which had only begun on that night three years ago.

Ronny leaped up on the table, all the muscles of his long body gracefully defining themselves. Sister Francine lay on her back before him, her arms and legs spread by four other teens, one teen at each of her hands and feet. Her large tits heaved up and down. Her eyes and mouth remained tightly closed.

Ronny ground the toes of his right foot between her cuntlips, fucked his big toe up into her, twisting it savagely. “Slimy bitch!”

Sister Francine grunted, arched up and ground her teeth together.

Ronny, clawed at her cunt with his toenails. Sister Francine strained to break free. One of the teens started biting her toes, and she slumped back, panting audibly.

“Bend her,” Ronny ordered, and the two teens holding her ankles forced her legs up, shoving her knees back until they almost touched her face. She was jack-knifed, her ass and cunt raised high toward Ronny. He stepped forward and began to flog her cunt with his huge slab of prick. His club of hard fuckmeat slapped and thudded against the nun’s wet crotch.

“She’s getting juicy, guys!” Ronny yelled. “She’s a bitch whore just like the rest of ’em.”

“Stick her!” a teen shouted. “Stick the pig.”

Ronny grinned at the crowd of on looking teens as he positioned the fist-sized head of his cock against Sister Francine’s cunt.

“Ram it in!” somebody urged.

“Donkey-dick!” someone else called out.

Ronny braced his hands on the nun’s asscheeks, spreading her cuntlips with his thumbs. “Uhhhhh!” he bellowed, and he rammed every inch of his nine-inch cock up the pussy of the helpless mother superior.

Sister Francine shrieked, shudders passing through her legs and ending up in her clutching toes.

The crowd of teens muttered excitedly, most of the teens jerking on their obscenely erect cocks. Up on the long dining table, which could be considered a stage now, Ronny’s long prick sliced in and out of the groaning mother superior.

“Stop!” Sister Francine begged in a high pitched, pained voice. “In the name of God, take it out! Oh, please, you’re going to kill me! Oh, please, uh, ohh!”

Ronny laughed, fucking her harder, faster. The muscles of his long body undulated as his huge fucker plunged in and out of the helpless nun.

“She’s tight, guys. Christ, and she’s bleeding. I must’a busted her cherry. Ah, ahhh!” he thrust savagely, half-squatting in front of the mother superior’s upraised ass as he fucked it. His lean, muscled body gleamed with a sheen of sweat, an overhead light bathing him like a spotlight.

“Bugger her!” a teen shouted. “Ream out her shithole.” And other voices agreed with him and urged the same thing.

Ronny grinned and jerked his cock out of her. Sister Francine groaned, her body going slacker. Ronny’s cock flexed up and down, gleaming as if with a pink oil, which dripped off his fuckrod like spit.

“Christ, look at the blood!” a teen said excitedly, moving up close to get a better look at the blood-tinged pussyjuice that dripped off Ronny’s cock. And suddenly he exploded his load all over the floor, pumping his cock fiercely. His sudden orgasm brought whoops and jeers from the other teens.

Animals, Sister Bernice thought. Disgusting, smelly, Godless animals! Sister Bernice thought. Sister Francine was right — teens were scum. All of them, every last one of them. How right she’d been to enter the convent! How right she’d been to escape from their evil presence for three years!

The room smelled of sin — sweat, blood, piss, shit, cum — all the sinful, evil smells, the odors of teens. Sister Bernice glanced at the nuns who were lined up next to her, their bare asses on the cold floor, their naked backs against the rough cold plaster wall, their wrists and ankles bound. Some of them, battered and abused as they were, kept their eyes closed as if praying. Some of them, just as valiant in their misery as the others, gazed upon the horrors in front of them, too courageous and proud to lower their eyes.

Up on the table-stage, Sister Francine screamed. Sister Bernice turned her head just in time to see her brother’s enormous cock disappear into the mother superior’s whole. She couldn’t believe it, didn’t think such a thing was possible, it was as if, her brother had shoved his arm and fist up the shithole of the helpless nun.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Ronny grunted, driving his prick in and out of the mother superior. “Oh, shit, talk about tight! Jesus!”

“Don’t lose your prick skin!” a teen yelled.

“Watch out, she’ll skin ya alive!” came another voice from the crowd.

“Oooh, feels so fucking good!” Ronny moaned. “Oh, fuck!” he plunged his cock in and out awhile, then yanked it out. “Somebody else wanna take over for awhile? I’m getting wore out.”

“Ain’tcha gonna cream ‘er?” a teen asked.

“She don’t deserve my cream,” Ronny said. “why don’t you cream ‘er?”

“Let me on ‘er…!” The teen scrambled up an the stage amid complaints of other teens, then rammed his cock in where Ronny’s cock had just been, before any other teen could beat him to it. “Ahhh!” the teen sighed, tossing his shaggy brown head from side to side as he humped like a German shepherd stud and pistoned his six-inch cock in and out of the mother superior’s asshole.

Ronny sat down at the edge of the table and watched, slowly masturbating his shit-greased cock. As he watched the other teens take care of Sister Francine, he glanced from time to time at Sister Bernice, a wicked smirk on his face. Sister Bernice turned her eyes away from him, couldn’t bear to look at him. He frightened her, sickened her. Her stomach was tied in knots tighter than those in the ropes binding her. She turned her attention to the savage teens who were abusing Sister Francine. They frightened her less than her brother did.

“I’m gonna come!” yelped the teen buggering Sister Francine’s ass. “Oh, oh, oh!” He began to shiver, small shudders passing through the muscles of his flanks as his loins jerked and his eyes rolled back. “Awwwww!”

Sister Bernice could almost hear the wads of sizzling jism splatting against the ravaged walls of Sister Francine’s asshole. It was savage, the way teens came, shooting wads like molten bullets in the tender bodies of helpless women. Why did God make males that way? Why did He give them large, hard fuckrods to torture women with? Cocks might as well have been made of steel… they were surely as hard as steel. And why did He make males so mean, why did He make them stink the way they did? Dirty animals, that’s all they were. Scum, as Sister Francine had said — scum!

The teen who had just shot his load up Sister Francine’s ass staggered off the stage, his tiff prick dripping cum, and before he had jumped down onto the floor, other teens had crawled up on the table to take his place. They turned Sister Francine over, got her up on her hands and knees. One teen kneeled behind her, spread her cuntlips with his thumbs, and drove his fuckrod up her crotch. At the same time, another teen got down in front of her, yanked her head up by her ears, and forced his big, uncut cock into her mouth.

Sister Francine choked, her body convulsing as if she were going to vomit. Shivers passed through her enormous, udder-like tits. The teen fucking her mouth was relentless, jerking on her ears, ramming his cock in and out as spit bubbled out around his sliding fuck-monster and as snot ran out of Sister Francine’s nose. “Suck it,” the teen whispered. “Clean the cheese off the head. Lick it out under the foreskin. Ohhh, yeah!”

Sister Bernice almost vomited at the sight. She didn’t know what an uncut prick tasted like, but she knew it must surely taste worse than a cut prick. She watched two teens crouch down like calves and begin to suck on Sister Francine’s huge tits. Her own tits tingled, and she was ashamed of herself.

Two cocks sliced in and out of Sister Francine — one in her mouth, the other in her cunt. She looked like an animal, up there on her hands and knees, mounted from behind like a dog or goat. But she was being degraded like no animal was ever degraded, because she was being forced to take on two filthy cocks at the time.

The teen fucking her mouth let out a pig-like squeal. He ripped his cock out and pumped it in his dirty hand. Ropes of thick white jism spurted out of his cock and glued themselves obscenely all over Sister Francine’s face. Half the jism shot into the nuns open mouth, and he rubbed his purple prickhead back and forth between her parted lips as his prick vibrated and ejaculated. When he’d finished shooting, he forced the nun to suck his cock clean while he smeared his jizz-gobs all over her face, making her wear a mask of whitish slime. Before he was finished using her mouth, the teen who was fucking her twit started to gasp as he shot his load up her pussyhole.

“Ahhhh, yeahhhh, take it!” The spurting teen jerked, riding her ass, pumping his cock frantically in her pussy.

Over the next hour or so, although it seemed like years to Sister Bernice, the teens took turns using Sister Francine’s cunt and asshole and throat. They kept her up on her hands and knees and went at her two at a time, one teen fucking her mouth while another teen fucked either her cunt or her asshole. Other teens continued to suck at the mother superior’s huge tits, and her big freckled tit mounds became covered with purple suck-marks, with hickies. The woman’s nipples appeared to have turned purple, too, and they had swollen. Still, the bestial teens, like starving calves, sucked and sucked at her tits.

Early in the course of that hour, one of the teens who was fucking her asshole announced that Sister Francine was coming. He could tell she was by the way her asshole was gripping his cock. And several times thereafter, other teens who were fucking her also announced that she was coming.

Sister Bernice didn’t believe a word that came from their filthy mouths. They were just saying things like that to degrade Sister Francine further. They were trying to insinuate that she was a slut, that she was enjoying their assault on her, that she was taking on dozens of teens and having orgasm after orgasm. Nonsense!

“Bring that new bitch up here,” Ronny said, and Sister Bernice’s heart stopped. She swallowed, her throat so dry, its walls scratched against each other. She began to tremble, unable to control it.

They dumped her on the table and untied her, made her get up on her hands and knees behind Sister Francine, who was still gagging with a cock in her throat. Ronny stepped up beside her and he reached down to weave his thick fingers into her hair. He yanked on her hair, bringing tears to her eyes from the ripping pain in her scalp, and he forced her to crawl up close behind Sister Francine’s battered ass. Sister Francine’s cunt and asshole were open, as if permanently stretched that way, and a grayish jism, like a sticky paste, dribbled out of them. The scent of jism and ass and pussy were so strong that Sister Bernice gagged.

“Okay — Sister!” Ronny stressed the word sarcastically. “Suck out those juicy fuckholes, Sister!”

Sister Bernice resisted. “No!”

Ronny yanked and twisted on her hair until her eyes were so full of tears that she could hardly see. “Ill rip every last hair out of your smart blonde head if you give me anymore lip.” He jerked viciously, slamming her face against Sister Francine’s slime-coated crotch. “Lick it out! Suck it out!”

All the teens were laughing, some of them clapping. They shouted obscenities, told her to eat out her mother’s crotch, to lick out her mother’s asshole.

Sister Bernice blubbered, her face smeared with cum and cuntjuice as Ronny rubbed her face against the mother superior’s hairy, liver-like cunt. Wincing, trying to hold her breath so as not to taste or smell, she began to gingerly lick at the woman’s swollen purple cuntlips. She was stunned at how hot they were and at how they quivered under the fuckings and jabbings of her tongue.

“Well, eat it, for Christsake!” Ronny growled. “It won’t bite back.”

“That’s what you think!” one of the teens yelled, and the crowd laughed. One of the teens warned that Sister Francine’s cunt had teeth inside.

The thick jizz dripped off Sister Bernice’s chin. It ran continuously out of the mother superior’s cunt and asshole.

“Suck it out and swallow it,” Ronny ordered. “That’s valuable stuff. Don’t waste it.”

Sister Bernice came near to vomiting several times before she was able to swallow the slimy jism. It was the most terrible stuff she had ever tasted in her life, bitter-sweet jism flavored with cuntjuice and blood. Ronny crushed her face against the mother superior’s crotch, mashing her mouth to Sister Francine’s open cunt, and he forced her to suck. Jism gushed out of the woman’s steaming fuckhole, rolled in a globbed mass down Sister Bernice’s throat. After she’d drained the woman’s gaping cunt, she was forced to suck put the older nun’s asshole. Now the jism had a shitty flavor, and she swallowed not only jism but rectal mucus.

“Good, ain’t it?” Ronny said. “All finished sucking it out? Good. Now lick her whole bottom side clean. I wanna see it shine.”

Sister Bernice licked and licked and licked, covering every inch of Sister Francine’s crotch and ass several times over. After she’d licked the mother superior’s ass completely clean, Ronny forced her to lick off all the juices and jism that had dripped onto the varnished tabletop.

He jerked her head up, his fingernails chewing into her scalp. Then he spoke to the crowd of teens. “Round up some of them slaves and drag ’em in the kitchen and have ’em cook us a nice hot meal. I ain’t had a hot meal in three years, man.”

“Shit, I almost forgot there was such a thing,” one of the other teens said. And suddenly all the teens were moving toward the nuns in the back of the room to untie them and drag them into the kitchen. Two teens grabbed Sister Francine, pulling her off the table, and she hobbled along between them, not saying a word as they led her toward what Sister Bernice guessed must be the kitchen.

While all the teens were occupied with carrying out their orders, Ronny wrapped his muscular arm around Sister Bernice’s neck, dragged her off the table and out of the dining hall. The stench of his hairy armpit nearly knocked her out. She didn’t dare open her mouth to ask him where he was taking her, but as they descended down sonic narrow stone stairs she realized that there was no need to ask him. She knew where he was dragging her.

Down to the dungeons.


She hung by the wrists from a rough timber beam in a dank, stone-walled room. Her arms and shoulders ached, and she could hardly breathe. Ronny leaned against the wall opposite her, smirking demonically and slowly masturbating his enormous cock.

“Why don’t you just kill me and get it over with?”

“That would spoil all the fun,” Ronny said. “I want you alive and kicking. I’ve been waiting a long for this… three fucking years. Never thought you’d show up here, though. It’s too good to be true. Fucking crazy.”

Sister Bernice closed her eyes, praying that when she opened them again she’d find herself lying on her bed at the convent, this nightmare over with.

“Your tits are bigger,” Ronny said. “And your cherries, too. Christ, they’re like fat red poker chips. All full of sexy bumps. And your nipples are as big as fingertips.” He smacked his lips, and suddenly his burning mouth was wrapped around her left nipple and he was sucking it fiercely.

Sister Bernice writhed, twisted, gasping for breath. Her brother’s teeth seemed electrically charged. Her cunt contracted repeatedly as he sucked, her womb almost cramping. To her disgust, she felt a trickle of hot cuntjuice slowly descending the inner surface of her left thigh.

Her brother growled as he sucked on her tits. He sounded like a dog guarding a piece of meat while he devoured it. His teeth nearly snapped her nipples off, and she screamed. He laughed, biting harder, biting her all over her tits. The filthy cream gushed out of her pussy. Disgusting feelings shot all the way down to her clutching toes. She didn’t want to feel this way, her pain transformed into pleasure. She twisted, kicked out, clawed her brother’s legs with her toenails.

“I hate you!” she snarled. “Hate you, hate you!”

Ronny stepped back, laughing so hard that his washboard abdomen looked as if it were cramping.

“No ya don’t,” he said. “Ya love me. You’re crazy about me. You think my prick is pretty. You’re wild about it. All you want is to have my prick plugged up your pussy — and to stay in there forever.”

She spat at him, hitting him in the chest. Her spit dripped from his right nipple. He flexed his pectorals, smiled wickedly at her.

“Looks like you need some taming, Sister. Let me show ya how they try and tame the studs around this hellhole. Correction — how they used to try and tame the studs. From now on, the pricks’ll be doing all the taming.” He selected one of three leather straps that were dangling from pegs in the stone wall. It was the widest strap of the three, at least four inches wide. He raised his arm and cracked the strap savagely against the wall.

Sister Bernice winced and jerked, swaying in small circles from the ceiling beam. “Ronny, there’s no need for that,” she whispered, trying to smile, trying to appeal to whatever instincts of brotherly love yet remained in him. “I know you’re really not a bad guy.”

Ronny turned on her. “You’re outa your fucking mind.” He circled around to the side of her and raised his arm again.

“Ronny, no!”

“Ronny, yes!” He swung the strap, cracking it across her ass.

Sister Bernice jerked, grunted, twisted frantically. The sound the strap made was worse, however, than the pain she felt. It was a searing flash, intense for a second, then spreading in hot tingles through the flesh of her asscheeks.

“Ronny, yes!” He strapped her again, on exactly the same spot.

She shrieked, a wave of fire spreading through her leg.

The strap fell again, this time ripping at her other asscheek. She was still screaming — as much with terror as with pain — when the next crack came, this one across her middle back.

She nearly passed out. It felt as if the red hot tongs of a blacksmith had been drawn across her back.

Ronny swung at her as she twisted and kicked and swayed. He tanned her lower back, cracking the strap across her ass again and again and again. She ceased to feel the individual blows to her ass. All painful sensation became one generalized mass of throbbing fire. Her ass felt as if it had swelled to twice its usual size, and it was all heat, all pulsation.

Ronny cast aside the strap. “Christ,” he said, “look at ya. Fuck cream running down your legs like paste. You’re dying for it, ain’t ya?” He removed a butcher knife from where it hung from a peg on the wall and pushed up a short wooden stool next to her. Then he got up and began to saw at the ropes that hung her.

The ropes gave suddenly, and Sister Bernice found herself bouncing on her feet, then folding up and collapsing into the straw beneath her. Her wrists were still bound, only the ropes that had been attached to the beam were severed. Ronny got down over her and he sat on her tits. His cock throbbed against her nose.

It was happening again, that night of three years ago. Only it would be worse this time… much worse.

Ronny’s prick looked unbelievably huge. His cockhead was as big and purple as an overripe delicious apple. The veins that were gnarled around it reminded her of swollen blue rivers. His balls appeared as large as eggs now, and they rolled like a pair of prowling sharks in their bulging brown sac. His nuts had a smell that she could only liken to the smell of a bull, or to the smell of a bull’s nuts. His crotch reeked.

He shifted forward, let his balls drape over the bridge of her nose, pressing his sweaty crotch to her mouth. “Start licking, bitch. Give my balls a tongue-bath.”

He had bristly yellow hairs down there now, and they scoured at her lips. She had no choice but to start licking. She knew that if she resisted, he’d sit with his full weight on her face and smother her to death.

The smell and taste of his crotch gagged her at first, and she felt dizzy from it, as if she were sniffing airplane glue. She licked blindly, lapping the sweat off his ass, tasting his balls, flapping her tongue this way and that. Ronny sighed, jerking slowly on his prick. His balls continued to twist and roll in their sac, and they hummed against her tongue as if they contained electric turbines. He moved up farther suddenly, sliding the shit-smelling asshole over her nose. She gagged. This was more than she could stand.

“Lick it out, bitch.”

Bernice held her breath, bit her lips. She wouldn’t do it. He could smother her to death, but she would not lick his asshole. Death would be a merciful relief anyway.

“I told you to eat out my shitter, cunt face!”

She would not do it.

He acted as she expected, settling down with all his weight on her face. Her nose dipped into his asshole. She felt a pulse beat.

“Lick it out, damn it!” He twisted, grinding his ass into her nose and mouth.

Her lungs ached, burned. She would not do it. This was the end. It felt as if her head were going to explode. She started to black out.

And then she was sucking, sucking fiercely, straining for air, any air. She moaned, writhing frantically, her mouth wide open and sucking.

“That’s more like it!” Ronny raised up slightly and air rushed into her lungs.

She almost laughed at how good it felt to breathe again. Her tongue slipped into her brother’s asshole and he sighed. She shoved her tongue in deep, fucking it in and out, probing at his musky shitter hole. It felt so good to breathe again that she didn’t care anymore about what she was being forced to do. Life was all that mattered.

Her brother moved backward and sat on her tits again. His prick pounded her nose. It was heavy and as dense as lead. Fucklube dripped onto bet forehead. She began to lick and nibble at his prick without being ordered to do so.

“Make love to it,” Ronny said. “Worship it. From now on, prick is your God.”

His words would only torment her further.

She slurped loudly, lapping up and down his gigantic cock, her tongue rippling over the bloated veins of his cockshaft. His prick had a salty, meaty flavor that was not quite as unpleasant as she had remembered or imagined. Thank God he was circumcised, or she might have vomited.

“Enough licking. Now give it a blowjob.” He raised up on his hands and knees over her and lowered his throbbing prick to her mouth.

She felt the incredible heat of his cockhead against her lips. His pisshole was wide open and fucklube dripped into her mouth. It had a salty, sap-like taste, and it was sticky and hot. As his enormous fuckrod filled her mouth and slid down into her throat, she experienced the fear once again that she was going to choke to death. And her jaws would surely dislocate, and her lips would tear. His prick was so much larger than it had been three years ago. As he started to slide in and out, to fuck her throat, she felt a painful pressure in her skull.

“Ahhh, this is so much better than my hand,” Ronny said, working his cock in and out of her face. “I don’t never wanna use my hand again… and I won’t ever have to, now that I got your throat, and your other fuckholes.”

Shut up, she thought, sucking loudly in an attempt to block out the sound of his voice.

Her jaws were on fire. She gagged as his prickhead slid over her tonsils.

“Know what? This is the way Dad used to give it to Mom. I used to watch him through the keyhole. He used to get up over her like this and pump the shit outa her face. But then one day she claimed she was gonna get the law down on him if he ever tried it again, cause she’d just found out that it was against the law to suck prick. Can you believe that — against the law? Fuck!” He screwed down into Sister Bernice’s throat until his hairy groin scoured her nose. “Suck it, law-breaker. Suck it!”

Sister Bernice gagged. Spit welled up out of her mouth, leaking between her tightly stretched lips and her brother’s sliding cock, and running down her cheeks. Ronny’s prick plunged in and out, his prickhead filling her throat like a fist. His massive fuckrod was as hard as steel and incredibly hot. Sister Bernice tried to relax her jaws, but it was impossible. Her brother’s cock was just too damn big.

“That’s why he ran off, ya know. The old lady stopped putting out. Wouldn’t let him hardly fuck her pussy anymore, let alone grind out her throat. Fuck that, he said, and off he went. I woulda run off myself. To hell with that fucking bitch! What’s a wife for?”

Sister Bernice couldn’t help but listen to him. She didn’t believe him, though. Her father must have left them for some other reason. She couldn’t believe that Mom had ever sucked prick, couldn’t believe that Dad had ever been as wicked and filthy as Ronny, forcing Mom to blow his cock. For a moment she saw a vision of her father mounted on her mother’s face, the way Ronny was mounted on hers now, and the image sickened her.

“Use your tongue on it a little, ya lazy bitch. Wiggle it up and down the bottom side. Grease my magic spot with spit. Lick it just under the head. Come on, bitch, lick!”

Sister Bernice hadn’t the faintest idea what her brother was talking about, but she followed his orders, licking his prickhead just under the knob. His prick responded by swelling and hardening and throbbing, and she increased her stimulation, churning her wet tongue faster and harder.

“Ohhh, fuck, that’s wild! Goddamn! Shit!” He rammed his cock down her throat, worked his prickhead back and fondle against her tonsils, pulled it most of the way out and ordered her to lick it under the head some more. Then he fucked in again and pulled out. “Lick, damn you, lick! Oh, Christ!”

Sister Bernice whimpered, sucking and licking blindly and frantically. She was choking, gagging, her tongue flapping and churning continuously. She could no longer tell when his prick was buried in her throat or pulled halfway out. He was fucking her mouth too fast. He was going to choke her to death. Her nose already felt as if it was broke, and she could taste blood trickling back into her throat from her nasal cavities at the same time that blood trickled out of her nostrils.

“Ahhh, uhhh!” her brother grunted, humping her face like a wild bull. “Oh, ah, shit!” His washboard belly snaked and danced as he fucked her mouth, and suddenly he arched back, becoming motionless for a moment. His prick flexed powerfully, almost lifting Sister Bernice’s head off. “Ahhhh!” he bellowed. “Ohhhhh!” His prick vibrated, its sizzling cum spurting down her choking throat.

Her head filled with the scent and taste of stud-cum. It was potent, causing her eyes to water. Her lips tingled, as if some of the fuck sensations gripping her brother’s cock were being leaked into them. She was acutely-aware of the surging strength of her brother’s cock. It pulsed in her mouth like an enormous heart, raging with heat and energy, firing its molten fuck-cream down her gullet.

Her brother braced his hands on her forehead, using her head like some kind of jackoff toy as he spurted his fuck load into her belly.

[missing text] quavering and pained. “Suck it all out. Yeah, eat it. Oh, Jesus Christ!”

When it was over, he sat back on her tits, his fuckrod drooping slightly, though losing none of its size. His cock throbbed up and down, his prickhead kissing her chin, its pisshole open and oozing out, a few last white gobs of jism.

“Well, lick it off, you bastard! Eat them pearls.”

Sister Bernice flicked the plump cum drops off with the tip of her tongue and swallowed them.

Ronny shoved his prickhead into her mouth. “Wrap your lips around it and hold it tight,” he ordered. “You let it go and I guarantee ya two black eyes.”

He smirked down at her, and his prick gave a slight jerk. Suddenly his piss was streaming into her mouth.

Sister Bernice choked, her throat burning with the stinking acrid fluid. Some of ft ran out of her mouth and down the sides of her cheeks.

“Hold it!” Ronny snapped. “Don’t let the head go. Drink my piss, you Goddamn slut. Three fucking years I spend in this hellhole because of you. You’re gonna pay for it, slut. You’re gonna pay for every Goddamn second of it.”

The piss streamed out of him endlessly, and Sister Bernice swallowed and swallowed, a glug-glug sound coming from her throat. Her mouth was raw from the brutal rutting of her brother’s cock, and the piss seared the raw areas like acid.

Stop, she pleaded internally. Oh, God stop! He seemed to be pissing quarts. Her stomach was tilling with piss and she felt nauseated.

Ronny sat on her tits, a satisfied expression on his face, his blue eyes glowing. His half hard prick quivered in her mouth, his endless load of piss gushing out of it. When he finally finished, he dragged his enormous cock out and banged it back and forth across her face. As he beat the remaining piss out of his cock, his huge piece of fuckmeat began to harden again. Within seconds it was standing up out of his loins at a menacing forty-five-degree angle.

“Enough playing around,” he said, grabbing his cock and slowly listing it. “Time to get down to business. Time to get down to some hard-assed fucking.”


Sister Eve was beginning to enjoy getting knocked around. She was beginning to think that she hadn’t committed such a grave and foolish blunder after all, there’d been more excitement here at St. Michael’s during the last twenty-four hours than there probably had been during the entire history of the ancient institution, at least during the history of it since Sister Francine had taken over as warden. So there’d been a little bloodshed. So what?

Nobody had gotten killed yet. And it was unlikely that anybody would. The worst was over with. All the sisters had had their cherries blasted, including Sister Francine, and they’d all survived.

Well, maybe all of them. She couldn’t be sure about that new nun, that new recruit Sister Francine had brought in. She’d seen Ronny — the filthy bastard — drag the poor little blonde out of the dining hall a half hour ago, and they hadn’t returned yet. Poor girl… poor lucky girl!

“Hey, Eve… Sister Eve, get your lazy ass over here and with some more of that hot chocolate.”

Sister Eve snatched the earthenware pot off the table and she hurried with it over to where a group of a dozen teens were sitting crosslegged on the wooden floor, mugs and plates on the floor in front of them, dark pumpernickel rolls and slabs of swiss cheese on their plates. She quickly began filling empty mugs as the teens held them up. The rich odor of cocoa filled the air, steaming from the mugs.

“Christ!” one of the teens said. “Cheese and bread! Ya’d think they’d have some raw meat laying around or something. What I wouldn’t give for a nice hot slab of beef roast!”

“We could roast one of the nuns,” another teen said. “Make a big bonfire and roast her on a spit.”

“Wonder what nun would taste like?”

“Like pig, what else?”

The teens laughed, and Sister Eve filled their mugs nervously. She then hurried back to the kitchen to refill her pot.

Sister Lillian was standing over a huge metal cooking pot in front of the large black stove. She stirred the steaming cocoa with a long wooden spoon, her movements zombie-like.

“Careful you don’t steam your nipples, Sister,” said Sister Eve, but Sister Lillian stared down into the cocoa, unresponsive.

So be that way, Sister Eve thought. I was just trying to cheer you up. So you lost your precious virginity. So what? It was about time.

Sister Eve used a ladle to refill her coffee pot, intentionally elbowing Sister Lillian’s oversized tits. Without a word, the older nun stepped aside.

Embarrassed, aren’t you? Sister Eve thought with a smirk. And she envisioned the scene when the teens had burst into Sister Lillian’s room and had found her humping away at Sister Marie’s face while she, herself, was gnawing and slurping at Sister Marie’s cunt. Sister Eve had accompanied the teens on their rampage through the reformatory, had aided them in their takeover, had taken them to every room and closet in the building until they had flushed out every last nun and had rounded them up in the dining room, which is where the rapes had begun, had begun and continued, throughout the night and throughout the day, some teens sleeping and resting while other teens fucked pussies and assholes and throats.

Sister Eve glanced suggestively at Sister Lillian, who turned her eyes away immediately. Had no idea you were so into sucking pussy, Sister Eve felt like saying. She, herself, had sucked pussy only when she’d had to, when Sister Francine had expected it of her. And she knew that all the other nuns got it on with Sister Francine as well, whether they liked it or not. Well, some of the nuns had apparently enjoyed it, nuns like Sister Lillian and Sister Marie.

A teen stepped up behind Sister Eve and slipped a rough finger up and down her asscrack. When Sister Eve smiled at him, he bit her on the back of the neck and rammed the finger up her asshole.

Sister Eve gasped, spilling hot cocoa on her bare foot and scalding it. She screamed, hopping around on one foot as she waved her scalded foot in the air. The teen kept his finger up her ass, twisting it viciously, laughing as she whimpered with pain.

Sister Lillian watched in silence, the hint of a satisfied smile on her face. Sister Eve could have killed her. She would have struck out at Sister Lillian, too, if the teen hadn’t suddenly bent her over, replacing his finger with his cock.

“Ahhh, tight ass!” The teen rammed his cock in and out, smacking his hard belly against her asscheeks. His sharp hipbones banged her again and again, and she was sure that matching bruises would soon be throbbing on her asscheeks, one bruise identically placed on each cheek.

She could do nothing but to brace her hands on her knees and to let the teen have his way. She found that arching her back and turning her ass up kept the cock sliding in and out at the most ideal angle, causing her the least amount of discomfort. Her asshole burned, raw from all the fucking. She’d been buggered at least a dozen times during the last twenty-four hours, more times than she’d been cunt-fucked or throat-fucked. The teens seemed to enjoy fucking female ass the best, and she hadn’t minded that at first, but now her asshole was starting to feel as if it had been torpedoed. It was turning into a huge gaping hole. Much more of this buggering and her asshole would remain permanently open — reamed out forever.

“Uh, huh, uh, oh, shit!” The teen grunted and muttered as he fucked her, his fingers catching her hips, his prick slicing in and out relentlessly.

Cum ran out of her asshole and dribbled over her hairy pussylips, trickled down her legs. She had more jism inside her than she could hold, and the stuff was continually leaking out of her. She couldn’t take a step without some of the sticky fluid trickling down her legs.

The teen ran his hands up her belly, found her tits and juggled them, pinched her nipples, roughly thumbed the bumps on her cherries. “Oh, fuck, tits and ass! Ah, ahhh!”

He buggered her harder, humping like a stud dog, knifing his cock deeper. It was tremendously hard, like steel, and it burned her guts.

Faster, faster, faster it pistoned. The teen clawed Sister Eve’s tits, gnawed on her back, ground his belly madly against her ass. “Oh, oh, ohhhhhh!” He exploded into her, his jism scalding her guts as the cocoa had scalded her foot.

Sister Eve grunted with each round of jism that was hurled into her body. She could hardly stand up under the teen’s frantic assault. He had jumped up and had wrapped his legs around her legs, all his weight on her as he clutched her and fired his cum deep into her body. His toenails gouged her lower legs.

“Ahhhhh!” he moaned, the breath hissing out of him. “Ohhh, fuck!” He acted as if he were experiencing the orgasm to beat all orgasms, and yet, Sister Eve knew, he’d be mounted on some other nun and humping away again within the half hour, humping and bellowing as if he hadn’t fucked in ten years.

He dislodged his cock and stood there wobbling and breathing deeply for several seconds before he spoke, “All right, poker face, get over here!”

He nabbed Sister Lillian by her left nipple, then yanked her down behind Sister Eve. Sister Eve glanced over her shoulder, smirking with pleasure as the savage teen forced the older nun to suck the jism out of her asshole.

“Get your tongue way up in there, you whore. Lick it out. Suck it out. Eat that jizz. Tastes like shit, don’t it.” He grinned, pressing on the back of Sister Lillian’s head and nearly shoving her head up Sister Eve’s asshole.

Sister Lillian’s soft tongue soothed away some of the rawness and burning sensation in Sister Eve’s shitter. As the red-faced nun sucked her ass, Sister Eve contracted her loins, ejecting jism into Sister Lillian’s mouth. In the process, a gas bubble suddenly came from deep in Sister Eve’s intestine’s and popped into Sister Lillian’s mouth. Sister Lillian gasped, choking. The on looking teen shrieked with delighted laughter.

“Way ta go,” he said, slapping Sister Eve lightly and playfully across the cheek. “You’re all right.”

Sister Eve’s accidental fart apparently gave the teen a wicked idea, because he yanked Sister Lillian away by the hair, then turned his ass to her and squatted slightly, pulling part his asscheeks as he lowered his sweaty furrow to her lips. “Now you can clean me out, slut. I just took a shit five minutes ago and forgot to wipe.”

Sister Lillian, her face smeared with jism and ass-slime, glanced imploringly at Sister Eve for a moment, and Sister Eve grinned at her and shrugged.

What the heck you expect me to do about it, Sister? Sister Eve thought. And she watched Sister Lillian’s face disappear as the filthy teen covered it with his ass.

“Lick it out. Get your tongue in real deep. Shit, that’s wild. Oooh!” He grabbed his half hard cock and began to fist it. His cock swelled and hardened to a full erection instantly, its plum-like prickhead purple and throbbing.

“Eat it out!” he gasped, wiggling his ass in Sister Lillian’s face. “Clean the shit out. Oh, fink!” He glanced up at Sister Eve and scowled.

He waved his cock at her. “Well, what’re you waiting for, hot-lips? Get down here and blow my whang.”

Sister Eve descended to her knees, a perverse thrill exciting her. As she wrapped her fingers around the rock-hard base, of the teen’s prickshaft, she squeezed her legs together, excited by the hot, slippery fluid that flowed between her thighs and by the itchy, pulsating feelings in her swollen cuntlips. She held his cock tightly with her left hand while rippling her right-hand fingers over its veins and bumps, over the sexy edges of his prickhead.

How could anything look and feel so sexy? she thought, playing her fingers up and down over his cock as the teen squirmed and mumbled. His pisshole gaped, oozing a marble of clear fucklube. She sucked the lube off, kissing the hot tip of the teen’s prick, and she rolled her eyes up at him, showing him she was crazy about his cock, showing him that she was excited. He grinned down at her, his face nearly the color of his cockhead, his eyes rolling drunkenly, his lips parted and his tongue protruding, between them.

Oh, you gorgeous stud! she thought, flicking her tongue along the edges of his prickhead, moving down and just barely grazing his tight pleasure-strand.

She felt his prick strain upward, saw his lithe body tense, the veins in his abdomen standing out. She sank her mouth over his cock, swallowing his prickhead, sucking it gently.

The teen sighed, his knees shaking.

You’re in my control now, she thought, sinking down on his cock until its head lodged in her throat and she could feel his prickshaft arteries twitching against her upper lip. She burrowed her nose in his bristly groin, inhaling the aroma of sweat and piss and teenaged sex. She licked the underside of his cock, undulated her throat muscles, stimulated his vibrating fuckrod from base to tip.

“Aw, Jesus Christ!” the teen moaned. “Suck it. Oh, fuck!” He gyrated his ass, his slim loins doing the hula.

“And you keep tonguing my shitter, slut!” he growled at Sister Lillian. “I wanna feel your tongue all the way up in my guts. Lick, damn it, lick, you worthless hunka garbage!”

Sister Eve could hear Sister Lillian whimpering, and she imagined the prim young nun munching away at the teen’s asshole, and the image satisfied her almost as much as the cock down her own throat. Cooing, growling like a vamp, she began to bob her head on the teen’s cock, feeling his swollen cock-veins rippling against her lips, delighting in the responsive throbs bud jerks from the teen’s prick. His burning prickhead seared her tonsils and the roof of her mouth. Fucklube rolled down her throat — salty, sappy-tasting, delicious. Her face throbbed, stuffed full of prick. She was tempted to bite the big fucker off and swallow it.

The teen gritted his teeth, placed one hand on Sister Lillian’s head behind him and one hand on Sister Eve’s head in front of him, wiggled his hips from side to side and back and forth, rolled his brown eyes back until they became slits and only their white’s were visible. His prick jumped all over in Sister Eve’s mouth as she bobbed her head faster and faster. His big fucker was vibrating, alive. She gripped his brown balls and massaged them, feeling them squirm against each other in their sac like large, skinned grapes. The teen moaned.

“Ohhh, Sister,” the teen gasped, his voice pained. “Oh Sister, oh, oh!” His prick flexed up strongly against the roof of Sister Eve’s mouth, all of its steel-hard length quivering.

Sister Eve churned her tongue against the youth’s pleasure-strand, sucked with all the skill she’d gained from her cock-sucking days in junior high and high school. To think she’d actually believed that by entering the convent, by becoming a nun, she could cure herself of her nymphomania! She must have been out of her mind! This was all she wanted, all she’d ever wanted, cock! Cock, cock, cock! She sucked with a hunger that had grown rabid from years of denial. She sucked as she’d never sucked cock before, wanting to vacuum the guts out of the gasping youth.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” he screamed. “Ohhhh, Christ!” He lifted up and down on his toes frantically as he spurted his fuck-load down her throat. His prick shuddered in her mouth, swelling and pulsating, as hard as bone, and his balls swelled and contracted in her hand. As his fucker fined again and again, his sizzling fuck-load gushed in thick, creamy torrents down her throat.

Sister Eve gurgled, jerking her head, cooing. Keep shooting it, she urged silently. Feed me! Squirt it down my throat! Oh, yes, yes, do it! Mmm! Mmmm! She shimmied her legs together, working her blood-engorged pussylips against each other, feeling absolutely filthy as the pussyjuice and jism bubbled out of her and greased her madly shimmying legs, as the grunting teen’s sweaty cock — a cock that had been fucking assholes and cunts for the last twenty-four hours — pulsed and jerked in her mouth, spurting fat, rich wads of strong tasting jism down her throat.

The teen arched up, firing again, his prick stretching Sister Eve’s lips apart, his cum sliding, sticky and slimy, down her gullet.

“Lick ass, suck cock!” he muttered, his teeth clenched, his body shuddering. “Ohhh, Jesus!”

As the spasms ripped through the teen’s loins, a rush of sensation flowed from Sister Eve’s lips and throat and descended to her tightening pussy. She threw her arms around the teen’s hips, clinging to them as the spasms surged through her crotch, through her pussy and asshole, through her loins. The hot fuck tingles shot up her spine, down her legs, through her skull. Her nipples, fingers, toes and clit all felt as if they were being jabbed by zillions of electric needles.

It felt so good! It felt almost too good! What a gorgeous fucker, what a luscious load! She sucked like a vampire, sucked until the teen had fed her every drop of his load, sucked even as his cock softened in her mouth.

The teen cracked her across the side of her head with the flat of his hand, knocking her onto the cold tile of the kitchen floor. “Lay off, for Christsake! Enough is enough!”

Her head throbbing and spinning from the blow, her pussy still contracting with the last spasms of her orgasm, she kissed the teen’s dirty feet. She liked getting knocked around. She liked being a slave. She licked the dirt off her master’s toes.


Her brother had her on her hands and knees in a small cell, the back wall of the cell in front of her, bars on three sides of her. He’d slammed shut the steel door behind him — her ears still rang from the thunderous-crash of it — and he’d locked the cell door, tossing the large iron key ring in the straw beside them. The cell smelled like a barn, and a wicked draft washed through the cellblock, causing Sister Bernice to shiver and her teeth to chatter.

Ronny got down on his knees behind her, and Sister Bernice felt more degraded than she’d ever felt in her life. She was no better than an animal now, on her hands and knees in this pigpen, about to be mounted like a sow.

Ronny rammed his finger up her cunt, making her arch her back and gasp. He twisted it viciously as he spoke. “This is where I spent the last three years because of you, Sister, rotting away in this cell, half froze to death, my belly cramped up with hunger. They made us piss and shit in pots. They ain’t changed this stinking straw in three years. And they beat us, tore the skin off our backs. And they enjoyed it. The bitch nuns enjoyed it. They would a killed us if they coulda got, away with it.”

He ripped his finger out of her cunt, then twisted the end of it against Sister Bernice’s asspucker. She tensed, holding her breath. Not that! She couldn’t stand even the thought of that.

“Please,” she whimpered.

“Be glad to,” Ronny said, and he rammed his finger up her asshole with such force that Sister Bernice reared up like a horse.

“No! Oh, Lord, no!” She fell back down, writhing as her brother ground out her shithole.

“Feels good, don’t it, bitch? You’re getting exactly what you want and what you deserve, ain’t ya, bitch?” He twisted his finger, violently, “Answer me!”

“No!” she gasped, her eyes hot with tears.

He ripped his finger out and slammed her across her welt-covered ass. “Quit your Goddamn lying! When’re you gonna quit your Goddamn female games? I spent three fucking years in this hell just because I gave you exactly what you were begging for. You and your fucking teasing!”

“No,” she whispered. “That’s not true.” You were… you are… such an animal, she thought. You raped me… because you’re evil, because you have no sense of right and wrong.

“You’re hopeless,” he growled. “Oughta have your fucking head examined. You teased the old man half outa his skull, too. If he woulda stuck around much longer, he woulda stuck ya before I did. And you woulda squealed for him just like ya squealed for me. Fucking cock-teasing nympho! Wake up, for Christsake! Admit it!”

“I’m not,” she said. “I’m not. I don’t care what you do to me. I’m not what you say I am.”

“Sure ya ain’t.” Ronny pried apart her cuntlips letting cold air nibble between them. Suddenly he pressed his burning cockhead between them.

Sister Bernice recoiled, shocked at the heat given off by his cock. She braced herself, though, knowing full well what was coming, and knowing that she could do nothing to prevent it. She hoped he would be quick about it, would get it over with.

Ronny rubbed his cock up and down between her swollen cuntlips, coating his knob with her pussycream. His sizzling cockhead stroked up and down slowly, rubbing every inch of the raw meat between her hairy cuntlips. He concentrated for awhile on her clit, flipping her hard fuck-bud back and forth with the searing head of his cock.

“Ever feel your clit inside a prick?” he asked, breathing like an obscene phone-caller. “I’m gonna shove my knob right over your clit, gonna get it right up my pisshole.”

Sister Bernice shivered as her clit was sucked into the teen’s pisshole. Juice ran out of her cunt and her ass wiggled slightly, moving independently of her will. Her clit twitched, hot tingles screwing through her crotch. She bit her lips, sang a nursery rhyme in her head, tried to imagine she was someplace else — anyplace else — and that what was happening was not really happening at all.

“A clit’s just like a little bitty cock,” Ronny said. “Probably feels the same way as a cock when it gets hard. All it wants to do is fuck, to rub fuckmeat with fuckmeat.” He began rubbing his prickhead up and down her pussy furrow again, and the juice ran out of her now, dripping off his cock, running down her legs.

“Stop,” she whispered. “Don’t do that anymore.” Anything but that, she thought. Beat me, bite me, do anything but that.

Her ass slowly moved up and down and from side to side in response to his rubbing cock. She couldn’t control it.

“Getting itchy, ain’t ya, Sister? Getting crazy for a fuck.”

“No,” she whispered, her cunt throbbing with need.

Ronny chuckled. “All ya gotta do is say so, and I’ll plug it in.” He worked his enormous prickhead halfway into her cunt, then let it throb there.

The stretch was almost more than she could stand, but it wasn’t at all unpleasant, and her cunt ached for more, more hot fuckmeat to stuff it. She salivated, some of her spit leaking from the right corner of her mouth before she could swallow it. The taste of her brother’s cock, of his jism, still lingered on her lips, in her throat.

“Do it,” she whispered, the words dripping out of her mouth like her spit.

“You say something, Sister? I can’t hear you.”

“Do it.”

“Do what? Do what, Sister?” He wiggled his cock, then eased it slightly back.

She panicked, backing her ass toward him. “Put it in.”

“Put what in?”

“Your thing. Put it in.”

“My thing? What thing’re you talking about?”

“Your penis.”

“My what?”

“Your prick!” You bastard, she added silently, your big ugly prick!

Ronny laughed. “You don’t deserve this, bitch, but…” He drove his cock into her to the hilt.

“Uhhh!” She grimaced from the stretch, felt as if her pelvis was going to explode. “Easy. Oh, oh!” She reached back and lay her hand on his right hip in an effort to control his movements.

He wouldn’t be controlled. He reared back and slammed forward, using his arm-sized cock like a piledriver, nearly knocking her head into the stone wall in front of her with the force of his thrusts.

“Ahhh!” he growled. “Ahhh, fuck!” His huge raw cock plunged in and out, grinding the guts out of her.

Sister Bernice gritted her teeth, clutched at the dirty yellow straw, using all her strength to brace herself. Her cunt flamed inside with an intensity of sensation that was part pleasure and part pain. She grunted with each of his savage thrusts, her skull jolted, the wind partially knocked out of her. He was fucking her harder than when he’d raped her, and his cock was bigger now.

He gripped her hips, jerking them back against his loins as he pounded his cock into her. His hard belly smacked her ass again and again, and she bit her tongue, bit her lips. Her head snapped up and down, up and down, and she feared a whiplash.

“Arghhhhh!” he bellowed like an animal. “Ahhhhh!” He fucked her relentlessly, viciously, his prick knifing into her cunt.

Hot juice ran out of her, and she wondered how much blood was mixed with the pussyjuice this time. It had been three years since he had exploded her cherry, but now his cock had grown and was likely still tearing her up inside. The stretch was incredible. She felt a searing ache throughout her loins and all the way down the insides of her thighs. As he fucked her, her tits swung like water balloons, her nipples swollen and smarting from the vicious gnawing he’d given them earlier.

She was thankful for the straw under her knees and hands. She was exerting so much energy, was panting so hard, that the damp drafts prowling through the cellblock no longer chilled her. In fact, she was beginning to sweat.

“Uh, uh, ugh!” her brother grunted, his gigantic prick grinding in her cunt, plooshing in her seething fuckhole. He reached under her and juggled her tits, pinched them, scratched and slapped them.

She ground her teeth together, knowing it would do no good to protest or to fight him. The more she resisted, the more savagely he would abuse her.

Why does he have to be so mean? she wondered. Why does he have to torture me to take his pleasure? Why is he such an animal, such a barbarian?

The teen was slicing her up inside, she was whimpering, and yet she was half enjoying the savage assault. No I’m not, she tried to tell herself. I hate it. I wish I were dead. And yet, she couldn’t help wiggling her ass for more as her brother fucked her. Suddenly her entire body was tingling as if an electric rain were drenching her. Her loins swelled with heat, with tightness, with pleasurable sensations that she could hardly stand.

“Tighten, yeah squeeze me, oh, Christ, shit!” Ronny rotated his loins, churned his hard belly against her ass. The tip of his cockhead kissed the backside of her navel like a set of burning lips. He hauled out and rammed in, hauled out and fucked in, grinding her out deep and hard, reaming her with everything he had.

“Oh, please!” Sister Bernice gasped, not knowing anymore whether she was begging him to stop or begging him to fuck her harder. Her entire fuckhole was melting, was cramping, was aching with pleasure, or pain, she couldn’t tell which anymore.

“Uh, ugh, uh!” Ronny grunted like a football lineman slamming into a blocking sled, his rock-muscled abdomen pounding her ass again and again and again. “Skin it, bitch! Oh, Christ!”

Sister Bernice blubbered, tears rolling down her cheeks, spit leaking and spraying from her slack mouth. She panted like a woman in labor, her body jolted as if she were being slammed across the ass with a baseball bat. Her cunt was tightening unbearably, clutching her brother’s cock with every ounce of strength in her loins. Her pain, her pleasure, strained toward a peak.

“Fuck!” she growled, her voice deep and throaty. “Fuck!”

“Yeah!” Ronny moaned. “Fuck you!”

“Fuck me! Fuck meeee!”

“Goddamn bitch! Slut, whore, cocksucker! Fuck youuuu!”

She felt absolutely filthy, and the names her brother called her added to that feeling. Her sense of being filthy increased her pleasure, increased her needed to fuck and to come. She churned her ass faster and faster, screwing her cunt on her brother’s cock, driving her ass back against his wonderfully hard belly. She loved the feeling of his abdomen smacking her ass, the feeling of his cock fucking the guts out of her.

“Harder!” she gasped. “Deeper! Harder!” Her brother clutched her tits so hard that her nipples almost exploded. He rammed into her in a frenzy, collapsed on her back, biting her neck, ripping at the flesh on her shoulders. He pumped, pumped, pumped, his arm-sized, ivory smooth cock slicing, fucking, grinding her out. She was aware of his cock hardening even more, of it swelling even larger.

“Ahhhhh!” Ronny moaned, drooling down her neck, gnawing at her flesh. “Mmmmm!”

She shivered with goosebumps, melted with hot-flashes. Her entire bottom — her ass and crotch — felt as if it had swollen like an inflated hot-water bottle, felt as if it were going to explode. Daggers of orgasm began to grind into the inflated fuckmeat of her pussyhole. Her cunt gripped madly at her brother’s cock. She began to whine like an alley cat.

Her brother growled, grunted, and exploded into her. “Arghhhhh, uhhhh!”

She squealed as the streams of molten fuck cream splashed against the quivering, livery meat of her pussyhole. It was so hot! And it shot into her with such force!

“Ohhh, Ronny!” she whined. “Ohhh, darling, baby, fucker! Uhhh, ohhh, ohhhhhh!” She became breathless, faint. As her orgasm clawed through her loins, as her fuckhole became a pulsating mass of electrified flesh, she arched up in a frenzy of lust and pained sensation, then collapsed into the bed of straw, her arms and legs turning to jelly under her.

Her spurting, grunting brother crashed down with her, never for a moment slowing his frantic fucking. As his jism flooded her cunthole, his prick squished inside her as if she were filled with pudding.

“Fuck you!” he grunted, blasting round after round into her. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck youuuu!”

She hissed and growled like a rabid animal, every cell of her body radiating heat and sensation. Her loins and belly pulsed inside and her internal muscles contracted spastically, their contractions joining together to grip and milk her brother’s cock, to squeeze it until his prickhead nearly popped off.

“Fuck me!” she muttered. “Cream me! Oh, yes yes yes!”

“Whore!” her brother gasped. “Goddamn fucking nympho slut! Fuck youuu!”

“Yes!” she breathed, writhing face-down in the straw, her head filled with the scent of the rutting teen on top of her. “Oh, yes, yes!”


“Piss in her mouth!”

The young nun squatting over Sister Francine’s face looked tormented. “I… I can’t,” she whimpered. “I just can’t.”

The teen standing over the young nun yanked on her hair. “Do it, Goddamn you!”

“Please, I just can’t.”

The teen grabbed the nun by both her ears and rammed his rampant fucker down her throat. She choked, her face turning blue.

“You piss in that bitch’s mouth or I fuck your throat out. And after I get done, I’ll leave my cock dangling halfway down to your stomach and I’ll piss down your gullet.” Now piss suddenly gushed from the young nun’s crotch, drenching Sister Francine’s face. A teen, crouched down next to Sister Francine, positioned her head so the nun’s piss would stream directly into Sister Francine’s mouth, which he had pried wide open. “Drink it, bitch,” he muttered. “Every drop.”

Sister Francine choked on the sudden flood of piss, sputtered, gagged and winced from the piss that had leaked into her eyes. Her throat undulated as she swallowed the piss.

Sister Eve, looking on, felt a sense of wicked satisfaction. The old bitch was getting exactly what she deserved. The mother superior had hung and beaten senseless every teen in this prison dozens of times. And now they were getting back at the former warden, taking their endless revenge.

Cute, Sister Eve thought, watching Sister Vivian, the young nun squatting over Sister Francine, watching the piss hiss out of her spread crotch. Too bad Sister Francine can’t stand back and watch this — it would probably turn her on, the lesbian bitch!

Serves you right. Franny! She smirked as the teens forced Sister Vivian to sit on Sister Francine’s face and to rub her sopping-wet crotch back and forth. Kinky cunt-hairs scoured the mother superior’s skin until it looked raw.

“You’re doing real good,” said the standing youth to Sister Vivian. “You deserve a reward.” He yanked on the young nun’s hair, turning her face up as he fiercely masturbated his cock just inches from her nose. Within seconds he exploded all over her flushed cheeks, his white jism sticking to her skin in wads and strands. Halfway through his orgasm he rammed his fucker into the nun’s mouth and creamed her throat.

“Ahhh!” he sighed, his hips jerking. “Great!” He hauled his fucker out of her mouth, then beat her across the face with it as if it were a rubber hose.

Lucky bitch, Sister Eve thought, her own mouth watering at the sight of the creamy jism dripping off the young nun’s cheeks and lips. And the teen apparently could read her thoughts, because he turned his head toward her and ordered her to come over.

“Lick it off her face,” he growled, digging his fingernails into the back of Sister Eve’s neck and forcing her head toward Sister Vivian.

The teen’s cum was still warm and thick. Sister Eve licked it off hungrily, swallowing every drop. As she turned her head away from Sister Vivian, the teen who was squatting down next to Sister Francine suddenly stood up and rammed his uncut cock into Sister Eve’s mouth.

“Eat it,” he moaned, ramming his cock in and out, his foreskin slipping back and forth over his engorged prickhead, his hairy balls flapping against Sister Eve’s chin. And before he had fucked her mouth with a dozen strokes he started to ejaculate.

“Oh, shit!” He rammed his cock in to the hilt and spurted his cum down Sister Eve’s gagging throat. He crushed Sister Eve’s head in a bear-hug and kept his cock stuffed all the way down her gullet. His cock throbbed and flexed, swelled and contracted, pumping its jism directly in Sister Eve’s stomach. By the time he’d finished shooting, Sister Eve was faint, on the brink of blacking out for lack of air.

The teen threw her aside and staggered away. Released temporarily Sister Eve looked for an out-of-the-way place to sit and rest.

She leaned up against the wall, hidden in the shadows of the large dining room. The plaster wall was cold against her back and the bare wooden floor was even colder under her ass and legs. She felt a draft. Although the dungeon was the coldest, wettest, draftiest area in the prison, the upper floors weren’t a hell of a lot warmer. She pulled her knees up to her tits and hugged them, feeling the sudden need to fall asleep.

She realized suddenly that she hadn’t slept is over forty damn crazy teens. How long were they going to carry on like this without giving the nuns a break? Didn’t they realize that there’s only so much a pussy can stand? If they’d let the nuns rest a little, the nuns would be better fucks. She felt her eyes closing, felt instant sleep coming on, but an agonized shriek made her jump. She was instantly fully awake again.

She looked around the large room. Naked teens were all over the place, outnumbering the nuns about five to one. A lot of the teens were relaxing or sleeping on the bare floor. Most of the nuns were either flat on their backs or on their hands and knees while one or more teens used them. The teens seemed to prefer their women in the hands-and-knees position, fucking the nuns from behind like animals. Sister Marie was lying flat out while three teens simultaneously pissed on her. Poor Sister Marie! Last night she was guard of cellblock, and tonight some of the prisoners from her own cellblock were pissing on her.

The scream of agony echoed out again, and Sister Eve looked up to the table in the center of the room to see Sister Francine spread out on it, four teens stretching out her arms and legs while a fourth teen crouched between her widely spread legs and lowered a pliers to her crotch. The teen’s arm jerked and Sister Francine howled, arching up, fighting to break loose.

The teen between her legs held up the pliers and released a tuft of red cunt-hair, which drifted down to the floor beside the table. Sister Eve saw two other tufts of red hair lying on the floor. The teens were going to rip out all the hairs of Sister Francine’s cunt.

The teen with the pliers ripped at the mother superior’s crotch again. Sister Francine shrieked even more loudly. Teens who were fucking turned their heads to watch. Even the nuns who were being used and abused appeared to forget their own situations temporarily to watch the mother superior losing her pussy-hair.

The teen lowered the pliers and yanked. Sister Francine arched up and screamed. The teen lowered the pliers again. Again, Sister Francine screamed. Red pussy-hairs drifted individually and in clumps down to the floor. The floor next to the table was beginning to look like the floor of a barber shop.

The teen’s arm jerked. Sister Francine wailed. Again and again and again, pliers ripping, followed by the mother superior’s shriek of pain. As last the teen tossed the pliers aside, smirking as he looked down at his handiwork. “Naked as a baby,” the teen said. “And nice and pink.” He bent down his stiff cock and grimaced. A few seconds later piss started to stream out of his cock and Sister Francine writhed as the hot piss splashed against her freshly plucked pussy-mound.

A lot of the other teens got up — some of them popping their pricks out of mouths or cunts or assholes — and they approached the table, leaning over to look at Sister Francine’s naked pussy. The teens who were holding the mother superior down turned her now so anyone standing in front of the table could get a view of her plucked, piss-drenched crotch.

Sister Eve had never seen a pussy look so raw, so red. Jism dribbled out of the mother superior’s fuckhole as the teens held her legs apart. One by one the teens stepped up between her legs and pissed on her denuded crotch like dogs marking their territory. Sister Francine ceased to struggle, lying back on the table and moaning as the bestial teens pissed between her legs.

Most of the teens pissed with hard-ons, and Sister Eve was stunned to see a teen drive his cock up Sister Francine’s cunt even as the piss streamed out of him. He bumped at her, apparently continuing to piss inside her, and the yellow fluid ran out of her as he rutted between her legs.

“Douche bag,” the fucking, pissing youth growled. “Fucking old douche bag.” He fucked her faster, his skinny ass jerking between her legs, and a minute later he was crying out as he spurted something other than piss into her body.

Other teens followed his example, shoving their pissing pricks into the nun’s ravaged pussyhole, fucking her while pissing, and eventually bringing themselves to spurting orgasms.

Two teens turned Sister Francine over, forced her to stand in front of the table and to bend over it. The nun’s asshole appeared as wide open as did her cunt. One teen began to piss directly into her open asshole, then continued pissing as he rammed his hard fucker up her shitter. He fucked her as he pissed and a minute later brought himself to a shuddering orgasm. The piss and cum ran out of the mother superior’s fuckholes and rolled down the insides of her legs.

Such a disgusting, degrading sight Sister Eve had never imagined in her wildest, most perverse fantasies. Sister Francine had been degraded to the level of an outhouse toilet. Disgusting! And yet, Sister Eve couldn’t deny the hot thrills that gripped her crotch as she watched Sister Francine being abused.

Two teens who appeared to be waiting their turns to get up on Sister Francine were suddenly both looking in Sister Eve’s direction. They smirked at her simultaneously and they were suddenly both moving toward her, as if there were some kind of mental telepathy between them. She hugged her knees tighter, trying to make herself smaller in the shadows, hoping that maybe they weren’t looking at her but at some other nun close by, and hoping that maybe she could hide herself.

They grabbed her and dragged her to the center of the room. One of them bent her over the table and began to piss on her naked ass, holding apart her asscheeks so he could water every inch of her crack with a direct stream of hot piss. The piss ran down over her cunt furrow and burned her raw pussylips.

“Ram it in,” the other teen urged and the pissing youth did just that.

Sister Eve gasped as his big prick slipped up her asshole, gasped louder as the boiling piss began to fill her. Piss bubbled out of her ass as the teen plunged his prick in and out, running down over the youth’s plump balls, running down her legs.

She had never felt anything like this — a prick fucking her asshole while piss gushed out of the sliding fuck-monster. Her crotch throbbed as the teen fucked and abused her, and by the time he got around to creaming her, she was almost ready to come herself.

The teen grunted, firing hot wads of jism up her asshole. The moment he pulled out, the other teen who had dragged her up here, had bent her over the table, and had plunged his cock up her asshole. This teen didn’t bother to piss. He just fucked, grunting like a bull as he smacked her ass with his firm belly and sliced his cock rapidly into her shitter. In twenty seconds he was shooting, and Sister Eve was whining, her loins gripped with fuck spasms.

“Oh, God!” she muttered, biting her fist, rolling her eyes. Her legs trembled, and she was glad she had the table to lean on for support. Her ass churned around the teen’s spurting fuck-tool, milking it as her asshole contracted.

“Piss in me,” she whispered when his fucker began to soften in her. “Piss in me before you pull it out.”

As the teen poured his scalding piss up her ass, she sighed with pleasure and satisfaction. Next to her, Sister Francine cursed deliriously as yet another teen mounted the mother superior’s ass.

“Mother, mother,” Sister Eve muttered out loud, daring to taunt the older nun for the first time. “We mustn’t curse now. It’s a sin.”


Sister Bernice lay panting under her brother, her face pushed down into the straw, the warm cum starting to trickle out around her brother’s softening cock. Ronny breathed deeply as he lay on her, crushing her with his bulk of bone and muscle. From the way he was breathing, she was almost certain that he’d fallen asleep.

Sister Bernice tried to move. She’d been lying under Ronny for several minutes now, ever since the two of them had exploded together in mutual spasms like a pair of rutting goats. Well, at least Ronny was like a rutting goat. He sure smelled like one. As for herself, could she help it if her cunt had responded… against her will, of course? After all, she was a woman. It was physiological, instinctive even, that her cunt respond to all that rubbing. She had been forced, had been raped again.

She shifted slowly, easing herself out from under her brother. He mumbled something, and she paused. When she dared to move again, she gasped as her brother’s cock slipped out of her. He rolled off her then, snoring.

She sat up. Ronny looked like a big baby, his hair in his closed eyes, his nostrils flared as his breath hissed through them, his chest rising and falling evenly, peacefully. For just a moment she thought he looked cute.

Cute nothing, she thought then. He was an animal, a demon. She wouldn’t put it past him to murder her if he got angry enough.

She spotted the key ring in the straw next to Ronny’s face, and she knew what she had to do. She had to make a break for it now. It might be her only chance.

Moving slowly, carefully, wincing at the rustling of the straw under her, she climbed to her feet, the key ring and keys clutched in her hand. The jism leaked out of her cunt as she stepped toward the door of the cell, tickling the inner surfaces of her thighs. She fitted the key in the lock, holding her breath in the large steel key slicked metallically in the lock mechanism. She glanced over her shoulder, expecting to see Ronny, grinning like a lunatic, ready to strangle her.

He lay sleeping peacefully, his half-swollen prick twitching on his belly like a fat sausage. It seemed unbelievable that only minutes ago he’d been manhandling her and raping her, unbelievable that he was capable of such cruelty and demonic lust.

Don’t get soft, now, she told herself. He’s a savage. Get out of here now. Run!

She pushed the door open an inch at a time, almost crying at the growling of the hinges. When she got it open just enough so she could slip through, she did so, then stood on the cold stone of the corridor debating whether to lock him in. She decided against it. She’d been overly lucky so far in not waking him up. Why chance it now that she’d gotten out of the cell? Stealing a last glance at her brother — knowing that she would hopefully never see him again — she tiptoed to the end of the corridor and turned up the stone steps from which she and Ronny had descended.

The steps were a kind of back entrance to the cellblock. She paused at the head of them, peering into the office where she and Sister Francine had been abducted and stripped.

Poor Sister Francine! She wondered how the mother superior was faring. Was the poor woman even still alive? Sister Bernice felt an even greater need to escape now. She would not only be saving her own skin by getting away, but she would be saving Sister Francine and all the other nuns as well. She had to get out, had to get help.

As she tiptoed quickly through the vacant office, she heard horrid sounds coming from elsewhere in the prison. Whoops and shouts, bellows of animal lust, screams of pain. The sounds of hell. The poor sisters were being tortured and abused in ways that couldn’t even be imagined.

She ran down the dim hallway toward the big oak door that had admitted her to this house of hell. To her shock of relief, it was still unlocked. In Sister Francine’s hurry to find out what was going on, she’d apparently forgotten to lock it when they’d entered. Sister Bernice vaguely remembered that she, herself, had closed the door.

Outside, the night had become even more terrifying. Lightning flickered, a slick blue all around her, giving Sister Bernice fleeting glimpses of the eerily overgrown forest surrounding the prison grounds, of the wide expanse of unattended lawn between the prison and the front gate. She shivered in the wind whipped rain, regretting that she hadn’t looked for some sort of clothing before she’d run from the prison. The thunder rumble incessantly, like a prowling giant seeking her out. She noticed the tight in the gatehouse far down at the end of the drive, and she remembered the young nun who had opened the gate.

Could it be that the good sister down there was yet unaware of what had happened up here in the prison? Could it be that there was a phone down in the gatehouse, a phone to call for help?

Without hesitation, she sprinted down the asphalt drive, her tits flopping violently, rainwater streaming down her naked body. As she ran, she began to warm up. She was nearly to the gatehouse when she saw that the gate was wide open, still unclosed. What should she do, stop at the gatehouse or sprint right past it and down the black road outside?

Her question was answered for her. Suddenly a figure stepped out of the gatehouse and moved quickly to shut the gate. In a flicker of lightning, she saw that the figure wore a nun’s habit and veil. She felt a surge of [missing text].

“Sister,” she called. “Oh, Sister, thank God!”

The nun spun around just in time to catch Sister Bernice as she nearly collapsed, her heart pounding frantically, her lungs and throat raw from her sprint.

“Oh, Sister, we must get help! It’s terrible, ghastly!” Sister Bernice stumbled toward the gatehouse, gasping for breath as the nun supported her.

“Now, now, Sister,” whispered the nun. “Take it easy. Everything will be all right.”

But the moment Sister Bernice looked through the open door of the gatehouse, she knew that everything wasn’t going to be all right. The scene she glimpsed nearly caused her to faint.

A young woman lay on her back on the floor of the gatehouse, her arms and legs spread out as if shackled by invisible bonds. A slimy whitish and reddish fluid was pooled between the woman’s battered thighs, and her tits were spotted with dozens of black and blue marks. The woman’s face was smeared with a brownish paste, and her slack mouth was filled with more of the brownish substance. The smell of shit and piss in the gatehouse made Sister Bernice gag. Without thinking, she whirled around and bolted past the figure in the nun’s habit, knocking the figure to its knees in the process.

“Goddamn you, bitch!” the figure yelled, and suddenly he was up and charging after her. He caught her as she was frantically trying to climb the rusty hon gate, and, he flung her down in the long grass beside the drive.

She writhed on her belly, shedding tears of anger and fear and hopelessness. The grass was miserably wet and itchy. She was freezing, the rain pouring down on her. The vicious teen in nun’s clothing stood between her legs, digging his bare toes into her crotch, tearing at her pussymeat with his sharp, horny toenails.

“Juicy bitch,” he muttered. “Sexy bitch ass!” He fell on her then, lifting his skirts and driving his red-hot cock between her legs. His cock slipped inside her jism-lubricated cunt as it sucked in magnetically.

Sister Bernice blubbered, squirming as his red-hot prick knifed in and out of her. She wanted to die, couldn’t bear anymore of this abuse. Was she nothing more than a fuck machine, a sex-doll, a depository for the white slime that spurted from this male fuck-tool?

“Yeahhh!” the teen groaned as if in answer. “Yeah, yeah, yeah?” He fucked at her rapidly, his hard belly whacking her naked ass.

The sensation was weird. The teen was dressed in a nun’s habit with only the skirt raised. She could feel only his belly and thighs naked against her. Up above she felt only his habit, and his veil fell over her cheeks like a blanket.

“Uh, uh, uh!” he grunted, humping her, grinding out her pussy. “Fuck, oh, fuck!” He chewed into the back of her neck, and Sister Bernice gasped, her left shoulder needled with goosebumps. As he continued to fuck her, her pussy began to respond, filling with heat, with tension, beginning to undulate and squeeze.

“I can’t help it,” she whimpered. “Oh, God, I can’t help it!” She wiggled her ass, turning it up high, begging for more.

“Hot bitch baby!” the teen growled. “I’m gonna fuck you all night. Ahhhh, uhhh!”

She heard excited voices over the rumble of the thunder and the hiss of the rain, and the voices increased in loudness until she could hear them plainly. She looked up and saw at least a half-dozen dark figures charging toward her, their white bodies glowing an ungodly shade with each lightning flash. And she could make out their rampant cocks, too — their ever-hard, ever-lusting cocks — cocks that wagged and snapped like billy clubs as they ran, cocks that all looked like gigantic tusks growing out of their skinny adolescent loins.

“He got her! Roscoe got bet!”

“Oh, fuck, good!” shouted Ronny, charging to the front of the naked group.

Roscoe paid them no attention, fucking away as if he hadn’t fucked in ten years.

The teens grouped around like a pack of excited coyotes, all of them tugging on their rampant pricks as they watched Roscoe fuck.

“What’re you fucking?” Ronny asked.

“Bitch,” Roscoe muttered. “Hot bitch.”

“I mean ass or cunt. Which one?”


Ronny stroked Sister Bernice’s lips with his big toe. “Good. Her ass is mine.” He rammed his toe in her mouth and made her suck it. “Lick ’em all off.”

Sister Bernice sucked on each of his toes in turn, then choked as he stuffed all the toes of his right foot into her mouth. His toenails cut her lips, gouged the inside of her mouth and her tongue.

“Hold off a second, Roscoe,” Ronny said. “Get underneath her. Let me have her ass.”

“Fuck that,” Roscoe muttered. “This is my favorite way of doing it.”

“You’ve had her enough like that, ya fucking hog. Now roll off and get underneath her before I shove my fist up your ass!”

“Jesus Christ, all right!” Roscoe yanked his cock out of her and rolled off her to lay on his back. “Fucking wet grass!”

“What’re you complaining about? You’re wrapped up all nice and warm?” Ronny picked up Sister Bernice and sat her on top of Roscoe’s middle.

“Yeah, Roscoe,” said one of the other teens. “And ya make a damn foxy nun.”

“Shut up, Carter!” Roscoe snapped, and all the teens, including Carter, chuckled.

Roscoe bent up his cock to vertical, and Ronny lifted Sister Bernice and made her sit on his big prick. His hot cylinder of fuckmeat sank into her pussyhole so easily that Sister Bernice experienced the weird feeling that her cunt and his prick had been coupled all her life. Ronny pushed her down then, forcing her to lie on Roscoe.

Roscoe immediately wrapped his arms around her head and mashed their mouths together. His slippery tongue burst into her mouth like a fat eel. His eyes glinted up at her. As his tongue slipped down her throat, her mouth filled with tingles. His spit was surprisingly sweet, like apple juice. The teen bucked up and down, knifing his cock in and out of her.

“Take it easy, brother,” Ronny said as he kneeled between their spread legs. “Don’t blow your load yet.” As Roscoe slowed his fucking, Ronny reached down and lubricated his hand with the juices leaking out of Sister Bernice’s cunt and dripping off Roscoe’s balls. He spread the slimy cuntjuice and jism up and down Sister Bernice’s asscrack, then apparently used some of the stuff to grease and masturbate his own cock.

Sister Bernice could hear the squishing of her brother’s hand as it moved up and down his cock. Around her, the other teens were masturbating to the same rhythm.

As Ronny mounted her, rubbing his slippery fucker up and down her asscrack, she tried to talk, wanted to beg him not to do it, but Roscoe’s tongue choked her, stuffing the words back down her throat, and she knew it would be futile to resist.

“Up her shitter,” one of the teens said as he got to his knees in front of her, his sinewy hand listing his big, lube-dripping cock.

“Bugger that bitch!” another teen mumbled. And suddenly all the on looking teens were muttering excitedly, their hands jerking faster on their cocks. One teen grunted, cursed, and fired his load onto the weedy pass. As the lightning flickered, his cum-wads resembled fireworks as they arced through the air.

Ronny grunted, grinding his cockhead against Sister Bernice’s asspucker. Sister Bernice twisted her head out of Roscoe’s embrace so that she could gnaw on her fist instead of on Roscoe’s tongue. As Ronny’s fucker spread open her asspucker, she felt nothing but fire in her asshole. She was sure that her tender shitter had split in fifty places. She had no choice to resist the complete entry of her brother’s cock into her body, because it slipped inside her ass in one slicing thrust. As her brother’s belly collided with her ass, as his pubic hair tickled her widely gaping pucker, as his enormous fuck-tusk stretched her asshole longer and wider than she had thought possible, she bit so hard into her wrist that she drew blood. A groan of agony bubbled out of her mouth along with her spit.

“Give it to her!” a teen shouted, beating faster on his cock. “Bugger the shit outa the hitch!”

And Ronny’s cock began to slide, to plunge in and out.

Sister Bernice grunted, her asshole nearly cramping as it clutched at the huge cock buggering her shithole. As Ronny’s cock moved, in and out with longer strokes, Roscoe resumed his fucking underneath her, jerking his cock in short, rapid strokes in and out of her cunt.

“Ohhhh!” she whined, sandwiched between the two grunting youths. “Ohhhh, Godddd!”

“God won’t help you now!” someone yelled.

Ronny fucked her ass, pounding his hard belly against it, driving his cock faster and faster in her shithole. Roscoe squirmed and bucked underneath her, his eyes rolled back, his head twisting from side to side. The teen resembled a demon. It was as if be had become possessed in his state of frantic lust.

“I feel your prick moving in there,” Ronny said. “Ream ‘er out, buddy. We’ll make her cunt and ass just one big wide-open hole. Ahhh, ahhhhh!” He growled with lust, buggering her faster, fucking her shitter until the fire was shooting through her intestines.

“Eat this, bitch!” The teen kneeling in front of her moved closer, dangling his balls over Roscoe’s face as he rammed his dripping cock against Sister Bernice’s mouth.

Sister Bernice couldn’t have resisted even if she’d wanted to. She had no strength left anymore. It didn’t pay to care. Where had worry and care ever gotten her? Where had doing what she thought was proper ever gotten her? Right here, here on her belly in the pouring autumn rain, here sandwiched between two savagely fucking teens who were raping both her asshole and cunthole, here with a third huge cock burning her lips, bubbling fucklube down her chin. Her mouth went slack and the third cock entered her body, its fat prickhead ramming her tonsils and sliding down her throat.

She gagged, her head jerking as the teen pumped his cum in and out. The spit gushed out of her and ran down over the teen’s flapping balls. Roscoe cursed as her spit dripped onto his face, but what could she do about it? She was as powerless to prevent the spit from leaking out of her mouth as she was to prevent the pussyjuice from running out of her fucked cunt, or the ass-juices from leaking out of her buggered shithole. All she could do was squirm, her body responding to the slicing of the big cocks in and out of her shithole and cunt.

The teen fucking her face grabbed her by the hair and plunged his cock harder, faster. “Suck it! Lick it with your bitch tongue! Come on, baby, pleasure my big prick!”

She grunted, choked, flapped her tongue wildly and blindly the huge fucker as it reamed out her throat. The teen responded with animal-like grunts and moans of pleasure. His prick throbbed, vibrated, sending prickly sensations through her lips and mouth, arousing her lust to suck.

“Ohhhh, yeahhh!” moaned the deliriously humping youth in front of her. “Suck that mother! Blow that big prick!”

Three cocks pistoned in her body, screwed her three fuckholes, caused similar sensations in her mouth and asshole and cunt. She’d never realized that her mouth and asshole were just as sexually excitable as was her cunt.

She’d never imagined such stuffed, stretched, tight, throbbing feelings were possible. Three big cocks moved inside her body simultaneously. She grunted, moaned, writhed between Ronny and Roscoe. Her ass twitched, rotated.

Bugger me, fuck me! she thought. Oh, do it! Harder, deeper, faster! She squirmed with such fury that she thought she was going to have a heart attack or stroke. The heat mushroomed in her head, surged through her body. Fuck! she screamed in her mind, grunting like a sow. Fuck, you horny devils, fuck!

“Ohhhhh, shit!” Ronny groaned. “Skin that prick! Pop the knob off it, you slut bitch! Ughhh, uhhhh!” He bore down, fucking madly, grinding his prick into her again and again and again.

Underneath her Roscoe bucked up and down, as if he were fighting for his life. His prick fucked her pussy just as rapidly as Ronny’s cock was buggering her ass.

“Give it to her!” Ronny gasped. “I can feel your prick sliding inside her! Oh, fuck, wild! Hump, you bastard, hump!” As Roscoe bucked more frantically, Ronny followed his own advice and fucked faster.

Their two big pricks sizzled inside Sister Bernice. Her loins surged with flame, with fuck sensation. Her fuckmeat pulsated, stimulated, swelled, tightened. She was going to come now regardless of what happened. She’d already passed the point of no return. She chomped down into the prick of the youth grinding out her throat.

“Ohhhhh, Christ!” he gasped. “Jesus damn!” His fucker swelled, stretching her lips even farther. His big rod of bone-hard cockmeat vibrated, every vein on his prickshaft ballooning. As the huge fuck monster flexed in her throat, a torrent of scalding fuck-cream spurted down her gullet, gagging her with its force and profusion. “Awwww!” the teen groaned. “Arghhhh!”

Her head filled with the scent and taste of cum. She became instantly drunk on it, drugged, delirious. She sucked like a calf at a cow’s tit, drinking down the rich load of teenage fuck-cream. She wanted all of it, wanted all he could give her. As the teen’s jism gushed down her throat, her cunt exploded with spasms of orgasm, and the two teen’s reaming her cried out as if they were being scourged. She could hardly think anymore, but she was still sane enough, still conscious enough to realize that molten cum was spurting repeatedly into her loins — up her asshole, up her cunt.

Ronny ground his belly against her ass, grunting like a mad bull as he poured his seething load up her shithole. Roscoe panted and muttered under her, squirting round after round of sizzling jism up her cunt. The teen fucking her throat sagged down, sitting on helpless Roscoe’s face as his spent prick started to soften in Sister Bernice’s mouth.

She sucked, not wanting to let his fat prick go, wanting to suck on his tasty slab of cockmeat forever. Her loins still pulsated with the warm thrills of her subsiding orgasm, and the two cocks in her crotch-holes still throbbed, oozing warm cream into her. She humped slowly, milking their cocks dry, wiggling her ass.

“Piss in her!” someone yelled.

“Fill ‘er up!” another teen shouted.

Sister Bernice braced herself. No! She would have screamed if her mouth hadn’t been stuffed. You can’t! Oh, please!

But they could, and they did.

She choked on the piss gushing down her throat, but the teen who was feeding her forced her to hold her mouth shut and to swallow every drop of the acidic, foul-tasting fluid. She’d never tasted anything worse. Her eyes watered, the piss fumes rushing out through her nose. She swallowed repeatedly, sure that the surging load of piss would never stop coming.

The two pricks in her crotch-holes quivered as they gushed their piss into her. Hot piss ran out of her asshole and cunt. It was disgusting, perverted, sinful, what they were doing to her.

No woman deserved this, especially not a nun, a woman of God.

As the piss streamed into her loins, she felt her fuckholes fill with heat, felt them tighten and squeeze at the cocks violating her. As the two half-hard pricks finally slid out of her, she shuddered, her loins suddenly pulsating with a mild orgasm. She tried to hold herself still, didn’t want any of the teens to know she was coming again. They’d call her a whore, a slut. But she couldn’t help it. Her body was responding. What could she do about it?

The rain poured down on her with renewed fury as they pulled her to her knees. The lightning blinded her and the thunder shook the very ground she was kneeling on as a hard cock was rammed down her throat.

As she sucked the teen standing before her, another teen kneeled in back of her and drove his cock up her asshole without even bending her over. The two teens fought for her tits as they raped her ass and face, mauling her big tits, yanking and twisting her nipples. She squealed with pain, but the teens kept fucking her, kept torturing her tits.

Rain cascaded down the washboard belly undulating in front of her face. Rain-water ran along his plunging cock and into her mouth. The rain tasted good and she swallowed it greedily, washing the taste of piss out of her throat.

She heard more voices, more whoops and shouts, and she knew that more teens were leaving the prison to see what all the excitement was about down here at the gate. Cum exploded down her throat. Cum spurted into her asshole. The teens who had used her tossed her aside, and three more teens immediately grabbed her, forcing her down on her hands and knees like a sow. She arched up, gasping, as a prick plunged into her jism-filled asshole. A teen shoved his ass in her face, ordering her to lick it out. She felt hot wads of cum pelting her back like molten wax. They were jacking off on her, fucking her, rubbing their asses in her face. The scent of the teens was like the scent of a barnyard. Hot lips wrapped around her tits and sucked.

Cum gushed into her, splashed down on her, ran out of her. She was filled with cum, was bathing in it. The rain let up, and the teens smeared their sticky fuck-fluid all over her body. Licking off a teen’s cock, she came again, moaning and shuddering, not caring anymore whether the teens saw her pleasure or not.

“What a bitch!” a teen shouted, and although she couldn’t see him, she recognized his voice. It was her brother. It was Ronny.

And she knew he was right. She was a bitch. And she was getting finally what she’d always wanted — cock, as much as she could handle. “What a bitch!” Ronny repeated, and Sister Bernice smiled.