Hot Sucking Daughter

The process of growing up, of passing through adolescence, has, through the ages, been marked by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family and peer groups. Certainly, in our society today, the problems of youth seem to be even more marked than ever.

We hear constant reports of the teenage drug and alcohol problem. Of shoplifting and other petty crimes. Of promiscuity and dangerous VD epidemics.

Peggy Benson is a pretty young teenager embarking on her own special journey into adolescence. She finds herself plagued by her emotions, and troubled by her relationship with her family, sometimes feeling guilty about her awakening sexuality. And it is through her relationship with them that Peggy at last takes major strides toward womanhood.

HOT SUCKING DAUGHTER — the story of one average American girl’s coming of age. A lesson to us all. A reminder, once again, that growing up is not easy.


Peggy Benson sprawled on the lounge chair near the sparkling pool. Her bikini top was undone. The bottoms hugged her tight, saucy little ass, and since the bikini was wet, it was almost sheer.

She rested her arms beneath her head, facing the pool, away from the house. Her long, creamy legs were parted slightly, and there was a tingling pulsation between them. The sun was hot on her body, and she thought maybe that was one of the reasons her cunt was throbbing. It seemed as if she had been born with a throbbing, wet, burning cunt.

Her chestnut hair fanned about her arms, and she sighed heavily as she tried to rid her mind of the erotic thoughts that flooded it. She was always imagining hard cocks, and she felt ashamed of it.

Peggy was not even in high school yet, and already, she was tormented by such strong sexual desires, desires that she felt guilty of. The girls she knew didn’t have thoughts like that. At least none of them mentioned such things, not to her. Peggy felt as if she was the only girl in the world who had, such wicked, naughty thoughts in her mind. She felt as if she were a bad girl.

She shivered. If her parents knew that she had fucked her boyfriend two weeks ago, they would think she was no good, shameless. They probably would never speak to her again, ever. She couldn’t stand that. She loved her parents and her brother Robert. If they thought she was a bad girl, she would just die with shame. Since she had fucked her boyfriend, she refused to see him again. She was afraid she would fuck him again, and if she did, her mother and father would eventually discover it, and maybe make her go away. The boy called constantly, but she refused to take his calls. She knew her parents were puzzled by her behavior. She had always been a bubbling girl, filled with laughter and pleasure. Now, she was acting as if she were in a deep depression.

Peggy was not in a depression, not really. She was simply tormented by her sexual feelings and the shame she felt, of the hatred her parents would have for her if they knew what went on in her erotic mind. She felt she wasn’t old enough to be fucking, but her cunt told her different.

Peggy had been shocked to find that she was eyeing her brother Robert the past two weeks. She had been watching the front of his pants constantly, wishing desperately to see his cock, see it become hard, outlined against his pants. Then she had been further shocked one evening to discover she had been gazing at the front of her father’s pants. She was certain her mother had caught her doing that. Anyway, her mother had given her an odd look.

Peggy twisted her hips, pressing her cunt into the pad of the lounge chair. She wanted to jump to her feet, rip her bikini bottom off and shout as loud as she could: “Goddamn it, I want a hard cock, you sonsofbitches! Won’t somebody fuck my hot cunt!”

But of course she couldn’t do that. The neighbors would hear, and she knew her brother, was in the garage, working on his model airplanes. She thought of Robert. He was two years older than her. She wondered if he had ever fucked a girl. She wondered if he wanted a cunt as much as she wanted a cock. She would bet anything her brother jacked off, just as she fingerfucked her cunt two or three times a day. Sometimes Peggy would thrust her finger into her pussy until her cunt was almost raw, coming and coming and coming.

She felt a presence near her. When she turned her head, Robert was sitting in one of the chairs near hers. Immediately Peggy’s eyes went to the front of his cut-off jeans. She thought she could see his cock outlined there, but with her overactive erotic mind, she wasn’t certain. But what she was certain of was that Robert seemed to be gazing steadily at either her thighs, or else at the swell of her cute ass cheeks.

She could not help writhing her ass. She strained her eyes at his cut-offs, directly at his crotch. She knew she was staring, knew that Robert probably saw where she was looking, but Peggy couldn’t help it. She couldn’t take her eyes away. She could feel his eyes caressing her long, creamy thighs, the swell of her saucy young ass. The cheeks of her ass clenched, and she knew he could see the crack through the wet bikini bottom.

Robert’s cock was getting hard. She could see it starting to bulge out. She licked her lips as she saw it growing, then a soft gasp escaped her mouth.

The head of her brother’s cock slipped from the frayed edges of his cut-off jeans. She could see it so clearly. It was only a few feet away, and she wanted to reach out and touch it. The head was fully exposed to her hot eyes, and it was smoothly swollen. She could see the piss hole, see it starting to drip. Her hand itched with the strong desire to feel it, caress it, hold it and jack it. Her ass twitched and she pressed her cunt hard into the pad, a soft moan bubbling from her constricted throat.

Robert leaned over in the chair, and she knew where he was looking. Her legs had parted, and the tight crotch of her bikini could be seen by him. Then Peggy gasped.

Her brother had reached out and was running his hand along her thigh, fondling her. Her breath caught in her throat and she tried to be very still, but the ripples of sudden pleasure sent chills flooding her flesh, chills that excited her, made her cunt burn fiery hot. Her clitoris throbbed, and she knew her cunt was becoming wetter than ever before. There was nothing she could do about it. She wanted to tell Robert to stop touching her, to go away, leave her alone. But her cunt was telling him to keep on feeling her, telling his fingers to come higher, to press at her steaming pussy.

Again Peggy’s ass moved, wiggling as his hand created delicious sensations on her flesh. He was very close to her bikini now, and she knew the curves of her ass cheeks were exposed.

She felt his fingertip probe at the cheek of her ass, very lightly, as if he was afraid she would suddenly twist away from him. Peggy wanted to twist away, but she was frozen there by the ecstasy that was swelling up in the pit of her stomach. Her breathing was now coming in hot gasps of pleasure.

“Peggy, I…” Robert stopped. His hands rested now on the cheek of her ass very lightly.

“Robert, please… don’t,” she whispered. But there was no conviction in her voice. Her ass writhed beneath his palm, and she couldn’t stop it.

Her eyes burned on the head of his cock, and before she knew it, her hand moved. With dazed vision, she watched her hand reach out, then she was brushing the tips of her fingers along the dripping tip of his prick. She felt the slippery moisture, then her fingers closed about the head of his prick.

“Ooooooh,” she whimpered softly.

Robert’s hand moved again, and he was feeling all over her swelling ass. Peggy twisted and writhed her ass cheeks against his hand.

She gasped again when she felt her brother trying to tug her bikini bottoms down. Peggy had pulled more of his cock from the frayed edges of his cut-offs, and she now had a tight grip on it. She could feel the powerful throb in her hand, and she began to jack on his cock slowly.

She felt her brother pulling her tight bikini bottoms down, and she felt the hot sun on the naked cheeks of her ass, then the garment was at her knees, then at her feet. Peggy lifted her feet so he could remove them. She watched, dazed, as the bikini bottoms fell to the lawn. She was now naked, lying in the backyard near the pool, in broad daylight, and her brother was feeling her saucy, round ass, and she was pumping on his cock. It was crazy, deliciously wicked.

“Peggy, I’ve gotta…” His voice sounded low and husky. “Oh, Peggy!”

She clawed at her brother’s cock, squeezing it hard, thrilled by the way it throbbed in her fist. She wished he was naked, too, so she could play with his balls. But, although she wanted it badly, she couldn’t say anything.

Robert squeezed the cheeks of his sister’s creamy ass, his fingers digging into the flesh. Peggy spread her legs, urging him to touch and probe at her pulsating cunt. She could feel herself almost coming. Her clitoris was tingling like it never had before. She lifted her naked ass up, urging him to feel between her legs with the motion. But Robert kept playing with her ass cheeks. She felt his hand slip into her warm, inviting crack, brushing at her tiny, puckered asshole.

Her fist squeezed hard at his throbbing cock and she gave a soft squeal. Her fist jacked faster on his prick, pumping almost furiously now. Soft mewls kept coming from her open mouth as her eyes closed tight. Her body was shivering and burning.

She felt her brother’s cock brush against her hip, leaving a wet trail on her flesh. She thought it was like a flame, scorching her.

Robert was spreading her legs farther apart, his breathing harsh. Her feet were over the lounge, and she knew he could now see her cunt. She wondered if he could see how hot it was, see her pussy twitching with the desperation to be fucked. Then Robert was on the lounge between her legs, and she knew he was going to fuck her.

“Robert, oh, we can’t… we shouldn’t…” But the soft throatiness of her words told him to fuck her, and fuck her now.

Peggy felt her brother’s cock brushing at her cunt, and she lifted her creamy ass high in the air to make it easy for him. But he didn’t stick his cock into her boiling pussy. Instead, she found it pressing upon the tightness of her asshole.

“No, Robert, not there!” she groaned. “That’s the wrong place!”

But the pressure increased.

Peggy yelped. “Ohhh, Robert!”

The head of his cock had penetrated the tightness of her asshole. Peggy thought he was ripping her apart, but then the slight, sudden pain had become surprisingly a good feeling. She felt her asshole stretch around the swollen head of his cock, and then it was going deeper into her ass. Peggy moaned and whimpered, but the sounds bubbling from her were those of extreme pleasure. She had never felt anything like this before, but she admitted to herself it was fantastic. She had not thought of being fucked up the ass.

“Ooooooh!” she whimpered, and her ass lifted to meet his cock. “Robert! Oh, Robert!”

She felt more of his cock slide up her asshole, and the deeper it went, the better it felt to Peggy. She felt his balls touch the lips of her burning, seeping cunt, and then Robert was bracing himself above her. When he started fucking her, she writhed and wiggled her ass, arching toward him. The way his cock slid in and out thrilled Peggy. Her asshole was stretched widely and gripped her brother’s cock tightly, flexing on it with a power of its own. She loved the feel of his balls as they banged against her cunt, and she could not stop her mewls of ecstasy. She loved the way he grunted above her.

“Ooooh, Robert!” she whimpered. “Do it faster! Ohhhh, screw it, Robert! Oh, yes, yes! Fuck me, Robert! Ohhhhhh, fuck me good! I love it, love it, love it!”

His cock thrust faster into her stretched asshole, and Peggy thought she was dreaming. Nothing could feel this good, she thought. It was even better than when her boyfriend had fucked her. It was good, different, and so terrific she thought she would go out of her mind.

Peggy twisted her naked little ass in a frenzy, shoving back at him as he stabbed faster and harder up her asshole. She squealed with delight, her cunt throbbing and her clitoris almost painfully swollen. She could feel an intense orgasm already boiling inside her trembling stomach. She slammed her naked ass back against his driving cock hard.

The ecstasy was so intense, Peggy had no sensation other than that filling her asshole and throbbing cunt.

“Mmmmmmm, Robert!” she groaned. “That’s good, so good! Fuck it, Robert! Ohhhhh, fuck my ass! Fuck it… fuck it, fuck it!”

Peggy knew she was urging her brother on, yet at the same time it seemed to be a different person. She wanted to stop the flow of words, but she couldn’t.

“Fuck it!” she screamed. “Fuck me… fuck me! Oh, I love your cock, Robert! I love that hard cock… fucking my ass! Give it to me, Robert! I want all your hard cock up my fucking asshole! Fuck my ass… fuck my ass… fuck my hot asshole!”

If her brother said anything, Peggy didn’t hear the words. She was too involved in her own ecstasy. She could hear him grunting, panting heavily, above and behind her.

“Oh God… Oh God… Oooooooh!” she wailed as her orgasm steamed hotly, racing toward her cunt and clitoris. “Robert, Robert! I’m gonna come! You’re gonna make me come, Robert! Harder… faster… hard, Goddamn it! Fuck my hot-assed asshole hard with your big, hard cock! Shoot it up my asshole, Robert! Shoot your come juice up my fucking hot asshole!”

Peggy screamed. It was a scream of intense ecstasy. Her cunt convulsed like never before. As many times as she had made herself come this was much, much stronger, and so much better. Her naked ass went wild in movement, and Robert was thrusting faster and harder.

Peggy’s asshole had gripped his throbbing cock hard now, flexing on it as she came.

Somehow, through all the tingling ecstasy Peggy was feeling, she felt her brother’s cock swell inside her gripping asshole. Then she felt it spurting. She screamed again as her orgasm intensified in strength.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed. “Come in me, Robert! Ooooooh, I feel your cock squirting in my fucking asshole! More, Robert! Give my hot asshole more come juice! I love it, Goddamn you, I love it!”

With one last convulsion, Peggy’s hips slumped to the lounge, her body shuddering. She moaned and whimpered as the glow of pleasure seemed to cling to her every pore. She felt her brother slip his cock from her gripping asshole, and she whimpered as it came free. She closed her eyes, feeling the sun on her naked ass once again. When she opened her eyes, she was alone.

Sitting up, she felt tears sting at her eyes. She picked up her bikini. Balling the fabric in a small fist, she started toward the house. She was naked, but it didn’t matter to her anymore.

She flung herself onto her bed and began to sob.

Peggy felt she was worse than she had imagined. She had fucked her brother, hadn’t she? And not with her cunt, either. She had let him fuck her up her ass… in her asshole. If she felt she was no good before, she felt even worse now.

Didn’t she just prove that she was a bad girl? Maybe if she had let Robert fuck her in the cunt, it wouldn’t have been so bad, she tried to rationalize.

Her naked little body shuddered with misery. She was not a nice girl, not a good girl. If her mother and father knew what she had done, they would openly show their disgust for her.

But Peggy couldn’t help the way she felt. She couldn’t help it if she was such a hot-ass, she sobbed. What is wrong with me? Am I the only girl in the whole world who feels like this? I bet there isn’t another girl in the world that fucks her brother, and up the ass at that!

Peggy felt she had to do something about this, but she didn’t know what to do. She knew she could never look her parents in the eye again, and certainly not her brother. Even Robert probably thought she was no good now, after letting him fuck her that way. And it was outside, right in daylight! Someone could have seen them!

An idea began to form in her mind, an idea that she hated. But she didn’t seem to have any choice now. She couldn’t live here any longer. She would bring shame on her parents, on her brother. Everyone would look at her, point a finger of accusation.

Brother-fucker! she screamed at herself. You fucking, crazy, hot-assed brother-fucker!


Peggy was unusually quiet at dinner that night.

She avoided her brother’s eyes, feeling herself blush when he looked at her. She was certain her mother and father could read her guilt and shame on her face, and she avoided their eyes, too. When dinner was over, she helped her mother with the dishes.

“Something wrong, honey?” her mother asked as they stood at the sink. “Anything you want to talk about?”

“No, Mother,” Peggy murmured. “I’m okay.”

She felt her mother looking at her, and her cheeks warmed. She hurried through the dishes and fled to her room, knowing her parents would be talking about her. She just knew they could tell what a bad girl she was, could see it on her face, in her eyes, that she had fucked her brother, and in her asshole. They knew exactly where she had taken his cock, she just knew it.

Although she wasn’t sleepy, Peggy undressed for bed. The gown was one her parents had given her two months before. It was short, falling only to her hips. She also wore a pair of ruffled panties. The gown was quite sheer, and she had been proud of it. It was her first grown-up gown, she thought.

As she lay in the darkness, she found once more that her mind was dwelling on cocks, and this time it was her brother’s cock. She could still feel how it pulsated and throbbed in her hand, the way it felt when he shoved it up her ass. Her asshole should hurt, she thought, but all it did was feel good, feel delicious. She felt her asshole flexing with the remembrance. She remembered the ecstasy she felt, as he fucked her ass. She recalled the words she had called out to him, and her shame deepened.

But her shame did not prevent her from thinking how terrific it had been.

That, she told herself, was proof enough that she was no good, that everyone would hate her if they knew. And still her mind could not stop thinking about her brother’s cock, or any cock. Her sweet cunt began to quiver as she lay on her back, staring up at the ceiling in the darkness. Then her hips began to writhe and twist gently. She was fondling her tits, twisting and pulling at her sensitive nipples, making soft mewls of self-induced pleasure.

It had become quite dark now, but Peggy had not realized it. She could detect the sounds of her parents getting ready for bed, but it seemed as if in a dream.

Wanting a drink of water, she went downstairs to the kitchen. On her way back to her room, she passed the bedroom of her parents. The sounds they were making caused her to pause outside the door. It was obvious to Peggy that they were going to fuck. She wished that the door was open so she could watch them. But since she couldn’t, she sighed and went back to her room.

As she started to get into bed, she remembered about the overhanging ledge that ran around the house. It was over two feet wide, and she could easily walk along it. She had done that, many times when she was young, and had gotten her little ass spanked for it.

Opening her window, she managed to remove the screen easily, then she stepped out onto the ledge, still in her gown. Creeping along the ledge, she came to the window of her parents’ bedroom. She was pleased to find the drapes open, and the window, too. Not only could she see them, but she could hear them as well.

“Something is bothering Peggy,” she heard her mother say. “She won’t talk to me about it.”

Her father laughed. “Want to make a bet about what it is?”

“I’d probably lose,” her mother chuckled. “We have, to give her time, George.”

“In the meantime,” her father said in a mock, lewd voice, “I’d like to have some of your hot ass.”

Peggy’s heart raced as she peered into the window. Her mother was sprawled back on the bed, totally naked. Peggy stared at her mother’s tits, seeing the way they jutted up with brown, hard nipples. She looked at her mother’s body, thinking how beautiful she was. Her father was out of sight, probably still in the bathroom. Peggy saw the thick patch of dark cunt hair at the base of her mother’s stomach, and her long, ever-so-smooth thighs.

Seeing her mother’s body this way, naked, caused Peggy’s hot little pussy to throb with pleasure. Her nipples were hard, and the material of her gown brushing against them made her shiver. Her eyes were huge as she peeked into the room. She gasped silently when she saw her mother running her hand through the thick curls of her cunt. Peggy didn’t know that adults touched themselves there. She thought only boys and girls her age did that.

“If it’s hot ass you want, George,” she heard her mother say, “then what’s keeping you so damned long?”

She did not hear the reply her father made. Her mother had spread her thighs out, stretching them wide. Peggy gazed hotly between them, seeing her bushy cunt. The dark hair was very thick, but the pink lips of her mother’s twat were clearly visible. Peggy thought she could see it gleaming moistly, but wasn’t sure. Peggy thought that her mother’s pussy was very pretty, very inviting, tantalizing. She wondered what it would be like to feel her mother’s cunt, to stick her finger into it and fuck her.

You’re crazy, Peggy Benson! You’re sex-crazy, you dumb bitch!

Then her mother was rubbing her cunt, twisting her hips on the bed, her head turned toward the door of the bathroom. “If you don’t hurry up, George,” she heard her mother call, “I’m going to start by myself.”

Her father’s laughter came to her. “Go ahead… you’ll keep it hot for me.”

“It’s always hot, you bastard,” her mother said, laughing.

Peggy saw her mother’s finger slip into her cunt, and she bubbled over with boiling pleasure. Her little ass clenched and her cunt throbbed as she peeked.

Then her father stepped into her line of vision.

Peggy’s eyes were hot and excited as she stared at him. Like her mother, he was naked, and his cock rose up and out, big and, thick and so long. She didn’t think she could get her fingers around it all. At the base was thick wiry hair, and his balls were enormous to her excited eyes. Her father stepped up to the bed and looked down, at his wife. Peggy’s mother was plunging her finger in and out of her cunt with shameless abandon, her dark eyes glowing with desire at his arching cock. Peggy saw her mother reach out aid take that big cock in her fist and pump on it.

“Beautiful, George,” she heard her mother murmur. “Such a big, beautiful, hard cock!”

Peggy’s flesh shivered with heat as she watched. Her eyes were slightly glazed with the intensity of her pleasure. Her father’s cock had the biggest head she could imagine, swollen and smooth. Leaning against the rough side of the window, Peggy moved her hand down to her quivering cunt, pressing the heel of it hard against her throbbing clitoris.

“I want it now, George,” she heard her mother urge in a hot voice. “Come on, darling… put that big cock in me! Fuck me, George! Hurry and fuck me! I’m so damned hot for it!”

Peggy’s mind was inflamed with erotic pleasure as she listened to her mother’s words. They excited her almost as much as what she was seeing.

As her legs trembled, Peggy watched her father climb between her mother’s stretched thighs. Her position was perfect to watch as her mother guided that big cock to her cunt. Her mother lifted her ass, and then Peggy mewled softly as she saw her father’s cock slide effortlessly into her mother’s twat.

“Oooooo,” her mother hissed as her cunt stretched around his hard-on. “I love that feeling when your cock goes in my pussy, darling! Ohhhh, it’s the best feeling in the world!”

“You’re just a hot piece, Ann,” her father grunted as his balls brushed against the cheeks of her ass. “That’s all… a hot cunt!”

“Yes, yes!” her mother exclaimed as she wrapped her arms about his shoulders mashing her tits against his chest. “I’m a hot piece, darling! God, I’m the hottest fucking cunt you’ll ever get! Fuck it, George! Fuck that hot cunt of mine!”

Peggy saw her mother’s legs widen more, her naked ass lifting. She saw her mother’s ass was drawn high as her father cupped her round cheeks. He spread his legs, too, and Peggy saw his cock plunging in and out of her mother’s pussy. His hairy balls swung about, and it seemed as if her mother’s asshole was clenching and relaxing as that big prick filled her twat.

Her father’s ass bounced furiously, and he was grunting loud enough for Peggy to her. She could see her mother grinding her naked ass up at him as his cock thrust powerfully. The wet, pink lips, of her mother’s cunt were clinging to the hard, throbbing shaft. The excited whimpers coming from her mother and the grunts of her father were making her erotic mind reel. Peggy’s stomach was trembling now as badly as her legs were, and her sweet little cunt was throbbing as if she were going to come.

She gazed hotly as her father’s ass banged up and down, his cock stabbing her mother’s wet, hot pussy in a furious way. His hairy balls swung to and fro, and Peggy felt an almost overwhelming urge to climb through the window and grab them. She wanted to grab her father’s balls as he fucked her mother, twist them, lick them, suck on them. The desire was so great she almost moved her feet, but caught herself.

She noticed that her mother was being bent, her father pulling her ass higher and higher. Then her mother had her knees alongside her tits, and her ass was high in the air. Her father’s cock continued to relentlessly fuck in and out, and now she could see her mother’s asshole flexing, and it made her wonder briefly if her mother had been fucked up the ass by that huge cock.

“I’m about there, darling!” she heard her mother squeal. “I’m about to come, George! Pour it to me… ram that cock… fuck my cunt! Oh… ohhhh, I’m going to come, you big-cocked bastard! Fuck it… fuck the piss out of my hairy, hot cunt!”

Although it seemed impossible to Peggy, her father’s naked ass seemed to move faster, and his prick was thrusting into her mother’s clinging cunt extremely swift now.

Just as she heard her mother scream out an orgasm, Peggy saw her father press hard into her, and then his balls twitched as he gushed come juice into Ann.

Peggy was so excited, her eyes so glassy, her knees so weak, she didn’t realize that her parents were now lying side by side, caressing and kissing in the glow of fucking. When she finally came out of the erotic daze, she crept silently back to her room. She sprawled on the bed, her body writhing with desire. Her cunt burned hotly, and she had to rip her ruffled panties off. She began to thrust a finger into her tight cunt in a frenzy.

She was so involved in the pleasure she was giving herself and in the images of her mother and father fucking. Peggy did not know when her brother had stepped into the room. Her first sign of his presence was when her bedside lamp was turned on, flooding the room with a soft glow.

“Oh!” she yelped, startled.

“Kind of hot, Peggy?”

“Robert!” she gasped, jerking her finger from her cunt and trying to pull the sheet over her body. “What are you doing here? Go away, Robert! Please, go away!”

He sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at his sister. “Why are you crying, Peggy?”

“That’s none of your business!” she snapped, trying to turn her face away.

He cupped her chin and looked at her. “I heard you thrashing around. I thought you might be having a nightmare.” Then he laughed. “But you were fingerfucking instead. What were you thinking about, Peggy? This afternoon by the pool?”

Shame flooded her pretty face. “No!” she said, blushing furiously. “I wasn’t! And I want you to go away!”

“So you can fingerfuck your hot pussy again?” he grinned. “I don’t think you mean that, Peggy. I have something better than your finger.”

He grabbed her hand and drew it to his lap. He was wearing shorts, and she trembled as her hand was placed on his cock. It was as hard as it had been this afternoon, and she could feel it throb beneath her palm. Automatically, almost unconsciously, her fingers wrapped about her brother’s prick, squeezing it.

“Now, don’t that feel better than your finger, Peggy?” he said. His voice was surprisingly soft, and she felt ecstasy building inside her. She gripped his cock very hard.

“Y-yes,” she murmured. “Oh, Robert! I think I’m going out of my mind! I can’t help it, either!”

“No, you aren’t,” he said softly, caressing her small tits through the flimsy gown. “You’re just hot, Peggy. All girls — and boys, too — get hot. You’re not the only girl to want a hard cock, you know.”

All shame was gone as her passion bubbled. Peggy could not feel any shame now. It seemed that once she had her hand on a hard, throbbing cock, she didn’t feel so guilty.

That came later. She sat up in bed, trying to shove his shorts away from his cock. Robert helped her, and then she closed her fingers around his prick tightly, pumping up and down. She gazed at his prick, saw the swollen head above her fingers.

“Take your shorts off, Robert,” she said in a hot, quivering voice. “Take them off, please!”

“Only if you take your gown off, Peggy,” he teased, running a fingertip over her small tits.

“Oh, yes,” she giggled, slipping the gown over her head.

She sat up in bed, naked, and felt a rippling thrill go through her as Robert stared at her naked body. Her tits were small, but so exquisitely formed they were flawless. She drew her knees up and let them fall wide, the tufts of her cunt hair gleaming in the lights. The lips of her pink cunt were pulsating wildly, and her clitoris was ready to burst, it was tingling so much. Robert slipped off his shorts, and Peggy gazed with burning desire at his cock. His cock was not nearly as large as her father’s, she thought, but it was so beautiful.

Robert lay beside her, and Peggy sat with her legs crossed at his side, one hand manipulating his balls and the other stroking his cock. She watched the head of his prick swell even more, saw it start to drip cum from the piss hole. It burned between her tight fingers like a flame of devouring fire, and she loved it!

“I can’t help myself,” she whispered, jacking on her brother’s cock. “I don’t know why, but I seem to want it all the time, Robert. I wished I knew what was wrong with me.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Peggy,” he said. He reached out and stroked her knee, then caressed her smooth inner thigh. “You just have a hot ass, that’s all. Lots of girls have a hot ass.”

Her face became warm. “Hot ass,” she murmured. “Like this afternoon, huh? Why did you do it to me there, Robert? I’ve never had it that way, before.”

He chuckled as his fingers toyed with the blonde fuzz of her snatch. “I wanted to fuck you in the ass,” he said. “And I knew you’d never had a cocks in your asshole before.”

“How did you know?”

“A guy can tell,” he said, rubbing at her clitoris. “That’s all, a guy can tell.”

“You’re teasing.”

“Yeah, I am,” he grinned. “I guess I fucked your ass because it was there, as they say.”

Peggy suddenly giggled. “Well, you’re not gonna fuck me up my ass this time, Robert Benson! This time your cock goes in the right place — my cunt!”

“Any place is the right place for a hard-on, Peggy,” he laughed.

She laughed with him, then threw her legs over him. She was on her knees above his cock, her legs stretched over his hips. She held his prick and lowered herself. When the swollen head brushed at her burning clit, she groaned with sudden pleasure. She smashed her tingling clitoris upon his now-dripping piss hole, and she whimpered with the sensation. Then she lifted her hips slightly, shoved his cock back a fraction of an inch, then plunged his hard cock into her cunt swiftly.

“Ooooooh, good!” she yelped.

“Not so hard, Peggy,” he cautioned. “You want to hurt yourself?”

“Oh, that don’t hurt at all!” she mewled. “It feels too good to hurt! Ohhhh, so good!” She settled her cunt down upon his cock, taking it all the way into her stretching pussy. She sat there for a while, trembling with the pleasure that flowed through her body. She threw her head back, hair flowing down, eyes closed, her lips parted as she gasped. She licked at her lips as she lifted her ass, then twisted slightly, only to plunge down onto his cock again.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Robert!” she wailed in ecstasy. “I’m gonna fuck you good! I’m gonna fuck your hard cock with my hot cunt and make you come and never stop coming!”

Robert didn’t move, but he looked at his sister’s pussy as she moved it up and down his prick. The wet lips clung to his prick as she fucked, sinking in as she went down. Peggy held her small tits with both hands her eyes still closed as her ass moved faster, grinding now, bumping back and forth.

“Ooooooh!” Peggy whimpered in pleasure. “Ohhh, so good! So fucking good! I love it, Robert! Oh, I love your hard cock in my pussy! Fuck me, Robert! Oooooh, fuck my hot little cunt!”

“You’re doing just fine,” he said, holding her thighs as she squirmed and twisted.

“Oh, I am! I am doing just fine!” Peggy gurgled, her pussy sliding in a frenzy on his throbbing cock. “I’m fucking you this time, Robert! This time I’ll fuck you and make you come!”

Peggy’s small ass twirled in a furious delight, her inflamed cunt becoming wetter. The moist sounds drifted to her ears, and she wailed softly. The muscles in her flat stomach rippled as she churned her hips, her distended clitoris scraping at the hardness of his cock as she plunged up and down. She was pulling and twisting at her sensitive nipples, twisting them almost brutally.

Peggy placed her hands on each side of her brother, rocking her naked ass back and forth, keeping his cock gripped tightly with her boiling cunt. Her eyes were open now, but she wasn’t seeing anything. The pleasure flooding her lovely young body was all she felt. Everything she felt, every sensation, was centered between her thighs, in and around her steaming cunt. She could feel an orgasm steaming hotly inside her rippling, churning stomach, and ha gasps and mewls were hot and husky.

Holding herself up with one arm, she reached behind her jerking ass and clutched his balls. She squeezed them as her cunt moved up and down his cock. She could feel his prick throbbing deep inside her pussy, and she was certain each groove and ridge of his hard-on was felt by her pussy lips. Her clitoris was still sliding against his prick, and it was burning like fire. She shuddered as the ecstasy rippled and flowed through her veins. Her tits swelled, and her nipples ached. Her nerve endings seemed to be screaming, and her mind was soaring so high, Peggy thought she would never come down. She didn’t want to come down. The bliss, the intensity of her ecstasy was so great she wanted to stay in the fluffy cloud of erotic pleasure for the rest of her entire life.

She felt her brother gripping her thighs, high up, his fingers in the curling hairs that covered the top of her cunt. She felt his cock thicken, felt the delicious throbs become stronger, and his balls flexed in her cradling hand.

“Ooooooh, Robert!” she wailed. “You’re gonna come! I can feel it! You’re gonna come… come in my cunt! Oh, yes, Robert! Come in me… squirt your come up my hot pussy! Give it to me, Robert! Please, give me your come juice!”

Robert grunted, and his fingers dug into her thighs. He arched up, thrusting his cock deep into his sister’s gripping cunt. Peggy felt his gush, and she squealed in delight, grinding her cunt down hard on him. She could feel his cock squirting in spasms, splashing that come juice deep into her pussy. Her naked little ass went wild, in a frenzy to make him keep coming. Then she let out a wail of pure ecstasy, her head up, neck muscles stretched. She slammed her cunt down hard, and then she came. The deep muscles of her cunt sucked on his still spurting cock, and she couldn’t stop her wails of ecstasy. Her body shook violently, then she slumped on top of her brother.

Peggy was vaguely aware of his hands caressing her back, along her hips and over the swell of her, succulent ass cheeks. Her cunt still throbbed, still holding his cock inside her.

She lifted up weakly, looked down into his face, and suddenly pressed her lips to his. Her wet tongue darted into his mouth quickly, then withdrew.

“Go!” she snapped suddenly, jerking from him and curling up knees to her tits and both hands over her face. “Go, Robert!”

She felt him get off she bed, then his footsteps told her she was alone. Once more remorse came over her, and Peggy became to sob softly.


Her light was still on when she woke up late the next morning. As soon as her eyes opened, Peggy recalled the night before with startling clarity. And immediately she felt like crying again.

She got out of bed. She searched for some clothing to wear, and found a pair of cut-off jeans with frayed edges. She pulled them on and found a large bandanna for her tits. The jeans had been cut off high enough so her creamy hips were exposed, and the delicate curves of her ass cheeks could be seen. Peggy did not think of this as she went downstairs.

She wondered why her mother had not awakened her as she usually did each morning.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” her mother smiled, as Peggy entered the kitchen. “I thought you’d stay in bed all day.”

“You didn’t wake me up, Mother,” Peggy said, sitting down at the table.

“I thought you needed some rest, honey,” her mother said. “You’re acting strange lately.”

“I’m okay, Mother,” Peggy mumbled.

“Want some breakfast, baby?” Ann asked.

“I’m not hungry,” Peggy replied.

Ann came to her daughter and placed her hand on Peggy’s forehead. “Hmmmm, no fever,” she said softly. She cupped Peggy’s chin and held her face up. “I wish you’d tell me what’s bothering you, Peggy.”

Suddenly tears welled up in Peggy’s eyes. She clutched her mother about the hips, burying her face into her mother’s dress. She sobbed softly, holding desperately to her mother’s body. She felt her mother running her hand through her hair, and her arms tightened.

As she pressed her face against her mother, Peggy’s mind was flooded with what she had seen the night before. She could see it just as clearly as if it were happening again. Her mother’s dark-haired cunt, lifting, meeting her father’s enormous cock. The loudness of her sobs grew softer, and to her horror, Peggy found that her hands had dropped lower on her mother’s back. She tried to make her hands stop, but they had a will of their own. Shocked, she found her hands moving over her mother’s ass cheeks, feeling and caressing the beautiful swell of them. Her mother’s dress was very thin, and Peggy could not feel the lines of panties.

She felt her mother’s body shiver, and she also felt her mother’s stomach writhing against her face. Her mother held her head tightly against her body, and then Peggy became aware that her mother’s ass cheeks were flexing beneath her hands.

This can’t be happening, she told herself. But it was happening. She was feeling her mother’s ass through the thin dress, and her mother was letting her do it! Not only was she letting her do it, but she was flexing her ass cheeks as if she, too, was excited by being touched this way.

Peggy was aware, but only as if in a dream, that her head was being moved, positioned.

Her face was turned toward her mother, and then it was pressed downward. Peggy felt her mouth pressing against the dress, and she felt the soft bulge of her mother’s cunt hair beneath her lips. There was heat there, too. Then, her mother was twisting gently, pressing herself into Peggy’s face. Peggy’s hands tightened on each cheek of her mother’s ass, and she was no longer sobbing. Instead she was applying pressure with her mouth against her mother. She began to kiss through the dress, and she heard a soft mewl from above her head.

Before Peggy knew what she was doing, being guided by the bubbling, consuming passion inside her own body and mind, she had slipped her hands down the backs of her mother’s thighs, under the dress, and she was caressing that smooth, creamy flesh. Her mother had the smoothest thighs, Peggy thought with a burning mind. Her mouth pressed harder, lips opening now, as her hands moved up beneath her mother’s dress. She probed lightly at the curves of her mother’s naked ass, then with a whimper, Peggy clutched a naked ass cheek in each hand, burying her mouth into the fuzzy mound of her mother’s pussy. She began to kiss hotly through the thin dress, her tongue licking.

She felt her mother pull away slightly, and thinking she was moving away, Peggy clutched her mother’s creamy ass tighter. But all her mother was doing was pulling back and spreading her feet on the floor.

Peggy, not looking up at her mother, lifted the thin dress and peered. Her face was only inches from her mother’s hairy cunt, and she licked at her lips with a desire that she had not felt before.

Arm held her dress at her waist, looking down at her daughter, seeing the smoldering heat in those young eyes. Peggy, now knowing that her mother was not pulling away from her, fondled the long, creamy thighs, feeling the smooth, hot inner surfaces. She ran her fingers through the thick curls of her mother’s cunt, then traced the puffy lips. She probed at her mother’s clitoris, finding it throbbing. She peered at the hairy cunt, slipping a finger into it. Her mother’s pussy was very wet, slippery. It was also surprisingly hot to Peggy’s finger. She thrust the finger in and out, fingerfucking her mother with increasing speed. Her own little pussy was throbbing just as hotly, and her clitoris tingled and burned. Her eyes were enormous as she watched what her finger was doing, and she twisted her little ass in the chair.

She could feel her mother’s cunt holding her finger as she stabbed it in and out. Her mother arched her hips, spreading her legs as best she could to keep her balance. As her finger fucked in and out, Peggy finally looked up into her mother’s face. She saw the glassy heat in her mother’s eyes, saw the parted lips, heard the soft gasps.

“Yes, baby,” Ann whispered down to her daughter. “I like it. Do what you want, honey.”

“Oh, Mother!” Peggy gurgled, her finger delving deep into her mother’s snatch. “Oh, Mother!”

“I understand, Peggy,” Ann whispered in a thick voice. “I understand so much, baby! Go ahead and touch me… do anything you want with me, Peggy!”

Peggy’s finger moved faster and faster in her mother’s cunt, and Ann began to dance lewdly, shaking her ass and humping back and forth, fucking Peggy’s finger as much as Peggy was fingerfucking her.

“Mmmm, honey, honey!” Ann groaned as she churned her cunt against her daughter’s hand. “That feels very good! If you keep doing that, Peggy, I’ll come. You want to make Mother come, baby? Make me come! Oh God, make me come, honey!”

Peggy brought her other hand to her mother’s cunt and began to finger hey mother’s inflamed clitoris. Her finger fucked faster into the steaming, gripping cunt, and her mother’s hips were moving in a frenzy of delight. The moist sounds came to her, and she could feel her mother’s cunt sucking on her finger. Peggy’s eyes were huge and hot as she watched her mother’s hairy cunt. She slipped one hand past a twisting hip and clutched a tight, flexing cheek of her mother’s ass, squeezing it hard as she furiously fingerfucked her. It seemed to Peggy that her mother’s cunt was becoming not only tighter, but hotter as well. She was delighted to feel it, delighted to know she could give her mother this ecstasy.

“I’m going to come, Peggy!” her mother shouted in a tight, almost strangled voice. “Ohhh, honey, you’re going to make me come… with your finger! Faster and harder, Peggy! Ohhh, that’s the way, honey! Fuck your finger in me! Ooooh, there it is, Peggy! I’m coming! Oh, am I ever coming! Fingerfuck me, baby! Fingerfuck your mother’s hot, hairy cunt!”

Peggy felt her mother’s cunt grabbing at her thrusting finger tightly, flexing on it as she convulsed. Her mother’s hips shook, and then her whole body trembled.

When she knew her mother was finished, she pulled her finger out, looking up with burning eyes. Her mother was smiling down at her with hot, but soft eyes. Peggy was burning up, her pussy in flames as if someone had placed a blowtorch between her thighs.

She was out of her cut-off shorts before she knew what she was doing, and plunging a finger, into her own cunt as her mother stood there, that same smile on her beautiful face. Then Ann was on her, knees before her daughter. She ran her hands up her slender thighs, watching as Peggy fingerfucked herself furiously. Peggy spread her legs as wide as she could, her little ass hanging over the edge of the chair. Her eyes were open, but she wasn’t seeing anything. Her erotic nature had taken hold of her, and she could not stop what she was doing.

Although Peggy was blinded by her intense passion, her nerves were alive, and she could feel it when her mother pressed her lips against her steaming inner thighs. Somehow her vision cleared, and she saw her mother’s lips moving about her thighs, kissing and sucking gently on her hot, creamy flesh. She pulled her finger, free of her slippery cunt and watched.

“Oh, baby, baby,” her mother whispered in a thick voice. “I understand what’s wrong with you now. Oh, I understand so much! I know what you’re going through, Peggy, but you don’t have to suffer. Oh God… you don’t have to suffer!”

Ann’s tongue flicked and lapped gently at the burning thighs of her daughter. Her hands slipped along Peggy’s legs, over her small hips. Peggy scooted her hips closer, and now her little ass was completely off the chair. She spread her legs as wide as they would go, eyes burning as she looked down at her kneeling mother. Her cunt was bubbling, her clitoris intensely swollen. She gripped the seat of the chair until her knuckles turned white, waiting, eager, anticipation swelling hotly inside her small, young body.

Ann kissed and licked along the inner thighs of her daughter, tasting the burning flesh, finding it sweet.

“Oh, Mother!” Peggy whimpered mindlessly, twisting her hips. “Mother, Mother… I can’t help it!”

“I know, baby,” Ann murmured up. “Don’t try to stop it. Enjoy it, Peggy. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. Don’t be ashamed of it, honey! Never be ashamed of the most beautiful feeling you’ll ever have.”

Ann’s tongue licked up one thigh, teased over the blonde fuzz of Peggy’s cunt, then lapped hotly along the other thigh. Peggy wanted her mother to touch her cunt, to play with it, to rub at her distended clitoris, to fingerfuck her.

“Touch me, Mother!” Peggy pleaded, twisting her crotch. “Mother, please, oh please… touch it! Touch it, Mother!”

Ann lifted her mouth from a slender thigh. She brushed the tips of her fingers along the sugary slit of her daughter’s twat, feeling the intensity of the heat there. She traced the puffy lips, probed lightly at Peggy’s swollen clitoris. At the touch upon her clitoris, Peggy’s hips jerked. “Ooooh Mother yes!”

“I’m going to do more than just touch it, baby,” Ann said in a thick voice. She moved her finger about Peggy’s boiling cunt, then worked it ever so gently into it. Peggy’s hips lifted as her mother’s finger went into her pussy, a loud squeal of pleasure bubbling from her mouth. “I’ll do a lot more than just touch your pretty little cunt, Peggy. A lot more!”

Peggy’s hips twisted about anxiously as her mother darted her finger in and out of the hot tightness. Ann watched her finger moving in and out of her daughter’s steaming cunt for a moment, seeing those sweet lips hold it. Then she moved her lips to her daughter’s hot thighs once more, licking and lapping. Ann traced the sparse pattern of cunt hair with the tip of her tongue. Then she pulled her finger free of Peggy’s clinging cunt and wrapped her arms about the writhing hips. She clutched Peggy’s ass cheeks, placing a moist, hungry kiss upon the puffy cunt lips.

“Oooooh!” Peggy mewled, trying to press her pussy into her mother’s mouth. “Ooooh, wonderful, Mother! Oh, kiss it again, Mother!”

Ann flicked her tongue along the swollen, sensitive tip of the throbbing clitoris.

Peggy’s hips lurched into her mother’s face, and she gripped the seat of the chair harder. Ann lifted Peggy’s legs and draped them over her shoulders, then began to kiss wetly at the sugary cunt of her daughter. Opening her lips, Ann closed them about her daughter’s twat, her tongue licking as she sucked. Her tongue teased her clitoris, making Peggy croon with ecstasy. Sucking for a moment on the explosive clitoris, Ann drew her tongue downward, then thrust it as deep as she could into her daughter’s sweet cunt. Peggy mewled and closed her thighs tightly about her mother’s face, looking down with blurred vision. Her mother’s dark eyes smoldered up at her, gleaming with passion as her tongue flew in and out of her wet snatch. She loved the way her mother held her ass cheeks, thrilled to the way she squeezed them as her tongue fucked relentlessly into her hotly seeping cunt.

Ever since her mother had started licking her pussy, Peggy felt as if she were about to come. The sensation was rumbling deep inside her stomach, making it tremble. She gripped her mother’s head very tightly with her thighs, locking her ankles behind her mother’s back.

The feeling of her mother’s tongue inside her tight cunt was so much different than a hard cock. Different, but just as good, just as thrilling. The ecstasy was so great, Peggy could not remain silent.

“I love it, Mother!” she groaned, her head twisting from side to side now as the pleasure bubbled hotter yet. “Ooooh, kiss it for me, Mother! Kiss my pussy! I’m on fire, Mother! Ohhh, kiss my cunt! Lick it for me… suck it… eat it! Oh, Mother, eat my cunt up! Fuck it with your tongue… Ohhhh! Oooooh, Mother!”

Ann’s tongue flew in and out of the slippery cunt swiftly now. She tongue fucked the sweetness of her daughter’s pussy eagerly, hungrily. Her tongue went deep, twirled about, then withdrew to lick up over her inflamed clitoris. Only to dive back into the tight sweetness again. Her hands clawed at Peggy’s bunching ass cheeks, her fingers digging into the resilient flesh. Her mouth filled with the seeping juices, and Ann had to swallow often. Now and then she would lap at her daughter’s crotch, then slam her tongue deep again. Her upper lip pressed and writhed on her sensitive clitoris, knowing the thrills it gave Peggy.

Peggy twisted and churned her hips, grinding into her mother’s face in a frenzy as her orgasm continued to build. It seemed to be taking forever to explode, but Peggy was greedy to have it. Her cunt clung to her mother’s thrusting tongue.

“I’m gonna do it, Mother!” she squealed. “I can’t hold it back any longer! I’m gonna come, Mother! Ohhh, suck me… lick me… tonguefuck my cunt, Mother! I’m going to come! Ohhh, there… there! I’m coming! I’m coming, Mother!”

Ann felt her daughter’s cunt grip her deeply buried tongue, and she slammed it in and out as fast as she could. Her fingers dug into the cheeks of Peggy’s ass, holding her delicious cunt tight to her mouth. Peggy mewled loudly as she came, grinding hard into her mother’s mouth.

Ann kept her tongue moving until she was sure Peggy had finished. Then she pulled her tongue free of her clinging cunt and kissed at a trembling thigh. She sat back on her heels, watching as Peggy slowly came down. She gazed at her daughter’s succulent twat until Peggy finally became still.

“Feel better, Peggy?” Ann asked in a soft voice.

Instead of replying, Peggy began to sob again. She covered her tormented face with both hands. She leaned down with her face against her knees, and Ann watched her daughter cry. She caressed Peggy’s hair and kept quiet.

Soon, Ann slipped silently from the kitchen. When Peggy looked up, she was alone. Taking her discarded shorts, she climbed the stairs naked, no longer carrying who saw her body. She felt bad before, felt how horrible she was to let her brother fuck her in the asshole, felt bad to watch her parents fucking the night before. Robert coming to her later, fucking her only reinforced her feeling of unworthiness.

As she entered her room, she felt hot tears flow from her eyes, cascading down her cheeks. After what she had done with her mother, even letting her mother lick and suck on her cunt, served to show Peggy just how bad she was. I started that with Mother! she told herself. It was me that felt her up, stuck my finger up her pussy! Oh, they must hate me so much! I can’t keep my hands off my brother, and now my own mother! I’ll go away, she told herself. That’s what I’ll do.

Peggy began searching for her small suitcase, but all she could find was her overnight bag. That would have to do, she felt. She placed it on the bed and opened it, then began to pile panties and bras, skirts and blouses, until there was no room for anything else. She went down the hallway, still naked, and collected her toothbrush and some toothpaste. She stuffed these into the overnight bag, then struggled to close it.

She wanted to leave now, but knew they might see her go. She had to wait until dark.


Peggy failed to run away that evening. In preparation, she had decided to take the small overnight bag into the garage, just in case her mother found it in her room. She didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to go away and never see her mother and father again, or Robert. But she felt as if there was no choice. She was certain, in her young mind, that, her family wanted nothing to do with her. She was a terrible girl, and they deserved a better daughter than she was. Her tormented sexuality was getting to them, she felt.

Not once did Peggy think that her brother and mother touched her because they wanted to. No, it was all her fault, not theirs.

She peeked into the hall. Finding no one there, she lugged her suitcase from her room. She was careful not to bump it on the stairs, and fearfully she carried it through the kitchen to the garage. She concealed it behind some stacked boxes, then spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening with anxious nervousness.

She tried to decide where to go, what to do once she got there. But Peggy didn’t know anyone outside her own neighborhood. She wasn’t sure how she would earn money to live on she was just a little girl.

During dinner, she could not understand how her mother and brother could act so natural, so damned normal. She was on pins and needles, sure that her guilt was written all over her beautiful face. But her mother and brother acted as if everything was still as it always was between them. Peggy wondered if she had simply dreamed it. Was it just her erotic mind working?

Just as she had always done, Peggy helped her mother in the kitchen after dinner. She kept looking at her mother out of the corner of her eye, but her mother was just as she always had been.

As it began getting dark, Peggy went to her room to pick out something to wear. Her piggy bank revealed she possessed the grand wealth of five dollars and a few pennies. That wouldn’t get her far at all. That left her with only one mode of transportation — hitchhiking. If that was how she had to go, she felt it best to dress sweet and clean.

Peggy changed into a white peasant blouse, low on her shoulders. Her skirt was full, swirling about her long, smooth thighs. She looked pretty and fresh, yet so very young, she thought. She couldn’t do anything about her youth, though. By the time she had brushed her dark blonde hair, it was dark enough to try and sneak away.

She managed to sneak through the house to the garage, but that was as far as she got. Her mother and brother had not seen her, but when she entered the garage she found her father there, working on something at his bench. He looked up as Peggy stepped into the garage.

“Hi honey,” he smiled at her. “Want to see what I’m making?”

Peggy was caught. She couldn’t get her overnight bag with her father there. Her father held up a piece of wood he had been working on, but she couldn’t tell what it was to be. She smiled nervously and told him it was nice.

She stood about four feet from him. She could not help looking at the front of his pants. She saw, in her mind, his enormous cock, strong and hard, throbbing with the piss hole dripping. She saw his cock pressing into her mother’s cunt, fucking vigorously. The image started her sweet cunt to bubbling with desire. She had not realized that she was staring at the front of his pants so intensely until her father interrupted her thoughts.

“Something wrong, honey?”

Peggy shook her head and jerked her eyes from his pants, rubbing her hands together. She looked around as though she had never been in the garage before. She felt her father watching her, and this increased her nervousness. She wanted to leave the garage, but felt as if her legs were too numb, her feet refusing to move toward the door.

She felt sadness, sadness that she would never see her father again, and she loved him so very much. She loved all of her family, but there was nothing for her to do. As tears of sadness came into her eyes, she suddenly flung herself at her father, hugging him very tightly.

“What’s wrong, honey?” she heard her father say as he held her shaking shoulders. “Tell the old man, Peggy. Whatever it is, we can take care of it.”

She pressed her small body hard against her father, her arms about his waist. Her face was at his chest. She felt her father’s cock hardening. It was pressing into her stomach, starting to throb against her flesh. She felt a wild, hot sensation between her shaking thighs, and her cunt was so wet the crotch of her panties was becoming very soaked. Peggy pressed her stomach against his cock, a soft cooing sound come from her. She could feel the tightness of his cock, and she felt a wild urge to grab hold of his cock. The urge was strong, very powerful.

To her horror, before she could stop it, her hand moved between them, then her fingers were outlining her father’s cock. The throbbing hardness against her palm sent her cunt into pulsations of intense desire, and she squeezed his prick gently.

With sudden realization of what she was doing, Peggy jerked her hand away and tried to pull from his arms. But her father held her, refusing to let her go. His hands suddenly went down to her ass, closing tightly on her cheeks. She felt his lips against the top of her head, and despite her feelings of shame, she was twisting her ass into his hands.

“Ooohhh, Daddy!” she murmured, writhing in his clutching grip. “Oh, Daddy!”

George pressed his cock tightly against his daughter’s stomach as he fondled her saucy ass. Peggy listened to his breathing, feeling the heat of it in her hair. Her cunt pulsated with an intense pleasure, and soft mewls bubbled hotly from her. Peggy wanted her father to fuck her, wanted his enormous cock inside her steaming cunt, but she couldn’t move. Her muscles refused to work. All she could do was stand there and let him caress her ass. If his hands had not been on her ass, Peggy felt she would fall to the floor in weakness.

She gasped as she felt her father lifting her skirt behind her, gasped even louder as he slipped his hands into the elastic waistband of her bikini panties. Then she was holding her breath as his hands began to squeeze the naked flesh of her succulent ass cheeks.

She wasn’t sure how it happened, but she found herself sitting on the washing machine, her dress up past her waist, her panties off. She was silting there with her legs spread wide apart and her father had that huge cock of his out in the open. Peggy stared at it with misty eyes, seeing that big head, so smooth and swollen, cunt dripping from the piss hole. Her father was sliding the head of his cock about her inner thighs and coming very close to her bubbling cunt.

She wanted his cock inside her young cunt badly, but it looked so huge! It would not fit in her pussy, she thought with a burning mind. It wouldn’t possibly go in my cunt… it’s too big! But, oh, I want Daddy to fuck me with that big, hard cock of his! I want it… want it so much!

She stared down between her thighs as her father rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the boiling slit of her twat. Peggy thought she would come because it felt so good. She watched as her father placed his dripping cockhead against her painfully swollen clitoris, and she had the insane thought that she was going to fuck his pisshole with her clitoris.

Her father, held his cock in one hand, her trembling hip in the other, and now Peggy stared as his prick spread the tender, sugary lips of her cunt. To her delight she watched that huge, smooth head move between her cunt lips. She felt her pussy stretching wide to take him, and instead of pain, there was only ecstasy. She squealed softly as more of his cock slipped into her snatch.

Her father pressed slowly, but firmly, and his cock moved farther in. Peggy had never felt this stretching, stuffing pleasure with her brother. Every nerve in her cunt was tingling, burning, and she writhed her little ass against the washing machine.

The thought came into her mind that her mother or her brother might come looking for her, see what she was doing with her father… and Peggy didn’t give a damn! She didn’t care who caught them, who saw her father’s cock sliding into her stretching cunt. At this moment she was going to fuck her father and if anyone didn’t like it, they could just kiss her sweet little ass!

Her hands gripped his shoulders as more of his prick went into her tight, wet cunt. She was making soft mewling sounds. Her ecstasy was blinding her. But her father took his time, thrusting into her cunt very slowly, as if he were afraid he would injure that tender pussy. But Peggy didn’t want to wait.

“Hurry, Daddy!” she grunted in a whispery voice. “Don’t tease me! Put it in me, Daddy!”

George smiled at his daughter’s excited face. “In a hurry to be fucked, are you, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy!” Peggy squealed, her fingers digging into his shoulders. “Yes, yes, yes! Hurry! Please, Daddy, don’t tease me! I want it… want it in me!”

George held his daughter’s shaking hips with both hands now and moved his cock into her pussy. The wiry hairs at the base of his prick mingled with the golden fuzz on her twat, and Peggy whimpered when she felt his hairy balls pressing at her ass. Her hips twisted, and she tried to pump her hips back and forth on his prick.

George began to fuck his daughter now, still being gentle with her. But Peggy didn’t want him to be gentle. As his cock speeded up, she cooed with delight and shoved her mouth to his. Her wet tongue darted back and forth into her father’s mouth, moving as his cock was now moving in her cunt. Peggy thought her pussy would be forever stretched, forever stuffed to the limits, and she loved it! She didn’t care if her father’s throbbing hard cock ripped her from asshole to belly button — she was going to fuck him furiously.

“Oh, Peggy!” George grunted. “Damn, you’re so tight, honey! Tight and hot and wet! Ohhh, baby, it feels so good! Damn, your little cunt is wet and tight… and so fucking hot!”

“Do it, Daddy!” Peggy squealed, her voice thick with ecstasy. “Do it to me, Daddy! Ooooh, it’s so good… so big! I love your cock, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy! Oh, please, please, please! Fuck me… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

He held her twisting hips, his cock moving faster now. Peggy clung to his shoulders, hissing and cooing and mewling. She squeezed her eyes tight, letting her pleasure grow and steam throughout her shivering body. It seemed to her that there wasn’t enough room, in her cunt now for a thin toothpick. Her father’s cock filled her completely.

Suddenly her eyes popped open. “Ooooh, I’m coming, Daddy! Oh, you’re making me come already!”

Her cunt convulsed around her father’s cock, becoming tighter than ever, the small muscles inside rippling and drawing and sucking at his thrusting prick. Peggy’s body shuddered. The lips of her pussy, in spasms, pulled at her father’s cock, sinking inward as he stabbed.

“Oh, damn!” George grunted. “That’s fantastic, Peggy! That is absolutely fantastic! Your cunt… I can feel your hot cunt sucking on my fucking cock! Ohhh, that is terrific!”

Peggy thrilled to his banging hips, the way his cock thrust so powerfully into her bubbling snatch. She could feel the powerful throb of his cock as he began to fuck faster. Somehow she managed to get one of her hands down to clutch at his hairy, swinging balls, twisting and pulling at them, but not so hard as to cause him pain.

“Are you gonna come, Daddy?” she whimpered. “I want you to come, Daddy! My pussy wants you to come! Oooooh, Daddy, come in my pussy! I want you to! Please, oh please, come in my hot cunt!”

George pumped faster, his driving cock plunging in and out of his daughter’s cunt almost furiously now. He was grunting heavily. When Peggy glanced at his face, it was contorted. She pulled at his balls as he pounded back and forth, banging hard against her still climaxing cunt lips.

The harder and faster he fucked her, the more pleasure Peggy felt. She was having a series of intense orgasms that she had never experienced before, and she whimpered loudly. Peggy could hardly, believe she was receiving so much ecstasy. It wasn’t possible to feel so much pleasure and still be able to breathe. Peggy felt as if it were not just her cunt in the violent clutch of orgasm, but that her whole body was one enormous orgasm. If her father did not come soon, splash his come juice into her fiery cunt, she would go out of her mind, she thought.

“Hurry, Daddy!” she pleaded. “Oh, please, hurry and come in my cunt! I want it, Daddy! I want your come juice up my pussy!”

George gave a powerful thrust, driving his thick, long cock as deep as possible into her tight, spasming twat, holding himself there. Peggy heard her father grunt loudly, then his cock throbbed. Suddenly she felt his come juice burst from his piss hole. She had felt her brother come inside her pussy, but this was totally different. The volume of her father’s come juice filled her so much that it began to drip past the tightness of her clinging cunt lips, running in thick, hot rivers over her ass cheeks, dripping against her asshole. She could feel each spurt of his come juice as though it were solid. Her small body shook violently again, and Peggy came in the most intense orgasm she had ever felt.

She was aware when her father’s cock slipped from her cunt, but it seemed as though she were in an erotic dream. She had a soft smile of satisfaction on her young, pretty face. She sighed happily as her father stood there, looking at her. His cock and balls were still out of his pants, glistening with the moisture of her cunt and his come juice. Peggy tenderly touched his cock.

“That was so beautiful, Daddy,” she said in a low, soft voice. “I loved it.”

Her father looked at her closely, then began to stuff his cock and balls back into his pants. Peggy felt a disappointment as he did this, and she felt her father was concealing his cock from her because he was ashamed of what she had done.

Still sitting on the washing machine, she watched him turn his back and return to his bench. He started working on that piece of wood again. She sat there with her skirt around her waist, legs still parted. She felt his come juice seeping from her cunt, warm on her ass cheeks. Peggy ran her fingers about her sensitive cunt, down over her ass, feeling the slippery come juice with the tips of her fingers.

Why didn’t he say something to her? He didn’t have to just turn his back to her, did he? Was he ashamed of her, ashamed she was his daughter? Peggy wanted to run to him, hug him and say she was sorry, that she would never do it again. She wanted to tell him she loved him, loved her mother, her brother, but that she felt this terrible, need to be fucked all the time. She wanted to tell him so much, but she couldn’t. It would only make him hate her more, she felt.

She slipped from the washing machine, smoothed her skirt over her hips and thighs.

She saw her overnight bag, and tears started in her eyes again.

She didn’t want to leave, she wanted to stay with her family.


She stood watching her father.

Her panties were on the washing machine, and she picked them up, looked at them, then threw them onto a pile of old newspapers in a corner.

She took a deep breath, looked at her father one more time. She was just turning away to leave when she saw him look at her over his shoulder.

Peggy couldn’t stop herself. She ran to him and hugged him, pressing her body against his back and holding him tightly about the waist. She felt her father tremble in her tight grasp as she hugged him tighter. She pressed her lips into his shin, kissing him.

“Oh, Daddy,” she whispered into his back. “I love you so much!”

George turned, but she stopped him. She didn’t want her father looking with disgust at her. When he stopped trying to turn, Peggy found to her horror that one of her hands was going down his stomach, sliding along the front of his pants. Her mind screamed at her.

Peggy Benson, you’re crazy! Stop this! Make your hand stop moving!

But her hand wouldn’t listen to the frantic signals from her mind. She grasped her father’s cock through his pants, squeezing it. It did not really surprise her to find his cock swelling in her hand.

All right, she told herself. All right, Peggy Benson! You’re going away… they hate you anyway… you might as well do what you want. It don’t make any difference now. You’ll never see your family again… so do what you’ve been wanting to do.

She opened her father’s pants, still pressed against his back. She reached into his pants and pulled his cock out. Her other hand lifted his shirt from his pants, and she began to kiss at his back, the tip of her tongue licking at his shivering flesh. She began to jack on his cock, feeling it swell and harden in her hot little hand. She squeezed it hard, pumping back and forth, mewling into his back.

George stood there, letting his daughter jack on his prick. Her hand was hot and eager.

Peggy loved the hardness of his cock, the way it throbbed so powerfully in her small, hot hand. She felt the smooth head of his prick, finding that it almost filled her palm. She felt the seeping juices smearing her hand, making her palm itch and burn with desire. She ran her hot lips up and down his back, the tip of her tongue leaving trails of hot moisture on his flesh.

Peggy was very excited, but she also felt the misery of her sadness. Her hand jacked faster on his hot throbbing cock, and she wanted to see it. She loosened her grip around his waist, and with a little pressure, indicated for her father to turn around and face her. When he did, she held his cock and stared at it, thinking it was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It still glistened with some moisture, and even that excited her. She ran her fingertip along it, thinking his cock was a foot long. It wasn’t, not really but to her young, hot eyes, it looked very long.

Her hands began to work at his belt, and then she shoved his pants down. Her father stepped out of them, still silent, watching his daughter, letting her do what she wanted with his cock. Peggy unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his chest. She pressed her hot, moist lips to one of his nipples, then circled it with her tongue. She moved from that nipple to the other, and she listened to her father’s heavy, excited breathing. He stood there, his hands hanging loosely at his sides, letting her do what she wanted, feeling her hot, eager little tongue lap at his flesh, searing it.

While Peggy lapped almost delicately at his chest, her two hot little hands were busy. She pumped on his throbbing cock slowly, but firmly. In her other hand, she cradled her father’s hairy balls, gently tugging at them. Again her cunt was pulsating in wild hotness.

George lifted himself so that he was sitting on the work bench. His knees were shoved apart by his eager daughter, and he looked down at her. Peggy’s face, so pretty and sweet and innocent, now held the expression of a young girl hungry for his hard, throbbing cock. Her eyes appeared to be so hot, he wondered if she could see. Her pouting lips were moist, slightly parted, and she licked them lewdly. She was, breathing heavily with her swelling excitement, her nostrils flaring, her cute titties lifting and falling.

Peggy gazed at her father’s cock and balls, her hot hands resting now on his thighs. Her father’s cock was so big, so hard, and again she wondered how he had managed to stuff it into her small cunt. His balls were hairy, full, and she saw them move slightly.

Peggy kissed his thighs, her moist lips searing his flesh. Peggy felt her father tremble beneath her lips, and her tongue licked out to taste his thighs. She ran her tongue up one thigh, the hairs on it tickling her. She made small, moist circles, her hands sliding up and down his shivering flesh from knees to hips. She lapped from knee to crotch, her tongue flicking everywhere. She licked and kissed at the inner surface of his thighs, pulling some of his flesh between her lips and sucking gently. She felt his hairy balls touch her cheek as she licked, and she whimpered with increasing desire.

She lifted her face, then lowered it again and kissed at his twitching stomach, dipping the tip of her tongue into his belly button. As she licked at his belly button, she felt his cock probing at the flesh on her neck, leaving a moist, fiery trail. The very taste of her father’s flesh was sending her young body into tremors of ecstasy, and her tender cunt was throbbing and bubbling again, hotter than ever before. Her pussy was so hot. Peggy pressed her steaming cunt down upon his foot. She felt her father press his foot against her crotch, and again she crooned softly, her tongue licking faster at his shaking stomach.

She grabbed his cock in her hot fist and jacked on it, rubbing the smooth, dripping head against her neck and chin. George drew his knees up now, bracing his feet on the edge of his work bench, his legs wide. Peggy stood up and gazed down at his cock and balls, seeing the crack of his ass. Her breathing was coming in excited gasps of pleasure as she watched her hand move up and down that hardness.

“Oooh, Daddy!” she whispered thickly. “Ooooh, I love it! I love your cock and balls, Daddy!”

George watched his daughter, waiting, letting her do what she wanted. His cock was throbbing powerfully, his balls swollen, and he knew how hot Peggy was, how much she enjoyed what she was doing.

Again Peggy licked at his thighs, her face moving up and down, her tongue swirling. She worked closer to his crotch, then with a squeal of delight, Peggy buried her face into her father’s crotch. She pressed her mouth at his balls, his cock throbbing against her nose. She closed his thighs tight against her head, then began to kiss his hairy balls wetly.

Rubbing her face into his crotch, Peggy’s mind was so inflamed with erotic delight that she thought of nothing except what she was doing to her father. She wrapped her arms about his thighs, her tongue licking at his balls now. Finally, she opened her mouth as wide as she could, then sucked in one of his hairy balls.

With her father’s ball in her mouth, Peggy sucked and ran her tongue over it, her fingers digging into his thighs. She made soft sounds as she sucked his ball, cooing happily. She loved the feel of his ball inside her hungry mouth. She sucked on his ball for a long time, then pulled away. She ran her tongue about them, licking at the wiry hair, then she began to run the flat surface of her tongue up and down the rigid, throbbing shaft of his prick. She licked every inch of her father’s cock, her eyes closed in ecstasy, mewling in passion.

Peggy ran her tongue over the swollen head, tasting the moisture. She kissed the tip of his cock, then fluttered the tip of her tongue against his seeping piss hole. A gurgle of delight erupted from her, and she opened her lips. She spread her lips around the head of her father’s cock, closing them tightly. She could get just the head inside her mouth, with barely enough room to lick with her tongue. Her lips were stretched, stretched the way her cunt had been stretched.

With effort, Peggy managed to suck perhaps a quarter inch more of her father’s long, thick prick into her mouth, but no mote. It was just too big for her mouth. She licked for a while, then began sucking up and down on the swollen head. She gripped the shaft of his cock, jacking on it with hot fingers as she sucked the head, her tongue fluttering on his sensitive piss hole.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at her father’s face, his cock buried inside her mouth Peggy’s eyes sparkled and smoldered with her erotic pleasure, and she was pleased to see the expression on his face. His expression told her she was giving him pleasure, and she wanted to do that more than anything in the world at this moment.

With her mind reeling with erotic delight, Peggy sucked up and down on the head of his cock swiftly, her hot hand jacking fast. Her tongue moved against his dripping piss hole. The fingers of her other hand dug into his thigh. She made soft, hot sucking sounds as her lips began to race up and down the two inches of prick she had in her mouth. Her hand jacked from his bouncing balls to the stretching of her lips.

She felt her father moving now, twisting his naked ass on the work bench. She felt he wanted to fuck in and out of her mouth, so she placed her hand beneath his ass, gripping a tight cheek. She pulled up, silently telling him to fuck her mouth. When he began to thrust that two inches back and forth, Peggy held her face still, but her lips and tongue worked in a frenzy now. She sucked his cock and jacked on it, desperately wanting to feel and taste the spurting of his come juice. She wanted his came juice to spew into her mouth as badly as she had wanted it inside her boiling cunt. She felt as though she would come when he did.

Her cunt was twitching between her thighs, and she could feel moisture. She squeezed her legs together, pressing her slippery cunt lips against her throbbing clitoris.

“Peggy, Peggy,” she heard her father groaning, his hips moving. “Ohhhh, Peggy!”

She gazed into his face with smoldering eyes as she gripped his cock, letting him fuck her mouth. Her tongue raced about his dripping piss hole, her lips drawing powerfully on his swollen cock head.

She felt her father’s cock swell inside her mouth, the throbbing more powerful. When he came, the first burst of his come juice exploded over her tongue, and the only expression that changed on her beautiful young face was her eyes. They suddenly became glassy.

She squealed with ecstasy as his come juice splashed over her tongue and filled her mouth. She swallowed eagerly, making soft gulping noises. Her tongue continued to race about his piss hole, her lips very tight. Her mouth filled tune and again with her father’s come juice, and Peggy’s cunt suddenly went into ecstatic convulsions.

Her father’s come juice was sweet and delicious. She loved the way it flowed thickly over her tongue and down her burning throat. Her tight little ass shook as she came with him, and the mewls of ecstasy told him of her hungry pleasure.

Peggy held his cock head tightly with her lips until he had finished coming, then she sucked away, licking her lips. A small bead of juice came to the piss hole, and with the tip of her tongue, she lapped it away. She stood up then, her hands on his knees. She gazed into his face for a long time.

“I love you, Daddy,” she whispered, then whirled and ran from the garage.

Peggy went quickly to her bedroom, flinging herself upon it. There were tears in her eyes, but she wasn’t sobbing. She had given in to the impulse to suck her father’s cock off, wanting to do it with a desperation, and she was certain he would hate her even more now. But since she was leaving her home and family, it didn’t matter. They would not be sorry she was gone, she had convinced herself. She would miss them, but they wouldn’t miss her.

She heard the door open behind her. She felt someone standing near her bed, but she didn’t care who it was. Her mind had, been made up to leave, that they hated her, and that was all that mattered to her.

She felt a weight on the bed, then a hand was resting on her ass. Peggy buried her face into the pillow, but could not stop the wiggle of her ass as the hand began to move on her ass cheeks. Then it was at her waist. Two hands now felt about her saucy, delectable ass. She felt the fingers trailing up and down her ass cheeks, feeling into her warm, enticing crack. Peggy could not help but, lift her ass.

A finger pressed at the tight pucker of her asshole, and Peggy whimpered with the pleasure. She arched her ass up, and the finger slipped into her asshole. She wiggled her ass, pulling her face from the pillow and turning to see who it was.

Robert was sitting on her bed, fucking his finger in and out of her asshole slowly, his cock standing up hard. He was naked, she saw, and she wondered why he came to her. Maybe he was just looking for a piece of ass, and she was the only one available right bow. Maybe he wanted to fuck her asshole because none of the girls he knew would let him do it that way.

She didn’t care; she loved it and she would take his cock up her asshole. She would be leaving when she got the chance, so nothing else mattered. Why not get her pleasure while she could? Why not give her family pleasure?

She reached out for her brother’s cock and jacked on it, squeezing hard with her hot hand. Her brother’s finger fucked in and out of her clutching asshole and Peggy wiggled her lifted ass for him.

“Fuck me, Robert,” she whispered. “Fuck me in my ass!”

If she was going to leave, she would do what she wanted to do. It didn’t matter if they knew she had a hot ass, that she loved to fuck and suck constantly. They already knew she was a bad little girl anyway, so what she did made no difference.

“You like it, don’t you, Peggy,” Robert laughed. He thrust his finger deep into her tight asshole. “You really like it in your asshole, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t like it!” she gurgled, twisting her ass into the air. “I love it! Oooooh, I love it in my ass! I love being fucked up my asshole, Robert! Come on, fuck me up my ass! Fuck my ass… fuck my asshole!”

Peggy twisted on the bed until she was on her back. Robert’s finger came out of her asshole as she turned. She spread her legs wide, arching her cunt up. He began to quickly fingerfuck her pussy, but Peggy drew her knees to her small, shapely tits, lifting her hips up.

“In my ass!” she shouted. “I want it in my hot asshole, not my cunt! Fuck me in my ass, Robert!”

She held her knees tight against her tits, watching her brother’s cock waving. She offered her asshole to him eagerly, writhing her hips to entice him to shove his cock into her ass.

But Robert leaned down, pressing his mouth against his sister’s bubbling, wet cunt. He kissed Peggy’s pussy and lapped his tongue up and down her wet slit. He whirled the tip of his tongue about her distended clitoris, making her squeal with pleasure. But Peggy wanted his cock up her ass, in her asshole.

“Fuck me!” she urged hotly. “Don’t lick my cunt, Robert! You can suck my pussy later… fuck me right now! Ohhh, I want your cock in my ass, Robert! My asshole wants to be fucked! Cornhole my asshole, damn you!”

Robert lifted his smeared face from her fuzzy twat, bringing his cock to her ass. Peggy looked down with smoldering eyes, past her twitching pussy. She could not see her asshole, but she gurgled with delight when the head of his cock pressed against it. She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, biting down on it as her brother shoved the head of his swollen cock into her tight, fiery asshole.

“Ooooo, yes!” Peggy whimpered as he shoved his cock all the way into her ass. “That’s so fucking good, Robert! Fill my hot ass with your hard cock! Ooooh, I love your cock fucking me in my ass! Fuck it, Robert! Fuck my hot asshole!”

Peggy lifted her ass as high as she could, holding her knees against her tits. She closed her eyes as her brother began thrusting his throbbing cock in and out of her tight, hot ass. She writhed and twisted her ass as much as she could, thrilling to the way his cock stuffed her asshole. As he began to fuck in and out, Robert teased and pinched her swollen clitoris, sending his sister into gurgles of ecstasy.

She felt the throbbing of his cock deep inside her asshole. She loved the way the friction against the stretched walls of her ass sent chills of delight throughout her body. She could feel the ridges of his hard cock with her asshole, feel the depth of his strokes. She mewled and whimpered and gurgled with the growing, burning ecstasy that filled every part of her young being. This was what she wanted, what she had always wanted. To be fucked without inhibition, fucked hard, fucked by her brother, her father, her mother. But they didn’t want her, and if they didn’t want her, then she had no reason to try and restrain the wild, erotic desires that ran rampantly through her teenaged body and mind.

Peggy arched her ass high, her brother’s cock driving in and out of her clenching asshole, his fingers pulling and pinching at her sensitive, swollen clitoris. She could feel herself on the brink of exploding, and she knew it would be a very good orgasm.

Peggy could not hold back.

“Fuck… fuck!” she squealed. “Fuck that hot ass, Robert! Ooooh, fuck my asshole with your hard cock! I love it, love it! Give me that cock… fuck my asshole! Oh, I love being fucked in my hot asshole! Oooooo, Robert, I’m so fucking hot! I’m hot all over! My cunt is hot… my asshole is hot… my mouth is hungry and hot! I want cock everywhere… I want cock in my cunt and in my asshole and in my mouth! Fuck me. Fuck me… fuck me everywhere!”

Peggy’s asshole was so hot she thought it would melt. Her brother’s cock stabbed back and forth swiftly, and he soon felt it throbbing more, swelling more.

“Let it go, Robert!” she shouted. “Come in me… come in my ass! Oooooh, Robert, shoot that come juice up my fucking hot asshole!”

Robert banged down hard against his sister’s uplifted ass, his cock as deep as he could shove it. He held himself there, grunting. Peggy felt the thick come juice spew thickly into her asshole, and her cunt convulsed. Her body shuddered with ecstasy, her pussy going crazy with a tight, boiling orgasm. Her brother’s cock filled her flexing asshole with come juice, and Peggy’s mind was reeling with the most intense pleasure yet.

She wasn’t sure when Robert had pulled his cock from her clinging asshole. She had felt him gush his come juice up her ass, felt her own orgasm, then the next thing she knew, she was lying flat on the bed again, and Robert was gone.

Her cunt and asshole continued to twitch with the glow of pleasure, but her mind was turning over thoughts of leaving. She felt certain she had no choice. She was getting worse and worse all the time, she felt. She could feel the heat of her eroticism growing quicker than it ever had. She wanted to fuck all the time, suck all the time. Her family probably thought she was the worst little girl they had ever seen.

The night was a torment for Peggy. She did not sleep much, twisting and turning in bed, thinking of where to go, what she could do to earn a living. She had never seen a girl her age working anywhere. She was just too young to get a job. She began to fantasize that she could perhaps find another family, one that would love her and let her be herself, allow her to indulges in her wild, sexual, intensely erotic pleasures.


When Peggy woke up the next day, it was still early. She had not had much sleep, and her eyes were puffy from sobbing. When she looked at her small bedside clock, she wondered if she could sneak away from home before the others were up.

Creeping out of bed, she dressed in a pair of cut-off jeans and a summer sweater. Her mind was so mixed up she didn’t even think about shoes. She brushed her teeth and hair as quietly as she could, then moved down the stairs carefully. She entered the garage and searched for her overnight bag.

It was not where she had placed it.

Peggy looked all over the garage, but the bag was gone. She had been discovered, she knew. Someone had found the bag and realized what she was planning on doing. But why did they take it? It didn’t make sense to Peggy as she stood in the garage, thinking.

She crept back upstairs, still confused. As she moved down the hall, she saw that the door to her parents bedroom was open. She was sure it had been closed before. Her mother and father were on the bed, still sleeping. They had kicked the covers to the foot of the bed and both were naked. Her father was on his back, and his cock was very hard. Peggy gazed longingly at it, her eyes misty because she would miss it.

Her mother, too, was on her back, one long, smooth thigh over her father’s. She could see her hairy cunt, see the pink lips, moist and succulent. She recalled how her mother had sucked her cunt, stuck her tongue into it and made her come. Peggy’s pussy twitched as she remembered it. Peggy had not really had much of a chance to taste her mother’s cunt, and she regretted it. She would have loved to tonguefuck her hairy cunt and make her mother come. Now, that would never happen.

She peeked into her brother’s room and saw that he was sleeping on his stomach. He, too, was naked. She looked at his ass cheeks, and wondered what it would have been like to lick them, to run her tongue into his crack and probe at his asshole. Robert loved to fuck her tiny asshole, she thought, as she gazed at him. And she loved it as much as he did.

With a sigh of sadness, Peggy moved away and began searching for something else to pack a few clothes in. She found an old sack, wrinkled, but useful. She threw it on the bed, then discovered that someone had unpacked her overnight case. She took panties and bras and dresses and stuffed them into the sack. They could not expect her to stay after knowing how bad she was, she felt, even if they did unpack her overnight bag.

Deciding she had better eat something before going, she went back down the stairs, glancing in her parents’ bedroom as she passed. Her mother had hold of her father’s cock, but they were both still sound asleep.

In the kitchen, Peggy ate a bowl of cold cereal, wondering when she would have a decent meal next. She knew it might be a long time. Five dollars would not last long. So involved was she in making plans that she forgot the time.

“You’re up early, honey,” Ann said as she came into the kitchen. “Didn’t you sleep well?”

Peggy looked at her mother, she could not leave now.

Her mother had pulled a summer robe over her body, but it was unzipped to the waist. Peggy could see the swell of her mother’s tits, even her belly button.

Ann looked at the cereal bowl. “That’s not a very good breakfast, baby. I’ll fix you a decent one, okay?”

Peggy had no choice, but she was glad to have her mother cook, for her one last time.

“While I cook, Peggy,” Ann said from the stove, “why don’t you go wake up your father and brother? They’d sleep all morning if I let them.”

Peggy continued to sit there, watching her mother. She had not noticed, before that the robe was so tight on her mother’s shapely ass.

Ann turned to look at Peggy. “Well, baby, go wake them up, please.”

Peggy went up the stairs, first to her brother’s room. Robert was on his back now, still asleep. Like her father, his cock was hard, standing up so sweetly. Peggy entered his room, and stood looking down at his cock and balls. She wanted to fuck him one last time. Remembering her decision the night before, that she would do anything she wanted now that she was going away, that they wouldn’t — couldn’t — think any worse of her, Peggy reached out and gripped her brother’s cock in a hot little hand. As she began to jack on it, he woke up.

“That’s a nice way to wake up, Peggy,” Robert grinned at his sister. “A hard-on and a hot hand jacking it.”

Peggy slipped out of her cut-offs, dropping them on the floor. She climbed on the bed with her brother, straddling him.

“I wanna fuck you, Robert,” she said, her voice low. “I wanna get your cock in my cunt and fuck your hard-on with it.”

“You just do that, Peggy,” he agreed.

Peggy held his cock and lowered her ass. She hissed with pleasure as his cock slithered into her pussy, then she sat atop him, grinding her ass slowly. She leaned over him, stretching her legs out on each side of his, kissing him as she bounced her naked little ass. Robert lay there, feeling his sister’s hot, wet cunt sliding up and down his cock. He caressed her bunching ass cheeks.

“Do you like it, Robert?” she whispered hotly as her saucy ass bounced and twisted. “Do you like my cunt? Am I a good fuck, Robert? Is my cunt hot enough, wet enough, for your cock? Do you like to fuck me there as well as in my asshole?”

“I love it all, Peggy,” he grunted as he dug his fingers into her ass cheeks, “I love to fuck, period! You can fuck my cock with any hole you have, anytime!”

Peggy banged faster on him, fucking his cock. She was breathing hard, but in the back of her mind she was hearing what Robert said. She began to pant with pleasure as a bubbling orgasm swelled like a balloon in the pit of her stomach. Her cunt gripped his cock tightly, the muscles working. She loved the way his hard prick throbbed inside her twat. It did not fill her pussy the way her father’s enormous cock did, but it felt just as good to Peggy.

“Will you come in me, Robert?” she whimpered hotly against his neck. “I want you to come in my cunt, Robert! I want to feel your come juice spurting up my pussy!”

“I’ll come, Peggy,” he grunted. “I’ll come in your hot little cunt, don’t worry!”

Her shapely, saucy ass twirled and bounced, churning up and down in a furious delight. The sensations that flooded her young body were the greatest. She knew that no matter what, no matter where she went, she would never be able to stop fucking and sucking cocks. She began to mewl loudly as her ass moved, not caring if she were heard. Nothing mattered except fucking.

She felt the orgasm rumbling through her now, felt it racing to her cunt. Her pussy squeezed at Robert’s cock, sliding wetly up and down his throbbing hardness.

“I’m going to come, Robert!” she yelped in delight. “Ooooh, I’m gonna really come!”

Her naked ass moved in a frenzy as the feeling grew with a moist heat. She was banging furiously on his cock, her hips twisting in a mindless ecstasy. She gasped and panted, then wailed as she came. Her hips plunged don on him, her cunt flexing on his cock. She felt, somehow, through her intense orgasm, the jerking of her brother’s cock, then it was gushing into her cunt.

Again she squealed in ecstasy. “Ooooh, you’re coming in me, Robert! I feel your cock coming in my cunt! Ooooo, I love it!”

She thrilled to the way his hands dug into her twitching ass as they both came powerfully. When she finished, Peggy lay atop her brother, her body shuddering. Then she lifted from him, standing at the side of the bed, giggling as she cupped a hand between her thighs, holding her twat.

“You really came, Robert,” she giggled. “My cunt is full of come juice. Now I have to shower.”

She turned, and started from the room, then she saw her father standing in the doorway of Robert’s room. The first thing she saw was his cock, standing out very hard. The second thing she saw was his face.

Peggy felt shame flood her body as she stared into her father’s eyes. She was sure she saw disgust in them. What Peggy did not realize was that her father was looking at her with an intense excitement. He had seen her fucking Robert, watched her cute ass bouncing and wiggling, seeing the way her fuzzy little cunt gripped Robert’s cock.

Peggy slipped past her father and ran, face burning, into the bathroom. As the shower water cascaded over her body, Peggy was sobbing. There was no doubt in her young mind now that her father knew how bad she was. He had seen her fucking her brother. He would tell her mother for sure now.

“Peggy, how long are you going to be in that shower?”

Peggy looked up and saw her mother standing there. She turned the water off and stepped out, taking the towel her mother handed her.

She was afraid to look at her mother, knowing her father had told her by this time.

“You better hurry, honey, because we plan on going on a picnic near the river.”

Peggy dropped the towel. She tried to think of some way to stay home, but she knew her mother would question her.

Peggy looked at the open top of her mother’s robe, seeing the swell of her luscious tits. Before she knew it, Peggy was pressing against her mother, pulling the robe aside and sucking hard on a nipple. Her hands wrapped about her mother’s body, and she cupped and held tightly the swell of her mother’s ass cheeks. The nipple grew in her hot mouth, and her tongue licked.

Ann held her daughter, caressing her hair as she sucked her nipple. She kissed the top of Peggy’s head, then pulled away, looking down into her daughter’s hot eyes.

“Again, baby?” Ann murmured.

Peggy nodded her head.

The zipper of her mother’s robe went all the way from the neck to the bottom hem. Peggy was tugging on the zipper, pulling it downward. Ann stood, trembling slightly, letting Peggy open the robe. Once it was open, Peggy gazed at her mother’s body. The thick curls of her cunt was a beacon to her, and a small hand darted out and caressed the soft strands.

Peggy felt the heat of her mother’s cunt near her palm, and she curled her fingers between those smooth, creamy thighs. She cupped her mother’s cunt and squeezed, thrilled by the sensation of holding it. Ann’s cunt was pulsating slightly, becoming moist, in her daughter’s hand. Ann placed her hands on Peggy’s spongy tits, gently fondling them, feeling her hard nipples, letting her daughter feel her up.

As Peggy’s fingers played about her mother’s pussy, her own was bubbling hotly. She danced about from foot to foot with swelling excitement. She rubbed her mother’s clitoris, slipped a finger into the moist, liquid heat and began to fingerfuck slowly. Again she leaned forward and, sucked one of her mother’s nipples into her wet mouth. Drawing on the firm nipple, Peggy’s tongue swirled and licked, bringing soft whimpers of pleasure from Ann.

Then, with a squeal of ecstasy. Peggy began licking her tongue from one shapely tit to the other, kissing hotly and wetly. She began to move downward, her tongue leaving moist trails of wet desire on her mother’s creamy flesh. She licked and kissed, bending over, finally dropping to her knees before her mother. She gazed at the thick dark curls, and with a soft mewl, pressed her face into her mother’s cunt, kissing at the hairs.

Still on her feet, Ann spread her legs. Peggy darted her face between them, kissing the moist, pulsating cunt lips. But Ann could not stand; her legs were becoming weak. She sat back on the toilet, her knees wide apart.

Peggy stared hotly between her mother’s thighs as Ann shoved her shapely ass forward, leaning on the water tank of the toilet. The puffy lips of her mother’s cunt glistened in readiness, the tip of her clitoris peeking from the succulent folds. Peggy ran the tip of her finger over it, making her mother shiver with pleasure.

Then, as she had done with her father in the garage, Peggy began to lick up and down her mother’s smooth thighs. Her tongue raced and her lips kissed, and the ecstasy bubbled from her small body. Her hands gripped her mother’s twisting hips tightly as her tongue lapped. Again she drew back and gazed at her mother’s slightly twitching cunt.

“Ooooooh!” Peggy moaned, then darted her face into her mother’s cunt. Peggy pressed her open mouth tight against the wet, puffy pussy, sucking as her tongue flew up and down. She licked each cunt lip in turn, then probed and twirled at the sensitive clitoris.

Ann’s hips moved, twisting from side to side as her daughter licked and sucked at her cunt. She was whimpering in passion, stroking her daughter’s dark blonde hair as Peggy sucked more and more furiously.

“Ohhh, Peggy!” Ann moaned. “Oh, baby, oh, honey!”

Peggy’s tongue thrust deep into the wet cunt, fucking in and out as she gripped her mother’s hips. She could feel her mother’s cunt sucking at her tongue, nibbling on it. She lapped all about inside the wet cunt walls, then stabbed in a frenzy like a small cock. She sucked the springy clitoris between her lips and, drawing hard on it, raced her tongue tip around it. Ann was now grinding her cunt into her daughter’s face hard. She churned and twisted, mewling her pleasure.

“Ooooh, Peggy, Peggy!” Ann moaned. “Tongue me, baby! Tongue my pussy, honey! Ohhh, that’s wonderful, Peggy! Deeper, honey! Fuck your tongue up my cunt deeper! Oh yes, yes! Tonguefuck me, Peggy! Tonguefuck my cunt!”

Peggy’s tongue thrust wildly, her lips wide, the juices seeping into her mouth. Her tongue was like a flame as she licked and sucked at her mother’s hairy twat. Then she was once more licking at the smooth inner thighs of her mother, her tongue licking from cunt to knee. She lapped at the curves of her mother’s swelling ass, wiggled the tip of it from her mother’s asshole, up through the pulsating cunt lips, stabbed at the clitoris, then back down again.

Ann was going out of her mind with the intensity of her ecstasy. She held her daughter’s head tightly now, grinding her cunt harshly into her pretty face. She could feel her orgasm swelling and steaming in the pit of her stomach. She banged her cunt up and down on Peggy’s face, urging her to lick and suck and fuck faster.

“I’m going to come, Peggy!” Ann wailed. “Oh, baby, your tongue is fucking my hot cunt and I’m going to come in your hot fucking little cunt-sucking mouth!”

Peggy devoured her mother’s pussy, her own cunt boiling so hotly that she knew she, too, would come. Just having her mouth against her mother’s cunt, her tongue flicking it, tasting it, would make Peggy come, and she knew she would come violently.

With her mouth wide open, Peggy’s tongue went deep into her mother’s snatch. She darted it about, her fingers digging into the firm flesh of Ann’s hips. Her own ass was jerking and swaying as her pleasure grew. She could feel her pussy on the very edge of a powerful explosion. She was whimpering hotly and mindlessly into her mother’s crotch as she sucked and licked.

“Baby, baby, baby!” Ann wailed, grinding now in a frenzy, smearing her wet, hairy cunt into her daughter’s face. “Ooooh, I’m about to come, Peggy! Ohhh, I’m going to come, come in your cunt-sucking mouth, Peggy! Ohhhh, what a beautiful tonguefuck! Suck me… eat my pussy… lick my cunt! Tonguefuck the piss out of my hairy, hot twat, snatch, cunt, pussy!”

As her mother’s cunt gripped her tongue in orgasm, Peggy’s pussy convulsed. She squealed into her mother’s spasming cunt loudly as her ecstasy burst. Her tongue continued its relentless fucking, her fingers digging even harder into her mother’s hips. Her cunt was melting like lava between her trembling thighs, and her mother was coming violently against her eager, hungry mouth.

Peggy gulped and swallowed because her mother’s cunt was so wet, the juices flowing into her mouth hot and slippery. It was like nectar to Peggy, almost like the come juice of her brother and father gushing into her mouth.

Ann became still, her thighs relaxing around Peggy’s head. Peggy pulled back, sitting on her heels and grinning up at her mother. Her young face was smeared with the slippery fluids, her lips slightly puffy from the way her mother had banged her cunt against them. Her eyes gleamed with delight at what she had done. She licked her lips, then stood up. She turned… and found herself facing Robert.

He was standing in the doorway of the bathroom, staring at his sister and mother. He was wearing cut-off jeans for the picnic, and Peggy saw that his cock was bulging against them. She thought — but wasn’t sure — she could see the tip of his cock through the fringe of his shorts.

“I have to use the bathroom,” Robert said, his voice hoarse.

Ann stood up, picking up her robe. She flung it over her shoulder, smiling at her son, unconcerned that she was totally naked before him.

“It’s all yours, Robert,” she said, then walked out, her swelling, shapely, creamy ass twitching enticingly.


Robert slipped past his sister and stood at the toilet, pulling his cock out and letting loose with a stream of piss. Peggy watched him, feeling ashamed of being seen with her face between her mother’s legs. But seeing her brother piss was exciting to her.

She stood and watched until he finished, then without a word, he went past her again and she stood in the bathroom alone.

“Peggy, get ready!” she heard her mother call.

As if in a daze, Peggy dressed in a pair of white shorts and thin blouse. She pulled on a pair of sandals and joined her family, who were waiting for her downstairs. She was sure her shame was on her face as she went out to the car with them, but no one made any comment to her.

Peggy scooted against the far side of the back seat, staring blankly out the window. Her brother stayed on his side. Absently, she wondered why Robert was going on the picnic. He seldom spent much time with the family. Then she realized that for the past few days, ever since he had fucked her in the ass near the pool, he always seemed to be around. It wasn’t that she minded, she loved having him near. She just didn’t know why.

The drive to the river was about an hour away, and after they had been on the road perhaps fifteen minutes, with Peggy still staring out the window, she felt Robert’s hand on her thigh. She shot a quick look of warning at him, but he smiled at her. He caressed his sister’s thigh and almost probed her crotch. But Peggy closed her thighs tightly, preventing him from doing so. A glance at his shorts told her his cock was very hard. The sight of it made her cunt pulsate with a hot glow.

Robert kept feeling her thigh. Before Peggy realized what she was doing, still gazing at his cock, she had, opened her thighs. Robert scooted close to her and was feeling along the inner surfaces. When his fingers probed the tight crotch of her shorts, Peggy didn’t stop him this time. Instead, she opened, her legs wider, trying to swallow a gurgle of pleasure.

Her hand slipped out and she placed it on top of his cock, feeling his prick, throbbing. Robert began to apply gentle pressure on her cunt, pressing at her steamy clitoris through her tight shorts. Peggy could not keep from writhing her ass on the seat of the car.

Peggy thought once she saw her father glancing at her in the rear view mirror, but it could have been her imagination. Anyway, she loved the way her brother was rubbing at her cunt so much she could not prevent it now. She pressed her palm upon his throbbing hard-on and began to rub it, breathing louder as her excitement increased.

She thought she must be the hottest cunt around. She had fucked her brother this morning, and hardly an hour later she had sucked her mother’s cunt. Now she was ready for more. She wondered if she had some kind of sexual sickness.

She worked the tip of one finger under the frayed edges of her brother’s shorts and touched the bead of his swollen cock. She felt the wetness dripping from his piss hole, and a soft gasp of pleasure came from her.

By the time they arrived at the river, Peggy was so hot she would have let her brother fuck her on the back seat with her parents watching. That didn’t happen, though.

All four carried the picnic supplies to a small table located near the river. It seemed as if they were the only ones there that day, which was fine with Peggy.

She helped her mother lay out the food, then sat on a rock, her chin cupped in one hand, staring at the water as it raced over rocks, foaming up. In the background she could hear them talking.

After a while Robert came over and sat down next to her. She didn’t protest when he took her hand and held it. She was deep into her thoughts, wondering why they had prevented her from running away from home. She knew they must hate her because none of them talked to her much at all. She couldn’t understand why they so much as wanted her around them.

She felt her brother place her hand between his legs, placing it on his cock. It was still hard, she discovered. She let Robert press her palm against it, and she even moved her fingers. It didn’t matter any more, she thought. Her father had already seen how wicked she was, fucking Robert that morning. She had sucked her father’s cock off, let him fuck her. And Robert had seen her licking their mother’s cunt. Nothing mattered to Peggy anymore. She couldn’t stop this intense desire for fucking and sucking, and as before, she decided to hell with it. Once they saw just how bad and wanton she was, maybe then they would let her run away.

She began to feel Robert’s cock erection. When he slipped his hand between her thighs, she spread them for him. So her mother and father could see; Peggy didn’t care. Not once did she consider them feeling that Robert was wicked for doing this to her. She accepted all the blame, all the shameful guilt.

Her fingers worked on his shorts, and she finally pulled her brother’s cock out into the open. His prick was hard, very smooth, and dripping. She looked down at it, her eyes hot again, as usual. She gripped his prick and jerked on it. Robert placed an arm around her small shoulders and cupped one of her small tits.

Then Peggy glanced over at her parents.

Her eyes went wide when she saw that her father had one of her mother’s tits free. George was fondling Ann’s tit openly, and they were kissing hungrily. Peggy was more confused than ever. Didn’t they care that she and Robert could see them?

Peggy stared at her parents, watching her father caress her mother’s shapely, beautiful fit. She gasped when he lowered his head and began sucking on the long, firm nipple. Underneath the table Peggy saw that her mother had taken his cock out and was stroking it.

What’s happening? she wondered.

Her fist gripped her brother’s cock hard, and she jacked on it faster now as she watched her parents. Robert was trying to unzip her shorts in back, and she had to help him. She wasn’t resisting anything. Her cunt was boiling as she watched what her mother was doing to her father’s enormous cock, and she hardly noticed it when Robert removed her shorts. By the time her thin blouse was off and she was sitting on the rock naked, it was too late to stop anything even if she wanted to.

Peggy turned on the rock so she could watch her mother and father, her knees wide. Robert stood up and removed his shorts, his cock arching out hard. Peggy had hold of it before he sat back down, her eyes almost glazed as she continued watching her parents.

Ann stood up, stripping her clothing from her body, exposing herself to all three. George quickly removed his pants and shirt, then with a giggle of delight, Ann bent over the picnic table, her creamy, naked ass, wiggling in the sunlight, inviting her husband to fuck her.

Peggy looked at her mother’s face, seeing the heat in those dark eyes. Ann stared back at Peggy, her expression that of a woman experiencing an intense desire. Peggy saw her father standing behind her mother’s shapely, twisting ass, then he pressed forward, his cock slipping up her hairy cunt.

“Ooooh, George!” Peggy heard her mother yelp as she shoved her ass back at him. “Fuck it, George! Ohhh, yes, fuck me!”

Peggy saw that her father, too, was looking at her and Robert. He was banging his cock in and out of Ann’s cunt, and staring at Peggy and Robert.

Peggy gripped her brother’s cock in her fist, excitement running like wild fire through her small, shaking body. Her cunt twitched and bubbled with pleasure as she watched her father fucking her mother.

Peggy quickly jumped to her feet and ran to stand at the side of the picnic tabled. Her eyes were enormous and she was panting for breath. She stared at her father’s thick, long cock as it thrust in and out of her mother’s gripping pussy. She could not resist reaching out and taking his swinging balls in her hot hand. She squeezed her father’s balls and yelped.

“Fuck her, Daddy! Fuck mother’s cunt!” Then Robert was next to her, his hands running over her shaking little ass.

Peggy leaned on the picnic table as her mother was doing, and Robert stood behind his sister. He felt her ass, then rubbed the dripping head of his cock along her burning flesh. Peggy was positioned so she could watch her father’s cock stabbing into her mother’s hairy cunt and see their faces at the same time. She reached out with her other hand, still holding her father’s balls, and began to twist and pull at one hard nipple of her mother’s tit.

“Ooooh, fuck Mother!” she gurgled hotly. “Fuck Mother up her hot cunt, Daddy! Oh, I love seeing you fuck her with your big cock, Daddy!”

Robert slipped his cock up and down the hot crack of Peggy’s ass, and she felt it pressing on her tightly puckered asshole. The seeping moisture from his piss hole seemed to burn against her asshole, and Peggy twisted her ass against him. She gripped her father’s hairy balls in one hand and her mother’s springy tit in the other.

“Oh, Robert!” she wailed, twisting her ass back against his cock. “Fuck me! Ohhh, put your cock in me and fuck me!”

She felt her brother press against the tightness of her asshole, and Peggy pressed back.

“Yes, Robert!” she squealed. “Put it there! Put your cock there! Ohhh, I want your hard cock up my ass! Fuck my ass, Robert! Fuck my hot asshole!”

The sun, their naked, twisting bodies. Ann was watching her daughter, now holding one of Peggy’s small tits in her hot hand.

“Do it, Robert!” Ann urged in a hot, thick voice. “Fuck Peggy! Suck her in her little ass! Shove your cock up your sister’s hot little asshole!”

Peggy shoved back against Robert’s cock as the head of his prick slipped up her ass. She squealed again as he thrust the full length into her asshole. She dug into her mother’s tit and father’s balls, gurgling with the intensity of her pleasure.

“Oooooh, it’s in my ass!” she yelped excitedly. “Robert’s cock is up my asshole, Mother!”

“Fuck her, Robert!” George grunted as he drove his cock in and out of his wife’s burning, clinging pussy. “Fuck Peggy’s hot ass! Give her that cock, Robert! Fuck your sister’s hot ass good!”

“Daddy, Daddy!” Peggy groaned. “He is! Ohhh, he is fucking my hot asshole! I love it, Daddy! Robert, fuck me hard and fast! Ohhhh, I want your cock hard and fast up my asshole!”

Peggy twisted her naked little ass furiously as Robert held her hips, standing there and plunging his cock in and out. Peggy’s asshole gripped his prick tightly, the heat of it almost searing his flesh. His balls banged upon her twitching, almost hairless cunt, sending Peggy into shivers of ecstasy. Her eyes were almost glazed as she watched her father’s cock thrusting in and out of her mother’s twat. She could see the way those hairy, slippery lips clung to his cock as he withdrew, only to disappear when he went in. Her father’s cock glistened wetly in the sunlight.

She slipped two fingers around the base of his cock, feeling it bang against her mother’s cunt. She then pulled on his balls again, her own naked ass twirling in delight as Robert fucked it. She gripped one cheek of her father’s ass, holding it tightly as he stabbed in and out of Ann’s cunt. She worked her fingertip about his asshole, and then George gave a yelp as she stabbed her finger into it.

“I’m fucking your asshole, Daddy!” Peggy screamed in ecstasy. “I’m fingerfucking you up your asshole while you fuck mother’s cunt! Give it to me, Robert! Fuck my ass! Daddy, fuck mother’s cunt! Ooooo… ohhhh!”

“Fuck me, George!” Ann yelled loudly. “Fuck that hot pussy, George! Robert, oh, Robert… cornhole the hell out of your sister’s hot little asshole!”

Peggy could feel her orgasm steaming very hotly inside her stomach. She churned her ass furiously against her brother’s driving prick, grunting and whimpering with ecstasy. The moist sounds of her father’s cock thrusting into her mother’s cunt filled her ears, and Peggy clutched her mother’s tit hard. She managed to keep her finger plunging in and out of her father’s asshole, and her eyes closed tight.

“I’m doing it!” Peggy wailed. “Ohhh, I’m coming! I’m coming, Robert! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

As if from a distance Peggy heard her mother scream that she, too, was coming. She could hear the grunts of her father and brother, but it was as if in a dream. Her body shuddered violently as she came. Then she felt her brother’s cock gushing into her tight, gripping asshole.

Peggy’s mind must have went blank, because the next thing she knew, she was sprawled on a soft patch of grass, her legs wide, the sun beating upon her naked body. She opened her eyes, wondering how she had gotten there. She looked around and saw her parents and Robert sitting at the picnic table. They had not dressed, and Ann was sitting between her husband and son.

I must be dreaming, Peggy thought. Her brother was fondling their mother’s naked tits, and her father didn’t seem to mind at all. She sat up, feeling weak and drained. There was a throbbing sensation in her asshole, but it was a delicious throbbing.

“You better eat some lunch, baby,” she heard her mother say. “Come on, Peggy. Join us.”

Peggy walked on unsteady legs to the table and sat across from her family. She was puzzled, not understanding this. She picked at some food, not really hungry. Her mind was in a turmoil of bursting confusion.

She understood why they had hardly anything to say to her during the rest of the afternoon. She lay in the sun naked, and her parents and Robert splashed for a while in the river. No one put their clothes on, and Peggy watched the two cocks closely and gazed at her mother’s naked beauty. She had never seen them naked together, but she had heard of families that went naked. But did they all fuck as wildly and with so much abandon? she wondered.


Peggy could hardly believe it was all happening. If her parents and brother didn’t love her, they were certainly showing it in a funny way, she thought.

They were home again, and it was getting close to dusk. Peggy watched her parents closely, wondering about the blatant display of screwing at the river. Robert showed a great deal of affection for her, and her mother flashed a smile at Peggy quite often. Her father, too, seemed to go out of his way to be extra nice to her.

Her mother had changed into a long lounging dress, and everytime she walked, the slit in the skirt parted to reveal her creamy thighs. Robert’s cock seemed, to remain hard, and he looked at his mother’s thighs every time they were exposed. Peggy, too, gazed at her mother with excitement. Not only did Robert’s cock seem to be hard but so did her father’s. Peggy found it delightful to see both cocks bulging in their pants. Her little cunt throbbed and twitched moistly. She felt a tension of expectancy in the house, a feeling of excitement.

Her father mixed drinks for himself and Ann and served soft drinks to Peggy and Robert. There was hardly any conversation between them. No one mentioned the incidents at the river.

Ann sat next to George, one hand resting on his thigh near his cock. She drew one foot up and placed it on the cushion of the couch. This, of course, caused her long skirt to fall away. Peggy could see her mother’s smooth thigh all the way to her hip. Ann was not wearing panties.

Since nothing was starting, Robert pleaded tiredness and went to bed. Soon after, Peggy yawned and climbed the stairs to her bed. But she didn’t go to sleep. She was very excited about what had happened at the river. She lay in bed for over an hour, finally deciding she had to talk to her mother and father about it.

She left her room, wearing the thin, short, nightgown. The door to her parents room was open, and the first thing she saw was her mother on her back, legs stretched wide. Her father was between them, thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt vigorously.

“Oooh, George!” Ann was whimpering, churning her ass up and down. “Give it to me, darling! What a cock! I love your big cock, fucking my cunt, George!”

Peggy paused at the door, watching them fuck. Her tits swelled, her nipples becoming more sensitive as they brushed at the thin material of her gown. Her wet cunt began to burn deliciously. She licked her lips, and before she knew what she was doing, Peggy was in the room and climbing onto the bed with her parents. She leaned against the headboard, one foot on the mattress with her knee thrown wide. She was standing on her other knee. She stared down at her parents. Her father and mother looked at her, excitement on their faces. Peggy squealed softly and began to thrust a finger into her cunt, fingerfucking herself without shame.

George lifted up, keeping his cock inside Ann’s pussy. He gripped Ann’s thighs and sat back, with Ann churning her pussy on his throbbing prick. Peggy could see his glistening cock stab back and forth into her mother’s hairy twat, and her fingers moved faster at her fiery pussy. She was mewling with bubbling excitement.

Ann’s face was perhaps two feet from her daughter’s legs and cunt, and she turned her head to watch what Peggy was doing to herself.

“Fuck your little cunt, baby,” Ann crooned. “It’s such a pretty little cunt! Fingerfuck that cunt, Peggy! Ooooh, I love watching you fingerfuck yourself! George, fuck me! Fuck me good and hard!”

“Oooh, Daddy!” Peggy whimpered in a tight voice as she drove her finger in and out of her bubbling pussy. “Fuck Mother! Ohhhh, yes, fuck her hairy cunt good! She loves it, Daddy!”

Peggy loved seeing his cock move in and out of her mother’s hairy curd. She loved the moist sounds they made. She loved the way her mother’s wet pussy clung to her father’s throbbing prick.

Her mother reached out and ran her hot hand up Peggy’s thigh, slipping it behind to cup one succulent cheek of her daughter’s ass. Peggy gurgled in pleasure as her mother squeezed her ass, and her fingers began to rub harshly on her swollen, throbbing clitoris. While squeezing and caressing Peggy’s ass, Ann kept her hips bouncing and twisting as George fucked vigorously into her cunt. She was smiling up at Peggy, licking at her lips with increasing excitement.

“Beautiful little cunt,” her mother mewled softly as she churned her hips against her husband. “Peggy has a beautiful little cunt, doesn’t she, George? Look how wet it is! Ohh, it’s so lovely… so fucking hot! Our daughter has a hot cunt, George!”

“Yeah,” George grunted, driving his prick deep into Ann’s gripping pussy. “Pretty and hot and so fucking tight.”

“Ooooh, I’m going to come, George!” Ann wailed, tossing her naked ass about furiously. “Ohhh, I’m about to come! More… fuck me more! Oh, ram that big cock up my hot, hairy cunt, darling! I’m going to come!”

Peggy’s eyes were misty with the heat bubbling inside her small body. She gazed at her father’s cock as it plunged almost brutally into her mother’s clinging pussy. She thought she could see her mother’s cunt become tight around it, but that was probably her imagination.

She had her clitoris between two of her fingers, squeezing and twisting at it, feeling as if she, too, would come.

She saw her father’s face twist up, then suddenly he jerked his prick from Ann’s cunt. Ann wailed a protest just as his cock gushed thick, white come juice onto her trembling stomach. The come juice glistened on her smooth flesh, on her dark cunt hair, and a drop or two even flew as far as her upstanding tits. Peggy gave a soft cry and darted her fingers to her mother’s stomach, smearing the slippery come juice about her creamy flesh.

Then she began to lick her father’s come juice from one of her mother’s creamy tits, mewling happily. Peggy’s tongue lapped at the slippery come juice, swallowing it. She raced her tongue down her mother’s quivering stomach and licked at the puddles glistening on her flesh. She dipped her tongue into her mother’s belly button, then lapped at every inch of her flesh. She leaned forward and ran the tip of her tongue into the curls of her mother’s cunt, then sat back on her heels, grinning wickedly at her parents.

Ann turned onto her stomach, cupping her chin in her hand and looking at her daughter. Peggy looked at the creamy swells of her mother’s ass, seeing how smooth her ass cheeks were. Her father was sitting on the bed, legs crossed, his cock and balls revealed to Peggy’s eyes. Peggy scooted toward him and took his prick in her hot hand, squeezing it for a moment. As she fondled her father’s cock and balls, she caressed her mother’s creamy, shapely ass.

George cupped and played with his daughter’s pretty tits, his big hands fitting about each of them perfectly. Her nipples burned his palms, and Peggy was shivering with the intensity of her excitement.

Suddenly her mother and father were wrestling with her, tickling her and making Peggy laugh and squeal. She curled up into a small ball, her knees drawn up to her tits, laughing.

“Stop!” she cried. “Oh, please… stop tickling me!”

“So you thought you’d run away from home, did you?” Ann laughed, poking her daughter in the ribs. “Thought you’d just pack that little bag and go somewhere else, huh? Just where the fuck did you think a girl your age could go, huh?”

Her father was no longer tickling her, but was feeling about her fiery cunt. “There’s no place like home, Peggy,” he said. “You should know that, at least you should know it by now.”

“You knew all the time, didn’t you?” Peggy laughed. “You knew all about me from the beginning, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” her mother said. “We knew about Robert fucking you near the pool.”

“How did you know that?” Peggy asked, surprised. “No one was home but me and Robert.”

“He told us,” George replied. “We don’t keep secrets in this house, baby.”

Peggy was delighted. She grabbed her father and hugged him tightly, and when he pressed his lips to hers, she darted her moist little tongue deep into his mouth, and George began to suck on it. But Peggy pulled away and flung herself into her mother’s arms, her small tits smashing those larger ones of her mother. When her mother’s tongue slipped past her teeth, Peggy sucked furiously at it, holding her mother tightly.

Ann sprawled onto her back, pulling her daughter on top of her. She clung to Peggy, darting her tongue in and out of that sweet, wet mouth. Peggy felt her father’s hands on her ass cheeks, and she wiggled her ass against them. She could feel the curling hairs of her mother’s cunt tickling, the flesh at her lower stomach. She pulled herself upwards and pressed her almost hairless cunt against her mother’s pussy.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice,” Ann murmured. “Rub your hot little cunt against mine, honey! Rub it!”

Peggy ground her pussy into her mother’s pussy, running her tongue about her mother’s mouth. Her father was probing her tight little pussy with his finger, and then he was thrusting his finger in and out of Peggy’s tight, boiling pussy.

“Ooooh, Daddy!” she yelped with excitement. “Fuck me with your finger! Oooh, I love it! I love this so fucking much!”

“Fuck her, George!” Ann urged in a hot, tight voice. “Fuck Peggy!”

Ann’s hands were now on Peggy’s ass cheeks, squeezing and pulling at them. George, his finger darting in and out of his daughter’s cunt, peered at the tight pucker of her asshole. His cock lifted and jerked and throbbed in hardness, his balls tingling.

Peggy arched her ass up. “Yes, Daddy! Fuck me!” she wailed. “Ohhhh, fuck me, Daddy!”

George moved between his wife’s and his daughter’s spread thighs. He could see their cunts clearly, one almost hairless, the other one very hairy. The contrast was extremely erotic to him, and his cock jerked and dripped.

He stared at his daughter’s puckered asshole, at the wetness of her tight, hot little pussy. He brought the head of his cock to Peggy’s cunt, rubbing it up and down, feeling the heat of her cunt against his swollen cock head.

“Put your cock in me, Daddy!” Peggy wailed, arching her ass higher, pressing against his prick. “Ohhh, Daddy, stick your hard cock up my cunt!”

George pressed his prick forward. Watching the big head spread those tender pussy lips.

“Ooooh, yes!” Peggy squealed. “It’s so good, Daddy! Your cock is so fucking big… it fills my cunt so wonderfully! Fuck it for me, Daddy! Fuck my hot cunt for me!”

George thrust his prick into his daughter’s fiery tight cunt and his balls banged against his wife’s hairy pussy. Ann held Peggy’s ass, pulling the sweet cheeks wide as George began fucking his daughter.

Peggy had scooted down far enough so that she could suck and lick at her mother’s swelling tits while her father fucked her. She was pressed between them and her mother’s hairy cunt was grinding into her as her father’s cock stretched and filled her tight pussy. She sucked at her mother’s tit and nipple, making soft, excited sounds. She loved the sensation of her father’s cock pounding into her cunt, and the way her mother held the checks of her ass wide apart, knowing her father could see her tight asshole.

She wiggled her hips as her father thrust his big hard cock into her twat, cooing about her mother’s nipples. She felt her mother’s hands squeezing and pulling at her sweet ass cheeks.

“Fuck her, George!” Ann was whimpering softly. “Fuck your daughter’s hot little cunt! Fuck it with your big prick! Stuff her little pussy! Fuck her good… make Peggy come, George!”

“Tight little cunt!” Peggy heard her father grunt from behind her. “Damn, so hot, so fucking tight!”

Peggy’s excitement was running away with her. Her body shivered with the intensity of the pleasure flooding through her. She wanted to fuck back at him, but she was pressed between them too tightly. She loved the feeling of their bodies against hers, though. The feel of their flesh was like fire against hers. She loved the way her mother’s cunt rubbed against her hairless pussy, the way her nipples brushed at her mother’s flesh. She thrilled to the wiry hairs of her father’s cock as he banged into her pussy.

Peggy mouthed her mother’s nipple, taking the other tit in her hot little hand and squeezing it. She could feel her orgasm starting deep inside her steaming body. Her stomach was trembling and her ass in her mother’s clutching hands was shaking. The sensation that boiled inside her was such great ecstasy, Peggy wasn’t certain she could stand much more of it. But her mind was reeling, and she didn’t want it to ever stop.

Peggy gave a tight yelp as her cunt exploded. Her pussy flexed about her father’s thick cock like a hot, very tight, velvet glove. She yipped around her mother’s nipple, almost biting it in her ecstasy. Her cunt convulsed with so much pleasure that, for a moment, her mind was blank and dark.

She could feel her father’s cock throbbing inside her cunt through the mind-warping spasms, and she thought he would gush his thick come juice into her pussy. She tried hard to wiggle her ass for him, but as she felt her orgasm receding, George suddenly yanked his cock free of the sweet, tender pussy.

“Nooo!” Peggy wailed, jerking her mouth off her mother’s tit. “No, Daddy! Come in me, come in my cunt! Please, Daddy… I wanted to feel your cock coming in my hot cunt!”

Even as Peggy was pleading for his cock to shove back into her cunt, she felt her father pressing his swollen, prick against her asshole. Her mother held her sweet ass cheeks wide apart, and now Peggy felt her father’s dripping cock brushing about the puckered hole. The sensation was fantastic, and Peggy managed to lift her little ass now. She felt her father press against her asshole, and she groaned.

“Oooh, yes, Daddy! There! Oooooh, I love it up my ass! Fuck me in my asshole, Daddy!”

George pressed harder against his daughter’s asshole, looking down. The head of his prick looked as if it were too big for that tiny hole. But Peggy was determined, and with the head of his cock against her asshole, she pressed back against him as hard as she could.

“Ooooohhh!” Peggy wailed.

George saw the big head of his cock enter his daughter’s asshole, and hearing her loud wail, he almost pulled out.

“No!” Peggy shouted. “Don’t take it out, Daddy! God, I love it, Daddy! Oohhh, it stretches my asshole… so good! Stuff my asshole, Daddy! I want all your big cock up my hot fucking asshole!”

George shoved more of his cock into her gripping asshole, and Peggy yelled in delight.

Finally he began to fuck Peggy up her ass. He thrust more and more of his prick into the hot depths until finally it was all in. The wiry hairs at, the base of his cock tickled and thrilled Peggy. Her asshole felt as if it had been stretched forever, but she didn’t care. What mattered to her was the way her father was fucking her up the ass, nothing else.

Her mother kept a firm grip on the smooth cheeks of Peggy’s ass, only now she was squeezing them about George’s cock as he withdrew, pulling them wide apart as he stabbed in. Peggy’s body was burning up, boiling and melting. She shook and shivered, cooing with the ecstasy that filled her ass.

Peggy now had her ass arched into the air, her face resting on her mother’s stomach. She twisted, her naked little ass, twirling it and churning as her father thrust in and out. Soft croons of ecstasy continued to bubble from her tight throat, and her mother was running her hands through her hair and over her shoulders, caressing her as her father fucked her tight asshole.

She could feel her father’s cock throbbing deep inside her ass, and her cunt was flexing once again. Peggy knew she would experience another explosive orgasm, and she bit into her bottom lip as it grew and swelled in the pit of her trembling stomach.

Her father’s hairy balls banged at her hairless cunt, hammering upon her distended clitoris, his cock stretching her asshole deliciously.

“Come in me, Daddy!” Peggy yelped in a thick voice. “Come in my ass, Daddy! Squirt your come juice up my fucking asshole! Oooh, I want you to come in my hot ass, Daddy!”

Hardly had Peggy said it, when she felt her father’s cock begin to jerk deep in her ass. Then there was a hot flood as he squirted. Each spurt was like heaven to Peggy. As he filled her asshole with his thick come juice, her pussy convulsed into a shattering orgasm. Her father rammed his cock hard and deep into her asshole as he came, holding himself there. Peggy’s little ass was no longer moving, but she was trembling. Her asshole rippled and gripped her father’s cock as he gushed come juice into her.

When George pulled his cock free of her tight asshole, Peggy slumped to the bed, with her face still on her mother’s stomach. She breathed harshly, her cunt and asshole still throbbing with the intensity of the pleasure.

After a while Peggy started to get off the bed.

“Where are you going, baby?” Ann asked.

“To bed, Mother,” Peggy said.

“You sleep here tonight, honey.” Ann took Peggy’s arm and pulled her down between her and her husband. “You sleep here, between us, darling.”

Peggy cuddled between her mother and father, feeling better than she had in days.


Peggy woke up and stretched, then realized she was alone in bed. Her mother and father had gotten up before her and when she looked at the clock, she knew why. It was almost noon.

She jumped from bed and skipped downstairs naked. Her mother was standing at the sink, and Peggy moved up behind her and hugged her small tits tight against her mother’s back.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” Ann smiled at her daughter. “I thought you’d never get up.” She saw Peggy had not put on clothes, and her smile widened. “Don’t you look beautiful!”

Ann wore shorts and a small halter that barely held her round, thrusting tits. With a giggle, Peggy shoved the halter up and exposed one of her mother’s tits, the nipple long and hard. Wickedly, she ran the tip of her tongue over it, then began to suck on it.

“Mmmm, nice breakfast,” she laughed as she pulled away. “I guess Daddy went to work?”

“Yes, honey,” Ann replied. “You know, it’s going to be one hot day. Why don’t you jump in the pond with your brother?”

“Is Robert out there already?” Peggy asked, peering out the window. “I haven’t ate yet, Mother.”

“By the time you finish your shower,” Ann said, swatting her daughter on her saucy ass, “I’ll have something for you to eat.”

After her shower, Peggy pulled on her skimpy bikini, wishing she could jump into the pool naked. She ate the breakfast her mother prepared for her and then went out to the patio.

Robert was swimming in the pool, and when he saw his sister, he swam to the edge. “Hi, squirt,” he grinned at her.

“Don’t call me squirt,” Peggy said, sitting in a poolside chair. She placed her legs on each side of it, her bikini crotch revealed.

Robert stared between his sister’s thighs, grinning at her. Peggy watched him look at her, and already the heat started in her cunt.

“Robert, are you naked?” she asked.


“I’ve always thought it would be fun to swim in that pool naked,” Peggy giggled.

“Then take your bikini off and jump in,” Robert laughed.

Peggy looked toward the house. “Do you think Mother would mind?”

“We were all naked at the river yesterday, weren’t we?” he reminded her. “Fucking, too.”

Peggy giggled, then suddenly wiggled out of her bikini. She dropped it in the chair and stood near the pool. Robert looked up at his sister, seeing her creamy thighs and small tits, and best of all, that sweet cunt with the slightly fuzzy curls.

Then Peggy dove in.

By the time she reached the far side, Robert was with her. She yelped as his hand came up between her thighs and probed at her cunt.

Diving under the water, she raced toward him. She grabbed at his cock just before she surfaced.

“That isn’t fair, Robert Benson!” she shouted at him, tossing water from her long hair. “You’re wearing your trunks! You told me you weren’t wear…”

“I didn’t say that,” he replied. “I just told you to take your bikini off and jump in.”

“Then I’m gonna put my bikini back on.”

“Party-pooper,” he called as she lifted herself onto the pool decking. He watched her cute ass flash in the sun, and his cock began to throb.

Peggy sat on the edge, her feet dangling in the water. Robert swam to her and placed his hands on her knees. Peggy opened them, her pink cunt revealed.

“Kiss it,” she teased. “If you kiss my cunt, I might not put my bikini back on.”

Robert shoved his face between his sister’s thighs, pressing his mouth against her sweet pussy. As he started to pull away, Peggy grabbed the back of his head with both hands and wrapped her hot thighs about his face.

“Eat me,” she giggled. “Now that your face is in there, Robert, suck my cunt!”

She squealed as his tongue slipped into her pussy, and she tightened her legs about his face. Leaning back, bracing herself with her hands behind her, she scooted her ass until it hung over the decking. She arched her hips, grinding her cunt against his face.

“Ooooh, that’s it, Robert! Tonguefuck my cunt! Oh, I love it when my cunt is fucked with a hot tongue! Eat my pussy, Robert! Suck it, lick my cunt!”

Robert was standing in the water. His cock was swollen inside his trunks, throbbing as he licked and tonguefucked his sister’s sugary cunt. His tongue went deep, twisting and swirling at the wet, hot lips. He cupped Peggy’s ass cheeks, holding her boiling twat against his mouth. His fingers gripped her round, firm ass cheeks tightly as his tongue licked up and down her twitching cunt lips. He drew in her swollen clitoris, nibbling at it with his lips as his tongue moved furiously over the sensitive tip.

Peggy stared hotly down her body at him, seeing the desire in her brother’s eyes. She could see his mouth as it pressed upon her steaming clitoris, and as his tongue shot deep into her cunt swiftly, she groaned. Her cunt flexed on his tongue, gripping it as if it were his cock. The pleasure began to rumble through her. She felt as if a steam pipe had broken inside bet cunt, and was now burning hotly with the heat of her pulsating pussy. It was a feeling that Peggy loved more than any other. The way her brother thrust his tongue back and forth was like a cock, fucking her swiftly. She thought he was licking and sucking and fucking her cunt all at the same time. The sensations were fantastic, and it was what Peggy had been after for a very long time.

She was getting very close to orgasm when she noticed that her mother was near her. Peggy looked up with foggy eyes, a smile of ecstasy on her young face.

Ann smiled down at her daughter, then squatted as she began to cup and squeeze one of Peggy’s small, but ever so sweet, tits.

“Does it feel good, honey?” Ann asked. “Does your brother tonguefuck your hot little cunt the way you like it?”

“Ohhh, yes!” Peggy whimpered. “I love it, Mother! I love to be tonguefucked!”

Ann laughed as she caressed Peggy’s tits. “Of course you do, Peggy. You love to be tonguefucked, cunt-fucked and ass-fucked, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Robert rammed his tongue as deep into his sister’s cunt as he could, thrusting it in and out. He held her ass cheeks tightly, but Peggy could not be still. She banged her pussy against his face, grinding with mewling ecstasy.

“Eat Peggy’s twat, Robert,” Ann urged, her voice becoming thick with desire. “Suck her little twat! Lick your sister’s hot cunt, Robert! Make that tasty cunt come, make it come in your cunt-licking mouth!”

Peggy twisted and squirmed as her pussy began to pulsate wildly and hotly. Her brother’s tongue seemed to go deeper and deeper up her pussy, but she knew that couldn’t be. His tongue was not as long as his cock, yet it felt that way to her.

“I’m about to… I’m gonna… ohhh, I’m gonna come!” Peggy screamed, whipping her cunt hard against Robert’s face. “Oh, I’m gonna come! Eat me… suck me… lick me! Ooooh, damn, damn… I’m gonna come!”

A sudden wail of ecstasy came from Peggy, and she rammed her pussy hard against her brother’s face. Her cunt convulsed, causing her naked little body to shudder in a violent way. Her mother squeezed at her tits with both hands, increasing the fantastic sensations rippling through Peggy’s beautiful body.

“Enough!” Peggy yelled, pulling her cunt away from Robert’s mouth. “That’s enough! Ohhh, it feels so good I can’t stand it! Stop, Robert… take your tongue out of my cunt, please! Ooooh, stop!”

Robert let her go, and Peggy almost fell into the pool. She would have if her mother had not held her shoulders.

Peggy gazed at her mother, who was still squatting there. Ann’s knees were apart, and the crotch of her shorts was tight, outlining her puffy cunt. Dark curls of her cunt hair curled from each side of the shorts. Peggy ran her hand underneath her mother and caressed her cunt. But then Robert grabbed his mother’s hand and pulled her into the pool. Ann screamed just before she went under the water. She came up sputtering.

“Why, you little motherfucker!” Ann laughed. “I’ll show you!”

Robert raced away from her, laughing. Ann swam after him. But Robert was fast. She finally cornered him near the diving board. Peggy dived in and went to help her mother. She swam underwater, and saw the bulge of her brother’s cock against his trunks. She began tugging at them. When she surfaced, she giggled. “Let’s take his trunks off, Mother!” Both mother and daughter went underwater. Between the two of them, staying away from his kicking feet, they pulled his trunks down. Robert’s cock lurched free. Peggy saw her mother’s hand grab it, jack on it a couple of times. When they came up, Robert was yelling.

“No fair!” he said. “That’s no fair!”

“Bullshit.” Ann snorted. “Peggy is naked, so you have to be naked too.”

“But you aren’t,” Robert accused his mother. “You still have your shorts and halter on, Mother.”

He made a grab for her, but Ann quickly jumped out of the water and stood on the decking, looking down with a triumphant smile. “You missed me!”

Her children looked at her. The white shorts had become transparent in their wetness. The dark triangle other cunt hair was revealed, as were her two long nipples. Then Ann said: “Well, maybe you’re right.” She stripped her shorts and halter off.

Peggy and Robert gazed up at her, seeing their mother’s hairy cunt still dripping with water. Ann again squatted, her knees wide. Her children stated at her hairy cunt, pink and wet. Suddenly Robert darted his hand out, and cupped his mother’s pussy. Ann didn’t move.

“That’s what it’s there for,” she said, laughing as her son felt her up.

Peggy watched her brother slip his finger into their mother’s cunt and fingerfuck her. She reached under the water and took hold of his throbbing cock, jacking it back and forth. Again she was hot, her cunt bubbling between her thighs, her clitoris swollen. She was always this way, she thought. Only now she wasn’t so tormented.

Robert pulled his finger out of his mother’s cunt and drew himself up onto the pool decking. His cock jutted up hard. Peggy gazed at it, seeing it drip, the head smooth. Getting out of the water, too, she sat next to him, watching as her mother grasped his cock and jacked it. Then Peggy tossed her legs over his head, lowering her cunt to his face.

“Eat me again, Robert!” she yelped, watching the way her mother jacked on his cock with a tight fist. “Eat my cunt again!”

Robert didn’t have time to reply. Peggy shoved her hairless cunt down on his face, and when he started licking and sucking, Peggy leaned forward, her face inches from her brother’s throbbing cock. She writhed her naked ass, smearing Robert’s mouth with her wet, pulsating pussy.

“Suck him, Peggy,” Ann urged. “Suck his cock! Go on, Peggy! Take your brother’s hard cock in your hot little mouth and suck it! Suck him… come on, Peggy! You like to suck cocks!”

Peggy pressed her lips to Robert’s dripping piss hole, kissing her brother’s cock hotly. She moved the tip of her tongue over his piss hole, tasting the liquids. She mewled as she opened her lips and sucked his cock between them. Robert was again thrusting his tongue in and out of her tightly clinging pussy, and she writhed her cunt against his mouth.

She stretched her lips about his prick and began sucking up and down. She saw her mother stretch out between Robert’s feet, her face inches from her own glowing eyes. Ann watched her daughter gobble on Robert’s cock.

“You suck him beautifully, baby!” Ann said in a thick, excited voice. “You’re really a good little cocksucker, Peggy! Suck his cock hard! Use your tongue on his piss hole!”

Peggy watched as her mother moved her face closer, then Ann was kissing her son’s dangling balls. Peggy watched her mother’s tongue as it lapped Robert’s balls, almost tenderly at first. Then Ann began to lick at Robert’s balls with enthusiasm. Her tongue swirled about them, now and then touching her daughter’s lips that were stretched around his throbbing hard-on.

Ann opened her mouth and drew in her son’s balls. She sucked at them, her eyes glowing as she watched her daughter sucking on his cock. Robert, feeling their hot, wet mouths on his cock and balls, grabbed his sister’s shaking ass cheeks and pulled her cunt tighter against his mouth.

Mother and daughter gazed hotly into each other’s eyes as they fucked on Robert. They mewled softly in the pleasure they were getting. Now and then Ann would release his balls, and while Peggy sucked on the swollen head of his cock, she would run her tongue up and down the shaft, making her son’s cock jerk and throb. Then she went back to his balls, sucking on them hard.

Peggy’s pretty face moved up and down his throbbing hard cock, sucking moistly, twistin her cunt against his face, feeling an orgasm once again boiling in the pit of her stomach. She began to suck harder and faster as her cunt steamed toward orgasm.

Robert’s cock seemed to swell inside her mouth, stretching her lips even more. Her tongue ran about his dripping piss hole in a frenzy as her pussy began quivering. She had the head of his cock in her mouth when Robert came. His come juice squirted into her mouth at the same time her cunt convulsed. Peggy squealed as she swallowed, her tongue licking furiously at his spewing piss hole. But some of his come juice escaped the tightness of her lips, running down the shaft of his cock to his balls. Ann gave a muffled yelp and pulled her lips away from her son’s balls. Quickly she raced her tongue up and down his cock, licking up the come juice that dripped from her daughter’s greedy mouth.

Peggy lay her cheek against her brother’s cock now, her body still. Ann pulled away, smiled at her children, then left them there in the sunlight.


It was starting to get dark, and the patio lights were turned on.

Peggy sat next to her father as he sipped a drink, her hand resting on his crotch. Across from them were her mother and Robert. Dinner was over and they were relaxing. Peggy was no longer anxious to run away, but she found it difficult to relax at this moment. She had so many questions she wanted to ask, but was afraid to.

Both Ann and George understood, though. They had been involved sexually with others almost from the day they had married. Robert had been fucking his mother for almost two years, and they had been waiting until Peggy was old enough, waiting to see if she was as erotic of mind as they were.

“We couldn’t say anything to you, Peggy,” her mother said. “We didn’t know how you would react. Your father had his eye on your cute little ass for the past six months. Both Robert and your father have been pretty damned anxious to fuck you.”

“I wish someone would have told me earlier,” Peggy said, fondling her father’s cock. “I’ve wasted so much time, suffered for nothing.”

“We had to make sure, honey,” George said. “What would have happened if me or Robert had tried to fuck you, and you were a cold little bitch?”

“Cold? Me? Daddy, you’ve got to be joking,” Peggy giggled. “I’ve got such a hot ass, it sometimes seems as if it’s gonna burn off!”

“We know that now,” her mother said. “But we didn’t at first. We didn’t know until Robert told us about fucking you in your ass.”

“Robert!” Peggy said. “You told!”

“There’s no secrets in this family, baby,” her father said. “Should there be?”

“Oh, no!” Peggy giggled, opening her father’s pants and taking his cock out she wrapped her small, hot hand around it and began to jack up and down slowly and lovingly. “I don’t want any secrets!”

Robert shoved his hand under his mother’s short skirt. Ann spread her knees wide and scooted her ass to the edge of her lounge chair. Peggy looked over at them, seeing Robert feeling about those dark cunt curls. She was excited again, as usual. Her little cunt was bubbling excitedly as she stroked her father’s huge cock, wishing she could get her fingers completely around it. She recalled how his big prick had gone up her asshole, and she shivered with pleasure.

“Mother,” she asked in a small voice, “have you ever been fucked in your ass?”

“Many times. Peggy,” Ann said, writhing her pussy against Robert’s hand. “Why?”

“I thought I was the only girl on earth that loved getting fucked up the ass,” Peggy said, delighted to know her mother fucked that way, too. “Do you like it?”

“Honey,” Ann said. “I love cock! I’ll take a hard cock any place! I’ll take it in my cunt, in my cocksucking mouth, and up my asshole and, Peggy, I’ll love it just as much as you! Yes, baby, I love getting fucked up the ass.”

“I want to see you get fucked in the asshole, Mother,” Peggy said. “Can I?”

“You can watch me get fucked anyway you want,” Ann laughed. “Come on, Robert! Show your sister. Let’s stick this hard cock up my asshole!”

Ann slipped to her hands and knees on the patio floor, her creamy, smooth ass in the air. Robert dropped to his knees behind his mother, shoving her skin to her waist. Peggy and her father watched, with Peggy gripping his cock hard. George slipped his hand up his daughter’s long, smooth thighs. Peggy spread her legs and arched forward, thrilled when her father began to feel up and down her moistly twitching cunt. She saw her mother reach between her thighs and take hold of Robert’s cock, bringing it to her puckered asshole.

“Ooooh, nice!” Ann mewled as her son pressed his cock against the tightness there. “I love a hard cock pushing into my ass!”

Peggy’s eyes were bright with excitement as she saw her brother slip his cock up their mother’s asshole. She saw the tight pucker stretch, then his cock was all the way in. Peggy leaned forward, peering past her mother’s creamy ass cheeks, watching Robert’s cock thrust in and out of the tightness. She gripped her father’s cock hard, jacking up and down swiftly as her excitement increased.

“Fuck her asshole, Robert!” Peggy shrieked happily. “Fuck mother’s tight asshole! Ooooh, that’s beautiful, Mother! Does it feel good?”

“You know it does, Peggy!” her mother grunted, shoving her naked ass back as Robert plunged forward. “Ohhh, you know it feels good to get fucked in the ass!”

Peggy could stand it no longer. She dropped to her hands, and knees, wiggling her naked little ass in the air. Her face was pointed toward her mother’s ass, and as she placed her head on the floor of the patio, she darted her hand between her mother’s thighs and gripped Robert’s balls tightly.

“Come on, Daddy!” she urged in a hot voice. “Fuck me, too! Daddy, fuck my asshole… the way Robert is fucking Mother! Come on, Daddy! Hurry, please hurry!”

George moved behind his daughter’s swaying, saucy ass. But before he moved his cock to it, he leaned down and kissed those smooth cheeks. His tongue licked out, probed at her pooching cunt. He licked up from her cunt and over her tight asshole. His tongue licked all over those sugary cheeks, then back at her pussy again. He dragged his tongue from Peggy’s cunt to her asshole time and again, sending Peggy into peals of delighted giggles.

He probed at her asshole with his tongue, and Peggy yelped in delight as it slipped up her ass.

“Ohhh, Daddy, you’re tongue fucking my asshole!” she shouted. “Ohhh, I love that! Tonguefuck my ass, Daddy!”

She felt her mother’s hand move up her thighs, and then her mother’s fingers were agitating her throbbing, hard clitoris. When Ann’s finger began to dart in and out of Peggy’s tight cunt, Peggy almost came. She gripped her brother’s balls as his cock thrust in and out of her mother’s asshole. She wriggled her ass against her father’s face, cooing with ecstasy.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she yelped. “I want your big cock up my ass! Fuck me up my hot ass, Daddy!”

George pulled his tongue free of her clinging asshole, and Peggy felt the swollen head of his enormous prick pressing at the tiny pucker. She shoved her ass back against it, squealing with pleasure. As the head of her father’s cock entered her tight asshole, Peggy pulled at her brother’s balls, making him grunt.

Slowly, George shoved his cock up his daughter’s asshole until his balls banged against Ann’s hand. Peggy, feeling her father’s cock filling her asshole and her mother’s finger thrusting into her cunt, almost went out of her mind with the intensity of pleasure that flowed through her small, shaking body.

“Ooooh, fuck it, Daddy! Fuck my ass! Oh, your cock is so fucking big, Daddy… and I love it! Screw my asshole! Ohhhh, fuck it all the way up my ass!”

Peggy’s ass twisted and churned as her father began stabbing back and forth, gripping her trembling hips. Peggy knew her asshole was tight around his prick, and she knew he loved the hot tightness. She bowed her back, making her hot ass arch high into the air. She closed her eyes to the ecstasy of his cock stuffing her asshole, to the way her mother’s finger fucked relentlessly into her bubbling cunt.

She could hear her mother’s sighs and whimpers of excitement next to her. She could hear her brother grunt as he stabbed into their mother’s asshole. She felt her father banging swiftly and hard into her own stretched asshole, and Peggy’s cunt was flexing on her mother’s finger tightly. Peggy was so excited she was on the verge of coming quickly.

“So soon!” she yelped. “I’m gonna come so soon! Oh, Daddy, fuck me faster! I’m gonna come! Oooooh, fuck your big cock in my ass, Daddy! Oh, give my asshole that great big cock! Squirt it up my asshole, Daddy! Come up my hot fucking asshole!”

Peggy began to kiss and lick at her mother’s thigh as she felt her orgasm boiling. She was almost out of her mind with the ecstasy. Her ass twirled and twitched as her father banged furiously into it. She kept her grip on Robert’s balls, but her eyes were closed as her tongue and lips raced about her mother’s thighs. She felt her father’s cock jerking deep inside her asshole, and with a wail, Peggy came. Her asshole gripped her father’s cock, flexing like a small, tight mouth, almost as if her asshole were sucking his cock off. She felt him press hard against her ass, then his cock spewed.

Peggy wailed loudly as he came off up her ass, filling it with thick come juice. Her pussy convulsed in a tightness that was unreal to her. Her mind soared as she came, and her body shivered as her father squirted his come juice far up her asshole.

As if from a distance, she heard her brother grunt that he was coming, and her mother’s reply came thickly that she, too, was coming. Peggy shuddered as her orgasm increased, knowing that her mother and brother were coming at the same time she and her father were.

When her father pulled his cock from her gripping asshole, Peggy felt weak. Her ass was high in the air, waving slowly as the glow of pleasure cooled somewhat. She saw her brother pull his cock from her mother’s asshole, and Ann sat on the floor, crossing her legs and smiling at Peggy. When Peggy looked around, she saw her father had slumped into his chair, breathing hard. Robert, too, seemed to be gasping for air.

She giggled. “I guess we can take care of them, can’t we, Mother? Look at them! They’re exhausted… and I’m just getting started!”

“Don’t worry about those two,” Ann laughed. “Your father and brother will be up nice and hard again soon enough.”

Peggy reached out and fondled her mother’s creamy thigh, running her fingers through the curls of her cunt. She could see the tip of her mother’s clitoris peeking from the wet, pink cunt lips. She stroked it gently, lovingly.

“I guess I don’t have to run away from home now, do I?” Peggy asked, her voice soft and almost lazy. “I didn’t want to in the first place. I felt no one could love me… not after what I had done.”

“All that did was make us love you more, Peggy,” Ann said, caressing her daughter’s uplifted ass cheeks. She fondled the tight pucker of Peggy’s asshole. “Your asshole doesn’t hurt, does it, baby?”

“Oh, no!” Peggy giggled. “It’s throbbing, though. It felt so good! I could take a cock up my ass again right now, Mother!”

“I believe it,” Ann laughed, slipping her finger up her daughter’s ass gently. “Why, I’ve never felt such a tight asshole. No wonder your father and brother love it so much.”

“Her cunt is just as tight,” George said. “Peggy has one hell of a tight cunt and asshole.”

“So does mom,” Robert said, sitting up now.

Ann pulled her finger from her daughter’s ass and turned to face her husband and son. “Do you two think you can keep us two hot asses in hard cock, or do we have to call in some help?”

“Oh no, you don’t!” George said. “This is a family thing, and it’s going to stay a family thing.”

Ann arched her eyes at her husband. “If it’s going to stay in the family, then you two had better start getting those cocks hard again. Peggy and I need a lot of hard cock, you know.”

Peggy lifted up and moved on her knees to her father. She took his cock in her hand, then kissed it. Opening her mouth, she sucked the head between her lips and began licking his piss hole. As his cock swelled, she wrapped her hands about it and jacked up and down.

“Suck that cock, baby,” she heard mother say softly. “We’ll show these two horny bastards.”

Peggy lifted her mouth from her father’s cock and giggled. “You suck Robert’s cock off, Mother. I’ll suck Daddy off.”

She watched as her mother began to suck on Robert’s cock, then she closed her hot, wet lips on her father’s swollen prick. Her tongue lapped at his piss hole as her small, hot hand jacked up and down. Her other hand cradled his balls, pulling gently.

Her father caressed her smooth hair as she sucked him. Twisting about so she was at her father’s side, Peggy could watch her mother as she sucked on Robert’s cock.

She had no reason now to run away, no reason to feel shame, no reason to feel guilty. She was where she belonged, and Peggy knew there would be no more torment. Her burning cunt and asshole and hungry mouth, would always be very well satisfied.

A thought came to her, and she lifted her mouth from her father’s cock. “And if they aren’t hard far us, Mother, we can always lick each other, can’t we?”

Ann pulled away from Robert’s cock. “That’s right, honey. If these horny bastards can’t keep up with us, we’ll just tonguefuck each other!”

Happily, Peggy lowered her mouth to her father’s hard, throbbing cock.

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