I’m a virgin. I don’t know if I can take that beautiful cock.

I suppose the whole thing was my fault to begin with. If I
hadn’t screwed up a cruical order at work last year, none of this would
have happened. That’s when things first started going wrong, when they
fired me. I was out of work a month before my wedding day.
Karen was great about it, at first. She reassured me that I’d
find another job, but the truth was that prospects were slim for someone
with no special skills and no great reference from his previous
employer. I consoled myself by spending more time with Karen, trying to
get her to come across before the ceremony. She’s a beautiful woman,
with soft brown hair, enchanting green eyes, and a curvy figure that
drove me wild. She was a bit of a prude though, and wanted to be a
virgin for her wedding night – a wedding night that I wanted to be
special. The problem was that I was footing the bill for that excursion
and was having to re-think where we would go for the weekend. A buddy
of mine suggested a romantic camping trip, which had the virtue of being
cheap. Karen wasn’t too enthused about it, but agreed to go along.
“You’re all I want, Alan.” she said. “Anywhere we go, we’ll be
together.” As it turned out, that was not exactly true.
The wedding went all right, I suppose, though one of Karen’s
bridesmaids took me aside to tell me that even though Karen was upset
about the change in honeymoon plans I shouldn’t worry, and that Karen’s
“moods” didn’t last long. Karen was all smiles with me though, so I put
that down to wedding jitters. It was when we arrived at the mountain
campsites that Karen first expressed her anger.
The campsites weren’t exactly as advertised, there was no cabin,
just a cleared area and a picnic table. The “picturesque” location was
deep in the back woods and reasonably deserted, since tourist season was
long over. Karen blew up and we exchanged our first heated words in
months. She apologised later and we lay our sleeping bags out under the
stars and tried to get romantic. It was chilly and uncomfortable, and
we soon moved back to the car. There, huddled in our joined sleeping
bags on the folded out back seat, I tried to consumate our marriage.
What with all that had happened, I didn’t do to well. In fact, I didn’t
really manage to get hard. Karen blew up in anger again and rolled away,
refusing to let me touch her with “that useless little prick”. I was
stung, and rolled away too. We just slept that night, or tried to.
In the morning came the crowning touch – the car wouldn’t start.
Karen just fumed and didn’t say anything. We locked up our luggage and
trudged along the back roads, hoping to find a ride or a phone or
something. There was a blast of a horn behind us and a large pickup
truck pulled up alongside.
“Oh good, a man with working equipment.” said Karen cattily. As
my face burned she trotted over to the passenger door.
“Hi!” she said brightly, turning on the charm. “Can you give us
a lift into town?”
The guy behind the wheel was big, one of those muscular
outdoorsmen types. He chuckled in his deep voice and said he’d do
anything for a pretty woman. Karen smiled, showing him her dimples and
fairly batting her eyes. It made me sick and I cleared my throat to say
something but she whirled and, with her back to the driver, snarled at
me to not screw up our chances at a ride. The driver called out that he
had room up front for the little lady if I wanted to hop into the back.
“That’s great, thanks!” said Karen, sliding into the front seat.
“Jump up back, Alan. Thanks so much…?”
“Hank.” the driver said, revving the engine and throwing the
truck into gear as soon as I was half into the bed. I nearly lost my
balance and flailed about for a handhold, then plopped into the back
with a thud. I heard Karen giggle from the front seat and clenched my
teeth in anger. Fine. If she was going to try to punish me for the
honeymoon fiasco I wasn’t going to listen to her. I sat with my back to
the cab and stared out at the road unwinding behind the truck as we
ground along the back roads. From within the cab I could hear the
muffled sounds of their talking for about ten minutes, then a gasp from
Karen. I craned my head around and noticed she was sitting very close
to him and that, as I looked forward, his eyes glanced up in the rear
view mirror at me. He winked and I sat back down again, fuming. Then I
heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being undone.
What the hell was going on! I moved to look around but just
then the road turned from gravel to paved with a jolt, and I was
unbalanced. When I got my bearings and looked towards the cab area, I
could see Hank’s head… but I couldn’t see Karen’s. I stared for a
moment, then leaned out the driver’s side of the truck and looked in the
mirror mounted there, where I could see sideways into the cab of the
I saw the back of my pretty bride’s head going up and down.
I don’t know how long I stared, frozen, then slumped back into
the bed of the truck. How could she? Karen, who never let me do more
than feel her boucy, pouting breasts in the six months we had been going
out? I looked back to the cab of the truck and, to my relief, saw that
Karen was sitting normally on the passenger side. It was a
misunderstanding! It must have been, she was leaning over to pick up
something she dropped, that’s all. A sick feeling in the pit of my
stomach told me different, but I refused to listen to it.
A minute or two later, I felt the truck slowing down. We were
nowhere near town yet, still just on the highway, and I looked around to
find out where Hank was going. A sign showed “Dewdrop Motel” and
The truck pulled into an empty parking space and Hank climbed
out and walked towards the office. Karen slid out of her side of the
truck and leaned on the side, smiling towards me.
“Good news, Alan! I told Hank about our honeymoon problem and
he’s going to help!” I was less than enthusiastic.
“I don’t need any fucking help!” I snarled.
“Well that’s too bad, because I do!” she said with a hint of a
laugh in her voice. “Hank’s getting the rooms now, so it’s all
Hank came walking out of the office swinging a pair of keys on
little plaques and grinning.
“Is he cool with it?” Hank asked her. Karen leaned forward and
whispered savagely,
“You better fucking be cool with everything or I am walking out
of this mistake of a marriage right now!”
I gulped. I didn’t know if she was serious or not, but I knew
now that she had a furious temper and didn’t want to give her the chance
to leave me. I still loved her.
“Yeah, I guess I’m okay.” I said. I climbed out of the back of
the truck and glanced up as Hank tossed me one of the two keys. I
fumbled it and bent to pick it up when it finally hit me… two sets of
keys? I scooped up the set of keys and looked up to see Hank and Karen,
arm in arm, enter one of the motel suites.
“That… that bitch!” I said, stumbling towards the door. As I
got there I remembered Karen’s threat about walking out of the marriage
if I ‘wasn’t okay about it’. And I realized another thing, Karen had
spoken of Hank’s ability to help with our ‘honeymoon problem’. We had
more than one problem, and it was then I knew Karen wanted help with
I heard Karen’s voice mingled with Hank’s voice inside the room
and glanced down at my key. For the next suite. Numbly I moved a few
steps along and opened its door, entering the dark suite. I closed the
door and sat on the bed, still hearing their voices in the next suite.
I didn’t know what to do, but to my shame I realized the thought of
Karen and this stranger in the other room was actually exciting me. I
looked down at the hardon I had, wondering where it had been last night
when I needed it. A silence decended from next door. I couldn’t help
myself, I went to the wall and listened. I still couldn’t hear anything
distinct, but then I realised the bathroom extended in towards the next
suite. I went in and looked around, and then I heard the rustle of
cloth on cloth and a grunt. I saw immediatly that the motel was
designed for suites to share bathrooms, and a connecting door led to
their suite’s bathroom on the other side. I tried the handle – it
wasn’t locked. In a moment I was peering through the door of their
suite’s bathroom and into the main room.
There I beheld a scene that still burns in my memory today.
Hank had disrobed completely and was lying back on the bed, his hairy,
well-muscled body supporting a rigid penis pointed skywards. With one
hand, he stroked it, the skin sliding up and down the sides of the
shaft. It was huge.
Karen stood before him, at the foot of the bed, removing the
last scraps of her lacy underwear. Her firm young body was fully
revealed to me, her husband, for the first time – and at this same time,
she was staring with obvious lust at another man’s cock. She stepped
out of her panties and tossed them aside, as if uncaring if she ever saw
them again.
“Oh Hank. It’s so big!” Karen said, then chuckled at the cliche
line. She wasn’t lying though, I’ve seen porno films with men who were
really hung, and Hank topped them all. Karen couldn’t take her eyes off
“It’s all for you, honey.” Hank said with a smile. “So come on
over here and suck it for old Hank.”
Karen smiled sweetly and strutted seductively over to the
bedside, gracefully lowering herself beside him. She reached out
tentatively for it, wrapping one hand around it as Hank moved both of
his hands behind his head. He appeared relaxed and sure of himself, and
I ground my teeth in frustration.
Slowly, Karen leaned forward and took his penis in her mouth. I
couldn’t see very clearly, as she was partially blocking the view, but
her head began bobbing up and down with a rhythmic action.
“Suck it, baby. That’s right…” said Hank, starting to fondle
her body. Karen pulled off with a gasp, as if she was forgetting even
to breath when he was in her mouth, then plunged back down on him again.
The sounds of her slurping his meat filled the room. Hank’s hands
began sliding up her legs towards her downy cunt and she broke off
blowing him for a moment to slide her body forward on the bed and give
him easy access. In a moment she began to moan as his hand caressed her
From her new position I could see clearly Karen sliding his
massive meat into her warm mouth. Drool was running down his dick as
she slurped and sucked. Karen was taking only about a third of his cock
in her mouth and was nearly gagging on it at that. Her eyes winced as
she drove herself down, trying to force more of him in her mouth.
“It’s okay, Karen, you don’t have to try to take it all. Just
suck like a good girl, there you go. Use your tongue, that’s right.”
said Hank, stroking her on the back of the head as he instructed my
bride in the fine art of giving head. Karen was an enthusiastic
student, and kept taking instruction for the next five minutes or so.
She licked the length of his shaft, she kissed his large balls, she
gagged again trying to take more of his big prick. Hank fondled her
body, caressing her breasts, feeling the smooth roundedness of her ass,
and smiling in pleasure. I tried to control my breathing, as I feared
they would hear me here in the bathroom.
Finally Karen lifted her head off of his cock, kissed the head
sweetly, and looked up at Hank.
“I want you, Hank. I… want… your… big… cock!” she said,
bending over to kiss the head again.
“Well sure, beautiful!” said Hank, reaching for her and pulling
her prone on top of him. He kissed her, and she responded with passion,
hugging him tight. Her pubic region rubbed against his large shaft.
“There’s one thing, though, Hank…” Karen said.
I listened, hoping that she would tell him he had to wear a
“I’m a virgin. I don’t know if I can take that beautiful cock.”
Karen continued, as I froze again. I couldn’t think.
“Don’t you worry, little lady.” Hank said with a grin. “I’ll
take care of you.” He rolled over, my smiling bride scooting under him
on the bed. He kissed her again, then lowered him head to her virgin
“Mmm.” he said, as she spread her legs for him and slightly
raised her bottom. Hank leaned forward and began gently licking her
Karen gasped and writhed under his expert tongue. In only a few
moments she wriggled and bounced her way through her first honeymoon
orgasm. The man that gave it to her smiled up at her as she caressed
his head, moaning his name again and again. His name, not mine. He
kissed her moist pussy lips and rose before her, his immense cock ramrod
straight and throbbing. As he moved into position above her, my darling
Karen wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her ass ever so
slightly above the bed, anticipating his cock.
Hank rubbed the tip of his cock slowly in her pussy juices,
making her whimper.
“Please… please…” she said softly.
Hank obliged, slowly forcing the large head of his cock into my
newlywed wife. Karen winced as he pushed more of his shaft into her and
drew a ragged breath. I was sure she’d call it off, he was too big for
her virgin cunt.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop…” I heard her say.
Hank slid about half of his mighty cock into Karen, then held it
there. After a moment he began slowly sliding it in and out, giving her
more and more of his immense shaft as he did. He was truly fucking her
now, and soon her grimaces of pain gave way to moans of pleasure.
“Oh my god…” she would moan, as he gave her a little more of
his length. Then, after a minute or two, she would mumble “more” and he
would oblige. In time he was reaming his massive cock completely in and
out of her eager snatch, with her loudly loving it. Karen’s legs, which
had been laying limply to the sides, rose and her knees bobbed in time
with his thrusts. Soon she wriggled about and gave a few cries as he
pistoned her through another orgasm.
“Oh Hank! Oh my beautiful… oh yes, that’s fantastic! Don’t
ever stop! Don’t ever stop!” she would say, as he grunted and kissed
her cheeks. I began to wonder how long he could hold out in her velvet
grip, but soon his thrusts became more powerful and his breath came in
“Yes… do it… cum in me…” said Karen, sensing the moment
approach. With a savage set of grunts, Hank pounded my pretty bride
into the mattress and then held her there, pinned by his size and his
huge dick completely filling the straights to her womb. His buttocks
tensed as he came, jerking with each spurt of his ejaculation. Karen
gasped and flipped her head back, going through another orgasm as he
shot his sperm into her.
I held my breath as Hank gave my newlywed wife the consumation
of the marriage that I had been unable to give her.
Hank slumped slightly as he finished shooting his load into
Karen, a final spasm sending his fifth stream of cum into her. Karen
lay back on the bed, panting and smiling up at him, the sweat beaded on
her body. Hank pulled his slimy member out of her hole with a sucking
sound, a tiny strand of his sperm bridging the gap between the head and
her pussy for a few seconds. He rolled over to one side of the bed,
“Oh Hank! That was incredible!” Karen managed to say. Hank
smiled back at her.
“Ol’ Hank ain’t done yet, honey. You just give him a moment to
take a bit of a piss and he’ll be right back.”
Panic gripped me. I fumbled for the connecting door to my
bathroom. I could hear Hank strolling towards the room I had just
vacated as I closed the door and held it shut, not even daring to lock
it in case he should hear the click. I leaned against the door and
heard him flip up the toilet seat and take a long, long piss. When he
had drained to driblets and flushed, I heard the bathroom door open and
Karen’s voice.
“Here, let me clean that off for you.” she said, and soon after
there came slurping sounds. My newlywed bride was giving herself
completely to this stranger, seemingly mesmerised by his huge cock. I
couldn’t blame her, I didn’t know how I could manage to compare with his
skill at fucking her. I stayed at the door for some time as Karen
sucked his cock, barely a yard from me. Hank grunted, then grunted
“I’m gonna cum.” was all he said. Karen’s slurping never
slackened. He grunted and moaned, obviously spewing out his sperm
again, and this time into Karen’s sweet mouth. I heard the sounds of
her gulping down his load and his pleased surprise.
“Damn! You are one hot woman, you don’t get many who swallow!”
Hank said.
“It tasted good.” said Karen. “Now come on and fuck me again.”
“Hell, anything to oblige a lady.” said Hank, and they went back
into the bedroom. I went back to my bed and lay there, as the sounds of
their lovemaking began again on the other side of the wall. I could
hear the springs of the bed creak for a long, long time as they fucked,
moving from position to position. Karen moaned and gasped and mewed and
cried out through orgasm after orgasm, though I only heard Hank grunting
and cumming once more – after an hour. I curled into a ball and slept
until the morning.
In the morning Hank was gone, and Karen called a taxi from the
motel office. She said very little to me, and I to her. We went on
with our marriage, seemingly normally, for the next month. The only
thing that was completely unlike what I had always expected of our
marriage was the sex. In brief, Karen would not have sex with me. I
only had the nerve to bring it up once, a week after the honeymoon, and
Karen ended the discussion with one sentence,
“Do you think you can measure up to Hank?”
I had no response to that, and didn’t say anything about it
again. I got a job from Karen’s brother-in-law a week later, working in
the delivery business. Things went okay for another few weeks, until
one night I came home and Hank’s truck was parked in the driveway.
Numbly, I entered the house. Karen and Hank were standing in
the middle of the living room, kissing passionately. They both broke
the kiss and looked up at me.
“Don’t pay any attention to him, Hank.” Karen said. “He’s not
worth thinking about.”
“If you say so, honey.” Hank said, grinning at me. “Nice place
you got here, Alan boy. Don’t mind me and the missus, we’ll try and
keep it down so’s we don’t interrupt your TV shows.”
“We will NOT.” said Karen, grabbing Hank by the hand and leading
him to the bedroom. “You’re on the couch, tonight, Alan dear. See you
in the morning.” And with a laugh they both went into the bedroom.
I sat there that evening, watching mindless program after
mindless program, as the sounds of their passion rang out through the
house. It seemed that Karen made a particular point of crying out
Hank’s name, and how big his cock was, and how much she loved it. The
next morning Karen showered with Hank, cooked him breakfast, and walked
him to the door. Then she glanced at me and said slyly that she wanted
her breakfast, and pulled down his trousers. As I watched she gave him
a long, slow, tender blowjob. This time she managed to force over half
of his cock down her throat before gagging, and at the end she swallowed
his sperm with an angelic smile on her face. She zipped him up, kissed
him, and sent him on his way.
“Don’t forget next week!” she said. He waved and drove off.
“Next week?” I asked.
“Hank’s going to be a regular visitor.” Karen said smugly.
“After all, I think I’m going to be having his baby.”
I sank into a chair and buried my head in my hands.
“Don’t worry Alan, I won’t leave you.” Karen said with a
chuckle. “You go off to work now, we wouldn’t want you to get fired.”
She patted her belly. “Little Hank and I.”
As I got ready to get in the car to head to work, our neighbors
in the duplex were just heading out. An elderly couple they were, and
the old lady smiled at me sweetly.
“You sure are a noisy couple, Hank!” she said. “Have a nice day
at work!” I didn’t want to say anything and to this day she still
thinks my name is Hank. After all, that’s the name my wife calls out on
the weekends when she and her lover spend the better part of the night
fucking in our bedroom.
Nine months after our honeymoon Karen gave birth to Hank’s son.
She was radiant in the hospital, the proud Mommy showing off her baby
to our parents. Later that week, at home, Hank dropped by to see his
son and let Karen suck him off again.
Little Hank is three months old now and Karen has begun
regularly fucking Hank again. At night, I tend the baby while she
groans in orgasm as he seeds her again. This time, Karen wants a little
girl. I still can’t bring myself to leave her, and I don’t quite know
what to do.