Raped Degraded Daughter

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In RAPED DEGRADED DAUGHTER, Linda Simmons finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Linda Simmons suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


Linda Simmons cowered in her bed as she listened to her mom and dad arguing again. Her father sounded so mean when he yelled, and it always frightened Linda. She was frightened now as her dad’s voice rose threateningly. Then she heard the slapping sound and her mom’s short scream. Oh God, Linda thought fearfully, he’s gonna hurt her again. One night a few months before, Jim Simmons had come home rather drunk, and he had beat the hell out of his wife because she refused to fuck him. Linda’s young ears had heard some pretty horrible things that night.

“What’s wrong with my cock?” her father had yelled. “You got another one on the side? Is that it, you fucking bitch? Why won’t you fuck, you little slut?”

“Because you’re so God damned drunk, you slob!” Janet Simmons had responded.

“You just think your pussy’s too good for me!” her father bellowed.

Linda covered her ears with her hands that night, but it hadn’t helped. She couldn’t shut out the dirty words her parents used when they were drinking and angry. She couldn’t shut the dirty words out now either. Her ears burned as her dad shouted. Her mother’s voice rose up too, and the woman blurted: “Go jerk yourself off, you filthy bastard!”

Linda turned over onto her belly and sobbed softly into her pillow as the abusive language continued in the other room. Crying to herself, she let one hand slip down onto her to her fuzzy young cunt. Her fingers gently rubbed there as her other hand filled with a tight young breast which she squeezed hard. For a few moments at least, the squeezing of her tit and the rubbing of her pussy relieved the tension in her. For a few moments, she could concentrate on her spiking pink nipple, so tingly in her hand, and her stiff little clit, as tingly as her nipple. These feelings saved her for a little while.

It never lasted, though. Jim and Janet Simmons were too filled with hatred and had resented one another for far too long. Their viciousness came out in their screams and yells that young Linda couldn’t escape. The fear in her grew and ruined the few good feelings she could muster in her flowering young body. The young girl took her hands away from her tits and pussy, and flopped over onto her back. In the dark, she stared at the ceiling and chewed her lower lip for a long time as she heard her name mentioned.

Linda knew her name would eventually come into the argument. It always did. She listened tearfully now as her father once again accused Janet of whoring for years. She heard her dad mention her growing young body.

“If you don’t give me any, maybe Linda will,” Jim Simmons snarled angrily. “She’s growing up nice.”

That always angered Linda’s mother, and now Janet screamed: “You stay away from her, you filthy son-of-a-bitch! Don’t you ever even think of doing anything to that kid! I’ll cut your balls off if you touch her!”

Such threats always inflamed Jim, and now Linda heard him slap her mother around the bedroom and curse her for swearing at him.

“Why shouldn’t I fuck the cute little bitch?” he bellowed. “How do I know she’s my daughter? Who were you fucking then?”

Tears stung Linda’s eyes again. She had heard her dad say such things many times in the past. So often, in fact, that she sometimes doubted that Jim was her real father. Would a real dad get falling-down drunk and want to fuck his own little girl? Would a real father threaten to fuck her?

Linda silently thanked God that her mother was there to protect her from her father. Linda had to admit that her mom was something of a bitch at times and often goaded her father, but at least she was there to stand between Jim Simmons and his virgin daughter!

Linda heard her father go into the living room for more drinks and she shuddered. The drunker her dad got, the meaner he became. One of these nights, she thought fearfully, mom won’t be able to stop him. What would happen to her? What would her dad do to her? She had heard him rape her mom a few times. He sounded horrible, like an animal in heat. And Linda had accidentally seen his prick a few times. It was immense! She shivered in her bed and crossed her arms over her pert, jutting tits.

The teenager recalled the other day, when she had foolishly goaded her dad. She hated him for hitting her mother and despised him for lusting after his own daughter, so Linda had deliberately pranced from the bathroom into her bedroom, wrapped only in a small towel. She knew that her father was sitting in his recliner chair, and that he would see her run naked into her room.

Unfortunately, her mother saw that, too. So Janet got mad at Linda that day, not at her husband who had made some dirty remark about his daughter’s sweet little ass.

“Why did you do that?” Janet had demanded to know.

“What, Mom?” Linda asked innocently.

“You know what, damn you! Isn’t it hard enough for me to keep him off your back without you cockteasing him?”

Linda burst into tears and cried: “I never did such a thing!”

“Well, what do you call it, prancing half naked in front of him?”

“I forgot he was here!” Linda cried.

Janet Simmons had looked sadly at her daughter’s burgeoning young body. She heaved a sigh and shook her head helplessly. Resigned to the facts of life, Janet said: “Well, be more careful, will you.”

She left the room abruptly and closed the door. Linda had heard her father murmur something dirty, then heard her mom blurt out: “Shove it up your ass!”

She had dropped the little towel, then looked at herself in the mirror on the wall. She had to admit to herself that her mother was right; she had deliberately disturbed her father. Linda hated him so much for the way he treated her and her mother that she really wanted to aggravate him.

She had glanced over her naked tits and pussy in the mirror and tried to convince herself that she hadn’t really tried to cocktease her father, not the way her mom meant. She just wanted to make him mad, just wanted to get even with him a little. She wouldn’t actually want to make his cock big! Would she?

Regardless of the innocent girl’s motives, the damage was already done. Jim Simmons had leaned back in his recliner to ease his whopping hard-on… and a whopping resentment against his wife and his pretty daughter. In his liquor-soaked mind, both were guilty of torturing him daily. Both were cockteasers, as far as he was concerned, and both ought to have their asses fucked off! He had grumbled to himself and tried to watch the TV.

Linda shut her eyes tightly in the dark as she tried to forget the day she cockteased her dad. After that time, because he had gotten so wild and upset, she tried harder to avoid him and to keep from exciting him in any way.

But just Linda’s presence was exciting enough for her father. When he saw her dressed for school, it excited him. It was exciting just to watch her walk away from the house to catch the school bus. It was exciting to see her come home, all pink-cheeked and bright-eyed with her pert young tits poking so cutely in a tight dress or sweater. And her rounded ass had such a delightful twitch to it! It was easy for Jim Simmons to pretend it wasn’t his daughter but one of her teenaged girlfriends. All of them were nymphets!

Linda’s breath quickened when she realized that her mother was losing the battle in the bedroom. She knew what that meant. Her mother would have to submit to her father’s powerful sex urge. Jim Simmons would now hold his wife down on the bed and fuck her brutally, viciously. At least to young and inexperienced Linda, it would seem brutal and vicious. To Linda, all sex was brutal and vicious. Even now, as she heard her mother whimper and her father grunt animalistically, Linda was sure that there was absolutely nothing nice about sex, except maybe the sex she had with her own hands.

She heard her mom yell: “Jim! Stop! Not so hard!”

Her father growled: “Then give it to me, you bitch! Quit holding back! Fuck, you bitch, fuck! Get me off! Move your ass, for Christ’s sake! Don’t just lay there!”

“I don’t want it… I don’t want it.”

Janet Simmons wept, and Linda’s heart went out to her.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Linda heard her dad grunt again and again. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Then Linda heard the mattress springs begin to creak louder and faster. She heard different sounds come from her mother, strange, deep guttural sounds as the bed jounced and banged and creaked noisily. She heard her dad let out a howl, like some kind of an animal, and Linda knew what they meant. Her father’s big cock was going to shoot huge wads of thick white cream into her mom’s pussy. Linda had learned that much from girlfriends at school. She shuddered now to think of the nasty, dirty act of a big cock spitting jism into a woman’s pussy.

It was because of her negative outlook on sex that Linda Simmons was still a virgin. Even though many of her girlfriends assured her that sex with boys was fun, juicy, and exciting, Linda just wouldn’t and couldn’t be like them. So she was known around school as a nice girl, that is, a square. So she wasn’t very popular and spent many afternoons alone at home, just playing with herself.

In school, Linda was known by teachers as an A student, a good girl, and smart. Little did they know that the teenager was motivated, not by a love of school and learning, but by a dreadful fear of sex and a great need for peace and quiet. School was a shelter for Linda, far from the shouting voices of her raging mother and father. She liked school, too, because then her leering, grinning father couldn’t see her body and lust for it.

Linda had necked a few times in drive-in movies with boys, and she had gotten so far as to touch a swollen young prick. But then she would panic and think of her father’s giant cock ripping into her defenseless mother’s pussy, and Linda would freeze up. No boy got very far with Linda Simmons. Consequently, Linda was a lonely young girl, even though very pretty and rather sexy looking.

That loneliness assailed her now as she lay sniffling in her bed, listening to the horrible sounds of her father fucking her mother in the next room. She wished she could shut her ears to this part, the part where her dad’s massive cock seemed to render her mom helplessly horny.

“Jim! Jim! Ohhh, you bastard!” she heard her mother cry in an anguished voice. “You son-of-a-bitch! Oh God! Owwww, ohhhhhhh, you rotten bastard!”

Tremors of strange feelings rippled through Linda’s young body as she heard her mom’s voice grow weaker and weaker and the bed springs grow louder and louder. Linda knew what was happening. Her mom was cumming! Linda had peeked a few times when her parents had fucked with the lights on. She had seen how her dad’s giant cock plunged and drilled into her mom’s bushy cunt and made her mother cry and whimper and fuck back as if she loved it! It was terrible!

A few moments later, there was silence as both Jim and Janet Simmons paused for breath. Then Linda heard her dad sneer: “Who you trying to kid? You love cock!”

To Linda complete surprise, her mother spit savagely: “You’re damned right I like cock! But not yours!”

That earned Janet a slap across the face, and Linda a new fear. What did her mom mean by that? Whose cock did she like?

Linda was still thinking about this subject long after she heard her dad snoring and her mom washing up in the bathroom. Her mother’s admission made Linda recall certain incidents that had been secretly bothering her. Last Saturday, Linda could swear she saw her mother standing awfully close to the milkman, Mr. Daniels. Had they been kissing?

And then there had been that Tuesday when Linda stayed home from school, sick to her stomach. She was in bed at the time, but didn’t she hear her mom ask Mr. Daniels in for coffee, and hadn’t they whispered in the kitchen for a long time? Did any of these thing have meaning? Linda didn’t know. But now she had a sneaking suspicion that there might be something to her father’s accusations. Maybe her mom was fucking the milkman!

Linda’s thoughts turned to the man, Mr. Daniels. He was a good-looking guy with bright blue eyes that sort of undressed a girl. Even Linda noticed that one day, when the man gazed at her. It was as if he could see right into her eyes, down to her pussy, as if he knew Linda had been playing with herself. Linda sensed that he’d be a hard man to tell lies to, if he were her father!

But Linda noticed something else about the man’s eyes. When he looked at her mother, Janet seemed to melt! Then she put two and two together. Janet had just admitted to her husband that she liked cock, but not his! Did she mean Mr. Daniels’? Did she like the milkman’s cock? Linda shuddered in her bed and shut her eyes tight against the dirty thought. Yet she was closer to the truth than she could ever imagine.

Actually, the child already sensed what the local neighborhood was yet to discover. There must have been some hanky-panky between Janet Simmons and Bill Daniels, because both disappeared from town on the same day!

Linda got home from school one afternoon to find a small note pinned to her pillow. It was a note from her mother and it read:

Dear Linda:

Forgive me if you can, but I have to leave. I have to get away! I have to! Please forgive me for being so selfish, but I’ve been so unhappy these past few years. I can’t take any more. I wish I could take you with me, but I don’t have the money. I’ll try to send for you. Just keep out of your father’s way. Don’t rile him up. Don’t tease him. I’ll send for you. I promise. Be good. I love you, kitten. Remember that.


Linda never would have shown the note to her father willingly. But, as it happened, that was one of those days when Jim Simmons felt like drinking more than he felt like working. So he took off from work, claiming sickness as usual, and spent the next hour and a half in his favorite bar. He got home about five o’clock, and he found his daughter sprawled across her bed, sobbing pitifully into her pillow, clutching a piece of paper in her small hand.

The girl hadn’t expected her father home so early, and she was taken by surprise. He staggered to her bedroom door, eyed her body up and down, and approached the girl. Linda sat up on her bed and cowered back away from him, fear flashing in her blue eyes.

“What’s going on?” he slurred. “What’re you crying about? What’s that you got there? Gimme that!”

He tore the note out of her hand, and Linda couldn’t stop him from reading it. She watched with wide, fearful eyes as he read it once, twice, three times. Her young heart started to pound fiercely. What would he do? Go crazy? Bust all the furniture? Storm out cursing and swearing? Linda didn’t know what to expect from her father at a time like this. And she was least ready for the way he did finally react.

To Linda’s total surprise, he calmly crumpled the paper in one hand, then flipped it onto her bed. An evil grin lifted the corners of his mouth and his dark eyes got bright as he looked her over. She hadn’t changed out of her school dress yet, and she looked unusually pretty sitting on her bed in the blue dress, high on her curvy thighs, low across her jutting young tits.

Linda felt self-conscious and she stammered: “I’d… I’d better change now.”

“No,” her father said in a strangely calm voice. Why was he so calm? Why wasn’t he in a rage? His wife had just run away! Why wasn’t he angry? Linda soon found out.

“Stay just as you are,” her father said slowly, admiring her heaving tits and trembling, wet lips. “You always look prettier for school than you do for home. You know that? Why do they make kids dress nice for school? Bet ya it’s to please the teachers. Bet the men teachers like to look at you pretty girls all day long. Probably peek under your dresses.”

Linda nibbled her lower lip nervously and said: “Daddy, please don’t talk like that.”

“Might as well get used to it, baby,” he said thickly, eyeing her pointed tits. “Cause I’m gonna talk to you any damned way I please from now on.”

Her father moved to the edge of her bed, then sat on it. He grinned crookedly at her. Linda’s nostrils, flared as she smelled his whiskey breath.

“It’s just you and me now,” he said slowly. “You know what I mean? Janet’s left us. It’s just you and me now.”

“Please don’t say it that way,” Linda sniffled, tears in her eyes. She was painfully aware of the fact that her mother had left her alone with her drunken father!

“What way?” her father teased. “You and me are gonna get along just fine from now on. Ain’t we?”

He reached a hand over and touched her naked knee. Linda recoiled and pulled her leg away. Her dad laughed and suddenly grabbed her thigh in a vise grip.

“Daddy! You’re hurting me!” Linda suddenly cried. She tried to push his hand off her leg, but it was no use.

Jim Simmons tightened his grip on his little girl’s thigh and said through his teeth: “You behave yourself and you won’t get hurt. Understand? Do you? Huh?”

“Yes! Yes!” Linda cried. “Please! Let go! You’re hurting me!”

Her father’s breathing quickened as he set his big hand tenderly on her naked, smooth thigh. “This doesn’t hurt, does it?”

Linda shuddered when she realized what he was up to. “Take your hand off me.”

Her father grinned lewdly at her.

“Take your choice, baby. This?” He gripped her thigh until she winced with pain. Then he caressed her smooth, white skin, the tips of his dirty fingers inching upward. “Or this? Thing are gonna be different around here. You’re gonna have to fix my meals, now that your mother took off on us. You’re gonna have to clean house and take care of things around here.”

Linda pressed her hand on his, pushed it back an inch to keep it from contacting her brief panties under her dress. “I will! I will! But, please, Daddy, don’t touch me! I’ll do anything you say. I’ll do the laundry and everything. I promise. I can cook for you. I’ll take care of the house.”

“I know you will,” her father said flatly. “And you’ll take care of me, too.”

“Daddy! No!” Linda shrieked.

At that moment, she knew her mother hadn’t left her a goodbye note; she’d left Linda’s death warrant!


Jim Simmons pressed his daughter’s body down on the bed. His big hands moved with lightning speed, empowered by his pent-up lust. One hand pulled the top of her dress down in front. The other shoved her dress up high on her flat belly. Then his glazed eyes devoured her cute little blue panties and matching bra. The bra was delightful, just two small triangles of filmy blue stuff. He could see Linda’s nipples through the cups and her pussy through the light panties. Linda gasped as his gaze roamed freely over her lithe young body. She felt naked beneath his horny stare and his burning eyes told her that her nightmare had begun. Her worst fears were going to come true.

“Daddy… please don’t look at me like that.” She tried to cover her body. Her father looked mean and shoved her hands away.

“Just let me look at you,” he said sternly. He pinned her wrists to her sides so she couldn’t adjust her dress modestly. He wanted to enjoy a free look at her ripe, pointed tits and young pussy.

Linda shuddered. Tears stung Linda’s blue eyes, and she whimpered.

“That isn’t all you want to do to me. I know what you want to do.” She sniffled like a hurt child. “Please don’t, Daddy. Please don’t do it to me.”

Her father was excited by her softness and pleading voice. “Don’t do what to you?”

“You know what.”

“Tell me.”

“No! You just want me to talk dirty!”

Jim laughed lewdly and his eyes seemed to blaze with fires.

“Tell me what you don’t want me to do to you,” he cajoled. He eyed her pouting young lips with lust and whispered: “Let me hear you say it.”

“No!” Linda cried, twisting her face away so she wouldn’t have to see the raw lust in his eyes.

“You will, baby,” her father said slowly. “You’ll say lots of nice sexy things, one of these days. You’ll see.”

“I never will!” Linda cried.

“Yes, you will. You’re gonna do everything I tell you, you little cockteaser. Don’t play coy with me. You’ve been cockteasing me for over a year now, and you know it. You sexy little bitch. Well, don’t worry. Your old dad knows what you need. I’ve got what you want.”

Linda could only twist helplessly and cry out: “Let me go! Leave me alone! Don’t you dare touch me! I’ll scream! I’ll tell on you!”

To her dismay, her dad’s eyes flared menacingly and he suddenly slapped her across the face. Her head jerked on the bed under the force of the blow. He slapped her again and glared at her until she burst into tears.

“Don’t you ever say a thing like that again, you little bitch!” he snarled dangerously. “You hear me? You threaten me like that, and I’ll beat you within an inch of your life! Scream, will you! Tell on me, will you!”

Linda didn’t realize what she had let herself in for. But she soon found out. To her surprise and dread, her father stumbled to his feet and unbuckled his belt. Linda watched him unsnake the belt from around his waist, saw the leather strap swing loosely in the air.

“Daddy!” she gasped. “Wha… what are you going to do?”

Her answer came in a stinging blow of the belt to her naked young thighs. Linda screamed at the sudden pain. Her father had never spanked her in her life, much less beat her with his belt! Now the leather strap whistled through the air again and again. Linda cried out and bounced on the bed with each blow to her body. The belt smashed against her defenseless tits. Then her father seemed to aim for her crotch. The very end of the belt whipped against her pussy. Screaming, Linda jerked around onto her belly to escape the belt, but that left her ass fully exposed, and her father took advantage of her position. He gave her ass quite a few whacks of the strap, until the poor girl was whimpering and weeping soulfully. Only then did he let the belt fall to the floor.

Linda sobbed and shivered. And she curled up on the bed.

Her father, breathing heavily and smelling of stale liquor, knelt on the bed and pulled her body around. He got her onto her back and gazed lewdly at her.

“Now are you gonna be a good girl?” he sneered.

Linda swallowed audibly, fear gripping her heart. Her tits heaved and her breath came in little gasps as she surrendered and whimpered: “Yes… yes!”

“That’s better,” her dad said, grinning lustfully. Leaning down, he plastered his mouth against hers. He plunged his thick tongue into her small mouth and filled it with his lust. Linda caught her breathas the weight of his body crushed her to the bed. Sobbing helplessly, she went lax as his tongue fucked in and out of her mouth and she submitted to his superior male strength. She was cornered, trapped like a helpless little animal. Her father was boss, master, and she was servant, slave. She cried softly as her dad kissed her in a dirty way. Against her will her tits and pussy came alive.

In that moment of fear and anguish, Linda knew that she was slave to more than just her father’s incredible lust for her. There was the matter of her own blossoming body. Even as her dad’s tongue ravished her unwilling mouth, she remembered the sex scenes she had peeked at. She remembered peering into their bedroom and seeing her father’s immense cock raping Janet’s cunt, and she remembered the stirrings within her own body when she looked at those dreadful scenes. What frightened her now, as her father’s big body pinned hers, was that she could feel those same stirrings deep in her cunt, and she didn’t want them! But she couldn’t stop them!

Jim Simmons breathed heavily through his flared nostrils as he kissed his sexy little girl and felt her lithe young body so vibrant beneath his. In his growing passion, he broke the wet, sloppy kiss, slipping his horny mouth to Linda’s soft, smooth throat. His big hands moved up and down her sides, dragging her dress this way and that until more of her flesh was touchable.

Linda felt his hot hands run up and down her body, making her more and more naked. Her senses reeled as her flesh crawled with unwanted sensations. The feelings made her go weak, like a kitten succumbing to gentle strokes.

She felt incredibly helpless now. Her father’s lust seemed to be drowning her in a sea of sensation.

She was too young to realize that her father was systematically and subtly seducing her. And he was enjoying himself. He would have raped her, if it had been necessary, but the whipping had rendered her obedient enough to seduce.

All Linda knew was that she was afraid of her father now; afraid to defy him, afraid to fight against him, afraid to stop him from raping her. As gentle as he might be with her, this was still rape to the young girl. Her drunken, raunchy father was ravishing her against her will, defiling her, shaming her. And she knew that she could never tell a soul about this! How could she? She would be so ashamed! How could she tell even her best friend that her dad was feeling her up, lying on her with a huge hard-on in his pants?

She wanted to curse her father, the way her mother often had cursed him, but she could only whimper helplessly beneath his great weight as he licked his tongue over her neck.

She wanted to protest in some way when she felt her father’s fingers clawing at her little bra, but she could only weep softly as he lewdly bared her jutting young tits, mauling them with his rough hands. Her tears fell faster when his hand reached down to push at her panties. Linda heard the small things rip, and she cried harder as his fingers contacted the soft flesh of her naked young cunt.

She gasped when she felt him press one big finger between the lips of her pussy. Her whole body stiffened and she cried: “Daddy! No! Please don’t put your finger in me!”

“What’s the big deal?” her father muttered into her ear. “Don’t try to tell me you’re really a virgin!”

“But I am! Oh, I am! Daddy, please! I am a virgin! I’ve never let a boy do that! I swear! Daddy! Please believe me! Don’t hurt me!”

“There’s one way to find out,” Jim Simmons groaned lustfully, and he gently pushed the tip of his middle finger into his daughter’s tight young pussy-hole. When he met with fleshy resistance, he gasped. “Jesus Christ! You’ve been telling the truth! God damn! You’re still cherry? God damn!”

“I told you!” Linda cried hopefully. Now that her dad saw that she was telling the truth, he’d take pity on her, wouldn’t he? He wouldn’t break her cherry, would he? “So let me go! Don’t hurt me, Daddy! Let me go! I’ve been saving it for my husband.”

To Linda’s dismay, her father laughed lewdly.

“Your husband!” he bellowed, “You expect to save your cherry until you get married?”

“Yes! Yes!” Linda wailed, trying to close her thighs against her father’s disturbing hand.

“You’re nuts, baby,” her dad murmured. “You’ll be lucky if you’re still cherry tonight!”

“Daddy! No! Ohhh, no, Daddy! You wouldn’t! Please, let me go! Let me go!”

She started to struggle and fight in earnest then, and Jim realized that he’d have to change his tactics. He shouldn’t have frightened her like that. It was stupid of him.

He pinned her writhing body down, quickly kissed her ear and whispered: “Easy, baby, easy. I’m not taking your cherry, am I? See?”

“I’m just petting your pussy. Come on, now. Just relax. You know I want to play with your cunt. You’ve been driving me crazy for so long.”

“I… I didn’t mean to,” Linda said nervously as she relaxed her legs. Maybe if she let her dad feel her up, she’d be safe.

“That a girl,” Jim murmured soothingly, kissing one of her jutting tits and rubbing her pussy-lips softly. “Just relax and let me play with you. I don’t want to hurt you, Linda. I just want to have some fun.”

The heat of his mouth startled Linda as he gently sucked one of her proud, jutting tits. The moving wetness of his tongue made her pink nipple spike and tingle more than it ever did when she played with it. A soft moan escaped her throat as her father ravished her tit and gently rubbed her moist cunt-lips.

Smiling to himself, Jim Simmons teased his daughter’s pussy by continually nudging her cherry and giving her feelings she wasn’t accustomed to. Even when Linda played with herself, she had always been very careful not to insert her finger too far into her cunt. Now, even though her dad wasn’t really pushing all of his finger into her, he was teasing her cherry, and his finger was much thicker than her own! This, too, added to the unwanted sensations in her cunt.

Her moans delighted Jim, even though she didn’t know that. Linda hardly knew when she was moaning. All she knew was that she was afraid of her father, that she was all but naked with him on her bed, and that he was doing strange and disturbing things to her tits and pussy!

Her father was constantly thinking of her cherry, even as he slowly and lovingly ravished her arching tits. He sucked the other one and caressed the first, giving her cunt a rest, as if he weren’t that interested in it. This gave his little girl a false sense of security. At least he wasn’t attacking her pussy!

Linda peered down and watched what her father was doing to her tits. She saw his strong hand, big on the firm globe of her tit, gently kneading her flesh as his thumb rubbed her spiking pink nipple to make it tingle. She gazed at his mouth, so busy on her other tit, and she felt his tongue lashing her nipple. This sort of treatment, Linda suddenly realized, could drive a girl crazy.

“Daddy,” she panted. “Please, stop now.”

Her father chuckled against her tit, and his hand dropped to her slim waist. Linda caught her breath as he pulled off the last of her little panties, then flung them away. He pried her legs open with his large hand and Linda felt his hard-on throb against her thigh right through his pants. It was awfully close to her pussy!

“Daddy! Please!” she pleaded tearfully, afraid now that he was going to rape her for sure. “Don’t do it to me!”

Her father lifted his face from her tits and grinned at her. “What are you yelling about? My cock isn’t even out!”

“I can feel it!” Linda protested. “I know what you want to do to me! Please, don’t, Daddy. You should respect me. I’m your daughter.”

“I’m not going to fuck you,” Jim said, chuckling. “I just want to eat you.”

“Eat me!” Linda cried, alarmed. Girlfriends had told her about pussy-licking. That could really drive a girl out of her mind… especially when a boy did it!

“Either that… or this,” her father said, and he nudged her naked thigh with his hardon. “What do you say? Can I lick your pussy for you and make you feel good, or do I stick my cock in you right now?”

“Daddy!” Linda gasped, shocked. “You’re filthy! Just like Mom said!”

“Never mind that,” her father said roughly, glaring into her frightened young eyes. “Do I fuck you or eat you? Make up your mind, but you’re getting one or the other.”

The decision wasn’t hard to make. Linda wanted to keep her cherry.

“You… you can… lick me,” she stammered, embarrassed and blushing.

Jim Simmons smiled with victory. So far, so good. He maneuvered his way down, coming to rest on his elbows between Linda’s white thighs. He gave her furry young cunt a little kiss to start with. Linda’s hips jerked at the touch of his mouth. When he kissed her pussy again, she closed her eyes against the feelings. She didn’t want to like any of this. She just wanted her dad to get it over with and leave her alone. With that thought in mind, she opened her legs for his face.

Linda couldn’t help it. She let out a squeal when her father’s wicked tongue first slithered between her moist pussy-lips. And she gasped loudly when the tip of his tongue kissed the mouth of her fuck-hole. What a feeling! The girls had told her about cunt-licking, but they could never describe just how intense the pleasure was!

She shuddered all over and her hips quivered as her father used his tongue up her pussy-hole with a passion. He was obviously tongue fucking her, yet preserving her virginity. Linda’s boggled mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening to her. How could her father’s thick tongue get so far up in her pussy, right past her cherry? He couldn’t break it with his tongue, could he? No. Of course not. Linda never heard of such a thing. No, it must, be that her cunt simply gave way to his tongue as it slithered in and out of her body.

Satisfied that her cherry was still intact, Linda was able to relax somewhat and submit to her raunchy dad’s lewd sucking of her pussy. She hated him for it, but she could only whimper helplessly as his long tongue raped her virgin hole. The tickle in her pussy drove her crazy, and she couldn’t help but twist a little on his tongue.

Her father gripped her nervous hips and shafted all of his tongue up into her squirmy fuck-hole. Then something happened which Linda wasn’t prepared for… the first orgasm of her lifetime!

She felt it tearing through her cunt and shouted: “Daddy! No! Ohhhh, nooooooo! I don’t wanna do this with you! No, no, nooo! Ohhh, please, stop, stop… no, noooooo! Oh, my God! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmiiiinnngggggg.”

Her eyes rolled in her head. Her hands grasped her arching, pointed tits and squeezed hard. Her hips writhed. Her cute little ass quivered and shook and humped crazily on the bed. And her pussy flooded wetly as her wicked dad tongued and sucked and licked and lapped. Her cunt was soaked in a flashflood of hot juices. If ever a pussy was ready for cock, this was it. And Jim Simmons knew that.

Even as his pretty daughter’s head rocked senselessly to and fro on the bed, he mounted her, kneeling between her trembling thighs. Linda dimly sensed the presence of his cockhead near the entrance of her soaked cunt. Her hands went up to push at his chest. She tried to open her eyes, tried to emerge from her trance of orgasmic senselessness.

“Daddy… no, nooooo…” she panted, sensing his presence, feeling his big chest coming down on her jutting tits. “Daddy, don’t take my cherry! Please don’t!”

But Jim Simmons couldn’t stop now. His prickhead was lodged between her tight young pussy-lips.

He gripped her wrists, pinning them to the bed above her head. Lowering his face to her straining young tits, he sucked at them as he, inched his prick into her quivering body.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” he groaned lustfully.

“No, nooo, doooooon’t.” Linda whimpered as she felt another inch of thick cock wedge into her virgin cunt. She braced herself for the extreme pain she had heard about, but the pain never came. Her clever father had sucked her cunt to a nice, juicy climax, and now he was inching into her pussy with his prick. He didn’t rip into her, as Linda had heard in horror stories.

No, Jim Simmons wanted to thoroughly enjoy his daughter’s cherry. So he gritted his teeth against his own lust and entered his daughter’s cunt-hole almost lovingly. His massive cock grew larger by the minute, yet he slowly and gently inched it into her trembling young body.

Even so, Linda bit her lower lip and wept as she felt inch upon inch of her father’s big prick invade the privacy of her virginal cunt. She gasped when she felt her father’s pubic hair press against hers. Every solid inch of his cock was imbedded in her pussy. Where was the pain?

Her dad breathed deeply, and his chest crushed her ripe, jutting tits. He covered her mouth with his and kissed her passionately as he slowly pulled back. His cock inched out as it had inched in, just to the head. Then he pushed back into her.

A moment later, he was fucking his virgin daughter. His prick slid way in, then drew back, then plunged into her a little harder. With each new thrust, Linda moaned and gasped, and her whole body whipped on the bed. Her dad grew wildly horny then, once her pussy was soaked and sucking, and he started fucking her crazily. Her small body got lost beneath his giant frame as he pressed her deeper into the bed and fucked all of his rigid fuck-pole in and out of her twisting, screwing pussy.

Linda Simmons was completely out of her mind with unwanted and premature adult sexual emotions. Her pretty head lolled from side to side. Her hands clasped and unclasped spasmodically in her father’s grip as her pussy came and came and came on his rampaging cock. Just the length of his prick was enough to keep Linda in a state of drunken headiness. Her dad’s fucking left her senseless.

Just when she thought the worst was over, the incredible happened. Her father chewed one of her tits and his cock exploded in her cunt. He fucked her rapidly then, and pumped a big load of thick jism into her helplessly churning cunt. That feeling made her come even more than ever and the crazed thought crossed her befuddled young mind; she would never stop cumming!

But she did stop cumming moments later, after her father climbed off the bed. He stood gazing at her writhing, quivering naked body and murmured: “You were good, baby. I knew you’d be a good fuck. Sweet. Nice. Did you like it?”

Linda rolled onto her tummy, buried her face in her pillow and wouldn’t answer him. He left the room chuckling and feeling victorious. His little girl’s cherry had been delicious!

Linda sobbed for a long time before she got to her feet and saw the small spot of blood on her bed. She gathered up all the blankets and sheets, and she took them to the washing machine in the kitchen.

“Fix us something to eat while you’re out there,” her father called.

Linda started to weep again. But she obeyed her father. And with her heart sinking, the young teenager knew she would have to obey him from now on. She wasn’t only his maid now. She was his sex slave. And she knew it. She could tell. Every fiber of her being told her that. She hadn’t seen the last of her father’s evil cock.


Dinner was hell for Linda. Not because she had to fix it by herself. That was easy enough. She prepared franks and beans.

No, it was hell partly because it was the first meal without her mother at the table, but mostly because of what her father did. He made her walk around in nothing but her nightie.

It happened right after she had started the wash going. She was still in her school dress and torn bra. Her father insisted that she change for dinner… into one of her cute little nighties. Jim even went to the bedroom with her, and he picked out the one he liked, the blue one.

“But. I don’t wanna wear just this at the table!” Linda cried.

Her father gave her a rough shove that almost knocked her off her feet. That frightened her.

“Put it on, and come to dinner,” her father commanded, and he stormed out of the room.

Linda sniffled helplessly, but did as she was told. She took off her dress and ripped bra, then slipped into the nightie. She looked at herself in the wall mirror. She was awfully cute in the flimsy nightie, too tight across her young tits, so high on her curvy thighs. But Linda didn’t like what she saw. She was much too sexy now to be around her lust-crazed father! But she had no choice!

She peered at her body in the mirror for a minute, puzzled. She didn’t look any different now that she was no longer a virgin. That struck Linda as odd. What had she expected? Somehow, she thought she’d look different without her cherry. But she looked just as fresh and clean and wholesome as ever. How strange, she thought.

She took a second to lift the front of her nightie, just an inch above her cunt. She set her feet apart and arched her back a little to peer into the mirror at her pussy. It didn’t look any different, either. And yet, her father’s giant cock had been in there, all the way up, fucking her brutally! How could her pussy look so innocent and sweet after all that?

Perplexed by these female concerns, she ambled into the kitchen, a little hesitant, a little ashamed, knowing what her dad could see of her body through the sheer nightie. It embarrassed her and made her blush in his presence. But her father loved it all, especially when she moved to the stove and he could see the sharp, firm curves of her lovely, naked ass. His cock got very big in his pants.

Linda found it difficult to eat. Her father kept staring at her the way he couldn’t have stared if her mother was home. And Linda was highly conscious of her nightie. It was bought for her when she was younger, when her tits were small apples. But her tits were bigger now and turned the innocent nightie into a sexy thing.

Linda dropped her fork on the plate and heaved a sigh that made her ripe young tits rise up like I live things.

“Daddy,” she sighed, “I can’t eat if you’re gonna keep staring at me like that!”

Her father chuckled lewdly and set his fork down, too.

“I’m not hungry, either,” he murmured, and dropped to his knees.

To Linda’s complete surprise, he turned her body toward him, pushed her knees wide open and stared right at her furry young cunt.

“This is what I want to eat,” Jim Simmons muttered hornily, and he plastered his mouth on his little girl’s unprotected cunt. His tongue sliced up into her fuckhole, and he stabbed around immediately.

“Oh, my God!” Linda cried, taken by surprise. Strange and overwhelming sensations shot through her whole body as her raunchy father attacked her pussy. Intense feelings of erotic pleasure were already filling her cunt before her hands could get to his head to push at him.

It was too late. Her newly fucked cunt, unable to combat natural sex feelings, succumbed immediately to a man’s tongue swabbing it. Linda whimpered helplessly and slumped in the chair, her eyes rolling as her father’s incredible tongue fucked in and out of her sensitive, fresh pussy hole. Weeping softly, she came wetly on her dad’s wicked tongue. Even her orgasm overwhelmed and shocked her.

Oh, dear God, she thought frantically as her cute ass wiggled on the chair. Is this what life with him is going to be like? Every day? Ohhh, Mama! If you could only see what he’s doing to me! You wouldn’t have me left me here! Mama! Mama! Ohhh God, help me!

Her pretty head lolled from side to side as another climax rippled through her young pussy. Her father sure knew how to make her cum! He had ways of sucking her clit, nibbling her pussy-lips and tonguing her fuck-hole that simply boggled the poor girl’s mind. She had no defenses against her father’s experienced lovemaking. He was in full command of her pussy now, and all Linda could do was cry and sob and tremble… and cum, cum, cum!

“Ohhh, golly!” she cried at one point as her hips jerked compulsively. “Daddy! Please! Ohhh, don’t do it so much! Stop, stop! Please, no more, no morrrrrrrre… ohhh, you’re making me cum too much!”

Her young pussy was vulnerable and extremely sensitive to manipulation, especially to a wiggling, probing human tongue! She came so much that she almost passed out right there on the kitchen chair. And still, her horny dad sucked her cunt.

Jim Simmons loved what he was doing to his pretty daughter. How long he had suffered a stiff cock over the girl! How often he had moaned with aching balls for his little girl, only to be thwarted by his bitchy wife! Yet here he was now, alone with the helpless girl, his mouth pressed to the sweet cunt he had craved for so long.

Linda whimpered almost mournfully as her dad’s vicious tongue swirled and probed. It entered her fuck hole and slid to the very back of her pussy. What a sensation! Linda felt a strange and overpowering tickle fire up deep in her taut young cunt, and she sensed dimly that it meant her father was turning her on, making her succumb to sex, forcing her to surrender her body to him and his evil desires. And there was no one to protect her from him… or from herself!

Her father burrowed his face into her hot, young pussy and savored the flavor of her hot cunt juices. The sweet moisture inflamed his tongue further, and he plunged it ever deeper into her cunt.

Linda gasped. Her eyes closed in a mixture of unwanted rapture and a foreign agony in her pussy. The lewd plunging of her dad’s tongue invaded her most private spots with rude thrusts that alarmed her and made her quiver with dread.

The role of sweet little virgin which Linda had played so well had been stripped away by her father’s burning prick, and this left Linda feeling helpless and weak in his hands. The virginity she had guarded so well was now gone. Her pussy was no longer a tight place, a block to lewd boys and roving fingers. Her cunt felt so open now. Her dad’s big, thick tongue was drilling in and out of her body like a cock. Her whole pussy was aflame with strange new feelings, and it was so wet! She kept cumming!

Linda was afraid of what was happening to her body, to her tits, to her pussy! She wanted to scream for her dad to stop eating her, even as his wicked tongue plumbed the depths of her wetness. She wanted to stop him somehow, stop him from making her cunt so wicked, so weak, so wet. She tried to push at his head, tried to shove him away from her quivering young crotch, but there was little strength in her slim young arms and her fingers only curled in her dad’s hair as his teeth, tongue and lips devoured her cunt.

Linda’s senses whirled. This wasn’t right! This was evil! How could this be happening to her? Her own father! Groveling between her thighs! Sucking her pussy like some kind of an animal! She peered down through glazed eyes at the horrifying scene and couldn’t believe it. She was being eaten by her own dad! He was groaning with animal pleasure, right there in her lap, sucking her cunt!

Linda flashed on all the times she and her girlfriends tittered about pussy-licking. But that had been just girltalk. This was real! Her father was actually tongue-fucking her pussyhole! Linda could find nothing funny in it now, only shame. And she knew that her friends must never find out about this. No one must ever know that her father made her cum and cum and cum like some kind of a whore!

Linda’s lips parted sexily as she panted for breath. It was pure torture for her as she saw her dad’s mouth mauling her cunt and his tongue disappearing into her quivering young body. It was torture to feel her orgasms building up in her belly, then flooding like tides through her cunt to soak her father’s relentless tongue. Electric shocks jolted through her whole body as her cunt responded to her dad’s expert tongue, and the shocks were followed by after-shocks, just like in earthquakes. Linda found herself gripping the edges of the chair with her fists as she came profusely for her dad’s tongue.

Her orgasms were much too violent for a girl her age. What her father was doing to her seemed terrible, disastrous, mind-boggling, and not at all nice. No girl should feel this way!

Jim Simmons peered up at his daughter’s heaving young tits and lax mouth, and he smiled in victory. Her cunt was thoroughly soaked with her plentiful pussy juices, verifying his suspicions. His daughter was one hot little chick once she was turned on!

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he said suddenly, shocking Linda.

Her eyes shot open and she glared at him below her wobbling tits. “No! It’s horrible! I hate you! I hate you!”

Her dad laughed and probed his tongue up into her wet pussy again, just to make her ass jerk on the chair against her will.

He raised his head, smiled lewdly and said: “Your pussy tells me it feels good. Bet you’ve never had it so nice and wet. Have you? Ever get off like this on your own fingers? I’ll bet boys don’t give you this much pleasure.”

Linda turned her face away to keep from seeing his leering, knowing face. She hated him with all the emotion she could muster under the circumstances. She wanted to curse him, to express her hatred. But when she tried, only whimpers escaped her throat.

“I hate you,” she rasped, tears in her eyes. “I hate what you do to me. Leave me alone. Go away. Don’t touch me anymore. I hate it, I hate it!”

A sadistic thrill surged through the girl’s father as he gazed at her naked, wet pussy. It was all he could do from getting up and shoving his aching prick right up her pretty cunt. But he wanted something special from Linda right now.

To the girl’s amazement, her father pulled a chair over, sat on it, opened his pants and brought out his huge, soaked cock, glistening with silky pre-cum.

“I was nice to you,” he said thickly, eyes staring at her lips. “Now you can do something nice for me.”

Linda’s mouth fell open in surprise and some dread. “Wh… what do you mean?”

“You know what I mean,” he said. “Come here and give me the pleasure I gave you. Come lick my cock.”

“Daddy!” Linda gasped. She almost choked.

“Quit the stalling,” her father said sternly. “You know what I want. All you cute little teenagers know about cock sucking. I hear you like to do that to keep from getting pregnant.”

With that, he reached over and grabbed Linda. His big hand circled her neck and he pulled her so roughly that she fell to her knees before him.

“Daddy… let me go,” she pleaded, dreading the worst as his massive cock throbbed wetly in front of her pretty face.

Jim Simmons took a handful of his daughter’s soft hair, then gave it a twist. Linda howled as he twisted.

“Just do what I tell you,” he said through his teeth, obviously in no mood for back talk. “Come here and lick my prick.”

“Daddy! No! Please!” the girl begged soulfully. “I’ve never done that! I swear! Daddy, please don’t make me do that!”

“God dammit,” her dad growled. “Suck it, or get the strap!”

The thought of his thick belt horrified her more than the sight of his swollen wet cock. “No, no! Don’t whip me again.”

“Then lick my cock!”

“All right… all right… I will!” Linda cried. Tears filled her eyes as she took her dad’s big cock in her fist and licked the head of it with her tongue.

“Go ahead, suck it,” her father said thickly, aching for his little girl’s sexy mouth on his prick.

“I… I don’t know how,” she admitted tearfully.

“Just put your mouth over the top of it,” her dad instructed. When she took his cockhead into her sexy mouth, he patted her on the head. “Good girl… that’s it… get it on there… take more up into your mouth. Suck on it like a lollipop. That a girl. Lick it with your tongue, too. Yes, yes, like that… ohhhh, baby, have you got a sexy mouth. Take more in.”

“I can’t!” Linda cried. “It hurts my mouth!”

“That’s because you’re too tense about it. Relax your lips. Relax your jaw muscles. Relax your mouth. That’s it. Just relax and take my cock in nice and easy.”

To Linda’s dismay, when she relaxed her mouth, more of her father’s immense cock did enter. She felt the bulbous head of his wet prick nudge the back of her throat. Then her groaning dad had her bob her head up and down on his prick, and suck on it harder. Linda found herself sucking cock, just like she’d heard some girls talk about.

So this was what her girlfriends did to the boys, she thought frantically as she sucked her father’s prick. No wonder it always sounded disgusting! What a horrible thing to make a girl do!

But it wasn’t horrible to her father, as she found out. Even as he forced her blow him, he informed her that the act was especially female and beautiful.

“You were meant to suck cock, baby,” he said hornily. “A girl’s mouth is made for a stiff prick. Don’t you know that?”

Linda wouldn’t answer a question like that. She closed her eyes against the indignity happening to her and sucked her father’s prick in silence. Maybe she had to blow him, but she didn’t have to like it!

With her eyes shut, she lowered her face until his big cockhead knocked against her throat. She had a lot of cock in her small mouth! How could the girls say they liked this? It was disgusting!

Her lips tightened around the pulsating edges of his cockhead, and the hot wetness of her sexy mouth made her dad groan with pleasure. Linda opened her eyes for a moment and saw that his thighs were actually quivering as she sucked him. He pushed his hips forward then, and more of his prick shafted into her moist mouth, startling her. His cock seemed to be growing by the second. Was it? Was it going to shoot in her mouth, the way the girls had told her? The girls who talked about such things said they liked it, especially when the boy was spitting a lot of jism.

Linda didn’t know what to expect, since this was her first time at cocksucking. All she knew was that a cock would explode in her mouth when sucked long enough. And now she knew that it would explode the way it had exploded in her pussy before.

She became a little afraid of the event and started showing signs of slowing. Her father, close to cumming, couldn’t afford any mishaps. Grunting like a pig, he gripped Linda’s head between his big hands as if in a vise and fucked his cock in and out of her sucking young mouth.

“Mmm-mmmm-mmmmmmmm,” Linda protested helplessly, but to no avail.

Her dad pressed her face down, and he thrust his cock up into her sexy mouth against her will. He held her head tensely and groaned: “Here it comes, baby. Here’s what you need. See how much you make in me? Uh! Uh! Uhhhhhh! Jesus Christ!”

His prick exploded viciously in the sucking girl’s mouth. It pumped so furiously that creamy white squirted from the corners of her mouth as she tried to drink it down her gulping throat. She did the best she could to keep from choking or gagging, but her dad came so much that plenty of jism squished right out of her mouth and all over his thighs.

When his angry cock stopped spitting and spurting, Linda gasped for breath and pulled her mouth away from his throbbing prick.

Her father laughed lewdly and pushed her face between his thighs. “Lick it up, baby,” he said hotly. “Go ahead, get all the jism you need.”

Sobbing with shame and humiliation, Linda obediently licked up the splotches of male cream on her father’s legs. It tasted salty to her and was as thick as syrup. Why did her girlfriends like it?

Then she wondered if she would like it if it had come from a boy she liked. Maybe that was the difference. But sucking her father’s cock and licking up his jism wasn’t nice at all, and she hated him all the more that night.

After the nice blow-job, Jim Simmons left the dinner table for a drink. He grinned at his tearful little girl and told her she did a good, job for a beginner. Then he laughed and said she needed a lot of practice at cocksucking, but that he’d see to it that she got plenty!

Linda sobbed and ate her dinner cold. Later, she tiptoed over to the door and peeked into the living room. Her father was in his recliner, drinking. Linda hoped he’d get drunk and pass out. She tiptoed to the sink, then started doing the dishes up like a good little girl.

She heard the TV going constantly. A few times, she thought she heard her father move in his chair. Then just the TV sound again. She prayed he’d fall asleep or something, because she knew his cock would get big again if she had to stand around in her brief little nightie. She didn’t want him to get horny again!

As she dried the last of the dishes and put them away, she felt a pang of anger for her missing mother. She found herself dwelling on the fact that her mother had abandoned her, left her alone here with her drunken, horny father.

Why, Mom, she thought sadly. How could you do this to me? Just for a man’s prick? Did you need Mr. Daniels’ cock that much? Now look at me! Trapped here with the man you hate! And I hate him, too!

“Linda!” her father bellowed suddenly, scaring her half to death.

“What, Daddy?”

“What are you doing out there? Playing with yourself? Come in here!”

Linda meekly entered the living room. She felt naked in her short, low-cut nightie and wished she could put some clothes on.

“Come watch TV with me,” her father said when he saw her luscious young body. Linda moved for the sofa. “Not over there! Not anymore. Sit right here, right on my lap, where you belong.”

“Daddy!” Linda sobbed. “Please… no!”

“Get your ass over here!” he said menacingly.


The minute Linda was perched on her dad’s lap, right on his growing hard-on, she knew she was in for it. He wasn’t going to let her watch TV at all. How could she when his hands were all over her body?

As he licked his thick tongue into her little ear, he mauled her tits with his big hand, squeezing and fondling them. He chuckled and drew the front of her light nightie way down and bared her jutting, pinknippled tits so he could kiss and lick and suck them even as he mauled them.

“Daddy…” Linda gasped as her tits came alive with unwanted feelings. “Please… stop that.”

Jim Simmons chuckled again, almost evilly, and attacked his daughter’s tits with a lust that frightened her. He acted like he had never seen a girl’s tits before. Of course, Linda realized that there had been plenty of times when her nasty dad had wanted to grab her tits, but he couldn’t because Janet Simmons was there. Now Linda’s protective mom was gone, run off with the milkman. And here was Linda, all alone with her lewd father. Her tits were at his command.

And that wasn’t all. Whenever he pleased, her father dropped his hand into her lap between her curvy white thighs and fingerfucked her cute little cunt. It always made Linda catch her breath each time his big finger invaded her forbidden fuck-hole. There was something devastating about that finger. Her father had a way of getting it up inside her pussy and twisting it around until Linda felt funny in there.

The poor girl didn’t realize it, but she had one slim arm around her dad’s neck, holding on for dear life as his big finger assaulted her pussy-hole. Her other arm fell loosely beside her and hit her father’s knee. Her pretty head lolled back on her shoulders. Strange sensations shot through her beautiful young body as her dad fingerfucked her. Her whole pussy caught fire, and Linda could only whimper and moan helplessly as her father enjoyed himself freely with her defenseless body.

A quiver rippled through her pussy then, and Linda knew she was going to cum. She didn’t want to. She bit her lower lip against the rising tide of orgasmic pleasure and tried to fight it down. But her dad’s expert finger, so thick and busy, drilled in and out of her squirmy cunt until all hell broke loose and Linda came as never before. It seemed like the more she came, the more her cunt wanted to cum.

As her breath quickened and her tits heaved and her pussy creamed, Linda shed tears of shame and selfpity. Even in her state of advanced orgasmic bliss, she knew this was depraved. Evenings after dinner were once spent in front of the TV with the whole family enjoying the shows. But those days were gone now, and Linda sensed that. Now the evening was depraved, a horror show caused by her lewd, horny father with his enormous wet cock throbbing so menacingly beneath her naked, exposed ass.

“You’re hot, baby,” she heard her dad murmur.

She felt herself lifted up in his strong arms… and saw that he was carrying her defenseless body to the sofa.

“Daddy… no, please… what are you gonna do?” He set her lithe young body down on the sofa and he was grinning lewdly. “Why, I’m gonna fuck you, what do you think? You want my cock up your pussy again, don’t you? Remember how good it felt the first time? It’ll feel much better now that you’re not a virgin.”

“No!” the girl cried in terror. She clamped her naked thighs together. Her father laughed a strange laugh. He knew he already weakened her with finger-fucking. She couldn’t resist his prick. And he proved it.

He loomed over her frail young body and dropped his pants so that she had to see his big, wet prick bob up like a large weapon of torture.

“Oh, nooooo,” Linda whimpered, seeing the full length and thickness of her dad’s cock. Her pussy twitched with a fear of its own. Jim Simmons grinned lewdly.

“Daddy, please… not again!” the helpless girl sobbed. Her gaze was riveted to her father’s swollen cock, and she kept gasping for breath. It was unbelievable that his prick, that bludgeon, had been in her tight little cunt! She stared wide-eyed as her father knelt on the sofa between her trembling thighs.

Jim used his knee to pry her legs apart. It was easy enough. His daughter was completely stunned by the sight of his monstrous cock, the prick that was going to invade her pussy and make her whimper with feelings she could hardly control.

Once he had Linda’s legs open, he crouched between them and kissed her naked tits wetly as he rubbed the end of his prick against her pussy-lips. That contact alone was enough to make Linda tremble helplessly. His cock felt so big there! And it was going to fill her cunt!

“No, Daddy, please,” she pleaded. “Don’t do this to your own daughter! Please don’t, Daddy. Please!”

When she twisted to escape him, her pussyhair tickled his prickhead and her spiking pink nipples grazed his hairy chest. Before she could catch her breath to protest again, her dad captured her mouth with his and fed her his thick tongue. Then, mouth to mouth and cock to cunt, they rocked slightly on the sofa, almost like lovers in heat. But Linda felt suffocated by her father’s huge body, suffocated, beaten, and defeated.

Jim’s enormous prick rose wet and hot between his little girl’s thighs, and Linda went weak. Whatever resistance she might have had seemed to trickle out of her pussy along with the unwanted juice she felt there. She was incapable of avoiding this man’s incredible lust for her teenaged body. He craved her young tits and sweet pussy, and there was no stopping him from ravishing her. He was in full control of her helpless body and mind. She was his sex slave, his fuck toy, his sensual plaything. She might as well have been bought and paid for at some kind of a white slavery market!

As her dad’s heavy body pressed down on her, the last shreds of honor and hope left her. She was engulfed in the burning flames of her father’s incredible passion for her. There was no stopping him now.

Reaching down between their bodies, he gripped his swollen cock. Lewdly and with no regard for the whimpering teenager, he gently rubbed his soaked cockhead up and down Linda’s exposed cunt-slit. He rubbed it over her clit until her little fuck-nub was erect and tingly.

When Linda felt the pressure against her clit, she couldn’t help squirming. The feelings were too intense for her. Somehow her dad had made her clit, her whole cunt in fact, very sensitive to touch. Her little clit quivered against her father’s teasing cockhead.

Linda was long past the point of sanity. This was not the normal, sane Simmons’ evening to which she had become accustomed. This was an orgy! Or an X-rated movie! This couldn’t be her home! This couldn’t be her father!

Her young mind reeled senselessly as her dad rubbed his prickhead up and down her crotch, exciting the flesh of her naked cunt. Inflamed against her will, she whimpered and moaned, and her hips writhed slightly. Her hips began to arch upward. Gasping, she clawed her fingernails into her dad’s broad shoulders as he aroused her defenseless cunt.

Her thigh muscles tensed and clamped against her dad’s thighs. Her hips inched upwards again, tensed. Linda felt her cuntmouth open. She felt the warm silkiness of her own juices trickling through her tight fuckchannel. Her pussy seemed to be alive with a mind of its own, behaving as if it wanted a stiff cock in it, even her dad’s! The thought horrified the poor girl, and she began to weep softly as her father continued to arouse her whole crotch.

Jim chuckled lewdly, loving the way his little girl got so horny against her will, in spite of her foolish ideas about sex with him. He raised himself and lodged the end of his bulging cockhead in her soaked little cunt-mouth. Linda gasped to feel it there, then she caught her lip between her teeth and held her breath as her father inched his massive prick into her body.

She quivered and shook as he entered her pussy, but this only increased the action. Her squirmy young pussy almost sucked her dad’s prick into it. He groaned with pleasure and pushed into her unwilling cunt, filling it with his wet prickmeat. The sudden grip she took on his shoulders made her crotch hump, and all of her dad’s big cock spliced up into her pussy. Linda almost fainted.

Jim tongue-kissed his daughter and fucked his cock in and out in unison with his tongue.

Linda felt completely raped, as if she were being fucked at both ends at the same time. Her mind reeled as her dad’s giant cock raped her pussy-hole. Never had she dreamed that fucking would be like this — so deep! So thorough!

Was it this way with young boys too? No. Linda doubted that very much as she felt her father’s immense cock fill her cunt and plunge to the hilt into her jerking young body. No boy’s prick could be this big, this dangerous, this devastating!

She gasped helplessly as her father fucked her faster and harder. How savage he had become! How vicious with her pussy! Why did he have to fuck her so hard when he was gonna cum? His prick pounded her cunt now, hammered into her until Linda thought she’d simply die of her own unbidden climax. Orgasms swept through her like a cyclone! Her father’s cock made her cum wickedly, strangely, wildly! Her whole body whipped and jerked, and her pussy strangled her dad’s raging, drilling, pumping prick. And Linda came juicily when her father’s cock started shooting her cunt full of jism. His spitting prick created more pleasurable havoc for the poor girl, and she could do nothing but give in to her body’s responses. She came and came and came as her dad fucked her. Linda sobbed, writhed and humped as her cunt sucked.

When her father was finished with her, he pulled his dripping prick out of her squishy young cunt and stood up, looming large before her small body. She peered up at him with dread and tried not to look at his shinking cock. A glance told her that it was just as thick in its limp state. And very wet.

Her father’s wild gaze on her freshly fucked body made her uncomfortable.

“Please,” she whispered weakly. “Don’t look at me like that. You make me feel dirty.”

“Don’t be silly,” her dad argued, eyeing her jutting tits and furry cunt. “You’re beautiful this way. Don’t you know a girl is at her loveliest when she’s getting fucked? Your eyes sparkle and your skin glows, just like in those sexy commercials on TV. Don’t you want to look like those sexy beauties? Sure you do. All girls do. Well, you stick with your old dad. I’ll make you as beautiful as they are. All it takes is lots of juicy sex.”

Linda started to cry again. Tears came too easily lately, and she hated it. But she couldn’t help it. Her father hurt her feelings when he treated her like this. She didn’t want to be beautiful for him… not if it meant fucking him all the time!

As her father went to fix himself a drink, Linda thought she could die. The recollection of this one single day horrified her. Ever since she had found her mother’s farewell note, the Simmons house had been permeated with lewd, unending sexual activity. Her father was a sex fiend! And she was his sex slave!

“Why don’t you watch some TV instead of lying there sniveling?” her father said from his recliner. “Or would you rather sit on my lap?”

His lewd grin gave Linda the shivers. The teenager sat up, crossed her legs and covered her tits. She wiped her tears away with her hands and pretended to watch TV. But she sat in mute silence, secretly hating her father and his filthy sexuality. She was soon hating her mother, too. It was all her fault, wasn’t it? She ran off and left Linda alone with Jim Simmons. And this first day had been terrible for her!

But if Linda thought that was bad, she was painfully surprised at eleven o’clock. Her dad had downed quite a few drinks by then, and he looked rather sleepy. Linda was relieved about that. She stretched her slim arms over her head and yawned prettily. Her dad appreciated the view of her stretched body and his prick rose up, big and wet. When Linda saw what was happening over there, she got off the sofa and quickly excused herself for bed.

Jim came up off his chair like a bolt. “Just a minute, young lady! Where do you think you’re going?”

“I want to go to bed, Daddy,” Linda said sadly.

“Oh, you’re going to bed, all right,” her father assured her. He grabbed her wrist. “You’re going to bed with me.”

“Daddy… no!” Linda gasped.

“Why not?” Jim crowed, pulling her into his bedroom. “No need for two beds now. Besides, your mother left you for me, didn’t she? I guess you have to replace her. Right? So come along, baby doll, and let’s play man and wife.”

Laughing playfully, he stripped naked and jumped onto the bed. “Come on,” he urged.

“Into bed.”

“No!” Linda cried.

She whirled on her heels and dashed from the room. Her father laughed and took after her. He chased her into her bedroom, then tackled her from behind. Linda squealed as she fell forward, but Jim pushed her onto the bed, right down on her ripe tits. As he stripped her nightie off her body, Linda struggled, but to no avail. Her father laughed with pleasure as he grabbed her, playing with her tits, rubbing her pussy and squeezing her ass-cheeks.

He dragged her to the floor and kissed her on the mouth and ears and neck, then sucked her jutting young tits as he weakened her more and more.

She escaped his clutches at one point and managed to crawl across the floor toward the door. But her horny dad tackled her again, floored her, and buried his face in her cunt from behind. He kissed and licked her ass, then tongue-fucked her pussy until Linda was a mass of quivering flesh, helpless once again.

He pulled his daughter to her feet, then dragged her back to his bedroom, where he got her down on the bed to kiss and lick her all over. Even her toes and ears didn’t escape his hot mouth and exploring kisses.

Linda whimpered hopelessly. Her senses reeled, her eyes grew heavy and her breathing became short and labored. She couldn’t fight her horny dad anymore. Her whole body was weary. It was late, after midnight, even as he plastered his mouth on her cunt and started tonguing her.

“Ohhh, Daddyyyyyy,” she cried. “Please… no more now… ohhhh, I want to go to sleep!”

But he sucked her pussy to a dynamic cum that made the girl whip and jerk wildly all over the bed. She couldn’t help herself. Sleep was impossible when her father was licking, drilling and sucking her cunt.

She soon discovered that this was her dad’s crazed honeymoon night. There was very little sleep for Linda all through the night. Several times, she was awakened by the feeling of her father’s stiff tongue probing her juicy cunt, and she would have to writhe and jerk and cum wetly for him.

She noticed that it was almost four in the morning when he teased her awake by sucking her tits and fingering her pussy and asshole. It was then that he forced her to do, a 69 with him. He sucked the hell out of her pussy as he fucked her sexy mouth with his rigid, horny cock. He made her take all his cum down her throat, too. She fell asleep hating him more than ever.

Linda started to cry when she awoke to find her father right on top of her, crushing her tits beneath his massive chest and fucking all of his big prick in and out of her pussy. She came crazily because of the horny onslaught and her whole body whipped on the bed as Jim Simmons emptied his balls into his little girl’s hot little cunt.

“Let me sleep, let me sleep!” Linda cried, exhausted out of her mind.

Her father let her roll over to sleep but, even then, he crawled down and kissed her naked ass. A few seconds later he was probing her asshole with the tip of his tongue, ravishing her there, and degrading her in the process.

Linda couldn’t sleep through too much of that!

“Daddy!” she squealed, jerking her ass away from his raunchy mouth. “Please stop! It’s almost five o’clock! I have to go to school tomorrow!”

“Oh no you don’t,” her father said, fondling her tits. “I’m letting you stay home tomorrow. In fact, I’m calling in sick too. We’re gonna have lots of fun tomorrow, you and me.”

“Oh nooo,” Linda groaned. But she knew she was had. There was no escaping her father’s wild lust for her, not now that he had her where he’d always wanted her.

Tearful and feeling very sorry for herself, Linda once again tried to sleep. She grabbed snatches of sleep as her wicked father grabbed her pussy from time to time. It was a terrible night for Linda, even though one of sexual pleasure for her horny father.

By morning, she felt drugged. What a night! She remembered waking at least a dozen times to her father’s relentless lust and lewdness. She awoke to find him seated on her chest, his massive prick sliding between her ripe, jutting tits. He had fucked her there, she remembered distinctly. That wasn’t a dream. He had really stuck his wet cock between her tight, young tits, then fucked it up and down. And hadn’t he finally put his cockhead into her mouth and make her suck him off? Or was that a dream?

All she knew for sure at this point was that she was bone-tired. She must have been up half the night having sex with her father! And morning was no better!

Her dad’s good morning kiss turned out to be a pussy-sucking job that drove Linda out of her mind. Her father soon had her bouncing all over the bed and begging for mercy. He shafted his long tongue up into her fuck-hole, drilling her until Linda was crying and weeping with orgasmic agony. The girl went crazy with cumming!


“Please, Daddy! No more! Stop! Ohhh, don’t make me cum anymore now!”

Jim Simmons sat up on the bed and surveyed his pretty daughter’s vibrant young body. “Just wanted you to know who’s boss around here. Gotta start the day right, baby. With a wet pussy.”

He stared at her cunt and grinned lewdly. It sure was wet! Linda felt embarrassed by both her moist pussy and her father’s wicked stare, so she shut her pretty legs.

Jim just chuckled and said: “Come on. Get up and fix us some breakfast. Ham and eggs sounds good. Get your little ass moving.”

Linda slithered out of the bed, away from her dad, and padded naked to the closet, where she pulled out her pink robe. “Is it all right if I wear this?” she asked her father. She was getting trained fast!

“Go ahead,” Jim said. “But nothing under it.”

“But I should wear panties!” Linda protested.

“I’ll only tear them off you,” her dad said, laughing.

Linda sighed in despair and slipped into her robe. She never realized just how tightly it fit her until today, now that she was selfconscious about her blossoming young body. Her mother had bought the robe for her last year when her tits were still small things. Now, when Linda belted the robe around her slim waist, her jutting tits separated the top in a lovely V. Her father’s hot gaze roamed over the firm curves of her half-naked tits. Linda tried to close the robe farther, but it wouldn’t work. She was a bigger girl now, and that was all there was to it. She’d have to suffer her dad’s hungry glances until she could get another robe, or at least get dressed.

As she prepared breakfast in the kitchen, she wondered if her dad would ever let her get dressed again. He was sure acting strangely since his wife left. He always had a hard-on now! His cock had grown enormous this morning as he sucked her pussy. Was he going to walk around with that thing all day? What did he have in store for Linda today? What depravity? What humiliating act?

She heard him on the telephone as she dished out ham and eggs. He called her school to report her ill for the day. Then he called work to tell his foreman that he had the flu. When he hung up, Linda had a trapped feeling in the pit of her stomach. She felt caged.

Her feeling of desperation only increased when her father came to the table for his breakfast. He was wearing only his shorts and sporting an obvious hard-on in them. He practically posed before his daughter, when he saw her eyes gravitate to his crotch. Linda swallowed nervously and tore her gaze away. His crotch was so bulging! He had such hefty balls and a long thick cock! His whole lap was menacing to the teenager.

She sat down quickly and started gobbling her food. She was glad when her dad sat down so she wouldn’t have to see his crotch, so she wouldn’t have to remember that his giant cock had been drilling in and out of her virgin pussy!

“You look beautiful this morning,” Jim Simmons said, grinning with appreciation at her half-naked tits.

Linda scowled at him. “I wish you wouldn’t say nice things to me. I know you don’t mean them!”

“But I do,” her father said.

“You do not! You make me ashamed to be pretty! Why do I have to sit here like this?” She peered down at her round, firm tits, so exposed to her dad’s horny eyes.

“Because you are beautiful,” he told her simply. “I’ve always liked to look at you at the table. It was hard to admire you with the old bitch around, but now I can tell you honestly just how I feel about you. You’re beautiful and lovely and desirable — all the things I wished your mother was. You’re fresh and clean and sexy.”

“See what I mean?” Linda cried. “Sexy! That’s all you’re really thinking about! You don’t mean all those nice things! You just want to have sex with me!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Jim wanted to know. “It shows how much I love you.”

“Love me! You raped me! You took my cherry! I was saving it for the man I married someday! Look what you’ve done to me!”

With that, she leaned back in the chair and deliberately threw her robe wide open so he could see every inch of her sexy body. Her tits heaved and her thighs opened to expose her wet pussy.

“Just look at me!” she cried, tears filling her eyes. “You’ve turned me into a slut! I never wanted you to touch me! Now look! I’m so ashamed! I’ve never been so humiliated in all my life! What would people think!”

“No one has to know about us,” her dad said.

“But I know!” Linda wailed. “I don’t feel like your little girl anymore! I feel like some young whore you picked up somewhere to… to… fuck!”

Jim’s prick shot up in his shorts when his pretty daughter said that word. It was the first time.

He got up and moved to her side.

“You’re getting all upset over nothing,” he said soothingly. He set a hand on her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Don’t touch me!” she cried and her tears fell down her cheeks onto her naked tits.

“I just want to soothe you, baby,” Jim said. “After all, I am your father. So you’re upset. I can understand that. But, you’re being silly, Linda. You couldn’t save your cherry that long. Some boy would get it sooner or later.”

His logic didn’t impress Linda. “Even so, at least it would have been a boyfriend! Not my father!”

“There, there,” her dad soothed, stroking her soft hair slowly, eyeing her tits hungrily. His cock was throbbing wildly in his shorts, but he knew he’d have to play it cool today, if he was going to get lots of ass from pretty, Linda.

“Ohhh, Daddy!” Linda cried, pulling her robe closed as she felt his tender hand on her head. “How could you have done this to me? I always knew you were thinking about it, but I never dreamed you would do it… not to your own little girl! I am your daughter, ain’t I, Daddy? Ain’t I? I heard you tell Mom that I’m not, that some other guy got her pregnant.”

Jim dropped to his knees beside the weeping girl. He kept one hand on her head to stroke her hair. The other settled on her naked thigh and caressed slowly.

“I just said things like that to rile your mother. Of course, you’re my daughter, Linda. I said things like that because I was sexually frustrated. You’re old enough to understand things like that, aren’t you?”

“I… I think so,” Linda sniffled.

“Sure you are. Your mother has been a bitch to me, denying me sex night after night. A man needs sex, baby.”

“But you drink so much,” Linda sobbed as her dad’s fingers touched her pussy-lips. “And you were so mean to Mom. You hit her. You hit me!”

“That’s because women have to be kept in their places, baby. Try to understand. See how sexy you look? See how hard you make my prick? See how horny you make me? A woman is supposed to take care of a man when he’s horny. She’s not supposed, to lock her legs closed and keep him out. She’s not supposed to curse him and humiliate him when he’s trying to make love to her. Haven’t you noticed that I’m nicer, now that I’ve fucked you?”

“But that isn’t right!” Linda cried. “Mom should have… well… you know… taken care of you.”

“But she didn’t! That’s just the point. And the more she avoided me, the sexier you looked to me, until I thought I’d burst with love for you. I had to fuck you, Linda. Don’t you see? I didn’t really hurt you, did I? I made love to you. Sure I had to slap you around a little, but only until you behaved. If you’re a good girl for me, I’ll be real nice to you… like this.” His fingers diddled her pussy and one teased her open, wet cuntmouth. “Doesn’t this feel good when you let it?”

“I don’t want it to feel good,” Linda cried. New tears began to fall.

“You’ve got to stop fighting it, sweetheart,” her father said. “Let go and enjoy it. You’ll like sex if you let me teach the way. You don’t want to grow up like your mother, do you? Want to be a cold-hearted bitch who castrates men? Or do you want to be pretty, sexy, and fuckable? Don’t you want lots of boys to fall all over you? What do you think sex appeal is? That’s when guys smell your sexy cunt, when they know you fuck, then they all want to get into you. That’s what makes a girl really popular. So feel good about your sexy body and hot passions.”

“I can’t! I can’t!” Linda wailed. “I just can’t!”

Her father suddenly stood up. Before she knew it, he had her up across his powerful arms.

“You just need more practice, baby,” he said, carrying her across the room.

“Daddy… no.” Linda said weakly, breathing rapidly as her father carried her into the living room. “Please… no more.”

He stretched her lithe young body out on the sofa, then knelt beside her. Her senses reeled even as her dad’s hand reached into her robe to caress a firm, pointed tit. Her lewd father’s nearness made her head spin and her body feel funny, especially deep in her pussy. She felt breathless, helpless, hopeless when she was near him like this.

He kissed her cute little ear and whispered something naughty about her pussy as his hand covered her fur. Then his mouth sought one of her pink nipples and he sucked it gently. Linda flexed under her dad’s relentlessly lewd hands and mouth. She could only gasp and whimper as wicked pleasure overwhelmed her defenseless body.

Jim Simmons was in full control of his lovely daughter’s sexual regions. Linda could only moan and catch her breath as his mouth and fingers inflamed her young body.

She sobbed erotically as her dad’s stroking fingers induced more pleasure in her cunt. She felt her pussy moisten and knew that her juices were flowing, the fuckjuices her father craved. The seeping, silky juice became a flood. Her father’s finger drilled up into her squirming cunt, and she came wetly, sobbing pitifully as her ass and pussy twisted wildly, as if she needed this orgasmic bliss. Her mind spun wildly as she came on her dad’s thrusting, drilling, plunging finger.

“I don’t wanna cum!” she wailed. “I don’t wanna cum like this!”

And she came!

In the throes of her orgasm, she threw her head back on the sofa and gasped for breath through her parted lips, whimpering as her father’s middle finger ravished her young, newly fucked cunt. Senseless with pleasure she hadn’t invited, she squirmed her soaked pussy down on his impaling finger and continued to gasp for breath as more and more thrills shot through her helpless body.

Her whole torso quivered and quaked under the erotic invasion of her father’s clever manipulations. He sucked her tits and licked them hornily as he drilled her wet, squirmy pussy. Inflamed by his little girl’s powerlessness, Jim twisted and turned his knobby finger teasingly in and out of Linda’s cunt, rubbing her inner pussy flesh with each plunge and twist.

This lewd fingering of her defenseless cunt sent waves of passion soaring through Linda’s whole body. Her mind reeled and her toes curled. The exquisite agony of forbidden passion was too much for her. She came close to passing out many times as her hot cunt creamed again and again.

Her lovely body sagged on the sofa, and her pretty head lolled from side to side. Her lips parted, and she gasped for breath. Linda shut her eyes against this insane, unwanted pleasure. She tried to shut her mind too. But nothing could save her from her body’s newly aroused dormant sexual needs. Her father was awakening her passions, her secret desires, her erotic fantasies.

Linda felt her father’s hands move to her robe to strip it off, to make her absolutely naked and vulnerable to his mounting lust. She forced her eyes open and saw the leer of lust on his face just before his head dipped downward. His hot mouth fastened on her quivering, pink nipple, and his vicious sucking made Linda whimper. Why did her tits tingle like this? How could they respond to what her father was doing to them? She never knew her nipples could contain so much erotic feeling! They seemed on fire! And her cunt was no better! Linda was horrified at her own unconscious desires, and she wondered if her dad was going to drive her right out of her mind.

Her senses reeled wildly as her dad’s wicked finger ravished the center of her naked crotch. He gently stroked her quivery little clit, and that made her naked ass tremble. Linda moaned as little shocks of pleasure stabbed into her open, wet pussy-hole.

Feeling her cunt responding beautifully to his manipulation, Jim parted the lips of her pussy, then burrowed his middle finger into her hotly pulsating fuckhole. Against her will, Linda squirmed her cunt on her dad’s finger and climaxed again, cumming juicily.

Linda cringed in private shame as she submitted without protest to this lewd and dirty sex. Yet her pussy flooded wetly again, and it twisted and jerked and humped… and she forgot she was Jim Simmons’ daughter. She felt like some man’s sexy plaything, a girl to be made wet in the cunt!

She felt her father moving, but she couldn’t raise her heavy eyelids now. Her tits and pussy were tingling like crazy! There was a strange and overwhelming heat burning deep in her body, and the tickle in her cunt was unbearable!

When her dad stripped off his shorts, his cock loomed large and wet in the air, Linda felt his fleshy prickrod against her soft, smooth thigh. The girl whimpered, a little afraid again because it felt so big. She twisted her face around and forced herself to look at his immense cock. It was breathtaking in length and width.

“Don’t… ohhhh, doooon’t…” Linda whined.

Her father disregarded her pleas. He knelt between her lovely thighs and wielded his prick like a weapon of destruction. To Linda’s young eyes, it was more an instrument of torture than a tool of pleasure. At least, it looked horrifying!

But it didn’t feel horrifying! Not now. And that boggled the girl’s mind, too. Why didn’t it hurt like before?

Jim Simmons chuckled lewdly and inched his massive, wet prickshaft into his little girl’s cunt. He wedged his cock head in her young fuck-hole, then pushed hard. His thick prick spread the girl’s pussy-lips wide, and her cuntwalls opened for his prick. All of his cock lodged in her cunt then, and his prickhead nudged deep in her tight, squeezing pussy. Linda gasped.

“You’re gonna rip me up the middle!” she cried.

That only made her dad laugh erotically and fuck his prick harder into her defenseless little cunt. It was sheer pleasure to fuck this teenager, daughter or no daughter. Jim Simmons didn’t give a shit about that now, not when his whole cock was plunging into the youngest cunt he had ever fucked. Even as a boy, he never got to fuck his teenaged girlfriends. Teenaged pussy had always been mere fantasy to him. His little girl’s body over the years had tantalized and taunted him. Now he was going to make up for all that sexual pain!

He covered Linda’s parted lips with his wet mouth and kissed her hotly, tongue-fucking her mouth as he gripped her sweet little ass in both big hands. He held on tightly as he drilled all of his swollen prick into her twisting, humping young body.

Linda moaned and choked through her father’s horny kiss. She gasped for breath as her whole cunt filled up with his vicious cock. How big it was! How demanding! How angry! Linda thought she’d die she came so much from that wild fucking!

She groaned and ground her ass-cheeks against the sofa cushion as if to escape the powerful lunges of her dad’s massive cock. But his relentless prick speared into her body, overwhelming her as it plunged and drilled, fucking hard. Linda choked on her dad’s tongue. It felt like his cockhead was going to fuck her lungs!

Her lips began to twitch beneath his soaked mouth. Her whole body trembled in torment beneath the man’s cruel impalement. Her velvety young cunt seemed to choke too, and strangle her dad’s raping prick. He just grunted hornily and fucked faster and harder, enjoying himself and subjecting his daughter to agonizing pleasure and pleasurable agony. To Linda, it was all pain.

Her pretty face contorted with raw passion as her father’s cock forced her into a state of submission and lust. Ecstasy that she didn’t want assailed her. Every fiber of her smooth, lovely body tingled with feeling as the cruel fucking went on and on and on!

Her father fucked in and out of her tight little cunt, then reared back for some strong plunges that made Linda squeal and scream and cry out passionately. Panting and groaning like an animal, her dad shoved his two hands under her. He grasped the mounds of her naked young ass, and he played with them as Linda jerked spasmodically through yet another wild orgasm.

Jim gripped her ass tightly and kneaded her cheeks hotly as he speared his soaked prick into her throbbing young cunt. His hairy balls slapped noisily against her ass-cheeks as he fucked all of his cock into her body. Faster and faster, he plumbed her depths until she was a mass of quivering flesh, senseless and helpless.

Then, in his glory, he squeezed a lone finger up into the girl’s little asshole.

“Daddy!” Linda screamed. “No, nooo, don’t do that!”

Her father plastered his mouth against her hot little ear and whispered: “Why not? Feels too good?”

“I can’t stand it!” Linda cried.

“What can’t you stand?” her dad teased, fucking his cock into her cunt and his finger into her asshole.

“Cumming!” she cried truthfully. She couldn’t stand the way her raunchy father made her cum so juicily.

Jim Simmons laughed homily into the girl’s ear and fucked her silly. He got all of his finger up into her shitter, then wiggled it all the while as he fucked his horny cock in and out of her humping, jerking pussy.

Linda came crazily, wildly, and she panted: “You weren’t being nice to me at the table. You were just trying to get me here on the sofa! You don’t love me at all… you just wanna fuck me! I hate you, I hate you… ohhhhhh, I hate youuuuuuuuu…”

And she trembled in orgasm.


As if he were the kindest father on the block, Jim Simmons left his daughter writhing helplessly on the sofa and went into the kitchen to fix coffee. When he returned with two cups, setting them down on the coffee table, Linda stared at him in disbelief. How could he be kind to her after what he had done?

“Have some coffee, baby,” her father said casually, as if this were a normal morning. He sat on the edge of the sofa near Linda’s feet and sipped from his cup. “Mmm, good. Come on, have a cup with me.”

Linda sat up, but felt funny sitting next to him stark naked, her ripe tits jutting, her thighs still moist from her juicy cunt.

“Daddy, I can’t sit here like this,” she said weakly, averting his gaze. “Can I get dressed?”

“Sure,” he replied.

Linda looked at him oddly as she pulled her robe around her naked body. He was actually going to let her cover her nakedness?

“Wear that cute blue sweater,” her father said. “And that new miniskirt you bought the other day.”

“Why?” Linda asked suspiciously. “Why do you want me to wear those things?”

“Just do as I tell you!” her father growled, scaring her. When Linda headed for her bedroom, he yelled: “And no undies!”

I know what he’s after, Linda thought sadly as she saw herself in the mirror. She dropped her robe and surveyed her lovely, naked body. And she knew why her dad wanted her to dress sexy. He wants to get a hard-on from me, she thought angrily.

She slipped into the skirt and sweater then looked in the mirror again. Sure enough, she looked sexy and pleasing to the eye. No wonder her father wanted her dressed this way. Without her mother here, he could leer at her all he wanted. And now he had plenty to leer at! Linda could see her nipples poking little bumps of their own in her tight sweater. She wanted to wear a bra.

She felt very self-conscious as she returned to the living room and the sofa. She sat down without looking at her father, who was staring at her, getting an eyeful of her teenaged beauty! The skirt was very short, high on her lovely, curvy thighs. And she just knew he was staring at her tits with their pointy nipples!

She took a sip of her coffee. Her slim fingers trembled against the cup. She swallowed hard. A hot flash passed through her body for some strange reason.

“Daddy, please don’t look at me like that,” she murmured weakly, feeling like a bug under a microscope.

Jim Simmons grinned lewdly. “I’ve been wanting to look at you this way for a long time without that bitch interfering. I saw you go to school the other day in that outfit. You gave me one helluva hard-on that morning! You knew it, too!”

“I did not!” Linda cried, mouth agape in innocent shock.

Her father laughed at her. “Play innocent if you want, but you don’t fool me, baby. I’ve been watching you like a hawk. You were always siding with your mother. You liked it, when she fought with me and pissed me off. And you cockteased me, a lot.”

“I didn’t, I swear!” Linda protested weakly. She couldn’t look her dad straight in the eyes because she knew she was lying. She had deliberately cockteased him lots of times, just to make him mad, just to get even with him for being so mean. Now she had a sinking feeling that she was going to have to pay for all those times.

“You dress like that to cocktease the boys in school, don’t you?” her father asked slyly.

“No!” Linda cried. She didn’t want her father thinking that way about her. There was a bulge growing in his shorts, and it was making Linda very nervous. So she tried to explain a girl’s position.

“I just want to look pretty,” she said. “That’s all. A girl likes to look nice, you know. It doesn’t mean she’s… you know… teasing.”

“Well, you are pretty,” her father readily agreed, grinning lewdly.

“That isn’t what I mean,” Linda said, seeing his gaze dance across her pointy tits and naked thighs. “You don’t look at me the right way.”

“What do you mean?” Jim laughed.

“You know what I mean. You don’t look at me as if I’m pretty. You undress me with your eyes. You look at me dirty, as if I was wearing these to make you… you know.”



“Well, you do make me horny, no matter what you wear. You know that. You’re a lovely, sexy teenaged chick.”

“I don’t want to be like that! Not with my own father!”

“Why not?” her dad chuckled, deliberately eyeing her heaving tits. “Fathers need sex, too.”

“Not with their own daughters!” Linda cried with indignation.

“What if their wives aren’t giving them any pussy?” he challenged.

Linda dropped her eyes from his when he said pussy. “Well, that’s their problem.”

“No. It’s a family problem then,” her dad said. He moved closer to her and slipped his arm across her back. Linda cringed slightly as he caressed her shoulders gently, almost lovingly.

“Walk around the room for a while,” her father said softly. “I want to admire you.”

“Admire me!” Linda exclaimed. “You don’t want to admire me! You want to lust after me!”

“Getting smart, aren’t you?” Jim chuckled. He gave her a little push and said, “Come on, be nice to your old man. Let me see how you look. Pretend you’re getting ready to leave for school. You don’t know how many times I’ve watched you out the window as you walked to the school bus. God, but you’re a sexy little thing!”

“Daddy,” Linda breathed. “Don’t get so excited about me! You frighten me when your voice gets so low and you look at me that way!”

He pushed Linda up onto her feet and repeated his desire for her to pose for him and walk about the room.

As if she were leaving for school, he had said. A bell rang in Linda’s young mind. What if she did pretend to be leaving for school? And what if she actually opened the front door… and ran like hell!

Her young heart started to beat rapidly behind her jutting tits as the thought of escape occurred to her. But as she moved around the room, with her father’s eyes devouring her tits, legs and ass, her heart began to sink again.

Where would she run to? Her nearest relative, Aunt Anna, lived over fifty miles away! And how could she run to the neighbors? God, what would Mrs. Andersen think if she knew about this incest? And that nice Christian man, Mr. Turner! Why, he’d be shocked out of his mind to hear that a father had fucked his own little girl! The whole neighborhood would find out! Linda would be stared at forever! Look, people would whisper, there goes Linda Simmons. Poor girl. Her father fucked her!

Thoughts like these completely devastated Linda. At the door, she suddenly grabbed the doorknob for support and broke into uncontrollable tears that dumbfounded her father.

Jim walked over to her shuddering body. He pressed his hard-on against her ass and rubbed her shoulders soothingly. “What’s the matter, baby?” Linda could only sob pitifully at first. It took her a while to catch her voice, then she cried: “I hate this… I hate you! I wanna go to Aunt Anna’s house… I wanna run away from here… away from you.”

“Nonsense, baby,” her dad said gently. He turned her in his big hands, then pressed his massive chest against her tits. Lifting her chin up, he kissed her mouth warmly.

“You look even sexier when you cry this way,” he said, and Linda felt his cock jolt excitedly between her defenseless thighs. She sobbed louder as he kissed her mouth again. Was there nothing she could do that wasn’t sexy to her father! Even her tears turned him on! What was she to do?

“Come with me,” Jim said thickly, taking her hand. “I know what you need.”

“Daddy… no.” Linda wept, trying to hold back.

He pulled her across the carpet, past the sofa, and into her cozy bedroom. He pulled her weakened body against him and kicked the door closed. Jim kissed her hotly then, filling her mouth with his lewd tongue. Linda gasped through the kiss to feel her nipples stand up and her pussy tingle!

Jim tugged at her hand and pulled her to the floor. He couldn’t even wait to get her to the bed! Forcing her to the carpet, he panted hornily, beside himself with lust for his lovely little girl.

Linda looked at her lewd father with wide eyes. He was kneeling beside her body, keeping her pressed to the carpet. Then he settled on an elbow next to her and his free hand slipped down over her flat belly to the edge of her short skirt.

“My sexy little schoolgirl,” he murmured.

Linda shivered and peered down over her body at his wrist, a hairy thing wedged between her thighs. She instinctively clenched her legs closed, and her hands shot down to push at his, to keep his dangerous fingers from her susceptible pussy.

“Please, Daddy, don’t,” she pleaded.

Then she gasped as his strong fingers rubbed right up against her exposed cunt!

“Relax your pretty legs, baby,” her father said in a lilting voice, as if trying to hypnotize her into sex. “Just relax. You’ll like it. There’s nothing like loving your own family. Why let some dirty boys maul your pretty pussy? Keep it in the family. Relax now, and let your dad show you some real pleasure.”

His lilting voice went on and on, mesmerizing Linda as his disturbing fingers did their wicked work.

“Please, Daddy!” Linda squealed when she felt her clit erect and tingle. It was a bad sign for her, a good sign for her raunchy father.

Jim sensed her dismay and quickly manipulated her sensitive little clit with his thumb and forefinger until he had her pussy twitching nicely.

“Open your legs,” he said, giving her cute little ear a lick with the tip of his tongue. “That’s it… open them up… wider.”


“Wider!” her father yelled, frightening her. Even her cunt twitched. But now she obeyed and spread her pretty thighs very wide so her dad could finger her cunt all he wanted.

She tried to wriggle away and twist away, but it was no use. Jim Simmons was hell-bent on raping his daughter again. He was too strong for Linda, too powerful to combat, especially when he could make her so weak by rubbing and teasing her pussy and clit!

Her young eyes widened with renewed fear and dread as her dad’s big hand squirmed around under her short skirt.

Pressing his mouth to hers, he pushed her down on the carpet, then held her there as his fingers danced over her fully exposed crotch areas. Her pussy, clit and even her asshole belonged to him now! Inflamed by her young body, he drilled his middle finger into her fuckhole and his pinky finger into her asshole. The double shock was electric to Linda and she choked through the hot kiss as both of her sex holes were invaded at once, boggling her mind.

She tore her mouth away from her father’s and gasped, “Ohhh, Daddy, dooooon’t, you can’t do this to meeeeeeee!”

Her hips jerked as her dad’s freely groping fingers weakened her resolve to fight against her own passions. Her asshole and fuck-hole quivered around Jim’s thick fingers and the more they probed and drilled, the hotter her holes became. Linda couldn’t stand it!

She kept her face turned away from her father’s so she wouldn’t see the horrible lust in his eyes as he fingerfucked her helpless pussy and ass. She sobbed weakly, knowing she had to submit to his lewdness. She shuddered when she felt his wet cock throb against her naked thigh. That’s what it was all about, wasn’t it? Stiff cock! All the kisses, the touching, the rubbing and feeling, even the married lovemaking! It was all for a man’s stiff cock! All the necking in drive-in movies. All the pussy-love in school. All the wiggling and giggling and winking and showing off, it was all for sex, for boys’ and men’s stiff cocks!

Even as her young mind reeled with crazy thoughts, Linda sensed that there was no use in defying the inevitable. Here she was, a prisoner in her own home, a sex slave to her own lewd father, and he was going to fuck her again! Again, his big, thick prick would invade her tight young cunt and make her feel things she didn’t want to feel! And she would cum! Yes, she would cum and cum and cum as if she loved being fucked.

What was this strange attraction to her father, when she knew very well that she hated his guts? Was it his hands on her pussy, his stiff cock against her flesh? Was there something about sex that made a girl succumb to any man, even her father? What defense did she have if her tits and nipples and cunt and clit were all against her mind? What could she do to fight off the sweeping waves of unwanted sexual pleasure that turned her into a panting, grunting, fucking female?

Jim Simmons dropped his horny mouth to his little girl’s perfectly round tits, and he started sucking on her pink nipples as he expertly aroused her cunt. He used his thumb and forefinger to part her cuntlips, then used his middle finger like a vibrating weapon to tantalize her exposed clit.

“Oh!” Linda squealed when her clit responded. “Daddy… please! Ohhh, don’t do that! Stop! Stop!”

“Stop fighting it, baby,” her father said gruffly. “Or I’m gonna have to get rough with you, tie you up. I don’t want to slap you around, Linda. I want to love you. Now relax and enjoy it!”

“How can I relax when you’re doing that!” Linda cried, breathless from his exciting fingers in her pussy and asshole.

Her father only chuckled lewdly at that. He covered her jiggling tit with his wet mouth, giving hot sucks to her spiking pink nipple, all of which drove Linda even crazier.

The strangest thing to Linda was her unbidden feelings of pleasure in the face of all this horror. She should be kicking and screaming and scratching and biting. Why wasn’t she? Was it because she was afraid of her dad? Was that it? Or could it be that some secret part of her body wanted sex? Linda shuddered.

She tried to stifle the erotic sensations spreading like wildfire through her belly, pussy and ass. But she couldn’t control those inner flames. She could only blame her evil father for them.

“Daddy, please, don’t do this to me… leave me alone… you don’t know what you’re doing to me! Ohhh, please, please, stop doing things to me! Please let me go!”

But Jim Simmons had only just begun! There was so much yet to do with his sexy little girl! So much! And he began with his cock.

To Linda’s complete dismay, he took her wrist and forcefully pulled her hand down between their bodies. To her surprise, he had gotten his prick out of his wet shorts, and now her hand was on the stiff, throbbing thing.

“No, noooo!” she cried, to no avail.

Jim pressed her slim fingers around the thick, wet shaft of his, angry cock and rasped hotly: “Your hand feels so good on my prick, baby. Play with it, honey. Come on. Squeeze it. You know how to play with a cock, don’t you? Sure you do.”

“I don’t! I don’t!” Linda sniffed, crying like a baby now as her hand slipped up and down her dad’s erect prick. “I’m not that kind of a girl! I don’t play with boys this way! I don’t!”

“Then you can start with mine,” her father laughed unfeelingly. “Grip it tight and jerk it nice for me.”

His enormous cock, wet, throbbing and menacing, pulsed just inches from the base of Linda’s belly, right near her soft pussy fur. The swollen head of his cock beat a lewd rhythm that frightened Linda, as if it were beating some pristine jungle beat of instinctual sex, raw sex! His cock wanted cunt!

The sudden awareness of his thick, hot cock meat in her small fist made Linda shiver with a mixture of fear and strange desire. Her pussymouth twitched as if it were hungry for something. Linda sobbed tearfully because she felt that her cunt was betraying her mind. She didn’t want her own father to fuck her! Did she? But then, why was her pussy so frothy. What did it all mean?

Her dad’s eyes burned into her as he took a look at her writhing, fearful body. Her sweater was nicely tucked up above her jutting tits and her skirt was high on her flat, white belly. He could see her belly muscles flexing nervously. He glanced between her open thighs and saw her pink, wet cunt twitching too, and he grinned knowingly.

“Daddy,” she panted, afraid of his big prick. “Please don’t do it to me again. It drives me crazy! Please! I’ll do anything else! You can eat me! Okay? You can lick my pussy! You can make me cum like crazy that way if you want to! Please, Daddy, listen to me! Please don’t fuck me! I’ll blow you, I swear! I’ll suck you off! I’ll even drink your cum! Ohhhh, Daddy, please!”

Her pleas only inflamed her father and made her more desirable in his hot eyes. “Getting kind of raunchy ain’t you, baby? Wanting to suck your dad’s cock! Shame on you!”

Chuckling lewdly, ignoring Linda’s cries for help and pleas for mercy, he knelt between her open thighs and hunched down with his big prick tightly in his fist. Linda continued to cry out even as he imbedded his cock in her juicy young cunt. With animal passion, Jim Simmons took his little girl on an erotic trip which she wished she could have missed!

“Unnnngggghhhhhh!” she groaned as her dad plunged every solid inch of his stony prick up into her fuck-hole. His bulging, red cockhead spread her pussy-lips and tore its way forward, inward, right into her tensed young cunt. His big, hot balls slammed against her asshole and ass-cheeks, and Linda gasped for breath as all of his prick impaled her body. Her cunt spasmed as her father buried his cock to its hilt in her fuck-hole.

With eyes rolling and tongue flapping, the hapless girl writhed and humped crazily on her dad’s plunging, fucking prick. “No… nooo… nooooo,” she kept moaning as she fucked back on his prick helplessly, against her will.

“Fuck, baby, fuck,” her raunchy father encouraged her. “That’s it. Give your dad your nice cunt. Fuck, honey, and we’ll have loads of fun together. That’s it, that’s it, fuck your pussy harder on my cock!”

Grunting like an animal, he pumped her pussy full of thick jism.

“No, noooooo,” she whimpered as her father’s cock exploded in her pussy. She felt her cunt sucking on his prick, clinging to it as it enlarged and threatened to rip her insides out as it spurt and spit and fucked deep in her body. Her senses reeled and her pretty head rocked to and fro as her father finished his wicked deed.

His fiery jism continued to spurt violently inside her cunt-hole. She could feel his seething cum spitting wildly into her with the force of molten lava, shooting deep into her, making her moan and wiggle.

Oh, God, she thought tearfully, how will I ever get away from him?


Jim Simmons needed a coffee break badly. He was pretty well fucked out by his daughter’s young and vibrant pussy. His old cock wasn’t accustomed to such energy and vitality in a cunt. He was used to his wife’s dormant, almost corpse-like fucking, unresponsive and unwilling. Linda’s pussy was not only inviting and eager but lively and active, a tight, clenching cunt that literally sucked the jism out of his balls! Linda was relieved when her father released her from sexual bondage long enough to take a breather.

“I wanna shower,” she muttered weakly.

“Go ahead,” her dad said indifferently, now that his lust was temporarily satisfied.

Linda scampered into the bathroom, glad to be away from her lustful and hungry father. She closed the door, then undressed in front of the big mirror. Seeing her naked body again, looking as fresh as a daisy, it amazed her how sex didn’t show on a girl. Who would ever believe that her dad had broken her cherry just last night, that he had been fucking the daylights out of her ever since?

The mirror revealed nothing of the sort. Linda found herself gazing at a lovely girl who could very well be a virgin. Nothing showed to indicate that she had been fucking and sucking with a grown man. But there were her feelings. They told her the truth, even if the mirror lied. Her father had raped her viciously, had defiled her and made her feel dirty and whorish. He’d made her moan and whimper hotly, and he had made her whole body respond as if it loved sex! It was terrible!

Linda thought a nice shower would cleanse her body and her feelings. She would step into the shower and wash her filthy father right out of her mind! It would give her a chance to think. Now that she had learned some of her father’s tricks for getting a girl horny, maybe she could fight him. Maybe she could learn to resist his advances and keep the horrible things from happening again.

The teenager stepped into the tub and drew the plastic curtain closed. She turned both taps on, got the water running, then shuddered slightly as the prickly stream of water stung her nipples and legs and belly. She wasn’t ready for sensations! This was supposed to be a simple shower, just like any other shower she took.

Even though she did her best to wash her dad out of her thoughts, the mental picture of his enormous cock plagued her. Did all men have such monstrous cocks?

This naughty, but private thought about big pricks sent a strange thrill coursing through. Linda’s cunt. She shivered and clamped her thighs together against the good feeling that she didn’t want.

“God!” she breathed, a little alarmed at herself.

She grabbed the washcloth, soaped it up and applied it to her young tits. But in trying to wash away her sense of guilt and shame, she only intensified the erotic feelings in her tits, for they responded strangely to her rubbing hands. The course washcloth scraped roughly across her nipples, and her little pink tit tips stood up as if they were excited!

“Goodness!” Linda gasped, peering down at what had occurred. Her tits were now pink and wet, her nipples spiking and tingly. This had never happened to her before.

She removed the washcloth from her thrusting tits and turned to the water spray to wash away the soap. She caught her breath as the sharp, stinging water jets hit her tits and nipples.

Taking an innocent shower had become an erotic experience for the young girl as she felt every inch of her naked body tingle to the spray of water. No matter where she stood or which way she turned, the incessant jets of water stung her flesh, arousing her. She was glad her father couldn’t see her now. How could she explain her condition to him. He’d swear she was playing with herself in the shower!

Curious and strictly alone in comfortable privacy, the pretty teenager began to explore the possibilities of this very different kind of shower. She stood back in the tub and let the jets shoot directly at her pubic area, into her cunt-fur, across her thighs, against her pussylips. What a sensation!

Linda realized that she was carrying the shower a bit far, but she couldn’t help herself now. She was glad to be alone, grateful for some privacy and secrecy so she could be herself for a few moments. After all, she was a girl, a growing girl with teenaged feelings which were all mixed up with love and sex and excitement.

As if with a mind of their own, her slim fingers trembled as they met at her crotch. She set her feet apart in the running water. Her curvy young thighs opened. Her shaky fingers gently parted the soft lips of her cunt. Under the guise of needing to wash her inner cuntflesh, she held pussy-lips apart with the thumb and forefinger of one hand as she applied the washcloth with the other. The coarse fabric scraped over her clit and delicate inner tissue.

Linda swallowed hard and nervously because she knew she was kidding herself, that she really wanted to get herself off, by herself, alone, without her filthy dad! She simply wanted the private pleasure every teenaged girl craves from time to time, the secret pleasure of cumming juicily on her own fingers. She wanted to feel nice and clean and fresh and virginal again.

A shiver ran through her, and her eyes closed as she rubbed the rough washcloth gingerly up and down her open cunt-slit. She gasped a little as her middle finger pushed the cloth inside her pussy. She fucked it in and out then, panting softly with private pleasure, as she pretended to wash her fuck-channel clean of her dad’s jism. The scratchy fabric around her finger rubbed against her sensitive inner pussy-flesh, and the thrills were electric for her. With a sigh and a twist of her hips, she surrendered to this innocent teenaged masturbation.

She stopped fooling herself with the cleaning game. Gasping for breath, Linda hunched her hips forward. Her ass-cheeks tightened up and her pussy-mound extended in front of her. Her naughty finger, wrapped neatly in the rough washcloth, fucked in and out of her humping pussy-hole.

“Ewwww,” Linda cooed sexily, abandoning herself to her self-made pleasure. A soft cry of pure delight escaped her constricted throat as the end of her finger dug deep into her cunt, like a prick. The sensation, self inflicted, was exciting and welcome. All thoughts of her father were gone now as she fucked her finger. Now she was a sweet, innocent teenaged girl again, just a normal child enjoying her first masturbation pleasures by herself. It made her feel clean, like the shower itself. She didn’t feel dirty or used or like the daughter of a filthy, perverted father. She was a good girl… cumming!

Her orgasm was a nice one, not violent like those created in her by her vicious dad. It gently rippled through her luscious young body and made her smile. It was pleasant for her.

Even after it was over, she found herself basking in an afterglow of sensual pleasure that was new to her, new and refreshing. She stood dripping in front of the mirror and marveled at her own capacity for sexual pleasure. So she was sexy! And it was nice! By herself, that is!

She admired herself in the mirror as she toweled her tits and belly dry. She was lost in her thoughts when the harsh knocking on the door startled her. It was her dad.

“Linda!” he bellowed. “What the hell are you doing in there?”

The door pushed open and Jim Simmons loomed large in the doorway, leering at her naked body and small towel.

“What have you been doing? Playing with yourself?”

“No!” Linda cried, stepping back in fear. “I was just taking a shower.”

But her voice was weak. Her eyes wouldn’t meet his. And she looked guilty of something.

“Let’s just see about that,” her father challenged evilly, moving up to her. He tore the towel away from her, then twisted it around her wrists. “Put your foot up on the toilet.”

Helpless before him, Linda did as she was told. When her foot was up, her thighs were spread wide and her whole crotch, fresh and pink, was fully exposed. Jim Simmons breathed deeply, affected, by the sight of his little girl’s clean young body, and he dropped to his knees. To Linda’s surprise and dismay, he parted her cunt-lips with his thumb and stuck his tongue up into her fuck-hole.

“Daddy!” she gasped, not expecting that so fast.

“Just as I thought,” her dad crowed with satisfaction. “You were masturbating. Weren’t you?”

“No, no,” Linda lied. “I was not! I was just washing it!”

“Don’t try to kid me, baby,” Jim said sternly, grabbing her tits and squeezing them. “Your cunt is soaked, and it only gets that way from fucking or fingering. Do you think I was born yesterday? You can’t fool your old dad.”

He lowered his hand to her pussy to pry her cunt-lips open again.

“Th… that’s water,” Linda stammered.

“Bullshit,” her dad snorted lewdly. “It’s too silky and velvety for water. That’s your sweet juice, baby, and you made it cum. Plenty of it, too. Nice of you to get it ready for me.”

“Daddy… no… I didn’t!” Linda protested as he started licking his thick tongue up into her open, pink, clean cunt. She screeched in erotic agony as her father attacked her pussy with his lips, teeth and tongue.

He gripped the towel behind her tensely and held her still as he craned his neck and got all of his thick tongue up into her fuck-hole.

Linda’s toes curled as he sucked her like that. Her feet trembled, and she fell backwards. Her naked ass touched the cold porcelain of the toilet tank as her father lustfully ate her out, forcing her pussy to one of those violent cums she didn’t want.

“Ohhh, noooo,” she wailed, shivering with orgasm. “Don’t make me cum like that! It’s too hard!”

“So that’s it,” her father laughed lewdly. “You like your own gentle cum on your fingers.”

Out of her head at the moment, Linda shrieked: “Yes! Yes! But not this! Please… stop chewing it!”

Once Jim knew what she didn’t want, he did it all the more! He caught her quivery little clit between his teeth, then gently chewed away at her fuck-nub even as he licked it with the tip of his tongue. If this was going to drive his pretty daughter crazy, then this was what he wanted to do. He wanted to know all the things that drove the girl nuts. Because Linda Simmons looked delicious when she was in a helpless state of advanced horniness!

Chewing her clit, then tonguing her fuckhole, he reduced the poor girl to a whimpering mass of flesh that was ready for anything sexual. Linda couldn’t help herself anymore. She no longer felt clean as she had in the shower. Her lewd dad had spoiled her again, made her feel dirty and obscene with her soaked cunt twisting and humping wildly on his wicked tongue and mouth. In another fit of orgasm she grasped her aching young asscheeks and mauled them as her father ate her pussy in his relentless, lewd way.

She didn’t want to respond fully to her passionate nature, but she had no control over it now. Somehow, her father brought out the worst — or the best — in her and made her feel horny and wanton, like a fucking slut! Somehow, his tongue made her cunt want to cum and leak and squish with hot juices. With a shudder and a groan of despair, she suddenly screwed her tight, wet pussy-hole on his probing, drilling tongue.

Jim Simmons had his daughter right where he wanted her, right where he had been wanting her for nearly three years! She was all his, and he knew it. The knowing gave him a sense of power and mastery over the hapless girl. He stood up, then dropped his shorts in front of her, exposing every solid inch of his massive, wet cock to her frightened young eyes.

Linda was so shocked by its sudden throbbing appearance that she turned her face away. Her father was angered when she did that. He yanked her by the towel, roughly pulling her away from the toilet. He pushed her up against the wall with a thud. He was beside himself with lust again.

When he had Linda backed up against the tiled wall, he bent his knees slightly. He pinned his little girl against the wall with his massive, hairy chest, crushing her tits in the process. Then he reached down between their bellies and grasped his thick, throbbing prick in a tight fist. He inched his cockhead upward until it was firmly planted against the mouth of Linda’s pussy. Then, grinning lewdly, and murmuring in her ear that she would learn to love his cock, he drilled all of it right up into her cunt. Linda gasped and screeched as every inch of his swollen prick speared into her pussy. Soft cries escaped her gulping throat as her dad’s prick raped her cunt without pity for her tender feelings. He seemed doubly horny now that he had seen her in the shower. He was an animal with her now, fucking all of his thick cock up into her pussy.

Linda gasped and choked as her dad fucked her. She had never been treated this way in her life, pressed up against a wall with her legs spread and her taut young tits crushed against a man’s hairy chest!

Jim hadn’t enjoyed this position for a long time, and he took advantage of it. He bent Linda’s pretty head back and showered her mouth and throat with wet kisses and horny little nibbles as he grunted and fucked all of his wet prick into her writhing young body.

Linda squirmed and twisted when she felt herself cumming on her dad’s probing cock. She couldn’t help whining like a hurt animal, and she couldn’t help moaning like a slut as the horrible fucking rendered her senseless and helpless with orgasm. Climax after climax rippled through her ticklish clit and tingly pussy as her dad kissed and fucked her. Jim Simmons had no time for the feelings of his daughter. His wife had already driven him crazy with lust and deprivation. He was already animalistic in his sexual needs. And Linda was a perfect target for his prick!

Linda came so many times on her dad’s relentless cock that she could hardly stay on her feet. Her knees kept buckling every once in a while as her orgasms weakened her whole body and left her gasping for breath. If it wasn’t for her father’s big, long cock up her cunt and his chest against her heaving tits, she would have sunk to the floor in sheer exhaustion a long time ago!

Her whole body quivered and sagged heavily against her dad, and he felt it. Groaning with pleasure because he had reduced the teenager to a state of weakened passion, he pulled his soaked prick out of her pussy. He lifted her sagging young body up across his arms, and he carried her to the chair in the corner of the bathroom.

Jim sat down and pulled Linda’s cunt down on his rigid, upright prick. He gripped her waist and pulled hard. Her pussy slipped easily right down over his long fuckshaft, and she moaned when its head drilled into her cunt. Her slim arms quavered behind her, still bound at the wrists with the wet towel. He embraced his pretty little girl and murmured: “Hang on, baby. Get ready for a ride.”

With that, he chuckled and started fucking his prick up into her tight, wet cunt-hole. Linda, half senseless from her orgasms, went weak on him. Her cheek fell loosely against his head and her whole ass started to fuck and squirm and twist as her father fucked her in yet another exciting position.

His upright, probing prick triggered another orgasm in Linda, and she whimpered as she came. Her lovely body shivered and shook, and her whole pussy sucked hotly on her dad’s penetrating cock as she came wetly. It was too much for her.

Her pretty face fell to her father’s shoulder and; with eyes shut weakly, she murmured: “Daddy… please… no more cumming. Can’t cum any more. Ohhh, if I cum again, I’ll just die!”

“You won’t die, baby,” her father said hotly, drilling his stiff cock up into her sucking young cunt. “You’ll just cum and cum. Girls can cum forever.”

“Ohhh, noooo,” Linda wept then, as her pussy flooded some more. “I don’t wanna cum anymore. I can’t stand it. The tickle in my belly is driving me crazy. I don’t wanna fuck anymore. Please, Daddy, stop fucking me!”

“Not yet, baby,” he said breathlessly, ramming harder up into her cunt. “Not ’til I shoot my load.”

“Then will you stop?” Linda asked hopefully.

“Uh-huh… just as soon… as I shoot my cum into your pretty cunt. You know I love to fuck you like this.” Linda mustered all the strength she could and concentrated on making her dad’s cock explode. Taking a deep breath and swallowing her pride, she humped her ass up and down like a crazed whore.

Jim Simmons gasped and groaned as his suddenly fucking daughter drove him out of his mind. Experiencing a violence he didn’t know she possessed, he sat in that chair and succumbed to the girl’s amazingly hot fucking.

Linda jumped up and down on her dad’s lap. She tightened her cunt muscles deliberately and sucked her dad off. She humped and screwed and fucked viciously until she made his swollen prick burst like a bomb deep in her clenching pussy. Even then, she panted and moaned and fucked hotly. Her luscious young cunt sucked all the cum up out of her father’s balls. She didn’t stop screwing her hot ass until he was begging for mercy and releasing the towel. Then she collapsed.

She climbed off her father’s lap, then staggered out of the room, gasping: “Let me alone I wanna sleep. I need some sleep now. Ohhh, leave me alone!”

Jim followed her twitching, naked ass into her bedroom, and he watched her slump across her bed, exhausted. He smiled in a fatherly fashion. “That’s it, baby, take a nice nap before lunch. We’ve got the whole afternoon ahead of us yet.”

He left the room and Linda groaned in despair. She dreamed that her father’s cock could reach from her pussy to her tonsils inside her belly!


Jim Simmons took a nap on the sofa in the living room. When he awoke an hour later, he ambled into his daughter’s bedroom to find her still asleep, naked as a babe, stretched across her bed. He moved around in the room until he could see directly between Linda’s curvy legs. They were slightly parted, long and slim, ending at the firm cheeks of her perfectly round ass.

Jim could see a portion of his little girl’s cunt between her thighs, but it was her ass that attracted him at the moment. It was the sight of her ass, totally nude, as he had so often imagined it, that excited his balls and made his cock rise up.

In his lecherous memory were a host of erotic images of his daughter’s swinging, twitching ass. He had watched it swing down the walk to the school bus. He had seen it twitch on the beach in her one-piece bathing suit. He had seen it swing delightfully across the living room as she innocently pranced to the telephone or into the kitchen. Linda’s cute ass had teased him often.

Hypnotized by the sheer vulnerability of the girl’s naked young ass, Jim gravitated to it, lust burning in his balls. He knelt at the edge of Linda’s bed, carefully gripped her hips and moved her so that her legs dangled off the bedside. Then he spread her thighs open. Linda felt his touch and came awake slowly.

She raised her pretty head and turned to peer back over her shoulder. Her mouth fell open and her eyes widened as she felt her dad’s hot hands on her firm asscheeks of her butt.

“Daddy… what are you doing?” she gasped.

“Just relax, baby,” her father rasped hotly. He pried her ass-cheeks apart with his thumbs and enjoyed a clear view of her little asshole. Linda was horrified.

“Daddy!” she cried, trying to twist away. “Please, don’t look at me there! Daddy, stop! Please! What… what are you up to?”

“Silly girl,” he laughed lewdly, and he pressed his mouth to her ass. Using his thumb tips to keep her tight asscheeks separated, he extended his tongue to give her exposed asshole tantalizing little licks. Linda could only gasp and whimper and bang the bed with her fists as her filthy dad sucked her shitter and licked his tongue right into it.

It was at times like these that Linda hated her mother. As her father’s wicked tongue ravished her exposed and defenseless asshole, she blamed her mother for her entrapment. It was because of Janet Simmons’ frigidity and bitchiness that Linda was now pinned naked to her bed, getting her asshole tongue-lashed by her father. Ohhh, momma, momma, the girl asked herself, why did you abandon me?

Jim Simmons felt his little girl’s asshole reacting. Her cute little ass couldn’t keep still when his tongue was wiggling in it. It excited him to finger her cunt as he licked into her asshole, driving Linda even wilder. Her senses reeled as her dad’s tickling tongue and drilling finger made her cum. When she felt her father spread her own pussy-juices up into her asshole, she knew he was planning something. Then she felt him movng back there, abandoning her holes for the moment.

She craned her neck and sobbed to see her dad standing, sliding his fist up and down the full length of his enormous cock. She didn’t want to stare at his prick, but she couldn’t help noticing how slick it was with his pre-cum. Or was that cum from her pussy?

“Daddy…” she gasped. “What are you doing?”

“Silly girl,” he said again, laughing at her.

“Daddy… don’t!”

“I can’t resist, baby.”

“But you said we were gonna take a nap, and then have lunch,” Linda complained sorrowfully.

“Sorry, baby,” her horny dad said. “We’ll have to eat later. Your ass is just too cute to resist. God, you should see how pretty it is.”

Linda knew how pretty it was. She had often posed in front of her mirror and twisted around so she could see what it was that all the boys kept whistling at when she walked down the street. She knew very well how attractive her ass was! She just never dreamed that the day would come when her own father would fuck it!

“Just relax,” her father now said, resting a knee on the bed between her quivering thighs.

He lowered himself onto her slim back and grazed her exposed asshole with his wet prickhead. Bracing his hips for the onslaught, he took a deep breath and pushed hard. The wetness of Linda’s pussy-juices combined with her dad’s pre-cum made a fine lubricant, as good as butter or petroleum jelly. Linda’s tight shitter gave way under the pressure of her father’s probing cock. Her asshole opened like a small mouth. And her dad soon had it gaping wide.

Linda gasped, then squealed in pain as her father’s bulging cockhead spread her asshole wider, then entered her body.

“Unnnggghhh!” Linda moaned as his big cock invaded her tight little ass.

“Just relax now,” Jim instructed her like a caring father. “Just let your ass go. Don’t tighten up against my prick. Go lax and let it in.”

“No!” Linda replied, but she did let her ass muscles go lax. To her surprise, her father’s giant cock squeezed right into her body. She felt her ass-cheeks go wide and the natural clench of her asshole eased around her dad’s cockshaft.

Jim paused for a breath, his balls nestled against Linda’s crotch, tickling her pussy. He felt the tight gripping of his prick by his little girl’s sweet ass, and the feeling blew his mind. He had to fuck her!

Slowly at first, he moved back an inch, then two, then imbedded his cock again. Each movement of his massive prick caused sensation and alarm in the young girl, who could only quiver and moan as her dad had his way with her.

Linda finally collapsed in complete surrender, and her lovely ass accepted the full length of her dad’s hole-splitting cock.

Her horny father panted and drilled his prick into her shitter. Linda gasped and thought a giant wedge had hammered into her ass, right to the center of her body. She felt her dad’s big, hairy balls slap her cunt each time he fucked his cock into her clenching little asshole, and the combined feelings were overwhelming. His hot balls seemed to be getting her pussy off, making her come as if she’d been rubbed by a hand.

As if testing his daughter’s level of horniness, Jim imbedded his thick cock up her ass and held it there for a moment, throbbing but still. Sure enough, Linda moaned as if in protest and her cute ass started to wriggle and turn, inviting his cock, encouraging more fucking. Jim chuckled knowingly to himself even as his little girl sobbed and he fucked her brutally.

When Jim felt Linda cumming wetly against his slapping balls, he grinned lewdly and pounded her ass harder with his stony prick. His hips humped forward harder, spearing his wet cock into the girl’s defenseless asshole.

Linda felt suffocated by sex then, and gasped for breath as his big prick ravished her ass-channel. She felt pervertedly loved when her dad kissed her ears and whispered naughty things as he fucked her faster and faster.

Jim got his big hands under her, and he filled them with her pert, round tits. He fingered and mauled them as his cock ramrodded her asshole, and he chuckled with perverse pleasure at the girl’s discomfort. Linda emitted a cry of anguish more than once during the vicious fucking. She was breathless and weak as a kitten.

Inflamed by his daughter’s tight asshole, Jim shoved his prick into her again and again, working toward an explosion of jism that he wanted to deposit in Linda’s ass. The fucking was faster now, and his balls slapped noisily against her quivering cunt and clit. He lunged and impaled her shitter with his prick delighting in her squeals and cries as his cock ripped into her.

Suddenly, Linda was whimpering like a hurt animal and pushing back with her pussy and ass. Again and again she pushed, fucking on her dad’s wicked cock as she felt her new orgasm threatening to overcome her. Her whole body quivered then as she came wetly, and her cunt leaked juices on her father’s ramming balls as his prick continued to rape her asshole.

Jim pulled his hands from her aching tits, then gripped her lithe young hips tensely so he could rear back and really plunge his fiery cock into her asshole. Holding the poor girl steady, with her pretty face pushed into the pillow, he rammed all of his stony cock into her shitter.

Burying his prick in her quivering young body, he held it in her ass-channel. His cock was a live, throbbing thing ready to explode. Then he gritted his teeth and fucked her deep. His prick burst like an explosive device and spewed its contents. Linda whimpered soulfully as her dad’s enormous cock spit savagely into her clenching asshole.

When he finally exhausted himself and fell upon her naked young body with a gasp, Linda gasped too. She shuddered as the natural tightness of her asshole squeezed her father’s limp prick right out of her ass.

He rolled off her shaking body, and Linda felt her asshole return to its normal size, closing slowly. She moaned helplessly as she felt something warm and creamy ooze out of her asshole to dribble down into her cunt-slit. And she could only whimper when her father’s hot mouth found hers, kissing her passionately as he laughingly thanked her for a great piece of ass!

Linda panted with relief when she felt her dad get off the bed. When she heard him leave the room, the teenager curled up on her bed and hugged herself to give her ass a rest. She heard her father pissing into the toilet bowl. He never closed the door any more. Then she heard him getting washed up. Maybe he’d go drink or something, and leave her alone!

But Linda’s curvy, sexy young body had thoroughly captured her dad’s heart… and cock! He couldn’t stay away from her now, not now that he had tasted deeply of her youth and beauty and teenaged sexual energy. Even booze wasn’t as appealing to him as his daughter’s naked, vulnerable young body!

“Oh, nooooo,” Linda moaned when she saw him come back into her bedroom. The lewd grin on his face and the half-hard condition of his prick were enough to fill her with despair once again. Was there no escaping this beast’s incredible lust? He had done so many things to her already, and here it was just the first day!

“Daddy,” she whimpered helplessly. “Don’t look at me like that. You said we could eat lunch! I’m hungry!”

“I’m hungry, too,” her dad murmured, sitting next to her and caressing one of her jutting tits. “Hungry for you.”

“How can you be hungry for me?” Linda piped in a shocked, high voice. She peered at him wide-eyed with genuine surprise. “You’ve done everything to me that a man can do to a girl! How can you be hungry for more?”

Jim Simmons smiled and eased, her over onto her back. He settled beside her and caressed her tits slowly. “Because you’re so beautiful, Linda. You have such pretty tits. And your pussy is enough to drive a man wild.”

Linda didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. She was all mixed up now. And her father’s nearness didn’t help her condition any.

His cock was rock-hard already, throbbing against her naked thigh. Linda knew that the touch of her flesh was what made his prick get so hard. She wiggled her thigh away from his erect fuck-pole.

“It’s time you stopped running from it,” Jim Simmons said evenly. He suddenly knelt right in front of his little girl, and Linda’s eyes went wide at the sight of his big, naked prick. She caught her breath to see it hovering just over her right tit!

She couldn’t help staring at his cock, it was so close! There was something fascinating about a prickshaft now that it had been in her body so much! What havoc it could create in her.

Now his cock looked like it could throb and burst apart right before her eyes… or shoot that thick cream all over her!

“See?” her dad soothed. “Nothing to be afraid of. Why don’t you touch it? Get to know it. Come on, feel it, see what it’s like.”

Taking his little girl’s hand, he squeezed it reassuringly for a second, as if to tell her it was all right to touch a harmless animal. He guided her fingers to the bulging mass of flesh that was throbbing near her.

Linda held back, fearful yet. It seemed obscene for her to touch her own father’s cock! But the monstrous, wet thing, this hunk of prickmeat that had made her pussy purr, was like a magnet to her small hand. Swallowing nervously, she let her father guide her hand to his crotch, and she let him press her fingers around his thick, hot cockshaft.

She shuddered to feel his stiffening prick throbbing in her fist. Her gaze was glued to it. She gave it a gentle squeeze, an experimental squeeze, as if she were afraid to hurt it. Even so, his prick seemed to double in size just because she squeezed it!

Her father grinned lewdly and victoriously. He could tell from the touch of her hand that his daughter was really interested in his cock, maybe even against her own will. With that truth in mind, he gently closed his fist around hers and started her hand on a slow, jerking motion. Once her fingers, trembling and weak, were sliding up and down in a nice rhythm, Jim released her hand. Linda’s eyes widened at what she was doing, sliding her fist up and down her dad’s immense cockshaft!

“Thats a good girl,” Jim encouraged her. “Jerk it like that. You can make it real big by doing that. That feels good, kitten. I like that. You have a nice, soft hand. Keep that up. That a girl. Play with it nice.”

Linda’s blinked when she saw a small drop of clear liquid appear out of the little hole at the top of his rigid fuck-pole. Her dad noticed her curiosity.

“That’s pre-cum, honey,” he explained. “Here… squeeze your thumb up this pipe here. See what happens? That juice is what lubricates your pussy or asshole so I can fuck you.”

Linda was so interested in this that she forgot to be embarrassed by his lewd language. She stared at the crest of his throbbing cock, slid her fist up and down a few times, and watched the pre-cum appear like magic. Her sweet hand also made his prick lengthen and widen and grow bigger. She was amazed at the monstrous size of her dad’s cock and wondered how such a big thing got into her little cunt-hole in the first place!

“That feels good, baby,” Jim groaned. He squatted on his haunches and let Linda fondle and explore his prick. As she did so, he reached over and gently rubbed her wet pussy with his middle finger. Linda moaned slightly at the sensation, and her ass quivered. Her fingers tightened around her father’s rigid cockshaft.

Jim Simmons felt his balls tightening up. He couldn’t take much of this. Linda’s hand felt too good, and her cunt felt so silky beneath his wandering fingers. He gazed directly at her parted lips with a lewdness that did not escape Linda’s notice. She knew what he was thinking. If her hand felt good on his prick, her mouth would feel even better!

He released her pussy and fell to his knees. His large cock throbbed menacingly overhead.

“Jerk it faster,” her dad said in a strained voice that revealed his lust.

“Daddy, no,” Linda whimpered as he inched his wet prick closer to her face. She let go of his prick and turned her pretty face away. “Don’t make me suck you!”

“Don’t give me a hard time again, Linda,” he said threateningly. He forced her into a sitting position beside him on her bed and leaned his cock toward her face. She tried to turn her lips away, but he held her head rigidly with both of his hands. He gripped her head until she winced.

“Don’t fight it,” he said thickly, anxious for her lovely young mouth. “Come on… suck it… suck it nice.”

He forced her head forward until her mouth was just an inch from his throbbing, dripping cock. Linda whimpered weakly as he pushed her pretty face down and her lips touched the wet end of his prick.

“Lick it,” he ordered.

Sniffling, she parted her lips and let her tongue lick against the hot, wet flesh of her dad’s bulging cockhead. She tasted the precum, warm and salty, and licked again as he urged her. Her tongue lapped and she swallowed.

“Suck it, baby, suck it!” Jim groaned.

“I… I don’t wanna!” Linda whimpered. “Please… let me jerk it for you. I’ll jerk it off nice but, please, don’t make me do this.”

“Stop your whining,” her father said sternly, shoving her face at his cock. “Suck it!”

Sniffling like a hurt child, Linda closed her eyes against the sight of his enormous prick and touched her lips to his sensually heated cockhead. She heard her dad’s breathing quicken and knew he really liked his cock sucked. Linda let her tongue lap his prickhead again. Her lips parted, then slipped around her dad’s thick, bulbous cockhead. Her mouth was hot on it.

The marvelous sensation of a teenager’s pretty mouth sucking his cock drove Jim Simmons right out of his mind. Daughter or no daughter, he had to have this girl suck him off completely and thoroughly. Grunting and groaning with pleasure, he gripped Linda’s pretty head tightly between his hands and fucked his wet prick in and out of her mouth as he would her cunt or asshole. Linda whimpered helplessly, a slave to her dad again, and sucked on his cock against her will. She had to suck it to keep from choking on it.

As her head was pumped more and more rapidly on her dad’s fucking prick, Linda tried to pause once in a while for a breath and a protest. Her father’s cock was getting awfully large! Didn’t that mean it was getting ready to shoot?

She pulled her sucking young lips off of her dad’s prickhead and gasped: “Daddy, let me jerk you off. I don’t wanna drink that stuff!”

“Of course you do,” her father chuckled, pushing his horny cock back into her sucking young mouth. “You said you were hungry. Eat it. It’ll do you good. Come on now, be a good little girl and eat your dad’s cum. If you do it real good, I’ll take you to Burger King for lunch. You can have a Whopper and fries and a chocolate milk shake anything you want.”

Linda’s heart leapt and her breathing quickened. She loved to go to Burger King!


If Linda was glad to go to Burger King for lunch, she was even more relieved to get back home again!

“I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life!” she proclaimed when she got home. She was really mad at Jim.

It all started when he wanted her to wear her cute white shirt, open at the collar, and a short miniskirt that barely covered her cunt. He made her wear the shirt opened almost to her belly button, and this made her tits loom pointedly and sexily. She had to walk around Burger King looking like a naked little slut, just to please her raunchy dad. Boys and men ogled her. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of her. And her father loved it.

When they were seated, he whispered so that no one else could hear: “You look good enough to eat, baby. See how all the guys want you? But you’re all mine.”

Linda flushed redly and ate her meal in angered silence. She couldn’t enjoy herself the way she might have under normal circumstances. Her father had turned even this outing into a sex act! And he let her know that his cock was hard as rock between his legs under the table! He kept eyeing her half-naked tits from across the table as she ate. Every time she moved her arms, she could feel her splayed shirt playing peek-a-boo with her tits, exciting the males who glanced her way. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her father knew she wasn’t wearing any panties either, and just the thought of her furry blonde cunt, inches away from his bulging prick turned him on something fierce.

In his advanced state of lust, he couldn’t wait to get his little girl back home. So they were both eager to return, but for very different reasons. Linda was ashamed. And Jim was hot to trot with his daughter again.

Linda’s outrage only made her look prettier to her grinning dad. She faced him in the livingroom and fumed, eyes flaring and tits heaving. She placed her fists on her hips and scolded him for shaming her, for lusting after her body so boldly right in public.

“I’ll never go there with you again!” she cried. “What did those people think? They didn’t know you’re my father! They must have thought I’m some kind of a plaything for a dirty old man! That was so embarrassing! How could you do that to me? You could at least have let me wear a bra and panties!”

“And ruin all the fun?” her father laughed, ignoring her shame and dismay. He ambled up to her vibrant young body, then pressed against her tightly. He gathered her into his strong arms and pressed his mouth down on hers, taking her breath away.

“You’re sexy like this,” he murmured hornily, licking at her pouting young lips. “Your tits feel so nice against me. Feel my cock? See how big you make it?”

His prick was swollen large and pounding a nerveracking rhythm right up against her pussy!

“Daddy… please… let me go,” she whimpered.

To her surprise, her dad dropped to his knees in front of her belly and gazed up at her as if she were the prettiest girl in the world. She could plainly see that he loved her, but in all the wrong ways! The look in his dark eyes told her that he was excited by the thrust of her peeping tits and brief miniskirt, so short near her pussy. Linda didn’t want that kind of love from him, and she told him so in a weak voice.

Jim Simmons placed his big, strong hands on his daughter’s hips. He gently rubbed up and down as he crooned: “Don’t be mad at me all the time, Linda. Try to understand that I only mean well for you. We’ve both been under terrible pressure these past months with your bitchy mother driving us together like this. Don’t you see that I love you, that I just want to please you? I want you and I to have the fun and pleasure that Janet has deprived us of for so long.”

“But… but,” the girl stammered, confused. “You… you want sex with me all the time!”

“Well sure baby. You’re so sexy. And it feels good, doesn’t it? Come on, you might as well admit that you cum a lot when I play with you.”

“Well, yes.” Linda admitted, breathing quickly as his hand rubbed her hips. “But that doesn’t mean I like it! You make me cum! How can I not cum when you do those naughty things?”

“They aren’t naughty,” Jim assured her, gazing at her heaving tits. He was getting to her, and it showed. “It’s love. Yes, Linda, love. You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted to hug you, just hold you in my arms and soothe you. Do you think I liked yelling at you and spanking you and slapping you around like that? That was the tension your fucking mother created around here! She’s a rotten little ball-buster, not sweet and nice like you.”

“Ohhh, Daddy,” Linda rasped, frowning. “You mix me up when you talk like that.”

“I just want to love you, baby,” he said softly.

“Love me?” she asked with a tight voice. “Or fuck me?”

She already knew the answer as he reached up and opened her shirt all the way, slowly undressing her. He stripped her naked like he might a Barbie Doll, enjoying each movement, his fingers trembling slightly as he pulled her shirt away, then her cute little skirt. As she stood breathing sharply in nothing but her sandals, her dad tore all of his clothes off.

When they were both naked, her father knelt before her again. Linda gazed down at him in wonder, noticing the full length of his big cock. Her father now looked like some kind of a devotee, a worshipper at some pagan altar. Linda felt funny standing naked before him, her thighs slightly parted while his gaze burned into her pink and white pussy.

As if in response to the young girl’s wonderment, Jim leaned his face forward and stuck out his tongue. He licked the tip of his tongue up and down her exposed cuntslit. Linda gasped and her cunt twitched in response.

“Daddy, don’t,” she whispered. But, strangely enough, she didn’t pull her ass back. In fact, her fingers curled into his dark hair, and she didn’t push his head away. While she didn’t pull it against her pussy, she didn’t try to stop his naughty tongue from licking up into her defenseless fuckhole, either.

She gasped when his tongue darted like a vicious snake right up into her pussy. It took her breath! And her knees started to shake when he fucked his thick tongue in and out of her hunched cunt. Linda panted hotly and her legs went lax.

Jim gently gripped her lithe, naked hips, and he guided her backward to the sofa, where he helped her to lie down. He sprang like a hungry animal and buried his face between her trembling thighs to eat her pussy.

“Ohhh, daddyyyyy,” Linda whined. It sounded like a girl in distress, a girl about to helplessly surrender to overwhelming erotic impulses.

This inflamed Jim, and he burrowed all of his tongue into her cunt, probing around in her fuck-hole. When his daughter cried out for more instead of begging him to stop, it inspired Jim.

His mouth nibbled around on her cunt as he maneuvered his ass over to Linda’s shoulder. Then he lashed her clit with his tongue as he lifted one leg like a dog and exposed his dripping wet prick. Linda glanced over and saw it. Panting and screwing her hot pussy on her dad’s busy mouth, she absently reached for his fuckshaft. His rigid cock jerked in her small hand.

Jim expertly guided his tongue into her cunthole, then drilled it in and out as he gently coaxed his rigid fuckhole toward Linda’s face. The sensations rippling through her tensed belly rendered the girl shameless when she made her next move. As her cunt flooded with an overwhelming, mind-boggling cum, she pulled her father’s cock into her soft, sexy mouth.

Linda breathed hotly through her flared nostrils as her mouth filled with cockmeat, and she found herself licking and sucking her dad’s prick the way he was licking and sucking her pussy. His wicked tongue flitted wildly in and out of her drenched pussy-hole. He lapped up her nectar as it appeared between the soft, silky lips of her wet pussy.

Linda’s eyes closed and her mouth opened. Even her throat grew responsive to her father’s digging, drilling cock, and she let him fuck her mouth as he tongue lashed her sensitive cunt. Jim tongued deeper and Linda sucked harder. The 69 grew wilder, and the living room soon filled with female moans and male groans.

Impassioned by this turn of events with his reluctant daugher, Jim pushed more of his thick, rigid fuck-pole into her sexy mouth.

“Suck it, baby, suck it!” he growled, carried away by his little girl’s sucking abilities.

Linda responded by churning her wet cunt against his sucking mouth, and by increasing her efforts to blow his cock properly. Beside herself with passion now, Linda wantonly grasped her dad’s big, hairy balls, and she fondled them for him. His groans told her she was doing right.

Strange thoughts began to fill the girl’s mind as the father’s and daughter’s 69 picked up in tempo and pleasure. Was this all her dad had wanted to do with her mom? Then why wasn’t her mother more agreeable? Didn’t she like having her cunt licked like this?

Linda now secretly admitted to herself that getting her pussy licked and tongued was one of the best experiences she could have! Didn’t her mom crave it? And his large, throbbing cock in her mouth — that should have been very nice for her mother.

As these thoughts flitted through her inquisitive mind, Linda surrendered completely to the forbidden 69. She forgot that this was her own father’s prick sliding so wetly in and out of her sucking young mouth. She fantasized that it was Robert Redford’s! And it was Paul Newman who was so avidly sucking her clit and tongue reaming her pussy-hole! These vision made her cum like crazy!

Cumming so profusely and excitedly had turned her into an avid cocksucker. She had to suck the prick in her mouth! She wanted to. She wanted it to cum the way she was cumming, wildly!

Moaning and whimpering, Linda grasped his huge cock, and she pulled all of it into her mouth, down her gulping throat. Gasping like a girl in heat, she gave her father the blow-job of his lifetime! She didn’t know that she was sucking him off as he had never been sucked before! All she knew was that her belly was jerking like her cumming pussy, and the prick in her throat was spitting crazily, shooting big wads of thick jism into her sucking, leeching mouth.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhmmmmmmmm,” the little teenager moaned as she ate his jism and sucked for more.

It alarmed and surprised Jim. It delighted and pleased him. Did Linda know what she sounded like? Was she aware of her lust, her churning, humping cunt, her hotly sucking young mouth, drinking his cum as if she craved it? Jim didn’t know. He just took advantage of the situation and fucked her pretty mouth hornily with his stiff, spitting cock as he tongue-fucked her pussy-hole.

When the last spurt of his jism slithered down Linda’s gulping throat and she slipped her hot mouth off of his spent prick, he murmured: “Baby… that was great!”

His remark alarmed Linda. She suddenly felt shame as she eyed the prick she had just sucked so hotly. “I… I… I got carried away,” she rasped. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

Jim didn’t press the issue. He just thanked his lucky stars that at least once his sexy little girl had sucked his prick with a true passion. He couldn’t help wondering, though, what it would be like if pretty Linda actually loved sex with him!

In the meantime, he planned to get all the kicks he could get out of this sexy teenager. Why not? She was his to use, wasn’t she? And she sure couldn’t stop him!

Linda saw him stand up near her, saw his wet prick, flaccid but threatening, dangle menacingly near her.

“Daddy!” she gasped. “I just blew you! You can’t want to fuck me!”

“That’s what you think, honey,” Jim Simmons said gravely, staring hard at her open, wet cunt. “You don’t realize the power of your sex.”

“But… but… I don’t wanna fuck!” Linda cried, wishing her cunt could take a rest after all the cumming!

Jim felt the flicker of lust in his groin as he fingered her juicy young pussy, and every time she wiggled away and protested, he tickled her clit again and reduced her to a helpless state. Linda was no match for her cunt’s insistent needs. Under her father’s raunchy guidance, her once innocent and virginal pussy was fast becoming a hungry, almost insatiable mouth! The more it came, the more it wanted to cum!

Knowing that better than Linda did, her father knelt between her thighs and rubbed the head of his rigid fuckpole against her cunt. The sudden and exciting stimulation made her knees jerk and her pussy-lips fall open. Her ass-cheeks quivered as they had the last time her father fucked her.

“Daddy, don’t,” she whimpered softly, writhing to escape his cock. This was wicked, horrible, a corner of her whirling mind told her. She wasn’t supposed to fuck her own father! But this thought got all mixed up with another one; her pussy was open and hungry!

She whimpered as the heavy frame of her horny dad moved onto her exposed body. She sobbed when his chest mashed down on her jutting young tits, and she wept openly when his cockhead invaded the tightness of her pussy-hole. The pleasure of the recent 69 disappeared as she felt her lewd father’s rigid fuck-pole rip into her helpless cunt.

His big prick squeezed into her body, and Linda gritted her teeth against the unwanted thrill his thick fuckshaft created in her pussy. Her dad’s cock entered her cunt easily, sliding right up into her tight young pussy.

Linda’s eyes rolled in her head when her dad’s prick head burst into her cunt, deep in her tense body, and she gasped for breath as he kissed her mouth and fucked her brutally.

Her ass jerked up off the sofa cushion as her father’s prick raped her pussy. Each down stroke of his jackhammer cock was enough to send the girl’s senses reeling. And when he was ramming his prick in again and again, Linda cried out several times as her pussy creamed all over his spearing cock.

She panted and whimpered and cried a little to discover that she had absolutely no control over her ass or pussy. Both moved on their own as her father’s cock ripped into her repeatedly. She could only weep and moan with unwilling, but overwhelming pleasure.

“Oh!” she squealed at one point. Her dad had gritted his teeth, dug his toes into the carpet, and slammed all of his stony cock up into her helpless cunt. She cried, shivering and cumming on his rampaging prick. She couldn’t help her self any more. She could only close her eyes, gasp for breath and squirm from tits to ass helplessly.

She felt like she passed out for a second or two. When she revived again, she peered down at her father’s wet mouth sucking wildly on one of her taut tits as his prick continued to stab relentlessly into her open, weakened pussy-hole. A flush of embarrassment gripped her as she realized that her pussy was responding to his big prick. She didn’t want to enjoy sex with her own dad!

A hot spark ignited deep in her writhing belly as her father’s cock plunged and drilled into her defenseless young body. Her thighs quivered hotly and her ass started to hump. She sobbed as she came against her will and her whole body responded sexually to her dad’s raunchy attack. Her tits ached with forbidden pleasure. Her nipples spiked as if they loved Jim’s sucking mouth and scraping teeth. Her whole pussy squirmed and humped and screwed.

Jim’s mighty, throbbing cock rammed deep into the helpless girl’s cunt and took her breath away. Her pretty eyes shot open, and she stared wonderingly at the ceiling as her dad’s thick, greasy fuck-pole pumped in and out of her distended, drippy cunt.

Linda’s next orgasm came upon her unexpectedly. There were no warning tickles in her belly this time. All of a sudden, her whole cunt jerked wildly on her dad’s fucking cock and she came wetly, whimpering all the while.

“Ohhh, mmmmyyyyy God!” she cried, humping her ass hornily. “What’s the matter with me? What have you done to me? Oh, God… I’m cumming so much! I don’t wanna! I don’t wanna!”

Jim chuckled evilly to hear his little girl’s protests in his ear, for they didn’t sound like real protests. They sounded like hot little whimpers of unwanted, but overwhelming pleasure. And he knew that his teenaged daughter was getting turned on as never before in her life. And he knew that his cock had to be the biggest and best she ever had stuffed in her tight little pussy. After all, he did take her cherry, didn’t he? Linda was all his, and that was a good feeling.

With that thought in his fiery mind, the horny man fucked his little girl’s cunt with a vengeance. To make up for all the pussy his bitchy wife had deprived him of, to make up for all the times he achingly lusted after his daughter’s budding young body, he rammed all of his prick deep into Linda’s cunt and fucked her insanely. He wanted the cute little teenager to suffer the anguish of orgasmic pleasure and helpless lust. Why shouldn’t she desire his cock? Why go out and get fucked by boys who would only hurt her in the end?

When Linda expressed her shame and regret once more after their hot fucking, Jim held his prick imbedded in her squeezing cunt and whispered: “You should be glad I took your cherry and fuck you like this. Don’t you know that some kid would have fucked you sooner or later? Then he’d just leave you flat. Did you ever think about that? Look around at your girlfriends. See how they give their cunts to some boy and then lose him to another chick? How many girls do you know going steady with the guys they gave their cherries to?”

That really got the girl thinking. Jim could almost see the wheels turning in her young mind. He felt her cunt strangle his prick and he pressed on.

“This way, I’ll keep you even though I took your cherry,” he said soothingly, working his cock in and out again. “I won’t leave you like some snot-nosed kid with a hard-on for another girl. I want to fuck you all the time, day in and day out. I won’t desert you.”

Linda had to admit to herself that many of her girlfriends wound up in tears after boys had left them flat. Maybe her father had a point. He sure had a point imbedded up her cunt! That she could feel! But she shouldn’t like this!

“Cum with me,” Jim suddenly said hotly, fucking deep into her pussy. “I’m gonna shoot! Linda, baby. Why not do it with me? Come on, let loose, baby, and cum with me!”

Linda didn’t know what came over her. Maybe it was the urgency in her father’s voice. Maybe it was the burning heat in her pussy. Maybe it was her dad’s cock fucking so hornily into her cunt. Whatever it was, she found herself heady with pleasure and wrapping her arms and legs around her dad as he fucked her. And she found herself fucking back now, whimpering and moaning like a slut, fucking her little ass hornily, too.

She screwed and humped and jerked as her crazed dad fucked the hell out of her young cunt, and she came as wetly as he did. Her pussy creamed juicily and strangled his pumping prick to suck all the cum up out of his hot balls.

In the last moments of their fucking, Jim Simmons began to seriously wonder if it could really be possible to train himself a sexy, teenaged hooker! Maybe he could. Why not? Just look at how her arms and legs were around him. And look at how she was humping her pussy, cumming hotly and giggling with pleasure!


Linda was amazed at herself, and she cried about it. Her father had to take her trembling young body into his arms like a baby and soothe her the best he could. He cuddled her on his lap, kissed her ear and stroked her naked thighs gently.

“There, there, Linda,” he soothed. “Stop crying about it. So you like sex. So what? What girl doesn’t?”

“But they don’t cum with their dads!” Linda cried.

“Now, how do you know that?” Jim asked seriously, cupping one of her firm young tits. “How do you know your girlfriends aren’t fucking their dads? Maybe some of them are.”

Linda pulled her face away from her father’s and peered at him curiously. Frowning cutely, she piped: “Do you mean it? Do other girls let their dads play with them? I never thought of that. I mean… Sharon? Debbie? Connie? Sue Ann? They sure have nice-looking dads! You make me wonder!”

“Well, even if they don’t fuck their dads,” her father explained, “that doesn’t mean you and I can’t fuck each other. Why shouldn’t we? Here we are, abandoned by your mother and my wife, left alone to our own devices while she’s out fucking her ass off. Why shouldn’t we get all the love we can?”

Linda heaved a sigh, trying to think straight. “I understand all that, Daddy,” she said innocently. “But can’t we love each other without being naked? Without doing sex? Without fucking? You make me feel so weak and horny.”

“I do, huh?” Jim asked with a chuckle, and he squeezed her jutting tit as he stroked her cunt with his other hand.

Linda laughed a little. “Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that!”

“I knew it already. I can tell when you’re horny. Your little nipples get hard and your clit quivers. And your pussy gets moist. You can tell when I’m horny, can’t you?”

“Heck, yes!” Linda blurted, giggling then. Her gaze dropped down between her thighs, and naughtily peeked at her father’s naked, thick, wet cock.

Embarrassed by her own forwardness, she quickly changed the course of the evening by noting the time, almost five, and saying: “You’ve been fucking me all day long! That’s terrible! Shouldn’t we stop this now and have some dinner?”

“Hungry, huh?”

“I’m starved!” she replied.

“Okay,” her dad said, surprising her. “Let’s go raid the refrigerator and see what we can find.” He pushed her off his lap, and she almost fell on her ass. She giggled and pranced into the kitchen, with her father right behind her.

“I’ll peel some potatoes,” he said. “You see what you can find by the way of meat.”

Linda peered over at him oddly. “You mean, you’re gonna help me fix dinner? You never helped, Mom.”

“She never deserved any help,” Jim said evenly. His eyes caught Linda’s for a moment, and something flashed between them, something nice.

Jim closed the space between them, pulling her into his arms. He pressed his hairy chest against her naked young tits and let his cock rise between her thighs. He kissed her mouth gently and said: “I never wanted to hurt you, baby. I just wanted to love you. The sex part, that happened because I’ve been so horny from your mother’s lousy cockteasing.”

Linda’s lips softened beneath one of his kisses, and she whispered: “I… I think I understand now, Daddy. If I hadn’t fought you like I did, you wouldn’t have hit me at all. Would you?”

“Of course not. I thought you were trying to be a bitch, just like your mother. I couldn’t let that happen. I sure couldn’t let you grow up hating sex and cockteasing men, and not giving them any. If you became like Janet, I’d die.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Linda said, shivering against his upright cock. “I wouldn’t be like Mom! Ever! I never want to torture a man that way.”

“Or me?” her father pressed, rubbing her naked asscheeks beneath his big hands. “Will you torture me, just because I’m your father?”

Linda’s brow creased then as confusion again assailed her young mind.

“I just don’t know about all this,” she sniffled, starting to cry again. “I want to hate you for what you did to me, breaking my cherry and all, but, somehow you make it seem like love.”

“Just leave everything to me, Linda. You’ll see. You’ll learn to love fucking me. You’re a hot little chick, really, and you need sex. But not with some kid who’ll leave you right after he fucks you silly. I love you and you’ll see… we’ll have lots of fun here.”

Linda parted her lips for his next kiss, and she slipped her arms around his neck as he humped his rigid cock up against her horny pussy. Yet she doubted his words. She doubted that she could learn to like fucking her own dad!

But she underestimated her old man. She underestimated this forty year old guy with a horny prick who ached to fuck any teenaged chick! She soon learned who she was dealing with, and to what lengths a man would go to capture and cage his own teenaged daughter.

After dinner, Jim got Linda down on the sofa, and he fucked her asshole for a while. Then they watched TV for a couple of hours, just diddling each other’s crotches. The diddling soon became more invigorating than the TV programs. One thing led to another, and Jim lifted his sleepy little girl up into his strong arms, then carried her naked body to his bed.

“Daddy,” Linda whimpered. “Please let me sleep in my own bed tonight.”

Her father chuckled and crawled into his bed with her. He rolled her onto her back, then crawled between her trembling thighs. He filled her protesting young mouth with his tongue and her clenching little pussy with his rigid fuck-pole. Two strokes into her cunt gave her a good orgasm. To her complete consternation, she turned into a little squirming slut! She clung to her fucking dad and gave her cunt to him! His prick rammed and her pussy hunched up hotly. He fucked her brutally, violently at first, because it made her so submissive. Once she was whimpering helplessly, he fucked her more slowly, thoroughly enjoying the insertion of his long, wet prick.

Linda came profusely, erratically and violently. She didn’t mean to like it so much, but her father’s immense cock always rendered her senseless now. Her slim arms flew around his neck. Her pretty legs wrapped around his pistoning hips. Her heels first dug into his ass, then started kicking him as his long prick ravaged her helplessly horny cunt.

“Ohhh, Daddy!” she cried, gasping for a breath as her hot little ass churned. “It shouldn’t feel this good! Ohhhh, Mama! What are you doing to meeeeee? Ewww, Daddy… your cock is so big! I’m too young for such a big cock! Ohhhhh, you make me crazy with cumming!”

Jim chuckled lewdly, loving what he was doing to his daughter… so he did it some more and kept the girl humping and crying and whimpering and moaning helplessly.

Even as her pussy squished with her hot juices, Linda prayed for the night to end, for tomorrow to arrive. Tomorrow she would go to school! She hated school, and she never thought she’d see the day when she would want to go! Yet here she was, aching to get to school, dying to get away from her father’s relentless cock! A school day would be a rest for her aching tits, tingling asshole and soaked pussy! Or so she thought!

Jim let his exhausted little girl fall asleep after midnight, and he didn’t bother her again until morning.

It was after eight when Linda felt her dad’s thick tongue drilling in and out of her cunthole. The teenager awoke with a start and tried to clamp her thighs together. She only succeeded in catching Jim’s hot face between her legs as his raunchy tongue aroused her pussy to a terrible state of horniness.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Linda cried, pushing her hands through his hair. “Stop! Stop! Ohhhh, don’t make me cum like this!”

But it was too late. Her dad’s tongue had already done its havoc. Her sweet little cunt juiced up fast, then cascaded with creamy cum, tickling her sensitive belly and arousing her clit.

“Ohhh, Daddyyyyyy,” she wailed, and surrendered to the irresistible orgasm. When her father lifted his grinning face away from her pussy, she softly cursed him for turning her on like that. Then she saw the clock.

“Daddy!” she cried. “It’s after eight! I missed the school bus!”

Jim pulled her into his arms and played with her tits. “Take it easy, baby. You ain’t going nowhere. I called you in sick. Me, too. We’ve got the whole day ahead of us.”

“Daddy!” Linda screamed, almost scared out of her wits. “No! You didn’t! Ohhh, nooo, Daddy, please… not another day!”

“This is only the second of many, sweetheart,” her father said lovingly. So lovingly that Linda shivered with horror. Her dad intended to fuck the hell out of her!

“Aren’t you ever gonna let me go to school again?” she cried as he licked her asshole and cunt. “You just want me to yourself! You’re afraid I’ll fuck some boys now that you broke my cherry!”

Jim climbed between her legs. “Right. You’re absolutely right about that. This way we can be alone. Right here in the privacy of our own home. Fuck school and fuck work. Let’s have some fun.”

“No, Daddy, no!” Linda cried helplessly. She managed to escape his clutches for a while. She crawled off the bed, then ran for her life. She darted for the bathroom and almost got the door closed… but not quite.

Jim pushed his way in, and he sat her on the toilet seat. He let her take her morning piss, then he ate her pussy out as she sat there gasping and weeping helplessly.

After that, Jim had her fix them some breakfast, and he let her wear another sexy robe while they ate. After breakfast, Jim nastily grabbed her, heated by the sight of her teenaged loveliness, and spread her out right on the kitchen table. There, he disrobed her and, though she kicked and screamed a lot, he got his face between her pretty legs and sucked another climax out of her cunt.

That’s how Linda’s whole morning went. And her afternoon was even worse! Her dad fucked her up the ass three times in less than two hours, each time claiming that she had the tightest, sweetest ass he’d ever fucked. Linda was not impressed.

“Even if it is,” she wept tearfully. “That’s no reason to fuck it so much!”

“But it feels good, doesn’t it?” her dad asked.

“That’s beside the point!” Linda blurted angrily.

Before the day was out, she realized that her father was fucking her overtime just to get her to like sex with him. She caught on to his little game as he made her suck his cock until she was moaning with pleasure she didn’t really want. Then she knew why he kept pushing his prick into her sexy, warm mouth; it was to make her enjoy his big cock shooting down her gulping throat.

That night, in his bed, when he fucked her all night, she realized that he was trying to make her like fucking a lot. He kept rendering her helpless and hopeless until she was fucking back at his driving, drilling cock. How much fucking could she take before she started craving more cock?

Linda found out the next day when her father again called them both in sick. For the third day in a row, her father fucked her silly. He would let her get dressed from time to time in sexy clothes, but only to chase her about the house, and to rape the hell out of her on some floor or bed.

The sex games became so frequent and violent — both father and daughter came wildly continually — that Linda’s former cries and tears became real moans and whimpers of sheer pleasure. Her raunchy father was winning the battle!

Linda realized the truth as she knelt in front of her father’s immense cock and sucked it in her hot mouth for the umpteenth time! Licking his prick, she smiled up at him. “You wanted to make me horny like this, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he admitted, watching her curl her saucy pink tongue around and around the head of his prick. “I want you horny for me every day, hot to trot, aching for my cock.”

Linda giggled and cooed, “That’s some dream, Daddy. We can’t go on like this every day!”

She was right, but not for the reason she thought. Some interruptions came their way, just when Linda was succumbing to the horny incest. The first interruption came from the school board, a telephone notice that if Linda Simmons wasn’t in school the next day, a doctor’s certificate would be required.

“Oh darn!” Linda pouted, jerking her dad’s prick.

“Oh shit!” Jim blurted angrily. “You’ll have to go to school tomorrow!”

“Yeah,” Linda murmured. She gave his cock a nice squeeze. “But only until three o’clock. I’ll come right home to you. I won’t let any nasty boys fuck my pussy.”

They laughed over that and kissed warmly. Linda slipped her tongue into her father’s mouth and wiggled it in there.

“Thank you for making me such a horny little girl,” she teased. She knew this sort of thing would make his cock nice and big for her. It did… and she sucked it.

But even though they overcame this initial setback, another came. Jim Simmons received a phone call informing him that he was fired from his job. He’d lost too many days of work.

“Oh, no,” he groaned, hanging up the phone. He sank heavily into his recliner chair, still naked, and Linda frowned worriedly at him. His prick was limp and curled up like a sick worm!

“Daddy, what is it?” she cried, running to him and sitting on his lap to cheer him up.

Jim played with her tits and cunt, and he told her the bad news. “And our rent is due next week. I guess I really pissed Mr. Crain off this time.”

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” Linda said soothingly. She reached down and took his prick between her hands, then milked it into hardness. “Something will work out. The school thing didn’t stop us. Neither will this.”

“This is different, honey,” Jim pointed out. “We’re talking about our bread and butter here.”

“I know,” Linda cooed, squeezing his wet cockhead. “But I still don’t want you to worry. Not now that I’ve learned to love you so much. I hate to see anything bother you. Except me. Do I bother you, Daddy?”

He grinned and caught her up in his arms. Linda giggled happily as he carried her willing young body into the bedroom where he fucked her until she was crying for more.

The next day, Linda Simmons did her thing. At the risk of great trouble, she played hooky from school and swayed her cute little ass over to the Crain Manufacturing Company. There, she asked to see Mr. Crain.

The elderly lady at the receptionist’s desk buzzed the inner office and said: “Mr. Crain? There’s a Miss Simmons here to see you.”

“Miss Simmons?” Bert Crain answered gruffly. “I don’t know anybody by that name. What does she want?”

“She says she’s Jim Simmons’ daughter.”

“Oh, I see. Well… send her in.”

Linda entered the plush office of Bert Crain, and she closed the door behind her. She stood before the man’s desk in a brief minidress, cut low across her ripe tits and high on her creamy white thighs. She smiled prettily at the old guy.

“What can I do for you, Miss Simmons?” he asked blankly. The girl was obviously a kid, so he tried not to notice how sexy she was.

“You can give my father his job back,” Linda said simply. She ambled around the guy’s desk and stood near him, giving him a closer look at her goodies. “In fact, you could give him a better job here and a raise.”

Bert Crain had to smile at the child’s spunk. “I appreciate your concern for your father’s welfare, young lady. But you don’t understand business.”

“I might not understand business,” Linda admitted, “but I do understand men!”

And she lowered her dress front so that it bared both her ripe, round, pink-nippled tits.

The old man’s eyes almost fell out of his head. He stared at her tits, then shot nervous glances at the door as he croaked: “What are you trying to do to me? Get me busted or something? Jesus Christ!”

Linda merely smiled and took a deep breath so her tits would rise up nicely before his hungry old eyes. “I’m not here to cause you any trouble, Mr. Crain. I want to be nice to you… so you’ll be nice to my father.”

With that, she simply dropped to her knees between his and unzipped his pants as he looked on groaning. She reached into his trousers, grasped his old cock and brought it outside to kiss it. Bert Crain agonized in his swivel chair as, in a matter of seconds, the pretty teenaged girl took his old prick into her young mouth and brought it to amazing vitality and life.

“Jesus Christ!” the old guy groaned again. That was all he could get out of his constricted throat as the girl sucked his cock.

Her pretty head went down, down, down, and all of his prick disappeared up into her softly sucking mouth. Then her head was bobbing, bobbing, bobbing, in a delightful rhythm that drove the old man crazy. His parched balls tightened up against the base of his thickening cock and, in just moments, his prick was spitting savagely into Linda’s loving, sucking throat. She gulped down his thick, creamy cum and got to her feet, smiling prettily.

She covered her tits slowly, rather teasingly.

“That was just a sample of what I have for a nice man like you.” She stepped back and raised the hem of her short dress to expose all of her furry young cunt. “I have a lot more for a man like you… if you want it. It’s up to you. I just hate to see my dad lose his job. And he could use a raise.”

Linda marched pertly to the door, and she grabbed the knob. She hesitated. She glanced back over her shoulder and peered at the startled old guy.

Bert Crain’s mouth flapped soundlessly for a moment. Then he found his voice, a little strained, and said: “I think the plant needs a new foreman. Your father can start tomorrow.” His old eyes burned into the curves of her cute little ass.

Linda smiled. “That means I’ll be home all alone tomorrow.”

She marched out of the offices, then hurried home to her worried daddy. And she soothed him for the rest of the day… and the rest of the month!

When the note arrived in the mail from her mother, who was almost a thousand miles away, a different Linda read it. It said:

Dear Linda:

I’m so sorry I had to run off and leave you alone with that beast, but I just had to. I’m not with Mr. Daniels any more. I’ve met this nice Christian man who takes me to church every Sunday. As soon as I can divorce your father, he and I will marry. He doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. That would be a sin. So as soon as we can get married, we’ll send for you. I promise. Ned says he knows how to bring a young girl up in the right Christian manner. You’ll love him. Please write to me at the above address and let me know what you think of coming to live with us.



Linda had no difficulty in answering the letter. She wrote back immediately:

Dear Mom:

Go fuck yourself!


Linda and Daddy

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