Hawaiian Birthday Party

The trip to Hawaii had been Mike’s wish for his birthday. Gail had spent months planning every detail. She even discussed it with her best friends Karen and Janet with their husbands, and it didn’t take much convincing to enlist their help. After all, a trip to Hawaii is always enticing. Brian even had a friend with connections on the islands, who made arrangements for them to “rent” a private beach for the night of Mike’s birthday. Their first night on the island, they attended the Paradise Cove Luau. The girls in their grass skirts were beautiful, and as they watched, Gail could tell her husband was getting excited. In fact, all of the men were. Gail looked at Karen and Janet and rolled her eyes, but as they sat there, drinking and watching the dancers, Gail felt a flush on her cheek and a warm wetness between her legs. She licked her lips, glanced nervously at Karen and Janet, then giggled slightly as she realized they were as entranced by the dancers as she and the men were. Later that night, back in their room, Mike grabbed her, pulled her close, and kissed her. They couldn’t get out of their clothing fast enough. The sea air, the dancers, the lingering buzz from the alcohol all contributed to a night of vigorous love making.The next morning she knew what she wanted to do for Mike’s birthday party. The first chance she got, she slipped the girls aside and told them her idea. The night of his birthday, Gail sent Mike, Brian, and Jimmy on ahead to the beach, where they were to build a fire to fend off the slight chill of the night air. She and the girls stayed behind with the excuse that they had last minute food preparations to make for their beach picnic. Once the men had left, she and the other girls made their plans for the night.By the time the girls arrived at the beach, it was dark. Gail could see Mike and the others where they sat by the fire drinking beer. The musicians she had arranged for the evening’s entertainment were already in place. She sent a text to the musicians, and they began playing the same island music as had been played at the luau. Their husbands couldn’t see the wives where they were standing further down the beach, but now, they slowly began dancing the hula as they made their way to where their husbands were waiting.The girls were naked except for their grass skirts. The island breeze caressed Gail’s breasts, her nipples hardening. She felt her pussy getting moist. By now they were close enough to the fire that their husbands could see them. The men were staring. Janet was in the lead, and Gail thought she could feel her husband’s desire for Janet. As Janet moved around the fire, Karen followed, and all of the men were watching her. Finally, Gail came into the flickering light. Mike smiled when he saw her, and she could feel how much he wanted her, but she moved toward Brian and Jimmy while Janet and Karen danced in front of her husband.The girls had practiced for several days, but it was very different dancing by the light of the flickering fire, barefoot in the sand. Karen slipped and fell into Mike–or at least, Gail thought she slipped. Knowing Karen, it might all have been planned. Mike put his hands out to catch her and found his hands full of Karen’s breasts. She giggled and kissed him, then scrambled back to her feet and danced away.Gail was so busy watching Mike and Karen that she nearly tripped over Brian’s legs. Jimmy caught her arm, his other hand grabbing her thigh through her grass skirt. Gail regained her balance while Jimmy slid his hand up her thigh until he was touching her wet pussy. She heard the sharp intake of his breath as he realized she was completely naked beneath the grass skirt. Behind her, Gail could hear Janet and Karen giggling, and she knew her husband was touching them.Gail had forgotten about Brian, and she nearly squealed when she felt his hands on her bum. Jimmy’s head was under her grass skirt, and she felt his lips on hers, his tongue licking her. She looked over to Mike. He was already naked, his hard cock sliding between Karen’s tits, his head under Janet’s skirt, she could only imagine, licking Janet the way Jimmy was licking her. Then Gail felt Brian’s hard cock pressing against her. She bent forward, and felt his slide into her wet pussy. Jimmy never stopped licking her, only now his tongue was not only sliding over her clit but sliding over Brian’s cock as it slid in and out of her.Her hands were on Jimmy’s shoulders for balance as Brian’s strokes became more vigorous. She looked over to Mike. Karen was still sliding his cock between her tits. His head was still under Janet’s skirt, but Janet was leaning forward, and Karen was kissing her breasts. Just then, Gail lost her balance and fell forward pushing Jimmy down in front of her, Brian falling with her, his cock pressing deeper into her before he slid out. She, Jimmy, and Brian broke up laughing. Then Jimmy was pulling off his own clothes. His cock, which she had never seen before now, was huge, and she wanted him. She grabbed his cock and slid it into her mouth. Brian was stroking his own cock inches from her face. She pulled Jimmy’s cock from her mouth and grabbed his cock, sucking hard on it, tasting her pussy on his cock.Jimmy stretched out under her, and she felt his cock sliding into her pussy, stretching her, plunging in deep. Brian was grabbing her hair and pulling her head down hard on his cock. She moaned, and Brian’s cum filled her mouth while he groaned, shaking all over. Slowly, he slid his cock from her mouth while Jimmy kept hammering her pussy with his huge cock.Brian moved over to where Mike was now fucking Janet as Karen played with Janet’s breasts, caressing her nipples, pinching them. Brian sat in the sand beside the fucking couple and began playing with Karen’s breasts and pussy. Watching them, Jimmy’s hard cock deep inside her, Gail felt herself building toward climax. She was panting, moaning–they all were making so much noise, and for the first time, Gail thought about the musicians, who all this time had been watching the erotic scene around the fire. The thought of those men, strangers, watching them fuck, made Gail come hard, and her clenching pussy brought Jimmy to a noisy climax as well.As she came, she heard Mike coming in Janet, and she glanced their way to see Brian fucking Karen from behind while she was kissing Mike. In a few minutes Brian and Mike were also coming.Afterwards, they were famished. As they ate, the musicians packed up, the men grinning. Gail’s face was hot, and as the men left, one of them caught her eye. He winked, and she blushed.After they ate, still naked, they all walked down to the beach and into the surf. The waves washing over them were warm. Mike was holding her close against him, his chin resting on her shoulder, his arms around her waist. “You are beautiful,” he said. It had been a wonderful birthday.