A story about a married lady and her desires for K9s and a horse

My name is Sara and I live out of town on a small farm.
There is just my husband and I, along with a young
black man who works in the stable areas. I am a little
on the heavy side at 220 pounds but am big boned.
Despite my weight problem, I am very sexual. I have a
very plump pussy which I keep well trimmed. I have a
wide ass and like anal sex every once in a while. I
love sex in any form and masturbate quite a lot.
Usually when my husband is out working.

My husband works on the farm all day and I am alone
most every day except when the stable boy is around. I
have been fucking Jim, our stable boy, for several
years and really love his big black cock. He knows what
I like and he likes to please me. A good fucking is
what I get from him whenever I want it.

We had gotten a big Lab for a watch dog to have around
the farm. Like I said before, I love to masturbate and
it was during one of my sessions that I discovered his
doggie cock. I was laying there playing with my wet
pussy as he came into the room. He must have smelled my
scent because he hopped up onto my bed and put his head
between my thighs.

I was surprised as he started to lick me! I felt his
hot tongue on my wet pussy as I lay back and enjoyed
him. He lapped at my fountain for a few minutes until I
started to cum. I guess the noise I was making
frightened him off me.

From then on, I would call him into the bedroom with me
as I masturbated. He would lick me and make me cum. I
loved to feel his rough tongue on my slit and went wild
as it lapped around my clit. I would hold my lips apart
for him as he licked on me. Then one day I noticed his
big red cock was growing larger as he licked me. He was
pretty big and I knew then that I would have to try
letting him fuck me with that doggie cock.

Sure enough, one day I was hot enough to try it. I
rolled over onto my hands and knees and helped him as
he mounted me from behind. I felt under me and took his
slimy cock as I guided it to my hot pussy. He took a
minute before he thrust it to me, but when he did, he
slammed it home! I had all of that big doggie cock in
me at once, his hips hunching it deeper with each
stroke. It felt so good!

Bear was his name and he made me cum so hard. I felt
that big doggie dick as he pounded my smooth pussy. He
was driving it so deep! I felt the big head as it
touched the entrance to my womb as I came again. He was
fucking me faster and faster as my climax continued.
His cock was bigger than my husbands and I could feel
every inch of it as I came.

I learned to take his knot as he started to like my hot
pussy even more. Sometimes I would be hung up on his
cock, him locking my pussy to his knot for an hour. It
was driving me wild as I loved his big knot in me.

Then I started to fucking him on a regular basis, about
three times a week. I also still had Jim, the stable
boy who satisfied me about three times a week also. Of
course, my husband and I would make love and he would
try to satisfy me, but I did not really get satisfied
with his smaller cock. I needed something big in me.

One day I was at the stables and saw one of our male
horses as his cock got hard. It was huge! It must have
been 2 feet long and as big around as my arm! My pussy
started to throb at the sight of his enormous cock. It
made me want to cum standing right there. I reached my
hand to my pussy and started to rub myself as Jim came
into the stable. He saw me watching the horse as I

He eased up behind me and took his big, black cock out
as he slid my pants down from my hips. I felt his cock
as he shoved it in, my hand still playing with my pussy
as he fucked it to me.

“Would you like some of that horse cock?” he asked as
he pumped that cock to me.

“Yes! Yes! I would love to have that huge cock in me.”
I replied, “Do you think I could take something that

“You could take some of him. I don’t know if you could
get all that meat in you or not.” He answered, “We can
find out real quick if you want to.”

He was pumping that black cock to me as I nodded my

“I would love to try it! Would you help me with him?” I
asked as he slid that big black dick to my aching

He seemed to be fucking me a little extra harder as his
dick pumped so far into me, the big head touching my
sweet spot as I came. Jim had his hands on my hips as
he pounded that black cock to me, filling me with his
hot cum as my pussy quivered inside. I felt his juices
as he flooded me with his cum, some running out around
his cock as it pumped faster to me. I felt his cock
inside me as it started to soften a little.

“You still want that big horse cock?” he asked.

“Yes, I do! Help me with it.” I said as he withdrew
from my wet cunt. “I want that huge cock in me!”

There were several bales of hay laying around as he
started to make a bed for me and piled a couple up on
each side of the others. I knew he was making a fuck
table for me and the horse.

When he had everything as he wanted, Jim motioned for
me to lay down on the bales of hay. I did as he said as
he led the horse into the stall. His big horse cock was
still sticking out as I watched him coming my way. My
eyes were glued to his long cock as he came closer to

“Lay still and I will guide him to you,” he said, “I
have done this before with another horse and I know
what to do.”

I lay there under the horse as Jim had him put his
front legs up onto the bales of hay at my sides. I
watched Jim as he took that cock into his hands, as his
monster cock touched my hot pussy. I saw the huge head
as he guided it to my aching pussy, it feeling so big
as it started to enter me. I felt the head as t slipped
into me, the big horse cock was going in me! I was
being horse fucked!

I felt his long dick as it slide so far up my parted
pussy, as it spread me wider with each inch I took. I
watched it disappear as it sank deeper into me, the
long shaft pushing its way as the horse started to hump
me. The position I was in was sort of uncomfortable but
I was enjoying his he horse cock as he fucked it to me.

“Oh, God! He is so big! His cock is filling my pussy so
full!” I cried out, “Oh, yes! Yes! It is so good!.”

I could feel his long cock as it hit bottom each time
he thrust into me, causing me to gasp for air as it
struck my inner womb. I was full of horse cock! And I
was loving it. My wet pussy was hurting a little from
the huge cock as he slammed it to me, going faster as
with each hunch the horse made.

I started to cum as he plunged into my aching pussy. I
was so full of cock as my climax sent waves of joy
through out my entire body. I had never cum so hard and
so much as I was doing now. I was getting the fucking
of a life time!

“Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! I’m cumming!” I screamed as I
continued to cum, “His cock is so hot in me. Fuck me!
Fuck me you big stud! Fuck my pussy with that big horse

I felt the horse as his cock began to swell deep inside
my stretched pussy. I could feel every inch of that big
cock as I continued to cum. I started to feel his cock
as it throbbed in me, knowing he was ready to shoot me
full of his cum as I tried to fuck back against his
cock. He started to erupt, his big horse cock pumping
me full of good hot horse cum as he filled me full of

His cum was so hot inside my caverns as I felt the heat
from it as he pumped more and more of it to me. He must
have came a gallon of cum as he filled me! I was being
flooded with his hot cum as my climax slowed.

I had been well fucked! My poor little pussy was sore
for two days after that first time. I swore I did not
want to do it again, but I did change my mind. Isn’t
that what a woman is suppose to do?

Jim had made me a special bench as he put it in the
stall. He also made a soft top that went on top of it.
He had put more bales of hay on each side of the fuck
bench. I too, helped a little as I brought a blanket
from the house and a few towels, along with a jar of KY
jelly. I would be ready for him next time.

The next time was about a week after he had fucked me.
Jim, the stable boy had told me to come see what he had
done for me. I went to the stables and met Jim there as
he showed me the new horse fucking bench he had made
just for me.

I lay down on it to see if I liked it or not as Jim
came over to me. I could tell by the bulge in his pants
what he wanted. He wanted to slide that black monster
to me! My pussy was wet as I had been thinking of the
horse fucking me again as I lowered my pants and
exposed my hot pussy to him.

“If you want some of this before I take that horse
cock, you better come on,” I said, “I want you to fuck
me first. I want that black cock! I will not be able to
feel it after that huge horse finishes with me.”

Jim dropped his pants, exposing is huge black cock as I
lay there, my legs spread wide as he got between my
thighs. I took his black cock into my hands as I saw
the difference in the contrasting color of his cock and
my white hands. I pulled on it as I guided him to my
waiting pussy. I wanted him to fuck me first, to give
me a good old fashion fucking before I fucked that
massive horse cock.

Jim took my hips into his hands and brought my legs
over his shoulders as he started to slide that dick to
me. It felt so good! I watched as his black cock slid
past my smooth pussy lips. I could see that black dick
against my white pussy as he slid so deep in me. I
almost came at the sight of his cock in me as I raised
my thighs to meet his thrusts.

If people knew I was fucking a black man they would
disown me, least of all if they knew I was fucking a
horse too! What would my husband say if he saw me with
this black cock buried in me? Would he go crazy to see
the horse fucking me?

All these things did not matter as I took that big
black cock of Jim’s, fucking him back with my cock
hungry pussy as I felt my climax building deep down. He
started to pound me with that dick as I started to cum
all over his fucking dick. He was fucking me so hard as
I came, time after time until I felt his cock began to
throb. I was ready for his hot cum as he shot it to me,
his dick hitting the right spots as I continued to cum.

After we had stopped, my pussy was dripping his cum as
I lay there, me waiting for him to bring the horse in.
I was not to be disappointed as he led the horse into
the love stall we had made.

I was on the bench as he started to play with the
horse’s cock, getting it ready for me once again. This
time the bench was comfortable and I was at the right
angle to take his cock as I watched Jim bringing it to
my wet pussy lips.

I felt it as it plunged into me, his long horse cock
sliding so deep as he slammed it to me. I could feel it
as it pushed its way so far up my tight passages as he
fucked me with that big horse cock.

There I was, laying on a bench specially made for my
pleasure, with a horse cock deep within my stretched
pussy. I was in awe of his cock as he fucked that huge
dick to my tight pussy. I started to cum from just
watching it slide in and out as he pumped that cock to
me. I was loving every inch of it as it fucked me!