Another Mother Sucks

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced middle-class took that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of wife-swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun… but where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When the children set as their own lifestyle what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of two families, in a nameless town, Anywhere, U.S.A. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, to them it is the norm.

And outside their lives go on. Business and its daily conflicts. School and its trials and triumphs. ANOTHER MOTHER SUCKS — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.


Eve stood in front of her bedroom mirror, reflecting on all the things that her beauty had brought her.

She grinned smugly at herself, reaching for a silver-handled comb. As she gently combed her shining blonde hair, her eyes followed the generous curves of her big firm tits. She could see her pointy pink nipples through the sheer pink of her nighty, and she shook her shoulders, watching her tits wiggle heavily.

She drew the comb down slowly. She had landed the rich husband that all her girl-friends had assured her that she would. And after only two months of her new marriage, she had admitted to herself that it was a mistake.

No one had told Eve that rich husbands were usually away on business, or buried in reports until dawn.

She was left for weeks at a time. She took care of the big suburban house and did her best to be a mother to her two new sons. But Eve knew that she was just too damn beautiful to be spending so much time admiring her own big round tits and firm ass.

Eve glanced at the clock, wondering if the boys were home yet. She sighed. No matter how much she tried to act like the mother that they needed, Ray and Chuck continued to do whatever pleased them.

Eve watched her big round tits sway. As she combed her hair, she let her free hand come up and gently hold one of her thrusting tits. She squeezed the firm flesh of her tit and smiled.

Her smiled faded as she realized that big firm tits like hers should have constant attention from stiff-cocked men. And she had none.

She could see her tight pink cunt through her pink panties. She turned one knee to the side, parting her lean thighs. And her starving pussy pushed forward.

She felt a blush heat her high-boned cheeks. She remembered the feel of a hard cock in her mouth and in her juicy pussy. She moved her hand down and fondled her cunt as she thought.

Eve went to her bedroom closet, deciding to put on a robe before she got any hotter. Her pussy was getting wet already, and she was alone again.

She pulled open her closet door and reached in to the row of expensive clothes and pulled them apart.

She saw the pink robe and she saw Chuck standing behind the clothes.

Eve drew a breath to scold her youngest stepson, then she gasped. Chuck moved forward and Eve watched as his naked cock thrust up.

For a moment she just stared, frozen in shock. Her eyes locked on Chuck’s thick cock. It was arched up to point the bloated red cock head straight at her. Eve could see the bulging cock head pulse.

“Hi, Mom,” he said. He moved his hips, making his prick bob up and down. “I got home early so I thought I’d come up here and show you my cock.”

“This isn’t — I don’t want to — young man! I ought to…”

She stopped when she bumped into something. Something tall and strong and chuckling deep in his chest. Eve gasped when her wrists were taken in two iron grips. She heard Ray laugh behind her.

“What’s the matter, Mom?” Eve felt him pull her arms apart. His huge cock pressed against her silken panties. “It’s time your boys introduced you to your real motherly duties, that’s all.”

She struggled, but Ray tightened his grips on her wrists until she winced. Eve could hear his breath hissing into her ear as his cock pressed harder against her ass. She could feel the thick corded underside of his prick. It was pulsing and stiff just like his brother’s.

“Yeah,” Chuck said, taking hold of his cock with one hand. “You’ve gone long enough without our hard pricks?”

He pumped his hand up and clown on his prick. Eve watched his heavy balls swing.

“You wouldn’t dare.” But then Chuck stepped up and reached out with his other hand.

She tried to turn away. Chuck’s hand was on one of her tits before she could move he squeezed her tit, still jerking his other hand up and down on his long cock.

Her big pillowy tit was pushed up to her chin, and Chuck kneaded his fingers into the firm flesh. She gasped again, trying to tell herself that this couldn’t possibly be happening.

Ray’s thick cock pushed until the silk of his stepmother’s panties wedged deep between her ass-cheeks. Eve continued to struggle. Every movement rubbed her firm round ass-cheeks against Ray’s cock.

“No, please!” she said. She tried to look away. She twisted in Ray’s grip as if she were struggling against iron manacles. She couldn’t move her arms an inch.

When she felt Chuck’s hand close and grip a handful of her nighty, she held her breath.

He ripped the sheer cloth away in one quick motion of his arm. Eve saw Chuck’s eyes widen as her tits bounced, and she felt her nipples stiffen as he watched them.

Her younger stepson stroked his cock faster. His other hand moved all over Eve’s naked tits. He tested their incredible weight and firmness. His fingertips sank into her tits to the first knuckle. Eve sighed, going limp in Ray’s grips on her wrists.

Eve’s nipples were burning. They stood up like the tiny heads of two cocks, pointing to the ceiling. Chuck squeezed and moved her tits, Eve watched him rub his long arched cock.

“See this cock?” he asked. “I’m gonna shove it all the way up Mommy’s pussy.”

She turned her head away and struggled against Ray. The older boy held her tighter and pushed his huge cock against Eve’s ass. He held her arms farther apart, and he panted in her ear as his brother played with her tits.

“You’re gonna love it. Two stiff pricks whenever Daddy is away.” Ray moved his thick cock up and down along the crack of her ass. “Stretching your cunt and your pretty mouth.”

“No!” Eve put all her strength into her arms. She squinted her eyes shut and grunted with effort. But she couldn’t move her arms. She cried out in frustration, shaking her body.

Her ass wiggled on Ray’s cock. He groaned in her ear and pushed his cock up and down faster. She sputtered a protest, but her ass kept wiggling.

Chuck’s hand held her tit firmly. Then his other hand grasped her panties at the waist. She looked down in time to see her panties come off.

She crossed her knees and blushed, feeling Chuck’s fingers tickle the fuzzy mouth of her pussy. Ray’s cock pressed warmly into the tight crease between her ass-checks.

“No. No,” she said in a low monotone, shaking her head from side to side. But her ass pushed and rocked, moving against the stiff meat of Ray’s cock.

Chuck used his hands to explore his stepmother’s pussy for the first time. Eve glanced down and saw his stiff prick, standing free. She swallowed, watching his cock. It looked even bigger than before.

Eve was suddenly pushed down to her knees. The boys worked together to force her down to a kneeling position. She struggled, but she knew her body was tingling. She was ready to fuck and suck her boys’ cocks.

“Open your mouth, Mother dear,” Chuck said in a sarcastic tone. He stepped forward, and his long cock arched up at the level of Eve’s wide blue eyes. She clamped her jaws shut.

Chuck took hold of his cock and leaned forward. He wiped the warm hard meat of his prick across her cheek.

Eve turned her head, but her heart was racing. She could feel her cunt screaming to be fucked. She licked her lips, losing her resolve for a moment.

Eve’s full lips parted in a tortured sigh. When Chuck wiped his cock head across her face again, she brushed her lips against it.

But then she turned away again. She couldn’t believe that this was happening. She was hungry for her stepsons’ big stiff pricks. But she couldn’t bring herself to act like it. Not without a fight, she told herself.

“Open your mouth,” he repeated. “You’re gonna suck my cock!”

Eve gasped as her arms were yanked behind her. Ray pinned her forearms to his sides. Then his hands came around her shoulders and gripped her head.

Ray pinched his thumb and finger into her jaw. Eve cried out in pain. Her mouth opened. She watched as Chuck’s cock came closer and closer.

“Lick it!” Ray barked in her ear. “Show me how you lick cocks, Mother.”

Her head was thrust forward and her jaw was forced open painfully. She stared at Chuck’s stiff cock. The bloated red cock head was so close to her lips that, she could almost feel the heat of it.

Eve’s tongue came out a little. Ray jerked her head roughly.

“Lick that cock!” he commanded.

Chuck leaned forward, grinning down at her. She stuck her tongue out and Chuck quickly pushed his prick against it.

Eve’s breath caught, but she licked up down on the blunt tip of her stepson’s cock. “Come on,” Ray said. “You can do better than that.”

Ray’s hands moved her head, and she was forced to wipe her tongue over more of Chuck’s prick.

“Yeah, come on.” Chuck grabbed his cock and shove his cockhead back and forth across her lips and tongue and checks. “Lick my cock like the hot slut Mommy really is.”

Eve grunted and tried to turn away, but Chuck’s dirty words were making her pussy wetter. Her tongue came out and swiped over his cock. She looked up at him and let her tongue out farther.

“That’s right,” Ray said. “Lick it good.” He loosened his grip on her head. Eve used the added freedom to move around and lick the sides of Chuck’s prick.

“Mom loves to eat cock,” Chuck said to his brother. “Look at her go.”

The boys laughed. Eve felt a flush burn her face and her neck. She knew that Chuck was right. His stiff prick was delicious.

“Well, be a good son. Shove it in her mouth.” Ray jerked Eve’s head and said to her, “Suck it! Suck that cock good!”

Eve barely had time to get ready before Chuck’s cockhead was driving into her mouth. She gasped. His cockhead scraped her teeth. Her tongue was pressed against the bottom of her mouth, and she closed her lips around the flaring ridge of Chuck’s cockhead.

Eve looked up at him, her lips stretched around the throbbing shaft of his prick. And her eyes told him to feed her more of his wonderful cock.

“Suck it. You’re a hot cock-hungry bitch.” Ray pushed her head forward. Eve had to take more cock. “Show your boys what a good cocksucker their pretty mother is.”

Eve stared up at Chuck and moved her mouth farther. Her lips slipped down the long arched shaft of his cock. His eyes rolled back and he moaned.

“That’s it. You love it.” He gave her little pushes, coaxing her mouth to swallow more cock. “You love to feel that stiff prick in your mouth, don’t you, Mom?”

Then Ray pulled her back. Eve moaned in spite of herself. The feel of all that stiff prick sliding out of her sucking mouth felt so good.

She clamped her lips around the rim of Chuck’s cockhead. Her head pulled forward in Ray’s grip. Then the boys moved together, making their stepmother swallow inch after inch of cock again.

Soon Chuck’s prick was sliding in and out of her mouth at a steady pace. Eve sucked her cheeks around it, making sounds every time her mouth was pushed forward.

“That’s it,” Ray said in her ear. “Get it nice and wet. Suck that slimy cock, you hot bitch.”

Eve gasped out an excited sound and sucked harder. She realized that she was a cock-hungry bitch. And she was going to get all the cock she could handle right now. She let her mouth move faster.

Chuck was panting and his face was red. He stared down at her, moving his hips. Eve looked into his eyes, and sucked more throbbing cock than ever into her mouth.

The boys cheered as they watched her mouth jerk back and forth. Ray released her head and returned to his original hold, grabbing her by the wrists.

But this time Eve’s arms were pulled back farther. Ray guided her hands until her fingers touched the hot meat of his huge cock.

Ray closed her fingers around his thick cock shaft and flexed his huge prick. Eve could feel it swell and stiffen.

Chuck bent his knees and thrust his cock straight into Eve’s willing mouth. He used his hands to hold her head still as he started to fuck his cock in and out of her mouth in long quick thrusts.

Eve gripped Ray’s vein-patterned cock shaft tightly. She moved her hands up and down, feeling the incredible length of her oldest boy’s cock. As Chuck moved his prick in and out of her mouth, she stroked and squeezed Ray’s thick cock. And her pussy sparked, starving for a fuck.

Eve groaned. She slipped her hands up and down Ray’s huge cock faster and flicked her tongue back and forth under Chuck’s cock.

“See?” Ray said, panting in her ear. “You love that big thick prick in your hands, don’t you?”

Eve squeezed his cock in reply. Then she let go with one hand and pulled Ray’s prick to one side. She got a better grip, and rubbed it eagerly.

Chuck was moaning with every breath. His hands gripped Eve’s head tighter, and he was jerking her head back and forth in rough motions. Eve sucked harder, and her mouth made wet sucking noises.

Eve’s pussy was dripping wet. She could feel her cock-hungry cunt clenching and gripping. The warm wetness of her cunt was flowing in sticky waves, and she was starting to move her ass, feeling the tight lips of her pussy tingle and burn.

She pumped her hand up and down Ray’s huge prick faster. She could hear him gasp and groan as her hand squeezed and stroked. Eve’s hand could hardly reach halfway around the pulsing shaft of his cock, and she wondered what her oldest boy’s cock looked like. She pulled harder, hoping that he would follow and come around in front of her.

Chuck was fucking her mouth harder. He was gusting his breath out in short bursts that matched the speed of his cock. She was careful not to scrape her teeth on his cock as he drove it deeper.

Then Eve realized that Ray had let go of her and his cock was moving away. Eve tried to hold onto it, but she didn’t have enough of a grip. Her eyes widened as Ray’s cock came into view, it was even bigger than she had thought.

The thick prick jutted straight out. Eve sighed in awe, and she reached up and took hold of Ray’s cock.

She put her other hand on Chuck’s wet prick. Then squeezed them both, moaning onto Chuck’s cock. Her hands started moving.

“Okay, Mom,” Ray said. “Let’s see how you suck two cocks at once.”


Eve knelt naked at her two grinning stepsons’ feet. She used her hands to stroke their stiff cocks. She kept her lips tightly clamped around Chuck’s long slippery prick, and he fucked her mouth in long strokes.

She could scarcely believe this was happening. She looked from Chuck’s face to Ray’s. They were both watching her, their eyes lit with lust. Her cunt tingled, and she sucked Chuck’s prick harder.

Her actions were now voluntary. Ray no longer held her in his steel grip. She was rubbing and sucking cock, and nobody was making her do it. The thought made her stop.

Chuck pulled his prick out of her mouth. He gave his older brother a look.

Eve stared up, licking her reddened lips. She used the back of her hand to wipe spit off her chin.

“Don’t make me do this!” she begged. “Please!”

Eve ignored the tingling in her tight wet pussy. She knelt silently, looking up at her stepsons.

“Maybe Mommy needs a spanking,” Ray said. “Maybe I ought to spank her hot ass until she begs for cock.”

Eve had one glance of his throbbing prick before Ray reached down and took her by the shoulders. Before she could gasp in surprise, he had bent her aver and held her down by the back of the neck.

Eve felt the first stinging slap of his hand on her bare ass. She yelped. Ray slapped her ass again. She yelped louder.

“Tell us what you want, Momma bitch!” Chuck yelled over her screams.

When Eve didn’t answer, he spanked her high round ass again. And again.

“Please!” she gasped. She tried to move away, but she only, burned her knees on the bedroom carpet.

“Please what?” Ray barked, bringing his broad hand down flat on her squirming ass again. Eve hissed in pain. That one really hurt.

“Okay! Okay!” she yelled. She was answered with another hard slap. “Please — fuck me!”

“I can’t hear you, Mommy,” Ray said, spanking her pale heart-shaped ass again. He grunted with effort as his strong arm came down.

“Ouch!” she cried, but Ray spanked her again. She gritted her teeth. She knew what her nasty boys wanted to hear. She told herself that she had no choice. “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Eve’s firm ass was hot and tingling. Ray’s hand touched her smooth ass again, but the wide fingers merely brushed against her stinging buns. Eve lumped, gasping. She moaned in spite of herself. Ray tickled her ass some more.

Eve rocked her ass up and down. She knew her boys could see her bare cunt, and she arched her back, pushing her pussy out for their eyes. She was dying for a fuck, and she knew it. “Please don’t hurt me.” She rocked her ass faster, hoping the boys liked the way her cunt moved. “I’ll do anything you say.”

She heard Chuck laugh. Then she felt his cockhead touch her ass. The hot cockhead felt so good on her stinging ass.

“Yes, fuck Mommy.” She flushed, amazed at her words. “Fuck Mommy’s tight cunt like a good boy.”

Chuck laughed again. His stiff prick was still wet from her mouth, and he wiped his slippery cockhead up and down in the exposed crack of her cunt.

Eve moaned louder, moving her ass against his cockhead. She wiggled back and forth, trying to rub the tight mouth of her cunt with his spongy cockhead.

But Chuck only teased his cock over the burning lips of her pussy. Eve moaned again, in desperation. Her cunt needed a cock.

“Oh, Chucky,” she cooed, “fill Mommy’s pussy with your big stiff cock.”

She stopped moving her ass and held her breath. She focused all her attention on the delicate tracing of Chuck’s stiff cockhead over the wet mouth of her cunt. She gasped her breath out exasperatedly. This was maddening.

“First you spank my ass, then you tease my poor pussy.” She leaned back, feeling Chuck’s prick push stiffly between the lips of her cunt.

“Oh, Chuck, baby, fuck Mommy now.”

He laughed and pushed his cock forward enough to push her cunt open. She moved her ass in little circles, gasping short high-pitched cries. Every movement stretched her pussy around Chuck’s hard cock.

Eve moaned pleadingly. She wiggled her ass faster, stirring his prick deeper into her starving cunt. She let her head hang down, and concentrated on the wonderful feelings of Chuck’s stiff prick.

She noticed Ray out of the corner of her eye. She saw his feet in front of her and she raised up on her arms. She craned her neck to look up.

Ray was watching Chuck slowly stir his prick into her pussy. And his own thick cock was jutting out straight before her eyes. She stared at Ray’s huge prick while she coned Chuck into her pussy with her ass-wigglings and her pleading moans.

She swallowed hard. Ray’s cock was the biggest and thickest she had ever seen. The veins that snaked over his gnarled cockshaft were thick and pulsing. The big round cockhead looked like an overblown purple balloon. The shiny skin looked like it was stretched so tight that it was ready to pop.

His hairy balls were like one huge bulge trapped in his sack of wrinkled skin. Eve thought those huge cum-filled balls must aching. Aching to gush cum. While Chuck’s cock wedged deeper into her wiggling cunt, she opened her mouth and licked her tongue out, staring up at Ray.

Ray moved down. He got to his knees in front of his stepmother and let her lick his huge cock. He grinned down, nodding his head.

“That’s good. Two hard cocks for Mother.” Then he took hold of his prick with one hand and moved it around her outthrust tongue.

Chuck leaned forward and Eve moaned. Chuck’s cockhead was pushing deeper and deeper into her pussy. Eve moaned again, and her mouth opened wide. She stared up at Ray as she swallowed his bloated cockhead in one smooth motion.

Ray’s cockhead filled her mouth completely. Her jaws had to stay wide open to accommodate his wide round cockhead. Her tongue was mashed flat to the bottom of her mouth, and Ray’s spongy cockhead was so big that it bulged her cheeks out.

Eve closed her eyes and sucked her mouth tight to Ray’s delicious prickhead. She clamped her lips tightly around the rim, holding his cockhead in her mouth possessively.

Chuck’s prick slipped farther up her cunt, and Eve moaned on Ray’s cockhead. She moved back, trying to get more of his long arching cock to slide up her cunt. Her mouth held Ray’s cock tightly.

The boys exchanged comments that Eve didn’t hear. She was much too busy feeling two strong young cocks. She stared up at Ray, and swallowed the pulsing cockhead deeper into her mouth.

Both boys pushed, and Eve was filled with more cock at both ends. She squealed with delight, and wiggled from the middle of her spine to move her ass and her head in the same jerky rhythm. She could hear Chuck moan behind her, and she pushed back, taking more cock in her cunt.

Then she pulled forward, and Ray’s huge prick slipped down her throat. Eve had to concentrate on keeping her throat relaxed and open. Ray had enough cock to choke her to death.

She wiggled until her knees burned on the carpet. She moved her head up and down farther on Ray’s iron-hard cock, and her pussy rocked faster on Chuck’s long smooth prick.

“Go, Mommy,” Ray said. “Suck my big cock! Suck it faster!”

Eve obeyed, remembering her spanking as moved her mouth up and down on Ray’s cock as fast as she could. Her lips clamped so tight to his thick cock shaft that every stroke pulled and pushed the skin against the corded meat of his prick. But she couldn’t slide her lips up and down. His cock was just too big.

Chuck picked up the pace, and his cock moved in and out of her tight wet pussy in the same snapping rhythm. Eve rocked between her boys, and her mouth and cunt whipped up and down even faster.

Chuck was moaning. Eve felt him grab her ass from either side. He helped her fuck. His hands guided her ass up and down, and Eve used it to her advantage, speeding up her fucking.

She also speeded up her cock sucking. Ray’s enormous cock was sliding in and out of her mouth so fast that she could hear the wet sucking sounds she made. She moaned, and the sound vibrated Ray’s cock.

“She’s going good now,” Ray said to his brother. “Give her more cock, Chuck.”

Eve let out a muffled cry when Chuck pushed his cock inch after inch into her willing pussy. She clamped her mouth down on Ray’s cock and braced herself. Chuck’s smooth prick went farther and farther until Eve couldn’t help but to shake and wiggle her ass, loving every stirring movement of his cock.

Ray started to stroke his prick while Eve sucked it. She watched his big hairy balls swing to the rhythm. And she sucked at the same tempo, moving her body to slide her mouth and cunt wetly on the boys’ wonderful pricks.

Chuck moved his ass faster. His cock seemed to swell in her cunt, and he fucked his stepmother at a quick grinding pace that made her breath gust out with every thrust.

Ray pumped his hand on his big prick faster, using her mouth to trap his bulging cockhead. Eve moaned and gasped as she sucked. Chuck was fucking like a champ, and his long prick was making her pussy spark and hum.

“Go, Mommy? Fuck! Fuck!” Chuck barked. He cried out every time his cock rammed far up her pussy. He gripped Eve’s ass-checks until they hurt and fucked her so fast that she couldn’t keep up.

Eve’s cunt was flooding with hot juice. Her mouth drooled warm spit that ran down her chin and her neck. Her flopping tits slapped forward into her arms and then loudly against her chest. Her mouth flew up and down on Ray’s cock so fast that spit sputtered from her tightly clamped lips.

Her young boys had all the stiff cock, she could ever need, she realized in a daze of pleasure. Her pussy sparked, and she shivered, chewing down on Ray’s cock. Her teeth scraped and dug the skin of his cock.

Ray raked his stiff prick back and forth, reaching down to hold Eve’s head. She opened her aching jaws wider, and he pushed his cock deeper than ever into her throat.

“Damn!” Ray said. “Our new mother can really suck cock!”

“And she’s got — ah! Got a tight — oh! Tight cunt! Good fucking. Good!”

Eve continued to rock, fucking her mouth and cunt on her boys’ big pricks. Sweat shone on her body. Her jaws and her back ached, but she refused to even slow down. This was the best she’d ever had. Two stiff young cocks, and two boys who knew how to use them.

Chuck was crying out, his cock fucking at high-speed. He started to push harder and harder with his incessant thrusting. The force pushed Eve’s mouth far up Ray’s huge prick. She balanced her weight on her hands and knees, and moved between the boys happily.

Eve’s pussy clamped, and she shivered again. She felt the first flood of her sweet sticky girl cum ooze from her guts and warm Chuck’s cock. She could feel and hear her cunt-juice bubble and drool from her tightly gripping pussy.

A sudden charge lit up her spine, and Eve froze for an instant. She gasped, poised between her sons’ cocks, and another charge exploded from her cunt. She started to shake and wiggle, her ass flexing against Chuck’s strong grip.

“Yeah!” Chuck encouraged. “Fuck! Mommy’s cunt — ah! She’s squirting hot cum!”

He fucked her extra hard, and Eve’s cunt exploded again.

She involuntarily chewed down on Ray’s cock. She let out a long shuddering cry. The sound was muffled by Ray’s cock, but both boys heard her and cheered.

“Go, Mommy,” Chuck said. “Cum! Cum for your boys!”

Eve felt her pussy clamp down and her whole body rocked back into Chuck’s long arched prick. She took every hard smooth inch and held it, her cunt firing off a blast of hot energy.

She pushed and pushed, until she could feel Chuck’s balls pressing into her ass. And she came again, her mouth sucking down on Ray’s prick.

“Look at her go!” Ray said. Eve raised her head up, pulling against Ray’s hands. His purple cockhead slurped out of her mouth. She gasped a lungful of air and then screamed, shaking like a leaf on Chuck’s steel-hard prick. Ray wiped his wet cockhead all over her gasping face. Eve licked it and turned her head to rub her cheeks over it. She came again, moaning out loud. She wiggled out of control, her pussy bucking and twisting.

She bit Ray’s big slippery cockhead. She twisted her ass until it seemed that Chuck’s prick would tear out from the roots. And she came again.

The boys cheered and whistled, impressed by their stepmother’s writhing. Eve heard them as if from the other end of a long tunnel. She seemed to shrink down into herself until her whole being was a juicy spasming cunt.

She made hungry animal sounds. She shook, Chuck’s whole long cock buried deep in her pussy. She nibbled more of Ray’s shiny purple cockhead.

When Chuck pulled out of her cunt, she gasped. She pushed her face against Ray’s wet cock and smothered it with kisses and bites and long licks.

Chuck joined his brother in front of her sweaty panting face. She dazedly saw two huge stiff cocks before her eyes.

Eve opened her mouth wider, moaning with another pussy-shock. She stuck her tongue out and licked both cocks.

The boys moved closer together. Eve reached up, getting to a kneeling position. She pulled Ray to his feet by the cock. Then she pulled their pricks into her mouth from either side.

She used her hands to pump both of them fast and hard. Chuck moaned, and his knees buckled for a moment. Ray caught him, laughing, and then used his other hand to guide Eve’s head back and forth between their pricks.

“Now Mommy’s ready to suck two cocks,” Ray said. He pushed his huge cockhead against Eve’s open lips. She felt Chuck’s cock push forward too. She kept her mouth open wide and let her boys feed her their cocks.

Eve pushed their cocks together and tried to get them both in her mouth at the same time. She pushed forward, forcing her lips to stretch over two bulging cockheads, but it was no use.

So Eve took turns. First, she sucked Chuck’s cunt-slippery prick. Then she stretched her mouth around Ray’s huge cock and sucked it for a few long strokes. And then Chuck’s again.

She kept her hands working. She watched the boys’ faces. Chuck’s face was red and swelling, and his eyes were following every move her mouth made. Ray was grinning down at her, his face tightening every time it was his turn to get his cock sucked.

Eve felt a long drool of juice dribble from her well-fucked pussy. She shivered, moaning as she sucked and licked.

Chuck was moving his hips. He almost bumped Ray out of the way. His eyes clamped shut and he put his hand over this stepmother’s on his cock. He made her squeeze it harder. Eve sucked Chuck’s cock faster and deeper.

As he pumped her hand on his cock, Eve felt the first hot blast of cum. She twisted her head sideways, and Chuck’s prick came out of her mouth. Eve focused her eyes on Chuck’s cum hole and the next thick stream hit her in the face.

He let out a long loud groan, and his cock gushed forth more of the delicious stuff. Eve felt the hot sticky cum splash on her face. She squealed happily, licking his cum off her cheeks.

She took the next powerful bullet of his cum square in the mouth. She made a satisfied sound and gobbled it all down. She sucked for more, and Chuck moaned again, his cock filling her mouth.

Eve swallowed every drop. She squeezed and sucked, and a last stream leaked into her mouth.

Chuck moaned more softly and moved away, wincing as his stepmother let his cock out of her mouth. He took a step and fell on her bed.

Eve wiped his cum from her lips and reached up to take Ray’s huge cock in both hands. She didn’t waste a second. Her hands moved together, pumping up and down his cock.

She stuffed his cockhead into her mouth and followed her hands with long exaggerated strokes up and down his thick juicy prick.

Ray braced his legs and arched his back. He put his hands on his hips and watched Eve suck his cock as if her life depended on it. She moved her head so fast that her long blonde hair whipped her sweat-slick back.

“Oh, yeah, Mom the hot cock sucker.” Ray moved his cock back and forth in a brisk counter-rhythm, forcing her to swallow more of his cock.

She squeezed hard with both hands, pumping in short fast strokes that jerked his whole cock into her sucking mouth.

Her body rocked with the effort. Her heavy tits smacked loudly on her heaving chest as she sucked and stroked Ray’s prick. She felt sweat sting her eyes. Her jaws ached, but she was determined to suck her boy’s cock dry.

Chuck shouted words of encouragement from the bed. Eve worked even harder to wring the cum from Ray’s iron-hard prick. She twisted her hands as she stoked his cock, and she turned her head, grinding the head of his cock into her cheeks.

Her cheeks stretched like rubber around Ray’s huge cock. She powered her head back and forth faster, ignoring the pain in her back and jaws.

Ray was panting, his body tense. He leaned back farther, arching his thick cock forward for his willing stepmother to suck. He started grunting with every breath.

He let out a tortured sound. His body flexed, and Eve felt his cock swell in her mouth.

He came with a growl. His cock pushed forward, and Eve almost choked. She swallowed as fast as she could, but his cock gushed thick creamy cum so fast that she couldn’t get it all down her throat.

She gulped huge swallows, but his cock spewed more and more. The cum filled her mouth and squirted from her sucking lips.

Eve groaned, amazed that so much cum could gush from one huge prick. She gave Ray a glazed stare, still sucking and drinking his cum.

He was holding his breath, his stomach flexed into tight bands of muscle. His neck was corded and his arms were up behind his head. And his cock was still streaming gobs of thick tasty cum.

Eve moaned as she drank it. She could feel all the warm cum in her tummy. She sucked for more, and was rewarded with another slow mouthful. She felt a long drop of his cum string down from her chin and land on her nipple. She closed her eyes and sucked gently, coaxing the last drop of cum from his cock.

Eve felt a tingle in her satisfied pussy. Her mouth felt numb and hot. She looked up at Ray and licked his cock as she sucked.

His body shivered, and he moaned again. Then he pulled away, yanking his prick roughly out of Eve’s mouth.

“Nice,” Chuck said from the bed. His long cock lay limply over one thigh.

“Let’s let Mom get some sleep,” Ray said to his brother. “She’s got a busy day ahead tomorrow.”

Eve looked from one boy to the other, seeing their smiles. Then she realized that tomorrow was Saturday. They would both be home from school all day.


Eve slept like a rock. When she awoke, morning light was streaming through her bedroom windows. She rolled over and smiled with the memories of her night with her boys.

Her cunt was still a little sore from Chuck’s cock, and her jaw was very sore. But she thanked her lucky stars for her new sons and their stiff cocks.

She got out of her wrinkled bed and stretched. Her naked body felt good. She was relaxed from her wonderful fuck. She yawned, wondering what the boys were up to. She listened, but heard nothing to tell her that they were up yet.

Eve put a robe on and went to the door. She peered into the hall. No sign of them. She grinned to herself. She had a feeling there was a surprise in store.

She went down the stairs, through the foyer, and into the kitchen. She knew she could usually find her boys here, snacking on Saturday morning.

Still no sign of them. She scowled. She wondered if they had gone out.

Then she looked out the kitchen window to the backyard.

There they were Chuck was just coming out of the bathhouse and Ray was standing at the edge of the pool. Ray had the skimmer in his hands, and was cleaning the surface of the pool.

Eve watched them for a moment. The feelings in her cunt were almost instantaneous. She sighed, pushing a hand down between her legs. She was already starving for more of her boys’ big stiff cocks.

She stood at the window. She could see their lips were moving, but she couldn’t hear a word they were saying. She craned closer to the screen.

“She’ll do it, all right,” Ray said.

She watched the boys and moved one hand down and tickled her cunt through her robe. The tight pink lips were already wet and puffy. She sighed again. The boys shouldn’t wonder about what she would or wouldn’t do, she decided. She knew at that moment that she would do anything for more of their big stiff pricks.

Ray was in his black swim trunks, and Eve let her eyes roam over his muscular body. She stared when she came to his crotch. The stretchy black trunks were so taut around the lump of his cock that she could see pink flesh through the fabric. Her cunt tingled, and she licked her lips.

Chuck was turned with his back to the house. Eve couldn’t see what he was doing. She let out an impatient sigh.

She went around the kitchen counter to the sliding glass doors and opened one of them, waving when the boys looked up.

“Well, well,” Ray said, grinning wickedly. “Mother is awake.”

“Morning, Mommy dear,” Chuck said. He stood. Eve looked down and noticed that his cock was already growing in his cut-offs. She blushed, looking around.

The high wooden fence that encircled the backyard effectively shut out the pool from either neighbors’ view. She wondered if there was anyone nearby as she slowly untied her robe. She walked out into the backyard, feeling her face warm as she opened the robe.

Chuck whistled. Ray gave a low moan of approval. He pulled the skimmer from the water and leaned on the long silver pole.

Even looked around again and then let the robe drop from her shoulders. She was shocked at her impulse, but she walked out to the pool naked and sat down on one of the folding lawn chairs near the sparkling water.

“Mother should give her big strong boys a good healthy breakfast,” she said. She leaned back in the lounge and spread her lean thighs.

“Looks delicious, Mom,” Ray said, raising his eyebrows.

Eve giggled like a schoolgirl and opened her legs wider. She drew her knees up and looked down at her spread pussy. Slit used both hands to press down on either side of her cunt and gently pry the tight pink lips open.

“Chuck,” she called. “Breakfast.”

It was the same tone that she had used to call him to the table for two months. Eve grinning at the irony of it. Today’s breakfast was her own juicy pussy.

Ray got to her first. He bent down and speared his tongue into her cunt all at once. Eve gasped, and her hands went to his head. She pushed his head down, then squealed when his tongue started wiggling in her tight cunt.

Chuck came up to her and filled his hands with his new mother’s big soft tits. While his brother licked her pussy, he bent his head down and sucked one of her stiffening nipples into his mouth.

Ray’s tongue did amazing things in her cunt. She repeatedly jerked and gasped when he tickled her clit or sank his tongue into her tight pussy. He used his hands in the same way that she had, holding her cunt wide so he could lick the deeper pink inside.

Chuck sucked her nipple until it stiffened in his mouth. His hands played with both tits, kneading and squeezing them. Eve arched her back, presenting her big tits for her boy. And her wide-spread cunt arched up too, making it easier for Ray to sink his tongue into it.

Eve’s breath quickened. She wasn’t used to this. The boys were enthusiastic in their sucking and licking. She could hear the wet noises of her cunt, and Chuck moaned.

“Oh! Momma’s good boys.” She rocked her spine, moving her pussy. Ray followed her, flicking his tongue into her cunt from different angles.

“Oh!” she said louder. The combination of two mouths was getting to her fast. She writhed on the lounge-chair, panting as quietly as she could.

Chuck used his hands to push her tits together. When her stiff pink nipples touched, he leaned over and sucked them both into his mouth.

“Oh, Chuck,” she whispered. “Suck my tits. Harder.”

He obliged his new mother. His lips trapped her nipples and he sucked until air squeaked from his mouth. Her nipples moved in and out of his mouth with the suction, and she moaned out loud.

Ray’s tongue never slowed down. He licked and sucked like a hungry animal. She could feel his slippery checks rub against her cunt as he turned his head. Whenever his lips wiped over the puffy mouth of her pussy, his tongue flicked.

Then he would spread her cunt with his hands and drive his tongue deep. Eve couldn’t stop herself from crying out. It felt so good.

She started to move her ass. She was groaning with every short quick breath. These boys weren’t kidding around, she told herself. They were going to make her cum. Soon.

Eve moaned louder, hoping that nobody could hear her. She rocked her ass on the chaise lounge faster. She reached down to press Chuck’s sucking mouth against her pillowy tits.

Chuck smothered himself in her tits. He sucked and licked and turned his head. She gasped when he sucked her nipples deep into his mouth and held them there. She stroked his straight brown hair as he sucked harder.

Ray moaned, and Eve shuddered. The sound reverberated through the tender flesh of her cunt. She could feel warm cunt-juice flowing out from deep in her guts. And Ray sucked it up and drank it.

Eve found the wooden arms of the chair and gripped them. She was rocking her ass faster, and she used her arms to speed her cunt up and down in longer strokes against her new son’s sticky face.

Her moans rose in pitch. Her ass launched into a wild spasm, and she came against her older boy’s mouth.

Chuck jerked his head back and forth, stretching and pulling in her tits. She could feel her wiggling nipples deep in his sucking mouth. She pushed her cunt up and held it there, and her body started to shake.

“Yes! Oh, God! Oh! Oh!” she said, again and again. She rocked her ass faster than ever, creaking the metal frame of the chair.

Ray moved his hands to grip her ass, holding her steady. His tongue went wild, and a high voltage charge flashed from Eve’s quivering pussy up into her brain. She gasped a lungful of air and attempted to hold it.

She shivered as if she had a cattle-prod up her cunt. Her mouth stretched open and her breath squeaked out a little at a time. She pushed her tits up into Chuck’s sucking mouth, then came.

Her ass bucked on the chair. Ray had to grip her ass tighter to hold on. She whimpered and squealed, but kept from screaming somehow.

She writhed on the chair until the nylon webbing cut into her naked back. Her lungs rasped as she panted for air. She knew that if she let her vocal chords start to vibrate the whole block would hear her cumming.

Ray buried his thick tongue deep in her spasming pussy. He moved his head in circles that stirred Eve’s pussy until she came again.

She flexed her body, throwing her legs out straight. She gripped the arms of the chair as she shook wildly. Ray had to hold her to keep from writhing off the chair.

Chuck was still sucking her tits. His head was half-buried between her big melon-shaped tits, and Eve wondered how the boy could breathe. She couldn’t stop thrashing, and Chuck’s mouth followed her.

She came again, letting out a high-pitched wavering moan. Ray held her thrashing body and twirled his tongue until the cunt-juice bubbled out and ran down her wide-spread thighs.

She tried to tell the boys to stop, but she couldn’t keep air in her lungs to speak. She was panting so hard that all she could manage were shallow cries of helplessness.

She came again, and Eve thought that the top of her head had blown off. She gripped the arms of the chair until her knuckles went white. Her teeth clenched and her breath hissed.

The boys were still going strong. Chuck’s slippery face was smothered in her reddened tits, and Ray’s mouth tirelessly sucked her gushing cunt.

She started beating the back of Chuck’s head. She was cumming so strongly that she wasn’t sure exactly what she was doing. She twisted and writhed as if she were being tortured. But the boys refused to stop.

She tried to close her thighs, but Ray’s gorgeous muscular body held them apart. She tried to roll over, but that didn’t work either.

“No!” she gasped. “No more! Please!”

She sucked her breath in, suddenly realizing that she was making too much noise. She used all her strength to push Chuck’s head off her tits, and she kicked and thrashed until Ray finally took his tongue out of her sopping cunt.

She lay on the chaise, panting for breath. Her cunt sparked again, and she jerked, her head snapping back. She moaned. Her eyes focused. She realized where she was and blushed. She let her eyes follow the perimeter of the fence. She half expected to see a neighbor watching over the top of it. But there was no one there.

Eve sighed, relaxing. She let her legs hang over the sides of the chair. She wiped strands of her hair out of her eyes. She took a deep breath. As she let it out, she glanced to the side.

Chuck’s long arching cock was stiffening in the bright sunlight. Eve had to stare. It got bigger and bigger, the longer she watched.

Ray’s movement caught her eye. When she looked down at him, Ray straightened to his feet. He hooked his fingers into the waist of his trunks. Eve’s heart raced as he pulled them down.

Ray’s thick cock stuck straight out the second that it was free of the confining trunks. Eve licked her lips. With these two willing young pricks, she didn’t give a damn if her husband ever came home from his business trip.

She eyed the stiffening cocks. She moaned in appreciation when she saw how much Chuck’s prick had grown. The swelling cockhead was rising upward, bobbing in time to the boy’s racing heartbeat.

Eve took another look around the yard. She swallowed hard. She didn’t think this was a good idea. Her body tingled in a new way when she realized that someone might see her out there.

She covered her well-eaten cunt with her hands. Her arms pushed her huge tits together, and they bulged. The nipples were stiff and warm in the bright sunlight.

“Let’s go in the house,” Eve suggested. She looked at her sons’ faces and then at their stiffening pricks. She sighed. “I’m just too damn nervous.”

Ray laughed, talking to his brother in tones too low for Eve to hear. Then the older boy turned back to her.

“What’s the matter, Mom? Afraid someone will see you sucking cock?” he asked. Then he looked toward the fence. “The neighbors don’t give a shit what goes on over here.”

He started stroking his gorgeous cock. Eve watched the tightening skin slide back and forth over the corded meat of his huge prick. She watched his big hairy balls swing. She swallowed hard. She wanted to suck those balls and that big stiff cock. Right now.

Then she glanced at Chuck. The younger boy was staring at his new mother’s naked body. But his long arching prick bobbed freely. His arms were crossed over his lean chest.

“But if anybody finds out…” She made a move to get up off the chaise lounge. “I don’t even want to think about it.”

Chuck nodded and laughed, but Ray was already reaching up to push her back onto the chair. Eve saw the look in the older boy’s eyes. She sat back down.

Ray straddled the chair. The enormous round head of his cock filled her vision. “Shut up and suck my cock.”


Eve leaned forward, staring up at Ray’s stern face. She opened her mouth and moved her head toward his bulging cockhead.

She felt the spongy cockhead slide tightly into her mouth. She gulped. It was difficult to swallow with so much cock in her mouth.

Ray looked down at her, sneering. He leaned forward. His huge cockhead drove down her throat so far that Eve had to lean back. The big, stiff cock kept coming at her.

Ray pushed inch after thick-corded inch of his prick into her mouth. She made a squeaking sound of panic. He didn’t seem to notice. She was taking so much of his cock that she reached up to try to push his hips away.

She pushed, but it was like trying to push a statue. The steel frame of Ray’s muscular body was immovable.

He laughed down at her, and his cock pushed farther into her mouth. Eve opened her throat and took it. The bulge of his cockhead pulsed deep in her gullet. She looked up at him pleadingly.

“Is Mommy gonna do what I say? Is she gonna suck this big cock right now?” he asked.

Eve sucked. Her mouth clamped down on his throbbing prick. She pushed her head back against the chair, bouncing her skull on the springy webbing. Her mouth ground up and down on the full load of cockmeat.

“Good Mommy,” he said, watching her. He started to rock his hips in time. “Good cock sucking slut, Mommy.”

Part of her rankled at his words. But another part burned to hear more. She moaned and sucked his delicious prick even harder. Her cheeks bulged and her tongue scraped the thick underside of his cock. She stared up at him. And her naked sun-warmed body began to squirm on the chaise.

Ray pulled away to give her more room. Her mouth was still stuffed to the point of suffocation, but she immediately sucked in longer strokes. She took his huge prick just as deep as he forced her to with every obedient thrust of her head.

Chuck came to watch. She could see him out of the corner of her eye. Eve reached back and pushed the blonde curls from her face so that he could see everything.

Chuck was stroking his long cock. The slanted head jiggled as his hand slid quickly up and down his arching cockshaft. He watched her mouth and moved closer.

When Eve could reach it, she put her hand around his stiff prick. Chuck put his hand over hers. He squeezed her fingers into the hard meat of his cock and jerked it quickly.

Eve moaned louder. She reached up with her free hand and took a firm hold on Ray’s hairy balls. She held them steady while his hips continued to rock, and his balls pulled and stretched back and forth between his muscular thighs.

Ray groaned. He leaned back, pulled his cock away another few inches, and brought his arms up. He put his hands behind his neck, still staring down.

Eve used the room to lengthen her strokes. Her cock sucking took in over half of Ray’s prize-winning prick. She moaned gleefully, loving the feel of a stiff cock in her mouth and another one in her pumping hand.

She worked Ray’s balls even harder. He rocked his pelvis like a male stripper, grinding his huge cock back and forth and in circles. Eve’s mouth followed every move. Her lips clamped strongly as she sucked. Her whole head bobbed and jiggled, bouncing off the back of the chair.

Chuck’s cock was closer still. Eve could see the tasty-looking head of his cock almost within reach. She pulled harder on his prick. She moaned in urgent tones, Chuck took another step, leaning over and touching the stiff head of his prick to her rapidly moving check.

Chuck let his hand go from hers. She was free to rub and stroke it. She wiped the slanted mushroom-shaped cockhead an her cheek and dawn her pale throat. She took her hand off of Ray’s balls and pushed one firm tit up to meet Chuck’s prick.

She pushed his cock against the soft flesh of her tit, rubbing it until the tender tit burned. She snapped his cockhead back and forth over one bud-like nipple and squeezed the smooth cockshaft.

Her mouth continued to fly up and down Ray’s cock hard enough to slam the blunt tip of his cockhead into the back of her throat again and again. She rocked back and forth on the chair. The aluminum frame of the chair creaked.

Eve moaned with every short urgent breath. Her mouth and her hands worked on her boys’ cocks as if she had been doing it all her life. The rocking motions of her body were making her bare cunt rise and fall, and Eve could feel fresh wetness on the puffed lips of her pussy.

She slid her lips off Ray’s cockhead and started to lick it. She liked to watch the boy’s face as her tongue went wild. She was all over his huge cock, letting it spring up and then flicking her way around the corded cock shaft to push it down again.

Eve was in a state of cock-inspired bliss. She had lost all track of time. Her mouth seemed to move and twist with a mind of its own. Her wet lips and darting tongue covered every throbbing inch of Ray’s cock with her shiny spit. Her hands kneaded Chuck’s cock into her tit.

Ray reached down and took his cock firmly in hand. He pushed it back and forth, holding his hand steady. The skin bunched up into folded wrinkles in Eve’s mouth. Then he pulled the skin tight down to the corded base of his prick.

Ray watched her, panting. His other hand went around Eve’s bouncing head. He spread his wide fingers over the back of her head, and pushed his cock into her mouth.

The first long stroke drove his cockhead so far down her gullet that Eve almost choked. He drew his cock back with a twist of his hips. Eve felt his cockhead plow along the inside of one cheek.

He rammed his cock forward again, holding her head. Eve was ready. She allowed the big round cockhead to wedge far down her throat. His hand squeezed until Eve could feel his cock swell in her mouth. Then he pulled back.

He began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth in long brutal strokes. His breath gusted every time he rammed his prick deep.

“Hey, Chuck,” Eve heard him say. “Fuck her.”

The moment that she heard the word she threw her legs apart. Her pussy stuck up eagerly as she took Ray’s prick in her willing mouth. She pulled her knees up and hooked them over the arms of the pool chair.

Chuck pulled his cock away from her reddened tit and pumping hand.

Eve waited, her pussy raised in the air for his long stiff cock. After two or three savage thrusts of Ray’s tireless prick, Eve felt Chuck’s cockhead touch the moist mouth of her cunt.

She thought distantly of her fear of discovery. If her husband found out she was fucking the boys — well, that would be the end of her marriage. And the end of his money too.

When Chuck’s cock slipped easily into her pussy, she moaned on Ray’s huge prick, forgetting her fears completely.

Chuck pushed more and more prick into her. She moaned again, louder. And her hips rose up higher. She could feel her cunt swallow his long arching prick until his dangling balls slapped against her ass-crack.

“Fuck her!” Ray commanded again.

Eve gasped when Chuck’s cock went straight into overdrive. He started to slide his whole prick all the way in and out of her cunt. Then he took hold of her knees and held them even wider.

Eve rocked her pussy in time with Chuck’s wonderful fucking. His talented prick moved in steady even strokes, under total control.

Chuck’s speed and depth were perfect. Eve moaned again and again, using her ass to complement the steady hammering of his prick.

Eve’s rocking moved her mouth at the same tempo. As Ray kept jerking his huge prick in and out of her burning cheeks, she altered the pressure of her mouth with twistings and turnings of her head in his hand.

Eve’s, moaning was louder. The strong vibrations resonated through Ray’s cock. She sucked harder, inspired by the machine-like fucking of Chuck’s long slippery cock.

She kicked her legs, her feet wagging in the air. Chuck held her knees tighter, letting her thrash her body while he fucked her. She twisted her pussy the same way that she twisted her clamped mouth. She could feel her hips grind Chuck’s prick in spiraling circles.

Both boys were panting. Eve could hear them gusting their breath out in a strange harmony. She rocked happily between their cocks, wishing this could last forever.

But Eve knew better. Ray’s pulsing prick seemed ready to explode at any moment. And she could feel Chuck’s cock hammering deeper. She put mere energy into the thrashing of her cunt and her mouth, ready for him to fill her.

Ray seemed never to tire. He still ground his hips, snapping and twisting as he powered his cock back and forth. His hands pumped his cock and held her head. His face was red and sweaty, but he went on and on.

Eve could feel sweat running off her own body. The bright sun forced her to squint her eyes. She couldn’t see anything but Ray’s corded stomach and his huge cock anyway. Eve wondered dimly what she might see beyond him.

But this time thoughts of her neighbors seeing her cunt and her mouth thrilled her strangely. She imagined that someone was staring at her as she sucked and fucked her lucky boys.

She groaned out loud, the sound muffled by Ray’s cock. She moved her body in exaggerated writhings, imagining that hidden eyes were watching everything.

“Suck! Suck!” Ray said over and over as he thrust his cock into her mouth. Eve obeyed. Then she reached up and put her hands on his cock and on his hand.

Ray continued to stroke his prick, and Eve helped him. She watched his face as she sucked. She moaned urgently, begging him wordlessly to fill her mouth with his delicious cum.

Eve squeezed Ray’s prick and gripped his bulging balls. Her mouth was aching, but she sucked as if she would never stop.

She imagined the neighbors watching. Eve wished she had met them, but nothing like that had happened yet. She moved her ass as Chuck fucked her, imagining the eyes of strangers watching her every move.

Ray suddenly stood still, and Eve got ready as she looked up at his grimacing face. He squinted his eyes shut and gripped his cock harder. Eve took the first thick bullet of cum eagerly. Then she swallowed and took the next thick stream.

Ray let his breath out in a long growl, and more cum filed her gulping mouth. Eve pumped and pulled on his emptying balls, coaxing out more of the tasty jism. She sucked and licked, drinking every gooey bit of his hot cum happily.

Chuck never missed a beat, and his fucking sparked her first rush just as she was sucking the last long stream of cum from Ray.

Her loud sucking became a high-pitched muffled scream. She wiggled her ass. She felt her cunt leak a strong wave of hot juice. It was as if Ray’s gushing cock-cream had filled her body and was leaking out of her spasming cunt.

Another drooling load of cum filled her mouth. She gasped and some of the sticky cum dribbled down her chin.

Her pussy gripped strongly, forcing the outer skin of Chuck’s cock to stay gloved tightly while the smooth meat of his prick kept pumping back and forth. He gasped and fucked faster.

Every stroke of Chuck’s prick flashed a charge of raw energy up Eve’s spine into her fevered brain. She squealed like a wounded animal as she sucked and fucked her two favorite things in the whole world: her boys’ willing young pricks.

Ray growled again, and his huge cock spat another thick glob of cum. Eve sucked it down immediately. She kept sucking, even though she knew that Ray was already drained dry. She just couldn’t stop sucking his big juicy cock.

Her pussy was still firing off like a machine gun. Her tight cunt-mouth gripped in clenching spasms. She rocked her ass, stirring Chuck’s iron-hard prick in the sensitive depths of her hungry cunt.

Ray grunted. His cock pulled away in one rough jerk. Eve moaned, giving up his tasty prick reluctantly. He swung one long leg over her body, and was gone.

Eve looked down and watched Chuck as he expertly drove his long cock all the way up her pussy. The sight made her cum stronger than ever. She gripped the arms of the chaise, putting more power into her fucking.

“Oh, yes!” she said. “Yes! Yes!”

Chuck leaned forward, still fucking. He looked down at her and his cock speeded up until Eve couldn’t stop cumming. She writhed and screamed, but his cock continued to plow all the way into her flexing cunt.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried out, lost in pleasure. Her pussy fired off one gut-wrenching blast, and she shivered. Her lungs filled with air and she held it, feeling like her cunt was plugged into a wall-socket.

She felt warm sticky girl-cum bubble up and drool down the crack of her ass.

Ray reached over her head and took hold of her kicking legs at the ankles. Eve squealed in surprise as he pulled her legs back until her knees came up to nestle against her shoulders.

Her pussy stretched open wider and Eve could see the juicy lips clearly. She watched Chuck’s shiny wet prick as it moved in and out of her cunt, and she let out a long shuddering scream, cumming again.

Chuck leaned forward farther, ramming his cock straight down until his balls smashed flat against her bruised cunt-mouth. His whole long cock sank wetly into her exploding pussy again and again.

Eve wondered if she would ever stop cumming. Her pussy fired off in a series of flashes that seemed to bomb her pussy away. Chuck kept fucking.

She was screaming again and again, oblivious to the fact that she was outside. Her whole mind was focused on Chuck’s quick cock. She writhed, but Ray’s hands kept her legs buckled up all the way to the chair-back on either side of her sweat-slick body.

Ray barked something that Eve didn’t catch, but all of a sudden her cunt was empty. She gasped from shock. Then she came again, just from the leftover sensations in her pussy.

While she dazedly gasped for air, Ray reached down and put his strong hands under her. Chuck did the same.

She was off the chair and halfway to the pool before she realized what was happening. The boys wordlessly positioned her and then swung, letting go.

Eve screamed as she arced into the air, and her lungs were empty when she hit the cool water. She fought to stay on the surface, but her body splashed and she sank.

She came up and sucked in a breath of air. She could hear the boys laughing. As she wiped hair from her face, she saw Chuck sit on the edge of the pool.

He let his legs hang in the water. He spread his thighs, and Eve looked at his cock. After all that wonderful fucking, his prick was still hard and throbbing and ready for more.

Eve found the bottom of the pool and stood on tiptoe, catching her breath. She gave Chuck a look that told him that she didn’t think her surprise dunking was very funny.

“We thought we ought to cool you off a little,” Chuck said with another laugh. He reached down and stroked his cock. Eve swam closer, eager to suck it.

“Boys will be boys,” Ray said from the sliding door. He had a squeeze-bottle of suntan lotion. While Eve watched from the water, her older boy squeezed a handful of the pasty red stuff from the tube and smeared it onto his huge hanging cock.

“Come on, Mom! Suck my cock — now!” He leaned back and put his hands behind him, watching her come the last few feet to his waiting prick.

A splash caught her attention. She turned her head to see Ray coming toward her.

She reached Chuck and took his cock in her hands. She knew Ray was coming up behind her as she took Chuck’s cock in her mouth.

She felt Ray’s hands hold her legs apart and up from behind her. Her legs rose easily in the water. She gasped on Chuck’s tasty cock when Ray put his cockhead against the mouth of her cunt.

Ray pushed forward and his cock forced her pussy open. Eve could feel the grease of the suntan lotion help his swelling cockhead to push into her cunt. Inch after thick inch of cock filled her pussy, and she moaned on Chuck’s prick again, sucking it all the way into her mouth.

She had to move her hands, making way as she swallowed Chuck’s prick to the balls. His cockhead rested against the back of her throat and she sucked.

Ray’s huge cock had forced its way greasily until her pussy was as full as her sucking mouth. She floated in the water, her cunt stretched around the thick shaft of Ray’s cock, and sucked happily. This is the life, she told herself.

Chuck moved his ass, feeding her more cock. Her lips pressed tightly against the fuzzy root of his prick and she sucked, moaning as Ray pushed his cock deeper.

She mouth-fucked Chuck, moving her head in short jerking motions. She sucked hard, feeling the tight skin of his prick slide up and down his stiff cockmeat.

When Ray started to fuck, she lost all control, sucking until her mouth farted wet blasts of air around Chuck’s cock. She used her tongue to flick fast, urging his cock to cum with every snapping thrust of her head.

After a few dozen strokes, Chuck started to groan. His cock was on the edge. Eve could feel it swell, and a tasty drop leaked into her mouth.

She mouth-fucked faster, rocking in the water like a fish on a hook. She gripped the edge of the pool for support, and floated backward onto Ray’s hard prick. Her pussy wiggled at the same quick tempo as her sucking mouth.

Chuck grunted and his cock spewed. Eve gobbled, making high delighted noises as she gulped and drank his cum.

Ray fucked her faster, and she rocked her ass in the water. She squealed on Chuck’s gushing prick. His cum tasted so good. She looked up at him and sucked his prick, dry, gulping hungrily.

Ray’s cock was so thick that Eve’s pussy stung. His prick had swollen to its full dimensions, and it ground in and out of her pussy with more difficulty than Chuck’s slender prick.

His hands found her wiggling ass around, and gripped her. He pushed his cock farther up into her cunt, and pushed her mouth all the way up Chuck’s cock. Her face bashed into his cockhair and Chuck ground his ass against the tiled apron of the pool.

She sucked a weak stream of cum out of his cock and she gulped it. She held his cock in her mouth, still sucking.

Ray pushed again, and started fucking in tiny rapid motions that made Eve squeal on Chuck’s cock. She felt her pussy grip and hold, and Ray speeded his shallow fucking until Eve had to hold onto the pool tile for dear life.

His cock filled her cunt all at once. He held her, and his oily prick released incredible amounts of hot cock-juice. She couldn’t believe it, but another huge load of cum filled her cunt like that which had so recently filled her gulping mouth. Ray gave his usual growl, and more cum gushed.

She basked in the hot sunlight and reveled in the feel of cum. Her boys both moaned in satisfaction.

Eve sucked contentedly, feeling Chuck’s cock relax.

Ray left his huge prick firmly imbedded in her pussy. A last drop of hot cum squeezed out of his flexing prick.

Eve decided her marriage wasn’t a mistake, after all. She chuckled, two strong young cocks in her lucky body.


The weekend went by for Eve in a frenzied haze of fucking and cock sucking. Her wonderful boys were always ready. Their stiff cocks seemed tireless, wringing more pleasure from her willing pussy and her eager mouth than she had ever dreamed of. She was a very happy mother.

Sunday afternoon there was a knock at the front door.

Eve was in the kitchen, making the first preparations for dinner. She and her boys were starving from a day of heavy fucking, and she planned to feed them well. They needed their strength to satisfy her cock-hungry pussy and her mouth.

Chuck went to open the door. She heard voices, and wiped her hands on the white apron that she wore over her pale-blue housedress. She took a few steps to look into the foyer.

Chuck was talking and laughing with a woman Eve had seen before. She just couldn’t remember where.

“I’m sure she’d like to meet you too,” Chuck said. He met her in the doorway of the kitchen and smiled strangely at his curious mother.

“Mom, this is Mrs. Hamilton. Our neighbor.”

Eve nodded at the beautiful redhead, smiling. She noticed the woman’s lush body, even through the loose blouse and pants that she wore. Eve extended her hand politely.

“Hi, I’m Eve.”

The redhead held her hand longer than Eve expected. She almost blushed at the way the woman squeezed it tenderly.

“Call me Gwen or Gwendoline,” the woman said.

Eve nodded, pulling her hand away without looking obvious about it.

“Fine, Gwen. Would you like to join us for dinner?” she asked. The redhead’s stare was making Eve nervous.

“What a sweetie,” answered the neighbor. “Hubby away again?”

The unexpected change of subject made Eve chuckle nervously. She had the feeling that this hot-looking redhead was up to something. Eve wondered what.

Eve glanced at Chuck. The boy was eyeing Gwen’s huge tits shamelessly. Eve wanted to tell her boy to stop, but didn’t know how to say it. She let out a sigh.

“Yes,” she said curtly to the woman. She wiped her hands on her apron again, looking away from Gwen’s electric stare.

“Would you like to come…”

“Why, Eve,” Gwen interrupted, her green eyes flashing. “Always.”

Then Gwendoline shot Chuck a hot stare, and Eve felt her hands close into fists at her sides. Chuck and the redhead exchanged looks.

Eve cleared her throat. “I meant to say would you like to come outside for some lemonade.”

Gwen raised her eyebrows at Eve. She seemed aware of Eve’s nervousness. And it seemed to Eve that the redhead enjoyed it somehow.

“That would be fine,” Gwen said. They all went though the glass sliding door into the backyard. There were enough folding chairs around the umbrella table for all three of them. After they sat, Eve remembered the lemonade.

She excused herself and got up to get it. Eve noticed that the redhead watched every step as she went back in the house.

Eve went to the kitchen in a huff. She could still feel the woman’s eyes on her body. Eve decided that Gwen was going to be trouble.

She got out the glasses and tray. She mixed the lemonade and watched Chuck and Gwen through the window.

They were laughing and talking. Eve sighed, wishing she could hear them. She stirred the lemonade faster.

When Gwen pulled her blouse up over her head, Eve splashed lemonade on the counter. Her eyes widened as she watched Gwen pull off her blouse.

The redhead’s tits seemed ready to burst free of the tiny purple bikini top that she wore under the blouse.

Gwen leaned back in the chair. Eve cursed under her breath. Chuck’s eyes were glued to Gwen’s enormous tits as he laughed and joked.

She got everything on the tray and hurried back outside. Gwen and Chuck stopped talking when she came within earshot. That made Eve more curious.

“So,” Gwen said, taking a glass, “does it get lonely here without the husband around?”

Eve took a sip of lemonade, embarrassed by the question. As she drank, stalling for an answer, she let her eyes follow the boundaries of the yard. Eve almost choked when she noticed the oval knot-hole in the fence. It was at the right level for someone to stand and see everything in her backyard.

“Which side do you live on?” Eve asked, changing the subject again.

Gwen laughed and pointed. Her long-nailed fingertip aimed directly at the hole in the fence. When Gwendoline and Chuck both laughed the same evil laugh, Eve put her glass down and her mouth hung open.

Eve realized it all in a flash. Gwen had been watching when Eve fucked her boys outside. She knew.

“Something wrong, dear?” asked the redhead.

“Why, no,” Eve answered. But her fists still clenched under the table.

“Good,” Gwen said. “Got to stick together, us ladies.”

Eve was confused again. She caught herself staring at Gwen’s freckled tits as she wondered what the redhead was talking about. She looked away.

“My hubby takes off a lot too,” Gwen said, glancing at Chuck with a meaningful grin. “Leaves me all alone to take care of my two sons.”

The obvious double meaning in the redhead’s words made Eve’s throat go dry. She took another sip of lemonade, trying not to look afraid of a trap.

“It can be a tough job,” the redhead went on. “My boys certainly can be hard on their poor mother.”

When Chuck laughed out loud, Eve gave him a disapproving stare.

“You seem to be doing a remarkable job,” Gwen added. She watched Eve’s face for a moment. “You and your poolside duties make a girl like me proud.”

Eve stood, glaring down at the full-busted redhead. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Why, Eve, darling,” said the redhead. “No secrets between neighbors. I enjoyed very much watching you take such very good care of your boys yesterday.”

Eve was speechless. She sat back down slowly. She scrutinized Gwen’s face. She realized the power this woman had over her and she swallowed hard.

“Eve,” the redhead said in soothing tones. “Cheer up, my sweet. I feel the same way about my own wonderful boys.”

Gwen let that sink in. Then she looked at Chuck.

“You have a very beautiful cock, young man.”

“Now hold on!” Eve protested. She didn’t know what the dirty-mouthed woman wanted, but she wasn’t having any more of this.

“Shut up, Mom,” Chuck said.

“Fuck you! I won’t sit here and listen to this…”

“Eve,” Gwen said. “Please don’t get upset.”

“Thank you for stopping by, Mrs. Hamilton,” Eve said coldly.

“Fine. I’ll just leave.” She gave Chuck a smile that Eve didn’t like, “But I must, admit, you’re not being very neighborly.”

“Fuck you too, you cock-hungry bitch!” said Eve. She regretted almost immediately her rude outburst. The redhead gave her a grin that made Eve look away. The woman’s green eyes were full of triumph.

“Chuck,” she said, ignoring Eve, “would you like to show me your cock?”

The boy stood up, smiling at the woman. He started to unsnap his cut-offs. Eve watched in amazement. Then she slammed her fist on the table.

“Chuck, go to your room,” she said. He gave her a sidelong look. Then he opened his cut-offs.

“Damn it! Don’t you dare! That’s my…”

“I’m just acting like any cock-hungry bitch,” Gwen said. She shot Eve a look and then stared back at Chuck’s opening zipper. “Good boy.”

“Get out!” Eve shouted.

Gwen gave her that mildly impatient look again. “You’ll start being a lot more neighborly, or I’ll tell the whole fucking neighborhood how you like to fuck and suck your boys by the pool.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Eve answered. But she knew this was no bluff.

“Nothing to it.” Gwen snapped her fingers, grinning. “And I’m serious.”

Eve let her shoulders sag. She was beaten. “And Lord only knows what your husband would do if he found out what his cock sucking wife was up to while he…”

“Okay! Okay!” Eve said, throwing her hands up. Then she sat back and folded her arms, watching Chuck as he pulled down his cut-offs.

“My, my,” Gwendoline said. She raised her eyebrows. Chuck leaned forward.

Eve noticed his cock stiffen. She realized that she was jealous. She didn’t like this damned redhead even looking at her boy’s beautiful cock. Eve’s heart sank when she realized what Gwen would do next.

“I think neighbors should share, don’t you, Eve?”

Eve nodded. She watched the redhead watch Chuck’s cock. And when she glanced at Chuck, she gasped.

Her stepson was stroking his hand up and down his prick, grinning at Gwen. Eve bit her tongue as the redhead crooked a finger to the boy for him to come over.

“Come here, young man. Would you like to shove your cock in my mouth?” she asked, shooting Eve a warning stare.

“Sure!” he said. He took a big step and pushed his cock forward. He took his free hand and put it on the back of Gwen’s chair.

“You don’t mind, do you, Eve?”

“Not at all,” Eve lied. She tried to look away. But she had to watch as Gwen opened her red lips and swallowed Chuck’s cock halfway in one big bite.

Gwen sucked his cock for a while, her eyes watching Eve for her reaction. Eve glanced under the table. Gwen was rubbing her pussy through her yellow cotton pants. Eve watched as the redhead’s hand roughly massaged her cunt while she sucked Chuck’s long cock.

Then Gwen pulled her mouth off with a gusty sigh.

“Delicious,” she said. She reached up and stroked Chuck’s wet prick, staring at Eve. “You’re a lucky mother, Eve.” Then she licked Chuck’s cock in long wipes over and under his prick.

“Yes, I am,” Eve agreed. She felt like this bitch’s slave. She liked it even less when she saw how much Chuck was enjoying Gwen’s cock licking. The boy was all smiles, offering his stiff prick to this bitch happily.

“By the way,” Gwen said. “Where’s your other son?”

Before Eve could lie, Chuck answered. “He’s upstairs!”

The boy cupped his hands to his mouth and screamed for Ray to come outside.

Gwen went back to licking Chuck’s stiff prick. Eve returned her stare.

“Well, we could have real party,” Gwen said between licks. “Couldn’t we, Eve?”

“Yeah, Mom. Let’s have a party,” Chuck said.

Ray came bounding out of the kitchen. He stopped stock-still when he saw his brother’s cock in Mrs. Hamilton’s mouth. Then he grinned.

“Hello,” Gwen said, returning his grin. “I was just telling your pretty mother that she should share.”

Ray thought, then nodded. He came closer, watching his brother’s cock.

“Looks like a damn good idea to me,” he said.

Eve rolled her eyes. She was out of luck and she knew it.

“She wants to have a party,” Chuck said. “And she knows how to suck cock.”

“Why thank you, Chucky dear,” Gwen said. Then she sucked his cock into her wide mouth. Eve raised her eyebrows a she watched how easily Gwen sucked Chuck’s whole cock into her mouth like that. It just disappeared.

Ray glanced at Eve, making a shrugging motion. She gave him a weak grin, telling him with her eyes that she was unable to protest.

“Hold on, Chuck,” Ray said. He gave his brother a strange smile. “Let’s not rush this nice lady.”

Chuck nodded and moved away. Gwen looked up at the older boy, her eyes questioning him. Ray looked back at Gwen like a cobra staring down at a mouse.

“What do you mean?” Gwen said, licking her lips. She watched Chuck’s wet prick bob in the air, and she licked her lips again. She was hungry for more, and it was obvious to Eve that she was going to do whatever Ray told her to do to get it.

“It’s a Goddamn hot day out here, isn’t it?” he asked Gwen, smiling.

“Yes, Ray, it is,” the redhead answered.

“It’s so fucking hot out here that you want to strip naked,” Ray added.

Gwen’s eyes lit up. She nodded.

“Well, stand up and take all your fucking clothes off!” he said.

Gwen tried to calm Ray with one of her looks. Eve saw Ray ignore her.

Chuck moved farther away, and Gwen stood up. She gave Eve a thin smile.

“First the tits,” Ray said.

Gwen untied her bikini top and let it fall. When her huge tits spilled heavily, they hung halfway to her waist. The full-rounded globes of her tits were pale and freckled. The nipples rested into big rings of dark pink.

As Eve and the boys watched, those nipples stretched and stiffened. Gwen stuck her huge tits out proudly, giving Ray a wicked grin.

Ray only waved his hand impatiently. “I said strip!”

“No need to be rude, young man,” the redhead said.

“Look,” he said, taking steps toward Gwen until the neighbor’s eyes widened. “You come over here, hungry for some young cock.”

“I’ll have you know…” Gwen started, but Ray interrupted her.

“Do you want to fuck, or not?” he asked matter-of-factly.

Gwen took a breath, but let it out with a sigh. She gave Ray a hot stare. Then she pulled down her pants.

She pulled them over the full round cheeks of her ass and down her legs. She was careful not to pull down the sheer white panties under them. Then she straightened, blushing slightly. She didn’t look at Eve.

“Show me your fucking cunt,” Ray said.

Gwen’s eyes flashed. She took her pants off her feet and then pulled down her panties.

Eve’s eyes locked on Gwen’s cunt. The red-fuzzed mouth of her cunt was red and puffy. She and her boys stared.

Eve saw Gwen blush more. She leaned back in her chair, watching the redhead. She hoped Ray wasn’t finished with her yet.

Gwen kicked her panties off and stood there naked. Her cunt sweated beads of clear juice as they all watched. Ray chuckled low in his chest.

Then the older boy unsnapped his jeans. He watched Gwen as he yanked them down. First one hip, then the other, then he jerked them all the way to his knees.

Ray straightened up, arching his huge cock forward for Gwen to see.

“You want this cock?” he asked, pointing down to his thick hanging cock. “Then get down on your hands and knees and beg like a fucking dog!”


Eve tried to keep from laughing as Gwen’s eyes widened. The redhead stood there and didn’t say anything for a moment. She stared at Ray’s stiffening cock and then at Chuck’s still-wet prick. Then she sighed.

Eve watched as Gwen bent over. The neighbor got down on her hands and knees, staring up at Ray. She took another deep breath, avoiding Eve’s eyes.

“Please,” Gwen said.

Ray laughed and Chuck joined in. Then Ray winked at Eve and Eve suppressed a chuckle. This wasn’t so bad, after all, decided Eve.

“Please what?” Chuck asked.

Gwen looked over at him, her curly red hair covering half of her blushing face. “Please fuck me!”

Ray put his hand on his prick and stretched it. Gwen’s mouth dripped a thin stream of spit as she watched him. Eve watched him, too. And as Ray pumped his cock, it got bigger than ever.

“Holy fucking Jesus!” the redhead said. “Give me that cock!”

“Show me how hot your cunt is, bitch,” Ray answered. “Show me how you fuck.”

Gwen started to move her body, there on the pound. Ray slapped his hand on her ass as he stroked his prick. He and Chuck shared a grin.

“Come on,” Chuck said. “Shake that juicy cunt.”

Gwen huffed a reply, but her ass moved faster. The redhead looked up and watched Ray stroke his fully stiff prick. She moved her ass faster yet.

“You want this big fat cock,” Ray said. “Do you want it right now.”

“Yeah,” Gwen answered. She pumped her cunt up and down on thin air as fast as she could. “I’ll fuck you so good! I’ll fuck you so fast!”

Ray and Chuck laughed again.

“Well, you’re gonna get it,” Ray said. Then he turned to Eve. “Hey, Mom, if this cock hungry bitch can suck your pussy, then I’m gonna fuck her Goddamn brains out.”

Eve and Gwen shared a surprised look. The redhead was the first to smile.

Gwen crawled on her hands and knees over to where Eve sat. “Please. Please let me.”

“Go on, Mommy,” Ray said, still rubbing his cock. “Make her suck it.”

Eve felt a blush spread over her high-boned cheeks. She watched Gwen as she picked up the skirt of her dress. Eve’s blush spread faster. The blonde bit her lip as she parted her legs. She watched as the redhead stared at her pussy through the white silk of her panties.

“I’ll make her cum,” Gwen said to Ray. “But then I get both cocks, right?”

“Okay,” Ray said. “You eat that cunt, and you get the best double-fuck of your life.”

Gwen reached up and moved the strip of white to one side. Eve’s pink cunt came into view, and the redhead dove for it. Eve gasped as the redhead’s hot tongue wiggled into her pussy all at once. Eve sighed.

Ray was watching, too. He gave Eve another wink.

“Come on,” he said to the dutifully cunt-licking woman. “You can eat pussy better than that.”

Gwen went wild, licking Eve’s pussy in quick circles. Eve gasped louder, tossing her legs up high. She gripped her ankles and laughed.

“More,” she said to Gwen. “Give me more!” Gwen took a deep breath and plunged her tongue deeper. Eve moaned, watching Gwen’s red curls shake as Gwen licked and sucked her clit. She rocked back farther in the chair, holding her legs farther apart.

“Oh! Oh, yes!” Eve screamed. “Eat me! Eat my pussy!”

Both boys came closer, watching Gwen eat their stepmother’s cunt. Ray rubbed his stiff prick faster, obviously enjoying himself. Chuck stood at Eve’s other side, his cock still wet from Gwen’s sucking mouth.

Eve couldn’t help it. The woman’s cunt licking were so good that Eve was already rocking her cunt and moaning. Eve knew that the woman’s expert tongue would make her cum if she didn’t stop. And that would mean that her boys would fuck Gwen while Eve had to watch.

Eve put her hands on Gwen’s head, telling her to stop for a moment. The redhead took her tongue out of Eve’s cunt and raised her head. The woman’s mouth was already wet from the juice of Eve’s pussy.

“I’ve got to get out of these,” Eve explained. She pulled her panties down under her ass and down her long legs. While Gwen waited, Eve tossed her panties away and then opened her legs again.

“Okay, Mrs. Hamilton,” Eve said, pulling her knees up, “suck my pussy.”

Gwen sighed and glanced from one side to the other. She saw two big stiff pricks, waiting to fuck her. She put her mouth back down between Eve’s parted thighs and her tongue back into Eve’s tight pussy.

Gwen used long licks this time. Everybody could see more easily, with Eve’s panties out of the way. The redhead lapped and licked, and soon Eve was moaning again.

“That’s good! Fuck my cunt with your tongue!” she said, pushing Gwen’s head down harder.

The redhead obeyed, jabbing her long thin tongue in and out as if it were a cock. Eve rocked her ass to the rhythm of Gwen’s tongue, her moans got louder.

Gwen never quit, refusing to even slow down.

Eve had to admit that the woman was determined. Eve was getting hotter by the moment. The blonde rocked her ass faster, and the boys cheered.

Eve put her head back and moaned with every breath. Gwen’s tongue was doing its job well. Eve felt a wave of cunt-juice flood out of her pussy and into the redhead’s mouth.

Gwen drank her juice and sucked for more. The redhead used her hands to push Eve’s tight pussy open, then drove her tongue deeper than ever.

Eve gasped, holding her legs up higher. “Suck my cunt! Suck it! Suck it!”

Gwen’s mouth clamped down and the redhead sucked. The pink lips of Eve’s pussy slipped in and out of the redhead’s sucking mouth. Eve gave a loud cry and her ass wiggled.

Gwen put more gusto into her pussy-eating. Eve could tell that the redhead was not going to be denied two strong young cocks. That meant Gwen was bound and determined to suck Eve’s pussy dry.

Eve put her hands on Gwen’s head and moved Gwen’s mouth around her tingling cunt. The redhead increased her licking until her tongue circled the mouth of Eve’s pussy, stirring it wetly.

Eve was going to cum, and she couldn’t even stop the red-headed bitch. Eve held onto Gwen’s head and started to rock in her last thrusts. Eve’s cunt leaked more sticky juice, and the woman sucked it up.

“Oh! Oh! I’m cumming!” Eve cried. She pushed Gwen’s face hard into her flashing cunt and cum welled up from her guts. She came, shivering as the redhead drove her tongue straight into her cunt and held it there.

Eve pushed her cunt upward, putting more pressure against Gwen’s sucking mouth and stabbing tongue. She shivered in the chair, her cunt clamping and dripping cum-juice for the redhead to drink.

She came again, and Gwen sucked up the hot sticky juice. Eve wiped Gwen’s face all over her exploding pussy, and she brought her legs together, trapping the redhead’s skull between her thighs.

She came again, crying out as she pushed her cunt against her neighbor’s eagerly sucking mouth. Her legs kicked in the air and she rocked her ass, winding out the last shivering rush from her cunt.

Gwen raised her head, giving Eve a glassy stare. The haughty look had disappeared from the woman’s eyes. She looked up and sighed licking cunt-juice from her wide red-lipped mouth.

Eve giggled, and gave Ray a thankful glance. Ray grinned back, then he looked down at Gwen. He shook his head as if he weren’t impressed with Gwen’s successful cunt-licking.

Gwen stared unashamedly at Ray’s huge cock. She licked her wet lips and then rose to a kneeling position. Eve and the boys looked down at her. Gwen forced an embarrassed grin.

“Not bad,” Ray said, shrugging his shoulders. He noticed that Gwen was staring at his cock, and he chuckled. He put his hand on his cock, and then looked at Chuck.

“Good enough, I guess,” Chuck said. “I guess we might as well fuck the bitch.”

They laughed, ignoring Gwen’s insulted glare. “You promised,” Gwen said, the words distorted because of her numb lips.

“Yeah, yeah,” Ray answered, his hand still squeezing and rubbing his cock. “Okay, get over there and lie on the ground near the pool.”

Eve watched as Gwen did as she was told. The woman’s lush body was something to see. Both of her boys were watching too, and both of their dicks were as big and stiff as Eve had ever seen them.

The redhead got down and then lay with her ass on the hot cement near the edge of the pool. The boys watched as she lay down and opened her legs, waiting silently for her promised double-fuck.

Eve hoped that her boys would do a good job on that thick-lipped puffy cunt. Gwen had sure done a hell of a job of sucking her pussy. Eve still basked in the afterglow of that wonderful tongue-fucking.

Gwen opened her legs wider. Eve and the boys watched her cunt pry open into a cock-hungry pout. The thick lips of the redhead’s cunt were red and wet. The woman was starving for a fuck, and they all knew it.

“Fuck her good,” Eve said. The blonde lay back in her chair and got ready to watch.

“Watch this,” Ray said. He walked nonchalantly over to Gwen. His huge stiff cock bobbed with every step.

Chuck followed, staring down at Gwen’s puffy cunt. When they stood beside the prone woman, Ray spoke.

“Play with your cunt,” he said. “I want to see that pussy get stirred so it’s nice and juicy for this big cock.”

He watched while Gwen reached down tickled her thick-lipped cunt. She obediently played with her cunt, moaning.

“Put your finger into that pussy and stir it up good. I want to hear that sloppy cunt-hole make some noise.”

Gwen made an insulted sound, but her finger started to fuck her cunt so fast that Eve could hear the wet squishy sounds. Gwen moaned and stared pleadingly at Ray and Chuck.

The boys stood over Gwen, watching her finger-fuck herself. Ray barked commands at the writhing redhead. Gwen didn’t seem happy. She cursed the boys, but her wicked green eyes stared at one of their stiff throbbing pricks.

When Ray was satisfied that Gwen’s cunt was well-stretched and juicy enough, he ordered the redhead to roll over. Ray made it sound like a dog command.

Gwen’s face was livid. But she rolled over and got on her hands and knees obediently. Ray mumbled something, and then he and Chuck moved into their positions at either end of the cock-hungry woman.

Chuck leaned forward and Gwen sucked his cock into her mouth. Ray watched his brother get sucked for a moment, and then he bent his knees and placed his huge round cockhead at the mouth of Gwen’s pussy.

Gwen’s incredible tits swung pendulously and bashed into her arms as she sucked cock. The redhead’s full round ass-cheeks were high in the air, and her ass wiggled as she waited for her cunt to be filled with Ray’s thick cock.

Eve gasped when she saw Ray grind his big cock head into the mouth of Gwen’s cunt and shove it forward without warning. His huge cock slammed deep, and Gwen made a loud noise that was muffled by Chuck’s prick.

Ray used all the power of his body to push his prick up Gwen’s cunt until Eve winced, knowing that the redhead must be in cunt burning agony. The redhead’s thick-lipped pussy swallowed Ray’s hard cock until his hips smacked solidly into Gwen’s soft ass.

He yanked his cock out with a sideways twist of his hips. Eve winced again. Her own little pink pussy could never take a fucking like that. But Gwen took the next long hard thrust of Ray’s cock more easily, and she didn’t scream as loudly this time.

Chuck only needed to stand still. The force of Ray’s thrusts pushed Gwen’s whole body forward, and her mouth speared forward every time Ray’s cock slammed up her cunt. Eve could hear the cock-hungry redhead start to moan.

Eve’s well-eaten pussy sparked again, and she parted her legs as she watched her wonderful boys fuck. As Ray hammered stroke after stroke into Gwen’s hot cunt, Eve’s hand came down and she tickled the fuzzy mouth of her own clit.

After ten or fifteen more cock-burying thrusts, Gwen’s body started to rock and move in the rhythm of Ray’s stiff prick. Eve’s finger found the tight mouth of her pussy and she slid her fingertip inside, wiggling it as she watched the boys give Gwen the fuck of her life.

Ray raked his thick cock back and forth savagely grinding the gnarled prick in and out of Gwen’s cunt with quick snapping motions of his hips. Every forceful thrust ended with a loud slap as Gwen’s reddening ass took the brunt of the force.

Chuck watched too, staring down at the sucking redhead as he stood and fed her his long arching cock. He and Ray timed their fucking to make Gwen take both cocks all the way at the same time. All that cock in Gwen’s eager body was making her rock and twist and moan. Eve knew that Gwen wouldn’t last long.

Ray had taken hold of Gwen’s rocking ass and he held her tight. He forced every corded inch of his cock into Gwen’s wide-spread pussy again and again.

That was beautiful. Eve flared and her finger stirred her twat faster, her legs opening farther.

Eve brought her knees up and hung her lean legs over the arms of the folding chair. She thrust her pretty pink cunt forward and stuck two fingers into it.

Eve wiggled her fingers as Ray and Chuck kept going. She watched two cocks appear and then disappear into Gwen’s writhing body. She smiled, and her pussy warmed and sparked.

Gwen was gasping muffled cries onto Chuck’s cock with every brutal thrust of Ray’s tireless cock. The redhead rocked from the middle of her spine, moving her ass and her mouth to please two stiff pricks. Eve pushed her fingers deeper into her tight pink pussy, watching as if in a trance.

Chuck started to moan, his body moving to the rhythm dictated by Ray. Eve saw the younger boy throw his head back, and then Gwen squealed. Chuck pulled his long cock out of the redhead’s mouth and Eve watched as it gushed.

Chuck grabbed his cock and pumped it viciously as his cum sprayed. He shot the thick white stuff all over Gwen’s gasping face. Cum splattered Gwen’s mouth and cheeks, and one eye closed, covered with a sticky glob.

Gwen gasped air into her pumping lungs, as she raised her cum-spattered face. Ray’s cock still pushed her forward with every hard thrust.

“Oh, God!” she screamed. “Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! Oh, Jesus!”

Every hard slamming thrust of Ray’s huge cock drew forth another scream. Eve looked around, wondering if anyone would hear the redhead. She shrugged, she didn’t even care.

Ray held Gwen by the ass and fucked her harder and faster than ever. The redhead screamed and gasped, cursing and moaning with each powerful thrust.

When Gwen started to cum, her naked body writhed and her gasping mouth blurted out every nasty word Eve had ever beard. The boys held her firmly, and Ray fucked like a machine. Eve sighed, her cunt sparking.

Gwen came and came, but the boys wouldn’t let up on her.

Ray held his cock all the way up Gwen’s cunt. His low-toned growl accompanied his shivering and Eve knew that his cock was gushing hot creamy cum into Gwen’s cunt. Eve saw white jism dribble out of Gwen’s cunt and stretch to the cement.

The redhead let out a yell. Chuck reached down to muffle it with one hand. Ray still held his cock firmly in her pussy, and Eve knew that huge prick was still gushing. Eve’s pussy sparked again, watching.

Eve chuckled. She knew Gwen would be back. And Eve would be ready.


The next morning Eve got up and sent her boys off to school. She kissed their cocks goodbye at the door, giving each a loving suck before she sent them out to the big yellow school bus.

She busied herself with the usual housework. She kept glancing at the clock, and she realized that this would be a long day.

While she was dusting the living room, the phone rang. When she picked up the phone, Gwen’s throaty voice greeted her.

“Good afternoon, Eve, darling,” Gwen said. Eve grinned, knowing full well what the big tittied redhead wanted.

“Hi, Gwen. What’s on your mind?” she asked. She knew that the cock-hungry neighbor would do anything for her boys’ big stiff cocks.

“Oh, I thought I might invite you over to share,” she said, her tone full of wicked meaning. Eve didn’t give a shit about any more of the redhead’s pussy-eating. She was waiting for her boys to get home, period.

“I’m pretty busy today, Gwendoline,” Eve explained.

“Well, then we’ll all just come over there, dear,” Gwen said, and hung up the phone.

Eve said hello into the dead line, then hung up too. She shrugged her shoulders, and went on with her dusting.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Eve put the feather-duster down and went to the door, curious. She had never met the redhead’s sons, but she had a feeling she was about to.

“Hi, Gwen,” said Eve when she opened the door. When Eve saw the two tall broad shouldered boys standing behind Gwen, the blonde’s eyes widened.

“Hello, Eve, dear. Meet the boys.” They followed their mother, eyeing Eve hotly.

Eve didn’t say anything. Gwen’s face was lit with pride as she went to the living room and sat on the couch. She patted the cushions on either side of her and the two hulking youths sat silently beside her.

“This is Kyle and Jeffrey,” Gwen said. “The two best boys a mother ever had.”

“Hi,” Eve said, blushing when she realized that both of the boys were staring at her body. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Break out the scotch,” Gwen said. “We’ll have a party.”

Eve went to the kitchen and found the bottle. When she poured, she had to turn her nose away. She had never developed much of a taste for alcohol. But she wanted to be neighborly, after all.

She poured four shots over ice, and put them on a tray. When she walked back into the living room, Kyle and Jeffrey casually removed their hands from their mother’s huge tits. Gwen smoothed her red sweater, grinning.

Eve sat down, pretending that she hadn’t noticed. She handed out the drinks. She took a demure sip of her own and then put it down. Gwen took a big slug of scotch and sighed.

Kyle and Jeffrey drained their glasses in one long pull. Eve whistled softly to herself. This was going to be some party, she decided.

Eve took another tiny sip, feeling the liquor warm her whole body. She watched the two boys over her glass, and she felt a warmer feeling spread through her hungry pussy.

The boys were almost identical. Their brown hair hung to their shoulders, and their soft brown eyes held a smoldering gaze as they returned Eve’s look.

As Eve watched, Gwen touched each boy on his thigh. The redhead watched Eve watch her stroke their legs. Eve took another drink. The blonde’s tight, pussy was humming.

“The boys decided to take the day off of school today,” Gwen said, breaking the silence. All three of Eve’s visitors shared a little laugh. “Mommy needed lots and lots of help today.”

“Nice,” Eve said, her cheeks tingling as she took another drink.

“And I told them how neighborly you treated me yesterday afternoon.” Gwen shot Eve a look that promised the blonde that it was time for Gwen to return the favor.

Eve took another swallow of scotch, her heart speeding up.

“We’ll be neighbors for a long time,” Gwen went on. “So I think we should share our respective good fortunes.”

Eve drained her glass when the redhead put her hands right on top of her boys’ cocks and rubbed them through their faded jeans. She watched the two bulges grow into two painfully tight peaks.

“Would you boys like to show off your cocks for pretty Eve?” Gwen asked in honeyed tones. Both boys nodded silently, and Eve felt a stronger hum in her pussy.

Gwen unzipped both pairs of jeans a the same time. All three of them watched Eve. And Gwen reached into Kyle’s and Jeffrey’s pants and pulled out their pricks.

Eve leaned back into the soft upholstery of the chair, watching the hot redhead stroke her sons’ cocks. Eve could feel the scotch raging through her veins, and her tight pussy was humming more strongly for some attention.

Gwen pulled on her boys’ cocks. The redhead’s huge tits bounced in her sweater as her arms moved. “I’ve taught these two a few tricks that I think you might enjoy, Eve, darling. Show your magic mouth fuckers, babies.”

Eve’s eyes widened as Kyle and Jeffrey grinned and then stuck their tongues out. Kyle’s long tongue curled up and tickled the tip of his nose. Jeffrey stuck his tongue straight out and wagged it up and down like a stiff wet cock.

Eve giggled out loud, clapping her hands. She moved her eyes from the boys’ long stiff cocks to their incredible tongues and then back again. She was slightly dizzy from her drink, and she was ready to fuck.

“Be very good to Eve. Go ahead. Use those,” Gwen said, nodding toward the two matching chairs near the living room window.

Eve realized that she was holding her breath. She watched as Kyle got up and crossed the room, his cock bobbing. His tiny round ass looked great to Eve as he bent and moved the two chairs together. Eve wanted to see these young boys naked.

Kyle put the chairs in the middle of the room. He put the padded backs toward each other a few feet apart. Then he got down on the deep white carpeting and stuck his head up between the chairs. His long snake-like tongue came up and Eve’s pussy sparked. She giggled again, still light-headed from her uncharacteristic afternoon drink.

Jeffrey got up and joined his brother. Eve wondered for a moment why he put his long tongue so close to his brother’s. When she glanced at Gwen and saw the redhead’s nasty smile, Eve’s tiny puckered ass-hole clenched, and she gasped, blushing.

“They’re ready when you are, Eve, dear,” Gwen said. She laughed at the blonde’s red-faced silence. Then she got up and walked over to the light-headed woman.

Eve allowed Gwen to help her stand. Eve giggled again, tripping slightly. Gwen encouraged Eve in low soothing tones as they crossed the room together. Eve got one foot up on one of the chairs, then pulled it off, giggling like an embarrassed schoolgirl.

Then she reached up under her pink cotton dress and pulled her panties all the way to her ankles.

She moaned and reeled in Gwen’s arms, giggling again. Then she straightened slowly, blushing again as she felt the two boys staring at her. She kicked her panties away and then got back up on the chair with the help of their mother.

Eve put one foot on each chair, and squatted down between them. Her pussy lowered, and Eve giggled louder, her heart racing.

The boys wasted no time. Their tongues pressed up into her naked cunt and into the tight crack of her ass.

Eve’s lungs emptied in a long amazed cry as Kyle’s long tongue snaked far up into her tight pussy. Jeffrey was pulling her ass open with his hands, wiggling his strong thin tongue into the puckered mouth of her asshole.

“Oh, my God!” Eve screamed. The boys knew what they were doing, and soon their practiced tongues were wedged far into both quivering holes.

Eve grabbed Gwen’s shoulders and cried out again and again. Kyle’s face moved as his tongue pushed, and the whole tingling mouth of her cunt was wiped into a juicy lather in moments.

Jeffrey had the tongue of her dreams. It flexed and wiggled and forced its way up her ass so fast that Eve could hardly breathe.

She lowered her body a fraction of an inch and screamed. Both tongues stabbed deeper. Eve shuddered, and Gwen reached up and took Eve’s tits lovingly in a steady grip.

Eve gasped again as Gwen started to unbutton the front of her dress.

Eve’s breathing was ragged. The boys’ tongues never slowed down, and Eve arched her back. Her tits pushed out against Gwen’s hands, and the redhead squeezed them between unbuttoning the tightly stretched buttons.

Gwen pulled her dress apart, and Eve sighed. The redhead closed her fingers on both of Eve’s heaving tits, watching the soft flesh spring back.

Eve gasped louder, and started rocking on Gwen’s boys’ expert mouths. The motions rolled her tits in Gwen’s caressing hands.

Eve gyrated shamelessly, rubbing her cunt and ass on the boys’ wet faces. Gwen reached and fed Eve one of her own tits to suck.

Eve groaned, sucking her own stiffening nipple into her mouth. She sucked hard on her nipple, moving her cunt and ass faster.

Eve felt a mouth on her other stiff nipple, and she looked down to ace Gwen sucking it into her mouth. Eve sucked harder too, and she rocked even faster on Gwen’s amazing young boys’ tongues.

Eve hoped she could last for a while. This was too good to end. She mowed like a cock-hungry slut and slobbered on her tits as she sucked the tingling nipple. Gwen did the same to her other stiff cherry-like nipple.

She bumped and pound her hips in jerks and circles. Two tongues bent and twisted deep in her cunt and ass. Eve moaned again, drooling on her big soft tit. She was already feeling the warning signs of her quick-triggered cunt.

Gwen took her mouth away, giving Eve a satisfied smile. While Eve wiggled her ass with her arms up, Gwen took Eve’s dress and pulled it off over her head.

Eve giggled and rocked her bare body in the cool air of the living room. She looked down and watched Kyle as he held his tongue up her cunt. The boys’ cheeks and nose were shiny and wet with the juice of her pussy and his eyes were closed. His hair shook as he wiggled his head.

Eve gasped with a shock as her pussy clenched on Kyle’s tongue. She let go of her tit and it fell heavily to hang and bounce as she rocked. Gwen took it in her hands and pulled both of Eve’s tits toward her wide-lipped mouth.

Eve sighed, looking down at the redhead’s mouth. Gwen sucked both of Eve’s overstretched nipples into it and was sucking loudly. Eve put her hands down on Gwen’s thick red hair, and moaned a long warning.

Eve’s cunt clenched again. She speeded up her ass until she was vibrating on the boys’ incredible tongues. Three busy mouths worked harder together, and Eve started to cum.

Her ass whipped in spasms, and she wailed. Her cunt fired and a flood of juice gurgled into Kyle’s mouth.

Jeffrey and Kyle held her, and their hinds stroked and rubbed her body as she came.

Eve’s cunt flashed again. She screamed, her hands pushing Gwen’s face into her tits. The redhead sucked and licked her tits while her talented son’s sucked and licked her two shocked fuck holes.

It was too much. The redhead had obviously taught her boys well. All three tongues seemed possessed of the same will. Eve felt another strong charge build up in her pussy and then let go. Kyle moaned, his mouth running over with hot spit and sweet girl-cum.

Jeffrey’s tongue was jammed so far up her ass that it seemed stuck there forever. The more she wiggled, the more he held on, keeping his strong tongue deep beyond the stretching mouth of her ass-hole.

Eve came again, and her body writhed out of control. She rocked until Gwen had to grab her shoulders. The redhead gave her an approving look.

“That’s it, darling,” Gwen said. Eve could hardly hear the redhead; she was almost delirious from cumming so strongly.

“Oh, my,” Eve said, and then another wave of spasms washed over her. She shook uncontrollably, and Gwen had to hold her tighter to keep the gasping blonde from falling off the chairs.

Gwen said something to the boys. Eve didn’t hear her, but suddenly the boys started to pull their tongues out.

Jeffrey’s long tongue did get stuck up her asshole for a moment.

Eve let out a sharp cry when he flexed his tongue and pulled, but her puckered ass held it tightly.

Kyle licked the cunt-juice off Eve’s reddened pussy as his brother jerked his tongue again. This time her ass let go, and Eve cried out again.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” she moaned, still shaking her ass in the air over the boys’ juicy faces. She let out a long raspy sigh, and shivered again.

“Fuck me!” Eve exclaimed. It surprised her when she said it again, louder. She looked through a haze of blonde hair and alcohol at the two young boys, and rocked her wet pussy and her tingling ass-hole for more.

Jeffrey was behind her, but she heard his pants come down. Kyle took his mother’s place in front of Eve, and his hands worked quickly until his jeans were down and oft.

But he wasn’t naked. Eve looked down between his arms and saw the tight black leather briefs he wore. The boy’s long slender prick and his pink balls hung freely through a hole in the front of the tight briefs.

Eve smiled and looked back over her shoulder. Jeffrey’s stiff cock was sticking straight out of a similar pair of shorts. The black leather accentuated the bright pink flesh of the boys’ cocks.

“Fuck me,” she said again, breathing deeply. “Put your hot young cocks in my pussy and my ass.”

She wiggled on the chairs, hearing the wooden legs creek. She gripped the tops of the chairs, and waited.

Gwen stepped quietly to one side and watched. The redhead played with her cunt and her tits through her clothes while she watched her sons get their cocks into position.

Eve looked down and watched Kyle’s oval shaped cockhead wedge easily into her tight pussy. She sighed and pushed her tits against the boy’s face. Kyle took his hands and pulled both of them into his sucking mouth.

Eve giggled again, feeling another wave of giddiness as the boys pushed their cocks into her.

Jeffrey eased his narrow cockhead quickly and smoothly into Eve’s quivering ass-hole. Eve sighed as Kyle’s prick slipped deep into her cunt. She took Kyle’s shoulders in her hands, and she racked her ass between their stiff cocks happily.

Jeffrey pressed her ass-checks on his prick and then pushed them apart so that he could skew his cock deeper. The combination was perfect for Eve’s clenching ass-hole.

Soon Jeffrey had worked his cock deep into her guts, and Kyle had started to slide his hard prick in and out of Eve’s juicy pussy.

Gwen told the boys to go faster. Eve gasped and tossed her head back as both boys launched into a quick shallow fucking that moved their cocks as one.

She shook her head until her damp curls shivered, tickling her back. She rocked between them faster, accentuating their pace and moaned encouragingly with every quickening, breath.

The boys’ cocks fucked together, and Eve could feel the tiny boundary of flesh between her cunt and her loosening ass-hole compress with each quick double thrust.

If she moved or twisted at all, the movement was exaggerated in the tight channels of her cunt and ass. So Eve moved less the deeper the boys fucked.

Soon they were doing all the work. Their cocks moved smoothly in perfect unison. Kyle smothered his sweaty facet in her soft white tits. She perched on the chairs and let the boys fuck.

It wasn’t long before Eve let out a cry and shook, her cunt blasting in one surprising instant.


When Eve started to cum, both of Gwendoline’s talented cunt-pleasing boys pushed their long slender pricks deep and held them.

She squealed, writhing. The boys moved closer, pressing their chests against her sweaty slippery body. Kyle’s long prick pushed until his balls squashed against the wide-spread mouth of her pussy. Jeffrey’s cock pushed inexorably until she could feel his bloated balls press against her sticky ass.

Her breath fluttered in her lungs. She shivered with a long rush. The boys held her steady as she came. And their cocks pushed harder.

A gut-wrenching double flash rushed up her spine from both of those well-taught cocks. Her ass clenched until Jeffrey gasped out loud in her ear. Her pussy leaked a hot flood of girl-cum onto Kyle’s prick.

She laughed, but it came out as a tortured gasp. She raked her fingernails down Kyle’s shoulders, cumming again. The boys pushed harder, crushing her lungs as they fed her their cocks to the limits.

Eve couldn’t hold enough breath in her lungs to tell the boys to stop. She was trapped in a seemingly endless series of clenching spasms. Her burning fuck-holes clamped and sucked.

Both cocks swelled and gushed cum. Eve thought the top of her head would blow off. Her spine snapped straight and she howled like a wounded animal.

She came again when her cunt and her ass filled with hot cock-cream at the same shocking moment. Her body thrashed, and she beat Kyle’s strong back.

The boys ground their hips, stirring their spewing pricks. Eve let out a whooping cry that rang off the living room walls. Her whole body froze, and she saw lights before her eyes.

She continued to pound on Kyle’s sweaty back, more and more weakly until her cunt and her ass wound down. She couldn’t move, and every breath made her cunt flash. They eased up, and Eve tried to catch her breath.

Her cum-filled fuck-holes flared with strong aftershocks. She dug her fingers into Kyle’s back, wincing.

It seemed to take forever to get their cocks out of her ass and cunt. Each tiny movement made Eve cry out and grasp Kyle’s shoulders tighter. They moved away slowly.

“Holy Fucking Mother of Jesus!” Eve said, approximating the grinning redhead’s raspy tone. “What a fuck! What a lovely fuck!”

Gwen chuckled. When Eve glanced over Kyle’s scratch-marked shoulder to his mother, the blonde dropped her mouth open and held it there.

Gwen had been busy while Eve had been cumming up a storm. The grinning woman had stripped almost nude. Gwen’s underwear was the nipple-holed cunt-revealing counterpart of her sons’ leather briefs.

The tight black leather bra did nothing more than push Gwen’s jutting tits together. The freckled mounds of her tits seemed ready to rip free of the tiny black triangles. Her pearl-like nipples poked out though the holes.

The black panties framed the thick wet lips of Gwen’s pussy. They seemed to hold the folded lips of her cunt open. And Eve stared into the deeper wetness of the red-fuzzed pussy, licking her lips.

Gwen noticed Eve watching her, and she postured on the couch. Gwen’s legs opened, and her puffy cunt pouted open farther.

The tasty-looking lips of Gwen’s pussy had wedged apart like two tiny wings. The pointy flaps of her cunt stretched like red rubber when the woman reached down with both red-nailed fingers and pulled them far apart for the blonde to see.

Eve licked her lips again. Gwen’s cunt looked like it was made to suck up and down on stiff cocks. Eve could see the redhead’s exposed clit, rising like a tiny pink marble in the peak of Gwen’s pussy.

Eve’s own tight cunt was puffed and red from her fuck, but it was like the cunt of a young girl compared to Gwen’s wide-lipped fuck-hole.

As Gwen’s boys eased the last inches of their sticky cocks out of her satisfied cunt and her still-tingling ass-hole, she glanced out the window.

She saw kids passing the house on the sidewalk, on their way home from school. Then she glanced at the clock.

She calculated the time and decided that it was no use to try to hide this from her boys. She realized that they would be home any second.

But she didn’t say a word. She just stared at Gwen’s juicy pussy, and soon Gwen had started to move it up and down slowly.

“You look so uncomfortable up there,” Gwen said. The redhead moved her full round ass on the couch. Her red wet cunt rocked. “Come down here, Eve.”

Eve got off the chairs, wincing at the frozen muscles in her legs. She sighed and stretched, naked and sweaty.

“I’ve had enough excitement for one afternoon,” the blonde answered. Her breath was still ragged, and she wiped strands of sweat damp hair from her face as she shook her head at Gwen’s delicious invitation.

“But I can learn from watching,” Eve added, sitting naked in her chair. “Why not just go ahead and let me see how you three fuck?”

Eve stole another glance at the clock. Then Eve smiled at Gwen as the redhead told her sons what to do.

First they stripped off their tight leather shorts. Eve blushed when she noticed that both boys’ balls were smooth and hairless. Either these boys were much younger than Eve had thought, or they shaved their balls.

When they were completely naked, they got down on their backs on the carpet. Kyle scooted his slim ass forward until his pink balls touched his brother’s.

Jeffrey kicked his long legs way out to the sides. The boys moved closer. Their knees touched, and their balls pooled together between their asses.

Gwen got down and pulled their two long cocks up with one hand. She stroked both of them. And then she grinned at Eve.

“We all like this one,” the redhead said. Then she leaned over and sucked both of her sons’ pricks into her wide mouth.

Eve blushed again. She realized that both of the boys were staring over at her while their mother sucked their pricks. But Eve couldn’t stop watching.

Gwen moved her whole head up and down. Her wide-open mouth sucked into a distorted double bulge around her boys’ cocks. Eve had never thought she would see this. She moaned an excited cry with one hand.

Gwen moaned as she sucked. Air belched wetly from her lips. She moved up and down all the way, taking both pricks to the smooth hairless bases with every loud stroke.

Gwen reached down with her free hand and grabbed both boys’ balls. Their tight pink balls bounced in her hand as she sucked faster.

The redhead’s bowling-ball tits were rocking and bashing into each other. They bounced off her sons’ asses as she drove her mouth on their cocks. Eve shook her head, sighing. Gwen was certainly hot.

Eve could see Gwen’s tongue lashing out of her mouth, licking hard. The wet sounds of her cock sucking filled the room.

Eve hung one leg over the arm of her chair, airing her cunt. Then she heard the key in the front door. Her heart stopped.

For one brief second Eve was afraid that her husband was going to come through the door. But then Ray’s head came into view. Eve sighed in relief and them grinned as the boy stopped dead in the doorway.

Eve waved silently, and she posed for him, showing her bare cunt. Then Eve waved toward the eagerly cock sucking woman in the center of the room.

Gwen hadn’t noticed a thing. She was too busy. Her fluffy red curls hid her face as she powered her head up and down on her sons’ stiff pricks.

Eve glanced into the doorway beyond Ray. Chuck was staring over his brother’s shoulder. His mouth was an O of surprise. His stare burned with excitement.

Both of Eve’s boys watched. Gwen continued to pump her head up and down, cock sucking with her eyes closed.

Eve watched Gwen, but her thoughts kept drifting back to her boys. The redhead was wagging her ass high in the air as she sucked. All eyes followed those full pale ass-cheeks as they humped up and down.

Eve studied the way Gwen used her hands to fondle the boys’ balls and keep their cocks clamped together at the roots. The redhead’s cheeks showed plainly the path of their cock heads, and Eve had to admit that she was impressed.

The blonde watched Gwen suck for another moment, then stared back toward the door.

Ray was already down to his jockey shorts and Chuck was behind him, kicking off his jeans silently.

Eve watched her boys strip. When their big thick cocks hung free, Eve felt her mouth water and she opened her full lips, pointing into her mouth with her blue eyes flashing.

Then her own big stepsons reached her. She reached up and took hold of their rapidly stiffening pricks and licked them while she watched Gwen.

She pulled Ray’s big round cockhead up tight against Chuck’s mushroom-shaped one and opened her lips around them both. Her tongue flicked into both of their cum-holes, and the boys made sharp moaning sounds.

When Gwen looked up, her face was shiny and wet. Her eyes were glazed, and she blinked, staring harder at Eve and the two big cocks in her mouth.

Gwen pulled up, slurping two cock heads out of her mouth. She grinned at Ray and Chuck, and then wiped her chin with the back of one hand.

“Hi! What a nice surprise,” she said. She got to her feet, and swung one leg over her sons’ asses. She gave all three staring neighbors a nasty grin. “Watch me fuck.”

Gwen glanced down, untying the bows at her hips. Her black panties fell into her hand, and the laughing redhead tossed them at Eve.

Gwen squatted her bare cunt down and used one hand to hold both stiff cocks together the way she had done for her mouth.

Eve watched with her mouth open. Gwen watched and groaned, but she forced both cocks to pry between her thick cunt-lips. As she cried out, her pussy swallowed both acorn-shaped cockheads completely.

Gwen let go of their pricks. She tore the bra off her tits, tossing her shoulders back. As she sank down, taking the two cocks farther up her cunt, she gripped handfuls of her tits.

“Oh!” she gasped, forcing her ass down farther. “Oh, yeah!”

She wiggled as she descended, and the rubbery lips of her pussy sucked their way down inch after inch on both cocks.

“Mommy’s gonna fuck!” she cried out. She sank her red fingernails into her billowing tits, and began to rock up and down.

Eve started to pump her hands on her boys’ pricks as she watched Gwen. Eve’s tongue went faster, licking them both, and she stretched her lips around both bulging cockheads until it hurt her tender lips at the corners.

Watching Gwen as she rode up and down on her boys’ young pricks was so inspiring that Eve couldn’t stop. Eve rocked her own naked cunt on the chair, her hands and mouth full of their cockmeat.

Gwen rocked up until Eve could see the slanting rims of both wet cockheads. But even as they stretched out from under the gripping lips of their mother’s cunt, they would disappear. And then Gwen’s deep cunt would swallow every inch of both cocks. Eve could hear Gwen’s ass slapping down onto her boys aver and over again.

Chuck was the first to start chanting. He picked up the steady tempo of Gwen’s cunt and shouted, “Fuck! Fuck!”

Soon Ray’s deep baritone joined in. When Jeffrey and Kyle added their voices, Gwen laughed to the ceiling and drove her pussy up and down even faster.

Eve had a mouthful of her two delicious pricks, but her voice moaned to the same urgent beat. She watched the redhead fuck and realized how full her own pussy had been from just one of Gwen’s boy’s cocks. But Gwen’s pussy seemed like it could take even more stiff cock.

Eve had a thought. She pulled her boys’ pricks away from her mouth and nodded toward the sweaty trio of fucking bodies.

Ray and Chuck shared a quick smile and moved away from their stepmother. Eve squirmed excitedly when Ray and Chuck got down on the floor the same way Kyle and Jeff were lying.

“Do it, Eve!” Gwen gasped. “Fuck with me, baby!”

Eve got down hurriedly, watching to see exactly how Gwen was perched over her pussy full of cock. Then she copied it. When she balanced the same way, Ray reached up to hold her. Then Chuck’s long arm held her too.

Eve reached down and tried to hold both of their cocks together. With both hands she could barely stretch her fingers around them far enough to hold them together.

The arching shaft of Chuck’s prick was difficult to hold flat against Ray’s throbbing prick. It kept bending back into its pussy-plowing arch. Eve had trouble getting their cockheads tight together, but she let out a sigh of determination and lowered her cunt.

Eve tried again. She balanced with both boys’ help and tried to get her tight cunt to take both of them, but it hurt too much.

Eve looked up and watched Gwen again. The redhead’s cunt pulled and sucked at both cocks with room to spare. Eve got down to one side, resting on one knee while Gwen fucked.

“Gwen!” Eve shouted. The redhead blinked her eyes open, and nodded while her head bobbed up and down with her fucking.

“Fuck!” Gwen cried, her throat raw. “Fuck them both!”

Eve shook her head. Gwen slowed her fucking, staring down at Ray’s and Chuck’s hard cocks. The two of them together looked like too much for even Gwen’s cunt to take.

“Okay,” Gwen said. “You come up here, and I’ll fuck those big cocks.” Then she gave her sons both a smile. “You want Eve’s tight little pussy?”

When both boys said yes, Gwen laughed and rose up.

Eve looked at Ray and Chuck. “Are you two ready for this monster pussy?”

Ray slapped his mother on the ass. “We’ll watch you fuck the Hamilton twins, and we’ll give their mother more cock than she can take.”


Eve took Gwen’s place, balancing over Jeffrey’s and Kyle’s hard pricks. She reached down and fondled their hairless balls the way their mother had, and her other hand held their cock shafts together.

Kyle and Jeffrey both watched Eve. The blonde looked back at them, and then lowered her tight-lipped pussy carefully. Their cocks were exactly the same length, and their two cockheads pushed firmly against Eve’s pussy was one.

She watched Gwen as she forced her pussy around the cockheads. The redhead was having trouble. Her cunt was stretched around the double curves of both big cock heads, but the thick lips wouldn’t wrap around the huge flaring rims.

Then Gwen sett her jaw and squinted her eyes shut. The redhead cried out as she forced her pussy down with all of her weight. Gwen’s pussy stretched into a tight red band around both cocks and then crawled excruciatingly down.

Eve felt her own cunt stretch, taking more of Kyle’s and Jeffrey’s cocks. She winced and pushed harder. Her tight pussy opened until Eve thought that she would rip and bleed, but she repositioned herself and pushed again.

Gwen took handfuls of her tits as she had done while on her own sons’ pricks. She sank her fingers into her tits and forced her wide stretched pussy down farther. Gwen cried out again, resting and panting and glancing at Eve.

Eve grinned and lowered her body more. The redhead watched her sons’ cocks slide deep into Eve’s blonde-fuzzed cunt. Thou Gwen matched her showing her teeth in a grimace as she squat down more cock.

Eve started fucking, moaning as the two cocks moved against each other in her pussy. Still slippery from their mother’s juicy cunt, they slipped back and forth as Eve moved up and down.

Kyle and Jeffrey both reached up to hold her when she almost tipped to one side. Eve regained her balance and pushed down again. She cried out as her cunt stretched, but she loved every second of it.

When Gwen’s voice rose in a long note, Eve looked back. The redhead’s cunt was holding both big cock shafts firmly, and the juicy red lips of her pussy were stretched thin.

As Eve watched, that overstretched cunt took even more cock. Eve fucked faster, four hands guiding her.

Gwen leaned back as she pushed. Her cunt pushed Ray’s and Chuck’s stiff cock shafts together so tightly that they fanned an airtight column of hard meat. She grunted and her cunt lowered even more.

Eve lengthened her strokes as she fucked. She glanced to one side and then the other, watching Kyle’s and Jeffrey’s faces. Satisfied with their red-faced, bug-eyed expressions, she turned her attention back to Gwen.

Ray’s strong hand was on one of Gwen’s hunt pale tits. Chuck reached out and took the other bouncing tit as Eve looked on. While the redhead forced her cunt down on their throbbing cocks, they squeezed and pulled her tits.

Eve took her own big tits in her hands. She worked them around her chest as she fucked. She noticed that Ray was watching her and she grinned at the staring boy, bouncing on her double cunt-full of cock.

Eve fucked in longer strokes, feeling two cockheads plow deep into her overstretched cunt. She rode up and down, watching Gwen squat and take another cunt-stretching inch of her throbbing cock sandwich.

When Gwen rose up, she moaned and looked down to watch all that cock meat come out of her own cunt. She poised for a moment, taking a deep breath, and then lowered her pussy with a loud screw.

Soon both mothers were fucking in long slippery strokes. Eve and Gwen watched each other, panting and moaning as they rose up and down on each other’s sons’ pricks.

Gwen fucked like woman possessed. Her wide cunt was grinding far up and down the oversized combination of Ray’s and Chuck’s big pricks. Eve watched the moaning redhead and this powered her own firm ass up and down faster.

Kyle and Jeffrey groaned and rocked their hips on the white carpet. Eve knew her tight pussy was something new for these boys. She planted her heels against the sides of their sweaty bodies and forced her cunt down harder with every snapping stroke.

Gwen’s pussy rocked and turned as she fucked. Eve could see the stiff cocks bend and grind together as the redhead got the most from her double cunt-full of hot cockmeat.

Eve took the boys’ hands from her pumping ass-cheeks and pulled them. She got them to move closer to Gwen. Kyle turned on his elbows, backing away, and Jeffrey came up alongside Ray’s muscular body.

The mothers faced each other now as they fucked. Gwen opened her eyes and saw Eve fucking up and down to the same long steady rhythm. They sputtered a short laugh of excitement. Then they started to race.

Eve gritted her teeth and put more energy into her fucking. Kyle and Jeffrey cheered her on with urgent moaning. Their hands helped her to speed up.

Ray and his brother called out to Gwen. Chuck’s hand slapped down on the redhead’s full round ass as Gwen fucked faster to keep pace with Eve.

The women stared at each other’s juicy pussy, driving up and down as fast as they could. Eve gasped her breath in, and every hard thrust down her twin pricks forced her lungs to empty again.

Gwen rocked back, holding herself up on her arms behind Ray’s and Chuck’s steel-hard cocks. She fucked bent over like that, with her feet spaced wide apart at the boys’ waists and her hands flat on the carpet.

The redhead’s knees splayed far apart, and Eve could see the thinly stretched lips of her pussy slide wetly as Gwen fucked. Gwen’s huge tits bounced and slapped loudly, and she gave the blonde a challenging stare.

Eve gusted a laugh and copied the cock hungry redhead. Kyle and Jeffrey moaned louder when Eve bent over them and fucked from the same acrobatic angle.

Eve had to look down between her own flopping tits to watch Gwen’s overstuffed pussy. Eve balanced her weight and forced her sparking pussy to slide all the way up and down the stiff cocks.

Eve’s tender cunt-mouth slammed down against the boys’ flexing stomachs with each stroke. Their cocks were smooth and hairless all the way down. She could feel the damp blonde fuzz of her cunt tickle their young balls as she fucked up and down every wonderful inch of their pricks.

Gwen was moaning so loud that her throaty voice cracked. Her head shook, whipping her red curls against her reddened cheeks. Her mouth was open wide, and her eyes rolled back as she rocked her cunt up and down.

Eve gritted her teeth harder and forced her own gripping cunt to fuck faster to match Gwen. Kyle and Jeffrey rocked their asses on the carpet faster too. The separate motions of two cocks made Eve’s pussy, flood and flash a juicy warning.

Ray and Chuck were both slapping Gwen’s pumping ass. The blonde could hear the loud cracks that drew sharp cries from Gwen.

Gwen fucked even faster. Eve couldn’t believe that any flesh-and-blood coat could fuck like that without horrible damage. Eve missed a beat, watching Gwen’s amazing pussy.

The redhead’s wide cunt looked like the big toothless mouth of some cock-eating animal. The thick red lips of her pussy were stretched into a thin pink rubbery sleeve that gripped and pulled when Gwen rose up.

Eve could see Ray’s heavy balls pull up to Gwen’s cunt was stretching both cocks from the thick hairy roots with every upstroke. The skin of their cocks was bunching up inside Gwen’s cunt. Her boys’ faces told Eve that Gwen’s cunt was doing the job right.

Ray was slapping Gwen’s ass in a regular rhythm, groaning as the redhead fucked. Chuck was fucking his hips in short jerks on the carpet, grinding his stiff cock against his brother’s inside Gwen’s quick cunt.

Eve was bouncing so fast she bit her tongue when she slammed down on the moaning boys’ pricks. She squealed, but kept fucking, watching Chuck and Ray. When Ray looked back at her, she tried to smile, but her mouth was locked in a wide circle.

Sweat trickled down Eve’s back and down the full curve of her bouncing tits. She panted like a long-distance runner. Her cunt was already charging for a blast, and Eve got ready to cum.

Gwen was going crazy, wiggling and writhing as she fucked. Eve’s boys were still spanking the redhead, and they were cheering her on with sharp commands to fuck.

Eve glanced to see Kyle and Jeffrey both panting and grimacing, their cocks almost ready to shoot her pussy full of cum. Eve hoped for big gooey double blast of cum from these boys.

Kyle and Jeffrey were both wiggling their hips, and Eve could feel their twin cocks sliding back and forth against each other in her cunt. The added sensations made them all moan louder and Eve fuck faster.

Gwen shrieked.

Eve stared. The redhead shrieked again when Ray grabbed Gwen by the ass and one leg and picked her halfway off the floor.

While Ray and Chuck held Gwen firmly on their stiff cocks, Ray swung one of Gwen’s legs over his body.

The shocked redhead faced Ray. She shrieked again.

Eve looked down under Gwen’s buckled leg and saw the boys’ pricks twisted like taffy in the redhead’s pussy.

When Ray put his hands on Gwen’s ass and made her fuck in long strokes, his prick and his brother’s cock slowly untwisted. Gwen shrieked with every one of those strokes.

Eve decided to copy what Ray had done to Gwen. She watched Gwen fuck, seeing how Ray’s thick cockshaft jutted from the front of Gwen’s cunt and how Chuck’s long cock slipped up and down behind it.

Eve took a deep breath and held it. She winced and swung one leg over Jeffrey’s body and faced him.

When the cocks twisted in her own tight pussy, Eve shrieked as Gwen had. Eve could feel the inside of her pussy twist with them, holding both cocks as she turned her body ninety degrees.

The new pressure in her cunt drew a fresh flood of her clear sweet cum. Eve shivered her hips and then her shoulders and head as a flash of electric current charged up her spine.

Eve put her hands on her tits, balancing with her feet on either side of the boys’ bodies. She looked down at Jeffrey’s face as she started to fuck.

Jeffrey was gasping, his head turning from side to side as Eve bounced up and down on his cock. She caught his eye and played with her tits for him. Jeffrey reached up and put his hands on Eve’s tits.

Kyle put his hands on Eve’s firm ass. He helped her fuck. Eve leaned forward, letting Jeffrey watch her big tits bounce over his questing hands. Kyle gripped her ass tighter, and all three moaned as one.

Eve looked to the side and watched Gwen fuck next to her. Both mothers were riding far up and don their double dose of stiff young cock, and Eve wondered if she would be able to keep up with the hot redhead.

Eve’s overstretched pussy was sparking and juicing. She could feel her cunt clamping down for the kill. She powered her ass into a higher gear, pulling ahead of Kyle’s hands.

But Gwen looked like she could go on forever. She groaned and gasped as if she were going to collapse any second, but her body fucked two huge cocks with machine-like precision that left Eve in awe.

Then Eve felt her cunt grip. She shivered, squatting down hard. Her flaring pussy sank tightly all the way to Kyle’s and Jeffrey’s balls, mashing them.

She cried out, holding her pussy down, and came. Her pussy gushed hot girl-cum. She leaned forward and reached down, pulling Jeffrey’s face up into her tits. And she came again.

Both Kyle and Jeffrey held their long slender cocks up. Eve felt her pussy explode, and she shivered again. She rocked her ass in tiny circles, forcing their cocks to take separate paths to follow her. And the wonderful double-fuck made Eve shout again and again.

Kyle and Jeffrey groaned louder and louder with her. Eve lost track of how many times her cunt fired off. She kept grinding her cunt on all that twisting, sliding cock and went through a series of gut-grinding spasms that made her see stars.

Hot juice spewed from her double-stretched pussy. Eve realized that not all of it was hers. Jeffrey’s cock gushed, sending another long white drool of hot jism out of her pussy.

Eve looked back over her shoulder. Kyle’s fingers gripped the carpet. His face was red and dripping with sweat. And when Eve mashed her ass down on his cock and wiggled with all her strength, he screamed and his swelling cock erupted.

Eve squealed. Her body started to shake all over, and she straightened up on both cocks and came so strongly that she was sure she would faint.

She leaned back on Kyle’s gushing prick, shaking her ass like it was on fire. She felt Jeffrey’s cock shoot another strong blast up the front of her cunt.

Ray and Chuck both whistled and cheered their stepmother. But when Eve looked dazedly over, she saw that Gwen couldn’t hold off any longer either.

Gwen held her breath, and slipped her cunt up and down in hard slapping strokes. Ray’s fingers were sunk in Gwen’s full ass-cheeks. He was using all his strength to make the redhead fuck.

Eve shivered with another rush as she watched Gwen lose control. Gwen gasped hoarsely, and her spine snapped into a high arch. When she leaned back so far that her curly red hair hung free of her back, Chuck rose up off the floor from the waist. Gwen’s ass was flattened hard on his flexed stomach, and Eve knew that his whole long cock was buried in Gwen’s amazing pussy.

Gwen let her breath out in a scream that hurt Eve’s ears. The redhead gnashed her teeth. Her hands scratched and tore at her tits and her sides. She quivered, and Ray’s strong hands pushed and pulled her, still trying to make her fuck.

Eve kept moving her cunt, still cumming too the sight of the hot redhead writhing on Ray’s and Chuck’s lucky pricks made Eve quiver with another strong rush. She blew wet hair out of her face and enjoyed the wonderful moment.

The room was filled with moans and screams and with the heady scent of hot pussy and sweaty cock. Ali the boys were making noise, and Eve’s own moans were beyond her control.

Eve saw huge gobs of cum start to smear and slide down her own sons’ cocks as Gwen fucked them. The boys looked like Gwen was tearing their big pricks out by the roots.

Eve squatted down on her boys’ two stiff cocks hard and shivered with a last charge. Jeffrey and Kyle screamed and their wilting pricks jumps. Eve grinned in triumph and then winced as she rose up.

Getting off of those two cocks wasn’t easy. But Eve managed. She lay in a heap near Jeffrey and Kyle, panting.

Gwen’s writhing body was slowing down. Her cunt was still leaking a stream of white cum. Eve knew her boys were pumping all that hot cum up into Gwen’s pussy. Eve smiled. It was beautiful.

When Ray and Chuck both rolled to the side, they dumped Gwen almost on top of Eve. The gasping redhead curled up and shivered.

Eve leaned up on one elbow. She smiled. Then she realized that all four boys were looking straight at her, smiling back.


Eve’s smile faded to be replaced with a look of surprise. Ray and Chuck both were stroking their red slippery pricks. And when Eve gave Ray a questioning glance, he nodded, staring at his stepmother’s tight pussy.

Jeffrey and Kyle were watching Eve too. They nodded, assuring her that they, were going to join Ray and Chuck in serving Eve.

Eve looked at all four strong young cocks. Then she glanced down to where Gwen huddled in a quivering heap next to her on the floor. Eve knew that the panting redhead was out of the game for good.

Then Eve giggled, looking at all the cocks again. All of them were bigger. All four of the boys’ cocks were getting hard again. For her.

Eve let out a long sigh of pleasure. She stretched on the white carpet. She opened her legs, airing her hot cunt. She jerked with another rush, but she reached down and played with the sticky mouth of her pussy.

“Fuck me more! Fuck me everywhere!” She smeared cum and cunt-juice all over her thighs and her flat tummy, begging for cock.

Ray got up off the floor and started to clear off the coffee table. They grinned at each other.

Chuck was up too. He played with his long cock. He watched his brother take the glass vase and the antique music box and the ashtray off the table. Then Chuck grinned down at Eve.

Ray crooked a finger at Eve.

“Come over here and lie on the table,” he said. “How about it, guys? Are we all gonna fuck this cock-hungry blonde beauty, or aren’t we?”

Eve blushed where she lay. She noticed that all four boys were staring at her pussy and she moved her cunt for them.

Then Kyle and Chuck came over to where Eve lay. They silently picked her up and carried her easily over and put her down on the cold glass of the table. Eve giggled again. She put her feet down on either side of the long narrow table, baring her pussy.

Kyle lifted her head and put a pillow under it. Eve saw Jeffrey get another of the throw pillows off the couch and put it on the carpet, under her ass.

Jeffrey stood on Eve’s right side. She reached up and took hold of his hanging cock, stroking it. Then she noticed Chuck on her other side. She reached up with her other hand.

Chuck grinned down at her. His prick stiffened in Eve’s pumping hand. She turned her head back and forth, watching both cocks.

Then she noticed that Jeffrey had gotten down under the table. When she saw his face through the glass, she knew he was positioning his ass on the pillow under her own tingling ass-hole.

Ray stood at the foot of the table, staring down at his naked stepmother. His huge cock was throbbing and stiff. Eve could see it was still shiny and wet from his fuck.

“Mommy wants all this hard cock, doesn’t she?” he asked, watching Eve watch his cock.

He moved his hips a little, making his heavy prick bounce.

“Oh, yes,” Eve answered, letting her blue eyes fish on all the boys in turn. “Please.”

She squeezed and pumped Chuck’s and Kyle’s stiff pricks faster. Then she started to move her ass on the table, feeling her sweat-slippery ass slide on the smooth cool glass.

Ray looked down at her rocking cunt. Then he put his hands on her thighs and spread them farther apart. He looked down at her well-fucked pussy and his big cock hardened, rising as Eve stared.

Ray pulled her down until her ass was half off the table, then held her legs up. Eve giggled again, pulled harder on the two strong cocks in her hand, and got ready.

Jeffrey’s cockhead pushed between the spread cheeks of Eve’s ass. She willed her asshole to relax, but the tight rim clenched involuntarily.

Chuck and Kyle leaned closer, their ready pricks meeting near Eve’s mouth. Eve groaned in pleasure and opened her mouth. Her tongue came out and she licked both stiff spongy cockheads while her hands kept pumping.

Ray was standing between her legs, watching everything. His grin told Eve that he was enjoying the show. Eve wriggled in excitement, and she licked Kyle’s and Chuck’s cocks faster. She was ready to go crazy on these four willing pricks.

Then she watched as Ray bent and laid the full weight of his huge cock in the tight crease of her pussy. Eve rocked her hips faster, rubbing the tingling lips of her cunt up and down the length of the thick underside of Ray’s cock. She knew she would soon feel all that cock sliding tightly into her cunt.

She pulled both cocks closer to her mouth and then took turns sucking the hard cockheads into her warm lips. She watched Kyle when she sucked his stiff cock, and then stared up at Chuck’s face when she moved her lips over his cockhead.

Jeffrey’s ass-probing prick was already insinuating its way between the tender cheeks of Eve’s ass. The narrow oval cockhead was perfectly adapted to pry into her ass.

Eve glanced down to where Gwen lay. The redhead was still curled into a defensive posture, her knees drawn up tightly to her chin. She huddled there, her eyes closed.

Then Eve looked around at all the cocks ready to serve her. She moaned, her tongue still lashing two cockheads. She wondered if could hear her moaning, and she let out aloud one for the hot redhead’s benefit.

“I’m a cock-starved bitch,” she gasped loud enough for Gwen to hear. “I want to get stuffed with cock in all my hot fuck-holes!”

Ray chuckled. He started to work his cock back and forth along the sticky slit of her cunt. She matched the speed of his cock, rocking her ass on the table.

The motions stirred Jeffrey’s pushing cockhead in the puckered mouth of her ass-hole. She moaned loudly again, and bent her spine down so Jeffrey would have a better angle to shove his cock up her ass.

She licked and sucked at Kyle’s and Chuck’s cocks like a wild animal. She wiped the wet cockheads over her checks and chin as she shared her tongue and lips between them. She watched the moving eye of Ray’s cum-hole as he rocked.

Jeffrey had a definite talent for coaxing his slender prick into ass-holes. Eve had to admit that the cock-hungry neighbor had taught her boys well. Eve gasped when Jeffrey pushed his cock deeper. His cockhead eased her ass-hole open and slipped into it, flexing to make room.

“Yes!” she cried into her mouthful of cocks. “I love it! I love it!”

Eve pumped her hands on Kyle’s and Chuck’s pricks until she could hear their balls slapping against their thighs. She rocked her ass in quick shallow motions that stirred Jeffrey’s cock in her ass. And she watched the huge head of Ray’s cock.

“Fuck Mommy!” she screamed. “Fuck me, you mother fucking big-cocked bastard!”

Ray used both hands to take hold of his thick cock shaft and push it down.

When he pulled his hips back on the next stroke, Eve gasped. The added pressure of the thick corded underside of Ray’s rock-hard prick made her cunt push open around it. Her stretching pussy-lips spread far up the sides of his cock shaft as it slid by.

Then the huge round cock head pushed down, hooking firmly into her cunt. Eve gasped again. Ray’s cock head pushed with more and more strength until it had forced its way firmly into the mouth of her pussy.

Eve sucked her two cocks more wildly than before. Kyle and Chuck both pushed forward, and Eve’s mouth was stretched open the same way Ray was stretching her burning cunt. Eve rocked her ass for more.

Jeffrey used every opportunity to pry more cock into her clenching ass-hole. Inch after inch crammed through the tight rim of her ass. He held her ass-checks apart as he pushed hard.

Eve squealed in surprise when so much more cock slipped up her ass. She pushed her ass up off the table right up into Ray’s huge cock head.

Eve squealed again. Her ass moved up to avoid Jeffrey’s stiff cock, and then down to stop the huge head of Ray’s cock from hurting her overstretched cunt.

The combination had Eve rocking her ass up and down faster. All Ray and Jeffrey had to do was hold their cocks steady. Eve did all the rest. Her tight wet cunt-mouth and her clenching asshole worked both cocks with the practiced double grip of a four-figure whore.

Eve gasped and drooled on her mouthful of two stiff cocks. She had to pull them both into her sucking mouth from the sides, and her hands worked harder to pull the stiff cockheads together in her mouth.

Eve stabbed her tongue between those cockheads. Both Kyle and Chuck moaned, and they pushed their cocks harder into her wild mouth.

Her rapid fucking was snapping the prominent rim of Ray’s cockhead in and out of her pussy. Eve loved the way Ray’s huge cockhead popped in and out of her pussy. She gasped harder on Chuck’s and Kyle’s pricks, watching Ray’s cock jut from her pussy.

She could see the blunt tip of Ray’s cockhead appear and disappear as she rocked her ass. She fucked faster, and Ray leaned forward.

She saw the corded muscles of his stomach flex into solid bands. He pushed with one steady motion that made Eve scream.

Inch after thick inch of cock jammed deep into Eve’s pussy. She had forgotten how hot and stiff Ray’s huge cock really was. She could feel the fist-sized cock head imbedded far up the tight channel of her cunt.

Jeffrey’s cock was smashed in her ass by the extreme pressure of Ray’s thick cock. Jeffrey held his cock still while Ray took so much room in Eve’s pussy. Eve didn’t think the neighbor boy could move his cock at all, and she hoped he wouldn’t try.

Eve’s shallow fucking was slowed down by the advance of Ray’s cock. She was pinned to the table by Ray’s throbbing cock shaft. Every tiny movement of her cunt made her gasp on her two tasty cocks.

Kyle and Chuck seemed to be competing for room in her mouth. They pushed ahead of each other, bulging her cheeks as she sucked and licked. Her hands rested near the roots of their cock shafts and she tried to hold them off.

Kyle was staring at the ceiling, and his cock was pushing against Eve’s tongue again and again. Chuck was holding his mother’s head with one hand, pushing the same way.

When Ray pushed his big cock another inch into her pussy, Eve screamed again. She pushed Kyle and Chuck back, trying to get some of the stiff cockmeat out of her gasping mouth.

Chuck and Kyle exchanged words, and then Chuck pushed his neighbor. Eve didn’t want trouble, so she immediately pulled her stepson’s cock out of her mouth and stroked it lovingly.

“Fuck Mommy’s big tits,” she said softly, staring up at him.

Chuck, grinned down at her and then pulled his cock away from her hand. He swung a leg over her and squatted down. Then he pulled her tits up from either side with his hands and wrapped them around his long arching cock.

Eve groaned out loud. She let her eyes drift shut, trying to feel everything. Ray and Jeff could no doubt feel each other’s cock through the tightly stretched membrane between her cunt and her ass-hole. She rocked her body in small circles, groaning again.

Chuck was already pumping his long cock back and forth between her soft tits. He held them tight around his cock shaft and rocked from his hips, and Eve arched her spine, holding her tits up for him to fuck.

Then Eve turned her head and sucked Kyle’s cock into her mouth, her eyes still closed. She took more and more cock into her mouth. When she felt the smooth hairless base of his cock mash flat into her sucking lips, she held her mouth still, holding every inch of his cock in her cheeks and throat.

She could smell his balls as she sucked his cock. The strong male scent made her whole body tingle and writhe on the table. The movement caused so many sensations that Eve writhed more. She felt the stirrings of all her stiff cocks, and jerked her body, gasping.

When Ray started to fuck, Eve had to lie still. Her attention focused on her pussy. Ray’s thick cock shaft was sliding back and forth, faster and faster as he pushed his cock deeper.

Jeffrey used the freedom of Ray’s upstrokes to push his slender prick up her ass. Then when Ray filled her pussy, Jeffrey’s cock pulled away. Eve’s legs kicked in to air, but Ray held her knees in his steady grip.

Chuck’s long cock slipped all the way between her tits with every stroke. His cock head wedged tightly into the sweat-slippery crease and then slipped out to push against the hollow of her throat. She loved the feel of his cock burning the firm inner slopes of her tits. She rocked her shoulders as she sucked and fucked, lost in a trance.

Eve sucked Kyle’s whole cock. She leaned forward farther, pressing her lips flat against his body. She could feel his balls against her check, and slit reached up to cup them.

She opened her eyes to look up at Kyle, and then pushed his balls into her mouth along with his cock. She watched his bug-eyed expression, making room in her mouth for his tight balls in her sucking checks.

Chuck fucked her tits faster, looking down at Eve. Eve watched him and Kyle, her mouth stretched and her lips flattened against the neighbor boy’s hairless crotch. Then she moved her head in quick jerks that pulled at Kyle’s cock and balls.

Ray was still fucking in long cunt-pleasing strokes. His stiff cock was like steel wrapped in tight skin. Eve used the muscles of her pussy to squeeze Ray’s cock. She could feel it swell in response. And then Ray fucked faster.

Jeffrey speeded up to fuck Eve’s ass in counter stroke to Ray. Eve could imagine what her upthrust ass and cunt must look like, skewered between two stiff young cocks. She rocked faster, and Ray and Jeffrey both speeded up to keep their rhythm even.

Eve’s ass slid on the glass as she fucked. The edge of the table was getting uncomfortable. She scooted down and all the cocks followed her. She got the edge of the table near the small of her back, and started to fuck.

She forced her ass and cunt to rock. The motions pulled and pushed both Ray’s and Jeff’s cocks in and out of her two overfilled fuck-holes. The boys picked up their tempo to match hers, using longer strokes in her cunt and ass.

Eve moaned in ecstasy. The sound vibrated the flesh of Kyle’s cock and balls. She arched her back so that the top edge of the table was under her neck and then guided Kyle from her side.

She bent her head down and Kyle stood with his feet under Eve’s shoulders. Her nose poked up his ass as she sucked his cock and used her tongue to wiggle his balls in her mouth.

Jeffrey’s cock was farther up her ass with every stroke. She could feel his hands holding her ass as she fucked, and his and Ray’s cock cooperated, filling her cunt and then her ass with long hard thrusts.

Eve glanced to her side. She saw Gwen on the floor, watching her. Eve watched Gwen’s openmouthed expression, and then noticed that the redhead was finger fucking her cunt as she watched the blonde fuck and suck.

Eve moved her head faster on their prick and balls. Her whole body rocked faster. The membrane between her cunt and ass stretched painfully, but Eve didn’t let up.

Her tits rocked on Chuck’s cock. She could feel his balls smash against her chest as his cock slipped between her tits. She could feel the head of his cock plow from her tits to her throat with each long thrust.

Eve couldn’t stop glancing at Gwen. The redhead was watching Eve take care of four stiff cocks at the same time with an amazed and jealous look on her face. Gwen’s cunt rocked as she watched, and Eve could see more than one of the woman’s fingers stirring her pussy.

Eve pulled her head down, slurping Kyle’s balls out of her mouth and letting half his cock slide wetly into the cool air of the living room. She watched his mother watch her start to rock her head from the neck. Her mouth flew up and down Kyle’s long slippery cock shaft.

“Go, baby,” Gwen said. “Show me how you take four hot loads of cum at one time!”

Gwen speeded up her sucking and fucking, realizing that the redhead was right. Eve could try for four gushing cocks. The thought spurred her on. She powered her ass and her mouth faster.

Ray reacted immediately, pushing so much cock up her cunt that Eve had to muffle a scream on Kyle’s tasty cock. She rocked faster, and her hair shook like a blonde waterfall over the edge of the table.

The first juicy warnings flashed in her pussy. Her ass clenched and she flooded Ray’s cock with her clear girl-cum. She could hear her pussy as that hot juice was fucked to the surface.

Kyle was rocking from the hips, pushing his prick in and out of her mouth. He reached down and held Eve’s head, taking some of the strain off her neck. Eve used his help to make her mouth slide faster on his prick.

Her ass bounced faster, grinding Ray’s and Jeffrey’s cocks in her cunt and ass-hole in turn. They stayed with her, moving in rhythm with her speeding fuck-holes.

Eve’s tits were raw and bruised from Chuck’s cock, but she loved every stinging thrust between her tits. She could hear Chuck moaning with every breath, and she hoped she would feel it is turn spew onto her tits soon.

Ray was panting, his cock fucking like a steel piston. Eve knew her pussy couldn’t take much more of this. She took some of the power away from her rocking motion. Ray picked up speed to compensate. Eve groaned.

Jeffrey speeded up to keep pace. Both clenching fuck-holes were fucked faster Eve’s cunt and as seemed to catch fire.

As if only more fucking would put out that fire, Eve started to fuck her cunt and her ass and her mouth with all her strength. She sucked until she felt the first drop of cum leak into her mouth.

The sweet-salty taste of Kyle’s cum was all it took. Her cunt charged and released, and her body writhed out of control.

Her ass-hole damped. Her cunt flooded. Her mouth gasped until she had to spit Kyle’s cock out of her mouth. She kissed and licked his balls and his cock as she came.

Kyle reached down and stroked his cock. He moaned faster and faster, watching Eve suck his cock and balls in wild movements of her tongue and head. Then his cock gushed, and Eve gasped her face suddenly splashed with hot cum.

She made a loud sound of delight, and more cum sprayed her face. Then Eve inched up and spread Kyle’s sticky cum over her face, wiping his cock head over her cheeks as more of the stuff shot out of it.

Chuck leaned up and started to stroke his cock. Eve managed to get a look at Chuck’s swelling cock head as it gushed its first load of cum on her face from her chin to her forehead.

Eve reached down and her hands joined Chuck’s on his cock. She squeezed and pumped right along with him while he came on her happy face.

Ray’s sudden flurry of fucking took Eve’s breath away. She held onto his brother’s gushing cock for dear life as Ray hammered his huge prick into her spasming pussy.

She screamed, licking cum in a daze of fucking. Her cunt and her ass were both firing off strong charges, and her spine arched, her body shivering.

Ray fucked like a madman, his cock blurring in and out of her pussy. It was enough fucking to make Eve cum until she didn’t think she could stop. And then he came, adding his hot load to the other spewing cocks.

Eve’s pussy filled with his cum and it splashed out of her cunt around the thick shaft of Ray’s cock. Eve could feel it dribble down her ass. Then she felt Jeffrey’s prick swell and shoot cum up her ass.

It was too much. Eve gasped and writhed, reveling in all the hot sticky cock-cream gushing for her. She like she was swimming in cum, and she never wanted to stop.

Ray let out his growl and more cum filled her pussy. She clamped her cunt down and wriggled like a belly-dancer, shaking her cunt and ass.

More hot cum rewarded her fuck-holes, and Eve kissed and licked Kyle’s dribbling cock, coaxing the last drops onto her cum-smeared face.

Ray pulled out and his next load gushed onto her stomach and the full under curves of her heaving tits. She squealed again, and Chuck’s ass smeared his brother’s cum onto her tits as he rocked his hips and jacked off in her face.

Eve could hear Gwen’s amazed moans. The redhead was cumming too, onto her quickly wiggling hand. Eve gave her neighbor a wink, and licked the last cum from Kyle’s satisfied prick.

Eve gave out a last contented sigh and went limp on the table. Cum was dripping over her body and face. She jerked with a strong aftershock that clenched her cunt. Eve closed her eyes, feeling wonderful. She wondered when she could fuck these four willing young cocks again.

No time like the present, she told herself.

Eve started to move, her body begging for more cock.

When all the boys gasped, Eve giggled. But her pussy and her mouth were already warming for more cock.

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