Sunny Gets a Job 2.

His lips were at her ear when he said, “Don’t pay any
attention if I scream like a little girl.”

Sunny giggled and then they were off. She wasn’t sure
if he screamed, but she knew that she did. She held
onto his legs for dear life as they whooshed down the
torrent of water. With a final yelp, they skidded into
the pool at the bottom. Sunny laughed as they waded to
the edge. “That was fun. We’ll have to do the rest of
the rides like that,” she said.

Sunny noticed a funny look on her Uncle Ed’s face.
“Sounds good to me,” he said after a second of
hesitation. They went down more slides, holding one
another tight.

As they approached the last and most daring slide in
the park, Sunny realized what the look on her uncle’s
face meant. Her Uncle Ed was becoming aroused. She
stifled a giggle. After all, she had been grinding her
ass into his groin for several minutes now. And his
hands had been groping at her tummy, sometimes reaching
the tops of her thighs and sometimes brushing at her

Maybe he was copping feels or not, but Sunny was glad
that her Uncle Ed was there for the last slide. She
watched as bathers were dropped into a maelstrom of
turbulent water, swirling in circles as they dropped
lower until they were deposited in a deep pool.

“Ready?” asked Johnson as he nestled close.

Sunny swore that she could feel the lump in his trunks.
She shimmed her ass, rubbing against his throbbing,
growing lump as if she was settling in. She squeezed
his thighs to her sides and said, “Let’s go.”

Johnson pushed off. Sunny yelped as they dropped and
the swift rush of water shoved them sideways. “I’ve got
you,” Johnson halfway yelled into her ear. He certainly
did have her. He’d wrapped his arms around her chest,
seizing her breasts. He’d also brought a leg over hers,
spreading her thighs and pressing his calf onto her
pussy mound.

Sunny felt as if she was in some sort of a weird
wrestling hold. She didn’t mind though. She shrieked
with laughter as their bodies bounced and twisted
against one another. His leg gave her pussy a rough
massage and he was groping at her tits as they went
round and round. Despite all the tossing and turning,
Sunny found herself hunching her suddenly aroused cunt
against her Uncle Ed’s leg. She felt as if she could
well and truly manage an orgasm if she had enough time.
But she didn’t.

With a final twist, they broke into the open. They
separated as they fell into the pool. Sunny was a good
swimmer. She held her breath and stayed under the water
long enough to make sure that her suit was still
covering the important bits. She spun about in the
water and spied Johnson. He had his eyes closed,
kicking for the surface. His hands were busy with his
swimsuit also. One hand pulled the waistband away from
his flat stomach, while the other groped about inside.
Sonny bet that he was hiding his boner before he had to
climb out of the pool. Sunny kicked and pulled herself
underwater until she could arise in front of Johnson.
She managed to brush her nipples up his thighs and
across his hips and chest as she popped out of the
water. “That was fun,” she squealed, and gave him a
quick kiss on the cheek.

“Ha,” he huffed in surprise. He grasped her arms and
pulled her close for a more than avuncular peck on the
lips. “How about we dry off and get something to eat?”

Sunny climbed out of the water. “Okay, I wonder where
Marcia and Aunt Mae got to?” she asked as she scanned
the various pools.

Johnson arose out of the water beside her, glanced
across the crowded park and said, “It would take
forever to find them. I’m sure they’ll eat if they get

“Okay, I’ll meet you in front of the dressing rooms,”
said Sunny. She padded off.

Sunny toweled off as best she could in a wet swimsuit,
ran a comb through her hair and flipped it into a
ponytail. She put on her beach jacket and sandals,
threw her purse strap over her shoulder and left the
dressing area. Mr. Johnson was already waiting for her
of course. He had donned a loose fitting white tennis
shirt over his trunks. They entered the mall and
stopped at an Applebee’s for a snack. They settled on
having an appetizer of potato skins. Sunny drank a soda
while Johnson ordered a pitcher of beer. They talked
about inconsequential things as they ate. Johnson had
emptied the pitcher and was sipping at his last glass
of beer when he said, “Sunny, you were a scrawny little
thing growing up. But you’ve certainly filled out

“Thank you, Uncle Ed,” she said. His face was flushed
from the alcohol and he was ogling her breasts. She
remembered how his hands had felt on that last ride.
Her nipples were still sensitive from where he had
rubbed the material of her swimsuit across them. Her
Uncle Ed – well, he wasn’t really her uncle she had to
remind herself – was definitely coming onto her. This
older, very attractive man, was practically drooling
over her tits and now his leg was brushing against hers
under the table.

“Can I get you anything else?” asked the server who had
seemingly appeared out of thin air.

“Oh, nothing, thanks,” said Johnson as he managed to
drag his eyes away from Sunny. “just the bill, please.”

Johnson settled the bill, and then he and Sunny were
back in the mall. They strolled past the shops,
occasionally remarking on something in a window.
Shortly, they came upon a boutique store. “Do you like
this store?” asked Johnson when Sunny stopped to look
at a display of jeans.

“It’s okay,” said Sunny with a shrug. It was one of
those stores that featured a loud techno-beat as
background music. It had trendy clothes at inflated

“Let me buy you something,” said Johnson as he took her
arm and guided her into the store.

Sunny didn’t question her uncle’s motives. He had
always bought her little presents. Although the last
thing she could remember was a stuffed bear from about
three years ago. She browsed for a few minutes until a
top caught her eye. It had short-sleeves with a wide
neckline and a crisscross bodice that dropped to a
waist that could be buttoned just above her cute
bellybutton. Sunny smiled to herself. The top would
showcase both her tits and her tiny waist. She found a
color and size that suited her and then got the store’s
single clerk on duty to open a dressing room.

Once in the room, Sunny removed her beach jacket and
hung it on a hook. She wanted to put the top on over
her swimsuit, but decided that it was still too damp.
She had just untied her swimsuit top and hung it with
her jacket, when the dressing room door swept open and
her Uncle Ed popped inside. He quickly shut the door
behind him.

Sunny crossed her arms over her breasts and hissed,
“Uncle Ed, what are you doing?”

Johnson’s eyes immediately went to the sight of Sunny’s
breasts as they swelled above her hands. “Don’t worry,”
he said with a sexy smile. “The salesgirl’s busy with a
bunch of giggly high school girls.”

Sunny had seen that look before, most recently on Mr.
Wagner’s face. She’d teased Uncle Ed all afternoon and
now he was all worked up. In fact, she thought she
could see the bulge of his cock through his trunks and
the long tail of his knit shirt. She liked it. She
wasn’t afraid of her uncle or the situation. She
thought it was exciting.

Throwing back her shoulders Sunny put one hand on her
hip and put a forefinger to her lips exposing her
jutting tits. “Is this what you wanted to see?” she
asked coquettishly.

“Oh damn, you know it is,” said Johnson. He took
Sunny’s breasts in his hands and tweaked her nipples
with his thumbs.

In reaction, Sunny’s hands went to his forearms. She
didn’t try to stop his caresses, but she couldn’t stop
shivering at his touch. It was like an electrical
charge was running from her nipples to her pussy. Her
mouth made an oh of surprise as she looked up, and then
he was kissing her. It was a hard sloppy kiss; his
tongue frantically probing her mouth.

The kiss went on for a while. Sunny fought back with
her tongue until they were both breathless. “Uncle Ed,
what are we doing?” she asked when they came up for
air, as if she didn’t fully well know.

“You’re so hot; you’ve made me hard all day,” moaned
Johnson. He pulled down his trunks to show her. Pre-cum
was streaming from his cock-slit, falling to the floor
of the dressing room. “My balls are about to bust,
Sunny,” he pleaded.

Johnson’s hands went back to her tits and he resumed
his frenzied wet kiss. He hunched his cock against her
flat belly, smearing his cum into her soft skin. His
hands crept lower, stroking and massaging her nubile
body until he was kneading her fine ass, and his
fingers dipped down the front of her swimsuit, pushing
the material off her hips.

Sunny felt her Uncle Ed’s finger worm its way into her
juicy cunt. She was thoroughly wet, and he began to
screw her with one finger at first, and then two. “That
feels too good, Uncle Ed,” she groaned softly. That
seemed to spur the man on. His finger fucking increased
in tempo. Soon the little room was filled with the
slap, slap of his hand on her pussy lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…” Sunny cried in a high whisper. She
buried her face against his shoulder and came big time,
her soft cries muffled in his shirt.

Sunny sat on the little bench of the dressing room,
recovering from her hot orgasm. She kept her eyes
closed and leaned against the wall until her heart
stopped racing and her breathing returned to near
normal. When her eyelids fluttered open, she saw her
Uncle Ed standing there. His hand was holding the shaft
of his cock while weak jets of pre-cum leapt from its
tip. He looked as if he was in pain.

“Come here,” said Sunny. She replaced his hand on his
cock with both of hers. She licked the pre-cum from his
cock-head and then took it in her mouth. She gave his
pulsing shaft a couple of strokes and he exploded in
her mouth.

His day long supply of pent up cum rushed through his
dick. “Oh fuck…oh yes…damn, damn, damn…suck it,
suck it, my little Sunny,” he whimpered softly in time
to the spurts of cum that filled her mouth.

Eventually, Sunny got to try on the top and saw that it
was a nice fit. She left the dressing room and then
signaled Uncle Ed when it was a good time for him to
sneak out. The salesperson gave them a suspicious look
as he paid for the top, but she didn’t say anything
beyond the usual pleasantries of business.

They walked back into the mall concourse. “I think she
suspected,” said Sunny.

Johnson barked out a laugh. “Bunch of hot young girls
trying on clothes in there all day while their horny
boyfriends wait on them? I imagine someone has sex in
those dressing rooms every other day.”

“Uncle Ed, I think you’re turning into a dirty old
man,” said Sunny.

He just laughed and pulled a cell phone from his
pocket. He fiddled with it and then put it to his ear.
“Hi, what are you doing?” he said into the phone.

Someone else talked. Sunny assumed it was Aunt Mae.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” said Johnson. “I turned it
off before we went swimming. So what’s the plan?” The
conversation ended shortly and he put away the phone.
Turning to Sunny he said, “Let’s head back to the car.
I think they’ve had enough for the day.”

They walked to the Lincoln Navigator. On a weekday
afternoon the big SUV stood out in the mostly empty
parking lot. Johnson started the engine and the air-
conditioner roared to life full blast against the
summer heat.

“Where are they?” asked Sunny, looking across the lot
for Marcia and her mom.

“Oh they won’t be here for a while,” said Johnson with
a wicked grin. “I thought we could spend a little time
together alone.” He reached to his lap and gave his
cock a stroke.

Sunny’s eyebrows shot upwards. “You’re hard again?”

“Damn right…I can’t go soft around you, girl. Let’s
get in the back and fuck.”

“Uncle Ed!” said Sunny, trying to sound shocked and

“No one can see us,” said Johnson.

That’s true, thought Sunny. The windows of the SUV were
so heavily tinted that an outsider would have to be
standing right next to the car to see inside. Before
she realized what she was doing she had crawled across
the console and into the middle seats. Johnson adjusted
the front seats as far forward as they would go, and
then he joined her via the doors.

“Let’s get these off,” said Johnson. He eagerly
stripped Sunny’s swimsuit bottom off her luscious ass.
Spreading her legs, Johnson dived on her smooth pussy.
He didn’t even make a pretense of gradual foreplay, he
simply locked his mouth on her cunt and split her
vaginal lips with his tongue.

“Oh…oh, Uncle Ed,” cried Sunny as she felt his tongue
delight the tingling nerve ends of her pussy. He
enthusiastically plunged and twirled his tongue in and
out while alternating with long licks at her clit.
Movement caught her eye, and Sunny looked up to see a
white pickup driven by mall security roll by. The
driver, a woman in sunglasses, glanced toward the
Lincoln. Yeah were fuckin’ in here, thought Sunny.
You’re working and I’m getting head right here and now.
The truck rolled on. “Shit…fuck!” yelled Sunny.
Snatching at Johnson’s hair, she came all over her
uncle’s face.

Sunny laughed when her Uncle Ed whacked his head on the
roof of the Lincoln as he fought to get in the seat
beside her. But the pain didn’t slow him down any. He
pulled at the leg of his trunks and jerked his
throbbing cock into the open. “Hurry,” he hissed as he
searched the parking lot for a sign of his wife and

“You’ve got a big cock, Uncle Ed,” cooed Sunny. She
swung a leg over his crotch and looked down. Johnson
was holding the shaft of his cock; she could barely see
his fingers past the flared, cum-seeping, purple head.

“I sure do,” growled Johnson. He painted her pussy lips
with his wide cock-head. Squirts of pre-cum coated her
blossoming lips as he eased his way inside. “Oh, Sunny
you’ve got the tightest little cunt I’ve ever felt.”

“Oh, God! Fuck! Uhhhh, shit!” Sunny squealed
shamelessly, looking down at the long, stiff,
glistening stalk of her uncle’s cock stabbing into her
hairless little pussy. She wrapped her arms around his
neck and pillowed her tits on his chest. “Yessss! Fuck
me!…. Fuck me, Uncle Ed. Fuck my little cunny.”

Johnson began to race his cock in and out of her pussy
hole. He couldn’t fuck this hot piece of ass fast
enough. Holding onto Sunny’s smooth round buttocks, he
continued to ram his prick into her up-thrust cunt.
Sunny had her legs planted on either side of his waist,
and her arms flung around his neck as his massive cock
slammed up into her clinging twat, causing her to gasp
and moan with pleasure.

“Ooooohh, Uncle Ed, yes, just like that. Fuck me hard.
Ohhh, yes, deeper. I’m cumming, I’m cumming again,”
Sunny squealed.

Johnson grabbed Sunny by her twin cheeks and lifted her
hot little ass up off his thighs, driving his plunging
cock deep into her squirming cunt as she came.

“Ooooooh, I’m cumming Uncle Ed. It feels so good…yes,

Johnson wanted deeper penetration. Knowing that he was
about to bring this horny little girl off a second
time, triggered his ejaculation. He wanted her to
really feel it when he came inside her tight little
cunt. He put his palms under her trembling thighs and
lifted her up, spreading her legs wide at the same

“I’m coming too, baby,” yelled Johnson, shuddering and
hunching his cock deep up inside her incredible pussy.
“Yeah, right up your cunt…cumming up your tight,
sweet, little cunt, your gorgeous little cunt.”

Sunny’s eyes stared wide in orgasm as her uncle’s cock
jerked inside her, filling her quivering pussy to the
brim with load after load of hot, scalding cum.

A few minutes later, Sunny helped Mrs. Johnson and
Marcia fill the back of the Lincoln with shopping bags.
Evidently, they’d spent most of the afternoon in the
mall stores. Mrs. Johnson looked pale and in pain. “Are
you alright?” Sunny asked her.

“Oh, I’ve developed the most awful migraine, honey,”
she said. “I need to lie down. You guys can eat without

“That’s too bad,” said Sunny. “Let’s just skip dinner.
I’m feeling kind of whacked out too.”

Johnson drove on the way to the Wagner home while Sunny
and Marcia sat in the back. After they were on their
way, Marcia slid over close to Sunny and said, “Do you
think there’s any way that you could introduce me to
Mr. Wagner?”

Sunny examined her long time acquaintance. She suddenly
knew why she had been invited along on their little
jaunt in the first place. Marcia wanted to see Mr.
Wagner. Sunny knew she was ambitious; there was no
telling what she wanted from the man.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Sunny, “he’s out of town this
week.” She could barely keep the disappointment over
her friend’s motives out of her voice. She scored a
small revenge by not offering any more information.

“Oh,” said Marcia.

Sunny sighed. She could never bring herself to be truly
mean to someone. Besides, she was feeling pretty mellow
after several pussy pounding, satisfying orgasms.
Orgasms courtesy of Marcia’s father. “Why don’t you
call me next week? I’ll look at his schedule, and if he
has some free time then you can just happen to drop by
to see me. And then, of course, it would be only polite
to introduce you.”

Marcia clapped her hands and squealed out her thanks,
“Oh that’s wonderful, thank you so much.”

As they approached the Wagner home, Sunny saw Tommy’s
Eclipse sitting on the street. She knew it was his car,
the paint job and wheels were too distinctive. So why
hadn’t he parked in the drive? Had he come to surprise
her? That seemed reasonable, his company wasn’t
scheduled to do any yard work that week.

Sunny said her goodbyes to the Johnsons and entered the
Wagner home through a door that led directly into her
rooms. She wondered if Tommy was waiting for her. She
took the time to change into fresh clothes, comb out
her hair and apply a minimum of makeup.

Sunny left her room looking for Tommy, or failing that,
she planned to raid the kitchen for something to eat.
Her end of the house was given over mostly to
recreation. Leaving her room, she passed a small gym, a
billiard room, den and media room before she came to
the dining room and kitchen. So far then there had been
no sign of Tommy. That was when she heard the laughter.
It sounded like a man and woman having a good chuckle
over something. Maybe, thought Sunny, it was Tommy and
Mrs. Wagner discussing some finer point of landscaping.
She left the kitchen and walked down the hallway toward
the now more subdued conversation. In fact, the voices
were more than subdued; they were downright intimate,
complete with murmurs and soft laughter.

Sunny’s footsteps became quieter as she neared what
proved to be the Wagner’s bedroom. She slowed to a
crawl and peered into the room, unsure of what she’d
find. Moving her head an inch at a time, the room came
into view. She saw a writing table, where Mrs. Wagner
kept her laptop, and then an elegant dresser, and then
a naked Tommy sitting on a chair, looking ardently at
something. His rampant dick stretched from groin to
navel, twitching with his heartbeat. A thin drool of
pre-cum washed over his cock-head. Whatever he was
staring at held him spellbound. That was when Mrs.
Wagner appeared from the other side of the room. She
looked as if she had just stepped out of a Victoria’s
Secret catalog.

Sunny had to admit that the woman was stunning. Her
long blonde hair lay in curls over her tanned
shoulders. She was wearing a gray silk babydoll. It had
a deep v-neck embroidered with lace to show off her
breasts, plus slit sides that revealed matching
panties. She strutted up to Tommy in four-inch
stilettos. “Do you like this?” she asked, smoothing her
hands across the shiny silk.

“You look amazing,” Tommy said.

“I know,” said Mrs. Wagner. She stopped in front of
Tommy with her legs spread and her hands on her hips.
She pointed to the floor as if giving an order and
Tommy hopped off his chair and went to his knees. To
Sunny’s amazement, he began to kiss Mrs. Wagner’s toes.

“Oh shit,” Sunny mouthed silently. She’d heard about
stuff like this, but Tommy wasn’t a wimp. He didn’t
seem to be the sort of guy who needed to be dominated.
But maybe she was wrong. By then, Tommy was nuzzling
Mrs. Wagner’s calf and licking his way up her leg. When
he reached her knee, she put a finger under his chin a
lifted him up. Between Mrs. Wagner’s natural height and
her heels, she was actually an inch or two taller than

Tommy’s hand went to his dick. He almost got in a
stroke before Mrs. Wagner slapped him on the wrist.
“Not yet,” she said in a coo, caressing his cheek with
her fingers. Tommy’s body shuddered as if she’d slapped
his face, and an eruption of pre-cum leapt from the tip
of his dick to fall on Mrs. Wagner’s leg. A whimper
escaped Tommy’s lips. He went back to his knees,
licking the gleaming drops of his seminal fluid from
Mrs. Wagner’s satin skin.

“You do have a talented tongue,” said Mrs. Wagner. “Why
don’t you remove my panties?” Tommy smiled up at the
tall goddess. His palms slid up her thighs until he
could delicately grasp the waistband of her silky
panties with forefinger and thumb. Slowly he pulled the
panties over her luscious ass and down her long legs.
She obligingly stepped out of the panties. Tommy lifted
the wisp of garment to his nose and inhaled deeply. As
if he was making some sort of offering, he straightened
the material and placed the panties carefully on top of
the dresser.

Sunny had to lean back into the shadows in order to be
sure that Tommy didn’t see her. She’d heard of these
domination games, but she couldn’t believe that he was
playing along. She’d taken him for a very masculine guy
with sort of boyish ways. All the same she couldn’t
drag her eyes away. When she peeked back into the room,
Mrs. Wagner had lain on the bed. Sunny took
satisfaction in seeing that Mrs. Wagner’s tits had
sagged slightly to the sides of her chest. Sunny knew
that in Mrs. Wagner’s position, her tits would be
standing high, her nipples pointing straight up.

But Tommy wasn’t worried about her tits at the moment.
He had his face buried between Mrs. Wagner’s thighs.
She was making little hisses and moans of satisfaction.
“Yessssss…uhhhh yes.”

Tommy’s head bobbed up and down. He alternated between
licking her clit and plunging his tongue into Mrs.
Wagner’s cunt. “That’s it…fuck my pussy…fuck my
pussy with that tongue.” She reached down and grabbed a
fistful of Tommy’s hair. She dragged his face to her
pussy. “Come on, eat my twat,” she said with the force
of an order. Her hips flailed as she smeared her pussy
against his lips and tongue and nose.

“Oh damn,” whispered Sunny. Mrs. Wagner’s legs
trembled. She threw her head back and arched her spine.
She looked as if she was in terrible pain, but Sunny
knew she was having an orgasm. She was cumming and she
was cumming good. In fact, she was riding Tommy’s face
like a sex toy. On and on, she hunched against his
face. To say the least, the woman was capable of an
extended orgasm. Poor Tommy was going to be bald and
suffocating if she didn’t finish soon.

No wonder Tommy hadn’t asked her out again. If his
mistress found out, she’d probably cut off their play.
Sighing, Sunny walked resolutely away from the Wagner’s
bedroom. She had fully grown men after her. She
certainly didn’t need to crave the attention of a
college boy. By the time she reached her room, her
empty tummy had reasserted itself. She found her purse
and left the house in search of a thick burger.


Mr. Wagner was back in his office on Monday. Sunny
found herself making up for the afternoons off from the
week before. She stayed busy with office work, typing,
faxing and answering the phone. FedEx guys came by
twice a day to take or leaving thick mailers. Sunny was
so busy she didn’t even have time for the playful
flirting that all the delivery men like to direct in
her direction.

It wasn’t until Thursday that Marcia called. “Is he
back yet?” she asked Sunny.

“Yeah, but it’s been crazy around here,” said Sunny.
She looked at her phone. She had two lines on hold at
that moment.

“Can I meet him, like we said?” Marcia was practically

Sunny sighed; she didn’t have time for this. She
flipped through her calendar and said, “He doesn’t have
anything scheduled after noon tomorrow, but…”

“Oh, that’s perfect,” squealed Marcia, “see you then.”

“But…” said Sunny. She was too late, Marcia had
already hung up.

Sunny half expected Marcia to show up at dawn on
Friday, but she didn’t actually arrive until about
three in the afternoon. Sunny greeted her with some bad
news: “He went to play golf.”

“That’s alright,” Marcia said with a confident smile.
She gestured to the overstuffed piece of pink luggage
in her hand. “I came prepared to stay the weekend.”
They went to Sunny’s rooms where Sunny left her to
settle in. At five, Marcia came back to Sunny’s office.
Wagner was still away from home.

Sunny shut down her computer and did the other things
necessary to close the office for the day. “Want to
take a walk around the grounds? They have some lovely
gardens,” she asked Marcia. She’d been on her ass all
day and wanted to stretch her legs.

Marcia clearly wasn’t enthused about the idea, but she
shrugged and said, “Sure.”

They strolled slowly through the heat of the late
summer afternoon. The flower beds and shrubs were
perfectly manicured, as usual. That made Sunny think of
Tommy. She hadn’t seen or heard from him all week. At
that moment, she and Marcia emerged from underneath a
trellis covered with roses, and Tommy was there,
walking toward them. He was carrying pruning shears,
although he didn’t look as if he’d been working. She
wondered if he’d just spent an hour or two groveling at
Mrs. Wagner’s feet. Sunny was about to say hello and
introduce Tommy to Marcia when the two looked at one
another and said simultaneously, “What are you doing

Sunny looked from one face to the other. They both held
a mixture of surprise, guilt and anger. “I guess you
guys know each other,” she said.

“Yes,” they said, still looking daggers at one another.

“I’ll just ease on back to the house,” said Sunny. She
left the couple in their standoff.

Almost an hour later, Marcia showed up back in Sunny’s
room. Her mood seemed near enough to normal that Sunny
was encouraged to ask, “What was that all about?”

Sheepishly, Marcia said, “Well, Tommy is my
friend…boyfriend…fuck-buddy…something in there; I
don’t really know. We weren’t supposed to see each
other again until school started in the fall. I thought
he was busy with summer classes. Anyway, it seems that
we’re here for the same thing – getting Mr. Wagner to
notice us.”

“Oh, yeah, he said that he was a writer. Does that mean
he’s written something for Mr. Wagner?” asked Sunny.
She hadn’t thought to add that tidbit into the mystery
of Tommy.

Marcia nodded. “He said that you two had talked. Yes,
he has an idea for a television show. He said that he
gave it to Mrs. Wagner and she promised to give it to
her husband. Apparently, they met while Tommy was doing
one of the gardens.”

That’s not all he’s given to Mrs. Wagner, thought
Sunny. Obviously, the boy hadn’t been stupid enough to
mention his relations with her or Mrs. Wagner,
otherwise Marcia wouldn’t be speaking to her. “Well…”
said Sunny. She was searching for a less dangerous
topic when there was a tap at her door. “Come in,” she
called out.

The door opened and Mr. Wagner entered wearing a
bathrobe. “Hello there,” he said as his eyes went from
Sunny to Marcia. “I didn’t know that Sunny had

“Mr. Wagner, this is my friend, Marcia Johnson,” said

“It’s my pleasure,” said Mr. Wagner. He crossed the
room and took Marcia’s fingers in hand as if he might
kiss them at any second. “You’ll have to excuse the
bathrobe. I just got home from golfing and took a
shower. I thought Sunny might like to grab something to
eat. My wife’s abandoned me for the evening.”

He turned his head and gave Sunny a quick wink that
Marcia couldn’t see. Sunny had vivid memories of that
bathrobe. She doubted that Mr. Wagner had had food on
his mind when he’d come tapping at her door.

“Oh, it’s so nice to meet you,” gushed Marcia. She was
practically writhing in orgasm as she spoke, although
her fingers managed to stay motionless in his grasp.
“Sunny’s been telling me how wonderful you are, and how
great it is to work for you.”

No I haven’t, thought Sunny. But that’s a great suck-up

“And Sunny’s done wonderful things for me,” Wagner said
with a grin. He released Marcia’s hand, which hovered
in the air for a time. Wagner put his hands in his
robe. “I have an idea,” he said as if struck with
sudden inspiration. “Why don’t we order a nice pizza?”
he said to Sunny. “We’ll have a little party in honor
of Marcia’s visit.”

“Oh, that sounds awesome,” said Marcia. She was back to

“Okay,” said Sunny.

“Good,” said Wagner. “Sunny, how about calling
Anthony’s and getting us something you girls would
like? You can pay for it out of petty cash. Oh, and
there’s some beer in the ‘fridge.”

Sunny and Marcia conferred on the menu, and then Sunny
went to her office. She called Anthony’s, a restaurant
known for their pizzas baked in wood fired ovens.
Besides the pizza, she ordered salads and breadsticks.
Sunny got money from the lockbox that was kept in her
desk and headed for the kitchen. There, she opened a
beer and waited on the pizza to arrive. She decided to
leave Marcia alone with Mr. Wagner so she could plead
her case.

By the time the pizza arrived, she was feeling the
affects of the beer. She paid off the driver and took
the food to the kitchen. She loaded a serving tray with
the food plus plates and utensils as well as the beer
and glasses. She lugged the laden tray back to her
room, knocking on the door with her foot when she

Marcia opened the door. “Oh, let me help you with
that,” she said. The girls cleared off a coffee table
and set out the meal. Marcia and Wagner sat on the
sofa, while Sunny sat opposite them cross-legged on the

While they ate, Mr. Wagner regaled the girls with tales
about celebrities he had known. Sunny had a little
extra entertainment. Whenever Mr. Wagner scooted
forward to pick up his beer or grab another slice of
pizza, his robe would ride up above his knees giving
Sunny a clear view between his legs. The man hadn’t
bothered with underwear. His cock lay between his
thighs; it was flaccid, but still impressive. Mr.
Wagner caught her peeking at one point and flashed her
a quick wink and a grin. Sunny felt a twinge of lust in
her pussy. Damn Marcia, she thought. If it wasn’t for
her, I’d be getting my pussy stuffed about now.

When they finished, Sunny began to clear the remains of
the meal to the serving tray. Mr. Wagner and Marcia
were deeply engrossed in trying to recall the plot to
some movie or another. When she finished, Sunny
announced, “I’ll be back in a minute – just going to
take this back to the kitchen.”

“Can I help?” asked Marcia.

Sunny was nearly out the door already. “No, I’ve got
it,” she said over her shoulder.

“Thank you,” called out Mr. Wagner as she left.

It took Sunny ten minutes to dispose of the leftovers
and load the dishwasher with the dirty plates and
utensils. The beers she’d consumed had left her feeling
good. She wondered if she could get rid of Marcia for a
while so she could be alone with Mr. Wagner.

Or maybe not, she thought as she stepped back into her
room. Mr. Wagner and Marcia were all wadded up at one
end of the sofa. His tongue looked as if it was halfway
down her throat, and her hand was caressing his long,
fat dick which had arisen from his robe.

“Ohhh…I…uhhh…” said Marcia when she saw Sunny and
tried to extricate herself from Wagner’s embrace.

Wagner held Marcia firmly but gently in place. “Sunny
doesn’t mind, do you, dear?” he asked the astonished

“I…I guess not,” said Sunny. She noticed that Marcia
hadn’t released her grip on Mr. Wagner’s cock. The
thing was spurting pre-cum every time her fingers
jerked upward.

Marcia relaxed back into Wagner’s arms. “Your hand
feels wonderful,” he murmured to her, “but your lips
would feel so much better.” Marcia glanced guiltily at
Sunny, but then she lowered her head to Wagner’s
twitching, spewing cock. She licked the creamy head.
“Ahhh, that’s good,” said Wagner.

Sunny watched as Marcia fitted her lips around Mr.
Wagner’s cock-head. Marcia went down and half of his
thick shaft disappeared. Damn, you really know how to
suck a big, fat dick, thought Sunny.

Wagner looked at Sunny through lust clouded eyes. “Take
off your top. Let me see those fantastic tits of
yours,” he said to her.

Sunny was wearing a blood red fitted top that buttoned
in front. Trying not to be completely outdone by
Marcia, she made a striptease out of removing her top.
She took her time with the buttons, revealing her flat
tummy at first.

“Yeah, that’s it,” encouraged Wagner.

Sunny wasn’t sure if he was talking to her or Marcia,
or probably both. She turned and posed for her boss,
showing her firm butt one second and then throwing back
her shoulders to showcase her bountiful tits the next.
At last she ran out of buttons to unfasten. For a few
seconds she played peek-a-boo with her half exposed
breasts, but then she shed her top and tossed it over
the back of a nearby chair. Sunny knew she looked hot;
she had worn one of her sexier bras. It matched the red
of her top and was cut so that she could reveal ample
amounts of cleavage. She ran her palms under and along
the sides of her cups, making her tit flesh bulge and
swell upward.

“Oh yes, baby,” moaned Wagner. His hips surged up as
his back arched and his mouth opened in a silent

Marcia sensed what was about to happen. Her mouth came
off his flaring cock, and her hands took its place. She
sat up. “Shoot it. Shoot it, Mr. Wagner,” she cried.
Her fists flailed up and down under the massive,
swelling, purple head of his cock.

A stream of cum rocketed out of Wagner’s dick. It shot
straight up, climbing above Marcia’s amazed gaze, and
then it fell with a splat onto her arm. But that was
only the beginning as more of his cream poured out.

“He’s cumming. He’s cumming good,” Marcia cried.
Wager’s cock streamed cum like an obscene fountain. The
flow shot into the air and then cascaded down over
Marcia’s fingers.

“He sure is”, said Sunny. She was wet. She could feel
her pussy filling with hot blood. Spreading her legs,
she gave her cunt a squeeze.

By the time he finished, Mr. Wagner’s robe was a cum
covered mess. He sighed in contentment and gave Marcia
a long, sloppy kiss. “That was fantastic,” he told the

“Thank you,” giggled Marcia. She looked at her cum
covered hand and arm. Finding a dry spot on Mr.
Wagner’s robe, she cleaned herself off.

He laughed and stood. “So much for this thing,” he
said. He took the robe off, rolled it into a ball and
tossed it on the floor. “You girls are way

Almost without thought, Sunny pulled at her remaining
clothes. Damn, the man was sexy. There was no excess
fat on his lean body. Plus, his dick was still mostly
hard despite his huge orgasm.

Wagner stroked his cock back to a full hard-on. He
loved this. The two hot teens couldn’t get out of their
clothes fast enough for him. Marcia had the long, lean,
sophisticated body and classical beauty of a fashion
model. Her a-cup tits, sitting high on her chest, were
nearly covered by the fall of her blonde hair.

Sunny, on the other hand, was the stuff of every boy’s
masturbatory fantasy. Her angelic face sat above a body
that would give an erection to a dead man. Her shapely
tits overwhelmed her chest. Her heart-shaped ass was a
firm as they come, and her legs managed to look long
and tapered despite her short stature.

Now both girls were naked, looking unsure of what to
do, Wagner felt his dick throb as if he could cum all
night. He put his arm around Marcia’s shoulder and led
her to the sofa. “Kneel on the cushions,” he told her.

“Like this?” she asked as she climbed on the sofa, her
slim ass exposed to Wagner’s gaze.

“That’s it, baby,” Wagner said. He turned her head just
enough to give her another sloppy kiss while spreading
her legs with his knee. He took his beefy cock in hand
and swept the tip up and down her pussy slit,
thoroughly coating her lips until they were dripping
with his pre-cum.

“He’s gonna’ fuck you, Marcia,” said Sunny. She raised
her leg and put her foot on the sofa as her finger
diddled her clit. She hoped Mr. Wagner would save
himself for her.

“I know,” said Marcia. “He’s…uhhhh,” the young woman
moaned as Wagner’s fat dick split her vaginal lips and
dove inside. He grabbed her slim hips and began to
ravage her pussy.

“Nice, sweet pussy,” said Wagner through clenched
teeth. Slap, slap, slap went his thighs against
Marcia’s legs. He looked at Sunny and motioned her
close. They kissed, making out while he continued to
screw Marcia. “Don’t cum without me,” he murmured into
her ear, then he released her.

“Fuck me, come on fuck me!” Marcia yelled. Wagner
fucked her faster now, his cock looked like a cum
soaked piston flying in and out of her cunt.

“Huuhhhhhh…Yes, Yes, Yes…” screamed Marcia. She had
a huge orgasm as she wiggled her ass frantically from
side to side.

“That’s it, baby,” cried Wagner. “Cum all over my

“I am!” moaned Marcia. She came until she slumped
forward in exhaustion and Wagner’s cock jumped free
with a liquid plop.

Sunny was surprised that Mr. Wagner hadn’t lost his
load with all that frantic humping, but his cock was
still rigid as steel as he turned to her. “Ready?” he
asked her with a lust filled smile.

“Yes,” she said in husky whisper.

Wagner sat on the couch. He grabbed his cock at the
base. Pointing it straight up, he gave it a squeeze and
clear pre-cum gushed all over the purple head. “I’m
ready too,” he said. “Come, sit on my lap.”

Sunny knew what her employer wanted. She straddled his
hips and situated herself so that her pussy lips just
grazed the top of his cock. She raked the sloppy wet
flesh over his cock-head. “You tease,” he growled. He
retaliated by using the bloated head of his cock to
slap at Sunny’s clit.

“Ahh!” yelped Sunny. She locked her hands behind his
head and buried Wagner’s face in her ripe breasts.

“Mmmm… I love yours sweet tits,” Wagner mumbled from
her cleavage. He took Sunny’s globes in his hands and
lifted the nipples to his mouth, sucking on first one
and then the other.

Meanwhile, Sunny had wedged Wagner’s cock-head solidly
inside her pussy lips. “Uhhh…you’re so big,” she
moaned as his slick head and shaft spread her cunt like
no other cock ever had.

Wagner stopped lavishing his attention on Sunny’s
breasts long enough to say, “Oh shit, baby, you’ve got
one sweet pussy too.” She was tight; maybe even tighter
than the narrow hipped Marcia. He was shocked when
Sunny managed to take in his entire length.

Sunny’s pussy was stuffed more than she thought
possible. When he started to pump his huge shaft in and
out of her tight, clinging hole, Sunny had to stifle a
scream. His cock began to slam into her snug little
slot with incredible force, making her firm tits jiggle
on his tongue. “Oh shit…fuck! Uhhhh, shit!” she
squealed shamelessly, looking down at the long, stiff,
glistening stalk of Wagner’s cock stabbing into her
hairless little pussy.

Wagner could feel his swollen cock-head slamming into
Sunny’s hole more and more on every thrust as her
slippery young cunt gripped his pounding prick with
incredible force. Her hot bubble ass was bouncing
painfully on his lap and she was moaning loudly, but
Wagner kept fucking her, picking up the speed of his
strokes with each thrust.

All Sunny wanted was to fuck and fuck and fuck this
wonderful stud until she couldn’t cum anymore. “Yessss!
Fuck me!…. Fuck me, fuck my cunt!

Wagner could hardly believe it. This hot ball of sex
was almost beside herself with lust, hunching her tiny
twat hard up against him as he kept fucking his big,
fat cock deep up inside her. He held back from cumming,
trying to last as long as he could in order to sustain
the incredibly tight grip of Sunny’s snug little cunt
around his powerfully fucking cock. She was gasping and
trembling, and he could feel that she was rapidly
approaching her orgasm as waves of pleasure rippled
through her body.

“Uh…uh…uh…uhhhhhh yes…yes,” screamed Sunny as
her orgasm swept through her hot, clenching pussy. “I’m

“Me too, baby…me too!” huffed Wagner. He couldn’t
take it anymore. The spasms of Sunny’s cunt that
rippled up and down his cock were too much to take. Cum
ripped out of his balls, shot through his super hard
rod and filled her pussy to overflowing.

“Thank you, have a good evening,” Mr. Wagner said to
Sunny after a parting kiss. Their frantic fuck had
ended minutes before. He left her room, cum soaked
bathrobe rolled up under one arm, flaccid dick slapping
his thighs in time with his steps. He was whistling
some jaunty tune as he walked away.

Sunny could only shake her head. It wasn’t all that
late but she was exhausted. In fact, Marcia was already
asleep. She’d passed out seconds after Mr. Wagner had
withdrawn his rampaging cock from her satiated pussy.
Sunny retrieved a blanket from a nearby closet and laid
it over her softly snoring friend. Marcia muttered in
her sleep, rolled over and resumed her exhausted
slumber. Sunny managed a quick shower before she too
fell asleep in her bed.


Sunny awoke to the sun streaming through her bedroom
windows. It was Saturday morning and she had been well
fed and well fucked the night before. She stretched
luxuriously under the covers. It was time to roll over
and snooze a while.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open and stab of guilt hit her
stomach. She had promised Mr. Wagner that she would
work this morning. She checked her alarm clock. Damn,
it was almost ten. She was sure that she’d set the
alarm for seven. Whatever, obviously the thing hadn’t

She hopped out of bed and hurried into the bathroom.
After peeing, she ran a brush through her hair; she
could do her makeup at her desk if she wanted.
Returning to her bedroom she threw on underwear, jeans,
tee shirt and slipped her feet into a pair of
moccasins. She quietly opened the door to her tiny
living room. She didn’t want to disturb Marcia; the
girl had spent the night on the couch. But Marcia
wasn’t there; in fact there was no sign of her. The
blanket she’d used was lying in a heap on the floor.
Sunny kept on moving, she didn’t have time to worry
about Marcia.

Sunny ran the short distance to the office, hoping that
Mr. Wagner had slept late too. After all, the man was
practically middle-age. Surely, fucking two hot girls
would leave him exhausted until at least noon.

Her hopes were dashed as she opened the office door.
The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee and the electronic hum
of the office’s machines greeted her. She heard a paper
rattle in Mr. Wagner’s office. Sighing in resignation,
she went to his open office door and tapped on the door

“Sunny,” Wagner said warmly, “come on in and sit down.”

Sunny approached the conference table where he had
papers and folders strewn about. A steaming cup of
coffee and half eaten pastry were at his elbow. The man
didn’t even have the decency to look bleary-eyed. In
fact, he was looking fresh as a daisy in a loose
fitting cotton, long-sleeve shirt, shorts and boat

“I’m sorry I’m late…” Sunny began, but Wagner waved
his hand in dismissal.

“Don’t worry about that,” he said with a smile. “I told
Marcia to turn off your alarm and let you sleep.”

“You’ve talked to Marcia this morning?” Sunny asked,
sounding confused. “She’s disappeared.”

“Oh yeah, we talked. We talked right after we had a
little eye-opener here in the office.”

Sunny’s eyes widened. She could tell by the expression
on his face that by eye-opener he meant more sex and
not a Bloody Mary breakfast. Sunny’s estimation of her
handsome employer changed. It looked as if the man was
not only a sex-machine; he was an insatiable sex-

“Don’t be surprised,” said Wagner. “The entertainment
industry is built on a combination of cooperating with,
and then screwing your fellow player.”

“What do you mean?” Sunny said. She’d caught his double
meaning, but she wasn’t sure what he meant.

Wagner took a sip of coffee and cleared his throat.
“Well, let’s start with Marcia and that gardener
fellow, Tommy. They’re boyfriend and girlfriend and
both looking for an edge into the industry and they
both knew it. Yet they neglect to tell one another
about their connection to me. So Tommy has this
television show proposal he wants me to see, and he
goes through my wife, hoping that she’ll show it to me.
Lord only knows what hoops she made him jump through.”
Wagner stopped talking at the look on Sunny’s face.
“You know anything about that?”

“Well, maybe a little,” Sunny said softly, remembering
how Tommy had slavishly kissed up to Mrs. Wagner both
literally and figuratively.

Wagner laughed. “She likes her domination games and boy
toys. At least she’ll have that stuff out of her system
for a while.” He took a bite of pastry and washed it
down with more coffee while Sunny marveled at his
equanimity with his wife’s infidelity. “Marcia wanted a
shot at Hollywood and I got her one. Goodness knows she
paid for it. So I sent an e-mail to a friend of mine
who’s an agent. She has an appointment on Monday,
that’s why she left so early this morning.”

“I see,” said Sunny, glad not to have to talk about the
Tommy – Mrs. Wagner connection. “That was a nice favor
from you.”

Wagner snorted and said, “I owed it to her. Damn, but
that girl has a tight pussy.” He groped at his crotch
as if reliving the memory. “But I don’t know what that
favor’s worth. She’ll find herself in a waiting room
with dozen other women just as pretty and young as she
is, and some of them will have had years of experience
and training in acting behind them. Anyway,” he
shrugged, “that brings us to you.”

“Me?” squeaked Sunny.

Wagner spread his hands. “Hey, I said I’d take care of
you.” He finished off the pastry and wiped his fingers
and lips on a paper napkin. “Surprisingly enough, Tommy
turned out to have a first-class, imaginative proposal.
And, as you know, I’ve been on the phone to the west
coast all week. As a result, I now have the backing to
produce a pilot episode.”

“Oh, that’s great,” said Sunny. That would probably
mean a lot more work for her. She hoped it that he was
hinting at a big raise.

Wagner shuffled through a pile of folders, finally
withdrawing one. He opened it and pulled out a piece of
paper. He wrote on it in two places and then handed it
to Sunny. “The show is one of those ensemble dramas,
and there’s a small part for a young girl like you.”

“What?” said Sunny.

“A girl,” continued Wagner, “who’s a little naïve, but
she’s smart and spunky and has a killer body,f and
isn’t afraid to use it.”


Wagner reached across the table and tapped the paper in
Sunny’s hand. “This top figure is what you’d receive
for the pilot episode.” Sunny looked at a figure that
nearly equaled what would be a year’s earnings with Mr.
Wagner. His pen dipped lower on the page. “And this is
what you’d get per episode if the show went to series,”
he said. That was a much lesser amount, but it was huge
when she figured she make it for about a week’s work.

“This is amazing,” said Sunny in a whisper.

“Well, not so amazing,” said Wagner. “Here’s the
downside: you’d have to quit your job with me – it’s a
union thing – plus, very few pilots make it. You could
well have a month of glory and then nothing.” He handed
the pen to Sunny. “It’s your choice, babe. Do you want
to play?”

Sunny took the pen. The paper was a letter of intent
with a place for signatures at the bottom. She read the
letter as carefully as she could, given her nervous
state. She bit her lip in concentration. This was
already the chance of a lifetime, and there was no
point in not trying to take advantage of it. She took
the pen and carefully put a one in front of the figure
for the pilot episode, then she handed the paper back
to Wagner.

Wagner looked at what she’d done and laughed loudly.
“I’m already taking a chance on you. Are you sure
you’re worth this?”

Sunny shrugged and gave him her brightest smile. “If
things don’t work out, at least I’ll have enough money
for more college.”

Wagner took the pen from Sunny and looked thoughtfully
at the letter of intent. He tapped the pen on the tip
of his nose a couple of times and then signed the
paper. He handed paper and pen back to Sunny. She
quickly added her own signature.

“Yes sir, ladies and gentlemen,” said Wagner as if
announcing something to a crowd. “We have another