Bay Watch Part II

“Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh I love you so much!”, C.J. started screaming
as she continued to passionately kiss Shawnie.

“I love you more!”, Shawnie said as her body started moving faster
and faster on top of C.J.

After a few minutes of this, Shawnie finally got off of C.J. and went
to the end of the bed. She took her baithing suit the rest of the way off,
and reached up the foot of the bed and grabbed the shoulder straps at the
base of C.J.’s breasts of her baithing suit and pulled it completely off of
her and threw it on the floor next to hers.

“What are you doing babe?”, C.J. asked her.

“You’ll see.”, Shawnie smiled at her as she kneeled down at the foot
of the bed.

She began un-tying C.J.’s tennishoes. First the left one, then the
right, and pulled them off of her feet and set them on the floor next to
her. She then removed C.J.’s socks. C.J. just layed there and began
fingering herself as Shawnie did her thing. Her fantasies were suddenly
interrupted by a sudden surge of electricity running through her body as
Shawnie placed her lips on the big toe of her left foot and began sucking
wildly on it. C.J. let out a scream of pleasure as she began fingering
herself harder and harder. By this time, Shawnie had almost her whole left
foot in her mouth sucking wildly. This continued for a few minutes until
C.J. finally let out one last scream and dropped limp on the bed, taking
her soaked finger out of her pussy and licking her cum off of it. Shawnie
stood up and licked C.J.’s foot sweat off her lips.

“Mmmm”, she said. “That was good.”

“Oh my god! I exploded.”, C.J. said in a tired voice.

“I hope you saved some for me.”, Shawnie said as she layed down in
the bed next to her and grabbed her hand, and began sucking on the finger
that C.J. had in her pussy.

“Don’t worry baby, there’s plenty more where that came from.”, C.J.
said as she gently put her arms around C.J.’s head and directed it between
her legs.

“Oooooh.”, Shawnie said in pleasure as she brought her right leg
around C.J.’s face and positioned her face between C.J.’s legs.

C.J. raised her legs and grabbed ahold of Shawnie’s thighs and pulled
her pussy to her face and began licking wildly, pushing her tongue in and
out of Shawnie’s pussy. Shawnie began to scream loudly and shoved her face
between C.J.’s legs and returned the favor. First licking her clit, then
bringing her face down further into C.J.’s hairy muff, her tongue found
it’s way inside her pussy, and she began tongue fucking her lover. C.J.
started enjoying this so much, that the speed of her tongue inside
Shawnie’s pussy increased, and she began pushing her pussy into Shawnie’s
face in motion with her tongue fucking. Shawnie did the same. litterally
face fucking C.J.. Within a few minutes, C.J. heard Shawnie screaming
louder and louder, and felt her whole body shaking, until finally, she
stopped, and C.J. felt a huge stream of Shawnie’s cum squirt into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm.”, C.J. moaned as she gladly swallowed Shawnie’s cum.
“That was good baby”.

“Thank you.”, Shawnie mumbled, her face still between C.J.’s legs.

In all the confusion of this, neither of them noticed Eddie standing
in the door way of the bedroom quietly watching them as he stroaked his cock.