Andrea & Jody – School incident

Hi, my name is Michael and this story is about when I
was a freshman at ASU in Temp Arizona. Something
happened to me during that first year at college that
will probably stay with me for the rest of my life.

The “incident” that I’m writing about took place right
after Christmas vacation 96, and I’ll tell you right now
that I’m not proud of myself. The only excuse I can give
is that I was too young and inexperienced to know what I
was getting myself into. It was the first time I was out
on my own without my folks looking over my shoulder. (I
grew up in a provincial atmosphere in a small town in

Actually it all started when I met Andrea during
registration. She was a beautiful girl, you know the
type; hard bodied and firm, real athletic looking. She
was always lying out in her backyard working on a deep
tan, and she had that California beach girl look. I
thought she was a natural blonde until the night this
story took place — I found out she was really a
brunette. (The price I paid for that little piece of
knowledge has been very costly to my self-image.)

Shortly after I met Andrea she started inviting me out
to school shindigs. She was a junior at the time and
knew everyone, and as you can probably guess she was
very popular.

Andrea had let me get to second base by this time (We’d
known each other for almost four months) and she pretty
much was leading me around by the nose by that time. I
really wanted to make love to her and she was always on
my mind. I hoped that after her party on that particular
weekend that I might be able to talk her into letting me
stay the night. I wasn’t completely fantasizing because
the day before right after class was when I’d gotten to
that wonderful sexy second base status.

We’d stopped at a local student hangout for a couple of
beers and afterwards she invited my over to her place.
We had a couple of more beers and really began to loosen
up. I was sitting on the couch beside Andrea and she was
surfing the channels on the TV looking for something
interesting to watch. I was as horny and a three legged
dog, not having had any sex — except with my hand —
for almost a year. The combination of the beer and the
closeness of Andrea’s tan athletic body made me bolder
than I might have been otherwise.

I leaned over and covered her luscious lips with mine in
a deep kiss that pushed her back against the couch. She
struggled in surprised at first but when I climbed on
top of her and began to massage her tits through her
shirt she seemed to relax and want me to continue.

I was so fucking horny by then that all I could think
about was screwing her, I needed her more at that moment
than I’d ever needed anyone in my life before. I shoved
a hand up under her shirt and was pleasantly surprised
by the soft warm feeling of naked tits.

When Andrea felt my cold hand on her hot tit she started
to struggle again, but I held her down and slipped her
some tongue and soon she was eagerly exchanging tongue
with me. That emboldened me to take the next step.
Before I lost my nerve I reached down and started
tugging at the snap on her jeans.

As before; Andrea started to protest. I rolled
completely over onto her pushing her over on to her back
and kept up a frantic war with her soft lips as I fucked
them with my tongue. While at the same time I started
tugging at her zipper and pulled it completely down.

I was in absolute heaven when I finally was able to
shove my hand between her firm smooth thighs. I wasted
no time in inserting a finger into that wonderful
mystery that she’d tried unsuccessfully to protect from
me. My finger was instantly coated with her slick
juices. “She was as hot as I was!” That was a revelation
to me.

I inserted another finger, then another and began to rub
the cupped palm of my hand against her mons paying
special attention to what I knew would be the center of
her pleasure. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and
pulled back to see what she looked like.

God! Her pants were by this time down around one ankle
and her tanned legs where stretched wide open. And that
pussy! Fuck, it made me crazy just to look at it. I mean
she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever been intimate
with before, and to see her naked pussy there all wet
from my efforts was just too much for me to take.

My face turned red as I felt my come spurting in my
underpants; with a sinking feeling I knew I’d just blown
my load. Not that it made any difference to my ability
to perform but the fact that I’d come prematurely was a
blow to my fragile male ego.

I’m sure Andrea didn’t know what had happened, (at least
that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). She never said
anything about it later, but she did take that moment —
while I was hesitating — to pull herself together and
get up off the couch. She quickly pulled her pants back
on and headed for the bathroom only to disappear from
sight for more than 10 minutes.

There I was sitting on the couch with my cooling sperm
coating the inside of my underwear and Andrea locked in
the bathroom.

Finally she came out of the bathroom, and although she
was nice about it I realized that I’d blown my big
chance with her. The only consolation was that she said
that she’d had fun, and that was when she invited me to
her party. Well, what she actually said was, “Why don’t
you and Jody come to my party on Saturday, I think it’ll
be a lot of fun.”

Anyway, I decided to take that as a positive reaction to
what had just happened between us and went home with
some hope for the future.


My roommate Jody comes from a wealthy family. He’s been
in some trouble in the past and that’s why he was going
to college in the southwest. He’d been a student at a
brand named preppy school back east, but because of past
indiscretions he was shunted out to Arizona to get him
out of scandal’s way.

To be honest I’ve always been jealous of him because
everything seemed to come so easily for him. It’d taken
me almost a month to find the house we shared. It was a
two-bedroom bungalow with a rent that I could afford —
with a roommate helping out. Jody didn’t really need to
save money but had answered my ad the first day and had
just fallen into the deal I had work so hard to put

He also had an easy way with women. I’d just about kill
myself trying to convince a girl to go out with me. But
all Jody had to do was flash his cash, or his sporty
Porsche and they were hanging all over him.

That’s why I wasn’t too keen on inviting him to Andrea’s
party. He was in that year’s graduating class and didn’t
usually hang around with underclassmen and therefore
didn’t even know that Andrea was alive. I didn’t want
him to see my girlfriend and take a shine to her, but I
also really wanted to show up at the party in his
expensive car. It couldn’t hurt to have some nice wheels
to impress the masses, I thought.


Saturday night arrived and as I’d hoped Jody was happy
to drive us over to Andrea’s. And as I’d also hoped we
made a pretty good entrance, impressing the very people
I had hoped to. So everything was working as planned.

That is until Jody met Andrea. Fuck I should have known.
He had her eating out of his hand right away. He even
gave her a ride in his shinny new car. Just down around
the block to get some ice, but when they came roaring
back into the driveway I could tell that Andrea was
taken by him, they seemed like old friends, all
comfortable and flirty.

The night dragged on as I sat there glumly and watched
as Jody romanced my girl. I knew that I didn’t have any
real claim on Andrea, but I felt that we had some kind
of understanding after what we’d done with each other
the day before.

After hours of sitting there, drinking more beer than I
should have I finally got the nerve up to take Jody
aside and tell him that Andrea was my girl. That I’d
planned on planting my flagpole in her that night and
would he please pick on someone else. That’s when my
world changed, or should I say, fell apart.

Jody just laughed, then he told me that he was going to
fuck her that night after the party. That I had no hold
on her and that she hadn’t even mentioned my name all
night. And finally that she’d already given him a yes
when he’d asked if he could stay the night. I was
crushed and tears began to stream down my face to add to
the humiliation of it all.

Then Jody said something that shocked me but at the same
time excited me beyond belief. “Hey Michael, don’t take
it so hard. I knew you had a crush on her so I told her
that we’d be a threesome, and she didn’t object. So you
can join us if you want to.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and responded in a shaky
voice, “What? You mean that you’d let me have a crack at
her too? After you’re done?” I wasn’t sure that I liked
his offer, but I was hard as a rock anyway.

“Sure, why not? And you don’t have to wait, I’ll fix it
so you can join in right away if you want. I think
Andrea’s game for some hot sex with two healthy willing

I looked blankly at him. What was he suggesting? Andrea
would let two guys fuck her at once? I couldn’t keep
quiet, “You mean you’re telling me that she’d let us
both do her — at the — err — same time?”

“Yeah, I’ll fix it up right now,” he said and casually
walked over to her and started to speak in a
confidential way leaning against the wall and whispering
in her ear. I watched them both not sure I believed that
Jody had the nerve to ask her something like that. But
he kept talking and occasionally he’d point my way or
nod his head in my direction. Andrea would look over at
me each time he made one of those gestures.

At first I still didn’t believe that Jody was really
asking her if we could both fuck her that evening. The
fact that he’d said he was already as good as in her
pants was still hard for me to believe, even knowing his

But when Andrea finally sauntered over to me and quietly
said, “Well, well, this could be interesting,” made me a
believer. Then she kissed me on the cheek and walked
away to greet some new guests that had just arrived.

I was so fucking aroused by the thought of both Jody and
me doing Andrea together. I couldn’t believe that we
were going to have a threesome in just a couple of hours
and I was as nervous as I’d ever been in my life. I was
going to have to perform in front of another guy, and a
guy who knew his way around women a lot better than I.
For the first time in my life I felt sexually

That feeling grew as the night droned on. I started
drinking more beer than I should have. But the thought
of our forthcoming tryst, made me more and more nervous
as the night dragged on. I knew I shouldn’t drink so
much but I needed to calm myself I thought, so I drank

The fact of the matter was that I was scared shitless by
the prospect of “proving” myself to both Andrea and
Jody. But at the same time I was like a horny male
animal in heat, the whole perverted idea was such a turn

Ha, that thought put a very erotic image into my mind:
Andrea kneeling on the floor, with Jody under her
thrusting himself into her from below, and me crouched
over her tan muscled back fucking her in her tight
little asshole. (I don’t know why I was envisaging
myself butt fucking her, but I guessed if Jody was in
her from the front, then the only hole I had left was
the back door.)

Even though I was left with the number two hole, my
imagination was still sending my brain an erotic fantasy
that brought my dick to another rousing boner. Just
thinking about how it would feel to fuck her, and with
another guy doing it to her at the same time blew my

Finally the last guest either had crashed out on the
living room floor or had gone home. I had drunk too much
beer but wasn’t feeling any pain by the time Andrea
locked the front door and giggling followed Jody into
her bedroom.

I trailed shyly in their wake not sure where I fit in,
but determined to fit in somewhere. When Jody almost
closed the door in my face I yelped, “Hey, don’t forget
our deal man.”

He turned and recognition gleamed in his eyes as he
realized that I was still hanging around. This was
probably the first thought he’d had about me since our
conversation. He waved me in and I eagerly followed. But
I stopped dead just inside the door as I saw Andrea
sprawled on the bed tugging off her clothes, then Jody
started to strip too. I was still standing there fully
clothed as he crawled onto the bed to lie beside her —
they were both naked.

I was totally absorbed as I watched Jody begin to fondle
Andrea’s firm breasts, then he leaned into her and
started to kiss her. I watched as his dick grew big and
long as she kissed him back. The whole scene was so
strange, to be standing there only a few feet away as a
handsome couple were making love totally naked right in
front of me. My mind was absolutely spinning.

Then, almost as an after thought Andrea looked over
Jody’s shoulder and said, “Well, you gonna get naked or
what Michael?”

I nervously nodded and began to fumble with my pants.
Jody rolled over and watched as I stripped. I couldn’t
help looking at his big dick, knowing that mine wasn’t
as impressive has his.

I knew that they were both staring at me and I knew that
they were wondering if I had a good looking body under
my clothes, just like I had when they were stripping
off. I knew that they were wondering if I was hung or

That made me even more nervous as I stripped off the
last of my clothes. Then the moment of truth, I tugged
my underwear down to expose a limp dick just hanging
there between my legs. ‘Fuck,’ I thought in anguish,
‘I’d been horny for weeks and here I was, standing there
with a limp dick.’ I was fucking humiliated.

Then things got worse.

“Well, well,” Andrea smirked, “Looks like Michael
doesn’t want to join in after all? Oh well, Mike, why
don’t you just watch for a while. Maybe you’ll be able
to get it up after Jody shows you how it’s done.” She
giggled at me and lay back to let him have his way with

I stood there in misery, wishing that I was dead, when
Jody stopped caressing Andrea’s smooth tan skin and said
loudly, “Hey Mike, come over her will you? I need
someone to clean me off before I fuck this beauty’s
brain’s out.”

I just stood there, I didn’t understand what he meant, I
was totally confused.

Then he got up off the bed and walked over to me. I
watched his big firm body ripple with muscles as he
moved closer to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his
massive tool as it swung back and forth with each step
sticking out in front of him like a flagpole. His big
strong masculine body, the body that I wished I had, the
type of body that would impress someone like Andrea,
mesmerized me.

Then he was standing in front of me taking me by the
hand, and leading me around to the far side of the bed
just like a docile animal being lead to its slaughter.
Still not clear what he wanted of me, I didn’t resist,
and I was too drunk and ashamed to ask what was

Then Jody sat on the edge of the bed and tugged on my
arm to bring me down on my knees beside the bed in front
of him. I was kneeling there looking straight at his big
stiff dick. Still I couldn’t figure out what my role in
their sex play was to be.

Then Andrea’s beautiful naked body was beside me. She
touched my head, pushing my face toward Jody’s huge
boner. It was so big and strong and clean looking. I
wished fleetingly that mine was that big.

I still had the presence of mind to resist her effort.
Believe it or not I still wasn’t sure what was going on.
But when Andrea knelt beside me and whispered in my ear,
“Suck him Michael,” I knew what they wanted. Jody was
sitting there looking at me with a strange hooded look
in his eyes, his hands where flat on the bed slightly
behind him and to the sides and his boner was pointing
toward the ceiling with his legs spread wide.

Andrea said again, “C’mon, Mike, suck him for me,

I shook my head “no” and began to get up.

She held my head in her soft hands and moved closer to
me so that I could feel her soft tit flesh rubbing
against my arm, “C’mon Mike, do it for me. Watch.”

I watched as she leaned in between Jody’s thighs and
grasped his dick with one small hand and began to lick
it like it was a grape lollipop.

I couldn’t help myself, I was fascinated by the sight of
this wonderfully sexy woman acting like a slut on her
knees in front of both Jody and I. As I watched Jody
threw his head back and began groaning in pleasure. Then
Andrea began to bob her pretty head up and down, taking
him deeply. I saw his shaft sinking into her mouth
cushioned by those wonderful lips, and I was hard again,
painfully so.

After a short while she stopped sucking on Jody and
turned to me. Then looking down at my raging boner she
said, “So you liked that did you?” She smiled and
grasped my cock in her soft warm hands and began to jack
me off. She leaned in and kissed me deeply as Jody
watched us. I was in heaven!

Then Andrea let go of my dick and pulled away from me,
saying, “C’mon Mike suck on Jody now, just like I did.
If you’ll suck him I’ll suck you.”

I was so horny by this time, and still pretty drunk or I
wouldn’t have even listened to her — I’d have gotten up
and left — promised blowjob or not. But I was
susceptible to Andrea’s charms and after all I reasoned,
she’d just been sucking Jody’s cock then french-kissed

I hadn’t thrown up. And god! I was horny, so horny in
fact that I was in pain and desperately needed release.
I looked at Jody’s cock, which was still standing
proudly at attention. Now it was all shinny from
Andrea’s saliva and for some reason it looked inviting
to me.

It’s hard to explain why I did it, my inhibitions must
have been lowered by all that I’d seen, and by Andrea’s
sexy voice in my ear urging me on. But for whatever
reason I leaned in between Jody’s legs and took his big
throbbing dick in my hand. I fondled him for a moment,
then with Andrea’s face only inches away from Jody’s
dick I took the purplish head between my lips and began
to tentatively suck on him.

Andrea’s pretty face was smiling and I could see that
her eyes were half closed in arousal as she whispered,
“Fuck yeah, you look so hot sucking on his big dick
Mike. You keep that up and I’ll give you the fucking
blowjob of your life, c’mon Mike faster, do it faster!”

I was urged on by that promise, and besides she was
still jacking me off slowly. So I began to bob my head
over Jody’s lap in imitation of Andrea’s earlier
efforts. Actually in my drunken state it wasn’t all that
bad after you got used to having another man’s meat in
your mouth. I could imagine how it would feel to him and
I started to work on his cock like I’d like a woman to
do me. Since I knew what I’d want I knew what he’d want
and began to lick his shaft like a cat drinking milk,
then every once in a while I’d sink down to the hilt and
almost gagging. Then lick my way back off him.

The gagging reflex receded after a while and I realized
that I was doing a pretty good job on my roommate. He
began thrashing around on the bed in ecstasy as I
continued to suck on his bone. Then all of a sudden he
sat up and grabbed my head and thrust into my throat.

I struggled as if my life depended upon it. I couldn’t
breathe and I knew what was going to happen and wanted
nothing to do with it. But it was too late — I felt
Jody’s come gushing down my throat, I sputtered and
tried violently to disengage myself, but he was stronger
than me and finally I quieted down hoping that he’d let
me go if I didn’t fight him.

God, I was drinking another man’s come, just like a
queer. Fuck I could taste his come in my nose, on my
tongue, and sticky between my teeth. My mouth felt full
to overflowing but I wasn’t going to swallow, even if I
died of asphyxiate.

Then Andrea began to jack on me faster and faster and I
began to swallow Jody’s come, I didn’t care what he
thought of me, I was moaning around his cock as I came
in gushes against Andrea’s bedspread and was soon spent.
I was exhausted, but Andrea wasn’t done with me.

She held her hand up — it was full of my hot sticky
come. I watched her hand move toward me and looked over
at Jody as Andrea began to rub her come filled hand
against my lips. For some reason I will never be able to
explain, I opened my mouth and while staring into Jody’s
bright blue eyes I licked the come from around her
fingers and out of the palm of her hand.


That night changed things for me. I never did get to
make love to Andrea, nor did I get that promised

But after that incident, during the rest of the school
year I made love to Jody’s cock over and over again. You
see it was either that or he’d spread it around that I
was gay, and my reputation would be ruined.

It turned out that Jody’s little conversation with
Andrea, supposedly to “have a threesome” was really a
bet he made with her. He bet her $100.00 that she
couldn’t make me eat his come. She needed the money and
took him up on it.

Even years later I still can’t go to any of our class
reunions because I might bump into Jody there. I’ve
never had any other homosexual liaisons in my life,
although I will admit that I’ve jerked off plenty of
times to the memories of what we did that night.

I also have become a great pussy eater from those many
times I’d given Jody what he demanded. One of the things
that attracted my wife to me was my phenomenal tongue-
fucking ability. She says that once I’d done that to her
she was mine from that day forward.

I guess I can thank Andrea and Jody for at least that.
After sucking a guy off over and over again, you get
over any squeamishness that you might have had about
oral sex.

And I find that I really have to prove to my manhood
over and over again. Prove that I’m not gay. That’s
something that my wife should thank Andrea and Jody for
too. That is if she knew anything about the incident,
which of course she does not!