Tied Up Virgins

Jody stopped at the steps and put her bag down. It was hot and the air felt thick and hard to breathe. She wiped her forehead and waited for her lungs to catch up, thinking, thinking…

At least she wouldn’t have to watch her mother anymore. Doing those things with strangers she picked up in the bars around Hollinsville. The judge had decided all that. Her mother had just shrugged and given her a pat. “Take care of yourself, sweetheart.”

Sure. Jody chewed her bottom lip. Hadn’t she always taken care of herself? Cooked for herself?

Mended her own clothes? But of course there had to be a place for her to stay. Guardians appointed by the court. And that’s where Brit’s folks had come in. Thank God for her best friend, Brit. Brit’s family was pretty loose really. There’d been talk that the court wouldn’t allow such a family to take in another child. But there had been extenuating circumstances. Mr. Russel, Brit’s father, knew the judge. And the fact that she and Brit were such good friends had helped. Jody picked up her bag again and lugged it up the steps and into the small cabin.

The cabin was half a mile from the Russel house but still on their property. Mrs. Russel had agreed to let Brit stay there with Jody for the summer. It would get the girls out from under her feet and give them a little place of their own they could mess up to their heart’s content. Jody smiled, thinking of how lenient Brit’s folks were with her.

There were two bunks in the small cabin, a table, and an old stove. Jody straightened a mirror on the wall and glanced at her reflection. Like Brit had kidded once, looking at that face was like looking at a color television. She had vivid red hair that was so frizzy she could hardly get a comb through it. She let it puff out down over her shoulders usually, braided it sometimes or tied a bandana around her forehead to mash it down a little. Today it was just fuzzing in the breeze. What little breeze there was!

“God, it’s hot!” Jody opened a window and looked out through the orchard. She couldn’t see the Russel house for the apple trees. Brit would be coming down with some of her things soon. Jody sat on the edge of the bed. Her underarms were getting her t-shirt wet. An impulse came over her and she took its hint. She snaked the t-shirt off over her head and tossed it aside. After all, they’d have all the privacy in the world, she and Brit. It was her first real place of her own, even though she was being taken in because of the benevolence of the Russel family and was in some way obligated to them.

Jody rubbed a hand across her belly. It was sweaty, too. She had a nice belly. Fleshed out enough to be what some men might call plush. And yet she wasn’t overweight. She didn’t even look plump. It was when she was beside her best friend, Brit, that the difference stood out. Really stood out, Jody thought, giggling, touching her breasts. They were full and round and rode high on her chest. Her nipples were as dark as her sun-baked skin and firm even when she wasn’t thinking about… boys. Brit’s tits were not really tits at all. They were soft-looking swells on the girl’s white chest. Brit’s nipples were just pink nubbins, little wrinkles that hadn’t yet matured. And yet in some ways Brit was very mature.

Jody let her fingers rub over one nipple, then moved to the other one. Her thighs were full too, not willowy and thin like Brit’s. And her calves swelled against the legs of her jeans. Jody blinked her green eyes and undid the snap of her Levis. She snaked them down too and then went to the window, feeling a little funny. But there was no one around. No one ever came down through the orchard to the little cabin. And on the other side of the cabin was a dense woods, almost a quarter mile of trees and scrub oak until one came to the highway and the garage Jeb Caruthers operated.

Walking around naked in the cabin gave Jody a flushed, tingly feeling. But that feeling always made her uncomfortable, too. Her only experience with sex had been that of the observer. She’d pushed aside the throw rug in her upstairs room many times in the past few years. Looking down through the old grate, she could see into her mother’s bedroom. At fourteen, Jody had watched a man fuck her mother. She didn’t know the man’s name and he never came around again. It was about then when Jody’s opinions of her mother’s private life began to take on new meaning. Jody was sixteen now. Just turned sixteen. And a month before she’d seen some things that had truly shocked her.

A man had come to her mother in the night. The lights in the house had been off, but there was always a light from the street that illuminated her mother’s bed. The man had undressed her mother and kissed her all over her body. Slowly, he’d kissed her. And Jody’s body trembled as she’d knelt on the floor over the grate, her breath only a whisper, her mouth dry…

The man had brought something to the bed with him, a surprise he told Jody’s mother. Jody had watched him touch a button on the slender, smooth vibrator. It looked like a bullet. And when he pushed it against her mother’s cunt, there’d been a wet sound and Jody’s mouth had fallen open. That long, white thing had slid easily up into her mother’s body. Her mother had groaned and writhed on the bed while the man kissed her breasts and worked the thing deeper. Her mother’d dug her heels into the bed and flopped around like a hive of bees had invaded her pussy.

Jody remembered being embarrassed and very excited by what she’d observed. But when the man pulled the thing out and put his mouth down…

Jody blinked rapidly and walked across the cabin again. She hadn’t been able to watch any longer when the man had started kissing her mother’s cunt. She’d gone back to her bed and tried to sleep and tried to keep her hands off herself. She’d heard stories from girls at school about how a woman could do nice things to her own body if she knew how. Jody had resisted experimenting. There was something about doing that which seemed… wrong. She couldn’t say why. Except for that little thing in the Bible about onanism. Brit had showed it to her one day and then laughed and told her it meant when a boy played with his cock until his cum spurted out. Brit thought it must be wonderful to watch something like that. But Brit was kinda crazy. Though they’d never talked about it, Jody knew that her best friend put her fingers in her slit lots of times. At night she’d beard the frail blonde cooing and squirming under the sheet until at last she gave a whimpering sigh and fell silent.

Thinking about all this made Jody feel very strange. Like the morning she’d been making her mother’s bed and found that smooth, plastic bullet under a pillow. At first she’d been afraid to touch the thing. And then at last she’d nudged it with a finger and picked it up. It’d felt heavy and cool. She’d returned it to the bed, put the pillow over it and gone, about her chores. The following afternoon the authorities had picked up her mother on a charge of prostitution and she’d been taken to the county orphanage for a week. When the case was decided and she’d been allowed to come home to pack, Jody had gone to her mother’s bed and taken the vibrator to hide in her bag. She still didn’t know why.

“Quit thinking of all this!” she told herself. She talked a lot when she was alone. It was like the good part of her could talk. The naughty part never said a word. It just thought of naughty things to do — naughty things to pretend about. And the naughty part of her was thinking something right now.

Jody went to her suitcase and searched until she’d closed her fingers around the cool, heavy shaft of the vibrator. She went and sat on her bed, looking down at the bullet-shaped thing. A cock! A cock with batteries! A cock that moved without having a man attached. Jody swallowed hard. Her nipples were tingling. She pushed a trembling finger against the switch and sucked a breath in when the cock-thing began to shiver in her grasp. She’d been meaning to just take a look at it. But now that it was buzzing, now that it was so close…

She touched it to the underside of one breast and closed her eyes. It felt… different. Good. Yes, it felt good. She moved it around and felt tiny waves of pleasure sweep across her skin. Then she let it graze a nipple and suddenly a new sensation thrust itself into her consciousness. She’d never felt anything so keenly. Her firm, full body jerked as jolts of electric joy spread through her heaving belly. Droplets of her dewy sex moisture formed in the sparse red curls at the edge of her slit.

“Woooooo… I’d better quit this,” said her good part. But it feels so good, said the naughty thoughts that welled up more furiously than ever. Feels so good… to touch… my belly… my thigh… Jody let the tip of the thing wander up against the fluff of her mound.

“Ohhh… Ohhh God…” Her eyes fluttered rapidly. Her breathing came fast and then stopped. She gasped, panted, choked. Her face felt feverish and flushed and she was sweating under the arms again. She let the smooth, white tip of the bullet slide a little way between the plump outer lips that hid her glossy insides from even her own curious eyes. She’d looked at herself two or three times in her life. She was aware that most sixteen-year-old girls did far more than that. But her good part had always been able to argue down the naughty when it came to carnal curiosity.

“Gotta stop… gotta turn… this… thing… off.” Jody gnawed at her bottom lip. Just a little farther, her naughty voice said. It echoed inside her head… little farther, little farther. Jody pushed the buzzing thing and felt the smooth inner surfaces of her cunt slide around the plastic. It brushed the red pinch of her cherry as she slid it towards the top of her crevice. And when she was almost finding the strength to stop, the tingling vibrator rubbed against her clit.

Jody gave a squeal and let herself fall back on the bed, her heels thumping the floor where her legs dangled off the edge of the mattress. She had both hands on the smooth, heavy shaft now, working it over and around and against that little flap of flesh. The tiny nubbin was growing. She could feel the resistance against the bullet as it stiffened and throbbed in the messy seep of her cunt. The shock waves of lust that surged through her body were impossible to resist. She knew her mother’s weakness now, she was fighting it herself… and losing!

“Nhuuu… Qhhh… Qhhh, Jesus help me stop…!” Jody tossed her head back and forth. Harder, her naughtiness said, faster! Jody got her heels up on the bed and spread her knees wide, gouging frantically with the juice-covered cock-thing, moaning. It felt wonderful! Everywhere the buzzing tip touched sent new pleasure exploding through her muscles. She curled her toes, pinching the blanket. And all the while a tiny movie played in her brain. The sight of that white bullet sliding into her mother’s body! And the way her mother had twisted and writhed… the sound of her juice smacking around the hard spear of plastic.

“Whooooooo… Ohhhhmmmmmmmm!” She was writhing, too, digging the vibrator up and down the deepest part of her slit. Her mind tumbled with images. Men’s cocks! She’d only seen a few and those blurred glimpses through the old grate hadn’t educated her much as to how a man was put together. She wasn’t like Brit. “I just asked Jerry Tooker to let me see his cock one time,” Brit had told her once, going on to describe in detail how it had felt in her fingers. Jody always fell silent when Brit talked like that. Brit was a full year younger than she was and it made her feel uncomfortable that her younger friend was so eager for adventure, so fearless about the things that scared Jody stiff.

These thoughts flickered through her mind and then she had the image of a boy actually making love to her. His hands touched her body and Jody let her own fingers play against her breasts… pretending. She’d never dared to pretend like this before! She was surprised at the power that had invaded her. She felt trembly and weak and helpless as her skin glowed and the thrills pounded in the seeping fever of her cunt.

“Jesus… God… make me stop!” Jody wasn’t sure why she called on the Lord for help. She’d never been all that religious, merely picking up scraps in Sunday School. But Jesus and God were the only powers she knew of who might be able to help her. Her own will had certainly gone to hell. Her naughty voice inside was loud and clear and impassible to disobey.

Push… fuck yourself with the cock… harder! And that’s what Jody did. She had her thighs stretched wide now, the tendons standing out like ropes near her flooding pussy. She couldn’t seem to touch herself enough with that shivery wand that was shaped like a man’s prick. At least it was long and round and rounded at the end. That was all Jody knew about how a man was put together. Her friend Brit assured her there was lots more to it than that, but Jody hadn’t wanted to know.

“Ohhh… Ohhhhh fuck!” The word sent a new thrill through her. She couldn’t remember ever having said it before. At least not out loud. Her naughty voice had whispered it to her often enough though. And now it seemed to be an exquisitely exciting thing to say aloud.

“Fuck… Ohhh fuck, fuck…!” She writhed on the bed. She moved her ass in circles, feeling the way the tension of her muscles added to the consuming pleasure that built and built and just kept getting better!

The whole underside of her ass and pussy felt like a hive of bees were swarming over every square inch of skin… not stinging her, but tickling her. A tickle that begged to be scratched and yet when it was scratched only grew more intense. The only thing she had to scratch herself with was that trembling vibrator. And Jody shoved it back and forth along the velvet swell of her slit until the juice smacked and crackled.

“Nooo… Ohhhhh… so — so good… it’s killing me… killing me!”

She shoved and jabbed and pressed the tip of the bullet into every hollow, every fold of seeping flesh. And still the itching madness grew. She was flopping and kicking the bed. Spit flecked her cheeks as she tossed.

“Gotta stop…!” she gasped. Harder, said the naughtiness of her senses, there where your hole would be if you were really fucking! Jody grasped the slippery bullet with both hands and pressed the hardness up against the pinched knot of her cherry.

“Ghuuu… ghhhaaaa… Ohhhhh fuck…!”

There was a sudden lurch as the plastic shape speared into her hole. And at the same instant, Jody felt her body overflow, felt the tickling itch turn into an amber, glowing sun that filled her with convulsions of pure pleasure. She was coming! She’d never experienced it before, but she knew! The warm stuff on her fingers was sticky. Blood. Her own blood! Her fingers were up against the ragged edges of her cherry as the vibrator slipped deeper into her body. Jody gasped with the ecstasy that surrounded her like a warm waterfall. She wanted to be ashamed and sorry and appalled at the terrible thing she’d done to herself. But the naughty lust of her body had her completely. The sound of the vibrator smacking and sucking as she fucked herself only made it better.

“Hhhhuuunnnnn…!” She was holding the thing by the round base now, forcing it as far inside her as she could possibly reach. The explosions of pleasure made her grunt and roll around on the bed. She was dimly aware of the blood leaking down her wrist. But she couldn’t possibly stop the furiously thrilling movements of the bullet inside her body. She fucked herself with the thing, her head thrown way back, her eyes glazed with enjoyment. Her legs were thrown so wide that her heels dangled off the bed on each side. And she was plunging her ass up and down. Jody knew she’d never learned that movement from anyone. As far as she knew, this was the first time she’d ever done anything like that at all.

“Nhhhuuuu… coming… Ohhhhhh… feels sooooo goood!”

And then the waves of pleasure were leaking away… she was more aware of the room around her, the far-off barking of a dog, the hot, wet leak of her blood. Jody forced herself up and looked down at the mess between her legs.

Gingerly, she eased the white bullet out of her body. But it wasn’t white anymore. It was streaked and smeared with vivid red. And as she pulled it out, her inner muscles contracted hungrily and another shoot of joy went through her. But now she was feeling fear and shame too strong to indulge in any more pleasure.

“Ohh, what have I done?” A sob caught in her throat. Jody held the vibrator in one hand, her fingers as blood-smeared as the glossy shaft. Her outer lips were swollen out as if something had bitten them. And she could see the more delicate inner petals, the glossy seep of her juices mingling with the red. “Jesus — God… Ohhh noooo!” The tears flooded down her cheeks. She let her head fall forward, let the vibrator slip from her bloody fingers. Her breasts shivered as she sobbed.

The footsteps on the porch came too quick for her to hide her awful wound. And then Brit bounced into the room and Jody looked up, feeling the awful embarrassment, but wanting help from her friend, too. For an instant she was almost sick to her stomach.

“Oh Brit!” she bawled, “look what’s happened… look!”


On her way through the orchard, Brit had felt the familiar tug. It was almost physical, this tug. Like a force that overcame her any time it wanted. She loved it, loved this force… or whatever it was. Because it felt so lovely to give in to it! Brit had always given in. That very morning she’d been scrubbing and singing in the tub, thinking of the summer ahead, happy that her friend Jody was going to be the same as a sister now… she was thinking all this when the tickle came. Brit had gotten expert at making the tickle good and making it last.

This time she used the shampoo hose, directing a steady stream of hot water against her clit. She’d rested back in the tub, her knees draped over the sides, feet dripping water onto the linoleum while her mother hollered from downstairs that breakfast was ready.

“Okay mama!” she yelled back, letting the jet of water arc up and splatter on one of her breasts. The warm tingle made the nipple puff out a little. The pinkness took on a slightly darker hue and the wrinkles stretched smooth. She was so darned flat-chested. If only she had big boobs like Jody.

Soap helped make her come better. She used it on her titties, sudsing her free hand thoroughly and rubbing it back and forth over the super-sensitive nipples until the foamy froth trickled down her body and the jetting stream of the shampoo hose brought the maddeningly wonderful spasms rushing through her cunt.

That morning she’d made it happen fast because her mother had been hollering about breakfast. But sometimes she would tease herself for fifteen minutes… tickling and rubbing and driving her senses wild with hungry anticipation.

But she hadn’t made it halfway through the orchard when the feeling came over her again. She had on a light spring dress, sleeveless and airy, fluttering against her thighs as she ran. Maybe that was it, maybe the dress was to blame.

Brit felt wonderful that morning. The summer was ahead of her, and it would be wonderful to share that cabin with Jody, to be all alone now that she was maturing. Her brother had been bothering her lately. She’d always ignored his threats before. He’d warned her often that she’d better not go off and fuck anybody ’cause if he found out, he’d beat up the boy and make a lot of trouble for her at home. Brit couldn’t understand why he was so freaked out about her having dates. He went out and did it with girls all the time. She knew. She’d heard the talk at school. So Darren had been keeping up that kind of rap and she was used to it. But then lately he’d started spying on her too. Once he’d almost caught her playing with herself in bed. He’d asked her roughly what she’d been doing and Brit had finally lied and told him that her Kotex had been itching her. What a bum to peek on her in the privacy of her own bedroom.

But there’d be no more of that kind of crap. She and Jody had that cabin in the orchard all to themselves. And Jody knew what Brit did to herself. Though they’d never discussed it much, Brit found a kind of excitement in being secretly watched by her older girlfriend. She wondered if Jody was envious of her secret knowledge. Jody was pretty straight when it came to sex.

Brit thought of all these things as she danced through the trees. But again her skirt blew between her thighs and made her swallow. She looked both ways. The trees hid her from sight of the house and the cabin. She could do anything she wanted. And she did. She pushed her hand under the elastic of her panties and walked along, a finger gently brushing her clit. It seemed a terribly daring thing to do. Brit loved things that were dangerous. And it felt so good, too!

“Mmmm… I’m just leaking all over myself,” she whispered, licking her lips. Her blonde hair trailed behind her in the breeze as she teased herself and wandered towards the cabin. She knew she could stop and lean against a tree and finish the job easily. But in a way it was nicer to put it off. Then when she decided to finish the job later, she’d be that much hungrier for release.

Brit smelled her fingers, smiled, and came out of the trees. She felt so… delicious!

When she saw Jody on the bed, her legs spread, blood smeared down her thighs, Brit stopped breathing for a second. She’d seen her best friend naked lots of times. But there was something about this nakedness — the erotic sprawl of the redhead’s limbs — that touched off a fire in her chest.

“Jody! Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Ohh Brit… I… I…” The redhead dropped her eyes and something heavy rolled from her fingers and struck the floor. Brit hurried over and picked the thing up. It was sticky with Jody’s blood. Though Brit had never really seen a vibrator before, she knew at once what it was. She blushed, embarrassed for Jody. And she felt a little thrill too. A thrill that underneath her friend’s facade of casual disinterest in sex, there was something else working. Then she looked at the damp, blood-tinged curls between lady’s thighs. She could see the tiny petals near the girl’s just-broken cherry. And this time Brit felt a pang of envy. She’d wished many times that she could get her little tight hymen out of the way. But somehow she’d never quite found the nerve to do it herself. Maybe she was waiting for it to happen with a boy. She was pretty romantic about such things as that.

“Honey, it’s okay… you won’t die or anything!”

Brit sat down on the bed and hugged Jody’s shoulders. Then she started laughing. “Look, don’t mind me. I was just thinking how you’re always so shy about… well, you know. Sex! And now I come in and…” The two girls looked at each other. Jody’s mouth curved into a smile and then they were giggling together.

“I didn’t know what was happening. I really felt a little crazy for a while,” Jody told Brit. Brit patted and hugged and nuzzled her.

“That’s the way it happens to me. I just start fooling around and pretty soon I’m not the same person. I really get wiped out when everything starts tingling and itching…”

“Yeah, that’s what happened to me. It started itching real bad…” Jody sniffled and wiped a hand under her nose.

They talked for a while about what had happened. Brit took Jody to the bathroom and helped her clean up. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of that wonderful wound her redheaded friend had jabbed in herself. At last she bit her lip and begged Jody to let her take a closer look.

“Yeah… I guess it’s okay…” Jody’s eyes fluttered shyly. Brit made her sit down and got down on her knees in front of her. Gently she pushed Jody’s legs apart.

“Wooooo… it still hurts a little,” Jody breathed.

“Ohhh, wow! It’s beautiful!”

“What are you talking about, Brit?” lady shuddered. “It must look awful! I stuck a hole in myself with that damned old thing.”

“I wish I had one… a hole I mean.”

“Maybe you’re better off without one…”

Brit peered at the ragged edge of skin that had protected Jody’s virgin depths for sixteen years. Inside the hole seemed closed, surrounded by spongy dark lining. It still looked pretty tight.

“You sure you could fit that vibrator inside?” Brit asked, biting her lip in concentration.

“It went in easy! It scared me it went in so easy!” Jody shuddered again and closed her legs. “Is the bleeding stopped?”

“Yeah, you didn’t bleed all that much really.” Brit got up and picked up the vibrator from the edge of the sink. She held it under the warm water until all the red was washed away. Then she made a circle with her fingers and slid the thing in and out.

“Ohhh, don’t do that,” Jody gasped. “You make me remember…”

“How did it feel?” Brit interrupted. She flicked the switch on the bullet and closed her eyes. The buzz of the thing against her palm felt fantastic. “What would it feel like up inside a girl’s body?”

“How did it feel? Well… it was… it was…”

Jody ran a hand over her hair. “It really is kind of hard to describe.”

“I’ll bet,” Brit said, switching the thing off and putting it back on the sink. “You know, all this makes me want to… want to feel it too.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying…”

“I do too know what I’m saying. I want to get fucked!” The admission made the blood rush to Brit’s small tits. She was breathing hard, walking around in the bathroom while her redheaded friend watched in amazement. “I want to get fucked by a boy… but I’m scared, too.”

This was the first time Jody had ever heard Brit admit fear of any kind. “You? Scared?”

Brit hugged herself, nodded. “Yep. I never mentioned it before. I had a chance a year ago to get fucked. But at the last minute, I looked at that guy’s cock and… I just went all freaky.” She sucked in a long breath. “It looked so… big!”

“As big as… that?” Jody threw the vibrator a glance.

“Bigger. At least in some places.” Brit saw Jody’s puzzlement and smiled. She picked up the vibrator. “See a man is different… here.” She made a circle with her fingers at the smooth tip of the plastic cock. “This guy was all swelled out at the end. His cock had a kind of crown on it.” Both girls giggled. “It was like a knob or a crown or a barb or something. It was all dark purple and really, really big!” Brit swallowed and remembered the moment when that boy had shoved that thing against her belly. “I just knew it wouldn’t fit up inside me. I… I was afraid it would hurt. Did this plastic thing hurt?” Brit asked.

For Jody it was a new experience to be asked questions about sex from Brit. Brit had been the authority on such matters up until now. But then Brit was still a virgin and Jody had gone beyond that point forever.

“It hurt a little.” Jody blushed violently. “But it was making me feel so… good… that I can’t remember much.”

They went in the other room. Brit watched Jody pull on a pair of panties and her jeans. Brit felt like throwing her silky skirt off and falling on the bed and plunging her hot little slit full of fingers. But she couldn’t. Jody would be embarrassed. Brit thought about this for a split second. Why couldn’t she do it to herself with Jody around. Wasn’t it about time everything was brought up front? They talked about everything that had to do with sex… well almost everything.

“Jody,” Brit said, her voice tight with the electricity of the moment. “I’ve got to lie down… and… do something to myself!”

“I’ll leave,” Jody said, getting up.

“No… don’t leave. Talk to me.”

“Talk to you?”

“About… the things you talk about in your sleep,” But said, watching for Jody’s reaction. Jody stopped breathing.

“I didn’t know I talked in my sleep,” she said low.

Brit smiled, flopped onto the bed and inched her filmy short skirt up. “You do alright. And it really turns me on. Tell me about the guy who…”

“I don’t want to!” Jody cried. She was out of the room before Brit could stop her. Brit went to the bed and sat on the edge, brooding. She felt bad about disturbing Jody like that. But damn it, they should be honest about such things. They were best friends, weren’t they?

Brit went down the steps and started through the orchard again. Her mother had gone shopping in town and her father was sleeping late while Juanita cleaned the house. Juanita had been in the United States for exactly one month now. Brit guessed the girl was nineteen or twenty. Her father had gone down to Laredo for festival when great numbers of Mexican nationals came across the bridge to party. And he’d come back with Juanita. Brit’s mother hadn’t been so hot on the idea at first, but when Juanita dug into the chores, the protestations ended. After all, with a maid around the place her mother could spend more time shopping and playing cards and doing whatever else it was she liked to do. Brit had never understood her mother. She felt she was more like her father.

She padded up the steps and into the house. The kitchen was empty and so was the downstairs bedroom. Out of mild curiosity, Brit mounted the stairs. Her bare foot had just reached the top one when she knew where Juanita was. She was in her father’s bedroom.

“Pleeze Meester Russel… don’t make me do thees…”

“Now listen honey, I brought you up here. You gonna do what I tell you to do…”

Brit’s belly went tight. The hair at the nape of her neck tickled. She took the final step to the second-floor hall and pressed her coltish body against the wall. Then she inched towards the open door of her father’s bedroom. It wasn’t open very wide. But it was wide enough for her to see Juanita’s brown foot pointed back against the mattress. The small, lithe girl was sitting on her heels, her ebony hair cascading prettily over her shoulders. Brit edged closer.

“Meester Russel… I don’t want to…”

“Come on… you act like you ain’t never had one in your mouth before.”

A burny, hot feeling rushed over Brit’s white skin. She was panting. She tried to lick her lips, but her mouth was dry. She dared to get close enough to the door so that she could see the two figures on the bed. The moment she saw her father’s naked form, Brit felt dizzy. She’d seen her father partly undressed before. But now she realized she’d never really had a good look at his cock. It rested between the brown palms of the pretty Mexican girl. A strange thought passed through Brit’s mind. Part of her had come through that thing the girl held… her daddy’s cum made up half her genes. And now he wanted Juanita to suck it. Brit closed her eyes. But she couldn’t keep them shut for long.

“I can’t Meester Russel…”

“Okay, we’ll see about what you can and can’t do…!” Brit covered her mouth with her hand as she watched her father grab the struggling Mexican girl. She whimpered helplessly as he forced her arms behind her back and tied them with the pillowcase.

“Noooo… please don’t Meester Russel.”

“You brown bitch… I’ll make you do whatever I want you to and like it.” He forced Juanita down on her knees on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed with his knee apart. Brit couldn’t believe that her father could act like that. He’d always been so gentle with her, his daughter. He shoved his fingers into Juanita’s black hair and twisted the shiny strands around until the young girl’s mouth flew open in pain. She rocked back and forth on her knees, her arms jerking in the tight bonds that kept her wrists against the small of her back.

“Now… suck!”

“Nooo… Ohhhh… ghuuuu…!” Juanita threw her head back and forth as Brit watched her father pull the girl forward. His cock brushed her cheek, her lips. It was white along the shaft, swollen and dark at the tip. The tip was like the one she’d told Jody about — flared, dangerous-looking! At last the pain was too much for Juanita and she let the throbbing crown push against her closed lips. Her teeth parted and Brit saw the girl slide her tongue out under the two fat lobes at the underside of the head. Her father got a funny look on his face. His eyes closed and his nostrils flared. He pulled Juanita forward against him and Brit had to smother a squeal of excitement as she saw the barbed tip slide between Juanita’s lips and out of sight. There was a soft, sucking sound and a rivulet of spit trickled down the brown girl’s chin.


“Yeah baby, suck it… suck it good!”

Brit was ashamed and shocked and devastated by what she was observing. But between her thighs something altogether different was happening. The blonde down that lined the edges of her cunt-lips had gotten damp. When she rocked her hips, juice oozed into the silk crotch of her panties.

“Ohhh God… what’s happening to me?” she whispered.

Brit’s father scooted to the very edge of the mattress so he could put his knees on either side of Juanita’s head and squeeze a little. His legs were draped over the girl’s pretty back. His hands were still deeply tangled in her hair. She was helpless and, as she angled her head, Brit heard more of the crackling, suckling sounds. Her father was pushing Juanita’s head up and down with a steady rhythm. More spit trickled down the girl’s chin and dripped to her thighs. She had a look of sadness in her eyes, but there was something else too… a fire that seemed to make her skin flush. Her brown nipples jutted sharply upwards and Brit hadn’t noticed that they’d looked like that before.

The girl’s breathing was different too. Her short, brown nose was flared at the nostrils and her eyes shut tight. Brit watched her father pull Juanita’s head forward again and her shoulders shook as she gagged on the huge thing that was poking into her throat.

“Ghhhaaa… Ubhnnnnnn!”

“Oh God,” Brit whispered to herself, “oh God, God, God, I don’t believe it!” Her daddy’s stomach heaved as the Mexican girl’s plump lips curved around the tip of his prick again, as her tongue lapped the underside with glossy spit. The thrashing of the girl’s arms behind her back excited Brit in a way she didn’t understand. Why should it excite her to see someone tied up like that? But the thrills made her skin burn and she was pushing a hand under her skirt, under the elastic band of her panties.

“Ohh… God… yessss!” she breathed, letting her middle finger glide into the slick, smooth mess between her outer lips. The velvet lining was hot to the touch and when she rubbed her clit, it throbbed with hot life. But at the same time she felt wrong… perverse. To watch her own father make that poor Mexican girl suck his cock.

Then everything changed before her eyes. Her father grabbed the Mexican girl by the shoulders and jerked her up onto the bed on her back. Brit could hardly watch as he pinched her mouth cruelly so he could get his cock in again. Then that swollen, dark tip pushed between Juanita’s spit-drenched lips and Brit trembled as she watched her father lunge with his hips. His cock was long and slender. It went to the back of Juanita’s throat and he kept it there, jabbing and rolling his hips while the brown girl flopped convulsively.

“It’s… awful…” Brit sighed, fingering her little clit harder than ever, plunging her firm bottom in and out instinctively. Her ass cheeks flattened against the wall each time she humped. Her finger fanned the tiny pinch of sensitive meat that made the storms rage through her body.

Her daddy’s cock was pulled back until Brit could see the shiny, veined surface. She could see the swollen, taut head resting on Juanita’s bottom lip. The girl turned her big brown eyes up to him for mercy. He pushed his cock between her teeth again, brought it back. Then Brit saw the tiny droplet grow at the silt. It was milky-looking and she knew it was the stuff babies were made out of… the stuff she’d been made out of.

“I gotta get out of here,” Brit whispered to herself. But she didn’t move. Her bare toes were splayed against the floor, her hips rocked gently against her probing middle finger. She leaned against the wall and watched.

Juanita saw the droplet too… or tasted it. She threw her head around and started to whimper. Brit’s eyes widened as she saw her daddy force the girl’s mouth open again and slide the tip of his cock into it enough so that the first powerful fountain of cream poured onto her tongue.

“Noooooo… yyyuuuuuu!”

“She’s d-d-drinking it,” Brit gasped under her breath. The brown girl’s throat pumped as she forced the stuff down. Brit wondered what it must taste like. But her thoughts were like wild horses. She couldn’t forget that this was her daddy making the poor, bound girl eat his cum! And the sounds she made…

Brit saw some of the thick stuff hanging from Juanita’s chin. More was leaking from the corner of the girl’s mouth. It looked stringy and slick. Brit felt slightly sick. But the sickness was only with her for a moment. The excitement was stronger, more insistent. She rubbed her firm young ass against the wall and gouged her clit unmercifully with her middle finger and thumb.

“Nhhuuuuu… Nnhuuuu…” She knew she could come like that. Come watching her very own father mouth fuck the Mexican maid. It was horrible. But terribly exciting! Brit wondered if maybe she had weird ideas about her daddy that she’d never faced consciously before. After a moment she decided that she didn’t. It was merely the shape and appearance of the male cock as it slid in and out of Juanita’s mouth. It was the groan of her father and the loose swing of his balls against the underside of the Mexican girl’s chin. They slapped when they hit her there. And the cum crackled and slurped as more hot seed flooded out.

“Ohhhmnimmmm!” Juanita groaned, jerking her bound wrists. They were crushed under her body, making her more helpless than ever. She kicked her knees high as the slender prick speared her throat again.

Another jolt of pleasure made Brit’s knees tremble. She pushed herself away from the wall and started back towards the stairs. But at the last second, she glimpsed the figures in the bedroom. She saw the fountaining strings of white jizz leaping from the tip of her father’s cock. She saw the pool of white curds overflow from Juanita’s mouth. She heard the gurgling noise as the brown-skinned beauty tried to gulp the stuff down, choked and spilled it from the corners of her lips. The slick, glossy stuff cascaded down her chin and neck and hung on the big nipples of her tits.

Brit got to the bottom of the stairs and then ran. There was a funny feeling that kept trying to surface. A feeling she’d never had before. It had to do with her daddy and all the years she’d never suspected that he had a side to him like she’d just seen. But more than that, she was excited by what she would have to tell her best friend, Jody. She could almost see Jody’s eyes bugging out of her head.

She hurried through the orchard and came up to the small cabin from the back. And there on his tiptoes, peeking in the window was a slender, sunburned boy. At first Brit didn’t recognize him. Then she saw the small scar on his back, the way his baggy jeans hung from his hips. Billy Caruthers! He stayed with his older brother at the garage on the highway since the family had dissolved some years ago. He was a sort of orphan, even though he was looked after by kin. He was a curious kid of twelve who hung around the neighboring farms out of boredom.

“Billy!” Brit said, coming towards him. The boy turned, blushed and took to his heels. Brit cocked her head at him as he disappeared into the woods in the direction of his older brother’s garage. “I wonder what he was peeking at?” she mused aloud. Brit went to the window and put her fingers on the edges of the sill.

Jody was on her stomach on a bunk. She was naked. And between her parted thighs, Brit could see the white vibrator. It was deep in the redhead’s body and the girl’s shaking fingers urged it slowly in and out as she tolled her full bottom slowly. A groan shuddered in the room and then another. Brit bit her lip and smiled. That little bastard Billy had really been getting an eyeful all right.

And the more she thought of him watching Jody, the hotter Brit got. She found herself thinking of that lean, sun-kissed male body. She’d always thought of Billy as being just a child. But now her thoughts covered him in a completely different way. Had he had a hard-on? Of course! He must’ve had one! Brit swallowed and went around to the front porch and sat down. The door was cracked a little and she could hear the final gasps as Jody pushed her young body over the line. There was a bang as the vibrator slid to the floor. Then there were more moans and finally only breathing. And sighs.

Brit put her chin in her hands. She was wondering what Billy Caruthers looked like without his clothes. She wondered if he had any hair on his cock, like she had on her cunt. She didn’t have much. And because it was blonde you could hardly see it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to touch Billy’s little cock, Brit thought. Yes, it would be. But he’s too young, she quickly corrected. Or was he? He was looking in the window at Jody, wasn’t he? He must’ve known what she was doing.

Inside the room, Brit heard the sound of jeans being pulled on. She waited a few minutes more and then made a noise going up the stairs.

“Jody?” she began, smiling mischievously, “I think we should capture Billy Caruthers and make him sleep with us tonight!”

Jody turned to stare, her green eyes wide, her mouth open slightly.

“You gotta be kidding!”

“I’ve got to get fucked sometime!” Brit said. She noticed the spot of moisture on the bedspread but didn’t say anything. “I mean, you’ve got that… that thing with batteries in it. But me, I don’t have anything.”

Jody blushed as if she’d realized that Brit knew what she’d just been doing to herself… for the second time that day! Brit smiled to let her know that it was all right.

“That plastic cock must be pretty good,” Brit said, “but think of how it must feel to have a real one…” She hugged her shoulders and shivered.

“Quit talking like that,” Jody scolded. “He’s just a… a kid, Brit.”

“A girl’s got to start somewhere!” she said and watched Jody’s face break into a grin.


Jody had thought that Brit was only trying to be funny. Even when her blonde friend had sat on the bed and titillated her with some story she’d made up about her father doing awful things to Juanita, the hired girl. And yet there was something about the way Brit told it that made Jody wonder if maybe part of it really was true. Mr. Russel had taken pretty long looks at her, Jody remembered. But he’d never done anything to make her think he was going to grab her and throw her down behind the barn.

It was getting dark outside. Jody sat on her bed listening to Brit. Already her thoughts were sneaking back to that long, smooth object that had claimed her virginity that very morning. Her body seemed to be swathed in an electric charge. Every move, every rub of her clothing made her suck a breath in and wonder at the new sources of pleasure she’d discovered in herself. It was bad, yes, it was wrong. But it felt so good, her naughty thoughts sneaked in.

“What are you thinking about?” Brit said suddenly.

“Huh?” Jody swallowed, licked her lips and straightened her shoulders. Her nipples burned where they rubbed her tight t-shirt.

“You looked like you were gonna come just sitting there on the bed,” Brit teased. She bent a knee up to hug against her body. Her filmy, short dress fell back on her thigh and Jody could see the taut band of silk that hid her blonde friend’s pussy. The silk was damp looking and some of it had hiked up between the plump lips. A single twist of blonde fuzz peeked from the elastic edge. With no indication of self-consciousness, Brit put a finger against the spot and worked the nylon even deeper into her slit.

“He’s down at the swimming hole right now,” Brit said.

“Who’s down there…?”

“Haven’t you been listening?” Brit scolded. “Billy. Billy Caruthers. He always goes down there in the evening. He thinks there’s a big bass hiding under the tree roots.”

“Oh.” Jody got up and walked to the window. The light was getting mysterious in the woods. She could see shadows that hadn’t been there a few hours before. And the birds that twittered now were night birds. She took a breath and her nipples skidded inside her t-shirt again.

“We could go down there and talk to him, you know…”

“I thought you were just joking,” Jody said, turning. “You don’t think his brother would stand for anything like that, do you?”

“Jeb?” Brit got up too. Jody could see the slick shine on her friend’s forefinger. Brit put the finger to her nose and sniffed curiously, as if it were the first time she’d ever noticed her own musky aroma. It made Jody tickle inside. She looked away, shocked by Brit’s matter-of-fact attitude.

But leaned in the doorway, her hips cocked. “Jeb Caruthers doesn’t pay any attention to where Billy is. I know he doesn’t. That kid roams all over hell. He doesn’t even sleep in the garage half the time. He’s out in the woods in a tree house, or spending the night with a friend. Jeb wouldn’t even go looking for him unless he was gone a week.”

“And you want to… capture him?”

“Well, we could ask him nice first,” Brit laughed. “But if he doesn’t want to come with us…” She lifted her thin arms above her head and made claws. “We grab him!”

Jody laughed out loud. The whole thing sounded so preposterous. But she knew that Brit was a preposterous girl. That’s why she liked the willowy, wicked blonde. Brit did things that Jody thought about sometimes but wouldn’t dare go through with. Capture a young boy so they could bring him back and play with him! Jody knew that it wouldn’t go that far. Brit might tie him up and tickle him, but then she’d let him go. Wouldn’t she?

“Well, are you going to help me?” Brit pulled her skirt straight and rubbed her bare toe on the porch rail. The light coming through her clothes outlined her thin legs. Jody shrugged.

“I guess so. It sounds pretty crazy to me.”

“Sure it is, that’s what makes it fun.” Brit bounced down the stairs and headed for the path that led through the woods to the swimming hole. Jody had to hurry to keep up.

They found Billy sitting on a log, his feet dangling in the cool water of the pond. Yes, he was fishing, he replied to Brit’s off-handed questions. Jody giggled at how hard her friend was trying to be cool. Sure, he’d go have a Coke with them. Billy seemed completely ignorant of what was churning in Brit’s mind. Jody was getting a creepy feeling that Brit really meant to go through with the whole thing. Her hands were sweating as they wound their way back through the woods to the little cabin. Billy walked a few paces before her. Jody watched the sinewy movement of his bare arms, the flop of his ragged jeans on his thighs. They went back to the cabin.

Brit got the boy a Coke from the refrigerator. He sat on one of the beds, his Adam’s apple working as he drank half the bottle down before taking a breath.

“Kinda hot tonight,” he said, wiping his mouth with his wrist.

“What do you know about sex?” Brit said suddenly, sitting down beside the unsuspecting boy. Jody covered her mouth and turned away. She felt uncomfortable and when she felt uncomfortable, it helped to giggle. But a warm glow spread through her body at the same time. She was intensely aware of her soft curves, her growing, tender breasts. And she was aware too of the maleness of the skinny, sun-brown boy on the bed. Between his legs there was something a girl didn’t have…

“Well?” Brit insisted. “Are you going to answer my question?”

Billy sipped his Coke. “I don’t know much,” he said low. “Just…” he shrugged his shoulders and fell silent.

“Do you know how it happens? With a boy and a girl?” Brit’s voice had a trembly edge to it. Jody found she was breathing rapidly. She sat down on her bed and watched them.

“Yeah, I know that.” Billy rubbed the pop bottle with his finger.

“Have you ever seen a girl’s… cunt?” The word seemed to hang in the air after Brit had said it. The room was silent except for a tree limb scraping the roof. Billy shook his head. Then he looked to the door.

“I’d better be getting over to the garage…”

“Jeb won’t miss you,” Brit said, putting her fingers on his wrist. She gave Jody a look. Jody knew that their prey was about to vamoose. But she’d already decided she wasn’t going to do anything about it if he bolted.

“Would you like to see my cunt?” Brit whispered. Billy’s face went red. He chewed his lip for a while. Then, very slowly, he nodded.


“Can I see your cock too?” Brit was rubbing the back of Billy’s wrist with her fingernails. Jody was getting terribly excited just watching the slow, teasing scratch against the boy’s arm. Then she noticed that the crotch of his loose jeans was poking up slightly.

“I guess so,” Billy said. “But don’t tell my brother or anybody…” Brit reached for his belt. The boy let her undo it. Then she made him stand up as she snaked his pants down and grabbed the elastic of his underwear.

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” he said, grabbing for them.

“Aw, don’t go chicken on me.” Brit teased.

“It’s… it’s hard,” the boy managed to get out. Jody knew that her mouth was hanging open. She was breathing hard and fast.

“I know it’s hard,” Brit assured him. She let her fingers sneak down to the white cotton and squeezed it. The boy’s face changed in a way that made Jody close her thighs tight and rock her hips where she sat. Brit was trying to get under Billy’s jockeys. Jody saw a finger disappear under the leg-hole, saw two more slip up into the boy’s crotch.

“Hey…” Billy grabbed Brit’s wrist. Brit just smiled and kept moving her hand under the shorts.

“Ohhh, you’re big! And so hard!”

“It always gets like that when…”

“When what?”

Billy gave her a suspicious look. “I thought you were going to let me see your…”

Brit yanked his pants down suddenly and shoved them over his knees and off. Billy was shy, squirming a little where he sat on the edge of the bed. Jody got up to leave but sat back down again. Inside she felt like a typhoon was blowing. Billy’s cock was a long, slender spear. A white asparagus that was tinged with blue at the tip! Brit had pulled back his uncircumcised foreskin to expose it. It was slightly glossy and seemed to pulse with a steady rhythmic swelling. The boy’s balls were small eggs in a taut, white sac that clung up against the underside of the base of his prick. Jody couldn’t see a single hair anywhere.

Brit slid his foreskin up to cover the sensitive tip and then gently urged it back over the crown again. Billy held his breath.

“Why don’t we all get in bed,” Britt laughed. Jody rubbed her sweating palms on her jeans and got up.

“I think I’d better take a walk.”

“No, we’re all getting in bed,” Brit said again, then looked at Billy. “Aren’t we?”

“If you want to,” he said. He seemed relieved to be able to cover his nakedness. Brit skinned her skirt off as Billy kicked his way under a sheet and pulled it up under his chin. He still wasn’t smiling, but he didn’t look quite so worried as before, Jody thought.

“Jody, aren’t you going to join us?” Brit winked hugely and jerked her head. Jody felt that her courage had leaked away, that she’d let her friend down. Brit whispered something in the darkening room and squeezed her elbow. “Come on, it’ll be fun.” Shaking hard, Jody slipped out of her tight jeans. Then when Brit was saying something to Billy, she slipped into the bunk on the other side.

The slender boy was squeezed between their bodies. Jody was glad she hadn’t taken off her panties because the bed was so small that she couldn’t help but push up against the boy. Brit was talking in his ear and moving her hands under the covers. Jody was too wrought up to do anything but listen.

“Go on and touch me,” Brit said to the boy. “Right there… that’s the place. Where the hair is… now… push. Not there… down lower… Ohhhhhh… that’s it!”

“It’s hot…” Billy’s voice was so small, so young. Jody watched his arm move. The sheet fell back but the boy didn’t want to be bothered with it anymore. He had an intense look in his brown eyes. The sheet fell completely off of Brit and Billy and Jody gasped as she saw her blonde friend’s fingers moving steadily up and down on the boy’s stiff cock.

“Isn’t this fun?” Brit said.

“I guess s-s-so.”

Jody tried to control her tumbling emotions. But the touch of her legs against Billy excited her. Her cunt was seeping juice onto the crotch of her panties. She dared to put a hand against Billy’s arm. He didn’t seem to notice. Jody squeezed the arm and another thrill went through her. She moved her hips so that the boy’s sharp hipbone touched her mound. As secretly as she could, she began to move her bottom. Oh God, it was nice to have a male close by. She hadn’t realized how Billy’s presence would affect her. Jody had a sudden urge to kiss him on the face. She smothered it, touched her dry lips against his shoulder instead. Then she closed her eyes and rocked her hips. Another wave of the most intense pleasure swept over her. She slipped a thigh between the boy’s legs and panted unashamedly as she worked her panty-covered slit down hard on his hipbone.

Doing this, she could feel Brit’s hand moving Billy’s cock-skin up and down, up and down. Brit was nuzzling in Billy’s neck from the other side, kissing him softly as she played with his rigid, young spear. Jody knew she was way over her head now. But the naughty voices had completely drowned out the good ones. She felt some of Brit’s fearlessness shoot through her veins. She pushed a damp palm down Billy’s belly and found the small orbs at the base of his cock. Brit didn’t seem to mind when Jody cupped them and squeezed them gently. They slipped around each other in that sack and the sensation of them against her palm made Jody shudder with lust.

“Honey,” Brit breathed, “rub that little thing there inside me… yeah… Ohhhhh God… Ohhhhhbh fuck yesssssss!”

The boy worked his finger faster. Jody could hear the smack of the wet petals as he petted them open to get to the hot nubbin that grew from Brit’s slit. Brit was still on her back and as the boy got to the right place, her back arched sharply and she made wheezing, whimpering sounds deep in her throat. Her lips were pulled back from her teeth and her small tits rose and fell. Jody moaned and ground herself against Billy’s hip. But then Brit was grabbing the boy’s shoulders, turning him to face her.

“Would you like to fuck me?” she whispered, running her fingers down the nape of his neck, kissing him noisily. Jody had to unhook her leg as the two of them moved to exclude her. Now Billy’s hard little buttocks were shoved into her belly. She whimpered but Brit was trying to pull Billy up onto her body and didn’t seem to notice. Jody felt left out, frustrated. Her body tingled with an insatiable desire to be touched more. A lot more! But Billy was on top of Brit now, working his hips between her spread thighs.

“You’ll have to push hard, honey,” she gasped, digging her nails into his ass cheeks. The boy thrust his hips awkwardly. His slender cock slipped up the “V” of Brit’s cunt and jabbed up her belly, smearing her white skin with juice.

“No, Billy I’m a virgin. You’ll have to break me!”

“Break you?” he said back. He looked confused. Jody bit her lip and fought back tears. What was wrong with her? Why should she care if Brit and Billy wanted to rut in the bed like animals? But her hands sweated and shook and she couldn’t keep from moving her hips as she watched Brit take the young boy’s cock and guide it back under her mound.

“There,” Brit said, “feel that place? That’s where you have to tear a hole…”

“God — Oohh Jesus,” Billy shuddered. He was grasping and lunging and flopping around on top of the slender, pale body. Jody felt fat, looking at their skinny shapes. She knew she wasn’t fat, knew she was just more developed. But being left out of the little game didn’t help much. Brit had talked her into playing and then made her stand aside to watch.

“You have to do it harder,” Brit hissed. She was shaking all over, grasping Billy’s shoulders and then his ass.

“It won’t go in… it keeps slipping out.”

“Push!” Brit cried. “Push, damn it!”

“I’m trying. You’re hurting me!”

“Oh shit,” Brit said, her voice angry. “You get on bottom.” Billy rolled over and Jody watched enviously as Brit squirmed herself onto the boy’s belly. But was she really envious? Jody wasn’t sure. She wasn’t sure she’d have the nerve to actually let Billy’s cock slip inside her body, even though there was nothing to stop his cock, no cherry left to block the way. What she was envious of was Brit’s courage. The courage to seduce this young kid, the courage to get herself poked for the first time.

Brit squatted over Billy’s jutting cock. She held it with both hands as she wiggled herself backwards and down. Jody held her breath as she watched the tip of the stiff thing press between the swollen folds of the blonde’s pussy. Brit had her eyes closed as she concentrated on finding the exact spot. Then she had it. Jody could tell. Holding the barb of the boy’s tip against her cherry, she shoved suddenly backwards.

“Hey… Qwwwwwww!”

“Damnit… be still!”

“It won’t go in!” Billy moaned. “I gotta go home.” He tried to get up but Brit grabbed his shoulders and pinned him against the mattress.

“You won’t go until I’m through,” she panted, drool slipping from the corner of her mouth. She looked like a wild beast about to devour her prey. Jody stared. She was more excited than ever. It was like rape! Only the other way round.

“Let me up!” Billy bellowed. He had an arm loose. Brit caught it and when Billy rolled onto his stomach, she shoved it up behind his back until the boy grunted with pain.

“Now you’re gonna do what I say,” she spit.

“Uncle… Owwwww… Jesus you’re breaking my fuckin’ arm!”

“Help me, Jody,” she hissed. Jody sat up in bed, swung her legs to the floor.

“God… what do you want me to do?” She didn’t want anything to do with Brit now. It was exciting up to this point. But if she had to help force Billy to do something he didn’t want to do.

“Get me that mule harness… the one hanging in the other room…” Brit’s eyes were wild, her blonde hair glowing in the evening light. Jody walked backwards, watching Billy’s slender form jerking under Brit’s weight. “Hurry, damn it. He’s fighting like hell.”

Jody felt numb as she took the leather straps down from the hook by the door. She knew she was doings something very wrong. There was something about tying people up that went against her grpain. But at the same time, she was weak in the knees from watching the willowy Brit work her will on Billy. She came back in the room breathing hard.

“Here,” she gasped, holding the harness straps.

“You’ve got to do it,” Brit demanded. “While I hold his hands… here… hurry up!”

Jody wound the straps around Billy’s wrists while Brit held them together. She could feel the seepy juice dampening the insides of her thighs, soaking the crotch-piece of her panties. Why was it so thrilling tying up some scared young boy? She knew why. Because Brit was like some hungry feline animal! She meant to force that slender little cock up inside her body and squirm around on it until…

“Do you think we should?” Jody asked.

“Come on… hurry it up!” Brit pushed down on Billy’s arms as Jody jerked the straps tight and knotted them. Then Brit rolled him over onto his back again. Jody saw immediately that his cock was sagging and small. All the fighting had cooled him off.

“I could sure get you in a lot of trouble!” he said, tight-lipped. Brit pushed her hair out of her eyes and knelt at his crotch. She grabbed his cock and started pumping it like before. This time nothing happened.

“We’ll have to do something else,” Brit said. Jody could see the glistening droplets in her friend’s cunt-hair. Brit was breathing raggedly and her thin nostrils were flared. She licked her lips then. Jody didn’t really believe she meant to do it. Until she saw her pretty friend drop her head down. Her pink tongue shot out and the tip of it fluttered along the underside of Billy’s wilted little prick.

“Jeeeezzz!” he gasped, working his hips. “That tickles.” Brit rubbed her lips together like she was tasting. Then she shrugged and fluttered her tongue out again. Jody was breathing so hard she felt dizzy. She pushed her hands up over her full breasts and squeezed them. She couldn’t seem to help herself. She squeezed them again and pinched the nipples until jolts of pleasure throbbed steadily through her body.

“God, Brit, if he tells anybody.”

“He’s still not getting hard,” Brit snapped. “Why don’t you kiss him?”

“Kiss him?”

“You know how don’t you?” Brit arched an eyebrow. Jody bit her lip and nodded.

“Sure. Okay.” She put her face down close to Billy’s. He looked at her with wild eyes.

“You all better let me go or I’m gonna start screaming!”

“You start screaming,” Brit warned, “and we’ll dump you in the pond and let you drown, you dumb little fucker!”

Jody had never heard her friend talk like that. She felt so strange, so dizzy and hot and spaced. Like they were the only three people left on earth. Billy turned his face away, but Jody kissed him on the cheek and then on the neck. The act excited her tremendously. She was really getting into it! She opened her mouth wide and started tonguing the boy’s ear. He whimpered and closed his eyes. She licked him steadily, wetting the fine down on his face and neck. When she looked down at what Brit was doing, her eyes almost bugged out of her head.

Brit wasn’t just licking the surface of Billy’s small shaft anymore. She had pursed her lips into a plump, soft “O” and was pushing them gently down around the head of Billy’s cock. When she did, the foreskin was forced back on the shaft to expose the flared ridge completely. The boy lifted his ass off the bed a little, writhing against the tight straps which bound his wrists under him.

“Ohhhhh… shit…!” The breath whooshed from his lungs and he squirmed again. Brit dropped her head and Jody watched breathlessly as her blonde friend’s lips curved down the slender shaft. Then Brit stopped and Jody could see her throat working as she shoved her tongue back and forth against the delicate membrane that were now hidden inside her mouth.

“God… Brit… you’re sucking his cock!” It was barely a whisper, but Brit heard the words and glanced at Jody. Jody gave a moan of excitement and opened her mouth against Billy’s suddenly. She felt Brit’s heat, was sharing Brit’s carnal hunger. And Billy’s cock was stiffening now. When Brit slid her lips back, the spear pumped rigid, the spongy head dusky with trapped blood.

Billy moaned into the kiss as Jody felt his tongue with hers. She ran her hands over his chest, tickled his nipples with her palms. He grunted in his throat and writhed harder than ever. The sound of Brit’s lips sliding up and down his cock-shaft was louder now. Jody couldn’t keep from sneaking looks. Brit had her small white hands around the base of the jutting thing, her fingers playing in the soft sac there. Holding him like that, she bobbed her head with a steady, insatiable rhythm. Spit bubbled at the corners of her mouth. Jody could hear her breath coming in little coos of happiness as she worked the boy to a feverish pitch of excitement.

“Feels so weird!” He gasped, “It’s itching! Itching! Itching like crazy!”

Brit took her mouth away from him then and licked her chin. “That oughta do it,” she said, giving the spit-glossed shaft a few quick jacks with her right hand. Then she was climbing up over Billy’s body, fitting her knees at his sides as she grabbed his prick and guided it against her peeled pussy.

Jody rolled out of the way. She felt like she had to touch herself, like she had to do something or go crazy! Her panties were a sloppy mess. She shoved a hand down under the silky band that hid her mound. Her fingers came away, shiny, her musky juices slippery and hot on her skin. She didn’t really think about it when she skinned the skimpy things off. Then she flopped onto the bed again and lay on her back to watch Brit.

Brit was biting her lip, forcing her body backwards as she held Billy’s stiff cock against her cherry. The boy threw his head back and forth on the pillow. He was breathing fast, too, but his lips were curled in pain.

“God it hurts,” he cried, “it won’t go in!” Brit reached for Jody’s hand.

“Help me, Jody. Ohhh God, I’ve got to get it in! I’m about to freak out!”

“Me… help?”

“Hurry!” Brit shivered all over. “Push that thing in me, Jody! I’m begging you!” Jody felt like she was two people again. The naughty part of her scooted down on the bed until she was behind Brit’s lifted bottom. The good part of her was babbling something about sex being wrong. But could anything that was so exciting be wrong? Jody didn’t bother to consider the problem. She grabbed Billy’s slender cock. It was hot. It was slick, too, flooded with the steamy butter that dripped out of Brit’s pink slit.

Jody could see her friend’s cherry. It was a small, red bump hidden in a hollow of her velvety lining. Her fingers shook as she guided the bluish head of the boy’s cock into the hollow place. Brit felt it. She pushed back suddenly and Jody saw the dainty place stretch in. Her grasping fingers slipped in the mess of juice that sucked and popped around her friend’s convulsing slit. The glossy stuff was smeared across Brit’s ass-cheeks and down the backs of her thighs. There was a musky aroma in the air. Brit lunged back again and Billy cried with pain.

“Damn it, you’re killing me!”

“Shut up!” Brit gasped. Jody could tell that she was getting frantic. Her cherry just wouldn’t break. And Billy was squirming and bellowing in pain. Jody was shaking with anticipation and excitement. She knew that it was close to happening. Maybe she could help. She pushed a nail up into the throbbing meat of Brit’s cherry and poked. She felt the small tear begin and Brit’s back arched suddenly and the girl gave a little cry. Jody quickly shoved Billy’s cock-head into the hollow again.

“Push hard, Brit. Ohhh God, fuck!” It was almost as if she were the one getting a cock pushed into her body. Jody watched Brit bear down on the shiny prick, saw the naked head flatten against the tear she’d made with her fingernail. And then there was a tiny spurt of blood and Jody gasped. The soft, slippery mouth of Brit’s body engulfed half of Billy’s cock! Brit gave a shuddery moan and dipped her bottom wildly as she felt the stiff little thing that had finally penetrated her insides.

“Ohhh. I’m getting fucked!” she cried, laughing hysterically. “Fucked… fucked…!”

Jody took her hand away and glanced at her fingers. They were smeared red. And a tiny red rivulet made a line down the back of Brit’s thigh. Brit bucked her back and squirmed down hard. There was a slippery sucking noise and Jody saw the rest of Billy’s prick slide into the bloody, juicy mess between her best friend’s plump pussy-lips.

“Qhh… Nhuuuooooa!” Brit dropped down flat on Billy’s chest and straightened her legs on the outsides of his. Then she started fucking. She pumped her trim white bottom rapidly up and down, making Billy’s cock slide in and out of her cunt hole. The sounds of their loving made Jody weak. She thrust both bhnds between her own thighs and gouged open her crack. A flood of butter poured out and she started tickling the tiny nubbin where everything always started.

“Yess… Nuhhuuuuu!” she moaned, on her back again, knees raised and spread as she watched the writhing form of Brit atop the bound boy.

Brit was kissing his face as she fucked him. She sucked at his neck and cheeks like Jody had done. Then she held his face framed in her hands and sucked wildly at his mouth. Jody had never guessed that Brit was so practiced. But maybe she really wasn’t. Her movements weren’t all that smooth. She just seemed too excited to care. Brit couldn’t kiss any better than she could, Jody thought. She was just hungry and hot and ready… ready to try anything!

“Good… good… sooooo good,” she moaned as she worked her small ass up and down over the boy’s jutting prick. Jody couldn’t see what was happening from where she lay. And she wanted to very badly. Even at the risk of being perverted, she had to look again — had to know what it was like when a cock went into a girl’s body. Jody crawled down on the bed until she was behind Brit and Billy. She could see now, could see the exact place where Billy’s shaft entered Brit’s bleeding hole. When Brit lifted her bottom, the juices sucked loudly around the slender prick as her grasping muscles raped along its sides. Then she pushed back and down and with another slurpy sound, Billy’s shaft pierced deep. Brit held herself like that, held that thing inside her as she shivered and writhed. When she was all the way down on Billy like that, his balls hugged tightly against the underside of his prick.

Jody lay back down where’d she’d been before and started playing with herself. She’d heard of finger fucking, but of course the only thing that had ever been inside her pussy was that plastic vibrator. But now, with her cherry gone, couldn’t she finger fuck? She jammed two fingers together, found her hole and pushed. They slid in easily and Jody closed her eyes and started the rhythmic in-and-out movements that might feel like a man’s prick. At the same time she thumbed her clit. Throbbing waves of pleasure covered her flesh. And then the bed was bouncing wildly. Brit kissed and bit and grunted against Billy’s chest as she worked her trim ass in circles.

Jody couldn’t believe that anybody could move so fast. She knew it was somehow wrong to keep looking, but she couldn’t control her actions at all now. She felt like she was about to burst with excitement. She crawled babbling down the bed, down where she could see Brit’s cunt and Billy’s cock. And just as she got there, Brit lifted her bottom high, the tip of the blood-smeared prick inside her convulsing hole. The muscles moved like a den of snakes around the hot meat they held. It was like Brit’s pale body was milking that thing! And then she plunged down on it again and there was a funny, coughing sound and Brit flopped and trembled as she came.

Jody watched her friend’s movements, watched the tightening muscles close around Billy’s cock and then loosen. The throbbing spasms went off as if perfectly timed. And Brit’s pussy was so swollen! It didn’t look like the same little cunt Jody had glimpsed before.

“Ohhh… God… Ohhhh I’m gonna die…”

Brit shuddered. She clawed at Billy’s shoulders and flattened her small breasts against his chest. She rubbed her pink nipples back and forth and the rubbing added to the shock waves of pure joy that exploded in the bloody, hot wound that had captured the boy’s prick. Her blonde hair fell over his face as she kissed him again. Kisses that weren’t really kisses at all. Jody thought it was more like Brit was eating him alive. And then very quickly it was all over. The room was quiet except for the breeze making the tree limbs scrape the roof.



“I think we’d better let Billy loose.” Jody had noticed how red the boy’s face was. He was clenching his teeth hard and swallowing. He didn’t look at all happy. Brit opened her eyes slowly.

Then she pushed her tits up from the boy’s chest. “Oh shit, that… that was… Ohhhhh fuck!”

“I’m gonna tell my brother and he’s gonna get the police to come and…”

Brit grabbed the boy’s hair and jerked. “You know what the cops would do if they knew you’d broken my cherry?” Billy’s lips trembled. He shook his head. “They’d send you to the reform school, you stupid jerk! I’m only fifteen! I’m underage and you broke my cherry!” Brit rolled him over onto his belly and untied his wrists. He rubbed them and looked at her. He looked scared.

“If you’re good. I won’t tell anybody about it.” Brit smiled suddenly and leaned forward to kiss Billy’s nose. “If you’re really good, I might invite you back to visit me sometime!”

Jody bit her lip to keep from laughing. Billy grabbed his pants and hit it down the steps. He was hopping on one leg, trying to get the other into his jeans when the shadows engulfed him. It was really getting dark by now.

“Do you think he’ll say anything?” Jody asked. She was still hot as a firecracker, a little envious that Brit had really gone all the way with a boy. Then the thought occurred to her that a boy could get a girl in lots of trouble. Had Billy squirted any cum in her friend’s pussy?

Brit was sitting with her legs crossed, poking a finger at the swollen, raw place where Billy had fucked. Jody couldn’t see anything that looked like cum.

“He didn’t even get his rocks,” Brit said. “Probably too young.” She smiled at Jody. Jody thought her eyes looked funny. “Did you see all that, Jody! Wow! I really fucked! I fucked I fucked, I fucked!” Brit laughed and bounced on the bed. She stopped and narrowed her eyes. “Hey, what happened to your panties.”

“I took them off,” Jody said, blushing.

“You were watching, weren’t you?”

Jody shrugged. “A little. You asked me to help, don’t you remember?” Unconsciously, Jody hid her bloody finger in her palm; the finger she’d used to tear Brit’s cherry. Jody walked to the window. “God, I hope he doesn’t tell Jeb. Jeb is kinda crazy, so I hear.”

“You wait and see,” Brit laughed. “I bet that little nut Billy will be hanging around again before long. You just wait and see.”


It was Friday morning when Brit’s daddy asked her to take the truck to town and pick up a part for the tractor. It had arrived on the Greyhound the afternoon before and he needed it before he could start baling the season’s first cutting of alfalfa. Jody was still sleeping when Brit brushed her teeth, brushed her hair and slipped into a worn-out pair of shorts. She added a skimpy bikini top to her ensemble and a pair of sandals. Then she headed to the house.

Her mother wasn’t up yet. Brit knew because when she came up the back steps, her father was standing with his arms around Juanita while she tried to cook breakfast at the stove. Brit felt the same mixed-up emotions about watching through the screen. Her dad was feeling the Mexican girl’s leg under her short dress. It gave Brit the shivers to watch his fingers caress the brown skin and then push higher.

“Meester Russel… please I must cook eggs.”

“You lovely bitch, you lovely brown bitch,” he murmured, pushing the black hair away from her neck so he could kiss her there. Juanita smiled and gave a little groan. Then she dropped the spatula and turned, thrusting her hips up against him.

Brit made a noise before she opened the back door. Now her dad was clear across the room, pretending to look at some mail. Brit thought it was funny how Juanita didn’t seem to mind her dad this morning after the way he had been kinda mean to the girl the time before. She didn’t know anything about grownups.

Juanita avoided Brit’s eyes while breakfast was sewed. Brit ate quick, got her father’s keys and got the hell out. She was looking forward to driving to town by herself. She always had liked driving the rattly old pickup. She didn’t have a license, but Hillsburrough had only three cops and they all knew what went on. As long as you weren’t doing something really awful, you could slide. Brit wondered if the local cops would consider what she’d done to Billy Caruthers bad.

She started the truck and wound down their lane to the highway. Then she headed west to town, the vent windows turned in to blow her hair and cool the sweat under her arms. She had to work the pedals on tip-toes and clutch with both hands to the wheel, peering over as best she could. Trucks and cars whizzed by. She felt grown up. And the achy soreness between her thighs thrilled her every time she moved. She really was grown up!

A couple of guys hanging around the depot whistled at her as she horsed the package back to the truck and hefted it in. She gave them a smile and they whistled again. A couple of high-school dropouts who didn’t do anything! They’d end up like a lot of old men she’d seen around. They were still standing against the bank building after fifty years. These guys were headed down the same road. Brit decided she wouldn’t even let them lick the sweat out from under her armpits. That made her laugh and she giggled all the way out of town.

The gas gauge was bobbing on empty when she came near Jeb Caruthers’ garage. She wasn’t really far from home, but she knew Daddy liked to keep the tank full so she wheeled into the rutted drive and bounced to a stop by the pumps. Jeb was talking to a couple of good old boys in the garage. He wiped his hands on a rag and sauntered up. Brit thought of Billy then and her heart gave a little jerk when Jeb leaned at the window. But she was pretty damn sure that Billy would’ve never told anyone about what had happened two nights ago. If she’d suspected he might spill the beans, she never would’ve come to Jeb’s garage for gas.

“Fill her up?” Jeb asked, changing his toothpick to the other side of his mouth.

“Could you put it on Daddy’s bill?”

“Sure, Brit.” The pump went into the hole and she heard the pump running. When she turned, Jeb was looking hard at her, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“God damn it, girl, you have growed up some since I last saw you.”

Brit blushed. She hardly ever blushed. But Jeb had really laid it on her. She finally managed a smile for him and went back to watching the gas needle climb towards full.

“You shouldn’t oughta leave the key on,” Jeb kidded, winking. “Bad for the points.”

“I didn’t know that,” Brit said, switching it off.

“Bad for anybody to have juice running while their motor’s off.” Jeb winked again. He was looking at the skimpy band that covered her breasts. Brit pumped out her chest, wishing she had more to show off. Jeb stuck the nozzle back in the pump and twisted on her gas cap. At that very moment, Willy Stearn rolled into the station in his patrol car. Willy had been a cop around Hillsburrough ever since he’d gotten out of high school.

“Hey Will,” Jeb called, “you better check this young lady’s license. She looks awful young to me.”

Brit squirmed nervously in the seat, pulled at her hair. Will got out of his car and swaggered up. He pushed his hat back and leaned in the truck window.

“Okay, little lady, let’s have it.” Jeb broke up then and a couple of guys standing over by the garage started drifting over. Brit reddened. She knew she was being poked fun at, but she had to go along with it. After all, she didn’t have a license. She pouted prettily and shrugged.

“I don’t have anything to show you.”

“She don’t have a license,” Will cracked to Jeb. “But I guess we could let her off if she showed us somethtng.” The two men slapped their thighs and stomped around in the dust.

“I think you oughta interrogate her for a while,” Jeb suggested. The two of them nodded. Will opened the truck door and slipped a handcuff over Brit’s slender wrist. She sighed and let him lead her to the patrol car. Then Will ran the bunch of good old boys back out of the way. Brit sat in the patrol car, her wrists cuffed together. She thought that the joke had gone a little far, but again, what could she do? The boys were getting a big kick out of her. They were standing by the front of the car whispering and nodding and looking at her from time to time. Then Will came around and leaned in the window.

“Well Brit, I wanted to run you in.” Will was trying to keep from smiling. But she knew it was all put on. Will hadn’t arrested anybody for driving without a license since he’d started his job.

“Yeah,” he drawled, “I was all for letting you rot in jail a little. But Jeb over here defended you. He said that you’d be willing to give us a little security. So’s we’d know you’ll go straight when we let you go.” Will licked his lips. His hair was black and curly and came down the sides of his cheeks in long sideburns.

“Security?” Brit jingled the handcuffs. “I don’t have anything. I told you that.”

“Oh yes you do.” Will’s eyes searched her body hungrily. Brit felt her thighs tingle as he scanned the tight “V” her cotton shorts made at her crotch. “You give me the panties you got on and I’ll let you go.”

“Listen Will, I think this little joke’s gone far enough.”

“What joke?” Will had successfully smothered any hint of humor. Brit felt a nasty little current in the air. “So if you’ll kindly skin off your panties and put them in the glove compartment, I’ll undo those cuffs.” He pushed himself away from the car.

“You’re crazy, Will! If you think I’m gonna…”

“I’ll take Jeb over here and leave you be. Nobody’s looking.” His face was stone serious. Brit was mad. But there she sat in the back seat of that patrol car handcuffed. And she was breaking the law. Though no one in the county bothered much with that sort of thing, she was technically in the wrong.

“Will,” she called, but he was already swaggering over to Jeb. They motioned all the gawkers back inside the garage. “Well shit,” she said aloud, “if I’ve got to do it, I might as well get started.”

It wasn’t easy getting her shorts down. The handcuffs were more in the way than she’d thought they’d be. But she managed to squirm the things off and then get her panties off too. She stopped every so often to see if anyone was trying to peek. But the car was under a big elm tree and no one was anywhere close. She had a little protection behind the front seat. And she hurried. At last she had her shorts up again and the button buttoned. She held her pale yellow panties up and felt her face get hot. They were her favorite pair. The bikini kind that didn’t contain enough filmy nylon to tie up a sack lunch in. But what embarrassed her more than that was the fact that she’d had them on that morning when she’d awakened early and gotten the urge to play a little. So she’d played. Jody had been snoring softly in the next bed and Brit had found her friend’s vibrator and pushed it down under the covers. She’d been afraid to turn it on for fear of awakening Jody. But the smooth cock-shaped plastic had felt wonderful rubbing against the raw edges of her newly broken cherry. She’d just pushed it up under a leg of her panties and then deep into her shivering body. It hadn’t taken her but a minute or two to come. And then she’d splurged and made herself climax a second time. When she was finished, her panties were a sloppy mess. And she hadn’t bothered changing them before taking the truck to town. They were the very panties she held up before her face now.

“Shit,” she mumbled and leaned across the front seat to shove them into the glove compartment like Will had directed. Then she honked the horn and sat back down.

Will and Jeb came over at a trot. Jeb looked in the glove box, whistled and shut it again. Will unlocked the handcuffs and patted Brit on the shoulder.

“If people would just cooperate with the law like you do, Brit, we’d have a better community to live in. I’m gonna recommend you get an award of recognition from the mayor.”

“You’d just better damn well not tell anybody whose panties those are,” Brit snapped, her jaw stuck out.

“We won’t tell a soul,” Jeb chimed in. “This is all undercover, see.” The two of them laughed like high school kids. Brit stomped back to the pickup and started the engine.

Brit threw gravel getting out of the station. She wasn’t breathing right again until she’d pulled into the farm road leading home. But her nerves didn’t stay steady for very long. Because she heard her brother’s voice as she came up the porch stairs.

“Come on Juanita, my dad’s out working on the tractor and mom’s gone to town. Nobody’ll know anything…”

“Darren… Pleeze… stop keesing me.”

Brit went around to the other entrance and let the screen door close quietly. Then she tiptoed down the hall to the kitchen. She could peer in and see everything. And there was a lot to see!

Her brother Darren was standing behind Juanita with nothing on but his jockey shorts! Juanita was pretending to try to work at the kitchen sink, but now she was just bracing herself with her arms as Darren pulled her skirt up to completely expose her bottom. Brit stopped breathing for a second when she saw that Juanita wasn’t wearing any panties. The girl’s smooth, firm ass cheeks were like those of a statue. She could understand why Darren must like to touch them. And he was touching!

“I’d eat your pussy anytime!” He breathed, pushing his chest up against her back. The dress was pulled higher. Brit saw the front of her brother’s shorts all pushed out and when he turned, she saw that the purple head of his cock was sticking out above the elastic band.

“You must let me work now, Darren. You should go get dressed.”

“Baby, you smell so good!” Darren had his hand between her thighs now and Brit saw a shiver run through Juanita’s body. Her head fell a little to one side and she closed her eyes. Darren’s fingers worked upwards. There was a soft snick of something wet. Juanita let out a lung full of air and dropped a glass into the sink. Her ass muscles clenched and she shuddered again. Then Darren was panting and shoving his shorts down.

Brit’s little pussy was overflowing with juice. She felt the hot lines of butter running down one thigh. Without any panties to soak up her excitement it dripped out freely, even wetting her ankle now. She leaned against the wall and see-sawed her thighs together, letting the dainty inner linings make a tantalizing friction against her clit.

“No… Darren…” Juanita was leaning down over the sink now; her brown bottom pushed way out. Darren had crammed her skirt higher and he was trying to bend his legs enough to get his cock-head under her mound from behind. Brit had never seen anything so sexy in her life! The pretty, mature curves of the girl seemed to contrast with her muscled body. He was young and hungry for the girl. Brit knew how he felt. She’d felt the same frenzied lust for Billy Caruthers that night in the cabin. Darren kicked Juanita’s feet wider apart. The two of them were barefoot and that made the scene that much more delicious. Brit moaned qtuietly and jerked her shorts up hard so that the cotton would shove between her slit to soak up some of her juices.

“Take it easy, baby,” Darren soothed, slipping a hand against her belly as he got the head of his cock in position. Brit could see what was happening easily. She was hidden behind the door, peeking through the crack by the hinges. She couldn’t have been over five feet away. She was close enough to smell the musky aroma of Juanita’s heat.

“You shouldn’t… Darren… pleeze…!”

“You want it as bad as I do!” he grunted and Brit heard the flared head of his prick suck into the hollow that led up into the heat of Juanita’s lovely body. The girl shuddered as Darren centered his tip and bent his knees more. When Brit saw her lift herself up on tiptoes and lean even farther over the sink, she had to shove a hand under her shorts and claw her outer lips open.

“Don’t hurt me.” Juanita gasped. Her black hair hung down on each side of her face. Then Darren brought his hips under and up, straightening his legs at the same time. Juanita’s feet came off the floor and she bent her knees sharply, kicking out her heels behind. Brit heard the slippery sound of something hot and hard slipping into Juanita’s body. She was almost leaning down into the sink now, groaning and gasping as Darren lunged again and again, driving his cock into the yielding, dripping meat of the Mexican girl’s pussy.

Brit saw it going in. It made her feel faint and dizzy. It wasn’t at all like Billy Caruthers’ slender little cock. It was thick and long and the flared part bulged out more from the shaft as it forced Juanita’s petals apart. Now that swollen barb was up inside the girl’s body. What must it feel like, Brit wondered. The look on Juanita’s face said it felt like heaven. She leaned clear over the sink now, her lips hanging open, her eyes closed. Small, strangled grunts came from her throat as Darren held her hips with both hands and ground upwards with powerful movements of his body.

“Christ… you’re hot… you’re deep and hot and good,” he gasped. Juanita’s feet still dangled an inch or two from the floor. Every so often she kicked a heel up and then let it flop down again. The smacking, sucking noise around the edges of her pussy had grown much louder. Brit saw the slickness shining on her brother’s cock every time he pulled it out to shove it deep again. Brit covered her mouth with a hand and then began to chew on a finger. Now this was fucking! This was really fuking! If only Billy had acted like that the other night in the cabin. If only Jody could see this! Brit worked a finger up into her cunt. It hurt a little when she pushed past the broken edge of her cherry, but the pain was soon replaced by a glowing tingle that spread with every beat of her heart.

She sucked her fingers back and forth in the flooding juices, liking the way the slickness felt, liking the way the velvety inner surfaces rubbed when she squeezed her mound together with thumb and first finger and massaged it.

“Ohhhhhh…” she moaned, “Ohhhhh God, fucking is the best thing in the world…” She said it even though she wasn’t really fucking at all.

Then she remembered the fantastic spectacle there in the kitchen and shoved her face close to the crack in the door again.

“Don’t make a babee, Darren… eef you do, your father weel tell me to leave… go back to Mexico.”

“I’ll never let that happen,” Darren sighed, kissing the girl’s neck from behind. “I love you, Juanita!”

“You say that now with your cock een my body!”

“I mean it, no bullshit!”

“Ohhhh… Ohhhhhh eet’s killing me!” Juanita laid her head down on the counter and shoved her hands down between her thighs. Brit held her breath as she watched the pretty girl trace her fingers across the place where her softness had been speared. She touched the sides of Darren’s cock and felt the swollen lips of her pussy where they clung to the glossy shaft.

“Ohhh… you’re so beeg!”

“I love you, Juanita… love you!” Darren held her waist now as he thrust and speared and fucked. Brit thought she would faint if she couldn’t come herself. She was rolling her fingers frantically in the mushy depths of her hot pussy. She loved the tickle that was building around her clit. Her eyes were half-closed, open just enough to watch what her brother was doing to the hired girl. She wondered vaguely what her father would do if he caught his son knocking off a piece over the breakfast dishes. Especially since Dad had been fooling around with Juanita himself.

Darren’s jockey shorts had slipped down and off one foot. When he moved, the shorts dangled from his other ankle. Brit was surprised at the way her brother moved. He was really a sexy guy to look at, though she’d never thought of him like that before. He seemed to know just what he was doing. And he sure did have Juanita won over.

She was panting loudly now and wiggling her plump, pretty ass around in feverish circles as that white cock slid slowly in and out of her pussy! The juices streamed down her thighs and made Darren’s balls glisten. The musk of fucking was thick in the air. And when Brit saw her jerk open the front of her blouse and start pinching her big brown nipples, she sensed that Juanita was going to come!

“Darren… Nhhuuuu… Ohbhhh…!” Her head flopped. “I’m comeeeeng!” Her narrow back arched so much that Brit thought it would break. Then she snapped her ass up and down viciously. It was as if she was trying to break Darren’s cock off and keep it inside her. Darren held onto her writhing brown body and fucked like a maniac. He discovered that Juanita had opened her blouse and he grabbed one tit and squeezed it as he fucked. Juanita seemed to like this.

“Faster, Darren!” she moaned. She had pushed her body back away from the counter edge and clung to it with her fingertips, her back bent forward at the hips at a right angle, feet spread wide as she held herself up on tiptoes. Darren humped and fucked with the power of a pile-driver. Brit felt her little nubbin heating up rapidly. She lightened the friction until the tickle was building lots slower. Then she looked again through the door crack.

Juanita had already come. And then she’d sensed that Darren had been about to unload his jizz inside her womb. Brit saw her turned around now, Darren’s cock clenched tightly in her hands.

“Let me get it in again!” he pleaded, fighting her back against the wall.

“No darleeng… Juanita doesn’t want a babeee!”

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Darren shoved his balls against her hip and pumped. At the same time Juanita jacked the slickly coated shaft of his prick as he tried to force her to his will.

“Ohhhhh,” Brit breathed as she felt her own excitement reach a pinnacle and then burst over. Her thighs burned like a hundred butterflies were tickling her. Then an amber glow of pleasure grew into paradise all along the insides of her pussy. She was still looking through heavy lids at what was happening in the kitchen. Juanita was still jacking Darren’s cock as he shoved it against her belly. And then Brit saw it erupt with white cum. The spurt boiled a foot into the air, covered Juanita’s breasts with white strings. Some plopped heavily to the linoleum. And more fountained over the Mexican girl’s brown fingers. But she never stopped pumping the circle of her hand. Brit could hear the sticky slap, slap, slap as her brother’s seed was milked from his body.

And Brit came too. She came hard; her shoulders shaking violently, her back bucking as she fought to smother the cries that wanted to shout to the world how good it felt! Somehow she stayed quiet, staggering back down the hall until she found the bathroom and locked herself in.

There she continued to caress and pet the engorged tissues of her cunt until all the pleasure had been nursed out.

When she had tidied herself up and gone back to the kitchen, Darren was sitting at the breakfast table over a bowl of cereal while Juanita fried him an egg. Brit could see the shiny places on the floor where the cum had been wiped up. And she could see patches here and there on Juanita’s legs where the stuff had dried. Darren had on his jeans now and avoided Brit’s eyes.

“Been sleeping kinda late, haven’t you?” she teased her brother. “Everybody else is up and fed and working.” Darren grunted something and went on eating. Juanita made a lot of noise splashing around in the sink. Brit could see that she’d only gotten half her blouse buttons closed. And the girl’s nipples were still swollen, poking out against the worn material. God, they were nice tits. Again Brit felt the tug of envy. Almost everybody had bigger tits than she did.

She bounced down the steps and headed through the orchard to the cabin. Jody would probably be up by now if she wasn’t playing with herself in bed. Brit giggled at the thought. They were going to have to corral that little nut Billy again. She could hardly wait to get something alive inside her pussy again!


Jody was in one heck of a state! It hadn’t helped when Brit had come back with an eyewitness sex story. After talking about Darren and Juanita the two of them had fought over the vibrator. But the damned thing was dead anyway, the batteries so shot they couldn’t get a tremble out of it. Jody had played with the thing first, sliding it in and out of her body until she’d felt something nice beginning to build. But just when it would get good, Brit would say something, or moan as she fingered herself. Jody was too shy, too easily distracted to really enjoy herself. At last, she had given Brit the damned plastic cock and gone out on the porch to think about boys and sex and what it all meant anyway. She sat there till the sun went down.

Brit had done it to herself three times and then gone to sleep. Jody was restless, her anticipation of sex at a fever pitch. And yet she wasn’t satisfied with bringing herself off anymore. Brit seemed to get fun out of almost anything. But Jody’s thoughts kept straying to… men. Big, burly, husky men with outsized cocks dangling over her. Of course if anything like that really happened, she knew she’d freak out. But it was nice to pretend.

At last she got up and wandered down the path to the woods. It was a hot, windless night. Insects chirped in the thickets as she wandered deeper into the gloomy, tree-shrouded undergrowth. Thank goodness there was a path!

She didn’t know how long she’d been walking. Her thoughts had been far away and it was only the sound of the highway that snapped her back to the present. She heard the sounds from Jeb Caruthers’ garage and knew that she’d come all the way to the highway. She could see the neon light now, glinting through the branches at the edge of the woods.

She thought of turning back. But for some reason she didn’t. She was thirsty for one thing, and Jeb had a Coke machine out front. Maybe, too, it was being lonely that directed her footsteps forward. She crawled through a barbed wire fence and walked around the corner of the garage.

Jeb was rolling in a stand stacked with oil cans. They saw each other at about the same time.

“Hey, ain’t you Jody? Staying over at the Russel place now?”

“Yeah.” She went over to the Coke machine and plugged a quarter in the slot. She wasn’t surprised when the thing didn’t work. Jeb came over with a key.

“This damn thing ain’t worth a piece of cow shit.” He pulled a Coke out for Jody and locked it up again. “Hot night, ain’t it?”

“Sure is,” She swallowed down half the Coke and glanced up at Jeb. He was giving her a warm look.

“I’m about to close up here. You want to ride around with me for a while? We can put the top down and cool off some.” Jody didn’t know how to answer. Of course she felt flattered that someone as mature and good-looking as Jeb would consider taking her, a kid, for a ride. But she felt a little unsure too. She was so damned inexperienced with men.

“I guess so,” she said finally, taking the chance. “If we’re not gone too long. I have to be back at the Russel place before too late.” Just then Billy Caruthers came out of the station. He looked at her like he wanted to run. Jody blushed, hoping that Jeb didn’t know anything about what had happened to Billy the night Brit had climbed all over him. But Jeb didn’t show any signs of knowing their secret.

“When you coming back, Jeb?” Billy asked.

“Later. You got some supper, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” the boy said, and disappeared.

“Kid’s been acting funny lately,” Jeb said. He went inside and washed his hands at a sink in the back of the garage. Jody hung back, watching. “I think he’s starting to grow some hair,” Jeb laughed, “if you know what I mean.” Jody did and she blushed furiously. She was glad it was dark.

They got in Jeb’s convertible and drove out on the old lake highway. The moon was up now and the air felt cool rushing through lady’s hair. She liked convertibles. The radio was playing some thing from a station to the north. Something by the Rolling Stones. Something that made her feel restless, expectant. Of course she knew that a girl didn’t just go riding with a man in his car after dark to pass the time. Though she’d been surprised that Jeb would take an interest in her, she didn’t really know what to expect. Except that she was sure Jeb would try and kiss her at least. The thought burned in her guts, made her shiver to think of it. She was scared and yet could hardly wait until the moment came. But that was all she was going to let him do this time. Just kiss. The thought of his hands on her breasts or legs made her dizzy. That would be going too far. Especially with someone as old as Jeb.

“You ever been out to the old Slater place?” he asked. They were already in the farm country to the west. Lights of farmhouses glittered through trees at the side of the road.

“Yeah. When I was younger some kids and I went up there.”

“Spooky, ain’t it?”


“Let’s go.”

It took about fifteen minutes for Jeb to get to the Slater place. By this time Jeb had pulled Jody over against him. She tried not to let him know how shivery and excited she was. She just wasn’t that used to being with men.

When they stopped and got out, the big old house loomed over them. A shutter creaked in the wind. Overgrown bushes scraped crumbling walls. Jeb led her by the hand and they went up a weedy walk to the front door. Vandals had long since torn it off the frame. They went inside. Moonlight came in through the broken windows.

“Lotsa people come out here,” Jeb said, “but not many know about the secret room.”

“What secret room?” Jody asked. Jeb’s fingers slipped tighter around her waist. Then he was drawing her against him. She felt her breasts flatten against his chest; felt his hot breath on her neck. His hands pushed up the back of her blouse and he rubbed her bare skin. Jody sucked in a breath as the pleasure tinged over her skin. Jeb sure knew how to kiss! He was working on her neck now, wetting and sucking and licking it until she thought she’d scream. His teeth felt so… so exciting! He was working teasingly towards her mouth. Jody pushed her fingers into his hair like she’d seen in the movies. Jeb thrust his hips against hers but she arched her back and pulled her ass back. It seemed like too daring a place to let him touch. She’d felt the ridged lump in his jeans, felt the way he’d tried to grind it against her.

“Baby… you smell good.” He was dangerously close to her mouth now. Jody moaned through her teeth as he caught her bottom lip and started chewing gingerly on it. Then he thrust his tongue between her teeth and crushed her to him all the harder. Jody couldn’t hold her mound away now; he was cupping the cheeks of her ass with both hands, forcing her to let him rub her there where her panties rode into the beginning of her slit.

“Oh… Ohhhhh don’t…”

“Come on, we’re gonna look at that room.”

“Jeb, I don’t want to.” But he was pulling her down the hall by the hand. They passed dark and yawning doorways. Then down a narrow flight of stairs. Job let go of her hand and moved a big shelf out of the way. The room they were in was small and musty and almost too dark to see anything. The shelf creaked and grated across the floor to expose a trap door. Job grabbed the ring and yanked it up. He fished a candle out of his pocket.

“We’re not going down there?” Jody said, shrinking back.

“You ain’t scared, are ya?”

She let him lead her down the stone stairs. They were in a chamber below ground. Jody could hear the dripping of water. There were iron rings in the wall. Jody shuddered at the thought of what they might’ve been used for. They were just the right height so that [missing text].

“Ohhh… Jeb,” she moaned as he pushed her up against the wall and ground his hips against hers. The feeling of being forced between Jeb’s hard body and the stone wall was unbelievably exciting. She could feel his cock shoving out the front of his Levis something awful. She wondered what Brit would do if Jeb were fooling with her. She almost wished Brit was there to whisper advice. Jody had always wondered how a girl drew that line between yes and no with a guy.

“You’re eating stuff, baby,” Jeb breathed, holding her head in his hands. He kissed her mouth hard, tonguing and biting until she was whimpering. Jody felt so helpless pressed back against that hard wall. And now Jeb was pulling her hands up over her head, pulling them towards the rings that dangled there.

“Nooo… what are you doing?” Jody tugged against him, but he was too strong. Something clicked. Her wrist was encircled by steel!

“Old man Slater had these loops special made. You can’t reach the catch yourself, see. I’m the only one can let you loose.” Jeb was forcing her other hand up to a ring. Jody squealed and kicked but he was too strong. The steel closed on that wrist too.

“Jeb! Ohhh God, I don’t like this. You’re kidding, aren’t you? You’re gonna let me go now, aren’t you?” The flickering candle sent weird shadows bouncing around them. She could see the look on Jeb’s face. It was hungry, intense look. Jeb’s fingers undid the front of her jeans slowly. As he slid them down over her hips, he kneaded her flesh. Her panties were damp at the crotch and he dug a finger into the hot silk and smeared her juice down the inside of a thigh.

“Nhuuuuuu!” she sighed, feeling more butter flood out. She was too weak to kick much. Anyway Jeb didn’t have any trouble getting the Levis off. Her tennies came with them and now she felt the cool stone under her toes.

“And now for this,” he grunted, taking the front of her blouse and jerking down sharply. It tore into shreds and the torn pieces dangled over her nipples, scaring and exciting her in a manner she’d never experienced. Wanting to run and not being able to was a whole new thing. It set up tensions inside her she thought would drive her mad! And that feeling of helplessness only heightened the fever of her senses. She didn’t want to be sexually moved. But she was!

“I’m gonna fuck you,” Jeb whispered, his lips so close to her ear that it set off tiny explosions of pleasure there. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, you’ll be begging for more.”


“I been looking at you, Jody. You got too good a body to go to waste. You got tits, nice tits. They’re grown-up tits. And your ass — that ass was meant to move, baby!”

“God… Ohh God help me!”

“Ain’t nobody gonna help you now, sweet stuff.” Jeb dropped his pants. Jody wanted to look away, but when his cock bobbed up out of his under-shorts, she stared and gasped. It was big as a billy club. The swollen tip was dark. Jeb jacked the skin slowly up and down and that flared crown grew even bigger! She couldn’t imagine anything like that getting inside her young, unstretched body. That plastic vibrator was a toy in comparison. And it didn’t have that oversized head on it either.

Jeb tossed his shirt aside and pushed up against her. She felt the tip of his prick shoving up under her mound, pressing in the dainty silken band. The silk was wedged between her lips now as Jeb rubbed back and forth. Her juices had thoroughly soaked her panties and there was a wet, smacking sound as that cock-tip gouged gently through the nylon.

“Huuuuu… Ohhh don’t do that please. Let me down from here, Jeb!” She tugged at the iron rings. They were so hard… so strong! And she could just barely reach the floor with her feet. When Jeb started shoving her thighs wider, she had to stand on tiptoes. That made her calf muscles harden, made her tendons stretch. The tension was terribly exciting, especially with Jeb forcing her panty crotch to one side now!

“Nhhhoooooo! Ohhhh don’t! You won’t fuck me, will you? You won’t make a baby in me?”

“Oh you’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

“God no!” She swung her head from side to side while Jeb tried to kiss her again. It didn’t work. He caught her hair and pulled her head back, feasting on her chin awhile until she was hot again. Then he fucked her mouth with his tongue and Jody found herself babbling like a fool. Then Jeb dropped his mouth down her chest. When her nipple was sucked savagely between his teeth, she bucked out from the wall, kicking and groaning. The furious storms raced through her senses; flooded her emotions. It felt like he was eating her alive! Her nipple burst full with blood, throbbing against the sucking friction.

“Ghhhuuuuuu… Ohhhhhh… Yeeeee…!”

“Like that don’t you?”

“Nooooo… don’t do that anymore… p-p-please!”

“Your cunt is so hot I can’t believe it…” Jeb had the crotch band stretched out of the way now. He pushed the hot head of his prick up against her dew-soaked curls. The feeling of her outer lips opening made her suck in a breath sharply and try to tuck her ass away from him.

“You ain’t gonna get away from this big, hot cock, Jody. I want to bury it up in that plump little belly of yours and fill you full!”


“Yeah…” He pushed slightly. It wasn’t very hard. Jody thought that if she kept her muscles tensed he’d never be able to get inside her hole. But she felt her outer lips parting and then the inner petals swathed that fevered, spongy-feeling head with her steamy juice.

“Ohhh… it’s going inside me…!”

“Not yet honey… don’t panic. I gotta find that tight little pussy of yours first.”

“I’m a virgin!” Jody lied, hoping for mercy. In a way she was a virgin. She’d never had a man’s cock this close to her hole before, ever! Just that vibrator… and somehow that didn’t count.

“Not lately,” Jeb laughed, kissing her neck. “I can feel it… opening… Jesus Christ, you’re tight!”

“NHhhhhhuuuuuu!” Jody bucked her back hard, tried to pull her legs up. But Jeb was between them and it only made her wrists hurt when she put that much weight on them. She had to swing her toes back down to the cold floor again. Jeb was kissing her armpit now, slobbering and tonguing and acting crazy. His cock head had nestled firmly into the hollow where her hole began. She couldn’t wiggle herself out of the way. In fact the more she wiggled, the more her aching little cunt worked down over that barb!

“Noo… Noo… No!”

“I knew this would be good,” Jeb growled, “but I didn’t know it’d be this good!”

“It’s rape… you’re raping me!”

“No I’m not!” He grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her head back again. “You like it, you want it. Why’d you came here with me in the first place, huh?” He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth and jerked his hips upwards at the same instant. Jody felt the slick circle of muscles open slightly ahead of his smooth, domed cock.

She gasped through her nostrils, the steel loops clinking in the wall when she struggled. Jeb thrust again and another half inch of hot cock penetrated her. He wasn’t inside her tube yet, but her muscles couldn’t resist the stiff, hard shaft, couldn’t hold out against that pulsing prick!

Jody could feel Jeb’s balls slap against one thigh as he moved from side to side, wedging his cock deeper in the beginning of her pussy. They felt heavy, full of seed. That’s where the seed came from, wasn’t it? But maybe the cream came from somewhere else. Her thoughts fluttered like this, thinking of what Brit had whispered to her one time about how a man’s organs worked. It was the friction that made them come. If only she weren’t so young, so tight. But she could tell already that if Jeb ever got his prick up into her, that her body would squeeze him hard! Even the slightest movement would make friction along the sides of his shaft, and around that blood-fat head!

“Oh Christ, baby, you’re some piece of ass!” He grabbed her waist. Jody felt the short hard jabs as Jeb forced upwards. She was lifted up from the floor slightly each time and each time the walls of her pussy slipped down a little around that flared barb. She closed her thighs suddenly, stopping the invasion. Jeb swore and forced a fist between them.


She had to fling her legs apart and when she did Jeb pounded upwards harder than before. It was as if her muscles had at last given up the fight. She felt that long stiff thing gliding easily up into her belly. Jody’s mouth fell open and she made soft, helpless sounds through her nose as the cock fucked her insides all the way to the hilt. And then Jeb’s body was grinding up against her clit, peeling the outer lips back to expose the dripping little nubbin.

“Yeah baby… you’re fucked!”

“Nhhuuuuu. Ohhhh it feels too big. It hurts…”

“Does it really hurt?” Jeb whispered, grinding so hard that her ass cheeks flattened against the wall again. She shuddered as the hurting thrills coursed through her body. Yes, it did hurt. But the hurt was a fantastic, aching hurt. A hurt that made her hungry for more hurt! A tickling sensation seemed to swath the whole lower part of her body. She twisted and squirmed, letting the steel loops cut into her wrists a little. Then Jeb was eating at her breasts again and she babbled and let her head flop to the side.

“You took it all, baby,” he murmured, “took it all!”

“Ohhh… Ohhhh I feel all stuffed tight inside! I feel like…”

“Start moving your ass around and you’ll really feel something!”

“Noooaoo… I won’t move for you!”

“Move, damn it!” Jeb pushed a hand between the cheeks of her ass. Jody couldn’t believe it when his finger pressed against the damp little knot of her rectum. Then he pushed harder and the finger slid into her guts. She squirmed wildly and the movements of her pussy around Jeb’s rigid cock brought shuddering groans of pleasure to her lips.

“Ohhh! Yesss! Ohhh God, I can’t help doing it…”

“You like to fuck, don’t you?”

“Yesss. God, yess…!” Jody wanted to stop the awful flood of words. She bit her tongue and cried, but Jeb’s finger was working even deeper into her ass hole, making her buck and wiggle and twitch. And all these movements made her pussy muscles contract and twist around that hot, hard cock that seemed a part of her now! It was such a fantastic thing that a man grew from his body! She could see that now! It was unbelievable that it was made to fit inside a girl’s body and make her go crazy like this!

“Yeah baby… yeah…!” Jeb was pushing his other hand between her ass cheeks. Jody couldn’t believe that he wanted to put another finger inside her, but that was what he did. Her taut little hole stretched to let it in and her guts convulsed, making her pussy hole tighten too.

“I love your ass,” Jeb groaned, kissing her neck. “Fine ass… fine little ass!”

Jody wondered how he could tell. She couldn’t hold it still enough for him to feel it much. She jerked it up and down so fast that the breath exploded from her chest in little gasps. Her nostrils were flared big and she was whimpering and whining as Jeb held himself deep for her convulsing pussy.

“Now it’s my turn,” he laughed, and began to slide his cock slowly out and then just as slowly in again. The friction was different now. She could definitely feel the shape of the head… that smooth, curving barb that gouged the soft surfaces of her insides. In and out… so slowly that it made her breath catch. A little drool trickled from the corner of her mouth and Jeb licked it up and then kissed her hungrily. She gave him her whole mouth now, opening it into his, sucking his tongue like he’d been sucking hers. Her spit-damp nipples raked his chest. Now Jody was excruciatingly aware of the curly hair there, the work-hardened muscles that made her soft breasts conform to him. Each heavy orb that hung from her chest seemed to have an electric charge. She’d never been so sensitive to the way something felt against the twin softness. And her nipples were exposed nerves of pleasure. Whatever they touched brought choking gasps from her lips.

“You sweet fucking little pussy,” Jeb grunted, tucking his ass up and under. He fucked hard and fast again, pulling almost all the way out of her and then ramming deep. Each inward fuck made Jody’s whole body shiver. She thought she might faint, the feeling was growing so intense. Her mound was completely peeled now; swollen open as the juices flooded out to bathe Jeb’s balls and inner thighs.

“Nhhhhhhoo… Ohhh… don’t come inside… don’t… don’t!”

“Where you want me to come, honey?”

“Ohhhh… God…!”

“Maybe in your mouth, Jody. Wouldn’t that be nice?” He was grinning strangely at her. The candlelight made him look like a vampire for a second and Jody closed her eyes and gave a cry of fright. He wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t dream of it.

But Jeb was opening the iron loops. He caught her wrists before she could fight herself free, pinned them high on her back and bent them upwards almost to her neck. She threw back her head and shuddered in pain. His cock pounded like a bomb inside her hot little pussy. It felt like her brain was exploding with all the rush of sensational pain and pleasure.

“I’d like to finish you off just like this,” Jeb laughed. “But the last time I knocked up an underage girl it turned out to be a hassle.” He licked her neck. Jody looked weakly at him. “I guess I’ll let you slide.”

Jeb jerked his cock from her body. The sudden feel of emptiness inside her made Jody whine. She didn’t know what was next. Or maybe she did and just couldn’t think about it. Couldn’t face the truth.

“On your knees, bitch!” Jody sank to her knees, forced down by the way Jeb held her arms. His cock bobbed against her cheek, smearing it with her own juice. It smelled musky like her own body and like Jeb’s too. The flared head was even bigger than she’d first thought. A pearly droplet hung from the slit-like orifice at the end. She thought of just keeping her mouth closed, of refusing absolutely to do this terrible, perverted thing. But the pain in her shoulders and elbows was like a branding iron. She blinked back tears and opened her mouth as Jeb fucked forward. The smooth, spongy head filled the “O” she’d made and then glided over the trough of her tongue. She closed her lips down around the shaft as he fucked gently… like he really didn’t want to hurt her at all. And the iron-like hold on her wrists loosened too. The pain went away.

“Mmmmmuuuhhhh,” she mumbled, the cock blocking her words completely as Jeb moved his hips in a slow fucking way.

“Jesus… your mouth… hot… soft…!”

Jody felt herself gag as Jeb forced the huge thing into the beginning of her throat. When he heard her cough, Jeb yanked his cock back hard. It popped from her mouth, leaving a stream of spit dripping from her chin.

“Baby… Jody…!” Jeb grabbed his thick meat and pushed it up under her chin, smeared it across her swollen lips and over the bridge of her nose. Jody moaned with shock and excitement. The prick slithered against her cheek, smearing her spit and the juices it had collected from her pussy. It was like Jeb wanted it back in her mouth, but wanted to tantalize himself a little before he fucked. Jody didn’t want to suck on that thing again. And yet her tongue worked as if it was still plunging back and forth! She didn’t know what was happening to her…

Jeb still had her wrists pinned behind her back, but he wasn’t hurting her. Just holding her, keeping her under his thumb. Her ass still tingled where he’d fucked her with his fingers. Her breasts felt heavy and firm and tingly hanging from her chest. She wished she could rub them against something. It was another part of her that wanted to be touched. Then it came to her that she’d actually had a man’s cock in her mouth. She hadn’t freaked or anything. She’d actually sucked that fat, hot thing!

Jeb let the velvety tip brush over her ear. The spit crackled as it swept past and Jody whimpered with confused excitement. She didn’t know which way to turn next. Her hot little pussy was spasming as if it had been robbed of a feast. And yet she knew damn well that she didn’t want Jeb’s cock inside her again. It was already oozing out something white and stingy. Something that had a sharp aroma!

“Eat my cum,” Jeb gasped, finally pushing his cock head up against her closed mouth.


“Drink it baby, suck it, lick it all up!”

“God… Ohhhhhh!”

“Do you want me to let your pussy eat it?” Jeb grunted, straining to keep from falling backwards. “I’ve got a million sperm just waiting to find your egg.” He laughed like a crazy man.

“Don’t fuck me… don’t put that stuff in my pussy!” Jody whined. And with her mouth slightly open, she let her head bob forward, let her lips make a plump, slick “O” around that purple cock head. Jeb made an animal sound and thrust forward. Even as the fleshy barb slid forward in the “U” of her tongue, Jody felt the jetting slime pour out. Another huge glop spilled over the sides of her tongue. Curds of the sticky sap popped in her nostrils. Slick bubbles frothed at the corners of her mouth. And through it all she could feel the steady, powerful throb of Jeb’s cock muscles! They pounded like a bomb from up inside his body… up under his balls. Each ball seemed packed with sperm. Jody wondered just how many babies all that stuff might actually make. But her mouth was filling fast. And the strange taste, the odor…!


“Don’t spit it out, baby! That makes me mad!”

The stuff gurgled thickly into Jody’s throat. Her stomach bucked just as Jeb forced the bulging head of his cock deep again and another fountain flooded from the tiny slit. There was nothing to do but swallow and Jody swallowed hard. Cum foamed out both her nostrils but she got most of it down. It went down easy, filling her stomach with a warm glow. Maybe it was just the idea of it that made her imagine the glow. But Jeb had so much!

“Yeah, baby, that’s it… that’s both balls!”

He had her head with both hands now and it took Jody a few seconds to realize her arms were actually free. Jeb rocked her head back and forth as he pumped his hips. That slippery, rubbery cock made so little friction as it fucked her mouth! It made slippery noises too and when the head came back against her lips it popped and white strings dangled from her chin.

“Mhhhuuuuuu… Ohhhhhh!”

“Tastes goad, don’t it?”

What a thing to imagine. That a man’s cock tasted good! But Jody couldn’t really say that it tasted bad. Even the cum wasn’t really what she could call awful, though it was different! God, was it ever! Even as these thoughts ran through her head, Jody knew she wasn’t acting normal, her mind wasn’t working like it usually did. It was the naughty part of her that had control now. The good part felt so weak, so useless. Why did that slick, spurting stuff make her cunt tickle so bad? Why did the plunging, spongy cock in her mouth make her nipples surge with hot pleasure?

And then it was over — at least for Jeb it was over. He leaned against the stone wall breathing hard. Jody could see the sweat glistening on his body. The candle flickered very low. She was suddenly afraid that if it went out they’d never find their way out of that gloomy place. Her body’s tension was impossible to ignore. She tried to walk but her legs went rubbery and she had to lean against the clammy wall. Her pussy throbbed like it had a tiny sun inside it that was about to explode. Just the friction of her thighs rubbing together where they touched her swollen cunt lips was enough to make her whimper. She was so close to that final, ecstatic release. So close and so far away!

“Let’s get out of here,” Jeb said, dragging on his clothes. Jody leaned against him but he pushed her away. “What’s wrong with you?”

Jody wiped the cum from her face with her torn blouse. “You ruined my clothes… you…” She wanted to say that she needed affection. She wanted to be kissed, though she was beginning to see Jeb for what he really was. And she decided she didn’t like him much. But God, her body ached for some kind of human contact! What had he done to her to make her feel like this!

Jeb waited impatiently as she stumbled back into her jeans and drew her torn blouse around her shoulders as best she could. Then he grabbed her hand and pulled her back up the stone stairs.

The night was cool now. She slumped in the seat as Jeb started up and wound back to the highway. He couldn’t see that she was wiggling and squirming her hips around like crazy. It felt so good… almost good enough to come. But not quite! After having that huge cock jammed up inside her, after having it stuck down her throat, Jody doubted that she could excite herself to that lovely pitch of madness. Her naughty side was having a field day. Putting all kinds of awful, shivery thoughts in her head. Like fucking some more! She wanted to. It wasn’t Jeb she was attracted to, but the feel of that thick, hard prick inside her body. She’d never experienced anything like it. There wasn’t anything like it in the world. A man’s cock! She could almost cry for one.

Jeb stopped at a liquor store just inside the town limits. He hadn’t spoken to her all the way back and she wondered what she could’ve done that had caused his silence. He’d chained her up, abused her, made her suck his cock! For God’s sake, how could he be angry?

Jody watched him through the store window as he chose a bottle and put it on the counter. Then the girl behind the register said something and smiled and Jeb said something that made her laugh.

He leaned his elbows an the cash register and talked. And then the woman made a little movement with her head and went through the curtain in back. Jeb followed her. The advertising lights in the liquor store flickered off.

“Oh God… Ohhh God, he’s just left me here!” Jody moaned. She knew what was happening. Jeb had that kind of reputation around Hillsburrough. He was tired of her now that she’d sucked his prick. He wanted more action, but different action.

Jody was still as hot as the bottom of a frying pan. In the darkened parking lot she seemed all alone in the world. And her pussy still leaked hot juice into the crotch of her panties.

“To hell with men!” she gasped, jerking down the front of her jeans. She decided to leave her panties on but just pull the little nylon band out of the way as she squatted over the transmission hump and lowered her seepy slit down… down. The shifting knob was pretty big. It wasn’t hard to think of it as the head of a man’s cock. As the smooth ball forced her lips apart, Jody let out a shuddering whine of lust. She braced her hands on each seat and let the weight of her body force the shift lever deeper into her cunt.

“Nhhhhuuu… ohhh… yess, yess, yesssss!”

With the thing halfway inside her pussy-tube, she began to work her curvy hips slowly in a circle. The hot butter smacked as her petals unfolded to admit the rigid gearshift. And now she felt her insides filling… felt the walls stretching out to surround the thing she pretended was a prick. Not Jeb’s prick necessarily, just a big, hard, male prick.

“Ooooooooo…!” Jody sighed, pumping her ass as if she were fucking, fingering her clit with a finger as she skewered herself on the shift lever. It wasn’t going to take long. She could feel her feverish body responding to the gentle up and down movement. Her breath burst from her lungs in puffs and as she humped her ass, the shifting knob shoved against the beginning of her womb and the stretching tension set off sparks of pure pleasure.

“Now… now,” she cried, clawing at the seats, clawing at her clit as the pounding lust sent her into shivering, squirming ecstasies of joy. When she knew that there was no more pleasure to be gotten from her body, Jody lifted herself off the gearshift. It came loose from her body with a smack and her fluids dripped down the chrome steel shaft.

Jody struggled back into her jeans and got out of Jeb’s car. It was about a mile to the woods where she could cut across to the cabin. She was awfully tired to be walking at night, but she wasn’t going to hang around and wait for Jeb. To hell with him!

Halfway home, Jody started crying. Now that she was away from Jeb, her good half had started working overtime to catch up. She felt dirty and guilty and… awful! If Jeb told any of those guys who hung around the gas station she thought she’d die of embarrassment and shame. She bit her lip and followed the path from the moonlight that filtered through the trees. At least none of that thick cream had gotten inside her pussy. Thank God in heaven for that!


Brit had hardly slept all night. Jody had come in late and awakened her. And then her redheaded friend had talked in her sleep half the night. It would’ve been okay if lady had been babbling nonsense. But her night talk had been very interesting. Brit had heard references to big cocks… to balls. And then she’d heard lady make sucking noises with her mouth, whining and whimpering like someone was stuffing a real cock in her throat!

It excited Brit so much that she couldn’t possibly get to sleep. Even after playing with her dripping little clit until it went off like a shotgun. So when morning flooded in the windows, she felt really strung out and nervous. That was the first time she considered doing something really crazy! Crazier even than seducing young Billy Caruthers and tying him up like they’d done last time. All Jody’s talk about cocks in her mouth while she’d slept!

“What would it feel like if a guy ate my cunt?” Brit mused aloud. She was sitting on the edge of her bed in a t-shirt and that was all. It was the way she always slept. She liked the way the bottom edge of the t-shirt felt when she didn’t have on any panties. It made her feel more naked than if she wasn’t wearing anything at all.

“Mmmmmmm,” Jody groaned, still sleeping. The sheet had been thrown aside and Brit watched her friend’s bottom move up and down in the instinctive rhythms of fucking. Jody’s lips were curved into a smile. But a frown swept her pleasure away and she froze in her slumber and began to breathe in a labored, troubled way. Brit wished she could see what Jody was dreaming. Whatever it was, it was about sex. She could see the nylon band of her friend’s panties stuck wetly between her plump cunt lips.

Brit sucked in a slow breath and held it. She’d heard a lot of stories about men kissing grls… not just on the mouth. All over. Even a girl’s pussy! Once on a date Harry Wyman had kissed her stomach. At the time Brit had thought that he might’ve wanted to do more. But he didn’t, much to her disappointment.

Except for that time with Billy Caruthers when she’d tied him up and ruptured her hymen on his small, stiff cock, Brit figured she’d been watching sex more than doing it. Watching her father and brother fool around with Juanita, the hired help. These recent memories were enough to make her shiver. It was not so much that it’d been her own kin fucking the brown-skinned girl — it was Juanita’s reactions to the lovemaking, a fellow female under attack by the male animal.

Jody was restless again and Brit broke off her reveries to stare.

“Don’t lock my hands in those… Noooo!” Jody plunged her ass furiously, rocking the narrow bed. It made Brit hotter than hell just to listen, to watch her shy friend dream.

Jody blinked and rubbed her eyes. Brit went in the bathroom, pretending she hadn’t been peeking. In a little while she heard Jody getting dressed and went back in. She was dying to ask where her redheaded buddy had been last night, but decided to bide her time on that.

“Hey Jody, you know what we oughta do today?”

“No. What?” Jody seemed far away. Like she was thinking about somebody else, another time and place.

“The Jaycees are having a picnic over at the old Burton place. I bet there’ll be a lot of boys hanging around and I was thinking…”

“You want to go. Maybe some boy will try and feel you up!” Jody looked irritated.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you, anyhow?”

“I don’t know. I feel all mixed up about… you know.”

“About sex?” Brit asked.

“Yeah. I feel… like I can’t handle it. I don’t think I want to see any boys.”

“Once you get there you’ll change your mind.” Brit got up and walked around the room. The t-shirt rubbed the outward curve of her ass and made her feel like she needed a boy to look at her. Did it look sexy, that t-shirt? Jody would never tell her.

“WELL?” Brit insisted, standing in front of her friend, hands on her hips.

“Okay, I’ll go. But I might not have a good time.” Jody got a comb and went to the mirror. “I wish I could do something with my hair,” she mumbled, jerking the comb through the tight tangled curls.

“Your hair is fine,” Brit said. She watched Jody walk across the room. She’d heard that you could tell when a girl had been fucked. She walked different forever afterwards. She hadn’t been able to discern any difference in her own gait, but now she concentrated on Jody and tried to guess. Had Jody fucked somebody last night? Was there a little looser swing to her full, plump hips? Brit thought there was. But then she couldn’t be sure either, could she?

“What time is this damned picnic?” Jody said, flinging the comb down on the dresser.

“About ten I think.”

“Well, let’s eat breakfast and go on over there and get it over with.” Jody took a deep breath and sighed. When she walked out the door, Brit was almost positive that there was a new little jerk to Jody’s ass. Yes, she was positive now! Jody had been out fucking the night before!

There was already half a dozen cars at the Burton place when Brit bounced up in the pick-up. Beside her sat Juanita and Jody, both smiling, though Jody’s smile looked a little forced. Brit was glad her father had let Juanita off for the day. Brit had gotten to like the Mexican girl, though they had a little difficulty communicating sometimes. More than just liking her, Brit respected Juanita. Respected her knowledge of… yes, sex! Bit had noticed a subtle change in her father lately. Juanita was playing some game with him, bending him to her way. And yet it had seemed as if Juanita had been the one taken advantage of when she’d watched her dad fooling around with her.

“Eet is a nice day,” Juanita said, pushing black hair out of her eyes. She’d put on lipstick and worn a frilly white blouse that contrasted beautifully with her perfect skin. Skin so dark and smooth that Brit felt anemic sitting beside her.

The girls parked and wandered over to where a couple of the Jaycees were already getting beered up. A softball game was starting to get organized. More cars pulled into the yard. Kids ran and yelled while women set up a long table and started setting out food.

Brit got a Coke and went over to the shade of a big tree. That’s when Will Stearn roared in with his squad car and got out. He wasn’t in uniform today. He had a ball and a bat. Then he saw Brit and came over. She was glad that Juanita and Jody were somewhere else. Will looked pretty nice without his silly uniform.

“Hi Brit,” he slurred, puffing a small flask out of a hip pocket. She could see that he was already pretty lit.

“I don’t want any, thanks.”

“Underage, huh?”

Brit nodded.

“Come on, I’m gonna make you break the law.” He pushed the silver flask into her hand and squatted down. His brown hair fell in his eyes. He laughed, waiting. Brit shrugged and took a little sip. It burned all the way down and she shook her head, her eyes watering like crazy. Will took the whiskey back and stuffed it in a pocket.

“You want to take a ride? I’m going to pick up a few more of the guys.”

She shrugged again. “Sure, I guess so.”

All the way over to the patrol car, Brit felt the tension. She knew that Will meant to try something as soon as he could. And she was scared. But she welcomed whatever he might try too. It was about time she learned what being grown up was all about. She hadn’t really ever been thoroughly fucked! Billy Caruthers didn’t count. Nor did that battery-driven vibrator.

Like she’d suspected, Will didn’t intend to pick anyone… at least not right at the moment. He took her out on the ridge road and found a shady place under a bunch of huge cottonwoods. Water trickled nearby and there didn’t seem to be anyone around for miles.

Brit was sitting there in the front seat shivering while Will drank more courage from his flask. She knew he wasn’t afraid of women. But he was a little shaky when it came to a fifteen-year-aid girl. He could get himself in trouble, fooling around with her.

“You’d better quit drinking so much,” she said.

He grabbed her suddenly and pressed his whiskey-soaked mouth against her lips. It was too sudden, too brutal. Brit had wanted everything to be romantic and perfect. She pushed her small hands against his chest but he pulled her close like a giant gorilla and started biting her neck. It hurt!

“Don’t… Ohhhh don’t!”

“Come on, you dumb little chick, you’ve been wanting this. Don’t bullshit me!”

“Not like this, damn it!” She squirmed out of his arms and opened the car door. He staggered out his side and caught her again as she tried to sit down by the stream.

“I’ve been dreaming about that tight little pussy of yours,” he laughed. “I bet it’s like a milking machine inside there!” He had her shoulders and was bending them back as he put sloppy kisses all over her neck. Brit was horrified. Her dream of beautiful sex was devastated. Will Stearn was a… monster! If only she’d known what an idiot he was.

“I want to go back to the picnic,” she gasped.

“Like hell! I’m gonna get what I came out here for.” He pulled at the front of her cowboy shirt. Two snaps came open. Brit panicked. She didn’t know what made her lift her knee. She didn’t even think about doing it. But she did it and did it as hard as she could.

Will grabbed his balls and slumped to the ground. When he looked at her again his eyes were filled with rage. Brit ran. She didn’t make it. Will moved surprisingly fast for a drunk man. He grabbed her by the elbows and dragged her screaming back to the patrol car. Her shirt was pulled half off in the struggle and Will stripped it the rest of the way and shoved her up on the hood. A handcuff clicked shut around her wrist and he secured the other end to a spotlight. She kicked and twisted and fought but he had another pair of cuffs out and did the same thing to her other wrist. She was handcuffed to the spotlights on each side of the patrol car, her arms pulled wide apart, her ass plunging and jerking in the middle of the hood. Brit realized with embarrassment that her cunt was about the place where a hood ornament might go.

“God damn I got you now!” Will laughed. He had another pull on his flask and undid his belt.

“Noooo!” The metal hood stuck to her back as she flopped. She felt so naked with her small breasts stuck up like that. And her shorts would be the next to go. She was sure of that.

When Will stepped close, she caught a glimpse of his cock. It was so much bigger than Billy Caruthers’ little prick that it didn’t even look human. Will had been circumcised, but that didn’t diminish the thickness of his cock! In fact, it made it look bigger. The head was dusky and dark blue and it bulged out much bigger than the shaft which supported it. Brit bucked furiously on the car hood as he grabbed her shorts and slipped them down over the swells of her ass. The sensation of her panty crotch coming away from her damp mound made her close her eyes. She was excited but scared to death. She didn’t like to be forced like this. She had wanted soft kisses and whispered pleading from Will. What she was going to get was rape!

“Hold still, you little mare! Hold still if you want me to eat you!”

Will’s words made a shock wave ripple through her body. Her shorts and panties were flung aside and Will grabbed her ankles and spread them so wide that her pelvis popped. Then he buried his mouth against her blond cunt like she was fresh Texas Bar-B-Que. The sloppy, sucking sound as he gouged between her petals with his tongue brought choking cries from deep in her throat. She wasn’t fighting him now. Her back and thighs were rigid with the jolting, keen sensations as he stroked and licked her steamy clit.


“Yeah, I thought you’d like that,” Will said, wiping his chin on her thigh and then diving into the slick mess again. Brit felt him forcing her outer lips wider, felt him tickle along the deepest part of her “V”. He was close to her unstretched hole now, tickling the edges, stringing her out.

“Ohhhh… don’t do this…” she babbled, jerking against the cuffs. Her wrists ached when she did that, but the tension in her body when she strained for release added to the fires in her pussy. She didn’t like being held, but the feeling of helplessness was exciting in a perverse, tantalizing way.

“You got to be the finest little blonde in Hillsburrough. Every guy I know talks about eating you.” Will laughed, licked his chin. “See, a blonde like you with little tits and a trim ass and that fine down all over your legs… that’s eating stuff to a good old boy.” Will pointed his tongue and danced it over the throbbing swell of her clit. Brit grunted and tried to keep her body still but after a few seconds she was pumping her firm bottom up and down on the metal hood.

“Don’t try and hate it! You got to like it! Just like you’ll like it when I shove my cock all the way to your throat.”

“I… I… Ohhhhh!” Brit had screamed because Will had made his tongue slip into her tight little hole. The friction of it slipping past the convulsed muscles that controlled the opening was something she couldn’t believe. It felt bigger than Billy’s cock! If Will’s tongue was like that, what would his prick feel like?

“You taste better than oysters,” Will breathed, licking and slurping until Brit thought she’d lose her mind. She couldn’t close her thighs. Will held them further apart than ever, his fingers grasping her trim ankles as he ate at her dripping, slick pussy. She could feel how stretched her slit was, how open it was. The folds and petals were forced back away from her hole and her clit poked out from the mess like a tiny finger wanting to be sucked. Will licked it savagely and Brit threw her bottom around and banged her head against the hood.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you…”

“Nhhhaa… Uhhhnnnn!” She thought that if he kept that up for very long, she’d have to come! The thrilling pulses of pleasure had already built along her back and through the meat of her thighs. She felt warm and fuzzy all over. It was that familiar glow that came before she came!

“I’m gonna dick you good now,” Will laughed. “The biggest cock you’ve ever had in your hot little twat, I’ll bet.” He breathed whiskey into her face as he leaned over her. “Who broke your cherry?” he hissed. “One of them little junior-high pricks? Huh?”

“Let me go!”

“Not on your ass, baby!”

He was a big man, Will was! When he leaned over the front of the car, his cock pressed upon her belly. It was hot and thick. Brit could feel the blood pumping through it, could feel the weight of the blood-filled head. Then Will covered her mouth and shoved his tongue deeply between her teeth. She tried to jerk her head away, but he caught her and kissed her until she whimpered. His cock slid down between her thighs. He was positioning it between the plump bulges of her mound, working it up and down to find her hole.

That friction, the rub of the spongy, huge cock-head against her velvety lining, made Brit spread her toes out. She didn’t want that big prick inside her now that she’d seen how big it was. Her hopes of romance had been broken now that she knew what fucking was really like. There wasn’t any romance to it. Just animal lust! At least that was the way it seemed with Will Stearn. He didn’t care about her feelings. He didn’t even like her. He just wanted to fuck her.

“There it is! I feel that little pussy hole now!” Will laughed. “No, it isn’t going to do you any good to close it up on me!”

“Ohhhhh, don’t fuck me! You’re way too big. You’ll make a baby!”

“You teenagers are all alike,” Will snarled. “You go around with hot pants but as soon as somebody starts to slide a cock up your pussy, you start worrying about babies!” Will cupped one of her small breasts, squeezing it to make it bigger. Then he gnawed on the pink wrinkle of the nipple. Bret lost her breath. She squirmed on the car hood until the metal squeaked against her sweaty back.

“Feel that thing stretching you,” Will breathed. “It doesn’t feel like it’s possible does it? You don’t seem big enough. But it’ll fit. You damn right it will…” He sucked her other breast deep in his mouth and his tongue worked circles around her nipple. Brit arched her back, pounded her head on the hood. Little by little she could feel her insides sliding down over that streamlined barb. Her heat joined Will’s and her juices flooded out to make the penetration easier. The circle of muscles ached as it was pushed open. The aching built to an agonizing pleasure. Brit had never known such pleasure. The fear, the ugliness of it all seemed to be fading as that cock took over her senses. That spear of hot flesh demanded her full attention. When she moved her hips slightly, it gouged in a new way, exciting her all the more.

“Hhhhuuuuuu… Ohhhhhh!”

“The head is almost in now, baby.”


“Yes, it’s too stiff to keep out. And you’re too juicy, too slippery. I’m getting in now… really getting in!” Will lunged with his hips and the shaft made a sucking noise as it speared her satin-soft pussy.

Brit’s mouth flew open. “You’re… f-f-fucking… me… Uhhhnnnnn!”

“You’re tighter than anything I’ve ever had… Jesus, you’re tight!”

“Help… Nhhhhhoooo!” Brit’s mind swirled with fear. “I’m only f-f-fifteen, for God’s sake!”

“Don’t I know it… it sure is nice!” Will had her narrow ass in his hands now, letting her cheeks dance against his palms as she tried to wiggle away from that stiff, hot cock. But it was no good trying to escape. He was four inches deep now and still thrusting. She was able to take him, at least so far. And her struggling resistance was only half fight. The exhilarating thrills made it almost impossible to keep still.

“Tell me you like it,” Will demanded, taking her earlobe in his teeth.

“Nooo… never…”

“Tell me damn it, tell me!” He bit down and the pain shot through her. But the pain only served to excite her more. Brit wasn’t used to the combination. She jerked at the cuffs and crashed her ass around wildly as Will clutched her waist and ground himself deeper into her soft hole. An itchy thrill spread suddenly through her mound. She bucked and thrust to scratch it but the pleasure grew more intense. How could a girl stand anything like it, Brit wondered.

“Nhuuuuu… Ohhhh it feels so strange…”

“You like it, don’t you!” Will insisted.

“Yes damn it… it’s driving me crazy!”

“You like it!”

“I love it… Uhhhhhhh!”

The words had just slipped out. She didn’t love Will. She loved… the loving. These thoughts blurred like she was watching everything from a speeding train. Then the ecstasy of coming burst upon her and Brit felt herself slowly losing consciousness. She was sinking into a itchy wonderland of pleasure as she worked her trim ass up and down on the car hood, as she felt Will spear the rest of his big cock up inside her young body. And then he was grunting and clutching at her frantically. The hood buckled a little from their combined weight. And though Brit knew that Will’s hot cream was spurting into her body, she didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything but rubbing her tingling parts against him harder and harder and harder…


Jody didn’t know why she agreed to go with Jeb. By that time everybody at the picnic was either drunk or so full of potato salad they were sleeping in the shade of the big trees. She’d lost track of Juanita long before. Maybe the pretty dark-skinned girl had met someone she liked and gone off in the woods with him. Like Brit had gone off with Will in his car. Jody didn’t know what her blonde friend saw in a cop. Jody had an instinctive distaste for policemen. Her mother had put it there, perhaps. Though Jeb wasn’t much better. But she’d had a few beers and felt loose and easy.

She’d conveniently forgotten how he’d treated her the night before. His strange actions at the abandoned house… the way he’d left her sitting in the car while he’d taken the liquor-store girl to bed. So what? She didn’t really like him. Who cared if she rode around all day with him in his car!

“Did you tell anybody where you were going?”

“What do you mean?” Jody asked. Jeb had given her another can of beer and she held it cradled between her thighs as he drove away from town.

“I picked you up on the road leading away from the picnic grounds.”

“I was bored. I guess I was kinda heading for town.”

“So nobody knows you’re with me?”

“I guess not. What does it matter?”

“It matters.” He smiled at her, pulled her over against him. She leaned her head on his shoulder. She was a little giddy with the beer. She could even imagine getting worked up a little if Jeb kissed her. Maybe. She didn’t intend to let him take advantage of her like he had the night before.

“Where are we going?” She glanced out the window at the passing fence posts. “Not to that creepy old house again, I hope.”

“Naw. I want you to meet some friends. Some people I know who come out every year from the city to hunt and fish. I rent them an old cabin built up by the creek…”

Jody started to say something, didn’t. She wrinkled her brow, ran a hand through her red hair. What in hell was Jeb talking about anyway? She had the funny feeling she shouldn’t’ve come with him at all. There was something in the air… hanging. Something she felt might be dangerous for her.

“Look in the back seat,” Jeb said. Jody looked. A gaily wrapped package with her name on the card. She started undoing the ribbon.

“Can I open it now?”

“Sure.” Jeb drank from a pint bottle, drove with one hand. “I felt kinda bad after last night. Maybe I didn’t treat you quite like a guy should on a first date…”

“It wasn’t really a date,” Jody said, opening the box. Inside was a bright red dress. It was made from some silky material that shone in the sun. Jody hugged it against her face. She’d never had a dress like that, never in, her whole life.

“God… God, it’s wonderful!”

“Why don’t I stop and you can put it on.”

“Could I?”

“Since we’re going to a party, you might as well.”

Jeb pulled off the highway and stopped by a grove of trees. It didn’t take Jody but a few seconds to skin her jeans off and wiggle into the tight, red dress. It was tight in the places where a dress should be tight. It showed off her trim waist, the outward swell of her hips and ass. And it made her full, round breasts seem all that much bigger. She put her sandals back on and came back to the car. Jeb was leaning against the door smoking.

“Now that’s more like it,” he said, stepping on his cigarette. Jody studied her reflection in the car window.

“Thanks Jeb… really. It’s a wonderful dress.”

“Let’s go,” he said, glancing at his watch. Jody slid into the front seat and drank half of her beer down quick. She was so excited. And they were going to a party! Now she was really glad she’d come with Jeb. Maybe he was an okay guy after all.

“You want a little shot of this?” he asked, holding up the pint as he pulled back onto the highway.


“Aw come on, it’ll loosen you up for the party.”

Jody shrugged and took the bottle.

The cabin was set back in the piney woods. They’d driven up a road that was hardly a road at all. It seemed like miles and miles of trees and mud holes away from the traveled thoroughfare. When Jeb finally stopped and they got out, she could only hear the wind through the trees and the far-off chatter of a bluejay. Then a tall, good-looking man with gray at his temples came out of the cabin.

“How ya doin’, sir,” Jeb said shaking hands eagerly. Jody thought he was acting kinda funny. Like this guy was some kind of important person or something.

“And this must be the girl you spoke of…” The man looked directly at her. Jody blushed and clutched her hands together in front of her. Two other men had come out on the porch. “My name is Edwards. You can call me Mark.” He took Jody by the elbow. “In fact I insist you call me Mark. What’s your name?”

“Jody…” They all went inside. “Ah yes. Jody. Wonderful name.”

Jody was briefly introduced to the other men. Mark’s aides she thought he’d said. When Mark went to the kitchen to get them refreshment, Jeb leaned close.

“He’s a state senator, baby. Play your cards right and you could have it made.”

“What do you mean,” she hissed back, frowning. “I’m with you, aren’t I?” Jeb got a funny look on his face.

“Go along with it. You’d better damn well go along with it.” Jeb went out on the porch with the two aides. Jody could hear them talking about fishing. Mark came back in with a drink for her. It was something alcoholic, but Jody couldn’t tell exactly what. She had a sinking feeling in her guts. She was beginning to understand what Jeb had led her into. Though she could hardly believe that a state senator would want to mess around with a sixteen-year-old girl from a podunk town, that’s exactly what seemed to be taking place.

“Your dress is beautiful,” Mark Edwards said.

“It’s especially for the party!” Jody blurted, out of embarrassment. Then she looked around and realized that it was a party of two only. Jeb and the senator’s aides had conveniently disappeared. Mark read her thoughts.

“Don’t worry about the others,” he said taking her hand. “They’re scouting out the stream I plan to fish next time I come up. I must leave in an hour…”

“I can’t believe I’m really talking to a senator,” Jody said, sipping her drink nervously. “We studied government in school and…” She stopped, afraid of sounding too silly.

“Well, what the civics book probably didn’t tell was that a senator is human too.” Mark touched Jody’s shoulder and she felt his fingers sneak under her frizzy, red hair. He touched the nape of her neck and a thousand tingles ran down her spine. All she could see was her mother in bed with stranger after stranger after stranger. Was there something in her blood that would doom her to the same kind of existence? Mark Edwards’ fingers were soft, practiced. She closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing.

“Jeb didn’t tell me why he was bringing me here…”

“You’re beautiful, Jody. That’s why you’re here. I need to be close to someone beautiful after all the ugliness… out there.” Mark waved his arm. Then he stood and pulled her up to stand before him. His fingertips traced down the front of her red dress. When they smoothed over the bumps her nipples made in the silk, Jody sucked in a shuddery breath. Her pussy flooded juice onto her panty-crotch. Suddenly Mark was kissing her neck, her face. She kept her mouth closed at first, but his tongue gently urged her jaws wide and she was kissing him back, whimpering and clinging to his chest.

Mark Edwards led her to a bedroom. The place smelled piney and fresh, the bed looked unslept in. She was trembling terribly. She was scared, a state senator wanted to make love to her. It was almost unbelievable. No, not really. She knew that older men got excited about young girls — why, she wasn’t exactly sure. Mark was bending her head back now, feasting on her neck with his tongue and lips.

“Ohhh, I feel dizzy.”

“I hope the drink wasn’t too strong…” His fingers undid the buttons of her dress. The pretty red dress she’d been given less than an hour ago. She wondered how Jeb fit into this whole thing. Since he rented the cabin to the senator, he was surely getting something for bringing her up there. It made her feel cheap and no good. If Jeb was a pimp that made her his… Jody closed her eyes tight. She couldn’t even stand to think of the word. A tear leaked out the corner of her eye. But then Mark was kissing her mouth, making her kiss him back.

“You smell and taste lovely,” he breathed and kissed her again. He pulled her soft body harder against him. Her dress had slipped down off her shoulders and he inched it further, his fingers kneading her white skin.

“I… Ohhh, don’t undress me…”

“I have to, Jody,” the senator said. He sounded so sure of himself, so easy with what he was doing. Her red dress slipped further. A breast popped out, the nipple stiff with excitement! Mark Edwards looked at it like it was a priceless ruby. Then he caressed it with his fingertips and held it up as he lowered his lips.

Jody tried to twist out of the way, but his warm, wet lips surrounded the brown, sensitive nubbin. She felt the soft sucking sensation and the tickle of his tongue as he licked the sprout hungrily. Jody couldn’t help herself. She put her hands behind Mark’s head and pulled his mouth against her tit so hard that it flattened it out.


Mark’s hands eased the dress lower and her other breast bounced free. He wet it with gasping kisses, working the red silk down over her belly now, down, down until it puddled at her ankles. His tongue dove into her navel and Jody let her head flop back as she gulped in air.

As the handsome senator’s lips wet her skin lower and lower, Jody pushed her thin fingers through his hair. He did everything so smoothly, so lovingly. Even now, as his mouth brushed her navel again, he was working the buckles on her sandals. She stepped out of them and fanned her toes on the rug. Then Mark was edging the elastic of her pink panties dawn.

Jody let out a breath and sat down hard on the edge of the bed.

“You want to… to make love to me, don’t you?” Her face was red. She was panting like a dog. She didn’t have any control at all over her body and was ashamed to let this man see how excited she was.

“Your excitement excites me,” he whispered. “You haven’t learned to hide your emotions yet. That’s a wonderful thing, Jody.” His fingers edged the elastic down more. Her red cunt hair was showing, just a curl or two. It made her feel funny when Mark ran his fingers under her mound, touched the crotch-band there. She knew how slick and wet it must be. Then Mark pushed her knees up and stripped the nylon underwear off easily.

She put her hands over her naked pussy. Mark smiled. His eyes were dark and knowing. He had the craggy good looks of a movie star. Jody swallowed, feeling young and foolish and afraid.

“You know I could learn to like you very easily,” he said. Then he lowered his face between her thighs and started kissing the tender flesh of each leg. She was on her back on the bed, knees bent, feet slightly apart, hand covering her pussy. Mark was on his knees on the floor, his mouth even with her cunt. And now he was kissing each of her fingers, pushing his tongue in between them as if he wanted to search out the hidden, slick softness she shyly covered.


“I’ll make it good for you, Jody,” he said, tonguing her little finger and then sucking it between his teeth. Jody shuddered all over. Thrills blasted through her back and ass muscles, made the hair stand up on her neck. Her hands went limp. Mark eased through a crack in her fingers with his tongue and she felt him for the first time as he wet her clit with hot spit. At last her hands fell apart, exposing her cunt completely.

A hungry shiver ran through Jody’s young body. She arched her back sharply and dug her fingers into the spread. Mark hadn’t burrowed his face between her plump lips like she’d thought he would do. He was just teasing her, licking the blood-filled folds that made up the petals of her cunt. She tried to keep her hips still. It seemed so… carnal to just let go like that. But it was impossible to lay there like a dead person when a man was actually licking her pussy! In her whole life no one had ever done that. But now she knew that the rumors were true. That part of a woman wasn’t so horrible that a man wouldn’t put his mouth against it. It made her think of herself in an entirely new way. Mark was kissing her like that was a special and lovely place on her body.

And when Mark held her plump lips apart and pushed his mouth deep into the juicy velvet of her slit, Jody let out a cry. The intense thrills made her body twitch uncontrollably. She thrust her legs out straight and then let them dangle over the edge of the mattress, toes splayed wide.

“Uhnn…” she grunted, unable to keep her ass still. She ground it in a slow circle, exposing new hollows of her pussy to the ravenous mouth of the senator. The sloppy sounds of his sucking heightened her excitement. He liked doing that, she could tell. It wasn’t just to excite her. It was to excite him too. For a moment she saw the image of her mother being loved by those countless, faceless strangers. But Jody shook it away, telling herself it wouldn’t do any good to think of that now.

“Jody… Jody…” Mark had stripped his clothes off. He was climbing up on the bed with her. It seemed natural to be naked now. She saw that he was muscular and in pretty good shape for a man of his age. How old was he? Forty-five or fifty? She wanted to believe forty-five.

“You’re the loveliest woman I’ve ever held,” he whispered to her, smearing her juices from his mouth to her breasts. She sighed and let her fingers dig into his back. She was still nervous about the whole thing. But her body was on fire with the thrills he had created.

Mark took her hand and pushed it down towards his crotch.

“Noo!” She’d never really touched a man’s cock… not just had it poked in her hand like that. But Mark insisted. She had to curl her fingers around the hot shaft. Jody kept her eyes closed. Though Mark was kneeling by her face, she wouldn’t look at it. He pulled her up suddenly by the shoulders. His fingers went through her hair and he got a good hold. There was a crazy, hungry look in his dark eyes.

“It’s time for you to learn something, Jody,” he said. “I want to be gentle, but you must learn.”

“Learn what…?”

She was sitting there on the bed, Mark’s cock so close to her face. She had to look at it now. The pulsing veins along the shaft. The dark, dusky hue of the tip. His cock seemed so long. The longest one she’d ever seen. But she hadn’t seen many. She felt so inexperienced, so dumb…

“Does it look ugly to you?”

“No… I g-g-guess not. It’s just that I haven’t seen very many…” She blushed and dropped her eyes. Her cunt pulsed steadily, hot with blood, seeping her slippery butter down onto the bed where she sat. And it hit her then… the whole awful reality of the situation. A rich senator in the woods for a little recreation! Jeb bringing her over — some local pussy for the important visitor. All paid for, all taken care of. She felt sick and ugly.

“Wait,” Mark called, but Jody was already halfway to the door. She would’ve made it outside, but the excitement had slowed her reflexes, weakened her. Mark pressed her against the closed door, his cock against the cheek of her ass. It felt so hot!

“You won’t get away that easy… not after exciting me like this.”

“I didn’t excite you!”

“But you did!” Mark pushed one of her arms up her back. He pushed it until the pain made her jerk. Then he guided her back to the bed. She was squirming and trying to get away. His fingers raked under her mound, clawed it open. He bent her over the edge of the bed and she felt the sudden thickness of his cock-head forcing her dainty tissues apart.

“God… Qhhhhh God!” Mark made a sharp movement and she felt her hole stretched, felt the curve of the barb slip inside her heated body with a slurp. She threw her ass around wildly as if flying to disgorge the invader. But her taut-muscled pussy was squeezing down on the flared head now, keeping it locked inside her softness.

“Huuuuu… God… shit… Nooooo!”

“Oh yes Jody, yes! I need this, don’t you see? You little fool. You’re so lovely, you can’t understand how much I want you!” Mark suddenly rammed his cock deep. Jody threw back her head and screamed but he thrust harder and she flopped forward, her face smothered in the covers. It was like a dog… he was fucking her like a dog would. From behind! Bent over that damned bed, his chest on her back, her ass rubbing his belly. And still he kept her arm sharply bent. It hurt, but it didn’t hurt enough for her to forget about what was happening between her hot lips. That hard cock-shaft was sliding gently back and forth now. After savagely ramming her, Mark was fucking like the most tender man in the world. And the easy, slow friction brought babbling gasps from Jody’s throat.

“Whuuuuuuu… Ohhhhhhmmnimmmmm!”

“I knew you’d be deep and hot and tight,” he said at her neck. “You were born to fuck, you little angel. You should’ve realized that by now. How old are you?”

“Sixteen… Ohhhhh it’s splitting me apart!”

“Yes, of course it is. That’s what’s supposed to happen.” He fucked in hard and the juices smacked around the edges of her hole. Mark caught her other hand and bent it up behind her back too. She didn’t understand why, but the tension, the feeling of being forced made her thrill. She tried to hate the man who speared and rammed his cock into her young body. But she couldn’t hate him.

“Mark… Ohhhh Mark… it feels like I’m on fire or something. Like bees are biting me all over!” He laughed at her words and sunk his teeth into the nape of her neck. Jody flopped in surrender, that thick, hot cock plunging now. Plunging deep into her velvet insides… And at the same time he fucked her, Mark ran his hands over her back and sides and then under her belly. He palmed her hot, heavy tits, fingering the nipples until another flood of sensations had her sighing. He’d let go her arms and she was moving them under her body. It wasn’t like she was thinking consciously about touching herself where that stiff cock had speared her — but that’s what she did.

Jody felt dizzy when her fingers traced the place where her mound had been peeled open, the plump tissues where Mark’s prick slide in and out so easily. She could feel the long bulge along the bottom of his shaft. That was where the cream came out when a man made babies in a girl’s belly. She felt him fuck deep and when he did his balls bumped her knuckles. They were loose in the sac and slippery. Mark made a funny noise in his throat when she touched one. She touched again, cradled it in her fingers.

“Jody… pretty girl…”

“Ohhh, you won’t make cum inside me, will you?” she whined.

“Jody… of course not. I’ve got something.”

He eased his hot cock deep into her pussy again and the juice flooded out, dripped over her fingers, wet his balls. She took her hands away. The smell of her own sexy musk was sharp on them. Mark took one and pulled it up so he could lick the slick gloss. Jody was faint with the keen sensations and with the knowledge of what was taking place. When Mark started moving his body fast, she gasped and whimpered, moving hers against him. It was irresistible; she felt the need to make the pleasure even more intense. She was sure she was close to coming. And yet every time she was almost slipping over the line, Mark did something which held off that final mad fit.

“Ohhhhhh Mark, what are you doing to me?” She was using his name now, without shyness.

“Loving you…”

“I can’t take much more. I think I’m losing my mind.”

He eased his cock slowly out of her pussy. The ravished pink lining convulsed tightly when it found itself empty. Jody wiggled, moved her ass like she’d been robbed of something wonderful.

Mark rolled her up onto the bed and positioned himself beside her. Then he made her sit beside him, legs crossed. She was too weak to resist. She did exactly what he wanted, even took the small foil package and opened it. The rubber thing that fell into her palm was so thin that she could see her fingerprints through it.

“Do you know how to put it on?” Mark asked, caressing the side of her face with his fingers.

“It’s a r-rrubber, isn’t it?”

“Yes… come on… take my cock in your hand.”

Jody did what he said. His cock seemed bigger than when she’d first touched it. The head was dark and it throbbed steadily in her grasp. Her fingers slipped on the smooth, buttery surface. Her juices had made it like that. A thrill went through her. It wasn’t ugly, this cock! And when she remembered how it had felt inside her hot body, she could almost say it was beautiful.

“I guess you must think I’m a fool,” she said at last.

“No.” Mark’s eyes were soft, kind. “You’re unbelievable. I’m crazy about you, Jody. Being with you is much more fun than being a politician.”

“I don’t know exactly how this thing goes on,” she said, holding his cock steady with one hand and touching the rubber membrane to his tip.

“Use your imagination…!”

That’s what she did. She could see how the rubber was supposed to roll down. She tried it and was surprised how easy it was. She could see every detail of Mark Edwards’ cock as the membrane covered it. The veins bulged out through the thin rubber just as if it hadn’t been there at all. She rolled the tight membrane down to where his balls started and then looked up at him.

“It needs wetting… so it will go inside you without any resistance at all…”

“What do you mean?”

“Why don’t you lick it wet? It won’t be so bad, will it?”

Jody was breathing fast. She looked at the rubber-covered cock and then back at Mark. He nodded and smiled. Well, it was covered up. She wouldn’t actually be licking the real thing, would she? Jody felt her cunt tighten in anticipation. She felt so sexy! Sexier than she’d ever been in her life. Too sexy for her to be embarrassed for long, for her to worry seriously about right and wrong! Her naughty side was having a field day.

She made her mouth into a soft, dripping “O” and lowered her head. She couldn’t bear to look at Mark in the eyes when she actually did it. The cock was bobbing an inch away. She pushed out her tongue to wet the rubber, then eased her round lips down over that feverish head. A devastating thrill made her body twitch as she experienced the spongy knob throbbing there in the circle of her mouth. She was actually doing what she’d always heard about. She was sucking a man’s cock, and it was an indescribable experience! There was nothing quite like it. She dared to lower her head more and felt the shaft sliding deeper. Her tongue made a natural trough and she drew it back and forth on the underside of the swollen prick. Mark smoothed her cheeks with his palms and murmured something.

“I’m not going to let you get away,” he said.

What had he meant by that, Jody wondered, sliding her tongue against the rubbery taste, digging it into the little hollow behind that swollen ridge, fluttering it over the small lobes that bulged from the underside of the tip-end. What was so exciting about what she was doing was the effect it had on Mark. He twisted his body and grunted with lust when she rubbed in a certain way.

“Jody… you’re wonderful. God damn…!”

“Mmmmmmm…” she cooed, letting him work her whole head up and down. The spit crackled at the corners of her mouth. She let her teeth dig into his meat a little. She didn’t know why but it made her feel good to do that. To chew on him a little! She was probably going insane.

And Mark was acting so funny! He was twisting around on the bed, grabbing her shoulder, her breast. Jody closed her eyes and thought of the rubbery, spongy feel of his cock as she let her teeth cut into it a little more. It was the blood inside it I that made it like that. And it was so hot too!

“Jody… God… Jody…!”

Jody started nipping it just behind the barbed head. She wasn’t really biting it. Not hard anyway. Just letting Mark feel the sharp edges of her teeth. She was nibbling and stroking with her tongue, at the same time. And then she was aware of a different texture. Had something happened to the rubber? She felt a tear in it, yes, she was sure! But the thrilling jolts of excitement that flooded through her were caused by that thick, hot thing sliding on her tongue! She didn’t want to take her mouth away now. Her tongue poked through a tear in the rubber, stroked the smooth surface of Mark’s cock-head. He sucked in air and grabbed her head with both hands. The tip of his cock had suddenly swelled. She didn’t believe it could get much bigger without bursting. And then it did burst! Or something did. She tasted a soury, sharp taste. And then her tongue-tip brushed over the tiny opening just as a hot spurt was pumped out. Cum! She was letting Mark come in her mouth! She was still raking her tongue around that barb, nursing, eating his seed!

In all their rolling around, Jody was now on her knees between Mark’s parted legs. He was on his back but sitting up slightly, hands on her head. And now he pulled her mouth down hard on his rigid shaft. She felt the tip slip into her throat and spew hot curds. She gagged for a second, but he heard what was happening and let go. A frothy glop of the stuff dripped from her nostrils as she tried to get her breath. Her tongue worked frantically as she coughed up the thick stuff and Mark seemed to like what it was doing to the underside of his prick. Then her mouth slipped off of him.

“Son… of… a… bitch…!” he moaned, thrusting and jerking and trying to get it back in. Jody grabbed him with both hands and lapped the bulging head like a lollipop. More cream fountained into the air and plopped onto his belly and her arms.

Jody still wasn’t sure she liked getting a bellyful of that stuff, innocent as it tasted. But she knew that Mark was about to die if she didn’t start really sucking hard again. So, in that moment, she chose to please him. She missed at first and the taut-skinned knob slid up her cheek, spewing jizz. She wiped it down across her lips, sucked it inside and began to swath it with hot spit.

“Baby…!” Mark jerked all over. He had a weak, happy look on his face as Jody tried new ways of biting and licking and eating that hard, hot cock! It tasted even sexier now with the shreds of the rubber laid back from the barbed tip. She knew she’d chewed right through it, torn the rubber away to expose the big, sensitive end of Mark Edwards’ prick. And doing that had excited him! She could feel the gasping, jerking pleasure he was experiencing. It was funny how somebody getting excited could excite the person doing all the exciting.

Mark’s cock was starting to wilt a little. But Jody did something she would never have considered doing only moments before. She grabbed the hot, slick thing and positioned herself so she could get it between her smeared thighs. Then she wiggled around until her lips caressed the tip, took it inside. She felt it force past her constricted cunt muscles. It had just enough stiffness left to go inside. Thank God, she thought, squirming feverishly to force herself even further down on the hot stiffness. And then it was as deep as she needed it. It was rubbing against her clit a little and she could pump her hips rapidly and make the tiny tickle grow…

“Ohhhh… Nuuuuu… Mark… fuck me! Ohhhhh fuck me!”

Even with his prick fading fast, Mark rolled her over on the bed and grabbed her small waist with both hands. Then he fucked like a maniac. The friction seemed to give him back a little stiffness. Jody felt his prick keep what firmness it had as it plunged and sucked in the steamy depths of her young pussy. She came with a scream, kicking her sharp heels into the bed, wrapping them finally around Mark’s back. He lunged and drove into her. The juices from her body flooded out hotter than ever. She bit his shoulder and let it happen… the wondrous waves of pure pleasure that made her forget where she was, who she was… everything…

Jody opened her eyes and was in some man’s arms. Mark! She hadn’t planned on dropping off to sleep, but it had felt so wonderful to doze with her pussy full of a soft, warm cock…

“I’d like to take you with me,” Mark whispered when he saw she was awake. “Maybe I can arrange something. You are awful young, though.”

Jody had no idea what he was talking about. She only knew that she was very fond of Mark Edwards. Even though he did have a touch of gray hair at the temples. She moved her hips slightly and felt his cock still inside her. She reached down with a hand to make sure it stayed. When she touched his balls and the base of his shaft, the softness that reached halfway into her velvet tube began to grow again.

“I don’t want it to fall out,” she said shyly, poking upwards at his sac as if she would cram everything inside her if it were possible.

“Hmmmm… maybe I can figure something out,” the senator said. His lips played along Jody’s neck as he talked. She was still uncertain as to how a rich and powerful man like Mark Edwards would want anything to do with a young girl not yet out of high school. But it was obvious he liked something about her.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?” she managed to say. “I mean about taking me with you?”

“It might take a little time, but within a month I should have it all figured out…” He kissed her just behind the ear. A hot thrill made Jody think of fucking again. “That is if you wanted to live away from here. If you wanted to live with me.”

Jody couldn’t imagine it. But Mark was starting to move against her again, starting to kiss her. His cock hardened, grew longer. When she began to work her hips gently up and down she could feel that barbed tip gouging the dainty walls of her depths. So this was what fucking was all about! With a sigh, Jody clutched Mark’s shoulders and whimpered as he shoved her thighs wide and began to take her with a savage hunger.


The bunch of hikers had come out of nowhere it seemed. One minute Brit had been handcuffed to that hot car hood, her wrists aching, her poor little cunt swollen open and raw. And the next moment voices had echoed in her ears. Three big men with overgrown beards had pushed through the tangle of undergrowth and stopped short. Well, two of them had overgrown beards. The third was a younger guy, tall and rangy with blue eyes that never left her once from the beginning. And where was Will, the stud cop? Passed out under a tree, the bottle still in his hand.

It was the biggest one who jumped at the situation. He quieted the others and then found the key to the handcuffs. Brit had been too scared to yell or say anything. She only knew they were letting her go — at least for the time being. The big one — his name was Rorry — locked the cuffs around Will’s wrists without even awakening him from his drunken slumber. Then he threw the keys over in the brush and hid Will’s clothes.

“All my life I been dying to catch a lousy cop with his pants down…” Rorry laughed. The young hiker — Brit heard them call him Cal — just looked at her like he hadn’t eaten in months. It made Brit feel weird. God, he was good-looking. But he wasn’t bossing the operation, that was plain.

Rorry and Bob, the third man, motioned Cal to tie Brit’s wrists. She knew he was embarrassed at their order, so she made it easier for him. He kept looking at her small, white breasts, the pink nipples, her flat tummy. He couldn’t get the knots to work at all.

“Don’t hurry so much,” she whispered, seeing that Rorry was getting impatient with the boy.

“Look, I don’t like tying you up.” He swallowed hard. “You got any clothes around?”

“She won’t need no clothes, Cal!” Rorry said, holding onto the handle of his hunting knife. “Not where we’re going.” A chill ran over Brit. She gave Cal a soft look for his effort to try and help. Cal looked hungrier than ever. He got the knot tied finally and grabbed the rope.

“You keep track of her, Cal,” Rorry ordered. “It’ll be your ass if she gets away.” The big man motioned towards the trail they’d been on and Cal urged Brit ahead of him. All she had on was a pair of sandals. In just a few moments they were lost in the underbrush, leaving Will handcuffed and naked behind them.

Brit was too tired to notice how long they’d been walking, how far they’d come. But when they broke out into the clearing, she wasn’t too exhausted to recognize Jeb Caruthers’ old car. Rorry motioned them all to stop and went ahead himself. Brit watched him throw open the front door and then start laughing like crazy. He whistled for the rest of them to come ahead.

“This local yokel was getting him a little redheaded pussy,” Rorry laughed. Brit felt dizzy when she saw the figures in the room. Jody, her best and only friend, lay tied to a narrow bunk. Jed Caruthers leaned weakly against the wall, his prick hard and glossy with Jody’s juices. There was no one else in the cabin. Jody had been crying long before Rorry had thrown the door wide. There were rope bums on her ankles and wrists and she squirmed miserably as the men all looked at her.

“We got us two chicks now,” Rorry guffawed, poking Bob. Bob licked his mustache and laughed louder than necessary. Cal touched Brit lightly on the back. Brit’s mind tumbled out of control. What was happening anyway? What was Jody doing up here in the sticks with Jeb Caruthers? Brit was certain her friend was afraid of him.

Rorry motioned to Bob. “Take this shit-head with half a hard-on out to the shed in back and tie him up good. He’s not invited to our party.” Rorry picked up the bottle of Scotch from the table. “Now I know this ain’t yours,” he said to Jeb as Bob shoved him out the door. “You couldn’t afford something so good. Must’a stole it.” He sniffed the contents and then swigged. Then he held it out to Cal.

“No thanks…”

“Come on kid… have a snort.” When Cal shook his head again, Rorry took another big swallow. Then he wandered around the room, poking at things. Finally he went to the table and put down the bottle.

“Looks like they knew we wanted to party,” he laughed. “This is good stuff.” Brit shuddered as Rorry looked right at her. Then he picked up the bottle again and held it towards her. “Hey sweetheart, you want some?” She decided to humor the bully.

“Uhh… sure…” Brit sipped from the bottle, then coughed. She hated him suddenly, hated him very much. Poor Jody was still tied on that bed, her eyes darting around frantically. Neither of them had acknowledged that they knew each other.

“Well,” Rorry said, “there’s a bedroom in there with a decent-sized bed. I think I’ll take me a little rest.” He looked at Brit. She withered under his gaze. When she looked up again, he was staring at Jody. Jody had closed her eyes. She was crying quietly, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Rorry cut her loose and motioned with his head. Jody walked head down. Brit felt sorry for her.

Then Rorry turned and hooked his finger at her too. Brit thought she’d faint. He was over six and a half feet tall with shoulders like a football player. She couldn’t dare to think of what his cock was like. But he was going to take her in there with Jody! He wanted two of them. Cal was breathing hard.

“How about me, Rorry?” he said, holding Brit’s fingers in his own where the big man couldn’t see.

“Youngsters get seconds,” Rorry laughed and gave the boy a hard look. Cal let go of Brit’s fingers.

When the door closed behind her, Brit looked at Jody again. The redhead dropped her eyes. There wasn’t time for them to share experiences. And Brit was too scared to be really curious. Rorry started undressing. Like she’d thought, his chest was huge, his arms like small trees. Then his pants hit the floor and Jody fell onto the bed and drew her knees up tight against her tits. Rorry dug a roll of rawhide thongs out of his pants and grabbed Brit, dragged her towards the bed.

“This is gonna be fun,” he said, sliding his fingers down over her small breasts. A leather thong went around her neck. Brit hardly noticed it. She was still staring at that thing between his thighs. It had to weigh two pounds! It was longer than any cock she’d ever seen. And it was so thick, so swollen at the head. Rorry pushed his mouth close to Brit’s ear.

“That Cal was sure looking you over, wasn’t he? I think the boy is a little hot for your twat.”

Rorry’s laugh shook the room. “Bet he’s out there trying to get the nerve to break in here and take you away. Little shit-ass knows better, though.”

Rorry pulled Brit against him. She felt his cock shoved up against her belly. It pushed in the soft white flesh. It beat like a bomb against her body as Rorry kissed her neck and chin and then shoved a tongue deep into her mouth.

“You’re so little, I think I can keep you in my pants when I leave,” he breathed, his big hands rubbing her back so hard that her breath whooshed out. Her tits flattened against his huge chest. Brit felt like she was just a doll in his hands. He had the power of two men, and a cock that looked unreal!

Rorry made Brit lay down beside Jody. The two girls exchanged a quick look. Rorry forced Jody to straighten her legs. He wanted to examine them both, it seemed. And his examination was going to be thorough!

“Don’t… Ohhhhhh!” Jody moaned as he spread her cunt lips and worked a finger inside. Then he smelled her juice and smiled.

“Your turn, blondie,” he laughed, forcing Brit’s legs roughly apart. She closed her eyes as she felt his finger thrust up inside her. It was like a small cock. Like Billy Caruthers’ cock had felt that first time…

“Looks like the redhead for me,” Rorry said. “You’re a little tight for old Blue.”

Brit thought for a moment that she was going to escape the big man’s abuse. But she still had that rawhide around her neck and now he was pulling it.

“Let me go… please…”

“Not on your life, sister. What do you think this is, a Sierra Club meeting?” Keeping Brit close by, Rorry positioned himself between Jody’s pretty legs. Brit wanted to cry for her friend, but she was too scared herself. She watched Rorry hold his thick cock and wedge the head of it down into the seepy, slick-wet petals of Jody’s pussy. The redhead took a breath and held it. Brit could see now just how pretty Jody was! Her tits had grown overnight, it seemed. They looked lush and soft on her chest, the nipples standing up like tiny brown towers. And the swath of red hair, the curly sex triangle that covered her pussy looked luxurious, mature. Brit glanced at her own sparse blonde curls. She could see the pink of her cunt right through them.

“It won’t fit,” Jody said suddenly. Rorry just smiled and worked his hips. The head of his cock forced the petals back and Brit saw the dark-blue tip easing into the steamy juice. Jody bit her lip, moved her hips slightly. Some of her folds curved around the rigid spear and there was a slick, sucking sound. Brit didn’t want to watch. But she was fascinated by the penetration. Jody bit her lip, panted, threw her head back and forth on the pillow. Rorry gave a short, sharp lunge and Jody’s belly bulged upwards as the head of his prick filled her guts!

“Jesus…” Brit gasped, “Jesus Christ!”

With his cock more than halfway into Jody’s squirming body, Rorry pushed her arms up above her head and tied them. He still had Brit collared like a dog, the leash in his hand. Was he just going to make her watch?

“Hey Cal,” the big man hollered, “get your butt in here. I want to see how a young stud like you can handle fresh meat!”

Brit couldn’t look at the boy when he opened the door. He was obviously as embarrassed as she was. What was such a nice kid doing with this… this ape called Rorry? And who were they, where had they been headed when they’d come upon her and Will?

“You looked horny,” Rorry said, “so go to it, boy… I wanta watch while I get mine!”

Cal sat down next to Brit. Rorry gave the rawhide a jerk and it tightened on her neck.

“Lay down, girl. Let him get started!”

Brit flushed red. Cal looked at the door, then back at Rorry.

“Don’t tell me you can’t get one up,” Rorry said, his voice mean. “Maybe dog-style will get you excited.” He gave a vicious thrust with his hips and Jody’s eyes fluttered as that big cock opened up her insides.

Rorry pulled the rawhide again and Brit was forced to get onto her hands and knees on the bed. Cal was undressing behind her. Then she felt him climbing onto the mattress, touching her white, trim ass with both hands.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered to her. Rorry had the rawhide wound around his fingers, but he wasn’t listening to them now. He was intent on working that thick prick a little deeper between the curl-fringed lips of Jody’s seeping pussy. Brit saw his bearded jaws close around one of her girlfriend’s tits and had to look away. Cal kissed her on the back. His hands touched her hips, her ass. He was shy when he got close to where her cunt was bulging plump and hot between her thighs. But a finger edged over the damp, inner lining. She jerked when he accidentally bit her clit.

“Did I hurt you?”

“Nooo… I mean… well…” Brit realized that this guy knew even less about sex than she did. “It’s just sensitive down there…”


“Here…” Brit took his hand and touched it to the warm and seeping wound between her legs. She heard Cal suck in a breath as her fluids leaked onto his knuckles. She closed her eyes. Cal left his fingers against her for a moment. Then he moved one. It slipped up between the inner folds, up to where her hole made spasming movements whenever she looked at what was happening to poor Jody.

Brit didn’t realize her hand had been reaching behind her, feeling for Cal. His cock was soft and limp and not really very big at all. He gave a little shiver when she closed her fingers around it. She couldn’t blame him for not being excited. Not after the way Rorry had treated him. She was glad now that the big man wasn’t paying them any attention. He seemed to be completely absorbed in the way Jody’s hot, tight pussy clung around the fucking spear he pushed in and out of her body.

“Ohhhhh…” Jody gasped, “sooooo big… soooo Goddamn big…”

Brit lay down and made Cal lay down next to her. The bed bumped and wiggled from the movements of Rorry and Jody but she tried to ignore them. She made Cal put his hand on her hip and she leaned her head on her elbow. He looked into her eyes for a while and then stole a glance at her small tits.

“I don’t mind if you look at them,” she said. “They’re kinda small.”

“They’re perfect!” he gasped, and reached out a hand. She nodded and watched his finger trace the circle of flesh around her nipple. Then he dared to touch even that. Her wrinkled nubbin came to life, began to swell. She’d never seen it bigger!

“I… like you,” Brit said. Cal brushed her lips with his and they kissed shyly until the heat of their passion began to gel. Cal opened his lips slightly and Brit speared her pink tongue between his teeth. The boy was surprised at first, but sucked at it gently until she urged him to do the same with her. She sucked his for a while, feeling the soft shape against her hip filling out. Cal was getting a hard-on. If only that monster Rorry would leave them alone!

“God… Brit…” Cal held her shoulders with trembling hands. “That’s your name, isn’t it?” Brit nodded. Cal kissed her chin. “Bob told me. He said that guy he tied up in the shed knows you.”

“It’s just one big happy family,” Brit sighed and shook her head when she saw the confusion in Cal’s eyes. “Do you think you can get me out of here?”

“Maybe,” Cal said, looking at Rorry. Rorry was being a glutton. There was no way in hell he could hear what they were saying. Cal kissed Brit again. “Maybe later.”

She pulled his hips against hers. It was weird how she felt so sexy there on the same bed with that gorilla who was having at poor Jody. But Cal was so sweet! She let her fingers circle his cock and slowly began to jack his foreskin back. The wet smear against her fingers as she touched the head made her want it inside her. Now!

“You’re so small… so pretty…” Cal slid a leg between hers and Brit let him. She held his hard ass with both hands, urging him into a better position. With little trouble he moved aver her body. Then they kissed a long time before she widened her thighs for him. His cock was dragged down over her fine, blonde curls and she felt the unpracticed boy searching for the right spot.

“Honey… down a little more… down… Ohhhhh yesss!”

“God… Jesus… you’re really hot… it’s so slick!”

Brit held his face and looked into Cal’s blue eyes. “Have you ever had a girl before?” He blushed slightly, shook his head. “That’s what I thought,” she breathed into his mouth. “That’s exactly what I thought…” Cal kissed her hard, fucking her with his tongue. She bit him and moaned and held his back with spread fingers. Cal made a fucking motion with his hips and his cock’s skin peeled back from the shaft to expose the sensitive tip completely as it sank into her pink heat! Brit could feel it happening! She could feel her delicate membranes closing around him, loving him, enfolding him!

“Your cock… it’s so n-n-nice!”

“I hope it’s big enough.”

“It’s perfect!” Brit kissed hungrily at his earlobe. “Oh push it further… make it go deep!”

Cal pushed with his hips. The slick friction between their bodies was shiveringly good. Brit widened her thighs and hooked her heels over Cal’s legs. She had a sudden desire for her breasts to be kissed.

“Kiss me… here…!” Cal lapped hungrily at the quivering swell of breast flesh. When his tongue flattened her nipple, Brit arched her back and began to roll her ass, shoving her open pussy up against Cal’s balls. His cock was deep now… really deep!

“Cal… Ohhh Cal… fuck me honey, fuck me good!”

“Brit… I… I…” Cal was biting his lip, his face red. Brit knew what was happening. She stopped moving completely and dug her fingernails into the nape of his neck as if to squeeze off his approaching climax. But Cal was having a hard time keeping still. She knew how good it must feel for him to rub his cock-head against her velvet-smooth insides! She looked over at Rorry and Jody. That was a mistake! She’d never seen anything so fantastically exciting in her life!

Rorry was on his knees on the bed. He held Jody tightly at the waist, held her pussy down on his cock as he moved her body around. Jody was bent backwards, only her head and shoulders touching the bed. Her lips were curled back from her teeth and she flopped helplessly, her hands above her head, still tied with the rawhide. Her full breasts quivered every time Rorry fucked with his strong ass. Juices were smeared all over his balls and thighs — Jody’s juices. The sucking sound of his huge shaft plunging and fucking made Brit thrill.

Then Jody threw her head back even further and let out a shriek of utter pleasure. Her body bucked.

Her tits rose and fell. She twisted one way and then the other as Rorry pulled her hips down onto his prick again and again. Jody was coming hard, Brit could tell. It was fantastic to watch her friend’s convulsive movements as pleasure jolted through her young body. Her lips were smeared with saliva and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her belly began to heave violently as she reached the peak of ecstasy. Jody let out another scream that ended in a whimpering sob. And then Brit saw the thick cream flooding out from around the edges of her clasping pussy! But when Rorry looked over at her suddenly, Brit’s blood chilled.

Rorry rolled her and Cal onto their sides and she felt the sharp tingle of his cock forced against her asshole. She couldn’t believe it and neither could Cal. He stammered something in horror but Rorry growled and looked threatening.

“Just keep humping, boy,” he said. “We’ll fill her from both ends.”

“Don’t make him mad,” Brit whispered to Cal. “Just hold onto me. Pretend it’s just you and me.” She could tell Cal was about to come. And now Rorry was fucking hard at her rectum — she could feel the muscles forced wide. It hurt! She knew that unless she relaxed it would hurt a lot more.

“Don’t push so hard… okay, I’ll let you!” Her words were lost on Rorry. He was going to do it whether she wanted him to or not. Brit relaxed the muscles in her ass cheeks and immediately Rorry’s thick meat crammed her guts full! The sensation was breath-taking. She didn’t want this all to be happening, but Brit felt a slave to her emotions, a slave to the unbelievable thrills that swamped her.

She was on her side, sandwiched between the two big men. Cal’s lovely cock fucked her from the front and, only inches away, Rorry’s prick raped her ass! Brit felt like a sandwich. A pussy sandwich.

The cocks pound into her body, stretching both her holes, filling her insides with searing heat. She clung to Cal, pretending that Rorry wasn’t even there. But she couldn’t ignore that fat, hard thing in between the cheeks of her ass! Jody’s juices had been smeared between her plump ass cheeks and made the in-and-out fucking of Rorry’s prick easy. The hard muscles in her rectum stripped at the shaft as it plunged and she knew it must feel good for the huge man.

But Brit was breathless, too. She couldn’t believe the sensations that burned over her flesh, the jolts of excitement that made her babble. She didn’t know what was happening to Jody. She was turned away from her friend and Rorry had clamped tightly onto the back of her body, lunging with his cock, forcing it up into her bottom again and again. And in her other hole, just a few inches away, Cal kept fucking too. She could tell by the strangled chokes that he was coming. And his cock was sliding easier into her pussy. It was fantastic that Rorry could come inside Jody and then shove his prick into her ass too, Brit thought. But maybe he was still coming. Yes, she was sure of it… the curds popped and smacked around her asshole as the giant man unloaded everything he had into her slim, small body.

Cal whimpered against her blonde hair, eyes closed.

“Yessss, my honey… just go ahead and come… come… come.”

The hot nectar from each of the men ran together at the underside of her slit. It trickled over her thigh and made a dark spot on the mattress. She could feel Rorry’s big prick pumping, throbbing bigger each time it fountained his hot sap. She counted eight, nine and still it swelled rhythmically. Cal was fucking slower now, making his spurts come slow and hard.

“Ahhhhh… Brit!”

“You’re doing all right, kid,” Rorry grunted. He had his fingers hooked around the front of Brit’s hips… holding her so he could really get deep. She jerked and wiggled like a fish on a spit… on two spits. And she came. She came with a thrashing, kicking fury that sent showers of colored lights over her closed eyelids. She came as the thick slick sap filled her holes, as two men grabbed and kissed at her body.

How had Jody taken that huge cock inside her pussy? Brit wondered. The shocks of hot pleasure went through her like lightning. She jerked and cried for more and then everything seemed to fade into a warmth of goodness, of nothingness. She felt Rorry sliding his cock from her ass, felt Cal’s prick softening. Then she slept.

“If you two want to get out of here,” Cal whispered, “you’d better wake up.”

Brit blinked and rubbed her eyes. Beside her Jody lay sleeping, her legs apart. It was late in the afternoon. Sun slanted in through the windows. Wind rustled outside. It took her a few seconds to realize where she was.

“Bob and Rorry are asleep. Or passed out.” Cal jerked his head. Brit shook Jody and the redhead started. Brit clapped a hand over her mouth.

“Sshhhhhhhh!” The two of them rubbed their arms and stared at Cal, Jody looking lost now.

He shoved the red dress at Jody and handed Brit the shorts she’d worn when she’d been with Will earlier.

“I went back and got them,” he explained. “The cop was gone. I guess somebody found him. Or maybe he hot-wired that car and drove away naked with the cuffs on.” Cal laughed at this then looked serious again. “We gotta move… now!”

It wasn’t hard getting to the car. But they had to push it down the hill so the engine wouldn’t wake the two men up. A quarter of a mile from the house, Cal started it up and they drove like wildfire out of the mountains. When at last they came to the highway, Brit threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Jody sat there in her red dress, staring straight ahead. She looked weird. Like something was wrong inside her head. Brit patted her hand, but there was no reaction. Her eyes were kind of dead. Brit held on to Cal’s hand like crazy. Her bottom tingled from where Rorry had shoved his cock in, but all she wanted to remember was how it’d been with Cal. Cal — she loved him for some wacky reason.

“My dad’ll give you a job around the place,” she said. “When he finds out how you rescued us.”

“What do you say we leave out the details,” he said.

Brit laughed. “Of course. I want him to hire you, not chase you out with a shotgun.”

Brit felt like she’d been through some kind of weird movie. But she knew somehow she’d come out of it with her sanity! She wasn’t so sure of Jody. As they drove along, she tried to talk to her redheaded friend. She held her hand, patted her back, told her everything would be okay. It didn’t seem like much, but what else could she say? Then Jody started talking. Something about a senator making love to her and promising to see her again soon! Brit smiled and pretended to believe. It was sure funny what the mind could do sometimes.


The car came for her a week after that terrible, frightening day in the cabin. Jody always knew it would, but Brit had just laughed at her. Or laughed and hidden it. Jody hated to be humored. But she’d known that the car would come and take her away. There’d been something in Mark Edwards’ eyes that said he would send for her as he’d promised. Nobody was around. The car just pulled up all black and gleaming and a man in a suit got out.

Jody knew who had sent him even before he spoke. She got in the car and let it take her down the farm road away from the Russel place forever. Maybe she would write Brit. Maybe not. Jody had never been quite the same since that time in the cabin. She could feel the change but couldn’t identify it. She felt removed from things… at a distance. It was hard to concentrate. But she could concentrate on sex. It was what she thought about all the time. Thought about it, but didn’t do anything about it. Except when she touched her own body like she’d learned to do from Brit.

The car took her down the highway for a long way. She had never been that far in her life. The man said he would stop if she was hungry, but Jody told him she wasn’t. She was anxious to arrive to wherever they were headed.

The place where Mark Edwards lived wasn’t really a house at all. It was a mansion. There were servants around, but they only seemed to appear when something was needed. She was shown to a room. It would be her room, she understood. A nice lady talked to her. The lady was Mark’s secretary and there was something in her eyes that said she had seen everything and yet not let it make her ugly inside. She smiled at Jody a lot, admired her.

“Mark has some things picked out for you,” the lady said. Her name was Glenda. Jody had just gotten out of the shower and was drying her hair with a fluffy towel.

“A dress?”

“Yes. White silk. It hangs to your knees.” Glenda brought it out. She was lots older than Jody but not so old as to look old. She held the dress up by two thin shoulder straps, then draped it across the bed.

“I didn’t bring any clean underwear,” Jody said.

“You won’t be needing panties, darling. Mark will prefer you without them.” Jody let the words stop echoing in her head. Then she swallowed hard.

A little thrill burned around her nipples. She swallowed again. Glenda’s smile told her she was blushing.

“Mark isn’t like most men,” Glenda said. “I think you must know that by now. He knows what he wants and takes it.” Glenda looked at her hands. “He used to want me. Sometimes he still does.” She looked into Jody’s eyes without hostility, without jealousy. Jody blinked back.

“He’s a very nice man,” she stammered, feeling stupid for having opened her mouth at all. Glenda only smiled and tilted her head.

“Yes, Mark is that. You won’t have any cares. Not for the rest of your life.” Glenda took a breath. “Here I’ve been talking too much. We’ve got to get you ready for Mark. He’s flying in from the capital today…”

Glenda brushed Jody’s hair and braided it. Jody thought it made her look like a dumb little country kid, but Glenda assured her that she looked wonderful. The dress was slipped over her body. Jody knew it had to be pure silk, the way it clung to her breasts, sliding over her skin in a way that made her shiver. Glenda painted her toenails and fingernails. Not bright red like Jody had wanted, but a delicate pink.

“You’re too young for red, darling,” Glenda told her and planted a kiss on her cheek. “Christ, you’re lovely. Mark certainly has fine taste.” Glenda smiled brightly. “After all, he chose me.”

“How many years ago…?” Jody hated herself for nosing into Glenda’s private life, but she had to know.

“I was sixteen. Your age.” Glenda’s eyes looked damp. “I’m thirty-two now. But it hasn’t been a bad life.”

Jody was shown into a large bedroom, a man’s room. Mark’s room. The walls were fine paneled wood, the chairs leather. It had a rich smell to it, a manly smell. Glenda took some large silk scarves and lay them out on the bed.

“What are they f-f-for?” Jody asked, drifting over.

“You’ll find out in time, sweetheart. You’ll find out in time.” Glenda held her at arms’ length and took a long look. “I’ll leave you alone now.”

“No… don’t go. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Mark that… well…” Jody looked at her hands. “I won’t know what to say or anything.”

“Mark has been talking with people all day,” Glenda laughed. “Do you think he really wants to talk anymore?” Jody blushed again and sat on the edge of the bed. Glenda closed the door behind her and the room was silent except for the ticking of an antique clock.

In half an hour Mark was striding across the thick carpet towards her. Jody jumped up. He looked as if he’d just had a swim. He seemed younger than before, healthy, strong. It was hard to believe he was older than Glenda.

They talked for a while, but soon he was holding her young body against his bare chest. The bulge in his tight trunks looked huge. When he rubbed it against Jody’s thigh she moaned and tilted her head up to be kissed.

“You’ll be my daughter by the end of this month,” he said. “I’ve seen a few judges, taken a short cut or two…” Jody thought she was hearing things.

“Daughter! Me? Your… daughter?”

“Adopted. Legally.” Mark cupped his fingers around her breast. The silk warmed to his touch and Jody felt her nipple growing against his palm. Mark picked her up and carried her to the bed. He took one of her feet in his hands and started to caress it.

Jody flopped on the bed, thrilled when he shoved his tongue between her toes. He kissed her sole, licked her ankle and began to work up her leg. Her pussy was feverish. She wished she had on panties to sop up some of the overflow. Her butter was seeping from between her plump, curl-fringed lips. Mark lifted the silk dress and gazed lovingly at her naked pubes.

“All that red hair,” he smiled, “stuck together in little curls.” His words made Jody pant. She closed her eyes. Mark was slipping out of his trunks. She looked and saw his long, hard cock bobbing between his thighs. It was fringed with black hair. The exposed head was dusky purple, swollen out from the shaft like a strange mushroom. Mark picked up one of the silk scarves, the ones Glenda had put out. He drew it through his hand. Then he looped it around her right wrist and tied it. The silk was strong but sensuous on her skin. Jody shivered as he wound it around her neck once and then tied the other wrist to the loose end. Her arms were up beside her head, bent at the elbow. She couldn’t lift them far from the bed because of the silk that circled her neck. Mark lifted the edge of her white, silk shift until her breasts were bare. Then he started kissing her.

“Nhuuuuuu…!” Jody squirmed as his lips touched her belly, her hips, her tits. He never stayed long enough in one place to do more than tease. She sucked in lungfuls of air and wiggled under the tickly, tantalizing sensations. The restriction of her arms only added to her feeling of helpless excitement. Then Mark was nuzzling into the frizzy dampness of her mound. She felt his lips pinch each swollen labia and then his tongue flicked across her clit until she arched her back and strained her arms against the silk scarves.

“Hhhuuuunnnn…!” she groaned. Mark worked his chin into the hollow of her hale and sucked her clit between his teeth. Jody thrashed wildly, the silk cutting into her wrist now, sending jolting pleasure up and down her body.

“Yes,” Mark whispered, “I knew I’d chosen right when I first saw you today…”

“Ohhhhh Mark… Ohhhhh it feels so… sooooo good.” Jody tossed her head from side to side. Her heels dug at the bedcovers. Mark slipped his body up hers. She felt his weight crushing her down into the big bed. She felt her breasts flattened under his chest. He forced her mouth open and kissed her deeply… hungrily. She bit back, sucking his tongue as she’d learned to do. His hips thrust and she felt his dry cock slip up her belly. It pressed into her flesh, warmed her. She remembered suddenly how that thing had been in her mouth… how the rubber had broken and Mark’s cream fountained in her throat.

“You’re shivering,” Mark said in her ear.

“Ohhh… your cock… it’s so hard… so big…”

Mark moved his body and she felt his tip sliding down her abdomen, slipping under her steamy mound. The head pushed into the drenched red curls and they parted. Her hot butter rushed out to wet the sensitive membrane. Mark made a noise in his throat as he felt her fever. He moved again and she felt her inner lining bathe him with slickness. His bulging head slipped over her clit. Mark fucked in a little, flattening the super-sensitive nubbin of pink flesh.

“Yuuhhhhhh!” she cried, tossing her plush hips under him. Mark fanned his fingers under her squirming ass. His palms were hot. Jody wiggled against them and felt him squeeze the twin softnesses, felt him massage the muscles. She humped her bottom up and down in his grasp and felt his cock-tip slip off her slit. It was poised against the seepy hollow where her hole began. She was panting loudly, jerking at the silk that held her arms. The silk tightened slightly around her neck, making her feel the bondage, the restraint of her position. Mark smiled as he teased her with his prick. He let the spongy tip ease in and then slowly out again.

“Ohhh put it in me! Fuck me! Ohhhh God, I’ll die if you don’t!”

Mark smothered her gasps with his mouth, then kissed her breast again, pulling as much of the firm flesh between his teeth as he possibly could. Jody thrust her chest up hard to make it hurt a little. Mark’s tongue flicked her nipple and she made shuddery noises of excitement. She couldn’t keep her ass still. She pumped and fucked with it, trying to pull that hot, velvety cock-head deeper into the buttery folds of her body. She knew her movements were having an effect on him. He moved his hands up her body, held her trim waist and then hugged her against him as he crushed her down into the bed. His hips moved upwards and she felt his prick stretching out the beginning of her hole. Her pussy spasmed tight, sucking at the soft spear that teased it so mercilessly.

“Mark… Qhhhhh God, please… please… please!”

“What do you want, baby?” he sighed back.

“Your cock! Inside me! Deep, deep inside me! Fuck me, Mark! Oh God… Oh shit…!”

Mark lunged and Jody’s ass cheeks quivered from the force as the thick, hard thing pierced her to the hilt. Her juices smacked and dribbled out from around the edges of the shaft. Her inner petals clasped near Mark’s balls, pulling at his flesh. She bucked her hips violently, jerking her wrists so hard that the silk tightened at her throat and squeezed off her breath for a moment.

“You… you little country angel,” Mark moaned, fucking furiously. His balls slapped the underside of her ass cheeks. His breath seared her neck. And his fingers burrowed into the flesh of her back as he made the bed shake with his loving.

“Huuuuhhhhnnnn… Nnnnnhhhuuuu!”

Mark rolled over so suddenly that Jody didn’t know what was happening for a moment. She was on top! Her tits were flattened out on Mark’s chest, her mouth clinging to his. She still couldn’t do much with her arms or hands, but the cock inside her body had a completely different feel to it now. Mark shaved his legs apart and made her close her thighs. His face changed then. Jody knew that closing her thighs made the walls of her pussy close in tightly around his prick. And then she moved, worked her bottom up and down with quick jerks.

“Jody… God… ahhhhh!”

She could feel the walls of her tube swathing the entire length of his cock-shaft. Jody had felt inside herself enough to know that it was slick velvet where Mark’s prick was touching now. Slick, tight velvet with her thighs pressed together. She pumped her ass harder, making frantic circles as the friction began to affect her too. Her clit bulged out of her hooded flesh and was rubbed against the hilt of Mark’s cock. That hard thing stretched so deeply into her young body! It was like it was poking around in her belly now!

Mark rolled her back under him again, his legs still outside hers. He fucked with furious power. His mouth covered hers, sucked the breath from her lungs. And the tiny squiggle of live nerves… that bulging mad nubbin of her clit exploded so excruciatingly quick that her groans were choked in her throat.

“Commmmmmin… aaaaa…” Her body lurched and shook as if she were having a convulsion. Mark threw her legs wide and grasped her ass so hard that his fingers hurt. Hurt wonderfully! She groveled in the pain, jerking her wrists against the silk scarves, tossing her head, letting the waves of mad joy drown her to nothingness!

Mark’s cum fountained hotly inside her pussy. She cried as she felt the thick, slippery curds dripping from her hole, as Mark fucked even harder in the sloppy, pungent mess. And as her come quieted dawn, she fucked her ass up and under, forcing her petals tight against the base of his lovely cock; her body quivered and jerked, milking the last droplets from his body until finally they lay panting in each other’s arms.

The sun cast long shadows across the grounds. Jody leaned against a tree and scratched one bare foot with the other one. She had on a pale-blue shift, much like the white one she’d worn that first night with Mark. Four days had passed since then. Four days without seeing anyone but Glenda. But Glenda assured her that all was fine. Mark Edwards was a busy man.

There was the swimming pool and the tennis courts and the game room. And Glenda was fun to talk with. She knew so much about the world. Jody thought of how much she’d learned since coming to this grand place.

But one thing gnawed at her. It was gnawing at her now. Mark had given her strict rules to follow concerning her own pleasure. In short, she wasn’t allowed to… play with herself. And though Glenda was always sweet and understanding, Jody knew why the older woman was her constant companion. Glenda never left her for more than a few minutes a day. If Jody took more than a few seconds in the bathroom, Glenda came in. There were no locks on the doors. They even bathed together. Slept together. Just the night before, Glenda had awakened her with these words: “Jody darling, you’re having a dream. Please don’t touch yourself. It’s the one thing Mark doesn’t allow.”

Jody leaned against the tree, scratched her foot again. That wasn’t the tickle she really wanted to scratch. She was dying to lift the delicate silk shift and plunge her fingers into the fevered, ripe plumpness of her mound! She glanced around the grounds. She saw no one. But Glenda could appear from nowhere it seemed. Lifting the shift slightly, Jody sneaked a finger up against her mound. Immediately her skin was bathed with hot juice. She moved the finger, crooked it upwards. Her clit jumped out to meet the touch. She closed her eyes and leaned against the tree trunk, rubbing her breasts on the bark.


She opened her eyes. Glenda stood before her, a scolding smile on her lips. Jody jerked her hand from under the shift and hid it behind her.

“I… I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.” Tears welled at the corners of her eyes. “I miss him so much. I just can’t go this long without… without…” She hugged Glenda and cried against her chest.

“Mark is like that, isn’t he?” Glenda said, patting her. “Yes, I know it all so well. I went through the same thing when Mark adopted me.”

Jody stared wide-eyed. “You mean… you’re his daughter too?”

“Of course.” Glenda took her hand and pulled her towards the house. “Come on, I forgot to tell you that Mark is coming in on the night plane. He wants you ready…”

Two hours later Jody was kneeling on the thick rug of Mark’s bedroom. Her hands were tied behind her with silk. Her ankles were bound together too. And her hands and ankles had then been secured so that she could do nothing but kneel. Her lips were stretched around the hot, hard shaft of Mark Edwards’ cock. Her tongue sucked lovingly at the smooth, bumpy surface. A suckling noise came from her nostrils as she worked her throat. She’d been doing this for half an hour and Mark had still not come. That was because he made her stop every so often. But Jody had come. She’d come just rubbing her thighs together as she knelt there with a mouthful of cock! And she would come again! Because Mark had promised that he would fuck her half crazy when she finished emptying his balls the first time.

“Jody darling,” he gasped, grabbing her head suddenly. His cock bulged against the roof of her mouth and Jody tasted something slightly sour. As the hot cream spewed into her throat, she felt her clit twitch and tingle. In a little bit she would have hers… she would have hers…