Another father stepdaughter story

A few months ago, my wife’s mother was injured in a
car accident. She’s going to recover, thank goodness,
but she’ll need looking after for quite some time.
Jill’s father passed away a few years back, so it was
up to her, as the only stepdaughter, to take care of her
mother. It was with great reluctance that Jill packed
up and left me here alone with our 18 year old daugh-
ter, Josephine. Jill and I are very close and this was
the first time we’ve been apart since we met in college
in ’79. But family is family, and she had to go do her
duty. I had to stay so I could keep supper on the table
and of course Josey has school to attend to.

Unfortunately, Jill’s mom lives in California and
we live in Texas; since she left in April we’ve been
able to get together only once, and what a wild, pas-
sionate night that was! The way things are looking,
she won’t be back until sometime in November, and until
then we’ll have to be content with phone sex and mas-

I’ll tell you up front that I can’t stand to mas-
turbate. I know that sounds weird, but that’s the way
it is: it pales next to the real thing, if you know
what I mean. Jill and I had always enjoyed a vigorous,
kinky sex life, and I was used to getting it at least
once a night in many variations. And her absence took
some getting used to.

I finally decided, about two weeks into her visit,
that I was either going to have to take matters into
my own hands or explode. I was dreaming about sex
every night, and I’d wake up with a wet spot on the
bed where my prick had been leaking cum. Embarrassing.
The notion of cheating on Jill with another woman just
to satisfy my own cravings had crossed my mind.

I woke up one Saturday with a raging, leaking hard-
on, and I knew it was about time to do something about
it. I grabbed a handful of tissues and a tube of K-Y
Jelly from Jill’s night-stand, and went to work on my-
self, all the while conjuring up images of fucking my
delightfully luscious wife. I’m no porn stud, but I do
have a nice thick six-incher, and Jill’s made it clear
any number of times just how much she loves to suck,
lick, bite, and fuck my love-rod. As I thought about
some of the most intense of our fuckfests, I could feel
the old familiar tingling begin at the base of my
balls. Wouldn’t be long, now, and I’d have this over
and done with for another week or two.

Then there was a knock on the door, and Josey was
saying, “Wake up, Dad! Breakfast is ready!”

Shit! I’d forgotten that my chaste little 15 year
old daughter was in the house with me, and might walk
in at any time! I cursed myself for a fool and quickly
hid my masturbatory paraphernalia under the bed before
she came in. My nudity I could do nothing about; we’re
pretty fast and loose about our clothing in this house,
and I often sleep naked. I just tried to sit up in bed
a little so my hard-on wouldn’t be quite so noticeable.

As I expected, she came in immediately after knock-
ing. Josey looks a lot like her mother: chestnut hair,
big green eyes, and a lithe figure. We’d have to wait
and see about the rest of it; she’s just starting to
develop, and I’ve been trying not to notice.

That morning she was still wearing the long Care
Bears tee shirt she uses as a nightgown, and looking
at her I realized how much she’d grown in the past
year. The shirt barely covered the tops of her thighs,
and I was struck at how long, lean and lovely her
exposed legs were. She yawned and stretched as she
walked toward the bed, and the action pushed her bud-
ding breasts up against the fabric, outlining her hard
little nipples. To my horror, my dick twitched
involuntarily, and I think she must have noticed,
because her eyes widened. I hurriedly crossed my legs
as she approached, in a vain attempt to hide the move-

“Eggs and pancakes all right, sleepyhead? ” she
asked, to which I replied, “Uh — sure.” Then she
grinned, and pounced. “Ticklemonster!”

Oh hell, I though she’d outgrown that years ago.
I hate to be tickled and she knows it, the brat. She
jumped on top of me as I wriggled and squirmed; then
I grabbed her hands to keep her from tickling me.
Somehow her pubic mound ended up on top of my still-
rigid cock, and I heard her gasp as she realized what
she was feeling. That’s all it took. I exploded like
a bomb, spewing cum all over the place. I collapsed
and turned beet red in embarrassment.

She froze, staring at me; then her gaze went to
the wet spot spreading over the sheets and the strings
of sperm on her bare thighs. “What happened?!”

I swallowed hard. “Uh, um, I think you can figure
it out. You interrupted me at an inopportune moment,
and when you attacked me, I, uh, lost control. God,
I’m so embarrassed. ”

She smiled wickedly. “Oh, that’s okay, Dad, chill
out. Actually, it’s kinda flattering.”


“I mean, come on. My own Dad thinks I’m sexy
enough to — you know.”

“You’re the most beautiful girl I know,” I said
truthfully. “But the fact is, I was thinking of your
mom. You just happened along at the right time and
ended up in the, uh, right place.”

She shrugged, the wicked little grin still in
place. “Well, Mom’s a thousand miles away, and I’m
right here. Why don’t we take advantage of the sit-
uation, if you know what I mean?” She was still in my
lap, and I felt her very deliberately move her firm
little butt back and forth over my cock, which was
still quite hard. Through the shirt, I could feel her
hot slit; it felt like she wasn’t wearing any panties
under her nightshirt.

She proved a few seconds later that she wasn’t. My
baby reached down, grabbed the hem of her nightshirt in
both hands, and slipped it over her head in one fluid
movement. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

God, she was beautiful! Her skin was soft, creamy,
unblemished. Her body was slim and tight, flaring
slightly at the hips but still slightly boyish; nature
wasn’t done with her yet. Her breasts rode proud and
high on her chest, little more than a mouthful, topped
with small, strawberry-colored nipples. Down below, I
could seen the soft bulge of her pubic mound; light
brown fuzz surrounded her pink-lipid honey-hole. I
almost came again just looking at her!

Instead I sat up quickly, tumbling her off my lap.
“No, Josey, no. I’m your dad, and you’re too young
anyway. This would be wrong.”

She climbed back onto my lap and pushed me back
down onto my pillows. “Ah, c’mon, Daddy,” she purred.
That wicked little “fuck-me” grin was back. “We both
want it, and we love each other, so how can it be
wrong?” Then she kissed me lightly on the nipple. The
sensations went straight to my groin, and that was it:
there was no resistance left in me. I lifted her face
to mine and kissed her hard and deep, leaving no doubt
as to my intentions. My hands found her pert little
breasts and started tweaking her nipples. In seconds
I had her gasping for breath. I rolled her over onto
Jill’s side of the bed, God help me, and pushed the
sheet aside. Now we were naked together. My lips found
first one and then the other nipple, and I began suck-
ing and licking and teasing them the way Jill likes
hers done.

“Ahhh, ohhh God, Daddy, oooh, I’ve been dreaming
about this for years. ” She grabbed my hair gently
but insistently and pulled my head up to hers, and we
frenched for a while. When I pulled away for a breath,
she said softly, “Oh, I love you, Daddy. I’ve wanted
to do this for such a long time. ”

” Really? ” I was shocked. Frankly, I’d never
thought about making love with my daughter, though I’d
occasionally found myself admiring her blossoming body
in an abstract way.

“God, yes. You’re all I think about when I mastur-
bate. ”

Shocked again. “You do that? Since when?”

“Every night since I was ten. Sometimes I can hear
you and mom doing it and it just makes me wild. I mas-
turbate all night sometimes, thinking about fucking

Hearing that illicit word come out of my daughters
innocent mouth sent a hot thrill through me. I never
knew my little girl was so hot and so highly sexed —
though it shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the ex-
tremely satisfying sex-life her mother and I share. I
looked down at her and smiled. ” I love you, baby,
no matter what happens.”

She smiled. “I know. And I’ll be yours forever.”
She squirmed her cunt up against my cock and groaned.
I could feel the wet heat of her burning me like fire.
Then she whispered, “Lick my pussy, Daddy.”

Without a word I scooted down on the bed and laid
my head between her creamy thighs, and she opened her
legs wide to accommodate me. I looked closely at my
daughter’s vagina in the bright morning light. So like
her mother’s, it was, right down to the sparse brown
peach-fuzz and orchid-like shape of her inner lips.
Her clitoris stuck out above her opening like a tiny
cock. Her hole was barely discernible, even as wide as
her legs were spread; she’d be tight as the finger of
a glove, if I guessed right. Gently, I licked the in-
side of one thigh, and she jerked as if shocked with
electricity. Then I languidly flicked my tongue across
the juncture of thigh and crotch; she jumped again.
Without further preamble, I thrust my tongue into her
young snatch. She screamed and suddenly came so hard
that I think she blacked out for a second. I was a
little scared, but then she began moaning, “Oh, Daddy
Daddy Daddy, that was so great. Oh God.”

“But I barely did anything!”

“Well, do it some more!”

I licked Josey through five more orgasms (count
’em — five) in the next ten minutes, and though she
didn’t come as quick or hard as she had at first, she
loved every minute of it. So did I! Josey’s sweet
little cunt tasted sharp and fresh, even better than
her mom’s, and I can spend a whole night there. But
finally I knew it was time to move on to the next
logical plateau of our newfound sexual relationship.
As she lay gasping from her latest orgasm, I raised
myself up over her, propped up on my elbows, and
suggestively rubbed my hard cock the length of her
gooey little slit.

“Oh, yes, Daddy,” she gasped.

I slid my length slowly inside her. It was rough
going at first: she was so tight I could barely make
way. Then I decided to try something that had worked
with her mom the first time we fucked: I pushed her
legs as far forward as I could without hurting her,
and hooked her ankles over my shoulders. It didn’t
seem to cause her any discomfort, and it gave me ex-
cellent access to the depths of her cunt. I still had
to push forward slowly, but soon my prick was buried
in her to the balls. God, she was tight — it was
obvious that my baby was a virgin, despite the lack
of a hymen.

All this time she was writhing and squirming
breathlessly beneath me, and wailing like a banshee.
Thank goodness the house is well insulated — otherwise
what would the neighbors think! She was coming from
the second I slid into her, and she kept coming the
whole time we fucked. I’m afraid I didn’t last too
long — she was too tight, and I was too excited. When
I came, maybe a minute later, it felt like a vein had
burst in my head, it was so intense. I shot so much
come into her that some of it overflowed her snatch
and dribbled obscenely down her legs and onto the bed.

We both lay there for a while, stunned, then I
rolled off her as my dick shriveled. When we’d re-
covered sufficiently, we talked about what we’d done
and how it had made us feel. I felt closer to my
daughter than ever before; now my ingrained parental
feelings for her were overlain by the more direct,
lust-tinged ones of a lover. We were lovers now, she
and I, and we mutually decided we’d continue our sexual
relationship from here on, even after her mother got

Until Jill returned, we decided we’d sleep with
each other every night as a matter of course, and go
nude around the house so that we could fuck wherever
and whenever we felt the urge. That decision made, we
began exploring each others’ bodies again. I taught
her the fine art of cocksucking, and she seemed to
catch on quickly.

The next morning we made love twice before even
getting out of bed — doggie style first, then with
her on top — and I surprised myself after breakfast
by bending Josey over the kitchen sink and fucking her
yet again, this time fast and hard. She just looked
too cute, standing there wearing nothing but a little
apron, washing the dishes!

Only days later did I think of the possibility of
pregnancy. When I brought it up she laughed and said,
“Don’t worry, silly. Mom’s had me on birth control
pills for two years now.”

My wife’s so thoughtful. I only have one problem:
when she gets home, how can I tell her I’m fucking our
daughter? Guess I’ll feel her out (to coin a phrase),
and if she’s against it, we’ll just have to continue
our trysts in secret. Though that could get kinda
difficult to arrange…

Oh, well. I’m sure we’ll think of something!