Walk in the park

It was lunch time: high noon. Office workers streamed onto the streets and
past the park, in their race to find sustenance for their bellies and a break
from their work.

Walking through the park on this warm July day, there was a young woman sitting
on one of the benches in the elm-shaded square. I couldn’t immediately tell
the age of the woman. The dark glasses she wore didn’t allow me to make such an
assessment, but I was sure that she was fairly close to my age.

I took a seat two benches down from where she sat and unfolded the newspaper
that had been tucked under my arm, and began to read. Occasionally the urge
struck me to look up from the page admiring the the lady two benches to my
right, trying not to be too conspicuous.

I was half-heartedly reading the Finance Section, when she removed the glasses
from her face, revealing her big beautiful eyes. Her light brown hair shone in
the filtered sunlight as she took a drink of her diet soda.

She looked slightly younger than I had first suspected, but nevertheless, she
was quite attractive.

When she arose from the bench, I got a good look at her.

Casually dressed in a light blue blouse and blue jeans, she stood about
five-three, trim but not thin, with straight, shoulder-blade-length bronze
hair. Her hazel eyes were bright in the sunlight. As she turned to dispose of
her soda can, I perused the back of her well rounded body, marvelling. Then
she turned and left the park, but not before she passed by my seat. There I
got a good look at her profile as she walked past, admiring the way her blouse
gently bounced as she moved.

This woman was just plain gorgeous.

Through the fence of the park, I could see her striding her way out of sight.

“Does she live around here, or is she new in town,” I wondered to myself.

I headed back to my apartment after a few minutes of contemplation.

Later on that afternoon, a moving van pulled up to the apartment building
across the path from where I lived. Behind the truck a small dark car parked
behind it. The two men from the movers got out of the truck and opened up the
back and began to unload someone’s furniture.

Then, the woman who was driving the car got out. From this distance, she
looked like the woman that I had seen in the park earlier today. The familiar
shade of bronze and the snug blue jeans were the giveaway. She was moving in
across the way from me.

After about an hour or so, the men had finished unloading the truck and climbed
back in to leave.

The truck moved away leaving black diesel smoke in its wake, wafting through my
open windows.

“Was she alone?,” I quizzed myself. Surely she has a boyfriend or a husband.

A few minutes later, she sat on her front porch, looking as if she needed a

I had to talk to her, get to know her, especially if she was going to be my
neighbor. And believe me she can borrow a cup of sugar from me anytime.

I went out on my porch and saw her sitting there in shorts and tank top.

“Hey mister, do you know the phone number for the utility company in this
town?” she asked.

Surprised, I fumbled for an answer. “Um, hold on a minute, I will look it up.”
I quickly went in and found the Yellow Pages to fulfill the lovely woman’s

I then emerged from my apartment after a few moments of frantically looking
through the phone book. I hesitated then made my way over to her porch.

“I have the number for you; it’s 555-7171,” I said nervously.

“Thanks, eh,…what’s your name?” she said as she was trying to thank me.

“My name’s Jim, and I guess we’re neighbors. Welcome to our neighborhood.”

“I really appreciate you getting the number, Jim. My name is Dawn,” she said
as she extended her hand, for a firm but indeed feminine handshake.

I could smell the faint aroma of her sweet perfume coming from her neckline. I
chastised myself for getting turned on by this simple act, because my mind was
already beginning to wander. Seeing her at the park and now I was in her
apartment was almost too good to be true.

“The electricity hasn’t been turned on in here yet and I was wondering if they
were going to get around to it today,” she said in an even tone.

“That’s no problem, I guess this is my way of welcoming you into the
neighborhood, Dawn,” I said with a chuckle. She asked me if I wanted something
to drink from the small cooler that she had gotten out of the front seat of her
car. There were a few beers and a wine cooler among the soft drinks and a
strange container which held some reddish-brown liquid.

“It’s Southern Comfort,” she said with a slight grin. You can have some if you
like. We can mix it with one of the other drinks here.

“Sure, why not,” I said, feeling a little more at ease.

“After that long drive, I really could use some loosening up,” she said
rubbing the back of her neck. Her robust breasts moved within her the tight
tank top, as she rubbed, in a rhythmic up and down motion that was hard not to

“Hey Dawn, I would never have pegged you as a whiskey drinker,” I said

“Well, Jim, we all need a drink now and then. I am not an alcoholic or
anything, but I occasionally like to have a stiff drink to relax,” she said.

After rummaging through a few moving boxes, she returned to the room that was
to be her living room with a red couple plastic tumblers. She seemed as if she
was enjoying my company. I was definiately enjoying hers.

“Want some rocks?,” she asked, pulling a plastic bag with only a few handfuls
of unmelted ice remaining. I replied in the affirmative.

After clunking a few of the soggy cubes in each tumbler, and spiking our soda
with whiskey, we got down to some conversation. My interest deepening as we
chatted, sitting on the sofa the movers brought in.

“So how long have you lived here?” she asked.

“I have lived here for almost two years now. After my ex and I split up, she
got the house and I got to live in an apartment,” I said, kinda spilling my
guts a little.

“Well, that doesn’t seem fair, especially to a nice guy like you,” she said as
if she were trying to console me.

“Tell me about yourself, Dawn,” returning her volley of inquiring questions.

“I just came from Michigan, around the Detroit area. I just broke it off with
my boyfriend and I couldn’t stay around. Calvin was really possessive. Any
time I went any where he wanted to know who I was with and when I would be
back. Or he would call me at work several times a day just to check up on me.

“Some guys can be real jerks,”

“I don’t think that was the problem with Calvin. His problem was insecurity.
He was always accusing me of cheating on him. Then I caught him butt-naked in
the bed we shared with the slut next door. He said that she seduced him, but I
have a hard time believing that he was saying “no” to her when he was screwing
the shit out of her. He said he was sorry. By then our relationship was too
far gone. He wouldn’t leave, so I did.”

“If you were my girlfriend, I would never cheat on you. An attractive woman
like yourself deserves someone who will be faithful”

“Oh really,” she replied, with a small but very discernible grin. “To be
honest with you Jim, I don’t think there are too many people that are faithful
these days. It seems that they only want one thing.”

“I hate to say this, but I have to agree with you.”

“That’s why I am not committing to anyone anymore until I am sure that they are
the right one. In the meantime, I could date with no strings attached.”

“Well, Dawn, I am sure that you would have no problem finding someone for you.”
I said, playing it cool.

But deep down inside, I wished she wanted some fun right now. She had that
certain blend of confidence and mystery. It made her even more appealing and
more sexy.

I offered to help her unpack if she needed it. She accepted my offer and we
began to rummage through her belongings.

As we chatted, the Southern Comfort began to smooth the edges and our
conversation began to flow as I helped her unpack a few boxes. We talked about
our past experiences with the opposite sex and why we weren’t with them
anymore. Through this I got an idea of what she liked in a guy.

In the middle of the living room floor was what I belived to be part of her
wardrobe. Alongside of that there were some cartons that were marked ‘Bed.

As she was wheeling the rack into the bedroom, I picked up one of the cartons
and tagged behind the moving rack of clothes. When I got to the door, I
tripped on a belt that had fallen from the rack, spilling the contents of the

The box had been filled with some sexy lingerie, panties and bras. When I
tripped, a vibrator rolled out onto the carpet into the middle of the empty

“I am sorry, Dawn, I dropped some of your stuff on the floor. I will pick it
up,” I said damning myself for being so clumsy.

“That’s okay,” Jim, she said as she quickly retrieved the vibrator and stuffed
it down in the bottom of the box, her face obviously flushed.

Once we got some of the other stuff into the bedroom, I helped her reassemble
her huge bed. It took two people just to maneuver the boxsprings and mattress
atop the frame.

As the sun grew dimmer and the day lazily gave way to the twilight, I told Dawn
that I would have to be going soon. But it seemed as if she didn’t want me to

“I really appreciate all the help, Jim.” But with her eyes she said, “I wish
you could stay,” That one look ended any thought of me leaving to go home to
an empty apartment.

“No problem, Dawn, anytime. We’re neighbors.” I said. “Besides, it was fun.”

Then she extended her hand as if to give a handshake. I reached for it and
then it was like a dam burst. I pulled her close to me. I wanted to kiss her,
but, out of respect, I couldn’t. Our eyes trained on each other, we both knew
what could happen, all the possibilities; but we relaxed and smiled at each

“Maybe we can get together another time, if you like.” I said nervously, still
reeling from the my intense desire.

“Sure, that would be great,” she said, looking somewhat vulnerable, as opposed
to the confident, sexy woman that I met a few hours ago.
I went home that night and I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. The thought
of her just consumed my half-loaded mind. Was I going bonkers for her, or did
I just want to get laid?

The next morning, I was in the throes of a massive hangover. My head throbbed,
but my thoughts again turned to Dawn. I popped a few Tylenols and headed to
the living room.

A light knock on my front door was easy to hear and when I heard it my head
pinged. The knock was unfamiliar. It had a feminine quality to it. To my
amazement I opened the door: it was her.

“Gee, Jim, I am sorry to bother you but would you happen to have anything for a
headache,” she said with obvious discomfort, “my head’s killing me.”

I gave her the bottle of Tylenols and she took a couple.

When she gave me back the bottle, I felt that electricity all over again as our
hands touched gently and bleary eyes met. Hampered by my pounding skull, I
decided the best thing to do is to put my desires on hold for just a while so
we can recuperate from last night’s festivities.

“Thanks Jim, you’re a sweetheart,” she said and she kissed me on the forehead.
“Why don’t you come over later, when you’re feeling better.”

“Sure, no problem, maybe later on,” I said not wanting her to know just how
happy I was for her to say that. “I would like that.”

As we said our goodbyes and I closed the door, my heart just leapt out of my
chest and my cock nearly jumped out of my bathrobe. I had this strange feeling
that I haven’t felt in a good long while…that maybe I was falling for this
unbelievably gorgeous woman.

Her invitation was on my mind the entire day. I just couldn’t wait until I was
with her again. I knew I had to keep busy doing something.

For the rest of the morning I picked up my somewhat unkempt apartment, did some
dishes and gathered clothes for the laundry. While doing this, I realized that
the apartment really needed a good cleaning. After finishing all but the
laundry, I noticed the place hasn’t looked this good since I moved in here a
couple of years ago. Nothing like a little sexual tension to motivate a man to

After eating some lunch I decided to tackle the growing mound of dirty clothes.
Piling them into a garbage bag, I carried them down to the launderette, along
with the soap and softener.

As I was trying to stuff the machine with the last of my clothes, Dawn came
through the door of the airy laundry room. Her presence seemed to lighten the
small room.

“Hey, how’s the head?,” I asked her with the obvious excitement in my voice.
Waves of adrenaline flowed through my body.

“Oh, much better, the aspirin really helped knock it out, thanks” she said
assuringly and with that smile. “No problem, I replied.

Trying to make small talk, I said “I really don’t like doing clothes too much.”

Noticing that I was cramming the washer with the last bit of clothes, she
looked down into the washer. She smiled and said, “You may need to do two
loads instead of one, Jim. I only have a few things if you want to sharing a
second washer.”

I agreed and while our laundry was spinning, we were chatting again. She again
invited me over to her place.

After we were finished folding we retreated to our apartments once again. By
then, it was late afternoon. I showered and changed into something a little
more dressy than sweat pants and T-shirt and then made my way over to her door.

I rang the doorbell and a voice from deep within the apartment told me to come
in as if she knew it was me.

When I entered, I noticed the shower was running. But there were no lights on.
The steam from it was fogging up the windows near the bathroom door, which was
halfway open. “Make yourself at home,” she said as the water stopped. Her
voice was soothing and hospitable.

She surprised me when she came out of the bathroom with a dark bathrobe loosely
drawn around her body. Her hair was still wet from the shower.

“Would you like a drink?,” my beautiful hostess asked. “Maybe a soft drink,
any one will do,” I replied.

She came into the living room where I was sitting and put down a pair of colas.
She looked like she missed me.

“Jim, you are really a nice guy, I just don’t know how to thank you for being a
friend when I really needed one.” I smiled wholeheartedly.

In the dim light of dusk, and candles lit on the mantle, she gently tugged at
the sash around her bathrobe. When it opened, it began to unveil her sumptuous
body. Her breasts freed from the robe’s constraint, were round and well
formed, with large areola and nipples that protruded into the warm air. The
soft skin of her trim waist led down to a pair of nearly transparent bikini
panties, which revealed a small tuft of brown womanhood.
She was more beautiful than I had ever imagined.

I arose from the couch and softly kissed her lips. Then her lips parted to
accept my tongue. Fireworks began to shoot off in my head. I couldn’t hold
back the intense desires that were within me. I was instantly erect.

In the ensuing embrace I drew her body near kissing more wildly than I have
kissed anyone in a very long time. The sexual tension began to overwhelm us.
Our hands and fingers moved over our bodies, exploring, feeling the reality and
electricity of our first encounter.

Dawn reached down and opened the button on my pants and expertly unzipped them.
When she pulled them down to my knees, my engorged, pre-cum leaking penis was
looking at her. She immediately saw my needs and took almost all of it into
her mouth. From the very first bob of her head, I knew this was the best oral
sex I have ever had and it would be a struggle to keep from releasing myself.

Starting off slowly, then increasing her tempo, and employing her free hand at
the base of my shaft, she lovingly stroked and exquisitely sucked my swollen
penis until could no longer hold back the impending orgasm.

“That’s it, Jim, let it go,” she said encouraging me to deliver my load.
Torrents of cum spewed from from my enlarged cock in at least half a dozen
molten jets. It ended up everywhere.

Dizzy from the past few minutes activities, I asked to sit down on her couch.
I removed the my pants that were still around my knees.

Dawn then sat on the couch next to me. I looked into her eyes and kissed her
again, this time more gently and tenderly. Raising her leg to the back of the
couch, she opened up invited me to savor her woman treasure.

As we got situated on the couch, I kissed her inner thighs and then began to
work my way to her soaked womanhood. Once there I gently opened the folds,
exposing her most intimate area.

As I began to gently stroke her inner lips with my tongue, Dawn let out soft
whimpers of pleasure. Trying not to concentrate fully on her clitoris just
yet, I flicked my tongue in and around the vaginal area, then occasionally
brushing against the love button.

Her soft whimpers have begun to be more frequent and more fervent as I
continued with my oral offering. I took her clitoris into my mouth and sucked
it gently while I stroked it with my tongue. Her hips began to grind and she
pushed my face into the warm recesses of her sweet triangle.

“C’mon, do it baby,” she instructed me, and I continued on sucking in her
clioris, feeling it getting slightly more swollen within my mouth.
Her breathing became faster, her moans becoming louder. I was just trying to
hold on, because I knew she was close to climax.

Suddenly her body spasmed and shook in intense orgasm. The couch was wet with
her juices. She pushed down on my head as if to say “No more, please, I can’t
take it.”

We rested for a few moments where we were. But our encounter was not over yet.

I began to kiss her beautiful body all over. Her orgasm had given me another
solid erection.

She recovered enough so I could position my body between her legs. I looked
deeply into her eyes. The tip of my penis could feel the warm wetness that I
had just sucked. Pushing it upward, I plunged myself deep into the beautiful
hotness that was her pussy.

I stroked slowly at first, then picked up the pace. Her head went back, eyes
closed, and her mouth opening, uttering those same whimpers as before.

As I continued to work my hard cock within her she again started moan and move,
our bodies a tangle.

“Ooh, yeah,” she moaned. I picked up the pace even more. I felt her muscles
down there begin to tighten and gently squeeze me. Both of us were now close
to another orgasm, and this time we would be doing it together.

I focused on her face and knew she was about to come. I was too.

As she raised her behind up off the couch in her orgasmic spasm, I was forcing
my hot seed deep within her. The exquisite feeling of simultaneous orgasm was
quite intense. We were locked in this position for about 20 seconds, savoring
the climax of a lifetime. I stroked her insides a few more times, coating her
cervix with my milky cream.

Dripping beads of sweat I slowly dismounted her, and we sat back on the couch,
drained, but immensely satisfied.

We just sat there and looked at each other, dazed at the events of the past

Dawn asked me if I would like to join her in the shower to clean up. I
accepted her invitation. The hot shower water felt warm and soothing against
our tired bodies.

I spent the rest of the night with Dawn, cuddling, talking, and making love.

I was hoping that this would not be our only time together. It wasn’t.

Now that we have been together for a eight months, we are planning to get
married next year.