Naked Naughty Family

A healthy family unit is the basis of the American way of life. Years ago, a person’s extended family played a big part in his life. Uncles, aunts, and grandparents often lived in the home and took on an advisory or supportive role. We seem to be moving away from this type of situation today.

It is rare to see family members help each other anymore. Jealousy and competition among brothers and sisters are common today. Rather than having loving relationships, family members often develop animosity toward other family members.

The Newman family is one of those rare families who are willing to help each other out.

NAKED NAUGHTY FAMILY reveals how one family remains close-knit and the experiences they have.


Steve Newman, Kay’s younger brother, pulled his swollen cock out of the confines of his trousers and squeezed it tightly with one hand.

Watching Kay through the crack in her bedroom door, he saw her stretch out nakedly on her bed. Her large tits jiggled lewdly as she reached down and stroked her nipples. They immediately hardened beneath her fingers, and the large reddish circles puckered up.

Steve groaned softly thinking that his sister had the biggest, sexiest tits he had ever seen. He thought of sucking on one of Kay’s firm nips. He could almost taste her tit, and his prick stiffened even more. He loosened his grip on his prick afraid that he would come too soon.

This was the third time the teenaged boy had jerked himself off while watching Kay strip and wriggle her tits and pussy in front of his eyes. The first time, he had come as soon as he had caught sight of the girl’s dark, soft triangle of pussy fur, cradled between her pink thighs.

The second time, he had managed to have a bit more self-control. He had waited until Kay was completely naked but then, watching her spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy-slit, and the inner pink meat of her cunt to his gaze, he had shot his jism all over himself. This time, he intended to draw things out and not to come until he had watched his sexy sister for a long time.

Inside her bedroom, Kay cupped her tits, one in each hand, and then began to run her palms over her flat tummy and on downward toward her aching cunt.

Suddenly, she stiffened and sat up in bed. There it was again… a sort of muffled sound from the hallway. This time she was sure about what she had heard. She smiled, suspecting that the sound was coming from Steve. She knew he had spied on her before, and that he must be spying on her again.

She had taken her brother for granted all these years, but she had been noticing him more lately, ever since the first time she had heard a muted groan outside her door, the night she had spread her legs wide and her brother had blown his wad.

Kay had heard several low moans and, after waiting just a few moments, the young girl had pecked out the door, startled to see Steve slipping into his own room down the darkened hallway. She had glanced down and had seen several drops of the boy’s spilled jism on the floor. Moaning herself then, Kay had quickly thrown herself back into her bed where she had finger-fucked herself to orgasm several times while thinking about her brother spying on her.

That was when Kay had realized just how grown up her kid brother had become. He was no longer a boy. He was built like a man, muscular like his father and brother, powerfully built.

Well, Kay thought now with another smile, if my brother wants to spy on me, I’ll sure as hell give him something worth seeing! And, with that thought in mind, the girl casually let her hand stray down her hips and to her cunt. Using two fingers, she spread open the pink, delicate lips of her hot cunt.

Steve twisted his head around to get a clearer view of his big sister’s opening pussy. He groaned softly and tightened his grasp on his cock waiting to see what would happen next.

Kay fucked a finger into her cunt and lifted her legs. The thought of her brother spying on her while she played with her pussy turned her on incredibly.

He’s probably playing with his cock while he watches me, she thought excitedly, fucking another finger up her pussyhole.

She moaned aloud, wishing that she had a big hard cock up her cunt instead of her fingers. Maybe Steve’s, she thought obscenely, turning on more. The poor boy’s probably long overdue for a good fucking, she thought impishly, grinning.

Then, her face tensed as she plunged her fingers deeper into her fuckhole, feeling her orgasm growing near. She didn’t want just her fingers up her cunt, or at least not her own fingers. She needed something bigger, something harder, to ease the burning, throbbing sensation that she felt between her legs.

Having seen Steve naked before, she knew that his big prick would do just fine.

Outside the door, Steve gripped his cock even tighter, moving his fist back and forth in a fucking motion. He didn’t even dare blink now for fear that he might miss something exciting.

The sight of his sister finger-fucking herself was the most exciting experience of the bay’s life. Even when he made out with his girlfriends, it was always Kay’s body that he thought of. He longed to touch the girl, to feel her tits with his hands, to let his cock enter her in place of her fingers.

Suddenly, with a little squeal, Kay jumped out of her bed and ran toward the door. Steve’s shock at the sudden movement kept him rooted to the spot as she flung the door open, her eyes already locked on his big prick.

“You spy!” she hissed. “Now I’ve caught you and I’m not gonna let you get away!”

Before the boy could answer her, his sister yanked him by the arm and pulled him into her bedroom, closing the door behind them.

“God, Sis,” Steve muttered, staring at the girl’s naked body.

The girl seemed amused, and Steve was relieved that she wasn’t angry with him for spying on her. The young boy couldn’t keep his eyes from her pussy and tits, so close to him now. Then he became aware of his cock, still semihard, hanging out of his pants. Feeling self-conscious, he began to fuck his prick back inside his fly — but his sister’s hand stopped him.

“No, Steve, don’t put it back. After all, you’ve been looking at me. Why can’t I look at you?”

“You’re not a little boy anymore, Steve.” She pulled on the rapidly hardening rod of cock meat. “In fact, your cock is really big for a boy your young age.”

“Oh, God!” the boy gasped, feeling as if he were dreaming.

“Yes, you’re very, very big,” Kay muttered, opening her mouth. Her lips closed over the head of her brother’s cock while her tongue began to roll over the cockshaft.

Steve groaned again and clutched his sister by the head.

“Unnhhh, oh, Kay, what are you doing?” But Kay ignored his question and sucked more of his cock into her mouth, moaning softly as the fullness of his cockmeat slipped down her throat.

“Aaarghhhh, ohhh, shiiit,” Steve groaned, feeling every inch of his prick covered by the wetness and heat from his sister’s mouth.

His knees buckled under him and he was overcome with the sheer ecstasy of having his very own sister sucking him off. He was lying on his back on the rug now, and still Kay’s mouth had not released his prick. She was on her knees, between his legs, wildly sucking on his cock as if desperate for his cum.

“Ohhh, Kay,” he groaned, twisting her dark hair strands between his groping fingers. He held onto her head tightly, making it bob up and down, forcing her wet mouth to rub the shaft of his pounding prick.

Kay moaned in response, thrilled beyond belief as she continued to suck her brother’s cock. All that mattered to her in that lust-filled moment was her hungry mouth pulling on his prickmeat.

Kay suddenly felt the hot cum spurting from the tip of her brother’s prick and she sucked even harder, taking it all into her mouth and swallowing hard.

As she drank her brother’s jism, her little pussy exploded in orgasm and she moaned again around the thickness of the boy’s hard cockmeat as waves of incestuous pleasure washed over her, leaving her trembling and very excited.

“Jesus God, I need to be fucked!” the girl cried, falling back on the rug and pulling her brother down on top of her. “Did you ever fuck a girl before, Steve?”

“Well, uh, no, not really, Sis,” the boy muttered. He had come close with lots of girls, shooting his cum in his pants or on their legs, but he had never known the thrill of having his cock surrounded by warm, wet pussymeat.

“We’re gonna hafta get you all hard again,” Kay said with a grin, reaching down for the boy’s soft prick.

“I… I don’t know, Sis. We, well, we probably shouldn’t be doing this. I don’t think it’s right,” the boy muttered, feeling guilty now.

“Why isn’t it right, Steve? What’s so wrong about fucking each other?” Kay asked persuasively, knowing that only her brother’s cock could ease the burning and throbbing between her legs. “Lots of brothers and sisters fuck each other.” She was beginning to rotate her crotch against his slowly hardening prick. “You know… Marybeth and her brother Jake do it all the time,” she added, referring to their cousins, and she felt her brother’s cock stiffening at her lewd words.

“You’re kidding?” the boy cried, shocked. He had lived right next door to his cousins all his life, and he had never guessed that the brother and sister were fucking.

“I’m not kidding, brother dear. And if you can get your cock all hard again, I’ll show you what your cousins have been doing to each other for a long time now. Come on, Steve, please… I really need you to fuck me!”

Steve heard the intense sexual need in his sister’s voice and he grinned, pleased that she wanted him to fuck her. As he stared at her, she opened the button on his trousers and pulled them away from his balls. She cupped his balls in her hand, caressing them, sending shivers of lust through the boy’s loins.

“C’mon, Steve, let’s get on my bed.”

Steve stood and Kay pulled his pants down over his knees. He stepped out of them and sat on the edge of the bed. In a flash, Kay had removed his shirt and sat beside him on the bed. She ran her fingers over his chest, across his shoulders, biting his neck gently.

“Did you mean what you said? About Jake and Marybeth, I mean?” the boy asked thickly.

“If you only knew,” Kay said, laughing.

“Tell me what you know, Kay, please. Come on, I want to hear all about it,” the boy said, his cock jerking as he thought of his cousin fucking his own sister.

“Okay, I’ll tell you, but first I want you to do something for me,” the girl murmured.

“Sure, anything!” Steve cried.

Kay took he brother’s hand and put it on her tummy. She lay back then and smiled up at her brother.

“Rub my pussy for me, Steve. Rub my pussy until I come. I’m so hot and turned on, I can hardly stand it!”

Steve put his hand between his sister’s parted thighs. A shock passed through his body as he touched her cunt for the very first time.

“Good. Now shove your finger in and out of my cunthole, Steve. Go ahead. Do it,” Kay instructed, throwing her head back and closing her eyes. “Ohhh, yeah, it feels so much better than when I do it, myself. It’s so exciting knowing that it’s your hand, Steve. Now… shove your finger in all the way!”

The young boy hardly heard his sister’s words. His finger was digging into her hot, tight fuckhole. He had played with other girl’s pussies this way, but never had he been as turned on as he was now. His sister’s experienced cunt was clutching madly at his finger, nibbling on it like a wet mouth. His prick stirred, growing harder and thicker.

“Yes, that’s it, that’s it, Steve! Shove it in and out of me! Fuck me with your finger! Ohhh, yeah, fuck me with that hard finger of yours! Fuck me hard! Fuck me good! Yesssss!” Kay cried, beginning to swing her hips back and forth, riding the boy’s finger as if it were a big cock.

They were both sweating now. Steve twisted around so he could ream her fuckhole better, deeper. A hot, pungent aroma struck his nostrils and he groaned, knowing that he was smelling a pussy that was on the verge of orgasm… his sister’s pussy.

Steve’s cock was now rock-hard. He wanted to shove it up the hole he was fucking with his finger, but he couldn’t stop now. He knew that his sister was about to come and that she would never forgive him if he didn’t keep tongue fucking her until she came. He tried to still the throbbing ache in his prick by pressing it against Kay’s leg.

“Ohhh, Steve, your cock’s hard again!” Kay cried, feeling the boy’s cock pressing against her leg.

She bounced on his finger, straining toward orgasm.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she gasped only seconds later.

Steve felt his sister’s pussy beginning to convulse around his finger. He rammed it even deeper into her and held it still while the girl’s cunt spasmed and twitched. His cock was throbbing now against her trembling leg, and he couldn’t wait to fuck her.

“Oh, God, that was great… but now, now… I need you to fuck me with your prick!” Kay said as her orgasm began to subside.

Steve kneeled on the bed, his cock arched up toward his sister. Kay leaned forward and gave his prick one wet lick, tasting a drop of pre-cum that had oozed from his pin-slit.

“Unnhhh,” Steve groaned with delight, knowing that he was about to experience the greatest thrill of his young life.

Kay reined against the pillow and spread her legs wide. Her kid brother positioned himself between her thighs.

“Oh, Steve, I’m so glad that I’ll be your very first fuck,” the girl purred happily. “Here, darling, let me have your cock. Yes, that’s it, press it against my pussy. Ahhh, yesss, that feels good, ahhhhh!”

Kay took the boy’s bulging prick in her hand and pressed its tip to her juicing pussy-slit. She urged him forward, guiding him with her hand, until the prickhead was buried inside her cunthole. Then she lifted her hips and felt the cockshaft start to fuck into her tight little pussy.

“Ohhhh, yesssss, I feel it inside me now… mmmmmmm, yesss, Steve, very nice… really good… ahhhh,” she sighed.

Steve groaned with excitement as he felt his prick fucking into his sister’s hot, sucking pussyhole. His prick was surrounded on all sides by hot, pulsating cuntmeat. Farther and farther his cock fucked into the honeyed pit, stopping only when the dark hairs of his crotch were tangled with the girl’s pussy fun.

“Oh, Steve!” Kay cried, grabbing her brother by the hips. “Now… pull your cock out just a little bit,” she coached, pushing him back gently fram her, feeling the long, thick cockshaft sliding teasingly out of her cunt. “That’s it, you’re doing great. Mmmmmm, it feels sooooo good.”

“God, Kay, I can’t stand to have my cock outside your pussy,” the boy grunted as, with a desperate lunge, he fucked back into her.

Time after time, he fucked his prick into her cunthole, then pulled back until only the head of his burning prick was inside his sister’s cunt. In a matter of minutes, the teenaged boy caught the rhythm that his sister wanted, and he began to fuck her smoothly and effortlessly, as if he had been fucking ail his life.

“Ohhhh, you’re fucking me soooo good, darling,” Kay moaned.

She arched her back each time he withdrew, using her tight cuntlips like a vise, holding onto every inch of his hard cockrod. Her pussy muscles contracted, sucking on his prick, bringing them both that much closer to orgasm.

“Oh, Kay, if you only knew how many times I’ve dreamed about fucking you,” the boy growled, beginning to fuck the girl harder and faster now.

“Ahhhh, meeee tooo, Steve! I’ve been needing this for a long, long time!” Kay cried, twisting her head from side to side, biting painfully into her bottom lip, groaning as she felt her climax beginning.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she screeched seconds later, shoving her cunt up hard against her brother’s thrusting prick. “Oh, yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me, keep fucking me!”

The boy’s cock started to pulsate violently. He gave one final fuck-thrust into his sister’s cunt, driving his cock hard up against the back wall of her orgasming pussy.

“Yesssss, yesssss, yessss,” Kay groaned, feeling her brother’s cum shooting into her cunt.

Steve lunged and bucked wildly, keeping the full length of his prick buried deep inside her until the last drop of his jizz had been emptied inside her little fuckhole.

“Ohhh, Steve, thank you! You fucked me sooo good! It was wonderful!” Kay cooed, hugging her brother tightly against her sweating body, her still-heaving tits crushed by his chest as he collapsed on top of her, kissing her fully on the mouth.

Steve grinned down at his sister. It was the first time the boy had ever seen a girl experiencing her post-orgasmic glow, and he realized that the always-lovely girl had never looked so beautiful to him.

“I loved fucking you,” he said, kissing her again. “Can we do it again?”

Kay laughed, delighted by her kid brother’s reaction to his first fuck.

“Of course, we can. We can do it all the time! But not just now. I’m all fucked out. Later…”

“Okay, great! I’ll hold you to that! Now, how about telling me what you were going to tell me earlier?” Steve asked, slipping off of his sister and lying next to her, still gazing at her.

“What was I going to tell you?” the girl asked teasingly, not having forgotten for a single moment what she was going to tell her brother.

“You know… about Marybeth and Jake fucking,” Steve responded, feeling his soft prick beginning to harden once more as he thought about his cousins fucking each other.

“Oh, that!” Kay said with a laugh. She reached down and stroked the boy’s prick. “Listen… I can do better that just telling you about it… I’m supposed to spend the night over there tomorrow night. Why don’t you just come with me and we can show you exactly what goes on over there. We can make it a foursome!”

“Okay, great!” the boy cried eagerly.

“Good. Now you’d better get on back to your room. If Paul wakes up and finds you gone, he’ll be suspicious,” Kay said with a smile, referring to their older brother who shared a bedroom with Steve.

“Okay, okay, I’ll leave,” the boy said, grinning as he leaped out of his sister’s bed and hurriedly threw on his clothes.

As her brother left her room, Kay stretched out nakedly on her bed and smiled, thinking about her big brother, Paul. He was only one year older than she was, and vivid sexual memories of their childhood flooded into her mind.


In the master bedroom, Bob Newman and his wife, Jill, lay side by side on the bed. The man had just tried to fuck his wife but hadn’t been able to. Just as he had been about to fuck his hard cock into her pussy, it had gone soft. Now, he lay there silently, one arm flung over his face, feeling miserable, wondering what was happening to him.

“It happens, honey. Don’t worry about it,” Jill mumbled, glad that, in the dark, her husband couldn’t see the tears that filled he eyes. For this was not the first time that her husband had been unable to fuck her, and she was beginning to fear that their marriage was threatened.

They had been married for many years, and Jill knew that Bob still loved her, just as she still loved him, even more than ever after all their years of sharing. But, somehow, the spark had gone out of their relationship. There hadn’t been any sexual thrills for a long time, their lovemaking growing more and more automatic and mechanical.

And now, this was happening: impotence.

Bob moaned, not knowing what to do about his problem. He knew that his recent problem with impotence was affecting more than just him and his wife. The tension and embarrassment that now existed between Bob and Jill had begun to spill over into their relationships with the children.

He knew that his family was beginning to drift apart as a result, and he only wished he knew of some way to bring them together once again. They all used to be so close, so happy. But, lately…

The man glanced over at his wife, who had fallen asleep. She lay there nakedly, her body glowing from the moonlight that drifted in through the window, and his eyes traced every curve of her body, his gaze locking on her tits and pussy. He was trying to feel some sense of excitement, trying to prove to himself that he was still a man.

But it was no good. Even as he stared right at the woman’s gorgeous cunt, his cock remained soft, not even stirring.

Suddenly, Jill shifted her position and cried out in her sleep, startling her husband, who was still watching her intently.

“Ahhhhhh, yes Daddy, that feels great… yesssss,” the woman moaned.

Her voice was so soft that Bob was barely able to make out the words. But what he heard stirred his balls and made his cock begin to harden like nothing else had lately.

Without a word of warning, without bothering to awaken his wife, Bob knelt between the woman’s legs and, grasping the shaft of his now stiff cock, he placed its head against Jill’s pussy-slit.

Even though she was still sleeping, Jill automatically spread her legs wider.

“Come on, baby,” the man said, gazing down at his wife’s tempting little pussy. “Open up for me, Jill. Daddy wants to fuck you. Daddy wants to cum inside you. Come on, little girl, open up your cunt for your daddy.”

“Ahhh, yess, Daddy, fuck me,” the woman moaned, still fast asleep, not realizing that her pussy was about to play apart in her husband’s incestuous fantasy.

Slowly, the woman’s thighs fell open. She sighed, thinking, even in her sleep, that she was about to feel the thick hardness of her father’s cock slipping past the lips of her cunt and burying itself in her fuckhole.

Bob leaned over and kissed his wife’s lips but, in his fantasy, he was kissing Kay or Penny, his young daughters. It was that idea that thrilled him so much. It was that fantasy that was keeping his cock hard.

Jill eagerly returned her husband’s kiss, still dreaming that it was her own father who was exploring her mouth with his tongue, just as her daddy used to do all those years ago.

“Ohhhh, Daddy,” she moaned again as Bob took his lips from hers. She arched her back, instinctively pressing her naked tits hard against the man’s chest, and his prick grew harder as he pretended it was one of his daughters’ tits pressing against him.

The head of Bob’s cock was pushing insistently against Jill’s pussy-slit now. Bob held her cuntlips open and pressed the bulging prickhead against her cunthole. Slowly, he inched his cock up the slick passageway, savoring the tightness of the woman’s cunt.

“Ohhh, baby, this feels good,” he muttered, not wanting to awaken his wife while fucking her.

When Bob had half of his cockrod buried up his wife’s cunt, he groaned with lust, realizing that he could hold back no longer. And, with one mighty fuck-thrust, he plunged the rest of his prick home, grinding his dark prick hairs up against his wife’s soft, blonde pussy hair.

Oh shit, this is good, the man thought. His wife’s cunt had always been unusually tight, and he closed his eyes and groaned softly again, wondering how tight Kay’s cunt was. Or Penny’s.

He longed to come. He needed it badly. Except for an occasional hand-job, the man hadn’t had a decent orgasm in what seemed like ages. His balls were heavy with cum.

Lowering his head, Bob began to suck an one of Jill’s stiffly pointed nips while he fucked his cock in and out of her cunt with determined cock-strokes.

Jill’s pussy juices were flowing thickly now as the hard prick rubbed against her cunt walls on its slow, teasing in-and-out movement.

As Bob continued to fuck his wife, still pretending that it was one of his daughters he was fucking, a part of his mind detached itself from the long-overdue fuck session, and he thought about Jill and her father.

When Bob and Jill had been married a few years, the woman had finally confessed her incestuous relationship with her father, a relationship that began when she was just a young girl and had lasted until the man’s death just a couple of years before she met Bob.

But Jill had always led her husband to believe that she had resisted her father’s sexual advances, that she had never enjoyed one single moment of their fucking, and that he had raped her time after time.

Now, hearing the woman cry out her incestuous pleas in a voice that was drugged with fuck-lust, Bob realized that she had been misleading him all these years. He knew now for a fact that Jill had thoroughly enjoyed fucking with her father, whether she wanted to admit that fact to her husband or not.

As Bob continued to fuck her now, be thought about all the times when he had tried to get her to tell him more about her forbidden fucking with her own father. He had been terribly turned on by the idea of his wife’s father fucking her, and he had longed to hear as many details as possible.

But Jill had always blushed and looked away, refusing to answer his questions, and Bob had thought that her reluctance to discuss her incestuous past was caused by the fact that she had not enjoyed it… that she had been raped.

But now Bob knew differently. Jill had loved it when her daddy had fucked her, and Bob wondered why she had hidden this most exciting fact from him all this time.

As he continued to fuck his huge prick into her hot, clasping cunt, Bob thought about his sexy daughters and, again, it was Kay or Penny who was lying beneath his muscular body, offering up her little pussy to him, crying out for him to give her more cockmeat, more cum.

Still asleep, Jill reached down with one hand and squeezed her husband’s balls.

“Ohhhh, Daddy,” she moaned. “Your big cock feels so good in my pussy… I’m so hot… fuck me, Daddy… fuck me hard.”

Once again, Bob lowered his head and kissed his wife on the mouth, his tongue quickly stabbing against hers. He tasted her warm saliva as it flowed into his mouth, and he nibbled on her tongue with his sharp teeth.

“Unnhhh, yesss, Daddy, yesss,” she moaned as Bob raised his face from hers.

Jill arched her back and lifted her ass from the bed, humping her crotch up against Bob’s as he fucked into her. She clasped his prick with her strong cunt muscles and held him in place for a few seconds before letting him pull out again.

“Unnhhh, ohhh, Kay… Penny… my beautiful girls,” the man groaned, his eyes closed tightly.

He scooped bath hands under his wife’s ass.

Over and over again, he fucked her, bringing both of them closer to the orgasm they both needed so badly.

“Ohhhh, my tits, Daddy, suck my tits! I love the way you suck my tits!” Jill cried, arching her back again and shoving her tits up high.

Bob removed his hands from under the woman’s ass and placed them on her tits. He used both hands to squash her tits together as hard as possible until her nips actually touched, causing little sparks of lewd pleasure to fire off in Jill’s cunt.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, that’s good,” she groaned. Bob lowered his head and sucked both of his wife’s nips into his mouth, thrilling to the lewd way they throbbed inside his lips. He licked both of the nipples. Wrapping his lips tightly about the bases of the trembling nipples, he sucked hard.

“Mmmm, yesss, Daddy, yesss,” Jill moaned, writhing about on the bed.

Suddenly, Bob’s balls tightened up painfully about the base of his prick and he felt, his load of cum boiling in his balls. He was going to come.

Still not wanting to awaken his wife, he stopped himself from yelling out his relief and pleasure as he shot his cum-load. Wad after wad of thick cum exploded from the tip of his prick.

“Take it all, Penny,” he whispered as he came, thinking about his youngest daughter, who he suspected and hoped was still a virgin.

“Unnhhh, aarrghhh,” Jill groaned as she came, feeling waves of ecstasy washing over her feverish body. As she came, it was her daddy’s big cock which was emptying out its cum into her twitching pussy.

The impact of her gigantic climax fully awakened the young woman and her eyes flew open, her cunt spasming violently against Bob’s prick which was still buried inside her even though he had finished shooting his cum-load.

“My God!” she gasped, shocked to see her husband hovering over her. “It’s you! You’re the one who’s been fucking me!”

“Sure, it’s me, baby,” the man drawled as he pulled his softening prick out of her cunt. “Who’d you think it was? Your daddy?”

“Oh, no, of course not!” Jill flushed. “Why would you say that? I’d never…”

“Save it,” Bob growled, lying next to his wife. “Why do you think I started fucking you? ‘Cause you were hollering out for it. But not from me. You were begging your daddy to fuck you! Just like you must have begged him to fuck you all during those years when he was supposedly raping you. Why’d you lie to me, Jill?”

“Oh, God, Bob,” Jill sobbed.

She realized that she had been caught, that there was no turning back.

“Listen, don’t be upset,” Bob murmured, reaching over and patting his wife’s ass. Then he yawned. “Look, baby, I’m beat. This is my first fuck in a long time, and it took it all out of me. I gotta catch some sleep or I won’t be able to function at work tomorrow. So let’s just go to sleep.”

“Okay, I’m real sleepy, too,” Jill said, feeling grateful that her husband was letting her off the hook so easily.

She had been so sure that he would demand an explanation from her about why she had lied to him all these years about her relationship with her father. And she knew that he would want all the details. She sighed heavily, relieved that he just wanted to go to sleep now. She turned over onto her side, facing the wall, and she smiled secretly, thinking that if she were lucky, her husband would forget all about her and her father and she would never have to explain what had really taken place all during those years of incestuous fucking.

“So we’ll just forget about it for tonight,” Bob murmured as he turned over onto his side and closed his eyes, already half asleep. “But tomorrow night… tomorrow night I expect a full explanation from you, Jill… with all the juicy details.”


It was the same night, and Kay was tossing and turning restlessly in her bed. Even though she had just enjoyed a tremendously satisfying fuck session with her kid brother, she was still horny and hungry for more.

And, ever since Steve had left her room, the teenaged girl had not been able to rid her mind of her exciting memories of all the many times she and her older brother, Paul, had “played house”. Those memories turned the girl on more and more until, finally, she realized that sleep was impossible.

She lay there naked in her bed and idly fingered her cunt while she thought about all the times she and Paul had taken baths together when they had been kids. Paul had always reached under the surface of the water and played with the girl’s cunt while she moaned excitedly and wriggled her ass about in the soapy water. Then there were the many times when Paul had bribed her, offering her money to suck his cock.

The young girl had eagerly complied, not wanting to tell her big brother that she would have been glad to suck him off without any offers of bribery.

She wondered now if Paul remembered those exciting times when they had fondled each other’s bodies, the times when she had sucked his prick, and the times when he had fingered her itchy little pussy. Did he remember? She had to find out.

Slipping out of bed, the girl padded down the hall and into her two brothers’ bedroom. She closed the door quietly behind her and stood there silently for a moment, letting her eyes grow used to the darkness. It looked as though Paul were asleep but, in his own bed, Steve was stirring restlessly.

Kay grinned. So, she thought, Steve can’t get his first fuck off his mind enough to go to sleep. Still naked, Kay crept across the room and climbed into bed with Steve, bringing her mouth close to his ear.

“Shhh, don’t make any noise,” she whispered, hugging his hard, muscular body against hers.

Steve stared excitedly at his sexy sister and grinned. But then he gasped and rolled his eyes in the direction of his brother.

“But, Sis, Paul’s right there… we can’t do anything,” he murmured.

“Oh, yes, we can… not to worry,” Kay said with a little giggle as she reached down and began to fondle her brother’s big cock.

Kay could feel the boy’s rowing lust in his cock. As his prick began to swell and harden, she pulled gently on it, stroking up its full length, and then back toward his balls once more. Steve kept casting anxious glances over toward his brother, afraid of being caught, and that fear kept his prick from growing to full hardness.

Kay sighed with frustration when she realized that her kid brother’s cock was only half hard.

“Relax, will you, Steve?” she cooed into his ear in a low tone. “If we’re very quiet, Paul won’t hear us. Don’t worry so much… he’s sound asleep.”

At that point, Paul rolled over.

Steve’s prick went completely limp in his sister’s hand and she giggled again. She found it amusing that the boy should feel so fearful of being caught, when she found the danger of being caught exciting, almost intoxicating.

She thought about Paul watching while she and their young brother fucked, and her little pussy caught fire. She groaned softly, admitting to herself that she wanted very much to be caught by Paul while fucking Steve.

She embraced her kid brother, stroking him all over and his hands began to move over her body, too, fondling her tits and moving down to her crotch, threading his fingers in and out of her pussy hairs.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” she moaned softly, beginning to jack on the boy’s cock again. As the prick grew half hard in her hand once more, Kay realized that, because of his nervousness, he would need a little help from her to get a complete hard-on.

She kissed him on the mouth, and the teenagers’ tongues, locked together, his hands kneading her tits harder.

Steve’s cock jerked a little in his sister’s hand, but it didn’t grow bigger or harder. Kay broke off their kiss and moved down the boy’s hard body, kissing her way down to his crotch. Steve grinned, realizing what his sister was about to do, and he held up the sheet so she could freely move all the way down.

Kay gripped his cock tightly with one hand and began to lick it up and down as if it were a big stick of candy. Each time her tongue reached the broad cockhead, she paid particular attention to the little piss-slit, sticking the tip of her tongue into it, searching for the boy’s cum.

“Uhhhhh, ohhh, that’s fantastic, Sis!” the boy cried.

Kay stopped licking his prick long enough to shush him. When he grew quiet again, she resumed her obscene cock-licking movements, leaving every single inch of the hard cockmeat wet with her saliva.

Now, she sucked her brother’s cock into her mouth and noticed triumphantly that it was growing and swelling. Her lips passed over the smooth prickhead and slid down the trembling prickshaft until she had managed to stuff her mouth completely full with the hot, hard cockmeat.

Kay’s cunt was drooling with hot juice now and she began to rub her thighs together to vent some of the fuck-lust that coursed through her veins.

As she continued to suck Steve’s cock, her eyes sought out the dim outline of Paul’s body in bed, remembering all those childhood times when she had sucked her big brother off. She wished she were sucking him off now, for as much as she enjoyed sucking Steve’s cock, she longed for another taste of Paul’s prick.

“Oh, God, Kay!” Steve suddenly cried, forgetting to be quiet.

“Huh? What’s that?” Paul asked sleepily, raising his head from his pillow.

For what seemed like an eternity, Steve and Kay froze, not daring to move one inch or to make one single sound. They saw Paul’s head swinging around as if trying to see into the dark shadows. Then, with a little grunt, Paul rolled over onto his back and lay still.

Just as Steve and Kay began to breathe easily once more, Paul spoke out into the darkness.

“That you, Steve? You awake?” the older boy asked.

Again there was a long, fearful wait until, at last, he grunted again and then seemed to drift off to sleep once more.

Steve and Kay sighed with relief. The boy’s cock was still buried in her mouth and it was only that turn-on that prevented his prick from going soft again during their scare.

Kay moaned about the thick cockmeat as she began to move again, sucking, nibbling, licking, teasing the boy’s cock.

Reminding himself that he must not cry out again, Steve relaxed and gave himself over to the obscene pleasure of being sucked off by his sexy sister. He spread his thighs and Kay immediately grasped his balls, stroking them, all the while sucking and licking his hardening prick.

“Ummmfff,” Kay moaned with satisfaction as soon as her kid brother’s cock attained a full hard-on inside her hot, wet mouth.

She slipped the boy’s prick from her mouth reluctantly and crawled up his body until she was lying next to him once more.

“Let’s fuck, honey,” she whispered into his ear.

“But Paul…”

“Will you stop worrying about Paul?” Kay hissed as harshly as possible in a low whisper.

As her brother continued to hesitate, she impatiently grasped his big hard cock and pulled on it.

“Unnnhhhh, Sis, you’re gonna make me come,” he whispered huskily, turning on more and more.

“Not in my hand, you don’t… I want your jizz in my pussy,” she murmured.

Unable to contain his lust any longer, Steve pushed his sister over onto her back and he climbed on top of her.

“Ohhh, yeah, it’s about time… fuck me,” she hissed between clenched teeth as she eagerly spread her legs.

Steve grinned down at the horny young girl as he reached down, grasped his cock and brought it into place against her cunt. He could feel her pussy juices already coating his cockrod and he groaned with excitement.

“Do it… go on, fuck me,” Kay urged as she bent her knees and put her feet flat on the bed, opening her thighs up to her little brother’s cock.

He thrust his hips forward just as she raised upwards, slamming her crotch against his. And, in that one fast movement, brother and sister succeeded in burying the boy’s cock to the hilt inside the girl’s hot, wet cunthole.

“Yessssss,” she moaned softly. “You’re all the way inside me… oh, skit, it feels soooo fuckin’ good, Stevie… now fuck me… for God’s sake… fuck me!”

“You got it, you hot bitch!” Steve whispered as he began to fuck his long, thick prick in and out of his sister’s cunt.

Kay grinned excitedly as she felt the boy’s prick growing harder and faster inside her pussy, and she twisted and raised her hips, massaging his prick with her tight, clasping cunt walls.

Holding her brother close to her, she turned her head until she could see Paul’s outline.

As the moonlight played over Paul’s form, Kay studied his body beneath the thin blanket. The boy was big, ruggedly masculine. She swallowed hard and, as one brother continued to fuck her hot pussy, the girl admitted to herself that she also wanted to be fucked by her other brother. And, somehow, she sensed that he wanted her, too, and that before much longer, the two of them would be happily fucking away.

With a sigh, Kay turned her full attention back to the cock inside her pussy. She raised her legs and locked her ankles behind her brother’s lean back.

“Your little cunt’s so hot and wet, Sis,” he murmured as he fondled her aching tits, still fucking her.

“Harder, honey, harder… fuck me harder,” she begged in a whispering voice as she slammed up against him, desperately urging him to fuck his big cock into her cunt harder and faster.

It worked. With a low, husky grunt, the teen began to fuck fully into her with hard, quick, strong stokes, burying the full length of his bursting prick on each fuck-plunge.

“Unnnhhh, yesss,” Kay hissed, loving the brutal way her kid brother was fucking her now.

While he fucked her even harder, his hands pulled at her tits, kneading the firm tit-flesh.

Over and over again, the boy pulled his prick out until only its tip was still locked in his sister’s pussy. Then, he lunged forward again until his fucker was buried balls deep inside the girl’s wet pussy.

Over her shoulder, Kay turned to gaze again at Paul’s body. She gasped, sure that she could see a big bulge beneath the thin covers, a bulge that could only be a hard-on.

As her orgasm struck her, she kept her eyes glued to Paul’s bulging crotch. She sighed softy, not daring to cry aloud although she felt like screaming and shouting out her incestuous pleasure as Steve’s prick fucked her to orgasm.

After her orgasm subsided, she began to move again, matching each of Steve’s cock-thrusts, pulling him against her with her legs. She continued to stare at Paul’s crotch and she thought that she could see his hard-on twitching and jerking beneath the covers. Then, although she couldn’t be sure, she thought she saw his hand stealing down beneath the blanket to stroke his big prick.

“I’m coming!” she hissed this time, licking the inside of Steve’s ear as she clutched him against her in her orgasmic frenzy.

“Good! I’m gonna come, too!” he whispered, still fucking his long, thick prick in and out of her pussy.

Again, Kay glanced over at Paul. Yes, she was sure now. He definitely did have a raging hard-on. But she could no longer see his hand or its shadowy outline and she wasn’t sure if he was even awake.

He might just be having a wet dream, she thought, feeling a little disappointed at the idea. She wanted so much for him to be watching her.

Then she noticed that Paul had moved a little closer to the edge of the bed, and that this new position gave him an even closer view of the fucking taking place in his brother’s bed.

She came again. She felt as if Steve’s still fucking cock were Paul’s, and she closed her eyes, moaning as she came hard.

The obscene sensation of his sister’s pussy convulsing in orgasm about his prick triggered Steve’s climax and he came.

He stuffed her nipples into his mouth, trying to stifle his screams and groans of pleasure. He slammed into the girl, fucking her harder, fucking her faster, fucking her as if his very life depended on it.

“Ohhh, yeah,” Kay groaned, trying to keep her voice down, but not really caring if Paul heard her or not.

She thrashed about wildly under Steve, out of control now, as she felt her kid brother’s cm shooting into her pussy for the second time that day.

Kay’s orgasming cunt sucked at Steve’s fucking prick, milking it of all its jism. As her kid brother collapsed on top of her, she turned her head to look once, more at Paul.

“Oh, God!” Kay gasped as she saw Paul’s lust-glazed eyes staring right into her own.


The next evening, Kay and Steve left right after dinner to spend the night with their cousins next door. Penny had a babysitting job a few blocks away, so she left right after dinner with Paul, who was going to drop her off and then go on to a movie in town.

Bob had sat impatiently through dinner with his raging hard-on hidden beneath his napkin. But, the minute he and his wife were alone, he guided her toward their bedroom. Ever since the night before, when she had given herself away about how much she had loved her sexual relationship with her father, Bob had been chomping at the bit to get her into bed again where, as he had promised her, he would make her tell him all the juicy details.

In the master bedroom, Bob pulled his wife to him and kissed her… long and deep.

“Mmmm, good,” Jill purred, wrapping her arms around her husband’s neck and grinding her body against his. “Let’s do that again.”

Bob groaned and mashed his lips against Jill’s, working his tongue in and out of his mouth as if he were fucking her mouth. Her body strained against him, the firm points of her nips digging into his chest, her crotch rubbing against the growing cock-bulge in his pants.

“Ohhhh, yeah, that’s really nice, honey,” she whispered, pulling away long enough to slip one hand between their bodies. She slowly unzipped his fly.

Bob draped his arms around his wife as she pulled his swollen prick from his trousers. She held his cock in her palm, giving it a hard squeeze, then slowly began to pull on its full length.

Jill wasn’t sure what had brought about this change in her husband. One minute he was impotent. Then, he was fucking her like a mad man, and now here he was the following night, eager to fuck her again.

She knew it had something to do with her past sexual life with her father. She had always known it turned him on. Until now, she had always held back from telling him what he wanted to know, but now she knew he was giving her no choice.

Bob pulled away from his wife and sank down on the king sized bed, pushing his pants down.

“Come on, honey. Get naked with me,” he urged.

Bob removed his shirt quickly. Now he was completely naked, able to give his full attention to his wife’s slow, strip teasing style of disrobing.

She ware no bra and, as her blouse was removed, the man caught sight of her large, firm tits with their hard, brownish nips.

She wore sexy black bikini panties which barely concealed her rounded pussy mound. She reached beneath the waistband to pull them off, but Bob suddenly realized that she looked sexier with them on.

“Leave them on, baby,” he ordered, “and come here.”

Obediently, Jill sat down on the edge of the bed next to her husband, leaning over to kiss him. As their tongues locked together once again, Bob felt his balls aching and he wound his fingers in her hair, pushing her head down toward his crotch.

“Suck me off, bitch!” he growled.

The authoritative tone in her husband’s voice aroused the woman incredibly and she eagerly fell to her knees between Bob’s, legs. Her head was now just inches above his stiff prick and she slowly pushed his muscular thighs apart.

Jill kissed Bob’s belly, then worked her way down around his hip, finally shoving her face between his legs.

“Unnh, yeah!” Bob groaned as he felt an electric shock shoot through his body.

Jill’s wet tongue caressed his cum-loaded balls, lapping at them, lifting first one, then the other, before moving on to the firm flesh of his cock, his upper thighs, and back to his flat tummy.

Now, she used her tongue to caress his prick, and her teasing movements drove the man wild with desire. But each time that Bob tried to push her mouth over his cock, she skillfully, teasingly ducked away, tickling him under his balls with her rapidly moving tongue or licking to the sides of his groin.

“Jeeeesus Christ, you little cock-tease!” he shouted. “Suck me, Jilly! Suck me, damn you!”

She raised her head and looked at him. Her face was flushed with sexual excitement and she was all but breathless.

“If you want me to suck you, make me,” she whispered. “Make me suck you.”

Bob had never heard that kind of intense need in his wife’s voice before, and it thrilled him even though he wasn’t sure what she meant at first. But then, Jill took one of his large hands and brought it to her tit, forcing him to squeeze it tightly. She half shut her eyes and moaned with excitement.

“Tonight, Bob… tonight, I want you to force me to do things to you… that’s what my father did to me… do that… turn me on that way and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about all the times my daddy and I fucked each other!”

His wife’s obscene words made Bob’s cock jerk with excitement and he swallowed hard, trying to contain himself. Without one second’s hesitation, he fondled one of his wife’s plump nipples and then pinched it hard enough to make Jill wince with pain. At the same time, he reached up with his other hand and grasped her hair roughly, demandingly.

“Now… suck my cock, bitch!” he ordered, sliding his hand over to torture her other nipple.

Groaning with desire, Jill happily submitted to the demands of her husband, loving his masculine forcefulness. She hungrily sucked his cock deeply into her wet mouth.

Bob’s fingers refused to let her escape. Jill felt herself being forced to swallow more and more of his hard cockmeat in the full length was inside her mouth.

“Suck it good, bitch!” Bob demanded huskily, finally releasing her hair.

He used both of his hands on her aching tits rubbing and pinching and squeezing them as long as her mouth moved skillfully on his cock but as soon as her movements grew slack, he took his hands from her tits, refusing to hurt her the way she wanted him to.

Bob found that he was really turned on by this little game, just as turned on as Jill was by having her husband force her to suck him off good.

The man was amazed by the incredible sucking his wife was giving his bursting cock. She had sucked him off many, many times, and she had always done it enthusiastically and skillfully. But this blow-job… this was being done with a desperate sort of lust-driven frenzy that felt so good and so thrilling to the man, it was as if he had never had his prick sucked before. And he knew that this exceptional blow-job was due to the memories Jill had… memories of her father fucking her when she was just a kid.

“Unnhhh, yeah, you got it, baby, you got it. Lick your daddy’s cock!” he groaned, sensing that she would turn on even more at his reference to her daddy’s cock.

He was right. Jill attacked the man’s prick with renewed fervor, thrilled to the sensations of her tongue, lips, and teeth. When he was close to coming, he pulled her hot, sucking mouth off his prick.

“Now… lick my balls,” he urged. When Jill deliberately failed to obey him at once, he gave each of her tits a hard slap, making them swing obscenely back and forth.

“Ohhhh,” she groaned with pain and pleasure as her tongue began to lick his balls.

“Take my cock in your mouth,” he demanded a few minutes later.

Jill stopped licking his balls and she stared up at him with eyes wide with excitement.

“No… I won’t do it,” she said faintly, hoping that he would force her to do it.

“You lousy cunt! You heard me… take my balls into your lousy, fuckin’ mouth!” the man growled.

“No,” she said meekly. And then she waited for the punishment that she longed for.

His blow across her face was rapid and hard, leaving a red handprint on her lily-white flesh.

“When I tell you to do something, I want it done! And right now!” he shouted.

Jill gasped and reeled backwards, flushing with pleasure as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm.

“No… no… I won’t do it,” she moaned again.

“Oh yes you will,” Bob cried, thrilled by the way his wife was responding to his rough treatment of her. He slapped her again, then slapped each tit, making them bounce and grow red with each blow.

“Oh, God, yessss!” Jill cried, closing her eyes and throwing her head back.

With a breathless groan, she let her husband pull her head down to his crotch. His big hard prick was sticking up right in her face and, as she opened her mouth to suck his balls inside, an intense orgasm racked her helpless body.

Bob held her tightly while her powerful orgasm passed through her, then he moved her mouth back toward his balls. She sucked the churning balls into her mouth eagerly now, one ball at a time, while the man settled back and closed her eyes with pleasure. His prick throbbed upwards against his taut belly.

Jill continued to suck her husband’s balls until he decided that he wanted her to suck his cock again. He guided her face to the bottom of his trembling cockshaft, and she expertly worked her way up its length with her lips and tongue, finally taking the pulsing cockhead inside her hot, wet mouth. Then she worked up and down his prick, using her mouth like a cunt.

Bob knew that if he didn’t stop her, he would shoot into her mouth, and he didn’t want that.

“Get on your back now, bitch! I want to fuck you!” he ordered, pushing her face away from his crotch.

“No, don’t fuck me. I don’t want you to fuck me,” Jill lied, her face flushed with excitement while she waited for the punishment that she was sure he would give her.

Bob grabbed her by her hair again, this time throwing her onto her back on the bed. With his other hand, he ripped her panties off brutally, deliberately shredding the flimsy garment.

Jill’s little pussy was dripping from the excitement of her husband’s masterful behavior, and little drops of pussy juice matted her fine pussy hairs.

“Noooo,” she moaned. “Don’t rape me, Daddy!” She was giving in to her fantasy.

“Shut up, bitch! Raping you is just what I’m gonna do to you!” the man bellowed, really getting into the fantasy with his wife.

He could almost believe that he was about to rape one of his sexy daughters, maybe virginal Penny, whose little cherry needed her daddy’s prick to pop it.

“No, Daddy, no! Oh, God, please don’t rape me!” she cried, quivering with lust.

Bob lowered himself onto his wife’s body and pinned her wrists up over her head with one hand. His other hand worked over each tit. When Jill was panting and sobbing, he reached down and raised her leg over his back.

“Now I’m gonna rape the holly shit out of you you’ve just been begging for it!”

His cock was lined up with her juicing cunt, its tip already pushing hornily against her tight pussylips. Her free leg raised up freely as his big prick fucked into her cunt. She came at once, groaned and took a few deep breaths, and then began fucking in earnest, still thinking about her father raping her.

Bob held the woman by her wrists, which were still raised above her head as he fucked her. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine Penny’s body pinned helplessly by his muscular one. And as he continued to fuck his wife, it was Penny’s cunt he was ramming into Penny’s little virginal pussy which was gratefully clasping her daddy’s prick to its trembling walls.

His prick throbbed and he knew he was about to come. Jill felt it, too, and she cried out excitedly.

“Yes, Daddy, yessss! Shoot your cumin me! Come!”

As she began to come, Bob buried the full length of his cock into her hot, spasming cunt and spilled his jism into her. He gripped her ass painfully as her tightening pussy muscles milked him of all of his jizz.

Then he rolled off of her and lay beside her, panting hard.

“Jill,” he rasped when he was finally able to catch his breath: “Why did you let me think the wrong thing about your father all these years? Why didn’t you just tell me that you wanted him to fuck you… that you enjoyed it?”

“Well,” she began, turning her face away from him as she spoke, “for one thing, he really did rape me the first time.”

“Did you end up liking it?”

“Y-yes,” she admitted shyly, “I did!”

“You said ‘for one thing’. What’s the other thing?” Bob asked.

“After the first time — after my daddy popped my cherry — I loved fucking with him so much, but I always thought it was wrong. So, of course, I felt guilty and I was afraid to tell you how much I really liked it, afraid that it would turn you off,” she said softly, now turning to look at him.

“Oh, baby,” he said, reaching out and beginning to fondle her trembling tits. “It turns me on, not off!”

“I… I found out last night,” she said with a slight laugh.

“Here we’ve wasted these years… both of us loving the idea of a father fucking his own little girl, and both of us hiding it from the other,” he said, shaking his head as he thought of all that wasted time.

“You’re thinking about Kay and Penny, aren’t you?” Jill asked, suddenly realizing what was really bothering her husband. “You want to fuck them, don’t you?”

“Uh, we’ll talk about that later, honey,” he mumbled.

“Well, all I know is that when we start talking about my daddy fucking me, there’s no way this guy here could be impotent,” Jill said, fingering the man’s half-hard cock.

“You’re right, baby,” Bob groaned. “Get my prick all hard again and I’ll give you another hot fuck!”

“Ohhhh, I’d love it! How about if I suck you?” she asked eagerly.

“Be my guest.”

He pulled her face down to his cock. He watched her part her lips and moisten the head of his prick with her tongue, then suck the entire cockshaft down into her throat.

“How old were you the first time your daddy fucked you, Jill?” Bob asked, gently withdrawing his prick from her mouth so she could answer him.

“I was very young,” Jill said softly, knowing that the time had come for complete honesty about her fuck sessions with her beloved father.

“God, Jill, didn’t you hate the idea of a guy as old as your father fucking you your very first time? Wouldn’t you have rather had a boy your own age do the honors of popping your cherry?” the man asked, realizing as he asked.

Wondering about Jill’s thoughts about her own virgin fucking but wanting to know how Penny might feel about him fucking her.

“Oh, no! Not at all!” she cried as Bob began to rub her cheek with his stiff prick. “My daddy was mature, sexually experienced, and he really knew what he was doing.”

Jill ducked her head and kissed the insides of the man’s thighs. Bob shut his eyes and moaned softly. His cock swelled and began to throb.

“God, Jill! Your father fucked you when you were just about Penny’s age. Good God!” he cried, extremely turned on.

He pictured himself as that father and Penny as the young girl ready to have her cherry popped. He could visualize the young beauty lying on her back in her bed, her long legs pushed up against her budding tits, his own massive cock plowing up her cherry cunt. An intense sensation of incestuous longing and fuck-lust rocked through his loins at the lewd image and he grabbed his wife roughly by the hair, shoving her down onto the bed.

“Ohhh, you’re sooo rough!” she said excitedly, landing on her back. She remained still as her husband’s strong hands lifted her legs, then bent them back so that her knees were brushing her nips.

“Did you like having your daddy fuck you?” he asked, bringing his rock-hard cock, to the opening of her pussy.


“Tell me, Jill, did you like it when your father fucked you?” Bob repeated.

“Oh, God, yesss, I loved it!” Jill responded, spreading her legs a bit wider, waiting for the man to fuck her with his huge cock. “He was really hung. We used to fuck all the time, and a lot of the time I begged him for it!”

Her gripping pussymeat was grasping the head of Bob’s prick, but he was too absorbed in their exciting conversation to fuck into her yet.

“Did you want your daddy to fuck you the very first time? You said he had to rape you, right? How did he do it? Tell me all about it, Jill — you promised you would. It turns me on to hear about your daddy fucking you when you were just a young girl!”

“Yeah, so I noticed,” Jill said with a grin, wiggling her hips and coaxing his prick into her cunt a bit farther.

He sank his hard prick an inch or so deeper into her cunthole and then waited for her response to his questions. Her tight cuntwalls squeezed his cockmeat hard and he groaned with pleasure.

Jill shuddered both with her memories about her father fucking her and her anticipation of her husband fucking her. She tensed the muscles of her pussy about his prick, begging for more.

“Tell me all about it, Jill… if you want me to fuck you,” he growled.

“Okay, okay,” Jill said with a laugh, delighted that there wasn’t any problem with impotence any longer. She was a woman who needed her fucking. A lot. “The first time he fucked me, I thought I didn’t want it. He came into my room one night and forced me. Ohhhh, Bob, please fuck me… just a little, okay? And then I’ll tell you more.”

Unable to restrain his fuck-lust any longer, Bob gave a sudden hard swing of his hips and buried his swollen cockshaft up to the hilt in her juicy cunt.

“Ohhh, God, yesss, fuck me hard! I’m about to come! Give me your whole cock just like that! Yesss!”

Bob fucked Jill with short, swift cock-jabs. The tip of his prick bumped hard against the mouth of her pussy with every fuck-stroke. He plunged and thrust, pounding away at her pussy mercilessly. But, for some crazy reason, he knew suddenly that he would not be able to come until he had heard every detail of his wife’s first fuck with her father.

“Yes, that’s it! That’s it!” Jill moaned as her husband’s cock fucked her to orgasm. “You’re making me come! Oh, God, yes, I’m coming so hard!”

As her orgasm subsided, Bob reached down and brutally twisted one of her nipples. “I’ve given you your orgasm. Now, tell me about your father.”

“Oh, thank you, darling. That was a great cum! Okay, now I’ll tell you about my daddy and me… Daddy came into my room late at night. I was wearing my baby-doll nighties, the kind you can easily see through. And I wasn’t even wearing my panties with it.” Jill smiled as she remembered that fateful night so long ago.

“Go on,” Bob said hoarsely, his cock still trapped in his wife’s twitching pussy.

“Okay. I spent about an hour trying to jerk myself off right after I went to bed. And I didn’t put my panties back on. Then my daddy came into my room.”

“Yeah, yeah, then what?” the man asked, shoving his aching prick a little farther into her sopping wet cunt.

“So then he just stood there by my bed for a few minutes, staring down at me. I tried to cover my little pussy with both hands, but he dropped to his knees and took my hands away from my crotch. Then he bent over me and started eating me out.”

“He ate you out?” Bob asked, his mouth going slack, his balls feeling as if they were about to burst.

“Yeah, and I was so young and innocent, I didn’t even realize what he was doing at first. All I knew was that it felt good,” Jill continued.

“You liked it, didn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, I’ll say! It felt great! I looked down and watched him licking my pussy hard for a while. I could see that he was really getting off on eating his little girl, as if he had been waiting for a long time to get at my cunt.”

“Yeah, yeah, I can just see it now,” Bob murmured. But the scene in his mind was of his daughter, Penny, stretched out on her bed with him bending over her, sucking her juicy little virgin pussy.

He wondered if little Penny would enjoy that… having a man’s tongue in her virgin pussy. He suspected that his other daughter, Kay, was no virgin, and he was sure she was experienced at having men eating her out.

Suddenly, the image in his mind gave way to a fantasy of Penny, Kay, and Jill all stretched out on a big bed, all wearing sexy baby-dolls, with no panties. Their legs were spread wide, each of them waiting for his mouth. He would get to his knees and lick and suck each tasty cunt.

He thought about Penny again. He might have to hold her down forcefully the first time he ate her pussy. But once she realized how good it felt, she would probably beg him to do it, just as Jill had long ago learned to beg her daddy for it.

Bob was a mass of shuddering lust now and he knew he could easily come without even fucking anymore. But still he wanted to make it last. He wanted to hear every last detail his wife had to tell him before spilling his cum-load into her.

“Then what did he do to you?” he asked.

“Well… he licked my pussy for a long time. It felt so good and, even though I thought what he was doing was wrong, I couldn’t make him stop. I didn’t want him to stop. But, finally, just when my guilt began to overwhelm me and I couldn’t take it anymore, I threatened to tell my mommy if he didn’t stop what he was doing,” Jill said.

“What did he do then?” Bob asked impatiently, shifting his position slightly and stirring his cock in the woman’s juicy pussy.

“He slapped me across the face, that’s what he did. And even though his slap hurt and I didn’t much like the idea of his hitting me like that, it made me feel real funny in the pit of my tummy. It made me feel hot and excited, especially between my legs. So I deliberately threatened him again about telling my mother, and he really started slapping me around then. Jesus, it really turned me on! And it seemed to get him all hot and bothered, too. Then I finally agreed to do whatever he wanted. He told me to suck his cock and I didn’t really know how to do it. I’d never done that before, so he’d make me stop every so often and he’d slap me around and order me to do it better. This went on for a long time.” Bob wondered if Kay knew how to suck cock.

Did she do that with all the boyfriends who hung around her all the time? Did she do it for her brothers? He wondered what would happen if, some night, he slipped into her bed, pretending that he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing. He’d nudge his hard cock against her lips and maybe she’d begin sucking on his cock. Then he found himself thinking about Penny again. She seemed so innocent. If he told her his cock hurt him, would she kiss it for him?

“God, Bob, talking about my father like this is really getting me hot. And your cock feels as if it’s ready to explode.” Jill murmured.

“Never mind that. Just go on. Tell me what happened after you sucked your father’s cock.”

“What do you think? He shot off into my mouth! I almost choked, there was so much cum! But he made me swallow every drop. Then he made me lick his cock and balls until he was hard again. It took a long time. And he kept squeezing my tits and running his hands all over my body, especially my pussy. Then he began to suck my nipples. Mmm, I still remember how good that felt. Then… are you sure you don’t just want to finish fucking me, honey?”

“No, no, not yet. Just go on. Just keep talking,” Bob ordered.

His eyes were tightly closed now. His mind was still filled with images of his lovely young daughters. Nothing else existed for him at that moment. Both of his little girls had big tits, just like their mother. Kay’s tits were huge, and Penny’s, from what he could see, were already a pretty good size and still growing. They seemed firm, well-rounded, a perfect mouthful.

He clenched his teeth hard, willing himself not to come. He had never felt this hot, not even in the early days of his marriage with his gorgeous, sexy wife. The erotic images of his little girls aroused him like nothing else ever had.

He pumped his hips slightly. His cock was a burning rod of steel in his wife’s cunt now.

“Go on, Jill, don’t make me wait. What did your father do then?” he asked thickly.

“That’s when it really gets hot,” Jill said, grinning. “He told me he was gonna fuck me. He said that first he would teach me how it feels to come. He didn’t know that I’d been jerking myself off for a long time by then. But I didn’t realize until he taught me that the orgasm a guy gives you, especially your own father, is so much better, so much more exciting than one a little girl can give herself with her own hand.” Jill smiled at the memory. “So… he pushed me back on the bed and used his tongue on me all over my body. He staffed at my toes and ended up at my neck. He saved my little pussy for last, working on it hard with his tongue and teeth and lips… giving me my first orgasm… by a man, anyway. I came really hard then… all over his face. But even then he didn’t stop. He just kept licking my cunt until I came three more times!”

“He really got off on eating your pussy, didn’t he?” Bob asked.

“He sure did! And I really can’t blame him. After all, I was so young and, let’s face it there’s really nothing in this world as exciting as giving head to a young little chick,” Jill said with a laugh.

“How would you know?”

“My sister and I started getting it on about the time my daddy started fucking me,” Jill explained.

“Your sister? But you have only one sister Evelyn, who entered the convent. She’s a nun!” Bob cried, amazed.

“That’s the one,” the woman said with a smile.

“God! You and Evelyn?”

“Sure! And my daddy knew all about it and, in fact, he’s the one who encouraged us to go for it! We two girls took to lesbian sex like ducks to water. We used to spend hours hugging and kissing and playing with each other’s tits. But we liked it best when we sucked each other off.”

“And your daddy wanted you to make it with Evelyn?” Bob asked.

“Oh, yeah, he loved it! And he loved to watch us bringing each other off,” Jill said.

“He watched you?” Bob almost choked on the words, thinking about Kay and Penny eating each other’s cunts.

“Anyway, to get on with the story… after my daddy made me come a lot of times, he said he would fuck me then. By that time I was so turned on and so weak from all my orgasms, that even though I put up a little bit of a fight, I was no match for him. And, deep down, I think I must have wanted him just as much as he wanted me.”

“Good,” she said, hardly able to talk now.

“Why don’t you start fucking me while I tell you how my daddy fucked me? That way, I can show you just how he did it.”

As Bob began to fuck his cock in and out of his wife’s slippery cunt once again, he felt as if he were fucking his two daughters, bursting their cherries with his big cock — which be felt was his right alone as their father.

“God, how it hurt when he first rammed his prick into me! But I’m getting ahead of myself,” Jill said, lifting her hips and meeting her husband’s downward cock-thrusts with upward pussy-slams. “He pressed his cock against my little pussylips and its head just barely began to spread the lips apart. I could feel his hard cock sliding inside me. I told him my pussy was too tiny to take his big prick, but that seemed to arouse him even more!”

“Go on, bitch,” Bob growled, still fucking the full length of his cock in and out of his wife’s clasping pussy.

“Well, then I really did beg him not to fuck me. I was so scared, Bob! I mean, his cock was really huge! And I was just too tiny! But he only laughed and said he’d fuck me then and any other time he pleased, that it was his right as my daddy.”

“Oh, God,” Bob groaned, his desire growing as Jill’s words echoed his own lewd thoughts about his right to fuck his daughters.

“And he told me that I’d better get used to him fucking me because he intended to fuck me morning, noon, and night! And he said that he would make me suck him, too, anytime he wanted! I kept begging him to let me go, but I knew it wouldn’t do any good. He just kept lying there on top of me, his hands holding my wrists on the bed so I couldn’t move and his big cock was in position at the entrance of my tiny cherry hole.”

“God, don’t stop now! Tell me all of it!” Bob shouted, his face flushed with lust.

“Daddy told me to wrap my legs around his waist. Well, I just wouldn’t do it. He gave me one last chance, but still I refused. Then he did this,” Jill said, taking Bob’s hand and bringing it to her cheek, pushing the open palm several inches across her face. “You know he slapped me.”

Bob’s mind was a blur of raging desire. He lifted his hand quickly and brought it down hard against his wife’s trembling face.

“Do it to me, you little teasing cunt! Put those legs around me! Hurry!”

And when she didn’t move fast enough for him, he slapped her again, knowing it was what she wanted. And it was what he wanted, too.

“Yeoowwwww!” Jill cried as her husband’s hand slammed into the flesh of her face and his cock bit into her pussymeat.

His enormous cock, so much like her daddy’s, was tearing apart the walls of her cunt, and she threw her legs into the air and around his waist. Bob fucked even deeper into her.

“No, Daddy!” Jill cried. “Oh, God, no, Daddy! Take your huge cock out of my tiny pussy! You’re tearing me apart! Noooo, please don’t rape me, Daddy! Ohhhh, God!”

Bob had slipped completely over the edge of reality fully into his incestuous fantasy now. The screams he was hearing were not Jill’s but were those of daughters, Kay and Penny. And he was fucking them, having the most exciting experience of his life.

The blood rushed through his veins in pounding, throbbing rages, further engorging his cock and flushing his face. He could feel every nerve ending in his cock exploding with pleasure as he plunged his prick deep into the cunt of the girl struggling beneath him. It was Kay. Then it was Penny, and he was bursting the innocent girl’s cherry.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, it feels soooo good! I was wrong! Don’t take it out! Keep fucking me, Daddy! I love it! Commniiiinnnngg!” Jill cried out, just as she had cried out all those years ago when her father had popped her cherry.

Thinking about her daddy fucking her gave the woman the most exciting fuck of her married life. Her orgasms kept tumbling one on top of the other, making it impossible for her to know when one finished and another one began. Her entire body was consumed with ecstasy and her mind was focused on the memory of her father raping her, fucking his huge, hard prick up her tight little pussy.

“Ohhh, yesss, Daddy, keep on fucking me until you come! I won’t tell anyone, Daddy! Just gimme your cum!” Jill wailed.

His wife’s lewd words which, in the man’s mind, were his daughters cries, took Bob over the edge. No longer could he hold back. His daughters’ cunts were squeezing his prick, begging him to let go, to give them his jism.

He grabbed Jill’s legs and forced them up over his shoulders. Now he could shove even more of his cock up her pussyhole. He fucked into her cunt to the balls then pulled out, then fucked in again, using short, quick strokes, feeling the woman’s pussy convulse around his cockmeat with each plunge as she continued to come. He could feel his cum-load building up and up, exploding through the shaft of his swollen, throbbing cock. And, as he began to shoot his load of cock cream into Jill’s sucking cunt, he cried out loudly, a cry of lust-filled desire.



While Jill and Bob were fucking up a storm, Kay and Steve were next door, having a great time of their own with their cousins, Jake and Marybeth.

Kay started things, just as she usually did. She gave Jake a sexy kiss, letting her tongue explore the moistness of his responding mouth.

He reached up and cupped one of her big tits in his hand, and he moaned as he felt the nipple harden beneath his touch. Then Kay pulled back and looked up at the tall, good-looking boy. She usually preferred older men, finding them a real turn-on, but she had always had a soft spot for her cousin. He never failed to arouse her and she knew she did the same for him.

Meanwhile, Marybeth took the initiative with Steve and she kissed him hotly while moving one hand down and fondling his cock through his pants. As she ground her body against his, she felt his prick pushing against the fabric of his trousers.

Marybeth stepped back and placed her hand over the boy’s swollen crotch and began to massage it. Slowly, teasingly, she unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. Then, while he pulled her close and began to kiss her again, she squeezed his cock and ran her fist up and down its length.

“Ummmm, looks good enough to eat,” Marybeth murmured, gazing at her cousin’s full hard-on.

And, with that, she fell to her knees and began to lick the boy’s cock as if it were the world’s tastiest ice cream cone. She began using her tongue at the base, working her way up the cockshaft, savoring her first taste of Steve’s prick. She pulled back and looked at the broad cocktip, oozing with pre-cum, and she licked her lips hungrily.

She glanced across the living room and saw her brother locked in a lewd embrace with Kay. The two teens had already stripped and were lying on the couch, running their hands up and down each other’s nude bodies.

Marybeth grinned, feeling her little pussy beginning to drool as she turned on intensely. And, with a little groan, she took Steve’s cockhead into her hot, wet mouth, feeling it pulse against the insides of her cheeks.

She sucked on Steve’s prick, licking up all traces of the delicious pre-cum. She bobbed her head up and down, licking and sucking up and down the full length of the teenaged boy’s hard-on.

“Ohhh, Marybeth! That’s great! Keep it up, baby! Keep sucking my prick!” Steve groaned, reaching down and tangling his hands in his cousin’s hair, tugging at it to help move her head back and forth over his bursting prick.

Marybeth was an expert little cock-sucker and her skillfully moving tongue and mouth soon had her cousin ready to fuck. Just then, the young girl backed off.

“Easy,” she murmured. “We’ll have time later for that, and for anything else we want to do, too. Mom and Dad are spending the night in town. So the four of us will be alone. Right now, you stay here while Kay and I change.” She turned to Kay who was still busily kissing and fondling Jake. “Come on, Kay. Let’s go change… you know, like we planned before.”

“Oh, right!” Kay responded with an excited grin as she bounced up and followed her cousin from the room.

Both of the boys watched the girls leave, their eyes on Kay’s nakedly bouncing tits and pert little ass.

“You know what they have in mind?” Steve asked Jake.

But Jake just grinned mysteriously. “Yeah… they’ve done this before… but I’m not telling. I will tell you one thing though you’d better strip now. I can promise you that those horny little cunts will be naked in no time and you’re gonna be so hot to fuck you’re not gonna wanna have to bother with clothes.”

Steve returned his cousin’s grin and he quickly shed his clothes. Then he lay back on the floor and idly tugged at his swollen prick.

Jake grabbed his own cock and jacked it up and down.

“I’m glad you decided to join us, Steve. Marybeth and I were beginning to think you just weren’t with it, you know?” Jake said a few minutes later.

“You were right. I wasn’t. Not ’til last night, anyway,” Steve said. “That’s when Kay and I fucked… it was my first time.”

“What a turn-on! Marybeth and I have been fucking each other for years now. Then Kay began to join us. You should get Penny to join us next time. She’s sure a sexy little bitch!” Jake said, turning on more as she thought about Penny’s tempting little body while he continued to jack off.

“Penny?” Steve echoed.

He had never thought about his kid sister that way. But now he realized that his cousin was right. Penny was really growing up.

“Okay, Jake! Put on your strip music! Here we come!” Marybeth suddenly cried out.

She danced into the living room as Jake reached up and turned on the stereo that was on a stand next to the couch. The record the teens had often used was all ready to be played, and in matter of seconds, a primitive, bump-and-grind style of strip music began to blare into the room, loud and raunchy, exciting all four of the teenagers.

Marybeth was naked beneath the sheer nylon fabric she had wrapped about her, and her tits and pussy were clearly visible through the material.

Kay made her entrance behind her. She wore a transparent black nightie, open to the belly button. The dim light from the nearby lamp flickered over her beautiful body that was so expertly clad in the flimsy cloth that she appeared to be completely naked even though she wasn’t. Not yet.

The two girls danced erotically in front of the boys for a few minutes while their audience whistled and cheered them on, still jerking themselves off. Then the two girls stopped for a minute, and Marybeth walked over to Kay.

“You look good, Kay… really sexy!” Marybeth said, glancing up and down her cousin’s body. She reached out and cupped one of Kay’s barely covered tits.

The older girl felt her nipple go completely rigid under the tender caresses of her cousin. Then, with a swift motion, Marybeth pushed the material of Kay’s nightgown out of the way, and she lowered her head, sucking on the swollen nip.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” Kay hissed, putting her hands on the younger girl’s shoulders and swaying slightly as Marybeth tongued and sucked her aching nipple.

“Mmmm, that’s great, Cuz, but right now it’s time for cock!” Kay cried seconds later, gently pushing Marybeth’s head away from her tit.

“Yeah, you’re right. We need cock!”

Marybeth grinned as she raised her head and gazed at her brother and cousin. Both of the big cocks were rock-hard and waving and bobbing obscenely in the air, as if beckoning to the two horny young girls.

With squeals of excitement, the girls tore their garments off and ran over to their brothers.

“Ooooh, what do you want me to do with your cock?” Marybeth asked Jake breathlessly as she pumped on the hard cockrod and cupped his cum-loaded balls with her other palm.

“Hmmm. Why don’t you sit on it? Yeah, that’s it, Sis. Climb up on my lap and sit on my cock. Let’s show Steve and Kay some of the games that we play every night,” Jake said as he pushed his hips forward and his big dick thrust into the air with anticipation.

“All right.” Marybeth cried eagerly.

Jake reached out and gasped his sister’s hips. He pulled her towards him.

“Spread your legs, cunt,” he ordered.

Marybeth stood on the couch, straddling him, with his huge prick trembling against her downy pussylips. Jake reached up and grabbed his sister’s tits, stroking and kneading the firm titflesh. Marybeth was feeling desperate for a good hard fuck, and she tried to press down and engulf the throbbing prick with her dripping pussy.

“Kay, get over here and give us a hand… and anything else you’ve got to offer,” Jake said, chuckling.

Kay hurried over to the couch. Her eyes were glued to her cousin’s big prick and Marybeth’s little cunt, only inches apart.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked hoarsely, feeling her own little pussy filling with more and more cunt juice.

“Guide my prick into Marybeth’s cunt. Just hold onto it while I stick it into her,” Jake groaned.

Steve sat cross-legged on the floor near the couch, playing with his cock again while he watched the exciting action beginning to unfold before him. He couldn’t wait to see her sister sticking Jake’s cock into Marybeth.

Kay eagerly grasped Jake’s hard prick at its base and angled it up towards his sister’s waiting pussy. Marybeth inched her way forward, trying to put her cunt in the right position. She squatted down towards the tip of the upright cock, spreading her legs even farther apart. A fine film of cunt juice glazed the insides of her naked thighs, showing that her little pussy was good and wet and ready for a fuck.

The older girl positioned her cousin’s cock so that its head rested against Marybeth’s pussylips. Then she moved it in a little, until the cuntlips folded back and the tip of the prick was encased by the wet, pink cunt-flesh.

“Unnnnhhhh, yeah!” Jake cried, going wild as he felt the head of his cock being fitted into his sister’s cunt.

“Mmmmm, good,” Marybeth moaned, throwing her head back as her cunt juices began to flow in thick drops down the shaft of her brother’s cock.

“Okay, Sis, now you’re really going to get it!” Jake gasped, unable to restrain himself any longer.

And, with that, he put a hand on either side of the girl’s waist and pushed downward. Groaning, he felt his cock fucking into the hot, sucking flesh of the little pussy that was so blessedly familiar to him. He sank his cock in farther and farther, until Kay’s hand was squeezing up against Marybeth’s cunt.

“Yessss!” Marybeth screamed, tightening her pussy muscles about the trembling cockshaft inside her pulsing cunthole.

“God, what a sight!” Steve groaned, feeling as if he would come any second from the turn on scene taking place right before his very eyes.

The young boy had never seen anything so exciting in all his life. Jake’s legs were stretched out far enough to force his sister above him to spread her thighs so that her entire pussy was visible.

From where Steve sat on the floor, he had a clear view of his cousin’s delicious-looking pussy, and Jake’s long, hard cock as it fucked in and out of her cunt. He could even see the thick juices running down the cockshaft and over Kay’s hand.

Steve realized that watching any two people fucking that way would be a real treat, but he also knew that the fact that it was a brother fucking his own sister made the whole thing much more thrilling. It was the forbidden nature of the act, he knew, that was the real turn-on.

Steve’s cock ached and his balls pulsed harder and harder as he continued to watch the incestuous fucking on the couch.

Kay held her hand in place against Marybeth’s cunt and closed her eyes. She was kneeling now in front of the fucking couple, and she felt overwhelmed by all the exciting sensations.

The soft, wet pussy that brushed against her hand as the girl lowered herself on her brother’s cockshaft felt hot and throbbing, and it felt almost as if Marybeth’s pussy were going to suck Kay’s hand into it, the same way it was sucking in her brother’s cock. The obscene thought made Kay’s cunt juices flow more thickly and hotly.

Kay was really excited by the idea that the four of them were alone and could do anything they wanted with each other. Kay had discovered her cousins fucking each other almost two years ago when she had walked into the den, looking for them. And since that time the three teens had experienced every kind of fucking and sucking action. Nothing was forbidden.

Now, as Marybeth’s pussylips continued to caress Kay’s hand, the older girl found herself thinking about the younger girl’s tongue darting in and out of her cunt. That thought made Kay squirm, and she squeezed her thighs together. Se moved her hand over her cousin’s cock, giving it a little twist and positioning her fingers so that she would, feel, more of Marybeth’s pussy on each downward stroke.

Kay glanced back at her brother, saw him playing with his hard cock, and she moaned softly, turned around again and closed her eyes with pleasure.

Jake loved the lewd feel of his sister’s pussy contracting about his cock and Kay’s hand wrapped around it. He knew that Marybeth was really excited not only by the fucking she was getting from her brother but by having Kay’s hand so close to her cock-stuffed pussy.

The image of his sister and cousin eating each other’s pussies suddenly filled Jake’s mind and he groaned, hoping he would get a chance to see that tonight.

Super aroused now, he gave his full attention to fucking the shit out of his sister. He began jerking his hips upwards, still holding her waist and pulling and pushing her slender body up and down the full length of his cock.

He used his prick like a weapon now, piercing his sister’s cunt, tearing it apart, sending shivers of lust-filled delight through her loins.

“Oh, God, Jake, you’re fucking me soooo good! Keep it up, Jake, keep it up! Fuck meeee!” Marybeth wailed, using her cunt like a suction cup to draw the boy’s prick deep inside her, clinging to his prick desperately, pressing her cunt walls tightly around the hard cockshaft as they slammed their crotches together.

Marybeth gave herself completely over to the fuck she always loved so much, the kind only her brother could give her. She sighed and settled down, letting his thick cockmeat pound her insides.

When Jake was about to come, he reached down and removed Kay’s hand from his cock. He lowered her fingers to his balls and held still for a moment while Kay cupped the fleshy mounds with her palm, caressing her cousin’s balls one at a time. Then he began to move again. Without Kay’s hand to stop him, he was able to fuck the full length of his prick into his sister’s tight pussyhole.

“Yesssss!” Marybeth screeched, feeling every single nook and cranny of her little cunt being filled with her brother’s hot, hard prickmeat.

Jake longed to fill his sister’s horny cunt with his hot cum and he began rocking back and forth.

Kay squeezed her cousin’s balls and glanced over her shoulder as Steve who sat back against a chair, his huge cock in one hand and the look of lust in his eyes. Kay knew that it was time to make her brother feel good. She had been looking forward to this all day.

“Come here, Steve,” she cooed. “Your sister will take care of you now.”

Steve grinned, rose and walked over to the couch. His swollen cock pointed straight into the air and Kay could see that the veins along the side of the cockshaft were strained and throbbing hard.

With one hand still on her cousin’s balls, she grasped her brother’s cock with her other. She used her skillful fingers and palm to stroke Steve’s cock, thrilling to the exciting sensation of holding a prick in one hand and balls in the other.

With a gentle tug on Steve’s prick, she brought the boy’s cockhead close to her mouth. And in one expert motion, she sucked the throbbing fucker between her lips.

“Yeah, Sis, yeah, suck me off!” Steve cried. He felt the warm, wet insides of his sister’s mouth rubbing against his prick, and he threw his head back, groaning over and over.

Meanwhile Marybeth and Jake were moaning loudly as the boy continued to fuck his cock in and out of his sister’s aching wet pussy. The slapping sound of naked flesh against sweating flesh and the incredible thrill of his sister sucking him off drove Steve wild with fuck-lust.

Kay moaned around the thick prick in her mouth. She heard the sound of her cousin’s hard cock fucking into his sister’s wet, soft cuntmeat. And she heard the wet, sucking sounds she, herself, made as she sucked more and more of her brother’s prick into her mouth. The entire room reeked of forbidden sex, inflaming the senses of all four teens.

“Commmiiinnngg!” Jake hollered finally, shooting his entire load of cum into Marybeth’s cunthole.

“Meeee, tooooo!” his sister cried, loving the way it felt as her cunt completely filled up with jism until the thick white cream began to dribble down her legs.

Jake gave one last fuck-lunge up into his sister’s pussy as he sent the final drops of his hot jizz into her. With a moan, he collapsed back against the couch while Marybeth, still orgasming, wriggled and squirmed lewdly on his lap.

“Ummmffff,” Kay moaned as she felt her brother’s prick jerking wildly inside her mouth and she knew he was about to come.

Just then, his foamy cum shot into her mouth and her eyes widened as she valiantly tried to swallow every single drop of the delicious tasting cum. As she swallowed her brother’s cum, some of it burbling out between her lips and running down her chin, Kay came.

“Ummmmfffff, unnhhhh!” she groaned as she felt waves of orgasmic pleasure washing over her trembling body. She knew that Jake and Marybeth were watching, and that idea only intensified her climax.

Finally, all orgasms subsided. Steve slipped his softening cock out of his sister’s mouth and he and Kay collapsed together onto the floor, embracing.

Marybeth leaned over and kissed Jake on the mouth, letting her tits rub against his chest.

“Wow! That was the greatest!” the girl cried, grinding her sopping pussy into the boy’s half hard cock. She reached down and grasped her brother’s prick. “Wanna fuck me again?”

“That’s what I like about you, Sis. You’re always ready for a fuck,” Jake said with a laugh. “But not right now.”

He patted his sister’s little ass, then lifted her off his lap by her waist. Then he stood up and gazed down at his cousins with a smile.

“God, I’m still horny!” Kay cried, spreading her legs wide and playing with her cunt. “I came really hard, but I’m still horny! Somebody help me! I have to come again!”

“I think I know who could help you out, Cuz,” lake drawled. “Right, Marybeth?”

“Ohhhh, yeah!” Marybeth squealed as she knelt down beside Kay’s stretched-out body. She licked her lips. “Oh, Kay, let me eat your pussy. Please? I’ll make you come really hard, I promise!”

Marybeth ran her hand up Kay’s leg, waiting for the older girl’s response. Jake and Steve watched the two girls, hoping that Kay would go for it. They would love nothing better than watching one girl sucking the other one off.

Finally, Kay propped herself up on her elbows and looked down the length of her body at her beautiful little cousin.

“You really want to?” she asked teasingly. “Oh, yes, Kay, I want to suck your clit! I’m so hot just from looking at you that I think I could come just from kissing your pretty little pussy,” Marybeth said, moving closer to the other girl, letting her thighs rub against Kay’s body.

“Yessss! Do it!” Kay cried, unable to restrain her lust any longer. “Eat my pussy, Marybeth!”


Kay closed her eyes, feeling the two hard spikes of Marybeth’s nipples passing over her spread thighs. Then she felt the girl’s hot breath between her parted legs.

“Ohhh, yesss, hurry, Marybeth, suck on me!” Kay cried, beginning to writhe on the floor.

Jake and Steve sat nearby, stroking their cocks and watching every bit of the exciting pussy-eating action just now starting.

Marybeth began to kiss her cousin’s soft, lily white belly.

“Oh!” Kay gasped.

Marybeth’s wet lips trailed down from Kay’s belly button toward her aching cunt. The younger girl’s mouth was tickled by the soft down of the older girl’s cunt mound, and then she was at the entrance to Kay’s horny pussy.

“Ohhh, God, eat my cunt! Eat it now! I can’t stand it!” Kay whimpered, twisting violently on the floor. She spread her legs.

Suddenly, Marybeth stabbed her tongue into the waiting cunthole.

“Yesssss! Eat meeee!” Kay shouted at the top of her lungs.

“Good girl!” Jake cried to his sister, tugging hard on his cock.

“Yeah! Great! Eat her pussy, Marybeth! Eat my sister’s cunt hard!” Steve urged as he jerked himself off.

As Marybeth reached up and grasped her cousin’s waist to hang on firmer, Kay reached down, clutched the other girl by the head and pulled her upwards, trying to capture more of her teasing tongue with her needy pussy.

Kay moaned with pleasure as she managed to drive Marybeth’s face even deeper into her steaming pussy. She felt the younger girl’s tongue fucking in and out of her cunthole, and she concentrated on tightening her cunt muscles hard about the invading tongue, inside her for a few seconds before loosening her pussy muscles.

“Wow! This is great!” Steve cried, unconsciously matching his jerking-off movements to the rhythm of Marybeth’s tongue as it fucked in and out of Kay’s pussy.

“Yeah, I’ll say!” Jake groaned. Marybeth always loved to eat her cousin’s little pussy. She thrilled to the delicious taste of the other girl’s cunt juices as they poured ceaselessly over her tongue and lips, and she loved the way Kay so skillfully clamped her strong cunt muscles about her tongue.

Now, Marybeth moved her tongue upwards along the inner lining of her cousin’s cunt until she rested it against Kay’s hard, jutting clit. The little clit bud was swollen and red, and Kay jumped with shock and excitement when she felt the soft flesh of her cousin’s tongue stroking her clit.

“Aaarghhhh, that feels soooo good!” Kay cried.

Marybeth expertly made her tongue into a trough, cupping the other girl’s clit with its tip, and she pressed her mouth against the outer surfaces of the pussy and sucked hard.

“Yesssss! Suck my clit! Bite it! Lick it! Make me come, you bitch!” Kay screeched.

Marybeth’s own little cunt was juicing wildly now. She held onto Kay’s thighs and pulled her face even closer to the older girl’s pussy, all the while letting her tongue lap and suck on the pussylips and sensitive clit.

“Play with Kay’s tits, Sis,” Jake called out. “Ohhh, yes, play with my tits!” Kay yelled, tossing her head in a frenzy of fuck-lust.

Marybeth’s hands roamed up over Kay’s body and finally came to rest on the girl’s big tits. Kay couldn’t keep still as she felt this newest forbidden sensation. She kept bouncing her ass up off the floor and arching her back as Marybeth lapped at her cunt, knowing just where to apply pressure, and how much, just when to nibble, just how to arouse Kay to new heights of incestuous pleasure.

“Ohhhhh,” Kay groaned, feeling her cousin’s hands on her bursting tits.

“Yes!” Kay cried out lewdly. “Feel my tits, Marybeth! Squeeze them good and hard! Make them hurt! That’s it. yesss, bitch, just like that! Ahhhhh! Don’t stop, bitch! Suck my cunt! Eat it out until I come! Yesssss, that feels sooo good!”

Her body was trembling and twitching now as the younger girl led her along the exciting path toward orgasm. She swayed back and forth on the carpet, moving in toward the hands and mouth that were attacking her body, that were giving her so much pleasure.

Marybeth groaned, hardly able to breathe. Her face was buried in the soft wetness of her cousin’s pussy.

All that mattered to the younger girl at that moment was the taste and feel of the girl who lay beneath her. Her hands were filled with the warm flesh of Kay’s tits, and the tempting aroma that filled her nostrils was the smell of fully aroused pussy.

Marybeth ground her own pussy against the carpet while she doubled her efforts on Kay’s cunt, wanting to bring the older girl off first. She crushed Kay’s tits in both hands and bit down on every inch of the older girl’s pussy. Finally, she bit down hard on Kay’s sensitive clit.

“Aiieeee! Yessss! Commmiiinnnggg!” Kay shrieked, writhing violently on the floor as a long, violent orgasm convulsed her entire body.

She arched her back, grinding her orgasming pussy into her cousin’s still-sucking mouth, crying out over and over again with the sheer unbridled delight of her incestuous climax.

When Marybeth felt the orgasmic spasms throbbing through Kay’s body, she let herself go and her own convulsive spasms rocked her loins. She glued her mouth to Kay’s bouncing cunt and ground her own pussy deep against the carpet again and again until her spasms had subsided. Finally, she released her mouth-grip on Kay’s cunt and raised her face for a long gulp of much-needed air.

“Oh, wow, that was great!” Steve cried, beside himself with excitement.

“Shit! It was the greatest! My little sister really knows how to eat cunt!” Jake said, his voice filled with admiration.

Marybeth rolled over a few feet away from Kay. The older girl trembled and drew her knees together, enjoying the sensations of pleasure still coursing through her body. Suddenly, she opened her eyes to see two swollen cocks advancing on her.

“Look how hard you made us,” Jake said, laughing huskily as he pointed to his and Steve’s cock.

“Yeah! It really turned me on to watch you two hot bitches going at it like that!” Steve said. “I kept thinking I was gonna shoot my wad. But I saved it for now.”

While Kay stared at the two twitching pricks, Marybeth rolled over onto her back, looked up at the two boys, reached up and grabbed Steve’s prick.

“I’m always ready for a fuck… just like my brother said. Wanna fuck me, Steve?” she purred.

“Hell yes!” the boy responded eagerly, letting himself be drawn down to the floor next to his cousin’s naked body.

Kay watched excitedly, feeling absolutely no jealousy as Steve began to kiss Marybeth on the mouth and feel her tits with both grasping hands. She saw his aroused cock rubbed up against their cousin’s leg, pointing towards her pussy. Kay smiled with satisfaction and pride, thinking how quickly her kid brother was learning about fucking.

Kay turned back to see what Jake was doing and found that the boy was now on his knees, the purple head of his huge prick only inches from her face. She could see the gleaming drops of pussy juice that still covered the cockshaft, juice from Marybeth’s pussy and their recent incestuous fuck.

Kay felt a sudden longing to take his prick into her mouth, to taste his cock and to taste her cousin’s cunt juice second-hand.

Jake reached out with one hand and took Kay by the back of the head, gently but firmly drawing her face toward him.

At the same time, he let himself fall backwards so that he was lying on his back and she was positioned above his prick, her big tits hanging down and rubbing the tops of his legs.

“Come on, Kay, suck my cock. I know you love it. You always love to suck me off!”

Kay groaned with lust and lowered her head, taking the upright prick into her wet mouth. She licked at Jake’s cock, stripping it clean of all traces of Marybeth’s cunt juice. Then she settled down to sucking her cousin’s cock in earnest.

More experienced than Steve, Jake knew just how far to fuck his prick down a girl’s throat before she would have to gag. He lifted his hips slightly to push his cock upwards as Kay’s head moved down over the long, thick cockshaft.

Now she had the entire cock inside her mouth and she was gasping for air through her nose since her mouth was completely packed with the hard cockmeat.

She sucked hard on the boy’s cock. Then, maintaining the same exciting suction, she pulled back, letting her lips ride over the cockshaft until she held only its head in her hot mouth.

Now she repeated her skillful cock-sucking actions, taking the whole of his prick into her mouth, then pulling it out slowly and teasingly, knowing that her cousin was thoroughly enjoying every second of their lewd act.

“Unnhhh, aaarghhh, ohhh, yeah, Kay, yeah! Jesus, you really know how to suck a cock!” the boy groaned, lifting his hips and fucking his cock into her mouth.

His cock was rock-hard, but his recent fuck with his sister gave him some self-control now and he settled back to enjoy his cousin’s cock-sucking.

Meanwhile, Steve was using his lips and tongue and teeth on Marybeth’s tits. They were firm and the nipples were hard and tasty. Steve could hardly believe what was happening. Until the night before, he had been a virgin, never having fucked any girl. Now, he was involved in a four-way orgy. Not only that, but it was his own sister he had fucked, and his own cousin he was about to fuck. The young boy was beside himself with fuck-lust and he knew that, after that exciting night, his life would never be the same.

“Mmmm, good,” Marybeth moaned, reaching for her cousin’s cock that was pressed insistently against her thigh. She felt it and moaned again, knowing that soon that cock would be buried deep in her pussy.

She wanted it now. Her little cunt was dripping with excitement. She could never get enough fucking and now she was about to have her second fuck in less than an hour and a half. She massaged Steve’s prick in her hand, feeling it grew even larger under the gentle but firm pressure of her fingers.

“Ohhh, please fuck me, Stevie,” she whispered into the boy’s ear.

His cock was throbbing for the girls soft, wet pussy. He raised himself up on his knees, and Steve looked down and saw the juicy cunt that was waiting for his cock. The cunt-slit was tight and tiny and Marybeth had only a few strands of pussy hair covering her cuntal mound. Steve bent down and kissed his cousin’s pussy.

“Mmmm, good,” Marybeth moaned, wriggling excitedly on the floor.

The young boy savored the sweet, tempting aroma of the girl’s pussy before straightening up again and falling forward on his hands, his arms out stiff before him.

Marybeth grabbed his prick and pushed its head against her pulsing cuntlips. She moved the large, smooth cockhead so that it fucked inside her cunthole, and then she squirmed down toward him and the entire cockshaft disappeared slowly.

Steve’s head began to reel as his prick fucked into his cousin’s cunt. He was so excited that he was afraid he would pop right then and there. But he willed himself not to come and gradually he managed to bring himself under control. He waited as the young girl slipped her legs around his waist.

Marybeth tugged at him with her legs, pulling him closer to her and at the same time lifting her ass so that her cunt moved towards him. Their crotches ground hard together. Then Marybeth loosened her cunt-hold, letting the long shaft of his hard cock rub against the inner walls of her pussy.

“God, just look at those two! Aren’t they something?” Jake exclaimed, fucking his cousin’s face with his long, thick cock.

As Kay continued to suck Jake off, she and her cousin glued their eyes to the other incestuous couple just a few feet away. The sight of her brother fucking Marybeth aroused Kay beyond belief. And she knew that Jake was just as turned on by the sight of his sister’s pussy so willingly accepting Steve’s prick.

Jake’s cock throbbed lewdly inside Kay’s sucking mouth, and he knew he would have to come soon. He had planned to last longer, but the boy hadn’t counted on the exciting effect that watching Steve and Marybeth fucking would have on him.

“Go for it, Steve!” the boy shouted now. “Fuck her good and hard! Fuck my sister hard — the way she loves it!”

Jake’s obscene words thrilled Marybeth and Steve and they began to fuck harder. For each thrust of the boy’s prick, there was a matching slam of Marybeth’s cunt.

As he pulled out, leaving only the throbbing tip of his prick inside her dripping pussy, Marybeth would contract her cunt muscles, drawing his prick into her again until he rammed all of his prick up her cunthole.

“You sexy little cunt! I’ll fuck you hard, all right! Take this!” Steve cried as he brutally plunged his cock in and out of the girl’s hungry pussy.

His cock was throbbing now, close to orgasm. He lowered his head and grabbed one nipple in his mouth, biting it and tugging at it with his teeth, and then his body stiffened and convulsed as he shot a full, hot load of cum up Marybeth’s pussy.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” he yelled.

Feeling her cousin’s jism shooting up into her pussy was too much for the young girl and she came, too. Her little cunt was racked with spasm after spasm of orgasm.

Jake glanced down at Kay, who was still working furiously on his cock, her eyes closed, her hands cupping his balls, and he knew that he had to let go.

He reached down, grasped Kay by the hair, and began to move her head back and forth, faster and faster, up and down the full length of his busting cock. Jake drove Kay’s head into his crotch, pulling it towards him and then moving it back off.

She liked the feeling of being entirely at her cousin’s mercy now. Jake was using his cock like a battering ram, fucking it down deeply into her throat, then abruptly pulling it away. Kay could feel the tension mounting in his prick, and she knew that soon she would be swallowing his tasty jism.

The boy’s prick swelled even more in her mouth and the girl used her tongue and lips to make him come. With one final lunge, Jake fucked his thick cock down his cousin’s throat and came.

Kay swallowed as hard as she could but some of the delicious cum ran down her chin. Jake’s orgasm ended… and just then Kay’s began.

“Commmmiiiinnnngggg!” she screamed in pleasure as her cousin pulled his limp prick free from her mouth.

He watched her as she came, her beautiful face twisting with incestuous ecstasy.

Just as Kay was about to close her eyes and drift off to sleep, she glanced over and saw Marybeth and Steve entwined in each other’s arms. Marybeth had fallen asleep but Steve was still wide awake. He had watched his sister while she sucked Jake off and while she had come, herself. Their eyes met and Steve winked at his sister. Kay returned the wink and fell asleep in Jake’s strong arms.


The kids slept for almost an hour and would have slept longer, but a sudden knocking on the front door awakened them. Cursing, Jake hurried into his clothes and opened the door to see Paul standing there.

“What do you want, Paul?” Jake asked, impatient to get back to his sister and cousins for some more fucking.

“I have to see Kay right away,” the boy said firmly.

Kay stood at the door, fully clothed now, her face still flushed with excitement.

“Paul! What is it? Is anything wrong?” she asked with concern.

“Well, not wrong exactly. No, I mean everyone’s fine and all that, but I have to see you right away. You have to come with me now,” the boy said, grasping her arm and trying to pull her outside.

“But, Paul! I was supposed to spend the night here with Marybeth,” Kay said. “What’s going on?”

“I can’t tell you here. Come with me and I’ll tell you in the car,” Paul said.

“The car? What do we need the car for if you want to take me home? We live right next door!”

“I didn’t say I wanted you to come home. I said I wanted you to come with me,” Paul said, yanking his sister’s arm and finally succeeding in pulling her outside.

Kay called out that she was leaving with her brother and then she willingly followed him down the steps and over to his car which was parked in the driveway.

As the boy started the engine and drove out of the driveway, his sister studied him, thinking that she had never seen him in such a mood before. He seemed strangely tense.

“Come an, Paul, give. What’s going on? Where are you taking me?” she asked a few minutes later as they drove through darkened streets.

When he didn’t answer her, she glanced instinctively toward his crotch and gasped softly when she saw that her older brother had a huge, bulging hard-on.

Suddenly, Kay realized that he must have been watching her all the time she was fucking with Steve in his bed, and now he was going to fuck her. Her little pussy drooled cunt juice. She had always been horny for Paul, and now she knew that she didn’t have long to wait for her dream to come true.

They were driving down another dark road now, and suddenly Paul pulled the car over to the side. He cut the engine, then reached over and took a bottle out of the glove compartment. He held the whiskey bottle out to his sister.

“Here, Sis. Want some?” he asked.

“Sure,” Kay said, and she took a long swig before handing the bottle back to her brother, who also took a long swallow of the strong liquor.

Kay saw her brother’s eyes devouring her body and her nipples hardened under his lust filled gaze. She inched over toward him and casually let her hand fall so that it rested on his.

“You have a problem?” Paul asked thickly, his eyes riveted to his sister’s hand, which was still tugging at her bra strap.

“Yeah, I think my bra strap is breaking. Will you check it for me?” she asked, having arranged her bra so that as he peeked into her blouse he would see her bare tit with its soft, pink bud of a nipple.

“Ohhh, Kay,” Paul moaned, staring at his sister’s exposed tit.

He quickly unzipped his fly and let his long, hard cock fall into the girl’s grasping hand. She rubbed his prick rapidly up and down but Paul took her hand away and grasped her by the neck, forcing her face down toward his throbbing fucker.

Kay’s head was in her brother’s lap now, and she moaned softly as she breathed in the tantalizing aroma of the boy’s prick. She kissed the purple cocktip, then opened her mouth and took it in.

The thickness of the cock stretched her lips as tautly as they could go. At last, after all these years, she was finally sucking on Paul’s cock again, just as she had sucked it in their childhood days.

“Unnhhh, oh, yeah, that’s it, Sis!” Paul groaned.

He began to play with her big tits, cupping them in both hands, rubbing her tits, mauling them, tweaking the nipples painfully in a way that made his sister suck his cock even harder as she turned on more and more.

Kay’s cunt was on fire now and she longed to feel her brother’s cock fucking into it. She forced her throat to accommodate the thickness of his prick, and at last she had every singe inch of his cock inside her mouth and down her throat.

She held his cock there as long as she could, not breathing, not moving. Her throat muscles relaxed, and then she began to suck back and forth on his cock smoothly.

“Ohhh, shiiit, Kay, you sure know how to suck cock! Even when we were little kids you were the greatest… you’re just a natural born cock-sucker!” the boy cried. “Keep it up just like that, baby, and I’ll give you a mouthful of my cum.”

As he moaned with raw incestuous pleasure, he pawed at her tits almost viciously, thrilling the girl beyond belief as he finally began to release his pent-up lust for her.

“I saw you… you and Steve,” the boy groaned, panting hard as he talked. “God, when I saw you two… fucking… I remembered how you and I used… to play with each other…”

“So many times I wanted to do things like that with you again… but I was afraid you wouldn’t… go for it. Unnhhh, yessss, suck harder, Kay! After I saw you… fucking Steve… God, I couldn’t think of anything else. Yesss, suck my cock hard!”

“Shhh, just concentrate on coming… I need to feel your cumin my mouth!” Kay said.

Then, with a desperate, frenzied motion, she sucked his cock back inside her mouth, her throat muscles immediately clenching about his stiff rod of cockmeat.

Kay worked on his prick and felt it swelling more between her lips. She knew that her brother wouldn’t be able to hold his cum-load much longer. She licked and sucked and kissed. A few minutes later, she felt his prick pounding and throbbing.

Kay cupped his balls in her hands and Paul began to come. His cock jerked and spasmed, shooting gob after gob of hot, tasty jizz down the girl’s throat.

“Commmiiinnnggg! Arrrghhh, you sexy bitch, you’re making me come sooo haaaard!” Paul cried, lifting his hips upwards and fucking his prick ip and out of his sister’s mouth as he came.

Kay swallowed hard to keep up with her brother’s cum-spurts. She took in every drop of his delicious cum. Then, almost reluctantly, she let the softening cock slip from her mouth.

Paul lay back against the seat of the car and grinned at his sister. He reached for the bottle of whiskey and quickly drained it.

Kay sat on the seat next to him, trembling, her big tits exposed and jutting outward with their stiff nips.

“Ohhh, Paul, I’ve been wanting to do that again for so long now,” she said. “That’s why I had to go over to Marybeth’s tonight… I was so horny I just had to do something!”

“What’s going on over there, anyway?” Paul asked.

“An orgy. All four of us fucking and sucking. God, it’s been great, Paul! Why don’t you take me back there and join us? You’d love it!” Kay said excitedly, reaching down and beginning to play with her brother’s prick.

“All right! I really wanna fuck you, honey, but I might as well fuck you over there. It’ll be easier in bed than in the car, anyway. So let’s go!” Paul said, shoving his hard cock back into his pants.

With Kay urging him on, he started the car and drove back toward their cousins house.

“Hey, I’ll bet the door’s unlocked. Let’s sneak in there and surprise them,” Kay said with a giggle as they parked in the driveway.

The two horny teenagers walked silently into the house and through the darkness toward the master bedroom. The brother and sister heard a strange slapping sound and Marybeth’s ecstatic groans and cries.

Paul and Kay tiptoed into the room and stood silently by the bed until their eyes adjusted, to the darkness and they could see clearly. And what they saw turned both of the teens on so much that they all but came on the spot.

Steve was facing Marybeth, with the girl on her side. He was between her outspread legs, fucking his big prick in and out of her tight little pussy-slit. Jake was behind his sister, fucking his hard prick into her even tighter asshole. Each boy was fucking at his own speed, seemingly unaware of the girl he was fucking. But Marybeth didn’t seem to mind at all. Her eyes were closed and an expression of sheer incestuous joy was spread across her young, innocent-looking face.

Paul couldn’t stand it any longer. His cock was growing harder and thicker by the moment. He reached for Kay and threw her down onto the rug next to the bed. She tugged at his trousers and let his long, thick prick fall forward into her waiting hand.

Kay lifted her hips as her brother ripped her jeans and panties off. Then, Kay took the massive head of the boy’s stiff prick and placed it against her dripping little cunt-slit.

With one lunge, Paul fucked his cock inside Kay’s pussy at long last.

“Unnhhh, yessss,” she groaned, wrapping her legs about his waist and making him hold that position for a minute.

Then, brother and sister’ began to expertly fuck each other, moving in perfect harmony, slamming their crotches together and then rearing back until only the tip of Paul’s cock was still in Kay’s cunt. And, again, they slammed together, burying the full length of the hard prick into Kay’s seething pussy with each plunge.

As Paul continued to fuck his prick in and out of Kay’s cunt, she glanced up toward the bed, watching her brother and cousin fucking Marybeth, who was obviously having one orgasm after another.


Jill Newman walked over to the bar and poured herself another Scotch and water. It was her third drink in an hour, but she liked the tangy flavor of the liquor. And, besides, she needed something to take her mind off her state of extreme horniness.

It was the afternoon after the exciting fuck session with her husband, the fuck session that had been punctuated by her detailed account of her fucking life with her daddy. It had been the most thrilling fuck of her life, and she knew that Bob felt the same way.

Ever since then, she had been unable to think of anything else but where her next orgasm would come from. Bob wasn’t due home for a couple of hours yet, and the woman was hoping that the strong liquor would distract her and tame her aroused pussy until he was able to fuck her again.

She sipped her drink, then polished it off in one long gulp before going to her bedroom and flopping down on the large bed. She undid the ties of her robe, letting it hang open. Her high, taut tits jutted into the air.

Jill sighed and let one foot fall onto the floor. Her pussy was spread wide open now, and she brought her hand into position above her cuntslit. It was damp to her touch.

She slipped her finger inside her pussy-slit and touched the tip of her aching clit.

“Ohhh,” she moaned, arching her back at the intense pleasure that washed over her.

She used her finger expertly, dipping it into her juicing fuckhole, knowing just where to stroke herself, just how much pressure to apply. The throbbing need in her cunt continued to build, demanding release.

Penny entered the master bedroom silently. She had just come home and, looking for her mother, she had seen her lying on the bed. But at first the young teenager hadn’t realized what the woman was doing. When she saw that her mother was finger-fucking herself, the girl gasped, feeling her own little pussy burning and itching with lust.

The night before, Penny had returned home unexpectedly early and, hearing the sounds of her parents fucking up a storm behind their closed bedroom door, the girl had stood there, right outside their room. And she had fingerfucked herself to orgasm, coming at the same time her father did. She would never forget the thrill of hearing her dear father cry her own name out as he came. And ever since then she knew she wouldn’t rest easily until she had managed to get him to fuck her.

But, in the meantime… here was her mother, obviously horny and in need of some special attention.

Jill’s eyes were closed and, unaware that her younger daughter was standing nearby, watching her every finger-fucking move, she continued to finger-fuck herself, plunging, her stiffened middle finger deeper and harder into her cunthole while strumming the head of her clit with her thumb.

Penny fastened her eyes on the gorgeous pussy with the long, slender finger ramming in and out of it. There was no way she could stop herself from touching her mother. No matter what would happen, she had to feel the soft pink cunt-flesh that was so invitingly quivering before her.

Quickly, the young girl shed her clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. Then, she knelt down and ran her hand along her mother’s silken thigh.

She felt her daughter’s touch — but she thought it was her husband, that the man had come home early.

“Bob,” she whispered as a tremendous rush of excitement filled her. “Ohhh, Bob, rub my cunt a little higher, darling.”

Penny stifled a groan. She knew that her mother thought it was her father who was playing with her cunt. But she grinned, deciding to keep up the game a bit longer.

Jill removed her hand from her pussy as Penny’s hand took over. The girl’s fingertips found the woman’s hard clit and began to rub it.

“Ohhh, yesss, Bob, that’s it,” Jill moaned, twisting her body now as she grew more aroused.

Penny couldn’t stand it any longer. Her mother’s cunt felt so soft and wet… wonderful. She wanted to feel more of it. She longed to kiss her pussy, taste the juices. She yearned to fuck her tongue into her mother’s cunt. She bent over.

“Unnhhhh!” Jill groaned as the young girl’s tongue pushed up against her pussy. The tongue was hot and eager, and Jill felt a burning sensation shoot through her body. She moved her hips upwards, increasing her pleasure. She was thrilled by this delightful thing that was happening to her, and she still thought it was her husband’s tongue she felt in her cunt.

“Oh, God, Bob, I’m commmiiinnnggg.”

Her body trembled against the face between her legs. She began pushing her cunt into the sucking mouth as she came, sobbing with joy.

Suddenly, Jill opened her eyes and glanced down between her legs.

“Penny!” she yelled, shocked to discover that it was her youngest daughter who had just sucked her off.

“Oh, Mommy!” the teenager cried, getting up and throwing herself in the older woman’s arms. “Your pussy tastes so delicious! You’re not mad at me for licking it, are you?”

Jill was, silent for a few minutes, trying to collect her confused and scattered thoughts. She was shocked and she tried to tell herself that what had just happened was wrong, and that she must tell Penny that it must never happen again.

But then Jill remembered the night before — when she had told Bob all about her incestuous relationship with her father — and how turned on they had both become as they had fucked feverishly, her pretending it was her daddy who was once again fucking her, and her husband pretending he was fucking his daughters.

She realized at that moment that not only was incest a natural thing, perhaps the purest of all sex acts, but that she would be nothing less than a hypocrite if she tried to tell Penny otherwise.

I must be honest with her, Jill thought. It’s my duty as her mother and if I try to tell her what I myself don’t believe, that incest is wrong, she’ll see right through it as children always do when their parents lie to them. And she’ll lose all respect for me. Besides, to teach her that incest is wrong could mean scarring her for life, making her feel terribly guilty for committing an act she obviously enjoyed so much. And I don’t want my kids to have a warped view of sex.

“There, there, sweetheart, it’s all right. It was wonderful! You made me come so good! I’m glad you went down on me, Penny,” Jill said soothingly, pulling her daughter hard against her tits.

Penny began to move her head back and forth, and her mother’s nips hardened immediately. The older woman suddenly sat bolt upright, staring at her daughter.

“Why, Penny, you’re all naked!” she exclaimed, beginning to smile.

“Yes, Mommy, and now we have to get you naked,” Penny murmured, realizing that her mother was half drunk. Penny felt drunk, too.

Not from liquors but from the incestuous lust that pounded through her veins.

Penny gently eased her mother out of her robe so that now both mother and daughter were completely naked. Then the teenager pressed her feverish body next to her mother’s, beginning to kiss Jill’s big tits.

“Oh, darling, what are you doing?” Jill moaned, a part of her still wondering if she should stop the young girl.

Penny kneaded her mother’s tits with both hands.

“I’m playing with your tits, Mommy, kissing and playing with your big beautiful tits. I love them so much! And I love your gorgeous pussy, too, Mommy! I want to touch it again. I want to taste it again! And I want you to touch and taste my little pussy, too, Mommy…”

“Oh, God, Penny!” Jill cried, turned on beyond belief. She reached out and grabbed the girl’s developing tits.

Penny planted wet kisses on her mother’s body, working down across her tits, down her tummy, and to the furry patch between her legs. She moved slowly so that her mommy would not have to let go of her tits.

“Ohhh, that’s good, Mommy?” Penny cried.

“Aaarghhh, ohhh, yesss, darling, yessss,” Jill groaned.

Now Penny’s tongue lashed out and caught the open pussylips, licking them. Without breaking contact, Penny slowly twisted her body so that she brought her own pussy up toward her mother’s face.

Jill felt her neck scissored by her daughter’s legs. Then the tempting little-girl pussy was over the woman’s face. A powerful bolt of sexual heat shot through her body as she realized that she was actually about to eat her own daughter’s cunt.

Penny’s hungry tongue was lapping at her mother’s cunt, darting in and out of the clenching fuckhole, driving Jill on to new heights of incestuous ecstasy. Eagerly, the older woman reached up for the waiting cunt above her.

Penny paused for a minute when she felt her mother’s tongue fucking into her cunt. Then, with a low groan of pleasure, she went back to working on her mother’s trembling little cunthole.

Soon both of the fully aroused females were groaning into each other’s cunt. They licked each other hornily, their hands busily feeling each other’s tits, their firm asses, their tender assholes.

After a few minutes, mother and daughter began to spasm uncontrollably at precisely the same moment. They clung to each other tightly, sobbing out their pleasure into each other’s wet, orgasming pussy.


Bob stumbled into his house, more than a little drunk from the drinks he had downed at the local bar before going home for the evening. He wasn’t used to drinking so much. But it was the only way he knew to try to stifle the lust he felt for his daughters, especially Penny, a lust that just continued to grow almost by the hour. But the strong liquor had only served to inflame the man’s senses so that now, as he walked unsteadily toward the master bedroom, he realized he wanted to fuck his daughters more than ever before.

At first he didn’t see his wife and daughter. The room was dark and he felt dazed by both the liquor and his fuck-lust. He undressed, deciding to sleep naked.

Longing to press his turned-on body against his wife’s, he climbed into bed. But then he brushed against Penny’s ass and suddenly realized that there were two other people in the bed, instead of just one.

He peered into the darkness and, as his eyes grew used to the blackness, he could see his wife and his younger daughter sprawled across the bed.

He grinned with excitement, seeing that they were naked. They both looked so innocent, sound asleep, their hair spread out over the pillows. But there was also something very erotic and sensuous about the scene. Two sets of tits and asses, two furry little pussies. He knew somehow that his wife and daughter had just gotten it on, and his cock became hard.

For what seemed like a lifetime, the man didn’t move… couldn’t move. The incredible beauty and sexiness of his little girl’s young body kept him riveted to the spat. He stared at her ass and looked up her legs at her furry little cunt. He wondered if she were still a virgin, and the thought of being the first man to fuck the little minx was truly exciting.

He grasped his hard cock in his fist. Within seconds, he was jacking off, letting his eyes travel all over Penny’s naked body. He increased his fisting motions, feeling as if he hadn’t had a decent fuck in months, even though he had had the most exciting fuck session only the night before.

He had the strongest urge to turn his daughter over onto her back and fuck his big prick into that lovely virginal pussy. He wondered how she would read. Would she cry out and beg him to stop? Or would she beg, for more of his hard cockmeat?

Suddenly, Jill stirred in her sleep and twisted onto her back. Her long, slender legs fell apart.

Her husband looked down at her as if he had never seen her before. Somehow, in his half-drunken mind, the woman became his daughter.

They looked so much alike…

Moving gently across the bed so he wouldn’t awaken his sleeping daughter, the man knelt between his wife’s legs. He wet the tip of his prick with some spit and then placed it against Jill’s hot pussy. He fucked into her slowly, spreading the pink cuntlips with the width of his cockshaft.

“Ohhhh, ahhh,” Jill moaned, opening her eyes.

She was dreaming that she was being fucked. But she quickly realized that her husband’s big cock was actually fucking into her cunt, and she groaned again, gasping at the hardness of the prick that filled her cunt. She looked up and met Bob’s glance, opening her mouth to tell him how good it felt.

“Shhh,” he hissed, rolling his eyes in Penny’s direction.

Jill nodded and smiled, letting her husband know that she understood the need for silence. Somehow, the idea of the two of them silently fucking each other right next to their sleeping daughter turned the woman on beyond belief.

She bent her knees now, bringing her feet up flat on the bed. Her legs were spread widely, and Bob was able to fuck the full length of his prick into her juicing cunt.

When he had her completely impaled on his hard fucker, she took his face between her hands and brought his lips to hers. They tongue-kissed for long moments.

Bob began to fuck slowly in and out of her cunthole. He moved sensuously, almost lazily, drawing back until his prick was almost out of her, then ramming back into her pussy.

Jill felt like crying out her pleasure but she kept still. Her head was swimming with desire and she closed her eyes, thoroughly savoring each plunge of her husband’s huge cock.

She didn’t know that he was caressing a tit and ass… and that they weren’t hers. She only knew that his cock had never felt so hard inside her cunt. What she didn’t know was that the cause of his excitement was the same as the cause of her own lewd excitement earlier that evening.

Bob’s hand explored Penny’s body lightly, touching her tits, her ass, her cunt. He didn’t really look at her until he was ready to shoot his cum-load up Jill’s pussy.

Then, as Jill began to orgasm powerfully and Bob felt her orgasmic spasms convulsing her cunt, making her pussy squeeze his prick hard, he let himself go. His cock spurted its hot cum inside her pussy, and Bob turned his head toward his young daughter.

Penny was smiling, moving her body beneath her daddy’s hand. And her eyes were wide open, staring right at him.

The young girl had watched her father fucking her mother. Even through her half-closed eyes, she could see the man’s large, hard cock, and it sent strange exciting jolts of lust through her.

Her pussy ached and she longed to touch it, but her daddy had beaten her to it. His roving hands left little shivers and burning sensations wherever they touched her, and as his hand had rubbed over her pussylips, the girl had felt herself being caught up in a strong orgasm.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” the teenager moaned now, looking up desperately at his lust-twisted face.

Without a word, Bob pulled his prick out of his wife’s pussy and lay beside his daughter. With a little squeal of excitement, Jill lay on the other side, husband and wife sandwiching their young daughter between them.

Penny felt a hand stroking her ass. Her father’s. He was smiling at her.

“Ummm… nice,” he murmured, moving closer and letting his hand wander. As he cupped both asscheeks and let one of his fingers slide into the girl’s tight little asshole, Jill also moved closer.

Now the teenager was surrounded by the naked bodies of her mother and father, and her own body responded eagerly, hornily. Her young nipples grew harder, harder still. Seeing this, Jill reached out with both hands and cupped her little girl’s firm tits. Jill moved her hand down over the girl’s body until, finally, she slipped her finger into Penny’s tingling pussy-slit.

Penny gasped as the hard finger explored the insides of her slick little cunt. She felt more alive than she ever had before, totally caught up in enjoying the incestuous attention being paid to her by her father.

For long moments, the man and his wife worked on Penny, arousing her more and more. Bob’s cock was rock-hard again now, sticking out in front of him, brushing against Penny’s leg.

He moved down over his daughter’s body, spread her legs wide, and pushed his tongue up against her cunt. At the same time, Jill put her head on Penny’s tits. Then she opened her mouth and sucked in a nipple.

The combination of the two expert tongues working on her body proved too much for Penny. Her cunt began to spasm wildly from the frenzied lapping between her legs and the licking and sucking of her mother’s mouth on her tits.

The teenager’s head rolled back and, forth on the pillow as her mother and father sucked her and licked her to orgasm. Bob’s cock was painfully swollen now and he bounced his hips on the bed, trying to gain some relief.

Then he could stand it no longer. He reluctantly pulled his mouth away from his daughter’s cunt, got up on his knees, and brought his prick to his little girl’s aching pussy.

Penny was so absorbed in the licking her tits were getting from her mommy that at first she was unaware of the hard cocktip pressed against her pussy-slit.

“Ohhhh, Penny, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long,” Bob groaned.

“Unnhhh, oh, me tooo, Daddy. I want you to pop my cherry for me,” Penny said, beginning to cry with excitement.

His daughter’s obscene words were music to the man’s ears. He grinned, realizing that Penny had just let him know that she was still a virgin, and that his fantasies about her saving her cherry for him had been right on the mark after all.

He glanced up at his wife, as if looking for her approval before giving their daughter her very first fuck.

“Yes,” Jill said softly, nodding at her husband and smiling. “Do it. She wants you to. I want you to. Yes, Bob, it’s right. Fuck your daughter. Pop her cherry for her.”

“Yessss, Daddy, fuck mew!” Penny cried. And, with that, the teenaged virgin spread her legs wider, lifting her ass up to get herself in position to take her daddy’s entire cock up her little cherry cunthole.

Slowly, Bob inched his cock up between the girl’s tightly grasping pussylips.

“Unnhhhh,” she moaned as she felt the hard head of her daddy’s cock beginning to enter her pussy.

“How do you want it, baby? Slow and gentle? Or hard and fast?” Bob asked.

“And then you can get on with fucking me!” Penny cried.

With a sudden forward lunge, Bob plunged his cock balls-deep up his daughter’s tiny fuckhole, easily bursting right on through her cherry with the first cock-stroke.

“Yeoowwww!” Penny cried as the cherry popping pain shot through her. She knew that her daddy had just deflowered her, and that thought made her come on the spot. “Commmiiinnnggg!”

“Mmmmm, you two sure look sexy,” Jill murmured as she fastened her mouth on one of her little girl’s throbbing tits, enjoying the way the girl’s nip hardened and pulsed inside her mouth.

“Ohhh, baby, your little cunt’s sooo tight and small,” Bob groaned, breaking out in a sexual sweat as he slowly withdrew his prick until only its head was still in the grip of Penny’s clasping pussylips.

“Does it hurt bad, baby?” he asked, panting hard as he stared down at his gorgeous daughter.

“Ohhh, yeah, it really hurt a lot at first, Daddy. But now it just kind of aches… I like it! I’m really turned on! Now that you’ve popped my cherry, you can really fuck me, Daddy, just like we’ve both been wanting!”

“Yeah, you’re right about that baby,” Bob said.

He plunged forward again, fucking the full length of his prick up her cunt.

“Aieeeee! Ohhhh, that feels sooo good!” Penny gasped as she felt the head of her father’s prick smack hard against the very back wall of her virgin cunt.

Penny twisted and writhed on her parents’ bed, feeling as if every single nerve in her body were being stimulated… by her father’s prick inside her cunt… and by her mommy’s mouth on her tits.

Now, the man’s huge cock fucked effortlessly up the girl’s tight little cunthole.

“Ohhh, it feels sooo good,” Penny groaned, thrilling to the length and thickness of her daddy’s prick.

She wrapped her legs around the man’s waist, holding onto him tightly. Then she just lay back and let all of the lewd sensations send her mind reeling.

Bob fucked in and out of his daughter’s pussy, using his body weight to drive his fucker into her cunt deeply.

Penny responded excitedly with movements of her own. She tugged at the man’s body with her legs, pulling him tighter and tighter up against her, then bucking with her hips as he withdrew his cock from her pulsating pussy.

“Oh, darling, I want you to eat my pussy while your father fucks you!” Jill suddenly cried, her cunt on fire as she watched her husband fucking their daughter.

“Ohhh, yeah, Mommy, great idea! Sit on my face and I’ll lick your pussy while Daddy fucks me!” Penny squealed, beside herself with incestuous lust.

Jill scrambled up onto her daughter’s face, and Penny wasted no time in burying her tongue up the woman’s aching fuckhole.

Now, Bob lowered his face so that it was level with his wife’s ass. And, as he continued to fuck away at Penny’s cunt with his throbbing prick, he started licking Jill’s fleshy ass.

“Oh, God!” Jill gasped as she felt her daughter’s mouth on her cunt and her husband’s tongue between her asscheeks. She ground her pussy deeper against Penny’s lips. “Ohhh, yesss, keep sucking your mommy’s pussy, baby, it feels soooo good… unnnhhhh! Bob, keep licking my ass!”

“This is great! Real family togetherness!” Bob cried with a raspy laugh as he continued to ram his little girl’s pussy with his hard prick.

Penny kept licking and sucking her mother’s pussy, alternately fucking the length of her tongue up the woman’s cunthole, and using the broad, flat part of her tongue to stroke her mommy’s clit.

The teenager’s cunt was tingling and she knew that she would come soon. And she also knew that it would be the greatest orgasm of her life from the forbidden thrill of having her daddy give her her very first fuck. Penny knew that she would never forget the excitement of feeling the man’s hard cock smashing right through her cherry and burying itself up her virginal pussy, no matter how long she lived.

Bob groaned, his cock beginning to pulse madly inside Penny’s cunt. The huge prick swelled even wider and fuller as he neared orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, baby,” he cried as he lowered his head and fucked his thick cock up the girl’s cunt with a frenzied force, unlike anything she had ever felt before. At the same time, he managed to fuck his tongue up his wife’s trembling little asshole.

“Aieeeee! Commmmiiiinnnngggg!” Penny screamed into her mother’s cunt as she began to come. She rode the orgasming cock as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably about it. She licked the hard clit between her teeth, sucking on it and causing Jill to join her husband and daughter in orgasm.


The next day, the four Newman kids decided to drive into the country for a picnic. Paul drove the car to an open stretch of highway which they followed for several miles. Then he turned onto an old farm route, followed the bumpy dirt road to its end, and stopped the car.

Kay, Penny, Steve, and finally Paul all scrambled out of the car, chatting happily as they made their way through the dense bushes into the special picnic spot they had used for years.

“Mmmm, perfect… as always,” Penny exclaimed when they got to the clearing in the woods.

“Yeah… and very, very private,” Steve said, grabbing a blanket from the trunk.

The teens got busy and, in no time at all, they were settled on the blanket, eating the delicious picnic lunch they had prepared. There was fried chicken, potato salad, pickles, potato chips, and chocolate-frosted cupcakes. They had ice-cold lemonade to wash it all down, and when Paul pulled a bottle of whiskey out of his jacket and poured some of it into the lemonade, there were no protests.

The teenagers drank a lot of the whiskey-laced lemonade, growing giddy and excited not only from the liquor but from being alone together.

The tall trees formed a private, lush circle of privacy, making the brothers and sisters feel completely isolated. It was a thrilling feeling since they realized that they could do anything they wanted, anything at all, and there would be no one around to see them… or to stop them.

After they ate, they all got up and walked about a bit, exploring the region they loved so much.

“Hey, look!” Kay called out suddenly. “The pond has enough water in it for us to go for a swim.” The teenagers immediately began to strip off her clothes.

She wore no bra and her big tits peaked into the air as she removed her blouse. Her sister and brothers stared at her tits, all of them thinking about sucking them, their mouths watering.

Kay quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes, saving her panties for last, wanting to give her brothers and sister a good striptease show. She tugged at the elastic waistband of her panties with her fingers, sliding them down her long legs and kicking them off.

“Hey, come on, you guys!” she called out, laughing excitedly.

With eager grins, Penny, Steve, and Paul all stripped their clothes off. Penny and Kay stared hard at their brothers’ cocks, thrilled to see that the boys were beginning to get hard-ons.

The teens splashed into the cold pond water, their bodies shivering with the sudden shock of the icy water. But that wasn’t all that was making them tremble… they were all very turned on as they studied each other’s naked bodies.

Bobbing neck-deep in the water, Penny suddenly felt a hand stroking her ass beneath the surface of the water. She looked around and saw that it was Steve.

“You’ve got a pretty little ass, baby,” Steve murmured, moving closer and cupping both of her asscheeks.

“Stick your finger up my asshole, Steve!” the horny young girl cried.

“You got it,” he said, fucking his stiffened middle finger right up her tiny little asshole.

“Ohhhhh yeah!” Penny gasped, dancing about on her brother’s ass-plugging finger. She was treading water at the same time, trying to stay afloat.

Penny could feel her brother’s hard cock pushing demandingly against her leg, and she groaned with unbridled incestuous desire.

“Let’s get out of the water, baby,” the boy said hoarsely.

Penny and Steve quickly left the water, making their way to a grassy patch beneath the trees. There, Steve pushed the girl over onto her back, spread her legs wide, and fucked his tongue up her cunt.

“Aieeeee! Ohhhh, yeah, eat my cunt, Stevie!” the girl cried, tugging the boy’s head up tighter against her pussy by pulling on his hair.

“Ohhhh, look at Penny and Steve!” Kay cried excitedly. She grabbed Paul’s hand, leading him out of the water and over to the other couple.

As Steve continued to eat Penny’s cunt, Kay lay down next to her sister and, pressing both of the girl’s tits together, she sucked the hard nips into her mouth along with as much tit-flesh as she could.

“Ohhhh, Kay, that feels great! Suck my tits! Suck them hard!” Penny screeched.

Out of the corners of her eyes, she saw Paul squatting nearby, jacking on his hardening prick.

Penny’s cunt grew wetter and hotter in response to the skillful licking her brother’s tongue and mouth were giving it. She thrashed about on the ground, tossing her head from side to side on the grass.

Suddenly, Paul moved over to Penny, squatting right by her head. He held his hard cock in his hand, bringing it to the girl’s mouth.

“Suck me off,” he demanded.

Penny stared lustfully at the youth’s big prick.

“Ohhhh, Paul, yessss! I want to suck your cock!” she whined as her brother took her by the back of the neck and brought her lips right up against his meaty fucker.

“Ohhhhh, Paul, yessss! I want to suck your cock!” she whined as her brother took her by the back of the neck and brought her lips right up against his meaty fucker.

“Open up, baby. Your brother’s gonna feed you,” the boy said, squashing her lips with his prick.

She opened her mouth and took his cock inside.

The head of Paul’s prick felt warm and spongy as it slipped past Penny’s wide-open lips. She tried to make room in her mouth as he pushed his cock into her mouth.

The young girl had never sucked cock before and she began to panic as she felt her entire mouth completely stuffed with the hard cockmeat, and she struggled to breathe.

“Just breathe through your nose and suck an my prick, baby,” Paul said, still grasping her behind her neck.

She did as he told her, but when he tried to force more of his cock into her mouth, she tried to pull away, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to get enough air.

“Make her take it, Paul,” Steve groaned.

He was still sucking the girl’s pussy, but he was staring up at the length of her naked body right between her tits. And he saw everything that was happening as Kay continued to lick and suck her sister’s tits, and Paul was still trying to fuck more of his prick into Penny’s resisting mouth.

“Yeah, make her do it right!” Kay chimed in, lifting her face up from Penny’s tits to better see the exciting action.

Both she and Steve were turned on even more by the struggle that Penny was putting up.

“Come on, Penny,” Paul growled.

“Come on, you can do it.” He was slowly but firmly pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Penny’s mouth was growing accustomed to her brother’s prick now and she no longer felt scared. She was discovering that she liked the way the boy’s prick felt inside her mouth.

Breathing slowly, she took more and more of his prick into her mouth. She sucked on his cock as hard as she could, learning to use her tongue along the lower ridges of the cockshaft as it continued to slide through her lips.

She moaned triumphantly when she realized that she had finally had the entire fat cock inside her mouth.

Paul began to fuck his prick in and out of his sister. While Kay once more began to lick and nibble the girl’s tits, and Steve continued to fuck his tongue up Penny’s pussy.

Over and over again, Paul fucked the full length of his cock into his sister’s throat, sliding it down her throat and groaning with pleasure when he felt her instinctively tightening her throat muscles about his prick.

“Ummmmmm,” Penny moaned, feeling Paul’s prick growing hotter and harder inside her mouth.

Then she heard the boy cry out loudly and his body grew hard. His prick was spurting out a load of creamy cum.

The cum completely filled her mouth and Penny tried to let it spill out, but Paul sealed her lips with his squirting prick and she let the tangy cum start to trickle down her throat.

“Make her swallow it all!” Kay cried out. Penny heard her sister and she did what she was told, turning on to the surprisingly delicious taste of her brother’s jizz. She thirstily swallowed every singe drop of the tasty cum and then she began to lick the head of his wilting cock to catch every last drop of his cum-load.

“Unnnhhhh, commmiinnnnggg!” Penny cried suddenly, her pussy muscles clamping down hard around Steve’s still-thrusting tongue. Waves of orgasmic pleasure crashed through the teen’s loins and she gasped with the intensity of it.

After Penny and Paul finished coming, Steve fucked Kay, and then the four teens splashed into the pond again for a cleansing swim. Later, they all fell onto the blanket and snuggled up against each other, falling into a light snooze.

When Penny awakened a short time later, she looked up to see Kay walking along the edge of the pond, stopping now and then to toss a pebble into the water.

Kay began to walk toward Penny, her large tits swinging with her movements, their firm, brownish nips jutting into the air.

“Hi, Sis,” Kay said, lying down on the blanket next to her little sister. She spread her legs, deliberately opening her pussy. “Come on, Sis, eat my pussy.”

Penny’s mouth watered as she stared at her sister’s tempting-looking pussy. She began to get on her knees, and suddenly Steve called out behind her.

“Yeah, Penny, get up on your knees and then bend way down… we’ve got a surprise for you,” Steve said.

Penny squealed excitedly as she rose to her knees and bent way over at the waist, eager to stick her face into Kay’s cunt. She grabbed her sister by her waist and lowered her head between the older girl’s widely splayed legs. Then she fucked her tongue inside the juicy cunthole.

“Mmmm, yeah, eat my cunt!” Kay yelled, lifting her hips up from the blanket and shoving her cunt up hard against her little sister’s sucking mouth.

Paul knelt behind his kid sister, unseen by her. His long, thick prick was stiff as a board and he gripped it with one hand. With a low groan, he pushed the head of his prick against Penny’s little pussy-slit.

Penny felt the big cock beginning to penetrate her pussy and she tensed with excitement. She didn’t even know which of her brothers was starting to fuck her, but she didn’t really care.

Kay saw what was happening and she humped her pussy up hard against her sister’s mouth. Penny happily responded, licking and sucking on the delicious pussy.

Paul wiggled his hard cock slightly so that its tip opened up the girl’s tight pussylips. He moved forward a bit and let his prick sink slowly into Penny’s cunthole.

Penny groaned, the sound muffled by the wet quivering cunt-flesh against her mouth.

Paul’s cockhead was entirely inside his kid sister’s cunt now and the girl’s cunt was sucking on the cockshaft. The young boy looked over Penny’s back and saw her licking Kay’s pussy.

“Ohhhh, shiiit, what a turn-on!” he cried as he grasped Penny by her waist, holding her still just long enough to lunge forward and fuck the full length of his cock lance into her clasping cunt.

Penny gasped into Kay’s pussy but she never let go of the tasty pussy against her mouth. Instead, she drove her tongue farther inside, licking the older girl’s hard clit, tasting and swallowing the oozing cunt juice.

“Yeah, go!” Steve cried from the sidelines as he jerked himself off while watching his brother dog-fucking their sister and Penny eating Kay’s cunt.

A few minutes later, as Paul continued to fuck Penny while she kept eating Kay, Steve moved close to Kay. He took one of Kay’s hands and put it on his hardening cock.

“Jack it, Sis,” he whispered huskily. “Rub it hard! Make me come!”

Kay grinned and made a fist of her hand, working it up and down the full length of Steve’s throbbing cock. In an instant, the boy’s prick was fully hard and she could feel the veins on the side of his cock begin to swell as the blood rushed through them.

Penny’s heart was beating wildly. She heard a strange slightly wet sound and looked up, still eating Kay’s cunt, to see her sister jerking off Steve’s prick. She groaned, her cunt throwing out even more pussy juice as Paul continued to dog-fuck her.

As Paul kept fucking Penny, he realized that his sisters were almost exciting and satisfying pieces of ass he had ever enjoyed. He knew that it was because they were his sisters… somehow, the forbidden nature of their act just increased the pleasure. He knew at that instant that he would try to confine his future fuckings to his sisters.

Oh, I might fuck someone else if my sisters aren’t around, Paul thought with a grin. But, otherwise, I’m keeping it in the family!

At almost the same instant that Paul made that vow to himself, his brother and sisters were silently making the same kind of commitment to their family. For, if the four teenagers had not realized it before, this exciting orgy was all it took to convince the teens that incest was where it was at.

Suddenly, Paul found himself wondering what it would be like to fuck his mother. His cock grew harder inside Penny’s clit as he thought about fucking his gorgeous, sexy mother. She was like an older version of his big titted sisters, and he knew that she would be an exciting fuck.

Penny swallowed the thick, delicious juices that flowed out of Kay’s cunt and into the younger girl’s mouth. Over and over again, she rammed her tongue into the tight cunt-slit, licking the sensitive clit and fucking the tiny, clenching cunthole. She wanted to make her sister come and she knew that when that happened, her own little cunt would convulse in orgasm about her brother’s fucking prick.

The four teens were intertwined lewdly now. Whenever one of them made any move, the others felt ripples of sexual sensation as in a chain reaction.

Whenever Paul fucked his cock harder into Penny’s pussy, she would lick Kay’s pussy faster and the older girl would find herself squeezing Steve’s cock harder.

“Ohhhh, gonna pop.” Steve cried out suddenly.

Hearing his words, Penny began to grind her mouth harder against Kay’s cunt. She wiggled her ass violently, sucking on Paul’s prick with her pussy, wanting all of them to come at the same time.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Kay screeched only seconds later.

And, as Penny felt her sister’s cunt spasming orgasmically against her sucking mouth, the younger girl came, too. The two girls came hard, their pussies spasming, their hips jerking as they rode wave after wave of heady climax.

Steve started to shoot his cum-load.

“Don’t waste it!” Kay screamed, still coming. “Shove your cock in my mouth!”

Steve happily complied, and as he fucked his prick into Kay’s mouth, she began to swallow the thick cum that was rushing out of the tip of the boy’s prick.

Watching his sister suck his brother off while Penny’s cunt orgasmed around his prick took Paul over the edge, and he shot his jism into the young girl’s pussy.

For long moments, there in the clearing in the woods, the four teens gave themselves over to the sweet thrill of their incestuous orgasms, all of them groaning and crying out their ecstasy.

Finally, spent now, they untangled themselves and lay panting on the blanket. But their rest was short-lived for in just moments, Paul had roused herself, grinning as he looked at his naked sisters.

“Okay, Steve,” he said. “Let’s fuck our sisters!”


It was a few days later and Bob had called his family to say he would be home late after a business meeting. Jill decided that they would hold up dinner for him and, after telling her children what was going on, she said she would be in her room resting.

The Newman kids were restless. They sat in the living room, watching television for a while. Then they leafed through a few magazines, growing more and more bored.

Finally, Penny stood up and threw her magazine down onto the couch.

“I’m gonna go rest with Mommy in her room,” the young girl said as she walked out of the room, her hips swinging sexily.

“Yeah, I’ll just bet she’s gonna rest,” Steve said, and they all laughed. “They’re probably gonna get it on!”

“I wouldn’t mind getting it on with Mom,” Paul said, licking his lips unconsciously as he thought about fucking his mother.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, Paul,” Steve said, his cock growing hard. “Mom’s a real sexy bitch, you know? When I was a lot younger, I used to get off watching her undressing… she never knew I was there, of course.”

“Maybe she did know… maybe she liked the idea of you spying on her,” Kay said wisely. “After all, Steve, don’t forget that that’s how you and I got together… when you were spying on me.”

“Yeah! How could I ever forget?” Steve said with a laugh as he reached out for his sister.

“Let’s undress, guys,” Kay murmured, pulling away from her brother.

In a flash, the three teenagers were naked. Kay’s cunt was on fire and already drooling with pussy juice, which was running lewdly down her thighs. The boys’ cocks were so hard that they were pressing up against their hard bellies.

The kids tumbled together onto the big couch and at once both of the boys had their fingers in Kay’s aching pussy.

“Ohhhh, ummmm, that feels good,” she cooed, reaching out and filling both of her hands with cockmeat.

The girl began pumping away at her brothers’ pricks, working her fists up and down their full lengths. As she jerked them off, Steve and Paul grasped her tits, rolling and pinching the hardening nips between their fingers.

After a few minutes, Paul knew that he would come if he let his sister continue to jerk him off. So he wrenched his prick free of her eager grasp and he moved down until he could push his face up against her pussy. He used his tongue to separate the damp cuntlips and he began to frantically eat her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, that’s great, Paul! Eat meee!” Kay wailed, spreading her legs wider and tugging even harder on Steve’s hardening prick.

Paul struck her hard clit with his teeth and he licked it up and down. The girl came, her spasms coming in waves, starting slowly and building to a high that overwhelmed her. Then, as Paul continued to lick her orgasming cunt, Kay sucked Steve’s cock into her mouth, stroking his cum-loaded balls with both hands.

“Unnnhhhh, yeah, that’s it, Sis, suck me off!” Steve groaned.

Kay stuck her tongue out and ran it up and down Steve’s cockshaft. The boy’s prick was throbbing violently now. She wrapped her tongue around the base of the boy’s cock, and slowly glided it upwards toward the pricktip. Then, she slipped her mouth over the end and buried the glistening cock deep in her throat.

“Aaaarghhhhh, deep-throat meeee! Yeah, baby, do it!” Steve cried desperately, a sexual sweat breaking out all over his body.

She gripped the boy’s prick in her throat, sucking in her cheeks to add extra suction about the pulsing cockrod. Then she let the saliva run in her mouth and cover the teenaged boy’s cockshaft as she tongued and licked and sucked on his cock. When she finally released his prick, it was slick with saliva and swollen and throbbing.

“Oh, God, Kay, don’t stop now! Suck me off ’til I come!” Steve cried in protest.

“No, not this time. I’ve got other plans for your cock and your cum!” the girl cried with a grin.

And, with that, the girl pushed Paul’s head away from her cunt and she threw herself onto the floor, lying on her side and beckoning to her brothers with crooked fingers to join her. In a flash, the two boys were on the floor, too, their cocks hard and ready for action.

She bent one leg, draping it over his hip, then mashed her big tits against his broad chest.

“Do it, Paul! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Now!” she cried, her desire mounting as her brother teased her cunt with his heavy prick. It was all she could do not to impale herself on the boy’s big cock, but she wanted her dear brother to do the fucking. She waited impatiently, rubbing her stiff nips over his chest.

Paul pushed the head of his cock slowly into his sister’s wet cunt. When he had his cock buried to the hilt, she moaned with pleasure and looked back at Steve.

“Now… Steve, fuck my ass! Go on, shove that big prick of yours right up my ass!” Kay cried.

“You got it, Sis!” Steve growled as he spread the girl’s asscheeks wide open with both hands and rammed his prick home, filling her asshole with one fuck-lunge.

“Aieeeee! Oh, God, I’ve got one cock up my pussy and one up my ass! I love it! Now fuck me, you two bastards! Fuck me haaaard!” Kay cried, tears of pleasure streaming down her face.

The two boys fucked their hard cocks in and out of their sister’s tiny holes, fucking her and themselves closer and closer to an orgasm.

The thrill of being fucked by her two brothers at the same time was overwhelmingly exciting for the young girl. Her pussy ached with the thrill of Paul’s long, thick cock fucking in and out of it, and the pain-and-pleasure sensations that came from Steve’s balls-deep fucking of her whole drove her mad with lust.

Paul and Steve slowly eased back, withdrawing their bobbing cocks from their sister’s wet fuckholes. Then they slammed back into her at the same time, making her entire body shudder with the impact of their cock-thrusts.

The girl’s cunthole and asshole were both like moist vises, bearing down on the twitching pricks, tightening about them, trapping them in their depths.

As the boys began to come, shooting their creamy jism into Kay’s asshole and cunthole, both Steve and Paul were thinking about the same thing: fucking their mother.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Kay squealed as she felt her brothers’ cum filling her fuckholes.

After their orgasms, the three teenagers lay back on the carpet, breathing hard.

“That was great,” Paul said. “But I’m ready for another go! How about you, Steve?”

“Yeah, I’ll say!” Steve responded.

Kay looked at her brothers’ still-hard cocks and she shook her head, laughing.

“You two are incredible! So what’s next?” she asked.

“Mom!” both boys answered at once.

The three teens scrambled to their feet and walked down the ball, toward the master bedroom.

When they walked into the room, Penny had her face buried in Jill’s pussy, and the older woman was unaware of their presence. Paul carefully brought his face up near his mother’s cunt and when Penny came up for air, he pushed her out of the way and took her place.

It was several cunt-licking moments before Jill realized that there was a new tongue in her pussy-slit. It felt stronger, harder somehow. She opened her eyes and saw Penny sitting up at her feet with Kay and Steve on either side of her.

“What… what’s going on?” she asked, feeling dazed.

Steve stroked her face and tits, moving her head closer to his crotch. She could smell her son’s cock now, and she felt almost drunk with sexual excitement.

“Just relax, Mom,” Steve soothed. “We’re all going to love each other. Here, Mom, suck on my prick.”

“Omigod!” Jill cried.

One son was sucking on her pussy. And the other son was shoving his cock into her mouth. She realized that she had never felt so turned on in all her life as she willingly took Steve’s cock into her mouth.

Paul continued to lick his mother’s pussylips, and then he fucked into her cunt with his probing tongue. The woman was hot now and her little cunt was showering her son’s face with her pussy juices.

Finally, Paul could stand it no longer and, after just a few more moments of pussy-eating, he rose to his knees and placed the head of his hard cock against his mother’s dripping pussy-slit.

“Do you want it, Mom? Beg me for it!” he growled.

“Unnnhh, yesss, Son, shove your big cock inside my pussy! And come inside me! I want your hot cum in my pussy!”

Paul lunged forward, fucking his cock to the balls inside his mother’s cunt.

“Ohhh, wow, look at that!” Kay cried out, more turned on than ever now. She fell back onto the bed and spread her legs wide.

Penny climbed between her sister’s creamy thighs and began to suck on the older girl’s pussy. As she fucked her tongue in and out of Kay’s cunt, she felt Steve crawl up behind her and ram his prick up her cunt. She loved the feeling of her brother fucking her dog-style, and she licked and sucked Kay’s pussy with even more fuck-lust.

Steve had wanted to fuck his mother as soon as he had shot his cum-load up Penny’s pussy, and Jill had played with her younger son’s prick until it was hard again.

Then, the woman guided Steve’s hard prick to her sopping cunt and fucked herself on his cock until they were both caught up in mind blowing orgasms.

Then they switched partners yet again, fucking and sucking each other until they could stand no more and they fell exhaustedly into a heap on the bed, arms tangled with legs, naked body on naked body, and they lay there, panting and grinning at each other now and then…

Bob unlocked the front door and stepped inside his house, wondering where everyone was. He shrugged, figuring that they had grown tired of waiting for him, and that perhaps they had all gone out to a movie or to visit friends.

He was tired, but not so tired that his mind was not filled with lewd images of his sexy daughters as he made his way toward the master bedroom to change his clothes. He sighed, remembering the thrill of popping Penny’s cherry.

Now if I can just get Kay to let me fuck her, he thought as he walked into the bedroom.

“My God!” he gasped, seeing his family sprawled out nakedly on the bed.

“Hi, Daddy!” she cried, as she raised her head at the sound of her father’s voice.

As the man stood there, paralyzed with shock, his mouth hanging open stupidly, his daughters leaped up from the bed and ran over to hug their father. Then, their fingers moving quickly and skillfully, the two girls undressed their father until he was as naked as the others, his hard prick jutting straight out in front of him.

“Oooh, look at Daddy’s prick!” Penny cried, reaching out and touching the man’s hard cockmeat.

Bob began to grin as he felt his younger daughter touching his cock.

“Yeah, it sure is, hard,” Kay murmured, licking her lips hungrily. “And I want it up my pussy right now! Will you fuck me, Daddy? Please?”

Bob gazed at his older daughter, unable to take his eyes away from her tits. He swallowed hard, trying to find his voice as he felt his cock swelling more and more.

“Oh, my sweet little baby,” he said softly.

He reached out and pulled Kay close to him. Over her head, he smiled at the rest of his family, realizing that he had never felt so close to them before.

“What is it, dear? You look so touched, almost as if you’re going to cry,” Jill said to her husband as she stroked Paul’s and Steve’s cocks.

“I am touched. By all of you. I knew that this family had a problem… that we had to do something to bring us close together again. When I fucked Penny, that was the beginning, but it wasn’t enough, and I’ve been worrying about what else I could do. But you all got together and took matters into your own hands… literally.”

He looked around… at his wife’s beautiful body… at his daughter’s naked flesh, and he saw the expression of pure happiness on his sons faces as their mother continued to pump their pricks. His mind spun with the truth as it struck him.

“You kids,” he murmured, looking affectionately at his sons and daughter. “It’s because of you that we’re all so close again. How did you teens know what to do?”

“Gee, Daddy,” Kay shrugged, “we just did what came naturally.”

Bob laughed wryly and exchanged a glance with his wife, both of them thinking the same thing. All along, they had worried over the way the family was falling apart. And, all along, their kids had known the solution to their problem. It had always been so simple that it had eluded the parents.

“The family that fucks together stays together, right?” Bob said now, grinning at the family he loved so much.

“Right!” they answered in a chorus.

“Now… make room on that bed for Kay and Penny and me. ‘Cause it’s about time that I fucked my older girl. And, Penny, why don’t you sit on your sister’s face and let me watch while she eats you out while I’m fucking her?”

“All right!” both of the girls squealed as they scrambled onto the bed with their father.

Jill and her sons happily moved over to make room for the others and Jill continued to jerk her boys off while the three of them settled down to watch Bob fucking his older daughter at long last.

“Ohhhh, hurry, Daddy, fuck me hard!” Kay cried, wriggling about lewdly on the bed as she spread her legs wide. She grabbed her daddy’s cock and pulled it toward her aching cunt while his hands reached out for her big tits and Penny settled down on the older girl’s face.

“Take it, baby, take it all and feel how much your daddy loves you!” Bob cried as he lunged forward and fucked his cock inside his daughter’s hot, wet pussy.

Kay groaned happily, but her groan was muffled by Penny’s seething cunt, which was pressed down tightly against her face.

As Bob continued to fuck Kay, she began to lick and suck her sister’s pussy, and Steve and Paul reached out, stroking their sister’s tits.

The Newman family was completely joined now: cock to pussy, mouth to cunt, hand to tit, and hand to prick. Joined and close. Closer, than they ever had been before. And, as they fucked and sucked each other to orgasm, Bob knew that as long as they never forgot the lesson they had just learned, as long a they continued to do what came naturally, the Newman family would always be this close.

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