At the Cape (mf, exhibitionism, masturbation)

I can still remember the first time I got Kim to flash. We were on our
honeymoon on Martha’s Vineyard at the Cape. We were at a place called
Gay Head and were walking up to the overlook of the cliffs etc. A guy
was walking towards us, (up an incline, looking down at us, so to
speak). Kim and I had just been talking about the top she had on, and
how much it turned me on. It was a white tank top laced up the front
from the scoop neck down to the middle of her tits. She was also
wearing a short, cotton skirt. She looked so cute (and young). I asked
her to loosen up the top as much as she dared so I could see her tits.
She really loosened the laces and opened up the opening more than I
could have ever dreamed of! I could see her entire right tit when I
looked over and most of her left one too. When she found out how much
it turned me on, (I used to be the jealous type), she really went
nuts. It’s almost as if she really wanted to show her tits to
everybody, the way she acted after that. I LOVED IT!!

Anyway, as she approached the guy, she acted like she was hot (it was
August). She took both hands and opened up the flaps on the top of the
tank top and pulled them away from her chest, as if to fan herself,
therefore TOTALLY exposing BOTH of her tits, nipples included, to the
guy and even some people just behind him. I thought the guy was going
to trip on the walkway down! He stared at her tits as if he was
hypnotized (which he probably was). Then he looked at me and I looked
away as if I hadn’t noticed, but I squeezed her hand hard to let her
know I LOVED it. After he had passed by, she told me that she felt
slutty, and she was worried that I wouldn’t approve of her. I let her
know that showing her off in public was a total turn-on for me, and
that it makes me love her even more for doing it for me.

As we left Gay Head on my motorcycle, she reached around and felt just
how much I enjoyed what she showed everyone up there, and hugged me
tight knowing that I REALLY DID want her to do it FOR ME as often as
she wanted. She finally admitted to me that it actually did turn her
on knowing that the guy was staring at her bare tits, and she loved
what it did to me. I asked her if she’d PLEASE do it again, and she
said she would as long as I was OK with it.

We rode to Chappaquidick Bridge (Ted Kennedy’s spot) and got off the
bike. There was nobody there, so I asked her for a “shot” (lifting up
her top for me) and she immediately did. (Her nipples were rock-hard
from the horny mood she was now in). I asked her if she could have
done that with someone there, and she said probably, as long as the
person (or people) didn’t know that SHE knew they could see her. That
got my mind to work, planning our next scenario. We stayed there for
about a half hour taking videos with our video camera. FINALLY, 2 guys
on 10-speeds came riding from way down the road. Kim didn’t see them
because her back was to them and they were still a ways away. I asked
her to give me another shot, this time on film. She lifted her tank
top all the way up to her neck and I was video-taping her like that. I
told her to face sideways, still not telling her about them. When she
did, I knew that they were now getting a totally unobstructed view of
her naked tits! She was sideways in such a way that she still didn’t
see them. I asked her to slide her skirt up slowly and show me her
panties. I got SO horny as she SLOWLY slid up her skirt in the front,
and I really went nuts as her panties started to come into view.
Finally, the skirt was totally up around her waist, and I was staring
at her skimpy panties. I could actually see some hair peeking out too!
The 2 guys finally realized that we were taking pictures as they got
closer, and that Kim was flashing her body for the camera. They were
still at least 100 feet away down the road, and since they weren’t
driving a car, Kim still hadn’t heard them approach. They stopped
their bikes and got off to check out the bridge etc., but I’m sure
that Kim was their main interest. I pretended that I didn’t see them
either, as I was in a position that was 45 degrees from where they
were, and I didn’t look in their direction at all.

They were probably convinced that neither one of us were aware they
were there. And the fact that Kim really wasn’t excited ME even
more!!! The 2 guys were coming quietly closer for a better look. They
found an obscure area so, at times, I really couldn’t see them.
Anyway, I pretended that I didn’t even when I could. I asked Kim to
unzip the skirt and let it fall. She looked around quickly, saw
nobody, slowly unzipped it, and let it fall to the ground. Then I said
to her, “Kim, take off your panties for me OK?” She, without the
slightest hesitation, slowly slid them down her thighs and let them
fall to the ground. I now saw her naked from the waist down in a
public area, posing and moving for me while I taped her!!! I asked her
how she felt and she said that it was making her really horny. I asked
her to show me JUST how horny. To my surprise, she started to rub
herself right there in broad daylight for me. I was getting such a
hardon! I could see the 2 guys out of the corner of my eye staring at
the unbelievable sight! I was wearing sunglasses, so I KNEW they
didn’t know that I was aware of them. I asked Kim, “What would you do
if someone came right now?” She said that she’d cover up quickly. I
told her how much it would COMPLETELY turn me on if someone was
watching RIGHT NOW. I also told her how sexy and beautiful she was
(and she is!). I said that I wanted her to be TOTALLY honest with me,
and tell me HONESTLY what she’d do RIGHT NOW in her horny state if
someone was watching. After some delay, she finally admitted to me
that it would turn her on as long as they didn’t know that she was
knowingly giving them a show.

At this point, I told her to try and make herself even hornier by
rubbing faster, but not to cum. She looked around again, saw nobody
and began to get herself even hornier for me. When she was really
close, I asked her, again, if she wished a guy was watching her and
she said “yes”. I asked her if that’s how she felt honestly and she
said YES!!!!!! I then said, “Kim, there are 2 guys in the bushes that
have been watching you for 10 minutes or so.” She laughed and said,
“Yeah, right!” I asked her if she’d be pissed if there was and I
hadn’t told her. She looked at me as if to say “Are there?”. I told
her that I loved her and that I was SO proud of her. Then she knew
there really was 2 guys watching her. She looked startled a teeny bit,
but looked at me as if to say “Should I?” I told her that I was SO
HARD because of her. I asked how she felt and she said “A little
nervous.” I asked if she was still as horny as she was and she said
yes! I told her to go crazy and really give them a show. They were
still back far enough so they couldn’t hear a word we were saying
which made it nice. I just kept video-taping it all as they watched
her show off for them. Then I asked her to REALLY go nuts. She then
slowly took off her top completely and dropped it to the ground. There
she was, TOTALLY naked in front of the 2 guys. I asked her how she
felt NOW and she said “WICKED HORNY”. I said, “GO crazy”, so she began
rubbing her nipple while she masturbated for me (and them). She really
got into it as she got closer, and when she came she moaned quietly so
they couldn’t hear her (I guess she was embarrassed). I went NUTS!!!!
The 2 guys watched as she came unglued right before their eyes. She
stopped cumming and then acted nervous so I said, “Kim, you’re
beautiful and I love you SO MUCH.” She just giggled, embarrassed, and
hugged me so tight!!

We never saw the guys after that, I guess they walked further into the
woods to hide. Anyway, it was the start of a GREAT lifetime of showing
off for Kim and I.