Beth explores her sexuality with her parents

The next morning, I woke up in my parents’ bed. Dad had already gotten up and I heard the shower running so I assumed he was in there. I took a chance and got up and went into their bathroom and climbed into the shower with my dad. He was surprised to see me but he quickly recovered and grabbed me into a naked hug. “How are you doing this morning, Beth,” he asked? “Are you okay today?” “Okay, Dad,” I responded? “I’m way better than okay. I’m on cloud 9. I’ve wanted to give you a blow job for a while now, but I had no idea whether you’d ever let me and I certainly didn’t even think about mom wanting to join in. Last night was simply incredible. I want to talk to you both about it tonight.”

We washed each other and it was really fun. I’d never taken a shower with someone else before. I loved soaping up dad’s cock and balls and just playing with him. And feeling dad’s hands soaping up my little tits felt great. Unfortunately, dad needed to get ready for work and I needed to get ready for school so we couldn’t spend as much time in the shower as I would have liked. We got out and dad wrapped a towel around me and briefly wiped me. I was enthralled just watching my dad dry himself off, rubbing the towel back and forth across his shoulders making his cock sway from side to side. And then wiping his cock and balls. I think it’s hot watching a guy touching himself. Then again, I think guys enjoy watching girls touching themselves too, so it’s universal.

I had to try really hard at school to keep a silly, stupid smile off my face all day. I couldn’t take the chance of anyone knowing what I’d done with my parents. I gave Larry a big kiss when I saw him. He tried to give me shit over what I did to him with my mom, but I know he wasn’t really upset. I turned it back to him by taunting him about having an orgasm in front of my mother. It was all in good fun. We’re good.

After school, we walked hand in hand to John’s house and I gave the boys some blow jobs. Again, I took off my shirt to let the boys play with my tits. Larry was true to his word and didn’t seem to have any problem with what I was doing with his friends. Larry didn’t take his turn. Instead, he walked me home again and I took care of him while naked in my bedroom. He made sure to tell me he wasn’t walking out of my bedroom naked again. Darn, he ruins all my fun. Maybe my mom will come home, get naked and come into my room and join us. I know, that’s just a fantasy. She’s cool but I don’t think she’s quite that cool. I told her I was willing to share but she didn’t seem too keen on it. Although, that might have just been for dad’s benefit. If it happens, it happens. I won’t push it. She’s probably right that Larry would really freak out. Plus, if he sees my mom naked, and especially her magnificent boobs, he might not be so hungry for me. I’m thinking just like my dad can ruin women for other men, my mom could ruin men for other women.

We enjoyed each other for a couple of hours and then Larry left before my mom got home from work. When mom got home, I went to greet her naked. She hugged me and gave me a kiss, which was certainly not how we used to greet each other before yesterday. Mom went to her room and came back out a few minutes later gloriously naked. I was conflicted over what I wanted first; her tits or her pussy. We went to the living room and had fun with each other for an hour or so until she begged off saying she needed to start dinner.

When I heard Dad’s car pull into the garage, I pulled a throw pillow off the couch and took it into the kitchen just inside the door to the garage. I got down on the pillow on my knees and waited for my dad to come in the house. Dad walked in and the first thing he saw was me naked and kneeling on the pillow. He started to speak and I said, “Shh. Just come here.” Dad came and stood in front of me. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants, unzipped him and pulled his pants down to his ankles. I then grabbed the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down as well. His big, beautiful cock was already starting to get hard and was rising.

I took my dad’s cock into my mouth and started giving him a blow job just like I did last night. I got him to my throat a bit easier than last night and started to swallow him down my throat using as much spit as possible. I would hold him in my throat and swallow for between 30 and 60 seconds at a time and then pull him out to my mouth so that I could take a breath. Dad was loving it, but he was holding out better than last night. I don’t know if it was because my mom wasn’t rubbing his balls, or because mom wasn’t watching us, or if some of the newness had already worn off. Whatever the reason, he was lasting long enough I had a chance to swallow that whole monster cock. I was determined. I had about another inch and a half to go. I had more than an inch of him down my throat and I was loving it. I pulled back out and I took him all the way out of mouth. “Dad,” I said, “you need to push it in. Use my throat, Dad. Fuck my mouth. Grab my head or my ears or something and use my head for your pleasure. Fuck me, Dad.”

With that, I sucked him back into my mouth and got him started down my throat. Dad grabbed the sides of my head and pressed himself to my face. I felt my throat open up and more of his cock slide in. ‘Come on Dad. Come on Dad’ I silently urged him in my mind. He was still being too careful of me. I grabbed his hands that were on my head and I started pushing and pulling my face onto his cock like I wanted him to do. He finally got the hint and he took over. He was starting to move me harder and harder. He was finally fucking my face and his cock was getting deeper and deeper down my throat. I realized, though, that I was running out of oxygen because dad wasn’t letting me up to breathe. I pushed on his thighs a couple of times and he got the idea and let up so I could take some breaths. He then pushed his cock back in pulled me to his groin. I found my nose against my dad’s pubes. I had done it. His whole magnificent cock was in my mouth and down my throat. Dad realized it too and he started shooting his cum down my throat. He was so excited that he never let up on me and his cum all shot straight down my throat. I didn’t get to taste a drop of it. When he finally finished and pulled out, he looked down and said, “I can’t believe it, Beth. You did it. You took the whole thing down your throat. It felt so fantastic. Thank you honey. But why were you waiting here for me on your knees?”

“Dad,” I said, “I just wanted to show you how much I miss you during the day, how much I appreciate what you do for us, and how much I love you. I am going to try to be right here waiting for you every day when you come home. Be ready to push that beautiful big cock down my throat and fill me up with your cum every day.” Suddenly I heard my mom, “That was pretty impressive, Beth. I can’t believe you got that whole thing in your mouth.” I didn’t know my mom was apparently watching the whole time after all.

After dinner I sat down with my parents in the living room. “Mom, Dad,” I began, “first of all, I just want to say that last night was the absolute best night of my life. Not only was it just a lot of sexy fun, but I have never felt more love for you or felt more loved than last night. Dad, I have wanted to suck your cock ever since mom told me how big and nice it is. Actually doing it, especially tonight getting the whole thing down my throat, was better than I could have imagined. I love sucking dicks, but sucking a real cock is epic. Mom, I knew I love licking pussy and sucking on boobs, but I never expected to be able to do those things to you. And when I first saw you naked yesterday, I about had a heart attack. As I told you last night after the pizza dude left, you are simply stunning. But, oh boy, do I love sucking on your incredible boobs and licking your pussy is heavenly. And then to lick dad’s delicious cum out of your freshly fucked pussy was the most amazing thing ever. Actually, I shouldn’t say your pussy was freshly fucked, because what I witnessed last night was not you guys fucking. It was the most beautiful, romantic expression of love imaginable. It is something I will never forget and I hope I get to witness it many more times in the future. If I had a video of that, I’d watch it every day for the rest of my life, wishing I had someone who loves me as much as you two love each other. You are so blessed to have found each other and I am so blessed to have you as parents.”

“It was really fun to be able to spend the night in bed with you guys last night, too. I’ve never slept with anyone before and I really liked it. I hope you will invite me into your bed often, even if all we do is sleep together. What I’d also like to see happen, if you guys are up for it, is that I’d love it if sometimes one of you would come sleep with me in my bed. I would love to be able to spend an entire night with each of you now and then. I loved every minute of what we did last night. I certainly have no regrets and I hope you don’t either. I want you both to know that I want to pleasure both of you sexually as much as possible. I am available to either of you whenever you want me. I am just as eager to swallow dad’s monster cock as I am to lick and suck on mom’s clit and make her cum all over my face.”

“Dad, regrettably, I have to agree with mom for now at least that we should not make love together. Believe me, it’s not because I don’t want to. First of all, I’m still a virgin and I doubt I could take your monster as the first cock into my tight little pussy. But now that I have experienced sucking your cock, I agree that your cock could ruin women for other men. That is especially so, because if I ever make love to you, I absolutely do not want to be on birth control. I don’t think I could make love to you without at least the possibility of you impregnating me. It just wouldn’t seem right. I think making love with you is like a religious experience which must be completely fulfilled. Frankly, mom, I don’t know how you could make love to him like you did last night and not want to get pregnant again from it. I should have five or six more brothers or sisters. So, Dad, it’s not something we should do any time soon because I’m certainly too young to get pregnant, but maybe someday we will. I will say though, I will never refuse you. If you decide you really want to make love to me and you’re willing help me through the consequences of it, I’ll gladly throw away my pills and spread my legs for you. I’d do it tonight if you really wanted to with absolutely no regrets.”

“So, anyway, I just wanted to try to express my feelings to you guys. Last night was transcendent for me. I now understand true love much more than I did yesterday. I have witnessed and felt true love. It was just simply wonderful and I thank you for being such wonderful parents and sharing your love with me in a way many people would think is wrong. They have no idea how wrong they are.”

My mom had tears in her eyes by the time I was finished with my speech. She just grabbed me and started kissing me and telling me how much she loved me. I always thought we were pretty close as a family, but now we are on a whole new level and it’s really, really cool. My dad was sitting there with kind of a stunned expression on his face. I think telling him I wanted to have his babies might have hit him somewhere special. He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t need to. He took it for the extreme compliment in which it was meant.

They invited me to sleep with them again that night. We didn’t have any sex. We did a lot of caressing and kissing and quiet talking until we fell asleep. This time my dad was between my mom and me. I liked it the other way because I could snuggle up with either one and burying my head between mom’s great tits is a great place to be. But I didn’t end up disappointed this night either. I awoke sometime during the night. I wasn’t sure what woke me up but I found my dad spooning with me. He had one hand across my chest on one of my tits and his big cock, somewhat but not completely hard, was nestled in the crack of my ass. Feeling his cock against me was so great. It was another first for me. I was tempted to reach between my legs and put the tip to my vagina and start trying to push it in, but I resisted. What I told him was the truth. I shouldn’t do it, but I really wanted to.

I can’t wait for Jim to finally take my virginity. I’m only a couple of weeks away from that now. I desperately want to feel a hard cock sliding into my pussy and feel it pulse as it shoots baby batter into me. Once I get past that first time, I expect to get reamed regularly by both Jim and Larry. This cum slut needs as much cum in my pussy as in my mouth. I can’t wait to tell Mel and Julie what’s been going on with my parents. I really want to be able to tell my parents about Mel and Julie and my relationship with Jim. I don’t think they’d have any problem with it. I think their reason for keeping the secret is mostly because of Jim and Julie’s incestuous relationship. Obviously, that is not a problem for my parents. And I think my parents would be okay knowing Jim is plowing Mel as well. I’d like to confide in my mom about Jim taking my virginity. I just feel like we should now be sharing everything. I don’t want to keep any secrets from my mom. I need to talk to Mel and Julie and get permission from them to tell my parents about their relationship. It should actually relieve some stress from them from hiding it from my parents. I think I’ll go over there this coming weekend.

Chapter 17

All week I greeted my dad at the door on my knees and gave him a blow job. His big cock slides down my throat pretty easily now and I’m getting better at managing my breathing so he doesn’t have to pull out as often. I’ve also gotten to play with my mom a lot and we’ve talked a lot about subjects I never expected to with her. She’s now my mom, my lover, and my best friend. I can’t believe what I didn’t know about her. It seems a woman takes on the role of being a mom and feels there must be barriers which shouldn’t be crossed and so the children never get to know their moms, or their dads, as real people. We’ve broken down almost all of the barriers and there is almost nothing we can’t talk about. That’s why I am hoping Mel and Julie will allow me to tell my mom about their relationship with Jim. And I want to tell her about my relationship with Jim as well. I definitely want to be able to tell her when I lose my virginity. I don’t know how I could possibly explain how Jim came to be the one without divulging their relationship. Ah, the webs we weave.

Finally, Saturday morning came. I wanted to go to Mel and Julie’s but it was still too early. I don’t want to wake them up or interrupt their breakfast, but I was anxious to get over there and tell them what’s been happening and get their permission to talk to my parents. I couldn’t stand it any longer and left my house at about 10:30 and walked to their house. It’s only a few blocks away so it doesn’t take long. As usual, the door opened to the completely naked body of Julie. “Hey, Beth, how you doing? We haven’t seen you in a while.”

I gave her a hug and an open-mouthed kiss while grabbing her cute tits. They’re not as big as Mel’s but they’re the size I wish I had at about a nice B-cup. They look perfect on her and I’ve had fun in the past licking and sucking them. “I’m doing great, actually,” I replied back to Julie. “I have a lot to tell you guys. You won’t believe what’s been going on in my life.” Just then Mel came bouncing down the stairs, well, her boobs were bouncing as Mel came down the stairs. Her boobs are so perfect and now that I’ve seen mom’s I know that they are probably still going to look incredible in another 20 years. I gave Mel and hug and a kiss as well and had to grab her boobs for a bit. There is no way to not do that when she’s naked in front of you.

We went into the living room and sat down and I started telling them all the things that have been going on. They knew I had started blowing the geek squad, but they didn’t know how close Larry and I had become. I told them Larry was now my boyfriend and how all that happened. They were as amazed as I was at the time that Larry would want such a cum slut for a girlfriend and not insist that I stop giving other guys head. I then told them about my initial sexual conversations with my mom. I told them about our parents being swingers years ago and about mom and her sister, Aunt Sue, enjoying each other when they were young. Next, I told them what I did to Larry to introduce him to my mom and they about shit a brick laughing that my mom would play along with it as she did.

Now, I was getting to the good part. I told them about mom getting naked with me and how smoking hot she is. Then I told them about the pizza guy. They were amazed we did that, but then they told me the things they had done with pizza guys other than just let them look. Then I told the girls about my mom convincing my dad to join us in being naked and to let me suck his gigantic cock. I told the girls all about what it took to suck that beast and how wonderful it was.

I must have been talking for at least an hour telling them everything that has been happening. There were times the girls thought I must be making it up, but I assured them it was all true. I told them about sleeping with my parents and how I greet my dad when he comes home now. So finally, I had to ask my question. “Mel, Julie, after hearing all of this, you now realize that our parents have no problems with incest or even slightly under-age sex. Our parents are far more open sexually than we ever had any reason to believe. I now have such a great relationship with my mom, that I want to tell her everything that is happening in my life. And that definitely includes when I give my virginity to Jim. I know that is going to be such a wonderful experience and I want to share it with her. But there’s no way I could explain how Jim came to be the one I gave my virginity to without divulging your thruple relationship. I would like your permission to tell my folks everything. I know you’ve wanted to keep this relationship quiet and I agree you should but mom and dad should be able to know and I am certain they would not only accept it, but would approve of it. Keeping secrets from strangers is easy. Keeping secrets from family is really hard. This is one secret we now know you don’t have to keep from the family.”

“Just think the fun our entire family could have together. All of us naked and enjoying each other. Mel, Dad has no problem with mom having sex with anyone she wants. He is so secure in their marriage and his big cock, that he knows mom would never leave him. I would bet Jim would love to fuck mom, especially once he sees her naked. We’ve all known she’s beautiful, but you won’t believe what she looks like naked. As I’ve told her a couple of times, she’s absolutely stunning. And you, you lucky bitch,” I said to Mel, “have the same body as her and will look just as stunning in 20 years as she does now. I am so fucking jealous of you two.” Of course, I said that with a smile so she knew I was kidding and then I continued. “And Mel, Dad would definitely love to make love to you. He wants to make love to me too. And I want to, but I won’t. At least not for a long time. I had a really cool thought, though. I know you both are intending, when the time is right, to get pregnant together with Jim’s babies. And you were thinking sometime later to do it again. How about you add dad and his giant cock into the equation. What if you each had a baby with not only your own father, but each other’s as well. Think what a wonderful blending of the families that would be. You could either do the first ones as you’d intended but then use dad for the second children, or you could each have your first child with your own father and then switch for the second. I think you guys should definitely think about it.”

“I know, Julie, that you gave your pussy to Jim so he controls who gets to enter your holy chamber and that, so far, he hasn’t shared your pussy with any other guys. I bet if you explained what the two of you wanted to do, assuming you wanted to do this, of course, that he would give dad permission to make love to you. Believe me you’ll understand once you actually see his cock. I think making love to him will be like a religious experience. The reason that I won’t make love to him, even though I am dying to, is that I would only do it if I wasn’t on birth control. I would have to make love to him with at least the chance he could get me pregnant. His cock is definitely made for breeding. I know dad would be all in for this and I’m willing to bet that Jim would think it’s terrific as well. It’s up to you, of course. It’s your bodies and your family, but I think it would be beautiful. I would only be concerned that my current jealousy of your relationship would grow exponentially adding dad’s incredible cock into the mix. Regardless of all of that, though, I want to be able to tell mom and dad about your relationship here so that I can tell her about losing my virginity to Jim. I’m going to be too happy and excited when that happens and not being able to share it with mom would be really hard. Please think about it. Talk it over. Whatever you need to do and let me know. I think it would be a good thing and just one thing you no longer need to stress about.”

Julie looked at Mel and then said, “She may be right, Mel. You know we always stress about what will happen if your parents happen to drop by someday and we answer the door naked. And we’ve never really figured out what good story we could tell your folks about how we both got pregnant at the same time. I need to check with my dad about this to be sure, but it sounds like it solves a bunch of issues and could end up being a really fun development. Just think of the six of us here naked sharing two wonderful cocks while taking care of each other’s pussies. Every family dinner would end up in an orgy.”

Mel said, “I can’t believe all of this. It just doesn’t sound like mom and dad, but then again, I totally misread them about our relationship at the start and made your dad go talk to them and they couldn’t have been more supportive. I have to agree that if Jim is okay telling them, I’m okay with it. We’ll have to think about and discuss Beth’s idea about our future children, but I’ve got to say I’m intrigued by that as well. I certainly never gave it any thought before and I’d be perfectly happy with Jim being the father of all of our children, but to have the two most important men in our lives sharing in our lives in this way would be something special. I think we need to give it serious thought. And, so you know, Julie, if you aren’t willing to have a child by my dad, then I won’t do it either. Whatever we do, we do together. One dad or two.” The two lovers sealed the deal with a kiss. I love watching them kiss. Hell, I love watching them make love. What they have together is truly special. And then they have Jim to boot? It’s not fair that their lives should be so much more beautiful than pretty much the rest of the world. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was jealous. If I could find a way to change that thruple to a quadruple, I’d do it in a flash. If I can just get Jim to ask me to marry him …. Nah, never going to happen, I’m too damn young; that’s all there is to it. I’d marry him but he’d always feel like he was marrying a child. At least I’ll be able to make love with him. Speaking of that, I need to find him and talk to him, too.

I left my two sisters still making out and went in search of Jim. He was in his home office doing something on his computer. As soon as he saw me come in the room, he spun in the chair, got up and came to me with his arms out in a hug. God, I do love this guy. I may not be in love with him, but I certainly love him. I gave him my best loving kiss and held onto him as long as possible. Jim said, “Beth, how have you been? I was getting used to you being here with us and then the last couple of weeks we haven’t seen you.”

“Jim, you wouldn’t believe what’s happened in my life. I just spent over an hour debriefing with Mel and Julie. They can catch you up on it later. Jim, next Saturday, or any day after that, I’m finally ready to make love with you. I have been so looking forward to this for so long. I need you to know that this isn’t just about losing my virginity. That’s just something that has to happen along the way. I have been dying to feel you inside of me for the longest time. I want so much to make love with you. It’s you that’s important to me in this, not my virginity. I just wanted to make sure you understood that. I’m not going to make love to you to lose my virginity. I’m going to make love to you because I do love you and want to make love with you. Does next Saturday sound like a plan?”

“Hell, yes, it does, Beth. I might even shower and shave for you.” I love his sense of humor along with everything else about him. “Beth, I also want to make sure you know that I won’t be making love to you because it’s such a thrill to take a woman’s virginity. Even though it is. I want to make love to you because of who you are, not what’s going to try to stop me from making love to you. I’m as anxious to take you into my arms and carry you to my bed as you probably are for me to do it. I’ll try to make sure it is the best day of your life.”

“I know you will, Jim,” I told him. “That’s clearly one of the reasons that I love you so much. You’re just the sweetest guy I’ve ever met and on top of that you are sexy and handsome. I don’t know if you’ll ever find another love of your life like your first wife, but until then, I’m sure glad, and jealous, that Mel and Julie have you in their lives to give them all the love you have to give. And I hope that you will want to give me some of that love as well for as long as we can. Every time I see you, I’m going to be wanting to make love with you. So, anytime you want it, I promise to never refuse you.” I grabbed him for another kiss before I started crying and making a real fool of myself.

When we broke the kiss, I decided to tease him a bit. “I suppose I should tell you,” I said, “that I now have a boyfriend. So, you’re going to be having some competition for my pussy. I’ve held him off to this point because I said he had to wait until you deflowered me, but he’s going to be the second guy in my pussy.” Jim took it as I knew he would, “So you’re telling me I better make it good or I’m out, huh?” We laughed and I let him off the hook. “I do have a boyfriend now named Larry. He’s a pretty good guy. I told him you were going to get my virginity as soon as the pills were in effect. I also told him this isn’t a one-time thing. I told him the extent of my fidelity to him would be that I wouldn’t have sex with anyone other than the two of you. And I intend that to be true for all future boyfriends as well. Any guy who wants to be my boyfriend has to know about and accept our sexual relationship or it ain’t happening. I think I should also tell you, that if there ever comes a point where you get into a new relationship which would make our relationship problematic, you just need to tell me and we’ll end it. I’ll be sad, but your happiness is very important to me and I never want to be in the way of that. I should also say that when I tell you I love you, I mean it. I’m not saying I’m in love with you, just that I do love you. I wish I wasn’t so young because I don’t think it would be difficult at all for me to fall in love with you, but I’m going to try to keep my emotions in check as much as possible so that our relationship is just a loving sexual one. If I wasn’t so young, you’d play hell getting away from me, Jim. You’re everything I hope to find some day in a man and a lover.”

“Beth, you may be young chronologically, but your mind and your heart are pretty darn grown up. That was the most wonderful thing anyone has said to me maybe ever. I wish you weren’t so young, too. We both know it would never work out even if we want to believe it could. And your dad would kill me if I took both of his daughters away. Seriously, I haven’t really known you that long so I don’t have the kind of history that I have with your sister but you both have such kind hearts and loving soles. I think it is probably a tribute to your parents to have raised two such wonderful young women. I appreciate that you are thinking about me in this relationship as much as you’re thinking about yourself. That’s a sign of real maturity. You’re a very impressive and lovely young woman and I’m really glad to have you in my life. We just need to play it by ear and enjoy each other as we can and let whatever happen, happen. I know I plan to enjoy every minute you’re in bed with me, that’s for sure.”

I kind of slapped him on the shoulder, smiled and said, “Gee we were having an in-depth discussion of our feelings and you turned it right back to sex. What a typical man.” That was time for another hug and a kiss. I really get the feeling that if I was older, I might have actually had a chance with Jim. He’s just a terrific guy.

Chapter 18

This next week is going to be really special. Well, actually, Saturday is going to be special. It’s going to be a long week waiting anxiously until I can make love with Jim. I decided I needed to try some new things this week to give me something to keep my mind occupied. I decided to try something fun on Monday. Instead of my usual T-shirt and jeans or shorts, I wore a dress. I almost never wear a dress to school. And this dress was the shortest one I own. It came down to no more than my mid-thigh. When you add to that my lack of underwear, it felt really sexy. I wore absolutely nothing except the dress and shoes.

Larry was shocked when he saw me because he’d never seen me in a dress. “What’s with the dress, Beth,” he asked? “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in one before. Are you going somewhere special after school or something?” In answer to Larry’s question, I grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand under the dress right onto my bare pussy. “I wore a dress to have a little fun today. I thought I’d let a teacher or two see my bare pussy and give you easy access to it all day long.” “Damn, Beth,” he said, “you’re going to be the death of me. But I guess it’ll be a fun ride,” he said as he smiled.

My first class of the day was Mr. Henson’s math class. Mr. Henson is a pretty cool guy. He’s a fairly young teacher; probably in his late twenties. I thought he’d appreciate seeing some virgin pussy. It was the perfect setup because that’s the one class where I sit in the front row. I waited at least twenty minutes into the class and he was at his lectern in front of the class. I slowly opened my legs and left them open. It took him a while to look down and realize what he was seeing. I wiggled my knees back and forth to keep his attention. I think I saw his pants inflate a little with a bulge. It wasn’t obvious; I saw because I was looking for it. After a while he gave us an assignment to do and went and sat at his desk. I swiveled a bit towards him to make sure he still had a good view and discreetly raised my skirt up a bit higher to fully expose my now wet pussy to Mr. Henson. He kept glancing up from his desk and looking directly between my legs. Displaying myself was a huge turn on. I was finally realizing that I’m not just a cum slut or a cock slut. I’m an exhibitionist. I don’t have much of a body, but I enjoy letting others see it anyway. No one’s ever turned away in disgust or anything. It’s not like I’m gross. I just know I don’t exactly have the ideal body type. I’m probably much more critical of my body than anyone else. Obviously, Larry, his pals, Bobby, Jim and my dad don’t seem to be turned off by my body so maybe I just need to cut myself a break. And I like all of them looking at me naked and now I have to add Mr. Henson seeing my pussy to the list.

After class, I waited until everyone had filed out and then approached Mr. Henson’s desk. “It was a good class today, Mr. Henson,” I offered. He looked at me and smiled and then said, “Yes, it was a very good class today. The view of the class was especially nice. Look,” he said, “I did enjoy looking at you and I thank you for that. But you need to be very careful about doing such things in school. There are a lot of teachers who would turn you in for that to ensure they don’t get caught up in something that will ruin their career. I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories of teachers losing their jobs and going to jail for getting too familiar, let’s say, with a student. So, if you want to show me sometimes, just be as discreet as possible about it. Don’t let any other students know you’re doing it. You could ruin my life. Do you understand what I’m saying, Beth?”

“Yes, Mr. Henson, I do. I’d never want to do anything to hurt you. I’ll be very careful and only do it on occasion. However, I would like to make you an offer. I have found that I absolutely love giving blow jobs.” Mr. Henson started to say something and I held up my hand to stop him. “Let me just say this, Mr. Henson. I love giving head and I’m really good at it. I do it for several boys here at school pretty regularly. But they’re just boys. I prefer men. If you would ever like me to give you one and you can figure out where and when we can do it so that no one will ever know or see us together, I’d be very happy to pleasure you. I won’t talk about it again. I’m not trying to trap you into anything. I’m just making a real offer and it will be up to you whether you accept it or not. And now, I better get out of here and to my next class before I’m late. Oh, one more thing. I don’t seem to have a gag reflex. I haven’t had a problem taking every dick deep down my throat.” I turned and walked to the door, paused, and said, “Mr. Henson.” He turned his head to look at me and I pulled up the back of my dress to show him my ass as I walked out of his room.

Out in the hallway, I was shaking like a leaf. I swear I am getting more ballsy every week. Or am I getting stupider every week? I hope Mr. Hanson figures out when I can suck his cock. A true cum slut needs to keep expanding her network to ensure a steady supply of cum.

I took Mr. Henson’s warning to heart, though, and didn’t flash any other teachers. I didn’t bother being careful with my dress outside of class, though and I think a few guys at school got glimpses of my pussy or my ass. At lunch, Larry told me the guys had asked if I’d come to John’s today after school to give them their blow jobs. I told Larry, “I don’t have a problem doing that but there might be an issue. I usually take off my shirt so the boys can play with my tits while I suck their dicks, but today I’m only wearing this dress. If I take it off, I’ll be naked in front of your friends. I don’t have a problem with that, but do you? Are you okay with them seeing your girlfriend completely naked?”

“Gee, Beth,” Larry said, “I’ll have to think about this. I mean I told you I wouldn’t be jealous and I know you’re certainly going to be very naked with the guy who’s going to take your virginity on Saturday. So, the only issue is whether my own pals should be able to see you naked. You know what, Beth? You said this relationship was all in and no limits. I’m not going to start putting limits on you now. This will be your choice to make. If you want to get naked in front of my friends, do it. I know they’d love it. If you don’t want to, then don’t. It won’t change how I feel towards you either way. If I can be naked in front of your mother, I guess you can be naked in front of my friends. No limits, Beth.”

“Larry, you keep up being such a great guy and I might be telling you pretty soon how much I love you. Almost every day you do something to prove to me how much you care for me, trust me, and want me. I am so glad to be your girlfriend.” I gave me a big kiss and, once again, grabbed his hand and shoved it under my dress so he could rub my pussy. We were standing in the middle of the cafeteria with my tongue in Larry’s mouth and his fingers rubbing my clit. Oh, yeah. No limits!

After school we met at the flag pole like normal and started walking to John’s house. Larry asked me what I was going to do and I wouldn’t tell him. I wasn’t totally sure myself except that if I’m going to really be an exhibitionist, the answer should be clear. At John’s house, I would usually go into his room and take off my top to bare my tits. I decided to do things a bit differently today, because things were different. We were all in the living room and I said to the boys, “Well boys, you know I usually take off my top so you can play with my tits. Unfortunately, I’m wearing a dress today.” The boys groaned in disappointment. I continued, “What that means is, if I take off the dress so you can get to my tits, you’ll see more than my tits.” Of course, the boys would think I was wearing panties which they’d still enjoy seeing, but didn’t know I was naked under the dress. “Are you guys okay with that?” What a rhetorical question. The guys all nodded in agreement. With that I unzipped the back of the dress, pulled the top off of each shoulder and slowly lowered the dress down, down, down. First, of course, they saw my tits. Then came my flat stomach. Next, they saw my pussy for the first time and the boys went crazy. I tossed the dress onto a chair. I stood before four boys naked except for my shoes. Trying to act shy I asked, “Are you sure this is okay, guys?” They actually started telling me how hot I looked. I don’t think any of the them, except Larry of course, had ever seen a real pussy before.

Finally, Bill figured things out and turned to Larry, “Larry, are you okay with this. I mean we’re seeing your girlfriend’s pussy and everything. We love seeing her naked and we promise not to touch her, but we don’t want to piss you off either. Is this okay?” And my Larry who I just might fall in love with said, “Guys, I’m okay with whatever Beth wants to do. I don’t own her. I don’t control her. I love that she’s beautiful and she’s sexy. If she wants to walk down the middle of the street naked to show everyone how beautiful she is, I support her. I just expect that you will respect her, and me. You said you won’t touch her and that’s okay, but the main thing is just that you don’t touch her in places she says you can’t. If she says you guys can touch her anywhere you want, then you can. It’s all up to her. It’s her body. We’re all just here enjoying it.”

Once again, he’d touched my heart. I couldn’t resist and I went to him and wrapped myself around him and kissed him and ground my body against him. If I wasn’t still a virgin, I probably would have fucked him right there in front of his buddies. “Okay, here’s the deal,” I told the boys. “You can look at me all you want. In fact, if you want, I’ll spread my legs so you can see all of my pussy since I’m betting this is the first real one you’ve seen. If you want me to bend over or whatever, just tell me. You can touch me everywhere except my pussy. That’s Larry’s. So, if you want to rub my back, squeeze my butt cheeks, whatever, go ahead. You don’t need to ask. Maybe, if you ask Larry real nice, after your blow jobs you can watch him rub and maybe even lick my pussy until I have an orgasm. I’m okay with that, too. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I discovered that along with being a cum slut, I’m an exhibitionist. My pussy is getting wet standing in front of you guys naked. So, this whole thing is exciting for me. Let me show you my pussy.” I sat on the chair opposite the couch where the boys were sitting and I spread my legs as wide as I could. The arms of the chair prevented me from opening all the way so I put my legs over the arms of the chair to spread myself wider. I then used my hands to pull open my labia to show them my vagina. “Here it is, guys. My whole pussy. You can get closer if you want.” There was an immediate scramble off the couch as the guys got on their knees in front of me as close to my pussy as possible. I pointed out my vagina and used my fingers to open it up a bit. Then I pulled up on my clit hood and showed them my clit and told them how to make a girl feel good by playing with her clit.

I then had a really nasty idea. I hoped this wouldn’t finally make Larry mad. “There’s one more thing you can learn about pussy today,” I said. “You need to smell my pussy. If you want, one at a time you can come up and put your nose real close and take a couple deep breaths to smell my pussy. It’s one of the best smells ever. I love the smell of pussy. The only thing better is how it tastes but I’m afraid that’s not part of today’s lesson. Who wants to smell my pussy?” Duh! Of course, they all did. One by one they came up to the chair and nearly put the tips of their nose on my clit and took whiffs of my pussy. It made me as turned on as them. I had a feeling these were going to be the fastest blow jobs ever. When they were done sniffing me like horny dogs, I went into John’s room for the first blow job and John came in with me.

“Beth, that was all incredible. Just seeing you naked is amazing. You always knock the size of your tits, but I think you have an amazing, beautiful body. Thank you for showing yourself to us today. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the smell of your pussy. It was so hard not to bury my face into you when I smelled you. Larry is so lucky to have you and be able to touch and kiss and lick you all over. You know we’ve always kind of been the forgotten guys at school. No girls ever talked to us except Leslie until you came around. Being able to spend this time with you is giving all of us some confidence to be able to actually talk to a girl without being a dork. I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We all appreciate you so much.”

“Thank you, John,” I said, “that was very sweet of you to say those things. I feel badly that I was one of those girls at school that ignored you for a long time too. You guys intimidate a lot of kids at school because everyone knows how smart you are. Because of that you have gravitated to each other and pretty soon you were your own little group and everyone just let you alone. I suggest that you guys start doing what I did to meet you guys in the first place. Start just saying hello or hi to people at school when you see them. Now don’t go for the stuck up super popular kids, they’re not worth your time. But there are a lot of just normal kids that would probably say hi back. Start doing that with just one or two people. After a week or so, instead of saying hi, stop and introduce yourself. You don’t need to start a conversation, just find out their name. Now you can call them by name when you see them. Eventually, you’ll stop and have a brief conversation. The more other kids see you guys mixing in with them the more the acceptance will be. Take your time. It may take weeks, but there’s no rush. Just act friendly and try not to act too smart around them. Save that for in class. I hope that helps. Well, we better get on with the reason we’re in here or the guys will start to wonder if I’m letting you do more than I said I would.”

With that, I pulled down his pants and gave him his usual blow job while he played with my tits. I was loving being naked. I’ll probably get naked every time now. No reason not to. They’ve seen it all. Each guy came in and also said something nice about me being naked. That was a lot of appreciation to get in one day. This day turned out great. When just Larry was left, I walked back out to the living room and stood in front of the boys naked and let them look. Matt asked if I’d turn around and bend over so I did. In fact, while I was bent over, I used my hands to spread my ass cheeks so they could see my little star and a nice view of my pussy. I didn’t know if Larry was going to do anything with me in front of the boys or not. I was waiting to see what he would do or say. Eventually, he got off the couch and told me to sit down where he had been right in the middle of the couch. He directed me to scoot to the edge of the couch and spread my legs. Oh, God, he’s going to make me orgasm in front of the boys. This will be fun.

Larry got on his knees between my legs and started kissing the insides of my legs and up and around my pussy. The other boys were jockeying for position trying to see as much as possible. Larry started licking up and down my pussy lips and giving my clit a little flick as his tongue went past. Then Larry lifted my legs up so my knees were at my chest and he asked John and Bill to hold my legs. My pussy was now totally spread open to their gaze while Larry went to work licking and lightly biting my labia. Then, he did something he’d never done before. He licked my asshole. He licked it around and around rimming it several times. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Larry’s tongue got back up to my clit and it felt so good. I wasn’t going to last long. This was going to be one of my fastest orgasms ever. I had never been eaten in front of an audience or rimmed, or orgasmed while four guys watched. I was in exhibitionist heaven. Larry was sucking and licking my clit. He put a finger to my vagina but knew he couldn’t go in too far. I didn’t want to lose my hymen now a few days before my deflowering. But just having the tip of his finger in me while sucking on my clit, I started to tremble and knew I was close. “Oh, fuck that feels good. Don’t stop, Larry. Don’t stop. I’m almost there. Almost. Oh, shiiiiiit. Yes, I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” I screamed. I shook and juices were flowing out of my pussy and four boys were watching me cum. I couldn’t stop shaking and cumming. It was epic.

Once I finally stopped shaking, Larry let up with his tongue and the boys let go of my legs. I was like a limp rag. I saw that each guy had a lump in their pants and I got one last idea for the day. I pulled myself off the couch and laid down on the carpet. “Okay, guys. Now I want you all to take out your dicks and jack off and cover me with your cum. I want it on my tits, my stomach, my face, in my hair. I don’t care. Just cover me in your cum. I want to wear it for the rest of the day.” The four boys scrambled off the couch, dropped their pants and got on their knees around me and started wanking. “Make sure you don’t cum on each other. I want all of your cum. Every drop. Cum on me boys. Cover me in your cum.” I just kept urging them on and finally I felt the first spatter and then another and another. And pretty soon it was raining cum. I was in cum slut heaven.

Once they were done, they just stayed there and looked at me for a while. I must have been a mess. “Thank you, boys. Today has been really fun.” I felt some of the cum start to run. As much as I wanted it to just dry in place, that’s not the nature of cum. I started smearing the cum all around my body. I covered my chest, stomach and face with their cum. I didn’t try to rub it in. I just smeared it around to stop it from running so that it could dry in place. I wasn’t going to wash it off until my shower tomorrow morning. I wanted to smell their cum all night. I wondered if my mom would smell it.

Eventually, I got up and retrieved my dress and slipped it on. It stuck to me in some places because the cum was still wet, but I didn’t care. I remembered seeing that weird word on line used to describe what the boys did to me – bukkake. That won’t be the last time I do that.

Larry walked me home and as we walked, we talked about what I’d done. He wasn’t mad. In fact, he said he was proud of me. He said it was the hottest, sexiest thing he’d ever seen. I thought I would shock him and said, “Well, you know, next week you and I are going to make love for the first time. Maybe the second time we should do it in front of the boys. As far as I’m concerned, once we start doing it, we can do it anywhere you want as long as we won’t get arrested or in trouble. I don’t care who sees us or how many people see us. I think I found out today that I really like having sex in front of an audience, so let’s use our imaginations and try as many things as we can. I’ll understand if you can’t do some of the wild things I’d like to try. I’m the exhibitionist here, not you. I don’t have the right to drag you into doing something you don’t want to do. So, don’t be afraid to say no to me. So far, you’ve been incredibly supportive and it’s been a lot of fun. But if I get too wild for you, say something. I don’t want to lose you.”

As soon as we got to my house, I pulled the dress off to get naked and let the cum dry the rest of the way. It was mostly dry from the walk home. I took Larry by the hand and led him into the living room and sat him down on the couch. I straddled his lap and started making out with him. He broke the kiss long enough to say with a smile, “You know, I’m not getting naked for your mom to catch us again.” “Not this time,” I replied.