Bird of Prey (MF, inc, oral)

She stood at the bar, drinking some sort of cocktail the bartender had
recommended, she sipped it slowly through her full pouted lips. Her long
black hair curled around her face, her nails and makeup immaculate, but it
was her eyes that made the men around her take a second look.

She had the look of a hunter stalking its prey, a seductive yet distant look
in the dark blue depths of her eyes, as if she were approachable but at the
same time extremely fussy in the type of prey she took down. She wore little
to no jewelry, and her clothing was tailored into a sexy style that revealed
her long slender legs, the elegant taper of her neck and the gentle swell of
her breasts above an impossibly tiny waist.

The most obvious thing about her was that she was alone, which made it even
more obvious she was out to catch a mate for the evening. A couple of men
cast suggestive glances in her direction, but she shifted from their view
ever so slightly to break the eye contact, the cold shoulder tactic, they
were not what she was looking for.

A well-dressed group of men entered the bar, laughing and joking loudly,
they all gave her appreciative looks and a couple made comment as they
passed her at the bar. She never even glanced in their direction, but a
small smile of satisfaction touched her lips and she sipped her drink again
as if to wipe the smile from her face. She knew she looked good, she knew
she would get what she wanted, she just had to be patient.

He arrived in with entourage of men and women of varying ages, all quite
obviously full of alcohol already. She watched him through half closed eyes
over the rim of her glass, he certainly had animal magnetism even with the
distinguished graying at the temples he made no effort to hide. He was
ushered through to a private table in the member’s area like some sort of
movie star, greeting people as he went. She shifted in her seat so she could
watch his table as his cronies gathered around him, trying to sit as close
as they possibly could to their idol.

His eyes met hers through the smoke filled club, he almost looked away but
his glance flickered back to hers and he stared quite openly as if trying to
figure out if he knew her. She watched him rise and walk towards her a
smile playing at the corner of her mouth as he leaned against the bar next
to her and tilted his head curiously.

“I know you don’t I?” he queried in a deep smooth voice that sent shivers of
pleasure up her spine.

She leaned forward and spoke quietly so he had to dip his head to hear her,
she was aware that he would be looking straight into her cleavage as she
spoke. “No you don’t, but I’m sure I’ve heard that line somewhere before”
she answered teasingly.

His gaze shot up to meet hers and he grinned broadly, “bartender! Get the
lady another of whatever she’s having and put it on my tab” he glanced over
at his friends for a second then back to her “join us, I’m Carter” he held
his hand out as he introduced himself.

“Sure, but I’ll pay my own way” she smiled as she lifted the hem of her
skirt to reveal the clasp of her suspender holding tightly to the black
stockings she wore, pulling a folded note from a small pocket attached to
her suspender she tossed it on the table. His eyes never left the creamy
white of her thigh until she pulled her skirt down again, then he looked
into her eyes curiously.

“Interesting place to keep your cash, what else do you keep hidden down
there?” He chuckled as she received her drink from the bartender.

She looked at him seductively whispering, “why don’t you take me somewhere
and we can find out?” A thrill going through her at her bold suggestion,
this was going to be much easier than she had thought. Her lips puckered
around the straw in her cocktail, her eyes staring openly up into his as he
glanced at his friends, then turned his gaze to run down over her body again

“Sure, I have a room here, they won’t even notice I’m gone as long as the
bar tab remains open” he nodded to his friends as he took hold of her arm,
escorting her swiftly out of the hotel club and into the lift in the lobby.

Once inside the lift he pushed her back against the wall, kissing her deeply
on her mouth, then covering her jaw and neck with tiny kisses as his hands
explored her exquisite curves through her clothes. “You are one hot little
lady, god I can’t wait to get these clothes off you and get you into bed” he
groaned as he pressed the rigid shaft of his cock against her thigh.

She reveled in his excited exploration of her body, his hands grasping her
breasts and lifting them, massaging them before running down to circle her
tiny waist. She let her own arms wrap around his neck, resting them upon
his broad athletic shoulders moaning beneath his kisses as his hands
squeezed her buttocks, crushing her pelvis against his raging erection.

The doors of the lift finally opened, they were in the penthouse, she had
known it would be extravagant but had not imagined the plush furnishings
that surrounded her as he led her to the huge bed in the center of the room.
She let him undress her, articles of her clothing raining down around them
until she was standing before him in just her black lacy lingerie and

“You could be a model with a body like that, where the hell have you been
all my life, my god your beautiful” he prattled, she ignored it, she had
heard it all before. Moving over to the bed she lay down in a suggestive
pose, she still wore her heels because she heard he got off on fucking girls
with their shoes still on.

He groaned as he looked at her, virtually ripping his shirt off and dropping
his pants to the floor with swift unhindered movements, in two steps he was
upon her. His kisses and caresses bringing forth the most exciting
responses from her body, she arched to his mouth, her breasts straining
beneath her lacy body suit as he teases her nipples with his fingertips.

She felt her insides contract and a pulse of wetness flow from between her
immaculately shaved pussy lips soaking into her lingerie. It excited him
when his fingers found the wetness, he groaned again passionately as he
ripped open the studs of her body suit, his fingers burying themselves
within the slippery folds of her sex, rubbing and probing at the most
sensitive areas within.

Her hips rose with each thrusting invasion of his fingers within her horny
cunt, he pulled open the top of her body suit, sucking the hard jutting
points of her nipples. She gasped as the thrill of pleasure ran straight
from her nipples to her clitoris, enhancing the movements of his fingers
within her.

She clasped him breathlessly as she felt her body start to shudder with
climax; he released her nipple from his mouth and kissed her lips, silencing
a strangled cry as she climaxed into his hand. Her body was writhing and
thrashing beneath him as he fucked three of his finger deep inside the
contracting wetness of her cunt.

“Fuck you’re a hot bitch when you cum, I want to make you cum all night long
baby” he crooned as he pushed her stockinged legs apart with his knees. His
long cock slapped against her thigh in his anxious approach, the hard smooth
swollen head sliding across her clitoris as it slipped against the wetness
of her pussy lips making her gasp. He grabbed his cock and aimed it, with
one urgent thrusting stroke he was buried to the hilt inside her, making her
buck beneath him and drag her nails down the flesh of his back.

She was hot and tight inside, but slippery wet with excitement, it was
heaven for his cock and he held himself still within her for a moment before
beginning to thrust steadily inside her. She rose to meet him, wrapping her
legs around him and pulling him back inside, her legs were strong and she
pressed her heels against his buttocks as they drove their bodies against
each other.

He watched the youthful expression of pain and pleasure on her face as his
cock drove within her, parting her insides with its thickness and butting
against the opening to her womb. She was like a wild thing thrusting and
arching beneath him, her moans and cries urging him on and he responded with

Pulling out of her he grabbed her and rolled her over onto her stomach,
spreading her legs with one easy motion he lifted her pelvis up and drove
his cock back into the welcoming warmth of her cunt. She moaned loudly and
threw her head back as he pushed deeper within her than before, pulling her
back onto his shaft by her hips as he fucked her.

She was truly beautiful, the perfect rounded orbs of her buttocks fitting
his palms, her tiny waist and full breasts exquisitely sensitive to his
touch. Such a wonder that she practically threw herself at him so openly,
he had thought she would back down when he took her up to his room. He knew
his movies had made him a well-known celebrity, but he had never found a
woman who didn’t play just a little hard to get, especially the young ones.

This one was the most beautiful as well as the easiest lay he had ever had
and man could she fuck, he heaved himself into her again and again, she
pushed back against him, taking everything he could give and begging for
more. He groaned as she orgasmed around his shaft, gripping him as the
warmth of her climax spread within her, he plunged with quick sharp thrusts
as she came making her yelp with each heavy breath.

His cock released within her not more than a minute after she had finished
shuddering, filling her womb with hot spurts of his seed. He watched as the
mixture of their juices flowed from her hole and gathered at the base of his
cock that he held deep within her until the pulsing of his climax had

Carter rolled onto his back and let out a long sigh of relief, “man what a
lay, you’d have to be the best fuck I’ve ever had and I mean that in the
most complimentary way” his eyes closed as he lay there. He felt her move
and groaned as she took his cock in a light grasp, he opened his eyes and
looked down to watch her lick and suck at the still throbbing half erection
between his legs.

“Oh god” he groaned as the pleasure of her lips drew life back into his
cock, it throbbed and twitched beneath her touch until it was so hard it
ached for more. She slid it along her tongue and down the back of her
throat, swallowing his cock and sucking at its swollen tip. He ran his hand
down the outline of her suspender belt as it curved over her buttocks and
buried his fingers into her soaking wet pussy, rubbing her clit for a moment
before delving deep inside her cunt.

She moved so he could touch her more easily and he grabbed her pulling her
over his face so he could feast upon her as she sucked him. He held her
tiny waist as he plunged his face between her legs, parting her smooth
hairless lips with his tongue then sucking and nibbling at the most
sensitive areas within. He could taste his own juices mixed with hers, the
combination was like an aphrodisiac.

He wanted to be inside her again and moved her off his face, bringing her
round he perched her across his hips, she smiled down at him, long black
curls cascading down over her shoulders and breasts. She slid herself back
upon his stony shaft, her eyes fluttering closed and her full lips parting
erotically as his cock found its way inside the wet tightness of her cunt

He grasped her hips and drove up as she moved down, making room for his
throbbing cock deep inside her. The heat inside her cunt was exquisite and
they ground their pelvises together for a few moments before she started to
ride him. Moving slowly at first she picked up the pace quite quickly until
she was pumping up and down on him furiously.

Her tits jiggled and her hips wiggled, she was pumping and grinding against
him, sending herself spiraling on a wild decent into the oblivion of
orgasmic pleasure. He couldn’t believe the energy ball riding upon him, her
stamina seemed endless, she would reach climax, cum and then do it again.
Until finally he couldn’t stand it any longer, his hips rose high as he
drove against her frenzied assault upon his cock, his whole body jerking as
he exploded inside her.

She collapsed upon him when they were both spent, his cock softening inside
her, her heart racing against his chest and her skin clammy from her
exertions. He gently wiped the damp strands of midnight black hair from her
face and she turned her gaze up to his with a dreamy smile of satisfaction.

“You never told me your name sweetheart,” he whispered down at her and she
lifted her head, kissing him gently on the mouth, then more passionately,
letting her tongue run lightly over his lips.

She raised her head and looked down at him with a smug smile upon her face
“my name is Shannon, I believe you knew my mother Krystal, she always talked
about you as if you were some kind of god and like she was the only one to
ever get really close to you. Well now she’s not and I’m glad because it
was sickening how she always seemed to use you as her claim to fame”.

“JESUS!!” Carter yelled as he pushed her from him and practically leapt from
the bed, pulling a sheet off and wrapping it around his waist as if suddenly
caught naked by a stranger. He turned and paced one way then the next
running his hand through his hair anxiously before looking at her again, his
face was bright red and he shook his head in disbelief.

“What? What? Christ we only had sex, it’s not like you married me or
anything, and why has my mother’s name got you so worked up anyway?” she
grumbled as she started to gather her things from the floor. She shot him
an angry glance as she made her way to the bathroom and slammed the door
behind her “Anyone would think you just committed adultery or something” he
heard her fling back at him through the closed door.

Carter sat on the edge of the bed staring at the floor between his feet, how
could this have happened, he shook his head again and looked up at the
bathroom door as a fully dressed and groomed Shannon walked out. His eyes
looked glazed and his face remained expressionless as he motioned for her to
sit down.

“Your mother and I were an item for some time, we had different pathways to
travel so we split, but that was a long time ago. The thing you don’t know
is that we were on different paths because your mother wanted to keep the
baby she was carrying and I wanted a career. The baby was you Shannon; you
are my daughter, so now you see the dilemma we are in and why it shook me up
so much when you explained who you were”.

“Oh my god! You’re my Daddy? She never told me, I mean my mother never told
me who my father was, oh god I can’t believe this is happening!” Shannon
gasped, her whole body going numb as she sat trying to take in the fact that
she had just willingly fucked her own father.

“You can’t tell anyone what has happened Shannon, not even your mother, my
god I should never have agreed to keep out of your lives, you should have
been told, but your mother thought you would have been drawn to the high
life and she wanted you to grow up in a normal environment. I’m so sorry
Shannon, please forgive me?”

She looked into his pleading eyes and nodded sadly, “I don’t think I would
want anyone to know about this either dad, I guess that’s what I call you
now then?” she murmured as she stood and collected her bag. Carter rose and
walked to her and they hugged each other close, she looked up and he kissed
her lightly on the nose.

“You sure can call me dad and I want you to know if things were different, I
‘d be trying to find out when I could see you again, you sure take after me
in more ways than a father should be proud of girl” he grinned down at her.

Shannon felt her body tingle at his words, he still had an amazing effect
upon her and his arms around her only fuelled the fire. She stood on tiptoe
and kissed him on the lips, perhaps for a little longer than she should
have, she felt his lips open beneath hers and the kiss deepened as their
tongues met.

They stepped back from each other simultaneously a little shocked by the
uncontrollable response they drew from each other, Shannon smoothed her
clothes down and Carter clutched at the sheet around his waist. “Um, I
should go then” Shannon stammered as she fumbled with her purse and made her
way to the door.

Carter cleared his throat “yes well it was nice to meet you” he said lamely
as he watched his sexy daughter sashay to the door, god she was gorgeous.
If she weren’t his daughter he would have ripped her clothes off right there
in the hall and screwed her brains out against the wall before she left. He
shook his head as if to clear the thought and smiled at her as the lift
doors closed on her pretty face, quite sure the memory of this day would be
with him for the rest of his life.