Blacks of Night

Fourth Street was nearly deserted this late at night. I walked quickly, my
hands in my pockets. I was alert; I had heard tales of robberies in this
area late at night.

Not that I was carrying much money — it was just before payday, and I was
down to my last two bucks, which is why I was walking to the bus stop.

Ahead of me, I heard a scrape, a whisper, then silence. I tensed up, ready
to run.

A shadow moved. I gripped my keys in my pocket, thinking to use them as a
weapon if needed.

The black woman stepped out directly in front of me. She was tall and
thin, long-legged. I stopped suddenly before I bumped into her.

“Hi, honey,” she grinned. “Want a date?”

I shook my head, and started to walk around her.

She grabbed my arm. “Hey, wait a minute,” she whispered, harshly.

I glanced down. Her other hand held a shiny knife.

“What do you want?” I shouted.

“Quiet,” she said. “Not that anyone could hear you anyway. Just give me
your money.” She gestured with the knife. “Now.”

I reached into my pocket, and pulled out my wallet. She grabbed it from my
hand, searched through it. “Two bucks? Two bucks? Is that all you’ve
got?” She rifled through the limp leather. “No credit cards? Shit, man.”

She thrust the wallet back at me. I turned to make a break for it, but
found myself facing another black woman, this one somewhat plumper.

She grinned at me, and flashed a knife. “Where ya goin’?”

“Two bucks,” the first woman complained. “The guy’s got only two bucks.”

The fat girl grinned again. “I heard. But maybe he’s got something else
in him.”

Her hand darted forward, grabbing my crotch. I stepped backward, away from
her, but the first woman was right behind me. I felt a pressure against my
lower back.

I had visions of the knife slashing my kidneys. I held still.

“This way,” the fat one muttered, gesturing with the knife in her hand.
She pushed me into the darkess between buildings.

They guided me down the alleyway to an unmarked door. The fat one opened
the door, and they pushed me inside. The dim hallway made several turns,
and ended at another door. The thin one opened the door.

The room was bright, compared to the darkness I had become accustomed to.
There was a bed — well, there was a mattress and box springs on the floor.
The walls were a pale green, unadorned, except for a long mirror, about a
foot and a half high, that stretched the length of one wall.

“Take off your clothes,” the fat one demanded.

“What?” I sputtered.

She gestured with the knife again. “Take ’em off or I’ll cut ’em off.”

The look in her eyes was frightening. I began to take off my clothes. I
soon stood before them in just my underpants.

“The Jockey shorts, too,” the thin one grinned.

Grimacing, I pulled off the shorts.

“Nice ass,” the fat one said.

“But a little small in the front,” the thin one laughed.

The fat one joined her laugh with a giggle. She stepped up to me and
grabbed my penis. She squeezed it, and whispered, “Now, you’re gonna fuck
us — both of us — and if you come before both of us do, you’re gonna get
cut. Unnerstand?”

I nodded.

The fat one looked over at the thin one. “You wanna go first?”

The thin one shrugged. “Don’t care.”

She stripped quickly. Her body, lean and long, was attractive. She had
small breasts, but large, black nipples. Her unshaved pubic hair was bushy
and equally black.

The fat one squeezed my cock, which had begun to stiffen. “I think he
likes you,” she giggled.

The thin one sat on the mattress, putting her knife within reach. She
leaned back, and spread her legs. She reached down between her legs, and
spread her labia with her fingers. Just inside the dark labia, I could see
the pinkness of her vagina.

“Ever see a black pussy?” she asked.

I shook my head.

With a smile, she spread her legs wider, leaning farther back. “Get a good
look,” she said.

The fat one moved behind me, and pushed me toward the bed. I stumbled, and
fell to my knees. I looked up, and found myself staring into the thin
one’s fragrant hole.

“Lick me,” she demanded.

I hesitated, and the fat one pushed me again. “Lick her!” she said.

I leaned forward, extending my tongue until it touched her pussy. She
tasted salty; the scent of her pussy assailed my nose — a cross between
cheap perfume, urine and day-old flounder.

“Is that the best you can do?”

The fat one shoved me again; my face plunged into the thin one’s crotch.

“In for a penny,…” I thought, and began to move my tongue up and down her

“That’s better,” the thin one said. “Now lick my clit.” She held her
labia apart with her fingers, making her clit more obvious. I ran my
tongue over it.

Obviously, I couldn’t see behind me. So it was a surprise when I felt the
naked body of the fat one pressing up behind me. She cupped my ass with
her hips, and her hands reached around me, grasping my cock.

She stroked slowly, a movement designed to make me harder. My body
responded, my cock pumping up in her hands.

The thin one moaned, pushing the back of my head, pressing my face deeper
into her cunt. My mouth slid over her clit, wide open. My tongue pressed
against her clit. It felt hot and hard against my tongue.

Behind me, the fat one pushed my knees apart, then I felt her move around,
releasing her hands from my cock; then I felt her head slide between my
knees. I felt the wetness of her mouth as she drew my scrotum between her

I shifted my hips; she responded by grabbing the tip of my cock in her
mouth, her tongue teasing the underside of my prick as the cockhead caught
just behind her front teeth.

“Move your tongue,” the thin one commanded. My attention was drawn back to
her, as I rolled her clit with my tongue.

I felt the fat one shift again, and her mouth enveloped my shaft. The thin
one held my head tightly, as my tongue rolled over her clit.

I began to move my hips, pushing my cock into the fat one’s mouth. She
took two or three strokes, then pulled back, letting my cock escape her

“Hey, don’t…” she gasped.

She pushed me over onto one side, the thin one still holding my head
tightly. The fat one rolled my hips to one side, and attacked my cock
again with her mouth, taking me deeply, her tongue moving lazily over my
cockhead and shaft.

The thin one moaned, and her hips shook as she pressed her snatch into my
lips and jaw.

“Dijew cum?” the fat one asked, taking her mouth from my cock.

“Uh-huh,” the thin one whined. She released my head, and I sat back,
gasping for breath.

“Then it’s my turn,” the fat one said. She turned around, on all fours,
and presented her ass to me.

“Fuck me from behind, boy,” she commanded.

I must have hesitated a moment, because the thin one pushed at me. “Do
it,” she hissed.

I moved up behind the fat one, and with a hand on each ample cheek,
separated her asscheeks. Her pink-brown asshole winked at me, and below,
the dark lips of her cunt. I pressed forward, my cockhead finding and
nestling into her nether lips.

“Fuck me, boy!” she shouted.

I pushed forward, and her cunt, wet and slippery, engulfed my pecker. She
pushed back against me as I pushed forward. My hips pressed hard against
her ass before I was fully inside her.

I pulled back to take another stroke, but she pushed back against me. I
lost my balance, falling backwards onto the floor.

She kept me inside her — somehow — and sat back on me, pressing her fat
ass down on me, pushing my stiff rod up her wet cunt. She moved up and
down, using her legs to raise and lower herself on my cock. I could only
see her back, but I could tell from the movements of her arms that she was
clutching at one fat tit with one hand, and rubbing her clit with the

The thin one got up and walked around, behind and with her back toward the
fat one, and straddling me. I looked up into her dark bushy pubic hair.
She began to gyrate, dancing to some unheard music, when suddenly she
stopped short. Her body tensed a bit, then a thin stream of liquid poured
from between her legs…

Damn, I thought, she’s pissing on me!

The stream hit me in the neck, and as I tilted my head back, up my chin. I
managed to keep it out of my mouth.

“Umngh!” the fat one groaned, and she rolled over and off of me. The thin
one scrambled out of the way as I sat up quickly, out of the puddle of piss
on the floor.

I grabbed a piece of cloth off the floor and wiped at my neck and chin.
There was fire in my eye, as I advanced on the thin bitch who had pissed on

I grabbed her arm, whirled her around, her ass toward me. I pushed down on
her shoulder, and she bent double, pressing her ass against me.

My cock was still hard, and the fat one’s juices were still thick and wet
on it. My cockhead pressed against the thin one’s asshole, and I pushed
forward, impaling her ass.

The bitch hollered as my cock slid into her asshole.

The fat one stirred on the floor, but I shoved her over with one foot. I
pulled back a little, then jammed my cock in again, pushing farther in this
time. The hollering gave way to a whimper. Another stroke, then another.

She was moaning now, whispering “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.”

I let go of her arm, using both hands on her hips as she leaned forward. I
thrust again, and her asshole tightened around my cock. I felt my balls
tighten, and I pushed in deeper, unloading myself up her ass.

After I finished coming, I let go of her; she fell forward on the bed,

I stood a moment, my erection waning, shit on my cock… and the lights
went out.

In the darkness, a bundle of clothing was thrust into my hands, and I was
pushed through a door, which closed behind me.

There was a dim light in this little room. I put on my clothes hurredly.
I tried the door through which I had been pushed, but it was locked.

There was another door. I tried it, and it opened. I went through it, and
found myself in an alley. I reached back for my wallet, and it was tucked
in my back pocket. I took it out and looked, expecting it to be empty.
But instead of the two bucks being gone, they were still there, along with
a crisp twenty.

I put the wallet away, and ducked out of the alley to the street. I
glanced up at the building from which I had just emerged. A neon marquee
advertised “live sex show!” “Girls,Girls,Girls”.

I started inside, but a voice behind me said, “The show’s over, man.”

Turning, I looked at the man in the overcoat, who drew deeply on a

“Over?” I asked.

“Yeah. You shoulda seen it, man. There was this one white guy and two
black chicks…” He drew again on the butt. “It was hot, man. I cum
three times. One of the chicks pissed on him.” He tossed the smoke to
the floor and ground it out. He walked away, muttering, “Hot, man.
Three times.”