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The two most beautiful, erotic women on the face of the earth are making love to me and each other

Ever had one of those weeks when nothing goes right? I had just had one and at 7:00 Friday evening, I was both mentally and physically exhausted and looking forward to turning my brain off, tipping a few beers, and letting myself unwind for the first time in five days. As I reached up to […]

A “Hot Rags” story

Harry wanders into “Hot Rags” and, when Nikki offers him tea, seems unable to resist telling her his problems. He had noticed that his wife had become very aggressive about sex since she had begun a new “stop smoking” program, but that she also seemed to forget it after it was over. He follows his […]

Blacks of Night

Fourth Street was nearly deserted this late at night. I walked quickly, my hands in my pockets. I was alert; I had heard tales of robberies in this area late at night. Not that I was carrying much money — it was just before payday, and I was down to my last two bucks, which […]