School For Discipline

Onc need only tune in the television set during prime time on any evening of the week to witness a seemingly endless barrage of violence in the form of “entertainment”. Whether it be cops pursuing robbers, or cowboys gunning down Indians, the pattern is invariably the same. The fact that no one is really hurt, at least physically, is also common to them all.

But real violence does exist, and real people, good and bad, are maimed and killed in the streets and homes of America. There are criminals in our midst, people who would steal or rape or kill at the slightest provocation, people who have no respect whatsoever for human life.

Lisa Wills is the victim of a whole school full of such people. Innocent of any crime against man, she nevertheless finds herself tortured and faced with death because she has fallen into the clutches of the town of Sutton, a place where the whole population has turned to depravity and perversion.

SCHOOL FOR DISCIPLINE is the shocking story of a young girl’s ordeal. An ordeal that any of us might face one day.


The bouncing of the Greyhound bus made Lisa horny. The vibrations caused by the grinding bus engine sent warm sensations zinging up her teenage pussy. She could feel her cunt lips getting wet as they hugged the crotch-seam of her tight jeans, the tight scam cutting up between her pussy lips like a gag. Each time the bus hit a rut in the road her cunt almost spasmed. She took a deep breath and turned to the old witch on her right.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Turner, but I have to use the bathroom.”

The square-jawed social worker gave her a quick scowl, then stared straight ahead again, her long neck stiff and straight, as was the rest of her scarecrow figure.

“The facility is known as a restroom, Miss Wills. I hope you’re not intending to bathe in it.”

“No, ma’am.” Lisa rose to squeeze past her.

“Put on your shoes,” Mrs. Turner said, grabbing Lisa’s arm and forcing her back down. The wiry woman shard fingernails gouged Lisa’s flesh, making her wince.

“Yes, ma’am.” Lisa wanted to claw the witch’s face, but she swallowed hard and bent forward to tug her blue tennis shoes over her brown feet. She hated shoes, and she went barefoot so often that she usually wasn’t aware that she was shoeless unless somebody reminded her of the fact. Mrs. Turner seemed to remind her every few minutes.

“That’s better,” Mrs. Turner said. “Now, don’t be long like last time.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lisa edged past the woman’s bony knees.

Lisa loved the Greyhound’s stainless-steel restroom. She loved the loud click of the door lock, loved the way the entire cubicle vibrated. She felt secure as she locked herself in, and she yanked off her shoes and blue jeans in an instant. She’d have taken off her yellow T-shirt too, but in case of an emergency she wanted to be able to dress fast.

That was all right, though, because the vibrations of the bus made her braless tits jiggle against the fabric of her shirt, making her feel as if her nipples were being licked by a tongue, a boy’s tongue.

Sitting on the toilet, Lisa pissed, listening to the hissing stream tinkle down into the blue solution below like a thin waterfall into a pond. She held apart her pussy lips as she pissed. The inner lips were warm and wet, slippery with her cunt juices. Lisa loved it when her cunt got wet, because then she just had to rub herself off, and rubbing off always felt super good. She squeezed out the last few drops of piss and began to masturbate.

Using the fingertips of both hands, she lightly caressed the hot inner slabs of her teenage pussy. Little shivers moved through the inflamed flesh, and Lisa sighed. Those first few pussy rubs always felt marvelous. She pinched her hard young clit and popped it back and forth between her fingers. Her juicy clit squirmed like a worm, and Lisa forced her legs apart wide, opening herself up to a phantom cock. She closed her eyes, imagining the big meaty thing.

The cock belonged to that cute boy who had been on the last bus. She hadn’t seen it naked, she’d just seen it sticking down the leg of the boy’s jeans, but it was so hard, and the boy’s jeans were so tight, that Lisa had been able to see the mushroom-shaped head on the end of it. She’d smiled at the boy, and she’d licked her lips, and the boy’s cock had jumped in his pants like a fish. Had Mrs. Turner, the old bat, not been hovering over her like a vulture, Lisa would have slipped into the seat next to the boy to feel up his cock while he felt up her pussy and tits.

Lisa rammed three fingers up her cunt. Her bunched fingers were like the boy’s hot cock. Her pussy walls stretched. Hot feelings flooded her loins. She fucked her fingers in and out, wiggling her ass on the toilet seat while she humped at her working hand. It felt good, almost like the boy’s cock would have felt had she been able to fuck him. They could have done it, she knew. That last bus had been almost empty, with nobody sitting toward the back. She and the boy could have easily sneaked into the restroom together and fucked, had it not been for that rat-faced Mrs. Turner.

Lisa twirled her fingers inside herself, getting them all hot and slopped up with her cunt juices. She could feel a trickle of juice ooze down over her bottom. She squirmed, finger-fucking herself faster. Cream me, she thought. Shoot that hot stuff up my cunt.

Crap, if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Turner, Lisa would have felt the hot boy-cum blasting up her pussy. God, that would have felt good. As it happened, she had at least gotten a taste of the horny boy’s cum. He’d gotten so hot sitting across the aisle from her while she made eyes at him that he’d run to the bathroom. A few minutes later, when he’d come back to his seat, he’d winked at her. Lisa smiled at him. She knew what he’d done.

Then Lisa had gone to the restroom hoping she’d get a whiff of his cum in the air. When she opened the door she almost fainted. White gobs of the boy’s cum hung from the mirror. Pools of the sexy stuff sat on the stainless-steel washbasin. Lisa had wasted no time in licking the tasty boy-jizz off the glass and stainless-steel. As she had swallowed it, she’d gotten so excited that she’s spasmed with out even touching her pussy. Her pussy went off like a pack of firecrackers — both then and now.

“Oh, man!” she muttered. “Feels good!” As her orgasm bit, she managed to get a fourth finger up her cunt, and now she worked all four fingers in and out of her sucking pussy hole with such force that she was near to shoving her entire hand inside herself. It felt good, so very good. She felt her toes curling. She felt prickles of sensation in her tight little whole. Wonderful!

Her orgasm over, she washed up. She had to wash up well. Mrs. Turner probably had the sense of smell of a coyote. She squeezed once more into her tight jeans, feeling sexy that she wasn’t putting on panties first. That boy had her panties now, her smelly, cunt-soaked panties. He’d given her his sweet cum, so, as she and Mrs. Turner had left the bus to transfer onto this one, Lisa had slipped the boy her wet-crotched panties. At this very moment that boy was probably jerking off with her panties pressed to his face. The thought of it got Lisa so hot again that she wanted to rub herself off, but Mrs. Turner was undoubtedly tapping her claws with impatience at this very moment, so Lisa had to get back to her seat. She squeezed her sexy brown feet into her shoes and opened the restroom door.

An hour later, the bus began its slow, winding descent into Sutton. In places along the narrow road, Lisa looked down off sheer cliffs to the city below. She held on, tense, sure that the big Greyhound would at any second slide off the road and tumble in slow motion through space until it crashed onto a street below and exploded like a dropped whiskey bottle. She glanced at Mrs. Turner, who sat stiff, expressionless, staring straight ahead. She wanted to strangle the old turkey for being so irritably calm at a time like this.

Sutton was set in a river valley between steep limestone hills. In places, gray and white bluffs stood up out of the trees like abstract sculptures, some of the pillars of rock looking like gigantic cocks. As the bus neared the base of the hill, entering Sutton, Lisa stared up at the skyscrapers of limestone. She felt uneasy. At any moment, she thought, those ominous pillars of stone could come avalanching down and crush the city. Then the sun, which had been blazing all morning, disappeared behind a dirty rag of clouds, and Lisa shivered. Even her usually warm toes turned cold, and she slipped into her shoes, wondering whether choosing to come to Sutton had been wise. There was something about the city, something cold and dangerous. She could feel it, even though the bus hadn’t yet crossed the city limits.

Tail yellow trees lined the city streets: elms, cottonwoods, aspen, birch. In the October wind, showers of yellow leaves tumbled and swirled ahead of the bus. Lisa imagined the bus passing through a rotating yellow tunnel. As the sun blazed out again, the yellow seemed to become fire. But it was a cold fire, and Lisa shivered again.

The streets of Sutton looked nearly deserted; few cars, and even fewer people on foot. Most of the pedestrians were old men and women who looked up grimly at the bus as it passed, as if the bus were an unwelcome intruder. The people looked afraid, Lisa thought, afraid or all worn out with worry.

The bus stopped at the railroad tracks. Lisa could hear the clanging ding, ding, ding of the warning signal. She watched the swinging pendulum of the signal with its glaring red eye. The train was near. She could hear the brazen blasts of its whistle. The ground beneath the bus shook, and Lisa glanced up at the gray towers of limestone, waiting for them to crack from their mile-high perches on the hills.

There was a commotion in the bus. Even Mrs. Turner had leaned over to gawk out the window. Lisa’s heart slipped up into her throat. For a moment, she thought the rock cliffs had begun their plummet. Then she saw the cause of the commotion. A group of about a dozen boys was running toward the railroad tracks, leaned forward, sprinting, as if determined to collide with the oncoming train.

The boys, of high school age, resembled a pack of savages. Their long hair, shoulder length or longer, flew and flopped behind them in the wind like shocks of wheatstraw. Some of the boys’ looked naturally blond. The others had darker hair, but well sun bleached. All the boys were well built, their tanned muscles gleaming with sweat. And they were naked, or nearly so — shoeless and wearing nothing but dirty gray jockstraps, jockstraps that bulged as if stuffed with fists of limestone. The appearance of the boys shocked Lisa nearly as much as their apparently suicidal mission.

“Stop!” screamed half the people in the bus.

“Run!” screamed the other, half.

And the bus driver laid on his horn.

The boys charged. The train whistle blasted. The last boy’s long legs hurdled the gleaming steel tracks only seconds before the diesel monster devoured the air where his lithe figure had just crossed.

A sigh, like a cool wind passed through the bus. People fell back in their seats. Some laughed, some swore to themselves. Lisa’s heart dropped back into her chest, and she was aware of it thudding her breastbone. She was also aware that she was sweating, and that her muscles had stiffened. She rubbed her hands, resting her forehead against the bus window while she recovered from the sudden shock. Though the incident bad spanned no more than seconds, it had seemed to Lisa like minutes.

Lisa watched the pack of nearly naked boys disappear up the street behind the bus. They appeared to glide effortlessly over the cushion of fallen yellow leaves, their bare feet as light as the leaves themselves. Their long backs were straight, and willowy as saplings. Their asscheeks flexed like globes of bronze. Lisa was amazed that the boys of Sutton could run the streets with their bare asses flexing in the sunshine. She’d never even imagined such a thing. But before she could take full advantage of the situation, before she had overcome her initial shock and could gaze upon the young athletes with lust, the near-naked boys were out of sight.

The train passed, the bus moved forward again, and Lisa sat back in her seat. She glanced up at Mrs. Turner, who was muttering, “Young fools! Not a brain in their heads.” The entire bus was mumbling now. The boys had caused quite a stir.

Lisa smiled to herself, suddenly feeling like a sister to the daring youths. After all, those boys were undoubtedly her future classmates at Sutton High School, toughest school in the state.

Lisa began to feel warmer again, more relaxed. She’d made the right choice after all. She looked up at the monstrous pillars guarding the city. They looked less threatening now. Yes, Sutton was where she belonged. She was glad once again that she had kissed Mrs. Turner’s bony ass, that she had begged for a home in Sutton. Sutton was all right. Undoubtedly, among Sutton’s endless ranks of super athletes, she’d find herself a super boyfriend, a handsome youth with beautiful muscles and a big horny cock. And then she’d be satisfied. That was all she wanted; all she’d ever wanted.

The bus was passing huge white houses. Most had two stories and large, leaf-blanketed lawns. Lisa was beginning to see more people now, mostly old men raking leaves. In a heap of leaves on one of the lawns, two boys were wrestling. They were barefooted, barechested, and dressed in ragged jeans. The boys were perhaps eleven or twelve, and fighting fiercely, rolling in the leaves like young tigers. Lisa was struck by their viciousness. They crushed and clawed and beat each other mercilessly.

Then, as if responding to a referee’s whistle, they both jumped up, gazing at a young woman with a shopping bag who was passing by on the sidewalk.

The boys shout and laughed the woman, then looked at each other, laughing. The woman waved a blue umbrella at the boys, as if threatening them with it. Lisa wondered what on earth the woman was doing carrying an umbrella on a partly cloudy day.

The boys lunged at the woman, circling her like two dogs. As they danced around her, keeping just out of range of her menacing umbrella, they flashed their brown middle fingers at her, laughing all the while and apparently taunting her with their words. As the bus continued on toward the depot, Lisa stared back after the boys and the woman until they were out of sight. What was that all about? she wondered.

Mrs. Turner, who sat straight-faced and still stared straight ahead, suddenly appeared to smile. Her tight lips turned up ever so slightly at the corners, as if being raised by books.

“Still glad you came here, Miss Wills?” she asked. “Just remember that it was your doing that got you here, not mine. The committee out voted me.”

Lisa was stunned. “But I thought…”

“Thought nothing! You’re much too young to think. You thought you had buttered me up. Nonsense! I wasn’t fooled for a second. I was against Sutton from the beginning, and I’m still against it. But it’s out of my hands now, young lady. Now you’re your own responsibility. And if you end up in a mess, just remember who’s to blame — yourself and that foolish committee.” Lisa felt like strangling the old bat, but she just sat there, speechless. She was beginning to feel afraid again. As Mrs. Turner spoke, dirty clouds blocked out the sun, and the limestone bluff above Sutton once more pressed down upon Lisa, threatening to bury her.


Mrs. Turner was gone, headed back to Parcher, Lisa’s home for as long as she could remember. The old bat had lost no time in catching the first available bus out of Sutton.

“Good luck,” the old turkey-face had said before turning away to board her bus, and for a moment Lisa had felt a sobbing pressure in her chest. Take me with you, Lisa had felt like saying. I’ve made a mistake. But Lisa knew that that would do no good. She had determined her own fate. She’d done everything possible to get herself sent to Sutton, and now that she was here, there was no turning back, no turning back unless she were to run away. And then, where would she run to? She’d already run away from Parcher more times than she could remember. She’d make a fool of herself now, running away from Sutton and going back to Parcher. No she was stuck here in Sutton for better or for worse. She looked around the dirty bus depot. Slouched in a chair at the end of a row of seats was an old man drinking out of a bottle half concealed in a paper bag. The ticket seller, a fat, red-faced young man with slicked down black hair, sat behind his ticket cage eyeing her up and down. He looked slimy. She could almost feel his cool, moist hands pawing her. She turned away, trying to pay him no attention. The clock at the rear of the depot read 11:40. The head of her new foster home was due to meet her at the depot at noon. Lisa headed for the restroom to brush the smell of the bus out of her blond hair.

The hallway to the restrooms was almost dark, lit only by a small bare light bulb that hung from the ceiling at one end. The hallway smelled of piss and disinfectant, and for once Lisa was glad she was wearing shoes. She half-expected to slip in a pool of slime as she crept down the cold hallway. She came to a door labeled CUNTS in magic marker. The word WOMEN had been blocked out.

The door was heavy, made it drag across the floor as she forced it open as far as it would go barely a foot.

The room was as dim as the hallway, and it reeked of piss. The mirror above the dingy gray washbasin had suck cock written across it in big letters which were unmistakably lipstick. The doors of the toilet stalls were a mass of graffiti: sexual slogans, drawings of guys fucking girls, huge spurting cocks. Though the smell of the room made her almost hold her nose, Lisa pushed into the room to get a closer look at the graffiti. She loved reading graffiti, and this was the filthiest, most explicit stuff she’d ever seen. As she squeezed through the narrow door opening, she felt her cunt squeeze out a few drops of warm juice. She felt like rubbing herself off.

Once inside, she walked straight toward the written on stall doors. Wow! She’d never seen so many drawings of cocks shooting off. She swallowed. She could almost taste the flying cum. Now she knew she was going to rub herself off.

The door behind her scraped on the concrete floor banging shut. Lisa spun around.

A tall youth of about 18 pressed his back to the door. “Shh!” he said, touching his index finger to his lips. “Don’t get riled, hot stuff.”

“Who are you?” Lisa said, her voice like a squeak. She would have screamed but her insides had gone soft. She’d never fainted, but she could tell that she was close to it now.

“New chick, huh?” he said, ignoring her question. “Nice fresh cunt. Bet you ain’t never even fucked.” He stretched, flexing his biceps like a muscleman. He wore nothing but dirty blue jeans like the two boys Lisa had seen from the bus. He was longhaired, muscular, brown, and his armpits were hairy. He scratched one muscular bare foot with the grubby toes of the other, then caressed his rippling abdomen with a thick, veiny hand. “Well, how about it, you ever been fucked?”

“Yes,” Lisa said, leaning back against the stall frame for support. She shook all over.

“Shit!” The boy scratched his armpit. “Never had me a cherry to pop.” He snapped his fingers. “On your knees, bitch!”

An uncontrolled scream whirled up out of Lisa’s lungs.

The muscular boy was on her immediately. He grabbed a handful of her hair and flung her to the concrete.

“Shut up, Goddamn it! Shut your bitch mouth! Now get up on your knees before I kick your cunt in!”

Lisa struggled to her knees. Hot tears seared her checks. Inside, she was sobbing, but the sobs wouldn’t come out. Her chest was ready to explode.

The boy unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock and balls. His cock was big, one of the biggest cocks Lisa had ever seen. It stood straight out from the boy’s loins, dripping precum on Lisa’s face. Lisa could feel the cock’s heat, and she could smell it.

She’d never smelled a cock so pungent, and she’d never seen one like this, with skin half covering the purple head.

The boy rubbed his dripping dick against Lisa’s face. He pulled the thick foreskin back, uncapping the juicy head. He mashed his hairy nuts to her mouth.

“Start eating, cunt! Lick them nuts! Suck that big dick! Do it good or I’ll ram my fist up your stuck-up little shit hole!”

Lisa began licking the youth’s hot nuts. They were big nuts, bigger than any of the boy nuts she’d ever sucked on in Parcher. And they were sweaty and hairy, so unlike the pink, hairless nuts she was used to munching. She sucked the youth’s nuts into her mouth one at time. They were so big that they filled her mouth. For a moment, she felt like biting the big, smelly nuts off, but she knew that the youth would kill her. He was dangerous. She could sense that he meant business.

“That’s it, pretty face,” the youth said, gyrating his hips. “You’re doing real good. When you finish on them rocks, you can get going on the old log.”

Lisa spit out the boy’s left nut and moved up to chew on his cock. She began licking the thick shaft. Her tongue rippled over the bulging blue veins gnarled under the satiny cock skin. She gripped the base of the shaft, feeling the shaft arteries twitch against her fingers. Her tongue moved up to the slippery purple cock head. The taste was strong, almost bitter, so unlike the sweet pink dick heads she was accustomed to licking.

The youth grabbed his dick and pushed the foreskin back over the head.

“Lick under the head-skin,” he said. “Clean it out. Get your tongue right inside there.”

Lisa probed the tip of her tongue between the youth’s foreskin and cock head. Working her tongue like a deft worm, she managed to get it into the pocket between foreskin and head. Then she twirled her tongue slowly around the head, licking out the salty pocket.

The boy wiggled his ass.

“Yeah!” he said. “Feels good!” Suddenly he yanked the foreskin back and rammed his cock into Lisa’s mouth. “Suck it! Suck it till I shoot!”

Lisa gagged. The hot cock had slid halfway down her throat. She pulled away, choking.

The boy wrapped his hands in her hair. As he clung to her, head, he rammed his cock back down her throat.

“Suck it, damn it, or I’ll choke you to death!”

Lisa was already choking to death. Helpless, gasping for air, she used all the muscles of her throat and mouth to manipulate the boy’s cock. Hot gobs of his precum rolled down her throat.

The slippery cock began to slide in and out of her mouth and throat as the boy fucked.

“That’s it, bitch. Doing real good. Yeah! Keep it up. Use that tongue, and keep sucking!”

The boy rotated his ass, screwing his hot cock in and out of Lisa’s mouth. His thick fingers clawed into her scalp. He banged his hard loins against her face, burying his long cock to the hilt down her throat. As the boy flicked, his pecker throbbed. The fat dick head pulsated like a heart. His heavy balls flogged her chin.

Lisa’s jaws ached. Although she’d overcome her choking, her throat hurt from the stretching it was getting. Her vision was blurred, and all she could smell and taste was cock. Her head was filled with cock, stuffed with it. Her mind whirled. She couldn’t think. Her fear had passed. All she could do was suck; hold on and suck.

The youth’s cock jerked suddenly, nearly lifting her off the floor. The meaty monster swelled and hardened even more. The boy grunted, crushing his loins to her face. His loins were shaking, quivering.

“Goddamn!” he groaned. “Oh, fuck!”

Hot cum shot down Lisa’s throat. She swallowed fast to keep from choking. The boy’s cum was hot, thick, and strong tasting. It shot from his prick in heavy streams.

“Yeah!” the boy gasped. “Oh, shit, baby, take it! Wow!”

Just when Lisa was beginning to wonder whether the boy would ever stop shooting, his cock stopped throbbing. As he pulled the softening pecker out of her mouth, he milked the last of his cum out of the piss tube. As the pearly white gob appeared from the piss slit, Lisa flicked it off with her tongue, and swallowed it.

“You did real good,” the boy said, stuffing his cock and balls back inside his dirty jeans. “Real good.” He raised his dirty bare foot and stroked her cheek with his toes. “Be seeing you.” He turned around, lugged open the door, and squeezed through the narrow opening. Without another word, he was gone.

Lisa struggled to her feet and looked at herself in the mirror. A dribble of cum lay from the corner of her mouth to her chin. She wiped the sticky dribble off with her finger. Then, catching herself before she rinsed her finger under the slow running tap, she raised her hand to her mouth and sucked her finger clean. As cheap and degraded as she felt for having been mouth raped by that filthy youth, she still could savor the salty, alkaline taste of his cum. As she leaned forward to wash the sweat and spit off her face, she realized that the crotch of her jeans was soaked. Her cunt was sizzling.


The October sun was sinking toward the gray bluffs. Lisa could almost see it moving. From her seat in the corner of the classroom, the last seat in the row of seats nearest the windows, Lisa could look out over the river and up at the vertical bluffs. Patches of yellow trees, looking like gardens of dandelions, grew up out of the steep hills below the bluffs. The sky was a deep autumn blue upon which floated cottony gray and white clouds. The river below reflected the sky’s blueness, the clouds, the yellow trees, and the bluffs. Lisa was glad she’d come to Sutton. In Parcher, which was as flat as a prepubescent girl’s chest, she’d never had a scene like this to look out at from her school classrooms.

It was Lisa’s last class of the day study ball. After being picked up precisely at noon from the bus depot, Lisa had been brought directly to school. She’d met the principal, a short, frail, balding man, who had said no more than “How do you do?” and then had handed her class schedule and waved her out of his office. The principal had seemed no more interested in her than had Miss Sacks, the head of the foster home for girls where Lisa would be living.

Miss Sacks, a fast moving, fast talking redhead in her mid-thirties, had snatched Lisa out of the bus depot and whisked her over to Sutton High before Lisa had had time to think. “Have fun. See you tonight,” Miss Sacks had said while revving the engine of her Saab. And then she had squealed away almost before Lisa could close the car door behind herself.

Lisa looked around the classroom. This class, study hall, was the first class in which she had seen any boys. During her first two classes, English and History, she was beginning to wonder whether Sutton High was sexually segregated. Not only were there no boys in her classes, but there were no boys in the halls. She had wondered whether the boys attended classes in a separate wing of the school. But now, with study hall, the boys appeared. Some boys were already sprawled out in their desks when she had entered the room. Other boys had staggered in during the first fifteen minutes of the study hall. The study hall moderator, a skinny, round-shouldered little man who resembled the principal, sat at his desk at the front of the room with his nose in a book. He’d assigned Lisa her seat when she’d come in, but aside from that, he kept his nose in his book, apparently disinterested whether students came in late, and apparently unconcerned with what was going on in the room.

Despite the moderator’s apparent disinterest, the study hall was the quietest class Lisa had ever been in. The girls read, and the boys slept. Lisa had been surveying the classroom for half an hour now, from the moment she had entered it, and still, every time she looked out the window then back at the classroom, she blinked her eyes, wondering whether she was seeing things. This was the strangest school!

Not only were the boys sleeping but most of them were half-naked. All were barefooted, and most were dressed in nothing other than green gym trunks, green being the school color. One boy, an older boy who resembled the youth who had molested Lisa in the bus depot, had staggered into class in nothing but a filthy jockstrap with yellow stains on it. Nobody but Lisa appeared to pay him any attention. The boy slumped down in his desk and fell asleep immediately.

Lisa looked at the boys one by one. Each boy sported a wild mop of shoulder-length hair, most blond or sun-bleached yellow. A few boys had black hair, a few had red. Streaks of white lay on the boys’ faces and torsos, caked salt from sweat evaporation. Each boy was burnt a deep bronze from the sun. And each boy had large feet with grubby, wide-spread toes, a sign that they mostly went barefooted.

The classroom reeked of sweat and smelled like a boys’ lockerroom. The air was still and sleepy, with only the sounds being the boys’ deep breathing and the occasional rustle of a book page. Lisa relaxed back in her seat, wondering about Sutton High. She hadn’t yet spoken to any of her schoolmates. She was dying to find out how things operated in this strange school. She inhaled deeply. She loved the smell of all that boy sweat. The aroma of boy always made her horny.

“Hey!” The whispered word had come from across the aisle.

Lisa sat up and looked over at the boy who had whispered to her. She smiled at him.

The boy stretched, rubbing his eyes. He gave her wild grin.

“You a new chick? Ain’t seen you around.”

“Yes,” Lisa whispered. “Today’s my first day. I’m from Parcher. You probably never heard of it.”

“Nah,” the boy said, “never.” He stretched again, flexing his brown muscles. Like most of the boys, he wore only green gym trunks. He was perhaps a year older than Lisa perhaps a little more. His hair was the color of ripe wheat.

Suddenly he swiveled toward her and plopped one of his bare feet in her lap. His brown leg extended across the aisle, glinting with golden hairs. His trunks rode up and his cock and balls squeezed out one leg, lying on the desk seat like a handful of flesh toys.

Lisa stared first at the boy’s dirty foot, then at his cock and balls, then up at the study hall moderator, then around the classroom, then back at the boy. He still had that silly grin on his face. Lisa giggled, both dumbfounded and embarrassed.

“Do my foot. It’s sore,” the boy whispered. “What?” Lisa looked again around the room, expecting to see all eyes upon the boy and herself. The girls kept reading the boys went on sleeping, and the moderator stared at his book as if he’d been sculpted from a block of limestone.

“Massage it,” the boy said.

“But I don’t know how.” Lisa felt foolish. What if someone were to look at her now, with a boy’s big dirty foot in her lap?

“Rub it,” the boy said. “What’s to know?” He raised his leg and stroked her lips with his big toe. He gave each of her tits a nudge, then plopped his foot back down in her lap.

Lisa grabbed the big foot and began to squeeze and rub it. The boy’s foot was at least twice the size of one of her own. As she massaged his foot, the toy’s toes wiggled.

“Nice,” he said. “Feels good.”

Lisa smiled, feeling foolish. As she rubbed she looked around the room, ready to push the boy’s foot away should anyone look her way.

“Now the other one,” the boy said. He pulled his foot out of her lap and replaced it with the other one.

Lisa went to work, digging her thumbs into the fleshy sole, stroking the instep, pulling on the toes. As she worked, she suddenly realized that she was enjoying what she was doing. The boy was sighing. She could sense that he was relaxing. His cock had lengthened, but it was still lying on the chair seat like a heavy, floppy sausage. Lisa felt her cunt starting to drool.

The boy withdrew his foot. He grabbed his cock and began to stroke it.

“Peel down your jeans,” he whispered. “Let me see your snatch.”

Lisa felt herself flush. The boy was surely joking.

“Some other time,” she said, trying to sound cool.

“Now!” the boy said. His face turned mean. “Peel down them jeans or I’ll cut ’em off,” He reached into his book bag and pulled out a jackknife which he began opening.

Lisa tried to keep smiling. This had to be a joke. The boy had his knife wide open. He carved at a callous on his palm, all the while glaring at her with his blue eyes.

“I ain’t gonna tell you again,” the boy said half out loud. He looked serious.

A boy who was sleeping nearby started in his sleep. Lisa looked up at the moderator. He must have heard. He must know what’s going on. But he sat there like a statue, hiding behind his book. Lisa realized suddenly that the moderator wouldn’t do anything to interfere. The boy with the knife could probably carve her up and nobody in the classroom would pay any attention. Just as nobody had responded to her scream in the Sutton bus depot, nobody would respond to her scream here. This was crazy. She knew that this just couldn’t be. But it was. It was as real as that boy’s well-sharpened knife blade.

The boy stopped carving on his hand. He pulled his feet under himself to stand up.

“OK!” Lisa whispered. “OK! OK!” She unzipped and unsnapped her jeans. Lifting her ass, she forced them halfway down her thighs.

“Farther,” the boy said.

Lisa pushed them to her knees.

The boy hooked her jeans with his toes and dragged them down to her ankles.

“Spread them legs wide,” he said.

As Lisa spread her legs, she felt the cool air of the classroom between her wet pussy lips. Though she still had her shirt and shoes on, she had never felt so naked in her life.

The boy plopped his big foot between her legs. He tickled between her cunt lips with his big toe.

“New kid,” he said. “Juicy and new kid. That’s how I like my pussy.”

His cock, which was completely hard now, stood up out of his gym trunks like an ivory club. The big knob tip’s end was purple and dripping juice. He held the big pecker between his thumb and two fingers and began to massage the nerve strand on the backside of the cock just under the arrow shaped head. Precum bubbled down over his fingers, and his big nuts rolled in their tight sac. As he pumped his cock, he rubbed his big toe up and down between Lisa’s inflamed pussy lips.

Lisa sighed out loud. She couldn’t help herself. After that boy in the bus, then that youth in the depot, Lisa’s pussy felt like a seething volcano. She needed to come, had to come. And she would come even if everybody turned around to watch her. She wiggled her ass on the chair, driving her cunt at the boy’s foot.

“Dirty little bitch,” the boy said, ramming his big toe up Lisa’s cunt. “I could tell right off you was a dirty little cock sucking, ass licking toe fucker. You’ll be all right, baby. You and this town are gonna get along.”

He jammed his wriggling toes between Lisa’s cunt lips. His big toe fucked in and out of her. He clawed at her burning cunt lips with his toenails. He twisted and turned his foot as if trying to rub out an ashtray full of smoldering butts. All the while, he pumped his cock, wrapping his entire hand around it now and yanking the cock skin up and down along the hard shaft. Precum bubbled down over his knuckles. His balls bounced on the wooden desk seat.

Lisa humped at his toe-fucking foot. Pussy juice ran out of her cunt, lubricating her desk seat. Her ass gyrated easily on the oiled wood. She kept her eyes on the boy’s throbbing cock, watched the purple head bloat up like a balloon, watched the swollen nuts jump in their sac.

Shoot it! she wanted to cry out. Let me see that thick cream fly.

She grabbed the boy’s hot foot and tried to ram his big toe deeper up her cunt. She wished she could feel his whole squirming foot inside her. Her cunt and asshole and loins swam with sex sensations. She felt the tip of her spine tingling. All at once she was coming.

She felt her eyes rolling. Her vision got blurry. She felt like rolling up into a ball and crushing the almost painful sensations out of her pussy. But all she could do in this situation was to hold onto the boy’s foot and squirm, holding back her cries of pleasure. As her spasms began lessening in intensity as her vision started to clear, the boy’s cock started to spurt.

The boy’s brown body stiffened, the muscles of his abdomen defining themselves as if carved in stone. As his white cum burst in thick ropes from his cock, his eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. His cum splashed against his chin, his chest, his armor like abdomen, laying on the sweaty brown flesh like gobs of pearly-white grease. Lisa counted his ejaculations: seven hard, heavy, thick ones, then five more little ones in which the cum oozed out more than it spurted. When the boy finished coming, he pulled his dripping toe out of Lisa’s cunt, sat panting for several moments, then looked at her.

“Lick it off,” he said.

Lisa stared at him, not really sure what he was talking about.

“Get over here and lick the jizz off me,” he said. “I ain’t gonna tell you again.”

Lisa struggled out of her seat her ankles still bound by her jeans. As she pressed up close to the boy to lick the cum off his brown skin, she could feel his heat, could smell his sweat. She began to lick, catching the warm gobs of jism and swallowing them. When she’d finished licking off his chest and belly and chin, she sucked the cum off his cock, then chewed off his hand. He smelled like cock and jism.

Lisa felt like moaning out loud. She’d lick the boy’s sexy body all day and all night if she could. She nuzzled down under his arm and licked at his armpit. The boy pushed her away.

“Get dressed, bitch,” he said. “You’ve had enough.”


It would be Rusty’s first time on the rack. He’d participated before in giving other guys the punishment, but he never thought he’d one day be put on the rack himself. If only he’d have made the interception Saturday they wouldn’t be strangling his wrists with the coarse brown ropes now, the ropes that reminded Rusty of hangmen’s nooses. They might as well have been nooses for the guys were going to hang him — not by the neck, but by the wrists.

The locker room was dimly lit, like a dungeon. The heavy humid air smelled mostly of sweat and the medicinal scent of the powder pit the pit where the athletes at Sutton High painted their feet with tuffskin pounded their feet in the powder like incensed bulls in the ring then tugged on their black football shoes, the shoes they only wore for games. Coach Long allowed shoes only for games. At all other times the boys of Sutton High, the athletes, for every boy in the school was an athlete went barefooted. They rock climbed the treacherous bluffs above Sutton barefooted. They ran miles every day up and down roads of sharp pebbles and gravel barefooted. They wore shoes only as part of the required uniform for competition in such sports as football and basketball. Track and cross-country they ran shoeless. At all other times, any Sutton boy caught with shoes on would be skinned alive. Coach Long insisted that his athletes have tough feet. Rusty wondered whether one day the coach would have them all dancing on broken Coke battles.

“OK, haul him up,” said one of Rusty’s teammates, and Rusty felt the ropes jerk. His arms flew upward, nearly yanked out of their shoulder sockets. Suddenly he found himself hanging from the isometric rack. He wasn’t completely suspended. He stood on tiptoe. But his shoulders were already aching, and he felt vulnerable. His balls hung there waiting to be popped. He prayed that the guys didn’t get too carried away today and sock him in the nuts.

Coach Long came out of his office. The former pro football player and pro wrestler was as naked as all the rest of the guys in the locker room, as naked as Rusty himself not a stitch on. The coach looked seven feet tall and as muscular as King Kong, and the coach was hairy hairy chest, hairy belly, a bush of brown-gold hair around his cock. The coach’s cock swung like a big salami as he walked, and his ball-sac was bigger than his fist. When Rusty saw the set of big sex organs, he winced. Coach Long was proud of his stud organs too proud. Rusty knew that Coach Long hated him, hated him because his own cock and balls were even bigger than the coach’s.

The half-dozen boys leapt aside as the big coach lumbered through their midst. The coach had that wicked smile on his face, the mean grin that all the boys feared. He planted himself in front of Rusty, hands on hips, and looked down at him.

“Well, well, what have we here? Linx is it?” Rusty’s last name was Lennox, but the coach had given him the name Linx.

“Yes sir,” Rusty said. The ropes were cutting into his wrists. He was stretched out so long he could hardly breathe.

The coach glanced down at Rusty’s cock. He maintained his mean grin, but Rusty could sense a scowl behind the facade. He looked Rusty right in the eyes.

“How long you been in Sutton, Linx?”

“Two months, sir, since the first of August.”

“And why’d you come here?”

“To play football, sir. To wrestle. To run track.”

“So, you been here two months, and you come to play football. Ain’t you been training, Linx?”

“Yes sir. Ten hours a day, sir.”

“Then why ain’t you playing football, Linx? You call what you did Saturday playing football? Answer me, Linx.”

“No sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

“Being sorry ain’t good enough around here, Linx. Round here we ain’t never sorry. We ain’t never sorry cause we don’t never do nothing to be sorry for. Understand me, Linx?”

He shook his head. “Linx, you don’t deserve Sutton High. You know what Sutton High is, Linx?”

“Yes sir. The best school in the state, sir.” Sutton High was the best school in the state when it came to athletics. Since Coach Long had become Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, Sutton High had been nearly unbeatable in all team sports. In the six years since Coach Long had joined the school, Sutton High had won more trophies than any one school in the entire history of interscholastic athletics in the state. Boys ran away from home to live in Sutton and to join Sutton High’s athletic teams and Sutton took them in, legally or illegally. Rusty himself had come to Sutton in hopes of becoming a great athlete.

“And you think you deserve to play varsity football with the best team in the state when you’re only a freshman? A half-pint?”

“No sir. Thank you sir.”

The coach scowled. “You think you’re something special, Linx, because you got a dick like a donkey.”

“No sir.”

“What would you be if we was to cut off your dick, Linx?”

“I don’t know, sir.” For the first time since he’d been strung up, Rusty felt like crying. He swallowed down the sobs that had risen up out of nowhere.

“You wouldn’t be nothing, Linx. Not a nothing. Let me hear you say it.”

“I wouldn’t be nothing, sir.”

The coach smiled, looking pleased. “Linx, you jacked off since the game Saturday?”

“No sir.”

“You done any fucking?”

“No sir.”

“When’s the last time you come?”

“Friday night, sir.”

The coach spun around toward the other boys. “That right, Benton? Linx here ain’t come since Friday night.”

“No sir, he ain’t,” Todd Benton said. “You sure?”

“Yes sir, I been him every minute.”

Todd wasn’t lying. He had been with Rusty every minute. Following Coach Long’s orders, Todd had even accompanied Rusty to the bathroom. He’d slept in the same room as Rusty. And Rusty was going out, of his mind. Since an early age, Rusty had averaged three to five orgasms a day, and now, in almost three days, he hadn’t had any. Had Rusty been living all alone out in the desert, three days without coming would have been bad enough, but Rusty wasn’t living all alone out in the desert, he was living in Sutton, where cunt was available twenty-four hours a day, where he could fuck until his eyeballs popped out and then could fuck some more.

The coach turned back to Rusty. “Feeling a might horny, Linx? Your donkey-dong getting itchy?”

Rusty blushed, trying to smile as if at a joke. He didn’t need to answer the coach. His ten inch cock had been up and throbbing even before he’d been strung up. In fact, during the last three days, he’d hardly been soft.

“OK, men,” the coach said, “bring ’em in.”

The half-dozen boys, their peckers stiff and swaying ran out of the locker room like excited dogs. In less than a minute they were back, each boy dragging a naked, long-haired girl like a caveman dragging his woman. The girls were all complaining, and some of them were putting up a fight. Most of the girls had sore cunts and assholes and throats from being fucked so much that day. Every girl at Sutton High was required to be a slave at least one day a week, and because the boys at the school outnumbered the girls three to one, each girl was well used on her slave day. While half the girls at Sutton High enjoyed being sex slaves for the boys, the other half resented being used, and fought like she cats against their hard cocked tormentors. And even the ass wiggling little sluts who loved getting fucked often began fighting back by the end of the day, complaining that their pussies and assholes and throats were raw and near to bleeding.

As the girls were dragged in, the smell of pussy overcame the smell of sweat in the locker room, and Rusty’s cock felt as if a hot stream of water had been shot up its core. His cock stood up so stiff and straight that its head tapped his belly above the navel. Jesus, he needed to come! More than anything he wanted to shove his cock up one of those female holes. But he knew they wouldn’t let him. This was to be his torture to watch his teammates screw these hot bitches silly while he hung naked and lusting from the isometrics rack. He could fuck at the air, but he wouldn’t be able to feel any mess around his cock. He’d rather be whipped, rather be punched in the nuts, rather have almost any torture but this.

Christ, why couldn’t he have intercepted that pass? Then Black River wouldn’t have scored that field goal and Sutton’s shut-out victory would have been preserved. As it was, Sutton won 78 to 3, but Coach Long acted as if they’d lost. “Never should have put in those freshmen,” he’d told the newspapers.

Using rough brown rapes, the same kind of rope they had used to hang Rusty, the panting boys bound their girls in various positions. One girl was tied to a locker door her hands stretched above her head like Rusty’s. Another girl was bound facedown over a bench, while another was bound face up. Todd Benton, Rusty’s foster brother, a shaggy haired teenage with a seven-inch cock, concocted a noose and tied his black haired young freshman, the noose around her neck, to the powder pit bench. If she tried to get away, she’d strangle herself. Todd threw his bitch into the powder pit, forced her up on all fours, and mounted her ass in a cloud of powder. Both Todd and his mount choked at first.

The remaining two boys didn’t bother with ropes. They knocked their bitches onto the concrete floor and fell on them, one boy driving his cock up his girl’s cunt from the rear, the other straddling his girl’s neck and ramming his cock down her throat. Coach Long, whose salami-sized cock had erected while he’d watched his charges mount the six young girls, climbed into the powder pit with Todd, and seating his hairy ass on the gray pit bench, took hold of Todd’s girl by the ears and jammed his nine-inch stud cock into her mouth. While the girl gagged and choked on the coach’s over-sized cock, Todd grunted behind her, driving his hot cock in and out of her upturned cunt.

All the girls groaned, complaining that it hurt. The two girls getting fucked on the benches, one up the cunt and the other up the ass, cried out in unison as they squirmed between the hard wood of the bathes and the hard muscles of the brute football players on top of them. By this late in the day the last period each of the girls had likely been fucked in one hole or another twenty-five to fifty times. They were worn out, but even after this ordeal they’d be locked up until after football practice so they could service any sweaty, mud-grimed football player who felt like relaxing with a cunt after his grueling practice session. At Sutton High the boys were always stiff-cocked and horny, and there just weren’t enough girls to go around.

The two girls getting it hard and heavy on the concrete were whimpering. The fucked girl slid on the abrasive floor as her stud rammed his gleaming cock in and out of her. She rolled her head front side to side on the gray concrete, her face screwed up with pain.

“Oh, don’t, don’t, don’t,” she moaned. “I’m so sore. It hurts, it really hurts, damn it!”

“Shut up that bitch!” Coach Long bellowed, and the stud on top of the complaining girl crushed her to the concrete, fucking her twice as hard and twice as fast, covering her mouth with his lips and biting.

The pinned girl struggled, hammering the boy’s ass with her heels, clawing at his back, but the boy hung on, fucking harder and harder. Juice ran out of the girl’s cunt, making the concrete under her ass turn dark as if stained.

The other girl on the concrete, the one getting throat-fucked, struggled and gagged. Her throat muscles worked fiercely. The boy riding her face screwed his skinny ass in circles. He groaned loud, mashing his bells to her chin.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, yeah! Take it, baby! OW Christ!” His ass vibrated. The girl gurgled, groaning. She swallowed fast. Thick white jism leaked from the corner of her mouth and oozed down her stuffed cheek. The stud’s cum overflowed her mouth. The boy humped, driving his spurting cock down her juicy gagging throat.

“Give it to her!” Coach Long growled. “Drown the bitch!”

“Yeah, give it to her,” moaned the other boy fucking the girl on the concrete, and at that moment he himself shot his cum. “Ahhhhhhhh!” he bellowed. “Christ!” Cum bubbled out of his girl’s own, juicing her bottom and asshole lubricating the concrete under her ass.

The orgasms of the two boys on the floor seemed to stimulate the other fucking studs. Coach Long grunted, the girl in the powder pit gagged, and Coach Long’s cum shot down her throat and dripped from her lips into the powder. Todd humped a few more times at the girl’s upturned ass and let out a gasp, squirting his cum up the girl’s cunt. The two boys on the benches came simultaneously, moaning deliriously as they pumped their jism into the two girls under them, one boy filling an asshole, the other flooding a cunt. The last boy, the one who had hung his girl by the wrists to the locker door, shot off against the girl’s legs while he kneeled and sucked on her cunt. That girl, the one getting her cunt sucked, was the only girl who hadn’t complained. Instead, she wriggled her long body and rolled her eyes. All at once she shuddered, sighing loudly, and Rusty could tell that she was coming.

Rusty couldn’t stand watching anymore. His mouth opened wide and he cried out, half screaming, half moaning. His prick felt like it had grown to the size of his arm, and it felt like all the hot chicks in the world were licking at it a billion wriggling female tongues running up and down it. His balls ached like they never had before. They’d bloated up like balloons, and they were ready to explode.

The panting guys turned toward him as they crawled off their girls.

“I wanna fuck! Gotta fuck!” Rusty cried. “Oh, shit! Oh, man!” He wriggled like crazy, hanging by the arms, thrusting his aching loins, humping into the humid locker room air as if it were a warm wet cunt. The harder he squirmed, the harder the ropes cut into his wrists, but he didn’t care, didn’t care if he ripped his hands right off. He’d never been so horny. He didn’t care about anything but coming. He couldn’t stand the itching inside his cock anymore.

Coach Long laughed. “You shoulda wanted to intercept that pass as much as you wanna fuck Linx.”

“Please, Coach!” Rusty whimpered. “I learned my lesson. Let me at ’em, Coach. Oh, please!”

As Rusty said those words he realized how stupid he was sounding, and he realized how dangerous his words were. Nobody talked to Coach Long like that. Nobody begged Coach Long for anything. Coach Long talked, gave the orders, asked the questions, and you listened carefully to each of his words, you snapped to attention and did what he commanded, you answered yes sir or no sir.

For a moment, the room went silent. For a moment, Rusty even forgot his cock. He got ready to die. Coach Long was sure to use his balls for a punching bag until he passed out. Then the coach would cut off his cock, silt his throat, and throw him to the dogs. Rusty had never been more sure of anything. He dropped his chin to his chest, wishing he were dead already.

Coach Long guffawed. “So donkey dick wants some cunt. So donkey dick thinks he’s learned his lesson.” He paused looking around at the wide eyed boys. “Well then, lets give donkey dick what he wants.”

Rusty couldn’t believe what he was hearing. From hell to heaven in one second. He couldn’t believe it. His prick danced. He thought he could hear the ten-inch monster barking like an excited dog.

Coach Long pointed to the girl on the noose in the powder pit. “Cut her loose,” he said, and the boys freed her.

Rusty’s cock banged his belly. His nuts did flips in his bulging sac. He could already feel the girl’s hot cunt wrapped around his cock. They’d pick her up and impale her on his cock, and he’d blast off and blow her head off. Spit ran out of his mouth and dripped from his chin.

“Cunt!” he muttered. “Hot cunt!”

“Bend her in two,” the coach said. “Donkey dick wants cunt, so that’s just what he’s gonna get.”

The boys forced the girl’s head down to her knees, turning her into a big ripe waving cunt. She’d be extra-tight that way, Rusty knew. He groaned, waiting for his buddies to pick her up and shove her right down on his cock. His cock felt as big as a fence post.

The boys picked her up, bringing her red dripping cunt toward him. Rusty was so excited he thought he might pass out. His balls were crackling inside as if each contained a pack of exploding firecrackers. The boys raised the folded girl, ready to ram her down on Rusty’s cock.

“Higher,” Coach Long said. “Shove the bitch’s ass in his mouth. Donkey dick is gonna suck her ass until she comes. Then he’s gonna suck off these other five bitches. I don’t care if it takes all night.”

Before Rusty could fully comprehend what the coach had said, he found his nose buried between the girl’s hot ass cheeks, found his mouth filled with dripping slabs of cunt. He could hear Coach Long and the boys laughing. He could hear the bitches cheer. He could hear the bitch whose cunt was smothering him beginning to cum. Damn that bitch! He ought to bite her cunt lips right off and spit them out, but there was nothing to do except suck and lick until she blew off. He knew that, if need be, the coach would have him here sucking cunt until his hair turned from blond to gray. So he sucked.

The girl’s cunt stank with cunt juice. The juices ran out of her like water out of a spring in the woods, ran out of her cunt and out of her asshole.

“Suck that bitch,” Coach Long said, laughing, and all the guys laughed with him. Rusty hated the guys for laughing at him, but he knew that if he was in their place he’d be laughing too.

The bitch’s ass was as ripe and hot as a sow’s ass in heat. Her entire ass and cunt were throbbing red. As Rusty drilled his tongue up her cunt, she squealed like a ripe young sow getting an old boar’s red prick cork screwed into her. Rusty gnawed into her pussy slabs, pistoned his tongue in and out of her fucked his nose into her asshole. The bitch was close already. He sucked hard, trying to suck her inside out, the bitch cried out and spasmed, her cunt slabs quivering and flapping like a pair of meaty wings. As she came, her cunt gushed. Hot pussy juice and jism filled Rusty’s mouth, waterfalled over his chin and down his chest and belly. He tried to spit it out, but couldn’t help swallowing half of it.

When the bitch had cooled down and stopped her gibbering, the boys threw her back into, the powder pit where she lay panting and cooing in a cloud of white powder. Before Rusty had time to catch his breath his buddies had another bitch’s wiry-bushed cunt plastered to his face, nearly scouring the skin off his nose and cheeks. Rusty began eating out the bitch immediately.

It seemed like hours later that Rusty was licking out the last girl’s pussy. His face was sore his tongue ached. He had a bellyful of cunt juice. Strangely, however, his prick was still up and waving now more excited than ever. He was suddenly really liking this pussy eating. In fact, he was beginning to regret that this pussy was his last. As he sucked out her cunt, he imagined himself sucking out the cunts of all the girls at Sutton High. The thought made his cock nearly split down the middle. His balls nearly jumped out of their sac.

The girl squealed, squirting pussy juice and jism out of here cunt and asshole. Her entire crotch throbbed and sucked.

Rusty sucked furiously. He humped blindly at the humid locker room air. All at once the heavy air felt to Rusty like a real cunt. It seemed to tighten around his pistoning, pulsating prick like a warm, wet mouth. Hot pokers of pleasure shot through his prick. His balls inflated and contracted. He shot off into the air.

“Jesus Christ!” gasped Coach Long. And all the guys muttered Goddamns, shits, and wows, dropping the girl and backing off.

Rusty dangled from the isometrics rack, his long body quivering like sprung bow as he blasted his jism high into the air. He machine gunned Coach Long and all the guys. Some of the bitches got pelted, and a few wads of cum thudded against the metal lockers six feet away and hung on the olive colored locker doors like glistening gobs of spit.

Rusty laughed as he shot. He’d never felt so good. He thought he would never stop coming, and he didn’t want to. He let go and fired, letting his body jerk as it would. Then all went dark.

When he woke up, the football team was in the locker room dressing for practice. Rusty felt exhausted.

He wanted to sleep. He felt empty, all fucked out. For a few moments he wondered how he’d gotten to the locker room from study hall.

His wrists twinged with soreness, and he remembered — he’d missed study hall today. Instead, he’d hung from the rack.


Lisa was going to kill her.

“Goddamn you!” she screamed. “Untie me, Candy! I’ve had enough of this bullshit! Miss Sacks! Miss Saaacks!”

She could hear snickers somewhere down the hallway. They were laughing at her all of them.

Just wait till she got loose, though. She’d get even. She’d box Candy’s tits. Candy might be a year older than her but she could handle that bitch.

She stopped screaming and concentrated on getting her wrists free. Maybe if she reined her arms she could slide her hands out of the ropes. Yanking and struggling as she had been doing did no good. She just made the knots tighter.

Goddamn it, her arms were numb; Candy had tied the ropes so tight around her wrists that they had cut off her circulation. She relaxed totally, trying to ease her wrists free. It was hopeless. She yanked and thrashed again, wanting to rip the bed frame apart.

“Damn it!” she said between clenched teeth. Then she almost laughed. This was funny in a way her naked body spread-eagled on her bed, her wrists bound to the bedposts, her ankles tied to the foot posts. A small lamp burned on her dresser, and the window curtains were wide open. Were the people in the house next door to look out their upstairs window, that window directly in line with her own, they’d see her lying there like a white girl staked out by the Indians.

But damn that Candy! What was she up to? She’d been gone ten minutes now, and except for those occasional snickers, the house was quiet. It was as if Candy and the rest of the dozen or so girls who lived here in Miss Sacks’ foster home were having a private meeting to discuss what to do with her now that they had her tied up. Maybe even Miss Sacks was in on it. Lisa had been screaming her head off, and Miss Sacks was nowhere to be seen.

Fine way to treat a new girl. Lisa thought ignore her at dinner, then tie her up. All the girls were stuck-up, she decided. At first she thought Candy, her new roommate, was all right. At least Candy had talked to her. But from the first, Lisa had detected something disturbing about Candy’s gleaming raisin eyes.

She should never have trusted Candy when Candy had suggested tying her up. Candy had insisted that it was just a game, that after Lisa knew what it felt like to be tied up naked like a slave girl, with her legs spread apart, that she would be set free immediately. Lisa had only consented because Candy had made the game sound so sexy. “It makes you feel real good between the legs,” Candy had said.

Well, Candy was right about that. Getting tied up had made Lisa’s pussy tingle. A few drops of juice had even oozed out and wet her bottom. But that had been ten minutes ago, and now she was getting restless and mad.

“If you don’t untie me by the time I count to ten, I’ll report you to the child welfare department!” Lisa shouted. “One. Two. Three…” Lisa counted to ten, but got no response other than a few more snickers.

That did it! She’d call Mrs. Turner in the morning. And if Mrs. Turner refused to help her, why then she’d talk to some of the committee members who had sent her to this whacky town. They would sympathize with her and would send her someplace else not back to Parcher, though. She’d never go back to Parcher. Parcher was where her mother lived, and she never wanted to see that old bat again.

Lisa hadn’t had a moment’s peace in all the years she’d lived with her mother. Her mother was on her like a shadow every minute of the day and night. Her mother smothered her, wouldn’t let her do anything on her own, wouldn’t let her see boys. Just because her mother had been stupid enough to get pregnant when she was a teenager, just because the boy had then run out on her, that was no reason to forbid Lisa to see boys. Lisa was much smarter at her age than her mother had ever been. Lisa took the pill. God, if her mother had ever found that out! God, her mother would have killed her! Lisa’s mother was a holy woman now had turned to religion right after Lisa was born and she would rather see her daughter dead than fucking boys.

But Lisa did fuck boys, fucked them until her cunt got sore. If anything, her mother’s constant harping about the evils of sex had been the main reason why Lisa had decided to become what the boys called a nympho. Somehow, the knowledge that she was doing what her mother forbade more than anything else made fucking boys twice as exciting. So she made it a point of trying to fuck every boy at Parcher High at least once. And she would have, too. She would have, had her mother not become so bitchy about every little thing that Lisa had decided to ran away.

That first time, she had hitched fifteen miles from town. They caught her and brought her back. Days later she ran away again. This time making it forty miles away. She’d flown there, hoping them wouldn’t find her there, but they did. After that, she ran away again and again and again. After her tenth time, during her appearance in court with her mother, her mother had lost her head and tried to strike Lisa right there in front of everybody — the judge, the spectators the child welfare people. And Lisa was free at last. The court took her away from her cruel and inhuman mother, and the child welfare people, asked her where she wanted to go.

All the girls at school talked about Sutton High. Sutton high never lost at anything. The best looking, sexiest, toughest boys in the state went to Sutton High, and there were ten of them for every girl. Lisa mentioned to the child welfare committee that she wanted to go to Sutton, and after a week of debate, that’s where they sent her.

Lisa held her breath and listened hard. She could hear whispering and giggling somewhere perhaps just don the hallway, perhaps downstairs. What were those assholes up to? If this was the way they were going to treat me. She thought. Tonight she’d hitch a ride with a trucker, with anybody heading out of Sutton.

Everybody was so fucking mysterious around here. After that weird scene in study hall, the foster home bus had taken Lisa and the rest of the girls home. As the little bus wound its way up and down the twilit streets, Lisa felt if she were riding in an armored car. Nobody spoke, and the frail, middle-aged driver seemed nervous. At dinner, the girls had talked and carried on as if Lisa wasn’t there. Miss Sacks had sipped her coffee behind the pages of the Sutton Greensheet. And Candy had told her about five times to relax because the doors were locked and the police patrolled in front, of the house every fifteen minutes. So who cared about the Goddamn cops?

Lisa was going to have a nervous breakdown if she didn’t get loose quick. If she could get her mouth up to the ropes binding her wrists, she would gnaw them off with her teeth. She closed her eyes, gathering all her strength. She was Wonder Woman. She growled, yanking as hard as she could. She felt her feet and hands swell with blood and throb. She knew they had turned blue. Gangrene would be setting in soon.

The half-open door swung open all the way, and Candy, Miss Sacks, and all the rest of the girls marched in. Most of the girls had serious faces, but some of them were obviously trying to suppress giggles. Outside of a locker room Lisa had never seen so many naked tits and cunts assembled in one place. Every last female was as naked as Lisa herself was.

Miss Sacks stared at her grimly. Miss Sacks was well built, like a female bodybuilder, and she had huge tits with nipples the size of silver dollars. Her muff was bushy, and as coppery-red as her head hair. Under the tough woman’s gaze Lisa felt herself weaken. She found it painful to look into Miss Sacks’ green eyes. And all the other girls were gawking at her. She could feel their eyes on her nipples, between her legs. She’d never felt more vulnerable.

“SO what’s all this screaming about, Miss Wills?” Miss Sacks asked. “Your pussy cold?”

All the girls laughed. Lisa felt herself flush. All her fight had dried up in her.

“Or maybe it’s itchy real itchy,” Miss Sacks said. “Maybe you’d like for us to untie you and throw you out the window to the bulls? About this time of night they’re out for blood.”

Although Lisa hadn’t the faintest idea what Miss Sacks was talking about, she shivered. She felt a sob inflate in her chest.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she blurted, and the tears ran down her cheeks.

The girls murmured, looking back and forth at each other.

“Ah, shut up, you bunch of drippy cunts!” Miss Sacks shouted, turning on the girls. Then she spun back toward Lisa. “And you shut up, too, Wills! You’ll toughen up or you won’t last a week in Sutton.” And she sprang onto the bed, straddling Lisa’s face before Lisa knew what was happening.

Miss Sacks’ cunt gaped like a huge red mouth.

The meat inside looked like raw liver. But it smelled like cunt, like Lisa’s own cunt, only three times stronger. The odor made Lisa dizzy, and as the juicy cunt slabs settled over her mouth Lisa jumped at how hot they were.

“Eat it out!” Miss Sacks ordered. “Suck out my snatch!”

Juice oozed into Lisa’s mouth, eased down her cheeks tan juice, the cunt juice of an over-ripe woman. Lisa gagged on it at first nearly vomiting, but she got used to the taste fast, comparing it to a cross between blackstrap molasses and sharp honey. Half smothering, Lisa sucked the big redhead’s crotch. What else could she do? She sucked and chewed and fucked her tongue inside the woman, hoping the woman would come fast and get off her.

“Well, look at little blondy suck,” Miss Sacks said, and all the girls laughed. “You can tell she’s done this before. She’s real good at it.” Miss Sacks churned her ass, scouring Lisa’s nose with her kinky bush.

“Ooooh!” Miss Sacks squealed. “She’s real good. Her pink little tongue is way up in there. Eeeeeeb! Let me tell you, this chick’s been sucking pussy a long time. I bet she sucked off every girl from wherever she came from, and that’s why she came to Sutton. She wants fresh cunt. When she gets done with me she’s gonna wanna suck off all you cunts, so get ready, girls. Oooooh, she’s good! Bitch! Bet she used to suck off her momma’s crotch. I bet her old lady used to sit on her face like this and wiggle her old ass all night. Ececeech!”

The girls went crazy, giggling as if they all had ants crawling up their assholes. Miss Sacks sat with all her weight on Lisa’s mouth and forced her juicy crotch-meat down between Lisa’s teeth. The redhead’s wet asshole burned Lisa’s chin.

Lisa hated the woman for disgracing her like this, hated her for forcing her to perform this disgusting act. She wanted to kill the red-cunted bitch. She chewed into Miss Sacks’ crotch, tearing at the raw meat. She’d gnaw the bitch’s cunt right off.

Miss Sacks howled. Juice gushed out of her cunt as if Lisa had punctured a water balloon. The woman’s pussy slabs vibrated as if they were being zapped by electricity. Her hot asshole dilated.

“Fuck!” Miss Sacks bellowed. “Oh, fuck! Baby girl!”

She bounced on Lisa’s face, churning her spasming cunt at Lisa’s mouth. Lisa’s teeth snapped at her cunt flesh, stretched as if it were made of rubber. Wiry red pussy hairs caught between Lisa’s front teeth and yanked out of Miss Sacks’ horny crotch. Miss Sacks squealed until the last vibrations crawled through her cunt slabs, then eased her dripping cunt off Lisa’s face and stumbled off the bed.

“She’s all yours, girls,” Miss Sacks muttered. She sounded exhausted, like a changed woman. “Enjoy yourselves.” She staggered out of the room without looking back.

Lisa lay panting, her heart thudding against her breastbone. The spaces between her teeth were jammed with Miss Sacks’ cunt hairs. Her face felt raw, as if scoured by steel wool and it felt slimy, covered with sweat and pussy juice. The air felt cool on her wet face. It felt so good to breathe again. She felt so relieved that she almost laughed.

“How was she?” Candy asked, her raisin eyes glittering like black diamonds.

“Disgusting,” Lisa said.

The girls laughed.

“You looked like you were enjoying it,” Candy said. “Red cunt was right, huh, about you eating your momma’s fuck hole?”

“I never did anything like that in my life!” Lisa said. “You’re disgusting.” Lisa was serious. She never had sucked pussy.

“Sure!” Candy said, grinning wickedly. “Just like none of us has ever sucked cock.”

The girls tittered. A couple of them were kissing each other and rubbing tits and cunts together.

Lisa stared at them. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Candy and a blond girl sat down next to Lisa, one on each side other, and while Candy slipped a few fingers up Lisa’s cunt the other girl leaned over and started sucking Lisa’s nipples.

“Don’t play dumb,” Candy said, twisting her fingers in Lisa’s cunt. “You probably made it with a girl before you ever made it with a guy. Just relax, ’cause we’re gonna have some fun all of us.”

Another girl had joined them on the bed, and she leaned over to kiss Lisa on the mouth. Then she moved down to suck Lisa’s left nipple while the other girl sucked Lisa’s right one. Two girls knelt at Lisa’s feet and began kissing her feet and sucking her toes. Lisa felt herself melting. She tingled from head to toe. She’d never been played with like this before.

“Just relax,” Candy said again, pumping her fingers in and out of Lisa’s cunt. “Better get used to this, honey, ’cause at night us girls have to stick together. All we’ve got are each other. And on some nights you’re gonna get dragged home from school wishing you were dead after those wild studs get done with you and then you’re gonna find out how good a chick’s warm tongue on your torn up holes can feel. But if you want your wounds licked, you’re gonna have to learn to lick ours too. And you better get used to Miss Sacks. Each of us has to suck her off two or three nights a week to keep her happy. But she’s all right, once you get to know her. And she’s tough, knows karate and judo. Without her guarding the house, we wouldn’t be safe in our beds. Remember that.”

Lisa could hear what Candy was saying, but she wasn’t readily listening. Instead, she was absorbing. Candy’s words into her memory bank to be deciphered later. Right now all she cared about was what was happening to her. She squirmed all over the bed, moaning. Prickles of pleasure drilled into her nipples, her toes, her clit. Her cunt bubbled juice, bubbled it out on Candy’s hand and ever her own bottom and asshole.

“Mmmm!” she sighed. “Feels good.” And then she came. With no warning, her orgasm welled up and swam through her loins. “I’m coming,” she muttered, grunting a little as her body twitched. And the girls all cooed, sucking in unison at her nipples and toes while Candy pistoned her fingers in and out of Lisa’s cunt.

When Lisa had finished coming, she relaxed with a sigh. The girls around her bed giggled.

“You come fast,” Candy said. “Miss Sacks must have got you all worked up.”

Before Lisa could reply, two girls who had been leaning against the wall together groaned simultaneously. They bucked their naked loins, each girl having her orgasm while the other girl finger fucked her. Lisa got hot again watching them.

Their faces looked red and steamy. Their tits jiggled and their eyes rolled. And small trickles of juice ran down their inner thighs. Lisa had never before seen two girls making it together in fact, she’d always been turned off by the idea but now, seeing it, Lisa thought it was beautiful, and she was turned on.

Lisa looked at Candy. “Untie me and I’ll do you,” Lisa said. “Let me do you, Candy.”

“All right!” Candy said. “That’s what we like to hear.”

As the girls freed Lisa’s arms and legs, Lisa looked Candy over. She loved Candy’s long black hair, her black pussy, her nearly purple nipples. Candy was built better than any of the other girls in the room. When she got older, Candy would probably have a body like Miss Sacks.

Lisa flexed her arms and legs. She stretched. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to be free.

“I’ll do anything you want, Candy,” Lisa said. “Just name it.”

Candy’s eyes flicked. She spun toward the dresser and pulled open a drawer. Then she spun back, holding up a huge pink cock with straps at the base end.

Lisa gawked at it. She’d never seen anything like it. She wondered if it were real.

“It’s a dildo, silly,” Candy said, as if she could read Lisa’s mind. “My own eight-inch dildo. And you’re gonna strap it on and fuck me with it. When there are no guys around, it’s the next best thing.” She threw the dildo to Lisa.

Lisa felt it up and down. It was stiff and spongy, made of rubber, and it had a head and veins just like a real cock.

“Put it on,” Candy said. And as Lisa fumbled with it, one of the other girls helped her strap it around her hips.

Lisa stood on the floor looking down toward her muff. The big flesh-colored dildo stuck up out of her hairy muff as if she really had a cock, and she felt a trickle of warm juice ooze out between her pussy lips. So this was what a guy saw when he looked down at his groin. How exciting.

Candy had turned around and bent over, bracing her hands on her knees and arching her back. Her big round ass turned up high, and Candy wiggled it. Candy’s ass pucker was pink, as was her cunt slit, which glistened between her hairy black cunt slabs.

“Fuck me,” Candy said breathlessly. “Ram it up me!”

“Give it to her,” one of the other girls said, pushing Lisa toward dandy, and the other girls all started muttering the same sort of thing.

Lisa grabbed Candy’s ass and shoved the head of the dildo between Candy’s cunt lips. Candy moaned, the other girls cheered, and Lisa thrust, ramming the eight-inch rubber cock up Candy’s teenage cunt.

“Ooooooh, baby!” Candy sighed. “Big cock!”

The sight of the huge dildo disappearing up Candy’s cunt stunned Lisa. Candy’s cunt had appeared to suck it up, to swallow it. Now Candy’s cunt lips hugged the base of the thick dildo, stretched wide around it.

“Fuck her,” one of the girls said, swatting Lisa on the ass with a bare hand, and all the other girls started urging her on. “Fuck Candy! Fuck her hard!”

Lisa began to hump, watching the big cock slide in and out of Candy’s cunt. Her ass bucked back and forth, driving the dildo. Her spine felt like an elastic rod. She giggled. This was fun even though the cock wasn’t hers and she couldn’t feel anything through it. She could see why guys liked to fuck. It was fun to watch a big cock slide in and out of the sucking slit of a cunt. Cunt juice oiled her cock and made it gleam. The girl’s ass wiggled, her ass pucker twitching. She felt powerful felt like fucking the shit out of her cunt. But that was only half of it, Lisa knew, because if she was a real guy with a real cock, then her cock would have felt as good in fucking as a cunt did in getting fucked. Lisa squealed, humping fast and hard, carried away by the excitement of fucking like a guy.

Candy groaned, tossing her head, sweeping her knees with her long black hair. As Lisa fucked in, Candy screwed her ass backward, swallowing up the dildo with her cunt.

“Do it to me!” Candy gasped. “Oh, honey! Ram me!”

Lisa rammed harder. She fucked so fast that her own tits flapped like flags in a strong wind. The harder and faster she fucked, the harder and faster she wanted to fuck.

Candy squealed, squirming like she wanted to escape but, was tied up. The smell of her cunt saturated the air as the dildo pushed in and out of it. Suddenly, her ass shuddered as if struck by lightning. She snapped back her head and whined, sounding like a she-cat being mated by a torn.

“Eeeeeeeeh! Ahhhhhhh!”

Lisa rammed the dildo in and out of Candy’s spasming cunt. She dug her fingers into Candy’s jerking ass, steadying the girl. She watched Candy’s ass pucker open and close, felt Candy’s cunt nearly suck the dildo out of its harness of straps. This was wild. She could do this all night. Lisa’s only regret was that she couldn’t deliver a load of jism up Candy’s horny twat.

Before Candy had finished spasming, a half dozen of the other girls were tugging at Lisa’s arms.

“I’m next, honey,” one of the girls said.

“No, I’m next,” another said.

And Lisa knew she was in for a long night.


Rusty rubbed his wrists. They were black and blue and swollen from this afternoon’s ordeal on the rack. He hoped he’d never have to go through something like that again. He didn’t think his wrists would make it next time. As sore as they were now, he knew they would recover, but he didn’t think they’d ever be quite the same again. He’d probably have arthritis in them before he was twenty-five.

Next to him on a single bed, Jimmy Benton was beating off. Tonight was Rusty’s night to share the younger boy’s room, and Rusty knew that, he wouldn’t get much sleep. Jimmy would be awake at least twice during the night to beat himself off. The kid always jiggled around so much and made so much racket that Rusty was never able to sleep through it. Rusty had to put up with the kid every other night, because every other night he shared Jimmy’s room and every alternate night he shared Todd’s room. Todd, being older and free to fuck all the chicks he wanted to, jerked off only rarely during the night. But Jimmy only got to fuck the females he and the other junior high studs could run down after dark, and females on the streets after dark were getting rarer and rarer. Besides, Jimmy had got picked up by the cops so many times that Old Man Benton had practically chained the kid up at night. The old man had literally chained Jimmy to the bed a few times, the same way he chained up the old lady every night.

That was another thing that kept Rusty awake the old lady’s rattling chains. A month ago the old man had started chaining the old lady to her bed at night to keep her out of mischief while he was off working his nightshift at the iron works. Before that the old lady used to sneak out on the streets and wait for a pack of pussy hunting junior high pricks to come along and gang fuck her. One time the frenzied young studs had fucked her into a near coma, and the old man had had to fetch her from the hospital. The old man hadn’t thought much of it that time, but he’d given her hell for going for a walk at night. She’d just been asking for it, he said. Served her right. But then when it happened again, when he’d been called for the second time in two weeks to come to the hospital and pick up his raped and buggered old lady, he realized what had been going on. The old lady was out at night trying to get herself laid while he was working his ass off at the factory. That was when he brought in the chains. Before he went to work every night, he chained her up, beat her ass with a leather strap, and fucked the shit out of her. What he didn’t know was that the old lady was still getting herself laid behind his back. Both Todd and Jimmy, especially Jimmy, went at their mother every night like tigers.

“What time is it, Rusty?” Jimmy asked. He lay in the bed next to Rusty’s with his eyes closed, his naked brown body misted with sweat under the lamplight, his brown fist pumping his seven-inch cock. The kid always bragged about how his cock was as long as his brother’s already, and he was still three years younger than Todd.

“Twenty to eleven,” Rusty said, glancing at the clock on the nightstand between the two single beds. In his own room across the hall, Todd was lying nude, scratching his balls and panting over a Hustler centerfold. His own seven-inch cock lay twitching along his belly like a purple capped ivory tusk.

“Five more minutes,” Jimmy said, referring to the fact that in five minutes the old man would be leaving for work and he’d be free to climb his mother’s hot ass. “Shit,” he said, “I can’t wait. Oh, Christ!”

Jimmy’s long body stiffened. His square pectorals and rectangular abdominal ridges stood out like carved stone. His cock head ballooned, its piss-slit gaping. A rope of white jism shot out and splashed down on the boy’s heaving chest. The boy squirmed. Another spurt shot out and nearly hit Rusty.

Rusty jumped. “Christ, watch it!” He scrambled off the bed, letting the crazy kid squirt all over himself and everyplace else.

The kid didn’t have any brains. He shot all over everything.

While Jimmy thrashed around on his bed, squirting and muttering to himself, Rusty went across the hall and sat on the bed next to Todd. He liked Todd better than Jimmy. Todd was more like a big brother to him, and the two of them both went to Sutton High and played on the football team.

“Look at how big and juicy it is,” Todd said, nudging Rusty. “All the chicks in this magazine open up real wide without even pulling the flaps apart with their hands.”

Rusty looked at the girl in the centerfold. She lay on her back doing the splits, shoving her wide open pussy right up at their faces. Rusty could see way up inside the pink hole, with the pussy lips fanned out so wide and the clit standing up like a pink wet peanut.

“Damn!” Rusty said, and his prick flopped up and topped down on his belly, the head throbbing well up past his navel. He wanted to grab his cock and pump it, but his wrists were so sore he could hardly close his hand.

Todd turned the page, whistling and muttering about the next hot, wide open chick who jumped out at them licking her lips and showing them her oh-please-fuck-me eyes. Rusty kept his eyes glued to the magazine pages, not wanting to miss one juicy cunt. Across the hall, Rusty could hear Jimmy cleaning up his mess. In the distance, he could hear the muffled sound of the old lady’s chains. The old man was shackling her to the metal bed frame. Rusty hadn’t heard him beat her tonight, or him bellow and her screech while he sliced her up with his cock. He knew that the old lady loved the whippings her husband gave her, loved the way he fucked her until she screamed, but still, Rusty didn’t enjoy listening to it. The sounds of brutality made him want to curl up into a ball and hide. In fact, sometimes just being in Sutton made him want to do that. Sutton was such a fucking mean town.

Rusty had come to Sutton with high hopes of finding a new home and becoming a star athlete.

After his mother had died last summer, he had at first traveled with his old man, a trucker, whom Rusty had rarely seen during his young life. His old man had come home for a few days between hauls now and then, but even then he’d spent those few days half drunk and fucking Rusty’s mom nonstop. Then, after Rusty’s mother had died, Rusty had spent, two weeks of hell traveling with the old man. The old man hated him to begin with, but once the old man got a look at Rusty’s ten-inch cock he seemed to go whacky, seemed like he wanted to kill Rusty.

“Think you’re better than your old man, don’t ya?” the old man would bellow after he’d had a few. “Wanna go to high school and all. Think ya got the smarts, don’t ya? Momma’s boy and all. Ya look just like her with your blond hair and pretty face — blond hair down to your shoulders like some little bitch. Shit! And ya wanna play football? Shit! Football’s a man’s game. Ya look like a little girl, a fucking little girl.” And here he’d laugh for awhile, until his face suddenly got serious again. “Think you’re really something because ya got a over growed hog dangling from your balls, doncha? Well, let me tell you something — it ain’t how big it is, it’s whatcha can do with it that counts. And there ain’t no girly boy like you knows how ta fuck worth a damn.”

Then, during that hold-over in Vegas Rusty had returned to his motel room from supper and found the old man waiting for him with a bare-assed whore.

The whore had the biggest tits Rusty had ever seen, and he could smell her all the way across the room. Rusty had never before seen a naked girl live. He swayed on his feet looking at her, dizzy with her scent, and from head to toe he flushed hot. His dick almost ripped his pants open.

The old man lay on the bed beside the whore, his cock as soft as his paunch. The old man’s cock was wet, and Rusty could tell that the old man had had it in her.

“Get over here,” the old man said to Rusty, “and you, bitch, get up on all fours.”

The whore got up on her hands and knees, giggling. Rusty could see jism leaking out of the dark hole of her cunt.

“Come on, honey,” the whore said. “I love ’em young.”

Rusty felt like vomiting. As hot as his prick felt, there was no way he was going to shove it up the cunt his greasy old man had just fucked. Without a word, he turned to leave. He was going to run as far away as he could get from there. He’d run forever if he had to. But before he could get to the door, his old man caught him, caught him and knocked him down.

“OK, Mr. Smart,” the old man growled. “Get over there and eat that bitch. And when you get done eatin’ her, you’re gonna shove your over growed hog up her and show us if you’re a man.” The old man grabbed him by the hair and dragged him over to the whore. Then he grabbed Rusty’s head like a hunk of clay and plastered Rusty’s face to the whore’s cum-dripping cunt.

Rusty would never know why he didn’t vomit. But he sucked that whore’s cunt, sucked it until the whore cried out coming and spraying hot juice. And then he got up on her ass and fucked her, fucked her with his ten-inch cock until she gibbered out of her head and he himself whimpered and shot his virgin load of jism up inside her. Wow! He’d never forget that feeling. He felt like he was shooting his guts out, and the whore’s cunt sucked like a vacuum cleaner. His mistake was that he fucked that whore good.

“You fuck better than your old man,” the whore said, turning around to kiss him. “And ooh, what a dick! Damn, it’s big!”

That was all the old man needed. He threw the whore out almost before she could dress. And, then he whipped Rusty, whipped him with his belt, with his size-twelve boots, with his wad of keys on their heavy chain. He whipped Rusty nearly unconscious, and then he went out to get his tire iron. That’s when Rusty escaped with his life. That’s when he dragged himself naked and bloody out of the room and down the hall and into an open elevator. The old man never laid a hand on him again.

The old man lost custody of Rusty, and within a month Rusty was on his way to Sutton, sent there by the child welfare bureau to live with foster parents, the Bentons, and welcomed by the Sutton High School athletic department because at Briggs Junior High he had run the quarter-mile in fifty-two seconds flat. Coach and Athletic Director Long expected great things from Rusty in football, track and cross-country. Rusty fairly sang with joy on the bus to Sutton, but after he’d been there awhile be began to feel that he was nearly as bad off in Sutton as with his old man.

Old Mr. Benton, his foster dad, was as much of a bastard as Rusty’s real old man. Old Man Benton took him in as a tax write-off, then treated him like shit, even worse than he treated Todd and Jimmy, or even the old lady.

Coach Long had treated him buddy-buddy for a few days — until the coach had caught a glimpse of Rusty’s cock in the shower. Then the coach turned mean, seemed to single him out and pick on him for every little thing, for things that went wrong that were in no way connected with Rusty.

But as bad as the coach and Old Man Benton were, they didn’t bother him half so much as himself. He could handle those two old bastards, but he wasn’t so sure he could handle himself anymore. Since he’d arrived in Sutton two months ago, Rusty had changed a lot — and he wasn’t so sure he liked what he was becoming. He’d always been a real nice kid, a gentle kid that’s what everybody had always said about him, and he had always liked to hear it but now he was becoming mean, as mean as Coach Long and Old Man Benton, as mean as all the other guys at Sutton High. And worst of all, he was enjoying it, enjoying becoming mean. But it bothered him, bothered him a lot.

Todd elbowed him in the ribs. “Christ, look at this one! How’d you like to crawl up on that piece of ass?”

“Wow!” Rusty said, drooling. “Yeah!”

Todd held up a two-page spread of a blond girl up on all fours. As she arched her back her ass turned up and spread, showing off both her cunt and ass pucker in all their wet pinkness. Rusty could see halfway up the girl’s cunt, and he got so excited that his pecker head pounded his belly with audible slapping sounds. Damn, he’d like to get up on her ass and fuck her until she screamed, just like he had fucked that whore last summer. He loved to see girls up on all fours. He liked them better in that position than in any other. He loved the female ass it drove him crazy. Most of the other guys at Sutton High preferred to mount girls in that position, too, he’d noticed. Maybe because that was the way most animals fucked and most of the guys, in Sutton seemed to think of themselves as wild animals.

The bedroom door shook. Rusty felt the whole room vibrate.

“You pecker heads get that light out and get to sleep,” Old Man Benton shouted. Now or do I have to horsewhip all three of ya?

“Sure Dad,” Todd shouted dropping his magazine and diving over Rusty to switch off the lamp on the nightstand.

All three boys held their breaths as the old man clopped down the stairs. The front door slammed and clicked. Rusty could hear the old man starting his car, could hear him back out of the driveway. The motor roared, and Old Man Benton squealed off to work. The sound of his car disappeared in the night.

The lights blazed on once again. Jimmy was up and prancing toward the door, his seven-inch cock stiff and waving. Todd and Rusty followed him down the hall, practically stepping on his heels.

Old Lady Benton was waiting for them. Before Jimmy had even snapped on the bedroom light, Mrs. Benton was rattling her chain and panting audibly. And as the light went on, there she was up on all fours in the middle of her bed, waving her juicy ass and cunt at the boys. A wide steel shackle shined on her left ankle, and a silvery steel chain ran from the shackle to the metal bedposts at the foot of the bed.

“Oh, boy!” Jimmy muttered, and he banged his shin on a bedpost as he scrambled onto the bed to mount his mother. Rubbing his shin and cursing, he squatted like a monkey behind his mother and slipped his swollen pecker up her cunt.

Mrs. Benton groaned, “Fuck me, darling!”

Jimmy humped like a stud dog, zinging his teenage pecker in and out of her like the world would be ending any second and he had to get off before it did. His skinny ass cheeks dimpled in and out like hollow grapefruits. His brown hair bounced on his shoulders. Mrs. Benton rotated her ass, whimpering like a bitch.

The old lady really wasn’t that old — maybe thirty-five. She had brown hair, shoulder-length like that of her two sons. Her tits hung almost as low as those of the whore Rusty had fucked and she had a huge meaty ass that Rusty felt like slicing up with a knife and eating. Tonight, especially, Mrs. Benton looked hot. Rusty hadn’t had a piece of ass since last Friday, and he needed one bad. He’d had a wild orgasm this afternoon while hanging from the rack, but now be was horny again, horny for hot fresh meat.

Jimmy clawed his mother’s ass, mauled her cunt with his red hot teenage prick. He looked like a small baboon mounted on a squealing sow. His skinny body quivered, and he fired his hot jism.

“Oh, jeez, I’m coming, Ma,” he grunted, and Mrs. Benton cooed, screwing her ass back on his pulsating cock slowly and deliberately. “Oh, my baby,” she muttered. “My little angel.”

Jimmy collapsed on her ass spent.

Todd grabbed his brother and dragged him off Mrs. Benton’s ass. As Jimmy rolled onto the floor, panting, Todd got up behind Mrs. Benton and started slapping her ass. His muscular hands fell hard on his mother’s meaty butt, making loud cracking sounds.

“You Goddamn, bitch,” he said, “fucking your own son like that. You oughta be whipped to death.”

“Was I a bad momma?” Mrs. Benton pouted. “As bad as could be,” Todd said.

Rusty had seen this act before. The two sons and their mother performed this same scene almost every night as if it were a ritual. Rusty knew what was coming next, so he went to the closet and brought out the plastic whiffle ball bat. Rusty joined in on this scene only rarely, usually judging it too weird, but tonight he was horny.

Todd looked up at Rusty, smiling. “Tonight you can give it to her. I’ll watch.” He moved aside, giving Rusty lots of room.

Mrs. Benton shivered panting in a way that sounded like a cat purring. Her asshole quivered, glistening. Pussy juice and Jimmy’s grayish-white jism oozed out of her cunt.

Rusty swung the bat with all his strength, smashing it down on Mrs. Benton’s ig beautiful ass. Whack! Rusty winced. Mrs. Benton groaned, nearly toppling over. Then she braced herself and wiggled her ass for more. Rusty slammed her slammed her again then again.

“No!” Mrs. Benton moaned. “Please, no more, oh, please!” Her voice sounded pained.

Rusty’s cock throbbed, shot through with hot sensations. “You Goddamn bitch!” he cried. “Goddamn whore!” And he clubbed her ass, beat her with all his strength, letting out all his anger and lust.

Mrs. Benton screamed. Her ass became a huge round purple mountain of battered meat. Cunt juice and jism ran down her legs in rivers. The air smelled out cunt and sizzling meat.

Rusty beat her, beat her until his shoulders and arms ached. And then he stuffed her with the bat, rammed the handle end of it straight up her gaping red cunt.

Mrs. Benton howled, bucking her black and blue ass while Rusty twisted the plastic bat inside her cunt, twisted it and drove it further in. Then he let the bat go and jumped up on her. He had to fuck her, had to fuck her now.

The pressure of the thick whiffle ball bat inside Mrs. Benton’s cunt seemed to make her asshole gape. Rusty could easily shove a finger up her asshole without touching meat it was that wide open. Rusty had never seen such a sexy asshole. He bent his monstrous cock down and pressed the glowing pecker head into Mrs. Benton’s asshole.

The old lady shrieked like a banshee. “Oh, it’s the big one! Oh honey, let me fed it. Bugger my ass — quick!”

Rusty drove into her until his pubic hair tickled her gaping asshole. He felt his pecker head in the her hot belly. He’d buried all ten inches of big stud cock up her butt.

Mrs. Benton went crazy, bucking like a wild mustang under him. Rusty reached back and grabbed the whiffle ball bat, twisting it inside her cunt as he fucked hard into her asshole. The smooth bat turned and slid slippery against his crotch, massaging his balls and bottom and ass crack.

Todd kneeled up on the bed in front of Mrs. Benton and beat her face with his cock. Then, grabbing her by the ears, he yanked her mouth down over his cock until her nose banged his pubic bone. Mrs. Benton gagged as her son’s cock stretched her throat.

“Suck me, you whore mother!” Todd spat, jerking her head up and down on his cock. And while he raped his mother’s mouth, his brother crawled up under Mrs. Benton and started biting and sucking her fat hanging tits.

“Mmm, Momma,” Jimmy muttered, “you’ve got such big ones! Give me some milk.” And he mauled her tits, biting and scratching them, sucking them until Mrs. Benton thrashed, trying to shake him off.

But the woman was trapped. With Rusty’s ten-incher slicing up her shit hole, with. Todd’s seven maker searing her throat, with the twisting bat up her cunt and Jimmy’s teeth and claws digging up her tits, Mrs. Benton was about as bound and fucked as any woman could be. And she whimpered, shivering all over as one little orgasm after another gnawed through her loins.

Rusty could feel it every time Mrs. Benton came. Her asshole contracted quickly and she got very hot inside. Vibrations shot through the plastic bat. Rusty couldn’t believe how many times she came. She seemed to come about once every minute. And for a few, moments Rusty wished that he was a woman so he could know what it felt like to be stuffed full of cock and to shake with one orgasm after another.

Jimmy was sucking his mother’s tits no handed now so he could pump his stiff cock. Todd was nodding his bead from side to side, his eyes glazed, as if he were in a trance.

The sight of his foster brothers enjoying themselves made Rusty all the more excited. He fucked down hard, getting set to blow Mrs. Benton to smithereens when he came. The hot, needlelike sensations shooting from deep in his loins and through the core of his thick, ten-inch cock made Rusty want to sing with pleasure.

“Oh, man!” he moaned. “Oh, Momma, fuck your ass! Screw your smelly whore’s ass!”

“Give her your jizz,” Todd muttered. “Blast her!”

“Right,” Rusty said, blurry-eyed with pleasure. “I’m gonna give her my load.”

Hot springs of jism uncoiled in his nuts and shot through his cock like flaming arrows. Rusty’s loins bucked out of control. “Oh, Christ!”

And he blasted her, flooded her asshole as she began spasming again. With each round of cum he shot into her, the sound of his cock pistoning in her got juicier. He could feel her asshole all greasy with his hot cum, and the sound of his fucking got squishier and squishier.

Todd snapped back his head, hammering his mother’s face. “Oh, Momma!” he gasped. “Take it!”

Mrs. Benton sucked loudly, munching Todd’s cock, swallowing his jism. Rusty could hear her swallowing, could hear the cum gurgling down her throat. The sound made him excited, and he shot more jism up Mrs. Benton’s hot ass.

Before either Rusty or Todd had finished shooting, Jimmy jumped up, pumping his cock. His face was red and dripping sweat. He stood next to the bed, arched his back, and squirted his white boy cum onto his mother’s lower back and ass. The thick wads splatted on his mother’s purple beaten ass cheeks and hung there like puffy clouds in a stormy sky.

“Shoot it, Jimmy,” he muttered. “Cream on your ma’s ass.”


Lisa had never liked gym class until today. She couldn’t believe that she and the other girls were actually exercising in the nude. The girl’s gym smelled like cunt, mainly from all the splits and the high kicks the girls were doing. For fifteen minutes now they’d been stretching, warming up.

“Mostly we learn gymnastics at this time of the year,” Candy explained to Lisa, sinking down into a full split on the shiny hardwood gym floor. “Gymnastics gives us good bodies and keeps us limber for the guys.”

Lisa sank down into a full split as she faced Candy, her open cunt kissed the gym floor and a thrill zip through her crotch. All around her, other girls were splitting their legs wide their open cunts touched the floor. As each girl rose to a standing position, she left a moist cunt print on the floor, showing where her pussy lips had kissed it.

The lady coach, herself naked, blew her whistle. “All right, group one on the balance beam, two on the bars, three work on your floor exercise, and four on the vault. In ten minutes we’ll rotate, so get cracking.”

Lisa was excited. She’d always wanted to be a gymnast like those hot girls on television. She could see herself now, kicking her bare legs and wiggling her half naked ass while the crowd went crazy. Afterwards, they’d interview her for the TV audience.

“Candy,” the lady coach said, “you take care of Miss Wills. Get her good and warmed up and then take her over for her first lesson. Watch her close, though. You know how wild they can get over new stuff. I’ve got her scheduled for extended gym, come Monday, so we’ve got to get her ready fast. Think you can handle it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Candy said.

“Good,” said the coach, and she spun on her heels and left them. Lisa watched her walk away.

“What was that all about?” she asked Candy. “Don’t I get to swing on the bars today?”

“Let’s do some more splits,” Candy said, letting her heels slide until she was sitting once more on her cunt. As she hit bottom her tits bounced.

Lisa imitated her, splitting her legs until her cunt once more kissed the floor. They sat facing each other, their legs split sideways to form a straight line.

“Point your toes,” Candy said, “Always point your toes. It’s sexier, and it drives the guys wild.”

Lisa pointed her toes, feeling sexier immediately. She wished some guys were around to see her.

“We’ll sit like this for a few minutes,” Candy said. “To stretch out our legs. Then we’ll do some back bends before we go over to the boys’ gym.”

“Boys’ gym?”

Candy smiled. “Honey, it’s time we began your education. You don’t know much about Sutton or Sutton High, do you?”

“I’m starting to think I don’t,” Lisa said. “Well, then you’d better find out. I grew up in this town, so this whole thing is as natural to me as day and night. But a lot of these new chicks coming in freak out.”

“Freak out?”

“Yeah,” Candy said, and she began to explain. Six years ago, when Candy was younger, Coach Long come to town and took over the athletic directorship of Sutton High. He guaranteed the town athletic fame if he was allowed unrestricted authority over his athletes. The town, sick of seeing their kids wasting away on drugs, gave the coach the go ahead and promised noninterference for one year, during which time the coach would either prove he could do what he said or lose his job.

Coach Long took over. He pulled all the boys out of their classes and trained them in athletics throughout the day, trained them with weights and in gymnastics, wrestling and swimming, and made them do miles and miles of running. He made them go barefooted to strengthen their feet. He made them wear their hair no shorter than shoulder length, because he believed long hair meant strength. As a reward for their adherence to his Spartan discipline, he provided them with girls to fuck. At first the sluttier girls of the school volunteered readily for fuck duty, in exchange for which these girls received credit for classes they never took. But later, after the uncontrolled athletes had fuck a lot of the girls near to death, fewer and fewer girls volunteered. Coach Long, by this time quite powerful for having brought Sutton state championships in several sports, made fuck duty mandatory for all girls at Sutton High. Although many parents were outraged, the majority of parents, along with the school board and city fathers, didn’t care what Coach Long did as long as he kept bringing in the trophies and kept turning their boys into college and pro athletes.

Over the years, Coach Long’s power increased.

His former athletes manned the Sutton police force now almost entirely. Promising athletes were recruited from all over the state to come to Sutton, and Coach Long even sent scouts out of state. Because boys outnumbered girls by about three-to-one these days, Sutton took in any female it could lay its hands on. Coach Long had the junior high boys training hard now for the day they would become Sutton High athletes. The wily coach titillated the junior high boys, made them hungry, by making a rule that junior high boys must not fuck junior high girls. Junior high boys must wait for high school for the fuck rewards the high school boys received. And thus the junior high boys took to roaming the streets at night to hunt down stray females of high school age or older, whom they would gang rape until they had satisfied their raging, pubescent lusts.

For years now the streets of Sutton had been unsafe for females. But Coach Long didn’t mind, and neither did most of Sutton. Sutton had a name now, and vandalism and street drugs were nearly nonexistent. So a few dizzy broads got raped! They should have known better then to be out on Sutton’s streets unguarded.

“Your first day of fuck-duty, what they also call extended gym-class, will be Monday,” Candy was saying. “That’s why we’ve gotta get you ready this week stretch you out and loosen you up.”

Lisa was so excited that she was rubbing her spread crotch on the gym floor. “Ooh, I can hardy wait! All those hunks!”

Candy laughed. “You ever fucked or sucked forty or fifty guys in one day?”

“No,” Lisa said, “but I can’t wait to try it.”

“Maybe you’ll change your tune,” Candy said, “Once those big cocks start tearing up your holes. We got a freshman in this school with a cock bigger then Coach Long’s. Just wait til you see it. You won’t believe it.”

“Ooh, I hope I get it,” Lisa said, wiggling her ass.

“You might change your tune about that, too,” Candy said. “Coach brings over junior high girls to get their cherries busted every so often. A cherry bursting fuck is an extra reward for some guy who’s really played good ball game or something. Well, they brought in a tight little cherry cunt for the kid with the big cock just to watch him bust a cherry. They said it was like a bubble gum pop when he stuck her, and the little bitch passed out fainted and nearly bled to death.”

Lisa winced, then forced a giggle. “Doesn’t bother me. I lost my cherry four years ago.”

Rusty wiped the sweat off the tip of his nose with his wrist. Shit, even touching his wrist, to his nose hurt. His wrists were still swollen and black and blue. He flexed his hands back and forth slowly, then worked them in circles. They had to get a little bit flexible or he’d never be able to beat his opponent. He shook his hands vigorously, biting his lips from the pain. Damn wrists! If only be could shake the soreness out of them.

The guys in the gym were screaming. It looked like Simpson was going to pin Rogers. Lucky Simpson! The bitch they had waiting for him had tits as big as Old Lady Benton’s, and the bitch was a lithe teenager besides.

Rusty looked across the gym to the other action. On the other wrestling mat, Downs, who had won his match earlier, was fucking the shit out of a junior high bitch Coach Long had brought over to have her cherry busted. Maxwell, the big 250-pound tackle who had played so viciously in Saturday’s game, had blasted her cherry about an hour ago, and he’d come close to crushing her to death. Rusty had had to laugh when the huge tackle had got so excited that his prick had slipped out of the bitch while he was coming, and he’d shot sideways onto the mat.

Rusty stroked his cock, wishing he was over there in Downs’ skin fucking that helpless little junior high bitch. Shit, if he didn’t win his match against Canton, he’d have to beat off while Canton got into whatever hot slut Coach Long had lined up for the winner of their match.

The gym door across they way opened, and in walked two naked chicks. Christ, there was that black-haired bitch, Candy Ritz. She had a cunt that sucked like a toilet plunger, and Rusty loved to chew on her hot red nipples. Christ, maybe she was today’s prize.

But who was that other chick with Candy? Cute, long, fine blonde hair. Rusty could see it shine way across the gym. Nice ass pointed tits. And she was pretty. Jesus, he’d love to get into her! New girl, though. He’d never seen her before. Too developed and cocky looking to be a junior high chick. Christ, what an ass! He could feel his cock up it already.

Rusty was so preoccupied with the new girl that he didn’t see the Simpson-Rogers match end.

“Hey Linx! Donkey dick!” Coach Long bellowed. “You gonna wrestle today or you too busy puffing on your dick?”

Rusty jumped up and ran to the center of the mat. His ten-inch prick stood up at a forty-five degree angle from his loins, but Rusty didn’t feel embarrassed today. He was hoping the new chick was looking over at him. He glanced toward her, and she was. He flexed his cock a few times, hoping she knew that he did it for her.

Coach Long blew the whistle, and Rusty tore into Canton.

“Ooh, I’ve never seen such a big prick,” Lisa said, drooling over the cute blond kid with a prick the size of a billy club. Warm juice lubricated her inner thighs. “Ooh, I hope he wins!”

“Lucky bitch!” Candy said. “Cock number one. Right off the bat.”

Lisa giggled. “That must be him, then, the one you were telling me about. What’s the luscious guy’s name?”

“Never mind,” Candy snapped. “If he wins, I hope he shoves it up your shit hole until it comes out your mouth.”

“No way,” Lisa said. A kid at Parcher High had tried to ass fuck her once, and she’d clawed his face up the ass hurt. No way she’d let any boy do that to her not any boy.

The two boys were wrapped around each, other, rolling this way and that on the mat. Sometimes it looked like one was fucking the other one, for the two boys were stark naked and their dicks were stiff as pipes across the gym all the spectators screamed.

The blond kid had the other kid on his back and was driving him down into the mat, by yanking down his jackknifed legs. Coach Long was squirming on his belly, shoving his hand under the downed boy’s shoulders. At once the coach whacked the mat and blew his whistle. The wrestlers fell apart, collapsing, and the other boys cheered.

“Lucky bitch!” Candy said, making a face at Lisa. “Think you can handle him? I don’t.”

“No sweat,” Lisa said, shivering all over. The blond kid was on his feet now, and Coach Long had him by the arm and was pointing him toward her. He was smiling.

The boy came trotting over, his monstrous pecker looking even more monstrous with every step. The cock head was purple and the size of an apple. Blue veins bulged along the ivory shaft. The huge cock waved heavily, looking like it might flip the muscular-but-skinny boy forward onto his face. The boy had deep blue eyes. That was the last thing Lisa saw before he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the center of the mat.

As Lisa hit the mat her bones vibrated from the jolt. She bit her tongue.

“Damn you!” she cried.

The boy slapped her face. Her head hit the mat. She tasted blood, and her head swam.

“On your belly, bitch!” the boy said, flipping her over with hot hands, and then he fell on her.

Lisa gasped for breath. He was heavy, crushing her with his burning, sweaty body. His prick felt like a hot arm as it throbbed against her ass. As dizzy as she was, as much as she hated the boy for hitting her, she spread her legs, crazy to feel his cock up her cunt from behind.

The boy’s cock prodded between her legs, and Lisa squealed. Shove it in me, she thought. Oh, Goddamn, quick, screw that big beautiful thing up my cunt!

“Grease,” the boy muttered. “Somebody grab me some grease.”

Lisa moaned. Her cunt was gushing. The mat under her muff was already slippery.

“I don’t need grease,” she whispered over her shoulder.

“Like hell!” the boy said. “Shut up, bitch!” he spit on her cheek, then yanked her hair.

“Give it to her!” she heard several of the boys shout.

“Goddamn you!” Lisa screamed. “Let me up! I hate you!” She heard dirty laughter. All the guys in the gym were making fun of her. Her head jerked back as the boy on her ass nearly ripped her hair out. Tears ran hot, dawn her cheeks.

Hands grabbed her arms, stretching them out above her on the mat. Hands grabbed her feet, stretching her legs long and spreading them wide. The boy’s thumb pressed her ass pucker as if it were a button. Suddenly the boy rammed his thumb up her asshole.

Lisa thrashed. “Goddamn it, stop that!”

More laughter. The boy twisted his thumb inside her, reaming out her asshole. She wanted to kill him. Nobody violated her asshole. It was just something she couldn’t bear.

“Here’s your grease,” she heard a boy say. And a second later she felt the thick goo being slopped between her ass cheeks. The big-cocked stud rubbed it up and down her ass crack and over her bottom. He worked some between her pussy slabs, and for a moment Lisa felt her anger sink away. She caught a sigh before it escaped her throat.

The stud worked his fingers into her pussy. The thick Vaseline like grease let his fingers slip into her easily. Her cunt stretched. The kid had all his fingers inside her. She could feel his knuckles twisting against her pussy lips.

“Ram your whole hand inside her,” she heard a boy shout, and she heard excited mutterings all around.

“I’d rather use this,” the boy on her ass said, uncorking his fingers from her cunt. And Lisa felt it immediately his pulsating cock head between her pussy lips. It was hot as a coal.

Lisa almost squealed. This was more like it. Shove it in me, she wanted to moan out loud, but she thought it better to keep her mouth shut.

The boy’s big cock slid into her, stretching her pussy walls as wide as if he had shoved his whole hand inside her. She felt his hard warm belly mash her ass, felt his apple-sized cock head throb in the pit of her loins. Her cunt ached with the pleasure of the stretch, and Lisa tightened her pussy, wanting to suck the big pleasure organ inside her even deeper. She’d never been stuffed so full of cock, but she wanted even more.

The blond boy began to hump, sliding his hot cock in and out of her like a greased billy club. Lisa squirmed. She couldn’t help it. The feel of the boy’s cock fucking her made her want to scream. She kept her eyes closed, concentrating on every inch of the monster as it pistoned in her pussy. She could hear the panting of the boy riding her, could hear the heavy breathing of the boys watching her get ploughed, could feel all eyes, all attention on her quivering fucked body. It was all too exciting. She thought of Candy watching, poor jealous little Candy. The feelings in Lisa’s pussy were tightening fast. She’d be coming any time now. Just one more fuck. Just one more!

She felt the boy’s cock slip completely out of her. Her pussy seemed to gape wide open for a few seconds before the quivering inner walls collapsed.

A sigh passed through the crowd of spectators, as if they were just as disappointed as she was. She heard a grunt and suddenly heard splats close to her ears. Heavy drops like warm rain splashed on her arm. She opened her eyes just in time to see a round of cum spurt from the cock of one of the boys pinning down her arms. He was pumping his cock and shooting off all over the place. She smelled his fresh jism, and her mouth watered. If everybody hadn’t been watching her, she’d have licked up as much of his jism as she could reach.

Her fucker fell on her with all his weight, biting her hard on the neck and shoulders. In a second her body prickled from head to toe with goose bumps.

“You got a beautiful ass,” the boy half whispered in her ear. “Oh, baby I bet it’s as tight as an unpopped cherry cunt.”

His huge cock squirmed between her greased ass cheeks as he humped, and Lisa cooed. If he just kept sliding it like that up and down her ass crack, she’d be able to come. Her unplugged sex hole still ached like a tightly wound spring almost anything would set it off. Lisa writhed, rubbing her muff against the juice slick mat, humping her excited ass at the sliding cock.

The boy raised his loins, muttering a string of fuck words. He pressed his greasy cock head to Lisa’s pucker, rubbing it in circles. It felt good to Lisa, but she tensed up a little. She hoped he wouldn’t try shoving it in. No way he’d get the monster up her ass even if she wanted him to. But she surely didn’t want him to. If he tried to push it in, she’d clamp up so tight they wouldn’t even be able to shove a crowbar up her.

“Ride her shit hole!” a boy cried.

“Ass fuck that hot bitch!” yelled another.

The big cocked boy leaned into her.

“Nooooo!” Lisa screeched. “Goddamn it, noooooo!” She tensed into a statute, tightened her ass pucker into a knot of steel. They’d have to kill her before she’d loosen up.

“Hot damn, she’s tight!” gasped the big-cocked blond. “Great ass! Oh, man!” His spit dripped on her back in warm drools. His burning cock head strained at her ass pucker.

Lisa’s head throbbed from the strain of her tensed body. She held her breath, fighting for her life.

“Aieeeeeeh!” screamed the boys. And he crushed her, ramming every inch of his enormous cock up her asshole.

Lisa screamed louder than she’d ever screamed in her life. Her vocal cords felt as if they’d been shredded. The boy’s red-hot cock seared the walls of her asshole as it sliced into her. His cock head felt like a lump of glowing coal lodged in the pit of her belly. The pain was intense, flashbulbs exploded in her brain. She gnawed at the leathery mat. It tasted like salted hide.

The boys watching went crazy, screaming for the blonde boy to fuck her to death. Lisa imagined herself as a bull in a bull ring, waiting for the matador to finish her off. She chewed the mat, aware only of the mad screaming and of the red-hot club beginning to slice in and out of her throbbing asshole.

“Oh, Jesus, yeah!” the blond boy muttered, chewing her ear, pumping his steel-hard cock in and out of her. “I love it! Oooh, you’re tight! So Goddamn tight!” He jammed his dripping tongue into her ear, then sank his teeth into her cheek.

Lisa gave up. Kill me, she thought. Get it over with quick. She relaxed, letting the boy ravage her body totally.

The boy’s tight belly banged her ass. His cock slid almost out of her, then shot back in, stabbing the depths of her belly. Her body shuddered with each savage thrust. The boy grunted and muttered as if he were crazy, biting her, drooling on her, fucking the guts out of her.

Gradually, Lisa’s ass began to wiggle, to hump upward to meet the boy’s thrusts. It was moving spontaneously, reflexively. Lisa couldn’t control it. The moment she had relaxed, her ass had started to respond.

“That’s it, baby, wiggle that rump,” said the blond boy. “Feels good. Feels real good.”

When the boy said that, Lisa felt a prickle of excitement in the pit of her asshole. She wiggled her ass some more now intentionally. As the boy’s cock fucked in and out of her, her asshole began to throb with pleasure, with sensations much like those she felt in her cunt when she was getting cunt fucked. She gyrated her ass a few times, making the huge cock screw in and out of her. Oh, that felt good so good!

Fuck me, you beautiful bastard, she thought. “Fuck the Goddamn shit out of me! I want it now. Oh, beautiful!”

The air was filled with clapping now, rhythmic clapping, clapping in time to the blond boy’s fucking and to her own rhythmic ass wiggling. Lisa’s loins tightened with thousands of wonderful prickling knots of sex-tension. She banged her belly at the mat, humped her ass up and down. She was feeling it now, feeling every incredible fuck movement. She’d never felt anything quite like this. Her asshole flamed with pleasure. She clamped rhythmically with all the muscles of her loins, wanting to suck the boy off, wanting to feel his hot stud jism fill her asshole, wanting to milk his balls dry with her sucking fuck crazy shit hole.

The blond boy’s cock throbbed wildly. He panted and grunted louder, beginning to sound like a wild young bull. He gnawed Lisa’s neck, pinching the muscles, tearing at the skin. His hard young belly quivered against her back.

“I’m gonna come,” he muttered. “Goddamn, I can feel it! Oh, balls, Jeeeesus!” His cock squirted out long, hot spears of it — zinging the depths of Lisa’s asshole.

“Shoot it!” Lisa gasped. “Oh, stud, shoot it in me!” She wiggled bet ass in wild circles, sucking the jism out of the boy’s contracting monster.

The crowd of spectators stomped the gym floor with their bare feet. They cheered as if for a halfback running fifty yards for a touch down. Some of the boys groaned. She could hear jism splatting the mat, could smell jism in the air, could feel stray droplets of the hot boy’s fluid pelt her face. The boy riding her ass cried out, shooting round after round of jism up her tingling ass.

Lisa giggled, screwing her ass in circles around the boy’s spurting cock. Could she handle it? Candy had asked. Could she handle it? Oh shit! Oh, wow! Her asshole flamed with sex feeling. Her cunt sucked as if it were getting fucked. Her nipples screwed into the mat like stiff spikes. Her toes prickled. She pointed them, feeling sexier. A gob of hot cum splashed against her lips. As she licked it off and swallowed it, the blond boy blasted more jism up her asshole. The wound springs of sex tension saturating her loins let go. She whined with orgasm. “Eeeeeeeeeh!”

Her eyes rolled, wobbling in their sockets. Her toes curled. She churned her ass around the blond boy’s enormous cock. She’d never felt better in her life. Not ever! No way!


Lisa rubbed the soles of her bare feet in the glossy wet leaves. It had rained earlier, and the yellow leaves sparkled with raindrops under the streetlights. The evening was cool, and Lisa had bundled up in a thick flannel shirt and the Parcher High letterman’s jacket she’d swiped from some guy at her former school. Served him right to lose it, though leaving his locker unlocked. Lisa giggled to herself about her thievery as she sauntered up the tree-lined streets. Thinking about such things helped to take her mind off the sick feeling in her stomach. The fact was she was just a wee bit scared.

They’d told her that girls had been murdered in Sutton’s serects at night. They’d told her that some of the girls had been so savagely gang-raped by roving packs of junior high boys that these girls bad gone whacko and had had to be institutionalized. Lisa didn’t believe them. She could see through their stories. The town made those stories up to keep all the cunts indoors at night so the big shot athletes would get to bed early and not be catting around all night fucking themselves to exhaustion. They couldn’t fool her. Still, she was just a wee bit uneasy.

Up ahead she thought she saw shadows flicker on the leaf-blanketed street. Probably her imagination again, but she stepped off the sidewalk immediately and hid behind a monster of a tree. Pressing herself to the wet cold trunk, she held her breath, feeling her heart pounding her breastbone, feeling her tits prickle as they pressed to the flannel of her shirt, feeling the cold from the ground pass up through her bare feet and chili her bones. This was crazy, but it was better to be cautious just in case.

She waited, thinking about Rusty to keep herself from shivering too hard. Rusty that beautiful, big cocked stud! After he’d fucked the shit out of her, he’d whispered into her ear, “Babe, I like you,” and Lisa hid fallen in love that instant. Later, when they’d left the boys’ gym, Lisa had prodded Candy for the Godly boy’s name. Grudgingly, Candy told Lisa the kid’s name. She even told Lisa were he lived. At the moment, Lisa wished that Candy had kept her mouth shut. Had Lisa not known where Rusty lived, she wouldn’t be out here in the autumn dark shivering with cold and fright. Goddamn you Candy, Lisa thought, and the small flicker of righteous anger inside her warmed her a bit.

She heard voices now mutterings and laughter. They were junior high boys, some with high girlish voices, others with voices cracking. Not many, maybe three, maybe five. Lisa held her breath and clung to the tree, pressing, her face to the rough bark. It smelled wet and musty. The boys were very near, almost passing on the sidewalk. She held on tight and, crossed her fingers.

“I don’t see nothing,” a boy said.

“I think it was up a little farther,” another said.

“I think you’re seeing things,” another said. “You’re fucking cunt crazy.”

A boy laughed. “We’re all fucking cunt crazy. Shit, I thought I seen it too. Probably some Goddamn mirage.”

“I can smell her,” the second boy said. “I tell you, she’s somewheres in this black. I seen her sneakin’ along like a ghost. She’s hiding somewheres along here. I can smell her.”

“Then you find her,” the first boy said. “Sniff her out.”

While the boys talked, one of them pissed a silver stream on and past Lisa’s tree. Hot piss hit the ground inches from her foot, the warm mist spraying her instep. Lisa watched the piss steam in the cool air, and she could smell it. She prayed that the scent of piss would cover her own scent. Without a doubt, that boy could smell her.

“Up a little farther,” he said again, and the boys moved on, their muscular bare feet padding the concrete walk soundlessly.

The moment they were at a relatively safe distance, Lisa tiptoed across the lawn, swung behind a big old two story white house and found the alley. A vicious sounding dog, probably a Doberman, roared inside the house. As the back porch lit up, Lisa sprinted into the darkness of the alley, hearing the back door slam and the dog’s murderous barks echo through the night.

Lisa found the street again. She held up the sketchy map she’d drawn from the map in the phone book. Rusty’s house couldn’t be more than a few blocks. She strained her eyes in the semidarkness, trying to read the map. Suddenly she had the sickening thought that even if she did find Rusty’s house he wouldn’t be home, or if he was, he’d tell her to get lost. What a fool she’d been! Second night in town, and here she was out prowling dark streets she didn’t know to find a smart aleck boy she’d fallen madly in love with because he’d fucked her virgin asshole. Shit, she’d be better off at home sucking Miss Sacks’ soppy cunt or fucking Candy with a rubber cock. Shit, if she got out of this alive, she’d go home and suck off every girl in the house — twice, three times if they wanted it. She shoved the crumpled map into her pocket and started back in the direction from which she’d come. At least that one pack of boys was ahead of her now, and heading in the same direction as she was. Those stories she had heard suddenly seemed much more believable to her.

She’d walked half a block. She was passing the tree that had saved her just minutes ago. She could hear the savage, uncontrolled barking of that dog coming from the backyard of that white house across the lawn. The sidewalk ahead looked deserted. She started to trot, aching to get back home quick. She’d gone no more than ten steps when she saw them a half dozen of them leap onto the sidewalk just fifty feet in front of her.

“There she is!” a boy screamed. And Lisa froze. She saw them coming, saw their white teeth flashing like the fangs of mad dogs, but she couldn’t move. In seconds they’d be upon her and they’d tear her apart.

The sun seemed to come out. Just like that, night turned to day. I’m waking from a dream, Lisa thought, and she began to giggle, to giggle with joy.

“All right, you punks, back off the bitch!” blared a voice that nearly knocked Lisa over. Had, it not been for the crude language of the voice, Lisa would have thought it the voice of God.

“Aw, shove your head up your ass, fucking pig!” shouted one of the boys.

Crack! The explosion of a gun firing shattered the autumn air.

The pack of boys floated away into the dark down the street, disappearing like a herd of deer into the woods.

“You fucking trying to get yourself, killed?” blasted the voice again. “Get the heck over here!”

Lisa turned toward the cold glare of a spotlight. Squinting, shading her eyes with her hand, she walked toward the voice. She was too stunned to think much. She felt numb. Her whole body was shaking.

“Get the fuck in,” said the voice. The spotlight melted into the night, and Lisa found a six-foot cop behind it. The air smelled of exploded gun powder. The cop wore glasses and a badge that shined in the street light. He held the door of his squad car open for her. “Well, get the fuck in!”

Lisa slid into the front seat of the squad car. The cop slid in next to her. Without a word he started the car and began to drive.

After they’d been driving about a minute he asked her her name and address, and she told him.

“Ain’t you got no fucking sense?” he asked.

“Or maybe you got an itchy cunt? Those young tom cats ain’t playing games, baby. They’ll fuck the hide right off a little bitch like you. Maybe you run into only half a dozen of ’em, but before they got done with you there’d be two or three dozen more showing up to get their rocks off into you, and after they all got done you might be dead.”

Lisa shook. She started to sob. “I wanna go home.”

“Shut up, slut! You’ll get home in good time. You got me to thank for your life, honey. Know that? You got me to thank.” He smiled at her, showing white teeth and his shiny glasses. One of his front teeth was missing. The officer was maybe twenty years old, and he wore his hair long like a Sutton High boy.

Lisa slumped in her seat and closed her eyes. Maybe when she opened them she’d be home. The cop talked, but Lisa shut her ears.

Five minutes later the car stopped. The cop switched off the ignition. He grabbed her arm. “Out!” He was strong as a bull.

Lisa stepped out into the cold damp night air. Sharp cold rocks cut into the soles of her bare feet. They were on a hill. Down below Lisa could see blue moonlight on the river. The cop held her chin for a moment, staring at her through the lenses of his glasses. Then he unzipped her jacket. With a yank, he ripped open her shirt. Buttons clicked on the rocky ground. He hooked his hot hand in her jeans and tore apart the clasp and zipper with one yank. Within seconds, Lisa found herself stark naked, and shivering in the cold October air. The cop yanked his cock and balls out of his open fly. The pulsating cock scared her goose pimply flesh as he crushed her in his arms. His steel badge burned her tit like ice.

“You’re a hot bitch, know that?” said the cop. “A real hot bitch. I bet you coulda took on a couple dozen of ’em no sweat.”

Suddenly he swept her up and carried her like a sack under one arm. He dropped her on the freezing trunk of the car. Beads of rainwater trickled down around her body like cold tears. Lisa saw something shiny in the dark, something that rattled as the cop held it. The cop bent down and clamped it around her ankle. Handcuffs, she realized. She heard another click, and she was cuffed to the bumper. A blast of wind hurled through a tree near the car, and a shower of rainwater pelted her, making her shiver to the bone.

“Spread ’em,” growled the cop. “Lean back and spread ’em.”

Lisa fell back on the car, her head thudding the rear window. The wet metal glued itself to her back. She spread her legs as best she could, though one was shackled.

The cop hopped up on the bumper, bouncing the squad. His silver badge, his glasses, his teeth, glinted in the moonlight. He reached down and pinched both her nipples. He twisted so hard Lisa thought he had ripped them off. She screamed, her tits on fire. Her cunt contracted almost painfully.

The cop laughed. “Scream all you want, you Goddamn bitch. Ain’t nobody gonna hear you. And what if somebody did? I’m the law, remember?” He laughed again, then spit in her face. “Lick up that slop or I’ll rip your tits off.”

Lisa licked the warm spit off her face, swallowing every drop and almost vomiting. The cop spit in her face again, then again. Lisa ate the warm slime. The cop laughed.

The cop leaned back, petting his big cock as if it were a dog. “Like it, bitch?”

“Yes,” Lisa said her voice a whimper.

“Good,” the cop said. “Because I aim to give it to you.” He fell on her. His stiff cock throbbed between her legs for a moment, then rifled up her cunt like a torpedo.

Lisa grunted, feeling the hard slick thing fill her. She gasped rhythmically, feeling the big thing sliding in and out of her. She hated the cop, wished he were dead, but she squirmed on the car, suddenly crazy from the feel of his cock. If she’d had a knife she’d have stabbed him in the back but at the same time she’d have gone on wiggling her ass, humping upward to meet his cock thrusts. She couldn’t help herself. Once she got a cock going up her crotch she was lost.

“Fuck me,” she muttered between her teeth, “Fuck me!”

The big cop rammed her. He had his hands braced on the trunk now, and his body bridged up stiff, and his back arched. He was letting her have it, thrusting with all his strength. He grunted like a bull. The car bounced the shock-absorbers groaned.

Lisa hooked his ass with her left foot. She felt the bullets of his bolster belt against her toes. The handcuffs shackling her right ankle rattled against the bumper. She dug her feet into his flexing ass cheeks, trying to get him to fuck harder, faster, deeper.

“Deeper,” she muttered, rolling her head against the back window. “Deeper, deeper, deeper!”

“Oh, fuck!” the cop grunted. “You Goddamn fuckin’ bitch!”

Lisa arched her back, wiggling her ass madly. She contracted the muscles of her loins, sucking the cop’s cock rhythmically with her pussy. The big cock swelled inside her, quivering. She contracted hard, humping at the slicing monster.

The cop’s mouth gaped in an animal like cry. His body jerked. Hot streams of jism speared the walls of Lisa’s young cunt. Lisa laughed, sucking the cop dry. She felt powerful suddenly, as if with every explosion of the cop’s hot cum she was gaining strength and he was losing it. She sucked with her cunt. She’d suck him inside out if she could.

When the cop had finished, he fell backward off the bumper. His cock left Lisa’s cunt with an audible pop. Lisa felt the tension seep from her muscles. She went limp, panting.

“Goddamn vacuum cleaner cunt,” the cop said. “Christ, nearly chewed my prick off! Hungry cunt, huh? Well, let’s see how it bites into something even harder.”

The cop left her for a few seconds. When he came back, Lisa could see something long and black gleaming in the moonlight.

She thought of a dildo before she realized it was the cop’s nightstick. Before she had a chance to say anything, the cop was twisting the butt end of the stick into her cunt. The dry stick wrenched her pussy lips at first, but as it became lubricated with cum and her own slick juices it screwed into her cunt with the smoothness of a cock a big cock. The billy club was as thick as Rusty’s cock, but probably twice as long.

“Sucks it up real nice,” the cop said. “Shit, half of it’s in. Fuck!” He began to move it inside her, twisting it back and forth as he fucked it in and out.

Lisa squirmed again, whining like a fucked bitch. The billy club was harder than any cock she’d ever had up her. But as hard as it was, it was cold, dead. It could never match a hot throbbing cock. Never! But it did feel good very good. Lisa wiggled her ass, feeling hot sensations welling and coiling in her loins. She kicked her free leg up and out, pointing her toes. She was hot silky smooth and hot. The cool night air licked her long outstretched leg. She bent her leg, flexing and extending it while pointing her toes, while rotating her ass on the smooth car trunk.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck meeee!” Juice bubbled out of her cunt and ran hotly over her exposed bottom. “I wanna come,” she muttered. “Oh, I wanna come. Make me come.”

The cop swore, twisting the club savagely inside her, reaming her out like no cock ever had.

Lisa’s eyes nearly rolled out of her skull. She grabbed her tits, squeezing and clawing them. Her cunt ached, the elastic tissues stretched like slingshot rubber. A ball of fire inflated in the pit of her asshole, spreading fast into her cunt. The toes of her shackled foot curled, her toenails cutting into the sole. Her long back arched. Her body stiffened. She felt herself coming hard.

“Eceeceeceh!” she screamed. “Aieeeeeeeeh!” Her cries echoed down into the valley.

The cop rammed the cunt hot billy club in and out of her. In and out, in and out, in and out, a foot of hot billy club fucked her.

She thrashed on the car trunk, spasming endlessly.


The sun warmed rocks felt good under Rusty’s feet. The afternoon air was cool, but the sun felt soothingly warm on his back. Down below, the river, looking to be a mile away, glittered with the billion sun filled wavelets the breeze kicked up. A hawk wound lazy circles overhead. The rock walls of limestone were white and warm like living bone, and Rusty stroked the smooth stone from time to time.

They were hiking lazily, slowly, enjoying the vibrant air. Rusty followed the other two, Todd and Candy, watching them pause and stretch, or pause and look out over the deep valley that cradled Sutton and the river. Rusty looked out too, realizing that Sutton lay in one of the most beautiful areas of the state. When he left here he’d be leaving behind not only his big chance for athletic renown, but he’d be leaving these high white bluffs he loved so much. In the two months he’d been here, he’d spent every one of his free Sunday afternoons up here, usually hiking by himself. He’d have preferred to have come alone today especially today but Todd had invited himself and then had invited his hot new girlfriend, Candy. What could he say? Sure, come along.

As soon as they got a short distance up into the hills, Candy slipped off her jeans, no panties. Then she pulled off her T-shirt. No bra naturally. She loved being nude, she told them. They were so lucky to be boys and to be able to run around Sutton in nothing but a jockstrap if they wished, while she and the rest of the girls could only show their asses and tits in the gyms and locker rooms.

Todd had watched her, panting like a locomotive, then had stumbled out of his own jeans to join her in the all-together. Not to be a party pooper although he’d have rather been alone with his thoughts this afternoon instead of getting hypnotized by Candy’s gyrating ass Rusty pulled off his own jeans. The three of them had been hiking for nearly an hour now, naked as the rock cliffs and carrying their rolled-up clothes under their arms.

Candy squatted suddenly, spread her cunt, and pissed a yellow stream onto the rocky trail. Rusty and Todd watched her. Rusty had never seen a girl piss before. His cock twitched up halfway.

Todd fell onto his hands and knees and practically shoved his nose into Candy’s pissing cunt. His cock wagged, stiff and dripping. “Far out!” he said, and Candy giggled. When she finished pissing, he licked her crotch.

Candy stood up. “Let’s walk some more,” she said. “It’s such a lovely day.”

She glanced back and winked at Rusty, her eyes fastening on his cock for a few intense moments.

Todd pushed her. “You wanna walk, then let’s walk.”

They walked, Rusty following.

The bitch was crazy about him. It was as plain as daylight. She wanted his cock, wanted him for her own stud. That’s why she’d warmed up to Todd. She thought she could get at him through Todd. No way.

She was a good fuck all right, one of the top fucks in Sutton. But she was too Goddamn anxious, too Goddamn greedy. Rusty had fucked her a few times in her slave days in school, and she’d been Goddamn hot. She had a cunt that could suck a guy’s cock until his toes curled. She knew how to make a guy feel like he was in heaven. But Christ, she’d nearly sucked his balls off nearly sucked his guts out. And after a fuck with Candy, he felt half dead, as if Candy was a vampire who’d been sucking his blood. The bitch scared him. Christ, she looked at him like she was a tigress. She wanted to eat him, Goddamn it to swallow him whole.

Candy stopped, leaning against a rock. She arched her back a little and turned her beautiful ass up just enough for the pink pucker to glisten in the sunlight. She fumbled with her jeans, pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and dropped her clothes while she smoked.

Todd was on his knees immediately, licking Candy’s asshole as if it were actually candy. He licked up and down her ass crack, slurping and moaning. His cock slapped his belly, looking itself like a thick quivering candy cane.

Candy giggled, wiggling her bare ass in his face. She looked out over the valley, blowing blue clouds of smoke into the cool air. She glanced over at Rusty and winked.

Rusty sat down on a rock and watched Todd. His own cock pounded his belly now, oozing precum. Prickles of need shot through its core, but he didn’t touch it. That’s just what the bitch wanted to see that she was driving him so wild that he couldn’t control himself.

Todd groaned like he was being whipped. He chewed on Candy’s hot bottom, shoved his face in her crotch and munched on her pussy. He was beating his cock now as he sucked.

Candy giggled coolly, taking long drags on her cigarette. She appeared almost disinterested in Todd. Her ass wiggled and twitched, and her toes clawed at the dusty trail, but her face remained calm.

What’s she trying to prove? thought Rusty. What’s the bitch trying to pull? She’s juicy as a gang-banged whore. She’s probably popped off twice already, and she’s acting like she’s bored stiff.

Todd whimpered, his face buried in Candy’s crotch. His purple headed cock vibrated, squirting white gobs of cum on Candy’s smooth tanned legs. Candy giggled, dancing and squirming as if the pelting cum tickled. When Todd stopped coming, Candy tossed her smoking cigarette butt onto the trail and simply walked away from him, leaving his juice covered face upturned in the sunshine.

“Beautiful day,” Candy said, wiggling her ass and walking on up the trail. Big gobs of Todd’s cum rolled down her calves, but she ignored them.

As they followed her, Rusty wondered why in the hell Todd let the fucking bitch treat him that way. It wasn’t like Todd. Maybe the bitch had drugged him or hypnotized him. Christ, the two of them ought to grab the slut and throw her off these cliffs. Goddamn fucking whore!

Rusty sent a gob of spit hurling out over the valley. He took a deep breath and tried to forget that Todd and Candy were there. Good old, hills, he thought. No troubles up here. But down in Sutton Christ!

He had to leave. No choice. After fouling up at yesterday’s game again he was nothing but shit one hundred percent grade-A shit. Nobody fouled up in two games in a row, not since he had come to Sutton High. Shit, the coach was going to kill him. No, not kill him something worse. Nothing like last week. Last week was fun and games humiliation and black and blue wrists. This week would be different. But what? The coach hadn’t said a word to him after the game. He could jack off and fuck all he wanted. No, the coach had something different in mind this week something horrible.

Shit, he’d be better off diving off the cliffs right now. He probably would, too, if it wasn’t for Lisa.

Christ, be wasn’t sure, but he thought he was in love with the sexy little blond. Ever since he’d plugged her hot ass in gym class on Tuesday, he hadn’t fucked any girl but her not in gym class, not after football practice, not after yesterday’s post game orgy. No other girl but her. He was hot for her, crazy about her. Tits and ass like a dream. And tight! Oh, Jesus, so tight. Mouth, cunt, asshole tighter than Candy. But Lisa wasn’t like Candy not greedy like Candy. Rusty felt strong after fucking Lisa, strong as Tarzan.

Rusty watched the naked legs moving in front of him. Todd’s melted cum was drying like salty tears on Candy’s calves, leaving crusty whitish streaks.

Todd’s muscular brown calves contracted with each step defining the muscle fibers and tendons, showing strong veins under elastic skin.

Shit, Rusty hated to leave his buddy. Todd was like a real brother to him. Rusty had never had a brother. He loved Todd. Christ, he’d be leaving behind more than these hills.

But what else could he do? By tornorrow night he might be dead anyway or worse. By tomorrow night Lisa, his own girl the only girlfriend he’d ever had would be fucked to a pulp. Tomorrow was Lisa’s first slave day, and after tomorrow she just wouldn’t be the same anymore. Shit, his girl fucked by fifty guys like a common slut? His girl? After tomorrow she’d be like a used rubber. A week from now she’d be like all the rest of the sluts panting for her slave day like a bitch in heat. Not that it would matter to him really; he’d probably be dead anyway or worse. Christ, even old Todd might help to torture him. In Sutton you couldn’t trust anybody not anybody. If the coach ordered Todd to cut off Rusty’s cock, Todd would do it. If Coach said to put a bullet through Rusty’s head, even Todd would pull the trigger.

Christ, he had to get out of Sutton tonight. He and Lisa. Tonight. She was home resting up right now, resting up and getting ready. Good old Lisa. His girl. He knew she was scared. He was scared.

Nobody ran away from Sutton. At least nobody had ever made it. The Sutton Brigade was fast. He and Lisa would be faster, though. They’d have to be. Anyway, they would have a couple hours head start. By the time anybody noticed them missing, they’d be long gone.

“What’s this?” Candy asked.

They had come to a place where the cliff trail widened. Huge white boulders sat on the trail like the rock monsters of Stonehenge. Steel rings had been anchored at various heights into one of the boulders. Ropes hung from the rings. Rusty had been here before. He didn’t know who had secured the steel rings in the rocks, but one time he and some guys had dragged a girl up here. Then they’d tied her to the rock and whipped her. They’d been following Coach Long’s orders. The girl had pissed on the coach while he was fucking her. After the whipping, they fucked her too.

“A place to rest,” Rusty said. He smiled, knowing immediately what had to be done. This was the perfect place to teach Candy a lesson. She needed a lesson before he left Sutton, and this would be his last and only chance.

Candy leaned against the boulder with the ropes, thrusting her purple capped tits high. She smiled like a slut on the make. She slid the toes of her right foot up and down her left shin. Her muff glimmered like black silk.

Todd fell to his knees again like a peasant worshipping his queen. He buried his face in her crotch and began munching away again like a starving calf.

Disgusting! Rusty thought but a second later he was tying the bitch’s arms over her head, stretching her out long, like he had been stretched in the locker room last Monday. Candy giggled as he bound her, as if this were all a game. A game? Just wait!

He tapped Todd on the shoulder. “Wanna give me a crack at her too?”

Todd stood up, wiping the pussy juice off his chin. “Hey, what’s the idea? She’s tied up.”

“You got cunt hairs caught in your teeth,” Rusty said, untying a coarse brown rope from one of the other steel rings.

Todd picked the cunt hairs out of his teeth. “What you up to?”

Rusty didn’t answer. Without warning he thrashed the doubled up rope across Candy’s tits.

Candy screamed, squirming helplessly as she hung from the rock. She kicked at Rusty, flailing her loose legs at him.

“Goddamn bitch!” Rusty shouted, and he thrashed her again, this time leaving a red rope burn across her heaving belly.

“What the hell?” Todd yelled, wrestling Rusty for the rope. “Lay off her. She’s my chick! My chick!”

“Like hell I am!” Candy yelled, a smirk on her lips despite the tears watering her eyes. “I ain’t nobody’s chick.”

Todd let loose the rope and turned to her. “Shut up, shit face! Goddamn it shut up!”

“Go to hell, prick!” Candy yelled. “Both of you, go to hell!” She kicked, jamming her sharp toe into Todd’s nuts.

Todd collapsed, clutching his nuts and cursing.

“You’re stupid,” Rusty said. “Goddamn stupid.” And he scourged her with three quick blows of the fibery rope, leaving marks on her loins and legs.

Candy winced and jerked with the blows, but she showed her gleaming teeth in a mocking smile. “I love it,” she said. “Love it! Give me more, donkey dick! I love it!”

Rusty’s belly contracted. He wanted to kill the bitch. He let go, flogging her with all his strength. He went for her tits, trying to burn off the nipples.

Candy screeched like a she-devil. “Godddddamnnnn youuuu!”

Rusty whipped her harder. The louder she screamed, the harder he flogged. He made believe he was whipping Old Lady Benton, or that fucking whore his old man made him eat out. God did she stink that whore! He could still smell her. He lashed out mercilessly.

“You’re gonna kill the bitch,” Todd yelled, hauling Rusty to the round. “Lay off, buddy. You’re gonna kill her.”

Rusty felt warm sharp rocks gouging his back. Todd’s hot sweaty body lay on top of him, pinning him to the ground. For a moment, he wondered where he was. Then he remembered. He dropped the rope and fell back, his muscles gradually relaxing.

“Take it easy,” Todd said, releasing him. Then Todd got up.

Rusty watched him untie Candy. Red and purple welts covered her body. Her eyes were closed, and spit leaked from her mouth. She fell into Todd’s arms, groaning, and Todd let her slide to the ground. Her eyes slowly opened.

“Fuck me,” she said, wincing with each word. “Fuck me quick.”

“I don’t believe it,” Todd said, glancing at Rusty. Then he dropped down between her legs and shoved his stiff cock up her cunt in one continuous motion, moaning as he entered her.

Candy grunted, wrapping her welt-covered legs around his ass. She began humping before he did.

“Fuck me!” she gasped. “Oh, yes, fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Oh, baby, you’re hot!” Todd moaned. His face was flushed and his eyes rolled ecstatically. He fucked fast, his cock squishing in her cunt.

Candy rolled her head toward Rusty. She opened her mouth wide, wetting her lips with her tongue. Her eyes were crazy with lust. She gazed at his cock. Rusty could feel her eyes caress his hot meat grinder as if they were fingers.

“Shiit!” he muttered. She was going to get what she wanted. He was going to give it to her. He couldn’t help himself. His prick was dancing like a charmed cobra. He crawled over her and sat on her tits. Her warm breath made his dick jerk. Before she could lick it, he rammed it down her throat.

“Drown her, Rusty,” Todd grunted, his breath hot on Rusty’s back. “Choke her.” His downy chin thumped Rusty’s backbone as he humped up and down into the girl’s cunt.

Rusty watched all ten-inches of his wrist-thick cock disappear into Candy’s mouth. It had to be halfway down her throat. Her nose was buried in his blond prick-hair, and his balls squirmed against her chin. She was tight inside, and hot, manipulating his cock with her throat muscles. Rusty felt the jism bubbling in his nuts. Candy was like a sexual vampire. She could suck out a guy’s jizz as fast as a vampire could suck out a guy’s blood. He slowly pulled all ten inches of his cock out of her gaping mouth, then rammed it back down her throat. He did it again. Then again and again. Suddenly he was fucking the bitch’s mouth and throat as if he were fucking her cunt or asshole. He’d never done that to any girl before. He’d never thought it possible. But this bitch was taking it, swallowing every inch. And Rusty’s cock jerked, filled with a million tiny pleasure prickles.

“Bitch,” he grunted as he humped. “Goddamn fucking hot bitch! Take it, slut! Swallow every Goddamn inch!”

Candy groaned, her eyes wobbling. Her jaw looked ready to dislocate, her lips to tear from the stretch, but Rusty could tell that she was smiling, loving every inch of his slick cock sliding in and out of her throat while Todd’s hot cock slid in and out of her pussy. Both their cocks made squishing sounds in her holes, which excited Rusty even more.

Todd collapsed, his hot cheek pressed into Rusty’s back. Rusty could feel him drooling, could feel him panting hotly.

“Ohh, Christ!” Todd muttered. “I’m coming! Goddamn!” Then he groaned as if in pain, his prick making quick juicy noises in Candy’s cunt as he squirted his jism into her.

Candy’s eyes fluttered. Rusty could feel her hot, welt striped tits quiver under his ass. Her throat vibrated and she gurgled. The bitch was coming. Minutes ago Rusty had whipped her to near unconsciousness, but now she was coming, coming as if his whipping had only served to ignite her cunt, to get her going. As she spasmed, her throat, shimmied around Rusty’s cock, vibrating the cock skin against the shaft, buffing the cock head until Rusty wanted to scream. He humped hard and fast. Her quivering throat was tight — so Goddamn tight! It felt good. Oh, fuck!

Hot whips of jism uncoiled in his nuts. The tip of his spine tingled. Warm sensations flooded his asshole. He spurted.

“Take it, bitch! Take every drop! Eat it! Oh, Christ!” His head swam. The sight of Candy’s face stretched around his fence post cock blurred. He fell on her face with all his heaving weight. He’d fuck her face right off. He’d drown her. Long spears of hot jism shot through his cock, pouring down Candy’s choking, gurgling throat. Every inch of his long body tingled with excitement, and all of that excitement surged toward his cock and whirled through the hot meaty ten-inches of it and streamed down Candy’s throat.

He exploded down Candy’s throat with a fresh round of jism. Candy’s eyes gaped with surprise, as if she hadn’t expected such a large and sudden load.

“Eat my cum,” Rusty muttered, his ass wiggling as he screwed Candy’s mouth. “Oh, eat my cum.”

As his orgasm subsided, as the last thick wads of cum oozed into Candy’s hard-sucking mouth, Rusty felt weak drained. The bitch had got what she wanted the vampire bitch. And he’d given it to her, loving every moment of the giving, even though he really didn’t want to do it, didn’t want to give her what she wanted. Shit, he couldn’t win. Even if he’d have whipped her to death, she’d have died with a satisfied smile on her lips, on her hot purple bitch’s lips.

He yanked his heavy softening ten inches out of her mouth and whopped her with it across the face. Candy smiled.


A match blazed in the darkness, and Lisa could see Rusty’s big hand move under a tent of kindling twigs. The silent woods echoed with crackling sounds as the twigs caught fire, and within seconds the small clearing they were in quivered with shadows.

“I’ve never seen it so dark,” Lisa said, laying her hand on Rusty’s shoulder as he piled larger branches on the fire. She shivered with a chill. The woods were damp. It hard rained an hour ago, and at times Lisa could see her breath.

Rusty looked up. “I think it’ll clear up in a while. I hope so anyway. Otherwise, maybe I can make us a torch.” He stood up and unrolled their one and only sleeping bag, spreading it out near the fire. “We’ll rest awhile and warm up. Get undressed, and we’ll warm up fast inside the sack.”

Lisa felt warm already as she undressed. The life looked so good she could kiss it, and Rusty was her man even though he was a year younger than her. This was the kind of romantic night she’d always dreamed about. She forgot her cold and fear as she slipped excitedly into the satiny down sleeping bag.

Rusty piled some large hunks of wood on the fire, then squeezed into the bag with her.

Lisa shivered. “You’re freezing!”

“And you’re hot as a volcano,” Rusty said, wrapping himself around her. “Glad to have you along.”

“Glad to be here,” Lisa said. She kissed him, feeling his huge spongy cock begin to harden against her belly. “We’re safe now aren’t we?”

Rusty chuckled. “Not till we get to a highway and catch a ride. Or until we get our asses out of the state. Sutton ain’t more than twenty-five miles from the state line. Shit, we can make that before daylight if we can find our way through these Goddamn woods.”

“We’re a long way from Sutton already,” Lisa said, licking Rusty’s salty chest. She burrowed down into his armpit to lick at his cute sprig of blond hair. She loved the smell of his sweat.

“If you call about three miles a long way,” Rusty said. He pinched her ass, then rubbed her ass crack. His finger found her ass pucker and he slipped it in.

Lisa sighed, wiggling with the finger up her ass. How she loved getting her asshole fingered or fucked! And less than a week ago, she’d been ready to kill anybody who’d try fucking with her asshole. “Long way,” she muttered.

Rusty slipped his other hand between their bellies and caught Lisa’s crotch. As he finger fucked her asshole, he wormed another finger up her cunt.

“Oh, Rusty!” Lisa cooed. “I love you!” She rubbed her tits against his hard chest. She felt good. The sleeping bag was getting toasty inside, steamy from their naked bodies. All Lisa could smell was Rusty’s sweat. All she could hear was the sound of Rusty’s voice and the warm crackle of the fire.

“I think we’ll make it,” Rusty said. “I really think we will. They won’t know we’re missing till the dance is over. That’s another couple of hours. And even then, maybe they’ll just think we snuck off to fuck somewhere. Shit, they might not know we’re gone till morning.”

Lisa was only half listening. She was more concerned with Rusty’s hot throbbing cock. It was squeezed between their bellies like a hot rattlesnake. She rubbed it, feeling the arteries twitch.

“Put it inside me, Rusty. I wanna feel it in me. Up my cunt or up my ass. But I just gotta have it in me.” She wriggled, feeling hot, feeling dizzy. Her loins swirled with tingles.

Rusty forced her thighs apart and wriggled down lower in the sleeping bag. As he wriggled back up, his cock screwed up Lisa’s cunt. She cooed. She was the happiest girl in the world.

“We’ll fuck wherever we go,” Rusty said. “We’ll fuck all night and all day. We’ll do nothing but fuck.” He began to hump. “Oh, Christ, that feels good! Jesus, you’re tighter and juicier and hotter than any chick I’ve ever been in. Oh, baby!” He chewed on her chin.

Lisa wiggled her ass, nibbling up and down his long cock with the muscles and lips of her cunt. She could ride this hot monster forever. She’d never get tired of it.

Rusty rammed a finger up her asshole again, finger-fucking her quickly. He grunted, humping hard, bouncing her up and down on his belly while he shimmied his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Oh, baby!” he gasped. “Oh, baby! You feeling it like I am?”

Christ, was she feeling it! With each thrust, each wiggle, each throb of the boy’s pile-driving cock, she wanted to scream with the luscious hot sensations.

“I’m feeling it, Rusty! Feeling it! Really feeling it!”

“Oh, Christ, let’s come!” Rusty said. “Let’s blow off together. You getting close?”

“Real close,” Lisa said. “Just a few more. A few more… one oh, Rusty, ahhhhhhhh!” Her loins exploded, the walls of her cunt convulsing out of control.

“Aw, jeeeez!” Rusty groaned. “Fuck! Wowwww!” His cock seemed to double in size, and then it shot. Hot streams of cum seared the raw walls of Lisa’s spasming cunt.

Lisa clawed at Rusty’s back, crazy with the feeling of her orgasm, crazy with lust, with love.

“Cream me, darling! Oh, yessss!” Rusty’s finger reamed out her asshole. His spurting cock reamed out her cunt. “Yeahhhhhh!” he groaned. “Mannnnnn!”

His lean tight body shuddered as he shot. Lisa could feel his hot boy-nipples stiffen like her own and jab into her tits. As both their orgasms faded, she crushed him in her arms, kissing him all over his face.

“I love you, Rusty.”

He smiled at her and kissed her. She felt herself melting.

“Hey,” Rusty said, “you awake?” He was scratching her back, kneading his strong fingers into her muscles.

Lisa opened her eyes. Her nose was buried in Rusty’s armpit. She inhaled his scent, then looked up at him. “I am now,” she said. “I must have dozed off.”

Rusty flexed his cock. It was still inside her, and still hard as a rock. “Maybe we better get moving,” he said. “We been laying here about half hour.”

Lisa squeezed him. “Why don’t we just sleep awhile? I’m all worn out from the climb. And you feel so good.”

“You feel good too,” he said. “But I’d just as soon get as far away from Sutton as I can. Another hour and a half and that fucking dance will be over. Shit, if they find out we’re missing then, that jerk off coach will call up the Brigade right off and they’re quick and smart as Indians.”

“What’s the Brigade?” Lisa asked, snuggling up to him closer and squeezing his cock with her cunt.

Rusty gasped. “Jesus, wasn’t expecting that. I love your cunt.” He licked her nose. “The Brigade’s a bunch of junior high kids that Coach Long sends out to do his dirty work, like going after guys or chicks who run away. You wouldn’t find Coach Long up here in these wet old woods. No sir! But these kids are trained and raring to go. When they get back with their prey they all get a piece of ass, but if they come back empty-handed, they all get a kick in the ass. So they never come back empty-handed, at least as long as I’ve been in Sutton.”

“They will this time,” Lisa said.

“I hope so,” Rusty said. “They’re mean bastards, and there’s about a dozen of them. Shit, half of them are bigger than me.”

“Not where it counts,” Lisa said, contracting her cunt again. “Nobody’s bigger than you where it counts.”

Rusty laughed, responding with a flex of his cock. “Shit,” he said, “but they know how to use what they’ve got. They get hold of us and there’s no telling what they might do. You’d get your slave day all right, but you’d get it tonight. Christ, and God knows what they’d do to me.” He shivered.

“Getting cold?”

“Hell, no thinking about the Brigade. Jimmy, my foster well, former foster brother’s a part of it. Mean devil!”

Lisa laughed again. She couldn’t help herself.

“And that’s why I hate to think about the Brigade. I heard they’re not particular about what they do to the people they catch. I hear that some of the guys they drag back to Sutton just ain’t the same afterward. And the guys they drag back will never talk about it. Shit, let’s get out of here.”

“Five more minutes,” Lisa said. “Five minutes won’t matter.” She couldn’t bear the thought of climbing out of the toasty sleeping bag. The fire was mostly coals now, and the air was so cold and damp that she shivered just thinking about getting out into it naked.

“Oh, all right,” Rusty said. “I suppose five more minutes won’t matter any.”

“Besides,” Lisa said, “if they catch us we’ve got one of them on our side already.”


“Your foster brother.”

“Shit, he’s on their side. He’s on his side. Sutton’s a mean town. You can’t trust anybody in Sutton not anybody. I was even a fool to trust you. Sorry I have to say that, but it’s true. I’m glad you’re on my side, awful glad to find that out.” He kissed her.

Lisa’s stomach curdled. “Rusty,” she said.

“You don’t think that Candy would rat on us, do you?”

“What? What you talking about?” Rusty’s face screwed up. He looked scared. He looked mean. He shook her. “Well, what?”

“I gave Candy a goodbye note just before we left the dance.”

“You what?”

“But I told her not to open it until after the dance.”

Rusty stared at her for what seemed like a minute, though she knew it was only a second. “I don’t believe it,” he said. He yanked his cock out of her cunt. “I’m getting out of here! Now!”

“You ain’t going nowhere!” cried a voice out of the woods. “Not nowhere!”


The clearing in the woods blazed orange like the walls of hell. The bonfire cursed and spit and cracked. The boys had piled pitchy logs on the fire, entire limbs of fallen, dried out trees. The roar of the fire became like the roar of a waterfall. The dead stillness of the night woods had come alive. Steam hissed in the air. Low-hanging boughs of nearby trees danced and waved in the waves of heat. The dozen or so young savages of the Sutton Brigade gleamed with sweat as they stuffed the enormous blaze with more fuel. As the clearing had warmed, the boys had stripped naked, and each boy strutted now with his stiff cock waving like a pistol-barrel.

Lisa herself was bathed in sweat, her naked body staked out on top of the sleeping bag she and Rusty had shared just minutes ago. The boys had bound her ankles and wrists with tough twine and had stretched her out long between two trees. She lay ten feet from the fire, but she could feel the heat frying her flesh like the heat waves off the sand of Death Valley. This would be the end of her, she thought. If the Brigade didn’t fuck her to death, then they’d burn her and Rusty and themselves to death in a forest fire. Thank God for the rain earlier. Thank God for the musky dampness of the forest.

Lisa watched the wild boys with a strange fascination. This entire scene was so unreal that she thought she was watching a movie. Her heart throbbed in her chest. Her breathing was fast, her tits heaving. But she felt strangely unafraid. She felt excited, very excited, like Joan of Arc on her way to the stake. But she wasn’t afraid. No, she was ready to be sacrificed, ready to be martyred. It was as if this was the moment she’d been waiting for all her life. She twisted between her ropes, not to break free but to rub her legs together. Her pussy throbbed, the warm juice oozing out. Take me, she wanted to yell. Take me now.

“Let her loose!” Rusty shouted. “I dragged her out here. I kidnapped her. She ain’t done nothing. I dragged her out here to fuck just to fuck. We were just gonna sleep out, get away for the night. I needed a chick for the night. We were going back before morning. Damn it, listen to me!”

A lot of the boys laughed. Most of them didn’t pay him any attention. One boy stared into the fire, pumping his cock. A short, mean-looking boy sauntered over to Rusty.

“Don’t be funny, brother,” the boy said. “Just shut up and start praying for yourself. You’re gonna need praying for more than the chick.” He walked away, a smirk on his little-boy face.

Rusty’s eyes rolled. He winced with pain. He stood bound to a tree, ropes wound around his naked body from neck to ankles. His huge cock had softened, and it hung in the flickering orange light like a salami in a closed delicatessen. Sweat dripped from his nose, dripped from his cock. His body gleamed like oiled bronze. Lisa thought he was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. She was more in love with him now than ever, and yet she loved to see him tied up like this. She couldn’t help what she was feeling. Her loins tingled with excitement as she watched him writhe with pain.

The mean little boy sauntered over to Lisa. He slowly lifted his dirty foot and lowered it to her mouth. “Suck my toes,” he said. “Goddamn it, eat ’em.”

“You tell her, Jimmy,” a boy said, walking toward them. “Hey, guys, look what the bitch is doing to Jimmy.”

Lisa sucked Jimmy’s dirty toes. She was surprised that they were hot. Leaf fragments and sand floated in her saliva, but she couldn’t spit them out. Jimmy ground his big toe in and out of her mouth as if it was his cock, hardly letting her breathe.

“Taste good, bitch?” Jimmy said. “Like my hot toes?”

Lisa could only grunt. She was disgusted at what she was doing, nauseated, but at the same time she was hot. Her cunt contracted from the toe stimulation of her lips just as it did from cock stimulation. She sucked vigorously.

“Hey, let her suck my toes for awhile,” a boy said, and Lisa found a fresh set of hot toes in her mouth. “Yeah, feels good,” the new boy said. “Suck ’em, bitch.”

She felt her ankles being cut loose. Hot hands grabbed her feet, jerking her legs apart until they spread to a full split.

“Jesus, look at ’em spread!” a boy shouted. Mutters of approval.

Lisa felt something touch her open cunt, felt hot wind tickle her pussy lips.

“Smells good,” a boy muttered. “Like a real bitch should.”

“Let me get a whiff,” a boy said. “Oooh, I’m gonna come.”

Lisa found the wriggling toes yanked suddenly out of her mouth. Before she knew what was happening, she saw a tight naked boy ass coming down on her face. The hot pucker crushed her nose.

“Lick my ass!” the boy said. “Suck out my shit hole!”

Lisa wormed her tongue up the boy’s tight asshole. He tasted salty musky. His asshole throbbed inside with a pulse. The tight walls sucked at her tongue. The boy wriggled, rubbing his ass crack and bottom all over her face. She felt his silky hot balls on her eyes.

“Ride her, man,” somebody yelled.

“Oh, fuck, feels good, feels real good,” the boy on her face said.

“Look at him go!” a boy shouted. “He’s wiggling like a fucked bitch! Oo baby, go!” Laughter.

“Hey, let her tongue fuck my asshole,” a boy said, hauling the face sitting boy off her. Then he sat on her, impaling his tight asshole on her stiff tongue. “Hey, wowwww! Far out!” he said.

A boy was licking Lisa’s cunt, making her squirm. He was munching away, chewing her pussy slabs, sucking. While he ate her spread snatch other boys fought to sit on her face. One hot boy ass after another wiggled onto Lisa’s tongue. The boys squealed, going crazy as Lisa sucked out their quivering assholes. All at once, Lisa felt hot gobs of jism raining on her tits and belly. The boy riding her tongue grunted, his ass hole contracting. At that moment, Lisa’s cunt exploded, sucking at the face buried between her pussy lips. Had her legs not been bound in a full split, she would have wrapped them around the cunt eating boy’s head and tried to crush his head up inside her. The spasms were so intense she felt close to passing out.

“I wanna fuck that bitch,” a boy said. “Let’s cut the tiddly-winks and get fucking. I’m gonna screw that bitch silly.” The other boys shouted their approval.

They were cutting loose Lisa’s hands, but before they had freed her, a boy fell on her, thrusting his cock up her cunt viciously, grunting like a young bull. Then he was fucking, banging his belly against her hard, knocking her pubic bone with his, humming his cock inside her so fast that her pussy walls burned from the friction. As the other boys cut the last rope from her wrist, the fucking boy bellowed and shot.

The boy’s balls were hot, his cock hard as steel. Lisa threw her arms around him, kneading his back muscles, milking his spine with her hand as she milked his cock with her pussy. The boy whined like a baby, shooting into her again and again. Before he’d shot his last, the other boys dragged him off her. They flipped her over and yanked her up on all fours.

A hot cock knifed up Lisa’s cunt. A hot cock stuffed her throat. Hot mouths with sharp teeth closed around her hanging tits. A finger shot up her asshole, twisting, reaming. Lisa choked, writhed. She’d never been stuffed so full of cock, so set upon by fingers and cocks and tongues. She was being eaten alive, fucked to death. She panicked, trying to break loose. The boys bore down hard, fucking her like wild savages. They had her now, were using her like a piece of senseless meat. And this was only the beginning. She knew it just the beginning.

“Goddamn tight cunt hot tits fucking juicy asshole” The cries and mutterings of the boys filled the hissing, fiery air like the voices of the damned in hell. “Throat like a cunt crazy bitch fuck her all night burn off her tits fuck the guts out of her!”

Sharp teeth gnawed her nipples. She gagged, her throat flooded with hot cum — alkaline, salty, hot cum. It rolled into her stomach like molten lead. Steaming spurts of cum shot up her cunt bubbled out of her cunt. The finger popped out of her asshole.

Lisa caught her breath, the cock in her throat softening and sliding out of her mouth. Before she could relax, however, a fresh hot cock rammed her throat full again. Behind her, a spent cock slipped out of her cunt. Immediately, a stiff throbbing cock screwed straight up her asshole. The boys began to hump simultaneously, nearly folding her up between them like an accordion.

Lisa’s heart pounded her ribcage. Her pulse throbbed in her temples, in her cunt. Her asshole burned from the unlubricated fucking. Her lips were getting raw. Her throat ached.

Oh, stop! she wanted to tell them. Let me rest for a moment. I’m getting sore. Oh, stop, don’t rub so hard, don’t fuck so hard! Oh, Jesus! Oww!

Suddenly, she was choking again, drowning in hot cum. Her nose was getting raw, rubbed that way from the wiry pubic hair it was continually buried in. She swallowed quickly, trying to breathe between bursts of the thick, sticky boy cum.

The cock up her ass flexed wildly. Spears of hot cum jolted her asshole. The boy’s hard loins pounded her upturned ass, vibrating her body all the way up to her skull.

“Three cocks at once,” a boy shouted. “Let’s give it to her.” Other boys started shouting, their voices getting mean, tough, crazy.

Lisa suddenly found hands lifting her. The cocks jerked out of her mouth and asshole. She gasped for breath. A blast of heat from the growling, hissing fire filled her lungs and she choked. Her lungs ached, seared by the pitchy fumes.

They were dropping her, forcing her down. Hot hands spread her cunt. From below, a stiff cock stabbed her cunt. She was fucked again, filled with cock. She lay face to face with a grunting sweaty boy, lay on top of him. He bucked upward, fucking her. He chewed her lips. From behind, a bloated cock head burned at her ass pucker. She tried to tense, to defend her asshole from attack, but it was too late. A rock hard cock slammed into her asshole, making her loins nearly explode from the pressure. A cock up her ass and up her cunt at the same time was more than she could take. She tried to tell them, needed to tell them. She couldn’t take all that hard meat at once. No girl could take it. They’d rip up her insides. They’d wear through the partition that separated her cunt from her asshole and then she’d have just one big hole there. Oh, Christ! Stop! Stop! Please stop!

Lisa mumbled, delirious. As she gathered her strength, gathered it to scream, a boy grabbed her long hair from behind and jerked her head back. Her mouth gaped. Just as her scream began it was forced back down her throat by a cock, another big sweaty cock. She gagged. She’d swallowed so much cock, so much cum that she was ready to vomit. The boy grabbed her ears and jerked her head up and down on his cock. She sucked, sucked helplessly. It was all she could think to do. As the big cocks reamed out her asshole and cunt, she bucked her loins, bucked them because that was all she could think of anymore.

All she could smell was cock and jism. All she could feel was hot throbbing cock filling all her holes, cock spurting inside her, cock being rubbed against the palms of her helpless hands. She closed her hands, fisting a cock in each. Now she had five cocks going at her, five smooth slippery jerking cocks. Next they’d be shoving cocks in her ears, in her eyes, up her nostrils, between her toes. She herself was becoming cock, just one big cock. She didn’t care anymore. She didn’t care if they killed her. She was beyond pain, beyond thought. All she was now was a rhythm, a hard throbbing rhythm of fucking. She was just a fuck now, nothing more than a fuck pure fuck!

The boys were shooting. God, they were shooting! First one, then another, then another. Jism bubbled down her throat, bubbled out of her mouth. Jism blasted her asshole, blasted her cunt, at the same time running out of her overflowing asshole and cunt like warm honey. Cocks flexed in her hands, zinged in her hands. Flying jism hit her arms like gobs of hot wax.

Grunts, squeals, groans, the explosions of the bonfire these sounds throbbed in her ears. She saw little other than the orange firelight glinting off the sweaty young belly heaving at her face. She felt the counterpoint of heartbeats her own, that of the boy on top of her, that of the boy beneath her. She felt the counterpoint of orgasmic contractions, the fuck throbs of five spasming boys. She was bathed in sweat her own and that of the boys sandwiching her. She slid between them like a greased slice of ham. She thought of ham, thought of pigs, an orgy of pigs. She was the sow, thrown into a pen of grunting frenzied boars. And they were on her, under her, inside her, screwing her silly, screwing her to death. Needles of sex sensation shot through her ravaged loins, through her tits, through her toes. Her loins swirled. Spasms gnawed through her asshole, through her cunt. She let go, jerking convulsively, her horny holes chewing the spurting pricks.

Lisa felt a cool mist on her back and cheek. It had begun to drizzle. Fine droplets of moisture exploded into steam above the raging bonfire. The fire, though half the size it had been, still looked like it could burn on for hours. Lisa tried to shift on the sleeping bag, the mutilated cum drenched sleeping bag, but she couldn’t move. She was too weak, too sore. All her muscles throbbed like migraine headaches. Her cunt and asshole were raw and blistered. And they oozed cum, oozed cum endlessly like a spring. She could feel the jism trickling out of her. She didn’t think it would ever stop. She tried to move again. Hopeless.

As the drizzle continued, Lisa smiled. She winced. Her lips were split in several places. Her tongue was raw and swollen. She could barely swallow. She had the worse sore throat of her life. The drizzle misted the pulsating burn on her left ass cheek, and Lisa smiled again, winced again.

She was Sutton’s now, Sutton’s forever. They’d branded her with an S — S for Sutton. As the last boy had fallen off her ass, they pressed the small glowing branding iron to her ass cheek. It was over in a moment, but Lisa’s head had lit up inside as if with a nuclear explosion. She’d screamed, screamed the loudest scream she’d ever let out it echoed through her bones, through her skull, through her soul.

They’d done it awhile ago. Lisa couldn’t tell how long ago, maybe minutes, maybe hours. They’d fucked her half the night, it seemed, and then they’d branded her. Since then they’d been quiet. A few of them watched the fire, a few of them slept a few of them sat staring out into the night like guards. They didn’t seem to notice that it had begun to drizzle. They seemed prepared to stay here all night. They were resting.

Rusty was still tied to the tree, his head slumped onto his chest. As Lisa gazed at him, he lifted his head. He looked scared, but he smiled at her. She tried to smile back but could only wince. His prick was standing, jutting up out of his loins at a forty-five degree angle, and it was twitching. A shiny stream of precum clung to the back of his long cock shaft from tip to base. Precum had trickled down over his huge nuts, which Lisa could see now moving in their sac. Rusty was hot, and Lisa could understand why.

He’d watched the Brigade giving it to her for hours. How could he not get turned on? Maybe he’d even shot off while watching. Poor boy, she thought. Poor deprived boy. She wondered whether he would have joined in had he been let loose. Never know, she thought. He’s a male and what a male! And there’s no telling what a male might do once his cock gets hard. She’d learned that tonight.

What would happen now? They’d drag her back to Sutton. They’d have to drag her, or carry her she surely couldn’t walk. Would she still have to go through with slave day tomorrow? No way! That would be the end of her for sure. But then, in Sutton they might not care. Right now, she didn’t care either. She might be better off dead.

And what about Rusty? They hadn’t touched him yet.

“Get away from me, you bastard!” Rusty yelled.

Lisa looked toward him again. Jimmy was sauntering toward Rusty with a hunting knife. Jimmy’s cock was stiff. The other boys began getting up. They were muttering, moving toward Rusty.

“Leave me alone!” Rusty screamed. “You can’t do this!”

Jimmy began to cut the ropes.

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