I fucked hard a tied Up Nurse

Her heart pounding, Lynn Richards pushed the chair back against the wall, pulled out the small table next to it, then took a deep breath as she surveyed the room. The center of the floor was clear of furniture, now. She went to the door and made certain it was securely locked — only her sister had a duplicate key. Lynn crossed the room, wobbling slightly in her brand-new high heels, and went into the kitchen. There, she reached far back into the freezer compartment of her refrigerator and chose one of her special ice cubes!

Lynn had several of these peculiar objects in the freezer. Each cube held a small key and a long piece of string. The string was not attached to the key, so that when the cube melted sufficiently, the key could drop freely to the floor.

The key fit the high-quality steel handcuffs Lynn had bought.

Lynn returned to the living room and used a low stool to reach the hook in the ceiling and tie the loose end of the string to it. The cube now dangled in front of Lynn’s pretty face, a few feet from the ceiling.

Lynn stepped down from the stool and admired the hanging cube of ice with its captured key. Unconsciously, the blonde smoothed the tight material of her starched white nurse’s uniform over her firm asscheeks.

Wetting her lips, Lynn moved the stool out of her way, then brought the rest of her special equipment from the couch to the center of the floor.

Kneeling with the equipment before her, and working swiftly, efficiently — she’d done this to herself many times before, and the ice cube was already melting — Lynn opened her mouth wide and stuffed a pair of her panties between her lips, fitting the silky material fully into her mouth, poking the last edges back behind her immaculate straight teeth, then clamping her jaws on the soft mass. Her teeth wouldn’t quite come together.

With trembling fingers, she reached down to the pile of silk and steel at her knees and picked out a single black stocking. This she wrapped several times around her head, fitting it between her teeth over the panty-gag and tying it behind her neck awkwardly lifting her long thick mane of loose blonde hair out of the way as she did so.

She worked her jaws for a second, testing the strength and fit of the silk and nylon gag.


Next, she took up a pair of the steel handcuffs, admiring for a brief moment the glistening coldness of the hard silver surface. Twisting and reaching behind her, she slipped the first cuff over one slim white-stocking-clad ankle, locking it tightly, her blood racing as she listened to the inevitable snaps of the cuff locking home.

A tug proved that the cuff wasn’t about to release itself.

Twisting the other way, still on her knees, Lynn fit the second cuff over her other ankle. She clicked it shut, pressing it tightly around her ankle.

Her feet were now locked close together, the toes of her new high-heeled shoes pointing into the rug, the heels pointing toward the kitchen.

Turning around again, the nurse lifted her blindfold from the pile. This was a soft device of her own clever design. It shut out all possible light and locked behind her neck with a small padlock. She kept the key in the top of her closet, so there was no chance of getting to it — until she had released herself from the strenuous bondage.

She pulled the strap tight at the back of her neck and hooked the tiny padlock through the loop. She snapped it shut.

Her long blonde hair fell from under the hood of the blindfold and lay softly down her back, shifting over the back of her white uniform as she moved, binding herself tighter and tighter.

With shaking hands, Lynn unbuttoned the front of her uniform down to her waist and pushed the edges of the sleek material aside so that her bra encased tits thrust out. She fumbled with the gear on the floor for a moment, choosing the belt she had designed.

She wrapped the belt around her upper body, and when it was pulled tight, it forced her beautiful tits almost flat against her ribcage. Lynn pulled the belt through the buckle over her breasts, gasping as the constriction forced the air from her lungs. It was now terribly hard to breathe, and impossible to fill her lungs completely.

Dangling from the belt were two metal alligator clips, and these Lynn proceeded to attach to her soft nipples, tenderly, pulling the dark flesh away from the full mound of her tits, then pinching her nipples between her thumb and index finger to make them prominent. She slipped the teeth of the metal clip over the sensitive flesh, letting them bite into her skin right through the smooth material of her bra.

God, they hurt so bad! she thought, moaning into the saliva-soaked panties in her mouth.

Quickly now, before she could change her mind and yank the offending clips from her already throbbing nipples, Lynn grabbed up the last pair of handcuffs and lowered herself onto the rug on her side. She clicked the cuffs tightly over one thin wrist. Then, with her arms behind her back, she slipped the two short links between the cuffs between her already bound ankles, just above the links holding her legs together. With some difficulty, she slip her free wrist into the waiting cuff and locked it tightly home.

She was gagged, blindfolded, and hog-tied!

Slowly, trying to be as gentle with her tits as possible, Lynn rolled over onto her stomach, grinding the metal alligator clips deep into the firm mounds of her breasts and forcing them even tighter on her sore nipples.

She groaned into the gag and lifted her head to give it a hard shake. Her hair flew about, a few strands sticking to the sensitive skin of her face, causing her further itching and irritation.

Her blood was on fire, now, and her whole body tightened and relaxed as she felt the warm wetness begin to flow between her thighs.

She struggled for a moment, testing the strength of her cuffs. But they were secure, they would never yield to her struggles, until the key dropped to the floor and she would be forced to crawl on her belly to where it fell, further torturing her own nipples.

The cuffs were beginning to really hurt!

Purposely, Lynn had pressed them very tightly around her wrists and ankles. It had been quite a while since she’d felt such real pain, and she moaned with the pleasure of it.

Lynn lowered her cheek to the scratchy rug. With great difficulty, she gulped behind the gag and sighed deeply through her nose.

Her cunt was on fire! Her nipples were swelling from the hurting pressure of the clips biting into them! Her breathing was ragged, coming in gasping gulps, shallow and painful with the constricting belt pulled so tightly over her tits. Sweet lubrication was oozing from her cuntlips, soaking the tight crotch of her panties, dribbling down her trembling thighs and wetting the tops of her white stockings. She itched and burned. She throbbed and tried desperately to rub her clit — her aching, longing, itching, swollen, drooling clit!

The nurse moaned, her whole body beginning to sweat with the awful strain and frustration of her self-imposed bondage.

She chewed at the saliva-soaked panties in her mouth, biting the binding black stocking wrapped around her pretty face, twitching with each trickle of sweat, each new deep throb of lust, each agonizing itch in her nipples — and she felt the deep rutting lust building… building…

Doctor Ken Johnson broke his hot sucking kiss with the Candy Striper, but kept his palm on her full tits, massaging the firm mounds hard through the material of her puffed-out blouse, pinching the hard nipples with his fingertips, crushing them back into the lush mass of her breasts.

“Oh, please, Doctor!” the teenaged girl gasped. “You shouldn’t be doing this to me!”

Ken grabbed her tit and squeezed hard, dragging a whine of pain from the teen’s full wet lips. Then he crushed his own lips back down against hers, forcing his tongue deep into the wet cavern of her mouth, finding her darting tongue and sucking it into his own mouth-sucking hard, making the teen cry out as she felt her tongue being sucked, almost torn out by the roots.

He broke the kiss.

“You love it, you damned bitch!”

Susan Richards blushed bright red and lowered her eyes. She nodded, very slowly, and a huge smile brake over her lovely face. She arched her back, mashed her full tit harder into the doctor’s rubbing palm.

Ken slammed his thighs into the teen’s body, crushing her body back against the wall of the bathroom. This was the tiny bathroom between the patients’ rooms, where Susan had been filling their water pitchers.

For the past few days, Susan had been meeting Doctor Johnson like this — either in the linen room in the basement of the hospital, or in one of the patient’s bathrooms — and they had hugged and kissed frantically, searching each other’s bodies eagerly but not daring to unzip or unbutton anything.

But now, only one of the rooms was occupied, and that by two little old ladies, helpless and harmless and more than a little bit deaf.

Susan was scared, but she gasped as she felt Ken’s fingers slip the top button on her red-and-white striped uniform open — she wanted it!

“Afraid?” Ken asked the teen, wetting his lips and lowering his fingers to the next button.

“Yes,” Susan admitted with a gulp.

Ken nuzzled the girl’s warm cheek for a moment and whispered into her ear: “Want me to stop?”

Susan felt as though her heart was going to burst right through her ribcage. She tingled all over and felt hot and weak and breathless.

“No,” she whispered back.

She wrapped her arms around the man’s neck and pulled her frame upward, grinding her itching cunt against the fat bulge in the front of his pants. How often in the past few days had her delicate hands stroked and cupped and massaged that mysterious bulge, Susan knew what was in there, but she had never held a cock in her hands, had never touched the real thing.

She was a virgin.

Ken reached down with both hands and cupped and lifted the teen’s tight asscheeks, feeling her shift and squirm in his hands as he kneaded the firm butt-muscles, puffing her cunt harder against his aching cock.

The front of Susan’s pretty uniform was open down to the third button, revealing the full sleek cups of her bra. Ken leaned back and looked down at the lush swellings, licking his lips as he saw the darker swellings of her pointy nipples beneath the translucent smoothness of the cups.

“God! You’re so damned beautiful, Suzie!”

Susan squirmed eagerly in the man’s hands, filling her lungs and thrusting her tits upward, outward, eager to feel his lips and tongue on the bare flesh, the hot, itching, aching skin of her virgin tits.

But Ken was less interested in tits than pussy.

“Pull up the front of your skirt,” he whispered to her, glancing over his shoulder toward the bathroom door.

If anybody came in and found him fucking this morsel of girlhood, his career would be at an end, right then and there! He looked back at the pretty teen, stepping back a little way so she could lift her skirt for him, and took a deep breath.

Hell! If any cunt in the world was worth a career, this one was!

Susan stood there, her face open and expectant. So beautiful, so virginal!

She stood there, holding up the front of her uniform, exposing her slim thighs, her pretty pink cotton panties.

“Tuck the hem under the front of your bra, then push your panties down,” Ken commanded her.

Breathing raggedly, Susan forded a piece of the hem under the strap between the cups of her bra, puffing a long bit of it upward and folding it over the strap. She felt silly with the tassel of uniform sticking up between her tits, but as she reached back down and hooked her thumbs in the tight waistband of her panties, all thoughts of silliness vanished, instantly replaced by a gut wrenching horniness, a deep lust burning within her cunt, making her legs tremble badly, her knees actually shake, and the sweat of arousal begin to ooze from every pore on her sweet body.

Slowly, she slipped her panties down over her thighs, watching Ken’s face for his reaction. She was pleased to see his eyes go wide open when she pushed the material below the puffy mound of her pussy.

She had always wanted a thick muff of cunthair. It embarrassed her to take a shower with her better-endowed girlfriends, but at least they were kind and considerate of her state. They sympathized with her rather than taunted her.

But when she saw Ken’s wide-eyed gaze, the obvious lust sparking like living electricity from his eyes, she tensed her thighs and thrust her bare mound forward in grateful delight.

“Good God!” he gasped as the teen pushed her panties all the way down to her ankles, then daintily stepped out of them, lifted them as she straightened back up. With a sweet smile, she handed them to him.

He grabbed them, brought them to his nose and sniffed deeply the teen’s precious pussy fragrance.

Susan blushed and gave a little laugh.

“Lecher!” she giggled.

“Let me keep them?” he asked, his eyes shut in ecstasy.

“Of course,” Susan agreed, her voice low and sexy.

Ken shoved the panties into the pocket of his lab coat. He looked at the Candy Striper over from head to toe, letting his gaze linger longest at her sweetly swollen cuntlips. They were stark white and bare, except where the slit was swollen slightly open, exposing the deep rich pink of her intricately-folded inner lips.

His cock was throbbing madly against the inside of his pants. He jerked the zipper down and reached inside to haul out his massive prick, hard and pulsating with life, eager to, feel the tight virgin walls of Susan’s untried cunt wrapped around its full length.

Susan gasped at the sight of the monster.

“My God! It’s so HUGE!” she cried.

She could hardly believe it! Was this the thing she’d heard such wonderful stories about, the rod of pleasure that made you a woman.

“WOW!” she said.

The gigantic erection was aimed right at her lovely face, bobbing and throbbing, a long fat pink rod of meat sticking straight out from a thick bush of dark hair between the man’s thighs. Susan could see the darkness beneath his thin underpants.

The girl felt a strange oozing from her cunt — a warm liquid slipperiness lubricating her whole channel.

Ken moved in close to the girl, holding the edges of his lab coat wide, and as he stepped up to her, he wrapped the coat around the sides of the girl’s body, making a cozy cocoon for them both. He pressed the head of his cock to her firm cuntlips as he pulled the teen against his body, lifting her slightly, jerking his prick in short firm jabs against the teen’s smooth moist pussy slit, working the lips apart, feeling the wetness and heat of her inner flesh.

“Ooooooo…” Susan cooed, her arms going up around the man’s neck again, hugging him tightly as she began to find her cunt onto the fat cock at her virginal, entrance. Her warm juices lubricated her enough to let her work her cunt down the wide hood of Ken’s cockhead. Her long strong legs lifted high, wrapped around the backs of his thighs, opening her twat even farther for the invading ramrod.

“Hang on, honey. I’m going all the way in. It might hurt just a little…”

Susan hugged him tighter, gritted her teeth, and nodded. She rested her head against the man’s chest, tense and ready and willing.

“Now!” Ken whispered loudly, at the same time shoving his massive cock right up her slippery slit, ramming her ripped hymen all the way up into her womb and wringing a sharp cry of pain from the throat.

She moaned deeply and clutched the doctor with all her might, gasping as the burning pain in her twat eased and slowly became a warming pleasure. She felt as though her lower body had suddenly been shoved full of burning steel.

“God! You’re IMMENSE!” she said, gulping over and over, shuddering with the brand new sensation of a cock up her snatch.

Her cunt drooled around his prick, making her whole channel slippery and hot. Ken tried moving back out of the tight tube, puffing back away from her slightly, but Susan grabbed him and whined afraid he was leaving her clit for good.

“No, no… honey… easy! Take it slow and easy,” he whispered to her, stroking her long blonde hair with one hand and holding her tightly to him with the other arm wrapped around her back.

Susan tried to relax, but the cock in her cunt made that impossible. She felt the sweat dripping down her body, soaking her open uniform under the arms and along her spine.

Ken moved a little further out, then all the way back in, making Susan sigh with the first full thrust of fucking in her life.

She wasn’t a virgin any more!

“Mmmmm…” she purred, rubbing her cheek over the front of the doctor’s shin.

“Move a little. Up and down on my cock.”

Susan tried it. She lifted up, then settled back down, and the sensation nearly drove her crazy.

“GOD!” she cried, utterly delighted with the experience.

She lifted again, slammed back down. “Careful!” Ken warned her. He didn’t want her ripping his cock right off his body.

Susan rose again, then fell, humping her tight wet twat up and down the fat pole, her long slender legs twitching as they fought to hold onto Ken’s thighs.

To easing her straining, Ken backed the teen against the wall, pressing her body back hard for support. He began ramming his cock in and out of her clenching pussy, driving himself so deep into her body that Susan was afraid he’d split her wide open.

“Uh! Oh! Ooof!” she grunted with each thrust.

Her fingernails worked the hair at the back of Ken’s neck, then dug long deep furrows into his skin as he crushed her asscheeks back against the cold tiles of the wall, fucking her harder and harder.

“Damn! You’re so fucking tight.” Ken gasped. Susan was sniffing in rhythm with the man’s humping into her snatch, the breath being forced out of her lungs with each deep thrust.

But she clung on.

“Fuck me! Oooooo, fuck my pussy!” she whimpered, tearing at the back of Ken’s lab coat, her head rolling limply from side to side as she rose higher and higher with her pleasure.

“Fuck my cunny! Shove your meat into my slit, baby! Do it harder! Come on!” she growled and groaned, humping in a rapid counter-rhythm to his fucking cock!

She buried her face in the man’s throat, kissing eagerly at the warm fish, sucking his salty sweaty skin like a lusty vampire.

Ken twisted his neck away from the teenager’s lips, then bent and kissed her. He sucked her sweet warm tongue into his mouth, dragging it halfway out of he own mouth in his frenzy to suck the thick juicy causing the to wince sad cry out in pain.

Ken didn’t consider himself to be particularly sadistic, at least not viciously so, though he always got a terrific hard-on from watching bondage scenes in movies or on television. He liked to think of himself as a gentleman — tender and loving in his fucking. But he had to admit that it was giving him quite a thrill now to hear this teen moaning as he pulled harder and harder on her sensitive tongue — to hear her gasps of pain as he bit down on the wiggling mass.

He released her tongue, kissed her wetly for a moment, then recaptured the girl’s lively tongue between his teeth, biting down quite hard tight on the tip so that the girl couldn’t pull it a way without really ripping it.

He bit harder… and harder!

Susan gasped and tried to pull her head back, to slip her agonized tongue from between the biting teeth.


Her tits were heaving madly. Was he going to bite the tip, of her tongue off?

The teenager opened her mouth wide around her tongue and cried out loud. She couldn’t speak with her tongue caught between Ken’s teeth, and she could really feel the sharp pain now. She whimpered for him to stop hurting her, her hands going to the sides of his face, gently cupping and urging him to release her throbbing, aching tongue.

Ken gave the girl a final hard bite — one that made her think for a moment that he had severed the tip of her tongue.

He let her go.

“Ouch! Mmmm, that really hurt, Ken!” Susan whined. She buried her face in the man’s shoulder and sniffled for a bit, her lovely deep blue eyes watering with the pain still pulsating through her tongue.

Ken was laying his cock into her now, breathing roughly, clutching at her bony back, pulling her upper body to his and slamming his prick in and out of her steaming cunt for all he was worth.

Susan, forgiving the man for hurting her, rubbed a tear, from her cheek, then slipped her arms around his neck again and tightened her legs around his thighs. She could feel a wonderful longing warmth growing in her chest, her tits seeming to swell larger and larger, to get heavier and heavier. Best of all was the strangely delightful sensation between her legs, the burning rubbing of Ken’s cock against her piping clit.

Ken felt his balls tighten felt the squeezing as he neared the roaring raging climax of his pumping and humping into Susan’s hot twat.

And suddenly, with a loud gasp of release, he rammed his thick cock as far up her cunt as possible, arching with this final thrust and slamming her ass back against the tiled wall, twitching wildly against her as he flooded her cunt with his scalding jism, spurting gout after burning gout of spunk into her sweet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh God! God! God!” Susan cried, throwing her head far back, striking it against the wall hard, rolling her head from side to side, her long blonde hair flying wildly about as she felt her own climax lifting her, rising high over her. With a slow deep shuddering release, it washed over her entire body in wave after mind blowing wave of sensual pleasure.

She went wild in his anus, thrusting and grinding her cuntlips down on his impaling rod, wiggling her ass all over as she tried to suck his spurting cock right into her body to capture it forever.

Her fragrant juices rushed from her body, dribbled around the thick base of cock stuffed up her snatch and soaking Ken’s underpants. She humped harder and harder on the cock filling her with thick hot cum, rubbing her clit more and more rapidly as she tried to keep the wonderful sensation from fading.

Her whole body began quaking on the pole of cock. A second climax broke over her, nearly drowning her pleasure, making her jump and twitch and jerk wildly as she flooded her cunt with her own juices, mingling her sweet-smelling fluids with the strong manly cum, all of it dripping from her swollen reddened cunt.

Ken gave one last shuddering thrust up the teenager’s twat, wringing the last drop of cum from the tip of his prick, and then pulled free.

“Ohhh…” Susan whined in disappointment, hoping for a third come for herself.

Ken shut his eyes and sucked air, hugging the girl tightly, stroking her long hair as it hung down her back.

“Oh, Ken! It was wonderful!” Susan whispered to him, hugging him with all her might, shuddering away the last of her pleasure and feeling the cooling jism roll down her bare leg.

“Not finished, peach!” Ken said, his voice strained.

“Hmmmm.” Susan burred, nuzzling his chin with her nose.

Kevin placed his hands on Susan’s shoulders and pressured downward. At first, the Candy Striper didn’t understand what he wanted her to do, but then it hit her.

“Oh! I… I don’t know if I can… do that, Ken,” she said with a shiver, pursing her full moist lips and looking him in the eyes.

“Come on, baby girl. Suck old Dad clean! You can do it, peach!”

He pressed harder on her shoulders, digging his thumbs in under her collar bone, making her wince and forcing her down to her bare knees on the cold floor.

Without giving the girl time to adjust to his new turn of events, Ken pressed his sopping still erect cock against her closed lips.

Susan sniffed in a gasp.

He wanted her to really do it — suck on his cock! Take this huge enormous cum-smeared rod of meat into her virgin mouth and… and lick and suck on it — until it was completely clean.

“Suck it, honey! Come on!”

Ken jutted his cock against her lips again, banging her lips back against her teeth.

“I… I’ll try, Ken… I’ll try,” she said, pulling her head back and looking the huge prick over, pushing it up and checking the underside, eyeing the very tip with girlish suspicion.

After all, he pissed with this thing, too!

Susan looked up into his face.

“No tricks?” she asked, pouting cutely.

Ken frowned for a moment, not understanding.

“You won’t… pee in my mouth, will you?” Susan said.

Ken grinned. Then he simply shrugged.

“Take your chances, sweetheart!” he said coyly, winking down at her pretty upturned face.

Susan took a deep breath and returned her full attention to the massive prick in her delicate hands. She stroked lightly along its sides, then wet her lips, sighed again and opened her mouth in a wide yawn. She bent forward and let the fat rod slip over her teeth, touch the back of her tongue, and then she closed her lips down around it. She wet it thoroughly with her saliva and sucked it, puffing her head back and sucking the cum from the smoothly ridged cylinder, moving back down as far as she could until the thick hood of the head banged against the back of her throat again. Then she pulled back off it and swallowed — gulped hard the first few times — until it became very natural.

Sucking, moving, swallowing, sucking…

Ken was stroking the hair on top of the girl’s head, lacing his fingers through the thick strands, his own head thrown back and rolling slightly as he felt the pressure building in his nuts.

With a sudden gasp, he spasmed deep into the teen’s unprepared throat, bashing hard into the back of her throat and spraying her with another load of thick cum.

Susan, shocked, gagged on the first gouts, gulped hard and fast, not sure what was happening at first — until she let her mouth fill with the hot stuff and it began dribbling over her lips and down her chin. She began swallowing faster and faster as her mouth got fuller and fuller, gulping down the thick mouthful she had and trying desperately to keep up with the astonishing flow of Ken’s endless jizz.

His hands were locked in the teen’s hair, pulling her face against his thighs, forcing his cock right down her sore throat, battering his prick into her mouth with each new spasm of cum.

Susan swallowed it all, gasping as best she could between gouts, her heart pounding loudly in her ears for want of air in her lungs.

With a final deep thrust, Ken shot the last of his wad into the back of the teen’s throat, felt her gulping muscles tighten around the head of his cock, and then release as the thick wad slid into her already full stomach. Then he pulled back out of her mouth.

Susan remained on her knees, warm cum dripping out of her mouth, running slowly down her chin and dripping one drop at a time onto her full bra cups.

She stayed still, wondering if Ken had any more surprises for her, but willing and ready if he did.

“Wow! Peach, you are absolutely the best fucking fuck I’ve ever fucked!”

Susan smiled in appreciation and lowered her eyes to the slowly softening prick before her. It was an amazing sight, watching the fat dork shrink, fold down, go completely limp — and finally, a small wrinkled pink worm dangled loosely down the front of Ken’s pants.

She smiled again as she watched him carefully tuck his cock back inside his underpants, then zip up his street pants.

“Incredible!” she said, lifting up her arms as Ken reached down to help her stand up.

They hugged, rocking each other for a moment.

“Baby, you were fan-fucking-tastic!”

“I never knew it could be so great… so hard… so wonderful, Ken! Thank you!”

“You better put your skirt back down, baby, before they find us like this.”

“Oh! I felt so good this way, I would have forgotten.”

“Yeah. And probably sent those two old fans out there into cardiac arrest when you took those pitchers out to them.”

Susan giggled as she slipped the hem of her skirt out from her bra strap and smoothed it back into place over her bare cunt.

“And thanks for the… present!” Ken told her, patting the pocket of his lab coat, feeling the slight bulk of the girl’s warm panties.

“I’ll have another pair on tomorrow,” she teased.

“Oh, yeah?” Ken said, mussing her hair. “Yeah!” Susan said, ducking aside and pulling the open edges of her blouse back together, then buttoning herself.

“Well, I’ve got another pocket to put it in,” Ken said, watching the absolutely delightful way Susan buttoned her blouse.

“I’ll be here!” she said gaily, turning on the water in the sink and picking up one of the pitchers.

Doctor Ken Johnson winked at the pretty Candy Striper, gave her tight ass a hard slap, and went out of the tiny bathroom, leaving Susan Richards to contemplate her new life — as a non — virgin!


Under her soft but secure blindfold, Lynn Richards had begun crying quietly again. The unbearable agony of the clips biting through the unprotective cups of her bra and into the tender, throbbing flesh of her swollen nipples had become the purest form of torture, unrelieved for the slightest moment.

Why had she done this to herself — again?

After the last time, so much milder than this time, she had sworn to herself that she’d never do it again, never place herself into such an uncompromisingly vulnerable position — even without the added physical insult of pain.

Yet, here she was.

Lying on her belly, hog-tied with two heavy pairs of steel handcuffs, the cold steel clamped down much too tightly around her slender ankles, her thin wrists. The gagging mass of her soaked panties filled her aching mouth, and she was blindfolded perfectly.

She had long ago ceased struggling, trying to roll over onto her side to ease the cutting crushing pressure of the metal teeth of the alligator clips mashed into the lush globes of her tits. She simply remained still, her entire body one aching, throbbing, sweating temple of discomfort of pain, and now of tenor!

The key!

Where was that fucking damn key?

It should have fallen to the floor long ago. The ice surely couldn’t still be melting. Lynn had been lying here too long, more than an hour in this strenuous bondage, her wrists worn raw and red just from the pressure of the slipping steel cuffs.

What had gone wrong?

Lynn moaned and wept weakly. Nothing could possibly have gone wrong! It was all too simple, too perfectly easy! The ice couldn’t melt. The key unattached to the string, couldn’t fall.

Yet, it hadn’t fallen!

And, if it hadn’t fallen by now — OH GOD!

Lynn was trapped! There was absolutely no escape clause, no secret method of releasing the tight cuffs, the gag, the blindfold! No way out, and no help. No one knew she was bound, helpless, hungry, in so much awful pain!

And she wasn’t expected back to work for two whole days!

Lynn sniffled back the last few tears was useless to lie here crying. She had to think her way out of this terrible situation — and soon!

The circulation in her wrists and ankles had been cut almost completely off. Her hands and feet tingled, prickled, were slowly going numb.

And the raging horniness in her gut, the itching agony of her oozing cunt the deep aching longing lust in her big tits, all were sweeping over her in wave after torturing wave of unfulfilled desire, need — demand!

Lynn gave a deeply felt shudder and sighed through her nose.

Oh, I hurt so bad!

She clenched her wet thighs, feeling the sticky warmth of her gooey juices, and moaned again.

Please come! Come! COME!

She was torn between her lusting rutting need to rub herself off and her fear of being found like this, her miserable secret discovered, trussed up like a pig for slaughter.

With a whine of despair and a tiny series of quiet whimpers, Lynn went limp in her restraints.

All she could do was wait.

Doctor Carl Fox eyed the girl standing in front of his desk with pleasure. She was a fucking stunner! Her beautiful tits were full-blown, puffing out of the front of that tight white blouse of hers. Her huge dark nipples showed through the thin material.

“Well, Julie, I guess I’d better take a look at you.”

Damn right — a look and a fuck and a suck!

Julie lowered her pretty eyes, embarrassed.

“Yes… yes, sir,” she stammered in a very quiet voice. Obviously she was highly distressed over the prospect of removing all her clothes for a physical examination.

“Julie… when did you have your last physical?” Carl asked the teen, already certain of her answer.

“I… I never had one before, sir.” It was a distant whisper.

Carl felt his cock spring to life, banging hard against his confining zipper, desperate to leap out and snake up this lovely morsel’s cunt before she even knew it was happening.

Carl loved them and inexperienced all scared and fluttery like this, innocent and embarrassed.

And all so unwillingly cooperative.

They didn’t have the faintest idea that he was doing anything wrong. And he could always tell which ones would be too utterly embarrassed to tell anyone else about their experiences on his examination table.

Most of them, not knowing any better, actually returned time after time — and believed he was really curing them of terrible diseases that they didn’t even have.

It was a highly dangerous, but erotic and exciting life.

“OK, honey. You go down the hall to Room Three. I’ll be along in a moment.”

“Yes, sir,” the girl said. She turned and went out into the hall, pausing for a minute to look both ways, as though she was about to cross the street, affording Carl a wonderful view of her trim ass, her twin buns so tight and firm under her short yellow skirt.

Carl watched her start down the hall. Damn! Julie was so cunt-fucking lovely! Such long thick brown hair, caught up in a waist-length ponytail and tied with a narrow white ribbon whose two long strands dangled down her hair. Her tits were perfect — capped with two huge nipples that made Carl’s mouth water. Her body was a trim number that looked both strong and fragile at the same time, with slender hips and thighs and long slim legs.

Carl stood up, folding his long white coat over the front of his legs, hiding his enormous erection as he walked down the hall toward Room Three.

Julie was standing quietly beside the examination table, her ass pressing against the firm but pliant side of the table, one arm held lightly over her full tits. A bright red blush covered her face.

She was staring at the series of photographs on the wall near the door. Each picture showed a girl lying on an examining table just like this one, with their legs spread wide, their cunts absolutely bare and stretched wide open. Under the photo was a title, explaining some subtle point about the, method of examination at that point.

But to Julie’s shocked mind, they were simply filthy pictures — dirty photos of women.

Julie felt her heart racing, thudding loudly in her chest, the blood in her veins burning, making her feel all itchy and dizzy. She reached out and placed her hand on the table to support herself. It seemed like an awfully strange table. It had all kinds of levers and buttons and harsh-looking straps and belts of all sizes.

It reminded the girl of that vile machinery for torture she’d seen at the Wax Museum last year during a school field trip.

The door opened behind her, and Julie, startled, whirled around.

“Oh! You scared me!”

“Sorry. Just let me wash my hands, and I’ll be right with you, dear.”

Julie wet her lips as she waited, her whole body trembling in fearful expectation, her eyes darting all about the room, avoiding those obscene pictures, her heart hammering wildly.

“OK Julie. You can hop up onto the table now.”

“Oh.” The teenager wasn’t sure she wanted to do that. She hesitated, stroking the smooth cool leather surface of the table, eyeing those weird looking stirrups.

“Come on, honey. I have other patients, you know.”

Julie glanced at the doctor over her shoulder, of course! He did have other patients. And he was a doctor, after all. It was his job to look at her body, to make sure it was OK.

Julie gave the man a meek smile, then sighed as she felt herself relax a bit. She turned toward him, pressing her ass against the table, pushing up with her toes and scooting herself around, lifting her long legs up over one stirrup and straightening them between the two upright posts.

She sat for a moment looking at things. What were all those things? And those straps dangling from each stirrup were very obviously designed to hold a girl’s bare foot securely in place, with no freedom of movement at all.

“Would you take your shoes and socks off, please?” Carl asked her, smiling, holding up his freshly washed hands.

Julie bent forward over her knees and slipped the buckles open on her leather shoes. She slipped each shoe off, then rolled over onto her side and placed the shoes on the slightly raised step that stuck out from the side of the table near the floor.

She pushed each nylon down and off her delicate feet, then casually dropped them on top of her shoes. She sat back up straight, her feet pressed tightly together, her skirt smoothed down over her thighs almost to her knees.

She pursed her lips and waited.

“Well…” Carl hinted.

Julie looked at him, her open innocent expectant face.

“Sir?” she asked.

“Uh, this is a physical examination, sweetheart. I can’t examine you with your clothes on… can I?”

“Uh… no sir. I guess you can’t.”

Julie cleared her throat, trying to waste time.

“Take off your panties, honey,” Carl said making his voice gentle, even though he wanted to rip the clothes from this sexy cunt and rip her pussy open with his throbbing cock.

“My panties?”

“Yes, your panties.”

The woman cleared her throat again, then nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

Julie lowered herself back onto her elbows, then onto her back, stretching out fully on the table top. She lifted her hips off the table and reached under the hem of her short skirt. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her pretty pink panties and dragged them down over her thighs to her knees.

Struggling to keep her skirt over her thighs, she sat back up and slipped the panties down to her ankles, pulling one bare foot through the leg hole, then the other.

She sat there, wondering what she should do with her panties now. Just drop them down with her shoes and socks? That seemed extremely crude to the girl. She chewed on her lower lip as she folded her panties neatly and placed them beside her hip on the table, patted them once, then folded her hands in her lap and stared at the wall beyond her bare feet.

“Julie? Your skirt, honey…”

Julie looked at Carl, saw those filthy pictures just over his shoulder. She quickly looked away, wiggling her bare toes.

Well, this was it! Her skirt!

With a quiet little whine, Julie stretched herself back out on her back. Her hands rested over her tummy. She slipped them downward the slightest bit to the buckle on her belt, automatically worked it open, then unbuttoned the single button and slowly ran the zipper down its short length. She opened the loosened flaps of the skirt material over her taut tummy, and lifted her ass off the table again, pushed the waist of the skirt and the rest of the bunching material down her legs — all with her eyes tightly shut and her face burning with shame.

Carl’s eyes went wide and he gasped as the teen’s tender cunt came into view — lost for a moment as she pulled her knees high to slip the skirt over them and lifted her feet to free her legs of the material — but when she straightened her long legs back out on that table.

Naked from the waist down, Julie presented the most appetizing sight Carl had ever seen. Her cuntlips were full and puffy, lightly covered with a pale brown muff of silky curls, with a deep rich pink slit slicing through the center, and the still deeper pink of her inner lips peeping through, swollen and moist.

Julie felt as though her heart was going to batter it’s way right out through her chest. Her full tits heaved with each difficult breath, and she found it hard to swallow. She knew the doctor was staring right at her — at her pussy!

Only her blouse and her well-filled bra remained to be stripped from her warm sweating body.

Without waiting for further commands, not wishing to make the doctor angry at her, Julie lifted both hands to her throat and began unbuttoning the front of her blouse. She lifted her shoulders a bit and pulled the loose shirt down her arms, getting up awkwardly onto her elbows — eyes still tightly clenched — to remove the shirt completely from her wrists.

Carl watched, thrilled, as the teen continued stripping her beautiful body for him. His hands shook in anticipation of touching the smooth soft flesh of the teenager.

Julie sat up, her knees automatically spreading apart slightly, and twisted her arms up behind her back to unhook her bra, arching her spine and pulling her shoulders far back to do so, thrusting her firm tits forward. The bra strap came open, and the bra cups sagged forward, slipping over the upper slopes of Julie’s pretty tits, almost exposing the darker flesh of her nipples. But one hand caught the front of the bra and held it up as she slipped the thin straps from her shoulders. She pulled first one arm and then the other free of the loops of white, and then laid herself back down on the table, the bra cups resting loosely over her heaving mounds.

With a very quiet whine. Julie pulled the bra off her tits. Her hand flopped weakly down to her side, and the limp bra fell on top of the rest of her clothing.

She was completely naked!

Carl stared down at Julie’s body. The teen was stunningly lovely. Her entire body was delicately tanned, except for a very narrow band of white flesh around her hips and another around her breasts — telling of an extremely skimpy bikini.

He rubbed his sweating palms on the front of his lab coat, wet his lips, cleared his throat — his cock pulsating achingly in his pants — and picked up the girl’s pile of clothing.

“Let me move these things aver to the shelf, Julie, so they’ll be out of our way… OK?”

He smiled as he heard the teen’s weak whisper: “OK.”

He turned back toward her, shaking his head at the eye-busting treasure on the table — a beautiful virgin — all stretched out on the cool leather table like a sacrificial offering to the God of lust.

Carl moved close beside the table, his cock hard and hurting. He wanted to fuck this teen’s cunt in the worst way, rip her virgin slit wide open!

Trembling, Carl reached out and carefully wrap his fingers around Julie’s slim bare ankle. He delighted in the jerk of her leg at his sweaty touch.

Carl patted her leg just below her knee. He smiled, letting his eyes rest on the teen’s tits, delightfully large and full for a girl so young, but not overly huge. Her nipples were large and dark, swollen with her fear of what was going to happen to her on this table, and with the coolness of the air in the room.

“Well, honey,” Carl said to her softly, stroking down to her ankle again, and lifting it high, slipping her delicate foot into the stirrup, “there’s really no need to be afraid.”

Julie moaned as she felt the strap being fit tightly in place over the high arch of her foot, wrapped around behind the narrow portion of her heel — locking her bare foot into the stirrup.

Julie wiggled her toes.

The quickly warming leather strap felt funny to the girl, so snug over her foot. She tried to pull her foot off the stirrup but found she was completely trapped. Her foot wouldn’t budge.

Carl walked around to the other side of the table and held out his palm.

“Other foot, sweetie,” he commanded. Hesitantly, Julie lifted her leg and placed her ankle in Carl’s hot palm. He raised her foot to the second stirrup and quickly strapped and buckled it into place. Julie’s long slim legs were now pulled apart — not uncomfortably but certainly embarrassingly — opening her thighs just far enough to give the man a nice view of her whole cunt.

Julie tried to relax.

He was a doctor!

He was NOT going to hurt her!

She felt a deep tingling growing stronger and stronger within her lower body, somewhere deep inside her cunt, and her nipples began to ache and itch terribly. She wanted to reach down and scratch them, scratch her cuntlips until the strange sensation went away.

She shifted her hips on the table, and the warmed leather creaked, reminding the girl of how a saddle sounded when she shifted in it.

“Give me your arm, Julie,” Carl said. He was standing near her head, and the sound startled her. She had been lost in her own thoughts.

“You arm, honey. Up here.”

Julie twisted to look where Carl was patting yet another stirrup-like contraption. Not knowing any better, she gave Carl her hand and let him pull her arm, stretch it high over her head and press her wrist into a U-shaped metal cup, similar to the stirrup for her ankles. He then buckled her wrist into place — very tightly.

And finally, she felt her other wrist being trapped by the other strap. She gave a feeble tug at both wrists, testing the strength of her bonds — though she didn’t think of them as bonds — and discovered that there was absolutely no way she was going to escape, until the Doctor was finished with his examination of her naked body.

“Now!” Carl said with a grin, stepping back and admiring the full stretch of the teen’s taut body. “Now we can get down to business!”

“Let’s get down to business, bitch!” the hard faced man on the movie screen shouted at the voluptuous woman cowering before him. Seated in the audience, Harry Lowes gritted his teeth and nodded.

Whip the fucking shit out of that bitching whore!

The huge man on the screen lifted his arm high and brought the whip slashing downward, smashing it with all his strength into the stark white flesh of the girl bound to the bed — slashing the whip flesh of the girl bound to the bed — slashing the whip directly across her bare belly and doubling her off the bed, as far as her tightly tied wrists and ankles would allow. A tremendous wail of agony exploded from her lips.


Harry’s cock throbbed with overpowering lust. He had longed for months and months to whip his girlfriend like this — lash her down to that miserable bed of hers and stretch her out, pull her legs wide open and rip her cunt apart with his belt, using the hard buckle and on her soft teasing cuntlips, then whip her damn fat boobs until she was screaming and screaming and screaming, begging him to stop hurting her, begging him to shove his cock up her cunt and fuck the hot shit out of her rotten taunting body.

The couple on the screen had acted out a relationship very similar to Harry’s involvement with Lynn Richards — that fucking bitch!

He wanted her so bad. She teased and tortured him with her body, wearing the lowest-cut gowns when he took her out, smiling in that ball-busting way of hers, calculated to make him come in his damn pants!

And Lynn talked such a great fuck but never let him get past the feeling stages — a bit of thigh, a piece of ass, a stroke of tit but no cock and cunt action!

Damn you, Lynn!

Gritting his teeth tighter, Harry slouched down in the seat and took in the spectacle on the screen, letting himself get hornier and hornier, angrier and angrier at his nurse girlfriend.


The panty-gag in her mouth was a soggy slimy mess, warm and disgusting. Her wrists and ankles felt like they were encircled by tight bands of burning lead. Her flesh was hot and raw and sore. Lynn whimpered to herself, working her jaws against the binding black stocking around her face and between her lips, tasting the saltiness of her own blood where the corner of her mouth, rubbed raw by the nylon, had begun to bleed.

She was gasping for breath constantly now. The nipple clips had done their tearing worst — biting deep — and now her nipples merely throbbed in a deep slow-burning rhythm.

Lynn rolled over onto her side in an attempt to ease the tightness in her chest, but only succeeded in torturing herself further.

And after a while, she let her mind drift again back to the times she had hidden herself in that tiny cramped closet and watched her father do those horrible painful things to her all-too-willing mother.

And the time they had caught her!

Lynn had been very. Twice before, she had hidden herself in the small closet in the basement when she heard her parents on the stairs. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be down here — she was supposed to be sound asleep upstairs, tucked snugly in her own bed.

But the fascination of these strange instruments — all this weird equipment — held tightly to the teen’s imagination and drew her down here again and again, until that time she’d hidden and watched in heart-pounding terror as her father strapped her willing mother’s body into one of the pieces of equipment, bending her double, and…

But now they were coming down again, and she ducked quickly into the confines of the tiny room, pulling the door almost closed but leaving it cracked so that she could watch.

“Don’t hurt me too bad, now, Phil… OK?” June said, her voice light and laughing.

“Who… me? Hurt you? Farthest thing from my mind, bitch!”

“Sure it is!”

Lynn watched in wide-eyed fascination as her dad led her mom over to a low table and told her to lie down on it, on her back.

June obeyed, slowly slipping into her submissive role, whining a little as she felt her husband draw her limbs wide and lock them to the corners of the table.

She knew she was in for a rough time of it.

But she loved it!

“Are you going to whip me, Phil?” she asked, lifting her head to watch him pull the final strap around her ankle — very, very tight.

“Ouch! Oh! Please… loosen it a bit, honey.”

“Piss off, bitch!” Phil growled, then moved up and slapped his open palm hard against the soft flesh of June’s thigh.


June was dressed rather casually in a pair of tight red shorts and a red halter top that knotted just under the full jut of her tits. She was barefoot.

Phil checked the tension in his wife’s lovely limbs, pulled taut and already glistening with a fine sheen of sweat from the strain of her bound position.

He gave her a smile, bent over her and gave her a light kin.

June smiled back, but hen heart was thudding hard. She knew her husband like a book. He could be very gentle and even loving as he plied the little whip — during the first part of their session. But as things progressed, Phil became more and more lost in his fantasy, lashing out at her with a terrible viciousness, heedless of how badly he hurt her, even cutting her flesh.

June gulped as she saw him take down the riding crop. Usually he would start with something a bit less harsh and damaging, but tonight he was in a pretty horny mood. That meant only one thing to June — agony!

She clenched her fists in her bondage as she watched her husband approach, his eyes already glittering with lust and the strange pleasure he felt in whipping the shit out of his bound wife.

Without pausing, Phil lifted the flexible rod and brought it down as hard as he could — slashing it directly across June’s well-filled halter top, smashing her large nipples back into the firm mounds of her tits. June was lifted off the table, her head thrown back, her throat working wildly to let out the scream of unbearable burning pain in her tits, but she was only gurgling with the intensity of the stroke. Phil slashed her again, not giving her time to recover from the first blow — lashed her across her thighs, just below the material of her shorts — and June’s scream came out as a small hard gasp.

Lynn tried to shut her eyes, close out the sight of her mom’s terrible struggles against the thick straps that held her to the table. But she couldn’t keep her eyes away, just as June couldn’t deny herself the pleasure of her own deep pain.

Lynn didn’t realize how very much like her mother she was going to become.

She could only sit in the dark closet, her full attention glued to the scene of violence and lust before her. Thank God that her sister, Susan, was asleep upstairs!

June was pulling wildly at her wrist-straps, jerking her hips all around.

Phil watched her struggles for a moment, his enormous cock begging to be released. The riding crop was lifted high again, pawed, then came slicing down, whistling through the air to bury deep into June’s heaving tits, tearing the thin material of her halter top and exposing her left nipple.

“AAAAGGRRRFFF!” June screamed, her body lifted high and shuddering under the agonized burning of the stunning blow.

“Bitch!” Phil spat at her. He reached down and unzipped the side of June’s shorts, yanking the flaps open, pulling the front of the shorts away from the soft skin of her belly, exposing the waistband of her panties. He shoved his whole hand under the panties and grabbed a fistful of June’s pussy-muff and pulled — hard!

He slowly dragged his hand back out from under the waistband, his clinched fingers clutching several strands of blonde hair. June’s thighs and belly were thrust high off the table, trembling and twitching with the sharp pain of having her pussy mauled, her cunthairs pulled out by the roots.

Phil was deep into his sadistic game now, and June had lost all thought of acting submissive. She had no choice, now — she was submissive!

A deep part of her mind delighted in her struggles, her pain, her bondage — her humiliation — even as her conscious mind and her burning body fought desperately against each blow, each stroke of the crop, each perfect atom of pain.

Phil brushed the fistful of cunthair away, wiping it over the front of his open shirt, and Lynn strange warm wetness between her thighs as she watched the huge man working so efficiently, so masterfully over the mother — her mother!

Lynn felt her heart fluttering. What if that were she out there on that table, feeling those terrible lashes?

After all, her mother had let herself be bound like that, had come down hero under her own power. So she must like it in some way — maybe she was only letting her husband do those things to her because she loved him.

Lynn pursed her lips tightly and gave a sharp nod, making a decision. Yes! If her husband wanted to beat her like this, then by God, Lynn would let him do it — let him do anything he wanted to. After all, he was the man in the house.

She peered between the door and the wall of the closet.

Phil reached down and ripped open the knot at the front of June’s halter, pulling it roughly from under her back and throwing it aside. June’s large perfect tits heaved with each quick shallow breath as she gasped between the blows, trying to catch her breath so she could accept the next stroke, or the next slap, or…

Phil took his wife’s large nipple between his thumb and finger and squeezed hard, twisting the nipple-flesh and pulling it far away from the mound of tit — lifting June’s back off the table as he pulled higher and higher, making her whimper as he crushed and turned and rolled the firm nubbin between his fingers.

“Ohhhhh… Phil! Please, don’t hurt me so bad! It hurts too much! I can’t stand it! Pleease stop!”

Phil gave the nipple another twist, bringing a groan of pain to June’s lips before releasing her. She slammed back down onto the wooden table with a loud gasp.

The man now turned, his attention to her shorts — preventing him from fucking his wife. He grabbed the open flaps at the woman’s hips and simply yanked with all his strength. There was a loud ripping sound as the material gave suddenly, ripping open down the side of June’s thigh.

Phil opened the material away from June’s leg, yanking it down over her other thigh to her ankle where he left it — too eager and filled with lust to play games with it — and took hold of the front of June’s thin panties. He pulled them away from her pussy with both hands, lifting her hips off the table again as he twisted the material, growling low in his throat and thrilling to the animalistic sensation of ripping the panties off his willing wife.

Suddenly, the material tore, and June slammed back down again, completely naked now, her tits lined with two bright red welts, one raw-looking red line crossing her thighs.

Phil pulled the leg supports out from the table, spreading his wife wide open and at the same time stretching her limbs even further, pulling her strong body completely taut.

And then he pulled out his huge cock.

Lynn gasped, slapping both palms over her lips at the loud sound of her own shock.

She had never seen her father’s cock before — never seen any man’s cock.

It was immense!

It thrilled the woman to the core of her being. Her cunt began dripping, itching. She wet her lips and opened the door a little further, so she could see what he did with that incredible monster.

Phil crawled upon the table between his wife’s moving over her body, kissing and nibbling her skin as he went, making her jerk and twitch under his licking and biting — driving her crazy, making her moan and purr, or gasp and cry out — whichever he chose.

And without pausing, Phil crawled right up over the bound woman’s body and pressed his mouth onto hers, forcing her lips open and searching for her tongue, sucking it into his own mouth and biting and sucking it hard — until June thought he was going to suck it right out of her mouth by the roots.

His cock battered twice at her wet cuntlips, and with the third poke slipped between them, filling her entrance. With one deep thrust, Phil rammed his cock up June’s still-tight cunt, making her gulp hard with the cunt-filling pressure — the lust — driven pleasure!

Lynn, from her vantage point in the closet, could see it all — the kissing, the grinding of her dad’s cock into her mom’s cunt, the rise and fall of her father’s tight ass — hard and wonderful to the girl! — as he bashed his cock in and out of June’s sopping fuck-channel.

Lynn felt her heart knocking loudly, and it was very hard to take a deep breath — she was excited!

What was her mom feeling?

Lynn, her eyes wide to catch every detail of what was happening, stood up inside the closet and pushed the door open a little more, poking her head almost completely outside the door as she tried to see better. She frowned as she felt a mysterious warm liquid trickle down her thigh to her knee, to be absorbed by the top of her nylons.

But she hadn’t peed!

What was it? She pulled up the front of her skirt and bent over to look, but it was too dark. She could smell something very strong and powerful and wonderful, though — and it sure wasn’t pee!

Her mom began grunting and humping her cunt upward against each downward thrust of Phil’s fat cylinder stuffing her full. Lynn forgot about her own trickling fluids and started chewing on her lower lip as she watched her dad fuck her mom.

June twisted her head from side to side on the bed, violently trying to escape the burning pain of her raw wrists, the agony in her tongue as her husband sucked harder and harder.

But Phil suddenly slammed his huge cock deep inside the woman’s cunt — growled loudly as he let go of June’s throbbing tongue and threw his head back. He began jerking his load into her steaming twat, rifling her quickly to overflowing, mashing his cockhair against her sopping cum-soaked pussy.

June cried out as her own come washed over her sweating body. She lifted herself off the bed and twitched her wet cunt up and down on her husband’s immense prick, clenching it tightly with deep strong spasms of her cunt-muscles, sucking every last drop of juice from Phil’s pumping cock.

With a loud grunt, Phil yanked his rod out of June’s still gushing cunthole, leaving her moaning and humping the air, crying out her desperate frustration. He grabbed up the riding whip again and brought it down hard, slicing it right between his wife’s wide-spread thighs, smashing it directly into her sopping wet pussylips.

June arched high and tightened her whole body as the heart-stopping pain raced through her, making her shudder with the burning pleasure in her fat clit.

Phil raised the whip again and sliced it into her jiggling, sweat-smeared tits, gashing one swollen nipple and splattering a few drops of blood over her white skin.

June gasped!

Phil was way out, now — going too far out!

“Phil! No mooore! I can’t take any more! I hurt too much! Pleeease stop!”

Her cries of pain spurred the man on, making him lash those full tits even harder, slicing again and again into her puffy, hard, bleeding nipple.

And June couldn’t breathe! She gasped and gulped, trying madly to catch her breath, her chest heaving high and hard with each slash of the whip — the unending whistling snap and burning pain of that terrible whip!

June’s head whipped from side to side as she screamed and gulped air, fighting her bonds with all her fading strength, until she was limp with exhaustion, drenched with sweat, and covered with a criss-cross of thin, bright red welts, some of them swollen fat and bloody, some of them trickling narrow rivers of blood.

She fainted.

Suddenly, she was simply a limp trembling mass of beaten woman, lying on the table, spread wide.

Phil, breathing raggedly, growled at the still woman, threw the riding crop at her face, and turned away.

And spotted Lynn!

Lynn froze!

She was standing halfway out of the closet, staring with her eyes wide, her mouth wide open — and her heart hammering wildly in her chest.

“Lynn!” Phil shouted, looking toward the stairs, a frightened expression on his face.

But his expression quickly changed — his eyes grew dark with fury and he stepped toward the girl.

Lynn moved back into the closet.

“Get your fucking ass out here, Lynn!” Slowly, the girl came out of the tiny closet and approached her dad.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing down here?”

Lynn cringed under her father’s angry stare, lowering her eyes away from the terrifying expression on his face.

Phil was working himself into a real frenzy, gritting his teeth and growling deep hi his throat. He was shocked that Lynn had seen the things he did to her mom, but more than that, he was excited that she’d seen it — and hadn’t run away, screaming.

That could only mean one thing — she had been excited by what she’d seen!

Ever since the girl had turned eighteen, Phil had had his raving eyes all over her body, wandering what it would feel like to suck her tits, so round and succulent, tipped with those rosy nubs — what it would feel like to caress that tight ass, squeeze each firm cheek in his palm, mash them and pull them apart and bury his face between them as his tongue found and probed her virgin asshole — what it would feel like to finally rape his cock into her virgin cunt, tight and moist but not the sopping cavern he was used to with June — what it would feel like to fill his own daughter with a full load of his cum.

And here was his golden opportunity!

In a fog of lust, Phil slowly reached out and took a handful of Lynn’s blouse — she hadn’t even changed after coming home — and pulled the teen closer to his huge body. The top three buttons popped off instantly, revealing the teen’s tight white training bra, the delightfully full cups heaving hard with each breath the girl took.

“You… little… bitch!” Phil shouted into her face.

“Please, Dad!” Lynn cried, not having the slightest idea of what to say to her father to protect herself.

Phil clutched the front of her blouse tighter, puffing the material tightly around her throat and cutting off her air.

“Don’t… Dad… me!”

He slapped his face palm hard across Lynn’s face, slamming her head aside.

“Owwwwww!” the girl cried, and immediately felt her head jerk to the other side as Phil backhanded her.

Weeping, Lynn suddenly felt herself being stripped.

It happened suddenly and violently, her father ripping her blouse open and yanking it back off her shoulders, jerking it down her arms and off her wrists, the cuff-buttons popping.

Lynn had no choice but to let it happen to her. But she felt the trickling down her legs again, only more of the fluid this time, and the itching was becoming very strong.

And as her father continued stripping her, Lynn found herself enjoying it! She sniffled as her body was bared, but her heart betrayed her excitement at being naked in front of her dad.

Phil grabbed the front of the girl’s bra — right between the cups — and forced his fingers under the material, curled and locked them, then pressed his other hand against Lynn’s bared chest and throat, his thumb poking her throat and hurting. And then he simply pulled the bra off her body, snapping the straps by pure animal strength.

Her tits popped into view, sweetly rounded, firm and full — like twin melons.

“Dad!” Lynn wailed, lifting her hands to cover her tits.

“Shut your trap, you fucking bitch!” Phil yelled at her, backhanding her face again, sending her into a shuddering sobbing fit.

Phil knelt quickly in front of the girl and tore at the cloth belt around her slender waist. He popped open the button at the side of her skirt and ripped the zipper down, yanking the loosened material down her long slim legs. He reached back up and grabbed the sides of her thin cotton panties at her hips, then yanked them down.

Lynn was left standing there, her palms cupping her tits, tears streaming down her cheeks and dripping onto her wrists — stripped of every stitch of her clothing except for her white knee socks and her black patent leather shoes.

Her father liked the way she looked, dressed in nothing but her shoes and socks.

He grabbed her upper arm and forced her to walk quickly over to a tall pole nailed to the wall. In front of the pole was a low platform, and Phil made her step up onto it, standing with her feet together.

“Put your arms up over your head!”

Hesitantly, not wanting to uncover her boobs, Lynn finally got her arms raised over her head. She watched, blinking back her tears and sniffling, as her dad clamped her thin wrists into a pair of waiting iron cuffs, locking the cuffs tightly around her soft skin.

Lynn was hanging almost free of the platform, her legs straining on tiptoes, her naked body stretched taut for her father’s eyes.

Phil pushed a hidden button and a grinding machine went on, and slowly — very slowly — Lynn felt her body being stretched even more, felt her toes leave the wooden platform. She swung free, dangling by her captured wrists.

“Ohhhhh… Dad! It hurts! Ohhhh!”

She groaned and whimpered as her shoulders cracked with the twisting agony and strain of her full weight.

Her long legs flailed the air for a moment, but Phil quickly put an end to the teen’s useless struggles. He wrapped several turns of heavy chain around her ankles, pulling it tight and forcing it deep into her skin, right through her socks. Then be wrapped a couple of more turns around her legs, just above her dimpled bare knees.

Finally, he hooked the free end down to a hook on the platform, anchoring her in place between the floor and the ceiling.

He stepped back to view his handiwork. How beautiful the woman was! Her fresh body was straight and taut, her tits squashed flat against her ribcage, her pretty puffy cunt-mound partially hidden between her tightly locked thighs.

“Ohhhh, Dad! Let me down! It hurts! It HURTS! Please, let me down!”

Phil grabbed her nipple and squeezed, and Lynn threw her head back, her long hair swinging down her back as she shook her head wildly with the unbearable pain in her nipple.


She gasped as he released her, sucking in air as though it were her last breath.

“No more, Dad! Please, no more!” Phil ignored her pleas, hearing instead the rising sexuality in her voice.

Why, this little bitch was really digging this! He went back and picked up the riding crop, then walked back toward the chained teen, grinning wickedly and slicing the whip through the air so she could hear it whistle.

“I’m gonna whip you, Lynn, baby doll! Gonna whip them sweet knockers of yours… just like your mom’s… all nice and bloody!”

Lynn pulled back in her chains, trying to back away from her father as he neared her, whipping the crop back and forth in front of her face.

“Noooooo…” she whimpered weakly, “Nooooooo…”

She closed her eyes.

The whip sung through the air, slashing into her bare thighs!

Her gasp was loud, involuntary: “AHHHGG!”

The whip struck her again, this time across her tits, and Lynn had never felt such burning pain — and such a deep burning glow in the pit of her cunt.

Her scream of pain was mingled with a cry of pleasure, but she was only barely aware of it. Her mind was fighting with the horror of being whipped by her dad and the delighted excitement she felt in his complete attention.

He sliced the whip into her unprotected tummy. Lynn tried to double over with the fire across her stomach, but the chains prevented any movement like that — she could only grit her teeth and gasp and throw her beautiful hair all over the place.

She had taken her mother’s place!

Her cunt oozed juice, and her nipples swelled to gigantic size, tingling with a strange aching — a longing to feel the direct blows of the whip.

And she suddenly realized that she wished her legs were untied — so she could spread them apart — and offer her bare cunt to her dad’s whip!

She fought her chains as he whipped her body, lashing her body, making her sweat up a storm.

“Dad…” she murmured, her head rolling limply on her pulled shoulders. She wanted to tell him that she loved him, that she forgave him for hurting her so badly, that she’d let him do anything to her — hurt her, hurt her.

“Don’t… hurt… hurt… meeeee.”

It was a tiny little whisper of a whine. Phil only barely heard the words.

His cock was standing up straight, pointing the way to Lynn’s clenched cunt!

“What did you say, baby doll?”

Lynn lifted her head. Long strands of hair clung to her face, stringy with her sweat.

She looked at her lusty father. His cock was massive, and once she found it with her eyes, she couldn’t look away, couldn’t see anything else in the room.

She gulped as he repeated his question, accenting it with a stroke of the crop to her hip.

Lynn jerked weakly in her bonds, and she felt a warm trickle of blood sliding down her arm from her raw wrist.

She kept her eyes on that cock.

“What did you say, you fucking girl!”

Lynn wet her lips, tasting the salt of her sweat. She tried to say it again.

“Hurt… Dad… hurt… hurt me. Hurt me. Hard.”

Phil stared at the girl. She was incredibly beautiful. Her body was perfect. And she was offering to let him — begging him — to hurt her, use her body for his own pleasure.

And she was a virgin!

Phil felt his cock go rigid, harder than ever. He’d never dreamed it could happen! His own fucking daughter! Begging for his cock!

Look at her staring at my fucking dork! Thirteen years old, whipped, bleeding… and she wants my damned prick up her virgin snatch!

Phil fondled the riding crop, thinking. He glanced back at June — she was still out — and Lynn couldn’t take much more whipping before she’d faint, too.

Now was the time.

Now was the right time to fuck his daughter!


Lynn lay on the floor, drenched through, her clothing clinging tightly to her trim body, her dress open and exposing her well filled bra, one cup ripped, one nipple bloodied. She ached and hurt in every joint, every muscle.

And she was scared. Scared that nobody was going to come to her rescue until she had been dead for weeks!

She promised herself once again that she would never do this to herself again — knowing in her heart that it was a self-deluding lie.

As painful as this was, it was twice as exciting! As much as she ached, she longed for more!

But right now — Oh! How badly she had to piss! Lynn breathed raggedly through her nose as she shut her eyes tightly and clenched her thighs, locked them, shut her pisshole tight — but, oh, how it hurt!

She knew she would never be able to hold it, and with that thought, she lost control, relaxed, and let out a long moan of relief as she felt the hot liquid squirt in brief spurts, then gush from her hole, flooding her panties and her thighs and her stocking tops and her tummy and the entire front of her pretty white uniform — her brand new nurse’s dress.

The flood of piss gushed loudly from her cunt, soaking her thoroughly, the strongly acrid stench of her fluid making her snort and toss her head about.

But the river finally stopped, and the piss began to cool quickly, chilling her thighs and belly.

The rug beneath her was soaked, too, and she rolled away from it a little bit, wiggling on her belly until she could see the wide wet stain.

And then she inched herself forward, wetting her large tits in the squishy pool of piss on the soggy rug. She lowered her pretty face into it, stroking the rug with her cheeks, wetting her face with her own cold pin.

She wished she hadn’t gagged herself so tightly. Maybe she could have worked it free, and right now she could be enjoying the taste of her pin, lapping it from the roughly textured rug with her soft warm tongue.

Julie walked down the hallway toward the exit, and as she passed the small room with the cold food machines, she heard her name called.

“Julie! Over here!”

It was Susan, her girlfriend from school. Julie slipped into the chair on the opposite side of the table from Susan and accepted the half-sandwich the other girl offered.

“Thanks. I didn’t realize how hungry I was.” Susan was grinning from ear to ear, her eyes glittering with the joy of secret. Julie wondered what was up.

“What’s got you so happy, Suzie?” Susan’s grin broadened. “You’ll never guess!”

Julie chewed her sandwich for a moment, looking right into Susan’s eyes. She saw something there — something that reminded her of her own secret joy — and suddenly she gagged on the half chewed mass of bread and meat in her mouth.

She knew!

“Suzie!” she gulped, then lowered her voice to a whisper, and leaned across the table. “You’ve just been… fucked!”

Susan was shocked.

“How… how did you… how can you tell?” Julie grinned. She straightened back up on the chair and swallowed down the piece she’d been chewing.

“A lucky guess,” she offered.

“Like hell!” Susan said, her voice low and urgent. “Tell me how you knew! Does it show in my face?”

Julie laughed as she watched her friend touch her cheeks, feeling for something that would reveal her secret.

“Your eyes, silly! They tell me you are very happy… in exactly the same way I am!”

It took Susan a moment to comprehend what she’d just been told, but when she did, she had to spit out the sandwich in her mouth or gag.

“You, too? Today?”

Julie nodded. “I was raped,” she said casually. “About ten minutes ago.”

“God! Did it hurt?”

Julie held up her wrists, twisting them, showing off the raw red rings around the sore flesh.

“My ankles look just like this!” she said, almost gleefully.

“Wow!” Susan gasped. She kept her voice very low. “What did it feel like… being raped?”

Julie frowned for a second, considering. “It hurt… at first. It hurt like hell when he… when he went into me. But after a while it felt better… and then it felt… fantastic!”

“Were you a… virgin?” Susan asked, her eyes wide.

Julie nodded, shoved the last of the sandwich in a to her mouth, and brushed her hands together.

“God! And he raped you! Who did it to you, Julie?”

Julie gulped down the bread and took a drink of Susan’s Coke.

“Promise you won’t tell?” she asked. “You bet!”

The two girls shifted their chairs closer together. Julie pointed out through the glass door.

“He did!”

Susan twisted her neck to see. Dr. Fox! Yes, he would be just the one to do it, too. The creep!

“Are you going to report him?” Susan asked, turning back to her friend.

“I don’t know. Actually, it felt pretty good, after I got used to the pain, and being stretched out like that… and that awful stuff he gave me to drink!”

Susan could only sit there and shake her head in wonder. Raped? Fantastic! That was better than her own story, by a mile!

But Julie was interested.

“How about you? Were you raped, too?”

“Naw… I’ve been meeting Dr. Johnson sometimes during the past few weeks, and today we finally made it!”


“In one of the patient’s bathrooms. It was freaky. Ken is such a great fucker. But I was scared we were gonna be found.”

“Were you a virgin?” Julie asked.

Susan nodded.

“Yes… both places!”

Julie jerked her head up at that! So, Susan did have something to tell her friend!

“Yeah! He fucked my pussy while we were standing up… just backed me up against the wall and shoved his cock right up my cunt! It was unbelievable! He was soooo fucking gooood!”

Susan sat for a moment, remembering the beauty of her first fuck, and Julie thought about being tied down and raped.

“But then what happened?” Julie said, breaking their reveries.

“Oh! He made me… kneel down in front of him… and…”

Julie’s eyes went very wide!

“And he made me… suck his cock!” Susan finished.

Julie was stunned! That was what Carl had been wanting to make her do, at the end. Suck his fucking prick! And Susan had already done it with Dr. Johnson!

“How… was it?”

“Mmmmmmm…” Susan said, licking her lips and smiling as she sat back in the chair and locked her fingers behind her neck. As she took up this pose, her tits jutted outward, puffing out the front of her Candy Striper uniform. Julie sighed and felt her mouth watering.

Julie had always had a thing for Susan. Julie knew that she would have to experience a girl — or a woman — before she would ever be satisfied that the best way was man and woman. But at least she now had one half of the material she needed to make a comparison. She looked longingly at Susan’s thrusting tits, outlining in her mind’s eye the beautiful nipples confined inside the other girl’s tight bra, and dreamed of tying Susan down to Dr. Fox’s wonderful examination table.

And Susan watched Julie, smiling and arching her back a bit more, accenting the upthrusting mounds under her blouse. She knew exactly what her friend was thinking — and she had been hoping for several months that they would find the time and the opportunity to try some simple experiments with each other.

Susan felt the same way about Julie that Julie felt about Susan.

And for the past week, Susan had been planning a secret meeting with Julie — only she hadn’t told Julie about it yet, until she’d found out if her sister would agree to let her use her apartment.

And Lynn had told her she could use it whenever she wanted to, and had even given her her own key.

“Julie?” Susan said, her heart beating a little faster as she broached the subject.


“I… have the key to my sister’s apartment. She said I could use it any time I wanted to. How would you like to… kind of go over there and… well… talk?”

Julie looked into Susan’s pretty blue eyes, her own dark eyes gleaming with a secret lust.

Julie reached out her hand and Susan took it, clutched it tightly in her own. The two girls stood up and walked hand in hand out of the hospital, wiggling their tight asses for the benefit of Dr. Fox, who stood at the desk, pretending to be writing on a patient’s chart.

He smiled.

Harry smiled.

He watched the woman on the screen struggling violently against the tight chain around her throat, slowly strangling her, forcing her to hold her head upright and pressed back against the pillar in the dungeon. Her long arms, encased in shoulderlength black leather gloves, were drawn high and slightly backward, forcing her huge tits to thrust out and upward — perfect for the blows of the thick bullwhip her lover was about to lash into her flesh.

Harry could easily imagine that the woman on the screen was really Lynn, her eyes wide with utter horror as Harry stepped back, turned slowly, and ran the full length of the whip through his fingers — waiting, letting the naked tease think about the error of her ways.

The man on the screen snapped the bullwhip into the woman’s lush tit, leaving a wide red welt.

Harry’s cock jerked in his tight pants.


Damn you, Lynn!

His prick was hurting badly. He wanted Lynn so fucking much! And sitting here, watching a beautiful full-breasted blonde — who looked a lot like Lynn — get stripped and tied and whipped, well, it made him crazy!

And knowing that Lynn was sitting home in that shitty little apartment of hers, all alone on her day off, all warm and soft and cozy in her soft robe — all naked and smooth and moist under that robe.

To hell with this fucking picture!

Harry pushed himself out of the comfortable chair and strode out of the theater into the blinding sunlight. His pants bulged with his huge aching cock. A woman walked by, slapping her palm over her mouth as she spotted the lump in Harry’s pants.

“What’s the problem, you fucking whore!” Harry growled at her. He snorted at her as she began blushing and giggling. “Fuck yourself, bitch!” he shouted after her, then turned and walked off in the opposite direction, toward Lynn’s apartment, turn the corner just as the bus bearing Julie and Susan drove past.

“Hey, Ken!” Carl called to his friend. “Can you give me a ride home tonight? My car’s screwed up and I left it at the garage this morning, and now they tell me it won’t be ready for another day or two.”

“Sure thing, Carl. Meet me in the lot in half an hour. I have to drop by a friend’s place for a minute or two, but it won’t take long.”

“Great! And thanks. See you in half an hour.” Ken waved as Carl put down the telephone and walked back to his office at the far end of the hallway. What a bastard, Ken thought, shaking his head in wonder that the crazy fool hadn’t been put away long before this. Still, Carl had helped him out of a number of small jams, and they were friends — after a fashion. Carl might have his faults, lots of them, but he was nonetheless one hell of a good doctor.

But Ken had no intention of wasting the rest of the afternoon thinking about Carl, not when he could think about Lynn and how he could manage to fuck both that luscious nurse, with her big knockers and her wet wet cunt, and her sister, with her tight twat and her succulent titties.

They were both so damned fucking sweet!

The ideal situation would be to marry Lynn and adopt Susan! What a dreamer! Ken smiled at his own mental image of all three of them in bed together — loving and fucking and sucking each other all day and all night, with maybe an occasional visit to the hospital or office to pick up his checks.

Well, anyway, he was going to take the bull by the horns tonight and drop by Lynn’s place to ask her for a date — their first.

He only hoped that Susan hadn’t already told Lynn about their session this morning.

That could be a trifle awkward.

Lynn struggled with her awkward position. She was in real pain — aching agony — her hands and feet swelling from the lack of circulation.

And they hurt like hell!

She mumbled into the panty-gag, talking to herself about her predicament and how she could get herself out of it. But all she could some up with, unless by some miracle the key should suddenly fall, was to simply lie here, her face resting in her chilled pin, and wait.


Lynn Richards couldn’t believe the pain the was experiencing. She knew she must be on the verge of going completely crazy. The pain was long past the stage of being simply unbearable — it was becoming a permanent part of her soul.

The metal of the cuffs seemed to have grown into her wrists and ankles. The panty-gag felt like part of her tongue. Her open jaws felt like they could never close again. The darkness — the tightness of her home-made hood — seemed like true blindness after so long, though it had only been a few hours since she’d bound herself.

He head ached, too, with a ringing and a rattling in her ears, a rattling like someone at the door — the door!

Lynn tried to call out through her gag, but the soggy panties muffled the sound too well. The door shook again; the doorknob twisted and rattled.

Somebody was trying to get in!

Lynn struggled to shift toward the door, so she could bump her head against it if the person outside should call out to her. At least they would know somebody was alive in here, and they might try to break in the door, or at least go for help.

But as Lynn arched her head off the wet floor, she paused to listen — it was key in the lock.

Susan! Susan was coming in!

Lynn was filled with a heart-thumping joy — and a deep quaking embarrassment that Susan would be the one to find her like this. But soon, her ordeal would be finished and there would be time for explanations after she had taken a bath.

The door swung inward.

“Come on in, Julie… this is my sister’s… AHHHHHHHH! LYNN! What happened to you?”

Julie and Susan dove for the woman on the floor, tearing at the blindfold, the gag, the handcuffs — all in vain, since they were all locked securely to her body.

Julie stood up to go to the kitchen for a knife — anything to cut through these bonds — and she spied the string and the key. The key was loosely wound with the string, but the end of the string had caught under itself and held the key from falling by the slightest thread.

“Susan! Look at this!”

Susan straightened up and looked where Julie was pointing, then back down at her sister. Slowly, frowning and wondering what was going on but having a pretty good grasp of it already, Susan took down the key, knelt, and fit it into the cuffs around Lynn’s wrists.

With a quick turn, the cuffs fell open and away from Lynn’s raw flesh.

Lynn moaned, rolled over onto her back, and gave both womens a scare at the frightening appearance of her bloodied nipple, her ripped bra.

“Good afternoon, ladies.”

Lynn groaned. That was Harry’s voice! Oh, nooooo! He must have come with the girls, or happened to come by just as they had unlocked the door — and left it open in their rush to come to Lynn’s aid!

“Don’t bother to unlock the cuffs around your sister’s lovely ankles, Susan. And give me that key, will you?”

“No, Harry, I won’t… and you can just turn right back around and get the hell out of here!”

Good for you, Susan! Lynn sighed inwardly as she heard her er sister tell Harry to get out. The last thing Lynn needed was Harry!

But Harry had other ideas.

Susan cried out loudly as Harry grabbed her wrist and twisted hard, yanking the key from her fingers. He threw the teen backward, slamming her into Julie.

“Hey!” Julie cried as Susan’s elbow caught her right in her tit.

“Now, you girls just shut up! And sit down! I’ll get to you later… right now I have something I want to give good old Lynn, here.”

Harry pushed the door shut and locked it. He turned back to Lynn and walked over to where she lay on her back, breathing hard, her legs stretched out straight, her arms over her belly.

Harry gave her ribs a light kick with the toe of his shoe.

Lynn moaned and jerked away as he pressed the shoe harder into her side.

“Hello, Lynn. Remember your promise… last weekend?”

Lynn sighed and nodded. There was no use fighting it now, and no way she could if she wanted to, still bound like this.

“Good. Because I’m holding you to it… now! And if you give me a hard time of it… well… just keep in mind that your sister is right here… and she has a very pretty littie girl friend with her, too. Susan will take your place if you fuck up… understand?”

Lynn nodded again.

“Roll over, Rover!” Harry laughed, nudging Lynn’s ribs with his toe again.

Lynn struggled to roll over onto her belly.

“Lift your ass up, bitch!”

Lynn crawled up into a dog-fucking pose, her ass high in the air, and she lowered her head to the rug.

Damn you, Harry! Lynn shouted at him in her mind. At least let the girls leave, so they don’t have to watch you fuck my asshole!

“Now you girls watch real close… and you might learn something.”

Harry laughed loudly. He unzipped the front of his pants and yanked his prick out, letting it wave merrily in front of the two girls, who simply stared back. Harry would have come right then and there if he’d even suspected what Julie and Susan had already been through today.

Harry got down onto his knees behind Lynn and pulled the rear hem of her white uniform up over her tight asscheeks, exposing her tight panties, pulled taut across the crack of her ass.

Harry stroked and petted Lynn’s butt for several minutes before he slowly worked the waistband down over the firm hard globes of her stark white cheeks, pushed the material down to her knees.

He gulped at the vision before him — Lynn’s ass, so white and unblemished, smooth like silk, tight.

And the sexy straps from the garterbelt riding up either side of her butt, framing her ass between the garterbelt, the straps, and the tops of her stockings — baring her perfectly!

He reached down and spread those sweet smooth cheeks open, kneading them in his palms as he looked at her puckered asshole — tiny and brown and buried deep between her butt-muscles.

“Beautiful! Either of you girls want to take a look at the most perfect asshole in the world?” He grinned over at them.

He had expected the two girls to make awful faces and shake theirs heads wildly — disgusted with his suggestion — but instead, they looked at each other for a moment, then shrugged and hopped off the couch. They came quickly over beside Harry and bent forward to take a look!

“Nice!” Julie said.

“Wow! Lynn, you’ve got a pretty rear end!” Susan said with a whistle.

Lynn cringed under this unexpected inspection — by her own sister! How could Susan stand there, looking at her shitter, knowing that in a minute Harry was going to shove his cock into her?

But there was nothing at all she could do about it.

“You girls want to touch this ass?”

Julie nodded and reached out, lightly stroking one firm cheek. She raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“So smooth,” she whispered to Susan.

Susan hesitated, but finally she, too, reached out to her sister’s ass and touched, with the tip of one finger, the brown pucker of her hole.

Lynn jerked and tried to squeeze her cheeks together, but Harry held them wide apart, astonished at the way these two pretty girls were playing with the bound woman.

Susan was licking her lips, frowning a little as she got an idea. Then she began twisting her pointed finger, working it through the tight ring of muscle guarding Lynn’s bumhole.

Lynn groaned.

And Harry groaned, too, as Julie reached down while he wasn’t looking and grasped his cock. She wrapped her hot hand around the thick prick and gave it a nice tight squeeze.

Harry gasped and grabbed the girl’s wrist, afraid she was going to pull some kind of evil trick — hurt him — but he slowly relaxed his grip as he felt her lightly fingering his nuts, curling his hair around her fingertip, stroking the underside of his prick with her sharp fingernails.

“Let me suck it,” Julie said, suddenly inspired by the image of Susan on her knees in front of Dr. Johnson, sucking his cock for him as he stroked her beautiful hair. She wanted to know what it was like, what a man’s fuck-juices tasted like.

“You… want to suck my cock?”

Harry couldn’t believe his luck!

“Yes, sir,” Julie said, licking her lips sexily for him.

Harry let her draw him onto the rug, felt her get herself into position, scooting her knees up between his thighs as she got comfortable. She bent over and opened her mouth wide, and without hesitating at all, dove her throat down the pole of cock.

Susan took the opportunity to dim her finger all the way up Lynn’s shithole. She began wiggling it all around inside her sister’s hot tight ass.

Lynn began squirming all over the place, trying to pull her hole off the invading finger. But she began to feel so nice and warm, so horny again, after her long session of pain, that she let it happen — even though she knew it was her own sister who was doing it to her.

Susan was astounded at the tightness of her sister’s shiner. She had never done such a thing to herself, and never even thought of doing it until Harry offered to show the girls this wonderful thing. And then, it all seemed so natural.

Susan bent her head down and pressed her wet lips to the incredibly smooth silken skin of Lynn’s asscheek, licking the sweaty meat, purring, beginning to drool over the smooth globe. She felt Lynn twitch and move under her lips.

Lynn, her hands finally free, wiggled her ass backward against Susan’s mouth, urging the girl to replace her finger with her tongue. Susan quickly got the idea. She pulled her finger from Lynn’s hole with a loud sucking pop and clutched her sister’s asscheeks, spread them wide, and dipped her pursed lips between the full firm globes, thrusting her hot wet tongue out as far as she could, curling it slightly, poking the tip against Lynn’s asshole.

Lynn cried out into her gag.

Harry was crying out, too, biting his forearm to muffle the sounds of his panting pleasure.

Julie was bobbing her head wildly on his prick, slobbering all over it, drooling into his cockhair.

She was one of the best Harry had ever had suck his cock!

Her lips sucked and kissed all around the cylinder of his throbbing prick, making him arch his hips off the floor and jerk his cockhead against the back of Julie’s gulping gagging throat, forcing little cries of pain and delight from the girl.

Julie loved sucking cock. She loved it more than getting raped, being tied to a table and fucked. She knew from the first touch of her tongue to Harry’s prick that she was a born cocksucker.

She dove her head between his thighs and licked at his pants while her fingers fumbled open the front of his tight jeans, yanked them awkwardly down his legs and off his feet, then went back for his underpants, working his fat long cock back inside them before ripping them in a lusty frenzy down his legs and throwing them over her shoulder.

And then she went to work on his prick — loving it, sucking it, licking his swollen balls and wiggling her tongue back and forth over them. She was driving the man crazy, building his lust higher and higher as she mouthed his nuts, slurped his cock from root to head and back, taking her exquisite time about the whole thing.

Harry reached down and grabbed two fistfuls of Julie’s thick brown hair, twisting hard, puffing her lips up to the head of his cock again and forcing her lips open by poking the hard meat against them. He banged her soft wet lips back against her sharp teeth, hurting her. Julie quickly opened her mouth wide and gulped the rod down, letting the man yank her face down his pole as far as it would go — until he was battering the back of her throat again, making her eyes water with pain, her heart hammer loud in her chest, her whole body ache to feel again the ramming cock up her cunt, pounding her, making her sweat and come and cream and scream with pleasure.

Susan slobbered at her sister’s asshole like a pro — how quickly a girl can learn the fundamentals! Lynn could barely stand it any longer. She was crying hard into her panty-gag, beating her fists against the rug, shaking her head from side to side and jabbing her asshole back against Susan’s probing poking hot tongue, trying to suck that wiggling, tickling tongue right into her asshole.

Susan reached under her sister’s crouching body and found her large tits with both hands. She began massaging them, feeling the sore nipples respond instantly to her light touch, swelling to immense size.

The Candy Striper sucked away happily at her sister’s bunghole, fondling her huge boobs and thumbing those large hard nipples — making Lynn almost come with the intensity of her painful pleasure. Her aching throbbing nipple, ripped bloody by the metal clip, burned with a deep searing agony of pure pain, yet responded with pleasure to the girl’s lightly frictioning fingers.

Lynn wanted to feel a cock up her cunt. She ached and itched and dripped for it.

But not Harry — never Harry!

He had a horrible lust for Lynn’s asshole, and she had teased him with the idea of butt fucking her last weekend — probably driven him over the edge of sanity that time. He was going to fuck her hole or use Susan in the same painful way. But maybe Susan, with her love and skill at sucking shitters, would actually like to get bung fucked.

Lynn felt a surge of hope and pleasure at the same time. If she could get this fucking gag out of her mouth, she could offer Susan the opportunity, at any rate.

But Susan wasn’t worried about the gagging panties; she was far too busy enjoying herself, sucking Lynn’s shit-juices. Her magic tongue was working wonders on Lynn, too, driving her into a hot frenzy of longing lust.

If only she could make Susan stick that amazing tongue of hers up her cunt!

Lynn struggled away from Susan’s grip on her tits and quickly rolled over onto her back, jerked her knees high. She crossed her cuffed ankles and spread her knees wide open.

Susan grinned at her horny older sister and dove into the hot wet nest with a cry of joy.

For many months, Susan had eyed Lynn’s tight body, wondering what it would be like to suck her cunt. Today she had brought Julie here to Lynn’s apartment, in the hopes that the two teens could get it on together, find out what all the other little mysteries were about — but today they had both been fucked by men.

Still, the mysteries of girl-girl love remained, and Susan didn’t even begin to believe that one fuck made her a fully knowledgeable adult lover.

She was more than willing to experience and experiment.

She buried her nose in Lynn’s lush cunt, sniffing in the overpowering fragrance of womanhood ready for a cock!

It was a smell Susan loved!

She thrust her tongue into Lynn’s hot bush, thrusting the long curly hair aside as she wiggled her way between the woman’s puffy sex-lips and found the drooling inner lips, sticky with lubrication juices. She stroked upward inside the slit, swiping her tongue right over Lynn’s swollen burning clit.

Lynn jerked her hips and mashed her cunt against Susan’s sweat and juice smeared face, driving her fat clit into Susan’s eager sucking mouth. Susan began nibbling on that sweet tasting lump of flesh, gnawing it like a chewy piece of candy.

Lynn groaned her pleasure, throwing her head from side to side. Susan grinned into Lynn’s muff, nuzzled her face deeper, and stroked her sister’s wonderful clit with her loving tongue.

Lynn began shuddering with pleasure, her beautiful big jugs shaking wildly as her body moved under Susan’s licking tongue. She slowly drew her body into a tightly bowed arch as she felt the first slow hot wave of orgasm move over her.

Susan felt it coming, too.

She sucked harder and harder, drawing the cuntjuice from Lynn’s flowing cuff, reaching under the woman’s body to grab two handfuls of ass-flesh, grabbing hard, digging in deep with her sharp fingernails, drawing Lynn’s cunt tighter against her face and biting, loving, sucking tongue.

Lynn came!

She came and came and came.

Lynn’s cunt twitched and jerked on Susan’s gulping mouth, and Susan gulped hard and fast, swallowing every golden delicious drop of her sister’s sweet fluid, licking her fat piping clit and driving the woman higher and higher toward a second wave of pleasure.

Lynn screamed over and over, into the gag, and Harry almost screamed against his muffling forearm as Julie sucked him to completion. He felt the juices flowing from his nuts and arched his hips, thrusting his cock right down Julie’s amazing throat. He spewed his cum down to her stomach as. Julie gulped fast, breathing raggedly between gulps to keep from drowning in Harry’s jism.

She loved the strong taste of the thick stuff, and she let his spouting cock fill her mouth until her cheeks were puffed out, then swallowed the entire mouthful of sticky stuff in one huge gulp, tasting every bit of it with her tongue.

Harry bounced around on the rug, banging his ass against the damp piss-stain left by Lynn. Julie gulped and sucked, licked and tasted and cooed her love for cocksucking, her beautiful head bobbing wildly up and down on Harry’s pumping prick.

Susan and Julie, only recently deflowered, leaned over their partners in sex and sucked down the sweetest cum of their lives, gobbling down every drop, then sitting back up, pinning at each other with white smeared lips and chins and noses — their pretty faces all aglow with love and lust, their hearts pounding with joy, their minds nearly blank as they tasted their mouthful of cum.

Harry fell back, staring blankly at the ceiling, his cock empty but still stiff and sticking into the air, waiting for the next mouth.

And Lynn, lying on her back, blindfolded and gagged, her ankles still cuffed together, left her knees wide open, her cunt exposed and gleaming with her sister’s spit, and her own cuntjuice and sweat.


The wonderful warm sensations coursing through her body — the afterglow of sex, even sex with her own sister — had left Lynn in a state of dreamy happiness, the agony tormenting her muscles and bones temporarily forgotten as she slipped into a relaxing state of half-sleep. Her body was exhausted from her bondage and her loving sister’s fantastic lips, and she began to experience once again the frenzied burning gut wrenching lust she had felt when her dad had finally shoved that massive cock of his into her virgin hole.

Phil stood eyeing the woman for a long time, watching her lick her lips as she stared at his heavy cock.

She wants my fucking cock up her snatch!

Lynn’s twat was tight and pouting, inviting her own hard rape.

Phil quickly untied the girl and dragged her, moaning to a rectangle of hooks on the cold floor. He threw her down.

“I’m gonna fuck your pussy, Lynn!”

Lynn nodded weakly, spread her arms high over her head as she felt her dad pulling at her wrist, and whimpered — mildly — as she felt the chains locked around her flesh. Phil crawled down to his daughter’s ankles and spread them wide, too, binding them to the hooks with heavy chains, forcing her legs so far apart that the teen was certain he was going to rip her in half.

Phil forced a thick hard bolster under the girl’s bare ass, raising her cunt high and offering it to his throbbing cock so that nothing could stop his rape.

The poor girl simply lay in her bonds — not fighting, vaguely wondering what this new thing was going to feel like.

A cock inside her body!

Her heart was beating rapidly, pounding hard against her ribs as she watched her dad move over her body, kissing her nipple buds for a long minute before coming all the way up to her pretty face, beginning to suck at her lips. Phil kissed his daughter gently at first, nicking and sipping tenderly at the sweet soft flesh of her lips, licking the sweet nectar of her saliva, teasing her tongue with his own before sucking the girl’s tongue into his mouth and biting firmly, holding it deep in his mouth as he shifted his hips and finally brought his cockhead right up to the teen’s waiting, tensed pussylips.

Lynn winced as her dad bit down hard on her tongue. But she wanted this pain!

Suddenly, she knew instinctively what to do, and she shoved her itching pussy at the fat head of her father’s cock, impaling herself before he had a chance to fuck into her, driving her tight cunt the way up until she could feel the base of his cock against her cuntlips.

She screamed.

“It hurt! It hurt so fucking wonderful!”

Phil released the girl’s tongue and threw his head back, taken by surprise at her eagerness and her ability to fuck herself on his passive cock.

He started ramming wildly into her, slamming her body back down onto the hard rounded surface of the bolster.

Lynn was fighting her chains as she tried to wrap her long legs around her dad’s thighs, hug him with her arms, bring his body as close to hers as humanly possible.

But she was bound wide open for him, and she accepted her fate with great pleasure, submitting to his pounding cock and his heavy weight on her chest and lungs with a deep and satisfying love.

“Fuck me, Dad! Fuck your daughter! Do it hard! Come on, Dad! Shove it in me! Harder! Oh! Yessss!”

Phil heard his daughter’s begging words and felt his cock stiffen into a rod of living steel. He lifted his upper body off the girl and jerked his cock into her cunt with all his animal strength, bouncing her body all over the place under him.

“Yes, Dad! It feels so fine! Fuck your daughter’s cunt as hard as you can! Ohhhhh…”

Lynn could feel her cunt creaming, filling with a hot slippery fluid, making her lift her hips and tighten her whole body as she tried to suck her dad’s cock right up into her.

Phil humped the girl for all he was worth, his cock harder than it had been in years of fucking June — though she was a good fuck, she had gotten a bit loose in the cunt, and the tightness of the woman’s virgin twat drove the man mad with lust.

As he rammed borne inside her, Lynn could feel herself getting very hot. She was sweating like a pig, tossing her wet long hair all about her shoulders as her body absorbed the pounding rod of cock between her thighs. She felt a strange deep sensation — a vague heat — rising through her loins as her dad kept pounding away at her pussy.

Suddenly, the teen stiffened and arched as high as the chains would allow, shoving her aunt over the man’s fat cock and locking her trembling body high, her cunt beginning to spasm with her very first climax.

Lynn was coming for the first time in her life! Lynn jerked and twitched her cunt all over her dad’s still-pounding thighs and cock.

Her body quaked and shivered and she was bawling her head off, throwing her head about wildly as though in the greatest of pain — when all she could feel was the greatest of pleasure.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh! Ahhh! Uh! Yeah, Dad! Do it! Fuck your daughter! Fuck my cunt! God, it feels like you’re gonna fuck my throat… you’re so big!”

“You’re good, honey! You’re doing fucking great, Lynn!” Phil shouted to the girl under him.

He grabbed her hair and held on as he let her hump herself off on his cock, resting while she finished coming, then slipped back into a slightly arched pose over the bolster.

He let the teen catch her breath.

Lynn wet her lips and sighed.

“Fantastic, Dad!”

Phil grinned into her lovely eyes. “More, baby?”

Lynn nodded eagerly.

“Oh, yessssss! Fuck me all you want! I love being fucked!”

Phil threw his head back in a laugh and began pumping his cock into the slippery furnace of his daughter’s creamy cunthole.

He had been close to coming, himself, and now he drove his cock faster and faster, building the pressure back up quickly, and with a deep hard thrust, he began jerking his load of thick spunk into Lynn’s cunt, filling her with her first load of cum.

He flooded the teen’s cunthole, filling her so full that the stuff began leaking around the base of his impaling cock, dribbling down the teen’s bare thighs to the cold floor under her ass.

Phil yanked his prick out of her hole and spilled the last drops onto her bare belly, enjoying the sight of her taut belly smeared with his jism.

Lynn was thrashing under him, growing weaker and weaker as her sexual exhaustion finally caught up with her. She rested, enjoying the heavy weight of her dad lying on top of her stretched and chained body.

Now she was a woman!

“Shall we try to find some way to get the gag off her?” Julie asked, concerned that Lynn was hurting herself.

But Harry only grinned and slapped Lynn’s thigh.

“Naw! This bitch is hot for pain. She did this whole thing to herself. Or didn’t you know that?”

“I kind of figured she must have, but I don’t really understand why,” Julie said, getting comfortable beside Harry.

She could still taste the cum in her mouth from Harry’s dick. She reached out and took hold of the man’s arm, hugging it to her protectively, as though to tell the world that this man was hers and everybody else had better keep hands off.

But Harry had only one thing on his mind, and that was fucking the shit put of Lynn’s asshole.

He pulled his arm from Julie’s grasp and started trying to roll Lynn over onto her belly so he could ran his stiffening cock up her shithole.

Lynn shrieked into her gag and struggled away.

“Nooooo! Not in my asshole, Harry!”

Suzie immediately sensed Lynn’s distress, but she wasn’t sure what it was about.

“Harry! What are you planning to do to my sister?” Suzie demanded.

“Shut the fuck up and just watch! It’ll be an education!”

Lynn was shouting desperately into her gag, trying to get her sister to help her prevent Harry from butt fucking her.

“Julie,” Suzie shouted, “help me keep Harry away from Lynn!”

Both girls leaped into the fray, Julie hopping onto Harry’s back, Suzie grabbing at his arms, and they forced him away from Lynn’s tightly bound body.

Harry decided to go with the flow of things. He grabbed Suzie’s cunt, squeezing her pussylips hard between his fingers, squashing her soft and tender cunt and twisting hard, dragging a loud squeal of pain from her lips. Julie clung to his back, wrapping her arm around his throat and pulling backward.

Harry grunted, then began really getting into fighting the two girls, grabbing their tits and punching them in their asscheeks, grabbing and clawing their cunts…

Lynn, blinded by her hood, could only hear what was going on — and it sounded delicious. She wished someone would start grabbing at her tits, still sore and coated with her dried blood, but ready for anything!

And just as things were getting to the point where Harry had nearly forgotten his desire to butt fuck Lynn and was nuzzling his face under Suzie’s skin, the doorbell rang.

Everybody froze, breathing hard but quietly.

A knock, and the bell rang again. “Shhhhh…” Suzie warned, needlessly.

It might be a neighbor, investigating the noise of their fighting — or the cops! They sure as hell didn’t want any cops walking in and seeing them like this, Julie with her blouse ripped open, Suzie with her panties down to her ankles, Lynn bound strenuously, and Harry with his hand under Julie’s skirt and his head under Suzie’s.

“Lynn?” a deep voice said.

There was a brief pause, a hard knock, the bell rang several times impatiently.


Suzie jerked her head up. She knew that voice.

“Lynn!” the voice called again. “It’s Dr. Johnson! Please let me in for a minute. I want to talk to you. Dr. Fox is with me, Lynn. It won’t take but a minute.”

Suzie shouted with delight when she heard who it was, and she leaped up, darted to the door and yanked it wide open.

“Hi! Come an in, Ken.”

Ken and Carl, smiling, stepped into the room, and immediately froze.

“What… what the fuck?” Carl stammered.

He spotted Julie at once, and his cock went instantly rigid. Julie smiled up at him and let her legs fall wide apart as she pulled the hem of her skirt up high over her belly, exposing her soaked panties.

Suzie had taken Ken’s hand and pushed the door shut behind the two stunned men. She led him over to her sister, lying on her side, her tits exposed in all their glorious agony.

“Here’s Lynn, Ken.”

“Uh… hello, Lynn,” he said.

Lynn mumbled into her gag.

“You can fuck her if you want to, Ken,” Suzie told, him gleefully.

“Uh… thanks, Suzie,” Ken said weakly, glancing around the room at the strange tableau.

Carl was already taking Harry’s place at Julie’s titties, his hand stroking the front of her wet panties, working his fingers under the elastic leg hole to her tight cunt.

Harry was watching Ken. Ken gave him a smile and a quick nod, as though he’d expected just such a scene to greet him when he came into the apartment.

“Well?” Suzie said squeezing Ken’s hand. “Do you want me first, or Lynn? We’re having a sex party! Everybody has to have everybody!”

Ken’s cock was hard and bulging the front of his pants as he grinned at the cute woman.

“Do you mind if I take your sister first, Suzie?”

“Of course not, Ken! Just save some for me… OK?”

“You bet! I wouldn’t leave you out for the world!”

Suzie winked, then turned toward Harry.

“You and me, Harry… let’s take the bedroom.”

Suzie turned merrily away and walked with a sensual hip-swaying motion into her sister’s bedroom. Harry glanced once at what was happening with Carl and Julie. He saw that Lynn was getting ready for Ken, and he leaped up and ran after the cunt who had just invited him to the orgy.

Carl, with his finger inside the teen’s tight pussyhole, was whispering into Julie’s ear about the things she had yet to experience. He was suggesting she let him take her into the kitchen, where he could show her some new uses for old utensils. Julie grinned wickedly as she stood up, smoothed her skirt, kicked off her panties, and led the way around the corner and into the kitchenette.

Ken stood for a moment staring in amazement at the beautiful bound form of the woman he’d longed to fuck for months. She was all his to do with as he wished — and she obviously loved pain!

It was time for Ken to give his sadistic streak a little workout.

With a grin, he knelt at the woman’s side and reached out to her bloodied nipple. He stroked lightly with his fingertip over the slight dark crust of blood, feeling Lynn suck in her breath at his first touch.


Suzie felt her cunt itching strangely as she turned and pressed her ass against the footboard of the bed. She wanted to feel a fat cock inside her again, and soon. She rubbed her ass firmly against the wooden footboard, wet her lips, and gave Harry a pretty smile as she cocked her head and lowered her eyes.

“Are you kidding me, Suzie?”

Suzie pouted, then started unbuckling the belt around her waist. Her skirt slipped to the floor, and she stepped out of it. Her panties followed in quick order.

“I want your cock inside me, Harry. Now!” the teenager shouted, throwing herself backward on the bed and spreading her long legs wide open, shoving her cunt high in the air.

Harry gulped, then crawled onto the bed beside the teen. He reached down and placed his palm carefully over the girl’s hot wet cunt, feeling the slippery juices flowing already.

Suzie was moaning. She reached down and grabbed Harry’s hand, pressed it harder against her cuntlips, and ground her cunt against his hand.

With his free hand, Harry got his zipper open and pulled out his aching cock — this girl wanted cock, and he’d give her cock!

Even if she wasn’t Lynn.

Lynn, after all, was a crazy bondage freak. And how the fuck she could be one of those and at the same time be such a fucked-up prude about regular fucking, Harry didn’t know.

He rolled over onto the woman beside him, fitting the head of his cock to the firm puffiness of her cuntlips. Without any further preliminaries, he shoved into her eager and soaking-wet cunt.

Hers was the tightest twat he’d ever felt. Suzie groaned with the filling pressure inside her, and she grabbed the sides of Harry’s head, linking her fingers through his hair and hugging his head down to her titties.

“Fuck me, Harry! Ram that huge cock of yours right out my throat! Do it, Harry! Hurry! I’m burning up!”

Never had Harry even dreamed of fucking a girl so hot. But he began fucking her, the tightness of her cunt-walls almost bringing him off with the first few thrusts.

“I’ll fuck you, all right!”

Suzie threw her head back and grinned, groaning at the same time as she felt the prick inside her shoving deeper and deeper.

“Fuck me right, Harry! Fuck my cunt good and I’ll suck you clean! Suck your cock for you, Harry! Fuck me, Harry!”

Harry loved the teen’s begging and her promises. He’d give her the fuck of her life — twice. Once in her cunt, and once in her virgin throat.

Harry grabbed the front of the teen’s shirt and ripped the buttons open so he could get at her tits. Suzie arched her back to help him, delighting in the feeling of submission.

He shoved the girl’s tight bra cups up off her breasts and dipped his lips to her swollen nipples, sucking them one at a time, making them harder even more.

Suzie wrapped her ankles around Harry’s thighs and crushed her cunt harder against his loins, trying to suck his cock right off his body. She arched further and shoved her tit into his mouth so far he had to pull back or suffocate.

“God, Harry! Suck my nipple! It feels so great! You’re sucking it just right. Chew on it, baby! Come on, Harry, hurt me a little bit. AHHHHHHH!”

Harry instantly obeyed her and nipped her nipple hard. He began gnawing on the beautiful nubbin, catching it between his teeth and biting, then grinding his teeth over the sensitive swollen bud.

It drove the girl insane with pleasure.

Suzie began thrusting her cunt up and down Harry’s cock, rubbing her piping clit faster and faster as she felt herself rising toward a beautiful come.

Suzie threw her arms high over her head, unwrapped her legs from Harry’s pumping thighs and spread them wide, pretending she was bound spread-eagle to her sister’s bed while Harry raped the shit out of her virgin twat.

And as Harry arched himself off the teen’s wide open body, the image of the woman in the film he’d been watching this afternoon flashed back into his mind. He suddenly knew he was going to whip the piss out of Suzie, right where she was lying, on Lynn’s fucking bed.

He yanked his prick out of Suzie’s gooey hot cunt, and leaped off the bed.

“Hey! Harry,” Suzie groaned, thrusting her dripping cunt into the air, still fucking, so close to coming that just the tightening of her thighs was almost enough…

But Harry jerked open the drawers on Lynn’s dresser and quickly brought a handful of her black stockings over to the bed. He grabbed Suzie’s ankle and began tying the stocking around it, very tightly.

“What are you doing to me, Harry!” Suzie cried out, rising to her elbows to watch.

She was fascinated by the idea. Harry was going to tie her legs open. She felt a sudden increase in her heart-rate, and she wet her lips as she watched passively. Harry knotted the other stocking, then pulled her legs wide apart, tying the free ends of the stockings to the footboard.

“Harry! I would have kept them open for you.”

“Shut up, Suzie! I’m not finished with you.”

Suzie laid herself back flat on the bed as Harry took first one thin wrist, then the other, and tied them over her head, pulling her arms taut, stretching her body as tightly as she could on the bed. Her body was naked from her waist down, her blouse ripped open and her bra shoved up around her throat.

Harry admired the tight stockings against the pale flesh of the girl’s wrists and ankles — and he felt his cock go harder than ever.

His prick was still dripping from the teenager’s cunt, and he crawled back onto the bed, moving over her, then lowering the head of his cock to her lips.

Suzie didn’t hesitate for an instant before yawning her mouth wide open and lifting her head onto the huge prong of meat, and she began sucking it clean of her own fresh juices.

Harry was gasping with an unbearable pleasure almost at once, unable to top himself from ramming his cock fully down the girl’s gulping throat, hurting the back of her throat, making her cry out and try to pull her head off the deep thrusting prick.

She couldn’t get the thing out of her mouth! She couldn’t breathe! He was suffocating her with his prick!

Suzie felt her head beginning to spin. Sparkling dots flashed in her eyes as her lungs began shrieking for air, and she began thrashing wildly under the man, trying desperately to pull his cock from her face.

Suzie felt as though her brain were about to burst! Harry’s cock was shoved down her throat, cutting off all her air!

And suddenly, her tight throat was flooded with Harry’s thick cum.

Suzie could do nothing but swallow the thick hot gouts of Harry’s spunk, praying that she could gulp it all down before she fainted from lack of air.

Harry struggled to ram his cock further down the teen’s throat, trying to force the full length of his prick between her wide-open lips, down into her stomach.

Suzie fought the tightly tied stockings. Her wrists and ankles were rubbed raw as she pulled and jerked at the bindings. Her lungs were about to burst when Harry yanked his cock out of her throat and fell beside her on the bed.

Suzie gasped and gulped great lungfuls of air.

The pressure cased slowly. She felt her head throbbing with pain, her heart pounding like a trip hammer in her chest. Finally, she took in a deep breath and held it for a moment, then sighed long and loud.

Harry was massaging her tit.

Suzie turned her head and looked at him. “You practically strangled me, Harry!” she said sternly. But Harry only smiled at her, leaned forward and kissed her wet lips as he crushed her tit in his fist.

Suzie mumbled a protest against his lips as he forced his tongue into her sticky mouth, and she arched her back, mashing her tit into his hurting fist.

She was getting off on this. It was astonishing! The aching and throbbing in her brain, in her tits, in her arms and legs — everywhere — was driving her crazy with lust. Harry looked up.

“Hey, Suzie, I think I’m gonna whip the shit out of you, baby! What do you think of that?”

He toyed with the long strands of her hair as he waited for the girl to consider her plight. She couldn’t do much about it if he wanted to beat her.

But Suzie wasn’t thinking about protesting. She was remembering the times her sister Lynn had told her about what their dad had done to her — whipped her, fucked her.

The stories had always had an aura of myth for Suzie. How could Lynn let herself be tied down and whipped? And how could she talk about it as though it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her?

Now Suzie knew!

She looked into Harry’s watery eyes and gave him a pretty smile.

“Whip me, then!” she whispered loudly.

Harry’s cock hardened instantly at the girl’s words. He rolled quickly off the bed and rummaged through her drawers until he found the perfect item to whip her with — a thin hard plastic belt.

Suzie watched every move. Harry walked back to the side of the bed, folding the thin belt in two, slicing it through the air so the girl could hear the frightening sound as it swished and snapped. He slapped the whip onto the mattress, only inches from Suzie’s bare hip.

Suzie winced at the harsh sound of the blow, knowing that soon she would feel that stinging whip on her bare flesh.

It happened before she could complete her thought.

Harry lashed the flexible plastic belt into the teen’s tits, slicing a deep welt across both nipples at the same time, and Suzie opened her mouth wide to scream as she arched high off the bed. But Harry quickly shoved a piece of cloth between her jaws, forcing it all the way back into her throat to cut off her cry.

“No sense letting the rest of them out there know what kind of fun we’re having in here,” Harry whispered into Suzie’s ear as he tied the cloth in place with one of the girl’s nylons.

Suzie fought the mass in her mouth briefly, but the second lash of the whip caught her by surprise, striking low on her taut belly and leaving a searing line of pain. Again she arched high, only to receive a third blow, this time across her tightened thighs.

She tossed her head about wildly as she tried to dislodge the gag, but it was useless.

Harry struck again.

The whip slashed into her breasts, raising a bright red welt just under the first one, on the under slopes of her titties.

Suzie was in agony. Her body felt like it was being burned. Four red-hot lines of pure torture crossed her body from her tits to her thighs, and suddenly a fifth blow smashed into her exposed cuntlips.

A muffled scream tore from the teen’s throat.

Her mind shrieked nooooooo! It hurts too much, Harry! Stop! Please, stop whipping means!

But Harry had no intention of stopping. As far as he was concerned, the teen on the bed, bound wide-open for him, was a willing victim of his lust. The movie he’d watched this morning had given him ideas and feelings he’d never really admitted to himself before, and when the dam of his repressed emotions finally broke, there was no controlling the flood.

Harry saw Lynn on the bed, not Suzie. Those tits of Suzie’s became the full sexy breasts of Lynn’s. As he brought the whip down again and again, all he saw was Lynn’s body jerking and thrashing wildly, in absolute agony, completely under his control.

And poor Suzie could only lie there, tightly stretched and bound, and take it.

She gradually grew to accept the burning pain, and it became so much a part of her being that each blow was like a cock pumping into her, driving her higher and higher toward a climax.

Harry was whipping the teen to a climax!

Suzie felt the first hot waves of orgasm flood over her, harder and more pleasurable than ever before. Her body twitched, jerked, bounced all over on the bed as she cried out loudly into the gag with each new blow on her tits or her hot clit!

She arched high, tightened her whole body, and began coming wildly, eagerly accepting each lash of the whip as Harry finally realized what was happening to the girl. He began beating the thin belt right down into her cunt, trying to slash up inside her body as Suzie came and came and came against the whip, spurting her juices out of her tight hole and wetting her thighs and the belt and the bed.

Finally Suzie fell back, exhausted.

Her whole body was on fire, but she felt wonderful. Such a strong hard come! If she had to take a whipping like this every time, she’d do it — just to feel the final come.

She opened her eyes and looked up at Harry. He was staring down at the girl’s badly marked body, and she trembled with both her pleasure and her pain.

Suzie mumbled into her gag. Harry reached down and removed it. The girl worked her jaws for a moment.

“You really did a hell of a job, Harry.”

“Hurt, did it?”

“Damn right! But…”

“But what, Suzie?”

“I… I liked it! Maybe you could do it again… sometime?”

Harry sat down beside her and touched her bare thigh, running a fingertip over one wide red welt. Suzie winced.

“If you want it, baby, just tell me when!” Harry said with a sly grin. He took a handful of the girl’s thigh in his fist and squeezed.

Suzie bit her lip to keep from crying out her pain. She threw her head way back as she felt Harry move his hand roughly to her sopping wet cunt and begin inserting two fingers, ramming them deep up her tight snatch.

Carl liked his partner completely naked. Julie had no preference, yet. She was much too to have formed likes and dislikes about sex — so far, she liked everything!

She stood patiently and let Carl undress her. It was nice to feel the man’s hands working knowledgeably at her clothing, teasing her tits as he slipped the buttons open, tickling her belly button, taking off her clothes and tossing them into a corner of the kitchen.

She was totally naked.

Carl held her bare bony shoulders and admired the beauty of her unblemished skin, the tightness of her muscles, the flatness of her belly and, most particularly, her puffy cuntlips, moist and ready.

He bent down and kissed the girl on her lips, and Julie kissed him back, melting into his strong arms as she felt his tongue slip into her mouth.

One hand slipped down quickly between her legs, and Julie obliged the man by parting her legs wide and thrusting her ass forward so he could massage and finger her moistening cuntlips easily.

His other hand rubbed firmly up and down the incredibly smooth skin of Julie’s bare back, running along her slim spine to the small of her back and the beginning swell of her asscheeks.

Julie sucked on Carl’s hot tongue, then thrust her own tongue into his mouth, moaning as she felt him sucking hard at her wet tongue, pulling it eagerly and nipping the very tip of it with his teeth, causing the teen to whimper as she crushed her lips harder against his.

Her nipples hardened. Her cunt began to go warm and slippery with her lubrication. Her ass twitched.

She pulled her tongue from his mouth.

“Carl, please get out of your clothes… and fuck me!”

Carl winked at the teenager as he stepped back away from her and shucked off his clothes, and finally stood stark naked, his huge cock throbbing toward her pretty face.

“OK. I fucked your beautiful twat this morning, and now it’s time to initiate your asshole.”

Julie gasped and clutched her hands together over her butt!

“My… my asshole?”

Carl nodded, taking her by her shoulders and turning her around so he could take a good look at her tight asscheeks.

“Hey! Take your hands away. I’m not gonna spank you… I’m gonna fuck you!”

Julie twisted and looked over her shoulder at Carl, her expression distressed.

“But… Carl… my asshole?”

Carl impatiently brushed the teen’s hands away from her tight round cheeks.

“Stop complaining and bend over. Let me see your ass!”

Slowly, not sure she wanted to have Carl fuck his thick cock up her shitter, Julie bent over — only slightly.

But Carl gave her ass a hard slap, and she bent all the way over, her long hair dragging on the kitchen floor, her palms supporting her weight as they pressed against the floor. Her long legs were stiff and straight, as if this was nothing more than a morning exercise to limber up her body.

Carl whistled in appreciation at the perfect contours of the girl’s butt-muscles. Her firm asscheeks were nicely tanned and unblemished. Buried in the center, deep between the full mounds of her ass, was her tightly puckered little asshole, dark brown and virginal.

Carl stroked the teen’s ass for a moment, delighting in the utter smoothness — like silk. He stroked and kneaded her tight ass for a long time, watching as Julie began moving her butt about as she felt the first flush of lust. Then he spread those tight cheeks wide apart and pressed his cock against the rich brown sphincter of her asshole, and without warning her, rammed inside.

Julie squealed like a stuck pig.

“Ohhhhh… God! It burns! Take it out, Carl! You’re splitting me wide open! You’re ripping me apart! Ohhhhhhh…” Julie cried out, trying desperately to keep her voice quiet so as not to upset the others in the apartment.

Her head went back as she tried to stand upright, but the impaling cock held her bent over. Carl reached down and took two fistfuls of her lush hair and yanked backward, forcing her face up, bending her neck back so far she thought she was going to break it.

He held onto her beautiful hair as if it were the reins of a horse, and worked his cock deeper into her shit-channel.

Julie was crying and gasping with his huge cock shoving deep, shaking her ass and her head as she tried to plead with the man to pull his cock out of her asshole.

“Ohhh, Carl! It hurts too much! I can’t take it up my asshole like this! Please, take it out! PLEASE!” she gasped, her voice hesitating with each thrust of Carl’s cock!

“Shut up, Julie! You can take it! Come on, baby! You can take the whole fucking thing… for me, baby!”

Her head bobbing upside down, Julie swallowed with great difficulty but managed to stutter, “Oh… OK, Carl… for you! I’ll try.”

“Good girl. Now just shut up and enjoy it!”

Carl pulled back harder on the reins of Julie’s soft long hair, bringing more tears to the girl’s eyes.

Julie didn’t know why she wanted to please the man who had raped her this same day, but she did — she wanted to please him in the worst way. And this was certainly the worst way she could think of.

Her asshole tightened around Carl’s ramming prick. Carl sighed deeply and shut his eyes as he slowed his fucking to enjoy the tightness of the girl’s butthole.

Julie got the idea quickly.

She began tightening and relaxing her sphincter around the fat cylinder of humping meat, bringing Carl to the heights of pleasure.

He could feel his cock getting ready to explode! Suddenly, he thrust deep, all the way up her bowels, and began spurting his wad of cum, spraying her asshole full of jism.

Julie’s eyes went wide as she felt the hot spunk filling her shitter, and as Carl began pumping again, hosing the cum into her body, she felt her own climax suddenly wash over her.

“Oooooooo!” the girl wailed in delight! “Mmmmmmm! Fuck my asshole, Carl!” She gasped and grunted with each thrust, twitching wildly through her own orgasm.

Julie’s sweet ass jerked all about on the end of Carl’s pole. She pulled her palms off the floor and grabbed her knees, crouched down a little bit and thrust her ass back against Carl’s thighs, giving them both a deeper higher sensation during their fucking.

While Julie’s asshole clutched harder at Carl’s pumping, spurting cock, her tight cunt gushed her sweet-scented perfume, dribbling her juices down her thighs.

Carl suddenly pulled free of her hole and gave her a shove that sent her sprawling to the kitchen floor, where she lay for a moment, clawing wildly at her clit with her fingers to finish herself.

When she came around with a shake of her head, she was staring right at the head of Carl’s shit smeared cock, only inches from her wide eyes.

“Come on, baby, suck me clean. Don’t let your own shit bother you.”

Julie wrinkled her pert little nose at the very thought of taking that smelly prick into her mouth.

“Oh, no! I’m not letting you put that thing in my mouth!”

But Carl only grinned.

“Julie, do you have any idea what it was that I made you drink this morning, during your examination?”

Julie frowned for a minute, trying to recall. “No, sir, I don’t, but it sure tasted awful!” Carl winked at her.

“It was… piss.”

Julie gulped and made a terrible face. “P-piss?”

Carl nodded. “Yep! I fixed up a hose and made you suck on one end while I pissed into the other. Great trick, huh?”

Julie winced. “Yeah. Great,” she said unenthusiastically.

“So you can see that sucking your own juices, your own blood, your own… shit… won’t be so terrible.”

Julie looked at his cock. It was huge, and it was aimed right at her lips. It was dripping with Carl’s cum, and there was a slight trace of reddish fluid along one side — her blood — and the very tip of the head was stained brown — her shit.

Julie wet her lips as she looked into Carl’s face.

“That’s the girl!” he said to her.

Julie took a deep breath, ready for anything, and opened her mouth wide. Carl simply shifted forward, and his fat cock slid nearly into her mouth all the way, until it touched the very back of her throat.

Julie held her jaws wide for a moment, a bit afraid to close her lips around his cock.

Carl locked his fingers into her hair again, this time from the front, and pulled her head forward further. Julie had to gulp and close her lips or suffer a battered throat.

She tasted the strong flavor of Carl’s cum and only slightly the flavor of her shit, and after a couple of sucks and gulps, it was pure joy to the girl.

She licked his entire cock, making certain she cleaned every nook and cranny of the rod, and dipped her pointed tongue into the mass of Carl’s pubic hair, cleaning the sticky juices from his hair and under his balls.

It wasn’t long before Carl felt his nuts filling again. He knew he was good for another blast, and this time it would spill into her throat.

The pressure built up quickly under the licking tongue and, sucking, slurping lips of the beautiful girl. Carl shuddered, then pulled her hair tightly, drawing her throat over his cock all the way, and shot his load right down her throat.

Julie gulped fast, trying to swallow every drop of jism flooding into her mouth, but there was too much of it. It began dripping from the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin onto her tits, coating her tiny tight nipples with thick white cum.

Carl pulled his cock out of her mouth and let the final gouts of jizz spurt onto her closed lips. Julie smiled and slipped the tip of her tongue out to swipe up the gooey fluid, slurping it into her mouth before going back for more.

Carl finally released her hair, and Julie sat back on her heels. Carl looked at her tits.

“I like that,” he said in appreciation.

“What?” Julie asked, looking down at herself. She smiled when she saw the cum dripping from her dark nipples, running in a little stream over her belly.

With the tip of her finger, she wiped it up and licked her finger clean.

“You’re something else,” Carl said. Julie sighed in pleasure, wiped the last traces of jism from her tight belly and sniffed it before cleaning her finger with her lips and tongue.

Julie watched Carl’s cock begin to shrink. She pouted as it sagged against his thigh, all limp and wrinkled after the magnificent feelings it had driven into her body.

Carl, too, was disappointed. How could he revive his dangling prick? He looked at the pretty face of the girl kneeling before him — and it struck him!

His cock leaped back to life.

“Oh!” Julie cried in delight. “What made it do that?”

Carl turned away for a moment, searching the small kitchen for what he needed to do the job.

“You’ll see, baby. Just hold on a minute, and we’ll give you another come.”

“Fantastic!” Julie cried, leaping to her feet. She waited impatiently for Carl to find what he was looking for, and when he turned back toward her, she grinned hugely, knowing exactly what her lover had in mind.

“Going to tie me up, eh?” she said. “Turn around here and shut up!”

Julie, her heart beating hard, turned her back to the man and put her arms behind her, crossing them automatically at her wrist. She felt a twinge of pleasure in her nipples as Carl pulled the twine tight around her flesh, locking her wrists together.

“Back up against the counter.”

Julie obeyed, and at once got his idea. She spread her long legs wide apart and shifted a few times to make it easier for Carl to bind her ankles to the bottoms of the cabinets — wide, wide apart.

She felt completely stretched — as wide as she could possibly be opened — and she knew that Carl was going to stuff that great cock of his up her cunthole at last.

“Bend back over the counter.”

Julie arched herself back over her bound wrists, bending far back, and gulped as she felt the twine going around her neck, tightening over her throat as Carl tied her into this bent-over pose. Thrusting her cunt far out, arching her back so that her tits were crushed against her ribcage, all but flat, she was tied by the free end to the faucet on the sink, forcing her to remain in this pose until he decided to untie her.

And without any warning at all, he shoved his revived cock right up her cunthole, all the way into her body.

It felt so fine!

Julie was moaning, gasping, whimpering with pleasure. She could still feel Carl’s cock up her asshole and deep in her throat — and it was humping into her cunt, pumping rapidly in and out of her tight twat, driving her once again to the heights of pure pleasure.

Suddenly, she was jerking wildly in the throes of her come. Her body shuddered and shook, arched backward, her wrists aching with the tightness of the twine, her throat rubbing raw against the binding twine — coming and coming and coming.

Carl pulled out of her cunt.

He sighed and sat down on the tail stool in the corner, looking at Julie’s bound body, admiring the perfect lines of her arched hips and legs, the trembling of her knees as they strained to keep her weight off her tightly tied throat — to keep her from strangling!

He smiled at the possibilities the situation held for him.

He could sit here for hours and simply watch the teen struggle to stay alive.

Ken stood looking down at Lynn.

His cock was battering against his pants, begging to be set free and rammed into Lynn’s body — anywhere — her asshole, her cunt, her mouth…

Ken had wanted this nurse since the first time he’d seen her, walking so sexily aloof down the halls in the hospital, her tight ass moving with an inviting sway, her huge tits filling the front of her white uniform, so immaculately clean and free of the slights wrinkle.

She was perfection itself!

He fell in love with her before his eyes had finished focussing on her big tits.

And from that moment, he’d been in hot pursuit of this tender morsel, ingratiating himself with her er sister, Suzie, first, in the hopes of being invited here. But then he’d just come here on his own, ready to ask and be rejected, and been given his goal on a silver platter, all bound and stripped and ready.

He couldn’t believe his luck!

He nudged the woman with the toe of his shoe. She responded with a moan, twisted onto her side, then onto her belly, and raised her ass, offering her butt for his inspection, his use.

But why was she bound like this in the first place? Ken was slightly baffled, though delighted, with the situation. The only reasonable explanation was that Lynn had gotten herself bound up like this, for some private little party of her own. Then something had gone wrong, and this was the beautiful result.

Ken knelt and touched one perfect white asscheek, so smooth and silky. Lynn moaned, and rubbed her bare butt against Ken’s stroking palm — like a loving kitten.

Lynn felt the hand on hp asscheek and sighed with pleasure. She knew it was Ken — and anyone was better than Harry — and anything was better than this awful bondage she’d gotten herself locked into. She reached back with her freed hand and grabbed Ken’s arm, pulling it toward her gag and hood, gesturing for him to help her get out of this painful gear.

“Hey!” Harry called from the doorway to the bedroom. He walked into the living room and pulled Ken’s arm away from the hood. “I don’t know what you think, buster, but this broad is mine! All mine! Got it?”

Ken stood up and faced Harry.

Without warning, Ken slammed his fist into Harry’s soft gut, dropping the man to his knees. A quick hard shove with the bottom of his shoe sent Harry sprawling backward onto the rug.

“She’s mine now, you fucking slob!”

“Well… why don’t we share the goodies?”

Ken looked toward the voice. Carl was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, smiling down at Harry, then glancing at Ken.

“Look, boys, we’ve got three beautiful ladies here, all neatly tied up and ready and willing to do our bidding. Why should we fight over them? I think we’re all civilized enough to come up with some kind of solution to this… and I think a kind of share and share alike program isn’t too unreasonable… don’t you?”

Ken chewed his lower lip. He glanced down at Lynn’s bare ass, lifted so high and inviting. On the other hand, in the bedroom there was a teenaged girl he’d already fucked, and he had to admit, he liked her cunt. And bound in the kitchen was a girl he hadn’t yet tasted in any way.

Yes, Carl had a good idea — interesting, with a lot of possibilities.

“Sounds like a workable routine to me, Carl.”


Ken walked over and held his hand out to Harry. “How about you, buster?” Ken said, spitting the word back at Harry.

Harry gritted his teeth, but finally accepted the arrangement and stuck out his hand for help. Once on his feet, he looked at Lynn. He shook his head. Too bad, he’d wanted her for himself, and now he had to share her with these two creeps.

Still, it was better to fuck her like this than to never fuck her at all.

“Are we all agreed, then?”



“OK, any ideas for her?” Harry suddenly grinned.

“Yeah, I’ve got one. This is one haughty bitch, fellas, and I think we ought to give her a lesson in obedience before anything else.”

Carl rubbed his hands together. “Let’s hear about it, Harry!”

“Let’s hang her upside down! Then we can take turns… whip her, piss on her, fuck her… whatever we want to do!”

“Sounds good to me. You, Ken?”

“Why not?”

While they gathered up some sheets and began ripping them into long strips, and hammering a heavy hook into the beam in the ceiling, Lynn moaned and struggled in her bonds, trying to tell them: nooooo!

They were going to use her — all of them — any way they liked! And she was going to be absolutely helpless to protect herself from their worst desires!

She screamed into her gag as she felt one of the men grabbing her arms to lock them behind her back again, pushing the cuffs as tight as they would go around her wrists. She struggled, rolling wildly about as she felt another man slip one end of the torn sheet rope between her ankles, tying it to the handcuffs holding them together. And she moaned in utter defeat as she felt her body being dragged upward, her feet lifting high behind her, then her tits taking the full weight of her body, and the painful arching as her head was forced far back, and the sudden swinging free — upside down!

There was a long quiet pause.

She heard the quiet sound of three men whispering, giggling.

And suddenly, she felt herself being struck from three sides by three hot scalding streams of piss. All three men were pissing on her, the hot liquid running down her thighs and flooding over her cunt, running toward the floor, over her belly, to her big tits, to her throat, to her face. Finally, it soaked her hair under the hood and dribbled off the hood to wet the rug, more than a foot below her head.

And then the whipping began!

One hard blow followed another, lash following lash in a rapid, unending series of painful, agonizing blows. She shrieked again and again into her gag, which was soaked with the piss of all three of her tormentors.

The whipping stopped.


Lynn wondered what was going to happen next to her throbbing aching body.

All she wanted to do was get fucked!

To be free of the tight bondage, and to feel a man’s cock in her hot wet cunt, ramming harder and harder as she rode higher and higher to her climax.

Even Harry!

“Look at her!”

“Yeah! She’s horny as hell… isn’t she?”

“You know, the worst thing we could do to her… would be to… just leave her alone!”

Lynn shuddered at the sound of their laughter, beginning to tremble violently as the horror of the idea struck her fully.

Noooooo! Don’t leave me hanging! Finish me off! Ohhhhhh! One of you bastards better fuck meeeee!

“Look at her!” Harry shouted with glee. “She’s dying for a fuck!”

“Yeah… and I’m going to fuck her, too!” Ken shouted.

“How? Unless we just cut her down…” Carl was thinking about this problem when the idea suddenly hit him: “I’ve got it, Ken! Harry, help me tie Ken’s legs together. We’ll hoist him up beside Lynn, and then he can fuck her just like she is!”

Harry was laughing hard as they finished the job, turning Ken to face Lynn, his cock resting against her clenched pussy.

“Help me, you guys. I can’t get it into her aunt.”

Ken was clutching the woman’s shoulders to keep his cock at the entrance to her aunt, and he felt his buddies spreading Lynn’s pussylips for him and fitting his prick into her cunt. Then, with a hard shove, he rammed his cock all the way up Lynn’s hot wet cunt.

It was awkward and difficult, but Ken got the rhythm quickly. He began fucking Lynn’s cunthole for all he was worth — while they were both hanging upside down, dangling from the ceiling.

Lynn sighed with pleasure as she felt the cock shoved home inside her aching pussy.


She wept with joy as she felt Ken fucking her cunt, his hands clutching her tits, hurting her nipples, then biting her nipples as he clawed her back with his fingernails, trying to fuck into her harder, faster — against the force of gravity.

And she delighted in the reactions of Carl and Harry to this weird fuck-laughter and exclamations of wonder. They were ready to be hung up like Ken was, too, just for the pleasure of her cunt.

She felt quite proud of herself — that she could hold the attention of three men while two er girls waited on their pleasure in the other rooms.

She was a woman, all right!

And it was her duty as a nurse to help all three of these men to the very best of her abilities.

She felt herself getting ready to come. It had been so long… She ached to feel the release of pressure in her loins, the flood of come-pleasure burning through her body.

And it came!

She bounced like a puppet on a string, twitching madly, jerking and shaking and dancing — upside down. She came and came, spurting her fluids from her cunt like a lovely flower-shaped fountain.

Ken came, too. His spunk filled her hole, overflowed quickly, dribbled down over her taut tummy, and they both jerked together, came together, locked tightly together as they came and came and came.

The room was fined with applause.

“Wonderful trick, Ken!”

“Fantastic, God, what a show!”

Lynn mumbled into her gag, but no one could understand the words: “What about me, guys?” She felt the struggles of the men as they lowered Ken from his hanging position. He got himself upright quickly, and all three men dressed, babbling happily about the three women they were going to share — from now on.

She eagerly awaited the loosening of the rope holding her, eagerly longed for the freeing of her mouth so she could beg them to fuck her again.

But they were leaving.

“Listen, guys, Julie is bound pretty good in the kitchen, and I see Suzie isn’t going anywhere too soon… and obviously Lynn here is going to stay put… so what say we all go out for dinner… I know this great French restaurant, across town.”

“Great!” Ken said.

“Fine by me!” Harry said.

“NOOOOO!” Lynn shouted into her gag. And she could hear the muffled moans and grunts of the two teens, too, bound and gagged, eager to fuck and suck — but horrified at the thought of being left alone like this.

But she heard them calling from the door: “Bye, Lynn! Bye, Julie! See you later, Suzie! Don’t go away, ladies… We’ll be back… after a nice long dinner…”

Lynn groaned as the door closed, and she heard the key turn in the lock.