Christinas sex experience

Christina loved Nattelie’s pussy, especially when it is fresh
fucked and oozing cum. For some reason cum tasted better from
Nattalies pussy then from Rob’s dick. Christina remembers the
first time she tasted cum, it wasn’t from a boy but from her dog. It
wasn’t the same as people cum, it was thinner but just as tasty and
always left her mouth tingling. She wondered what dog cum would
taste like lapinging it from Nattalie’s pussy. Even though she and
Nattalie were best of friends, she didn’t know if Nattallie would let a
dog fuck her. She decided to ask anyway.
It was a thrill when she broached the subject with Nattalie and
Christina found out that her girl friend had fucked a dog several times
and liked it. Nattalie explained that the only problem was when you
let the dog in to deep and his dick knot went inside your pussy. Then
it would be a little while after the dog came that he could pull his dick
out. Both girls agreed that to get fresh cum, it was important to have
the dogs dick pull out just after climax.
Nattalies boyfriend Tim had a male short haired collie, and she
explained to him what Christina and her had in mind. Tim thought it
was a great idea and since it was his dog, he wanted to watch. When
Rob learned about the plan he also wanted to be there to watch, jack
off and maybe blow his load into Christina’s ass as she was sucking
the dog cum. Rob loved fucking Christina in the ass and many times
he and Time would double fuck Christina or Nattalie. Christinas ass
was better, she had a way of controlling her asshole muscles in such a
way that your dick simply was pumped dry every time.
They agreed to have a get together at Tim’s place on Thursday
when Tim’s parents were at the Golf Coarse. Natalie and Christina
came over with Rick and the four of them proceed to the den where
Jason, Tim’s dog was waiting.
It was a quick removal of the clothes and straight to business.
Christina rolled the dog over and took his dick in her mouth pumping
him to hardness. Nattalie made herself comfortable on the floor,
spread her legs and started finger fucking herself to get nice and juicy.
When the girls and the dog were ready, Nattalie assumed the “Doggie
Position” and Christina had Jason mount Nattalie and guided his dick
into Natallies pussy. Christina immediately went under Nattalie and
positioned her head next to Natalie pussy with the dog dick inserted.
She kept a firm grip on the dogs dick knot so that it wouldn’t
penetrate Nattalie.
Rob and Tim stood over the girls with their raging hardons in
their hands stroking at a slow but steady speed. Jason was humping at
a furious speed and in a flash he was finished. Christina pulled his
dripping dick from Nattalies wet pussy and let the white dog cum drip
right into her mouth. She then made oral love to Nattalie’s pussy
extracting every bit of dog and girl love juice. Her face was a glazed
mess of dog cum and pussy juice when she looked up to Rob and
asked him if he licked it. Nattalie wanting some taste herself, French
kissed Christina and licked off the remaining juice from Christina’s
Now it was the boys turn to have a taste of cum. they assumed
the sideways 69 position and the girls helped them put each others
dicks in their mouth. with the girls faces adjacent to the boys, the boys
they proceeded to milk each others dicks to orgasm.
Both Christina and Nattalie loved watching a boy suck cum
and then French kissing their lovers cum filled mouths when done.
The taste was always great and the picture erotic. When Rick
exploded into Tim’s mouth Nattalie was there to share the load, and
vica versa with Christina.
Christina never lets a boy fuck her in the ass unless he had a
rubber on. It’s a waste of cum. That way the boy gets to orgasm in her
ass and she gets to taste the juice from the rubber. So when Jason the
dog was getting frisky again she had Nattalie put a rubber on the dogs
dick and present Christina’s ass to the mutt. This time they let the dog
go all the way in and penetrate his knot past Christina’s asshole. This
was a new and erotic experience for Christina as her ass was now
plugged tight. Jason blew his load, Christina and Jason were locked
together as Nattalie decided to do a double penetration with the boys
while waiting to taste the dog cum from the rubber. Christina
watched, with the dog dick in her ass as Nattalie milked cum from the
buys using both of her holes. Rob had the rubber on and his dick had
the pleasure of Nattalies ass. When he came he offered the loaded
rubber to Nattalie who greedily devoured it’s contents. When Tim
deposited his load in her pussy, Rob went down to clean out his
friends tasty load. By the time they were finished, Jason’s dick slipped
from Christina’s ass with a dog cum loaded rubber on his shrinking
dick. Christina decided that the boys would get this load and offered it
to first to Rob who took some and then the rest to Tim who took the
last drops from the rubber.
It was great being fully bi-sexual and having fully bi-sexual male
friends. Ever
Since Christina started dating ( before the movie Adams Family ) Christina
knew that she
loved sex with both boys and girls, and dogs.