Mom’s Naughty Urge

There are few more effective ways of bringing about a halt to healthy sexual development than a brutal gang rape. Such an event can haunt a woman for life, making her afraid of contact with any man for fear that it may happen again.

The love of a gentle and understanding husband can help ease the pain of her awful memory, but what if he should die and once again leave her alone and defenseless? Someone must take his place, or she will remain forever in an emotional void.

Jessica Conners is one such woman. She longs for the fulfillment that died with her husband. Perhaps her three sons can take their father’s place in her heart.

In MOM’S NAUGHTY URGE, Jessica’s haunting memory is the focal point of her drive to overcome a deathly fear of men. How will she defeat her fear, and how will her family react to her passionate needs?

MOM’S NAUGHTY URGE is a stirring study of family unity.


“Well, Jessica, how about it? Wanna go upstairs and fuck me now?” Jessica Conners heard Dale Travers ask in a husky voice, his hand resting warm and heavy on her silky leg.

“Not tonight, Dale,” she said softly, looking down at her drink. She half wished that she had never accepted his invitation earlier that evening.

“That’s what you said last night and the night before, baby! You know, I might start to feel that you’re not too interested in me! You wouldn’t want to hurt my little feelings would you?” the husky man asked. Squeezing her warm leg just a bit.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, Dale. You know that, don’t you? It’s just that… well… I just don’t feel like it tonight. I know it sounds silly… but… it… it just doesn’t do anything for me anymore,” she said quietly, finding the courage to look into Dale’s glittering eyes.

“Yeah? Well, it does sound kinda ridiculous. After all Jessica, you know I knew you long before your husband did. You were pretty damn free then,” Dale said, moving his hand up her silken thigh.

“I… I know, Dale… but… well, things have just changed. I haven’t been myself since Ken died. It just doesn’t seem the same anymore… sex that is. I just don’t enjoy it as much as I used to.” Her mind flashed for a second with the memory of how she had experienced the joys of wild sex in Ken’s bed.

“Sure, baby,” he said, moving closer to her. “I understand how it is. At least I think I understand. But Ken’s been gone for two years now. You can’t keep holding back like this. You’ve just got to forget the past and try to be happy in the present and look forward to the future. You have to loosen up!” Dale looked deep into her lovely eyes.

“Please don’t, Dale,” Jessica said in a shallow voice. She was feeling hurt and just a bit angry at the man who had been trying to conquer her for the past few weeks. “Don’t you know it still hurts?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Dale said, still moving his fingers closer and closer to the object of his desire. “But you can’t go on hurtin’ forever, Jessica. You’ve got to come off of it and start living again. You used to be free and easy. I never saw a frown on that pretty face of yours until Ken died. Baby, you’ve got to live again. Let me make you happy, Jessica. I always made you happy before Ken came along. Don’t you remember all those wild times we had together, Jessica? Don’t you remember all those wild nights in bed? Shit, baby, I remember one time when we got into it we didn’t get out of bed for a week!” Dale felt his cock rising at the mere thought of the wild times he and Jessica had experienced before she had married Ken and settled down.

Jessica knew that Dale was right about everything. She had been in a miserable state since Ken had died of an automobile accident two years earlier. She hadn’t allowed herself to take any enjoyment out of life since Ken had been taken from her. Jessica had given herself to him completely, and the shock of losing him so suddenly had torn her apart. She had managed somehow to put herself back together again with the help of her three sons, but there was still the spark of life missing.

Dale meant well. He wanted to give her back that spark of life. He wanted to get into her cunt too. All the men she knew seemed to want that. She could forgive him for his lust for her. She knew that she was still one of the most desirable women in the town of Lakeville, and all the men were itching to have a crack at her now that she was free again. But she wasn’t really free, not the way they thought she was.

Jessica had been a free spirit in her younger years. In fact, she had been the swingingest teenager girl in town, and why not? She had had what it took to drive the boys wild, and she had used her fine feminine charms to advantage. She had jumped into the whirlpool of fuck-lust at an early age and, had enjoyed every hot minute of her sex life.

Jessica had done almost everything a girl could do with a boy by the time she was sixteen, and she had enjoyed each new experience more than the last. The boys had flocked to her like bees to honey, and by the time she had graduated high school she had earned her reputation as the town honey-pot.

It had been her reputation as an easy fuck that had been the cause of her one night of pain and anguish. She still remembered it as vividly as yesterday. If not for the love and understanding of her husband Ken, she would never have been the same after that night, the night of her eighteenth birthday.

Jessica remembered. She had been going out with a biker for a few days. Every time she recalled Toby Lockwood’s name she writhed inside with utter disgust. He had treated her well enough at first, taking time to warm her up before he hauled out his huge nine inch cock and stuck it to her, but his gentle attentions didn’t last long.

She had gone out with him three or four times to a cabin in the middle of a wooded area outside of town. The cabin had been used for a long time as a place for the local cycle freaks to bring their chicks for a fuck. Jessica would have preferred a nice comfortable motel room to the bleak atmosphere of the dirty cabin, but Toby never had enough money to afford the comforts she preferred. She had learned to tolerate the lumpy mattress and the dingy sheets for his sake.

She remembered that Toby had been acting a bit oddly that evening, as if she half expected something to happen. He seemed to be looking over his shoulder all the time. She remembered asking him if somebody was after him or something. After all, Toby was always getting into fights with his fellow bikers. She knew that he could handle himself in a fight, and that made her more concerned over the reason for his uneasiness. He had brushed her concern aside and hauled out his big fat cock, presenting it to her to suck for him.

Jessica remembered sitting on the edge of the bed and reaching out to fondle his naked dick and big hairy nuts. He dragged his balls out of his tight leather pants and let them hang loose. His rod snapped up in front of his tense body and rubbed against the shiny leather of his black motorcycle jacket. She wrapped her fingers around the dripping shaft of his cock and pulled the unyielding thing down until the purplish swollen head of it pointed right at her lips.

“Suck that dick, baby,” she remembered hearing him say in a low and controlled voice. “Suck that fucker real good, Jessica. Take it all the way down your throat.”

Jessica loved to suck cock, especially a cock as huge and hard as Toby’s. She pressed her warm lips against the slippery head of Toby’s swollen prick and planted wet loving kisses over its bulging knob. She kissed his dick from its shiny head to its root, where the long shaft of his tool disappeared in a nest of curly black hair.

Jessica could feel even now the jerking and throbbing of the biker’s rock hard cock in her hand and against her lips. She remembered flicking out her tongue and letting the tip of it slide up and down the pole of flesh between Toby’s strong legs. She licked eagerly at the underside of his rock hard prick, making it jerk harder and harder with each movement of her warm wet tongue.

“In your mouth, baby,” she heard him say when his cock had grown to its full length and thickness. “Take that fucker in there and suck it all the way down your sweet throat.”

Jessica did as she was told, and did it eagerly, opening her pretty mouth as widely as she could and taking his swelling cock into her tight throat. She felt the satiny head of his huge throbbing organ pushing into her oral channel, rubbing against her tongue and the roof of her mouth at the same time. She sucked hard on the jerking thing, taking it deeper and deeper down her throat. It wasn’t long before she felt his cock-head pushing against the very back of her throat.

She remembered feeling the first thrust of Toby’s dick when he began flexing the muscles of his hard ass and ramming his prick in and out of her face. She was used to sucking cock, and she loved to feel a big hard rod punching in and out of her face. She always managed to avoid gagging when he banged his swollen erection against the sensitive back of her throat. She could suck dick all day, just as long as the guy she was sucking was relatively gentle with her.

Toby was gentle with her, at least at first. In fact he had always been gentle with her, letting up on the hardness of his thrusts when she let him know that he was face-fucking too hard. But all of a sudden he seemed to change. He fucked her face harder and faster, driving his huge cock in and out with ever increasing speed and urgency. She reached out and squeezed his leg to let him know that it was time to slow down. It didn’t do her a bit of good this time. Instead of slowing down he kept banging in and out of her mouth with greater and greater speed.

She looked up and saw him unbuttoning his leather jacket, baring his hard chest. He pushed his leather pants down too, letting them fall in a pile around his ankles. She had never seen such a hard look on his face, a cold cruel look that frightened her. She tried to let him know that she needed to catch her breath, but he paid no attention to her at all.

Jessica was finding it harder and harder to breathe. She was starting to choke on the huge plug of male flesh that Toby had thrust into her mouth. His thrusts were so hard that her whole body shook with each lunge against her. She almost gagged each time his swollen dickhead hit the back of her throat. She moaned and whimpered, hoping that he would have the decency to pull that monstrous cock out of her face.

Toby finally did pull out of her, but only when she started hitting him as hard as she could in the stomach. He pulled out of her mouth and let his hard dick snap up against his naked stomach, a strand of fluid splattering on his hard belly.

“Toby! You… you almost choked me! What’s gotten into you?” Jessica cried, her eyes filled with tears.

“And you loved it, bitch! Right, Jessica?” Toby said in a hard voice that was totally pitiless.

“Toby. Please… please don’t talk to me like that. You know I don’t like to be manhandled this way.” Jessica was sobbing. She stood up and turned toward the door.

“Fuck you, bitch!” Toby rasped, grabbing her arm and pulling her back. “You’re not goin’ anywhere until I’m finished with you! And I’m nowhere near finished with you yet!” he growled.

Toby held her wrist tightly, turning it and squeezing hard until he had forced her to her knees in front of him. Jessica struggled, but to no avail. He was much too strong for her. She knew that he was about to take her by force, and she knew that there was nothing she could do about it.

“Now you open that mouth and suck that dick some more! And don’t bite it unless you want your teeth knocked out!” he roared, putting his heavy hand behind her head and forcing her against his groin.

Jessica remembered vividly how Toby forced her to suck his monstrous cock. He banged it in and out of her face wildly until she could hardly breathe. When he had had enough he pulled his rod out of her mouth and threw her on the bed, standing over her and jerking himself off for a minute or two, making his dick as hard as steel.

“Why… why are you doing this to me?” she heard herself cry. “Why? Why?” she screamed at the top of her voice.

“Shut the fuck up!” the biker shouted, bringing the back of his hand down hard against her cheek. “You think this is rough, bitch? You wait! This is the way I like it! When I get done with you you won’t be able to walk for a week! I know you cunts. You just want dick. That’s all. You need it any way you can get it. You don’t really care how rough you get it. So don’t give me no shit! You just spread them pretty legs and take what I got for ya. I’m gonna give it to you hard too! Hard and hot! Just the way you like it!” he spat, crawling on top of her.

“But, I… I don’t, Toby. I… I don’t like it this way.”

“Who gives a fuck? I like it this way and that’s all that counts. And that’s the way you’re gonna get it. Hard and rough!” He grabbed his rock-hard cock and buried it in one hard thrust between her spread legs.

Jessica remembered screaming at the top of her voice when she felt the biker jabbing his distended man-flesh all the way up inside her. She felt the pain of his sudden entry searing through her sensitive pussy as it was suddenly and cruelly stretched by Toby’s huge organ.

“Take that dick! Take it, bitch! I want you to feel that fuckin’ all the way up to your throat!” he yelled, bucking his ass hard and fast. It made her cunt burn with pain that was strangely mingled with pleasure.

“But why? Why are you doing this? I… I give you everything you want. All I want is for you to be gentle with me. I… I like it when you fuck me… if… if you’re gentle.”

“Fuck that! I like it hard, baby. I like takin’ it. I’ve just been gettin’ you hot all this time. Now I got you where I want you and I’m gonna get what I really want from ya. Now you just lay there and take it. Go ahead and scream if you want to. Nobody’s gonna hear ya,” the cruel biker rasped, his dick banging in and out of her tight cunt.

Jessica writhed in agony as his cock banged in and out of her cunt. He slapped her pretty face from time to time, slapped her whether she resisted or not, as if he wanted nothing more than to see her hurt. She felt his heavy hard body against her, felt his hot moist breath against her cheek. He pressed his hot lips against hers and thrust his tongue all the way down her throat. He grabbed her naked tits after he had torn her blouse off her, grabbed them and squeezed hard at her resilient globes.

She scratched his back, but that seemed only to make him hotter. His body strained hard against her. His balls slapped up against her crotch with each lunge into her. He reached behind her back and lifted her body off the bed, making her thrust out her hips. She knew that it wouldn’t be long before he unloaded a stream of searing hot cum into her. Perhaps then he would leave her alone. She had to bring him off as soon as she possibly could.

Jessica remembered writhing against him, matching his thrusts with movements of her own. She bit his shoulders, which seemed to make him hot beyond belief. She ground her groin against him, taking him all the way up her belly. She felt him stretching her insides, stretching her in a way that now gave her no real pleasure at all.

“Okay, cunt. That’s the way. Move that twat. Suck that dick up there. Take it deep. Take that fucker. I’m gonna shoot, bitch. I’m gonna fill that hot cunt of yours with a gallon of steamin’ cum. Get ready for it. Here it comes!”

Jessica felt his hot wad shooting deep inside her, filling her with cum. The stuff shot a dozen times inside her, trickling out of her grasping cunt and running down the shaft of his dick in rivers. Any other time the vixen’s cunt would have been flashing wildly between her legs. This time she felt no passion at all, only disgust at the way she had been cruelly treated by the horny biker.

“There! You got what you wanted. Now leave me alone!” she cried, struggling against Toby’s sweating body.

Toby pulled out of her and rolled over on his back. Jessica took the first opportunity to escape, jumping out of bed and running for the door. Her blouse was torn open, her flaked tits bouncing as she ran. Her skirt had been torn off too. She tried to cover herself with what remained of her skirt and blouse, but it was no use. She would have to run through the woods almost naked. It would be terribly embarrassing, but it would be better than staying with Toby for another second.

Jessica threw open the cabin door, running as fast as she could to freedom, or what she thought was freedom. But freedom was not to be hers. She ran right into the arms of one of Toby’s biker buddies. She stared into the cold cruel eyes of the wicked looking cycle freak who had caught her. She didn’t know his name, but she remembered seeing him with Toby once or twice. She hadn’t liked the looks of him then, and she certainly didn’t like him now.

Terrified, Jessica beat the man’s chest with her fists a few times and kicked at him, screaming all the while. After a few moments of intense struggling he let her go. She ran as fast as her feet could carry her, not daring to look behind her. She got only a few yards from the man when she found herself in the anus of another rough looking biker wearing a cycle jacket with the same colors.

“Lookin’ for somebody, bitch?” the biker laughed deep in his throat.

Jessica remembered how her stomach sank when she looked quickly around her and saw at least a dozen men, all looking as if they wanted to fuck the piss out of her. They came toward her, their cocks sticking out of their pants, all hard and ready for her, ready to tear her apart with their enormous size. She looked toward the cabin and saw Toby standing in the doorway, his hands on his hips, stark naked with his hard cock rising in front of him.

“Bring her on in, men. We’re gonna have ourselves some hot fuckin’ fun tonight,” he grinned.

The rest of her ordeal that night was almost too painful to remember. She had blotted out most of the events of that horrible event. She did remember that each of the dozen or so bikers fucked her one after the other until her cunt was numb. She remembered that they used her for the mast depraved sexual activities imaginable. She remembered being fucked in the ass while at the same time being fucked in the cunt and forced to suck a big thick cock. The men used her until they had used up all their considerable sexual energy. Jessica had passed out eventually. She assumed that the men had left her alone after she had lost consciousness, but she suspected that they were very capable of taking advantage of an unconscious girl too.

Ken, her future husband, had found her the next morning. He had stumbled onto her lying in a ditch while he had been hunting. He had taken her to his family’s farm house and his mother had nursed her back to health. Jessica had begged them not to tell her parents what had happened to her. After a few days of tender loving care she was as good as new, at least physically.

It had taken months for her to recover from the terrible shock of her mass rape, Ken had fallen in love with her, but Jessica had had a great deal of difficulty responding to his love after her painful ordeal with the bikers. In time, however, she had been able to accept his feelings for her as genuine, and before long she had fallen in love with him completely. He had married her a short time later and had given her the love and understanding she needed to recover from her ordeal. Ken and Jessica had settled down and raised a family of three handsome boys — three boys that Jessica loved with all her heart.

Ken had been killed two years ago. The shock had been almost unbearable for Jessica. She had found her fears coming back again, the fears that had tortured her for so long after her rape at the hands of Toby and his biker friends. She knew that it was ridiculous to be afraid of men, but she was nonetheless. The only man she hadn’t been afraid of after her terrible experience had been Ken, and now he was gone. Jessica now was faced with the need to get back into the swing of things after years of settled life with her husband. She knew that she would have to respond to men eventually. After all, she craved sex as much as she always had, and she craved it powerfully.

Now she was sitting next to a man who was willing and able to give her all the hot fucking she could take. She knew it and he knew it, but somehow she simply couldn’t bring herself to accept his advances. Of course Dale knew nothing about her ordeal with the bikers and the emotional scars the experience had left. Nobody knew about the incident except Ken and his immediate family, all of whom were tight-lipped about the incident. Jessica wondered how Dale felt about her, especially since she had given him so much hot pussy in high school. She hoped he would understand that she wanted to warm up to him but couldn’t. Somehow she didn’t think he would ever really understand.

“Sure you won’t change your mind, Jessica?” she heard Dale ask.

The sound of Dale’s voice brought her out of her reverie. She looked down at his hand and found it up under her dress, his fingers only a short distance from the crotch of her panties. She wriggled away from and brushed his hand off her leg.

“I’m sorry, Dale,” she said softly. “I just can’t. Not yet.”

“Okay, Jessica. I won’t force anything on you, baby. You know me. But whenever you’re ready you know that I’m waiting.” Dale reluctantly took his hand off her leg.

“I think I’d better get home, Dale darling,” she said, smiling up at the handsome man as warmly as she could under the circumstances.

“Sure you won’t stay a little longer?” Dale asked.

“The boys are probably waiting for me, Dale,” she smiled, thinking of her three boys.

“Come on, Jessica. I’ll drive you home. My bed’s sure gonna be cold tonight though!” Dale helped her to her feet and walked her to the door.

“Don’t be silly, Dale,” she laughed. “It’s eighty degrees outside!”

“You know what I mean, baby!” he said, putting his arm around her waist and walking her to his car.

“I do indeed!” she said, squeezing his hand, knowing that she too had an empty bed waiting for her.


An empty bed wasn’t the only thing that Jessica had waiting for her at home that night. She had her three sons, and her feelings for them had been bothering her lately, and for good reason.

Jessica had always loved her three handsome sons. How could she not? They were everything a woman could want in a family-handsome, athletic, bright, fun-loving and loyal sons who would warm the heart of any mother. The problem was that the three boys warmed more than her heart.

Jessica didn’t know for certain when or why her love for Rob, Jon and Bob had changed from pure mother love to something more dangerous and taboo, but she did recognize that the change had taken place after Ken’s death. It was almost as if her intense love for her husband, her sexual attachment to him, had been transferred to her three boys, the three boys who were Ken’s own flesh and blood.

Jessica saw in Rob, Jon and Bob many of their father’s qualities — qualities that she had always found irresistible. They were qualities that still made her pussy warm whenever she thought of them. Each of her sons seemed to have inherited enough from their father to stimulate her in a way that a mother dared not be stimulated by her sons.

Of course her sons had no idea that they were affecting their lovely mother so strangely. Jessica knew that they would never have guessed that her cunt was always warm and tingly whenever she was with them. Nobody would have been able to guess such a thing. She had never give it her boys any reason to suspect her of having lustful feelings for them, and she hoped never to give them reason to suspect. Still, there were times when she felt herself getting dangerously close to doing something unthinkable.

Often when she let her hand fall on one of her sons’ strong legs in a casual loving caress she had the urge to let her warm hand move up his leg and rest over the bulge of his crotch. Often when she had occasion to kiss one of her sons she had the urge to kiss him more deeply and sensuously than a mother dared kiss her own son. Often when she had occasion to be with one of her sons when he was dressing or undressing she had the urge to throw herself at him and jump headlong into the whirlpool of incestuous love. She had caught herself just in time on more than one occasion. She was beginning to wonder how many more times she could catch herself before she let herself slip off the edge of depravity.

Dale drove Jessica home that night and waked her to the door. He wanted her to invite him in of course, perhaps to have one last try at getting into her pants, but she managed to resist his advances again. She did manage to summon up enough courage to kiss him goodnight. She watched him drive away, wondering what he was thinking about her strangely aloof behavior.

Jessica waited until Dale’s car was out of sight and turned away from her front door. She had to take a long walk, had to have time to herself to think over the confusion of feelings that swirled about inside her. She walked for what seemed like hours, trying to reconcile her naked desire for her three boys with her duty as a mother. Something told her that it was only a matter of time before she took the first fateful step toward the relationship with her children that she both feared and longed for.

By the time Jessica got home it was quite late. She had lost track of time completely. She could tell from the silence that her sons were upstairs in bed. From the clutter of glazes and the remains of snacks on the coffee table she gathered that they had taken advantage of her unexpected long absence to watch the late show and fill their bellies with junk food. She cleaned up their mess and sat down in a comfortable chair, tossing her head back and letting her long silky hair cascade over her shoulders. She closed her eyes and relaxed for the first time that day.

Jessica was incredibly horny. Strangely enough the memory of her ordeal in the woods with the bikers always made her cunt steam. Dale had stimulated her too. She could still feel his eager hand moving up under her dress toward the warm nest of her cunt. Her thoughts of Rob, Jon and Bob hadn’t helped her cool down either. She desperately needed a cock in her cunt, or at least a pair of eager male lips and, a long wet tongue lapping at the rosy gash of her hot pussy.

Not having a man to give her what she needed forced her to make do the best she could. She felt her hand drawn between her legs as if to a magnet. She ran her hand down over her dress, smoothing the material along the perfect curve of her thigh. The warmth in her loins continued to grow, spreading all over her lovely body.

She sneaked her hand up along her naked thigh under her dress, looking down at her leg as it came into view. Her cunt was moist with desire, moist and twitching with unfulfilled passion.

Jessica gasped when she felt her own fingers against the damp crotch of her lacy panties. She moved, her fingers just a bit, feeling the itching and tingling in the dewy lips of her cunt. Her belly fluttered with pleasure as she stimulated her responsive pussy.

The hot-assed woman slipped her fingers down under her panties and fingered the naked flesh of her cuntlips until she could feel a fire raging between her lovely legs. She had to go upstairs to her bedroom now and play with her steaming pussy until she flashed off.

Jessica glided upstairs, listening carefully at the top of the stairs to hear whether or not her boys were asleep. Hearing no noise and seeing no light filtering under the three doors of her sons’ rooms she tiptoed into her own bedroom. The horny mother slipped out of her dress and stood before her full length mirror, admiring her perfect feminine form. She still had what it took to drive a man wild. Her long hair cascaded over her delicate shoulders like a golden waterfall, framing her naked tits with shimmering smoothness. Her thighs were vibrant, her hips seductively curved, her legs long and silky. Her entire body seemed to glow with beauty.

The lovely thirty-eight-year-old woman sat on a chair before her mirror, spreading her long lithe legs and staring at the rosy cunt that opened up lewdly in the mirror. How many men and boys had been driven wild by the sight, scent, taste and feel of her cunt? How many wonderful hours had she spent using her responsive cunt to make men crazy with lust? But it was all behind her now. She was afraid to give herself to a man for fear that he would hurt her as the cruel bikers had done so long before.

Jessica knew that her three sons would never treat her unkindly. She closed her eyes and imagined her son Rob standing in the room in front of her, his blue eyes glittering. She saw him standing before her wearing only his underpants. She saw him brush the cowlick out of his eyes and look down at his feet as if he felt her eyes roving over his nearly naked body. She imagined him shuffling his feet and fidgeting with his hands the way he always did when he was on the spot.

Jessica imagined beckoning him toward her, imagined him walking nervously toward her, stopping so close that she could reach out and touch him. And touch him she did. She felt her hand reaching out and touching his chest. She felt the warmth of his body soak into her loving hand, felt his heart beating harder and harder in his chest.

The sensations that seethed, within the hot-assed mother as she imagined her hand moving over Bob’s silken body were enough to make her dizzy. She burned with desire for her son, burned with incestuous lust for her son. She felt her hand moving over his strong chest and down over his hard stomach. She felt his muscles flexing nervously as her hand continued to explore his body.

Jessica could almost feel the waistband of his white briefs as, in her wild imagination, she hooked her fingers under the elastic of his garment. She stared between her son’s legs at the soft bulge beneath his underpants. She could see the swelling of his cock and balls. Jessica longed to see her son’s sexual equipment, longed to see how well her boy had developed since the last time she gazed at his cock and balls.

Jessica abandoned herself completely to her wild imagination, diddling her seething cunt while visions of her and her son danced through her mind. She burned inside when she saw herself drawing her son’s underpants down inch by inch, staring between his legs as more and more of his groin came into view.

She felt her body shudder when she saw the slight growth of brown fuzz below his belly. She saw her son squirm slightly as she drew his underwear down until she could see the soft prick that dangled between his legs. She pulled his underpants down all the way and let them fall around his ankles, staring hungrily at his naked dick and balls.

“Mom, what are you doin’?” she heard him ask in the daydream world of her hot imagination.

“I’m going to do wonderful things to you, Rob darling,” she said, reaching out and daring to touch the prick that hung between his tense legs.

“Mom!” Rob gasped when he felt her fingers on his dick. “Are… you… you really gonna touch me there?”

“Ill do more than touch you, darling,” she heard herself say in a voice dripping with lust.

Jessica held her son’s cock in her loving hand, moving it gently and watching Rob’s amazed expression as his cock started to lengthen and swell in her hand. She reached out with her other hand and cradled his balls, squeezing them gently while she fondled his dick. She saw every muscle in his fine body tighten as she excited his dick and balls.

“Gosh, Mom! It’s gettin’ bigger!” she heard him gasp as he stared down at his hardening dick.

“Yes it is, darling. It’s getting hard and long and thick, just the way I like it. Does it feel good, Rob?” she asked in her dream, her cunt tingling and twitching with the sensations of lust.

“It sure does feel good, Mom! Wow!”

“Let me rub it for you, son,” she breathed, holding his rock-hard prick with the fingers of one silken hand and rubbing the naked head of his swollen organ with the palm of the other hand.

Jessica saw Rob grow suddenly tense. He stood on his tiptoes and sucked in his breath as if the sensation she inspired in his dick and balls was too much for him to stand. She continued to rub gently, making him gasp with each stroke of her palm over the head of his hard rod.

“Do you like that too, Rob?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh yeah! Yeah!” he rasped.

“I’m sure you’ll like this too, Rob,” she smiled, wrapping her long silky fingers around the shaft of his cock and jerking him off ever so slowly, making his cock and nuts ache with excitement.

The horny mother beat her son off in her wild imagination until she knew he would shoot his wad in another second unless she stopped for a minute or two. She felt his dick suddenly swell to even greater proportions and snap up against her eager hand.

“Would you like to put your nice hard dick in my mouth, Rob?” she asked her hard-cocked son.

“Put… put it where?” he asked in amazement.

“In my mouth, darling,” she smiled wickedly. Now her cunt was twitching with hot desire far her son. “Come to Mom, Rob darling.”

Jessica imagined herself reaching out and puffing her hands on her boy’s ass. She imagined herself pulling her son toward her, closer and closer to her eager face. She moved him toward her until his jerking cock was only an inch or two away from her lips. The long hard thing was standing straight up against his hard belly, dripping with anticipation and looking as hard as steel and as smooth as velvet.

Unable to resist the temptation another second, Jessica pressed her warm and willing lips against the slippery head of Rob’s hard-on. She longed to taste his throbbing male flesh. She flicked out her tongue and touched it to the bulging purplish head of his rod, tasting his salty pre-cum and loving every free-flowing drop of it.

“Does that feel nice, darling?” she heard herself ask.

Rob made a dry rasping sound in reply to his lusty mother.

“If you liked that, Rob, I’m sure you’ll just love this,” she said, opening her mouth and sucking his dripping dick into her face.

Jessica imagined her son’s dick snapping up against the roof of her mouth when she began licking and sucking it. She ran her tongue from the head of his dick all the way to its root, making it harder and hotter and juicier by the second. She knew that her son was going wild with pleasure.

She felt Rob’s body shaking. She reached up and grabbed his cum-filled nuts, feeling them suddenly tighten between his legs. She knew that her virginal son was about to shoot his first wad down his own mother’s throat.

“Mom! Something’s happening to me! Oh gosh! Wow!” she heard her, son gasp when his nuts blew up.

Jessica was seething with desire now. Her fingers worked wildly between her naked legs, diddling the hot lips of her cunt. Her imaginary experience with Rob had her burning with sex-heat. She could almost taste Rob’s jism as it shot hot and hard down her throat.

“Rob! Shoot it! Fill my face with your cum!” The woman gasped, realizing that she was actually saying the words that went with her wild incestuous fantasy.

The hot-assed woman rubbed her juicy cunt harder and harder, making her body shake and shiver with pure delight. Her cunt ran with musky sex fluids that she just knew her son would love to lap up and suck into his mouth.

“I want to drink your cum, Rob! I want to feel it running down my throat! Oh God! I need it! Fill me with it! You’ll feel so wonderful when you come, Rob!” she moaned as she rubbed her hot twat.

Jessica worked her hand against her slippery cunt while she kneaded the flesh of her naked breasts with her other hand. She was low in the chair, her long naked legs spread widely, her cunt open and rosy with passion. Her hard nipples were tingling with desire. Her areolas were goose pimpled with excitement. Her body glowed with sensuality. She was a mind-boggling sight for Rob to see when he slowly opened the door and walked softly into her bedroom.

Rob was unable to utter a word when he saw his mother doing something strange to her cunt. He didn’t know exactly what she was doing, but somehow he didn’t think he was supposed to see her doing it. He wanted to turn and leave as quietly as he had come in, but something rooted him to the spot. He wanted to say something to let her know that he was there so she wouldn’t think he was spying on her, but he was paralyzed.

His beautiful mother sure seemed to enjoy what she was doing to herself. She moaned and groaned, but it wasn’t in pain. She seemed to be feeling something like he did when he rubbed his cock and made it hard. He craned his neck to try and get a better look between her legs. When he saw her rosy gash spread like that he almost keeled over with excitement.

Rob was actually looking at his own mother’s pussy! He could hardly believe what was happening to him. He hadn’t ever seen a woman naked, much less looked between a woman’s legs at her cunt. The only women he had seen naked were in some magazines that his brother Jon had brought home one night. Seeing his mother naked like that a whole lot better than looking at pictures.

Rob knew that he should leave the room. It just wasn’t right for him to be there watching his mother do whatever she was doing to herself. He didn’t really want to leave though, and of course he couldn’t even if he had wanted to, so petrified was he at the moment. His cock was becoming petrified too? He felt his prick getting long and hard between his trembling legs. He had been getting embarrassed a lot lately, when his cock got stiff and stood out in his pants. It made a big bulge that all the girls could see if they looked in the right direction. He had to jerk off every time his dick got that way. If he didn’t make the white stuff squirt out of his dick the thing would stay hard all day.

Rob wanted to haul out his stiff dick and beat off right there, right there in his mother’s room. There was something strangely stimulating about being in such a dangerous situation. His mother was incredibly beautiful, after all. He had noticed her beauty before, of course, but he had never seen her looking as sexy as she did now. Just standing there and watching her rub that secret place between her legs made his balls ache.

His mother had been muttering something when he walked in, something that he couldn’t quite make out. She was opening her lips again now, as if she were talking in her sleep. Rob remembered that he sometimes said things when he was jerking off, dirty things that made his cock tingle. He wondered if that was what his mother was doing. Could it be that his mother was rubbing her pussy the way he rubbed his cock to make himself feel good? He had no idea that women did such things, especially not his own mother. He sure was learning a lot about sex lately, he thought. He had no idea how much more he would learn in the next few days.

Jessica was driving herself wild with naked lust for her son. Even as he stood there in the shadows watching her, she let her mind call up the most stimulating images of him. She saw him standing in front of her with his cock hanging half-hard in front of him, still dribbling cum after he had shot off in her sweet face. She imagined his dick using in a moment or two as if he were suddenly as horny at he had been at the start of their activities. Her cunt was still blazing with sexual fire. She needed his dick inside her, needed to feel his stiff cock pushing in and out of her seething cunt.

“I want you to fuck me, Rob darling,” she heard herself say, her body tingling all over with sexual electricity. “I want you to take that stiff thing of yours and put it between my legs. I want you to stick it into my cunt, Rob. I want you to fuck me hard and fast, lover. Don’t be afraid. I’ll teach you how to fuck your mother just the way she loves it. I’ll teach you so much about fucking!”

Rob couldn’t believe his ears. He listened carefully to the words his mother was muttering in the heat of her masturbating passion. He couldn’t make out all of them, but he heard enough to realize that she was talking to him. It seemed impossible. She was thinking about him while she rubbed her cunt in a hot frenzy. It almost made him dizzy with confusion and strange excitement.

Jessica imagined Rob walking toward her as she fell back on her bed. She spread her long legs and invited her son to sink his cock into her juicy cunt. In her imagination he eagerly accepted her invitation, falling on her and driving his rock-hard prick into her seething cunt. Jessica felt her son’s dick plunge into her hot wet cunt. It would have been the first cock she had had in her cunt in two years. It was the most delicious sensation she could imagine.

“Oh, Rob, fuck me! Move it in and out of me! Make me scream, lover! I don’t care if you are my son! I don’t care how taboo it is! Use that beautiful cock on me! Fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me! Screw your mother! Screw me!” she begged, her cunt on fire with lust for her son.

Rob stared wide-eyed at his mother’s inadvertent display. His dick was as hard as a rod of steel in his pants. His balls were hot and tense between his legs. He breathed harder and faster. His heart pounded in his chest. He had to get away, had to feel the lascivious scene in front of him. He didn’t dare let his mother see him there now.

Somehow Rob summoned up all his strength and tore himself away. He was so excited and nervous, however, that he ran right into the half-open door, making enough racket to attract anyone’s attention.

Jessica almost died when she saw her son in her room. His back was to her now, but she knew that he had seen her playing with her cunt. It was too horrible to be true. Her daydream of lust disappeared immediately, but not the burning desire that blazed in her twat.

“Rob!” she cried, jumping up and striding over to her son.

Jessica grabbed Rob’s shoulder and held him fast. She shivered with fear and excitement. She felt his warmth radiating through her hand. Her other hand ran down his side. She wanted to run her hand around in front of him and grab his cock, but she resisted the temptation somehow.

“What are you doing here, Rob?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“N-nothin’, Mom! Honest! I didn’t see anything!” her son gasped, barely able to get any words out at all.

“Go to your room now, Rob,” she said. “We’ll have to talk this over later.”

Jessica closed the door behind her son. She had to pull herself together. She had to assess the situation. She had to do something to get herself out of the mess she had gotten herself into.


There was no escaping the fact that Rob had been watching her playing with her cunt. He had heard her say the mast obscene things, too, and had heard her use his name in the heat of her lustful fantasy. He knew that she had been thinking of him while stimulating her cunt. What could he possibly think of her? He hadn’t been able to look her in the eye before he left the room as fast as his feet could carry him. At first Jessica wandered if she could ever face her son again. He was an impressionable young man. She knew that he hadn’t had any real experience with girls yet, but he wasn’t completely uninformed about the facts of sexuality. He had to have a good idea of what she was doing to herself, and he probably would realize that he himself had made her cunt tingle that night by stimulating her wild imagination.

Jessica had to face him, and she had to do it that night. She had to find some way of explaining what had happened. It was now or never, before the experience had a chance to stir up Rob’s imagination and change the way he felt about his mother. But she wasn’t really ready to face her son again so soon. She needed a chance to let the heat of her pussy cool down a bit, but she knew that she had to act quickly. Her belly fluttering with fear and embarrassment, Rob’s horny mother threw on her gown and ran on tiptoes down the hall to her son’s bedroom.

She waited outside his closed door for a moment or two, trying to gather her wits about her and waiting for her heart to stop beating so hard and fast. She listened carefully, holding her breath when she heard something in his room. The light was off, but she knew that he couldn’t have gone to sleep so soon after his mind-boggling experience in her bedroom. She thought she heard the creaking of bedsprings. She knew that she should control herself, but it was too late now. She had to find out what he was doing. If Rob was doing what she thought he was doing in his bed it would be the most exciting thing she had seen in years.

Jessica fell to her knees in front of her son’s door, peering through the keyhole and gasping at what she saw. A wash of moonlight streamed in through her son’s open window, just enough light to illuminate his naked body. He was lying on his back in bed, his fingers wrapped around the hard shaft of his cock. He was jerking off in a frenzy, his hand flying up and down over the stiff shaft of his dick.

Her cunt almost melted as she peeked in on her son’s masturbating. She couldn’t resist the temptation to reach under her gown and work her fingers between the lips of her steaming pussy. She was dizzy with excitement. She knew how depraved it was to watch her son doing such a thing, but the taboo made it even more stimulating for her.

Her son was going at it in a frenzy, bouncing up and down on his bed, bucking his ass and bouncing harder and harder by the minute. She stared at his heaving body and secretly wished that it was straining against her. She could almost feel his smooth hard prick slipping in and out of her tight wet cunt-hole.

Rob’s imagination was going wild too. He couldn’t get out of his mind the wildly exciting memory of his mother sitting in her bedroom and diddling her steaming pussy. He could see the rosy lips of her cunt before his eyes. He could see her nimble fingers tugging at her ragged cuntlips, glistening with moisture. He could see her big beautiful tits naked and tempting, her nipples stiff and inviting. He imagined himself walking toward her, getting on his knees between her spread legs and watching what she was doing to herself.

Rob suddenly realized that his mother had to be the most beautiful woman in the whole world. When he considered the fact that she had been muttering all kinds of dirty things and begging him to fuck her he thought he wouldn’t be able to stand the aching in his nuts another second. She was his mother and she had begged him to fuck her! It was almost too much for him to comprehend.

Jessica couldn’t help herself any longer. She felt herself rising to her feet as if motivated by some force stronger than her power to resist. She felt herself being driven by her incestuous lust for her son. She felt her hand move to the doorknob, felt the door slowly open, felt herself gliding into her son’s room.

She stood silently in the shadows watching Rob bounce up and down in his bed, his fingers firmly wrapped around the long hard shaft of his prick. His balls were bouncing between his legs. His muscles were tense. She knew that he was on the brink of coming. She had to stop him before it was too late. She needed his cock hard and his balls full of jizz.

“Hello, Rob,” she said loudly enough for him to hear.

Jessica watched as Rob stopped beating off and jumped out of bed as if the house were on fire. He made a dash for his clothes, which were lying in a pile by the bed. Jessica moved close to him, standing only a foot or so away from his clothes so that when he bent over to retrieve them his face would be right between her legs.

Jessica put her hand on Rob’s naked shoulder and held him in his bent-over position. She seethed with depraved desire, seethed with the urge to do something taboo. She took a deep breath and parted her gown, letting him see her naked cunt Rob couldn’t believe his eyes. He bunked uncontrollably. His mouth fell open. He stared wild-eyed between his mother’s legs. She was really ending there in his room. It wasn’t a dream any longer. It wasn’t enough that she had caught him in the act of jerking off. She was actually exposing herself to him. Her gown couldn’t have gotten open all by itself. She stood there letting him stare between her legs at her furry nest.

Rob’s rigid dick jerked between his legs. He had been ready to squirt all the way to the ceiling when she had suddenly appeared in his room. Now his nuts felt as if they would blow up like hand grenades at any minute. What did his beautiful mother want of him? Didn’t she know that she was having a powerful effect on him. Didn’t she knew that she was making his dick and balls ache with tension?

“Do you like what you see, Rob?” his mother asked, her pussy trembling with excitement.

Rob made a rattling sound in his throat. He was too excited to say anything intelligible, and too confused.

“Would you like to see more, Rob,” she asked, her belly fluttering.

Rob looked up and answered silently with his glittering eyes. Jessica held out her hand and helped him to his feet. She stepped away from her son and let her eager eyes rove over his naked body. She smiled wickedly at him, smiled a smile that no mother dared smile at her own son.

“Well, Rob, do you like your mother’s body?” she asked, shrugging her shoulders and letting her transparent gown fall to the floor.

Rob nodded weakly. The fact was that he loved his mother’s body. She was at least as beautiful as any of the girls in the sexy magazines his brother had shown him. Just looking at her made him weak all over. He wanted to reach out and feel her naked tits. He wanted to bury his face in her breasts and feel her naked flesh against his cheeks. The more he stared at her the more he wanted to lose himself in her beauty.

“You’re growing up fast, Rob,” Jessica smiled, reaching out and touching his cheek. “You’re so strong and handsome. All that swimming you’ve been doing lately has made you wonderfully fit. Just look at those muscles.” She let her warm hand slide down to his shoulder.

The lovely mother squeezed her son’s upper arm and felt his strong muscles moving beneath her fingers. She let her hand move from his upper arm back to his broad shoulder and down aver his chest. His heart was racing with excitement. She kept moving her warm silky hand over his body, driving him wild. Her fingers trailed down over his hard stomach and stopped at the slight growth of hair on his groin.

“Do you know what I was doing when you came into my room awhile ago Rob?” she asked in a honeyed voice.

“No, Mom,” he lied.

“Really?” she breathed, letting her fingers move down over his groin, stopping just near the base of his cock.

“Well… I guess I might know,” he said in a hoarse voice.

“And what do you think I was doing, Rob darling? Don’t be afraid or embarrassed, Rob. Alter all, you are my son. You have nothing to hide from your mother. Now what do you think I was doing to myself?” Her fingers dared to press against the stiff root of her son’s jerking prick.

“Were you… were you doin’ somethin’ like I was? I mean…” her son struggled, his body stiffening when he felt the tips of his mother’s fingers on the shaft of his aching cock.

“I know exactly what you mean, Rob,” she purred. “You were jacking off. Isn’t that what you boys call it when you wrap your hand around your nice cocks and make yourself feel good? And I was playing with my pussy, wasn’t I, darling?”

Rob nodded his head. She was saying things to him that he had never heard her say before. He hadn’t event thought that she knew such dirty words. Not only was she talking dirty, but she was talking dirty to him, her own son. It made him feel funny inside.

“Did you enjoy watching me do that to myself, Rob?” she asked. “Did it make your cock all stiff?”

“Uh-huh,” he muttered, staring at his mother’s naked tits, not daring to look into her lovely eyes.

“Did I make you this horny, darling? Did I make you so horny that you had to go up to your room and jack off so that you could get to sleep? Don’t be embarrassed, Rob,” she teased, lifting her son’s face and making him stare into her glittering eyes.

“I… I guess so, Mom,” her son managed to say. “I… I couldn’t help it, Mom. Honest, I didn’t mean anything. I couldn’t help it.”

“Rob, darling, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Really. Any boy would get excited if he saw a woman playing with her pussy. It’s perfectly natural. And what else could you do but beat off after an experience like that?” she asked soothingly.

“But… but you’re my mom!”

“I know, Rob. But that doesn’t have to stop us, does it?”

“Stop us?” her son rasped, his rod throbbing.

“That’s right, Rob darling, I don’t think our relationship should stop us from having fun together, do you?” she asked, abandoning herself to her lusty urges.

“… what… what kind of fun, Mom?” Rob dared to ask.

“I don’t know exactly yet, Rob. Why don’t we find out? What would you like to do?” she asked, wrapping her long slender fingers around the dripping shaft of his cock.

“G-gosh, Mom! I-I don’t know!” he rasped, gasping when his mother grabbed his hard-on. “Gosh, Mom! What… what are you doin’?”

Jessica took her hand off her son’s cock and walked away from him, not wanting to frighten him by suddenly being too bold. She sauntered around the room, wiggling her pretty ass all the while and letting him have a good long look at her nude form. Then she turned and approached him again, tossing her long hair behind her and looking like the sex-hungry vixen she was.

“Since you enjoyed watching me play with my cunt, why don’t I just put on a little show for you? I’ll diddle myself and let you watch. You can get as close to my pussy as you wish. Doesn’t that make those big balls of yours ache a little?” she asked in a voice smoldering with sex-heat, knowing that she was driving her boy wild with lust.

“You… you really mean it, Mom?” Rob gasped, gazing at her.

“Of course, darling. I’ll show you how much I mean it.” The hot-used older woman smiled as she sat on the edge of her son’s bed and spread her long slender legs.

“But, we shouldn’t. It’s dirty… isn’t it?” he choked, staring at the pussy that opened lewdly when she spread her legs.

“It’s a bit unusual, darling, I must admit that. But life is just full of unusual and unexpected occurrences, and they’re very often the most enjoyable of all Rob, it makes me hot all over just thinking about the things we could do together. I would just love to teach you all about the things boys and girls can do together. And who could teach a boy better than his own mother? Don’t you agree, Rob? I knew you would,” she cooed, reaching between her legs and spreading her cunt open even more with her two fingers.

Jessica beckoned for her naked boy to come to her. He obeyed somewhat nervously, walking toward her stiff-legged, his rigid dick bobbing up and down in front of him as he moved. She saw a droplet of crystal clear pre-cum glistening on his cockhead. She knew that he would do anything she said, knew that her inexperienced son would willingly jump with her into the whirlpool of incestuous lust.

When Rob was close to her she told him to get down on his knees between her legs. He obeyed, unable to take his eyes off her spread-open cunt even for a second. He watched while, she manipulated the rosy lips of her seething pussy. Her cunt was wet and steaming with desire. Her son felt as if all of his strength had been sapped from his body. He didn’t dare resist the spell that his mother had mysteriously cast over him.

“Watch carefully now, Rob. I’ll show you how to make a woman feel just wonderful with your fingers,” she purred, her twat tingling all over with depraved passion. “Watch carefully, darling. I’m sure that this will make you very popular with the ladies.”

The hot-assed mother let her fingers graze the flesh of her cunt, making her pussy twitch and tingle with excitement. She rubbed, the little bud of her clit until her entire body shivered with delight. His eyes were glued between her legs as she stoked her hot little clit. The taboo of the situation made her head swim with excitement. She was actually letting her watch her play with her cunt. It was enough to make her pussy drip with honey.

“Do you see this hot looking place between my pussy-lips, lover?” she asked her son.

Rob nodded excitedly. He saw the place all right. It seemed to glow bright pink. She rubbed it with the tips of her fingers and it made her shudder when she touched it. He wondered if it made her feel the way he did when he rubbed the head of his hard dick with his thumb.

“You must always stimulate this place, Rob. Remember that, darling. This is my clit. Girls just love to have their tits played with. Your cock will rub against my clit and make me hot inside, Rob!” she said excitedly, tasting the words on her lips.

“My… my… my what?” he gasped, not believing his ears.

“Never mind, lover,” she laughed. “There’s plenty of time for that.”

Jessica knew that she shouldn’t introduce her innocent son to too many new and exciting things all at once. She wanted to give him a crash course in hot fucking and sucking, but it wasn’t necessary to confuse him all at once. She preferred to let things come smoothly and naturally.

“I just love to have a man’s fingers inside my cunt, Rob,” Jessica said in a lascivious voice, poking a stiffened finger between the rubbery lips of her dripping cunt.

Seething with depraved desire, the hot-assed mother finger fucked herself while her son watched. She spread her legs wider than ever and moved her forefinger in and out of her tight wet cunt-hole, slowly at first, but with ever increasing speed and urgency.

“Do you like watching me, Rob?” she asked in a sultry voice.

He nodded. He had never seen anything as nasty and exciting as this before.

“Would you like to try it yourself?” she asked, her voice carefully controlled so as not to betray her own nervousness.

“Try… try it myself?” he asked hoarsely.

“That’s right, lover. Wouldn’t you like to touch your mother’s cunt?”

“Can I? Really, Mom? Is it… is it all right? I mean… uh… isn’t that kinda… kinda…” he struggled.

“Nasty?” she suggested with a knowing smile. “Of course it is nasty, Rob. It’s awfully nasty. Nothing could be nastier. But the nasty things are always the most fun. And of course nobody needs to know about it but us. In fact, Rob, we must be very careful not to let anybody in on our little secret. Do you understand?”

“I won’t tell, Mom,” Rob promised in a quavering voice.

“Wonderful! Then why don’t you come a little closer, Rob? Come closer to your mother’s cunt. It’s all hot and ready for you. Come and feel your mother’s pussy, darling,” she said, crooking her finger and beckoning the teen toward her seething snatch.

He moved between his mother’s legs, walking on his knees until he was close enough to reach out and touch her cunt. He raised his hand, but found that he couldn’t move it toward her secret place without her help. She took his hand in hers and guided it between her legs. When Rob felt the incredible, heat and moistness of his mother’s fragrant cunt he began moving his fingers against her wet flesh.

The silken smoothness of his mother’s cunt-flesh amazed him. Her cunt seemed to grow hotter and hotter the more he played with her. His fingertips glided over her rose inner flesh. Her pussy flowed like a fountain of honey between her legs. He touched the trembling lips of his mother’s pussy, touched them until she begged him to put his finger against the hot bud of her clit.

“Touch my clit, Rob! Oh God! It’s so hot, so fucking hot! Stroke me there lover! Oh yes! That’s so wonderful! Press it for me! Press my little clit.”

Rob’s quivering cock was standing up against his belly, dripping with pre-seminal fluid. His balls were swollen with cum, feeling as if they would bunt at any second. The sound of his mother’s sultry voice, the sound of her moans of delight, made him wild inside. He would do anything for his seductive mother, anything at all. “I want you to lick me, darling!” she gasped, dying to have Rob’s handsome face buried between her legs.

“Lick you? Huh, Mom?” Rob rasped, looking up at her glittering eyes.

Did she really want him to that to her? The idea sounded great to him, he had heard some of the older guys at school talking about eating pussy, but he never thought he would ever be eating his mother’s pussy.

“Lick my cunt, Rob! Hurry! I need it so! Lick it! Make your mother come, Rob!” she cried, her twat blazing.

Jessica reached down and put her hands behind Rob’s head and pulled him toward her cunt. He made no effort to resist. Jessica knew that he was having the time of his life. She wondered if he could learn to suck her cunt as well as his father had.

As his mother’s cunt came closer he became more and more interested in tasting it. The scent and sight of her cunt drove him wild with passion. He breathed her intoxicating scent deeply into his lungs. If her pussy tasted as good as it looked and smelled, he thought, it had to be the greatest taste treat in the world.

“Oh yes! Yesssssssss! That’s it, Rob! Lick me! Lick me, son! Don’t be afraid! Lick my cunt!” she hissed when she felt her son’s warm moist breath against the naked flesh between her legs.

Rob buried his face between her legs and gave himself up completely to the intoxication that made his head reel. He felt her seething cunt against his cheek. He began moving his head to and fro, rubbing his smooth cheeks against the even softer and smoother flesh of his mother’s wet cunt. When he dared to press his lips against her cunt-flesh he felt his mother’s body stiffen suddenly.

“God, it’s beautiful! Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” Jessica gasped, amazed at how hot her inexperienced son could make her feel.

Encouraged by his mother’s moans and groans of pure delight, he flicked out his tongue and began lapping at her juicy gash. The taste of her luscious hot cunt was enough to hook him for life. He loved running his tongue up and down the juicy crack between her legs. Her pussy seemed to get wetter all the time as her feminine juices flowed. He sucked her cunt-honey into his mouth, savoring the stimulating taste.

“My clit, darling! Lick my clit! Faster! Harder! Oh, Rob! You’re doing it so beautifully! Lick me! Eat my hot fucking cunt, son! You’re going to make me come!” she cried.

Rob did as he was told, and did it with all his eagerness. His tongue raced over his mother’s hard little bud, making her shiver and shake with ultimate pleasure. Rob felt her legs wrapping around his shoulders, holding his face against her seething gash.

The sensations in Jessica’s cunt were growing more and more intense by the second. She knew that she was about to flash in ecstasy. Her cunt felt as if it were charged with electricity. His tongue flew up and down between her quivering cuntlips until all of a sudden her pussy flashed with pleasure.

“Oh God! I’m coming! I’m commmminnnnnggggg!” she cried as her hot cunt flashed with sensation.

Jessica felt her pussy flooding with warmth. She felt dams bursting inside her, felt a flood of pleasure that would surely carry her away. Her body writhed in ecstasy as her orgasm tore through her like a torrent. She held her handsome son tightly to her, pressing his face against her exploding cunt. It was the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She came again and again, and each flash was more beautiful than the one before.

Jessica closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the pleasure that flooded her mind. She almost forgot for a moment about her son whose face was buried between her legs. She suddenly became aware that her son was gasping for breath. When she realized that she was holding him too tightly she loosened her hold on him.

“That was just lovely, Rob. You made me come, darling. Now I want to make you feel good too. Rob, darling come here and give me that big beautiful cock of yours. I’m going to finish the job you started yourself. I’m going to jerk you off and make you shoot your wad,” she smiled wickedly, staring at the dripping dick that stood up straight as an arrow from his groin.

Rob got off his knees and stood in front of his lovely mother. He tried to look and act as if he were not at all nervous, but there was no hiding his excitement. His arms dangled at his side. He fidgeted clumsily as his mother reached out to take his cock in her fingers.

Jessica took Rob’s hands and put them on his hips. He managed somehow to keep his hands on his hips while she jerked him off. She wrapped her silken fingers around the slippery shaft of his rigid prick and began moving her hand up and down with a steady rhythm.

“Does that feel good, Rob?” she asked in a voice full of naked lust.

“Yeah, Mom!” Rob rasped. “It feels great!” Jessica moved her hand faster and faster as her son’s tension grew. His dick and nuts were already aching for release, and she knew it. She knew that it would be only a matter of seconds before he shot his wad. Her hand flew up and down on his cock-shaft. His nuts were bouncing up and down with each stroke, of her hand on his rod. She reached up and cradled her son’s nuts in her warm hand. She felt the heavy egg-shaped orgasm, knowing that they were loaded with hot cum. She was about to make her son shoot his first load into a woman’s hand. Her own son was about to fill her hand with cum. It was enough to make her nearly faint with excitement.

“G-gosh, Mom! I-I’m gonna shoot it if you don’t stop!” he rasped.

“I want you too, lover! I want you to shoot that cum right into my hand, Rob! Do it, darling! Do it now!” the hot-assed mother hissed, beating him off in a frenzy.

Rob’s dick suddenly snapped up harder than ever in her hand. He sucked in his breath as a stream of hot cum shot from, the head of his swollen rod. His mother squeezed him tightly as another spurt and another and another shot from his cock. His jism kept flying from his dick in what seemed like a never ending volley. His cum poured from his cock until Jessica’s hand was full of it. Some of it splattered against her naked tits and her silky throat. It ran down her naked breasts and over her nipples, making them tingle with delightful sensation.

Jessica kept milking his dick, squeezing it gently and forcing more and more of his hot cum to rise from his nuts. She held his balls with one hand while she beat him off with the other. She kneaded his balls gently, rolling them around in his tight sac. She ran her fingers down between his legs, almost to the ring of his anus, pressing hard and making his balls feel better than they had ever felt before. He almost collapsed when his wad shot. He had to put his hands on his mother’s shoulders to steady himself. He breathed heavily, his heart racing. It was the wildest thing that had ever happened to him.

Jessica rubbed her hands together, feeling the slipperiness of her boy’s cum on her palms. She knew that he had enjoyed the experience as much as she had, knew too that he would be willing to join her in other depraved sexyak activities. She held him gently for a while as his body relaxed after its exertion. Then she kissed him on the lips and told him to run along to bed.

“Get a good sleep, Rob,” she smiled. “You really must keep your strength up if we’re going to play like this more often. And remember, not a word about this to anyone. Promise?”

“I promise, Mom,” he said, knowing that there would be a lot of fun in store for him.


A few days passed before Jessica again dared to approach one of her boys with sexual intentions. Rob seemed to have taken it very well. He hadn’t mentioned what had happened, although the way he looked at her told her that he wanted more of the same whenever she was ready to give it to him. He had been spending a lot of time in the house with her while his two athletic brothers went about their usual summer activities. She knew that Rob was hoping that she would turn him on again while his brothers were out of the house.

She managed to resist temptation for awhile, but one afternoon her incestuous desires became too much for her again. Bob and Jon were at the school playing basketball while Rob stayed at home. Rob was obviously horny. Jessica could tell from the way he sat with his legs spread, letting her see his crotch whenever he had the chance. She could tell by the sway he followed her around, too. He wouldn’t let her out of his sight for a minute.

Finally Jessica led Rob by the hand into the living room and closed the curtains. Her cunt was steaming now. She could see Rob’s cock sticking down the leg of his pants. He was as horny as she was, and she saw no reason not to take advantage of the situation.

“Well Rob, are you ready to play again?” she asked, standing before her son with her hands on her curvy hips.

“Gosh yeah, Mom!” Rob said, sitting up straight on the sofa. “I’ve been ready for a long time!”

“I thought so, Rob. You’re a very horny boy. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have a boy as horny and handsome as you. I’m a very horny woman, you know,” she smiled. “I need a tireless stud to take care of me, darling.”

“Gosh, Mom. I… I’ll take care of you,” her son said, flushing with embarrassment and looking nervously down at his feet.

Overcome by warmth for her somewhat bashful son, Jessica sat down and hugged him. She felt her breasts crushing up against him beneath her silk blouse. She felt her nipples hardening and tingling with excitement.

“Would you like to suck my titties, Rob?” she asked, her cunt burning with excitement.

“You really want me to?” He stared at the hard peaks of tit-flesh that stood out beneath her silk blouse.

“I’d just love it, Rob. We’re all alone here, darling,” she purred. “We may as well make ourselves comfortable. If you suck my titties and make my breasts feel all warm and tingly I’ll suck something for you. How does that sound, son?” she asked, unbuttoning her blouse.

“Wow! It sounds great, Mom!” her son said excitedly, watching his mother bare her breasts for him. “Will you really suck me?”

“I’ll suck you and make you shoot your cum down my throat. Would you like to finish this for me?” she asked, letting her arms fall to her sides and facing her son, her blouse half unbuttoned, her full tits swelling with warmth and beauty, just waiting to be completely exposed.

“Sure, Mom! I’d do anything for you!” the horny kid said in a voice full of tension and eagerness.

“I believe you really would, Rob,” she smiled.

Jessica snuggled closer to her son. He attacked the buttons of her blouse eagerly but a bit nervously. She knew that the experience was still new and a little frightening to her son. In fact, incest was still new and a bit frightening to her too, but the taboo made her hornier and more determined to indulge herself.

When Jessica felt her son’s fingers moving over her tits she shivered with utter delight. His fingers fumbled with her buttons, tickling her sensitive breasts through the thin material of her blouse as he undid her garment. It wasn’t long before her son managed, somewhat clumsily, to open her blouse completely.

His luscious mother thrust out her naked breasts toward him, making a lewd sexual display that made Rob’s dick tingle and jerk in his pants. He stared at the huge bulging knockers that his lovely mother so eagerly presented for his inspection. He stared at the goose-pimpled flesh of her areolas, stared at the hard little peaks of erect flesh that stood out wantonly. The little points of flesh begged to be touched, begged to be sucked and nibbled. Her son was dizzy with excitement. His entire body felt charged with electricity. He could hardly help burying his face between her huge tits, although he somehow managed to wait until she gave the word.

Jessica put her hands under her tits and lifted them, squeezing them a bit, weighing them one at a time in her warm hands. Her breasts tingled and twitched with pleasure. She loved showing her knockers to her son, loved the lewd display she was putting on for him. She had to feel his warm willing lips pressing against the hard peaks of her nipples.

“Would you like to kiss me there, darling?” she asked, her cunt blazing with desire. “Would you like to kiss your mother’s titties? Come to me, Rob. Don’t be afraid. We’re all alone. No one will ever know what we’re going to do together.”

“Kiss my breasts, lover. I want your lips on my tits.”

Rob watched her full firm breasts rising and falling gently as she breathed. Her flesh jiggled slightly as she kneaded her knockers. Her nipples were stiff and inviting. He wanted to suck her tits just as he had as a baby. The urge was overwhelming.

Jessica gasped when her son buried his face between her softly resilient tits, breathing heavily and rubbing his cheeks against her silken boobs. She wrapped her arms around her son and held him to her in a warm embrace.

“Kiss my nipples, lover!” she said excitedly, putting her hands against her son’s cheeks and looking down at him with twinkling eyes that glimmered with wild passion.

Rob moved toward her luscious tits, breathing heavily against them. When he pressed his lips gently to them, he felt her body tremble. She closed her eyes in ecstatic abandon. Encouraged by her reaction to his lip caress her son did new and more daring things to her. He started by pressing his lips against her nipple. Then he began tickling her with the tip of his eager tongue. Soon his lips were wrapped around her hard tit-peak and he was sucking like a baby at his mother’s breast.

The wet slurping sounds her son made as he greedily sucked her tits made Jessica hornier by the second. The feel of her own son’s lips and tongue working against her stiff nipple was driving her mad with desire for her son.

“Oh Rob! Rob, darling! Suck me! Suck my tits! Suck them just the way you did when you were a baby! Nibble them too, darling! Gently, Rob! Oh yes! Yesssssssss!” she hissed. “I love it! I love everything you do to me, Rob!”

Jessica arched her back a bit and unfastened her skirt, wriggling out of it in no time. She pulled her panties down and sat with her son stark naked on the sofa, her blouse and skirt lying in a pile on the floor. Rob’s eager hands were everywhere at once. She encouraged him by making little gurgling sounds in her throat when he did something that she particularly liked. She loved to feel his hands roving aver her naked feminine form while he sucked her hot tits.

Rob explored his mother’s curvy body eagerly, letting his hands run all over her naked flesh. He squeezed her tits and ran his hands down over her silken belly. He squeezed her thighs and tangled his lingers in the downy patch of cunt-hair between her trembling legs. She seemed to like it all. There was no place she wouldn’t let him touch her, no secret place that wasn’t open to him now.

Jessica’s cunt was heating up like a blast furnace. She had to have his hand between her legs. She had to feel his fingers working against the seething flesh of her cunt. She had to let her son play with her pussy again. Her cunt dripped for him.

“Touch me there, Rob! Please!” his mother whimpered, guiding her son’s warm hand between her legs.

Rob dipped his hand between her legs and began manipulating the dew-covered lips of his mother’s seething pussy. He ran his finger into her tight wet aunt, crooking it inside her and driving her wild. She felt his finger entering her cunt-hole like a little dick. She felt his fingertip stimulating the inner flesh of her cunt as if her son knew exactly how to turn a woman on. Her son was learning fast.

“That’s just wonderful, Rob! I love having your finger inside me! Fuck rite with your finger, darling! Oh God, I love it!”

Rob slid to the floor and knelt between his mother’s spread legs. He rubbed the palm of his hand against the wet gash of her aunt, looking up at her to watch her reaction. Her face wore an expression of pure pleasure. He knew that he was doing exactly what she liked. Encouraged, her son jabbed his finger between the rubbery lips of her hot slit and began finger-fucking his mother with a passion.

“In and out, Rob! That’s right, lover! It’s delicious! Rub my clit with your finger while you’re fucking me with your other finger! Oh Jesus! Yes! Yesssssssss!”

Rob finger-fucked his mother harder and faster, jabbing his finger in and out wildly. Her cunt juices made wet slurping sounds as he moved his rigid digit in and out of her. He felt her cunt grasping his finger, pulling at it somehow, as if she were trying to suck it into her. His fist banged against her juicy cunt with each thrust of his finger into her.

“Put another finger in me, Rob!” she cried, dying to have her cunt filled.

Rob pushed another finger into his mother’s hungry cunt, then another and another and another until his whole hand was buried between her legs. She moaned and groaned with desire as he wiggled his fingers around inside her hot pussy. He twisted his hand like a corkscrew, fucking his fingers deeper and deeper into her seething channel.

“It’s wonderful!” she gasped. “It’s dirty and wonderful! Move your hand up my cunt, son! Make a fist inside me! Oh yes! Gently at first, darling! Oh God! God have it!”

“Does it feel good Mom?” her son asked. “Doesn’t it hurt or anything?” he asked amazedly, feeling her flesh stretching around his fist.

“It doesn’t hurt, darling, not much anyway. It’s hard to describe how it feels, Rob. It feels so warm and hot inside me. I want you to move your fist now. I want to feel your knuckles moving against the walls of my hot fucking cunt!” she gasped.

Rob did as he was urged, twisting his fist at first and then moving his hand in and out of her. He was buried in her all the way past his wrist. He began stroking in and out of her sucking cunt with ever increasing speed and urgency until she was panting and gasping for breath. His arm was wet with her fragrant and tasty cunt-honey. Just remembering how her pussy had tasted made him hungry for more of the same.

“Mom, can I… uh… can I lick it again for you?” she heard her son ask.

“Oh yes! Keep your hand inside me and lick me at the same time! Can you do that for your mother, Rob? That would make me so happy, so very, very happy!” she cried.

“Gosh yeah, Mom! I wanna! I wanna do anything that makes you feel good! I like lickin’ your pussy! It makes my dick harder than hell!” he rasped, bending between his lovely mother’s legs and lapping her cunt.

The cunt-hungry kid licked the juncture of his arm and his mother’s tight grasping cunt until she whimpered with passion. His tongue raced around the stretched opening between her trembling legs. He lapped up her free-flowing honey and sucked it into his mouth, thrilling to the taste of her warm juices. He kept moving his fist in and out of her at the same time, whipping her sex fluids into a heady froth.

Jessica writhed with pleasure until she could hardly stand it another minute. Her cunt felt as if it were filled with butterflies. She felt tingles and tickles all over her body as he drove her wild with his tongue and fist. She wanted to make him feel good too. She wanted to wrap her sensuous lips around his cock and suck him off.

“Rob, do you want me to suck your cock for you now?” she asked, making an effort to control her heavy breathing.

“Will you, Mom?” her son asked, smiling at her, her cunt honey on his eager lips.

“I’d love to, darling! Take your fist out of me gently now, lover. Gently.”

Rob pulled his arm out of her grasping cunt as slowly and gently as he could. He felt her cunt holding his hand as if she were trying to keep him inside her forever.

“Stand up now, lover,” she said, gasping when his fist pulled out of her cunt.

She missed having him inside her, but she was willing to endure the loss for her son’s sake. She reached up and unfastened her son’s pants, tugging down his zipper and spreading his pants open. She stared into his pants at the area of his groin, her heart racing. She reached inside and wrapped her loving fingers around his swollen dick. She squeezed it tightly and pulled it up out of his pants.

Her son’s prick jerked in front of his body, dripping with clear pre-cum and ready for anything his horny mother could do for it. His nuts were aching in his pants, just waiting for his mother to reach inside and pull them out into the open for him. When she did just that and let them hang loose, her son felt a shiver of excitement pass through him. He knew that he was in for some great fun with his hot-assed mother that afternoon.

“Jut look how hard you are today, Rob,” Jessica said, running her thumb and forefinger up and down the aching shaft of her boy’s cock.

“It’s hard all right, Mom! Gosh it feels good havin’ your fingers on it!” he said excitedly. “Ummmmmm… your nuts are hot too. I bet they’re just full of hot cum. I bet you’d just love to shoot your wad all over me,” she said in a voice that dripped with lust.

“Golly, Mom, I sure would like to do that!” he rasped, feeling an incredible surge of sensation through his entire body when she wrapped her hand around the rock-hard shaft of his dick.

“May I jerk you off for a minute or two, darling?” his mother asked softly, moving her hand up and down his hard dick.

“Sure, Mom. I like that a whole lot,” he replied, closing his eyes as his passion grew.

Jessica’s loving hand moved ever so slowly up and down the shaft of her son’s tool, which became slippery as he pre-cum oozed from the lips of it. Her speed increased steadily as the sensations in his cock grew more and more intense. Soon she was racing her hand up and down his dick so fast that she could barely see her hand moving. She knew that it would be only a matter of seconds before he shot his rocks off.

“My goodness, Rob,” she said, taking her hand off his cock quickly when she saw his body stiffen suddenly. “Me you coming already?”

“Uh… yeah… I guess so, Mom,” he said in a tense voice, feeling his nuts about to explode.

“I think we can hold off a while longer, darling. You see, Mother knows how to keep you hot. Mother knows how to keep the cum in your balls until she’s ready to let it shoot out,” Jessica breathed, her cunt dripping with depraved passion for her son.

“It… it sure feels good, Mom! I’m sure glad I caught you playin’ with your cunt!” he said excitedly, standing on his tiptoes in his intense excitement.

“Would you like to put that big hard cock in my mouth?” Jessica asked, her eyes glittered with the fire of passion.

“Gosh, yeah, Mom!” Rob rasped, moving toward her and offering her his dripping dick to suck.

Jessica thrilled at her boy’s willingness. He took to sex like a duck to water. He seemed to enjoy sex as much as his father had. He was gentle and yet eager just like his father had been. She knew that he wouldn’t hurt her or take advantage of her for all the world. She wanted to show her appreciation.

Jessica planted a warm wet kiss on the head of her son’s naked dick. She heard him suck in his breath when her tongue began flicking over the lips of his cockhead. She ran her loving tongue around and under the sensitive knob of swollen cock-flesh until his nuts were tense in their seething sac. Then she began sucking his rigid organ with incredible passion, sucking it deeper and deeper into her sweet face.

“Ummmmmm. Delicious. I just love it. It’s so hot. It’s so huge. My God, Rob. Why didn’t I start doing this long ago?” she gurgled deep in her throat as she sucked his meat.

Jessica began bobbing back and forth, moving her head up and down on her horny son’s erect dick. She took him all the way down her throat until his groin banged against her face. She felt his dickhead banging against the back of her throat as she ate his cock. Rob began rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, driving his big hard prick in and out of his mother’s sucking face. His balls banged against her lips as his rod punched in and out of her silky face. Rob’s pants were down around his ankles now. He was still wearing his shirt and shoes. He pulled his shirt off quickly and let it fall to the floor. He wanted to be naked with his mother. Exposing himself before her made him feel horny beyond belief.

Jessica reached up and took her son’s swollen nuts in her warm hands, squeezing them until they hurt just enough to add to his pleasure. She kneaded his swelling nuts and ran her finger up under his scrotum, pressing hard. His body was as hard as a rock now, every muscle in his body tense with mind boggling excitement. She knew that he would be shooting his rocks off at any second.

“Mom! I’m gonna shoot! I’m gonna squirt it! Suck me! Oh fuck! Suck my fuckin’ dick!”

Jessica suddenly felt his body fall up against her. She put her hands on his hips and helped him keep his balance as his balls blew up between his legs. She felt spurt after spurt of hot cum blasting against the back of her sucking throat. The thick hot stuff ran down her throat in torrents. She tried in vain to swallow all the cum her son shot into her, but the thick white stuff trickled from the corners of her mouth and ran in little rivulets down over her chin.

Jessica sucked and sucked her son’s rock-hard erection until every last drop of jism was out of his nuts. She fondled his empty balls gently, weighing the egg-shaped organs, squeezing them tightly, dividing them in their relaxing sac.

“Was it good, Rob?” she asked when she had pulled away from his dripping cock.

“It sure was, Mom!” Rob panted.

Rob put his hands on his hips and stood there before his lovely mother, his cock standing up in front of him, still as hard as steel. The tension in his balls had relaxed somewhat, but he was still horny and eager to do other wild things with his lovely mother.

“Doesn’t that thing ever go soft, Rob?” she asked.

“Not when I feel like this, Mom,” Rob replied.

“It’s a good thing that you have your mother to take care of you, darling. A stiff cock is a rather uncomfortable thing for a stud to have all day long,” Jessica smiled.

“I usually jack off, Mom,” he said. “Sometimes I have to do it three or four times to make my thing get soft so I can sleep at night.”

“Ummmmmm. I just knew that you were going to be a tireless stud, Rob. Tell me, lover, do Bob and Jon jack off a lot too?”

“Uh… well… uh… sure they do, Mom.”

“Are they as horny as you are, Rob?”

“Well… I guess so, Mom. Why?” he asked, watching her eyes light up as he answered her.

“Never mind, Rob,” she smiled mysteriously. “I was just thinking. Never mind. And speaking of your brothers. They might get home soon. Better dress and just pretend nothing has happened.”


Jessica’s cunt was still itching for a hot cock when she slipped back into her clothes and tucked Rob’s dick back into his pants for him. She didn’t dare run the risk of continuing their incestuous activities that afternoon, for her other sons were about to come home for dinner.

When Bob and Jon got home she tried to put sex out of her mind, but it was easier said than done. Having tasted the joys of incestuous sex with her son it was hard for her not to look upon her two other handsome boys as potential sex partners.

She imagined that Bob were just as horny as Rob. They would be able to satisfy her burning needs too, she knew. But did she dare approach them? Did she dare suck her whole family with her into the whirlpool of incestuous desire? She tried all afternoon to resist the temptation to share the joys of hot fucking and sucking with Bob and Jon, but her urges were too strong for her once again.

Whenever she looked at Bob with his glittering blue eyes and blond hair and his slender body she felt a shudder of desire inside her. She wanted to hold his naked body in her arms and smother him with kisses, not kisses of motherly love, but deep kisses of hot lust. She wanted to run her hand over his cock and balls until his rod was as hard as steel. She wanted to feel his big hard cock jerking and throbbing deep inside her seething cunt. The more she thought about it the hotter she became.

“You boys have been playing hard all day, haven’t you?” she asked her three sons as they sat watching television that night.

“I guess so, Mom,” Bob said, not particularly wanting to go to bed in the middle of the program he was watching.

“Don’t you have a track meet tomorrow after school, Jon?” she asked, her hand resting lightly on her knee.

“Yeah, Mom,” Jon replied, knowing that they were about to be sent off to bed.

“Have you done your homework, Bob?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” he said.

“And you, Rob?” she asked.

“Didn’t have any,” he said.

Rob assumed that she was going to send Bob and Jon up to bed so that she could get it on with him again. Just the thought of the wild things she probably had in mind for him made him dizzy with excitement. He fidgeted nervously in anticipation of the mind-boggling fucking and sucking that he knew was soon to come.

“It’s getting late, boys,” Jessica said. “Why don’t you go on to bed now?”

Bob and Jon protested slightly, but stood up eventually and started to leave the room. Rob remained seated next to his mother on the sofa. His dick was already stiff in his pants.

“Rob, I think you’d better go off to bed too,” she smiled.

“But Mom! I thought…”

“Off to bed now. You need your sleep. Bob, why don’t you stay with me for a minute or two. I’d like to discus something with you,” she called, stopping her son in his tracks.

Rob and Jon went upstairs and Bob sat down beside his mother. He tried to think of anything he might have done wrong lately. When she sent his brothers off to bed and wanted to talk to him by himself it was usually something pretty grim. He had broken a window with a baseball, but that had been three weeks ago and he had already gotten chewed out for that. Unable to think of anything to apologize for, he resigned himself to waiting for the bad news. He had no idea at the time that the only news she had for him was good indeed. In fact, he was in for the experience of his life.

Jessica didn’t say anything to her son for awhile. Instead she moved closer to him on the sofa until her warm fragrant body was within touching distance. The lovely woman crossed her legs and nonchalantly pushed her dress up past her knee, exposing her honey-tanned legs. She put her hand lightly on her knee and waited for her son to catch a glimpse of her daringly exposed leg.

Bob caught sight of her all right. He wasn’t exactly looking at her, but he saw her raise her dress out of the corner of his eye. He tried to look straight ahead, pretending to watch television, but in reality his mind was on his mother. Jessica moved her hand up her leg, raising her dress further and further and exposing more and more of her luscious flesh. She knew that her son was noticing her out of the corner of his eye, and also that his head was swimming with confusion and excitement. She had never behaved lewdly in front of him before. She wondered how far she could go with her teasing before it became too much for the impressionable teen.

Bob couldn’t believe hi eyes. His mother was actually raising her dress way up past her knee. He tried to look away, but it was no use. He could even see up her dress all the way to her panties. He began to squirm a little. His throat was dry as cotton. His heart was racing. It was strange to him, the confusion of feelings he was experiencing. It was almost as if he were having a wet dream that would end in an ejaculation into his sheet. But this was no dream. What was she doing, and why? Didn’t sir know that he could see her exposing her legs? She was so close to him that he could reach out and touch her. Mothers just didn’t do things like that in front of their kids.

“Bob,” Jessica said in a soft voice.

“Uh-huh, Mom,” Bob rasped, still not daring to look directly at his beautiful mother.

“Will you do something for me?” she smiled, knowing by the way he was fidgeting that she was really getting to him.

“Sure Mom,” he managed to say, hoping that whatever she wanted him to do for her would get him out of the room for awhile.

“Would you take off my shoes for me?” she asked. “My feet are so hot and tired.”

“T-take your shoes off?” he said, swallowing nervously.

“That’s right, Bob. Would you mind?” she asked in a honeyed voice.

Bob reached out almost blindly and found one of her feet with his trembling hand. He jerked his hand away involuntarily when he felt her warm flesh. Touching his mother under these circumstances was awfully difficult for him. He hesitated a second and then grabbed her shiny black shoe, tugging at it without daring to look at her foot.

“You’ll have to unfasten the strap first, Bob,” she said with a knowing smile, realizing that she was making him nervous as hell.

Bob fumbled with the thin, strap but was unable to unfasten it without looking at her foot. He knew that he would be able to see all the way up between her legs if he let himself. Bob was terribly afraid that I would get a hard-on. He was already beginning to feel his nuts heating up. His dick was quivering slightly, getting ready to rise at any minute. He didn’t dare let his cock get hard in front of his mother. What if he saw it sticking out in his pants? What would she think of him? He would never be able to look her in the eye again. She couldn’t possibly know that she was having such a devastating effect upon him. Or could she?

“You’re not getting anywhere that way, Bob,” Jessica smiled, watching her nervous son fumbling with her shoe. “Why don’t you kneel on the floor? That way you can see what you’re doing more easily.”

Bob did as she suggested, kneeling on the floor in front of her. He managed somehow to look at her feet long enough to unfasten her leather straps. He removed her shoes as quickly as possible, dropping them in his nervousness. He couldn’t help looking up her dress all the way to her black lace panties. He blinked when he saw her crotch, barely covered as it was with her nearly transparent panties.

“That’s much better, Bob,” Jessica purred. “Would you do something else for me? Would you massage my feet for me? I’ve been working so much lately. I’ve only been doing housework and shopping but I feel as if I’ve walked a hundred miles. It would relax me so beautifully if you do it for me, darling.” She smiled down at her handsome son with ever increasing passion glowing in her mysterious eyes.

“But… I… I don’t know how. I mean… uh… what should I do, Mom?” he stammered, looking down at the floor, his heart pounding, his cock beginning to harden in his pants.

“Just take one of my feet in your hands, lover,” she said. “Take one foot in your hands and stroke it gently. Be brave, darling. You might even enjoy it. My feet are warm and soft. I’m sure you’ll like holding them.”

Bob swallowed hard and reached up to take her foot in his hands. He felt the warmth of her body through the transparent nylons she was wearing. He felt his hands shaking uncontrollably as he stroked his mother’s foot. The warmth of her foot seemed to soak into his hand and go straight to his balls. He heard his beautiful mother sigh with pleasure as he gently but nervously squeezed and rubbed her foot.

“That’s so nice, Bob darling. It makes me feel all warm and comfortable. Would you mind doing the other foot, dear?”

Bob still couldn’t manage to let himself look up at her face. If he did he would have to look between her lovely legs and see the mound of her barely concealed pussy. He didn’t dare let himself stare between her legs at the secret part of her that no son was supposed to see.

Jessica seethed with desire as her son dutifully removed her other shoe and began massaging her foot. She uncrossed her leg and let it rest on the plush carpet. She felt so relaxed and warm all the way from her toes to the nest of her cunt that she couldn’t resist opening her legs a bit. It was enough to make her son gasp.

“What’s the matter, Bob?” she asked, enjoying the powerful effect she was having on her son.

“Nothing, Mom! Honest!” the exited and confused kid choked.

Jessica spread her legs wider apart, thrilling to the power she had over her bay. Her cunt was warming more and more by the second, as the fire of lust spread over her. She dared to reach down and pull her dress up all the way to her waist. There could be no doubt in he son’s mind now that she was displaying her secret treasures for his benefit.

“Look up at me, Bob,” she said in a voice dripping with lust.

Bob hesitated at first. He had been looking down at the floor, but even that didn’t keep him for seeing his mother open her legs for him. He tried desperately to avoid looking up at her, but when she told him to look at her in her warmest voice, he couldn’t resist. What he saw drove him wild with excitement and confusion.

Jessica watched her son’s eyes flash from her face to her cunt and back again. She knew now that he was firmly in her trap. She parted her legs even more, opening the area of her cunt to her son as lewdly as a bitch in heat. She smiled down at him with a warmth that melted his balls.

“Do you like what you see, Bob?” she asked. Bob gasped and turned his head away, suddenly realizing that he had been staring between his mother’s legs. He didn’t know what she was doing to him, opening her legs like that and almost telling him to look at her cunt, but he did know that he shouldn’t have let himself do it. Or should he?

“Well, Bob? Do you like what you see?” she asked again, not letting her son off the hook for a minute.

“I… I don’t know, Mom. I mean… uh… I… I didn’t see anything. Honest Mom. I didn’t,” her son stammered.

“Don’t be afraid to admit it, darling,” Jessica said teasingly. “You saw my little pussy, I let you look right up my dress. I wanted you to see what you saw, Bob. Do you understand?”

“I… I don’t get it, Mom,” Bob said weakly, raising his head and looking into her eyes.

“You will get it, darling. Believe me, you’ll get it,” she laughed, tossing her long silky hair behind her. “Will you massage my legs for me, Bob?”

“You… you really want me to? But Mom I…” he struggled, unable to believe that she had really asked him to do that to her.

“Don’t be afraid, lover,” she purred. “You want ma to feel comfortable, don’t you, Bob? Don’t you remember how I used to rub your back for you when you were tense after playing hard all day? Don’t you remember bow comfortable I made you feel by massaging you?”

“Uh… yeah…” he choked.

“Well, darling, wouldn’t you like to make me feel all warm and comfy too?” she smiled, her cunt already steaming.

“Sure, Mom,” he rasped. “But your legs? I mean… uh… I’m not supposed to touch your legs, am I? I mean… uh… you’re my mom.”

“Aren’t my legs pretty enough to touch?” she asked, her lips in a little pout.

“Gosh yeah! They’re beautiful! I mean…” he gasped. His hands were still trembling, his dick was stiff in his pants.

“That’s all right, lover. Don’t be embarrassed. A boy can hardly help noticing his mother’s body. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Bob. You wouldn’t be the first boy who’s touched his mother’s legs. If you’re so embarrassed about it we can keep it our little secret. No one will need to know but us.” Jessica ran her hand up and down her exposed leg.

Bob really wanted to touch his mother’s legs. They looked so soft and silky. Her skin glowed beneath her nude panty hose, glowed with a warmth that begged to be felt. The teen was intoxicated by his mother’s incredible beauty and her sudden lewd behavior. She had never spoken to him in the tone of voice she was using tonight. Her voice was as smooth as silk, and her words seemed to wrap around him like a silken web.

“Touch me, darling. Touch me there,” she said, reaching down and touching her ankle. He felt her warmth radiating through him. His cock kicked like a mule in his tight nuts were hot and tingling between his kneeling legs. He hoped she couldn’t see his hard-on sticking down one leg of his pants. He knew that he had an especially big cock and that everyone could see it in his pants when it got hard. It was bad enough when a girl at school or one of his teachers saw his dick sticking down the leg of his pants. It would be a whole hell of a lot worse if his mother caught sight of it.

“Ummmmmmmmm,” Jessica said, feeling her son’s warm hand rubbing her ankle. “It feels good, sooooo good. Move your hand up a little, darling. Do my other leg too.”

Bob did as he was told. He ran his hands over her calves and up behind her knees, getting hornier and hornier the more fully he explored her long lithe legs. He tried to look away, but it was impossible. He found himself staring between her legs, staring at her cunt. She had told him that she wanted him to see her cunt, and he sure was seeing it.

Bob had never seen a woman’s pussy before, although he had always looked forward to the experience. He had seen pictures of course, as all the kids had. Seeing a real pussy in the flesh wan whole lot more exciting. The thought of seeing his mother’s cunt drove him wild. He stared at the crotch of her panties, watching as the material moved ever so slightly with every movement of her legs. Her panties swelled slightly between her legs. He wanted desperately to see what her flimsy garment was hiding there.

“Up further, lover,” Jessica moaned, getting all dizzy with excitement and taboo lust.

Jessica got hotter and hotter as her son’s hand ran up her leg. She felt his gentle but nervous fingers stroking the silky flesh of her upper leg, felt him gently squeezing her resilient flesh. She moved closer to the edge of the sofa, slouching a bit and opening her steaming crotch to her son even more obscenely. She knew that her effect on her impressionable son had to be mind-boggling.

“You’re making me feel just wonderful, Bob. Your father used to massage my legs for me when I was tired. He used to take my panties off and roll my nylons down too, Bob. He used to enjoy playing with my legs when they were completely bare. Would you like to do that for me?”

Bob nodded his head excitedly. His throat was so dry that he could hardly speak. Was she actually going to let him take her panties off? Was she actually going to sit there in front of him with a bare pussy, just letting him stare at her and play with her legs? It was too much to believe, but it was happening and he was enjoying every frightening and excising minute of it.

“Take my panties off now, Bob,” Jessica said, raising herself up off the sofa while her son reached up under her hiked-up dress and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her lace panties.

Bob felt his hands removing the hot-assed woman’s garment. It was as if she controlled his hands more than he did. He hesitated a moment before drawing her panties down over her as and thighs. When he saw the dark patch of hair between her legs that was barely visible beneath the crotch of her panties he felt a surge of dizziness.

Jessica felt her panties slipping down her legs. When he had removed them she told him to take her hose off too. He looked up at her with wide eyes full of amazement. Bob rolled her hose down over her feet and dropped them on the floor, staring between her spread legs and looking right into her cunt. He had never seen anything like it. There was a furry nest of love hair and a juicy crack that almost seemed to beg him to come closer to it. He could see his mother’s cunt seething between her legs as if it had a life of its own.

Jessica breathed deeply. She tingled and twitched deep inside her lusty cunt. She could almost feel her sex fluids flowing inside her, dewing the lips of her cunt. She was aware of her son’s twinkling eyes burning into her sex-flesh, making her hotter and hotter. She had him completely in her seductive power. He was hers, and she could do with him anything she wished. He would willingly follow him anywhere she wanted to lead him, and she intended to lead him into realms of sexuality that he hadn’t dared imagine.

“Would you like to touch it, lover?” the hot-assed older woman asked.

“Gosh no, Mom! I… I mean…” he struggled. “S… should I?”

“Touch me there if you want to, Bob. Nobody will ever know! Isn’t it an exciting part of a woman, darling? See how red and juicy it is, Bob?” She reached down between her legs and spreading her cunt open with two well placed fingers.

Bob dared to put his hand between his mother’s legs. He felt her glistening cuntlips all wet with her feminine dew. She spread them open even further and let him feel the inner flesh of her sex. He was amazed at the silkiness of her cunt, amazed at the resiliency of her cuntlips and the way her pussy seemed to move almost imperceptibly with a life of its own. And she was giving him a feel of a part of her that no son was allowed to touch. It was too much for him to stand.

“Touch me there, Bob,” she purred, pointing to her clit. “It feels so wonderful. I just love having a stud like you stroking my little clit.”

“Do you, Mom?” he asked in a shaky voice, his fingers pressing against the hot spot between her open legs.

“I can’t tell you how much I like it, darling. Doesn’t it feel nice to you too, Bob?” she asked, looking down between his kneeling legs and seeing the long hard bulge of his cock.

Jessica knew that Bob had a big cock, but she had no idea that it had grown so huge since the last time she had seen it. She had, of course, never seen her son’s dick hard the way it was now. Having seen it jerking in his pants she knew that nothing would stop her now from drawing him into her web of seduction. She needed Bob, needed his long hard cock and his big cum-filled balls. She needed his gentleness and his inexperienced youth, needed his willingness to do exactly what she asked of him. She would have all of those things and more, and she would start with him that very night.

“My God, Bob! Whatever is that between your legs?” she gasped in mock amazement and shock.

“Nothin’, Mom. Nothin’,” he rasped, pulling his hand away from his mother’s cunt and trying to hide his hard cock.

“Nothing indeed,” she smiled. “It looks like something to me, darling. It looks like a big stiff hard-on. Did I do that to you, Bob?”

“Uh… well… I… I couldn’t help it, Mom. Honest. It… it just happens sometimes. When I… uh… when I think about girls.”

“Hmmmmmm,” she said with her fingers to her lips. “I think I know what you’d better do now, darling,” she teased.

“Gosh, Mom. What?” he asked, his eyes wide.

“Go upstairs and take a cold shower,” she said rising to her feet and letting her dress fall around her naked ass and cunt. “Off with you now, Bob,” she said, watching her son almost trip over himself in his mad she said, watching her son almost trip over himself in his mad dash up the stairs to his room.

Jessica watched her son run stiff-legged up the stairs. He was terribly embarrassed about his condition, she knew, and she hadn’t made matters any better by teasing him. She sat down and laughed a bit, thinking of the way she had feigned shock and amazement when she saw his stiff prick. She had to make it up to her son for the embarrassment she had just caused him. She knew exactly what she could do to make him feel better.

Her cunt was on fire now, blazing with unfulfilled passion. She had been thinking about fucking and sucking all day long, and her cunt was positively dripping with excitement. Her lewd display had made her horny beyond belief. She could still feel Bob’s fingers working over the lips of her juicy cunt. She could still feel her son eyes burning into her hot pussy.

Jessica knew that what she needed was to have her son’s hard dick wildly ramming in and out of her seething cunt-hole. She had to take his heavy wad of soothing cum up her cunt. She had to hurry upstairs and take advantage of the situation before he had a chance to beat off in the shower.


Jessica scuffled upstairs only five minutes or so after her son had run up. She listened at the top of the stairs. She could tell from the water she heard running in the shower that Bob had taken her advice. She knew that a cold shower wouldn’t be enough to make a hard-on like Bob’s go down. Her son would just have to beat off, either in the shower or in his room. She had to catch him before he shot his wad and lost that huge erection.

She tiptoed past the other boys’ rooms and saw no light in either of them. At least she didn’t have Rob or Jon to worry about that evening. They were surely fast asleep by now. Rob had probably had to beat himself off in order to get his mind off her. She would have the whole night to teach her son the joys of hot incestuous fucking. Her cunt was blazing, ready for anything, and she knew her son was too.

Jessica tiptoed down the hall to the bathroom and put her ear to the door. She could hear the shower running full blast. She imagined how Rob would look standing wet and naked in the shower. She imagined seeing his rigid cock sticking up in front of him. She closed her eyes and saw him wrapping his fist around the pole of his masculine flesh, saw him stroking his cock up and down.

The hot-assed mother had to see him. Her imagination was no longer enough to satisfy her incestuous desires. She felt her hand move to the doorknob, felt it turning slowly. The sound of the shower spray grew louder when she pushed the door open. She slipped noiselessly inside and closed the door silently behind her. Her eyes widened as she saw her son showering through the translucent glass doom. She saw him running his soapy hands over his slender but well muscled body. When he turned in profile she could see that his hard-on hadn’t gone down a bit.

The horny mother almost fainted when she saw how long her son’s cock had grown. The big thing stood out from his body almost nine inches. It jerked and throbbed, bouncing up and down as he moved in the shower. His cock was so huge that it seemed disproportionate to the rest of his slender body. It was just what she needed to satisfy her lusts.

Jessica watched while her son rinsed the soap from his naked body. She watched too as he closed his fingers around the shaft of his rigid prick and began beating off in the shower. He banged his hand up and down on his cock, making his cum-filled balls shake with each downward thrust. Jessica knew that at the rate he was going at it he would be shooting his rocks off in a minute or two. She had to stop him.

“Bob, darling, what are you doing in there?” she called, leaning against the wall and watching her son beat his meat.

Jessica heard her son’s sharp intake of breath when he realized that his mother was in the bathroom with him. He tried to hide his dick and balls with his hands, knowing that she could see him through the glass doors. He also knew that she had seen what he was doing to himself, knew that she had caught him in the act of jacking off. He hoped she didn’t know that he was thinking about her as he flicked his fist, thinking about her obscene display downstairs. He felt as if she could read his thoughts, fell as if there was nothing she didn’t know about him. She was no longer just his mother. She was now a temptress with a mysterious power over him that he could not resist.

“Bob, I asked you a question!” she said, staring through the glass and hoping to catch another glimpse of his hard organ. “Now what are you doing?”

“Nothin’, Mom. Just takin’ a shower like you told me to. I… I wasn’t doin’ anything else.”

“I think you were, darling. I think you were playing with your prick. Isn’t that what you were doing in there, Bob?” she asked in a teasing voice.

“G… gosh no. I… I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t, Mom,” he gasped.

“I think you would, Bob. I think you do that to yourself all the time. I think your cock gets stiff and long and you have to play with yourself before you can go to sleep. In fact, Bob, I think you enjoy jerking off. I think you like to feel your cum shooting through your cock,” she said, tasting her words as she spoke them.

“Gosh, Mom. I… I wish you wouldn’t talk like that,” he whined, his lust-stiffened dick jerking with each nasty word her heard his mother say.

“Why not, son? Do I make your cock harder when I talk like that? Were you thinking about me when you were jacking off? You see, Bob, your mother understands.”

Bob had to agree with her. She understood boys all right, and she knew exactly how to drive them wild. She knew exactly, what she was doing to him, and she kept right on doing it. She was teasing him, teasing him on purpose, making him hornier all the time. Bob had never even seen a naked woman before, and now all of a sudden, the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on was throwing herself at him.

“Come out of the shower, Bob,” he heard her call, and he knew that he had to obey.

Bob stepped out of the shower, holding his hands down between his legs in an effort to bide his embarrassment. He walked in a half crouch over to the towels and tried to grab something with which to cover himself. He reached out quickly, but Jessica’s hand stopped him.

“Don’t cover yourself, Bob,” she sang. “I want to see you, son. I want to see that hard cock of yours.”

“Oh shit, Mom! You… you don’t really mean that, do you?” he gasped.

Jessica reached down and drew her son’s hand away from his dick. The long hard thing snapped up in front of him when he took his hand off it. Jessica couldn’t help sucking in her breath when she saw his hard cock completely naked for the first time. He was still dripping wet. Water ran in rivulets down over his chest and into the light nest of hair between his legs. The head of his cock glistened with water and pre-cum. It was all she could do to resist reaching out and grabbing ibis rod.

“My God! No wonder you were jerking off, Bob. It’s so huge and stiff! It must ache terribly,” she said, looking up at his blushing face. “Does it hurt, lover?”

Bob managed somehow to nod nervously. His dick really did ache like hell, and had been aching ever since she had started teasing him. Her eyes were all over him, burning into him. He had never been made to feel so naked in his life. She was making him feel things for her that no son was supposed to feel for his mother. He wondered why she kept calling him lover. She had never called him anything like that before, and the way she said it made his balls melt between his legs.

“Let me dry you, darling. You might catch cold walking around all wet like that, although it certainly seems to have gotten hot in here all of a sudden,” Jessica cooed, taking the towel in her hands and rubbing it gently all over the handsome boy’s naked body.

Jessica dried Bob’s dripping body from his face to his feet, brushing the towel over the area between his legs. She saved his cock and balls for last, letting the tension build until he could hardly stand it any more. His rod was stiff, his muscles tense. When she had dried his strong legs, she reached behind him and rubbed the towel over his lean asscheeks. She pulled his buttocks apart slightly and dried the crack of his ass. The operation brought her lovely face closer and closer to his dick and balls. The head of his cock was only inches from her lips now. She stared at the jerking thing, longing to wrap her warm lips around it and suck it until it exploded in her throat.

Bob almost went through the ceiling when his mother moved close to his cock and balls. He could feel her warm moist breath against the aching shaft of his dripping prick. No one had ever been that close to his dick before. She seemed to be not at all turned off or angry at him because of his excited condition. In fact, she seemed to like the way his cock had swollen under her influence. She seemed to be turning him on purposely.

When she had dried his ass she brought the towel between his legs, letting it rub against his scrotum. She wrapped the towel around her hand and closed her fingers around the jerking shaft of his prick. She cupped his balls in her other hand and let the towel soak up the moisture. She felt his nuts tensing, felt his scrotal sac tightening, raising his balls in their pouch. When she began moving her hand gently up and down the long shaft of his prick he gasped with excitement and pleasure.

Jessica rubbed his dick with the towel until it was dry and then took her loving hand away. He almost keeled over backwards when she let go of his swollen cock.

“You liked that, didn’t you, Bob?” Jessica smiled up at him. “You’re awfully tense, lover. Your muscles are all hard. Would you like your mother to rub your back for you and a few other places?”

Bob made a dry rasping sound in his throat. Jessica stood up and wrapped her fingers firmly around the dripping shaft of her son’s rigid cock. She opened the door and led him by the dick down the hall.

“Be very quiet, Bob,” she whispered. “We mustn’t wake your brothers. They might not understand.”

Bob wasn’t sure that he understood either, but he let her lead him down the hall to her bedroom. He didn’t know exactly what was going to happen to him in her room, but something told him that it would be a very pleasant experience.

“Why don’t you lie down and relax, Bob?” she suggested, closing the door behind her.

“Here?” he choked. “In… in your bed?”

“That’s right, lover, in your mother’s bed,” she smiled wickedly, licking her lips and sitting down beside her son.

The horny mother pushed his chest gently and he fell back in the bed. She laid her hands on his hard chest and began massaging him, squeezing his tense muscles with her long practiced fingers. She rubbed him with her warm palms, kneading his muscles and forcing them to relax, all except the muscle between his legs.

“Doesn’t that feel better, Bob?” she asked, kneading the muscles of his upper legs.

“Oh yeah, Mom. Your hands feel good,” he said in a thick voice.

“I had no idea that you were so strong, Bob darling. You must have more girl friends than you can handle. All the girls in school must be after you, Bob,” she said, trailing her fingertips over his groin.

“Aw, Mom!”

“Have you ever had sex with a girl, Bob?”

“Sex? G… gosh, Mom! I… uh… no…” he rasped, wishing his mother wouldn’t talk about such things.

“No? You haven’t done anything at all with a girl?” she asked, her fingers playing in the hair between her son’s legs. “Haven’t you even touched a girl? Haven’t you tried to feel a girl’s legs? Haven’t you tried to touch a girl’s titties?”

“Golly, Mom! Don’t talk like that,” he begged, his balls shivering. “You’re makin’ me feel funny.”

“I’ll just bet I am, lover. I’m making you horny, Bob. I’m making your dick ache. I think you need more than a massage, darling. I think you need a cunt to sink that big hard cock into. Would you like my cunt, Bob? Would you like to bury that big hard dick in my pussy?” Her eyes glittered with depraved desire.

Bob couldn’t say a word in reply to his luscious mother. He could only rattle something incoherent. She had completely overpowered him with her feminine seductiveness, with her bold lewdness, with her incredible beauty.

“Would you like to fuck me, Bob? I’ll be gentle with you, darling. I’ll teach you how to make a girl happy,” she said, standing up and pulling off her dress.

She stood naked before her horny boy, her luscious mother. He could only rattle something incoherent. She had completely overpowered bun with her feminine seductiveness, with her bold lewdness, with her incredible beauty.

“Would you like to fuck me, Bob? I’ll be gentle with you, darling. I’ll teach you how to make a girl happy,” she said, standing up and puffing off her dress.

She stood naked before her horny boy, her luscious tits swelling with full feminine beauty. Her tingling nipples were stiff and eager. Her slightly curved belly fluttered with excitement. Her thighs sloped gently into the most beautiful silky legs imaginable. Her pussy nestled between her long statuesque legs like a warm furry animal.

Jessica reached down between her legs and ticked her cuntlips with her fingertips for a second or two. Her son watched her, blinking uncontrollably. She moved closer to him, her big beautiful breasts bouncing enticingly as she walked. When she sat down beside him, he almost passed out.

“I’m going to lie down with you, darling,” she breathed, easing her fragrant body into bed next to her son. “I want you to get between my legs, Bob. I want you to stick your big hard cock in my cunt and fuck me just like your father did. I want you to fuck me hard, darling. I want you to fill my little pussy with your hard cock. Are you willing, Bob? Are you willing to fuck your mother?” she asked lasciviously, spreading her legs and opening her rosy cunt far him.

“Oh shit, Mom! You really mean it? You really want me to… to fuck you? With… with my dick?”

“Yes, Bob. I need it. You need it too. I want you. I’ll teach you how to fuck me, son. I’ll teach you how to enjoy using that big thick prick of yours.”

“I… I don’t know how to do it, Mom. I’ve never done anything like this before,” Bob said to his mother, getting to his knees on the bed, looking down at his mother’s naked body.

“You’ll learn quickly, Bob. I just know you’ll enjoy fucking once you’ve had a lesson or two. Why don’t you just get between my legs and do what comes naturally?” she urged.

When her son scrambled between her legs, she told him to push his jerking dick against the rosy gash between her legs. She gasped when she felt the heat of his naked cockhead pressing against her seething wet flesh. His rod was throbbing and kicking so hard that he could hardly keep it in the slot between his mother’s legs.

“Is that the way, Mom?” Bob asked, his balls aching, his head swimming with excitement and confusion.

“God yes! It’s exactly right! Now push it in farther. Oh God! Hurry, Bob! Hurry! I need you! I need to have you fucking me! I need that hard fucking cock buried in my Goddam cunt!” she cried.

Bob couldn’t believe the sensations that coursed through his prick and nuts when he made contact with the hot gash between his mother’s lovely legs. Her cunt seemed to grab his cock and suck it into her. He pushed against her resilient cunt-flesh and drove his rock-hard cock deeper and deeper. The deeper his dick went, the better it felt.

Jessica arched her back and put a pillow under her ass, opening herself even more to her son. She felt his throbbing hard-on sliding into her sucking cunt, felt the swollen head of it stroking the inner walls of her eager sex. She felt it thrilling her, filling her, swelling with power inside her.

“Move it, darling. Yes, lover, move your cock in your mother’s cunt. In and out, Bob. Gently now, darling. Gently. I haven’t had a cock in my cunt in a long time, Bob. Be gentle with me. Will you be gentle with me?” she pleaded in a little girl’s voice.

“Sure, Mom,” Bob choked.

Jessica closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the maddening sensations that her son inspired in her. Her cunt tightened around the impaled shaft of flesh between her legs. She felt her twat sucking his cock-shaft, felt her muscles pulling him into her. The rigid cock throbbed against her blazing clit, driving her wilder and wilder by the second. She felt her long-unfucked cunt stretching as his hard rod pushed into her.

“In and out, lover! I’m ready now!” she cried when she had taken him into her all the way to his nuts.

Bob was sure glad that she was ready, because he couldn’t help bucking his ass and fucking the piss out of her. The motions seemed to come automatically to him, just as his mother had told him they would. He flexed the hard muscles of his lean ass and jabbed his prick in and out of her steaming cunt. He fell on her and supported his body with his hands over her shoulders. He began heaving his hard body up and down over her, banging his cock in and out of her hot cunt as she moaned and groaned under blip.

“I love it, Bob! Oh Jesus! You do this so beautifully! Oh God! You’re as good as your father! Oh Bob! Fuck me, stud! Fuck my cunt! Fuck the piss out of me! I don’t care if I am your mother! I want that cock! In and out! Harder! Faster!”

Bob’s nuts were about to bunt. He felt what seemed like a thousand wet fingers tugging at his dick deep in the channel of his mother’s cunt. He heard wet slurping sounds as his plug of flesh punched in and out of her tight wet cunt. He had had no idea that fucking could feel so good. The fact that he was putting the boots to his own mother made the experience even more stimulating for him.

Jessica moved her luscious naked body in rhythm with her son’s hot fucking. She arched her back and ground her curvy hips against him making his dick grind hard against her sensitive inner flesh. She felt his big balls rubbing against her cunt, felt them rolling in their sac. She eagerly wrapped her long legs around his back and held him close to her while he fucked her for all he was worth.

“It’s great, Mom! Oh fuck. Slit! This is wild! Oh, Mom! I’m really fuckin’ you!”

“You certainly are, darling,” the hot-assed older woman sighed. “Do it harder now, lover! Make me feel it, Bob! Make my cunt hot and wet! Make my juices flow!” she cried.

Jessica wrapped her arms around her son’s back and held him tightly, digging into his back with her fingernails, making red marks on his tanned skin. Her passion blazed within her. She felt the most delicious twitches and tingles inside her. Her belly fluttered. Her head raced. She heard the bed creaking as her son bounced up and down on her. She heard the wet slurping sounds that her son’s cock made as it punched in and out of her juicy cunt. The air was filled with the sounds of hot fucking, little moans and grunts of pleasure as she and her son let themselves go completely.

“All the way inside me, Bob! Bob! Harder! Faster! Screw me! Fuck me, stud!” she said.

Bob gave it all he had. He felt his mother’s boobs crushing against his heaving chest as he bounced up and down on her. His dick stroked against her clit and drove her mad with desire. Her cunt seemed to clutch at him more tightly with each stroke. His nuts slapped hard against her steaming crotch as he reamed her hot twat.

“Take it, Mom! Oh shit! Suck my cock in there! Oh Goddam it! I… I didn’t know anything could feel like this!” he rasped, abandoning himself completely to his fuck-lust.

“I’m coming, darling! You’re making my cunt flash! My son is making me come!” she cried as her cunt exploded with the sensations of her feminine orgasm.

“I’m gonna shoot the stuff, Mom! Do… do you want me to? Should I pull it out?” he gasped when be felt his cum shooting through the rod of flesh between his legs.

“Come inside me, darling! Come all the way up my cunt! Fill me with it! Fill me with hot fucking jizz!”

Jessica suddenly felt her son’s cock snap up with incredible stiffness inside her sucking channel of flesh. She felt his heaving body suddenly straining against her and stop its wild bouncing. She felt a hot spurt of cum blasting into her cunt, felt his thick white jism shooting hot and hard into her cock-hungry cunt.

Bob saw stars before his eyes when his balls exploded with boiling cum. He felt as if all the tension in his body had suddenly become concentrated in a hot spot between his legs. His nuts tightened into a knot of flesh. His dick grew suddenly larger and harder inside her. With each wild spurt of cum he felt fireworks exploding in his balls.

“Fill me with it, lover! Oh Bob! This is so beautiful! My son is shooting his cock juice inside my belly! I can’t believe it!” she cried as her cunt flashed with lightning.

Jessica felt dams bursting inside her, felt a flood of sensation carrying her away in its tide. Her cunt ran with musky moisture. She felt her son’s fuck-juice trickling out of her tight cunt, over her cuntlips and down her silken legs. It seemed that Bob had shot a gallon of cum into her sucking cunt-hole.

Exhausted after their mutual orgasm, Jessica and her son fell into a relaxed embrace. Their arms wrapped around each other. Their hearts beat in rhythm. Their minds were empty of all but the most soothing thoughts. It had been a most stimulating and enlightening experience for both mother and son.

It had been a stimulating and enlightening experience for her son too. He had been crouching outside his mother’s bedroom door and watching the whole nut-busting scene though the keyhole.


Several days later, Jon stood outside his mother’s bedroom. It was quite late and his two brothers were fast asleep. He had wanted to see his mother ever since he had watched his brother Bob fucking her, but there just hadn’t been an opportunity. Bob always went to her room as soon as he thought everyone was asleep. On the few occasions when Bob didn’t spend the night in his mother’s bed, Rob did.

Jon had summoned the courage to crouch in front of the keyhole and watch what was going on with Rob and his mother. He had been shocked and amazed to find that Bob wasn’t the only one in the house who was getting some from Mom. Rob had been fucking her too, and he was really having a great time.

Jon couldn’t believe it at first. He had stayed awake on the first night of his discovery trying to make some sense out of what he had found was going on in the house. He hadn’t really come to any definite conclusions. It was all so strange to him. He didn’t know whether Bob and Rob had started the goings-on with their mother or whether she had started it herself. Either way, it was hard to believe.

Kids just didn’t get it on with their mothers, at least they didn’t as far as Jon knew. Jon figured his two kid brothers hadn’t even gotten it on with girls their own age, and now they were fucking their own mother all of a sudden.

Jon hadn’t had much experience with girls himself. He had managed to get his hand up under Elaine Watson’s dress a couple of times for a quick feel of her leg, but his hand hadn’t even gotten to her pussy before she had brushed it away. He had closed his hand over her tit once, but that had ended with a slap on the face. He was about ready to find another girl, a girl who wasn’t so hard to get. His discovery about his mother and his brothers had put a stop to his girl-hunting. He had to find out what was going on, and he had been spending most of his time trying to figure it out.

He noticed that Bob and Rob were never with his mother at the same time. It seemed that they didn’t even know they were both getting some from their mother. Rob and Bob both seemed to be hiding something. Jon had tried to get it out of them, but the confidence of brother wasn’t enough to get them to tell their secret.

But now Jon had decided that tonight was the night. He had to confront his mother and find out exactly what was happening. He thought about turning back and returning to bed without carrying out his mission, but he managed to summon up enough courage to go through with it. There was no light filtering through the cracks around the door to her room. He would have to knock to awaken her. He tapped a few times, hoping not to awaken his brothers as well. He almost changed his mind when he saw the light flick on.

“Jon? Is something wrong, honey?” Jessica asked when she opened the door and found her son standing in the hall.

“Uh… well… I… nothin’, Mom…” he stammered, losing his nerve at the last minute and turning to leave.

“Oh no you don’t, Jon,” she said, taking his arm and leading him back into her room. “Something must be bothering you, darling. Come in and we’ll talk about it.”

It didn’t take long for Jessica to realize what was on her son’s mind. He was usually quite open about discussing what ever was bothering him, but not tonight. There was something about the way he acted that told her immediately that whatever was bothering him was probably sexual in nature. It took some close questioning to get anything definite out of him, but eventually he had to come around to the point.

At first Jessica had no idea how her son had found out about what she and his brothers had been up to lately, but she had no doubt that he had discovered somehow. He was almost unable to look her in the eye. She was wearing a translucent gown, and as she talked to him she watched his eyes flashing between the floor and her barely concealed legs. She knew that her son was feeling the power of her considerable feminine charm.

“Well Jon, we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Now you really must tell me what’s been bothering you,” she said, sitting down on the edge of the bed with her son.

“It’s nothin’, Mom. Honest,” he said, looking first at her knees and then down at his feet.

“Does this have something to do with your brothers?” she asked, daring to open up the dangerous topic.

“Well… uh… hh…” he stumbled.

“Is it something about sex, Jon?” she asked, laying her soft hand on his knee.

Jessica felt Jon flinch when she touched him. It wasn’t as if she had never touched his knee before. But under these circumstances her touch was more than a mere expression of warmth. His reaction kindled a now familiar warmth between Jessica’s legs. It was the same reaction her other boys had had to her first touch as a woman rather than as a mother. She knew that she was getting to her too.

“Well, darling, is sex involved?” she asked sweetly, squeezing one of her son’s legs.

“I guess, Mom,” he said in a barely audible voice.

“Did you see something that disturbs you?”

“… like what, Mom?” he asked hesitantly.

“Did you see Bob doing something with me that you didn’t understand?”

“… yeah…” he muttered after a moment of silence. “How did you know?”

“I just sensed something, darling. You seem rather upset. It must have been something… confusing,” she said comfortingly.

“I guess…”

“What exactly did you see, Jon?” Jessica smiled, letting her hand slip up her son’s long leg another inch or two.

“I can’t, Mom.”

“Of course you can, darling. You’re my son. You can tell me anything. You should know that, Jon. We’ve talked about all sorts of things in the past. Since your father died we’ve talked about things that he would have talked over with you when the time came. We’ve talked about embarrassing things before, haven’t we?” she said, her cunt twitching as she drew closer to her son.

“But this is different, Mom. I can’t talk about it. I can’t, Mom,” he said. His face was now flushed, his eyes were glittering.

Jessica knew that her son was so frightened and confused that he might start crying at any minute. She had to jump headlong into the problem. She had the feeling that another one of her sons would be in her bed before the night was over.

“Did you find out that Bob and I were having sex together, Jon?” she asked, staring into her son’s eyes.

“Come on, Mom! Please! I… I can’t talk about it!” he pleaded, dizzy with emotion.

“We have to talk about it, darling. Don’t you understand?” the lusty mother said, her hand inching up her son’s leg.

Jon hadn’t felt her hand moving up his leg at first, so confused was he by the situation in which he found himself. Now however, he began to notice that her warm fingers were getting awfully close to his well filled crotch. In fact, his cock was beginning to fill out in spite of his efforts to control himself. Her hand was making his balls surge with sensation. He had never felt this way before in his life, except when he was out with Elaine Watson and getting ready to feel her up.

Jon knew that he shouldn’t feel the way he was feeling as he sat close to his mother on her bed. He didn’t dare have the same feelings for her that had had for Elaine when she made him horny. It wasn’t right for a boy to feel that way about his mother. And yet, his brothers seemed to have the same reaction to her. Perhaps they had been caught in the same web of seduction. Jon was aware of the feelings that were overcoming him, but he was powerless to resist.

“How did you find out what Bob and I were doing, Jon? Did Bob tell you?”

“No, Mom. He didn’t say anything. I… I saw you though the keyhole.”

“Shame on you, Jon! You’re old enough to know better than that!”

“But… I… I couldn’t help it, Mom. I kept seem Bob go into your room and stay all night sometimes. Rob did the same thing. I… I didn’t know what was goin’ on,” he said, hoping she would forgive him for spying on her.

“Yes Jon, I suppose that must have made you awfully curious. You’re forgiven, darling. But do you forgive me?”

“I… I just don’t get it, Mom,” he choked. “How come you and Bob were doin’ that? I didn’t think moms ever did stuff like that with their kids. Isn’t it… uh… isn’t it kinda… kinda dirty or somethin’?”

“Dirty? My goodness, Jon! What a thing to say!” she said, feigning shock.

“I didn’t mean that exactly, Mom. I mean… uh… well… isn’t it kind of… kind of…” he struggled, trying to find words that wouldn’t offend his mother.

“Taboo, Jon. Taboo is the word, not dirty. Sex is perfectly clean, Jon. Haven’t I told you that already? Incest is just a bit out of the ordinary, darling,” she was moving so close to her son that her barely concealed thigh rubbed up against his.

“But… tab… how come other boys don’t do it with their moms?” he asked as his mother’s warmth soaked into his thigh.

“Perhaps other boys do have sex with their mothers, darling,” she said, whispering in his ear. “Perhaps they keep their little secrets.”

“Are… are you gonna have sex with me too, Mom?” Jon asked, inhaling his mother’s fragrant aroma as it wafted from her warm body to his nostrils.

“Would you like that, Jon?” she asked, happy that her son had opened the door for her.

“I… I don’t know, Mom. Would… would you like it?” Jon asked, almost ready to pass out with excitement at any minute.

“I’m sure I would, Jon. And I’m sure you would too. Nothing is more fun than fucking, darling. I can’t describe the sensations. Your brothers do such a wonderful job of fucking me. Their cocks are so lovely. Bob’s dick is huge. Rob’s dick is as hard as a rock all the time. I’ll just bet you have some exciting manly qualities that I don’t even know about, Jon. I’d just love to have the opportunity to explore sex with you. Are you willing?” she asked sweetly, grabbing the big warm bulge between her son’s legs.

“Oh, shit, Mom! Christ! What’re you doin’?” he rasped, his whole body stiffening when she laid her warm hands on his cock and balls.

“I’m feeling your crotch, silly boy,” Jessica smiled, working her fingers against the tight material of his pants. “It feels good too, Jon. My goodness, darling. Is that all you down there? You must have a big cock in your pants, Jon, and big balls to match.”

“Gosh, Mom, don’t! Please, Mom!” he pleaded, brushing the brown hair out of his glittering blue eyes.

“Am I hurting you?” she purred, her hand kneading his balls through his tight jeans.

“Uh… no… but I’m gonna get hard if you don’t stop it,” he pleaded.

“Would that be the end of the world, Jon? We can’t do much together if you don’t let your cock get hard, Jon darling. Enjoy the things I’m going to do to you. Let yourself go. I can assure that you’ll have a good time. I have all sorts of delicious ideas for the night, darling. I’ll teach you to do things that you’ve only dreamed of. I’ll teach you the way I’ve taught your brothers. Are you willing? Will you be my lover?”

Jon nodded.

“Then I want you to show me what a man you are, Jon. I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me feel like a woman. I’ll make you feel like a man too, Jon,” she said, her cunt melting with passion.

“Gosh, Mom. My dick’s gettin’ hard already. What am I supposed to do next?” he asked as he felt his cock lengthening in his pants.

“Why don’t I just unzip your pants and take it out for you? I want to see what you have between your legs, lover.” She fell to her knees in front of her son and attacked his crotch.

“Are you sure you wanna do that, Mom?” he asked nervously, sitting up straight on the edge of his mother’s bed.

“I’d just love it, darling. You must be huge. And your cock is getting bigger all the time. Have you ever used this delicious cock on a girl?” she asked, reaching into his pants and grabbing his fat cock through his underpants.

“No, Mom, they always get kinda scared or somethin’,” he said. “I got a girl to touch it once, but she got scared and I had to take her home.”

“But your mother won’t get scared, Jon. There’s nothing I love better than a big hard cock. I just have to see it, Jon. Let me unfasten your pants. There. Spread them open for me, darling. That’s right, lover. Don’t be afraid, son,” she said, trying to get his swollen organ out of his underwear.

Jon’s cock was jerking madly in his pants. The thing extended down his pants leg so far that his mother couldn’t get it out at all. He thought she was going to bend it double in her eagerness to pall it out for him. He was amazed at the way she attacked his dick. His girlfriend Elaine had been afraid of it. She only had to see it sticking down his pants leg and she immediately froze up. But not his mother.

“It’s much too long and hard to get out this way, lover. You’ll have to stand up and push your pants down,” Jessica said, dying to wrap her loving lips around the shaft of his hard-on.

Jon did as he was told. He stood nervously, his arms hanging at his sides while his luscious mother hooked her fingers under the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down. His rigid prick snapped up against his stomach when it jerked free of its confinement. Jessica told him to pull his shirt off and step out of his pants. After he had done so, his mother reached up and ran her warm hand over his chest and stomach, letting the back of her hand brush teasingly against the rigid shaft of his cock. His masculine organ was even longer than Bob’s, although not quite as thick. Its head was swollen and hard, a purplish knob of masculine flesh that she had to pop into her mouth.

Jessica ran her thumb over the underside of his swollen cockhead, making his rod jerk like a jackhammer. She pressed his dick against his hard stomach, feeling the heat of it soak into her hand. His legs were tense beyond belief. She could see his muscles standing out in his legs. His fists were clenched at his sides. He was one tight knot of excitement. She felt his cock throbbing with blood as he grew hornier under her powerful influence.

Jessica ran her thumb up his cock, from the base all the way to his cockhead, making a drop of crystal clear pre-cum ooze from its tip. His cock-juice ran down the rigid shaft of his rod and onto his cum-filled balls. Jessica had to taste his rock-hard organ, had to suck her son off.

“Your cock is so juicy. Do you mind if I taste it, lover?” she smiled, making a fist around his pounding dick.

“Golly no, Mom. If… if you want to. You sure you really wanna?”

“I’ll show you, darling,” she said warmly, bending toward him and pressing her quivering lips against the dripping head of his erect prick.

Jon almost fell over backwards when he felt his mother’s wet lips on his cock. Elaine hadn’t ever touched his dick, and all of a sudden he was having it sucked by his own mother. His cock seemed to grow even bigger when her lips touched it. His balls gathered in a knob between his legs.

Jessica flicked out her tongue and began licking at the head of his dick. She ran her practiced tongue around the supersensitive underside of his prickhead. She sucked at his cock, tasting its hot saltiness and longing for more. She reached between her son’s legs and took his heavy nuts in her hands. She fondled his balls lovingly while she licked and kissed his delicious rod.

“I’m going to give you a blow-job, Jon. Have you heard about such things?”

Jon nodded weakly. He had heard about blow-jobs, but he had never thought he would ever get a girl to give him one, and certainly not his own mother. Wasn’t there anything she wouldn’t do?

“Get ready for this, Jon,” she said, opening her pretty mouth and going down on his cock.

Jessica felt her lips sliding down over his dick as she took it deeper and deeper into her sucking throat. She felt his bulging cockhead rubbing against the roof of her mouth and then against the back of her throat as she took it all the way.

The hot-assed mother began bobbing her head up and down, sucking and licking at her son’s cock so hard and fast that she knew he would have to fill her with cum in a minute or two. She held his nuts in her warm hands, feeling them swell with jism. She sucked more and more furiously by the second. He started rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, unable to stand still another second.

Jon hoped his mother didn’t mind what he was doing to her. He knew that he was banging against her hard and fast, but there was nothing he could do about it. The rocking and thrusting motions seemed to come naturally to him. He had to drive his cock in and out of her greedily sucking oral cavity, and the harder she sucked him, the harder he had to buck his ass. Jessica was almost choking each time her son thrust his dick down her sucking throat. Her throat choked on his cock, holding it inside her, bringing him closer and closer to a nut-busting ejaculation.

“Oh God! Suck me, Mom! Suck my fuckin’ dick! Eat it! Eat my Goddam meat!” he rasped, no longer caring what he said or felt.

Jessica felt his cock snap up inside her eagerly sucking mouth. She knew that he was about to shoot his wad down her throat. She thought she could pull away from him and delay his come until she could get him into her hot cunt, but it was too late. She almost strangled when he pumped what seemed like gallons of hot cum down her throat.

“I’m comin’ Mom! I’m shootin’ my wad! Oh fuck! I don’t believe this! I’m comin’ in my mom’s throat!” the horny boy rasped as his rocks shot off hard and fast into her sweet mouth.

Jessica made thick gurgling sounds deep in her throat when her son pumped his cum into her. She coughed and sputtered on the heavy wad he unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed hard, trying in vain to take in all his hot thick jism. The tasty stuff trickled out of her mouth, running over her lips and down the shaft of his rod, soaking his seething nuts in hot thick cum.

His mother lapped at his dick when it pulled from her sucking mouth. She licked his till hard shaft from root to tip and back again, lapping up the cum that had dripped from her stretched lips. She couldn’t bear to waste a drop of it.

He almost keeled over in his pleasure. He felt his entire body discharge his accumulated sexual energy through his cock. His balls felt like bombs exploding between his long legs. He shook all over, almost falling onto his mother as she sucked and licked his pulsating meat.

“That feels good, Mom!” he said huskily. “It’s great! Wow! No wonder Bob and Rob let you suck ’em off!”

“It tastes so good, too, lover. I could suck this delicious cock all day and all night, Jon,” she cooed.

“You sure can if you want to, Mom. You can suck me anytime.” Jon’s heart was still racing wildly in his chest.

“I’ll do that and more, Jon. I have all sorts of wonderful things in mind for us tonight.”


Jessica and Jon fell into bed together and relaxed in each other’s arms for a few minutes. Jessica explained as well as she could her sudden realization that she needed her three sons as sex partners. Her son seemed to understand. Encouraged by his understanding and acceptance, she even managed to tell him about her experience with the gang of bikers in the woods so long ago. He promised to be gentle with her, and Jessica knew that her story moved him deeply.

Jessica felt a warmth for her son that grew into a fire between her legs. She felt his body close to her, felt his heart beating in his chest, felt the incredible warmth of his strong body soaking into her. She reached down between his legs and discovered that he was ready again, ready for anything she could teach him.

“Would you like to see my body, Jon?” she asked, sitting up and taking his hand.

“Sure, Mom! I’ve never seen you naked!” he said excitedly.

Jessica stood up and smoothed her hands down over her gown, making the material conform to the curvy contours of her body. She saw her son staring openly at her hands as they moved slowly over her body. His long cock was sticking straight up from his groin again, already beginning to ooze the fluid of his passion.

The horny mother undid the belt of her translucent gown and let it fall open, revealing her feminine treasures for her son to wonder at. She spread her gown open and let it frame her naked tits. Her luscious knockers caught the light of the bedside lamp, making her tits glow with golden warmth. Her tit-peaks were stiff with excitement; little conical protrusions of flesh that caught his eyes and held them.

Jessica cupped her free-flowing breasts in her warm hands and lifted them a bit, offering them freely to her son. She asked her son if he liked her body. She smiled knowingly when he nodded and made a dry sound in his throat. She asked him if he would like to touch her tits. He held out his hand and she walked silently toward him, her beautiful breasts jiggling as she moved.

Jessica breathed deeply when her son laid his trembling hand on her silken tit-flesh. Her breasts lifted slightly when she breathed in deeply. Her nipples tingled with sexual electricity as her son ran his hands over them. Her cunt twitched with desire, moistening more and more by the second. She felt goosepimples rising on her silken body as her excitement increased. She felt like giving her son everything she had to give, felt like treating him to all the joys of hot fucking.

“Feel how hard my nipples are, darling. I’m really very excited. I see that your little nipples are hard too,” she said, reaching out and rubbing his nipples with her thumbs. “Why don’t you do the same for me, Jon? I just love having my nipples stroked and pinched.”

Jon reached out and let his fingers press against her hard nipples. His legs felt weak. She was doing something wild to him, making his nuts ache like hell, making him tense and weak at the same time. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

“Kiss my tits, Jon. Suck them. Nibble them a bit too, darling. I love having my sons suck my tits.”

Jon pressed his lips around his mother’s hard nipples and sucked them. He also ran his tongue around her areolas, making her tits tingle with excitement. He felt her hard erectile flesh slip in and out of his mouth, making wet popping sounds when they pulled from his sucking lips. He ran his teeth over her tit-peaks, making her shiver with delight. She seemed to like everything he did to her, and everything he did drove him wild too.

“Put your hand between my legs, lover. Feel free to touch me wherever you like,” she breathed, dying to feel his fingers playing with her seething cunt-flesh.

“You really mean it? Can I really touch you there?” he choked, his hand hesitating half-way between her knees and her cunt. She felt her twat flutter, felt it running with musky moisture when he touched her. She felt her naked breasts crushing against his lean chest, felt her nipples rubbing against his muscles as she writhed with pleasure.

“Please move your fingers, Jon! Please! Oh yes! God! That’s just right! You’re making me so hot, Jon! You’re making my cunt steam! Do you feel it? Do you feel how hot your mother’s pussy is getting?”

“It is hot, Mom! Oh wow! This is too much, too fuckin’ much!” he choked, reaching one hand behind his mother’s naked body and squeezing the silken cheek of her ass while his other hand worked at her bunt.

Jessica felt her son’s rigid cock rubbing up against her thigh as he held her to him. She felt him grinding his pelvis against her thigh, unable to control his excitement. His cock spread his slippery pre-cum all over her silky honey-tanned skin. His rod slipped and slid over her, making her hornier and hornier by the minute.

Jon moved his fingers eagerly over her wet pussy lips. He had had no idea that a woman’s cunt could be so hot and inviting. Her cunt seemed to move with a life of its own. It seemed to beg him to put his fingers in, seemed to want to suck his hand into her rosy channel. He dared to insert a finger into his mother’s seething cunt, then another and another. She seemed to love it.

Jessica felt him crooking his fingers inside her blazing cunt, tickling her inner flesh and making her moan with pleasure. She wrapped her arms around her boy and hugged him to her tightly, making his cock extend down her inner leg all the way to the lips of her cunt.

“Oh God, Jon! Your hand is inside me! It feels so good there! Twist your hand inside my fucking cunt! Oh yes! Yesssssssss! I’m on fire! I need it! And I need your cock!”

“Should I put it in you, Mom?” he asked, his heart beating wildly.

“God yes! Stick that lovely rod up my cunt, Jon! Show me what kind of a man you are! Shove it in me and make me feel like a woman again! I need it jerking inside me! Fuck me!” she cried, backing up against the wall and letting her arms drop to her sides.

“Will you tell me if I don’t do it right, Mom?” Jon asked in a hoarse voice that betrayed his fear of making a mistake.

“You’ll do it right, Jon. I just know you will. You’re learning fast, lover. You’ll be a stud before this night is over. You’ll be able to satisfy me as no one ever has. Fuck me, son! Fuck your mother like a man!” she cried as his hot body pressed against her.

Jon began bucking his ass wildly, jabbing his dick against her thigh and the hair of her luscious cunt. It was quite a while before he found the hot slot between her legs. He reached down and guided his tool between the lips of her inviting cunt. He gasped when he felt her juicy cuntlips close around his hard organ. The heat of her seething cunt seemed to pass through his cock and go straight to his nuts. He felt his balls swelling, with cum, felt his balls tightening between his athletic legs as he began forcing his dick into his mother’s cunt.

“Take me, Jon! Fill me up with it! Fuck me! All the way, Jon! God! It’s beautiful! In and out, lover boy! Fuck me hard! You won’t hurt me, son! Don’t be afraid! Screw me!” she cried as her son drove his dick in and out of her tight wet cunt-hole.

“Unngggh!” her son gasped.

Jon slammed his hard body up against his mother, punching his prick in and out of her grasping cunt. Her pussy held him like a vise of flesh, squeezing his impaled cock, sucking at it like a hundred greedy mouths. He felt his nuts slapping hard against her steaming crotch as he fucked her. Her tits were crushed up against his heaving chest. He felt his stiff nipples rubbing against her, felt her belly pressing against his as he drove his rod into her all the way to his groin.

“Grind it into me, darling!” she cried. “Move your hips and make it move in a circle inside me! That’s lovely! Oh God, Jon! You really know how to fuck!”

Jon heard his mother’s words and went wild inside. He was so encouraged by his mother’s moans of delight that he fucked her like a stallion, banging against her and making her cunt drip with excitement. He knew that he would soon shoot a heavy wad of cum into her grasping cunt. He didn’t know whether he should let that happen or not. How would she react if he filled her cunt with own?

“Mom, I can’t do this much more!”

“Yes you can, darling! Fuck me hard! I just love it!”

“But I’m gonna shoot off pretty soon, Mom! I’m gonna come!” he rasped, his balls gathered tightly between his legs.

“I want you to, Jon! I want you to shoot your wad right up my fucking cunt! I can’t tell you how much I want to take your cum inside me! Fuck me! Shoot me full of it!”

Jessica felt the shuddering pleasure of her own orgasm building between her legs. Her clit was on fire, a fire kindled by the friction of her son’s rigid dick against her bud of flesh. His cock kept punching in and out of her, stimulating her to the flash point. Her cunt dripped. Her juice flowed down her son’s cock and drenched his swollen balls.

“Oh shit! It’s gonna happen, Mom! Oh fuck! I’m comin’ in you! Take it, Mom! Take my fuckin’ stuff!” He grunted as he shot his hot wad up his mother’s cunt.

Jessica felt the rush of her orgasm at exactly the same time her son pumped his cum into her. Her cunt gushed with passion as her orgasm tore through her like a tornado. She felt his cum spurting deep inside her sucking channel, filling her with jism, mingling with the musky fluids of her own passion.

The two horny fuckers held each other tightly as their orgasms passed over them like a storm. The mother and the son shared a kind of peace that society would have denied them. They felt closer than they had ever felt before. They were both aware that they had violated a taboo, but they had enjoyed every ball-busting and cunt-tingling minute of it, and they wanted more.

“Would you like to take a shower with me, Jon?” she asked later as they lay together in her soft warm bed.

“Sure, Mom. That sounds like fun.”

“I’m sure a nice shower will make you horny again in no time. All that water rolling down over your cock and balls will make you stiffen up before you know it,” she said, reaching down and fondling his soft cock and nuts.

“Can I wash your tits, Mom?” he asked.

“Of course, son. You may wash my tits and even my cunt. I’ll wrap my soapy fingers around that big beautiful prick of yours and rub it for you until it gets big and hard again.”

“It’s gettin’ hard already!”

“Perhaps we’d better hurry down the hall before we end up fucking right here again.”

Jessica slipped out of bed with her son and led him down the hall. Jon dared to reach out and run his forefinger down the crack of her full womanly ass all the way to the nest of her cunt. Jessica couldn’t help giggling with girlish delight when he tickled her butt. She put her finger to his lips quickly.

“Shhhhhhh,” she said, brushing his eager hand away from her ass. “Not here. We don’t want to wake your brothers.”

“Why not, Mom? They knew about everything already, don’t they? I mean… uh… they’ve been doin’ this stuff with you longer than I have.”

Jon had given her something to think about. She hadn’t ever considered the possibility of having more than one of her sons at once. Jon seemed to accept their new relationship completely. He didn’t seem to care what his brothers found out about them. Perhaps it would be fun to draw all three of her eager sons into her net at once.

Her head swimming with the possibilities of a four-way fuck with her family of hot studs, Jessica led Jon into the shower and adjusted the spray. First she thrilled to the harsh spray against her back and the sensitive flesh of her ass. Then she turned and let the water hit her tits, making them tingle and making goosepimples appear on her aureoles. Jon joined her under the shower, tossing his inhibitions to the wind and thoroughly enjoying the experience of showering with his mother. Jessica knew that he would enjoy it even more when she laid her loving hand on his wet naked body.

Jessica took the soap and a washcloth in her hands and worked up a heavy lather, applying it to her son’s chest and stomach. She lathered up his naked body from head to toe, thrilling to the feel of his skin and to his immediate reaction to her caresses.

Jon’s cock stood up when he felt his mother’s hands running over his body. He was still amazed that she would lavish so much attention on him. Her hands seemed to know just what to do, just where to touch him and when.

When her son’s cock was throbbing again, the seductive mother fell to her knees and rubbed lather all over the slight growth of hair on her son’s groin. She lathered it up until it looked like a cream pie. She rubbed her hand up and down the soapy shaft of his hard-on until she was afraid he might go off again.

“Turn around, darling,” she said, “I want to do something new for you.”

Jon did as he was told, turning until his ass was facing his mother. He felt her soapy hands on his hard buttocks, felt her fingers kneading the flesh of his ass. She ran her fingers down the soapy crack, pressing ever so gently against the ring of his asshole.

“Does that feel good, lover?” she asked sweetly, her cunt tingling.

“Uh-huh, Mom,” he admitted, wondering what she was up to.

Jessica ran her hand up under his ass and grabbed his balls from behind. She rubbed his nuts with her wet palm for a moment or two, making them seethe in their soapy sac. Then she pressed his asshole harder with the tip of her finger, pressed it until she felt her finger entering his tight shithole.

“Gosh, Mom! What are you doin’?” Jon asked.

“Does it hurt, Jon?”

“A… a little…” he said, clenching his buttocks against her fingers.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you let yourself relax, Jon,” Jessica said, pushing her rigid finger into her son’s tight asshole.

“Did you do this to Dad?” Jon asked in amazement.

“Of course, darling. And he loved it. He did it to me too. In fact, your father used to love to stick his big fat cock right up my ass,” she said, twisting her finger.

“Did he fuck you in the ass? Did he really do that, Mom?”

“Don’t be shocked, darling. Your father did all sorts of wonderful things to me. I want you to do those things to me too, Jon. I want you to fuck me in the ass just like your father did. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Sure, Mom. But… uh… won’t it hurt?” he asked, jerking a bit when she buried her finger in his asshole all the way to her knuckle.

“It might, darling. But I’m sure I’ll get over it. After all, your father’s cock was enormous and I managed to get used to his. Your cock is almost as big as his already. Did you know that, darling?”

“Wow! Is it, really?” he asked, feeling proud of his masculine development.

After running her finger in and put of her son’s asshole a few times she stood up and handed her son the soap. He proceeded to lather her naked body just as she had done for him. He ran his hands over her silken globes, filling the slope between her tits with suds. He rubbed her soapy tit-peaks with his thumbs, making them harden temptingly. He could hardly resist bending toward her tits and sucking her soapy nipples into his mouth. He ran his hands over her belly and down her sides. He tangled his fingers in her pubic nest and lathered up her love-hair.

“Wash my little pussy now, Jon,” she cooed, spreading her legs slightly and inviting him to rub her cunt.

The eager teen fell to his knees and began rubbing her frothy cunt with the palm of his hand. His mother shivered with delight as he stimulated her wet pussy. Water cascaded down over her naked body, dripping from her tits and rolling down her thighs and washing the lather on her cunt away. She handed him the washcloth and told him to rub her cunt with it. He did as she said, rather clumsily at first. He soon discovered how to rub her cunt with the cloth to give her the most pleasure. He held one end of the cloth with one hand and reached behind her with the other, taking the other end of the cloth and sawing it back and forth between her naked legs.

Jessica leaned against the shower wall and abandoned herself to the maddening passions her son inspired in her. She gasped and sighed with pleasure. She opened her lips and uttered a shrill cry of pleasure as her cunt burned with ecstasy. She was coming again, and it was even better than the time before.

“Oh God! Jon! You’re making me come! Oh Lord yes! Yesssssss! Rub me! Rub my hot fucking cunt! I love it! Make me come! Oh Jon! I-I’m coming! I’m commmmminnnnggggg!”

Jon held her legs tightly as she came, dropping the washcloth when she cried out and wrapping his wet arms around her naked legs. He held her until she stopped whimpering, pressing his face against her flashing cunt, inhaling her feminine fragrance.


Jessica and Jon stood outside Bob’s bedroom. They had finished their shower and dried each other in the bathroom. Jessica had mentioned the possibility that they might approach Bob and Rob that night and ask them to join their sexual activities. Jon had agreed immediately. He was so horny now that he would agree to anything, and he had told her so.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this, darling?” she asked.

“Sure, Mom. Why not?” Jon asked, his cock throbbing in front of him.

Jessica opened the door of her boy’s room and stepped in with Jon. The horny pair moved quietly to the side of Bob’s bed and stood there for a second or two. Jessica bent down and drew her son’s sheet off his body, exposing his naked body. She stared at his sleeping cock, longing to have it inside her again.

Jon flicked on the light and sat down on a chair while his mother worked her magic on his kid brother. She bent over him and blew a stream of warm moist breath over his cock and balls. She put one warm hand on his lower stomach and began fondling his balls with the other. She touched his resting cock with her lips, flicking out her practiced tongue and licking his cockhead.

It wasn’t long before Bob’s cock started to harden. The thing stood up straight from his body, filling with blood before his mother’s eyes and thickening until it was at full erection. Jon thought it was funny that his mother could turn his brother on in his sleep. He couldn’t help chuckling, and it was the sound of his laugher that stirred Bob from his sleep.

Jessica motioned for Jon to stand by the bed with her. He stood up and wrapped his arm around his mother, looking down at his brother as he opened his eyes. Bob stared up at the two as if he were seeing them in a dream. When he realized that his dream was reality, he jumped up and swung his legs out of the bed, sitting up and staring at his naked mother and his hard-cocked brother.

Jessica and Jon both laughed when Bob shook his shaggy head and rubbed his eyes in disbelief. It was easy for the two to understand his amazement at waking up and finding them beside him. Jessica sat down on the bed with Jon and whispered in her son’s ear.

“Sorry we had to wake you, Bob, darling, but we just had to see you. Will you forgive us?” she asked.

“Uh… sure, Mom,” he choked, looking over at his big brother and staring at the hard dick that stuck up from his lap. “But… uh… how come Jon’s hard like that?”

“That should be rather obvious, Bob,” she smiled. “You see darling, I’ve decided that it really isn’t fair of me to share the joys of fucking with only one of my sons.”

“You mean you’ve been doin’ stuff with Jon too?” Bob asked.

“She sure has man,” Jon said. “I just got though fuckin’ her.”

“I might as well tell you that Rob has been sharing me too,” she said.

“Rob?” Bob said.

“But he has a nice hard dick, Bob. And I’ve taught him how to use it.”

“You mean we’ve all been fuckin’ you?” Bob asked amazedly.

“You’ve been keeping me awfully busy, Bob,” Jessica smiled, reaching down and touching her son’s naked leg.

“This is somethin’ else,” Bob said, shaking his head in disbelief.

“This is somethin’ else too,” Jessica laughed, letting her hand fall between Bob’s legs and rest on the towering length of masculine flesh that stood up from his lap.

“Wow, Mom! What are you gonna do?” Bob asked, clamping his legs together.

“I don’t know, darling. I thought I might start by jerking you off until you’re good and stiff. Then I thought I might bend down and suck your delicious cock for you. And then…”

“But, Mom, Jon’s watchin’.”

“Who gives a shit?” Jon said with a dirty grin. “What’re you embarrassed about, brother?”

“Jon is right, darling. You really mustn’t be embarrassed. Relax and let yourself go. We’ll have wonderful fun together.”

“I’m ready,” Jon said, reaching down and stroking his rigid dick.

“Okay, Mom… if that’s what you want. I guess it does sound like fun,” Bob agreed.

“Wonderful! Now let’s go and tell Rob about our plans.”

“Rob? You kiddin’?” Bob gasped. “You mean we’re all gonna do it together?”

“Of course, darling,” the horny mother smiled, leading her two boys to the door. “We’re one happy family aren’t we?”

The boys had to admit that they were one happy family, and their mother was making them happier all the time. There seemed to be no end to the surprises their mother had in store for them. The boys watched her wiggle her pretty ass down the ball in front of them, her asscheeks rising and falling in perfect rhythm as she walked.

When they reached Rob’s room Jon reached out and cupped his hand over the tufted mound of his mother’s cunt from behind. He moved his fingers against the dewy lips of her cunt until she giggled with delight. Her girlish giggles provoked a boyish laugh from Bob, who reached out and scuffled with his brother in an effort to put his hands between her legs too. They were still scuffling when they burst into Rob’s room.

He sat up in bed and stared at his mother and his two older brothers as they scuffled in the doorway. It was obvious that they were both after their mother’s cunt. They were playfully pushing each other out of the way to get at her.

“Boys! Boys! Please! Now see what you’ve done! You’ve awakened Rob!” she said in mock seriousness, brushing Bob and Jon away and falling to her knees between Rob’s legs.

“Gosh, Mom. What’s happenin’?” he rasped.

“That depends on you three boys,” Jessica sang. “You boys could make something wonderful happen here tonight.”

“We’re gonna make somethin’ happen all right,” Jon said excitedly, stepping up behind his mother and laying his long hard-on across her shoulder.

“We’re all gonna make it with Mom tonight,” Bob said, sitting on the bed with Rob.

“You shittin?” Rob asked hoarsely.

“No shit, man!” Jon said, rubbing his dick against his mother’s shoulder.

“Why don’t I just start the festivities by sucking your delicious cock, Rob darling,” Jessica smiled, bending down and engulfing her son’s prick with her eager mouth.

Jessica took Rob’s hard-on all the way down her throat, running her tongue up and down the silken shaft of his organ. She pressed the head of his swollen cock against the roof of her mouth with her tongue and bobbed her head up and down on it, making his nuts ache more and more by the second. She reached out with the eagerness of a bitch in heat and grabbed Bob’s dick at the same time, squeezing it tightly and stroking it in he silken fist.

Bob moved closer to his brother. When his cock was as hard as a baseball bat she pulled her head off Rob’s rod and went down on her, sucking him wildly until she thought he was ready to shoot a wad down her throat. When Bob began grunting she pulled away from his aching tool and poised her lovely face over Rob’s dick again.

“How about me, Mom?” Jon asked, his swollen rod rubbing hot and hard against her silken shoulder.

“I have plans for you, Jon,” she said in a smoldering voice. “Is your cock big and hard?”

“Shit yeah, Mom. Just look at it,” he said, moving his rod close to her lovely face.

“Ummmmmm,” Jessica said, turning and staring at the swollen knob of his dickhead, flicking out her tongue and catching a droplet of pre-cum on the tip of it. “Why don’t you fuck me right in the cunt while I suck Bob and Rob?”

“How am I supposed to do that?” Jon asked.

“She wants you to fuck her from behind, stupid,” Rob said.

“That’s right, Jon. I want you to stick that cock right up my cunt and screw the piss out of me. Rob and Bob have already done that for me, darling. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. And boys, you mustn’t make fun of your older brother because he hasn’t had as much experience in fucking as you have. After all boys, I only started teaching him tonight.”

Jon flushed with embarrassment, but managed a half smile.

“I’ll just bend over like this,” Jessica said, spreading her long lithe legs and bending over until her lips were only an inch or two away from Bob’s dripping cock. “You just sink that big hard cock of yours right up my little cunt,” she said, her pussy flowing with warm honey.

Jessica waited until her oldest son stepped up behind her and pushed his cockhead up against her hot cunt. Then she reached between her legs and guided her boy’s hard tool between her cuntlips. She gasped when he bucked his ass and drove the jerking thing into her.

“Oh God! Yessssss! It’s so big and thick!” she cried as she felt his swollen cock stretching her tight pussy. “Fuck me! I need it inside me! I need it throbbing in my cunt! Oh Jon it feels so wonderful!”

“Suck my dick, Mom,” Rob said.

“I’m first Rob,” Bob insisted, his rock-hard cock throbbing.

“Shit, man! I’m older than you!” Bob growled.

“Na, boys. You mustn’t fight over me. Perhaps we can arrive at an arrangement that will satisfy both of you darlings. Now who shall I suck first? They’re both delicious. Bob’s is big and thick and Rob’s is just dripping with love-juice. I can’t make up my mind. I think I’ll just have to suck both of them at once,” she said lasciviously.

“Both of us at once?” Bob said amazedly.

“Of course, boys. That way I won’t cause any friction, only the friction of your cocks rubbing together in my mouth. Now stand up, darling. That’s right. Face each other. Perfect. Now rub your cockheads together. Doesn’t that feel good, boys?” she said lasciviously, her cunt dripping with honey as her moved his rod slowly and gently inside her cunt from behind.

Bob and Rob moved their slippery dicks together for a while as she watched. They had to admit that it felt pretty good. There seemed to be no end to the wild things she could teach them. Jessica enjoyed watching them, but she was too horny to resist temptation for another second. She reached out and grasped their two rock-hard pricks, pulling them together and stroking them up and down. Their cocks were so thick when she pulled them together that she had to use both hands to encircle their tools. Her fingers slid up and down easily on their slippery dicks. The boys had never been hornier in their lives.

Jessica flicked out her tongue and tasted the heads of their cocks. She moved her fingers so as to make their dicks rub, together while she jerked them up and down. She never topped jerking them off while she licked their purplish swollen dick heads. Eager for the taste of hot cock, Jessica finally opened her mouth as widely as she could and tried to take the two boys’ swollen cocks into her sweet face.

“Wow, Mom! Your lips sure feel good,” Rob said.

“Yeah. If you didn’t do stuff like this for us we’d still be beatin’ off every night. You’re the greatest!” Bob said.

“Your cunt sure does feel great,” Jon rasped, grinding his dick in a circular motion inside her cunt.

Rob and Bob began flexing the muscles of their asses, driving their rods deeper and deeper into their mother’s sucking face. They felt their cock-shafts rubbing against her pearly teeth, making them shiver with pure pleasure. Her throat sucked at their pricks, making their balls swell with hot cum. Jessica didn’t know how she could possibly take both of her sons’ cocks all the way down her throat, but she was trying valiantly. She was on the brink of choking already, and their cocks were still far from the back of her throat. She felt her cunt blazing, and that fire in her twat made her try even harder to swallow their cocks all the way.

“Suck ’em, Mother! Suck them dicks! Suck ’em hard! Oh yeah! It feels great!” Bob rasped, beginning to rock back and forth on the balls of his feet.

“Yeah, Mom! Take ’em all the way down your throat! Make us come! We gotta come in your mouth, Mom!” Rob growled.

Jon pistoned his mother’s cunt harder and harder by the second. His nuts slapped against his mother’s steaming pussy as he fucked her. He could hear the wet slurping sounds that his dick made as it punched in and out of her seething pussy. Jessica was alive with sensation from head to foot. The friction of Jon’s cock against her hot little clit was causing a raging fire in her belly. She gobbled Rob and Bob greedily, licking their cock-shafts, sucking them, nibbling their dick heads. Her tits shook when her banged his body against her.

Jessica reached between her legs and grabbed Jon’s heavy swinging nuts. She squeezed his swollen cum-filled balls tightly, tugging at them as he rammed his distended dick in and out of her sucking sheath. Her pussy juice was being worked into a heady froth by the shaft of her son’s cock as it banged in and out of her. She had never felt so well fucked, so full of hot throbbing cock. She had been surrounded by throbbing dicks and urgent horny males once before, in the woods on the day of her rape by the bikers long ago. But this was different. Her boys were not trying to hurt her.

They were only trying to make her feel good, and they were definitely succeeding. She was thoroughly enjoying their power.

It was so exciting!

“God, Mom! I’m gonna shoot it!” Jon grunted, thrusting his rod deep into her sucking cunt. “I’m gonna shoot my fuckin’ wad right up your cunt, Mom!”

Jessica suddenly felt Jon’s cum shooting inside her. She knew that Rob and Bob were about to fill her face with hot cum too. She wanted to swallow their jizz, but she needed them hard, needed their dicks in their present excited state. In order to save their cum and the stiffness of their dicks she suddenly stopped sucking them.

“Gosh, Mom. Aren’t you gonna suck us off and make us come?” Rob asked, his nuts aching.

“I want to keep you hard, darlings. I want you boys to fuck me now.”

“Oh shit, Mom! This is wild! I’m still shootin’! I can’t stop! Your cunt’s sucking it out of me!” Jon rasped, his balls pumping spurt after hot spurt of cum into her.

“Oh Jon! I love it, darling! You make me so hot! I love your dick jerking inside me. Do it, darling! Keep shooting your cum up my cunt! Don’t ever stop! Fill me with it! I want to feel it dripping down my legs! Drown me in it!” she cried, abandoning herself to her depraved desires.

Jon pumped her pussy full of cream until he was actually too weak to stand up. By the time he had finished fucking her his legs were shaking. He had to pull his cock out and fall into bed with her two horny brothers.

“That was somethin’ else! Wow! And you lucky fuckers have been doin’ this stuff all this time? You should’ve told me. I’ve been beatin’ off all this time for nothin’,” Jon said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, darling. And our fun is only beginning,” Jessica smiled wickedly, bending over Jon’s dribbling dick and licking the head of it.

While she was bent over Jon’s rod, Rob kneeled behind her and began licking her open cunt, tasting her free-flowing feminine juices and his own brother’s cum. His tongue raced over her flesh, driving her wild. She was ready for another cock in her cunt. She decided that it might be fun to have one up her ass too.


“Are you boys ready to try something new?” Jessica smiled.

“Sure, Mom!” Rob and Bob said almost in unison.

“Would you like to fuck me in the ass?” she asked sweetly.

“You mean fuck you from behind like Jon just did?” Rob asked.

“No, darling. I want you to fuck me right here, right in my asshole,” she said, reaching behind her and spreading the cheeks of her butt.

“Gosh, Mom. Can we do that? I mean, uh, wouldn’t it hurt?” Rob asked.

“Of course it will, Rob. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy it if you’re gentle with me,” she said, pressing her fingertip against her shit-chute.

“But… uh… that’s an awful small hole, Mom. How could my dick go in there?” Bob asked, staring at the swollen prick that stuck up from his lap.

“It might take some stretching first, Bob… I think Rob can help with that. His cock isn’t quite as big as yours. Rob, would you like to try stretching my little asshole a bit?”

“Sure, Mom. If that’s what you want,” he agreed.

“I’ll just bend over like this, lover. Now you step up behind me and push your hard-on against my little asshole like a good boy.”

Her asshole tightened when she felt his hot dickhead pressing up against it. The heat of her son’s swollen cock soaked into her, helping her asshole loosen up a bit. She tried to relax the muscles of her asshole, tried to let her son into her where he head never been before. She knew how she would enjoy the feeling of hard cock in her ass. She had loved taking her husband’s dick up her ass, had loved the stretching sensation and even the pain it caused her. It would be even more stimulating now, now that she had three boys to fill every hole in her sexy body. Now she could have a cock in her cunt, in her ass, and in her mouth at the same time.

Rob pressed his rod against her shit-hole as hard as he could, flexing the muscles of his ass and poking his dick against her, but it was in vain. Her tight asshole refused to let him in spite of her efforts.

“I can’t get it in, Mom,” he said.

“Maybe you should try your finger first, darling,” she whispered, having no intention of giving up so easily.

Rob replaced his dick with his finger, pressing his fingertip against her and twisting it slightly. She told him to spit on his finger. He did as he was told and finally his finger began to go into her ass.

“It’s goin’ in, Mom!” Rob said excitedly.

“Oh God! I know, Rob!” Jessica gasped, feeling a searing pain when his finger pushed into her.

“Am I hurtin’ you, Mom?” he asked.

“You’re not hurting me, Rob. My God! It’s been so long since a man has done this to me,” she whimpered. “Move your finger in and out, Rob. Be gentle with me.”

Rob finger-fucked his mother’s asshole for a while, loosening it slowly until she thought she might be ready to take something longer and thicker.

“Try your cock again, lover,” she said, her asshole quivering. “Is it nice and slippery? Oh yes. That’s just right.”

“Do you think I can make it go in, Mom?” he asked.

“I certainly hope so, Rob. I need that big dick up my ass. I’ve been waiting so long for it,” she breathed, longing for the feeling of stretching and rubbing in her tight ass.

Rob bucked his ass up against her, but got nowhere. Jessica told him to take his cock in his hand and move the head of it against her asshole with his fingers. He obeyed, wiggling his swollen cockhead and pushing on it with all his might.

“Jon, darling, why don’t you run down to the bathroom and bring us a jar of Vaseline? It might help considerably,” Jessica suggested.

Jon jumped up and ran down the hall, returning with the jar in a flash. Jessica dipped into the jar and reached behind her to rub a gob of the slippery jelly over her tight shit-hole. She managed to get her finger into her tight ring, slickening her inner passage. She rubbed some of the lubricant on the swollen organ that she wanted inside her. Rob’s body shook each time her loving fingers stroked the heard head of his cock. He was horny beyond belief, and Jessica intended to keep him that way.

“Now, lover, that should do it. Stick it in me. Fuck my ass until I tell you to stop. Don’t be afraid of hurting me. I’m so hot for it now, so hot. Fuck me!” she cried, backing against her son’s rigid dick.

Rob didn’t really expect his cock to go in so easily, but it did. He pushed it against her ass-ring for a second and he was inside her. He felt her hole grasping and holding his rod in a viselike grip. It held his cock much more tightly than her cunt had. It was a different sensation, but a pleasurable one.

Jessica gasped in pleasure and pain when her son’s dick pushed beyond her tight barrier. She had expected his cock to hurt a bit when he first shoved it into her, but she had had no idea that his prick would feel so huge in her ass.

“Gently, Rob. Wait, darling. Don’t move it yet, lover,” she said.

Jessica rested her hands on her ankles and breathed deeply until she thought her asshole was ready to accept some movement on Rob’s part. She knew that it was awfully hard for him to just stand there with his cock up his mother’s ass without doing anything to gratify himself. She knew that his instincts told him to lunge forward and shove his lust-hardened dick into her ass and out again until he shot off in her.

“I think I’m ready now, Rob. Move it inside me now, lover. Slowly at first,” she said, holding her breath as her son began sinking his rod deeper into her ass.

Jessica was glad that she hadn’t chosen Bob or Jon to fill her asshole first. Both boys were much too huge between their legs for her to accept them into her long neglected chute. Just the thought of taking Jon’s huge rod inside her almost made her faint.

Rob pushed up against his mother’s tight grasping ass until his cock was buried in her all the way to his balls. He felt her full womanly asscheeks warm and soft against his hard groin. He reached out and let his hands fall on her back, stroking her gently as he began punching his cock in and out of her butthole. He felt as if his dick were being squeezed by a warm hand in a velvet glove. His balls ached with pure pleasure.

“In and out, lover. Fuck my ass. Rob! This is heavenly. Screw your mother’s butt,” she whimpered, going wild with naked desire.

Rob took her whimpers of delight as a signal to fuck her harder and faster. He couldn’t control himself now. His dick needed to rub hard and fast against her tight ass-tunnel. His balls needed to feel the warmth of her flesh as they slapped up against her. He let himself go, rocking back and forth against her, driving his cock in and out of her with the speed and power of a pile driver. And all the while his brothers watched.

Jessica sensed that Rob enjoyed showing off his newly discovered talent for butt-fucking. It was something that Bob and Jon hadn’t tried yet. Jessica also knew that her audience was enjoying the show immensely. Jon’s cock was hard and ready again, even though he had already shot his wad again and again that night. Bob was also as horny as hell. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, his muscles tight, ready to spring to his feet and join in the hot activities.

The lusty mother’s cunt was dripping with excitement. She was having the time of her life. She was surrounded by boys who wanted nothing more than to satisfy her lusty urges, and their own. Sue had to let all her boys into the act. It wasn’t enough to let them merely watch her getting fucked.

“Oh, Rob! That feels so good! It’s so big and hard inside me! Your cock never felt so big!” she moaned as he pistoned her asshole.

“Does that feel good, man?” Bob asked his butt-fucking brother.

“Shit yeah! It’s wild! Tight! You… you gotta try this some time. Maybe she’ll let you.”

“How about it, Mom? Can… can I try it too? Please?” Bob asked.

“Yeah! I wanna try it too, Mom. How ’bout it?” Jon asked, putting his hands on his legs and showing her his cock. “See, Mom. I’m hard again.”

“But you boys are too big. Perhaps later. But my pussy is just itching with excitement. I’m so hot, so fucking hot! Come and lick my cunt! Bob, darling, lick me and make me even hotter!” she moaned, beckoning her son toward her.

Bob jumped up and got between her legs, burying his handsome face into her seething cunt. He could see his kid brother’s nuts swinging as he rammed his stiff dick in and out of her asshole. The taste of his mother’s juicy cunt drove him wild.

“Will you suck me off, Mom?” Jon asked, standing and presenting his dick to her.

“Of course, lover. Crouch down a bit, darling. Give me that big fat dick. It’s so delicious,” she cooed.

When her son’s cock was close enough the hot assed woman reached out and took it in her loving hands. She drew his prick close to her face, blowing her sweet moist breath over his swollen knob and then closing her lips around the head of his cock. She sucked him hard, eagerly taking every hard inch of him down her throat. He moved in and out of her so hard that only with the greatest of difficulty did she avoid choking on his huge cock.

Bob busily lapped at his mother’s dripping cunt while she sucked his brother’s dick and took his brother’s prick up her ass. She was being worked into a frenzy of fuck-lust by her three sons. She wanted to fuck all night.

“Goddam, Mom! Your ass is tight and hot up there! Wow! This sure is great stuff to do!” the Rob rasped as he punched his hard-on in and out of her sucking ass.

“Suck that dick, Mom! Oh fuck! Suck the cum out of the fucker! You sure do it great! Suck me!” Jon grunted, gyrating his pelvis and moving his dick in a tight circle inside her mouth and throat.

Bob flicked his tongue over her blazing clit, nibbling her cuntlips too. Her juices flowed freely, covering his lips. Her cunt was wildly intoxicating. The scent and luscious taste of her cunt was enough to make his head reel with pure delight. The air was filled with the sounds of fucking and sucking, little cries of delight from Jessica’s lips, wet slurping sounds from between her legs, grunts of pleasure from her three boys. All four were hornier than they had ever been, and they all knew that this was only the beginning of their new and beautiful sexual relationship.

“I’m gonna shoot it, Mom!” Jon rasped, his nuts tightening between his striving legs. “Get ready for this, Mom! I’m gonna fill your face with cream! Take it! Take that stuff! Drink it all down! You’re gonna love it!”

Jessica thrilled to the sound of her son’s voice. He had changed from a shy boy to a bold man who knew what he wanted and knew that he could get it. She knew that he was learning all the time and was enjoying each piece she gave him better than the last. She prepared to swallow the hot spurts of cum that was to signal his nut-busting orgasm.

Jessica almost strangled when, her son shot her sucking throat full of hot jism. She felt a hot shot blasting against the back of her throat, a hot shot that was followed by another and another and another. He seemed to have an endless supply of cum in his heavy balls. The cock-hungry mother drank it up thirstily, coughing and sputtering all the while. When she had sucked him dry she pulled her lips off his dick and smiled up at him.

“Just delicious, Jon darling,” she said, licking her lips. “I just love the way you fuck my face.”

“Mom, you can suck me any time. Damn! That was the greatest! I’m never gonna jack off again,” Jon breathed.

“I’m gonna shoot it too, Mom!” Rob said, pounding her asshole in a hot frenzy. “Is it all right? Can I come in your ass?”

“Yesssssss! Dick me! Shoot it up my ass! Fill me with it!” she cried, her tits shaking with the force of his thrusts.

Jessica’s cunt was near the flash point, on fire with lust. Bob sucked her tits, fastening his lips around the little bud of flesh and working away at it just the way his mother had taught him. She suddenly wanted a cock in her cunt, wanted to feel a rigid post sawing away against the bud of her tingling clitoris.

“Sit down, Rob. Yes, darling. I want you to sit on the floor. I’ll sit on your lap and you can keep fucking me. Be careful, lover. Don’t let it pull out of me. That’s right. Wonderful,” she said, spreading her legs when they had completed the maneuver. “I want you to fuck my cunt, Bob. Get between my legs and shove that dick up my cunt.”

Bob did as he was told, falling on her and ramming his distended dick up her juicy gash. He could feel his brother’s plug of flesh inside her too, kicking and straining. He began pumping her pussy wildly. He had to shoot his wad quickly. He was too horny to wait for further instructions. Sucking her cunt and drinking her free-flowing pussy juice had made his balls ache for release.

“I love it! A dick in my ass and a dick in my cunt!” she cried, her body rocking back and forth and bouncing up and down at the same time. “Fuck me, boys! Fuck my ass and cunt! Fuck your mother! Come in me!”

“Yeah! Yeah, Mom! This is crazy wild! Take them dicks! Take ’em!” Jon growled. “Fuck her, you guys!”

“I… I’m coming! Oh God! Fuck me! I’m commmminnnnnggggg!” she cried in a shrill voice as her cunt flashed with pleasure.

Jessica seethed with delight, her pussy flashing with electricity as she came. Her ass was filled with hard dick and shooting cum. Bob’s cock suddenly snapped up even stiffer inside her cunt. She felt him filling her seething cunt with thick cum.

The four horny fuckers fell together in a warm embrace. When her sons’ dicks pulled free of her ass and cunt she reached out and held them in her silky hands, fondling them gently as her sons kissed her naked body. Jessica had never felt so much at peace with herself. She no longer felt afraid of sex. Her sons had been gentle with her, as gentle as her husband had been. She wanted her sons to fuck her again and again, and she knew that there would be no end to the fun they could have together. She even thought about exploring the possibility of introducing Dale into their little circle. Now that the boys had loosened her up there was no need to deny him what he wanted so badly.

“Are we all happy, boys?” Jessica asked.

“One happy family!” they shouted in unison.

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