Fifty Dollars for Full Service

Elizabeth jumped when the doorbell rang. The magazine she was
reading almost fell out of her hands. He was here early.

The room suddenly felt too hot. Elizabeth’s breath caught in
her throat, her chest tight. Killing time had been bad enough, but now
that the moment was here, well, she realized she wasn’t truly ready.
Her heart triphammered against her sternum.

He rang the doorbell again.

Get moving, Liz, Elizabeth told herself.

She put the magazine aside, glanced around the living room.
Everything was in its place. There was a box of condoms hidden behind
the Kleenex, just within reach of the couch. When she got things
ready, she spread the throw pillows out for more room. He would take
her right here, right where she was sitting. The thought made her
swallow hard on the lump in her throat.

Another ring.

Elizabeth sprang to her feet. How do I look? Cutoff jean
shorts and bare feet. She wore a button-up shirt with the sleeves
rolled. When she put it on, she decided to tie it off above her
stomach. It made her breasts look larger, higher and it showed off the
abs she’d been working on. Maybe it was a little young for her, but so
what? She felt young today.

There was a mirror in the front hallway. Elizabeth checked her
hair. Blonde, tied back in a ponytail, lightly streaked with white.
She wished she’d thought to put on more makeup earlier. She was on the
young side of forty and looked thirty-five, but maybe he wouldn’t like
her look. He liked Mary, and she was a couple years older, but he
might not want another fortysomething mother, no matter how much time
she spent with Abs of Steel.

He knocked this time.

Elizabeth saw the shadow of his head through the little window
in the front door. No more time to waste. She undid the deadbolt and
opened the door.

And there he was.

Mary had been right about him; he was gorgeous.

“Hello, ma’am,” he said. “I’m Dominic. You have a three-thirty
appointment for your lawn?”

Dominic was about six feet tall and must have weighed around
200 pounds, none of it fat. The green Grange Lawn & Garden workshirt
he wore fit loosely across a heavily muscled chest. Short sleeves
accentuated the hard lines of his arms. He wore the shirt open at the
collar, with a couple more buttons undone. Short, curly hairs on his

And he was black. As black as a piece of obsidian.

Elizabeth didn’t know what to say. Mary told her all about
Dominic, but to actually see him, that was something else entirely.
Strong jaw. Powerful, dark eyes. And the skin that seemed to soak up
the light. He was not a brown black man. Dominic was completely,
utterly black. His skin seemed to have no other tone to it.

The air was taken right out of her. She felt weak.

“Ma’am?” Dominic asked.

“Oh,” Elizabeth said. “Yes. Front and back yard mow and

Dominic checked the clipboard in his hand. “That’s right.
Introductory offer. Fifty dollars for full service.”

The man had some kind of accent Elizabeth couldn’t place.
Maybe he was from the Caribbean, but it wasn’t quite like that,
either. He smiled at her. Absolutely white teeth, perfectly straight.
“Ma’am, you’re staring.”

Elizabeth’s face heated up. “I’m sorry. Come in. Dominic,

“That’s right.”

He came into the house, brushed Elizabeth as he passed. The
contact was electric, thrilling through her body. Her lips were dry.
She licked them.

With his back turned, she could look at his butt, packed into
his dark green work pants. It was strong-looking, tensing as he walked
as if he knew she was watching and wanted to show off. Maybe he was.
Mary said all kinds of things about him.

“Nice house,” he said, looking around.

The front hallway was large, with a vaulted ceiling. A large,
framed picture of the whole family hung over an antique Chippendale
table. Elizabeth put fresh flowers in a vase on that table this

Dominic looked at the picture. “This your husband?” he asked.

Elizabeth closed the front door. Automatically, her fingers
strayed to her wedding ring. “Yes. And my sons.”

“Good-looking kids,” Dominic said. He took a pen out of his
pocket and made a note on his clipboard. “How did you hear about us,

Elizabeth locked the deadbolt, tried to act casual. The man
trailed some kind of clean scent behind him. It made her feel
lightheaded. Or maybe it was just her heart; it hadn’t slowed down
yet. “You were recommended by the Calhouns. Mary Calhoun said you were
the best.”

Dominic wrote on his clipboard. “Mrs. Calhoun is a good
customer. Do you want the same thing she got?”

The words struck Elizabeth to the spot. “Pardon me?” she

“Your lawns look very similar,” Dominic said. He smiled. “Do
you want the same treatment done? It doesn’t add onto the first visit,
but it could change the price if you want to stay with us.”

Elizabeth took a deep breath. “I’d like exactly what she got.
She was very happy.”

“I’m sure she was,” Dominic said quietly. He made another
note, then looked back at Elizabeth. “I saw the front on the way in.
Why don’t you show me the back lawn?”

“All right.”

They walked through the house. Elizabeth was acutely aware of
Dominic right behind her, shadowing her steps.

“This is it,” she said. They stepped out onto the back porch.
Outside the screened patio was the landscaped back yard. Kidney-shaped
swimming pool. Jacuzzi, covered for right now. The gazebo where Mary
had lunch with Elizabeth and first told her about Dominic.

He’s beautiful. You’ll never see another man like him.

Dominic whistled. “Very nice.”

“It’s a lot of work,” Elizabeth said. Her voice was shaky.
When she looked at him now, she felt a growing pressure between her
legs. Her skin felt extra sensitive. There was a slight breeze and it
was driving her crazy. “Can you manage it?”

“I think so,” Dominic said. “In fact – ”

The telephone rang, cutting him off.

Damn it! Elizabeth cursed mentally. “Why don’t you go ahead
and get started? I’ll be right here if you want me.”

“I’ll remember that,” Dominic said. He smiled that easy smile
once more.

Elizabeth’s knees were wobbling by the time she made it to the
phone in the kitchen. She saw Dominic walk past, heading back to the
front door. “Hello?”

“Liz, it’s Mary.”

“Mary!” Elizabeth sighed. “Mary, what do you want?”

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

She couldn’t hear his footsteps anymore. Did he go out the
front door? She didn’t recall hearing him leave. Elizabeth peered out
of the kitchen. Dominic was nowhere around. “He’s here,” she whispered
into the phone.

“He… ? Oh! You mean Dominic’s there?”

“Yes!” Elizabeth’s hands were trembling.

Mary laughed on the other end. “What do you think of him?”

Still no sign of Dominic. “Let me switch phones,” Elizabeth

She put the receiver on the counter and dashed upstairs to the
bedroom. The maid hadn’t been in today, so the king-sized bed was
unmade. Elizabeth lay across the mattress and grabbed the bedside
phone. “Still there?”

A giggle. “Yes. So, tell me.”

“You were right. He is beautiful. I couldn’t believe it.”

“Have you seen his cock yet?”

“Mary! He just showed up.”

Mary hissed. “You will. He won’t wait long to make his move.
I’ve never met a man so ready to do it in my whole life. I think he’s
always at least half-hard.”

There was a sound outside the bedroom. Elizabeth glanced over
her shoulder. No one there. Probably Dominic carrying some equipment
through. “Mary, you are disgusting,” Elizabeth said.

“Am I? You’re the one who called him to your house.”

More pressure down below. Without thinking, Elizabeth slipped
a hand between her thighs, let her fingers rest on the denim. She
could feel the heat radiating out through the material. “I’m nervous,”
she said.


Elizabeth blushed. “A little.”

“A lot, I bet.”


Another laugh. “You’re going to have to suck him, you know. He
won’t let you avoid it. If you want anything else, you have to suck
him off.”

A tremor ran through Elizabeth. She hadn’t had another man’s
penis in her mouth in twenty years. Only Daniel’s. And now she was
about to have it. A black man’s penis. “I’ll do it,” Elizabeth said.

“You won’t have any choice.” Mary sighed on the other end.
“God, I can’t wait for you to find out what he’s like. This is so…
so exciting!”

Elizabeth spread her legs, pushed with her fingers. Hot
lightning bolts of pleasure spread out from the contact. The denim of
her shorts was getting damp. “I want him now,” she murmured over the

“Then ask him.”

“I can’t ask him that!”

“Can’t ask me what?”

Raw fear exploded inside Elizabeth. She dropped the phone,
spun around on the bed. Her hand jerked away from her crotch. “Oh, my

Dominic stood in the door. His face was completely unreadable.

“C-can I help you?” Elizabeth asked.

A half-smile. “Probably.”

Dominic strolled into the room, picked the phone off the
floor. He put the receiver to his ear. “Hello, Mrs. Calhoun.” He
listened. “Yes, I know.”

Elizabeth started to leave the bed. Tears of embarrassment
blurred her vision. Dominic turned his attention on her. “Stay where
you are,” he said.

His voice was like a whipcrack. Elizabeth froze, uncertain.

“All right,” Dominic said into the phone. He held the receiver
out to Elizabeth. “Take this. And get those shorts off. Now.”

“I don’t think I – ” Elizabeth said, her voice tremulous.


Her hands moved automatically. Elizabeth felt like she was in
a dream, unbuttoning her shorts, slipping them around her ass and down
her legs. There was a wet spot on the crotch of the shorts. She
didn’t have any panties on underneath.

Dominic still held out the phone. “Take this,” he ordered.

Elizabeth took it, unable to look him in the eyes.

“Spread your legs.”

It was humiliating. Elizabeth obeyed, parting her thighs.
Moisture gleamed on her sex, matted her pubic hair. She was drenched.

“You’re a natural blonde,” Dominic said, peering between her
legs. “Do you shave it?”

Elizabeth didn’t answer. She held the phone in both hands and
squeezed, trying to keep from crying. This wasn’t how she wanted it to
be at all. But there was something else, pushing in the back of her
mind, and it heated her. She was hot, getting hotter.

“Do you shave it?” Dominic demanded.

“Yes!” Elizabeth said. A little trim on the sides, a wax on
the bikini line.

Dominic began unbuttoning his shirt. Flat slabs of muscle
underneath. Dense abs, rock hard. Erect nipples. “I bet. So you can
wear a sexy bathing suit out by the pool, right?”

Elizabeth could barely speak. “Yes,” she replied.

He finished his shirt, stripped it off. “Like what you see?”

“Yes.” A breath of a word. He was lovely.

“Talk to your friend.”

Elizabeth raised the phone to her ear. Her hand shook. “Mary?”

Mary sounded breathless on the other end. “I’m here. Are you
all right?”

“I’m fine.”

In front of her, Dominic undid his belt. He must have left his
shoes downstairs, because he was barefoot now. That’s how he made it
up the stairs without making any noise, Elizabeth guessed.

White briefs underneath. Jockeys. Shocking against the pitch
color of his skin. And a massive bulge. Pressing against the front of
his underwear, a lump as big as both her fists together.

“Oh, my God,” Elizabeth said.

“You saw it!” Mary said, delighted.

Dominic peeled down his briefs and there it was: his cock.

It was the most terrifying thing Elizabeth had ever seen.
Night black, just like the rest of him, and so thick she couldn’t
imagine getting her fingers around it. Dominic let it jut out in front
of him, firming by the second. He was uncircumcised, the pinker tip of
his penis concealed in a fold of skin.

“This what you wanted?” Dominic asked.

Elizabeth nodded. She had no words. Mary squealed in her ear.
“It’s time!” she said. “He’s going to make you suck it!”

Dominic reached down, peeled back his foreskin to reveal the
blunt tip of his cock. A drop of liquid formed there, dangling,
tantalizing. “Taste it,” he said.

There was a second of indecision. Elizabeth’s mind whirled. It
could still end now. She could make him leave.

A frown crossed his face. “What are you waiting for? Put your
mouth on me.”

“I don’t know if I can,” Elizabeth said.

“It’s too huge, isn’t it?” Mary said.

Dominic’s hand shot out. Elizabeth tried to dodge, was too
slow. His fingers tangled in her ponytail. He dragged her closer to
him. Pain shot through Elizabeth’s scalp. She yelled, dropped the
phone. “Come here,” Dominic said.

His cock was right in her face now. That droplet still

“Pick up the phone,” Dominic commanded. “I want your friend to
hear you suck me. Do it!”

More tears. Elizabeth picked up the receiver, put it back to
her ear. Mary was there. “He won’t hurt you,” Mary soothed. “It’s just
a game. He knows you want to play, so he’s playing with you.”

Dominic waggled his penis in Elizabeth’s face, tightened his
grip on her hair. “Suck it.”

Elizabeth looked at the monstrous thing. How long was it?
Close to a foot? And it must have been nearly three inches thick. It
was impossible. “Oh, Jesus,” she said.

And plunged her mouth onto it.

His flesh was hot. She tasted the salt of his pre-come on her
tongue, felt more of it oozing. The size of his cock forced her jaws
wide, almost to the breaking point. The end forced its way farther
into her mouth, prodded the back of her throat. She would choke! She
would gag.

Dominic pressed her head onto his penis, requiring her to keep
taking him, keep swallowing him, even though she couldn’t breathe. He
throbbed in her mouth. “That’s right,” he said. “You get it now.”

He released her head, but grabbed it before she could pull his
cock completely out of her mouth. “Don’t take your lips off it until I
say,” he told her. “Just suck it now.”

“Suck it, Liz,” Mary said. “Suck it!”

Something clicked. Elizabeth took another plunge down the
shaft, receiving Dominic’s cock until she couldn’t anymore, then back
to the tip. She grasped the gigantic at the base and held it steady as
he worked her lips and tongue over the sensitive skin of his glans.
Her fingers didn’t meet around the thickness of him.

Elizabeth pistoned her head on his cock, making him slick with
her saliva. A rich, exotic aroma rose out of his pubes, filled her
nose as she sucked him. Her mind went blank, engaged only with this
act, knowing nothing else. She could hear Mary panting in her ear,
listening to everything.

Suddenly Dominic jerked her head free, dragging her head by
the hair again. She looked up at him, waiting for his next command.
“That’s enough,” Dominic said. “Get that top off. It’s time.”

Still holding the phone to her ear, Elizabeth fumbled with the
buttons with her other hand. Dominic watched her with flat eyes,
slowly stroking himself. He’d filled her mouth, almost gagged her,
but it only looked like an inch or two of his cock had gone inside. He
was barely wet at all.

“Faster!” Dominic barked.

Elizabeth tore at the shirt, popped the last two buttons in
her hurry. The knot at her waist unraveled. She shrugged her top off,
conscious of the way it made her breasts jiggle, cast it away. And
then she was naked in front of him. Between her legs, she was on fire.
The sensation was so powerful it hurt.

“Nice,” Dominic commented. He reached out, grabbed one breast,
tested the flesh with his fingers. The nipple hardened automatically.
He caught hold of it, pulled and teased. Elizabeth hissed, drawing her
breath. “Big ones. And they stand up real good.”

“What’s happening?” Mary asked breathlessly. “What’s happening
now, Liz?”

The cock. Dominic still stroked it idly. It was too immense.
He’d kill her with it.

He smiled, catching her looking. “You like to look at it?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth said.

“Lay back. And get those legs apart.”

The springs creaked slightly as Elizabeth lay down. Slowly,
awkwardly, she spread her legs wide, bracing the soles of her feet on
the edge of bed. Cool air blew on the aching wetness of her vagina,
teasing her. Her breath shuddered into the phone.

Dominic moved closer. “Tell your friend what I’m going to do,”
he said.

“He’s… getting ready to do it to me,” Elizabeth said into
the phone.

“Oh, God, Liz,” Mary said. “Are you ready?”

“I don’t know.” The fat cock, bigger than any one she’d ever
seen. Bigger than anything she’d ever had inside of her. And she’d
hadn’t been with Daniel in several months. They were in a dry spell.
He was always too busy. And now…

“Open them farther!” Dominic said. He slapped Elizabeth’s
thighs, making her jump. “Show me that pretty cunt.”

Elizabeth sniffled. “I’m scared,” she said.

Dominic made a dark look. “You should be scared. You’re going
to feel like a virgin again with this inside you. Do you remember what
that was like?”

“Just please don’t hurt me!” More tears.

“I’ll hurt you if I want,” Dominic said. He lowered himself
over her, braced himself with one hand, aimed the mass of his cock
with the other. It was poised inches from her now. Elizabeth could
look down, see it twitching, getting harder. “And I’ll tell you
something else: if I don’t like fucking you, I’m going to turn you
over and let you know what it feels like to have a black man in your
ass. You hear me?”

In the ass. Elizabeth cringed.

“Make him feel good, Liz,” Mary urged. “He’s not joking. He’ll
do it.”

His cock pushed toward her.

“A condom!” Elizabeth managed to say. They were downstairs,
still waiting by the couch. She wanted to have him there, not here,
not on Daniel’s bed. And the condoms…

Dominic grinned. It was an evil look. “Didn’t your friend tell
you? I never wear one.”

“You’ve got to – oh, God!”

He speared into her. The broad tip of his cock prodded the
lips of her sex apart. It felt like he was pushing in a billy club, or
a fist. It penetrated deeper, stretching the tight walls of her,
forcing herself inside. Wider, wider, farther, farther. It was agony,
the extreme, distending pain, but it was wrapped in ecstasy. Pleasure
gripped her, fuzzed her mind. And he kept coming and coming. His cock
would never stop.

“Oh, yeah,” Dominic said. “You’re like a glove.”

Elizabeth closed her eyes. She was full, packed completely.
The whole burning length of him was buried inside. When he pulled
back, she felt torn open, empty.

He thrust back in, deeper than before. Shocks of pain and
total bliss wracked her body. Dominic grabbed her legs above the knee,
levering them up and back, opening her up even more. And then he began
to pump her.

“Talk,” Dominic said. “Talk!”

“He’s fucking me,” Elizabeth said. “Jesus, he’s fucking me. I
feel like I’m going to break in half! Oh! Oh, my God he’s so big.”

Mary’s breath was ragged on the phone. “Tell me, Liz. Tell me
all about it.”

The massive length of it, spearing her flesh, driving to the
center of her. Slippery with her own wetness, pulling the lining of
her sex out with it as he withdrew, driving it deep inside as he
thrust inward.

Elizabeth opened her eyes. Dominic was over her, pistoning
with his hips, face set, teeth grinding, pounding her with his cock.
Sweat glistened on his ebony skin, caught in droplets in his hair.
“Please,” she said to him. “Please don’t come inside.”

Dominic smiled again. That angry, thin smile. “Don’t what?”

“Liz, don’t tell him that!” Mary said.

He slammed deeper now, hard thrusts, driving against her
cervix. The pain swept away Elizabeth’s voice, caught in her throat.
She could hardly choke out the words: “Please. Not. Inside.”

On the phone, Mary gasped “Jesus, Liz!”

Dominic straightened up, feet on the floor, driving deep. He
forced her legs back more, higher. “I think it’s time for you to take
my load.”

“No,” Elizabeth pleaded weakly. “Please, no.”

His body convulsed, thick muscles spasming. Dominic made one
last lunge into her, ramming his cock into her deepest recess, and
came. Elizabeth could almost feel it; pearl-white jets of semen,
spraying into her.

Suddenly, he yanked his cock out of her. The abrupt movement
took Elizabeth’s breath away, left her panting on the bed. Her sex
felt like it was yawning open, dripping with her own wetness and
Dominic’s come.

Dominic stepped back from the bed. “Someone’s home.”

Elizabeth went rigid. Was that the sound of Daniel’s car in
the driveway? It was!

She grabbed for her robe, hanging from a peg by the bed.
Behind her, she heard Dominic rustling his clothes. Working
frantically, she threw the robe on, tied it at the waist.

When she turned around, Dominic was already dressed, his shirt
half-done. He half-smiled and touched his crotch. “I’ll go take care
of your lawn,” he said. “But I’ll be back for the rest.”

Then he disappeared.

“Liz? Liz?”

The phone! Elizabeth grabbed it, forgotten on the bed. “Mary?”

“What’s going on?”

“Daniel’s home,” Elizabeth said.

“And Dominic?”

Elizabeth’s eyes drifted to the damp spot on the bedsheet.
“He’ll be back.”