Daughter’s Hot Pants

The process of growing up and passing through adolescence has been characterized by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family, close friends, and peer groups. Certainly, in our complex society, the problem teens face now seem more marked than ever before.

Marcia Davis is a teenager embarking on her own special journey into adolescence. She finds herself plagued by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling uncertain about her awakening sexuality, sometimes becoming angered over her youthful misjudgments. Nonetheless, she must learn to cope with new surroundings after a foster family takes her in.

DAUGHTER’S HOT PANTS — the story of a typical young American girl coming of age.

A lesson to us all and a reminder that the journey to adulthood is not easy.


Long-legged, full-titted, young Marcia Davis watched the boys at the orphanage playing basketball and felt her pussy grow wet with excitement. It wasn’t the orphanage boys who were turning her on — they were all too young, and not yet well-formed enough to make her cunt hungry and ache to have a prick in it. It was their twenty-year-old volunteer coach, Rick Jones, who made her nipples hard inside her brassiere.

Rick was just he kind of guy young Marcia fantasized about at night in her bed in the orphanage dormitory while she played with her tight pussy and dreamed of being fucked. He was perfectly formed, tall and hard muscled, with jet black hair and a deep tan. She watched him move in the sun, running with all the young kids, from where she sat cross-legged on the ground in the shade of a big oak tree. She uncrossed her legs and pressed her thighs tightly together, hoping to relieve some of the tension that was in her virgin cunt. She wished she was alone somewhere so she could slide her hand inside her cut-offs and finger-fuck herself until she came.

After a while the boys finished their basketball session and ran off to the showers, leaving only handsome young Rick on the asphalt court, dribbling the ball and taking shots. Marcia continued to watch him. At one point Rick glanced aver at where she sat and, without thinking about it, she shot her hand up into the air and waved at him.

He waved back and she completely surprised herself when she cocked her hand and beckoned him over. She was even more surprised when he came running over to her immediately, casually holding the basketball in one hand, his long black hair sliding around his bare shoulders.

“Hi, Marcia,” he said with a grin, sitting down next to her beneath the tree.

“Hi, Rick, how’ve you been?”

“Oh, not too bad.”

The young girl found that she had to fight very hard to keep from placing her hands on his hard, tanned body. She could look, however, and she did, almost to excess. His muscles weren’t huge, but they were thick and sinewy, and she imagined what they would fed like pressed next to her naked body. Her gaze dropped down to his blue gym shorts. She was shocked — and aroused — when she realized the young man had a partial hard-on!

“Been up to anything lately, Marcia?” he asked.

The young girl could not take her gaze from the outline of Rick’s partially aroused prick. She ached to know what it looked like how it felt to stroke it, what it tasted like — how it would feel in her little pussy.

“Oh, I’ve been thinking a lot lately, Rick,” she murmured, her eyes still glued to his crotch.

“About what?”

“A lot of things, I guess.”

“Anything in particular?” he asked, chuckling slightly and moving closer to her on the ground.

She looked up into his face suddenly and saw that he was flushed with a heat that she did not think the sun and the hot day had caused.

“I’m thinking of what it would be like to get fucked, for one thing.”

She glanced down back at the outline of his prick inside his shorts and saw that her words had had the desired effect on him. His cock lurched a little against the thin fabric of the skimpy clothing he was wearing and she noticed that it grew perceptibly larger.

“You a virgin, Marcia?” he asked softly.

She nodded her head very slowly and turned slightly toward him on the ground so her knee caressed his hairy, hard thigh.

“Are you tired of being a virgin?”

She was silent for a moment, then said, “I want a hard prick in me, Rick. I want to be fucked and fucked, and kissed and stroked — I want a man to bury his cock in me, Rick. I really want one bad!”

The young man slowly reached out and rested a strong hand on her bare, pale arm. Marcia wanted to fall into his arms and begin fucking him right in the shade of the oak tree, but she knew they were out in the open and knew they would be noticed, even though the grounds at the orphanage were empty right then.

“Let’s take a walk, Marcia.”

He stood and helped her to her feet. She found she could barely stand, she felt so faint. She was actually going to be fucked, and by the best-looking man she had ever seen!

They walked away from the buildings of the orphanage, into the underbrush and overgrown grounds which offered privacy. As Marcia walked with the handsome young man she leaned heavily against him and rubbed a tit against his bare arm. He reached over at one point and casually caressed the nipple of her tit with the back of his hand through the thin material of her halter top.

“Let’s sit here,” he said when they came to a small, secluded clearing.

She sat beside him and felt the heat in her cunt grow to almost unbearable proportions. He was so handsome, so tall, strong. She looked at his hard prick, which was pressed wildly against his shorts, and slowly lowered her hand to it. She touched his cock through the shorts and felt him give a little lurch of excitement.

“May I take it out, Rick?” she said with a little giggle.

“Of course, Marcia.”

He raised his ass up off the ground and she pulled his shorts down his thighs. The young girl gave a little gasp of disbelief when his hard cock sprang into view. She had never expected a prick to be so large, so beautiful!

“Do you like it, honey?” Rick asked, running his hand through her light-brown hair.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmured.

“You can touch it if you like.”

She grinned up at him and slowly reached her hand out to the long thick prick which beckoned to her. Rick’s cock was hard and warm to the touch, gristly and fascinating, and she imagined what it would be like to have the huge thing in her pussy. She also wondered for a moment if it would even fit inside her.

“That feels nice, baby. Stroke it harder.”

She wrapped her hand tightly around the meaty cock-shaft and rubbed her hand up and down it, very slowly, delighting in all the feelings the hard cock made her experience. She moved her hand very slowly up and down his prick until Rick began to jerk and moan beneath the ministrations of her fingers.

“Am I hurting you?” she asked, quickly pulling her hand from his cock.

“Christ no, Marcia! Do it some more, babe, please!”

She put her hand back to his cock and suddenly had a wild idea. She had heard about girls sucking on guys’ pricks and she wondered what it would feel like to have Rick’s cock in her mouth. She began stroking him gently and then lay down on the hard ground with her face resting on his taut, smooth belly. She moved her head on his stomach until her nose was nestled in his pubic hair. Then she quickly flicked her tongue out to lick the base of his pulsating, blood-filled prick-shaft.

“Goddamn, that’s great, babe, fucking great!”

The young girl was pleased that he liked it so much and she immediately began to give his prick a tongue-bath. She loved the way he jerked about and mumbled strange words. She felt a surge of power shoot through her, power over this handsome young man.

“You like it?” she asked him, staring ravenously at his prick and opening her mouth to take it into her.

“Yes, yes, please — suck it!”

She pulled the prick up at an angle toward her pursed lips and open mouth and felt her young man jerk when his spongy cock-head rubbed up against her wet lips. She sucked the head into her, pressing around it as tightly as she could with her lips and slapping her tongue back and forth across it. It felt so good in her mouth!

“Marcia, yeah, Marcia, do it to me!”

She pressed her lips down on his prick, taking inch after inch into her mouth. She licked and sucked on it wildly, thinking of how absolutely wonderful sex was. She became lost in the adventure of sucking on the young man’s cock and was only jerked back into reality when she felt her cut-offs and panties being pulled down off her ass. It happened quickly, and her ass and pussy were exposed to Rick before she could even take her mouth from his prick.

“Rick, what are — ohhhhh!”

Rick had pressed his hand in between her thighs and found her tight little pussy. She jumped and writhed on the ground when she felt his finger push into her soft cunt.

“God, God, Rick, that feels so good, baby, so fucking good!”

She fell away from his prick and onto the ground when he buried his finger in her, all thought of sucking him off lost for the moment. She lay back on the ground and quickly spread her thighs to her handsome lover, moaning and jerking wildly beneath his hand.

“You like that, honey?” he asked, stopping for a moment and pulling his hand from her.

“Yes, yes, please, keep doing it to me!”

She watched him as he put his hand back on her little virginal pussy and slowly slid his middle finger into her, pushing wide the tight, pink walls of her cunt. The sensations this caused in the young girl were almost enough to blow her pretty little mind. His finger brushed against her clitoris and, without thinking, she clamped her thighs tight around his hand, imprisoning his finger on her little clit.

“That’s it, that’s the spot, babe, yeah, do it to me!”

He rubbed her clitoris with his hard finger, making her writhe and moan and whisper soft words of love to him. He continued to finger fuck her until she felt a fabulous orgasm building up in her hot young body.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, do it to me, honey! I’m gonna cum, yeah — I’m cummmiiinnnggg!”

She fell back on the ground, her thighs limply spread, totally exhausted. She closed her eyes to the sun and felt the warmth of everything spread through her and make her feel good.

Her young man lay down beside her and ran his hand over the soft flesh of her tits. Her nipples were hard and hungry and she felt herself grow horny once more as he pinched them gently. She slid a hand down his hard body and found his thick cock. She wrapped her fingers tightly around it and squeezed him and jerked him until he began to moan with the pleasure of it.

“I gotta fuck you now Marcia, I just gotta do it, please, let me fuck you.”

Suddenly the young girl did not feel so young anymore, did not feel like a child with a grown man. She smiled at him and pulled on his prick, spreading her thighs wide and beckoning him between them. She moaned with anticipation when he positioned himself between her splayed legs, his cock pointing straight at her tight little virgin cunt. She knew she was going to finally be fucked! After thinking about it for such a long time, it was at last going to happen.

“Fuck me good, honey,” she whispered up at him, helping him find her pussy, guiding him into her.

She jerked beneath him when the thick, spongy head of his prick pushed tightly into her little pussy, splaying her cunt-lips wide. It was everything she had ever dreamed of, even though it hurt like hell. Rick’s face was screwed up into a tight little grimace of pleasure and grunting words of passion came from his lips as he pushed his hard prick even deeper into the young girl.

All of a sudden, everything became very slick and smooth, and the entire length of his cockshaft pushed into her cunt until it was embedded all the way. She felt a brief moment of intense pain as her cherry broke, and knew she was finally a woman, was finally being fucked.

“Rick, you feel so big and hard in me, honey, so good, so fine…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, ohhhhhh, so fucking tight!”

He lay still atop her for a moment, taking in all the wild sensations her tight little pussy produced in him, then rested most of his weight on his elbows and knees and slowly began to pull his long, hard prick out of her. The gristly hardness of his cock sliding against the tight, sensitive walls of her cunt made the young girl moan with ecstasy and think only of how wonderful fucking was.

“Do it to me, fuck me honey, fuck me till we cum!”

He was out of her almost entirely now, with only the huge head of his massive prick still in her. Then he fell back atop her, burying his cock in her once more, making her quiver and surge with hot passion. Again he pulled out of her cunt and again he tucked his cock back to her. He gained momentum in his strokes, wildly pistoning himself in and out of her pussy, moaning and panting atop her.

“You’re so good Marcia, damn but you’re good! I’ve never had a pussy so fucking tight, so hot. You’re one hot, fucking piece, baby!”

The young girl felt proud and pleased that she was one hot fucking piece and put everything she had into giving the handsome young man a great fuck. She found that if she worked the muscles in her cunt she could tighten her self around Rick’s cock with even more pressure and make him moan even louder.

Marcia had never experienced feelings nearly so exquisite as these. She could feel Rick’s thick cock pressing wondrously out against the tight walls of her luscious pussy. Raising her knees up into the air, she wrapped her smooth legs around his waist. She crossed her ankles and locked them tightly together, screwing her cunt more tightly around Rick’s stroking cock.

“Jesus Christ,” she moaned as his prick pistoned tightly through her clinging cunt-lips. “I can believe it, baby, it’s so fucking good!”

Rick looked down and found that he could see his slick cock pumping in and out of the girl’s juicy pussy-lips. He had never felt anything so wonderful as little Marcia’s slippery cunt!

He decided he would giver her a fuck she would never forget. He paused in mid-fuck for a moment and then began slowly rotating his hips in a circular motion, rubbing his prick around every last bit of her tight little cunt. As he did so, he reached a hand beneath her soft little ass-cheeks and began stroking her butt, working ever closer to her puckered little asshole. When he reached it he caressed it slightly then slowly began to push his finger up into her ass.

“Oh my God! What ate you doing, Rick?” He grunted and smiled down at her, continuing to push his finger up into her ass as he rotated his hard prick around in her cunt.

Marcia couldn’t believe how good his finger felt up her ass. She had never heard of such a thing being done to her before, but she was glad Rick was doing it to her now. It had hurt for a moment at first, but now it felt good and hot.

“You’re one hot piece, baby,” he moaned into her ear.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m one hot piece!”

He slowly pulled his cock back out of her, and at the same time he stroked his finger back put of her tight little asshole. He fell back atop her, pushing his finger back into her, and the young girl felt as if she were being ripped in two by a great wonderful chain-saw.

“God, do it to me, Rick. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass! Make me cummm!”

Rick slowed the tempo of his fucking prick and stroking finger and Marcia fell into the right rhythm, humping up to meet him with every luscious stroke he gave her two horny holes. Rick thought of how great it was to feel his hot jism boiling up within his balls and knew he had never had a fuck as good as this young little cunt was giving him.

“God, Marcia, I’m about to do it, baby, I’m about to cum in you!”

“Yes, cum in me, shoot your jizz honey, shoot it all the way into me and make me cum!”

Marcia’s whole body grew hot and electric as she felt the ecstatic feeling course up through her. She was about to cum as never before. This was so much better than her finger beneath the sheets in the middle of the night!

“Baby,” she moaned, “I’m cumming honey, I’m gonna cum, just stroke it into me a little longer, a little longer, baby, that’s all it’ll take — oh, here goes!”

“God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming in you, Marcia. Jesus Christ, I’m cummmiiinnnggg!”

Marcia felt a wild orgasm burst through her just as Rick’s jism shot into her tight pussy. It rocked her with joy, and she knew there was nothing like being fucked by a handsome man with a huge cock. She also knew she would always have to have a man in her life to fuck her and take care of her — maybe even more than one.

“Oh, Rick,” she moaned to him as he fell atop her, limp, exhausted, “that was so fucking great! I’ve never felt anything quite like it. It was beautiful.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

He caressed her soft young body with his strong hands and thought of all the chicks he had fucked in his life. He smiled and thought of how this one was as good as any of them.

Later that day after Rick left the orphanage to go home. After Marcia ate a dinner which she could not concentrate on because all she could think of was Rick and fucking, the young girl got a message that Mr. Warren, the superintendent, wanted to see her. She made her way dreamily through the halls of the orphanage, thinking of how warm and glowing she felt, thinking of how she couldn’t wait until she was fucked again. Finally she came to Mr. Warren’s office. She knocked on the door and entered.

“Marcia, I’d like you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Morgan.”

The middle-aged couple stood and smiled at her and they all shook hands.

“The Morgans have taken in foster children in the past, Marcia, and they’d like to have you stay with them for a while.”

Marcia was shocked for a moment. She had been taken in by other foster families, and briefly wondered what this one would be like.

“We were looking over the file on you, Marcia,” Mr. Morgan said to her, “and you look like just the kind of young girl we would like to have stay with us for a while.”

“Oh, uh, thank you, Mr. Morgan. I’m sure I’ll like you, too.” Mr. Morgan looked to be around forty years old, a very handsome and distinguished forty, and Marcia suddenly found herself wondering what it would be like to feel him naked atop her and pounding his prick into her.

“We have two children of oar own, Marcia,” said Mrs. Morgan, a tall red-headed woman who somehow seemed to resemble a bird.

Marcia said nothing for a moment, then smiled inwardly and asked, “Are they boys or girls, Ma’am?”


“Well, here’s your new home, Marcia,” Mr. Morgan said as he pulled into the driveway of a moderately sized, split-entry, suburban home.

“You have a nice house,” she said. “Thank you, Marcia,” Mrs. Morgan replied. “I’m sure you’ll like our children too. Peter is just about your age, and Tina is only a year older.”

“I’m sure we’ll get along fine.”

Marcia found herself hoping she and Peter got along especially fine as she got out of the Morgan’s station wagon and was ushered into their house. She wished Peter was a little older, but, she decided, he was definitely old enough. She had been wondering how handsome the young boy would be, and as they entered the living room she got her first look at him as he lay back sprawled on the couch. She realized that he was even better looking than she had hoped.

“Peter, this is Marcia,” Mr. Morgan said.

The young boy climbed slowly up off the couch and gave Marcia a good looking over. He extended his hand and smiled at her. “It’s nice to meet you, Marcia.”

“You too, Peter.”

The young girl felt herself growing flushed with warmth as she admired Peter. He wasn’t very tall, but he was very muscular for his age and had short blond hair. He was dressed in cut-offs and a tank top and looked very much like a jock.

“Peter, why don’t you show Marcia her room? Your mother and I have some things to do.”

“Sure, Dad. This way, Marcia.”

She followed the boy down the hall to the last door on the right.

“Here’s your room,” he said, opening the door and pointing inside. “Where are your things?”

“Oh, I left them in the car.”

“I’ll get them later. Are they in the truck?”

She nodded and entered the little room which consisted of little more than a bureau and a bed. She looked longingly at the bed and wondered how long it would be until she had somebody between those sheets with her. She sat down on the bed and looked up at Peter, who leaned against the door jamb, looking down at her.

“Peter, why do your parents take in foster kids?”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Dad says it’s a nice thing to do, but if they didn’t pay him to do it, I doubt if he would.”

“It sounds like the same reason most people have.”

“Yeah. Have you been in many other homes?”

“A few. Not too many.”

The blond-haired boy glanced behind him and down the hallway. “Hey, Tina, come here. Meet the new addition.”

Peter stepped into the bedroom and glanced around for someplace to sit. He glanced at the bed and then at Marcia. The young girl boldly met his gaze, then patted the bed beside her. Peter actually blushed at her, but sat down anyway, as far away from her as he could.

“Marcia, this is my sister, Tina. Tina, Marcia.”

The young girl standing in the doorway was a smaller version of her mother, tall with long red hair and practically no tits to speak of.

“Hello, Marcia,” Tina said. “I, uh, I have some things to do.” She quickly disappeared from the doorway.

“She’s kind of shy,” Peter told her when they were alone.

“I guess so. Are you?”

“Am I what?” he asked, refusing to meet her gaze.


“Oh, un, no, I guess not. I’ll go get your things out of the car.”

“Thank you, Peter, that’s sweet of you.”

“Uh, sure. Anytime.”

Marcia wasn’t certain, but the young boy actually seemed to be blushing as he fled from her bedroom.

Later that warm Sunday, Marcia was outside in the backyard, alone. Peter and his parents were gone visiting relatives and Tina was locked up in her bedroom, doing whatever she did in there. Peter had told Marcia that his older sister spent almost all of her time alone in her bedroom, reading or painting or just listening to music.

Marcia thought about her new family as she walked vacantly about the yard, soaking up the sun. Most of the backyard was secluded by a tall hedge and she suddenly felt an urge to remove her tank top and let the warm sun shine on her naked tits.

“I suppose it won’t hurt anything,” she said to herself, and quickly whipped off the striped top.

She leaned back on the grass and sighed at how nice the sun felt beating down on her hard nipples. It was making her horny and without really thinking about what she was doing, she raised a hand up to her tits and slowly began playing with them, pinching the nipples and rubbing back and forth at the soft flesh.

A slow spasm of warmth swept between her thighs and landed in the hot hunger of her pussy. She thought of how nice it would be to have a handsome young man here with her, a young boy with a beautiful cock who could caress her with his mouth and hands until she could bear it no more. She thought of how it would be to spread her thighs beneath the sun and have him climb atop her and bury his prick in her cunt to the hilt. She thought of how good it would feel to fuck.

As if moving on its own, her hand went to the frayed waistline of her blue jeans and slowly opened them up. She reached inside and was not at all surprised to find that her panties were wet with lust. She reached inside the soft sexy material of her underwear and played with her warm pussy-mound. She spread her thighs and gently slipped a finger into her fleshy, hair-fringed pussy.

A spasm of electricity jolted through her soft young body as her finger brushed against the little button of her clitoris. She humped her finger even harder again her little joy-button and closed her eyes, feeling only the warmth that was within and all around her.

“Go, go,” she murmured, pretending she had a lover with her.

Marcia lost herself for long minutes while she played with herself and felt the orgasm build up inside of her. She felt as if she was right on the edge of some giant cliff, about to go over. She came closer and closer to cumming, and just as she fell her climax about to explode inside of her, she heard a low, masculine voice laugh and call out a greeting to her.

“What, wh-who is it?” she shouted, pulling her hand out of her pants and trying to cover up her exposed, flopping tits.

“You look like some horny little chick,” the voice said with an almost malicious laugh.

“Where are you?” she said, quickly pulling her top back on and jerking her head around to find where the man was hiding.

“Right here.”

She saw him then, a handsome, bearded face buried in the hedge that separated the Morgan’s house from her neighbor’s. She suddenly felt anger well up within her in place of the embarrassment she had originally felt. Who did this man think he was?

“You Peeping Tom, you!” she yelled at him. “Get the hell out of here!”

He laughed at her then and said, “I have an even better idea. Why don’t I come over there and join you?”

He pushed himself through the hedge and she saw that he was actually a very handsome man. He wore only a pair of frayed blue cut-offs and Marcia could see the distinct outline of his half-hard prick pushing outward against the fabric. He was tanned and muscular and she suddenly found herself thinking of how it would be to have him on top of her, fucking away at her.

“I, uh, I think you should get out of here,” she said.

“Why? You’re alone, aren’t you?”

“Well, my foster family is gone, but they could get back at any time.”

“Okay, we’ll go over to my place then.”

The young girl thought about it for a moment, then quickly leapt to her feet. Her cunt was hot and wet and she knew she would just die if she didn’t have a big fucking prick inside her soon.

“Lead the way, honey,” she whispered huskily.

His name was Steve and he rented the house next door to the Morgans.

“My old lady left me just a few days ago,” he had explained to Marcia as he had led her by the hand into his bedroom.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” she had said as she stripped her clothing off and fell back on his huge water bed…

“I’m not. You’re a hell of a lot better looking.”

“That’s nice to hear.”

Now she lay sprawled out on the water bed, swaying gently back and forth while the handsome, young bearded man munched silently at her pussy. His tongue flicked against her clitoris and she moaned loudly to let him know that he had found the spat, the place she needed pressure on to cum. She spread her thighs even wider and wrapped one trim little leg around his neck and down his back, pulling his darting tongue deeply into her. His lips found her little joy-button and he sucked and tongued at it until she began to hump herself up into his face, fucking his chin and lips and nose with her hot pussy.

“God, God, that’s so good, baby, so fucking good,” she moaned. “Eat me, baby!”

It was wonderful, what the water bed was doing to her. The soft to-and-fro movement of it aroused her to no end, and she suddenly realized that she had to have his cock in her.

“Baby, Steve, wait a minute.”

He pulled his face away from her cunt and looked up at her with an impish little smile on his face.

“Steve, I — could you…”

“Could I what, honey?”

“Fuck me, please!”

He slid his muscular, hairy body between her splayed thighs and pushed the spongy head of his cock up against her little cunt-hole. She wrapped her legs around him and tried to pull him into her, tried to force him to get on with fucking her.

“You really want it, don’t you baby,” he whispered down into her hot face.

“Yes, Christ yes, fuck me, baby!”

He forced his hard prick into her little cunt, making it feel to her as if she were being split open with an axe. The young girl bit at her lip, stifling the grunts of pain and pleasure which tore through her like a chain-saw. It was unbelievable how a hard cock pushing into her made her feel. It was the finest feeling she could imagine, the very finest. With a soft, slippery slide he was suddenly all the way in her, filling her completely, their pubic hairs mingling.

“Shit you’re tight, honey,” he moaned. “The tightest fucking cunt I’ve ever felt!”

“Tell me more, baby,” she murmured, pushing her pelvis up against him.

“Tight, so fucking tight!”

He slid his prick back out of her until only the huge head of it was in her, then lunged heavily back onto her body, panting words of lust.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she cried.

“Oh, I’ll fuck you, honey!”

Again and again his hard prick lunged in and out of her. She felt herself build toward orgasm quickly, unbelievably fast. She needed it so much, needed to cum, wanted to do nothing else in the world but cum and cum and cum!

“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

She looked up into his handsome bearded face and thought of how wonderful it was to be young and desired by such a truly handsome man, such a muscular man, such a huge pricked man!

His eyes were closed and he drooled ever so slightly down into her hot cheeks. His body humped up and down on hers, his prick thrusting in and out of her cunt again and again. She felt a flower begin to unfold within her tight little cunt, felt a dam about to burst over with a mind-blowing orgasm. She grabbed at his face and pulled it down to hers, licking and sucking at his mouth and tongue, wishing she could gobble him up whole.

“So tight, so fucking tight, baby!”

She felt herself going over the edge, felt herself about to blow up.

“God, fuck me, baby, fuck me, God, do it to me doll, fuck that little cunt, fuck it, Godddddd… I’m cummiiinnnggggg!”

The orgasm shot through her, jerking her body about like a puppet on a string, making her shudder and spasm up against him with the joyous release of youth.

“God, God, so fucking good!”

“Yeah, so good, so good,” he moaned down into her ear.

Still he continued to fuck away at her sensitive pussy. It almost hurt, to be fucked so wildly right after cumming, but almost immediately the little twinge of pain subsided and she felt herself going up the top of the roller coaster again, and knew that she was going to cum almost instantly after her first orgasm.

“So fucking tight!” he cried, grabbing at the cheeks of her ass and pushing himself into her once more. “So tight!”

He bucked like a stallion atop her and she knew he was shooting his load into her, knew he was cumming. His prick bounced around inside her, mercilessly beating against her clitoris, and suddenly she felt herself cum again, not quite as strongly as the other time, but still.

“God, what a fuck!” she murmured.

He echoed her sentiments and collapsed atop her.


At dinner that night with the Morgans, Marcia found that she could not keep her mind off the great afternoon she had spent with Steve. What a fuck he was! She could hardly wait until the next time she could slip over there for another session of fucking and sucking.

Mrs. Morgan interrupted the young girl’s horny thoughts with a request to pass the peas.

“How did your day go today, Marcia?” the older woman asked her as she scooped a helping of peas onto her plate.

“Oh, fine. I met one of my new neighbors.”

“Oh, who was it?”

“Steve — the guy with the beard.”

“He’s a nice man,” Mrs. Morgan said. “I understand he’s recently separated from his wife, though.”

“Wife hell,” Mr. Morgan said around a mouthful of food. “If they were married I’m the Queen of England.”

The Morgans went on to chat about the sexual attitudes of the younger generation and Marcia slipped back into her lascivious thoughts. As she ate her dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and peas she thought of how it felt to have a hard prick pounding into her little pussy.

She was so engrossed in her fantasy that she did not at first notice the slight nudge somebody was giving her calf under the dinner table. When the rough caresses continued she pulled herself out of her sexual fantasy and looked across the table to where Peter and Tina sat. The young boy was silently staring down into his plate as he picked away at his food.

The little imp! Marcia thought.

She pressed her leg against the ankle that was playing with her calf and thought of how nice it would be to slip into Peter’s room when everybody was in bed and fucked him until dawn. She wondered briefly if he was a virgin and then realized it didn’t matter. He certainly wouldn’t be when she got through with him!

The slight pressure on her calf was doing marvelous things to her pussy. She delighted in the wet, sloppy feeling she felt in her little, hair-fringed cunt gap.

Marcia glanced over at Tina, Peter’s quiet, red-haired sister and was surprised to see the young girl give her a knowing little smile. Did the girl know what the younger boy was doing under the table? Perhaps they had talked about it beforehand, Marcia knew that a lot of brothers and sisters were very close that way.

As if by accident, Marcia knocked her butter knife off the table and onto the floor. Muttering an apology, she bent to pick it up, and was surprised to see that it wasn’t Peter who was so sensually playing footsie with her, but Tina!

God, Marcia thought, is this girl a dyke?

As she sat back up in her chair, Marcia accidentally pushed her leg even harder against Tina’s. She could have killed herself for that, because now Tina was encouraged enough to raise her foot up and rest it on Marcia’s chair, her toes lightly pressing into the girl’s sensitive crotch.

Marcia knew she couldn’t make a scene now everybody would be embarrassed and Tina’s parents would have to take their daughter’s side. So she decided to finish her meal as quickly as possible and talk to Tina about it later.

As she quickly ate away at her food, Tina’s stockinged toes pressed into her crotch with a steady, silent rhythm. Marcia tried to ignore it, but she suddenly realized bow truly enjoyable it was. She felt her cunt grow soft and sticky with the dull hunger that lust always inspired in her. As if she could no longer control her body, Marcia felt herself spreading her thighs wide and pushing her pussy up against the ball of Tina’s foot. It felt so good!

She realized she didn’t want the young girl to quit what she was doing.

Before she could think about what was happening to her, dinner was over and everybody was leaving the table. The young girl’s foot was gone from her crotch, and she was right on the brink of cumming.

“I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight,” Tina said as she made her way from the dining room.

“Okay, dear,” Mrs. Morgan said.

“I’m pretty worn out, too,” Marcia said. “Do you mind if I talk to you for a while before we sack out, Tina?”

“Not at all.”

As Marcia followed her foster sister down the hall and into her bedroom, she was certain she heard Mrs. Morgan comment to her husband on how nice it was that the two girls seemed to be getting along so well.

“Welcome to the inner sanctum,” Tina said as she closed and locked her bedroom door behind Marcia.

“It’s, uh, it’s a nice room.”

The walls of the room were covered with posters and art prints and drawings. It was one of those rooms that had a dozen interesting things to look at. However, Marcia found that all she really wanted to look at was the skinny young red-haired girl who stood in the center of the room, casually sliding her hand up and down her crotch.

“I’m really horny, Marcia.”

“God, Tina, I’ve never done anything like this.”

Tina giggled, a little girl giggle and flopped down on her bed. She patted the bed beside her and moved a huge stuffed bear so Marcia would have room to sit beside her.

“I saw you earlier, Marcia,” she said.

“I, uh, I don’t know what you mean.”

“In the back yard. When you took your shirt off in the sun and played with yourself. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and I thought of how nice it would be to play with your tits and lick your cunt for you. I was going to go outside and join you but then Steve showed up. Did you have a good time with him?”

“Oh, him. Yes, I had a marvelous time.”

“I wouldn’t know anything about that sort of thing,” Tina said, reaching a hand around Marcia’s shoulders and pulling her close. “I’ve never been with a man.”

“You should try it sometime,” Marcia said, giggling up at the young girl. “It’s really a lot of fun.” Tina pushed Marcia down onto the bed and slid her hand along the crotch of the dark haired girl’s pants.

“What can a guy do to you that I can’t?”

“You don’t have a cock,” Marcia answered quickly, unbuttoning her pants and sliding them down her thighs.

“No, that’s true, but I do have a mouth, and a tongue, and hands, and a pussy.”

As if to prove it to her, Tina slid her pants and underwear off and showed Marcia her pussy. It was so cute, what with the little patch of curly red pubic hairs, that Marcia just had to reach out and touch it. Tina fell back on the bed and spread her thighs to her young friend’s exploring fingers. Marcia touched and pressed, letting her fingers caress and play at will, wherever they felt like wandering.

“That’s so nice, Marcia.”

“Yes, it is,” Marcia agreed.

She fell down onto the floor so she was at eye level with Tina’s open pussy and stared into it. It was so soft, so pink and moist. Tina slid around on the bed so her ass was perched on it and her legs hung over the edge, spread wide and inviting.

“Do you mind if I kiss it?” Marcia asked her friend.

“I’d be sad if you didn’t.”

Marcia pushed her nose up against the hot little hair-fringed gash and darted her tongue out. The smell of it put her off at first, but the sweetly sour taste more than made up for it. She would have never thought that she would ever go down on another girl. But here she was and actually enjoying it!

She darted and fluttered her pink little tongue in and out of the young girl’s pussy. Tina writhed on the bed and made moaning, guttural sounds. Marcia knew how she felt. Having her pussy eaten was one of the finest things she could think of. At times she knew she could even prefer it to straight fucking.

Tina’s pussy was becoming wet and sloppy now. Marcia tried her best to sop up all the flowing juices and swallow them down, but the more she licked and sucked at the little cunt, the wetter it became.

“Oh, Marcia, that feels so good, so fucking good, Christ, I’m so glad you’re doing it to me!”

“I am too, Tina,” Marcia moaned into the hairy little pussy.

The dark-haired girl slid her hands under Tina’s thighs and pulled them over her shoulders so they slid down her back. She loved the way that felt, the way those firm young thighs rested so easily — and so sexily — on her back. She began caressing Tina’s young torso with her hands, kneading the soft young meat as if she were a baker working on a vat of bread dough. Her hands worked up higher and higher on the young girl until she reached her almost non-existent tits. The nipples were so hard, so yearning to be pinched and tickled.

“Oh Marcia, that’s so fucking great honey, so wonderful, just keep playing with my tits, keep doing that honey, God, keep playing with me — keep eating me!”

The red-haired girl began to buck and hump wildly on the bed now, pushing her young cunt up into Marcia’s juice-drenched face. Marcia kept fucking away at her with her nose and lips and chin, delighting in the moist warmth that continued to grow in her own cunt. She closed her eyes and thought of how great it was to fuck another girl — and such a pretty girl, too! She didn’t think it was wrong, didn’t really care if it was wrong, because she knew that anything that felt so mind-blowingly good could not be bad, no matter what anybody said.

“Fuck me, God, Marcia, fuck my little pussy, yeah, God, I’m gonna cum!”

Marcia knew she would never be a dyke she liked the feel of a cock inside her little pussy too much to ever do that. But she also knew that whenever she found a pretty woman who was willing to spread her thighs and lay back on a bed, she would be all to willing to go down on her and make her cum.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming, Marcia!”

Tina pounded her pussy up into Marcia’s face just a few more times, and then fell back on the bed, limp and satiated. Marcia stayed on the floor between her young friend’s spread thighs, licking like a contented kitten at the pungent juices that covered the open, hair fringed cunt.

“Marcia,” Tina said in a little girl voice, “could you come up here?”

“I’d cum anywhere at the moment, Tina,” Marcia said with a little giggle.

Tina laughed and helped her friend up on the bed beside her. The two girls giggled together and Marcia fell into her young lover’s arms. She rubbed her full, heaving tits against Tina’s little, huge nippled ones. It was amazing, how good it felt, feeling her tits rubbing up against another girl.

Tina pushed Marcia’s legs apart with her hands and slid in between them, pushing her own little sloppy cunt up against Marcia’s.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

“You know I do.”

“I’m glad.”

Marcia splayed her thighs apart as far as possible and wrapped herself around the young girl. Tina’s hard little hillock of bone and hair pushed into her open pussy, sending shivers of delight down Marcia’s spine and into her ass.

Their cunts ground together, eliciting squeals of joy and delight from both of them. Tina lowered her head on Marcia’s chest as she fucked away at her with her sloppy, grinding pussy and wrapped her lips around one of the dark-haired girl’s hard nipples. The sensations in Marcia’s body were unbelievable — a mouth on her tit, and a cunt fucking into her open pussy-gash — it was amazing what this little girl was doing to her!

She lay back on the bed and let Tina crawl on her like a man would do. She wrapped her thighs lazily around the skinny girl and ground her pussy against the hard bony hump which pounded into her. Tina was sucking away at her other tit now, pulling at it with her soft lips and caressing it with her tender hands.

“Fuck me, fuck me, Tina,” Marcia moaned. “God, just keep doing it!”

Tina humped into her for what seemed like hours, then stopped suddenly and crawled off her.

“What are you doing?” Marcia asked, almost silently.

“I want to do something else.”

Marcia watched as the skinny girl climbed around on the bed and atop her in a new position. Her knees rested on either side of Marcia’s shoulders now and her face was down at the dark-haired girl’s pussy.

“We can eat each other now,” Tina explained.

At the first touch of Tina’s mouth on Marcia’s exposed pussy, the full-tittied girl jumped with a quiver of delight. She grasped Tina’s ears with her hands and pulled her down into her cunt. The tongue which slithered along the sensitive flesh of her pussy-gash left her feeling helpless and almost marvelously alive. She knew that this was what life was all about.

She stared up into the cunt which was open only inches above her face. She knew that when she shot her tongue up into it, Tina would feel the exact same sensations she had. She knew that Tina would feel as if the whole world was given to her, as if every nerve in her body was jumping and alive with incredible lust.

She took her hands from her lover’s head and rested them on the soft white cheeks of the ass which was positioned so perfectly above her. She pulled Tina’s pussy down to her and, pursing her lips, gave the young girl a long, lingering kiss directly on her pink pussy-gash.

“Ohhhhhh, Marcia, that’s it, God, just keep doing that to me, God…”

Marcia felt Tina’s tongue slither into her and at the same moment she shot her own tongue as deeply into the girl’s cunt as it could go. She was delighted with the way her young friend moaned and bounced about atop her.

Tina was no longer supporting her weight on her hands and knees. She was resting on Marcia’s full, rounded body now, pushing her tongue into the cunt beneath her mouth and humping back into the face which ate away at her cunt. She began to rock back and forth on the young girl, growling and moaning like an animal. Marcia felt an orgasm begin to well up within her then. Tina found the dark-haired girl’s little clitoris and went to work on it with a renewed fervor.

“That’s the spot, Tina. Christ! That’s it! Tongue it! Tongue that spot, lover!”

Marcia could think about nothing anymore, nothing save the wonderful feeling which enveloped her. Tina’s cunt lay open above her but she could no longer kiss it, could no longer suck and tongue it. She ground the palms of her hands into the bed and clutched at the sheets. Her pelvis arched up into Tina’s face with almost a will of its own. She jerked her head back and forth on the bed and mewled and panted.

“That’s the spot, lover — that’s it! Just keep doing it to me, baby!”

Tina was fucking Marcia’s tender little cunt with her whole face now, with her lips, her tongue, with her chin and nose. She kept a constant humping rhythm up right against Marcia’s throbbing little cunt.

Marcia’s whole body pulsed now with the orgasm which she was on the brink of. She continued to buck her pounding cunt up into Tina’s face and felt it sweep through her with a force quite unlike anything she had ever before experienced. She was about to cum!

“God, Tina! Tina, fuck, do it to me — this is it, fuck, shit, here goes — unnnnggggggg — God this is it, baby, Christ, I’m cummmmmmmiiiinnnnnngggggggg!”

Her cunt exploded then as if a stick of dynamite had just gone off in it. The orgasm pounded through her like waves upon a rocky shore. Her whole body jumped and jolted. She pounded the bed with her fists and then, finally fell back, totally reined.

“Oh Tina, thank you so much. Thank you, lover, that was so fucking good.”

Marcia could feel the young girl smile as she licked up the juices, which flowed from the cunt, which had so recently exploded in ecstasy.

“I’m glad you liked it, Marcia. I know I did when you made me cum.”

Marcia smiled and patted Tina’s slender flank. “We’re going to have to do this more often, I think,” she said.

Later that night, after leaving Tina, Marcia walked through the dark, silent house to the bathroom which was right beside Mr. and Mrs. Morgan’s bedroom. Marcia silently slipped into the john and as she sat on the toilet she thought of how much fun she had had with Tina. She decided that being bisexual was the greatest thing in the world. It doubled the number of people she could fuck.

Just before flushing the toilet, the young girl heard a low-voiced curse come from the other side of the wall which separated the bathroom from her foster parents’ bedroom. It was answered by a sharp, higher pitched retort and then, surprisingly, the sound of something being shattered. Intrigued, Marcia moved next to the wall and placed her ear against it.

“It’s just not any fun, Carl,” she heard Mrs. Morgan say.

“What do you mean, baby. It’s the greatest thing in the world,” Mr. Morgan answered.

“Well, not for me.”

“I can’t believe that. You used to enjoy it.” There was a long, silence, and Marcia pressed her ear up even tighter against the wall.

“I never liked it, Carl,” Mrs. Morgan said finally.

“Sure you did!”

“No, Carl, I’ve always faked it, just, well, just to make you happy.”

Mr. Morgan cursed and called her a foul name. There was another long silence.

“Well, what am I supposed to do?” he said at last.

“I don’t see what you’re complaining about, Carl,” Mrs. Morgan said. “I let you do it to me at least once or twice a week.”

“I like to fuck every night, dammit.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t.”

They were silent then, and when Marcia decided there was nothing more to hear, she slipped out of the bathroom without flushing the toilet.

As she made her way back to her room, she thought of how horny Mr. Morgan must be getting. She also thought of how much fun it would be to teach Mrs. Morgan to like sex.


Marcia slept in the next day and did not awaken until past ten when the sun shone through the lace curtains of her new room. She threw her blankets from her and let the sun warm her naked body. She thought of how much fun she had had with Tina the previous night, and the great afternoon she had spent with Steve.

As she thought about the young, bearded man next door, Marcia put her hand to her hairy cunt-mound and began to play with herself. She imagined Steve’s thick cock pushing into her pussy, stretching the walls wide with his hard prick-meat. She plunged her finger into her cunt and closed her eyes, pretending it was a prick. But it just wasn’t the same. Her finger was just too skinny, and there was no hairy, muscular body atop her to clutch.

As she played with herself and imagined she was being fucked, a knock, came at her door, shattering her sexual fantasy. She quickly pulled her sheet over her, keeping her finger buried in her cunt.

“Who is it?” she called out.

“Peter,” came the young boy’s voice from the door. “I just wanted to see if you were awake yet.”

“I am. Why don’t you come in?”

The sheet was moulded to her full-titties wide-hipped body. She wondered how Peter would handle such a provocative sight.

“Hi!” she said brightly as he entered her room.

“Uh, hi,” he replied.

Marcia was pleased with the way his eyes went immediately to the outline of her nude body beneath the sheet. His gaze traveled from her tits down to her wide hips and back up again. He licked his lips and looked as if he had just had some heavenly revelation.

“How are you this, morning, Peter?” she asked, moving her body around and stretching so the sheet slid down, almost exposing her billowy tits.

“Fine. Just great, Marcia. I thought I’d let you know that Mom and Dad are gonna be out of town today and tonight. Dad has to look at some ground down in Eugene that his company might develop and they’re going to spend the night there.”

“Well, thank you for telling me, Peter.”

The muscular young boy turned as if to leave then.

“You can stay and talk to me for a while, if you like,” Marcia said to him.

He smiled at her like a little puppy dog and quickly crossed the room to sit beside her on the bed.

“Are your parents gone already, Peter?”

“Yeah, they left just a few minutes ago.”

He couldn’t take his eyes from her tits. The young girl decided to really give him something to look at and moved up in the bed, casually pulling the sheet down so both her nipples just barely peeked out at him. She pretended it had been an accident, wondering if he would be gutsy enough to get the hint and throw her down and take her the way she wanted it.

“It’s a real nice day,” he said.

“Yes, it is.”

She smiled inwardly and thought of how young this boy really was. He had to be a virgin, the way he was acting with her. She wondered how it would be to fuck a virgin, and knew that she would before this day was out.

“You’re a very handsome boy, Peter,” she said.

“Th-thank you.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Well, sorta. There’s this girl I know and we go out sometimes, but it’s nothing really heavy.”

“I see. Do you fuck her?”

Her words shocked the young boy, and he had to swallow twice before he was able to speak.

“Well, uh — sure. Yeah. I fuck all the time.” She loved the timid way he lied to her and smiled at him.

“What else do you do together?” she asked.

“Well, the usual stuff.”

“What’s ‘the usual stuff?'”

“Oh, you know. I play with her, with her…”

His voice trailed off and Marcia decided she had toyed with him enough. She reached a hand out from under the sheet — the hand which had been buried in her pussy — and caressed his cheek with her sticky fingertips. He jumped away from her at her first touch but then smiled an embarrassed smile and reached out for her hand. He seemed content to just touch her fingers and palms and the back of her hand.

“Why are your fingers so sticky?” he asked.

“I’ve been playing with myself.”

“Oh, gee, I didn’t think girls did that.”

“As much as boys.”

That seemed to shock hum, but Marcia didn’t mind. He would be in for a few more surprises before the day was over. She put her hand back to his cheeks and touched the soft, boyish flesh. She pulled her other hand out from under the sheet and rested it lightly on the crotch of his gym shorts. She smiled at him when she felt his hard-on. She began to stroke it and was pleased when she felt it grow even more and press up through the shorts against her hand.

“Uh. Marcia, I gotta tell you. I, uh lied to you.”

“What do you mean?”

“About what I do with my girlfriend. I’ve never fucked her. I’ve never fucked anybody.”

“That’s okay, Peter. Everybody was a virgin once. I’m glad you told me.”

She continued to caress his prick through the thin fabric of his gym shorts and when it grew so hard that she knew it must be hurting him to have it confined, she pulled at the elastic banding and told him to raise his ass up off the bed. When the cock was free and sticking straight up hard as tempered steel, Marcia smiled and kicked the sheets from her body.

“God, you’re beautiful, Marcia!”

The boy’s enthusiasm got to her, and she instinctively knew that, virgin or not, he was going to be a great lover. She curled herself around him on the bed so her head rested in his lap, her mouth scant inches away from his prick. She darted her tongue out and licked at the cockhead. A tiny droplet of pre-cum oozed out of his piss-slit and she quickly licked it up, delighting in the taste of it.

“God, good Christ, that’s unbelievable, Marcia!”

“I’m glad you like it, honey,” she whispered into his cock.

She opened her mouth wide and gently lowered it over his tender prick. She loved the way if felt when his cock slid against the soft, meaty cheeks of her mouth. She pressed her lips together, wrapping them vise-like around his cock, caressing it with her tongue as she did so. He began to jerk and sway beneath her lusty ministrations. He buried his hands in her full head of hair and pushed her mouth even further down his cock, it slid down her throat, and all of it was in her. His tight coil of pubic hairs tickled her nose.

“Jesus, Marcia, suck it, God, that feels so good!”

She slid her mouth back up his cock until only the spongy mushroom-shaped head was between her lips and she felt another little droplet of pre-cum escape from it. Its taste drove her wild and she slid her mouth up and down on his cock with a wild frenzy. She wrapped her hand around him and jerked him off as she sucked at him. He began to thrust his cock up as she slid her hand and mouth up and down, burying his stiff cock-rod deeply into her with each stroke…

“Ohhh, that’s it Marcia, that’s it right there, God, I’m gonna cum. Christ, I can feel it!”

She took her hand away from him, not wanting him to cum too quickly. She wanted to savor this virgin load of cum which would eventually shoot into her mouth, wanted to take her time with him. She wanted to show him just how great real sex actually was.

She stopped her frenzied sucking and pulled her mouth away from him. He looked down at her with confused eyes, almost begging her to suck him some more. She smiled up at him and flicked her tongue out, slapping the spongy head of his cock with it. He jumped and quivered each time her soft tongue hit his sensitive prick-head.

“I can’t believe how good that feels, Marcia. Fuck, it’s so Goddamn good… so fucking good?”

“I’m glad you like it,” she murmured.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his long, thick prickshaft and slowly tongued its head. She pursed her lips tightly together and pushed her head down his prick, making the entrance into her mouth as tight as possible. When the head was once again trapped inside her mouth, she licked at the little slit and once again jacked him off with her hand.

He humped up into her with a renewed fervor and she let her hand and mouth stay absolutely still so he did all the work. He pushed deeper and deeper into her mouth and down her throat with each of his thrusts. His lusty moans excited her and she considered pulling her mouth away from him and taking him inside her pussy. But she decided he was enjoying the blow-job far too much. There would be plenty of time later for her to introduce him to the pleasures of having a tight pussy around his cock. Plenty of time.

She began stroking him with her mouth and hand as quickly as possible while he humped into her. Faster and faster they went. He moaned and groaned on the bed beside her and clutched at the sheets as if he were dying.

“God, Marcia. I’m so close, so fucking close! Christ, God, I’m actually gonna cum in your fucking mouth!”

His stroking cock slowed inside her mouth and ground to a sudden halt. She felt the spurts of his cum shoot into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked and swallowed as rapidly as possible, trying to take in every bit of his hot juices.

“Christ, oh Christ,” he moaned. “That’s so fucking good!”

She licked at the spongy head of his prick, cleaning him up and swallowing every last bit of his lusty load. He jerked and writhed beneath her with each touch of her tongue on his prick-head and she knew he was especially sensitive to her touch.

When every bit of cum was gone from his softening prick, Marcia lay back on the bed. She glanced over at the doorway and was surprised to see Tina standing there, watching the proceedings.

“Having fun?” the red-haired girl leaning against the door jamb asked.

Peter jerked his head round at the sound of his sister’s words and quickly grabbed at the twisted up sheet on the bed to cover himself. Marcia laughed and pulled the sheet back. A tug-of-war ensued which sent both the naked young people sprawling into each other’s anus.

“Dammit, Tina!” Peter said. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Oh, a few minutes,” she said with an impish smile.

“That’s not very polite!”

Tina giggled and walked over to the bed and sat on it beside her brother and foster sister. She looked down at Peter’s prick, which was now completely soft and shrunken. She shook her head and smiled, then reached out and ran her hand over one of Marcia’s billowy tits.

“What’s that feel like?” she asked Marcia.

“You mean sucking a guy off?”

Tina nodded.

“It’s great. It feels just like sex itself, you know, having a hard prick in your mouth, feeling it on the insides of your cheeks and on your tongue and everything. You oughtta try it sometime.”

“But it seems like it would be so icky, you know, having a guy cum in your mouth. It’s gross.”

Marcia shook her head and told her it wasn’t at all gross.

Peter watched with boyish fascination as the two girls talked about sucking guys off and caressed each other. Could his sister be a dyke? It certainly looked like it, the way she was playing with Marcia’s tits. And she had never had a boyfriend and seemed to have no interest at all in boys.

“I do have to admit,” Marcia went on, “that sucking a guy off isn’t nearly as much fun as fucking him. Now that is absolutely the greatest thing on earth!”

“I wouldn’t know,” Tina said, glancing down at Peter’s soft cock.

“Well, I think it’s about time you found out,” Marcia said.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Peter interjected. “I’m not about to fuck my own sister!”

“Nobody’s asking you!” Tina said. “God, that’d be sick.”

“There are a lot of other guys in this world besides your brother, Tina,” Marcia said. “I know what we’ll do! Let’s have a party. Your mom and dad are gone and they won’t be back until tomorrow. It’d be stupid to let this opportunity pass.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Peter said. “I’ll invite Larry and Curt over, they’re on my baseball team.”

“And I’ll see if Steve wants to come,” Marcia added. “You’d just love fucking Steve, Tina. He’s got a great cock and he really knows how to use it.”

The red-haired girl looked down at her brother’s cock and found that she just couldn’t imagine having that ugly thing in her pussy. She decided she’d invite her girlfriend, Cindy, the girl who first introduced her to sex, the girl who had first sucked at her pussy. A party sounded like a good idea, but when it came to sex, she felt she would always stay with girls.

“I think I’ll invite Cindy over,” she said to no one in particular.

Peter looked at his sister and decided she definitely was a dyke.


Tina was alone in the house when Cindy knocked on the open front door and slipped inside with a little wave and a knowing smile. Marcia was over at Steve’s — probably fucking her brains out before bringing him over for the party, Tina thought — and Peter had walked over to his friends’ to invite them.

Tina admired her blonde-haired friend’s body as the girl entered the house and walked over to sit beside her on the couch. Cindy was absolutely beautiful and could have any boy in school. Tina knew, so it was especially nice that her friend wanted to fuck only her.

“Hi, Tina,” Cindy said, leaning over on the couch to give her friend a kiss.

“Hi, Cindy.”

The kiss was only a little peck on the check, but Tina turned her head and captured her friend’s lips with her own. She sighed as she felt Cindy’s tongue dart gently into her moth, probing, searching, driving the red-haired girl wild with its warm wetness. Tina reached a hand out and caressed Cindy’s tits through her t-shirt, remembering the last time she had kissed them and sucked them, remembering the last time she had cum with her friend.

“When is everybody going to start getting here?” Cindy asked, breaking their embrace for a moment.

“Steve and Marcia should be over anytime,” Tina said, “but that doesn’t matter. I’ve, it, Marcia and I have already done it with each other, so it doesn’t matter if she walks in on us. Peter’s bringing some friends over, you know, Larry and Curt. And those big mouths would spread it around the whole school if they knew what we did together. But the shouldn’t be here for a while, they’re going to try and get some liquor.”

Cindy smiled and lowered a hand to Tina’s blue-jeaned crotch. She pressed through the material into the red-haired girl’s pussy. Tina spread her thighs apart and leaned back on the couch. She closed her eyes and just felt the sensations rise in her. She and Cindy had fucked each other so much that they both knew exactly what the other one wanted.

“Tina,” Cindy whispered, “would you mind if I took your pants off?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Cindy opened up Tina’s pants and pulled them down her thighs when her friend raised her trim little ass off the couch. The panties quickly followed and Cindy moaned when she saw Tina’s tiny red muff. She got down on the floor and when her friend was naked from the waist down she crawled between her splayed thighs and stared into her cunt.

“You have such a pretty pussy, Tina,” she said.

“Why don’t you kiss it for me?”

They had said the same things so many times before, but each time it somehow felt like the very first. Tina thought of that first time as Cindy’s tongue gently lapped at the outer lips of her cunt.

They had been friends for a few months and had done everything together went to the movies, slept over at each other’s house, talked about school and their friends. It was during a slumber party that they learned they were both extremely afraid of boys, and it was then that Cindy had unzipped Tina’s sleep bag and slid inside with her. The younger girl was scared at first, but when she felt the shy little finger at her pussy she relaxed, and they touched and kissed all night long.

Cindy’s tongue was flicking lightly over Tina’s little clitoris now. The gentle wears seemed about to drive the young girl out of her mind with horniness. She spread her thighs even wider apart and began humping her cunt up into her friend’s face.

“That’s it, Cindy,” she moaned. “God, that’s just what I need, baby, unnnnnflgggggg! Christ! Do it to me!”

Cindy did not go at her friend with the speed and the fervor the red-haired girl needed to cum. She backed away from her pussy and lazily munched at it, delicately teasing her. She stuck her tongue all the way out and let Tina thrust herself against it so there was never anything stronger than a feather-light touch against the girl’s sensitive pink flesh. When Tina could stand it no longer she wrapped her thighs around her friend’s back and forcefully pulled the probing tongue and wet face up against her pussy. Cindy giggled, realizing she had teased her friend long enough.

“I’ll give it to you the way you want it, Tina,” she said.

“Thank God,” the girl panted. “Thank fucking God and all his fucking angels!”

Cindy fucked her tongue and face into Tina’s pussy now, each hard thrust ending with a powerful nudge against the red-haired girl’s little joy-button. Spasms of electricity jerked and jolted through Tina’s body. She closed her eyes again and buried her hands in her friend’s curly blonde locks. She humped her cunt up against Cindy’s face and simultaneously pulled her into her open cunt. She couldn’t believe how fucking great it felt.

“Cindy, fuck, I’m gonna cum all ready, baby, here goes, I’m gonna fucking cummmm!”

She felt the orgasm build inside her with each thrust of her friend’s tongue. It grew and grew, until it could grow no more, and she felt a series of explosions go off inside her pussy. The warm feeling of exquisite joy pulsed through her entire body.

“Cindy, Cindy, that’s so good, lover, so good.”

She fell back on the couch, limp, totally used up and washed out Cindy gave the little red-haired pussy a final, lingering kiss and a tender pat with the palm of her hand and stood.

“Sit beside me, Cindy,” Tina said, patting the couch beside her.

Cindy sat and watched as Tina slowly pulled her clothing back on.

“Tell me about Marcia,” Cindy said. “She’s a girl from the orphanage — and she’s awfully cute, too! You’ll like her. We had a lot of fun last night.”

She gave Cindy all the intimate details of how she and Marcia had played with each other the previous night.

“Do you think she’d be interested in a threesome?” Cindy asked, her soft, baby cheeks desirously red with the thought of it.

“I’m sure she would. She’s really into sex. This morning I went into her bedroom and she was actually sucking Peter off!”

Cindy made a face at the thought of such a disgusting thing.

“She says fucking guys is one of the greatest things in the world,” Tina went on.

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Cindy said. “I’m happy with girls, myself.”

Tina smiled at her friend then and leaned over to kiss her. They fell into an embrace which ended only when Steve and Marcia entered the house.

“What’s this?” the bearded young man asked with a grin as he surveyed the scene taking place on the couch.

Tina smiled up at him and introduced him to Cindy. “We’re very good friends,” she concluded.

“I can see that,” Steve said. “Mind if I sit in between you ladies and get to know you better?”

Cindy didn’t seem to think to much of the idea, but Tina liked his boldness. She moved over on the couch and felt a little spasm of warmth in her pussy when he sat down between the two of them, his thigh lightly pressing against her own. She felt less afraid around this man than the boys she knew.

“How about some music, Marcia?” Steve said.

As Marcia put on a thudding rock-and-roll record, Steve turned toward Tina and rested his strong hands on her knee. “Tell me, dear,” he said, “do you include men in your sex life?”

“I haven’t so far,” the young girl said with a giggle.

“You should try us sometime, Tina. We can be an awful lot of fun.”

Cindy made a disgusted noise and stood up. She walked across the room and sat alone on a love seat, as if she was sickened by it all.

“I take it you don’t think much of the more muscular sex,” Steve said, smiling at the blonde-haired nymphet.

“You couldn’t be more right,” she answered bluntly.

“Have you ever given us a fair trial?”

“I, uh, I don’t know what you mean.”

Steve looked around the room at the three lovely young girls and casually unzipped his pants. Marcia chuckled and sat down on the love seat by Cindy, waiting anxiously for what would develop.

“Most girls who become lesbians are just afraid of men,” Steve said, sliding his pants and shorts down his muscular thighs. “And the reason people are afraid of each other is because they just don’t know anything about them.”

Eight inches of hard cock stood straight up from his lap as if it were made of tempered steel. He casually stroked his prick and fondled its huge head. Tina stared down at the prick and fought an urge to reach but and stroke it for him.

“Now, ladies,” Steve went on, “do you see anything you think you should be afraid of?”

Marcia giggled. Cindy snorted. Tina reached out and lightly let her fingers touch the hard cock-shaft.

“I think we have a convert,” Steve said.

Tina was enthralled with his hard prick. It was so thick she could barely get her fingers around it. She ran her fingers lightly over it, from the spongy head down to the base. She tickled his pubic hairs and wondered if it felt as good to him to have somebody play with him as it did to her. His massive set of balls amazed her. She just didn’t see how a guy could stand having something that big and tender hanging between his legs. She put her hand under his sac and hefted his balls.

“What does that feel like?” she asked in a little girl voice.

“It feels great, Tina,” Steve said.

She wrapped her fingers tightly around his cock and stroked it. Steve began to squirm and she quickened the pace. She somehow knew what felt best to him, even though this was the first cock she had ever touched. She took her hand away from him and quickly bent over, planting a sloppy wet kiss on the head of his prick and was pleased with the excited way he responded.

“God, Tina,” Cindy mewled, “how can you do that? It’s so sick?”

“Have you ever tried it?” Steve asked.

“I wouldn’t want to!” the blonde-haired girl replied.

Tina looked up at the handsome man and said, “I really don’t know how to do this, Steve.”

“Hold it real tight and lick the head like a lollipop.”

She followed his instructions, clenching the cock tightly in her grasping fingers and lapping away at the head. A little droplet of pre-cum oozed out of the slit and before thinking about it she shot her tongue out and swallowed it. She was surprised at how much she liked the taste of it. She remembered how Marcia had said about sucking a cock and she knew now what the girl had meant. She felt a hot horniness envelop her, quite unlike anything she had ever felt with Cindy. She began to wonder how it would feel to have Steve’s hard prick stuffed up her pussy, stretching the little cunt wide.

“Steve,” she said, taking her mouth away from him, “would you mind if I took my clothes off?”

“Not at all, dear.”

Tina stood and quickly removed her clothing. Steve sighed loudly when he saw the young girl’s beautiful little body. He reached a hand out and gently stroked her little tits. The nipples grew hard in his hands and when she sat back down beside him he bent over and captured one of the hard areolas in his mouth. She stroked him with her fingertips as he kissed and caressed her nipples.

“Steve, my pussy — play with it, please.”

He removed one of his hands from her tits and slid down her taut belly to her soft muff. When he stroked her, she fell back on the couch and parted her thighs. His fingers were so much thicker and harder than Tina’s. The young girl felt totally new sensations of lust rise up within her as he stroked her moist pussy. She repositioned herself on the couch so he was between her thighs.

“Steve, God, fuck me, baby, fuck me!”

Steve had never had a virgin before. He smiled both inwardly and outwardly as he crawled between her thighs and pushed the awesome head of his prick up against her wet pussy-slit. She was incredibly tight and he went slowly, humping his prick against her cunt with ever increasing force. She finally opened for him and the large head of his cock slid inside her.

“God, oh God,” Tina moaned. “I fucking can’t believe it, baby, I just can’t believe it!”

The prick slid even further into her cunt. It hurt so much that she really could not believe it, bat there was an incredible clement of pleasure behind the pain. His cock pushed the walls of her pussy wide, and she knew that neither she nor her cunt would ever be the same after he finished fucking her.

He was all the way in her now, all eight inches of him. She never would have thought she could have taken such a huge thing inside her tiny cunt-hole, but here she was doing it, and here she was loving it. The pain was almost totally gone now, and incredible sensations were welling up within her body. This was so much better than anything Cindy or Marcia or any girl in the world could do for her, she knew.

She wrapped her slender thighs around him and gripped him tightly, wanting to hold him inside her pussy forever. The hard flesh of his cock pushed against her clitoris and she knew she would cum during the first moments of their fuck.

“Tina, baby, you’re the tightest fucking piece I’ve ever had! You’re great, baby!”

His words excited the young girl. Here was a grown man who had probably had dozens of women, telling her that she was the very best fuck of his life! She loosened her thighs around his so he could stroke his prick back and get on with some real fucking.

She bumped and wiggled excitedly on the couch when she felt his prick slide back out of her hot little cunt. What a great feeling it was! He thrust back into her with all his might and she felt like limp jelly beneath him. She lay back without moving and just let the sensations within her rise. With each thrust of his thick cock he rubbed against her clitoris. In no time at all she felt an orgasm building inside her.

“Steve, baby, God, just keep doing that, honey, fuck, I just know I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too, doll, fuck, you are one tight little cunt!”

“Look at them go, Cindy,” Marcia said as she watched the two fuck noisily away at each other on the couch.

“It’s sick,” Cindy said.

The blonde-haired girl felt she should leave. It was terrible to watch her lover succumb to a man’s touch. She knew that men only wanted to fuck, that they could do it all day and all night without feeling any sort of love. She hated that about men. She herself could never be that way. She had to love the person she was with, or at least respect them, and there was no way she could ever respect a man!

Still, there was something fascinatingly horny about that her little friend was doing with the big creep on the couch. Tina certainly seemed to enjoy having her cunt violated by that huge piece of meat which thrust forward from the man’s loins. Cindy caught herself wondering how it would feel to be fucked by a hard prick. But she knew, there was no way she would ever find out.

“I’m cumming, Steve, do it to me!” Tina shouted.

“So am I, baby, God, I’m gonna fucking cummmm — so good, God, this is it!”

Tina felt the older man’s cum shoot deeply into her belly, making her cum herself. She collapsed on the couch and thought of how great it was to cum with a man, how in a way it was even better than being with another girl. Nothing could take the place of a hard cock…

She smiled up at the older man as he pulled his soft, sticky cock put of her pussy.

“We’re going to have to do this a lot, Steve,” she said with a little laugh.

“I feel the same way, honey.”

Marcia felt herself growing horny as she watched the two cuddle on the couch in the aftermath of their fuck. She casually put a hand on Cindy’s thigh beside her. When the blonde-haired girl looked at her she gave her an impish grin and moved the hand on her thigh so it rested in her crotch.

“Did Tina tell you about what we did last night, Cindy?” Marcia asked.

“Yes, she did.”

“I hope you weren’t jealous.”

“Not at all. Actually, I was thinking how nice it would be if we had a threesome sometime.”

Marcia smiled and pressed harder on the girl’s crotch. She was pleased when Cindy let her thighs fall open and pushed her pelvis upward. Marcia wondered what it would be like to fool around with this girl. She wondered if her pussy would taste different than Tina’s. She decided she was definitely going to find out.

“Why don’t we take our clothes off, Cindy?” she said.

Cindy replied and standing and quickly stripping down. Marcia took her own clothes off and the young girls fell together in a heated embrace on the love seat.

“The boys sure are going to be surprised when they walk in on us,” Tina said, gently fondling Steve’s limp cock. “I hope one of them is horny. I’d sure like to get fucked again.”

“I think you’ll get all the fucking you need, baby,” Steve told her.

“I think we all will,” Marcia added.

The dark-haired girl spread her thighs and pulled Cindy’s soft little nymphet’s face down to her hot pussy. She moaned when she felt the full lips caress her pink cunt-meat. Such a wonderful feeling it was! Cindy’s tongue lazily lapped away at the splayed lips of Marcia’s aching cunt, sucking up the juices which flowed freely.

“That’s nice, Cindy, really fucking nice.”

Cindy responded to her words with an almost vicious attack on the red-fringed cuntslit. She went at it with her tongue and lips, with her chin and nose. She found the dark-haired girl’s tiny clitoris and noisily sucked away at it.

Marcia responded with an awesome series of spasms and shudders. She felt she was going to cum in almost no time at all. But then her lusty bliss was shattered when the front door opened and the sound of males laughter came to her cars.

“This looks like one hell of a party, Pete,” a strange male voice said.

Marcia looked up from the love seat to see the most beautiful boy in the world.


“This is Larry and Curt, gang,” Peter said, gesturing to the two boys who were with him.

Larry, the one who had spoken upon entering the house, was tall and blond. He was probably still a teenager, but he looked as if he could be in his mid-twenties. As Marcia stared at him, she realized she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

“Guys, this is Marcia and Steve — you all ready know Tina and Cindy.”

“I think I’m gonna get to know them better before the day’s out,” Larry said with an easy laugh.

“You can start with me,” Marcia said quickly, disentangling herself from Tina and leaping up from the couch.

Had she thought about it, she would have known how terrible she must have made the blonde-haired girl feel, dropping her for the handsome boy right in the middle of their sex act, but she just had to feel the muscular young jock on top of her, pounding into her.

She walked quickly over to where Larry stood with the other two boys at the door and thrust her hand out. He laughed and shook her hand. She refused to let go of it and pulled it to the soft hollow in between her tits.

“Do you like how those feel?” she asked, visibly panting with lust.

“I love how they feel, Marcia.”

“How would you like to come to my bedroom and play with them?” she asked boldly.

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. As long as you promise to let me play with all of you,” he added.

“It’s a deal.”

As she pulled him toward her bedroom she heard Tina ask Curt if he felt like fucking a newly broken-in pussy.

The young girl decided she was going to have a great time today.

Marcia lay back on her bed, watching the tanned young man strip his clothing off. Her fingers were at the lips of her pussy, lazily toying with the soft flesh. She knew his cock was going to be there in no time at all, and she knew he was going to fuck her. It was nice to know.

“You have a beautiful body,” she said.

“Thanks. I work out a lot.”

That was obvious. He was thickly muscled and very hard, but still trim and nicely shaped. She couldn’t wait to feel his body on top of hers.

When he was naked except for his shorts, he stood next to the bed and told her to sit up. She did and he pulled her head by the ears toward the hard bulge which pressed out against his underwear. Without him telling her what to do, she pulled the shorts down over his thick, hairy thighs. His cock bobbed up and bumped her chin. She laughed and brought her hand up to it.

It was the largest prick she had ever seen, almost nine inches long, and so big around that she could not wrap her little fingers completely around it. She tried anyway, though, and was pleased with the way he moaned when she stroked her clenched hand up and down the throbbing cock.

“Like that?” she asked.

“You know I like it, babe. Why don’t you suck it for me?”

“Only if you promise not to cum in my mouth. I want you in my pussy, stud.”

“That’s where I want to be, too. But I want you to suck me for a bit, first.”

Marcia grinned up at him and parted her lips. He slowly pushed his pelvis forward and groaned when his massive cock-head entered her mouth. The young girl ran her tongue along his spongy prick-head, delighting in the warm feeling this produced in her pussy. She clenched her lips tightly around his prick and slowly slid her head down the length of him. She wasn’t quite able to take him all the way in, he was just too big for that. But most of him was buried in her mouth and down her throat.

She held her mouth still and let him pull out of her, slithering her tongue along the underside of the steel-hard cock. When only his spongy prick-head was in her mouth he pushed back into her. He moaned and buried his hands in her hair. Again he pulled back out of her, faster this time, and even faster he pushed back into her.

“Baby,” he groaned, “your mouth is fucking great!”

He fucked her in the mouth for a while longer, then the girl pulled her lips away from him and fell back on the bed. She just had to be fucked! She spread her thighs and cocked her knees up in the air.

“Fuck me, baby, Larry, damn, I need it!”

He smiled down at her and toyed with his cock as be crawled in between her thighs and it almost drove her crazy. She just had to have him!

“You’re a hot little thing,” he said, lightly touching her sticky pussy-hole.

“Please, don’t tease me, Larry. I just gotta get fucked or I’ll die!”

He laughed and plunged a thick finger into her cunt. She humped up against his hand, writhing at every touch he gave her. He laughed again, then crawled between her thighs and pushed the head of his cock up against her cunt.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’m just being a bastard. It’s really sexy to hear a girl beg for it.”

“I’ll beg for it, honey. Christ, just do it to me! Please do it to me. Gad, I need it! I need your big, Goddam cock inside me, doll, I need to feel you fucking away at me, sliding up and down inside me! Please!”

He pushed his cock into her then, using much more force than he should have. She felt a sharp spasm of pain as the head of his prick split the tight lips of her little cunt. He continued to push into her, laughing as he did so. Every inch that he buried within her made her hurt even more. But she wondered if she would throw him off her if she was strong enough to. No, she decided the pain was most certainly not that bad.

“Please, Larry, you’re hurting me, honey, fuck, that hurts some!”

He continued to push into her until all of his cock was inside her and their pubic hair mingled together. She could feel every inch of his cock inside her, pushing against the tight walls of her pussy. The pain was beginning to subside, in fact, it was totally gone, and she felt only the exotic warmth a good fuck always made her feel.

He pulled his cock up out of her until only the splendid head was still between her clinging pussy-lips. He pushed himself back into her with as much force as he could muster and Marcia’s whole body shook and shuddered as he fucked into her.

“Baby, you’re so fucking tight,” he moaned, “the tightest piece I’ve ever had!”

“I’m glad, honey, I’m glad…”

He fucked his cock in and out of her pussy as rapidly as he could. He rode her high and she felt the long shaft of his prick rub against her clitoris with each of his rapid strokes. It was excruciatingly pleasurable, and she knew she was going to cum rapidly. The way he was fucking her, she decided, was probably going to make her cum more than once.

He let her support all of his weight and brought his hands up to her pillowy tits. He clenched and stroked them, almost like an animal would, and she never wanted him to quit. He grasped the nipples in his fingers and pinched them until it almost hurt, but the sensation it produced within her was more than worth it.

“Fuck, yeah, bitch, pull on that big fucking cock of mine! Fuck! Fuck!”

He was almost crazed with passion. She looked up into his contorted face and decided that from the way he looked one could never tell whether he was enjoying himself or not. But his mewling, animal-like growls were definitely those of pleasure.

An orgasm was welling up within her. Every nerve in her body felt alive and jumping — the way his cock rubbed against her clitoris was absolutely unbelievable! She felt her toes curl. She wrapped her thighs around him and bucked her pelvis up into his thrusting loins.

“Larry, Goddamn, I’m gonna cummmmm, yeah, doll, this is it, Goddamn, do it to me — I’m cummmiiinnngggg — unnnggg, fuck, do it to me!”

Her pussy exploded with sheer ecstasy then. She fell back on the bed, completely exhausted. Larry continued to fuck into her cunt. In a matter of moments she felt another burst of joy shudder through her. Her whole body shook like a puppet on a string. He was fucking her pussy with wide, circular thrusts now, almost as if it were a game and he wanted to see how many times he could make her cum before he finally shot his load of hot jizz into her.

“Larry, good God, you just keep doing it to me, baby, you just keep on fucking me and fucking me — ohhhhhh, here goes again, I’m cummmiiinnnggg!”

Another orgasm shot through her body. She felt she was going to pass out if she received any more pleasure from his pounding cock. Still he fucked her, but more slowly now. She clenched at his cock with her talented cuntal muscles, trying to milk the jism out of him. He moaned and mewled above her, cursing like some madman. She knew he was right on the verge of cumming.

“Fuck, Marcia, damn, you’re so tight, baby, the way your pussy grabs at my cock, oh fuck, it’s just too great! Honey, fucking do it to me!”

His prick humped into her smooth and slow now, his whole body shaking like a leaf blown in the wind. He paused at the end of every long stroke into her. He clenched his teeth and grabbed at the sheets of her bed. He pushed his cock once more into her, and then she felt his hot load of jism spurt into her belly.

“I’m cumming, baby, I’m fucking cumming — ohhhhh yeah! I’m fucking cumming!”

She felt the last spurt of his jism shoot into her. He collapsed on her, moaning and gasping.

“That was one great fuck, baby,” he panted.

“It certainly was, doll,” she replied. “But I think I should go find Cindy now.”

He pulled out of her and rolled over onto the bed, flat on his back. His eyes were closed and a little grin played, at the corners of his mouth. Marcia slid herself off the bed and, before leaving the bedroom, bent over the handsome young man’s loins and planted a sloppy kiss on his slick, limp cock.

“Hurry back now, honey,” he said, fondling her massive tits.

“I’ll do that.”

When she left the bedroom she went into the living room first to look for Cindy. Tina was on the couch, her thighs spread wide, with Curt inside her cunt, pumping away at her. Marcia admired the lusty sight. Curt’s prick wasn’t too long but it was incredibly thick. She thought of how nice it would be to have that marvelously wide prick inside her pussy, stretching her tight, fleshy walls apart. Tina certainly seemed to be enjoying it. She was mewling and groaning on the couch, humping her pelvis up into her young lover with as much force and speed as she could muster.

Steve sat on a chair beside the couch, watching the fuck and cheering them on in an excited voice. He was playing with his almost-hard cock and looked as if he was waiting his turn to fuck the little red-haired girl’s hairy-cunt-slit again.

Peter was sitting alone on the love seat, sipping at a bottle of cheap wine and watching his sister get her brains fucked out. Marcia walked over to him and took the bottle of wine from him. She gulped at it and almost choked when he forcefully pulled her down on the love seat beside him.

“Wanna fuck, baby?” he asked, pushing a finger into her wet, cum-drenched cunt. “Later, Peter. Where’s Cindy?”

He gave her a look as if he didn’t really care where the girl was, he just wanted to fuck. He pushed his finger into her cunt as deeply as it could go and slowly rotated it around inside her in wide circles. It felt marvelous, and the young girl was tempted to fuck him then and there and worry about finding Cindy later. But she was feeling very bad about how she had left the blonde-haired girl right in mid-fuck to go after Larry.

“Really, Peter, I’d like to,” she explained, “but I’ve just got to find Cindy. She’s probably feeling just terrible about the way I left her and everything. I’d like to see if she’s okay.”

The young boy sighed and pulled his finger out of her cunt. “She’s in Tina’s bedroom,” he said, “crying her brains out. God dammit, if I don’t get fucked pretty quick I’m gonna be tempted to screw my own sister!”

“I’ll be back, doll, don’t you worry.”

She hopped off the love seat and padded down the hallway to her foster sister’s bedroom. She tried to open the door but it was chained.

“Cindy? Let me in, Cindy,” she said.

“No,” came a muffled sob. “Go away.”

“Come on, Cindy. It’s me, Marcia. I want to talk to you…”

“Well I don’t want to talk to you!”

Marcia pounded on the door and threatened to break it down if Cindy didn’t let her in. The girl finally relented and, after unchaining it, threw the door open. Marcia watched her as she stamped back to the bed and threw herself face down on it.

“I shouldn’t have just left you like I did, Cindy. I’m sorry.”

“You should be sorry!”

Marcia sat down on the bed beside the girl and admired the firm swell of her hips. She placed a hand on Cindy’s round ass-cheeks and gently caressed her.

“I just needed a cock in me, Cindy,” she explained. “You’d understand if you had been fucked by a boy before. There are things a prick inside of you can do that are just indescribable.”

“I hope I never find out,” Cindy sobbed.

“But you just have to, Cindy. It’s the nicest feeling imaginable.”

Cindy rolled over on her back and spread her legs apart. She put a hand down to her little pussy and slowly began to revolve a finger around inside the moist flesh.

“See that, Marcia?” she said. “I’d rather play with myself any day than feel a big, stupid-looking cock inside me.”

Marcia looked down at the hand which was embedded in the girl’s hair-fringed cunt-slit. She realized there was only one way she could get the girl to understand how nice it was to be fucked by a man, and that was to get a man to fuck her. She thought of Peter sitting on the love seat in the living room, thought of how horny he was.

“I’ll be back in a minute, Cindy,” she said, leaping up from the bed.

“Off to get fucked again?” the blond-haired girl said with a sarcastic voice.

“I, uh, I have to go to the bathroom.”

Marcia ran from the bedroom back into the living room. Curt was still fucking Tina while Steve continued to watch. Peter sat on the love seat, drinking at the bottle of wine. Quite a bit was gone from the bottle.

“Peter, come here,” Marcia said over the loud rock-and-roll music which pounded through the room.

Peter looked up at her and grinned. He stood and walked unsteadily over to her, his hard prick swaying back and forth with each wavering step he took. When he stood next to her he leaned down and gave her a kiss.

“Ready to fuck, Marcia honey?” he asked. “Not me, babe, but Cindy’s getting incredibly horny.”

“You mean the dyke wants to feel a cock in her?”

“Well, it might take a bit of doing, but I think we can manage to get you two fucking.”

She began telling him her plan.

Back in Tina’s bedroom, Marcia lowered her head between Cindy’s splayed thighs and gently hot her tongue into the moist cunt-slit which lay open before her. She probed at it lazily, lapping at the pink meat and sucking up the lusty juices which flowed from the young girl.

She found Cindy’s little clitoris and gently began to caress it with her lips and tongue. The blonde-haired girl humped her hips up into Marcia’s face, slowly at first, but then more rapidly with each thrust of the dark-haired girl’s tongue into her cunt and against her hard joy-button.

“Marcia, gee, that feels so fucking good, honey, just keep doing that tome…”

Cindy buried her hands in Marcia’s full head of hair and thought of how nice it was to have a loving young girl chomping easily away at her pussy. She wanted nothing more than that. She never wanted to feel a big cock inside of her, never wanted whisker burn or an unwanted pregnancy.

She humped her cunt up into Marcia’s face with all the force she could muster, but it seemed as if Marcia was pulling back away from her with each of her thrusts.

“Don’t tease me, Marcia,” she panted. “God, please don’t do that to me!”

Marcia pulled her face away from Cindy’s pussy and looked up at her.

“We have all the time in the world, doll,” she said. “We don’t have to hurry.”

“But I’m so horny, Marcia, please, just make me cum!”

Marcia gently lowered her mouth back down to Cindy’s cunt and ever so lightly pushed her tongue into her pussy-slit. Cindy moaned at the electric touch between her thighs and bucked on the bed like a wild animal. Marcia was being much too gentle with her. She had to have hard force against her pussy to make her cum, and she did so want to cum.

“Please, harder, Marcia, do it to me harder, baby, I just have to cum!”

Still Marcia toyed with her. Her mouth wasn’t even on her anymore. Cindy would have grown angry if she had not been so horny. Even the lightest touch Marcia gave her was better than nothing at all.

She closed her eyes and pounded the bed with her hands. Suddenly there was a hard pressure against her cunt and a stiff finger was plunging into her. Marcia was finally going to make her cum. She opened her eyes and looked down between her splayed thighs and stifled a scream.

It was Peter!

“What do you think you’re doing to me?” she shouted.

He said nothing, only grinned up at her. His finger plunged into her cunt, rubbing against her little clitoris, and she suddenly realized she didn’t have the will to push him away and shut her thighs to his touch.

She looked over at where Marcia sat on a chair. The dark-haired girl watched them with great interest, as if something fascinating were about to happen. Cindy wanted to scream at Marcia, wanted to tell her how cruel she was being to her, but she couldn’t. Peter’s meaty finger probed and poked at her hot pussy and it was all she cared about at the moment. She had to cum!

“Oh, just do that to me, Peter, please, just make me cum, baby. Unnnngggg, do it to me!”

She looked down at the boy’s naked body and was surprised to realize that she wasn’t grossed out by it. His cock was completely hard and it was so big that she couldn’t see how it could fit inside a girl’s pussy. But that was silly, she knew. Boys and girls fucked together all the time, it must be able to fit.

His finger was inside her cunt all the way now and it felt so good, so wonderfully good. It was thicker and longer than a girl’s finger and here was something marvelously erotic about the increased size — his finger filled her completely. She looked at his cock again and caught herself wondering how it would feel to have something that huge inside her, fucking away at her, filling every little bit of pussy she possessed.

As if sensing her thoughts, Peter suddenly pulled his finger out of her cunt and grinned down at her. Then he crawled between her thighs.

“I’m gonna fuck that pussy of yours, Cindy baby, so you better get used to the idea.”

She could smell his breath now and she realized he had been drinking. She put her hands up against his chest and tried to push him off her but he was, just too strong. He caught her wrists in his hands and held her down on the bed. She felt his prick rub against the sensitive outer flesh of her pussy and it excited her, although she hated to admit it.

“Don’t hurt me,” she moaned.

He suddenly grew very tender with her. He let go of her wrists and put a hand to her baby-soft cheek.

“I’d never hurt you, baby. I want to make you feel good, that’s all.”

She lay limp beneath him now, her eyes closed, her lips parted and panting. She knew she couldn’t stop him from fucking her if he really wanted to, he was just too strong for her. She felt the warmth in her pussy and suddenly realized she didn’t want to stop him from entering her with his thick cock.

She felt his spongy cock-head push up against her. She spasmed beneath him and spread her thighs wide so it would be easier for him to enter her cunt without hurting her. He guided himself into her with his hand and she suddenly felt his large prick-head slide between her tight, cunt-lips. It hurt so much, so fucking much! It felt as if her pussy were being split apart by an axe. She cried out in pain when something broke inside of her and his prick suddenly slid all the way into her.

“God, Peter you’re killing me, dammit — unnnnggg — fuck, it hurts!”

He lay still atop her, his cock buried all the way in her. Their pubic hair mingled together for long moments while neither one of them moved. The pain slowly began to subside within her and all of a sudden the hurt which she had expected to grow stronger was completely gone. In its place was a strange warmth which filled her whole body. She felt as if every nerve she possessed was jumping.

“Peter, baby, uh, I think I’m gonna like this, doll!”

She looked up into his face and suddenly saw the beauty in men. He didn’t look at all evil or malicious, as she had always pictured men. He looked kind and gentle, and she realized that all he wanted was to give her a good time while he had one himself.

“How does my pussy feel around your cock?” she asked with a little smile.

“It’s, Goddamn, it’s so fucking tight I can’t believe it, honey.”

His words made a womanly warmth shoot through her body. She thought of how nice it was that she was able to make a man feel so good.

He slowly pulled his prick back out of her cunt. The sensation of the hard piece of cockmeat inside her and pushing out against the tight walls of her pussy was indescribable. She had never in her wildest imaginings thought anything could feel this good.

When only the large head of his prick was still inside her, she wrapped her thighs around his back and quickly pulled him, toward her. He pulled back out of her and pumped into her again, faster and harder this time. He fucked her with rapid thrusts, riding high in her pussy so his cock rubbed against her excited little clitoris.

“Baby,” she moaned, “Goddamn, fuck me, Peter, fuck me you big beautiful hunk of man!”

“Yeah, I’ll fuck you honey, I’ll fuck that pussy of yours until you cum!”

She bucked her hips up into the air with every strong thrust he gave her, trying desperately to take his cock as deeply as possible into her pussy. She felt the orgasm which she had wanted so badly build within her and knew it would be only a matter of time until she finally exploded in a feeling of total girlish joy.

His prick slowed in her now and he paused at the end of every long thrust. Cindy looked up into his face and was pleased with the look of happiness he possessed. He opened his eyes and looked down at her. He smiled at her and suddenly panted and gasped for air.

“So tight, so fucking tight…” he moaned.

Cindy closed her eyes and clenched her teeth together. She was on the verge of cumming, she knew, and suddenly she was there. Her pussy exploded like it never had before, and she felt him push once more into her tightness, and she felt him cum, felt him spurt up inside her, and she knew that fucking a man was absolutely the greatest thing in the world for a girl to do.


Tina bucked up and down, on the couch and felt herself cum for what must have been the fifth time that day. Curt had shot his load into her moments before and now quickly pulled himself out of her and rolled off the couch onto the floor.

“You’re one hot piece, babe, I’ll say that for you!”

He got up off the floor and, muttering something about opening another bottle of wine, stumbled into the kitchen.

Tina lay back on the couch and, her thighs spread wide, slowly fingered her sopping wet pussy. She felt the sticky cum inside of her and buried a finger in her cunt-slit. She pulled the finger back out of her pussy and put it to her lips. The taste of her own pussy-juices mixed in with the warm jizz made her hungry to have another cock inside of her. She looked over at where Steve sat and smiled at him.

“Feel like fucking me again, honey?”

“I sure as hell do!”

He had been playing with himself as he watched Curt and Tina fuck away at each other and now his prick was completely hard. He stood, moved next to the couch, and pointed down at his prick.

“You want this inside you, doll?” he asked.

“I sure do!”

Just then Larry came into the living room, naked. His cock was just as hard as Steve’s and he looked over at Tina and smiled.

“Hey,” he said, “I wouldn’t mind getting some of that pussy, Tina. If there’s enough to go around, that is.”

“There’s enough to go around, that’s for sure,” Steve said, looking over at the muscular young man. “But you’ll have to get in line. I get her next.”

“You’ve already had her once, man,” Larry said.

The two men glowered at each other and Tina hoped a fight wouldn’t develop between them. The perfect solution suddenly came to her and she quickly hopped off the couch and knelt down on the floor.

“I have a great idea, guys,” she said to them. “Both of you come here.”

They moved slowly over to where she knelt, still glowering at one another.

“Listen, guys,” she said, “I just tasted some cum from my pussy and I tell you, it certainly did taste delicious! I’d love to suck some of it out of one of you two, but I’m horny, too, so I wonder if, well…”

She quickly pulled Steve onto the floor in front of her and knelt forward, thrusting her ass up into the air. She puckered her lips and leaned out, giving his prick a quick kiss.

“Do you guys get what I’m saying?” she asked with a girlish little giggle.

“I sure do!” Larry said, kneeling on the floor behind her.

Tina sighed when she felt his prick push up against her tight pussy. She wondered how it would feel to be fucked from the rear, just like dogs do it. She felt his cock slide into her wet pussy and knew she was going to love it. He pressed into her cunt from an entirely different angle. She opened her mouth wide and took Steve’s hard prick into her mouth. She tasted her dried pussy-juice on him and it sent little chills of lust through her.

The two men pumped at her as she crouched on the floor between them. It was incredible! Steve’s prick was in her mouth, rubbing against her sensitive tongue and cheeks, making her totally horny. And Larry was fucking at her from the rear, taking care of her lusty needs.

“Yeah, suck that prick, doll,” Steve moaned, humping into her mouth.

“She sure is something, right, man?” Larry said from behind her as he thrust his cock into her.

“She — unnggg — she sure as fuck is!”

Their words excited the young girl, and she realized that she wanted to fuck them all day long — or until they could fuck no more. And when that happened she wanted to start dragging in guys off the street! She wanted a dozen men in the same room with her, wanted them all to take turns fucking her and cumming inside her, and she wanted them to tell her how Goddamn great she was.

She felt as if she was lost in a dream of sucking and fucking, a dream that would only end when they came in her. And then she would find Curt and make him horny again, and then when he was through fucking her tight little no-longer-virgin cunt she would think about taking on her own brother.

She thought about that as the two men fucked their hard cocks into her. She had been looking at Peter’s long prick with admiration and more than a little lust. The idea of the forbidden pleasures of incest aroused her no end. She closed her eyes and pretended it was Peter who knelt behind her, ramming his cock into her pussy. She clenched her cuntal muscles tightly around his prick as it thrust into her and chomped lightly on the cock in her mouth. It all felt so incredibly good!

“Yeah, suck that cock, darling, suck me off good, now, and I’ll shoot my load down your little throat!”

They stroked their cocks into her now with a tight rhythm which matched the wild thump-thump-thump of the bass beat in the song that was playing. She suddenly felt Steve shoot his hot batch of jism down her throat. It surprised her, and she felt for a moment as if she was going to choke. But then her throat muscles worked instinctively and she swallowed the stream of cum.

She pulled her mouth away from him, panting, and when he stuck his prick back into her mouth she remembered to lick up the last little droplets of cum on his spongy cock-head.

Excited by the event he had just witnessed, Larry fucked away at her with a wildness which succeeded in his accidentally pulling his cock out of her clinging pussy. As he cursed and blindly thrust back at her, he lost his footing and fell atop her. Together they collapsed on the floor, laughing and cursing.

When the handsome young boy recovered his composure he looked down at the swelling ass-cheeks of the little red-haired girl. Her thighs were still slightly spread and he could see her puckered asshole. He put his finger to it and suddenly wondered what it would feel like to shove his cock up a girl’s ass. He had beard about such things being done, but had never seriously considered it himself. He wondered if she would go for it, but when he looked at her quivering, panting body, he realized she would go for just about anything at this stage of the game.

He wrapped his strong hands under her slender hips and quickly pulled her up into the air. Her thighs were spread wide and her asshole stared up at him as if begging to be fucked. Wondering what she would think when he pushed his cock up her ass, he quickly positioned its spongy head against her little asshole and fell heavily atop her, pushing his hips forward as he did so.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she shouted.

Tina tried to pull herself free from the hard prick which was sliding up between her tight ass-cheeks but it did no good. He was practically raping her, holding onto her and forcing her to lie still on the floor so he could fuck her up the ass.

“Get off me, dammit!” she yelled.

Her words had no effect on him. He was past listening to anything she said, past caring about a thing except for the excruciatingly pleasurable tightness which grabbed at the hard meat of his cock. He was all the way in her ass now. He lay heavily on her back and moaned into her ear.

Tina was still angry at him for fucking her up the ass without even talking to her about it, but the initial bite of pain she had felt was gone and was slowly being replaced with a hard warmth which was quite unlike anything she had ever before experienced.

“Honey,” she moaned, “this feels a hell of a lot better than I thought it would!”

He slid his cock back out of her ass and then plunged it quickly back in. Tina felt another little twinge of pain, but the sheer ecstasy of his prick inside her tight little asshole more than made up for it.

He fucked her slowly for a time, moaning and groaning like an animal. He began to pick up speed after a dozen or so strokes and quickly stroked his prick into her. It was so fucking tight for him, tighter than anything he had ever fucked. He knew if he hadn’t so recently shot a load of jizz into Marcia that he would have cum in Tina’s ass after the first few thrusts.

“Goddamn, baby, you’re so tight, damn, this is the best fucking time I’ve ever had!”

Tina was glad he was enjoying their fuck as much as she was. It made her feel good to know she was able to give him such pleasure.

With wild eyes she glanced around the room to see who was watching her. She was surprised to see that everybody was there. She looked at Cindy and smiled weakly up at her and was pleased to see that her blond hair lover was smiling also and casually stroking Peter’s cock, as if it was the moist normal thing in the world for her. Marcia was lying on the floor not too far from her with her curvaceous thighs spread while Curt knelt between them, his mouth down on her pussy. Steve sat on the couch and ached tie whole scene like some proud father.

“Fuck me, Larry, Goddamn, fuck that little asshole of mine, horny, fucking do it to me!”

He did it to her, thrusting in and out of her with his incredible speed and force that Tina wondered how he could keep it up for such a long time.

She felt an orgasm rack her body with its awesome explosion of pure elation. Still his cock fucked into her. His thrusts were slowing, however and she wished mightily that she could see what he looked like just before he came.

“Fuck! I’m cumming, baby. I’m fucking shootin’ into you, doll, ohhhhhhh… I’m cummmiiinnnnnggg!”

She felt his hot bust of jism shoot into her ass. He shock and shuddered atop her. Tina reached out to grab the quivering young man. She held him tight and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek, after which she collapsed in his arms, her head resting on his shoulder.

Looking over his shoulder, she was surprised to notice the front door of the house open. For an instant she wondered who else had been invited to the wild orgy. And then she saw her parents standing there, framed in the doorway.

“What the hell is going on here?” her mother demanded.

Tina felt a great hollow feeling settle in her stomach.


“Get out!” Mrs. Morgan shouted. “Dammit, get out of my house!”

She stormed about the living room, randomly throwing clothes at Steve and Larry and Curt. She cursed at Steve, telling him she should call the police and have him sent up for rape. Suddenly she shut up and sat down on the couch, sobbing almost silently. Nobody spoke until Cindy and the three young men were out of the house.

“I think you three have some explaining to do,” Mrs. Morgan said almost calmly to the three young people who were silently putting their clothing back on.

“Gosh, Mom,” Peter said, zipping up his pants, “I don’t think what we were doing is all that wrong.”

“What? Why you-you pervert! My God, I have a pervert for a son!”

Mr. Morgan stifled a chuckle from where he stood leaning against a wall. Marcia looked up at him and was surprised to see how boldly he was staring at her exposed tits. She remembered the argument she had overheard the previous night and thought about how horny he probably was.

“I don’t see what’s so funny, Carl!” Mrs. Morgan shouted at her husband. “I suppose you think it’s perfectly all right for your own children to have no concept of morality!”

“I don’t think that, Ellen,” he said gently.

“Mrs. Morgan, I’m really sorry about what happened,” Marcia said. “I feel like it’s…”

“You just shut up, you little tramp!” Mrs. Morgan said bitterly. “This whole thing is all your fault. God knows what sorts of perversions they teach you at that scummy, shitty orphanage. Go pack your bags — we’re taking you back there immediately!”

“It’s not Marcia’s fault, Mom,” Tina said. “It was just as much my fault.”

“Why are you guys back so soon?” Peter asked his father.

“The land development thing fell through. Some of the guys at the agency are trying to put the blame on me because it was more or less my responsibility.” He was silent for a moment. “I could lose my job,” he said finally.

“I thought we had agreed not to tell them that, Carl,” Mrs. Morgan said sternly to her husband.

“If they’re old enough to fuck they’re old enough to know we might have some tight times ahead of us, Ellen.”

“Carl, watch your language!”

Mr. Morgan laughed. “Don’t mind your mother, children,” he said. “She’s just upset whenever she sees somebody enjoying sex. She thinks everybody should hate it just because she does.”

If a bomb had exploded in the living room, it could not have upset frigid Ellen Morgan to a greater extent. She cursed, yelled, kicked over the coffee table and stormed out of the house, shouting something about staying at her mother’s until she hired a good lawyer.

“I’m going to go lie down for awhile,” Mr. Morgan said. “You kids clean this mess up okay?”

Marcia watched his stooped, sad figure as he walked down the hallway. She wondered how it would be to lie beneath the older man, how it would feel to have his mature cock pounding into her tight pussy. She wondered how it would feel to cum with him.

The three teenagers quickly went about cleaning up the living room. When they were finished they sat together on the couch. Tina put her hand between her thighs and slowly began to rub herself.

“God, I’m still horny.”

Peter looked blankly over at his cute sister and put his hand down between her thighs. He pushed her hand out of the way and began to rub her crotch, pressing his fingers against her pussy through the fabric of her jeans. He had been admiring her trim little body all day long and more than once had wondered what it would have been like to feel those slender legs wrapped around his back.

“You’re a foxy little thing, Tina,” he said, continuing to rub her cunt.

“And you’re a pretty well-hung stud, Peter,” she replied with a girlish giggle.

“I think we should get together sometime and indulge in a little incest.”

“How about right now?” she said, reaching over and grasping the hard lump inside his pants.

He quickly stood and, pulling her to her feet, dragged her down the hall to his bedroom. The thought of fucking his own sister excited him no end and he knew he would cum in a flash.

Once inside his bedroom, with the door securely locked behind them, Peter quickly tore his clothing off. He sat on the bed and watched as his sister stripped before his eyes.

Her tits were remarkably tiny, but even that excited him — she was so damn young. He couldn’t wait to feel her pussy wrapped tightly around his hard shaft.

She was completely naked now, and stood before him with an impish little grin on her face. Site walked up to where he sat, hunching forward on the bed, and gently pulled his face to her pussy. She squatted down a little bit so she could spread her thighs far enough apart for him to push his tongue into her little cunt.

Her musky smell overpowered the young boy. Excited, he attacked her pussy with a lusty frenzy, darting his tongue here and there, sucking and kissing with a passion he had never before experienced. Her cunt-flesh was so wonderfully soft, so womanly. He knew he could not wait much longer to get his prick inside of her and fuck away until they both came.

“Yeah, eat your sister’s pussy, Peter. Kiss that cunt, baby — make me cum!”

He kissed her pussy for only a few more moments, then jerked his head back.

“Tina, shit, I’m so fucking horny, dam it. I just gotta fuck you!”

She laughed and fell down on her knees between his parted, hairy thighs. Still laughing, she lowered her head down over his loins and, lips pursed, kissed his hard cock. She opened her mouth wide and took his prick inside her warm orifice. She loved the way it rubbed against her sensitive tongue. And she loved the moans which emerged from him.

“Tina, fuck, that’s so fucking great, baby — unnnnnggggg, Christ, suck that cock!”

He lunged his hips upward, burying his prick all the way down her throat. She slapped her tongue against it as it pulsated in her mouth. Peter knew he was going to cum almost immediately but he didn’t want to shoot his load down her throat — he had to have her pussy.

“Tina, stop, please, I just gatta fuck you!” She pulled her mouth up off his cock-shaft, nibbling and sucking at him as she did so. She quickly climbed up onto the bed and fell over on her back. She cocked her knees up in the air and spread her thighs as wide as possible.

Peter looked down at her cunt-slit, thinking of how it would feel to be inside her. He maneuvered between her thighs and pushed his cock into her. His prick slid in all the way on the first try, she was so wet and ready to fuck. Her pussy was unbelievably tight. The way it squeezed around his cock was excruciatingly pleasurable, and he knew he would cum in no time at all.

“God, Peter, fuck that pussy of mine, baby. Christ, fuck me with that big piece of cockmeat!”

“Yeah, I’ll fuck your pussy, honey. I’ll fuck it until we both cum!”

He pulled his hard prick back out of her cunt and shoved it in just as quickly. He fucked her noisily and rapidly, like a crazed animal, thrusting in and out of her with all the strength he could muster. He looked down into her face as he fucked her. She was red with excited heat and her eyes were rolled upward in their sockets so all he could see were little white slits through her partially closed eye lids.

“Fuck, so tight, so fucking tight!”

She had her legs wrapped around him, the heels of her feet digging into his hairy asscheeks. He loved the way it felt to have her thighs pressing against his sides. He never would have thought that fucking his own sister could be so great.

Humping and bucking wildly on the bed, his sister panted out words of lust. The words excited the young boy no end and he closed his eyes and thought only of the tight pussy squeezing around his cock like some wonderful velvet vise. He knew he could fuck her all day and all night for years and not get enough of her little cunt.

“Peter, Peter, just keep doing it to me, honey, just keep fucking my pussy. Unnnggg! Christ, baby, it’s so fucking good! God, so good!”

“Yeah, yeah, good, Tina, I’ll keep fucking you, baby. Fuck, I’ll screw this little pussy of yours whenever you want!”

Peter felt his balls grow heavy as they filled with hot jism. He was on the verge of cumming and he knew it. Part of him wanted to cum immediately, but another part wanted to stave off the wondrous feeling for as long as possible.

“I’m gonna cum, Peter. Shit here goes, God. Fuck, I’m cumming, baby! I’m fucking cumming!”

His little sister wildly rammed her pelvis up into his for long moments, then moaned loudly and collapsed on the bed, panting and grunting. He continued to fuck her but she mewled aloud as if she were in pain.

“Are you okay?” he managed to pant out, pausing in mid-fuck as he did so.

“Yes, God yes, better than ever, doll; Christ, don’t stop, just keep fucking me!”

Again he fucked her, stroking his long cock in and out of her, slowly and with great care now, thinking of how good it felt and how he would fuck her all the time from now on.

Her tits were pushing against his chest and her legs were wrapped around his back. Her pussy clung so tightly to his prick he thought he was going to cum right then.

“Tina, fuck, this is it, baby, this is fucking it!”

Lost in ecstasy, the young boy felt the hot load of jism shoot out the head of his cock into his sister’s tight pussy. Again and again he spurted into her, draining himself completely. It was completely unlike any sexual experience he had had that day, and he had had quite a few of them. There was something so tremendously sexy about fucking his own sister…

“That was great, Peter,” Tina moaned.

He mumbled an agreement and pulled his wet prick out of her cute little cunt.

“I wonder if I can get you horny again,” the young girl whispered huskily, putting her hand down to her brother’s cock.

“If you try real hard, I think you can,” he said with a laugh.


Marcia watched herself in the bathroom mirror as she carefully applied her make-up. She had the face of a sexy little nymphet and she knew it. She knew it was a face that Mr. Morgan, or Carl, as she should start thinking of him, would love to kiss. She thought of all the things the older man would like to do to her. She imagined him running his strong hands over her tits, imagined him pulling down her panties and planting a kiss on her triangular patch of pubic hair. She imagined him spreading her thighs and burying his hard cock in her cunt.

Pleased with her appearance, she left the bathroom and walked silently down the hallway. As she passed Tina’s bedroom, she heard the sounds of people fucking and grinned at the thought of how horny those two kids were.

The Morgans’ bedroom door was closed when she came to it. She rapped on it and waited for Carl to invite her in.

“Who is it?” the handsome older man called out.

“Marcia. I, uh, I’d like to talk to you.”

“Come in.”

She slipped into the bedroom and slowly shut the door behind her. Carl was stretched out on the bed, his large hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling. His shirt was unbuttoned all the way and she admired his thick black hair. She longed to curl up against that fuzzy pelt and play with him for the rest of the afternoon.

“I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about what happened today,” the young girl said.

“It’s not your fault, Marcia.”

The dark-haired nymphet moved next to the bed, waiting for the older man to invite her to sit down. When he didn’t, she sat down on the bed anyway, thinking of how much nicer it would be to lay on the bed. All in good time, she told herself, resisting the urge to leap upon Carl’s big body.

“Are you going to send me back to the orphanage, Mr. Morgan?” she asked in her best little girl voice.

“I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do about anything, Marcia.”

“Oh, Mr. Morgan, I don’t want to go back to that place. I like it so much more here!”

Marcia held her head in her hands as if she were stifling back tears. Carl immediately sat up on the bed and moved next to her. He put his arm around her and comforted her.

“Hey, don’t cry, Marcia. Whatever you do, just don’t cry. You’re a good kid, honey, you’ll make it no matter what happens.”

She rested her head on his massive, hairy chest. His smell was overpoweringly sexy, lusty and manly. He wished he would throw her down on the bed and fuck her!

“Oh, Mr. Morgan, I feel so incredibly terrible about everything. Gosh, I didn’t mean to make you and Mrs. Morgan fight.”

“That’s not your fault, dear,” he said, patting her shoulder. “We weren’t getting along long before you came here.”

“Would you like to talk about it?” she said.

Her head was still resting on his chest, and the voluptuous young girl was pleased that he didn’t seem to want to pull away from her soft body.

“Our sex life is miserable, Marcia.”

“Oh, you poor man.”

She gently moved her head back and forth on his chest very slightly. She didn’t want to scare him off.

“Ellen doesn’t enjoy sex at all lately. And it, well, I like it quite a bit.”

“Gosh, that’s terrible. Has it been a while since you’ve, uh, you know.”

He chuckled and said, “Yes, quite a while.” The young girl decided to take a chance and quickly pursed her lips and pressed them to the older mans nipple. His whole body stiffened for a moment but he didn’t push her away. She continued to kiss his nipple, flicking her tongue out and licking him.

“When I was single I used to go with girls who loved to fuck, Marcia. Girls who just couldn’t seem to get enough of it. I really miss that, honey.”

“I can imagine,” she whispered huskily.

Still she kissed his nipple. Then she slowly lowered a hand down to the bulge at the crotch of his pants and caressed the hard lump through the polyester material.

“Tell me about the girls you used to have, Carl,” Marcia said, still caressing the cock inside his pants.

“There was one who looked quite a bit like you, Marcia,” he said, his voice lost in memories. “She was wild. We’d drive around in my car and she’d play with my prick while I drove.”

“Like this?” Marcia said with a giggle.

“Yes, except she’d open my pants up and take my cock out.”

Marcia slowly unbuttoned the older man’s pants. She reached inside and pulled his prick out, pulling the front of the shorts down to get to it. She was amazed at how huge his cock was. It was at least nine inches long and almost as thick around as her wrist!

“Then what would she do?” she asked.

“Oh, she’d just stroke my prick and play with it.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, just like that.”

Marcia wrapped her fingers around Carl’s prick and slowly stroked the tight ring her hand made up and down the hard piece of meat. Carl groaned and lay back on the bed.

“This girl I used to know had an unbelievable mouth, Marcia. She really knew how to suck a cock, I mean, I’ve never had a woman who could suck my cock better than she could.”

Marcia quickly lowered her head to the huge prick which thrust up from the older man’s loins. She opened her mouth wide and took his cock inside her. He tasted marvelously sexy. The huge, mushroom-shaped head of his cock pressed up against the roof of her mouth as she took a few inches of him inside her mouth. And pressed her tongue tightly against the underside of the cock, capturing it securely with her lips and tongue and teeth and fleshy inner part of her mouth.

“Mmmm, baby. This girl could take my cock all the way down her throat. I don’t know how, but it was really unbelievable! I mean, I know how big I am, but she could take my prick all the way in. Christ, it was so great!”

Marcia slowly lowered her mouth down on Carl’s cock. Inch after inch slid inside her, over her tongue, against the roof of her mouth, and finally, down her throat. Her nose pushed into his thick mat of pubic hair and she wondered at how great he smelled.

When he was all the way in her, the young girl slid the meat of her mouth back up over his prick until only his bloated cock-head was captured between her lips. She ran her tongue along it and sighed when she felt a tiny droplet of pre-cum ease out of the little slit in the tip.

“You taste great, Carl,” she said, pulling her mouth away from his cock for a moment.

“That’s just what she used to say,” he replied, smiling down at her. “She was the only girl I knew who would let me cum inside her mouth.”

“I bet you really enjoyed that.”

“I loved it. Ellen would never let me do that.”

Marcia smiled. “I don’t see why,” she said. “I love the taste of the stuff.”

“Do you really?”

“Yes. Would you like to cum in my mouth, Carl?”

The older man grunted a yes and quickly pulled Marcia’s head back to his prick. She opened her mouth again and quickly slid her lips down over the entire length of his pulsating cock. His hugness was mind blowingly sexy, and as she pumped her mouth up and down the length of his cock-shaft, she thought of how it would be to have this awesome thing inside her pussy, fucking away at her. But she knew how much he wanted to cum in her mouth, and she just couldn’t keep him from doing that. She wondered if a man his age could cum twice in rapid succession.

“Baby, fuck that mouth of yours. It’s so Goddamn soft and wet and slurpy! Oh, baby, suck that cock of mine! Suck it! Suck me off, doll!”

She wrapped a hand around his unbelievably thick cock and jacked him off as she sucked on him. She slid her hand and mouth up and down his prick as quickly as possible, letting his cock-head slide into the back of her mouth and against her throat with each of the long strokes.

“Fuck, Marcia. Oh fuck, just keep doing that, dammit. Fuck, I’m gonna cum already!”

Suddenly, without warning, she felt a massive load of jism spurt out of the tip of his cock and down her throat. It surprised her and she almost choked, but then she set about swallowing the hot load.

“Mmmmmm… Unnnnnnnggggggg… Marcia, suck it, swallow it, baby. Fucking swallow it!”

Carl shook and quivered as the young girl swallowed down all of his warm cum. It tasted good. She took her mouth away from him and ran her tongue along it, getting any stray droplet of jizz she had missed the first time around.

“Did you like that?” she asked, smiling up at him.

“Fuck yes! God, I didn’t think I’d cum so quick.”

“You must have really been horny.”

“I was. Christ, I haven’t shot a load off in days.”

Marcia climbed up on the bed beside the handsome older man and rested her head on his massive chest. He ran his hands over her soft body, coming back again and again to her tits and her ass. She got his hint and, sitting up on the bed, took her shirt off. She loved the way he stared at her full tits, wide eyed and excited.

“Like them?” she asked.

“I love them.”

She laughed and pulled his face in between her tits. Darting his tongue out, he covered her soft flesh with his sticky, erotic saliva. He wrapped his lips around one of her nipples and gently sucked at it. Marcia closed her eyes and let the lusty sensations build up in her pussy. Not able to stand it any longer, she quickly pulled her pants off. Grabbing his hand, she pressed it down to her pussy.

“Play with me, Carl,” she begged.

He plunged a finger into her slippery cunt and, slowly revolving it about, mumbled horny words against her tits. As he finger-fucked her, she reached a hand out for his soft prick and slowly began to stroke it, ever so gently at first, but harder and harder as it responded to her touch.

“Carl, that’s the spot, baby, that’s it — right there!”

He had found her little clitoris, and with every stroke of his thick middle finger he pressed against it, making her feel hot and tingly all over. The sensations were unbelievable! The mouth on her nipple, the finger in her pussy — she just had to have his cock in her!

Still stroking his cock, the young girl began to whisper lusty words into his ear. “You like my tight little pussy, don’t you, honey? You like what I do to your prick, the way I play with it, the way I put my lips around it, the way I sucked on it.”

Her words were having the desired effect on him. After years of living with his uptight, frigid wife, Marcia knew this was exactly what the older man needed — a real woman, a woman who was whorish at the right times.

“I bet you’d like to bury that big fucking prick of yours in my pussy, wouldn’t you, baby?”

“Yes, God, yes! Christ, I just gotta fuck you!”

His mind was ready to fuck, but his cock was not yet fully hard. Marcia quickly slid around on the bed so her mouth was down at his prick. She ran her tongue along it, slurping loudly. She parted her lips and pushed them around his pulsating cock-shaft. He was almost completely hard now, and she knew that within a matter of moments they would be wildly fucking.

She felt his tongue dart into her pussy and gave a little jump of delighted surprise. He had maneuvered around on the bed so his mouth could get to her tiny cunt-hole. He was stroking his tongue in and out of her hot pussy gash. Spreading her thighs wide, the young girl buried her hands in Carl’s hair and pulled him tightly against her.

“Ellen never lets me do this to her,” Carl groaned from between her thighs.

“You can do it to me all you like, baby. I fucking love it!”

She slid his prick back into her mouth as he sucked on her cunt. She couldn’t believe how nice it felt to have a mouth on her pussy again a talented mouth was almost as good as a cock.

The older man and the young girl sucked and kissed at each others organs for long minutes. But when Carl was fully hard, Marcia realized that she just had to have him inside her. She quickly pulled her mouth away from his prick and crawled up on top of his strong, hairy body. Straddling his hips, she planted a kiss on either side of him. She reached beneath her for the huge cock which thrust upward from his loins and, positioning herself over it, carefully impaled herself on it.

As his prick slid into her. Marcia marveled at how huge and thick he was. He split her cunt-lips apart more thoroughly than any cock ever had, and, she guessed, probably more than any cock ever would. There just couldn’t be that many pricks in the world as massive as his.

When he was all the way in her cunt, the young girl smiled down at him. His eyes were open, but he seemed not to see a thing. He was totally lost in the pleasure of a young pussy.

“Like it, Carl?” she moaned.

“I, God, I love it, baby. I fucking love your tiny cunt!”

Arching her back, Marcia slid herself up the length of his prick. It was amazing how it filled her when only the head of his cock was in her, she slipped back down it, moaning and grunting as she did so. She sat on him for a moment, caressing his powerful chest with her hands. Throwing her head back in the air, she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

Again she pulled herself back up his prick. And again she pushed the meat of her pussy back down around his cock. She fell over him and humped her ass up and down in the air, giving him one of the wildest fucks he had ever experienced.

“Carl, you’re so fucking huge! Carl, damn, fuck my little pussy, honey, fuck me!”

The older man wrapped his arms around the little girl’s tiny back and humped himself up into her as quickly as possible. Her cunt was in excruciatingly tight around his prick, tighter than any woman he had ever had. He wondered for a moment why he was staying with his frigid wife when there were so many incredibly hot girls in the world.

As her wet cunt-hole continued to slide up and down his cock, the older man forgot all about his wife and thought only on the great fuck he was receiving from this girl. He grabbed her ass-cheeks with his hands and gripped them as tightly as he could without hurting her. He looked up into her face and thought of how lucky he was that such a beautiful young girl would desire him, would want to fuck him.

Her face was the picture of lusty innocence, a child who was almost a woman and who already knew the best way to enjoy her body. It was the ecstatic face of a girl who fucked constantly, simply for the pleasure of it.

“Carl, fuck me you hunk! Damn, fuck me, honey fuck me till I cum!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll fuck you, baby. I’ll fuck you and fuck you for just as long as you can take it.”

The girl smiled inwardly and outwardly. She was glad she could give pleasure to this sad, older man. And it was incredibly enjoyable for her, too. She felt an orgasm building up within her with each long stroke of his cock into her pussy. She knew it was only a matter of moments until she came, and knew that he would be able to fuck her long enough even after that for her to cum a second time.

“Baby, Carl, I’m cumming, doll, I’m fucking cumming!”

Just as the orgasm jolted through her body, she heard the sound of frigid Ellen Morgan from the doorway of the bedroom.

“Is there no end to this?” the woman cried aloud, and Marcia heard the sound of a limp body falling to the floor.


“My God,” Carl Morgan groaned, pulling himself out of Marcia’s little pussy and scrambling up off the bed. “She’s fainted.”

Marcia watched dumbly as Carl grabbed at his wife and pulled her onto the bed. The older man’s hard prick swung wildly back and forth as he made Ellen comfortable. The young girl wished that cock was still in her, pumping away at her.

“Christ, Ellen, are you okay?” Carl said into the unconscious face of his pretty wife.

“She’ll be okay,” Marcia said, “she just passed out, that’s all.”

The young girl bent over the older woman and smelled booze on her breath.

“Do you have any smelling salts?” she asked.

“Uh — no.”

“Okay, let’s loosen her clothing.”

She watched as Carl’s strong hands went at the woman’s blouse, undoing all the buttons. Marcia found herself looking with great interest at the little titties which pressed through the sheer fabric of the woman’s bra. She suddenly realized she was thinking of what those tithes looked like stark naked, how they would feel to the touch, how the nipples would taste.

“We should take all her clothes off,” the young girl said quickly.


“Uh, that’s what you do when somebody faints,” she lied.

Carl thought about it for a moment, then quickly lifted his thin wife up and unhooked her bra. Marcia watched as her tits came into view, smiling inwardly, then quickly unhooked the older woman’s pants. As she pulled the pants and panties off, she stifled a sigh of appreciation at the sight of the thick patch of red pubic hair. She longed to push her tongue into that soft mound of flesh and hair.

“She’s a beautiful woman,” she said to the handsome older man.

“Yes, she really is.”

“I can’t believe she doesn’t like sex, with a body like that. She looks like she’s just built for it!”

A strange light issued from Carl Morgan’s steel-blue eyes. He was staring at his wife’s cunt, the cunt which he probably had not been in for some time.

“I bet she loves it when you eat her out,” Marcia said, watching the man.

“I never do that to her.”

Carl put his hand dawn on his wife’s hairy mound. He gently caressed it, almost in a friendly way, almost not in a sexual way.

“Why don’t you?”

“I’ve tried to a couple of times, but there was no way she would let me.”

“You’re kidding?”

The strong, hairy man pushed his wife’s trim thighs apart with his elbows and stared down into the pink meat of her little cunt gash. He did nothing but look for some time, then brought a finger up to her cunt and slowly slipped it between the moist lips.

“I bet she could really get to like sex if she would just loosen up and let somebody go down on her,” Marcia said.

“You think so?”

“Sure. You’d have to get her when she was drunk or something and couldn’t put up a struggle. Then you could get your face down in between her thighs and tougue-fuck the shit out of her! I’m sure she’d get to like it.”

The older man pondered that for a moment, then quickly lowered his face down between his wife’s splayed thighs. He shoved his nose up against her pussy hair, then flicked his tongue out. It shot deeply into her and Marcia moaned at the thought of how wonderful a tongue in her own cunt felt.

Carl continued to probe his wife’s soft flesh with his tongue, lazily pushing it into her little cunt-hole and around the lips, moaning as he lapped up the juices which began to bead up on her tiny cunt.

“I bet she tastes wonderful,” Marcia panted, wishing she could take a turn at eating the lovely older woman.

“God, yes!”

Marcia watched the man for a while longer, then, when she could stand it no longer, lay down next to the woman. She pressed her own full body up against the more slender one of the Morgan woman and, bending her head, caught one of the large nipples of the woman’s little titties in her mouth. It tasted wonderful, salty and sexy. She wondered what Carl would say to the act of lesbianism which was occurring before his very eyes, but decided she didn’t care. She just had to play with this lovely older woman’s body!

From down a corridor of darkness, Ellen Morgan felt herself begin to awaken. Something strange was happening to her, something she had never before experienced. She felt a certain hot warmth beneath her legs and a strange flicker of heat pushed in and out of her pussy. She moaned and instinctively spread her thighs further apart so the soft ecstasy could get at her more easily.

Her tits felt strange, too. A pair of hands and a mouth were at them, licking and sucking, stroking and caressing. Her eyes flickered open and she looked over to see that young tramp, Marcia, the girl from the orphanage, playing with her little titties! Ellen was astounded for a moment, then felt a hot anger build up within her. What right did this girl have to do such perverted things to her?

“Wh-what, what are you…”

Her voice trailed off to nothingness. She closed her eyes and tried to think of what she could do to make this hot little bitch of a girl leave her alone. The more she thought of it, though, the more she realized that she was actually enjoying what was happening to her.

She opened her eyes again and looked down to see what was causing the marvelous sensations in her pussy. She saw her husband’s head down there, his tongue shooting into her cunthole and against her wet pussy-lips.

“Carl, please,” she moaned, “stop it, Carl.”

He looked up at her and smiled almost insanely, but said nothing, and pushed his mouth back against her cunt. Ellen couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She was actually being raped by her own husband and a girl young enough to be her daughter!

“Please, stop,” she pleaded, “this is sick.”

Carl’s tongue was rubbing against her clitoris. She hated the feeling of ecstasy which shot through her body, hated feeling like a whore like a hooker. But still, still, the feelings in her were amazingly nice — every nerve in her body felt as if it was jumping and dancing in a wild tango of joy.

She closed her eyes again and tried to relax her muscles. She realized these two perverts were not going to stop the disgusting things they were doing to her, and if she forcibly tried to make them stop, they might actually hurt her.

The tongue in her pussy and the hands at her tits was all too much for the woman to bear. She felt an orgasm building up within her, felt a warm sensation which she had never before experienced. Sex had never been good for her. It had always consisted of Carl crawling on top of her and sticking his cock in her until he came, and he always came long before she began to enjoy it. The few times he had tried to do anything else with her — like he was doing now, eating her out — she had stupidly called him a degenerate and a pervert and had refused to let him.

She realized now the mistake she had made. The sensations were indescribable to her. It was totally unlike anything she had ever imagined.

“God, Carl, please, ohhhhhhhhh. Carl, just keep doing that to me, darling. Keep your tongue in me! Christ, I can’t believe it!”

She screamed aloud as the explosion scared through bet pussy and up into her entire body. She humped and bucked on the bed as she came, pushing her cunt again and again into her husband’s face. She grabbed at one of Marcia’s hands and gripped it tightly as she came and came again.

“God, my God, it’s so good, so good, you two, my, ohhhhhh, so fucking good!”

When the feeling in her cunt subsided she lay limp on the bed and looked at the two who had given her such a wonderful orgasm. She tried to be angry at them, but found that she could not. She looked at the young girl who smiled down at her. This was the young girl who had started an orgy in her house, who had helped to initiate her two young children to sex. She had hated this girl only a couple hours earlier. But now she found that she could not hate her.

“Would you eat my pussy this time, Marcia?” Ellen said in a little girl’s voice.

“I’d love to, Mrs. Morgan,” the dark haired girl replied.

“Call me Ellen, dear.”

“I’d love to, Ellen,” Marcia said with a giggle.

Ellen watched as Carl moved out from between her thighs and slid up beside her so he could kiss her. His tongue darted between her lips and for the first time in her life she actually enjoyed the feeling of being kissed. She had always faked it before, but in her stomach she had been grossed out by having a tongue in her mouth. But now she captured her husband’s tongue between her lips and gently nibbled on it with her teeth.

The taste and smell of her pussy assailed her senses and she was surprised to find how much she enjoyed it. She found herself wondering what another girl smelled and tasted like and how it would be to eat another woman out.

“Having fun?” Carl asked.

“Am I ever!” she said.

“Are you mad at me?”

“God no? When I came just now, Christ, it was unbelievable? It was the best feeling in the world, lover. How could I be mad at you Marcia after you made me feel so good?”

Marcia’s little mouth, was down on Ellen’s pussy now. The older woman looked down and watched as the young girl flicked her tongue into the pussy which lay open, before her. Ellen writhed and moaned on the bed, bumping her cunt into Marcia’s face.

“Mmmm, honey, eat that little pussy-hole,” she moaned.

Marcia was beside the older woman on the bed so that her round hips were up by Ellen’s head. Ellen looked excitedly at the trim triangle of pubic hair which seemed to beg to be kissed. She glanced over at her husband, who was casually playing with her tits. She wondered what Carl would think when he saw his formally prudish wife lapping away at Marcia’s young cunt. Not caring what Carl thought, Ellen grasped the young ski’s thighs and quickly pushed them apart.

“Oooooohhh, Marcia, your little pussy is so beautiful!”

Marcia giggled and said. “Why don’t you kiss it for me, Ellen?”

“That is an excellent idea!”

Ellen pursed her lips and pushed her mouth against the yawning cunt. The girl’s taste and smell were unbelievably good. She wanted to keep her mouth on this girl’s pussy forever!

The older woman mad the young girl rolled together on the bed in a sixty-nine. Ellen’s tongue pried at the shiny cunt-lips until they lay open, completely pushed back, with the soft pink insides exposed. The little cunt was so slick and warm beneath her tongue. She smacked her lips and swallowed the juices.

Marcia’s own tongue was probing lazily away at Ellen’s cunt. The older woman felt the young girl’s rough tongue slap against her clitoris. She humped up into the girl’s face and let the sensations shoot through her body.

Ellen fell back on the bed as Marcia’s tongue continued to attack her clitoris. There was no way she could concentrate on eating the young girl out when such marvelous things were happening in her own pussy.

“Marcia, yes, eat that pussy, doll. Ooohhhh, eat my little cunt, honey!”

Carl was sitting up on the bed watching the provocative affair which was unfolding before his eyes. His wife’s eyes were closed as if she were concentrating mightily. Her face was red with the hot blood of lust, and her entire body shook and spasmed like a fish out of water. Carl felt his prick getting stiff again.

“Marcia, yes, eat me, eat me, baby. Kiss my pussy till I cum and cum!”

Carl grabbed his wife’s hand and pulled it over to his cock. When the woman realized what it was she had in her hand she gripped his prick tightly and began stroking her circle of fingers up and down it, delighting in the feel of it. She opened her eyes and looked over at the prick which thrust so handsomely into the air, then looked down at the young girl who munched at her cunt. Then she glanced up at the doorway of the bedroom when she heard a noise there and saw her two children, both totally naked, stating at her and grinning wildly.

Before thinking about what she was saying, Ellen called out: “Hi, kids! Want to come and play with us?”


Peter felt a sudden lurch in his groin as he looked down at the nude figure of his mother. Her body was very much like Tina’s, slender, smooth, and, he guessed, very, very tight. He longed to find out just how tight.

“I’d love to come and play with you, Mom,” the young boy said.

Ellen smiled at her son and patted the bed beside her. “I don’t know if this bed will be big enough for all of us,” the horny older woman said, “but it should be fun finding out!”

Peter quickly hopped up on the bed and slid in between his mother and Marcia. He sighed when he felt the two soft, feminine bodies on either side of him, one round and full, the other slender and firm. He looked down at his mom’s pussy, which was still open from the treatment Marcia had been giving it.

“You have an awfully cute cunt, Mom,” he said.

Ellen grinned at him and replied, “If you like it so much, why don’t you play with it?”

“I think I’ll do that.”

He slid a boyish hand down Ellen’s taut belly and gently cupped her hairy cunt-mound. Then he slid a finger into her pussy-gash. She was warm and wet, like a mother should be, he thought to himself.

Rotating his finger around inside her tight pussy, Peter leaned over and captured one of his mother’s nipples between his lips. It was hard and firm in his mouth, and tasted very exotic.

“Peter, I like that,” she murmured.

“I’m glad you do, Mom,” he said, momentarily pulling his lips away from her nipple.

Ellen lay completely limp on the bed and let her son lap at her tits and finger her pussy. It was so incredibly warm and nice, the way his finger slid in and out of her cunt, pushing against the soft membranes of the sidewalls, rubbing her clit. She wondered at how she had once hated sex. It was actually the nicest thing in the world!

The woman looked down at her son’s cock and wasn’t surprised to see it growing. She realized that even though he was still a boy in many ways, he was very much a man when it came to sex.

“You have a great prick, Peter,” she said. “Stroke it for me, Mom,” he replied quickly, grinning broadly.

Ellen put her hand down on her son’s hard cock. It was warm and gristly in her hand. The mere touch of it against the soft flesh of her palm sent shivers down her spine and into her cunt. She wrapped her fingers tightly around his cock and slowly stroked up and down. “Do you like that, honey?” she asked. “Shit yes, Mom! Do it some more!”

She slowly jacked him off, delighting in the provocative feeling of it. To play with her own son’s cock! She wondered why she didn’t feel like a pervert, then realized that it wasn’t at all perverted to enjoy her body — and to enjoy the body of another, even if that other happened to be her own son.

“Mom, wait a minute,” Peter said.

He pulled her hand away from his prick and brought it up to his mouth. He licked at the palm of it, covering it with his wet saliva. Ellen loved the way his spittle felt on her skin.

“There, now try it, Mom,” he said.

She put her hand back to his prick and began stroking it. It was slick with the juices from his mouth, now, and she could grip it very tightly and stroke as quickly as she wished. Her hand bobbed up and down the gristly shaft, almost on its own, and the older woman watched what she was doing to her son with fascination.

“Oh, Mom, that really feels fucking nice!” Peter couldn’t believe he was being jacked off by his own mother. He felt as if he were in a dream, surrounded by the naked bodies of his family. He smiled at all of them as he humped his hips upward, delighting in the feel of the slick, tight fingers wrapped around his prick.

Still fingering her cunt, Peter moved around on the bed so he was on his side facing her, his cock pushing against her smooth, soft flank.

“Mom,” he murmured, “I’d really like to cum inside you.”

Ellen smiled at her son and spread her thighs. She tried to pull him on top of her but he grunted something and rolled her over on her side so her slender ass-cheeks were only inches away from his cock.

“Uh, what are you going to do, Peter?” Ellen asked, obviously nervous.

“Fuck you in the ass, Mom,” Peter told her.

“You’ll love it, Mom,” Tina put in quickly from where she sat beside them on the bed. “I was fucked in the ass for the first time today, and God, it was just great!”

“Well, I don’t know,” Ellen said. But before she could say anymore, her son was pushing his prick up against her tight little asshole.

Peter moaned as he felt the head of his slick cock slide into his mother’s tight ass. He pushed into her inch by inch, moaning loudly as he slid between her ass-cheeks. It was absolutely unbelievable the way her asshole gripped around his prick. It was the tightest thing imaginable, and Peter knew he would never get enough of fucking a woman up the ass.

“Peter, dear, you’re hurting me, honey. Christ, you’ve got to stop it!”

Peter was past stopping anything, now. He rammed his cock tip his mother’s ass with all his might, sighing when his curly mat of pubic hair nestled against her slender ass-cheeks. His body trembled with the wild sensations of youthful lust.

“Yeah, fuck her, Peter, fuck her good,” Marcia moaned from where she watched on the bed.

The full-bodied, dark-haired girl watched with keen interest as Peter fucked his mother up the ass. It was a tremendously erotic scene. Peter’s cock was buried all the way between the older woman’s slim ass-cheeks and as Marcia watched the lascivious sight, she found herself wondering how it would feel to have a prick all the way in her little ass.

“Peter, yes, fuck my ass, love. Fuck your mother nice and good now, dear.”

The hard cock was siding in and out of Ellen’s ass with a slow, methodical regularity. The older woman’s body shook with each thrust of the greasy cock-pole, her tits quivering, her hands clutching blankly at the sheets on the bed.

“What does it feel like, Tina?” Marcia asked the young red-haired girl who sat beside her.

“It feels great, Marcia! You should try it.”

“I think Marcia will get to try everything before this day’s over,” Carl said to his young daughter.

Tina looked up at her father and smiled. She reached over and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

“But doesn’t it hurt to get it in the ass, Tina?” Marcia asked.

“Only at first. I’m sure you’d love it once you got used to it.”

Marcia had a hard time believing she could enjoy having a massive cock buried up her ass, but it certainly looked as if Ellen was getting off on it. She noticed that the older woman had a finger buried in her cunt and was brutally masturbating as Peter’s prick thrust in and out of her ass. Marcia licked her lips as she watched the mother and son fuck noisily away. She glanced over at Carl’s cock, saw that Tina was playing with it, and slowly crawled over to the other side of the bed so she could sit by the girl and her father.

“Can I play with his balls while you stroke his cock, Tina?” Marcia asked.

“Sure. If it’s okay with Carl,” she said with a giggle.

“Whatever you two little girls want to do is okay with me!”

Marcia laughed and placed her hand on the older man’s hairy sac. The crinkly, hairy flesh excited her no end. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to heft his massive balls. She reached underneath them and stroked the bit of flesh where the sac attached to his body. As she did so, Tina stroked her hand up and down the man’s thick cock-shaft.

“God, you have a great cock, Dad,” the young red-headed girl said.

“Thank you, Tina,” her father replied.

“It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” Marcia said, thinking of how she’d like to have the awesome prick buried inside her ass.

“Could I kiss it for you, Dad?” Tina asked.

“Yes, of course!”

Carl relaxed on the bed and watched as his little daughter opened her mouth wide and inserted his pulsating, blood-engorged cock into it. Her tongue fluttered around the head of his prick, covering the spongy glands with spittle. Carl moaned and thought of how great it was to have a prick, and to have a girl down licking on it.

Tina’s lips were compressed tightly together now, and she was slowly sliding the wet ring of satisfaction down the length of his cock. Carl was not at all surprised when she stopped after ingesting only a few inches of it. He was hung, he knew, and his daughter was just too young to have the kind of experience it took to take nine inches of cock down her throat. No, that took somebody who knew more about sex, somebody like Marcia.

Carl idly glanced at where the young girl kneeled on the floor, watching the blow-job the man was getting. He saw that her hand was down between her splayed thighs, her finger humping in and out of her cunt. He remembered how it had felt, being inside that tight little pussy the young girl from the orphanage had. He knew he would be inside it again before the day was over. And when this day was done, there was always tomorrow and the day after that.

He suddenly realized how full of sex his life was going to be. It shocked him to consider it; after all, he had lived for years with Ellen as his only sex partner — prudish Ellen, frigid Ellen. But now Ellen was not only turned on to sex in a mighty way, but he also had two hot cunted teenage girls for his bed — one of them his own daughter!

He laughed aloud, raucously, happily. Tina jerked her head up from his prick. She saw the smile on his face and just as quickly put her lips back down around the throbbing pole which thrust up from his loins.

“Suck that cock of mine, girl,” Carl boomed. “Suck it nice and good!”

Tina pulled her lips away from the shaft and said, “I’ll suck it like you won’t believe, Dad!”

Ellen vaguely listened to her husband and daughter as they talked of sucking his prick. Peter’s cock continued to thrust in and out of her asshole, causing her to shake and whimper like a bitch in heat. She pushed her finger in and out of her pussy as her son fucked her. Her eyes were clamped shut, and she was gritting her teeth. She knew it would not be long until she came, and also knew that it would not be long before Peter came. His thrusts were slowing and he was wriggling his cock back and forth as he buried it in her cunt each time.

“Mom, fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

She thrust her finger wildly against her little clitty, delighting in the wet heat this produced in her cunt. Again and again she rubbed the hard clit, pushing her ass-cheeks firmly against her young son. The awesome sensations were building up within her, and she knew that with a few more thrusts of her finger into her cunt she would cum.

“Peter, Peter, fuck my ass, boy. Fuck me good! Fuck me and fuck me till I cum!”

Peter grit his teeth and grasped his mother’s tit. He stroked his prick into her ass, thinking of how good it was to fuck his own mother, thinking of how nice and tight her little asshole felt around his cock. The nipple of her tit was hard and rigid beneath his finger. It delighted him to think of how much he was turning his mom on.

The heaviness in his balls grew with each attack his hard cock-pole made on the asshole which bounced back against his pelvis. He thrust into his mother’s ass only one more time, then felt the hot cum shoot out the tip of his prick into his mother’s hot ass.

“Fuck, Mom, I’m cumming, Mom. I’m fucking cumming in your ass!”

It was unbelievable, the way cumming in her ass felt to him. He couldn’t believe fucking a girl in the ass could be so great, but here he had just done it! He looked down at his mother’s quivering ass-cheeks and saw the gooey white jism he had just pumped into her slowly oozing back out from her asshole.

Ellen still had not yet cum! She pushed three fingers into her pussy as rapidly as possible, hoping she could make herself get off. But then she decided it was probably hopeless. She knew she had cum all she was going to that day, her body just wasn’t used to non-stop sex.

“Mom, God, that was so great!” Peter said, still playing with her tits. “God, I love to fuck you, Mom!”

There was something about his words which excited her. She knew it was her very own son who was playing with her tits and who had just fucked her in the ass. But to actually hear him talk about it drove the point home with greater clarity.

She had been fucked in the ass by her own son!

“Talk to me some more, Peter,” she said, still plunging her fingers into her pussy. “What do you mean? About what?”

“Talk about fucking me, and about all the things you’d like to do to me someday.”

“Oh, sure. Well, your ass was great, Mom, absolutely unbelievable. But I’d like to fuck you somewhere else, you know? I’d like to get inside your pussy and fuck you there, and I’d like to get my cock in your mouth. Mmmm, that would be just great! I’d love to cum in your mouth, Mom.”

His words had the desired effect on her. As he talked to her about all the things he would like to do to her, Ellen humped her fingers into her pussy, her eyes closed, thinking of what he was saying.

“More, Peter, more,” she moaned.

He continued, telling her in great detail how he would like to tie her to a bed and tickle her with a feather until she could stand it no more…

“Peter, I’m cumming, baby, fuck, I’m cumming!”

Her whole body exploded then in a massive orgasm. She shook around on the bed, jerking and bobbing as if she were in some sort of strange pain. But it was not pain which was making her wild, but ecstasy, sheer ecstasy!

Marcia watched the older woman shake wildly on the bed from where she sat on the floor, at Carl’s feet. Listening to Peter tell his mother all the erotic things he wanted to do to her had turned the dark-haired girl on in a way she had never before experienced. She looked at Carl’s loins, at the hard prick, which pushed up into Tina’s mouth. Tina was still sucking him off, still bobbing her lips up and down her father’s massive shaft. Marcia thought of how nice it would be to have that cock inside her.

“Tina,” she said, “I’m really horny. God, I just have to have that beautiful prick in me!”

Tina pulled her little girl mouth away from Carl’s cock and looked over at Marcia. She shook her head once, quickly, and climbed up on top of her father, straddling his hips, her thighs spread wide. Tina rubbed her little titties up against his chest and slowly pushed her pussy down onto his cock.

“Sorry, Marcia,” she squealed as the slick cock slid inside her, “but I gotta have him for myself.”

“But I’m so horny for a cock, Tina! Please!”

“I know,” Carl said with a loud laugh, “there’s enough cock here for both of you. I’ll fuck Tina for a while, then I’ll fuck you for a while, Marcia, and I bet I can make both of you cum before I do!”

Laughing, Marcia and Tina agreed that that was a fine idea.


Carl looked up into the face of his teenage daughter as he fucked his cock up into her incredibly tight pussy. Her face was contorted in a grimace of ecstasy. Her mouth was open and her tongue hung out loosely. Loud panting sounds, like an animal in heat, escaped from her.

“Daddy, fuck, this is so Goddamn great, honey, so fucking nice!”

It was pretty fucking nice for Carl, too. Her cunt was unbelievably tight, the tightest he had ever had. And there was something remarkably pleasurable about fucking a pussy that felt like nothing so much as a velvet-sheathed vise.

The older man looked down at his daughter’s body as she bounced up and down on him. Her little titties were hardly more than nipples, but somehow even that excited him, reminding him of her age. Tina’s skin was soft and pale, and her flesh had the special firmness of youth. Her belly rippled with the womanly muscles that were just underneath the skin, and below that, God, below the lithe belly resided her furry pussy, the little mound which bounced up and down over his pelvis.

“Tina, you are so incredibly tight, baby. You’re the tightest fucking pussy in the world!”

His daughter smiled at the compliment and continued to slide her wet cunt up and down her father’s thrusting cock-meat. His was the biggest cock she had had so far that day, and that meant it was the biggest she had ever had. She closed her eyes and slithered her cunt over the massive prick. She thought about what it meant to be fucking her own father and how it would be in the future with the whole family and Marcia fucking one another. No more would she have to sit up late, alone and horny, playing with herself, not with all the sex partners she had in the house.

As she thought her lascivious thoughts, she heard her father moaning louder and louder. She was glad to know that he was enjoying it just as much as she was. She loved her father and wanted him to be happy, and she knew in her heart that a great fuck helped anybody be happy.

“God, Dad,” she moaned, “this is absolutely the best fucking thing that has ever happened to me!”

The thought of fucking her father whenever she felt like it excited the young girl so much that she squealed with delight and threw her lithe young body down against the older man’s massive, hairy chest. She rubbed her little titties against him and buried them in his thick pelt of black, animal-like, hair. She slammed her pelvis down against him as hard as she could, moaning with pleasure as he shoved his cock up into her pussy.

“Tina, shit, this is so fucking great, doll! You’re the best little pussy I’ve ever had!”

“God, thanks, Dad… fuck — I can’t believe what you’re doing to me!”

Marcia watched with wild eyed excitement at the father daughter fucking that was going on only a few feet from her. Carl Morgan’s huge prick was slippery-wet as it thrust in and out of Tina’s little pussy. Marcia felt herself squirm with desire each time the steel-hard prick came into view. She had wanted that prick up her own cunt, but she knew there was no way she could pry the fucking couple apart — they were having just too good a time. Her only hope was if Tina came before her father, then, possibly, she could manage to get some of Carl’s cock in her own pussy.

“Dad, fuck, what you’re doing to me, Christ, this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me!”

Marcia watched as the young red-haired girl seemed to go totally insane atop the body of her father. She bucked and humped over him like a rodeo rider on a Brahma bull. Once she became so wild that she accidentally pulled her pussy up off Carl’s cock in mid-fuck.

“Shit!” she yelped, quickly grabbing his flopping prick and thrusting it back up her cunt. “There we go, Dad, we’re gonna do some more fuckin’!”

The young girl felt an orgasm welling up within her. Her father’s cock was rubbing just perfectly against her little clit, and she knew that in no time at all she was going to cum. She looked down at his red, twisted face as she continued to fuck up and down and thought only of the pleasurable sensations she felt from his prick.

It was about to happen now, and she knew it. Every nerve-ending in her body was uttering and jumping, as if about to explode. She felt a sharp jolt of electric beat shoot down her spine and knew that with only a few more thrusts of his cock she would cum and cum.

“Dad, fuck, this is it, honey, unnnnnnngggggg — this is fucking it, Dad, fuck me with that big cock, Dad, God, do it to me. I’m cuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmiiiinnnnnnnnggggg — I’m cumming! Dad, fuck, I’m gonna cum right now!”

Her pussy exploded wildly as if a stick of dynamite had been shoved up it and set off. She bounced up and down on her father, yelping loudly and clutching at the muscles of his chest and shoulders. With a loud sigh, finally, she collapsed on top of him.

Carl stopped thrusting his prick up into his limp daughter. She looked as if she would never be able to move again. Her body was in a pool of sweat, damp and sticky, but somehow that seemed to turn him on even more. He looked over at where Marcia sat on the floor, pinching her tits and shoving a finger into her cunt.

“How would you like some of this cock up your pussy, baby?” he asked.

“I’d love some,” the round-bodied girl answered with an impish grin.

“Tina,” Carl said, lightly shaking his daughter, “You have to get off me now, baby.”

The young girl slowly pulled her head up off her father’s chest and looked at him. She managed a smile and nodded her head, but did not move other than that. Carl looked into her eyes and noticed a glazed, semi-conscious look.

“Dad,” she whispered huskily, beginning to come out of her stupor, “I want to fuck you all the time, from now on, every single day!”

The older man thought about what his young daughter was saying, thought of how it would be to fuck the little girl again and again, whenever he wanted. He thought of being be hind her kneeling body as she thrust her ass up into the air, taking her doggie fashion. He thought of having her mouth down on his cock, her head bobbing up and down, and cumming in her throat. He couldn’t wait until he did that! He thought of fucking her in the ass, and sensed somehow that that would be the wildest fuck of all time.

“You’ll get to, honey,” he told her, stroking the red hair which was so much like her mother’s. “You’ll get to fuck me whenever you want, babe. But right now you have to get off me so I can give the newest addition to the family a good going over!”

Tina smiled and pulled the tight lips of her cunt up off her father’s cock. He grunted when he felt the pussy slide up him and all the way off. When Tina was away from him and Marcia was up on the bed beside him, the older man looked around the room at his family.

His wife and his son were watching him as he grabbed at the young girl from the orphanage. He grinned at them and threw Marcia down on her back. He laughed happily as he looked down at her beautiful, round body and quickly shoved her thighs apart. Her cunt was pink and wet and he put a finger to it and felt the heat. This girl needed to be fucked, and bad.

“Do it to me now, Carl,” Marcia whimpered.

Carl pushed himself in between her thighs and quickly shoved his cock into her cunt. She was tight, but very, very soft to enter. She was incredibly good, and incredibly talented. Her teenage cuntal muscles grabbed expertly at his prick as it slid all the way into her pussy, trying to milk the cum from him.

“Jesus, baby, you’re so fucking tight!”

He grabbed the full cheeks of her ass — one in each hand — and rapidly thrust in and out of her. He closed his eyes and let all his weight rest on the girl. He wanted only to cum, wanted only to think of himself this time.

“Yeah, this is good pussy, baby, good fucking pussy!”

In and out he thrust his prick, moaning with each stroke, sighing with pleasure as he felt the tight walls of her pussy rub against his throbbing prick.

Marcia looked up at the older man and grinned broadly. This was incredible, she decided, quickly glancing around the room. There they all were, all of them watching her and Carl Morgan fucking lustily away on the bed. What a great family, she decided.

Carl’s incredible cock was doing wonderful things to her pussy. His huge prick bumped against her erect little clitty with each long stroke into her, and she knew she was going to cum in no time at all. This great old guy was the best fuck she had ever had, and Marcia sure as hell was glad that she was going to be living in the same house with him for some years to come.

And it wasn’t just Carl! There was little Tina, the darling teen girl with the tasty pussy who had turned her on to the pleasures of womanly love. She knew, she and the girl would go down on each other hundreds and hundreds of times during the course of her stay with the Morgans, making each other cum again and again, with neither one, of them getting tired of it.

And then there was Peter, good old Peter, with the great tasting jism. Marcia looked over where he sat on the bed, casually playing with his mother’s pussy. He was going to be playing with Marcia’s pussy one hell of a lot, too, the round-assed girl thought.

He looked at Ellen and remembered kissing her and munching on her cunt. There would be plenty more of that, now that the older woman knew how great sex could be.

Finally, Marcia looked back up into the fact of the hairy, handsome man who was fucking her, the man with the nine-inch cock. She felt it herself about to cum, and knew by the way that Carl was plowing in her and grunting at the end of each long thrust that he, too, was about to shoot his load.

“Carl, fuck me,” the young girl cried, “Carl, I’m gonna cum.”

Marcia felt herself explode in ecstasy just as her huge-cocked new daddy shot his jizz into her.

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