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Sweet easter cunt

Friday morning I was still thinking about being naughty with Daddy and Mr. Jesse when I saw Mary Lou near the flagpole. “Can you spend the night tonight?” she asked right off. “Oh, my gosh! I forgot to ask!” I admitted. “You forgot? How could you forget to ask?” Well, there were two good reasons […]

Teen Slave Schoolgirl

“God!” Allison Dennis didn’t feel good. In fact, she felt terrible. Her head still pounded while her belly felt as if it were on fire. Her whole body was shaking, a monument to agony as she sat quietly in the headmistress’ office, her hands folded modestly in her lap. A severe-looking woman was shuffling through […]

Naughty teens 1.

It was a typical after school day in the Tanner house. All the adults were in their rooms doing their own thing. The house was completely empty. Stephanie was the first to come through the front door. She came in wearing cute little white dress with black polkadots, red knee high socks, and black sandals. […]