Even The Neighbors Suck!

Steve and Bonnie Conrad were an extremely promiscuous couple with teenaged twin daughters named Pam and Jill. Though the two blonde girls were extremely attractive and innocent looking, they’d both lost their cherries and had been fucking regularly ever since.

Their parents, unaware of the twins’ sexual activities, were into all sorts of kinky sex, themselves. They enjoyed a big variety of extra-marital affairs, as well as participating in group sex as often as possible.

Walking into their bedroom one Sunday afternoon, Bonnie saw her husband staring down into their neighbors’ back yard through a pair of field glasses.

“Oh, Steve,” she giggled. “Is that girl out there sunbathing again?”

“She sure is,” the man grinned, referring to Dawn Marlin, a cute eighteen-year-old redhead who lived next door. “And she’s wearing the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever seen.”

“You’d sure like to fuck her, wouldn’t you?” his pretty wife smiled.

“God, yes!” gasped the man. “Just looking at that sweet body drives me wild.”

“Honey,” she whispered. “I’ve got a big surprise for you — if you’ll stop drooling over her.”

“What is it?”

“Well,” she excitedly continued, “I met a man with the biggest Goddamn prick last night at the Wilson’s party.”

“Did he fuck you?”

“Shit, yes,” she giggled. “And knowing how much you enjoy watching other men fuck me with their cocks, I’ve invited him over this afternoon.”

“How about the twins?” he asked. “I’ve sent them to a movie,” explained Bonnie. “He’ll be here any minute now, and I want you to hide in this closet so you can watch all the fun.”

Steve quickly ducked inside the closet when the doorbell rang.

Greeting the man at the door — in nothing but her bra and panties — she took his hand and led him directly upstairs to the master bedroom. Seeing that the closet door was open just a crack, Bonnie knew her husband was watching them. Anxious to get her hands on the man’s wonderful prick again, Bonnie quickly removed her undies and faced him in all her naked beauty.

“My God,” he gasped, staring down at the hair ringed pussy tucked so neatly between her shapely legs.

“D’ya still like it?” she smiled, walking over to him and pulling down his pants.

“Shit, yes!” he gasped as she rolled his shorts down, letting his massive boner spring free.

“Oh, Charles,” she whispered, gently wrapping her soft fingers around his thick meaty cock shaft. “Are we gonna have a ball with this gorgeous thing!”

Pressing her hands against his chest, she tenderly forced him back on the bed.

Her entire body aflame with passion, she pressed her hot open mouth against his, gently licking his lips as she squeezed his throbbing prick in her fingers. Removing her mouth from his, she placed it against her ear, tenderly sucking the lobe between her lips. She felt the man’s body shiver with delight when she lightly stabbed her tongue into his ear. Bonnie lovingly blew her sweet warm breath into it, and when he turned his face, she once more covered his mouth with her softly parted lips. Her entire naked body felt as if it were melting into his as they kissed long and hard, their wandering fingers caressing cock and tits.

Lowering his head, Charles pressed his lips to her big turgid tits, making her shudder with passion as she gently stroked his massive boner. His prick felt like a living, breathing thing in her hand. She could feel his cock throbbing and expanding as it pressed hotly against her soft bare thighs. As she squirmed excitedly against him, she could feel his hard fucker pressing into the dark triangle of pussy curls between her legs.

Watching from the closet, Steve was almost out of his mind from the erotic scene on the bed. Their writhing naked bodies were really something to behold.

Clinging to the aroused man, Bonnie flicked her tongue out, lightly caressing his bare chest. Finding his small male nipples, she licked at them, and then her hot wet tongue worked down along his body, lapping over his chest and belly and on down to the thick mat of crotch hairs that tufted out just above the base of his rigid cock. As her nose neared his loins, she was able to smell that strong scent of cock that she loved so much.

Grasping the thick base of his cock shaft, Bonnie opened her mouth and stuffed his prick in. Her long dark hair spilled over his stomach and thighs as her hot, hungry lips.

She sucked deep and hard bit his deliciously big prick knob. Gurgling softly around his thick meaty cock, she sucked it with a passionate lust.

Charles had known more than his sharp of women in his life. Hundreds of both pliant and beautiful women had relieved his spurting hard-on in their mouths, but not one had displayed the enthusiasm that Bonnie was showing. He’d been sucked off by amateurs as well as experts with varying techniques, but none had ever aroused him like this cock hungry brunette was doing.

Watching the way his beautiful wife was sucking on the man’s huge prick, Steve was in the closet, frantically rubbing his own swollen prick. The sound of his wife’s loud slurping lips was driving him wild. He always enjoyed watching her sucking on other men, but this was the wildest blow-job he’d ever witnessed.

“Oh, my God!” sobbed Charles. “You’re fantastic!”

“I know,” she smiled up at him. “And I’m only getting started.”

Bonnie was loving every cock-sucking moment of it. The feel of the man’s thick, meaty prick shaft slithering over her tongue was blowing the horny woman’s mind. She loved the way his big tasty prick filled her mouth nudging the back of her throat and pressing out against her cheeks as drops of precum dripped onto her tongue. As always, the taste and texture of a hard cock in her mouth drove the depraved woman wild.

As much as Bonnie loved to have cum squirting into her mouth, she also realized that men enjoyed having the cock-sucking prolonged as long as possible. They loved being brought up to the very brink of a climax, then allowed to relax, only to be brought up again to an even more intense pleasure.

Suddenly feeling his body tensing, Bonnie quickly released his throbbing cock from her mouth.

“Christ, don’t stop!” he panted.

“Just relax for a minute,” she whispered. “Did that feel good?”

“Jesus, yes!” gasped the aroused man. “God, your cock tastes good,” she smiled up at him. “Am I a good cock-sucker?”

“The very best,” he grinned. “Good,” she giggled, “because I intend to spend a lot of time sucking you off this summer.”

“Shit,” sighed the big muscular man. “As far as I’m concerned you can suck me off twenty-four hours a day.”

“Don’t dare me,” Bonnie said, “or I’ll end up sucking you dry.”

“I’d be willing to let you try it,” grinned the man, running his fingers through her long dark hair.

Stuffing his prick back into her mouth, Bonnie was once more joyously bobbing her lips up and down with boundless enthusiasm, enjoying what she was doing. Bonnie sucked as if his cock were a luscious big lollipop. When her mouth closed to the end of his cock knob, her tongue swiped deliciously around it as if she were licking an ice cream cone. Bonnie had always enjoyed sucking pricks, finding them tastier than any lollipop or ice cream cone she’d ever had.

“Jesus Christ!” Charles groaned in ecstasy as she sucked and lapped the entire sensitive surface of his glistening wet boner.

Bonnie’s soft moist lips were gleaming with moisture as she sucked every tasty inch of his big meaty fucker. Feeling him lurching beneath her, the beautiful brunette was fucking deeper and harder on the man’s prick.

Charles was completely astounded by the woman’s talented lips. He’d never dreamed that any woman on earth could take so much cock into her mouth. With her lips sucking feverishly, he could feel her wet slippery tongue gliding up and down against the sensitive underside of his cock shifted and it’s electric-like shocks tingling. Writhing in ecstasy on the bed, the man knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Her fantastic cock-sucking was bringing him closer and closer to a wild climax.

Realizing that he was about to shoot his cum-load, Bonnie once more removed her mouth from his prick, wanting to postpone his climax a longer. Lowering her face, she pressed her hot open mouth against his hairy balls. Her tongue worked juicily over his wrinkled balls, lapping hungrily at the hairy shriveled skin. Sucking on his spit-drenched balls, she tenderly drew his balls into her mouth, one at a time. Licking them again and again, she thoroughly washed his balls before moving her mouth down even lower.

Becoming more and more excited, Bonnie began probing her tongue around the puckering ring of his shitter. Pointing her tongue, she firmly drilled it into the tight opening of his quivering asshole.

“Aaaaahhh, God!” he roared, rising into the air from the wild sensation.

He’d never felt anything as erotic as this beautiful woman’s tongue drilling up into the tight hotness of his asshole. Feeling her tongue swirling around in his tingling ass made the man’s cock swell and throb even more.

“Honey,” she whispered, removing her mouth and sitting up, “I want you to shoot your big hot load of jizz into my pussy.”

Rolling onto her back, Bonnie lewdly opened her smooth thighs, offering her hot, juicy cunt up for his enjoyment. Needing no further encouragement, the man quickly crawled up between her legs, eager to fuck his massive cock into the slippery warmth of her open pussy. As he moved his hips forward, the tip of his cock touched the moist heat of her juicy cunt slit.

“Mmmmmmm,” he moaned, feeling the pressure of her soft warm cunt lips against his sensitive prick.

Grasping his sinewy ass cheeks with her hands, Bonnie tried to force his cock into her hotly devouring pussy, but Charles hung back, wanting the entry to be sweet and slow. Trembling with excitement, she could feel his cock sliding slowly into her pussy, spreading her cunt walls as it slipped through the passion-slickened fuck hole.

Charles could feel his prick being slowly swallowed by her ravenous pussy, and as much as he tried to resist a quick entry, he was having trouble controlling himself. It felt so fucking good to have her hot sucking cunt closing around his throbbing boner. The beautiful woman’s wet pussy seemed to be caressing his cock, massaging up and down the length of his prick shaft.

When his prick was about halfway in, he stopped and slowly withdrew it until only his big cock knob remained embedded.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered, pulling on his ass. “Ram it in, honey… ram it all the way in!”

This time he slammed his cock in with the force she wanted, fucking the entire length of his prick up into her slippery cunt. Again withdrawing his cock shaft, but not as far, he drilled it back in and began fucking in and out with a steady rhythm.

Feeling his huge cock fucking in and out of her clinging pussy, the horny woman wrapped her legs around him, ready to thoroughly enjoy her favorite pastime.

“Oh, fuck, baby, fuck!” she squealed with delight as his huge cock pumped in and out of her slippery cunt.

Crouched in the closet, watching the wildly fucking couple through the crack of the door, Steve had whipped his cock out and was lustily stroking it. It always turned the depraved man on when he watched someone fucking his beautiful wife, particularly if he had an unusually big prick. He thoroughly enjoyed using his wife’s fuck hole, but he found it wildly erotic to watch someone else fuck her.

As Charles continued fucking the lovely woman, Bonnie could feel her cunt muscles squeezing tightly around his cock with every fuck thrust. She could feel her slippery juices oozing out of her pussy every time he pulled his big fat cock back. The creamy cunt juices trickled down over her ass cheeks, forming a sticky puddle on the sheet beneath her. Bonnie couldn’t remember ever being so hot and juicy, and she knew that she was giving the man a fuck he would never forget. His fiery prick was burning hotter and harder with every powerful fuck-stroke into her steaming pussy. There was a loud squishy sound when he fucked the hard thickness of his big meaty prick deep into her smoldering cunt slit. This was followed by a deeper sucking sound each time he withdrew his prick.

His big cock began sawing deliciously against her erect clit, sending millions of tingling sparks flying through her loins.

“Mmmmmm! Oooooh!” she whimpered, clutching him tighter in her arms. “That feels so fucking good!”

Charles began slamming into her with longer, harder fuck-strokes.

“That’s it, baby!” she sobbed. “Just bang the shit out of me! Do it good!”

Reaching beneath her and grasping her ass, he pulled her cunt up tighter around his cock. Clutching her ass cheeks in his hands, he began slamming his big hard prick into her hot slippery fuck hole at a faster tempo. His finger eased into the soft crevice between the quivering cheeks of her ass.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed when the tip of his finger brushed against her puckered asshole.

Encouraged by her squeals of delight, Charles began probing around the sensitive ring of rubbery muscle.

“Jesus, honey, that feels good,” she whimpered when his middle finger slipped knuckle-deep into her tight quivering asshole.

Fucking his cock harder and deeper into her writhing pussy, the man was plunging the tip of his finger in and out of her tight shitter. Through the thin membranes that separated her two holes, he could feel the underside of his boner surging in and out.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she shrieked, arching her ass up off the bed. “All the way, honey! Shove more finger up my ass!”

Plunging his finger in and out of her ass, the man was fucking his inflamed boner even deeper into her squirming pussy.

“That’s it, honey!” she shrieked with unrepressed joy. “You’re a real fucker!”

The heat of her cunt enveloped his throbbing cock like a warm rubber glove, squeezing tightly around the tingling length of his deeply embedded prick. He could feel the hotness of her juices oozing out of her prick-stuffed pussy.

Staring down between their legs, Charles fucking more deeply into her pussy with long slow fuck-thrusts, watching his hard prick jumping in and out of her cunt slit. His cock was coated with her creamy pussy juices. He stared at the soft pink lips of her cunt clinging moistly to his thick cock shaft as it fucked in and out. He slowly pulled back until only the head of his cock remained in her juicy cunt, then he fucked forward, their bellies slapping loudly together as he drove his prick shaft even deeper into her horny fuck hole.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she sobbed, lovingly holding his big swollen balls as his huge cock shaft fucked in and out through the hotly gripping tunnel of her pussy.

Panting and moaning as her loins writhed beneath his humping body, Bonnie felt as though his steel-hard cock was fucking all the way up her throat. The wild ecstasy of feeling his huge boner in her cunt was almost more than the wildly aroused woman could stand.

From the way her muscles were twitching as she clung to him, Charles knew she was rapidly reaching a climax. Feeling his own climax building up deep in his balls, he began rearing back and ramming his cock in with fierce intensity.

Realizing this was the most delicious and brutal fuck she’d ever had in her life, Bonnie was frantically writhing her crotch up to meet every fuck-plunge of his prick, wanting him, to have as much pleasure as she was receiving.

Her beautiful face was distorted with passion as her long dark hair flailed wildly around on the pillow. Her creamy soft legs were waving frantically in the air, and his wild fucking was lifting her bare ass right off the bed.

Steve was almost beside himself with excitement in the closet as he watched the fucking couple rushing madly toward their impending orgasms. Clutching his bloated prick, Steve was sliding the foreskin up and down with blinding speed. He could feel his ejaculation building up as he pumped even harder on his throbbing cock.

Bonnie was almost out of her mind with lust. It suddenly felt as if every nerve in her body were centered around her cunt.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” she squealed as she began riding his cock up over the crest of her orgasm. “I’m coming! I’m commmiiinngg!”

The ecstasy was almost unbearable, and when she felt his hot load of thick jizz splattering against her inner pussy walls, the whole universe became a kaleidoscope of wild colors for her. She clung tightly to the man, and his massive cock head continued shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her pussy.

Steve’s big prick suddenly exploded a torrent of cum against the closet door as he watched his beautiful wife and her lover writhing through their orgasms.

“Ohhhh, Charles,” Bonnie whispered a few minutes later as he slowly recovered. “I’ve never been fucked like that in my whole life!”

Later, when Bonnie took Charles back downstairs, Steve crawled shakily out of the closet. Even after shooting his cum-load, the man still had a horrendous hard-on and he could hardly wait for his wife to get back upstairs so he could finish it off with a wild fuck.


Dawn Marlin, the eighteen-year-old girl who lived next door to Steve and Bonnie, had been aware that the man had been watching her through field glasses for several weeks as she lay sunning herself in the back yard. Though she had never met him, the cute redhead always wore her briefest bikini to tease the man.

One evening while Dawn was waiting for her date to drop by, she suddenly thought how much fun it would be to spread out naked on her back lawn when her neighbor was watching. But, though she was a promiscuous girl, Dawn knew she would never have the nerve to try it. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the doorbell.

She was pleased to find Bob West at the door. He was an eighteen-year-old youth she’d been dating lately, and she thought he would never try to get into her pants.

The cute girl was dying to have him fuck her.

“Hi, Bob,” she smiled. “Come on in.”

“What would you like to do tonight?” he asked, sitting down next to her on the couch. “Gee, I dunno.” She hesitated. “My folks have gone to a party and won’t be home until late. So why don’t we just hang around here?”

“That sounds good to me,” he grinned, wondering if she might let him fuck her, as long as they were alone in the house.

“Do you want to come up to my room and listen to some records?” she suddenly asked.

“Sure,” smiled the youth.

Leading her handsome boyfriend upstairs, Dawn was dying to get her hands on his cock. Entering her room, she sat on the edge of the bed as he stood facing her.

“Would you like to play some records?” she whispered, pointing to the stereo. “Or would you rather play some naughty games with me?”

“What do you mean?” he gulped, unable to believe what the redhead had just said.

“You know,” she giggled, standing up and removing her blouse, letting her braless tits spill out nakedly in front of him. “I like it when boys mess around between my legs.”

Dropping down onto the edge of the bed, Bob just stared at her deliciously firm tits.

“Take your clothes off,” she smiled. “We can’t fuck if we’re fully dressed.”

Still sitting dumbfounded on the bed, Bob just stared at the beautiful girl as she casually removed her shorts and panties, blatantly exposing her juicy pink cunt slit, surrounded by a soft growth of fiery-red pussy hair.

“My God!” he finally gasped, unable to believe what he was seeing. “You’re beautiful, honey.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, looking at him with her teasing green eyes as she held her naked arms up and slowly turned around, displaying her smooth shoulders and the long red hair cascading down over her back.

“Well?” she whispered, lowering her hands and seductively cupping her full tits. “Are you gonna fuck my hot cunt?”

Moving like a playful kitten, she undulated over to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed and slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. Mewling softly, she lowered his zipper and gently freed his hard cock.

“That’s such a sweet prick,” she whispered, rubbing the hot hardness of his cock against her cheek.

Bob’s entire body was trembling with excitement as her smooth fingers gently stroked and squeezed his big hard prick.

Dawn’s wet pink tongue slipped out from between her parted lips and began probing at the tip of his cock. Opening her mouth wider, she ovaled her lips and slid them down over the head of his lusty boner.

As her soft lips sucked moistly up and down over his prick, he could feel the tip of her tongue flicking and teasing around the sensitive ridge of his shiny cock head. Completely carried away by the talented lips of the cute cock-sucker, Bob was soon thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking his cock in and out of her slurping mouth. As she tightened her soft lips around his slippery prick, she began sucking harder and deeper.

“Oh, my God!” he panted, digging his fingers into her lush red hair, forcing his mouth down tighter over his prick. “Christ can you suck!”

Completely lost in his lust, Bob was soon wildly fucking his cock shaft in and out of her mouth as if it were a cunt. Never in his life had he felt anything so wildly stimulating as Dawn’s slobbering mouth.

“Suck it! Suck it!” he panted, still crazily fucking his hard boner back and forth between her slippery lips. “Suck me off, baby! Suck me off!”

As Bob violently fucked his cock in and out of her mouth, Dawn sprawled onto her back on the floor. As she lay flat on the soft carpet with her naked thighs spread wide open, her delicious wet cunt slit was glistening up at him front between the soft tufts of red pussy hair. Watching the youth frantically tearing his clothes off, Dawn smiled up at him while she lewdly teased her juicy fuck slit with the tip of her finger. When he was completely disrobed, Bob stood over her with his legs apart and his rigid cock spearing up from his lusty balls.

“God, I need that hard beauty,” she said, admiring his throbbing prick.

“Jesus, baby, are you gonna get fucked!” he panted, picking the girl up and tossing her onto the bed.

Spread out on her back, Dawn was squirming with passion. Her big full tits were quivering as she wantonly opened her thighs, parting her lust-swollen cunt lips with her teasing fingers.

“Oh, Bob,” she whispered up to him. “I want that beautiful hard cock right here in my hot cunt.”

She heard a wild gasp from deep in his throat as the boy lowered his naked body down next to hers on the bed. Taking the cute redhead into his arms, he soon had her big turgid nipples quivering with excitement as his fingers began gently squeezing them while his mouth alternated from one to the other.

“Oooooh, Bob,” she moaned, her body melting against him.

Breathing hotly, he lowered his mouth down over her moistly parted lips, slipping his tongue between them as she avidly sucked on it. His mouth finally slid from hers and moved down over her chin and against the soft curve of her creamy throat. Once again, he cupped her luscious tits in his hands, drawing the pretty girl’s hard nipples back into his mouth.

Dawn was writhing with passion, her fingers threading through his thick head of hair as he sucked hard on one erect nipple and then the other. Her cunt juices were flowing out from between her legs as his sucking lips sent delicious thrills coursing through her entire body.

Still sucking deeply on her tingling nipples. Bob dropped his hand down onto the warm muskiness of her steaming hot cunt. Responding to his caresses, Dawn quickly wrapped her fingers around the hardness of the youth’s swollen prick.

“Oh, Bob, fuck me! Fuck meeeee!” she excitedly squealed, sliding the foreskin back and forth over his hard cock.

Kneeling between her widely spread legs, Bob grasped the base of his cock shaft and slowly guided it toward the pretty girl’s pussy.

“OK, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” Dawn whimpered when she felt the tip of Bob’s cock kissing the hot wetness of her pussy as it gently parted her slippery cunt lips.

She squirmed around excitedly, trying to fuck her cunt up onto his cock as it slowly slipped into the moist hotness of her juicy pussy.

“Oh, you sweet baby!” she mewled.

Bob’s deliciously hard cock glided farther in, spreading the walls of her cunt as they sucked and squeezed against his boner.

“Oooooooh!” Dawn sobbed as she ground her cock-filled cunt up tightly around the base of Bob’s deeply embedded prick. “I just love your fuckin’ hard prick.”

The young man was panting with lust as he partially withdrew his prick and slammed it back up into her fuck hole again.

“Aaaaahhhhh, yes!” she squealed with delight. “That’s what I want, baby! Give me a good hard fuckin’!”

Bob began thrusting his prick into her sucking pussy with long steady fuck-strokes as he pumped back and forth between her shapely legs. Looking down, he could see the passion in her smoldering eyes as she smiled at him. Droplets of perspiration stood out on her forehead and upper lip like dewdrops. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful redhead was letting him fuck her.

“Oh, God, how I needed this,” Dawn whispered up to her lover. “I haven’t been fucked for four or five days, and I rarely go that long without it.”

“You’re sure one hot baby,” he panted, still rhythmically fucking his prick into her juicy pussy.

“You can bet your hard cock on that,” she giggled. “There’s nothing in the world that I love more than suckin’ and fuckin’. I’d ball ten guys a day if I had the chance.”

Dawn’s cunt was writhing with rapture as the thick ridge at the base of his cock head sent ripples of ecstasy through her sweet pussy. The top of his hard cock shaft was sawing deliciously against the sensitive tip of her erect clit, and the myriad of tingling nerve-endings in her sucking fuck hole were wildly stimulated by his steady fuck-thrusts. The feel of his big cock knob pounding into the very depths of her pussy was driving the horny redhead wild.

Screwing her cunt slit up tighter around the boy’s lurching boner, she could feel his chest rubbing against her erect nipples. Her heart skipped a beat when he lowered his mouth to her deliciously parted lips and began stroking his tongue in and out with the same tempo that his cock was stroking in and out of her hotly sucking pussy.

This was a supreme thrill for both of them as the super-horny girl and the virile young man responded so beautifully to each other’s needs. They both realized that this was one fuck they’d remember for a long time.

Dawn clung tightly to the handsome youth as he continued fucking his swollen cock into her hot slippery cunt slit with even more gusto. His hard deep fuck-thrusts were bouncing her lovely naked body all over the bed, filling her with an ecstasy she’d never felt before. The redhead was working her clasping pussy up and down and around his plunging prick as she writhed and moaned from his frenzied fucking.

“Oh, God!” she squealed. “Bring me off, honey! I’m gonna come!”

“So am I,” he panted, fucking harder and faster. “Here it comes, baby!”

“Yesssss! Yessss!” Dawn screamed, feeling his hot wet cum gushing into her cunt. “Squirt me full, honey! Fill me with jizz! I’m coming!”

Bob’s virile cock kept pumping stream after stream of hot jizz into the writhing girl’s convulsing cunt, completely filling it until his thick cum began oozing back out from between her cock-squeezing cunt lips.

“Jesus, honey,” she whispered when he finally withdrew his limp prick, allowing the jizz to flow out freely from her fuck hole. “No one has ever shot such a big load of cum into me.”

“I guess you’re right,” he panted. “I’ve been saving that one for a long time.”

“How long?” she asked. “A couple of months.”

“Oh, my God!” Dawn gasped. “I can hardly stand going without a fuck for two or three days.”

“It was pure hell,” he admitted. “But I’m a bit slow with girls. Until tonight, I was sure you’d slap me if I tried to even touch your tits.”

“You poor boy,” she smiled, gently rubbing his limp prick. “But I’ll take good care of you tonight.”

Leaning forward, she began licking up the sticky cum that was still clinging to his flaccid fucker.

“I’ll get that thing hard again in a hurry,” she giggled, sucking his prick into the warm moistness of her mouth.

“Jesus, Dawn,” he sighed as the cute redhead caressed his limp prick with her tongue. “You’re sure some girl.”

“And you’re sure some guy,” she answered between sucks. “That was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.”

“You really enjoy fucking, don’t you?” smiled Bob.

“You’re not shittin’,” the girl giggled. “I’ve loved fucking since the first time I was laid.”

“Jesus,” laughed Bob. “You got off to an early start.”

“I know,” she sighed with a dreamy expression in her eyes. “Two older guys popped my cherry, and I’ll never forget how good it hurt. I knew right then that fucking was the most wonderful thing in the world.”

“I’m sure glad you let me fuck you,” the young man smiled.

“I’m a pretty easy lay,” she said. “Especially when I’m in a horny mood and there’s a handsome guy like you around.”

Taking his rapidly swelling cock back into her mouth, Dawn began sucking deeper and harder on it, anxious to feel his hard prick buried in her cunt again.

“Okay, honey,” she whispered when his fuck rod had once more reached steel-hard rigidity. “Now roll over on your back. I’ve got a special treat for that hard cock of yours.”

When he was on his back, Dawn faced him and straddled his loins. Grasping the base of his cock shaft, she aimed the head of his cock up toward her slowly descending pussy. Feeling her seething cunt make contact with his cock head, she gently rubbed the tip of it back and forth in the hot moistness between her open cunt lips.

“Oh, my God!” he moaned, her cunt slit feeling so good, so hot and so juicy as his throbbing prick sank wetly into the delicious heat of her slippery fuck hole.

Sitting erect on his deeply embedded wick, she began teasing her big hard nipples with her fingers. The excited youth stared tip at the beautiful redhead sitting astride his buried cock.

Bob almost flipped when Dawn began moving her hot squeezing cunt up and down over his boner as she twisted her hips at the same time. With her hands behind her head and her smoldering green eyes smiling down at him, she was writhing her overheated pussy on his throbbing fuck tool. Her soft dimpled tummy was rotating deliciously as his hard cock stirred around deep within the sucking tightness of her grasping pussy.

“D’ya like this?” she whispered, smiling down at him through half-closed eyes.

“Shit, yes!” he panted, his hands massaging her luscious tits that were thrusting out from her writhing body.

Bob thought he’d go wild when she began milking and squeezing his stiff cock shaft with her talented cunt lips. Each time she drove her writhing fuck hole down over his prick, she would make her soft ass quiver, sending a torrent of delicious sensations sparking through her body. The wild dance her cunt was doing around his cock was almost more than the youth could stand.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” he panted when she began increasing the tempo of her fucking movements. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.”

“Good,” she whispered as she further increased the rhythm of her plunging pussy. “I want another big load of cum.”

“Don’t worry,” gasped Bob, feeling a wild climax building up deep in his balls. “You’re gonna get a real load.”

With her hands locked behind her head, the cute redhead began moving faster and faster, fucking him with the magnificent grace of a tiger as his hands squeezed and massaged her wildly bouncing tits.

“Oh, shit!” he roared when his cock suddenly shot a hot stream of cum up into her wildly sucking pussy.

“That’s it, baby!” Dawn squealed with joy as she feverishly gyrated her grasping pussy around his cum-spurting cock. “Keep squirtin’, honey! I love it! I just love it!”

Squeezing her cunt muscles tightly around his jizz-belching boner, Dawn suddenly exploded into her own mind-shattering orgasm.

When their fantastic climaxes finally ended, Bob dressed and left before her parents came home, and Dawn dropped off into a deep and peaceful sleep.


The following afternoon, Bonnie’s attractive twin daughters were in a restless and horny mood. The blondes were home alone and dying for a fuck, but there were no boys around to give them what they needed. Sitting together in the living room, they decided to strip and finger-fuck each other, as they often did when they desperately needed relief.

Jill was just about to fuck her finger into Pam’s juicy cunt when she looked up and saw her sister’s boyfriend, Keith Willard, staring at them through the open patio windows.

“Well, hello,” she shamelessly grinned at the boy, making no attempt to hide her nakedness. “Come on in. We won’t bite.”

“Hi, Keith,” blushed Pam, wondering if her boyfriend had seen Jill starting to finger fucking her. “How long have you been on the patio?”

“I just got here.”

“I hope you don’t mind our appearance,” giggled Jill, pleased at the way he was staring at their gold haired pussies. “But we weren’t expecting any company.”

“It’s okay with me,” he grinned. “I think you both look great.”

“By the way,” smiled Jill, leaning back and spreading her legs apart to give him a sensational view of her cunt, “Pam tells me that you’re fucking her these days.”

“Did you tell her that?” he glanced over at his girlfriend.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said. “I tell my sister everything.”

“No, I don’t mind,” he said, glancing over at Jill’s boldly exposed cunt.

“Do you enjoy fucking?” Jill suddenly asked.

“God, yes,” he grinned. “Don’t all guys?”

“Do you like fucking right now?”

“I always feel like fucking.”

“Then why don’t the three of us have a party?” she giggled. “I feel horny as hell today.”

“That’s up to Pam,” he said, turning to his blonde girlfriend. “If she wants to do it, I’m willing.”

“How about it?” Jill asked her sister.

“I think it would be neat,” giggled Pam, jumping up from her chair. “But we’d better get his clothes off.”

Smiling at each other, Pam and Jill began undressing Keith and, when they finally had the guy completely striped, then sat down by him on the couch and began fondling his cock and balls.

“God, this cock is a beauty,” Jill said as she stoked his rapidly swelling boner while Pam lovingly teased his balls with her soft fingers.

“I told you it was,” beamed Pam. “But just wait’ll you see it hard.”

“May I have him first?” Jill excitedly asked her sister.

“Sure. If you don’t mind if I watch.”

“Okay, Keith,” Jill whispered when his prick was fully erect. “Now roll over on your back.”

When the boy had done as she suggested, the cute blonde excitedly straddled his loins. Kneeling over him, Jill reached down and wrapped her soft cool fingers around the delicious hardness of his throbbing prick shaft.

“Oh, shit, honey,” she grinned, giving his bloated cocky a gentle squeeze. “I’m gonna give you a fuck you’ll never forget.”

“I’ll go for that,” he grinned up at the girl.

Wanting him to be feverishly aroused before stuffing his cock into her cunt, Jill lowered her juicy pussy just far enough down to where she could lightly rub the sensitive tip of his cock head back and forth against her hot slippery cunt slit.

“Do you think you’re gonna like my naughty pussy?” Jill whispered as her scalding cunt juices oozed out onto the throbbing knob of his bloated prick.

“Fuck, yes!” he gasped, feeling the hot wetness of her cunt lips stimulating the tip of his cock.

Kneeling on the floor next to the couch, Pam could feel her own hot pussy juices leaking from between her legs as she watched the head of Keith’s hard fucker rubbing against Jill’s sweet cuntlips. Completely carried away by the sight of Jill’s cute cunt slit brushing against the head of Keith’s cock, Pam reached up and began caressing the soft flesh of her sister’s ass, letting the tip of her finger lightly tease around her sensitive asshole.

“Mmmmmmmm,” whimpered Jill when the boy began gently squeezing and pulling on her distended nipples. “I like it when boys play with my tits.”

While the cute blonde continued teasing the tip of Keith’s throbbing cock knob back and forth against her hotly dripping cunt slit, Pam was lovingly caressing her sister’s adorable ass, bringing soft moans of pleasure from deep in her throat every time her finger brushed across her puckered asshole.

“Keith, honey,” whispered Jill, leaning forward over the boy’s body until one of her bare tits was pressed against his mouth. “Please suck on my tits.”

As she leaned forward, Jill’s hotly dripping pussy was no longer in contact with Keith’s cockhead, allowing his juice-slickened cock to spring back against his belly. Seeing what had happened, Pam grasped his stiff prick. Staring at the purple head of his hard boner that was so liberally coated with Jill’s frothy juices, Pam quickly covered it with her soft warm lips. The flavor of Jill’s tasty pussy cream added to Pam’s excitement as the horny blonde sucked hungrily on her boyfriend’s bloated fucker.

Feeling Pam’s deliciously ovaled lips pulling and sucking feverishly on his tingling cock shaft, Keith began mouthing Jill’s luscious tits with more fervor.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” she squealed, feeling the boy sucked harder on her big stiff nipples. “Oh fuck, that feels good!”

After Keith had licked and chewed on her tits for several more minutes, Jill decided to get down to some serious fucking. Seeing that her sister was ready to fuck, Pam quickly took Keith’s cock out of her mouth and guided his big spit-drenched boner up between Jill’s slowly descending cunt lips.

As Keith’s swollen cock knob began disappearing into Jill’s slippery pussy, Pam lowered her head and began licking her squatting sister’s puckered asshole, bringing squeals of wanton delight from deep, in the horny blonde’s throat.

Slowly lowering her cunt farther down over the boy’s hard prick, Jill was acutely aware of Pam’s finger slipping up into her tingling shitter. It was fantastic to feel a finger easing into her asshole at the same time as Keith’s cock was sliding into her pussy. The thought of being fucked in both holes at the same time was enough to blow the horny girl’s mind.

“Does this feel good?” Pam whispered to her twin sister as she screwed her finger in her ass.

“Shit, yes!” Jill grinned back over her shoulder at the girl. “It feels fantastic!”

Keith had never experienced such joy as the feeling of Jill’s deliciously tight pussy slowly sliding down over his lust-swollen boner. It was extremely erotic to feel her pussy swallowing his prick with such an agonizing slowness. The way her hot cunt slit was taking his cock a fraction of an inch at a time was arousing him to a feverish pitch. Keith knew he would soon be lustily pounding his hard fuck rod in and out of her cute pussy, but right now she was thoroughly enjoying this tantalizingly slow penetration. The juicy hotness of her cuntal walls squeezing passionately around his thick cock shaft was pure heaven to the boy.

“Ready?” she whispered when about half of his cock was in her cunt.

“Christ, yes!” he gasped.

Then, just as the beautiful blonde suddenly slammed her pussy down, Keith flexed his hips and gave a mighty thrust, fucking a few more inches of his cock up into her tight, hot pussy.

“Ooooooh!” she squealed with delight, his hard prick filling her trembling body with joy. “Now just fuck the shit out of me, honey! Fuck it to me good!”

Squatting on his hard shaft of cock meat with Pam’s naughty finger up her ass, Jill began writhing in ecstasy as Keith arched his hips up higher off the couch, forcing even more of his hard cock up into her slippery fuck hole.

“Oh, you big-cocked beauty!” she whimpered, feeling the entire length of his magnificent fucker finally filling bet delightfully stretched pussy.

Jill’s tight cunt walls were deliciously squeezing and sucking on his throbbing prick.

“Oh, yes, honey!” she squealed, sliding her hot cunt up and down over the slippery thickness of his throbbing cock while her twin sister’s finger was frenziedly reaming out her tingling shitter.

Whimpering with rapture as she bounced up and down, she was wildly writhing her hips as her strong cunt sucked and milked ravenously on his thrusting prick. Carried to new heights of ecstasy by the feel of Pam’s finger fucking in and out of her asshole, Jill began bouncing even harder on his heavenly fuck tool. With her juicy open pussy lips mashing down against the hairy base of his boner, the wiry cock hair was wildly stimulating her exposed clit. The unbelievable pleasure was so intense that the cute blonde was shrieking with joy.

“Oh, my God, Keith!” she screamed, frenziedly writhing her hot slippery cunt slit around his plunging prick. “I’m, almost there! I’m gonna come all over your beautiful cock! Gonna come all over it!”

“Then fuck it, honey!” he hotly panted. “Bring me off with you!”

Feeling the pressure building up in his churning balls, Keith knew that he, too, was on the verge of shooting his hot cum-load.

“Oh, Christ!” he roared trying to slam his cock even deeper into her sweet tight cunt. “Bring me off, baby… bring me off with you!”

From the way the handsome boy was bucking and writhing beneath her, Jill could tell he was as close to a climax as she was. He was violently slamming his hips up, almost knocking the girl off his belly with every wild fuck-thrust.

“Now! Now!” she suddenly screamed. “Cream me now! I’m gonna come… starting to come!”

As his virile cock exploded a torrent of swirling jizz into her spasming pussy, the naked teen writhed through their frenzied orgasm until it finally ended. Completely exhausted, Jill collapsed over his muscular body. After several moments of resting, she lifted her oozing cunt off the slippery cock that was still as thick and erect as it had been before he shot his wad.

Pam stared with disbelief at his hard prick when the swollen cock head cleared her sister’s hotly dripping pussy lips. Pam had never seen anything as appetizing in her life as the sight of the frothy mixture of their fuck juices saturating the entire length of his swollen cock shaft.

Shivering with excitement, the horny blonde crawled up between his legs and wrapped her soft moist lips around the head of his thickly coated cock. Slobbering up the slippery fuck juices, Pam could feel her own hot juices oozing from her pussy.

“Oh, honey,” she passionately whispered, releasing his tasty prick from her lips when she realized he wasn’t going to lose his beautiful hard-on. “I need a hot fuck.”

“Okay,” he grinned, anxious to bury his hard cock meat into this cute gold-haired pussy that he’d been fucking so often lately.

“I want it doggie-fashion,” she giggled, scrambling up onto her hands and knees.

“Me, too,” grinned Keith, dropping to his knees behind her, his eyes staring hungrily at the pink moistness of her slippery, lust-swollen cunt. Guiding the tip of his cock head between her deliciously open cunt lips, he was shivering with anticipation.

Gently grasping his girlfriend’s softly rounded hips, he pushed forward, the throbbing head of his swollen prick easing between the scalding lips of her hungry cunt.

“Ready?” he whispered.

“Fuck, yes,” she softly moaned as her juice slickened pussy slowly spread to receive his wildly throbbing prick.

As he worked his hard cock deeper and deeper into her over-heated fuck hole, Pam began writhing her hips around in circles, adding to the pleasure Keith was experiencing. After he’d fucked the entire length of his boner into her hotly squeezing slit, she excitedly ground her ass back against him, wanting to make sure she’d taken every inch of this heavenly prick.

“Oh, honey,” she passionately whispered. “That thing feels so fuckin’ good in me.”

“D’ya really like it?” he gasped.

“Fuck, yes,” she panted. “Now give it to me good.”

“You’re gonna get it,” he panted, partially withdrawing his cock to start the assault. “Just hang on.”

Digging her fingers into the cushion, the kneeling girl braced herself for him. Her body shuddered when his hard prick slammed back in, the big cock knob pounding against her pussy flesh.

“Yes! Yes!” she shrieked, her sweet ass wildly wriggling as the boy urgently fucked into her cunt from the rear. “Now just fuck me to death!”

Keith loved the way her hot cunt sucked and pulled on his stiff boner. Wanting to make this heavenly fuck last, he just slowly screwed his prick around in her juicy cunt while she rotated her ass back against him.

“Oooooooh, it feels so good,” she softly whimpered.

Keith could feel her scalding pussy cream flowing all around his deeply embedded prick as the girl’s cunt slit hungrily squeezed the hard length of his sensitive cock shaft. Unable to control his lust any longer, the boy began fucking her with hard deep strokes, almost knocking her off her knees with every fuck-thrust.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” she moaned with rapture, creaming all over his cock as she shook and wriggled her cute ass. “That’s the way, honey! Fuck it to me!”

Kneeling with her ass high and her face resting on her forearms, the cute blonde was being bounced all over the couch. Her cute tits were jiggling beneath her as his throbbing cock drilled, in and out of her fuck hole.

“Oh, shit!” Pam wailed. “I love it! I love it!”

Keith was panting hotly as he lustily fucked his hard cock into the fantastic tightness of her pussy. It drove him wild to feel her strong cunt muscles sucking and pulling on his tingling boner as it fucked in and out of her juicy pussy.

“Oh, Keith, honey!” she whimpered, wriggling her sweet ass a bit more urgently. “Just fuck the shit out of me!”

Wanting to please his cute girl friend, he increased the tempo of his fucking. His hard, lean belly slapped loudly against her hot ass as he fucked into her pussy with all the strength he had. As his slippery prick pounded in and out of her sizzling pussy, hot fuck juices oozed out from between her cock squeezing cunt lips and dribbled down her inner thighs.

“Harder, honey, harder!” she demanded. “I need more cock in me!”

Keith was fucking his prick into her for all he was worth. Slamming his hard boner into her cunt with all his strength, he was almost lifting the girl off her knees with every wild fuck-thrust.

Pam had never enjoyed anything so much in her life as each lusty thrust of his cock carried her to new heights of ecstasy. A rapturous grin spread across her face and her big blue eyes rolled crazily as the intense pleasure increased in her pussy.

Glancing up, Pam was startled to see Jill’s cum-filled pussy exposed between the exhausted girl’s widely spread legs. Her sister’s cute cunt slit was only inches from her and she could clearly see Keith’s frothy fuck cream seeping out of her swollen cunt lips.

With her boyfriend’s hard cock buried deep in her pussy from the rear, Pam began licking her lips as she crawled slowly forward toward the delicious feast that Jill had between her legs. Taking a deep excited breath, Pam lowered her face into her sister’s furry crotch.

The delicious flavor of the mixture of both Keith’s and Jill’s bubbling fuck juices seemed to further arouse Pam as she wormed her tongue up into the slippery hotness of the blonde’s leaking pussy. Feverishly swirling her tongue around in the slippery folds of her sister’s cunt slit, Pam was hungrily lapping up every tangy drop of the delicious cum.

Sucking passionately on Jill’s tasty pussy, Pam was acutely aware of Keith’s marvelous cock fucking in and out of her horny cunt from the rear. Every fuck-thrust of his hard slippery prick was filling her with a delicious warmth that was making her entire body tingle with rapture. Rhythmically pistoning his boner in and out, the boy was feverishly fucking the full length of his long cock deep into her writhing pussy, bringing squeals of wanton passion from her lips. Gripping her deliciously rounded hips in his hands, the boy continued fucking deeper and deeper into the hot tightness of her pussy as she excitedly drank his frothy cum from Jill’s oozing cunt slit.

“Mmmmmmm,” she softly whimpered into her cute sister’s drooling pussy as Keith’s strong hands pulled the soft globes of her wiggly ass back tighter against his belly, drilling even more of his heavenly prick into her fiery fuck hole.

The pressure of his stomach against her ass seemed to send an intense warmth flowing through her loins. The beautiful girl’s entire body began writhing as the unbelievable pleasure increased.

“My God, honey!” panted Keith as Pam began lustily slamming her ass back to meet every violent thrust of his juice-slickened cock. “You sure know how to use that fuckin’ cunt of yours!”

“You better believe I do,” she squealed. “I’m the hottest piece of ass you’ll ever find.”

“Don’t stop suckin’!” screamed Jill when Pam removed her mouth from her sister’s pussy. “I’m starting to come… starting to come!”

Burying her face deeper into Jill’s horny crotch, Pam could feel her own orgasm rapidly approaching as Keith fucked his hard prick more forcefully into her fiery fuck hole.

“Oooooooh! Ooooooooh!” screamed Jill, locking her deliciously naked thighs tighter against Pam’s face. “I’m coming… coming!”

Then Pam suddenly felt Keith’s hot jizz gushing into her cunt, triggering the most explosive orgasm she had ever experienced. “Yes, honey, yes!” she hysterically shrieked, writhing her hot cunt back around the thick length of his wildly spurting cock. “Cream it to me, baby! That’s it, you sweet fucker! Fill my pussy with jizz!”

When Keith finally pulled his limp wet prick out of her dripping pussy, the three of them collapsed into a sweaty heap on the couch.


The following day, after the twins had left the house to join some friends at the tennis courts, their mother was alone in the house when the phone rant she picked it up.

“Hello,” said Bonnie as she picked it up.

“Hi, sweetheart,” said a man’s voice. “Oh, Frank,” she gasped. “Where have you been? I’ve missed you so much.”

“My wife’s mother has been staying with us,” he explained. “And I just couldn’t get away.”

“God, I’ve missed your cock,” whispered Bonnie.

“And I’ve missed that hot pussy of yours, too,” he answered.

“When can we get together?”

“That’s why I called,” he said. “My wife has taken her mother to visit a sister for a couple of days, and I was wondering if you could drop by.”

“Shit, yes,” she said. “When?”

“As soon as you can get here,” he laughed. “I’ve got a hell of a hard-on.”

“Don’t lose it,” whispered Bonnie. “And I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“I’ll leave the back door unlocked,” the man laughed excitedly. “I’ll be up in the bedroom waiting for you.”

When Bonnie hung up the phone, she hurried upstairs to observe herself in the full length mirror. Removing her dressing gown, she carefully studied her naked reflection and was more than pleased with what she saw. Her long dark hair that she usually, wore piled on top of her head was flowing casually down over her creamy white shoulders, accenting the beauty of her gray eyes. She was in her mid-thirties, but her full firm tits and luscious big nipples were beautiful. She stared approvingly at her slim waist and full round hips that flared out so softly and seductively. The soft triangle of pussy hair glowed in the soft morning light.

She was excitedly looking forward to seeing Frank again, because he made, such a wonderful lover with his muscular body and big cock.

Best of all, Frank was always a very willing partner in kinky sex she often craved.

Walking into her dressing room, Bonnie slipped a light housecoat over her naked body. Hurrying down the stairs, she quickly backed her car out of the garage aid headed down the street.

Within ten minutes she was at Frank’s house, entering through the unlocked back door, she quietly ran up the stairs.

“Hi,” Bonnie smiled, walking into his room.

“Hello,” the handsome man grinned, lying naked on the bed with his stiff prick pointing into the air.

“My God,” Bonnie giggled, staring excitedly at his big throbbing cock. “Were you going to start without me?”

“Not a chance,” he smiled up at the beautiful woman as she casually removed her housecoat.

“God,” she smiled. “I’m sure glad your wife went out of town.”

“So am I,” Frank answered, staring at the glistening cunt juice that was bubbling out from between the woman’s hot pussy lips.

Moving onto the bed with him, Bonnie gently wrapped her fingers around his prick. Lowering her head, she began licking savagely on his lust-bloated cock head. There was absolutely nothing in the world that Bonnie enjoyed more than the feel and taste of a big cock. For some reason, Frank’s hard prick felt even longer and thicker than usual this morning. The immense size of his swollen fucker sent wild shivers racing through her body.

“Oh, Jesus,” she panted, removing his big bloated cock knob from her mouth. “Fuck me in my asshole, honey. Make me scream. Christ, I want it all the way up my shitter.”

Bonnie rolled over on her knees and elbows, her smooth white ass waving wildly in the air.

Crawling up behind her, Frank grasped her ass cheeks and gently parted her puckered ass ring with his thumbs. Though she always screamed and moaned in pain when he first started putting his cock in, Frank knew she was enjoying it in spite of her anguished screams. The man always received great satisfaction from ass-fucking the woman. Not only did his cock feel good in her hot tight asshole, but the depravity of fucking ass always further excited him.

“Oooooh, yes, baby,” the raven-haired beauty mewled as she felt Frank’s big cock head probing against her twitching asshole.

Bonnie always liked to be fucked in her shitter when it hurt a bit, and from the bloated size of Frank’s cock this morning, she knew the fucking would be deliciously good and painful.

Clutching Bonnie’s hips, the man began pushing his bursting prick against the tight opening.

“Relax,” he whispered, pressing still harder.

“Eeeeeek!” she screeched when his cock fucked through the cruelly stretched ass ring. “It hurts! It hurts!”

Bonnie enjoyed a bit of discomfort when she was being ass-fucked, but this moment it was almost more than she could stand, and it was only his cock head that had plunged through the opening.

“Oh, Frank,” she sobbed, “please take it out! You’re too big this morning!”

Paying no attention to her pleading, and knowing that within a few minutes she’d be screaming for more cock in her ass, he got a firmer grip on her hips and fucked his thick cock shaft even farther into the woman’s painfully distended asshole.

“You asked for it,” he panted, forcing his blistering prick deeper and deeper into Bonnie’s inflamed asshole.

“Please stop it!” she screamed even louder. “I can’t stand it!”

Bonnie was on the verge of passing out from the scaring torture of the man’s brutally lunging prick. She certainly enjoyed a small amount of pain with ass-fucking, but this morning it seemed so much more intense. Unaware that Frank knew what he was doing, Bonnie couldn’t understand him this morning.

He’d always been such a considerate fuck mate, but now he seemed like a ruthless fiend.

The man was now fucking his big boner in and out of her burning asshole with a steady rhythm. The sucking tightness of her hot buttery shitter was pure ecstasy to him.

With her sobbing face buried in her arms, Bonnie suddenly didn’t want Frank to stop his brutal assault. There was a delicious sensation mixing with the pain that was growing stronger and stronger. Bonnie began unconsciously thrusting her ass back to receive the lunges of Frank’s big thick cock.

Seeing that the beautiful woman was beginning to enjoy it, Frank began slamming his cock rod in with deeper and harder fuckstrokes.

“Do you like that?” he panted, fucking his swollen cock up through the hot sucking tissues of her tight asshole. “Does that feel good, baby?”

“Oh, yes, honey,” she sobbed in a low whisper. “Don’t stop, baby.”

All sense of pain had disappeared from Bonnie’s body and she was lustily thrusting her smooth round ass back to receive the full force of his pistoning cock. Looking down, Frank could see his thick cock shaft fucking in and out of her grotesquely stretched asshole.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she screamed. “Give it to me good, honey! Give it to me good!”

The gorgeous brunette was thrashing around on the bed like a wild animal as his cock fucked deeper and deeper into her inflamed whole.

“Oh, baby!” she squealed with delight, “fuck that asshole, honey! Just fuck me to death!”

Shivering with rapture, Bonnie joyously felt him fucking his thick boner in and out. The searing hot length of his cock fucked deep into her belly from the rear.

“Oh piss, that feels so good!” she squealed.

The flaming ecstasy in her asshole increased, the delicious thickness of his big blistering prick rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her tight ass ring. The horny woman could feel the softly ridged channel of her ass clinging moistly to his glorious cock shaft as he fucked in and out through the forbidden meat of her tingling shit chute.

The woman’s squeals of wanton joy further aroused the wildly fucking man. Frank’s slippery thick cock rod was gliding easily in and out, and feeling the heated churning in his cum-filled balls, he didn’t know how much longer he could last without shooting his wad. Every time he slammed his cock up the raven haired beauty’s asshole, his head snapped back from the wild fuck-thrust.

Kneeling beneath the lurching man, Bonnie’s entire body felt warm and wet from the intense ecstasy that was flowing through her. Her moistly parted lips were gaping open as wave after wave of wanton joy swept through the depraved woman’s body. Bonnie could feel the tumultuous pleasure mounting throughout her cock-stuffed ass, and was anxiously waiting to feel his bubbling cum gush hotly into her ass guts.

“Come on, honey!” she screamed back over her shoulder at him. “Fuck me harder, you big-cocked bastard!”

Encouraged by the woman’s excited squeals, Frank began fucking his prick even harder into her as Bonnie ground her deeply impaled asshole back around his plunging cock.

“That’s it, baby!” she squealed.

Each backward thrust of her soft wiggly ass was bringing her more intense waves of pleasure.

“Oh, you sweet fucker!” she shrieked at the top of her lungs. “Fuck me good, darling! Fill me with jizz, you big beautiful fucker!”

The pleasure that was screaming through the aroused woman’s naked body was further enhanced by the knowledge that she was indulging in such a depraved act. Having her asshole ravaged by a man’s cock always brought her up to a mind-blowing orgasm. “Oh, Frank, baby!” the excited brunette cried, shaking and wriggling her hot ass around his plunging prick. She raised her ass a bit higher, offering even more other slippery shitter for his enjoyment. As she writhed hotly beneath him, Bonnie could feel even more intense pleasure burning through her ass guts, carrying her to new heights of sublime rapture. The wild cries of lust coming from the hot assed brunette’s mouth were music to Frank, luring the man on to greater effort. Encouraged by her obscene squeals, he fucked into her ass with harder, deeper fuck-strokes, feeling her kneeling body shuddering and jerking beneath him.

She knew that Frank was about to shoot his cum-load, and every part of her deliciously assaulted body, including her soft wiggly ass, writhed and lurched back against him. Bonnie’s luscious big tits bounced up and down beneath her, and her swollen nipples were stiff and prickly with passion.

“Aaaaah! Oooooh!” she screamed, writhing and bucking wildly beneath him as the unbelievable ecstasy mounted throughout her body.

“How a I doing?” Frank panted above her squeals.

“Fantastic!” Bonnie cried. “I’m almost there, honey! I think you’re gonna make me come!”

“Then wiggle your ass, baby!” he panted. “Here comes the jizz.”

“Oh, yes!” shrieked Bonnie. “Fill my shitter with cum.”

Tossing and squirming beneath him like a bitch in heat, Bonnie squealed obscenities as the uncontrollable lust streaked through her body, bringing her closer and closer to what she knew was going to be a fantastic climax.

Suddenly it was there, the wildly intense orgasm that she almost always had when she was being ass-fucked. Her entire body began convulsing from head to toe.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked from the delirious pleasure that filled her spasming body. “I’m coming, you big beauty! I’m coming!”

At that very moment, Frank’s huge plum colored cock head shot a thick load of slippery cum into her clasping asshole, followed by squirt after squirt of warm jizz into the hot depths of her cum-drenched guts.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered a few moments later as they slowly disentangled their naked bodies. “That was the hottest assfuck I’ve ever had.”

“You sure know how to wiggle that ass,” he laughed.

“You’re not just shittin’,” giggled Bonnie, reaching down and gently stroking his limp prick. “And I know how to use my cunt, too.”

“I know that,” he grinned. “And I hope I hope I get to use it in a few minutes.”

“You can bet your sweet ass on that,” she whispered, lightly caressing his cock that was once more swelling in her fingers. “There’s gonna be a lot more suckin’ and fuckin’ before this day is over.”

A delicious tingle streaked through her loins as she felt his prick swelling in her fingers. There was nothing that excited Bonnie more than the feel of a cock throbbing in her hand or mouth lowering her head, she clamped her hot wet lips around the man’s rapidly expanding prick. Sucking his cock into her mouth, she could taste the delicious horny male flavor of his meaty fuck tool.

When his prick was fully erect, she grabbed the thick base of his cock shaft with her hand and began licking his blood-engorged cock head as if it were an ice cream cone.

“Oh, God!” he excitedly shuddered as he felt Bonnie’s tongue lapping and licking all around his big cock knob. “That feels so good, honey!”

“And it tastes so good,” she whispered waking his cock back into the hot wet cavern of her mouth.

Eagerly wanting to feel his big stiff prick explode cum in her cunt, she removed his cock from her mouth and crawled up into his arms. The feel of Bonnie’s soft naked flesh pushing against the full length of his hard trembling body filled his loins with desire. Her full lush tits and hard, hot nipples burned into his chest.

Bonnie salaciously rolled her full naked tits against his tingling flesh. Holding her handsome lover tightly against her, she covered his lips with her hot open mouth, passionately probing her wet tongue deep into his throat. Reaching down Bonnie grasped his hard meaty fucker and rubbed it against the soft warm flesh of her silky smooth belly.

Releasing his boner and slowly rolling over onto her back, Bonnie spread her creamy thighs and, taking his hand, she inserted his finger into her juicy hot cunt slit.

“Honey,” she whispered, “please fuck me now. I can’t wait any longer.”

Needing no further urging, Frank crawled between her widely opened thighs. Bonnie guided his cock up toward her hotly dripping slit. Her luscious soft body tingled with excitement when she felt his hard cock knob pressing wetly against her slippery hot cunt. Raising her hips to assist his penetration, she felt his huge cock head slipping through the hot juicy opening between her lust-swollen cunt lips.

“Jesus, you’re a hot bitch,” the man whispered, feeling his big sensitive prick rubbing against her moist inner pussy flesh that was deliciously squeezing his throbbing cock. The feel of Frank’s swollen prick fucking deeper and deeper into her steaming cunt sent a wave of ecstasy washing through her body.

When his boner was completely embedded in her hot fuck hole, Frank began slowly fucking his hard cock in and out of her deliciously sucking pussy. Bonnie shuddered with passion at the fed of his wonderful cock rubbing against the walls of her slippery hot cunt.

“Oh, sweet fucker,” whimpered the gorgeous brunette, conscious of nothing but the erotic sensations and the delicious slurping sound of his cock shaft pumping in and out of her hot, foamy pussy hole. She could feel his big sweaty balls slapping lewdly against the flesh of her soft damp ass cheeks.

“Oh, Christ, Frank!” she sobbed when he began speeding up the tempo of his long smooth fuck-thrusts. “That’s it, baby, give it to me good!”

Looking down at the beautiful face of the writhing woman beneath him, he could hardly wait to shoot his hot load of slippery spunk into her sweet warm pussy. Never in his life had he ever found a piece of ass as good as this horny bitch.

“Oooooh, yes, honey!” Bonnie squealed with delight when he began fucking deeper and faster into her sizzling pussy. “That’s it, honey! That’s it!”

His big juice-drenched cock was throbbing as it slithered against the slippery smooth ridges of her hot slick fuck channel. The pleasure was so intense that Frank was no longer in full control of his own movements. Wild muscular spasms were instinctively driving his cock in and out with savage intensity.

“That’s it, you sweet fucker!” she sobbed in rapture as his hard fuck-tool ripped madly into her scalding slit. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard!”

Crazed by her erotic squeals, Frank fucked his throbbing boner even deeper and faster into the nearly hysterical brunette’s hot wet cunt.

“Give it to me!” Bonnie shrieked, feeling his steel-hard cock plowing up into her sucking, grasping cunt flesh. The intense ecstasy was almost more than she could stand. She always loved being fucked by Frank, but this time it was something special.

“Squirt me, honey!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m almost there, baby! Bang me, baby! Squirt me full of jizz!”

Her whole lascivious world exploded into one gigantic orgasm when she felt his thick hot cum gushing into her squeezing fuck hole.

“Oh, sweet piss!” she squealed, wrapping her smooth tapered legs tightly around him while her dark hair flailed against her flushed face. “I’m coming, honey! Christ, how I’m coming!” Clinging tightly to him, she trembled and shuddered with ecstasy as his white-hot jizz continued squirting into her deliciously ranged pussy.

“Oh, God,” she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “That was so Goddamned wonderful.”

When he pulled his limp prick out and rolled over onto his back, Bonnie crawled down and slipped his rapidly shrinking cock into her mouth. Sucking deeply, she drew out the last tasty drops of cum from his soft wet prick.

Bonnie had been fucked by hundreds of men in her life, but the fucking today had been the most fantastic of all.


One morning when Dawn Marlin was reading a magazine in her back yard while her parents were at work, she glanced over toward the house next door and saw Steve Conrad watching her through field glasses from his upstairs window. Suddenly wanting to tease the man, she decided to go in and put on her briefest bikini instead, of the skirt and blouse she was wearing.

She was just getting up from the lounge chair when she saw Craig Burns coming around the corner of the house. Craig was her boyfriend’s closest buddy, and though Dawn was practically going steady with Bob, she had always been a bit intrigued by his friend. From the big cock-bulge that was always showing in Craig’s jeans, it was very obvious that he was hung like a bull.

“Hi, Craig,” she smiled as he walked across the lawn toward her in nothing but a pair of cut-offs. “What brings you by?”

“I was looking for Bob,” he answered, sitting down on the grass. “Have you seen him?”

“He had to drive his mom over to Rexville,” smiled Dawn, conscious of the big cock-bulge in the front of his shorts as she seated herself on the lawn in front of him. “He said he’d be back late this afternoon.”

Not wearing panties, as usual, the cute redhead was sitting in a short skirt with her knees drawn up and slightly parted. She almost laughed out loud a few moments later as she saw the stunned expression on Craig’s face when he caught sight of her pussy so blatantly exposed between her soft smooth thighs.

“What’s the matter?” she teased, leaning back on her elbows to give him an even better view. “Haven’t you ever seen one of these things before?”

“I sure have,” he grinned. “I guess I’ve had my share of them in the last couple of years, but I’ve never seen one as pretty as that red-haired cutie.”

“Do you like to screw?” she smiled, pleased to see how excited he was getting.

“It’s my favorite pastime,” he grinned.

“Mine too,” beamed Dawn. “I’d rather fuck any time.”

“So would I.”

“Would you like to try my pussy?” she suddenly asked.

“Are you serious?”

“You bet I am,” whispered Dawn. “But you better have a big cock. I don’t want any guy with a dinky prick.”

“Will this do?” he smiled, suddenly pulling his zipper down, letting his massive boner spring out in front of her eyes.

Dawn’s mouth literally flew open when the young man’s hard prick sprang into view. She couldn’t believe the length and girth of his huge throbbing prick. “Jesus, Craig!” she gasped, excitedly licking her lips. “I’ve never seen such a big fuckin’ cock in my life!”

“Well,” he grinned, pleased to see how thrilled she was with it, “will this satisfy you?”

“God, yes!” panted Dawn, reaching out and wrapping her trembling fingers around his bloated hard-on. “This has gotta be the biggest Goddamn prick in the whole world!”

“Then I guess that means you’ll let me fuck you,” he smiled.

“You better believe I will,” she giggled. “Shall we go up to my room?”

“What’s wrong with right here?” grinned the youth. “We’re the only ones around.”

“It sounds fine to me,” she smiled, although she knew the neighbor was watching while Craig quickly stripped.

Dawn couldn’t believe what was happening as she stared at his big naked body. She’d never, seen anything to compare to the fantastic boner that was thrusting up from his balls in the bright sunlight.

“Oh, Craig,” she giggled, glancing over toward the Conrads’ house. “The neighbors can see us from their bedroom window.”

“Who cares?” he laughed, removing her blouse, freeing her braless tits.

“Craig,” she whispered, “I think we’d better go in the house where it’s a bit more private.”

“I can’t wait,” he panted. “I wanta fuck you right now.”

Unable to control his lust, the muscular youth grasped the cheeks of her ass and pulled her body tightly against him. His big prick pressed against her belly as his strong hands dug into the soft flesh of her quivering ass, puffing her even tighter against him.

Staring up at the neighbor’s house, Dawn wanted Craig as much as he wanted her, yet she couldn’t possibly allow him to fuck her out here on the lawn where the man was watching them with his field glasses. But as hard as she tried, she couldn’t free herself from the naked youth’s grip.

Holding her tightly against himself with one hand, Craig lowered the zipper on the side of her skirt and let the skirt slither over her bare hips and down around her ankles to the grass. Moving his hand around in front, to cover the soft hairy mound of her cunt, he suddenly thrust his thick middle finger up into the wet hotness of her pussy.

As much as Dawn was ashamed of being seen by the neighbor, the feel of Craig’s finger stirring around in her horny cunt sent tingles racing through her body.

“Oh God, Craig,” she moaned. “Not out here. Please, we mustn’t do it out here.”

Dawn was trembling helplessly as the youth’s finger continued twisting around in her pussy, bringing her to a higher degree of arousal with every delicious plunge. Panting like an animal, Craig forced her down onto the grass.

“Oh, no!” she whimpered. “The neighbors can see us. Please — not out here!”

Not answering, he grabbed her arms and pinned them on the ground beside her. When his knees separated her tightly closed legs, Dawn knew it was futile to resist him any longer. From the time she’d first seen his gorgeous cock, she’d wanted him to fuck her, and now she was going to get it whether she was ready or not. Suddenly not caring how many people were watching, she knew she had to have that beautiful big cock stuffed into her juicy cunt.

With his body holding her down, Dawn spread her thighs wider apart and drew her knees back so that the hot length of his prick rested flat in the wide wet split between her legs. A wild thrill of anticipation flowed through Craig’s loins as he began moving gently back and forth, the underside of his big boner rubbing against the furry wetness of her open cunt. With his big throbbing prick resting in the steamy hot furrow, poised for entry, Dawn snaked her legs around his body, locking her shapely calves over the backs of his thighs.

Craig couldn’t hold back another moment. Moaning and panting over her, he reached down between their naked bodies and grasped his lurching cock, guiding it up against the open lips of her lust-swollen cunt mouth. The silky hairs of her juicy pussy slowly parted as the head of his big blood-bloated cock shaft pushed inward. Trembling with excitement, the horny, redhead could feel his huge pulsing cock knob slipping between the lips of her stretched cunt.

“Oh, my God!” she whimpered, squirming her crotch up tighter around his slowly advancing boner, wanting more and more of his prick stuffed into her horny pussy. Her arms were locked tightly around his shoulders as he reached beneath her and cupped the soft cheeks of her creamy white ass in his palms, slowly pulling her scalding cunt slit farther up around his partially buried cock.

“Here it comes, honey,” he panted. “Are you ready for it?”

“Fuck, yes!” she gasped. “Give it to me! Give me the whole fuckin’ thing!”

Grasping her tightly, he plunged forward, fucking his unbelievably big prick deep into her smoldering cunt.

“Aaaaauuuuggg!” she gasped, feeling the flesh of her widely stretched pussy slip wetly over his thick cock as it fucked deep into her cunt.

Feeling her tight inner cunt muscles closing around his huge prick, he fucked his long thick cock all the way up into the depths of Dawn’s belly, her deliciously tight cuntal walls giving way as his cock advanced into the hot wetness of her quivering pussy.

“Oh, my God!” she moaned when he began fucking his cock in and out with long fuckstrokes.

Dawn was soon writhing in unconcealed ecstasy. When she’d first seen his enormous prick a few minutes before, the girl knew she had to have it — but in her wildest fantasies, she hadn’t dreamed it would feel this fucking good. It was as if she’d been picked up in a cyclone of passion, being carried higher and higher into a turbulent sea of fuck-lust. The length and thickness of his deeply thrusting cock were driving her wild.

“Oh, God? Oh, God!” she sobbed as his slashing cock pounded into the farthest reaches of her fuck hole.

Dawn thought she would go out of her mind when he began to vary the tempo and depth of his fuck-strokes. After several long, deep fuck thrusts, he withdrew his cock shaft until only the big hard prick knob was still embedded, then he teased her clit with a series of short fast strokes. This was followed by another group of hard deep fuck-thrusts, followed again by short fast ones. The ever changing tempo of his fucking was almost blowing the horny redhead’s mind. She’d been fucked by every boy she’d known, but none of them could compete with this beautiful stud who was fucking her now.

With his cock buried to the hilt in the girl’s hotly sucking pussy, Craig rested for a moment, letting his big throbbing boner soak in the warm moistness of her deliciously tight cunt flesh.

“Oh, you sweet shit!” she panted, covering his lips with her soft open mouth. “That’s the neatest, biggest fucking cock in the whole world.”

A wild shudder shook her body when he once again began fucking his long thick prick in and out of her slippery pussy. On and on the fucking went, getting better and better until Dawn thought she might lose her mind. Throwing her shapely legs around him, she locked her ankles over his ass and dug her bare heels between his ass cheeks, pulling his hard prick deeper into her seething fuck hole.

“Harder, baby!” she squealed. “Fuck me harder!”

Craig began pounding his cock deeper and deeper into her hot juicy pussy while she squirmed her sucking cunt up to meet him as his magnificent fuck tool sank to the hilt in her writhing pussy.

Her soft creamy legs were scissored around him, and her mouth was hanging slackly open as her head rolled from side to side.

“Oooooh!” she screamed. “It’s so fucking good, honey! God, how you can fuck!”

With the rugged teens lust-swollen cock shaft fucking rhythmically into the slippery depths of her juice-slickened cunt, she could hear the wet, slurping sounds of their vigorous fucking.

Cupping her ass cheeks in his hands, Craig slipped his fingers into the deep crevice between her resilient ass globes without missing a fuck-stroke. Probing around in the softness of the deep crack, the tip of his middle finger found the puckered ring of her asshole. Scooping up some of the hot fuck juice that his massive prick was pumping out of her pussy, he smeared it around the quivering ring of her asshole. The tip of his finger suddenly entered her tight elastic ass ring with a pop.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked in surprise when she felt the sharp pain of his invading finger. “What the hell are you doing?”

Not bothering to answer, Craig fucked the full length of his finger up into the buttery hotness of her asshole. With his finger fucked up her ass, he began humping his hips with a renewed vigor, fucking his cock deeper and deeper into her smoldering cunt.

Suddenly remembering how good it had felt when two older boys had fucked her in the ass, she could vividly recall how good it had felt after the initial pain disappeared. She could feel Craig’s big throbbing cock growing even larger in her rigidly stretched pussy that was tingling even more from the pressure of his finger in her asshole. Pawn thought she would explode from intense pleasure of his massive fucker ramming into her cunt slit while his finger fucked deliciously around in the hot sensitive tissues of her asshole.

Feeling his cum-filled balls slapping wetly against her ass cheeks, the horny redhead knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d be shooting her pussy full of his white-hot cum. He was thrusting his huge cock into her scalding fuck hole with long smooth fucking motions, in perfect rhythm with his stroking finger in her quivering shitter.

Thrilled with the ecstasy of her two holes being filled with male flesh, the horny girl was frantically thrusting her loins up to receive the maximum pleasure from this wonderful two way fuck she was getting.

“Oh, Craig,” she sobbed, “I’ve never felt anything so good in my whole life.”

With their lurching, naked bodies locked tightly together, the sex-crazed young couple humped savagely into each other on the soft cool grass. Every fuck-plunge of his magnificent prick was bringing both of them closer and closer to a thundering climax. The pressure of his huge thrusting fuck pole was doubly enhanced by the feel of his thick finger skewering obscenely around in her hot slippery ass guts. A torrent of filthy words came from Dawn’s panting mouth as she ground her cunt and asshole up tighter around the base of his prick and finger.

“Oh, fuck!” she whimpered. “Give me more of that big hard cock! Shit, honey, it’s so good! Flare that fuckin’ finger up my ass?”

With her legs pulled back against her tits, her cunt slit and asshole were exposed to his plunging cock and twisting finger. Her pussy and asshole were completely vulnerable to his assault.

The beautiful redhead’s eyes were rolling crazily, her face contorted with lust as her cunt gulped and swallowed even more of his plunging prick.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ baby,” she mewled as his prick plowed deeper and deeper into the scalding wetness of her gasping, milking cunt. Her swollen pussy lips were sucking noisily on his thick, slippery hard-on as it slithered rhythmically in and, out of her writhing cunt.

“Faster! Harder! Faster!” she screamed, sinking her nails into his broad shoulders. “I’m almost there… almost there!”

His massive cock was the most fabulous thing Dawn had ever enjoyed. The thickness of his steel-hard cock shaft rubbed against every single nerve in her widely stretched cuntal passage, exciting the sensitive pussy flesh as it had never been excited before.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she chanted, feeling the walls of her pussy starting to spasm around the length of his hard plunging prick. “Fuck it to me, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

She was aware of nothing but the big cock in her cunt as her wild climax rapidly approached.

“Oooooh, slit!” she shrieked as the feel of his hot cum gushing into her pussy triggered her climax. “I’m coming, Craig! Christ, how I’m coming… coming!”

Locking her legs even tighter around his waist, she fucked her exploding cunt up around the base of his cum-belching cock shaft as his squirting fuck cream spewed into her hot sucking pussy.

“Oh, Jesus, it’s so good… so good,” she whimpered, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as the man’s thick, creamy jizz continued squirting into her cock-stuffed cunt.

Moments later as they lay recovering on the grass, Dawn looked over at the Conrads’ house and saw Steve Conrad watching them through the window. Just before the man turned away, she gave him a big smile and the middle finger.


The next day, when Bonnie went to join Frank Clark in a motel, she left her cute twin daughters home alone. As usual, the two naughty girls conversation turned to sex. The more they talked about fucking, the hotter they were both getting.

“I have an idea.” Jill suddenly suggested. “Why don’t you call Keith and ask him to bring a friend over for a party? Mom said she wouldn’t be back until late this afternoon.”

“That’s a good idea,” giggled Pam, reaching for the phone.

After the third ring, her boyfriend answered.

“Hi, honey,” she said happily.

“Hi, Pam,” the boy said. “What’s up?”

“I feel horny,” she whispered.

“Well,” laughed Keith, “don’t you always?”

“I guess so,” giggled Pam. “But both Jill and I feel super-horny today, and we were wondering if you could bring a friend over for a party with us.”

“What kind of a party?” he teased.

“A fuckie-fuckie party,” the cute blonde giggled. “We’re both dying to be laid.”

“Don Webster is over her with me now,” he said. “Do you mind if I bring him along?”

“Shit, no,” said Pam. “That dreamy guy can get into my pants any time he feels like it.”

“Okay,” laughed Keith. “We’ll be over in a few minutes.”

Waiting for the boys to arrive, the cute twins rearranged some of the furniture in the den so that two couches were facing each other about three or four feet apart — so they could watch each other fuck.

“Well,” grinned Pam, sitting down next to Keith on one of the sofas after the boys had arrived. “What would you guys like to do?”

“Maybe they’d like to fuck,” Jill suggested, sitting down next to Don on the other couch.

“Now here’s a chick that has it all together,” laughed Don, resting his hand on her bare knee. “What could be a better way to spend a summer day?”

The cute twins stood up and quickly removed their halters, shorts and panties, leaving them both completely naked.

“We’re ready,” giggled Pam, sitting down next to Keith again. “How about you guys?”

“Let’s go upstairs,” Keith panted, taking her hand.

“No thanks,” grinned the cute blonde. “My sister and I want us all to fuck in front of each other.”

“Right here in front of them?” he asked, glancing across at the other couple.

“Why not?” giggled Jill from the other couch. “Don’s gonna fuck me right here. Aren’t you, honey?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Come on, Keith,” grinned Pam. “Get your Goddamn clothes off so we can fuck!”

Suddenly deciding it would be fun to watch his buddy fuck Jill, Keith stood up and removed his clothes.

“Oh, you big-cocked darling,” whispered Pam, curling her fingers around his throbbing boner when he sat down next to her again.

Sensually sliding the boy’s foreskin up and down over his cock shaft, the cute blonde smiled over at her sister and winked. Then, cupping his big swollen balls in one hand while she stroked his hard prick with the other, Pam lowered her head and licked the tip of his bloated prick knob with her hot wet tongue.

Jill excitedly watched the boy’s stiff prick twitch and throb from the excitement generated by the oral treatment Pam was giving it. The erotic sight of Pam’s pink tongue slithering around on Keith’s big meaty cock was driving Jill wild, making the hot juices ooze out from between her trembling cunt lips.

“Oh, Don,” she huskily whispered to the boy seated next to her. “Why don’t you take your fuckin’ clothes off?”

When he’d done as she suggested, Jill lowered her head and took Don’s hard cock into her mouth. The smooth texture of his hot, rubbery cock knob had the cute blonde drooling with excitement. The feel of Don’s throbbing prick in her hands sent wonderful ripples of ecstasy racing from between her legs to the very tip of her swollen nipples. With her sweet lips sucking and pulling on his delicious cock meat, Jill had almost forgotten about the other couple until she heard Pam begging Keith to stuff his cock into her cunt.

Temporarily releasing Don’s prick from her mouth, Jill glanced over and saw Keith crawling up between Pam’s shapely legs. She just stared in complete fascination as Keith clutched his throbbing prick, guiding it toward her sister’s cute juicy cunt slit.

“Hurry, darling,” Pam was whimpering. “I need that hard cock in me right now.”

A delicious shudder raced through Jill’s hot pussy as she watched the boy’s big cock knob lightly brush against the soft, slick flesh of Pam’s pussy lips. Staring excitedly as Keith’s thick prick fucked easily into her sister’s wet, Jill could vividly recall how good his cock had felt in her own pussy that day when he fucked both of them. Jill could almost feel his prick entering her own hotly aroused pussy. A vicarious thrill raced through Jill’s naked body as she watched, that big blue veined cock shaft sink deeper and deeper into her sister’s juice slickened pussy.

“That’s it, honey!” Pam whimpered. “Give me more! Give me all of it!”

When Keith’s hard cock rod was balls-deep in Pam’s steaming cunt slit, Jill excitedly watched her sister wrap her legs and arms around the boy’s naked body. Jill could almost feel her own thighs wrapped around his lean waist.

Completely turned on by the sight of the feverishly fucking couple, Jill had never been so excited in her life.

“Oh darling,” she heard her sister whisper. “Your beautiful cock feels so nice and big in me.”

When Keith began slowly fucking his thick prick in and out of Pam’s cunt, Jill leaned forward on the couch until her eyes were only inches away from her sister’s cute pussy. She could see the oily drops of pussy juice glistening on the soft pink flesh of her slippery cunt slit. A rivulet of hot cunt cream was oozing out of her prick-squeezing pussy from the pressure of Keith’s big plunging boner. Jill excitedly watched the slippery fuck juice dribbling down over her sister’s sweet ass cheeks, forming a sticky pool on the cushion beneath her.

“Ooooooooh, yes, sweet fucker,” Pam moaned with delight. “Just fuck the piss out of me, you sweet baby.”

The cute girl’s sobs of ecstasy and the exciting sounds of Keith’s thick prick squishing in and out of her sucking cunt were driving Jill crazy. The blonde could almost feel every fuck-thrust of his cock in her own horny pussy.

Still stroking Don’s throbbing hard-on as he sat nakedly beside her, Jill began excitedly rubbing her own tingling clit with the middle finger of her free hand, wildly fascinated by the lust on her sister’s face.

Pam’s head was thrown back, her long blonde hair spread out all over the cushion as her glazed eyes tried to focus on the spinning ceiling. The girl’s moist lips were parted in ecstasy, her tongue hanging out from the corner of her mouth.

Hearing the moans coming from deep within her sister’s throat, Jill could almost feel the ecstasy that was etched on her pretty face. “Oh, God, Keith,” she heard Pam whisper as she clutched the wildly fucking boy more tightly in her arms. “You sure know how to a that cock!”

Still frantically stroking Don’s boner, Jill was almost out of her mind with excitement. The fingers of her other hand were still tearing wildly at her own juicy pussy as she vicariously felt every sensation that was raging through her twin sister’s overheated body.

“Fuck me, baby!” she heard Pam screaming as she bounced and lurched beneath Keith’s humping body. “It’s so good… so good!”

Carried to an even higher plane of vicarious excitement by Pam’s squeals of joy, Jill began stroking Don’s prick more urgently. Wildly pumping on the boy’s thick cock meat, she continued working on her own pussy with her other hand.

“That’s it, Keith!” Jill began screaming at the boy, her emotions now completely out of control. “Give it to her, baby? Just fuck her tail off!”

She excitedly stared at Keith’s big cock as it pumped in and out of her sister’s sucking, grasping fuck hole, the entire slippery surface of his pistoning boner glistening with the oily juices that were oozing out from between her prick-squeezing cunt lips.

“Fuck her!” Jill was hysterically screaming. “Make her come!”

“Yes! Yes!” squealed Pam. “Make me come!”

Between the two screaming girls, the squeaking of the couch and the obscene sound of their naked wet bodies slapping together, the den was a bedlam of lewd noise.

Even in her state of near-hysteria, Jill was aware that the two wildly fucking bodies were racing toward a stupendous climax. She could hardly wait to see the handsome boy pump his big hot cum-load into her sister’s cute cunt.

“Fuck, her, Keith!” she was screaming to the wildly fucking youth. “Make my sister come all over your big cock!”

Suddenly, Pam was squealing with joy, wrapping her arms and legs around his muscular body as she felt her orgasm approaching with the speed of a jet.

“Cream me, you big-cocked honey!” Pam shrieked. “I’m coming… coming! Oh, God, how I’m coming!”

Seeing how the handsome boy was jerking and twitching above Pam, Jill could tell that he was pumping her cunt full of scalding cum.

“That’s it!” Jill shouted to Keith. “Give her your cum!”

Slowly returning to reality, Jill was suddenly conscious of the fact that she was still stroking Don’s thick hard-on. She became acutely aware of how hot his cock felt against her palm and fingers. The intense excitement in her loins increased even more as she lovingly squeezed the thick pole of hard cock meat that was throbbing so insistently in her hot hand.

“Oh God, Don!” she panted. “Hurry, honey! Fuck me, baby! I need that big cock in my horny cunt!”

“I didn’t think you’d ever ask,” the boy grinned at her.

“I’m sorry,” the cute girl whispered, “but watching them was a real turn-on.”

Rolling onto her back and spreading her legs widely apart, Jill blatantly exposed her slippery pussy slit to the wildly aroused boy’s ogling eyes.

“Come on, honey,” she breathlessly whispered, wriggling her hot ass around on the couch. “Let’s start fucking.”

As Don dropped to his knees between her widely spread legs, Jill reached down and gently grasped his hard pulsing cock in her soft fingers, slowly guiding his cock toward her oozing pussy. Quivering with anticipation, the horny twin rubbed the head of his swollen prick up and down between her slippery hot pussy lips. The feet of the handsome boy’s big hard cock knob against her steaming pussy sent thrilling hot tingles throughout her adolescent body.

Feeling him arching his body in preparation for the actual penetration, the adorable blonde pulled her knees almost back to her shoulders, offering the deliciously full length of her open fuck slit as a target for his throbbing cock.

“Oooooooh!” she squealed, shuddering with ecstasy as the handsome boy drilled the full length of his prick all the way into her cute cunt with one smooth fuck-thrusts. “That’s the way, honey! That’s the way to use a hot cunt. Now just fuck me silly!”

She loved the way his big cock filled her steaming pussy, pressing out against every tingling nerve in her tight fuck hole.

“Oh, shit, that feels so damned good,” she whimpered, screwing her overheated pussy up around the thick base of his deeply embedded cock shaft. “There’s nothing in the world that I like more than a hard cock in my pussy.”

With his lust-swollen fucker firmly encased in her squeezing cunt, the adorable girl clung passionately to him, anxious for him to start fucking his cock in and out.

“Ooooooh, yes!” she squealed with delight when the handsome boy began fucking into her cunt with hard deep fuck-strokes. “That’s the way, baby! That’s what I like!”

The feel of his hard prick fucking her overheated pussy was driving the sexy young man wild. The hot grasping lips of her hungry pussy were feverishly sucking and pulling on his wildly plunging cock shaft, filling her with unbelievable ecstasy.

“That’s it, Don!” she squealed with wanton joy. “Oh, sweet humpin’ Jesus, your hard cock feels so good in my hot pussy!”

Keith was slowly recovering from his recent climax, and the sight of Jill writhing under Don’s humping body was driving him wild. Even though he’d shot a big hot load of jizz into her sister only moments ago, Keith’s prick began stirring and throbbing with renewed arousal as he excitedly watched the feverishly fucking couple. He was thoroughly fascinated by the sight of Jill’s cute tits and big swollen nipples rubbing against his buddy’s heaving chest.

The erotic sound of Don’s thick, slippery cock fucking in and out of her sopping hot cunt was driving Keith wild. The glowing pleasure on the cute girl’s flushed face was one of the most beautiful and erotic sights he’d ever seen.

“Oh, you sweet fuckin’ bull!” Jill hysterically squealed, screwing her hot pussy up tighter around the thick base of Don’s thrusting cock. “Give it to me, baby! Just bang the fuckin’ shit outa me! I’m almost there, you beautiful bastard… almost there!”

Realizing that the horny blonde was rushing toward a jolting climax, Don began violently slamming his hard fucker into her juicy cunt at a much faster tempo.

“That’s it, honey!” she deliriously squealed with delight. “Faster, baby, faster! Oh, fuck… fuck… fuck!”

Her beautiful long blonde hair was whipping around her pretty dimpled face as her head rolled crazily from side to side on the cushion. With her soft moist lips open and her eyes squeezed shut, she was clawing at the sinewy flesh of his wildly pumping ass.

“Hold me tight!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m coming! Fill my hot cunt, honey! Shoot me a big hot load!”

Then her wonderful orgasm was suddenly further enhanced when she felt Don’s hot slippery cum gushing into her wildly climaxing cunt.

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed, writhing her spasming pussy up around his cum-shooting cock. “Cream me, baby! Cream me good!”

Moments later, when the completely exhausted boy pulled his limp wet prick out of Jill’s cum-drenched pussy, she looked up and saw Keith standing over them, excitedly clutching a brand new hard-on.

“Come on, honey,” she giggled, holding her arms out to him. “I’m ready for another hot fuck.”

“Then get on your hands and knees,” he whispered, excitedly stroking the length of his big throbbing prick. “I’m gonna fuck your pussy like a Goddamn dog.”

“Oh, good,” she giggled, scrambling into the position he suggested. “I love to have my hot cunt fucked from the rear.”

When she was on her knees with her sweet bare ass wriggling around in the air, Keith knelt behind her. Firmly grasping her hips, the handsome boy eased the head of his throbbing cock up against her dripping cunt sift.

“Ready?” he whispered.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes,” she softly crooned, feeling his hard cock knob parting her cunt lips as he slowly pushed forward.

“Oh, yes,” she panted. “That’s what I want, you sweet fucker.”

Once his bloated boner was all the way in her cute pussy, he gradually pulled back and then plunged forward again. Still grasping her soft hips, he began rhythmically fucking into her deliciously hot pussy from the rear.

The pleasure in Jill’s pussy increased with every deep thrust as he fucked the gleaming length of his big slippery prick into her writhing cunt.

“Oh, Keith!” she softly moaned. “You’ll never know how good your big hard cock feels in my horny pussy.”

Clawing at the cushion, she could feel needles of tingling delight spreading throughout her body.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ piss!” she cried out with joy as his thick prick made her shoulder and shake beneath his heavenly fuck-strokes. “That’s the way to dog-fuck a horny bitch!”

Her wanton pleasure was further intensified when the handsome boy moved his hands around the smooth flesh of her sides and grasped her firm tits. She whimpered with joy as his fingers began gently squeezing and pulling on her desire-swollen nipples.

“Oh, sweet Keith,” she heatedly whispered as the intense ecstasy rippled all through her cute teenaged body.

With his hands cupping her tits, he pulled back, pressing the softness of her sweet ass against his hard belly. The pressure of his groin against her ass as he fucked into her cunt was wonderful. Her body was readily responding to his hard plunges as he further increased the tempo of his fuck-thrusts.

“Jesus, honey!” she squealed back over her shoulder at him. “This is fantastic!”

In this kneeling position, millions of strange sensations were racing through her bent-over body as Keith’s hard cock continued plunging into her creaming cunt with more and more force. Jill’s mind reeled while she fucked wildly back against the boy’s cock as he carried her closer and closer to a climax.

“Oh, shit!” she suddenly cried out. “I’m gonna come, honey… gonna come! Cream me, baby! Shoot me your juice!”

Wanting to please her, he began grunting and fucking like a wild bull until a fiery stream of boiling cum shot out of his cock head, flooding her pussy with his heavenly jizz.

“Oh, Jesus… yesssss… yessssss!” she squealed as blast after blast of his sticky white cum flooded into her writhing pussy. “Shoot me full, honey! I’m coming… coming!”

Trembling with ecstasy, Jill collapsed face down on the couch with Keith on top of her, his deeply embedded cock still pumping her hot cunt full of jizz.

When they finally recovered from their glorious climax, Jill saw Don wildly fucking Pam on the other couch, and she knew there would be a lot more fucking before this day was over.


When Craig told Bob that he’d fucked Dawn in her backyard, his buddy just laughed and said Craig’s hot girlfriend had enough cunt for both of them. From them on, the two young men were both fucking her silly, often taking her out with them so they could take turns, one fucking the girl while the other one rested for his next fuck.

One evening when Dawn was chatting with her parents in the back yard, the two youths came around the corner of the house.

“Hi, guys,” she smiled.

The boys greeted Dawn as well as her folks.

“Won’t you sit down?” her father asked them.

“No thanks,” answered Bob. “We were all wondering if Dawn, would like to go for a ride.”

“Oh, I’d love it,” beamed the cute redhead as she excitedly jumped to her feet, knowing they were taking her out for a fuck. “My,” Dawn’s mother said to her husband when the three people had gone. “She’s such a sweet innocent girl. I’m glad she spends so much time with those fine boys. I don’t worry a bit about her when she’s with them.”

Craig was driving his father’s car, so Bob and Dawn got into the back seat where they could mess around while Craig drove them all out to their favorite parking place.

They hadn’t driven more than a block when Dawn threw her arms around Bob, offering him her softly parted lips. Their mouths were welded passionately together in a deep tongue sucking kiss, and the young man began massaging her sweet tits through her blouse.

“You’re a naughty boy,” she giggled when their lips finally parted.

“Don’t you want me to be naughty?” he teased.

“Of course I do,” she grinned, guiding his hand down through the front of her low-cut blouse. “I only like naughty boys.”

Bob had never met another girl as horny as this cute redhead. Cupping her sweet tit in his hand, he began rolling her deliciously swollen nipple between his fingers.

“Mmmmm,” she softly moaned.

“You really like it when I play with your titties, don’t you?” he whispered, seeing the excited glow in her eyes.

“You know I do,” she said. “I like it when guys play with all of my body.”

Covering her lips with his mouth once more, he reached, under her skirt and began moving his hand up between her soft bare thighs.

“Now you’re getting the idea,” giggled the horny redhead, spreading her legs wider apart to give him easier access to her steaming pussy. Seeing Craig winking at her as he watched them through the mirror, she playfully winked back at him.

Bob’s cock began throbbing wildly in his pants when his finger made contact with the hot crotch of her wet panties.

“Oh, Bob, honey,” she giggled, feeling his finger worming up through the leg opening of her juice-soaked panties. “What have you found down there?”

“I’m not really sure,” he grinned. “But it feels so good, I don’t know whether to eat it or fuck it.”

“You might try both,” she whispered.

When the tip of his finger brushed across the slippery hotness of her oozing cunt slit, he felt the horny redhead shiver with pleasure. His prick began throbbing more violently in his pants as he began fingering the slick flesh of her hot cunt lips.

“Oooooooooooh, shit, Bob,” she panted, acting her sweet ass up from the seat. “Please take my panties off.”

Grasping the waistband of her pants, he peeled them down over her cute ass and legs, dropping them onto the floor.

“God, honey,” he said, plunging his finger into her slippery fuck hole. “You’re sure nice and hot down there tonight.”

“So are you,” she giggled, resting her hand on the throbbing cock-bulge in the front of his pants.

Her beautiful face was flushed with excitement as she rubbed and massaged his hard prick.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered. “Are you gonna put that nice big thing in my hot pussy?”

“I sure am,” grinned Bob as she opened his zipper and pulled his cock out.

As Dawn held his thick, throbbing boner in her hand, the hard rigidity of it made her cunt cream all around his fingers. She could feel the blood pumping through his distended veins as his prick seemed to swell even larger in her grasp. She stared excitedly at the drops of cum that were oozing out of the slit in the end of his deliciously swollen cock head.

Another gob of hot fuck juice ran out of her finger-filled pussy when she felt his muscular body shivering with excitement as she began skimming his thick rubbery foreskin up and down over the head of his prick.

Thrilled by the sight of the clear pre-cum bubbling out of his prick, Dawn excitedly lowered her head and swiped her sweet tongue across the tip of his cock knob, lapping up the tasty fluid.

Then, opening her mouth widely, she slid it down over the thrilling wedge of his sensitive cock head. Passionately encircling his cock with her soft juicy lips, she started a deep sucking action while her tongue teased deliciously against every tingling nerve in his big prick knob.

Excitedly watching them, through the rearview mirror, Craig was so aroused he could hardly control the car. The sight of Dawn’s familiar lips sliding up and down over his friend’s lipstick-smeared boner, was almost blowing his mind.

Sucking passionately on Bob’s big tasty prick, the horny redhead could hardly wait to feel the hot thickness of his cock stuffed up into her cunt. Unable to control her desires any longer, she removed her lips from his boner and lifted her skirt. Facing the young man, she straddled his loins, locking her knees against his hips. Caressing the base of his cock with her hand, she slowly lowered her slippery pussy down toward his bloated cock head.

“Shit, honey, that’s sure a neat prick,” she softly whispered, feeling the hard hotness of his boner making contact with the warm slick cum between her slippery pussy lips.

Became of the swaying of the car, Dawn was having trouble trying to get his cock into her juicy cunt. When his hard prick finally slithered into the slippery entrance of her cunt silt, her body shivered with joy.

“Oh fuck, it’s so nice and hard!” she moaned, continuing to lower her cunt down over his rock-hard cock shaft, anxious to feel the whole thing buried deep in her horny cunt.

When she finally had his hard cock fucked to the balls in her slippery hot pussy, she locked her arms tightly around his neck, clutching him to her as she ground her pussy even tighter around the base of his prick shaft. She could see the bright moonlight streaming through the window, adding even more beauty to this evening of sucking and fucking with these two handsome young men. The feel of Bob’s hard cock vibrating in her pussy as the car sped over the road was one of the most erotic things she had ever experienced.

“Oh sweet darling,” she whispered into his ear, writhing her hot cunt around his hard thick fuck rod. “Your cock feels so fuckin’ good!”

Clinging passionately to him, Dawn began excitedly fucking her tight cunt slit up and down over his throbbing prick.

“Oooooooh, shit!” she whimpered with joy, squeezing her soft thighs against his hips. “This is really fuckin’, baby, really fuckin’!”

As she worked herself into a wild frenzy bouncing up and down over his hard prick, the horny redhead was getting hotter and hotter.

“Jesus Christ, Bob!” she squealed, clinging tightly to him, the walls of her slippery cuntal passage sucking and milking deliciously around the length of his hard cock meat as she fucked up and down on it. “This feels so fuckin’ good, honey!”

Wanting to give his cute fuck mate an added thrill, Bob grasped her wiggly ass cheeks in his hands and lifted her up until only the head of his cock remained embedded in her juicy pussy. Holding her there for a few brief seconds, he suddenly dropped her back down, letting his prick slam even deeper into her slippery fuck hole.

“Eeeeeeeegggghhh!” she screamed with rapture, feeling his stiff prick fucking into her cunt. “Do that again, honey! Oh, shit, that feels so fuckin’ good!”

Grasping the cheeks of her ass more firmly, he began propelling her wildly up and down over his thrusting cock.

“Oooooooh, that feels so neat!” moaned Dawn, staring at the full moon through the back window of the car.

Glancing down Bob could see her hot slippery cunt lips sliding up and down over his glistening prick. The delicious feel of her hot pussy squeezing against his sensitive fucker was sending wild jolts of pleasure streaking through his passion-swollen prick.

Dawn was thrown crazily back as she bounced, and her glazed eyes were staring blindly through the window, her lips parted in wild ecstasy and her tongue hanging out from the corner of her mouth.

Staring as if hypnotized by the moon, Dawn was aware of nothing but the hard cock that was pounding relentlessly in and out of her aroused fuck hole. It was pure heaven to feel his strong hands lifting her up and down over his deliciously hard cock.

Panting and gasping with excitement as he clutched her soft ass cheeks, Bob was bouncing her up and down at an even faster pace.

“Ooooooh, God!” she shrilly giggled when the tip of his finger lightly grazed across her sensitive asshole. “That feels neat.”

Aware that, it was further exciting the girl, he continued teasing his finger around her tight bung.

“Oh, you naughty boy!” she squealed with joy. “That feels funny!”

Realizing how much the horny redhead was enjoying it, Bob decided to give her something to really squeal about. Parting the cheeks of her ass, he began probing at her tiny asshole with his finger, pushing it gently against the tight ring of her shitter. Her ass ring began to slowly open under his insistent pressure. Then, gently rotating his fingertip, he slipped it into her hot asshole up to the first knuckle.

“Oh, my God!” she squealed with delight.

Pushing harder, Bob sank his finger deeper into the hot buttery depths of her slippery asshole.

“Oh, Jesus!” she sobbed. “Give me more! More, honey!”

Whimpering with ecstasy, the horny redhead excitedly writhed her ass all the way down around his finger.

“Oh, God, that feels good!” she whimpered, writhing her hot shitter around the length of his invading finger.

Through the thin wall of flesh that separated her two stuffed holes, Bob could feel the underside of his hard cock fucking in and out of her pussy. Panting with excitement, he twisted and screwed his finger around in the hot moist depths of her tingling ass.

“Oh yes, honey!” she moaned. “That feels so fuckin’ good, darling!”

As the excitement in her loins increased, Bob continued fucking his cock and finger in and out of her two hot holes. Fucking her horny pussy up and down over his plunging prick, Dawn clung desperately to Bob, aware that Craig was watching them through the mirror. Feeling an orgasm building up in her loins, the girl realized she was going to come right in front of Craig, and knowing he would be watching her climax seemed to intensify her excitement.

“Ooooooooh, shit!” she squealed. “I’m gonna come, Bob… gonna come all over your beautiful big cock!”

Realizing that he couldn’t last much longer as her hot, slippery pussy flesh squeezed and milked passionately on his ready-to-burst cock, he speeded the tempo, hoping to bring her off before he shot his wad.

“Ooooh, fuck!” she shrieked, suddenly feeling his thick cum gushing into her pussy. “I’m coming, too, baby! Oh, shit, I’m coming, honey… commmmmiiiiinnnggg!”

Dawn was only faintly aware that Craig was excitedly watching as she lurched and writhed through the throes of her fantastic orgasm. When the last drop of cum had dribbled, out of Bob’s slowly shrinking prick, Dawn collapsed in his arms.

“Craig,” Bob grinned at his friend, “why don’t you come back here and let me drive? This horny broad is still hot to fuck, and I’m pooped out.”

“Would you like that?” Craig asked Dawn. “Shit, yes!” giggled the girl. “I’ll take all the cock you guys can give me.”

Turning off the highway, Craig drove down a dirt lane road and stopped the car.

Craig’s cock was throbbing wildly as he gazed down at the horny redhead spread out on the seat with her dress pulled up above her hips and her legs wantonly parted to receive him.

“Hurry, Craig,” she whispered when he dropped his jeans, revealing the full length and thickness of his super-huge boner. “I want to feel that big cock in my hot pussy!”

Looking at him through half-closed eyes, Dawn watched him crawl up between her widely spread legs. The sight of his big throbbing fucker moving toward her cunt filled her with apprehension, as it always did when he was about to fuck her.

His prick was much larger than Bob’s, but she was always ready to fuck anything she could get her hands on. Reaching down, she gently wrapped her fingers around his thick cock shaft, and slowly guided his big lurching fuck rod toward her hot, juicy pussy.

“God, honey, it feels so big and hard,” she whispered, squeezing the big rubbery cock head in her hand. The excited redhead was trembling with anticipation as she pressed the head of his bloated prick shaft against her hot slick pussy.

She could feel her cunt slowly stretching as his thick cock started slipping in. His prick was so big that it pressed out against her expanding cuntal walls as his prick fucked deeper and deeper into her quivering belly. His penetration was being assisted by the huge amount of slippery jizz that Bob had just shot into her pussy. The vast amount of cum was serving as a lubricant as Craig’s stiff cock plowed up through her tight fuck hole. At last, she could feel the full length and girth of his massive prick completely buried in her grossly stretched cunt.

“Oh, God, that’s such a big hard cock,” she whimpered, grinding her naked body up tighter against his. “It feels so fuckin’ good!”

Craig loved her deliciously tight fuck hole, but the thing that always blew his mind was the way her cunt muscles instinctively milked, sucked and massaged his big throbbing boner. The horny redhead was obviously a natural-born fucker. It was as if her pussy had dozens of hot fingers, all working independently on his cock head. It felt as if his lust-bloated cock was swelling bigger and bigger as it slid smoothly back and forth over the soft fleshy ridges of her grasping, sucking pussy.

“Oh, Craig!” she whimpered, feeling his hot stiff fuck pole lunging in and out of her slick juicy cunt. “It feels so good, honey! It feels so fuckin’ good!”

The horny girl was almost beside herself with ecstasy. Grasping him firmly in her arms, Dawn was throwing her hot pussy up to meet every wild fuck-thrust of his stiff plunging prick. The open lips of her frothy cunt sucked and grasped at the base of his cock shaft, trying desperately to pull even more of his hard cock meat into the hot depths of her greedy fuck hole. Their sweaty, lurching bodies were slamming noisily together as Craig pounded his big fleshy cock harder and deeper into her receptive pussy.

“Oh, you sweet, sweet fucker,” she whimpered, snaking her shapely legs even tighter around his lurching waist. “You can really fuck!”

It seemed to Dawn that she’d been riding his glorious wonder-cock for hours when she suddenly felt her impending climax slowly building up in her pussy.

“Oh, Craig,” she sobbed. “Fuck me faster, go faster!”

The intense pleasure was almost blowing her mind as his juice-slickened prick slithered against her erect clit.

“Oh, sweet fucking Jesus!” she shrieked, arching her cunt up to receive the full load of hot jizz that she could feel gushing out of his wildly pumping prick. “I’m coming! Ooooh, shit, how I’m coming… cooommmiiinnnggg!”

Covering his lips with her hot open mouth, she desperately clung to him until the last spurt of cum had dribbled out of his wonderful cock.

“Oh, Craig,” she whispered. “That was fuckin’, honey… that was really fuckin’.”

When the exhausted young man finally pulled his big limp cock out, Dawn saw Bob grinning at her as he lustily stroked his new hard-on.

“Hop on, honey,” she giggled. “There’s still plenty of cunt here for both of you.”


During the next few weeks, Dawn was spending more and more time with Craig, preferring his gigantic cock, but she still gave Bob enough ass to keep him more or less satisfied. One afternoon when Dawn’s parents were spending the day at a friend’s home, she and Craig were sprawled out nakedly on her back lawn. Ever since the neighbor had seen Craig fucking her for the first time on the grass, the cute girl no longer gave a shit whether the man was watching her or not, and now she and Craig spent a lot of time sunbathing out there in the nude.

“Isn’t this nice?” Dawn whispered as she lay there gently stroking Craig’s swollen prick.

“Shit, yes,” he grinned. “This is neat.”

As she lay on her back, there was a smile on her soft moist lips as she lovingly caressed the young mans wonderful cock. Staring at the huge hard-on that was thrusting up from between Craig’s muscular legs, Dawn felt her pussy dripping with lust. The sight of the handsome youth’s prick, whether it was hard or limp, always aroused her. The thing that she liked most about him was his endurance. He was fully capable of fucking her five or six times a day, and was certainly living up to his capabilities. Morning, noon and night during the last few weeks, his big thick cock had been constantly fucking into her cunt.

“Craig,” she softly asked. “Would you like to lick my hot pussy?”

“Sure,” he grinned, moving round in front of the girl while she spread her legs widely apart to receive his slippery tongue.

He was just lowering his head when he noticed two giggling girls half hidden behind a hedge that separated Dawn’s yard from her neighbors. Seeing the shocked expression on his face, Dawn sat up and saw two extremely beautiful blonde girls standing there in brief string bikinis. She didn’t know the girls, but she recognized them as the twins who lived next door.

“Hi,” Dawn called to the cute girls who were giggling as they stared at Craig’s big thick boner.

“Hi,” stammered one of them, blushing at having been caught peeking.

“Do you want a better look at my friend’s cock?” Dawn teased.

The embarrassed girls didn’t answer.

“Come on over and get a good look,” laughed the horny redhead. “This thing is worth looking at. You’ll never see a cock as big as this again in your whole life.”

Glancing at each other, the two giggling girls began slowly edging toward where Craig and Dawn were sitting on the grass. As they moved closer, both Craig and Dawn were impressed by their darling figures and cherubic faces.

“Isn’t that cock a beauty?” smiled Dawn when the twins were standing next to them.

“Jeez, yes!” gasped one of them in disbelief.

“What are your names?” asked Dawn, gently stroking Craig’s stiff prick to demonstrate the rigidity of his cock lance to the girls.

“I’m Pam,” answered one of the cute blondes. “And this is my sister, Jill.”

“Hi, Pam and Jill,” said Dawn. “That’s Craig with the big cock, and I’m Dawn.”

The twins stared open-mouthed at the guys stiff boner as Dawn teasingly skimmed the thick foreskin up and down over his thick cock shaft for the girl’s benefit.

“Would you like to touch it?” she asked, turning to the excited twins.

“Sure,” giggled Jill, reaching out as Dawn released Craig’s cock.

Looking at the cute blonde’s ass in her brief bikini, Dawn suddenly thought how much fun, it would be to watch Craig fuck the two adorable girls with his big thick cock.

“Gosh,” whispered Jill as she squeezed his massive prick in both hands. “It feels so thick and hard.”

“Have you girls ever been laid?” Dawn suddenly asked.

“Sure,” they both grinned. “Lots of times.”

“Would you like to be fucked by Craig’s big cock?” giggled Dawn.

“Gee, I dunno,” stammered Jill. “It looks sorta scary to me.”

“It doesn’t scare me,” said Pam, reaching out and touching his thick cock for the first time. “I’d kinda like getting fucked with it.”

“Then take off your bikini, honey,” Dawn said in an excited voice. “Craig is always ready — and you’re gonna get the fuck of your life.”

“Not out here!” gasped the cute blonde. “Someone might see us.”

“Where do you suggest?” Dawn asked.

“We can go over to our house,” Pam answered. “Our folks have gone to San Francisco for the weekend.”

Craig followed Dawn and the twins through the shrubs, his naked cock quivering with anticipation as he watched the girls cute buns wriggling deliciously as they walked.

When they entered the house, Pam and Jill led Craig and Dawn upstairs to the master bedroom.

“Okay,” smiled Dawn when Craig spread his naked body out on the big bed. “Who gets him first?”

“Me!” squealed Pam with delight as both girls quickly removed their bikinis.

The twins’ deliciously bare bodies seemed to be a gentle blend of creamy whites and soft pinks. Their hard, erect nipples jutted out like cherries from the girls’ nubile tits as their long blonde hair cascaded down over their smooth shoulders.

Moving onto the bed with Craig, Pam spread her naked body out next to him.

“Hi,” she giggled, lightly running her fingers over his hot, hard prick.

“Hi,” he grinned. “Wanta fuck?”

“Sure,” she smiled as she slowly lowered her head down toward his crotch.

Resting the side of her face on Craig’s belly, she trailed her fingers up and down over the tightly stretched skin of his bloated prick. His dome-shaped cock head looked like a big purple billiard balls as she teasingly ran her fingers up and down the length of his quivering cock shaft. Opening her mouth, the girl moved her lips down to taste the strong flavor of his powerful boner. She tenderly kissed the big pulsing cock knob, licking and washing its smooth surface with her tongue.

Pam could feel the thick cock head moving over her tongue, pushing at the back of her throat. His cock was big, beautiful and delicious, and she wished she could swallow the whole gorgeous thing.

Finally removing his big lusty prick from her mouth, Pam began rubbing his cock head through her thick blonde hair, feeling his entire body trembling with excitement. Pam and her horny twin sister had been pleasing boys’ cocks for years.

Once more placing his prick in her mouth, she gave it one last wet suck before rolling onto her back to receive his cock in her cunt.

“Oh, Craig,” she whispered, turning toward him and grinding her hot wet cunt slit against his huge naked boner as he took her into his arms. “I wanta be fucked.”

She could feel the hardness and heat of his massive cock sandwiched between their naked bellies.

“Oh, Craig,” she giggled, pressing her blonde cunt up tighter against his loins. “Put your Goddamn cock in. Christ, how I need a good fuck!”

Sitting on the edge of the king-sized bed with Pam’s twin sister, Dawn was surprised at the urgency of the girl’s voice as she begged for Craig’s big cock. Dawn had expected the girl to be frightened at the last minute, but she wasn’t showing the slightest bit of fear.

A strange excitement gripped Dawn as she watched Craig crouching between the blonde’s widely spread legs with his big fucker slowly advancing toward Pam’s quivering cunt slit. Watching Craig’s thick boner slip between Pam’s cunt lips, Dawn could hardly believe the way her pussy was expanding to accommodate the massive fuck tool.

Dawn had been a bit apprehensive when Craig’s massive cock first started entering the girl’s cunt slit, but a vicarious thrill raced through the horny redhead’s loins as she watched Pam’s cunt opening wider and wider, easily taking the full length and width of his huge prick into her hot fuck hole. The sight of Craig’s monstrous cock completely buried in the pretty twin’s hot pussy was exciting Dawn more than anything she’d ever witnessed.

Leaning forward, Pam was only inches from Pam’s cock-filled pussy. She could vividly see a film of wet pussyjuice glistening on the soft wet flesh of the girl’s slippery cunt lips. A dribble of hot sticky pussy juice was being forced from between Pam’s widely stretched pussy lips from the pressure of Craig’s big swollen cock shaft. The exciting sound of his thick fuck pole squishing and slurping into the girl’s hot cunt slit was driving Dawn wild. She could vicariously feel every thrust of Craig’s familiar cock stirring around in her own horny cunt.

Dawn stared excitedly at Pam’s pleasure ridden face, knowing exactly the intense ecstasy she was receiving from his marvelous prick. The girl’s head was thrown back, her long blonde hair cascading all over the pillow, her big blue eyes staring up sightlessly at the wildly spinning ceiling. Her soft full mouth was gaping open, her tongue flashing excitedly in and out of her wet lips as animal-like sounds escaped from deep in her throat. Dawn could plainly see the intense ecstasy glowing on the girl’s pretty face.

Watching the erotic scene, Dawn unconsciously slipped her hand up under the soft ass of the other twin who was sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.

“Oh, Craig!” she heard Pam squeal with delight. “I love your big cock! I just love it!”

Completely unaware of what she was doing, Dawn was digging around in the soft warm flesh between Jill’s ass cheeks until her finger slipped up into the girl’s hot cunt from the rear.

With her finger swirling around in the blonde’s wet pussy, Dawn was staring at Craig’s big familiar cock slurping in and out of Pam’s juicy cunt. Watching them, Dawn could almost feel his thick prick plowing deep into her own juice-drenched fuck hole.

“Oh, Craig!” she heard Pam squealing as the big-cocked youth fucked his cock harder and deeper into the girl’s pussy. “Jesus Christ, baby, can you fuck! God, what a prick!”

Crazed with excitement, Dawn was frantically twisting her finger around in the hot wetness of the other twin’s writhing pussy. The horny redhead had lost all sense of reality as she stared at Craig’s big cock fucking in and out of Pam’s widely stretched cunt.

“Oh, Jill!” Pam squealed to her twin sister. “This guy’s terrific! God, what a cock!”

“I can see! I can see!” panted Jill, who was equally turned on by the way Dawn was unconsciously playing with her pussy. The feel of Dawn’s hand between her ass cheeks while the pretty redhead’s naughty finger slithered in and out of her juicy cunt was driving Jill wild.

Still unaware that she was finger fucking the cute blonde, Dawn was staring with wild fascination at Craig’s big shiny cock rod slithering noisily in and out of the girl’s grasping, sucking fuck hole. The entire surface of his big gleaming prick was coated with the thick slippery juices that were flowing from the teenager’s dripping pussy.

“That’s it, Craig!” Dawn cheered him on. “Give it to her good, honey! Fuck the pus outa that cute cunt!”

“Yes, Craig!” Pam squealed. “Fuck me good, honey! Make me come!”

The young man began thrusting his mammoth fuck pole into her slippery pussy with renewed vigor. If the hot bitch wanted more, he would sure as hell give it to her.

“Okay, baby!” he panted, rearing back and pounding his cock up into her pussy guts with all his strength. “Take that… and that… and that!”

“Oh, yes, honey!” she screamed with delight. “That’s what I want, honey! Give me all you’ve got!”

Looking down between her widely splayed legs, Pam could see his thick wet cock fucking in deeply between her puffy moist cunt lips sending wave after wave of rapture through her body. Pam suddenly felt a powerful orgasm building up in her loins as the intense, pleasure mounted with every heavenly fuck-plunge of his cock.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” she suddenly squealed. “I’m gonna come! I’m coming! Commmmmmiiiiiinnnggg!”

Watching them, Dawn could tell from, the wild expression on Craig’s face that he was shooting his hot cum-load into the blonde’s quivering belly. His entire body was jerking spasmodically as spurt after spurt of cock cream emptied into her wet, sucking mouth.

When the writhing couple collapsed into each other’s arms, Dawn became aware for the first time that her finger was embedded deeply in Jill’s hot pussy.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry,” she said, starting to remove her finger.

“Don’t take it out!” gasped Jill, forcing Dawn’s finger back up her cunt. “It feels so good in there.”

Looking at the cute girl’s flushed face with her big pleading eyes and softly parted lips, Dawn excitedly drew the girl’s sweet mouth up to her own. After a long tongue sucking kiss, Dawn cradled the girl’s face against her tits and fucked her finger more deeply into Jill’s slippery cunt slit.

“Oh, Dawn,” the girl whimpered as the girl’s finger teased over her swollen clit. “Is this nice?” whispered Dawn.

“Jesus, yes.”

Because Pam and Jill had often fingerfucked each other when there were no boys around, it seemed quite normal for the pretty redhead to be playing with Jill’s pussy. The feeling was incredibly good. No boy had ever manipulated her clit as deliciously as Dawn was doing it.

“Oh, shit, that feels good,” the girl mewled, grinding her hot cunt up around Dawn’s finger. “I’ve never had such a neat finger-fuck in my life.”

“Good,” whispered the horny redhead. “Because I love playing with your cute pussy.”

Jill also loved the feeling of Dawn’s soft tits pressing against her cheeks, finding the smooth texture to be extremely exciting. Wildly aroused, Jill opened her lips and sucked one of Dawn’s big juicy nipples into her hot mouth.

“Ooooooh!” squealed the horny redhead with delight, excitedly thrusting her finger up deeper into the girls cunt. “That feels good. Do you like sucking ray titty?”

“Mmmmmmm,” gurgled Jill, not wanting to release the hard nipple from her mouth.

Sucking gently on Dawn’s tit, Jill could feel the pleasure increasing in her pussy as the older girl teased her tingling clit.

“Oh, Dawn,” the girl sobbed, removing her lips from the hard nipple and giving the redhead another hot, tongue-sucking kiss. “This is so nice.”

She pulled her finger out of the girl’s hotly dripping pussy slit and faced her as they lay on the bed. Reaching around and cupping Jill’s sweet ass in her hands, Dawn pulled the girl closer. Jill’s cute ass felt soft in Dawn’s hands as she ground her own cunt up against the girl’s wet pussy. With their slippery tongues deliciously entwined in each other’s mouth, they were passionately grinding their steaming cunts together in a slow sensual rhythm. It felt incredibly good as their hard swollen nipples burned into each other’s soft naked tits.

There was an exciting mingling of red and blonde pussy hairs as hot wet cunt ground against hot wet cunt. Cupping Jill’s cute ass in her hand as they excitedly ground their pussies together, Dawn began lightly tracing the tip of her middle finger around the girl’s tight asshole.

“Oh, Dawn,” Jill giggled. “That feels so nice and naughty!”

“Does it?” panted Dawn, slipping the end of her finger into the cute girl’s tight asshole.

“Oh, shit, yes!” the girl squealed. “Push it in farther!”

Trembling with perverted excitement, the horny redhead thrust the full length of her finger up the squirming girl’s ass.

“Hot fucking shit!” screamed Jill, waving her ass from side to side. “Now that’s what I call a neat ass-fuck!”

“Mmmmmm,” whispered Dawn, pumping her finger around in the girls bung. “It’s so hot and tight in there.”

“Goddamn!” squealed Jill. “That’s the way do it!”

With Dawn’s finger embedded deeply in the girl’s ass, and with hot cunt grinding against hot cunt, the girls clung desperately to each other with their passionate mouths hotly welded together.

Now that Craig’s big cock war once more fully hard, he was sitting on the bed with Pam watching the girl’s nakedly writhing bodies.

“Jesus,” Pam giggled. “They’re really getting it on.”

“Holy shit!” panted Craig. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

Dawn withdrew her finger from the girl’s asshole and slipped it up her cunt.

“Oh, yes,” sobbed Jill, ramming her finger up the redhead’s pussy.

Once more passionately locking their open sucking mouths together, they began heatedly plunging their juice-coated fingers around in each other’s writhing fuck holes. As the tempo of the erotic finger-fucking increased, their glazed eyes were filled with wild lust. Their beautiful faces were distorted by the passions that had taken over their sex-crazed bodies. With their hot mouths locked wetly together and their slippery, tongues deliciously entangled, there were soft mewling sounds from deep in their throats as they ground their steaming hot cunts around each other’s plunging finger.

Unable to control her burning lust any longer, Jill pulled her lips from Dawn’s mouth and threw herself, down over the redhead’s naked body, burying her face between the older girl’s open thighs. Lying on her back and feeling Jill’s tongue in her pussy, Dawn grasped the girl’s hips and pulled her hot wet crotch down over her own mouth.

Locked in this obscene sixty-nine position, Dawn slithered her tongue up into the girl’s pussy. It was the first time either of them had ever tasted pussy cream, and even if it didn’t have the rich lusty flavor of a man’s jizz, they were both pleased by the rather exciting taste.

The horny redhead began sucking wildly on Jill’s tingling clit. The blonde’s lips and tongue worked fervently on Dawn’s hotly ripping pussy. Dawn’s tongue was swirling around Jill’s slippery hot cunt slit while glow of wet pussy cream oozed out onto her juice drenched face. Sucking harder and taste, they were carrying each other closer and closer to a mind-blowing climax.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Dawn could hear her screaming. “Oh, shit, how I’m coming!”

“Me too, honey! Me too!” cried the horny redhead as she felt her hot cunt convulsing all around the cute blonde’s tongue. “I’m coming all over your sweet tongue!”

Removing their mouths from each other’s pussy, they sat up and smiled at Craig and Pam, their glowing faces drenched with pussy juice.

“Oh, Craig,” giggled Jill, staring at the youth’s big new boner. “You’ve got another hard-on. Now it’s my turn to fuck!”

“It sure is,” he grinned, crawling up between her widely spread legs as the girl threw her cute body back on the bed.

“Dawn?” Pam smiled. “Can we lick each others pussy like you and Jill?”

“Certainly, honey,” Dawn said. “I think that would be fun.”


While the twins were fucking with Dawn and Craig at home, their parents were fucking up a storm at an annual convention in San Francisco. Bonnie particularly enjoyed the occasion, because this was the one time a year that she saw Martin Colby, one of the best cocksmen she’d ever met. Bonnie and Steve always took separate rooms. She loved being fucked day and night by Martin — while her husband fucked a variety of horny women in his own room.

The last night before they were to leave, Bonnie left the door to her room unlocked as she waited naked for her handsome lover to arrive. When he entered the room a few moments later, he was pleasantly pleased to see the beautiful woman spread out on the bed without a stitch of clothes on, her juicy pink cunt slit glistening up at him from her fluffy dark bush.

“Hi, Martin,” she whispered. “What took you so long?”

“I was waiting until my wife left with her date,” he answered.

Her juicy pussy was itching with desire for the handsome man, and Bonnie spread her deliciously bare thighs wider apart as she watched him undress in front of her. A tingling thrill rippled through her loins when he dropped his pants and shorts, revealing the big naked cock thrusting up from between his legs.

“I’m going to miss you,” she whispered with deep sincerity as he sat on the edge of the bed.

“And I’m going to miss you too,” he smiled, drawing her soft naked body into his arms.

Feeling the handsome man’s mouth on hers, Bonnie pressed her hot wet cunt up against his groin, parting her moist lips to take his searching tongue. Her loins were arching lustily against his, her tits pressed against his chest.

“Bonnie, you’re so sweet,” whispered Martin, dropping a hand down between her soft thighs.

A delicious fire burned in the woman’s cunt when he lowered his face, pressing his lips against her smooth flat belly. “Oh, sweet Martin,” she mewled, feeling his mouth nibbling slowly down over her crotch, continuing on between her legs until he was bathing her inner thighs with his tongue. Her horny pussy was dripping hot juices as his mouth began working back up toward her steaming cunt.

“Oh, my God!” she squealed when he covered the entire length of her cunt slit with his wet, sucking lips. As he slipped his tongue into the juicy hotness of her pussy, she began writhing her horny cunt around his obscenely buried tongue.

Martin was fucking his tongue in and out of the slippery hole, swirling, it against the hot, slick walls of her sensitive pussy. The taste of her sweet cunt juices dripping onto his exploring tongue was pure heaven to the man. Finally withdrawing it from the depths of her cunt, he flicked the tip of his tongue against her hard clit.

“Oh, Jesus!” she squealed from the incredible ecstasy. “That feels so fucking good!”

“And you taste so fuckin’ good,” he whispered into her dripping crotch.

Next he sucked her erect clit between his lips, lightly swirling his tongue around the slippery swollen surface of her sensitive girl prick. Martin’s face was completely drenched with the sweet pussy juices that were flowing out of her hot, excited cunt.

If this was to be the last time with this sexy woman until next summer, Martin was going to enjoy every precious second of it. From the way Bonnie was writhing around, he knew the super-horny brunette wasn’t far from a wild orgasm. Wanting to give her a climax that she wouldn’t soon forget, he began sucking and licking at a faster tempo.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered, throwing her head from side to side. “It’s so good Martin! God, how I’m gonna miss you!”

Staring down between her widely spread thighs, Bonnie could see his handsome, juice drenched face buried in the softness of her fluffy cunt bush. Looking at the excitement in her lover’s eyes, she could feel his tongue playing a wild tune on her clit.

“Oh, you sweet cunt-eater!” she whimpered. “You have the most talented tongue in the whole fuckin’ world!”

Arching her juicy pussy up tighter against his hot sucking mouth, she dug her fingers into his thick head of hair, forcing his face down harder against her dripping cunt slit. This magnificent tongue-job was almost blowing the woman’s sex-crazed mind.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she hysterically sobbed. “I love it! I love it!”

The feel of her soft naked thighs pressed against his face and the glorious taste of her pussy juices as they dripped over his tongue thrilled Martin. Drinking the wet sweetness from the beautiful brunette’s hot cunt was pure ecstasy for the man.

“Oh, baby,” she excitedly panted as the flat of his tongue moved up against her swollen clit. “That feels so good, so fuckin’ good!”

He continued sucking and licking her quivering clit until she was on the very edge of a wild climax. Still not wanting her to come yet, Martin removed his tongue from her dripping pussy and crawled farther up over her naked body, burying his face between her luscious tits.

The naked woman’s entire body was burning with passion as his hot wet tongue snaked out against her erect nipple. She loved the hungry way he licked and sucked on her tits.

Rolling from side to side on her back, Bonnie was alternating her bursting hard nipples in and out of his mouth. She felt a sudden gush of hot wetness between her legs when she thought about the hard cock that would soon be filling her horny cunt. With his hot wet lips working all over her soaked tits, Bonnie could feel his teeth nibbling lightly on her rigid nipples as he hungrily sucked them in and out of his mouth.

Her head was thrown back and her long dark hair spilled out over the pillow as she writhed under the intense ecstasy of his sucking lips. Closing her eyes, she let the joy of his tongue and mouth spread throughout her trembling body. As he continued sucking wildly on her tits, the feel of his hand moving sensuously up along the sensitive flesh between her soft inner thighs only served to intensify the excitement.

With his mouth sucking greedily on her spit drenched nipples, Bonnie felt a delicious flood of hot moisture down between her legs as his fingers moved nearer to her quivering pussy.

“Oh, sweet Martin,” she sobbed, feeling the horny lust washing through her body.

The woman shuddered slightly when his hand finally touched the hot wetness other dripping pussy. Lurching with uncontrollable passion, she screamed out with joy at the feel of his thick middle finger fucking into the hot wetness of her slippery cunt. Closing her eyes, she let her body float on a cloud of ecstasy as his probing finger began a gentle stroking motion against the soft inner flesh of her sucking cunt. Wave after wave of intense joy washed through her lusting body as she writhed her clinging cunt slit around his plunging finger.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ Jesus!” she moaned, wildly tossing her head from side to side as she felt the delicious pressure of his invading finger against the sensitive walls of her slippery cunt.

Slithering wetly in and out, his wonderfully obscene finger was swirling around and around her juicy pussy, stimulating every nerve to a screaming state of ecstasy as her excited inner cunt walls sucked and squeezed tightly around it.

“Jesus Christ, honey,” she whispered, feeling his finger fucking deeper and deeper into her slippery cunt. “That feels so fuckin’ good, honey.”

“God, baby,” he panted. “Your pussy has never felt as hot as it does tonight.”

“I know,” she giggled. “You’re gonna get the wildest fuck you’ve ever had.”

Unable to control her lust any longer, Bonnie grasped the base of his cock shaft and, leaning forward, flicked the tip of her tongue against his cock head. She could feel his prick jerking with excitement when the hot wetness of her tongue glided over his shiny cock knob. The musky scent of his drooling boner sent a delicious tremor rippling through her body. There was something about the texture and flavor of his prick that drove her wild.

She could hear her lover groaning softly as she began swirling her tongue all around the sensitive surface of his quivering cock head. Speeding the motion of her tongue, she licked it wetly around his big throbbing prick knob. She sensed the sexual power she possessed.

She felt the man’s entire body trembling with excitement.

Suddenly wanting more of his wonderful prick. Bonnie opened her mouth even wider and slid her slippery lips down farther over his big cock head. Not only did she love the taste ad neat of a meaty prick, but the beautiful woman was always wild about the feel of hard cock meat in her mouth. It was highly stimulating to have her soft lips ovaled around a cock while her wet tongue teased the sensitive prick knob.

“Do you like this, honey?” she whispered, momentarily removing his prick from her mouth.

“Fuck, yes!” he panted, starting to pump her head up and down with his hands.

Sucking deeply as she began bobbing her head more rapidly, she felt an illicit pleasure flowing through her body as the fuck-lust burned even hotter in her loins. Her senses were whirling wildly usher soft sucking mouth pumped up and down over his hard cock. The entire surface of his throbbing cock shaft was coated with the frothy film of her saliva. Taking more and more of his turgid cock into her mouth with every plunge.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned with delight as she sucked deeper and harder on his big juicy prick. Reaching around the man, she dug her hands into the crack of his ass, pulling more of his delicious fucker into her slurping mouth.

“Oh, my God!” panted. Her lover as he entwined his fingers through her long dark hair and began pumping his hard cock meat in and out of her sucking mouth.

The strokes of his slippery cock between her encircling lips were almost blowing her mind. Her wet sucking lips were gliding hungrily up and down over his spit-slickened prick with wanton lust. The pretty woman could feel his body writhing in ecstasy as she frantically sucked and licked his throbbing boner.

“Oh, honey!” she squealed, removing his fuck tool from her mouth. “Now I wanta be fucked! I want a nice big cunt full of cock cream!”

Martin moved down and shoved his lusting face up between her legs again. Feeling the hot wet stickiness of her slippery cunt slit against his nose, mouth and cheeks, he inhaled the heady scent of the raven-haired beauty’s dripping pussy. There was nothing the man enjoyed more than the aroma of an aroused cunt, and he’d never found one as exciting as this steaming cunt. Frantically twisting his head from side to side, he tried to burrow his mouth and tongue even deeper into her sweet smelling fuck slit.

“Oh, you darling!” she whimpered. “You sure know how to eat pussy! Shit, that feels good!”

Bonnie had learned that Martin enjoyed bringing her off with his mouth before fucking her, and she knew that he would continue working on her pussy with his mouth until she climaxed. Writhing frantically on the bed, she could feel his tongue slowly withdrawing from the depths of her juicy curt slit to seek her clit. A delicious tingle raced through her excited pussy when the tip of his tongue slashed lightly back and forth against her sensitive clit.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ baby!” she shrieked with joy when his lips began nibbling on her elk. “That’s it, honey! That’s it!”

Aware that her explosive climax was only seconds away, the horny woman locked her soft naked thighs more tightly against his face, and pushing on the back of his head, she forced his mouth down tighter over her ready to explode cunt.

“I’m coming!” she squealed as her writhing body was suddenly consumed by a magnificent orgasm. “I’m coming! I’m coming, you sweet cunt-eater! I love it! I just love it!”

The beautiful brunette was still climaxing when Martin crawled between her legs and guided his cock up against the slippery mouth of her dripping pussy. Bonnie was trembling with anticipation as she felt his virile boner spreading her juicy pussy apart. There was nothing Bonnie enjoyed as much as having her cunt filled with a thick prick. There was absolutely nothing as exciting as the solid hardness of a stiff cock pressing out against her squeezing cuntal walls.

“Oh, sweet Martin,” she whispered when the thick length of his cock shaft was completely buried to the balls in her scalding fuck hole. “Jesus, how I love this fuckin’ prick of yours!”

“Good,” he panted. “Because tonight you’re gonna get the wildest fuck you’ve ever had.”

“Oh, yes,” she mewled, screwing her hot juicy cunt slit up tighter around the base of his prick. “That’s what I want — a wild fuck and my horny cunt filled with your hot jizz.”

“You’re gonna get it, baby,” he whispered. “I’m really gonna shoot a hot load into that sweet cunt of yours.”

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed, his lewd promise further exciting her. “Fill me, baby! Fuck the shit out of me!”

Reaching beneath her, he grasped the soft cheeks of her ass, pulling her squirming cunt up tighter around the base of his throbbing prick. He could feel his lust-bloated balls pressing into the soft wide crack between her quivering ass cheeks, and the hardness of her nipples burning into his chest.

“Oh, you sweet fuckin’ darling,” whimpered the aroused woman, snaking her soft naked thighs around his body. “That’s the neatest fucking cock in the world.”

Withdrawing his slippery boner until only the big prick knob remained in her juice slickened pussy, be lunged forward, drilling his thick cock back into her cunt with one long swooping fuck-thrust.

“Ooooooooh, shit!” she screamed, feeling his hard prick slicing up through her grasping, sucking pussy. “I love it! I love it!”

The feel of his super-hard boner fucking in and out of her steaming hot cunt was driving the woman wild. She was screaming excitedly as his bloated cock head pounded into the depths of her pussy.

“Jesus Christ, how I love it!” she ecstatically moaned to her lover. “I love your beautiful fuckin’ cock!”

“Okay, baby!” he gasped, speeding the tempo of his fuck-strokes. “Just hang on!”

The horny woman’s sizzling cunt was sucking wetly at his juice-slickened cock shaft as it fucked deliciously in and out of her swollen pussy. Bonnie’s pretty face was wildly contorted by the fiery passions that were searing through her burning loins. She was aware of nothing around her except the juicy prick that was pistoning in and out of her slippery fuckhole. The rock hardness of his fantastic cock was pounding deeply into the hot wetness of her clinging pussy with a steady rhythm that had her pussy quivering with lay. His plunging cock shaft was noisily pumping out a hot stream of cunt juice from her writhing fuck hole. She could feel the thick slippery fluids boiling out from between her cock-squeezing cunt lips and running down over the soaked cheeks of her sweet ass. The horny woman loved the thick slab of hot cock meat that was stuffed up between her legs.

“Oh, God!” she cried out, clinging tightly to him. “That’s the way to fuck, baby! Oh, you sweet darling! Fuck me!”

Spreading her legs wider apart and throwing the backs of her, knees up over his broad shoulders, she offered even more of her hot open cunt slit to his heavenly prick.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” she sobbed. “I can’t stand it… gonna come… gonna come!”

Becoming more excited by the beautiful woman’s squeals, Martin began fucking his throbbing cock deeper and harder into her sizzling pussy with renewed ferocity. Holding her tightly, he could feel his cock head pounding against the very end of her cunt.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked. “I wanta come! Make me come! Oooooooooh, shit, it’s so good… so good! Fuck me, honey!”

She could feel her frenzied orgasm building up crazily in her writhing loins, spreading throughout her entire body like a forest fire.

“Cream me, honey, cream me!” she screamed, her orgasm exploding all around her as the wild spasms ripped through her loins. “Fill me, baby! Shoot my pussy full of cum!”

Feeling his lusty ejaculation rapidly approaching, Martin fucked his steel-hard cock deeper and harder into her sweet juicy cunt until he had her hysterically screaming with ecstasy.

“That’s it, baby! I’m coming!” she squealed, feeling his thick hot jizz splattering against the very end of her pussy. “Squirt, baby, squirt!”

Gush after gush of his scalding hot jizz was spewing out of his exploding cock head as she writhed through the most overwhelming climax she’d ever had.

“Ooooooooh!” she whimpered as her convulsing body continued trembling from her intense orgasm. “Keep squirtin’, honey! It feels so fuckin’ good!”

Gasping for breath, Martin sat perfectly still over the naked woman as his prick continued belching more jizz into her sizzling fuck hole. The soft, cum-drenched walls of her clinging cunt were grasping desperately at his spurting prick. Her well-fucked pussy continued sucking on his cock until it had siphoned every last drop of cum from deep in his balls.

“Oh, Martin,” she whispered, pulling his mouth down against her hot open lips. “I’m gonna miss you and your big cock so much until I see you again next summer.”


Because the twins didn’t expect their parents to return from San Francisco until late the next afternoon, they invited Craig and Dawn back in the morning so they could have another suck-and-fuck party before their folks got home. The moment Craig and Dawn arrived, the twins took them up to their parents’ big king-sized bed again. They all quickly stripped. For the next three hours, the four of them enjoyed fucking and sucking on each other.

Later that afternoon, the naked twins were jumping up and down by the bed, lustily cheering Craig on as he feverishly fucked his huge cock in and out of Dawn’s hot red haired cunt.

“Come on, Craig!” screamed Pam her firm tits jiggling delightfully as she bounced. “Pour it to her, Craig! Fuck her good!”

“Yes,” squealed Jill, wriggling her cute ass with excitement. “Give her the works, Craig! Make her come!”

Pam couldn’t wait for Craig to finish Dawn off because it was her turn to get him next. Craig’s endurance had been fantastic today as he took turns fucking the three horny cunts.

“Oh, shit!” screamed Dawn, feeling the youth’s big thick cock pounding deeply into her slippery pussy. “I’m almost there, honey! Oh, God! Fuck! Piss! Hot fucking damn! I’m gonna come… gonna come!”

“That’s the girl,” Craig panted, fucking his cock harder and deeper. “You ready for my jizz, baby? I can’t last much longer!”

“Goddamn, fuck!” sobbed Dawn. “Shoot your load, honey! That’s the way I love it! Fill me with cum, baby! That’s what my fuckin’ cunt wants!”

The naked twins were cheering and screaming so loudly that they didn’t hear their parents enter the room.

“What the hell’s going on!” their father shouted, staring with disbelief at the chaotic scene.

Quickly pulling his prick out of Dawn’s pussy with a lewd sucking sound, Craig jumped to his feet and faced the twins’ parents. The woman was an extremely attractive brunette in her mid-thirties with the biggest set of tits he’d ever seen. Craig could see she had the same pretty face as the twins did, and she was wearing a rather tight-fitting black dress that showed off her sexy figure.

He noticed that the father was an extremely handsome man, and was casually dressed in slacks and an open-neck sport shirt.

“My God, Steve,” the woman gasped, turning to her husband. “Look at that guy’s cock!”

“Isn’t it big?” Pam said.

“It sure is,” panted the girl’s mother, unable to take her eyes away from Craig’s gigantic juice-drenched fucker.

The woman was excitedly licking her lips, hot juices dripping copiously from her smoldering pussy as she blatantly stared at the youth’s magnificent prick. No longer angry at finding her naked daughters in the room with the other couple, she was trembling like a leaf, thinking how wonderful it would feel to be fucked by that boy’s colossal cock.

Dawn was standing next to Craig as they faced the twins’ parents.

“I’m Dawn Marlin,” she finally said, wanting to break the silence. “And this is my friend, Craig Burns.”

Their mother was too engrossed with the sight of Craig’s cock to hear the girl.

“I’m Steve Conrad, and this is my wife, Bonnie,” said the man, unable to believe he was facing the beautiful redhead from next door that he’d been lusting over for several months. Now, as he saw her naked beauty up close, his prick began throbbing violently in his pants.

“I know who you are,” giggled Dawn. “I see you watching me through your field glasses all the time. You should have invited me over because I’m a very easy lay.”

“Well, Dawn,” he smiled at the redhead, “would you please tell me what’s going on here?”

“That seems quite obvious,” the girl giggled. “Craig was screwing me.”

“He fucked me, too,” bragged Pam.

“And me too,” her sister added.

“What?” gasped Bonnie.

“Craig’s been fucking all three of us,” Pam smiled, reaching over and stroking the youth’s wet stiff cock.

Another gush of hot pussy juice spurted out from between Bonnie’s legs as she watched her daughter fondling Craig’s hot thick cock meat. God, how she would love to squeeze that big sausage between her fingers.

“Bonnie,” Dawn said, noticing the burning lust in the woman’s eyes as she stared longingly at the boy’s massive cock, “why don’t you let Craig fuck you?”

“What?” the woman asked, unable to believe what she was hearing.

“Gee,” grinned Craig, looking at Bonnie’s sexy, full-titted body in the tight black dress. “I’d sure like to fuck you, lady.”

Glancing over at her husband for approval, Bonnie saw his eyes focused on Dawn’s fiery red cunt hair as he excitedly licked his dry lips.

As if in a daze, Bonnie stepped over in front of Craig and began slowly disrobing until she had nothing on except her long dark hose and a black garter belt. The boy had only seen pictures of women attired like this, and the sight of her sleek white thighs gleaming above her dark stockings was almost too much. The soft tuft of pussy hair exposed on her pussy just below the black garter belt was enough to blow his fucking mind.

Lifting his eyes, Craig stared wildly at the biggest set of tits he’d ever seen. The creamy whiteness of her big quivering tits was accented by her dark-pink nipples that looked swollen enough to burst. Her long dark hair fell gracefully over her smooth naked shoulders.

Without removing the black silk stockings or garter belt, the beautiful woman lay back on the bed and, lewdly spreading her soft shapely thighs, she began writhing her hot cunt around in front of Craig’s eyes.

“Come on, honey,” she whispered up to him. “My hot pussy can’t wait much longer.”

Dropping down next to her lush body on the bed, the young man put his arms around her and drew her up tightly against himself. Digging his fingers into the warm flesh between her ass cheeks, he goosed his fingers into her soft, resilient ass meat.

Moving her knees up between his legs, Bonnie began grinding her thigh against his cock. She could feel the pre-cum seeping form his cock head onto her leg through her stockings. Seductively moving her thigh, she continued massaging him with a delicious thoroughness until the youth thought his throbbing boner would burst. He suddenly realized he was holding a really experienced woman in his arms.

His lips smashed down on her soft mouth as her body melted against him. He thrust his tongue far into her open mouth as she gently sucked it in deeper, nibbling at it with tiny sharp nips of her teeth that sent chills running up the entire length of his spine.

He fully realized how hot the woman was as she quivered with arousal, her naked thigh still grinding against his lust-inflamed cock.

“Oh God, baby,” she whispered. “You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

“Christ yes, I want to,” he panted.

“Are you gonna fuck me deep and hard with that, Goddamn beauty?” she huskily whispered. “That has to be the biggest fuckin’ cock I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Reaching down between their naked, writhing bodies, Bonnie wrapped her soft fingers around his thick cock shaft.

“I love this beautiful big prick,” she passionately whispered to the handsome youth. “It’s gonna feel so fuckin’ good twisting around in my hot cunt.”

Releasing his massive fucker and rolling onto her back, Bonnie lewdly spread her black-hosed legs apart and, reaching down, parted her juicy cunt lips with her fingers.

“Lie there,” she whispered. “Put that big cock in as far as you can.”

The beautiful full-titted brunette was obscenely naked except for the black stockings and garter belt, soft creamy patches of white flesh around her loins and upper thighs only serving to emphasize her delicious lewdness.

Craig lay there with his muscular body cradled between her soft thighs, and Bonnie’s fingers were teasing lightly over his shoulders and back. Craig’s throbbing prick was resting between her upper legs, the underside of his huge cock shaft nestled in the hairy wet furrows of her cunt slit. Reaching down, Bonnie slowly parted her slippery cunt lips with her fingers, giving the full length of his prick greater contact with her juicy inner pussy flesh as it pressed against the moist hairy furrow of her cunt.

“Oh God, that big prick feels so nice and hard,” she whispered, heatedly mashing her moist open lips against his mouth as she writhed her soft belly against him.

Craig’s mind was spinning with excitement as Bonnie’s long nails trailed deliciously across his naked back.

“Oh, Craig,” whispered Bonnie, her eyes squeezed shut and her cunt grinding up against his virile prick. “Fuck me now, baby! Put it in, honey!”

Reaching down, she firmly grasped his big cock and stuffed it up into her scalding pussy.

Bonnie gave a soft, low moan of pain as his big thick fuck pole plunged through the hot slickness of her cunt slit. The initial discomfort was short-lived and they were soon fucking furiously, taking as much joy as possible from each other’s wildly undulating body. Bonnie had never experienced anything as good in his life as the feel of this big guy’s hefty cock fucking in and out of her hot sucking cunt. “Oh, Craig!” she sobbed. “Ram your finger up my ass, honey! Make me scream!” With their bodies pounding rhythmically together as his massive cock fucked forcefully in and out of the scalding wetness of her pussy, be reached beneath her ass and dug his finger around until the tip of it found her tight asshole.

“That’s it, honey,” she whispered. “Shove it in, baby. Hurt me, honey!”

Pressing hard, his finger suddenly plopped through her tight rubbery ass ring to his first knuckle.

“Aaaaaggghhh!” she shrieked. “Oh, Christ, that hurts!”

Thrusting harder, Craig sank his thick middle finger up to the second knuckle.

“Yes, oh yes!” the passionate brunette squealed. “God, that hurts good!”

Thoroughly enjoying the delicious pain. Bonnie was screwing her ass back around Craig’s finger until it fucked in to the palm of his hand.

“That’s it, honey!” she cried with joy. “Oh, you sweet, sweet fucker!”

Rotating his finger around inside the hot, buttery depths of her ass, he could feel the underside of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy through the thin wall that separated her two fuck holes. Panting with excitement, he began alternating the fuck-thrusts of his prick and finger until the passion-crazed brunette was screaming with joy.

The two twins were giggling with delight as they stood by the side of the bed, watching their mother getting a royal fucking from Craig’s magnificent cock. Dawn was standing next to the girls father, excitedly rubbing his prick through the front of his pants as they watched.

“Oh, Steve,” Dawn whispered to the man. “Take off your fuckin’ clothes! I need a hot cock in my pussy. I was just starting to come when you and your wife walked in.”

Steve could hardly believe that this cute redhead he’d been lusting over for months actually wanted him to fuck her. When he had stripped, Dawn dropped to her knees in front of him and greedily stuffed his prick between her sucking lips.

On the bed, Craig was still lustily fucking his big meaty cock into Bonnie’s cock-filled cunt while his middle finger skewered around in her hot asshole.

“Hot fuckin’ shit!” screamed the woman, both of her fuck holes tingling. “Keep fuckin’, Craig, keep fuckin’! I’m almost there, honey! Oh, Christ, what a fuck! What a cock!”

As the force of their mutual fuck-thrusts increased, Bonnie could feel her climax building up deep in her loins. Drawing her knees back against her tits, she threw her ankles over his lurching shoulders, offering the whole of her hot furry cunt slit to his battering cock.

“Oh slit, baby!” she screamed, writhing her widely stretched pussy up around his plunging prick. “I’m coming! Oh, Christ, how I’m coming!”

Her soft full mouth hung slackly open, her long dark hair whipping wildly around her face as her eyes rolled back, staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

“Eeeeggghhh!” she shrieked. “I’m coming, baby! I’m coooommmiiinnnggg!”

Her luscious big tits were bouncing wildly up and down as she fucked her pussy on his thrusting cock, welding herself to him as her cunt muscles began convulsing all around the thick length of his big meaty prick. Her loins were jerking spasmodically against him as his spurting cock shaft shot a hot stream of jizz into her spasming cunt.

“That’s it, baby!” she screamed, digging her nails into his shoulders. “Keep squirtin’, honey! Fill my pussy up! I’m still… coming!”

Finally collapsing, she lay perfectly still except for the quivering of her pussy around his slowly shrinking prick shaft.

“Oooooooooh, that was wonderful,” she panted as Craig withdrew his limp cock. “I haven’t been fucked like that since God knows when.”

Staring longingly at his soft, thick fucker, she began caressing the wet, sticky surface with her fingers. Feeling his cock twitch at her touch, Bonnie knew she wouldn’t have too much trouble getting his prick hard again.

“Roll over on your back,” she whispered. “I’ll give you a special reward for giving me such a wonderful fuck.”

When he was spread out on his back, she turned on her side and began stroking his cock, sliding his loose foreskin up and down over the soft wet flesh of his slippery prick. The slow teasing strokes soon had his cock jerking as it began to swell again.

Rising to her knees, she crawled between his outstretched legs, her face only inches above the throbbing head of his cock shaft. She held his hardening prick between both hands, stroking it between her soft palms, and her long dark hair fell over her shoulders, lightly caressing his naked thighs as she massaged his prick to a maddening state of arousal.

Bonnie’s tongue slithered out and she began licking up all the sticky cum from around his big purple cock knob. Using her tongue generously, she washed every trace of jizz from the entire length of his thick boner. When his massive cock was completely cleansed, she teasingly bored the tip of her tongue into the piss slit in Craig’s bloated cock head.

“Oh, my God!” he gasped as the electrifying contact sent chills up his spine.

Crouching obscenely between his legs, the horny woman lowered her open lips down over his prick, enclosing the whole of his big super sensitive cock knob in the moist warmth of her sucking mouth. Tightening her lips around the base of his big shiny cock head, she began sucking deep and hard.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” Craig moaned, staring at her cock-filled mouth.

The sight of his hard cock meat buried between her sucking lips only served to increase the wild sensations he was feeling. There was a wild half-crazed expression on her face as she sucked deeply on his deliciously thick prick. Sucking rhythmically up and down on his throbbing boner, she reached between his legs and massaged the soft skin of his bloated balls with one hand while she gently stroked the base of his prick shaft with the thumb and forefinger of the other.

Unable to control himself any longer, the youth arched his hips up and shot a hot load of cum into her mouth. Bonnie continued sucking deeper and harder as Craig’s cum spurting cock filled her mouth with his deliciously hot jism.

Standing with his back braced against the wall to support his trembling body, Steve excitedly watched Craig filling Bonnie’s mouth with cock cream while Dawn knelt on the floor, sucking on his own throbbing prick. Glancing down at the redhead’s pretty face as her soft clinging lips passionately sucked on his stiff cock, Steve knew he couldn’t wait any longer to empty a big hot load of jizz into her pussy. Taking her shoulders, he gently lifted Dawn to her feet. Smiling at the petite redhead, he lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the bed where he placed her next to the exhausted couple.

“Wanta fuck?” he whispered, crawling up between her widely splayed thighs.

“Shit, yes!” giggled Dawn. “I’m always ready for that.”

The sight of her cute pussy twinkling up wetly at him from the soft tuft of red pussy hair sent delicious chills through his entire body. The warm moistness of her puffy cunt lips seemed to be literally begging for his cock.

“Hurry,” she whispered, parting the juicy lips of her cunt with her fingers. “Don’t make me wait any longer.”

Nudging his prick into the hot moistness of her open pussy slit, he slowly forced his hips forward, feeling his tingling cock fucking into the slippery hotness of her tight cunt.

“Oh, baby,” she whimpered when his super-stiff prick was completely buried in her smoldering pussy. “Sweet fuckin’ Jesus, that’s what I needed.”

Rearing back, the experienced cocksman began rhythmically fucking his prick in and out of the slippery warmth of her tight clinging cunt slit as she writhed around beneath him.

“Jesus,” Pam giggled as the twins watched their father’s bare ass pumping up and down between Dawn’s widely spread legs. “Daddy can really fuck.”

“Shit,” laughed Jill as the two naked girls moved closer to the fucking couple so they could get a better view. “Mom and Dad are both good fuckers.”

Completely fascinated by her father’s sinewy ass as he humped up and down over Dawn’s squirming body, Jill reached out and began gently caressing the cheeks of his ass with her soft hands. Seeing what her twin sister was doing, Pam jumped on the bed and kneeling behind her dad, she reached between his legs and began gently fondling his balls.

Startled by the unexpected contact of Pam’s teasing fingers on his balls, the man began fucking his cock deeper and harder into Dawn’s juice-slickened pussy.

“Aaaaauuuggg!” roared the lurching man when he suddenly felt the tip of Pam’s finger slip up through the tight sensitive rim of his asshole, causing him to instinctively fuck his passion-bloated prick deeper and harder into Dawn’s hot pussy.

“That’s it!” squealed the cute redhead, feeling his sudden hard fuck-thrusts. “Oh, baby, fuck it to me!”

“Yes,” giggled Pam, ramming her finger all the way up his ass. “Fuck her good, Daddy! Fuck her good!”

Steve Conrad had never experienced such intense ecstasy in his life. The sheer joy of feeling his cock slithering in and out of Dawn’s tightly sucking cunt and the sensation of his daughter’s naughty finger reaming out his asshole drove him almost out of his mind. He was so carried away by his ecstatic lust that, without any warning, his prick began spraying Dawn’s pussy full of jizz.

“That’s it!” the cute redhead hysterically squealed. “Keep squirting, baby! I’m coming, too! Oh, shit — how I’m commmmmiiinnggg!”

Later, as they all sat around recovering, Steve turned to Dawn.

“As long as we’re neighbors,” he smiled, “I think we should all get better acquainted.”

“So do I,” said Bonnie. “Why don’t you and Craig come over tomorrow night for some man turn sad games?”

“We’d like that,” beamed Dawn.

“Can we play, too?” Jill excitedly asked her mother.

“I don’t see why not,” the woman smiled.

“You aren’t virgins any more.”

“Daddy?” asked Pam, looking at her father. “Will you fuck me at the party?”

“If you want me to,” he smiled.

“Will you fuck me, too?” Jill chimed in.

“Yes, sweetheart,” her dad grinned, running his fingers through her long blonde hair. “I’ll fuck you, too.”

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