Desperately Sucking Teacher

“Oh yes, Jack,” the teenaged girl moaned softly. “Fuck me, baby. Slam that sweet cock home.”

Connie Jackson was still wearing her uniform. They had finished cheerleading practice, and she had waited for Jack Gibbs to get done with his football workout and grab a shower. The two had then slipped back into the empty school. Now, Jack was giving Connie a workout of an entirely different sort.

The beautiful teenaged girl was sitting on the edge of the teacher’s desk. Her bright red skirt was pulled up around her waist, and her panties lay forgotten on the floor. Her white sweater was pulled high and off her arms to get it out of the way. Jack hadn’t bothered to remove her bra, only taking the time to unsnap it in front and slide the cups aside to reveal the girl’s sweet pale tits.

Connie had her long legs wrapped around the football player’s waist. She clamped him in the vise-like grip of her hot sweating thighs to pull her ass higher and give him better access to the drooling lips of her cunt. The thick black bush of the girl’s pussy was dripping and matted from the juice that streamed from her cunt gash.

Each time the boy pushed forward, Connie grunted with the sensation of his cock fucking into the depths of her pussy. Every time he slid back out, the massive slab of his cockmeat dragged the girl’s cum along with it. Thick gobs of her pussy cream left glistening trails through the curly black hairs that grew all the way down into the crack of her ass.

Connie leaned back on her hands, surrendering her body totally to the boy’s rough lust. Her tits rose high and pale. The nipples were thick and dark and stood out from the areolas as if they were reaching for the boy’s torment.

“Yes, baby,” she grunted as Jack pinched one up between his thumb and index finger, pulling the tortured flesh until the nipple stood out a full inch from the pale tit mound. “Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked in my life!”

Over and over, the boy pounded his prick deep into the girl’s wet pussy.

“Oh Christ, honey,” she moaned. “I’m… I’m cumming… again and again, like it’s never gonna stop.”

Jack slid his free hand under the girl’s pumping ass. With no warning, he shoved his middle finger up the steaming hole of her ass. Connie went crazy.

“Aarrgh!” she shrieked, nearly throwing her convulsing body off the sweat-covered desktop.

The girl thrashed like a mad thing as fuck lust consumed her totally. Her shoulder-length black hair flew in all directions as the madness of her, lust glazed her deep-blue eyes.

Finally, her orgasms died away, and the beautiful young girl collapsed back across the desk. Her breath came in panting gasps, and her body still trembled occasionally as faint memories of lust danced through her quivering pussy.

“Now,” the boy said, smiling lecherously, “you’ve had what you wanted. It’s my turn.”

Connie’s eyes opened slightly, and she smiled up at her horny lover.

“And just what might that be, stud?” she asked, with a teasing grin spreading even farther. “As if I didn’t know.”

“Let me put it to you this way,” the boy said, reaching up to twist one dark nipple back into rubbery hardness while simultaneously massaging the girl’s cunt. “What is it that you like best after having your cunt reamed out?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” she sighed as his fingers began renewing her own lust. Connie could feel Jack’s prick, still stiff and pulsing in the creamy gash of her cunt. The full weight of his balls brushed against the crack of her ass, and by the feel of them she knew they were swollen to bursting with a load of hot cum. The girl’s mouth watered at the thought of all that delicious cock cream. “What I like best after having my pussy fucked is to have a big stiff cock in my mouth.”

“Then you’re about to have your dream come true,” the boy said, stepping back.

The knob of his prick slid out of the girl’s dripping cunt with a wet sloppy sound, and in an instant Connie was off the desk and had gone down to her knees on the floor. Jack leaned against the desk, and the girl crawled between his legs to begin sucking and licking at his swollen balls.

She turned her attention to his prick. The cockshaft was long and thick, so big that Connie could wrap both of her hands around it at the base and still have lots of cockmeat left to suck on.

Jack’s cock was still covered with Connie’s cum. The girl sucked and lapped at it, hungrily licking the cream from her own pussy off the boy’s slab of prick. Looking down at the girl’s bobbing head, Jack could see a glistening sheen of cunt on her rut-maddened face as Connie smeared his greased prick knob over her cheeks and lips.

“You hungry, bitch?” he asked, suddenly taking her face in both of his hands and impaling it on his pulsing cockshaft. “Would you like a nice hot load of fizz to eat?”

“Umm-hmmm,” she sighed happily as she gobbled her way down the length of his cockmeat.

Down and then farther down, Connie pushed her beautiful young face until finally the prick knob was lodged all the way into the back of her hot throat. She could feel the coarse black hairs around the football player’s prick as they ground against her checks and nose. She felt the full hot weight of his balls as they bounced off her chin.

“Give it to me, Jackie,” she moaned, smearing her tongue back and forth across the cockhead.

Connie slid the head of Jack’s prick in and out of the wet ring of her full lips. The girl’s tongue moved over his cock knob like a dancer as she sucked and slurped at the feverish flesh.

She palmed the weight of his balls in her free hand, massaging them gently.

“Spray my face full of cream, honey.”

Before the last words could even leave her lips, the first blast of hot cum blew from the quivering tip of Jack’s swollen slab of prickmeat.

“Jesus Fuckin’ Christ!” the boy grunted.

He looked down in time to see a thick gout of jism spray onto Connie’s lips and tongue. One stream of cum splashed across her cheek and into the raven black strands of the girl’s hair.

“Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!” the teenager grunted as she tried desperately to capture the spurting cock knob between her cum-smeared lips.

Once his cockhead was lodged there, the girl drank and drank. The muscles in her throat worked frantically to take in the full load of the boy’s cum, but there was just too much for even her desperate hunger.

Jism ran from both corners of her cock stuffed mouth. Cum shot up the back of her throat and poured from her nostrils. Thick gobs of cock cream collected on her chin, only to drip and fall onto the pale flesh of her bobbing tit meat. One pearly drop of it hung suspended from the thick dark nipple of her left tit, and the girl smeared it over the thick nubbin and swollen areola until both gleamed with the wetness of the boy’s cum.

Over and over, Jack sprayed the girl’s mouth full of his jism. As Connie massaged his balls and milked the thick prickshaft, she wondered if he was going to drown her in cum before he finished.

The last gobs of thick cum sprayed from the bay’s trembling prick, and Connie pulled it from between her full lips and let the scalding jism spurt across her lovely young face.

“Yesss, honey… yesss!” she sighed, using her lips and cheeks to capture and smear the cum from his spitting prick knob. “Give me every single drop of jizz. Drain those sweet balls far me, baby!”

The girl milked and jerked fiercely as the boy’s prick spewed one last fat gob of cum out of the pisshole. Just as she was licking it from his cock head, the door of the room opened.


Vivian Glenn walked rapidly back toward her classroom. Her heels clicked loudly, sending echoes through the deserted halls.

Damn these late meetings, she thought to herself as she glanced hurriedly at her watch.

Her kids, Andy and Christy, were probably already home. Andy would have gotten out of football practice by this time. He might have stopped off at the diner for a Coke with his friends, as her daughter might have done as well, but they would both get home expecting her to be there with dinner prepared.

Oh well, she thought, it’ll do them good to have to fend for themselves for a change. At least, it’ll do them no harm. That’s funny, I don’t remember locking this door. Shrugging, she reached into the pocket of her skirt for the key and opened the door.

For a moment, the beautiful teacher stood there frozen in shock. She couldn’t believe the scene taking place in her own room.

Connie Jackson was on her knees on the floor. Her sweater and bra had been discarded. The teenaged girl was a perfect picture of lust. Jack Gibbs’ cum was spread in a glistening sheen across her young face. A stream of cock cream shone in her dark hair like pearls of jism, and thick gobs of the boy’s cum dripped from one of the girl’s swollen nipples.

“What the hell’s going on here!” Vivian demanded.

For an instant, the lovers were motionless in their positions. Jack’s hands were still on Connie’s head, and the girl remained kneeling and clutching at the boy’s prick with the cock knob resting against her full lips. Suddenly, Connie smiled mischievously. She picked up her sweater from the floor and used it to clean the cunt from her face and tits. Then she pulled it on over her head, stretching and arching her back so that her tits stood out proudly.

“What the hell do you think’s going on, Mrs. Glenn?” Connie asked. “I just finished sucking Jack’s cock.”

“I can see that, Connie,” Vivian said. “What I want to know is why.”

“Because I like sucking Jack’s sweet cock,” the girl laughed, standing close to the handsome boy and giving his huge prick an affectionate squeeze.

The youth leaned over to whisper something into the girl’s ear.

“Sure, honey,” Connie said.

With that, the girl turned and walked from the room, ignoring Vivian as if the woman wasn’t even there. The teacher stared openmouthed at the girl’s back as Connie walked out.

“We’ll go into this tomorrow with the principal,” Vivian said, turning her back on the boy and reaching for her satchel and papers on a high shelf along the wall. “And for God’s sake, put yourself back into your pants.”

She didn’t hear the boy as he walked quietly up behind her.

“What’s the matter, Teacher?” he said, reaching around Vivian and pinning her arms to her sides. “You act like you’ve never seen a nice big cock being sucked before.”

“Dammit, Jack,” she said, struggling vainly to free herself, “get your hands off me!”

She could feel the boy’s rigid prick pushing against her firm ass. He pulled his left hand and arm back and between Vivian’s left arm and back, and then reached across to grasp her upper right arm from the inside so that the woman was effectively held helpless, even though his right hand was now free.

“Now,” he said, using his free hand to unfasten the buttons of the struggling woman’s blouse, “let’s see what we have in here.”

Jack’s hand massaged the swollen mounds of Vivian’s tits. He first squeezed one nipple and then the other, and the woman could feel her own flesh betraying her as her nipples grew hard and rubbery beneath the boy’s assault.

With practiced agility, Jack slipped the clasp of her bra free, and Vivian’s huge mounds of tit flesh stood free of the restraining lacy cups.

“I’ve wanted to cop a feel of these tits for a long time,” the boy whispered, nuzzling and biting at the woman’s throat and ears and cupping first one large tit and then the other. “Now I can see what I’ve been missing out on.”

“Jack, please,” Vivian pleaded quietly as the boy’s tormenting fingers twisted and clawed at her rubbery pink nipples, pulling the flesh far out from the swollen areolas. “Don’t do this, Jack!”

She could feel the exquisite shocks of pain and pleasure caused by his tormenting of her tit meat. The currents seemed to race through the depths of the woman’s belly like tiny fingers of fire clawing down into her vitals. She could feel her cunt churning and knew that the steaming gash was already flooding with juice.

It had been eight months since her husband had moved out. In that time Vivian had moved herself and her kids east from Oregon. She had searched out a new home for them in her old hometown and gone to work as a teacher in the school there. She had started her life all over again, but she had not had the time to become involved with another man. Indeed, until this moment, the beautiful redhead attempted to convince herself that she had no need for a man.

Now, however, as Jack’s hand slid from her trembling tits to cross the smooth hard flesh of her belly, Vivian Glenn knew how wrong she had been.

“I wonder how things are getting on here,” the boy said, his voice going husky as he squeezed the mound of the woman’s cunt through her skirt.

“Oh God, Jack,” she begged frantically, knowing full well what was going on between her legs. “Please, let go of me before this gets out of hand.”

“Don’t worry, teach,” he said, chuckling lecherously into her ear. “I’m going to make sure that everything stays in hand.”

The youth pulled her skirt up, higher and higher until he could tuck the hem into her waistband. Then, pressing his palm flat against her belly, Jack slid the hand behind the elastic and inside her panties until he could reach the trembling nubbin of her clit.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” Vivian moaned as the boy began pinching and rubbing the hot tongue of clit flesh between her legs.

“Hey!” the boy said, amazed at the beautiful teacher’s reaction. “You really are hot for a stiff cock, aren’t you, baby?”

Jack began sliding his fingers into the dripping gash of Vivian’s pussy.

“Yesss… oh, fuck, yesss!” Vivian sighed, feeling the tiny quiverings that raced through her cunt as Jack’s fingers slid up and down in the greasy slash.

The boy had released his grip on her arms, but the woman was no longer trying to escape from her attacker. Instead, she peeled her pantyhose down and off one foot. The hose remained dangling there, but Vivian took no notice of it. Her mind was lost in the lust of the moment, her pussy convulsing in her hunger for the young stud’s throbbing cock.

“Now,” she grunted, spreading her wet thighs, “if you’re such a horny young stallion, shove that big prick in here.”

She bent forward, bracing her left hand on the shelves. The panting woman then grabbed the boy’s immense slab of cockmeat and pulled him forward until his pulsing cockhead was buried in the drooling slit between her swollen cunt lips.

“Let’s see how you do with a real woman, instead of a young girl.”

“You’ve got it, you cock-hungry bitch,” the youth grunted, hunching his ass and fucking his thick nine-inch length of prick into the woman’s greasy cunthole.

“Oh Christ, Jack!” Vivian gasped as the boy shoved forward.

Deeper and deeper, the pounding prick plowed into her. The beautiful redhead had almost forgotten how good it felt to be impaled on a stiff prick. Jesus, she thought as the youth started fucking out her cunt while clawing and twisting at her huge tits, how did I go all this time without a man?

“Oh yesss… yesss… yesss!” Vivian grunted.

Jack fucked in time and again to slam his thick prick knob into the deepest recesses of her cunt.

“More, Jack!” she pleaded as the cunt-slimed cockshaft scraped against her swollen cunt lips. “Give me every inch of that hot greasy cock of yours! Fuck my brains out, you big-pricked bull!”

Jack pulled himself up tight against the woman’s hot sweating ass. Their flesh slapped wetly every time he slammed forward. His swollen balls bounced against the dripping skin of her inner thighs, and Vivian knew that the juice was pouring from her cunt in thick streams.

“Fuck me,” she panted as her hunger went over the walls she had built up over most of a year of doing without a man. “Oh, dear God, Jack… please just fuck me!”

I can’t believe this is happening, she thought as the waves of orgasm began building to a peak. I can’t believe that I’m standing here in my own classroom with my pants down while a high school senior fucks me from behind like some bitch in heat. What would I do if Andy or Christy walked in right now?

Suddenly the lovely red-haired school teacher was no longer in a position to care about such things. Not her children. Not her job. The only thing that mattered was the pounding cock that was fucking in and out of her wet cunt and the panting youth who clawed at her tits and twisted the sensitive nubbin of her cunt.

The top of her head seemed to explode as the first wave of lust washed over her brain and carried her somewhere beyond sanity. It was as if lightning danced behind her eyes as orgasm after screaming orgasm churned through her cunt. Vivian thought she must be losing her mind, and then that too seemed unimportant as she abandoned herself to fuck-lust. The woman’s need had been held back for too long. Now that the darn had been torn down, there was no way she could hold back the tempest. And nowhere in her soul was the will to even try.

Finally, the violent tremblings subsided, and Vivian found herself leaning against the shelves while trying desperately to catch, her breath.

“Okay, you horny slut,” Jack said, giving one of her nipples a particularly vicious tweak, “since you were so interested in watching Connie suck my prick, it’s only fair that you get a chance to do it, too.”

With that, the boy stepped back, his cock sliding out of Vivian’s pussy with a slippery splashing sound. He turned her around and led her across the room. The lovely woman realized that there was no fight left in her, no strength to do anything except follow the orders he might give.

“Get under,” he said, pointing at Vivian’s desk.


“Dammit!” he snarled, grabbing a handful of her hair and forcing her to the floor. “Do as you’re told! Get your horny ass under the desk!”

Vivian did as he commanded, crawling under the desk and turning to look back at the square of light. Somewhere in the back of her mind, something rebelled against such treatment, but the feeling was so buried by her abuse that it faded in only an instant and was gone.

Jack sat down in her chair, and Vivian noticed that the boy had taken his jeans off. The full sac of his balls rested on the wooden seat. His huge prick stood tall and pulsing before her eyes, and the woman wanted nothing more in the world than what was right there in front of her.

“Come here, bitch!” the boy ordered, and Vivian obeyed, sliding out from under the desk until only her feet and calves were still beneath it.

Jack had taken a long wide metal ruler from the desktop and was holding it in his right hand like a paddle. He reached down with his left hand to squeeze one of the firm tits that bobbed there in front of him.

“Here you go, teach,” he smiled evilly, “let’s see how good you are at sucking cock.”

Jack twisted at Vivian’s bruised nipple, and the woman groaned softly as the electricity shot deep into the tormented flesh of her tit.

“Oh Christ,” she sighed, bending forward to press her full lips against the pulsing knob of the boy’s prick.

Vivian bathed the cockhead, laying it with her tongue and licking it clean of the drops of her own cum that still clung to the sensitive skin.

“It’s so fucking big, Jack,” she moaned as she slid her lips and tongue down the long thick cockshaft, collecting pussy cream on her cheeks and mouth.

“I said for you to suck it, bitch!” the boy snarled.

He gave her nipple another fierce twist and simultaneously brought the metal ruler down across his teacher’s ass. The ruler left a wide red welt on her firm ass flesh. Vivian emitted a short grunt of shock and pain at the dual attack.

Instantly, her mouth flew back upward, and Vivian took the boy’s swollen prick-knob between her lips.

“That’s more like it,” Jack grunted as his cockhead was enveloped in the hot moisture of the woman’s mouth. “Eat it, you cock-hungry cunt!” He began pushing her face down even farther on his prick. “Eat every last inch of it!”

It’s too much, she thought as more and more of the boy’s cock was pushed into her mouth. I’ll choke to death before I can get this whole monster in.

Then Jack dropped the ruler and reached under her belly to run his fingers between the dripping lips of Vivian’s pussy. The gorgeous redhead knew as soon as he touched her that she was lost. Fire seemed to fly from his fingertips as they waded through the dripping swamp of her cunt. Vivian found herself spreading her legs and hunching forward to meet the boy’s hands.

She could hardly believe the reality of the situation. It had to be some sort of sick dream. She was on the floor of her own classroom sucking at the cock of one of her own students. It may have started out as a rape, but she was long past that now.

Down and ever down, she gobbled at the throbbing cock, pulling inch after hot inch into her mouth. Jack’s hands were driving her mad. The one at her cunt was twisting and pulling at the hot nubbin of her clit. His other hand pinched back and forth from nipple to nipple until both of them stood out hard and rubbery from the swollen pink areolas.

Suddenly, the woman realized that the boy’s prick was fucked all the way down into her face. Her throat was stuffed with prick. The cockhead was lodged so deeply that she couldn’t even draw breath.

Vivian didn’t care. The sensation was wonderful. The odors of cum and piss, the sweaty fragrances of his crotch, the perfumes from her own cunt. All these things combined to flood her nostrils with a heady aroma of sex. The only thing she wanted was the youthful prick that impaled her face. That, and the huge load of cum that she knew was straining his overloaded balls.

Slowly at first, she began moving her mouth up and down on the length of Jack’s cock. Bringing it out until the cock-knob was just inside her lips, Vivian would then plunge down again until it was lodged in the deepest recesses of her throat.

“Goddamn!” the boy grunted as the hot depths of the beautiful woman’s face began pulling him toward his explosion. “You really are cock-hungry after all, aren’t you, Mrs. Glenn?”

“Umm-hmmm,” Vivian moaned in answer. Then, pulling his prick all the way out of her mouth, the lovely redhead smeared the spittle-slimed prick across her lips and cheeks.

“Finger me, Jack,” she grunted. “Fingerfuck me right out of my mind and then feed me all that hot, sweet cum. I want to drink your cream, baby.” She felt the swelling and tightening in his balls as she milked the pounding shaft of his prick. “Spray me full of all that cum!”

“Whatever you say, bitch,” the boy said, suddenly pulling his hand out of her cunt and reaching across her ass to fuck his middle finger up her asshole.

“Aaarhh!” Vivian screamed as the youth’s finger pushed harshly through the puckered hole of her shitter.

With no warning, the first load of Jack’s cum blew from the quivering tip of his prick. Vivian moved down to capture the spurting cockhead, but not before her lips and cheeks had been covered by a glistening film of his jism.

Oh yes, Jack, she thought, as she tried to drink down his cum-load. Fill my belly.

The only sounds that emerged from her cock stuffed lips were the slurping and sucking noises of a woman eating prick.

“Mmmmmph, mmmmph,” she grunted as the muscles in her throat worked convulsively to drink it all down.

Another load of scalding cum shot from the depths of Jack’s balls. The hot gouts of jism instantly filled her sucking mouth. Gobs of cum spurted out each corner of her lips and ran down her chin.

“Oh, nooo…” she pleaded as the boy suddenly pulled his cum-spraying cock out of her slurping lips. “No!”

Her begging did no good. Jack stood over her, one hand wrapped in her long, thick red hair. His other hand fisted his swollen and spitting cock and directed the wash of cum across her already-greased face.

Thick gobs of jism were smeared over her chocks. Cum clung to her hair in long strands. Streams of the boy’s cum drip from her chin to gather on the pale mounds of her pink-tipped tit flesh.

One last gob of cum oozed from Jack’s prick as he milked the thick cockshaft, and the boy smeared it across his teacher’s red lips. It hung there like a huge pearl of cream until Vivian caught it on her tongue and licked it away.

“There you go,” the boy said, smiling down maliciously. “Now that pretty face of yours has been properly fucked. And your cunt, too.”

“Yeah,” Connie said, coming back into the room at that instant. “And every bit of it has been preserved for posterity.”

With growing horror, Vivian realized that the girl was holding a small instant camera and a stack of pictures.

“Connie, what have you done?”

“Oh, nothing much,” the girl teased. “I just got my camera out of my locker like Jack asked me to do and went for a little walk outside the building. You’d be amazed how much you can see through one of those windows.” She pointed over near Vivian’s desk where the afternoon sun was still streaming through the open window. “And not only see, but photograph, as well. Would you like a sample, Mrs. Glenn?”

The girl tossed one of the snapshots to her. “Hey!” Jack yelled, making a grab for the picture but missing as it landed in Vivian’s lap. “Don’t let her have that!”

“Oh, leave her alone, Jack,” Connie said. “There are plenty more where that one came from. I used over two packs of film.” The girl held up the thick stack of photographs for both of them to see. “I wanted to make sure I got Mrs. Glenn’s best side. Or maybe I should say I wanted to make sure I got her best tit.”

Both of the teenagers laughed at that, but Vivian could only stare in shock. First from one student to the next. Then at the snapshot that she held in her hand.


“Andy, are you, home?”

“Yeah, Sis,” the boy called from upstairs. “I’m just grabbing a quick shower.”

He hadn’t had time after football practice, figuring that his mother would already be home. So, the youth had jogged home in his workout trunks, carrying his clothing and books.

Christy Glenn mounted the stairs and went into the bathroom. It was starting to fill with steam from the shower, and her hair misted slightly as she walked into the room. “Where’s Mom?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Andy said from the roaring shower stall. “She must have gotten held up at school.”

Quickly, the pretty redheaded teenager pulled her sweater off over her head. She kicked off her shoes and slid the tight jeans and panties off over the long hard flesh of her legs. Her body was slender and tight, the result of hours spent in the school gymnasium. Her tits stood high and full, the flesh translucent and pale, and were tipped by large nipples that already jutted out from the areolas from nothing more than the friction of the sweater.

The girl looked for all the world like a teenaged version of her mother, just as her brother Andy was the very image of their father. The youth already stood at nearly six feet. His shoulders and chest were huge for his age, his legs long and well muscled from school athletics. His hair was thick and curly, the same sandy blond as their father.

That was what Christy saw most when she looked at her brother, his resemblance to her father. The girl had worshiped the man, and even though she hadn’t seen him in several months she held a perfect picture of her dad in her mind. She remembered the games they had played, the way he held her on his lap and caressed her hair, the he had tucked her into bed, even when she had grown to be a teenager. She loved him very much, and she knew that he loved her as well.

Sometimes, she felt responsible for her parents’ break-up and subsequent divorce.

Now that he was gone, the girl couldn’t seem to let go of the idea that part of it was her fault. All she knew for sure, however, was that he was gone. All she had left of him were photographs. Those and the obvious resemblance of her brother Andy.

Sliding the shower door aside, she joined her brother in the glass and tile enclosed booth. Andy looked up in surprise. He had just finished soaping his chest and belly and was about to move on down to his cock. Instead, he stood there looking at his baby sister in amazement.

“Perhaps you can tell me what the hell you’re doing,” he was finally able to say.

“What’s the matter, big brother?” she asked teasingly. “We used to take baths together all the time.”

“Yeah,” he said, “but that was when we were little kids. Things are a little different now.”

“Things are a lot different, I’d say,” she smiled, glancing appreciatively at the huge cock that hung between her older brother’s legs. “You didn’t have anything like that when we were playing in the bathtub.”

“You’re right,” he said, really noticing the firm tits on his baby sister and the bush of fine red hair that was growing silky and shining between her hard young thighs.

“Here,” she said, taking the soapy washrag from him and handing him the container of liquid soap. “You soap me up, and I can do the same for you.”

With that, Christy took her brother’s large prick in her hand and began lovingly washing it. She held the slab of cockmeat up and moved the cloth down to suds the huge sac of the boy’s balls.

“Don’t just stand there, Andy,” she sighed, her voice having gone almost as low as a husky whisper. “Can’t you find something on me that you’d like to rub soap on?”

Without another word, Andy poured a handful of the creamy liquid into one palm. He rubbed his hands together until the soap thickened and then applied it directly to his sister’s hard-nippled tits.

“Oh, yeah,” she sighed quietly, feeling the electric currents that ran through her nipples everytime the boy brushed a soapy finger across them.

Andy’s prick stood proud and hard in her soapy hands, pulsing so forcefully beneath her touch that the girl could feel it jerk and move with her motions. Her own pussy was beginning to drip and run from the effects of his hands moving across her mounds of tit meat.

“Rub me good and hard, big brother,” she cooed. “Rub that slimy soap all over my tits.”

The boy pinched them up until Christy’s head rolled back, her full red lips in a sucking oval of pleasure. He crushed the tit mounds fiercely, digging his fingers deep into the luscious melons.

“Mom’s going to be home soon,” the boy grunted as his sister allowed the steaming water to rinse the thick layer of soap from his prick.

“Yes,” the girl said, “but not before I get a little something out of this.”

Christy knelt on the tiled floor of the shower and began kissing and licking at her brother’s swollen prick. It tasted so good to her, so clean and meaty. And yet, in spite of the soaping she had given it, there was the trace of man smell that permeated the sensitive flesh. The more she licked and sucked at his cock, the stronger the odor grew.

“Oh God, Christy,” he moaned as the young girl took the twitching cock knob between her lips, “that feels so damned good.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, big brother,” she said, grinning up at him with a lecherous twinkle in her eyes.

In an instant, she had pulled the huge cock knob all the way into her mouth and was beginning to suck it down into the depths. Like a mad thing, she pulled and slurped the boy’s prick into her mouth.

Yes, oh yes, Daddy, she fantasized silently. It’s as good as it could ever be.

Abandoning the cock with her lips, she stood and faced the youth. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Their tongues fenced briefly, and then Christy shoved hers deep into Andy’s hungry mouth.

“Fuck me,” she grunted, raising one foot and resting it on the top of the shower’s low wall. She pressed her firm ass against the tile wall. “Shove that beautiful big cock all the way up into my belly.”

Christy pulled her brother forward, fisting his cock shaft and rubbing the quivering cockhead between the swollen lips of her pussy.

“Give it to me,” she begged. “Don’t make me wait any longer.”

Andy had no intention of making her wait. He pushed forward until the cock knob was lodged firmly inside his sister’s tight hot cunt. Then, in a rush, he fucked the whole thing into her dripping pussy, making Christy gasp sharply. Her eyes flew wide as he fucked all the way into her.

“Oh… oh Christ, yesss!” she panted, pushing her ass forward to meet his prick. “Fuck my hole out good, baby!”

The boy grabbed her tit in his left hand and used his other to take a biting hold on one firm ass cheek. Then he started slamming in and out of her. His hand pinched her nipple up fiercely, nearly bringing tears to the girl’s eyes and forcing her to bite her lip from the combination of pleasure and pain.

In and out, he fucked while clawing at her ass and tits. Over and over, he pulled his rampaging prick out of her steaming depths until only the cockhead was buried between the bruised cuntlips. Then he would fuck back in, plowing her dripping cunt until he had pinned her ass back against the wall.

“Unh, unh, unh!” she grunted, throwing herself fiercely to meet her brother’s attack.

But in her head, the girl was lost in her own fantasies. In her mind, it was not Andy whose huge prick was buried in her dripping pussy. It was her father’s. It was his prick plowing deeply into her young body. It was his hand that pinched and massaged her bruised and tormented tit meat. His hand that clawed at her ass.

Fuck me, Daddy, she begged silently. Show your little girl how much you love her.

Then Andy fucked his finger deep into the girl’s ass, and the waves of orgasm that had been sweeping over Christy became tidal waves.

“Aarghh!” she screamed, throwing herself against her brother until it was all he could do to keep both of them from falling in the slippery shower. Lust burned out her sanity, and the girl felt lost in the screaming reaches of pleasure and pain.

“Oh, Christ,” Andy grunted. “I’m going to… I’m cumming…”

She could feel the boy’s prick swelling to even greater size far back in her pussy hole. The cockhead had become a piledriver of meat, and she pounded at it as hard as she could in an attempt to pull him entirely into her young body.

Then the boy exploded. That first gout of cock cream that shot into her nearly made the young girl weep with the joy of it. His cum filled her pussy entirely, splashing like hot add on the tender meat of her cunt and bringing on an entirely new series of orgasms that Christy hadn’t even imagined were possible.

Over and over, his throbbing cock spurted gobs of hot cum into the girl’s guts, and with each she leaped into yet another seizure of lust.

Finally, the boy’s prick emptied into her, and he clung to Christy. She trembled against him, feeling the heat of his skin, feeling the occasional twitching of his prick as it lay still buried in her pussy.

“Jesus, little sister,” Andy sighed as he leaned against Christy, “that was fantastic. But we can’t let this happen again. What if you were to get pregnant or something?”

“I’m not stupid, Andy,” she sighed, trying to regain her breath. “I’ve been protected for over a year now. And as far as this ever happening again, I can only tell you that I’ve just gotten started.”

With that, the young girl lowered her foot from its position on the side of the tub, and Andy stepped back. The entire bathroom was filled with steam to the point that they could barely see each other through the fog. She reached across and turned off the cascading water.

“Now,” she said, opening the door and grabbing a towel from the rod, “let’s get out of here before Mom does come home and catch us.”

Toweling off, Christy dressed and ran to her room to comb out her wet hair. As she finished, she heard the front door open.


Vivian drove home through the quiet back streets of the small town. She felt as if she were in a daze from the events of the day. Technically, she had been raped. But only technically. Moments after the boy had touched her, she had responded with a hunger that she had forgotten she even possessed.

In the instant that she responded to the boy’s touch, it had stopped being rape. She knew it, and that knowledge didn’t sit well with her self-image.

As she pulled into her driveway and parked, Vivian picked her purse up from the seat. When she did so, the photograph fell out. She looked at it carefully, still unable to believe that the woman in the snapshot could really be her. Yet, there was no way to mistake the face for anyone else. The red hair, the creamy skin, the deep green eyes all showed up in living color.

Still, the woman in the picture was a stranger to her, a wanton creature who looked as if she belonged in photographs of this sort. The Vivian in the shot had her full lips stretched wide to accept a stream of cum that was spraying from the tip of a huge prick. In the shot, she could see the sheen of a film of jism that was smeared across her cheeks and lips. Thick streams of cum had poured from this woman’s lips and were dripping from her chin. The camera’s eye had captured one single drop in mid-air as it ran from her face and fell toward the surface of her cum-smeared tit mound below.

“Oh God, what am I going to do?” she asked herself, climbing from the car and dropping the photograph into her purse. “If this ever comes out, I’ll be ruined here.” Then, after only a couple of steps, she stopped as another realization struck her. “Never mind here. I’ll be ruined anywhere. I’ll never be able to get another job teaching, no matter where I go, if this comes out.”

The house was quiet when she went in.

“Is anyone here?” she called as she hung her light jacket in the hall closet.

“Hi, Mom,” Andy called, coming down the stairs in his floppy brown robe.

He was toweling his curly blond hair, and Vivian was immediately reminded of the boy’s father. There was nothing unusual in that. It seemed as if she was reminded of David every, time she saw her teenaged son these days. He had grown so much in the past couple of years. Now, he stood inches above her, and she knew that he still had a couple or three inches before he would reach his full growth. His father stood at a towering six feet three inches. Andy showed every indication of reaching at least that height.

It was at such times that she really missed David. The bastard, she thought to herself.

She had said nothing to the children about the problems between herself and their father. Instead, she had told them that there had been certain difficulties that they couldn’t seem to work out together, and that she and their dad had decided it might be best to settle them separately.

“Hi, honey,” she said to the boy. “Where’s your sister? Isn’t she home yet?”

“Uh, yeah,” he said. “She got a shower first, and then I grabbed a quick one. Did you get held up at school?”

“Yes,” the woman said noncommittally. “There were some things I had to take care of in my room. Say, you guys must be starved. Have you had anything to eat yet?”

“You’re getting forgetful in your old age, Mom,” the boy teased. “We’re supposed to spend the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma. Remember?”

“Oh, that’s right,” Vivian said. She had forgotten. The events of the day had driven everything else out of her head.

One of the advantages to moving back east to her old hometown had been the close proximity to her parents. The two older people had helped her and the kids through the adjustment of David’s departure. They had also served as a convenient place for the kids to go when she needed a little time to herself. Her parents had been absolutely delighted to have their daughter and grandchildren close enough to see on a regular basis.

Vivian decided that it was probably just as well that the kids were going tonight. She didn’t think she could stand the idea of having to make small talk and act as if everything was normal after what she had gone through earlier in the day. Also, she needed the time alone to try and figure out what she would do next.

Her parents showed up about twenty minutes later. They were full of plans for the weekend and anxious to get things started. Vivian stood in the door, waving as her father backed his old station wagon out of the driveway and drove up the street at his quiet pace.

After they had disappeared, she fixed herself a cup of tea and a cold sandwich and sat in the living room to watch the evening news. She had just finished eating when the doorbell rang.

“Who in the world can that be?” she wondered aloud, glancing at the wall clock on the far side of the room.

It was seven-thirty, and she had already made herself comfortable for the evening by undressing and slipping into a robe after taking a quick shower. Now, she drew the robe protectively around herself and went to the door.

“Jack!” she said, shocked to see the boy so soon after the afternoon session in her room. “And Connie… what, uh, what do you two want here?”

“Mighty nice of you to invite us in, teach,” the boy sneered, forcing his way into the room. Connie stepped in right behind him and closed the door. “We just thought it might be fun to pay you a little visit tonight. It seemed like a good time to resume our activities from this afternoon. Don’t you think it’s a good time Connie?”

“Sure,” the girl said. “There’s no time like the present. This way, we’ve got all the time in the world and don’t have to worry about anyone coming into the room to distract us.”

“Andy and Christy will be back any minute,” Vivian said, desperately maneuvering for time.

“No they won’t,” the boy interrupted. “Connie heard Christy talking to somebody at school today. Christy said that they were both going to their grandparents’ for the weekend. Besides,” he added, reaching over to finger the material of Vivian’s robe, “maybe they’d like to join us in our games. I bet Andy would like to cut a little piece off Connie’s sweet cunt. And I’ve been noticing Christy’s tight little ass for the past few months. The way she swings it through the halls, it looks to me as if she likes her share of cock as much as her mommy does.”

“You bastard!” Vivian said, swinging her palm toward the boy’s face. “You leave my kids out of this.”

“Hey, Teacher,” Jack laughed, easily grabbing her wrist in one hand and stopping the blow, “let’s not get too feisty, shall we?”

He twisted at the woman’s wrist until Vivian’s eyes glazed over from the pain in her arm. She went to her knees as he forced her down.

“Besides,” he continued, “you really don’t want to get me pissed off. You see, I divided those photographs up into three neat packets, put them into three envelopes, and addressed them to the school board, the local paper, and the Sheriff’s office. Along with the pictures, I included a short typewritten note giving the time and place that they were taken. I also mentioned the fact that the male half of the picture, whose face is never seen, is of one of the male students at school.”

“They’ll never believe you, Jack,” she said. “Not unless you identify yourself. And you won’t do that because you’ll get yourself into a lot of trouble as well.”

“I don’t have to identify myself, Teacher,” the boy said. He pulled Vivian tight against him, pinning her arms behind her back with one hand while he started massaging her full tits. “You know as well as I do about small towns, how people talk, how reputations can be destroyed overnight with just a few nasty whispers in the right ears. How long do you think you’d be able to live here if those photographs were released?”

Vivian closed her eyes tightly, but was unable to hold back the tears that forced their way through her long lashes.

“Why, Jack?” she asked as he allowed her to rise from her kneeling position. “Why are you doing this? I’ve never done anything to make you hate me like this.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Mrs. Glenn,” he whispered, bending down to nuzzle and bite at the pale flesh of her throat as he pulled her robe open to reveal the snowy mounds of her tits. “Maybe I just get a kick out of seeing you squirm. I know I get a kick out of this body of yours.”

He squeezed one nipple up into hardness and bent farther to run his hot wet tongue over the tender tit flesh.

“Besides,” he said, sliding his hand down to until the robe’s sash and fondle her cunt mound through the thin panties that were all she wore beneath, “Connie went out and bought all this film for her camera.”

“Sure,” the girl said, watching her boyfriend feel up their teacher. “Now, wouldn’t it be a shame to let all this new film go to waste?”

“Oh, no please,” Vivian pleaded. “No more pictures. Do whatever you want with me, but please don’t take any more shots of me like that.”

“Well,” the boy said, releasing her hands and knowing that the woman would do nothing to get away from him now, “we’ll see, won’t we. I guess it’ll all depend on whether or not you’re a good girl and do exactly as you’re told.”

“All right,” Vivian said desperately. “Anything you say. Just don’t let those pictures go out.”

“Now you see?” he said, turning to Connie.

“She’s going to be just as good as she can be, since we asked her so nicely. And you thought she might not want to play with us.”

“Guess I just had her figured completely wrong,” the teenaged girl said, walking around behind the woman to put Vivian between herself and Jack. Gently, almost lovingly, Connie slipped the robe off the schoolteacher’s shoulders from behind.

“Oh, isn’t that pretty?” she said quietly, running her palms over the older woman’s rounded ass. “She’s so smooth and firm.”

Connie slid her hand between Vivian’s ass cheeks and rubbed her middle finger against the tight puckered hole of the woman’s shitter.

“You know something, Jack?” she said, encircling Vivian’s waist with one hand and cupping the woman’s tit with her free hand while continuing to finger her ass crack. “I bet I can think of something on our sweet Vivian here that’s still a virgin.”

Jack moved up close in front and began fondling the woman’s other tit while sliding his hand between her legs to gouge a finger fiercely into the slit of her red-bushed cunt.

“What’s that, Connie?” he asked, bending down to take the captured nipple between his lips and bite at the instantly hardening flesh.

“I don’t think she’s ever had a cock back here,” the girl said. “I think she’s got a virgin shitter.” With those words, the beautiful brunette shoved her, middle finger all the way into Vivian’s tight asshole.

“Oh, Jesus!” the woman exploded with a rushing burst of air. “It hurts too much, it’s too tight.”

“You see what I mean?” the cheerleader said, leaning her chin on Vivian’s shoulder and looking down at her boyfriend as he sucked the woman’s tit. “I just can’t imagine that she’s ever had a nice stiff cock up her ass.”

“We’ll just have to correct that lack of experience,” Jack said.

“No, please,” Vivian begged, already feeling her cunt drooling streams of juice from the effect of the two teenagers hands and lips on her body. “I can’t take your cock up my ass, Jack. It would tear me to pieces.”

“You’d be amazed just how much you can take, Mrs. Glenn,” the boy said, raising his head and crushing her lips against his own. His tongue plunged between her lips, and Vivian could taste the faint trace of beer in the boy’s spit.

“Let’s all go upstairs and get better acquainted, shall we?” Jack said.

Vivian walked in front. Her robe dragged along the floor, as forgotten as her willpower, as lost as her dignity.

“Which one is your bedroom?” he asked when they reached the top of the stairs.

She led the way without saying a word. Reaching the room, she lay across the bed on her back, her arms crossed over her eyes.

“Oh no, Mrs. Glenn,” the boy said. “You’re not going to get off that easily. This is going to be a group participation. What you might call a team sport. Nobody gets to just lie back and relax. Everybody has to get in on the act.”

When Vivian failed to move, the boy went across the bed and grabbed a handful of her long red hair.

“Stand up, you hypocritical bitch!” he snarled. “And stop acting so Goddamned holy, lying there like a fucking martyr or something. When push comes to shove, you grunt and hump with the best of ’em. You already showed us that much. Don’t try to act so above it all at this late date.”

He pulled her off the bed by her hair, and the woman landed on the floor in a heap.

“Now, stand up,” he ordered her quietly. Vivian obeyed the boy, and he turned around to face the door of the room. She found Connie staring strangely at her, the girl’s pouting full ups parted sensuously.

“You know how much I like to be sucked,” Jack said. “I’m sure you haven’t forgotten that part of our classroom fun.” Vivian nodded absently, hearing the words and responding to them, but somehow not totally allowing them to sink below the most shallow surface level of her brain. “Well, our Connie likes to be sucked, too.”

He put his arms around Vivian’s waist. One hand dropped immediately to the full red bush of the woman’s cunt. The other cupped her left tit up, and he began squeezing and pinching at the melon of tit flesh and the hard rubbery nipple.

“You know what I mean, Miss Glenn?” he asked innocently. “I bet you like having your pussy sucked too, don’t you?”

His intruding fingers found Vivian’s clit, and the woman started moving against it. Almost unconsciously, she nodded yes to his question.

“Well,” he went on, “since you like to have your pussy sucked so much, it only seems fair that you should do the same thing for Connie.”

“What?” Vivian asked in disbelief, suddenly brought out of her daze by the boy’s cruel, quiet voice. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, I think you can figure out what I mean,” Jack said, smiling into her horrified eyes as he pushed her across the room toward the teenaged girl.

“If you think I’m going to do anything with Connie, you’re crazy!” the older woman said, suddenly beginning to put up resistance to the boy’s pressure.

“I don’t think so,” Jack said, forcing her forward until she was standing toe to toe with the beautiful young cheerleader. “Actually,” he continued, redoubling his frigging of her clit until the woman knew that the thick red hairs of her cunt were drenched and dripping with juice. “I think you’d probably do just about anything to keep us from sending those pictures.”

“Oh, God,” Vivian moaned, half in despair and half in her unwilling pleasure at the boy’s touch.

“Kiss her, Mrs. Glenn,” he said tauntingly. “Kiss pretty Connie’s sweet lips.”

Connie remained motionless through the whole thing. She stood, quietly awaiting Vivian’s attentions, her lips slightly parted in anticipation of the lovely redhead’s kiss.

Slowly, as if her head wan being pressed forward by an invisible hand, the teacher pressed her full lips against Connie’s mouth. Connie’s lips parted farther, and the older woman knew what was expected of her. She slid her tongue between the girl’s lips, and the beautiful cheerleader began sucking at it frantically. Still, the teenager didn’t move her body. The kiss seemed to last forever, Connie’s tongue fencing with Vivian’s until the older woman began truly feeling the heat of the young girl.

“Now,” Jack whispered, “unbutton her blouse.”

Vivian obeyed this command as she had done all the others. One by one, she unbuttoned the dark cotton blouse to reveal the girl’s pale tit flesh. Connie was wearing no bra. As Vivian pulled the sides of the blouse open, her hand brushed across both of Connie’s nipples, and the young girl moaned softly into the woman’s mouth. Vivian heard herself sighing in return, heard it as if it were cowing from another source and was amazed by the sound.

“That’s right,” Jack said, encouraging her. “Now get down on your knees so you can suck her tits properly.”

The woman dropped to her knees instantly and began licking and sucking at Connie’s hard nipples, massaging the mounds of the girl’s tits with increasing hunger.

“Yeah,” the girl moaned. “Suck my titties for me, Teacher. Eat ’em up! I like it hard.”

Vivian bit one nipple between her teeth and lashed it savagely with her tongue.

“Oh yeah, Mrs. Glenn. You know how to suck tits, don’t you? I bet you like yours treated the same way,” Connie said.

With that the teenaged girl grabbed the woman’s free tit and crushed it upward, wrapping both of her hands around the tit mound and squeezing the nipple between a thumb and index finger.

“Ooohmmm,” Vivian moaned though her tit-stuffed lips.

“Okay,” Jack said from behind, “now for her pants. Take Connie’s pants off for her, Teacher.”

In her lust for the younger woman’s tits, Vivian had nearly forgotten that Jack was even in the room. She had never had sex with another woman, and she found herself amazed at the pleasure she found in touching the young girl, in tasting her spit and sucking her tits. In a frenzy of lust, the schoolteacher unsnapped Connie’s jeans and slid the zipper down, peeling the pants to the floor in a rush.

Connie was wearing no underwear at all, and Vivian found herself staring at the thickest mound of black cunt hair that she had ever seen. Already, the hair was matted and drenched with the flow of pussy juice. The odor of it was almost overpowering for the older woman.

She couldn’t believe it as she looked at the sight in front of her and realized that her mouth was watering for pussy, that she was hungering for the taste and wanted to bury her lovely face in the thick jungle and lap at the wet cunt lips with their odors of cum and piss.

“Onto the bed, Connie,” Jack ordered.

The teenager obeyed gladly, lying as close to the head of the huge bed as she could get and splaying her legs out wide.

“Now, Mrs. Glenn,” Jack said, puffing the woman up from the floor and turning her to face the girl, “let’s see you suck Connie’s cunt dry.”

Vivian never hesitated. In an instant, she was kneeling on the bed with her face shoved into the teenaged girl’s drooling pussy.

It’s lovely, she thought to herself. It’s actually quite pretty to look at.

She kissed faintly at the widespread flaps of the girl’s cunt lips. The pussy lips were pink and puffy, and Vivian sucked them gently between her lips, running her tongue up and down their length. Then, she moved her face down to lap up the thick gobs of cum that were pouring from the dripping cunt gash. Using her fingers, she spread the cunt lips wide and buried her face in the girl’s crotch. Her long tongue fucked in and out, lashing the sensitive flesh until the young girl was writhing on the bed.

The taste was wonderful, unlike anything that Vivian had ever experienced in her life. Over and over, she drank of the flowing juice from the young girl’s pussy. Again and again, she rubbed her face up and down the cunt slash, rooting deep in the slimy hole.

“Yesss… oh, yesss…” Connie sighed, humping her ass up and down and fucking herself against the woman’s lovely face. “Suck me. Suck up all my cum.”

Vivian found the nubbin of the girl’s clit. It was hard and long, erected by the flow of blood into the sensitive flesh. The older woman pulled the girl’s clit between her lips, sucking and biting gently as if it were a tiny cock.

Connie went mad from the attack. Grabbing Vivian on each side of the head, Connie started humping against her mouth like a bitch in heat. Another thick stream of cum began pouring out of her cunt.

“I’m… oh Christ, I’m cumming!” the teenager screamed as she felt her guts explode and pour out into her lover’s waiting mouth.

Quickly, the schoolteacher moved her face downward so she could suck up all the pussy cream that was pouring from the young girl.

Connie raised her legs high up into the air and hooked her hands behind her knees. She spread her legs wide, and her cunt seemed to gape open like another mouth.

“Don’t stop now, Teacher,” she panted. “You’re just getting started on sucking me out. I’ve got enough cum stored up to feed you all night long.”

Vivian had no intention of stopping. She found that she loved the taste and smell of the young girl’s cunt. Connie’s new position only served to make it easier for her to get to the source of feeding this newly discovered hunger.

She licked and lapped at the gaping cunt hole, running her tongue up and down through the swampy wetness, biting at the sensitive tight flesh just below Connie’s pussy.

“My ass, Teacher,” the girl groaned. “Suck my ass!”

“What?” Vivian asked, raising her cum smeared face in confusion.

“You heard her, Mrs. Glenn,” Jack said from behind her. He gave her a hard slap across the ass. “I want to see you shove that long tongue of yours right up our girl’s itchy shitter.”

Vivian looked at the small brown hole for an instant. But another sharp blow from Jack sent her diving down to lick and suck at the woman’s small puckered asshole.

The woman was surprised to realize that she didn’t mind it in the least. The odor was earthy and full. Connie’s cum had run all the way down to her shitter from her legs being held so high in the air, and Vivian found herself tasting that again, as well.

Jack had peeled his own clothes off and joined the two on the bed. Fisting the swollen knob of his prick, he planted it between the lips of the schoolteacher’s cunt.

“Ohhmmpph, mmmph,” Vivian grunted hotly against the girl’s trembling ass as she felt the boy fuck into her cunt from behind.

Yesss, she was thinking to herself as he fucked deeper into her pussy. Oh, God, yesss, this is wonderful.

Quickly, Jack began pounding away at his teacher’s dripping cunt. He brought the length of his prick all the way out to the edge of the cunt lips and then fucked back in again with such force that on each stroke he shoved Vivian’s sucking mouth deep into Connie’s cunt.

Over and over, he pounded away at the older woman while she worked on the beautiful young girl who kept sending stream after stream of her delicious cum from her cunt. As cunt cream poured down the crack from pussy to ass, Vivian slurped and lapped up the flow like a starved cat at a bowl of fresh cream.

All the time she sucked at Connie’s shitter the woman was fingering the girl’s clit. She pinched the clit up between her thumb and index finger, jacking at it as if it were a small prick.

“Oh Christ, this is fucking wonderful,” Connie grunted.

The girl reached down to spread her ass cheeks out even more until Vivian could actually fuck her long tongue inside the tightly puckered asshole.

She’s right, Vivian thought, it is wonderful. Suddenly, however, her thoughts were lost as Jack pulled his cock all the way out of her grasping cunt with no warning and left an empty aching where only an instant before had been a thick slab of plunging cock meat.

“Nooommph!” Vivian cried at the abandonment.

“Don’t worry about it, Mrs. Glenn,” the boy laughed at her dismay. “You’re gonna get it back in just a second. It just seemed like a good time for me to take your useless virginity.”

With that, he fisted the thick shaft of his prick and pushed the cock head against the greasy hole of the woman’s ass. It slid inside with a wet popping noise.

“Noooo… God, it’s too big!” Vivian screamed as the pain shot through her guts. “You’ll kill me… I can’t…”

“Hey, back to the business at hand!” Connie snapped, grabbing the woman’s head and pulling it back into the dripping morass of her crotch so that the last words of protest from Vivian were muffled in hair and oozing cunt meat.

Jack pushed forward mercilessly, burying his cock in the woman’s trembling ass until the wiry hairs around it were scratching at her ass and his swollen balls bounced against her ass crack.

“There,” he grunted when his prick was all the way in. “Now you’re not a virgin anymore.” He began slowly to fuck back and forth. “I’m gonna ream that itching ass of yours out so good that you’ll want it fucked all the time from now on.”

Over and over, he fucked his hot cock into the depths of the woman’s ravaged ass. And each time, Vivian thought that this would be the fuck-stroke that killed her, the one that tore her body apart and left her bleeding and dead. Each time went on to become one more time. Suddenly the beautiful redhead realized that her ass was relaxing, was adapting to the wrist-thick shaft of the boy’s prick.

Jack reached underneath her and grabbed a bobbing tit in one hand and her clit with the other.

This is unbelievable, she thought as the pleasure began replacing the pain. I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying this torment. Yet she was. And not only enjoying, but suddenly Vivian realized that she had begun hunching her ass up and back in time to the boy’s pounding strokes as he fucked her tight asshole.

“I’m cumming again,” Connie grunted, her cunt sliding up and down furiously on Vivian’s slurping mouth. “Oh, Christ, I’m…”

At that instant, the schoolteacher knew that she was about to join her young lovers in the madness of fuck-lust as the trembling explosions of orgasm through her cunt told her that she, too, was about to cum. It blew through her guts suddenly, and Vivian heard a scream rise in her throat that was muffled by Connie’s plunging pussy.

“Holy Fuckin’ Shit!” Jack grunted, and Vivian knew that he was about to fill her ass just as he had filled her face earlier in the day. The shaft of his prick seemed to have grown even thicker in a matter of seconds, and the knob itself was swollen until she felt sure it had to be half again larger than before.

Suddenly, the first blast of jism exploded from deep in the boy’s balls, and Vivian thought she was going to lose her mind as it sprayed into her freshly violated ass. The scalding spray of cum was like gasoline thrown on her own fires as it splashed over the twitching walls of her ass.

Finally, the three collapsed. Vivian found herself sandwiched in between the two teenagers. Her face was buried in Connie’s pussy, and she continued to lick and suck gently as she captured all she could of the beautiful brunette’s dripping cunt cream.

Behind her, Jack’s full weight was pressed across her back. His cock was still shoved to the hilt in her ass.

As she lay there reveling in the sensations and odors, Vivian could feel the warm streams of the boy’s cum as they ran from the wide stretched mouth of her shitter and trickled down the insides of her thighs.


“Oh, my God, Connie,” Vivian moaned as the teenaged girl sucked and slurped at the older woman’s drooling cunt. “Eat me, honey!”

The lovely redhead was reaching down to clutch at the young girl’s head and pulled her even tighter into the red swamp between her legs.

“My ass, baby,” the woman sighed. “Suck out my ass like I did yours.”

Vivian raised her legs, hooking her hands behind her knees the way she had seen the girl do earlier. The position spread her cunt lips wide and opened the cheeks of her ass to reveal the freshly-fucked hole of her shitter.

“Oh, Mrs. Glenn,” the girl purred, “your asshole is so pretty, all pink and tight. And Jack’s cum is oozing out of it.”

“Drink Jack’s cum, Connie,” the beautiful woman moaned, almost whispering. “Suck it out of my ass.”

The teenager’s eyes were glazed as she lowered her cum-smeared mouth to the crack of her teacher’s ass. She rubbed her lips through the fine red hairs that grew all the way down into the woman’s ass crack. Thick gobs of Jack’s cum collected on her mouth, and the young girl licked them off.

“It still tastes sweet,” the girl cooed, pressing her lips to the teacher’s pleasure button and pushing her long hard tongue into the hole of Vivian’s shitter as the woman pulled it open. “Sweet cum from your sweet ass.”

With her shitter spread wide, Jack’s thick jism came streaming out and onto the teenager’s waiting tongue. Connie sucked and slurped at it, drinking down the hot fuck-cream as if she were starved for it.

“Oh Christ, you’re driving me crazy, baby,” the woman panted, lowering her legs to spread her thighs wide and plant her feet on either side of the girl’s body. “Go after my cunt, Connie. I’ll give you some more cum to drink.”

“Mmmph, mmmph,” the teenager mumbled, diving forward to bury her beautiful face in the greasy depths between Vivian’s cunt lips. Streams of milky juice seeped from the woman’s pussy, and Connie rubbed her face in the slimy cunt meat. Her face was slick from the cum that smeared over her cheeks and nose and lips.

Oh, this is lovely, Vivian thought. I’ve never felt anything like it. No one has ever eaten my cunt so completely, with so much hunger.

Connie’s long pointed tongue danced up and down the length of the swollen cunt lips, making them tremble beneath her touch and sending tiny shocks of electricity through the older woman’s belly. From the pussy lips, she moved to the dripping space between them. She buried her nose and lips in the steaming cunt hole. Her hot tongue lashed out, teasing at the slick inner walls, lapping up the thick drops of the woman’s cum like a cat.

“My clit, baby,” the teacher grunted. “Eat my clit.”

The girl slid her face upward to find the tiny nubbin of flesh that controlled so much of the woman’s hunger. For a moment, she just looked at her clit, noticing how pretty it was, blowing gently on the cum-smeared tab of meat.

“I’m gonna give you all three at once,” she said to the gorgeous redhead. “I want you to have as many of the sensations as you can at the same time.”

“What do you mean?” Vivian asked, her voice husky and low.

“Oh, baby,” the girl sighed, “you’ll see. Let me see you rub those beautiful tits. Pinch ’em up hard. Pretend it’s me playing with them.”

Vivian obeyed instantly, using both hands to pull her own tits up and twisting the nipples out until they were hard and rubbery beneath her touch.

“Oh God, Connie, yesss,” she sighed, immediately losing herself in the fantasy of lust.

The teacher’s tits looked like fleshy melons until her own savage hands crushed them out of their normal shape, kneading the translucent flesh into feverish red tit meat, pinching the beautiful swollen nipples and torturing them.

The woman abandoned the left tit, concentrating on her right tit with both hands. She crushed her tit, squeezed it, finally puffing it upward toward her face until the rubbery nipple was pressing against her lips. Her long wet tongue darted from between her lips, and Vivian licked and lapped at her own tit. Pulling it into her mouth, the lovely woman sucked at her own tormented tit, letting it pop out of her mouth only to rub its spittle-slimed flesh across her lips.

“Do me, baby,” the woman begged. “Do me like no one’s ever done me before.”

“You want to get totally fucked, Mrs. Glenn?” the girl teased, leaning down to run her lashing tongue between the older woman’s trembling cunt lips.

“Oh, yessss… yesss,” Vivian sighed, feeling the quiverings as they started running through her guts like waves rippling along a shore.

“Well then,” the girl said, “that’s exactly what you’re going to get.”

Connie inserted the first two fingers of her right hand into Vivian’s greasy pussy, fucking them deep and working them around and in and out. It felt so good to the teacher that she began sucking even harder at her own tit. Then the girl worked her thumb into the gaping hole as well, smearing it around and getting it covered with the flowing cunt juice.

No sooner had she covered her thumb with cream, than Connie pulled it out again and slid it down to push deep into Vivian’s cum-stuffed ass.

“Ohhh, Christ!” the woman grunted explosively as the thick thumb pushed into her tight asshole.

Once she had her thumb in Vivian’s shifter, the beautiful teenager began rubbing her thumb and fingers together, the three separated only by the sensitively thin membrane of flesh that served as a wall between the two holes.

“Oh, God, honey,” Vivian grunted, squirming against the girl’s hand, “that’s fucking wonderful. Oh, Connie, you’re driving me crazy.”

“You’ve just staffed going crazy, Mrs. Glenn,” the girl said, lowering her face to the woman’s red-bushed cunt and lapping furiously against the tormented flesh. Her lips sought out Vivian’s clit, and she sucked it between them as quickly as she could. Capturing the small nubbin of hot fuck-meat between her small white teeth, the teenager began lashing at the cunt with her tongue.

Vivian lost control, going totally mad as wave after crashing wave of lust washed across her and destroyed everything but the seething animal that dwelled inside her gorgeous body.

“Jesus Fucking Christ, Connie!” she moaned, her voice nearly reaching a shriek as the girl’s attack on her cunt and ass combined with the currents of joy that shot from her swollen tits. “I’m… I’m cumming!”

Connie already knew that. The streams of juice were flowing out of her pussy, greasing Connie’s entire hand, smearing over the bottom of her plunging chin. She had by this time pushed all four fingers of her right hand into the woman’s cunt all the way to the knuckles and was working them furiously.

Vivian was thrashing around on the bed so insanely that the young girl would have lost her grip on the woman’s clit had it not been for the full-fisted hold she had on the cunt.

Finally, the beautiful schoolteacher’s convulsions died, her groans and screams falling away to a soft whimpering while the lovely young brunette started sucking and licking up the thick gobs of cream that still poured from the red furred pussy.

“Looks to me as if you two found some way to keep yourselves occupied while I was gone,” Jack said, coming back into the room to join them on the bed. “Seems to me that I may have some heavy-duty catching up to do.”

His cock stood thick and high as he lay on his back across the bed.

“Now, since the two of you decided to leave me out of your last little bit of play, I can only think of one way to make up for it.”

Vivian looked at Connie in confusion, but the lovely young girl was as baffled as the older woman.

“Connie,” he said, “you come over here on my right. And teacher, you just keep your pretty ass right where it is.”

When Connie had crawled across to lie on the other side of the boy, he put his arms out and pulled them both close against his chest. Vivian found herself curling in against him, reveling in the feeling of warmth, in the musky smell of lust that still seemed to ooze from every pore of his hard young body.

This is crazy, the gorgeous redhead thought to herself, but I can’t help it. I want it as much as they do.

“Now that I have you gathered here,” he joked, looking down at the beautiful female bodies crowded in on each side of him, “I think you should both suck me off. I’ve never had two blow-jobs at the same time before.”

They looked at him in surprise for a moment. Then both the beautiful schoolteacher and the lovely cheerleader dove amidst giggles toward Jack’s towering cock. Each of them grabbed a handful as they began kissing and licking at the swollen slab of cock meat.

“Holy Jesus!” the boy grunted. “That’s fucking unbelievable.”

Vivian smeared her spit-slimed lips up the slick prick shaft, nibbling gently at the tight flesh as Connie did the same on the other side. She started to take the throbbing cock knob into her mouth and found that Connie had the same idea at the same time. Instead of having a mouthful of prick head, the two found themselves fencing with their tongues.

It’s like making love to Connie at the same time as having Jack, Vivian thought. And she knew that she loved the woman’s body. Instead of moving somewhere else, she abandoned herself to the sensation. Reaching across with her free hand, Vivian began frigging furiously at Connie’s drooling cunt.

“Mmmpb, mmph,” the young girl grunted at the older woman’s attack. Then she returned the favor by finding Vivian’s pussy and fucking her finger deep into the steaming cunt hole.

They were so lost in their exploration of each other’s cunts and in kissing as much as they could around the knob of the boy’s prick that neither had noticed his hands playing down and across their asses. At the same time, Jack fucked a hard middle finger into each woman’s ass.

“Ohhhh God!” Connie moaned into Vivian’s open lips.

“Ummm-hmmm,” the lovely redhead agreed as both of them found their asses being fingerfucked at the same time.

“Connie,” Jack grunted, “you suck my cock. Mrs. Glenn, you can eat my balls.”

Both women moved instantly to obey the boy. Connie impaled her face on the throbbing cock shaft, grunting and gobbling her way down until the thick black crotch hair was rubbing at her nose and chin. Her cheek rubbed against Vivian’s as the older woman opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could and sucked both of the youth’s swollen balls into its hot wet depths at the same time.

“Christ!” the boy panted at the dual attack of the two beautiful women. “Suck me, you cum-hungry bitches. I’m gonna spray enough jizz for the both of you to eat.”

Vivian already knew that. Her tongue lashed furiously at the swollen balls that filled her mouth. And even as the boy was speaking, she could feel his balls growing even larger until she could no longer keep them both in her mouth.

Connie’s finger was fucking in and out of Vivian’s cunt, just as hers was doing for the girl. Both of their asses were twitching from the effects of Jack’s stabbing fingers. The older woman’s mouth was tilled first by one of the boy’s balls, and then the other.

Christ, she thought to herself. I’ve never had so much done to me before in my life.

Suddenly, she knew that Jack was about to climax. Vivian abandoned his balls, sliding her face up the length of his cock shaft and greasing her cheeks with Connie’s spit. The young girl let the pulsing knob of cock meat pop out of her mouth with a wet slurping sound, never relenting in the greasy kneading of the cock shaft. As Vivian’s lips appeared near the prick knob, Connie crushed her mouth against the beautiful redhead’s open lips and shoved her tongue down.

At that instant, Jack’s balls exploded with the first rush of jism.

“Goddamn!” Jack grunted as gouts of scalding cum sprayed across both women’s faces.

Vivian and Connie pressed their lips together over the spurting cock head, their tongues lashing each other through the thick stream of jism. The cock cream tilled both of their mouths and splashed across their faces. It tasted delicious to Vivian, the hot cum mingled with Connie’s spit.

Both women drank desperately, sucking down great thick gobs of cum as it sprayed from the boy’s prick. They caught his jizz on their tongues and swallowed it down. They licked cum from each other’s hands and faces, reveling in the geyser of jism that they were sharing, thrilling to the taste and touch of each other.

Vivian’s cunt was convulsing with wave after crashing wave of orgasm. From the way Connie was grunting and panting, the woman knew that the girl was going through her own private throes of lust. The glazed look of animal hunger on the young girl’s face only served to increase the intensity of lust that was racing through the schoolteacher’s drooling pussy.

Finally, Jack’s explosions faded away into the trembling jerks that marked the end of his huge load of cum. Vivian had never seen anyone with so much cum to feed her.

Lovingly, she reached across to kiss the young girls softly on her swollen, cum covered lips. Vivian licked gently, lapping up the thick layer of cum from Connie’s cheeks, lips and chin. Then down to get the few drops that had splashed across the cheerleader’s tits. After she had finished, Connie started on her. They reached across to hold each other and lick the other’s face and body clean of the remaining jism.

This is so sweet, Vivian said to herself. She’s such a lovely young girl. Her body and skin are just delicious. I feel as if I could kiss and lick her all night long.

“Well, well,” a strange voice said. “Looks as if we got here just in time, guys. I think our old pal Jack is trying to corner the market on pussy at school.”

The lovely redhead looked around and was shocked to see three boys from school standing in the doorway and leering at the scene on the bed.

The voice had been that of Martin Dempsey, varsity center on the high school football team. Two other seniors, Bob Coffey and Brian Corrigan, were right behind him. The tall blond Brian had already kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants and shorts off. His huge prick was fisted in his right hand, and he looked as if he was going to spill his cum-load before even getting to the bed.

“I thought I might as well share what I’d found with my buddies.” Jack said, grinning down at the expression of horror on Vivian’s face. “After all, I wouldn’t want them to think I was greedy, would I?”

“No,” the woman said, backing away from the trio toward the head of the bed. “Oh, no.”

Jack pulled Connie off the bed after him. “Let’s you and I get down to some serious fucking,” he said, smiling at the girl, “while the guys have a go at filling all the teacher’s hot holes.”

Vivian looked to Connie, as if seeking some sort of protection from the girl. She knew instantly that there would be no help from that corner because Connie’s eyes had already started growing glazed, her breath panting, as Jack buried his finger in the crack of her young pussy.

As Vivian looked back at the boys, they all moved toward her.


Brian was the first of the trio to reach the bed. He peeled his T-shirt and tossed it to the floor and climbed onto the bed in a rush to get at the beautiful redhead in front of him.

“No, please,” Vivian begged, staring into the boy’s lecherous eyes and knowing instantly that he wasn’t hearing a word of her plea.

The boy grabbed her ankles and pulled her back, down onto the bed, spreading her thighs wide with the movement.

“Now, Mrs. Glenn,” he said, “I’m gonna give you a little lesson on the topic of fucking. And you’ll want to pay close attention, because there’ll be a pop quiz when we’ve finished.”

At the foot of the bed, the other two boys were laughing at their friend’s joke. Vivian looked desperately around the room for support of any kind. There was no one to help her.

Jack had pushed Connie to the floor on her hands and knees and was ass-fucking the grunting teenaged cheerleader. The boy’s right hand was between Connie’s legs, fingering madly at the girl’s clit while his left hand crushed first one huge tit and then the other. Vivian could see Jack’s cock fucking out of the lovely brunette’s wide-stretched asshole, and then it disappeared deep in the far reaches of the girl’s shitter.

In spite of her own predicament, Vivian was surprised that the sight of the girl having her ass fucked was enough to get her own juices flowing again. She felt her cunt itching with renewed hunger as she watched Connie’s ass being thoroughly fucked.

“All right, little boy,” Vivian said, her voice going husky. “Let’s see just who it is that’s going to give a lesson in fucking. Give me that hot cock.” She was grabbing at the boy and pulling him forward until the cock knob was sliding between her pussy lips. “You can show me what you can do with it.”

“Oh, you’re going to get it, all right,” the boy said, humping forward and burying his big slab of cock meat deep in her cunt.

“Yeah!” Vivian grunted breathlessly as the cock head plowed into the back of her pussy. The walls of her cunt clamped down, and she heard the youth gasp from the pleasure of her cunt muscles on the swollen shaft of his prick.

“Jesus Christ,” he moaned as she began pumping her ass up and down to meet his strokes, “it’s a good thing that pussy of yours doesn’t have teeth.”

Vivian threw her legs up and hooked them around the boy’s waist. She pumped up and down, throwing herself against him. Their stomachs were slapping wetly together as the juice began splashing out of her cock-stuffed pussy.

Brian reached down with one free hand and crushed one of the woman’s swollen tits upward, pulling the nipple outward until he could reach it with his teeth and tongue.

“Fuck me! Eat my tits… and… fuck me!” she screamed as the first orgasms washed across her.

It was as if she hadn’t had a man in years. It was like her first orgasm all over again.

How can anything be like this, she asked herself as the teenaged boy fucked his big prick in and out of her drooling pussy lips. How can anyone get fucked as many times as I have and still want more?

But she did. She wanted all of it. And even as these thoughts raced through her rut-fevered brain, she knew that she wanted the other boys just as much. She felt like a greedy animal. She wanted to take them, all four of them, at the same time. But she couldn’t imagine how to do it. The impossibility of the act, however, didn’t lessen her desire one bit.

Over and over, Brian plowed his prick into her fuck-hole. Suddenly, she knew that the boy was about to fill her with a delicious load of hot cum. His huge cock had begun to swell even larger in the depths of her pussy. The boy’s eyes were glazed, and he was panting even as he continued to pound at her cunt and tear and pinch at her tits.

“Yes baby,” the beautiful redhead purred, feeling the boy’s swollen balls slapping wetly against the crack of her ass. “Give it to me, honey. Spray my pussy full of all your sweet jizz.”

“Jesus, yes!” Brian grunted as the first blast of scalding cum exploded from the quivering knob of his prick.

The hot cock cream splashed across Vivian’s cunt walls, and the lovely redhead’s face twisted into an animal madness.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Oh please fuck me till I go crazy.”

Vivian clawed at the youth’s ass, pulling him hard against her belly and feeling the slap of his flesh. In the midst of Brian’s mindless pounding of her cunt, the woman reached down and slid one fingertip just into his ass. The boy went insane, thrashing and slamming his cock home until she was afraid he was going to tear her belly open.

Then, as quickly as his orgasm began, it ended. Brian pulled his prick out of her cunt and rolled over and off the bed to leave the woman lying there panting and groaning, her drooling cunt still seeping streams of her own and the boy’s cum. Her hunger still burned like an inferno between her legs.

“Nooooo, please,” she pleaded as he rolled away from her. “I’m… I’m not done! I’ve got to have more cock!”

“Don’t worry, Teacher,” she heard Bob Coffey chuckle as he climbed over the end of the bed and crawled between her legs. “I’m gonna give you lots of hard prick for that horny pussy of yours.”

She looked down and heard a gasp rising from her own throat as she saw the boy’s huge prick bobbing between his legs. The slab of prick meat was nearly ten inches long and swayed like a huge serpent as he crawled forward on the [missing text].

“Oh, Christ!” she panted as he fisted the thick cock shaft and slid the swollen knob between her trembling cunt lips. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

“Yeah,” the boy growled huskily as he lunged forward. “And you’ve never felt anything like it, either.” With the one motion forward, his bucking ass drove the monstrous cock to its hilt in her dripping cunt hole.

“Goddamn!” Vivian screamed as the prick knob buried itself to depths where no man had ever reached before. “It’s too much! I can’t take all of it.”

“Sure you can,” the boy said, puffing her tit up to begin biting and chewing on the swollen and sensitive nipple. “Give it a minute, and you’ll be crying for more.”

Bob began fucking her, the bull-like prick sliding out until only the throbbing cock head was lodged between her bruised pussy lips. Then back again to plow fiercely into the back walls of her cunt.

The burning had been intense at first, but with each cock-stroke Vivian found the pain of his passage through her guts easing as the pleasure of the motions increased. It’s incredible, she thought. It feels as if my body is accommodating anything that gets shoved into it.

Then all conscious thought ended as the first of a long series of orgasms washed across her brain and drove out her sanity. She was lost in a sea of cocks. They seemed to fill her body with their plunging strokes, to spray the universe full of cum. She was drowning in the hot hunger of young boys, and the woman knew that she needed it. Needed to feel their weight across her body, to know the reality of their strong slabs of cock meat penetrating her guts.

Over and over, Bob’s prick slammed through her greasy cunt, sending tremors of lust all the way through her body. Vivian hooked her ankles behind the boy’s knees, making it easier for him to fuck into her, easier for herself to raise her pussy to meet his assault.

Then it was like an old memory brought to new life as the youth’s breath grew shallow. His fierce squeezing abuse of her tits was transformed into savage attack, and Vivian reveled in the combination of pleasure and pain as he tore at her nipples.

“Yes, oh yes!” she panted and grunted, matching the boy stroke for stroke. “Fuck me, you big-cocked stud! Fuck my brains out!”

Bob’s balls exploded in a rush of steaming cum. It sprayed in thick streams, filling her aching cunt with fire and then oozing back out of the cunt lips and dripping down the crack of her ass.

“Yes!” she shrieked as the hot jism acted like gasoline thrown onto her private fires. “Yes! Oh, fucking yesss!”

Vivian’s cunt was itching for it, burning and convulsing as the youth’s spurting prick fucked in and out of her depths. Over and over he sprayed, and the beautiful redhead’s body was racked by violent shaking orgasms with each blast. Just as she felt that she was about to reach the top wave of her lust, Bob moved off her body, pulling out and leaving her emptier than she had ever been in her life.

Not again, she thought as she saw the boy rolling off of her and climbing from the bed. It’s too much! Too Goddamned much! There’s got to be some way to quench this hunger. There’s got to be something.

Just then, Martin climbed onto the bed, and the lovely schoolteacher’s green eyes flew wide as she saw the nightmare hanging between the boy’s thighs.

Martin was a huge youth. He stood over six feet tall, and his hard-muscled body had to weigh in at somewhere around two hundred and forty pounds. He had a heavy growth of beard that needed to be shaved twice a day to keep it in check, and it grew all the way down his neck to the spot where his chest hair began.

Thick black hair sprouted from the boy’s shoulders and upper arms, growing even heavier across his massive chest and the hard expanse of his belly. His thighs and calves were covered with it, as well. The hair between his legs was an ebony tangled jungle. But the most terrifying thing of all was the huge slab of cock meat that sprung from that thick patch and stood out in front of his animal-like body.

The boy’s prick was at least as long as Bob Coffey’s, but it had to be twice as thick. His cock looked like a smaller version of his arm growing there. Martin had never been circumcised, and the pink prick head stood out slick and wet as the foreskin pulled back from it.

“Oh, my God,” Vivian moaned in dismay. “I’ll never be able to take that in my cunt.”

“That’s okay,” the boy said. “I’ve always been partial to nice tight assholes, myself.”

Before she could stop him, Martin rolled the woman over onto her stomach. His strong arms spread her legs wide, as if she were a small child with no strength of her own.

“But first,” he said, dropping heavily across her body, “we need to get it greased up a little bit.”

With no warning or gentility at all, the boy slid the slick pink knob of his immense prick between her cunt lips from behind. He moved it up and down, collecting a thick layer of the woman’s cum as he smeared his prick inside her dripping hale.

“Now,” he grunted, pulling out and lodging the cock head against her tight whole, “let’s see what we find in here.”

“Nooooo please…” she begged him. “It’s too big. I can’t…”

Before the final words could leave her lips, Martin humped forward and drove the huge prick into the tight chute of her ass. Vivian thought she was going to pass out from the pain of the boy’s slab of cock meat as it rampaged through her steaming shifter. There was no way anyone could live with such pain and remain sane.

“Aaaahhghh!” she shrieked as she felt him pushing down again, forcing the first half of his cock into her ass guts. “Noooo…” But it was too late.

Ignoring her cries, Martin pushed again, and this time the greasy length of prick fucked all the way up to its hilt in the tight depths of the beautiful woman’s shitter. She felt as if she were being raped by a rampaging bear.

The boy’s thick pelt of hair scratched at her back and ass as he fucked her. In and out, the sliding cock pierced and burned. Each time he drove back down, it impaled her on the monster prick shaft. Vivian felt sure that his prick was going to come out her mouth or tear her guts apart. But suddenly, she realized that the pain had begun to subside, becoming little more than a memory of her former horror, as the muscles in her ass relaxed and fitted themselves to the immense size of the boy’s prick.

It’s impossible, she thought to herself as she felt her own body betraying her through lust. This just can’t be happening this way. And yet, it was. Already, she could feel the trembling waves of orgasm as they built in the depths of her guts.

“Come here, Teacher,” the huge youth grunted, pulling Vivian back onto her knees so that she was squatting upright with her ass impaled on his monstrous prick.

One of his hairy hands began clutching and pinching at her tits, puffing and twisting at the nipples. The other one pawed viciously between her legs, where he fucked three thick fingers deep into the woman’s drooling pussy.

“Yes, oh Christ, yesss,” the woman sighed as the boy rubbed his cum-slimed fingers back and forth and then pulled them out to finger her swollen clit into fiery life. “Fuck my ass out, baby! Ream my shitter until I can’t stand anymore.”

Time after time, Vivian’s guts exploded with the blasts of her hunger. Each time, she thought it was the end. Each time, another wave began to build almost immediately. The lovely redhead could feel streams of cum running down her thighs as it dripped from her cunt. There seemed to be no end to her fuck-lust.

“You want your ass fucked, bitch?” Martin grunted from behind her. “You want a nice hot load of jizz sprayed in your shitter?”

“Oh God, yes,” Vivian moaned, redoubling the movements of her plunging body as she rode the boy’s cock as if she were on a plunging stallion.

“Then you’re about to get it,” Martin said, pushing her forward onto her hands.

“Yeah, honey,” she panted as the boy grabbed both of her tits and began using them like fleshy handles to lever himself back and forth, fucking in and out of her dripping ass. “Fuck me like a dog.”

“Take it, you cum-hungry slut!” the boy growled, tearing at her tits. “I’m gonna fill that tight hot ass full of cum.”

Pain and pleasure lanced through Vivian’s body, twisting and mingling until the woman couldn’t distinguish one from the other. Her nipples and the swollen mounds of her tits were bruised and red from the boy’s fierce abuse. Her asshole was stretched beyond belief, and each time the thick cock shaft fucked into her ass again the fingers of fire lanced through her guts. She realized that tears of pain were streaming down her face. Yet, at the same time, she was panting and grunting with the thrill of his assault.

The woman couldn’t understand the reactions of her own body. She did know however, that she wanted the boy to fill her with his hot cum, to pound away at her ass until her hunger for cock was sated.

Suddenly, she felt the shaft of his fucker begin swelling until it totally filled the chute of her ass and was forcing the tight muscles to stretch even farther. The cock head was like a battering ram as it plowed deep into her ass guts. She could feel him fucking into her depths, and knew that she was about to be filled with cum.

“Holy fuckin’ shit!” Martin exploded in a bellow.

A blast of scalding cum shot from the throbbing head of his prick and filled Vivian’s asshole with its heat.

The woman screamed as that first blast of jizz washed across the steaming walls of her shitter and drove her crazy. The others in the room stopped and stared at the two who were thrashing together on the bed.

“Give it to me,” she pleaded. “Fuck me fuck me… fuck me now!”

The lovely redhead went crazy. Vivian thought that her guts were going to explode and take the top of her head with them. The beautiful schoolteacher thrashed like a mad animal as the boy’s rampaging cock continued to spray gouts of fuck cum into her itching depths. Her long red hair was flying in all directions, whipping across her cheeks and eyes.

She put all her weight on her left hand. While Martin fucked her ass like a horny dog and clawed at the mounds of her tit meat, the woman pinched and twisted at her own clit until yet another massive wave of orgasm drove her into total collapse.

Vivian fell face down on the bed, her legs sliding out from beneath her and bringing the huge football player’s body down right along with her. Martin lay atop her, his breath coming in rasping gasps. Even though she was ready to pass out from exhaustion, the woman suddenly realized that she was slowly flexing and then releasing the muscles of her ass and milking every last drop of cum from the boy’s cock.

“It was wonderful,” she purred as she lay quietly beneath Martin’s weight. “I’ve never been so thoroughly fucked in my life. I only wish I could take all four of you at the same.”

“We’ll see if that can be arranged, Teacher,” Jack said, walking toward the bed and directing his other friends to join him. “Martin, get that pole of yours out of her ass.”

The huge boy pulled back from the lovely woman, and his cock slid out of the red-haired crack of her ass with a slurping noise.

“Let’s see you get him back up again, bitch!” Jack said, pulling Vivian up and turning her over. “Suck that prick.”

The schoolteacher dove down, grabbing at the massive prick of the football player and sucking its flaccid length into her hungry mouth. Almost instantly, his cock started to stiffen and grow harder as she lashed at its huge length with her tongue and smeared her drooling lips across the sensitive cock head.

“Now,” Jack said, pulling her back and getting ready to choreograph his mob-fuck of the woman’s beautiful body. “Martin, you lay down on your back. Teacher, I want to see you sit on that big cock and take it up your pussy.”

Vivian leaped up to obey him. She fisted the slab of prick meat in her right hand and slid the prick knob between her drooling cunt lips.

“Oh, Jesus,” she sighed, allowing herself to sink down and drive the cock knob into the very depths of her wet pussy.

“Now, Brian,” Jack said, indicating his friend, “let’s see you stick your prick up that itching ass of hers.”

“Yes,” Vivian pleaded. “Stick one up my ass.”

The boy climbed on the bed and planted himself between Vivian’s spread legs. He forced the cheeks of her ass apart, sliding his prick down until he found the freshly-fucked hole of her shitter.

“Now,” she begged. “Put it in my ass now.”

He did, fucking in easily since his friend had stretched her out only a few minutes earlier.

“There you go, Mrs. Glenn,” he grunted reaching around to grab a double handful of tit meat as the woman started plunging up and down on both of their fucking cocks. “Is that what you wanted?”

“Oh, yes… yesss…” Vivian panted. “It’s… it’s… oh, Christ, just fuck me!”

“You know something, Bob?” Jack said, smiling at his friend. “It seems to me that this bitch talks too much. Even when she’s got a cock in her mouth, she still can’t stop talking. Maybe we ought to give her a pair of cocks to concentrate on.”

“Hey,” Connie protested, “what about me? I want to get in on this act.”

“Oh, sure, baby,” Jack said, grinning lecherously. “You get to sit on Martin’s face and slide your pussy around.”

“All right!” Martin ginned from his position on his back beneath the plunging Vivian. “Nothing I’d rather eat than a nice hot pussy.”

Connie obeyed him instantly. As soon as she squatted there and spread the lips of her pussy wide, Martin buried his face in her dripping pussy, lashing at her cunt lips with his tongue and sucking at the girl’s trembling clit.

“Yeah,” Connie grunted, sliding her hips forward and back to rub her cunt across the boy’s face and smear him with her cum. “Suck that hot gash of mine, baby. Drink up my cum.”

“Mmmmm-hmmmph,” the boy panted as the girl began hunching his face.

“You don’t get off that easy,” Jack said to Connie, grabbing her straight back hair and forcing her face down beneath Vivian’s bobbing mounds, of tit meat. “Let’s see you eat the teacher’s pretty titties.”

The young cheerleader began sucking and biting at the woman’s swollen nipples. She pulled them between her lips. Holding them there with her teeth, Connie lashed and licked at them with her tongue, her saliva dripping from the swollen rubbery nipples as she began feeling her own guts writhing from the effects of Martin’s tongue buried deep in her cunt.

“Oh… oh, yes honey,” Vivian sighed, reaching down to cradle the young girl’s head in her arm and pull her tightly against one tormented melon of tit. “Suck my tit, baby. Chew it up as much as you want.”

This is perfect, the beautiful woman thought to herself between her waves of lust. But I still don’t see how the other two are going to get their cocks into me.

The thought had barely crossed her mind before she found out.

Stepping up on each side of the bed, Jack and Bob crawled up on each side of Vivian. They stood on each side and started jacking their cocks off as they rubbed the cock heads across her full lips.

“Give it to me, boys,” she sighed, running her tongue out to law the plunging cock heads that pushed at her lips. “I want your cum to drink. Give me a big load of hot jizm.”

Opening her mouth as wide as she could and sticking out her tongue like a shelf, the woman took both cock knobs just inside her lips.

This is it, she said to herself as she reached up and stroked first one set of balls and then the other. This is how I’m really going to get enough cock to feed my hunger.

In her pussy, Vivian could feel Martin’s prick beginning to swell and throb as the boy climbed toward his explosion. Suddenly, there didn’t seem to be enough room in her ass to accommodate Brian, and she knew that the two youths would soon be filling her lower hole with a load of hot cum.

The woman could feel Connie’s teeth and tongue desperately sucking and biting at her nipples as the girl started to reach a frenzy from Martin’s mouth buried in her cunt. The girl was panting and whimpering as her orgasm began sweeping over her. Vivian knew that she no longer had to hold the girl’s head up to keep her sucking. Connie was not going to give up that nipple for anything as her lust consumed her.

Grabbing a cock in each hand, Vivian began jerking off both Jack and Bob as the boys became lost in their lust. They were both plunging and humping forward, trying to drive their swollen cockheads into her mouth at the same dine. Vivian could see that both of the boys had ball sacs that were swollen to near bursting, and she knew that she was going to be fed in a matter of seconds.

“Yes, children,” she grunted, riding the twin cocks and smearing the other two across her pretty face. “Fuck Teacher out good. I want all my holes filled with your hot cum at the same time.”

“Here’s a load for you, Teacher,” Brian grunted from behind as his balls exploded with yet another load of scalding jism.

“Yessss,” she moaned, redoubling her efforts and instantly carrying Martin into his orgasm on her own wave of lust.

The huge football player blasted the lovely redhead’s pussy full of his cum and at the same time drove Connie mad with his tongue between her cunt lips.

“Mmmmmh, mmmuph!” the cute cheerleader whined between her tit-stuffed lips as she sucked even harder on Vivian’s nipples. Biting and licking in a frenzy that nearly made the older woman scream with the intensity of her attack, the girl whimpered softly in the back of her throat.

“Jesus Christ!” Bob grunted, feeling his own balls begin churning out a huge load of cum.

“Fucking right!” Jack panted in agreement, grabbing a handful of Vivian’s red hair as his own balls exploded at almost the same time.

The lovely schoolteacher suddenly found her mouth filled by hot blasts of cock cream as both boys came at once. Their spurting cock heads sprayed the scalding jism so fast and hard that the woman couldn’t even think about drinking it all down.

Thick gouts of cum sprayed into and onto Vivian’s drooling lips.

“Yes, babies,” she crooned, feeling the hot jism splashing all across her cheeks and chin, spraying into her hair and dripping thickly down the sides of her neck. “Drown me in cum.”

As she spoke, the gobs of jism collected on her lips and chin, then dripped down to land on the side of Connie’s nipple-crammed face. It ran down the girl’s cheek, collecting on Vivian’s tit mound. The girl licked it clean, sucking up all the cum that the beautiful schoolteacher couldn’t drink. Both women’s faces were coated thickly with cock cream by the time the boys’ explosions had finished.

Vivian looked down at Connie as her own orgasms began gradually dying away. She pulled the girl’s face upward and cleaned the thick drops of greasy juice from the cheerleader’s skin. Connie did the same, collecting cum on her tongue and drinking down the thick gobs.

“Oh, honey,” Vivian said, kissing the girl deeply. “That was just lovely.”

“What the fuck’s going on here?” a voice suddenly demanded from the doorway.

In horror, Vivian looked around in time to see her son Andy turn from the scene in his mother’s bedroom and walk away down the hall. The backward glance of anger and betrayal was more than she could stand. In an instant, her joy became sorrow. Her pleasure twisted into pain.


Connie put her arms around the older woman’s shoulders as Vivian broke down and started crying.

“Come on, honey,” the young girl whispered softly, consoling her teacher. “Everything will work out. You’ll see. Andy was just surprised by what was going on. He’ll come around.”

Vivian’s body trembled with quiet sobs. The four youths standing around the room began glancing around sheepishly. One by one, they picked up their discarded clothing and dressed. Then they started filing out of the room until only Jack and Connie were left with the sobbing woman. Jack pulled his shirt on and left for a minute, returning with Vivian’s bathrobe and bending over to drape it over her shoulders.

“Look, Mrs. Glenn,” he said quietly, glancing in embarrassment at his girlfriend as the young cheerleader continued holding Vivian and stroking the woman’s hair, “I’m really sorry. I don’t know what the hell I thought I was doing. I shouldn’t have called those other guys. I shouldn’t have let things get this far out of hand.”

Vivian reached up and took his hand, squeezing it softly.

“Jack,” she said softly through her sobs, “this is just as much my fault as it is yours. In the end, I suppose I wanted you and Connie to do what you did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have joined in with it in the classroom this afternoon. There’s nothing to do but face up to the consequences now.”

“Maybe if I talked to Andy,” Jack said.

“I doubt that it would help, honey,” she sighed, finally bringing her tears under control. “He’s really upset right now, and I think that anything you might say would be useless under the circumstances.”

“Well, hell,” he said, turning to leave the room, “it can’t hurt to give it a shot anyway.” Connie raised the lovely redhead’s face and kissed her softly on the lips.

“We’ll be going as soon as Jack comes back,” she whispered. “But if there’s anything I can do to help…”

“That’s sweet, Connie,” Vivian said, leaning forward to kiss the young girl again.

There was no longer any use in pretending that things hadn’t happened between them. She really cared for the girl, felt love and longing for her sweet young body. Vivian kissed her deeply, sliding her tongue gently between Connie’s full lips. Her right hand strayed up, cupping the girl’s full tit mound, brushing against the nipple. She felt the girl’s hand move upward to grasp a tit, touching it gently, lovingly.

Vivian’s hand slid down, and Connie opened her thighs as her teacher pushed her fingers deep into the girl’s dripping cunt. The pussy lips were still greasy and slick from the load of cum that had filled her pussy that night. In only an instant Connie’s breath had grown shallow and panting as Vivian found the cheerleader’s clit and began milking it softly.

“Yesssss, Mrs. Glenn, yesss…” Connie purred in a husky whisper.

Almost unconsciously, the young girl began humping her ass forward and back to meet the insistent torment of the older woman’s fingers. “Unh, unh, unh!” she grunted softly as the waves of orgasm ran like fire through her pussy. Vivian could feel the streams of cunt cream running over her fingers as the young girl came one more time.

As they finished, Vivian heard Jack clearing his throat quietly.

“Looks like you were right,” he said, walking back into the room. Vivian noticed a huge red spot on the boy’s left cheek.

“Oh, honey,” the lovely woman said, rising to touch the spot with her fingertips. “Andy hit you?”

“You’d better believe it,” Jack said, grinning wryly. “I never would have thought he could move that fast. He was sitting on the edge of the bed. As soon as I walked into the room, he came up off the bed and laid into me. Knocked me flat on my ass with one punch and then just stood there demanding that I get up and fight him. He cooled down pretty fast, though. When I left, he had just turned his back on me and sat back on the edge of the bed. He was staring out the window.”

Vivian looked depressed.

“I think maybe Connie and I should leave. And by the way,” Jack added just before leaving to go downstairs, “you can consider those photographs destroyed. I’ll burn them as soon as I get home.” The youth smiled apologetically at his teacher before disappearing around the corner of the door.

“He’s right,” Connie said, giving Vivian another quick kiss as she grabbed her jeans and put them on. Then she pulled her shirt on over her head and stepped into her shoes. “Maybe you need to have a long talk with Andy. At least, he won’t give you a punch in the eye.”

I would understand if he did, Vivian thought as she stood there alone in her room. Downstairs, she heard the door close as the two teenagers left the house.

What could she say to Andy right now? What words could she use that didn’t sound like nothing more than a pack of excuses? She knew that the boy must feel positively betrayed at the moment. Vivian groaned inwardly as she thought about what she must have looked like when Andy waked up to her door. Four of his friends shooting their hot cum into his mother’s body at the same time. A beautiful cheerleader sucking at her hard nipples. She shuddered as she thought about it.

“Well, there’s nothing to do but face up to it,” she said finally, squaring her shoulders and pulling the sash of her robe tight around her waist.

Andy was still sitting where Jack said he had left him. The boy was staring blindly out the window as if his mind was a thousand miles away in some place where there was no personal pain, no betrayal by those he loved.

“Andy,” Vivian said softly. “Honey, I think we need to talk.”

Her son made no indication that he had even heard her voice. He continued staring. When the woman sat beside him on the bed and put her arm around his broad shoulder, he remained frozen in position.

“How the hell could you do that?” he said, finally breaking his icy silence. “How could you let them do that to you? And with my friends, too. How the hell am I going to be able to look any of them in the eye.” He finally turned to face her and shrug her arm aside. “Now they’ve all had you in bed.”

“Honey,” she said, searching desperately for words, “I can’t excuse away what has happened. I can explain it in one way, but I don’t know that the explanation will be of any help to you.”

Vivian drew a deep breath and looked down at her hands as they twisted in her lap.

“You see, darling,” she finally resumed, “when your dad and I split up, I thought it was the end of the world. Everything seemed to have gone crazy. Everything that I had known was changed. I dealt with it as best I could, but maybe I wasn’t dealing with it at all. Maybe I just shoved the whole mess back into some corner of my brain and pretended that it had gone away. I decided that I didn’t need your father or any other man. I was wrong, and something happened today that showed me just how wrong I really was. Before I knew what was happening, things were moving too fast for me to stop them. The result was what you just witnessed.”

Vivian stood and walked over to the window to look out at the night. It was so quiet and peaceful out there. Why couldn’t some of that calm spill over into her own soul?

“I’m sorry you had to see that, Andy,” she said. “I’d give anything to have spared you that, but I can’t change it. It’s out now, and I can’t think of what to do to help you. I needed for something to happen, anything that would bring me back to my awareness of being a woman.”

There was no response from her son.

“I wouldn’t have chosen for it to happen that way, Andy,” she said, wrapping her arms around herself and holding herself against the cold numbness that had swept across her body. “But I needed a man. I needed someone to take me and hold me close. I needed someone to take me as a woman, to make love to me and drain all that tension that had built up over the months. Your father wasn’t around anymore. It just had to be somebody.”

“Mom,” Andy said, walking up behind her and putting his arms around her to pull the trembling woman close, “why couldn’t it have been me?”

The boy’s hands moved across the front of her body, and Vivian felt her breath catch at the touch of his hands. She wanted to tell him to stop, to deny the feelings that rushed through her flesh.

“Oh, baby,” she sighed, as she felt the boy’s left hand slide through the slit of her robe to cup one of her huge mounds of tender tit meat gently while the other worked its way down and between her thighs. “Honey, it’s… it’s just not right. I’m your mother.”

“I don’t care,” Andy whispered huskily, nuzzling at her ear and the side of her throat. “We love each other, and there’s no reason we can’t show that in every possible way.”

The beautiful redhead found herself reaching down to pull the sash of her robe loose and allow the garment to spread open. She could feel her son’s hard cock pressing into the crack of her firm ass. Through the denim of the boy’s jeans, through the material of her robe, his prick prodded and poked at her. In that instant, Vivian spun around in his arms and pressed her open lips to those of her teenaged son.

“This has to be done right,” she groaned as Andy’s hands clasped at her ass, pulling the dripping mound of her cunt hard against his rampaging prick. “It has to be slow and swift.” Shrugging, she slid the robe from her shoulders. The moonlight streaming through the window made her skin look as pale as alabaster. Her thick red hair had come undone from the time that she had put in to hold it up. In the darkened room, it fell across her shoulders and down her back like the shadow of her wanton hunger. The crimson forest of Vivian’s cunt mound was a secret darkness below, hidden from the light.

One by one, the woman undid the buttons of her son’s shirt, finally pulling it out of his jeans and letting it slide off the youth’s shoulders. Oh God, Vivian thought to herself, his chest is so beautiful. So smooth and broad.

It made her think of the boy’s father as a young man, and that memory made her hungry for his flesh. Leaning down, the eager woman began licking and sucking at her son’s chest. Andy groaned softly as his mother’s teeth and tongue moved teasingly across his skin. He ran his fingers through her hair softly, lovingly, pulling her lips even tighter against him.

Lower, and even lower, the lovely redhead moved her soft lips across the boy’s chest and belly. Finally, she found herself at his navel and buried her tongue in the sensitive dimple.

Her desperate fingers pulled and tugged at the snap of the boy’s jeans. She pulled so frantically at his zipper that she felt one of her fingernails break against the metal. Vivian didn’t care. No pain, no distraction of any kind, could pull her away from her goal. Finally, the pants were unzipped all the way, and like a mad woman, she tugged at them and pulled them down until her son could step free.

Vivian heard her own breath catch in her throat as she finally tuned her eyes to his crotch and allowed herself to gaze at her own son’s cock.

“Oh God, Andy,” she sighed, “It’s so beautiful, so long and thick. I want to taste it, baby.” She leaned forward to plant a soft and feathery kiss against the pulsing knob of her son’s prick. “I want to feel your cock buried deep in my mouth, resting on my tongue.”

The woman hefted the thick weight of her son’s cock in one hand, palming the sac of his balls in the other. She ran her tongue all the way around the cock knob.

“I want to drink your cum, Andy.” Her voice had dropped to a husky whisper. “Feed Mommy all that hot sweet jizz.”

“Oh, God!” the boy groaned as his mother buried her beautiful lips between his legs and started licking and lapping at his swollen balls.

“Ummm-hmmmnun,” Vivian agreed, sucking first one ball into her drooling lips and then the other. Back and forth, she moved teasingly.

Turning her head, she buried her face in the boy’s crack and began rooting tad grunting as she licked and sucked at the tight hole of her son a shitter.

“Oh Jesus, Mom,” Andy grunted. He sat down suddenly in the chair by the window, and Vivian found herself kneeling on the floor. Her lovely face was slimed with spit from licking between her son’s legs. It was covered with a thin film that shone in the moonlight through the open window.

“What’s the matter, honey?” she asked, suddenly alarmed at the way the boy had pulled away from her. “What happened?”

“Mom,” Andy sighed, bending forward to pull her toward him, “I’ve wanted this for so long that I was getting weak in the knees from it actually happening.”

He leaned down to kiss her long and sweetly. His hand moved down to cup her tits. “Please, Mom,” he said, nuzzling her ear with his lips and tongue, “suck my cock.”

“Oh yes, honey,” Vivian said, almost weeping for joy with the awe that she felt for the boy.

She purred, lowering her face and running her long hot tongue across her son’s cock head. “Feed Mommy your cum.”

Everything went into slow motion for Vivian. She felt the boy’s prick knob pushing slickly between her lips, felt the first touch of it against her tongue and the walls of her mouth. My God, she thought to herself, he even tasted like his father. But she knew that had to be nothing more than imagination. Surely there could be no way she could actually remember how her ex-husband’s cock had tasted.

As she slid downward on the boy’s slab of cock meat, the lovely schoolteacher remembered the first time she had been with David, Andy’s dad…

Their families had always been close, the parents belonging to the same club, their homes very nearly next door to each other. The young Vivian had had a terrible crush on David from a very young age, and even though she thought she hid it well, everyone in the neighborhood knew about it. The parents thought it was all very cute, figuring that someday the two might actually get serious. Vivian had all sorts of dreams about what would happen when she got old enough to marry David. She could see him in college, getting a diploma, establishing a career. She envisioned herself setting up housekeeping in a home not far from where their parents lived in the small town, having David’s children, the two of them rowing old together.

Then, the war in Vietnam came along. David was torn between two worlds. On one side was his love for Vivian and his hopes for college and an education. On the other side was what he felt to be his duty to his country. At the age of eighteen, the confused boy enlisted in the Marines. He had arrived home from the recruiter’s office, proud of his new status and anxious to have his family share in his pride. Vivian had been crushed by his move, and ran crying from the house.

She had no idea where she was running. She had only known that she had to run as far from her beloved David as she could. Far enough to take her away from the nightmare of her fears for his life, her fears of the separation that might wind up splitting them forever.

Standing in the shadowed woods about a half mile from her home, she had leaned against a tree and sobbed until her breath was short and her eyes swollen from the tears. Suddenly, she had felt David’s hands on her arms. She knew them even though her back was turned when he walked silently up behind her.

“Vivian,” he said, “it’s not as bad as all that.” But it was. It was as bad as anything she had ever known… and worse. Instinctively, the boy seemed to know her thoughts, to feel her fears and know how to cope with them. He turned her in his arms and held her close until her sobbing quieted and she breathed easily in his grasp.

“When do you leave?” she asked.

“Tomorrow,” he said softly. “There’s a big rush to get new recruits trained and ready for their assignments.”

“Then this may be the last time we’ll have together,” she said, very nearly crying again at the thought of never seeing David anymore.

“Don’t be silly,” the boy said, smiling softly and giving her a peck on the forehead. “We’ll have a whole life together after I get back. And what’s more, my G.I. benefits will pay for college and help us get started with a family.”

“I don’t want to wait, David,” she said. The lovely young girl began opening her blouse. “I want to start right now.”

“Honey,” he whispered, taking her hands in his and stopping her from completely unbuttoning, “you don’t have to do this, you know.”

“I know,” she said, her voice becoming almost pleading, “but I can’t stand the idea of you leaving without the two of us becoming as close as we possibly can. I want you to be the one to take me David. I don’t want to have something happen to you and have nothing more than a photograph and a few letters left.”

With no more arguments, Vivian finished unbuttoning her blouse. She unhooked the snaps on her bra and pulled it aside. The girl heard her lover’s breathing become harsh as she raised his hands and used them to cover the full mounds of her young tits. The moist warmth of his palms set Vivian’s pulse to racing as he rubbed gently, twisting easily at the swollen pink nipples and bending to lick them.

“Oh, David,” she begged, “make a woman of me.”

Lowering her to the pound, the handsome youth raised the girl’s skirt, tucking the material into the waistband. He pulled her panties down and off of the firm length of her pale legs. With gentle fingers, David played and prodded between Vivian’s legs. He rubbed between the swollen virgin lips of her cunt. He played and teased at the thick nubbin of the girl’s clit. Vivian felt that no woman had ever felt such pleasure before. She knew nothing about what men and women did together, and she was open for whatever her David might demand of her.

“There are lots of ways that people please their lovers,” the older and more experienced boy whispered.

“I want you to teach me, David,” she pleaded. “Show me how to please you. Teach me what to do.”

With that, the boy’s lips moved down her stomach as I kissed and licked his way to her unexplored pussy. Almost instinctively, Vivian seemed to know what was coming. She bent her knees and braced her feet wide apart in the sweet carpet of forest grass and pine needles. David kissed and sucked her cunt, licking at the flesh of her clit and sliding his juice-greased middle finger into her virgin shitter. For the first time, the beautiful young girl had an orgasm at the hands of a man.

It was as if the explosions in her cunt were never going to stop as the trembling rolled like waves through her sensitive loins.

“Yes, David,” she grunted in her young lust. “Oh, David, lick me, darling. It’s coming again and again.”

David continued, sucking and drinking gladly at her creaming pussy until the girl could stand no more.

Then the boy showed her the woman’s side of making love with lips and tongue.

“It’s a normal part of making love,” he whispered as the young girl looked at the size of his prick with wonder and a small amount of fear. “Think of a baby nursing at its mother’s breast. Just make love to it with your mouth lick and suck. Experiment a little bit. It comes by trial and error.”

Tentatively at first, then with growing lust, the girl took the swollen cock knob between her lips and laved it with her hot wet tongue. Immediately, she realized that she actually loved the tastes and smells of David’s prick and balls.

There seemed to be something so musky about the odors, something that could only be defined as male. She suddenly knew that by taking him into her body, she was making him her man. Nothing would ever be able to change that.

Suddenly, she felt David’s body stiffen as his balls exploded with their first blast of hot cum. The jism took her totally by surprise, but she swallowed it hungrily. It made her know that at last David was totally hers. That he had given himself to her as much as she had surrendered her body to him.

When her lover had finished, Vivian lay quietly with the length of his prick still buried between her lips. In a few minutes, she started sucking again until his cock suddenly started growing hard again and pushing farther and farther into the back of her throat. This time, however, David had other ideas.

“It’s time you really lost your virginity,” he growled huskily as he rolled the beautiful young redhead onto her back and spread her thighs wide. He planted the thick knob of his prick between her virgin cunt lips and moved it up and down.

Vivian had been almost afraid when he first turned her onto her back. But the more he slid the head of his prick through her still-dripping cunt gash, the more her fears disappeared. They were crowded out by the young girl’s own hunger as fiery fingers traced paths of heat through her belly again.

“Oh yes, David,” she panted. “Take me. Use me. I want to be totally your woman.”

The boy fucked her, showing the beautiful girl more pleasure than she had ever imagined could exist in the world. At a young age, Vivian became a woman in the only real sense of the ward.

Now, here she was repeating the process, allowing her womanhood to be reborn. This time, however, it was with Andy, her own son. The differences were unimportant. The emotions, the feelings, the tastes and smells, were all the same. Vivian felt that she was learning the sweet joys of sucking a man’s cock all over again.

Down, down, she impaled her lovely face on her son’s cock. She gobbled at the huge slab of prick meat, reveling in the taste of hot flesh and the odors of cum and sweat and piss that rose from his crotch.

Vivian sucked and drooled over the length of her son’s cock meat until finally, she found that the whole of it was fucking in and out of her panting mouth. Her nose and chin were buried in the thick blond hair that grew like a forest around the base of the boy’s cock.

“Oh Christ, Mom,” Andy grunted, reaching down and under to fondle his mother’s bobbing tits and pull the nipples out into a delighted mass of tormented flesh. “Suck me, Mom. Eat my cock all the way down. I’m gonna blow your head off with my cum!”

“Mmmph, mmmmph,” the woman grunted as she prayed silently for her beautiful son to feed her hungry mouth.

Again and again, she slid her face up, leaving only the knob of his prick buried between her lips. Then she would dive downward again and bury the cock head all the way into the back of her throat until the stiff crotch hairs were scratching at her nose and chin.

It’s delicious, Vivian marveled silently. I can hardly wait for his load of cum.

As it is, she didn’t have long to wait at all. Vivian was caressing and massaging gently at the boy’s balls all the time she sucked at his length of prick meat. Suddenly, she felt them start swelling in her hand. Andy’s prick was growing even thicker with each downward plunge of his mother’s face. The cock knob itself had grown so large that it was all that Vivian could do to swallow it all the way down.

In a frenzy of rut-hunger, Andy started humping fiercely against the woman’s face. Like a meaty piston, his prick was driven back and forth through the hot wet sheath of her dripping mouth. Then the youth went mad.

“Jesus Fuckin’ Christ!” he grunted, nearly coming out of the chair as the first blast of his hot jism boiled upward from the depths of his balls.

Vivian felt her mouth immediately flooded by the huge wave of cum.

Oh yes, baby, she sighed silently as the muscles of her throat worked convulsively to swallow down all the boy’s hot sweet cum. Give it to me, honey. Give your delicious cream to Mommy.

Over and over, the thick gouts of cum splashed into the woman’s gasping mouth. As hard as she tried, Vivian couldn’t swallow it all. Heavy gobs streamed out of the corners of her lips and ran down to collect in the forest of blond hair around the base of Andy’s cock.

Finally, Vivian felt her son’s tremblings begin to subside. Milking hungrily, she forced the last few drops of cum up from the boy’s balls and lapped them up like a starving animal.

Then, she lowered her face until she could bury her lips in the thick forest of her son’s cum slimed cock hairs. Licking and sucking, she cleaned Andy’s crotch of every delicious drop of cum.

“Don’t you think that maybe it’s your turn now?” he asked as she raised her face.

“Oh, I do indeed,” Vivian said, standing and pulling her bathrobe back on. “But there’s something else I think we should do first.”

“What’s that?” Andy asked in confusion.

“Don’t you think that your grandparents and sister might be starting to wonder what in the world has kept you for so long? What was it that brought you back to the house anyway?”

“Oh, I just wanted to pick up the jacket I had forgotten,” the boy explained.

“Well, I’d say you picked up a lot more than just your jacket,” Vivian smiled down at her son. “Why don’t you go ahead to bed? I’m going to call Grandma and Grandpa and tell them not to worry. I’ll give them some excuse about you staying here tonight and then going on back over to their house tomorrow morning. They’ll probably buy that.”

Vivian kissed her son and left the room. Walking down the hall toward the phone in her room, she found herself shaking her head in amazement at the complications of life, at the eternal and unending nature of love that can show up suddenly from the most unexpected sources.


When Vivian reached her patents on the phone, her dad sounded vastly relieved to hear that Andy was indeed at home. She gave him an excuse about the boy having felt a bit queasy and said that she thought it would be a good idea for him to stay at home tonight and then return to their house the next morning. Her father was so glad that nothing serious had happened that he accepted the idea immediately.

By the time she got back to her son’s room.

Andy had dropped off to sleep. For a moment, Vivian stood there looking down at her young son. The moonlight on his face and the effects of sleep had smoothed out the tension and anger that had been there earlier. At the moment, she could see clearly the young boy that she had watched grow, that she had nursed and taught and watched as he became a young man before her very eyes. She could remember nights of illness and worry, of sitting up late and sleeping fitfully, awake at the slightest cry from his room.

Then her eyes moved down, and she saw the hard young body that so resembled his father’s. The broad chest, the strong arms and legs that spoke of an athlete. His cock had grown soft and was resting on his right thigh.

Going to the bed, Vivian removed her robe and lay down quietly, so as not to disturb her sleeping son. His prick looked so lovely lying there. In the moonlight, she could see a thin trail of glistening cum that had oozed from the tip and dripped down his inner thigh.

He’s so handsome, the woman thought. She was proud of him, of his achievements, of the way he had turned out as a person. But at the moment, she found herself hungrily aroused by his hard body and the memory of that prick that had only moments before pumped her mouth full of cum.

Leaning down, she gently ran her tongue along the boy’s leg, lapping up the thin trail of jism that had leaked across his skin. Then she turned her attention to the fleshy lump of his prick head. She kissed his cock softly, running her tongue across the sensitive skin, and was thrilled that even in sleep Andy’s prick moved in reaction to her kiss.

Vivian took the boy’s limp cock between her full lips and sucked it all the way into her mouth. His prick tasted so wonderful to the woman, and she massaged it lovingly with her tongue.

Andy moved sleepily as his mother nursed at his prick, finally opening his eyes and looking down. For a moment he watched in confusion.

“I thought I had been dreaming,” the boy said, his word sounding fuzzy and slurred from sleep.

Vivian raised up to lie beside her son on the bed. She massaged the increasing thickness of the bay’s cock, rubbing the cock head between her thumb and first two fingers.

“Have you had dreams about making love to me before, honey?” she asked, suddenly realizing that such dreams must be common to young boys.

“Yes,” he finally admitted sheepishly, “sometimes. I don’t mean to make it sound dirty or something.”

“I don’t think it sounds dirty at all,” the woman said softly. “I think it’s only natural that a growing boy would have sexual thoughts about the only grown woman he’s ever known well. What kind of dream have you had?” She bent down to press her lips to the boy’s nipples and suck the tiny nubbins of flesh.

“Oh, you know,” he said evasively. “All kinds.”

“Did you dream about me sucking your cock?”

“A few times,” he said uneasily, obviously embarrassed by going into details about such secret thoughts.

“Have you ever wanted to suck my tits?” she asked, rising on the bed in order to allow one huge tit to dangle near the boy’s lips. “I’d like having you suck my tits, baby.”

Softly at first, Andy began kissing and licking at his mother’s tits. The nipples grew hard and rubbery beneath his tongue and twisting fingertips. He took first one and then the other nipple into his hot young mouth, and Vivian wanted to weep from the pleasure of her son’s lips and tongue on her tit meat. His hands crushed the swollen tit mounds, the fingers digging deep into her sensitive flesh.

“Yessss, honey,” she moaned. “Eat Mommy’s titties good. Suck ’em, baby. Suck and bite on my tits. I like it hard, Andy. Work on my tit real hard.”

Obediently, the boy began chewing on the beautiful redhead’s tits. He caught a nipple fiercely between his teeth and pulled it outward, lashing at the sensitive skin with his tongue until Vivian thought she was going to go mad with pleasure.

“I’ve got to have your cock, Andy,” she grunted. “Do you want to bury your cock in my pussy, honey?”

“Ummmm-hmmmm,” the boy grunted through his tit-stuffed lips.

His hand moved down between his mother’s legs. He worked his fingers between the drooling pussy lips, burying them deep inside the woman’s cunt and massaging the dripping cunt walls.

Vivian began rubbing the knob of her son’s cock against the scubby flesh of her clit, and nearly leaped from the bed when it first came in contact. The heat of his prick flowed into her clit, setting the sensitive nubbin of fuck-meat quivering with hunger for more.

“I’ve got to have it, baby,” she grunted, rising slightly and planting the head of the boy’s cock between her pussy’s drooling lips. “I’ve got to have this sweet piece of prick now!”

Lowering herself slowly, the woman sighed as the huge cock fucked into her depths.

Oh yes, she thought, afraid to breathe or speak for fear of destroying the feelings that were starting to race through her guts. It was such a fragile thing, such a frail moment of dreams. She had never realized before how much she wanted her son’s body, how closely she had identified the boy with his father as the youth grew older and more like the man.

Now, it all seemed too good to be true.

Farther and farther, she lowered herself on the shaft of her son’s swollen prick, feeling the hot skin of his cock meat as it brushed all along the wet trembling walls of her pussy. Finally, his prick was all the way inside, buried so far in her pussy that their crotch hairs were matted together and drenched from the juice that dripped from her cunt hole.

“Oh, Andy,” she sighed, lowering herself forward from her sitting position until she could move back and forth to rub her nipples across her son’s lips and tongue. “Your cock feels so good, baby. I feel as if the head is buried all the way up into my stomach. It’s so long and thick.”

As Andy began sucking and licking softly at his mother’s nipples, the woman started a gently rolling and rocking motion as if she were riding on a rocking horse. Back and forth, the motion forced the boy’s prick to slide through the woman’s cunt. Because of the position, the cock knob worked its way through the depths of her cunt, leaving nothing untouched.

“Suck my tits good, baby,” Vivian grunted as she rode her son’s hot prick. “Chew ’em up while Mom fucks herself on your sweet cock.”

Andy bit and clawed the woman’s tits. Soft, growling noises rose from the back of the boy’s throat and drove Vivian on to even more violent movements on her son’s prick. The boy pulled his feet up and braced them on the bed so that he could push his cock even higher.

“Jesus, Andy,” the woman gasped as her son’s huge prick fucked even farther into the streaming depths of her cunt, “I keep cumming and cumming in little bursts, and they won’t stop.”

Reaching around her plunging ass cheeks, the boy slid his finger deep into the crack of her sweating ass. In an instant, his fingertip had found it itching hole of her shitter. Plunging his own ass up and down to meet Vivian’s thrashing ride, Andy gently fucked his finger inside the tight hole. The woman went insane from the double assault of prick and finger. The boy fucked it in and out, stopping just short of allowing it to pop outside the ring of itching assmeat.

Jesus Fucking Christ! Vivian’s mind screamed. By this time, she was desperately gasping for air, her only sounds being the panting grunts of a woman being thoroughly fucked. It’s so wonderful, she heard a voice saying somewhere in the back of her mind. His prick is just so fucking wonderful.

Wave after excruciating wave of pleasure washed across her lust-fevered body. The orgasms were stacked up and waiting for her. There was no end in sight. No sooner would one series of racking convulsions begin to die away, than another would start taking its place in the depths of her cunt. Somewhere in the back of her mind, an endless lust swelled. It consumed everything eke until the whole of her universe was occupied by nothing but an eternal hunger for cock.

I could die of lust, she thought, without caring one way or the other. I could keep fucking him until my heart burst and my brain exploded from the heat.

Suddenly, she noticed that Andy as moving more frantically beneath her. The crash of their bodies together caused a wet slapping of flesh as the combination of her cum and their sweat drenched the boy’s cock hairs.

“Christ, Mom,” the youth grunted, “I’m I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum for me, baby,” she begged. “Fill my belly with that big load of hot cream.”

“Holy shit!” the boy bellowed suddenly as the first blast of his jism exploded from the plunging tip of his prick.

Thick globs of his cum splashed across the walls of Vivian’s pussy, and the woman thought that the top of her head was going to explode as her son’s jism burned like acid on her dripping cunt flesh.

“Yessss… oh, God yesss!” she shrieked. A wall of orgasm unlike anything she had ever known before crashed into her consciousness, and the woman thought she was going to pass out from the force of it. It was a tidal wave of bliss that made all her other orgasms seem like nothing at all.

Desperately, the woman fucked up and down on her son’s prick. Her frenzied humping came close to forcing her all the way up and off the length of his cock shaft. If it hadn’t been for the clawing grip that Andy had on her ass, she would have lost it entirely.

Over and over, he sprayed cum. Each blast seemed to totally flood her all over again. Each explosion of cock cream brought on yet another racking jolt of electricity from deep in her guts. It was as if each one was a first orgasm, her first sensation of a cock inside her body.

This is impossible, she said to herself as her lungs pumped and gulped for air. I’m riding my own teenaged son’s cock and fucking him like a mad thing. What would people do if they knew about this? The photographs had been bad enough, but this was something else entirely.

Then she realized that nothing else mattered. No one else in the world could ever have that kind of effect on her again. She had learned that there was no use in trying to justify herself to the world. She was nothing more than what she was, and there was no longer any way to deny her hungers and the realities of herself as a woman.

Finally, Andy’s long spraying explosions of cum began dying away, and her own orgasms started fading. Vivian fell in exhaustion across her son’s body.

“Jesus Christ, Mom,” the boy panted softly into her ear. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“Me, too, tiger,” she purred, cuddling warmly against the boy’s sweaty skin. “I think you’ve just about killed your old mom.”

“Never old,” he said, reaching down to kiss lovingly at her cheek. “Not to me.”

Vivian rolled over, allowing Andy’s still oozing prick to slide out of her cunt with a wet splashing sound. She knew that they had totally drenched the bedspread, and that fact faded away with all the others that could have no degree of importance in her new world. This new world was one of changed realities and different realizations. All the woman wanted right at that instant was to curl up against her son’s hard body and drift off into the world of sleep with the odors and warmth of their lovemaking to bring her sweet dreams.


Vivian lay there quietly, eventually becoming aware of Andy’s deep slow breaths. She curled up closer against his sleeping body and waited for her exhaustion to have the same effect on her. But it was a few moments before she could relax enough.

She kept remembering David, the life they had before the split-up, the reasons for the final explosion that had brought on the divorce. After all that had happened to her in one day’s time, she had started seein things in an entirely different light.

There had been so many harsh words, so many ugly accusations. The last few nights that they had slept together had been a study in coldness and anger. David had tried to talk at first, but had soon given up entirely on reconciling their problems. In the end, he had started sleeping on the couch in the den. One day, he came home from work and announced to her that he was moving out of the house altogether, since she didn’t seem to be interested in talking their problems out.

A week later, she filed for divorce. He hadn’t bothered to contest the action, failing to even show up in court. Vivian had sat there, hearing her attorney file for divorce on the grounds of desertion, knowing that the problem had started so much earlier, remembering when she made the discovery that had acted as a wedge between herself and the man she had loved so desperately at one time.

Vivian had dropped Andy off at one of his friends’ house to stay for the night. She had been planning on going to the store, but once there she had found that she had come out without her checkbook. Once back home, she had pulled the checkbook out of the drawer of the roll-top desk in the living room. It was then that she heard strange sounds coming from her husband’s den.

The door was partially open. If she hadn’t glanced through the open doorway, she would have walked right into the room. As it was, she stood frozen in her tracks at the scene before her. Many times before, Vivian had tried to mention diplomatically to her husband that she thought he and Christy were perhaps a bit too close for a father and daughter. The man had always shrugged it off as if her fears were nothing, as if their attention to each other was nothing more than affection.

Suddenly, the woman learned the truth of the relationship between her daughter and husband, and she nearly cried out as she saw the two.

Christy had perched herself on her father’s lap and wrapped her arms round the handsome man’s neck. Her face was against the side of David’s face, and as Vivian looked on in horror she saw her daughter kissing and tonguing her father’s ear.

David groaned softly, his hand moving up to cup one of his daughter’s firm young tits softly through the material of the tube top she had been wearing.

“Play with my tits, Daddy,” the young girl moaned softly into David’s ear. “I get so horny to feel your hands on me.”

With that, the beautiful young redhead reached down to tug at her tube top until it slid away from the sweet mounds of her tits. Vivian could see that her daughter’s pink-fleshed nipples had already grown hard and rubbery beneath her father’s hands.

David cupped up one firm tit and then the other, squeezing and stroking at the teenaged tit meat. He twisted Christy’s nipples, pulling them away from the swollen areolas until Vivian found herself realizing exactly what her daughter was going through. She had felt it often enough to know how David’s hands could feel, how well he knew the ways to make a woman’s body come alive with hunger.

“Do my pussy, Daddy,” the young girl pleaded as she squirmed on her father’s lap. “I want to feel your fingers in my pussy.”

Christy raised her body slightly, giving David room to slide the tight shorts down over the roundness of her ass. Next came the thin bikini panties that the girl was wearing. In the instant that her daughter raised herself from her father’s lap, Vivian saw the hard mound of David’s cock pressing upward against the material of his slacks. She knew the feel of that hot cock meat pressing into her own ass.

As the girl lowered herself again, she opened her sweet thighs, and Vivian saw the fine red hairs of her daughter’s cunt already wet with juice.

David slid his hand down across his daughter’s belly, and the woman noticed the silent shiver of pleasure that shot through the teenager’s body from the touch of his palm on her firm young flesh. Finally, the man’s hand slid between his daughter’s legs. As he began fingering the girl’s clit and sliding his fingers between the swollen greasy cunt lips, his other hand came up to capture a tit and squeeze it up in a punishing grip.

“Oh, yessss, Daddy,” Christy sighed softly as her father’s hands roamed her young and yearning body. “Finger me, Daddy. Make a woman of me, Daddy. Teach me how to please you.”

The familiar words, the words she had spoken herself as a young woman, struck at Vivian’s heart like a dagger. It was all she could do at the time to keep from screaming her outrage at the two. She wanted to run, to flee from the horror and betrayal of what she was witnessing it in her own home. But her body refused to move. It was as if she had been glued to the spot and condemned to witness everything.

In short order, Christy’s pleading voice turned into a soft whimpering cry. Mewling noises of pleasure rose from the back of the girl’s throat as her lips were buried in her father’s neck. Suddenly, the youngster’s back arched sharply. Her hair flew back wildly as she humped on her father’s finger. Vivian saw her daughter’s lust-blinded eyes staring upward, seeing nothing except the dreams of her own lust.

Finally, Christy’s convulsions died away, and she put her small hand across her father’s to still his dancing fingers.

“Ooooh, stop now, Daddy. It’s too sensitive,” Christy pleaded.

Teasingly, David gave his daughter’s cunt another tug, and the teenager nearly leaped off his lap at the touch.

“No, no,” she said softly, raising herself and planting a long wet-tongued kiss on her father’s lips. “Now it’s your turn.”

“Oh yeah?” David teased, cupping the young girl’s tit again as she slid off his lap to sit beside him on the couch. “And just what do you think you’re going to do to your old dad?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” she said, smiling lecherously as she reached down to unzip her father’s pants and unsnap the waistband.

In an instant, she had pulled the man’s huge cock out of his pants. Vivian felt her breath catch in her throat as she saw her daughter’s small pale hand clutch the thick cock shaft. His prick was so large that Christy was unable to wrap her fingers all the way around.

“I know what, my daddy always likes,” the girl said, bending down to press her full red lips against his engorged cockhead. “My daddy likes to have his cock sucked by his little girl.”

Vivian was horrified by what she was watching. Christy’s wet pink tongue slid out from between her lips and brushed teasingly against the very tip of David’s cock, and the woman heard her husband moan softly at the feeling.

No! the woman almost shouted aloud, but she found that her throat seemed to be closed with emotions of outrage and frustration. It’s too big for her. She’ll choke on it if she tries to put the whole thing in her mouth. A moment later, Vivian realized that her baby daughter was not a stranger to cock-sucking.

Christy’s beautiful young lips smeared across the man’s prick-knob, and then they opened farther than Vivian would have imagined possible. An instant later, the girl pulled the head of her father’s cock into her hot young mouth.

“Yeah, honey,” David groaned. “Eat me. Suck your daddy’s cock.”

The woman watched as her daughter’s lovely young face moved up and dawn, accepting the raging shaft of her father’s prick farther and farther into the wet depths of her mouth. She was amazed as more and more of David’s thick cock shaft disappeared between his daughter’s drooling lips. It made her think of sword swallowers in carnivals. She couldn’t imagine where the whole length was going, but Christy just kept going down and gobbling more of David’s thick slab of cock meat until her face was totally impaled by the immensity of her father’s prick.

My God, Vivian thought, she must have taken the knob all the way down into her throat. Even as the thought passed through her mind, the woman saw that her daughter’s lovely face was rooting in the thick blond hairs that grew around the base of the man’s cock.

“Oh yeah, baby,” David grunted as Christy began sliding her mouth up and down on the length of his prick shaft. “Nobody sucks my cock like my little girl.”

Vivian heard grunting animal noises rising from her daughter’s cock stuffed lips. David’s hand slid down across his daughter’s naked back, moving down into the crack of her ass. Suddenly, Vivian heard loud moans and grunts coming from Christy, and she knew instinctively that the man had fucked his thick middle finger up the girl’s tight itching shitter.

The man suddenly reached around and under his daughter’s body and grabbed her tit with his free, hand. In this position, it stopped being a case of Christy just sucking off her father. Instead, David was frantically fucking at his daughter’s face, spearing his thick slab of cockmeat in and out of the girl’s mouth.

Vivian had known that feeling, as well. The first time it had happened, it had frightened her for a moment. But after only seconds of David’s hand on her tit and his finger jabbing up her ass, she had become lost in the lust madness of having her man fucking her face. She had loved the feeling of being taken that way, of having her body used.

Now it was happening to her daughter, and the woman found herself torn between outrage at her husband’s actions, and the feelings of lust that the scene aroused between her own legs. Vivian found herself standing there rubbing her tit, her other hand, having raised her skin, was rubbing at her own cunt through the thin material of her panties.

No, she thought, this can’t be happening. But she was unable to stop her own desperate frigging of her pussy.

Suddenly, the woman saw her husband’s hard strong body stiffen, and she knew instinctively what was about to happen. So did Christy. As David’s body arched, the young girl pulled her face back until only the head of her father’s cock was fucking in and out of her mouth. In that instant, the first blast of scalding cum exploded from the quivering tip of the man’s prick.

Vivian could almost taste his cum, herself. It was then that she realized that she had cum all over herself. Her panties had been soaked with her own cunt cream, and the woman felt it running down the inside of her thigh as she stood against the half-open door in the darkness of the hall.

At the same time, she knew that David’s load of cum had been too much for Christy to swallow. Vivian saw thick streams of greasy cum that dripped and ran from each corner of her daughter’s wide-stretched lips. The rivulets of jism ran down and across Christy’s chin, dripping down onto David’s thigh as he continued pumping their daughter’s mouth full of his cum.

She could, remember that feeling, too. She had never in her life imagined that any one man could produce as much cum as David’s balls put out.

Shortly, the man’s body dropped back against the couch, his breath coming in short gasps. Christy went on for some moments, sucking and milking her father’s cock for every last drop of the jism that she loved to eat. Then the girl lapped and cleaned the drippings from his thighs and cock hairs.

As Vivian turned to leave her place by the door, she saw Christy rise from her father’s crotch. The look of love and shared lust in the young girl’s eyes was too much for the woman to bear. Her daughter’s cheeks were glistening with cum and spit.

The older woman was unable to stand there any longer. Somehow, she had a feeling the two were far from finished. She didn’t want to see the girl suck her father’s cock back into hardness, couldn’t stand to see her daughter lie back on the couch with her legs spread to accept her dad’s cock into the red-furred slit of her tender pussy.

That night had marked the beginning of the end of Vivian and David. That had been the first night of coldness between them, when the very slightest touch of David’s hand on her body had been enough to make her pull away from the man.

Now, as she lay beside Andy, Vivian remembered these moments as if they had only just happened. As she recalled the scene that she had thought of as betrayal, the beautiful woman began feeling empty and aching for the man who had once been so important to her life. And she started crying softly as she realized how hurt he must have been at her coldness and lack of understanding.

Andy stirred from sleep and felt her curled up against his left side, her back turned. Before going to sleep, the boy rolled over onto his side and curled his body against Vivian. His left arm was under her head, acting as a pillow. His right arm was draped protectively over her right side, the boy’s hand barely cupped over her left tit as if the love and warmth of his body could defend the fragile heart that pounded beneath her flesh.


Vivian awoke early the next morning. Andy was still sleeping soundly against her in the bed. Gently, she pulled the covers down and raised the boy’s arm so she could crawl out from beneath him. Pulling on her thick robe, she went downstairs to put on water for coffee.

Andy had always been a sound sleeper, and she knew that he would have no desire for breakfast this early. Coffee and juice would be enough for him until sometime around lunch.

In only a few minutes the water had boiled, and Vivian poured it into the coffee-filled filter. Shortly, the stream of fragrant liquid had filled the pot and dwindled away to a mere dripping.

Vivian threw out the filter and filled her cup. Sitting in the breakfast nook, she sipped at the scalding coffee and looked out the kitchen window. It was a new morning in her life. So much had happened in the past twenty-four hours that she hardly knew what to think or do first. The long dry period of her loveless life had ended with a huge explosion of lust. It had started out viciously, but before the night had ended it had become a situation of love shared with five of her students… and finally with her own son.

The world, she knew, would never accept what she had discovered about herself. Yet she knew that she didn’t give a damn what the world would or would not accept. A new day had dawned in more ways than one, and she didn’t know what she should do first in her new life.

“I just won’t worry about it,” she finally said to herself as she drank the rapidly cooling cup of coffee.

Vivian poured herself another cup and then one for Andy. She also included a glass of juice for him. Everything went onto a tray that she carried back upstairs to her son’s bedroom.

The beautiful redhead walked into the room and placed the tray on the bedside table.

Then, undoing her robe and letting it drop to the floor beside the bed, she crawled back under the covers with Andy. The boy had rolled over onto his back after she left the bed, and Vivian allowed herself the luxury of lying on her side and studying his face in sleep.

He’s such a beautiful young boy, she thought, once again noticing the uncanny resemblance between her son and his father. Love for the youth swelled in her breast until she could feel a thick lump in the back of her throat.

Raising the covers slightly, Vivian lowered her face and started kissing and laying the head of her son’s soft cock. She pulled the flaccid piece of cockmeat between her lips and started sucking gently as she felt it begin to grow hard and thick and long in her mouth.

“Mmmmnnn,” said, still not opening his eyes. “Is that coffee I smell?”

“You young prick!” she exclaimed in mock indignation, allowing his swollen cock knob to pop wetly from her lips. “I’ll give you coffee!” Then she dug her long fingers into her son’s ticklish sides.

“No!” he gasped. “Oh no you don’t!”

In only an instant, Andy had grabbed Vivian and tolled her over with expert ease until she was flat on her belly on the bed. She had forgotten about his experience on the school wrestling team. Now she felt like a helpless child as the boy pined her from behind. He had grabbed both of her wrists and stretched them out far above her head on the bed. He was kneeling between her widespread legs, his right palm pressing firmly down in the small of her back.

“You know,” he said, lowering his voice into a really bad imitation of a movie bad guy, “I’d really hate like hell to have to hurt’cha, ma’am. But if you don’t calm down, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to take some pretty desperate measures.”

“Oh yeah, cowboy?” she said, joining in on the silliness.

“Yep!” he snarled.

“And just what do you think you’re going to do?”

Andy’s right hand slid down and across Vivian’s firm ass, finally stopping when he reached her cunt from behind. He slid two fingers between the red-furred pussy lips, moving them up and down the length of her cunt gash. Vivian heard herself moan softly at the effect of her son’s hand.

The boy lowered himself and fisted the thick shaft of his fully aroused cock. This time it was a swollen prick knob that was sliding up and down the greasy gash of the woman’s pussy. Each time he moved it down, the hot cock knob slammed into the sensitive nubbin of her clit like a piledriver of meat.

“Oh Christ, Andy,” the beautiful woman moaned, “when you say drastic, you might warn a girl.”

“Why?” he asked.

“So she can make it easier for you,” Vivian panted, raising her ass into the air and giving the boy better access to the dripping slit of her cunt. “Give it to me, baby. Shove that sweet thing home now.”

Andy pushed forward, shoving the knob of his prick deep into his mother’s dripping cunthole.

“Yes, honey,” she grunted as he fucked into her pussy. “Oh, Sweet Jesus, yess…”

Down and ever down, the boy pushed his huge prick until it was buried in her cunt all the way to the balls. For a moment, the boy lay quietly atop his mother’s back. Then he started moving gently, barely pulling the length of his prick out before fucking it all the way back again.

Vivian raised herself to her hands and sat back on her son’s lap as she impaled herself again and again on his raging young cock. It was so good to be riding his hot prick that the woman almost immediately began feeling the tiny quivering, of orgasm in the back of her pussy and deep in her guts. As her son’s left hand rose to cup one of her tits, a rush of need swept across her. When his other hand slipped down between her drenched thighs and grabbed at her cunt, the woman knew that she was once more about to be lost in her fuck-lust.

“You know something, Mom,” Andy said, his voice husky and low as she fucked her pussy up and down on his prick, “there’s something else that I’d like to try.”

“Oh yes, baby,” the woman grunted, never hesitating in the plunging thrusts of her pussy. “Anything that you want is fine with me.”

“Well,” he said, “you asked me last night if I had ever had dreams about you… about making love to you.”

“Yes, honey,” she said, so lost in her own lust that she didn’t notice the hesitation in her son’s voice. “Anything you want, as long as you keep that sweet cock shoved into me.”

“There’s something that we didn’t get to try last night. Something that I’ve always wanted to do with you, Mom.”

“Do it,” she said. “Do whatever you want, Andy.”

“Okay,” he said, pushing her forward and back onto her hands and knees. “I hope you’re ready for it.”

With that, the boy pulled back. His greasy cock head slurped wetly as its length popped out of her streaming pussy.

“Nooooo…” the woman moaned pleadingly as an aching emptiness appeared where only an instant before her son’s prick had been rampaging.

“Just a second,” Andy grunted from behind her, “and I’ll shove it back in again.”

Before Vivian realized what was happening, Andy had fisted the thick shaft of his prick and lodged the lust-swollen knob in the tight button of her ass. Pushing slightly forward, he fucked into her asshole. For just an instant, the woman nearly screamed from the unexpected pain of his surprise entry. Then, almost immediately, the heat of his prick spread through the itching depths of her ass.

“Oh God, baby, yes!” the beautiful redhead grunted as her son started to fuck deeper into her ass. “Shove it all the way in. Fuck out my hot asshole for me, Andy! Fuck Mommy’s ass good!”

Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, the boy started fucking his thick cock in and out of his mother’s clamping ass. The muscles held tightly as the greasy prickshaft fucked in and out. She knew that her son was about to fill her with another load of his hot cum.

It came even before she was expecting it. One minute, Andy was fucking away like a mad animal, each stoke driving the quivering cock head all the way in until she could feel his thick blond crotch hairs scratching at her plunging ass. In the next instant, the boy’s body froze in one place. She felt the first explosion of scalding jism pour into her itching hot shitter.

“Yessss!” she shrieked as the thick cock cream filled her ass guts. “Fuck my ass, Andy! Fuck it now!”

As gout after greasy gout of the boy’s cum sprayed into her steaming asshole, Vivian felt her pussy exploding with one orgasm after another. By this time, she found herself flat on the bed. Her fingers clawed and tore at the drenched sheets of the bed.

When Andy’s climax eventually ended, he rolled off her body and lay on the bed gasping for breath. Vivian moved over and kissed her son lovingly, her tongue slipping deep between his lips.

“Oh honey,” she sighed, “that was so nice. I loved having your cock up my ass.”

“Ummm-hmmm,” Andy agreed in his exhaustion.

“But there’s one thing you have to learn about a woman,” she said, sliding down to slurp his cock. “You’ve got to learn how to wear a woman out before you quit.”

She nibbled teasingly at the quivering tip of his cock meat and then raised her body and threw one leg over the boy’s body. Fisting her son’s newly aroused prick in one hand, she lowered herself until the prick head pushed between the throbbing and swollen lips of her cunt gash. Farther and farther, she allowed her cunt to be impaled on the swollen cock shaft. When she had taken his fucker all the way in, Vivian rested for a moment.

“When a woman stops,” she said, smiling down at the boy with a teasing twist to her lovely lips, “she’s finished. I haven’t stopped yet.”

“Yeah,” a voice said from behind them, “and I haven’t even gotten to get started yet.”

Shocked, Vivian turned and saw her daughter standing in the doorway as the girl stripped out of her T-shirt and jeans. In an instant, she had joined them on the bed.

“Grandpa dropped me off here to pick up some things and ride back with Andy. Looks like I might get a chance to ride Andy before we even think about going back.”

“Christy…” Vivian gasped, searching for anything to say that might ease the situation.

“Mom,” the girl smiled, leaning forward and giving her mother a gentle kiss, “don’t let it worry you.”

As she was speaking, Andy slid his hand over and between the teenager’s legs. Christy spread them wide, giving access to his roaming fingers.

“As you can probably tell,” the girl managed to say between gasping breaths, “this isn’t exactly the first time that Andy and I have gotten together in the sack. I’m just surprised that it took you this long to find out what a sweet prick our boy here has bouncing around between his legs.”

“I bet you say that about all the cocks you suck,” Andy teased.

“I’ll show you the best way to shut him up,” Christy said, throwing one leg across her brother and lowering the dripping mound of her pussy to his mouth. She sighed, shuddering slightly as Andy’s tongue slid over her finely furred red cunt bush and made contact with the quivering nubbin of her clit. “Now he can do something useful with that busy tongue.”

Vivian decided that she had never seen anything so sensual in her life. Christy was humping her sweet ass back and forth, dragging her wet cunt lips, across her brother’s mouth. Down below, she could see Andy’s tongue lashing in and out of his sister’s cunt slit every time the girl moved back and exposed the lower half of the boy’s face.

The woman was surprised to suddenly realize that she was fucking slowly on her son’s stiff cock. The huge slab of prick meat was moving back and forth in the depths of her pussy.

“That’s it, Mom,” Christy moaned, leaning forward to kiss hungrily at Vivian’s lips. “Fuck him good. Show him what a woman can do to a man.”

With that, the young girl’s hungry lips moved down, and Vivian found herself cradling Christy’s head as the girl kissed and licked at her mother’s nipples. She used her free hand to brush aside one long thick strand of the girl’s red hair that had fallen across her cheek. As she did so, her nipple popped out from between Christy’s full red lips. The nipple glistened from the young girl’s spit. Instantly, the teenager’s tongue lashed out, and she sucked the swollen and rubbery bit of tit meat back into her mouth.

This is just too perfect, Vivian thought. It was in that second that she thought again of her ex-husband. David should be here for this awakening on my part.

Somewhere downstairs in her desk was his new address and telephone number, she knew. I think I may call him today, she promised herself as she fucked back and forth on her son’s cock. Maybe it’s time we got back together. At least, long enough to talk about us.

Andy’s prick was still pounding, sending fiery fingers of lust through her guts. Christy’s sucking and licking at the woman’s tit had reached an unbelievable frenzy. Vivian knew that her daughter was getting ready to feed her brother a lovely thick mouthful of cream from her sweet pussy.

And maybe, the lovely redhead thought, maybe I’ll have Jack and Connie come over on Monday night for some extra-special tutoring. I think they might find some mutual interests with Christy and Andy.

At that instant, Vivian lost control of herself. “Oh Christ, yessss!” she screamed as Andy’s cock blew its first load of scalding cum into her pussy and carried her beyond the edge of her sanity.

Fucking with her son and daughter was wonderful. It was all she could possibly desire.

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