Hot Eager Schoolgirl

“No, Bobby, I shouldn’t!” Connie protested. She slipped down deep against the plush leather car seat and grabbed Bob Redmond’s wrist. His hand massaged her swollen tit through her T-shirt.

“What’s the matter?” he soothed. “Relax. What’s wrong with you?”

Connie groaned as he crushed her down onto the seat, his mouth nipping at her neck. His thumb had found the stiff stub of her nipple and he was tweaking it expertly. She could feel her resistance slipping. She could sense the wetness seeping down between her pussy lips.

“You know I care about you. You know that,” Bob went on, sucking at her neck. “It’s not like I’m a stranger or something.”

“I know. But I shouldn’t. I just know its not right,” Connie insisted. She stared up at the roof of the car and breathed deeply. She had to resist. She had to! Anything that felt this good couldn’t be proper.

Up until tonight, Connie had always been able to stop him in time, before he became too excited. She’d let him feel her once in a while through her clothes, but had never let him undress her. Now he seemed more turned on than he’d ever been. He was pressing her more strongly. Already, his hand had left her tit, and his fingers burrowed under the bottom of her T-shirt.

“Bobby!” she moaned, still clinging to his writs. “Please, Bobby, don’t!”

She lay almost flat in the reclining seat with his weight pressing on top of her. She was helpless, she realized. He was growing too excited to control. Connie clutched his wrist tightly, but it didn’t slow him down. His hand stroked up over her warm flat belly, then molded over the plush mound of her lovely tit.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” she panted. So much for her idea of not wearing a bra tonight. She thought she’d do it as an experiment, to see what it felt like. Never before had she gone braless. Now look what had happened.

The sight of her lush tits rolling and joggling all evening had been too much for poor Bobby. As the evening grew cooler, she’d noticed, much to her embarrassment, that her nipples had stiffened. By the time they’d gotten back to the car, her thick tit tips stuck up more than half an inch off their puffy pink circles.

“Shit, your nipples are so hard!” he croaked, as if reading her mind. “And so long! God, I’ve never seen anything like them!”

By now, he had hauled her T-shirt up over her golden belly and onto her chest, so that one tit was fully exposed. He wrestled the shirt up higher, and her other tit rolled to freedom. She was now as good as naked from the waist up for him, and he paused to examine the results of his efforts.

Connie’s tits were truly amazing. She was a small girl, slender in the hips and thighs, but her tits were mature and full, oozing out from her chest like two wine sacs that had been filled too full. They were strikingly tanned and ripe-looking, except for the pale undersides.

And then there were the nipples. Being so heavy, her tits hung on her chest impressively enough. But the lower swells curved up into plump, juicy circles of puffy red areolas. And on top of these grew two thick, swollen stubs of even darker skin that jutted starkly outward. When relaxed, her nut-colored nipples stood up nearly half an inch. When aroused, they soared into nearly inch-long poles.

“Jesus Christ,” Bobby crooned, staring at her. Her tits rolled and separated slightly on her chest, and her nipples pointed to the roof of the car.

Her golden belly rippled prettily and her navel puckered at him. Then, as if by remote control, the stud holding the tops of her jeans together popped loudly. The jeans were so tight that the zipper slithered halfway open without being touched. A sliver of her lacy bikini panties was suddenly visible. Curling slyly over the top of the ice-blue panties was a big tuft of pale blonde pubic hairs.

If Connie noticed anything, she didn’t let on. She had closed her eyes and had her glossy red lips open slightly. Her blonde corkscrew curls fluffed prettily about her perfect face. She was breathing heavily, but evenly. Her fingers were still curled around Bobby’s wrist. She might have been asleep.

“I don’t believe your body, honey,” Bobby praised. “Why have you been hiding it so long?”

Bobby gazed at an obscenely erect nipple jutting inches from his face, and he could resist no longer. He sank his mouth down on her long tit tip, sucking it in hungrily. His free hand stroked up and down her flat belly, then slipped under the tight elastic of her panties to explore through her thick, blonde pussy hair.

Connie sighed. Ta his amazement, she didn’t resist him. She no longer said a word. He drew her nipple deep into his mouth, strumming her tit tip with his tongue. Her nipple was as hard as stone and hot enough to burn. His fingers dug through her pubic hair until he found the warm, wet lips of her cunt. He separated her pussy lips with two fingers and thrust a third finger inside.

“Ohhhh! Ohhh!” She shivered. Her hand relaxed its grip on his wrist. Her free arm curled around his shoulders and held him tenderly. “I’ve never done this before. Not with anyone. You do believe me, don’t you, Bobby?”

Bobby continued sucking her swollen nipple. It was hot and hard as a sunbaked pebble in his mouth. His lips spread wider on her tit, until he had covered the nubby, puffy areola surrounding her nipple. Then his mouth widened, and he sucked in even more tit-flesh. He made loud, wet noises on the cone of her tit.

“I’m not like that,” she went on in a small voice. “You do believe me, don’t you?”

Bobby lifted his mouth off her tit. Her nipple jutted high off its circle of red flesh and glistened wetly. “Of course, I believe you. I know what kind of girl you are.”

He began kissing and licking his way across to her other tit, making her cleavage shine with spit as he went. He poked his finger in and out of her slick fuck-hole. Warm, wet juice was seeping down her cunt walls and greasing his hand.

“I mean, I know I shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered, slipping even lower into the car seat. “I shouldn’t be letting you…”

“Finger-fuck you?” Bobby finished for her.

He had licked up the domed side of her other tit, and he was now staring at her hopelessly erect prong of nipple. His mouth watered, and he began to flick it with his tongue.

Connie flushed at the term he used. Fingerfuck. She’d never heard him use a dirty word before. But this was a fine time to be getting embarrassed, with him sucking on her swollen nipples and ramming his finger back and forth in her wet pussy. She tightened the grip of her arm around his shoulder.

“Have you done this with many girls?” she wondered.

Bobby didn’t answer. He was too busy sucking. The boy had slipped a second finger up her cunt, and he was moving his hand back and forth more quickly. Her pretty ice-blue panties were stretched over his exploring hand and, along with her jeans, they had begun to slip off her curved hips to reveal more and more of her blonde pussy.

“You must think I’m real easy,” she continued, a catch in her voice now as he pumped his two fingers in and out of her. “I bet you think I’m a real slut.”

Bobby wasn’t listening. All he was aware of was her stiff nipple, her oozing cunt, and the sudden throbbing of his cock in his jeans. He let her nipple slip from his lips, and it stuck up into the air like a varnished thumb. He gazed down the length of her gorgeous teenaged body and stopped the motion of his hand in her pants.

Her panties and jeans had now slipped off her hips altogether, and they were stretched taut across the tops of her brown thighs. Her legs had spread and her cuntlips were wide open, wrapped lovingly around his digging fingers. Her T-shirt was pulled in an untidy roll across her upper chest, not covering her tits at all.

“I wanna pull your panties down farther,” he said calmly. “I wanna see all of that beautiful, hairy cunt of yours.”

Again, Connie blushed at the sound of the dirty word, and she heard herself saying automatically: “No, Bobby, please. I shouldn’t let you. No, Bobby!”

And all the time she was protesting, she was gazing at him with lust in her eyes, lifting her ass obligingly while he used his free hand to inch her pants farther down her legs. He kept his fingers embedded in her cunt and wriggled them about to keep her boiling. He soon had her jeans down below her knees. The ice-blue panties stretched between her legs like a taut cotton rope.

“What a juicy cunt,” he muttered, staring at his greasy fingers. “What a hot, wet pussy!”

“Ohhhh! Ohhh!” she whimpered. She gazed down between her scissored legs and was shocked to see herself so naked, her hairy pussy on display, his hand wriggling in her crotch.

“Here,” he urged suddenly, thrusting his hips at her. “Unzip me and take out my cock.”

Connie stared at him dazedly. “Your cock?”

“Yeah. Take it out. Play with it. I’m going crazy.”

He lunged his crotch at her again, and she stared at it stupidly, her eyes wide and empty. She didn’t move. Her chest heaved, and her wet, raw nipples gleamed. The lush sides of her tits glowed with his saliva. Naked from chest to knees, she looked like some luscious magazine foldout. Only the smooth youthfulness of her face gave away her age.

“Come on, for fuck’s sake!” he wheezed, his voice much harsher. “My balls are on fire. Take out my cock and give me some relief!”

Connie jumped. She wasn’t used to him talking to her like this. The girl reached out shyly, and she undid his belt with trembling fingers. Then she took hold of his fly, and she tugged it down slowly. Her eyes widened at the sight of the huge bulge inside his red shorts.

“Pull down my pants! Take out my cock and jerk me off!” he growled. He was obviously becoming impatient with her. But he didn’t want to take his fingers out of her soaking cunt. He didn’t want to have to help her.

He raised his hips off the car seat, and she started clumsily hauling down his tight jeans. She had to sit up slightly in order to do this and her swollen tits heaved forward slowly. The muscles in her belly rippled beautifully. Finally, she had his pants around his knees.

“And the shorts. Don’t forget the fucking shorts,” he reminded her. He was watching her carefully for any signs of hesitation. He didn’t see any.

Connie stared at the gross swelling in his shorts for a few seconds before proceeding. She couldn’t quite believe it. It was as if he had a huge, overgrown banana stuffed in his underwear. First, there was the fat mound of his balls, two swollen eggs that throbbed through the bright red fabric. Then, curving up from these and to the left, was the long shaft of his cock, which already appeared to be close to eight inches long.

“You just gonna stare at it, or are you gonna take it out and jerk on it?” he asked her. His cock was throbbing painfully inside the tight shorts.

Connie reached out her fingers. His prickhead had already begun to lift the elastic waistband of his shorts off his belly, and it was easy for her to slip her fingertips underneath to pull the shorts down. Her eyes widened even more as she watched his great, ugly hunk of cock slide into view.

First came the head, a huge purple ball that shined hotly. There was a slit in his cocktip and this seemed to wink at her as she continued hauling down the shorts. His cockshaft was about the thickness of her wrist and an angry red. Two thick, blue veins wriggled up its side like worms. They throbbed as if they were about to burst.

“It’s so big!” she murmured, fascinated by his huge, bloated cock. She had his shorts all the way down now, and she could see the hairy pouch of his trembling balls.

“Well don’t just admire it, for fuck’s sake. Grab a hold of it. Take it in your hand and pump on it!”

Connie let go of his shorts, and she stroked her hand up his thigh. She cupped his balls shyly, intrigued at the way they shifted and rolled inside their velvet pouch. She squeezed gently, curious about what they felt like. She ran her thumb over each ball in turn, judged its weight and thickness. Tiny hairs tickled her fingers as she played with him.

Then she came to the cock itself, which lay propped up against his lower belly, as if resting. She curled her slender fingers around it, hefting it up, then gave it a friendly squeeze. To her amazement, a thick pearl of clear fluid oozed out his piss slit, rolled, down his cockhead and on down over her, fingers.

“It’s leaking!” she gasped her mouth open with amazement. “Your cock’s leaking… stuff! What is it? Gee whiz!”

“It’s only cock juice. Don’t worry about it. You’ll see a lot of that before you’re through. Pull on my cock. Hold it gently but firmly. Pump it up and down.”

“Like this?” she wondered, yanking roughly on his hard-on. Already it seemed to be growing thicker in her fist.

“Whoa! Not so rough. Squeeze it, but pump it real soft. Like that, yeah. You learn fast.”

Connie began to shuck his prick up and down in her fist. But then, she paused, changing hands so that she could fondle his balls. She set up a steady rhythm, making his cock squeak and snap wetly. The fingers of her other hand tickled and teased his balls, coaxing them along nicely. She began to get the hang of what she was doing.

“Hey, nice, real nice,” he commented lazily, staring down at expert pumping. His cock was growing numb in her fist. His shining red prickhead was growing to the size of a tennis ball.

“Am I doing it right? Does it feel good?” she asked, her eyes wide and shining.

“You’re doing fine. It feels great,” he croaked. “Only trouble is, if you keep up like this, I’ll be shooting my wad too soon.”

Shooting his wad? Connie didn’t understand. But she didn’t spend much time thinking about it. His cock fascinated her. She stared at his prick intently, studying every angle of it, learning all she could. She couldn’t get over how the outer skin slid so easily over the solid inner shaft, and how the funny puckered skin at the top peeled back to reveal his gross red cockhead each time she tugged down on it.

And it was still growing in her hand. Connie swore it was. She wouldn’t have thought it could get any thicker but, sure enough, as she pulled it, her fingers were forced to adjust their grip on it again and again. It felt so funny, like holding a snake or something. His prick was so warm and strong and powerful. It was ugly as hell, but it was kind of beautiful, too.

“I think you’d better slow up,” Bobby wheezed, his voice oddly tense. He’d begun finger-fucking her again while she’d started to get the hang of jerking him off, but now he let his fingers stop inside her again. He stared down anxiously at his blazing cock.

“It’s getting bigger! Your cock’s still growing!” Connie marveled, not missing a beat in her expert jacking. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“You’re not hurting me, no. But you’re just a little too good. If you don’t slow up real soon, I’m gonna blast my jizz all over your pretty belly.”

“Blast your jizz?” Again Connie didn’t understand. She glanced from his face to her pumping hand, then back again, trying to figure out what he was talking about.

“Yeah. Whoa. Yeah,” be groaned.

It had been a long night for Bobby. In fact, it had been a long summer. For weeks now, he’d been trying to get past first base with Connie, only to have her stop him whenever things got interesting. Night after night, he’d gone home with smoldering balls, his cock still leaking in his shorts and throbbing painfully. His only relief had been jerking himself off in the shower.

Tonight, already a couple of weeks into the school year, things had started to happen. She’d gone out with him without wearing a bra, her big tits swinging loose inside her T-shirt, her thick nipples denting the fabric like fingers. And for the very first time, she hadn’t stopped him when he tried to undress her to get a look at her fabulous tits. It was a dream come true.

But it also presented problems. He’d had to limp through the evening with his cock in a state of continual semi-hardness. He’d felt it leaking into his shorts after half an hour. And now, with Connie nearly nude, her tits and cunt on mouth-watering display for him, and her jacking on his cock like she’d been doing it all her life, Bobby was supposed to keep his cool. He was supposed to take charge, ease himself into her and give her a fucking she’d never forget.

If he’d been in control, that’s what he would have done. But he wasn’t. Not any more. Her hand on his cock was just too much. She’d only been jerking on him for a few minutes, but he already felt himself slipping. He felt the heavy sensation in his balls and the numbness in his cock. It was only a matter of seconds, and he’d be a goner. He had to do something, he just had to.

“Connie…” he moaned, slipping his fingers from her cunt and reaching for her jerking hand. He heaved his body up from the seat and half-turned so that he was poised over her reclining form. He meant to grab his cock from her grasp, aim it, and bury it inside her before he came. He might just be in time.

“Bobby, what’s the matter?” she asked innocently, as if she had nothing to do with what was happening to him. Her hand shucked his cock evenly and didn’t appear about to let him loose.

“Let go, for fuck’s sake! Let go of my cock, or I’ll spill my load all over you!” He swung one leg over her, and his knee scraped down the far side of her thigh. One hand gripped her shoulder while the other fought desperately to grab his prick.

“Spill your load?” Connie mouthed stupidly. He was almost on all fours over her now, and the full weight of his balls rested on her palm. The thick log of his cock squirmed and writhed in her pumping hand.

“Fuck! Let go, you stupid cunt!” he raved. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

A thick ribbon of silver spunk shot out from Bobby’s cocktip. It hung in the air for a split second, then fell splattering across Connie’s brown body. The white stream made an audible smack on her skin as it looped itself around one of her tits and snaked across her ribs. Cum shined brightly, in marked contrast to the deep golden tan of her flesh.

“I’m shooting all over you! I’m shooting!” Bobby cried hopelessly, still trying to grapple his cock from her fingers. He lowered himself between her outspread thighs, forcing his hips down so that his cock was within inches of her gaping pussy and his balls dangled in the crook of her ass.

But she wouldn’t let him go. It was as if her fingers were welded to his exploding prick. She stared at his cockhead, her eyes wide with shock and disbelief. But she pumped him still, even when his fingers clawed at hers. And now his prick was propped up between her legs, part of its shaft resting in the thick, blonde bush of her cunt hair. It twitched spasmodically.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Bobby chanted, watching with her as his cock emptied itself.

A long rope of cum shot up into the air, then fell splattering over Connie’s other tit. This time, the cream bathed her erect nipple, making it gleam, before spinning off down her tit to her throat. The silver fluid collected in the hollow of her neck.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Bobby repeated. Now he gave up all attempts to retrieve his prick and simply heaved his hips back and forth, forcing it through the cradle of Connie’s fingers.

Again and again, his balls slapped up against the throbbing wetness of her empty cuntlips.

Connie couldn’t quite believe what was happening. She was getting covered in his cock juice, and there was nothing she could do about it. There was nothing she wanted to do about it. She couldn’t have let go of his spitting cock to save her life. She was fascinated by it.

She watched as he drew back yet again, saw his prickhead retreat into the thick bush of her pubic hair. Then his cocktip split again, and another jet of white cum shot up her body, this one dancing across her skin as if shot from a gun. The huge streamer bounced over her lower belly, filling her navel to overflowing, then rode up over her stomach and ribs before diving through the deep valley of her cleavage. His jism drooled on to join the other pools of cum in the hollow of her neck. The silver cum trail divided her nude brown body like the centerline down a road.

“Christ! Oh, no!” Bobby wailed, shocked at what he was doing to his pretty young girlfriend. He hooked his hands in back of both her knees, forcing her legs to bend doubled. She had her thighs spread wide and her feet against the car roof. And, still, she pulled on his cock.

“So much stuff! So much!” she whispered, her first words in some time. “It’s just pouring out of you.”

Great strings of cum oozed out of his cock and drooled down over her fingers. It gathered like cobwebs in her soggy cunt hair. He pulled back a little so that he could watch the silver jism wriggle and drip down over her wide open gash of pink pussy flesh. He liked the idea that his cum was dripping from the soggy folds of her cunt. Her hand pumped more slowly, milking up the final dregs of steaming jism.

He stared down at her cum-spattered body, fascinated. She was drenched in jizz from her cunt to her neck. Long silvery ribbons of it decorated her, like icing on a cake. Lines of jism hung off her tits, made her nipples glisten. Streams of white crisscrossed her belly and dripped off her flanks.

Connie let go of his cock, and she began to run her fingers through the cream, massaging it into her skin.


For the next few days, Connie wandered around school in a daze. Bobby kept away from her, and this somehow didn’t surprise her. He was obviously embarrassed at what he’d done in the car. After it was all over, he’d dressed quickly and driven her right home, not saying a word. But she could tell he was self-conscious about what had happened. He probably thought it made him less of a man, or something, that he’d come so soon.

What confused her more than Bobby’s reaction were her own feelings about the hot session in the car. She’d given in, after so many months of resisting. She’d let a boy undress her and play with her tits and pussy. She’d let someone finger-fuck her. She remembered the expression vividly.

Not only that, but she’d allowed him to put his cock in her hand. She’d helped jerk him off, pumping his huge ugly prick until it exploded and spat thick wads of creamy cum all over her. She’d done all these things, after telling herself for months that she’d always save herself for that one special guy. And what was most disturbing of all, she’d actually begun to enjoy yourself.

It was true. She couldn’t deny it. She could have stopped Bobby at any time, just as she’d done so many times before. Oh, he’d have been a bit more pissed-off than usual this time. She’d let him go further than ever before, after all. But she still could have stopped him before he had gotten her undressed. And she hadn’t done it. She’d let him go on. She’d wanted him to go on. And she’d enjoyed herself.

This was what made her feel most guilty; not so much that she’d let Bobby undress her and had jerked him off, but that she’d started to enjoy the whole thing. Somehow, that seemed wrong. It was against everything she’d ever been taught. Sex was something special to be shared between two people who loved each other. It wasn’t something to do all sweaty and guilty in the front seat of a car with someone you only dated casually.

Connie wanted romance. She wanted to be wined and dined. She wanted to fall hopelessly in love with some dashing young man and live happily ever after. What she had done in Bobby’s car made this very clear to her. She was determined not to let it happen again. Her next relationship with a man would be deeper and more meaningful.

With this in mind, she began to make eyes at Mr. Dean, her math teacher. She’d had something of a crush on him for a long time. He was so tall and well-built and cute. And he was one of the few staff members who wasn’t married. She knew this because she’d checked it out. Surely, he knew a thing or two about love and romance. Not like the silly boys her own age who were only interested in one thing.

She never once thought about the difference in their ages, or the fact that she was a high-school girl and he was a teacher. It didn’t occur to her that any relationship between the two of them would be hopeless from the start. Connie wasn’t used to thinking very far ahead. She wasn’t used to thinking, period. She wanted romance, that was all.

The blonde teenager eyed him all the way through the final class of the day, smiling a sweet, sad smile whenever he looked her way. She did a great deal of heavy sighing. Then, when the other kids had tumbled out of the room after the final bell, eager to be gone, she took a deep breath and approached his desk.

“Mr. Dean?” she whispered shyly. She tried to make her voice sound deeper and more sophisticated, but it still came out sounding like a little girl’s.

“Yes, Connie, what is it?” Mr. Dean answered. He’d been watching her for some time, curious about her strange attitude. He sat back in his desk chair and put his hands behind his head.

Connie didn’t know how to begin. She hadn’t thought too deeply about how to approach and interest Mr. Dean, and now that the young blonde was alone with him, she was confused. Connie had worn the sexiest dress she could get away with in school, and she had applied eye makeup and lip gloss in the washroom before this last class. But she still felt like a helpless little girl in front of this sexy older man.

“Are you ill, Connie?” he asked pleasantly, studying her. “During class, you looked a bit odd.”

“No. I mean, yes. I don’t know,” Connie blurted, blushing. Was she that obvious? What an idiot he must have thought she was.

He stared at her without speaking, his gaze running up and down her bountiful young figure. It always amazed him how the young girls he taught often had the bodies of fully grown women. They had minds as empty as puppies. He sometimes wondered if they ever so much as opened a newspaper. And yet they had full, sensuous bodies that made him ache with lust. It was crazy.

Connie’s tits strained in the tight halter of her dress. She’d gone braless again and, while her nipples weren’t fully erect, they dented the dress front noticeably. At a loss for words, she thrust her chest out more proudly, as if to distract him. She ran her tongue over her full lips, making her mouth shine like wet fruit.

“Is there anything I can do?” he asked, swinging up from his chair, then going around the desk to her. While he stared at her, his cock had begun to stir in his slacks. As he had leaned back in his chair, his hard-on had been very noticeable.

Dean came up to her and placed a hand on each of her shoulders, as if he were dealing with his favorite niece. He stared into her eyes gently, trying to ignore the swell of her full tits. His cock continued to grow in his slacks.

“Oh, Mr. Dean!” she suddenly choked. Before he could respond, she had shoved herself into his arms and crushed her lush young body against him. Her hands snaked up under his sport jacket, and she clung to his broad back.

“Connie! What is it?” he croaked. He was very much aware of the bulk of his prick crammed tight against her belly. Even through their clothes, he thought, she couldn’t be unaware of the great thickening of his prick.

“Mr. Dean! Mr. Dean!” was all she could say. It seemed much better than trying to explain. He was holding her so tenderly in his arms. She was thrilled.

Dean felt the full weight of her plush tits against his shirt front. He could smell the sweetness of her tousled blonde hair, feel her breath against his throat. His cock throbbed, and he suddenly couldn’t help himself. He gripped Connie around the shoulders, led her to the rear of the classroom, then through a door marked for storage. He closed the door behind them.

Connie had always wondered what the little room sat the rear of each classroom were like. She had never been in one before. They were used for stocks of books and equipment, film projectors and things, and the walls were lined with crammed shelves. It was no larger than a closet, really, but it was adequate for what Mr. Dean had in mind.

“What are we going to do?” asked Connie, thrilled at the unexpected turn of events. Her eyes were wide and dazzling. She was breathing raggedly.

“What do you think, little girl?” he sneered. He unbuckled his belt, and his pants dropped, to the floor.

“Mr. Dean!” Connie gasped, staring at the bulge in his shorts. Everything was happening so fast. She didn’t know what to do.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” he croaked. “Isn’t this why you’ve been looking sick all during class? It took me a while to catch on. You’ll have to excuse me.”

He shoved his shorts down his legs, and the thick boom of his cock swayed into view. It was about seven inches long and stuck out from his crotch hair at a ninety-degree angle. His balls hung tight in their hairy sac below. Taking his cock in hand, he began to pump it slowly.

“Mr. Dean…” Connie began. But she didn’t know what to say. This was all too much for her.

“Come on, what are you waiting for, little girl? Drop your pants. Show your tits. Let’s go!”

Still, she hesitated. Dean impatiently yanked her dress off her shoulders, forcing the fabric down far enough for the heavy swells of her tits to wobble into view. He gasped and paused for a few seconds to mold his palms over her lush pear-shaped tits. He squeezed and mauled them, circling his hands around and around on the full mounds.

“I’d no idea you were built so beautifully, Connie,” he whispered, gazing at the stiffening knobs of her nut-brown nipples. “You have the tits of a nude model.”

“Mr. Dean…” Connie murmured hesitantly. She was standing quite passively in front of him, letting him do as he liked. But, just as she’d done in the car with Bobby, she found herself protesting quietly.

“Shit, I’d like to suck on those sometime,” Dean muttered. “But we don’t have much time. You never know who might happen by. Turn around. Lean up against the shelves.”

“What?” Connie asked. But he was already grabbing her, twisting her round to face the wall-shelves full of books. She was forced to put out her arms and support herself against them.

“Spread your legs. Let’s see what you got down here,” he went on, his voice low and excited. “Shit, what a body you got.”

Propped up against the shelves, Connie did as she was told, arching her back and spreading her thighs for him. Her pretty ass stuck out invitingly under her dress. He stood behind her, leaned down and began fumbling with her. Suddenly, he had the dress flipped over her back, and he was reaching his fingers underneath the elastic of her panties and hose.

“What are you going to do?” Connie asked, though she had a pretty fair idea. “What are you going to do to me?”

Dean didn’t answer. He was suddenly on his knees behind her, tugging her panties and hose down off her hips until he had them halfway down her thighs. He gave a choked gurgle, tore down her panties until they were around her ankles, then mashed his face in the sweet girlish pussy crack between her legs. He gripped both of her ass cheeks in his hands, spreading them wide apart, and forced his mouth onto the lovely tufted gash of her cunt.

“Mr. Dean!” Connie gasped, totally shocked. “Mr. Dean, what are you doing?”

“Sssnnnrrrfff,” Dean answered, forcing his face deeper. He was licking up and down her fuck slit, digging his tongue between the soft, puffy slabs of her cunt lips. Her pussy hair tickled his chin. His nose was trapped in the crack between her perfectly tight little ass cheeks.

Connie sighed deeply. It felt so strange to have a man using his mouth on her down there, in her most private places. It was so dirty, in a way. But it felt so nice. His tongue was probing inside her, dividing her pussy lips and exploring inside like a friendly little animal. It was making her go all tense and trembling inside. She was weak in the knees.

Dean snuffled deep in her cunt for a while longer, then came up for air, his chops all greasy with cunt juice. He sucked in air through his nose while he licked and teased his way up and down her ass crack. He diddled his tongue against her asshole, then slid lower once again to nip at her flowering cunt. Her fuck-hole was blossoming like some exotic plant, its pink inner tissue drooling with cream.

“Oh, oh, my goodness!” Connie warbled. She gripped the book shelves tightly and swirled her ass around in slow sultry circles on top of his nibbling mouth. Her big tits swung down below her, her nipples thick and swollen.

Finally, Dean could stand it no more. He lifted his face from her greasy crotch, then staggered to his feet, his cock now angling to the ceiling at forty-five degrees. He placed his hand in the small of her back and paused for a spilt second. Then, taking his cock in his other hand, he nudged it under the crook of her spread thighs.

He had no trouble finding the hot, wet gash of her cunt. It was already split wide and oozing.

And once he nudged it with the purple head of his cock, her steaming fuck-hole nearly sucked him inside. Her thick greasy pussy lips nibbled at his prickhead and wrapped themselves around his knob’s. All he had to do was ease forward gently, and four inches of cockmeat had disappeared inside Connie.

“Oooooh! Ooooh!” she moaned, her knuckled turning white on the wooden bookshelves. “You’re inside me! Your cock’s inside me!”

“It’s going, it’s going,” he agreed, and he watched as the rest of his thick fuck shaft drove into the split slice of her cunt.

“It doesn’t even hurt! It feels so nice!” she crooned, and she moved her feet farther apart on the floor to give him more room to maneuver.

Dean began a slow fucking motion with his cock, letting her get used to the feel of it inside her. But he didn’t have much time to play around. They might be discovered in there at any time. And he would be a goner. A teacher fucking one of his sweet young students in the store room. He could kiss his career goodbye. He speeded up his motions gradually, feeding her more and more cock, going deeper each time.

“My goodness! Ohhh, my!” Connie chanted. Each time he thrust forward into her, her big, beautiful tits swung back and forth heavily.

“I shouldn’t be letting you do this to me,” she panted, her voice dripping with lust. He’d forced her so far forward now that she had her face pressed up against one of the bookshelves.

“Relax and enjoy,” he hissed, pumping his hips harder and harder at her. Her wet cunt had greased his cock with a thick layer of slime, and it glistened wetly each time it was pulled back into the light.

“It feels so nice! So nice! Ooooooh!” she whimpered, her cheek mashed against the bookshelf, her eyes closed tightly.

He suddenly began to fuck her harder, with fast, vicious lunges of his hips. He spread both his hands on her ass cheeks, forcing them apart so that he could clearly see the progress of his gleaming prick. Her pink, pulpy cunt lips were wrapped around the ugly bulk of his cock like a mouth, and they sucked him just as yell. He forced her pussy lips back in on themselves each time he drilled deep into her.

“Mr. Dean?” she gasped in her little girl voice, as if she were about to ask him about some math problem she didn’t understand.

“Yes, sweet little Connie?” he grunted. Sweat was pouring down his chest now and he was fucking her as if he were very near to coming.

“Is it good for you? Does it feel nice to be fucking me?”

Dean groaned aloud. He felt his balls swirling. He snaked his arms beneath her to catch the swinging melons of her tits in his hands. What an innocent little cunt she was. As if he wouldn’t be feeling fantastic, fucking someone as young and pretty and stacked as she. Shit, he was going to have a hard time holding back the cum now.

“Is it nice? Does your cock feel good?” she went on, her voice dreamy and distracted.

“I’ll show you how nice it is. I’ll show you how good it feels,” he moaned. He fucked into her pussy again and again, so hard and fast his naked ass cheeks were a blur of motion. Cum blazed in his balls.

Suddenly, he was snorting into her ear, and his body went stiff and tight. A thick bolt of cum shot from his cocktip, deep into her cunt.

And another. And another. Hot, swirling blobs of jism jetted from his piss slit and soared up inside her quivering pussy. His balls were emptying with a vengeance.

“Ohhh! Ohhh, my! Are you coming? Ohhhh, my!” Connie bleated. Her cunt suddenly felt awash with something, as if someone had shoved a shaken soda bottle inside her and let it fizz. Again and again, she felt his cock twitch, tremble, and blast something wet up her sucking pussy.

“Feel it! Feel it spurt up your cunt!” Dean moaned, never once losing his rhythm with his jetting cock. More and more cum was spilling from him, and when he withdrew his cock, it was covered with strings of greasy white jism.

Connie kept still. She could feel something warm and wet drooling down the insides of her thighs. She wished she could see it. She wished she could watch his cock spurt, as she had in the car with Bobby. This way, she’d never know when it was over. All she could do was wait and let him finish at his own speed, wait until he’d stopped coming.

He held her by the waist now, both his large hands almost circling her entirely. And he shot another hot blast of steaming cum up her cunt.

But then he was pulling back from her, hauling his cock from her pussy altogether. He propped his greased prick up in the crack of her ass and let the rest of his jism drool out into the small of her back. He humped her very gently now.

“Was it good? Was it good to come inside me like that?” she wondered innocently. She tried to turn her head to look at him, but she was limited in the moves she could make.

He didn’t answer. He was angling his cock up and down in the slice of her ass, watching the thick, white strands of cum drip and drool onto her back. He nudged his prickhead back and forth, spreading the silver cream on her skin. Considering he’d shot off most of his load inside her, there was an awful lot of cum pooled in the small of her back.

“Well, young Connie, that was very nice,” he said at last. His jism was seeping down into her ass crack. “And I think that’ll be all for today. Yes, that will be all for today.”


It sure was hard to get some romance in your life, Connie thought dejectedly. Men didn’t seem too interested in it. All they wanted was sex. Whatever happened to taking a girl out to dinner, buying her flowers and all that? Why was it men seemed to want her to drop her pants and come across without any of the nice things that were supposed to go with it? Was there something she was doing wrong?

She decided to play it cool for a while, to let men come on to her, instead of the other way round. After all, she had sort of thrown herself at Mr. Dean. She’d literally shoved herself into his arms. Who could blame him for getting excited? Of course, she hadn’t expected him to get that excited. She hadn’t expected him to fuck her in the store room. But, in a way, she might have asked for what happened.

Then again, she had enjoyed what had happened. She blushed to admit it, but it was true. What could she do about that? How could she prevent herself becoming an easy lay? Goodness, it she became so excited and let men do things to her with so little resistance, what was to become of her? She’d be all fucked out by the time she was twenty.

For the better part of a week, she barely spoke to any boys. Some had started to look at her kind of funny, and the young blonde wondered whether Bobby had told anyone about her jacking him off in his car. But that didn’t seem likely. And besides, most guys her age had girlfriends, and she bet they were fucking all over the place and had been for some time. She’d just been a late starter. Why would they look at her differently?

Connie didn’t make a play for any of her teachers either. She’d had enough of that for the time being. Mr. Dean acted toward her in class as if nothing had happened between them. And for this, she was grateful. The girl didn’t want to attract any attention to herself. She wanted to just take her own sweet time about her next encounter. She wanted it to be special.

When it happened, it caught her by surprise again. Connie thought she was so in control of things. And suddenly, here again, she was being swept along without having much to do with it. Before the teenager knew it, she was in a situation that she couldn’t get out of. And what was worse, again, was that she was enjoying it all. Life sure was unpredictable.

On Wednesdays, after school, Connie took part in a dancing class in the gym. It was conducted by Miss Baxter and involved exercising and jumping around as well as dancing. It was mostly for girls with weight problems, but Connie liked to attend just to keep herself in shape. She enjoyed the music and the movement, and after the sessions she always felt like a new person.

On this particular afternoon, she noticed that she was being watched by Mel Hastings, the boys’ gym instructor. He wasn’t even supposed to be around at this time of day. His classes were long over. But he liked to hang around sometimes and watch the girls work out. Miss Baxter had warned him about it. She said it distracted her girls. But he still found ways to spy on the dancing group from time to time.

Connie caught sight of him leaning against the wall in the hallway that led to the boys’ chancing rooms. He was staring out through the glass door at them, and he was watching her in particular, she noticed. Most of the girls were plump, or at least flabby in the thighs. Connie was the only one with a perfect figure in the whole group.

Connie pranced and dipped with the older girls, and she found herself adding a little bit extra to her movements now that Mel was watching. She blushed as she realized this, but it didn’t stop her. She jumped higher and dipped lower and spread her legs farther apart than anyone else. And she found herself glancing in Mel’s direction to see if he were still spying on them.

Within seconds, she’d forgotten all about her decision not to play up to men for a while. She couldn’t help it. Now that she had some experience with them, she looked at them with new curiosity. She found herself wondering what Mel was thinking. Did he find her pretty? Did he think she was sexy? He should. She’d certainly dressed nicely.

She wore a skin-tight body stocking and no underwear. It was a pretty lavender color and left nothing to the imagination. The full swell of her pear-shaped tits was clearly visible, along with the stiff prongs of her nipples. And if he was close enough, he could see the curling swirls of crushed cunt hair at her crotch. Miss Baxter only allowed her to wear such a thing because there were no men present.

Or so she thought. Mel was out of her line of vision, but he was there, all right. Most of the girls hadn’t noticed him, either, but Connie was watching his every move. His expression had changed in the last few minutes. His face had taken on a dreamy look, and his body seemed to be moving ever so slightly. Unless she was very much mistaken, she thought, Mel Hastings, boys’ gym instructor, was jerking off behind the glass door.

She was in the middle of a dance routine, with the music blaring and Miss Baxter’s voice yelling instructions, but she blushed prettily. She was amazed that none of the other girls had noticed, but they were all puffing and snorting, and in no mood to be observant. She was the only one that had noticed Mr. Hastings. And she was the only one he was interested in. He was jerking off for her.

He disappeared shortly before the end of the class so that Miss Baxter wouldn’t notice him. Connie giggled and filed out with the rest of the girls to the showers. She was amazed to discover, as she soaped herself down, that her pussy was greasy. What was happening to her? Dance class was supposed to make her feel good, but not this good. She wasn’t supposed to start creaming her pants.

She found herself dawdling, letting the other girls get dressed ahead of her and walk, chattering, out the door. Finally, when even Miss Baxter had passed through in street clothes and reminded her to leave nothing behind in the locker room, Connie was alone. The whole area was quiet and peaceful. She could hear her heart pumping softly.

Connie wasn’t even sure what she wanted to do, but before she could spend too much time thinking about it, Mel Hastings entered the locker room. He was wearing nothing but shorts and a T-shirt, and his muscles bulged in his arms and chest. He came over and stood in front of her, staring into her face. Me was sweating slightly.

“You all through prancing around and shaking your tits?” he asked huskily. He sounded slightly drunk.

Connie didn’t say anything. She had such a funny feeling in her belly with him standing so close to her this way. Her nipples were touching his hard chest through her cotton top. She was wearing a pair of shorts now, and her pretty legs were a little shaky in the knees. She had a feeling something dirty was going to happen to her again.

“How about a little more extra-curricular action?” he suggested. “Nothing strenuous. Just a little friendly cocksucking?”

Connie blushed. She didn’t resist as he pulled her to him and mashed his mouth down on hers. He thrust his tongue deep in her mouth, nearly choking her with it. His hands felt down to her ass cheeks, mauling them through her shorts. Her huge tits were flattened against his chest.

“I couldn’t believe your tits when you were jumping around out there,” he said at last, pulling his mouth off her. “The way they jiggled and shimmied inside that sheer little suit of yours, shit, I just about tame in my pants watching you. I could see your nipples clear across the gym.”

He was molding his fingers over her tits now, kneading the lush flesh like dough. He shoved his crotch at her, forcing her back against the wall. Her face was tense, but she wasn’t resisting him. She was letting him do as he liked with her. She didn’t object when he tugged down her tight top, then eased her tits out over it.

“Fuck, what gorgeous tits, little Connie!” he gasped. “That is your name, isn’t it? I checked on it. I’ve had my eye on you for weeks.”

“Mmmmm,” answered Connie dreamily. She was getting a tingling sensation in her pussy again.

He suddenly backed off from her, hauled his T-shirt up over his head, and planted his feet firmly on the floor. He forced Connie to her knees on the cold tiles, arranging her so that her head was at his crotch level. Then he placed his hands on his hips and glared down at her confidently.

“Have you ever sucked cock, sweet Connie?” he sneered, shoving out his crotch. “Have you ever taken a guy’s big, hard cock in your mouth and sucked it ’til he blasted his jism all over your tonsils?”

Connie stared at the growth in his shorts and shook her head slightly. Her head pounded, and she breathed deeply. She found the notion strangely appealing. It was something she ought to try, after all, if she wanted to gain a well-rounded knowledge of men and sex. It was one of those things which was so dirty that it was thrilling.

“Pull down my shorts. Sec what you can find in there,” he instructed. “Then see if you know what to do with it.”

Connie stuck her fingers into his shorts, and she pulled down gently, keeping her gaze glued to the lower part of his belly where the hair grew so thick. She could see the shape of his cock beneath the material but, suddenly, she had the shorts around his knees and his prick was bouncing in the air like a tree branch. She stared at his crotch, fascinated.

To her amazement, his cock wasn’t fully erect. It was thick and heavy, and pointing to the ground at an angle. Puckered skin had begun to peel back to reveal his cockhead, all pink and shining. A purple vein in its side throbbed lightly, and there were little nubs, like goosebumps, she noticed, around the base of the cock.

“What do you think? Pretty nice, huh?” he snickered. He urged his hips forward, and his giant prick recoiled slightly in the air.

“Mmmmmm,” murmured Connie. It was easily as big as the two cocks she’d had dealings with in the past few days, maybe bigger. It certainly looked thicker.

“Kiss it,” he ordered. “Use your mouth on it, and see what happens.”

He stood quite still with his hands on his hips, watching her.

Connie gripped her hands to the backs of his knees and inched her face forward. She planted a soft kiss on his down-turned prick just in back of his purple cock head. His fuck shaft veered a little to the left, and its trunk swung up a bit to scrape her cheek. She tried again and, this time, managed to use her lips more forcefully, so the bouncing cock was cranked backward.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” he praised. “Now lick it. Use your tongue on it and have a little fun.”

Again, Connie blushed. It was something she couldn’t seem to stop herself from doing, no matter how many sexy situations she got herself into. She couldn’t quite get used to people talking about sex so much while they were doing it. But it did turn her on and make her feel very excited and dirty.

Connie used her lips to try to capture his swinging cock and, at one point, she had her lips wrapped about his prick head, as if she were sucking on a pop bottle. But his growing fuck shaft always seemed to escape. It was getting more powerful, more elastic by the second.

“Use your hand, too,” Mel instructed. “When you’re sucking cock, you should really be jerking a guy off at the same time. That’s what stirs up his jism. Your mouth is just extra trimming.”

His cock was growing thicker all the time, and Connie was pleased. It meant she knew what she was doing, to some extent. But now, she did as she was told, curling her fingers round his trembling prick gently. She pumped it up and down in her fist two or three times.

She kissed it properly now that she had it in her fist, mashing her pretty lips against his pink satin prickhead. Then Connie dipped her head lower as she began licking his cock at its base. The pulsing purple vein felt very strange under her tongue. It was like a worm or something. She scraped her tongue up the length of his prick, as if she were licking an ice cream cone.

“Lick the balls too. Don’t forget them,” he reminded her. “Nothing like a sweet young tongue on your balls.”

Obediently, Connie lowered her mouth to his balls, and she began kissing and licking. They swung every which way, as his cock had done earlier, and she had to chase them with her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around each ball in turn, licking it thoroughly, leaving tiny speckles of spit glistening on his ball-sac hairs.

“Here,” he said suddenly, his voice tense. He put his hand in back of her neck and tilted back her head. Then he forced his body over her so that his balls scraped up and along her face. “Open your mouth! I’m gonna have you suck my balls for a while. Open your sweet littie mouth!”

Really, thought Connie, men were so silly. She’d never imagined such things went on. You could never predict what turned them on. Whoever would have thought that someone would get off on rubbing their balls all over a girl’s face? But that was exactly what Mel was doing. He dragged his balls up one cheek, then down the other. He draped them over her nose and along her forehead.

She kept her mouth open, as instructed. He suspended his glistening ball-sac above the inviting pink hole like they were a small bunch of grapes. Then he lowered himself down and his dangling balls touched her gaping lips, then blocked the wet oval of her mouth completely. As he moved slightly from side to side, his whole ball-sac slipped inside Connie’s pretty mouth.

“Oh yeah! That feels so nice! Suck ’em! Suck my balls, sweetheart! Yeah! Oh yeah!”

Connie’s mouth was stuffed, but she did her best to wriggle her tongue and tickle his hairy ball-sac. Her cheeks were swelled out obscenely and her nostrils flared as she sucked in air. His balls seemed to be moving in her mouth, squishing from side to side as she ate him.

“Up and down, now. Up and down,” he went on, and he began pulling his balls up from her mouth and dropping them again, letting them slip in and out of her gasping mouth in sequence. Sometimes only one ball fell inside her mouth. Sometimes both. Her tongue guided his sizzling balls back and forth.

Mel Hastings was having the time of his life.


“What do you think? Isn’t this fun?” Mel asked teasingly. “Isn’t it fun sucking on my balls?”

“It’s okay,” Connie said shyly, looking up at him. He’d moved back from her a bit now, and his cock thrust out like a hunk of pipe along her pretty cheek. She felt a little silly.

“Here, see what you think of this,” he went on casually. He gripped his cock in his hand and, again tilted back her head. Then he began rubbing his prickhead against her face, smearing it this way and that across her lovely teenaged face.

“Ohhh! Ohhhh!” Connie whimpered, caught off guard. She closed her eyes and let him do as he wished, again thinking that men sure were weird. It felt so odd to have him mashing his cock into her skin like that.

“I’ve been thinking of this ever since I saw you prancing around in that tight little suit of yours out there,” he continued. “Ever since I saw those big tits of yours rolling op and down and that cute little ass of yours jumping. Your ass cheeks were so tight and cute, and they damn near hung out of your suit. I almost came in my pants!”

He was supporting her in back of her neck, mashing his cockhead into her face, smudging her lipstick and eyeshadow, wetting her cheeks and eyelashes with tiny oozings of pre-cum. Her expression was passive and empty as he forced his prick over her face, as if she were quite used to having strange men rub their hard cocks all over her.

“Now it’s time to suck cock. It’s cocksucking time,” he said with a leer, backing off so that his cock pointed directly at her half-open mouth. “What time is it, sweet little Connie?”

“Cocksucking time,” she mouthed woodenly, glancing up at him. His cock sure was getting big. It soared out nearly nine inches from his crotch hair now, and the puckered skin had pulled all the way back off his enormous prick head.

“That’s right. Now open your mouth wide,” he instructed. “My cock’s pretty huge, so you’ll have to open up all the way.”

Glancing nervously at his shining cockhead, Connie made a pretty oval with her lovely red lips. Then, before she could change her mind, Mel eased forward and forced the purple dome of his prick inside. An inch of cock followed, and his cockhead sat contentedly on her tongue, throbbing gently. Connie thought she felt it squirt something onto her tongue, but she couldn’t be sure.

“How does that feel?” Mel asked, more because he wanted to hear her talk with her mouthful of cock than because he was concerned.

“Mmmmmfffppp!” said Connie.

“Good,” Mel laughed. He shoved another three inches of cockmeat into Connie’s face and watched her eyes bug wider as she accepted it.

She was staring up at him like a little girl.

Before cramming any more cock into her mouth, he began pumping back and forth gently, fucking her face with the top half of his prick. He was getting her used to the idea of having cock in her mouth. And he wanted her to get used to his rhythm as well. She clutched her hands to the backs of his thighs while he humped back and forth.

“Now take it in your hand again. Jack it up and down while you suck,” he told her. “Don’t be scared of it. It won’t bite. It just wants to be friendly.”

“Mmmmmmfffppp!” answered Connie, gripping the base of his prick in her fist. She was amazed at how easily his greased fuck shaft was sliding in and out of her mouth. It was so thick and so fat, yet she was handling it quite well. She even let her tongue tickle his prick and guide the head back into her throat. As long as she learned to breathe correctly, cocksucking didn’t appear to be that hard.

“Yeah, that’s it. That’s not bad, for a beginner,” he praised. “You’ll be an expert cocksucker in no time, I can tell.”

Connie bucked her head softly, driving her mouth up and down on his swollen prick. After several lunges, she was able to suck in over five inches of hard cock. Her fist pumped the base of his prick steadily, as she’d been instructed. His balls jumped up and down in their pouch.

“I like it. Yeah, I like it,” he murmured, watching her cheeks swell and hollow as she sucked. He held his hands on each side of her head and fed her cock. Her lips formed a perfectly tight seal around his prick now. It was shiny with her spit.

It really wasn’t difficult, once you got the hang of it, Connie thought. It was just a matter of breathing right and setting up a rhythm. She found that by angling her face a little she could take in extra inches of stiff cock and once in a while she did this, for variety. She also brought up her hands and cupped his balls in her palm.

“Oh, yeah, little girl. You’re a born cocksucker and no mistake. I wish I was putting this on film. You look so sexy with your face full of cock!” Mel let go of her face now and rocked back on his heels, confident she could handle him with no problem. He hooked his hands on his hips and gazed down at her fondly, as if she was his favorite student.

His cock was leaking. Connie was sure of it. Every once in a while, she could feel something seep out onto her tongue or into the back of her throat. There wasn’t much fluid, but there was enough to make her wonder. He wasn’t coming, surely? She’d seen some powerful climaxes in the past few days. When guys came, you couldn’t help but know about it.

She backed her mouth off his cock, then gazed anxiously at its purple head. A clear pearl of juice appeared from his piss slit, hung there for a second, then rolled down his cockhead and drooled from the underside like syrup from a bottle. The fluid didn’t drip right off, but dangled in the air, a thin string of goo ending in a tiny ball the size of a teardrop.

“What’s the matter?” Mel hissed. His giant hard-on soared up through her fist. His prick was inflamed, and the vein in its side throbbed visibly.

“You’re leaking stuff. I thought you were coming,” she muttered. She watched the string of pre-cum swing in the air and extend itself, ready to drop. Then she dipped her head, stuck out her tongue, and let the greasy slime fall in a small pool onto the soft, pink flesh pad. She raised her mouth, siphoned in the rest of the juicy string, and finished by kissing his cock on its wet underside.

“Jesus Christ,” he moaned. This little slut learned fast. Her very first cocksucking job, and she was leaving him weak in the knees.

Connie tilted his prick in her fingers, and she began licking up and down the underside. There was a ridge of skin running up the whole length of the cock that she hadn’t noticed before. She followed his prick with her tongue tip all the way to his cockhead, then back down again, until she came to the swollen pouch of his balls.

“Men’s cocks sure are funny,” she commented casually. “And their balls, too. Are they ever weird!”

She dove at one dangling ball with her mouth, then sucked it inside. She used her tongue to circle and tickle it, and she bathed it in her warm saliva. Then she let it go and did the same thing with the other one. He could feel the hot cum boiling in his balls.

Finally, Connie licked her way back up his cock, and she wrapped her mouth over his sizzling prick head. Turning her innocent blue eyes up to him, she started sliding her lips up and down on his fuck shaft again, jacking the base of his cock in her fist. Her pretty blonde hair began to dance up and down as she worked on him.

“Shit, little girl, you really get into it, don’t you?” he wheezed. “You’re one fine little cocksucker, and no mistake. Any minute now, and I’m gonna be blasting my balls.”

Connie had a sudden thought. What about when he came? What was she supposed to do? Was she supposed to keep his cock in her mouth and let it spurt, or take it out? And if it stayed in her mouth and filled her up with cum, what was she supposed to do with the stuff? Was she supposed to swallow it, or what? He hadn’t said anything about that.

Suddenly, Mel grabbed hold of her, and he forced her to stop sucking. He eased his cock from her grasp, sliding it out of her mouth. Then he gripped his prick in his fist and glared down at her, his face red and tense. For a second or two, he didn’t say anything. He seemed to be trying to regain control of himself.

“What’s the matter?” she asked shyly, staring up at him. “Don’t you want me to suck you anymore?”

“Connie, listen,” he said softly, as if he were about to explain something very complicated. He primed his huge cock in his fist as he spoke. “I’m going to come in your face. Do you understand?”

“What?” she gasped, not really understanding at all.

“I’m going to come in your face. I just want you to understand, so it won’t be too much of a shock. Do you know what I’m saying?”

She nodded doubtfully as she knelt perfectly passive in front of him, her hands on the backs of his legs. Did he really mean it? He wanted to spurt his jizz into her face? What for? Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Men sure were hard to figure out. If they didn’t want to fuck you from behind standing up in a store room, they wanted to come in your face.

“It won’t hurt. I’ll be fun. It’s something I’ve just got to do with you,” he went on. “I’ve always wanted to try it with someone as young and pretty as you.”

Again Connie nodded. She wished he’d stop talking about it and just do it, get it over with. But talking about it seemed to turn him on. She waited calmly there in front of him, her lovely tits hanging down over the top of her clothes. He’d begun to jerk off more quickly, she noticed.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m just going to jerk myself off all over your face, okay?” he rambled on. “Close your eyes and open your mouth. That’s it. When it comes, there’ll probably be a lot of it, so be prepared. Once I’ve started, I won’t be able to stop. And if you try to get away, I’ll force you to stay put.”

He sounded as if he were about to start dental work on her, thought Connie. What a weird guy. First he rubs his cock all over her face. Then, after he’s gotten her to suck him and lick his balls, he wants to do this. There was just no figuring it out. Men got off on the strangest things.

“I’m gonna aim a lot at your mouth, and I want you to hold the cum in there and not swallow it if you can help it. Okay? The rest will spread around all over your face every which way. I’m going to cover you in it. You might even get some in your hair.”

Why didn’t he just do it? Men were so silly. After her shower, she’d made up her eyes and mouth to look pretty, and all he wanted to do was jerk off all over her. What was it about her that made men want to do such dirty things?

“Here goes,” he went on eagerly. He stepped closer so that his cock was inches from her pretty teenaged face. Then he curled his fist tighter around it, and he began jacking himself off with a vengeance. His foreskin made wet slapping sounds.

He jerked himself off steadily for over a minute, his cock growing angrier by the second. He thrust it so close to her on occasion that the wet head scraped against her lips or her cheek. She opened her eyes expectantly each time he did this, wondering if he’d changed his mind. But then she closed them again immediately. He seemed determined to come in her face.

“Have you ever had a faceful of cum, Connie?” he grunted, obviously close to the edge. “Do you know what it feels like?”

“No,” Connie answered quietly. She was now keeping one eye open just a bit to watch his jerking cockhead. She couldn’t help it.

“I’m told it’s a very interesting experience. Very meaningful,” he said, leering. He cradled her head with one hand and tilted her face back a fraction. “Open your mouth wide now. You’re going to get a mouthful as well as a faceful.”

Connie did as she was told, waiting passively there while his jerking, twisting cock bobbed inches from her wide-open lips. This was definitely the weirdest experience she’d ever had. And she used to think sex was always done in bed, with the man on top and the girl underneath. She used to think it had to do with love and stuff. So much for romance.

“Ohhhnnn! Eat it, bitch! Eat it!” Mel croaked suddenly, his body writhing. He was going wild.

Thrusting his cock up to within an inch of Connie’s gaping red mouth, he shot off a huge, twirling knot of cum straight into her waiting mouth. It all spat inside, spun over her outstretched tongue, and gathered in a steaming pool at the back of her throat. She remembered at the last second not to swallow it. She held it there and waited for more.

But Mel was pulling his cock back, tilting it up at an angle, aiming it up her face. His fist was a jerking blur on his twitching prick. A monstrous wad of jism, over a foot long, spurted up her cheek, over the bridge of her nose, and across her lovely forehead before disappearing into the roots of her golden hair. “Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” Connie gasped, clenching her eyes shut tight. It felt like something heavy had been draped across her features.

“Fantastic. Fantastic,” Mel groaned. He shifted his cock over to her other cheek and another thick twine of silver jism jetted up her face.

This jet rode up one cheek, bounced up the center of her clenched eyelid, soiled her eyebrow, and was halfway across her forehead when it seemed to run out of steam. What was left of it fell down the other side of her face just to the left of her nose, crossing the first blast at an angle. It oozed over her top lip and slipped into her open mouth, hanging like taffy off her tooth.

“Jesus Christ!” Mel gasped. He could barely believe he was doing such a thorough job of messing up Connie’s face. “Eat it, bitch! Eat it!”

Yet another gigantic ribbon of cum spurted from his jerking cockhead. This one blasted right up the center of her face, up along the ridge of her pretty turned-up nose and right between her eyes. It divided her forehead in two, then was deflected by her hairline. It bounced to the right over her hair then, at her temple, began rolling back down her cheek to her jawline. From there, it dripped silver pearls to her neck.

“I’m covering you in jizz. Oh fuck! Spurting all my cum in your face!” he groaned. He sounded as though he didn’t believe it.

“Ggglllggg!” Connie gagged. She believed it only too well. She felt as though she were being slapped repeatedly with a wet rag.

Mel crammed his cockhead between her lips, let it spurt once, twice, inside, until her mouth was so full of cum that it was dripping out over her lips, spilling down her chin like white glue. Then he withdrew and let the rest of his juice splat into her face again.

It only spurted one time, a thick, fast tracer that hit the side of her nose, then ricocheted up over her eye to dangle like a heavy silver teardrop from her eyelashes. Then his cock simply drooled jizz like a leaky faucet, and he let it soil her face with white circles of jism the size of silver dollars.

“Ggglllggg!” gurgled Connie. Her mouth was a mass of white cobwebs. They hung off her top lip and coated her tongue, dancing across the painted oval of her mouth. Cum oozed over her lower lip and drooled down her chin until it dripped in long ropes to her tits. White streamers rolled down her cleavage, and cum dripped off one nipple like milk.

“Let it go. Let it spill out your mouth!” Mel yelled, half out of his mind with pleasure. “Yeah, like that! Yeah!”

Connie forced up all the cum collected in her mouth and throat. Her tongue forced it higher in a silver pool until her lips were joined by one deep pond of creamy white jism. Then it all overflowed, making her whole lower face shine with cum. The blonde looked like she’d been hit in the mouth with a snowball.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” croaked Mel. Ribbons of snaking silver spunk crisscrossed her face. She was barely recognizable. It hung on her, and she seemed lost in a daze under it. Mel nudged her cheek with his cockhead.

Connie clung to the backs of his thighs with her fingers and kept quite still, as if she didn’t want to disturb all the wriggling mass of cum streamers. She let what jizz was left in her mouth spill out freely down her chin, not caring how much more she messed herself up. She clenched her eyes shut tight for fear of stinging them with the oceans of cum.

“Jesus, girl, you’re a mess,” Mel wheezed, his voice near to normal. “I’ve never seen a girl covered in so much jizz before. I didn’t know I could spurt so much. Shit, what a mess.”

He rubbed his cockhead back and forth across her mouth, smearing the spilled jism all over her chin. He watched strings of cum drip and splash to her tits. And then he forced his prick back between her lips, plunging what was left in her mouth back into her throat. He began to fuck her face softly with his still strong cock.

“Suck it clean now, Connie. That’s a good little girl,” he said. “After all, you’re responsible for this mess.”


Connie stood in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom and examined herself carefully. The teenager wasn’t sure what she was looking for; she was just curious. Both boys and full-grown men became excited at the sight of her, and they all wanted to do dirty things to her. She wanted to know why. Maybe a good long look at herself would give her some answers.

She was nude but for her panties, a tiny triangle of white lace at her crotch. Her tits hung heavy but high on her chest, golden and luscious, separated slightly by their weight. Her nipples stuck up high, as usual, tough brown buttons that looked as though they should have ornaments dangling from them. Her pretty navel winked back at her from the center of her flat, golden belly.

Well, I’m certainly built sexily, she admitted, stroking her fingers down her thighs. But then, so were lots of girls her age. There must be something else about her that made men want to drop their pants at the sight of her, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She stepped closer to the mirror and stared into her eyes.

Maybe that was it. Maybe it was the innocence in her face. She had the body of a full-grown woman and the face of a young teenager. It might be the combination of the two things that drove men crazy. Maybe they wanted to spoil her innocence, to corrupt her or something, make her feel dirty. Why else had Mel Hastings wanted to jack off into her face?

She took one more look into her blue eyes, then stepped back from the mirror. The flash of pale lace at her crotch caught her attention, and she slowly hooked both her thumbs under the elastic waistband at her hips. She forced downwards, and the white triangle slid lower, inch by inch, revealing a sliver, then a whole swath of bristling blonde pubic hair.

There sure was a lot of hair down there, she thought, easing her panties farther and farther down her hips. It had all sprouted almost overnight, too. One day she’d had no hair at all down there, her pussy had been completely clear, just like when she was a little girl. Then, in a matter of days — well, weeks, anyway — the great blonde bush had grown. And her pussy seemed to have changed with it.

She had the panties down off her crotch completely now, stretched tight between the tops of her slender thighs. Connie sat on the bed, still in front of the mirror, and placed her fingers on each of her pulpy outer cunt lips. She massaged her fingers around, then pried her cunt lips apart at the same time. She stared into the mirror, fascinated.

Ragged hunks of pink pussy tissue burst out from between the hairy slabs of her outer cunt lips. There was a weird oval of skin, like a mouth turned on end, and on top of this a swollen button of pink flesh. More slices of raw meat oozed out, like petals of some exotic plant. And the whole mass started to gleam brightly, dampened by her warm cunt juice.

“Connie, your date’s here,” a voice called out from the foot of the stairs. It was her father. He always sounded as though he thought she had no business having dates at her age.

She tensed at the sound of the voice but stayed where she was, gazing into her blossoming cunt, her panties stretched between her knees. She called out that she’d be right down, trying to make her voice sound normal. Then, slowly, she dipped a finger into the depths of her pussy, wriggled it around, forced it deep. She shivered and sighed raptly.

God, what was happening to her? She’d never taken such an intense interest in her body before. Was she turning into a sex-fiend, or what? Up until a few days ago, she’d never had anything much to do with sex at all. Since then, she’d done all kinds of dirty things with three different males. And now there was this new date to consider.

She’d thought a lot about her experiences of the past few days, and she’d come to the conclusion that grown men didn’t seem to know any more about romance than boys her own age. As a result, she’d decided to accept a date with Gary Hehns, a boy only one grade ahead of her, even though he rode a motorcycle and had a reputation as a troublemaker. Surely she couldn’t get herself in any more trouble with Gary than she had with her two teachers?

She slipped out of her panties, then into a bikini. Gary had said something about riding up to the lake to catch some sun. Then she pulled on a halter-top and cut-offs. She applied makeup quickly, brushed her hair, and bounded downstairs to relieve poor Gary of her parents’ disapproving company. They never liked her going out with boys; they just never had the gall to say she couldn’t.

She hustled Gary out of the house and, in minutes, they were speeding out to the lake on his huge motorcycle. He didn’t tell her what he thought of her parents, and she didn’t ask. All he told her was how to hold onto him as they rode. About that, he was very specific. He even placed her hands on his lower belly the way he said he liked them.

“Are you sure I should be holding you so low down?” she asked innocently as the peeled out along the lake highway. She could feel the heat of his bulging crotch below her fingers.

“Sure, I’m sure. Just hold on tight. In case of an emergency, just grab my hard-on, and you can’t go wrong. If we’re hurt, at least I’ll enjoy it.” He roared with laughter and revved up the motorcycle. The wind whipped through Connie’s hair.

Once at the lake, Gary didn’t waste much time. He parked the bike in a secluded spot near the water’s edge, in amongst thick clumps of trees. Then he stripped off his motorcycle gear, winked at her lewdly, and plunged naked into the cool lake. Connie caught sight of his long, pale cock swinging between his legs as he ran.

He yelled for her to join him, and she smiled weakly. She peeled off her halter-top and cutoffs, but hesitated to go any further. She stood there in her string bikini for a moment, then loped down to the water and plunged in after him. The freshness of the water took her breath away.

“How come you left the bikini on?” he wondered, swimming up alongside her and snaking his arm around her tiny waist. “You shy, or what?”

“A little,” she admitted. “We don’t know each other very well.”

He was forcing his naked body against her, and she could feel the solid pole of his cock rubbing her thighs.

“Actually that bikini’s so fucking sexy, I almost wish you would keep it on,” he wheezed. “The way it makes your tits hang out and everything… but there’s no need to be shy with me. You’ll see.”

As if to prove his point, he slipped his hand under the hip-string of her bikini bottoms and into her bushy pubic hair. He separated the outer lips of her pussy and lunged two fingers into her cunt before she could resist. He began driving his fingers back and forth in her already greasy fuck-hole.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” Connie gasped. She’d suddenly gone weak, and she had to curl her arm around his shoulder for support.

“You like that? That feel nice?” he asked, leering. He swirled his fingers around as if he had them deep in a honey pot.

“Mmmfff!” answered Connie. Here we go again, she thought. The guys she came in contact with lately sure didn’t waste much time getting right down to it, did they?

“What do you say we skip the swim and head back to the beach?” he suggested, snuggling his mouth up against her ear. “I mean, we could give it a try out here in the water, but we might drown ourselves in the process.”

Connie didn’t say anything. She let herself be tugged to the shore, then hauled up the beach. Gary took his hand from her bikini bottoms long enough to guide her back to the shade of the big bike. Droplets of water clung to her golden skin, making her glisten. Her corkscrew blonde hair dripped sexily. Her tiny bikini seemed to have shrunk.

“I got kind of a weird idea,” he continued. “Come over here to the bike.”

Connie had expected him to lay her out on the sand but, instead, he was pulling her toward the low-slung motorcycle. He had her lift up her leg to straddle the machine, as if she were about to ride it. Once he had her astride the saddle, he undid the string of her bikini bottom at the hip, the peeled off the wet triangle.

“What are we doing?” she wondered aloud, twisting her head around to look at him. The wide leather saddle felt weird and exciting between her outspread legs.

“You’ll see,” he teased, pulling her back towards him. “Lie down on the bike. Squish your tits against it. Lower, lower.”

Connie did as she was told, and he quickly undid the string at her back so that the wet bikini harness fell away from her tits. Her full tit globes hung down freely like ripe melons. She mashed them into the motorcycle saddle as he told her, wondering what the hell he was up to. Was he going to try to fuck her, or what?

“What a gorgeous little ass you got, sugar,” he grunted. Gary had taken his long, pale cock in his hand, and he was pumping it slowly, bringing it to full stiffness.

But suddenly, he stopped playing with his cock and came up close behind her. He gripped her hips, tugged her back so that her legs were scissored on each side of the rear of the machine. He lodged his cock in her ass crack, then began driving it up and down between her lush little ass cheeks.

It was going to be just like in the store room at school with Mr. Dean, Connie thought. He was going to fuck her from behind while she was straddling his motorcycle. But no, he was nudging his cockhead against the puckered circle of her asshole. He was settling in there.

He was forcing forward.

He couldn’t be! Yes, he was! He was trying to fuck her up the ass with that long, pale cock of his.

“Shit, this is gonna be fun. I’ve always wanted to ass-fuck someone on the back of this thing,” he crowed. He was mauling her pretty ass cheeks in his hands, prying them apart to make room for his bulging prick. The circle of her asshole was growing wider under all the pressure.

“What are you going to do?” she asked foolishly. She was caressing the huge teardrop gas tank of the machine.

“I’m going to fuck you up the ass, little girl,” he crowed. “I’m going to shove every last inch of my cock up that sweet, girlish little ass of yours.”

He was pressing harder, and the satin head of his cock was stabbing into the widened chamber of her asshole. It went in surprisingly easily, he thought, and he pressed on without hesitation. He was sure she’d take to assfucking with no problem at all. Her asshole was sucking him in eagerly. Inch after inch of hardened prick vanished between her pale ass cheeks.

“Ungh! Ungh!” Connie moaned. This couldn’t be happening, she thought. He couldn’t actually be boring his long cock into her asshole. People just didn’t do such things.

“It’s going so easy! You must have done this before, huh?” He grinned. Already, half his cock had slid into Connie’s sucking asshole. Her pretty ass cheeks were molded around his piercing prick tightly.

“What are you doing? Ungh! What, ohhhhhh!” Connie groaned.

She was so confused. The blonde felt so ridiculous stretched out on the bike like that, a cock halfway up her ass. Now did she get herself into these situations? In not one of her sexy adventures over the past few days had she been made love to in a bed by someone romantic. She was always standing up, or kneeling, or stretched out like this.

“Feel it go! Feel my cock go all the way up your ass!” Gary sneered. He was prying her ass cheeks wide apart so that he could watch the progress of his cock. His prickshaft was all inside her now, except for the final two inches. The puckered ring of her asshole was stretched as far as it would go.

“Ohhh, my God! Ohhh, my God!” Connie whimpered. It felt so strange, his cock going into her like that, like someone was shoving a baseball bat up her ass.

He inched forward a little more, and his wiry crotch hair crinkled against her pale, smooth ass cheeks. His cock was buried in her shitter all the way. He paused a second, took a deep breath, then began lunging back and forth in her, fucking her ass as hard as he could. His prick slid in and out of her asshole much more easily than he would have thought.

“You’re doing it! You’re fucking me up the ass!” she pealed as her body thrust forward again and again on the leather saddle. Her nipples were rubbing against the rough surface, and growing long and hard. She was becoming more and more excited as he rammed his cock into her.

He circled her tiny waist with his large hands, holding her still while he forced cock into her. He watched as the pale pole of his prick slid out of her tight fuckhole, shined in the afternoon light a moment before plunging back into the depths of her shitter. Each time he drove forward, his cock disappeared completely between her ass cheeks.

“I… don’t… believe… it…” Connie grunted, a fine film of sweat forming on her forehead. “It… feels… so… weird.”

“Believe it, little girl. I bet that candy-ass, Bobby, never fucked you up the asshole, did he?” Gary said. “I bet he never had the guts to ass-fuck you, did he?”

Connie didn’t answer. Gary didn’t sound like he needed an answer. He was gloating, thinking how great he was because he was assfucking the girl Bobby Turner had been dating for all those weeks. Connie was thinking of Bobby, too, for the first time in many days. Gary was probably right. Bobby would never have suggested that she let him do something like this. The time she’d jacked him off in his car seemed like so long ago.

“Shit, he doesn’t know what he’s missing!” Gary moaned. “Suck a sweet little girl ass! Just made for hard cock!”

He was lunging into her more harshly now, if that were possible. He was ramming against her ass cheeks and making them joggle. His balls swung back and forth between his legs. He was aware of the heavy load of cream inside them and how close he was getting to the edge. He sliced his cock in and out of her viciously, burying his cockhead deep inside her.

“I’m gonna come!” he announced suddenly. “I’m gonna shoot all my cum up your asshole!”

Connie clung to the bike and tried not to lose her balance. She waited for what she knew was coming and found herself wondering what it would feel like. She’d gotten used to the long, hard cock inside her asshole by now. In fact, the girl had decided she rather liked it. It wasn’t really unpleasant. It was just different.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!” he grunted. He drove his cock up her asshole one more time, and his orgasm exploded, splattering heavy globs of jizz deep inside her. Once, twice, three times, his cock expanded, trembled, then spat out a thick knot of jism.

“Ohhh, my God. Ohhh, my God,” Connie murmured. She felt so helpless, spread eagled there on the bike, her thighs split wide, her ass cheeks cranked apart.

Jism fired off up her ass, sizzling her shitter. It belched out in thick gobs, clogging her passage and greasing it for his lunging cock. White cream oozed out the tight ring of her asshole, clinging to his stiffened prick. It drooled down her ass crack and seeped into her wide-open cunt below.

“Spread ’em wide! Gotta get in there deep!” Gary grunted. Each time he plunged forward, his balls smacked into the wet gash of her oozing cunt.

And more and more jism poured out from his cock, backed up and slid from her reddened asshole. It was dribbling in heavy streams now, over the pink, pulpy flesh of her pussy, making her cuntlips shine brightly. It dripped down onto the bike saddle, making the leather gleam.

“So much stuff! So much stuff!” Connie groaned. She certainly seemed to bring out the best in the guys she fucked. They couldn’t stop shooting jism into her.

He blasted another load up her shitter. And another. Hot pellets of cum were spurting deep inside her raw asshole. But at last, he was drained. Gary hauled out his cock, wedging it between her ass cheeks, letting it drip goo into the small of her back. He humped it back and forth gently, gazing down at his swollen prickhead.

Cum flowed freely from her asshole now in a pale, whitish stream.


On Monday afternoon, Connie’s homeroom teacher told her that the vice-principal wanted to see her after school. Connie was baffled. Usually, the only reason the vice principal wanted to see anyone was to discipline them after they’d done something stupid or gross. In all her time in the school, Connie had never been called before him.

She dismissed the matter from her mind, convinced that it must be some mistake. The only thing anyone could discipline her for was having a school library book two days overdue. She breezed through the afternoon, and even went to her exercise class after the final bell. Mel Hastings was nowhere to be seen, just as she’d expected. The guys she had sex with always seemed to stay clear of her, once they got what they wanted.

After the class, she skipped down to the vice-principal’s office, wondering if he’d still be there at this hour. It was probably such an unimportant matter that he’d forgotten all about it by now. And if he hadn’t, she could always see him about it some other day. But, to her surprise, he was still around.

He stared at her strangely as she closed the door to his office behind her.

“Were you still in gym class?” Mr. Bridges asked. He glared intently at her rippling thighs in their tight body-stocking.

“Oh, well, it’s my exercise class…” She gestured, feeling silly in her skimpy outfit. In addition to her tight-fitting lavender body stocking, she still had a sweatband circling her forehead.

“Sit down, Connie, I have to talk to you,” he began. He sounded very serious. He stood up, came around the desk, and sat on its corner with his legs spread apart. Connie found herself gazing into the ample bulge of his crotch, which was now only a couple of feet from her. He leaned his arms on his knees and glared down at her. She couldn’t tell whether the expression on his face was anger, disapproval, nervousness or admiration.

“Sometimes, Connie, we all do things we know we shouldn’t do,” he began in his serious, lecturing tone. “We get led astray by thoughts and desires that we should control.”

What the hell was he talking about? Connie wondered.

Mr. Bridges went on. “But this doesn’t mean we aren’t responsible, Connie. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be punished.”

Connie dropped her shoulder bag to the floor and stared up at him. She felt as though she’d come to the wrong room by mistake. He was leaning low over her, drooling almost. She glanced quickly to his crotch and noticed that there was a slight flexing beneath his slacks.

His cock must have been uncoiling in his shorts.

“Certain things have come to my attention,” he continued, “and I’m afraid must act now. If I didn’t, I could never forgive myself.”

What things? Surely he couldn’t have found out about her sessions with Mr. Dean or Mel Hastings, or both? How could he have? They wouldn’t have told him, surely. But who else could have told? No one else was present. Maybe he was talking about something else altogether.

“I think I have come up with an appropriate punishment,” he announced reasonably. “Afterwards, we can consider the matter closed. Please stand up.”

In a trance, Connie did as she was told. She thought it best not to say anything, but to simply go along with him. Mr. Bridges had quite a bit of power in the school and he might make things very uncomfortable for her, whatever her supposed crimes. Besides, he seemed to be a little crazy. She didn’t want to do anything to make him angry.

Bridges had stood up with her, and now he reached behind him to pick up something from his desk. To her amazement, she saw that he held a pair of scissors. He reached out, grabbed the material of her body-stocking that stretched taut over her lovely tit, pulled it towards him, and began slicing with the huge scissors.

Connie stood there stunned, watching as he carved out a perfect circle around her young tit. He tossed a hunk of material aside and left her tit and nipple hanging naked from the perfectly round hole. He gripped the material at her other nipple and performed the same operation. Both her gorgeous tits thrust out lewdly from the twin holes in her body-stocking. Her nipples poked up to the ceiling.

He suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders, then swiveled her around so that she was propped up against his desk. Then Bridges dropped to his knees on the floor in front of her, and he set to work on the tight bulge of her crotch with the flashing scissors. He didn’t hurt her. He was perfectly in control of the giant scissors.

“Mr. Bridges…” she began hopelessly, with no idea what she wanted to say.

“Relax, my dear. You must take your punishment without complaint. It’s the only way.”

He had carved a great triangle of cloth from her crotch, and the beautiful blonde bush of her cunt hair was bristling up proudly. Her cuntlips had started to separate, and the wet, pink inner flesh was blooming again. She sat with her ass on the edge of his desk and stared down at him, fascinated.

“What a sight,” he hissed suddenly, staring into her open cunt. “Spread your legs. Spread your legs wider.”

Connie did as he asked, and he plunged his face forward into her gaping crotch. Sinking his mouth onto her open cunt, he began lapping at her, licking the curls of pussy flesh and digging his tongue inside her. He planted his fingertips on her cunt lips, cranking them apart. His tongue circled around the ragged skin like it was some rare delicacy.

“Mr. Bridges!” Connie wailed. This was all happening so fast. This was the vice-principal, after all.

He turned his gaze up to her briefly, but kept his mouth glued to her oozing cunt. Her tits thrust out from her body stocking like mounds of pale dough. Her nipples jutted up high. He gazed at her face through the deep hollow of her cleavage. She looked so sexy with her clothing cut up like that, showing off her tits and aunt.

Bridges returned his attention to her pussy and dug his tongue deeper into her. All the pink skin inside her cunt had started oozing out again, and he could nibble and tease bits of it. Her cunt hair glistened with juice.

Connie dropped back onto her elbows on his desk, her head swooning. She raised her legs and hooked her heels onto the edge of the desk, cranking her thighs as wide as they would go. He continued snuffling and digging between her soggy cunt lips, making lewd, wet sucking sounds with his mouth. His face grew greasy and damp.

“Ohhh, God!” she whimpered, her head lolling on her neck. “Mr. Bridges, I can’t stand it! Ohhh, Mr. Bridges!”

He removed his greasy chops from her cunt and glared up at her. “This is your punishment, young lady. You must take it and not complain.”

She sighed deeply as he sank his mouth back down on her quaking cunt. This guy was crazy, there was no question about it. And to think he was in a position of responsibility. The vice-principal of the school. Who would have guessed what he did in the privacy of his office with innocent — well, nearly innocent — young girls?

“Ohhh, God. Ohhh, God,” she murmured. Connie’s cunt was folding itself inside out, it seemed. Her thick outer lips stayed cranked back against her thighs. Her pussy hair was matted and sticky with froth. The ragged inner lips of her cunt had burst forward into a circle with two fat lobes hanging from the top. These joined in a small beak of flesh that stuck out obscenely.

He rooted forward with his tongue to find her clit, then diddled it up and down, back and forth teasingly. Suddenly, he sucked on her beak of clit flesh, hauling it out from its nest of greasy skin and hair.

Connie went wild. She began to writhe and moan on the desk, lifting her ass and back into the air. She mashed her cunt onto his slobbering mouth.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” she wailed. Her hands gripped the edges of the desk and her knuckles turned white. As her body lurched up into an arch, her tits wobbled back on her chest like liquid-filled balloons.

Her crotch was swiveling every which way, and Bridges had a tough time keeping up with her. He locked his mouth tight on her cunt, and he hung on to her clit with his lips. Then, suddenly, the man was digging a hand beneath her cunt, into the crack of her ass. He fumbled under her tight body stocking with his fingers until he found the pit of her asshole.

“Unnnggghhh! Ohhhhhh!” she whimpered, her belly humping.

He had stuck a finger up her ass and was prying deep, piercing her. Bridges shoved past his first and second knuckles, and he soon had all his finger buried in her tight little asshole. He could feel the motion of his finger in her ass channel with his mouth as he ate her. She was trapped between his mouth and his finger, her crotch fluttering.

Connie had her eyes shut tight. Her face glittered with a fine film of sweat and ringlets of golden hair had stuck to her cheeks and temples. Her lips had peeled back off her teeth in a snarl of lust. They were red and swollen, and she bit into her lower lip tensely.

“Please! Ohhh, God! Please!” she moaned, half out of her mind. Her ass was raised off the desk the whole time now, caught on top of his churning finger. Her knees were bent and her feet were spread far apart. Sparks of pleasure ripped through her again and again.

He wouldn’t let her go. He poked his finger deep up her asshole and gnawed at her ragged cunt flesh without once pausing for breath. He was like a man possessed. It was as if he wanted to kill her with pleasure. He’d said he wanted to punish her, and he wasn’t kidding. It was a delicious torture.

“Mr. Bridges… ohhhhhh! Please, ohhhhhh! I can’t… stand it!” she whimpered, her head shaking from side to side on the desk. “I’m melting! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh, please!”

“You had enough?” he asked suddenly, lifting his dripping face from her crotch. “You had enough pussy-licking for one day? How about some nice, hard cock? How about a foot of stiff prick lip that sweet little cunt of yours?”

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” Connie groaned, still swooning. The sparks in her cunt just wouldn’t stop. Her crotch was sizzling.

But finally, as he removed his finger from her asshole and climbed wearily to his feet, she let her body sink back down on to the cluttered desk. She kept her legs hooked up and spread wide. She could feel pussy juice oozing from her fuck-hole like syrup. Her asshole tingled.

“Now for the second part of your punishment,” he announced. He stood between her legs and unbuckled his belt. He shoved his pants and shorts down around his knees. Out from his crotch sprang one of the biggest and ugliest cocks Connie had ever seen.


Connie began to whimper and sigh like a helpless little girl. She had opened her eyes, and now she couldn’t stop looking at his bloated cock as it thrust out from his dark forest of crotch hair. He was taking it in his fist, pumping it gently. The foreskin bunched up over his prickhead, then peeled back, leaving the satiny dome free and clear.

“This is what you like, isn’t it?” he sneered. “A nice big, juicy cock to ram in and out of your sweet little cunt?”

Whatever did he mean? Was he referring to Mr. Dean and Mel Hastings again? Connie didn’t care. She was past caring. The teenager gazed at his cock longingly and tried to reach out for it. She needed his prick inside her, fucking back and forth. If he kept her waiting much longer, she’d faint.

“Now, now, don’t be a naughty girl,” Bridges teased, slapping her wrist playfully. “Naughty little girls must wait for their cock. They can’t have it whenever they want it.”

He stepped in close between her legs, his cock in his hand. The man planted his prickhead against one of her outer cunt lips, and he began steering it around and around, up and down, never once sinking it into the great gaping hole of her cunt. She shifted on the desk, trying to impale herself on his exploring prick, but he wouldn’t let her.

“Please,” she said at last. “I need your cock inside me. I’m so horny, I could fuck a bull. Don’t tease me anymore. I want you to fuck me.”

“Ah, but we can’t always have what we want, can we, Connie?” he snorted. He was forcing her outer cunt lips wider apart with his blazing cockhead.

He really was enjoying torturing her like this. Why couldn’t he just bury his cock inside her and fuck her brains out? Most guys would give their left ball for the opportunity, and here he was, teasing her and playing around like some stupid schoolboy.

Connie grabbed her tits, digging her fingers into the soft flesh. She chugged her crotch up and down, trying to hook his circling prick. And she gazed up at him with heavy-lidded eyes. Her tongue wet her red lips and made them shine brightly. What more could she do to make him fuck her? Wasn’t he human?

“Please fuck me,” she murmured, her voice husky with lust. “I’ll do anything afterwards. I’ll suck you off. I’ll lick your balls. You can come in my mouth. Or on my tits. I’ll let you shoot all over my face if you want to. Some men like that, I know. Would you like to come in my face? Is that what you want?”

He didn’t answer. He just kept steering his cockhead around and around the outskirts of her greasy, gaping cunt. But she was having an affect on him, she could tell. Her dirty talk was making him breathe heavier. His cock seemed to be arching up higher into her crotch hair.

“Would you like to fuck me up the ass? You can, if you want to. I’ll let you. I’ve done it before. I’ve done lots of dirty things. You’d be surprised.”

He stared down at her spread eagled body on his desk, her knees hooked up, her thighs cranked wide to allow him complete access to her hair-lined cunt. Her luscious tits jutted up and out of the lewd holes he’d cunt in her suit. The nipples looked long enough to burst. Her pretty, girlish face gazed up at him with whorish lust.

“A guy fucked me up the ass just the other day,” she went on, staring at him. “I liked it. And another guy jerked off in my face. He covered me with jism. I thought I was going to drown. I’ve never seen so much stuff. I swallowed as much as I could, but there was too much. He spurted all over my face.”

Bridges had lodged the shaft of his cock in the upper ridge of her pussy slice. His prickhead pointed up over her belly. He slithered it up and down slowly, mashing his balls into the soggy slash of her cunt. His cockhead oozed out a glob of clear juice that stretched down and snapped into her crotch hair.

“And I’ve even been thinking of weirder stuff since that happened,” she continued. She was tempted to try grabbing his cock again, stuff it inside her before he could react. But she didn’t want to get slapped again. “I’ve been imagining what it would be like to make it with more than one guy, you know?”

He was leaning lower over her, letting his cock drive up and down outside her cunt all by itself. He brought up his hands to maul her lolling tits, digging into the soft flesh harshly with his fingers, tweaking her long nipples with his thumbs. Her tits oozed out of his fingers like dough.

“I imagine what it would be like to be stuck between two guys, with two hard cocks and everything. I could suck one off while the other fucked me. Wouldn’t that be kinky? Two guys at the same time! I wonder what it feels like?”

He was glaring down at her with a strange light in his eyes. He was being very rough with her tits now, and his cock-lunges had become sharper and more tense. He dipped his head to suck one hard nipple, then the other into his mouth, nipping each one between his teeth and sucking so hard that she thought her nipples would burst.

“Ohhh! I even wonder what it would be like to be sandwiched between two guys… ohhh! With one cock up my cunt and one up my ass… at the same time! Ohhh! Shit, would that be dirty! Ohhhh!”

He was damn near biting her nipples but, all at once, he spat them out, lifted up off her, and gripped his giant cock in hand. He pulled back, then shoved his cockhead forward against the hot, wet gash of her cunt. His gleaming cockhead slipped between her hair lined pussy lips and seemed to expand. Her cunt sucked on his purple bulb, urging it forward. And he began to fuck into her.

“Ohhhh, yes! Ohhh God, yes!” she groaned, lifting her ass off the desk, thrusting her cunt onto his fucking prick. “Shove your big cock into me! All the way! I love it! Fuck me crazy! Fuck me crazy!”

His prick was lancing its way into her quaking pussy, cranking the thick slabs of her cunt lips apart and forcing them to warp lewdly out of shape. His cock had grown so thick. She felt stuffed before his prick was even halfway in. But he wasn’t going to stop. He drove the prick forward until half, then three-quarters, then the whole thing was buried in her to the hilt.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!” she sobbed. She felt like she was being split in half.

“This what you want, bitch?” he croaked. “Is this what you want up your hot, slut cunt?”

He began to fuck her, first with short, sharp jerks, then with longer, deeper lunges. He buried his cockhead high up in her pussy. It almost felt like it was fucking up into her chest. And his cock grew greasy with all the slush and slime of her cunt. The grease hung from his prick as it slid out of her. It dripped to the desk top, soiling the surface.

“It feels so good! Your cock feels so good cramming my pussy!” she hissed. She craned her neck to stare down between her legs. She wanted to watch his thick cock bucking and lunging into her.

Her tits joggled as he viciously fucked her. Her elbows scraped on the desk, and she was forced to lie back and close her eyes. He grabbed her in back of her thighs, forcing her legs back against her so that her tufted cunt angled higher. He bent her back so that her legs were jack-knifed, her feet twitching in the air as they pointed to the ceiling.

“Fuck me deep! Cram your cock all the way in there! Fuck me deep!” she pleaded. Her cunt hair was matted with juice.

He lay all his weight on his hands, which held her down by the backs of her knees. Her legs were cranked as wide apart as they would go. The muscles of her golden thighs were straining. He had her angled up toward him on the desk like a trussed turkey. And with each lunge, he buried his fucking prick to the hilt up her open cunt.

“I love it so much!” she pealed. “I love cock so much! It’ll drive me crazy!”

She held her tits in her hands now and thumbed her nipples harshly. Her blonde hair rippled around her head on the desk.

He pistoned his hips, plunging his cock as deep as it would go. His ass cheeks flexed and strained, pumping his prick into her. He let his hands slide up her legs until he clasped her by the ankles. Then he swung her feet apart till her legs were tilted in a wide V. He cranked his cock into her until his ass was just a blur.

Connie nearly fainted. She closed her eyes, rolled her head on the desk and felt his giant cock drill her again and again. He was fucking her silly, just as she’d begged him to do. And there was no sign of him slowing down. His belly pumped crazily as he fed her cock. She wanted it to last forever. She didn’t want him to ever stop fucking her.

But he was grunting at her: “I’m going to come. I’m going to blast a load up your sweet, little slut cunt. Are you ready? Are you ready for a cuntful of jizz?”

“Oh, yes! Oh, God! Pump me full of it! Shoot me full of cum!” she wailed. She opened her eyes and glared at him.

He let go of her ankles, propping them up over, his shoulders. Then he began a crazy fucking motion that almost had his cock slipping free of her cunt. His prick stayed inside her, though, and, after a few more lunges, it seemed to expand, to grow thicker in her clogged cunt. His cockhead twitched far up inside her pussy.

“You’re coming! I can feel it! You’re coming up inside my cunt!” she raved. “Don’t stop! Fuck me harder!”

Rammed all the way up her sweet cunt, Bridges’ cock began to belch thick wads of steaming cum. The cream sprang out of him in jets, bathing her insides and clogging her poor pussy hopelessly. He could hear the wet, squishing sounds as he drilled into her cunt. And now his cock was hung with slimy white streamers each time it was pulled out.

“Don’t stop! Fill me with it! Don’t stop!” she crowed. “I love cum! I’ll take all you can give me!”

He bucked into her, splashing hot jets of jism high up her cunt. His cock trembled and twitched and spat out its load. Thick strings of white slime dribbled from her hole and seeped into the crack of her ass, soiling her tattered body-suit. His prick wouldn’t stop belching. Cum hung off it in thick, juicy wads.

“Take it all, bitch! Suck all of my cum up that hot, whore cunt of yours!” he spat out at her. His lunges had slowed down some. He was pumping into her at a leisurely pace now, as if he wanted to savor the spasms in his cock. His prick still spurted heavily, though.

“Yes! Ohhh, yes! I love it! Cream inside me! Spurt all your jism up my hot cunt!” she cried. Her brown belly twitched and heaved as the sizzling jism fired off inside her.

His prick spurted once, twice more, blasting thick jism into her clogged fuck-hole. Then it stopped jetting and simply oozed cream out its piss slit. He continued pumping slowly, his swinging balls emptied of all their heavy sauce. Her legs fell from his shoulders and wrapped around his haunches.

“You had enough, bitch?” he croaked. “You had enough cock and cum for one day?”

“More! I want more!” she wailed. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t stop!”

Bridges stared down at her, sweat drooling from his face. He pumped his cock steadily in and out of her.


When she received a note from the principal three days later, Connie wasn’t really surprised. It seemed like a logical next step in the weird turn of events, over the last few weeks. First, a couple of teachers, then the vice principal and finally, the principal, himself. The head-honcho. He wanted to see her on an urgent matter, the note said. He hoped she could make it out to his home on the following evening.

This was what surprised her, that he wanted to see her after school hours, in his home, rather than in his office. What did that mean? She’d realized by now that the male staff at school were handing her around like a raunchy library book. But to be invited to the principal’s home? Mr. Gage had been divorced for several years, she’d heard, and he lived alone in a rambling old house in the suburbs. It was supposed to be quite a place.

Connie never even considered not going. She wanted to go. She was curious. The teenager had learned more wild and exciting things about sex in the past few days than she’d ever imagined existed, and she wasn’t about to stop now. It would all be part of her continuing education, whatever it involved. It was hard to believe that things could get much kinkier, but her heart pounded whenever she thought they might.

At the appointed time, she arrived at Gage’s door.

“You must be Miss Connie. Please follow me,” a handsome young man greeted her. For a moment, Connie thought maybe he was a butler, but then it occurred to her that he wasn’t dressed for the part.

The house was fairly old, compared to the others in the neighborhood. It was surrounded by a high brick wall and sat among thick trees and stretches of lawn. Inside, it was dark and kind of spooky, with hardwood floors and long hallways. The young man led her through a living area where a second, darker young man lazed on a couch before a fireplace, reading. He glanced up briefly as they passed through.

“In here,” the first young man instructed. He’d led her down another dark hallway and had stopped before a heavy old door. “Mr. Gage is waiting in his study for you.”

And with that, he tapped at the hardwood door, then left her there alone, flashing her a quick smile as he disappeared into the depths of the house. Connie heard a cough, or a grunt, from beyond the door, and she entered shyly. Like Mr. Bridges before him, Mr. Gage sat behind a huge desk, glaring at her. The walls were line with crammed bookshelves.

“Ah, Connie, so glad you… could make it. Please come in,” he welcomed. He ushered her onto a couch by the wall. This room had a fireplace, also.

He began talking to her, rambling on in a fatherly, friendly way as if they were old buddies. All about nothing in particular. Connie found it very odd. She’d only seen him at a distance before this, in school hallways. He’d never even spoke, to her before, and she was sure that up until recently he hadn’t even known her name. After a few minutes, he even offered her a glass of wine.

When a half an hour had passed, she was tempted to ask him to cut it short. She felt like telling him to cut the crap and name his pleasure. What did he prefer this evening? A blow-job or an ass-fuck? How about a good old-fashioned fuck on his desktop or doggie style up against the bookshelves? But she found herself feeling drowsy and passive. Maybe it was the wine. She said nothing, and pretty soon he got to the point.

“Mr. Bridges has informed me that he had to discipline you the other day,” he said, his voice changing. “For you lewd behavior around school.”

Connie opened her mouth to protest but he cut her off.

“Please don’t interrupt. I’m in full agreement with him. He did what was necessary.”

Oh, sure, thought Connie. He blasted his load up my cunt.

“In fact, I invited you here tonight for some extra counseling which I think you’re in need of. You see, Connie, girls as pretty as you need special supervision sometimes. To set you on the right path, you see.”

This sure was beginning to sound familiar, thought Connie.

“I hope you’re willing to take part in this special counseling session. If you don’t, it could have a negative effect on your grades. Let’s get started, why don’t we?”

Connie sat smiling at him. Well, if he wanted to play silly games, it was okay by her. The end result was going to be the same, no matter what, the girl thought. She was going to get fucked, no matter what. Shit, these guys were so phony. If they wanted to fuck her, why didn’t they just come out and say it? Why did they have to pretend they were acting in her best interests and everything?

Gage had stood up, and he was leading her to a side door.

“I want you to go into the next room and wait for me,” he said, touching her shoulder.

“There are some things laid out for you in there, and I want you to get into them. I’ll be in shortly.”

He gave her a sickly smile and the door clicked shut behind her.

Connie found herself in the strangest room she’d ever seen. It was a bedroom of sorts, with a huge, low couch taking up a third of the space. There were a couple of chests of drawers, and a dressing table. But what was most noticeable were the walls and ceiling.

They were all mirrored, each of the four walls, and even the ceiling. Giant, clear sheets of glass reflecting her whichever way she looked. She could see herself mirrored a hundred times, dozens of sexy Connie’s in every direction. She tried to look away, but she couldn’t avoid herself.

She caught sight of the things laid out for her on the bed and, to distract herself, she examined them. They were sexy underthings, nylon stockings and a garter belt in red and black. There was a string of pearls about four feet long. She fingered the items and blushed deeply. Then she set about getting undressed.

Boy, someone sure had gone to a lot of trouble. This looked like a regular orgy room of some kind. It sure wasn’t the kind of place in which anyone slept. Certainly not Mr. Gage, the school principal. And these underthings. They looked brand new and very expensive.

Connie slipped out of her dress and panties, and she stood there for a moment, hesitating. She glanced at herself in the endless mirrors. Then she snaked the frilly garter belt around her waist and hitched it up in back. She adjusted the dangling black garters to the correct position on her thighs. The expensive stockings were dry and crisp on her golden legs.

The garter belt was no more than an inch wide across her lovely, flat, brown belly. It was black with red trim, and had delicate black gauze embroidered into it in patterns. Once she had the stockings attached, the black elastic garters stretched taut over her ass cheeks and thighs. They flexed and loosened against her as she moved.

Connie examined herself carefully in the full-length mirrors. What with her bright golden hair all squiggly about her face and her makeup shining, she looked very whorish and interesting. She reached into her bag, then added to the makeup, exaggerating it with greasy sweeps of red lip gloss and blue eyeshadow. Then she stood back and examined herself sonic more.

She slung the ridiculous string of pearls around her neck and turned to one side to see her huge tits in profile. Her nipples were straining to burst up from their pink, rubbery circles. She arched her back and thrust out her ass, smiling as the black garters stretched to snapping point across her ass cheeks and dug deep into the springy flesh.

Connie had never imagined she could look so erotic. Just staring at herself was making her cunt cream. Her legs felt so tingly and exciting in the black stockings. She turned to face her reflection head-on and pulled her cuntlips apart with her fingers.

“SO, you’re enjoying my little present, I see,” Gage called suddenly from the door. Connie swirled around and stared at him.

He was dressed in what looked to be long red skin-tight underwear and nothing else. He looked really weird. But the capper was that his cock and balls were on full display. They thrust out through a specially made hole and swung back and forth as he moved across the floor towards her.

“I think we’re all set far our counseling session now,” he began. “Why don’t you come over here and suck my cock?”

Gage flopped down on the end of the bed, and he spread his legs wide apart. His long, limp cock and dangling balls settled into the crook of his thighs. He leaned back on his hands and smiled pleasantly at her, as if she were about to recite some poetry for him. Or take her oral exam.

“You want me to…” Connie hesitated. She took a step or two toward him.

“Suck my cock, yes,” he encourage. “Come on, don’t be shy. I know you’re an expert little cocksucker. I have it on good authority.”

Connie moved within range, and she dropped to her knees on the carpet. Her garters pulled taut up her thighs and the belt dug into her pretty tummy. The long string of pearls had looped around one of her tits to hang loose across her rib cage. The jet black stocking tops clung to her at mid-thigh.

“My, you do look like quite the teenage whore, don’t you?” he laughed. “I always was partial to garters and stockings. There’s something so sleazy about them. They make it so easy to get at young cunt and ass, I guess.”

Connie had fallen to her knees between his thighs, and now she glanced up at him like a shy little girl as she curled her fingers around his limp, heavy cock. She hefted it upright in her fist, pumping once or twice. Then the teenager lowered her face into his lap. But not before catching sight of her ovaled red mouth and his thick, bloated cock in the mirrors.

“That’s it. Suck it nice, now. This is just for starters. Suck it nice, now,” he said. He swept the hair from her temples with his hand so that he’d have an unobstructed view of her sucking face.

Connie slipped the fat head of his cock into her ovaled mouth. She began to curl her tongue around his prick knob, tickling its sides. An inch or two of cockshaft eased between her lips and, immediately, his prick began to inflate. She could feel it growing thicker, sturdier, in her mouth. Her fingers sensed the power in his cockbase.

“Bridges tells me you’re quite the little slut,” he murmured pleasantly, urging another inch of cock into her mouth. “You’ve gone from being Little Miss Innocent to slut of the school in a matter of days.”

Connie sucked another two inches of cock into her face, and his lips nipped at his wiry crotch hair. But his prickshaft had swollen so much that her lips were stretched taut around his bulging cock. She would have to back off soon. Her cheeks hollowed and puffed as she squeezed and sucked.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to limit your activities from now on,” he continued, lecturing her. “We can’t have you fucking and sucking any and everyone.”

His cock was now seven or eight inches long and growing thicker by the minute. Connie gagged and backed off. Her head started pumping up and down on the top half of his cock. Her fist shucked the lower half steadily. She was sucking furiously, making wet sounds with her warm lips.

“Ohhhh, yes, little girl! Suck it like that!” Gage crooned.

Connie glanced sideways and caught sight of her face in the mirror. It was almost unrecognizable, swollen over his embedded prick, her cheeks hollowed, her eyelids droopy with lust. It was so odd, to see herself sucking cock like that. It was like watching a pornographic movie of herself. Her eyelids were such a deep blue with all the eyeshadow. Her lips were so red around his big cock. She looked like such a whore there on her knees between his legs.

“You see, I can arrange all the fucking mid sucking you need right here. All you can handle,” he went on. “It’s not as through you need to go anywhere else for your kicks.”

What the hell was he talking about? Did he want to set her up as his own personal whore here, or what? She’d learned this past day or so not to take too seriously anything these older guys said to her while having sex. They were all a little crazy. She concentrated on his cock and let him ramble on.

“Besides,” he droned on. “You’re much too special to waste on males your own age. You like it much better with older men, don’t you? I know you do.”

Did she? She wasn’t sure. He was probably right. Certainly, the older men in her life had taught her much more in the last few days than poor Bobby could ever have. He’d have to control his climaxes before he could teach anyone anything. But now, she was the one who could teach him a thing or two.

“Oooooh, baby! Like that! Yes!” he hissed. “You sure can suck cock! Oh, yeah!”

Connie’s blonde head was bobbing furiously over his huge cock. She was forcing her mouth two-thirds of the way down his hot fuck shaft on every stroke. Her fingers were squeezing and teasing as she jerked off the lower portion of cock. She had learned to tilt her head at an angle, so that cocks could slide down deep into her throat. She could guide them with her tongue, and keep them lined up right.

“I… I hope you been listening,” he gasped, having a difficult time with his voice. “And I can only hope that you’ve begun to learn your lesson.”

Gage was trying his best to retain control and sound very correct as he lectured. But Connie’s expert cocksucking was just too much. He fell onto his back on the bed and one arm draped over his eyes. He bit his bottom lip as he felt the sizzling knots of jism stirring in his balls.

Connie was pumping her face up and down, siphoning in his giant cock again and again. But suddenly, there was a wet explosion in her mouth, and she stopped. She held the cock tight in her fist, with more than half of it inside her pretty mouth. Her eyes rolled, and her head seemed to recoil as if hit with something.

She glared at his hairy belly, obviously distracted.

“Ggglllgggfff! Ggglllgggfff!” she gurgled.

A great shining web of white jizz fell from the corner of her mouth and slithered down the length of Gage’s cock. It clung to his cock like thick glue, breaking up and drooling down its side, making it shine, until it finally flopped in a heap in the curls of his crotch hair. The side of his cock looked like it had recently been painted.

“Ggglllgggff!” she slobbered again, and she raised her gaze to his face, which was still shaded by his arm. She seemed to want to attract his attention. Maybe to show him what he was doing in her mouth.

Finally, he did tilt up his head to watch her struggle with his spurting cock. Connie had one hand cupped over his balls, and she was squeezing and tickling them, milking up the creamy cum. The other hand held his cock upright, and she pumped once, twice, to siphon out the cum into her mouth. Only his cockhead and an inch or two of his fuck shaft were between her lips now, and she was letting the jism spill over her tongue.

“Sssppplllfff!” she whimpered, gazing lovingly into his eyes.

Sticky globs of jism were squirting into Connie’s mouth. She kept her head still and felt the steaming liquid slither and slide onto her tongue. Great wads of jizz shot down her throat to her stomach, but some of it filled up her cheeks and made them bulge. Cum seeped in back of her teeth and gums, and set her tongue afloat.

His cock didn’t seem to want to stop spurting, and she started to panic. It was like being force-fed maple syrup or egg yolks. Her eyes fluttered at him and she lifted her mouth up some, so that a thick wall of silver drooled from her lips and slithered down the length of his prick.

“Swallow it, for fuck’s sake, you stupid little cunt!” he yelled. “Drink it all down! It’s good for you!”

Connie hesitated, and another jelly wall of cum oozed from the seal her lips made with his cock. It hung from her mouth stickily, then began dripping down in long, elastic strings, trailing down the underside of his cock and down off her chin until it snapped and fell onto her tits. Her tit mounds were soon decorated with silver squiggles.

“Jesus Christ, swallow it!” he repeated. Cum was rolling down his cock like wax down a candle.

Connie made a fine effort, and she did manage to force down heavy knots of steaming jism. Her neck bobbed as she gulped. But most of the captured cum seeped from her mouth and drained down her face or down his cock. Three or four long white strands dangled from her chin like strips of elastic. Her lips shined under the thick varnish of jizz.

“Fuck, what a sight you are! What a sleazy little cocksucker you are!” Gage wheezed. “I feel guilty having you all to myself. I think I should share you with others. Anyone who can suck cock like you should be spread around. What do you think?”

Connie was only half listening. She was trying to swallow the rest of the sizzling cum that clogged her mouth and throat. His cock seemed to have stopped spitting at last, and now she could catch up. She closed her mouth around his softening prick and gave the wet head a special suck job. And so she barely noticed when Gage made a short, grunting sound, and the two younger men she’d met earlier slipped into the room.


“Just look at this. Do you believe her?” Gage was saying, urging the two young men to join him on the bed. “She’s sucked me dry. I didn’t know I had so much cum.”

“She looks like she’s really enjoyed herself,” said the first fellow, the one who had shown her to Gage’s office. “She sure got a mouthful, didn’t she?”

Connie had looked up from Gage’s cock finally, and she now examined the two men as they flopped down on the huge bed. Strings of cum still hung off her chin and tits. White wads of it dripped from her mouth. She clutched his prick in her sticky fingers and blushed prettily with embarrassment. She wasn’t used to being with more than one man.

“Connie I’d like you to meet Bruce and Ray,” Gage said, as if he were introducing them at a cocktail party. “You’ll be fucking and sucking them for a while now, as well. All part of your counseling, you understand. Think you can handle three cocks? I’m sure you can.”

Connie’s heart pumped. She didn’t know what to say. What did he think she was, anyway? What kind of girl made it with three men at the same time? She should protest. She should leave right now, demand that they leave her alone. But she didn’t want to. Again, she blushed deeply. She wanted to stay. She wanted to see what it was like to fuck and suck off three men.

“I love her outfit,” said Ray. He was the one who’d been reading in the living room. He reached down to stroke one nylon-encased thigh. “She looks like a real porno model.”

“Yeah, garters and stockings suit you, little girl,” agreed Bruce. He leered at her.

Both men had come into the room wearing nothing but tight blue jeans. The muscles in their chests rippled. They seemed to be in terrific shape. Now they were both unzipping their jeans, peeling their pants down their strong legs. Connie caught sight of two thick cocks swinging and swaying as they bounced around on the bed.

“Connie, I want you to suck Bruce and Ray, for starters,” Gage announced. “I’m going to fuck you nice and slow, so that I can recover my strength.”

The three men separated and hauled her up onto the bed with them. They didn’t seem to mind that her lower face was covered with cum. They welcomed her like a long-lost friend. She felt less and less self-conscious about being nearly naked on a bed with three men.

Bruce and Ray were stretching out on the bed side by side, and she found herself on her hands and knees between their legs, with a cock in each hand. Gage crawled around, and he took up a position in back of her. She could feel him rooting around with his softened cock for her cunt. Connie wasn’t quite sure what she was supposed to do, but they seemed more than willing to show her.

“Okay, suck ’em hard now, Connie,” Gage instructed. “And once they’ve got nice big hard-ons, maybe we’ll treat you to a gang bang.” He had found her wet twat hole with his cockhead and had shoved inside. He fed her eight inches of limp cock and began stroking in and out of her loosely.

Connie held the two cocks in her fingers and started pumping them slowly. She bent her head and licked, first one cockhead, then the second. She wasn’t sure how much time to spend on each one, so she kept switching back and forth. Finally, she began sucking one at a time, slipping a prick head between her lips and molding her tongue around the shaft.

Their shafts began to grow steadily in her fists. While she was sucking one, she’d pump the other steadily with her fingers. Traces of Gage’s cum streaked off onto the two men from time to time, but they didn’t seem to mind. The sight of her smeared mouth seemed to turn them on more than anything. The two men shifted on the bed as she sucked them.

“Didn’t I say I had a treat for you boys?” Gage gloated, staring at the two younger men over Connie’s dipped back. “She really knows how to suck a cock, doesn’t she?”

He had his fingers splayed across Connie’s ass cheeks now as he fucked her. Each time he rammed into her, she was jerked forward and her tits swung beneath her. Her thick nipples scraped the coverlet. But then he hooked his fingers under the tight black strap of her garter belt and used it to rein himself in as he rode her.

“I wanna fuck the little bitch,” Ray announced. “When you’re through with her down there, I want to fuck her ’til she can’t stand up.”

“Me, too. I wanna fuck her,” agreed Bruce. His cock, like Ray’s, had grown to a thick log in Connie’s fist. It was almost buried in her mouth as she sucked her face up and down on him.

“Relax, you guys. You’ll both get to fuck her every which way,” Gage muttered. “I’m just priming her for you.”

Connie sucked hard on one cock, then the other. It was such a kinky feeling, to be sucking two cocks while a third guy rammed his cock in and out of her cunt. It took some getting used to. But it wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, she quite liked it.

“You guys want, to sandwich-fuck her?” Gage suggested suddenly. He was hauling her back against him again and again with the rear strap of her garter belt.

“You mean fuck her up the ass and cunt at the same time?” Ray asked. He had angled his ass up off the bed and was tilting his cock deep into Connie’s mouth.

“Sure. One of you take the ass, the other her cunt. She can suck me off some more.”

Bruce smudged his cockhead against Connie’s cheek, and clear juice smeared off onto her skin. “I don’t care where I fuck her, as long as I get to bury my eight inches.”

Connie swooned with lust at all the dirty talk. They were talking about her as if she wasn’t even there, as if she didn’t exist. To them, she was just an object, something to fuck and dump their loads in. And she didn’t care. She was thrilled to be thought so desirable by three men. And the notion of getting fucked in the ass and the cunt at the same time was just too exciting for words.

The teenager wished they would begin right away. She wanted to see what it was like. It was the weirdest thing, but she was really enjoying herself. It was all so strange — the house, the mirrored room, sucking off her principal, and now getting fucked by him while she sucked off two strangers. It was the kind of scene people had wet dreams about but never experienced. And here she was in the middle of it, with three naked men, with three huge cocks to deal with.

If only the girls in school could see her now. Or her parents. God, what would they think, seeing her dressed in nothing but a garter belt and black silk stockings, fucking and sucking three men. And at her age, too.

“I’ll take the ass,” Ray offered. “But I want to try her cunt first. I’ve got to fuck her properly for a while.”

There was a sudden re-arranging of bodies on the bed. Gage withdrew his prick from her cunt and lay down on his side, taking Ray’s place. Ray slipped down the bed and forced Connie over onto her back, causing Bruce to complain that his cock was slopped out of her grasp. Connie scissored her legs and spread them obligingly. Her greasy cunt was gaping wide as Ray nudged his prick between her outer pussy lips.

He speared all the way in and began fucking her roughly, forcing his great prick as far as it would go. Her tits shimmied on her chest as he bucked in and out of her. She braced herself by grabbing Gage’s cock in one hand and retrieving Bruce’s with the other. She pulled and sucked them one at a time, craning her neck to do so.

“Oh this feels so good!” Ray commented, his belly whacking against Connie’s. He grabbed one tit in his hand and mauled it. Connie hitched her black-stockinged legs over his hips and pulled him deep.

“I’m next, don’t forget,” Bruce reminded them. He was being patient, lying there on the bed getting his cock sucked and jerked. But his balls had begun to ache from holding back his steaming jism.

“What do you think of my little treat, boys?” Gage asked, as if he really wanted their opinion. “Isn’t she just the slut of the century?”

When his cock wasn’t in her mouth, he bumped it along her face gently.

“She’s hat, that’s for fucking sure,” Ray panted. Sweat was drooling from his face and chest.

“She sure knows how to suck a cock,” Bruce added. His prick seemed to be about nine inches long now. His cockhead had swollen into a huge reddened ball.

Connie’s body was rocked by the deep thrusts of Ray’s cock. Her belly rippled and her tits wobbled crazily. Her nipples shot up nearly an inch from their swollen, pink circles. The long string of pearls circled one tit. Her fists clutched both cocks tight and tugged them toward her mouth.

Connie had planted a cockhead at each side of her ravaged, face, and she was flicking her tongue back and forth, lashing each one. Now both men nudged closer to her head.

“Shit, what are you doing to her?” Ray groaned. He swept his hand back and forth across Connie’s flat golden belly, stroking under the tight black strap of her frilly garter belt. She had her legs spread so wide that the stocking straps were stretched taut.

“She wants to suck both cocks,” Bruce mumbled.

And it appeared she did. She strained her head up off the bed and lapped at the two cocks in turn, then forced her mouth down past one cockhead as the other grazed her cheek. Then she would switch. Her eyes glared up crazily, as if she were having a weird dream.

“Fuck, you’ll have to take over,” Ray grumbled. “If I have to look at her face stuffed like that, I’ll shoot my load. Bruce, get down here.”

“But she seems real happy,” Bruce said. Connie’s cheeks were puffed out obscenely over a cockhead. She pumped their prick bases in her fists.

“I thought you wanted to fuck her,” Ray went on. He had pulled back now and his huge cock slid from Connie’s cunt and hung dripping in the air like a tree branch after a storm. It twitched oddly as he stepped off the foot of the bed and rested. Great wads of clear juice rolled down from her gaping pussy.

“Yeah,” Bruce agreed, and he reluctantly wrangled his prick from Connie’s tight grasp, leaving her with only one cock to suck.

She began to whimper deep in her throat, like a spoiled child who’s had a favorite toy taken away. Her eyes rolled, toward Bruce in panic. Fortunately, Ray returned to take his place by her head, and he let her grab his swollen cock again and ram it against her lips. The swirling in his balls had eased up since he’d stopped fucking her.

Bruce settled himself between her legs, and he forced his prick into the gooey slice of her cunt. He was the third one to shove his cock into her pussy, and it was getting mighty greasy down there. Her fuck-hole fairly vacuumed him inside and, in no time at all, he was fucking happily in and out of her, his ass cheeks flexing.

“She’s a prize student and no mistake,” Gage commented lazily. He seemed to be talking to himself. He stared down at Connie’s lust-clouded face tenderly.

“What a sight she is,” said Bruce, looking up the length of bet naked torso. He also played with the frilly black strap of her garter belt. He noticed how her tits had separated slightly on her chest because of their weight. He tweaked a stiff nipple, and it seemed to sizzle at his touch.

Connie was rubbing two cocks against her face. She had closed her eyes and, with her fists, she was steering each prickhead over her cheeks and across her forehead. She rubbed them against her eyelids, smearing her heavy blue eyeshadow. She crammed one cock, then the other against her lips and tongue, flashing quick licks between the two prickheads. She had begun to moan as Bruce fucked her.

He had gotten hold of her legs and jackknifed them, forcing her knees apart with his hands. He speared his bloated cock into the tufted gash of her cunt with deep, easy lunges. The pearls shifted and slithered between her tits. Her belly sucked up and down hungrily.

“I think we should stuff her,” Gage suggested dreamily. “I think we should stuff her so full of cock, she’ll never ever forget it.”

He was watching as Connie nudged his cock over her right temple. Clear traces of pre-cum had oozed from all three cocks onto her face as if snails had dragged themselves across her skin. The stuff dried almost white.

“You mean the sandwich-fuck?” asked Ray.

“I mean the triple-fuck,” Gage announced. “I think we should fill every hole she has with cock. All at the same time. I don’t want her to forget this in a hurry.”

As dazed as she was, Connie almost fainted with lust. At last. At last, they were all going to fuck her. She’d be squished between so much cockmeat that she wouldn’t know where she was. At last, the teenager found what it felt like to have three cocks inside her at the same time. She’d know what it was like to be impaled on damn near a yard of hard cock. She stared up at them expectantly.

“Who gets what?” Bruce wondered, his voice strained with effort. He was still fucking merrily, probing his prick to the hilt in Connie’s poor, ravaged cunt.

“I thought we’d all decided that,” said Gage. He was trying to pull his cock from Connie’s steel grip.

“I get the ass,” said Ray.

Suddenly, Bruce stopped slicing into Connie and withdrew from her sopping pussy. All three men backed off from the nude and spread-eagled girl. All three cocks soared up to the ceiling like hunks of pipe. Connie glanced about her distractedly, catching sight of her well fucked body in the overhead mirror. Her deep blue eyelids drooped with lust.


Bruce was lying on his back on the bed, holding his cock upright with his fist. The other two men supported Connie as she squatted with one leg on each side of him. They were helping to lower her gently onto his upright prick, shifting her slightly from side to side as they neared the target.

Connie watched herself in the mirror. She was fascinated by the whole adventure. As she sank lower, she reached down between her legs and wrestled Bruce’s cock from his grasp. She would guide it the rest of the way, making sure it went into the right hole. That shouldn’t be too hard, she thought, considering how huge her cunt was now, after a triple-fucking. Her pussy lips were all exposed and ragged, like raw meat.

Watching closely in the mirror Connie slid Bruce’s thick cockhead between the pulpy walls of her aching cunt. Her knees were bent sharply and her stocking straps were pulled to the snapping point. Her cunt lips gnawed at his glistening prickhead and sucked at the top two inches of cockshaft. With a deep sigh of satisfaction, Connie let her full weight fall on his erect fuck spike, and it was stuffed completely inside her. She watched it disappear.

“It’s going. You got it,” commented Bruce as he watched the final inch of cock slid between the soggy lips of Connie’s cunt. She was settling on him gingerly, her knees jack-knifed on either side of him. The other two men let go, and she leaned forward over him, her tits swinging in above his face like ripe fruit. He caught a thick nipple between his lips.

Connie stared into the mirror, enthralled, as Ray took up position behind her. Gage was clutching her ass cheeks in his hands, helping spread them for this second cock. She felt the first touch of Ray’s bloated cockhead between her ass cheeks, then the pressure against her shitter as he found his target. He began to force her forward.

“Ungh! Ungh!” she moaned with pleasure. She studied her face in the mirror. It was so strained with pleasure that it looked as though she was in pain.

“It’s going! It’s going up her ass!” Gage exclaimed. He was peering down between her ass cheeks intently.

The head of Ray’s prick had disappeared, and now an inch, two inches of cockshaft was following. From below, the base of Bruce’s prick could be seen arching up into the soft folds of her cunt. Ray could feel the hot stiffness of the second cock as he drove deeper into Connie’s ass. There was very little flesh separating them.

“Keep going! Keep going!” Gage encouraged. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and watched as four, five, six inches of cock slid into her shitter. Finally, Ray’s balls settled on her ass, and he was in her shitter to the hilt. His crotch hair crackled against her satin flesh.

“Ungh! Ungh!” Connie grunted. Her eyelids drooped and her mouth sagged open loosely. She felt bloated, absolutely clogged with cock. She’d never felt so full up in her entire life. She could feel each prick separately, throbbing limbs inside her. But she wasn’t finished yet.

“Now it’s my turn,” Gage beamed, stepping onto the bed. He clutched his hard cock in his hand and advanced on Connie, tilting her head up with one hand as he set her up for yet another blow-job. He too was now watching things in the mirror.

“Mmmmmfffff! Mmmfffgggnnn!” she groaned as Gage forced his cock between her sagging lips. Her eyelids fluttered. For the next few minutes, she gazed at herself in the mirrors as if she were in a dream. It seemed to her that it was some other pretty teenager, not she, tangled up there on the bed with three guys fucking her.

“Go, guys, go!” Gage raved, as if he were at the rodeo. All he needed was his cowboy hat to wave.

Ray started fucking Connie viciously up her ass. He plowed his cock into her again and again, pulling it halfway out, then drilling, it back in to the hilt. His belly slapped against her lower back. His balls flopped down rhythmically. He seemed very close to coming already.

Bruce stayed fairly still. There was not much he could do under the tangle of bodies. But from time to time, he did jerk up his hips and corkscrew his prick in Connie’s gaping, wet cunt. Ray’s lunges provided a lot of friction for his own cock. They forced Connie’s pussy to snap and suck at his prick hungrily.

Gage had swept her hair up onto the top of her head, and he kept it piled there with his hands as he fucked Connie’s face. He wanted a clear view of her cock-stuffed mouth, and he wanted her to be able to see herself in the mirrors. He loved the way her cheeks ballooned, then hollowed as she was forced to suck cock. Her nostrils flared and her eyes bulged with the strain.

“What a hot bitch!” Ray grunted, fucking into Connie’s ass harder and faster than ever. “Three cocks at the same time! Shit, I don’t believe it!”

Connie could hardly believe it, either. She stared across at her reflection in the mirrors, amazed at the lewd picture she saw. She was surrounded by hard male limbs and muscles, by hair and sweat and power. And the three giant cocks were all plowing in and out of her, a yard of cock clogging her helpless teenaged body. She felt as though she were being torn apart.

She remembered a porno movie her friend, Bobby, had tried to show her, not too long before she’d given in to him in his car. He must have been trying to get her in the mood or something. He’d invited her to his parents’ home while they were out and had set up a projector in his bedroom. Then he’d started the film while she sat innocently on the bed.

In the movie, a sweet looking young girl had started making it with two men. She’d gotten as far as sucking one of them while the other fucked her when Connie refused to watch any more and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She hadn’t believed that anyone would have sex with more than one man at a time. And here she was, making it with three guys at once.

She wondered how the movie had ended. Something told her she was about to find out. Gage was moving back from her, drawing his cock from her mouth. He slapped the log of his prick back and forth across her face as he addressed the others. It appeared Gage was directing a little porno session of his own. As he spoke, Connie got some idea of how the dirty movie had probably ended.

“Let’s come all over her,” he rasped. “I want to see what she looks like with jism dripping off her. Whenever you’re ready, boys, let’s spurt it all over her.”

Connie swooned. God, yes, it was what she wanted, too. Ever since Mel Hastings had shot his load into her face earlier, she’d been reliving the crazy scene in her head. At the time, it had been such a shock. But when she thought back on it, she realized it was one of the most exciting things that had ever happened to her. It was so fucking kinky.

“I’m ready right now,” Ray mumbled, sweat pouring down his chest. He began hauling his cock out from the tight grip of Connie’s asshole.

“Me, too,” came the muffled croak from Bruce. He could feel the jism boiling in his balls.

“Yes! Come on me! Spurt your hot cum all over me!” Connie whimpered. As all the hot cocks were withdrawn from her, she tumbled forward on the bed. She flipped over onto her back and held up her hands, half in surrender, half in search of cocks to hold and jerk on.

She found Bruce’s freed cock with one hand, Ray’s with the other. She tugged them to either side of her face, and she began licking and sucking as before, her eyes tense and expectant. Gage clambered up onto her belly, swinging a leg over her midriff and settling onto her as if he were riding a horse. He lodged his thick prick in her cleavage and pressed her tits to either side of it.

“Okay, boys, jerk off on her!” he croaked, beginning to fuck her tits. “I want to see gallons and gallons of hot, creamy jism spurting onto her face! I want her to be drowning in cum!”

Connie almost began to cry with lust and excitement. “Yes, oh, yes! Jerk off on me! Spurt your hot cum in my face! I want it! I love cum! Oh, please, shoot your jizz on my face!”

Bruce and Ray folded their fists over her slender fingers and helped her jerk them off. Both their cockheads were planted on either side of her mouth, which was open and waiting. She shifted her pretty face from side to side, waiting for the hot jets of cum that she knew would soon spurt. She thrust out her tongue and curled it to the left and right.

The cock just to the left of her mouth suddenly exploded wetly, splattering her face with cum. Four long strings of jism jetted in all directions. One rode up her cheek to her eye, where it hooked onto her eyelash and hung there, like a fat, white pearl. One string jumped up over her cheekbone, across her temple, and off over her ear. The last two spun off across her upper lip, toward her jaw.

She rolled her eyes toward the cockhead and gaped her mouth wide so that its owner could spurt inside. A fat jet fired across her tongue deep into her throat. Then the cockhead was jammed against the corner of her mouth and a monstrous knot of jism poured out and slid across her front teeth. One wad dropped out of sight between her lush lips. The other rolled mightily down her chin.

Jism fell from the corner of her mouth in a gross silver mass, thick and shiny. When it reached her chin, it poured down in a long, elastic string then flopped across her pretty neck. Her lips and mouth shined brightly under all the white slime.

And her fists kept on pumping the cocks beneath the male hands. The spurting cock blasted another huge jet directly into her gaping, clogged mouth, then swung upwards, to paste a quivering rope of cum to the right of her nose and up over her now clenched eyelid. Under the cum, her deep-blue eyeshadow shined almost black.

And suddenly, the cock to the right of her mouth was exploding. It was tilting upwards, and the first huge string of cum it blasted was curling up into the air like something shot from a harpoon. The grossly thick coil of jism hung in the air for a split second, then crashed across Connie’s face from ear to ear. Half an inch wide, the ribbon of jizz wriggled across one cheek, squirmed over her nose, then traveled down the other cheek thickly.

Connie squinted between her eyelids, trying to see where this new source of hot cream was coming from. But the cock spurted a twist of silver cum at an angle to the first, across her cheek and into her eyes where it spun quickly and sealed her eyes shut. Her lashes were glued together by the sticky paste.

“Perfect! Perfect! Shoot it at her! Cover the little cunt!” Gage raved. He still fucked Connie violently between her tits.

The first cock to explode seemed to be almost empty. It didn’t shoot cum anymore, but drooled it slowly, like cream from a nozzle. A wobbling string oozed down and planted itself just below her nose, clogging one nostril. Another blob splatted onto her forehead in a big circle.

The second cock was still going strong. It jetted another long rope into the air, and this one tumbled right across Connie’s clogged mouth, filling it to overflowing. The jet continued down her face and hooked onto her ear, where it began to drip like a weird earring. But now the jets and squiggles of cum were getting all mixed up as they crossed. It was hard to tell which cum came from where.

As if to add to the confusion, Gage suddenly gave a cry, and a spear of cum blasted from his cocktip between Connie’s wobbling tits. It shot up her cleavage like a rocket, coating the inner swells of both tits as it went. Then it spurted across the hollow of her neck and smashed her violently under her chin. Balls of cum bounced off in all directions.

“Open wide, bitch! Here it comes!” he groaned, and he lifted his cock from her cleavage and clutched it in his hand. He climbed higher on her chest, until he had his cock planted on her greasy chin. Then he began to spurt out huge, glittering was of hot jism.

By now, Connie had her lips closed over her mouthful of squirming cum, and the silver paste were oozing out over her lower face. Gage was past caring where he shot his load. He tilted his cock slightly from side to side, and the last few clear spots on Connie’s face were smeared. She was already unrecognizable.

A fountain of jizz spurted up from Gage’s cock and divided her face in half. It shot up all the way from her chin to her hairline, then drooled back down over her eye and cheek. It seemed to spread into a wider and wider pool below her eye, like a melting ice cube. His jism mixed with all the other balls and squiggles to make Connie’s face glitter.

The second cock still spurted, and one of its jets met a blast from Gage in mid-air. The two sprays collided above Connie, then splatted down onto her features greasily. Spokes of silver cream ran out from under her eye in every possible direction. A thick pool was forming over one of her eyes. The overflow was trickling down her temple.

“Maybe she’s had enough,” Bruce said. His balls were empty now, and he was wiping his cock in Connie’s hair. He looked down worriedly at her face.

“The bitch loves it. The little cunt craves it,” grunted Gage. He and Ray were still spurting. Even as he spoke, a long rope of white coiled out from his cock and decorated Connie’s face with a wide semi-circle, starting at the corner of her eye and ending below her nose. Ray shot a jet of white straight across her forehead.

Connie began to gag. And suddenly, she opened her mouth. Inside, the huge mass of boiled cum still swirled. She couldn’t swallow it. And Gage blasted another wad straight inside. Her tongue and teeth were submerged under all the silver jism.

“You’ll choke her. She’s taken so much,” Bruce went on.

Gage shot another pale silver jet up the side of her nose. Ray lobbed a final bolt across her eye. Connie gagged and whimpered. She could barely breathe. She tried to open her eyes, but couldn’t. One nostril was completely blocked. So much cum. She felt like she was drowning in oceans of cum.

“Cockteasing slut. Blast her with cum. Cover her in it,” Gage wheezed.

Ray’s cock was only dripping now, but Gage had something left. He tilted his cock, and yet another gigantic stream of cum soared high up Connie’s face. Bubbles of white popped from her nose. Her mouth was a pale silver pool of hot jelly.

There couldn’t be this much cum in the world, she thought. She’d drown. She was sure she’d drown under all the jizz.

But finally, Gage was finished, too. His prick stopped spurting and simply drooled white strings to her face. He rested his cockhead on her greasy chin and watched the slime ooze out and dribble down her cheeks. Ray planted his cock under her eye and smeared the thick layers of jism about on her skin. Even Bruce leaned over her again, propping his prick up over her forehead.

“You ever see anyone so greasy?” Gage whispered to them. There was a touch of amazement in his voice. “You ever see a young chick wallowing in so much cum?”

The others didn’t speak. They were fascinated, too, with Connie’s splattered face.

Her features looked as though they were plastered with some weird, slimy makeup. Their cocks oozed juice out onto her face still. Hunks of wet jism slid off down her cheeks in thick dribbles.

But Connie wasn’t frightened anymore. Now that the cocks had stopped spurting, she felt a terrific peacefulness, as though she’d come through a great ordeal. She felt older, wiser. She was proud that she hadn’t panicked at the last moment. She’d handled three men and let them come in her face. She’d done something really daring.

And suddenly, under all the drying layers of sizzling cum, she began to smile. Cum oozed from her mouth as her lips parted. The white pool in her eye shimmered. She clutched two of the cocks in her hands and shoved them against her cheeks. Then she began to massage them against her face, smearing the silver jism every which way. Deep in her clogged throat, she began to chuckle.