Spouse In Torment

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will be sacrificed for the sake of those goals. Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, is the only thing that really matters. That others suffer because of it is inconsequential to them.

SPOUSE IN TORMENT is the story of a young woman, Lisa Morton, and the sacrifice she must make for her husband, an ambitious and successful advertising executive who allows nothing to interfere with his goals. Ken Morton is unconcerned about what he will do to others including his wife so long as he achieves his goals.

SPOUSE IN TORMENT — a startling story which contains a warning for us all. A novel which answers many questions, but which leaves many more still unanswered.


“Aaaarrrgggbhh!” she screamed as Ken Morton thrust half his fist up her cunt.

It was seven o’clock in the morning and he wanted another quick fuck before they both had to get up and go to the office.

“You want my cock now, Lou?” he asked.

“You bastard, you know I do,” Louise replied. “Jesus, you’re amazing. You fuck me half the night and then wake me up by shoving your fist up my cunt and saying, ‘I want to fuck you again!'”

He stared down at her lustily. Ken Morton had always fucked his secretaries, but this one might outlast the others. She was a real screamer. She loved sex. And sex was the one thing besides money and power that Ken Morton loved.

He eased his body down until the throbbing cum tube on the underside of his cock lay in the furrow of her gushing cuntal slit. Then he buried his face between the warm softness of her tits.

She breathed hard at his touch and clutched his head between her breasts, jamming the globes against his ears and twisting her fingers in his hair.

He moved his mouth across her naked hot tits and captured one nipple in his mouth. He sucked it with all the lust and power in his tongue and cheeks.

She groaned and moved her chest beneath his face in wild gyrations of joy and rising passion. “Yes, yes, suck on ’em! Make ’em sweat and bounce!”

Harder and harder he sucked, swirling his tongue over the rigid nipples that quivered so delightfully. She answered his intensity by arching her back and raising her chest, eagerly offering both trembling mounds of flesh to his hotly devouring mouth.

“Go on, honey, suck my tits! Suck ’em hard! Yessssss, bite ’em! Make ’em hurt! Bite the shitout of ’em!”

His hands found the tie which held her negligee in place. He jerked it open all the way down to the furry crotch, exposing the softly curling cunt hairs between her throbbing thighs.

The smell of her cunt rising to his nostrils inflamed both his mind and his cock. He lifted and pulled her body to him, covering her mouth with his. Her tongue fuck forward, slipping past his teeth and into his mouth. She moaned loud and long as her arms circled his neck, pressing tightly, molding their mouths together.

“Now I’m going to fuck you.”

“Yes! Gimme your meat, darling! Pour your cock into my fuckhole!”

He sucked again at one of her generous tits as he positioned the big head of his enormous cock at the lips of her pussy. She was soaked with the juices of her arousal. He inched forward and felt his glans part the petals of her cunt.

She punted in anticipation and when he didn’t impale her immediately, she thrust upward with her hips in an effort to capture his cock.

He laughed.

“You teasing son of a bitch!” she cried. “Give it to me! You got me hot, now do something about it! FUCK ME, YOU BASTARD!”

Her thighs opened even wider, her cunt lips writhing spasmodically at the prospect of soon having his magnificent, pleasure-giving cock rammed hotly up her cunt. “Hurry! Give it to me. Shove that fuckin’ cock up me!”

She reached with her hand and grabbed his meat. She pulled him down on top of her and crushed the full length of her body against his. At the same time, she ground her pelvis hard into him, opening her legs wide. Her hot cunt flared open, pouring forth the juice of her desire, waiting for the attack to come.

“Fuck me! FUCK MEEE, DAMMIT!” she wailed, straining her cunt up to the fiery head of his cock. “Put it up inside me… let me feel your cock inside me! Give it to me, now… NOW!”

Her pelvis was grinding upward and forward as she spoke. Her hands dove between their bodies and closed over his prick to guide it into the moist pink lips of her hot, eager cunt.

Ken flexed his hips with a sudden driving thrust that drove his huge, rock-hard prick deep into the gaping wet mouth between her parted thighs. Into her convulsing cunt it went with a shattering force.

And then they were fucking wildly, loudly, as if there would be no tomorrow, and no more fucks.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck yes!” she squealed in delight beneath him as the huge hunk of meat rammed into her writhing body. “Beautiful! Beautiful cock!”

He felt the smooth, pulsating cunt walls slip hotly around his prick, consuming it as it raced to the depths of her cunt. The full length of his huge cock was buried inside her. His balls slapped with a rhythm against her puckered asshole.

“It’s in you, baby! All of it!” he growled.

“Yet, I feel it! It feels so fucking good! Now screw me with it!” she squealed. “Fuck me with it good!”

His cock seemed to have a life of its own as it quivered and throbbed. The foreskin peeled back tautly from the head. He could feel the sticky juices of her willing hole coating his prick like a glove.

Then he was fully inside her, his crotch grinding against hers in an up-and-down motion. He reached under her and cupped the fleshy softness of her asscheeks.

Suddenly her whole body responded to his impaling cock. She became a mass of pulsing flesh. She was coming. She could feel it. He could feel it.

“OHHHHHHHH, shit, fuck shit!” she groaned, loving the shock, beating a tattoo on his ass with her heels and grinding her clit against him. Howling sounds came from her throat as she bounced her tits against his chest and tore at his back with her nails.

“Are you coming already, honey? Is it good? Is it, huh?” he gasped, his mind filled with the wildness and passion that seemed to surge from her body.

She answered him with her body. Her come had been good, almost complete in the wild sensations it had caused all through her, clear up to her tits.

“Now you,” she cried. “Heat up my belly with your cum. Juice my pussy, Ken darling! Come in me!”

“Fuck me back, baby,” he groaned. “Pound my dick with your sweet pussy!”

The spasms started again in her love hole. “Fuck me with it! Hurt me if you can. Tear my pussy apart with your meat!”

His hips drew back, drawing his cock from her cunt until only the head nestled lovingly between her lips. Then she pulled on his buttocks and forced him back into her.

Vibrating quivers bathed his cock as she came again and continued the writhing and bucking of her hips. She groaned her pleasure and let it spread across her face.

He plunged his dick in and out of her in a pumping fuck that excited him even more.

And then he hissed out his passion as he felt the molten cum surge from deep in his balls.

Louise sensed it and reached below her upraised ass to cup his spasming balls as they pumped her full of cum. With a gentle pressure she nudged them and he continued to come in waves of gushing sperm.

“Yes… yes,” she moaned, “fill my cunt with your hot juice!”

She reached her own peak again as the last of his cum poured into her belly. She wrapped her legs around his hips and urged him to keep pumping until she could come yet again.

“Yes, yes… more, more, baby… still more!” she urged.

She pumped against him until a tiny scream erupted from her throat. “Oh, Ken, yes… yes… I’m there again!”

She bucked through a final come and then he pulled his wet, cum-soaked cock from her pussy and crawled up until it was above her face.

“Clean it off, honey,” he urged.

Eagerly and willingly she obliged, replacing all the cum and pussy juice on his love staff with saliva from her hot mouth. Then she dried his cock off by massaging it with her tits.

At last he rolled away from her and reached for the cigarettes. He lit two and handed her one.

“You mind if I come in a little late this morning?” she asked. “I want to have my hair done.”

“‘S okay,” he nodded, dragging deeply on the cigarette. “Harris won’t be in until about eleven.”

“Do you think he’ll award the contracts to you?”

“Can’t say for sure,” Ken replied. “It just depends on how well my wife fucked him last night.”


When Lisa Morton woke up, she felt a stranger in the bed beside her.

She didn’t turn her head at first. At that particular moment, she wanted to enjoy the slow luxury of awakening, wanted time to get her mind operating again. There was a pattern of sunlight reflected through the blinds along one wall, and she turned to look at it.

The pattern was a familiar one. In fact, the position of those slats of light on the wall could almost tell her the time, the way a sundial might. At dawn, the light struck through the window of her twentieth floor apartment and painted bars of sunshine all across the wall near the ceiling. As the dayadvanced and the sun climbed into the sky, those bars would inch down toward the floor. At around noon or so, they would disappear altogether.

She examined the position of the bars carefully, and judged the time to be past nine o’clock. Of course, it would have been much easier to simply look at the clock on her night table, but there was a stranger on that side, and she didn’t want to look at him.

She tried to remember his name and then it came to her — Harris. He was advertising manager for a big cola company and he was about to award a huge advertising contract to her husband’s agency.

Then she remembered Ken’s phone call. “His name’s Harris, honey. Milt Harris. We’ll pull the same old bit. He comes up for dinner, I get tied up, and you entertain him.”



“What if I don’t feel like it?”

“Don’t feel like it?” he laughed. “Hey, baby, this is your old man you’re talkin’ to… you always feel like it! Remember our little deal, and how good it’s been for us. Hump him hard, honey!”

Yes, Lisa remembered their little deal. How in the hell could she forget it?

And so she had gone to bed with another stranger, and she had humped the hell out of him just as Ken had told, her to do.

She sighed. Time was passing. Sooner or later she would have to get up. She had a feeling there were things to do today, and spending the morning in bed would accomplish nothing. The man beside her should be awakened and packed on his way so that she might have some life to herself.

But she didn’t want to awaken him. She had no clear recollection of the previous evening, or of the type of man he might be, but some sense told her he would be a clinger. She entertained a lot of clingers for Ken, and they were the worst of all, worse even than the perverts and fools who sometimes shared her bed.

She had gotten pretty drunk before she had finally let him get her into bed. Anymore, that was the only way she could really enjoy fucking the strangers. Booze made it bearable. But in the mornings she just wanted to get rid of them.

She always had to keep up the pretense that it had been the first time that she had cheated on her husband, and she felt so guilty about it. She puffed up their egos by telling them that Ken would kill her if he ever found out.

Then they would inevitably go to Ken with a guilty conscience. That was part of their deal. The deal they had made when they got married, and both of them had just wanted sex and wealth.

But now that they had the wealth, Lisa found out that she wanted more than just sex; she wanted love to go along with it.

There was no point in worrying about it. If luck was with her this morning, the man beside her might simply awaken, give her a squeeze or two, then get dressed and leave.

Lisa shifted her gaze from the stripes on the wall and eased her body over slowly. She looked first at the clock, and saw her estimation of the time had been accurate. It was nine-thirty-five.

She lowered her eyes and looked at the stranger. He was still sleeping, but not very deeply. He looked as if he would wake up in a few minutes or so. She examined his features, and was a bit surprised to see she didn’t recognize him at all. Of course, it was still a bit early, but she had spent the night with this man, and he should look a little familiar!

The man had kicked the covers down during the night, baring his body from head to waist. Only a single fold of blanket covered his form. On impulse, Lisa reached out and plucked the cloth away.

He stirred slightly, and his hips shifted. He was beginning to awaken.

Lisa moved her body carefully, trying to slip from the bed without rousing him. If she could get to the closet and cover her naked body with a robe before he saw her, it would make the process of getting rid of him that much simpler. Seeing her bare body would only remind him of the night just past, and might trigger the stupid reaction that would turn him into a clinger.

She made it to the edge of the bed and slipped her legs over the side. Now, came the hard part easing herself off the mattress without telegraphing the movement to the springs, or to the man. Slowly and evenly she lifted her lush buttocks from the bed and shifted her weight forward onto her legs.

A hand touched her.

She closed her eyes and inhaled very deeply.

The hand was cupping her left buttock, and the fingers were inching to the right. She stood up quickly and stepped out of reach.

“Hey,” he said.

She didn’t want to turn around. She didn’t want to look at him. All she wanted was for him to go away and leave her alone.

But she turned around anyway.

His cock was already hard, the bulbous knob dangling rigidly above his hairy groin. She just shook her head in wonder that the mere sight of her body could give him a hard-on so quickly. She fought down the tiny flutter in her pussy.

“You were right,” he said, grinning. “Your old man didn’t come home all night.” He lifted himself on one elbow and let his eyes warn don the length of her nude form.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Boy, now that’s something you don’t see every day.”

“What is?”

“A body like that.”

And Lisa did have a body. It was as voluptuously perfect as her face was beautiful.

“I’m beautiful… I know,” she said, “and sometimes it can be a curse.” She pulled on a pair of panties.

“Shit, Lisa, you’re more than beautiful. You’re gorgeous!”

The panties she wore were white in contrast to the golden brown of her tanned skin. Her breasts were two perfect, swaying mounds flaring across her chest. Her black hair cascaded around her shoulders and barely touched the full roundness of her tits. Her panties were cut high on the thighs, revealing the whiteness of her skin between the tan lines.

Lisa watched him fist his cock with one hand while he slowly massaged the huge, hanging sac of his balls with the other.

“You like my tits, don’t you,” Lisa said, half amused.

“They’re perfect,” he said, moving his hand faster, in longer strokes, on his cock.

Indeed they were beautiful. They were firm and stood out from her body in their rounded perfection. The areolas were heavily veined and pink. Her nipples rose in hardness, twinkling at him, inviting his lips and tongue to taste their sweetness.

“Sorry… fun’s over,” she said, doing her best, for a change, to keep her own lust in check.

She turned and walked toward the closet where her robe was hung. She was conscious of the shiver of flesh on her body with each step, conscious also of the fact that he was watching her, seeing the delicious interplay between her tits and hips and buttocks as she moved.

“Hey,” he called again.

She opened the closet door and found the robe. “What is it?” she asked, without turning.

“I said, you look just as good right now and you did last night.”

“I heard you. What about it?”

“Well…” he seemed momentarily at a loss for words. She closed the closet door and turned toward him with the robe draped over an arm.

“Well what?”

“Well… you know. You look so good, you get me all hot again.”

“Do I?”

“And, take it from me, there aren’t many women who can do that to a guy like me. Usually on a morning after, well, I just want to cut out. Before it gets complicated or something. Know what I mean?”

“Yes,” Lisa said. “And you don’t have to worry about complications. I’m married… remember?” She slipped an arm into the robe.

“Hey, you’re not going to cover all those goodies up, are you?”

“I’m chilly,” she replied. “The party’s over.” She slid her other arm into the robe and drew it closed around her body.

“That’s the way it is, huh?”

“That’s the way it is.” Lisa walked across the room, past the foot of the bed, and paused at the door. “Please get dressed now. I have quite a few things to attend to, so I’d appreciate it if you’d let me get started.”

“Where are YOU going?” he asked.

“The kitchen. I’m making some coffee.” She paused. “It should be ready by the time you dress, if you want some.”

She left the bedroom and went dawn the short hallway to the kitchen. As she passed the door to the living room, she saw the collection of glasses and filled ash trays on the table by the couch. She hoped he hadn’t left any cigarettes burning when they had retired to the bedroom she didn’t want any more scars on that coffee table.

In the kitchen, she started the coffee. Her stomach grumbled, and she realized that she was very hungry. But she wouldn’t be able to eat until Harris left. It was always that way after spending the night with a man; she couldn’t eat until til he had departed, and ceased to remind her of the other uses to which she had put her mouth.

The coffee began perking in the little glass knob of the pot, and she turned the flame down. Beyond the kitchen window the sun was shining furiously and the sky was a brilliant blue. It was a good day out there, she thought, and it would be a good day in here as well if that man would ever pull on his pants and leave.

Absently she wondered where, and with whom, Ken had spent the night. The bastard. She was sure he had enjoyed himself a hell of a lot more than she had.

She didn’t hear Harris step into the kitchen behind her. He got her in three places at once. His hands came suddenly from behind her and scooped up her breasts. His chest came up hard against her shoulder blades. And down below, down at the soft cleft of her buttocks, she felt his cock spread her asscheeks.

“I thought you were getting dressed,” she said.

His face was pressed against her shoulder, and his breath blew on the skin of her neck. “I’m not quite ready yet. I told you, I’m still in the mood.”

She glanced at the bubbling coffee pot. For a moment she considered picking it up and emptying the boiling contents all over his naked body. But that would just cause trouble, and trouble was something she didn’t want.

“Please go inside and put your clothes on,” she said.

He turned her around and opened her robe. He gasped in awe as her full, round, dark-tipped globes leaped into view. Their size and firmness filled his mind with desire and his cock with tingling sensations.

Her whole body started shaking as his hands massaged her tits. No, she thought, no, I won’t fuck him again. I did the job, Ken gets the contract, we both make another bundle of money. But I won’t fuck him again.

He moved the robe off her shoulders. It fell softly to the floor. He slid her panties off, revealing the heavy, matted bush of her black cuntal hair. She stood with her legs just a little apart so the rounded curve of her tightly clasped cunt lips could be seen. Inside her cunt lips, the pinkness darkened and beneath them he could see the rounded bottoms of her perfect buttocks. They gleamed white against the darker skin on the inside of her thighs.

He almost whimpered as he moved into her, his cock bouncing in front of his body, its length stiff and straight as it pointed toward her cunt. He groaned in desire as his hands roamed over her belly, her hips, then down across her thighs and up to her cunt. His cock jerked up and down between them, a silver strand of cum seeping from its head as he combed the thick hair of her pussy with his fingers, letting the tips bask in its softness.

Again Lisa shuddered as his fingers dipped into the honey of her pussy. He moved back up her body.

“Hey,” he said, working her breasts in his hands and moving his hips against her. “You’re beginning to see things my way, aren’t you?”

“I’m very tired,” she said. “Please.”

“Now, look, I appreciate how you’re tired, and how you have things to do, and all that. Believe me, I don’t want to bug you. I like you, Lisa. I really do.”

“Please,” she said again.

“I like you so much, in fact, I think maybe I’ll drop by next week for another go-round. How’d you like that?”

“Fine,” she said. “That would be fine.”

“But, right now, well, I’d just like a little something to remember you by. A bit of dessert, sort of. Is that too much to ask?”

She gave up. The man was money in the bank, after all. He was also at least as stubborn as she was. The only way to get rid of him was to give him what he wanted.

She turned off the flame under the coffee pot and picked his hands from her breasts.

“All right,” she said. “Let’s go.”


She looked at him, concentrating her attention on his face. “The bedroom, of course.”

“Oh, why bother?” he said, smiling. “We can take care of the whole thing right heft.”

“In the kitchen?”

“Sure. I told you, I don’t want much. Not a whole fling thing. Just a memento of last night, that’s all I want.”

He stared at her hungrily, and all at once she knew what was on his mind. Damn him, she thought, at this hour of the morning the son of a bitch wants a blow-job.

“Very well,” she said, pointing at a kitchen chair. “Sit down over there.”

“I haven’t told you what!”

“I know what you want.”

He grinned. “Yeah, I guess maybe you do. You’re really some hunk of woman, right down the line.” He went over to the chair and sat down.

She bent down and opened a cabinet beneath the sink. There was a soft rubber kitchen mat in there, and she pulled it out onto the floor.

“What’s that for?” he asked.

“Me,” she said. Still without looking at him, she kicked the mat in front of him and knelt down.

She was leaning toward him when he pushed his hands out. “Just a second,” he said. His voice was thick with excitement. “There’s something I want to do first.”

She leaned back and his hands slid down to circle her tits. He worked the flesh in his fingers, teasing them methodically. She waited, her hands resting on her knees, enduring it.

“Man,” he said, “you have a pair! Say, Lisa honey, did anybody ever tell you what a prize-winning set you have? But that’s a silly question, isn’t it? I guess you know all about that.”

She didn’t answer. She felt the flesh responding to his touch. He would be certain the stiffening of her nipples was a signal of passion. Men always seemed to think that. Lisa had often wished she could control that reaction. It would have saved her a lot of trouble.

“Lisa? Baby?”


“Touch me some,” he said. “I can feel how much you’re enjoying this. Come on, do it nice, the way you did last night.”

She did as he asked. Her hands came up to him. His breath hissed between his teeth as she began caressing him.

It wasn’t always possible for her to shut off her mind completely, but she tried. She tried to think of other things… of books she had read, of clothes she wanted to buy, of her and Ken’s plans for the future, of her friends, of anything at all which would blind her to what she was doing. As usual, the effort was only partially successful. Her fingers made old familiar patterns while her mind wandered furiously.

If only this was Connie sitting before her, she thought. How different this lousy moment might be. She tried to concentrate on Connie as she continued, tried to think of the pleasure of being with Connie, the delight of feeling Connie in her arms. If she could hold that image in her mind, she might be able to forget what she was doing, and how it repulsed her.

“Now, Lisa,” he said. His voice was as moist and husky as a drunkard’s. “Now, honey… now!”

She did. She leaned forward. Her tits shifted in his hands, and she felt his fingers ride until they were touching her nipples. The fingers closed and held the tiny stems painfully.

She ignored the pain. Her hands slid to his legs and she positioned her face. Then she closed her eyes and dropped forward.

“Suck it! Don’t be frightened! Oh, baby, my dick wants to feel your mouth on him!”

Slowly, but almost willingly now, she opened her mouth and took the massive cockhead into her throat. He raised his right leg up on her shoulder, gaining the advantage of a position where he could worm his way into the back of her throat. “I said suck it, baby. Suck it hard!”

Her lips encircled the head of his cock and he lunged forward on the chair, driving it into her throat. “Suck it!” he cried. “SUCK MY FUCKING COCK!”

She tried vainly to lift her head from his pole, but he was so drowned now in his own lust, that nothing short of a climax would stop him from driving his cock deeper into her throat.

He lifted her hands from his prick and knotted his fingers in her mane of satin-black hair. Slowly, dawn, down, he pulled her head, forcing his cock into her throat deeper and deeper.

Lisa felt that she had now reached the peak of her degradation, that there was nothing more she could do, to completely destroy her image and self-esteem. Why not suck him off? Why not let him do whatever he wanted with her?

She began the movements of jaw, tongue and cheeks that are so delicious to male pricks. Harris looked down at Lisa’s beautiful face sucking his cock and nearly went out of his mind with sensual rage. For him, the most powerful sight in the world was to see a lovely woman’s lips eagerly sucking at his fuck stick.

His prick was almost in up to the hilt when he felt the head nudge against the opening of her throat. She protested, choking and gagging and rearing her head. She was terrified that she would suffocate or throw up.

“Don’t be frightened,” Harris moaned. “The more you fight it, the more you’ll clamp up. Just let your throat relax, as if you were going to swallow a nice, juicy piece of meat!”

Lisa pushed him away. “It’s making my mouth sore. My tongue, my cheeks… they hurt.”

“Don’t let that bother you. That’s the kind of pain that feels so good later on. Just keep sucking as you’ve been doing, baby. I’m going to sink this cock of mine right down into your belly, but you keep sucking. I’ve got a big cum load, and it’s growing bigger by the minute. I want you to suck it out of me… all of it. Suck that sperm wad out of me, and it’s yours! The whole wad slithering down inside your throat to your belly!”

“Oh, no! I can’t swallow it! I just can’t!”

Harris silenced her by filling her mouth with his prick, shoving hard until it butted against the back wall of her throat once more. “Now, do like I told you. Let your jaw drop as far as it can go. I’m coming all the way in!” And with that, he felt the far end of his smooth, rubbery cockhead slip into a dark passageway of incredible warmth and softness. The sensation was delicious and he let her know it by moaning in a kind of delirium of delight and loosening his grasp in her hair. Sitting there, his prick buried so deeply within her, holding on to her head and hair as though they were disconnected to her body, his head thrown back, his eyes rolling, Harris was in heaven.

“Play with my balls… that’s it, baby! Now, pull the whole bag down, not too hard! Hang on them, swing on them!”

As much as she despised it, the rigid fuck pole in her throat was getting to her. She could feel the juices from far up inside her cunt flawing down and spilling out of her lower lips. The sticky goo from her pussy slithered over her inner thighs.

It was too much. She couldn’t hold it back. As she felt the cock start to throb toward climax in her mouth, she snaked her hand between her thighs. She found her cunt and started finger fucking herself and getting her clit off with the heel of her hand.

Her tongue and mouth took on a will of their own. They sucked his cock flesh wildly. Suck, suck, suck, her mind screamed as she tore at her pussy and laved the head and barrel of his plunging prick with her tongue.

No longer was the task revolting. Now she wanted to suck and she wanted to drink his cum.

Her body took over her mind totally. Her free hand crept up his spread calves, over his thighs to the taut muscles of his asscheeks. She pulled from behind, pressing him ever closer to her working lips. She opened her mouth even wider to allow him more and easier access to her working throat. She sucked with abandon on his prick.

She could see the result of her labors as his whole body quivered, the muscles rippling upward from his thighs as he rocked his hips forward and back, sending his cock with ever increasing pressure and power into the far recesses of her throat.

She heard him scream as she dug the tip of her tongue into the opening at the tip of his cock. She burrowed into his cockhead. He tasted pungent, and again she felt the quivers in her cunt.

“I’m going to come! OH, SHIT!” he screamed, as he violently shoved his cock into her mouth. When it was embedded deeply in her throat, his hips working faster, plunging his loaded prick deeper and deeper into her face. Every second brought his cum closer to the boiling point. He panted loudly as he thrust and bucked his massive cock into the wet tightness of her mouth.

Then, even as her own body shuddered in climax, his cum filled her throat in great spasms. Jolt after jolt vibrated the length of his fuckhole and thudded against the back of her throat.

His whole body stiffened. His stomach was flat against her. His fingers were clutching the tender thrusting of her nipples, and now he began to pull at the flesh, twisting in his fingers, making bolts of pain shoot through her.

The second her own climax was over, Lisa again hated herself. She wanted it done with, but his cock was still pouring hot goo into her mouth.

He talked the whole time. “Ahhh, Lisa, baby… ohhhhh, baby… that’s so great… my God, that fantastic mouth of yours! I just want you to keep that up. Ahhhhh, this is the… most… uhhhhh! I never met a woman who knew so much about… ohhhhh… OHHHHHHH!” His voice died in a screech.

After it was over, Lisa remained on the mat. When Harris finally stood up, she leaned forward and laid her head down on her crossed arms. He spoke to her, but she didn’t hear him and didn’t reply.

A few minutes later, she realized he had left the kitchen. But she didn’t stir until she heard the front door of the apartment slam behind him.

Several minutes passed before she climbed to her feet. She crossed the kitchen, put the flame under the coffee again, then went to the bathroom and threw up.

When she returned to the kitchen, the coffee was perking black as ink. She took a cup from the drain and brought the pot over to the table.

There were six cups of coffee in the pot. She drank them all, black. By the time she finished the last of them, her mouth tasted of coffee instead of cum.


“Ben, I want to ask you something.”

“Come on, Connie, can’t it wait?” The girl worked hard fending off the man’s exploring hands. “No, really… this is serious, Ben.”

“You’re telling me.” His seeking fingers found and clutched a tit through her robe.

She giggled. “Aw, Ben… you don’t ever want to listen to anything I say.”

He cuddled one breast in his palm, cuddled his cheek up the other. “Certainly I do, sweetie. I listen to every word like it was gospel. But right now I’ve got an ear full of boob and all I can hear is the call of the wild. Ask me later.”

They were on a bed together, Connie clothed only in a sheer robe, Ben wearing nothing but his shorts. He was a broadly built man, and had no difficulty rolling her onto her back in spite of her protests.

“Ben, I’ll forget all about it later. You know how I am when you finish with me… you get me all goofy.”

“You do the same for me, doll. Even if you remember your question, I might not be able to answer it.” His agile fingers were undoing the knot at her waist, and in the space of a second, her robe had parted.

“Damn you,” Connie said good-naturedly as the shudders of familiar pleasure ran through her flesh. “You always get what you want, you louse.”

He lifted his mouth from her cunt long enough to say, “When I want it badly enough, Connie.” Then his hand clutched the sphere, and his lips dropped to kiss it once more.

Her fingers toyed idly in his hair while he kissed her. She closed her eyes and sighed. There was a little ball of worry at the back of her mind, but her awakening desire suppressed it until her only thoughts were of passion.

Later would be time enough. She would ask him later.

Ben Faraday had been the first man in a long time who had been able to build a fire in her pussy and her belly. Consequently, Ben was one of only two people that Connie Bascom gave her body to. The other was Lisa Morton. Everyone else paid for it. Connie was a hooker, one of the best in the city. That didn’t mean Connie didn’t give her customers their money’s worth. She loved to fuck. But she fucked the customers only with her body. Ben and Lisa, she fucked with her whole being.

In a way she guessed that Ben was paying for her pussy, but she didn’t like to think of it that way. He was her psychiatrist. He treated her for free, and she fucked him for free. But after the very first time together, she knew it was for real. He was a fabulous lover and he had a foot long cock that swelled to a girth of three inches. Connie considered herself a very lucky girl.

She wished Lisa could be so lucky. That was what she wanted to talk to Ben about, but right now she found it hard to think about Connie, with Ben’s huge cock pressing against her belly and his lips biting her erect nipples.

“God, I love your big tits,” he moaned.

“They love you too, Ben,” she sighed. “Suck ’em… bite ’em. Turn me on good and then pour that monster into my ass or my pussy!”

Her sharp-nailed fingers fled down his back to the elastic band of his shorts. He shifted his frame, never ceasing in his kiss, allowing her to work his shorts down onto the floor.

Her hand sought and found his cock. She felt his lips tense against her, and smiled.

Connie was a businesswoman. She had the efficiency, the assets, and the concentration necessary to make her business a success. But the qualities never prevented her from enjoying her work. Like a writer who writes because he loves to, Connie fucked because she loved to.

That was another reason she always thrilled when Ben called and said he was coming up. He loved her pussy as much as she loved his cock. Furthermore, he had the ability to go along with his enjoyment, and he had the stamina to match the fury of his desires. In all respects, Connie considered Ben an admirable example of male development, and a man whom she would always urge to return again.

Her hand moved, light-fingered and maddening, teasing, while his lips made a circle around her nipple.

He was a good stud, she thought, but that was only part of it. She entertained an awful lot of losers in her line of work, and it was a genuine pleasure to welcome a real man every once in a while.

But Ben’s prowess was given dimension by the fact of his sharpness. That was the only word she could find to really describe him. He was sharp. He was knowledgeable, he was quick, he was aware of what was happening and why.

By God, she thought, there were damn few men like that. Fewer even than there were really skilled performers in bed. If she hadn’t been a hooker, and if he hadn’t been such an anti-romantic, they probably would have been married by now.

The preliminaries were drawing to a rapid close. Her cunt was soaking with the honey of her desire. She no longer teased his big dick, but squeezed it urgently. Her fist around his wealth of male meat drew it to the heated depths of her cuntal lips.

He required little urging.

His hip lifted from the bed, and she trapped him. With her arms locked around him, she drew him to her. His face came even with her own, his hands fondling her tits.

“You’re a honey,” Ben said. “You know that?”

“For you I am,” Connie replied. “Not for everybody.”

“You’d make some man a wonderful wife, but don’t ever let it happen. The world needs a woman as good as you.”

“A woman needs a man as good as you,” she returned. “But you talk too much. You should quit talking and start fucking!”

He was way ahead of her.

The musky smell of desire and passion rose to his nostrils from the wet slit between her thighs.

The hot feminine odor of her sex whirled in his brain and drove him to an instant peak of desire.

“God, I love to fuck you,” he moaned.

“Then put it in, lover. Sock your cock to me!” Connie groaned, her mouth dry and her body undulating wildly beneath him.

Slowly, in ecstasy, he teased her cunt by running his bulbous cockhead up and down the wet slit from her clit to her anus and back again. Then he stopped at the hole and slowly entered her nest. His moist prick slid slowly down, deeper and deeper, into the hairy, anxious jaws of her clasping cunt.

“Ohhhhhh… feels good, Ben… big beautiful dick coming into me.”

“Fuck it back, baby,” he groaned. “Slide your cunt up over it!”

Her whole body shook and quivered. Up, down her full, firm asscheeks bounced on the bed as his erect tool probed the depths of her belly through the walls of her cunt.

“Oh, shit… fuck, fuck… FUCK!” she cried.

“Sweet, sweet pussy.”

He was swift and sure. As always, her muscles tensed. His fingers pummeled her tits, his thumbs pushed down onto her nipples, he began to set a rhythm which matched perfectly the beating of her heart.

She gave herself completely, letting pleasure rinse out her mind, letting her body take command. It was always that way with Ben. All that was needed was her body and his, and the minds inside those bodies were there only to sense for as long as the sensation lasted.

As the bedsprings squeaked, their breaths blew from their mouths in a rhythm that wasn’t entirely exertion. Like a musical trio, the sounds, creaking, sighing, combined to produce a single sound, a single concept.


She raked his back with her nails. He dug his teeth into her shoulder. He swung his weight furiously against her.

His fingers were painful on her breasts now, but she wasn’t feeling the pain. His abdomen was reddening hers, but she wasn’t noticing that either. His teeth were digging far too deeply into her shoulder, but she had no will to worry over the bruise he was leaving.

His prick found the heart of her cavern with each driving thrust. He twisted and squeezed the nipples of her tits as they swayed and slapped together on her heaving chest.

“Ohhhh… ohhhh, Ben, send your big fucking cock into me!”

“Like that, honey?” he said, jarring her teeth with erotic delight with his assault.

“Ohhhhh, yes. OHHHHHH, BEN… your fuck, it’s sooooooo wonderful! I’m going to… come. I’m coming with you… I’m shooting… oh, fuck, son of a bitch, I’m shooting so good!”

Their pulsations continued for what seemed an eternity. She didn’t think his fuck would ever end. The orgasm was the strongest, the heaviest, the most satisfying she had experienced. Ben’s hot cum just wouldn’t quit streaming into her cunt, and she could feel her pussy rapidly filling with the result of both their spends.

The sensations slowly came to a halt.

And it was over.

Ages later, she became aware of his chest crushing her ravished breasts. The flat plane of his hairy stomach wasp hard against her. His muscles untensed and relaxed one by one.

Her arms slipped from his back as the last fragment of pleasure danced through her.

I don’t love him, she thought. I like him, but I don’t love him. I love loving.

He lifted his head finally and looked into her face. His hair was plastered to his forehead.

“Wow!” he whispered.

“You’re so right,” Connie smiled, and lifted a hand to stroke his cheek happily. “Ben, you’re a champ. I’ll tell the world.”

“Don’t bother,” he said, gulping for breath and trying to smile at the same time. “If you told the world, I’d have women knocking at my door all day, and I want to save it all for you.”

“Louse. Big, beautiful louse.” She grinned back at him.

He moved away, and rolled onto his back, and groped blindly toward the floor, trying to locate his shirt. “Cigarette?”

“Sure. It’s tradition.”

He laughed. In a moment, two cigarettes were lit, and smoke was rising from the bed like steam from their exhausted bodies.



“I wanted to talk to you. Remember?”

“You did?”

“Yes. And you said you’d talk after. Well, this is after.”

He laughed. “That sums it up. Okay, baby… shoot. What’s on your mind?”

“A friend of mine. A dear friend.”


“Her name is Lisa and she’s got one hell of a problem.”

“What kind of a problem?”

He looked at her, startled. “You want to start passing my cock around?”

“Not really,” Connie laughed. “But that big hunk you’ve got just might straighten her out.”

“Ben, her problem was she used to love sex too much. Now she’s fallen in love with her husband.”

“That is a little strange.”

“Don’t make fun,” Connie said. “It’s true, and it’s weird. She’d never go to you professionally, but if I introduced you as just a friend, you might be able to help her.”

“For you, love… anything. What’s the deal?”

“Well, it all started in college, when she met her husband. Believe me, it is strange. You see, what happened was…”


Milt Harris walked into Ken’s office behind Louise. He watched the girl’s ass jiggling beneath the taut skirt and shuddered when he realized that, as well as no bra, the bitch wore no panties.

Damn, he thought, what a deal Ken Morton has a beautiful wife, and a beautiful secretary. Harris wondered if he was plugging the secretary. He was sure the ad executive would if he knew that his wife was fucking around like she was.

“Milt, good to see you,” Ken said, rising behind his desk and extending his hand.

Harris took the hand and mumbled hello. His eyes were still on the secretary’s body.

“Will there be anything else, Mr. Morton?”

“Not now, Louise.”

Both men watched the clock like precision of the leggy brunette’s ass movements as she walked across the room and through the door.

“Damn, oh damn, that’s nice,” Harris said, turning back to Ken and casing his big body into one of the leather chairs.

“I wouldn’t know,” Ken replied. “When you’ve got a wife like I have, you just don’t screw around… even with someone as attractive as Louise.”

Harris coughed and hoped his face didn’t give his thoughts away. “Yeah… yeah, I suppose you’re right. I’m not as lucky. My wife… well, that’s another story.”

“Sorry I couldn’t make it last night. But I called Lisa a little while ago and she told me everything went fine.”

“Yeah… yeah,” Harris replied. “Your wife is great company, fine food, and good conversation. We had a very enjoyable evening.”

“What time did you leave?” Ken said. “Lisa was asleep when I got in.”

You lying sack of shit, Harris thought. His mind was on the wild fuck Ken’s wife had given him the night before, and the equally fine blow-job that morning. So much so that he almost blurted out ten o’clock this morning, but he caught himself. “Oh, it was late. I really don’t remember.”

“She’s a fine lady,” Ken said.

“Yeah, she sure is,” Harris said, averting his eyes and puffing papers from his briefcase. “Well, shall we get down to business?”

“Sure thing,” Ken said, calmly. But inwardly he was sensing another victory, another contract. And all because of Lisa’s talented body.

He barely heard Harris’ voice droning on about figures as he, for the hundredth time, congratulated himself on the greatest merger of his young business career marrying Lisa.

He had been dating and fucking and living with a girl named Shirley almost his whole time at school. She wanted marriage, but Ken had no time for it. He wanted a lot of varied sex, and success in business. Shirley just wasn’t the wife for him.

Then one night another couple came over for dinner. Bob was a fraternity brother of Ken’s who also dug sex and managed to find girls who swung. Shirley always knew that when Bob and a date came over, the evening usually ended up in a foursome naked and fucking each other’s brains out on the living room floor.

Bob’s date that night was Lisa, and the moment Ken saw her he decided that he wanted some of that raven-haired beauty in private first. All the way through dinner, Lisa let him know with her eyes that she was more than willing.

After dinner, with the girls still in the kitchen, Ken made his pitch. “I have an idea… why don’t we split up first, Bob. You fuck Shirley down here and I’ll take Lisa up to the bedroom.”

“Jeez, I don’t know…” Bob said. “I’ve only laid Lisa once myself. I figured we were going to swing in a foursome…”

“We will… we will,” Ken insisted. “But later. Man, you’ve never had Shirley alone. She really comes unhinged when I’m not there watching!”


“You’ll love it, Bob,” Ken said, closing the trap. “She’ll turn you inside out.”

Before he could change his mind, Ken had grabbed Lisa and maneuvered her to the upstairs bedroom.

“How did you manage this?” Lisa asked. “I told Bob how much Shirley wanted to fuck him alone.”

“Did she?”

“No. But I wanted to fuck you alone first.”

“I’m game, but poor Shirley.”


“Bob’s a lousy lay. I only came tonight because I’d heard about you.”

“Well, what are we waiting for? Do you wanna fuck?”

She smiled. It was almost a leer. “That’s what I came up here for.”

He took her in his arms and they dropped back onto the bed.

She lowered her lips to his. They were moist and soft as they closed over his, searching, demanding passion. Her tongue moved lightly over his lips at first, then probed between them, seeking entrance.

He reached up and touched her breasts that pressed tightly against the blouse. They were hard, encased in a tight bra. The blouse itself was stretched to the straining point by her huge tits.

“Oh, yeah,” Ken moaned, cupping her full tits in his hand as their lips parted. “I like these. Nice, very fucking nice.”

She unbuttoned her blouse. Shrugging it from her shoulders, she reached behind her to release the hooks of her bra. Her monumental breasts seemed to fill the air around his head when she leaned forward. She thrust them at him. Then she pressed herself down on top of him. She growled out her sexual joy when he answered her desires by squeezing and pinching her hardened nipples.

“Damn, you do want it, don’t you!” he gasped.

“You’re going to find out just how much,” she hissed. “Put some music on!”

Ken found a station on the radio by the bed; slow, sensual music filled the room. Lisa nodded to him to leave the dial them. She stood to her full height and started to dance, slowly at first, but then in double time to the music.

Her hips moved suggestively. Her long, silky black hair cascaded over her huge tits. Her tits swayed back and forth as she moved. Now and then a dark, pink-tinted nipple darted out invitingly behind her hair.

“You like my tits?” she breathed.

“Biggest and best I’ve ever seen,” Ken rasped.

“They like to be sucked, and bitten… I dig everything about sex, Ken. Everything that can be done. And I’ve already done most of it and I’m looking for more.”

“That’s what I’m here for, baby,” he said, starting to pull off his own clothes.

It was obvious to Ken that in this lusciously built girl he was meeting his sexual counterpart. His cock got harder and longer and thicker in his hand as he watched her dance around the room.

She peeled her clothes off as she moved. “Want to see my pussy?” she said.

“Take it off, honey,” Ken said, squeezing his prick so the head filled with blood and gleamed invitingly to her.

Lisa grinned wickedly and tore the skirt from her body. She threw it into his face. He pulled it away and watched as she threw her head backward and thrust the dark patch of her bikini-covered cunt and her jutting, magnificent breasts forward.

He could see everything, and it was fantastic.

But he wanted her completely naked; he wanted to see it all.

She took her time about peeling her panties off, knowing that it was driving him wild with lustful desire. No man could resist those legs of hers.

Ken’s patience was being tried. He urged her to finish stripping and she soon obliged him. She was as hot to get laid as he was. Finally, sensuously, she stepped out of the brief panties and moved toward him. He wasted no time shedding the remainder of his own clothes, showing her an erection that had to be satisfied.

Lisa dropped to her knees before him. He had been such a complimentary audience that she felt she had to do something very special for him. She rubbed her soft lips on his prick and soon had the hunk of male meat covered with smudges of her lipstick.

Then she leaned back and snaked out her tongue again and again. Ken was soon hard as a granite. He grabbed her head and pressed it against his body, making his huge prick almost disappear between her clinging lips.

“That’s it, baby,” he urged her. “You sure know how to make a man happy. Someday I’m going to steal you from that bastard Bob. Just wait and see.”

“Beautiful, hard cock,” she murmured. She took his meat back into her mouth and looked up at him with blight, flashing eyes. She would give him the best blow-job of his life. And she would fuck him until he begged her to stop.

Ken looked down at her with complete satisfaction. It wasn’t that he was tired of Shirley, but it was nice to have a different woman for a change, especially one like Lisa, who seemed to know all the ropes.

She was using every trick in the book to increase his pleasure. She took his prick all the way into her mouth until it had disappeared into the soft moistness of her throat. Her teeth rested gently on the base of it while her soft lips pulled at his wire pubic hair. Ken couldn’t believe it. No woman had ever been able to swallow all his meat. Lisa took him into her throat so deep she could nibble his balls with her lips.

Ken knew that he was going to come quickly under her expert ministrations, and he did everything possible to delay his orgasm. It just wasn’t right to come so quickly when she was showing him such a good time.

Lisa sucked harder and harder at the big cock that was filling her mouth to capacity. It tickled her throat and made her want to gag, but nothing could make her stop until she had got what she wanted a hot frothing stream of cream.

“Oh, Jesus, can you suck cock,” Ken cried, as he hunched his meat into her face. “Take it. OHHHHHHH… TAKE IT ALL!” He gave up trying to hold back his orgasm. His balls began to throb uncontrollably. It was obvious to both of them that he would come in a matter of seconds.

He shoved his prick into her mouth one last time and then felt his balls explode. A wave of passion ran through his limbs and coursed through his blood. Finally he shot his load, a tremendous stream of hot cum that was impossible to swallow.

One spasm after another passed through his body and Lisa was amazed at the amount of cum he could produce. She gulped down as much as she could, but some of it leaked out of the corner of her mouth, running down her chin to form a sticky puddle between her heaving tits.

“Ummmmn, that’s so nice,” she told him. “Now I want you to fuck me good and hard. This time you can take all the time you want before coming.”

“Sure thing, baby,” he told her. “Your wish is my command, especially when you want to fuck.”

Ken leaped between her thighs, grinding his meat with one hand toward her cunt hole.

“Fm me up, lover,” Lisa groaned as she felt his still-erect cock slide with ease up her soaking channel. “Yes… YES! All the way… GIVE ME EVERY INCH OF IT!”

It was a combination of her wild lust and her beauty that enabled Ken to keep it up for a second fuck so soon after blowing a big come into her mouth. Only a few times before had he been able to do that. Lisa was a sex machine that could keep him turned on indefinitely. Already, as he plunged into her warm softness, he was making plans.

“Is it all in?”

“Not quite,” he panted.

“All of it… God, it’s big! GIVE ME ALL OF IT!”

Lisa knew just how she wanted to be fucked. Rat on her back and with no fancy stuff. That was the way she reacted most passionately. She lay flat on the bed and spread her legs provocatively, knowing just how he would respond.

And he did. Moaning with anticipation, grasping his throbbing cock in one hand, he moved quickly atop her on the bed. Running the bulbous head along the length of her soaking slit, he suddenly gave one mighty, thrusting lunge. The massive prick went in easily despite its enormous girth, and Lisa sighed with lust as he began to fuck her. She was glad Ken had arranged for them to, be alone first. If she fucked him in Bob’s presence, she couldn’t help but be competitive with him and with Shirley. Alone with Ken, she could really enjoy herself and fuck for the sheer joy of it.

All Ken was aware of was that his idea had been a complete success. He had no idea of what was going on in the living room, but the sounds of passion he could faintly hear told him all he really needed to know.

Shirley was good enough to take care of any man and he hoped that Bob was taking full advantage of her talents. It was nice to have a girl who didn’t care how much you fucked around, particularly when it was with her own gorgeous and passionate friends.

He shoved his prick all the way in and then lowered his head to bite into her nipples. It was something he had done a million times, but every time it was like doing something new.

He began to move his hips forward, using a flowing motion that drove Lisa wild with lust. He didn’t seem to have a bone in his body as he fucked her, and every muscle seemed to have a life of its own. Ken was a real natural who had known how to fuck since the age of eleven.

Lisa responded by grinding her ass into the bed and shoving her body against Ken’s chest. He was so hairy that it tickled her at first, but soon the wiry hair increased her passion to the breaking point. She knew she would be coming soon, and coming big.

He reached under her and cupped his hands beneath her jiggling buttocks, holding her close against his body. His finger plunged into her asshole and explored it gently.

She moaned with passion and encouraged him to go deeper with his finger. It felt so good to lay there completely helpless, not knowing what he would do to her body next.

She responded to every one of his subtle movements with gyrations of her pelvis. There was nothing he would do that she couldn’t match, no stroke that was too difficult to imitate. It was a kind of friendly competition as to who would come first.

She rubbed her tits all over his chest and knew that she was getting him close. His face was covered with sweat and he was breathing harder and harder, almost like a drowning man. Their bodies were glued together with a film of salty sweat. She ground her cunt over his cock and her ass over his fingers.

“You like it in the ass, too?” he panted.

“I love it everywhere,” she groaned.

“Then let’s switch,” he breathed, pulling out of her and rolling off the bed.

“What are you going to do?” she asked, frowning.

“C’mere, and I’ll show you,” he said, plopping down in a chair.

He sat comfortably and told Lisa to get on top of him, face to face. The girl followed his directions, squeezing her ankles against his hips and straddling his torso with her thighs. It was hard to hold her balance but she finally managed to succeed, wondering what he intended to do with her, but knowing it would be good.

Her big tits were right in front of his eyes and he couldn’t resist taking a bite out of the luscious globes. He sucked them until her nipples were red and puckered and then decided to get down to serious business.

He told her that in this position she could lower herself onto his cock so that his prick would go alternately into her cunt and asshole. She didn’t believe it was possible at first but he urged her to try it and find out for herself. Eager to learn anything new in sex, she lowered herself onto him and found that her cunt surrounded his prick with ease. She pulled herself up again, holding onto his shoulders, and then tried to get his prick into her asshole. It was almost as successful as it had been with her cunt.

“It really does work!” she exclaimed. “How the fuck did you ever come up with this?”

“Trade secrets,” He teased her. “I can’t give them away, but if you’re a good girl, maybe I’ll teach you something else as well!”

Lisa smiled at him and then lowered her body onto his prick. It was a great position for her for several reasons. She could control the pace and alternate fuck holes at her leisure. Also, it made it easier for him to penetrate deeply into her.

She slowly lowered herself so that the big prick glided into her asshole. She remained that way so his giant cock was buried to the hilt every time he moved his body, it felt like she would be shot through the ceiling.

She raised herself up again and then came right down on the rigid tool which slid easily into her cunt. She loved this new position, but she was tiring and knew that she couldn’t keep up the pace much longer.

Ken sensed her discomfort and told her to slide off him, onto the floor, down onto her hands and knees. This way she could relax and he could still choose between her ass and cunt holes.

He crouched right behind her and shoved his prick into her well-lubricated asshole. Both of them loved the deep penetration that this position provided. Lisa moved her body backward so that her ass pressed against her new lover’s hairy midsection while his balls slapped against her cunt. She could hardly wait for her orgasm.

Ken looked down at the gorgeous piece of ass beneath him and blessed his good luck. Shirley was woman enough to keep any man happy, but Lisa was something else altogether.

He reached around and began to caress her big tits, cupping his fingers over her broad pink nipples. The rosy flesh became hard and puckered under his insistent ministrations and he could feel her cunt honey dripping onto his swaying balls.

He reached lower, rubbing her soft belly, then locating the sensitive bud of her clitoris between the folds of her labia. He squeezed the tiny pink organ and worked it over until his hands were soaked with pussy juice. Then he plunged three fingers into her cunt, bringing a shriek from her red, parted lips.

“Oh! Oh, lover… that brings me so close… so close!”

He could feel his own prick through the narrow wall of flesh that separated Lisa’s cunt from her asshole. It was like jerking off at the same time he was buggering her. He soon had to stop. He could feel his jism burning in his balls and he wanted them to both come at the same time.

He slowed down the pace and then switched his prick from asshole to cunt, knowing that it would make her all the hotter. She began to buck her hips backward and he knew that she would shoot her load in a few seconds.

He worked harder and then knew that he could come whenever he wanted to. At last she exploded, oozing her juices all over his prick and balls and Ken responded with an orgasm of his own, equally powerful and intense.

He shoved his prick in for the last time just as she came. She surprised him with the violence of her come, but he matched her gyrations and wild bucking motions with his own passion.

“Aahhh… hard… pound it into me hard!” Lisa wailed, impaling her creaming channel on his jerking cock.

“Oh, baby… baby, you’re something else. Something fucking else!” Ken panted, sending the entire length of his mammoth prick into her with each lunge.

Hot cunt juice mixed with boiling jism inside Lisa’s clasping pussy as both of their sweating bodies emptied their loads of passionate release. Time and time again he pumped into her, until at last his straining balls were empty, and he collapsed on top of her, reluctantly withdrawing his cock from her soaking pussy.

“Well,” he said finally, “are you ready to go downstairs? I’m afraid our time’s up.”

“Don’t you want another blow-job?” she teased. “We can do it quickly.”

“Forget it,” Ken grinned. “You women are all the same. No respect for a man at all. I ought to take you over my knee someday.”

“I think I’d like that.”

“I’ll bet you would,” he replied wearily.

They went downstairs, had another drink, and then had a four-way fuck on the living room floor. Watching Lisa fuck Bob while she sucked him and he ate Shirley, cemented the idea Ken already had formed.

Just before they left that night, he managed to get Lisa alone long enough to arrange a luncheon date the next day.

They met at noon in the dark corner of a little restaurant.

“What do you want out of life, Lisa?”

“Lost of kicks… fun,” she replied.

“So do I… but what do you call kicks… and fun?”

“Money and sex,” she said, and then laughed. “I’ll probably turn out to be a high-priced hooker.”

“There’s an easier way,” Ken said, and then explained his plan.

Shirley moved out that afternoon and Lisa moved in. They swung for the rest of the year until they both graduated, and then they got married.

Corbin and Roberts was the best agency in town. When Lisa got done with the two old fools, Ken was the head of their production staff. And within three years he had his own agency and they were well on their way to becoming a very wealthy young couple.

All they needed was one big, million-dollar contract… and Milt Harris could provide that.

Something in Harris’ tone drew Ken back to the present.

“I’m sorry, Milt,” he said. “My mind must have been wandering. What did you say?”

“I said that I was sorry.”

“About what?”

“About not being able to give you the contract.”

“But… but I thought it was in the bag. I’ve already hired a whole new creative staff just for your project. I’ve spent thousands on research!”

“Well, that’s too bad, Ken, but I can’t help it,” Harris said. “I just don’t like your approach to the campaign, and your budget is far too high.”

You son of a bitch, Ken thought, you cock-sucker. You fuck the hell out of my wife and you don’t even have enough guilt about it to stick to your word.

Ken was sweating. His whole future depended on landing the contract from Harris’ company. If he didn’t get it, it could very well break him.

“Isn’t there some way we can get together on this, Milt?”

A strange light came into the man’s dark eyes. It was a penetrating, evil loot that Ken hadn’t seen there before. Then he spoke and his voice had the same ominous quality.

“Tell you what, Ken. I’d be more than willing to talk it over some more. Why don’t you and Lisa come up to my mountain place over the weekend. You can meet my wife, and maybe we can get together… on this, I mean.” He leered as his fingers tapped the briefcase in his lap.


When Lisa arrived at Connie’s apartment, Connie was all ready for her.

She was dressed in a sheer robe of pale blue material, which accentuated the whiteness of her skin. As she stood in the open door smiling, Lisa let her eyes roam down the length of her body.

“Lisa, darling.” The woman’s voice was soft and smooth. Lisa could see naked flesh through that robe and she could hear lust behind the quiet of that voice. It made her tremble, but she tried to hide it.

“Hello, Connie. May I come in?”

“Of course, darling. What a silly question.” She stood aside and took Lisa’s hand, drawing her gently into the apartment. The door closed with a click.

“I didn’t know if you’d be alone or not,” Lisa said.

Connie laughed softly as she took Lisa’s coat. “This evening, for a change, I’m quite free. I’m so happy to see you, Lee.”

The nickname stirred something very deep inside Lisa. Connie was the only person who ever called her Lee, and the name was special and very private.

“I’m even happier to see you,” she said. “I needed very much to see you tonight.”

“Did you?” Connie led her across the living room to a couch, made her sit, then went to a sideboard and began mixing a pair of drinks. “Was there some special reason, darling, or was it just…” She let the sentence finish itself.

Lisa leaned back on the couch and relaxed. “Nothing really special,” she said? “Same old thing.”


“Yes… and a man named Harris. He has a huge contract, and we’re trying to get it.”

“And this Harris insisted on staying the night?” Connie asked.

“Yes. And this morning he woke up ready to come, instead of ready to go away. He simply wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“Alt yes,” Connie said sympathetically. “One of those. Did you oblige him?”

Lisa nodded. “It was the only way to get rid of him.”

“Well, sometimes that’s the wisest course. After all, darling, merely lying there and letting him have one final fling at that sweet pussy of yours isn’t too big a price to pay for the kind of stakes you and Ken play for.”

“He didn’t want to fuck me,” Lisa said.

“You mean…”

Lisa nodded.

“Jesus… a blow-job in the morning,” Connie said. “Even I won’t do that.”

“I used to love to suck cock. But now…”

“Now that you found out about pussy,” Connie said, smiling.

Lisa nodded. “It isn’t so much that I mind that anymore. They all seem to want it, and you can get used to anything after a while.” She shivered slightly. “But first thing in the morning… before I could even have a cup of coffee or a cigarette.”

“Poor baby,” Connie said, and her voice was suddenly very close. Lisa opened her eyes and found the woman standing over her, with a drink in each hand. “Take a long swallow of this, Lee. It’ll help.”

Lisa accepted the glass and sipped at it. As usual, Connie had mixed the drink just the way Lisa liked it. She was such a thoughtful woman, so tender and sweet. No wonder the world of men seemed so repulsive beside gentle, feminine Connie.

The woman sat down beside Lisa and lit cigarettes for them both. “Have a smoke, darling, and a few drinks. Try to relax and forget this morning. You’re with me now.”

“Yes,” Lisa said.

Connie sipped her drink, then set it down carefully on the table in front of the couch. Her hand went to Lisa’s shoulder. “You feel so tense, Lee. I wish you’d relax.”

“I’ll be all right in a few minutes, Connie. Give me time.”

The woman’s hand drifted from the shoulder and descended to settle lightly over Lisa’s tit.

Lisa stiffened.

“Lee, darling… what is it?”

“My breasts,” Lisa replied. “He hurt them.”

“Oh, God… how awful! What a beast he must have been to hurt such a sweet and lovely little girl. Here…” Her hands slipped under Lisa’s arms and around her back, looking for the zipper tab. “Let’s see if we can’t get you a bit more comfortable. I’m sure all this clothing isn’t helping you feel any better.”

Lisa arched her torso and allowed her dress to be drawn from her arms and down to her waist.

Connie’s fingers were very gentle as they sought around back again, finding and undoing the clasp of her bra.

The cups lifted away, and Lisa felt herself swing free. It was a lovely sensation.

“There,” Connie said. “Isn’t that better?”

“Much better,” Lisa replied, smiling. “Now let me see what he did to you.” She bent her head and peered closely at Lisa’s naked breasts. “Oh, sweetheart! You poor darling!”

“He-he pulled me,” Lisa said. “It hurt so much.”

“The animal!” Connie’s voice was suddenly very tense with anger. “Didn’t he know how much… men are so stupid and coarse sometimes!”

“It still hurts,” Lisa said.

“Do you think I could help make it better, darling?”

“Are you sure? You look so sore — are you certain I won’t just make the soreness worse?”

Lisa smiled dreamily. “Nothing you could do would ever hurt me, Connie.”

“My darling.”

“Make it better,” Lisa said. Her voice was a whisper.

Connie’s hand touched the bare flesh just above Lisa’s waist. Slowly the hand climbed until it rested flat under one breast. Lisa watched through half-closed eyes as Connie leaned forward, as her soft and knowing lips puckered.

The hand slipped upward, lifting the weight of a tit to meet the oncoming lips.

Lisa let her head drop back onto the cushions and then closed her eyes again. It was beginning. All the old familiar pleasure, just as it had so many times before, just as it always did with Connie. Feminine lips had taken possession of her and that was one of the biggest pleasures in Lisa’s world. The warmth of that caress was soothing away the hurt left by the man’s twisting fingers, and replacing that hurt with delight.

And there was more delight to come. Connie would kiss until she was numb with pleasure, and then she would kiss the other one. And while she kissed, her delicate hands would stroke and soothe until Lisa’s whole body was quivering sensation.

At that point, as always, they would go into the bedroom together. As always, they would lay side by side on Connie’s huge bed. As always, they would touch and kiss and embrace, sharing every caress, every tinge of pleasure, until neither of them could wait a moment longer. Then, as always, they would make love.

It was so simple, Lisa thought, as her tit was caressed by Connie’s sweet lips. You could sum up the new way she felt by saying that she couldn’t get any satisfaction any more from men. She knew why.

Because she had matured. Now she wanted love, and love was Ken. The only man she could come with now was Ken, and he rarely fucked her anymore.

So she had turned to women and, eventually, she had found Connie.

Connie was a prostitute. And loving her while fucking Ken’s business clients made Lisa feel like a prostitute. And that was what had suddenly ruined sex for her.

Men wanted pleasure, and basically there was nothing wrong with that. But they wanted their pleasure without charge, without paying for pleasure received in the only coin that mattered pleasure returned. Money could keep a woman alive, keep her comfortable, keep her secure, but it couldn’t buy anything to replace the pleasure a man had robbed.

But now wasn’t the time to worry about such things, because now Connie’s lips had stopped kissing, now Connie’s hands had slipped inside Lisa’s panties to clutch her buttocks, now Connie’s face was right in front of Lisa’s, lips inviting, nostrils flaring.

Now things were really starting.

Connie’s breath was warm when she spoke. “Feel better, darling?”

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Lisa said in a tiny voice.

“Yes, darling.”

Connie pulled her to her feet and slipped an arm around her waist as they crossed the living room together. The bedroom was dark, but there was no need for lights. The two women knew this ritual and the room and each other quite well enough.

Lisa undressed and soon felt the soft touch of hands on her, the brushing of lips, then the silken edge of the bed as Connie urged her to it. She let herself fall, let the hands of her lover arrange her.

Connie’s hands left her momentarily, and Lisa heard the sensuous rustle of the robe gliding down pale, smooth flesh to the floor. Then the bed sagged slightly. Connie’s hands spanned her body, and Connie’s lush, heavy breasts came against her own, followed an instant later by the whole length of Connie’s body.

Their lips met, their arms and hands roamed and explored. Every breath they took pushed their tits more tightly together.

“Oh, God, I burn down there, Connie!”

“I know, baby… I know.”

“It used to be a man’s cock would make my pussy burn like that. Now the feel of your tits, your pussy, your lips does it.”

“Spread your legs a little, darling,” Connie moaned. “Let me tongue your sweet pussy for you.”

Lisa parted her legs wide. She groaned in anticipation of the wondrous joys to come from Connie’s loving hands, lips, fingers, and tongue.

“Feel good?” Connie asked, kissing the girl’s taut, tender nipples.

“Yes, oh yes, you know it does.”

Then Connie sucked at a nipple while she began to run her hands up the soft skin of Lisa’s inner thighs. Soon the tips of her fingers touched the damp, dark ends of Lisa’s curling pussy hair.

Lisa groaned and lifted her cunt as if to say eat me, tongue me, suck me!

Connie used the tips of her fingers to spread the lips of the beautiful girl’s pussy. Her own pussy began to tingle and ooze juices on Lisa’s belly as she ran her fingers up and down the sweet slit.

She let her finger work its way into Lisa’s tightly clasped pussy. She began stroking up and down the wet furrow, watching it glisten more and more under her expert ministrations.

Beneath her, Lisa relaxed, shivering sensations starting to course through her naked body. She felt gurgling moans coming up in her throat as Connie’s finger began a gentle massage of her erect clitoris. The thrill that suddenly spread through her pussy made her hips lift of their own volition.

“How does it feel now, baby?” Connie cooed, her own body starting to shake with lust.

“Oh, Connie, it feels so good… so wonderful you know just what to do when you touch and play with my pussy.”

Connie wormed her finger between the hotly clasping folds of the sweet cunt and slid it up into her velvet sheath. Then she began a steady fucking motion, in and out, of the tight little cunt while she pressed against and massaged the tender clit with her palm.

“You feel so good, Lisa, real good. Your little pussy is nice and hot. You have the tightest little pussy!”

“Tighter than yours?” Lisa groaned.

“Oh, God, yes,” Connie replied. “Much tighter.”

As she watched the tender, taut cuntal lips extend and contract over her finger, Connie suddenly realized that she could wait no longer to taste Lisa’s pussy. She knew the young girl was sore and tender, but now her own pussy was seething with desire and she had a wild, wanton urge to eat sweet cunt.

Suddenly, all playfulness left Connie’s mind. It was replaced with a hungering sexual need. With an audible groan of lust, she repositioned herself. She lowered herself, mashing her own voluptuous globes against Lisa’s tits, her cunt finding its twin, and then she rubbed.

Connie worked between Lisa’s thighs until both their cunts were sopping with sexual arousal. She ground her clit hard against its mate until both girls were groaning, their eyes closed, their breath coming in great gasps.

“Oh, baby, I can’t wait… I want to eat you!” Connie gasped. “I want to make you come with my mouth, with my tongue!”

“Oh, yes, Connie darling… eat and suck my cunt. Make me come with your tongue, your mouth. I don’t hurt any more… make love to me, please!” Lisa breathed.

Connie slowly moved her head down over the smaller girl’s body. She licked her breasts, her belly, her navel, and slicked saliva over the top of her mound. As she moved downward, she rubbed her own wiry cunt hair over the girl’s tender skin.

“Oh, yes… yes, Connie… eat me! Put your sweet mouth on me and eat me!” Lisa gurgled. Her hands found Connie’s head as she opened her thighs and pulled.

“Ummmmm, yes… yessss,” Connie moaned as her face mashed against the soaked lips of Lisa’s soaked pussy.

She mashed her face so deeply into the puffy mass that it soon was wet all over with Lisa’s juices. Wildly, she licked the young cunt. Her teeth nibbled at the clit, driving the younger girl into whrithing tits of passion.

“Me, me, too!” she cried. “I want to eat you at the same time!”

Eager, Connie adjusted her position until Lisa’s head was between her thighs while she again buried her own face in the pleasure pit of Lisa’s cunt.

They writhed, their lovely, female bodies pressed against each other, tits mashed against bellies, cunts against mouths between widely splayed legs. The musky aromas of sexual arousal filled the room and hung heavy in the still air.

“Connie… Connie, I love you… I’m there!” Lisa shrieked. “I think I’m coming… oh, God, what a feeling! What a come!”

Connie came, too, pushing the meaty flesh of her pulsing cunt into the younger girl’s face, and squeezing her head with trembling thighs. As she sucked and swallowed the shower of juices from Lisa’s tender pussy, she continued grinding her own hips to get all the relief she could out of the joyous contact with Lisa’s sucking mouth.

“Oh, Connie, that was wonderful… beautiful,” Lisa said, finally pulling her lips from the gooey mass of Connie’s pussy.

Connie kept her head between Lisa’s legs, gently licking the still flowing juices from her dark cunt. “It was beautiful for both of us,” Connie said huskily.

“I wish I had the guts to leave Ken. I wish I was sure that I didn’t love him so I could come and just stay with you.”

“I wish you could, too,” Connie sighed, pulling her body around until their faces were close together. But Connie knew that would only happen when Lisa could get Ken out of her system. Maybe, just maybe, Ben would be able to help accomplish that. Then Connie would have the best of all possible worlds Lisa and Ben.

“Do you have any customers tonight?” Lisa asked. “I’d like to stay.”

“No. But I have a friend coming up. I’d like you to meet him, honey.”

“A man?”

“Yes,” Connie replied. “But Ben Faraday is a very special man.”


Milt Harris held the receiver in his hand for a moment and then set it back on the cradle. He had a bad taste in his mouth after he talked with his wife, Nancy. But Nancy served her purpose. The young boys she brought home loved to fuck her, even though, with her narrow hips and tiny tits, she looked just like a teenager.

And Milt Harris loved to watch the young boys fuck his wife.

He patted his chest absently, searching for the pack of cigarettes he usually carried in his shirt pocket.

But there were no cigarettes. Nor was there any pocket. In point of fact, there wasn’t even a shirt.

Milt Harris was naked.

And so was the young girl just finishing up her mysterious preparations for the evening’s fun in his bathroom.

He left the phone and went down the short hall to the bathroom door. Through the thin wood paneling, he could hear the gurgle of the sink, and above it the throaty sound of the girl humming to herself. The richness of her voice brought the memory of her nudity strongly into his mind, and he rapped his knuckles against the door.

“Just a minute, honey. I’ll be right with you.”

“Hurry up,” he said. “I’m getting anxious.”

“Oh, me too, honey. But I gotta get all kissing sweet before you and me can get started now, don’t I?” she laughed.

The sound made him think of her round tiny breasts and flat ass.

“I’ll wait in the bedroom,” he answered.

“You won’t have to wait long,” she called back, still laughing.

He went the rest of the way down the hall and into the bedroom. His cigarettes were on the night stand and he lit one up and pulled the ash tray to within reach as he reclined on the bed.

Nearby, piled on a chair, were her clothes.

Again he thought about the youngster in the bathroom, about her tiny body. She was barely twelve years old. She had tried to panhandle him outside the hotel. All she had wanted was a lousy dollar, but she had turned him on. When they were that young they always turned him on. They looked like little boys.

The first little girl had been so long ago. She had been only ten, Harris had been twelve.

They were in the woods playing a game. It was a silly game and Milt had no idea that it would turn into something that would stay with him the rest of his life.

They played doctor and nurse, taking turns examining each other. First Milt was the doctor, and the little girl was the patient. Milt didn’t know then that little girls were different.

He first examined her mouth. He couldn’t find anything wrong there, so he went on to her arms. That’s when he started feeling funny. The little girl had smooth skin, with a light fuzz all over it. Her legs were the same as her arms; all smooth and fuzzy where he touched them.

Her skirt was very short and it slid up as the girl wiggled under his touch.

“That tickles,” she giggled.

Beneath her dress he could see the white crotch band of her panties. His prick started to get hard in his pants. It made him feel even more strange.

“Is there anything wrong?” the little girl had asked.

“No,” Milt had replied. “But I think we should take all your clothes off so I can make a real examination.”

The dress she had on was zippered up the back. She moved around so he could remove it.

Her body was all soft and pink. She had tits. Not very big, but starting. But her nipples were big. They, had started to grow first. They got to Milt immediately. Her nipples were so soft when he examined them. It was as though, when he pushed on them, he could shove his finger clear through her.

Then Milt took down her panties. Her pussy was hairless and pink. She was on her hands and knees. She wriggled when he pulled her pink lower lips open. Then she asked him to stop when he pulled further. She said it hurt.

He saw her hole and then he knew why his prick was hard.

His mind and body now seethed with youthful lust. His hard cock had no conscience. The young pussy before him was merely a receptacle, a hole into which he would shove his meat and find release.

He shuffled his knees forward until they were against the taut buttocks. He scooped his hands under her until the cheeks rested against his lower thighs, just above his own knees. He leaned forward, found one of her nipples and sucked the tiny brown bud into his mouth, stabbing it with the tip of his tongue.

His cock was there, against her little cunt. He pushed forward.

The young girl screamed and pounded on his head and shoulders. “Stop… it hurts… it hurts!” She clawed at his face as he groaned and writhed, forcing the knob of his cock to spread her tight cunt lips.

He hunched his hips and drove a couple of inches between the tautly stretched lips. Her moans of pain increased and her feet kicked wildly.

But he wouldn’t stop, and new pain showed on her face as the head of his cock rocked against the thin membrane of her hymen.

She threw her hips from side to side in an effort to free herself from the stiff wedge that was relentlessly impaling her.

She made strange animal sounds as she mewed and begged him to stop.

He pushed again. Another inch.

The girl screamed again.

He responded by easing his rod into the tight hole, inch by inch.

“Nooooo! Please stop! It hurts… it hurts real bad!” the girl cried. “Don’t do it to meeeee!”

Milt stared down at the stretched lips of her tight little pussy. With satisfaction he eased all of his prick up into the lightly hair-ringed opening of her virgin cunt.

There was no stopping him now as his hard cock filled her flat little belly and his sac pressed against her tiny asshole.

She groaned in pain and panic, her head reeling with the final thrust. A finger was the biggest thing that had ever been inserted in her tiny pussy until now. And she had thought a cock impossible. But she knew it had happened. His cock had spread and ripped her virginal pussy wide open.

It was like an anvil in the center of her belly and she whimpered her thanks when, at last, he paused. She was sure that if he moved again, pounding the cock in and out of her, she would die.

Still he remained immobile as he sucked her budding tits and whispered in her ear. Soon her head started clearing and the pain began to fade. She thought her tortured pussy had become accustomed to its invader. Then a searing pain again flashed through her body when he moved.

“Ohhhhhh, don’t move! It hurts when you move!”

“I have to move to fuck you,” he said.

Then he went wild. He pounded and tore at her little cunt. She passed out from the pain, but still he kept on driving into her.

He drove as deep as he had the length to go. He reamed her sweet pussy with lust and tenderness, his balls tickling her little anus as he plunged into her stretched hole.

It was beautiful. It was truly a dream come true for the boy. He looked down at her beautiful young face and screamed as he felt himself come.

Milt fucked the little girl many times again after that. Eventually she started enjoying it, too. Then she got bigger, with heavy, flopping tits, so he found another girl younger, with small hips, and wee tits. But he never forgot the joy of fucking that first little girl.

He supposed that was why he had married Nancy. She was thirty now, and she still looked like a boy.

And the one in the bathroom, the runaway she looked like a young Nancy, or like the first little girl, or like a little boy.

What was her name? Gigi, she had said.

In a moment she would come out of the bathroom and give him her honey. After that, she would go away. She’d probably find another foolish man who would be willing to give her a loan just for the use of her body for a little while.

Ahhhhh, the younger generation, he mused, they thought nothing of it anymore. Fucking was like a stick of gum, chew it until the flavor’s gone and then get some more.

The bathroom door opened. Milt heard the lock click, and brought his thoughts quickly back to the immediate moment.

She came into the doorway and stopped. He raised his head a bit to look at her. A large toothy grin was slashed across her face.

“My, my,” she said. “Don’t you look ready to go!”

He stared at her. She was carrying a glassful of icecubes in one hand. In the other she held a second glass of faintly steaming water and a washcloth draped over her wrist.

But those weren’t the details he noticed.

Her breasts were beautiful. They were small, not yet grown fleshy and big at the bottom. The areolas were dark pink and took up nearly all the apple-sized tits. Milt knew he could get all of one tit in his mouth, and his cock jumped and throbbed at the thought.

Her hips were very narrow. Like her tits, they had only just started to swell with manliness. Her bones were visible as faint protrusions on each side of her flat tummy. She had a sparse, sandy sampling of cuntal fur. She barely had enough fur to cover her pussy lips. They looked taut and totally unstretched.

He wondered. “You’re not a virgin, are you, honey?”

She smiled. “What do ya think?”

He smiled, fisted his cock, and completed his inspection. Her legs were slender. Her calves were subtly muscled. When his eyes finally came back to her face, her smile had grown. “Like what you’re seeing?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“There’s more and better to come. Wait’ll you see me close up.”

She crossed the room to the opposite side of the bed, and set the glasses and the washrag down on the table.

“What’s that for?” he asked.

“Clean you off with,” she said.

“Clean me? I don’t get it.”

“Well, honey… after…” he grinned.


“Didn’t a girl ever do that for you before?”

“Not wash me, no.”

“Hum.” She made a face. “Well, some girls don’t never wash themselves neither. But I ain’t like that. I like to be all nice and clean. Then they can kiss me just about any place they want to.”

“You mean, eat your pussy?” she said. “Yeah. You like to eat young, unspoiled pussy, don’t ya, daddy?”

“Do you like to suck cock?”

“I asked you first.”

“I’m bigger than you are.”

“I love to suck cock. Most of the time it’s better’n fuckin’. My pussy is small and it hurts when they’re as big as you.”

He smiled again. “Then I like to eat pussy.”

Twelve, he thought, she talked like she was forty. He wondered how many cocks she had sucked in her young life. But it didn’t matter. Her body was good, a little girl’s body… or a little boy’s.

He rolled away from her until he could reach the ash tray and stubbed out his cigarette. When he dropped onto his back again, she was wringing out the washcloth.

“Well,” he said. “There it is. Do it any way you like.”

“There you surely are,” she said, gazing at him appreciatively. “You don’t see cocks like that every day.”

“I bet you say that to all the boys,” he replied, grinning.

“Oh, no, honey. Only to the men.”

She dropped to the bed and folded her calves up under her, edging around until she was kneeling next to him. When she unfolded the washrag and gave it a shake, he felt tiny droplets of warm moisture patter across his stomach.

Then, suddenly, the washrag touched his cock. He could feel her fingers through the cloth.

“We’re gonna have us a whole load of fun,” she said, chanting her words in a gusty, sing-song deep inside her throat. “You got all any girl could ask for, and this gal’s gonna like it, and some more besides. You’ll see, daddy… there’s lots in store for you.” She looked up at him with mischief in her eyes. “I’m gonna suck your dick till it’s so hot and hard it can’t help but shoot. Then I’ll taste your cum and drink it down. I’ll even suck your asshole for you, daddy. You’ll like that. You like to have little girls suck your asshole.”

He listened to her as she went on with a smoking description of the fun she had planned, but he wasn’t really paying any attention. The touch of the cloth against him was driving all reason out of his brain. There was nothing for him to do but let the cloth wash against him and let the tingling pleasure mount.

Something changed. He felt a momentary chill, and realized the rag was gone. He was about to open his eyes and look at her when fingers suddenly came to take its place.

Her fingers were slender and warm on his cock, but he could sense a surprising strength in them.

His hands moved down to her knees and then back up again until he was cupping her bare buttocks. “You little devil,” he laughed, and pulled her to him, grinding his hard cock over her belly.

She slid her hand between them until her fingers combed through his pubic hair. Then they found the root of his cock and curled around it. She squeezed, bringing a satisfying groan to his lips.

“You’re big… real big,” she said. “Too big?” he asked.

“Never too big.”

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

“Anything,” she replied. “Everything. Whatever you want.” She ran her hand up and down the length of his shaft. “I’ve never had one this big before.”

“You’ll be ready for it,” he said.

“I’m ready now,” she laughed.

The girl was touching him now with both hands. She crooned on. “Nice honey… sweet honey… all groaning for me… and you’re gonna have me, too… you’re gonna have me, and I’m gonna have you, and we’re gonna have each other.”

The hands stopped, the fingers clenched, sending a bolt of pleasure to him. He could feel the faint needling of her fingernails against his buttocks.

“Poor daddy,” she said. “You don’t have to groan no more. Honey’s gonna take care of you… good care of you… starting right now… only a minute, daddy, only a second, and this honey’s gonna give you all your nature can take.”

He opened his eyes. It was difficult to lift his head, and difficult to focus on her, but he managed it somehow. The moment of delight was approaching, and he wanted to see it happen.

He saw her flat buttocks glide along the bed toward him. He saw the tiny weights of her berry-tipped breasts dangle until they grazed along his abdomen and came to rest. He saw the deep color of her fingertips in startling contrast to the pale whiteness of his own flesh.

But most of all, he saw the expression on her face, the direction of her gaze, the voluptuous twisting of her mouth as she moaned.

And he realized she wasn’t even talking to him. She was talking to her hands and his cock.

He looked directly up between her thighs and saw the taut slit of her barely furred pussy. “I think I’ll just make sure you’re ready.”

He stroked her tits with his hand as his tongue laved her belly. And then she gasped. His mouth was in her tiny slit, then his lips were pressing against her pussy. It was thrilling, exhilarating, and got even better for her as she felt his tongue part the lips of her vulva.

“Does that feel good?” Milt asked, dropping his face from her crotch.

“Oh yes… yes, it feels soooo good!” she gasped.

His head again parted her thighs, the tongue licking her flesh until it shone. Mound and around her thighs he roamed, and then back to her pussy. The hard red tip parted her slit and she could feel the heat of his saliva dribbling into her crack.

“Oh, God!” she screamed, when his tongue drove into her little wet hole and his chin mashed against her clit. Up and down, around and around went his tongue inside her.

She screamed again and bucked downward with her hips. There was a tiny moan of pleasure from her lips and her pussy erupted in a mini-climax.

“Did you come?” he said.

“A little,” she replied, unable to move.

The sweet young thing was still moaning and sighing as she reached over and took two ice cubes out of the glass. She popped them into her mouth.

“What’s that for?”

“You’ll see, daddy,” she mumbled, as her head descended toward his upright cock. Her fingers unwound, and spread across his abdomen. He felt her breath.

She hummed with strange music, her breasts lifted and flattened against him.

He reached out and grabbed at her buttocks, kneading the mounded flesh with his fingertips. She wriggled at his grip.

She bent back to his body and her lips engulfed the head of his cock greedily. She leaned forward, placing her weight on her knees, and ground her face over his prick.

He wanted to fuck… fuck her head, her ass, her cunt. He needed to come. “Suck… suck… suck,” he chanted.

With a groan he threw his hips forward as his hands wound themselves in her thick hair. Her head eagerly started to bob and twist in front of him. Her cheeks hollowed as she drew and elongated his cock with a sucking motion.

He looked down at his cock driving in and out of her mouth. She was a good cock sucker. Experience showed in every movement of her head, every inch of her tongue, every touch of her tender fingers.

Then she brought the ice cubes into play. It was wild. It was the kinkiest feeling ever, having the two cold cubes roll around and around the head of his cock.

“Oh, my God… that’s… wild! I can’t tell you what that feels like!” he panted.

She kept sucking.

As his rod slipped deeper, into her mouth, he couldn’t have held back even if he had tried.

He wanted to come.

As she sucked and sucked harder on his meat, his legs became rubbery with the sexual stimulation. His hands slipped to her shoulders for support and the cheeks of his ass tightened into a knot of taut muscle as he hammered his rigid cock into her young face.

She was loving it. Her hands trailed up and held his ass cheeks firmly while she laved his cockhead to finish him.

He cleared his mind and relaxed all his muscles in order to prolong the pleasure. She stayed with it for a few more seconds and then sensed his actions. She pulled her face from his pulsing meat and took a deep breath.

“What’s the matter, baby?” she said. “Don’t you want to come?”

“Sure I want to come,” he growled, coming slowly out of the world of ecstasy and returning to reality. “But I want to fuck you.”

“I can make you come with my mouth. I’ll swallow it all!”

“Don’t hurt me!”

He moved up across her body until his hard meat was pressed against her cunt.

“You’re nice and wet,” he groaned.

“Are you gonna put it inside me?”

“Yes, honey… I’m gonna fuck you,” he said.

“Ummmmm… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me with your big cock, daddy,” she cooed.

He put her legs over his shoulders and bent her double. He moved the head of his massive cock to her parted cuntal lips and gently nudged until it popped inside her.

“I can feel you already,” she said, smiling up at him. “You’re so big… this is going to be beautiful!”

“I know,” he replied, and eased his weight forward. His cock sank easily, in one smooth motion, clear to the hilt in her pussy.

When his pelvic bone hit hers she erupted into a seething mass of sexual frenzy. Her hips strained against his as her legs flew apart and then back together around his body. In seconds she reached another climax. The juice from her little pussy welled in streams down her buttocks and into the crack between them.

It was good, and it was tight. But it wasn’t the ultimate for Milt it wasn’t the total warmth of the kind of sheath he liked.

It wasn’t her asshole.

Milt pulled his prick from her cunt and, before she knew what he was doing, flipped her over onto her elbows and knees. Her little ass gleamed delightfully in the light from the room’s single lamp.

“What you doin’, daddy?” she cried, sudden fear filling her eyes as she looked back at him over her shoulder.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he growled.

She smiled. “You like it doggie-fashion, daddy?”

“Yeah,” he leered, fingering the taut cheeks of her ass. “I like it doggie-fashion up your little shit-chute.”


“I said, I’m gonna poke my cock up your asshole, little honey.”

“Oh, no, please!” she cried. “It’s too big… too fat for there!”

“Yeah, isn’t it?” Milt said, as he grabbed her tiny hips and pulled her ass back toward his flopping prick.


“I wonder if I move hard and fast enough, maybe I could get it into your guts and bloody your squirmy little asshole. Get ready, honey.”

She jerked around on the bed, her eyes wide and angry. Her hands were raised in front of her tits. They were curled into claws.

He clamped her hands to her small, big-nippled tits. She cursed him and tried to twist free. Her face contorted into a hating snarl and her knee came rushing up.

Milt rolled out of the way and himself being attacked by a ninety-pound female tiger.

Her strength was astounding and her will to resist was a flaming need within her, but in about a minute she was on the floor, half on the rug, her taut ass contorted tightly beneath her in apprehension. Her breath came unevenly and there was both hate and humiliation in her staring eyes.

She lurched and twisted and jerked her arms and legs and snapped at him and humped up and down. He held her, easily, because he knew what she was doing. He let her exhaust herself, while he watched with bright, excited eyes. Kneeling there naked over her, he watched her growing weariness, the disintegration of her resistance and the slow collapse of her will. She panted, trying to catch her breath. Neither of them spoke. There wasn’t a word as their argument was waged and won.

Milt found a joy, a perverse satisfaction in subjecting her to the humiliation of defeat until she was limp and sweating, staring and pleading helplessly for mercy. She panted and gasped with each breath. Now she was weak, conquered. Her whole body was a combination of fear and nervous, negative anticipation. Tears of frustration welled in her eyes. His hard chest was crushing down on the small firm lumps of her bare, heaving tits. Her gasping breaths emerged through trembling lips. Her face was red and tear-stained and she was cringing away from him in an agony. And there was no one to whom she could appeal for help.

Milt’s hand swung down to reach for her tightly clenched thighs. He yanked, forcing her belly ajar in spite of her strength and her sounds of dismay and humiliation.

Holding her legs well apart with his own, he rushed his hand back up to her tit. His fingers grabbed a handful of one red-tipped mound, blasting her quaking body and staggering mind with a flash of pain and humiliation. His big hand twisted until she emitted the scream he wanted, to drag from her.

“Now be still, bitch, or I’ll tear it off!”

Her angry, fearful eyes stared at him. Her hands twitched and her fingers curled, but she didn’t move them. His eyes and tone had convinced her that if a tit could be ripped off, he’d do it.

“Oh God damn!” she gasped in sudden anger as it really came home to her. Now she knew what would happen. Now, in humiliated defeat and under a threat that left her helpless, she must submit to having her tiny ass fucked.

She watched him move back a little, clutching her tit. She watched his eyes center on the gaping slash between her buttocks, opened by his hand and held there by his hairy legs. His knees were well apart to hold her open, and for balance.

The smooth pink flesh of her cunt afforded a marvelous vision to the possessed man. And just below, a clearly defined target of soft, coral colored dampness framed by white skin and tendrils of sandy hair.

He wiggled, still clinging to her aching tit. His anxious prick poised just at the opening of that pulsing hole. He wondered what had ever pierced it, what she had ever felt up her… if anything or anyone. The moist warm hole trembled in fearful anticipation as he reached down with one hand.

He used his fingers to guide his cock straight into her clenching asshole.

He had only paused a second to part the cheeks, dampened with sweat and the helpless, excited secretions seeping from the gaping cavern of her cunt.

“No… PLEASE! For God’s sake, don’t do it… PLEASE! I HATE IT!” she screamed, as the knob of his big cock popped through the clenched opening of her anus.

He lunged and she spat into his face.

“Oh, shit,” he hissed, “this is gonna be so fucking good! Take it… take it all, you little bitch!”

Then he gasped as his cock started sliding in easily. The smooth tunnel of slippery heat flowered open for his entry, accepting his length and breadth with little resistance. It seemed to welcome him, clamping him tightly all around the cock shaft. It seemed to suck at him, as if delighting in holding his prick a helpless prisoner. His hands leaped to her slim hips to grasp and pull as he slid on into her. Freed of his grip, her breast trembled.

Then both her tight small tits were crushed by his weight, forcing them to bulge out of either side like crushed little white balloons. Tight ridges of straining taut flesh with spearing hard tips so firm and long he could feel them against his chest.

He rammed hard. He thrust his hot pole forcefully into her ass, all the way into her bowels, spearing into its depths effortlessly and rushing all the way into the heated inner reaches of her grasping belly.

Her mouth dribbled muffled little sobs of protest that immediately became total subjection. Her lovely body twisted against his. She breathed heavily, gasping. Her writhing and twisting was now automatic, no longer a frantic effort to escape. She was sobbing in pain, even though she had not been a virgin there.

Milt fucked her ass like a madman. He pumped his hips to give her every inner surface a jolting swipe with his rocky hardness. He drilled his big cock in and out of her precious asshole smacking her lightly-furred twat mound with his hard pelvic bane. He cannoned his prick again and again into the burning hollow of her butt. Slit sucked in her rippling belly, biting her lower lip as he skewered her.

The young girl stared up at him with gazed eyes. Her calves tensed automatically to push herself up with savage strength, trying to push him. In Milt’s book, that was called cooperation from a good partner. Hot warmth took him, and he smiled at her.

It didn’t take long. He was too aroused, and she was magnificently tight inside. Her agitated asshole wasn’t designed to prolong his erection, no matter what she wanted, but to squeeze him tight and milk him dry. It did, and her feverish inner walls contracted and opened and contracted again as he spurted far up the throbbing passage. He groaned and ground himself onto her helpless, supine body.

At last it was over. He was empty, and his deflated prick withdrew slowly from her sodden, ravaged bunghole.

She was limp as he rose to his knees, and she allowed herself to be turned over like a doll onto her stomach, wincing as he sank down onto her tits.

At that moment the telephone on the night stand jangled.

“Hello. Oh, hi there, Ken. You can both make it up for the weekend? Good, that’s good.”

He replaced the receiver and thought of Ken and Lisa. Jesus, would Nancy ever have fun with Lisa.

Then his attention returned to the girl on the floor. He sat down in front of her face and pulled her head into his lap.

“You sadistic bastard,” she whimpered.

“Yes, that’s right,” he said, nodding. “Now suck my cock hard again. This time I’ll give you what you want. I’ll pour a load in your mouth.”


Connie welcomed him as if she hadn’t seem him in a year.

She pulled him tight against her, clamping him to her to meet his assault. Her arms wound around his body in a frenzy, with every ounce of vigor she possessed.

At that rate, it couldn’t last long. And it didn’t. But right up to the moment when his shuddering told her he was satisfied, she loved the strength and fury of him as she never had before.

When he subsided, he slid down a little and his head came to rest in the valley separating her breasts. She wound her fingers into his hair. “Ben,” she whispered.


“She’s here… the girl I told you about. Lisa. She’s in the other bedroom.”

“And she’s waiting for us? Both of us?”


“Do you really think it will do any good?” Ben asked.

“I think so.”

“All right. Let’s go.”

Naked, the two of them slipped into the adjoining bedroom. Lisa lay like a black-haired Goddess, nude, on the bed. Her legs were spread wide and her eyes were closed.

“This is Ben, Lisa,” Connie said. “My lover… our lover.”

Lisa was silent. Her only movement was a nod.

Connie and Ben got into the bed on each side of the girl. They stared at her breasts and worked their way down to her toes. The two bodies so naked and close and loving soon broke down Lisa’s tension. They brought out a longing in the girl that she never knew existed.

Lisa sighed as she felt Ben’s face settle between her thighs and his tongue part her lower lips. She pulled Connie’s head down to her tits and felt the beautiful woman respond to her nipples with warm, soft lips. They remained like that for several minutes, close, feeling each other’s breath on their flesh.

Then her mind and body started stirring with the first real passion she had felt in ages. The warmth and compassion of the moment made her realize that she suddenly felt love for both these people. She felt Connie’s heavy breasts pressed hotly against her belly and her head cradled between her own tits.

What Connie had said earlier now made sense. They had both been enjoying, in their own separate ways, but not sharing. Now, with Ben, they would be sharing.

Lisa moved her body in such a way that the dark, furry triangle of her cunt came in close contact with Ben’s searching mouth and probing tongue. She moaned softly and spread her thighs further apart, rotating the flesh of her firm ass cheeks down into the mattress. Connie sucked her tits while Lisa ground the satin of her pubic curls and the swollen flesh of her cunt lips into Ben’s sucking mouth.

Connie’s own tits and cunt were starting to twitch with excitement. Her flesh was hot and growing hotter with the sensations sent out in waves by Lisa’s body beneath her own.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Lisa,” Ben mumbled from between her thighs. “I’m going to stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you.”

“Yes, oh, yes. Connie, give me your pussy,” Lisa urged.

“It’s full of Ben’s cum,” Connie replied. “We just fucked in the other room.”

“I know,” Lisa said. “That’s why I want it.”

And then one of Lisa’s hands slithered down between their bodies and cupped Connie’s pussy. She stroked her inner thighs and then used her fingers to part the fleshy lips of her recently fucked cunt. Lisa felt Ben’s cum soak her palm and it thrilled her.

The increasingly erotic sensations caused by Lisa’s manipulating fingers crawled through Connie’s flesh, up from her throbbing belly to swell and harden her full, round tits where they rested against the young girl’s belly.

She gasped and pressed the yielding lips of her cunt further over the questing fingers. She raised her head again and took one of Lisa’s heaving tits into her mouth in a long, sucking kiss. Her wet mouth moved lovingly over one throbbing tit to the other, sucking and laying the hardened nipples in turn.

Lisa felt Ben’s body move up between her thighs. She felt his enormous cockhead tickle her cunt hair. She could feel the tide of juices flowing from her own cunt as she pulled. Connie’s pussy over her face.

“Cock and pussy,” she groaned. “Cock and pussy all at the same time.”

She reached down and grasped Ben’s cock. “My God, it’s like a horse!”

“You’ll love it,” Connie moaned, lowering her cunt until she could just brush her pussy lips and soaking pubic hair across Lisa’s face.

Lisa’s mind started to swim with the wild passion of the scene they were playing.

“Are you ready?” Ben said. “Do you want my cock in your cunt now?”

“Yes,” she said between clenched teeth, her body shivering with anticipation of the impending fuck.

She leaned back on the pillow and felt her body move as she placed her legs on his back.

When his cockhead was nestling against her cunt, she reached between her legs with both hands and grasped the staff. She ran it up and down her slit and moaned as she felt it split her cunt lips. She wiggled her ass until she felt the tip and then the whole knob ream her hole. The cunt lips stretched wide until she thought he would tear her apart. The fleshy, hard ridges at the top of his cockhead rubbed against her clitoris.

“The head is in you, baby,” Ben said, his breathing heavy above her.

“I know. OOOOHHHH, FUCK! Shit, it feels good!” she gasped.

“Tell me when you want more.”

“Now! Go ahead, give me cock. I want it. Oh, shit, I want the whole fucking thing!”

Lisa felt another surge of affection and love as Connie’s cunt lips opened and poured juice and cum into her mouth. She darted her tongue into the warm cavern that pressed against her face.

Connie’s flesh was now boiling with need and passion as she felt Lisa’s tongue lick her pussy.

Then Ben’s cock was reaming the beautiful brunette’s cunt hale. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. The pain was enormous and intense. With just a few inches of his cock inside her, it felt as though the knob would soon come out her throat. She could feel the friction of his wide prick clear out to the edge of her widespread thighs.

“Oh, Jesus,” she screamed, “it’s killing me! It feels like your cocks clear up my belly already! But don’t stop! I want it! I want to be fucked with your cock!”

She knew the width of his dick from having it in her hand. In her mind she gauged the length of the prick. She remembered that when her hand had been at the root of the cock, its head had rested on the inner part of her arm.

“Yes!” she screamed aloud to herself and to Ben. “I can take it! Give it to me! Pour your meat to me! FUCK ME!”

She felt more of the meat go into her pussy and simultaneously ground her tongue into Connie’s soaking cunt.

Connie’s passion-swollen pussy was tingling with a roaring heat now, expanding in a wet, warm welcome from the caresses of her lover’s mouth and tongue.

Lisa touched the sensitive pink flesh with her fingertips. Her eyes were almost level with the pubic triangle of soft, juice-soaked curls and the trembling pink flesh of her cunt lips. She gazed on the feminine splendor and heard Connie moan and raise her leg, bending it so that the full nakedness of her cuntal slit was glistening before Lisa’s face.

Lisa snaked her tongue out, and contacting the now fully exposed clitoris, she used her thumbs and forefingers to spread Connie’s cunt lips even wider. She licked a wet path all the way up and down the heated slit. Harder and harder she burrowed her way into the convulsing pussy, licking and kissing and sucking as if she were mad for the taste of hot cunt juice. Connie cried out with a sudden, body-jerking scream. It served to spur Lisa on, doubling her efforts to please the beautiful older woman.

Lisa moaned and gurgled with joy as she sucked and felt Ben hunch the full power of his big cock into her cunt. With passion and lust he pounded downward with his hips, driving the full length of his massive tool into her cunt until his balls slapped against her ass.

Lisa was delirious with sex and lust. In the space of an hour she was getting more cock in her body than she had taken in an entire lifetime.

“Oh, shit!” she gasped around the cunt meat in her mouth. “Fuck me deep! Fuck me hard! Fuck my mouth as rough as he’s fucking my cunt! Be an animal! FUCK ME! BOTH OF YOU!”

She twisted in passion as his cock re-entered her pussy. His prick was hot and wet with her juices. His crotch hair blended with hers, and became wet like his cock. He fucked her hard, bouncing on her clit, his sac hitting her anus with each thrust as he sent his massive tool to the balls again and again into her hungry velvet sheath. Sweat poured from his body as he worked to bring himself off, his cock plunging like a hot piston between her legs. She lay with her thighs on her stomach, her knees bent, her tits jutting upward like hard white mounds.

Her eyes were closed. Her mind screamed, begging them both to raw deeper into her cunt and her face. Her hips moved this way, then that, sucking on the cock while her mouth and throat worked on the juicing cunt above her. She broke into wild orgasm, fingers digging into Ben’s butt, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her clasping pussy.

Every thought in her mind was fuck now, her past was gone, all hate had left her. Her whole being was immersed in cock and cunt and love.

The nude bodies, covered with a fine layer of sweat, twisted and lunged. Ben made short, stabbing thrusts into her cunt. She felt her cunt lips grabbing and releasing the huge cock that filled it. Then she felt the flame of Ben’s cum shoot into her womb, filling her cunt to overflowing. It seemed that he would never stop. It just kept coming and coming. She could feel it oozing out of her cunt lips, around his cock, and running in streams down into the crack of her ass.

Ben’s orgasm stimulated her mouth on Connie’s cunt. She sucked with a tremendous pull on her tongue and cheeks. Mentally, she forced Connie to come in her throat as Ben had so beautifully creamed the tender walls of her cunt.

“Come, come, come, in my mouth, dammit,” she mumbled around Connie’s pussy lips. “I want to swallow your sweet pussy juice!”

“I’m coming, baby… I’m commmmminnnnnng!” Connie shrieked.

“COME!” Lisa cried, urging her on. “I want to swallow your honey! Cream my throat like Ben’s creaming my fuck hole!”

Her sucking pussy worked with precision, milking the last drops of thick, milky jism from Ben’s raging cock. The lips of her cunt stretched to the limit, pulled on the massive prick, dragging on the foreskin, massaging the pulsing knob, until his cock was dry and going limp inside her hole.

“Oh, shit… I’m coming again!” Lisa cried.

With a loud cry of insane desire, Lisa let her lips massage Connie’s hairy cuntal slit and her tongue slid in between the wet flaps. Her head bobbed wildly, slavishly, as she surrendered herself to the pleasures of Connie’s flesh. Her senses filled with the heady aroma of fresh cunt that wafted from the older woman’s heated loins.

“God! Don’t stop!” Connie shouted. “Oh, Lisa, baby… don’t stop sucking my pussy! OHHHHH, God, it’s good when you lick and suck me like that! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Suck! SUCK!”

Lisa sucked hungrily, teasing the tiny, hotly pulsating little clit. Saliva poured in gushes from the corners of her mouth as she kissed and sucked wildly at the trembling cuntal flesh. She thrust her tongue harder and deeper into the expanded canal, relishing each stream of pussy juice from the creaming cunt as she greedily swallowed it.

The walls of Connie’s spasming cunt grasped at the licking tongue. Her clit quivered violently, and the muscles of her stomach rippled with the intensity of her unleashed passion.

“Lisa… LISA!” Connie screamed.

“Yes!” Lisa groaned. “Come… COME! GIVE IT TO ME!”

“My pussy… my pussy… my pussy!”

Lisa sucked and licked feverishly, savoring the hot nectar of Connie’s come as it poured from the convulsing cunt into her waiting throat.

Frantically Connie spread her thighs and captured Lisa’s bobbing head hard between them.

It was as though a gag had been ripped from both her cunt and her mouth. Connie’s joyous screaming filled the room.

“I’m there, baby! Oh, suck my cunt! Suck it good! Suck hard! EAT ME!”

Her asscheeks clenched and unclenched as she squeezed forth the juices of her come into Lisa’s face.

They fucked the night away and Lisa found out that she could’ve… really give. And, in so doing, found out what sex and love, together, could do.


Only two night ago, Lisa had been snuggling in Connie’s arms, feeling the warmth of Connie’s beautiful tits, luxuriating in the fantastic thrill of Connie’s intimate kisses.

And the beauty of Ben’s fantastic cock. She had sucked his cock, fucked it, and watched Connie do the same.

She now knew just how much she had needed that wonderful time with Connie and Ben. It had been more wonderful than she had even hoped wonderful enough, in fact, to erase all the soreness and sickness of her body and make her calm again.

When she left Connie’s that evening, she felt glowing and warm, at peace with the world.

Now it was all gone. Time had passed, and the recollection of the pleasure and relief had turned to dead ashes. For all the good the memory was doing her, she might as well have dreamed it.

She had gone home to Ken and he had told her about the, weekend with Milt Harris and his wife. She told him she wouldn’t go and Ken had hit her. She screamed at her that if they didn’t get the contract it would be all over. They would be broke.

Lisa said she didn’t care. The money didn’t mean anything to her any more.

Then he beat her some more.

And the more he beat her, the more he wanted her. It was the only way she could turn him on anymore, he said.

Lisa didn’t want him anymore, and told him so. Then he beat her unmercifully until she finally said she would go this one last time. One last time she would be his whore.

But he wanted more than her submission now. He wanted her body.

She didn’t want him. But that didn’t matter to Ken. “You’ll have to rape me,” Lisa screamed.

“Then that’s what I’ll do,” he shouted back at her.

With one swift motion of his arm, Ken ripped open the front of her blouse. She gasped and started to pull away, but he grabbed the front of her bra and jerked her toward him roughly, breaking the clasp at the back of the garment, freeing her full, naked breasts.

Lisa, wide-eyed, too frightened to speak, watched him in anxious desperation as he rose in front of her. There was a cornered, almost frantic look in his eyes as he looked at her. She had never seen him like this before and it frightened her.

“Nice,” he kept muttering again and again as he stroked the soft, resilient flesh of her breasts. “Nice, nice, nice tits.”

He leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking it, running his tongue around it, until at last it became erect.

“Stand up,” he hissed. “Take your clothes off! Everything!”

Lisa hesitated, searching for some way of dealing with this madman, but she wasn’t even given a chance.

“Move, damn you!” he spat.

Lisa scrambled to her feet. She took off her torn blouse and bra and let them drop to her feet, then unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down together with her panties. She stood completely naked before Ken’s insane gaze. He had knelt before her as she had stripped. He took his time appraising her immaculate beauty, allowing his eyes to devour her nude body. Then, in a whisper so low that even Lisa could only barely hear him, he said, “I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to fuck you, Lisa. And raping you will make it even better.”

Lisa knew then that he was crazy.

Lying on the carpet, Ken unzipped his fly, and took out his limp cock.

“Get down here, baby,” he said evenly. “Suck this thing. Make it hard. I wanna come all over you.”

Lisa knelt down between his outspread legs immediately. As she leaned over his groin, she choked back the sob that welled in her throat. She lowered her head more. Even before she touched his prick, she saw the thing growing, before her eyes, rising to meet her unwilling lips.

Fighting hard to control her trembling hand, she wrapped her fingers around the hot instrument and brought her lips to bear on the tip of it. The staff immediately surged to its full height and thickness. She closed her eyes tightly, and ran her tongue down the side of it. She felt Ken shudder and heard him groan his approval. She ran her tongue down the other side.

She had no desire to indulge in any lengthy preliminaries, as she had done with Connie and Ben. There was no dark, alluring region of this man’s sex that attracted her any more. With Ken she wanted only to be done with it, to take at least the edge off his madness by allowing him to come in her mouth.

Inserting the swollen head of his blood-gorged fuck stick in her mouth, she cupped her lips tightly around the shaft and began sucking vigorously.

Her heart wasn’t in it, and it took a great effort to develop the rhythm that would have been the natural consequence of passion. Her senses were numbed not by lust, but rather by fear. As a result, she was more aware of what she was doing than she would have been had she been pleasing Ben in the same way.

As she sucked, she felt the stiff meat throb against her lips, felt its blunt tip strike her throat again and again, forcefully, as Ken began arching his hips. She was painfully aware of everything, the taste of his cock in her mouth, his grunts and groans, her own rasping breath, his thrashing hips on the floor.

She knew that it wouldn’t take long, before the fuck stick, jamming back and forth between her lips, would be spewing its hot, sticky cum down her throat. She could feel it swelling inside her mouth, acquiring new proportions, growing harder.

In the next instant the flesh-pole was spewing its hot contents down her throat. Only the first two spurts went inside her mouth, though. Then Ken yanked her head back with his one hand, seized his bucking cock with the other, and allowed the rest of his jism to splash all over her face and hair.

Lisa tried to avert her face from the jerking jets, but his viselike grip in her hair made it impossible. His spunk landed in gobs on her cheeks and forehead and chin, until, at last, the muscular contractions of his cock subsided and the last few drops trickled down over his own pumping fist.

Ken continued to stare at her with hit wild, glazed eyes while his greasy cock grew limp in his hand. Lisa trembling under his fearsome gaze, inched up hesitantly and wiped away a glob of cum that threatened to run down into her eye. For some strange reason, he laughed at this gesture and jerked her head violently to one side, throwing her to the floor.

“You’re going up to the Harris’ house Friday afternoon and you’ll do anything those two want.”

And she had gone.

And now she was sitting in the room they had ushered her into, and was wondering what they would want of her. She hadn’t met Nancy yet. Would they want a threesome? What kind of woman would Milt Harris marry?

When her bag was unpacked, she stripped and took a shower. She bathed her body from head to toe, working up large handfuls of lather from her scented soap.

Desire, she thought. Her soap-slicked hands drifted up her torso until they held her tits. To men… and especially to a man like Harris… her tits were objects of desire. The simple shapes of flesh she held in her hands, round and soft and tipped with darting coral tips, were shapes that could inflame a man and bring him pleasure.

She allowed her hands to drift sensuously down her abdomen to her hips, then to her knees and buttocks.

This flesh, too, was flesh that men desired. The lithe shape of a female leg, the tensed curve of a female buttock, the delicate interplay of muscle and bone beneath the skin of a female hip… the look of that could drive a man simply crazy with desire. She had seen it happen often enough, seen what the mere sight of her body could do to a man.

And, of course, there was her cunt. That’s what they desired most of all. But, after tonight, only Ben and Connie would have her cunt. She had decided this would be the last time, even if Ken did come after her. She would get his contract for him, and then she would leave him.

She let her thoughts drift as she stroked her glistening nudity, smoothing the lather into every glowing inch of her skin. By the time the shower was finished, her body was tinging.

After drying herself, she walked nude into the bedroom and went to the closet. She was about to take down one of her favorite dresses, a hip-hugging black sheath cut invitingly low in front, but she thought better of it. With two love-hungry people to entertain tonight, it would be wise to wear clothing she could afford to lose. They might be in a mood for dress tearing.

She picked out a sheer black nightgown, which would come off fairly easily. The material was thin enough to reveal most of her body, but she didn’t bother putting on any bra or panties. The sight of her in that gown would probably heat up both of them, and the faster they heated up, the faster they would be finished with her.

There was a tap on the door.

At first she thought he was alone. He stood in her doorway smiling, just looking at her as he had the last time he’d been with her.

“Hello, Lisa,” Milt said.


“Can I come in?”

“Certainly.” She stood aside and looked around him into the hall. “Where’s your wife? I thought you wanted two at once. That was the idea of getting us up here, wasn’t it?”

“Not exactly.” He stepped through the door into the room. “I’ll bring my wife in here in just a minute. I want to talk to you a bit first.”

Lisa shut the door and stood with her back against it. Milt crossed the room and lit a cigarette.

His eyes shifted around, and Lisa got the impression that he was nervous about something, maybe even a little embarrassed.

Now what on earth was there for this man to be nervous about?

Unless the pleasures he planned for this evening were very offbeat and unusual.

Her mouth felt suddenly dry. “Well?” she said.

He glanced at her, and his eyes took in her barely concealed nudity from head to toe. He looked at every part of her body but her face.

Then he started talking, making excuses. He was rambling like a high school boy on his first day, and Lisa knew that was a bad sign. She remembered this man as being very sure of himself, and not the sort to get embarrassed over anything trivial. The way he was acting now.

She closed her eyes for a moment and saw images of painful perversion, of mad and twisted lust.

“Can I just ask, Lisa? Will you promise not to get mad if I just ask?”

“What is it?” she said without opening her eyes. There was a long silence before he could get up enough nerve to phrase the question. “Have you ever been with a woman?”

Lisa’s eyes snapped open. He was looking at her face, but his gaze dropped quickly. “Been with a woman?” she repeated.

“Yeah… you know… had love with a woman. Now, I already said I’m just asking, Lisa. I’m not accusing you of anything… I don’t want you to get insulted.”

“You mean,” Lisa said slowly, “Have I ever had a lesbian affair?”

“Yes. That’s what I mean.”

“You really want to know?” she asked. Her voice was very flat and calm.

“Well… yeah.” He shuffled his feet and still refused to look her in the eye. “That’s why I asked.”

“Very well,” she said. “The answer is yes.”

He looked up from his shoes. “Yes?”

“Yes,” Lisa said. The man had lost control of his facial expression, and the twitching movements of his features almost made her laugh. “Many times, in fact.”

“Oh.” He smiled. “Good. That’s what I wanted to know.”

“Tell me,” Lisa said. “What has that got to do with this evening?”

“Well… my wife… is kind of a man… and a woman…”

Did he mean AC-DC?

“I want to watch the two of you fuck.”


The woman was weird, downright strange. And the relationship she had with her husband was even stranger.

Nancy seemed unable to utter a sentence without using her husband’s name in it.

“She’s pretty, Milt.”

“She has nice tits, Milt.”

“Shall we take our clothes off now, Milt?”

“Do you want me to kiss her cunt now, Milt? Do you want me to suck her tits now, Milt?”

“Can you see all right, Milt? Do you want me to move a little so you can see better, Milt?”

And Milt, who sat alone in a chair near the corner of the bedroom where he could see everything, always seemed to answer her questions the same way.

“Yes, Nancy.”

“That would be fine, Nancy.”

“A little more to the left, Nancy.”

Milt sat naked in the chair and directed the performance with his cock. The two-piece orchestra, consisting of Lisa and Nancy, obeyed his directions down to the smallest detail.

It went on and on. Now and then when Nancy or Lisa had exhausted themselves, the performance would stop for an intermission. Sometimes, Milt would call a momentary halt to the preceding, and they would wait until he was ready to conduct again.

During these breaks, Lisa managed to get a little sleep, but it was a light sleep, filled with lurid dreams and weird sensations. The dreams made sleeping almost as tiring as remaining awake.

And when she woke up, it was always because Nancy had received some instructions from Milt, and had begun to perform again.

Nancy was small and slender, but not actually thin. Her body was saved from true skinniness by a lithe framework of muscle, which accented her curves and planes and hollows.

Her breasts were just about the size of baseballs, and set very wide apart so there was no great cleavage. Her skin flowed from her armpit and swelled out over the hard mass of one breast, then dipped into a flat plane almost three inches before rising over the shape of the other. The two, hard hemispheres were tipped by nipples hardly any larger than a fingerprint, almost colorless little discs, with tiny thrusting points rising out of delicately pebbled flesh.

Nancy’s hair was blonde and she wore it cut short around her small head. The rest of her body was hairless.

It wasn’t simply that the hair had been removed. As the evening wore on, and as Lisa became more and more familiar with the woman, she came to the conclusion that Nancy had simply never much body hair.

This unnatural smoothness added the final touch to the woman’s strange body. She looked almost like a hairless and muscular little boy who had somehow lost the symbols of his maleness and exchanged them for a pair of rubber-ball tits.

Nancy was exciting she was lithe and skilled in the ways of pleasure.

According to Milt, Nancy was a lesbian. Also according to Milt, Nancy was his wife. It was a pretty strange combination, but not exactly unthinkable. Lisa could picture an arrangement like that. She had slept with more men than she could count and none of them had ever changed the basic arrangement of her life with Ken, except the night with Ben and Connie.

At one point, Lisa found one of Nancy’s hard little mounds offered to her, and took it quickly, caressing the nipple hard. The woman was just as cool there as her kiss had been. The flesh was firm and resilient and wonderfully rigid where Lisa touched it, but quite tasteless. While her mouth busied itself, Lisa’s free hand roamed Nancy’s body until she was holding the other breast full in her palm. The shape was exciting; the firmness of it was fascinating in her fingers; the thrust of the pale tip reminded Lisa of past loves and past excitements.

But there was no excitement for her in this moment.

At Milt’s enthusiastic direction, Nancy moved her hands down along Lisa’s body, feeling her breasts and hips, working the soft flesh methodically in her strong fingers. Lisa felt those fingers on her legs, taking possession of her. Nancy’s hands scooped down underneath to grab hard at Lisa’s buttocks.

Milt was watching it all. Lisa knew this even if she couldn’t see him. Every time she opened her eyes, all she saw was Nancy’s trim figure poised high, the woman was kneeling on the bed beside her, and bending with total concentration over Lisa. Milt was watching every move, and he had one hell of a good view. Nancy had moved Lisa around with her hands and now Lisa’s cunt was aimed straight at Milt’s fascinated face.

Lisa tried to play along with the game. She put out her hands and stroked Nancy’s buttocks, letting her fingers drift lightly around the tight globes, along the hollowed sides. She explored her body intensely, looking for some kind of pleasure. After all, wasn’t Nancy a woman? Didn’t she had everything a woman should have? And didn’t Lisa get her principal pleasure in life from handling and being handled, kissing and being kissed, loving and being loved by a woman?

She couldn’t find a thing. There was no warmth, no electricity, no sign of excitement or life, nothing but cold.

Milt was saying something. Nancy was moving her body dutifully. The smooth buttocks flexed and slid out of Lisa’s fingers. She opened her eyes and saw Nancy flexing as she moved to get her balance then lifted one round leg and settled her cunt.

Lisa knew what was coming next. She closed her eyes. Only a few minutes before her fingers had discovered Nancy, and that repelling memory was still vivid in her mind.

Nancy’s cunt lips, the same ones which had felt so alien and fishlike against Lisa’s lips, now formed themselves into a kiss. Nancy’s hands were clutching Lisa’s buttocks again, lifting her with surprising strength. Lisa felt the brush of Nancy’s blonde hair along her legs, then felt the woman’s ears settle against the flesh of her thighs.

Then Lisa felt the kiss. Bloodless and cold, like the kiss of a zombie, even in the midst of the most intimate moment two women could share.

Milt was talking again. “Now make her come, Nancy.”

As if she were a robot, Nancy moved over Lisa’s body. Her fingers fanned out, so that one touched the tight entrance to Lisa’s asshole, and the middle two lay on her soft cuntal lips.

Lisa sucked in her breath as a forefinger slipped between the tops of her thighs and touched the little roll of clit skin there. Her throbbing little clit stiffened at once. Lisa’s mouth opened as her stomach fluttered, dipped in, pushed out, the muscles beneath the smooth flesh falling within the control of the other woman’s moving fingers. They were very white against the dark thicket of Lisa’s pubic hair.

Those fingers toyed there, rolling and pushing, making her clitoral erection slip back and forth beneath the pressure of Nancy’s touch. Standing there, watching the two naked women, Milt saw Nancy smile. Lisa smiled in return. Her eyes were starting to gaze.

But the smile left her face in a rush and her nostrils flared as she gasped.

Her hips came alive, moving. Her buttocks rolled on the bed as if controlled from outside her. They were no longer in her control. Her mouth wouldn’t close. Her staring, misty eyes did not want to remain open. She tossed her head. Black hair whipped and flailed around it.

Milt saw her all-over flush as heat mounted in her, rising up into her belly. Nancy’s hand and clever fingers moved on. Lisa writhed. She could no longer see, no longer hear.

Again it came in soft waves that flooded her cunt and turned her belly into an inferno.

“Oh, damn, oh, damn! Nancy, I’m commmmiinnngggg! Oh, God, I’m COMING!”

Arms outspread and face red and sweating, Lisa gasped and moaned. And when the waves had risen to their highest point and were lapping, lapping away, she convulsed. Nancy ceased her attentions to the other woman’s clitoris and spread her hand wide again, listening to her ecstatic screams.

Suddenly she jerked to a sitting position on the bed and threw her arms around Lisa. Nancy’s mouth rushed down onto the tip of one big naked breast. Milt frowned, watching Lisa stiffen and jerk. She emitted a pained little cry. Nancy was biting her nipple.

“Now, Nancy, get up on your knees and stick your ass out and ready while I strap the darling leather cock on Lisa,” Milt said, “so she can fuck the shit out of your ass.”

“No! It’s too big, Milt,” Nancy gasped. “Please, I don’t want to.”

“But you will,” he said, handing a gigantic, ribbed leather dildo to Lisa. “Here, put this on and fuck her with it!”

“I won’t do it,” Lisa said.

“Yes, you will,” Milt replied, a grainy insistence in his voice.

“The hell I will!”

“Then I’ll have Nancy fuck you with this phony cock. It makes no difference to me. I just like to watch.”

“Yes… that’s it, Milt. Let me fuck her ass with that big dick,” Nancy begged.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Nancy, honey? You’d really tear up her asshole for me to watch?”

“Oh, yes… yes!” Nancy said, grabbing the dildo from him.

“No!” Lisa said, struggling to free herself from Milt’s viselike grip on her shoulders. “You fucking perverts can’t.”

“Oh yes we can,” he hissed. “And you will. You think you and your husband can con me? I know your game. I’ve known it all along. If you want that contract from me, you’ll have to pay for it. And this is how you’re going to do it. We’ve got a couple of neat surprises for Ken when he gets here tomorrow, too, haven’t we, Nancy, honey?”

“We sure have,” the blonde grinned. “You bastards!” Lisa hissed.

Then Milt looked up at Nancy and nodded.

The blonde didn’t have to be told. She took her hand from her crotch, with reluctance, but it was with eagerness that she strapped on the long, fat, leather dildo. A couple of straps had to be tightened a little; Nancy possessed both thighs and waist that were much smaller than Lisa’s.

Lisa remained limp, humiliated and defeated and filled with shame. Milt lifted her, turned her and shoved her upper body forward onto the bed. Going around to the other side, he took hold of her wrists and leaned forward toward her. She lay with one cheek on the sheet. Lisa didn’t look at him.

Nancy wasn’t as vicious as she might have been.

She smeared the oversized leather dildo with Vaseline. Milt watched it jut obscenely from her, wagging and bobbing like the real thing when she moved. She came over behind the kneeling Lisa. Her hands dropped to the girl’s lovely round asscheeks. Lisa moaned and shivered, anticipating the worst. She convulsed and went rigid when Nancy shoved the artificial cock up into her ass.

“Aaarrrrrggghhhhh!” Lisa gasped.

Her face contorted and her arms tensed as she tried to jerk free of Milt’s grip. He held her there. She couldn’t even grab the bed to aid herself in crawling away from the huge hot log that forced its violent way up her ruptured ass.

Nancy’s bright blue eyes caught Milt’s and she grinned. She withdrew, very slowly. He knew that was a new agony to the moaning Lisa, whose anal muscles would be frying to speed up the slow emergence of the chunk of leather from her asshole. Nancy smiled as she looked down to watch the shining black cock slide with liquid ease out of the puckered and straining asshole.

It was beautiful, Milt thought, beautiful to watch, and he shivered in delight. His balls were beginning to tingle.

Nancy’s fingers kneaded the fleshy little swells of the other, woman’s cheeks. Then she surged swiftly back in a sudden sadistic lurch that shot her deep into Lisa with a violently convulsive shock. Again Lisa cried out and again she went into a jerking, puffing attempt to free herself of the thick impalement. She was unable to escape.

The leather cock stabbed deep, like an oil drill pounding into the earth. Lisa shrieked again at the sudden force of that deep invasion of her clutching rear hole and the long cavern within.

Milt loved it. Nancy’s wagging, undulating, fucking body; the other woman’s contorted face and trembling form; the intense excitement of wall had him erect, throbbing and pulsing hard. He bit his lower lip as lewd thoughts leaped into his mind. He looked around. Up at Nancy and around again.

She saw and sensed his preoccupation. A little frown appeared on her face. She was suddenly still, with her phony prick sunk halfway up Lisa’s ass while she waited for… whatever it was. She looked questioningly at him.

“Lisa, if you move, Nancy will ram herself into you with all her strength,” Milt breathed.

Lisa sobbed and clamped her mouth to save herself the humiliation of another audible sign of her intense anguish.

Milt released her wrists and went around the bed. Nancy watched him coming, smiled, then jerked and quivered when he slid a hand between the two tiny globes of her asscheeks.

“Hold still,” he muttered, moving away. He had to open two dresser drawers before he found what he wanted. They would be ruined, but he knotted a stocking around each of Lisa’s wrists, dragged the delicate but strong material out to tie it to the metal frame of the bed. Lisa wouldn’t be moving now. She was held just as firmly as if he held her. Stockings that would run at the touch of a fingernail or splinter would also keep her in check with incredible strength.

He returned to Nancy. Using a small amount of her Vaseline, he stepped behind her. She sighed and quivered in delighted anticipation. She was relaxed, quivering with sensuality, and his cock was coated with slippery petroleum jelly. It was easy. He poked it between her jutting cheeks and watched the huge, blood-filled head open her, then sink deeper and deeper into the cock-loving hole of her anus. He felt the warmth of a tight rim of flesh close around the knob of his prick. It damped sweetly, all around his driving shaft, as he pumped it into her.

The two pumps were moments apart. Milt’s final hard thrust had driven him all the way into Nancy, whose body surged forward with the impact of his hips against her flat little asscheeks. And her forward lunge sent the dildo rushing just a deeply into Lisa kneeling there helplessly before her.

Nancy twisted her neck to give Milt a huge smile of enraptured pleasure. “You,” she murmured, “are an iron man… and a genius! You’ll fuck us both at once!”

He nodded and brushed her hair with his lips. His hands slid over the flat of her hips, flaring out on either side of his entrenched cock.

“Just move with me,” he murmured. “Go forward when I push, come back with me an instant after I pull. I’ll fuck you both at once. So will you, you’ll be fucking yourself and the bitch at the same time!”

Milt moved. Nancy moved. Helplessly, jarred and shivering, Lisa moved. Each strong thrust of Milt’s hot, bursting cock into Nancy’s thin ass jarred her forward to stab Lisa’s rectum deeply with the dildo jutting from her loins. Each time he withdrew, Nancy followed a second later, giving him a second fucking as she slid her wet, warm asshole back up his cock and eased hers out of Lisa’s ravaged asshole in preparation for the next deep stroke back into its soft inner surfaces.

The three of them filled the room with their grunts and groans as they rocked and sawed together in a daisy-chain reaction.

Looking over Nancy’s shoulder, Milt could see the black pole that jutted from her every time it slid up into the tight walls of Lisa’s asshole. It was so thick that it spread her tight cheeks with each in and out drive.

And below, on her inner thighs, glistened more than one trickle of pale fluid as blood drooled out of her ravaged asshole.

He did not stop or allow Nancy to stop buggering the other woman until Nancy, too, was drooling with juice and he was coming.

“Ohhhhh, shit, fuck, piss, cunt, cock… COCK!” Milt Harris was screaming. “Oh Nat. NAT, MY DARLING BOY!” Milt cried, as his boiling cum erupted into the rectum in front of him. “Why did you do it? Why did you have your cock cut off! Why! I LOVED YOU AS A BOY!”

And now Lisa knew what had been so strange about Nancy. But still she stayed, her mind in a total fog.

The night passed, and nothing changed. Sometimes she slept, only to be awakened by cold greedy lips nipping at her. Sometimes she caught glimpses of Milt in his chair, saw him so frantic with lust over the sight of them and so insanely preoccupied with his own body, that she could hardly believe she wasn’t still dreaming.

And through it all, Nancy’s smooth, dry nudity against her, never ceasing and never coming to Lisa.

When dawn broke through the windows, something terrible had happened to Lisa.

Milt was still in the chair. In the morning light, his skin looked gray, and his face looked crumpled as an old shoe. He was asleep, and breathing harshly between parted lips.

Nancy was also asleep. Lisa turned her head on the pillow and found the woman an the bed beside her. Her limbs were arranged as perfectly as those of a corpse… legs together, elbows close to the sides, fingers laced across the abdomen. Even lying flat on her back, Nancy looked solid as ever; the twin lumps of her round little breasts rose high, with no trace of shifting or flattening.

Lisa moved herself painfully to the edge of the bed, and managed to stand. Her mind was fogged from lack of sleep, from passion unfulfilled, and from something else she couldn’t name. The something else, whatever it was, gave her the strength she needed.

She walked across the room to where Milt sat slumped in the chair, his hand resting limply against his leg. She curled her fingers, glanced once at her long red nails, then struck him across the face.

Milt’s head snapped up. His eyes opened and shifted drunkenly, trying to focus on the woman standing before him.

“Get out,” Lisa snapped. “I want to dress.”

Milt rose from the chair cautiously, as if afraid any sudden movement on his part might be dangerous. Lisa stood tall and, completely nude beside his chair, but he didn’t once look at her body as he came to his feet and crossed the room to the bed.

He touched Nancy’s shoulder, and she awakened immediately.

“Let’s go,” he said. His voice sounded very hollow and tense.

Lisa remained standing in the same spot, watching Milt and Nancy as they dressed. No one spoke. If Nancy sensed anything wrong, it didn’t show in the rubber mask of her face. As for Milt, he seemed almost as weird as his wife, except for the occasional apprehensive glances he threw in Lisa’s direction.

When they were dressed, the two of them left the room without a word. Lisa listened closely until the door down the ball had slammed.

She went slowly over to the bed, and stretched herself out upon it. The early morning sun had made a pattern of bars across the ceiling, and Lisa fixed her eyes an them.

Her body never moved, her face remaining completely expressionless, as she followed the progress of the sunny stripes down the wall.

Then she realized that they were the same bars she had in her own apartment. They were the bars of her cell, and she was going to escape from them.

Quickly, she showered, dressed, and packed. Milt met her at the foot of the stairs.

“If you leave before the weekend is over, it will be that much harder on Ken,” he said.

“That’s tough shit,” Lisa said, and stomped out of the house.


There was a knock on the door.

The newspaper dropped from Connie’s hands and she sat bolt upright in her chair, staring frozen across the room. Her mind raced furiously.

It was just a knock at the door, after all. It only meant she had a caller. There was no reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary just because somebody had knocked on the door.

And it might be Lisa. Maybe she had changed her mind. Maybe she had decided to tell Ken to go to hell after all. She had been crying on the telephone when she had called Connie and told her what Ken had wanted her to do; the kind of couple he wanted her to spend the weekend with.

“Don’t go,” Connie had urged her. “Come to me… me and Ben. We love you, Lisa. We’ll make no demands on you.”

Then she had hung up and now there was knocking on the door.

The knock sounded again, and this time a voice spoke.


She got up slowly from her chair and crossed the room on tiptoe until her face was right next to the door. She stood waiting until the voice spoke again.

“You in there, Connie?”

“Who is it?”

“It’s Ben, silly. You got somebody with you?”

She pulled open the door.

Ben was standing in the hall looking sheepish, as usual, with a stupid smile on his face and a bright wetness in his eyes. It was the same idiot face he always wore when he called on her, but she loved it.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him inside.

“Oh, Ben, I’m so glad to see you,” she said, throwing her arms around him and holding him close to her.

“Hey, what’s wrong, baby? You look kind of funny.”

“She’s gone, Ben. Lisa’s gone. And if what we did together didn’t work, I don’t think anything could shake her away from her husband. And I’m frightened… frightened for her!”

“Hey, calm down, baby,” Ben said, squeezing her against his massive chest and kissing the top of her forehead lightly. “She’s a big girl. I think she can take care of herself.”

“I s’pose you’re right,” Connie nodded, molding her ample curves into his warmth. “Oh, Ben, make me forget… hold me close and make love to me. Please. Right now.”

“I want you, Connie,” he said.

“And I want you. C’mon, darling, take your clothes off and let’s make love right now!”

She grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom, then turned to face him. She untied the knot in her robe and let the garment fall to the floor. She was totally naked beneath it.

His eyes widened at the sight of her nude body. “Oh, Connie, you look mighty good to me tonight.”

“I’m going to be mighty good to you if you’ll just get those damn clothes off and come to bed.”

He busied his hands with the last bits of clothing. In a moment, he was as naked as she was.

“Let’s go, honey,” she said, extending a hand toward him. “This is one we both need.”

She sprawled on the bed, arranging her body deliberately so it would excite him. She slipped her hands behind her head, winging up her elbows, making the hut hemispheres of her tits rise invitingly.

He leaped to her, his thin fingers closing around those luscious breasts. She felt his hips graze her legs.

“Oh Ben,” she said, looking right up into his flushed and eager face. “Do right by me now, and I’ll promise you the best time you ever had with a woman. I mean that, Ben, and it’s a promise I know how to keep tonight.”

“What do you want me to do, Connie?”

“Just go, honey.” She laid her head back into the pillow and closed her eyes. “That’s all. Just go like it was the greatest thing in the world. Just love me with everything you’ve got. I want to get pounded!”

“You’re on, baby.”

“I want it all tonight, Ben darling,” Connie moaned. “I want to do everything.”

Ben’s head swam with the sudden intensity of her desire. He knew that deep down Connie was a lesbian, and in love with Lisa. But he also knew that he was the only man who could satisfy her. And, tonight, thinking that Lisa was gone for good, she needed him.

He made a vow as he kissed her, that she wouldn’t be sorry.

He rolled the girl over on her side. As her legs fell apart, he brought his hardened prick to bear on her pussy.

“Now spread your beautiful legs open for me!” he urged.

She did, with a smile, loving the thrill that ran through her as his cockhead rushed over her sensitive cuntal flesh. She spread her trembling thighs wide apart.

He dropped between her legs and moved one hand to the smoothness of her full ass, pressing her pussy hard, against his cock.

He crushed his lips against hers and moved his hand over her seeping cuntal lips while the other hand continued to knead the silky flesh of her ass. His experienced fingers caressed slowly at first then began a rotating motion around her quivering clit.

“Oh, give it to me, Ben… fuck me… FUCK ME GOOD!” Connie gasped.

Her eyes filled with desire as she felt her cunt tingle and her pelvis begin grinding up against his warmly throbbing cock. She clenched her teeth tightly together and moaned as the smooth tip of his prick began tantalizing her wet pussy lips.

“I’m going to fuck you now, baby. I’m going to feed my hungry cock into you!”

He lunged forward and drove the head of his massive, prick into her eagerly gaping cunt hole with all the heated impatience of the lover that he was.

Waves of passionate ecstasy shook Connie’s body and, groaning in wanton abandonment, she began to grind her steaming pussy up against his thick male meat. She drew her knees up to meet his pounding thrusts.

“God, it’s good! It’s so unbelievably good!” she crooned.

Flaming desire coursed through her wildly flailing hips. The only thing that mattered to her in this world at this time was the fact that this powerful man was fucking her. She wanted him to fuck her, wanted him and his big, wonderful cock thrust deep inside her.

Her hot, quivering thighs humped in time with his furious pounding. Slowly he raised her legs as high as they would go. Then he raised his body slightly and thrust his huge cock all the way into her warm opening. Wildly, with passionate force, he pressed himself into her again and again.

Her cunt quivered and twitched from the thrusts of cock pressure she felt from the force of his wildly pounding tool.

“Oh, fuck my brains out, Ben,” she cried. “Pound my pussy raw with your sweet, big dick!”

“I love you, Connie,” he groaned. “Don’t worry about her. I’ll marry you, if you want me to.”

“No, Ben darling, that’s not for us. This is for us,” she breathed, slamming her cunt over his meat. “Fuck me!”

“Fuck! FUCK!” he cried, slamming into her with renewed vigor.

She received his thrusting rod with unbridled lust, screaming and biting down on her lips as she dug her sharp nails deeply into his muscular back.

The wild passion of his thrusts continued to penetrate her flesh and give her throbbing bursts of pleasure. Their moans and sighs filled the room, and echoed inside his head. She pulled him down to where their lips were touching. His tongue touched the tips of her open, trembling lips. They quivered wildly and pressed firmly against each other. Ben could feel the excitement flowing from her lips to his and through his whole body.

Their saliva mixed and the passion of their touches increased to a fever pitch. They were both sweating now and perspiration ran off of them in heavy, hot beads.

The sounds of heavy breathing and panting became louder and more insistent as their passion reached new highs of frenzy.

They rolled and tossed together on the bed in wild, jerking motions of sexual pleasure.

Connie spread her legs wider apart, and thrust her body up, pushing her contracting cunt over hi’s cock. Ben anxiously thrust his throbbing tool all the way into her and held it there for some seconds, feeling the total heat of her steaming channel.

She pulled greedily at his muscular buttocks to force his massive cock hard and fast into her wet opening. Harder and harder he thrust the head of his thrashing tool in and out of her silt.

“Let me on top let me on top!” Connie cried as her cunt screamed for all the cock it could get.

Then, with more agility than he imagined she possessed, she raised herself up and climbed on top of him. She straddled his body, holding his upward-thrusting cock between the fingers of her right hand as she poised it up between her wide-spread thighs near the mouth of her pussy.

“Now, baby,” she cooed.

Staring hotly down at him, she inched herself downward slowly, parting the folds of her cunt with the massive head of his prick. She filled the pulsating opening with it. She made soft sounds of sheer delight at the feel of his throbbing instrument again inside her cunt.

He thrust upward as she came down, feeling the fleshy warmth of her pussy’s clasping while molding around his dick. Wasting no more time, Connie sheathed the full length of his cock with her damp cunt. It filled her whole belly with the hot, hard expanse of his huge flaring head. Her face was wildly contorted with lust. As she rode up to bring all but the lust-swollen tip of his cock out of her pussy, he slid his hands around under her arms and squeezed her quivering tits. He levered up with his ass at the same time, sending his huge cock soaring along the full length of the clasping channel of her cunt.

“Oh, yes, Ben… your cock… I’ve got all of your sweet cock!” she cried.

Then, using her knees as levers, she began to grind her cunt up and down his prick.

Then Ben could take it no longer. He could feel his orgasm approaching. He wrenched her around until she was once again beneath him. He wanted to be on top when he poured his frothy sperm into her hot, seething hole.

Her body was shaking and quivering all over. She was ready to come.

Ben knew she was ready, and he nibbled on her ears and squeezed and pulled the sensitive nipples of her throbbing tits.

Closer and closer she came to her climax, her body jerking and quivering violently. She moaned and tossed her long legs about the bed in a wild frenzy. She threw her head in frantic, lustful passion as Ben bit down on the firm tips of her hot, erect nipples.

Her cunt began to quiver and contract more violently. She screamed again and again, more violently each time.

Ben could feel the moisture of her cunt increase, as her excitement grew stronger.

Suddenly and frantically, she took hold of his shoulders and clasped her hands tightly around them. She bucked her body up, nearly bending herself double.

A shriek started, almost inaudibly, in Connie’s throat. It increased in volume until it was a lusty squall. Her body shivered and bounced under his.


Ben’s sperm was boiling at the end of his dick. Her cunt walls sucked at him, the hot flesh curling around his plunging cock. The depths of her pussy were raspy and hot as her climaxing flesh grasped the spurting head of his prick. Unable to hold back any longer, he let go.

“FUUUUUUUCK!” he yelled.

It was boiling out of his cock. He reached around and grasped her ass and slammed his body against her pelvis.

Connie gasped through her nostrils as the massive ramrod plunged into her cunt, spewing his flood of hot cum all the way to her belly.

“God, what a beautiful fuck.”

Ben rolled off Connie’s body and they both looked toward the voice in the doorway.

It was Lisa. She was stark naked, ramming two fingers of her right hand up her snatch.


Ken was taking even a closer look at Nancy than Lisa had earlier. There was something about the woman that turned him completely off, physically. Also, the fact that she seemed to work like a robot for Milt unnerved him.

“Shall I sit next to him on the sofa, Milt?”

“Yes, Nancy, that would be nice.”

She not only sat next to him but also started running her hand up and down his thigh. Her fingers now and then brushed the material of his cock through the material of his trousers. And, even though Ken didn’t think of her as an attractive woman, his cock started getting hard.

It was difficult to concentrate on what Milt was saying, until he started talking about Lisa and the contract. That jarred Ken into instant attention.

“So you see, Ken,” Milt was saying, “I know, and have known for some time, about the little deal you and your wife have cooked up to convince unwitting advertisers to use your agency. I’ve even talked to some of the men who have felt guilty after fucking your wife, and having her suck their cocks.”

Ken gulped. “Then why…”

“Why did I go ahead and fuck her?” Milt said. “Because, dear boy, I like you. And it was rather enjoyable fucking her, although my tastes run to other things. Things a little more bizarre. That’s why I’m married to Nancy. Nancy is a little bizarre. Aren’t you, honey?”

“Yes, Milt. His cock is almost hard. Shall I take it out and suck on it a little first?”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Ken interjected. “I don’t.”

Milt interrupted him. “Yes, dear, but why don’t you take your clothes off first and let Ken see your beautiful body.” He turned his attention back to Ken as Nancy stood beside the sofa and started removing her dress. “You’ll love Nancy’s body, Ken. I do. She’s built almost like a little boy.”

Ken couldn’t speak. His eyes were riveted to the woman as she slipped the dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He could see the straight, thin line of her pubic hair as it disappeared between her thighs through a filmy thin pair of bikini panties. Her waist was strange, too thick for her narrow hips and thighs.

Then she removed the tiny bra and he gasped. Her small, gleaming white tits, with their tiny, tiny nipples, didn’t move. They were as firm as two baseballs beneath the taut ivory skin. They didn’t even look like a woman’s breasts. They looked as though they were the breasts of a man, only enlarged.

Then Ken saw her remove the panties and the narrow, jutting bone of her cunt appeared as if it would burst through her skin, and he knew why her breasts looked as though they were a man’s.

It was because they were a man’s at least, they had been at one time.

He turned back to Milt and started to speak, but was stopped by the leering smile of recognition on Milt’s face. Milt was reading his mind. He knew that Ken knew.

“Yes,” Milt said, unzipping his fly and pulling his huge, hard hunk of meat into the open. He fisted its huge girth as he spoke again. “Yes, Ken. My sweet little girl used to be my boy. Oh, I didn’t want her to do it, but she insisted. She said she wanted to be more of a girl.”

“Milt…” Ken said.

“You’ll love to have her suck your cock, Ken. She can really suck. That hasn’t changed since she was a boy. And, believe me, she sucked a lot of cock when she was a boy. You still love to suck cock, don’t you, Nancy?”

“Yes, Milt. I love a cock in my mouth. I love to feel that good jizz slide down my gullet when a cock starts spurting.”

“I know you do, dear.”

“Shall I take his cock out now, Milt?”

“Why don’t you just take all his clothes off, hon. Then we can see his cock and his ass. You know how we both love boy’s asses.”

“Yes, Milt.”

“No… NO!” Ken said, grasping her wrists and holding her away from him.

“Ken?” Milt said, his face growing stem. “The contract, Ken. It would be easier if Lisa were stun here, but we’ll just have to make do with you now.”

Ken’s mind whirled as he released Nancy’s wrists. Yes, he thought, the contract. He did need the damn contract. Need? Shit, he had to have the damn thing. And, what the hell, she was, a girl. She probably did give good head. Hell, maybe he’d even fuck her pussy. That would be kind of kinky, to fuck a man-made pussy.

Ken’s cock rose to its full height as Nancy undressed him with deft fingers. Now and then her hand would slide down and caress the length of his tool or roll his balls around in its palm.

“Ohhhhhh,” she cried, when Ken finally stood naked in front of them. “He does have a nice prick, Milt.”

“Yes,” Milt said, his eyes bugging from his head as he studied Ken’s cock. “Very nice.”

“It’s just right,” Nancy cooed.

“You think you can take it everywhere, dear?”

“Yes, Milt. It’ll be a nice size for my asshole after I suck and fuck him with my mouth and pussy.”

He, she, it, whatever Nancy was she had managed to turn Ken on completely with her hands.

“Shall I, Milt?”

“Yes, dear. Suck him off so I can watch.” She stood up. “Kiss me, Ken!” she said. “No… I… just suck me,” Ken replied hesitantly.

Nancy moved her nearly hairless cunt over his cock, trapping it between her thighs.

It worked. Man made or not, it was still flesh around the ridge of his cock. It was still a hole to ram his turgid meat into.

He rammed forward, grinding his cock hard into her pelvis, crushing the matted hairs around her tiny cunt. She leaned forward, rose to her toes, and stabbed her tongue into his mouth. Ken forgot who or what she was. He returned the kiss passionately, gyrating his prick into her hard crotch all the while.

Nancy reached behind him and slipped her fingers between the taut cheeks of his ass. She worked her middle finger downward, between the crack of his ass. He kissed her harder as her finger progressed. He moaned deeply as she began wiggling the tip of her finger into his rear hole. It almost drove him wild. His rock-hard cock ground into her with more intensity.

Nancy pulled her mouth away from his. She said, “He’s got a wonderful, tight asshole, Milt. It’ll be good.” Ken didn’t hear her words. His prick was already on the verge of coming, and it was sending wild sparks of sexual electricity up to his brain.

“Good, honey, good. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

Nancy led both of them through the living room and into the adjoining bedroom. In his daze, Ken managed to notice that Milt had shed all of his clothes. It struck him for just a moment that Milt had one hell of a whang. It was about three inches longer than his own, and at least an inch and a half thicker. He was too hot to think much about Milt’s cock, though. He wanted his own cum-gun off.

“You want him to fuck me first, Milt?”

“No,” Ken groaned. “Suck me off just once. Put my cock in your hot mouth and suck the cum out of me. I promise I’ll fuck you for a whole hour if you do.”

“Later,” she whispered. “I’ll drain you dry, but later.”

She lay down on the bed and Milt harshly insisted that Ken suck her pussy a little first to make sure that he didn’t look down on Nancy.

Ken willingly obeyed.

Moving his head forward, Ken snaked out his tongue and ran it through her pussy hair, seeking her swollen clit. Nancy jerked spasmodically each time the tip of his tongue scraped over her clit and he thrust her cunt forward to him. He licked harder.

“Oh, yes, that’s it. There. There, Ken. Oouuuu! Lick it slowly! Stick your tongue way up deep and then lick it out slowly until you reach my cunt. UMMMMM! Yes! Yes! Like that! Ohhhhh… that’s so good!”

Her cunt tasted the same as any other woman’s, Ken thought. Maybe it is the same. Hell, who gives a shit, his mind raved.

Spreading her legs wide, she lifted one and let it rest on his shoulder. Her cunt was opened wider. Ken drove his face into the wet opening. His tongue licked and sucked in her narrow hole and Nancy threw her head back and groaned.

“Oh, Ken, lick faster. I… I think I’m going to come already! Lick my clit… suck on it… hard. HARD… HARDER! OHHHHH!”

Ken sucked her swollen bud into his mouth and pulled at it as hard as he could. With the tip of his tongue, he raked back and forth across it over and over again. Reaching up, he rammed three fingers of his hand into her slit and fucked ardently in and out.

“Oh, Ken… Milt!” she sang out. “I’m commmmminnnnngg!”

Nancy ground her cunt into his face as hard as she could. He in return sucked and sipped at her cunt with renewed gusto. In his hand his cock throbbed with cum and he knew before he was finished Nancy would suck every drop of it out of his shaft, squeezing his balls all the while. He licked her cunt hard, ramming his fingers faster into her pussy.

To his surprise, she came. Or it seemed like she came. Once again, he couldn’t be bothered.

“Suck me now! Oh, shit, suck my cock now!” he cried, standing and waving his throbbing prick toward her lips.

She took his meat in both her hands and began to lick the swollen head. Kea shuddered and begged her to go on.

Nancy moved closer and, hovering directly over it, she opened her mouth and sucked in the head. He groaned louder and gripped the edges of the bed.

“More, more! Suck me good, Nancy!” Ken begged.

“You like this?” Nancy teased, running her tongue up the long shaft and then bobbing the tip around in the gland opening, while at the same time pumping his shaft up and down with her hands.

He could only groan and grip the bed all that much harder. He thrust his hips up at her and the head slipped between her waiting lips.

“Suck me! Suck me good, dammit! Suck the cum out of my balls!”

Soon Nancy’s head was bobbing up and down furiously. She allowed as much of his big cock to go in as she could take. Ken was soon thrashing and pounding on the bed in agonizing ecstasy. He pleaded with her incoherently to blow his cock.

“You ready to come now?” she asked.

“Yes! Oh, God, yes!” Ken growled.

“Then ass-fuck me!” she cried, rolling back onto the bed and lifting her splayed hips high.

He stared down at her asshole. It looked as big as her cunt, maybe bigger. He would rather come in her mouth but, to Ken, fucking was fucking.

“Come! Fuck me with that cock of yours! Ram it into my ass, hard, as hard as you can! Fuck me, Ken!” Nancy cried.

His puffy prick bounced in front of him, the head angry and red, his heavy balls sagging beneath him. The rigid curve was aimed at her widely spread legs. Her asshole gaped open, the quivering membranes wafting an invitation to him. Nancy, her head raised, eyes closed into slits, arms outstretched, pleaded with him to hurry.

The bed shifted noisily as Ken lowered his immense bulk quickly onto it. He mounted between her legs, lifting her ankles around his neck. Moving forward, he reached down and guided his cock to her bubbling rear hole. She gasped as she felt his huge cock begin to penetrate her.

“Now… NOW!” she cried. “All of it. Pound my asshole!”

He lunged and every inch of the long nine inches Ken possessed rammed into her.

She lifted her ass willingly and felt him thrust forward again. Half his long shaft sank into her tight depths and she moaned with joy. He pulled back, making a sucking sound as his big cock moved around in her hot channel, then rammed forward again. This time almost the entire prick speared its way into her.

Tightening, Nancy held Ken close and forced herself not to cry out. She knew that once she became used to having sucked a huge cock in her ass, it wouldn’t be uncomfortable. But in the beginning it was always difficult. Ken backed out again.

Nancy’s legs were high, with her knees around his head so her asshole was pointed practically straight up toward his plunging rod. Ken had driven into her in a push-up fashion. He ground his hips in a circular motion as he drove in and out of her cock-milking asshole.

Each lunge was harder than the last, until Ken was fucking her exactly as he would any other woman.

And Nancy loved it, just like any other woman. She would tense, moan, and shove herself at him, making her bung-hole contract around his cock and milk it with glee.

“Talk to me, Ken,” she gasped.

“Huh… wha… what,” Ken panted, lost in a mind-boggling swirl of sexual intensity.

“Tell me… tell me,” she gasped, “what a woman I am!”

“Yes, yes, you’re a woman!”

“Talk to me! Tell me how it feels to you. Does your cock feel good? Can you feel me milking your cock? Talk to me, Ken, while you make me come! Fuck me, Ken! Fuck me real hard and deep!”

Ken continued his even pace, grinning down at her. His face was damp with perspiration and his breathing was difficult. Grinding his hips into her as he rammed forward, he spoke to her.

“It feels good, Nancy,” he panted. “Damn, you got the greatest ass in the world! Yeah. Yeah, I can feel you milking me. It’s almost like you were sucking me. Jesus, but I want to come in your asshole! You got a real sweet one! It’s so tight! I love to put my pole in it!”

He was at a peak of sexual excitement, and then he came, filling her asshole with searing cum before collapsing in exhaustion.

Milt looked over at Ken, smiling, and Ken knew he had won the contract.

Once it was established that Lisa was positive about her actions and was determined to leave Ken, Connie asked her what she intended to do, what she wanted for the rest of her life.

“I want the two of you. I want to love both of you and fuck you forever,” Lisa replied. “I want all the fun out of sex I used to have before I married Ken. I want crazy sex games. Oh, Connie… Ben, I want everything!”

Connie looked at the man beside her and smiled. “Think you can handle that, honey?”

Ben smiled and replied, “Did you ever see a time I couldn’t, baby?” Then he grasped his cock and pointed it at Lisa. “Come and get it, honey.”

With hair flying and big tits bouncing, Lisa jumped into the bed between them, giggling.

“Ummmm, nice cock… big beautiful prick,” she crooned, sliding her hand over the domed head of his meat and curling her fingers around the staff. It was already two-thirds erect. Her pawing hand, pistoning up and down, took care of the other third.

Lisa continued to pound Ben’s meat with her hand as she kissed Connie, who now squatted on his other side. Connie returned her kiss, giving her a mouthful of tongue.

Connie’s hands gripped her head, bringing it to her body. Lisa shuddered as she rubbed Ben’s enormous tool between her own tits while she licked Connie’s heaving globes. Over and around the woman’s tits went Lisa’s hot tongue. They were sleek and shiny with the sweat from her and Ben’s recent sexual exertions. Lisa lapped the perspiration from Connie’s tits and belly as if it were milk and she were a starving kitten.

Lisa was slurping down Connie’s belly and into her navel. Then she shifted her attack to Ben’s cock and balls. Me reached down and grasped two handfuls of jet black hair, one on either side of her face. He pulled. Her head came up a lithe and her eyes looked questioningly at him.


She smiled, then made an oval of her lips. He pulled at her hair and pushed with his pelvis and watched his cock run into her face. He felt teeth, and winced. She opened wider. Then he lunged, gagging her by bouncing his blood-gorged glans off the back of her throat.

She coughed and swallowed repeatedly when he backed his enormous prick out of her mouth. Then she looked adoringly up at him, the length of his body.

“What next, darling?”

“You really like games… all kinds of games?” he asked, his eyes darting from Lisa to Connie and back again.

“That’s what I’m here for,” Lisa answered.

“Stand up.”


“You asked what next. I said stand up.”

Lisa stood, her tits dancing and flopping and swinging back and forth. She looked down at him. He drew up his legs, then slid them between her feet.

“Open up.”

Lisa widened her legs. He moved his apart and told her again. She planted her feet farther apart and he propped them there with his.

“Open up,” he said again.

“Oh, darling… I’ll fall!”

“Open it up with your hands, then. I can’t see a damn thing but cunt hair.”

Lisa smiled a little and instantly her breasts slapped and bulged together again as she swung both hands in to her black bush. Palms in, she placed her fingertips in the center of her glossy black cunt-fur. With a sexy little half-smile on her face, she stared at him and started opening herself up.

Ben lay there, looking up to watch the pink crease appear. It widened. Slick-looking pink lips. She opened herself wider with a little sigh. He saw the inner lips, darker, ragged, and she pulled a little more and they popped wetly apart to let him see the small dark hole between them, like a tunnel into darkness framed by her cuntal flesh.

“Keep it open,” he told her, “while you run a finger in.”

She did exactly that, and her belly jumped as her finger slid in and up to her snatch.

Ben put his feet together. “Be careful now,” he said. “And squat.”

She moved her legs together, just a little. Then she bent her knees. She leaned a little forward to balance herself as she came down.

“Stop. Hold your pussy open with both hands.”

“Ohhhhhhhh, God,” she sighed in a tiny, throaty voice. “I love it!” She propped her cunt open with both hands, again showing him both sets of lips and the dark hole into her womb. Then she came down. Into a crouch, legs apart and knees bent and thighs and calves bulging as their backs came together.

“Forward just a little, Lisa,” Ben told her, and she did, big dark-tipped breasts joggling, and then she grunted. Her hands were holding her cunt lips wide open. The stretched lips slid down over his toes. He didn’t move his foot. He just told her to come on down.

His foot flipped up into her cunt. She groaned again. Lisa gasped and sighed, twisting her head. Her hands released her vulva to let the strongly muscular lips snap around his foot like a big rubber band. He worked his leg, just a little, so that his foot moved an inch or two left and then an inch or two right. She didn’t have that kind of room inside, and she moaned and wobbled back and forth, trembling all over with strain.

Then it was good, it was wonderful. His whole foot was up her cunt.

“Oh, yes… yes… YESSSS!” Lisa screamed. “Fuck me… FOOT-FUCK MEEEEE!”

Ben smiled and pulled Connie over until her thighs straddled his meat. “Take it baby,” he said. “We’re home free after all.”

Connie knew what he meant as she felt his big whang slide up into her honey-coated cunt. She started bouncing on his cock as Lisa pounded her cunt over his foot.

“Lisa?” she gasped.

“Yea… yessss?”

“Do you think Ken will get that contract? I mean, you’re still married to him. And even though you live with us, you’re going to be a rich woman.”

“He’ll get it, I suppose,” Lisa said. “He’ll find a way, somehow. He always does.”

“Good,” Connie said, looking down at Ben and smiling.

He smiled back.

They communicated with their eyes. They didn’t have to use words. They wouldn’t have to hustle any more, either of them. And if Ken didn’t give Lisa enough to keep all three of them in clover all the time, they could just set up an expensive trick or two for Lisa to turn. With her body, she could bring a lot in.

What the hell, she had done practically the same thing for Ken. Why shouldn’t she do it for Connie and Ben, who loved her so much?

Yes, they both thought, it was going to be the best of all worlds.

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