Diary of a Fat wife

So, this is going to sound really strange, but I think my husband is trying to make me gain weight.
At first I didn’t notice, I just thought Jack was being sweet and considerate. At first it was just a bowl of M&M’s on the coffee table. He knows that chocolate is my favorite treat. Chocolate seems to be my absolute weakness! I have been known to devour whole pans of brownies and pints of chocolate ice cream. I would often sit down with him in the evenings to watch our favorite shows and I would grab a handful or two. Now that I look back I don’t recall him eating any of the candy at all. Pretty soon I would eat a bowl through out the day, especially if I had the day off like a lazy Sunday. Then as the weeks went on, I found that I was eating a whole bowl in an evening of T.V.

It became such a part of our evening routine that instead of thinking something strange was happening I was elated when he upgraded to different candies. Whole bags of snack sized snickers went in the bowl. I indulged when he mixed different kinds of mini candy bars. Jack is such a wonderful man that he knows all of my favorites. Twix, reeses cups, butter fingers. I would finish whole bowls. I didn’t notice until a couple of weeks ago that if I settled into the couch without that candy bowl in my lap he would bring it to me and gently place it next to me on the couch and eventually I would mindlessly start snacking on them.

I started working over time and Jack was getting home from work earlier than me by hours. It is a dream come true, I come home and he has dinner already made for me. He is such a fabulous cook. His kitchen skills are one of the reasons I married him! He makes all sorts of delicious foods all from scratch! Pasta, burgers, fried chicken. Every night I come home and even as I walk up the driveway to our door I can smell all of the delicious food he makes. Once I get inside he always has something mouth watering waiting for me. I am such a spoiled wife!
I only felt more spoiled when he started making gorgeous desserts along with dinner. Vanilla cupcakes, ice cream with hot fudge, trifles and tiramisu. All of the things he knows I love to eat… and even though I at the rich desserts I would still snack on all of those chocolates that seemed to materialize on the coffee table.

I didn’t even get suspicious when on the weekends Jack started making me breakfast in bed. Bacon, waffles or pancakes with crispy hachbrowns or cheesey Omelettes. On Sunday mornings he brings me Mimosas, and lets me go right back to sleep until noon or so when he wakes me up and we will have a nice date. Our dates usually consisted of going to restaurants and maybe a movie or playing some pool. I have noticed a shift though in where we go. We had been going to American restaurants that served burgers and wings and such, mexican restaurants… and we still do, but now it seems that for at least the past four weekends we have been going to buffets.
whenever we go to a buffet I always get my first plate on my own. Then my Darling Jack asks me with a big grin on his face what I would like to try next. I can never say no to Jack’s wonderful smile. He would bring me one plate, and then without me asking get up and get two more. If I can finish the fourth plate he will bring me a fifth, which I can never finish.
I have to say even after all of this, I never even thought about how much i was actually eating. But All of my clothes were getting tight. The buttons on my shirts were straining, my pants could no longer button unless I did some serious sucking in. Finally one day I popped a button off of one pair of pants and when I tried to slide on a pair of jeans they got stuck around my thighs and wouldn’t budge an inch over them.
I was frustrated and threw my shrinking clothes in a teary huff in the trash can in the kitchen while he was making me one of his famous breakfasts. He looks at me with wide eyes and of course I have to explain to him.
My Jack is such a sweet heart though, He put down the spatula he was holding, came over to me and kissed my forehead. He told me not to worry, he will take me out shopping that afternoon so that I can get new clothes to wear.
In the last two weeks though I started putting the pieces together. Like I said, I have been working a whole lot and getting tons of over time… but sometimes I have to work right through my lunch hour. I have complained to Jack that when I am at work I am starving all afternoon because I keep missing lunch. Every day for the last two weeks… and I mean EVERY DAY. He orders take out for me that shows up at the office. Some days it’s sandwhiches, some days it’s pizza or chinese food. He has on Occasion shown up himself if he happens to have a day off and whill bring me Mcdonalds or KFC. Without fail, I still come home to a beautifully crafted dinner and dessert and candy.
In the past two months I have gained almost twenty pounds! I can’t believe it. Seriously! when I first saw my weight I stepped on and off the scale a few times to be sure. I am a pretty short woman, a whole five feet and one inch. I have never been a skinny lady. When Jack and I met I was a very curvy 180 pounds. For the first time in my life I am 200 pounds. That is a shocking number to see on the scale! I look in the mirror and I have a double chin for the first time in my life! My breasts are huge and my 38 D bras are getting to be too small to contain them. I can feel my belly wobble every time I walk.
Jack and my sex life has gotten so much more active though. He buys my cute lingirie, but sometimes the cute lacy outfits he picks are too small and are hard for me to get into. It seems like he can’t keep his hands off of me. Even in public he always has his hands on my hips or is hugging me tight. Some nights he will be a real doll and give me a full nude massage, rubbing oil into my skin making me so relaxed and carressing me and kissing my neck. He is as sexy as even with his long arms and strong hands. With all of this food, it doesn’t seem like he has gained a single pound, which is another reason I am suspicious that maybe he is actually trying to make me bigger. He makes me feel so beautiful and sexy though, he kisses me deeply, even when we wake up in the mornings. He is always calling me gorgeous and he has done all of these nice things for me.
He asked me if I would like to go shopping for some new clothes this weekend, which I am so relieved about because I noticed that all of the new outfits he got me are getting a little snug.

Diary of a fat wife: Jack’s side.

I think Angelica is on to me!
I can’t help it though, the curvier she gets the more beautiful she becomes. I love watching her get more and more beautiful curves.
I do feel guilty though, sneaking in all of this food and watching her gain weight without her knowledge. I was pretty sly at first, and it seemed pretty harmless. I can’t stop the urge to want to keep her eating though. I love watching her eat and eat. I love watching her sit down after a long day at work and unwind at the table with delicious food. I love making spaghetti for her. I cook the noodles and then coat them in melted butter and garlic and sauces with cream in them. Any where I can sneak in butter or cream I will!
I love watching her absent mindedly eating chocolate when she watches TV. All those little candy wrappers around her cuddled up on the couch. It’s a bonus if she is in her pajamas. One week I went through a whole twelve bags of candy! Next week I will go for fourteen.
My favorite thing to do for my wife though is make her breakfast in bed. She is so sexy when she is eating in bed. It is so decadent giving her mimosas on Sunday and letting her sleep off her meal until lunch time. It is so sexy when she gets out of bed having done nothing but eat and sleep and then take her to a buffet.
Bringing my Angelica plate after plate of food at the buffet drives me so wild. I hope that soon we can get past that fifth plate. In a few weeks I may get her a sixth plate.
She has really started filling out since I started bringing her lunch at work. Her clothes are so much tighter. Part of me wants to keep her in those tight little outfits. I love seeing her muffin top over the band of her pants. Those tits are straining against those bras of hers, and threaten to pop open some of her shirts. She tried to put on a belt the other day and the ends didn’t even touch. I hated seeing her upset over not fitting in those jeans though no matter how sexy those tight clothes are. I got her new clothes and now that it’s been a few weeks she is starting to strain those clothes too. I may buy her some stretchier, more flowing clothes so she doesn’t realize how much bigger she is getting.
Angelica is fatter than I have ever seen her. I loved her curves when I married her. To me she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She has gotten rounder in the face and her arms wobble now when she reaches up to hug me. I love how much softer her belly and thighs have gotten. She now has adorable rolls of fat on her back. It’s so hot when I lay her out on the bed and massage all of those sexy rolls. Her body is so soft and warm. She has gained quite a bit of weight, but she hasn’t told me how much yet. It is drving me crazy, and I don’t want her to stop. I feel a little bad, but I want to feel her body get softer. I would love to see her hips get wider and thighs thicker. Her belly is amazing, but I want it to start filling up her lap. I can’t keep my hands off of her, she is just so sexy.
I don’t know what else to do to help her gain more, especially without blowing my cover. She seems to be enjoying all of the treats, but I am afraid she will get spooked and go on a diet.