Hot Teaser Next Door

Robin Woodward, an attractive teenager, lived with her divorced mother in a rather nice suburban neighborhood. Her mother was a well-paid legal secretary and with the generous child-support checks that came in every month from Robin’s father, they were able to live quite well.

Though she was still a virgin, Robin was a horny prick-teaser who enjoyed exposing as much of her body as possible to the men and boys of the neighborhood. To show off her figure, the girl always wore brief shorts or form-fitting jeans. The big-titted girl never wore a bra and her bouncing tits were quite a conversation piece among men for blocks around.

As much as she flaunted her body, Robin was going steady with the only boy who’d ever laid a hand on her. Mark Rice was a youth who lived next door with his parents and his sister, Barbie.

Earlier in the summer, when Mark had been finger fucking Robin’s cunt on the patio, he’d taught her to jack him off and she had loved it. Thrilled by the way the hot cum shot out of his beautiful dick, the horny young blonde as soon giving him hand-jobs at every opportunity.

Now Robin was sitting in the living room with her mother. Her mother waited for her boyfriend, Frank Boswell, to pick her up. Robin’s thoughts were on Mark’s hard cock. She knew that as soon as her mother left, Mark would come over so they could mess around with each other. Seeing the warm glow in her mother’s eyes, Robin knew that the woman would probably be taking Frank to bed before the night was over. Robin had often heard them fucking in her mother’s room when they came home from a date and thought she was asleep. The sound of their panting, humping bodies always excited the girl, and often she would wonder how a hard cock would feel in her cunt. Robin loved to jack off Mark, but the thought of actually fucking seemed a bit scary to her.

As she knew he would, Mark rang the doorbell within five minutes after her mother and Frank Boswell drove away. The moment he was in the house, they fell into each other’s arms on the couch. It was so nice to be all alone with her mother gone. Usually they had to mess around out on the patio, but his sister, Barbie, was always hanging around.

“Honey,” Robin whispered when their lips finally parted after a long tongue-sucking kiss. “Why don’t you play with my tits?”

Without another word, Mark quickly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, letting her luscious young tits spring free. He cupped her bare tits in his hands. His thumbs deliciously strummed her erect nipples.

“Mmmmm,” the girl softly crooned.

Robin felt a delicious tingle streaking from her sensitive nipples right down to her hot virgin cunt. Writhing in horny abandon, she felt a flood of steamy pussy cream soaking the crotch of her panties.

“That feels so good,” she whispered when the boy lowered his head and began kissing her big firm tits. He was soon running his warm wet tongue all over her tits, tasting the perfumed fragrance of her naked flesh, circling her deliciously stiff nipples with the tip of his tongue.

Finally moving his mouth to her other nipple, he sucked that in. It was firm and silky, and he loved the way it throbbed between his lips. As he wetly pulled and sucked on the tender pink bud of flesh, Robin squealed and wriggled with joy. The faster he sucked, the more heavily she creamed, thoroughly soaking her panties with her horny juices.

Mark’s heavenly sucking was getting the young girl more and more excited, making her want to cling to him, to writhe, her overheated body against his. Her nipples were responding deliciously to the suction of his hot mouth, getting longer and rigid and goose bumpy, becoming as hard and erect as an aroused cock. The boy ran his hot slick tongue all around her tingling nipple, making Robin squeal with pleasure as she felt another hot burst of cunt juice flooding into her panties.

“Oh, Mark,” she excitedly gasped as her hot hand moved down to his fly. As if she’d been doing it for years instead of just a few weeks, she deftly unzipped his jeans and drew out his achingly erect cock. Her hand momentarily ran up and down his bloated hot boner, and then she curled her soft fingers around the steel-hard shaft and began pumping it. God, how she loved his wonderful cock!

As always, she stared excitedly at the big stiff prick she was grasping. Squeezing his thick meat, she could see his big bulbous cockhead swelling in response. She slid his thick foreskin back and forth, and the delicious feel of his stiff cock sent tremors up and down her spine. The thick meatiness of his rigid fuck pole always turned the girl on.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered.

“Great, baby,” he panted. “You really know how to please a guys.”

Happy that he was enjoying it, she began sliding his foreskin back and forth at a slightly faster tempo. It almost drove the teenager wild to feel the hard hotness of his throbbing shaft in her hand.

“Oooooh, Mark,” she whispered when his hot wet lips closed over her quivering titty-bud again. “That feels so good, honey.”

His tongue slithered all around her erect nipple, sending wave after wave of chilling thrills through her trembling young body. Sucking more of her soft pliant tit into his mouth, he nibbled teasingly on her bare creamy flesh.

“Oh, God,” she mewled, digging her hands into his thick dark hair, pressing his mouth down tighter against her spit-soaked tit. “That feels so shittin’ good, honey.”

Excited by the feel of her soft hand sliding up and down over his sensitive throbbing prick, Mark sucked harder and harder on her wet, slippery tit.

“Did you like that, baby?” he asked, finally removing his mouth from her spit-drenched nipple.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered.

Pleased that they were both enjoying it, Robin began stroking his prick with more enthusiasm. Sliding his foreskin up and down over his lust-swollen shaft, Robin began wondering how a big hard cock would feel in her cunt. The young girl wasn’t a virgin because of her morals, but because of fear. The pretty prick-teaser loved to play with his hard boner, but the thought of having it shoved up her pussy scared her to death.

“Do you like this?” she whispered, feeling his body trembling with excitement.

“Christ, yes!” he gasped.

Happy that she was pleasing him, Robin began stroking his cock a little more rapidly. With his swollen shaft throbbing inside the gentle grip of her fingers, she could feel it lurching and growing with every stroke.

“God, I love your big prick,” she whispered.

As the excited girl continued masturbating him, she could feel her nipples sprouting even harder between his fingers and thumbs.

“Oh, honey!” she sobbed, her hands digging into his thick head of hair, pressing his mouth down tighter over her naked tit. “That feels so good!”

With his tongue lapping across her firm young nipple, he flicked the quivering bud from side to side, sending delicious chills streaking through her trembling hot flesh. Parting his lips, he lowered his open mouth farther down over her tit, gently nibbling at the smooth white flesh.

“Oh, Mark,” she whimpered. “It feels so good, honey, so fuckin’ good.”

After sucking on her spit-soaked tit for several minutes, he finally removed his mouth.

“Did you like that?” he smiled, licking his lips.

“Oh, yes!” she beamed, squirming around so her other tithe rubbed across his face. “Now suck this one.”

“Why?” the boy teased.

“Because it feels so fucking good,” she grinned. “Please suck it, honey.”

The pretty blonde let out a squeal of delight when he slowly lowered his head and wolfed her tingling nipple into his mouth.

While his lips and tongue worked on her quivering tittie, she clasped his wonderful cock more firmly in her hand. Sliding his foreskin back, she could see his big mushroom-shaped knob thrusting up from between her clenched fingers. Thrilled at the feel of his thick meaty shaft, Robin began stroking it faster and faster.

She kept pumping his handsome young cock as rapidly as she could, loving the amazingly hard flesh and the throbbing heat of his prick in her palm.

“Oh, Mark!” she suddenly panted. “I wanta be finger-fucked!”

Not waiting for him to answer, she arched her hips up and peeled her jeans and panties down over her sweet young ass.

Laying her back on the couch, Mark began moving his hand up between the naked girl’s open legs. The feel of her soft bare thighs as his fingers caressed the smooth warm flesh was enough to blow his mind. A wild tingle rippled through his throbbing cock when his fingers brushed against her moist golden pussy curls. Probing deeper, his trembling finger found the slick warm furrow of her furry slit.

“Jesus, honey,” she whispered, feeling his finger sliding up and down against the juicy hotness of her outer pussylips. “That’s what I want.”

Excitedly trembling in his arms, the naked girl was only dimly aware of reality. Hot cunt juice was pouring out of her oozing pussy as his finger teased around the slick, slippery flesh of her open cuntlips. When he felt he’d teased her enough, Mark slipped the tip of his finger into the hot wetness of her heated slit.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed, feeling his thick blunt finger slipping deeper and deeper into her tight young cunt. “Finger-fuck me, honey! Do me good!”

When the full length of his middle finger was completely buried in her twat, she covered his lips with hot wet kisses as she writhed her sopping snatch up against the palm of his hand. Robin thought she’d blow her mind when Mark began drilling his finger in and out of her sizzling cunt. The unbelievable ecstasy was almost more than the inexperienced girl could stand.

“Oooooh, shit!” she whimpered, screwing her horny twat up around the base of his plunging finger. “I love it! I LOVE IT!”

Moments later, he finally removed his juice soaked finger and began probing up around her clitoris. The pretty young blonde gave a sudden lurch when his fingertip found her hard joy-button. Gently stroking the slippery hood of her sensitive girl-prick, Mark could feel her trembling excitedly in his arms. From the way she was desperately clinging to him, Mark knew the girl was very close to climaxing.

“Oh, fuck!” she squealed, feeling his finger swirling around more rapidly against her tingling clitty. “It’s so good… so fuckin’ good! Don’t stop, honey! I’m almost there… ALMOST THERE!”

The squealing girl was almost hysterical from the intense pleasure she was feeling. The wild ecstasy was increasing with every thrilling thrust of his finger.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ Jesus!” she cried out. “This feels so fucking good!”

Wanting to bring his girl friend to a wild orgasm, he was finger-fucking her sweet young cunt with a swift in-and-out motion. Her soft hand was hot and sweaty as it feverishly pumped up and down on his achingly hard cock. It felt fantastic to Mark, and he could tell how much she was enjoying his thrusting finger in her sizzling cunt.

Robin was more than enjoying it as she almost fainted with horny excitement. She knew this must be how a cock would feel in her pussy, only bigger, and someday she was going to get up enough nerve to try the real thing. She loved the sawing sensation of his thick stiff finger in her hungry cunt as she ground her creaming pussy around it, keeping perfect time to the tempo of his finger-thrusts. Her sweaty fist pumped faster and faster on his wonderful cock, and he, too, was helplessly pumping his hips, fucking his throbbing boner up and down in her grasping hand.

Suddenly Robin felt that familiar sensation deep in her loins and knew she was about to climax. With the hot friction of Mark’s jerking finger in her boiling cunt, her whole body suddenly seemed to melt and explode. She shrieked with dizzying pleasure and her hips began jerking furiously on the sofa as the heavenly convulsions of her orgasm flooded through her body.

This was the most intense come she’d ever had, and her hand tightened fiercely around Mark’s hard cock. Her entire body stiffened and she collapsed in her boyfriend’s arms.

“Oh, my God,” she panted a few moments later as she slowly began recovering from her unbelievable climax. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.”

“Oh, darling,” whispered Mark, kissing her lightly on the cheek. “You’re so sweet.”

“Shit, honey,” she gasped, suddenly aware that she was still grasping his hard prick. “You haven’t shot your wad yet.”

“I know,” he smiled.

“Then let me finish you off,” she excitedly grinned.

“Darling?” asked Mark. “Have you ever heard of a blow-job?”

“Sure,” she answered. “I’ve heard people talk about them.”

“Have you ever wanted to suck a guy off?”


“Why not?”

“It sounds kinda icky to me.”

“I was sure hoping you’d suck me off,” sighed Mark.

“Gee, I don’t know,” hesitated the blonde. “I really like you, but the idea of sticking a prick in my mouth sorta turns me off.”

“Please!” he begged. “That’s something I’ve always wanted.”

“Well, okay,” she finally agreed. “But I sure hope it doesn’t make me throw up.”

Wanting to please Mark, the girl hesitantly lowered her face down toward his big shiny cockhead. She didn’t like the idea of putting her mouth on his prick, but doing something to please her handsome boyfriend was worth giving it a try. Staring apprehensively at the head of his throbbing boner, Robin gently slid his rubbery foreskin up and down over his pulsing tool. The tightly stretched skin of his shaft felt like smooth satin wrapped around a warm steel pipe. A faint musky aroma filled her nostrils. It wasn’t an unpleasant odor, and she found it strangely fascinating.

Robin’s tongue snaked out, lightly flicking the tip of his prick. The faint taste of his cock wasn’t anything like she’d expected. Excited by the strangely erotic taste, she began moving her wet tongue around and over the entire surface of his rubbery-hard knob of male meat. It was exciting to slide her wet tongue over the rough goose-bumps that were standing up on his lust-bloated glans. Gaining confidence with every passing second, Robin opened her mouth and slid her juicy lips down over his slippery cockhead.

“That’s the way, honey!” Mark panted, feeling his hard knob slithering into the moist warmth of her mouth.

“Does it really feel good?” she whispered, momentarily removing her lips from his prick.

“Shit, yes!” he gasped. “Keep suckin’!”

Robin once more lowered her mouth down over the swollen head of his super-hard rod. Having no knowledge of cock-sucking, Robin had jacked him off enough times to know what excited him. She began bobbing her head up and down, actually masturbating him with her mouth, and from the way he was lurching and jerking, Robin was almost certain that she was doing it right. The inexperienced girl was getting more excited with every passing second. The feel of his thick, hard cock slithering over her tongue was almost blowing the blonde’s mind. She began taking more and more of his shaft into her mouth with every noisy slurp and was loving every inch of it. She loved the way his big cock filled her mouth as it nudged at the backs of her throat and pressed out against her cheeks. Tangy drops of seminal fluid oozed out from the tip of his knob and onto her tongue. It was a new, mind-blowing experience to the excited young girl, having never dreamed that sucking a cock could be such a fantastic thrill.

Robin was suddenly anxious to taste his jizz, but she realized from masturbating him that Mark enjoyed having her tease and prolong his ejaculations. He liked her to bring him to the very brink of a climax, then let him slide back and then bring him up again.

Suddenly feeling his muscles tense, she quickly released his ready-to-explode cock from her slurping lips.

“Does it feel good?” she whispered up to him.

“Fuck, yes!” he gasped.

“Your prick sure tastes good,” she grinned. “Am I a good cock-sucker?”

“You sure are!”

“Good,” she giggled, thinking what a neat guy this big handsome boy was. “Because from now on I’m gonna spend a lot of time giving you blow-jobs.”

“I’m all for that.”

Tenderly sliding the skin up and down over his rigid shaft, Robin again covered his big bloated knob with her hot, open mouth. Then she began a slow, gentle sucking action that almost blew Mark’s mind. With every deep and powerful suck, it felt like she was drawing his asshole up through his quivering boner.

“Oh God, Robin!” he moaned, his trembling fingers clutching at the girl’s hair as her slippery warm mouth moved up and down over his blood-engorged cock. “That feels so fuckin’ good, baby, so fuckin’ good!”

Her head was bobbing faster and faster as she sucked more violently on his straining prick. Mark’s entire body was jerking and trembling from the wild sensations being induced by Robin’s hot slavering lips. Faster and faster she worked over his throbbing tool as he instinctively arched his hips to meet every downward plunge of her sucking mouth.

Robin was half wild with the intense excitement. The smooth sinewy flesh of his hot naked cock was rubbing deliciously against her lips, tongue and throat. Having jacked Mark off so many times, she could tell from his wild writhing that he was rapidly approaching a climax. Eager to feel and taste his hot jizz, the girl began sucking with a wilder intensity.

Mark could feel his orgasm building up deep in his quivering guts. As the climax grew closer and closer, he arched his hips higher. Grabbing her hair, he pushed her frantically sucking mouth down tighter over his cock.

“OH, SHIT!” he shouted, feeling the hot cum rushing up through his shaft. “HERE IT COMES! HERE COMES THE JIZZ!”

Although she’d been anticipating it, Robin wasn’t prepared for the huge amount of white hot cum that spewed into her mouth. It squirted deliciously against the back of her throat, and then spurt after spurt of the thick fluid continued belching out of his lurching prick. Frantically sucking and swallowing, Robin was going wild over the randy taste of Mark’s hot jizz. When it finally stopped squirting into her mouth, the young girl continued sucking, wanting to get every last drop of his slippery juice.

“Did you like it?” she whispered as she finally released his limp wet cock from her mouth.

“Christ, yes!” he panted. “Did you?”

“I sure did,” she giggled. “That was the neatest thing I’ve ever done. Shit, that stuff tastes wild.”


Later that night Robin’s mother and Frank Boswell returned from their date. The woman fixed them a drink before they sat down together on a couch.

“Here’s to us,” beamed Brenda Woodward, lifting her glass.

“To us,” smiled Frank, thinking how beautiful she was.

Putting his glass down on the coffee table, Frank drew the pretty woman into his arms.

As their mouths came together, Brenda opened her lips and their tongues sensuously entwined. Frank’s hand moved over the smooth contours of her back, around the side of her body to her lovely big tit.

Moaning softly, she wantonly squirmed up against the feverishly aroused man, excitedly writhing her steaming twat against the hard bulge in the front of his pants while she lovingly caressed his broad shoulders and back.

“You’re so beautiful,” he panted, his breath coming in hoarse dry gasps as he urgently stripped off her blouse.

Feeling just as horny as he was, Brenda moaned with pleasure as his hands mauled the deliciously naked flesh of her big firm tits. She was writhing hotly in his arms as the handsome man lovingly rolled her turgid nipples between his fingers.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered. “Please undress me.”

Already bare from her waist up, the pretty woman arched her ass off the sofa so he could pull her skirt down over her shapely hips and legs.

“Oh, you naughty man,” she teased, brushing the long dark hair back from her face as she sat in nothing but her brief panties. “You sure know what you’re after.”

Once more taking the woman into his arms, he lowered his face, and brushed his lips across one of her hardened nipples, sending shivers of heated pleasure surging through every part of her nearly naked body.

“Oh, God yes!” she hotly panted. “Suck it, sweetheart. Take it in your mouth and suck it.”

Needing no further urging, he hungrily sucked her tit like a suction cup. His tongue flicked expertly around her hard, quivering nipple, causing Brenda to writhe wildly from the blinding pleasure. When that luscious tit was thoroughly drenched with spit, he moved his mouth to her other tasty tit and repeated the same performance, bringing squeals of delight from deep in the horny woman’s throat.

“Darling,” she whispered when he finally lifted his mouth from her luscious tit. “Please finish undressing.”

Quickly hooking his fingers into the waistband of her panties, he peeled her filmy briefs down over her legs and ankles, dropping them onto the floor. His cock began throbbing even more violently in his pants as his eyes feasted on the dark triangle of pussy hair and her juicy slit that was peeking out from the silken curls.

“Honey,” she whispered, feeling the hot juices oozing out from between her legs. “Please take your clothes off so we can fuck.”

Standing up, the man quickly disrobed and suddenly his hard-standing cock was deliciously exposed to her in all its glory. Staring at his hard-on, Brenda could hardly wait to feel it stuffed up between her legs.

Frank and Brenda were both so involved in each other’s naked bodies that neither of them was aware that Robin was watching them from the hall. Having I heard their moans of passion from her room, the girl had walked out just in time to see Frank drop his pants and shorts. She couldn’t get over the size of his big prick. She had thought all cocks were about the same size as Mark’s, and she was simply stunned by the sight of this huge cock.

“Oh, honey,” she heard her mother whisper. “Why don’t you lie down and let me fuck you?”

“You are in a horny mood,” he laughed.

“I want to be on top for a change,” she giggled.

Frank lay down on his back, and Brenda straddled his loins on her knees. Reaching down between their bodies, the horny woman grasped the thick base of his throbbing shaft and stuffed it between the juicy lips of her leaking pussy. Quivering with anticipation, she felt his big blood-swollen knob slowly spreading her cuntlips apart.

Watching from the hall, Robin couldn’t understand how any pussy could possibly take that big cock. She knew it was wrong for her to be peeking, but it sure was fun watching them. Robin was getting all hot and itchy between her legs as she saw the man’s prick entering her mother’s juicy twat.

Spread out beneath Brenda as his cock started to slowly enter her juicy cunt, Frank was so sexually aroused that he couldn’t hold back much longer. Suddenly letting out a wild grunt, he slammed his hips up from the couch, drilling his hard meat deep into her belly.

Brenda moaned with both pleasure and pain as his huge prick drilled all the way to the very end of her cunt, the thickness of his prick deliciously stretching the sensitive tissues of her steaming fuckhole. She was momentarily in pain from his sudden and ruthless penetration, but this quickly disappeared when she began creaming all around the throbbing length of his shaft.

Sitting astride his cock, she squirmed and ground her pelvis down around his writhing loins, whimpering with joy as his lust-swollen dick pounded deeply into her seething pussy. Squealing with ecstasy, she pumped ceaselessly over him, her soft naked thighs pressing deliciously against his body as she worked her cunt up and down on his throbbing boner.

Staring at him through half-closed eyes, the beautiful woman’s long dark hair was flying wildly around her soft bare shoulders.

“Oooooooh, fuck, honey, fuck!” she squealed in a wild frenzy, wanting every wanton sensation that was possible. “Stick your finger up my ass!”

Wanting to please the beautiful woman, he reached behind her, his fingers digging into the soft crack of her asscheeks while he steadily pounded his cock into the hot wetness of her slippery fuckhole.

Thrilled by what was happening, the wildly turned-on woman raised her ass a bit to help him as he parted the soft white cheeks of her butt, probing with his finger for the tiny hole he was going to invade. Dipping his finger into the slippery juice that was dripping down from her prick-filled pussy, he pressed it against the tiny elastic opening of her asshole.

“Oooooooh, yes!” she moaned. “Stick it in me, baby.”

He began pushing harder, and suddenly the hole gave way completely and his finger popped in to the first knuckle.

Brenda momentarily cringed from the slight pain caused by this unnatural invasion, but her anguish was quickly replaced by an all consuming passion as she frantically wriggled her ass back against his hand.

“More, Goddamn it, more!” she wildly demanded. “Give me all of your fuckin’ finger!”

Frank continued worming his finger around in her hot buttery rectum until it was buried to the palm of his hand. Quivering from the delicious sensation, Brenda excitedly screwed her ass back hard against his deeply embedded digit.

Seeing the feverish lust in her eyes, Frank began rapidly screwing his finger around deep in her writhing ass. Through the thin wall of flesh that separated her two passages, he could feel the hard underside of his thickly swollen cock drilling in and out of her cunt.

Robin was so turned on watching that she had her hand up under her nightie, excitedly rubbing her own juicy twat. She’d never heard of a guy sticking his finger up a woman’s ass, but from the expression of rapture on her mother’s face, it sure must feel good.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” squealed Brenda. “That’s the way to do it!”

The horny woman was panting heavily as he began skewering her with both his finger and cock, maintaining the same rhythm of strokes as she writhed above him. Trying to get even more of the handsome man’s finger up her shitter, Brenda leaned lower over his body, exposing more of her buttocks to allow him easier access to the heavenly ravishment of her two tingling holes.

She could feel his steel-hard cock throbbing inside her, expanding even thicker from the feel of her slick, hot pussy flesh sliding up and down over it.

“Oh, Jesus, it’s so good!” she moaned, writhing her ass back against his palm.

Frank’s balls tingled and ached from the hot swirling sperm that was screaming for release as his finger drilled into the tight slippery asshole with deliciously long strokes that matched the steady rhythm of his prick into her juicy cunt. Sensing that his beautiful fuck mate was approaching a climax, he began fucking into her at a faster tempo, exerting all his power to bring her to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Pressing her thighs tighter against his body, Brenda began bouncing more rapidly, meeting his thrusts with the downward plunge of her cunt. Writhing and moaning over him, the beautiful woman could feel the tingling warmth building up in her loins until she thought she’d go out of her mind if she didn’t climax soon. Then suddenly it happened. Shuddering with ecstasy, her lovely body stiffened jerked as her orgasm exploded like a bomb.


Her screams of rapture became louder as the overwhelming sensations of pleasure claimed bath her body and mind. Staring crazily at the ceiling, she was passionately grinding her twat around the base of his shaft, desperately trying to make the intense orgasm last as long as possible.

Grasping her hips, Frank pressed her cunt down tighter against his thrusting loins as he slammed his thick prick deeper and harder into her clenching slit. Brenda was screaming with delight as her spasming cunt milked and clung to his pounding cock.

When her fantastic orgasm finally ended, she let out a deep sigh and collapsed onto his broad chest, her pussy still throbbing deliciously around the thick length of his deeper embedded tool.

“God, that was wonderful,” she whispered when she finally recovered from her fantastic orgasm. “New I want to do something especially nice for you.”

Frank felt a deep disappointment when Brenda pulled the juicy hotness of her cunt up off his still-hard boner. Anxious to shoot his hot load into her, the man wanted to keep fucking.

Watching from the hall, Robin was almost out of her mind with excitement when she saw Frank’s cock come out of her mom’s snatch. The sight of his big hard prick, thickly coated with her mother’s creamy juices, was a sight to behold. Rubbing her own cunt more vigorously, she stared excitedly at the man’s beautiful big dick, wondering how it would feel in her pussy. She knew it was a naughty thought, but she suddenly had a wild desire to be fucked by a man’s big hard cock.

The excitement increased in the girl’s loins as she watched her mother gently grasp the man’s juice-slickened prick. The beautiful woman’s fingers closed around the fleshy hardness of his thick boner, stroking the loose foreskin up and down over it. Robin was getting hotter and hotter between her legs as she watched her mom lean over and gently blow her hot breath on his big swollen shaft. Then the horny woman moved her fingers down to his sperm-filled balls, deliciously teasing them with her long nails. Shaking with excitement, Robin watched her mother get on her hands and knees over his body, her face only inches from his big purple cockhead. She stared excitedly as her mom’s head lowered toward his throbbing prick. She watched her slippery hot tongue flick out, the tip of it brushing over his cum-coated knob. Robin saw the man’s stomach muscles tensing with anticipation as her mother’s softly parted lips closed down over his bloated cockhead.

“Oh, my God!” moaned Frank, feeling the exquisite pulling of her lips around his big sensitive prick.

Panting heavily, he lifted his head to see her ovaled lips around his thick shaft. The entire length of his hard meat was deliciously glistening with the thick juices of her climax. Her fingers were gently caressing the soft crinkly skin of his balls as Brenda began rhythmically working her lips up and down over his gleaming cock.

After passionately sucking on him for about five minutes, the woman sensed his increasing excitement, and knew he’d soon be shooting his hot load of jizz into her mouth. Anxious to taste his slippery sperm, Brenda began sucking harder, twirling her tongue more rapidly around the cum-flavored stickiness of his tasty cockhead.

Frank could feel the hot cum boiling in his balls as he excitedly stared down at her obscenely stretched mouth sliding up and down over his thick tool. His hips were jerking up and down, fucking his cock into her willing mouth.

“That’s it, baby!” he panted as he dug his fingers into her long dark hair. “That’s the way to suck a cock!”

He could see little drops of perspiration on her upper lip and brow as she passionately sucked on him, trying to give him as much pleasure as he’d given her. Brenda could feel his stomach muscles tightening as he arched his back up from the couch, trying to shove more of his throbbing meat down her throat.

Suddenly his cockhead exploded a torrent of swirling jizz into her throat. Her luscious big tits were jiggling deliciously beneath her as the kneeling woman thirstily swallowed his hot stream of cock juice.

When the last drop had finally been sucked out of his slowly shrinking prick, Frank let out a deep sigh of contentment as his head fell back on the cushion.

Not wanting to be caught watching, Robin hurried back to her room where she flung herself on the bed. Quickly pulling her nightie up, she stuffed her finger into her hotly drooling snatch.


Ever since Robin started sucking Mark off and saw her mother being fucked by Frank Boswell’s big cock, she couldn’t seem to think about anything except sex. One evening when she was baby-sitting for Bill and Kay Morgan, she spent most of the evening masturbating. She was about to bring herself off for the fourth or fifth time when the Morgans returned home.

“Hi, Robin,” smiled the attractive woman.

“Did Linda give you any trouble?”

“None at all,” answered Robin, referring to the couple’s three-year-old daughter.

As his wife talked to the pretty baby-sitter, Bill Morgan’s attention was drawn to the girl’s figure. She was wearing a pair of cut-offs that were so tight he could see the outline of her young cunt through them, and the girl’s tits were practically falling out of her brief halter. Bill could feel his cock starting to throb in his pants as his eyes focused on her asscheeks which were partially exposed beneath her super-tight shorts while Robin stood talking to his wife. He could feel his prick swelling even thicker as he stared at the soft, barely visible blonde down on her deliciously tanned thighs. God, how he’d love to bury his face into that fresh young cunt! Watching the pretty girl as she talked, Bill could visualize her soft full lips wrapped around his cock.

Turning to leave, Robin was shocked when she saw Bill Morgan’s stiff boner poking out in front of his pants. She was aware that her figure had excited, the man, and a delicious tingle streaked through her loins.

“Good night, Mr. Morgan,” she grinned, a naughty twinkle in her eyes as she pointedly stared at his obvious erection.

“Bye, Robin,” he gulped as she brazenly winked at him before turning around to leave. As if in a daze, Bill just stared at her ass until the sexy girl was out of the house.

“Jesus Christ, honey,” Kay giggled, walking up and touching his hard boner through the material of his pants when the girl had gone, “that bitch really turned you on.”

“You’re not shittin’,” he smiled to his beautiful wife. “I’d sure like to get into that girl’s pants.”

“I know,” Kay grinned. “It’s quite obvious.”

“Goddamn!” he continued. “I’d really like to bury my face between those sweet young legs.”

“I’d even like to suck her pussy,” Kay giggled. “I’ll bet that’s a real tasty twat.”

“God,” he laughed. “It’s been a long time since either of us have had a strange piece.”

“Getting restless?” she asked.

“Sure,” Bill answered. “Aren’t you?”


“We ought to get her over here some evening,” Bill suggested. “I’ll bet we could both have a lot of fun with her.”

“I could tell she was a horny devil,” grinned Kay. “I saw the way she winked at you when she spotted your erection.”

“Then let’s get her over here one of these nights,” said the man.

“How about inviting that stud she runs around with as well,” smiled Kay. “He looks pretty virile to me.”

“Who’s that?”

“Mark Rice,” she explained. “The kid who lives next door to her.”

“Oh, I know who you mean,” Bill recalled. “He’s that big husky boy.”

“That’s the one,” giggled Kay. “And he also carries a helluva bulge in his jeans.”

Kay and Bill enjoyed what they considered to be an open marriage. Both of them were extremely sensual people, and they accepted each other for what they were. Bill was very much in love with his gorgeous red-headed wife and their sex life was fantastic, but with his uninhibited sex drive, he needed a lot more than just one cunt to completely satisfy his lust. Kay was almost as bad as he was, and perhaps it was their fierce need for a variety of sex that held them together. As much as Bill loved her, he didn’t give a damn who she fucked around with as long as she didn’t hide it from him and was there whenever he wanted a piece of ass from her. By the same token, he did whatever he liked in the way of extramarital sex and he never hid it from her.

They enjoyed swinging with their group of friends, but they both got their best kicks out of seducing teenagers. There was something extremely erotic about initiating inexperienced boys and girls into the debauchery of group sex. It was thrilling to watch a pretty girl suck off a cock for the first time, or to see the joy on a girl’s face when she got her first ass-fuck.

“Goddamn, honey,” Kay smiled, rubbing his stiff shaft through his pants. “She really turned you on.”

“I know,” he panted. “We’ve just gotta get them over her some evening.”

“We will,” giggled Kay. “But in the mean time you better let me take care of this fuckin’ boner.”

Laughing like two children, they hurried up to their bedroom. Before undressing, Bill stepped into the bathroom to piss, and when he came out, Kay was standing naked by the bed. Anxious to fill her pretty belly with his hot load, he walked over and pulled his wife into his arms.

“Oh, Bill,” she whispered, hungrily offering him her moistly parted lips as she pressed her naked body against him. “I need you so much tonight.”

Nuzzling up against him, she moved her hand down over his chest and belly until she found the thick bulge in the front of his pants.

“God, how I want this,” she hotly breathed.

Rubbing her hot sopping twat against the big bulge in his pants, Kay lifted her lips to his. She was thrilled by the passionate urgency of his torrid kiss. With their mouths welded together, their tongues probed and tasted as their loins burned with anticipation.

His hands moved down over her smooth naked back to the softly curved cheeks of her supple ass. Aware that his lovely wife still had the body of a voluptuous teenager, he goosed his fingers into the soft wiggly crack of her buttocks.

Kay’s hand moved, down between them again, feeling the pulsing hardness of his cock through his pants. She excitedly moved her hand along the hard length, remembering the first time he’d ever fucked her.

“Oh, Bill,” she whispered, her voice thick with passion. “I want to feel your beautiful cock fucking deep into my cunt.”

Panting hotly, she lowered his zipper. Kay was wild with excitement as she reached inside his fly and wrapped her cool fingers around the wonderful hardness of his boner. Pulling his prick out, Kay was thrilled by the blood heated warmth of his swollen meat in her hand. Lightly scraping her nails along the sensitive underside of his rigid shaft, she could hear her husband moan as his prick jerked and throbbed to her touch.

Closing his eyes as his wife deliciously manipulated his thick rod, Bill pretended it was the baby-sitter’s fingers around his boner. Becoming more excited by the second, he began hastily removing his clothes, tearing off his tie and shirt as Kay continued teasing and taunting his raging hard-on. Now stripped to the waist, he felt his wife’s hand moving down between his legs, cupping his churning balls through his pants.

Feeling his blood-swollen cock throbbing wildly in her grasp, Kay wrapped the fingers of both hands around his wonderful shaft. While she squeezed and stroked his hard meat, Bill unfastened his belt and dropped his pants and shorts down around his ankles, completely exposing his naked loins. Anxious to bury his prick deep in her fiery cunt, he stepped back and leaned over, removing his shoes and socks. Panting like a wild animal, he stepped out of his pants and shorts, leaving them in a tangled heap on the floor.

Grasping his naked wife in his arms, he pulled her tightly against him. With his mind still on the young blonde babysitter, he eased his prick between her thighs, his cockhead protruding out from beneath her asshole. Rocking it back and forth between her legs, he could feel the slippery juices of her oozing pussy flowing all over his throbbing shaft.

He could feel the delicious hardness of her big nipples burning against his chest as his wife’s arms went around him, pulling him up closer against her body.

“God, baby!” he rasped through his passion-parched throat as he sawed his boner back and forth beneath her hotly dripping slit. “You’re really gonna get it tonight.”

“Oh, yes!” she moaned. “I want your big cock stuffed all the way up my cunt. Jesus, honey, my pussy is really on fire!”

His mind still on the young blonde sitter, Bill laid his wife down on the bed as she teasingly spread her shapely legs for him. Reaching down, he began caressing the soft white flesh of her deliciously big tits. After gently squeezing her ready-to-burst nipples, he moved his fingers down over her smooth belly to her creamy twat.

Staring down between her thighs, he gazed at her hot moist cunt, feeling the desire burning in his painfully hard cock. Seeing how her handsome husband was admiring her pussy, Kay spread her thighs as far apart as possible, giving him an even better view of her wet, simmering snatch.

Bill just stood there staring at her pink cunt for several moments, his hard cock spearing up arrogantly from his hairy balls.

With her eyes fixed on his cock, a smile of lewd anticipation crossed her delightfully flushed face.

“God, it’s beautiful, darling!” she crooned. “Please fuck me! I need a hot fuck, baby!”

Reaching up, Kay pulled her naked husband down on top of her. As their lips blended together, she excitedly ground her cunt up against his hairy loins. She began trembling excitedly as the slippery softness of her hot cuntlips rubbed deliciously against the throbbing hardness of his boner.

Reaching under her, Bill squeezed a handful of her warm soft wriggly ass-flesh between his fingers, making her shiver and jerk beneath him.

“Oh, God, darling!” she whimpered, grinding her cunt up against him in impatient little circles. “Please fuck me, darling! I can’t stand this much longer!”

Being just as wildly aroused as his wife was, Bill wedged himself between her obscenely spread thighs, his lusty prick probing at the oozing flesh of her overheated slit. Feeling his hard cock-flesh brushing against her hotly waiting pussy, Kay shuddered beneath him, her voluptuous body trembling with anticipation.

“I’m gonna fuck you long and hard, baby,” he passionately panted. “You’re gonna get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Ooooooooh, yes!” she moaned. “Fuck me good, baby! I wanta feel every last inch of your big hard cock pounding into my hot cunt.”

Crushing his lips to hers, Bill ground his cock against his wife’s delicious cunt. Reaching down between them, he brought an excited sob from deep in her throat as his finger began gently teasing the hotly quivering nub of her hard clit.

“Jesus Christ, darling!” she sobbed, pulling her hot open lips from his. “Please fuck me! Stick that hard cock in my cunt before I lose my mind.”

Thinking about Robin, Bill knew he was going to fuck his wife silly, pretending it was the blonde baby-sitter’s pussy he was filling with cum. Crouched between her soft naked thighs, he placed his throbbing cockhead between the slippery lips of her hot juicy slit.

“Oh, yes, darling!” whimpered Kay. “Fill my cunt with cock!”

“Don’t worry, baby,” he excitedly panted, “that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”

“Hurry, honey!” she sobbed passionately. “I can’t wait much longer!”

Unable to control his burning lust, Bill suddenly lunged forward, drilling the entire length of his prick into her hot hole with one violent thrust. Crazed with the delicious feeling of her squeezing inner flesh, he began pounding his hard meat in and out of her hungry pussy with a brutal force, every deep thrust lifting her sweet ass right off the bed.

“Take that and that and that!” he excitedly grunted.


Bill was spurred on by the thought of screwing Robin. Each deep thrust of his blazing prick was bringing more and more joy to his wife’s fuck-crazed body. Every cunt shattering plunge of his burning boner was bringing her more and more pleasure.

“HARDER, SWEETHEART, HARDER!” screamed Kay, almost out of her mind from this delicious hosing he was giving her. “JUST FUCK THE LIVIN’ SHIT OUT OF ME!”

Spit was drooling from the corner of Bill’s mouth as he frantically pounded into her, driving Kay to the very edge of hysteria with his hard-plunging cock.

“Fuck me, baby!” she squealed with joy. “I want more… more… more baby, more!”

“TAKE THIS, AND THIS!” shouted Bill, rearing back and pounding his prick into her with a renewed fury.

“Oh, fuck!” she shrieked. “That’s the way, baby, that’s the way to fuck a cunt.”

There was something about the savage way he was fucking into her tonight that was driving Kay wild with joy. She always enjoyed sex with her handsome husband, but this was the best fuck she’d ever had in her life. Her body was filled with unbelievable ecstasy. She glanced down between her obscenely spread legs where she could see her husband’s juice slickened prick drilling in and out of her sucking pussy. The sight and the squishing sound of his hard meat fucking into her only served to further arouse the woman.

“Oh, you sweet, fucking’ fucker!” she squealed, writhing her hot sopping twat up tighter around the length of his plunging shaft. “Just screw me to death, you big-cocked beauty!”

Kay was losing all sense of reality as her aroused husband continued fucking her, and she was no longer conscious of anything except the wonderful cock that was pounding deeper and deeper into her belly. Nothing else in the whole world mattered except the unbelievable ecstasy that was burning in every nerve in her deliciously naked body.

“That’s the way, honey!” she whimpered. “Fuck me good, baby! Just fuck the shit out of me!”

Writhing and squealing beneath him, Kay was frenziedly slamming her cunt up to meet every lust-driven stroke of his hard boner. Excitedly grasping his sinewy asscheeks in her hands, the passion-crazed woman pulled him more violently against her, trying to get even more of his marvelous cock into her aroused twat. The hot lips of her overheated pussy were passionately sucking and milking on the entire length of his rigid prick.

“Harder!” she shrieked. “Fuck me harder, baby! Faster!”

“My God!” he gasped. “You’re really hot tonight!”

“You better believe it,” she gasped. “I’m gonna fuck that big cock right off you!”

Pumping into her slippery cuntal furnace for all he was worth, Bill could feel his big sensitive knob swelling even larger as it pounded in and out of her hotly clinging slit. It felt as if his bloated cockhead was going to explode from the delicious sensations being induced by his wife’s hot pussy.

Tearing at his asscheeks with her hands, Kay was pulling his huge cock even deeper into her writhing twat as their slippery bodies ground lewdly together.

With their passionately coupled bodies grinding wildly together, Bill could feel his wife’s hot swollen nipples burning deliciously against his bare chest.

“OH, SHIT, THIS IS GOOD!” he roared, frenziedly fucking into her.

Suddenly realizing he was rapidly hurtling toward an explosive climax, Bill frantically increased the tempo of his lusty thrusts, wanting to bring Kay off before shooting his hot load.

“YES! YES!” she squealed with rapture.

Every powerful stroke of her husband’s plunging cock was propelling Kay closer and closer to a thunderous orgasm. The feel of his wondrous cock pounding into her wildly sucking cunt was almost blowing her mind.

“Jesus Christ!” she panted. “You’re really fuckin’ now! Really fuckin’!”

“Hang on baby!” gasped Bill. “You haven’t felt anything yet!”

“I know! I know!” she squealed, waving her shapely legs crazily in the air. “I’m almost there!”

“Me too!” shouted Bill.

Thrilled at the thought of his hot cum gushing into her belly, Kay threw the back of her legs over his shoulders, tilting her cunt up to receive his hot load. The power of his long deep strokes was bouncing the squealing woman all over the bed, giving her more pleasure than she’d ever experienced in her entire life. She felt the approaching climax rapidly building in her loins. Every nerve and muscle in her body was as taut as a bowstring.

“HARDER, HONEY, HARDER!” she shrieked, pounding her bare heels against his back. “I’M GONNA COME… GONNA COME!”

Unable to hold back any longer, Bill began fucking into her with a wild frenzy, anxious to empty his hot jizz into his wife’s squeezing pussy.

“OOOOOOOOOH, SHIT, I’M COMING… COMING!” she squealed as her overpowering climax suddenly enveloped her.

“Get ready!” gasped Bill. “Here it comes! Here comes my hot load!”

“YES! YES!” she shrieked with delight. “SQUIRT ME. BABY! CREAM ME GOOD!”

The feel of his hot frothy cum gushing into her cunt further intensified Kay’s wild orgasm, bringing hysterical squeals of joy from deep in her throat.

“Oh, you sweet fucking darling,” she sobbed, writhing her spasming pussy up more tightly around the base of his spurting shaft. “It’s so good… so fuckin’ good!”

The intense ecstasy was almost unbelievable as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flooded through her body.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered a few moments later when he finally pulled his limp wet cock out of her slippery twat. “That was so good, honey, so wonderful.”

Rolling onto his back with his eyes closed, Bill could vividly see Robin’s deliciously naked body.


For the next few days Robin couldn’t seem to forget that big bulge she’d seen in the front of Bill Morgan’s pants. The girl had always thought he was the most handsome man she’d ever seen, and it really excited her to know that the sight of her sexy young body had given him an erection. Robin had only seen it poking out against the front of his pants, but she tried to visualize what his naked cock really looked like. The only prick she’d ever touched was Mark’s, but after seeing Frank Boswell’s much bigger cock when he was fucking her mother, Robin was very curious about the differences in men’s dicks.

For the last few evenings when she was sucking Mark off on the patio, she pretended it was Bill Morgan shooting cum into her mouth. Not that she didn’t like Mark, it was just that she was obsessed with thoughts of the older man’s prick.

Walking down the sidewalk one afternoon, Robin ran into Kay Morgan. After they’d been chatting for three or four minutes, the woman suddenly asked Robin if she and Mark would like to drop over to her house some evening.

“Why?” asked Robin, surprised that adults would invite a couple of teens over.

“My husband thinks you’re awfully cute,” smiled Kay.

“Really,” grinned the blonde, visions of Bill Morgan’s hard cock popping into her mind.

“Yes, really,” said Kay, seeing the pleased expression in the girl’s eyes. “We’d both like to know you better.”

“When would you like to have us?” asked Robin, thinking how exciting it would be to spend a whole evening with the handsome man.

“How about next Friday?”

“Okay,” the girl beamed. “That sounds neat.”

The following evening when Robin’s mother was out of town on one of her overnight business trips, the pretty girl was lying naked on her as she lazily fingered her juicy twat. The thought of being with Bill Morgan next Friday night had really turned her on. Robin had remained a virgin because she was a bit wary about having a hard dick shoved into her unused cunt, but since she’d discovered how nice it felt to stroke and suck on Mark’s cock, the idea of fucking was beginning to appeal to the girl.

As she lay on the bed, working her fingers in and out of her juicy slit, she began wondering how different a stiff prick would feel. Its thickness and length would certainly give her pussy a lot more stimulation than a finger.

Closing her eyes as she began plunging her finger in and out of her steamy hole, she was pretending it was Bill Morgan’s hard boner. Her finger was rapidly bringing her up to a wild climax when the door to her room flew open.

She was completely shocked to see Frank Boswell standing there. From the way he lurched and grasped at the door frame, Robin could see that he was terribly drunk.

“Get out!” she shouted, shocked that her mother’s boyfriend had a key to the house.

He didn’t answer as his drooling eyes stared wildly at the girl’s blatantly exposed cunt.

“Where’s your mom?” he slurred, clutching the doorknob for support.

“In Fresno!” she shouted. “Now get the hell out of here!”

“I came over here to fuck her,” he mumbled in a thick drunken voice. “Now where is she?”

“In Fresno!” she angrily repeated. “Now get out of my room!”

“A pretty girl shouldn’t have to finger herself,” he slurred, lurching toward the bed. “We can use my cock.”

She tried to jump up, but he pushed her back down and covered one of her firm young tits with his mouth, his thick tongue swirling wildly around her big turgid nipple. In spite of her fright and the brutality of his drunken attack, Robin felt a tingle of pleasure streaking from her tits to her furry twat. Trying to ignore the tingling sensations, she tried to beat him off with her clenched fists, but she was soon helplessly moaning from the obscene pleasure she was receiving from his slurping mouth.

When the man moved his lips to her other nipple, the intense joy seemed to increase. Even though she was frightened of the drunken beast, the girl was secretly enjoying what he was doing. Finally releasing her captive tits from his mouth, he began trailing his hot wet lips down over her soft bare tummy, thoroughly licking her dimpled navel with his hot tongue.

Moving his head farther down, he was soon gazing into her sweet snatch that was so deliciously exposed only inches from his eyes. The drunken man was trembling with uncontrollable lust as he stared at the soft pink lips of her juicy slit gleaming wetly in the downy nest of silky pussy hair that swirled so daintily around the girl’s deliciously moist slit. The slippery wetness of her wiggly cuntlips was almost more than the depraved man could stand.

Licking wildly at his own drooling lips, the totally aroused drunk lifted the backs of her knees over his broad shoulders and buried his face down between her open thighs.

“Oooooooooh!” sobbed Robin with both shame and joy as she felt his thick tongue drilling up into the hot, wetness of her juicy twat.

The horny girl had sucked off Mark’s hard cock, but this was the first time anyone had ever licked her pussy. It seemed like a filthy thing for someone to do, but the delicious feel of it was driving her wild.

“Does it feel good?” He slurped into her cunt.

“Oh, yes,” she admitted. “But please don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t,” he promised. “As long as I can enjoy your body.”

The drunken man was completely enthralled by the girl’s juicy twat. In his many years as a womanizer, Frank had enjoyed his share of cunts, but he had never smelled or tasted anything as delicious as this girl’s succulent pussy. Her creamy juices were flowing like honey over his tongue as he swirled it around in the swampy hot depths of her luscious young slit. He could hardly believe the delicate scent as his nose pressed into the sparse nest of silky pussy hair. The fresh aroma of the girl’s body was filling him with an even more intense lust. He fully realized that it was completely wrong to be molesting a young girl’s body, but he knew that he wouldn’t stop until he’d thoroughly fucked her. He realized that he could go to prison for what he was doing, but nothing mattered to him any longer except this naked body that was spread out so deliciously beneath him.

Robin was almost on the verge of climaxing when he suddenly removed his mouth from her twat and sat back.

“Oh, please don’t stop!” she whimpered.

“I’m almost ready to come!”

“Don’t worry, darling,” he slurred as he slowly stood up, his body weaving over the girl on the bed. “I’m gonna give you something that will really make you come.”


“My hard cock,” he lewdly grinned, quickly removing his pants and shorts.

“OH, NO!” screamed Robin, staring at the huge gnarly prick thrusting up from his massive balls. “My tiny cunt could never take that big fuckin’ thing!”

“The hell it can’t,” he panted, lewdly skimming his thick foreskin back and forth over his huge boner. “Girls who play with their pussies are just asking to be fucked.”

“But not by that big thing!” she wailed. “That big bastard will split my cunt wide open!”

“Don’t worry,” he slurred, spit drooling from the corner of his mouth. “Pussies are made to stretch.”

“Not that much!” she cried in a horrified voice.

“Bullshit,” grinned Frank. “When I’m finished with you, you’ll be beggin’ for more.”

“Oh, please don’t,” she sobbed. “I’m still a virgin!”

Robin could feel her heart pounding wildly in her breast as the man crouched over her, lewdly stroking his huge prick. Staring at his fat purple cockhead, Robin just knew it would split her virgin cunt to shreds.

“Please don’t!” she sobbed when his hands parted her thighs as he moved his throbbing prick up between them. “Please don’t do it! You’ll kill me!”

She desperately tried to roll from under him, but his strength and weight kept her pinned down.

“Stop that!” he roared. “Or I’ll knock your fuckin’ head off!”

“Don’t! Don’t!” she sobbed as his hands pried her thighs farther apart. “Wait’ll I tell my mother about this!”

She could feel his hot thick seminal fluid oozing out of his swollen knob as it rubbed wetly against her inner thigh. The drunken man was panting and snorting like a wild bull as his body moved slowly up over hers. Feeling his bloated cockhead nudging against her cuntlips, Robin bit her lips and closed her eyes.

“Here it comes, kid,” he slurred, trying to force his huge knob through the small opening. “You’re really gonna love it.”

“NO! NO!” she cried out. “PLEASE DON’T DO IT!”

Suddenly an excruciating pain scared through Robin’s entire body, as his massive cock plowed up through her virginal hole. Clawing at the man with her nails, the girl writhed in unbelievable pain as his huge cockhead stretched and stretched her tiny cunt.


“Shut up!” he roared, slapping her soundly across the face. “Keep your fuckin’ mouth shut or I’ll really give you something to yell about!”

Thrusting his hips forward, the lust-crazed drunk continued driving his massive boner deeper and deeper into the girl’s unused pussy.


Ignoring her cries, he gave another vicious thrust and Robin felt his fat balls slap against her ass and realized he’d finally stuffed the entire length of his huge cock into her virginal twat.

“Ooooooh, please take it out!” she sobbed again. “I can’t stand it! You’re killing me!”

“Shut up,” he panted, feeling the girl’s pussy squeezing hotly against his big throbbing shaft. “You’re gonna love it before I’m finished with you.”

“No! No!” she whimpered, turning her face away when he tried to kiss her with his slobbering lips.

Robin had never experienced anything so painful in her life, and she only wished it was Mark’s or Bill Morgan’s prick in her instead of this drunken animal who was taking a wild delight in torturing her. Robin was trembling with both fear and pain when the man began slowly withdrawing his huge cock for another cruel thrust. He pulled back until only his massive knob remained buried, and then lunging forward, he brutally drilled the thick length of his cock all the way up into her tortured slit again. Panting and gasping, the man began rhythmically plunging his huge prick in and out of the girl’s raw cunt.

As his brutal assault continued, Robin suddenly became aware of a rather pleasant tingling feeling in her cunt. The strangely exciting feeling started slowly at first, but it rapidly intensified as the initial pain began fading. Robin never really realized when the threshold between pain and pleasure was crossed, but she slowly felt her body responding to his thrusts. Although her pussy was a bit sore, the slippery friction of his plunging prick was beginning to feel good. After several minutes of his rhythmic fucking, the young girl was thoroughly enjoying it, and was unconsciously squirming her body up to receive his thrust.

“D’ya like it now, honey? D’ya like my big cock?” he panted.

Although she didn’t answer, the man knew from the way her cunt was sucking and squeezing on his lust-swollen boner that she was beginning to enjoy it. The ecstasy was mounting and mounting in her loins as her tight inner flesh responded by massaging his slippery prick. Even though there was no more pain, the man’s huge dick felt unbelievably big in her. Robin had never experienced such wonderful sensations and suddenly realized that nothing but a cock could reach up into the hidden depths of her cunt to induce such fantastic pleasure.

“Oh, Frank,” she whimpered, throwing her arms around his shoulders. “I love it. I love this big fuckin’ cock of yours.”

“I knew you would, honey,” he gasped. “But hang on, we’re just getting started.”

“Oh, good!” she squealed. “Just fuck the livin’ piss out of me!”

“Don’t worry, honey,” he panted. “That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

Robin could feel his cock swelling bigger and harder with every delicious stroke. He was slamming his thick tool into the hot slippery wetness of her slit with all his strength and the nymphet was enjoying every prick-filled moment of it.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she cried to her mother’s lover, clinging tightly to him as he screwed her sucking twat up against the thick base of his shaft. “I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

Spurred on by Robin’s squeals of delight, the man was fucking into her like a wild animal. Every violent plunge of his prick was lifting her dimpled ass right up off the bed as the girl rode his big boner to undreamed of ecstasy.

“FUCK, BABY, FUCK!” screamed Robin as the man increased the tempo of his bull-like thrusts. “OOOOOOOH, JESUS, HOW I LOVE IT… LOVE IT!”

Crazed with this newfound joy, Robin grasped his face in her hands and pulled his mouth down against her hot open lips. Sucking passionately on his tongue, she screwed her swollen twat up tighter around the base of his magnificent boner.

“Harder, honey, harder!” she squealed. “Just fuck the shit out of me with that big beautiful cock!”

“Okay, baby, hang on,” he grunted. “I’ll really give you something to squeal about.”

“Oh, you sweet sucker,” she moaned, wrapping her soft naked arms and legs around his big muscular body. “Now bang me good!”

Rearing back the man slammed the full length of his prick deep into her belly with all his strength.

“THAT’S THE WAY!” she shrieked, almost out of her mind with the wild ecstasy.


Throwing all caution to the wind, Frank began pounding his massive boner into her with the brutal force of a pile-driver.

“Ooooooooh, yes!” she squealed with delight, digging her bare heels into the crack of his sinewy ass to spur him on. “Faster! Faster, you sweet fucker! Christ what a fuck!”

Pounding into her for all he was worth, Frank suddenly felt the hot jizz swirling around deep in his balls. His cock began jerking and trembling as his thick hot sperm started rising up through his hard shaft. The tingling in his prick was pure joy as the hot fluids rushed for their glorious release.

“Here it comes, baby!” he gasped. “Here comes a nice big cuntful of jizz!”

“Oh, yes! Yes!” the girl squealed with excitement, throwing her naked legs high in the air. “That’s what I want! Shoot me full of it!”

Crazed with lust as his ejaculation came closer and closer, his entire body was jerking spasmodically, the ecstasy growing more intense with every second.

“OH, SHIT!” roared the man, rearing back and giving one last final lunge. “TAKE IT, BABY! TAKE MY HOT LOAD OF JIZZ!”

The feel of his hot thick cum spewing into her cunt triggered the girl’s overwhelming orgasm.

“OH, FRANK!” she screamed, wrapping her arms and legs more tightly around him.


Clinging to his big muscular body, Robin writhed her hot spasming cunt up around his spewing cock, feeling his cum filling her belly as her intense orgasm mounted and mounted.

“Oh, Frank,” she whispered when her wild climax began subsiding. “That was just fantastic.”

“It sure was, my darling,” he smiled, pulling his thick limp prick out of her sperm drenched hole.

“Frank?” she asked in a soft voice. “Will you fuck me again as soon as your cock gets hard?”

“Sure,” he grinned. “That’s exactly what I had in mind.”

Smiling to herself, Robin knew this would be the best fucking night she’d ever had. Sighing happily, she was looking forward to Mark fucking her, and even Bill Morgan might want to get into her pants.


For the next two days, Robin was living in a dream world of big hard cocks. She couldn’t think about anything but stiff dicks plunging in and out of her horny slit. After Frank Boswell had raped her that night, he’d screwed her four more times before daylight, each fuck more exciting that the last. After her mother got home the next day, it was impossible for the girl to have sex with him anymore, and she was dying to be fucked again. To make the situation worse for the horny girl, Mark had gone out of town with his father and wouldn’t be back until this afternoon. Now that she was no longer a virgin, she could hardly wait to see the expression on his face when she asked him to fuck her. Remembering how good Frank Boswell’s cock had felt in her cunt, she couldn’t wait to be fucked by Mark.

Robin was sitting on the lawn next door, talking to Mark’s sister, Barbie, when Kay Morgan walked by.

“Hi, Robin,” the pretty red-headed woman smiled.

“Hello, Mrs. Morgan,” replied the blonde.

“Is Mark back yet?” asked Kay.

“No,” answered Robin. “But he should get home this afternoon.”

“Good,” the woman smiled. “We’re expecting you both over this evening.”

“Gee, I… I don’t know,” stammered Robin. “I haven’t had a chance to talk to him since you invited us.”

“Oh, Robin!” gasped Kay. “Bill will be so disappointed if you don’t come.”

Suddenly the blonde thought about the hard-on she’d given the handsome man.

“Okay,” answered Robin, feeling all hot and itchy between her legs.

“Fine,” smiled Kay. “We’ll see you about seven.”

“Why are you going over there?” asked little Barbie when the woman had gone.

“Because they invited us.”


“I don’t know,” Robin answered the inquisitive girl. “I guess they just like us.”

Looking at Mark’s sister, Robin couldn’t help but notice Barbie’s pixie-like appearance. She was barely five feet tall with slim hips and firm titties that pressed out saucily against her T-shirt. The girl had big violet eyes and dark hair that set off her pretty heartshaped face.

When Mark arrived later that afternoon and Robin told him about the invitation to the Morgans, he was quite disappointed.

“Oh, shit,” he sulked. “I’ve been gone for two days and I was looking forward to a blowjob.”

“Don’t worry, honey,” she whispered. “We’ll leave early because I have a big surprise for you.”

It was a little after seven when they arrived at the Morgan’s that evening. Neither of them were prepared for Kay’s appearance when she opened the door. She was wearing a short see-through negligee that hardly reached mid thigh. The low-cut front of the gown barely covered her creamy tits, and her large nipples were easily discernable through the lacy material. Her long red hair and creamy white skin contrasted beautifully against her brief black attire.

Following the woman into the room, Mark stared at her soft billowing asscheeks that were swaying seductively beneath the see-through material of her negligee. It was very obvious to both young people that Mrs. Morgan wasn’t wearing panties or bra, and they couldn’t understand why she was so blatantly exposing herself.

She ushered Robin and Mark to a couch and seated herself on another sofa opposite them.

“Mr. Morgan will be here in a minute,” smiled Kay, brazenly crossing and recrossing her bare legs under the short negligee she was wearing. “He’s just finishing his bath.”

Moments later Bill Morgan walked into the room in a short terry cloth robe that was loosely tied with a sash.

“Please excuse my appearance,” he said, walking over to a bar that was against the wall. “I’ll get dressed in a minute, but let me pour us some wine first.”

“Not for me,” smiled Robin. “I don’t drink.”

“That surprises me,” Kay exclaimed. “I thought you young people were into everything these days.”

“Not everything,” answered Robin. “How about sex?” asked the woman, pleased with the way Mark was staring at her shamelessly exposed pussy as she slowly re-crossed her legs for his benefit.

“Now that’s different,” giggled Robin. “I think everybody is into sex.”

“How about you?” Kay smiled at Mark as she once more slowly re-crossed her legs. “Do you enjoy a piece of ass?”

“Of… of course,” he stammered, shocked at the way Kay Morgan was talking. “Don’t all men?”

“He’s right about that,” grinned Bill, staring directly at Robin as he leaned against the bar. “There’s nothing that I like better than fucking.”

“It’s not only fucking you like,” Kay giggled, “you love being sucked off and you’re a fantastic cunt-lapper.”

Completely stunned by what the Morgans were saying, Robin sat blushing without uttering a word.

“I’ll bet you enjoy eating pussy,” Kay said to Mark as she stood up and walked over in front of where he was sitting with Robin.

“Why?” asked the embarrassed boy.

“Because you keep trying to peek at my naughty cunt,” she whispered, reaching down and raising the hem of her gown. “So now I’ll give you a good look.”

Mark couldn’t believe his eyes as the gorgeous redhead drew the flimsy black material higher and higher up over her creamy thighs. His cock almost exploded in his pants when the lower portion of her softly curling beaver became visible beneath the hem. Higher and higher she raised the negligee until her entire red-fringed cunt was exposed to his bulging eyes.

“Like it?” she whispered.

Too shocked to answer, Mark’s eyes were riveted on the juicy inner flesh of the woman’s lust-slickened cuntlips. Droplets of shimmering pussy juice were glistening on the pink wet flesh of her quivering slit.

“Wanta play with it?” she whispered. “See how hot and juicy my horny pussy feels.”

Robin nervously glanced over at Bill Morgan to see how Kay’s husband was taking it. Instead of watching what his wife was doing, the man was leaning against the bar lustfully staring at Robin. Smiling suggestively at the girl, he untied his sash and slowly parted the front of his robe. Reaching through the opening, he casually drew out his hard cock. Robin’s cunt was creaming into her panties as she watched the man blatantly stroke his hard shaft. The man’s prick was just as beautiful as she’d dreamed it would be.

Grinning at Robin, he slowly walked toward her while his hand sensually stroked the thick shaft that was thrusting up from his gently swinging balls. When he was directly in front of her, Robin excitedly threw her arms around his hips and pulled the standing man up against her, rubbing his thick hot cock against her flushed cheeks.

Sitting next to them, Mark was excitedly twisting his middle finger deep in Kay’s hotly sucking cunt while she writhed her inflamed slit against the palm of his hand.

“Do you like my hot box?” she giggled.

“Shit, yes!” gasped the bay.

“Wanta fuck it?”

Glancing nervously over at Robin to see what her reaction was, Mark’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her passionately licking the head of Bill Morgan’s big hard cock.

“D’ya wanta fuck?” Kay repeated as the boy continued watching Robin tongue-wash their host’s throbbing prick.

“Shit, yes,” he grinned, once more returning his undivided attention to the beautiful redhead.

“Then take off your clothes,” she whispered, removing her own skimpy negligee.

Standing up, Mark quickly undressed without taking his eyes from Kay’s lush, nude figure, the soft creamy texture of her nakedness sending the blood coursing furiously through his throbbing cock.

“Sit down,” she whispered when he was completely disrobed.

Standing in front of the seated boy, Kay smiled down at the stiff young dick thrusting up from between his legs. Finally sitting down next to him, the gorgeous redhead lovingly wrapped her gentle fingers around Mark’s throbbing tool.

“Honey,” she hotly whispered to the boy. “Do you mind if I sit on that big beauty?”

“God, no,” he excitedly panted. “Just help yourself.”

Standing up and facing the seated youth, Kay straddled his loins and slowly lowered her steaming cunt down toward his thrusting shaft. Reaching between her legs, she gently grasped his meaty pole and rubbed his sensitive knob back and forth against the hot moist furrow of her swollen pussy.

“Oh, Mark,” she whispered when she felt his hard knob brushing against her slippery slit.

Her soft body quivered with excitement, feeling his throbbing cockhead opening her slippery cuntlips as it slipped through her juicy hole. When his knob slowly sank up into her twat, she began trembling with unbelievable pleasure, feeling the gnarly bumps on his hard shaft rubbing deliciously against the sensitive tissues of her hot grasping cunt walls. When the young man’s hard prick was fully buried in her quivering belly, she sat perfectly still on hid deeply embedded boner, enjoying the feel of it pushing out against the walls of her fuckhole. She was aware of the throbbing cock as the blood pumped excitedly through his distended veins.

The glorious sensations increased as she began sliding her slit up and down over his slippery shaft.

“That’s it, baby,” Mark panted. “Fuck me good.”

Crazed by the feel of his hard meat plowing in and out of her hot dripping twat, Kay began bouncing faster and faster on his dick. The intense pleasure increased with every thrust of his cock into the sucking hotness of her smoldering slit.

“God, Mrs. Morgan,” he panted. “You sure have a hot pussy.”

“Then enjoy it,” she giggled. “It was put there to give men pleasure.”

Sitting next to them, Robin and Bill Morgan were excitedly watching Mark’s prick skewering around in the beautiful redhead’s hotly dripping cunt.

“It’s supposed to feel good,” laughed Kay. “That’s why cunts were invented.”

With her thighs and knees wrapped snuggly around Mark’s hips, Kay began bouncing faster and faster on his jolting cock while her luscious tits flopped against his face. Mark had never felt anything as good as this woman’s hot cunt sliding up, and down over his lurching boner.

“Oooooooooh, honey, that feels so fuckin’ good!” she squealed with delight when Mark grasped her soft asscheeks and probed his finger up against her sweet, puckered shitter. “That’s it, baby! Shit, that feels good!”

Pushing a bit harder, his thick middle finger slipped through her tight shitter and slithered up into her rectum.

“Oh, Christ!” she shrieked with joy. “That’s it, you sweet fucker! Oh, shit, that’s good!”

With his finger rammed up her ass, her swollen nipple in his mouth, his throbbing cock drilling in and out of her hot slippery cunt, the lurching couple was racing toward a mind-blowing climax. His finger embedded in her rectum, Mark was propelling the beautiful redhead up and down over his bursting prick at an ever-increasing speed. Kay’s head was thrown back as her long red hair swirled wildly around her beautifully distorted face. Sobbing hysterically, she was grinding her dripping cunt around the base of Mark’s plunging shaft.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she squealed as he violently thrust his hips up, driving his cock deeper and deeper into the sucking depths of her slippery fuckhole. “That’s it, baby! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Clinging desperately to each other, their hot wet flesh was slapping noisily together as they pounded frantically toward their inevitable climax.

“OH, SHIT!” she suddenly screwed, covering the boy’s lips with her hot mouth.


Thrusting his prick up deep into her creaming slit, Mark shot a hot stream of thick cum into her exploding fuckhole.

“That’s it, baby!” she squealed with rapture. “Squirt it to me! Crew me good!”

Collapsing over his exhausted body, gobs of slippery jizz oozed out from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips, dripping down over his juice-drenched balls.

“You’re some stud, honey,” she whispered, tenderly kissing the boy on his damp cheek. “You’re a real fucker.”

As they watched the flushed woman rise to her feet, Robin and Bill Morgan saw Mark’s rapidly shrinking prick slip out of Kay’s cunt with a soft sucking sound.

Watching Mark and Kay fuck had aroused Robin more than she’d ever been in her life. Sitting next to Bill Morgan, she arched her hips up from the couch and peeled off her shorts and panties.

“Play with me,” she heatedly whispered as she removed her halter, leaving herself deliciously naked for him.

A wild thrill raced through the older man’s body as he slipped the tip of his finger into the moist warmth of the girl’s juice drenched slit. Her naked young body smelled so fresh and clean as his hand explored her sweet cunt.

“Do you like my pussy?” she whispered, gently sliding his thick rubbery foreskin up and down over his lurching shaft.

“Yes, sweetheart,” he smiled as his finger swirled around in her tight slippery cunt. “I love your pussy.”

Picking the girl up in his arms, Bill Morgan carried her over to the other couch. When they were spread out on it, Robin moved her head down and slipped his stiff cock into her hot juicy mouth. She swirled her tongue all around his hard knob, up and down the sensitive underside of his throbbing shaft and finally to his crinkly balls and the insides of his thighs. Wrapping her hands around his lean asscheeks she pulled his delicious cockhead deeper into her mouth. As she moved her head up and down, the man’s thick shaft was soon floating in and out of her hot, moist mouth with a steady rhythm that had him lurching in ecstasy.

“God, honey,” he moaned. “That feels so fucking good.”

“Hmmmmmmmm,” she mewled, sucking passionately on his big tasty prick. His shaft was strong and meaty, but it bent this way and that as she licked and sucked it from every angle.

“You like to be sucked, don’t you?” she whispered, temporarily removing his prick from her mouth.

“Shit, yes!” he moaned. “Doesn’t every body?”

“Am I doing it right?” she asked. “I just learned how a few weeks ago.”


Holding his hard rod in one hand, she began once more licking the head of his hard meat with her slippery tongue. The hard spongy texture of his cockhead was quivering under the vigorous strokes as her naughty tongue swirled wickedly around the big bulb.

“Jesus, honey,” he panted, reaching down and gently caressing her flushed cheeks, “you’re quite a cock-sucker.”

“Good,” she giggled, once more lowering her mouth as she resumed lapping and licking his prick with her tongue.

The only other sound in the room was the heavy breathing from Mark and Kay as the horny redhead started sucking on the young man’s cock to get it hard again.

Not wanting to come yet, the man pulled his prick away from the girl’s mouth and drew her deliciously naked body up into his arms. Holding the girl, Bill stared at Robin’s cherry-hard nipples standing out from her big swollen areolas that were covered with excited pin-sized goose bumps. When he reached out and touched her big turgid tit-buds with his fingers, they quivered like taut steel springs. Holding the naked girl in his arms, the man began gently squeezing and fondling her luscious tits. Robin was squirming with passion as her hot cunt juices began flowing out of her lusting slit.

“Oh, Mr. Morgan, that feels so good!” she whispered, feeling his hot mouth and thick wet tongue working over her quivering boobs.

Lowering his head, he began licking and bathing her soft tummy and navel with his swirling tongue. Then gently spreading her soft young thighs with his hands, he moved his face down between her trembling legs.

“Oh, Mr. Morgan!” she gasped, lurching when she first felt his hot wet tongue swirling around in her quivering twat. She involuntarily lifted her hips, grinding her juice-drenched slit against his slavering mouth.

Clutching frantically at the cushions, she bit her lips to keep from shrieking out with ecstasy. Floating on a rolling sea of passion, she was vaguely aware of Mark’s heavy breathing and the slurping sounds of Kay’s mouth sucking noisily on his cock across the room. The erotic sounds from the other couple only added fire to her own excitement. Robin was suddenly lifted to an even higher plane of ecstasy when Mr. Morgan’s tongue found her quivering clitty.

“That’s it!” she sobbed. “That’s it, honey! Oh, suck me good! Suck! Suck! Suck!”

Her beautiful blonde head thrown back, her soft young mouth gaping open and her big blue eyes half closed with passion, Robin was grinding, her foaming twat against his slurping mouth. Her soft warm thighs were locked against his face as he swirled his tongue against her hard quivering clit.

Mark and Kay sat silently on the other couch, watching the frantically aroused young girl, a thin string of cum hanging out of the corner of Kay’s lips from the hot load of jizz she’d just sucked out of Mark’s prick.

“God,” whispered Kay. “She’s sure getting a wild tongue-fuck.”

“She sure is,” laughed Mark. “Your husband can sure eat pussy.”

Robin was now screaming like a mad person, grabbing at the man’s head and pushing his face deeper into her sex-crazed fuck-hole.


Robin writhed and lurched and trembled long after her shattering orgasm had first enveloped her. It was a full five minutes before the exhausted girl was able to sit up.

“Oh, Mr. Morgan,” she whispered to the man. “That felt so fuckin’ good.”

“Jesus,” laughed Kay from the other sofa, my man can really eat pussy.

“That was the neatest fuckin’ cum I’ve ever had,” sighed Robin, resting her head on Bill Morgan’s shoulder.


A little later that evening when Robin saw Mark getting another erection, she hurried across the room and sat down next to him.

“Are you having fun,” she whispered, tenderly wrapping her fingers around his rapidly swelling cock.

“I sure am,” he grinned.

“Was Mrs. Morgan a good piece of ass?” she whispered.

“God, yes,” he gasped.

“Better than me?”

“How the hell do I know,” laughed Mark, “We’ve never fucked.”

“Honey,” she said, rolling onto her back, “will you kneel between my legs?”


“I just want you to rub your big hard boner against the outside of my pussy,” she smiled.

“That’s crazy,” her boyfriend argued.

“Please!” begged Robin. “Just rub, it against my snatch for a second.”

Mark knew the hot wet softness of her cunt against his prick would only make him more excited, and that was the last thing he needed around her. He was already dying to fuck the girl and he didn’t want the young virgin teasing his sensitive dick against her hot wet slit.

“Please, honey,” she repeated, reaching for his stiff boner. “Just rub it against my pussy for a few seconds.”

As he reluctantly crawled up between her wantonly spread thighs, Robin tenderly grasped the base of his shaft and placed the throbbing knob against the juicy opening of her slit.

“Don’t move,” she whispered. “Now kiss me.”

When Mark bent forward to cover her deliciously parted lips with his mouth, Robin cupped her hands around the cheeks of his ass. With their tongues entwined in a sweet deep kiss, she suddenly arched her hips up and gave a fierce tug on his ass, driving his cock into the very depths of her slippery cunt.

“What the hell are you doing?” he gasped as she locked her legs around his waist in a viselike grip.

“Fuckin’,” she giggled.

“But, honey…” he spluttered.

“Oh, shut up,” she giggled. “I told you I had a surprise.”

With his trembling shaft completely buried in her tight hot twat, Mark could feel her juicy slippery cuntal walls sucking and squeezing against the throbbing length of his cock.

“Now start pumpin’,” she giggled. “That’s what fuckin’s all about.”

Grinding her hot pussy up against the base of his deeply embedded tool, Robin realized for the first time that not all cocks felt the same. Frank Boswell’s big prick had felt longer and thicker than this one, yet Mark’s felt fantastic in a different way.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good,” she whispered, screwing her cunt up tighter around his thrusting boner.

Frantically grasping the toy’s shoulders, Robin was vigorously lifting her hips up to meet every stroke of his hard plunging tool.

Her tight slippery cuntlips were sucking and pulling against the base of his dick, trying to take even more of it into her aroused pussy.

Mark could feel his thick shaft growing even bigger as it skidded smoothly in and out against the hot slick ridges of her squeezing twat muscles. It felt as if his passion-bloated cock-head would explode from the exquisite sensations being induced by her fiery slit. As his stiff boner drilled in and out of her slippery fuckhole, Mark could feel her turgid nipples burning into his flesh as her big luscious tits squished under his heaving chest.

“Ooooooooh, Mark!” she squealed. “Faster, honey, faster!”

Watching the young couple as they fucked up a storm on the couch, Bill Morgan was almost out of his mind with excitement as he lustily stroked his new hard-on. God, she was a sexy bitch, and he could hardly wait for the boy to finish so he could stuff his own cock up between her legs. Bill was stroking his boner even harder as he watched Mark roll onto his back with the girl on top of him, his cock still deeply embedded in her hot, churning slit.

Quivering with delight, Robin could feel Mark’s hot sucking lips pulling on her big hard nipples as she lay flat over his body, her cunt still stuffed full of his throbbing tool. Slowly pumping her sweet ass up and down, Robin was giving him a delicious fucking while his mouth licked and chewed on her big luscious tits.

Humping wildly on his shaft, Robin could feel the hard thickness of it ripping deeper and deeper into her quivering belly. The boy’s hard meat was glistening with the cuntjuices that were squishing from between her hot, prick squeezing pussy-lips as she slid up and down over his steel-hard boner. Crazed with lust, Mark was slamming his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her scalding hot fuckhole.

“That’s it, Mark!” she squealed, bouncing harder and faster over his rigid pole. “Fuck, honey, fuck! It’s so good, baby! So fuckin’ good!”

Bill was stroking his hard meat more rapidly as he continued watching the lust-crazed teens on the sofa.

“OH, SWEET FUCKING JESUS!” she screamed as her naked body began tensing for her climax. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Further aroused by her lewd screams, Mark began drilling into her hot slick pussy with all his strength, almost bouncing the wildly aroused girl off his thrusting dick.

“HARDER, BABY, HARDER!” she screamed as the overpowering orgasm started to engulf her.

Without any warning, she suddenly felt his white-hot jizz gushing up into her belly.

“Not yet, Mark!” she squealed. “Hold it, honey, hold it! I’m just starting to come!”

Bouncing frantically up and down on his cock, she tried desperately to bring herself off, but his hard shaft was rapidly withering in her intensely aroused slit. Crazed by the sudden frustration, she rolled off him and began chewing at her clitty with her fingers.

Looking up through glazed eyes, she was dimly aware of Bill Morgan crouching between her legs, clutching his hard prick in his hands.

“Oh, yes!” she whimpered. “Shove it in, honey! Shove that fuckin’ thing in!”

Panting with lust, he quickly placed his throbbing knob between her slippery pussylips, and she could feel her twat hungrily opening as his thick meaty shaft started sinking into her hot sucking fuckhole.

“Oh, yes!” she cried out, arching her crotch up to take his hard meat. “That’s what I need, baby! I need that hard fuckin’ cock!”

She began whimpering with joy when he suddenly lunged forward, slamming the full length of his prick deep into her belly with one lusty plunge.

“THAT’S THE WAY!” she shrieked. “BANG ME! BANG ME HARD!”

Partially withdrawing his tool, he once more drove his prick back into her cunt with even more brutal force, lifting her sweet ass right up off the couch.

“Oh, God!” she whimpered, raising her soft bare thighs higher around his waist, offering more of her slit to his assault. “Drive, baby, drive! Please make me come!”

God, how she loved the powerful way he was fucking her! There was a viciousness about the way he was pounding into her that was almost blowing the young girl’s mind. The excited blonde was screaming and clutching at him as he increased the intensity of his pounding thrusts.

“OOOOOOOOOHHH!” shrieked Robin as his flesh-splitting tool drove deeper and harder into her lust-inflamed cunt. After a barrage of several more violent strokes, Bill stopped to catch his breath before continuing the assault. She could feel his big blood engorged knob throbbing against the very end of her twat while his sperm-bloated balls nestled in the soft crack between her wiggly asscheeks.

When he slowly withdrew his cock for another onslaught, her loins began quivering with anticipation. She could feel the hot thickness of his boner rubbing deliciously against the sensitive flesh of her cunt walls.

Drawing her knees up even higher and spreading her thighs, she offered as much of her slit as possible for his next attack.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she whimpered when the gnarly pole of hard hot meat slashed up into her writhing belly again. His massive fuckrod was glistening with her slippery cunt juices as it plowed in and out through the sucking hotness of her clasping pussy.

Excitedly watching them, Kay was absentmindedly skimming Mark’s foreskin up and down over his new hard-on.

“HARDER!” Robin was screaming. “Fuck it to me!”

Kay couldn’t understand how the blonde bitch was able to stand the beating she was getting, yet from the way she was begging for more, she was obviously enjoying it. Watching them, both Mark and Kay Morgan were becoming more and more, aroused with every passing second. The beautiful redhead was now vigorously stroking the handsome youth’s throbbing boner.

Robin was practically out of her mind with the joy of it all. Mewling and sobbing under the man’s humping body, she was throwing her loins up to meet every thrust of his hard plunging cock. Grasping the sinewy cheeks of his ass, Robin began frantically pulling him tighter against her, screwing her sappy cunt hotly around his hard shaft. The puffy lips of her pussy were sucking and pulling on the base of his prick, trying desperately to swallow more of it into her slippery fuckhole.

Watching her husband fucking into Robin’s hot box, Kay could sec and hear his big juice-slickened rod plunging in and out of the tight juicy hole with loud slurping sounds that were driving her wild.

“OH, MR. MORGAN!” Robin shrieked with joy. “I’M GONNA COME! I’M GONNA COME, HONEY! DON’T STOP!”

Afraid of another frustrating disappointment, she was frantically clinging to him, writhing her frothy slit around his hard plunging boner.


She could feel her climax building up and up. Just as she exploded into a mind-blowing orgasm, she felt the man’s hot jizz splattering up into her spasming fuck-hole.

Excitedly watching Robin writhing through her intense orgasm, Kay lowered her face down into Mark’s naked loins. Her pink wet tongue flicked out and lightly brushed across the sensitive head of his cock. The wild gamy aroma of his prick sent little shivers of delight through her entire body. Closing her eyes in rapture, Kay was wetly circling his cockhead with hot lingual kisses.

As the handsome youth began softly moaning, she slipped her hand down between his legs and cupped his big swollen nut-sac in her palm. The crisp wirey hair and crinkly skin of his scrotum sent delicious tingles streaking through her loins.

“Oh, Mark,” she whispered. “I love the feel of your nice big balls.”

Finally removing her hands from his swollen bag, the pretty woman tenderly grasped the base of his thick shaft and once more lowered her mouth down toward his purple knob. It felt so hard as she lovingly brushed her lips across the smooth rubbery surface of his cockhead.

Swirling the tip of her hot wet tongue around the head of his swollen dick, Kay could feel the boy trembling excitedly. Smiling up at the joy etched on his handsome face, she began running her tongue all up and down the sensitive underside of his big meaty tool. She could feel his thick hard prick swelling and throbbing as she deliciously teased her tongue all around the crowned base of his bloated cockhead.

“Oh, Mrs. Morgan,” she heard him groan with lascivious pleasure.

“Do you like this, baby?”

“Fuck, yes!”

Thrilled that she was giving the young man so much pleasure, Kay lowered her wetly parted lips and took the whole of his wonderful big knob into her velvety-soft mouth. She felt him shudder with ecstasy as her soft juicy lips slid down over the big swollen shaft.

“Oh, my God,” he moaned again, staring down at his thick rod buried between her softly ovaled lips.

“Are you enjoying this?” she whispered, momentarily removing her mouth from the head of his spit-soaked prick.

“God, yes!” he groaned, digging his fingers into the cushion. “It’s fantastic!”

“Jesus, Mark,” she beamed at him. “Your cock tastes so fuckin’ good.”

“I’m glad you like it,” panted the wildly aroused youth, reaching down and tenderly caressing her flushed cheeks. “You really know how to suck a guy off.”

“That’s because I love doing it,” she giggled once more lowering her mouth down toward his hard tool.

Running her hot wet tongue up and down the entire length of the boy’s tasty cock, she soaked it from tip to base until the entire blue veined surface was gleaming with her saliva. Then moving her hand beneath the base of his throbbing hard-on, she cupped his balls and lowered her face, sucking them gently into her mouth. While delicately nibbling on his sensitive nuts, she lovingly tongue-washed every inch of crinkly skin on his hair-covered scrotum.

Finally raising her head, Kay again closed her lips around his, cockhead while still stroking the base of his lurching shaft.

“Oh, shit,” he sighed as the moist softness of her naughty tongue swirled deliciously around the head of his pleasure-crazed prick. “It feels so good, Mrs. Morgan.”

Now rapidly moving her head up and down, the feel of his thick shaft sliding over the sensitive taste-buds on the back of her tongue was driving Kay wild. Enjoying the texture and flavor as she continued passionately sucking and slurping on his big saliva-coated cock, she glanced up at the youth and was more than pleased with the expression of ecstasy on his handsome face.

“Honey,” she whispered, once more releasing his big drooling rod from her mouth. “Are you gonna give me a nice big mouthful of jizz?”

“You better, believe it,” panted Mark. “You’re gonna get a real mouthful.”

“Good,” the woman sighed, thrusting his cock back in her mouth.

Once more slipping her hot wet lips down over his bloated knob, she took it deeper and deeper until she kit it nudging at the back of her throat. Then she slowly lifted her mouth with a deep sucking action. When only the head of his prick remained between her lips, she plunged back down again until his glans once more pounded against the back of her throat.

Now almost out of his mind with excitement, Mark was wildly thrusting his hips up to meet every downward thrust of her slurping mouth. The woman’s sweet tongue was slithering deliciously around his bloated cock as he drove it deeper and deeper into her throat.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he panted, almost out of his mind from the feel of her wildly pumping mouth sliding up and down over his big pulsing boner. His fingers were curled into her rumpled hair, frantically propelling her head up and down over his raging shaft.

“Suck it, suck it!” he panted, feverishly pumping his screaming prick in and out of her wildly sucking mouth. Mark’s breath was coming in short hot gasps as he gasped her head, pushing her mouth down tighter over his plunging rod.


His shouts of unconcealed lust only caused to further excite the woman, to suck deeper and harder on his big slippery dong.

“Don’t stop!” he panted, frantically pushing her mouth down tighter around his spurting prick. “I’m coming… oh, God how I’m coming!”

Her deliciously naked body shivered with joy when she tasted the handsome youth’s hot swirling cum splattering against the back of her throat. Blast after blast of the deliciously thick fluid spurted into her mouth as she passionately sucked and swallowed. With her lips locked feverishly around the head of his rod, Kay continued sucking until she’d drawn out the last tasty drops.

Sitting on the other crouch, Bill Morgan was holding Robin’s soft naked body in his arms, feeling his cock starting to stiffen again in her squeezing fingers. The feel of the sweet girl’s naked flesh pressed against his body was almost more than the man could stand. The feel of her firm bare tits and hot, hard nipples burning into his chest was driving him wild.

Stroking the man’s rapidly expanding pole, Robin began rubbing her tits against his tingling flesh. Deliciously caressing his rapidly swelling rod, she covered his lips with her hot open mouth, passionately thrusting her tongue deeply into his throat.

After a long kiss, Robin finally released his hard, boner from his fingers and rolled onto her back, spreading her creamy thighs.

“Please fuck me again!” she whispered. “Please put that beautiful big cock in my horny pussy!”

He fully realized he shouldn’t be screwing the young girl, but unable to control his lust, Bill quickly crawled up between her slim legs. Cupping her bare buttocks in his hands, the man pulled her juice-drenched crotch up against his hard loins. Crazed with excitement, he began goosing his fingers into the soft meaty flesh between her asscheeks.

Tenderly grasping his steel-hard shaft in her fingers, Robin slowly guided it toward her eagerly waiting fuckhole. Her young body was shivering with anticipation as she felt the big knob of his cock probing against the slick hotness of her slippery cuntal opening. Arching her hips up to assist his penetration, she could feel his huge cockhead slipping between her juicy cunt-lips.

“Oh, you sweet darling,” whispered the man, feeling his hard prick sinking into the delicious tightness of her hotly squeezing pussy. “That feels so good.”

“God,” she softly sobbed. “Your cock feels so nice and big in me.”

Enjoying the feel of the man’s big boner stretching the tingling walls of her tight twat, thrill after thrill burned through her feverishly hot loins. Once he had the full length of his thick tool completely buried in her cunt, they remained perfectly still in each other’s arms, enjoying the complete ecstasy of their tightly-coupled bodies.

“Do you like my hot pussy?” she whispered.

“Yes, sweetheart,” he tenderly smiled. “I love your hot pussy.”

Unable, to control his lust for the girl any longer, Bill began sliding his cock in and out of her deliciously snug slit.

“Oh, sweet piss!” she shuddered, feeling his thick rod rubbing against the stretched walls of her cunt, the ridge of his bloated knob slithering deliciously against the tingling inner flesh of her sucking, squeezing slit. As the intense pleasure increased, Robin was no longer conscious of anything except the erotic sensations and the heavenly slurping sound of his marvelous big cock pumping in and out of her hot slippery pussy. Closing her eyes with rapture, she could feel his lusty balls slapping soundly against the wet flesh of her ass.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed when he began speeding the tempo of his deep rhythmic thrusts. “That’s the way, Mr. Morgan! Fuck me hard and good!”

Bill had never felt anything as fantastic as this girl’s juicy cunt squeezing and sucking on his plunging shaft. He’d never experienced such a tight hot pussy in his entire life. Crazed with excitement, he was now pounding his hard meat into her deliciously squeezing slit with a savage intensity.

“FUCK, HONEY, FUCK! GIVE IT TO ME GOOD!” she shrieked, feeling his rock-hard boner ripping into her sizzling cunt.


Suddenly, her entire body exploded into a screaming multi-colored orgasm when she felt the man’s thick hot cum gushing into her writhing belly.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” she squealed. “I’m coming… COMING… COMMMMMMIIIINNNNGGG!”

Clinging passionately to him, the young girl’s convulsing body shivered and jerked with ecstasy as his hot love cream flooded into her ravaged fuckhole.

“Oh God!” she whispered, covering his mouth with her hot open lips. “Oh, you sweet, sweet fucker!”

When he finally rolled over on his back, Robin quickly scurried down and sucked the last tasty drops of his jizz from his limp wet cock.


For the next few weeks Robin was getting sucked and fucked almost every night. When Mark wasn’t drilling his cock into her, they were over at the Morgans enjoying a foursome. One afternoon, when Robin was home alone, Mark’s sister dropped by.

“Robin,” the girl timidly spoke when they’d been chatting for a few minutes. “Do you ever let boys mess around with you?”

“Why?” asked Robin.

“Well,” Barbie nervously hesitated. “I let Bobby Jackson kiss me the other day.”

“Did you like it?”

“Not much,” answered the girl. “Why not?”

“He tried to touch my titties and I had to push his hands away.”

“Why stop him?” asked Robin. “I like guys to play with my boobs.”

“Do you really?” asked the girl in a shocked voice.


“Does my brother play with your titties?” asked Barbie.

“Heck, yes,” bragged Robin. “All the time.”


“Because it feels good,” Robin giggled. “I even play with his prick.”

The thought of Robin messing around with her big brother’s cock sent a strange little tingle coursing through Barbie’s pussy. She realized it was a naughty thing to do, but it somehow excited her.

“What does his cock feel like?” asked the girl, suddenly filled with curiosity.

“It feels all hot and hard,” answered Robin. “It’s tough to explain until you’ve actually held a boy’s prick.”

Listening to her brother’s girl friend talking about cocks, Barbie suddenly felt a trickle of hot juice dripping out of her slit. It was a new sensation, yet it was strangely exciting. There was an itching glow between her legs that made her feel vaguely restless.

“Robin,” the girl finally asked after a long period of silence, “do you play with my brother’s prick through his pants or do you actually touch it when it’s bare?”

“Shit,” giggled Robin. “I touch it and lick it and even suck on it.”

Barbie just stared at the older girl with a shocked expression on her face. She found it hard to believe what she was hearing, unable to think any girl would ever dream of licking or sucking on a boy’s pisser.

“Does Mark really let you do that?” she asked, wondering if her brother was some kind of a weirdo.

“Of course.”

“What does he do while you’re sucking on his prick?” gasped Barbie, still unable to believe what she was hearing.

“Shoots jizz into my mouth,” Robin giggled.

“What the hell is jizz?” asked Barbie, completely confused by the whole conversation.

When Robin finished explaining what jism was and how it squirted out of a boy’s hard cock when it was sexually stimulated, the girl just sat with her mouth hanging open, staring at her brother’s girl friend while the wet itch in her pussy became more intense.

“I’ll tell you something else if you don’t tell anyone,” Robin confided.


“We even fuck,” she giggled.

Barbie knew what fucking was, but she couldn’t believe Robin and Mark did it. Staring at Robin’s shapely bare legs that were exposed beneath her shorts, Barbie tried to visualize her brother’s hard prick pumping in and out between them. The thought sent more hot juice gushing out of her tingling slit.

“Does fuckin’ feel good?” she finally asked.

“Shit, yes,” sighed Robin with a dreamy expression in her eyes. “It’s the neatest thing in the world.”

“I’d be scared shitless to try it,” gasped Barbie, getting hotter and hotter between her legs.


“I dunno,” answered the girl. “The thought of a boy sticking his cock in my pussy scares me to death.”

“It sure feels good,” Robin grinned.

“Does it hurt?”

“Fuck, no. It feels wonderful.”

“What does it feel like?” Barbie asked. “Sorta like when you finger yourself,” answered Robin. “Only a lot better.”

Barbie stared blankly at the older girl. “Don’t you ever masturbate?” Robin asked, suddenly realizing that the girl wasn’t comprehending what she was talking about.


“Jesus Christ!” gasped Robin. “Don’t you know anything about sex?”

“Not much.” Barbie blushed.

“God,” sighed Robin. “Fingering yourself off is the neatest thing in the world next to suckin’ and fuckin’.”

“How do I do it?” Barbie asked in a small voice.

“Take your clothes off and I’ll show you,” Robin suggested.

“All of them?” Barbie nervously asked. “Sure,” the older girl answered. “It’s more fun when your body’s all nice and naked.” When the girl was completely undressed, Robin directed her to lie down on the couch. Robin couldn’t get over the delicate beauty of the girl’s naked body that was spread out so deliciously. The girl had two firm titties that were crowned with big rock-hard nipples. Her juicy wet slit was snuggled in a downy nest of dark silky pussy hair.

“Now what do I do?” Barbie asked in a hushed whisper. “I’m scared.”

“There’s nothing to be scared about,” Robin answered, excitedly taking off her own clothes. “I’ll show you exactly how to do it.”

Sitting down next to the girl on the couch, Robin took Barbie’s hand and guided her fingers down to her juicy twat.

“Okay,” she whispered. “Now start rubbing your clitty.”

“Where’s my clitty?”

“It’s that button right at the top of your slit,” Robin smiled.

“I can’t find any button,” said Barbie as she probed around with her finger.

“Here,” giggled Robin, unconsciously reaching down with her own hand. “Let me find it for you.”

A strange excitement streaked through Robin’s loins when her finger made contact with the velvet-soft flesh of Barbie’s juicy cunt.

“Oooooooooh!” squealed Barbie when the older girl’s finger brushed across the sensitive little joy-button.

“D’ya like that?” Robin whispered as she began sensually massaging her clitoris.

“Shit, yes!” Barbie gasped. “I’ve never felt anything so good!”

Completely unaware of what she was doing, Robin began plunging her finger in and out of the writhing girl’s slit. Robin couldn’t believe it when Barbie suddenly kissed her with her hot open mouth. Crazed with this erotic kiss, Robin frantically pulled her finger out of the girl’s hot pussy and threw herself over Barbie’s naked body, writhing her cunt against the girl’s pelvis.

With their tongues swirling around in each other’s hot mouths, they passionately ground their pussies together in a slow sensual rhythm, their nipples burning deliciously into each other’s tits.

After several sweet long minutes of this erotic play, Robin rolled from atop Barbie’s body and they faced each other on their sides. With their sucking mouths locked together in a deep hot kiss, and their tits pressed warmly together, their excited fingers sought each other’s pussies.

“Oooooooooh, Robin!” the younger girl squealed, temporarily removing her lips from Robin’s mouth as she felt the girl’s finger once more rubbing her excited clit. “I didn’t think there was anything in the whole world that could feel this good.”

“Wait’ll I bring you off,” giggled Robin. “That’ll really blow your mind.”

“Oh, Robin,” whispered Barbie. “Your body feels so nice and soft.”

“So does yours,” answered the older girl as she gently kissed the girl’s moistly parted lips. Once more their tongues wormed into each other’s mouths, licking and tasting, making their naked young bodies shiver with ecstasy.

Finally removing her mouth from Barbie’s, Robin lowered her face and closed her lips around the girl’s swollen nipple. She brought a soft moan from deep in the younger girl’s throat as she softly sucked while her tongue deliciously circled the goose-bumpy flesh of her aroused titty-bud. The excitement was further intensified for Barbie when she felt Robin’s fingers moving down over her body, caressing the soft smooth flesh of her inner thighs and finally over the dark curls of her pubic mound. She shivered slightly and began humping her hot cunt up and down as Robin began lightly rubbing her twitching pussy. Still sucking passionately on the girl’s big lust-swollen nipple, Robin slowly eased her finger between her hot, slick twat lips.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Barbie, jerking and twisting under the heavenly invasion of the older girl’s naughty finger. The feel of Robin’s lips and tongue on her nipple only added to the pleasure of her finger on her clit.

Anxious to give Barbie her first orgasm, Robin wetly lapped all over the girl’s tits, deliciously sucking and licking her nipples before kissing her way down to her flat belly. Tongue washing Barbie’s dimpled navel, Robin continued rhythmically finger-fucking the girl, making her writhe and moan with rapture.

Spread out on her back, Barbie shivered when Robin suddenly changed positions and crawled down between her legs.

“Oh, my God,” whimpered Barbie as Robin’s hot breath caressed her oozing cunt.

Looking down through half-closed eyes, Barbie watched the horny blonde’s beautiful face moving up into her steaming crotch. She almost screamed out loud when she felt the first electric contact of Robin’s lips and tongue on her overheated pussy. The intense excitement increased in her loins when the older girl’s tongue licked along the sensitive flesh of her flowering slit, flicking it from side to side as she worked up the oozing twat to her tingling clitoral bud. Almost losing all control of her body, Barbie began madly writhing her hips. Unaware of what she was doing, the ecstatic girl reached down and curled her trembling fingers into Robin’s long blonde hair, pressing her pretty face tighter against her swampy hot pussy.

“Ooooooh, shit,” whimpered Barbie. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

With her fiery mouth working on the soft tingling meat of the girl’s oozing slit. Robin’s tongue was whipping deliciously around her glowing clitoris.

“Oh, yes,” Barbie sobbed when the blonde slid a cream-coated finger up into the hot tightness of her slippery asshole. It was so exciting to feel Robin squeezing and caressing the soft flesh of her asscheeks while her middle finger zipped in and out of her burning rectum.

“OH, FUCK! SHIT! PISS!” screamed Barbie, completely unaware of what she was doing.

The finger up her ass and the tongue in her creaming pussy was almost more than she could stand.

“Oh, sweet lickin’ Jesus!” she whimpered. “I love it… I love it!”

Spreading her legs wider to give the older girl all the room she needed, Barbie’s hot slit seemed to open wider as Robin’s mouth worked feverishly on her writhing fuckhole.

“Oh, fuck!” she squealed as Robin’s tongue continued to ravenously attack her clitty. “That’s so damned good, honey!”

The intense thrills were coming too fast and strong. Unaware that she was on the verge of coming, Barbie felt her guts tightening and twitching. Never had she felt such compelling ecstasy.

She shoved her fist into her mouth to keep her screams from being heard outside. The writhing girl wasn’t aware of anything in the world except the fiery sensations between her widely spread legs. While Robin’s tongue was frenziedly licking her twat, Barbie was wildly humping her sodden crotch up around the girl’s plundering tongue.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna explode!” she sobbed, the room spinning crazily around her. “Gonna explode! Gonna explode!”

With Barbie still lurching and bucking beneath her, Robin hungrily drank the hot orgasmic juices that were, flooding out of her boiling cunt. Wanting to prolong Barbie’s first climax, Robin spread the girl’s thighs wider apart, pushing them back until her knees almost touched her tits while sucking and licking the viscous juices from her deliciously flowing twat.

The room was filled with the heady, pungent aroma of their hot, leaking pussies. Finally when Barbie’s wild orgasm was over, she pulled Robin up next to her, hugging her passionately as she fervently kissed her juice smeared lips and cheeks. Barbie was looking forward to going down on Robin in a few moments.

For the next several minutes, the horny girls just lay locked in each other’s arms as they passionately tongue-kissed.

“Haney,” Robin whispered a few moments later. “Will you roll over on your back for a minute?”


“I want to rub my cunt against yours,” grinned Robin. “I’ve heard that our clits are miniature pricks, and I was just wondering if we could climax by rubbing them together,” giggled Barbie. “That sounds just like fucking.”

“It sure does,” grinned Robin. “D’ya wanta try it?”

“I’d love to try it,” she giggled.

Moving herself over the younger girl’s body, Robin gently kissed her softly parted lips as Barbie grasped the cheeks of her ass and pulled her soft nest of cunt hair against her own furry pubic mound. Pressing down on Robin’s asscheeks, Barbie slightly parted them and began probing her finger against her tight bunghole.

Excited by the feel of the girl’s finger in her ass, Robin ground her twat down tighter against Barbie’s soft nest of cunt hair. Moaning softly, she could feel the girl’s slick hot pussylips slithering deliciously against her own open slit. Becoming more excited by the second, Robin began humping her fiery cunt back and forth against the girl, feeling their erect clits rubbing deliciously together. The tingling sensation turned rapidly into one of wild rapture as their hot girl-cocks became even more erect from the heavenly friction.

“Oh, shit, honey!” Robin squealed with excitement. “We’re fuckin’! We’re really fuckin’!”

“I know! I know!” whimpered Barbie, feeling the older girl’s spike-like protrusion rubbing against her own fiery clitoris. “Fuck it to me, honey! Oooooooh, I love your hard prick!”

Sliding their slick hot cunts back and forth against each other, the aroused girls were almost out of their minds.

“Fuck me! Fuck me good!” Barbie squealed as Robin quickened the tempo.

The beautiful young girls were hysterically screwing their hot cunts tighter together. The ecstasy was almost more than either of them could stand.

“Oh, shit, Robin!” Barbie cried out. “I can’t take much more of this!”

“Neither can I!” sobbed the horny blonde. “But don’t stop now, honey! Don’t stop!”

“I won’t!” squealed Barbie. “It feels so shittin’ good!”

The two girls continued writhing their naked bodies against each other, completely enthralled by these powerful passions.

“Ooooooooh, Robin!” Barbie whimpered with excitement. “I’m gonna come!”

“I know!” cried Robin. “I’m coming, too!”

As the impending climax engulfed them, their lovely bodies were lurching all over the couch.

“Oh, Robin!” shrieked Barbie, clutching the blonde more tightly in her arms as the overwhelming orgasm exploded all through her body. “Oh, fuck, it’s so good… so good!”

With their hot open mouths locked passionately together, their swirling tongues entwined, tits pressed tightly against tits and hot cunt writhing against hot cunt, the two girls rocketed through an unbelievable orgasm.

“Shit, that was neat,” Barbie whispered a few minutes later as she lay exhausted in the older girl’s arms.

“It sure was,” smiled Robin. “It was just fantastic.”

“Robin,” the girl asked after a long silence, “does fuckin’ feel as good as that did?”

“Shit,” the blonde giggled, “fuckin’ feels ten times better.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Then I’d sure like to be fucked,” Barbie sighed.

“Who would you like to screw with?”

“Is my brother a good fucker?” asked Barbie.

“God, yes!”

“Then I’d like him to screw me,” the girl said in a sincere voice.

“Why don’t you ask him?” suggested Robin.

“He’d probably knock the shit out of me,” she giggled.

“Maybe we can trick him into fucking you,” grinned Robin. “I think I have an idea.”


The following evening when her mother went out with Frank Boswell, Robin called Barbie and asked her to sneak over without her brother knowing it. When the girl arrived, Robin explained her plan and then called Mark, asking him to come over and fuck her while her mother was out with Frank.

“Let’s go up to my room where we can screw in my bed,” she whispered to Mark when he arrived.

“That sounds great,” he grinned as she took his hand and led him upstairs.

“Well,” giggled Robin a few moments later when both of them were spread out nakedly on the bed. “Are you ready for a nice hot fuck?”

“I sure am,” he whispered, feeling the warm softness of her sweet body against him in the deep darkness of the room.

Wanting to get the boy hotter than he’d ever been in his life, Robin lowered her face and circled his hard spongy cockhead with her tongue. Inhaling the pungent aroma of his drooling prick that she knew so well, she felt her nostrils dilating with lust. Thrilled with the familiar taste of his dick, she began passionately licking the sensitive underside of his tasty boner. She slowly lowered her mouth down over the length of his shaft until she was able to tickle his balls with the tip of her tongue. When the handsome young man began writhing with ecstasy, she moved her lips up along the length of his cock again.

After a short pause, she worked her hot wet lips back down over the satiny flesh of his big blue-veined shaft toward his lusty balls. Weighing his big crinkly nut-sac in her palms, she generously washed the entire surface with her tongue.

When his big hairy bag was thoroughly drenched with spit, the blonde raised her face and wrapped her lips softly around the head of his swollen cock. Shivering with joy, Robin could feel the rubber-hard thickness of his dick slithering across her licking tongue as her hot, sucking mouth took more and more of his luscious big knob. Becoming more aroused by the second, she felt the deliciously sticky drops of his seminal fluid coating her tongue with its exciting flavor.

Mark was trembling and lurching from the way her lips were so passionately circling his bloated cockhead. He wished he could see her lovely face in the darkness, but he knew there was obscene desire written all over it, making her features even more beautiful. There was something so erotic about the way her soft young lips were sucking his prick.

Since that first night when she sucked him off, her technique had been getting better and better. Tonight it seemed to Mark that she was practically swallowing the entire length of his shaft as her fingers expertly teased and caressed his balls.

As she sucked lovingly on his hard meat, she felt his hips beginning to writhe back and forth, sliding his slippery hard-on in and out of her mouth. It was moving back and forth between her softly ovaled lips with a slurping sound that was sending delightful tingles jolting through her horny body. The hot throbbing of his big juicy prick filling her mouth was driving her wild. Her nipples were tingling and swelling with desire as his thick shaft plunged in and out of her sucking mouth.

The young man was almost out of his mind with ecstasy as he rocked his pelvis back and forth, fucking into her mouth for all he was worth. Sucking frantically on his cock, Robin could feel the pressure of his meaty prong pressing out against the inside of her cheeks.

“Jesus Christ!” panted Mark, grabbing the girl’s hair and forcing her mouth down tighter over his plunging rod. “Keep suckin’, honey! I’m almost there!”

Knowing that he was about to shoot his hot load, Robin realized that this was the time to put her plan into action.

“Not in my mouth, honey,” she whispered, releasing his throbbing prick from her mouth. “Shoot it in my cunt. Please fuck me.”

“Okay,” he panted. “Roll over.”

“Just a minute,” she whispered. “I have to go to the bathroom.”


“I have to piss,” she explained, feeling her way out into the dark hall.

Just as she’d planned, naked Barbie was waiting for her in the hall.

“Okay,” giggled Robin, “it’s up to you now.”

“Do you think it will work?” Barbie nervously asked.

“I don’t know,” giggled Robin. “But we’ll soon find out.”

Flushing the toilet so her brother would hear it, Barbie hurried down the hall and crawled into bed with him. Trembling with excitement, she reached down and wrapped her fingers around her brother’s thick boner. This being the first prick she’d ever touched, the girl was thoroughly shocked by the size of it. Barbie had always assumed that a boy’s cock was about the size of a finger, and she could hardly believe the bigness of this hard prick she was holding.

Suddenly a bit frightened about putting this big cock in her virginal cunt, Barbie lay there holding her breath, waiting to see if her brother knew a switch had been made. Snuggling up closer to him, she squeezed his hard prick a bit more tightly, delighted by the feel of his big rubbery knob throbbing wetly in her hand as oily drops of hot seminal fluid oozed out from the tip of it. With her soft cool fingers wrapped tightly around his hard meat, the girl began instinctively skimming the foreskin up and down over his sensitive shaft. Too aroused to realize that it wasn’t Robin in bed with him, Mark let out a low moan and pulled her into his arms, pressing her naked body against his. He was oblivious to everything except this soft female hand that was deliciously stroking his hard boner. Raining hot kisses on her face and throat, his mouth hungrily moved down to her firm tits. He was too excited to realize how much smaller they were than Robin’s lush boobs.

Barbie couldn’t believe it was really her big naked brother who was kissing her while she fondled his hard cock. Excitedly pressing her body against his, her hand was down between them, her fingers tightly gripping the thick drooling head of his prick while he shuddered with lust.

“Oh, Robin,” he panted, pressing his lips to hers as their tongues sensually entwined.

Swirling her tongue around in his mouth as she’d done with Robin, Barbie pressed her soft body up tighter against him, grinding her burning pelvis against his male hardness. Anxious to finally feel a cock in her pussy, Barbie rolled onto her back and pulled her brother on top of her. Spread out nakedly beneath him, the girl’s hands were caressing the entire length of her big brother’s body, running up and down his tingling spine and into the hairy crack between his sinewy asscheeks.

She could feel his hard cock throbbing between her open thighs, and was suddenly aware of his huge cockhead pushing against her slit between her slippery cuntlips.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she softly moaned, hoping he wouldn’t recognize her voice as she arched her cunt up to receive his throbbing boner.

Biting her lips to keep from screaming out in agony, her tiny cunt-mouth was painfully stretching wider and wider to accommodate his slowly advancing prick. Clutching desperately to her big brother’s body, the girl let out a muffled scream when his big knob broke through her cherry. Her cruelly stretched slit began to slowly adjust to the thickness of his hard prick.

When the boy began slowly sinking his cock deeper and deeper into his sister’s deliciously tight pussy, Mark thought he’d lose his mind at the way her soft sucking cuntlips closed round his weighty shaft. He’d fucked Robin a lot, but she’d never felt this tight aid hot to him before. It felt as if his big throbbing boner was being squeezed and milked by the soft fingers of a hot, slippery rubber glove.

Once his cockhead had penetrated her hymen, the rest of it was relatively painless for the girl. As his prick advanced deeper into her, Barbie could feel it pressing out deliciously against every nerve in her widely stretched twat. Her entire body was being consumed by an ecstasy she’d never felt before, and the deeper her brother’s hard cock drilled into her belly, the more pleasure she felt.

When the entire length of Mark’s prick was completely buried in his sister’s cunt, she held him tightly in her arms, savoring the glorious feeling of having her pussy stuffed full of cock. The girl couldn’t get over how much better a hard prick felt in comparison to Robin’s finger.

As her brother began slowly fucking his slippery shaft in and out, Barbie could feel her excited inner muscles pulling and sucking on the length of his wonderful cock. Robin had told her how good it felt to be fucked, but she was finding the intense pleasure beyond description. The feel of his big hard dick slithering in and out of her unused twat was igniting every nerve in her sex-racked body.

His hands were clutching at her asscheeks, pulling her cunt more tightly against him as he quickened his strokes. Almost out of his mind from the hot tightness of his sister’s pussy, Mark was drilling in and out of her inflamed slit with maddening speed. He could feel the elastic grip of her vagina tightly squeezing his hard boner as it plowed in and out of her hot hole. Her oily juices were lubricating his lust-slickened tool as he fucked into her with all his strength.

“Oooooooh, yes!” she squealed. “That’s the way, honey!”

“Damn right that’s the way!” he panted, not recognizing his sister’s voice. “Jesus Christ, your cunt feels tight tonight!”

Humping up and down over the girl, he was fucking into his sister with long, hard strokes, and she was fucking back at him for all she was worth, her straining body lifting them both off the bed at times. She lurched and bucked beneath his pounding, driving body as her soft young thighs rhythmically opened and closed around him.

Still clutching her asscheeks in his hands, one of his fingers brushed across her puckered bung-hole.

“Ooooooooh, yes!” she squealed with delight. “Stick your finger up my butt! I want your finger in my butt!”

Still too aroused to recognize his sister’s voice, Mark began pushing his fingertip into the girl’s hot, squirming asshole. Unable to get it in, he reached down and soaked his finger with the slippery juices that were boiling around his thrusting cock.

Once more pressing the juice slickened tip of his finger into the fleshy crevice between her asscheeks, he pushed hard against the tightly puckered opening. At first it didn’t yield, and then suddenly the nether ring gave way and his finger plopped in to the first knuckle.

“Oh, yes!” she whimpered.

He shoved again and this time his finger sank in to the second knuckle.

“Ooooooooooh, yesssssss!” she squealed with excitement.

Barbie was writhing her hot rectum around his finger until she had the entire length of it buried in her butt. A delicious tingle raced through her body when she felt him lewdly twisting his fin around deep in her bowels. The pleasure was further intensified by the feel of his thick cock gliding in and out of her twat.

As he continued to fuck into the girl, he was soon timing the thrusts of his hard prick with the deep plunges of his finger into her ass. With both of her holes deliciously impaled at once, Barbie was almost beside herself with joy. Writhing and bucking beneath him, the girl could feel her brother’s big virile, shaft swelling even larger as it streaked in and out of her slippery cunt.

“Fuck it to me, honey! Fuck me good!” she squealed.

Suddenly recognizing her voice for the first time, he stopped fucking and staffed fumbling around the night table for the lamp switch on.

“BARBIE!” he gasped. “What the hell’s going on?”

“We were fuckin’,” she giggled as her brother pulled his thick cock out of her oozing slit.

“Where the hell is Robin?” he asked, staring at his naked sister as he sat nervously on the edge of the bed.

“I dunno,” she lied. “Let’s keep fuckin’.”

“Are you nuts?” he gasped. “That’s incest.”

“Maybe it is,” she giggled. “But it sure as hell feels good.”

Completely stunned, Mark just stared at his naked sister he’d lust been fucking. No wonder her cunt had felt so tight and juicy to him. His hard boner was still throbbing erectly as he stared at her pink cuntlips nestled so deliciously in the soft patch of silky pussy hair between her shamelessly spread legs. He couldn’t get over how soft and smooth her thighs looked as she lay with her shapely young legs so invitingly parted. Letting his eyes drift over the gentle contours other softly rounded belly, they focused on the girl’s firm titties. Her big swollen nipples looked as if they were ready to burst.

“Please keep fuckin’ me,” she whispered, seeing the desire in his eyes.

“Are you crazy?” he snapped. “I can’t screw my own sister.”

“You already have,” she giggled, her pixie eyes bubbling with excitement. “So you might as well finish the job.”


“Please,” she whispered, suggestively parting her juicy cuntlips with her fingers. “You’ve still got a hard-on. Why don’t you empty it in my horny pussy?”

“I told you it’s wrong,” he argued.

“You didn’t think it was wrong when you thought I was Robin,” she giggled.

Mark was dying to get rid of the hot load in his aching balls, and he suddenly began wondering why he shouldn’t do it in her tight cunt. After all he’d been thoroughly enjoying her body until he found out who she was.

“Please, Mark,” she begged.

Unable to control himself, the youth crawled up between his sister’s widespread thighs again. Grasping his shaft in his hand, he slowly pressed it against her hot, slippery slit. Mark could see the excitement glowing on her beautiful face.

Feeling his swollen knob pressing against her pussylips, Barbie reached down and lovingly grasped his hard wick, easing it in between the slippery lips of her hot cunt again.

“Oh, God!” he gasped as his big swollen knob slipped back into her deliciously tight fuckhole.

When his prick was buried to the hilt, he lay perfectly still over his sister’s hot body, letting his cock soak in the delicious warmth of her squeezing twat. Lying quietly over her, Mark could feel the girl’s slippery cunt walls grasping and milking the length of his shaft. The youth almost popped his nuts when she started slowly rotating her cunt around his deeply embedded tool as he tried driving it even deeper into the hot juiciness of her snug pussy.

“Ooooooooh, shit,” she whimpered as he began fucking in and out of her tight snatch again.

As the intense pleasure increased in their loins, they ground their naked bodies more passionately together, his hard tool reaching deep into her writhing belly.

“That’s the way!” she squealed as her big brother began increasing the tempo of his deep thrusting.

Barbie began squealing hysterically when Mark suddenly threw all caution to the wind and began pounding his cock deeper and harder into her pussy. Every stroke of his hard prick was sending new sensations streaking through her body. The pleasure she was feeling was almost more than the girl could stand as she desperately clung to her big brother as he rhythmically pounded his wonderful boner into her.

“FASTER, HONEY, FASTER!” she shrieked, feeling his thick juicy cock plunging in and out of her passion-slickened twat.

Their naked bodies were pounding lewdly together, the sound of their wet slapping flesh filling the room.

“FUCK IT TO ME!” screamed Barbie, thrusting her hips up to meet every hard thrust of her brother’s stiff tool. “FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME!”

As the feeling of her impending orgasm built up in her body, Barbie was clinging desperately to her brother, half-frightened by the intense ecstasy she was experiencing.


Feeling his sister’s body writhing beneath him, Mark began pounding even harder, wanting her to enjoy her first orgasm with him.

“OOOOOOOH, MARK!” she squealed as she began climaxing. “I’M COMING! OH, SHIT, I’M COMING! COMING!”

Barbie had never felt such intense ecstasy in her life as she experienced when a boy’s hot cum gushed into her cunt for the first time in her life.

“That’s it, honey!” she squealed, squeezing her big brother tightly in her arms as he pumped spurt after spurt of hot jizz into her writhing belly. “Give it to me, honey! Oh, shit, it feels good! I love it! I love it!”

When he’d emptied his last drop of sperm into her tight pussy, her brother reluctantly pulled his slowly shrinking prick out.

“Well,” giggled Robin as she entered the room. “How did you like your first fuck?”

“It was fantastic,” sighed Barbie. “You’re right, there’s nothing in the world like fucking.”

“How about you?” grinned Robin, turning to Mark. “How did you like copping your sister’s cherry?”

“Well,” he grinned. “You guys sorta tricked me into it, but it was sensational.”


Once Mark’s cock was hard again, he gave Robin a wild fuck before giving his sister another bang.

“Please, Mark,” Barbie begged as her big brother lay exhausted on the bed, trying to recover from their second fuck. “Please screw me again. I’m still horny.”

“Don’t be silly, honey,” Robin tried to explain to the younger girl. “Your brother’s all fucked out and needs a rest.”

“But I need a hard cock now,” argued Barbie, excitedly fingering her sperm soaked pussy.

“Sorry, honey,” smiled her big brother. “I can’t get a hard-on again until I’ve rested.”

“What’s going on inhere!” Robin’s mother shouted from the door.

The girls had been so busy screwing that they’d lost all track of time, and Robin’s mother and Frank had returned from their date.

“Answer me!” shouted Brenda when nobody spoke. “What the hell are you all doing naked?”

“Nothin’,” her daughter finally spoke.

“Who is that, girl?” Frank asked Brenda as he nodded toward Barbie.

“That’s Mark’s kid sister,” she answered in a disgusted tone of voice, looking at the slippery jism oozing out from between the girl’s pussylips. “And he’s obviously been fucking her.”

“He’s fucked me twice,” beamed the horny girl, “and I want more, but he’s all pooped out.”

“How about you?” Brenda turned to her daughter. “I suppose he balled you, too?”

“Yes,” Robin admitted.

“Mrs. Woodward,” Barbie asked Robin’s mother. “Will you make my brother fuck me again? My cunt’s so hot I can hardly stand it.”

“BARBIE!” gasped Brenda. “How can a girl talk so naughty?”

“Because I need a fuck,” she said, shamelessly fingering her pussy right in front of everybody.

“Barbie,” Frank smiled at the naked girl. “Don’t you think you’re a bit young for this sort of thing?”

“Maybe, but I like to fuck,” she grinned at him. “Would you like to screw me?”

His eyes slowly drifted down over her softly rounded belly to her pubic area. Her deliciously pink cuntlips were glistening with her brother’s cum as it oozed out from between them.

“Will you please fuck me?” she whispered, looking wide-eyed at the man.

“No, darling,” he smiled. “I would love to, but I’m afraid my cock would split you open.”

“We could try,” she pleaded. “I’ve got a pretty big pussy for, and I’m sure it can stretch even more.”

“I think she can handle it,” giggled Robin. “She sure took care of Mark’s prick and begged for more.”

“Please,” the excited girl begged reaching out and lowering his zipper. “My big brother’s all fucked out and I’m hot to come again.”

Brenda just stared when Barbie hauled out his huge thick prick.

“Jesus!” gasped Barbie. “I didn’t know they made cocks this big!”

As the girl stroked and caressed Frank’s big naked organ, his entire body began trembling with lust. Staring at the girl’s twat as she fondled his hard meat, Frank was losing all control of himself as he had when he raped Robin.

“So you wanta be fucked,” he babbled, tearing off his clothes.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered in a soft voice.

“Then that’s what you’re gonna get!” he gasped, shoving her back across the bed.

Throwing himself on top of Barbie, he buried his face between her firm boobs. Holding her tightly in his arms, he began licking and sucking on the soft flesh of her tits with his hot wet tongue. Moving his lips all over her sweet young breasts, he finally sucked one of her throbbing nipples between his lips.

Watching the man sucking on his sister’s tits, Mark’s prick suddenly began swelling again. Seeing how the youth was getting another hard-on, Brenda began wondering how his virile young cock would feel in her own cunt. Frank had just given her a heavenly fuck in his apartment, but watching him sucking on Barbie’s boobs was really turning her on again.

“Need some help?” she whispered to the naked teen who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“What do you mean?” he asked his girl friend’s beautiful mother.

“Would you like me to help you get that thing hard again?” she smiled, kneeling by the side of the bed and gently stroking his prick.

“Shit, yes,” he grinned.

Not saying anything, Brenda leaned over and wrapped her hot moist lips around the head of his half-hard knob.

Finally removing his lips from Barbie’s juicy tits, Frank raised his face and pressed his mouth to hers. Whimpering with excitement, the girl parted her baby-soft lips to receive his probing tongue.

When Frank’s hands slipped down on her bare thighs, Barbie felt a hot trickle of wetness oozing out of her twat. The warm seepage of moisture from between her legs seemed to increase as his hands moved over her sensitive flesh.

Barbie could feel his fingers creeping higher until they brushed lightly against her feathery patch of silky pussy hair. Panting with excitement, the girl parted her legs when she felt his fingers probing around the hot wetness of her little overheated cunt. Shivering and moaning, the horny girl could feel his thick middle finger teasing up through the tendrils of her pussy-curls until it slithered in between her hot slippery snatch.

“Ooooooooooh,” she whimpered, feeling his finger working around in the hot wet folds of her horny cunt. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

Wave after wave of wanton joy swept through her aroused body as she screwed her tight pussylips up around the base of his obscenely buried finger.

“Please fuck me,” she whimpered as the intense pleasure mounted in her loins. With her entire young body on fire and lusting for his big cock, the girl’s cunt muscles began involuntarily contracting around his thick finger.

Finally removing his finger from Barbie’s steaming twat, he gently grasped her shoulders. He could hear his heart beating loudly in his chest as the girl invitingly spread her legs farther apart to receive his enormous cock.

“You asked for it, and I just hope you can take what I’m gonna give you.”

“I can take it,” she grinned.

“I hope so,” he gasped. “I sure hope so, because once I start, nothing in this fuckin’ world is gonna stop me.”

Grasping his long thick shaft in his hand, Frank crawled up between Barbie’s soft thighs. Holding his throbbing pole of meat, he brushed the big hard knob against the slippery moistness of her dripping slit.

“Oooooooooh,” she whimpered, arching her cunt up against his massive cockhead. “Give it to me, honey! I need that cock in my cunt!”

Spurred on by the girl’s excited pleas, Frank gave a mighty thrust, and aided by the thick film of her brother’s cum that lubricated her tiny fuckhole, he drilled his massive boner all the way into her sperm-drenched slit with one brutal stroke.

“EEEEEEEGGGNHH!” she screamed with a mixture of bath pain and pleasure as his huge rod streaked up through her hot juicy passage.

Reaching down and grasping her asscheeks in his palms, he ground his hard prick around deep in her tight young hole.

“Oh, my God, what a prick!” she whimpered against the broad hairy chest that was rubbing so deliciously against her burning hot nipples.

While his fingers goosed and kneaded into the soft wiggly flesh between her asscheeks, Frank began rhythmically drilling his thick boner in and out of her tightly clinging slit.

“Oh, you big-cocked beauty.” Barbie squealed with joy as the man began plunging his massive rod in and out of her seething hole at an ever-increasing speed. Barbie had never felt anything so erotic as the way his fingers were kneading and goosing into the pliant flesh of her hot butt while his glorious prick pounded in and out of her tight slippery cunt. She’d thoroughly enjoyed her brother’s hard cock earlier this evening, but this heavenly monster was beyond her wildest dreams as the thickness of his hard boner stretched her pussy to its extreme limits.

Further aroused by the girl’s obvious pleasure, Frank increased the intensity of his hard deep strokes, his big sperm-filled balls slapping noisily against the cheeks of her writhing ass.

Feeling his ejaculation rapidly approaching, Frank began drilling his throbbing shaft even deeper and harder into her hot, grasping fuckhole. The depth and power of his lusty strokes were carrying the squealing girl closer and closer to a mind-bending climax. Wave after wave of unbounded ecstasy was flooding through her writhing body.

As her intense orgasm built up in her loins, it felt as if the man’s huge cock were suddenly doubling in size.

“OH, SWEET FUCKIN’ JESUS!” she suddenly shrieked, feeling his scalding sperm flooding into her cunt. “I’M COMING! OH, JESUS, I’M COMING! COMMMMMMMIIIINNNGGG!”

Collapsing over the girl’s trembling body, Frank’s massive cock continued pumping her spasming pussy full of jizz. When the man finally pulled his limp wet cock out of her cum-drenched twat and rolled onto his back, Barbie raised up on her knees.

“Oh, Mark!” panted Brenda, staring excitedly at the huge globs of cum that were oozing out of her girl’s pussy and running down the inside of her thighs. “Please fuck me, honey. God, how I need a big cuntful of cock-cream.”

Standing up, the beautiful woman removed her clothes, anxious to feel the young man’s prick stuffed up into her twat.

“Come an, Mark,” she smiled, spreading herself out next to Barbie and the exhausted man on the bed. “Now let’s fuck up a storm.”

As the youth crawled between her open thighs, Brenda could see his hard virile cock thrusting out at her. Reaching down, she grasped his stiff shaft and guided it toward her steaming slit.

“Oh, baby, he’s so nice and hard,” she whispered, squeezing his big drooling knob in her hand. Her entire body began trembling with anticipation when she rubbed the tip of his steel-hard prick between her hot, slippery cuntlips.

“Oh, God, Mark!” she sobbed, arching her crotch up around his throbbing cockhead. “Ram it in, honey! Ram it in!”

Feeling her hot juicy pussylips starting to hungrily swallow his prick, Mark gave a sudden lunge and drove the entire length of his boner into her scalding hole.

“EEEEEEEGGGHHH!” she shrieked, arching her body up closer against his to better enjoy the deliciously hard shaft that was embedded in her clasping cunt. “Oh, God, that feels good!”

Watching from the other side of the room, Robin was pissed off that her mother was balling Mark. After all, he was her boyfriend, and the horny blonde resented the fact that he wasn’t balling her. Thinking about it, Robin suddenly realized that if her mom was screwing Mark, then she couldn’t possibly object if Frank fucked her.

“That’s the way, Mark! Fuck her good!” Robin cheered him on, thinking how neat it would be from now on to ball with big-cocked Frank without hiding it from her mother.

Robin smiled to herself as she watched her mom enjoying Mark’s prick. Grasping the youth around his shoulders, her mother was slamming her juicy cunt up to meet every deep plunge of the handsome young man’s hard meat.

“That’s it, Mark!” Brenda cried. “Fuck me good… fuck me faster!”

Crazed with lust, their writhing bodies were slapping noisily together, Mark’s hard cock pounding deeper and deeper into her hot, sucking fuckhole.

“FASTER, BABY, FASTER!” she squealed, pounding his humping ass with her bare heels to spur him on. “I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

Frantically increasing the tempo of his fucking, Mark felt his balls tightening in his sac as he rapidly approached his ejaculation.

“That’s the way, honey!” she was squealing as she screwed her frothy twat up tighter around his hard plunging prick. “Fuck, baby, fuck! I’m almost there! Almost there!”

The intense ecstasy was becoming almost more than she could stand, and her disheveled hair was flying all around her face as she fucked back at him, her glazed eyes staring crazily at the spinning ceiling.

“I’m coming! Oh, shit, I’m coming!” she squealed, arching her hips up to receive the full impact of the cum that was gushing out of his exploding cockhead. “Oh, shit, honey, how I’m coming!”

Covering Mark’s lips with her hot open mouth, Brenda desperately clung to him until he’d pumped the last drop of jizz into her seething belly.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered a few minutes later as she slowly recovered. “That’s one fuck. I’ll never forget.”

Glancing over at her mother’s boyfriend, Robin saw that he had a brand new hard-on.

“Oh, Frank,” she giggled, staring at his massive boner. “You sure look like you’re ready again.”

“You bet I am,” he winked at her as he stroked his thick shaft. “D’ya wanta help me with it?”

“Fuck yes,” she giggled, spreading herself out on the bed for him. “Why don’t you empty your hot load right in here?”

It was almost dawn before the totally exhausted group finally finished fucking.


When Barbie awakened the next day around noon, she quickly dressed and hurried back over to Robin’s house, hoping there would be some more fucking going on. The door was answered by Robin who said that her mother and Frank were still asleep upstairs.

“Shit,” sighed the girl. “I was hoping he’d fuck me again. I sure liked that big cock of his.”

“You sure dig screwing, don’t you, honey?” giggled Robin.

“You ain’t just shittin’,” beamed Barbie. “I got balled for the first time last night, and now I can’t seem to get enough of it.”

“Are you still hot to fuck this afternoon?” asked Robin.

“Shit, yes,” the girl smiled. “I’m still horny as hell.”

“If you’re that ready to fuck,” giggled Robin, “I know someone who’d sure like to get into your pants.”


“Bill Morgan.”

“You mean that handsome man with the pretty red-haired wife?” gulped the girl.

“That’s right.”

“What makes you think he’d like to screw me?”

“Because he digs young stuff,” explained Robin.

“How do you know?”

“He fucks me all the time.”


“Yep,” grinned the older girl. “And your twat would blow his mind?”

“How do I get him to ball me?”

“That’s no problem,” laughed Robin. “All I have to do is take you over to his house and tell him you wanta fuck. He’ll take over from there.”

“Then let’s go,” squealed Barbie, leaping to her feet.

They were just leaving the house when the girl’s big brother came sauntering across the lawn.

“Where are you guys going?” asked Mark. “We’re going over to the Morgans,” Robin answered. “Barbie wants him to fuck her.”

“Is it all right if I tag along?”

“Sure,” grinned Robin. “Come on.” Happy to see the girls when they arrived, the Morgans eagerly invited them in. Robin was pleased to see that he was wearing the same short terry cloth robe, and she knew there was nothing else beneath it.

“You’ve met Mark’s sister, Barbie, haven’t you?” smiled Robin.

“I’ve seen her around a lot,” smiled Bill. “And I’ve always thought she was such a pretty girl.”

“And she’s a horny girl, too,” Robin giggled.

“Really?” gulped Bill, shocked by the blunt statement.

“Yep, that’s why we’re here,” beamed the blonde. “Barbie wants you to fuck her.”

“That’s right,” grinned Barbie, getting up and walking over in front of where he was seated on a couch. “I want your hard cock in my hot pussy.”


“Because I’m a horny kid who thinks you’re handsome.”

“Then why don’t you let me undress you?” he whispered, nervously licking his lips as he grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head, placing it neatly on the arm of the couch. Next, slipping his fingers into the waistband of her brief panties while the other people in the room excitedly stared at them, he peeled the garment down over her hips and ass, letting it slither down her shapely young legs to the floor.

Now standing nakedly before the man, her small firm tits pointed out like two hard cones with big ripe nipples exploding out from the tips of them. The man had never seen such darling knockers in his life. He finally let his eyes move down over the smooth flesh of her softly rounded tummy, across her sweet dimpled navel and onto the girl’s thrilling pubic area. The man’s cock was throbbing violently beneath his robe as he stared at the downy growth of dark curls between her soft white thighs. The slippery lips of her young twat were a delicate pink, glistening with droplets of pussy juice. “Am I gonna get fucked?” she whispered.

“Yes, darling,” he said, reaching out and drawing her naked body onto his lap. “You’re going to get fucked.”

Holding her face between his hands, he lifted her mouth to his. Tenderly kissing her, the man had never tasted such soft fresh lips in his life. Worming his tongue into her mouth, his fingers began caressing the soft flesh between her inner thighs. Feeling his hand moving closer to her pussy, the horny girl instinctively spread her legs farther apart. Still passionately kissing her, he extended his middle finger and lightly brushed it across the slippery groove of her cunt.

“Mmmmmmm,” she excitedly mewled into his mouth as their lingering kiss continued.

The man had never felt such a hot slick pussy in his life, and as he slowly sank his finger into the slippery warmth of her sweet hole, he could feel his hard boner throbbing against her sweet bare ass through his robe.

“Oh, God, Mr. Morgan,” she whispered. “I can’t wait any longer. I’ve just gotta be fucked.”

Not saying another word, he moved the girl over to the side of his lap and opened the front of his robe, letting his swollen hard-on spring out into full view of everyone in the room.

“Goddamn,” gasped the girl. “I want that thing in my cunt.”

“Then get on your hands and knees,” he suggested, removing her from his lap as he took off his robe.

“Why on my hands and knees?” asked the puzzled girl.

“Because I’m going to fuck your pussy from the rear,” he explained as he crouched behind her.

Gently grasping the kneeling girl’s hips, Bill eased the fat head of his cock between her hotly dripping cuntlips. Holding her firmly, he plunged forward.

“Ooooooooh!” Barbie squealed with joy as the handsome man’s thick prick glided into her pussy.

His cock was so big, and he’d plunged so hard that he’d knocked the breath right out of her. The horny girl gasped and panted as the man continued shoving awl ramming his thick pole farther and farther until it was completely buried in her hot fuckhole.

“Do you like it, darling?” he whispered.

“God, yes, Mr. Morgan,” she whimpered. “Now give it to me good.”

“That’s exactly what I intend to do,” he grinned, drawing back until only his big knob remained in her squeezing cunt-mouth. Then slamming back in with a lusty plunge, her entire young body lurched from the force of his thrust.

“That’s the way, Mr. Morgan!” she squealed with delight, her ass deliciously wriggling back against his pounding loins.

The depraved man could hardly control his feverish lust as he fucked into the tightest cunt he’d ever had. He’d felt a bit self-conscious with the people in the room staring at them, but he was thoroughly enjoying the girl’s naughty pussy.

“OH, fuck, MR. MORGAN!” she shrieked with joy. “GOD, HOW I LOVE THIS BIG COCK OF YOURS!”

The experienced cocksman was panting and puffing as he slammed his thick tool into her horny slit. He’d never felt anything as good as the way her strong, tight young cunt muscles were sucking and pulling on his slippery boner as it plunged in and out of her darling teen-aged pussy.

The writhing girl had never enjoyed anything so much in her life, and now she realized why fucking was such an international pastime. Each lusty thrust of his magnificent prick was carrying her closer and closer to a climax. A wild grin was spread across her face as the girl’s big eyes rolled crazily around in her head.

“HARDER, MR. MORGAN, HARDER!” she hysterically shrieked. “GIVE ME ALL YOU’VE GOT, HONEY!”

Wanting to bring the horny kid off before shooting his own hot load, he began fucking into her for all he was worth, slamming his swollen boner into her, almost knocking the girl off her knees with every wild thrust.

“OH, MR. MORGAN!” she screamed, excitedly pounding her ass back against him.


Lurching wildly beneath him, she rode his throbbing shaft to an orgasm she’d never forget. Her climax was even further intensified when she felt his hot swirling cum gushing out of his bloated cockhead.

“Ooooooooooh, yes, Mr. Morgan!” she whimpered as his thick hot jizz shot into her writhing belly. “That’s it, honey, cream me good! Fill me up. I love it! I love it!”

Collapsing onto her belly beneath the man, she could feel his marvelous cock pumping her cunt full of hot sperm. When the man’s limp prick finally slipped out, he scooped the girl up in his powerful arms, covering her soft sweet lips with burning kisses.

Pressing her firm tits against his chest, she began once more fondling his limp wet prick, hoping to get it hard enough to fuck her again.

“Oh, Mr. Morgan,” she giggled a few minutes later when she felt his hard boner starting to throb and swell in her hand. “You’re starting to get another hard-on.”

“I know,” he smiled. “Would you like to suck it off for me?”

“Gee, I don’t know,” she answered, remembering how she’d seen Robin’s mother sucking on Mark’s cock last night.

“Come on, honey,” he urged her. “I’ll bet you’d be a good cock-sucker.”

“You mean that you want me to let you shoot that shit into my mouth?” she gasped.

“That’s right,” he whispered, gently squeezing one of her big swollen nipples between his thumb and finger. “Most women love the taste of jizz.”

“I don’t know,” she hesitated. “It sounds awful icky to me.”

“Just try it,” he urged her. “You can pretend it’s a big juicy lollipop.”

Not wanting to displease the man, and anxious to give him as much pleasure as he had her, the pretty girl rose to her knees and moved over him on all fours, her mouth poised just above his stiff-standing boner. Feeling her heart pounding in her breast, she deeply inhaled the pungent aroma of his big drooling knob. Grasping his shaft with both hands, she sensually stroked it up and down between her palms, causing the man to writhe his ass around on the couch.

Seeing a glistening drop of seminal fluid oozing out from the slit on the end of his prick, Barbie lowered her head and teasingly flicked the tip of her tongue into the small opening to taste the slippery fluid.

“Holy shit!” he gasped, sucking in his breath when he felt the electric contact of her tongue on his sensitive cockhead.

It had taken all of her nerve to try it, but that first faint taste of his discharge told the girl she was going to enjoy sucking him off. Still not putting his big plum-colored knob into her mouth, she just traced the tip of her wet tongue all around the flaring flange at the base of his bloated cockhead. Having never sucked a prick before, she didn’t know exactly what to do, but from the way he was lurching around on the bed, Barbie was pretty sure she was pleasing the handsome man.

Smiling up at him, she could see him staring excitedly at her as she brought her wetly ovaled mouth down over his thick meat. Tightening her lips like an elastic band just below the base of his pulsing knob, she had his lust-thickened hardness deliciously enclosed in the warm wet cavern of her mouth.

“Oh, my God!” groaned the man, trying to get a better view of his hard meat spearing into the girl’s passion-distorted face. Lifting his head slightly, he could see his thick boner glistening like wet ivory as it moved in and out between the slippery fullness of her baby-soft lips.

“Oh, my God!” he moaned again.

The girl’s soft lips were unlike anything the man had ever felt before. Over the years, he’d been sucked off hundreds of times, but he’d never felt anything to equal the pleasure of Barbie’s licking, nibbling, sucking mouth. Trembling with ecstasy, he could feel her tongue swirling around his sensitive knob as the horny girl began turning her pretty face from side to side, rotating his thick shaft all around in her mouth.

“SUCK MY PRICK!” he mindlessly cried out. “SUCK IT OFF, BABY… SUCK IT OFF!”

Barbie began moving her mouth up and down in long deep plunges, her tongue swirling around the crown of his boner, rubbing it until the erotic sensations almost drove him mad. Up and down she bobbed her head until his tingling knob was deliciously raw from the wet friction of her lips and tongue.

“AAAAAAAAHHHGGG!” he moaned when she moved her mouth down along the underside of his shaft until her tongue was washing around his balls. Doing a thorough job on him, the girl licked and sucked on his nuts until a thin stream of saliva was running down the crack of his ass.

His entire crotch area felt erotically warm, the delicious caresses of her hot breath making his swollen tool throb even more violently.

“Oh, yes,” the man moaned when he felt the girl suck one of his balls into her mouth.

Seeing how much it pleased him, the thirteen-year-old nymphet drew his other ball into her mouth.

“That’s the way, honey! Suck ’em!” he groaned, drawing his knees back to give her easier access to his spit-drenched scrotum. “Stick, honey, suck! Suck my fuckin’ balls off!”

Finally releasing his bloated nuts, the pretty girl once more raised her head and covered his throbbing knob with her soft warm lips. Barbie continued the maddening suction on his sensitive cockhead, her lips working like a hungry calf pulling on its mother’s teats.

Excitedly watching from the other couch, Mark had his hand up under Robin’s skirt and was vigorously finger-fucking her while Kay was unconsciously stroking his boner through the open fly of his pants.

“Jesus Christ!” they heard Bill groan as Barbie sucked deeper and harder on his swollen prick.

Her head was bobbing up and down over the throbbing length of his cock. His slippery, spit-coated rod was disappearing and reappearing from between her lusciously ovaled lips.

“Oh, you sweet, sweet baby,” moaned the turned-on man as her tongue and soft, warm lips raced up and down over the naked flesh of his tingling prick. “I love it, sweetheart! God, this feels good!”

Lapping wildly around his boner, Barbie’s lips were zipping up and down over his long thick shaft at a faster rhythm.

Barbie reveled in the sucking of her first cock, and she thought about all the glorious days and nights that lay ahead now that she’d been introduced to all the raw pleasures of sex.

Deciding it was time to bring him off, the girl once more raised her head and engulfed his big turgid cockhead in her mouth.

“Suck, honey, suck!” Bill cried out when her sweet hot lips began sliding up and down over his thick boner again. “Oh, baby, are you gonna get a mouthful!”

Writhing his hips up and down, Bill Morgan was lustily plunging his cock in and out of her feverishly sucking mouth.

“Holy shit!” he panted, his breath coming in short hot gasps as his hands pushed down on the back of her head. “Keep suckin’, baby! I’m almost there… almost there!”

Having no idea how his juice would taste, the teen could hardly wait for him to flood her throat with it.

“AAAAAAAUUUUGGG!” he suddenly roared, curling his fingers more tightly into her tousled hair. “HERE IT COMES! HERE COMES MY LOAD!”

Suddenly the first squirt of cum splattered against the back of her throat and Barbie barely had time to sample the warm salty taste when it was followed by another blast. The steaming cock in her mouth shot and shot as she sucked and swallowed. Thrilled by what was happening to her, the excited girl sucked and pulled on his tasty meat until she’d extracted the last drop of sperm.

Finally releasing his limp tool from her mouth, she crawled back up into the handsome man’s arms, dreamily licking her sperm soaked lips.

Across the room, both Kay and Robin were tearing at Mark’s clothes, knowing there would be a lot more sucking and fucking before this day was over.