Do you think I’m pretty uncle Dave ?

My belly was on fire with continuous stabs of pain/pleasure ripping
through my vagina. His massive penis was battering up against my cervix
trying to tip it upwards to force entry into my undeveloped 18 year old
womb. I had been fucked twice before but by inexperienced boys with much
smaller cocks. This time I was being fucked by a grown man with a monster
9 inch dick and it was a new and somewhat terrifying experience. My tender
young cunt was being stretched to and beyond its limits. The pressure
inside my vagina was tremendous and it was all I could do to breathe as his
enormous penis continued to thrust deep into my tender love tunnel.

He was being as gentle as he could but still the sheer size of his cock
was almost killing me. Not only was it 9 inches long, it was almost 4
inches around and he had slightly more than 7 inches of it rammed up inside
me. I just couldn’t take the last 2 inches. He kept pushing, trying to
get more in but the pain was just too much and when I cried he backed off
and was content to just work 7 inches in and out.

It had taken almost 10 minutes to get to this point. He had started off
softly kissing my neck while whispering that he had been wanting me for a
long time and that despite our age differences, this was not wrong and that
he would be gentle. Truth is, I too had wanted this to happen but was too
scared to bring it up. We had been sitting on the couch watching t.v. and
then suddenly I was in his arms and we were kissing passionately and I was
pushing up against him. His kisses had dropped to my neck and then his
hand was inside my blouse, feeling my swollen tits. My nipples were hard
as rocks and supersensitive to his expert touch. Within seconds my bra was
off and he was sucking on my engorged breasts. I thought I had died and
gone to heaven.

I was wrong. I hadn’t even begun to feel the ultimate thrill. My mind
was a blur and I never even felt his hand slide up under my little short
skirt and cup my pussy mound through the thin fabric of my tiny panties.
His fingers rubbed up and down the length of my young slit through the
material and within seconds I was soaking wet and gasping for breath. Then
he had pushed the material aside and his probing fingers delved into my
wetness, driving me almost crazy with passion as he found my hard pointy
little clit protruding from its protective sheath. The feeling was
amazingly intense as he softly rubbed and fondled it between his thumb and
forefinger, bringing me to sexual heights I had never dreamed possible.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my panties were in a
heap on the floor and he was kneeling in front of me with his head buried
between my legs. His tongue lashed out and delved deep into my sex,
awakening even greater desires as he licked and probed my depths. His soft
tongue found my clitoris and then his teeth closed gently on the little
nubbin, slowly chewing and nibbling and driving me out of my mind. Back
down through my slit with that wonderful tongue and then he was slowly
probing my asshole as well. I shrieked with surprise and amazement as an
entirely new sensation flashed through my insides.

He had a hold of my ass cheeks with his big hands as he held me in place
and literally devoured my asshole as he forced his tongue in and out of the
tender little hole as fast as he could. I screamed again and
subconsciously bucked my hips upwards to meet his probing tongue. ” Does
that feel good sweetheart ” asked my Uncle Dave as he raised up and looked
in to my lovestruck eyes.

” Oh Uncle Dave . I never would have thought my little tushie hole was

” Enough for now Baby. We can come back to that later but right now I
want your little pussy and I need it now. Are you ready ? ”

I dazedly nodded my head affirmative and watched spell bound as he
stepped out of his shorts and boxers, letting the biggest cock I had ever
seen spring into view. It was huge and it was hard, with a massive purple
swollen head that looked like a giant mushroom.

I recoiled in surprise and gasped, ” Oh my God ! There’s no way you can
get that huge thing inside of me. My pussy is just too small. ” ” Don’t
worry Baby. It will fit. You’ll be amazed how much cock your little cunt
can take and besides I have some slickery stuff here to help me get inside.
” Reaching into his little kit bag on the couch he pulled out a squirt
bottle of the liquid form of K-y jelly and smeared a huge glob all over his
cock. Then as I watched in awe, he spread my legs wide and opened my pussy
with his fingers and squirted a huge amount of the liquid deep up inside

” There, that will make it easier ” he said as he pulled me to the edge
of the couch and lined up the big knob of his cock with the entrance to my

He never gave me much time to react and the next thing I felt was a
searing pain as he pushed forward, driving his cockhead and about two
inches of his shaft into my little teen hole. Not a virgin hole, but still
virtually unused and still super tight. I screamed out loud in pain and he
immediately stopped pushing but held his cock in place so I couldn’t get

” Damn ! that hurts Uncle Dave. I don’t think I can take any more .”

” Just try to relax sweetie. The pain will stop soon and then you will
be able to take more.

He was right of course and soon the pain started to subside until it was
just a tolerable gentle ache and I felt able to try again.

” I think I’m ready to try again Uncle Dave but please go slow and be
gentle ” I begged as I felt him begin to push forward again trying to worm
more of that huge cock into me. It still hurt but he was able to get
another 2 inches in until it became unbearable again. Once again we had to
stop to let me get used to that tremendous size trying to penetrate my tiny
little love hole.

This time he eased his cock all the way back out except for the head and
once again he smothered it with the slippery gel before sliding it back
into me.

” Here we go Baby ” he whispered, as slowly but surely he thrust into
me. The extra lube helped and soon he had over 6 inches of cock in my
little cunny and was trying for more.

Suddenly the pain came back and I felt a deep aching sensation as his
cockhead bumped hard up against my cervix. Now he had 7 inches in my
vagina but that’s as far as it would let him go and the little entrance to
my womb was just too small and tight to allow him to go any further.

” Fuck ! that feels amazing Heather. Your cunt is so tight, it’s like
a little velvet vice squeezing my dick. You don’t how long I’ve been
wanting to fuck you. How does it feel for you Baby ? ”

” Wonderful Uncle Dave. I’ve been wanting you too, but until now all I
could do was think about how great it would feel. I’m so glad Mom and Dad
asked you to babysit me while they are gone for the weekend. I want you to
fuck me for the whole two days. ”

” Oh I intend to, ” replied my Uncle. ” Now just try to relax and let
me show you how to really fuck ”

With that he began to work his cock slowly in and out of my horribly
stretched pussy. First he eased out about 4 inches and then slowly pushed
it back in, doing that a couple of times until I was able to accept it
without too much pain. Then he withdrew over 6 inches and gently shoved it
back in. Soon we had a gentle rhythm going …. pulling it out and
shoving it back in and going faster and faster each time. Now he was
pulling the entire 7 inches out, except the head, and then firmly pushing
it back in until he bumped up against my cervix again. There was still a
dull ache when he hit that sensitive part of my vagina but the tremendous
sexual pleasure that was building inside me was more than offsetting the

Uncle Dave was getting excited too and his hands slipped under my ass to
pull me closer as he fucked me hard and fast. I too had a hold of his ass
helping him pump his massive tool into me.

As we fucked faster and faster, my gut started to twist into knots and
the friction of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy was driving me
wild. I started to scream, ” fuck me , fuck me Uncle Dave ” as I felt an
intense burning sensation starting to rush down from my belly into my cunt.
My whole pelvic area started to tingle and throb as I began to experience
my first real orgasm.

Uncle Dave must have sensed I was close to cumming because he increased
his pace and started to grunt wildly as he thrust in and out of my core.

Fuck ! .. I’m cumming, ” he yelled and suddenly I felt a white hot
sensation in my cunt as he started to pump huge streams of semen deep into
my clutching little hole. He just kept cumming and cumming, sending one
spurt after another into me until I was so full, his juice started to leak
back down around his cock, soaking his balls and my ass.

I never realized I was still clutching his ass until he whispered, ” you
can let go my ass now Heather, I’ve finished cumming. ”

A little embarrassed I let go and he slowly pulled his monstrous cock
all the way out, leaving me leaking cum and feeling totally exhausted.

” I felt you cum Baby, ” he whispered. ” Was that your first orgasm ?
was it really good ? ”

” Oh Uncle Dave, it was amazing. It was the most fantastic feeling I’ve
ever had. I love you. I want you to fuck me forever. ”

” I’m glad you enjoyed it sweetheart and I’ll be happy to fuck you as
often as you want but you have to remember that this is our secret. You
can’t tell anyone. If your Mom and Dad ever found out, they would kill me,
or worse, I could go to jail for a very long time. ”

” Oh I promise Uncle Dave, I will never breathe a word. ”

” O.K. now let’s go to bed. I need to rest for awhile. I’m not as
young as you and you wore me out. ”

As I carried her up the stairs to my bedroom, she hugged my neck and
whispered, ” I want to do it again soon Uncle Dave. ”

My head had no sooner hit the pillow than I fell deep asleep. Heather
had really worn me out.

I don’t know how long I slept but when I awoke, Heather was fondling my
rapidly hardening cock and asking if we could do it again. Damn ! what is
it with little girls ? Once they get properly fucked they just can’t get

Anyway, the sensation of having a naked 18 year old girl playing with
your cock and balls is amazing and in no time she had me as hard as a rock
again and ready to fuck.

My hand dropped down between her legs and found her hot little cunny,
already soaking wet but I had another hole in mind as I rubbed her little
clit causing her to squirm with pleasure like a little eel. As she clung
to my neck and bucked her pelvis up against me, my hand dropped lower until
my fingers found her little puckered anus which was also wet from the
juices dripping down from her pussy. My finger slipped easily into the
warmth of her rectum and was soon buried up to the second knuckle before
she cried out with surprise.

” Uncle Dave ! What are you doing ? I thought you were going to fuck
me again. ”

” I am sweetheart, I am, but remember before we started to fuck the
first time I told you we would come back to your little tushie later ?
Well that’s what I want to do now. I want to teach you about anal sex and
fuck your little asshole. ”

” Uncle Dave ! ” Heather exclaimed. ” It felt really nice when you
licked my tushie but you couldn’t possibly fuck me there. Your cock would
never go into that little hole and besides it’s dirty. That’s where I poop
from. ”

Even though she was telling me this she never asked me to take my finger
out of her ass and made no effort to try and get away. In fact she was
actually, although maybe subconsciously, gently clutching her anal muscles
around my finger. I continued to massage the inside of her rectum as I
whispered into her ear.

” Sweetheart, your little tushie is beautiful. It’s not dirty at all
and it is an amazing sensation for a man to fuck a girl in her ass. I know
it sounds strange but you little butthole will stretch even more than you
pussy and once you get used to the feeling I promise you’re going to love
the feeling of my cock in your ass. What do you say, are you willing to
let me try ? ”

” Oh Uncle Dave. I really love you and I want to make you happy and I
want you to fuck me more but I’m scared that it will hurt. ”

” You don’t have to be scared Baby. I will be really gentle with you
and go slow and I promise to stop if it hurts too much, ” I told her as I
continued to slowly work my finger around in her asshole.

Softly I turned her face towards me and started to kiss her deeply,
slipping my tongue deep into her warm mouth, probing for her own hot little
tongue. She loved being kissed and soon we were writhing around like
animals while I continued to probe her ass with one hand and fondle her
breasts with the other.

We had to break for air and as we did Heather softly moaned. ” Oh Uncle
Dave, I want you so badly. If you want to try and fuck my ass then I’ll
let you but please don’t hurt me. ”

” I promise Baby ” I whispered, as I gently withdrew my finger from her
warm little hole and quickly lifted her into a kneeling position.
Spreading her cheeks apart with my hands I exposed her tiny little dusky
rose colored puckered anal entrance to my view. It was amazing. So
beautiful and slightly open and pulsing gently in anticipation. Damn ! my
cock started twitching with the thought of fucking that little hole and I
swear I would have cum if I kept looking at it much longer.

” Now I want you to stay like that for a moment,” I told her. ” I want
to make a video of us fucking so you see what it looks like afterwards. Is
that o.k. with you ?

“Really Uncle Dave ? ” she asked. ” I would actually be in a movie ”
the silly little girl asked.

” Absolutely Baby, you will be the star, just like in the movies ”

” Oh wow ! I’d really like that, ” Heather replied, her girlish vanity
oblivious to the fact that this was going to be an illicit kiddy porn

Trying hard to control my excitement and with my cock hard as a rock in
anticipation, I quickly set up the video camera on its tripod and then
climbed back on the bed behind my young niece with her adorable little ass
sticking up in the air.

My hands returned to her ass and I began kneeding her gorgeous little
round cheeks, spreading them slightly apart giving me an unobstructed view
of her incredibly tiny dusky little rosebud with her pretty little vagina
nestled below. Holding the soft globes of her ass apart I gently lowered
my face down into her ass crack and brought my tongue up against the little

Once again she yelped in surprise as my soft but stiff tongue began to
probe around the little ring of muscle that was the entrance to her ass.
She never pulled away so I took that as acceptance of my intentions and
began to push harder, slowly forcing my tongue into her anal passage until
I had a full inch of tongue slipping in and out of that wonderful little

Slipping my hands up around her waist I found her hard little tits and
began to gently squeeze and massage the hot little orbs of girl flesh as I
continued to tongue fuck her ass.

Despite her earlier misgivings, Heather was beginning to get really
turned on and was softly moaning as I worked her into a state of sexual
excitement. Now was the time to go to the next step so I once again
reached over and found the squirt bottle of K-y and squirted a liberal
amount all around the finger I had up her ass, then I began to work my
finger in and out while at the same time working the slippery gel as deep
onto her rectum as possible.

The gel made a huge difference and soon I was able to work my finger in
all the way up to my palm which meant I had about 2 inches of finger gently
sliding in and out of her ass. Heather was panting really hard as I kept
working her ass. The next time I pulled my finger out, I squirted more
lube up her ass and gently eased a second finger into that warm inviting
and now very slippery little hole.

Heather grunted a little at the newest intrusion but still clung
passionately to me as I kissed her and fondled her tits with one hand while
gently stretching her asshole with the other hand.

” How does it feel baby ? Is it hurting at all ? ” I asked her.

” No not really Uncle Dave. It just feels a little weird and my tush
feels really full but I kinda like it. ”

” O. K. that’s good Baby but we need to loosen your tush just a little
more before I try to get my cock inside, so just relax and let me help you
get ready. ”

Quickly I changed positions and turned around to kneel beside her with
my hands still on and in her ass but with my butt facing her head. When
she was in position I reached into my bag again and found the little butt
plug I always kept there in case I got lucky with a girls ass. Lubing it
up, I placed the tip of the little 4 inch plug tight up against her anal
entrance and started to twirl it around in circles.

” Baby, I’m going to slip a little toy inside you but I want you to hold
onto my cock and balls whole I’m doing it. O.K. ? ”

” O.K. Uncle Dave ” she replied and I felt a small hand wrap around my
swollen shaft and start to slowly squeeze and fondle my throbbing penis.

I held her ass cheeks apart with one hand and slowly started to ease the
plug into her butt. At first there was total resistance but then the
little hole began to open up and the pointed tip of the slippery plug
started to worm its way in. Ever so slowly I increased the pressure and
the plug went deeper until it was halfway up to the bulbous wide part,
maybe an inch and a half into her anus until Heather cried out and asked me
to stop.

” It hurts Uncle Dave, can you stop for a minute ? ” she asked.

” Of course my love. You’re doing good. It’s almost in. I think we
just need a little more lube. ”

Gently I eased the plug backwards and squirted another huge stream of
lube into Heather’s now partially open asshole and then another big dollop
on the plug. I waited a minute or so and then placed the plug back into
her anal entrance and applied pressure again. This time, almost like
magic, her little hole opened up and the plug slipped all the way in past
the bulb as her sphincter muscles relaxed and collapsed. Heather groaned
with discomfort but before she could cry out, I pushed forward again and
buried the little plug all the way up to the hilt.

Heather was crying softly and saying that it burned but I shushed her,
saying. ” It’s in Baby, just relax your muscles and stay still. The pain
will go away soon. ”

I removed my one hand from her ass cheeks and slipped it between her
legs, finding her wet slit and the hard little clitoris which I started to
gently rub and fondle. I don’t know whether rubbing her clit helped or not
but soon Heather stopped crying and was actually humping my hand and
moaning softly with pleasure.

What an unbelievable sight ! My little 18 year old niece kneeling on
the bed with her ass cheeks spread wide and a little butt plug completely
buried in her rectal passage. Not to mention the ecxtacy I was feeling as
she continued to gently jack on my cock. It wouldn’t have taken much to
make me cum right then and there but I steeled myself to relax and
concentrate on getting her ass ready for the real thing.

Gently I pulled back on the plug and watched in awe as her little pink
hole opened up and expanded to allow the bulb to slide out. There was lot
of lube in her anus and around the plug so it actually came out quite
easily but then I quickly applied pressure and pushed it all the way back
in, again watching fascinated as her sphincter ring expanded and allowed
the soft little rubber plug to slide all the way back in. I did this
several more times, each time a little faster than the last and soon I had
a nice little rhythm going, watching her little rosebud expand and contract
as I worked the plug in and out.

Heather wasn’t crying, so I asked her, ” How does it feel sweetheart.
Are you enjoying this little toy ? ”

She was breathing hard but managed to reply between gasps, ” I feel
really full Uncle Dave, but it doesn’t hurt anymore and it feels so nice
with you rubbing my clit at the same time. ”

” I’m glad sweetie, do you think I can try and get my cock in now ? ” I

” I promise you baby. I will not hurt you. I will stop whenever you
want and don’t worry, I know it will fit. ”

I lied about the stopping part because once I got into her ass I knew
there would be no stopping no matter how hard she begged but I wasn’t lying
about my cock being able to fit in her ass. It’s really amazing but little
girls’ assholes, no matter how young or small they are will expand to
accept almost any size cock. Their assholes are much more flexible than
their vaginas. There’s no cervix in the rectum to stop a penis and the
colon will stretch to amazing widths and depths.

I knew she was ready, so reluctantly I slowly slid the plug out of her
ass for the last time and climbed up behind her between her spread legs and
aimed my rock hard penis at her now partially open little brown hole.

The huge bulbous head looked so incredibly large nestled between her
tiny ass cheeks, resting tight up against her anal entrance. In fact all
of her was so small compared to me and I was trembling with excitement at
the thought of deflowering her ass and taking her anal cherry.

Gently I eased my hips forward and again watched in amazement as her
tiny little hole slowly opened up and began to accept my cock. Her
sphincter ring spread wider as my cockhead slowly eased its way in. It was
still extremely tight, despite the lube and soon I was sweating from the
effort but then without warning her sphincter softened and collapsed and
the whole head of my dick slipped through the portal into the waiting
warmth. The lube and the plug must have worked because I was in.

At the same time my cock head slid into her ass Heather let out a loud
scream and started crying.

” It’s burning, Uncle Dave, It’s burning. Take it out !

No way in hell was I going to take it out now, so I just held her tight
and reached around to fondle her tits while I whispered soothing words into
her ear.

” Just relax Baby, it will only hurt for a little bit and I’m not going
to push anymore until you’re ready. Just remember Uncle Dave loves you and
soon the pain will go away. ”

Heather kept whimpering, but she did begin to relax as I held her and
stroked her. Her little tits were hard as rocks and she was trembling as I
gently soothed her.

We just kept still for the longest time but with my cock head still
firmly lodged in her ass. Then when she stopped crying I gently eased
backwards a little so that half the head was out and squeezed another huge
dollop of lube around her anal ring and my cockhead. A gentle forward
motion and the head slipped back in along with about 2 inches of my swollen
shaft. The head is the widest part and once it’s in, the rest usually goes
in a lot easier but it still takes considerable patience when you are ass
fucking a young girl for the first time.

Heather groaned again, so once again I stopped and let her rest.
Looking down at the incredible sight of my huge cock jammed into her
horribly stretched little asshole was truly erotic and again I had to steel
myself to stop from shooting my load right then and there. Without pushing
any deeper I just applied gentle pressure and wormed my dick around inside

” Are you ready for more Baby ? ” I asked her.

” It really aches Uncle Dave. I don’t know whether I can take anymore.
Are you almost in yet ? ”

” Sure sweetie, it’s almost in, ” I lied. ” Once I get all the way in,
we can start to really fuck and it will feel much better. ”

” I hope so ” Heather answered. ” You just feel so big inside me. ”

Heather groaned, thinking to herself, ” Oh my god ” Uncle Dave is
actually going to fuck my ass. I felt him ease backwards then there was
that cold sensation as he squirted another stream of lube around the
entrance to my tushie hole.

” Here we go Baby, ” he whispered as he pushed his pelvis forward while
holding onto my hips for leverage. The new lube really helped and I felt
more of his huge cock slide into my ass. It was really hurting and
although I didn’t want to upset Uncle Dave I screamed again and just like
he had promised, he stopped to let me rest.

He waited awhile and then pressed forward again sending more of his huge
cock into my throbbing little backdoor hole. I wondered to myself how much
he had in and whether I would be able to take it all. The sharp pain was
gone but I could feel that I was stretched wide open.

Looking down between us I could see that I had almost 6 inches of cock
up Heather’s ass and that although she was no longer crying I could tell
that she was fighting back the tears and the pain by the way she was
gripping the bed sheets and grimacing.

” It’s almost in baby. You’re doing great. Just a few more inches and
then we can start to fuck properly, ” I whispered in her ear.

Once again I gently withdrew about 2 inches of cock from her ass and
squirted even more lube on my shaft and around her anal sphincter ring.
Despite the pain, her ass was slowly beginning to relax and each forward
thrust was a little easier than the one before. Damn, I must have had a
gallon of lube up her ass by now but then again you can never have enough
when you are ass fucking a young girl for the first time.

Slowly I eased forward again, thrusting my hips with gentle yet steady
pressure and although it was extremely tight my cock began to sink deeper
and deeper into her now warm and slippery rectum. Six, seven, eight and
finally all 9 inches were buried up to the hilt with my balls tight up
against her pussy.

Absolute heaven !! I was balls deep inside a little 18 year old girls’
ass. Every guys secret dream but I was living it and with my own niece no
less. Call me a pervert or a child molester but I don’t care. If I died
right now I would die happy and fuck what anyone else thought. Besides, my
niece wanted this and was enjoying it so who cares.

It felt absolutely amazing. I knew uncle Dave was all the way into my
ass because I could feel his balls resting up against my pussy. My asshole
was throbbing with a dull but pleasant ache from being so severely
stretched. He had told me that it would stretch to accept his cock but I
hadn’t really believed him yet now I knew he hadn’t been lying. He was
lying absolutely still with his huge cock wedged tight inside me and his
arms were wrapped around me feeling my tits. My nipples were so hard I
thought they might break off and my clit was throbbing with excitement.

Gently one of his hands reached down between my legs and started to rub
my pussy and clit while he held himself firmly against my ass cheeks. It
was pure heaven and my body was in sensory overload from all the new
feelings I was experiencing.

My uncles voice drifted into my consciousness.

” How do you feel sweetheart ? Your ass is so hot and tight. If it
doesn’t hurt too much I would like to start fucking you now. Is that o.k.
? ”

” Oh uncle Dave. I love you so much. Your cock is so big and it feels
wonderful inside me. Please fuck me. ”

I started to slowly move around inside her rectum. I knew my cock must
be clear up inside her colon somewhere and although I wanted to fuck her
insanely I knew I had to be careful and not tear her insides by fucking too
hard this first time. Her ass was so damn hot and it felt like a soft vice
gripping my cock as I wormed it around inside her anal passage. I could
feel each little groove and ridge inside her anus as I gently began to
stroke in and out, just an inch or so at first and then increasing the
movement until I was working three or eight inches at a time in that
slippery little ass.

I knew I was taking a chance of cumming from sheer excitement if I
looked down at my cock but I had to see what it looked like. What a sight
! As I pulled slowly out, the little transparent membrane of her sphincter
clung to my cock and followed it out, then it collapsed and followed my
cock back into her asshole. Damn ! it was almost too much to bear. I had
to tear my eyes away and concentrate on fucking the little girl.

After a few strokes, I squirted more lube in my dick and started to
increase the pace while at the same time pulling almost all the way out
before plunging back in again. Her ass was really loosening up now and
although it was still tight I was beginning to slide in and out with ease
and Heather was not complaining so it obviously wasn’t hurting her and she
must be enjoying it. As if to confirm my thoughts she began to moan with
pleasure and was now actively lifting her ass up to meet my thrusts.

This was turning into the best fuck of my entire life and I knew I
wouldn’t be able to last much longer. My thrusts were getting harder and
deeper and I could feel the sperm building deep down in my balls. My head
was beginning to throb and a thin film of blood began to form over my eyes
as I began to build to what was going to be a fantastic orgasm.

Heather was starting to go wild as well and every now and then she would
yell. ” fuck, oh fuck. It feels so good uncle Dave, ” which just drove me
closer and closer to the brink.

It was beginning. There was no stopping now. My ball sack started to
twitch and jump and I felt my hot seed start to rush up the length of my
swollen shaft and begin to spurt deep into Heather’s insides. Wave after
wave of hot cum pumped from my cock filling Heather’s colon until it could
take no more and started to leak back down my shaft and onto my balls and
her pussy lips..

I knew uncle Dave was cumming when he started to moan really loud and I
felt the hot burning sensation as his juice began to fill my asshole. It
was an amazing feeling. Once again my insides were on fire as my own
orgasm began to rush down through my cunt and into my asshole as well. I
could feel his cock twitching as he pumped spurt after spurt of hot semen
into my tight anal love hole. Until Uncle Dave had talked me into this I
had no idea that people did anal sex or that it felt so amazing having a
huge cock up buried up your ass. I would never have thought that he could
get that huge thing inside my tiny hole but he did and it feels wonderful
as he holds me tight and squeezes my tits while he finishes squirting. I
love my Uncle Dave and I think I love anal sex. I want him to fuck my ass

With a final thrust of my hips, I emptied the last of my load into
little Heather’s ass and collapsed onto the bed holding her tightly with my
slowly softening cock still buried deep up inside her anal chute. She was
subconsciously clenching her anal muscles trying to hold me inside or maybe
trying to squeeze me out, I don’t know which, but the feeling was
sensational as her tight little anal muscles contracted around my dick.
The physical feeling was terrific but the metal feeling of realizing that I
just fucked a 18 year old girl up her ass and had been able to get all 9
inches of my cock into her butt was incredible.

Heather wiggled her little ass up against me and whispered, ” Do you
love me uncle Dave ? ”

” If course I do sweetheart, ” I replied. ” How did you like your first
anal sex ? I know you came cause I felt you shaking when you orgasmed. I
hope I didn’t hurt you. I tried to be as gentle as I could but your little
ass was an amazing fuck and I got carried away a bit. ”

” Oh it was wonderful uncle Dave, ” Heather answered. ” It hurt a bit
at first and I felt incredibly full and stretched but when you started to
slowly fuck in and out I got used to it and I really enjoyed it. I think I
want to try it again soon. ”

” I’m glad you liked it sweetie, cause uncle Dave really likes anal sex
and I will be happy to fuck your cute little ass as often as you like, but
right now we should probably gp take a shower and clean up. ”

Gently I rolled her over and began to ease my still partially hard dick
out of her ass. It came out with a soft plop and then I was rewarded with
the sight of her beautiful little gaping hole. Perfectly round and wide
open, about an inch in diameter and with my cum still dribbling out. My
dick was beginning to soften but I could see that it was slightly coated
with brown streaks and just a little trace of blood. Not surprising that
there was a little shit on my dick seeing how deep I had been up her ass
and the blood was nothing to worry about. Just a normal occurrence with
first time anal sex.

We jumped into the shower together and cleaned each other off. Heather
gently washing my cock and balls with her tiny soft little hands and me
cleaning her pussy and ass with a soft washcloth. Her ministrations were
beginning to have an effect and I could feel myself staring to harden again
but I was wiped out and needed to rest so reluctantly I pulled her hands
away and we dried off before climbing back into the bed to fall asleep

It was actually 11 o’clock in the evening when we fell into bed and I
guess neither of us realized how tired we were because we slept all night
until mid morning and I would probably have slept longer if not for the wet
dream I was having. I was fucking some young thing and was just about
ready to cum when I woke to find a totally naked Heather fondling my balls
and licking my shaft and trying to suck on the head of my swollen cock.
Her mouth was so tiny and she was having a hard time swallowing my cockhead
but for an inexperienced cocksucker I had to give her an A for effort.

She released my cock and smiled at me. ” Do you like it when I suck
your cock uncle Dave. I’m not sure how to do it properly so you will have
to teach me. ”

” It feels wonderful sweetie and you’re doing good but you have to learn
to relax your jaw muscles and let my cock just slide into your mouth
slowly. Take a nice deep breath and open your mouth as wide as you can and
let me see how much cock you can swallow. ”

Heather did as In told her and I gently pushed my cock deeper into her
mouth, managing to get about 4 inches in before she began to choke and
cough. I pulled back out and let her catch her breath before I tried

” Take a deep breath and breathe through your nose Baby , ” I instructed
her as I eased my cock back into her wide open mouth. Watching my cock
slide into her cute little mouth was incredibly erotic and I knew I was
going to cum any minute. I reached around and gently cupped her neck with
one hand and held her steady as I pushed my cock further in. Her eyes
opened wide as the head of my dick slipped into her throat and I started to
shoot my load. She tried to pull away but I held her in place and finished
shooting my sperm down her throat and into her belly.

Heather was choking and coughing again as I released her but she looked
up at me with adoring eyes saying, ” that tasted great Uncle Dave. I love
your cock. ”

” And I love all of you too sweetheart. Your mouth, your hard little
tits, your warm wet pussy and you amazing tight little asshole. You are

Heather blushed with pride and leaned up to kiss me. ” Will you fuck me
some more today uncle Dave ” she pleaded.

” Of course I will baby but first let’s get some breakfast. ”

we padded down to the kitchen, still completely naked and I whipped up
some eggs and pancakes but before we started to eat I lifted her up onto
the kitchen table, laying her down flat and spreading her legs wide apart
before telling her, ” You sucked me off earlier. Now it’s my turn, ” and I
proceeded to squirt warm maple syrup all over her exposed pussy before
delving in with my tongue to lick up and down her delicious and now very
sweet vaginal slit.

Heather cried out with pleasure as my tongue found all her secret little
places and her little exposed clit. I nibbled and chewed and swallowed all
her little girl juices flavored with syrup until she exploded against me,
bucking her hips upwards forcing her pussy tight up against my mouth.

” Aaaargh ! ” she yelled as she climaxed squirting copious amount of
girl juice into my mouth.

Almost immediately after her orgasm subsided she looked at me with tears
in her eyes, saying, ” I’m so sorry uncle Dave, I didn’t mean to pee but
the feeling was so intense I just couldn’t help it.”

” Hush Baby, don’t cry and don’t worry. That wasn’t pee. That was girl
cum and I love the taste of your juice. ”

” Really uncle Dave ” she answered questioningly, ” I didn’t know girls
could make juice when they cum ”

” Oh yes Baby. Not all girls can but you are one of the fortunate ones
who can and most guys love the taste of girl cum. ”

Heather swelled up with pride at my comment and followed me into the
living room where I sat her down on the couch and hooked up the video
camera to the 62 inch wide screen t.v.

” Remember I told you last night that we were making a movie, so now you
get to watch yourself in the starring role. ”

I clicked on play and there in full living color and as large as life
was Heather with her naked ass stuck up the air and me down on my hands and
knees beside her, licking her little asshole.

Heather gasped in surprise as she saw me insert one and then two fingers
into her ass and begin slowly moving them around. She watched spellbound
as I then gently inserted the butt plug into her now slightly open anal

As we watched, she was sitting beside me with her hands wrapped around
my stiff cock, gently stroking up and down.

” Is that really me ? ” she whispered. ” It felt funny when you pushed
that thing into my tush but then it began to feel really nice. Do you
think I’m pretty uncle Dave ? Do you really think I could be a movie star
? ”

” Oh yes sweetie, you are adorable but this is a private movie for just
you and me and no one else can get to watch it or we would both be in big
trouble. Now watch closely to the next part when I slide my cock into your

Heather’s grip on my cock tightened as she watched in amazement as she
saw my cock slowly spreading her little hole bigger and bigger as it wormed
it’s way deeper and deeper into to her now insanely stretched anus. Her
little sphincter ring clung to my cock as it went in and out, pulling the
little elastic muscle with it each time I withdrew. My cock looked
absolutely huge as it plowed faster and faster into her rectal passage.

Heather blushed slightly as she heard herself screaming ” fuck oh fuck,
” as she started to cum and then she gasped out loud as she saw me cum and
the semen started leaking out of her asshole.

” Well how did you like starring in a movie Baby ? You see I told you
that your tushie would stretch to accept my cock and take the whole 9
inches. Your asshole was amazing sweetie. You were the best ass fuck I’ve
ever had. ”

” Oh I’m so glad uncle Dave. I love you and I love your cock and I love
anal sex. I want to do it again today. ”

” Oh we will sweetheart, we will, but first I need you to suck me off.
You holding onto my cock while we watched the movie has made me really
horny and ready to cum. ”

” But uncle Dave, I almost choked the last time ,” Heather answered, ”
and your cock is so big. It was really hard to swallow it ”

” Don’t worry Baby, I know you can do it. ” I told her and with that I
guided her head down to my swollen knob and gently pushed passed her lips
into the warmth of her mouth. I was only able to get the head in before
she started to choke so once again I had to stop and remind her to breathe
through her nose.

Once she relaxed and started to breathe properly I held the back of her
head and slowly but surely forced my cock all the way deep into her throat.
I think I managed to get about 6 inches down her throat until the dam broke
and I shot my load down into her belly. Son of a bitch ! I must have
pumped at least a pint of juice into her. At least that’s what it felt
like. My cock softened and I pulled it out of her mouth and collapsed on
the couch beside her. She was still holding my balls as drifted off to
sleep, completely exhausted.

I don’t know how long I slept but when I awoke Heather was ready to go

I fucked her three more time during the course of the day. Once in her
tight little pussy and twice in her ass. No doubt about it. She was
definitely a little anal freak and if I played my cards right I would get
to fuck her a lot more in the future.

When her parents showed at my house at 10 o’ clock to pick her up she
was all dressed and sitting demurely on the couch watching t.v. with me.
Little did they know what a little slut I had turned her into.

Well that’s the story of my wonderful weekend with my niece and as I
said earlier, I managed to fuck her many more time over the next few years
until she was sixteen and then she started going out with boys her own age.
I wonder what they thought when she asked them to fuck her in the ass ?